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File: 1651837447513.png (445.08 KB, 720x693, Screenshot_2022-05-06-07-41-46…)

No. 1167701

Hey sorry if this is unwelcome, I don't regularly post here, but what happened to crystal cafe??

No. 1167707

I’M SHITTING they can’t take it down…crystal cafe was like lolcow but with more interesting discussions and a more pleasant community…i loved that place. Did it get nuked for any content? Is it temporary ?

No. 1167710

oh god nonnies i just noticed its gone wtffff happened!

No. 1167717

no idea. fuck. that's really sad and scary, i really hope this isn't going to be the last of the female imageboards aside from fujochan. you could try to message their admin? the domain seems to still be owned and is parked so maybe she's doing some tweaking? do you have her discord? it's snail#5286

No. 1167720

>interesting discussions
That place was dead as hell and boring all anons there could talk about is their nigels

No. 1167723

Sure will miss troons spamming their inflation/hypertrophy fetish and almost aidens whining about presenting yourself as any sort of resemblance to a woman makes you a pickme. CC was fun but needs a purge from all the cancer currently there

No. 1167724

no they were having some things going on, they had abortion threads, a thread for a mascot they named called "biochan" who has DNA for hair (she's against troons, hence, bio-chan), threads about all kinds of other stuff, it was just kind of dead unfortunately.

No. 1167725

Did admin seriously say nothing?

No. 1167726

I came here to panic, but I changed my mind, you deserved it for preferring to talk with troons

No. 1167727

absolutely teeming with moids and trannies too. you used to see them crying about how mean and manhating and twansfobic the girls on here are. the only bad thing about it if it's gone is they'll probably swarm here

No. 1167728

nta they really didn't have that many troons as of late at all, it was very terfy. this is really sad if permanent.

No. 1167729

I went on there only once and trolled a bit. Meh

No. 1167730

What the fuck? Was it online yesterday? Did the admin make any announcements?

No. 1167731

I think some interesting discussions were had there. Plus the terf and manhate threads were nice too.

No. 1167734

I really, really hope those don't come here now and we'll become the new "female chan" to 4channers. CC also had a lot of political sperging that Lolcow is better at keeping at bay.

No. 1167736

File: 1651839034618.png (18.94 KB, 797x95, snail.png)

I messaged her. It's okay, it'll be back!

No. 1167740

oh thank goodness! i don't want us to lose any more female spaces online

No. 1167741

Its up and working nonnas

No. 1167751

I wanted to like cc but /b/ is 99% depressive doomtalking. I'm glad Terfposting and manhate has a place but that board was too overwhelmingly negative and depressing to me. /feels/ is just anons whining about their bfs and /hb/ is too freaking slow. Don't care for the other boards. I wish it'd get more traffick leading to a more diverse range of subjects in /b/ tbh.

No. 1167752

traffic* not traffick damn

No. 1167759

Get fucked

No. 1167760

>with more interesting discussions and a more pleasant community
That place was full of troons

No. 1167761

when was the last time you visited because it really wasn't?

No. 1167763

Lolcow wins

No. 1167764

It's back up now. I don't really use it but the thought of it shutting down made me sad, I think I'll make more of an effort to post now.

No. 1167765

Yeah I freaked out when I saw the message, I thought maybe I wrote the URL incorrectly
nice to know it's not dead

No. 1167768

>crystal cafe was like lolcow but with more interesting discussions and a more pleasant community…i loved that place.
If you love it so much why do you even come here? Go back to your imageboard

No. 1167777

same. i don't like the infighting between boards. their admin literally came from here and that whole site came after this one. it was a good idea and i think we should take advantage of it before we lose it because it's dead or something, tbh. this site always feels like it's on shaky ground. so it's not a good idea to infight between boards when we don't even know wtf is up with this one.

No. 1167793

>I’M SHITTING they can’t take it down…crystal cafe was like lolcow but with more interesting discussions and a more pleasant community…i loved that place.
First of all, it really shows when someone comes from CC. Second, you come to my turf to say shit and you expect me to say "oh no poor nonita here here"? I hope your IP gets permabanned for saying shit.

No. 1167795

No. 1167798

Still down for me?

No. 1167799

I like crystal neets and lolcow but I hate trannies. I don't get the hate for Crystal cafe users, sure it's infested with troons but as long as only women come here, it should be fine.

No. 1167801

>sure it's infested with troons but I'm ok with it
Eww you live like this?

No. 1167808

crystal cafe more like troon town

No. 1167814

I don't like crystal cafe, I like the female users and wish they'd come here.

No. 1167819

How do you know someone there is a troon?

No. 1167827

There are so many new threads on cc, i like the variety. /feels/ is infested with nigel talk, and although that doesn’t interest me it is nice to see how supportive people are to each other’s problems there. It certainly feels calmer, jannies don’t have a bee in their bonnet and it’s not centred on nitpicking other women whilst pretending to be feminist. Sometimes it feels like users here want people to suffer and make terrible life choices just for ‘milk’. I’m ok with community watch type stuff, as it’s not towards one person. Also, i can keep up with people i used to follow online without social media.

What i like about lolcow is that it’s more fast paced, the jannies are actually doing a great job cultivating this controversial and wonderful space despite pushback, i laugh a lot here, it’s unapologetic. People are kind of aggressive here and the zoomer hate is tiresome. But it’s still my favourite place in the internet. I love both imageboards for different reasons. Also, i prefer imageboard aggression to reddit aggression i.e shadowbanning, ‘um sweetie’, karma whoring, popular opinions being encouraged. I hope lolcow and cc exist for a long time side by side like princess celestia and princess luna

No. 1168017

It's obvious

No. 1168092

this whole thread sounds like advertising for CC and I ain't falling for it

No. 1168179

I have never liked cc, it is so slow and it feels a little unorganised compared to here. maybe I am just bias as I have been here a long time

No. 1168396

they've tried but often get bullied off. Although it is entertaining to see them get embarrassed when they butt themselves into discussions to make it known "men only like big boobs because um studies" or some stupid shit like that for no apparent reason

No. 1168402

Crystal cafe is working fine, go back

No. 1168404

They like it here, imagine being in a room of fumigated ball sweat tranny stink. But it's pink so totally for women!!
Who would wanna go back.

No. 1168405

When crystal cafe gets tired of having to weed out the moids and just pulls the plug…genuinely upsetting

No. 1168410

they didn't even try though, the same moids spamming autistic shit were easily there for days and never got banned or removed, meanwhile women got removed for stupid shit all the time. I remember someone got deleted and banned for making a joke about keeping dildos in her purse but it was A-OK to spam the shit about how chestlets don't deserve to live

No. 1168412

File: 1651857944327.jpg (484.9 KB, 1500x1096, stock-photo-woman-weeds-fumiga…)

>fumigating troons
god I wish

No. 1168424

This photo is unexpectedly aesthetic. Fumicore when.

No. 1168433

wtf…she looks so comfortable in that. god i wish that were me, peacefully fumigating troons in comfortable trainers and a jumpsuit.

No. 1168516

Never got the dislike for CC, its fine just a bit slow. I think most of the boards could be merged to encourage more traffic.

No. 1168547

See >>1167707 and >>1167717 and countless other posts in this thread. It's full of overly sensitive underaged retards who don't know anything about imageboard culture.

No. 1168584

Sensitive underaged retards are literally imageboard culture

No. 1168587

I think because it got overrun by transvestites eventually

No. 1168588

>/feels/ is just anons whining about their bfs
Wrong. I mean it is a problem that has prompted miners to ask for the nigel/relationship threads to be contained within a general, but other types of vent that are common are college, family, abuse, social anxiety and loneliness-related. Also you say that as if there weren't multiple relationships threads on here and as if there weren't many posts about boyfriends or exes in the vent threads, too.

>i think we should take advantage of it before we lose it
I agree. If the only complaint of nonas here is that "it's full of troons" or that all the posters are male because they use emoticons occasionally (didn't you know? women don't talk like that), why don't they go over there and call posters out for being male? It's what I try to do too, call the obvious males out and remind trannies every now and then that they're not welcome in female-only spaces and that they'll never one of us.
I also try to post a bit more on /m/, but it has been pretty dead as of lately. At least my /img/ thread has gotten some activity these days that isn't my own image dumps.

>If you love it so much why do you even come here?
Because it's dead most of the time, except the TERF and pinkpill threads which I don't find necessary since I shit on men all the time here, and /feels/ which I don't use. Personally, I browse both imageboards when either of them is dead and I'm bored. There's nothing wrong with that and as the other anon said, CC literally was born from LC, so why let scrotes take over? I would like more female-only imageboards, like Fujochan even if I don't like it. At least it gives women from other imageboards a place to get away from moids and misogynistic chan culture, also they're good places to vent about things you can't on mainstream social media, such as being a radical feminist or just disagreeing with trans ideology.

No. 1168589

how is my post indicative of an underaged retard because i think it's sad to potentially have seen an imageboard disappear? their admin could've easily fucked off, decided not to renew the domain name and server and the site entirely. why is not wanting to see a female imageboard that is okay with posting radfem and radfem adjacent content disappear, underage behavior?

No. 1168615

CC got overraided with troons and moids, a lot of the mods are confirmed moids as well. it was fun and comfy when it first started, slowness never bothered me either

No. 1168620

Because this kind of shit happens all the time and it's embarrassing that you went straight to LiTerraLlY PaNicKing because of a problem that retarded website admins very commonly create for themselves.

No. 1168622

>a lot of the mods are confirmed moids as well
NTA but if you have proof post it pls

No. 1168623

This is a psyop to make farmers switch to CC. Sage all your posts nonnies.

No. 1168625

The way you wrote it.

No. 1168630

>This is a psyop to make farmers switch to CC
many people here use both, retard

the first post was cringy, but there was nothing wrong with the second one, which I think was that anon's post.

No. 1168681

who was literally panicking? i didn't literally panic, i just said that it'd be sad and scary to lose yet another place for women and girls to speak freely. and their admin has been non-communicative for months on the site, so yes, that is worrisome to go from months of 0 contact on the boards basically, to it just going down with no warning. it's one thing if she had been communicating prior, but she hadn't been for a long while and people had been asking for communication. it was clear there weren't server issues, but that the site had actually been taken down, not the same as what i'm assuming you're figuring typically happens here, which are server issues. sites aren't typically taken down with the domain name parked (which could've meant it was for sale or needed to be renewed, or for whatever reason she took it all off to tweak, though it's a little weird to park a domain for simply quick tweaking, but either way, not as simple and commonplace as the server acting up).

No. 1168695

>I’M SHITTING they can’t take it down…
>who was literally panicking?

ok. cc is open back again so you can go there now?

No. 1168696

You know what now that I think about it I don't like cc that much anymore. I want to give certain posters the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes I get tired of cc posters whining about "radfems" and "blaming everything on porn". I want to think that they're just pickmes that arrived recently from 4scrote or something, because I admit I used to be like that too, I didn't like seeing so much talk about hating men and porn, it was tiring. But slowly I started to become more radfem-leaning and then I got so bored of cc's slow activity that I came here to lc, because I didn't want to go back to moid imageboards. Initially I didn't want to come here because of this site's reputation of being a drama imageboard, and at first the unhingedness of many anons here annoyed me, but I got used to it and now I prefer it here.
That's why I still give that kind of poster on cc the benefit of the doubt, but I guess it's also very likely that those are just scrotes. Now that I've spent a lot more time here, I see why it's important to allow hatred against men to be voiced freely, because it acts as a filter since anyone who tries to police women's frustrations with men (see the failure of an OP that was Vent thread #121) will most probably be a moid or at best, an extremely stupid newfag that really shouldn't be here.

Another problem with crystal.cafe now is that after the constant CP raids that hapened a couple months ago, a bunch of new people applied to be mods and janitors. Legit users over there strongly suspect that there might be males in the new mod team, since there have been a lot of arbitrary post deletions recently, especially in the /meta/ thread for comments and suggestions. For instance, people were asking for a log so that we would've been able to know why the fuck our posts keep being deleted. They deleted the post suggesting it, too, because it happened to call the mods "trannyjannies".
I don't like that the moderation policy over there is to delete every infringing post instead of redtexting every ban except for spam, like here. They delete all evidence of males posting, including the posts that call them out so nobody finds out. I don't care if it's to avoid drama or shitstorms or to keep the site calm and friendly, it obviously creates an environment that makes it easier for scrotes to camouflage themselves.

No. 1168699

see >>1168630
The one who made that post is not the anon you're arguing with. Idiot

No. 1168704

Generally I like CC but the thing I hate is that often the mods delete interesting threads. I get deleting troll and scrote threads but why remove the ones that aren't like that?

No. 1168732

stop bitching when you don't even know what you're talking about. >>1167717 was my first post. >>1167724 then this one >>1167777. you're not even arguing with the right person. the first and second posts were not even me, i was the third. me offering suggestions on what it could've been and giving her admin's contact info (because the site was down along with admin's contact info) is somehow panicking and underage behavior, ok. i don't even use CC when LC is functioning well, i just don't want it to be lost so i check up on it occasionally.

No. 1168790

idk it seems fine, the whole point was a more comfy alternative to LC in the first place so of course they seem more sensitive.

I got that impression when I first tried using it but poking around now it seems a lot better.

IDK I think I will try using it more. LC seems to be on thin ice, farmers should probably get comfy with the other women's chans like CC, Choachan and Fujochan in case this board goes down.

No. 1168812

i just visited choachan, so it's just all… kpop? never cared to visit, only heard about it in passing but like you said, farmers really should have alternatives lined up because the future of this site is not stable.

No. 1169094

It has never been, LC has always had trouble retaining admins meanwhile CC has had the same admin for 4 years now IIRC. I think its the gossip boards that make the site a pain for admins. Whatever you think of any of the admins LC has had it is undeniable that dealing with Cease and Desists and other lawyer bullshit all the time must be draining and I think that's why we've cycled through so many admins. As is the site is already on borrowed time and wouldn't still be up had people not chipped in to cover the server costs another year. Between that fund running out, the new admin and the Atlantic article I'd be shocked if the site lasted beyond another year. So yeah farmers should be prepped to migrate to the other chans that share the same orbit as this one.

No. 1169101

Oldmin has been admin since 2018.

No. 1169129

she's been desperately trying to get rid of the site and we don't even know where we stand with shaynamin. that's not secure.

No. 1169160

Oldmin is like the . . . third admin? I think? Honestly not sure but that is quite a bit I think. So yeah don't be surprised if you'll need to migrate in the near future.

No. 1169175

I didn't say that the site is stable. I was just responding to
>CC has had the same admin for 4 years now

No. 1169201

ah my bad

No. 1169254

It's ok, I probably should have just quoted it in my original post

No. 1169274

File: 1651873801850.jpeg (386.41 KB, 681x1200, 92298029_p0_master1200.jpeg)

is /media/ dead?

No. 1169280


No. 1169317

might just be slow? I think CC has too many boards for the traffic it has.

No. 1169324

>that board was too overwhelmingly negative and depressing to me
As opposed to how hateful people are here?

No. 1169419

you know… /media/? from the imageboard we were discussing?

No. 1169429

Nah. I think their slowest board is their hidden nsfw board. The slowest public one is /x/.

No. 1169447

the hidden board is faster than /media/ lmao
I wonder what happened because I remember /media/ being more active

No. 1169526

/x/ is a nice idea but should have been a seasonal event like originally planned

/media/ should just be merged with one of the other boards.

No. 1169531

When an autistic post has youtube tier autistic replies. Cringey nonnies are replying to you. Hope you get your “turf” back nonnie, you deserve it.

No. 1169695

>Cringey nonnies are replying to you
Her post itself is cringe.

No. 1169841

Shit this thread got me scared. I go to cc infrequently but I’ll be really sad if it dies. I know it has its problems but I want cc and any female-only spaces to thrive, I really do.

No. 1169846

same anon

No. 1170733

CC is full of moids, even in the moderation team. the users are tiktok zoomers who get offended at people saying "faggot". if the purpose is creating a twitter-like bubble, why not stay on twitter?

No. 1170739

Well sorry, I got confused and thought you meant /m/.

No. 1170750

>the users are tiktok zoomers who get offended at people saying "faggot"
writing hate-letters against each other over boob size is fine but god forbid one say faggot

No. 1170756

CC is just troonies roleplaying as women. There are some women but… Eh…

No. 1170757

>CC is full of moids
>The users are tiktok zoomers who get offended at the word "faggot"
Make up your mind. If it were all moids, they wouldn't be scared of that word. I do agree that there are a lot of sensitive twitterfags there, though.

No. 1170758

Put this fucking thread in autosage, I'm tired of people bumping it.

No. 1170760

it's both

No. 1170762

and btw, having another TERF-y imageboard is between than women not having many places to vent out their frustrations with males or trannies since Twitter doesn't allow that.

No. 1170764

people like them are what enabled trannies in the first place. it's their fault. they're the ones who screeched "trans women are women" on tumblr 5 years ago.

No. 1170765

sage your fucking shit and stop bumping this thread

No. 1170768

>It's full of overly sensitive underaged retards who don't know anything about imageboard culture.
And lolcow isn't?

No. 1170770

Saging isn't for /ot/ retard

No. 1170773

I know you fucking retard, this shit thread has stayed up for so fucking long and you CC trannies keep bumping it like advertising your shit imageboard.

No. 1170776

File: 1651944647575.jpg (50.83 KB, 680x509, FMEEKzrUcAITRdT.jpg)

I haven't posted on CC in a very long time, only lurk from time to time, but I value it as a space for women to be anonymous and not have to suck troon dick. The existence of both sites is a net positive. You can complain it has trannies, I guess, but over here, we also have handposter/speculum-kun, Johnny Depp scrotes and literal selfposting trannies trying to get validation. I just don't get why we fight, what's the point of conflict?

No. 1170777

Take a breather, it's just the internet.

No. 1170780

The anons who want to use CC will use CC and the anons who won't, well, they won't. This discussion is going in circles and this thread is dumb. Hoping it gets closed.

No. 1171092

As if a bunch of people here weren't the same. Many farmers peaked because of the MtF thread and such, and before that they used to be TRAs. Just admit you have no argument lol

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