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File: 1651861313381.jpg (42.99 KB, 500x500, e0c09a98870cebe1cb0e7b17cce617…)

No. 1168569

ITT: post uneventful and mundane as fuck events in your life

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1098435

No. 1168574

I really really really like this image.

No. 1168582

File: 1651861576624.png (519.07 KB, 831x600, 1641510587745.png)

You coulda used the other pic nonna, the one with Elsie

No. 1168594

wasn't this pic used in another thread already?

No. 1168597

That thread was made too early, I think. So no, technically it hasn't been used. I think it's been deleted from the catalogue but I'm too lazy to check

No. 1168599

File: 1651861891567.png (203.73 KB, 500x374, a447bdac7cc7779d40d1bfa0c412ce…)

i hope moomin dollhouse anon is doing great and working on her project! i'm cheering you on!

No. 1168664

By dog's ear got swollen and now she needs surgery. She's never had any kind of surgery and has never been away from her home from more than a few hours… still, I hope everything goes well and she'll be able to come back home and play as soon as possible. I'm a bit anxious.

No. 1168667

praying for your dog nona ! i hope she's alright

No. 1168697

I tried out embroidery for the first time last night on a whim. I've made like 200 french knots and 50 bullion stitches. It's so fun!

No. 1169304

I hope everything goes well and your dog gets to playing soon, nonny.
I’m glad you found something you enjoy, nonny. Did you know how to do them previously? I wanna try my hand at embroidery but I don’t know where to start

No. 1169577

Not embroidery, but I've done cross stitching before so I had materials around. There's so many tutorials for the basics out there, I do hope you try.

No. 1169827

A cheese quesadilla is just a grilled cheese sandwich, but Mexican

No. 1169828

Yes, and it’s delicious. I should have my own for breakfast tomorrow.

No. 1169829

And by that I mean both are the perfect drunk at home food(s)

No. 1170090

File: 1651910959571.jpg (46.95 KB, 600x333, 3tYbGMJh.jpg)

>4chan circa 2011-2017
>NEETS all over /r9k/ bragging about how they eat yummy tendies, do no work and how wagecucks are stupid
>"I live on welfare and eat yummy tendies and don't have to work, u jelly"
>Average age of a 4channer increases from late teens, early twenties to late twenties
>suddenly at this age being a poor NEET is seen as a loser
>"I make $120,000+ in my unspecified office job and eat tendies and only have to work 2 hours a day, u jelly.

Kinda mundane and obvious, but it finally clicked in my head that they're the same posters

No. 1170192

Yeah but the second part is them larping while crying in their wagecuck offices.

No. 1170281

Yesterday I went home by walking rather than take the bus because it was taking to long to arrive and the weather was nice, on my way I noticed the stadium I usually see on the other side, I felt like I was in Dark Souls when you see different perspectives of the world depending on where you are.

No. 1170646

File: 1651939970585.gif (16.23 MB, 384x480, cat.gif)

I went on a walk today! I moved here a year ago and have been nervous about going out alone so I am going to take walks around my neighborhood and get used to it, and today I did it! It was beautiful and sunny and only one creepy guy looked at me. My heels started bleeding from my shoes but I'll develop callouses there again!

No. 1170680

Sounds nice nonna, was the weather good too?

No. 1170721

yes but i was overdressed a bit, i need to buy some real workout clothes

No. 1170747

File: 1651943553291.jpg (Spoiler Image,724.29 KB, 1240x2940, IMG_20220505_200239740_MP_2.jp…)

breast milk anon here from prev thread
I wasn't able to get the OG milk or syringe back but I just pumped more and brought a new syringe. Buns are nice and full

No. 1170752

Saw myself in the bathroom mirror and realized that I can be an unhinged woman and live my best fucking life. I've never used make up, never shaved, never bothered to hide my acne scars. I wear ugly practical clothes. The only hygiene products I have are homemade deodorant, soap, and toothpaste. I don't care. I'm free.

No. 1170769

BABIES I'm happy!! Fuck whoever took the milk though

No. 1170771

awesome nonnaa

No. 1170778


No. 1170784

File: 1651944863655.png (639.78 KB, 533x800, unknown.png)

Nothing wrong with that

No. 1170795

It feels like there's less people of moderate height around. Every day is tall tall tall and then the teeniest person imaginable.

No. 1171556

Very irritating fly with a buzz of a million decibels bothering me for the second day in a row.
The cat hasn't done anything about it yet. Do I really have to do everything here?

No. 1171681

File: 1652014232875.jpg (7.58 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

im almost done making the celebricow thread nonnies, it will be done in 10 mins.

No. 1171684

i wish i was 2 inches taller, im average for my country

No. 1171685

you are an angel nonna

No. 1171754

its done, it took more than 10 mins though kek

No. 1172345

I burnt my lip while eating pizza earlier. Not even good pizza. Cheapo frozen pizza. Life is pain.

No. 1172372

Started learning Korean just because I watch a lot of Korean pet channels on Youtube, let's see how long I keep it up.

No. 1172393

File: 1652041837429.jpeg (142.4 KB, 750x1000, 460670E0-BC69-4A53-9D84-B8D296…)

Sitting on the balcony while it rains and listening to the wind chimes, I wish I could spend every day like this.

No. 1172431

File: 1652044842624.jpg (17.88 KB, 400x400, d92q5TzO_400x400.jpg)

Sorry if this isn't the right thread or if this is just a useless blogpost, but I had the most random memory that I had completely forgot about resurface around a week ago. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it because it feels so surreal.

When I was in high school, I made the really stupid decision to stay overnight at an anime con in a room that was basically full of strangers. I think I somewhat knew the woman who was renting out the room, which is why I thought it would be safe but she ended up renting that room out to like 10 other people. There wasn't even room to sleep on the floor at night because of how crowded it was. I had to sit at a table since there was no room on the floor and I tried to sleep by putting my head down, but I just couldn't sleep because I was so uncomfortable.

In hindsight it was an absolutely idiotic decision, but I remember there was a guy who sat down to talk with me since he couldn't sleep either. We ended up talking for the rest of the night because there wasn't anything else to do. I don't remember much about him other than his first name, that he was in his 20s, and he worked at McDonalds or Walmart or something like that. He was pretty nice and I do remember I talked a bit about some body image issues I had and he was reassuring about it and cracked some jokes that made me realize (at least for a bit) that it was kind of all in my head. That memory is so surreal to me though. I almost wonder if I made it up. I mean it would have been the perfect situation for any moid (much less a moid who attends anime conventions) to have been a complete creep and there would have been nothing that I could have done about it, but he really just spoke to me like a person. Maybe if more men would have spoken to me like that when I was younger I wouldn't be so jaded today.

No. 1172433

File: 1652045102361.jpg (89.16 KB, 564x836, 4366369f51dde22ac369e8f624b703…)

I am glad my mom got 2 presents today that she really liked, one from me and my dad and one from my fiance. We recently lost our grandma and it's the first mother's day she had to spent without her own mother. I can't imagine how she feels, even though I am tearing up myself with this thought. But since she's surrounded by us and got those 2 things that made her really happy, at least I think it makes it a bit easier. She also is being distract by some work stuff she had to do, which generally sucks, but it's good given the situation. I want the best for my mom, I wish I could give her the world.

No. 1172478

Love this pic

No. 1172668

I'm already making pasta, but I just remembered that I have sesame oil and now I want to make instant ramen just to satisfy my craving for sesame oil.

No. 1172967

File: 1652083041548.gif (65.19 KB, 500x528, 8B6B2E0B-3197-4252-AA3D-F4387F…)

Never understood the “cold milk after hot bath” thing until today. I hit an ice cold box of Vitasoy after a bath, damn it hits difffff

No. 1173102

File: 1652084753806.jpg (98.82 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


No. 1173282

I'm going to the store to buy shower gel and shampoo. I will open and sniff each one until my nose loses all sense of smell. Yes, I am also a bread-toucher.

No. 1173293

you are a menace

No. 1173306

I try to stop and smell flowers every time I see them

No. 1173308

At the train station to pick up my cousin.. Encountered cat. Not sure if it's a stray. Crossed the tracks, disappeared.. Just came back with a juicy mouse. Now it's laying beneath a car next to its dead mouse. You go kitty.

No. 1173323

nice kitty

No. 1173552

I'm alone for 2 days! Gonna day drink and clean the apartment.

No. 1173670

Sounds nice nonna, have a nice time

No. 1173805

I'm nearly down 10 lbs since I started being more serious about what I eat, so that's really exciting! I don't weigh myself often but I'm happy with the progress, and maybe I'm just seeing things but I even feel like I look a little smaller. Now if only I could make myself workout kek

No. 1173988

File: 1652122141178.jpg (32.45 KB, 283x320, 7790240.jpg)

I'm watching the Michel'le (80s/90s R&B singer that dated Dr. Dre, for those who don't know) documentary and this shit is making me so sad. Dr. Dre is a monster.

No. 1174138

File: 1652126237254.jpg (25.76 KB, 299x285, assaultbypizza.jpg)

Today I have this red raw line right down the middle of my lower lip and it just looks like I got punched and busted my lip

No. 1174188

I've been waking up with terrible pain in lower back these last few days. I don't know what I'm suddenly doing wrong and I'm almost scared to sleep in my bed now. And as if that wasn't already enough, I also had a really bad headache today. It feels like someone took a hammer to my head and then my spine, I couldn't concentrate or get any work done because everything hurt so much. I hope tomorrow will be better, I don't want to struggle my way through life by taking two painkillers every day

No. 1174228

File: 1652128215830.jpeg (45.3 KB, 500x317, 2C89AE1A-9F7D-4D73-80B7-DC545E…)

Just got hired for a job. Feels good to be employed again
Gonna eat a bag of my favorite chips to celebrate

No. 1174260

File: 1652129019237.jpg (370.44 KB, 1200x676, sorrowful sorrel squirrel.jpg)

eating sorrel rn

No. 1174340

Judith holofernes gets posted here so often and I have a family member named after her. Weirdly, she's the most strong minded woman in my family (including me). Every time I see a picture of her I get a smile on my face. Love you, family member that I don't want to be doxxed which is why I'm being so cryptic.

No. 1174407

File: 1652134207530.gif (24.42 KB, 181x230, Tumblr_l_103617541047177.gif)

Bump to hide degeneracy

No. 1174418

File: 1652134547858.jpg (21.37 KB, 322x379, a1KnPKP_700b.jpg)

I'm on my period and I am very tempted in buying the menstruation crustacean station to place my pads on like a delicacy.

No. 1174423


No. 1174484

You should. It would make me feel like a queen to get served pads like that.

No. 1174514

I'd rig it to make it have music play for me.

No. 1174578

I've been lying and telling myself that tiramisu isn't that good, but I keep going back in my fridge for another piece kek

No. 1175189

Ground beef went down the wrong pipe and I cant tell if I got it out. Hope I don't get sick or something.

No. 1175275

I live in a wet and windy area in general but today it was sunny, warm, bright…and still super windy with crazy unpredictable showers that kept coming out of nowhere from the clear looking sky. I felt like an autist with sensory overload as it was way too warm to zip up my coat but the rain and winds were a bastard on my walk home.

No. 1175514

I found a complete collection of Simone de Beauvoir's fiction novels at a secondhand shop for 3 euros. They're oddly enough still very relevant, I loved Les belles images

No. 1175638

Watch this cat being smart and communicate!!! It made my day

No. 1175812

File: 1652208820530.jpg (54.52 KB, 640x480, Lotte_Market_exterior_1.jpg)

gonna try to hit up the lotte market this weekend, super excited because i've never been and the local korean store near me jacked their prices up really really high (i understand it, but i hate it)

No. 1175989

File: 1652215935810.jpeg (115.98 KB, 1024x1024, 98D59259-8F29-4455-868F-61F305…)

I really need a pumice stone, my feet feel uncomfortable.

No. 1176000

Those are so cute! When I was in middle school I had an obsession with the lollipop motif. Owned everything from erasers to flip flops with lollipops on them kek kinda want to buy several cute stationery and pumice stones now

No. 1176012

Im homeless rn and i miss my pets lols

No. 1176073

The word racketeering is funny to me for some reason.

No. 1176082

I love it too. It’s such a sexy word to say. It’s a sexy crime to be convicted of.

No. 1176155

Sounds like a fun sport

No. 1176412

I drank three beers on an empty stomach and it made me shit my guts out. After my ordeal on the toilet, I was starving since my stomach was empty, but all I had to eat were tortilla chips and this ambiguously expired guacamole. Now I wait in fear for tomorrow to see if the guacamole will wreck my already weak insides.

No. 1176523

I hope this local veggie chorizo I'm going to make is good. I'm not sold based on the smell but I've had good products from this brand in the past. They're very vegetable forward and don't try to taste meaty.

No. 1176532

It makes me laugh because it reminds me of that 30 Rock scene where Liz is like "What is racketeering??" and Jack's like "no one knows Lemon". Truly, who knows?

No. 1176591

File: 1652258684548.jpg (14.34 KB, 291x236, Chubbyemu.jpg)

You're going to end up on one of his episodes like that kek

No. 1176651

You coulda just had dry chips? Fingers crossed for you though nonnny. Your butt needs a rest.

No. 1176778

I think my nose piercings are finally healed after 2 years of constant keloids and I'm so glad.

No. 1177043

I hope it gets better soon

No. 1177073

I hate the crop top trend so fucking much, let it die

No. 1177329

Finally, I'm attempting to learn Blender. Today I tried following a tutorial and ended up making half of a rather retarded looking rabbit with boots. Tomorrow I'll give it another try and hopefully maybe complete something. So exciting to see characters coming to life in 3D! woo

No. 1177694

I used to be really into doing my nails years ago and stopped because the upkeep was too much. It takes so long to paint, for them to dry (hours!) and they chip within days no matter what combo of top coat. I didn't have a good experience with gel or dip powder either, the removal process hurt my nails.

Well I got a peel off gel kit and it is a game changer. I'm still shocked at how my nails are dry to the touch so quickly, how long they last without chipping and how easy they are to remove. And since I stopped painting my nails there are many more tools so much more accessible. My wish list has chrome powders, a design stamping tool that doubles for French tips, stamping plates and stickers and gold foil. I wish I had all this when I was younger when flashy colors and designs were less of an issue.

No. 1177700

This feels so satisfying! Good luck on your blender journey anon

No. 1177716

I've been trying for months but i give up. This made me want to go back to learning again.

No. 1177722

Sorry for the noob question, but what is peel off gel polish? Do you use a UV light? What brand do you recommend? I love regular gel polish but I hate the removal polish, it’s always rough on my nails. I’m glad your nails are looking good anon.

No. 1177748

A peel off gel polish uses a peelable base coat so you don't need to soak your nails to remove the polish or grind the polish off. It is cured under a UV/LED light and lasts much longer than traditional nail polish but arguably not as long as regular gel polish (using a regular gel base coat). How long it lasts depends on how naturally oily your nails are, over time your nail's natural oils will weaken the base coat so you can peel it off. I can get up to 2 weeks with it, which is great. Some people have really oily nails and can only get a few days but given how much faster it is to apply gel polish than regular polish I would still find that acceptable. Worth mentioning that you can't really remove it the day after because that is not enough time for your nails to weaken the base coat so if you need a change of nail polish for just a day I would moisturize the nails ahead of time so the base coat can't adhere super well.

I used the Sally Beauty ASP Make it Peelable Kit. It comes with a nail prep liquid (dehydrator), a bonder, the peelable base coat, two red nail polishes (one creme, the other with shimmer), the top coat and the LED light. I got it on sale so it was a good price but the full price is too much and I'd recommend finding a different gel kit elsewhere and buying the ASP Make it Peelable Base Coat separately. It does take a bit of practice, the first time I used the kit was a disaster and it took me months to try again but I'm glad I took the chance.

No. 1177754

Oh and I forgot to mention that I do everything directly on my natural nails. I know there are things like acrylics and silk wraps and all other sorts of whatsits that I'm really not at all familiar with so if you plan on getting any sort of nail fakery that isn't just color I have no idea how it would work out but its great for applying directly to the natural nail.

No. 1177755

Awesome advice, thank you anon. Do you just use any regular gel polish with the peelable base coat? Sounds like a great alternative to regular nail polish.

No. 1177764

I felt a bit blocked after weeks of basic tutorials and I feel like this one really unlocked me

No. 1177769

So far I have used two different brands with the kit. I've used the two red polishes that came in the kit itself and I've used a random Chinese brand I bought off Amazon (Gaoy). I will keep experimenting but I think this is what I need/wanted, I can never go back to regular nail polish, that shit takes HOURS to cure where you can't touch anything or do anything and regular gel removal is so damaging.

No. 1177786

I noticed my scalp itches if I wash my hair with anything other than Head&Shoulders

No. 1177802

File: 1652344397583.jpeg (35.9 KB, 554x554, images (17).jpeg)

nonita you're better off trying something like picrel (know people who swear by it for actual dandruff/fungal conditions). Learned back when I was a hairdresser that head and shoulders gives you the problem ns charges to fix it basically. I'll drop some links about it but seriously consider changing up. Might be an awkward couple of weeks for your hair to transition but would be worth it. Apologies for the resist link in advance but explains it pretty well.


No. 1177821

I'm going to see an apartment and I'm really nervous about it. It looked really cute from the photos, but I'm nervous there's going to be a huge catch.

No. 1177822

i just ate half a raw green capsicum and it was so good i would have more but that's all i had and i'm legitimately upset there's none left

No. 1177834

did you cut it first or did you just bite into it

No. 1177841

thinking about that anon who bites into her cheese sticks again……..

No. 1177843

I kinda just tore apart the two segments and pulled bits off as i ate it. it was oddly satisfying

No. 1177844

I bite into my cheese sticks too. Never thought it was weird. Although I tend to not like the ones you can peel and eat.

No. 1177846

I haven't had cheese sticks in years but I want to get some now

No. 1177890

how else are you supposed to eat sticks of cheese, suck on them?

No. 1177931

I think they mean like cheesestrings where you just pull away strips and pop them into your mouth.

No. 1177932

Some countries have those cheese sticks they can peel pieces off from, string cheese or whatever.

No. 1177953

I don't eat red meat too often but I bought frozen beef burgers today and damn I forgot how much they shrink while cooking. Where'd my big burgers go? lol

No. 1178007

cried to lion king again
the soundtrack goes hard

No. 1178264

Dad gave me the spare car keys. I'm excited going through all my old extra keychains and trying to decide which ones to put on my keys hehe.

No. 1178343

I bought some ranch from Lidl, and it's stinky but I'm still eating it.

No. 1178361

Don’t know why I keep ordering more sushi than I can eat for one meal. Refrigerated sushi makes me throw up in my mouth.

No. 1178373

Thank you for answering nonnie, I was weirdly invested in this

No. 1178412

Ugh I want to wear this really nice outfit idea I had, I even wore the piece of clothing in my dream last night for some reason, and I rarely wear it, but tonight I'm going to the murder zone in my city where everyone gets shot and killed each week and it's really really bad there so I guess I'll just forego wearing anything nice.

No. 1178426

File: 1652380504928.jpg (36.11 KB, 736x552, 1609382720629.jpg)

This month I will treat myself. I will spend a shit ton of money on whatever I want because I saved a lot of money and was supposed to spend it on moving to my own apartment but it turns out that we will get a new office at the end of the year and I don't want to move to a nice place that will be to far away from the new office. No idea where it'll be located so far. So that means more money to spend on other things I really want and more money to spare for when I'll need have to buy furniture and pay more bills. I bought books recently, I think I should also look for more clothes and get diner in nice restaurants more often. I'll calm down in June.

No. 1178438

The fuck is the last word in quordle today, is it xzyqz

No. 1178441

I sometimes tag along with my friends when they go shopping and always find myself playing "crop top or childrens section" whenever I wait for them changing kek.

No. 1178461

File: 1652381332298.jpg (16.97 KB, 230x320, painting.jpg)

Don't Scroll

No. 1178463

I'm sad because I just got my paycheck and I was going to use it for a new patch and pin for my husbando ita bag but now the patch is sold out. The pin is the same design, just without the text but I really wanted both. I'm bummed out but it's ok, I'll get over it.

No. 1178719

Working from home today and had to sit through hours and hours and hours of boring ass conferences. I just finished taking a lil work out and yoga break and now I feel refreshed hehe. Time to go grocery shopping for dinner and some small errands.

No. 1178791

File: 1652389991982.png (282.62 KB, 473x539, 926F2A76-89A5-49D9-9639-10D3D9…)

>clean out old closet
>find a camera that our family bought but never used from years ago
>it’s a Olympus trip MD3
I’ve never done photography before and had interest in it all that much, but getting what feels like a free camera kind of makes me want to get into photography

No. 1178798

>Be 6yo me
>clean out old closet
>find a camera that our family bought but never used from years ago
>it’s a Olympus
>"Oh cool let's check its pics"
>Porn featuring my parents
Sometimes I wonder how much those pics affected me

No. 1179017

LMAO I had this exact experience why tf do they just leave porn IN the camera. Port it to your laptop and delete it from the card you boomer fucks.

No. 1179303

File: 1652422503670.jpg (80.49 KB, 960x720, f1775dcd580d44a0f54675b5a7c1b0…)

I'm trying to take my box braids down but my nails are bitten to shit so I can barely separate them.

No. 1179305

>Port it to your laptop
Nta but you're expecting too much of boomers kek

No. 1179309

File: 1652422946805.jpeg (27.85 KB, 1020x1020, a5e87b4b-09a1-4128-bde7-ce3601…)

Do you have a thin comb like picrel nonnie? You could use the end of the handle!

No. 1179311

I do have a rat tail comb, I'm just too damn lazy to find it kek

No. 1179313

i used a pen for mine a few hours ago lel

No. 1179323

File: 1652424349419.jpg (55.27 KB, 735x535, ece7fbd3d70a3103b98ec0556dd666…)

It's weird for me to think that in my country, the military service is obligatory for males because I basically only knew one dude that had to go through it against his will (afaik). Everyone else never served, and are only on the military reserve force. Considering how we never participated on any war officially ever and probably never will, it's basically just a meme. I keep seeing soldiers running around because I live near a military base, I think they participate out of their own volition for housing and money.

No. 1179335

South Korea?

No. 1179343

File: 1652426002551.gif (1006.9 KB, 360x202, are-you-sure-john-cena.gif)

>South Korea
>Never participated on any wars

No. 1179345

sorry am stupid

No. 1179350

File: 1652426736304.jpg (259.13 KB, 736x1104, d2318bddcf16c7b43ff01c8bb111db…)

It's okay anon, although I jester, you don't have to know everything, especially if it has nothing to do with your own country.
But as a quick rundown, South Korea is basically South Korea because it had a pretty brutal civil war (with international participation, like the US) which split the country in South and North. It actually happened twice inside Korea. Later the South Korean army also was sent to help the US in the Vietnam War.
I think korean military service is actually obligatory, and every men has to serve for at least 2 years with some exceptions (like being handicapped for example)
That's why kpoppies always cry when their faves hit the age limit for obligatory service.

No. 1179605

File: 1652446338880.jpeg (8.74 KB, 250x250, images - 2021-09-22T223724.642…)

>be me (disclaimer: I am not a polfag, also I just had this happen)
>Suddenly feel really disoriented for no reason, every single muscle in my upper body is painfully cramped
>Still Decide to attend prebooked dr strange movie
>Only person in theatre at a marvel movie which I thought was weird but it was late
>Female main character was wearing the corpo pride/tranny flag throughout the whole thing,
>Think I developed schizophrenia/Troon paranoia, all the characters were dressed weird and had facial deformities (I have not watched any marvel movies before this) the dialogue was so fucked up that it didn't make sense to me 70% of the time, Whatever was affecting me got worse and I was getting weird visual effects the further it went on
>Watch the whole thing, the bald guys nipples were really erect/moving/visible most of the female characters got graphically killed onscreen, male mcs hands were comically large, main character cucked by a black man
>Movie ends,
>Go home
>Period started kek
>Realise I was having the usual weird psychotic premenstrual symptoms I get once every few years
>Look up the movie
>Everything was real

No. 1179647

kek I haven't watched it and don't plan to, I've been told you won't understand anything if you haven't watched most mcu movies and that one tv show from disney +, now I'm super curious. Maybe I'll pirate it.

No. 1180150

File: 1652470173856.jpg (94.37 KB, 700x980, Iced-Matcha-Latte2.jpg)

bought an iced matcha latte with coffee jelly. it was better then i expected

No. 1180162

That sounds amazing and I want to make one at home

No. 1180223

Manifested pizza today

No. 1180554

What a shitty friday. I'm bored af and my internet service is gone so i'm now currently conected throught my lte.

No. 1180609

I made milk bread today. It's good.

No. 1180637

I had a full sole, but you wouldn't know it by the amount I actually ate. It was the literal first fish I've ever filleted, I'd be laughed out of any fishmonger's in the world for the job I made of it. Pray I do a better job with the next two when my friend comes over…

No. 1180640

File: 1652503623856.jpeg (142.07 KB, 254x350, 5D9396FA-C349-4A7F-8E44-5538CB…)

I bumped into a porcupine on the trail today. They look exactly like they do in pictures.

No. 1180642

>I bumped into a porcupine

No. 1180698

I love these guys. Very underrated.

No. 1180821

File: 1652530148191.jpeg (470.35 KB, 1536x2048, bebebe.jpeg)

Was trying to decide how to unwind after deep cleaning today but then I remembered I'm going to watch the Eurovision final with nonnies in the moovie room and I am so excited!

No. 1180825


No. 1180829


No. 1180870

My grandma finally taught me how to hem my own trousers today and is going to teach me how to sew my own blouses later.

No. 1180909

I'm looking forward to it nona!!

No. 1181014

Nona, teach me your ways. Was it a milk bread like shokupan? How hard was it? Are you an experienced bread maker? I’m so intimidated by bread, despite baking heaps.

No. 1181131

File: 1652549322548.gif (20 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Got a new stove today.

No. 1181136

File: 1652549608834.jpg (136 KB, 720x540, Japanese-milk-bread-tin-photo-…)

I'm not an experienced bread maker at all! I actually usually suck at it. It was what I believe is called Tangzhong bread, the one where you make a paste to go in the bread dough. The recipe I used wasn't one where it looks like a super fluffy cloud, more like a very soft biscuit. It wasn't very hard at all,the part I struggled with the most was actually making the paste. I keep making it too thick and couldn't mix it with the egg. I only made one little bun last night, so hopefully I can still use the leftover dough kek. Anyway, here's the recipe if you want it.

No. 1181188

File: 1652552698839.jpg (7.78 KB, 200x252, download.jpg)

ntayrt but I really really really recommend getting a bread maker. Before I could afford a nicer one (and by nicer I mean cbk-110 cuisinart) I would buy newish looking ones at the thrift store. I let it do all the work and then take it out before the last rise and bake it in the oven so it doesn't come out like a brick.
I've also loved the results of red star active dry yeast and saf red instant yeast. Those brands have lasted years in my freezer/fridge (I buy the 2lb block and put it in an air tight container).
One last thing during covid my toaster oven crapped out so after a lot of research I got the Zojirushi ET-ZLC30 Micom Toaster Oven and I was pleasantly surprised it had a rise and then bake option. I've never seen that before on a toaster oven.

No. 1181197

These pimple patches don't usually do much for me but I put it on a hard pimple lump right on the edge of my nose and today the lump is significantly less painful and has gone down! Wow.

No. 1181242

File: 1652556195832.jpg (533.8 KB, 600x800, ChadConifer.jpg)

Did you nonnies know that if you donate to the arbor day foundation you get 10 free trees? I'm getting white pines. Gonna make a privacy hedge thingy

No. 1181381

I've developed some appreciation for phone calls thanks to a friend who prefers calling to texting, I used to feel uncomfortable when doing it but now it feels so natural. Last night I decided to call a friend, she answered in a somewhat worried voice, wondering if something bad had happened, I replied I just wanted to talk a bit since it's been a while, it made her really happy and we ended up talking for an hour. It was so nice, it really makes me want to reconnect with people.

No. 1181386

reject modernity, embrace tradition, phone call supremacy text messaging a shit

No. 1181526

I was eaten out through my leggings and it was amazing

No. 1181555

File: 1652576362441.jpg (54.21 KB, 736x891, ab9e53b748f4a45b1aaad922d0788d…)

I'm thinking about creating a mundane shit vent thread, cause as other anon put it, I feel kinda bad for venting about stupid shit like waking up too early or having a sibling eat my food when the anon right above me vented about cancer, or abuse, or about a massacre

No. 1181563

Thinking of making a coffee chocolate cake with peppermint mocha frosting. Hmmm….

No. 1181572

Do it, the cake sounds awesome.

No. 1181628

i think dairy officially gives me gas and i never shouldve had that cheese, also the shits, my god.

No. 1181646

The mundane thread is just the right place for that anon

No. 1181654

Anon this is lactose intolerance.

No. 1181665

I love when my cat hops up on the couch to watch tv with me. Best little buddy.

No. 1181677

yeah i might have it but i dont see why it was only a problem maybe the past few years. the days i use fake dairy in my coffee and vegan cheese in my food there isnt stomach problems. i was trying to have some amazing aged cheddar.

No. 1181706

I have a vegan sausage that's been in my fridge for like a month, but I might use it for dinner.

No. 1181710

Eh, I don't think so. I feel like it's cozy here, while I would be just whining about minor shit. Or even if I was really upset like if I fought with my boyfriend. I don't think this is the thread for these complaints

No. 1181714

just use the vent thread nonita

No. 1181779

My neighbors have five feral kittens under their shed. Two smoky grey, two light grey tabbies, and one dark tabby. The dark tabby is the runt and tonight he ate some lunch meat out of my hand. I got like two seconds of scritches in too.

No. 1181856

File: 1652610682802.jpg (165.05 KB, 894x1500, 91UviUUXvLL._SL1500_.jpg)

I've become so addicted to this tea

No. 1181860

lucky you!

No. 1181861

I've been going braless on my days off for the past months but I think I'll have to stop for summer, during the cold days my boobs are kept in place by the layers of clothing but I feel them bouncing when I'm just wearing a shirt, it's so distracting, I feel like an anime girl.

No. 1181965

I hate waking up early to go do shit, I hate having exams on Sundays, I just wanna sleep more I'm so sleepy ughh

No. 1181969

File: 1652621294300.jpg (7.18 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

bought a croissant from a bakery and i forgot how good they are when they're made right where i live most "croissants" shops sell are basically just rolls shaped like one and they aren't even remotely the same thing. where are the fucking layers guys

No. 1181978


No. 1182010

File: 1652624084873.jpg (42.9 KB, 900x900, unnamed (2).jpg)

i used to be a terminally online fujo but ever since i quit twitter, stopped consuming anime (i still read some manga and webtoons, but not super mainstream popular ones) and got a fulltime job, i started to think that fujos are cringe. or getting obsessed with gay ships in general is just cringe. i'm watching downton abbey right now and watching my friend go in heavy breathing mode whenever thomas (gay character) interacts with jimmy (dude who's skeeved out by thomas touching him all the time because he's obviously not interested) is just so embarrassing. there's just something really embarrassing about being so obsessed with two men fucking. it makes me think that people are only into a show because of the prospect of smut fic on ao3 and not because they legitimately enjoy a show. idk if that makes sense, it's just so weird how my perception has changed over the past few months.

No. 1182040

File: 1652625992821.png (393.95 KB, 517x610, Immagine.png)

Today I finished my apiculture course, I passed the test and am officially a capable enough beekeeper! I'm so happy nonnies, bzzzzzzzzzzz

No. 1182050

File: 1652626334735.jpg (37.59 KB, 400x400, 1609588753929.jpg)

That's horrible nonnie, I send you lucky-find-good-croissant vibes.

No. 1182075

to me "complaining about minor stuff" is mundane shit. Nonnie you must be a really caring person to behave this way and preoccupying about bringing the vibe of the thread down. Worry not! Complaining about your sister eating all your almond plumcakes is mundane shit , it fits and you welcome to. No bad vibes will grow from that.

No. 1182082

I don't really think we need one. The vent thread is for all problems regardless of "serious" they are. You're just thinking too much about it.

No. 1182101

When you get bees, please post pics here, nonnie, I wanna coo over their furry lil' butts

No. 1182107


No. 1182122

I'm craving sugar again even though I already ate ice cream today

No. 1182241

Was the change progressive or did you have some kind of epiphany all of a sudden and stopped being a fujoshi just like that? I'm still a fujoshi, I bonded with my close friends because they're fujoshi as well, and I still ship M/M pairings from time to time but I never watch or read anything just to ship two guys together unless it's a romantic story to begin with, I'm wondering if that's why I'm still a fujo now. I barely read BL manga nowadays though for the same reasons as you, not enough time for that now, and it's been years since I stopped caring about fics too. Sometimes I wonder if I would stop being a fujoshi once I get myself a boyfriend but then I remember that it's more complicated than that because getting a boyfriend and doing anything out of wedlock with him could cost me my life if anyone from my family knew.

No. 1182254

I just finished making it, it is awesome. I put a little too much frosting on it, but it's still great. I also made some other stuff (that's not as exciting) but it's only the afternoon. I should have waited until dinner to cook, but I wanted the cake so bad lol.

No. 1182255

basically i quit twitter because i was oversharing so much, which took me away from my fujo echo chamber. then i entered a really stressful period in my life and only had normie people around me (as in, people who like nerdy things but who aren't terminally online or active in fandom spaces) and didn't have time to consoom any asian media. i started to read a lot of books which helped getting me interested in hetero romance stories too and i stopped having that kneejerk "ew hetrom ew straighties" reaction. and then a few days or weeks ago i started getting this strong secondhand embarrassment whenever i visited my twitter account, since i still use it from time to time to check in with old friends, and i saw my old friends go wild over some anime boi x boi ship… i think all in all it took like six to ten months to arrive at this point.

i still read webtoons with gay ships but at least it doesn't control my life anymore and it's not the only stuff i consume. all in all i spend more of my free time watching normal people tv shows or reading books. i guess maybe i'm too tired to exert so much energy on some enemies to friends to lovers sexual tension subtext between the lines crap when i can just read a proper book or watch a tv show that i can also bond over with my coworkers.

for me the difference between a fujo and a normal shipper is that the fujo absolutely fixates on gay ships and tries to sniff out the gay like a drug sniffing dog at airport TSA and absolutely loses her mind when two characters touch hands once. like a fujo always zooms in on the tiniest of details like she's building a conspiracy board, meanwhile a regular old shipper just sees great chemistry that actually exists on screen, but she can accept when it's not canon and doesn't ree about a character getting in the way of the yaoiz.

No. 1182264

Just had some super salty peanuts and my lips feel like a puffy butthole now.

No. 1182283

Congrats on leaving the fujo twitter echo chamber and engaging more with the real world and other kinds of written works. It's healthy.

No. 1182292

I feel this all it takes is some reality to completely repulse you of any character flaws you had in the past that you did not recognize at the time at all and it hits like a truck

No. 1182318

it really fucking is. i used to devour books as a kid and getting back into reading was great. like yeah there are some trashy books out there and getting published doesn't mean that something is high quality. but god, real books just don't read as autistic and retarded as fanfic.

yeah, especially when you're always surrounded by other fujos or whatever flavor of crazy and it all just seems so normal to you. i also used to think trans shit was normal until i went into the real world and realized that no one takes they/them pronouns and being nonbinary seriously, and that normal people don't obsess over shit like gender identities.

No. 1182323

That's funny, depending on context I'd call myself a fujoshi because I often like M/M pairings, but you would most likely call me a normal shipper given your explanation. I never stopped liking het pairings though despite being picky. The fujoshi I know irl are way more laid-back than the ones online since we're in our late 20s and early 30s. I'm glad I dodged that bullet I guess kek, whenever I see the ones who are obsessed with very recent series like my hero academia or whateverthefuck kaizen I want to flee.

I think I can relate to the things you've said, but for Japanese media as a whole. It was very easy to illegally read manga or watch anime but less easy to pirate tv shows and I wasn't allowed to watch tv and didn't have enough pocket money to go to the cinema at a time when my classmates were almost only into American pop culture or maybe sometimes into our culture's reality tv shows so I barely knew what people were talking about during small talk. Now I have way more opportunities to watch movies, watch series, read novels, find new singers and bands, etc. so I can do small talk easily with anyone. Ironically, tumblr from a decade ago helped with that since a lot of people there were obsessed with Sherlock BBC, the MCU when it was still a brand new thing, Supernatural, Doctor Who, various fantasy and scifi books and movies, etc.

No. 1182324

File: 1652642121389.jpg (354.43 KB, 600x900, chocolate-cinnamon-toffee-crun…)

Samefag, I was gonna post a pic of the cake, but it's pretty boring so just pretend it looks like picrel

No. 1182356

I think they/them as a concept in itself is based and pisses men off which is more based but the fact that it’s never used the way it conceptually should be and is instead a dog whistle for blue haired DID-fakers that want to argue with everyone they meet ruins it

No. 1182366

i started using she/her when referring to a person of unknown sex (like a hypothetical customer or reader or whatever) because it drives men crazy. using general they/them for a hypothetical person is always interpreted as the person being some enby narc with danger hair. like when in a show or book a person is referred to with they/them people assume it's about their (kek) gender identity and not because the author didn't want to give away immediately whether it's a woman or a man.

No. 1182454

The twilight sky today is so beautiful. Many colors, fluffy pink and orange clouds, giant full moon on the sky. So relaxing to look at.

No. 1182476

File: 1652649643422.png (177.4 KB, 2000x1185, 310196.png)

same here anon! everytime it rains in the afternoon and clears up in the summertime the clouds are so beautiful

No. 1182569

I've been mildly annoyed at everything all afternoon, I'm going to make overnight oats and hope having a nice breakfast waiting for me in the morning will cheer me up a little

No. 1182584

i had an omelette. i had another omelette

No. 1182696

I'm tired I wanna go to bed… But I can't read the boards if I am asleep…

No. 1183045

>finally have a sex dream after god knows how long
>it's with a random dude and not my husbando
The worst thing is that I think the guy looked like Paul Dano because I showed pics of him to my brother yesterday, whereas I see my husbando anytime I look at my phone and never dream of him.

No. 1183294

I got a new shirt and it fits me perfectly and I'm really happy about it, because it's difficult to find stuff that fits that perfectly

No. 1183373

I just had a very short nap where I dreamed that Sephora become half of a home improvement store. I still believed it when I woke up and almost came here to post "When the fuck did Sephora become Lowes? Move the bikes i want lipliner".

No. 1183389

I want to have one good sex dream in my lifetime. I feel like I always either wake right before the sex starts or the guy in the dream isn't even hot. Why would my brain do that to me?

No. 1183425

watch what you wish for, my best recent sex dream was when Shane Dawson made me pee on him in a broken down car. no actual sex occurred but that was the best one. now I don't wish for them anymore

No. 1183461

It's raining out and slightly chilly on a Monday work morning, but man am I looking for a cold beer.

No. 1183473

HEALTH is playing in my city, but you need a COVID pass to attend. WHy??? Nowhere else has required having it for months. I guess they are trying to stay HEALTHy

No. 1183562

I'm having one too right now although it's scorching hot here, cheers!

No. 1183813

File: 1652724346384.jpg (48.55 KB, 540x540, tumblr_p2o7o8Kqx31uoqu3po1_540…)

Never thought I'd be one of those but I saw a guy reading on the bus, with a bag full with more books next to him, and I kinda had a dokidoki moment. It's like that one time in high school I developed a tiny crush on some stranger in my year because he came in during class to ask for a spare chair extremely politely.

No. 1184196

Drinking a cold one and watching a livestream concert of one of my favourite musicians now.

No. 1184210

That's how I met my husband nona

No. 1184309

I haven't had my nails done in months, but I got some fake ones today. I feel like a person again.

No. 1184734

File: 1652785465800.jpg (89.22 KB, 480x360, 02COOKING_CHICKENPAPRIKASH2-bl…)

Don't know if I should I eat sad, but healthy leftovers and make some stir fried veggie pasta to go with them or go out for a proper meal? I've been craving chicken paprikash.

No. 1184742

Just get the paprikash to go and stretch it out over a few meals with rice and sauteed vegetables.

No. 1184745

Do the chicken!

No. 1185293

I'm not much of a believer in anything but sometimes I'll notice 'synchronicities' and I can't tell if I'm just being dumb. Probably am

No. 1185300

Retail therapy really does make you feel good or maybe it's cause I actually needed a new laptop. The weather turned crap on my day off so i didn't go exploring so I headed to go buy some wireless headphones since I want to listen to podcasts when I walk about and I figured I never actually go to the local computer/electronic shop and usually just amazon everything but I was bored and maybe a little lonely so I went out. I met the nicest sales girl and she got me an amazing deal on a laptop I've been eyeing up for weeks. I get it Friday. I never would have got round to getting a decent laptop if I didn't just go in to buy earphones on a whim. I got such a good deal too and she threw in office and mcafee for free. This is why you talk to people

No. 1185303

Nooo, keep believing, it's cool and can work your way

No. 1185389

I can't help but believe in those as well, this happens a bit too often, most of the time with my brother, like I'll start singing a theme song from a childhood cartoon I haven't thought off in 20 years and he'll reply "wtf I thought about it this morning".

No. 1185453

File: 1652812068478.jpeg (295.12 KB, 1200x1200, 5AF5E38C-70B1-428B-BC6B-778F15…)

Normally the only exercise I get is the daily hikes I go on. Today instead of hiking I thought I’d help my dad by chopping some wood we need to get rid of. My arms are tired, which I expected, since I do nothing to exercise them, but I’m more surprised that my legs feel like jelly. I guess swinging the axe must use very different muscle groups because even though I’ve got thunder thighs and rock solid calves they apparently couldn’t handle 45 minutes of intermittent chopping.

No. 1185458

File: 1652812154947.jpeg (49.08 KB, 540x540, 958F5A20-8D7B-43EC-B0AD-E09292…)

I used to love the smell of the jelly cube things you would buy, they remind me of my childhood making packet jelly with my mum

No. 1185460

File: 1652812277410.jpeg (184.1 KB, 861x1500, 6139E3A7-0FB5-4942-B5BB-3A8802…)

These things? My mom hated them because she always worried we would choke, so my dad bought them and gave them to us in secret sometimes.

No. 1185468

File: 1652812380126.jpeg (33.02 KB, 612x406, 96F41823-551C-4DE6-ABC6-484677…)

These cubes, hartleys jelly. You would boil them in boiling water and then put it in the fridge

No. 1185473

Interesting, do they expand when you boil them? I’ve only ever made jello from powder.

No. 1185483

File: 1652812820113.jpeg (23.63 KB, 290x174, B8A68869-F018-4532-982F-FF11A6…)

You stir them in boiling water until dissolved and pour the liquid into a bowl and then put it in the fridge for it to set

No. 1185489

I remember making this every weekend as a kid.. and sometimes sneaking a lil bite from the unmelted block first.

No. 1185516

Very curious as someone who's never seen these before, what's the unmelted block like? Is the texture a bit more tough? Is it crazy sweet? I feel like if I had these as a kid I'd just straight up eat the block kek

No. 1185533

what do you do with this weird stuff? It looks like gummy bear candies but that's not it is it?

No. 1185534

It was tough to bite into, chewy and very concentrated in flavor.

No. 1185549

File: 1652814759517.jpg (19.17 KB, 640x445, tisme.jpg)

I'm >>1127759 and I finally figured out what it is. My grandparents got me a microwaveable pillow some time ago, and I haven't used it yet because it's so warm already, so it's been lying unused on my sofa for the past month. It's the first time I looked closely at the packaging, and it's infused(?) with lavender scent. No idea why the smell just sporadically carried over, even when all the doors and windows were closed, though. Turns out, I don't like the smell of lavender. I might be a moth, cheers.

No. 1185912

My stomach will not shut the fuck up lately. I'm not sick or suffering but these windy sounding digestion noises are insane. Like do you mind?

No. 1186177

I was given a bunch of frozen curry dishes but none of them are marked so dinner has been a surprise until it begins to thaw. It's kind of fun. Is it paneer or tofu? Are those chunks potatoes? The one I picked tonight is either black beans or black lentils.

No. 1186237

So which was it?? I must know!

No. 1186254

File: 1652864082468.png (37.08 KB, 404x402, 404.png)

i was huffing about the site being slow. it is a workday i guess. and may is finals month for most. i should go study for exams instead.

No. 1186277

why are we here instead of studying nonnie

No. 1186285

my anxiety always telling me i will fail anyway

No. 1186288

Hnnn gonna have hot pot tomorrow. I’m so excited I can’t sleep.

No. 1186525

I got a haircut, was getting too long again. It always surprises me how my Muslim barber has no problem keeping my hair short, no problem with me using example pics of men, always has a fair price and calls me pretty. Meanwhile Christian hair dressers will start to cry that I'm ruining my god given feminine nature and act like I'm turning myself into an ugly beast, refusing to cut my hair. It's just so nice to not be hassled constantly and also that nobody assumes I want to be a man.

No. 1186801

I've been making microwave brownies/chocolate cake as my dessert this past week

No. 1186810

It's because the Muslim hairdresser is a professional who cares about his customers' requests and wants money, while the other ones you know want to do their own shit. But seriously, fuck hairdressers who do whatever they want, my hair is curly and it's unruly so I barely trust hairdressers and for once in my life I asked for a specific haircut and showed pictures, and said I never straighten my hair and never will and the bitch cut my hair way shorter than I asked so I had a grandma haircut and she had the audacity of proudly suggesting I start straightening my hair now because it's trendy.

No. 1186812

I've been listening to the same two albums over and over again for like a month help

No. 1186825

This but for like 8 years now, I am such a boring bitch

No. 1186829

I love having my morning coffee by the river, im so happy it's finally warm where I live

No. 1186836

Same but I think I've finally broken loose from the earworms, I grew so tired of listening to the same two albums despite hearing them all the time in my head, that I decided to just stop listening to them, or to anything on Spotify. Now I have a different earworm though.
Nah, you just really love those albums. Nothing wrong with that.
Holy shit that sounds horrible, I'm sorry that happens to you nonnies. I don't see that happening here where I live, it's so insane to me that a hairdresser would do whatever the fuck they want with your hair and ignore your request. What rude pieces of shit honestly.

No. 1186868

which ones anon

No. 1186894

File: 1652900194562.png (353.4 KB, 954x460, aslkalsfj.png)

I'm tempted to delete them from my library to force myself to listen to something else

pic rel I'm a sucker for nu disco

No. 1187017

My significant other just went in for an interview at a new job he's excited for, so I drove over in a separate car to meet him there after as a surprise. I'm just creepily parked across from the building, browsing LC

No. 1187020

Kek adorable. I hope he gets it!

No. 1187242

File: 1652920935278.gif (1.44 MB, 300x300, cat-computer.gif)

apparently i got some weird gunk under one of the keys on my laptop keyboard several days ago so it would stick ever so slightly whenever i pressed it and it was driving me insaaaane so after several days of hesitantly prodding at it with a toothpick trying to figure out what to do today i was just like fuck it and ripped it out and cleaned it and stuck it back in and now it feels great again

No. 1187450

I saw this group of younger girls excitedly blabbering about getting fast food while I was waiting around for someone and it kind of put me in a good mood. They all had such a distinct style (Stacey, athletic, Aiden, gothy) which was very cute but it also reminded me of the group of friends I had at that age. I'm still friends with one of them so I think I'm going to call her tomorrow.

No. 1187469

My mom is coming to visit me for a week today and I’m so excited, I can’t wait to hug her.

No. 1187808

File: 1652966059467.gif (426.06 KB, 200x200, 1647260873293.gif)

I just got accepted into a music school!!! I'm so happy all my practice finally paid off aaahgggh!

No. 1187906

I keep losing my sunscreen fuck

No. 1187911

File: 1652972831398.gif (3.65 MB, 480x480, dance.gif)






No. 1187914

F WORD YEAH NONNERS you're a queen today!!!

wholesome, that's all i have to say. it's weird but we also had a friend group like that when i used to have friends. i hope you reconnect with your friend ♥

mashallah just remembered yaspberry yoghurt exists

No. 1187922

File: 1652973320304.gif (76.41 KB, 438x294, 118976byad69yf2k.gif)

That's amazing nonnie!!

No. 1187923

Yes girl get it

No. 1187983

i bought a soap dispenser for the nice packaging but turns out the actual soap smells amazing. smells just like my favorite fruit yoghurt, even though it's a different fruit, melon, not apricot

No. 1188238

I was food shopping earlier and when I was in the queue the man right ahead of me was facing my way instead of looking ahead.. He glances at me and then away and then glances again and this carries on for an uncomfortable amount of time. Nobody with normal social skills would carry on staring like that. I don't want him to talk to me. He smells. I notice that he's wearing wellies, middle aged male farmers in my area are just braindead weirdos in general so that makes sense. I grit my teeth and wait for the queue to move. He eventually turns around and I can breath again.

I spot that the woman behind me could do with more space on the conveyer belt so I move my stuff up a lil and she just throws me the dirtiest look and says nothing. I guess she's annoyed because I should've noticed it sooner. Give me a break lol

No. 1188782

There's a fucking mosquito in my room, can't wait to see tomorrow where it will have bitten me.

No. 1188851

There are so many internet celebrities these days. 10+ years ago it was easy to have some familiarity with virtually all the e-famous personalities. Now there’s too many. I’ll randomly find accounts with millions of followers who I’ve never heard about.

No. 1188884

File: 1653017326338.jpeg (217.67 KB, 1442x1125, 723003D6-8BE1-46D3-B96A-1C3A28…)

I'm trying to design myself a wool hat for the winter that gives me Goblin from The Toy Castle vibes, but in a very dark grey so it matches my jackets. So far I've spent like 22 hours on trial and error to have roughly an inch complete.

No. 1188928

My bidet wand ran out of battery so now I feel super unclean and gross

No. 1188931

My ape brain cannot conceptualize tbe expansion of the universe.

No. 1188940

File: 1653023721660.png (289.67 KB, 600x590, 1652625133027.png)

It's like a balloon blowing up and getting bigger. It used to be a tiny balloon full of solid shit (matter) and hype (energy) but as it gets bigger the poo poo pee pee gets broken up and turns into specks really far from each other and the hype is slowly dying too until the universe runs out of heat.

No. 1188943

Sounds neat. Post pics when you have it completed. I'm excited to see it. I love handmade items.

No. 1189039

File: 1653034193832.jpg (1.24 MB, 1500x1000, how-universe-was-made.jpg)

No. 1189176

I love this

No. 1189323

File: 1653052003266.jpg (179.21 KB, 1240x775, cat-exercise-photos.jpg)

>buy pedometer
>goal is to clock in 10,000 steps everyday or so
>do this for two months now
>pants feel a bit looser
>belt becomes one loop tighter
>it's now approaching another loop

Guys, I think I'm finally losing the covid weight

No. 1189330

proud of you nona!

No. 1189343

Get in nonnie!!

No. 1189367

File: 1653054932225.jpg (136.34 KB, 1523x1026, you-got-dis.jpg)

No. 1189395

Keep it up, I'm a big fan of these

No. 1189398

File: 1653057159465.jpg (29.13 KB, 500x446, tumblr_mcj76a6wKF1qc2j40o1_500…)

I wanna kick myself for not saving that one astrology compatibility calculator, because I can't for the life of mine find it again, even when going through my history. I don't even think I looked for anything special when I first found it.

No. 1189490

No. 1189503

I just had a bagel with avocado shmushed on it with dill and everything-bagel seasoning on top. Yum.

No. 1189882

Nope, I definitely remember when you got your results it was simply black text on white background (the simplicity really stuck lol), and each and every aspect between person A and person B getting explained and how they play into each other. Still thanks!

No. 1189893

Isn’t that Co-star?

No. 1189913

That's not it, either, sadly. It was a website and not an app. I just remembered though, it also had a numerology name compatiblity subpage and displayed the percentage similarly to the astrotheme calculator from above. Maybe I'll comb through every numerology name compatibility calculator website I can find, too lol.

No. 1189996

Post it in the "Help Me Find" thread and see if someone can find it, I wanna know what site you're talking about now too

No. 1190052

File: 1653075608099.jpeg (2.89 MB, 4032x3024, CA1709A7-46A3-4161-BC3A-BEA157…)

Today at work a friend I haven't seen in years came in. She seemed happy to see me and she's moving to the same city as me. I hope we'll become friends again, I miss her and actually was thinking about her the other day. pic unrel.

No. 1190081

If I can't find it by looking through numerology sites, I probably will.

No. 1190548

File: 1653088575257.jpg (89.01 KB, 881x965, download (1).jpg)

I just ate these a few minutes ago. They're pretty good but I have no idea if they actually do shit I also may have ate one more gummy than I should have but don't tell anyone

No. 1190568

Guarana is just like coffee.

No. 1190575

I like this pig. Impressively big ears.

No. 1190589

File: 1653091698684.jpg (105.34 KB, 960x1280, guarana-2.jpg)

I see! Coffee doesn't do anything for em but apparently they (guarana) have more caffeine than a coffee bean. Anyway, I don't feel any different right now but I'm about to study so I'll see.

No. 1190710

I shaved my head and it's growing back in and it feels so fuzzy and soft. Not having hair is great tbh

No. 1190842

I loved having my head shaved it felt so fuzzy and free. But unfortunately when it started growing back it became frizzy and i couldn't even brush it down. Still love girls with shaved heads

No. 1190953

When I went out for my morning walk I saw a group of teen girls and it was so nice to see them wearing baggy jeans and t-shirts.

No. 1191000

I met some cats who were sisters named Jennifer and Rebecca

No. 1191006

File: 1653126451008.jpg (42.83 KB, 500x332, Do-Cats-Like-Coffee.jpg)

I was gifted an espresso machine this year and I've learned to make really nice coffee. Ground coffee beans smell so good. Let me make you all some coffee nonnas

No. 1191012

Yes pleaaaase!

No. 1191016

File: 1653127048870.jpg (570.4 KB, 1000x600, a7sngl398dng7.jpg)

No. 1191024


No. 1191031

This afternoon I'll go to a friend's place to watch a shitty Disney movie with her and other friends. One of them will go back to her country very soon and won't be able to come back here because of some legal problems with her visa and covid so I'll force myself to go for her. I'll donate clothes and books next weekend, I won't have enough free time to do that today.

We will finish our big project in a month at my job so I'll have the entire summer just slacking off at the office, I'll take books with me to kill time until we have more stuff to do.

No. 1191066

I hope I get the job I want. It's just a job at a burger joint, but I really like this place. I just need a job.

No. 1191095

File: 1653136618366.gif (921 B, 72x20, 1958303jks6208why.gif)

No. 1191121

Some dude parked in front of my office like an asshole, I want to call the impounding service on his ass.

No. 1191122

Do it, I support you

No. 1191162

Make men miserable.

No. 1191193

thanks anon

No. 1191203

My cat just hit me.

No. 1191234

wish i could make an imageboard for females, something more active and less hug boxy than crystal cafe, but kinder with no lolcow or drama focus. but i guess whats the point when people already feel one just compensates for the other between lc and cc? but its a nice thought to dream of, building a community of girls where hate is not tolerated, just lots of friendship and learning things together and discussing/sharing things! guess its what g and ot are for.

No. 1191239

The reason why we don't have trannies is snarky anons. CC is filled with femcels who actually like men so they coddle male posters and trannies.

No. 1191243

Just saying, I would join this. Why not make one? Men have hundreds of imageboards for themselves, there’s really only about 2 for us.

No. 1191246

I don't get this "CC is full with trannies" I occasionally scroll through /b/ and /hb/ and it seems fine? Am I looking at the wrong boards?

No. 1191247

Do you have the skills and resources to make one?

No. 1191248

that would be so cute, but kinda seems impossible for many reasons.

No. 1191254

File: 1653147983592.jpeg (Spoiler Image,84.22 KB, 1081x1081, 82319FCD-CC5F-42DF-9423-154DF3…)

i didn’t know so many nonnies would reply in such a short time span!!

to the anon that asked why i wouldnt do it
despite wanting to, it feels futile considering as i mentioned two female imageboards already exist and it would feel like im not bringing much to the table as just being another female image board. i especially think a new imageboard would be good considering the newfound popularity lolcow keeps getting and well, because it isnt home to being a specifically female discussion based imageboard. and cc is dead.

i dont have the resources yet but its definitely something id be willing to commit to and create with some help where needed!!

a girl can dream…

No. 1191262

Unfortunately he left before I could do it but the next time someone does it I'm calling them, I don't care if that makes a snitch lol.

No. 1191295

I don't use CC but they did a poll once and like %40 users admitted ti being male or trans, that's the ones who admitted to it.

No. 1191382

Just watered my garden then 20 minutes later this big thunderstorm rolls in.

No. 1191407

File: 1653155257632.jpg (30.62 KB, 720x721, 280809818_499341551989152_4868…)

It's a really nice day outside, and I live right near a pretty park but can't motivate myself to get off not fucking phone. I'm gonna be on my death bed thinking about all the time I wasted in my life and hate myself so much.

No. 1191413

File: 1653155649018.jpg (11.76 KB, 268x162, kekkk.jpg)

same nona, same

No. 1191506

File: 1653161496092.jpg (50.41 KB, 735x362, c1b6ee28c9ee2b5a6a4ff93efff8b9…)

Can't wait to get home and watch Apocalypse Now eating roasted potatoes and onions, it's what's fueling me today through these all day long meetings

No. 1191594

WTF I just heard the loudest most pained scream come from our neighbors house behind us… It sounded like a woman but I heard no one else shouting or anything after that. My neighbors have a history of domestic violence I have heard them arguing outside but never screams. I'm trying to listen for anything else but everything is quiet now and it's like 4 pm here so other people should have heard this too right?? I don't know weather to call someone about this or see if anyone else heard anything…

No. 1191685

File: 1653171615038.png (80.03 KB, 366x279, letspretendshessniffingandnotb…)

The manga I buy nowadays don't smell like the ones I bought a decade ago. It's still the same book stores and publishers as back then, so maybe the publishers switched ink or paper? But even if so, all of them at once??? But considering this one triple-digits series current volumes still smell like the first one throw this theory out of the window… Anyways, not a fan of the way they smell nowadays. Can book smell fade? I think I'd cry if the older ones lost it, I grew up with it, it's so nostalgic and comforting.

No. 1191688

Was there any chance at all it could have been a fox? Usually they scream at night but sometimes they’re active in the day. It might make sense if you didn’t hear anything but the one scream.

No. 1191690

Books just keep smelling better as they age. I loved getting boxes of old books when I worked at a thrift store. Smelled so good.

No. 1191713

Youtube needs a section where you can just save channels. I don't want some people clogging up my subscription feed but I'd still like to remember their name and browse their channel from time to time.

No. 1191733

i love the smell of manga, it reminds me of when my mom took me to the manga store like twice a month and just let me waste my entire allowance on new stuff. it still gets me super nostalgic, even though i don't buy manga anymore. i haven't smelled it in years, even though i did visit some manga sections during the past few weeks, but i couldn't smell it through my ffp2 mask.

No. 1191735

That's what browser bookmarks are for.

No. 1191838

Got so fucking drunk it dropped my inhibitions, I was waving and smiling at randos in the subway, it was 2.30am and I said hi to a dude on his bike while entering my building, I wish I was this brave in my normal state.

No. 1191941

I've done it. I found a man I'm not afraid to have sex with. He's like 10-15 cm taller than me (slight manlet, but I like that actually), intelligent, sensitive, nice and just as inexperienced as me lol. I hope it will happen sometime. I was visiting him today and he randomly took his shirt off 'cause he just got home from work(???), I told him 'put a shirt on man!' and he did for 15 minutes, then took it off again. Was this some autistic hint? He's really not the type to be desperate for that shit. He's so harmless even though he's slightly older than me. I might be a little bit in love.

No. 1192029

>starts taking off his clothes as soon as he bring you home
This isnt good.

No. 1192034

Anon sounds desperately insecure and like she's looking for a man who's too mediocre to intimidate her

No. 1192103

I recently bought a book about bicycles that made me really want one, but I'm such an autist that I never learned how to ride.

No. 1192109

Do it, riding a bike isn't that hard!

No. 1192111


No. 1192118

File: 1653209302247.jpg (43.58 KB, 600x600, 43752383_12m.jpg)

I thrifted the complete pyrex butterprint refrigerator set for 10$ last year. I never took the time to look up how much they are worth. Turns out they go for around 20-40$ each. I will never sell them cause real pyrex and they are very cute. I love it when thrift stores employees don't know what they're doing. I often see real pyrex priced the same as the shit one.

No. 1192142

Just saw an old high school friend at the store. He pretended not to see me and I don't blame him, he looked kinda busted and was buying booze at 11 am. Man, I hope he gets thorough whatever he's going through.

No. 1192160

Nice find. Those are my one of my favorite sets. New stuff sucks in comparison.

No. 1192163


No. 1192183

hmm posts like these always make me wonder what to look out for when I'm at the thriftstore. I wanna get the good stuff for when I move out in a few years too but I have no idea what good brands are etc. when I'm at the thriftstore.

No. 1192212

I want an electric scooter. I also want a birkin.

Tf is this retarded story.

No. 1192297

I was drunk as shit this never happened. I like him though, he's not as retarded as he sounds. the shirt stuff weirded me out though kek

No. 1192485

I just google the things when in store. The more you thrift, the more you can identify things that are worth it. I also worked in a thrift store.

No. 1192486

I just spent 10 minutes locked in a mall toilet and had to break out of it kool-aid man style. when I got out, was a teenage moid standing with his back against the wall in front of my toilet prison. When I asked why he didn’t do anything since he had to have heard me calling for help from inside, and he went “nyeeh” and waved his phone. Fucking bewildering.

No. 1192493

I heckin love quail eggs

No. 1192494

Lmao what

No. 1192521

File: 1653240313759.png (648.78 KB, 756x984, Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 1.24…)

i'm distracting myself from my mental problems by assembling a big buyee order again

I absolutely love vintage pyrex. Regrettably the antique sellers in my area have gotten wise to the popularity and i can rarely find even a tiny pyrex cup for <$14.

No. 1192522

what is this robot? looks familiar

No. 1192647

Ngl, I'm thinking about just going for an adult trike instead so I don't have to learn to balance. I'm just worried because some sites say using a trike makes hills easier (because you don't have to maintain a certain speed just for balance) while others say trikes make hills harder.

No. 1192697

File: 1653249262548.jpg (126.06 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.3120790847_k5rn.jpg)

Ayrt, I tried to stop buying pyrex dishes cause I have more than I need. I had these very cute small bowls, but I broke two of them cause I am a clutz. I hope I can find them again. They were great for prep when you use a ton of ingredients. My mom gifted me her classic clear glass rectangular dishes so I am now thinking about selling my extra ones I don't need. I know have three of the really big ones and I rarely use them. I am kitchen hoarder, at least I cook and bake a lot so I do at least use everything.
Now my mission is to complete my set of Ironstone Broadhurst Autumn Glen dinnerware (picrel). I have around ten big plates and three small ones that I got for 10$ but I rarely see them. I found a bowl once but it was badly chipped.

No. 1193408

I changed scents on my laundry detergent and softener and then changed my pillowcases. I am in a purple-scented bliss. (think purple things. not grape.)

No. 1193419

lavender? are there any other purple smells btw?

No. 1193792

Got hit with inspo to work on my cringe smut fic. Here we go ladies.

No. 1193797

Violet, berry, lilac.

No. 1193870

i have some labneh straining in my fridge right now. it looks so good and i want to eat it but it still has another 6 or 30 hours before it's ready

No. 1193894

I was laying in bed and suddenly I got struck by inspiration to draw something naughty and it's so hot, I'm happy with my drawing so far, seriously I got up and realized my face is totally red when I saw myself in the mirror, I hope your fanfic is going well too, good luck

No. 1194026

Thank you nona! I'm glad you're happy with your drawing kek. I've been working on this fic on and off for about two years now. I really like the premise I came up with but have struggled a lot to write it out in a way that isn't super convoluted, I'm really happy with this iteration though!

No. 1194096

I think I ate a moldy banana.

No. 1194102

How you feeling

No. 1194107

Ok. I only ate it like 20 minutes ago.

No. 1194118

How didn’t you notice the mold before, sending your stomach protective vibes

No. 1194126

I saw the suspicious looking part and threw it away, but it still touched the rest of what I ate. I may have consumed some other parts before I could realize they were bad. This is just what I get for telling myself to suck it up and eat a banana that was a little too ripe.

No. 1194133

I took a break away from the farms for a few weeks after getting into a retarded infight because I was annoyed and disappointed in myself for getting angry on the internet. There was a big health scare with my mom going on as well during that time. But thankfully we just found out today that my mom is going to be fine! I'm so glad. Lol I missed this place so much and I'm so excited to chill and get back to talking shit!

No. 1194138

Welcome back babes!

No. 1194146

File: 1653337613738.gif (1.68 MB, 640x598, fd6c079e840fb1fe34e91856bb5d2b…)

Thank you nona!

No. 1195408

I still don't feel stick, so perhaps the banana wasn't moldy but just looked (and partially tasted) bad. I actually feel more sick from drinking 3 Fanta sodas in the past 24 hours.
The food poisoning goddesses have spared me.

No. 1195411

My vibes must’ve worked

No. 1195413

Thank you anon, I am forever in your debt.

No. 1195582

The store is sold out of my favorite tea. Sux.

No. 1195715

File: 1653450196647.jpg (10 KB, 275x275, 1652092240674.jpg)

God bless tumblr for not removing reblogged images from their server even if the original post is deleted/deactivated.

No. 1195722

What's the tea called, nona?

No. 1195726

Ito En Unsweetened Matcha Genmaicha I usually buy ten 2L bottles at a time

No. 1195729

>I usually buy ten 2L bottles at a time
Goddamn no wonder they're sold out

No. 1195735

It sounds tasty. Hope you can find some soon.

No. 1195908

File: 1653470560031.jpg (23.6 KB, 360x351, m47nme6jaev41.jpg)

I always feel so paranoid letting food sit out for a long time. I made macaroni and cheese, and it was out for 4/5 hours because I masturbated and then fell asleep. American things. and now I feel bad even though I've probably had macaroni that sat for longer at Thanksgiving or some shit.

No. 1195913

>I always feel so paranoid letting food sit out for a long time
do you watch chubbyemu by any chance? ever since i came across that channel i haven't been able to leave anything sitting out for more than 5 minutes

No. 1195916

No I don't, I've been afraid of this for a while. I always try to put my food up when it cools down (especially rice and stuff) but it just doesn't happen sometimes.

No. 1195921

Nta but I watched a video from that channel weeks ago and now I'm paranoid about eating leftover rice or pasta kek

No. 1195963

File: 1653475143983.jpg (31.79 KB, 632x595, CZiq32pUUAA_6pg.jpg)


Oh no, I'm currently eating leftover rice and curry as I'm reading this. I'm so intrigued to watch the video but I think I'll choose blissfull ignorance this time.

No. 1195966

Leftover food isn't a problem as long as it's refrigerated properly. I won't explain it in detail, but leaving food out is a risk because of botulism. Research it if you want.

No. 1195968

Ditto, I prefer food poisoning to food anxiety induced anorexia

No. 1195969

Is it alright if I leave it out to cool for <2 hours before I put it in the fridge? Because I heard you're not supposed to refrigerate it when it's still hot.

No. 1195972

File: 1653475491202.png (15.29 KB, 680x157, rice.PNG)

Yeah, always let your food cool. I try to put rice up after an hour, I'm no food expert though and I admit that part of my fear is possibly because of an anxiety disorder.

No. 1195975

yeah leaving things out for 2 hours or less is perfectly fine, and then if you aren't going to eat it within a couple of days it's better to keep it in the freezer

No. 1195979

Alright, that's all I wanna know for now kek.
Thanks nonnies!

No. 1195985

I didn't know this… why does rice have to be tossed after two hours? Does it apply to fried rice or only white rice?

No. 1195988

It grows some shit, some mouldy stuff idk. Most stomachs can handle it in most circumstances though. I personally survived countless Chinese fast food takeaways.

No. 1195995

Botulism basically deadly food poisoning. It applies to all rice and basically all other foods (except for fermented stuff I think). How long you can wait before food becomes a risk depends on what food it is though. The bacteria that causes botulism is actually in a lot of things, it's only a risk if the food is improperly stored or canned and most other bacteria has to be killed for it to survive. Like I said, my paranoia of it is unreasonable and I don't want you anons to be scared of it either lol, just don't let your food stay out for a super long time.
Also, it's the stuff that's in botox.

No. 1195997

Botox is the toxin of botulism, it not the living creature itself, if that makes sense.

No. 1195998

>mundane shit
>dying from botulism
Goddamn, everyday life with anxiety sucks balls

No. 1195999

File: 1653477695183.jpg (9.08 KB, 300x300, 300px-Crying_Cat_screaming.jpg)

It does.

No. 1196002

Well..there are worse ways to die,right?

No. 1196004

Anyway I'm going to throw the mac and cheese away. It's ok though because it's a small amount and it was a little too salty anyway.

No. 1196013

Speaking of botulism, don't store baked potatoes in the foil. It creates an anaerobic environment in which the botulism bacteria can thrive.

No. 1196016

Yep. The bacteria comes from dirt, and potatoes are literally covered in it (even if you wash them, I think).

No. 1196017

Samefag, these don't do a damn thing but I keep eating them because yummy sweet tea gummies

No. 1196020

People who ferment and can stuff at home makeup about 15% (but i swear its more from what i have seen online) of botulism cases cause the key part of avoiding botulism is how the food is stored and most people dont know how to can safely and correctly without large financial investments in proper tools.

No. 1196021

I thought it was really rare to get botulism from fermented food, but maybe that's store bought fermented food and not homemade.

No. 1196046

Did we take the safe food safety class where a whole hypothetical family at a bbq fuckin died because of their baked potatoes being left on the counter too long? There was also a part in that same class where the lady says something along the lines of "no one wants undercooked chicken" and the screen shows a live baby chicken between a bun.

No. 1196049

This is the one thing that keeps me from canning my food. I've canned stuff before to see if I could do it but ended up throwing it out because I was scared of botulism.

No. 1196052

What's the proper way to store potatoes? I'm growing my own this year and I want to be sure that they don't have any bacteria or weird shit in them. If I take them out the soil, wash them and leave them there it's fine, right? Do they need to stay in the fridge at all times?

No. 1196059

Depends on where you live. I live in a tropical climate so I just throw them in the fridge. Really, the only issue I've ever heard with potatoes is botulism because a lot of people store them in foil and it only proliferates in a low-oxygen/no oxygen environment

No. 1196122

I'm scared my boyfriend will die from botulism cause he's too dumb to understand that you have to put leftovers in the fridge. He will leave a lunch I made him in his bag until he eats it the next day. He once gave me hummus that had been sitting in his bag for 24h and it was disgusting and he didn't see anything wrong with it. He thinks that food safety only exist for meat so because he's vegan it doesn't apply to what he eats. I am surprised he's never even had a food intoxication. I keep sending him articles about botulism and food intoxications but he does not care and say that it's fake news. He also eats food that have been sitting in his fridge for way too long just because "no mold means it fine", not it does not. If it's been there for more than 5-7 day it's gone bad and can be dangerous. Fucking moid of a boyfriend.

No. 1196127

Same. Lots of respect for people who can/ferment food but it's not for me.

No. 1196130

The bacteria that causes botulism is found in soil, there's no real way to completely avoid it. You can store them in the fridge like the anon said above but they should also be fine on the counter (they'll just go bad faster). The botulism stuff mostly applies to cooked food. If you wanna know how to avoid it you gotta do your own research.

No. 1196141

I lost the little measuring cup that came with my rice cooker and I'm sad because it was the perfect size to just put a dip or condiments in for a little quick snack. I have a big measuring cup for my actual rice but I guess I need to finally buy something actually made for holding dips.

I used to work somewhere that organized camping excursions and we made and provided all the food for it, the tour guides would take some ice and stuff to preserve it but try to use all the stuff that won't keep past the first day. But inevitably the next day when they would come back some of the guides would bring this nasty old food back in bags that are all hot from the sun and they would just eat these rank leftovers. I couldn't believe it, seeing them eat it made me want to vomit. They were all super zero waste ecohippie people but I can't imagine whatever that did to their stomachs was worth it. Although they were doing it all the time, so maybe the body adjusts to all the poisoning? I dunno. They would also rinse out disposable ziploc bags that food had rotted in and rinse them with water and reuse the bags multiple times at home.

No. 1196143

His brain is fucked because of his vegan diet, poor dude.

No. 1196168

File: 1653489051415.gif (1.96 MB, 498x280, dont-do-it-chubbyemu.gif)

Show em some chubbyemu vids where shit like this has nearly killed people, there's a few.

No. 1196202

My dad once tried to make my sister and I eat a tuna sandwich that we did not eat for lunch after it had been sitting in our backpack in a hot summer day at warped tour. We just went to bed instead. We still talk about how gross that was 20 years later.

Kek I keep telling him that, he does not even have a balance diet. He thinks eating a whole baguette is a meal. He's lucky that I love cooking for others.

I tried after finding his videos while researching the subject and he complained that it was in English.

No. 1196219

File: 1653491717849.png (459.6 KB, 589x738, He's just a kid!_(1).png)

I'm mad that I'm the shortest and most baby faced of my siblings even though I'm the oldest… People who just meet us will be like 'So that's your older sister?' even though she's a bit younger than me. Fml

No. 1196228

Unironically, cooked meat fares way better than vegetables after being left out for along time. I’ll admit I’m a fucking goblin who leaves food out. But I only dare to do that for less than 6 hours and only with food that can be reheated thoroughly. With salad or sandwiches that can’t be reheated, you’re truly rolling your dice on dying from E. coli.

No. 1196246

Some prepared veggies spoil even faster than meats, your boy is gonna die

No. 1196251

kek when i stopped eating meat i thought i was invincible too and got sick from tofu stir fry that had been in the fridge for a week. it wasn't as bad as food poisoning i've gotten from meat before but it was still rough, you're just gonna have to let him figure it out for himself one day

No. 1196325

Wtf, is this a common attitude in the plant-based community or is it just you and anon's boyfriend? I say this because I'm a vegetarian and also the anon who posted about being scared of letting food stay out in the first place. I didn't realize some people don't see non-meat food as food that can go bad but I also don't really pay attention to other vegetarians and vegans.

No. 1196331

I'm wondering this too nona!

No. 1196351

I made Thai style chili garlic oil beef over rice with an egg and fresh scallions from the kitchen garden this morning with a miso ginger soup for breakfast and sliced up a tomato with a little salt and it’s so good. I’m glad I committed to cooking this morning and didn’t cheap out for coffee or tea and a slice of toast.

No. 1196372

File: 1653498102270.jpg (46.37 KB, 600x600, greengoblinhands3dsmodel01.jpg)

Please ma'am, just a morsel that sounds fucking delicious anon

No. 1196404

File: 1653499373374.jpg (6.04 KB, 307x198, hhfhfhf.jpg)


No. 1196455

anon you now have THREE DAUGHTERS to feed i want some too!!

No. 1196537

Hmmmmm…. wondering if it's time to replace my laptop now that I can hear the fan running just from doing simple things like browsing multiple tabs on the internet….

No. 1196540

For yeears now the inside of my left knee has been prone to getting an itch. When I do scratch it (no matter how lightly I scratch) the whole area turns bright ass red for a while. The skin there looks normal the rest of the time so I've no idea what it is.

No. 1196657

Using stuff from your own kitchen garden makes cooking so much more rewarding, I put my chives and mint in anything I can

No. 1196879

Clean it out of dust; and if you know of a trusted IT specialist, ask them to run diagnostics - i don't know shit about this kind of thing but my laptop became pretty loud at some point, I asked a colleague to help, there were some updates installed by default that messed up RAM usage or whatever, he cleaned them up and laptop is now quiet as new. Better to always look for ways to fix, not replace.

No. 1196955

File: 1653532096230.jpg (197.38 KB, 2000x1126, what-is-jackfruit-2000.jpg)

Tried jackfruit today. I like it though it is very stringy. I'm assuming you aren't supposed to eat the white connective parts right?

No. 1196957

No don't eat the white parts!!!

No. 1196960

Kek thanks I figured it out pretty fast. I threw some to my dog and he tried chewing it with a concerned looked on his face

No. 1198258

I made a microwave chocolate cake and put some almonds and an apple on top.

No. 1198294

File: 1653624127794.jpg (9.81 KB, 275x245, 1653057159465.jpg)

Slept like shit and now my back hurts really bad and I have so many things to do today uuughhh

No. 1198690

Damn these are so expensive where I'm from.

No. 1198694

Can't believe I'm siding with a male smh

No. 1198698

I'm slacking off at the office. I have better results than most coworkers now for some reason so I shouldn't care that much if it makes me a little late compared to my deadline. I know I'll catch up.

No. 1198795

I wish I was you. What's your job if you don't mind me asking?

No. 1198850

I'm a recruiter and won't say lore because I bet some rl friends know about that place. But basically I'm just waiting for clients to confirm if they have finally met candidates I recommended to them so I don't have a lot of things to do right now.

No. 1198876

came here to post this. I only work like 3 hours a day max but since I make deadlines ahead of my lazy coworkers I actually get praised for my work ethic kek

No. 1198892

I had Pizza flavor pringles one time years and years ago and I'll never forget how much they just hit the spot. Idk why they stopped selling them where I live but I spotted some sort of limited edition pepperoni pizza version today and I had hoped they'd taste similar.. they don't. They purely taste like pepperoni and not the pizza taste I wanted.

Why does my country have some of the worst limited edition versions of snacks but we fail to import alot of more popular shit that is at least proven to be well liked?

No. 1198929

File: 1653665719419.jpg (13.18 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

Playing hypnospace outlaw because Sims 4 is broke and i love the game, even though I watched like 15 people play and i'm still finding new cool things!
It's like a soup or a Dip, we call it heat and sip!

No. 1198935

my sister brought a whole pack of Pringles with different mini packs. All she has left is the Pizza flavor. kek.
I also don't like the new Pringles man, he's not as cool as the old one.

No. 1199433

I've been having 1-2 desserts and a milk tea everyday for a little over the past week. Kind of paranoid that I will get diabetes, but I don't think diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar anyway.
Anyway I'm about to go have a very late breakfast. Idk what I'm making yet, but I will have a milk tea.

No. 1199437

you can get type 2 diabetes from eating too much sugar but unless those desserts are entire cakes then youre probably not at risk lol. enjoy your milk tea!!

No. 1199445

I thought the weight gain from eating too much sugar is what can cause diabetes? Idk, I honestly am not very educated on this.
Admittedly, I've had my own eating problems that I've been working to fix. This has kind of been me falling back into old habits which is probably why I'm worried about it lol. But I will go enjoy my milk tea.

No. 1199454

File: 1653682883742.jpg (86.46 KB, 696x474, gfhbjknml.jpg)

Anons, I have the choice between three games, (1) an idol business simulator, (2) a political choose your own adventure type text-RPG and (3) that one visual novel where I got four out of 108 endings so far. Please tell me which one to play.

No. 1199460

idol business. and i'm bored. do you have a link?

No. 1199470

Sugar is a symptom not a cause. It’s excess fat putting stress on your organs preventing proper insulin production. Then when you consume too much sugar and don’t have the insulin to process it you get the diabetic symptoms.
Other things can play factors like fasting as women for more than 6 hours and then eating something sugar and carb heavy that’s too much for your body to process after the break.

No. 1199479

2nd sounds like disco elysium so go for that one

No. 1199481

File: 1653683899518.jpg (77.14 KB, 620x762, 23798ab0d3cc4364364a7b2213cd46…)

No. 1199485

Nope, it's Suzerain, but yours sounds interesing, maybe I'll pick it up sometime.

No. 1199493

Oh you totally should, it's excellent. But Suzerain is really good too, so i'm still voting for it. Out of curiosity, what is this massive visual novel?

No. 1199524

Whoops, I accidentally counted 12x3x3 instead of 12x3 for some reason, so it's actually only 36 and not 108 endings. With only about two hours per route, it's actually not that big. Anyways, it's Dead Wishes. I'll probably play Suzerain after I inevitably end up bankrupt in Idol Manager due to my obvious lack of math skills lol.

No. 1199525

Gonna boil these eggs. Best by date said April 26 but I cracked one open and it looks fine. It’ll probably be fine, I want some soy sauce egg on rice.

No. 1199548

File: 1653685743529.jpg (105.92 KB, 640x640, b2a6403a87193355e57e59a6e3abff…)

Where did you get that picture from?

No. 1199558

File: 1653685834303.png (293.27 KB, 745x537, egg.PNG)

Put the eggs in water, if they sink they're fine, if they float they're spoiled.

No. 1199642

There's been a fly buzzing around for the past 30 minutes and it's really irritating me

No. 1199768

Eat it

No. 1199867

There is nothing better than freshly washed sheets under a weighed blanket in a cool room.

No. 1199921

I have a single tomato, and I want to use it before it goes bad but I don't know what to make. Maybe I'll just make a grilled cheese and have (seasoned) tomato as a side.

No. 1199953

ugh, yes. it's like the wholesome version of a cigarette

No. 1199967

i was approached by a really cute guy tonight but i immediately told him i had a bf except i don't actually have a bf i'm just an autist who's very dedicated to her husbando

No. 1199971

Respect. You did the right thing nona

No. 1199993

I think that is a good choice. A single tomato should be savored.

No. 1200245

File: 1653743388395.jpg (26.22 KB, 480x320, coffee.jpg)

Treated myself to a large coffee out today and the guy serving me only charged me for a small. Things are really looking up for me. Yep life is going my way. That tarot video that said 'abundance is coming my way' sure fucking is.

No. 1200256

Sorry, I just googled cat in tutu lol.

No. 1200257

File: 1653744060551.gif (850.54 KB, 500x280, ueRS3W4eVdEzb4WVsqz9N08KXxiU-r…)

Just eat it like that.

No. 1200277

Picked out some books I'll reward myself with if I pass my final exams with straight A's.

No. 1200438

File: 1653755876014.gif (5.79 MB, 410x396, liquid.gif)

I bought some liquid snack for my cat for the first time, hoping for gifrel, but she just sniffed it, didn't even try it, and now shows no interest at all…

No. 1200441

Oh well now you can have all to yourself!

No. 1200448

It was painted by Grace from G2andG on Etsy

No. 1200452

Sometimes I really feel like I'm about to have a heart attack. Like right now.

No. 1200453

File: 1653756599701.jpg (263.15 KB, 1300x1146, me.jpg)

Achievement unlocked: Bull in China Store! Make an employees day harder by letting a glass container splatter all over the floor!

No. 1200461

My car is in the shop so they gave me a loaner and I don't want to go back to my car kek. It's brand new and heats up my butt so quick.

No. 1200515

I ate macarons for the first time and they’re not at all how I expected they would be. I thought it would be really crispy all the way through, like a cracker, but it’s just a thin layer of crispiness.

No. 1200529

I failed to solve my assignment on time again, we have to solve these problems if we want a better grade but they're hard and no matter how long I try to solve them I always manage to figure it out a little before I have to turn in the assignment and then I never have time to copy what I wrote to a nice paper. Dammit I don't even care about getting a better grade but they say the professor doesn't like it if you don't turn in at least two. This is such bullshit either make it required or don't make it required. Don't make it half required. I wasted all day for nothing

No. 1201130

too tired and lazy to fill up the bath or my foot massager thing, so I'm just soaking my feet in the sink. I think my feet bones developed weird

No. 1201229

Just having my morning shit and browsing lolcow. Oh, it's already out.

No. 1201280

File: 1653822477045.jpg (36.07 KB, 400x400, gajjhyDK_400x400.jpg)

based and thriving

No. 1201321

I put on corpsepaint, I just wanted to see what my roommate will do when she sees me. When she gets back, I will open the door for her with a biiiig smile.

No. 1201362

I made a thread about time management and simulation games in m/ if anyone is interested in talking about these games >>>/m/209791

No. 1201368

Chronically constipated anon is going to be jealous when she sees this.

No. 1201496

She smiled at me when I opened the door and then stood stunned for a bit and then she said I'm really special. Kek

No. 1201535

File: 1653843407335.jpeg (14.74 KB, 225x225, 6FFCFB58-6C4E-496E-A421-6A0F62…)

I just had an apple and it tasted so FUCKING good. Best apple of my life 10/10

No. 1201537

File: 1653843654944.jpg (80.22 KB, 567x800, f3607b8b7f53a8fb8b0e3ddb1a1c96…)

Hopefully you'll get to taste more perfect apples.

No. 1201640

You know breath strip mints? I found soap that comes like that in case you are in a bathroom or outside and don't have any soap. I like that

No. 1201643

Dropped a heavy glass bottle on my glass weight scales in the bathroom and temporarily lost my hearing over it. It's back but my ear feels uncomfortable now.

No. 1201728

I just drank sweet tea on an empty stomach, and now I feel sick.

No. 1201828

I have already said that I was having a crush on a guy based on his accent and voice.
We’ve been having lots of discord calls lately, first on the same server then eventually on private. We’re watching tons of fun videos and spending time together and I feel so dumb for having a crush on someone based on calls, we’re at one hour airplane distance but there’s still no concrete plan on meeting irl. I am feeling like a teenager with an innocent crush… I missed this feeling a lot!

No. 1202163

I have 4110 songs on my laptop yet nothing to listen to…

No. 1202181

I took a day off today and did nothing but laze about playing videogames. I ate a really good pastry too. It was really nice.

No. 1202190

I made myself a goddamn pie and homemade chicken noodle soup yesterday. But then that night I woke up with the most body-wracking stomach pains. Stumbled into the bathroom and just lay on the floor while my body broke out into a cold sweat from the pain. Drank some indigestion medicine (the taste was comforting). I think I must've eaten too much or just laid in a position that made my stomach contorted.

No. 1202218

Do NOT buy Fiestaware, that shit is so common and crap.

No. 1202224

Ooh dear that sounds like a bit more than indigestion. I hope you feel better soon, that meal sounded legendary ♥

No. 1202232

It was! I already had some leftover soup today so all that remains is the pie, heheheh.

No. 1202288

File: 1653880261637.jpg (320.23 KB, 945x1236, KATEBEATONselfportrait.jpg)

I joined someone's Patreon for the first time and it was Kate Beaton's.

No. 1202344

File: 1653884735409.png (106.85 KB, 335x305, BC9CBB29-F408-4932-9496-7DA9AD…)

Thought this was from the guy who did bad machinery, thanks for reminding me these comics exist

No. 1202354

omg I love Kate Beaton and she has a Patreon???!!!

No. 1202357

I just found two Trader Joes pomegranate tea packets sandwiched between two pie crusts in my pantry. They must have been there for months now, but I'm happy I found them

No. 1202369

She only has one tier at $1.50CAD, and it's worth it if you like her work. I'm excited to read new comic, Ducks, about her time when she worked in the oil sands in Fort McMurray. I didn't know it released. I grew up in Northern Canada and know a lot of people who worked at the same place. Gonna pick it up soon! If this sounds like an ad I just think she's really cool

No. 1202408

I'm so sleepy but I need to wait for my food to finish cooking

No. 1202871

Forgot it was memorial day. Showed up to work anyway, apparently I didn't have to work today. Well now I have the rest of the day free, what should I do nonnas?

No. 1202882

I swear plastic bags from retail stores are getting flimsier. These days after putting only a few products inside the handles already feel on the verge of ripping.

No. 1202921

I love this feature! I like to know once I've reblogged I will always have it.

No. 1202926

binge your favourite show! or for something less boring maybe try a new recipe?

No. 1202956

I recently got hit with the realization that even for someone 1.90m tall 90kg is bordering on overweight and can't stop thinking about it. Back in high school I heard so many boys say, almost bragging even, they whought like 80kg+ while they were barely taller than me (1.70m). For Burgies (and Myanmars and Liberials, too, I guess), 1.90m/90kg is 6'3"/198lbs.

No. 1202978

Ty nona I'm going to watch Tuca and Bertie and maybe make noodles later

No. 1203239

I was listening to a podcast and my headphones died right as the episode was ending.

No. 1203284

I’ve been meaning to watch that show! It looks like a lot of fun.

No. 1203391

File: 1653964416481.jpeg (46.72 KB, 740x740, D710B8D4-4847-4F42-A415-57DD84…)

I moved across states and bought an IKEA desk but realized halfway through assembly that I needed a hammer and didn’t have one. At first I used another piece of wood from the kit but stopped when I realized I was denting it. In the end I used picrel like a caveman hand tool to smash the plastic pegs into the holes. Thank you kitty.

No. 1203394

File: 1653964788698.png (48.39 KB, 195x237, jaj.PNG)

I love wild cherry capri sun, gonna go drink some.

No. 1203400

Went for some drinks and skeeball at a local bar. Ran into a few of my sweet zoomer employees who insisted I join them to dance at another venue! I like to dance so I went. Everything was really fun, but they played Crank That Soulja Boy and I was the only one who knew how to Crank That Soulja boy and came out feeling silly and old by the end of it. I should have just not Cranked That and bobbled around aimlessly like the others. Lesson learned

No. 1203452

the mental image of that made me kek
enjoy anon

No. 1203542

kek nonna you sound awesome, please don't change

No. 1203568

You say "like a caveman" but I think "like a smart woman". Good job, nonna! I know plenty of people who would've just bought a hammer instead of looking for something else.

No. 1204115

File: 1654021353657.jpg (78.61 KB, 640x853, I do not suffer from anatidaep…)

I live relatively close to a river, like 300 meters. This often leads to ducks, be it singles, couples on a date night (day?) or entire families taking detours to my front door. Today, I saw a lone drake (a male duck, not the canadian) waddling about at my front door. I got unusually close to him, so I tried to pet him (I already managed to make them literally eat right out of my palm like once or twice) but he didn't like that, so he took a step back. Then he looked at me. And I looked at him. He kept looking, so I of course kept looking, too. I think we stood there for a good minute, but it was very likely a lot less. And then he looked, and walked, away. I won the staring contest, u stoopid goose. This is my third duck-related post on lolcow.

No. 1204127

File: 1654021683227.png (458.45 KB, 1919x886, duckduckduckgoos.PNG)

And to make it my fourth, I just found out the ducks I have in front of my door don't live all everywhere, which is a bit shocking. I assumed they were standard birds that spawned all over the world.

No. 1204129

>Today, I saw a lone drake (a male duck, not the canadian) waddling about at my front door.
>This is my third duck-related post on lolcow.
keep it up I love it

No. 1204212

I've been putting off on making clothes for myself since I'm chubby and don't want to make anything until I'm at my desired weight, but I think I might make myself a top for summer.

No. 1204241

File: 1654025832895.gif (69.37 KB, 300x100, mencommit.gif)

look at the new banner I just made

No. 1204248

Love it!

No. 1204250

I found three baby birds that fell down their destroyed nest today. I fed them a little but one of them died sadly, but I gave the other two to my dad who keeps birds and hopefully one of his songbirds will raise them. Apparently they're also a kind of bird my dad was trying to get, so that's good too.

No. 1204255

ducks are dumb as fuck, I love them

No. 1204268

i love it sm

No. 1204299

I'm on page 700 of this 900 page book and I hate it and want to stop reading but I'm also mad about giving up this far in.

No. 1204305

Sunk cost fallacy. Pick up a better book.

No. 1204316

My retarded ass keeps thinking about a cosplay I want to make. I spent all day looking at references and patterns and props but I know the second I start having to pay for materials my bitch ass just ain't gonna do it. Cosplay is fucking expensive and that's why I dropped that shit in the first place.

No. 1204326

That's only like three more hours nonny, don't give up.

No. 1204622

Nice! Replace those hentai porny ones with this

No. 1204714

I just put my hands behind my head as I was tying my hair up and I don't know what it is but I suddenly looked fucking buff in the mirror. I mean I have been working out but I've only been at it for like a week or two so there's no way I'd see results so fast but damn. Maybe it's just well placed fat kek but it's motivation because damn I really like how I looked for a second there. I want to be a hot buff mama

No. 1204728


No. 1204733

There's so many new banners being neglected

No. 1204737

You're the best nonny

No. 1205136

I just burped so hard that I threw up. I feel terrible.

No. 1205276

File: 1654081314278.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x1408, 7266988B-4429-461C-94B5-838617…)

Finding my old iTunes library made me feel a bit depressed, music used to be such a centric part of my life and listening to a lot of it unlocked a time where I was better in many ways I guess. Maybe not better but it was a time where things were less dismal and I think if I could go back and avoid certain events things would be much better for me. Listening to my dorky complications of 80s synth and bubblegum pop and a bunch of stupid obscure shit I really loved just makes me sad for the adult I became and how disappointed and suicidal current me would make younger me. Pre-influencer era teenage me would work out, dance, listen to Hall & Oates and paint all day. I let them down so much.

No. 1205366

File: 1654087415495.gif (825.24 KB, 220x221, tremulo-watter.gif)

I'm not usually one to get scared of noises but when I am woken up out a of dead sleep by something my brain is like in fight or flight mode immediately. This morning I was sleeping in when suddenly heard a fucking racket at my window, I thought someone was breaking in (I live on the 2nd story, wtf)
Turns out it was two fucking birds having a fight on my air conditioner. Idk why being suddenly awoken by that scared the shit out of me I'm still shaking. It's the same thing in thunderstorms, if they wake up in the middle of the night you could tell me bombs were going off and I'd believe you

No. 1205471

Found a suuuper long white hair. Wth how did it stay on my head for so long.

No. 1205514

I literally can't stop laughing at this.

No. 1205615

I found a cool weird shirt in the clearance corner of a bookshop it fits me perfectly. Looks like anime eyes on a mandala

No. 1205622

File: 1654101696873.png (Spoiler Image,803.29 KB, 1016x4244, futureme.png)

9 years ago I was graduating high school and one of my advisers from an afterschool program I attended had me write an email that would be sent to me in the future. I wrote an email to myself that I would receive after just graduating college. I wrote another email to myself at that time that I just received today.

Time flies. I knew I would be getting this email one day but did forget about it, and I forgot that I had set it for only 5 years. It feels like yesterday that I sent it. It feels like not a lot has changed, but simultaneously I feel like I am a completely different person.

The single most heartbreaking thing is my past self asking me how our dog is. She was 13 when I wrote the second email, she's 18 now. I asked myself if she was still with me. She is, thankfully. I plan on writing myself another email, because I love these little time capsules, but the worst part of it all is that I really can't ask if my dog will still be with me. In 5 years, will I have finally stopped grieving?

Also can't believe my bitch ass from 5 years ago didn't wish me a happy birthday. Dumb bitch you know our birthday is soon kek. The website is called FutureMe if anyone wants to write one for their future selves.

No. 1205705

Today felt like it took my brain 3 hours to boot up after waking up.

No. 1205756

i'm glad your dog is alive nona reading this made me cry i hope you have an amazing day and pet your dog for me please

No. 1205860

File: 1654109747513.jpg (275.12 KB, 1201x1229, rwzhhe.jpg)

Lying in bed, contemplating life, listening to sad music and watching the sunset. It's another one of those days, nonnies.

No. 1205915

That sounds kind of comfy, maybe not for the best of reasons but cozy nonetheless

No. 1206056

I would take the job that's closer with weird hours. I think you'll eventually adjust to the weird hours. Also, you'll spend less time commuting (and possibly spend less on that too depending on how you commute).

No. 1206166

Kek I'm glad I sometimes find the time to laze around like this, I just wish I wasn't sad when it happens.

No. 1207246

The only thing I've ate today was ramen. I had a bite of pizza, but I spat it out cause it was old. I need to cook but nothing in my pantry looks good.

No. 1207262

What do you feel like? I'm about to order food

No. 1207267

I don't feel like anything, honestly. I'm not hungry but I haven't been eating much these days and I know food looks unappetizing to me when I'm hungry.
Maybe I'll get wings tomorrow. It's too late here.

No. 1207307

Samefag, I'm very angrily eating pizza (not the same pizza from before) right now. I'm otherworldly pissed right now but I know it'll be dumb to you guys if I try to explain it.
I can't even have ranch with my pizza right now. Fuck all of this.

No. 1207315

> I can't even have ranch with my pizza right now. Fuck all of this.
i would be pissed too. hope you feel better soon anon

No. 1207317

Well the time has come and I need to pick up my car tomorrow morning. Good bye rental car

No. 1207395

File: 1654151957641.png (104.34 KB, 300x100, yah.png)

I love making banners

No. 1207405

I think my period is coming up and I just started watching Beethoven and I’m extremely emotional i want to cry. Nothing is even happening yet

No. 1207412

Yet they will never be submitted because nonnies have to make room for shit ones like the penus stan banners. I am in love with this one OP. Hopefully braindead mods will at least submit this one.

No. 1207413

In an ideal world, we'd have beautiful banners like this instead of shit like the daddy's little porkchop one

No. 1207434

They’re freeing all the test animals and I’m trying not to tear up

No. 1207458

>penus stan banners


No. 1207468

It's some anon who was ranting in /meta/ about how we're Venus stans because we have banners of her.

No. 1207494

my skin looks terrible today i'm mortified

No. 1207500

Weaning myself off of xanax and I feel like my sternum is made of lead. Reeee

No. 1207507

Saw a borzoi today and thought of you anons

No. 1207515

Weekly reminder that every woman should abort sons and beat the ones that are already alive! Be well nonnies.

No. 1207563

gonna go shower, brush my teeth, and do my skincare routine for the first time in a while. i feel happy that i'm starting to feel like a human again.

No. 1207608

I put some clothes to dye in the washing machine. It will be a while before I see if it worked but I feel a bit pessimistic about it already

No. 1207699

Actually it seems to have worked wonderfully

No. 1208022

No. 1208096

File: 1654194042641.png (3.89 MB, 2400x1000, notamoidjustaweeb.png)

There's this one touhou vocal arrange that I used to listen to years ago. I never saved it, didn't know the title of the song and don't know ANY lyrics. I still remember the melody perfectly though, and I'm surprised it took me so many years to finally get the genius idea of simply listening through every touhou theme, and then check every arrangement on the wiki as soon as I find the correct theme. It's gonna take me a few hours, but these few hours are nothing compared to the years I spent trying to find this stupid song again.

No. 1208152

I genuinely can't tell if I'm PMSing or just need to poop right now

No. 1208197

File: 1654197833658.gif (114.91 KB, 1351x1213, hair-length-chart.gif)

I cut my hair up to my collarbones five years ago, and now they're at my mid-back. I feel like they grew down to right under my boobs in the first two years or so while I barely got anything in length since then. I'm not sure if mid-back is my terminal hair length or if I simply don't see it because the difference between underboob and mid-back isn't as drastic as beween collarbone and armpit. I'm tempted to cut my hair as short as it needs to be (it's unhealthy), but that'd be the like third hair cut in my life, and while I know it grows back, I'm getting kinda nervous thinking abou it lol.

No. 1208318

I secured the second date with the hottie of my current dreams and I'm stoked af

No. 1208359

I grew mine to mid-back, the longest I've ever managed to grow it and it was so impractical I couldn't continue. Long strands of hair everywhere and washing it was a chore. I got so fed up I buzzed my head for the second time in my life. It felt so good. I think I'm going to grow it long enough to be able to tie it back and maintain it there. Before that I used to have nightmares about losing my hair length, it was so ridiculous. Then one night I dreamt I cut my hair short and uncovered a tumour in my neck and since then I wasn't afraid of cutting my hair anymore for some reason. Kek.

No. 1208627

cuts are fun, go for it. mine was "waist length" by this chart (just past my elbows) and was chopped between neck/shoulders at one point. my headaches let up a little afterwards.

No. 1208723

Sometimes frogs will show up on my porch at night. I saw one tonight, it was pretty small, brown and looked kinda stripey.
The frog was cute, but honestly I'm kind of scared of animals. One time a frog got in my house and scared the shit out of me, especially cause I touched it with my foot

No. 1208738

I used to have something between mid-thigh and knee length but now it's barely waist length. It's been infuriating to just watch it fall out and get even thinner and more sparse. Sparse and thin enough to see my scalp. I don't know what's happening. I take better care of it now than I ever have in my life (take collagen which I don't know if it's helping, use good shampoo/conditioner and do not wash too often, use zero heat or styling products) I haven't had a professional cut in like 20 years.. It's bullshit. Maybe telogen effluvium.

No. 1208755

We used to get more frogs and geckos here, but I don't see them nearly as often anymore. I do have a toad visitor every night though on the patio. Your post reminded me once we had a stray cat get in the house, it freaked out and clawed up the blinds because it didn't understand windows, poor thing

No. 1208806

File: 1654229172108.jpg (35.27 KB, 800x800, 000134431.jpg)

I'm drinking a Sidral Mundet drink for the first time. It's good, but I don't know if it's as good as some Jarritos that I've tried. I wish there was more of an apple flavor but I like that's it's not too sweet. Also reminds me that manana (apple) is one of the only Spanish words I remember from when I was learning it
Also I really hate to say this, but for some reason it reminds me of Mtn. Dew

No. 1208813

Manzana, nonita, manzana.

No. 1208816

Oh shit, my bad. I thought it was manana this entire time but that's not even close.

No. 1208817

it's coconut jelly, they're delicious

No. 1208819

Thank you anon, I deleted it cause I ended up googling it and thought it looked ignorant kek

No. 1208823

It’s honestly not that bad! Manana is just missing the Z. You also and technically know another word, mañana. Manana with a tilde in the first “n” means morning and tomorrow.

No. 1208824

File: 1654230180343.jpg (112.62 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-788964159.jpg)

I have all this pandan extract sitting around and I wanna bake something with it but Idk what. Can't have too much fat and sugar as I sit on my ass all day kek.

No. 1208826

definitely give it a try, all of the flavors are good. they have mango, pineapple, strawberry, but imo the best is the coconut. just so classic. it's worth the calories on occasion. you should also try coconut water with pulp, it's soooo good. goya has a good one. you might also like malta if you haven't tried it. if you like hispanic/latino drinks/recipes you might like it with leche condensada

No. 1208836

The only way to enjoy Malta is with condensed milk, imo.

No. 1208850

Thank you nonna, I'll try to remember them next time!
I'll get it and look for Malta! I honestly don't think I've had coconut milk or water very many times. I love condensed milk, I've made dulce de leche/cajeta a few times and it's delicious.

No. 1208943

If I make 5000 bucks this month in animu commissions I’ll reward myself by fulfilling my childhood dream of getting rats. Gonna get them a huge cage as tall as me first.

No. 1208952

God I wish that were me I sell oil paintings for like 80 dollars each. You are living the true life

No. 1208958

I’m so envious, I’m unemployed, my art is shit, and $5000 would clear most of my debt lol.

I wish you luck anon, and I hope you can get your little friends soon!

No. 1209074

Manifesting that for you and your works! I’m sure they’re worth so much more and you can start raising the prices little by little. Pretty oil paintings > generic animus

Haha well, I do consider myself incredibly lucky, but to be fair I usually make just half of that each month. But because I really want to see if I can get to that goal, I’m gonna try sacrificing half of my sleep/free time and working extra hard so I can start clearing up my debts as well. Hoping the rats will work as motivation.

Thank you for the good wishes nonnie, I know you’ll tackle those debts before you know it

No. 1209481

I'm going to stop drinking, at least stop getting drunk. I'm not a daily drinker and don't get tremors but yesterday I got really drunk and got super angry at things that happened years ago, I have bruised knuckles now from punching the wall and I'm usually never an aggressive person. Scared me, thank god I don't get drunk in public. Wish me luck nonatella's.

No. 1209496

Good luck! Fuck that nasty shit making you pick fights with buildings

No. 1209499

Just moved out of my parents again after moving back during covid. Remembering how easy it is to lose weight when you have exact control over what sweets are in your house, and also when you’re poor and don’t really have much food either.

No. 1209512

This made me laugh nonna, thank you ♥ I'm sure it will be alright, I'm not an actual alcoholic so I should be okay. I can always smoke weed when I want some fun. Alcohol really gives the nastiest hangovers too, I've been in a constant hangover for the past few months and I'm so sick of it.

No. 1209554

Today I made lilac shortbread and lilac tea. It turned out really good, just wish I had someone to share with though. The weather today was perfect for a picnic.

No. 1209754

I miss being on xanga writing shitty blog posts
Nothing has ever been the same.

No. 1209755

That sounds so wonderful

No. 1209764

I keep making those dumb grinder sandwiches, and I hate to say it but they're pretty good. I'm about to go make one right now and maybe have a macaron or two.

No. 1209772

I've never had lilac flavored things. Care to share recipe anon?

No. 1209777

This is a really cool thing to do. I've done this on notepads and when I find them, I go oh boy.. Am I in a better place now? The answer is usually yes. I am so happy your dog is still around. 18 is an amazing dog age.

No. 1209822

Sure! Here's the recipe I followed The shortbreads have a slight lilac aroma to them and the flavor isn't too strong. https://theviewfromgreatisland.com/lilac-sugar-shortbread/#recipe And for the tea I just steeped the flowers in hot water and added some honey. I'm pretty sure you can do this with most edible flowers and I hope to try it with roses some day.

No. 1210198

Thanks babe. So these are just lilacs one would get at a florist? Or it's supposed to be like food grade?

No. 1210204

I can't stop listening to Bizcochito by Rosalia. I know a lot of her fans seem to dislike the song but I don't care. It's super catchy.

No. 1210216

File: 1654293395257.jpg (522.63 KB, 1740x1264, ba431807afe14e5908a7208cbad000…)

Even as a child I was already aware that a lot shoujo manga have major problems with pacing regarding the protagonists feelings for each other. The one I'm re-reading right now (dropped it like six chapters in when I was twelve due to my lacking English skills lol) takes it to another level though. First two chapters and in-universe what I assume to be maybe a week later, and they're already talking about having to do this and that to protect each other, taking the brunt for the other one during attacks, chapter four and protagonist-chan is talking about being in love with LI-kun, LI-kun confessing to his underlings that all he does is for the sake of protagonist-chan and so on. Don't get my wrong though, I love the manga so far. P-chan is cute and lively, LI-kun is very pretty and gentle and they've got this kinda dynamic going on that I adore lol. It's just a bit jarring to see, because they've known each other for like two days instead of the two weeks or months we at least usually seem to get in standard shoujo manga lol. If author-chama wants to justify it with them being soulmates or something like that though I wouldn't be completely averse to it lol.

No. 1210240

Because it’s for children

No. 1210251

I want someone to brush and braid my hair so bad nonnas I just crave gentle human contact like that and I'm lonely

No. 1210253

Yea, just regular lilacs. I picked mine from my backyard lol, just make sure they're relatively clean.

No. 1210257

Aw I would brush and braid your hair anon. Maybe go get a shampoo and blow dry? Quite affordable.

No. 1210267

File: 1654296040503.gif (3.05 MB, 540x304, tumblr_583c3a029b533d35a36779b…)

this could be us…

No. 1210293

I was pouring parmesan cheese into my mouth and it fell everywhere so now it's stuck in between my fat thighs. Yes I know I'm disgusting

No. 1210317

Why am I reverting back to my old ways and essentially age regressing? I'm reading husbando fanfiction again after not being interested in that type of shit for YEARS.

No. 1210321

Maybe you’re just allowing your inner child to be happy. Take care to not neglect the needs of adult you as well.

No. 1210323

Yooo as someone who's a florist do not buy and use florist flowers for food. It should even say that on the packaging. They are full of chemicals and pesticides. All our flowers come from farms in south america. Yes, even if you're in europe. They sell the same exact flowers. You can probably find edible flowers online or grow your own

No. 1210329

Ayrt oh shit well good to know anon. That didn’t even cross my mind.

No. 1210500

A hummingbird is attacking a sparrow. I don't know why. The tiny bird just keeps following sparrow and attacking when the sparrow moves. They have been like that for 15 minutes. Odd.

No. 1210524

If the Sparrow was trying to get the hummingbirds eggs then that's why. Birds are relentless when chasing off predators to their eggs, I've seen tiny birds harassing full sized crows and snakes that tried to get their nest

No. 1210552

I feel kinda sad because I bought vegan chicken pieces to make wings, and they have breading on them instead of just flour or batter coating. I should have just bought plain pieces.

No. 1210561

Samefag, I just got buffalo wing sauce on my light sheets. I don't feel fond of my life.

No. 1210574

Male hummingbirds are surprisingly territorial. They like to monopolize feeders and even chase off other hummingbirds.

No. 1210609

Thank you sweet nonnies.

No. 1210812

I accidentally sent weird bizarre memes to a groupchat of normie friends on accident (I was trying to send it to my brain-rotted friends) and now my normie mask is slipped, all these efforts to appear normal is gone. They're really cute though, just confused my poor friends.

No. 1210876

File: 1654338633506.gif (32.25 KB, 300x100, 1654152482603.gif)

made another banner

No. 1211018

Love it nona

No. 1211019


No. 1211129

>i live under a rock what does it mean? V sorry

No. 1211135

File: 1654358760387.jpeg (Spoiler Image,362 KB, 828x474, A611EA7D-B334-448E-9254-08A158…)

>wait is it “you would not be a woman?” For 600

No. 1211186

I found an ancient hot pocket in the back of the freezer today. Was like fuck it lets microwave this. It taste like if somebody's stomach half digested pizza. 20 mins later I have mean indigestion. Don't eat those things

No. 1211198

'you /will never/ be a woman'

No. 1211199

Anon this is so good!

No. 1211244

File: 1654364277483.jpeg (33.1 KB, 612x612, D6C9FA20-898B-45EA-8111-5AD7CD…)

I’m having some bolognese pasta but maybe I should’ve added some sweet peas and corn to it.

No. 1211249

Been very stressed out lately so I'm gonna pick out a cute nail polish to treat myself.

No. 1211250

>lost 600 but learned today

No. 1211288

I'm sad Monami Frost deleted her youtube videos. I liked her accent, style and she seemed genuinely sweet (though involving her kids was very misguided imo). Now all videos you can find of her are people calling her a bad mom because she's not exactly a nutritionist. If anyone knows of an archive or something please link it, her videos were very comforting. I watched her since I was a teenager. I doubt it exists but if it does let me know kek

No. 1211556

File: 1654382109181.jpg (8.39 KB, 232x217, images.jpg)

I'm on my period and really bloated, so I was going to have a light dinner, but I was having so much fun cooking and throwing in spices I made way too spicy noodles and now my tummy hurts

No. 1211557

chef nonna…have some green tea…i hope your pain subsides, thank you for the rare pepe

No. 1211631

I feel you nonna, I cooked way too much pasta and didn't want to waste it so I ate it all and regretting it now kek.

No. 1211752

I have received 5.- 5 star reviews for my hard work and thats pretty cool consider Ive only been there a month.
You could say Im a 5 star bitch

No. 1211837

Maybe someone archived them? I hope so

No. 1214051

I made my favorite pasta last night. Had it for my first meal today and somehow it's even better as leftovers.

No. 1214079

File: 1654537695622.jpeg (161.3 KB, 1200x1200, Trofie-al-Pesto-1200px-inside-…)

what kind of pasta?
I make trofie al pesto a lot and it's way better cold the next day.

No. 1214090

File: 1654537993645.jpg (157.91 KB, 1365x2048, pinksaucepasta2-scaled.jpg)

Honestly it was just rose pasta with some parmesan and vegan sausage. My life changed for the better when I started adding cream to tomato sauce.
I've never had trofie pasta before! Maybe I'll look for it next time I grocery shop.

No. 1214215

I live in a foreign country but I speak the language pretty well. However today I was so nervous and stressed out I couldn’t seem to speak properly at all, I fumbled my words and eventually just pretended to be a tourist and spoke english. It was really awkward.

No. 1214244

I love when lolcow inspires me. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to watch while I do some stuff since nothing interests me right now (except for one show, but I'm still waiting for the newest episode of that to come out). Then I saw someone mention 90 Day Fiance in the vent thread. I think I will binge watch whatever the most recent season is.

No. 1214440

Never heard of trofie al pesto but I'm intrigued! Do you have a favorite recipe, nonna?

No. 1214449

Do it, it's good trash

No. 1214476

File: 1654551138856.jpg (165.04 KB, 1920x1080, FGh29cjVIAENHOU.jpg)

I spend the afternoon making a post for the friend finder thread, then I realized that I'm still busy with school and that I will have to wait 1 month to post it if I want to have time to reply to people. I felt to sad because I was so excited about posting it kek, I even made a stupid collage of all the shit that I love ( like 73 pretencious movies ) to go with it. But alas, my time will come !

No. 1214477

File: 1654551185225.jpeg (37.92 KB, 470x470, 960298493.jpeg)

I've been eating picrel for a while, but never noticed that it is supposed to be European style yogurt. I only noticed today because it was solid as hell for some reason and I saw the "French style yogurt" on the package. I've heard that in Europe the yogurt is more of a solid, pudding consistency and they don't mix it like we do in America (which I've been doing with this yogurt the whole time)
Anyway, I'm eating it with apricots and blueberries. Yummy.

No. 1214480

This yogurt is so based. The only one I ever eat now.

No. 1214483

I'll need to try this. I love thick yogurt, I usually eat Greek. Have you tried Icelandic yogurt? I haven't yet but I hear that's also a big deal

No. 1214489

Oh my god. I have visited that thread and talked myself out of posting due to knowing I am going to end up ghosting or being a hermit and relying so sporatically that I talk myself out of it. Hello, fellow lonely busy anon. The collage thing sounds great. Perhaps in the near ish future we will meet in that thread. In a month or two.

No. 1214491

The coconut one is really good, I eat it with mangos and granola. It's like a little tropical parfait.
This yogurt usually isn't that thick, but I also live somewhere warm so maybe that's why it never had that consistency until now.
Anyway, no I've never had icelandic yogurt! It looks really smooth and creamy though, I'll have to check it out. Honestly, I wasn't a huge yogurt person before because I find a some dairy products disgusting. I only starting buying Oui because I love the glass containers they come in.

No. 1214495

Yeah! I know what you mean, I've been here for years but it feels really weird to put yourself out there like that! Also kek nonnie, this is really funny because there is litteraly a line in my description where I wrote I'm "socially awkward with strong hermit tendency"! Please send me a message if you see that written one day in this thread nonnie, we cold be hermit together

No. 1214533

Kekk making a note of it now. Haha. Godspeed and good luck with your classes. May fate treat us well.

No. 1214537

Godspeed to you too nonnie!

No. 1214613

File: 1654559219556.png (35.22 KB, 564x1010, 35453534342412.png)

I'm gonna get a Sonic Strawberry Real Fruit Slushie! I'm so happy!!

No. 1214614

Hope you enjoy it anon! That vampire kitty is so cute

No. 1214615

I ran out of hair gel, so I made some with lotion and gorilla snot. Feels pretty ghetto but it works for what I need it for.

No. 1214630

I bought an expired container of a discontinued cleanser I like and it smells like it’s still good to use, very happy

No. 1214646

Why would someone be selling expired cleanser? Was it for people who collect those type of products?

No. 1214660

It looked like a liquidation store, I got it on ebay. Sometimes people resell stuff they get from auctioned storage units or when stores close

No. 1214691

Cooked and ate something for myself for the first time in months. It was dumb and simple, but it felt good to use the kitchen again
Hoping others here have their own fun kitchen adventures

No. 1215116

At work today and I'm suddenly getting a strange wave of pms symptoms I never had before like dizziness and nausea, rip. But it's okay because after work my boyfriend and I are gonna babysit my sister's cute ass dogs for a little bit and then go to the store to buy stuff to make bath bombs. Excited as FUCK. I pay too much money for them shits kek.

No. 1215322

Awesome! What did you cook?
I’m looking forward to making rice with zucchini and shrimp for dinner. I’ll put some cheese in it too. I don’t know if it’s a weird combination or not but I’m a huge fan.

No. 1215361

I just invented fruity pebbles tasting yogurt by mistake and it's great

No. 1215379

I dunno about weird or not but cheesy zucchini-shrimp rice sounds incredible!
It was really simple, box mac'n'cheese with extra turmeric and smoked paprika, with some shredded nori and salami mixed into the bowl. It was way better than it had any right to be
Nonna you can't just say something incredible like that and not tell us how you did it!

No. 1215392

I sent an email to a business on friday afternoon, then it was the weekend so no reply, then a holiday yesterday (monday) and today I didn't hear back either… they've probably a backlog from the weekend to get through. My country is slow in general. I'm used to shit like a 5 day delay in replying to a fucking email.

I check the news today and they want to bring in 4 day work weeks here..god no lol

No. 1215393

So it was yogurt with lemon zest, blueberries, a bit of agave nectar, and then i threw some other random dried fruit (nectarines, apples, cranberries) in there. It's really the lemon that does it

No. 1215453

My roommate was listening to some lecture from some indian moid who seemed to just be blathering nonsense idk then she left and I'm all alone but I can hear our neighbors upstairs having fun, that song from gorillaz is playing, and the kids are singing get the coooool, get the cool shoeshine, I don't feel alone anymore. I get so lonely when I'm alone and end up just wasting my time instead of studying

No. 1215640

File: 1654639815913.png (364.46 KB, 500x570, thebeautyandthebeast.png)

I spent all my tweens copying pretty animu girls and at one point it translated to being able to draw pretty animu girls freely. So now I can draw pretty animu ladys. But I was too shy to copy pretty animu boys (the furthest I could go was Inuyasha and Yato, maybe once or twice each), so I never practiced drawing pretty animu boys. So now I can't draw pretty animu husbandos. When I try, they end up looking like waifus. Not to diss my waifus, but I want to be able to draw my husbandos freely too. I'm sad. So now I shall go and practice drawing animu husbandos.

No. 1215730

New Chipotle clone just opened up beside my grocery store and is doing $5 large burrito bowls as a promotion. I've been buying one of those and eating it with guac and tortillas I have at home and can get 4 meals out of it. I get to be lazy and with the price of groceries right now this feels like a steal. Decent amount of variation and customization too.

No. 1215732

I'm jealous nonny, I love little "hacks" like that

No. 1215839

Freaking love hot dogs. Just love hot dogs. I will open a Hot Dog stand and give free hot dogs to nonnies who eat meats. Love hot dogs

No. 1215840

I want a big fat dog, relish, no ketchup

No. 1215853

File: 1654654886237.jpg (11.99 KB, 256x400, 280894010-256-k583337.jpg)

I want to make an "egg boil" but I have no fresh onion

No. 1215858

I want to make this lady's potato soup but I dont have bacon to get the bacon fat I just have leftover oil from cooking chicken. it just looks so amazing and I already bought groceries I dont want to spend more.

No. 1215860

File: 1654655682114.jpeg (44.78 KB, 563x361, E3F4EE7A-B684-4F12-9EF5-FC7684…)

Yes ma'am

No. 1215867

That looks delicious! I honestly think I've only had potato soup one time ever, but I have a lot of potatoes and probably the ingredients so maybe I'll make it tomorrow. Might be weird suggestion but perhaps you could use sausage instead?

No. 1215871

I might try with cleaned up chicken oil or just leaving it out but I highly recommend a cream potato soup they're usually cheap to make with lots of flavor. Gluten free can sub the flour for corn starch and im sure theres veg options for vegan or lactose anons. I love soups I want to make more. This one is good too when squash was $1-2

No. 1215879

Thank you anon, I will check out cream potato soup! Butternut squash soup is amazing. Usually when I make soup I get lazy and make a beef stew lol. I love that soups don't really need a recipe once you learn how to make it, and you can just throw shit in a pot.

No. 1215917

File: 1654660624057.gif (1.37 MB, 371x209, UVId.gif)

I always crave eggs at night. It's nearly 11 pm and I already brushed my teeth but I'm considering going down and cooking an egg right now… Tell me it's not a good idea nonas

No. 1215918

Idk nonnie sounds delicious.

No. 1215922

File: 1654661367695.jpg (60.12 KB, 683x1024, egg boil.jpg)

I ended up making the egg boil. It's very good, and also my first time having one of these. I added potatoes and vegan sausage, and I like those more than the eggs. Next time I make this, it'll be no eggs. It's not as strongly flavored as it looks, but I also didn't add any old bay seasoning.

No. 1215937

About to go grocery shopping and I'm probably gonna be the only idiot to wear a mask to the store because I pulled an all nighter and I look like a zombie. I think it kinda sucks that you don't have to wear masks at the store anymore for now where I live because I could just go out without doing my make up and stuff. Yeah yeah I know, I don't HAVE to put make up on without a mask either, no one forces me to but people here always have a fucking reason to stare at you for any reason and the masks seemed to help a bit. Also people are fucking gross and cough without covering their mouths and I'm convinced that this is how I got tonsilitis two weeks ago.

No. 1215970

Honestly disgusting of you to venture into the world looking what, tired? You should consider a burka

No. 1215979

This looks absolutely delicious.

No. 1215994

Kek, I'd consider it if it wasn't a symbol of oppression.
Anyway, I went with my mask on and luckily I wasn't the only one. Glad I did it though because people don't know the concept of distance when standing in line at the check-out.

No. 1216069

i have a shitload of extra baby gold potatoes that i had no plan for but you posting this made me realize i have everything to do a delicious little vegetarian boil! i'm so excited, thanks for the idea nonnie!

No. 1216103

File: 1654682532927.jpg (148.6 KB, 1225x612, combined543215.jpg)

i was taking sleeves off from this thrifted leather jacket made in france and an old french coin fell out of the lining

No. 1216107

File: 1654683218501.jpg (167.56 KB, 866x1390, a-fifty-franc-bank-note-B442HX…)

I was so sad when France introduced the euro because they had my favourite banknote with the Little Prince (isn't it cute). I was sad it was gone, I wish money was prettier.
I also remember thinking at the time "wow it's so weird to see Italians use money without a ton of zeros" kek

No. 1216352

I hope you enjoy it anon!

No. 1216378

ate a tasty boiga at my favourite boiga joint

No. 1216528

I’m going to take myself out on a date today. I put on an outfit I like and did my hair and I’m going to read in a cafe downtown and then look at used books. I’m a little self conscious because I want to try dressing more unique/experimental, which isn’t that common in the city where I live. That plus me going out alone is like a recipe for anxiety but I have nothing to do today so I might as well try.

No. 1216551

File: 1654709661031.jpg (58.05 KB, 745x800, Nederland-50-Gulden-1982-Zonne…)

Dutch money was pretty too

No. 1216569

File: 1654710716615.jpg (54.43 KB, 474x474, th-3289087182.jpg)

Mexico has an axolotl

No. 1216580

I think the old money was pretty pretty much everywhere, however it does make it so much easier to travel to have the same currency

No. 1216599

File: 1654711445654.jpg (1.59 MB, 1854x1756, osv-geldsammlung_dm1.jpg)

Always loved the 100 German Mark note. German money used to be really pretty as well.


True tho.

No. 1216619

Ever since I figured out how to use the rotisserie thingy inside my air fryer I’ve been obsessed. This recipe is yummy btw.

No. 1216633

Begrudgingly making ladyfingers for tiramisu because I forgot to buy some at the store

No. 1216712

File: 1654716847697.jpg (87.12 KB, 930x620, Moneta-da-5-Lire-Quanto-Vale-V…)

I always thought that old italian coins were pretty too. There's plants, a pegasus, grapes, ships and my favourite one is the one with the dolphin!

No. 1216829

The tiramisu failed. Very sad. I'm eating pizza now.

No. 1216834

How can it fail?

No. 1216856

The first batch of cookies wasn't enough, so I tried to make more and they weren't good. The mascarpone mixture was on the stove the whole time so it got all warm and liquidy and had little clumps. Just bad overall. I will stick to my store bought ladyfingers.

No. 1216895

File: 1654722940247.jpg (Spoiler Image,470.1 KB, 2048x1463, 1650462949582.jpg)

God I want to everything right now, but it's late and I need to get up early tomorrow

No. 1217037

File: 1654728205548.jpg (96.54 KB, 1000x500, id1565.jpg)

in finland they used to have saimaa ringed seal in the 5 mark coin

No. 1217041

File: 1654728364608.jpg (232.33 KB, 1025x1059, 986976.jpg)

now i started missing the old nature themed coins

No. 1217042

There was one of those bugs that looks like huge mosquitoes in my room. I hate these fuckers I usually try to grab any bug and put it outside but I can't even approach anything with long legs. So I squished it and its body is stuck to my wall and its freaky long legs are sticking out from the wall. I don't know how I will scrape it off. Oh well I will wait until the morning so I can throw it out without risking other bugs entering my room. I am a murderer

No. 1217184

I just took pain meds. Posting to remember

No. 1217189

Where I grew up those were called gallynappers and no one here where I live calls them that. People here call them crane flies. Gallynapper is so much more fun. It's okay nona they are harmless. I am sure he lived a full life.

No. 1217204

File: 1654737375884.jpeg (156.41 KB, 800x800, EFD177AC-A305-40CB-8842-4C49B3…)

We got rid of our penny but I miss it. I wish we would take that horrible woman’s face off of our coins and bring back the maple leaf.

No. 1217504


No. 1217750

I cut two perfect slices of lemon to add to my water and I'm drinking it from a wine glass

No. 1218903

I wanted to try the seasoning Tajin but for a small bottle at the store it was quite expensive so I didn't

No. 1218911

File: 1654815682472.png (175.87 KB, 474x613, Figura-9-Segunda-familia-do-re…)

Reminds me of brazilian money, which is pretty cute as well! It's colorful, and animals > politicians

No. 1218913

Tajin is good on fruit, on the rim of alcoholic drinks etc

No. 1218917

I tried it last year (on watermelon), it was ok. Iirc it was just salty and lime-y, with a little bit of a pepper flavor. Even as someone who loves citrus and salt, I just didn't really get the hype and didn't really care for it. I think it's still somewhere in my seasoning cabinet.

No. 1218939

I feel sick. The only ting I've ate today was cake.

No. 1218943

just ordered technical material joggers, gonna do some hiking this summer

No. 1218980

File: 1654818964216.jpeg (245.44 KB, 892x888, 49A013DD-FADE-4556-8F06-391472…)

I love the Bahamas penny

No. 1219227

Time for a simple night time ham and cheese sandwich.

No. 1219303

yesss I used to love getting these at work. It was like a little treat.

No. 1219407

I've been listening to Lil Kim's verse on quiet storm for like 10 mins

No. 1219442

I get to hang out with a kitten tomorrow. I made her a little package of treats and toys my cats didn't like that I had laying around.

No. 1219512

File: 1654846004289.jpg (142.68 KB, 1500x1500, 81FW 9-dTML._SL1500_.jpg)

I just tried this tea. It's pretty good, especially with lemon, but I cannot stand the smell. I need to hold my breath everytime I drink it.

No. 1219715

I bought a bag of frozen mango cubes and I can't stop eating them straight from the freezer like a savage

No. 1219735

I have the biggest hangover and I'm going out drinking tonight with a friend I just want to say no but I'm supposed to be there in a few hours so it's rude to do that. Guess I'll suffer tomorrow kek.

No. 1219761

Eat something fatty and if possible have snacks alongside drinking today! Hope you'll survive

No. 1219804

Thank you! I ate a healthy breakfast and am having some avocado sushi right now, I'll be alright. Going to try and not drink too much, it'll be fine famous last words

No. 1219864

File: 1654873352910.jpg (40.8 KB, 736x736, 82e6bd4ee650cd5881cc95928f31bc…)

I went to an antiques store the other day and bought these salt and pepper shakers for a dollar and they have a cute duck print on them, and also a small ceramic container with a hen on top that was another dollar. Best $2 I've ever spent.

The hen container looks very similar to this one!!

No. 1219869

File: 1654873599732.png (1.36 MB, 726x739, ducks.PNG)

Wow I managed to find a pic online of the salt and pepper shakers I got too lol. They're so cute, I can't wait to clean them up and use them!

No. 1219882

i would honestly try to get a nap in. you definitely party hard kek

No. 1219950

I love them!

No. 1219961

They’re so cute!! Good finds anon

No. 1219968

Fell on my ass, wrist, and almost did the splits by accident off my skateboard. My entire leg and asscheek are sore as well as the side of my stomach and shoulders. God damn it man

No. 1220082

I was waiting for my buckwheat to cook so I took some canned corn and poured a little soy sauce over it mmmm it was delicious, maybe I was just hungry but I'm not really a gourmand I'll eat whatever and I love soy sauce it makes everything taste better, and if you put just a little the food still tastes like itself and not like soy sauce.

No. 1220127

I just checked out my tonsils and uvula. That shit was super unnerving.

No. 1220140

i watched fight club last night. it's kind of a homo movie lmao

No. 1220151

Is 4chan down?

No. 1220197

No. 1220214

File: 1654890697476.jpeg (172.29 KB, 960x960, B2B28953-1151-4427-B079-77CA56…)

Downloaded Olio because poorfag due to some unexpected bills, couldn’t afford food. Managed to get 5x bags of baby potatoes, broccoli, carrots, salad, so many baguettes and even a whole box of Krispy Kremes. Gonna make roast potatoes and soup. We dining like queens tonight nonnies.

No. 1220263

My charger just sparked and created smoked (it has wire around it, and I think I must have pulled it too hard against something else) and I'm honestly scared to use it but my phone is on 1%. I'm shaking in my fucking boots.

No. 1220281

File: 1654892406428.jpg (35.96 KB, 547x233, yes_and.jpg)

Yeah, Fight Club was written by a gay man?

No. 1220289

I took a 3 hours long nap without even noticing, now I have no idea what the hell is going on.

No. 1220291

Seconds are actually longer than I expect. Sitting there counting one mississippi, two mississippi, etc. feels like forever.

No. 1220314

I haven't been on much the lately and now when I see anons replying to crazy posters like
> oh no it's you again
I'm all out of the loop. Feels weird.

No. 1220468

Chuck Palaniuk is gay? That explains so much

No. 1220574

Exactly what I thought when I scrolled past that

No. 1220589

The Starbucks barista is so pretty and I had no idea what to do with myself while waiting for my drink. I'm pretty sure I made angry faces even though I didn't mean to. I hate having Asperger's holy shit.

No. 1220700

I want it to be winter again so bad, it depresses me thinking that the official summer beginning isn't even due for another ten days.

No. 1220717

Have you read his story, Guts? It's extremely degen and gay.
NSFL: IIRc it's a story about how as a child he masturbated at the bottom of the pool using the drain which would essentially suck on his asshole and his anus eventually gets sucked out of his body and I swear (not gonna look it up) it ends with him like looking up through the water with droplets of cum. Absolutely haram.

No. 1220725

I'm not sure I understand how that works.

No. 1220793

I just realized that finally enough years have passed for me to forget what the spoiler was that I got for the ending of Hellsing, which means I can finally watch the anime now.

No. 1220801

File: 1654934961402.jpeg (53.85 KB, 480x574, 1649629560139.jpeg)

I don't know what to do today and tomorrow. I'll go to some stores to get my money back on clothes I bought yesterday that don't suit me at all, I'll probably grab something to eat for my sister and I for dinner, but besides that I'm not sure at all. I'm going to vote on Sunday but after that maybe I should go on a stroll.

No. 1220830

I fucked up my hair yesterday so I got up early-ish thismorning and bought some hair clippers to hopefully fix my mess and get on with my day.. I got home and it says to charge for 10 hours before use. 10 hours?

No. 1220832

Lmao I already thought the protagonist was a bit fruity for imagining Brad Pitt half naked hanging out with him.

No. 1220861

I was about to explain it in more detail, but you know what, who really needs to know. No one. That is who

No. 1220958

File: 1654950005692.jpg (17.82 KB, 346x346, 7f0fc2897f8f4db462a92d70080b24…)

I have an anxiety over spending a lot of money at once, and especially if I have to order online/wait for delivery. I finally did it, bought some things I've been wanting for a long time, which is embarrassing since they're not that special. I hope it goes well.

No. 1220963

File: 1654950251343.jpg (34.21 KB, 407x500, s-l500.jpg)

I didn't wait the full 10 hours, got it all done though. Pic is a representation of my new do.

No. 1221011

I bought a comic book about a woman only world, made by a woman. At first I thought can I buy it, what if it has muh troons on it. I briwsed it a bit and it seemed nice, and I realized I want to enjoy things and women artists even if some facets of their world view do not align with mine. (Also pls I don't wanna fight about this I just wanted to share a moment of peace I had)

No. 1221085

File: 1654958095925.jpg (230.97 KB, 1080x712, IMG_20220611_171239.jpg)

It did have some tranny shit as expected but I like the other parts, it's cute

No. 1221485

Sorry to be vulgar, but I want pussy.

No. 1221489

No. 1221496

File: 1654974485237.gif (1.26 MB, 432x498, 1589760920622.gif)

Just asked someone out on a date and I'm sure the answer is gonna be no but at least I tried

No. 1221505

i lost my nail clippers and had to chew my nails. really gross. i wonder if this is how they did it in caveman times

No. 1221507

> I want to enjoy things and women artists even if some facets of their world view do not align with mine
I think it's a much more sane way to see the world, especially now that most female artist are forced to pander if they do not want to be cancelled! The comic looks really cute!

No. 1221511

wish I could agree with this but honestly we NEED to stop pandering to trannies, this shit won't stop otherwise

No. 1221516

whats it called

No. 1221519

I was walking home and an old lady hit me? I had my big overear headphones on and was changing songs on my phone when I looked up and suddenly there was a lady who looked like she was saying something. I was about to take my headphones off thinking maybe she wanted to ask me a question when I noticed she looked angry and was approaching me so I stepped off to the side (narrow sidewalk) to walk past her and she hit my arm as I walked past. For a split second I thought if I should take my tote bag and whack her with it, and walking away I was angry at myself for not defending myself, but I guess there's no point in being mad. She's obviously loony, and she's old so her punch didn't even really hurt. Also assaulting an old lady is not a good look and it was in the area of my apartment complex so I know there are cameras around kek. It's also midday right now and when I looked back (to make sure she wasn't following me) I saw people walking up the street so they would've seen it if I hit her back.

I told my brother when I got home and he said she's always there. If I run into her again and she tries some shit I can't guarantee that I won't push her to the ground though lol.

No. 1221521

yeah, I understand nonnie but honestly at this point I personally feel so powerless ( I work in a super pandering industry ) I wonder if the true best solution is to go full accelerationist and hope that the whole thing implode from the inside. I'm always afraid to be economically hurt in a fight that cannot be won, and I'm afraid of also hurting other women economically, do you know what I mean ?

No. 1221527

I hear you nona, it sucks but I get where you're coming from!

No. 1221533

Glad that you at least tried! It'll suck if the answer is no but at least you can put the thought to rest instead of thinking "but what if I had asked?" for forever

No. 1221537

I would've lost my shit you have great self control. Old people piss me off so badly, I hate how they just do whatever they fucking want so smugly. Today some fossil swerved in front of me on her bike without even looking and I had to slam on my brakes. I couldn't even be mad I just assumed she's either retarded from old age or wants to be hit by a car

No. 1221568

File: 1654977077255.png (104.59 KB, 500x279, IMG_1355.png)

They said no, but I've had fun in the time we've spent together and we agreed to still be friends so I'm happy I said something nonetheless.

No. 1221570

kek I'm glad you think so anon. I am mad for just letting myself get hit and keep telling myself that I have to be the bigger person but god it would've been so satisfying to punch her back.

No. 1221994

File: 1655001457875.png (112.67 KB, 250x250, Snapshot20110610215651.png)

Taking care of some hens for a colleague for 2 weeks. He doesn't live very far from me. I get to keep the eggs and he gave me some gift cards. He didn't have to but I'm thankful. Love the hens because no rooster. The girlies are sweet.

No. 1222183

The frogs were deafening on our walk. Reminded me of cicadas I hear in media.

No. 1222208

Same anon. The kitten where I'm house-sitting finally fell asleep after being awake for 6 and half hours? She just didn't stop playing omg. She's on my lap and my back hurts but I really don't wanna move.

No. 1222241

File: 1655026903118.jpg (94.3 KB, 1280x720, R.2d25c9ab3250560ede38d9049a4b…)

Nonas it's my bday but I'm depressed and feel too sad to celebrate. Could I have some bday messages from my farmers please?

No. 1222244

File: 1655027164191.jpg (54.76 KB, 758x532, images.jpeg.jpg)

happy birthday, nonnie! try not to be so hard on yourself today.

No. 1222245

File: 1655027463340.gif (2.85 MB, 498x427, 474ce31f4df1e3592f5ec787f915eb…)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NONNA!!! Please make an effort and treat yourself with something, either with a slice of cake or wathcing a feel good movie or something

No. 1222273

I love this kind of nature ambience. I hope you've enjoyed it anon!

No. 1222314

I was wondering why so many anons were suddenly sperging about being lonely/ignored/depressed on their birthdays and then realised…

It's Gemini season

No. 1222317

The IRL husbando thread has gotten real sad lately

No. 1222357

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NONNIE! YOU ARE A QUEEN, A LEGEND, AND THE MOMENT. i hope you get crazy asf and have a day filled with fun and music, or a day filled with calm and luxury if that's what you prefer. ♥ love you

No. 1222358

File: 1655039417974.gif (30.2 KB, 220x220, happybirthdaylovely.gif)

i am going to astral project to your location tonight and party really hard, we're going to have an epic birthday ♥

No. 1222389

File: 1655040459481.jpg (31.88 KB, 564x472, d7a102e7d2d657294720db6308de17…)

I owe Netflix so much for Drive to Survive; it introduced me to F1 in 2019 and i've been watching races ever since. So many times when I'm relapsing with my chronic depression, knowing that "at least there's a race to watch on the weekend" managed to keep me going; so often it's the only thing I ever look forward too. I'm really glad to have it.

No. 1222408

Sis, if that keeps you going that keeps you going. I'm proud of you for pulling through the depression and hope you keep finding ways to bring yourself joy this 2022.

No. 1222450

File: 1655042944787.png (2.12 MB, 1568x872, 213891234543.png)

wanted to mess around with doom builder so I got off my fat ass and whipped up something quick, learned a lot from it and I'm kinda proud of what I made.

No. 1222453

Thank you nonna♥ I know it's kinda silly that's the thing which helps me but hey, anything is fine. Hoping for everyone who struggles to find a crutch like this of their own.

No. 1222539

Sorry, took a while! Woman World by Aminder Dhaliwal

No. 1222660

I bought a new strain of catnip for my cats and they have been high out of there minds for hours. Maybe I should have given them a small amount to test out it's strength first.

No. 1222731

I bought Mr Beast chocolate bars because I really really need a new car and I'm hoping I win a Tesla or some cash. I feel ashamed that I essentially gambled with chocolate.

No. 1222767

Got laundry in the dryer, and vacuumed my room. Feels nice.

No. 1222788

Maybe TMI but my nigel looks so cute when he's sucking on my titties. Not trying to be gross but I get off more to the way he looks while doing it rather than how it feels which the feeling is almost nonexistent for me. I'm not really a top but I feel motherly when he sucks on them and it's a bit of a turn on.

No. 1222864

I want to watch a horror or thriller movie, but idk what.
The back of my jaw hurts.
Don't be ashamed, at least you can still eat or cook the chocolate even if you don't win.

No. 1222896

File: 1655057856771.jpeg (62.04 KB, 625x833, 1649973443554.jpeg)

You nonas are the best ♥ Your messages made me feel better and I have eaten really delicious food to celebrate.

No. 1222966

File: 1655060499981.jpg (46.2 KB, 1080x936, 1649511493189.jpg)

My favourite female youtuber is back and I'm so happy

No. 1222986

wow, nonnie is definitely emerging from her flop era ♥

No. 1222992

File: 1655061497932.jpeg (296.55 KB, 1440x1085, F2655683-17DB-4C84-9E92-6EAF88…)

I’m a little late but happiest of birthdays Nona!

No. 1223103


No. 1223110

I got too excited while watching cooking videos and made a truly impressive amount of pilaf for dinner. It was delicious.

No. 1223121

Who is that, nonnie?

No. 1223136

Black Obsidian

No. 1223146

fearfully based. shaking into my practical radfem boots

No. 1223195

I didn't want to work out today but I didn't work out yesterday, so I did a short, easy workout today. Banded high pulls, banded deadlifts, piston box squats, and inclined push ups. I worked up a good sweat!

Trying to get into the habit of prioritizing quality workouts, however small and short. A little exercise every day will hopefully go a long way.

No. 1223607

I watched Everything Everywhere All At Once. It was fun. I cried a lot (both for personal reasons and just because the movie touched me) my nose is still running. I really like Michelle Yeoh, I loved that they used footage from her IRL events for the first martial artist scene.

No. 1223778

I really want to watch this movie! It doesn't seem like it's usually be my type of movie, judging from the trailer and after reading the full plot on wiki (I am just that type of person who likes spoilers lol), but I've heard of nothing but good things about it so I'll probably really like it.

No. 1223797

>walks out to mailbox
>sees postal truck 2 stops away, so I wait
>hot tatted women is the driver, looks heat exhausted
>i say hold on, grab a frozen water bottle, another one she can drink and pedialyte powder
> she smiles and says “i love you” and then back tracks and says thanks
But i love u too comeback lets go on a date

No. 1223820

I tried to find her but google only gives be rock videos

No. 1224154

Are bananas bad for fillings?

No. 1224155

I got a filling today (which is the last of my dental work, yippee!) and I've already ate a banana and macadamia nut cookie.
I think I might follow that anons advice about swishing water after eating.
Sorry for deleting anon, no they're not bad but they are sugar-y. It's just funny that my sweet tooth is pulling me back to desserts after I've just had a cavity filled lol

No. 1224180

That's so cute, anon. I bet you made her day, I hope you two get a chance to talk again

No. 1224192

I would still at least give the first act a try! I knew you said you read the plot (I'm the opposite, I go into movies with the vaguest idea of what it's about lol), but the movie is not like anything I could have expected.

No. 1224195

I feel comfortable in bras, but there is nothing better than coming home after being in the heat and taking off your bra.

No. 1224233

File: 1655152342164.jpeg (156.88 KB, 540x626, BC5A2719-6321-47B7-BE66-9D5B15…)

my workplace gave me a book of coupons that allows me to go across the city I live in to get free food at a ton of restaurants. The amount is plentiful enough to where I can invite my family, patner, and friends to come with me to treat themselves too. I am attempting to recover from an eating disorder so I feel more motivated to try since I have a wealth of new opportunities to enjoy food at no cost and enough to share so I can quit being a self hating workaholic shut in.

No. 1224240

I hope you enjoy your food experiences nonna. give yourself a little love

No. 1224255

I switched back to using shower cream instead of shower gel, and I'm in heaven right now. Sure, I liked the smell of my shower gel better, but the way my skin feels right now tops the past year of aloe vera smelling goodness by far. I didn't realize how much I missed this feeling.

No. 1224264

That sounds fantastic! Everyone's journey is different, but I found that sharing food with people I love has been really helping me repair my relationship with it. Because then it also becomes a way to make new memories.

No. 1224268

my boyfriend's mom made this layer taco dip thing and this is the first time I've had something like this and I've been eating it like every hour it's so good..

No. 1224276

Holy shit wtf that's amazing

No. 1224303

It's so fucking hot, y'all. It's almost 100°, I have my titties out and I'm right in front of a fan but it's still not enough.

No. 1224305

Meanwhile we're barely reaching 20°C/68°F here lmao. Wouldn't wanna trade places with you for anything.

No. 1224325

Ice pack on the base of you skull Noni. 5-10 minutes like that is chefs kiss.

No. 1224339

And I'm sitting here at 65 wrapped in a blanket because the furnace broke and I'm cold.

No. 1224345

I feel you anon, It's been 100+ every day since late May here and I'm going insane. And it doesn't cool down at night either. It'll still be 90 degrees at nearly midnight. We still have four more months of this. Summer lovers don't know what hell truly is.

No. 1224425

Thanks anon, I'm chilling with a bag of frozen beans right now. It's almost 8 and finally starting to cool down but it's still so damn hot. I tried to nap it off but Jesus this heat is despicable. Tomorrow I'll put a bowl of ice in front of my fan so it'll blow more cold air.
It's so funny, cause when it was winter it would get incredibly cold at night (if I forgot to turn my AC on warm, which was often) and I used to think that I couldn't wait for it to be summer. Fuck summer and fuck the sun, would take freezing winters over this ANYDAY. It's still cold at night here though, Thank the Lord.
Hope you get your furnace fixed and good hot meal nonnie!

No. 1224452

File: 1655167050012.gif (2.07 MB, 640x640, fear.gif)

>take a piss
>stand up to wipe like i always do
>finish wiping, turn around to flush the toilet
>suddenly piss is gone from the toilet bowl

am i going crazy? i turned around and my pee was just… gone without a trace? i dont remember flushing before i wiped. i would never accidentally do something like that because i have a very specific routine every time i use the bathroom (dont ask)

No. 1224454

the piss ghost…came and unpissed your toilet…be wary nonnieroo

No. 1224457

Are you sure you're not just hydrated

No. 1224459

Feds/gangstalkers/aliens scooped your pee. It happens to the best of us.

In the future I'd recommend peeing backwards facing the tank. It's a bonus since you can use it as a handy table for a snack break.

No. 1224461

no, i saw my pee when i got up and it wasnt clear (sorry tmi)

No. 1224463

i dunno anon but im scared

No. 1224467

File: 1655167511801.jpg (4.83 KB, 144x157, 1652978996305.jpg)

oh god oh fuck the piss ghost got me

No. 1224478

Not hydrated? I thought clear was good

No. 1224481

>Are you sure you're not just hydrated
Implies the most likely cause of clear pee is being hydrated

No. 1224588

Just mixed a bunch of partially frozen bananas and almond milk together cause I'm too lazy to blend them

No. 1225147

I have to buy some bread but I reaaaally don't wanna change right now. Suffering.

No. 1225207

i live upstairs to a restaurant so flies get into my apartment and get stuck in the kitchen or in my bedroom. it's so irritating!!!!! why are they so dumb
at least it's not bees or wasps like some people have

No. 1225283

File: 1655233806673.jpg (362.35 KB, 2338x2338, GettyImages-1193751429-03a4a8d…)

One of my plants (a bamboo) is in water and it grows algae around the roots and on the bottom of it's vase. I think it's so cool that there's just living stuff growing on my plants.
I hope you put on some clothes and got your bread nonna

No. 1225305

File: 1655234435655.jpg (32.28 KB, 564x557, d79a9c099fd3a1668e635ec4769b5a…)

>i have a very specific routine every time i use the bathroom (dont ask)
well now I'm curious kek, anyway I hope you catch the piss ghost nonna, godspeed also love the cat gif

No. 1225311

i saw the original video of that cat a couple of days ago and that person has a cattery/breeder of those types of cats.

But it also makes me feel better because that means that there must be a interdimensional alien who would find me cute and want to keep me as a pet no matter how weird i look the same way people pay thousands of dollars for that type of cat in your picrelated.

No. 1225432

Hope the weathers better for you today. Luckily it wasn't a big problem with the furnace, just somehow a plastic bag got past the filter and clogged something but it works now. Expect now their going to come down on Saturday and try to upsale us on buying a new one because you're 'supposed' to replace them every 10 years.

No. 1225438

He has a name you know, it's Adam Driver

No. 1225477

It's great today actually! We're having a little heat wave, but it rained today so that helped. US weather is the definition of insanity.
I'm glad your furnace is good again anon, don't let them swindle you kek

No. 1225534

>there must be a interdimensional alien who would find me cute and want to keep me as a pet no matter how weird i look

No. 1225689

I am wearing my comfiest sweater and the colors just make me so pleased seeing it, it’s like a purple with funky green pink font on it.

No. 1225696

Cute, what does it say?

No. 1225750

free your mind, kinda lame but there's also snakes on it!

No. 1225915

My charger has decided to suddenly stop working while I'm on 3%

No. 1225922

Nevermind, my power strip was just unplugged

No. 1225923

I just found out about microplastics. My entire year is immeasurablely ruined.

No. 1225924

how did you go this long without learning about them?

No. 1225926

My period was pretty uneventful this month. PMS was shitty but my period came on time, had one heavy day and was over by the 4th night. Cramps were minimal too.

No. 1225955

I….don’t know? I’m talking about microplastics in human bodies. My family warned me about stuff like that but I just thought it was Hippie Holistic Housewife talk. They’re everywhere though so we just can’t escape them especially if we want to lead a normal life.

No. 1226110

i bought weights to work out and i'm really excited to start using them. i was hitting a plateau with bodyweight workouts so!!!

No. 1226113

Same, I got those regular weights for arms and those sandbaggy things for my legs. I'm waiting for my period to pass to try them out

No. 1226116

ohh i actually got the sandbags as well! i thought about buying normal weights but i think i'll wait until i feel strong enough to work out both my legs and arms at the same time

No. 1226336

I mentioned to my boyfriend he looked pale (he normally doesn’t) and he wants to tan now and I feel so sad like I brought up an insecurity or something

No. 1226372

Lately I keep getting hit with this 3pm slump where I could nap if I had the chance. I'm going to bed early and trying to give myself more time to rest in the evenings but my body doesn't seem to need that extra sleep time ..til 3pm hits .

No. 1226382

Well I am on my period. I am so angry and lazy.
Moids at work won't shut up for a second. Why do they have to talk so loud?

I am so stressed, I just wanted to lay in bed with a blanket sipping tea. I hate being a woman sometimes.

No. 1226428

One of my favorite twitter artists keeps making new accounts and up til now I've been able to follow but she denied my follow request for her newest account (maybe because I don't have my age on my bio?) so I had to bust out my shit rusty Japanese and ask her. I'm already embarrassed at myself for tweeting in Japanese lol

No. 1226615

Apparently a college fling from 9 years ago is MtF now. I found out because his number showed up in snapchat's friend recommend page, and his bitmoji has been made female with a trans heart tshirt kek.

I dont know what to make of it, he was manly when I knew him but he did have that socially awkward engineering personality that I guess troons tend to come from…

No. 1226630

>I dont know what to make of it, he was manly when I knew him
I can almost hear him talking to his gender therapist
> See I've always been femme and I never took to manly things at all. I knew since I was 3 years old and everybody in my life has always clearly got that vibe off of me. I've screamed woman since the moment I was born. This definitely didnt just pop up recently after watching troon porn and spending too much time on twitter.

No. 1226696

I'm about to eat a pretty good lookin banana. I feel like bananas used to be better though. Isn't there some kind of horrible banana disease killing all the big beautiful bananas?

No. 1226712

trying to process the fact that i actually lectured by BOSS about why he shouldn’t say female as a noun and why bitch is a misogynistic slur yesterday. then i basically came out as a terf because he thought that when i corrected him about the female thing i was talking about pronouns. i would never have done something like that a year ago, and honestly i would not have risked it if this dude wasn’t as attracted to me as he is. last night it almost got to the point where i was uncomfortable. like, this dude was talking about taking me out for dinner and joked about giving me a massage because i mentioned my back pain and asking what’s the longest relationship i’ve been in…it’s a little weird because he knows i’m significantly younger than him and i’m his coworker. i still can’t believe i did that lol but to be fair i kinda forgot that he is my boss because he was not acting like my boss.

No. 1226717

In hindsight maybe walking my dogs through long grass during peak grass pollen season when I have horrible grass pollen allergies was a bad idea.

No. 1226718

I don't eat them anymore because I get a burning feeling in my mouth after eating them (can't remember what that's called) But I 've noticed stores here are really pushing these baby bananas or junior bananas or whatever cutesy name they give them. They look suited to put in a kids lunchbox but they're pushing them hard like they want us all eating the juniors.

No. 1226742

start quoting the scum manifesto next queen

No. 1226890

It's been so long since I've seen a stray cat around my house. I hope I see more this summer. I wish I could take a stray in, but I don't have the space and I have a fear of rabies. My neighbors dogs are loose sometimes and I wonder if that scared them off.
If I see any, I'll go by food and try to leave it for them. It's really hot out here too so I hope they stay safe.

No. 1226900

File: 1655327310934.jpeg (38.78 KB, 1280x720, 5A247022-DA15-4EE5-BBF3-C38397…)

The paper im editing at work has like 60 figures and a lot of them are graphs, and they’re all a little bit wrong in their own special way, and I have that Nickelback line repeating in my head every time I look at one which is driving me a little nuts.

No. 1226909

Nta but
>burning feeling in mouth from eating bananas
I had this too! I believe it’s called Oral Allergy Syndrome, what I read said avocados could also cause the same thing but I don’t eat those so idk. I think it might have been related to seasonal allergies? Something in the banana being similar to pollen causing a reaction, but I think cooking bananas stop that from happening. Sorry for the sperg I was just really interested by this.

No. 1226921

I don't know what it is with that video, but the first time I saw it I cried laughing, and even now I'm still cracking up whenever I just see that pic.

No. 1227770

I think I got the coof ugh.

No. 1227789

rapid test said no coof?? waiting for pcr results to be sure…

No. 1227939

File: 1655404071583.jpeg (4.9 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpeg)

I picked up some of this last time I went to the store and just tried it and… It taste fucking weird? Not at all what I was expecting. I dunno if it was supposed be that pungent, but it didn't even have a nice floral taste like other teas I've tried. Even cutting it with milk didn't make it much better. The smell was also bad like almost fermented smelling? I had to check the expiration date on it, it's still good for a year. Not getting it again

No. 1227947

>it tastes weird?
>the smell was so bad?
Every time a twittard puts a question mark on a sentence that doesn’t need a question mark, a kitten dies.

No. 1227950

Kek I wonder if all of those teas have a weird smell. I posted >>1219512 it didn't smell fermented but it had a weird fruity smell. I'm really sensitive to fruit and candy smells, but Im still drinking that tea.

No. 1227966

this is so dumb but a huge black wasp got into my house while I had the door cracked open to get my mail. My dad took it outside by balling it up in some paper towel but now I'm just terrified it's going to be pissed off buzzing around my porch the next time I walk out the door today. Also I'm scared that it may mean I have a nest near by.

No. 1227984

I'm not on twitter but thanks for assuming? I love murdering kittens??

I've had the chai and matcha latte ones and liked them, they didn't have the one I wanted at the store so I went with that one. The matcha one has a weird fruity taste too but it says it's infused with melon which I liked.

No. 1227986

My period started today but I thought I was just having PMS so I bled through my clothes.

No. 1228137

Now having as awful cramps. I usually never get cramps like this, ugh.

No. 1228381

File: 1655434151207.jpeg (8.95 KB, 275x183, download.jpeg)

I finally tried picrel after meaning to for weeks. The blueberry flavor was nice but hoooly shit these are sweet. After 2 sticks it was unbearable. I probably won't buy again, but if they toned down the sugar I would. They have a nice purple color IRL, it's not like the photos and packaging.
I also tried the strawberry and dark chocolate duo KitKat. It was really good and better than the blueberry muffin. Not as strong of a strawberry flavor though. The dark chocolate is probably not very dark, it tasted like a regular KitKat milk chocolate to me. Would buy it again.

Random question for non-Americans who have had American KitKats, do they have a "vomit" flavor to you? I've heard people say that about American chocolate before, but I only kind of notice it in Hershey's (but not really, Hershey's is mostly just a weird bitterness to me).

No. 1228386

Amerifag here but all US chocolate smells like vomit to me. The taste is meh, usually fine at best, but the moment I smell it on someone’s breath while they’re eating it or even right out of the packet, I’m tearing up. All Hersheys and Nestle. Bleh.

No. 1228395

Ooooh thanks for the review nona heh. I've seen these but haven't gotten them yet. I like the strawberry duo ones! They reminded me of the Japanese strawberry kitkats. Have you seen the mint chocolate or the mocha ones? I really like those. The mocha one has a really strong mocha flavor! I think maybe you'll like it.

No. 1228398

It's the butyric acid. Butryic acid is responsible for the flavor of vomit when you vomit. It's present in foods such as red meat, butter, milk and American chocolate, to name a few.

The butyric acid in chocolate comes from the milk added into it. American chocolate companies, like Hershey's, will use a process called lipolysis, which causes the fatty acids in milk to decompose and create butyric acid, which causes that puke flavor.

Hershey's originally did this to keep the chocolate safe like a preservative. They keep doing it because it's their signature flavor.

No. 1228406

I haven't had mint or mocha before. I love mocha flavors peppermint mocha coffee creamer is top tier, ugh and I actually saw the mocha duos at the store but I didn't get it because I also got chocolate cake mix and I'm not really supposed to be eating all of these sweets kek. I'll grab them next time.

No. 1228412

Omg I’ve always thought that hersheys and nestle smelled like absolute literal shit. Like little rectangles of poop and no one else around me ever has agreed

No. 1228434

I always hated the way chocolate leaves my mouth tasting. Living in the US, it’s probably because I grew up on shit chocolate. I’ve found all of the Hershey’s, Reeses etc taste loads better better frozen or cold weirdly enough.

No. 1228437

I understand what causes the flavor, but thank you anyway nonna.

No. 1228442

File: 1655439672803.jpg (39.3 KB, 364x383, LTWOMM.jpg)

I found a new little shop in my town. They mostly sell Wiccan stuff like herbs, crystals and potions but also some pretty cool goth clothing, handmade leather and stuff. They had an altar in the back where people had left offerings. I got a tea and it tastes pretty much how it looks, very unfamiliar and earthy but not in an unpleasant way. I'm not even into witchy stuff but I really liked that shop

No. 1228457

I was so stressed about a dinner I have to go to tomorrow because of the dress code but I managed to find a nice outfit even though I left it to the last minute. A navy midi dress, dark grey cardigan and some white tennis shoes. I even found some cute simple earrings. Everything fits really nicely and it's the first time I bought quality clothes in a few years. Tomorrow night is going to be stressful as hell but at least I'll feel good in my skin.

No. 1228599

Sounds like a classy outfit, you'll be the toast of the town! Have fun tomorrow!

No. 1228612

Reading this I imagine a cozy place with a lovely and a bit cluttery decor and filled with a smell of tea, was it like this?

No. 1228621

You just made me envision the little occult shop from The Craft with a section for period teas and bath bombs.

No. 1228965

About to freeze a banana to make a mango banana smoothie with my emergency blender. Will let you all know how delicious it is later.

No. 1228975

Just got a library card (free bc i live in the county) and shit this rules. CDs, manga, ebooks, museum passes, park passes. i got my fishing license too, I love summer

No. 1228988

What are park passes?

No. 1229006

free entry to nature centers (4 guests), state parks (2 guests), the zoo (3 guests)

No. 1229012

Nta, but they're so you can go to recreational, national and state parks.

No. 1229029

File: 1655487361422.png (1017.67 KB, 800x1000, How Nu-Metal Shattered the Tra…)

Just ate 1 ice cream today. Unsure if I should eat another one. Damn it's hot outside

No. 1229030

File: 1655487425651.png (439.32 KB, 684x660, FQkzsA_XMAAh4gd.png)

I literally don't know how to talk to people. The other day I was on the lake and met some older people kayaking. we got to talking and as i was leaving they said "hope to see you again!" and i said "ok". i'm so fucking autistic lol

No. 1229163

I didn't freeze the banana, but I did make the smoothie. Very yummy. The vanilla flavor from the yogurt I put it in was unexpectedly strong. I've honestly never been a smoothie person so I haven't had many. Next time I will put spinach in it.

No. 1229181

I am faceblind to myself as a baby/toddler. I cannot recognize myself in childhood pictures. Does anyone else have the same issue?

No. 1229189

Had a difficult childhood, nona?

No. 1229199

i was with you until you said SPINACH
apart from that tomfoolery that you must not engage in, i will be coming to your milkshake store very soon

No. 1229206

… Yes. Could that be why?

No. 1229226

File: 1655497705156.jpg (46.22 KB, 1200x1600, Green-monster-smoothie-Art-Fro…)

I thought it would be good because spinach isn't that strongly flavored and I'm a vegetarian so I try to squeeze in my veggies wherever possible. Green shakes always look so good to me.
Anyway, I will heed your warning and keep the spinach away from my mangos.

No. 1229229

I have a very shitty shitty childhood behind me and have issues remembering or recognising my sister's or mom's face from those times, I figured and later on was told in a pondering matter that may be me trying to distance myself from those times. It's weird though for sure.

No. 1229306

File: 1655503845656.gif (1.09 MB, 250x322, C0EB9A40-96EE-4063-897D-02479D…)

Today feels very weird and I have a ton of extra energy so I’ve been listening to The Knife and Die Antwoord all afternoon. I know DA is problematic but god damn it their music makes me want to shake my ass and be feral

No. 1229316

green smoothies are very delicious and usually just taste like whatever fruit they put in. I love putting spinach and kale in tropical smoothies with some ginger or tumeric.

No. 1229360

I have some old music I downloaded from CDs from the public library like 15 years ago. Some of the songs have skips, that used to drive me nuts and I always vowed to delete those tracks and download clean ones but never did. Now they just drive me nuts and make me it fastforward with nostalgia instead of annoyance.

No. 1229391

I cut my bangs myself but I often miss pieces/cut pieces I'm not supposed to cut so now I have super short strands of hair on my dimples and I actually really love it, I hope I continue to cut them shitty so they'll stay like this forever kek. They even blend in a bit with my longer (intentional) layers and get wavy, it might sound retarded but makes my bettie bangs look softer somehow.

Don't be ashamed nonna, I love them! Been listening to baby's on fire a lot today, such a banger ♥

No. 1229392

Same nonny, I absolutely hate DA as people but man did they have some bangers

No. 1229395

A couple months ago my iPad stopped charging. So I got a job (after not having one for quite a few years. Successfully and spontaneously exited NEETdom) and today I finally had enough money to get it fixed! I can't wait to do art again, and have a larger screen to watch stuff. I did do a bit of traditional art, but I fucked up colouring a couple of them so I just left the rest as sketches. Now I will finish them!

No. 1229397

Huh? Aren't dimples on your cheeks?

No. 1229400

So glad I'm not alone, I've been listening to Banana Brain a lot lately. Kinda want to crochet the banana beanie

No. 1229430

nta but 5e on her meaning to say temples

No. 1229481

Nonnies wtf, somebody just dropped off a tiny kitten at my house. Drove up and dropped it behind my car and left. I don't even know how old it is, but it's alert and comes up to me purring, obviously someone had been playing with it. The ass is very wet and dirty. I have no idea what to do with it, I live in a place that can't have cats indoors, plus we already have a dog I'm sure would injure it if she tried to play with it. I could try and see if shelters could take it, but I fear it would just be euthanized there since there are a lot of homeless animals already there.

I'm keeping it in a box tonight and going to see what I can do about it tomorrow. I just feel so shitty someone would do this to the poor cat.

No. 1229484

Poor baby… I hope he's doing better tomorrow, please keep us updated (a pic would be nice too!!!)

No. 1229489

just keep the cat for a while until you can either find an adoption agency that will help you adopt it out or adopt it out yourself (WITH A REHOMING FEE). no one will be able to tell you have a cat if you keep it inside. i don't even see how you live in a place where cats are not allowed but dogs are? that makes 0 sense.

No. 1229491


I'd wager it's cuz they think the cat will piss everywhere and stink up the place, but you're supposed to take a dog outside for it to pee and poop. Other than that idk, because you're supposed to train your cat to pee in a litter box anyway… Or maybe someone is allergic to cats.

No. 1229495

that's dumb, cats are super clean if you teach them to pee in a litterbox, also odor-proof super absorbent litter exists… you can also brush your kitty on a schedule if the cat hair is a concern

No. 1229499

cats really don't pee outside of the litterbox unless they have a urinary issue or kidney issues and are in pain. usually dogs are not allowed because they tear up the house, the floors, they shit more and piss more inside and on floors, damage the flooring from the pee, damage the doors from jumping with their nails, door frames, baseboard scratching, chewing, etc, plus the liability. people have to pay more for homeowners insurance that includes dog bite coverage, while there's no such necessary coverage for cats. never in my life seen a landlord or management company not allow cats but allow dogs.

No. 1229514

File: 1655516441867.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.83 MB, 4160x3120, 20220617_163205.jpg)

I gotchu nonnie

Yeah it's not a landlord situation, it's that I live with some other people that are allergic and won't allow cats inside. Guess I should've made that clearer. I can let it stay in the bathroom overnight for now, I just gave him a little cat food from my neighbor. Pretty sure he has major diarrhea though judging from the back. But he isn't acting sick at all. I don't want to become too attached because I might have to give him away, but he's already following me around mewing and I called him a name it's all over

No. 1229523

he could have roundworm (don't worry, almost all kittens have it that come from outside and isn't easily transmissable to humans). causes diarrhea pretty bad and a lot of kittens have it. the treatment for it is cheap. do you have anyone you know that would home it for a while? he's so beautiful…

No. 1229524

You have been chosen nonny. What's his name?

No. 1229528

Ah yes that's what I meant, thanks nonna!

No. 1229536

i guess my cats are just assholes then because they're perfectly healthy and they still piss in my closets if i forget to close them. so many clothes ruined by the little bastards (i love them very much)

No. 1229543

That's what Im assuming, I'll have to see about medication for him tomorrow.
I don't understand why someone would drop him off, this was very obviously someone's pet the way he follows me around demanding attention

I'm calling him Leon for now, seems appropriate

No. 1229560

File: 1655520789595.gif (4.69 MB, 520x293, 18153742-991E-438A-B214-0DC132…)

YAY NONNIES I was freaking out why I felt horrible all day but I noticed I might've missed my meds last night. I took the right ones now and I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow it will confirm that I'm gonna be ok! It was such a depressing scary day, please keep me in your hearts to be better.

No. 1229561

will do, good luck

No. 1229575

I FUCKING HATE how whenever you make a cake, whether it's box or homemade, there always a ton of batter leftover. I'm making one right now, and I just wanted to make a small rectangle cake, but now I have to make some fucking cupcakes that I don't even really want AND after filling up an entire cupcake tin (that I overfilled!) I still have enough left for about 2 more. But if I throw it out I'm evil because "omg that's food waste!". It's a fucking sugar filled Betty Crocker creation, it's barely food! I'm also upset because my ass is wet from sweat and blood and I need to change.
I hope you feel better nonny, don't forget your meds.

No. 1229580

Cake batter is better than fully baked cake, imo. I just eat the batter raw

No. 1229581

how do you have so much batter left over for a homemade cake? you can just measure smaller portions of the ingredients…

No. 1229583

It's not cookie batter nonny, unhinged af

No. 1229584

This has never happened to me, how small are your pans wtf

No. 1229592

I know I can reduce recipes and I have done that, but I don't like doing that for cake recipes because I suck at them already and worry that changing the measurements will throw something off.
I mean we've all licked some cake batter off the spoon, but this is weird.

No. 1229595

I'm just here to validate you since nonnies seem to find it absurd. Every time I've ever baked a cake I've eaten the batter, that shit is probably my favourite treat under the sun. I don't feel the same way about cookie dough, but I used to. Every valentine's day when I make a cake I consider it a gift to myself since I don't eat any of it once it's baked anyway kek

No. 1229596

Do you just give the cake away or something?

No. 1229597

Yeah, for valentine's day. I have heart-shaped pans that are really cute. I think it's more appreciated than a card sometimes!

No. 1229602

Aw, that's sweet anon. Maybe next year I'll decorate a valentine's day cake.

No. 1229605

You new age cats are built different. Why not just practice baking cakes so you don't have to continue wasting batter?

No. 1229623

I still bake homemade cakes occasionally but I'm not going to practice that because there's no real reason to. I really enjoy baking but it's not that serious to me, I don't want to make a bunch of cakes when they're not even my favorite dessert and I'm good at other desserts that I could use my ingredients for instead.
Also, I didn't "waste" any batter. I always use all of it.

No. 1229624

anon is right, uncooked batter is better than cooked cake could ever be. cooked cake is for fools

No. 1229633

I know you’re not supposed to eat raw batter because of the uncooked flour, but that shit is my crack. I refuse to stop. You can pry my batter from my cold dead hands.

No. 1229792

I think that rule is only for burgers because their food standards are so low. Kids eat raw dough around the world and burgers are the only ones scared of it

No. 1229798

I’m so happy my parents gave me a common name, I get such a sense of comfort googling myself and not being able to easily find anything

No. 1229800

Getting salmonella poisoning from the disease riddled eggs we get should be a deterrent, but it's usually not.

No. 1229895

Yeah e coli only lives in America you should go eat a bunch of raw ingredients right now to dunk on us

No. 1230089

Everything smells bad lately

No. 1230114

File: 1655571246621.jpg (500.71 KB, 3700x2648, OutdoorFestKayak.jpg)

I have the insurmountable urge to go kayaking today. I've never done it before, wtf

No. 1230155

Made bagles today and I did not mess up. They came out perfect. Feels good to do something fun after being depressed from a break up.

No. 1230355

I was fixing my headphones and I wasn't thinking and put the bare speaker without all the padding to my ear to test if the sound worked. It was loud as hell now my ear hurts.

No. 1230477

I had an insect kamikaze into my nose when I went for a walk. Didn't know insects stink, but they do. I also saw a tranny. Overall, not a good walk. I walked two new routes though, and in the end drove 40 minutes home by bus. I love riding the bus and wish it would've taken me longer. 4/10.

No. 1230479

Tried some new things with my makeup today and I'm amazed at how pretty I look.

No. 1230531

The only difference between a candy and a lollipop is the stick stuck in it, so what makes the one so much better than the other?

No. 1230533

Jealous of you I haven't had a bagel in forever good job

No. 1230537

Finally bought a 10mm hook so I can start crocheting a cardigan.

No. 1230560

I finally tested positive for the coof but I figured I had it for the past few days. Honestly I feel fine, if not just a tiny bit inconvenienced kek. No fever, fatigue, or chills. Just a sore throat (gone after a day), stuffy nose (comes and goes), and a cough. I have enough energy to do my chores around the house and also work out. I've had colds a lot worse than this kek. I'm on day 3 it seems. Pray that it just stays like this for me nonnies.

No. 1230572

Eating lasagna and a thick icy mango smoothie

No. 1230575

Woah nonnie inshallah you’ll be in decent health and enjoy your time off work/school

No. 1230697

What kinds cardigan are you making? I love chunky yarn.

No. 1230744

Very nice. What pattern do you have in mind?

No. 1231023

I think I was sucking on my top sheet while I was asleep

No. 1231035

It's too hot outside, I went to vote for some important stuff and went right back home instead of t1kong a stroll like I wanted to. Next week it will be rainy and the temperature will go down so maybe I'll try to get my starbucks breakfast next weekend. I don't know why I want to go there. Today I will read a novel or play a video game instead.

No. 1231308

I was knitting a small bag with no specific pattern in mind, but it turned out perfectly the right size for one of my print cameras that I've been meaning to find/make a pouch for, for quite some time

No. 1231359

since i've been feeling lonely and a little bored with my routine, i kinda want to pick up drawing again. my passion for drawing fizzled out completely a few years ago and i even thought i didn't have anything to offer with my art. but i could just enjoy drawing and find ways to express myself and things i like even if it's not revolutionary.

No. 1231628

I bought some new blush, and it looks so flattering on me. It's the perfect shade on my skin and every time I see my cheeks it makes me smile kek

No. 1231637

Good for you, anon! I feel like finding the right shade of blush or lipstick really makes a difference.

No. 1231687

File: 1655664604423.jpg (211.65 KB, 860x1316, this.jpg)

I just finished listening to the audiobook of the book (I do crafts, so can't read at the same time. I'm not illiterate or anything) - What Really Happened In Wuhan. It's fucking amazing. I recommend it HIGHLY. No conspiracy theory shit.

Also, if anyone has a problem with mould (US: mold), use HG MOULD REMOVER spray. Found some on window frames and bathroom (old building). That shit kills it and it literally disappears within 30 minutes. Just wipe the area afterwards.

No. 1231703

File: 1655665077218.jpg (17.64 KB, 564x423, e5004633b99dd987db765473fa9e43…)

i wrote an email to a psychiatric walk-in clinic that also offers help for adults with adhd. stay tuned to find out whether they actually call me back and if they do, if i get told that they're at full capacity or that they're putting me on a 25 years long waiting list. at this point i should just accept that binge eating, impulsively spending all my money and struggling at my job are my life, i guess.

No. 1231728

Hate to say this umbrella term, but the symptoms sound like BPD/EUPD. You don't have to have fucked up attachment issues, impulsivity and eating disorders fall into the diagnosis.

I'm not a doctor, though. Yeah, waiting lists are shite.

No. 1231729

Adding, you don't have to be an attention seeker either. It's only those kind who end up as cow fodder.

No. 1231763

huh, you think so? i have a friend with BPD and she has these intense emotions and crushes, which I never experience. if anything, my emotional range averages to neutral. i rarely feel happiness either, but I can "objectively" say that something is a good thing and i should say that I'm happy about it even when I don't feel anything. idk.

No. 1231766

NTA but emotional disregulation is a core symptom of adhd. not all women with that symptom have bpd.

No. 1231767

Nah, as someone who has both, those symptoms are in line with ADHD. BPD is mainly emotional issues, relationship issues, and self-harm.

No. 1231783

It's complicated. I often think I've been misdiagnosed with BPD. I don't have emotional issues.
These ones:
*Chronic feelings of emptiness.
*Feelings of dissociation
*Hard to control impulses
*ED (recovered)/self harm/depression
I have those, but the emotional side, nah. I have long term relationships and prefer to be a loner - the antithesis of BPD.

Hate the BPD tag. I'd trust anons diagnosis over psychiatrists.

Really, though. Hope you're bumped up the waiting list. Not from personal experience, but the assessment for autism has a long waiting list. It pisses me off how physical illness gets treated a lot quicker than mental issues.

No. 1231821

File: 1655669077276.jpg (30.85 KB, 563x600, 5f0d1495d0193840c988fb70f29e89…)

It's 28 degree celsius here but here I am, making coffee and spicy ramen.

No. 1231827

What brand? I ate a maruchan one today

No. 1231830

i ate a cup of noodles yesterday when it was 37°C. go big or go home

No. 1231840

I'm having some nongshim neoguri seafood & spicy ramen!

Yeah, I'm not gonna let climate change keep me from having my spicy ramen!

No. 1231936

Already made plans to see a movie but I'm kinda sleepy… Still have to go bc we spent money on tickets. Hope i don't fall asleep while it's playing

No. 1232220

I made ground beef for stuffed peppers, but now imma about to just put that shit on a burger bun, with some slice cheese and eat it. I may make some fries and hope my teeth and taste can handle it.

No. 1232271

Moving apartments every few years is a pain, but the plus side is it forces me to constantly go through my belongings and stops me from having too much shit!

No. 1232288

I've lived in private rented places and moved every 12 months at the end of each lease. Then I've rented rooms in sublets and through various circumstances I moved like twice a year on average.. city renting was just messy and expensive and not the most secure feeling. I'm currently 4 years into a mortgage and it hit me a while back. The urge to move was hitting me… sorry brain we have a fucking mortgage now. Not happening. Never thought I'd be someone who feels that urge. It was always a necessary pain before.

No. 1232365

This one! I also want to do the Quick and Easy Oversized Cardigan by her but I only have the chunky yarn right now

No. 1232592

My brother and I went to see the VVitch and the Lighthouse a few weeks ago and we can't stop talking about those movies, whether it's discussing the themes, the actors or just quoting some moments. I'm not a movie person at all and it's been a long time since I went to a cinema, it's a really nice change of pace.

No. 1232602

I just popped some fries in the oven, but the oil I used on them smells weird as fuck. I wonder if it's gone bad.

No. 1232617

I've bought products with canola oil that had gone off that smells fishy.

No. 1232754

Highly recommend peanut oil for oven fries. Great texture, natural and sustainable crop, super high spoke point and great shelf life. well priced at Asian markets too. Fuck canola.

No. 1232886

File: 1655741487895.jpg (86.64 KB, 1350x900, the-more-you-know-1041632564.j…)

I've been listening to some Russian music for a while and learned Cyrillic to understand it a bit better. Now that I can read it and know a few words/phrases all street language in A Clockwork Orange (the book, read it when I was a teen) makes sense. And I just thought it was some made up nonsense all these years.

No. 1232887

Nerdiest sentence I read all day. and i mean that in the best way do you have an interest in learning Russian?

No. 1232888

Yeah, I ended up tossing them out instead of eating the fries. I don't know how much bad spoiled oil can do but better be safe than suffer.
Sucks that the one time I decide to use oil instead of butter, this happens.

No. 1232905

Haha thank you nonna, I have since I've been listening to Russian music but it is so far away from my mother language I doubt I'd be able to speak it at all. I tried some online courses and know a bit but it's not really a priority right now, though I can read it and know what some of it means. I think when I'm an old lady or can be a forever NEET I might want to pursue it further lol.

No. 1232950

i took some tramadol for my period pains and imm feelin like qui gon jinn rn ngllll

No. 1233098

I bought a toaster that you can fit bagels into. I don't like bagels. I'm going to use it for the first time soon. Wholemeal bread toast.

Also, I'm into the anger period with a recent ex and I love it. It's better than bawling my eyes out every day. It's great to get things into perspective and see him for the twat he is.

No. 1233239

I moved 4 years ago and within weeks of living here I had this guy down the street who I would try to dodge when leaving my house. There's a huge age difference and we have nothing in common but he wants to talk to me every chance he gets. I would dodge or I would just be as boring as possible not adding anything to the convo. I'm in an area where upsetting neighbours or getting a reputation for being rude isn't worth it so I was treading carefully

Shaved my head lately for unrelated reasons… turns out that works a charm. I've spoken to him once since doing it and I could see the disappointment in him kek

No. 1233281

Men are literally so put off by women shaving their hair its hilarious. I've shaved mine twice and the reactions of male coworkers was funny to me (not trying to attract men so Idc what they thought about it) I'm letting my hair grow back now though to see my true curl patterns, but I do miss it like that. I think if anything it makes women look more feminine to me since it really brings out the features of the face

No. 1233283

spent all day today with my mom and sister shopping and eating. Was really nice aside from traffic lol. I feel refreshed!

No. 1233303

I'm baking more fries now. I hope they come out ok since I'm not using oil (well, I'm using one if those sticks of "butter" that is really just oil but I don't think it's the same). I have a ball of mozzarella that I really wanna use on the fries

No. 1233689

File: 1655809347920.jpg (17.6 KB, 464x261, 48a29e7e35515b546e17867a4ee3bb…)

I've been laying in bed trying to fall asleep but so far I haven't been successful. I might smoke some weed.

No. 1233700

So many tiny insects coming to die in my coffee

No. 1234074

ANONS, finally my avocados became ripe which means it's guacamole evening! I'm ridiculously hyped for this minor thing

No. 1234087

I’ve heard this song many times before but somehow it’s not hitting me until now that she wants me to get into an avocado by peeling it.

No. 1234091

File: 1655840961920.gif (377.98 KB, 220x220, 1651095102327.gif)

fuck yeah nonny I'm so happy for you

No. 1234108

It has been so great watching my little sister, who has struggled with depression and alcoholism for years now, come out of treatment 20 lbs lighter and excited to do things again. Just the other night she made dinner for both us and she was so thrilled because she found the recipe online and made everything by herself. She explained what she did step by step and asked if she could cook for me again. She's hanging out with her friends again, taking care of herself, and it's so nice to have the real her back. I'm so proud of her!

Idk if this is the right place for this but it's definitely not a vent and I don't think it's dumbass shit so I'll leave it here

No. 1234118

That's so lovely anon! I hope your relationship continues to thrive and she stays well!

No. 1234172

I got a new tin for my tin collection

No. 1234181

There's a positivity thread, btw

No. 1234225

Can we see your collection anon? Never heard of tin collecting

No. 1234730

i love my laptop. i bought it three years ago and it still works really well when other laptops i had were undeniably slow by the same timeframe. playing games on it didn't fry it despite not being a "gaming laptop" when the previous ones were. it even has a touchscreen! thank you laptop-chan

No. 1234734

File: 1655882089543.png (604.56 KB, 459x640, anon talks about her tin colle…)

No. 1234737

me too anon mundane but relatable. what brand is yours? mine is lenovo and it's been running smooth for the same amount of time and i love her so i think i will buy more lenovo

No. 1234757

yay for good laptops! mine is a microsoft surface laptop. 2 or 3, i can't remember. the only thing is that i had to buy a new charger in 2020 (cable got fucked) but the new one has been working fine with no sign of breaking

No. 1234858

went out for ice cream with my mom and saw a troon out in the wild and me and my mom were trying so hard not to laugh at him
he was tall and had a fat stomach and huge hulking shoulders, had greasy blue hair, and was wearing a top that looked like it's from the kids section at target
also I bought a jar of umeboshi at the asian market and I'm so happy because I love snacking on it

No. 1234870

Yessss. I wouldn't say I'm a collector, but I have a few old tins. One is an old DDT tin with the DDT still in it! I like old tins that once had medication in it, pastilles etc.

Do this pls >>1234225

No. 1234872

I just cleaned a part of my carpet where a roof tile leaked in horrible colour rain/roof shit. Now I have to do the whole damn carpet because the patch I cleaned looks amazing.

No. 1234876

File: 1655899563666.jpg (26.78 KB, 680x674, begone gunt.jpg)

I'm noticing my progress in Spanish more and more. I'm still pretty crappy at it for how long I've studied and my ability to actually write and speak it is pitiful, but I can read it pretty well. And honestly, that's really all I want to do with it right now, so I guess it's not a big deal, but my education is obviously incomplete.

No. 1234884

File: 1655901102926.gif (1.01 MB, 498x398, coffee-jake.gif)

My Korean cow mug is chipped, but I can't throw it out. I still use it in the mornings even though it will cut my lip

No. 1234887

I tried to fix my sleep schedule because I felt miserable and now I feel miserable but the sun is out

No. 1234927

File: 1655904923114.gif (892.6 KB, 498x331, 69E2E92A-0FDD-45C8-8DC2-6E150C…)

I keep having dreams about my best friend being my girlfriend or something like that and it's annoying at this point. I'm not a lesbian, I don't like women in that way, I would only date my best friend because she's herself, not because she's a woman, because I'm straight.

No. 1234955

My skin feels so fucking dry today. I woke up and I thought I was molting.

No. 1234964

could you use it to keep pens / pencils / scissors in on your desk instead? you could still keep it as decoration but not hurt yourself

No. 1235314

I'm not really a playlist making person, but today I've been making a a cleaning playlist while I'm being productive around the house to keep me hype. It's very fun, but sometimes thinking of new songs to add is hard.

No. 1235332

my manager is so fucking hot it’s insane. i just found his instagram and he could be a model frl. he’s really into me and isn’t even trying to hide it but he’s a decade older than me…and my manager. sad!

No. 1235403

Take away the sexy and he's just another gross scrote trying to hit on younglings with his power dynamic. Why are men-

No. 1235435

Nta but ive had managers like this too. I noticed how small their lives were socially, and how they kept much younger friends. Its almost like they are in denial about their predatory behavior and people the same age see that and stay away

No. 1235478

Putting together a bed frame

No. 1235481

nta but good point

No. 1235705

When my cat is being super annoying and I can't entertain him I give him a piece of lettuce because he will sit still and tear that thing into a thousand tiny pieces while I get my shit done

No. 1235711

Good luck, I did that 3 weeks ago. The seller forgot a bunch of parts but luckily IKEA will send you replacements for free.

No. 1235755

I put in two of the screws before I was supposed to and now I can't get them out. Life's hard being a retard.

No. 1235756

I'm buying a microscope camera online so I can do weird things and look inside my ears

No. 1235761

Even the cheapo ones are really good now with how they hook up to the computer you'll feel like a scientist.

No. 1235849

I hope you say "lettuce take a break" when you give it to him.

No. 1235870

I just dropped a metal bar on the side of my head

No. 1235878

File: 1655954904541.jpg (30.83 KB, 564x564, fc5f85e9-9b42-421e-99bb-1d3bd9…)

I'm on my period so it's time to pig the FUCK out wheeeeeeeeeee!!

No. 1235891

I want to watch something but the only copy online is this crappy recording and something about the audio makes me feel really nauseous

No. 1235899

enjoy your feast cutie

No. 1235916

It's not even 7am here but it seems like someone is making garlic bread because I could smell it as soon as I opened my window. That's life livivng in the city I guess.

No. 1235921

I paid off my loan for the third room in ACNH. I think I will make it a game room.

No. 1235924

Bought a profesional shark steam mop from a nearby thrift store. Ran vinegar through it to decalcify it. Works perfect. Got 2 pads and it for 4.50.

No. 1235950

Eating a stick of butter in my room cuz I have no access to the kitchen

No. 1235951

Getting those calories in at least

No. 1235977

I ordered the same shirt in 2 different sizes but they just sent me both shirts the same size, why. And now I have to pay return postage bc it’s in a different country, suck my ass.

No. 1236050

A man packed your order frfr

No. 1236135

I've been taking a hammer to broken household electrical appliances and furniture. It feels good. I'm thinking about the mind games men play towards the end of/weeks after a relationship. I only wish I was taking a mallet to my ex.

No. 123