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No. 1174281

Blow off some steam.

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No. 1174292

I hate moid spammers

No. 1174300

goddamn anon smell like stinky caca

No. 1174301

File: 1652130441616.jpg (15.58 KB, 408x406, 1652098438550.jpg)

i want to kill, devour and annihilate any moid who opposes me. no moid shall ever look down upon me. no moid will ever raise his hand against me, or speak over or interrupt me. i will extinguish the life force of any moid who dares disrupt the sanctity of this website. i will rip his soul from this mortal coil and punish him for all eternity. do not come for my lolcor - you have been warned. you may troll the janitor and you may fuck the janitor but you will not get past me, cretin. you have been warned.

No. 1174305

How did you know?????

No. 1174318

I have decided that I’m gonna get serious about coding and get into web dev. I can’t stand this sense of helplessness I feel when there’s nothing I can do or a solution to provide when my favorite sites inevitably get shit up and abandoned by people who just don’t care enough. These past years on lc has really been a huge motivation personally. Just sucks that it has to come from a place of heart break.

No. 1174352

Fuck jannies for deleting the man hate thread AGAIN. Fuck all of you.

No. 1174357

That's a good idea and part of why I'm learning web dev is because I want to make my own imageboard for women. It'll be very niche, though.
I hope someone archived it.

No. 1174358

You can’t even vent or hate men here anymore. Always the ones screaming about trannies and scrotes but then say “I don’t even hate men that much” I have a sneaky suspicion that this place has completely been taken over newfags from twitter. I don’t get the same energy I did a year ago, now it’s completely dissipated and now I see anons who cape for men even more. This is why I can’t trust other women anymore, you say you agree with me but are so fucking scared to admit it anymore you just go back to the status quo of loving men? God you make me so sick to my stomach

No. 1174379

I still hate men nonny please I'm sorry

No. 1174383

they didn't delete it retards, it's over in 2X. when you guys get off your lazy asses and come on over and have a grand time to talk with us that are actually discussing real hard hitting gc stuff. idk what fucking moron made that thread in /ot/ anyway, it was bound to get moved.

No. 1174385


i support you nonnies, make more imageboards for women!

No. 1174387

meanwhile they claim the manhate is new and we're all twitterfag bpd lesbians, because we won't cape for scrotes

No. 1174389

retard moid mod deleting the manhate thread loooool if only this faggot cared this much about cp

No. 1174391

no one goes to 2X because the reality is that most anons here would kill and dump a woman’s body in a dumpster for a nice 4chan husband for them to “love”

No. 1174392

I disagree. let's keep /ot/ full of manhate and troonhate while also using 2X

No. 1174393

The fact that it was up for long before moving it makes me wonder wtf mods were doing this whole time

No. 1174396

File: 1652134046465.jpg (56.1 KB, 500x500, 1652128794350.jpg)


No. 1174411

too busy dilating their neovags

No. 1174414

File: 1652134403179.gif (7.99 MB, 640x640, cat-angry.gif)

that's it. you inbred retarded pea-dicked motherfucker. i warned you. castration is imminent, death approaches.

No. 1174417

No. 1174420

File: 1652134590247.jpeg (51.11 KB, 640x1351, 11FE06CD-78EF-4667-A8E9-593F78…)

at least I don’t smell like armpit

No. 1174434

I wanna get back in touch with my old neopets friend because the last time we spoke she seemed like she was sick of woke bullshit and i'd hope by now she'd be a terf. But I didn't message her back for like 3 years so I feel like a dick. She was totally based and I miss her I just suck at talking to people ugh

No. 1174435

why should manhate be moved to a separate board anyway???? this is a place for women. none of us should give a fuck about moid feelings in the first fucking place

No. 1174440

Because the admin is a moid and gets feefees hurt

No. 1174441

File: 1652135333927.png (195.89 KB, 1272x629, E6EE5C46-4DE6-4098-8493-4E386A…)

because of this

No. 1174442

Well nonny, you see, when moids see something out in the open that they don't like, they post gore and cp.

I'm so fucking sick of anons saying "we shouldn't care about the moid feelings!!" but then turn around and complain about moid raids. I thought you didn't care? As long as this is a website that is anonymous and you don't need to sign up to post, it might as well be a public fucking toilet. If people read a sign that says "shit here" they'll shit. That "sign" being GC/pp stuff

No. 1174447

they live in a dream land where they think ignoring a man is going to make them go away

No. 1174448

what an absolute faggot

No. 1174450

>"we shouldn't care about the moid feelings!!" but then turn around and complain about moid raids.
First of all, how is it our fault that they come here to post their disgusting shit? Do not victim blame women who just want to post in peace. We shouldn't be hiding and caping for moids, even if we didn't have any kind of manhate thread they would still come here and raid us because they hate women. They want us to be smaller and let them win. Next you or someone else will say that it's our fault for being a women only board.
>Inb4 men used to be here too!
USED to. When these comments appear after a raid I always think it is suspicious.

No. 1174451

Men simply don't like this website because we're women. It's not any thread in particular. Proof: we've been raided with no manhate threads before. There's nothing else they hate more than women. They see us as inferior. They couldn't care less about what we say at all.

No. 1174459

It's like it went in one ear and out the other. this is an anonymous, public website. wishing and praying that moids don't spam here is retarded. "don't victim blame" shut the fuck up. I'm so tired of the "i'm just a smol bean i want to post about my lolita in peace" attitude. the origin of this website was to talk shit about people. you will get that and then some. scrotes are attracted to it for every reason you think that they are. even the website ovarit which is supposed to be for GC/PP has gotten breached a few times by trannies. There's no way to prevent it from happening, but it makes sense to hide the threads that will draw MORE scrotes in.,
>Amber and Johnny thread? scrote raid
>russia/ukraine thread? /pol/ scrote raid
>gc/pp thread? scrote raid
notice how 2X is barely even targeted by moids, if at all.

No. 1174465

Yeah this, lc has been raided for as long as it has existed.

No. 1174466

Can’t emphasize this enough. Men didn’t stop raiding during PPGCgate.

No. 1174471

>the walls are melting again
>my pencils are rolling but only visually
>people jump scaring me in the corner of my eye, standing behind me, glowing
>the bugs are back and they won’t stop crawling on me but i know they’re not real
>all my thoughts feel sludgy

not a drug taker. How do i get out of this? It feels like harassment. I want to feel safe. I am hearibg strange noises and metal pans and talking. I saw my face get ripped up and float in front of me. I know i have an illness but i didn’t know until someone told me i had one. I want it to stop. I have no one around me i know and I’m really scared. I can’t mess up now as I’m building my life up. What a fuckup. Everyone thinks I’m independent and hard working and I’m going to let them down if i let it get to me.

No. 1174472

Moids raided the site over other moids going on /w/ to shit on their anime jpeg streamers. Scrotes have one move and it’s posting abuse over every little thing. We will never appease them no matter how much certain individuals want to make us believe that.

No. 1174474

Where did I say I was a smol bean or wanted to post lolita shit?
>There's no way to prevent it from happening
There is
>the origin of this website was to talk shit about people.
You said it: was. /ot/ (previously /b/) is older than 6 years old. The time we have been anti male is now greater than the time stamina rose was even alive. If you dislike /ot/ stick to the cow boards, no one is forcing you to be here.

No. 1174481

This, they will never cease even if we bend over their feet and take it. We need to fight it back and have better moderation, not just hide and hide and pretend everything is ok. That's what women have been doing for centuries, they teach us to get smaller like a wounded scared creature.

No. 1174482

File: 1652136548344.jpeg (37.41 KB, 800x533, 8260C879-D454-4581-9BA6-66FF7E…)

Have you considered taking your fuckin meds

No. 1174486

Schizosis… it's time to see a doctor

No. 1174487

I can feel my toxic mentally ill habits surging back after a few years of them not really seeping out, i got swept up in a group of new friends these past few months and i enjoyed it but the spark of getting to know someone faded and i started doing this shit like i used to. I spent 5 hours daydreaming and escaping into alternative scenarios where we’re having a good time together rather than just conversing with them like a human being. Why am i like this? I know typing it out like this makes it seem not a big deal and just daydreaming but its not, sometimes old shitty thinking patterns that took years for me to cleanse and purge accompany these daydreaming sessions and i feel awful afterwards, like all the progress i have made was for nothing I feel like i took not a few but million steps back. I don’t wanna do shit like this i wanna be normal

No. 1174490

But how. I will get put in a mental hospital for something temporarily distressing, lose my autonomy, disappoint my family. I have to work, take exams, pay rent. I can’t quit, I can only cope. I don’t know where to go for help right now.

No. 1174493

You know they'll release you once you're on meds and stop hallucinating right. They don't just keep you there forever and ever.

No. 1174494

wow anon you’re so quirky and divine not taking your meds!!

No. 1174496

No. I choose to hallucinate. If i get used to it i know it’s not real, just when it’s new i think it’s real. I don’t want medication. I know my rights. I just want to know how to make it stop happening. Need to know what’s going on.

No. 1174499

It’s not quirky or divine. I don’t want to live life ‘flat’, and be emotionally dampened, as antipsychotics do. I don’t want weakened memory recall or brain function. I know I’m ill, I’m not proud. But i don’t want to treat sickness with poison.

No. 1174502

You need social support and medications for schizophrenia my friend, coping and being afraid of mind demons trying to get you will not make them go away and the anxiety caused by experiencing it will exacerbate everything over time, seek the diety of clonzapine to stop the hallucinations, after that you're lucky to be a drug-free women because we do the best at fully tapering off the medication again and being automatically symptom free. From your post I assume your symptoms are solely agitating you and not causing you to self harm/be suicidal or act irrationally so you will not get committed and they will not kidnap or force you to be admitted to the hospital if you are normal, like having any other disability does not automatically make you go to the emergency room. You can continue to work and socialise with everyone while undergoing treatment, or go on partial/full sick leave and try treatment.

No. 1174505

Sweaty, have you tried yoga?

No. 1174507

Lucinda vibes

No. 1174508

they aren't going to hold you if you are cognizant enough to go to a doctor and ask for help.

No. 1174510

This reminds me of deviantart jounrals from 2007

No. 1174511

Is this genetics by the way? You say you don't take drugs.

No. 1174516

Ok. Thank you for the clarification. I may ‘seek help’ now.
I would rather take cbd than a weird antipsychotic. But if that’s true and i can carry on with my life whilst getting help i will.
No genetics. No one i know in my family has this.

No. 1174527

>holding women responsible for what men do
Rule #1 of mysogyny: blame it on women

No. 1174535

Today was a waste of a day. Tomorrow will be better. I won't take two steps back.

No. 1174547

Nta but it is genetic. Cbd or marijuana will exacerbate your issues, any drug really. You need meds. They will help immensely but it will come at a price, I’m sure you’re aware since you don’t want to take them.

No. 1174560

Schizos really need their meds though, since they get worse over time until their brains are nothing but mush without them. Their meds have shitty side effects too, but they're not as bad as not taking meds for most people.

The question is whether that Nonnie has schizophrenia, hallucinations and what not can be caused by various things. So yeah seeing a doctor is important, and not stopping meds because symptoms reduce is important too. So many schizos go off the deep end because they keep stopping their meds and ruin their life while in the grip of delusions.

No. 1174622

went to visit my mom yesterday. dog got out while i was leaving today so she put him in their van while i was pulling out. just called to tell me she forgot that she put him in there and he died. it cannot get any worse. FUCK

No. 1174649

File: 1652145318481.jpeg (56.71 KB, 993x554, 6149C3AC-EC0D-4CE6-9444-15B3E2…)

I was sexually assaulted while drunk at a friends after party about a year ago, nobody knew because they were all asleep and I decided only to tell a few people I’m pretty sure the guy that did it don’t consider what happened an assault but this situation obviously wrecked my life anyways so this guy kept going to the same parties and hanging out with the same group of friends i hang out with and I decided to be polite and “diplomatc” about this particular situation, I didn’t want it to become an “issue” the thing is he was at the same house party I went to about a month ago, I was blackout drunk and before my boyfriend arrived I was kissing another guy I went to university with, at the end of the party I kissed this guy from uni (I know I’m a cheater, it was horrible that I did that to my boyfriend) and obviously my bf got really mad with me the thing is the guy that assaulted me says I kissed HIM and not this other guy, I checked with everyone else that was at that party and they all said I was kissing the guy from uni, I feel like this situation is setting me back as if what I perceive is not real what if a really kissed my abuser? what if everyone was just as drunk as I was and they couldn’t tell who I was kissing?what does that even mean ?

No. 1174659

A 15 month old baby died in my town from a fentanyl OD. Fucking enrages me and makes my blood boil.

No. 1174661

That's awful, I'm so sorry nonna. Does your mom have memory issues? Or substance abuse? I don't wanna make assumptions but forgetting about a dog in a car is not normal

No. 1174667

moids online will rant and rave all day about how all women are worthless and unfit to be wives. if you like DICK and want to get FUCKED in the ASS like a FAGGOT, JUST SAY THAT!!! JUST GO BE WITH YOUR KIND ALREADY AND LEAVE US ALONE LOOOOOOL

No. 1174681

I just stepped into /r/transgender and holy fuck I hated trannies but now I hate them even more. They way that laugh at female childhood and how it doesn't mean shit, how they bitch about people getting mad at feme atheletes and say it doesn't matter basically because no one really cares about women's sports, the way literally trample and trialivize what females go through is so disheartening and sad. It's crazy that the truth of where you were raised and when is important to who you(eg, like the between a 2nd gen mexican american and a mexican and even a 1st gen mexican american, and how they aren't exactly interchangable, how even foreigners who move after 20 to a different country aren't the same as someone raised there or raised with that country's parents) but then somehow with gender it doesn't mean anything, like they really don't understand socialization and how boys have it compared to girls.

No. 1174684

Rest easy knowing that they’ll kill themselves in the near future, Nonita

No. 1174686

It is really clear that with the expulsion of incel subreddits they just changed their name and tweaked their ideology a bit and continued spreading incel shit.

No. 1174687

I seriously think that most men who complain about women that has had sex more than once is just seething with jealousy because they wished they could have had sex with the moid that the woman decided to fuck, not with her.

No. 1174688

No. 1174696

File: 1652147961628.jpg (196.3 KB, 1734x1152, 867x576x2.jpg)

i'm blessed in many ways, but i do hate being an ugly autist. it makes me understand how troons feel, sometimes. i look at pictures like this and realize i'll never have this experience, ever, and it's just a basic thing – going out with your girlfriend (or friend, i don't know) for a smoke – but i've never felt it and i probably never will.

in the next life i need to be born as a stacy.

No. 1174717

File: 1652149734591.jpg (136.04 KB, 933x642, FLFG5vnUUAELbHN.jpg)

i fortunately wasnt around for the raid before but i came across cp on twitter earlier today, i wish all males died horribly and painfully. how the fuck twitter doesnt ban shit like the entire subsection of nsfw twitter filled with minors is beyond me and it makes me want to kill myself and i wish all of the grown adult men interacting with those accounts all got locked into one room filled with nothing but sandpaper until they all rot to death

No. 1174718

I love my family but I’m pretty sure I would trade them for a better one in a heartbeat. The older ones love to joke about how fucked up us younger ones are and it’s like…all of you are the reason we all came out like this? If it were in a self deprecating way like “haha look how much I failed as a parent/grandparent/uncle/aunt/brother/sister” it would be one thing, instead it’s “haha look at how screwed up the kids are, no idea how that happened lol anyway let’s go drink some more.”

No. 1174725

That's incredibly sad. What the fuck is wrong with people.

No. 1174727

yes, has been on treatment for various mential issues for most of my life. have noticed a lot of memory issues lately and been extremely worried about it. lots of weed, and alcohol has been issue but to what extent i don't know. agree its not normal, this was several hours. i went because i knew it would be rough for her, mom died a couple years ago and this was the first year with both kids out of the house. just so fucking shit. i have finals and graduate on friday. just hoping to god that will distract everyone from it.

No. 1174730

money is everything. If I had money I could solve all my issues and follow my dreams

No. 1174736

I can't wait to move out of my abusive parents house, to another state, and get a name change. I can't stand that last name.
Same. All of my dreams require money to get there. I can't be happy unless I get enough money for it.

No. 1174745

I 2as reporting pedo shit and Twitter doesn’t have a minor safety issue listed…

No. 1174747

I can't get money

No. 1174764

I know that cat is shivering

No. 1174780

I told a friend I would cat sit for her while she's away and it happened to coincide with me moving house. I didn't know how young this cat was, and he's seemingly not litter trained. My new house now reeks of cat piss on the carpets and I've had to lock him in the bathroom because I cannot afford (i'm renting) to lose out on bond money, but also the smell is just everywhere. He also bothers me every single night while I'm trying to sleep constantly looking for my attention. I've been only getting a couple hours of broken sleep a night. This is hell nonnies, I'm currently soaking the carpet in baking soda praying that I haven't already tainted the smell of this house less than a week in.

No. 1174783

hey anon there's this stuff you can get at walmart/target called like "uri-way" or 'odourway' or something like that but it works wonders on getting the smell out. baking soda it now, then do that in the morning again with some vinegar, then while that's soaking go pick up some of the odour spray. should take care of the rest.

No. 1174788

Fucked up and didn't take painkillers quick enough to manage cramps. Currently barfing and trying breathing exercises. I made food I was looking forward to but had to abandon it and the smell is making me sick now. I also barfed in the sink but can't clean it until my thigh stops radiating 10/10 pain. So thankful for this wrap around heating pad.

No. 1174789

when my cat used to pee everywhere i would make a mix of hot water and laundry detergent and scrub the surfaces with a sponge
i hope your friend compensates you for this, that's really crappy, sorry nonna

No. 1174790

a hot bath might help too! that and some bland food like crackers
hope your pain meds kick in soon

No. 1174794

I hate cooking at my grandmother's house. She bitches if I put basic spice (garlic and onion) on meat. Only salt and pepper so you can taste the meat. It was so bland. She then tells this cockamamie story about either her father or uncle using garlic on chicken and how much she hated it. Nonnas, I lived with her until I was 18 years old. I remember her seasoning meat with basic spices. I'm wondering if it's because she's eating more processed foods (frozen pop in microwave or oven meals) and not really cooking anymore.

No. 1174802

>Found some exdruggy fully tatted guy
Why does he sound so hot?

No. 1174804

Same thing with my grandma. I can swear she used to season her food, but now she gets upset if I use any spices and complains it smells and that it makes me seem like a foreigner.

No. 1174808

I live in the desert. Everything is fucking hot over here. Even the floor right now at 1am is fucking hot. I took a shower to aliviate the warm weather. But everything is still fucking hot.

No. 1174814

I'm sorry you're dealing with it too. It's just so strange.
>complains it smells and that it makes me seem like a foreigner
That's terrible. I'd give you a hug if I could.

No. 1174815

A tranny added me and I am disgusted. Fuck off.

No. 1174817

Do you have any cold packs? I know it wouldn't completely solve your problem, but at least cool you down a bit.

No. 1174827

No. 1174832

Why do I immediately cringe at myself and wonder what i did wrong at seemingly normal human interaction? When someone stops giving clear cues like laughing or smiling and just chills I immediately think i said something wrong and wonder where i have gone wrong and what not to say. I’m not sure if its because im retarded or was raised by a narcissist

No. 1174850

It’s from being raised around volatile people who subjected you to sudden and confusing mood swings. You’re trained to walk on egg shells, constantly be on alert for cues of possible blow up. I used to replay every single human interaction in my head over and over just out of compulsion.

No. 1174867

File: 1652167282036.gif (281.6 KB, 500x388, tumblr_mus5oqZBKV1qbvovho1_500…)

I've been trying to figure out my health problems. My general doctor gave up on my health and told me to go to private doctors. I paid so much money to go to private doctors who would have sneaky ways to suck the money out of me more. Now I am back to my general doctor and he FINALLY sent me to a doctor who I need. I stand in a queue for an hour. Turns out you have to pay them in order to get a quick schedule or wait two weeks, from a ramn free healthcare doctor. I am so tired but I am not willing to spend any more money, my health insurance itself is a mess because it's price got increased this year twice alone. Same goes with grocery. I am so tired. I can barely exist and finishing commissions takes years as I am preparing for my language exams. I'm so tired. I dropped all of my content creator projects because of health and me drowning in having to pay money for everything. Why can't I be healthy? Why can't I be happy?

No. 1174869

I hate when a thread involves a topic that brings out the cock sleeve nlog anons. Like the mariah thread rn or any sw/thot thread etc if a man who isnt decrepit is around them its like so many anons cant help themselves and start screeching about how “shes so bad theres no way HE is enjoying himself!!! Shes rubbing his dick raw!! Omg no precum cause I know hes not turned on!!! I would never be that bad in bed, due to my own experienced as a cock server let me write a 10 page essay on how its ‘supposed’ to be”
Imagine trying to be an expert on what turns on the same gender that p much invented every single disgusting and degenerate fetish out there. You must be so fucking proud, you made your loser nigel who probably has a porn addiction cum, wow what a feat, you are truly better than the ewhores.

No. 1174870

Being a master of cocks is just cringe period kek

No. 1174878

It’s so embarrassing when dramafags let their hatred of a cow overshadow logical thoughts, or it brings out their true jealous pickme nature. They’re the ones quick to call others males and simps when they get dunked on for said retard behavior.

No. 1174880

File: 1652167965420.jpg (25.76 KB, 563x560, bca216f85638c4119642f79cd6b2c1…)

I hate that this keeps happening every day

No. 1174884

We don’t let men get to us and we continue, it’s what women have done since the beginning of time ♥

No. 1174886

I need help, nonnas. I think my bf is an acti autist. Usually it's not an issue except when I'm sad about something and need him to comfort me, he barely knows how to function as a human and so really doesn't help me feel better. At this point I realize he can't comfort me and he realizes that I realize that and then he will go into an absolute meltdown. He will start crying extremely hard about how he hates himself that he can't be "perfect" and that he's a failure if he can't comfort me like I need to. Then I will have to comfort HIM while he cries and tell him nooo you're not incapable look I'm not crying anymore it's ok. But it does not help, he will continue for
whole day . At this point I've completely set aside my original issue and I feel like shit because I made him feel this way.

What do I do, nonnas? I really love him in every other aspect. I'm starting to feel extremely guilty about ever being sad and needing comfort.

No. 1174898

Female socialization is a hell of a drug. He can cry as much as he fuckin wants. If he wants to keep a woman in his life then he needs to learn how to function and be emotionally responsive like the rest of us female autists, end off.

No. 1174914

the fake dick spergs are also fucking annoying. they're acting like dick experts and posting annoying "my boyfriend said x" garbage just because they refuse to believe moo could find anyone desperate enough to film with her. as if scrotes won't fuck anything and everything, they make tutorials to fuck fruit for fucks sake. it doesn't matter if it's real or fake or if moo is shit at pleasing men, none of it is relevant. the important thing is moo failed at rejoining the cosplay community. everyone participating in any aspect of the dick/bj conversation is retarded.

No. 1174930

Thank you for your support. Update, I found out from the owner that is cat has not been spayed, neutered, or had any of his vaccinations. I'm pretty angry as I wouldn't have taken the cat on otherwise.

No. 1174996

These gore images are so eery reminds you of who you’re speaking to both online and offline and what theyre capable of. No respect to the dead whatsoever. Hell

No. 1174999

take the cat to the fucking shelter or something. not getting a cat shots is illegal as fuck. if the cat bites you, could get rabies if the cat is inside/outside and even if it's only inside you could still get a seriously dangerous infection.

No. 1175003

adding that since it's clearly spraying, it's old enough to be neutered and need shots.

No. 1175011

File: 1652174505303.jpeg (90.43 KB, 828x731, 18D6BFCF-BB6A-4E0C-AB54-29FD47…)

Kek everyday I’m glad I’m not male

No. 1175013

File: 1652174669638.jpg (37.57 KB, 500x500, FSUX-30VgAEDMfS.jpg)

i don't know how to exist in this country

No. 1175015

idgi what is missing

No. 1175016

ah Philippines lol

No. 1175020

File: 1652175186261.jpeg (772.15 KB, 828x1100, B0F1641F-7604-44D1-AB33-98533F…)

After yesterday’s raid I feel always on alert on this site and couldn’t stop thinking about it, I didn’t even eat for most of the day, I just felt sick and sad. And now I just saw animal cruelty on /pt/ which has been up for a while.
I know this is what the scrotes want but it feels like using this site is becoming borderline traumatizing for me. I already have enough shit irl, and a mental illness that loves messing with me with intrusive thoughts doesn’t help…
I think that for my own well being it’s best I stay away from Lolcow for a long time, and in the future just visit every now and then a little but. I’ll just play Fortnite instead or something. Ily nonas and I’m sorry for my shitty English

No. 1175049

Self-induced suffering by pizza.
Got the munchies yesterday, decided to order. They had a discount on a pizza called "Hell". Yeah. I was regretting everything while I was eating it, now I'm regretting everything while shitting it. Well, I got what I paid for.

No. 1175054

Love you nonna do what makes you feel better always

No. 1175061

I'm sorry nonna but this made me kek a bit

No. 1175065

Morning spent looking at corpses, the way it smells is unbearable, especially now that it's warm outside and half the bodies are drowned and rotten. I hate this class so much, why do I even need to do it, I probably wanna be psychiatrist anyway. And even if I chose cardiology which is my second choice I still wouldn't need to spend a week looking at mutilated bodies and watching videos of people getting killed by cars and trains. Why the hell is this essential. We had anatomy before and that's okay, the bodies there are not fresh, they were prepped to show nerves and so on, we learnt something we have to know but this isn't even anatomy, it's just looking at how various corpses look from the way they were killed. I wish we could chose our specialisation sooner than after we graduate.. The way med school is taught here is fucking nuts, they overwork us for what? We won't use 60% of what they teach and we'll be underskilled for our specialty when we graduate.
It's actually making me sick to my stomach. I need to eat now and I just feel sick. The head doctor kept smoking while we were down there and it actually made the corpse smell a bit more bearable. And I normally hate cigarette smoke. Here I was trying to huff it so I didn't have to smell rotten shit in corpses' bowels.

No. 1175067

>i wish we could chose our specialisation sooner than after we graduate..
Not in that field but so fucking true. Its criminal the way they do this

No. 1175072

I can't ever fucking say no and this dude randomly calls me and is like 'Remember we talked about insurances 1.5 years ago? How about we schedule another call on Friday?' I have a vague memory of one of my friends recommending him to me (this is like an MLM thing) and me having to sit through an hour of his lecture or whatever. I literally told him that my week is full of job interviews but I couldn't shake him off. So I now got myself a stupid lecturing session that serves no purpose whatsoever

No. 1175074

Tell him you got covid and then ghost him

No. 1175076

How tf did I not think of that??? I'm gonna tell him right before our shceduled call and then fuck off. Thank you nonna

No. 1175085

I hate that I can never get deep and personal with people I consider my best friends. My best friend of 15 years who has known me since we were in elementary school has no idea how completely fucked my home life was. The most she knew was that my parents were drug addicts but I have never told her about all the physical abuse my parents have put me through or all the violence that went on between my mom and dad. I have never opened up to her about any intimate relationship I’ve had and I think she just assumes I’m still a virgin. I have no idea why it’s so hard for me to open up but I feel like it’s almost too late to bring any of it up because she thinks she knows everything about me.
I made the mistake of bringing up the amber heard Johnny Depp trial and we got into an argument because she was taking a hard pro-JD stance and I am firmly in Ambers court. My friend at one point told me that I have no idea what I’m talking about because what do I even personally know about domestic violence. That probably would have been a good chance to tell her but I just completely shut down. And by shut down I mean I completely just stopped talking. It was a mixture of being so offended that she would say that but in that moment I really wanted to be like “well ACTUALLY!!” but I just couldn’t get myself to say anything.
It’s been bothering and eating at me all week.

No. 1175094

I can relate to this, I have a friend I've known for almost all my life and she doesn't know anything deeper about me. In a way it feels it's only a matter of crossing that line once and it will become easier from that point, but in a way it also feels like it's too late now. Hope you can figure it out somehow.

No. 1175106

No problem nonny, I used this a few times kek

No. 1175131

This is a blessing in disguise

No. 1175147

How so?

No. 1175152

whats funny is these moids think we'd get scared by that. i saw gore when i was 11. you moids are stupid and weak as fuck. i hope all the raiders get ass busting diarrhea, worms, skin rashes, muscle aches, cancers and aids.

No. 1175154

What was on the Hell pizza? I really want to know

No. 1175157

as an oversharer i would like having that fear back. i just don't know how people would still be interested in me if i was more distanced. but i am embarrassed of oversharing and overthink that it could ruin things too from seeming like too much of a failure.

No. 1175159

Do you think their behavior around you will not change if you tell them? these experiences leave you completely vulnerable especially if you plan to tell someone after many years. I’m someone whos in the same position by the way, the only difference is i had an overshare, reach out for help type of response and i regret it with all my being

No. 1175161

(nta) it’s the other stuff that truly was unacceptable. it was the first time many anons saw that and that shit stays with you. gore/scat, ok yea whatever but children being hurt isn’t something i will ever be desensitized to

No. 1175163

When that one anon said that women are mature and intelligent enough to work through the trauma of seeing gore and other harrowing shit and overcome it while moids need to spread it around like a bunch of retarded apes it really woke me up to how weak men really are.

No. 1175166

Tomato sauce, cheese, hot pepperoni, black olives, way too much jalapeno peppers
My stomach is still hurting and rumbling, I've been to many trips to the toilet and more are still to come.
It's the jalapenos, that plant is just not edible.

No. 1175204

every moment of my life where i was made uncomfortable, scared, or insecure was because of a scrote. i want to rip my skin clean off my skull. i wish i never had to interact with one ever again.

No. 1175216

As somebody that has to document bodies like that as a job, you get used to it. It took me about a month or two, but you find ways to cope. It does get easier. I used to be unable to eat for days, but I don’t have that issue anymore.
I also wish you could focus more on a specialty while in college too, would make things easier. It’s too generalized and can be vague.

No. 1175223

But why should I get used to it? I never want to work in that field. I won't even have time to get used to it, they force us to go through it for a week.

No. 1175231

Today is a give up and let it all go to shit type of day

No. 1175235

nta but it's not should it's just how it is. you have to make do.

No. 1175246

Ayrt yeah, I know you're right. I am still gonna bitch about it all the way through though lol

No. 1175247

I'm with you nonnie

No. 1175259

I just really wish I could sit down wrapped in blankets, hug and talk to someone for a few hours.

No watching my words, no preface of ‘I know I’m lucky to live the life I do’. Just letting shit fly, crying and being honest with how heavy life is. I’d let them do the same in return.

No. 1175263

I wish I could have that with you. >>1175231
And I feel this too

No. 1175269

Gonna daydream about doing that with you nonas

No. 1175271

File: 1652191570372.jpg (371.23 KB, 1000x1177, Runoffbest.jpg)

I can't stop obsessing over people who achieved/did more in their life than I ever did. And I only have myself to blame for achieving nothing

No. 1175274

bitch are you 70? it's not too late. just because you see someone younger than you that has achieved more doesn't mean you can't do the same thing and then some.

No. 1175277

File: 1652191774743.jpg (117.06 KB, 1034x996, 1651838956760.jpg)

I hate being a guest in stranger's houses even though they're really nice I just want to get da fuck oudda here! Also I miss my computer.

No. 1175282

Recently I can't stop thinking about how old my dog is and how every day together might be our last. I love her so much nonnies. She can be a really annoying, yappy menace, but I love her so much. We got her when I was young, so I have more memories with her than without. She's been with me through literally every school graduation and milestone of my life. Having a pet is so great until the end comes, and then it's the most unimaginable heartbreak. I know I should be grateful, to be able to live with her and take care of her well into her senior years, but it's heartbreaking to see old videos of her zooming around and even just walking normally, to now, where she just shuffles around the floor and can barely stand without falling over. My days now are mostly feeding her when she demands it, cleaning her up after she pisses on herself, and petting her as much as she'll let me because I never want to forget the feeling of her soft, warm fur. She is my sunshine, the absolute love of my life.

No. 1175285

File: 1652192159474.jpeg (37.53 KB, 374x358, 1ECC9A15-7EFA-491E-A700-8E85CB…)

>stopped talking to my ex-boyfriend a couple of weeks ago in order to get over him sooner
>it only got worse

No. 1175287

Like what? What did they achieve?

No. 1175289

it gets worse before it gets better. cutting off contact will be good building separation in long term. it sucks but take it easy and be kind to yourself.

No. 1175296

Like the other anon said, it will get worse before it gets better. Shit sucks, it really does, but you need to take this time to focus on yourself. Don't indulge in straight up escapism, but distracting yourself by hanging out with friends or picking up new hobbies is something you can do to take your mind off of things. Continuing to talk to him will only make things even worse long term. There will be a moment in the future when you look back and think "why was I even upset?" Really, it will come. I wish you the best nonnie!

No. 1175299

File: 1652192909464.gif (321.42 KB, 200x150, B0F0A794-9BCB-4C5B-B267-9F72CB…)

I wish my “brothers” would drop dead

No. 1175311

I worked out yesterday and didn’t sleep well last night, now every muscle in my body is screaming

No. 1175313

block em

No. 1175316

there's a tranny in the friend finder thread

No. 1175323

why did you put quotations around brothers? who are they, your stepbrothers?

No. 1175327

name him and shame him

No. 1175329

What is he even trying to achieve? Do trannies get off to making women feel disgusted? Since there's no way person like this can actually make friends here

No. 1175333

It's not even big fucking things, mostly just social things, like when I see their photos on parties that I've never been to or reading their CVs and see they have more experiences. I've just always been a passive and fearful person and I've just realized how many opportunities I've wasted

No. 1175338

Thank you nonna for this comment, you're sweet

No. 1175340

File: 1652193884569.png (135.72 KB, 1662x776, scrotes are subhuman.png)

just want to remind anons that there is this great userscript for use with greasemonkey, stylus, userstyles etc add ons


that will blur images until you hover over them. just make sure you add the 'urls on this domain' as lolcow.farm. I also edited the opacity to .005 to completey obscure the image, instead of just blurring. safe safe!

No. 1175341

thank you both for your kind words. the logical part of my brain agrees with the advice, which is why i cut him off in the first place, but goddamn, resisting the temptation is hard, especially since he’s the first man i’ve ever fallen in love with. all i can do is keep this advice in mind and remind myself that contacting him again would result in nothing good

No. 1175342

no they’re biological but the fact that they are blood related to me makes me sick to my stomach

No. 1175345

I've been avoiding any mention of the heard/depp case because I'm a couple years out of an abusive relationship myself (lots of physical incidents, he drank heavily and changed when drunk, I had nowhere else to go and in the end I chose a short bout of homelessness just to escape it) I had no idea how still fucked up I am til talk of the case started sending me into a crazy headspace. I can't stand the mention of it. The amount of youtubers I'm subscribed to who I would never predict covering the case… who are now clearly just jumping in on it late for the guaranteed views. It's angering me more than it should but like I said I'm more fucked up than I thought I was. I've this reserve of anger that I didn't know was there.

I'd been sucking it up and denying how bad my own ordeal was, great plan, really working for me lol. I tried to tell my dad a while back and he reacted like I must be exaggerating… I was actually playing it down massively but thank you dad. I just want the case to pass already so I can go back into denial mode and not feel this shitty all the time. It's like it's a new sport and everyone loves it and revels in the gossip about cut fingers and blood and bruises and it's all so juicy to my coworkers but I could scream. I don't want to out myself as a woman who got beatings in my own home.. but I don't want to be stuck listening to this every fucking day on repeat at work. Can it end already. Can something else please happen to give people a change of topic.

No. 1175346

I sympathise with you nona. I was in a similar situation last year, first man I'd ever felt I'd fallen in love with too. it isn't easy but time does heal. you can do this!

No. 1175347

it's an ftm but still weird I think they think it's a social experiment or something

No. 1175368

I fucking hate it when I ask someone if I can vent, they enthusiastically say yes or they straight up ask you to tell them what you're worrying about and then they tell me 'why do you even think about such a nonimportant thing lmao if it was me I wouldn't' like fuck yooooou it clearly is important to me for whatever reason. Just fuck you man for making me feel like a dumb bitch when it literally is very important to me

No. 1175375

Putting your hate on other women is retarded. Other women aren't your enemy. Especially not older women. Stop projecting your insecurities onto other women and instead think about why you feel the way you do and what's responsible for that mindset: men and their propaganda. There is no Karen, it's a cartoon image made up in your mind that you're seething over because you're afraid of not being one of the good ones. Stop n-logging like you aren't going to age the same as every other woman, stop minimizing women's lives and personalities down to how catty you think they'll become when they stop being "fuckable". You are putting that on them, they aren't putting that on you. No one is jealous of your youth, they're sick of men and you're brainwashed.

No. 1175382

Older women project their hatred onto younger women the most, that breeds fear of growing old and hating older women in young women. Don’t deny it, there IS a karen. It’s blown out of proportion because men are involved in this joke and society hates women but there are karens for sure

No. 1175390

karens aren't an age group, they're a mindset. look at cows like momokun born a karen, will die a karen.

No. 1175391

The first love is always the hardest!!! Actually I'd say it does suck every time, but I remember after my first break up it felt like the world was falling apart at the seams. You just get wiser each time. It's a bitter medicine. Take care of yourself ♥

No. 1175393

calm down i'm sure farmers will be a good influence for her

No. 1175395

>karen isn’t an age group
Did i make it sound like i think all older women are hateful? My bad i meant the karen archetype. I was raised by one and grew up around another… safe to say i’m fucked for life lol

No. 1175397

>Karens don’t exist

They do and they call the cops in black people to get them killed because they know they have privilege. I love the way you people love to lie, go to hell you lying piece of dookie shit(racebait)

No. 1175402

I'm talking about older women being labeled as Karens for just existing as older women, not your fucking internet compilation videos of shitty people having public freak outs. Fuck off with your racebaiting.

No. 1175404

Yes the public freakouts which consist of old boomers screaming at younger minorities to go back to their country and hurling slurs at them and calling the cops on them doing absolutely nothing. I’m definitely the racebaiter for pointing the obvious out, it’s like you bitches live in lala land racist white women exist everywhere.

No. 1175410

Race has nothing to do with this conversation, I don't care how hard you try and shoehorn it in. This is about women being pitted against each other by propaganda from men.

No. 1175411

Based jannie

No. 1175418

>let me quickly change the subject because I am uncomfortable with the harm and privilege I have over women of color

kill yourself anon, that’s the only thing that can be said

No. 1175420

Stfu and go back to reddit. There are racists and then there are women getting called karens just for standing up to themselves. Narcissistic pieces of shit call women, including non-white women, Karen daily just for asking them to mind their fucking noise, for not licking tranny ass, for not constantly adhering to gender expectation of speaking softly never upsetting anyone.

No. 1175422

I'm supposed to find a job but I just know even if I get hired someplace, I'm not going to last long in it. My dream would be to have a 100% remote position so I don't have to deal with people but I don't have skills that would grant me that chance

No. 1175426

You’re called a karen because you’re entitled in thinking that people should stop their own daily lives just because you have a tiny complaint about what they do. That’s why they call you a karen idiot, it’s your entitlement

No. 1175427

This conversation had nothing to do with you! You just saw the word "Karen" and immediately shit your pants and called me a liar and that I pretend that racism doesn't exist. Now you're telling me to kill myself. You're actually a psychopath. I'm here clearly talking about women hating other women and you are sitting here telling another woman to kill herself over some made up argument in your own mind. Nonny. Turn the computer off.

No. 1175429

>assuming someone’s race because you can’t let go of another misogynistic slur

No. 1175437

Holy shit the gal to talk about entitlement.

No. 1175439

Fuck off twitterfag youre not gonna terrorize anyone here

No. 1175449

kek now you’re gaslighting me even though you were trying to change the subject. you are about as equally responsible for spreading racism and xenophobia just as much as your goofy ahh white men(integrate)

No. 1175458

Karen was never a misogynistic slur, it does not have the same impact, history, or negativity surrounding it like the n-word, faggot, queer, k-word, c-word. White women are only telling you that because they want to be oppressed too, that’s why whenever there’s serious wars and problems they take off their shirts and flash their boobs on the news and start crying and playing the ukelele when abortion rights might finally be taken away from them. It’s convenient oppression that’s not even there

No. 1175459

Nta but your Twitter brainrot is unreal, your men oppress women of their own color more than any white Karen ever could(let it go)

No. 1175462

File: 1652197880329.jpeg (23.77 KB, 507x369, images (6).jpeg)

Why does infighting between 'old women vs young women' always break out in this thread? Not complaining though, it's entertaining how some anons can argue about the same retarded topic/likely bait for the 576442th time kek.

No. 1175466

>doesn't immediately get asspats for purely existing as a stronk brave BIPOC WOC womxn of color lxtinx/blxck/azn kween
go back to ooga boogaing on twitter, retard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1175467

If I gain one new gray hair every time I read this same fight, am I old yet? Yes.

No. 1175473

The OP wasn't even bait though, it was just a legitimate vent. Someone just hooked their claws into the word Karen and things went off the rails.

No. 1175475

>go back to ooga booging

kek and the anons ban me for being “racist” to anons like you? do you even read your own posts?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1175476

>that’s why whenever there’s serious wars and problems they take off their shirts and flash their boobs on the news and start crying and playing the ukelele when abortion rights might finally be taken away from them. It’s convenient oppression that’s not even there
Fucking retard.

No. 1175478

File: 1652198115989.jpeg (566.02 KB, 2260x1219, 869D59AA-470D-4041-B08E-DC37FE…)

I'll put this in vent because for two days I lived in anger, thinking "wow, he's cheating on me."
My boyfriend had been texting someone feverishly the entire time we were at my mum's for easter, which is semi-strange but it's his work phone and it didn't wave any red flags until I noticed that the person he's texting wasn't saved as anyone. I had to wait until he fell asleep and then snuck his phone out from his pillow to read it. Unfortunately the message wasn't opened, and there were three unseen texts in it. But if I had opened the text thread, he would have known/noticed. So I had to try and sleep and the entire next day had to just keep my heartrate from exploding while he was at work. I kept my cool. He called me a bunch just to say "I love you" and I just kept thinking "How typical probably of a cheater."
Well last night he got into the shower but left his phone charging in the bedroom, so I got to peek again. He had actually SPOKEN to this person over the phone for about a half hour now in his call logs. And this time he had opened the texts so I was able to read the entire chain of messages… anddd it was his 92 year old legally blind grandmother. She had written "play" instead of "pls" but the entire convo was from his grandma, dating back to a long time. Oh my god I just about started laughing. I'm so glad I just waited it out and didn't say anything until I had evidence (hence this photo kek) but holy shit. I literally had a sore stomach the entire day yesterday from thinking "wow, it's all over just like that."
Just feels relieving and good to tell someone while I laugh about it today.

No. 1175480

Damn that sucks. If the vent thread can't even be used for venting then are we supposed to hold a watch party for Dora the Explorer's 3rd season here?

No. 1175484

KEK nonnie I needed to read something like this, I'm glad everything is okay and that you can giggle about this now.

No. 1175485

HAHA! I'm so sorry anon but this is funny. "a chat play" does sound kinda sexual so I totally see how you could get upset but omg, this is cute.

No. 1175486

I'm glad it was just a misunderstanding! But why's he texting his grandma on his workphone though?

No. 1175492

go back to twitter retard, karen went from a funny meme to being used as a full on misogynistic word to use against white women who have different opinions. If you think otherwise you've clearly been cooped up in your twitter pen to notice

No. 1175496

He doesn't have a personal phone, just a work phone. So now it makes even more sense that it was just family kek

No. 1175507

fuck what a rollercoaster. i'm happy it turned out this way instead nona

No. 1175509

>they take off their shirts and flash their boobs on the news and start crying and playing the ukelele when abortion rights might finally be taken away from them
Totally normal words that women say about other women who literally do experience sex-based oppression.

No. 1175513

>different opinions such as calling black people niggers and touching their hair in public

ok tradthot

No. 1175517

You oversold it. You got too horny trying to bait someone into saying something racist. I know you’re white.

No. 1175521

File: 1652199319094.jpeg (351.64 KB, 625x537, B298EC75-5EDE-4E0D-A9A9-8EDC4A…)


No. 1175523

File: 1652199389886.jpeg (106.5 KB, 1254x836, 5FE064BC-5A8A-4098-9D2F-015F6D…)

I can’t bait a racist into saying something racist. It’s just too EZ nowadays

No. 1175526

>shills trying to pit women against each other over race thinking we'll ignore the blatant misogyny
Mmmm…nope. The black v. white shit works on scrotes because they're dumb cavemen who barely acknowledge each other's issues. Women? Not so much.
In fact I've rarely met racist women and the ones I have encountered are usually parroting their scrotes and communities so they won't be ostracized and expunged, which goes back to the women's issue of not being able to easily leave toxic cultures anyway.

No. 1175528

why does this look like those freaky characters from the song abt prolapse

No. 1175532

you haven't met racist women? TOP KEK there are plenty. In fact anon is most likely a tradthot. They're hijacking the radical feminist movement

No. 1175533

I see your garbage """opinion""" cloaked in concern-trolling and racebait from a mile away, defective xy.

No. 1175536

File: 1652199743659.gif (6.83 MB, 480x360, 17FBDF1A-1EF9-4505-BF20-705A2E…)

Everyone look at the funny dancing goths.

No. 1175537

why do you stupid bitches think that everytime some racist tradthot comes here it's actually a scrote. This is definitely a woman. If it were a scrote she wouldn't talk about mysoginy. Just accept that there are batshit insane women or racist women. Also, I still think gore is getting posted on here by a woman

No. 1175538

>"I've rarely met racist wome-"

No. 1175543

Exactly. Nevermind the karen shit is used on everyone, I got it too for daring to worry about the future of kids and I'm black.

No. 1175545

there's a shit load of questionable or evil women. Do you even go outside? We have a handful of tradthots on here. This bitch literally used mysoginy as an argument. She said that if you don't accept her being racist you're mysoginstic because you want all women to have the same opinion. Quite funny that she literally sounds like a libtard trying to collect opression points(moid)

No. 1175546

The next bitch replying to obvious male bait is stinkyyy

No. 1175550

No. 1175551

It's not that hard to simply not reply.

No. 1175553

>why do you stupid bitches think that everytime some racist tradthot comes here it's actually a scrote.

This is the second time I've seen you push this narrative in a separate thread.
You really seem to have a pressed agenda to make us "stupid bitches" believe there's a woman behind this post. It's strange and defensive considering "Hi scrote" has been a meme here for years.
>Just accept that there are batshit insane women or racist women.
>Also, I still think gore is getting posted on here by a woman
Trannies aren't women.

No. 1175554

I unironically wish I was their friends. Will you dress up in fishnets and dance with me like that nonny?

No. 1175555

File: 1652200065150.gif (1.77 MB, 400x334, 7ADFFC60-EC64-414C-ABA8-E0C751…)

you wish I was a stinky scrote, anon. realistically the only scrotes that come on here are only pedos, simps that defend for their favorite pornstars and sex cosplayers in /w/ or try to have an argument with someone and then have a tantrum and start spamming gore. i’m sadly a woman

No. 1175556

bingo bango!

No. 1175560

If she won't I fuckin' will!

No. 1175561

I’m white but I think black women have always had to deal with their own type of “Karen shaming” that is much worse, like being called “Laqueesha” or dumb shit like that and accused of being mouthy and confrontational as a way to shut them up when they’re rightfully standing up for themselves. Doesn’t mean that calling a white woman “Karen” is anywhere near as bad as that, but really it’s not unfounded that anons might think it’s used as a way to silence women and shame them for being assertive. Men and pickmes have always done that.

No. 1175563

>I think the gore is being posted by a woman

Lol now the tranny/incel is trying to pin its doings on to anons here? It’s an incel who keeps making shit bait threads about “WAHMEN bad”. Scrote this is not your opportunity to start deceiving

No. 1175565

>don't be hysterical, the only scrotes that are here are the obvious ones, no one would ever try to hide their damaged chromosomes coughcoughcough
>im sadly a woman
kys defective xy

No. 1175568

File: 1652200263343.gif (2.25 MB, 400x300, 39F454BA-40B0-4DB6-AB6B-0EE4E7…)

No. 1175570

Yeah, he tries this every few weeks when he spams gore.

No. 1175571

No scrote actually gets involved with discourse on here. They are too brain dead from consuming porn. They only come here to groom us on discord or post their ewaifus. A scrote would never use mysoginy as an argument. Why is it so hard for you to accept that this place attracts right winger women? Even radfem ideology nowadays overlaps with the right wing (altho it shouldn't). She's a stupid tradthot bitch with 2 braincells. There's plenty of tradthots here just look at the posts about anti abortion. Fuck these kind of women honestly they can go to hell with the shitty scrotes who's asses they lick. Most of them have 3 braincells. Stop ignoring the truth. Just make the tradthots leave because if you call them scrotes or blame it on.men they will invade this place and destroy it with their right wing mysoginy. Now you will say that I say bitches but I say it as a figure of speech. I don't believe in racism or in banning abortion which is horrible for women

No. 1175572

why don’t you channel that energy into the obvious gore-poster instead of an anon you’re threatened by because you don’t want to have discussions about how white women steal and mimic black women because you’re jealous of us

No. 1175574


No. 1175575

Don't do this, you know this is incorrect

No. 1175576

No one was calling anons who are against the word Karen a scrote. They’re calling YOU a scrote. Nice try attempting to obfuscate tho kek

No. 1175578

File: 1652200449984.jpeg (86.22 KB, 583x693, 05D52456-1F3B-4C2B-9E5D-C4325E…)

trannies spamming gore in vent let’s play chav or Slav. I’m going with chav based on the cans. (Buck’s Fizz and strongbow)

No. 1175580

Chav being a Slav

No. 1175581

It’s the SKIDS!

No. 1175585

alright, alright, sorry nonna.

No. 1175586

I say slav

No. 1175589

scrote hop off my wave, me criticizing white anons and getting banned (and likely banned after this) is not your spotlight to complain about tradthots. no woman is hoping that a fat ugly schizoid incel will marry them and have kids with them.(let it go)

No. 1175593

I don't have the background knowledge to fully tell the difference so I am just guessing chav

No. 1175594

>no woman is hoping that a fat ugly schizoid incel will marry them and have kids with them.
I'm not involved in this argument and hate racebait but you're right about this.

No. 1175596

I change my mind too, think it's chav because of cigs.

No. 1175598

this place is going to shit. Have fun with the psychopath-chans, tradthots, BPD chans while you say all the obvious insane female posters on here are scrotes. You've literally ruined your own imageboard. Enjoy weekly posts about how abortion should be banned. Racist spergouts and gore from the posters in the weird obsession thread. Then say it was all the scrotes lmao. Looking forwards to this beautiful community of racist anti abortion TERFs(then leave, ban evader)

No. 1175604

The gore is being taken care of. Responding to the moid and further derailing will result in a ban.

No. 1175605

You’re all so fucking boring. Do you ever get bored with inhaling your own farts?

No. 1175612

I'm always right and wish that I was not

No. 1175615

no one wants to play chav or slavs go away anon

No. 1175622

I can't imagine my future five years from now. I used to think as far as into my 40s but now I have a hard time making plans and goals or even imagining myself years from now. I just don't know if I'll be around. Right now, I don't really want to be around.

No. 1175626

File: 1652201403295.gif (1.95 MB, 268x250, mr-krabs-smallest-violin.gif)

This isn't really even much of a vent, since I don't think asexuals are persecuted or anything. I'm not even asexual, just someone who basically gave up sex because it doesn't seem worth it.
I'm just annoyed that even though societies got so far, even some men will admit women carry the burden of contraception and how having hetero sex is a compromise, in the end they assume you're supposed to take the risk anyway. I don't find sex important enough to take pills, get surgery and whatever, but I absolutely do not want to risk pregnancy and be forced to panic about abortion deadlines, and anything less than getting cut open does not guarantee 100% safety. Or maybe I meet a cutie with a vasectomy.

No. 1175633

File: 1652201603270.jpeg (171.1 KB, 660x495, 1273BE94-9165-4B3E-91B0-0E5105…)

Let’s prove this anon wrong
Chav or Slav?(derailing)

No. 1175634

Right? Everything became pretty unpredictable and the little things that are predictable are not looking good.

No. 1175641

ez slav

No. 1175642

This guy looks like someone pakianon would fuck.

No. 1175647

No. 1175652

kek anon

No. 1175655

Jesus christ. I'm glad for you, anon. I saw the screenshot and was like "Oh for fuck's sake" lmao

No. 1175659

i am so glad this had a positive ending nonnie!!

No. 1175668

Finally, a good fuckin post

No. 1175669


No. 1175671

Just reading this made me feel so stressed, so glad there's a happy ending!

No. 1175692

Stick around, wait and see. How old are you?

No. 1175741

So glad this had a happy ending nonnie, the picrel scared me

No. 1175756

I don’t know if it’s depression, exhaustion, or what, but I hate that when after work, I can’t push myself to do things once I’m home. Even when I’m played games, I can’t focus on it very long and have to get up. Idk it’s just very annoying that I can’t even settle down after working, because it is a stressful job and I don’t have much free time to myself.

No. 1175765

i desperately want to get fucked but i’m a stupid socially anxious virgin who would rather die than leave my apartment and the thought of hooking up with a stranger disgusts me.
at this point i might as well just save myself for marriage but i doubt i’ll ever get married regardless looool

No. 1175824

this final only allows one note sheet with zero examples im so fucked but im also so done that failing or not i want it to be over. i tried to avoid this teacher because shes shit but they still assigned her the class. she never cared if we used the entire book or whatever notes we wanted in the locked down tests but of course the test worth 20% wont allow that.

No. 1175838

File: 1652210099631.jpg (173.34 KB, 1200x832, 1639528926709.jpg)

I ran myself a nice hot bath and just got ready to read some cow drama when my friend's message pops up panicking that she forgot to prepare her presentation for tomorrow and asks for my help. I cut my bath short after swiftly cleaning myself, go to the computer where after 20 minutes she says she's too sleepy to continue even though she's nowhere near done.

No. 1175876

File: 1652212345461.png (72.08 KB, 210x317, tumblr_inline_pahnrfGcYB1tqmwk…)

Nonnas how to be good at lying and wearing a mask, I need to learn to be a bitch now

No. 1175911

File: 1652213463633.jpg (395.09 KB, 1500x1101, stock-photo-angry-student-girl…)

I'm currently doing my bachelor's degree and OH MY GOD I AM SO FUCKING FED UP. Thanks to my fuck ass art school I need to create something that's useful AND write a long ass text AND design the shit cunt book for the stupid piss text. Due in TEN days and jesus christ the workload NEVER ends. My boyfriend tries to be supportive and sweet and I appreciate it a lot but it drives me INSANE when he's like
>You've come so far and done sooo much, you're nearly finished!
>Just ten days, and you'll be free!
>You will make it! I'm sure!
when he doesn't know SHIT about the dumb thing I'm designing right now. He seriously doesn't and usually it's okay because I know NOTHING about his job either and it's fun to explain each other stuff you would never have thought about. BUT fuck ass honey pie STOP with this stupid crap because THIS thing is A SHITTY MESS. It took six years for my current bachelor's degree (THANK GOD you can pull shit like this in my country without being in debt for 300 years) and I had a million reasons for this, some truly legitimate and some were just dumb decisions I made. And even before THAT I have studied for some time but changed the subject. It feels like an eternity and I KNOW it took me so long because of my mento ilness luv x but how did everything take FOREVER and suddenly this cunt ass thesis is due in TEN FUCKING DAYS???

No. 1175937

File: 1652214277610.jpg (40.41 KB, 500x500, 1624980282396.jpg)

How did you guys cope with failing a really important exam that takes up the majority of your final grade? I feel like I have no options left and I'm doomed to be one of those permanent retail wagies.

No. 1175996

Returned to vent just because she asked a few questions then basically just kept saying how tired she is and how she feels sickly, but SHE was the one who asked me to spare some time for this. I think she expected me to write it for her, but I just started watching Ya Boy Kongming while waiting for questions. If she wanted me write it for her, she should've just said that, even though I'm really tired myself.

No. 1176008

My therapist behaved inappropriately towards me, which is why I stopped going to therapy. When I told my boyfriend about the things that happened and that the things he did made me feel awful, made me cry and question my reality he said that it wasn't really that bad and that others would have it worse.

No. 1176014

dont tell me you wouldve wrote it for her nona…

No. 1176016

what soap do you use? i also suffer from KP and i just want to finally have skin that i won’t be insecure of.

No. 1176031

Same, but its ok… ive heard its so disappointing most of the time and that it only feels good with someone you are in love with. Also what helped me cope is watching hentai because it disgusted me and made me not want to have seggs

No. 1176037

I wish my fiance would get therapy for his OCD and Anxiety. It's gotten worse. I also hate his passive aggressiveness.

No. 1176047

Sadly I already have a history of doing favors for her or picking up her slack over the years. If she just said "I don't have the time and knowledge to do this, I completely fucked up, please do it for me", I probably would have buckled. But I don't like weird roundabout emotional manipulation.

No. 1176051

I hate when a job doesn’t train you. People at work have been mad at me left and right for not doing something that I was never trained on or told about. It makes me look bad and sometimes I think my coworkers (the ones that should be training me/teaching me about these job programs) are trying to sabotage me. It just makes me anxious and I don’t like having all of these people annoyed at me whenever it was something I was unaware of and is out of my control. Ughhhhh I want to SCREAM. There’s a training handbook and it seems like the rest of my coworkers got an OK and quick training/probationary experience meanwhile I’m getting a half-assed one that is taking twice as long (I think even triple) to get through.

No. 1176055

NTA but I had bad KP on my arms, back and lower legs. I don’t wash my problem areas with soap every day. I’ll use African black soap on days I workout and get sweaty a lot just for the sake of feeling cleaner. I mostly just obsessively exfoliate in the shower, lather myself in cerave and address my PCOS. My KP is pretty much invisible to eyes now and only some light texture in small patches. It’s a pain though because it’s constant maintenance.

No. 1176057

I just saw a clip of a kid attaching a magnet to a fridge.. a fridge filled with magnets and kids art and photos. I grew up in a house where if a friend gifted you a fridge magnet they bought on holiday.. you didn't dare actually put it on the fridge.. or even ask to. You hid it in your room to avoid getting screamed at. My dad would freak out over so many things that he interpretted as us overstepping our place 'in his house' The smallest shit still hits me to this day.. imagine a house where your drawings are on the fridge and your belongings aren't confined to one room… never to spill out or be in the shared parts of the house. Like imagine feeling at home in your home as a kid.

No. 1176062


No. 1176069

Your dad was such a POS making your childhood difficult for fucking reason. I hope you have a space now where you can assert your existence anon. Put all the magnets on your fridge!

No. 1176078

It's not fair that scrotes have such a high self esteem and that society coddles them no matter what. Meanwhile I feel like I have to isolate myself for being such a weirdo. I failed at everything society thinks is important for women.

No. 1176086

File: 1652220056632.jpg (354.96 KB, 1065x1028, Screenshot_20220427-100249_Gal…)

I'm gonna have to start telling myself "If he wanted to, he would" every day. I need to remind myself of this about men…I feel like a fucking buffoon every time I catch myself ASKING for this mans physical affection or attention. Why are you asking him you dumb bitch, do you not respect yourself? Clearly not if I'm having to ask for something that should be given to me already. I'm fucking stupid. If he wanted to, he would. Please can my stupid fucking brain just remember that?

No. 1176098

Insane scrote bitchass behavior, I hope you can now or at least soon as possible spread your stuff wherever!!

No. 1176109

men don't have brains
they sometimes they NEED to be directed.
don't ask; DEMAND!
women work differently and use their own intiution to give to their partner.

No. 1176115

But you shouldn’t have to let him know more than once that you aren’t getting your needs met. Even the most retarded man knows that people in a relationship expect affection from each other.

No. 1176116

Having to demand affection.. no. Leave at that point.

No. 1176120

Nah when a man is actually really into a girl they always go above and beyond to impress her. If you have to ask he's just not that into you

No. 1176122

I wish my abortion experience wasn't so traumatic and awful and didn't leave me with so much turmoil, because it has also left me with weird feelings of envy whenever a woman speaks about their experience in a cavalier tone. I'm jealous because I wish it was normalized and easy for me to talk about… but it wasn't. for so long I considered myself a traitor to the pro-choice cause because my experience was so emotionally painful. recently this roe v wade shit reminds me how little power a biological female holds and how hated I am by strangers for my decision to rid myself of a 4 wk old bundle of cells. it didn't matter ultimately what I did because it ruined my life either way. but perhaps I let it due to shame.

No. 1176183

I have reached an all-time-low where I am reading r9k for advice

No. 1176185

to say your life is ruined is short sighted nonna, Even if you feel that way its in your head and you have a lifetime left to make room for the trauma you experienced and heal or atleast learning to cope with it.

No. 1176187

You’re not a traitor to women’s rights to autonomy just because you’re traumatized anon. Are you in therapy or getting emotional support?

No. 1176192

Oh, so we weren't good enough to get advice from?

No. 1176196

forget advice, torment them, it's way more fun; I'm bothering a seething hotep as we speak lmfao

No. 1176201

Hell world, my niece is old enough to vocally miss seeing me but too young to understand I am recovering from a major surgery that I don't wanna discuss with people.
>just tell her you're sick
She's also a weird covid child who thinks that means you have corona and are fucked, bless her heart anons, bless it pls

No. 1176203

Nah it's just that many anons here aren't on the same level of failure as I am. I don't want to get ripped apart here either kek I can brush off what they say over there

No. 1176204

The angsnt I have right now. I am SO inspired to create but my skills cannot compare to what my brain wants to make!

No. 1176207

I feel like I should keep this to themselves since it only would give them more fuel and they would probably laugh at me but it really fucks me up how even AGPs are more wanted than me. Somehow they get into relationships and hookups, not just with other troons. They have big friendgroups too. Like damn am I really worse than an AGP? I'm not entitled to anything and I don't deserve anything, but it still fucks with my head.

No. 1176209

2 hour final later and my wrist fuckin huuuurts

No. 1176215

File: 1652225266894.gif (61.73 KB, 220x146, pingu.gif)

No no it's fine anon. Just go back to your /r9k/ buddies. You think you know a nonny and then they go to other IBs for advice…

No. 1176224

My sister in law made a giant post and tagged everyone except me

No. 1176231

Medical surgery or aesthetic procedure, nonie? I had both two months apart last year… Wishing you a speedy recovery.

No. 1176238

20 students and staff at my workplace caught covid in the last week and those are the ones that actually tested

No. 1176276

It’s insane how much I’ve been stepped on in life but still persist, i have broke down many times before but never blacked out enough to take myself out. I still smile even tho theres nothing to smile about. My spirit animal is the roach

No. 1176282

Life saving (hopefully) medical one, thank you nonny. I have another one or two coming up and it's really annoying to keep worrying about those, recovery for this one and the way if I get covid, everything will be fucked even more so I just stay home 247 for what seems like the 3rd year now kek. I hope you're doing well too!

No. 1176284

No. 1176296

I admire you, nonnie. ♥

No. 1176298

i got a contact lens stuck in my eye… i think. i can't really tell. i've been clawing at it for 2 h now and its all red and puffy. i really don't want to go to bed tonight with it stuck in my eyeball. i can't find it at all! and i have to get up early tomorrow to let the mattress delivery guys in.
the lens i use i can't even tell if i have it in my eyeball or not, like there isn't a blue ring around the lens so it's so tough to tell, especially when my eye is all red and swollen.

No. 1176299

This. He'll be like Pepe Le Pew

No. 1176303

>finish book for book club
>friend immediately headcanons main character as a tranny
Someone is getting grey rocked today

No. 1176305

I don't think there's anyone as pathetic as me. I feel like an imposter because I'm 27 but I look much younger, my coworkers are either 20-22 or 40-50, no one knows my actual age and everyone assumes I'm in the 20-22 range and I'm too ashamed to admit they're wrong because I know I'm too immature and inexperienced for my age. I don't have any actual friends but the people I hang out with are also 20-22. I have no idea where could I meet people my age and I don't know if there's even anything we could talk about. They're probably in stable relationships and preparing for creating a family with someone. I'm socially stunted, I think I might be on the spectrum. I never had friends and never kissed or dated anyone. I don't have any social life besides work and talking to my housemates. I really missed out so much in life because I was a neet for years after graduating highschool and now I'm so behind everyone it seems impossible to catch up. Even before hs I could never socialize with other kids. I don't feel like I belong in any group. I'm not mature enough for people my age, but I also feel weird around 20 year olds and I'm scared they would think I'm a pathetic weirdo if they knew my actual age. Only very young guys hit on me. There's one guy that appears to be more mature than the others, he's barely 22, I know he's been crushing on me for almost a year and recently he admitted he has feelings for me and wants to date me. He thinks I'm beautiful, he admires my personality and weird interests and humor, he didn't want to believe me when I told him I never kissed anyone, and he wanted to kiss me but I didn't want that and it was awkward as fuck. See, this is the kind of stuff I should be going through as a teenager. I'm fucking 27. Men tried to hit on me many times but no man tried to become my friend and no one ever told me they loved me. He was the first and only one. Now I don't know what to do. I like this guy, but I'm scared to tell him my age. People usually find it hard to believe I could spent so many years in isolation from others, and that's another thing I'm scared to tell him about. I don't know what to do with my life, should I fuck around or look for someone to have a family with? If I decided to have a child in like 3 years, the guy would be only 25 and who knows if he would be ready to be a dad. I'm fucking starving for human touch, I'm horny as fuck, but I don't feel ready for sex, especially piv, I just want to touch someone and cuddle and maybe kiss, that's enough to make me aroused and satisfied. I had a cuddle session with this guy and it was like the best thing ever, I never experienced something like this, it felt like all that muscle tension and heavy emotional build up from years of isolation and parental abuse just dissappeared and my blood pressure went down, and for once I stopped worrying about everything. I never felt like this. My body got attached to him already and it craves his warmth constantly, we can only see each other on the weekends and it makes me crazy. But then again, I'm scared what will happen when the novelty of this feeling wears off. Will I still want to be with him? I'm a total mess and I feel like I'm just going through puberty, this is too cringe to share with a therapist

No. 1176312

Im annoyed how looking up a character’s name in a gif search ruined his death for me. I still cried when he died tho. Rip my husbando. I really have to stop looking things up for that game

No. 1176318

i was not bragging rather making a joke at my expense lol but thank you nonnies for finding it based

No. 1176331

Anon, I think your contact lense fell to the floor. I had it happen to me more than once when I was genuinely convinced that it got folded up and lost in the back of my eye ball. But if poking around your eye didn’t dislodge it then it’s probably long gone and the feeling in your eye is from pure irritation and paranoia.

No. 1176341

File: 1652238907046.png (181.87 KB, 373x414, 1619372787890.png)

i've always been "one of the boys" not because im a handmaiden, but because im too autistic to understand female socialization and growing up with an only big brother definetely didn't help. i find myself befriending men too easily despite how much i hate them. some of them also hate me or find me repulsive, because i literally look like the femcel phenotype and i don't play into their wishes or expectations. however, its always the nerdy type of men that i befriend. so i kind of understand their retarded hierarchies play and hobbies, but i don't share them.

despite this, i can't fucking understand the fakeboi mentality. i made friends with an LGBT group of my uni and surprise, it's full of fakebois. last week a fakeboi was telling us how she met this cosplayer moid and how much she idealized him, exactly like in yaoi mangas, but this week she was telling us how much the moid has dissapointed her. obviously, the moid started asking for sex or implying it by sending memes, while she expected a fully romantic relationship. you just have to be retarded to expect too much for a person you met a week ago, without even talking about intentions. this was like the third time hearing the fucking same story from a different fakeboi. if they find themselves to be soooo "masc" and a REAL BOY, how they can't understand that men only act interested because of sex?

also this is why i only date or meet shy/introverted moids. exploiting them for free things is way too easy and they won't tell you how much they want to fuck you until you piss them off.

No. 1176346

Every now and then I look on my rapist's facebook page to torture myself and i saw last night that his wife is having a kid which is making me extremely suicidal for two reasons

1. if he has a daughter and molests her it'll be my fault because i didn't report him

2. he gets to move on with his life with NO repercussions for ruining mine. every day its hard for me to get out of bed, i havent had sex since he raped me (which was 5 years ago) and the thought of sleeping with either gender makes me want to pull my hair out, i cant date because im so fucked in the head, ill have PTSD forever but him? he gets to be happy and get married and have kids

im at the point where i just want to post on facebook that he raped me and then off myself so maybe ill be taken seriously. its not fair. its just not fucking fair

No. 1176355

>also this is why i only date or meet shy/introverted moids. exploiting them for free things is way too easy and they won't tell you how much they want to fuck you until you piss them off.
based tbh

No. 1176361

My sister went through something similar. She was assaulted by a close friend of hers 3 years ago. Earlier this year, she found out he was going to have a kid. She ended up messaging the wife and telling her that he raped her. She didn't respond to any messages after, nor looked at the response. She just detailed what happened to her and a picture of the rapist and her together when they were friends. She said atleast she got it off her chest, and if the woman didn't believe her (lots of women don't) atleast she would have it in the back of her mind throughout their marriage. It didn't alleviate my sister's pain though.

No. 1176364

Anon I'm so sorry. I was used by a scrote for sex and he gets to live a happy married life too while my mental health and life are shattered.

What makes you think it won't be taken seriously? Do you have any friends acquainted with him or know him that would believe you? You may haven't been the only one. Is there any way you can leave an anonymous message to his wife? You deserve justice and this isn't fair

No. 1176365

>it will be my fault because i didn’t report him
Its never your fault, you don’t owe the world SHIT and you know it wouldn’t have made a difference any way, its all on him I’m sorry you have to go through this, you don’t deserve this

No. 1176369

Tbh I don't think anything can fully relieve the pain. Like a criminal that killed your loved one going to prison for life doesn't bring them back. But I still think she did the right thing and it was brave of her to do so. I hope something came from it

No. 1176380

Went to a concert by myself and it was really fun. I enjoyed myself and the band was awesome live. Somehow I’m totally fine by myself before and during a concert, but I always feel so sad and depressed at the end when I’m leaving and everyone talks excitedly to each other about how good it was and I have no one. I know it’s in my head and that I could even talk to a random stranger there about how much I liked it and they’d probably be receptive, but I guess I’m just too shy. Something about leaving a concert by yourself and having to make the long metro ride home alone is so lonely.

No. 1176381

i fucking hate the new fat boys at my wagie job. they stand around and give orders to girls who worked there for months before them. i cleaned up an extra room last time because i was already there and from then on this fugly ass sweaty scrote assumed i will always do it. it would be his job as it's supposed to be divided between the front workers. last week he came up to me and asked twice if i cleaned there yet. both times i said no? and thought he would go ahead and do it. this fugly fattoid DID NOT DO ANYTHING! he went home and did not even tell me it wasn't finished. then at the end of the shift my manager rushed in there to finish. i joined her and noticed the room was extra disgusting. later that night at 2 am i got a fucking message from the main manager. yes, my manager must have snitched. I GOT SCOLDED BECAUSE THE FUCKING SCROTE DID NOT DO _HIS_ PART OF THE JOB! what the fuck?! how do i screw with him during the next shift anons, i can not fucking bear this.

No. 1176386

i threw out my sketchbook because i was feeling depressed and hopeless. months later i forgot that i did that because my flatmates took out the trash. it's been years and i still miss that book. i was an idiot.

No. 1176393

File: 1652243800295.jpeg (78.92 KB, 828x631, 274AC384-76EE-4274-AEF5-229FA5…)

>be me
>get sudden crippling depression and identity crisis and a shit ton of flashbacks that intensify said depression at the beginning of the year
>stop doing college assignments
>stop entertaining hobbies and lose track of progress
>plan suicide but fail to go along with it anyway
>finals a few weeks away
>suddenly realize and wake up from this depressive episode
>repeat every year

No. 1176397

I'm so fucking angry at everything ALL THE TIME. I hate how people fuck you over so bad. It just honestly seems like I can't trust or believe anyone who isn't super close to me or who has proved they are trustworthy. I can't stand this world where people will step on you, lie to your face, lie about you, do everything in their power to fuck you over to get what they want or just to toy with you. I can't deal with this much longer. Why is it this way? Please do not come at me and tell me I'm soft or weak. I'm old and have been through the wringer plenty of times, I know people suck and lie, but for whatever reason it's just really wearing me down lately and I'm stuck and can't move forward.

No. 1176404

Quit and say exactly why

Sounds like a typical hellish wagie job, you can find another

No. 1176406

it's very difficult here for some reason every place says they are understaffed but they want you to have thousands years of experience, multiple references who adore you, and incredible passion for frying patties and scrubbing toilets. it's fucking bullshit, and when i try to find antisocial jobs they are always taken over by 40 year old junky scrotes. i applied to some better places and hopefully i hear back soon.

No. 1176407

has anyone here ever dealt with someone that assumes the motivations behind your actions, assumes your feelings and motivators and denies your explanations when you tell them why you have done something? or someone who insists you "know" what they mean or what they are saying when you ask them to clarify something they've said? is it me or is this fucking horrific to deal with? is this autism?

No. 1176409

yes. that shit if exhausting as fuck. my friend in high school who was borderline did this all the time, cried and blamed me for her emotions. she was very manipulative and selfish. she did not want me to be friends with anyone else. then i met some of the most narcissistic bitches while waitressing. always some bitch that thinks she is hot shit and too good for the place. a wannabe fitness influencer and a college educated finance girly. they always were up my ass and yelling at me, and thought i did not want to work. bitches who know nothing about hard life and want admiration for the bare minimum. i was working two jobs and had no energy for much chat and enthusiasm about their generic smalltalk, so they made up rumours about me. autists can do this as well if they are the twitter feminist keyboard warrior kind, but generally the women have more self awareness than the average person and will not get pissed at you outright before trying to see what is happening. it is always the stupidest and self-reflection lacking that assume everything they think is the truth. disorders like narc and bpd do that.

No. 1176411

It can be many things, but if they do that without leaving you after that means theyre trying to manipulate and fuck with you for fun (even if they deny it and may not realize themselves)

No. 1176413

i understand how you feel. society disgusts me. when i strike up conversations about this with normals they always say, but society is as advanced now as can be! fucking assholes have no idea what is it like to live with a disability, or a chronic illness. like ahh yess, just because i don't get beaten to death for having it more difficult than others, i must rejoice! because there are some expensive meds that sort of work, but with awful life ruining side effects, i must be happy and turn a blind eye to the hypocrisy of others. everything is some competition. people are selfish and sadistic and do not seem to feel any guilt. this is normal to them. but if someone is a bit socially awkward from being a autist that must be bullied to hell. the quiet person must be taken advantage of. how can they look in the mirror i don't get it. i want to fucking run away to a forest. if i were to retaliate i would be honest and straightup, and punch them square in the face. but, society is too advanced for that, yes. it "advanced to" social powerplays, stepping on people for your own gain, and valuing objects over human connections.

No. 1176415

>assumes the motivations behind your actions, assumes your feelings and motivators and denies your explanations when you tell them why you have done something
Holy shit this is exactly the reason my last friendship with a best friend fell through, she just kept on assuming malicious intent behind my words and actions and I wasn't even aware. It was extremely tiring to deal with and nothing I said got through to her. I'm sorry if you're experiencing this as well.

No. 1176416

File: 1652245965995.jpg (13.28 KB, 224x300, s-l300-1929516186.jpg)

>losing months of your life to this shit while younger people begin to run laps around you
>not accessing your full potential because of this illness
>people getting sick of waiting on you
>getting a period of energy where you think it's back to normal, but it's too late
nonnie i feel like life hates me. i have been on meds and they took away any happiness i felt. so i stopped. and now it's this shit again. i try to do everything with that period of energy while i can. vitamins and sports help but when it's the lowest… we mustn't give up

No. 1176426

i had the same thought. thanks for calming me lol! i checked the floor and didn't find anything though. i also drowned my eyeball in dry eye drops. like i seriously used half the bottle.
it's gotta be out right? my eyes still burning and red and angry, shit hurts. i hope i don't wake up tomorrow with an irritated blood-shot dry eye but at least then i know it WAS stuck in there. hope i don't go blind

No. 1176429

I got ousted from a friend group by someone who did just this even though I explained a million times what my intentions were over a misunderstanding. Not the first time they've done it and I wasn't the first victim either, but look who is paying for it? Kek. They invent their own reality in their heads that trumps any truth of your own. I'm convinced this person was BPD in some way. I have my own bpd fag behavior at times so I kind of get it but this was the most infuriating thing ever. It's the key to insanity too because they continuously deny your reality and nothing you say ever sticks, even with evidence. Because they just go "the way they see it". Fucking insane.

No. 1176441

I feel so embarrassed and upset. Today at college me and my friends went to this girls room and there were these girls there decked in designer and you know the rich type, as soon as we sat, she went "ew it's so smelly here" and then GOT UP and sprayed her shitty perfume in our general direction, all while her ugly friends kept snickering among themselves. Then one of these uglies got up and called some staff who came to literally just kick us out of the room????? Wtf???

No. 1176444

kek i'm sorry but are they bullies from a 2004 teen comedy?

No. 1176447

This can't be real loll

No. 1176454

I wish it wasn't real, I didn't catch most of it because I was facing away from them and only witnessed the staff kicking our ass out, but my friends told me they what they were doing. Wearing skinny jeans too, like, that's so yesterday bitch.

No. 1176456


No. 1176457

Sounds like those two scenes in Parasite

No. 1176459

NTA, but same. Even though depression is sky high, everyone is burned out and we have crisis after crisis, recession after recession, people will fucking nearly attack you if you suggest things aren't perfect and it could be much better. It's the neoliberal lie, they believe they have found the perfect economical system and that if you're still screwed over an not happy, it's your own problem and you just need to pull harder at your bootstraps. They have no sympathy for how big pharma squeezes people, they have no sympathy for how the medical system has completely gone for-profit and you're just used like a big cow to milk. Normies can stick their head in the sand and get off to being fake positive and pretending that their life is wonderful, even though they secretly want to kill themselves because of their soulsucking job, how they don't have any real friends, but at least they get the satisfaction of pretending that they're better than others. Now the normies even come to here and screech and complain about the existence of spergs, they don't let us have anything, they want to colonize it all. They only care about how much you serve the capitalist patriarchal overlord, they only care whether you hit your KPI's and whether you're a hustling bustling girlboss, while pretending to like people you don't. They only care whether you were socialized female properly and perform femininity like you're auditioning for Euphoria. It doesn't matter how based they think they are and how they're totally feminists, they just think female socialization is the best thing and the rest just has to get on with the program. They acknowledge that scrotes are shit, but just think the problem is that they weren't socialized female, so then they project that onto spergs who you cannot socialize properly. Literally no sympathy for spergs. If you even want to punch someone and you're not submissive uwu to scrotes, you have failed and you're a disgrace. You don't feel shame for not shaving your legs? Ew. You didn't spend your entire teens painstakingly learning how to put on make-up and developing a sense of style so you wouldn't incur the wrath of your peers? "Please go kill yourself!" Female friendships with other weeby spergs don't count, you have to want to participate in the popularity contest and compete over retarded scrotes as a way to bond! Doesn't matter that you're not attracted to them! Then when nobody is looking they all come to tell about the secret interests they have, which they hide from other women and even their friends, because your personality has to be perfectly curated and secretly being a weeb or liking to play video games in the weekend just doesn't fit with the perfect feminine stereotype! Then they all come to you telling about how they think the others hate them, if only they knew that all of them are sick and tired of the popularity contest and are deadly afraid that other women dislike them, when they DON'T. They're too obsessed with how they come across themselves, to even begin disliking others, as long as they're not spergs or overtly gnc. Oh and no I don't feel protected by the government. You can keep that fucking bullshit. Like no I wish I could just beat the scrotes who harm me and others to a pulp, instead of begging the police to do something and they only punish women and objectify women further. It almost never goes to trial and if it does, it's extremely difficult to prove anything because everything is skewed into men's favour. Normies just assume everything works correctly, because it HAS TO, right? They sure wouldn't allow us to just live in such a broken society? The SLOW GRUELING PROGRESS, is all worth it right? You know how fucking advanced we could've been, if there weren't handmaidens at every wave who wanted to quit after every tiny victory? Like even the suffragettes claimed they wanted the vote to better serve god and their husbands, then the moment they got the vote, they fucked off and said that now society is as advanced as can be. They told fuck you to the women who wanted to continue, YES THERE WERE WOMEN WHO WANTED TO CONTINUE FIGHTING FOR OUR RIGHTS. Instead they were ignored and we had to wait until another breaking point in the 70's. This happens every fucking time and we never learn. In general it feels like tweaking shit, because those constitutions and laws are seeped with misogyny, you don't even know how deep this runs, you would fucking throw up from distress if you knew. You would have to get rid of it all, wipe the slate clean to truly advance, but people just want to REFORM. Slow tiny progress, as if they're working towards going to heaven and praying to a god, they don't care that things won't change in their lifetime or for the next to come. Or how the system is so rigged, that if you change one thing in women's favour, scrotes come up with 20 new ways to screw us over. Just fucking admit you normies don't want things to get better, because you like the hierarchy whatever it is (patriarchy, capitalism, state etc.), you like the competition, the idea to trample on others and advance. You wouldn't know where to get your feelings of satisfaction from if it didn't exist. Then you shit on the spergs for being the broken ones, because they don't fit in this sawlike torturechamber we're all in.

No. 1176465

Did you copy and paste the bible here?

No. 1176468

You have to dump milk on their heads in the cafeteria as revenge and replace their face cream with foot creme. 2004 Disney teen problems require 2004 Disney teen solutions

No. 1176470

File: 1652249797500.jpeg (20.56 KB, 460x460, 48EBCE2D-5BE7-4F85-AB49-C7A169…)

i am finally committing to ed recovery after 10 years of anorexia but im so alone and literally have no one by my side which makes everything a thousand times harder, im at a new place i dont know anyone and it seems like theres no one that would be a good fit for a friend for me here, all i have are the street cats i feed everyday
i feel bad because recovering from eating disorders is so hard and its such an vile disease, its like im losing my mind because im holding a lot of heavy things at once and i dont know how much longer i can take it.
today i was walking around feeding the cats while i was crying and couldnt stop, i tried to get my shit together but the tears wouldnt stop and i felt so alone and empty inside, i cant take all this changes alone, i can no longer take any of this but if i kill myself the cats will go hungry because im the only one feeding them so i cant even end myself because i dont want them to suffer and they are my only friends
to make everything worse ive been missing my parents a lot, i live too far from them and we dont have a good relationship
they're hella toxic and the cause of many of my disorders today, so on top of everything i feel guilty for missing them
last week i went grocery shopping and while i was at the bus coming back home i realized the driver looked just like my father and i started crying right there and it was so embarrassing and awkward lol i literally hate how broken i am
i just wish there was this magic button i would push and it would be like i never existed at all, nothing of value would be lost and i wouldnt suffer because i wouldnt even exist aaaaaaaaaa

No. 1176473

File: 1652249857306.jpeg (79.66 KB, 736x716, 0763E257-14BB-4E1D-A55F-A91769…)

I had to let a tranny into the women’s bathroom at work the other day. On instinct I headed to open the men’s but I didn’t want this hulking troon to body me out of anger (he was at least a foot taller than me) so I opened the women’s. I’m so pissed off.

No. 1176474

the same thing happened to me in classrooms and social clubs, the girls would never admit they have some nerdy, non-girly interests, because of the fear that others would think they are a loser. that explained why some avoided me for expressing my interests in scrotey shit like video games and japanese cartoons. they viewed my non-expressiveness as cool, or a quirky trait, but as soon as i did not want to fit into their mold, they dipped. they don't actually form friendships, they form mobs. the popularity contest, that is spot on. they force themselves a front face to fit in with everyone. they collect friends like they are building an army. because to normies this is what community means. they need armies, their social groups, to feel safe. so ironic that they are the ones claiming society is so nice as it is. they are afraid of each other, which is why they avoid conflict. they can not have true trust. in anybody. everything is overly emotional and they can not logically explain viewpoints. i am not from the usa but it fucking sucks there. the constitution is a dusty old paper from hundreds of years ago, that the most misogynist and racist, literally a slaver scrotes wrote, why are things still based on that shit?

No. 1176483

Or maybe they just wanted friends who shared the same interests? I'm 21 and I do play games, although most are feminine dressing games or basic stuff like candy crush, but most of my female friends neither like anime or play games to the extent scrote manchildren do.

No. 1176486

the girls from the group came to me separately to secretly talk about their hobbies like these with me. the big group did not really have hobbies, unless you can call watching reality tv and eating junk food or vaping hobbies. most people nowadays don't have hobbies, i am not roasting anyone though, it is very easy, especially if you have a job to just veg out and watch a screen while lying down

No. 1176489

First, I'm glad you're okay. I don't trust any of these creeps especially when they can tower over you. Second, I would have had thought the same thing. I hate how we have to give in to these creeps. For your anger, do you have a baseball bat or golf club? I like to hit cardboard boxes with either. It helps especially if you draw a crude face. I'm sorry, nonnie.

No. 1176490

Exactly! They're so afraid of conflict, that they never want to even try to improve things, so they would rather claim that things can't get any better anyways. It's a massive cope.
They're not brave enough to actually want friends who share the same interests, maybe in secret if they can hide you from the rest. Most prefer to have friends who look good in the popularity contest and would create a halo effect for them. Also I'm talking about the kind of woman who looks like an Instagram baddie, but secretly is a massive fan of COD, shooters and curses like a sailor when nobody is looking. I think this bullshit hiding of interests just creates more pickme tendencies, because they end up believing that only scrotes have these interests and constantly hangout with their boyfriends, because they don't form a true bond with any female friends because of the hiding. People love calling the unapologetic sperg or gnc woman who complains about this shit a NLOG, but the true NLOGs are those who hide who they really are, because they believe no other woman could be like that and instead start to spend all their time with scrotes because of it.
Yeah same, I don't necessarily judge people for not having hobbies. Society has been set up so that after all the stress of everything, soulsucking jobs, horrible commute, procedures and bureaucracy everywhere, then also having to cook and take care of yourself and probably family, they don't have any energy left to do anything but bingewatch tv or Netflix. I just wish they didn't judge those who do unapologetically get really into hobbies.

No. 1176499

Oh no Inm having flashbacks to my years in middle and high school as a poor, nerdy, not white girl surrounded by rich blonde girls straight out of American teen movies kek.

No. 1176500

Video games and anime aren't hobbies. It's retarded for you to say most people don't have hobbies while you waste your time on scrote-media.

No. 1176503

File: 1652251965429.jpg (182.7 KB, 1080x1350, tumblr_6accf11c773b8a2923480f7…)

from one recovering spoop to another, you got this anon. it's super hard and lonely at first because anorexia really has to be experienced to be understood outside of a clinical context, and most people do not and will not ever have that experience. i can relate a lot to the feelings of guilt and wanting to disappear, but those feelings and the insane brain fog and mood swings really do start to go away once you start meeting your body's nutritional needs. you have value and i think it's lovely that you look after all those street kitties, and i wish you good luck in your recovery.

No. 1176507

it's called high context culture

> high-context culture definition relates to a culture by which the rules of communication are primarily and dominantly transmitted through the use of contextual elements. These include specific forms of body language, the social or familial status of an individual, and the tone of voice employed during speech. High-context cultures usually do not have rules that are explicitly written or stated. By comparison, low-context cultures refer to cultures whereby most communications take place through verbal language and rules are directly written out or stated for all to view.

No. 1176511

I hate that when my sister comes over half the time she wont take her shoes off at the door or even when she does her feet are gross because in her own place they never seem to vacuum, wash the tile, and possibly have pet piss on the floor. every time she sits like a fat ass on my favorite chair with her feet on it im disgusted. she leaves trash around wherever she goes. she shits and sits on the toilet for 10-30 minutes with her phone while the bathroom now smells, my place doesnt have good ventilation. despite the lung-heart surgery i had she still tries to vape or use weed? pens in my bathroom. it pisses me off how much she doesnt respect my place when i probably always clean it up an hour a day, that i pay so much on my own. i always end up snapping at her after a few hours because its rude. i know we're sisters but she goes through my kitchen sometimes eating items that are specific to my food allergies which cost me more. she can be really sweet and helpful when i need her like we always have each others backs but god damn i dont do this stuff to her. whenever i go over there im trying to tidy up her kitchen or help with some laundry. if i snap at her she rolls her eyes like its not so serious, what the fuck.

No. 1176512

You know, I never thought about destroying cardboard boxes with a bat/club, but that sounds like a great way to decompress, thanks for the idea nona!

No. 1176515

After spending days with furiously masturbating because ovulation, I finally arrived at the stage of hormonal imbalance where I feel irritated and everything feels pointless. I have this overwhelming desire to bash my head repeatedly against the wall. Why the fuck do we have to suffer from hormones like this

No. 1176517

Meeting real life feminine men and not coomer "femboys" is impossible already, but now I feel like they're very shitty invesment too. I've found one pretty feminine looking guy, but after we got talking, it turns out he feels miseralbe and trapped in his life, has some performance issues in bed and then I managed to pull it out of him that his female best friend is a troon. I feel like he's one bad day away from trooning out, such a waste.

No. 1176518

I'm usually against vandalism but I've been considering writing YWNBAW inside various women's restroom stalls. Join the revolution with me nonnies

No. 1176520

NTA and lifting and doing sports is surely scroteish too and not a hobby? Better go on the stairmaster for 10 minutes and do the bootylicious 1000 workout from Instagram, with no real weights, even though that influencer got implants and didn't workout a day in her life. Take 20 pics for instagram. Then go to kfc with your friends, buy a barbell and secretly do weightlifting at home, because you don't want others at the gym to see that you a woman omg gasp what a shock, actually likes to lift weights. Most normies use gym memberships to socialize and use it as a wateringhole, instead of actually exercise (scrotes do that too which is why most never improve and look dyel). It's just fucking sad, but I'm the broken one for never having been to a club and not enjoying drinking alcohol? Going to KFC is the most bonding thing you can do with friends, it's never fun to go cook a dish together and maybe experiment with recipes, noooo, we want KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC! Doing a sport? Ew, cringe, let's make fun of you! Painting for fun and not for profit? CRRIIIIIIINGGEEEEEE! Everything is fucking cringe except vegging out, bingewatching and eating junkfood, while trying to fit into shapewear, spend a shit ton of money on getting injections and eyelash extensions, heavy teeth bleaching, constantly starving yourself, just to get the attention of a scrote who you're not even really attracted to, but you feel like you're worthless if you don't have some sort of scrote attached to you. Then cry when you don't look like the influencers on Instagram, whose fulltime job it is to look like that. Hide that when you do vegout, you actually play video games or watch something weeby, just lie that you watched the same show as everyone else and read the synopsis online so you can keep the pretense up. Hide your true personality and interests at every turn, then complain that no women like these things and that you have to spend all your time with scrotes and you're one of the guys, because no other woman could ever be going through the same exact fucking thing. And definitely go shame the women who unapologetically like things, while secretly going behind your "friends" backs to go to talk to the cringe sperg.

No. 1176521

I have written that on tranny stickers in bar restrooms lol

No. 1176522

Based. Doing the lord's work

No. 1176524

I just ordered some stickers to put over those stickers. Outside you don't always have much time to actually write something and I find those stickers everywhere on lampposts

No. 1176526

Where do they sell YWNBAW stickers? I assumed most sticker sites like red bubble would take it down for hate speech. Are you using a sticker printing service like sticker mule?

No. 1176529

I had an (ex)-friend who sounded somewhat like this. She was convinced that I was lesbian and always assumed that was the main motive for me doing anything at all. Like if I mentioned I watched a movie, she immediately assumed that I did it because I liked the main actress, or if I looked at someone on the street because I liked their outfit, she assumed I was checking them out. She also had these weird random comments about me being like 'a man' or a 'child' but never specified what she meant by it
But at the same time, thinking about it. Like I tend to feel that people hate me for no reason

No. 1176533

Glad, hope it helps. ♥

No. 1176536

There are terfy anarchists with a stickerprinter around. I just would send them an email for an order.
>Wow you really hate people who exercise huh kek
Did you even read what I wrote? Going on the stairmaster for 10 minutes can barely called exercises. I do powerlifting and kickboxing, but apparently that's CRIIIINGGEEEEEE. Painting, learning languages and playing an instrument is too CRIIINGGEEEE for everyone nowadays, I constantly get shit for doing those things, because I don't do it for productive reasons to get a raise or to make money, but just because I enjoy it. I only watch anime occasionally and play video games when I actually have the time for it, but I don't hide my interest in them, I just listed it because it's what most normie women confess to me liking too in secret, but they hide from the rest of the world. They constantly vegout, which is fine, but then lie to their friends about watching the latest popular tv shows, when they actually watch more anime than me and play video games more often.

No. 1176538

but it's just true that most people don't have hobbies. in general, most people are low wage or low to middle so they definitely don't have energy or money to take a class or buy supplies and get into something. vidya and animu are not my only hobbies, but they were considered boyish and taboo in the girl groups in my country, which is why i mentioned them. generally you need a generous amount of disposable income to not go broke and go learn karate, yoga, spin class, or violin, etc. when i'm broke or ill i don't have the energy to do much besides press key combos for the dopamine hit after pirating the newest game. but for some advice, things i've done as hobbies without having the riches are drawing, painting, singing, writing, yoga from youtube, and reading pirated books.

No. 1176539

I had former coworkers who thought I was a lesbian too, no idea how or why. Gay guys especially assume I'm a lesbian. I'm tomboyish I guess but there was no way to know that when I was wearing our uniform. Do you know why your friend assume you were a lesbian? I'm so curious.

No. 1176540

File: 1652254965646.jpeg (80.15 KB, 570x659, CD55388A-0947-4308-8F93-3A939E…)

“I don’t care” is such a freeing thought also “i don’t want to” and the infamous… “no” wowww Is this what everyone has been doing this whole time? Wish someone clued me in earlier in life

No. 1176543

I have absolute zero self-esteem. I can't see anything good in me. Things I try to build don't work out and turn out to be medicore. I feel like I am only wasting my time by living, I do nothing and I'm a neet because I can't score well in interviews due to the lack of confidence. But I also can't gain any confidence if I don't succeed. I'm stuck in this loop and I literally cannoy stand up, I feel like some sort of weight is crushing me.

No. 1176544

Why did you have a meltdown when I said anime isn't a hobby? What do clubs or gyms have to do with this? Also working out isn't a manly hobby unless you you're a misogynist, lmao.

No. 1176545

we must be from similar social groups because where i grew up it was cringe to have hobbies among the most popular girls. if you had anything interesting going on after school, people got insecure or viewed you as a nerd. when they could be equally as invested and open about something they like if they just stopped feeling so embarrassed for embracing their personality. the sexist socialization has a lot to do with this, so it affects women more. we grew up already hating our bodies at 6 years old because of stupid media and idiot scrotes. that's why normies focus more on their appearances rather than actual hobbies, because they are more easily manipulated into that misery. they smoked because it was the cool thing, and it made them skinny, spent money on tanning because it was trendy, watched the celebrities because they were the most popular, and spent their disposable income on the newest fashion because that is what the media told them was cool. that is why it's also a common thing for normie women in their 50s to just get into new hobbies finally after years of programming. they went through years of programming of having to be a male pandering bimbo baddie and perfectly shaven and clothed, that they never had the time to think of themselves for one second, to even consider what they actually like. this is why many women struggle with friendships after marriage too. society just fucking sucks but admitting this would mentally destroy the normies.

No. 1176548

Because you assume it's just about anime, when it's about any fucking hobby. Normies just generally veg out all the time, so the only secret interests they have and confess could be something like anime or video games. I literally already explained myself here >>1176536 Why the fuck am I the one being called a misogynist for complaining that everyone thinks it's cringe and scroteish because I actually lift weights and do sports and that women are literally avoiding lifting weights because it's seen as scroteish and will totally turn you into the Hulk. That a woman I know is literally lifting in secret at home, because she's afraid of being made fun of by other women at the gym, who also just go to be 10 minutes on the stairmaster and then take pictures for Instagram for 20 minutes. She just uses her gymsubscription for socializing and as a wateringhole and then ACTUALLY works out in her cramped apartment, trying to also keep an eye on a toddler.
Exactly you get it.

No. 1176549


It's okay, anon, I'm here for you.

No. 1176550

File: 1652256055551.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3024x4032, B2CFC804-99EC-4F72-821A-FF82CD…)

im letting myself be a second choice bc my lonely ass likes playing pretend bf-gf

No. 1176553

I am literally just socially anxious around men and have an avoidant attachment style. I also grew up in a conservative household so I also have an irrational fear of sex. So whenever there was a chance to form a relationship with a guy, I noped out of it, despite being attracted to them and fantasizing about them. My first sexual experience was also really unpleasant.
The funny thing is that this 'friend' maintained her opinion even though I told her about my complicated feelings towards guys I liked and despite her having seen me me make out with a guy once when we were in a club. I'm 100% sure she's projecting because once she even told me that if she didn't want a family, she'd live with a woman

No. 1176559

Nonas where are you from? It's so weird to me what you're experiencing.
It's the opposite in my social groups since I was a kid. You're supposed to have two jobs while studying uni and have million hobbies including nerdy ones and sporty ones. It makes me perpetually exhausted and I'm deeply ashamed when I don't do as many things as people around me. I think people must be embellishing it a bit about having so many hobbies because it just isn't possible.

No. 1176561

my gym also haven't a single female weightlifter lol it's so sad, they always just use the stairs or the treadmill. if you only come in for the treadmill, it would be cheaper and more sensible to run through the park, or around your streets, for free. but it counts calories, and sadly that's what matters to the average woman. that fear of looking roided is so cringe honestly, not even olympic athletes look like that, the extreme examples scrotes bring up on facebook are doing steroids. i saw one of those posts when i was a teen, it said "real women don't look like men. ladies, this is unattractive. i like curvy women." and i fucking commented kek "this makes me want to become like that woman so i could easily beat up stupid commenters like you." funnily the strongest women i met were practicing pole dancing, which is known for "some slutty female dance", and people say dancing is easy and not a sport. each of those high level dancers could kick flip their heads off without effort kek. i am lucky to earn enough to stay out of my home town, nonnie, it is classist but the bigger the city and higher living the area is, the more chances of meeting based women are.

No. 1176563

I can relate to all of this except I'm a kissless virgin because if I ever get a bf and have sex out of wedlock and anyone in my family knew about it I'd be in some deep shit. I guess your ex friend's gaydar isn't just broken beyond repair, she's definitely projecting.

No. 1176565

i am from a shitty town from a country in central europe, i moved countries for college. that country has "traditional standards", sexism, and ableism. it was soul crushing and i need a therapist now after growing up there. in the other richer country i moved to women tend to have regular hobbies at least like going to the gym or swimming. that also has to do with feminism and more money, but there are "druggies", a slang for people who veg out here too. not a very good translation.

No. 1176566

are you from the united states or australia? that active lifestyle expectation seems like the hustle culture of those countries, which is toxic too. to me those cultures look like they are trying to emulate movie characters.

No. 1176571

File: 1652257621986.jpg (111.35 KB, 960x930, 1624478828859.jpg)

i have not slept a wink because i had too much caffeine and not enough food yesterday and i'm afraid that if i fall asleep i will literally die. i think coldbrew induces temporary amnesia because every time i have it i'm surprised when i inevitably feel awful, can't sleep, and obsess over dying. at this point i am probably just too dumb to live.

No. 1176572

ahhh this is so cute nona. I've been trying to look for punk gigs in my city to go to on my own and hopefully make some friends with similar interests/tastes to me. I think concerts are the sort of social environment where you can just tag along with a group you met there and they wouldn't mind! I feel you though, it's hard to get to the point of actually approaching someone.

No. 1176576

hard agree with your opinion on hustle culture and lifestyle expectations. I'm from the UK and regularly feel like a useless NEET even though I'm on 32k per year at a good job just cos I prefer to stay indoors on my PC on my days off. I think there's a lot of pressure here to always be going out, drinking and spending money rather than having solitary hobbies.

No. 1176577

I had a couple ex's like this. One was deeply autistic and would never ask me to clarify my intentions, instead jumping to conclusions about how I felt and stating them as absolute fact. It was so fucking frustrating and I'm glad to be done with that.
The other one was just deeply traumatised and insecure. He'd never had any loving, caring relationships in his life and his parents were awful, so it's no wonder he always assumed everything I did had some sort of malicious attempt behind it. He's mostly fixed that through therapy now.

No. 1176582

I'm from the biblebelt, while my generation is generally atheist, they just replaced god with patriarchy in general, or it feels like that. You're only allowed to have hobbies if you can monetize them and if they're productive. If you learn a language just because you like it, it's cringe. You paint or do art for the fun of it and don't care about progress all the time and don't want to do commissions and earn money? Cringe. The only hobbies which are allowed are if they fit into hustling pull yourself up by your bootstraps culture or are about spending money on your looks to appeal to scrotes. They are embellishing, because once they get into the gym, it's just 10 minutes of stairmaster and then going home. Their learning languages is doing Duolingo 10 minutes per day (there are better apps and programs for learning languages, Duolingo is notoriously bad).
>it would be cheaper and more sensible to run through the park, or around your streets, for free. but it counts calories, and sadly that's what matters to the average woman
EXACTLY. When I was scoping out for a new gym and asked an employee for a tour, they legit joked and said that the cardio section is the women's section and where I will be spending most of my time. I was so fucking offended, but like I get why so many women because of that think that proper weightlifting is not for them. I didn't sign up to that gym obviously.
>that fear of looking roided is so cringe honestly, not even olympic athletes look like that, the extreme examples scrotes bring up on facebook are doing steroids.
Ironically enough a lot of the very skinny fitness influencers with barely any muscles on Instagram are on Anavar, because of the fat burning properties and to keep a very low bodyfat percentage.
>funnily the strongest women i met were practicing pole dancing, which is known for "some slutty female dance", and people say dancing is easy and not a sport.
Oh yeah it's basically feminine coded calisthenics and acrobatics. I'm just dumb cavewoman, I pick heavy things up and put them down, punch scrote in face, kick his leg kek. I have a lot of respect for how they manage to do basically high level calisthenics and making it look graceful and effortless.
>it is classist but the bigger the city and higher living the area is, the more chances of meeting based women are.
Oh man, with the housing crisis I feel like I'm going to be stuck here forever. Every time I earn more money, everything else also gets more expensive, so I'm back to square one kek. Glad you got out though.
This. You either have to participate in the hustling shit or you have to go out drinking and spending money. Or go watch Netflix all day, but specifically watch what everyone is watching. It's the same shit when we were growing up and it feels so childish to all have to watch the same show so you have something to talk about. Solitary hobbies are cringe and make you a lonely loser, so even if others do it, they will hide it. THEN GO PAINT OR WORKOUT WITH ME.

No. 1176586

I have like 4 ice coffees a day i wonder if feeling like im gonna have a heart attack is due to this

No. 1176612

I'm from Central Europe too, probably a different country than you though. We are expected to be really sporty while also being smart and having a lot of hobbies.
But it might be just my and my family's social bubble. I think living in a capital city is a big factor of this - weird amalgamation of progressive and traditional social expectations (expectation to be a career woman with many hobbies but still have children and husband and look good).
When I go on tinder it's literally people trying to impress you with million hobbies they have (both men and women) and irl I sadly am also surrounded by overachievers. At this point I wish my friends would be just lifeless consoomers and we'd get to chill for a bit.

No. 1176619

I have similar experience, maybe we're from the same country (Poland?). I've never used Tinder but even in my work environment everyone just does so much. In a way, objectively, what I do in my free time is plenty and enough to take up all of it but when during team get-together, when everyone talked about their hobbies and so I felt like I'm the most boring, unaccomplished, lazy-ass weirdo. I don't get it how people do it. I wish I could believe it's all a lie and just surface level but in many cases it seems legit. Hard to not feel like a disappointment.

No. 1176620

My brothers gf is such a pick-me. My family once discussed an crime that happened in my area where a woman got robbed on the street and she said "men also get robbed". Also she told my brother that she would go and make hot tub streams if the money ever got tight and she also constantly shits on her female coworkers and says that they all hate and bully her for some reason. Oh and ofc she supports Johnny Depp and hates the author of the Harry Potter books. My narc brother literally got the perfect woman for himself kek I can't wait for the drama

No. 1176639

I'm your neighbour (Czech), interesting to hear it's similar there. I feel exactly like you. It really just might be my social circle though.
I'm trying my best to also do a lot, develop a lot of hobbies but after long day of working and studying I just lack the energy. They seem to do it all while also being engaged/soon to be married, very socially accomplished and having a well paid jobs while also studying (most of my friends are in IT or medicine fields).
But tbh I know many of my friends are medicated for mental issues so it's probably taking its toll (copium for me).

No. 1176716

can anyone watch this and disagree that we live in hell on earth? like, nothing "good" in this world can even compete with evil like this. I'm so sick of it

No. 1176720

Hell is empty bonita, all devils are here. We were born to suffer.

No. 1176730

I don't think I'm going to make it past my 30s nonnies.

No. 1176734

This poor woman was living in hell and it was honestly a fucking mercy for her to die. Having locked in syndrome is probably bad enough without being left to fester and starve and just rot inside with no enrichment or stimulation while your “well respected” parent’s pretend you don’t exist. That is actual hell. It’s unfathomable and that sofa is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen.

No. 1176748

I’m about to fail my finals, my stomach is turning. What should I do after this paper that isn’t killing myself

No. 1176761

Can someone explain what happened to this lady? They said she used to be active and stuff, why did she get into such a bad state? Is this negligence? Maybe her parents beat her too and she had brain damage from that? This is so evil and stuff like this only happens to daughters for some reason.

No. 1176763

File: 1652274602779.jpg (42.7 KB, 560x400, c924f780708d0c31d9176c92c16d54…)

Nona, hang in there. Even if you fail, go eat something sweet like a parfait, watch some netflix or YouTube, pop some sleeping pills if you have trouble sleeping and just sleep on it. If you have a bf or nice parents vent to them relentlessly and watch some movie you like with them and go on a walk. You'll feel like shit for some time but it's gonna pass eventually. Don't think of an hero just because education system is shit designed to suck our souls out, it's not your fault or weakness. Wish you a lot of mental strength.

No. 1176764

She’s autistic and stopped being verbal, its most likely something her parents did that caused her to go silent but thats me speculating. I’ve heard of autistic children who stopped speaking suddenly but never with adults

No. 1176765

take a good shower or bath, drink, eat something you enjoy, create something in a hobby, watch a movie, cry if it really helps you, failing wont be the end of the world there's always a chance to redo it but not by killing yourself.

No. 1176766

nta but what i don't understand is why she suddenly could no longer move
she had the strength to rip off pieces of the couch but could no longer get herself off the couch, how?

No. 1176767

Confessed i was raped to friends a long time ago only to find out they were laughing at me and made up shit about me. I really have no faith in friendships anymore, male or female. Cant believe i genuinely thought they cared about me

No. 1176768

You don't have to have children yet, I'd say go for the young guy. It hasn't worked out for me (they were too immature) but my friend has a bf 5/6 years younger (started dating 19 and 24 or so) and he is absolutely heads over heels for her even though she had him open up the relationship a few times and actually told him she's looking for a better boyfriend. She didn't find anyone better so she's settling for him. He still stayed with her and they're planning to marry and have children now (28 and 23). What a simp.
Your guy might be a bit turned off by your real age though if he assumes you're 22.

No. 1176770

This. Maybe they drugged her? Didn't allow her to go outside because they didn't want her to be seen? She was fine up til 9th grade from what I read and very low functioning autistic people wouldn't be able to look as put together as her or have normal life's up til they're like 14

No. 1176775

a quick google search shows that sadly this is by far the only case
god knows how many people are left to rot in their own waste while their own family collects their checks…

No. 1176781

This is insane, how does that even happen? How can someone live with another person and not even try to talk with that person even out of spite? I’m pretty sure that they could’ve even asked for someone in the church for help, it’s the fucking first world, these bitches could’ve done something to help her, there’s so many resources and shit for autistic people that they have access to, and they did nothing.
This is just miserable, and scary too, like what the fuck? Someone just can become non-verbal? The parents must’ve done something horrifying to her because I seriously doubt she just sat there and decided she didn’t want to move from there anymore.
Like if you think about it, wouldn’t it have been more logical for her to lay in her room? Since the TV is loud, people are loud, so it would’ve made more sense for her to just be in her room.
I also wouldn’t believe if the parents said that she was violent because a 30 years old woman who is wasting away can’t do anything, even after a few weeks of her sitting there, doing nothing, would’ve let them move her to her room.
This is just extremely bizarre.

No. 1176785

File: 1652276397248.jpg (429.46 KB, 810x820, 20220510_073602.jpg)

Visited a new psychiatrist.
>several doctors diagnosed me with OCD and depression
>starting to show progress, medication is helping with my sleep and intrusive thoughts
>waiting list for the good doc that helped me is 4 months
>since I'm in another town, decide to visit the clinic there for my check up
>doc there tells me I'm just spoiled, it's all my fault, how my family won't tolerate me for much longer so I should get myself together
>dimisses my plans for suicide as "lol just push those thoughts away you're too young for that"
Haha what the fuck
I don't think I'm another pixielocks because other doctors diagnosed me, but this chick was an assistant professor of psychology and an expert in psychotherapy?

No. 1176786

>guy i’ve been flirting with is 6’4”
i know most women find tall men extremely attractive, but his height honestly scares me. why are you an entire foot taller than me dude

No. 1176791

Sorry i know good docs exist but… this is my biggest fear.. i would legit kill myself if a doctor told me that because its like affirming all of my fears thats horrible wtf

No. 1176810

don't give up anon!
i only started therapy recently (after having been in a bad state for years) and while i of course still don't know if or how it will work out, just having somebody do vent to, to congratulate you for small steps you managed to do (and maybe hold you accountable a tiny little bit?), feels relieving.

i got diagnosed and then had to search for a therapist myself. i called 20-25 who all declined, saying they have too many patients already, then i went to 2 who were ok but it wasn't working out, then i went to some weirdo who just talked all the time by herself and wanted to push me into group therapy, and then i finally met my current therapist who's more of a nice grandpa type. maybe not perfect but still good.
it does take patience but afterall this is for our next 60, 70 years or so.

No. 1176815

Nonnas I’m sick and I feel like shit and I just want my mom but she’s 1600 miles away. I know I sound really immature but I’ve also got a fever that might be cooking parts of my brain so please cut me some slack

No. 1176816

She was half naked too. Why is she lying there, probably drugged out of her mind naked and rotting? I feel so terrible for her and it's so weird how the parents have no explanation as ti why her situation degraded this quickly.

No. 1176818

There is no way other people in that town or in their church don't know anything about this. Like people would just not notice Lacey has been absent for 12 years? They apparently are very active in their community.

No. 1176819

I'm SO SORRY ANON BUT LIKE, I THOUGHT THIS WAS SERIOUS NEWS And then I heard him say "A story about two dead beat ass parents" and I had to laugh. What happened to her was fuckign tragic. His cursing threw me off though. I just realized it says Uncensored news

No. 1176820

Thanks nonnie, I appreciate that a lot

No. 1176822

File: 1652279948532.jpg (35.38 KB, 564x564, 85acef01d0403c8222a10068ae5340…)

People just don't give a fuck about neurologically disabled women

No. 1176824

Ngl it sounds more like he's insecure in his stuff and using the atmopshere as an excuse

No. 1176834

hmmm pragmatically, you could prepare for the worst. apply for jobs, internships, or try upworks. im going to sound like a shill but at one point i was earning $80 per article lol

but remember that this final doesn’t define who you are. yes, failing it could close one path, still it’s just one of many out there. i believe in you nona!

No. 1176840

The host’s energy made the whole news bearable to listen to, awful things happening sounds somehow worse if the person telling them is emotionless or just reading off a script imo

No. 1176848

I keep doing this retarded self harm to myself but I never thought of it this way until my therapist suggested it. Mainly binge eating and hitting/punching myself. I always thought "at least I'm not a cutter" but turns out I do have self destructive tendencies

No. 1176865

why do I torture myself with nostalgia

No. 1176891

Another butch bites the dust. I actually expected it to happen, especially considering how well she speaks English but I held out for some hope.

No. 1176893

Nostalgia is inching me toward death nona, every time I indulge my soul dies a little more

No. 1176899

I wish I had my laptop, since I feel like writing. However, I know I should study for my finals. I simply don’t feel like it, and have plenty of excuses not to. I’m aware this is ultimately trivial though: I enjoy mathematics and studying. If I really want a successful life that incorporates mathematics on a daily level, I should act like it. But if I don’t even feel like solving some basic problems, that communicates the opposite. I either want to study mathematics, or I don’t want to study mathematics; I either do, or I do not. It isn’t about attaining a well paying job, or more precisely, financial freedom and security. It isn’t about status or expectations from others either. I know, deep in my heart, that mathematics, and science in general, simply enthralls me. It lifts my spirits and I thrive when interacting with it. This is something that benefits me and serves my soul. Yet, it is such a challenge to act accordingly in the simplest of ways. Sometimes we are deeply repulsed by the things we really want, because we are not used to acting from the enlightened state our desires and passions stimulate. It is a very foreign concept to many of us, so we struggle to imagine how following our dreams could possibly be a good experience. We begin to fear opening a book, starting an essay, constructing a resume, going for a walk, putting down the phone and getting out of bed. We’ve become so deluded by distraction and excess that we fear the potential of discomfort accompanying the very things that make us happy, healthy humans. It is no longer the default state of humans to act with the sheer power and love we truly embody, by virtue of belonging to this universe. Instead, we have reached a place where it is our responsibility to take conscious steps toward a flourishing life. The first step is to unveil our eyes and never cease uncovering the many layers of fear we’ve inherited over the centuries, then passing on the responsibility to our offspring. There is a bright future ahead of all of us, and I am even extremely optimistic for what this day holds for me. I know that every worry I hold right now ultimately reduces to an inconsequential fleck of dust. These worries are transparent monsters, sculpted out of ice and relying on our faith in the clouds for their survival. But I know of the power of the sun and its loyalty to Earth. The skies will slowly clear and allow for sunlight to transform those glacial demons into beautiful oceans, lakes and rivers. Even worry isn’t a foe to battle. It is simply a perversion of beautiful love; a symptom of an unbalanced world. Anyway, what I mean to say is, everything will be okay, but it is our responsibility to show our faith in this through or actions. Our decisions should reflect our beliefs, and it is therefore sensible to act in spite of the fear, since fear opposes faith in the good.

No. 1176909

This happened with my doctor too. I had to get a referral to a psychotherapist due to extreme social phobia and not wanting to leave my house anymore and he just guilt tripped me the entire time like "but you are so young" "you should go out more" "why aren't you doing things with other people your age" so dumb

No. 1176917

Which one? What happened?

No. 1176923

I just looked thru pics of me with my ex boyfriend who I havent seen in years. now im in pain kek

No. 1176946

File: 1652285797502.png (215.12 KB, 518x260, download (1).png)

>see AI image generating tool posted on /m/
>looks fun
>enter "pretty black fairy girl"
>it says my prompt is "probably NSFW" and has been blocked
>same thing happens with just "black fairy girl"
>enter "asian fairy girl" (pic related), "pretty asian fairy girl", "white fairy girl" and "pretty white fairy girl"
>all four get results
Kek, I really hate scrote-made technology. I'm sure this is the fault of coomers somehow

No. 1176948

I read in an article that she had social anxiety alongside autism. I can imagine she might have had meltdowns or severe shutdowns. Her parents might not have known how to respond to it and as such reacted cruelly. I can imagine they either told her to sit put and stay on the couch unless she wanted trouble. Due to her anxiety and autism, she might have been unable to respond actively and therefore obeyed. More severe abuse was probably involved. Otherwise I can imagine she had a shutdown and her parents yelled at her about it, making it worse. Parents can be really horrible, especially to autistic children. Also, autism in girls can go unchecked for years and they can mask for he majority of their life. There can be a breaking point where they can’t take it anymore, in which they become depressed or something similar and their autism symptoms become severe, leading to their diagnosis if they haven’t been diagnosed before. So I am not surprised she was a “normal” girl before and then suddenly she was completely unable to do anything. I’ve seen it happen myself, where autistic girls had something like a “depressive breakdown” and stayed in bed all of the time. Their parents would not always understand the autism and horribly yell at and physically abuse the child, expecting the child to behave neurotypically. Neurodivergency can be serious and this case seems like an extreme version of what I explained. Anything could have caused her to make that flip and become so incapable too, although I suspect some sort of trauma occurred due to the severity of this story.

No. 1176956

I was groomed at 15 by a 22 year old man and had a relationship with him for two years. Being an adult now, the same age as him when he groomed me, I am started to feel more disturbed and angry about it all. I keep feeling disgusted by random memories that just pop up out of nowhere. I have absolutely no contact with him anymore, but apparently he still writes about me romantically (he is a writer by profession). My parents allowed him to date me, and sometimes he asks them about me. They liked him so sometimes they mention him to me. They wouldn't understand what grooming is or how I feel because in their culture it's just seen as normal.

No. 1176965

goes to show black is nothing but a porn category to men.

No. 1176977

What the fuck? That's ridiculous. Men truly ruin everything.

No. 1177012

literally me in a couple of years. I'm severely mentally ill and have no access to resources and nobody gives a fuck nd I don't really have parents. I go into catatonic episodes for 4 hours at a time and it might get even worse. I cannot work to make money as everything overwhelms me and I'm pretty sure I'm atustic but I am too poor to get a diagnosis or get help or have any support and I don't really have parents an in my country autism isn't even diagnosed. This is literally how I will end up and nobody cares or will help me and the people who were my friends pretended to be because I forced the shit out of myself to appear normal and like I'm from a normal family

No. 1177014

Or a hair color. Skin? Get that shit outta here, sayeth the moids. Except if it's colonization porn.

No. 1177033

File: 1652290514438.jpg (14.81 KB, 334x360, bbdf49869eb625ac27629e2d40a12f…)

I'm either obsessively checking MyChart or throwing away my phone, there's no in between.

No. 1177055

File: 1652291528029.jpg (110.82 KB, 800x600, 1637529598181.jpg)

Sigh, I ruined another opportunity to make a friend and expand my hobby with my social retardation.
I can't wait to watch Eurovision with nonnas again tomorrow, at least I can pretend to have friends this way and have some fun, even for just two hours.

No. 1177061

File: 1652291677246.png (1007.68 KB, 718x859, Screenshot 2022-05-11 195446.p…)

I still fucking think about him

No. 1177064

File: 1652291778421.jpg (48.31 KB, 563x542, 47887aad237a9bbdf081ae36ebe537…)

I looked, like three different physicians looked at my files yesterday and a nurse from the inpatient department where I was after surgery more than a month ago looked too. Is this good, bad, do I need to have another surgery?

No. 1177076

You're more than welcome to join us of course but are you sure that opportunity is irreparably ruined?

No. 1177087

My favorite shampoo and conditioner just got discontinued and I am sad. It smelled so good and worked so well. Vegan too. It was was a deep oriental scent, good but not overpowering powdery floral like most shampoo.

No. 1177090

I get customers daily complaining about getting a "slow" 50-100 mb, meanwhile I can't download shit faster than 2.2MB kek

No. 1177094

I gained so much fucking weight during the pandemic and I feel like shit. But I also feel too shitty to exercise today. I hate my lazy self

No. 1177097

Even doing a 30 min walk and eating healthier/cutting calories helps. This is coming from another anon who hates exercise and gained during the pandemic.

No. 1177100

File: 1652293219168.png (33.97 KB, 664x259, Screenshot 2022-05-11 201835.p…)

Anon, buy a jumping rope, it's seriously the best form of exercise, you can do it anyplace and 15 mins burns more calories than jogging for the same amount of time

No. 1177106

Thank you so much, I already feel more motivated

No. 1177113

i love the threadpic so much

No. 1177120

I am doing the 12 3 30 workout on the treadmill 4 times per week and eat healthier and I have lost my covid weight. It works you just have to be patient. Most covid weight gain stems from sitting too much and once you move around more you will be back at your old weight

No. 1177126

same anon. It's hard to fit in any of my clothes but I don't want to buy more

No. 1177202

File: 1652297552546.jpg (243.59 KB, 1920x800, neko to jiichan.jpg)

i miss my father so much. everytime i see an old asian man i immediately start crying really hard. i saw pic related this morning of my favorite movie and i kept holding back my tears this whole day

No. 1177210

Whoever said femcels don't exists was fucking lying, I'm so fucking alone its pathetic

No. 1177215

One of my less close friends hasn't been responding for over a month or more. Some lady from her job contacted me to ask if she's okay because she hasn't come in in over a month. I wrote her on messanger, insta and nothing. Few weeks passed, one other friend called her today and she's not picking up.
I hope it's only some kind of a mental breakdown and she doesn't wanna contact anyone and will get out of it eventually. I hope she hasn't killed herself.

No. 1177217

Oh no. Was she depressed?

No. 1177224

File: 1652298597055.jpeg (68.29 KB, 800x1200, F2AB389C-9CCA-446A-B530-A355DA…)

So, to be able to get out of the abusive situation I’m in, I need to be able to get a WFH job to save money. How can I get started in tech? Seems like that’d be the only way for me to make enough to get out and support myself. I’m in somewhat of a hostage situation. Isolated from family and I have no friends. I haven’t been able to work outside of our house in years because he sabotages it. He clearly doesn’t want me around other people or for me to have my own money. I don’t specify all of this for pity, really just to vent, but also explain why I’m looking at tech jobs. I have my own PC at least and I know there are nonnies in tech here too. I’m honestly so pissed that I somehow allowed myself to get into such a fucked situation with a moid.

No. 1177230

File: 1652298832359.jpg (30.8 KB, 564x564, 3d44caaacb02d9f80e69c65891d845…)

Same nona

No. 1177231

File: 1652298891970.jpg (21.06 KB, 440x437, 22f08ca9976697eb92eefac87b4f52…)

I didn't know what edtwit was like so I checked it out out of curiosity, and man. I don't know, I suppose I never really saw how skinny people could get while still being alive. fuck. and there is so much meanness to fat/chubby girls, specifically to the ones who are miserable and insecure about how they look, and then they're just posted in a "Fat people being sad and ugly: a thread" like, I get that whatever you post online is open to any kind of response, but wow it's just cruel. And the fucking 14/15 year olds in the comments saying shit like "I can't wait until I'm skinny so I don't feel like this anymore" fuck!

I'm not really a sensitive person when it comes to the internet, but knowing that specifically young kids are being basically skinny-groomed by these pro-ana accounts just makes my heart ache. I think of my little sister.

No. 1177234

crying because allergies and because i didn't get accepted into my schools !

No. 1177242

I have to take two foreign language classes to get a BA at the Uni I’m in, and the only ones that fit my schedule are for Chinese or Japanese. I literally got a 40 in Spanish when I was in high school, kill me

No. 1177245

I'm not sure. I know she wasn't entirely stable and had some mental health issues, not sure which. But if something happened, wouldn't her parents make a post or something? Or would that be in bad taste? I just wish I could know what has happened. Apparently she has been unavailable since February which is quite a long time.

No. 1177249

I’m happy my stalker acknowledged something i did.. i became the stalker now, we’re stalking each other. I’m officially in unhinged territory for being a little attention starved and this mentally retarded low empathy piece of shit happens to be the only one who would give it in my miserable life

No. 1177258

It's really awful, and I can't understand why they would target people if they understand how horrible an eating disorder is and how mocking someone's body can lead them to develop one. Why would you want to inflict that type of pain on someone else? I'll never get it. Even overeating is the same as undereating to me, because they both indicate that you have a problem with food.

No. 1177273

File: 1652301334106.jpg (24.05 KB, 300x400, 6fbf439dc4c594e2de8b5940113100…)

I'm so addicted to McDonald's. Ever since quarantine me and my friends would go to McDonald's since it was the only place open & close by. I suffer with ARFID (tldr an ED where I'm basically super selective in what I eat & scared of food) and McDonald's is somewhere where I could always eat, anyways, it's been a year since then but I still go once a week. It used to be almost daily, sometimes going multiple times a day. I always get fries no matter what, usually putting extra salt on, I can feel the fat clog my arteries, I get shit loads of random pains, I don't gain any weight from this since I don't get hungry or eat much at home so I basically starve myself after which probably does me off worse. I want to get better and live normally but if I cut out McDonald's I will be worse off since what I eat at home is chocolate bars, cookies and about 5 vitamin pills. I tried protein shakes at one point, the premade ones from shops but they taste like shit and made me feel sick, every year it gets worse my foods have been getting less and less and I feel so suicidal when I eat but McDonald's in a way makes me feel so happy, maybe that's bc I'm with friends but I know one day it'll wear off

No. 1177294

I don't why some girls do this. I was out with my friends today and there was a girl I don't know. We talked all together and she asked where I lived and I answered then she said that oh it must be because it's cheap. I was like huh? Like why would you make this remark? What is the point of trying to embarrass me in front of the other girls. Aaaaah I hate people

No. 1177323

Now kith

No. 1177324

One of my classmates made the "mistake" of keeping eye contact during conversations and being friendly with the very weird, kinda annoying and semi-crippled autistic guy, so now he thinks she's into him, and I happened to overhear him sharing this with a male classmate, detailing his plans to woo her. I felt pretty disgusted, because I know for a fact through conversations we have that every woman in our class, including this girl, dislikes his personality and creepy behaviour towards women. So I warned her that he plans on coming onto her under the guise of friendship, because if I was her I'd want to mentally prepare for this when be blindsides me. My male friend (who knows none of these people) thinks I should've let him shoot his shot because he might be able to win her over. I'm pretty sure we live on different planets.

No. 1177331

Maybe make a gofundme account? There has to be someone who can help you anon, even outside of your country.

No. 1177334

No. Fuck her lol

No. 1177336

You could get the same fix at home by getting a cheap air fryer and bags of supermarket fries and nuggets. You’re probably genuinely addicted to whatever weird chemical compound they put in that shit

No. 1177339

i have two huge finals back to back tomorrow and its important that i do well on both but i absolutely cannot focus enough to study
the catalog i entered on required me to take like 2 years of foreign language, but they removed the requirement for later years. so i just talked to an advisor and they changed my catalog. i don't know what year you are or your major, but might be worth a shot?
the chemical is batshit insane amounts of sodium fat and sugar but yeah you could actually get pretty close. especially with fries

No. 1177341

I had some friends over recently, and convo came around to the DH trial. I mentioned how D had raped Heard vaginally with a bottle and two of my friends started going on about how there was no proof, and a woman who recorded so much would have recorded that, so it’s obviously a lie, and already her recorded injuries were proven fake etc etc
And I’m still upset a few days later because when I was younger and my dad abused me sometimes I would record it on my tape recorder but often times I’d forget because it’s just so draining in the moment. And later I mentioned that Heard’s testimony sounds so similar to abuse victims’ so I believe her, and one of my friends said “so aren’t you just letting your emotions get the best of you?” One of those friends is a huge libfem (pro-trans, pro SW pro surrogacy etc) so I shouldn’t be surprised and I wish I could end the friendship. Every time I get the confidence to do so she does something extremely nice (recently it was coming to my graduation with flowers, balloons, custom ordered dessert, and a card about how she’ll always be my friend). Usually I can get over our disagreements but I keep thinking about this and feel like choking. All my friends, even in other friend groups are pro-Depp so it’s not like that was a surprise but these comments keep me thinking about them.

No. 1177350

my retarded ex is trooning out and it's so fucking disgusting and cringe. fucker literally just needs therapy instead of 'becoming the gf'. I hate seeing lumbering neanderthal mfers in dresses, absolutely disgraceful.

No. 1177352

My vibrator just died……………

No. 1177353

Blogpost sorry, I can't really talk about this with anyone kek
I've been online friends with this guy for a few years now, we met in some meme/trolling gc (yes I know.) and would constantly "jokingly" flirt to the point other people genuinely thought we where a couple. We've had moments where it's like he's genuinely in love with me to the same extent I am, we'd stay on call for hours, he married me in Runescape and would always wait for me whilst questing even though he'd be falling asleep, we'd play ACNH and he'd always say love you before logging off, we talk every day no matter what, he's always been so kind and respectful towards me, he never asks for nudes, we've exchanged twice and those where both instigated by me, he's even bought me stuff on my birthday and for Christmas, on call one night we both sat there looking at each other smiling I had such the urge to kiss him like that magnetic pull which was weird since there's a whole screen and sea between us. Recently though, some stuff has happened and I'm just kind of confused. The other day he was really drunk and I sent him a picture of me in an old wedding dress I thrifted, he said I should marry him and then made a joke about my username which then lead to him saying that he basically treats me as his girlfriend. I was freaking out but then he sent another message saying that I should go for someone else if I want something serious bc he's immature and can't deal with others emotions (true), I said I don't mind blah blah blah and we continued as normal, we haven't really been that coupley of late since we've both been busy with real life, so despite that, things where good. Then last week in a gc with him and his friend they started talking about something that's really triggering to me, I kept asking them to stop but I was ignored. I ended up having an episode that night, naturally I was angry at this guy and was really blunt with him for a few days, one of which he randomly said 'I'm sorry anon for being rude and selfish' which was weird? I was being super rude and bitchy towards him despite him being pretty nice, I didn't address it properly bc I was high off my ass which I regret. Anyways after a few days, I ask him if he even realised why I was mad bc he's pretty fucking autistic and I told him straight, all he could say was "I wasn't thinking about it". No sorry or anything. It really hurt me, he'd always stick up for me when coming to this kind of stuff but then he's somehow now forgot? It's plausible since he has very sever ADHD and has even forgotten my birthday one time, but I ended up just forgetting about it bc I missed him but he's been kind of distant? We've never fought so I'm not sure what's going on, I know he had some exams and maybe that's why, but I don't know if I'm just overthinking it. I love him so much, I was even looking into meeting him next year, I'm hoping this will all blow over and we'll go back to calling everyday, I feel bad for even posting this but I can't stop thinking about it all, he means so much to me I don't even know what I'd do without him, anyways I'm so tiered goodnight nonnies

No. 1177355

File: 1652307526176.jpg (21.2 KB, 600x405, BptVE1JIEAAA3dT.jpg)

How the fuck did I manage to scratch and scrape my arm on a door handle? How, you say? Well, because I am an autist and a nonce. Every fucking day I walk past this door and the handle traps my tshirt sleeve so I jerk backwards like I just slipped on a banana peel. You think you can take me on you wooden piece of shit? I'll end you.

No. 1177357

All e-relationships are the same lmao

No. 1177361

I don’t get why some people think that lingering eye contact ALONE means someone is into you. It can happen by accident several times, and it gets awkward if it’s nearly unavoidable to not make eye contact. Sorry for your classmate.

No. 1177370

My friend had a kid unplanned with her husband and it ruined her life. I feel bad for her and have tried being as supportive as I can, since she has no other friends.

No. 1177378

ugh bestie i know i hate it when someone thinks i like them because i lOOKed at them like calm down

No. 1177411

Ask him directly why he's distant

No. 1177412

File: 1652310748527.gif (266.8 KB, 275x155, 1621875774760.gif)

am fooking REELING a lolcow user has once again misused the word 'nonce'. I don't even want to correct you. It's hilarious. Let the chaos ensue, keep telling people you're a nonce it's gold.
Hope you sort out whatever beef you have going on with your door nonce nonna ♥

No. 1177426

doesn’t nonce mean pedo in britain¿

No. 1177431

nonce does mean pedo kekekekek

No. 1177452

i have a major proscination problem it happens ONLY when i need to reply to something i dont reply to texts for days idk why its such a shitty trait its not that im busy i see the text but i dont reply, i do this with email too then i make up these elabarote excuses for nothing. help me.

No. 1177473

File: 1652314423111.jpeg (159.26 KB, 1075x938, A7233C7C-9E5B-4EA9-A953-184744…)

I’m on crutches for a month and a half and holy fucking shit I am so bored. If I sit for too long my ankle starts to swell so pretty much all I can do is lay down and hop to the bathroom occasionally. Walking is exhausting and I can only go up and down stairs by crawling on my knees or sliding on my ass.

No. 1177506

It annoys me that my mother is always asking me if I think she looks young, and saying things like "I look like I
could be your sister!". You don't. Not to say that she looks terrible or way older than she is, but she looks her age and there's nothing wrong with that. I wish women were allowed to stop worrying about keeping their youthful looks and just let themselves age gracefully. She's not even "old". She's still a beautiful woman and doesn't need to be told that she looks young to know that.

No. 1177512

I have the exact same problem, I wish I could get help too. I talked to my therapist about it and even she couldn't give me a clear answer on how to fix this.

No. 1177513

> undereye circles still visible in 480p

damn man i just wanna look normal

No. 1177524

File: 1652319197682.jpeg (54.5 KB, 460x995, 12EE83CB-55AA-419E-946B-F6EAB0…)

Had a stress full week of work, uni and breaking up with my then long term bf. Decided to let off some steam with my vibrator and it broke seconds before climax. Gonna cry into a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

No. 1177525

>that pic

No. 1177526

I just realized I experience violent fantasies about killing men and making them afraid for their lives… am I no better than romanianon? sniff

No. 1177543

No. 1177546

I stg if they ever start banning vpns here his website is gonna die off, I fucking hate /meta/ anons stop sniffing your own ass with your shit ideas everyone here is smart enough to use a vpn

No. 1177561

I almost had a public breakdown today, i just want a cute guy my age to hit on me, if another old creep hits on me again I'm going to kill myself I feel so gross and miserable, I try my best to be kind and look nice and this is what happens

No. 1177573

Men have such fantasies about us all the time and they see no problem with it. I think how you feel is normal, men always make victims out of us and we do too little to retaliate in fear for both ruining our own images and in in fear of our lives, especially since so many women would condemn you for having such thoughts because poor little men.

On that note, youtube has given me so many recommendations on manosphere content and i hate it so much. I think it's because i watch black women's divestment content, although their vitriol is mainly focused on the black manosphere rather than white manosphere because i doubt they care about what black women thinks because we are not fuckable to them anyways. Either way, both of these manospheres are so fucking shallow and vapid. All they do is whinge about women not liking them on tinder, an app known for being shallow and nasty in the first place. Also, men make up most of the users on dating apps in the first place and of course nobody is talking to you ugly ass scrotes. And some how this is womens fault. If having no pussy hurts this bad just off yourselves already and fuck off.

No. 1177579

anon I’m crying because I always hated that about manosphere/incel/MRA moids they always use tinder as a metric for normal human relationships. i’m pretty sure dating apps are only used by horny people and should never be used as a way to have good relationships ever kek. men are unable to tell the difference between reality and fiction, they seriously believe that celebrities are like an elite society that constantly breeds beautiful,intelligent, worthy people even though these attributes are only there because of heavy PR involvement and beauty standards, every celebrity is the most average or ugly looking person ever that is pretty much forced to adjust their appearance to fit psyoped ‘high society’. the only way i would ever feel bad for an incel is for their gullibility and naivety, only reasons they don’t get girlfriends/husbands is because they don’t go outside, too autistic to function in a cooperative society, and that men know how intrinsically worthless they are by nature so they either cope by building useless fodder that sustain suffering and pain like civilization, capitalism, and technology or if they’re low-status hope that the higher ends of patriarchy shovels down the rest of their power to them and assign them worth, which is what they think are set decorations to their meaningless existence. a housewife, a family, kids, a job, you notice how men keep saying that is the ultimate purpose of life? you realize how that seems more of like a barbie dreamhouse delusion? it amazes me how barbies are catered towards little girls sometimes, those dreams only fit into the womb envy of scrote’s seed oil mind

No. 1177624

The therapist that I'm working with is leaving the clinic at the end of the month and I'm gonna miss her so much. I've been working with her for two years and I feel kind of guilty that I still haven't made significant progress at this point. I wish I could have some sort of breakthrough or something so it didn't seem like she was totally wasting her time with me.

No. 1177634

i have broken out of neetdom, but my existence still feels so dull. i don't really interact with people bc i'm a sperg who has trouble socializing. i go through college not really talking to anyone and i feel kind of invisible. no one dislikes me but they don't like me either, it's just that i'm too shy and retarded to say anything ever, so i feel like a background character in everyone else's world. i spend all my time during the day working or doing schoolwork and i love to draw but i only have time to do it at night. so i stay up until 2 am drawing by myself, wake up after not getting enough sleep, school/work where i feel like a npc, repeat. oh and i want to switch majors but i think i'm too far in now and i don't want to waste my own time. i'm so dissatisfied with my life i wish i could go back to age 13 and restart with the knowledge i have now, actually socialize back then because it wouldn't have mattered if i was socially inept in middle school and then i'd be able to do it right in college

No. 1177642

File: 1652330030044.jpeg (49.33 KB, 800x450, 9E3F4801-2B11-4E0E-BE59-F4A1BB…)

Working 10 days in a row should be fucking illegal.

No. 1177653

that sounds exciting but also exhausting. i think it must be a city thing too. my town was very small. i am from hungary.

No. 1177659

i don't know many people that have a wide range of hobbies, they are usually focused on one sport, or if they are an artist/artsy, they might be very into painting and sometimes do drawing and crafts. don't feel bad nonnie. a reason they have so much energy left is because they are neurotypical and extroverted. they probably don't have medical issues and mental illnesses either. and another factor is growing up with those hobbies. when they have been into them for so long they basically become an ingrained habit that doesn't even need that much energy to do. i read that a habit like that becomes stronger the longer it is done, and the minimum is 30 days. my depressed ass has a hard time doing something new for 30 consecutive days. idk if it still works if they're not consecutive. also with americans i noticed that they also try many hobbies and they don't care how good they are at them. i saw some atrocious meals and drawings by adults, kek but it's all for fun. i wish i could play music but the consistent practice fucks me over. that's why i like reading and drawing, because there is a bookmark, and the drawing stays on the page no matter how long it's been.

No. 1177668

Trying to break out from my self induced isolation but yet again did not go to a meetup that I signed up yesterday and I just don't fucking know how to tackle my avoidant tendencies. I feel so stupid. I'm fine until the time of the meetup is coming close, then I become antsy and start looking for excuses not to go. Should I introduce a reward/punishment system like a retarded child or an animal? I just hate myself so much, cannot get rid of the 'alone - safe, people - danger' association from my brain

No. 1177670

no fucking way these dumbass parents did not abuse her. she got hurt too badly to move or speak, and they were afraid of the consequences. catatonic schizophrenia can cause people to stop moving, but it develops over years unless somebody takes a shit ton of psychedelics. it sounds like she was being abused and psychotic from that and the pain. disgusting horrendous humans who don't deserve a daughter.

No. 1177671

If you use Tinder in Budapest, it's also full of young people that have a thousand hobbies and zero downtime during their day. It is unironically one of the reasons I don't want to use it because it sends me into an existential crisis kek.

No. 1177690

Isn't it a generational thing, specifically a zoomer thing? I see it all the time on Youtube, these young guys talking about earning millions with their side hustles.
And I feel like this hustle culture mentality invaded hobbies as well, you cannot do something out of pleasure anymore, you have to be serious about it and improve improve improve

No. 1177693

Its funny how I try to feel good about being isolated for so long. Once i start getting some attention I enjoy it more then I think. Only realize when its gone how much I enjoyed it. I feel some sort of loss even if I don't know them or barely talk. Just getting positive attention for the first time in my life feels great. People laugh at what i have to say or enjoy things i have to say. Then when they find out I'm weird/spergy/annoying and avoid me I still feel some sort of loss every single time. It's been 10+ years of the same thing over and over. And it still hurts.

No. 1177712

My eczema is flaring up, even when I try not to scratch it. I don't even know where my itch cream is.

No. 1177715

Normies will always avoid spergs after they find out instead of trying to understand us. Or they become unnecessarily aggressive just for doing something in a different way, even if it doesn't directly affect them. I don't understand why, but that's how it seems to be. I hope one day someone will stay even after the tism comes out, but I'm sick of being disappointed after finally trusting someone

No. 1177717

The only people who stick with me are fellow spergs or ADHDfags. For all the pontificating about empathy normies do, they have very fucking little of it.

No. 1177730

My SIL is one of those fucking “you don’t know true love until you’ve had a baby” weirdos and she’s visiting this weekend and I’m so dreading it. Last time she implied that my bf of 9 years and I won’t truly know how much we love each other until we have a kid. Bitch we literally went through his cancer together I think we know the true meaning of love even though I haven’t popped a baby out. Why did my brother marry such a fuckin irritating ass bitch

No. 1177733

Normies are the biggest hypocrites. They fucking act like they're saints because they go to church but really they use it to feel better about themselves after relentlessly making the lives of anyone who's different miserable. It's not even enough for them if we have our own space for hobbies either because even when we're alone, it somehow angers them so they invade it with their retardation. I hate the term normie, but what else can they even be if they're that stupid?

No. 1177736

Does she have one? Maybe she is trying to push the info out of you whether you are planning or not.

No. 1177737

sounds like a retard. grayrock her

No. 1177738

File: 1652337771985.jpg (48.05 KB, 700x704, aEPWn0p_700b.jpg)

I didn't exfoliate my vagina after shaving a few days ago and now I suffer the consequences

No. 1177743

coconut oil can help

No. 1177744

She has four and is pregnant lol. That’s possible but I’ve been pretty obvious with my family that we don’t want kids for a long time since my boyfriend just got healthy a little over a year ago

No. 1177746

4 and pregnant? She's either a robot or your brother earns a lot kek. She might be pushing you to get the idea onto your head because of the false idea of 'the wall', but it all depends on a relationship, really. Sometimes people, especially SILs, just want to throw their insecurities at you by pretending to seem more superior.

No. 1177749

ffs. i can't stand moral grandstanders re: "lying", like people who insist you're a "liar" for telling little white lies at work or to acquaintances or to friends to be nice and not hurt feelings.

No. 1177752

Ot but thinking about weirdos like her in my life and how they used to intimidate me when i was younger and make me feel like shit. These people want you to be as miserable as them lol

No. 1177763

why do the fat people on tiktok say that people not wanting to be fat is fatphobic? Is it not the same as saying you're not homophobic, but you just don't wanna have sex with the opposite gender?

No. 1177773

“-phobia” has lost its meaning in recent years

No. 1177774

File: 1652339810737.png (306.8 KB, 500x500, 4m6SQKY.png)

Have any of you ''fixed'' one of pickmes/NLOGs around you? I wonder if there is still hope for my sister-in-law. She brags about being only around men, loving 'manly (action)' movies the most, vidyas, etc. Always talks shit about other people more successful than her (it could be anything, even something such as art) with her gay LARPing bestie who is a kid in uni that's 7 years younger than her. Lately I've been noticing she started saying that women are always hated, etc. (which surprised me, because when I spoke out about sexual assaluts, topics like that, she always goes 'NOT ALL MEN' instantly without even listening to me). But the problem is, she is incredibly insecure and desperate. So desperate that after her bf kicked her out she started e-dating a kid 4 years younger than her because he listened to her whining and went as far as willingly had sex with him the first time they met. She is desperate of attention, especially male one (after all its the easiest one to get), the other way would be her pretending to be depressed, throwing fits and scenes (that's how she goes with getting attention from the family). She is insecure and bitter, she caused me a lot of trouble over the years, trying to turn one half of the family against me for no reason, excluding me out of things, etc but I still feel like as if there is hope I can get her a bunch of books that would help her realise she doesn't need a man around her, let alone men's attention to exist. She is also a huge tiktok consoomer, buys shit from aliexpess and amazon.

No. 1177777

Don't overthink it, they're just trying to police the things that make them feel bad about themselves

No. 1177781

Growing up I always been wary of people (mainly older men). Had a few incidences of older men creeping on me as a young child that I was conscious of. My mother's cluster b ex-friend taught me some good things (keep eyes sweeping, trust your gut, stare down people, etc.) but overall just added to my general paranoia. I'm always thinking of exit strategies or things I can use as weapons besides my taser and pepper spray. I know where and how to hit. I have a extendable metal rod with a magnet on the end I keep in my car for emergencies. The worst is how my mother treats me. My mother hates if I go out at night (I'm talking like 7 at night). Acts like someone will kidnap me for sex trafficking. Full grown adult but treated like a 12 year old. I get I need to be careful but I hate how paranoid I've become. I hate it so much. Weirdly enough I don't have agoraphobia.

No. 1177784

how do i stop emotionally babysitting my autistic & misogynist brothers? it kills my braincells and soul to listen to and then try to explain why women are not a hivemind, and that there are more things in life that matters other than money and being tall. they talk like an incel and show insecure narcissistic traits. i gotten better at ignoring and gray rocking out of bullshit conversations but it comes back to me time and time again that they are family and i should help. but nothing may help these idiots because they are not self aware of their shitty annoying personality, even after i told them.
just the things they do, to give you an idea:
>makes everything into an argument or mansplains everything
>prioritizes money over empathy, charisma and conversation skills, then whines when things don't go their way
>"it's because i'm shorter than the chad"
yes, they talk like this in real life
>says he will become the most attractive when he is 40
absolute bullshit, he doesn't take care of his skin, does not improve his personality or social skills, and blames everything on the new boogieman/women/immigrants/poor people
>trolls (?) about age of consent and rape, even after telling him it's not funny and he doesn't express it clearly when he says a joke
>jealous when my parents gave me better gifts for christmas, even though forgets and ignores all holidays consistently
>rude to my mom
>doesn't do cleaning except for his room, leaves messes in the kitchen and bathroom
>makes everything negative, even when at a party
>depressing rants about how his party went bad, because people did not eat his patties or praise him enough
>regularly regurgitates incel phrases and ideas, in public, loudly, in front of our parents, in front of his and my friends
i do have more hope for one of them, he is well-rounded in education and does social sports. if he started psychoanalyzing himself instead of some homoerotic hyperfocus on the chad, eventually he might be a pleasant person to have around. as for the other one he thinks a cute girl from church will fall in love and move in with him when he's 40 or something because in his mind he will be rich and a provider. i don't think so bro when all you speak about is low life incel shit, hate women and are racist, and even your friends are bottom tier loser weirdos who are racist or delusional spergs with a superiority complex while on the benefit

No. 1177785

Because they desperately want to redefine what normal is so that they don’t have to get off their fat lazy ass and do some exercise.

No. 1177792

I have never fixed a pick me, but i have been one myself for a short period of time when i was a teen It was a mix of being abused by a moid family member mentally and physically while simultaneously getting rejected by girls and other insecurity issues that were never addressed or tackled so it validated what that moid told me. but i think she’s fixable, she’s not the extreme blatant misogynistic narc type who destroys women’s life for moid attention just sounds like a woman who needs to be validated and steered in the wrong direction somewhere in her life, if you really want to invest time in fixing her all you have to do is sit and listen and you’ll get clues as to why she is this way when she speaks about herself then attack. Say things that in context you’d think would wake her up

No. 1177800

File: 1652343662490.gif (1.91 MB, 302x230, 0819F244-F660-475C-8585-FF9C9B…)

>has scary dream where it immediately turns into a robbery-hostage situation where a bunch of random ass people and me and some of my family lay on the floor and they’re laying on top of me to protect me from getting shot and immediately the perpetrators start shooting the people in my dream

I never feel safe or protected, anywhere. I always feel like my life is in constant fucking danger and I just gave up trying to even preserve it, it’s like fate if I ever get shot or murdered by one of my male family members. It’s over. I feel like I will never even begin to have a life because I constantly feel like I’m at the edge of life and death anyways. Constantly going back and forth from anxiety and just wanting to die already I had enough of these nightmares.

No. 1177804

>"it's because i'm shorter than the chad"
how do you not burst out laughing at them

No. 1177820


They need new friends and first of all to stop hanging out in incel and redpill spaces. And therapy probably.

Consider that this is a meme. They got the disease from somewhere and it flourished because it allows them to settle in their pre-existing shitty behavior without needing improvement and integrate among their loser friends. They need to be put in situations where thinking this way is no longer viable. I think it's kind of like peaking trannies but on hard mode lol. They need to be shoehorned into a normal life space like work, where they will have no choice but adapt and face reality or lose. The reason I consider it hard mode is because misogyny, racism and other such things are still very common ideas outside of the incel sphere so even if they got out of this they could still turn out to be regular type assholes.

How old are they and what is your situation ? I kind of assumed the second guy is a stay at home neet because I don't think anyone would hire this kind of person. I don't want to be extreme but I think desperate cases should be given ultimatums, fix yourself or leave. If he doesn't want to contribute to the household and behave decently with those who share it with him, he can go get his own place by himself. It's cruel but a few people do need to get their asses kicked into adaptation. Don't provide anything more than the absolute necessary. I'm sorry this is the shit that landed on you anon. Hopefully they will improve and realize how much free and unrewarded labor you and your family put into their well being.

No. 1177829

your brother is a predator

No. 1177831

would you consider learning lucid dreaming? It might help you with the nightmares.

No. 1177833

my 16 year old sister told me that a 60ish old man who was a customer at the ice cream place she works at asked her yesterday if “the carpet matches the drapes” because her hair is dyed pink. She just dyed it last week and was so excited and confident and now she wants to dye it back to brown. I feel like snapping someone’s fucking neck why are scrotes like this. She’s a fucking kid you freak

No. 1177836

Your brothers sound gay. Ignore them. Best strategy to manage incel family members is ignoring them, they'll realize they were wrong once everyone their age is married and they're stuck being loveless.

No. 1177837

My eyebrows are thick and low-set AND I have hooded eyelids. Eyeshadow never looks good. So many gorgeous looks I find online and they just don't work for me. I want a brow lift. reeee

No. 1177838

Bitch just pluck your brows, wtf. Why do people consider plastic surgery before basic stuff like getting your brows styled?

No. 1177840

I do that and it only helps so much and it just gets worse as you get older too. My mom is getting blepharoplasty because she's now having vision issues and it has been on my mind a lot.

No. 1177845

Fucking gross. Old moids are the worst because they are usually ballsier due to their age. I'll help you curb stomp a moid.

No. 1177847

I'm on the same boat, although it's ok now with plucking I'll definitely need it later on. Though I knew a relative who got it done and it got as bad in a few years so doing it early on is probably not a good idea.

No. 1177848

File: 1652348846211.jpeg (338.6 KB, 750x926, 9A0E4BB1-B126-40DE-A856-CA7A77…)

my mother will call me a whore in all the ways if i even insinuate going outside without her and has since i was a child but she has a hysteric meltdown whenever i tell her that i wont take my clothes off in front of her. like she was screaming at the top of her lungs crying on the floor, wtf ? i dont care if i came out of her naked, im not a a literal baby anymore. i dont even see myself naked why would i even trust anybody else to

No. 1177852

Are you the nona with the creepy emotional incest mum? Sorry you're dealing with that.

No. 1177858

You need to cut her off if you can. It’s necessary

No. 1177878

my cat is getting spayed in a couple of hours and i'm irrationally scared and want to cry, i hate the thought of her being scared and thinking i abandoned her

No. 1177880

an autistic troon has invaded my art instagram and is requesting unsolicited troon art, I want to DM him and tell him he's a fucking uggo that'll never pass and I hope he gets an infection from the gash he wants

There's nothing worse than a troon deluding themselves and self inserting themselves into your work

No. 1177884

My habit of biting the insides of my cheeks is getting intense. I keep bleeding but can't stop.

No. 1177886

My dog is having surgery right now and I know the feeling anon. Don't worry though, they'll be happy to see us again and they'll forget the operation soon enough! It's hard but the vets also know how to calm and handle scared animals. I hope your kitty will recover soon.

No. 1177889

You can always tell that you only draw for commissions or/and for close people. Why is he asking for troon art anyway?

No. 1177893

thank you for the reply, i really needed to hear this and it put me at ease a little. i hope your pup has a speedy recovery as well anon!

No. 1177894

Cleaning my barn and found a nest of baby mice, urgh. So cute, but they do need to go.. I hate this

No. 1177895

File: 1652355066268.jpg (39.8 KB, 275x265, 1651050276502.jpg)

I'm so upset nonnies. The ONE time I find a guy attractive, life has to fuck me over like this. I recently met a guy at my uni and we get along great. A few days ago some friends, him and I went clubbing. The guy and I ended up making out but the day after I found out that he's 20 and I'm 26 and I feel so weird about it. Visually we look fine together since I "don't look 26" but idk I still feel weird being so much older. I talked to him about it and he says that he understands my worries and respects my decision regarding it but he also said that we're both adults and I shouldn't feel weird about it. We both work, go to uni and have our own places but I fear that the age gap will become an issue as we age. Am I thinking too much about it already? I don't plan on starting a family any time soon or anything like that but I still don't know what to do and how people around us would react to the age gap.

No. 1177897

Moids are menchildren and 20yo is way too young to bother with.

No. 1177899

I concur if he's 20, mentally he's 16

No. 1177902

I was walking home from work just now already pretty irritated after a bad day. A man was coming from the opposite direction and even from a distance I could feel him staring at me too much. I half anticipated some sort of interaction but then I realised there's two different men walking right in front of me.. so if this guy needs directions/the time or anything like that he'll surely ask them first… he passes them by but tries to stop me. Why? He has such a thick accent that I've no idea what he said to me, I couldnt make out one word of it. Was I harrassed? Was I asked an innocent question? I'll never know. Can men just not approach strange women in the street?

It always happens to me on my way home from work when I feel like shit already and I hate that moment of tensing up not knowing what their intention is as they hone in on you. I'm so sick of it I just blank everyone. I don't want to know what you were getting at. Go ask a man instead.

No. 1177904

You're thinking too much about it, it's fine IMO. You're both in your 20s and as you get even older, the gap will matter less and less. The whole "Men age slower mentally" thing is a cope for men to justify dating way younger women, don't fall for it lol

No. 1177906

You'll be fine. Don't listen to other anons. Older men are much more dangerous because this guy can't manipulate or use you, other men easily can.

No. 1177907

File: 1652356038067.png (487.75 KB, 680x436, 1acca7edae3fb3ef8009cef450ff91…)

ignoring the dumb non-binary shit, I looked at the comments of this facebook link and surprise surprise it's full of moids talking about how UNFAIR this is, and how muh men get attacked in taxis too. yes bitch but not at the rate of which women get attacked, assaulted and raped or even murdered by taxi drivers. how the fuck can you even argue against this? is your day really going to be ruined by one female taxi driver rejecting your ride?

i hope they all fucking die, honestly. the comments are full of men joking about them assaulting a female taxi driver and simultaneously crying because what about the men who get harmed wah wah wah fuck off and die. We literally can't have shit, we can't have ANY sort of safety without men trying to tear it down again and make it about themselves and it is so depressing, it makes me incredibly suspicious and skeptical of men in general now.
this is why I don't believe whenever someone pulls the "not all men are this bad" shit to me - okay, you think so? go look at those facebook comments and there's hundreds of men who are joking or mocking this. it's not a tiny minority, it's most of them because they will never understand what it's like to be a woman. all of the fucking pickme's in the comments like "men get attacked too xx" good luck sticking up for these scrotes because they will NEVER keep that energy for you when you get assaulted, attacked or generally harmed by another man - they will never be on your side, they don't fucking care about you or any of us.

No. 1177909

You are 100% right, men don't need our help. Even if it's a "legit" request it's weird of him to ask you instead of the men. At worst he is trying to distract you to assault you or panhandle

No. 1177910

>Men crying they can no longer harass female taxi drivers
>Hope they die
Inshallah noni.

No. 1177912

>Don't listen to other anons
ntas but tbh whenever anyone says this line that's pretty childish in itself

No. 1177917

Eh. Telling someone they should date older guys because men age slower is just scrote/pickme rhetoric. Men knowingly repeat that propoganda so they can bag younger, beautiful and vulnerable women.

No. 1177920

>as we age
A 6 year gap relationships becomes less of an issue as people get older actually, dw about it. If you like each other both at the same point of your lives so why not? He’s not an adolescent
>this guy can’t manipulate you
I mean… why? Lol… men can be manipulative at 18 or 30, don’t think a younger dude won’t fuck you over if you let him that’s dumb nonna

No. 1177926

I didn't see anyone saying to go for 'older men'.. I think just closer to your own age was what anons were getting at. Wanting someone a similar age is pretty healthy. You're getting carried away with all these extremes just so you can talk about pickmes? It's not helpful.

No. 1177933

Nobody was advocating dating old scrotes. I don't think you should be dating moids at all in your 20s like that, your brain isn't even done developing until you're 25 and even then there's just too much at stake to lose, keeping bad company like that can really affect the trajectory of your life when you're in your 20s. Why even waste your time on them like enjoy yourself

No. 1177934

>this guy can't manipulate or use you, other men easily can.
You don't know zoomers and it shows. Its a trend now to fish after much older women (especially insecure and desperate ones). And even before zoomers I never met anyone having a good relationship with age gap where a man is younger (not saying the other way is better). They all end up leaving these sad, poor women behind. But with zoomers it's even worse, they do and will manipulate the shit out of you. At the end of the day man is still a man.

No. 1177935

I'm not saying you're wrong, but can you post like…evidence of this? Moids talking about doing this? Anything?

No. 1177936

Try going outside? Kek

No. 1177937

I asked because I do go outside and I've never seen this. Not sure what world you're in lmao

No. 1177939

you sound unhinged. do you go outside ever or do you live in a fever dream nightmare/on the internet where you can make up all sorts of scenarios like this as if they're commonplace? please interact with actual people for your sake

No. 1177944

Enjoy coping, anonchama.

No. 1177948

Ok so you're an old man who's upset younger zoomies are snatching up women your age? Why are you so personally offended some women dated a random younger guy? Get a grip.

No. 1177949

Nta but I have also seen young males bragging about wanting an older woman for "easy sex" and something similar to a "sugar mommy" (emphasis on mommy) these young men do not want to grow up and provide, would much rather find some older "desperate" woman who will buy them a ps5 and take them out for nuggies after sex. Younger men who seek older women usually see some sort of material benefit for them

No. 1177954

Sorry for samefagging and maybe it's the misandrist in me but men of all ages should be avoided like the plague. I know some nonitas are slaves to dick though and would never leave them alone even at their own detriment.

No. 1177955

This is scrote lie. I had a younger bf who paid for everything for me because he worked and I was in college. Where did you see this happen? And incel forums or male-websites filled with old single dudes don't count.

No. 1177957

>call straight women slaves to dick as if it's not misogynistic
Kek. We both know you got mad because anons were talking about younger men, not only men. You have a vendetta against young men, why? Are you an old man? A political "lesbian" who only likes old dudes?

No. 1177958

File: 1652359596875.png (554.08 KB, 1024x576, cring.png)


No. 1177963

I'm officially going to start working towards becoming a shut-in and just not participate in a society that wants to oppress women constantly. The fact that nobody sees the damage and deaths that will inevitably happen that these old fucktards are going to be responsible for is astounding. This country is already knee deep in blood and it's about to be drowning.

No. 1177964

Yes many women are handmaidens and pickmes,even some posters here. They are so desperate to have a man in their life even at their own detriment. Poor anon in here is sad posting about some loser scrote with an under developed brain that isn't even worth her time. Any woman in her 20s should be focused in herself not on some anonymous board crying about some boy 6 years younger than them.

No. 1177966

>Nobody was advocating dating old scrotes
This. Some anons just want to sperg about certain topics on repeat so suddenly we're talking about old men and pickemes. Again.

No. 1177967

I hate all men of all races and ages. You sound like a man or a handmaiden.

No. 1177969

>calling women slaves to dick right before male thread appears.
Coincidence? I think not.

No. 1177972

Some women might want relationships. Some women might seek relationship advice online. Don't get so heated over it, a woman can both manage relationships and have a life of her own.

No. 1177980

I hate being a freak of nature and people trying to gaslight me whenever I bring it up myself. Since puberty people have been tinfoiling I'm a scrote or have some sort of endocrine disorder. Clothes shopping has always been a hellish experience, because I don't have tiny shoulders, huge boobs and big hips. I've been all sorts of weights, it's my bone structure, I'm a severe inverted triangle with a frame /fit/ would be jealous of. I look so easily like an AGP, everything looks desperate and like overcompensation. When I try to embrace my masculine features, people freak out and try to force me into a feminine box I'll never fit into. Some people acknowledge that I look better with short hair and that it shows off my cheekbones and Chad jaw, others cry and say I'm offending god, thinking I'm better off with a thin long strangly mop on my head. I prefer to look like a masculine woman than a deranged TiM, I can always keep the latter in mind as a Halloween costume. Let me be proud of being a cavewoman, instead of trying to get me back into the feminine box. If a God exists, I was literally made to kick scrote ass, build shit and lift heavy. The first time I saw someone describe the same thing was in the well of loneliness, but 99% of people don't get it.

No. 1177982

File: 1652360574318.jpg (734.3 KB, 1079x1086, Screenshot_20220425-100640_Gal…)

Sure but don't complain when you get burned by this generation of scrotes.

No. 1177986

>If a God exists, I was literally made to kick scrote ass, build shit and lift heavy.

No. 1177987

So what should straight women do? Become polilez like you and make it harder for bisexual and lesbian women than it already is? Die alone?

No. 1177988

You sound hot

No. 1177990

Imagine thinking you need a porn sodden man to be happy. Kek

No. 1177991

> I prefer to look like a masculine woman than a deranged TiM
Same lol. I might just be overthinking some of my features but I've decent sized shoulders, small hips.. deep voice. I'm better off leaning into the butchness. With all the tranny shit going on atm it's a fear of mine that I'll be read as TIM.

No. 1177993

Most women will have relationships and straight ones shouldn't try to trick lesbians or bi women. That's how it is. If you have other suggestions feel free but you really sound misogynistic with how you blame women or call women dick slaves.

No. 1177994

Samefag. I vented here in hopes of getting some input from anons who might have been/ or might know somebody who went through the same thing and since the relationship advice thread on /g/ is a bit dry. Thanks for the replies so far, nonnies.

>wanting an older woman for "easy sex" and something similar to a "sugar mommy" (emphasis on mommy) these young men do not want to grow up and provide, would much rather find some older "desperate" woman who will buy them a ps5 and take them out for nuggies after sex. Younger men who seek older women usually see some sort of material benefit for them

I can see that for some, but that wouldn't work with me because I make my own money and he makes his. I know you probably didn't direct it towards me necessarily but I'm just gonna put it out there that I am neither desperate to be in a relationship nor that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my shit If I were in one.

Yeah, I'll probably find someone if I choose to dump this guy but I was just asking because we get along really well and have things in common, which doesn't happen often with me and men. That's why I am contemplating the entire thing despite the age gap.

No. 1177995

are you single?

No. 1177996

Anon if it works, it does. I don't think young guys are trying to take advantage of older women, some might prefer older women for reason but if he was a golddigger, you'd already know. That anon is quite weird.

No. 1177998

Integrate better

No. 1178000

There was an anon lately who was venting after a similar gap like this went wrong. I remember her often posting about it when things were good. I think she said she was bpd and that played a role in her often dating 19/20 year olds into her late twenties. It was amazing.. til it suddenly wasn't.

I'd approach it in a 'lets just see how things go' manner, play it by ear and don't get too wrapped up too quick. He'll either pleasantly surprise you or the gap in maturity will start to present itself. As long as you don't rush in too deep right off the bat I think you'll come out alright either way.

No. 1178005

Cope. You're the one who's calling women misogynistic insults and telling them young guys will use and toss them away. You're a basic misogynist, you have no idea what else women can do.

No. 1178006

Man my social anxiety is so bad, I just walked out when I had to do group discussions. I really hate this about myself. Idk how I’m going to face my class next week.

No. 1178009

ALL men use and abuse women. Young guys aren't special. Many women would throw their own gender under the bus to keep a loser scrote in their life. Sounds like I struck a nerve are YOU a male or a handmaiden? Anyway obvious derail is obvious. Nothing you say will make me defend handmaiden pickmes or scrotes. Die mad about it

No. 1178012

can't you just say you had a doc appointment or something and had to leave early?

No. 1178015

Nonna idk if you’re still here but could you give me some tips for lucid dreaming?

No. 1178025

Had a male friend(i know) get angry at me bc I said men traditionally have worn skirts and dresses, because he meant they weren't skirts and dresses bc thats for girls. Mate, they wore dresses and skirts, there is even a wikipedia page about the history of men's skirts. Tries to argue that a kilt wasn't a skirt. And then I was the difficult and unreasonable one bc I used definitions and pictures, while his argument was purely emotional getting butthurt that I dared say men have worn dresses and skirts.

"N-no its a kaftan, a tunic". Yeah and those garments are dresses with skirts. A dress is a garment that covers the upper body and has a a skirt, a skirt is a garment that covers the lower body. Roman men wore those, in the middle ages men wore those, men have worn that since the dawn of time and they still do, as it is the easiest garment to construct. It doesn't have a gender.

No. 1178027

File: 1652364086886.gif (1.2 MB, 392x374, B9FE21A2-768C-4CEC-9CF5-A2416E…)

i don’t rlly have anywhere else to post this so i’ll just sperg here, it really fucked me up for a while bc it involved someone i treasured as a teen. i was very depressed in late secondary school and sought solace in love live. even if it was scripted, watching the seiyuu joke around and bond gave me hope. eventually i got attached to komiya arisa (dia’s seiyuu, picrel) since she projected the confidence i wish i could have. a few years back there was an anime convention in my country and arisa performed. she dj’d on a somewhat elevated stage behind her mixer. everything was fine the first few sets, then she came up front to mc. at that point i saw basically every guy in the front row lean on the velvet poles. i was wondering why all of them were hunched over, but since many of them were hambeasts i assumed they were tired from fanchants. then i saw them angling their heads upwards and it hit me that ALL of them were trying to upskirt her. i felt sick seeing it firsthand, like a wave of helplessness washed over me knowing i couldn’t do anything to protect the person i idolized so much from a young age. ik she was probably wearing safety shorts and as a former gravure model she was used to it but even so… it got worse bc i bumped into some of those guys shortly after and one was bragging about photos. the worst thing is i couldn’t report bc i had no proof nor way to identify the guys, plus i was an underaged autist. obv the onus wasn’t on me, yet i still hate that i acted weakly for my parasocial source of strength. sometimes i imagine i could have yelled at the guys or something, just anything besides being completely useless.

No. 1178030

Wait till he finds men used to wear PINK

No. 1178040

File: 1652365305492.jpg (30.85 KB, 563x600, 5f0d1495d0193840c988fb70f29e89…)

It's so damn hot outside. Fuck this gay earth.

No. 1178053

Tell this unfashionable faggot that a kaftan is a dress for me please.

No. 1178054

Is he gonna have a meltdown if you tell him that, GASP, men wore heels and stockings even before women did?

No. 1178058

If he didn't think lesser of women (and all things feminine) then he wouldn't be dying on this hill.

No. 1178060

I'm moovienight married, but other than that I'm single kek
Before I cut my hair proper short again a couple years ago, we had a Murican visit work and I was explicitly asked whether I'm a TiM. It hasn't happened since I fully embraced being butch. Sometimes I'm mistaken for a teenage boy, but that's probably because I need to get my shit together clotheswise.

No. 1178062

Mama mouse never came back so I guess I'll have to take care of some baby mice, urgh, why, I'm not made for country living

No. 1178070

File: 1652367924459.jpg (57.74 KB, 1024x978, 1641350289199.jpg)

Investment/trading enthusiasts who got in during the meme stock/crypto craze are the most annoying fucking people ever. Oh no, the market's down for a single day! Oh no, it could be volatile or sideways for a few months to a couple years before picking up again; who could have possibly predicted that we weren't trapped in an infinite bull market? If any of these knuckleheads had a high-school level of knowledge about the economy and invested wisely instead of trying to get rich quick then they'd know about the boom and bust cycle and wait it out (or better yet, buy some long-term investments during the dip).
For any aspiring investors that may be hanging out on /ot/: Managing your own investments is gambling, and even if you make returns they are very unlikely to 'beat the market'. Set up an IRA and put some money into primarily index funds and high-rated ETFs every once in a while, set up automatic dividend reinvestment, sit on them until you're approaching retirement and need to start investing in income-generating (i.e. high dividend yield) stocks, and set aside a modest amount of gambling money in a separate brokerage account if you really want to try your luck.

No. 1178075

We have a cat that came from a cat mill unknowingly and he is very feral. On the first day it bit somebody and it drew a lot of blood. He would get along with our other cat after slowly introducing him until the day he tried to kill him by biting the neck. We relocate the cat to a friend who has no cats, but has had them before. It bites him constantly. Whenever we take him to the vet, there are no signs of issues. His home consists of 2 tall cat towers, lots of hiding spaces, its quiet, toys he enjoys, and the same routine to expect so nothing is a surprise like the friend coming late or partying. Does anybody know what we are doing wrong? We do not want to give up on him but he is so aggressive without a trigger.

No. 1178076

There's like cat behaviour people out there, I wouldn't have any idea.. Some cats are simply dicks though. Especially when they learn how well it works..

No. 1178098

Probably. But these people have already formed their groups when we do discussions, so I’m kinda anxious about having to ask to join them.

No. 1178107

I think I fucked up my friendship. A few days ago I was supposed to show up to an event my friend planned, but it’s kinda like a professional event to add to her resume. (Some town councillor was there too) no one showed up except for that councillor, and I was running late. She had to start the event without me, and I got there late so they already left. I think she’s upset with me, so she’s silenced my notifs. I already apologized, but I don’t know if I should apologize again..

No. 1178113

This all sounds odd but I'd apologise again or at least tell you didn't want to hurt her and you get why she would be upset and so on

No. 1178117

You're being misogynistic by blaming abuse onto women for being with men and calling women dick slaves. You're a literal pickme yourself.

No. 1178130

Don't hurt yourself reaching like that kek

No. 1178143

I hate my life and just want to get my shit together already, but I'm lost. I don't want to pity myself, but I have aspergers and ADHD to the point of struggling with holding jobs. I still live with my parents. I don't really have anyone to get life advice or support from. I just want to be independent. I'm going to see a therapist but I've had such bad experiences with therapists. I used to date moids to try to get advice from them and learn from their lives how to be independent but that obviously does not work, and I realize I wouldve been far better off not dating. I've had so many horrible experiences where I tried to become independent and then ended up with some catastrophic shit happening that now I'm a depressed NEET and I'm afraid to work or reach out to anyone. I'm terrified this therapist is going to be a normie who has no idea what I'm talking about ever and just patronizes me. I hate pitying myself but I'm at the end of my rope with everything. Feel free to give advice or post resources or anything.

No. 1178165

i'm mixed/multiethnic and i want a boyfriend who also is mixed/multiethnic so badly. i don't care about what his ethnicities are, i just want to bond with someone who also is mixed. i live in a very homogeneous country and being mixed is such an isolating and lonely existence to be completely honest. i'm not trying to race bait, i hope this doesn't come off as that. i just want to bond with someone who knows what this experience is like. men who aren't multiethnic have fetishized me for looking "exotic"my entire life and it makes me feel so gross about my appearance.

No. 1178192

File: 1652373780160.jpeg (46.03 KB, 1059x619, C72860D3-193E-4191-9FB4-A5DE4B…)

Just found a new place to live in a new (expensive) town with a new (not well paying) job and I’m excited for the move but pretty concerned that inflation’s gonna make it all come crashing down for me.

No. 1178206

Horrible, horrible picture

No. 1178223

Why so many women LOVE man? Ok, I get you can be attracted and have some good moments etc, but LOVE? Love????

All I see is men cheating and abusing women in every way possible, the suck them dry: their finances, their will, their psychological needs always unfulfilled and yet, men simply snap their finger and these women, who love them, run like a dog to its owner after being left home all day.
I can't take it. They (men) never suffer consequences for shit they do, they always hide behind a woman that takes most of the blow.
This world is only this shitty because of these pathetic women who won't honor their womanhood, their acquired rights after their grandmas and grand gradmas suffered so much.
How can they live with themselves? How do they sleep at night, knowing the CHOOSE to love a barbaric subhuman creature????

No. 1178225

File: 1652374726648.jpg (26.43 KB, 590x201, Poundland-Twin-Peaks-in-pictur…)

Diff anon but which is worse?

No. 1178226

Careful, pickme anon itt will call you a misogynist for saying such things about men and their handmaidens kek. I concur with your statement tho

No. 1178227

Anon I relate to this 100%. I feel like I just can't do anything, be it work related stuff or my hobbies. I was honestly relieved when I was fired because I just didn't have to pretend to be something I'm not. I couldn't organize myself at all. I'm doing job interviews right now and I know I should be happy whenever they go well but all I feel is dread. Dread over the fact that if I'll get a job, I'll lose free time, I'll have to pretend to care about shit I don't care about and I'll have to pay attention to details which I literally can't. I feel like my time of staying at a job literally depends on my superior's patience and nothing else because I'll inevitably start fucking things up and ruin everything.
God knows I try to get organized, I recently downloaded the 6427947th productivity app that I've ever tried and even though I find the planning progress satisfying, I realized that using it is not as easy as I'd like it to be, because I completely misjudge the time that my projects take.
I also think about my hobbies all the time but actually doing them is a whole different thing that mostly doesn't happen.
Sorry I cannot offer you any useful advice, just know that you're not alone with your struggle

No. 1178228

I don't even have OCD but this picture disturbs me. What the hell.

No. 1178230

Because you’re judging women and being misogynistic anon!!! Women can be empowered and come back home to suck their husband’s pee-dribbling cock you should try it, so empowering!

No. 1178236

going to have nightmares about this. truly cursed.

No. 1178257

there will always be women out there who would be with a man, it's just how it is. all i can wish is that they find men who will be good for them in some way. i'm not gonna blame them for not thinking the same as me, and not following my exact ideology. i don't care enough. although whenever i've talked to a man, i'm like, "seriously? is this what they are drooling over?"

No. 1178275

That makes three of us. Hang in there, nonnies.
Have you tried learning some skill or taking courses online that would let you get a job to work from home?

No. 1178282

Thank you anon, I will try. Please don't be like me anons, exfoliate always.

No. 1178294

I grew up a family where the love was long lost between my parents (seperate rooms and almost lives but living in the same house) they stayed together purely because they financially were better off that way. My last relationship ended up kind of a mirror of that in some ways.. the love was lost and he bugged me more and more each day but pricey rents in our city made it hard to commit to ending it. Ending the lease would even hit us hard. He was angry and used his rage to shut me up whenever I had an issue (again familiar to my upbringing, angry man shuts you down) I can understand how women feel stuck by circumstance (mortagage, bills, kids, poor job prospects, high rents, too many years invested in a guy already, fear of going it alone) but to actually enthusiastically love someone who treats you badly and to even fight his case for him and defend him when others say that he's shit, that I struggle to get. I'm more used to being around women who might not be out the door yet but they're pretty vocal about their man not being anything worth having.

No. 1178298

I really want a relationship but I feel like I'll never have one. I feel uncomfortable around people and dating apps freak me out (the idea of having to hype yourself up and market yourself feels sort of…disgusting to me). Just thinking about what to write in my profile feels overwhelming to me. I also freak out when someone actually shows interest in me. I feel hopeless and stuck

No. 1178307

I don’t like dating apps either but you don’t really have to write a bio, i used to not type anything and if the app required it it would be somewhere along the lines of “hello!!” Or something and i’d still get matches and talk to them normally so maybe give that a shot? Idk

No. 1178314


I'm considering doing A/C repair or becoming an electrician, but that's not working from home. Sometimes I worry about getting lonely with those jobs though. For now I think that's a good way to save money. I also thought about getting into tech, but I'm worried with my ADHD I'll fuck it up, though I haven't tried it.

I can also draw fairly well, so I've considered becoming a tattoo artist. I'm trying to get myself to get my shit together to make finished pieces. I do art studies on my own time, but without stimulants I struggle with finishing any piece. I want help with this, but idk where to start. I feel like if I don't have structure or deadlines with finishing pieces I can't do it. I've started getting into the art community here, and considered making a twitter/instagram just to keep myself motivated to make more art.

No. 1178315


The dumbest thing is that it all started with me saying I wish men still wore skirts and acted maculine like they did for thousands of years. And that I wished I could have been born to see an army of roman soldiers in skirts with their tanned legs.

Then he reeed that men have to act like faggots if they wear skirts and that those totally looks a like a skirt and dress garments weren't dresses bc thats faggy. A man has to actvlike a sissy if he wears a skirt. And that roman soldiers skirts doesn't count bc it was a uniform. Well then I wish all modern uniforms had skirts then you retard.

Moid logic, probably just mad he would look like a ginormous faggot wearing a skirt and tried to cope.

No. 1178325


Maybe make a profile but don't market yourself, like have pics of how you look everyday. Keep a simple profile. Go on a few dates with people but just do it to be able to talk to people gain dating experience rather than getting a relationship. You learn something from every person you date. Even if you don't form a relationship you'll still probably learn a lot. Idk what other advice to give, I feel the same way.

No. 1178339

Reading this makes me sad. I hate idol culture sm but I do find many of those women very funny, talented and have uplifting personalities. I wish men would all just vanish off the face of the earth so we can just sing and dance for each other.

No. 1178346

I hate anons who come into threads that are clearly meant for real conversation or 'discourse' just to shit out an unsaged nothing burger of a sentence that adds nothing of value to the discussion at hand. If you're illiterate or too stupid to partake in a conversation just don't respond. It's always the ones that think they're funny too with their Twitter memes like "bitch I ain't reading all that". Why bother walking into a thread full of blocks of text just to signal how fucking retarded you are? Of course lolcow has never been a hub for enlightened discussion but it's kind of evolved to have that in the off topic spaces. Just feels like the same people who stand out as spergs in 5+ year old threads are still here just bumping shit to say "fatty" or "stfu ugly". I can't imagine mentally being 11 forever. Wish there was a way to filter out actual speds so they cannot lurk or post here.

No. 1178355

I hate that daddy's little pork chop banner so much, it actually makes me angry

No. 1178358

Same, I hate it.

No. 1178362

sounds lika a you problem tbh

No. 1178370

Tldr write less

No. 1178376

This post is so weird because 90% of 26 year old men wouldn't hesitate at dating a 20 year old. Wtf is this conditioning.

No. 1178385

Must be newfags. I remember when a newfag was complaining about it in meta months ago too thinking its a random porn gif

No. 1178388

>(i know)
You clearly don't

No. 1178391

I think her concern was that he'd be immature, men want you to be immature as long as you're naive. That's the difference. Men want to hold power over partners, women just want an equal.

No. 1178395

Based and true.

No. 1178396

I fucking hate living in tranny world I want to never ever hear the word gender again outside of academic texts about how it was a mass psychosis episode

No. 1178399

In her post she says her concern is the age gap as they both age. So I guess she's worries about being in her 30s while he's mid 20s if they end up lasting? He seems like he has shit together (based on the info given) so idk, anon should chill and give it a whirl.

No. 1178414

I feel you, anon. I have been gnawing on mine since I was a kid and while it's much better now I still get stuck in the habit at night.

No. 1178424

The vast majority of the time the person you're dating at 20 won't be in your life in a few years time. So I wouldn't worry about 5 or 10 years from now given how thats unlikely. Not saying she shouldn't give it a go though. Just keep the expectations realistic for now.

No. 1178434

The age gap isn't too bad, mostly it comes down to when you want to have kids. If he wants to wait till he's 35 it might be too late for you. But if he wants to be a young dad it isn't a big deal.

there are manipulative men of all ages but that doesn't seem to apply to that nona given how she and him didn't even know each other's ages until later. He wasn't going out of his way to date someone older, they looked close in age and thought they were close in age.

No. 1178443

Not any of those anons but tbf to any lurking moid it's the same as random porn.

No. 1178464

roommate's smoke detector needs a new battery and i'm about to go apeshit

No. 1178465

Newfaggotry i bet you couldn't even name that cow

No. 1178466

File: 1652381446487.jpg (45.86 KB, 430x595, download.jpg)

Don't scroll

No. 1178471

Who cares what they think?

No. 1178546

File: 1652383362637.jpeg (97 KB, 449x640, D3278E85-D73E-42B9-B4B1-4C4483…)

Bumpety bump bump

No. 1178631

I don’t like it either, with or without context, it just looks like 4chan porn ads

No. 1178682

Been here for a long time and I’ve always hated it. Why nonnies hate moids posting porn but are fine with that banner is beyond me.

No. 1178688

File: 1652387036387.png (29.26 KB, 80x80, ground.png)

ignore this

No. 1178690

it's not a newfag thing at all, and multiple anons complained

No. 1178713


No. 1178718

File: 1652388083562.jpeg (13.85 KB, 275x182, 1648882556115.jpeg)

No. 1178726

No. 1178737

File: 1652388299812.jpg (583.45 KB, 896x696, Tumblr_l_670586720456534.jpg)

Finally broke up with my autistic leech of an ex after 8 years. We've been together since i was 14 and he lived with my family. The faggot is absolutely batshit. Spent all of last night screeching at me for wanting space, grabbed me and shooked me violently and just told me how much he hates me and how nobody will ever love me. My entire family is on his side lmao, they think i was too hard on the kid cuz i apperantly "rushed him" even though ive tried to dump him in February. That didn't work because he said it would be my fault if he becomes homeless and I felt guilty. Im feeling good about not having to see him, just feeling really awful that my family kinda hates me at the moment and my mom is giving me the silent treatment

No. 1178765


Please read The Gift of Fear, it has a section on safely leaving relationships like this.

No. 1178776

File: 1652389508332.jpg (58.12 KB, 750x699, eboy.jpg)

CP above

No. 1178808

File: 1652390531047.jpeg (66.03 KB, 720x703, ABCCD05F-ACE9-4FCC-B084-ED00E4…)

I think I’m entering my villain era and I’m terrified of myself. I can just feel the dark aura surrounding me now

No. 1178848

Embrace it, you’re un-disneyfying and becoming a real human being

No. 1178851

File: 1652392370126.png (336.35 KB, 664x744, U-ntitled.png)

My Harry Potter obsessed friend who has never dated a woman (we're both bi women) has been tweeting picrel again. I almost want to ask why she cares so much about HP and acts like JKR's word on the books is word of god when she hates her so much. I don't care about HP personally but can't stand this kind of pathetic behaviour.

No. 1178863

pathetic rant but I hate when artists spam their twitter feed with memes, opinion posts, and gacha/FFXIV screenshots. No one cares about that shit and I feel like they know that, so they post it on their art feed where people have to see it if they also want to look at their gallery.

No. 1178865

Holy fuck my mom's dog is chewing on some piece of fucking smoked meat meant for dogs that smells like a human being took a wet shit on the carpet after a diet of only gas station cured meats. I want to die. I fuing hate dogs because they ruin the room in every since sense of it, and this is the best dog. What the fuck why would anybody ruin their perfectly white, beautiful home with a big shart? My mom is so classy except for this single thing.. and it's only because she's allergic to literally every other animal. A fucking curse. It's the best behaved animal in the world and still makes my nose hairs curl with it's burnt flesh smell. It's like sitting beside the holocaust. Plus the sound of them licking, snorting and making other pig-like sounds is enough to make me want to drive it into a deep forest and leave it there. It sounds like a teenage boy practicing oral sex on an overripe melon slice. I wish I could become permanently deaf when I hear that noise, I would gladly give up the ability to experience new songs to avoid the sound of fucking dog licking. Literally kill me. This felt so good to say. Dogs fucking stink, even the most loving of dogs stinks. And it's even worse when they're so well-behaved and loving because my brain makes me want to hug them. Fucking demon curse

No. 1178877

At my old job there was a guy that would brag daily about like dunking on republicans on twitter about trans issues, even harassing the state governor about it (I dont have sympathy for republicans but that's not the point). He would go on about sex workers as well. Just uhgh. I considered putting politics aside and befriending him at one point, but after a while of hearing him gossip about people I realized he was absolutely the type who'd go apeshit at me if I said the wrong thing.

No. 1178878

File: 1652394337621.jpg (36.19 KB, 564x703, 205b38986379c995f0b7dc42cff569…)

I JUST WANT TO KNOOOOW. I'm impatient, I can't wait for the test results. I want to know how bad it is, but I don't even know what I would do with that information. I don't have any true longterm plans really, even though I'm not a NEET. I don't even like what I studied, I don't like my field at all, it's depressing af and normies think they know all about it anyway when they DON'T and they're way too fucking optimistic about it. I don't want kids. I'm a sperg so I don't have many friends anyway and add being a lesbian to that and things just fucking suck. I'm not attractive and I could desperately use a glow up and this whole being ill thing will only make the situation worse, even if I recover. Like if I need chemo, you don't just go bald, your teeth get fucked up too and they're already not doing great. I don't even know why so much is already going to shit, probably due to the shit ton of deficiencies. Everyone just says "fight it!!111!" "I hope you'll recover soon anon!", like first of all you fucking assholes didn't even care about me until I got ill. Second of all, what the fuck is there for me even when I do recover? The world is going to shit, wars and fires everywhere, climate change fucking things up, AGP's invaded every lgb(t) space, everything is depressing, I picked the wrong job because I picked what I was good at and makes money instead of some sort of passion, I'm lonely and ugly. I don't know what I can be positive about, I have nothing to look forward to. Maybe I'll never recover and I only have like 5 years left, who the fuck knows. I wish I could just run away from society and go live in the forest in a shack I built myself with a bunch of cats and grow my own food. Being isolated was already bad enough, but normies using me to feel better about themselves and trying to contact me to pat themselves on the back is honestly worse. I can't even believe in a religion, I tried several times, but I just can't make myself do it. I don't have it in me to truly believe, so I don't even have that comfort either. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT and I don't even know what I'm exactly living for. You don't even really need a reason, but it's just difficult to find motivation and to think of what I can tick off my bucketlist without being a complete hedonist and throwing all morals and common sense away. How fast should you even start with ticking things off? Everything is taking so long and I'm constantly being kept in the dark, I fucking hate it, but it's not like the information is going to help me anyway. I don't know. I also can't let my parents back into my life because they're insane drug addicts who would just give me more stress, so I'm not even getting support from them.

No. 1178884

File: 1652394681411.jpg (50.66 KB, 449x429, 1652087069139.jpg)

>be me, artist
>gf is in a new artist discord
>I avoid discords cuz they suck
>the friends she has there like her stories about me and want to meet me
>I give in, they don't know my art twitter handle
>everyone is super friendly and I befriend some people
>decide to randomly search my art handle
>they trash talked me hard like a year ago, especially a girl that's trying hard to be my friend
>they don't even know
What to do with this feel?

No. 1178885

File: 1652394705780.jpeg (138.23 KB, 1047x1500, 7A425FF1-07D9-43A3-9CA4-641FD2…)

I feel like some people think dogs don’t need to be bathed regularly, just because they lick their assshole and genitals occasionally. Maybe your mums dog just needs a bath? And it’s teeth brushed? Or you can get him a dental stick, something like picrel

No. 1178887


Wait do you have cancer? Or are you suspecting you do?

I relate to everything else you're saying. I'm a lesbian, I don't want kids (even if I did I wouldn't since I struggle to take care of myself, idk how to prepare to climate change). Idk what advice to give you other than try to accept you don't have control over many of these things, take things one step at a time, etc.

No. 1178888

Is "they" including your gf? If not, you should tell her. Maybe she'll be able to find a different discord.

No. 1178889

Nah, she had no idea about all this. We all get along as people but the trashtalking was about fandom drama and happened before she joined.

No. 1178890


Was the trash talk personal or were they insulting your art?

No. 1178892

Sorry, the problem smell is ENTIRELY from the piece of dead animal she's gnawing on. She's not a high-oil or dander breed so she herself kinda smells like a baby? But holy fuck she chews on this damned thing and it smells like corpse. Her breath isn't even a problem, she's only like two years old too so she's not suffering from puppy breath or old age breath. Just ifjhngnh hn

No. 1178894

It was more a general
>lol x is shit, seeing her stuff retweeted annoys me
It could be fun to come out as "hey btw I am x"

No. 1178896

God I hate horror youtubers now, they used to cover interesting ARGs and various schizos, conspiracy theories. Now all they fucking do is basically review shock content.
I want to be spooked in a fun way, I don't want to hear about child rape and animal abuse. I fucking hate these faggots, using the suffering of innocent animals and children to get a few views

No. 1178897

>wow look how spooky, crush fetishists, but these ones are JAPANESE!! and i had to translate to find their gore twitter accounts full of cp!!

I hope they all die.

No. 1178899

Kek do it anon. and report back

No. 1178907

This is literally like having a favorite twitchthot and getting mad when scrotes sexualize her. All of these girls do gravure and know their career is for scrotes to get off and pretend like their oshi is their gf. You type like a twitterfag as well, not to "hi cow" but I wouldn't be surprised if you're one of the pickmes from the egirls thread who has their room covered in naked lolis for scrote approval kek.

No. 1178916

Just put him down. Sometimes you cant help aggressive animals.

No. 1178922

File: 1652397469696.png (294.95 KB, 500x485, 1645865757020.png)

I feel so disgusted right now. I could actually puke.

I googled a question about pads, saw somebody asked the same thing on quora, clicked and scrolled down, and it's a fucking tranny who answered and posted close ups of their crotch.



(I own underwear btw, but I was just curious ok!!)

No. 1178925

The specialists tell me I don't and then an oncologist sends a letter to my GP saying they think I do and that they don't really know what else it could be, so I don't know what to think at this point anymore. Are they trying to protect my feelings? Trying not to have liability until the test results come in? It would make sense because I have fast growing lesions all over the place on scans and already had complications, but I'm waiting for biopsy results. I'm probably fucked either way with how much is going wrong, even if I'm lucky and it's not cancer. They should've taken a biopsy way earlier and I wish they would just be done with the scans and tests and that there's some certainty about what is going on, because now I'm stuck in a limbo anyway and can't plan or think forward anyway. I don't even enjoy my days anymore because I have pain after eating every time, and I can't eat a lot of things anymore or I'll suffer the consequences (pain, throwing up, hearburn), jaundiced, I'm also tired really quickly, but at the same time I can't sleep and just have constant night sweats. I want to attack people who start talking about work or study, because I just can't give a fuck about that shit atm, but it's all normies care about. I might be fucking dying and they want me to go stress some more about stupid shit like that. Maybe I'm being very dramatic, but with the issues I have it has already drastically decreased my quality of life and it does feel like something is deeply wrong. I honestly want to quit and go travel or something if I could. It also just doesn't feel fair because I tried to eat healthily (which might have at least prevented some damage), avoided alcohol, worst I did was smoke weed once in a while, but I probably just have fucked genetics. Now I can't even eat junkfood without being in intense pain not much later. No matter whether it's cancer or not, I'll have to get some resections anyway due to the amount of damage and stuff is being restricted and I'll be more at risk of developing deficiencies the rest of my life. I'll also not be able to eat properly for ages probably, idk how fast that stuff heals. I try to do corny shit like smelling every flower and petting every cat I come by. I try to make the meals I can have as pleasurable as possible. I try to stay strong, still working out a little and trying not to lose too much weight. But some days I just wonder why I'm even trying. I legit prefer hanging out with nonnas, because unless I mention it in a vent like this, you don't know I'm ill and everything is just normal and positive (or infighty, kek) due to the anonymity. Normies take every opportunity to say some platitudes, send a get well card, then don't want to talk until you're magically better, or at least not talk about real shit or just have things be normal. Like actual support is distraction, having fun sometimes, allowing things to be negative sometimes. Normies pat themselves on the back for nothing, meanwhile nonnas don't even know how much they help. Also sometimes it's very difficult to give a fuck and I've already come close to attacking scrotes and mauling them when they act up. Sorry for the long vent which doesn't make much sense.

No. 1178928

I hate it too. I think we need to retire certain banners, starting with that one.

No. 1178929

Not just 1 tranny, but 2. I hope they fucking kill themselves, there are likely young teenage girls there

No. 1178933

Wtf i hate men so much. Men dont need to worry about periods since they don't get them. I see the trend of women trying to include men in women's only issues and that bullshit needs to go full stop. I hope no young girl sees that. Can you report?

No. 1178936

I am not homophobic nor am I suffering from internalized homophobia. Sex is good but I feel my attraction to women (which is only sexual and not romantic) have been caused by my hormonal issues. I have a beard and muscles. I also have pcos. Why do I feel so badly that if I fix my hormones, I’d be straight? I just want to befriend women but at times I just get so comically horny and I’m rightfully blaming it on my unironic scrote hormones. Am I coping or…? I don’t mind being bi but it just doesn’t make any sense that I hate men, befriend women but wouldn’t ever marry one?

No. 1178941

it's all a fetish to them, fucking disgusting
their bio says "I am a man who has been dressing like a girl"
notice how they don't say woman. nasty pedos.

No. 1178942

I don’t think high testosterone/PCOS has ever made a girl gay, anon.

No. 1178943

Those poor women answering honestly about menstruation being out upvoted by cross dressing men. What the fuck. Was the original question form a tranny? I don't know how quora works so I can't see the question body

No. 1178947

It sure has caused reverse gender dysphoria for me. I hate feeling like a man and I hate that I look so feminine but at the same time so scrotely too. Are you sure? Because I hit puberty early, I was so pretty and girly as a toddler, but I had a really damn deep voice and I was tall as fuck. My hormones never made any sense even as an adult. I thought it may have influenced my attraction to women which I had as young kid. Most definitely it would explain a lot of the fakebois so why not bisexuals?

No. 1178949

i encountered something similar on there too, when i just wanted to learn what the difference between tights and stockings was and one of the answers was this old, like at least 60-70 year old man posting pics of himself in garterbelt stockings with his BARE ASS on display. old fuck didn't even answer the question.

No. 1178950

It's interesting, gay men actually have higher testosterone but some studies say lesbians have higher testosterone but something just doesn't ring right to me about that

No. 1178952

Since it’s quora and not lolcow I kinda wanna say based but disturbing. Did he receive the most upboats in the thread?

No. 1178954

i didn't even pay attention to the updoots, just noped the fuck out of there

No. 1178958


I'm so sorry. That's horrifying. I hope you don't have cancer. I know what you mean, most normies don't want to deal with issues like that. The only advice I can give is that if you ask for something specific for people around you to do, they're more likely to do it sometimes. Other than that I'm really sorry.

No. 1178963

Gay men have higher testosterone? Really? I associate them as pseudo-feminine, even the bears, who fucked their hormones up with roids and fat cells. Not that gay men are the better scrotes or anything…
Btw I don’t really care about the butch stereotype, who am I to call them manly as I have to remove my hair every morning and wear makeup, but I feel I’d be much happier and straighter if I would have my hormones fixed since I were a child, a lot of problems of back then and now, and my strange hypersexual vivid dreams would have been avoided. Psychologists always thought I was molested when I were a child. I’m neither hypersexual nor molested as a child. I needed to have my hormones fixed ffs.

No. 1178965


I don't want to make you talk more about something upsetting but I'm curious about what medical issues you have, if you want to talk about it. I've had some people close to me have cancer before, another person my age found out they had MS recently, another had heart problems. Both of those people couldn't sleep for weeks while they were going through the tests. I'm sorry you're going through this.

No. 1178973

why does literally everything in my life end in disappointment. literally everything.

No. 1178978

Mother got pissed at me for rearranging the colour bowls. There's six of them. Unfortunately they have red, white, and blue. She always puts them together because "omg country pride!" I like mixing the colours up because why not. She acts like I'm dissing America by doing this. Yes, because everything should revolve around our country. It's stupid and annoying. My mother puts a flag out, I think we're good. I fucking want to break the blue one now out of spite. I won't but it would feel good.

No. 1179000

>implying being tall and having deep voice is unwomanly

No. 1179001

I have been seriously addicted to the internet for over 20 years now. I know that what I genuinely loved about it back then is no longer how it is today, but I still can’t stop myself from endlessly surfing. This addiction is finally impacting my career as it’s getting harder and harder to force myself to focus on my tasks. Unfortunately I work in tech so it’s difficult to resist the compulsion to go read about random shit because I have to legitimately look up stuff so often. My forsaken adhd brain wants to learn about a million different subjects all the time and can’t resist the constant drip of info. Sometimes I can be self-disciplined and get into healthier hobbies like reading physical books or drawing instead, but needing the computer during the work week eventually wrecks my progress and the cycle repeats. I tried going into office hoping a change in environment would help, but since my company allows remote, there’s literally no one there ever, and it’s creepy to be in alone kek

No. 1179002

Why do people care so much about how they're remembered? Once your out of the picture, or dead, that's it. Also, if you're so concerned about how you're remembered than maybe you're not as good as you think you are. Who knows. shrugs

No. 1179005

im not a cow or twitterfag just a literal autist, which is i why i had an interest in scrote-bait anime. why would i be a pickme if i’m so angered by men, let alone a lolicon if they made me uncomfortable from a young age?

No. 1179006

My life isn't even that bad when compared to others, so why do I feel awful all the time? I feel like I'm an attention-seeker, who's making things up to be sad about.

No. 1179016

Fuck, I fell in love again. I hate it, it's nothing but pain. It's just another reminder of how worthless I'm. I hate seeing him and not having the courage to speak to him. I hate how it would go nowhere. I hate that he would look better with other women. I hate how I'm not good enough. I hate that I'm forgettable. I hate how insignificant I'm. I hate how I keep imagining things that will never happen. Just forget about it, you stupid fucking idiot.

No. 1179031

File: 1652405441777.jpg (32.46 KB, 501x500, 1628160934296.jpg)

need help nonnies. the moid im trying to hook up with just asked me whats my type of scrote. he's pretty (for a moid) but he doesn't fit any of the checkboxes. only the basics of having a cute face and looking clean. and my type of men is very similar to a close friend of his that i met before this moid. i just can't say the truth because of moid pride

No. 1179037

Just say something like “men who love to please”

No. 1179041

File: 1652406203493.jpg (33.95 KB, 527x664, EdEJL21XkAA7LOO.jpg)

Same anon. Falling in love feels nice and fluffy until you remember how unrealistic your fantasies are. I really want to forget about it too, it's pointless and I will get hurt eventually

No. 1179043

File: 1652406787890.jpg (205.74 KB, 1280x905, 106(1).jpg)

>Like male-dominated hobby
>Have to endure scrote posts on every platform "hehe porn hehe big tiddy mommeeee" "what if ____ but WOMAN WITH HUGE BOOBS" "hahaha big goth mommy step on meee"
>Constant weebshit and pedoshit
>Go on retarddit to check a sub for one of these
>"God forbid feminine women get representation in anything!! I wanna play as a big tiddy muscle mommy ecksdee. signed, x__succubusqueenoftehnight__x!1!"
Surprisingly not a troon, its a camgirl
>"Artist" drew porn of a 14 year old Russian girl because she made an innocent gay flag pin tiktok
>"Don't worry comrade we have your back, it's just fiction praise Slaanesh fuck sjws!"
I regret rejoining but there's no place else where everything is easy to find. I've left about 3 subreddits like that. The only good one I've stayed in is an actually funny parody sub popular with women. It's bad enough I have to keep reading "brothel this bordello that" in official books.

No. 1179048

File: 1652407137665.gif (73.98 KB, 400x400, covering-face-crying-into-hand…)

My fucking back is so uncomfortable all the time. I'm not even Olga-aged yet, it shouldn't be like this.

No. 1179089

Does anyone else get compulsions to look at disturbing shit? I don't even like it I just get overly curious, I've stopped looking through the catalogs on lc now because of the fear more gore will show up

No. 1179094

Why would you warn me dumbass now I can just not come on tonight KEK

No. 1179095

No. 1179098

There's a girl sobbing outside of my apartment right now. I think her boyfriend kicked her out. I assume she has somewhere to go since he's loading her stuff into his car right now, but she's sitting right outside my window just crying hysterically… I'm not sure what I should do… If anything… I don't really know what's going on.

No. 1179099

My girltalk thing turned off for a second and now Im scared someones watching me

No. 1179101

god i hate this. i hate being stuck in positions where i feel morally obligated to do something for someone crying in front of me even though i feel like my input would result in 0 improvement and when realistically i can't do much, it just sucks being so powerless. i've been there, anon. i usually do a "are you okay, hun?" when i feel my input may have some kind of decent outcome.

No. 1179120

File: 1652412271053.jpg (32.45 KB, 283x320, big_bite.jpg)

I paid 6000$ to learn my cat has advanced cancer and will probably need to be put down soon. He's only 5

No. 1179122

Upset to find out that my ex who I only broke up with in February is dating someone else. I went through an abortion without him (he was the father and he was aware) in January. We were together for over two years and moved to a different state during that time. I was completely alone when I had my abortion with no family or friends close by. I am still angry and hurt from that. I’m moving on as well and I didn’t realize how much hearing this would affect me. I thought I was making progress.

No. 1179123

I’m so sorry. I am sending a hug your way.

No. 1179126

i'm so, so, so sorry, anon. please spend as much time as you can with him and give him so much love. i'm so sorry. i hate this world so much.

No. 1179128

Males are so fucking retarded and dense it's annoying as fuck and I'm tired of them

No. 1179136

Could it be your bed anon? I know I’m definitely getting horrible arthritis when I get older. I’m already getting onset joint pain and stiffness. Chugging glucosamine and hoping it makes a difference.

No. 1179137

I’m so so sorry anon. I lost my kitty to cancer, it’s terrible and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Lots of hugs.

No. 1179164

My boyfriend broke up with me over the phone because dealing with my depression was too hard for him to deal with. His mom was over his shoulder the whole time whispering and telling him what to do. He said he'd help me and support me, what a fucking pussy. Everything was fine until he came home to his mommy. Fuck that evil bitch for finding joy in my misery. Apparently I'm too much for her son to deal with because he has to work on school even though it's fucking summer. What's wrong with men and boomers

No. 1179179

All I wanted was one last hug but he couldn't even drive over to do that while I was sobbing my eyes out. At least I told him to man up and his mother needs therapy. I tried to handle everything respectfully at first but I just lost it after her constant manipulation and being involved in everything. I gave them so many chances but I guess the moment you get depressed or have a panic attack, you're crazy. She compared me to his psychotic ex constantly, but now I'm starting to think the ex must have been okay and that his mother just wants him for herself. She can go date his mommy if he wants, if he doesn't want to put his depressed gf above that bitches feelings. Me dealing with my depression after getting constantly nitpicked by her is causing his family to break apart apparently. This bitch is fucking insane. Fuck you for having no balls. All your friends told you to grow up, but now your mom can have you all to herself if that's what you want so bad.

No. 1179208

I have literally so much hatred towards kaitlyn tiffany right now

No. 1179226

I'm so tired of taking medication after medication and I'm tired of all the therapy sessions. talk therapy made me feel better after a few weeks but it's no longer helping, I can't think of anything to talk about because my mind is mush. I think I've never been content. then I wonder if anyone is really content, but that's probably cope. I feel like a good amount of people are generally content, they go through hardship and have bad days and experience inconveniences but their baseline is that of content. I've never had that. I'm so tired of it. I feel trapped in my own head, I can't handle living. I'm so so so sick and tired of it, of the constant up and downs, I struggle to see a point in putting up with so many deep depressions for the possibility of having a good day. if I think about it deeply like I am now i spiral into panic and sobbing so I keep myself numb. I used to self harm to deal with it but I'm an adult and it has consequences now. but then again the scars are already there, I've already fucked myself in that regard. there's no point in trying to resist it. there's no point in anything. if only I didn't have my dog and wasn't such a coward I could end it all

No. 1179268

It takes a man to be able to take care of a partner, a little boy that can't even do a breakup without his mom (???) is beyond pathetic. I'm sorry that it comes in a difficult stage of your life where all support might feel needed, but it's ultimately better the sooner you get rid of this. He won't change, so be glad youre not wasting your time anymore.

No. 1179285

cancerchan? Have you gone and fugged all those girls yet? I'd hate to be in your position but I hope you are able to find things to enjoy to make your days more bearable. Listen to fun music, watch some fun comedies, blow through your credit. Hang out in the discord/matrix/movie room if it helps your sense of socializing. I don't really have good advice for your situation nonni, I'm sorry.

No. 1179291

I just want to drop a healthy deuce and be done with it

No. 1179304

I can't believe after getting of a 9 hour shift at work I have to come home and listen to my parents fucking bickering about stupid shit, I just want to fucking relax goddamn it.

No. 1179307

Update, deuce has been dropped and I finally have peace

No. 1179328

revved up like a deuce another runner in the night

No. 1179329

Nah my self esteem is too low. I feel like I have to update my dating app pictures, since they're kinda catfishy with how healthy I used to look. I already wasn't attractive, but now it has gotten really bad, since I lost my muscle and have such a sickly skintone. I'm masc too so like, pick a struggle, you know? I did at least order some new clothes so I don't have to keep walking around in ridiculously oversized ones. Yeah the movieroom is a massive help! I really appreciate all the nonnas there, it's fun when they randomly decide to watch the Moomins or something. It's fine, I wouldn't exactly now how to advice someone in a situation like this either, sometimes shit just sucks.
The fucked up part is, I think I would almost be happy with the news, instead of them sneaking around my back tinfoiling to each other about what is going on. Idk I just want to know what's wrong, any diagnosis so they can start treating properly. I already had a surgery they couldn't finish properly, because they had no clue how much to remove, so they just sewed me back up. I've been poked and prodded so much already, I just want it to end. Realistically speaking it wouldn't be a death sentence (good previous fitness level and diet, young age etc.) even though it feels that way. I also already relate to too many of their memes, but at least they're good memes. I wonder when cancer patients are going to be cancelled by TRA's, because they call normies "cancer muggles" and compare getting the diagnosis letter to getting a letter from Hogwarts kek. They already complain that breast cancer patients get mastectomies before they do, so I could see it happening.
Sorry for the medical lingo, but I'm translating from the specialist letters
>diffuse restriction throughout my small intestine, from the duodenum into my jejunum
>recurrent intussusception (telescoping of the intestines)
This blockage basically starts right outside of my stomach, so whenever food leaves my stomach it HURTS A FUCKTON. Like I'm being stabbed. I've not had appendicitis before, but from what I read the pain is similar, to give an idea. Sometimes it causes things to backup and causes severe heartburn and acid reflux as a result. The duodenum and jejunum is where a large part of vitamins are being absorbed, they seem to be damaged enough to easily cause me deficiencies, since I do have a list of them, mostly the fat soluble ones.
>Fast growing lesions in my liver, one is benign, but the others are mystery ones
>Liver enyzmes are elevated, causing the mild jaundice.
I have trouble digesting fat and I've never eaten much fat in the first place, but whenever I go above 15 grams, things uh start to look weird out of the other end, yellow or pitch-black are common colors I see. I'm trying to get enough calories, but
>I dropped almost 1/4th of my bodyweight in just a couple months, it feels like nothing is being absorbed.
I know a lot of people think weightloss is good, but I lost a shit ton of muscle, because I was a powerlifter/strongwoman before. Even before I went through the tests or went to a doctor, I had insomnia and this sense of dread, I knew something was deeply wrong. I was blowing off going to the doctor, because I'm used to them not taking me seriously and just throwing fiber sachets at me, even though I'm part of the 5% who eats enough fiber. Or saying it's just anxiety or that the abdominal pain is either from menstrual cramps or psychosomatic. My GP was already blowing me off when I called her several times to complain about how
>I lost my period for 2 years after quitting bc,
because I was told it could shrink the first liver lesion they found (I went on bc in the first place due to painful irregular periods, I'm not interested in scrotes). I started wondering whether I had HIV or some shit like that (I don't, btw), because of how fast I was deteriorating and how shit my immune system seems to have gotten. The first month I had projectile vomiting and I thought that I maybe just have a bad case of food poisoning, but deep down I knew more was going on.
>inb4 why didn't you go see a secondopinion?
The bureaucracy has made it so that you can only see a GP who lives within your postcode, like a 15 minute walk radius. Which doesn't leave you with many options unless you move. Second of all, doctors are like a cabal who protect each other from liability. They're not going to snitch and say another doctor did something wrong, so they don't do real second opinions. They get paid for every registered patient even if they never visit, so they don't actually have to properly do their work. You also need to get your hands on your files to go get a second opinion or switch GPs and your old GP tends to block that. It's a widespread problem and I'm not just being retarded. You also can't go to a hospital directly, because then it's not covered by insurance. Another risk is being labeled a hysterical bitch and having no doctors ever take you seriously again, it's a tightrope you got to walk. The specialists at the hospital said it's common for GP's to be misogynistic assholes, including female GP's. They have a fairly cushy job and 99% of the time people visit and there's genuinely nothing wrong, so it's easy to dismiss the 1% who needs to be referred to the hospital. Add being female to that and nobody takes your pain seriously and assumes it must be psychosomatic. If I were a man, I would've been helped a lot faster. Despite it being a first world country, foreigners often complain about our healthcare system because of that and go back to their own second or thirdworld country for healthcare, where they don't act like tylenol/paracetamol is a panacea. People who were born here have their head too far up their asses to acknowledge the problems and how our healthcare system has deteriorated over the last couple decades, because they have a superiority complex and think you should be grateful for having even been born here. So many of our doctors are fucking off to Canada, it's that bad.

No. 1179332

i gained 20 pounds after a few months of depression fueled binge eating and now that i'm finally in a better state of mind i can't stand to look at myself. i rarely leave my apartment and only registered for online classes so that I can hide from the world as well. i hated how i looked at this weight and now i'm back to it after 3 years. i'm going to calorie restrict like hell to punish myself but at least something good can come out of it

No. 1179334

I'm embarrassed. I have a small gash next to my vulva because the underwear I wore today were some smaller older ones and I spent the day being wet from prolonged fan fiction reading. So the friction + moisture basically made my skin weak and raw, and now I have a wound. Fuck my life.

No. 1179339

Wow I wish I didn't read this just now kek. I'm still very sorry nona.

No. 1179347

No. 1179363

I don't feel physically tired just mentally drained, like my soul is being chipped away.

>haven't had a cuddle in like two years, god im so touchstarved I feel like a cactus or hedgehog

No. 1179367

Its only temporary but I wonder if you'd feel better with fake tan?

I hope they figure something out quickly. We should throw a thread roleplay party for you and all the other disabled nonas

You could book a massage or manicure, it might help.

No. 1179383

You're not completely insane. People will gaslight you about it, because they desperately want to distance themselves from that idea and it's not like every lesbian or bi woman is more masculine and has higher testosterone, but there are definitely women who did feel somewhat like this. People love to act like dysphoria doesn't even exist, because they are too obsessed with dunking on the troons to realize that these feelings date back much further. I want to remind everyone that BDD is supposed to be body dysphoric disorder, dysmorphia indicates that there's something genuinely wrong with your body, dysphoria indicates it's just a feeling. So if you believe BDD is a thing, you believe in dysphoria already.
>Anne Lister complained about how even when she wore a completely feminine dress in Paris, people called her a man.
>How her girlfriends were ashamed of her looking mannish, no matter what she would wear.
>Radclyffe Hall wrote in the Well of Loneliness, after describing how since childhood people called both her behavior and body mannish, a climactic scene where Stephen inspects her body for how masculine it is.
>She only feels more at peace once she finds out about "sexual inverts".
Mind you that even back then they acknowledged hundreds of different kinds of sexualities and didn't think that you have to be masculine to be interested in women, just that it's a category which you can definitely observe. It was the first time society acknowledged SSA as an actual sexual thing, not just asexual romantic friendships. Nowadays you get gaslit and told that you can still be feminine and that you should try to femme it up to not give the rest a bad name, but some of us have so many traits that yes it does look masculine. It's not that just being tall or having a deep voice is unwomanly, but we all know DAMN FUCKING WELL, how it is interpreted in society. Maybe it won't be in a perfect radfem utopia, but we're not living in that now. In this world, being tall, having linebacker shoulders, a barrel ribcage, a caveman browbone, big square jawline, thick straight eyebrows, sharp features, flat broad chest, straight narrow hips etc. is seen as unwomanly. Many women have one or two of these traits, but not many understand what it's like when you have most of these traits, at some point the scale does tip towards being seen as unwomanly by most of society. The gaslighting and pretending it doesn't happen and it doesn't affect how you're viewed in society and even within the lgb(t) community doesn't make the problem go away. I will dare to say that because polilez rejected even the possibility of a category of women whose SSA is a form of sexual inversion, they have doomed female masculinity and pushed many women into the arms of bigpharma and the medical industry. Instead of being seen as a valid subsection of SSA women, it became an impossibility, instead saying that SSA is the highest form of femininity. All to hide the mythical mannish lesbian, they even went back to saying SSA is just asexual romantic friendships. Challenging and critiquing the idea of SSA and gendernonconformity into obscurity and out of mainstream media, all in the name of feminism kek. Mainstream media happily obliges, because they gladly hide female masculinity's existence, but everyone celebrated it at the time as a feminist win. Then everyone is surprised that there are so many fakebois nowadays, when female masculinity (in body, dress and behavior) is censored out of existence in the name of feminism, including by radical feminism, even though they will claim they totally didn't promote that. I recommend reading Jack Halberstam's book on female masculinity. She also says you cannot call women like Anne Lister or Radclyffe Hall "pretranssexuals", but it's just a very complicated topic. I think it can definitely be possible for bisexual women too. Maybe female masculinity is hormonal or innate in some way, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing or needs to be "fixed" in either direction. Society just still hasn't gotten on with the program. We're a century later and people still want to swear up and down that masculine women don't exist or they try to reframe it, because they think female masculinity is the highest form of insult. Even female athletes are expected to overcompensate with hyperfemininity, or insist and prove how they're still feminine, because the worst thing is female masculinity. One side wants you to transition, the other side wants you to become a pretty feminine woman and overcompensate for your traits, even though that's just not in the cards for you. Several butch authors tried to tackle this topic and all TRA's have done is misinterpret them and cause trouble. Which has resulted in everyone slightly gc vilifying these authors and saying you're not allowed to read them, even though not even TRA's like them when they properly read what they wrote. Let handsome women be handsome women.

No. 1179388

this is what miss tiffany should have quoted for her atlantic piece

No. 1179390

I've considered a fake tan, but I wonder if the yellowish tone will just make it look orange kek. Btw I'm not bedridden or anything, I still go for fairly long walks and try to workout when I have the energy. that sounds fun though!

No. 1179392

from cringing too hard
>How old are they and what is your situation?
they are barely 20. we live with my parents since the rona. one of them is moved out but we chat often and he visits us. the one that moved out has a degree and a job, and normal friends. he is not as doomer mentality as the other. low to regular level of misogyny and not that racist but laughs at shitty jokes about it… hyper focuses on small things like hair cuts and height and whines about his exes.

the one i live with, he is a workaholic dropout, studying again and working some wagie job. has a lot of money because he never left my parent's home and does not have full college debt. unaware how easy it was for him, he thinks we are >not good investers. insufferable.
only does housework if asked multiple times but he cooks sometimes. he watches the trashest content, and even among his autist friend group is the most misogynistic. at least he has good hobbies i think my older brother got him into. he does sports too and looks down on neet behaviour, even despising video games. maybe once he moves out he won't have anymore time for reddit shit and realize how cringe his views and jokes were. he jokes too much about women. attends hobby and religious meetings.
maybe. he is paranoid enough though that he will not go that way, as far as i know. there were some older women actually he got crushes on. generally he is too afraid to even say hi to a girl he likes at work. if he turns out to be a creep i will relentlessly bully him before cutting his completely off.

No. 1179399

I feel unbelievable sadness… something happened but i have been through hell and back before and never experienced this. I wonder if my mental illness flaring up back then was protecting me and thats why I never experienced it before even tho i’ve been through worse situations. It’s really better to feel something rather than nothing or anger, but also its so fucking painful wtf

No. 1179412

Am I an idiot for finding it suspicious?
>Sister-in-law has been trying to give me a hard time over the last 2 years, trying to turn some family members against me
>It all started with her screaming how much she wished she was me, which was weird. She instantly asked and claimed she wants to dye her hair the same color when we first met. I told that's weird but whatever, her life. Ended up happening recently
>She would go as far as buy VIP status on normie messenger for the first time in her life along with buying all of the stickers after a chat with her, claiming she finally found the secret of my cuteness (wtf)
>Tried buying rip-off of my clothing, copying my style which was hilarious because we are different.
>Turned little underage stepsibling against me which is easy to do because he lives in a different area
>Now, after these two years of her acting aggressively towards me her friends want to invite me to her Discord server
Am I stupid for finding that suspicious? I've been ignoring them for a while. Sisterinlaw went as far as to try copying my whole internet presence which made me create separate accounts on social media, so the one that they know barely has any information now. Everything from littlefawnxo thread hits like home to me.
I am also suspicious because the person who asked me to join is a LARPing gay (he is bisexual but he is making his whole personality 'gay' like from tv shows and media) who talked shit about their friends in DMs, so he might as well talk shit about me too.

No. 1179421

i need to get my back checked out by a doctor but i am so reluctant about it. it fucking sucks going the doctors as a young woman because they always think we are exaggerating our pain. i might have hurt myself falling, or exercising, or having a bad bed.

No. 1179462

File: 1652434266120.jpg (729.58 KB, 1080x1212, IMG_20220513_112812.jpg)

A raging NPD who used to be my roommate posted this on her facebook and I can't stop laughing. She was evicted because of her behavior and drinking kek.

No. 1179500

>her: says something bad about me/my personality/my appearance
>me: get upset at it
>her: oh my god, you are literally so negative and always looking for a fight with me, jesus
This happens every single time, I'm so close to losing it but I know even that would give her ammo so I just appear completely calm, but inside…

No. 1179509

My 6 year old cousin died of cancer this week, and I went to a viewing today. I barely knew her because of how large the age gap between us was, but I still feel so strange. If I'm being honest I wasn't super shaken before seeing her body but now after seeing her like that next to a giant photo of herself when she wasn't sick I can't help but feel like shit. I felt like a child again. I don't know, just feeling weird and I don't want to talk about it with friends or family.

No. 1179517

File: 1652440281347.jpeg (119.87 KB, 640x622, DF334919-F65B-49E8-9FDC-C2CAF7…)

Seeing death up close has a way of triggering something instinctual in us. Very sad your cousin didn’t get to live a full life. I hope the family stays strong together.

No. 1179523

File: 1652440731107.png (109.34 KB, 285x270, 5646854651984651654.png)

I am so tired.
I don't have a day off for 3 weeks now and there still so much to do. I've been like this for months now and there is no prospect of it ending soon. I am doing this out of necessity so there is no option to just "take a break" and even when I consider taking a break I feel so exhausted that nothing appeals to me. I am just constantly scared and tired. I just want to get this out, I can't say this to anyone since they'll either give empty advice or just make this their own problem and make it even worse.

No. 1179524

File: 1652440778156.jpeg (90.79 KB, 599x680, FRKBiyPXEAIb34T.jpeg)

I may have gone a little too far in my revenge scheme sperg out and screwed myself over. Lord-chan, if you let out of this one with no consequences I swear I'll never be a petty bitch again

No. 1179536

Thank you anon, I know that in the long run it would've caused more pain for me. I just don't understand how someone could ever abandon another person struggling with depression. It all happened when he got back home from college a week ago, and he said his mother was so upset that I judged her character that it was breaking their family apart which is just bullshit. I hope I can find someone who truly understands what it's like to go through this and will stay by my side when it gets hard instead of leaving because it's more convenient.

No. 1179546

File: 1652442827808.gif (576.9 KB, 220x220, AF264DBE-FA15-4A24-A183-3286AB…)

I hate my life when I’m being ignored by everyone. No one ever listens to meee

No. 1179555

What’s wrong boo boo

No. 1179557

I feel misunderstood..

No. 1179559

No. 1179561

I barely have any friends, I keep having nightmares, my stomach hurts, every time I say something funny or insightful people ignore it am I just retarded anon?

No. 1179562

File: 1652444272641.jpg (397.45 KB, 1079x799, 20220429_103618.jpg)

I wanna draw fujo art of my ocs and post it on twitter but i have no followers or reach or anything, so I feel stupid just posting it into the void. I feel like people are gonna look at it and think "wtf this retard really thought she was doing something when she posted this to NO ONE LMAO". Do not u guys feel this same shame at putting yourself out there for absolutely no one? It's like throwing a party and no one shows up… Idk am I retarded?

No. 1179563

File: 1652444310742.jpg (22.27 KB, 564x562, 1651792972650.jpg)

I've been feeling so poorly and just "off" this week, needing insane amounts of sleep and then still being exhausted all day…plus I have only worked out once instead of four times. What is wrong with me, I just want to be normal and full of energy and have a routine, I'm trying but it's like I am just so tired…

No. 1179566

Me too anon, i’m struggling too like i cringe so hard every time i post my art. I did something neat lately tho i turned off all my notifications, and posted the most retarded coomer shit that i wanted to because you only live once. Woke up to 60 followers and counting but i still don’t check and just pretend im posting it to a drive

No. 1179568

File: 1652444475380.jpg (42.2 KB, 700x659, FB_IMG_1645985265157[1].jpg)

today is my birthday and my 'bestie' ruined it lol
i wish i didn't feel bad about it, but i'm glad that it made me realize that i'm emotionally dependent on her and that i put her on a pedestal she doesn't deserve to be on

No. 1179569

I want to sew but all of my supplies are in storage and I only have like 15 minutes a day to do anything but I really just want to make stuff aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 1179570

You may be retarded who am I to say but yeah I know that feel. A lot of people just like hearing themselves talk. But hey sometimes I reread my own posts and feel proud even though I got no replies kek

No. 1179571

based nonna thank you for hearing me out ily

No. 1179572

You're not retarded nona, I know how you feel. It used to happen to me all the time, to the point where conversations got awkward when I opened my mouth. For me it only got better after a lot of exposure and practice. But you're not alone, and you are funny and insightful.

No. 1179573

Happy birthday nevertheless, try to treat yourself a little

No. 1179576

Iconic. You inspired me queen.

No. 1179583

Thank you for your kind words nona, the instinct thing makes a lot of sense and makes me feel a bit better. I know it's normal to be upset at a death in the family but I don't know, it gave me some comfort. Sending my love to you, it really means a lot.

No. 1179587

thanks nona. you're invited to my birthday party at 8pm. we'll eat pizza and chocolate cake

No. 1179598

File: 1652446113828.jpeg (51.86 KB, 679x452, images (18) (10).jpeg)

I just failed a college exam because I forgot to sign it at the end. It's not like it didn't have my name on it, I just forgot the fucking signature.
I can still have a passing grade but that test would have increased my chances since I was already doing bad at the subject and now even my scholarship is at risk.
I'm really bitter right now.
I can't even vent to my closest friend because she will be like "yeah well that was your fault" and I know that's right but I don't feel like hearing it right now

No. 1179604

That fucking sucks, sorry to hear that nonna

No. 1179612

It annoys me to see everyone, including 30+ y/o very feminine women use "they" on dating apps, meanwhile I honestly don't care call me whatever. Or they use the "andro" sticker while dressing very feminine and having 0 andro features. Using the lipstick lesbian (means femme4femme) sticker and then swiping me right, an obvious butch. What the fuck is an asexual top/bottom even? Words have meanings, you know…

No. 1179616


Beating on your disabled husband is fucking bad enough. Beating your kid daughter. I want to carve her name in your bones. But that's been going on since forever? With your older sons too??

You're fucked in the head. Truly, utterly fucked in the head. No wonder your oldest son is so prone to violence too.

The night he held your face in the pillow and you couldn't breathe? While your daughter was standing above you with a knife? After you beat on your husband again who won't defend himself? I wouldn't have given you my room keys if I'd known everything I do now.

You created an air of violence, now your own kids are turning to violence too. And on you. Glad the third cousin is quick enough to dodge you. I'm sad the oldest isn't. Since he just had a brain aneurysm, surgery and barely survived. Isn't allowed to bend over but you punch him in the face multiple times anyway. Your own son. Barely lived, barely surviving now son.

Congrats. Now he wants to beat his own little sister and threatens her with violence constantly.

And don't get me started on the fucking husband. Is he an abuse victim? Yes. Disabled? Yes. Smart though? Yes. Did he ever do anything against her beating on their children though? That's complicity at this point.

I am so livid and I'm sorry for the spacing. I'm angry and devestated. I still have a fucking trauma from that one night and I simply deescalated it and had to take a knife from my baby cousin. I just.. Then I knew shit was bad. And they told me stuff here and there. And the oldest hit the table so many times so violently I got scared. And the stories just keep coming up when we talk and they slowly started telling me more and more.

I thought it was already fucking bad.. Baby cousin came to visit me and there were more and more stories.. And I thought okay, maybe this is the worst she's ever told me. But it didn't stop there.. My mom drove her home because she was on the same route and my cousin straight up asked for help. Told her even worse stories.. How people knew and others in our family know. And I'm just so fucking angry. How could you know those things and not say a fucking word? They're still all technically kids.. Now so violent themselves already because it's become so normal. I feel so damn powerless but angry and fuck. Fuck. Fuck this world.

No. 1179622

This is more of a schizopost but for a few days now, everytime I happen to catch a glance of this one art piece I have on a shelf, I get the strongest memory of someone having asked me a question whilst I was looking at it. Ok sounds random, but there's 0 way I could have been looking at this whilst talking to someone and I have no idea what the question would have been, just something important and I can't stop looking at it every once in a while like what is it bitch. Almost like those memes where it says shit like "you're in a coma and we're trying to contact you with this messed up image", feels unsettling

No. 1179631

Are you me on HER because same

No. 1179633

thank you nonna2, so are u

No. 1179635

I've noticed this weird trend of people calling themselves "asexual" but also admitting that they masturbate and have sex with their partners, they just don't "crave it" or whatever. I feel like asexual has just become a trend because women are ashamed of themselves for feeling any sexual desire kek. As for the extremely femme they/thems everywhere I have no fucking clue they're just idiots.

No. 1179652

I want to post a personal cow but she has photos of me up online and I don't want my own face on LC. I don't do anything milky I don't think, but I am in a hobby that is a popular hobby for cows, but the subgroup is small. Think like a lolita fashion hobby but one for a specific style where there's only a small group or something. I don't want to get dragged onto here because I want people to know because she was posted online about having sex with a kid and talking about him being a kid, but I don't know more about her other than that and her being a annoying pick me only fans girl. Sorry if there are mistakes, I'm esl.

No. 1179684

Oh good I’m not the only one who does this. Then I feel like a smug dumbass for a while until later on I see someone else repeat my point, sometimes word for word, later in the same thread or even on another website (looking at you ovarit) and I feel smart again.

No. 1179692

File: 1652450786287.jpg (66.24 KB, 1125x1104, ea312187f76a9b2a9a24636ee18e76…)

i'm so sad today due to a breakup i'm not sure when will i recover from this but it hurts so bad gosh darnit i hate being in love

No. 1179693

They sexualize themselves as much as they can, so that attracts chasers. But also, everyone knows people are just being extra nice to troons. They force themselves to believe that men in dresses are stunningly beautiful women, while perpetuating misogynistic stereotypes against women (who are naturally prettier and more feminine than said men in dresses) that don't wear makeup or don't want to advertise themselves to men.
I know that feel too well. Maybe we should try to stop having such high expectations or stop coming up with ideas that are way beyond our capabilities. It only makes us feel bad.
I'm sorry you feel so lonely and have to see that annoying shit all the time, nonny. If I didn't have so many hobbies already I would get into yours and be your friend.
>probably just mad he would look like a ginormous faggot wearing a skirt and tried to cope.
He either felt you were disrespecting the masculinity of those manly men who used to wear skirts and are his role models (logic is: woman openly lusts after man or expresses an opinion about what she considers an attractive man = attack on masculinity, because only other men are allowed to say what is and isn't masculine or attractive to straight women) or he got so jealous of you lusting after manly men that he tried to gatekeep you from ancient man skirts and dresses by trying to make a distinction between those and "girly" clothes. Most probably both.
The first one is the same logic behind weeb scrotes hating on "fujos" and blaming them for pretty boy protagonists in shonen and such. They just can't tolerate women sexualizing their masculine role models in any way, it makes them seethe so much it's hilarious.
Either way, your friend is childish as fuck.

No. 1179696

File: 1652451182483.png (1.13 MB, 675x865, Screenshot 2022-05-13 161248.p…)

This is a really really really retarded post because if anything, I should be happy about this. After looking really leisurely for a job for one and a half month of being unemployed, I was offered one for a higher salary that I've ever earned but it just…gives me anxiety more than anything. I have ADHD so I have to start worrying about making mistakes and supervisors noticing them. I have to attempt to get organized. I have to pay attention. The last time I was employed I just couldn't stop worrying about my mistakes or the stupid things I said and the entire months I was employed for I was an anxious mess, barely sleeping and constantly wondering when they will fire me. And then the mistakes piled up and I was fired. I don't want to fucking go through this cycle again. Also it's a job that doesn't really interests me and it's in a field that I've never worked in before (finance).

Additionally, I promised myself that in the time I'm looking for a job, I'll put together a UX portfolio (which would be a dream job for me I guess) or at least learn something new that would benefit me. Did I want to do it? Yes. Did I actually sit down and do it? No. I fucking didn't. I had all the time in the world but I just couldn't make myself do it. And it's not because I wasn't interested in it, I cannot even make myself watch movies that interest me. I just feel so inadequate at life. And I know I SHOULD feel happy about this job, but I'm literally in tears now, I know it's ridiculous. I just cannot do things. I feel like my career so far is like a timed game where if the hourglass runs out of sand, I am kicked out. It's literally inevitable and beyond control.

No. 1179701

im so tired and drained living with a bpd mother.. standing up for myself is impossible when shes so aggressive but im disabled so i literally rely on others for sm things. her greatest ability is reminding me im unwanted, she never wanted kids, she doesn't want to take care of anyone. i wish i could leave but this damn country makes it so hard to live alone on a disability income

No. 1179725

Guy I matched with in tinder sent me a first message like
>"Hey, please answer me these questions, one word is okay, to know if it's even worth it to communicate.
>Ideal evening
>Etc (I can't remember)

>Please be normal, so far I've only met weird individuals from this city"

I only said "What an inviting and tempting first message smileyface Good luck, see you."
And unmatched.
Does he seriously think he'd get women like this? Could this even ever work??
Like no bro I don't have time to write you essays about my opinions to be 'worthy' of you , you should converse and ask naturally ffs, show some effort. And how charming it is to be welcomed with 'please be normal' and insulting people of my city lmao.
One guy did this to me before 'please don't be crazy', I said something similar 'Wow what a tempting first message' and he tried to save it with 'No, you're so hot I'd go out with you even if you were crazy'.
Jesus christ. Is that negging? Or just stupidly admitting they have baggage, will shit on their exes and berate your opinions before even interacting with you?

No. 1179762

Yep. It's honestly still better than Tinder, which shows you straight women, no matter which setting you have.
I was at a party a couple months ago and this woman said "I'm asexual" and "I went down on this stranger last week" in the same sentence. She also talked about receiving hickeys and doing choking games with her friends, so she seemed more hypersexual than asexual to me. And I thought I'm hypersexual for being a bit of a simp.
Sending first messages is admittedly difficult and I don't have the complete hang of it myself, but that sounds like a weird list. What happened to just picking something from a profile you like and giving a compliment or trying to start a conversation about a common interest? Maybe a joke which doesn't include some sort of -phobia or -ism? Even a corny pickup line sounds better than that list. Sounds 100% like negging, but also a lot of scrotes are bitter because they feel like nobody responds to them, but how they deal with that only lowers the chance of anyone responding to them. Dating apps suck for everyone, not just for straight scrotes, but they don't get that. Main character syndrome. Sounds like they're looking for some tradtard pickme and you're dodging bullets like you're in the Matrix.

No. 1179765

File: 1652454222136.jpg (30.69 KB, 597x656, e32.jpg)

Out of all the bad things I could have inhereted from my father, did anger issues really have to be one?? I got fustrated last night and punched the table, and I've just realised now there's is a fist sized dent in it. I need to learn healthy coping mechanisms, sigh

No. 1179770

I desperately want my brain to separate working out for strength from working out for aesthetics. Nothing wrong with working out to look good but it puts my brain in such a bad place. I've been trying out new things and recently started resistance training and I love how strong it makes me feel, I like feeling my muscles work, and I love the idea of seeing how much stronger I can become in the future, but my brain just goes "flat tummy flat tummy flat tummy". Like bitch shut the FUCK UP because I will start self sabotaging and then my workouts are no longer a time for me to just empty out my head and do some shit for myself, it just becomes about looking good. I'm skinny fat but I usually wear long, flowy clothes anyway, so whether I stay skinnyfat or become absolutely shredded no one can see shit anyway because I don't want people to look at me. I just want my brain to shut the fuck up, I'm just trying to have a good time and not have mysterious body pains by the time I'm 40.

Also judging by my parents bodies, I just have unfortunate fat distribution so I don't think I'll have the ~*~ideal~*~ body unless I go under the knife. Social media has fucking destroyed my brain and I don't even post shit on there anymore.

No. 1179773

I could understand it, so you guys don't waste eachothers time and see if you have the same basic values, but the please don't be weird is 100% negging and idiotic

No. 1179785

One time at work an old lady asked me to tie her shoes for her because she was too frail to bend over. So obviously I felt bad and was very fucking kind to her and got down on my knees on the dirty floor to tie them. And then she yelled at me for tying them "wrong" in front of my manager. I hope she goes to a home and I hope the nurses are nasty to her.

No. 1179793

Tbf the message he sent was longer and had some extra word vomit, I don't remember it exactly.
Also why should the work be on me? He could write his opinions and ask me if I agree or disagree with anything if he wants to do it this weirdo way and not naturally in a conversation.
I just don't feel good about the first message being 'all the women here are crazy, prove me wrong and win my approval' style.

No. 1179798

Tired of Tiktok videos on my YT feed. I click one stupid challenge video and boom my feed is full of perfect Tiktok princesses for weeks. It's my fault but still.

No. 1179799

you were too polite, i'd just say Ew

No. 1179809

What worked for me is going full female gymbro retard, thinking about the gains instead of something like worrying about tummy. You gotta fuel your body right for the strength gains. Don't let your brains be a goblin for your gains! Hype yourself up before lifting something heavy, pick a song which is like your theme and larp as someone from the WWE. Put your favorite song on and dance in the powercage before deadlifting to assert your dominance on any scrote who even thinks about doing bicep curls in there. I know you don't want people to look at you, but if you want to deprogram yourself from society's obsession with wanting to keep women skinny and that flat tummies are more important than being strong, you're going to need some heavy duty shit, which might feel silly at the time. Let the adrenaline flow through you and act like a retard, it's fun.

No. 1179810

Also I saw a famous TikToker irl. I never followed her online because her perfect looks made me seethe. But when I saw her in person she looked so.. basic. Like any other pretty girl on the street. I feel like such a boomer because I'm still stuck in the 2012 IG era of using black and white filters on our pics. I remember this guy telling me off for ''catfishing'' because I overdid it with the filters and messed with the brightness and shit. Now these girls are out here fucking shapeshifting. Literally photoshopping videos. I can't be part of it anymore, nothing is real.

I was just recommended this Tiktok comp vid with the most gorgeous girls. And I just realized.. I NEVER see girls like that in real life and I live in a big city with lotsss of hot people. Yet they're nowhere to be found.

No. 1179812

who was it kek?

No. 1179815

Kek, based

No. 1179838

happy birthday nonnie! would you like to share what happened?

No. 1179840

>her perfect looks made me seethe
get a grip. but yeah, very curious i never see them irl as well, i'm assuming it's camera angles and makeup in specific lightening.

No. 1179850

Idk, I live in the mediterranean and a lot of women here look instagram hot to me

No. 1179863

nah i'm ok i'm fine i took a nap and now i'm watching weird niche videos on yt
but thanks for replying and your wishes nonas, i really appreciate it. also you're invited to my party too. we're gonna eat so much cake and pizza you won't even believe

No. 1179886

I hate that!! Men are always entitled. I had someone transfer to my job a few months back. ( I left thankfully) but he was newer than me and tried to belittle and talk down to me all the time. I hope you find a better job. Scrotes and their entitlement are insane.

No. 1179899

Idk whether I love or hate living in a country of gorgeous giantesses.

No. 1179917

God… i miss when i was unbothered and didn’t have racing thoughts 24/7, this is what happens when you interact with others and seek relationships and i regret it so much. I’m so jealous of people who realized others are shit and went on mute pretty early in life. I would do that in a heartbeat if given the chance to redo life

No. 1179927

Might need help before I go kill someone

No. 1179939

File: 1652462021449.jpeg (46.44 KB, 720x720, B70A4A21-A132-41B0-AA11-97519F…)

wtf i am actually retarded it’s not even funny anymore. just like how shatna conditioned herself into being degenerate i made myself retarded

No. 1179944

People who watch debates and cringe videos need to be put down, there is nothing beneath that empty husk they call a body but there is a narcissistic demonic entity steering it and it needs to be exorcised

No. 1179961

Why the hell would you schedule a standing meeting at the very end of the day on a FRIDAY? This is a bad as scheduling a meeting that occurs directly after a separate meeting. WTF?

No. 1179962

File: 1652463545561.gif (1021.54 KB, 220x220, 1651095407366.gif)

I had to throw away my delta 8 gummies because I'm on a diet and can't stop eating uncontrollably when I'm high

No. 1179966

Men always talk about muh white women and dogs and it is such a projection. I can't even count the amount of men who have been like "huehuehue I hope you don't fuck your dog" wink after I got a puppy. Or straight up tell me its ok if I fuck my dog. Sick fucking bastards.

No. 1179967

It used to be a trope that lonely men would put peanut butter on their genitals, it's like everyone forgot about that.

No. 1179969

Thank you nonna!! I love this kek

>Don't let your brains be a goblin for your gains!

This is gonna be my new motto from now on lol. I've gotten better with my relationship with food over the years but I still struggle with it sometimes.

No. 1179970

Ugh, i feel you. I need to figure out what else to do when high because i just unhinged my jaw and eat everything in site.

No. 1179979

Right? it's pure projection. A scrote kept making weird jokes like that which I ignored, then he admitted he let his childhood dog lick his penis, thinking I would like that?

No. 1180013

What to do when you want money but dont want a job? I dont wanna work… like i know it makes sense but i just don’t want to. I never wanted to be here in the first place… i hate it here

No. 1180023

I don’t like it when my coworkers and even supervisor asks if I have plans on the weekend. When I answer truthfully that I stay home and rest (because I’m overworked with a huge case load and am always on-call 24/7…), they seem confused. Yes, sleeping in and relaxing watching movies or playing games are my plans. I’m still on-call on weekends anyways so why do they expect me to do something like travel? They’re old so maybe they think going out or spending money at the theatre is “plans”, but I’m poor and would rather rest while I have the chance.

No. 1180040

if i was prettier he would’ve treated me better lol

No. 1180052

Why am I so goddamned judgemental, why do I love judging people so much? It's sabotage. I ruin any chance at relationships. It's just deep insecurity probably, but I've never had a low self-esteem in my life. It's not that I judge people walking past me, it's different. Like, I don't judge people for their clothing choices or number of partners or something but like, stupid, minor shit. I cut off a budding relationship with this girl because I thought she had too many dude friends for my liking and she said 'mia' too much. I do want something romantic, but I am too much of a bitchy, picky person for it. I need to improve myself.

No. 1180054

That's not true and you know it

No. 1180062

Honestly same nonnie. I'm a judgemental bitch and too bitter for people. And I judge you too.

No. 1180068

i hope he dies

No. 1180075

I don't think I'm bitter, just too quick to make baseless assumptions about people from minor things. Be honest about me nonnie, what do you think?

No. 1180115

I'm just fucking sad rn. our dog (he's technically my sister's dog but we all live in the same house so he's "our dog" and I love him to pieces) keeps limping. about a month ago he was limping around the house really bad, they took him to an urgent care and they diagnosed him with arthritis, but the arthritis was in his spine and his legs were healthy according to the MRI. they put him on an arthritis medication (which has been a pain in the ass to give to him because he is such a picky dog) as well as some pain meds. but today he is just limping really bad, like he won't stand on his back leg anymore (I'm not even sure why he started limping if the arthritis was in his spine, I wasn't at the urgent care) but he just keeps limping around the house and panting. he won't just lay down. they put him on a waitlist at the vet but Idk how long it will be. I'm just so fucking scared you guys, he's 14. :(

No. 1180128

Anon, someone who wasn't by your side during all that never deserved you in the first place. I know moving on is hard, but you deserve to find someone a lot more compassionate and considerate than him and I believe you can

No. 1180140

It will get better and one day you will wake up and know how much of a piece of shit he is. I wish you the best and I hope today brings you little bits of comfort.

No. 1180156

File: 1652470418230.jpg (9.94 KB, 235x232, bf8e8df9f5a18841f32cf17cbfa721…)

Met up with a friend yesterday for a couple of drinks, he was a bit tipsy and suddenly told me he'd love to spend "at least one night" with me. I'm so upset over this. There's seriously no way to be even slightly amicable with moids. I'm starting to be turned off by sex more and more even though I used to enjoy it in the past. I feel like a walking object. Fuck this.

No. 1180173

I want Karma to be real and I wish I could witness it. My ex cheated on me (with multiple people), and each of those assholes were complete jerks to me too. I want them to feel the same pain that I did, when I was gaslit for months. Some had the audacity to be shitheads when I confronted them about the cheating and other crap. They’re bad people and something bad should happen. Who knows, maybe my ex and them aren’t doing well and are unhappy, but I don’t get to see that. I just want there to be consequences. Maybe for my closure.

No. 1180183

>try to simply download short video off of icloud to my computer
>ALMOST every time piece of shit quicktime player "converts" video which takes 5 full minutes and then video is a white screen with audio only

and i can't find any actual help or anything i can do <3 haha kill me i am irate. i cannot do anything to stop this shit, from being a piece of shit. like i look at all the information and i cannot figure this retarded cunt fucking shit out at all. beyond agitated

No. 1180185

I HATE HATE HATA MY BODY AND I HATE HATE HATE THAT I CAN'T DARE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT ONLINE. I'm a liiitle bit taller than Lille Jean's height but on the leaner side and to top it off I have micromastia so I basically have no tits. Whenever I complain about it (online only) people for some dumb reason think I'm humblebragging or some shit, IT'S NOT MY FAULT THESE PEDOPANDERING ASSHOLES MADE IT SOMEWHAT TRENDY TO HAVE THIS KIND OF BODY I HATE IT SO MUCH.
Irl people are more understanding because I'm from LATAM and curvy has always been the norm, but even so they're always "nah, don't mind it, you're cute" I DON'T WANNA BE SEEN AS CUTE I JUST DON'T, I DON'T STYLE MYSELF LIKE A CUTE GIRL IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS.
I'm afraid implants would just look like bolt-ons on me and those surgeries to make people taller are just craziness. I also suck at wearing heels, although I've been practicing.
Why couldn't I just be an average height with an average body type, is that too much to ask?

No. 1180195

update. he'll lie down for a bit but then he starts whining and gets back up. and when he he lays down he's just quietly whining the whole time. I have to go into work now and I'm going to be stressed out the whole time thinking about him.

No. 1180196

Also I hate that I also can't find pretty bras that fit on me, sure there's a lot more options for small breasts than for huge breasts, but that's for small ones not barely existing ones. Even A cups that I bought from China/Japan are slightly big on my "boobs", if I can even call them that.

No. 1180197

Bras are torture devices that cause muscle weakness. Take a deep breathe Noni.

No. 1180209

File: 1652472508590.jpg (39.89 KB, 712x712, EQgejrXXsAo59Ft.jpg)

I just wanted to say that having a younger bf is literally winning at life. Don't go after older scrotes, men 4-6 years younger than you is where it's at. The best ones are those who are still malleable and respect you and with very little effort you can shape them to be less of a scrote. Of course, a scrote is always a scrote, but finding a decent guy who's open minded and willing to listen to you and actually be your partner is much easier when he's younger than when he's older than you. It's also good when his pussy count isn't higher than like 3 and he only had one or two long term relationships. Younger men also take care of themselves more than the older ones in terms of hygiene, diet and physical activity. And if they don't smoke and don't watch porn like mine for example the dick is even greater. Many young guys think only of smoking weed and partying and hooking up, it's true, but there's also a group of young guys who want to work hard and save money and build a stable long term relationship, it may be hard to find them, but they exist, and they're much better than older scrotes. Just drop older scrotes for real, drop that old wrinkly ballsack with only one sperm alive ready to pass the autism to your child

No. 1180213

Based kpopfag.

No. 1180214

Glad for you nonna. Where did you find him? I've been on a few dates with college/early 20s men but since they're still in the figuring out stage of life they often don't want to be tied down

No. 1180215

Based anon
and based Tae pic

No. 1180216

>Just drop older scrotes for real, drop that old wrinkly ballsack with only one sperm alive ready to pass the autism to your child

Kek, sadly true.

No. 1180219

Nta but fix your daddy issues. Men dating younger women always want to take advantage of them. Don't enable them.

No. 1180222

There is this scrote at work. He is so fine anf I want to hug the shit out of him. He was my manager and I treated him like shit he used to make a lot of effort to make me smile. Now he's not my manager anymore and he's not even looking at me specially after all the times I ignored him. I WANT HIM and it's making me angry that I might not get him. I hate scrotes

No. 1180225

I'm a millenial woman with zoomer bf, drop that old ballsack

No. 1180227

Zoomer men just want to leech off older women's money and they are smarter than boomer ones only because they manipulate and abuse mentally.

No. 1180233

Oh I judge people for small things too, but I don't feel bad about it. My judgements are right 99.9% of the time.

No. 1180236

Stop with this narrative that older women are only good for their money. Your misogyny is showing.

No. 1180237

I guess I just got lucky, we worked at the same place but different departments, we were housemates too, but rarely spoke to each other. He was very shy but once asked me out, and I knew from others he had a crush on me. When I found out about his age (21) I was very hestitant at first and I decided to back off, and it's been like 9 months since then, he helped me with some stuff and we had a few conversations on various topics and I noticed the differences between him and other guys, and I liked him more and more but still didn't make the move, and then one time he just admitted he still had feelings for me after one year and still thinks about me, and I decided to give it a chance, and it's fucking great now

No. 1180238

ok boomer

No. 1180239

It's actually insane the amount of Amber vs Johnny shit instagram is pushing on me. I keep getting posts on my explore feed of the trail. I don't interact with anything to do with it, I don't follow anyone that has anything to do with it yet still I keep getting them. And all of the posts are lighthearted and showing Johnny as a soft puppy, him laughing at something or smiling in court. I'm not following the trail but from what I see I think they are both bad but literally every single post is extremely biased. Also I'm not trying to derail, just vent about the trail being pushed on me so keep it to the designated thread.

No. 1180240

i get what you're saying but this guy looks like a yassified paul dano

No. 1180242

I'm a zoomer woman. One that's smart enough to not date old rusty dusty men who target women my age. Die mad.

No. 1180243

Same. Keep getting it on tiktok, YouTube, etc. It's all biased too. Definitely bots.

No. 1180246

Kek. My zoomer bf didn't even know my actual age until we started seriously dating and he was still chasing me, he assumed I'm his age since everyone assumes I'm still 20-21. He didn't mind after finding out, it didn't make any difference. He works hard and saves his money and still pays for dates

No. 1180251

File: 1652473989210.gif (216.87 KB, 80x80, 1649197627791.gif)

My brother keeps leaving empty yoghurt cartons in the fridge and it's driving me insane. Every time I point it out he insists on leaving them there because he things someone will cut them open and scrape out the last sad slivers of remaining yoghurt. But I think it's mostly because he doesn't want to deal with the """hassle""" of having to rinse them out and put them in the proper recycling bin. Also my mom is a damn enabler because she says that she'll deal with it instead, which she shouldn't do imo. I know it's a trivial thing to complain about but it drives me nuts every time I want to enjoy some yoghurt when I see a bunch of cartons in the fridge only to find out they're all empty.

No. 1180255

Ignore that retard. He keeps repeating how old women shouldn't date younger men because they're going to he treated like sugarmommies. He did the same in another thread and continued mocking older anons without giving proof to his biases.

No. 1180264

File: 1652474253967.jpg (58.59 KB, 576x435, “Psychic photographs.” _The pr…)

I'm so tired of seeing lolis and shotas being so casually drawn on twitter. I swear to god it didn't use to be this bad 5 years ago. The constant policing from the "woke crowd" might have pushed degenerates to be even more vocal and disgusting in a weird way

No. 1180265

Oh goddamit i just went into that room, saw the art and i keep feeling i am forgetting something or some question

No. 1180267

Maybe it's because of the proship/antiship internet debate. I can't stand either side, personally.

No. 1180272

Save them and let them rot somewhere then shove them under his bed Noni. Carpe diem or some shit.
Jokes aside that’s annoying and I’m sorry. He probably doesn’t wipe his ass either.

No. 1180276

it's 100% the woke policing. i don't like loli/shota but puriteens screeching about abuse towards fictional children (and, worse, harrassing japanese/korean/non-american artists) are annoying enough that i'll sometimes like/RT/leave a positive comment just to spite them. more engagement = higher odds it will turn up on someone's timeline

No. 1180277

Anons seem to live rent-free in your head. Please calm down.

No. 1180278

If you know a German they can get it taken down through German law sometimes. It’s what I do.

No. 1180280

I had no idea that it was possible, that's good to know, thank you nonnie !

No. 1180281

He's not living rent free but I saw him try to shame two women and neg them. I won't let him. Seethe.

No. 1180283

It's like some people are somehow exactly like ShoeOnHead from 6 or 7 years ago and I don't know how.

No. 1180284

Basada. Enjoy your relationship anon-sama.

No. 1180286

Don't you hate when you are spending time with your mom and she starts doing something and you think to yourself, "Oh, that explains why I'm the way I am". I visited her to paint rocks and relax today and she was being so frazzled about the designs and her technique. She took like a half hour to decide on a design, and kept complaining she was behind me, that she didn't do hers right. These are just pretty rocks to put in our garden pots. I started feeling stressed out and not enjoying myself. But I stopped painting before I got upset and almost didn't want to take my rocks home. I don't understand why she is so anxious and a perfectionist but that's the exact way I am, too. It takes me so much effort to just let myself create and not worry so much

No. 1180290

The way anon keeps posting about this makes me think this is a larp

No. 1180293

I can somewhat relate, but I don't really have a mother. I remember that when I tried to paint when I was forced to live with my father, he would take the brush out of my hands, say I was doing it wrong, do a full painting and then tell me to never do it again if I can't do it right immediately. The fuck, how am I supposed to learn then? He did this with everything. If I made one small mistake, he'd take it out of my hands and say I'm never allowed to do it again. Sometimes he'd beat me over it. He would also take me off of a sport and say I'm bad at it and shouldn't do sports, but really he fucked the mum of one of my teammates and cheated on her and then things were awkward so he decided to blame me for his own degeneracy. Then he was surprised I developed failure anxiety. For years I believed I was bad at sports, when actually I'm really good at them. I still get intense panic when I do anything wrong and it's difficult to feel positive about anything I do and people generally don't understand why I'm freaking out. I have trouble relaxing and genuinely feeling like I'm having fun.

No. 1180295

No I'm sorry anon, I'm just very happy about it but sorry for the spam. I honestly wish though more women stopped taking the propaganda of "mature older men" seriously and tried something else. It's also a novelty for me because I always thought that an older guy would be the best for me but now I know it was a meme, just like "the wall"

No. 1180298

My young zoomer bf paid everything for me and spoiled me rotten

No. 1180300

At this point you sound like an obsessed old man or a pickme with an old uggo bf.

No. 1180301

File: 1652475907982.gif (696.63 KB, 498x370, 1648324357534.gif)

>it's 100% the woke policing. i don't like loli/shota but puriteens screeching about abuse towards fictional children (and, worse, harrassing japanese/korean/non-american artists) are annoying enough that i'll sometimes like/RT/leave a positive comment just to spite them. more engagement = higher odds it will turn up on someone's timeline

No. 1180302

Just wear bralettes they look cute as shit and you don't need boobs. Tbh I never wear bras and neither do most of my friends and we have breasts in all different shapes and sizes

No. 1180304

How do I sound like an old man or pickme saying my younger boyfriend loved to spend his money making me happy?

No. 1180305

I don't know know half of the words in this post. What's anon saying??

No. 1180306

>she actually thinks a young zoomer male hasnt been ruined by porn

i hate to be condescending but as a zoomer myself who is younger (but not a teen anymore) big fat kek.

No. 1180307

Fuck sorry. I thought you were the other anon who's being weird towards older anons and posting sarcastically. My bad.

No. 1180309

Sorry then anon. Seeing the posts about the same thing with the same pictures just struck me as weird. I don't really think age gaps in general are bad, good luck with your relationship.
Don't think too much about it nonna. Be grateful you don't know. Stay pure.

No. 1180322

I know nobody cares but an update is that I took a nap and ate some sweets as treat and felt much better. Still tired and overworked but praise the sugar rush for fooling me into a better mood.

Same nonna, I have never seen so many people comfortable in drawing and retweeting this kind of stuff right next to a picture of their face in any other social media.

No. 1180327

it's so obviously a young guy it's not even funny, this is his third larp this week alone

No. 1180336

very based

No. 1180345

I just like to autistically post about my zoomer bf and I think it's actually a good thing for women to try with younger guys, what's larpey about this anon?

No. 1180346

I hate when I tell people I'm very good at Japanese (I lived there), they proceed to show me their tattoos or some weird kanji shit to test me. Like no, I don't know a obscure Japanese proverb you got tattooed. That's ancient Japanese. When I say I'm good at that language, I mean I could go to school, converse with people, date a Japanese guy who didn't speak anything else for two years and be able to speak about daily life, watch news, movies and so on.
I feel like a lying idiot when I don't know the obscure kanji or proverbs they show me. But they always assume I only know basics when I actually have N2 level now and aim for N1… Next time I'm not gonna correct and let people assume I'm dumb. It's so embarrassing.

No. 1180356

Can’t logically explain something to someone who didn’t logic themselves into those assumptions nonis.

No. 1180376

I need to find a way to clear the fog in my mind. I don't notice time passing and I can't focus on more than a thing or two per day. A fixed schedule for myself doesn't work because I will quickly start skipping it. My grades are only good because I can manage to remove all distractions and study intensively for 2-3 weeks, but I know it would be easier and less stressful if I studied bits throughout the semester. I've suspected that I might have a inattentive sort of adhd, but I'm too unsure to get it checked out. In the end it'll turn out that this is how everyone lives and I'm just being lazy and naive. Every time I talk about how much difficulty I'm having I'm told to take it easy and take some breaks, but if I literally can't even open class documents without getting into a panic and then can't focus on the words and start to distract my self in any way possible, then I'm not even doing anything. What could I be taking a break from? I need to start something first, but I don't know how to force myself to do it.

No. 1180382

Why are there no resources for children with autistic parents. My mom has autism and it is literal hell, I wish there was some support. There are a billion sites that coddle autistic parents, but none that focus on their poor children.

No. 1180387

anyone else get super irritated talking to other people? I've never really enjoyed the company of other people but at the same time that is sort of what I want. I guess I crave having a social life but I can't stand being around people because they annoy me. Don't really know what to do with my life. Everything is a bore

No. 1180388

LARP confirmed. Anons kept baiting this topic over the past week or two in vent threads, making anons jump on each other left and right.

No. 1180393

If you believe it's bait, report and ignore. Trying to fuel an infight is weird.

No. 1180395

I hope one day future generations of young girls won't be meme'd into idealizing old scrotes. Anons can have different opinions about younger moids but I think most can agree that there's a severe brainwash on us about older moids while growing up.

No. 1180403

File: 1652480188718.jpeg (49.1 KB, 1200x839, D1744FFD-0FAA-40E7-BCA3-496FBA…)

trying to act normal as if my mother isnt currently possibly permanently destroying her relationship with her family via whatsapp in the next room and i cant do anything about it or she will destroy me physically

No. 1180412

a troon started working at my job and is using the women’s restroom and constantly gets piss all over the toilet and floor. I want to be as mean as possible to him but he’s fucking massive and im too scared of getting beaten/raped/murdered so I’m playing nice which kills me inside. My boss is a hardcore liberal too so I can’t say anything to her. I’m just really really angry and disgusted

No. 1180416

File: 1652480689164.jpeg (40.42 KB, 678x911, 20211220_004124.jpeg)

I hate being the only poor person in my social circle, that I get bitter at my parents for not having high paying jobs. I have to work 5 days a week in order to afford uni, which makes me have to skip social events, classes and gives me less time for school work, yet everyone around me has all the time in the world as international students whose parents just give them money.

I took a week holiday off work and for once I have time to tidy my room, cook, do laundry and do school work on top of that, is this how my friends live all the time? I feel like I could actually be happy if I left my job, but I can't as I'd starve without it. I feel like a entitled brat but God I wish my parents would at least give me something, but I don't even get birthday presents so that would never happen.

No. 1180417

File: 1652480716058.jpg (47.72 KB, 800x628, 1649424172271.jpg)

Teens here as young as 15 have gotten hrt prescription without their parents knowledge from free health clinics with just one appointment, extremely illegal as only one hospital here is allowed to prescribe hrt and only to teens over the age of 16, and only after years of therapy.

No. 1180419

you deserve it for being a weeb

No. 1180421

I bought a really nice jacket but it's not cold enough here to wear it out often :((:()

No. 1180427


Try focusing your eyes on something distant and breathe, basically meditate for a minute, then try. There's also cold baths to raise dopamine. Focus is innately tied with these physiological functions.

No. 1180442

FUCK I hate myself sometimes. Some dude stayed opening a door for me, and I wasn’t ready to go yet so he just stood there. I didn’t know what to say, so I fucking stuttered “ah uh ah uh” BRUH WTF IS WRONG WITH ME. Then he just left. I’m so embarrassed.

No. 1180448

I quit this retail job after 3 days because of a white trash rude coworker. I would probably have to work with her like almost daily. She would whine about literally almost every other employee there, her husband, etc. She interrupted me everytime I talked. She bragged to me about her pitbull being so strong she couldn't control it when it got mad, and that it would try to bite literally every stranger and animal it saw. She said it nearly mauled her and her husband after it heard a loud sound once. Also she said it had non stop panic attacks, but she acted like it was cute. She even told me about taking it out to dog parks. I asked if she ever muzzled it and she said just used a shock collar. She also was like "I adopted him as a puppy yet he's been like this for years, idk what he went through before that made him like this".

No. 1180457

Thank you for the suggestion, tbh I'm wondering why I never tried them out. I don't wear bras most of the time because why even, but sometimes I need to because the clothes would look weird or my nipples would show depending on what I'm wearing.
They look very cute, I'll definitely buy a few!

No. 1180461

After almost 3 years of silence my old male internet "friend" wrote to me and said I'm still important to him and it's sketchy to me. 3 years ago when my mom died and I got money from her insurence he asked me for a loan (two thousands) and I gave him the money and then he returned them. Shortly after that we lost contact, like there was nothing to talk about. Now, after talking for like 30 minutes, he asked me if I want to sell my apartment. I told him I work in a different country now and I'm renting someone my apartment, but I don't want to sell it. Now I kinda regret I told him that and that he knows I'm not home. Right after telling him there's no way I'm selling my apartment to anyone he said he has to go and maybe he will write a few days from now when he's back from holidays. Am I a schizo for worrying about my home kek? I was kinda worried anyway, like if someone could break in, but now I'm even more worried. It's not even true I'm renting it, I still pay for it myself, I just preferred to lie to him so he thinks that someone's still living there because my schizo alarm already went off. What do you think?

No. 1180468

sounds sketchy, I would be thinknig of how to go back immediately to install cameras and additional security, but I"m paranoid kek