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File: 1651379344203.jpg (79.04 KB, 669x651, 1558745100766.jpg)

No. 1157159

dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

No. 1157160


No. 1157161

Forgot to put "previous thread" in the OP like a dumb bitch. Oops

No. 1157163

File: 1651379490835.jpg (107.63 KB, 611x648, Tumblr_l_521311411748686.jpg)

I warned you that I wanted you a great mod, you troll the janitor and you fuck the janitor I warned you that I would return here to LOLCOR by my next presence We're helpless Nothing comfortable You're doing nothing You're not doing anything You're not using anything You're not using anything You hurt us you are the worst than you are the worst I want to go home, and I want everything to be normal again, and it unleashes my hellish world, I still feel like I'm back and there's nothing yet please please please please please please please PLE Fix the sight I'm begging for you please give me GIVE US /M/ BACK MODERATOS WHY DO YOU LEAVE US HALF DONE WHAT IS THIS JUST REMOVE THE BOARD IF YOU CARE SO LITTLE YOU RUINED MY VALENTINE'S DAY ALONE AND YOU RUIN EVERY SUBSEEUQNET DAY SINCE THEN CORRECT YOUR MISTAKES AND RETSTORE /M/ TO ITS GLORY ITS NOT RIGHT ITS JUST NOT RIGHT

No. 1157166

Skeet skeet bang bang

No. 1157167

every time there’s a juicy ass conversation there’s always gotta be one bitch who spams animal pics to derail it and then create another thread to keep the conversation in their favor. i hate minimodding anons like fuck off and let us argue until the jannies ban us lol

No. 1157168

Look at that old banana, now that is relatable content

No. 1157169

Hey…hey nonna…come here
next time you make sugar cookies, sprinkle a little instant coffee and cinnamon on top on top before baking them. No it's not weird, just trust me

No. 1157173

God you're annoying.

No. 1157174

that sounds fucking delicious. i hate snickerdoodles but that sounds amazing

No. 1157175

they shouldn't be banning us anyways, infighting is allowed on /ot/ as long as we sage

No. 1157178

Bitch, the thread was fucking full and I didn't post any animal photos. That "conversation" wasn't interesting anyway. Maybe if you hadn't used the last couple of posts on that stupid shit I wouldn't have had to make a new thread. You have to be a newfag or some shit to think that posting animal photos and making new threads is minimodding

No. 1157179

it’s annoying honestly, if you don’t like the infighting look away or close the thread ffs

No. 1157180

File: 1651379814023.jpg (74.67 KB, 1024x683, istockphoto-941736724-1024x102…)

No. 1157181

Maybe I want to use the thread too nona

No. 1157182

you were trying to change the subject and congrats you fucking did it, are you happy with yourself now that you changed the trajectory of the conversation because you just couldn’t allow anons to take that attention away from you and this dumb thread? you are stupid as shit and your mom’s a hoe

No. 1157183

No. 1157184

the thread was at 1200 posts and about to be locked ya wanka

No. 1157186

File: 1651380167408.jpg (137.21 KB, 725x900, 1651193607864.jpg)


No. 1157188

you know i’m right and now we’re stuck with an ugly thread pic because of you. feel shame, feel the rue i hope you fucking feel it you ruined everything for everyone i hope you feel serious shame and embarrassment for yourself because you fuck everything up anon

No. 1157190

File: 1651380235710.png (729.59 KB, 2048x1498, 311734916158211.png)

I don't care if I get banned for infighting anymore- you all are making me sick!

No. 1157191

So go back to the old thread and keep posting there then

No. 1157193

File: 1651380307935.gif (2.78 MB, 498x498, praise-jesus.gif)

No. 1157194

File: 1651380345915.jpg (56.38 KB, 718x960, blurred-cat-crying-and-saying-…)


No. 1157196

why did you ruin this thread for us? why did you decide to wake up with ugly taste and just assault our eyeballs with that? why couldn’t you just have the same thoughts and opinions as me? why couldn’t it be nice and cute now we got this ugly ass rat dog (not borzoi) staring at us while a couple of dumb bitches spam in caps trying to be funny. you ruined it i hate you anon why

No. 1157197

the only correct option would've been a cat anyways

No. 1157198

File: 1651380459959.jpg (38.89 KB, 720x566, 1651033487865.jpg)

chut up about the new thread pic, I like it, you are vicious and despicable

No. 1157199

File: 1651380545968.jpg (28.18 KB, 605x584, El6_5tSX0AQG4Rg.jpg)

I have to do what I have to do

No. 1157201

I almost posted a picture of Stu Pickles with his dick out, but I had to stop myself

No. 1157202

File: 1651380628541.png (305.08 KB, 657x615, 511C77CF-5BD6-4747-BF8D-12A6B1…)


i’m stealing this because of you

No. 1157203

i wanna see it now that you've piqued my interest

No. 1157204

Try it nonna…

No. 1157263

I still think about you, Kaitlyn.

No. 1157273

File: 1651386916345.jpg (48.63 KB, 472x599, Lon_Chaney_London_After_Midnig…)

I can't beli

No. 1157274

File: 1651387267389.jpg (256.03 KB, 1908x464, Untitled-1.jpg)

I was watching this TV show with this actress (Kate Siegel) and whenever she was on screen I was reminded of Stepheie Meyer for some reason

No. 1157275

File: 1651387340861.jpg (44.17 KB, 564x709, 40ce61906e85d1b8a281a0600dcd7d…)

noooo nonny noooo not him you have no idea nooooooo

No. 1157290


No. 1157318

Bitch idk what you're talking about but I love your posts. Kek.

No. 1157367

Fuck sorry I didn't think the post went through. I didn't mean to be that reatarded.

No. 1157374

don't apologize, your post is one of the greatest of all time, what were you going to say though before Lon Chaney got you?

No. 1157387

I don't shave my legs very often but when I do I tend to miss the spots where I have dark tattoos, the hair just blends in too well. Enough ink and you could stealthily be hairy legged and people wouldn't see..hmm

No. 1157403

SMeyer is unironically really cute. Too bad she's a Mor(m)on nutter.

No. 1157405

File: 1651401201232.jpg (75.76 KB, 680x510, FMYX1MaX0AMIeJp.jpg)

This person from the previous thread, who shat themselves over women not liking men, and started a fight for attention
was actually banned earlier for acting like a seething scrote on steroids and spironaloctone in the MtF thread
It's just annoying. Why do posters like these even come here when they obviously hate the place so much? There are entire tranny and moid and pick-me communities

No. 1157413

Ok nonas wtf is LOLCOR? I feel like a retard who's not in on the joke pls fill me in?

No. 1157425

They're coming out of the sewers like for ex: >>>/snow/1514515
Who knows how many anons here are actually underaged lol

No. 1157437

Seconding this, there are to many threads to keep up with i can’t keep track of all the jokes

No. 1157438

you thought you were subtle with your dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb but i see it, and i also hear it

No. 1157440

reeee I hate this

No. 1157447

If they are a moid or a tranny, it's because they have to feel included/validated and inject themselves into literally ANY female space or else they start flinging their shit everywhere and crying about it. Males always need to know what women are doing, what they're thinking and what they're saying because they're all desperately insecure - a lot of them cope and say they're doing it to be edgy but it's not true, they just can't stand the fact that women have their own communities to chat and discuss things.

If they are a pick-me, it's because their brains are so rotten from male validation that they will do absolutely anything to shit on other women for the attention of a moid. The pick-me's brain is void of any actual empathy of female spaces or female privacy - they come here and post cringe shit because they can screenshot it to their discord boyfriend who won't even reply to her for 3 days because he's too busy wanking off to questionable porn and typing novels about men's mental health.

No. 1157449

An anon posted this when the boards were broken earlier this year. /g/ and /m/ didn't work (/m/ is still broken)
I think the fist instance was in the temp /g/ thread. It immediately became a copypasta

No. 1157463

Did you even bother reading the last few messages of that or do you love lying just so you can get your imaginary brownie points even though you’re anonymous? Kek you are such a fucking liar and can’t read, pick a struggle

No. 1157521

File: 1651410420312.webm (6.57 MB, 1280x720, louisbars.webm)

No. 1157526

oh yeah, sm is beautiful. she's actually insane though and crazy religious though. unfortunate!

No. 1157538

I was scrolling through snow and just as I saw that unspoiled picture of that chick covered in cuts and who thinks she's a unicorn, my phone vibrating scaring the fuck out of me. I legit thought it was gore or some kinda of illegal porn. I'm still trying to catch my breath

No. 1157540

What fucking brownie points? Stop lowering the quality of this board, fuck off to Reddit

No. 1157541

are u a zoomer? welcome to the internet anon

No. 1157543

That pic should have been spoilered really

No. 1157551

Nah, I just scroll through all boards for slowly because I'm terrified of seeing something horrible. I've been jump scared by gore and other gross shit. It was really just my phone vibrating as I saw the picture that made it seem worse.

No. 1157552

My endo makes it so that if I get even a little constipated, it hurts like hellfire and I act and feel like I'm dying, only to remember that all I need to do is drink some stool softenet.

No. 1157553

I play hypnospace so much I actually catch myself moving my mouse to make downloads/pages load faster lol

No. 1157555

zoomer confirmed. welcome to the internet honey.

No. 1157559

tbh i'm a millennial and i am hypersensitive to stuff despite having been on 4chan for a long time as a young teen. at a certain point i got more and more sensitive as i got older

No. 1157560

I'm so unironically thankful that my mom didn't raise me to desire marriage or even romantic relationships in general. Whenever I see women vent about their husband doing/saying retard shit and their dilemmas of having to choose to stay with said retard or waste their time and money investment by leaving I'm so glad I'll never have to deal with that shit. I'm confidently independent, free and happy without having to deal with a moid. Life's good. Thanks mom.

No. 1157565

same. i thirst occasionally for my imaginary dreamguy but a moid is a luxury only worth having if they're worth involving yourself with intimately/romantically/seriously, which they are usually not, so.

No. 1157573

Same, my mom never married my dad but lived with him long enough to inherit shit after the cunt finally died even though they had been separated for ages by then. I do love wedding shit but marriage is cute only for tax or legal purposes and even then it sounds awful.

No. 1157589


No. 1157596

i don't want to be conscious right now so i am going to go put a scenario with my husbando in my head and go to sleep

No. 1157623

File: 1651416222486.jpeg (179.94 KB, 1400x1400, kaitlyn.jpeg)

I don't want to like, dox anyone but I saw her on my Giggle and should I?

No. 1157633

do it.

No. 1157642

If you're from a country that sells OTC UTI/BV antibiotics, please let me know so I can move there immediately. I psychically can't even piss right now, it's like someone put a plug in me.

No. 1157686

she's cute. i'd fuck the shit out of her

No. 1157687

File: 1651418670982.jpeg (306.83 KB, 663x436, AF4C8F6C-6F4B-4015-B96C-BF6023…)


No. 1157699

Can anons please not send their scrote friends or their nigels or whoever tf they are onto the advice threads to answer our questions.. ffs

No. 1157704


No. 1157707

sorry I meant to say fags, stop sending fags onto the thread to sperg about dicks

No. 1157710

Watching shameless wondering why the daughter of Debbie's sugarmommy is so goddamn ugly, what a weird casting choice

No. 1157715

I didn't want to believe it lol, but I checked and jesus christ. This is like that anon making her uggo report CP for her. or so "she" said..

No. 1157753

File: 1651421698278.jpg (Spoiler Image, 304.95 KB, 750x758, H0046-L71101087.jpg)

When I was a kid I had this thick book about mysteries and I randomly remembered that one of the first pages had this image of the gargoyle of Thomas Becket in Toddington Manor

No. 1157766

what happened?

No. 1157773

samefag, just saw it. god, now that fucker's gonna be on our ass. why'd she do this?

No. 1157802

I'm not seeing it, which one was the moid?

No. 1157814


No. 1157816

he posted quite a few times and is still posting… smh

No. 1157817

He has to be an autist. His expert advice was him talking in circles like male tists do. I don't think it's his first time joining in on that particular thread tbh. I'm getting very familiar vibes reading it

No. 1157825

what a fucking annoying ass faggot

No. 1157832

Sounds like a basic autistic incel. Kek the online discord gf that brought him here was referred to as femanon, he def thought he could get some women here by posting his retarded takes and that's why he didn't mention his pickme first.

The pickme also defended herself saying one male poster isn't too bad meanwhile we all know why he wanted to come here, smh.

No. 1157838

Ah thanks, I thought he was in the general advice thread and I was surprised because I didn't see anything weird there. Tbh his writing style is hilarious he sounds like a robot kek

No. 1157841

The Danofags honestly disgust me and are a symptom of this faggot ass patriarchy

No. 1157857

i totally agree. definitely telling. he's so fucking ugly and shapeless. cannot stand seeing his face. i think i would rather see any of the other repeated dudes than him. any of them.

No. 1157859

File: 1651425014535.gif (1.6 MB, 244x400, always here.gif)

No. 1157863

saw this thought you meant boyago/beyega/benadryl whatever his name is. the thicc guy

No. 1157865

thanks ezrafag. i don't even like ezra but my mind is cleansed after just having it tainted by the thought of dano's shapeless sourdough face

No. 1157929

File: 1651428723310.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 90.77 KB, 592x811, 7E330470-C6BA-48AA-ACA9-52983B…)

It's never too late to join.

He's open always.

Unless you're gay then never mind.

No. 1157941

Why does he look so slimy

No. 1157946

File: 1651429226798.png (97.84 KB, 250x250, F3E1C01E-A623-409C-997B-2EAAAA…)

It was probably hot that day.
Imagine the smell.

No. 1157983

it reflects who he is on the inside

No. 1158015

Who is your favourite and least favourite xxfag like ‘celeb name’fag one here?

No. 1158016

God I love him. I loved posting gifs and pics on him in Kaitlin Tiffany's thread. I hope she puts them in her article

No. 1158020

And by them I mean the pics, I did not refer to Ezra as they them kek

No. 1158022

File: 1651432597802.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 481x369, animesher.com_rain-gif-rainy-8…)

Why do I still like this? It looks like something I would have drawn when I was 14 as an edgelord making stuff for kids scary

TW it's a spooky 'hyperrealistic' bloody Totoro kek

No. 1158033

he at least seems nice, i guess that's the trade off. even though he's not my type i can kind of see the appeal of the 'pathetic nerd' vibe.
carrey-chan and boyegafag's posts are the funniest to me

No. 1158038

"gender essentialism" this, that. How about you masturbate and just shut up like the rest of us

No. 1158040

i want to bite his neck and then whisk him away into the night so bad wtf

No. 1158042

File: 1651433502334.gif (1.95 MB, 529x297, D1FF508E-2AD2-4854-A860-9C6987…)

me too

No. 1158046

i miss forbidden manfags. I can understand ezrafags cause he's the most handsome of them all, but also clearly the less stable of them. Or he ties with carrey, idk.
I'm both a driverfag and danofag and I don't fucking know why I obsess with such polarizing figures kek. At least they are very chill and talented!

No. 1158051

I missed first again fuck this

No. 1158056

No. 1158072

I hate Ezra but I love ezrafags.

No. 1158082

File: 1651435199430.jpeg (162.11 KB, 750x853, 8FBBF2E5-D8DA-42B2-9145-BA5A44…)

thanks nona

No. 1158087

Such a pity he went to waste so quickly
I hate drugs

No. 1158094

You're welcome. He was so cute rip.

No. 1158216

I wish we could have a YouTuber hate thread so we can bitch about youtubers we hate specifically and only for that purposes

No. 1158231

Are you sure there's no one buried in the catalog somewhere? Seems like a good thread idea.

No. 1158268

There’s one for youtube but I want one about youtubers that’s like the celebricows thread

No. 1158272

I've done so many things to get banned, and jannys still haven't got me…do they love me?

No. 1158273

I'm late to the party, but I want the anon who brought him here to step fucking forward.

No. 1158275

You know what at first I was annoyed by it today but danofags have grown on me

No. 1158281

yeah like a fungus

I say NO to Danofags!

No. 1158288

I remember following this artist on Deviantart way back when because he drew these super violent grimdark parodies of fairytales and such. It’s kind of a shame he seemingly stopped drawing.

No. 1158301

Noah fence but badabing badaboom

No. 1158305

File: 1651450577657.jpeg (15.15 KB, 320x180, 3CB83E1D-C05A-45D7-A39D-341EB0…)

Full offense taken, prepare to die

No. 1158313

If you're why do you think that so manh similiar creatures evolved to become crab-like?

No. 1158314

File: 1651450802250.gif (1.94 MB, 245x150, HMbVj9U.gif)

No. 1158326

Had 1 glass of wine while stuffed from eating and it’s hitting me hard. Wtf I’m not usually such a lightweight?

No. 1158327

Within an hour of anons finally getting the memo not to respond to him we had cp spammed in response to anyone venting about men. At first I believed some tard anon invited him on but idk now. That thread often gets shat up by a scrote on Sundays. They start out playing dumb and then antagonise with the same few insults. We also get more cp on Sundays, usually in that order, right after the g drama quiets down. Same cp images on repeat. I think it's the same old loser camping out all the time.

No. 1158344

File: 1651452068598.jpeg (67.87 KB, 640x432, 88F2CA26-2896-4445-A7FC-027204…)

Me when anons post their husbandos and they’re hot

No. 1158347

File: 1651452354601.png (116.97 KB, 181x480, imagen_2022-05-01_194606724.pn…)

we can share

No. 1158348

no we the fuck can't

No. 1158357

That just sounds wrong. Should be “no the fuck we can’t” smh my head

No. 1158358

Wow you're really stealing nonnies' husbandos?

No. 1158365

Yeah we can just clone them
Or we can share custody

No. 1158367

Based pass him over here anon
Cowboy man is lookin mighty tasty

No. 1158372

File: 1651453433969.png (451.19 KB, 535x429, they hate seeing a girlboss wi…)

Um posession is 9/10ths of the law and this is us on holiday so yeah I guess he's MINE now

No. 1158381

Kek I love this pic

No. 1158394

LOL that pic

No. 1158418

I had never been one to really crush on celebs but last year I got into someones music and a crush kicked in while binging their old music videos. He peaked in the 90s and early 00s so it's weird liking a version of someone that existed decades ago. Not his current form. Dunno why that's such a trip to me.

No. 1158454

File: 1651457617893.png (277.78 KB, 614x462, tumblr_6aab4b3525f1e91dc42001e…)

Doja Cat was literally unemployed for years and browsed forums and chats and slept on the floor before her debut and that's literally me I have no bed and browse lolcow twenty four seven baybeeeey

No. 1158456

Same though I do love my aged grandpa version of my husbando (current day) just not sexually but to be honest, do husbands and wives love each other sexually in their 70's? Or is it more of a soul bond at that point?

No. 1158559

I never had many friends up until half a year ago and it still feels weird. Feels weird to be not alone and have people want to hang out with you. I had one friend before and we met up every weekend, but having multiple friends now is somehow overwhelming. I don't know how to describe it, I love them very much obviously but I'm just a loner at heart who needs alone time (most of the time). Meeting new people too. It's just so weird somehow, I'm quite young (19) and I feel like most friends of friends are just playing a character (playing nice, PC, all that) instead of just being themselves. I'm grateful to have friends, but the other people that come along with it are so tiring. I should just move to a mountain top with my two good friends and Nigel and never leave lol.

No. 1158583

File: 1651464536385.jpg (130.43 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1651464527983.jpg)

No. 1158585

Honestly I can't really stand when anons say they're feminist/feminist aligned or are for women, but then say things to bring other women down for whatever arbitrary reasons. You're just an asshole.

No. 1158590

File: 1651465339032.jpeg (9.87 KB, 275x183, berries.jpeg)

Bless the stupid questions thread for making me learn ehat yonic was. Now I know why I have an affinity for strawberries cut like this

No. 1158593

Romanianon is 100% right about lolcow """radfems""". Never liked them, I was here before they came. I'm just a classical feminist.

No. 1158600

File: 1651466593301.png (323.89 KB, 1206x598, wtf.PNG)

What the fuck is this.
>No more boiling on the stove
Do people actually do this? And that picture what the fuck. The most I'd do is blowdry my vag after a shower. What kind of woowoo is this

No. 1158606

What a wasteful useless 1st world product. I always just hang my vage over the pot while I'm already cooking to catch the steam. Killing 2 birds with one stone

No. 1158607

File: 1651466828732.jpg (300 KB, 1080x1005, Screenshot_20220502-064629_Sam…)

Gwyneth Paltrow approves. It's bs btw, please don't buy it

No. 1158608

I believe yoni steams/sitz baths are actually good for women who are recovering from labor. It helps soothe and clean whatever wounds they may have. Also apparently they're good for period cramps.

No. 1158774

When I was younger my friend and I would try to sync my ipod shuffle with her regular ipod when Because of You by Kelly Clarkson would come on while also sharing alternating earbuds.

No. 1158778

If you ask look online when female gynos are asked about yoni steaming, they say theres no backed up evidence it cleans/purifies or otherwise does anything besides the very basic function of relaxing cause its steam and you could get the same result sitting in a sauna. Considering we already dont use steam to clean wounds other places, i doubt a vaginal wound is the place where bacteria would run away from some mild warmth. We deserve access to proper vaginal health tips but this pussy tea schtick is just woowoo junk meant to sell you services and goods that do not work. Also imagine using a yoni steam instead of a hot waterbottle to deal with cramps when they effectively do the same thing kekw.

No. 1158780

I want these plates so bad

No. 1158781

Japanese, Korean and Chinese young fangirls of American and European middle ages white actors crack me up. Especially the Korean ones. They always talk about them like they're the cutest things on earth and not just vaguely handsome men past their prime but I find that passion relatable and fun. Like, you'd see them posting Jude Law's pictures and saying he's the cutest uwu like he isn't a serial cheater with 4 baby mamas and 6 kids with crazy age differences. Or they'll post about Chris Evans being cute and vulnerable like he isn't a giant muscular guy who could bitchslap us to death with no effort whatsoever.

No. 1158782

Yet it still makes more sense than western weebs and koreaboos.

No. 1158798

File: 1651481675359.jpg (63.89 KB, 900x600, chad.jpg)

This lion is more handsome than 99% of men

No. 1158812

Meh, I think they're very similar in a way.

No. 1158817

It's funny cos this lion would actually be a chad in the lion kingdom - I swear it's a thing where the darker the male lions mane is, the more attractive he is to a lioness.

No. 1158819

They're still useless, lazy bitches who wait for their gfs to bring food home.

No. 1158823

File: 1651483746155.jpg (429.95 KB, 700x700, handsome-gorilla-shabani-5a43a…)

So is this gorilla

No. 1158842

nah asiaboos are way worse

No. 1158847

I'm obsessed with the way they refer to the men. Maybe it is a cultural thing, but I don't think I would consciously infantilize a man past 35 even in my most thirstful moments, much less a white man that age. They are adorable though.

No. 1158854

i like a few german songs but im pretty sure im butchering the pronunciation sorry german anons

No. 1158880

File: 1651486836291.png (1006.05 KB, 948x939, napolcel.png)

This is who napoleonfags simp for. General Chud

No. 1158888

can someone make a chola edit. i really wanna see napoleon as a chola

No. 1158914

I know, right? I'm still thinking about a Korean(?) fangirl making Mads Mikkelsen hold a Sailor Moon staff and posing with him for a pic. And everyone losing their shit.

No. 1158920

he did his best leave him alone

No. 1158931

>stanning a guy who thought invading Russia in the middle of winter was a good idea
Couldn't be me kek.

No. 1158934

Being a feminist doesn't mean every woman is my BFF. Especially not big fat nerds with nasolabial folds

No. 1158936

File: 1651490017194.jpg (53.46 KB, 640x576, 1651224453983.jpg)

Way to show off your y chromosome

No. 1158937

File: 1651490110864.png (39.39 KB, 415x434, 1603411478427.png)

Chill I wasn't talking about you. Unless?

No. 1158951

I have the urge to chop off and grill that penis.

No. 1158953

Anon with mommy issues be like:

No. 1158956

Being a woman doesn't mean every man is entitled to my respect. Especially not big fat nerds with tiny pp.

No. 1158981

Awful example anon, Romanianon is literally a psycho who only wanted sympathy points from radfems and never actually wanted them to help her.

No. 1158992

Oh noI have an online lesson with a student in 15 minutes and I’m over here shitting my brains out I’m gonna die shouldn’t have that that coffee

No. 1159003

I keep thinking about this scenario from a previous thread on here. What would I do if I found out that my boyfriend was a camboy and made porno online? I feel like I wouldn't break up with him, like, I'd be very curious because men don't really do that. I keep imagining these scenarios of catching up mid-butthole-spread coming home from work and he chokes up looking at me enter the room and lock eyes while the cam chat or whatever is going wild. In this scenario, my boyfriend is very handsome.

No. 1159005

no radfem wanted to help me stop pulling shit out of your ass. Radfems don't help sex trafficking victims or women from bad socio economical situations. They are just middle class women that argue on the internet. Ironically, "radfems" have dragged me on here for simply opposing them. I don't even consider most self identified lolcow users radfems. They're just LARPERs with lack of identity that base their sense of self around a political doctrine. I shared personal information with "radfems" from lolcow and they started posting it over here either LARPING as me or simply baiting me. A lot of radfems are fucking cows with sociopathy.

No. 1159023

File: 1651497049966.jpg (9.43 KB, 256x256, ff2e51443913ca1835a038f1bd3063…)


No. 1159108

File: 1651501621890.jpeg (57.91 KB, 900x833, FeB1I8oI.jpeg)

Sometimes I feel like lolcow anons appreciate my sense of humor more than my irl friends. Thank for being just as autistic as me nonas

No. 1159143

I am such a faggot for the kardashian TV shows. I was not even on the fence with travis and kourtney I was cringing away at them, but see 5 minutes of their show showing me what they want me to see I've been bought. I think they're cute together now. I still love Scott but, god, now I'm even like, Peneolpe and the kids clearly love their mum and want her happy. They're being more mature than me and I'm a grown up

No. 1159150

When I say "clean" I don't mean sanitizing or killing bacteria, I just mean flushing because that's what I thought they do. Anyway, like I said these are just things I've heard about them so I'm not saying it's absolutely true. I also don't think using a yoni steamer instead of a water bottle is bad if it works for you.

No. 1159189

File: 1651505077681.jpeg (39.26 KB, 640x336, 7C4F8DFB-F698-4F8D-8985-81248E…)

i kind of hope elon musk unbans trump. i know he won’t, but it would be hilarious watching all the assblasted morons on there reeeeeeee if emperor doo doo got his account back. i haven’t used twitter in years since they changed the algorithm and it went all political/turned into facebook lite, but i do miss how trump pretty much ran that platform. he could tweet the most banal shit like “good morning twitter, had a croissant, VERY GOOD!” and get thousands of butthurt tweets trying to take him down. however you feel about this man, he really lives rent free in millions of niggas heads, even more than obama did.

No. 1159203

I asked a friend who likes Elon about if this means trump will be back on twitter and of course my friend follows Trump news and I've been told Trump himself said he wouldn't return to twitter because its a cesspit and ngl I agree

No. 1159207

I used to look down on religion and religious people when my life was a lot more chaotic and I was in the throes of my mental illness, but now that I am happy and stable in my life, I feel drawn towards connecting with religion. I don't know what it is. I don't really feel like my life lacks much (since I don't expect very much) but at the same time… I think building a relationship with god/a higher being is something that I want right now. But it's hard to transition from "nothing exists" to accepting that maybe there is a higher being out there. I'm not sure where to start, and I don't think I can become a person who goes to church every Sunday. I was talking to my best friend about it and she has a lot of beef with the church as an organization and pointed out that I don't have to go to church, but I'm not really sure what to do otherwise.

I think another part of me is drawn to it because sometimes I do things out of spite and with everyone my age turning away from religion, it makes me want to turn towards it kek.

No. 1159217

File: 1651506260726.jpg (5.25 MB, 3456x4608, 165150620836235384196257185522…)

The lighter the lady sold me says loser do you think the actively selected it for me or does she hate smokers or was it just pure chance

No. 1159221

Surely all of them.

No. 1159223

You can pray at any time, just find somewhere quiet, close your eyes, and speak with your mind to a higher consciousness. Just check in and say some stuff and see how you feel after. I feel like it gives me accountability to check in with a higher power that's all knowing. I can't bullshit them

No. 1159226

I need to meditate on this.

No. 1159231

File: 1651506886238.png (708.15 KB, 946x1110, Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 16.54…)

how cute and aesthetic uwu

No. 1159253

Getting over a crush you work with is a nightmare because you make a point to get over it and then you see them and they're nice to you and you're like opps guess I'm in love again

No. 1159256

Little zoomer shits will straight up post and consume the most offensive vile shit but freak out and have a breakdown when you call a tranny rapist male. What do they mean by this?

No. 1159279

wanting to fit in plus undeveloped brains, literally.

No. 1159280

File: 1651509055701.jpeg (119.48 KB, 750x838, 875F0BFE-151F-454B-A142-082C51…)

I feel like such a rebel when I use TWO towels after a shower. One for my hair, one for my body.

No. 1159286

>Little zoomer shits will straight up post and consume the most offensive vile shit
This is so fucking true i see1` thems bragging about consuming gore of actual people but then get triggered if you misgender.

No. 1159290

I got a good answer for this, they were heavily involved in edgelord culture during the 2016 anti-SJW era that posted videos of people getting hit by trains or being beheaded and now they’re trying to adapt to being a social justice~ advocate on twitter. I see this same kind of edginess and rudeness in stan culture

No. 1159317

Um what else are you supposed to do?

No. 1159334

Nta but usually I dry my body and then use the same towel to wrap my hair in.

No. 1159347

I use 3 bitch, one for my hair, one for my body and one to lie down and dry myself the natural way

No. 1159349

so you just walk out the bathroom nakey?

No. 1159352


No. 1159353

this lmao

No. 1159354

Yeah, and chairman mao is based but Jk Rowling is an evil bigot. Their brains are fucking soup.

No. 1159358

Nonnis saying faggot is based, yet fakebois saying faggot is cringe but I can't put my finger on why.

No. 1159363

its because one is ironic and the other one is unironic and the people saying that actually think they are faggots.

No. 1159380

because fakebois are cringe and think they're precious gay bishies so they think using the word faggot is cool when it truly isn't kek

No. 1159382

The multiplication of ezrafags that only appeared after he went on his meth-feuled tropical punch-up is so pathetic. At least lust after a successful dangerous man hibristo-chans

No. 1159383

nonnies who struggle with guilt and shame please watch this

No. 1159385

I'm happy someone else noticed too

No. 1159389

File: 1651513511843.jpeg (37 KB, 533x470, 6C6377DF-A66E-4994-9669-7D819C…)

No. 1159400

He's a rich actor, I'm guessing he's successful enough when it comes to money. I wonder how his career will go given how unambiguously deranged he is. It's not like it's just Hollywood insiders who know he's a drug addict or whatever, the guy is on the news for getting in trouble with the police often and a few days ago I looked up his name on twitter and the algorithm was almost only showing tweets joking about how violent he is and how you better not be stuck alone in a room in Hawaii with Ezra and chairs, the other tweets where about how respecting his pronouns was pointless since he's so violent with actual women. Is he going to do a RDJ, calm the fuck down and stop doing drugs?

No. 1159408

just take your underwear and whatever you need with you

No. 1159450

This scene was gay as fuck, seriously just look at watch the first 2 minutes

No. 1159474

Why is she wearing a bib? >>1049129

No. 1159482

deja vu

No. 1159568

I don't fucking get how anyone could thirst for a violent scrote.

No. 1159576

I was so drunk last night apparently I was looking for "Jerma Videos, Jeram 82 twitched" on google play.

No. 1159577

Yeah, I was attracted to him but that shit immediately turned me off

No. 1159578

nta and I know that image is supposed to be an insult but I think this image is cute rip
I love women images

No. 1159600

File: 1651523487917.png (756.07 KB, 681x1024, Screen-Shot-2021-07-06-at-5.29…)

Anyone follow Georgina Rose? Did she really get her book cancelled? Why was she trying to appeal to SJW and 4channers? She also mentioned not wanting to be cut of from her inheritance from her Mormon grandparents. Anyone know about this?

No. 1159606

i can't help it

No. 1159625

File: 1651524578305.jpg (31.54 KB, 564x539, 2dbdcdc1612f4af5fce37f4d53bfac…)

i need to stop using this website so much, my hands go to type lolcow.farm autonomously in the search bar and i almost said kek in a message

No. 1159630

File: 1651524802409.webm (10.46 MB, 640x360, farmer.webm)

Average farmer tbqhfamalambadingdong

No. 1159634

No. 1159638

One is used as an insult against gay moids and the other is used as proof that you're edgy and a gay man (you're not) who is allowed to say it

No. 1159646

Yeah not to mention his mummy feet

No. 1159652


No. 1159655

https://twitter.com/ipray4rainage/status/1520439955830591491 Shout out to the girl yelling "ONE MORE TIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHH-"(post caps autist-chan)

No. 1159729

Fact: I have a relation to Anne of Cleves, Henry VIII's 4th wife. My grandparents and extended family are very interested in ancestry

No. 1159743

File: 1651529834422.gif (152.51 KB, 480x480, IPAddress.gif)

I was trying to post at work and found out someone did the same thing and found out someone was banned a few months ago for cowtipping kek. I wonder if it was just someone posting while visiting or if there's genuinely cowtipper amogus

No. 1159747

File: 1651529914918.jpg (59.37 KB, 910x512, cemetery-statue-grave-stone.jp…)

Life without cheese would be pointless.

No. 1159750

i wish i was related to royalty, lucky.

No. 1159759

at least she was divorced and not beheaded.
divorced beheaded died divorced beheaded survived

No. 1159807

that's really interesting. that's cool.

No. 1159836

good video, great video, thank you

No. 1160001

nonny pls I'm not >>1157374 but I also need to know what you were about to say

No. 1160073

File: 1651540306026.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1440, tiny twin.png)

I fucking love eggs so much, why

No. 1160158

Delete this pic, anon I know it's now impossible but lest you delete, I'm gonna fucking duel you

No. 1160382


No. 1160430

You're right, stop replying to him

No. 1160459

we have the same cutting board and the same countertop…

No. 1160468

File: 1651548712328.gif (1.35 MB, 451x331, awwr.gif)

he was so cute I can't stand it I just can't stand it

No. 1160482

a nona of taste.

No. 1160484

buster keaton?

No. 1160492

>busy day ahead
>will be around other people constantly
>not a lot of time for bathroom breaks or privacy
>period starts

No. 1160508

File: 1651549719824.gif (1.7 MB, 450x333, seent.gif)

No. 1160579

I pavlovs dog trained my cat to ring a little bell by the door when he wants treats lmfao its so cute

No. 1160599

File: 1651553535609.jpg (69.85 KB, 564x772, e2d3278a663063574f74a15a7ef331…)

Azealia Banks hasn't responded to my marriage proposal so she can get citizenship and legal weed. Does any nona want EU citizenship to flee from some place? I'm probably dying anyway. I do want us to go to dance classes pls.

No. 1160602

this is so upsetting

No. 1160604

File: 1651553838472.jpeg (29.14 KB, 400x225, 83B27FC4-E493-44FF-84E9-D454F8…)

I’ll marry you nonnie

No. 1160613

File: 1651554202886.jpeg (153.71 KB, 900x622, E3J805NXMAERzkj.jpeg)

Sounds fun and I don't like to dance. Will you be mine, sweet nonnie?

No. 1160616

If there were a surgery to make hooded eyes not hooded, I would get it.

No. 1160621

I think hooded eyes are prettier, I wish mine were more hooded

No. 1160676

Isn't there? I thought it was some kind of lift.

No. 1160735

not sure how it happened but I have a boyfriend now? after 21 years of femceldom? but idk I feel like I'm the definition of emotionally unavailable, I've always been like this even with my friends, idk how to show affection and I'm comfortable being alone… he says the sweetest things to me and I'm like "cringe" kek I feel like a moid

No. 1160741

Do you not like him?

No. 1160770

tired but i'm too retarded to sleep. someone hit me over the head with a foam sword.

No. 1160784

I have a coworker who once got a compliment from a dude who told her that she kinda looked like Jennie from Blackpink and now it is her whole personality. She is white.

No. 1160807

I accidentally typed lolcow.fam in the browser so I guess all of you are my fam now

No. 1160817

You don't have to date just because it's "normal", you know. I was the same unable to really connect with any man at 20-23, I just dated because that was in the life script, and they had "bf potential", not because I actually liked spending time with them that much.

No. 1160822

File: 1651566445079.jpeg (9.13 KB, 223x226, images (18).jpeg)

No. 1160825

I had a video interview for a uni program yesterday, and when I got my webcam to work the woman told me "it'd have been unfortunate not to see such a pretty face". It felt really inappropriate somehow, but I just laughed and said "thanks".

No. 1160838

No. 1160888

I love when I'm walking towards a man and he crosses so we don't have to walk by each other. Yes! Thank you! I was going to cross to avoid you anyway, thanks for saving me the trouble thus allowing me to remain walking on my chosen side of the street.

No. 1160890

File: 1651571889900.gif (126.03 KB, 159x90, monkey-monkey-hitting-someone.…)

you better be asleep nona

No. 1160896

I suffer from both! I will thanks

No. 1161014

Wow after two days of having this thread I only just noticed there is text in the thread image

No. 1161027

File: 1651582728800.jpg (136.71 KB, 530x538, 1645235729443.jpg)

>Finally attain enlightment
>Realize im pure consciousness and light
>Get out of samsara
>See a gift shop
>"I escaped the realms of suffering and all i got was this T-shirt!"
This is why no one from the last 3 centuries should be allowed to ascend.

No. 1161054

you were very confundida

No. 1161073

There's a troon in front of me at the store and he's fucking huge holy shit, biggest male in the room. Why is it always the biggest most clockable men who troon out

No. 1161127

Post a pic

No. 1161130

I get tinnitus for a while after masturbation, obviously God is disapproving of my choices

No. 1161140

This happens to me sometimes too anon, I wonder what the cause is.

No. 1161151

I've found some guy who's not an expert on orgasms OR tinnitus proposing theories, apparently there's no real research on this (to the surprise of no one):

No. 1161152

File: 1651587512964.jpg (212.7 KB, 760x428, Mark-Zuckerberg-Tape-Facebook-…)

It's 2022 and you probably masturbate in the same room as your phone and don't cover your computer's microphone or camera

No. 1161173

Maybe it has to do with your blood pressure rising?

No. 1161216

How long does it take for a subungual hematoma to grow out. I stubbed my toe 5 months ago and it doesnt hurt for more than a day but my toes are still black. I can scrape the little dried blood whenever i trim them though. But now i notice the part near the nail bed is still dark red in color. Idk i'm so fucking anxious about the smallest things but like thats not a bad sign right. I mean like if i don't feel pain then it's just growing out the dried blood. I'm losing my mind over this nonnas i've probably already read all 500 articles and reddit threads in google already but im still too much of a pussy to go see a foot doctor or whatever you call them

No. 1161227

I cant help but talk to my cat like a baby. I sound so retarded but I cant help it

No. 1161230

After I got my toe smooshed by a horse (thankfully had protective boots on) it took several weeks for the dark spots to go away. 5 months does sound kind of long but if your toe is functioning normally and there's no pain or continued swelling then there's probably no cause for panic. Probably.

No. 1161233

hehe same

No. 1161238

Art spreg incoming but what the shit is this trend of really good artists switching their artstyles to glorified ugu moe blobs. I was browsing twitter like 15 minutes ago and stumbled upon this artist profile where he used to have really beautiful semi realistic fanarts back in 2017 and now draw moeblob/tumblr crap but with fancy lightning and sometimes backgrounds. And it's like the 3rd time iirc i see an artist regress like that

No. 1161264

Natural effect of capitalism? They need to produce cheaper, simpler and lazier art that still looks appealing (especially to coomers with $$$), they've realized that the time and effort they spend on carefully rendered, interesting pieces is rather pointless and a waste of time, and that, if they draw boring samey shit that they can shit out in a less than half the time, they get the same amount of followers and money or more, especially with something less niche (for example, when female porn artists stop drawing yaoi or fempov, which is what they actually wanted to draw, and start doing regular hentai coomershit)

No. 1161333

can take up to a year

No. 1161478

Chipped a tooth yesterday. Can't feel any pain or anything. I was having such a good day too, damn.

No. 1161497

I need to take a nap I’ve been posting in the unpopular opinions thread for a bit thinking it was the dumbass shit one

No. 1161504

File: 1651596955923.jpg (536.56 KB, 3104x2296, 85879a5d4085aa44c8e1d3229a187c…)

I don't know why anons keep taking the bait in that thread

No. 1161505

File: 1651596974829.jpeg (225.5 KB, 800x450, 53DFEF9B-2A86-4210-8A53-98E29B…)

me when nonnas start infighting

No. 1161525

it’s so annoying, especially when the op is clearly a bored moid

No. 1161561

File: 1651597638177.gif (2.55 MB, 640x640, running-hide.gif)

Tomorrow is May 4th. I need to go hide out until May 6th. The starwars fans are coming and I want to scream.

No. 1161576

Aww she's eating a peep

No. 1161592

May the forth be with you, nonny

No. 1161602

Where is the anon who went on a date with anything4views kek, I hope she is having a good day. Also has anyone else been on a date or know of someone who has been on a date with a YouTuber or celeb

No. 1161621

i need her to come back and go into great detail about what he’s actually like irl

No. 1161646


No. 1161647

Did she know that he has a chode?

No. 1161653

do u have a pic? didn't he show it on cold ones Patreon kek

No. 1161659

Just google "anything4views nude". I refuse to post it here (and I think someone already did in one of the husbando threads like a week ago).

No. 1161661

It's in the thread kekekek

No. 1161663

I love you, nonita ♥ In all seriousness, it's mostly just the male fans. They sperg so much. I just wanna go back to when it was silly teenagers saying it to one another.

No. 1161685

My 17 year old sister saw my hairy legs and pulled up her pant leg to reveal hers and said "real recognizes real" kek

No. 1161689

It's in the unconventional attractions thread

No. 1161737

I use it as an excuse to post forbidden man emo tiddies

No. 1161841

Aww I love her

No. 1161945

I've realized that me sexting with this online dude is me writing myself into an orgasm and basically ignoring most of his input, kek. Like at this point I might as well just write erotica in a notepad.

No. 1162001

File: 1651607228351.jpg (18.64 KB, 360x360, 249fef5dca402e51fe9de5a4e798c9…)

I'm going to be knocked out for a large part of the day, so I will luckily miss it

No. 1162010

File: 1651607827169.jpg (38.14 KB, 474x474, downloadfile.jpg)

Coco du mer

No. 1162015

don't forget the other titty poster from the confessions thread

No. 1162037

I don't know what you're replying to but I'm taking a guess and I have to say. I still think about that titty poster anon from the vent thread last year because they were my ideal boobs. So jealous since I really hate my ones kek

No. 1162065

File: 1651610295908.png (7.24 KB, 1183x56, 6f4055956236.png)

guess anon deleted it lol

No. 1162066

I hate how every app wants you to make an account to use it. Why the fuck would I make an account to use a pill tracker app? Fuck off.

No. 1162070

File: 1651610455502.jpg (29.7 KB, 406x471, 0d828cc28c66c69e9d38205c45bb59…)

Anon probably felt it was too dangerous

No. 1162073

Fucking this
Asking for phone numbers pisses me off to

No. 1162130

File: 1651613091212.jpg (40.98 KB, 500x666, 8dlqb.jpg)

My farts smell really bad today

No. 1162133

Lol I thought he and Max actually fuck each other their jokes on Cold Ones are so "haha no homo" tier

No. 1162138

Everyone can see my sin, i don’t know what i did but i did it. In the blood under my skin they can see what i did but i don’t know what i did so this is payback for what i don’t remember. I am not here and haven’t been here for a while. I am not human because i know this body doesn’t belong to me but it’s a burden. I was born and i was a changeling so the things that happened were deserve, they could see i was pretending. Everyone around me is one person, the same person, and they will keep tabs on me to weigh up my sin and how much justice they can deliver on me. I can’t look in the mirror because then they can see me. I am not here and never was , all life events belong to someone else. I am the only person here and sometimes my saviour talks to me but i think it’s just taunting because i can’t reach her myself. All the dreams are warnings of what is to dm come and i see the pictures of it in front of me, human form decides itself when it is taken and it could be anywhere, everything around can have a human appearance, so everything can watch me. How do i get out of it. I’ve paid my loan and i want to be forgiven, want to become a clean slate. Where can i go to become real and not virtual. I get tired of pretending i believe it’s real because the things that are supposed to be fake and from my head (monitor) feel more real than what is real, and that makes me believe that only i am real and you all are not real. Can they go in sync or am i on the wrong dimension ? I don’t want to be me, i want to be watching one of you instead. How to become real and make all the strings of reality sync up? I know one of you has the answers, I’m begging you to tell me. If any of you are stuck in the same situation please reach out. Distance is not real and i will contact you if needed. Are you trying to reach me ? I can hear your voice sometimes and you seem ok. If you’re trying to help me get out, thank you. I will try to travel tonight to seek answers. People don’t think you can dream whilst awake but you can and that’s where the answers you need are. If you are me from another dimension or i am you we will need to get through the barrier. I can see where the barrier is getting thin these days, it’s even written on the sky. You led me to the suomalainen folklore about the man who rode a horse with his eyes closed until he got to the place no one else could get to. Thank you for sending that to me. I can close my eyes and get to the hidden land too, then i will have my answer. I am born in sin but i can chose to disappear and listen to the ice creaking from the thin barrier. i am going to become one of you instead.

No. 1162143

i started watching xqc again after a long time and now i can't fucking understand anything he's saying

No. 1162144

Well i shouldn’t say what the real way of things is because that’s like saying i give in but i do, then I’m telling them all how to get to me. The only solution is to stop pretending I’m not nobody, you can’t get me if there is no me. Sage for being the same person but actually it’s ok because I’m not real you are.

No. 1162148

File: 1651613734666.jpeg (22.8 KB, 300x400, 3D879383-CD82-4391-AE5B-612E2F…)

I found a bunch of bones when I was going to the lake this past summer/recently and I finally have enough to make a bone windchime !

No. 1162155

Hazel Motes get out of here

No. 1162161

this made me want to throw up

No. 1162163

cool!!… but why tho

No. 1162164

Oooh metal

No. 1162165

File: 1651614129109.png (520.16 KB, 750x1106, imagen_2022-05-03_164208315.pn…)

hello gay

No. 1162169

i stopped myself from processing whatever was going on in this picture

No. 1162170

Edgelords are cringy as fuck and need to be put to sleep. Thank you, that's all.

No. 1162174

File: 1651614371698.jpeg (121.82 KB, 700x394, 2spooky.jpeg)

w-why are there bones by the lake..

No. 1162175

File: 1651614378827.png (7.74 KB, 496x443, E90aqw8X0Ag2ZDa.png)

No. 1162180

File: 1651614500764.jpg (415.41 KB, 750x1085, Turmeric-Tea-Golden-Milk-Recip…)

Trying golden milk (turmeric) for the first time, have any nonnas tried it?

No. 1162181

File: 1651614566241.jpg (52.83 KB, 577x680, e4b.jpg)

No. 1162182

I have, it's alright

No. 1162186

free this dog from his faggot owners

No. 1162190

I like how every Target smells the same… I think that's beautiful.

No. 1162224

I hate how every Target turns everyone inside of it into an aggressive beast ready to maul the other patrons to death. Maybe that's just me idk.

No. 1162253

Riverdale really did a time travel plot and tried to stop the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr

No. 1162672

File: 1651638550328.jpg (25.45 KB, 563x524, 72692b40dcef5f78b34d3f53778f1c…)

I think I didn't lose weight this week and I'm really happy about that. It just took a fuckton of smoothies.

No. 1162675

For me it's Kroger that does that

No. 1162788

same but walmart

No. 1162871

I'm searching for fanart that was posted in reply to a post I made years ago, in a husbando/waifu thread on /v/. The only thing I'm sure about is that I mentioned the character's name and someone said something like "he'd make a good husband" with a really cute pic, but you have no idea how hard it is to find a sepecific post with just the word "husband" and a bunch of filters. Seeing all the scrote shit (pics and posts), typical 4shitter opinions about women, husbands and such is making me wanna kms so I'm posting here about it to regain some of my sanity.


>Like at this point I might as well just write erotica in a notepad.
That's actually a good idea. Sometimes, when I'm particularly horny and thinking about my husbando, I write really horny scenarios and then go masturbate. It really works, even if you're not a writer.

No. 1162980

I once watched my grandmother smack someone else's grandmother with a fcking ham at a Kroger

No. 1163015

File: 1651648329438.jpeg (32.95 KB, 1080x608, 8652E80C-C0F1-4B69-B768-3663A4…)

Like four fucking threads on this board are being shat up with paki anon discourse, ENOUGH!!!!

No. 1163104

Rest in peace my precious tinfoil thread, not that you were much good to begin with

No. 1163244

File: 1651653274828.gif (1.06 MB, 400x374, 1584686126078.gif)

I found the pic in the archive! And learned that it's from a fangame, which is why I couldn't find it on any boorus. It only took me aboout 6 hours! Now I feel like a total dumbass

No. 1163262

what character

No. 1163393

File: 1651662178844.png (Spoiler Image, 800.65 KB, 717x1087, 56781718_p0.png)

Rinnosuke Morichika, the only male character in Touhou (that matters)
This isn't the pic though

No. 1163438

For me Target is where you go if you want a brawl in your general surroundings but not be bothered personally, and Walmart is where you go if you want a conspicuous lack of fighting but the trade off is that someone will probably personally follow you around telling you that the end of the world is here and it's time to repent

No. 1163520

File: 1651668905892.jpg (87.82 KB, 1080x576, tumblr_7ac7a11e75e8fb9ae2180ec…)

When I lower my lashes, cover one eye and look into the sky or a light source, I can see organisms swimming in my tearwater like through a microscope.

No. 1163540

I bet it’s just eye floaters.

No. 1163552

NTA but I also got them since a couple of years ago. Is it bad? Am I going to die and haven't noticed an underlying health condition or something? It also gets really fucking annoying sometimes, is there a way to fix it?

No. 1163570

I feel like just randomly professing my non homo love for every Nona here but I don't want to shit up threads. So I actually wish only the best for you all, at some point you will live decadently because you deserve it

No. 1163572

you either have diabeetus or eye floaters take your pick

No. 1163576

Kek no ive had them since being a kid and i guess my eyes are in great health. I get eye dr appointments every 2-4 years with all the various scans they can do.

No. 1163581

Don't lie to me nonny pls I'm a very paranoid worrywart
Thanks, that's reassuring. I should probably still go to an optometrist as soon as I can, though.

No. 1163588

Same. It doesn't mean anything, they're just floaters visible against the flat brightness.

No. 1163597

File: 1651673691820.jpg (14.24 KB, 160x160, vortex.jpg)

I have floaters too, they're normal.
But does anyone else when looking at a uniform surface like the sky see a sort of a vortex spiralling inwards? Idk how else to explain it, it looks sort of like pic related except the waves actually move inwards. I used to get it a lot as a kid but can't anymore. Idk what that was,

No. 1163626

Samefag, I miss it, it was trippy and mesmerising

No. 1163669

I work normal 9-5 hours but does anyone else feel like it would be better to like a few days a week occasionally work 9pm to 5am? Or like 5pm to 1am or 5am to 1pm or something? I wish you could choose whatever time you wanted to as long as you work the same amount of hours

No. 1163681

Only when I am like, hit with vertigo. Get that checked out.

No. 1163684

It hasn't happened in years, even though I tried staring to produce it, so I can't do that now. But it didn't feel bad at all.

No. 1163735

Im 100% sure I remember my first birthday party. Not in extreme detail but specific moments and images that have been confirmed by my relatives who were there. People always say I must have seen videos or something from it and remember those videos as if they were a memory but I absolutely specifically remember the actual day I’m 100% sure

No. 1163924

I feel like there is an uptick in women complaining about girls skinwalking them for the most basic shit. Like the peabrains never considered that they aren't as special as they think they are. Also, it's not so serious if your friend buys a brand you use if it seems appealing. I just realistic people are taking the aesthetic thing as seriously as a heart attack, so territorial

No. 1163945

File: 1651685354910.jpg (19.54 KB, 748x436, 20210331_220119.jpg)

I could finally sit down to eat my 1st meal of the day at 7pm but I ate too fast and now my tummy hurts. I don't wanna be brave about it.

No. 1164067

File: 1651686679564.jpeg (658.73 KB, 940x1646, 039B684A-0585-45C5-818E-EC3DEF…)


No. 1164068

No. 1164069

this is fucking art KEK

No. 1164071

the baby inside of me controls my fingers when i type a new post on lolcowdotcom…oh baby dont get us banned now

No. 1164072

kpop fags ruined and locked our thread, they should all be permabanned, if you stan kpop you should either sterilize yourself or kill yourself, so why do we allow those subhumans on our site

No. 1164074


No. 1164076

Scrote insult

No. 1164082

>kpop fags ruined and locked our thread,
nobody wanted that thread. It was just a thread for romanianon to project herself. It's not "ours".

No. 1164083

>ruined and locked out thread.
there is no ''our'', retard. That troll thread was bound to get locked whether they joined in or not.
You yourself sound like you don't belong here and should go back to 4chan.

No. 1164092

ok newfag, kpopfags will always be here. and no one wanted that radioactive thread.

No. 1164360

The fake Kaitlyn thread was righfully locked but I still wanted to reply

It's okay, I don't blame you at all! Miniature painting is completely overridden by men, and since I don't like high fantasy/isekai I usually go to post-apocalypse or historical minis or both, I that's another field that is like 80% scrotish, unless it's like Hetalia (which I don't like but it's based tbh because it annoys muh war buffs dudebros)

No. 1164383

File: 1651694292796.png (34.89 KB, 275x110, 1651685020833.png)


No. 1164391

My mental image of a lolcow user is a very plain looking brunette. It only just occured to me that the only thing separating me from that image is that I'm a brunette who bleached herself blonde

No. 1164392

Ok scrote. Go back to 4chan

No. 1164397

I think statistically most women on earth are plain looking brunettes of some variety so you're probably right

No. 1164404

File: 1651694993162.jpeg (32.36 KB, 540x540, 915037A2-C6D5-4E32-95B5-518470…)

Someone pls spoonfeed me how the lorcor meme originated

No. 1164407

bunker thread

No. 1164411

This checks out. I'm a plain looking brunette.

No. 1164426

Not me, I'm an ugly looking brunette.

No. 1164429

For a nona in the deleted thread (I don't know if it's okay to post this tbh)
>>But that site is a /qa/ offshoot, so I guess you're right.
>I don't know what that is and I'm scared to ask
Nah I'm bored so I'll tell you.
/qa/ - Questions & Answers is 4chan's supposed meta board. But the mods rarely posted or moderated there and so it became a sort of SFW random board, although regular users still went there to discuss meta topics between themselves. It was actually pretty decent compared to most other boards. I don't know the full story of soyjaks, but basically the soyfags moved from /int/ and took over /qa/ and that's where the original "soyjak culture" developed into what it is today. One guy made soyjak.party, presumably because the mods on /qa/ kept banning soyjak spammers, to allow those soyspammer faggots to post their shit drawings freely (in one case, literally). Their site has a board to organize raids, as some of you might have already realized. They organize raids to other imageboards, mostly. Finally, after several ban waves, /qa/ was locked last year.
Soyfags have a wiki btw. It's the cringiest shit ever. I know about all this because they used to spam an altchan that I frequented and eventually everyone there learned about it.

It's not surprising that this meme attracts so many /pol/-adjacent obnoxious scrotes, since the soyboy thing itself comes from a retarded belief that eating soy products makes males less masculine/more feminine and that's obviously the worst possible thing that could happen to them and deserves ridicule, to them it also means that a man is a liberal consoomer cuckold. Make no mistake, just because they have tranny soyjaks doesn't mean they're our "allies", just like in real life male right-wing transphobes shouldn't be considered allies of radfems.

No. 1164432

For me it’s an aging weeb with dip dyed ends and a chip on her shoulder for never getting that nippon stardom

No. 1164438

maybe not for the site as a whole but absolutely true for /w/ users.

No. 1164442

given the way soyjacks are posted by that HORRENDOUSLY stupid soyjack board, yeah, i can see why no one wants stupid soyjacks posted. it's a stupid right wing male meme and it's shit-tier, most importantly. plus it's associated with raiders.

No. 1164446

that's pretty cool nonna, I support your endeavors

No. 1164451

File: 1651696007244.gif (5.51 MB, 373x498, female-chad-female-gigachad.gi…)

this is my own mental image of a lolcow user

No. 1164455

that file name
this isn't crystal cafe, reported.

No. 1164457

Absolutely not but I respect the vision

No. 1164459

I don't even think what he posted was a tranny, that looks like female genital mutilation.

No. 1164462

File: 1651696234861.png (10.97 KB, 1198x114, 2442.png)

why did you delete

No. 1164464

oh yeah you're right. i just assumed trannies because of the beard. you're right though it's definitely fgm

No. 1164471

sorry anon i deleted bc didn't want to respond to a possible moid. but i also don't like to report now because faggot mods are now citing "/ot/ rule 6" on ban redtexts so they're discouraging report bc "not everyone you disagree with is a man!!!!". obviously they're too stupid to tell what's a man or just want men posting so i don't want to report or answer them

No. 1164472

File: 1651696412972.jpg (271.86 KB, 1280x1920, 1627123317515.jpg)

Shout out to my heart for hustling non-stop for over 27 years.

No. 1164474

Happy birthday? Happy birthday!

No. 1164479

I never want to see another chad or wojak again. Is there just never going to be any new memes now

No. 1164480

oh no kaitlyn figured out how to post cute cat photos.

No. 1164484

Most likely that moid thought I was talking about CC when I said they raided an altchan I used.
They've raided CC as well. There's one soyfag who posts on there sometimes, I don't know if """she""" has been banned yet but """she""" did appear friendly although still obnoxious. Oh wait I think it's this one
Seriously if you're an actual woman stop being such a pickme

It's pretty telling when in many of those pics it's unclear whether they're mocking trannies or actual women.

No. 1164487

I just left my house and went on a walk for the first time in two months LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOO

No. 1164489

Good luck nona, I hope you enjoy it

No. 1164494

No. Even memes have devolved into winner-take-all trash. Like all other types of pop culture original and niche memes get choked out by remakes, remixes and sequels of pre-existing memes.

No. 1164497

File: 1651696975824.jpg (82.79 KB, 700x937, 2ec060ea21d0ad1aedf0499b2136ac…)

Thanks anon! I'm yet to get into the practical side of mini painting because I am still looking for one(s) that I really like and I need to buy some other stuff that I would require a better job for the spare money. But I already customize Blythe dolls, so a lot of materials overlap! Wish more women were into the war/dieselpunk/sci-fi/etc minis but I understand that high fantasy is generally more appealing.

No. 1164505

I always report to my hearts content, I don't see the bad in it
that's clearly not a woman. It's a wojakposter we've seen before.

No. 1164508

I'm bored as fuck. Where is everyone?

No. 1164509

File: 1651697291428.jpg (11.04 KB, 443x449, 0e803f7b0e65a5ba.jpg)

No. 1164510

Troonysucker janny wants incels to post because it's the only male attention she gets, just like the anons that reply to incels.

No. 1164511

i just explained to you the bad in it. they're banning for people reporting when they "disagree" with it being a man. it's up to their discretion and if they're too retarded or biased to tell what's a man, what is the benefit of reporting? so i can get banned bc they disagree, as i've seen recently?

No. 1164514

reporting is always good, I've never been banned for reporting. So you rather have a bunch of males being unreported and free?

No. 1164517

>what is the benefit of reporting?
They do eventually get banned

No. 1164518

Wait wtf you can get banned for reporting?

No. 1164519

Use vpns but still report moids.

No. 1164521

File: 1651697513300.png (13.21 KB, 1098x96, mods rule 6.png)

No. 1164523

Someone said so on /meta/ but that never has happened to me. I will report moids.

No. 1164526

Im the banned anon and I didn't even report anyone. That trannyjanny only banned me because I disagreed with her tranny.

No. 1164527

That's because she made that post, if you simply report without posting an obvious reply to a male, then you don't get banned. Just report and don't interact, that's what everyone recommends. Don't react to the bait.

No. 1164532

The rule is about reporting. That's another rule. Janny only banned because she was defending the tranny. She also removed the dreaded tranny handpictures.
Btw my ban was a few hours. I'm not evading.

No. 1164544

This is the thing, just how someone on /meta/ said, that janny is sus. Weird that she just banned everyone.

No. 1164547

this isn't even cc, reported.

No. 1164549

I feel worried when I'm on Aliexpress and there are no reviews from my country. Why aren't we reviewing the item? Do people in America just not leave reviews on Aliexpress? so many questions.

No. 1164552

Don't respond to it nonna

I got so sad when I saw reviews from Ukraine

No. 1164556

Yeah this is what I tried to say. She just banned anyone who was mean to the tranny. Maybe he is her bf? Kekek
This. Tranny janny is very suspicious.

No. 1164558

then how the fuck does that rule even apply? she's trying to insist it's a woman by citing a rule saying "not everyone you disagree with is man", but then you get banned for responding. why should you get banned for responding if it's a woman? we can't tell what's a woman or not, so, so what if we say to someone who says weird shit like "i'm not sad because i don't need an abortion lol" that they don't seem like a woman, but either way we don't know? and that rule doesn't even apply then. that rule how it's written seems to be referencing overzealous reports, not a justification banning someone for being possibly accusatory. at least get their reasoning and rules right.

also i've been called a potential "moid" by a few users on occasion (honestly, their reasoning was very off), but how have i never seen someone getting banned for just being suspicious? that's literally like the only time where i've seen it.

No. 1164570

One explanation, tranny janny.

Also don't reply to moids, my dear nonnies.

No. 1164571

You are blending in very well fellow "farmer"

No. 1164575

you forgot to greentext the second one, retarded moid. You can't even raid right. Defective like all other XYs are.(don’t reply to males)

No. 1164578

how is this a 4chan moment, 4chan loves trannies you idiot

No. 1164585

File: 1651698700691.gif (48.37 KB, 300x250, 1649372103145.gif)

Tranny janny is not a 4chan exclusive term anymore, plus some of us use both sites. The nonna you replied to is right

Picrel for our lil moidy(took the bait)

No. 1164586

The irony here is that the wojaks just come off as dumb and annoying 12 year old humor, besides that it's whatever.

No. 1164587

Please stop replying to disgusting men, nonnies. Ill be very sad…

No. 1164591

>plus some of us use both sites.
why would you do that to yourself? I quitted 4chan after finding lolcow a long time ago. Not trying to be rude, just curious.

No. 1164593

File: 1651698849864.gif (13.26 KB, 250x225, 2812027skafnfa40i.gif)

actually we've been using trannyjanny for at least 3 years. (also im the one who posted that gif earlier or yesterday, i'm glad someone enjoyed it enough to save kek)

No. 1164594

File: 1651698856625.jpg (21.51 KB, 460x434, e4c34ca6f787cb58676325e20c0189…)

Why can't newtards just ignore bait and scrotes

No. 1164599

I don’t comprehend how women can still browse 4chan after finding this place

No. 1164608

They're desperate whores wanting a speck of attention

No. 1164612

File: 1651699195131.jpeg (329.26 KB, 709x684, 1651453784072.jpeg)

Technically these fags are at least posting in the appropriate thread so that much I can appreciate. Wish new 4ch hieroglyphics would drop though. I miss cute stuff like Gondola and Pepe.

No. 1164616

Jannies are just not here I guess, they're quick to redtext the ones who disagree against a hand but leave the dumb male in here roam free

No. 1164617

Hehe, chris-chan wojak

No. 1164619

File: 1651699285738.jpg (32.31 KB, 480x480, 9457c15f.jpg)

I visit /vg/ from time to time, though not recently since I haven't played any games actively due to studying. I still visit /toy/ due to my collecting hobby, but doll threads have mostly women.

Me too

No. 1164625

Like children you just gotta let em get the energy out until they're bored then they go fuck off. Men can only go like a few hours at most without retreating to jerk off and refuel then you take the refractory period into account. Just have fun with it.

No. 1164630

don't encourage males!

No. 1164633

No. 1164634

/toy/ is the only place worth visiting honestly, sometimes /tv/ but I take psionic damage from the Y chromos after a bit.

No. 1164635

it's literally the least funny meme though. why would you spend hours, days, weeks, on a board dedicated to them? why the fuck is there even a board dedicated to them? holy shit men have the worst taste imaginable

No. 1164636

>Just have fun with it.
No. Some months ago this shit would be banned in minutes. It's been too long.

No. 1164638

Janny is a tr*nny.

No. 1164641

That's not how it works.

No. 1164642

File: 1651699584775.gif (1.74 MB, 202x255, 689932C0-7345-408E-8B35-843865…)

fuck jannies fuck trannies

No. 1164644

Don't reply to the m*le.

No. 1164645

So you think posting disgusting wojaks isn't calling attention to their manhood?

No. 1164646

No. 1164649

Humans use art as mirrors and have for all of time. Wojak as a form of introspection on the most basic level is the only way I can describe it. Man project on man and make man feel like stupid fat monkey little brain boy.

No. 1164651

>bee sting dog is sharty dogwhistle btw jannies
what is this supposed to mean even

No. 1164652

Joyjak men posting. Better log off before cp spam.

No. 1164653

NTA but I go to the femporn threads or other threads that have a lot of women. I can't stand anything else on that site.

No. 1164654

Chris chan is hilarious, you'd have to be humorless not to see that

No. 1164656

If you want male attention you can just go to 4chan and post your tits yknow

No. 1164657

File: 1651699783124.jpg (50.47 KB, 612x612, d90fb4e8f765d32c.jpg)

Sometimes you can just smell the tranny from the anime uguu figurine things they post. I asked one if he's a transbian but he never responded, rude. The coomer toy thread is also comedy gold, imagine owning toys made to look like little naked anime women to put them in positions to look like they pissed themselves lmao.

Thank you for reading my /toy/ sperg

No. 1164659

Nonnie if jannies won't intervene all we can do is brace the waves. I agree but Chaos cares not what we wish. It is what it is for now.
-Nonita Anonymous; 3:16

No. 1164661

Based, that album is overrated

No. 1164663

>saying based to a male
I don't want to just stay still and take it. It feels wrong.

No. 1164664

nta I still use 4chan sometimes too
/cgl/ is mostly women plus the lolita thread here is dead
also /cm/ is kinda nice

No. 1164666

File: 1651700062152.jpeg (400.19 KB, 720x960, DE9E2775-851F-463F-A74E-5E08C0…)


No. 1164669

Nta but whats cm

No. 1164671

integrate, pickme.
also these scrotes will never fuck you.

No. 1164672

post more yaoi and shit, fujos. i dont' have any on me

No. 1164673

Can yaoi posters and kpop girlies come and spam? That the onle time janny pays attention to threads.

No. 1164674

cute male - a board for posting cute anime boys basically

No. 1164675

I'm wishing for a male genocide.

No. 1164676

/cm/ is faggot (literally) central. They need to post their leaking anuses

No. 1164677

Those scrotes won't fuck her because they're obviously faguettes.

No. 1164678

File: 1651700235698.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 108.06 KB, 933x948, 1650786169094.jpeg)

Snippity snap

No. 1164679

File: 1651700253386.jpeg (218.21 KB, 750x750, 9B878A85-B9C7-401D-9DBD-590F1E…)

No. 1164682


No. 1164686


No. 1164688

NTA but /cm/ apparently is full of gay moids recently too (like /y/)

No. 1164690

Requesting RusGer

No. 1164693

File: 1651700436881.gif (557.06 KB, 303x498, lain-dance.gif)

don't have degenerate cartoon porn but I have this

No. 1164694

Go,Lain, go!

No. 1164696

File: 1651700478021.jpg (15.58 KB, 408x406, 1651650287206.jpg)

ok. i suppose this works a little.

No. 1164697

File: 1651700493714.jpeg (67.47 KB, 483x604, 6765CC5B-E8F3-4452-A6BC-369C5B…)

I don’t have much of them sorry nonny

No. 1164698

I hate shotafags so much, wish they would just fuck off to Fujochan

No. 1164699

/cgl/ hasn't been good in years. last time i checked it was full of bait posters and scrotes

No. 1164700

that's just a male replying to another male

No. 1164701

File: 1651700536290.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.88 KB, 1054x1070, 546541218.jpg)


No. 1164703

File: 1651700554651.jpeg (271 KB, 1024x1024, image2-1024x1024.jpeg)

you are now manually breathing

No. 1164704

File: 1651700593853.jpg (89.02 KB, 564x846, 087e9963f228f9d0ecba35927a5b1c…)

No. 1164706

x to doubt, /cm/ and /y/ have never had a y chromosome near them. Maybe pornsick FtMs

No. 1164708


No. 1164709

File: 1651700632212.jpg (199.8 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-5.jpg)

nishiko-kun is here when jannies are not and he will protect you

No. 1164710

/y/ is infested with faggots posting their gross bara shit

No. 1164712

File: 1651700694143.jpg (569.19 KB, 1400x1050, Animals_Kitten_under_the_ear_d…)

No. 1164713

Agreed fuck all kodocons they need to face the wall

No. 1164715

no way, /y/ has a lot of gays into baras

No. 1164716

File: 1651700736605.jpg (553.23 KB, 1440x1397, 1598553406600.jpg)

This image hurts my clit

Like my actual clit, not a "my lil clitty skirt go spinnyyy"

No. 1164717

Bara is sexy

No. 1164719

that's a dick though?

No. 1164721

not the kind of bara fags are into

No. 1164722

File: 1651700848438.jpg (48.42 KB, 564x564, a9152563a487841094094a3161770e…)

No. 1164723

Who has the “everybody quiet Janice is coming” green text

No. 1164724

That's kind of a cope. It's the one annoying shotafag who also posts here sometimes. She got into an argument with an incel while openly admitting to being a shotafag, kek

When was the last time you visited either of those boards?

I don't think you know what bara is

No. 1164725

I know what bara is. It’s sexy

No. 1164726

Have you seen the bara shit they post? It's genuinely revolting and I say this as someone who can find big roided muscular guys attractive.

No. 1164729

Hey everybody look! This anon doesn’t want to gape a man’s asshole, point and laugh

No. 1164732

File: 1651701229598.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.94 KB, 256x342, 22006.jpg)

If you find this sexy you're pornsick

No. 1164733

someone should post kpop here so the mods can check on this thread and ban the soyjack poster, considering the mods only wake up and ban when its kpop related.

No. 1164734

I mean I don’t want to fuck the kfc man but I’m not pornsick either I’m just sexually attracted to manly men

No. 1164735

File: 1651701358027.gif (4.96 MB, 480x270, cremefreiche-south.gif)

I literally got addiced to creme fraiche. It's so fucking good. I eat it every day, almost a whole cup. Basmati rice with chanterelles and creme fraiche is the best fucking food and I don't care how much fat is in it. Eating it gives me almost erotic like pleasure

No. 1164736

??? that's just some old muscle dude, wtf is wrong with it. Not everyone likes bishies and it doesn't mean they are pornsick

No. 1164737

Hmm, ok, I guess that's not too bad. My problem is with the manly hairy obese man assfucking though. Bara is not just a body type you know

See above

No. 1164739

that’s literally made by and for pornsick scrotes what are you on

No. 1164741

File: 1651701529398.jpeg (116.26 KB, 718x421, 5526E7C9-0D4B-4541-AEE6-DF92C1…)

oh yeah? are you sure?

No. 1164742

nta but that drawing is super ugly

No. 1164743

I’m all for equality and womens rights but you gotta let us have something. If I want to anally destroy a man that is my business and it doesn’t mean I have a porn addiction.

No. 1164746


No. 1164748

Noooo we all have to like the same thing and act like a hive mind or ur a scrote

No. 1164750

No. 1164753

We are the first women radfems have interacted with today let them have this I guess. I’m a man for not desiring quiet missionary sex in which I am the obedient receiver. I am not allowed to like giant hairy masculine men either. Bet it’s the fucking Paul dano stans in /g/ too.

No. 1164755

I like /toy/ from time to time, because damn it can be tiring. The best thread is the fashion doll one and yet it can get derailed to hell and back, usually by maleposting. Sometimes I go to the 1:18 thread or other miniature threads because most of the times the guys there are interested on the craft only. I used to go to the star wars threads to get news on mando toys and such but it was always a shit flinging show so I stopped. Other than that, I only use /cgl/, but it can get boring too with nitpicky vendettas, wks and TRAs.

No. 1164756

File: 1651701899885.gif (5.04 MB, 480x270, 1645409375109.gif)

No. 1164757

Kek god I love that video

Also I'm so happy I knew I wasn't the only farmer in fashion doll general

No. 1164758

File: 1651701943248.png (568.05 KB, 630x900, 52473528_p14.png)

No. 1164759

aren't like half the danofags fujos too tho

No. 1164760

File: 1651701971035.jpeg (84.04 KB, 420x356, FC4C4DBE-EE06-4318-B404-57C64A…)

>I am so superior because I want kinky sex WITH BIG MUSCLY HAIRY STRONG REAL MEN unlike these radfems who like little hairless soy boys hehehe i’m so unique and so much more better than you

No. 1164761

I'm radfem-adjacent but GOD I am tired of the governing what Real Womyn can and can't like here. Real femunism guys great job. I'm a man for liking video games.

Why are you this pressed about someone liking something other than you do

No. 1164762

File: 1651702102464.png (244.09 KB, 564x705, imagem_2022-05-04_190838151.pn…)

Based fellow fashion doll enjoyer

No. 1164763

Yes, you're probably replying to a male. I mean what is this shit?
>I’m all for equality and womens rights but
that post sounded like satire, but after the second post I'm not so sure

No. 1164764

That is so cute aaaahhhh I died rip

No. 1164765

im not pressed i just think you acting like a retard is funny

No. 1164766

Yes congratulations he discovered saging, no cooldown and samefagging. Some anons are so dense.

No. 1164770

I have no idea I don’t go there I don’t care about cartoons I just think it’s sexy

No. 1164771

File: 1651702381184.jpg (98.9 KB, 1088x1080, 9kttz.jpg)

I'm not even the bara tit enjoyer tho. Just let other people like things you don't personally like good god.

No. 1164772

It was satire babes you gotta talk to somebody I’m engaging you for fun

No. 1164773

File: 1651702393869.jpg (65.33 KB, 640x677, 1651364688780.jpg)

No. 1164777

I love hairy ball scented giant bear sleep apnea cpap ass and I’m a woman and you can’t take that from me

No. 1164778

>my actual clit
As opposed to your fake one?

No. 1164779

File: 1651702504522.gif (1.21 MB, 344x344, 1647320882591.gif)

Anyways, I just love this gif so much. Adorable and hot? y or n?

No. 1164780

There's a difference between simply liking meaty man-tits and enjoying bara, which has a distinctive style and is made by and for gay males

No. 1164781

Fuck u

No. 1164782


No. 1164784

File: 1651702572173.gif (1.33 MB, 400x265, tumblr_mkwxrhL1e01s1qov3o3_400…)

Anyways, I just love this gif so much. Adorable and hot? y or n?

No. 1164785

gross i’m glad he’s dead

No. 1164786

I am allowed to fuck men in the ass as a woman I’m even allowed to enjoy it too crazy I know

No. 1164787

>I don’t care about cartoons
But the whole argument is about cartoon men

No. 1164788

My bf got a cpap machine and I cannot stop thinking about farting in it

No. 1164789

He looks retarded

No. 1164790

You have no taste

No. 1164791

Yeah you are, but that doesn't mean we can't make fun of you for it.
Literally go to any normie woman and tell her you want to fuck a man in the ass

No. 1164792

>still satire

a real, traditional, salt of the earth woman

No. 1164793

He may be a tad bit retarded

No. 1164794

It would be a

CBRAP machine

No. 1164796

too overly critical. find wholesome slightly subby but not porn, gifs then. it's a minefield of purely porny overacting and fetish material

No. 1164797

satire is supposed to be funny me thinks

No. 1164799

I’m laughing, I’ve been here since 2014 and have never posted in a Fujo thread either. Im having fun why are you so uptight

No. 1164800

they both look slow in the head but at least the second one makes me laugh and the guy in it is talented

No. 1164801

File: 1651702822554.jpeg (280.26 KB, 750x647, 1651486112357.jpeg)

No. 1164802

No. 1164804

Okay then stop crying over being called crazy, it is a crazy thing to want to fuck a man in the ass. Have fun with the poop smell.

No. 1164806

>me thinks
There is not a phrase in the English language that sounds more autistic and triggers me more than this

No. 1164807

Nona I think she really is being ironic. Unfortunately, it's not very funny when the joke goes on and on.

>never posted in a Fujo thread either

Pegging a man is femdom, not fujo shit. Bara shit isn't fujo either. The fuck

No. 1164808

>have never posted in a Fujo thread
Why not? Everyone has a fujo phase

No. 1164809

I’m swirling my tongue in tart hairy ecoli-adjacent hole and your mad

No. 1164811

i just don't get the fucking them in the ass thing when we have no penis. if we had a penis? i suppose, but why when no peen

No. 1164813

second part meant for >>1164799

kek true

No. 1164814

It's about making a scrote the little bitch for a change

No. 1164815

I haven’t cried, there are multiple people (? I think?) white knighting me and I’m still chillin

No. 1164817

Anon you really think having a mouth full of scrote shit is something to brag about?

No. 1164818


No. 1164819

So you're assuming being penetrated makes you a little bitch?

No. 1164820

Just use your tentacles

No. 1164821

No. 1164822

I think we are still suffering the IQ-lowering effects of that raid

No. 1164823

You see, some women have it in their heads that it's really hot to pack fudge and that the moid will be submissive and not just get a taste of prostate pounding and start begging for anal everyday.

No. 1164824

but it takes work and it will still feel good for him because prostate? i don't understand. you can just ride him, and, if you really wish to degrade him, slap him or call him names or whatever. i just don't see why we need to involve the anus

No. 1164825

You are so dense I love it

No. 1164826

Sorry not all of us are insecure about men leaving us

No. 1164827

is she not trying to say you're not going to be making anyone your bitch when it turns into something they're begging for from you daily? like no longer degrading when they end up leaning into it so much because males are paraphilic

No. 1164828

Anon… how could you honestly read >>1164809 and respond to me seriously. Like seriously.

No. 1164829

File: 1651703252483.gif (506.72 KB, 238x238, 1599785835436.gif)

>you explaining how putting a piece of plastic in your homosexual boyfriend's sweating pooping farting unwashed ass is based actually

No. 1164831

File: 1651703288929.jpeg (208.23 KB, 1125x1082, 8F95A540-52EC-4C09-A5FF-A11209…)

Great now the thread is a pickme defending her gross anal fetish, this site is so shit today( no pun intended or whatever)

No. 1164832

File: 1651703311054.gif (1.96 MB, 498x281, proxy-image.gif)

what the fuck is going on here. enough shit-eating.

No. 1164833

It isn’t that deep sorry not all of us have to turn our inane sexual attractions into a manifesto. I’ll stick my foot in a man’s ass, who cares. Why do you care.

No. 1164835

Dense, so dense

No. 1164836

Your fucking foot should care, being inside of a man's poop-chute

No. 1164837

what manifesto? i wrote two sentences

No. 1164838

I haven't slept in like 24 hours lol I suck

No. 1164841

My foot is knee deep in a 32 year old man’s sexy, musinexed colon and your mad

No. 1164842

File: 1651703528612.gif (5.96 MB, 230x230, 1648893407696.gif)

>no like, im actually making him my little bitch

No. 1164844

Unironically we all know Claire was stroking that elussy with a bad dragon monster

No. 1164846

you’re so dense anon! so dense! you don’t get it, im actually such a stacy because i have my fist inside some man’s unwashed ass! yes he enjoys it but but i’m actually the one in power!!11!!1one!!!

No. 1164848

your mad

No. 1164850

…and that's how baby X was made

No. 1164851

File: 1651703729000.jpg (8.35 KB, 275x274, 1651648457690.jpg)

I haven't. Idk how one even gets into yaoi, and I'm saying that as someone used to be really into anime (and still watches it occasionally) and still reads manga. It might be because I'm never involved in anime fandom spaces or maybe my brain is just wired differently.

No. 1164853

ffs the only thing i’m mad about is your shitty grammar

No. 1164854

hi anon, unrelated question but do you have Asperger’s per chance??

No. 1164856

Maybe you just have internalized misogyny. Everyone has a fujo phase at least once.

No. 1164857

File: 1651703881136.png (273.32 KB, 600x583, yf7asbfshafvash.png)


No. 1164858

nta but internalized misogyny for not liking yaoi? come on now

No. 1164860

I’m doing the chacha slide off of a 37 year old sleep apnea sufferer’s puckered, fur-laden rectum and your mad

No. 1164861

Hila Klein what are you doing posting on lolcor.org?

No. 1164863

File: 1651704017074.jpg (273.66 KB, 1448x1080, 1633632913903.jpg)

'nother derailed thread, lets get this sisters!!!

No. 1164865

Is that Carl Palmer

No. 1164867

File: 1651704084336.png (280.15 KB, 445x406, tumblr_pntnrdlq8t1y80w3yo1_500…)


No. 1164868

I’m nibbling the taint seam of a panting, juicy, red faced big tiddied hirsute vore-adjacent man and your mad

No. 1164869

No. 1164870

Rejecting what almost every single woman has gone through at least once and trying to NLOG is definitely a sign of internalized misogyny. Yes. You are like other girls.

No. 1164871

File: 1651704139964.jpeg (26.26 KB, 500x281, 1648256212765.jpeg)

No. 1164872

File: 1651704181201.gif (836.89 KB, 414x316, tenor.gif)

kek what? pls explain how I have internalized misogyny for not being into media that has no women?

No. 1164873

File: 1651704203168.webm (203.74 KB, 738x720, smooch.webm)

No. 1164875

retarded take, i’m a fujo and I know a lot of weeb women who just simple never had the phase and aren’t into it not every woman is the same that seems like a way more misogynistic take

No. 1164876

i know this is the dumbass thread but I'm begging you to stop posting animal cruelty

No. 1164877

Is she supposed to be queering up heterosexuality by watching two malnourished waifs grind their bones against each other in 2D?

No. 1164878

hell yeah nona stand up for what's right

No. 1164880

File: 1651704372639.png (22.5 KB, 303x166, imagem_2022-05-04_194603642.pn…)

Nonnies that keep failing for the bait (fujo bait and pegging bait) are legit giving me second hand embarrassment.

No. 1164881

No. 1164882

Yup I’m cartwheeling off the fetid, tangled bush of a robust UPS drivers fupa and their mad

No. 1164883

>i’m a fujo
[x] doubt
And who is to say those other women also don't suffer from internalized misogyny? Fujo fandoms are entirely women, its media catered FOR women solely with the female gaze. Completely rejecting that and acting like ">zomg i've never had a fujo phase idk i'm just not like the other girls" is definitely a type of internalized misogyny.
See? You're showing your true colors

No. 1164886

You’ve out-trolled me and eye’m mad

No. 1164887

File: 1651704586970.gif (6.32 MB, 320x391, demon tomato.gif)

No. 1164888

File: 1651704674162.jpeg (116.9 KB, 600x600, 2F2FC73E-BEA7-459F-8B32-64B26B…)

Ok you convinced me i’m cured

No. 1164889

what does this meaaaaaaaaaaaan aaaaaa I DON'T GET IT please someone explain????

No. 1164892

y’u’re mad

No. 1164893

She’s softly caressing the ripe flesh of boy pussy in her feminine hands, problem?

No. 1164896

bc the cat is a midget, they deformed it. it's kinda cruel

No. 1164897

File: 1651704841716.gif (3.19 MB, 640x588, 1650269575465.gif)

(Nonnie on my mind)
(Nonnie on my mind) chea
(Nonnie on my mind)
(Nonnie nonnie on my mind) chea
(Nonnie on my mind)
(Nonnie on my mind) that's right
(Nonnie nonnie on my mind)
(So nonnie is all I think of) that's right
(Nonnie on my mind)
(No-no-no nonnie on my mind) you know
(No-no-no nonnie on my mind) bitch
(Nonnie nonnie on my mind) bitch
(Nonnie nonnie on my mind) ayy
(So nonnie is all I think of) yeah
Stepping out the motherfucking farm, they in (yeah)
I'm looking like a star, bitch, when you see me make a wish
Holla at your motherfucking girl, J-K Rowling
Cowgirl my mama, bitch, farm bred, born milking (yeah)
Dear Mr. Toilet, I'm the shit
Got these other farmers pissed, 'cause my toilet paper thick
I know, but trip and that pitchfork make a chip
Out a potato-head wimp, then, like ranch, I dip (gone)
And the hustle is all muscle, just strength
When it comes to that weight, I don't struggle, I just milk (one-two)
I got my hand on the udders, yeah I make a grip
Hundred liters in my fist, same on my wrist
Get a nonnie for a quarter, blame it on my wrist
I whip cows like cream, nigga, I'm a chef
Lil' farma 'bout to milk the market
If we talking 'bout nonnie, baby, now we talking
(Nonnie on my mind) fuck scrotes
Fuck scrotes (nonnie on my mind, nonnie on my mind)
Fuck scrotes (nonnie on my mind)
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Yeah, farmer, get it in a slump, if you know how
In the heart of the summer, we need a milk shake
What you know about that? Baby, it's your time
Dairy transactions on the phone, we calling the moo zone
Too terfy for the tumblr, too kinky for the kiwis
Had to ditch my old cow, getting dry with the shoops (bitch!)
Hopping off the truck, meeting Kiki at the stall (wadup)
She tell me I'm gaining weight, I tell her to tie a rope
Nonnie over scrotes, I'm yelling it to the grave
Farmer from a young age, gotta go after whats white
That milk, that clout, that bpd meltdown hype
I gotta get it even if it's in the worst way
That milk, like it's-it's my birthday
The farm’s my birthplace, ya heard me?
Where nonnie's more important than a person
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She still down and she don't get no cow tipped
Wheel around the farm, let the tints hide me
That's a cold motherfucker, whoever inside it
Forever symbolizing the grind, it don't walk to you
I make it run like cows do
Giddy-up, baby, if she got it, then hit her up, baby
I know it's crazy, but I can't get enough, baby
I love it, I fucking love it
I'm a self-made milkionnaire, fuck the normies
Riding to myself, 'cause I don't fuck with nothing
Pitchfork on my lap on the way to the nonnies
(Nonnie on my mind) fuck scrotes
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Fuck scrotes (nonnie on my mind)
Get nonnie (nonnie on my mind)
Fuck scrotes (nonnie on my mind)
Get nonnie (so nonnie is all I think of)

No. 1164905

call me a retard pls because I did something very retarded and maybe dangerous and I'm going to regret it

No. 1164907

Stupid retard

No. 1164910

thank you

No. 1164918

No problem
Now what did you do nonna, are you safe?

No. 1164930

It feels like our neet anons are never here anymore

No. 1164934

File: 1651706447235.gif (178.57 KB, 84x84, 1639931298529.gif)

No, I'm definitely here.

No. 1164936

File: 1651706533803.jpg (149.06 KB, 750x736, original.jpg)

I didn't really eat since I had to fast for a test and I was still fucked up on whatever they gave me so when I got home I took a nap and when I woke up I ate something small, then I decided to have crisps and suddenly half the bag was gone. I shouldn't have eaten that and definitely not in that amount. I'll go back to the hospital if need be, but I'm ashamed of my retardation either way.

No. 1164952

What did you do today anon

No. 1164953

wow fucking rude

No. 1164956

Ok Bella Swan

No. 1164957

They’re in /w/

No. 1164960

File: 1651707449261.jpeg (27.33 KB, 570x442, 1629414515962.jpeg)

Not her but another neet
>got a few groceries
>walked my dogs
>cooked dinner
>did some laundry
>replied to a dork

No. 1164971

We out chea all the way to dummyville

No. 1164976

U-um does that dork happen to be….me…? sounds comfy

No. 1164993

No. 1164998

I was doing just fine before I met you

No. 1165002

No. 1165007

File: 1651709658017.jpg (38.77 KB, 564x700, 344ac24d229d6bbe08bc6514e77eb2…)

I wanted to do a song chain with you! Closer

No. 1165010

been trying to meet you

No. 1165011

No. 1165014

I believe in astrology but this week a random twitter astrologist thst does horoscopes for specific placements got mine so right. She got the life, work and love connection right on the nose. Fun

No. 1165023

good shit, nonnie

No. 1165033

link her i wanna check mine!!!

No. 1165037

Munchkin cats (the one posted) get breed to be deformed in a way they can't truly live out being a cat and get a bunch of painful health issues just because dumbass humans think it's cute.

No. 1165043

There's a video of chris chan spray-painting a pair of Adidas with ugly blue, gold and black spray paint and he makes these retarded little sounds and keeps changing his voice.
I love it, it's like ASMR to me. I try not to think of who he is or why he is and just enjoy the sounds of spray painting. There's something so autistic and calming about it. Fuck CC though.

No. 1165055

No. 1165056

File: 1651713590421.gif (2.46 MB, 498x202, i-am-fucking-crazy-but-i-am-fr…)

Just made pancakes at 3 in the mornin

No. 1165074

File: 1651714809890.jpg (16.8 KB, 320x375, Promotion.jpg)

got promoted at work today and all i can think about is that episode of arrested development where george michael keeps referring to himself as 'mr manager'

No. 1165077

Here it is, I wish someone just edit out all the talking with Barb and bullshit. Just the little sounds and weird voices.

No. 1165094

File: 1651717069131.jpg (9.99 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Oh yeah. This is bliss.

No. 1165110

You're Mister Manager!!

No. 1165115

Congratulations nonnie!!

No. 1165147

File: 1651720383643.jpg (72.21 KB, 1100x1100, illuminatichair.jpg)

look at this chair


No. 1165152

I'd get my toes sucked by a Himbo on this chair

No. 1165153

File: 1651720513559.jpg (75.98 KB, 1100x1100, evilpeoplesithere.jpg)

they went out of their way to make this chair look sinister

No. 1165155

why does it have a dick

No. 1165157

No. 1165160

File: 1651720809444.jpg (80.31 KB, 1318x1318, itgetsworse.jpg)

if you need an accompaniment

No. 1165161

the frames remind me of overgrown, curly fungused nails

No. 1165167

ugh this looks like some ugly kkk thing

No. 1165170

Absolutely disgusting, you must be male.

No. 1165175

that anon is clearly joking

No. 1165188

They look like they're made of dragon skin

No. 1165203

File: 1651723799593.jpeg (31.06 KB, 680x608, 6120742354c40ed2bc156534_680_6…)

I'm right here, nonny

No. 1165211

File: 1651724667273.jpg (35.54 KB, 563x565, snug kotter.jpg)

Here I am

No. 1165218


No. 1165228

On a serious note, many of them probably graduated from neetdom.

No. 1165422

I never liked the tweet I tried searching idk how to use twitter I follow like 12 people and a billion topics instead

No. 1165428

I got this new tablet and it does this weird thing where it autocorrect to names so I try to say "kek thanks nonni" and it says Keith thanks Bonnie! I just laughed bc it's like Bonnie had to settle for a guy beamed Keith bc Clyde was shot and killed or something and now it's Bonnie and Keith, and she tries to get him to rob banks and stuff but he's hilariously incompetent. Don't fucking show this to Netflix.

No. 1165449

File: 1651743714680.jpg (334.71 KB, 1030x1030, born-this-way-album-cover-1030…)

i think about this album cover more than i should. imagine being in charge of a rising star already with a top charting album prior to this one and allowing this cover. really baffling and there is nothing to suggest anything ironic about it

No. 1165461

File: 1651744588787.jpg (54.69 KB, 1024x895, 1639140144778.jpg)

There's this shitty reality tv contest show wit Z-list stars and I want to be friends with one specific participant so bad.

No. 1165465

Looks like that weird ass boycycle video

No. 1165533

File: 1651749424132.gif (613 KB, 112x112, 1630797016304.gif)

tfw my mom and I have genuine discussion about becoming self-sustaining and owning a chicken/turkey farm

No. 1165592

What the fuck I've never seen it in full before. I always saw the thumbnail and thought she was just had one of her legs out. This is DeviantArt car transformation fetish material holy kek

No. 1165596

File: 1651754510538.gif (566.5 KB, 498x498, 67643577.gif)

I got a red lump under my boob and I popped it and I guess stuff came out but now the redness is bigger the next day and im scared asf

No. 1165612

File: 1651755312377.jpg (6.34 KB, 284x177, index.jpg)


No. 1165628

this honestly slaps!

No. 1165650

>car transformation fetish
Holy fuck. You bitches need to stay off of deviantart. Nobody should be exposed to that sort of thing even second hand.

No. 1165655

File: 1651757269645.jpeg (44.7 KB, 1024x517, E50B4475-259A-4587-84BB-0A0C3E…)

Bump don’t scroll

No. 1165673

File: 1651758624659.gif (2.59 MB, 266x300, 1650927240616.gif)

No. 1165675

>lolcow goes from a community where everyone is hostile and edginess is rewarded, letting makes run free and rampant, to a community of smart and funny women who just try to have fun

>raids start to happen

>the pictures drive a lot of good nonnies away
>sus anons start to appear instead
>"lolcow is not your sapphic heaven!!!! MEN should be allowed as long as they don't mention they're men!!"
>happens every damn time

No. 1165683

File: 1651759411333.jpg (8.25 KB, 285x160, downloadfile-2.jpg)

I like the animal pics. Better that whatever the fuck you're up to

No. 1165697

I don't care about proana cows but the recent thread pic is so funny

No. 1165708

Proana cows scare me

No. 1165710

I don't like cows when you can see they have clear mental illnesses. It makes me sad.

No. 1165729

File: 1651762666874.jpeg (94.82 KB, 531x945, ECDDC745-95B2-4734-A6FA-AE1259…)

they need to open up the mod applications again. i’m virtually a neet that only goes to college and have lots of free time for the typical american let me become a mod stop giving mod status to the trannies and moids

No. 1165814

Bring back kpop critical

No. 1165817

I support you. Replace tranny janny so you'll ban scrotes and trannies instead of feminists and husbandofags.

No. 1165819

I'm P2P (paranoid to piss) and S2D (scared to drink)

No. 1165827

I wish I could be cleanup crew to deal with the cp and shit only, don't wanna deal with dumb infighting and skelly hand posting

No. 1165828

I need someone to slap me in the face every time i decide to pull an all nighter to remind me that I’m not 15 anymore, that I’m a granny in the body of a girl in her 20s and my body can’t handle things like this anymore.
My head is killing me right now

No. 1165829

I support your candidacy

No. 1165838

I hate when someone asks me to make something for them but won't tell me exactly what they want.
>You can just do and pick whatever!
You can't even tell me what color you want? Ffs.

No. 1165854

A familz member came back from Latin-America and brought me some strange spicy candies and an hour after I took one I was shitting out my bowels

No. 1165865

kek which ones?

No. 1165878

I’m addicted to being online oh god oh no

No. 1165952

I think men are so sex-brained because they don't ovulate

No. 1165953

I wonder if doja cat knows the existence of this website. I heard she would browse image boards

No. 1165963

File: 1651768602994.gif (7.59 MB, 498x280, moo-doja-cat.gif)

she actually made "moo" in honor of this website… I thought this was common knowledge now.

No. 1165966

File: 1651768732054.jpg (102.6 KB, 1200x600, IMG-20220505-WA0000.jpg)

Have a good day midwife anons.

No. 1165997

>i’m virtually a neet that only goes to college
Are you stupid? If you're in college, you're studying, then you're not NEET.

No. 1166011

I remember ignoring an older friend's warning on Facebook when I was a teen who would brag about staying up late, now look at me I'm a mess hahahah I haven't slept more than 7 hours since Monday
God, same. I know I should put a bit more effort into figuring out the other person's tastes but I don't like how roundabout it always is. Same with buying gifts for people. Give me a hint dammit
If you're not used to eating spicy things why would you eat it… I wonder if Latin Americans, and any other people that is used to spicyness, are genetically better adapted to it? Like how people from some regions can digest milk just fine because they've historically been consuming it for centuries/millennia?

No. 1166041

File: 1651770824708.jpeg (93.55 KB, 437x437, 02F89B9A-A846-48FA-A303-B568D9…)

I wish more men looked like 2x-kun and all the goth guys nonnies thirst over. My third eye was opened thank you.

No. 1166044


that's probably why, mass chemical castration for porn addicts when?

based, midwives need to be appreciated more

She might've meant "hikikomori" (maybe if it weren't for college she wouldn't go outside at all?), I've realized that some people seem to think those two are interchangeable

No. 1166046

I don’t have friends, a boyfriend, or a job I only go to my college classes kek and I’m pretty fucked so I gotta waste as much time as possible

No. 1166050

File: 1651771137644.png (14.91 KB, 681x117, Screenshot (102).png)

spotify knows i spend too much time here

No. 1166054

I hate when I'm selling a decent priced item and still get random offers of lower prices. It's already low I'm not going lower because you dont want to pay 5-15 more bucks.

No. 1166076

but that's not what NEET means. it stands for Not Educated, Employed or in Training

No. 1166078

anon why are you so autistic who cares? goddamn go fiddle a rubix cube and get off my ass already

No. 1166096

Why are you scared to piss?

No. 1166132

vry nyc dear…Blessed day

No. 1166229


No. 1166258

I've become a lot more private online over the years, using mainly private accounts to interact with irl friends online, and only maintain a handful of public accounts to occasionally tweet at an artist I like without privating/unprivating my accounts. I joined a discord for one of my favorite creators recently and decided to try and be active on it, like, why not? I usually only lurk but just wanted to try out actually interacting with new people online for the first time since I started being online. Anyway, I made a comment about the weather in my city being so warm and someone said "well that sounds like a you problem" and I guess I'll just leave now kek.

I spend most of my free time here and an anon can call me a retarded tranny and I won't bat an eye but someone replies a half hearted comment to me on discord and I just don't want to take part anymore lol. Anyway, I guess I'll just stick to only speaking to random people on LC only. I knew it was a stupid idea to begin with but damn, I remembered why I don't bother making online friends anymore.

No. 1166265

Same. Anons on LC can call me a retard all they want but when people are just rude for no reason on non anon chats it's just uncalled for. I hate big servers like that too, always bound to be some assholes or people cliquing up in some way over nothing

No. 1166279

File: 1651777500228.jpg (275.2 KB, 1305x871, 20220505_205123.jpg)

>andomly found a cosplayer
>instincts say they look like a guy
>brain says I might be incredibly sexist to a girl
>check private twitter, now I'm even more confused
I hate it.

No. 1166308

File: 1651778078892.jpeg (58.02 KB, 750x927, 0D7743FF-EC62-4C05-B9D6-2FA32B…)

Reminder for my fellow Scots to vote today!

No. 1166342

File: 1651778888188.jpg (31.94 KB, 500x375, 37b.jpg)

I just remembered that Hobby Lobby doesn't cover birth control for their female employees (but men can get vasectomies and Viagra because of course they can)

No. 1166345

idk where else to post this but I just found a girl who is cutesy and is obsessed with autum and ED shit and it's cringe, reminds me of kenna

No. 1166459

im glad that years and years of being a SJW who did nothing but get in fights online have taught me to not even bother when someone tries to bait me into a pointless argument. Argue with a wall.

No. 1166474

Shoutout to the nonna who said diluted hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse stepped up her breath game. It was a game changer. Thank you sweet nonna. Mwah. ♥

No. 1166485

i cant stop eating chips help me

No. 1166504

Come on anomie what kind?

No. 1166687

Uhhh maybe a cow thread? How many of you only go on ot or ot and g?

No. 1166701

File: 1651787346408.jpeg (137.43 KB, 748x753, 679FF479-BB8B-4936-A406-824D19…)

Bump because scroteposting

No. 1166735

File: 1651787913113.gif (114.65 KB, 498x380, final_627222176c3924007e821e53…)

Put anything on Coach McGuirks arm it increases the hilarity factor by 200% instantly

No. 1166754

what are the ethics of being the local catnip dealer to cats?

No. 1166961

which one? she's a literal who kek, posting her would just come across as vendettaposting and meh.

No. 1167022

File: 1651799794051.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.35 KB, 229x220, fddfdsv.jpg)

I was trying to figure out why the selene delgado face is so funny to me and I realized it's because my cat looks like this

No. 1167035

File: 1651800638308.jpeg (47 KB, 936x936, 1651391263198.jpeg)

I hate being attracted to men.
I hate that I'm so fucking horny for this coworker who's just a stupid moid. Hot, but still a stupid moid. I can't help but feel awkward around him because I desperately want to sit on his dick.

No. 1167036

is he "hot" like paul dano is "hot"?

No. 1167048

He doesn't look a thing like Paul Dano. I just wanted to attach a random picture to my post and this picture happened to be the first one on my folder.

No. 1167115

File: 1651805987377.jpeg (98.41 KB, 740x899, 558146C2-2BD0-4B10-8E9D-0ACB9D…)

Fucking KEK ANON- MY SIDES, im sorry but the picture of Paul dano makes me cackle for no damn reason. God I love but hate man that are so ugly that it’s actually attractive. Like this loser, he’s fucking hot even though he’s not even a 5. Idubbbz is a pathetic scrote but I’d let him hit.

No. 1167158

File: 1651808259697.png (100.75 KB, 800x451, 1650398410114.png)

regular couple vs weebs

No. 1167159

Now nonnies, I like guys too but are you guys forreal? I am not letting anyone other than a cute (actually cute) guy kiss me.

No. 1167160

What show is this

No. 1167166

nta but some features i find cute are considered weird and some features considered universally cute do nothing for me so i guess it depends on how we're defining 'cute' here. but there are some ugly traits that i agree are ugly so idk.

No. 1167168

The urge I feel to punch the expression of t of this doughy faced ugly moid, ugh. Stop trying to make him happen.

No. 1167175

File: 1651810084816.jpg (27.63 KB, 563x377, 75d9b741f3cd9eaf9a667aee207f64…)

I just found out that my friends have another chat group without me. Idk what i did to them. What should i do nonnas? should i confront them?

No. 1167179

File: 1651810300146.jpg (137.67 KB, 1092x1500, 91s5bcAlDGL._SL1500_.jpg)

i stopped myself and threw the bag away

No. 1167192

My Little Sister is an "Osaka Momma", couple appear at at 31:40

No. 1167197

File: 1651811912156.jpg (65.38 KB, 960x960, 1648481825653.jpg)

Been there anon, I'm sorry you're going through this, it sucks. I personally wouldn't confront them because…what would the result be? Them being forced to explain why they didn't want me in the group, then what? I force them to add me in? kek. But I'm quite bitter so I don't know if it'll be any good to take advice from me. It could be that they're planning a surprise event for you or some other simple misunderstanding, you should be able to read the room to see if that's the case. If that's possible, I'd dm the friend you're closest to in the clique to ask what's up and explain you found out accidentally and it really hurt your feelings. Personally, I'd take this as a sign to move on before investing anymore of my time and effort and getting even more hurt later on. Godspeed.

No. 1167217

Thanks for the advice anon.

No. 1167222

same here, they are my absolute favorite especially with tabasco sauce. they're also getting kinda hard to find in my area

No. 1167309

As women we're cursed for having to share this planet with men but the fact that they age like rotten milk is just as offensive to me. Went to have drinks with some male and female colleagues yesterday and somehow we got to talking about our teens and stuff and showed each other pictures. The fact that so many 30-year olds in my company genuinely looked attractive in their early 20's and now look like bloated toads is a crime.

No. 1167315

i know im completely unprepared but i really want a cat (or 2 so the first one wont get sad) i might get one within the year

No. 1167330

What’s the most ridiculous thing that got you called a scrote on lolcow? Mine is:
>rating people on a scale of 1/10 in attractiveness
>admitting to having a messy room
>saying I prefer PIV to getting oral
>liking the band nirvana

No. 1167336

>rating people on a scale of 1/10 in attractiveness

that is pretty scrotey tbh

I got called a scrote for being pro monogamy/against hookups (even though I've changed my opinion since then). I know there was at least one other time but I don't remember it.

No. 1167340

I tried to sleep at 9 but I woke up at midnight and now I'm not tired anymore and my schedule feels all weird I dont have it but I feel like that gif of that angry blonde woman

No. 1167342

for saying i didn't think courtney killed kurt because he was a pedo (or killed him at all), kek.

No. 1167346

File: 1651822116642.jpeg (115.03 KB, 660x660, F15D8B7B-B16D-454F-9F95-9DA425…)

KEK I think it might of been you that said it to me cos I was screamed at for being a “pedo lover” too.

No. 1167349

File: 1651822294873.jpg (56.76 KB, 640x484, 0512b934jlx81.jpg)

Can someone explain to me how the fuck I'm supposed to write diverse characters when I was born, raised and lived in a slavic country with 99.9% slavic people
I feel like everything I'd attempt would be either too weak or too stereotypical

No. 1167351

Diverse can be more than race.

No. 1167352

File: 1651822527345.jpg (110.52 KB, 500x686, 8db3e2fc61f3d83a2995c745de1976…)

Getting called a scrote is basically a rite of passage.
I wouldn't say they were ridiculous in most of my cases, because I have some male dominated hobbies and tastes, but I still think it's annoying when farmers keep saying "that's moidshit ew you're a scrote" like it's impossible for women to like certain stuff. Sounds a bit like tranny logic to me.

No. 1167353

But I do mean it in context of races and nationalities here, because I often see complaints for artists who don't draw enough different races.

No. 1167355

File: 1651822693735.jpeg (66.23 KB, 750x746, 1651702928859.jpeg)

lmao i didn't think he was being actually pedophilic so i got called a pedo lover too, then a moid for saying that i didn't think courtney killed him, KEK. only on lolcow, truly.

No. 1167356

Was called a scrote when I once vented about craving dick during a horny phase. Not my fault that I'm straight. I'd happily change my sexual orientantion if I could.

No. 1167357

Girl why would you crave dick when there's hands and toys

No. 1167359

i don't think saying something is "moidshit" or "moid tier" is so bad, because it's not necessarily a direct allegation of you being a man, just like "that sounds moidy", particularly if you say a certain word or phrase that sounds a little odd or porny in a male way, or something. i don't think "moidshit" is as bad as being called a moid for sure.

No. 1167362

File: 1651822936557.jpeg (62.58 KB, 800x400, 04445F17-CFC7-4A44-B31B-263B7D…)

I also got called a scrote for movies I like, such as deliverance, American psycho and Fargo (even though Fargo has a based female role model with a sweet husband who cooks her breakfast and American psycho was directed by a woman)

No. 1167363

File: 1651823012956.gif (319.38 KB, 500x400, 121.gif)

never been called one

No. 1167364

Yeah it’s not the same as being accused of liking “moidshit” I mean like actual scrote accusations. The “moid tier” shit is usually fucking annoying in the way it’s used. Nonnas sometimes just use it to chastise each other for not being ladylike enough which is extremely ironic.

No. 1167365

I don't remember much about American Psycho, but wasn't the point to mock the flawed main character and the writer of the book got pissed off? No idea how scrotes came to think that guy is based. Same with Fight Club.

No. 1167368

hmm i'd have to see an actual example to see how bad it is but yeah some people are just really awful at detecting what's actually moidy and what's not

No. 1167369

>rating people on a scale of 1/10 in attractiveness
If you do this to women you deserve the accusation imo.

No. 1167370

Oh no, I agree, but I still think it's annoying. Like, I understand the logic behind it (as in something being a male power fantasy and/or overly sexual), but some other stuff I just think is fun despite having a male target audience. But yeah, I've been also called a man for like "moidshit", although now maybe you'd get called a pickme. Thankfully that one has never happened to me

Exactly this, thanks!

No. 1167371

File: 1651823301566.jpg (14.16 KB, 500x353, 1647049228466.jpg)

Got called a scrote and lesbo for not liking cringey yaoi.

No. 1167377

I don't know anything about the Kurt Cobain drama, but his music is shit.
Stream Cantate "Cessate, omai cessate" RV 684 by Vivaldi

No. 1167378

i’ve lost track, but i’ve gotten called a homophobic scrote when I said something slightly critical about yaoi despite being a fujo, oh and also for saying I found a female genshin character cute.

No. 1167379

The opposite happened to me. Have been called a lesbian for liking it and also a gay moid. Tbh I think the last one was mostly schizo posting, she also accused me of being a gay moid for liking stronger man.
As some other anon mentioned above, I have also been called a larper scrote for liking giving bjs and for liking PIV. I'm just straight not judging straight nonas that don't enjoy either though, I think both are normal

No. 1167384

I enjoy Piv and sometimes I just want to have sex with an attractive guy.

No. 1167403

>implying you can’t like both nirvana and vivaldi

No. 1167409

I just jokingly posted that I don't like nirvana in kpop stannie style.

No. 1167422

File: 1651825478797.png (306.69 KB, 680x453, FMEFZmqXsAE6hI3.png)

Honestly? Just write characters as you always would, without them being white. Don't worry about the racial aspect being weak the first time, things will come together naturally as you develop their personalities and stories. It's pretty good to have a certain culture and country in mind as you write (especially if you take into account where they live, how they might be treated, etc), but don't let the character's origins entirely dominate who they are, you know? Good luck nonny

No. 1167424

Why would you though? Like seriously. You obviously don't want to, so don't. There's nothing wrong with not having diversity, especially if it's forced, like in your case.

No. 1167429

File: 1651826040015.gif (1.16 MB, 220x166, immad.gif)

this one?

No. 1167432

>diversity is forced diversity
>if you have to ask for help, don't bother
Hate this doomer mindset lol

No. 1167436

File: 1651826536595.png (1.43 MB, 973x823, 1651825814929.png)

alright, which one of you did this?

No. 1167439

i was angrily called a scrote once because i said i shave my pubic hair.. kek

No. 1167455

I would.

No. 1167463

She asked a defeatist leading question on a predominantly white userbase forum in the dumbass shit thread on how to write black characters. She wasn't asking for advice. There are resources, books written by black people, media made by black people, black youtubers etc. She could idk start there, it's not rocket science. Also you're putting words in my mouth, I never said all diversity is forced. But if she really wanted to write and actually had something to say using ethnically diverse characters, she would. But idk why she would HaVe to, unless she's from twitter.

No. 1167472

ehhh how do we "know" most farmers (on this side of LC) are white?

No. 1167482

As a newfag you wouldn't.

No. 1167489

I have been here since 2015…

No. 1167524

Busted out laughing. I really do love you idiots.

No. 1167600

I wonder what Samantha Parther is up to.

No. 1167681

Tbh I never get called a scrote, but sometimes I avoid posting things I know people will disagree with because anons are sensitive. Or I will post, but I'll just drop my opinion and leave it at that because I know some just wanna argue.

No. 1167687

I never get called a scrote, I only get called a tranny. Why is this?

No. 1167694

This was ages ago but I got called a scrote for saying children need fathers. I wish I did remember what the context was.

No. 1167703

Today I learned mayonaise isn't the default condiment on fries in other countries

No. 1167708

for saying i was bisexual, for posting in the genshin impact thread on here, for saying fujos are cringe and weird

No. 1167715

For venting about vaginismus, I guess I was talking about it in a scrotey way and the only other time was over a shitpost where I said that most people (men and women) would suck a dick for better pay/promotion/to move ahead. I can understand the scrote accusations over that.

No. 1167737

That's not what you got called moid for.

No. 1167739

File: 1651839182630.jpg (44.9 KB, 540x304, 1631304612667.jpg)

Went to get a blood sample taken. Seeing all the nurses do their work expertly, just being amazing people, no make up, no fancy haircuts, no caring about looks made me really happy.

I keep comparing myself to supermodels, geniuses and athletes and feeling inadequate but I never think of other women like that. Wonder how to deal with it.

No. 1167743

kek okay schizoid

No. 1167747

I got called a faggot scrote for saying that actively dehumanizing gay men for being homosexual directly affects the rights and public perception of gay women as well, being a XX lesbian myself and fully aware of it happening. Besides that, never been called one and I've been here since 2015. The anons whining about being called a scrote usually have scrotey as fuck takes and deserve to be ridiculed even if they are women.

No. 1167749

Okay scrote, obviously male because you're NLOG and better

No. 1167750

>Anyone who gets called a scrote here deserves it. They have scrote takes and deserve ridicule, I don't care if they're women.
>not me though!!! i'm special!!!

No. 1167753

Kek sorry for not having a bitter psychotic meltdown the one time I've been called a scrote by one homophobic schizo I guess

No. 1167767

This is Lolcow, not congress, and dehumanizing men isn't suddenly wrong if they like to assfuck eachother kek. The whole logic of lumping in lesbians with gay men is why we have the whole LGB defending T

No. 1167769

nobody else is having a 'meltdown', you pick-me brainlet. they're literally just listing reasons why they were called scrotes

No. 1167772

I also got called moid by annoying radfems for simply innocently stating a different opinion when I said that all women are whores, belong in the kitchen and live life on easy mode. I think us fellow females should understand and respect different opinions on this female imageboard instead of calling everyone with a different opinion moid. Language like this is very harmful and can even hurt us cis females, hence why it would be better when the lolcow.farm admin bans moid-calling the same way hi-cowing is banned. /s

No. 1167786

you sure sound unbothered

No. 1167791

Kek this is honestly everyone complaining about being called a scrote.

No. 1167794

File: 1651841226629.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

I'm so sick of hearing about that case

No. 1167805

How dare those pesky women complain about being called a scrote?

No. 1167849

File: 1651843153738.gif (12.21 MB, 640x484, WONT HE DO IT.gif)


No. 1167874

Amber and Johnny got me thinking they should just lock Hollywood actors in a box between movies and then we won't have to hear about their personal lives

No. 1167929

I don't have a car so I sometimes use delivery apps to get my groceries, and any time I have a male shopper he gets something wrong. I've always heard women say they don't like to send scrotes to do shopping because they can't follow simple instructions and tend to grab the wrong items, but I figured if the dude was getting paid he'd probably try harder…nope. I'm not even that mad, just more baffled and annoyed. If I asked for chicken thighs why the hell did you grab chicken drumsticks?? Pay attention dummy!!

No. 1167936

That's not going to work. A overwhelming majority, especially men, are narcissists and love attention

No. 1167938

They think thigh = leg = drumstick

No. 1167956

Nona literally the same thing happened to me but he grabbed chicken breasts instead of thighs. Lets send these little boys to work long hours at the butcher shop until they can learn the difference

No. 1167959

I hate when I'm anxious for no reason. I just ask myself "what are you nervous about" and it's like my body realizes I'm being stupid and chills out.

No. 1167975

Nonna, I'm so envious, wish I could correct myself so easily.

No. 1167986

File: 1651846676959.jpg (605.26 KB, 2880x2304, 4c2bab77d2568478cb7f9070a7e145…)

My coworker was telling me that her vegetarian friend came to visit her and was asking about vegan/vegetarian places and I recommended one of my all time favorite Chinese vegetarian restaurants and now she's going!! I'm so happy because I fucking love that place kek. I'm not vegetarian or vegan but the food is just SO DAMN GOOD and isn't crazy overpriced like a lot of other vegan places in my city. I visit a lot of vegan places because some of my friends are vegan so I tag along with them since I'll eat anything and everything, but god damn they're usually so fucking expensive. This Chinese place though? Easily the beats all of the places I've been to and is so affordable.

No. 1168195

I can't find it anymore but thanks anon who said studying is just like work you just have to do it and you're right it's nothing to be scared of and I'm studying now thanks.

No. 1168199

Any of you ever confused if you have a crush on someone or not? I have what I think is a platonic work friend but we hung out for the first time outside of work just us two and idk if I was picking up on a vibe from him. He usually tells me about the women he is pursuing and shows me photos and tells me about the dates blah blah. I tell him about my relationship issues but we're both now not seeing anyone even casually and we smoked a joint and I asked him why he isn't seeing someone anymore and the mood changed and he started looking at me funny and was like, "just going to forget about her…" and he was about to say something but I totally cut him off and changed the subject cause I don't know if I like him like that? We get on so well and have similar interests. On paper it seems obvious. He even got me to do his natal chart (I'm an astrology fag) and he compliments me so well. In fact let me do a compatibility check BRB… OK.. We're extremely compatible, he's just physically not my usual type. And we both wear glasses. I've never kissed another person with glasses how does that work. I don't know. I told myself before I met him I def wasn't going to kiss him and I stuck to my guns. Wouldn't it be obvious to myself if I liked him like I like him but do I find him attractive, I don't think so? He's not ugly fyi. He's a few inches taller than me (I'm 5'7), is clean, goes to a barber frequently and gym, but, idk?!

No. 1168286

I like apple juice eheheh

No. 1168299

Might just get some White Diamonds old lady perfume for the hell of it

No. 1168364

Same, but it goes right through me

No. 1168394

I always tell my cat when I post about him here. I say "hey honey, I gossiped about you on the Internet again. How do you feel about that". He says nothing.

No. 1168398

I like buying apple juice and putting it in the freezer, and then I eat it

No. 1168400

awww tell us some gossip about him lol

No. 1168403

He's scared of skateboards and helium balloons lol

No. 1168427

Based Vivaldi fan

No. 1168430

File: 1651858669878.png (52.33 KB, 300x100, 118.png)

what do you think of this LOLCOR banner

No. 1168450

Could use a little bling, otherwise cute

No. 1168581

>me minding my business looking for a short haircut that suits me
>moid father steps in: you should ask what men think (about your looks)


He really cares about me findings another moid that finds me attractive so I guess not looking "feminine" isn't something good. I JUST WANNA BE COMFY GODDAMNIT. MY LOOKS DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU MOIDS.

No. 1168618

My dad doesn't like me or any other person growing their hair out. He thinks the past somehow accumulates in the hair, and that you need to cut it regularly to be free and renewed.
Even though he's taking it to the extreme, I do feel like a new person when I cut my hair ngl.

No. 1168627

Some of my stretch marks are red, and it's so uncomfortable to look at.

No. 1168628

File: 1651862703801.png (73.31 KB, 599x730, Delusional.PNG)

Why do men act like Ukranian women are all petite ig model looking women as if the average ukranian woman isnt 71kg

No. 1168632

That's an interesting perspective especially for a man. So many men think long hair=woman (as we can see with troons kek). I just wanna live my life bro

No. 1168638

your dad sounds like has ocd.

No. 1168647

do any of you recognise certain anons on here, minus like pakianon/romanianon by like typing styles/stories

No. 1168652

No, I sometimes don't even recognise my own posts after I've made them lol

No. 1168665

Sometimes, although they aren't really notable enough for it to annoy me unlike the forbidden anons.

No. 1168668

I think I'm pretty lucky that some nonas here have a similar and sometimes identical typing style to mine. I also try not to type in the exact same way all the time because I'm paranoid about being recognized in different threads

No. 1168674

File: 1651864614087.jpg (73.31 KB, 734x387, 8fdc7c9df1da2fe288bef267eb0ecc…)

Sometimes. But I usually recognize them by specific threads, outside of it it's more rare. I always fear I'm too obvious with my typing style, it's probably more difficult to mask it as an ESL

No. 1168675

I'm pretty sure I'm recognizable but I don't care to be honest.


No. 1168691

I think I remember your posts. You're wrong btw.

No. 1168701

File: 1651865752884.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1232x740, troonhands.png)

went digging for troon hands… this is pretty sus, just saying. Save the pic.

No. 1168712

Thanks for that. I really wanted to see uncensored tranny dick on both /meta/ and /ot/.

No. 1168713

File: 1651866358768.jpeg (772.3 KB, 1170x1859, FFD6A25A-2491-4EF6-B2D5-8B44DF…)

This made me kek. Potato chip factories and plastic, only technically edible “food” distribution centers are going up in smoke and people who are too lazy to grow their own food are really upset that it’s gonna be harder for them to get their cheetos and mountain dew now.

No. 1168715

my mom shits herself and goes on a rant if i (or any other women) cut my hair above the waist. and this other time she stopped talking to everyone for a whole day when my grandma tried styling my hair differently. she's really possessive over my hair for some reason.

No. 1168716

That’s my hand. I’m a cis woman. You look insane still trying to decide what troon was behind this all when it’s just a woman who disagrees with you. How insane do you have to be to look at tranny porn just because you disagreed with someone else’s opinion kek…get over it

No. 1168722

File: 1651866732732.jpeg (17.53 KB, 474x474, download.jpeg)

if someone outbids me on these i hope they die

No. 1168723

Like I’m not gonna apologize for having anorexia (thus having skinny, boney, large hands), I’m not gonna apologize for having overgrown nails (I love them how they are), and it doesn’t make me any less female just because we disagree on a certain topic. I am a woman. I’ve been one since I was conceived. You need to go take your ritalin or something.

No. 1168737

I keep seeing bits and pieces of the hands tangent every time I come on here and I don’t understand the conspiracies because I can think of plenty of cis women I know with absolutely massive hands. This is getting sad lol.

No. 1168747

Yes, I think so (think because there's no real way to know). I would say anons probably recognize me too, but I've been accused of being all types of anons and it's always wrong.
This might be weird, but sometimes I go back in old threads to try and see if I can recognize any of my posts.

No. 1168749

NTA, I'm not completely convinced, but if you're a woman you really shouldn't have posted your hand if you didn't want this mass tinfoiling to happen. Every time someone posts their hand here, other anons call the poster a male.

No. 1168750

It's not just about the hand itself but also the opinions attached to it, the weird cervix posting, the fact that jannies kept deleting the photo, etc

No. 1168751

Thank you! I literally got a 12 hour ban after posting my hand and reporting it so much, and apparently because someone else came in and started actually talking like a troon, people thought it was me doing it even though you can go back and see where my final post was red texted. Refusing to acknowledge that other women have a right to our own opinions to the extent that you’d rather accuse me of being less female and even not a female at all is asinine.

No. 1168755

>if you’re a woman you shouldn’t have proved it right after everyone asked you to prove that you’re a woman
wow kek sorry I didn’t think I have manly hands? what the fuck

No. 1168763

You can go back to my last post where I was banned, I don’t know who the fuck was running around with the
>cervix cervix vagina
shit but I was banned until 1:00 am that night. Mods would’ve banned me for a week if it was me doing that again. I’m sorry some freak was saying gross shit about the insides of a woman’s body, I saw the posts while they were coming in, but I wasn’t making any at that point.

No. 1168766

I'm just saying, even if posting some proof that you're a woman is in itself a good sign that you're not afraid because you're a woman, if your hands aren't perfectly smooth and pale you will get a bunch of people calling you male (like that fatty anti-fujo that some people still think is male)

No. 1168773

And also the anon defending itself in third person, ban evading and thinking gynecologist gear are sex toys.

No. 1168776

I just think it’s really ridiculous to go as far as to seek out troon porn just to try to find a woman’s hand, I can’t defend my own actions (that I didn’t know were wrong because I just posted my female hand..) but I’m also not gonna just sit around and let people obsess over my hand just because it’s skinny.

No. 1168779

>i-it was someone else, I swear!!

No. 1168781

>defending itself in third person
I don’t know why they got offended over my hand
>ban evading
my last post was me saying I was going back to snow after I had to mass report the hand and then I got a 12 hour ban. the gross sexual posts were well after that.

No. 1168788

I was banned and couldn’t post kek. If you wanna continue obsessing over my hand then that’s your own hyperfixation.

No. 1168791

It's been days and you're still triggered about it.

No. 1168792

at least clean those gnarly nails next time

No. 1168793

Nta, but tbf it's other anons who keep posting about the hand.

No. 1168794

weird that you got banned for ban evasion then kek

No. 1168796

File: 1651867976428.jpg (99.37 KB, 660x960, 7433d5441b06b7a933c1b5748626b6…)

I want to get a dog for protection, but I've had a small fear of dogs my entire life. So many big dogs seem very sweet though.

No. 1168802

because people are still posting about it to the point where they’re posting troon porn next to my hand…

No. 1168803

If I were "her" I'd laugh my ass off and not repeat "I am a woman. I have a cervix. I am a woman." like some kind of Mantra while shitting all over /ot/ and /meta/.

No. 1168806

oh my God my nails are clean in the original. You are looking at the flipped version with the saturation turned up, which some nonnie did on purpose to make my nails look yellow. Are you dumb?

No. 1168811

I haven’t even used the word cervix once other than to explain that I was banned when those posts were made. I actually am a cis woman, I can ask my mom for ultrasound photos of me if I have to.

No. 1168813

Kek sure

No. 1168814

I don’t want to talk about your chromosomes I want to talk about that horrendous fake tan. Anon come on.

No. 1168820

This is unfair you all have conventionally forgotten all the anorexic tumbr girls with crazy acrylics that would post pictures of their spindly alien hands just like this for years

No. 1168823

Instead of being concerned about actual troons and scrotes you’re scouring the earth for troon porn to try to find out whoever made my posts before I got banned, when I’m right here telling you that you don’t have to subject yourself to looking at naked tranny because you could just accept that a woman had a different opinion from you. This is seriously being blown out of proportion and I’m really tired of anons still posting me and talking about my opinions, and then thinking that the nasty posts made after I got banned were also made by me.

No. 1168826

Smells like falseflagging, you can't even see the hands clearly. Honestly kys

No. 1168828

I lowkey get offended when ao3 authors reply to all comments except mine. Like tf did I do wrong kek

No. 1168830

Didn't read your post, but no actual woman would get this bothered by this bullshit.

No. 1168832

When are any of you gonna realize that that isn’t the original photo. That is the flipped version of the original with the saturation turned up. My skin is not that tan. I am pale. My nails are not yellow. They are painted in that photo. I don’t understand why it’s acceptable to do this to someone who did literally nothing to any of you ever kek.

No. 1168834

File: 1651868574859.jpg (166.09 KB, 906x1007, FSGMOnvXIAAyGC9 (1).jpg)

How do you respond ?

No. 1168835

Don't respond anons. I know moid accusations are annoying, but posting tranny porn and saying they were snooping through it makes me think it's a man.

No. 1168836

post the original then

No. 1168837

File: 1651868611845.jpeg (328.08 KB, 1040x1880, 7406BDB4-FD68-4158-9C80-382435…)

I just posted this to my art instagram stories that has like a 90% libtard following (due to the medium of the art, not the subject matter I swear) just as a Litmus test for continuing to follow my art. I only added "Why are women's rights being eroded before our very eyes?" to it. I've done something similar once before and only lost around 7 followers total, and not for lack of it being seen. It's petty but I don't want my art to fall into the hands of someone that I would personally cast into Hell with a raygun if possible. Just seems unfair for one of my beautiful quilts to end up covered in smegma from some enbie and I refuse to run the risk. One time I sold a sewn rabbit to someone who became a sexworker and I earnestly worry for the inanimate object's life now. I hope she's okay and isn't too angry for the lack of screening in my juvenile days. I wish for a world cleaned.

No. 1168839

I leave the room

No. 1168840

Oh sorry girl then I don’t care at all.

Yes they would. Especially here. The basket weaving forum for wayward girls with autism.

No. 1168842

>No actual woman would ever be bothered by people posting edited photos of their hand next to pornography of a man pretending to be a woman
Were you formula fed or just dropped on your head too many times?

No. 1168845

I stare at his nipples for a little longer and quietly leave the room dizzy and fully aware of my place on the food chain.

No. 1168846

File: 1651868688540.png (486.23 KB, 1024x576, dogg.png)

I may be friendless, a neet, ugly, and a knuckle head mcspazatron but at least I'm not a cow

No. 1168848

Me too kek. I don't necessarily feel offended, I just want to know if I did anything wrong.
He looks homosexual

No. 1168849

I already posted the original. I’m not posting myself again to be treated like I’m less than a woman just because I’m anorexic.

No. 1168850

>Just seems unfair for one of my beautiful quilts
I wanna see the beautiful quilts

No. 1168852

nobody is calling you less than human for being anorexic? what

No. 1168854

Call the police and tell them there's an ugly man in the locker room.

No. 1168855

No heterosexual man is taking care of himself like that I am sorry to say

No. 1168858

Samefag, but also this site has made me paranoid of being mauled by a dog even if I know it's not likely for most breeds (especially if you train them). Maybe I just need to either get over my fear of dogs, or just forget about them.

No. 1168860

Go dilate already, no one cares

No. 1168863

How the hell have these bitches really made you think you’re going to suffer a dog mauling I’m

No. 1168864

People are calling me a man just because I have boney hands. That is treating a woman as less than a woman because she’s anorexic.

No. 1168865

I don't comment often but I would also be upset kek. It already happens to me in other places though, so I understand how it must feel. Why is it always me

Nona just stop replying, there's nothing you can do to convince them.

No. 1168866

why does he have such tiny nipples ?

No. 1168867

Stay cautious. I've been rushed and attacked by dogs multiple times, I don't even live in a bad area. If you see someone with a big dog cross the fucking street

No. 1168870

What is your obsession with thinking that women are troons? Is it a fantasy that you have or is it just a cope for whenever she has a different opinion from you? Either way it’s juvenile.

No. 1168872

Biological woman or not I’d like to think any transgender woman with nails like that is busy trying to be a niche issey miyake baddie, not the kind making psyops on lolcow

No. 1168873

No one said "you're anorexic therefore a man" though

No. 1168877

He is cold give him a jacket don’t be rude wtf

No. 1168880

That’s not even what I fucking said kek. I’m telling you that I’m an actual woman. I never said “I’m a woman I have a cervix” I said “I’m a woman I’m human and I’m no less of a woman for having a different opinion from you”.

No. 1168882

>"YOU, you THOT! Put them away, you shameless HOE"

No. 1168883

Then why is everyone calling me a troon just because they saw my hand? Explain that.

No. 1168889

First of all, back to twitter. Anyway, it's just because of how people don't like dogs always post about how they can maul people. Like I said, I already have a little bit of a fear of them, so I guess that's why those posts worked on me lol. I really don't like thinking like this though.
>If you see someone with a big dog cross the fucking street
This is why I think they would be good for protection!

No. 1168891

I think some of you are being deliberately obtuse. She is staying she is anorexic which is why she is bony, and because of that you are implying it makes her male. Which is technically exactly what happened.

No. 1168892

I’m a biological woman I really don’t understand the hangup over my nails. The photo is flipped in direction and the saturation is turned all the way up to make my skin look unbelievably dark and my nails look yellow.

No. 1168893

Tell us how that goes.
>One time I sold a sewn rabbit to someone who became a sexworker
Was it a woman or a male? Sorry I'm confused

No. 1168896

Because it looks like troon hands, not because you're anorexic kek

No. 1168899

“Ugh Caleb you accidentally went into the womens locker room again. Put on a shirt you attention whore slut you can’t cruise in here”

No. 1168900

imagine ranting for days on some random imageboard because the anonymous users there, who you'll never meet irl, say your hands are manly

No. 1168901

yes, we won't even know who the fuck she is, ever. Can we go back to dumbassposting now?

No. 1168906

It isn’t solely because they said my “hands are manly”. They are acting as if I am less than a woman, and continually acting like I’m less then a woman, all because I have skinny hands and differing opinions from them.

No. 1168907

Why are we pretending we wouldn’t do the same thing we are all unbelievably autistic here.

Just ignore it and move on lol they won’t stop. If you posted a pic of your spread pussylips with lolcow written above in sharpie they would say it’s a neovagina.

No. 1168908

So tell me why they look like troon hands, nonnie. What about them. I’ll take a guess - the fact that they’re skinny and it makes my bones look larger than they are.

No. 1168909

If you guys care this much about hands, I'm posting my feet as soon as I get home from work.

No. 1168911

I wasn’t the one who keeps posting an edited photo of my hand next to troon porn.

No. 1168913

Nonnies help I have a fat ass and I can't stop esotericposting in threads where nobody cares, every day I drop wisdom bombs just to be met with "bitch I ain't reading all that" and it hurts

No. 1168919

females are not women when they're conceived. and you know why we all think you're a dude aside from your dudely hands. you went off on bizarre porny tangents about how lights and speculums are used by you, kept insisting we're asking you to see your body when we weren't, getting extremely graphic about us falsely asking for specific parts of your body we never asked for. you're fucking weird dude. and likely a dude.

No. 1168922

Does the fat ass have some sort of correlation with esoteric-posting?

No. 1168929

It doesn’t make sense though kek. lolcow is a site for women. Women use it and it’s incredibly easy to tell when it’s a moid because they all type in retarded, incoherent sentences. The only thing that made them think that I was a moid was my opinions, so someone asked me to post my hand, people agreed that I should so I did - and even after some people said “Ok it’s obviously some trad retard”, for some reason someone needed to cope by saying “no it’s just a troon a woman would never let her hands look like that”. Like what the fuck is that even supposed to mean? “A woman would never let her hands look like that” like what exactly? Like the edited photo that isn’t real because it got screenshotted and fucked with before I deleted it?

No. 1168930

move on gurl

No. 1168932

I showed the troony hands screenshot to a male friend. He said it's definitely a tranny or faghot.

No. 1168933

post your hands to scale show scale. if you were smart you would've done that. your hands look off though anyways. just the fingernails alone are an abomination and something NONE of us have even seen before. clearly the idea of a male who associates long nails of any shape and size and condition = femininity

No. 1168934

anon the fact that you had to look and search for tranny porn and actual made a collage and edit out of it, makes you look retarded kek and I am not even hand girl

No. 1168939

Stop being so bothered by a dumb troll please, who cares, be proud of being a woman and ignore them haters or something

No. 1168940

So everyone else looks completely fine and normal spending hours searching through troon porn trying to find my hand, but I’m the one who needs to move on when I tell them that this needs to stop because it’s shitting up threads with pornography and a photo of a random woman’s hand?

No. 1168946

I’m gonna continue being bothered because that is my hand being posted next to some mentally ill mans phallus. I’m supposed to just act like that’s okay?

No. 1168947

dude what. you literally called women from the midwest "whores" in your like second post regarding abortion. you were throwing out redflags everywhere in your typing style, behavior, speech patterns. you started randomly insulting a girl who said she had previous mental illness that prevented her from getting a gun. you're a textbook male, everything about the way you spoke and your arguments were textbook male.

No. 1168950

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nona Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nona Close Your Eyes Haha

No. 1168954

How are my nails an abomination kek…I grow them out because they’re strong and I love them. Like
>a mans idea of femininity
Did you ever realize that women actually do have independent thought and can decide to grow our own nails out however we want…

No. 1168957

File: 1651869815690.jpeg (311.38 KB, 828x834, 1648681396694.jpeg)

>I'm a cis woman
Now you are more sus

No. 1168960

…you have a very fair point, I'm kinda retarded tbh

No. 1168962

nta but she has a right to be offended, you've been clowning her and doubted her gender, when she had just slightly thin hands

No. 1168966

File: 1651869892174.jpg (12.08 KB, 460x280, download (1).jpg)

>i sorted through tranny porn
Bahaha why couldn't you just look at man's hands? Troons are men. There was no reason for that nonny to go looking that tranny porn and posting it

No. 1168967

Yes yes there are a lot of very vocal unhinged retards in here now stop taking the bait and move on for your own good

No. 1168969

That will forever be one of my favourite memes, he just worded it so perfectly, I'm never not amused by it

No. 1168970


I said people who use abortion as birth control are whores, and it is whore behavior, but that doesn’t make me any less of a woman. I’m simply religious and always have been.

I’m glad he agreed with you because you two are friends and he’s obviously going to do that.

No. 1168973

File: 1651869933629.jpg (32.45 KB, 720x877, Tumblr_l_15093371870595.jpg)

The last time; this is my hand I am a cis woman. I have been a woman since I was conceived. It is curious the obsession to call women servants and accuse them of scrutinizing just because we have different experiences or opinions, and my opinion does not make me less of a woman, it is more - even being skinny does not make me less of a woman. Just because you have bony hands and ingrown nails doesn't mean you're a man. I'm a woman. I'm a man. I have the right to comment and correct you. I will never be less feminine just because we don't have identical opinions and bodies.

No. 1168976

right, that was the issue. not "her" bringing up weird porny concepts repeatedly and insisting we wanted her doxx and nudes and vagina and cervix when literally NO ONE wanted or asked, no one. then being so retarded and gynecologically ignorant than he associates speculums with porn and not gynecology or gyn visits, instead he brings up how his boyfriend uses a speculum on him all the time. yes totally female, ok.

No. 1168977

How? What words do you want me to use? I’ve said cis, I’ve said biological, I’ve just said female, you are being obtuse because you want to be fucking ran over

No. 1168979

i'm actually crying lmfao

No. 1168980

This is still going?

No. 1168984

Literally go back to the post where I was banned, check the time stamp, and then check the time stamps on the sexual posts made by someone pretending to be me to make me look fucking worse. Read it and fucking weep.

No. 1168986


No. 1168987

You’re a women and a man? What’s it like being the first hermaphrodite? Kek

No. 1168988

Oh ffs

No. 1168989

offended, sure ok.. but sperging like this is absolutely retarded. why does the opinion of randoms on the internet mean so much to her? who fuckin cares

No. 1168992

File: 1651870097546.jpg (13.44 KB, 460x459, aOY3BNM_460s.jpg)

I just want all the namefags/personalityfags/whateverthefuckfags to please stop shitting up threads. Yes, I know you don't like people talking about you, but the rest of us just want to talk about shit. Please just walk away from the computer, you know you're riling up other anons and you derail threads.
>t. sick of this shit
Ok but this was funny

No. 1168994

but men don't have long nails

No. 1168995

i don't care how much anyone bitches about this saga, it was all worth it for this post right here. this is the funniest shit i've seen in a long time.

No. 1168996

kek using lolcow doesn't make you a woman

No. 1168997


No. 1168999

File: 1651870236402.jpg (162.59 KB, 1080x500, Screenshot_20220506-154937.jpg)

The last time; this is my hand I am a cis woman. I have been a woman since I was conceived. It is curious the obsession to call women cats and accuse them of scrutinizing just because we have different experiences or opinions, and my opinion does not make me less of a woman, it is more - even being skinny does not make me less of a woman. Just because you have furry hands and ingrown claws doesn't mean you're a cat. I'm a woman. I'm not a cat. I have the right to comment and correct you. I will never be less feline just because we don't have identical opinions and bodies.

No. 1169000

>Just ignore it and move on lol they won’t stop. If you posted a pic of your spread pussylips with lolcow written above in sharpie they would say it’s a neovagina.
Want this what the handsperg saying when she got banned? That she'd have to show her cervix or whatever?

No. 1169001

what did whores ever do to jesus

No. 1169002

Me too. I love edits of that tweet

No. 1169003

I am a woman. Did you even read any of that or are you just genuinely retarded

No. 1169004

It was a woman! Sorry I should have specified, it was a separate complaint from trannies. She's merely a libtard kek

No. 1169005

I didn’t say that. I’d already been banned at that point. You can see it in the time stamps.

No. 1169007

kek same, I'm dying

No. 1169008

you very clearly ban evade. don't play stupid with us. you're more technologically literate than you're trying to let off.

No. 1169009

I was banned for 12 hours after saying I was going back to snow. How would I have posted? The time stamps will show that those posts were made after I was banned.

No. 1169010

You were defending rapists and supporting their children to be forced to be carried, even if the victim is underage. You must adore stroking mentally ill men's cock so this probably isn't your first time.

No. 1169011

What are you saying

No. 1169012

Just walk away. Just close this tab and go write about how much you hate fujos in a diary or something. You have the power to stop this right now. kek

No. 1169013

He's so hot

No. 1169020

I didn’t defend rapists, I said rapists should be killed so that rape doesn’t happen. I said it several times.

No. 1169021

File: 1651870587098.jpg (10.88 KB, 300x168, ayeaye.jpg)

The last time; this is my hand I am a cis woman. I have been a woman since I was conceived. It is curious the obsession to call women aye ayes and accuse them of scrutinizing just because we have different experiences or opinions, and my opinion does not make me less of a woman, it is more - even being skinny does not make me less of a woman. Just because you have furry hands and long claws doesn't mean you're an ayeaye. I'm a woman. I'm not an ayeaye. I have the right to comment and correct you. I will never be less feline just because we don't have identical opinions and bodies.

No. 1169022

File: 1651870599955.jpg (73.66 KB, 640x853, f7b4fc467efd936707fb141fbdfdaa…)

This thread smells like BUNKER

No. 1169023

like I really don’t understand how saying that we need to arm all women and murder men who try to even get close to us is “siding with rapists” and saying that victims should “carry their children”. I was saying that rape shouldn’t happen to begin with because we have the ability to arm women.

No. 1169024

Wait this is about a separate handposting anon? I am so behind on lolcor current affairs

No. 1169025

File: 1651870674789.gif (1.68 MB, 275x155, 1651684838892.gif)

kek it does

No. 1169027

I thought the dumbass shit thread was always a containment thread for our dumbasses, what's the difference?

No. 1169028

Your quote is probably him talking to himself, he also did this when he got banned. Reminder that calling him a man triggered him enough to report specific posts saying that in the first place.

No. 1169030

that's fucking retarded. you're going to give all 14 year old girls guns and they have to carry them everywhere they go? this is legitimately what males say because they have a hardon for weapons and a hatred for women's rights. go back to /k/

No. 1169033

It's extra potent, condensed, dank, powerful

No. 1169034

Yes it's where I keep my gnostic knowledge and schizo rants. Thank you for asking

No. 1169035

Do I need to post photos of my moms ultrasound of me and the writing on it that identifies me as being a female baby at that point or fucking what

No. 1169036

not that long

No. 1169039

Stop just stop posting please please please do yourself a favor and don't embarass yourself anymore, eventually everyone will forget and move on, stop feeding the trolls this is sad now

No. 1169040

>14 year olds
I said arming women, not children. Grown women 19+ deserve the right to bare arms, and women need to protect each other if they feel that they see someone else in a bad situation. I never said arm CHILDREN.

No. 1169041

Every time I see male idol gifs I feel the urge to find out who you all are and sic Twitter antis on you so they doxx you all and ruin your lives stop idolizing men and start loving yourselves

No. 1169043

I thought these kind of posts were totally not yours? kek

No. 1169044

This is obvious bait. Handanon don't reply to it for the love of god
shit too late

No. 1169045

Chill out, it's just a lolcow meme at this point

No. 1169046

No, they aren’t going to forget because they have saved photos of my fucking hand on their phones and they’re fantasizing about me being a man. I’m a woman. Do i need to post evidence of me being conceived female?

No. 1169048

post a scale picture of your hands next to something standard, this has already been advised to you. btw your "fuck u" for no reason and overly aggressive nature at that point was tranny tier as well. you posted in the unpopular opinions thread knowing you were saying something unpopular, call women whores, say abortion shouldn't be legal, insult a woman who had mental health issues and could not own a gun. you were attacking vulnerable women for no reason but you get pressed when people are suspicious of you. weird.

No. 1169051

Do you think an ultrasound is the same thing as a cervix…

No. 1169053

Holy shit kek no girl, please close the tab now no one careeeeeeeeeeeees

No. 1169054

File: 1651870975046.gif (417.53 KB, 915x149, 41028938097287.gif)

No. 1169056

who the fuck cares if randos think you're a man if you can still post? i've been called a man on here and i haven't said shit about it. we've all been called moids or scrotes at some point but none of us do what you have done because we know we aren't men

No. 1169057

KEKKKK post more

No. 1169058

>No, they aren’t going to forget because they have saved photos of my fucking hand on their phones
Yes they are going to forget about you. In the future some of them will probably change their minds and others will reminisce about this shitshow and agree that it was fucking stupid.
>they’re fantasizing about me being a man
It's just the most vocal retards, the rest doesn't give a fuck and other agree that you're a woman. Please just stop

No. 1169062

1) women can say fuck you and it doesn’t make me any less feminine or make me a tranny.
>call women whores
people who use abortion as BC are whores

>say abortion shouldn't be legal

I said abortion shouldn’t be necessary.

>insult a woman who had mental health issues and could not own a gun.


>you were attacking vulnerable women for no reason but you get pressed when people are suspicious of you. weird.

I never posted photos of those womens bodies and I also never said they were any less of women than me.

No. 1169063

File: 1651871118394.jpeg (62.49 KB, 500x455, 1634358311303.jpeg)

>How could I have posted?
By ban evading, like here.
Using a vpn doesn't make it any less obvious.

No. 1169066

So the rule “not everyone who disagrees with you is a man” can basically be written out? Because clearly it’s not being followed if all women are being called scrotes by 15 year olds.

No. 1169068

So where’s the evidence that that was me, though? Because it wasn’t kek. I was banned and at work.

No. 1169070

File: 1651871274228.jpg (17.7 KB, 480x360, 1625061582459.jpg)

Post face it's the only way

No. 1169071

i don't even agree with that rule, i just think people need to get better at clocking dudes or troons. users used to be better at it, now they're not as good, leading to more accusations. but handposter did not read as female in any sense at all from beginning to end.

No. 1169072

File: 1651871290976.jpg (45.13 KB, 563x549, 4402f1723555735701ed139146975f…)

What is it with retards reddit spacing today?

No. 1169074

Just walk away. Just close this tab. You're making it so much worse.
>people who use abortion as BC are whores
Retard opinion

No. 1169076

I understand you, but please don't call women whores. I also think some better method of birth control should be given before having to resort to abortion, yes. I don't think people who have more than 1 abortion are whores though. Concerning? Yes, because it could fuck up your organs and every abortion can have complications. But idk, what do you mean with "whores", actually?

No. 1169078

Don't encourage that.

No. 1169079

So you can edit that too and try to say I’m a troon?

No. 1169081

this is why no one thinks they're likely female. the reason they're making it worse is because they're likely not female. what woman on this board has ever gotten this pressed by suspicion?

No. 1169084

Having sex with someone you don’t love enough to have a child with, unsafely, and then needing an abortion is whore behavior.

No. 1169086

Because men are total experts on the female anatomy

No. 1169089

>Why would you be mad at people posting you and calling you a man if you’re not a man?

because I’m a fucking woman kek are you missing that

No. 1169090

Ok, I'm listening. What else? Please continue. I'm being serious, I want you to elaborate. I just want to try to understand your point of view.

No. 1169093

Idk, I think I'm with you on that. It's infuriating to be called a troon or scrote.

No. 1169095

>So the rule “not everyone who disagrees with you is a man” can basically be written out?
NTA but I think the meaning of that rule is basically that just disagreeing with you for anything is not reason enough to report someone for being male. However, if you keep saying shit like "these women are whores and what they do is whore behavior" it's defintiely gonna make you sound like a male, but you can also get banned for being an annoying sperg and derailing.

>what woman on this board has ever gotten this pressed by suspicion?
NTA and not handsperg but if that's a woman she could just be really, extremely insecure. She did say she's anorexic, so it's likely. But that's just my opinion

No. 1169096

but almost all of us have been offhandedly called scrote and none of us have done any of what you're doing

No. 1169097

File: 1651871594022.jpg (159.25 KB, 612x380, cameron-dallas.jpg)

Cameron Dallas was always ugly.

No. 1169098


Do you really need more than that kek? That’s my reasoning. Having sex with someone you don’t love enough to have a child with is gross on its own, doing it unsafely is even worse, but getting pregnant and then ridding the child is just whore behavior. Period. No dancing around it.

No. 1169099

So rape victims are whores in your opinion? You seem to believe that you can only get pregnant if sex happens consensually. You sound like Todd Akin.

No. 1169100

random, haven't seen him in like 6 years but okay. i guess i agree.

No. 1169102

I thought anachans can't grow hair or nails? How does she maintain the talons

No. 1169103

>Do you really need more than that kek?
Yes I'm still asking you to elaborate.
>Having sex with someone you don’t love enough to have a child with is gross on its own
Tell me why?

No. 1169104

File: 1651871702969.gif (220.63 KB, 378x111, cooltext410289998361225.gif)

gimmie some ideas

No. 1169105

obviously I’m fucking insecure. I have to starve myself so my husband will love me and all because I’m skinny it makes other women think I’m a man? I’m not any less of a woman just because I am skinnier and have different opinions.

No. 1169106

File: 1651871751766.jpg (53.74 KB, 400x400, 0_t2oJ4hsM06ztT1g5.jpg)

I was listening to some shit about Vine and just remembered them

No. 1169107

The evidence is that farmhand could see that you're ban evadingm

Didn't you larp as 19 year old?

No. 1169108

at what age did you get married?

No. 1169109

The entire purpose of having sex is to reproduce. Sex isn’t for fun. Having mindless, meaningless sex unsafely with someone you do not love and don’t want a child with is what whores do. I don’t make the rules, God did

No. 1169110

noooo i was waiting for him to fuck it up by not remembering his fake age

No. 1169111

Nah I was defending anon I don’t think she’s a man I just think she’s hella autistic but I’ve lost interest in the matter and she won’t shut up

No. 1169112

>have to starve myself so my husband will love me
Oh god, that's fucking sad.

No. 1169113

This is what I see during sleep paralysis

No. 1169114

This, males will call any woman that doesn't fit their pornsick standards of femininity and beauty "masculine". "Ugly" women have always been insulted by moids by being called "men".
I've met women who were very tall, or very skinny, or had a health condition, who had very bony and/or long fingers, and some of them were called trannies by people who didn't personally know them. It's enraging.

No. 1169115

I’ve said again and again yes I’m 19. We’ve been together for years and got married recently

No. 1169116

Okay Confucius.

No. 1169117

>I've met women who were very tall, or very skinny, or had a health condition, who had very bony and/or long fingers, and some of them were called trannies by people who didn't personally know them.

No. 1169118

File: 1651871887168.jpeg (44.38 KB, 180x341, 63F62CFB-28B0-4D5A-ABAF-641A78…)

The middle is supposed to be nonbinary

No. 1169121

Why is that funny for you? Women aren’t less of women just because we aren’t bigger.

No. 1169122

NTA but she clearly has said that she wants rapists to be killed and that she's specifically talking about women who have consensual sex.

No. 1169123

>I have to starve myself so my husband will love me
sad. love yourself.

No. 1169124

>I have to starve myself so my husband will love me
>We’ve been together for years and got married recently
Okay why did you marry him if you need to starve yourself for him? Also why are you then projecting all of that by calling other women whores?

No. 1169125

Who asked for nonbinary legolas emojis? Why are there legolas emojis to begin with?

No. 1169126

Fuck sorry nonna, I truly am a dumbass

No. 1169127

>I don’t make the rules, God did