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File: 1478477478593.jpg (83.38 KB, 960x959, 13442258_1838896299666741_6951…)

No. 116018

Is this accurate? Do you know anyone like this?

No. 116047

I thought the consensus from >>113748 was that they're all nuts.

No. 117647

this is why i became a terf

No. 117651

Same, anon. I fucking hate people trying to shove dicks in lesbians. They are lesbians for a reason, you know.

No. 117656

SAME. I used to be all about trans rights and shit and then I realised the dickhavers are all sick perverts with a fetish. That and a lot of other fucked up shit.

No. 117661

There's so many stories of people going from libfem to radfem and never the other way, I think that says something

No. 117675

File: 1479249198880.jpg (655.97 KB, 1432x1435, Screenshot_20161115-043732.jpg)

No. 117722

What the hell is a cotton ceiling and why does so many seemingly unreliable links come up when I googled it?

No. 117723

Corrective rape rebranded

No. 117724

Male entitlement repackaged as "oppression"

No. 117732

The term was coined by MTF porn star Drew DeVeaux after lesbian porn star Lily Cade refused to perform a scene with him. It's based off the glass ceiling, cotton representing the underwear of actual lesbians who are oppressing the poor trans-lesbians by not wanting to fuck them.

No. 117734

File: 1479287590050.jpg (10.07 KB, 180x157, drfgh.jpg)


No. 117735

>after lesbian porn star Lily Cade refused to perform a scene with him
fucking bigots man

No. 117740

File: 1479292039375.jpg (58.98 KB, 711x833, image.jpg)

Lord. Fucking degenerates. Leave lesbians alone.

No. 117747

Seriously, sick fucks.

No. 117756

If a male (well, 'cis male') pornstar pulled something like that, people would rightfully be outraged and call him a predator.

No. 117758

The only trannies I like are in my degenerate yaoi mangos.

fuck the irl ones, they're almost always ugly and crazy as fuck.

No. 117771

Fucking autogynephiles man. The most disgusting form to walk on earth. They're abusing the current trend of putting MTFs on a pedestal. They're just fetishist men who created a female persona based on their horny fantasies of a perfect waifu. They never have any fucking idea of how real women are so they basically act like 12-year old girls and prey on lesbians, throwing the oppression card when they have been made clear that lesbians are NOT into getting dicked by a Chris-Chan knockoff. They're practically on the same level as adult babies in my eyes.

No. 117794

I don't care for trans lesbians, like do whatever the fuck you want but it's literally so disgusting when they pressure cis lesbians into dating them/having sex with them. Saying it's transmisogynistic (couldn't they just say transphobic?). It comes off as rape-y and just contributes to the whole "mtfs are perverts" thing. You can't force attraction.

No. 117811

Lesbian spaces are quickly being overrun by them. Real lesbians are vanishing, feeling pressured into transition, identifying as tumblrgender or "queer" or "wlw" or something, men are calling themselves lesbians, and the "sapphic/wlw" movement is just stupid. I feel like it's a way to dance around the terms "lesbian" and "bisexual" and also a way for bi girls to make themselves feel extra special by not acknowledging the fact they're attracted to men as well (nothing against bisexual women, i welcome you as a part of the lgb community and emphasize with the struggles you face when you partner with women, but the issues we face as lesbians are somewhat different then yours, because we get shit not only for being attracted to women, but also not being attracted to men in a world that puts a lot of emphasis on women to find a man to "complete them")

No. 117824

I think the worst part is that everybody expects you to fuck those people because that's the way they want it and when you say you don't like it then you get your damn ass dragged by those tumblr-gender-people who also believe that MTF would be never violent against cis woman or harass them. I don't like the idea of sharing a bathroom with a dude in a dress idk I feel really lost in this situation tho. They don't care about what you are and how you feel about this.

Always hoping that such trends die but I only see it to get worse RIPlesbians (specially cute tomboy lesbians)



No. 117827

And this is where some of my wariness of bisexuals come from. You're not gay. You're bi. Stop calling yourself gay. This isn't even about "erasure" (because being hypervisibile the way effeminate gay men and butch lesbians are is not a privilege), it's about the actual definition of the word and how twisted it's become. Gay is not an umbrella term. It means exclusively same sex attracted.

No. 117831

File: 1479335183251.png (920.43 KB, 1000x430, IMG_1175.PNG)

tangentially related, what does lolcow think of drag queens?

No. 117832

File: 1479335247330.jpg (51.06 KB, 625x415, IMG_1174.JPG)

and what about "fishy" queens i.e. those that are passable as biological women? such as pic related

No. 117833

Goofy as shit but at least they mind their own business.

No. 117835

I don't understand how girls take drag queen makeup as inspiration. It all looks so bad to me 90% of the time. I think they have issues and use it as a stress relief. Like they need an escape from being a man and so they dress in over the top caricatures as woman. Which hey that's cool they aren't hurting anybody.

No. 117842

My problem with drag is that it's a caricature of womanhood. I don't give a shit about men wearing dresses and makeup (as long as it isn't some kind of "humiliation" for them or they think it makes them women). Good for them. My problem is the drag personas. I'm probably being very tumblry but I dislike all the misogyny in drag culture. Especially when they call the history of drag "herstory". That really gets me

No. 117851

so like what do you think of Divine?

No. 117867

I see a lot of these types in fandoms like iDOLM@STER and Love Live. They're usually huge SJWs, save for when they're openly lusting after underage anime characters. Additionally, I've never seen a single one pass.

No. 117870


I like drag and think it's really cool. I think of it more as a performance and going crazy with makeup and just having fun. The only thing that throws me off is when they're like "I have the spirit of a fierce woman" or something. What does that even mean.


Can you elaborate on the misogyny? I haven't really thought about that before.

No. 117872

They're always grown-ass men who are eager to harass young lesbians for having sexual boundaries (no dicks/males), it's downright despicable. I've seen MTFs nearing 30 bullying 14 year old girls and calling them disgusting things, telling them they need to unlearn their transmisogyny and penis-phobia. To no one's surprise, many of them end up getting outed as pedophiles/predators/abusers.

No. 117880

Maybe it's cause I'm a black woman, but they tend to annoy me. I can't stand extra people and they always come off as stereotypical caricatures of black women.

Super sassy and what not, their use of African american vernacular particularly annoys me.

It's cool when a gay guy does it but ghetto when a black woman does…

Oh and I don't really want to go in full detail about the misogyny in drag but I found this post on r/gendercritical that I really like,
"To me, drag queens take the… tokens and stereotypes of femininity… which men created in order to dehumanize women, and then turn that dehumanization into "entertainment"

It's a member of a socially dominant group telling us quite literally exactly how horribly they perceive members of an inferior group – a group whom men have already marginalized and dehumanized – and then he presents his fantasy in such a ridiculous over-the-top way that most of us laugh. Our laughter has the same effect on us as ejaculation has a on a man witnessing rape porn – watch enough of it and we eventually come to associate someone else's pain with our pleasure, to the point where we are completely indifferent to their pain and unable to recognize their pain for what it is."

Maybe they went to far including that rape porn metaphor though…

No. 117881


Agreed. There's a blog that a 14-16 year old girl runs about her coming to terms with being a lesbian and some mtf complained that her attraction wasn't inclusive and a bunch of older mtfs attacked her. Totally disgusting.

This reminds me of another mtf who has a blog that I occasionally lurk. Recently, he's posted that a girl that he likes is in a relationship with a boy and wants them to break up. He CONSTANTLY posts about it, says shit like "I'm a lesbian" in every other post, "I want a cute gay girlfriend, I want to have lesbian sex" and always makes posts about this younger bisexual girl that he hates, calling her a worm and a "transmisogynist" because she said she's not attracted to transwomen.

This creep isn't even lulzy. He's just predatory and weird.

No. 117886

File: 1479358309263.jpg (76.34 KB, 396x594, Blonds Backstage MADE Fashion …)

What about drag queens who transition?

No. 117887

File: 1479358339669.jpg (946.83 KB, 2400x1631, 1.jpg)

No. 117889

Sounds similar to a guy I know. He's pre-everything and constantly posts about his girldick and how he's so gay for his girlfriend, talks over lesbians and their experiences even though he doesn't pass for female at all, and shittalks nearly every gay man he knows. Tbh these guys come off as extremely homophobic, they constantly antagonize actual gay men and lesbians

No. 117927

Well said, sister

No. 117928

They can fuck right off

No. 117955

The "lesbian fantasy" made me laugh. All trans "women" I've ever known are so fucking annoying, like blatantly reblogging lesbian porn on their tumblr or just want to live some lesbian fanfic in real life, just like fakebois and their yaoi. They creep on me and ask all these intrusive things because I happen to like women. I should just specificity I like real vagina or something.

No. 117968

Since when have drag queens become LGBT icons? I was always under the impression that they were just average men putting on a comedy act and at the end of the day they went home and took off their makeup.

Now with the rise of Tumblr and Ru Paul's show, people are putting drag on the same level as transgenderism (which…I would have thought would be offensive but maybe every SJWs realise transgernderism is a joke too?). I actually know someone who got offended that I refered to a drag queen as "he" wtf is the point not that they're MEN dressed as WOMEN, how would that offend a man?

I also hate how it's a really over-exaggerated view of womanhood. It's very fetishy and makes me uncomfortable. I watched a bit of Ru Paul's show and came across an episode where the challenge was to give female wrestlers a "make over" and something about it just didn't sit right with me.

No. 117974

I feel ya. Recently I've joined an app for lesbian and bi women and you won't believe the insane amount of transwomen hitting on girls there. Creepy.

No. 117983

I believe drag originated with poor gay men. The majority of drag queens and kings are still feminine gay men and butch lesbians.

No. 118013

Different anon, but it doesn't matter how much a bisexual woman loves pussy, she's still not gay and that word will not and should not lose its meaning. I'm sure there are others ways to express attraction to women that aren't saying "I'm so gay" or shit like that. I'm willing to bet you don't call yourself straight, so why gay?

No. 118016

>Just because I'm attracted to men doesn't mean I'm attracted to women as well
>Just because I like men doesn't mean I don't like women
>I like both men and women
Read a book nigga

No. 118168

I'm in full support of any bi woman who calls herself "gay". When I came out as bi, all my straight friends were very supportive and respectful. All LGBT friends completely dismissed me, kept calling me straight and I became the butt of a lot of jokes.

Call yourself gay if you want to. It's not their word to define.

No. 118355

it feels good to see a lot of people on the same boat about this, the trans cult mentality is fucking terrifying. these people will dox you and ruin your lives if you dont enable their fantasies

No. 118358

File: 1479705793522.png (447.46 KB, 637x464, 1478802542811.png)

My boyfriend is part of the FGC (fighting game community) and travels to tourneys a lot. And boy let me tell you; the trannies there are literal caricatures of women.

I was at EVO earlier this year with my bf and he went up against several trannies who entered as ~~REAL GURLS~~. One of them was wearing these slutty booty shorts, bad makeup and a tied up plaid shirt showing off her gross manbelly. Once the match started, she shook my bf's hand, squeezing it super hard and said in a gruff voice "good luck bro".

She played like a dude but during the entire match she kept flipping her hair dramatically while doing these exaggerated "female mannerisms" and hand gestures. My bf had to hold back from laughing because it was just so cartoony af.

No. 118362

File: 1479708273233.gif (436.69 KB, 245x118, 1478537919280.gif)

>One of them was wearing these slutty booty shorts, bad makeup and a tied up plaid shirt showing off her gross manbelly. Once the match started, she shook my bf's hand, squeezing it super hard and said in a gruff voice "good luck bro".
top kek

No. 118364

Christ anon, get that monkey out of your ass.

Sounds very familiar. Most of the MTFs I know from around the cosplay/anime circles are just like that, guys pretending to be their slutty waifus instead of actual women. I know so many MTFs in my community that dress up in very shitty lolita and wear their ratty hair on two messy pigtails while claiming to be female and lesbian etc. It's really unnerving to come across them because it's so fucking obvious they're just fetishists and often sex predators. There's this one nutcase who literally hits on EVERY girl he comes across and immediately starts talking about his sick femdom fetishes AND mental problems. He's legitimately puzzled why girls don't like him and has meltdowns over it.

No. 118368

No. 118372

Wrong thread?

No. 118392

I've never met a nice drag queen I could see being friends with. Ever.
They're fucking nasty and hide their insecurities behind big wigs, cakey makeup, and ratchet clothes.
Not to mention the majority are histrionic "entertainers," so the minute they see a real woman as a threat they go into instant catty mode and all the people kissing their ass thinks that behavior is so amazing. It's fucking not.

The stereotyping of women caricatures doesn't nearly bother me as much as these dudes just being cunts for people does. I might be willing to forgive them if they were nice, but they're not nine times out of ten. Just horrible people looking for the cheapest and easiest ways to get attention and money in this society. These average dudes might be forced to actually work for a living if they didn't have drag to fall back on. So.

No. 118395

MTF trannies are disgusting. They always exaggerate what they think makes a woman a woman. They actually think long hair + makeup is all that does it. Also, why are they always so slutty?

No. 118396

Drag Queens are threatened by real biological women. Period.

No. 118419

They FEEL threatned because they wish they were a women but of course they only think about the good sides of it and not all the shit sides of being a woman. Also most like calling vaginas "fish" and the term "fishy" means looking like an actual woman so they are pretty fucking misogynist.

No. 118420

Language evolves nigga. If you read enough books from enough time periods you'll notice that. Be a grammatical traditionalist if you want, but you're just gonna get left in the dust sadly clutching your 1995 edition of the oxford dictionary.

sage for off topic

No. 118422


tbh gay meaning bi now pisses me off just as much as how you're apparently supposed to say "vagina haver" instead of woman according to a bunch of dumbasses

bitch, say bi, it's not that hard and if someone shits on you for being bi how is calling yourself gay solving anything?

it's gotten to the point where when I see someone saying they're gay on tumblr or wherever I assume they're bi, and that's kinda fucking sad

No. 118429

queer is a fucking slur i can't believe it's now progressive to call the lgb community that. I run away whenever someone describes themselves as that. Big indicator of a special snowflake
It's also become an empty, meaningless word, and can mean anything from "im straight but don't wanna have sex until marriage lol i'm so queer ~demisexual pride~" to "i'm a lesbian in denial because tumblr made me feel bad about not liking dick"
there are only 3, maybe four sexualities if you count asexuality and I can't believe I have to boil it down to genitals but here we go:
1. Heterosexuality, exclusive attraction to the opposite sex (f you are born with vulva you only like dick)
2. Homosexuality, exclusive attraction to the same sex (if you were born with vulva it means you only like vulva)
3. Bisexuality, attraction to both sexes (in any amount), meaning you like both dick and vulva
4. Asexuality (note: i don't think they belong in the lgb community), attraction to neither sex.
Just say you're bi and stop with this pomo liberal "~lol gay is an umbrella term uwu~" nonsense
Glad to see others feeling the same way

No. 118467

I almost asked if it was Ricki Ortiz but then I remembered that all trannies in the FGC are the same.

No. 118484

asexuals are people with hormonal issues. it is not a sexuality, even nuns experience arousal.

No. 118502

lolno asexuals describe themselves as experiencing arousal but never experiencing sexual attraction to other people. Not much less ridiculous than other tumblr sexualities

No. 118529

Reminds me of a comic book event run by/for girls that invited attendees to prepare something about what comics meant to them. 2 normal girls shared how comics affected them growing up or whatever. There were only about 5 obvious mtf at the event (hideous rainbow clothes/lipstick/tumblr hair) and almost all of them gave presentations screaming about their ladydicks and sexual preferences that shoehorned comics or their own shitty tumblr art in at the end. So gross.
Im not saying women should only be meek prudes but I get wary of legitimate mtf after so many bad experiences of of the fetishy ones acting out in places where it doesn't belong

No. 118559

i can't believe asexuals have managed to latch onto the lgbt community. i've seen pictures of people who identify as asexual and they all look like straight girls/guys who can't get laid. they're about an inch away from posting on /r9k/ about how unfair it is that no one wants to have sex with them.

No. 118571


i don't know if this is the same was what people who call themselves asexual on tumblr go through but i tend to find sex unpleasant and am generally disinterested even though i've had it before… but i wouldn't walk around labeling myself with it because it's really no one's business. i don't get why people want to put that label on themselves or why they think it makes them lgb. it makes me feel weird/unhappy that i can't enjoy something most people should enjoy.

sorry for blogpost but i thought it might offer some insight or something.

No. 118576

thats legit though, its okay to not want to fuck all the time.

1t just bothers me when i see people whining about the plight of their asexualism and roping it into trans and stuff. but when i say trans, i think more of rupaul, like people who have struggled with physical violence and straight up rage for decades. not to discount that that kind of stuff doesn't happen anymore but we live in a time now where it actually is okay to come out. maybe your family doesn't understand but there is actually a huge amount of support.

No. 118594


>like people who have struggled with physical violence

yeah, nobody's walking around hurting people and denying them marriage because they don't experience sexual attraction or have a low sex drive, lmao. the whole thing is ridiculous, imo.

No. 118615

The worst thing girldick trannies did? They got all the cis female third wave feminists to push their agenda. Now we're supposed to say "womb carriers" when talking about periods, not "women".

Don't get me fucking started about "aros/aces". They should have their own fucking thread here. After bisexuality got too popular and overused, they moved on to being pansexual. Then after that one got done to death, they became asexual with their ACE PRIDE UWU bullshit and complaining about how asexuals are oppressed. They basically think other sexuality types desire sex all the time and are able to fuck just about anyone, and that being exposed to sexual stuff in the media is oppressing them. Cut that the fuck out you assholes, having a low sex drive or being afraid of sex doesn't make you fucking asexual. And nowadays I even see people posting shit like "you can desire sex and still be asexual" like what the fuck? I can understand having sex to please your partner despite having no desire to do so but girl if you spend your time reading porn and being turned on by it or find someone sexually desirable, you're not fucking asexual.

I'm just waiting for it all to become a full circle and tumblrinas all becoming heterosexual cisgenders complaining about being oppressed. They're one or two steps away from it.

No. 118623

Waaaaaaaay back when I used to browse AVEN in 2008, there was a certain group of very vocal people who were very keen on getting legal privileges (ie. ability to sue for discrimination) out of being asexual. This lead to a sanitization of any groups in the community which would be considered unfriendly, such as sex-repulsed, sex-negatives, etc.

I hope this answers your questions as to why asexuals try very hard to be part of the official LGBT community, and why the concept of asexuality is so ~fluid~ today.

No. 118641

I used to have this friend who after a messy break up got really into the aro/ace bandwagon on tumblr.
She tried to sue her ex for rape and tried to exaplain to the officer how, since she was asexual and she was never "in the mood" while having sex with the guy, by dismissing her feelings in the act he was committing rape and he ought to be arrested for it.
It didn't work out, and the guy ended filling a restriction order against her because she could stalk him day and night about sending him to jail.

No. 118898

Flaming homosexual men always rubbed me the wrong way because girls put them on such a high pedestal for being that specific type of obnoxious. They're also the bitchiest and most judgemental people I have ever encountered in my life, more so than women. Everyone like this I have met is also surprisingly close-minded and stubborn. Drag queens are this amplified x100, so yea I find them annoying as fuck.

I don't give a shit what they do as hobbies but I also think women are so fucking blinded by the "lol my crazy gay bff!" thing. Girls in this site aren't immune as I'll probably get shit for this.

No. 118900

Same, its suspicious on a lesbian dating site when a person is only looking to meet bisexuals. Also they tend to have overly sexual profiles ir on i just saw which was clearly a guy had pictures of soaked panties. Yikes!

No. 118909

Where do you come across drag queens irl?

No. 118930

>asexuality is so ~fluid~
Ugh, I know what you mean. The amount of people espousing "You can still like sex and be asexual!" is ridiculous. Masturbation I can understand since it's just a sort of pressure release, but being intimate with a person is pretty much the opposite of what makes asexuals marginally different from any other sexuality.

It would be interesting to see the split between asexuals who just have no desire naturally, asexuals who are medically/hormonally messed up, and asexuals who are bitter about not being with anyone and throw up a "W-Who needs it!" defense.

But as someone in the middle category myself I just think sex is overrated. No bitterness, it's just boring and uncomfortable.

No. 118943

Reminds me a former friend, she used to act like a normal person and at some point she was like "I'm asexual, I hate men, men are so embarrassing they should all die". She may be a lesbian in denial, I think so for a lot of reasons, but I don't care about her anymore since she became an asshole so who knows.

>asexuals who are medically/hormonally messed up
I thought asexuality meant when you're not attracted to anyone at all, regardless of gender and/or you don't want to have sex because you don't like it and are attracted to nobody. Being medically mess-up as you say seem too different to fit in that category.

No. 118949

File: 1480173788087.jpg (62.35 KB, 500x674, 161018_Trump_They_Let_You_Do_I…)

Jeez, this place is full of sassy legbeards who are srsly buttmad at trannies for threatening to undermine the value of the pussy market. Learn2deal with the competition, ladies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 118959

>Triggered hon detected

Also you say sassy like its a bad thing lmao.

No. 118968

wouldn't men get sick of seeing festering taint wounds and girl dicks when they want real vag?

plus for every passing tranny there's dozens of horrifying looking men-in-wigs trannies.

No. 118976

When it messes you up during puberty you kind of end up not feeling the need everyone else does so you don't feel the attraction everyone else does. I mean, naturally, there are hormonally messed-up people who still find people sexually attractive but things going wrong in those formative years can kind of impact you for the rest of your life.

No. 118985


I don't look like a man so…No???

Who are you competing with? Ugly and fat women perhaps. Even then I think most guys would pick the fatty who has a real vagina, can bear children and doesn't need to shave her thighs.

No. 118991

Oh, Ricki and Gllty are exactly the same. I remember this one time where I saw Gllty really up close and you could see a very visible 5 o'clock shadow on her manface. We made eye contact and she freaked out because I was a girl, kek.

No. 118996

Sage because not relevant to the discussion but I was anorexic during my teenage years so I never had a sex drive. I'm all recovered now and just about to enter my 20s, but still all I've experienced is very light arousal. I've been hoping one day it'll just click and I'll be normal, but I guess I've fucked myself for life messing with puberty hormones then?

No. 119014

if you eat a little more for a little longer it might show up. nothing's ever totally fucked.
i experienced the same thing - only after lots of food and a highish bmi did my hormones properly kick back in.

No. 119056

Well at least there's something to hope for. Thank you!

No. 119249


BORING ass season, you should have put a different pic anon

No. 119251


this one was crazy too, she had an alt-facebook accounts and stalked other trans and harassed them. it was weird. no one ever talked about it though cause "she's an inspiratioN!!"

No. 176862

Trans "lesbians" terrify me because of shit like this


strange how they never confront all the creepy fetishizing shit in their community but harass women for being ~transmisogynist~

No. 176871

see I didn't need to look to know this shit happens. thanks for giving me an easy to read pdf with proof.

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