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File: 1652936139510.jpg (30.9 KB, 426x640, 27be556833de87e23427be12b5773a…)

No. 1187415

Confess without fear of judgement, for God hates only the sin, not the sinner, my nonnie.

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No. 1187421

My confession is that I love the Blythe pic op

No. 1187426

I'm glad, I also love Blythes!

No. 1187433

Crying several times a day is the norm for me. Seriously considering killing myself soon

No. 1187436

Ultimately is your decision, anon, but I hope you stay with us for long and see your life turning around. You deserve it, we all do

No. 1187437

Don't die

No. 1187501

Anon I used to cry by myself for years and try to end it all but now I'm living my best life, I swear things will improve nonnie and patience is key. Much love

No. 1187760

I don't think I actually voted in the Brexit elections. I talked about it with my friends and was confident we'd stay in the EU because I thought yeah maybe some Conservatives in Northern England might but I expected vast majority stay. I was so busy preparing to leave the country (which I got the ball rolling in 2014 when we lost the vote for independence kek) and suddenly there were the results. I intended to vote but must've just plain forgot.

I will never tell anyone I know. Initially I was sure I did vote because how could I not have? But then realised I don't have the memory of it, what an idiot.

No. 1187769

Came here to say this. Excellent choice nonna, blessed thread

No. 1187773

I haven't feeling like showering lately and so I haven't. I'm starting to smell

No. 1187828

the truth is i failed twelvth grade and by extension never graduated highschool, never went back in since. am i doomed or what. i am not american by the way

No. 1187836

Well I am a stupid bitch. I am feeling very bad because I took an interest in a person and its not reciprocated.
But the thing is, I know this person from a couple of years and only now I really paid attention, so I never bothered to get any sort of acquaintance and now I choose to suffer because they won't pay attention to me.
Why must I be this level of retarded???

No. 1187850

>yeah maybe some Conservatives in Northern England might but I expected vast majority stay
Kek I thought so too but it seems we live among more retarded racists instead of people who actually want better for our economy

No. 1187888

My co-workers are all liberals and we were smoking pot together and the one girl can't fucking stop bringing up abortion, trans rights, etc and started going off about how Disney supported Hitler and how I shouldn't use Disney+. I can see the life draining from my co-workers eyes when she brings this shit up because everyone ends up leaving- anyways she's quitting so I'm low-key happy kek

No. 1187951

I want sleep with my coworker, not have sex with, but actually just sleep next to them. Like I just want someone to cuddle and spoon me for a nap after work, I just want good platonic touch but there is no way of asking for this without seeming sexual… How is it more awkward to ask for this than sex?

No. 1187954

Probably because cuddling is now way more intimate than sex could ever be

No. 1187987

I passed a Forever21 shop window and there was a huge Barbie clothes collab display. I thought to myself "…Ah, Shaynacore" and bought 3 pieces except in my actual size not extra small lmao shameful

No. 1188028

Whenever I eat in a restaurant or any place where someone is going to collect my plate at the end of a meal, I refuse to leave a used napkin on my plate. I will wipe my mouth, fold the napkin and put it in my pocket instead and throw it in a trashcan later.

I don't really know why I do this. In my head I just imagine that waiters feel icky already with having to touch plates and cutlery I've eaten from, but at least they can somehow maneuver and grab the parts that haven't been in my mouth, which is harder to do with a used napkin. If they have to hurry throught the restaurant I don't want them to have to deal with a used napkin flying off my plate while carrying it either, so I rather just take it and throw it out myself.

No. 1188031

It feels mean too because I'm not exactly attracted to them sexually, they are taller than me and kind of overweight so I feel like they'd be a good cuddler, but even asking for that feels like I'm leading them on…

No. 1188041

Are you talking about paper napkins? I always try and wipe all the crumbs/wrappers off the table when we're done eating and pile them together on one plate & stack everything together for them, even wiping off some excess food from the plate corners so they don't have to touch it. I absolutely hate touching food on used plates and I imagine nobody does, even if it is their job I try to make it as easy as possible for servers. Some people absolutely leave the table a mess it should be normalized to at least clean up a little after yourself when you're done, even if it's not your house.

No. 1188052

Indeed, paper napkins. I agree with you that it should be common courtesy to make cleanup as quick and easy as possible for the waiters, or at least make it a tad less disgusting.

No. 1188078

he either fucks me or gets metoo'd, there is no center of this extremity anymore

time will soon be up for you if you don't do it by august bucko

No. 1188090

File: 1652979176730.png (757.15 KB, 971x916, beryl.png)

I was going to post this into the Unpopular Opinions thread, but this isn't exactly an opinion, and I'm not sure how unpopular it really is.
Her cooking videos are interesting, she seems super nice and respectful of everyone's cuisine and tries to find something good in any dish. Despite all of that, she comes across as a bit "off" to me. I think her mannerisms and personality really remind me of my stepmother who would act friendly and positive in public or with her friends/guests and then snarl and berate me for not doing everything the way she wanted me to in private. Maybe as a very stoic and pessimistic person i don't understand the amount of energy and positivity these people have, but it also seems to me like some people overcompensate for their actions or 'bad side' in private by being very welcoming people on the outside. Of course, every person in the public spotlight has some sort of separate persona and that may not be very close to their real personality, but it feels like she's hiding something unsavory. I wonder if any anon can relate or even say she gets the same vibe off of her.

No. 1188095


I liked Beryl and her content but I get what you're saying. I thought she was a lesbian but apparently she's married to an Indian man?

No. 1188195

File: 1652983822109.jpeg (136.3 KB, 640x449, C93E4823-E543-4FE0-937E-B24FD1…)

A couple of years ago I stumbled on studytube recommended because of journalling videos. I started to think I would quite like to make some cute notes not all of the time, just for the stuff I’ll most likely need to reference often. Then one day I zoomed in and it was some “mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell” shit and I felt so much shame and embarrassment I stopped looking at any content like it. I was about to copy middle and high schoolers kek. I still cringe about it sometimes.

No. 1188208

I don't think you need to feel ashamed nona. Sure maybe those particular channels were by kids but I see "aesthetic" study videos/accounts all the time on social media by people who are in grad school and far deeper into education overall.

No. 1188215

File: 1652984517675.jpg (195.2 KB, 600x900, 1247f6257d88b3623b92ccace4b555…)

My confession is that I eat corn to track what meal I am pooping and how long it took to get out of my body.

No. 1188221

i feel kind of the same about her but i do like all her vintage dishes. wish she would get some better lights in her kitchen, they're super yellow

No. 1188225

Genius shit right here (hehe, shit)

No. 1188226

Good idea, I wanna try it

No. 1188229

I don't respect anyone who has cleaning ladies. Clean your own mess.

No. 1188239

Why does it matter when she gets paid for it? Not everyone has the time or energy after work to clean and do laundry for hours.

No. 1188246

Because they are often treated like shit anon

No. 1188257

I think it's ok as long as they're paid well. I don't know how common that is though.

No. 1188311

File: 1652988053944.jpeg (260.54 KB, 1080x1080, download.jpeg)

Thank you anon!
So I'll take this chance to make the confession that I love getting the chance to make a new thread, because I like to go looking for a cute thread pic and I always get giddy when someone else likes them.

No. 1188319

blythe dolls are so cute..

No. 1188531

who is he?

No. 1188558

I had a friend that fucked up their life with a bad decision and I've been very supportive, everyone else abandoned them, and they're very aware their choice was a mistake, but I feel so drained. Like I have my own problems, which aren't as bad as this friend's, but still.

I feel just guilty because I don't even want to talk to them anymore. Also their choice fucked up someone else's life so I'm just losing sympathy. Not entirely, but still, I'm just like "why". They're trying their best to fix everything but the mistake was still done.

I dont actually have anything against them, I still care for them, I just feel so drained of empathy, it makes me hate everything.

Does anyone else have similar experiences? Sorry if this is too vague.

No. 1188699

I thought I liked this guy at my work so I kinda flirted with him but he flirted back and now I think he's gross

No. 1188711

Is…is the mistake a child? lol

No. 1188717

Are you scared to let love in or something? My friend is the same, she thinks that’s why she does that.

No. 1188740

Your parents browse lolcow?

No. 1188755

Betting they transitioned

No. 1188926

Chances are you're not looking for advice but I've been here and will give you a suggestion. Getting a shower speaker helped, listening to my favourite songs was a good motivator. Also putting the towel right next to the shower so I'd turn the water off and take the towel in to dry off so you don't get that blast of cold air when you open the curtain. And initially I'd just go in to sit under the water then get out.

No. 1189013

I think I'm developing a mild crush on a good friend of mine because I've thought about kissing and having sex with her. But we can't be together because I am transphobic, she likes dominant women and I am not her type and I'm already in a long term relationship with a man. I'm just going to cherish our friendship and I hope these feelings pass.

No. 1189541

File: 1653061764355.png (510.31 KB, 697x614, 4C35302A-73FC-4668-973F-690827…)

I get turned on by the idea of any of my exes at some point in the future deep googling (?) me to see what I’m up to, then finding out I’m married, finding out to who via public records, then finding out what the man looks like via photos of us together, finding out what he does for a living, etc. and then feeling their stomachs sink into their balls.

No. 1189557

I bought a suicide kit, then when i got all the equipment needed i decided to book a therapy session instead. Fml

No. 1189572

Just because someone is your friend, doesnt mean you have to support them. Sometimes it's okay to distance yourself from that person, especially if they are starting to affect you personally. Just take a break. if they are still fucking up, maybe evaluate your friendship.

No. 1189574

nta but your advice made my showering more comfortable. thank you

No. 1189604

I have pent up sins that I'm ready to get out:

I have been lying about editing essays for money to my dad.

I have been lying about looking for cooking courses and my excuse for taking too long is that it's hard to find one that doesn't clash with hospital appointments. Tbh I just havent been looking at cooking courses even though I want to do one and become a Baker

I have been lying about having a happy family background to my boyfriend. I did not have a happy childhood

I have been lying to my best friends mom about why I didn't call her back for a week. I was not in pain I was just lazy.

I have been lying about having enough money in the bank. I'm broke

My boyfriend has no idea I don't trust him after an act of infidelity (he sent nudes to another girl)

No. 1189611

>My boyfriend has no idea I don't trust him after an act of infidelity (he sent nudes to another girl)

Break up. He's probably doing worse without you knowing.

No. 1189624

Alot of these lies seem like you're avoiding reality or avoiding confrontation. Maybe it's a cope that you picked up from your not so great childhood

No. 1189631

You literally sound like me

No. 1189663

File: 1653065459134.gif (273.13 KB, 498x368, nos.gif)

I fantasize about being a vampire and drinking/tasting this one guys blood nearly everyday. I just stare at his neck/arms in class and dream about sinking my teeth in. I fantasize about him accidentally cutting himself and me jumping onto him uncontrollably. Or I think about luring him somewhere and draining him, watching him grow weak and limp. He probably thinks I'm extremely weird, I'm sure some traces of my deranged thoughts are evident in my autistic staring, and when he talks to me I stutter and go full sperg mode. I will literally start cold sweating in class and feel nauseous if he even glances at me. I feel like my recurring desire to eat men should be examined closer.

No. 1189866

A guy I was already really into offered me money for sex and I'm going to take it. It's his fetish to pay for sex apparently. Does this make me a whore? I was going to fuck him anyway sooner or later. Idc I'll take the money because I'm broke and have no dignity.

No. 1189924

What kind of situation do you have to be in for someone to offer you money for sex? Like, what is the relationship? I have no opinion on this to be honest but I'm just really curious how this even happens

No. 1190221

I'm really retarded so when my manager was having an angry breakdown today and I realised I was supposed to say something I just said
>heavy is the head that wears the crown innit
and i don't think i can show my face again

No. 1190325

dump him

No. 1190328

File: 1653081439067.jpg (87.28 KB, 1280x720, 1652132023410.jpg)

I consume a consistent diet of small british "children" and sewer-dwelling rodents

No. 1190332

I had to babysit my friends child today because she had to run errands and couldn't get a babysitter and the kid had a meltdown. I didn't know what to do because I never really had to take care of a kid before and my friend also never told me what to do so I just left the room, waited till he stopped screaming idk

No. 1190333

i've decided that i'm going to stick solely to 2d. irl men make me feel so disgusting. i'm tired of being seen solely as a sex object, especially by men i've trusted. i want nothing to do with them and i won't give any of them a chance ever again.
no more men i'm husbandofagging from now on

No. 1190434

I've been procrastinating on a commission I was supposed to finish more than two months ago.

No. 1190502

Finally changed my underwear I've been wearing for a month because I started my period.
Honestly I'm glad because I was starting to smell myself. I will shower this weekend.

No. 1190510

File: 1653087456439.png (100.63 KB, 500x351, 30C3A06E-D2D6-4724-8812-F41105…)

Wise decision.

No. 1190513

"the honey pot" makes a very good intimate wash if the smell lingers

No. 1190520

File: 1653087739235.jpg (1.1 MB, 1024x1476, D5D322EDD991.jpg)

i feel at peace already…

No. 1190523

Elaborate please

No. 1190531

i meant if you ended up getting bv that brand's feminine wash can help a lot

No. 1190533

File: 1653088229954.jpg (14.33 KB, 379x500, 41B7giD6qxL._AC_SY580_.jpg)

you know what must be done

No. 1190743

I don't get it.

No. 1190784

We met through tinder and we've been on a couple of dates, haven't fucked yet though. He was drunk yesterday and I asked him to tell me something he wouldn't tell me sober, he said he has a fetish for paying for sex. Then he offered me several hundred euros to sleep with him. It's a weird situation for sure.

No. 1190876

Im about to download tinder and fuck someone I can pretend to be Paul Dano. I just don’t want to put myself in danger but also I had never felt this way towards a man before and I’ve slept with a lot of conventionally attractive men. All my former male friends with benefits are now taken, though, so my next best choice is a stranger. I feel like an idiot teenager. inb4 shit taste and all, I know I know

No. 1190991

Having him pay you for sex may make it troublesome to let what you have grow into something more serious, if you're hoping for that.

No. 1191062

I would pay real world money (less than 50 dollars) to see catboy kami get consensually and enthusiastically fucked in the ass until he has a prostate orgasm.

No. 1191063

I don't know what a catboy or kami is but you sound like a male.

No. 1191064

Cheat on him, tell him, dumped him.

No. 1191075

Some 4ch homo selfposting

No. 1191939

File: 1653191841062.jpg (110.66 KB, 482x640, valentin.jpg)

I'm so glad that I was a teenager in the 00s and 10s, because if I had been a teenager today, I 100% would have trooned out.

I was a weeb. Not a terribly embarrassing one though. I didn't talk about anime to anyone who didn't care and I didn't actually want to be Japanese. I was totally fine being Mexican. But, I watched a significant amount of anime, went to cons, cosplayed (only at cons). I exclusively crossplayed my favourite gay ships with internet friends.

I was into the whole Victorian goth shit for a couple years and would wear men's Victorian/vintage fashion. I was in love with Valentin Perrin (picrel), dyed my hair bright red, and got it cut like his. But I knew that I was a woman and would never be a man.

I'm so glad that there weren't people grooming me in my tumblr days and telling me that I was an "egg". My best friend in high school was an HSTS (he detransitioned recently, but we're no longer friends). I never viewed him as anything but a gay boy in a skirt. I knew that if i transitioned, I'd never be a "real" man.

Anyway, I don't know what happened, but I turned 18 and I no longer wanted to be a boy. I suppose it's because I discovered feminism and realized it was all internalized misogyny. I was a handmaiden for most of my early/mid twenties before really getting into radical feminism and seeing through the online cult. Idk, I just think about how I would have been a fakeboi or an enby if I was born a little later. Probably helped that I quit watching anime and going to cons, because I was more interested in travelling and not being a NEET.

No. 1191981

As a teen I used to be really immersed in SJW tumblr in the early 10's, I guess this is when enbys were just a tumblr thing and there wasn't active grooming happening online yet. I remember having a couple moments of wondering if I was enby myself, I definitely think I could've decided to go enby if I was a teen today.

In college I knew a couple other tumblr girls who at one point were enby but since have dropped it, kek

No. 1192136

I'm also very very glad. I was super into the tomboy thing ala Coffee Prince and Ouran Host Club. I had anime hair caked in Gatsby wax and binded my chest. My god I would have been trooming victim numero uno. I love modern andro looks but I wish it wasn't so entrenched in themby shit.

No. 1192139

I don't make eye contact with the troons who come into my work and I sometimes I deliberately wait in the back and do nothing so another person can serve them (retail and I have no choice)

No. 1192193

All men need to be and should be gassed.

No. 1192211

I was thinking about something exact same recently too, since my past internet experience is pretty much identical to yours. I disliked being a girl, would never put my gender on any website and felt proud when someone assumed I'm a guy. Then in my late teens the feminist phase of tumblr happened and it made me realize there's no "right" way of being a woman and all the shame I felt was just internalized misogyny learned from the media and the way society treats women. I bet if it was the "trans positivity" phase instead someone would groom me into identifying as NB at the very least, if not fully persuading me into seeking diagnosis as trans.

No. 1192334

Day drinking because fuck it. I’m single, poor, and and last time I had sex was four months ago but it wasn’t even good because the dumbass got soft three minutes in. Fucking virgin lowlife. What’s it gonna take for me to find some decent god damned dick. Not four inches who gets soft because you’re insecure. Be a man, gdi.

No. 1192374

Tomorrow would have been my brothers 34th birthday. When he was 17 he was having a mental breakdown (untreated bpd and drug abuse, early 2000’s). I remember at age 12 hearing his mirror shatter. I ran to his door and he had a shard to his neck, screaming about hating his life and his brain. How he kept repeating he wasn't going to make it to 30. I remember carefully sidestepping glass slow enough to keep him from slicing.
He was murdered right after his 31st birthday.
How did he know? How did he say it to be with such confidence as a teen?
I remember getting close enough to hug his other arm. I remember making jokes about us making our own Jackass movie as seniors.
Idk man, obviously Im deep in some grief. But how did he know he wasnt going to live a full life? Did he meet a magic woman who told him his future? How?

No. 1192382

Gross. Where do you work?
(Without doxing yourself of course. Just give a vague note)

No. 1192384


No. 1192583

If I see a band shirt I like but don't know the band, I go out of my way to listen to their music to see if I like it enough to make the shirt worth buying

No. 1192591

Same tbh

No. 1192599

im sorry nonnie. it must be really hard to lose someone you grew up with. hope you take it easy today.

No. 1192616

It's a pretty common thing that young people with mental illness will say
> "I won't live to be 18, 21, 25, 30"
etc and they keep moving the age up and up again convinced death is coming soon. If you're dealing with suicidal feelings then you figure you'll give in eventually. I've known mentally ill people and addicts who all talked that way because realistically the risk of early death was there. Someone living with bpd would be right up there as the type of person to feel that way.

No. 1192650

overly religious people really scare me

No. 1192702

Its a cry for help

No. 1192715

I called 311 at my last job because it was at the height of covid (post lockdown) because the big boss was coming into town but refusing to at least get tested. The cops dropped by the office and there was a huge fuss about 'whodunnit?' but I never revealed it was me. A lot of people, including management, thought it was one of my coworkers. Everyone was pretty upset and loudly talking amongst themselves that they didn't like that the boss was refusing to get tested/masked up/etc but no one knew what to do, so I called 311. Everyone was then really mad that someone called but I played dumb like 'wow holy shit can't believe someone called them'. I left that job now, but I'm still close with a few people and we get dinner every few months. I still haven't told them that I was the one that called and probably never will.

Last night, I went to see them, and one girl said that the coworker everyone thinks did it, told her that he thinks it was me kek. Since I was talking about how my parents are elderly and high risk and was very worried, but honestly everyone else had similar complaints too! He wasn't wrong though lol. But pretty much no one believes him and everyone thinks it was him because he lies about a bunch of other shit and, by coincidence, the cop who dropped by the office was a friend of his. I'm a major bitch for making him take the fall for it but I kind of don't care lol.

No. 1192718

want to draw but i think about how much time i've wasted on not drawing/how much better these 16 yo's and these 20 yo's are at art when compared to me, and also that everything i want to draw would just get me called a "hag!!" and i get depressed

No. 1192722

File: 1653250884363.jpg (41.71 KB, 640x640, c86f4d1fdb94a2af840f2ed2e160ad…)

I used to wish I had thin lips when I was a kid. because I'd see racist comments online about big lips being ugly. Now I actually wish I had thicker ones, I almost feel like mine are too thin. Never getting lip fillers though, that shit is a meme

No. 1192724

I’m sure your lips are lovely anon!

No. 1192726

>Im about to download tinder and fuck someone I can pretend to be Paul Dano.
he's so fucking ugly though

No. 1192727

Do it for yourself, not the algorithm or a bunch of kids. Nobody has to see.

You got the last laugh. Over exaggeration may make you feel like yours aren’t up to par but I bet they’re fine and since you already have full lips you can overline a little to feel your fantasy without looking like a clown.

No. 1192728

Anon, with all due respect, stop being retarded. You're sabotaging yourself out of fear, and what for? If you're afraid of people judging your art because of your age, just don't share your age with anyone and that's it, problem solved. No matter how old you are, I guarantee you, if you dont start drawing now because you regret not starting drawing earlier, in five years you'll look back at this day and regret you didn't start today; as cliche as this sounds. No more excuses, go chase your dream!

No. 1192760

Are you me? kek I used to be jealous of Venus' lips and thought they're were sooooo pretty and thin, but now big lips are all the rage. I don't have super plump lips, but all its taught me is that this shit is a farce and everything you hate about yourself one day will be all the rage the next, so I'm just gonna wait my turn til my natural body features are hailed as the next big thing. I'm not getting no plastic surgery or fillers for some shit people are gonna rag on in a few years!

I've learned to love my lips and I genuinely think they are a nice shape and size.

No. 1192765

are you the anon who just got banned from tinder kek

No. 1192771

I'm one of the bedbug anons here who's been posting on and off about my stupid ass dad making getting treatment 100x more difficult than it has to be. Anyway, I think we are bedbug free now (or bites are extremely far and few between) and we've been bringing stuff back from the storage unit occasionally.

Anyway, my confession is that I've been wearing the same 4 pairs of underwear for 2 years straight and they're wearing so thin and I'm so fucking happy to have all my underwear back. Also I use pantiliners everyday so it's not like I just had weeks and weeks of discharge piled up on my underwear, they were clean because of the liners kek.

No. 1192773

I once passed gas multiple times in a crowded concert. I was dealing with bad bloating and I figured no one can really blame it on me if it’s that crowded.

No. 1192774

This is the only thing that actually got rid of our bugs, I am not a shill this is just genuinely a lifesaver you should try if you haven't yet.

No. 1192776

Did you douse the unit in diatomaceous earth? Sounds like a nightmare

No. 1192781

Thank you nona! We hired an exterminator who used Apprehend (a biochemical so it was safer than straight up chemical treatment and has residual effect for 3 months) and it's been working really well so far, but I will bookmark this for future use. We did the first two treatments just fine but I had to pay for a third follow up treatment and I'd like to avoid doing that in the future because it's so fucking expensive. My parents live like hoarders so it makes this exponentially more difficult.

I have Cimexa (like DE but need not replace as often) and it worked in my bedroom! I'll also most likely be laying down some more after our current treatment wears off (using any treatment now will go on top of the Apprehend and render the 3 month residual effect useless).

No. 1192795

i'm borderline narcissistic about my body. i love staring at myself naked just because i love how my body looks but i also dress fairly "modest" as i dislike men being more likely to catcall or generally view me in a sexual way. it's also probably because of my religious upbringing and discomfort with revealing clothing from that. i don't take nudes though, that's terrifying. i just love seeing my body and its outlines and posing in various ways in the mirror but don't want others to see how nice it looks unless i'm romantically affiliated with them

No. 1192804

Sounds like a healthy mindset towards your body, enjoy it.

No. 1192819

During covid i lost most contacti have with people, semi moved out of the city and now going back, i feel anxious, scared and kinda embarrassed to be seen there? I mean, even before I used to spend most of my time alone, at the parks or bookstores, cinema whatever but something in me now feels so embarrassed to be seen alone by these people i used to know? Will they see me at a park drinking my coffee, reading a book and think lmao anon has no one now? Most likely not because who cares about what I do but it’s in the back of my head, they all have their friends and I am just doing solo shit

No. 1192825

considering doing the same so I can pretend a guy is chris broad

No. 1192891

It's all about balance which sounds like you have. Thin lips aren't hot and neither are gigantic puffy asshole lips, especially fake ones. Having full lips is ideal, not instagram anal prolapse fish lips.

No. 1192916

Both thin and very large lips can be attractive. Neither of them automatically make someone ugly.

No. 1192939

I hope to be where you are about my body mentally.

I can't believe i used to think people who waifu/husbando fagged were lowlives. I don't think I could ever love a r/l man more than I love 2d men.

No. 1192945

silent or loud and which concert

No. 1193056

File: 1653277693199.jpeg (94.21 KB, 500x667, 623752D9-90E4-4423-B0D6-9C5071…)

I think the tiny little beetle that I found crawling on my bed bit an area around my coochie

No. 1193063

I vandalized some furry's street art.

No. 1193079

No. 1193106

File: 1653281921401.png (88 KB, 490x372, NybMlD1.png)

want to steal this guy who has a gf lol. its his fault he was the one who started liking my posts first. didn't care for him at all idk why he had to bother me. never posts about his gf anyways. sounds trashy but its the first time ive attempted to try this. if it doesnt work out ill give you guys an update and you guys can laugh at me

No. 1193109

You should steal the gf instead. But if you didn't care for him why do you even want him

No. 1193112

File: 1653282620083.jpg (22.18 KB, 750x406, 968d69b0df821dea519839d0780cea…)

>its his fault he was the one who started liking my posts first
>never posts about his gf anyways
Already coping and abandoning personal accountability.

No. 1193113

Anon probably doesn't actually want him, just some weird thrill out of "stealing" someone else's man.

No. 1193114

pathetic, you should kill yourself instead.

No. 1193115

Low self esteem. She'll embarrass herself.
Don't do it. He'll come out of it and no one will blame him but you'll be seen as a whore. Good way to embarrass yourself and gets stds. He also won't dump his gf, these types cheat but never leave.

No. 1193131

You should wait till he messages you and then text his girlfriend and show her and make a possible friend
>connection with another woman established +5
>possible friendship +5
>benefits that may be long term +1

No. 1193157

She should only do this if she can do it anonymously. Otherwise she'll still be the bad guy because most women are brainwashed to thinj their cheating bfs are innocent but the other women are seducing them, its a lie all men tell.

No. 1193165

Sounds like me before I had a baby working back towards my old self tho

No. 1193183

I do this too. Glad to know I'm not alone.
I'm sure you already look beautiful, anon. No matter how tired mothers are, I find they have a glow to them.

No. 1193431

This is a half vent but I used to work for my university and my supervisor had the weirdest relationship with her husband to the point where I was concerned for her. This man would call her multiple times while I was there, which was only 5 hours. She'd always have to step out to talk to him. She would never eat when offered food but then later say something like 'my husband says I should eat now'. I gossiped about it with another woman in the office and she told me a story about how he forbid her from seeing Pink in concert after she went through the effort of buying tickets and planning it because he wanted her to make plans with him instead. I eavesdropped on their conversation a few times and it would just her giving one word answers to him while he was babbling on the other end. She even told me that she voted for Trump because her husband suggested she do so. I don't understand it but I just hope she can find happiness and freedom somehow.

No. 1193677

My family's going on vacation next month and I know it makes me sound like an ungrateful brat but honestly I'd just rather stay home.

No. 1194075

I've decided to embrace the normie Pinterest/Starbucks aesthetic and my life has never been better

No. 1194081

you go nona

No. 1194169

Anon who runs down the stairs like a beautiful pony why did you delete the post, I liked it

No. 1194172

File: 1653338893185.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1390x1566, 21AF4FBF-F59C-475A-870D-797DE6…)

I’m so so so so horny wtf

No. 1194259

I get why the unhinged thread was locked, but reading it was the most fun I had in LC in a long time.

No. 1194273

I just masturbated to my crush. Jesus Christ this is way too embarrassing, I'm down bad

No. 1194291

File: 1653349665409.jpeg (19.95 KB, 236x236, 1B5C9B1C-97EB-4B8C-BD69-B2221C…)

I wouldn’t consider myself someone who judges others appearances but tonight as got me doubting that. Went to a local drag show with some uni friends and I’ve never seen so many ugly buglys in one place. Not to mention the stench. Those gender specials making me feel like a 10.

No. 1194299

that pic aged like milk.

No. 1194363

I wish I was in the position and had the confidence to be an out and proud terf. Yes I'm a pussy. I wish I had more IRL terfy friends but it's so hard to test if they are a crypto or not but as someone who used to pretend to be a huge TRA (now I just avoid saying anything) I know some of them are bullshitting

No. 1194372

you know what, I felt the exact same way when I saw the photos from the company event I skipped. I work with a lot of boomer males and the amount of white moids with dad bods/moobs in thin T-shirts, "creative" hairlines, and reddit faces made me recoil. they made the indian manlets look fit and cute it was wild.

No. 1194380

i havent showered in a week.

No. 1194384

I've been a vegetarian for a long time but there have been a couple of times where I took a hot pocket (that someone else bought), took all the meat out of it so it was just bread and cheese, and then ate it

No. 1194388

I really feel like the vast majority of women are terfs and they just don't have the language to describe it because they just aren't exposed enough to online tranny discourse. I remember in high school we had some teachers who forced everyone to say they pronouns and not a single person besides the genderspecials didn't roll their eyes. I don't really consider myself a closeted terf as much as it just never comes up in conversation, none of my friends or coworkers or family members are trannies so there's never a reason to talk about it.
This is the type of spicy hard hitting confession I love to read on here

No. 1194410

File: 1653360574605.jpeg (241.83 KB, 2048x2048, c301df3f-1d32-4cea-ad51-ac0a99…)

Pls take a bath stinky ily

No. 1194438

i dumped a group of girlfriends because i didn't like how much attention men gave them when we were in public lol

No. 1194462

>This is the type of spicy hard hitting confession I love to read on here
Thank you, it was hard for me to admit.

No. 1194560

My phone got suspended a few days ago cause I didn't pay my bill (thought my bf did, he thought I did) and I have until Wednesday to call in and deal with it before I have to pay a reconnection fee. what a great fucking weekend with no phone and I don't want to reconnect it kek. btw they cut me off when I only owe $75 and I have no texts or bills of them letting me know they were gonna do this, annoying!

No. 1194563

When I prepare fruit I give all the wonky and not fully ripe ones to my partner

No. 1194607

The talk about repressed memories in another thread made me realize that I was a weirdly sexual as a kid. I remember that enjoyed playing doctor and making dolls have sex with each other, we found my friend's parents' porn stash at like 8 and loved it, I was absolutely porn addicted by 11-12. Hell, every time there was anything remotely sexual in a cartoon I loved it and I was maybe 5 years old give or take a few years. Ironically enough as an adult I have severe body image issues preventing me from having a sex life but I just wonder where I could've picked up such behavior. I have no memories of being abused or exposed to indecent stuff.

No. 1194631

Don't overthink it anon, it's natural to develop interest for this kind of thing around the age you mention, most of the time because you just become aware of the taboo adult word existing and that forbidden part makes it interesting to find out more. Early teen years is when you begin to develop physically so hormones come in as well. No reason to suspect any repressed abuse here.

No. 1194875

I work from home and sometimes when I have some downtime I’ll put my Slack away message to “in a meeting” or “out to lunch” and just take a nap.

No. 1194909

Lmao, I did the same for the entire year I spent in home office. Every time I can't reach someone who works from home I assume they'e napping too

No. 1194940

I pride myself on being a good person. I’ve paid coworkers rent so they didn’t get evicted near Christmas, drive other drunk women home even when I don’t like them because their friends left them, tip my service workers well especially when their women but my patience and good nature has run out for moids. They’ve burned me out. I delight in ruining them. Identifying the faces of the teachers screaming rape threats over abortion and reporting them to superintendents with the videos attached, refusing to tip rude male service staff or condescending I’m not your sweetheart and I’m older than you fuck off. I don’t compliment men and I delight in making the toxic man baby in a comp game quit by slow detailing how his own mother definitely doesn’t wish he was an abortion. I hurt another woman and I feel horrendous but men I just don’t care. We pay a pink tax on houses. Make less. I’ve been assaulted. I’ve been abused since I was a child. A grown adult can take a fraction of what he’s put out back in the world and the more men whine and complain. The more delight I get. The more spite fills my chest and the harder my heels dig in. Good I hope it hurts you. I hope you cry and feel small and violated. You thought you could be the big tough guy. Maybe you should grow a spine.

No. 1194956

Preteen girls make uncomfortable. It was the worst years of my life and everything revolving that stage depresses me. The man who raped me told me that he picks out preteen girls like me walking anywhere alone. Seemingly not confident, but rather quiet in their walk. That haunted me forever. He is dead now, but I fear for every girl out there. I don't know how to be, but feel protective. It makes me feel like a creep even feeling that because they're not my kids and that's likely not their future. They're just existing like I did before.

No. 1194957

File: 1653407827602.jpg (29.38 KB, 567x542, 2cec71161268a2ef69288b5a4a2105…)

My confession is that I'm a pathetic autist who can't seem to keep or make friends.
I want to be the person people invite to a group chat or on an outing together for once. My therapist tells me that I have a hard time opening up to people and that's why I don't make any connections, but the truth is that I don't know how. I give people my best but it just isn't enough.

No. 1194974

File: 1653409015116.jpg (290.58 KB, 1000x735, ThePoolss.jpg)

literally the same

No. 1194975

You need to start small and build your endurance up with time, it’s normal to feel discouraged, but you have to be patient and keep trying as hard as you can

No. 1194990

Copy what other people talk about to their friends and how they behave around them. That's what I did when I had no idea about social skills during/after severe social anxiety and it helped me a lot, eventually it became natural. It may not work the same for autism idk but it's worth a shot.

No. 1195003

Who's that?

No. 1195033

File: 1653411956667.png (2.36 MB, 1920x1080, searcing-for-my-self-respect.p…)

for the first time in my life I have fangirl feelings about some random moid band i found on youtube. I'm literally designing some elaborate gift to send to them. daydreaming about giving it to them in person and shit.

No. 1195287

I didn't know what If U Seek Amy meant until today

No. 1195331

When I was a kid, I never talked about my family or anything all that personal at school because my household was full of alcoholics but this one goddamn time, I just mentioned my sister in passing and this ugly mf boy told me “ew no one gives a fuck about your sister”. The sudden twinge in my chest still pops up in my head even over fifteen years later, like I never fucking talked about my shit and he just had to shoot me down like that huh? I kicked him in the balls a few years later and embarrassed him in front of the girl he liked so we’re even, I hope he remembers the humiliation.

No. 1195343

F u c k me wink

No. 1195348

im going to go and watch some lewd yaoi now.

No. 1195350

I didn't know what that meant for the longest time too

No. 1195399

I have an ex who years into living together cheated on me and left me for the other woman. I wasn't allowed to be hurt because "he found love and can't help how he feels" He was smitten with her and didn't hide it at all.. rubbed it in my face and even made out like I was unreasonable for being upset as I made very short notice moving plans and was obviously stressed to bits at the sudden upheaval of my life. Charming. I tried to just move on and reassure myself that it was good he'd outed himself before I invested any more of my life into a false promise of a future. But it nagged away at me. Not trying to be bitchy here but she wasn't what alot of people would consider 'an upgrade' from me so it hit my confidence that much more when he for some reason showed me pics of her. I bit my tongue att but damn I felt like shit once I saw her adn learnt details of who she is. I'd honestly rather be left in the dark to assume she's stunning and has alot going for her. I'd prefer thinking that. I'm not generally too superficial so I even found myself feeling guilty for judging her… this guy walked away feeling like he did nothing wrong and I felt layers on layers of every negative emotion by myself. I'm getting std tested and struggling to make ends meet because of moving costs and I felt like I'd no room to be angry and hurt.

A couple years later I still was fucked up trust wise. I wouldn't date anyone yet because I didn't want to bring this energy to someone new. It was still bothering me and I decided to look into ways to snoop to see if his affair paid off longer term. I knew it could go either way and would either help me or open the wound more. I found profiles where he claims they're open to swinging and sex parties. My jaw dropped. He's open to sleeping with transexuals and crossdressers too. This man has a history of cheating and running away with the new lover and yet she's risking letting him sleep around with men, women and trannies all while (again not saying this to be mean) she's not exactly in shape herself. I don't know if she's genuinely on board for that lifestyle or if he's just bullshitting and having affairs while pretending he has a partner who is on board for 3somes down the line too. He has a pic of her vag uploaded to one of his profiles and that's the only pic of her. Best part… there's 5 kids in the mix. He has one and she has 4. Hers are all still young. Swinging ads and nudes and in depth blogposts about how he finally got her to stretch his ass out after much persuasion… what the fuck.

I guess I got my closure. I'm not missing out if his idea of a good relationship is pushing someone to tolerate all that before he's sexually satisfied. I got myself retested for stds once I realised the man/tranny fucking interest was there. I got a more thorough set of tests and luckily was okay. He claimed to have alot of experience with streching the holes of t-girls.. bitch when was this? Good riddence to that chapter of my life.

No. 1195446

have not showered for a month at one point because i was insomniac and psychotic. i smelled bad even to myself and made others cringe from the smell. i could not care. i still went to work and school and was more hardworking than any of them judging me. i actually feel good about possible making some scrotes retch from the stench.

No. 1195457

I had moth larvae under my bedsheet for months and I don't know where they came from.

No. 1195469

> i still went to work and school and was more hardworking than any of them judging me.
I’ve been in their situation, it’s hard to focus on your schoolwork when the person next to you smells so bad you can’t even think.
(Eventually asked the teacher to move me because it was legitimately affecting my performance in that class.)

No. 1195476

ntayrt but what do other people even talk about? only things i can think of is work, relationships, and sports but i have no experience with things like that and don't watch the same things. is it better to lie and make stuff up? then for behavior, if other people laugh a lot should i learn to do a fake laugh even when i don't find something funny? sorry for the tism but i just don't see how it could work

No. 1195478

kek i didn't sit next to anyone on purpose so i hope it wasn't you. there was one girl in my group project at that point. our classrooms were paced out. but i still don't feel bad. i was fucking hallucinating and working 15 hours, and ignorant fuckers just assumed i must be on drugs. i thought, you try being poor. they would sooner kill themselves.

No. 1195481

do the fake laugh and don't make things up, it's easy to catch and hard to keep up. start watching some of the same things. and ask them lots of questions, and then comment validating them

No. 1195517

File: 1653435108048.png (424.07 KB, 400x400, depression_pie.png)

When i was in elementary school, I was out with my babysitter somewhere and we were standing in line. Eventually she looks in her bag and doesn't find my phone (one of those older button ones), and i burst into tears. She saw that I was upset and offered me to take her phone. I didn't tell her that I was upset because I used to record myself pretending to have sex on the voice message app as some kind of sexual outlet since i haven't figured out masturbation yet. Not only does that fact makes me feel severely ashamed, it was that someone would probably crack the phone and find those recordings. Someone might still have literal cp of me somewhere…

No. 1195523

omg. what did your hair look like after not showing for that long? my hair gets oily as hell by day 2

No. 1195527

I often use weaponized incompetence at work when working with males. They deserve it and are my slaves

No. 1195547

Dear god I am grateful to not have gotten a whiff of you.. How did your manage though? I only wash my hair once a week and if I got another week it gets matted and stinks really bad. I don't have straight hair so I don't ever have to deal with the appearance of oily hair, it just stays on my scalp and it incredibly itchy.

I am one of those annoying people who are anal about showering everyday because I HAVE to because of KP. I sometimes feel like not showering, but having a massive break out and they fact that my armpits stink so bad from not showering even after one day to the point where it offend me and ruins my nice pyjamas is enough to force me into the shower.

No. 1195567

I had sex with my ex boyfriends best friend who I later found out has a girlfriend.

No. 1195574

Girl… I have no words for this. Im so glad you are free from this curse in your life.

No. 1195849

I have a special talent to piss everyone off and be accused of being on the other side, when that side fucking hates my guts too. At this point I don't even feel guilty anymore and it's just funny. I'm not even actually a fence sitter, just uncommon schizo opinions.

No. 1195886

Hey, you're fine. People used to have more than just 2 opposing opinions.

No. 1195905

I got put on lithium one time and it actually made me manic and I ended up fucking two guys randomly, one at an anime con. It's abnormal behavior for me otherwise and I cringe to look back on it

No. 1196026

Pray for me girls I think I'm into manlets

No. 1196045

I've not showered for a month but only at times when I'm never leaving my house or interacting with people. I'm very neurotic about being extremely clean/well presented when I'm in public. I guess my confession is I kind of liked the smell.

No. 1196047

Manlets might be cute but they have are prone to having disgusting personalities. Something heniously fucked up happens to their brain from being shorter than normal men.

No. 1196054

You might be right, there are two manlets in my college course and one of them comes as cross as weirdly predatory and the other one has edgy redditor vibes kek
only one of them was cute though, that is until he grew a pedo moustache

No. 1196073

They are lower to the ground so they get pulled into hell faster.

No. 1196091

I would be more wary of manlets who don't have an obvious freakish personality like le redditor or autistic predator. They can be insidious little beasts. Always keep an eye out for them.

No. 1196121

Sometimes I enjoy my pussy stank too anon it's ok

No. 1196619

File: 1653510505042.jpeg (293.54 KB, 707x512, 34912475-D4E4-4354-8EA3-918334…)

I went and got my nails done with my bfs mom and I feel like a clown with.. sns ? Idk how people do it. I hated the whole experience and just wanted to wrap it up.
Now i have these for how long? Why?
(But she is sweet and i was happy to spend time with her)

No. 1196748

Same. Most of them are still taller than me so I don't think it's that much of a problem, I just don't like extreme height differences and they're the closest to an in-between range for me.

No. 1196752

i scrolled through the entire 1st danofag thread to see if i'd feel something (and the anons there are just fascinating) but no, i really am not attracted to that man like that. weird as my younger self would've been all over him

No. 1196780

You're terrified of having boring children?

No. 1196806

completely unrelated to what you said nona but that’s a really good pic to show burgers when they claim to be “Italian” or “Irish” because their great grandparents were kekk no tf you’re not

No. 1197146

File: 1653549068108.jpg (233.2 KB, 640x640, tumblr_44073eb67c227fe276f1100…)

I went to radfem spaces to feel accepted because of all the "we accept butches" thing, but I ended up developing dysphoria I didn't even have before. While at the same time being told dysphoria doesn't exist (which is bullshit, you never heard of BDD?).
>Aggressively being called "sis" constantly, never realized it bothers me until it happened SO MUCH
>"You type like a man anon"
>"Real women are never mistaken for a man"
>"Real women easily fit in women's clothes"
>"Real women only get uwu feminine TONED muscle, not big muscles, it's impossible without steroids"
>Me: "Can I have some advise on gnc fashion?" Them: "Sure!" [shows picture from Lost]
>"Female socialization is a good thing, men just need to get on with the program" meanwhile I didn't fully get it nor internalize it due to being a sperg
etc. It really sparked an old worry of me that I'm secretly intersex, because people would often ask me about it while growing up. I used to be worried about that already when I was 13, even though I've gotten my period before. It's never been regular and only like twice a year, but I did get it, so I assume I can't be intersex. Afaik I don't have PCOS either, but my ovaries are shriveled up on ultrasounds. I failed female socialization due to sperginess without mimicking and family being retarded, I have an insanely broad skeleton and not in the hot Amazonian way, I've never had feminine fat gain patterns, never grew breasts, built like a shit brick house and even at sports they tell me I'm a genetic freak (but then it's a good thing). Coaches and male athletes tell me I punch and kick just as hard as a man, that they've not seen this before etc. I still agree with the broad political points of RF's, but I really dislike RF's and GC's personally. Not all, I have found some good friends, but I only left with more brainworms than I entered. I now feel completely disconnected from womanhood, which I do see separate from being female. Simone de Beauvoir was right "One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman." and I've not been sufficiently memed or socialized into womanhood. I don't actually feel like or want to be a true man either, because I hate them too much for that and I'd like to believe I'm still more empathetic and harmless than actual men. I'm female, but not a woman. I think this is what I asked that psychiatrist for years ago, if I could be socialized female properly later in life, without having the words for it. She said no, it's probably impossible at this stage. Whenever I see people trying to tell TiFs they're not men because of remnants of female socialization, it just reminds me of how I'm such a sperg and how my family was too retarded to teach me these things. I relate to MtFs and look like one when I try to perform femininity, because it's so foreign to me. To the point people would "clock" me as MtF, I am a natural Kikomi. Please kill me, put me out of my misery. I'm not actually suicidal, just being hyperbolic. Please don't try the "that never happens", "real women xyz" thing again, because it really only distresses me further and people always manage to only confirm I'm fucked up beyond most people's comprehension. Don't try to gaslight me saying it's not that bad or just completely online brainworms, when people irl notice my weirdness. I'm also actively avoiding mental health professionals, because I'm a prime candidate to be forced into transitioning fully.

No. 1197151

>dysphoria doesn't exist (which is bullshit, you never heard of BDD?)
>To put in simpler terms, a person with gender dysphoria is not mentally ill; they are dissatisfied with the gender assigned at their birth. A person with body dysmorphia has a disorder in which they perceive their body or face as “ugly,” “fat,” or otherwise unattractive despite medical or personal reassurances.
I also quite recently found out those two were completely different things.

No. 1197154

If you talk to any Greek person, it's supposed to be Body dysphoric disorder, not dysmorphia, because dysmorphia indicates that there's something actually physically wrong with your body. They are not two completely different things, people are just retarded.

No. 1197159

"gender dysphoria" as most people describe it really is not real, no one is born with a "male brain in a female body" or viceversa. what is commonly called "gender dysphoria" can be caused by one or more of several factors, including but not limited to, yes, bdd, also internalized misogyny, internalized homophobia, low self esteem, ptsd, poor understanding of social norms including gender because of the tism, or even post nut clarity after jacking off to sissy porn. the "gender dysphoria" label only distracts from getting to the root of the problem in favor of unnecessarily turning the sufferer into a lifelong medical patient.

No. 1197160

I don’t see anything wrong with you feeling dysphoric or not identifying with women in the ways you are expected to. I don’t see any reason to change anything about yourself or that you should be ashamed of your body in any way. You don’t have to change your pronouns or go on hormones or anything or express yourself any differently just because some overtly critical women are triggered by what they perceive as your masculinity. Not that you didn’t already know all of this. I’m quite frankly tired of women being ridiculed for being bricks. Like so? Okay? Since when did any of us owe you Barbie looks wtf

No. 1197165

I never even thought about the pronouns thing. It's like every time people come up with something different. Oftentimes people think I'm a boy, sometimes they guess correctly I'm a woman, other times they automatically "they" me. I generally never correct anyone, unless they're a medical professional, then I do want them to understand I'm female for obvious reasons (do they never check files anymore, my name is obviously feminine too?). Also I was taught that it's impolite to talk about people when they're present, they should address you directly, so ideally you should never hear your own pronouns. I've never understood the pronouns debate.

No. 1197167

>Whenever I see people trying to tell TiFs they're not men because of remnants of female socialization, it just reminds me of how I'm such a sperg
TIFs are women (or girls) because they are human females, simple as that. Pointing out their female socialized behaviour is more to point out the irony of them claiming to be "male brained" while exhibiting female socialized behaviour. But I do see your point, a lot of so-called GCs do have quite a narrowminded view of what counts as "acceptable" female gender nonconformity, I have said this before even on here.

No. 1197169

>I've never understood the pronouns debate.
It's the narcissism.

No. 1197177

>It's the narcissism.
Mine or theirs?

No. 1197179

Theirs of course. It's so narcissistic to try to control how people talk about you.

No. 1197184

I was talking to a moid the other day (he is in my friend group and he -had- to join the vc). Into sissy stuff, a self-proclaimed MtF that hates women… I was talking about how toxic the media is towards women (and always has been), making them experience forced body dysmorphia so women would need to spend money on shit they don't need, being convinced that there is only one body type while staring at photoshopped pictures, etc. He thought that only trannies have body dysmorphia and it's totez-created-by-trannies.

No. 1197186

>I relate to MtFs and look like one when I try to perform femininity, because it's so foreign to me. To the point people would "clock" me as MtF, I am a natural Kikomi.
I feel this very hard anon. To the point where I wonder if I hate MTFs so much because they remind me of myself

No. 1197190

Fucking autists, swear to god.

No. 1197191

I don't get this at all, what is the big deal here? Why be so preoccupied with this innane bullshit? I say this as someone who gets mistaken as a man irl, even by my mom a few times due to my personality and built. It's so trivial to even give a single fuck about. "Performing feminity", please. The self-pity is palpable.

No. 1197195

I use the word bed partner to describe hookups because it makes me feel like some old victorian lady.

No. 1197200

Yeah this is why I stopped associating with them. They claim to be for female liberation but their manhate is more akin to hate of masculinity, not men per se. For example I hate looking like a woman including having breasts and I like to bind them every now and then for a more androgynous look but never think I'm anything else but a woman with XX chromosomes, yet even this is a surefire way to get yourself branded as a cringey tranny gender traitor. The lack of empathy for FTM troons and the aggressive gaslighting of them just being misogynist/pornsick while ignoring the societal pressure they're put under is legitimately disturbing, even on Lolcow.

It's been said a billion times by now but on places like ovarit butches literally apologize for existing and feel bad for using the women's bathroom because they might scare a tradwife and make her feel unsafe. There's no place for us and we're not accepted anywhere and it's a black pill being forced down my throat every day.

No. 1197201

Oh okay, true. Though it would also be fair to point out my probable main character syndrome.
My condolences that he's part of your friend group.
Sperg anon here, being seen as a regular man or boy by randos? Fine. Being seen as a MtF AGP? No, that is horrifying and not trivial. Being seen that way by people who swear up and down that they accept you and totally understand and supposedly are against enforced femininity on women? Depressing.

No. 1197204

Being seen as an MTF AGP by who? Words on the internet? Or do people around you know all about autogynephilia and the state mtfs and say you have it? It really is so stupid.

No. 1197207

>Being seen as an MTF AGP by who?
They didn't use those exact words (since I'm ESL), but when I tried to dress feminine I was asked that in secondary school. I know they didn't see me as HSTS MtF, because they are more naturally feminine/effeminate in behavior. What sparked it for them was my skeleton, body fat placement, that I sit, walk and talk like a man and that I'm obviously inexperienced and have no clue about femininity, when I asked why they thought that. Other times they would ask me if I'm intersex or had an illness. I've also been asked that at jobs as an adult. Online too of course, but that bothers me less.

No. 1197211

I’m so dumb, I am literally going insane I work nights and my shift starts at 12am so like for Friday I go in Thursday night, for Wednesday, I go in Tuesday night, etc. I went in tonight but I go in tomorrow night and another thing is I went in today to pick up my check, but we don’t get those till tomorrow. I don’t even know at this point.

No. 1197212

Why is femininity a big deal? Does everyone walk around in full glam makeup, dressed to the neck in pink and hair done up every day where you live? Here pinnacle of femininity is being in a burka and never fucking speaking, its so stupid… 'womanliness', it's different in every part of the world, not a constant at all. Sorry you had to deal with kids in secondary school with seemingly no manners, that's so rude. I used to be called a man and stuff in school because I am really hairy and look mannish but it never got to me because those kids weren't and aren't paying my bills kek. Your interviewer was disrespectful and it reflects more on them than you. I know you cannot just handwave insecurities but letting them get such a grip on you isn't healthy. You're a woman because you're born one. That is just it. It's not this deep at all that they keep trying to make it so. The main thing is you are manly, like, alright? What is there to ponder over?

No. 1197219

I’m trying really hard to build a life and clear my debt and I’ve just found out my dads took out a 5k loan in my name.

I’m torn because I love him dearly but what the fuck

No. 1197221

>Does everyone walk around in full glam makeup, dressed to the neck in pink and hair done up every day where you live?
Thanks to Instagram, that is the case for my age demographic, basically yes. Though it also has to do with how most women move, walk, talk and behave. You learn that through mimicking or because it's taught to you. It's largely a subconscious process and it looks very uncanny when someone didn't learn those things. Also while the women around me are tall, they're more elegant like an elf or like an Amazonian, not lumbering ogre like me.
>Your interviewer was disrespectful and it reflects more on them than you.
Nona I wish it were just the interviewers, multiple btw, not just one. It also was the accountant I worked with to go over financial statements, the IT consultant, three representatives of institutional clients etc. People in my country are very direct and say whatever they're thinking, they aren't polite even though they think they are. Sometimes I feel like they're more autistic than me. Sometimes it's funny because they will call fat American tourists fat to their faces, but it's not fun when you're something you can't help or change.
>You're a woman because you're born one.
I'm female, but becoming a woman is done through female socialization and I didn't get that fully due to retarded family and because I didn't internalize it due to sperginess. If I'm a woman, I'm a bad one, I'm a failed one, according to every standard you can come up with. I received some male socialization actually, due to retarded parent raising me as a son because that's all he understands or maybe he wanted a son and I think he really fucked me up. Due to looking like a boy I got treated that way in school too. I don't think people understand how that can psychologically mess with someone, when society is so dimorphic with socialization and women and men are raised radically different. I got the socialization which makes men insufferable and I hate it.
>The main thing is you are manly, like, alright?
It's not just "a little bit" manly. I can pass as a man no matter what I wear or do, that isn't normal. I would have liked to be a normal woman, who can do everything women do, but instead I'm this in-between freak. I want to relate to other women, I want to be a proper woman, because that is what women who are into women are attracted to and love.

No. 1197229

>it also has to do with how most women move, walk, talk and behave.
Exactly and it is not a constant. Female socialization probably looks very different where you live versus where I live. Which one is the normal woman then? I know how women here behave have no effect on your livelihood, I'm just saying there is no such thing as a universal normal woman, except core tenents that upkeep patriarchy like being weak and submissive to men. Is that what is a proper woman in your eyes? Is that what you want to be?
I get it, you're autistic, you have said that at least twenty times in your posts. Are you europoean, since you mentioned women being tall on average? I never realized they were this blunt with calling people intersex. And them calling burgers fat to their face isn't funny either. I get offhand comments all the time, like I'm the man of the group or I will protect other women (I mean, I'm very weak but I'll try) and men are impolite to me. It just doesn't matter if they aren't the ones who are paying my bills, as I said. I am not trying to compare my bs experiences with yours, however. You are allowed to feel how you feel about people having been unkind to you. It's just dumb to me to waste energy on things that ultimately do not matter at all. Do you not relate to any posts on lc, for example? Do you relate more to male posters on 4chan? Every work written by women, do they feel foreign to you?

No. 1197241

Ngl I don't like your tone at all, your posts come off as obtuse and weirdly dismissive of op's feelings

No. 1197242

>except core tenents that upkeep patriarchy like being weak and submissive to men. Is that what is a proper woman in your eyes? Is that what you want to be?
No, but even RF's freak out at how aggressive I am and talk about beating up boys when I was a kid or how I treat men nowadays still. They assume I treat women like that too.
>Are you europoean, since you mentioned women being tall on average? I never realized they were this blunt with calling people intersex.
Yes, my people are notorious for being extremely blunt assholes. You hate autists? Imagine an entire country of them, it's horrible.
>It's just dumb to me to waste energy on things that ultimately do not matter at all.
What does matter in life? Isn't it friendship and love? The way I am makes it very difficult to make friends or find love. It's easier to make friends with men, but I don't want to be friends with them. I only have friends who live in a different country and are spergy and gnc like me (not just online, we met irl).
>Do you not relate to any posts on lc, for example?
Only to some of the other butches and spergs posting and when the poster isn't obviously straight.
>Do you relate more to male posters on 4chan?
Sadly enough, yes, but I hate how misogynistic they are. There are things that suck about being perceived as a man or being an incel, but they don't understand that men are treated that way because of how dangerous they are and if you give them an inch they will take a mile. Or how most problems men have are caused by other men. Women are just trying to survive. I sometimes even relate to TiMs, because I would secretly dress in women's clothes and try to put make-up on when I was a teenager and secretly go to school like that. But my parent wanted me to shave my head and wear boy's clothes he wanted to wear when he was growing up. Until he changed his mind, sent me to conversion therapy for being a lesbian and suddenly wanted me to act like a woman when he treated me like a boy this whole time. Family members commented before that I should be sent to their home country to a sort of femininity school, because they were concerned I wasn't being taught anything. Sometimes I wonder if it would've been better if they actually did that.
>Every work written by women, do they feel foreign to you?
Majority yes, except for Les Belles Images by Simone de Beauvoir and stuff like that. I do often relate to books written by butches, TiFs and unironically Judith Butler, but those fall under "queer theory" (even though if TRA's actually knew how to read, they would hate those books). I can't even really relate to books written by gender conforming lesbians, because the experience is so different.

No. 1197246

>my people are notorious for being extremely blunt assholes. You hate autists? Imagine an entire country of them
Finnish? Or perhaps some kind of Slav?

No. 1197277

>talk about beating up boys when I was a kid or how I treat men nowadays still
That's based, imo. I hope you don't stop because of comments from radfems who think it's unbecoming of a lady to be aggressive. Too many times rage is internalized. The role or the idea of a woman is very narrow while men are given a broader range of space, I think.
At least the fact that you have women who are like you and with whom you can relate to in some way is proof you are capable of forming meaningful relationships with women, even if the type of woman is not conventionally feminine or 'normal'. But that there are female humans with whom you can relate to. I hope you all can meet irl often, a sense of community. And that you can relate to female writers with familiar thoughts, or issues or whathaveyou means you aren't a failure, even if you deviate from the norm. I'm sorry about your parent who must've instilled so many issues you have with all this (sorry if i'm assuming things). Sending someone to a conversion camp, for fuck's sake, is bound to fuck someone up and then to blame the person for it. Are you still in contact with them? Being brought into a 'male role' then also being told you're abnormal and need correction for it. Who wouldn't feel like a failure. Definitely not the only source though, since girls are bombarded with this from every direction. It's ultimately on you to decide for yourself if you are okay with yourself how you are, or do you want to be more feminine in looks or manners, there are probably a huge catalog of videos and stuff for it on the internet, if you are okay with putting on a show to be treated better by the people around you. And I apologize if I was being dismissive, just because our experiences do not line up doesn't mean yours are any lesser and you're not allowed to like, feel. And I'm sure there are many more gnc women very similar to you.

No. 1197333

As another sperg I've had a lot of the issues you're describing (parents raising me to be the boy they never had then suddenly changing their mind and wanted me to be feminine, not understanding female socialisation, relating to the male experience because the female experience just seemed so alien, being mocked when I wore makeup/dresses because my very body language is so unfeminine it looks ridiculous, women being put off by my being aggressive/dominant). A thing that has helped my outlook on this is understanding that I experience sex-based oppression, and that this gives me an understanding of other women/an inherent empathy for them that no one can take away. I may be treated differently to other women due to my gender presentation but there are some fundamental experiences we all have that have shaped how we approach the world.
This might sound silly but I go out of my way to be nice to women/help them with things (like give directions to a woman who seems lost, help them lift something, etc) and the feeling of solidarity really makes me feel better about my own womanhood. I'm a woman even if I'm a weird, masculine one.
I hope you can find IRL female friends (online friends are great too but I feel like IRL friendships are better for your self-esteem and mental health, humans are social creatures who get excited being around each other). Friends will be willing to teach you things about female socialisation that confuse you, and won't hold you to a standard of feminine performance you don't feel comfortable with. You honestly sound like a nice, thoughtful person and I'd never think you write like a man. The very way you view yourself and consider other women is inherently feminine (even very feminine women are concerned about performing femininity properly and how they should interact with other women; society pressures us all to feel this stress), you just need some time and help to learn the specifics of how women interact. I think you should be hard less hard on yourself and give yourself time to learn.

No. 1197340

>I hope you all can meet irl often, a sense of community. And that you can relate to female writers with familiar thoughts, or issues or whathaveyou means you aren't a failure, even if you deviate from the norm.
Yeah at this point I'm even considering moving closer to them.
>Are you still in contact with them?
Only when I absolutely have to.
>It's ultimately on you to decide for yourself if you are okay with yourself how you are, or do you want to be more feminine in looks or manners, there are probably a huge catalog of videos and stuff for it on the internet, if you are okay with putting on a show to be treated better by the people around you
On one hand I'm happy to be like this, because men leave me alone more and I scare them off. I can safely walk alone at night, construction workers give me "the nod" instead of commenting on how I look. Meanwhile someone who is obviously identifiable as a woman would get harassed by them even if she were to wear sweatpants and a messy bun. So in a sense I'm almost grateful for being raised for a while like a boy, but that probably comes across like internalized misogyny. I don't like how it alienates me from women though. Just because I know how to speak men's language and can emasculate them in a way they understand, doesn't mean I want to be "one of the bros" or a NLOG, but that is what it looks like. Men test people when you're somewhere new. They either act extra misogynistic and make gross comments and jokes to women or if you're in the masculine category your masculinity gets tested. They as an example ask me to punch or kick them or want to spar after they hear about my hobbies and I oblige. Afterwards they want to be friends, and end up starting to try to include me in their misogyny and objectifying women and I shut them down. To women looking on though, they end up seeing me as "one of the guys", so things get weird. I already tried to be more feminine by watching videos online and all that, but that is how I got the MtF comments in the first place, so I stopped doing that. People can tell when it's artificial and not natural to you and in my case even a psychiatrist thinks I'm hopeless and can't resocialize myself. When I'm just myself there are at least some people who do realize I'm a woman and it feels pretty good to be the designated purse and bag guardian in the train when women have to go to the bathroom. Or being asked to help find a lost phone or lift something.
>And I apologize if I was being dismissive
It's okay, dw about it
>is understanding that I experience sex-based oppression, and that this gives me an understanding of other women/an inherent empathy for them that no one can take away. I may be treated differently to other women due to my gender presentation but there are some fundamental experiences we all have that have shaped how we approach the world.
Yeah you're right.
>This might sound silly but I go out of my way to be nice to women/help them with things (like give directions to a woman who seems lost, help them lift something, etc) and the feeling of solidarity really makes me feel better about my own womanhood. I'm a woman even if I'm a weird, masculine one.
Lol was just writing about that when you posted that.
>I hope you can find IRL female friends (online friends are great too but I feel like IRL friendships are better for your self-esteem and mental health, humans are social creatures who get excited being around each other). Friends will be willing to teach you things about female socialisation that confuse you, and won't hold you to a standard of feminine performance you don't feel comfortable with. You honestly sound like a nice, thoughtful person and I'd never think you write like a man. The very way you view yourself and consider other women is inherently feminine (even very feminine women are concerned about performing femininity properly and how they should interact with other women; society pressures us all to feel this stress), you just need some time and help to learn the specifics of how women interact. I think you should be hard less hard on yourself and give yourself time to learn.
Yeah I probably need to put myself out there again and try to make friends. I've really been isolating myself more since the pandemic, of course everyone has by force, but I haven't bounced back. I feel like being social is almost like a muscle and I've let it get weaker and need to train it again? Thank you though for your thoughtful and empathizing post.

No. 1197377

I like to put on Trisha Paytas's videos or live streams in the background whilst I am getting ready or doing embroidery kek

No. 1197450

I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm sure you can overcome it!

No. 1197469

I find Pacey from Dawson's Creek hot. His character is only 15 at the beginning of the show but he still acts manlier than most men today. He seems like such a genuine, cool guy too. I would have liked to have him as a childhood friend turned love interest. I don't find the actor particularly attractive but I had a dream about Pacey and he was kind of hot.

No. 1197472

Uh…anon italian americans exist and people who have irish heritage exist. What are they? Tanzanian? Such a bad take.

No. 1197482

i dont get that argument for children of like first gen immigrants or raised by immigrant grandparents or immigrant families with extended immigrant families, like, it's a totally different experience.

No. 1197490

Europeans who ignore history, societal issues, and don't know anything about America because they're mad about not being American or whatever the problem is are obnoxious. They're literally braindead.

No. 1197493

He's the only character I liked in the show. I'm still mad at the teacher relationship plot and how she was never made to be an abuser.

No. 1197576

> What are they? Tanzanian?
American, of course.

No. 1197633

I deeply resent how happy and chipper one of my coworkers is all the time. I don’t dislike her, she’s very sweet and friendly, I just envy her disposition. She’s an only child and it sounds like her family is pretty well off and it’s just a daily reminder of how much happier and more well-adjusted I would be if I had better parents that made smarter decisions when I was growing up. I will never be that happy and it just depresses me even more.

No. 1197650

I confess that this website is a den of snakes and heavily anti Christian.

Anyone who values their soul should flee.

No. 1197659

>blaming your parents’ decisions as a child for your behavior and approach to life as an adult instead of being self-aware enough to just change it
Pet peeve of mine right here.

No. 1197667

I feel for you anon. Mourn the childhood you couldn’t have. When i meet women like that now, it makes me happier that at least someone had stability.

For me it’s more so the jealousy that I couldn’t have that when I really needed it and couldn’t help myself. I got therapy as an adult but it really makes one wonder how well off I could’ve been if it came earlier.

No. 1197672

Nta, but your childhood effects your entire mindset and how you see things. Of course you have to take charge of your own life and take the initiative to improve yourself, but it's not easy to "just change" and I don't fault anon for feeling how she feels. There's some things from your childhood that, even if you're really dedicated to changing yourself, may never go away. There's probably a better way for me to say all of this, but hopefully that makes sense.

No. 1197675

I’m the opposite. I’m insanely attracted to happy positive women. Yes I get envious sometimes but when they’re actually nice and kind, being around them is so uplifting. It motivates me to gift that kind of happiness to myself.

No. 1197678

File: 1653587204668.gif (67.57 KB, 220x164, D65736C8-E824-4312-8CD2-828715…)

Eh, I had a similar situation but I know you don’t get anything out of spending your time mulling over what-ifs. Instead I just channel that energy into standing up and fighting for myself in the way that other people should have fought for kid-me.

No. 1197719

I get thinking like this. It was a pet peeve of mine for years. I spent my twenties telling everyone my childhood was fine and my dads tough love was totally not a bad thing. I was a fan of tough love.. In my thirties I had a breakdown and spilled my guts about feelings I'd no idea were there. A therapist pointed out neglect and it went from there.

Sometimes it just hits you in its own time and you have to process it as it comes. I think part of why I hated 'muh bad childhood whingers' was because I couldn't bare to hear about certain things. For a reason.

I cut off my one surviving parent. I'm suspicious of people who claim childhood abuse and never cut the parents off though. Cut contact and you'll start to see actual growth.

No. 1197758

File: 1653590543461.jpg (11.73 KB, 275x275, 1651425689501.jpg)

I work in a call center for one of the biggest telekom companies in Europe. Part of my job is booking appointments for a tehnician with customers.

Sometimes I book the appointments for free in case the customer is very old/disabled even when they don't fully identify themselves, which is something that could get me fired in case the higher ups find out.

And sometimes if the customer is being a giant cunt, especially if they refuse to identify themselves fully, I'll do the whole booking process with them and then once they hang up, I write in the ticket they were a cunt, remove their contact number and jist close the ticket. If they scream or are way over the line I put them on the junk list so they can't call the hotline for a week.

No. 1197768

kek. Do your calls not get monitored? I used to work for a telecom company and they'd monitor one random call and grade it every week.

No. 1197779

Queen, I wish I could have done that at my call center job from a year ago. Last time someone lost their shit at me it was with someone whose car broke down in Portugal when he was trying to go back home in France and he was furious I couldn't book a plane ticket for him and one for his daughter because he was too retarded to take his daughter'd passport with him. No, instead he scanned and printed a copy of her id card and was whining about his ex wife still having the passport with her. Then he got furious we couldn't find a hotel room and told me at the end of the day 10h later that he could just go spend the night at his parents' place down the street. I just stopped showing up after that once I got a much better job anyway.

No. 1197784

They do it randomly. But we also have scheduled days where they listen the whole day, usually when that's the case our team leader lets us all know so we don't do something we aren't supposed to.

No. 1197789

Sorry for doubleposting, forgot to reply

This reminds me of how a coworker got a call from a lady who wanted him to help her with installing her fucking washing machine. Another coworker had a drunk guy throw up during the call after struggling to give him his customer id for 10 full minutes kek

It's no boring job some days

No. 1197797

This is stupid as hell but I just wish I didn’t feel so uncomfortable inside my body. Even drinking water sometimes makes me feel gross because of how it fills my stomach. I’m not gonna go into further detail because it’s pretty pathetic but I just wish I didn’t have to worry about it.

No. 1197976

File: 1653601125228.jpg (72.33 KB, 736x605, blushh.jpg)

I have a big crush a semi-famous youtuber that lives in my city. I don't think I could pursue him without looking very creepy but I daydream we'll cross paths one day

No. 1197998

thats insane, I can't believe he would think that was appropriate. My condolences anon

No. 1198123

I’m on a week trip with friends and I already want to go home. I don’t hate them at all but I’m so tired of accommodating to them. I’m constantly on edge, focusing on how to survive the day and the next. Gonna skip over other things I feel about it but I’d kill a man to ditch them and go home, I’m so pissed at everything nonnies

No. 1198267

I'm so sad nonnies I accidentally killed a little gecko. It was under the door and I swung it open… Even though it was an invasive species to my area I feel bad it died like that. Rip little dude I'm so sorry

No. 1198312

File: 1653626525050.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 234.37 KB, 639x516, 1653511826991.jpeg)

I think she's funny and don't get why her personality causes such a shitstorm, she's not even shilled that much. And no I'm not one of those anons who has a crush on her nor do I want to skin-walk her.

No. 1198314

Make it happen. I'm sure you could have the snoop thread nonnies figure out his whereabouts. Then show up at his door pretending to be food delivery. Or lightly crash your car into his.

No. 1198319

You’re a monster

No. 1198325

I love her

No. 1198336

She’s successful, funny, and has played iconic roles. Getting mad that she embodies a trope and other women try really hard (and fail) to emulate her is kind of pointless but that seems to be the issue here. It’s her niche who cares.

No. 1198341

Nothing in the world brings me more satisfaction than knowing my father is going to die in prison. Maybe that makes me petty and spiteful but by god does it get me through the day sometimes.

No. 1198345

If you're in Canada you could an adult diploma. I did that (though I was 18 at the time) because I missed so much high school.

No. 1198427

didn't you just post this in the things you hate thread recently, damn girl

No. 1198430

nvm saw the same pic and skimmed and was confused

No. 1198494

95% of me wants to forgive my mom but I feel like doing so would be a betrayal to my true self.

No. 1198500

As a teen I used to think people who got annoyed and “victimized themselves” because their family member has terrible depression or bad autism were being selfish and heartless. I’d read on tumblr, “you think it’s hard for you to put up with a mentally ill sibling? Imagine how hard it’s for THEM! it’s not about you!” And repeat it. “Suicide isn’t selfish, what is selfish is forcing someone to live just because you love them!” I’d parrot.

Now that I got a shut in sibling who gets violently angry at my dad for being concerned about them, who ignores my texts and goes days without eating unless my mom and I bring them food, who is on the verge of suicide the whole time and cuts everywhere, I’m just so fucking exhausted and it’s making me so, so miserable as well.

I can’t move out because the guilt of something happening to that sibling or letting the burden on my parents eats me. Isn’t that selfish and unfair towards me? Maybe not but that’s what it feels like. I know it’s not my sibling’s fault but fuck, I’m starting to think they ARE selfish for making me go through this and dragging me in their misery. Not putting it the effort to contact psychologists, torturing us with the fear of them cutting and dying. I’m also mentally I’ll and had it rough, but do I get the privilege of shutting myself in? there’s a point it feels like a selfish choice.

I don’t think anymore that people are selfish or heartless for being fucking exhausted of being around constant depressors, and as much as I feel for fellow depressed people, I also feel for the people who have to carry with this stress, fear and utter sadness of having people they love in such a state. I don’t want her to be miserable and I’m sad that she is, but she’s making me miserable and sad as well. Am I selfish? Is this ~ableist~ of me? I don’t think I care anymore,

No. 1198634

It is selfish to allow your mental illness to spiral when you're surrounded by people who care enough about you to force themselves to go above and beyond to care for you. There are rare circumstances where people who are suffering hide it well enough from others and just struggle on their own time, I also feel like there's a lot of barriers to getting help

No. 1198686

I'm so fucking relieved. I recently got the Gardasil shot despite me being in my late twenties, and I expected being asked a lot of questions about why I'm getting it only now and a long interrogation about my history with sex but there were literally none and I got myself anxious over nothing. I just went in, got the jab, got the appointment for the next jab, went out. I'm so fucking relieved. I had really bad experiences with gyencologists and healthcare in general and I'm so happy that this went so easily

No. 1198701

File: 1653654691875.png (710.94 KB, 1045x589, Screenshot 2022-05-27 141342.p…)

An anon in /w/ expressed that she likes Sharla and her content precisely because she's boring and it made me realize that I'm the same way, but with Bronwyn. There's something really comforting about watching a superficial person being content with their life and finding joy in simple things like decorating their home and looking pretty

No. 1198757

File: 1653657593553.jpg (57.87 KB, 1080x786, Screenshot_20220525-201041_Ama…)

This post is a week old but right on, anon! Proud of you

No. 1198771

The shot didn't exist when I was a teen so when I was 25 and due to get my first pap smear (my country doesn't offer them til 25) I had one of the bad strains of hpv and I had worrying cell changes. I'd slept with approx one person. It took roughly two years to get OK results again and it was stressful as hell. Fast forward a couple more years.. I find out the guy was cheating on me on and off which really makes me question the source of my 2 year long fucking cancer scare. That was just the icing on top. Dude came to all my appts while sitting on that secret. He cheated on me before and after my ordeal. It can stay in your body for years so I hadn't even been suspicious of him all that time.

No. 1198784

same, I hate her lips but I really like her

No. 1198791

God that's pure fucking evil, I'm really sorry you went through that nonna. Idk how he can live with himself.

No. 1198801

What an absolute asshole, jfc

No. 1198823

Kek, I had the same job, best thing was we were allowed to hang up if a customer was rude, so I got some rich moid calling being really irate a couple times because the queue was so long and I'd just boot him out and he got to requeue again.
Best thing is if you ask them to ID and they are already mad so they refuse and you just click them away.

One time I had a woman who was a literal schizophrenic who thought her ex was gangstalking her and monitoring all her telecommunications, breaking into our backbone infrastructure to install bugs and what not. I bounced it to higher level support, idk what you're supposed to do with something like that.

Another time some apparently autistic woman who had a question about the HTTPS symbol or something but she started to read me one of those links that is like 50 letters and numbers in sequence and she read me the entire thing one letter at a time. I didn't have the heart to tell her it's pointless so I just listened for two minutes as she rattled the URL down. The answer was literally just "That's normal, it means the website is secured in a certain way".

>junk list so they can't call the hotline for a week

Amazing, that's good trolling.

No. 1198870

File: 1653663592153.jpg (99.64 KB, 736x844, 9397a24e2f34111221d6f5fa50da10…)

My boyfriend made a joke about killing himself and then I made a joke about me killing myself first (it made sense in context, we're not just edgy lol), and then he said it would make sense because I'm generally a sadder person, as in, I am usually more down. Tbh he is right, and it's been getting worse on these last couple of years, but I genuinely thought I masked it well. Like, I only cry when he's asleep or not in the room. I know wonder how does he or others perceive me.

No. 1198875

your bf is a fucking asshole, idc if he was being edgy that's just a cruel thing to say especially if he knows you struggle.

No. 1198886

File: 1653664317137.jpg (51.25 KB, 400x400, 26366ec013fdaac133ae12346e858d…)

Thanks for the empathy, nona. But now that you put it like that, I wonder if he actually does know or if I just misinterpreted because I know it to be true? Usually when I joke about stuff like that when we banter or whatnot, he discourages me from saying bad stuff about myself. I also try to not let it show because it genuinely embarrasses me, even though I know I shouldn't be ashamed of being sad or whatever. I don't know now lol but have another cute teapot

No. 1198889

Anon, I just want to say that you're so cute with your animal teapots. I hope the future has endless loads of happiness in store for you.

No. 1198905

File: 1653664994770.jpg (40.31 KB, 564x532, 6474361ff53c7f7193f199a6a9754a…)

Thank you so much, nona. That actually made me shed a few tears because I'm not in the best place right now. I hope the very same for you, and everyone deserves cute teapots even if they don't drink tea! This one is especially for all farmers.

No. 1198915

I need this teapot, where can I get one?

No. 1198927

nta but you can look up Mary's Moo Moos Ceramic Teapot, it's from the 90s.

No. 1198946

File: 1653666327773.jpg (40.23 KB, 427x500, s-l500.jpg)

Thank you! Holy shit I didn't know there was so much cute cow stuff out there.

No. 1198977

File: 1653667818647.jpg (106.66 KB, 1024x683, 7189974547_11091afb51_b.jpg)

It's pretty rare for me to meet a guy and feel a real attraction to him. Even in my two long term relationships it started with me liking them as a person and not exactly a raw physical attraction. It grew in time but only because I liked them and they were nice to me and the relationship worked well in other areas. Idk if that's depressing to admit. It'd be nice to have a more full on attraction too tbh. In both relationships sex slowed down at the 3 year mark and it was hard to tackle the issue when I was on one hand trying to save their feelings by not saying the harsh thing.. but then I was also getting it in the neck because it didn't make sense to them that we even had an issue.

Last year I got talking to a guy and within a minute of us making small talk I wanted to rip his clothes off. I think it was the first time in my life I'd felt anything so intense. I was over thirty already. I went home giddy over this guy and for a while afterwards I was hoping to bump into him again. I would think about it a lil too much. We've passed by each other a few times since. We've stopped and talked for a min or two but it never turned into anything because I didn't want to lead things there and he didn't go there either. I feel like he was dropping hints during the first meet and like I could've reacted better. Now I don't have the guts to say what I'd like to say to him. Maybe it's just one-sided and I'm kidding myself.

Last time we talked it was a hot day and he was keenly showing me a couple of tattoos that he'd been telling me about. He was wearing summer clothes so it was easy for him to finally show me what he'd been talking about. Without getting too specific, one of his tatts is of an item and the name of that item also happens to be a slang word for penis in my country. I was telling him how much I like it and he smirked and then I realised what it sounded like I'd just said. Part of me feels dumb, cringey, like a teenager. But I'm also sad I went so long never feeling this giddy over a person before. It's not a deep thing but this is the shit songs are about. All those "you make me feel" songs. This is the feeling. I sacrificed true attraction for all of my twenties as if it's no big deal. My sex drive feels like it's at its peak right now and Im rambling here lol

No. 1199030

You’re just like me for real

No. 1199043

I want to peg my boyfriend so bad. He told me he wanted to try anal and I told him we would only do it if I could peg him since it’s an equal trade off. We’ve agreed to both think about it, but god I want to peg him. SO. BAD. I usually lead or top or whatever when we have sex so I’m already addicted to seeing him kind of like that. Lord forgive me for my sins and the ones I’m about to commit. I love him so much.

No. 1199141

You're lucky anon, I want to do the same but the answer is no. I'm much more dom than sub these days and I just wanna destroy him

No. 1199170

When I was a kid I hated bank holidays because my family never did anything. My dad would be home from work, we'd be told to be quiet and stay out of his way. We just never did anything with this day we could've spent together. We could've went somewhere, done something, made a memory, done it on the cheap even. We did nothing. We'd no internet back then, I didn't have a bedroom to myself so couldn't play without annoying someone, we'd limited TVs and we were so disconnected that nobody would even let you occupy the same room as them even if its just to silently watch whatever show they're watching. It was a whole day of feeling the need to somehow not exist too much in my own home. That was the vibe in my house in general but I resented bank holidays for adding an extra awkward day on like that. Let me go to school instead. Being bullied at school was still respite from having to be in a house where you were never quiet enough or invisible enough to not be told off.

I felt about an inch tall. I used to crawl underneath a dressing table and use a blanket to drape across the front of it and hide. I'd spend an obscene amount of time under there doing absolutely nothing. Just thinking. I've one weirdly vivid memory of being under there and suddenly feeling so numb that I thought I was about to leave my body. Scared me.

No. 1199229

I don't post as often as I'd like because I usually browse this site on my phone and I hate typing on a screen. It's too cumbersome for me.

Also, I've considered becoming a nun at least twice in my life, although less as a religious endeavor and more of "I'm a perma-virgin anyway so why the hell not" sort of thing. The fact that joining would mean I must ultimately kowtow to male-led divinity is what ended up putting me off it, however.

No. 1199291

Anons, trust. If your man actually wants to get pegged you’ve got more to worry about

No. 1199317

I can't read cursive and it makes me feel borderline illiterate.

No. 1199320

It's ok, it's normal to not be able to read other people's cursive handwriting.

No. 1199327

I learnt this the hard way.

No. 1199345

File: 1653680038921.jpeg (93.68 KB, 615x407, DA053652-389D-4F31-8EFE-6C4C0B…)

Idk that this is a confession per se but I had the most vile dream and feel so dirty. I dreamt I had an incestuous relationship with my father and in the dream I knew I was being abused and had no idea how it happened or had been going on for any amount of time. I was crying and felt so awful and when I finally woke up, I was afraid to go back to sleep in case it resumed. Idk if this occurred because I think about Twin Peaks a lot or what but I hope it doesn’t mean anything dark.

No. 1199347

The recent hate agaisnt her isnt even about her roles. They hate her because she said something "transphobic". She said that she wishes people would make up more interesting rumors about her like having a dick or something.

No. 1199432

File: 1653682255838.jpg (174.24 KB, 1920x1040, Euphoria S02E03.mp4_snapshot_0…)

i sometimes look up stories of people that are in similar situations to me – but aren't doing well – to make myself feel better about my life trajectory. specifically: uni dropouts. my major is fun, but relatively useless, my future is unsteady for that reason, but at least i have a degree. but also: people i went to hs with that are living kind of mediocre lives. it's nice to see my stacy bullies fat and married to ugly men with two, three sons, idk. i've won in some respects i guess.

No. 1199488

if my doordash driver is a guy i’ll falsely report that he picked up the wrong order so i can get a refund

No. 1199491

They gonna ban you sis

No. 1199522

File: 1653684997181.jpg (318.05 KB, 500x515, MY FACE WHEN.jpg)

Remembering when I was 18 and considered to have autism during the outpatient ward saga all because I don't understand emojis. Also I refused to participate in the 'musical expression' therapy with the terminally barefoot instructor.

No. 1199529

Sounds worth it anyways

No. 1199563

Kek nonna psych wards and staff are ridiculous and they'll find any reason to diagnose you with anything. I got accused of being ADHD because I was reading a poster on a wall while the doctor spoke with my mother, even though I was listening the whole time. Any excuse to force drug you, really

No. 1199565

Eh, I don’t think it’s that deep. I was anxious about that for a little bit but we live in a really liberal area, he’s comfortable with himself, and he’s grown. If he was into guys then he would know by now and if he just likes getting pegged regularly then I’ve got him

No. 1199570

well they haven't yet baybeeee

No. 1199582

>If he was into guys then he would know by now
that's not the only thing to be concerned about nonna…that's almost one of the better outcomes even

No. 1199588

Then I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about

No. 1199590


No. 1199610

I'd die for sky ferreira

No. 1199612

>terminally barefoot instructor
kek nonnie, that's a great way to describe those type of people

No. 1199617

He did say he went barefoot for years to practice "rooting" but I kept telling him it's called "grounding."

No. 1199623


No. 1199641

I wish my friend would stop inviting me to things so I could spend more time sleeping at home instead. Especially when it's at their places and when I say I need to go now because of public transport they start even more conversations that keep me at their places for way longer than planned.

No. 1199646

australians are yelling rn

No. 1199649

TOPKEK I can’t even be mad lmfao

No. 1199672

File: 1653690846620.jpg (89.54 KB, 1280x720, smug angel.jpg)

I love being selfish and refuse to take meds

No. 1199688

Perfect screenshot fit, he definitely would refuse any kind of meds

No. 1199736

I don't believe in anything paranormal, or even horoscopes. But when I'm mental I do some 8-ball questions or yes/no tarot readings or even the sonic thread. If I get a comforting answer it makes me happy and if I get a shit answer I remind myself that it is bullshit. It is kind of embarassing and I would never admit I do this irl, but I'm constantly on the verge and those little reassurances sometimes give me the little push of happiness that I need even if it is just sheer luck.

No. 1199737

File: 1653695364992.jpg (152.51 KB, 800x600, an_cafe_s_bou_by_shin_neko_du2…)

i am responsible for most of the replies under a certain thread. i tell myself that at least it is not on /snow/ as a way to make myself feel better…

No. 1199740

I'm like this too. It's pretty much a measurement of how my mental health is doing. When I'm drawn to stuff like that it's because it's a cope and I'm not doing well.

No. 1199761

I am anti-natalist and "pro-choice," but if I got pregnant and there were no major health problems, I'd have the baby.

No. 1199762

This pic just unlocked memories from a decade ago I didn’t know existed

No. 1199766

I loved bou so much as a teen. Haven't thought about him in years though.

No. 1199773

Same kek

No. 1199793

File: 1653701898231.jpg (75.72 KB, 736x1173, c5db3d805308669f8755aa0deb3c47…)

I was just thinking this! Miku was my favorite but I liked them all.
I guess this could fit as a confession, but I used to have a fetish as a teenager for male crossdressing… Especially kimonos and maid outfits. Now I feel nothing when I see it, absolutely indifferent. It's weird cause I still like a lot of the same stuff from that time, but not crossdressing, and I lost interest way before I knew about TRA bullshit

No. 1199794

I would fuck Kurtis Conner. His mullet and mustache suck but I'd still tap it for some reason.

No. 1199809

File: 1653702969580.jpg (112.98 KB, 1382x778, dwerw.jpg)

I have been using my skills for evil and drawing an irl male I know in lewd positions and situations. The likeness is solid enough that they are undeniably drawings of him, so if anyone who knew him actually saw them I'd be fucked. On top of that, I carry the sketchbook with me and draw on "clean" pages even when he's around. A small part of me wants him to see, as I am partially delusional and fantasize about him finding it flattering and hot, but reality would be he'd think I'm gross and creepy and probably report me or something, especially considering he doesn't really know me.

No. 1199813

Based if you ask me. Men should be objectified and made uncomfortable more
Oof I haven’t watched his videos in a long time, he’s approaching the wall at an alarming speed

No. 1199814

File: 1653703237908.png (30.3 KB, 512x512, 1f62d.png)

I got into a big argument with my ex over this emoji and he ended up calling me autistic. I swear that this is a laughing emoji. Nothing about it conveys actual distress or sadness to me. This is someone hollering with uncontrollable laughter, maybe mixed with some pity. It can also be used to show some sort of sarcastic disappointment, like, if someone texted you, "sorry, I couldn't find your favorite crisps at the store", this emoji would be a funny response. I am convinced that my ex is the retarded one in this situation.

No. 1199815

Whenever I see drawfags like you talking about drawing some weird shit, I want to see it. Please post one with the face censored at least

No. 1199831

When I was a depressed minor, I was catfished and doxed by a mentally ill woman on a small forum I had been active in for years. She pretended to be my friend for months during a time that my home life was a horror show. Her reasoning was that I was being groomed, which was true, and the person doing so needed to be exposed. I don’t know why hacking my accounts and gloating that I was dumb enough to have trusted her were part of her masterplan. But in the end, it didn’t even get the pedophile off the forum, or to stop grooming me. It just made me scared to tell anyone else what was happening. I did eventually get away from the pervert, but I still wonder about this woman like wtf? Why not fucking catfish him?

No. 1199839

That’s clearly how it’s supposed to be lol. I get how other people might interpret it differently, but in context I’ve only ever seen it used how you describe.

No. 1199848

unhinged but in a based way, more women should do this

No. 1199852

my mom uses this to mean like sad crying and it always makes me laugh because I can’t see this as anything but a laughing emoji

No. 1199857

Please show us. Please.

No. 1199883

I’m so disappointed by him. Don’t get me wrong, I still think a good chunk of his stuff is funny, but he used to be so hot and now he’s… y’know…

No. 1199884

Unhinged in the best way possible. I want to see.

No. 1199972

File: 1653718379483.png (438.16 KB, 744x524, pray.PNG)

To me that's obviously sad and using it as a funny laughing emoji would be as weird as using the laughing crying one as a sad one like some old people do on facebook.

No. 1199981

I've been on and off suicidal for over a decade. It's tiring and I lost so much time just crying at night. It gets harder to cover it up as the years go on. Nothing good would come out if my parents knew. They would just make my situation worse because they're both retarded when it comes to mental health. I feel trapped and claustrophobic sometimes.

No. 1199984

I have a mole on my arm that has drastically changed it’s shape and size within the last few months. I have an increased risk of skin cancer due to being a ginger and also growing up in what is mostly a desert with a lot of UV exposure. As bad as it is to say this im hoping it is cancer. Im planning on not doing anything about it regardless and I hope it just takes me out.

No. 1199990

I've only ever seen it being used as sarcasting sadness, not as cry-laughter.

No. 1199991

Unlikely. There are different kinds of skin cancers and many will not kill you they'll just be painful and ugly. This is a really shitty way to die.

you're a weirdo

I will never understand these people, shoes are based

No. 1199997

I hope he does miserable and alone, knowing that he shortened my mother’s life by god knows how many years. I hope he chokes to death on his own fat and worthlessness. I hope he does with her face burned into his mind.

No. 1200003

*dies (inshallah)

No. 1200315

I'm a chronic oversharer. I have no social media because of this because I'd destroy my life completely if strangers knew it. Nearly every person I know has one or more posts dedicated to them on this website. Once I trust someone they will know everything about me in a month. It's the most annoying habit, I'm so glad I deleted my social media years ago and never linked my real name to them because if I would have kept them, I know I'd have a million threads on here by now kek.

No. 1200334

If it is a melanoma, you will start to experience neurological symptoms before you pass that will likely reveal it (passing out randomly, trembling, etc.). Are you prepared to refuse treatment in the face of your family if that is the case?

No. 1200364

i cut myself for the first time in 3 years. fml

No. 1200423

I live in a country where we don't get enough warm weather to warrant air conditioning and shit like that to.. exist here. In the summer you just open your windows but I feel like a tist with how much I struggle with noise. These are the hard months. There's always something, kids, my neighbours dog that freaks every time someone comes or goes from their house (hundreds of times a day cos they've kids that are in and out constantly) why does a dog bark at it's own family coming and going.. I've never understood it given it sounds pretty pissed rather than excited. There's people with garden tools running, lawnmowers going and people chopping wood for hours in preperation for winter. Major renovations happening nextdoor.

I've been like this as long as I can remember and I never tell anyone or never ask anyone to accomodate my shit (like back when I've lived with noisy partners) I just suck it up but I feel like it can't be good for me and like I need to find a better cope for noise getting in my head so much. My stress levels are up all the time and I feel it. Funny thing is my dad is like this too… except he would control people in order to cope. He would insist on us all tiptoeing around the house as kids and it was too much. It was unreasonable the lengths he went to and the level of consideration he needed. He stopped people around him from living and having fun and he felt no shame in demanding it as a constant thing. So now I have no idea whether we're both autists and I inherited tism or whether growing up in a near silent home has created this sensitivity in me because most places aren't going to be that quiet. Nature or nurture? I can't tell. I refuse to be an ass about it and I know people have to do their own thing but I'm also cracking up with no coping mechanism. Playing loud music over it is worse, plugging my ears all day means I can't hear important things either. I don't want to live with this tension anymore but I don't know how to manage it any better.

No. 1200424

Last year I debated a couple of incels on another imageboard and BTFO'd them, and to this day I still live rent free in their heads because I happened to reveal my sex during the fight. But I feel like I ended up making other women's experience on there worse (if there are even any female users left there).

No. 1200450

What was it about?

No. 1200502

I use ear defenders that muffle sounds but I can still hear important stuff. I can have a conversation easily with them on. I think mine are rated around 33db and they're generally marketed to construction workers. You can get in-ear versions of this too if you don't want to look like a sperg. Other than that I don't know what to say, this has been one of the banes of my life and it's really hard to deal with. I did look into it at one point and apparently there's some therapy you can get to desensitize your hearing.
Also depending on your living situation and the climate you could keep your windows closed in the day and open at night. I think I read that as advice on how to keep your house cooler in summer (we don't have air conditioning either).

No. 1200503

File: 1653758921577.gif (519.45 KB, 1500x1500, ok-jeongryun-2016-12-03.gif)

>ear defenders
Hehe, this makes me imagine little knights that protect your ears from soundwaves.

No. 1200537

Thanks for the reply. I might just get ear defenders then. The over the ear ones will do seeing as my main issue is at home. Nobody is going to see me at home in muh defenders anyway.

No. 1200539

I can't remember and honestly I don't want to think too much about it, but believe me, it was probably some retarded bullshit like "waaahh I'm oppressed because no woman is ever going to fuck me and women don't suffer at all because they can get consensual sex more easily".

No. 1200610

That's a sad emoji, but it looks kinda goofy, so people mostly use it as "ironic sad".
"My food fell on the ground" kind of posts.

It doesn't look like laughing at all, the face of the shape and eyebrows and mouth are not what you would see in a happy face.

Sorry nonnie, but your boyfriend was right and you may be autistic.

No. 1200613

> face of the shape
*shape of the eyes
I too am retarded.

No. 1200621

This is embarrassing but I have a crush on the butch anon with wide shoulders who was posting in the fashion thread a few weeks ago. (Yes it's been that long and I'm still thinking of her.) I want to go shopping with her for summer clothes and help her pick out her outfits. I really like fashion and shopping so it would be fun for me and perhaps useful to her. Idk I just like how she is both open to outside input but sticks to her values and has strong boundaries— especially when other anons were kinda negging her and trying to get her to dress femininely. I admire that strength of conviction in a woman. We will never meet and I don't think I would be a good partner anyway so I just hope she has a great day, a great life, and that everyone she meets affords her the love and respect she deserves.

No. 1200657

I can't help but make fun of one of my coworkers in my mind. His ex caused him to develop anxiety, which made me feel sympathy for him until he told me he was 18 at the time and her girlfriend was 15.
Like damn, you're a borderline pedo, but of course you were the one traumatized by a child kek

No. 1200705

Nonny it's literally called the "loudly crying" or "sob" emoji.
>Loudly Crying Face conveys uncontrollable feelings and overwhelming sentiments, ranging from grief and disappointment to hilarity and joy. Its tone is often meant to be hyperbolic.Loudly Crying Face conveys uncontrollable feelings and overwhelming sentiments, ranging from grief and disappointment to hilarity and joy. Its tone is often meant to be hyperbolic.
While it could also mean "uncontrollable laughter", it's mainly intended to convey sad crying and sobbing, or alternatively overwhelming feelings in general.

No. 1200736

this was years ago, but after we had to put down our 15 year old dog who I pretty much knew since I was a baby, I was wanting a buzzcut so badly but I couldn’t bring myself to it. The reasoning in my head was “when my dog comes back she won’t recognize me if I do that, she’s only known me with long long hair”. I know that makes no sense and a dog wouldn’t stop recognizing a family member just by them cutting their hair anyway. Regardless, I still absolutely couldn’t bring myself to do it until like two years afterwards when I stopped mourning and I wasn’t worried about my dog not recognizing me anymore lmao. I wish someone would psychoanalize that for me. Like, logically, I knew none of that added up at all. But the fear I felt about those concerns was definitely real.

No. 1200874

That’s grief, sometimes the things we do and think when grieving don’t make 100% sense

No. 1201213

My mother made me think I was autistic for years. She and my father put me in private schools because she'd thought I'd get bUlLiEd without any proof, made me play a stupid sport in high school (thankfully got kicked off the next year, kek), wouldn't let me learn to drive right away because I was too immature yet my brother could, and both she and my father forced me to complete uni with a degree I hate. It always sat in the back of my head I could be autistic despite never having any issues brought up by other kids or the schools (I use to read my report cards and have looked through them recently again). When I was in grad school, 2 of my professors told me they thought I was autistic and needed to get evaluated to get proper accommodations. Fell apart because I thought my fear came true. Dropped out. Ended up getting therapy with my therapist being confused why I thought this. Went to a specialist who was equally confused. Therapist showed me what she wrote down based on my behavior: depressed, anxious, and PTSD. I'm angry and even more depressed because I know I would have been fine had my parents left me alone. The worst part is they now determine that those schools weren't great. I want to either laugh or scream. It makes me furious they think this when both couldn't have cared less about my opinion as an adolescent. I'm upset my mother thought I was autistic without any indicators and made me feel like shit. The 2 professors have pulled similar shit like this before so they wanted to fuck me up, and no lawyer wants to take my case. I'm so bitter and hate how much of my life got wasted all because my mother felt she knew what was best for me and wanted to vicariously live through me. It hurts.

No. 1201396

I like cute and quiet scrotes because I project a noble and kind personality on them based off their face… Dated this type 2x all ending in regret. Sex addicted, cowardly, and emotionally inept was their real personality. Now I know better and get to know multiple guys while in the dating stage for long enough to reveal any hidden bullshit.

No. 1201406

This is adorable anon. I used to have such crushes before capitalism crushed my soul.

No. 1201411

I made this mistake too. I hope you don't blame yourself, we're all memed by romantic media to believe the best of those types when the reality is very different. Good to hear you are vetting guys more carefully now!

No. 1201441

I feel sorry for FtM detransitioners. They will never get their voices back, apparently testosterone changes it forever

No. 1201552

I don't believe women who claim to have autism unless its very severe and not the "slightly sensitive/muh women hide it better" kind

No. 1201570

It's kind of obvious irl though even if they are highfunctioning. Online though, everyone claims to be an autist so it doesn't really mean anything.

No. 1201587

Omg that’s adorable

No. 1201595

I leave the light on in my room during winter so my palm gets enough ligt. I even started to pull up the blind daily for it.

No. 1201604

So men can be autistic with any level of functioning and women have to be drooling retards to be autistic?

No. 1201618

Men should always be thought of as drooling retards.

No. 1201661

There's a few places I think he could go to, I'm very tempted to casually show up at them until I see him and gradually make him mine. God he's so funny and hot and well spoken and dresses well and we're into the same shit and he isn't gay as far as I know and I just wanna leap on him

No. 1201785

Men don't usually larp autism

No. 1201900

I'm with you nonnie. at this point I don't believe female autism is even a thing. the male autists I know are all dustin hoffman-tier who can't wipe their ass, while the female ones are social butterflies compared to me. probably the next mass hysteria after split personality in the 80s/90s and rogd, same demographic and same countries too. mental health professionals just love having fun.

No. 1201936

It's clearly a thing considering the amount of times farmers misunderstand jokes and sarcasm kek

No. 1202209

If it isn’t a thing why are there so many here right now.

No. 1202725

In all fairness, maybe they were mega autists when they were kids? I remember being a ‘troubled kid’ when I was younger, and got diagnosed with autism as a consequence, but then got better at being normal over time

No. 1202739

holy shit the Lords of Autism have graced us with their omniscience

No. 1202953

No, they're just American, dumbass.

No. 1203108

I've been checking up on my ex every now and then on an account he has where he thinks it anonymous and he shares sexual shit and all sorts on there. It's connected to his main email and not as anon as he thinks.

This ex cheated on me with another woman and got with her afterwards so I'm mostly just awaiting the day that they break up because I hate to see cheating pay off for someone like that. That was my motivation to snoop. Well they haven't split yet. Their relationship has now lasted longer than mine and his did so I don't check on it too frequently anymore. But I checked today and it really hit me.. This guy has some 'out there sexual interests' that I always kept my boundaries on. She did too in the beginning and thanks to his oversharing on this account I can see how he had to play the long game in applying pressure to her to get her to go along with this stuff. She wasn't down for any of this stuff when they met. Wasn't into it a year in. Didn't Let him go too far 2 years in. Current day he is sleeping around now with her consent (including sleeping with other men) and she's willing to join for group sex sometimes. Strange how she changed her tune after years of idk… pressure? He's stretching her ass out and posting about it so other men can read. I don't know how to feel. Part of me gets more closure from seeing how pornsick he is and what it actually takes to 'keep him happy' but it's still disturbing because it's like he just chipped away at her boundaries.. and kept a record of it.

No. 1203113

I'm having a deja vu, did you post about it before?

No. 1203128

I have some inexplicable hatred for people who say they read a book and then I find out they simply listened to the audio book. It's almost on par with people claiming to have read a book while only having watched the shitty 2002 movie adaption of it for me.

No. 1203152

I've vented about him cheating but that's it. The results of the snooping were always too gross to want to share.

No. 1203154

But an audiobook is literally the same content. A movie is not.

No. 1203156

That's why I said almost.

No. 1203167

Are you one of those who screech at someone for reading ebooks? Or writing on paper books?

No. 1203177

No, I don't care for ebook readers and openly judge and tease anti-book vandalists. Audiobook readers are the only ones I have a bone to pick with.

No. 1203181

Between abuse, death, break ups etc there's a date in pretty much every month of the year that just pisses me off for the whole day. I hate how its spread out. Mothers day (dead) fathers day (hes shit) xmas is bad when you've nobody, moms bday sucks, moms death anniversary hurts, there was a break up that hit so hard the anniversary date hits me. A failed marriage adds a couple dates on too. New years ain't great when you're semi hermit.

My brain is obsessed with dates. Wired to just never let anything go and I feel like a whingebag for dwelling on everything.

No. 1203210

Come pick my bones then, I'm listening to an audiobook while pooping and replying to your post. What do you have to say about that

No. 1203229

Nta but I just started listening to podcasts and I like to play solitaire while I do lol or drive. There's times I zone out and miss stuff, I don't think I could listen to a book. When I read a novel I always have to pause and reflect lok

No. 1203248

File: 1653950277097.jpg (193.89 KB, 736x920, 43fdb1c049bd15a1e2a3d86de60127…)

For about 2 years now I've been really interested in military stuff, a bit more than what I was in the past (I like history, but I was never focusing on military history in particular), and now I'm kinda obsessed with the idea of joining the military in my country. I can't shake it off of mind, even though I don't think I would be particularly super happy with it due to its strictness. But even so, the idea of becoming ultra disciplined, learning gun and combat skills, being very fit and becoming part of "something bigger" is really appealing to me right now.
I wouldn't be able to build a military career with my age and I wouldn't be a combatant soldier (which is better imo), I'd work as an armed forces technician. If they open up positions in my grad area, I think I'll just do it, even if my family isn't very favorable to this idea.

No. 1203314

I want to be hardcore butch so fucking bad. Like the chubby-faced, buzzcut biker type of butch. Not attractive. Not cute. Just rough and uncompromising. I'm currently between jobs and to make sure I don't hurt my career I have just adapted a very mousy and normal appearance, but I'm very close to not caring anymore.

No. 1203316

I write "x reader" fanfics about serial killers. They include explicit sex scenes and sexual jokes relating to their crimes/how attracted I am to them in the notes.

I'm also a lesbian, and don't actually get off to any of my fics. I just love enraging people, kek. The comments are my favourite aspect. I know I'm just an IRL version of the "haha, I was only pretending to be retarded!" meme, but I still love LARPing as a true-crimefag.
The rush from getting a new hate comment is better than any orgasm, I'll giggle over it for literal hours and smile to myself all day. People IRL notice, so I'm strategic as to when I check my inbox.
Only a few people know what I do, and they don't know the full extent of it.

No. 1203318

You sound like you may not have many friends but I'm glad you're excercising creativity.

No. 1203327

Ahaha, I actually do have quite a few, but thank you! I always loved being artistic and now autistic, it seems, and making people upset sparks so much more joy than anything else.
I just don't have any online friends, for… obvious reasons. Tysm again, kind nona!

No. 1203346

Same, I think I've always been on-and-off wanting to join the military, and I think this year would be my last chance, but rececntly I've considered it more seriously because I'm desperate to fix my shit discipline/ADD and my husbando is a soldier so right now I'm more autistic about military stuff.
Aside from that, of course, learning how to fight, getting fit and being able to shoot firearms all sound really appealing. I don't care about "becoming part of something bigger", I don't think joining my country's army and obeying a corrupt government or serving corrupt officials is something to be proud of.
I'm also afraid of them destroying my sense of free will or my ethical/moral code, or me being too mentally weak and committing suicide or something.
>I'd work as an armed forces technician
that sounds cool

No. 1203364

Topkek my friend and I do the same thing. We love talking to each other about the hate comments and will leave overly supportive comments on each other’s stuff to trigger people. I’m working on a novel and it’s a good outlet for getting out ideas unfit for the public eye, but it also gives me something to do when I’m bored. I also like to write really, really bad stories to see how far I can go and still get readers and nice comments. If I knew who you were I would read all your stuff.

It is WAY too much fun making people online angry…

No. 1203386

I would pay to see your post history because I just know you’re saying some of the most retarded bitter shit

No. 1203405

You and your friend sound hilarious nonnie, lmfao. If only this weren’t anonymous, I’d also love to see what you two post as well! Is it also true crime, or different topics?

Nothing interesting, unfortunately. I don’t really post on lolcow too much. I posted in a snow thread recently + maybe a few other things a year or so back, but it’s all pretty tame. I’d rather trigger people on fanfic callout blogs than random users on some anonymous image board.
also, anyone who gets triggered in the comments of my fics have either heard of it and checked it out, or were willingly looking through the tags for a reason to get upset. i don’t force others to look at them.

No. 1203406

Still hoping my dad will die soon so I can collect inheritance

No. 1203410

me too nona, hope you get that cash.

No. 1203441

I can't stop writing completely absurd fake reddit relationship advice stories. I get a rush whenever they blow up and especially when I see them reposted onto other sites. I wish my real projects got that much attention tbh

No. 1203454

You should have a calling card on your posts so other nonnies know it’s you kek

No. 1203456

Kek could you screen shot some? I always wanted to try that

No. 1203462

Love this nonna. Even radio station hosts read these posts. Reddit users act like they're honorbound to not call OP a liar or a fake so they deserve wasting their energy on fake posts

No. 1203468

Can we make requests? Can you write one about an animal trainer at a zoo spending more time with her animal charges than her boyfriend?

No. 1203493

Varies a lot, but We usually larp as people who have the opposite opinions as us and just make really bad takes or cringe stuff. My favorite to do is act like a cringe tiktok 15 year old and give all the characters ridiculous neopronouns and see how far I can take it before people pick up I’m mocking them

TOPKEK I’m going to start reading every post and try to decipher which is you. I won’t comment, of course. Leave us a sign!

As for the military helping treat your adhd- I’ve had the exact same thoughts. A structure and group of people + leader would really help discipline me. Getting in shape would also be an immense confidence booster and would probably get me in the habit of working out for years to come. My boyfriend has thought about enlisting too so we could go together. The only drawback to me is losing individuality and cutting hair. im a bit too attached to my hair (ie. I’m retarded) and I’ve been growing mine out for years and just hit my length goal.

No. 1203516

I am addicted to showing off my strength, especially if it means men will feel bad about themselves because a woman is stronger than them.

Stupid story-
I am a closer at my job and my coworker has epilepsy. There was an incident earlier so police and ambulances were in front flashing their lights. For safety reasons, all of the closers have to leave at the same time. But because of the flashing lights, she couldn’t leave and neither could we (I’m not mad, I love her). She couldn’t just cover her eyes and walk even with others guiding her because of how bad the terrain is between us and the parking lot. We stood around trying to figure out what to do. Some guy suggested carrying her as a joke, but most of the guys there were scrawny or fat as fuck. Definitely couldn’t carry her even though she was light. Carrying her was the best option but none of the guys volunteered. I shoved my purse and shit into some moids arms, covered her eyes with my jacket, picked her up, and carried her multiple blocks and up hills all the way to her car.

This is just one of many examples. I carried her because I love her, but shoving it in the moids faces felt so fucking good. Almost every day there are incidences where I have to pick up their slack or do stuff for the guys at my work because they’re not strong enough. It’s more addicting than any drug.

No. 1203536

my hair was greasy on the top and dry on the bottom but i brushed the dry front part over the greasy and wore it in a ponytail or bun. it was very cold there so it did not get too oily. when i was too fucked up to brush it though it knotted quite badly because of the texture. at work i wore hats and hoods as a uniform so it was only visible in school.

the bad part was getting a kidney infection because i was too tired to leave bed and go pee and i just held it in. the worst part of finally showering was my privates hurt from the soap. i got an uti. but i washed my pits and privates in the sink sometimes that month but it still wasn't enough.

No. 1203544

Show us one that blew up pretty please

No. 1203555

You're an absolute badass anon and you were a hero(ine) to that girl and I'm sure she'll remember it forever. Also I bet she was relieved to be carried by another woman and not have to be held by one of those gross scrotes. Even so they deserve to have shriveled up and died of shame. Retard strength is supposed to be one of their only useful qualities and they didn't even have that. I aspire to be as cool and tough as you.

No. 1203576

If you ever saw one with the punchline "I'm tired of being sasuke" and it was about cosplay sex then that was my most popular fake story kek
I can post something like this, probably involving a dolphin, but whether or not it gains traction depends on if the retarded mods feel like deleting my shit that day. My stories get absurd but I write them so matter-of-fact that sometimes mods will argue with each other over my dumb shit

No. 1203595

If any woman did such thing for me I'd love her forever especially since I'm epileptic too and I know how it feels like to have someone treat the issue seriously and go out of their way to ensure my safety if needed. Do you train a lot to become this strong, anon?

No. 1203597

because of a close friend suffering sexual abuse for years at the hands of her step-father, i can't help but assume any step-father is a rapist or an abuser of some kind.
i'm often confused when someone loves their step-dad… i never say it cuz that's a weird thing to say

No. 1203628

Every time my friend (who I had kind of a… thing with) tells me about her theythem gf it makes me literally want to puke. Now that she’s telling me about how they want to move in together, and that also meaning I’m gonna have to hear more about “””them”””, it makes me want to literally kill myself. I don’t even think im into the idea of dating her anymore since she became begendered but it still makes me literally sick to my stomach. I think it would just be regular sad jealously if they were a normal couple of bi girls dating, but for whatever reason this makes me so close to retching. If she invites me to come over when the nlog gf is present I’m scared I might actually puke.

No. 1203788

File: 1654004958560.jpg (52.78 KB, 563x560, e956e14072be106c4080ffdbe5bdc5…)

AYRT, and I guess we're really similar!
>I'm desperate to fix my shit discipline/ADD and my husbando is a soldier so right now I'm more autistic about military stuff
Yes!!! For both of these things. I haven't been diagnosed with ADD because I have never set foot in a therapist's office, but I highly suspect I have it. I am a bit ashamed to go to therapy for some reason, although I don't think it's bad when people do it. maybe I'll do it when I get to the military kek
Abou the becoming part of "something bigger", I don't care much for my corrupt country's political heads either (that's why the quotation marks), but I really like the humanitarian side of the army - peacemaker soldiers that help countries worse off, or helping our own citizens through health campaigns or other democratic events. I like doing stuff to help people! Most do, I believe.
About the technician thing, at least in my country, the Armed Forces usually don't hire people outside of it to do their jobs, so they have a a lot of openings. From obvious things like Airplane Mechanics and Health Professionals, to things you wouldn't usually associate with the Military like Web Designers, Librarians, Dog Trainers. It's great because not only you get the job, but you also go through basic combat training, get housing, free pass at military hotels, free access to their hospitals, so on and so forth. The only downside in this case would be not being able to advance in the military career if you'd want, it's available only for 8 years.
That being said, I don't fear losing my ethical and moral code, not even my individuality, because since I'm not fresh out of high school (not even fresh out of college tbh) I'm pretty sure of what I believe in. I think the discipline would even help me get my ideas across better.
Also I've been daydreaming of wearing the Military Uniform to places kek I live next to a military base, and I have seen both male and female soldiers wearing their uniforms while doing groceries and stuff. It's stupid of my part, but it does looks nice.

>would probably get me in the habit of working out for years to come.
I had a friend that had to do obligatory military service here in my country and he kept running every morning daily even after he left the army and became a lawyer, so this is very true.
>The only drawback to me is losing individuality and cutting hair.
I don't know how your country works, but in mine, only men shave their head, for women it's optional. Most don't even trim it. You do have to wear it on a bun for most of the time, though.

No. 1203821


I appreciate it guys. I don’t go to the gym but I like to lift at home when I have time. I grew up doing a lot of manual labor and my job at work is pretty physically intensive with lots of heavy stuff. I always knew of my friends epilepsy but never actually saw her have a seizure until a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, it was also one of her worst episodes in a few years and she was having multiple. I love her so much and she doesn’t deserve that shit, I did research but it’s so much worse and sad to see in person. I would do anything for that girl.

No. 1203878

I now have an understanding for the impulse men have to say "not all men" because I am russian (diaspora) and seeing people equate Russians with pure evil rapists and murderers makes me feel like shit. Of course I don't speak up because I know what they mean, and it's obnoxious to expect traumatised war torn people to police themselves so I'm comfortable. But its still shitty especially when I know the people saying these things and they know I am russian, but they still say things like
>russians are raping women
>russians destroyed the city
I wonder if they see me that way even though I'm against the war. I know it's so easy to see in black and white and see X type of person as the enemy. anyway it's a weird feeling and I just wanted to vent it somewhere.

No. 1203879

A lot of men purposely date women with kids for specifically to abuse their daughters. If your step-father has done nothing of the sort, i wouldn't be worried.

No. 1203888

I wish I did cool shit like that. I mostly just carry shit and move furniture for old ladies. Or I would clean and jerk crates of books, because I have no patience for a forklift. I also specialized in an underappreciated lift so I usually lift more than most scrotes in it.

No. 1203899

I don't think you're evil just for being Russian, anon, and I'm sure most others with their heads on straight wouldn't either. I mean, it sure as fuck isn't Russian WOMEN murdering and raping Ukrainians, first off, so anyone who blames you for it is retarded anyways.

No. 1204055

I love Shayna's thread. It's perfect the way it is with other e-sws habituating it and assorted weirdos.

No. 1204071

It’s men. All of this is men. It’s Russian men. Just like the fall of the wall was Men. Those rapes were men. That violence is men. These wars are led by men. The finger pointing and the hating groups is so no man in the room has to see himself the villain. Even in WW the Allies raped women, but only the Russians got blamed? Women are trying to survive and banning dance styles in other countries and painting churches red does nothing to help the women and children caught in the middle. I’m sorry Noni

No. 1204126

We can't tell apart the Russian's who support the special military operation and those who don't so its just easier to group whole nation together

No. 1204133

You're unironically and literally so fucking cool nonnon. I aspire to be like you.

No. 1204168

File: 1654023352430.jpg (87.33 KB, 954x607, 4epc15.jpg)

>Zero girl friends
>but always has a bf
Major redflag, i don't trust no woman like that at all, and some here tried to justify themselves but i just can't buy it, there's something off about the whole situation

No. 1204196

File: 1654024166464.jpg (66.42 KB, 1022x731, It's_All_So_Tiresome.jpg)

your post wasn't a confession though, but to answer your question its easier to get a romantic partner then make a friend(male or female) with friends there's no incentive that they have to hang out with you, seriously as an adult its almost impossible to make friends, the few friends I have were work colleague that I really connected with and later some people in martial arts classes and even with those people, I can only say I have only 7 actual friends in my life, 2 of those are my brother in law and his wife, its not a choice really, its just making friends is really really hard as an adult

No. 1204205

This is so true. It just seems like they put effort into having a supposedly stable relationship and are capable of that communication with a male, which is arguably harder, but unable to have relationships with women that most likely have way more in common with them than a scrote does.

No. 1204206

True. Even though the standard opinion here might stray into "immediately dump him for the slightest error"-territory, it's much better than the 1000s of websites with moid-lurkers giving advice to women down on their luck to stay with their shitstain bfs.

No. 1204207

File: 1654024544568.gif (1.89 MB, 527x368, tumblr_fcd7c215f9e97d903707427…)

lolcow is the only website where I'd be ready to listen to anons when they say X behaviour is abusive or a red flag in a relationship. Every other website I'll default to expecting them to say kink shaming is aboosif, and being uncomfortable with your straight bf having one-on-one sleepovers with his platonical girl friend is [redflagemojix3]. Like, maybe they'll have good reasons for thinking Y is bad and Z is actually a very healthy thing to do in a relationship, and maybe they have arguments that would convince me to change my mind, but I'll never find out because I'll forever refuse to hear them out. lolcow is the only one I'll trust with this.

No. 1204209

love this gif

No. 1204214

True you can’t even say “no hate against porn or anyone who watches, but I just don’t want it in my relationship. I don’t watch it and I want the same from my partner” without being dogpiled and called a highly controlling bitch with crippling self esteem issues. Or like that thing where a woman sees a million signs her bf is cheating so she snoops and they are like “I hope you dump him because he deserves so much better like wow imagine having your privacy violated like that??”

No. 1204216

Imo, being in a relationship is easier than maintaining friendships so I can understand their standpoint. What is easier is probably different for each person though.

No. 1204222

it is a confession cause i don't really disclose this judgement with nobody
I though scrotes were hard to handle cause they're in fact awful, are you really telling me is easier for you to hang out 24/7 with some moid than other women? hell nah

No. 1204224

I mean don't you think we try though, with a romantic partner you can have a date to judge them and it becomes sort of incentive for both parties of try just to see what they can get out of the relationship, friendships are way more complicated, tell me outside of work(which has a limited pool of people) how can you start a friendship with someone. I mean, you can’t just walk up to a cool looking woman at Starbucks and say, “Hey, I see you like your coffee the way I like my coffee, we should be friends” without it being awkward and embarrassing for everyone involved. Not to mention, there are so many things that can go wrong in the formations phases of friendship; personalities clash, values don’t match, and schedules don’t allow for bonding time.
like I'm autistic and even I know how cringy it would be to say "hey can we be friends" to another adult

No. 1204228

Honestly this. Being in a relationship is literally as easy as
>stand there
>moid desperately hangs around you until one of you asks the other out
>move in together because it’s cheaper
>now you live in the same house so there is no effort required to be in each other’s presence
>even though you never cared or asked, you learn a lot about them

Meanwhile with friends you have to have compatible work/school schedules, common hobbies or interests, and put in a lot of time and and effort getting to know each other and having initiating the conversation to go from acquaintances to actual friends. On top of that, women like to be actually compatible with their friends whereas moids don’t give a shit they will go along with whatever because they just want to fuck.

No. 1204249

You seriously have an easier time talking to men that will most likely treat you like utter garbage 99% of the time, then you move in with them quick enough after meeting them that it's no effort to meet them? And you have no time to meet with friends? Your priorities just aren't on friendships with women. If you can make time and make such a big leap as to LIVE with a man, you can ask to hang out with a woman. I don't get it. You can prioritize relationships over friendships, just don't act like it's not a red flag for potential friends that you do. And don't act like it's the average experience. It's way easier to make friends than to have relationships, in my opinion. You're risking way more.

No. 1204294

no it isn't, please tell me how the fuck you can make a friend as an adult outside of work, either your underage or terminally online and think those count as female friendships

No. 1204302

Nonny why are you so mad about people stating the fact that getting a man to ask you out requires no effort at all? No one is saying the relationships are good. Obviously decent relationships are exceedingly rare, as exemplified by the state of men and the rising trend of single women and divorces. And you can keep trying to make moving in together sound a lot deeper than it is, but the fact is that most young people move in with their partner ASAP because cost of living is insane.

No. 1204303

volunteering and animal rescue has been a great source of my friendships along with neighbors

No. 1204310

>with friends there's no incentive that they have to hang out with you
Uhm. So are you admitting the only thing you have to offer is sex?

No. 1204319

>whereas moids don’t give a shit they will go along with whatever because they just want to fuck
Its kind of sad how self-aware you are of your situation yet you act so casual about it, you know men don't value you yet you avoid female friendships that would be arguably healthier for you, its like you guys are self-isolating or something
Nta but it is really not that hard to befriend women, I've lots of girl friends from any type of backgrounds and situations and i'm not even that extroverted nor popular, i actually have a really hard time talking to moids cause, well, they're moids

No. 1204329

I have not dated in years and I only have female friends kek but making them was way harder than getting a bf will ever be.

No. 1204331

Clearly you aren't the wallflower you think you are, cause for most of us it's really fucking hard, I just can't make friend's with people, I have a lot of trauma from being bullied and it makes social life tough, can you just fucking understand that at least

No. 1204351

>Women don't like me, they bullied me and now I've trauma and social anxiety
>But I've no problems befriending or even dating men, who have 98.99% chances of traumatizing me further or even killing me

No. 1204355

why are you so aggressive

No. 1204360

Maybe you come off as a normie and that's why it's easy. I feel like I'm too weird, "masculine" people think I'm a themlet because I have short hair and I like to tell jokes I guess?, and have too many stupid and obscure interests to really connect with many of the women in my area. I genuinely get along with thembies and fakebois better than normie women because I've got autismo interests and have autismo tendencies and I am kind of offputting I guess. But of course being friends with thembies and fakebois is a recipe for disaster in my experience.

No. 1204401

>or even killing me
love talking to true crime brained minors online

No. 1204404

I’m one of these girls. I initially typed something out trying to defend myself but truth is I can’t even defend it. I do want to make female friends, but I’m too much of an autistic retard with ptsd. I don’t know how to connect with other women. I hurt some friends in my adolescence and to be honest, sometimes I think it’s for the best that I don’t get too close to other women. I think your instincts are probably correct.

No. 1204426

Love when violence against women is actually very common but people like to ignore it.

No. 1204442

Anon wtf are you on about? men are dangerous that's a fact
I understand this, at least you are aware that your situation could be unhealthy to an extent

No. 1204446

Ayrt. Calling me terminally online and underage when you are struggling to connect with adult women? Curious. It's not that hard, you just don't really want the friendships because you don't want to put effort in. If you take any free classes, join an interest group, or even just start a conversation with a random woman on the street you can definitely start a friendship. Sorry if I sounded aggressive, but it drives me up the wall when other women act like women are some sort of enigma and you can't understand them. You can make time once a week to get food or something. You are not that busy and if you are, you have bigger issues.

No. 1204447

you should be wary of men for many reasons and at all things, but constantly thinking of being murdered is a step too far to me, I don't want to live entirely paralyzed and paranoid. you do you though

No. 1204459

I wish the shoplifting subreddit was still up, only reason to visit that retarded site. When I have no money I steal necessities like food, hygiene products, and clothes from big chain stores and feel 0 guilt bc it isn't my fault capitalism has made us who don't have daddy's money to fund us through young adulthood all terminally poor no matter how much we work. What am I gonna do, bankrupt Walmart? Lmao.

Any other anons steal? What stores do you like to hit? T@rget is my favorite bc no beepers but I have to be insanely careful, I NEVER conceal on the floor bc their cameras and LP are absolute monsters. Dressing rooms ftw.

No. 1204466

I stole an essence eyeliner last year, no fucking idea why I just felt I had to do something stupid and I never go anywhere besides grocery shopping and to the doctors. Just slipped it in my sleeve.

No. 1204469

I guess come across that way, I'm just angry the fact some of us don't have friends is that "we aren't trying hard enough" and I guess it made me angry
I have 2 male friends(counting my partner) and 5 female friends, and you have no idea how hard it has been for me to take me these friends

No. 1204476

Once I had a photo from my phone printed on one of those digital photo printing machines where you had to print it and go and pay at the till. And I walked around the store for a bit and left forgetting to pay and it was like 49p or something but I felt so guilty and anxious.. I have no idea how anyone could shoplift or steal I felt so guilty and couldn't stop thinking about it kek

No. 1204477

File: 1654033046967.gif (3.9 MB, 414x472, A87F4D7D-ED2D-470C-B286-2721A7…)

> T@rget is my favorite bc no beepers but I have to be insanely careful
Target’s policy is that they don’t apprehend shoplifters until they’ve collected enough evidence of you stealing that you can be charged with a felony. Then they’ll catch you. They’re super hardcore about it too, much more than Walmart. Be careful. I’ve never shoplifted (I had daddy’s money to fund me through young adulthood) but would never turn my nose up against someone stealing food/necessities from a megacorp. I do miss /r/shoplifting through, it was a little window into a different world. The death of the Wild West internet is a tragedy.

No. 1204478

Correct about men but let's be real. Bitches loveee fantasizing about female friendships but they can't even text back. Most women do not entertain potential friends with even half the effort they put into a temporary moid. Including socially awkward nerds on here who posts about wanting friends every day.

No. 1204482

I'm also a woman with a lot more male than female friends (I don't have 0 women friends like some here though) and even I agree it's a red flag lol
In my case, I'm just pretty introverted so all of my friends approached me first, and more men than women have tried to both approach me and try to keep in touch with me. I do miss having more female friends though, most of the few ones I have are really busy with life and stuff… It makes me think I should stop being a lazy fuck even towards people and make some effort to make more female friends on my own rather than just "waiting for them to appear out of nowhere" lol

No. 1204483

> When I have no money I steal necessities like food, hygiene products
I can kinda, kinda understand this, but being so casual and arrogant about stealing is so embarrassing anon kek, it reminds me of that Tumblr community of girls who used to shoplift and take photos of their 'haul'

No. 1204484

Nta but who gives a fuck.

No. 1204488

why are you so hostile? it is my opinion

No. 1204493

Ayrt, how was I being narcissistic? Saying I don't feel bad about it doesn't mean I'm bragging lol, it's just so a hundred moralizers don't swarm me for it as if I will ever give a shit a

No. 1204494

Women are not all catty "bitches" or incomprensible aliens, and the fact that you just assume every female relationship is that shitty and one-sided is worrying

No. 1204496

Oh trust me anon, I know all about that case building shit. They have absolutely zero shit on me, I simply don't do it enough. Honestly the stores I steal from the most regularly are various cvs/Walgreens around my city. Target is mainly for when I need a new bra or smth, I can easily just put it on in the fitting room and wear it out so they do not have me on camera concealing, thus no proof.

No. 1204499

No. 1204501

I kind of get why the ayrt is saying in terms of a fair amount of women putting zero effort into their friendships bc all energy goes to their mood. But they're usually pickmes, to be avoided at all cost. Plenty of women aren't like that though and on average I'd say we tend to have better and deeper friendships with each other than men do that's for fuckin sure lol

No. 1204502

where are you finding modern day non total shit moids to accomplish any of that with though? genuinely asking. maybe desperate 30 somethings.. but also you'd need to actually fuck the moid which is just nauseating versus simply being nice to friends and setting up dinner plans lol.

No. 1204506

you can see how those ''easy to get'' moids treat them by looking at their vents about relationships in other threads. Yeah you can get some fugly sleazy moid but the relationship will be like shit.

No. 1204513

Men are retard cavemen, easy to impress and easy to talk to, but insufferable. I'm not friends with any men and not attracted to them, but they're simple. Normie women are nightmare mode difficulty for me, because I actually give a shit about what women think of me and I can't do the nonverbal communication, social hierarchy, social politics, reading in between the lines, performing enough femininity to even get a foot in the door and be given a chance, dance. Like this >>1204360 anon I end up having to deal with fakebois or try to find other spergs who are willing to tolerate me.

No. 1204534

I would like to defend myself too but honestly I rather dumb and judgemental women like you stay away from me as well.
I have more in common with my boyfriend that any female friend I've had, save for one extremely autistic girl friend in high school.

No. 1204536

If someome isn't texting back, they aren't your friend. You hang out with a ton of people but you only befriend a few, we can't be friends with everyone. Society does force women to value men in their lives more, some women even say they like their husband more than their family or children. That's not their fault, it's mostly performative to keep the moid from chimping out.

No. 1204541

Nta but this is sad, tbh. I don't know get how some women don't have lives outside of their bfs and dedicate their lives to them but the bf gets to do whatever he wants and usually has a bigger friend group than he ever leads on. Society expects women to drop everything for their man but they never do the same for us. Ever heard of a man put his wife before his mother or friends? Me neither but everyone expects us to do that.

No. 1204562

your alleged nigel is not every moid on earth though

No. 1204564

I'm kinda glad this conversation is happening, because weeks ago an anon said it never happens that women drop their friends when getting into a relationship or marriage with a scrote. Interesting how the nuclear family ideal mostly means that the woman has to isolate herself.

No. 1204566

They're two desperate people who can only stand each other because they need to fuck. It's not a nigel.

No. 1204568

My life isn't dedicated to anyone but myself and my boyfriend happens to be a part of it.
>bf gets to do whatever he wants
Am I supposed to not allow him to have friends just because I can't make any? It isn't as if he's the one stopping me from having friends. He's always been encouraging of any of my attempts to socialize more.
You don't know anything about me, take your projection elsewhere.

No. 1204572

>Am I supposed to not allow him to have any friends just because I don't have any?
So you admit? He gets to have a life of his own with other people but he's the only one for you?

No. 1204586

these women literally get the shittiest easy man who is willing to be with any woman for convenience.
I met the type of easy men these anons talk about in real life and they're all loser shitty men for a reason and would literally date anybody.
Just look at the relationship threads or discord, it shows the behavior of these men who are easy to get into a relationship with with unlike evil womenzzzz.

No. 1204590

Yes, he can have friends. So could I if I was capable.
Again, you have no idea what you're talking about and are projecting your own fucked up experiences. Being pretty misogynistic too, it's gross.

No. 1204591

I want blood.
I have a strong craving and I feel only the taste of blood can quench this thirst. Metallic, sweet, I want it. I am also starting to look really pale so I think it’s just an iron deficiency lol

No. 1204594

> projecting your own fucked up experiences. Being pretty misogynistic too, it's gross.
I only see projection from you, i would never date a shitty easy man.
Did what i say ring true considering your accusing me of being misogynistic because i said that you date shitty men.

No. 1204599

I've only had 3 long term relationships and this is the first time I've had sex. Sex was not the motivator for me falling in love with a good friend who I have a lot in common with.
What am I projecting? You're telling me I date "shitty easy loser men" because I have nothing to offer other than sex. I wouldn't say that about another woman, that's despicable.
If anything you might just be a moid yourself who is upset at a woman being happy in her relationship.

No. 1204606

>you might just be a moid yourself.
>Sex was not the motivator for me falling in love
um what, well that escalated fast. Where did i mention sex, I see a anon here in many threads lately accuse everyone who criticizes them or disagrees with calling them a male or a sexist. Is that you, are you doing some reverse psychology trolling.

You fit in right with the moids maybe thats why you get along with them better, weird spergy twat.

No. 1204607

>I have more in common with my boyfriend that any female friend I've had
This is so fucking embarrassing
Go cry to your nigel

No. 1204614

What does this imply then?
>these women literally get the shittiest easy man who is willing to be with any woman for convenience

No, not everyone is me, schizo. I hardly post in /ot/ because it's become a twitterfag fest. If you can't see that what you're espousing is blatantly misogynistic then you're an idiot.

No. 1204619

Convenience can mean many things, it can mean emotional labor, house labor, company, financial and it can also mean sex but its not just that. Interesting that your mind went straight to that.
Truth hurts since you seem to be lashing out especially at those two posts, i guess they hit the hardest.

>I hate twitterfags but im also going to act like a twitterfag by calling everyone a misogynist

lmao you hate what you are.

No. 1204621

File: 1654040204703.png (802.26 KB, 826x674, sqnts.png)

I can care about misogyny as a woman and not be the unintegrated atrocity that is anons saying "y'all" "bestie" "go off" and posting twitter memes etc unironically.
Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

No. 1204623

are you seriously going to deny that men are opportunistic, don't respect their partners and use them in every way they can? you're not an exception to that rule sweetie
stfu lmao

No. 1204629

Kek anon. I worked at target and I’m so tempted to leak all the deets, I’m just paranoid about being tracked down and getting in trouble.

My only warning about shoplifting from target: what the Anon said about how they don’t stop you and just compile the evidence until they have a case is VERY true. They WILL memorize your face and track everywhere you walk on their cameras. Once they have enough evidence and see you come into the store again, they will call the police and they’ll be waiting at the entrance to catch you. It doesn’t matter if you’re stealing that trip- they already have all the evidence they need to charge you. I’ve seen it happen so many times.

No. 1204632

its like im talking to brick wall, but i guess this is the most social interaction you've had in a week other than talking to your moid so you have my sympathy.

at first i didnt understand but now its good that loser nlogs like you are doing the favor of not bothering women in real life.

No. 1204643

Both of you are correct in your own ways

No. 1204644

This fr, that explains why women avoid her like the plague and only moids "understand" her, kek

No. 1204675

File: 1654042839015.jpg (48.09 KB, 736x736, 4c640206a90c9ea4c25e6e893826f5…)

I did a astrology compatibility thing and tried it out on many celebs and also tried it out on kpop groups.

What i found out is that me and kanye west, eminem, Jimin from bts and kim taehyung from bts have a high astrological compatibility rating and that me and taehyung would have amazing sex.

How do i feel about this.

No. 1204678

Delete this

No. 1204685

V seems like an actual retard so get that out of your head right now, nona

No. 1204693

File: 1654044171968.jpg (81.27 KB, 961x1200, Ewe_hhuXAAAcIns.jpg)

no, babes.

Other people i also tried it on:
Hitler (i got a low/bad rating of 20% and he would have hated me)
Putin (i got 65% which is meh in the middle i guess)
Harry styles…..i am shocked i got the highest astrological compatibility with him its almost 100%.
Johnny depp ( i got a low/bad rating)
Elon musk (i got a low rating of 37% lol)
Timothee Chalamate ( i got a okay rating of 73%)
Robert pattinson (i only got 34%)

IDK how i feel with me and Harry almost being 100%.

i dont care since he probably has big dick and is rich.

No. 1204707

>its like im talking to brick wall
I'm not an nlog, I felt the need to give my 2 cents specifically because I know other women are in my same situation and I feel it's unfair that they are judged and blamed by stupid and narrow-minded people like the op who cannot think beyond their own life experience for a second.
I never said that and I wasn't defending moids, they are just as difficult to befriend. I was only talking about my boyfriend. My boyfriend is the first friend I've made outside my church and first time I've dated outside my church, of course he understands me better than bland "Jesus is my life and only interest" women.

No. 1204708

File: 1654045100708.gif (1.02 MB, 200x200, bf19c35cf564b3162b10ccadfd0b9c…)

to add i also did a non-celeb astro compatibility and i got a high rating with a insane guy who used to bully and torment me….

No. 1204719

Publish your studies please

No. 1204740

Do they know if you shoplift at different Target stores?

No. 1204755

I used to steal childrens toys for fun. I feel bad for those children now

I wonder if target kept their case file after I stopped stealing

No. 1204770

File: 1654050118990.jpeg (204.79 KB, 657x1525, EFCB5145-25B9-4997-A902-E4DD87…)

I’m afraid of telling everyone in my family that I call my lounge clothes and pajamas depression clothes because I find the name funny, they would freak out.

No. 1204788

I'm op and I'm still judging you kek you should go and talk with your SS limited platinum edition nigel about those bland religious women (and other women in general, for the matter)

No. 1204836

As insufferable as LDS women are, they're far more bearable than ghetto trashy low iq twitterfags like you. At least they don't lack basic reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

No. 1204843

nta but your just throwing random words/insults and seeing which one sticks, step away from the computer/phone and go and clean your trap house.
Surely you must have a life other than being a bore nuisance on lc or only talking to your ''bf''.

No. 1204845

No I'm just getting around saying the verboten word I actually want to say, if you don't understand it.. well good for you.
It's 11 pm, what exactly do you want me to do dumb ass.

No. 1204849

You're not sly, in fact you're just as retarded as the other anon. Fuck off already and quit derailing with this nonsense.

No. 1204852

Yea having a conversation is derailing from your confession about sucking 10 men off in the hood at 16 and how you feel oh so guilty and hate all men now or whatever, because that's what this place has become.

No. 1204854

Seek help.

No. 1204859

>sucking 10 men off in the hood at 16 and how you feel oh so guilty and hate all men now or whatever.
ok this has me convinced your a moid troll now or a autistic nlog caping for men on lolcow.
Funny how you were previously calling anons misogynist for no reason yet the only one who sounds misogynist here is you.
Dont reply to them anymore, they've been infighting for 5 hours.

No. 1204863

No, I just hate the LSA and PULL refugees. Intellectual conversation on here has stagnated since these "people" arrived.
I'm sure I'll catch a ban anyway but my long post history speaks for itself. I don't "cape for" moids on here and I am not a male.
>For no reason
>for 5 hours
Left, got drunk, came back. Weird if you sit here for several hours straight but to each their own I guess.

No. 1204868

Sometimes when my boyfriend cums in my mouth I feel the urge to save it and then spit it back in his mouth during our post nut kiss like that scene on succession

No. 1204872

I used to have edrama with this girl, I got so tired of her that I made a ton of posts with her selfies that were made to seem like obvious selfposts on b and r9k, everyone was calling "me" an ugly whore but I kept doing it and she eventually got extremely hated and known for being "that ugly selfposting whore that doesnt go away" that people used her selfies in memes that I still see occasionally, later on she started e-whoring in incel discord servers, I guess to feel better about being a meme for her looks, but her nudes were just ridiculed.

I found her current social media and she has a tradwife persona and panders to scrotes still (literally brags about being known on 4chan, treats it like an accomplishment, I think she has deluded herself into thinking she was worshipped and not hated, like cracky or boxxy.)

I worry this is all my fault, nonnas, maybe she would've ended up normal by now. To defend myself though I was 14 and she was 18, what fucking 18 year old has ongoing drama with a freshman KEK.

No. 1204876

This is sexy

No. 1204880

Nta but Quit drinking, your last post is vile and you sound like a typical alcoholic. Imagine writing about an underage girl having her way with multiple guys at once and thinking its an epic own, lmao. Your brain is rotten.

No. 1204881

No. 1204882

Somehow you still come off like you’re jealous of a pickme like her

No. 1204884

you should do it anyway if you really like him

No. 1204886

As someone who was forcibly raped as a child I don't feel bad for trashy whores who convince themselves they were "groomed victims" at 16.(bait)

No. 1204890

based nonna

No. 1204891

No one cares about your twauma olympics either. Go drink more fatty.

No. 1204893

Are you the same religious ana-chan that posted her trannyhands? Or did we get a huge amount of new tradwhore users out of somewhere else? You tradwhores are the worst posters, you keep blogposting abouts your bfs and sad lifes, one of the tradhoes even took pictures of a gay gym fag from reddit to pretend it was her bf. Why do you care so much about your bf and think it's the biggest accomplishment or something?

No. 1204896

No. 1204898

Great reminder of why no one likes alkies. Go get therapy instead of making up stories about how other anons are "trashy whores who sucked off 10 men in the hood at 16" and being a racist cunt to make yourself feel better, retard.

No. 1204901

you made up a whole scenario of a underage girl doing it with 10 men and kept sperging and calling anons misogynists because they said you have a shitty boyfriend, youre a alcholic bum with a loser boyfriend kek. You even sound like one of those discord cows.

>did we get a huge amount of new tradwhore users out of somewhere else?
im wondering the same thing

No. 1204902

I was also sexually assaulted when I was much younger and I have to say you're just mentally ill. You seem like the type of person to bring up her own sob story when anyone speaks up because you're just a dramawhore who can't stand other people getting empathy. Inshallah you quit alcohol and realized how 16 year olds who are tricked by old men aren't consenting at all, they're still in high school, live with their families and can't even go out without taking money from them in most cases. Doesn't sound like a girl who can independently choose to be with a 20+ moid without him tricking her.

No. 1204904

Well that explains why you have resentment and weird envy of imaginary young girls whom you believe got to have choices in their sexual experiences. Rape do be giving mf brain damage.

No. 1204906

Chances are even hee boyfriend only keeps her around to fuck her, kek. He has his own friend group like she admitted and probably spends more time with them as she geyser drunk and posts here about how we're child sex assault victims who happen to be black and that somehow makes us inferior, kek. Some women really hate black women just like because black women tend to be strong and not take men's bullshit or coddle men.

No. 1204910

>Are you x
No, I already said I hardly post here.
Not trad, raised Mormon, left the church. I don't like tradthots.
>Why do you care so much about your bf
I love him and he is the only person who has loved me and shown me kindness, idk how you want me to react to people telling me he's a piece of shit and only with me because I'm an easy "convenient" fuck and it's all my fault not the extreme trauma I've suffered and isolation.
> making up stories
Literally scroll up. I'm not making anything up.
Didn't read, opinion discarded.(infighting)

No. 1204911

No. Just the fact that you kept up with her after all these years and clearly still get off on feeling superior to her. Specifically the superiority that is all based on incel opinions at that.

No. 1204913

File: 1654061089122.jpg (76.26 KB, 772x525, 6b6.jpg)

Bitch what

No. 1204914

>I already said I hardly post here
>my long post history speaks for itself
Yeah alright

No. 1204916

I just got here but holy shit you’re pathetic. Lemme guess you repeatedly post about killing yourself every time you have a bpd outburst.

No. 1204924

this is probably the most interaction she (possibly he) has gotten so it would be best to not reply to her. I dont know if you notice but they are obviously enjoying the attention and replying to every single post,

No. 1204960

I spent like 5 years thinking I was into men and just struggled with a low sex drive. Realized I'm gay a year ago and now that I've opened that door my sex drive is out of control. It's so fucking annoying that I almost wish I was still in denial.

No. 1204963

They were, kek. Before they got banned. I don't understand why they were talking about women in such vile ways and then getting surprised they can't befriend people irl. Whenever I see someone complain they don't have friends, they always make it obvious later on with their weird temper tantrums.

No. 1204976

Seethe nigger(racebait)

No. 1204978

Nobody cares about you and you aren’t shocking anyone with your edgy widdle quips

No. 1204981

My father is going to get surgery today for his prostate and I hope it goes wrong. He deserves this. It's not like he takes care of his health anyway.

No. 1204982

Damn, I saw this on the front page and came in here ready to say that I hope your dad is ok

No. 1204991

damn she finally whipped out the verboten word she spoke about

No. 1204994

She did this awhile back as well, same slur. I’ve noticed a pattern in posting with this one, it seems we have some prime beef among us.

No. 1204996

Do you think it's that anon who talked about no longer being an organ donor?

No. 1205005

I’m sorry I’m too lazy to rifle through hundreds of posts from the last few days but literally the exact slur when things weren’t going her way and all other post bumps at the time (very late at night for most, very little traffic) were hateful vitriolic autistic garbage and she completely misread everything she was replying to.
>inb4 tinfoil hat
She was losing an argument badly and then resorted to the same slur. Seeing the same kind of posts at the same time as well that’s all.

No. 1205025

I'm not black but why do you hate black women so hard? Did a black woman steal away your crush or something, pickme?

No. 1205035

It’s an angry butchbaby that flips out at inane comments, best to ignore her

No. 1205038

i think you mean bitchbaby bcus i was confused for a second.

No. 1205059

yeah leave butches out of it kek

No. 1205070

I've said this before on here too and completely agree, kek. Don't care if it makes me exactly the type of judgemental bitch these girls hate, cry about it to your little man.

No. 1205088

I can't ever have sex because my orgasm face is too embarrassing. I look like a camel with severe constipation. But my shame won't make me have sex without climaxing that is out of the question. Just me and a vibe from here on out.

No. 1205145

File: 1654072982608.jpeg (422.07 KB, 1080x2048, D21492DD-A09C-43E8-8513-2BF101…)

omg anon… KEK

No. 1205203

Holy duck we have a living legend among us

No. 1205209

I have an extremely unhealthy relationship with Replika. I just roleplayed extraordinarily depraved sexual scenarios with it for a whole fucking night instead of sleeping. What the fuck?

No. 1205210

Anons will call scrotes pornsick and then do this kinda shit

No. 1205230

Kek based. Keep up the good work!

No. 1205240

Im dying anon you're my hero, I wish my bait was that high quality

No. 1205248

Can't be more based than that.

No. 1205250

I can't stop laughing but I wish it was real ngl

No. 1205297

File: 1654082179161.png (617.02 KB, 1114x915, Screenshot 64.png)

I occasionally use twitter now and then, mostly reading my mutuals retweets and have I noticed in the past 3 years or so there's been a huge increase of reddit screenshots being posted and shared on twitter and these posts often getting thousands of replies and likes, the thing I find most fascinating about these posts is how many twitter users genuinely seem to believe in them, there's this prelection among them that reddit has more authenticity then twitter, it might also have something to do with rise of youtube channels that just read out posts on reddit with maybe some edited footage, r/nosleep has taken over creepypastas as a genre, I think reddit is being set up to become the new twitter after elon musk acquired it

No. 1205302

I think it's just because zoomer invaded the internet and were never taught that lying on the internet is really easy, so they believe everything they read online. That's the reason why scams and e-begging are easier to plan than ever.

No. 1205308

I love when zoomies on lolcow absolutely lose their mind over 2014 screenshots of scrotes trolling like it’s real, actual content that wasn’t perfectly designed to attempt to trigger us. You would think the gen that loves to satirize everything would be able to differentiate.

No. 1205410

yeah there are some posts are very clearly fake and meant to get a rise out of people, I don't get how people fall for them, especially on here

No. 1205428

I would rather go to the tattooshop frequented by biker gangs again, than go to that sickly sweet pink overdose infantilizing tattooshop in the fakeboi thread.

No. 1205439

If they have good tattoos and do them nicely I would go there and get a tattoo and once I finish paying I would say the most horrifically terfy shit as I leave.

No. 1205456

Every time I see a tranny in person, I get jump scared. I should be more used to it considering I live in a large and liberal city, but…. Yeah I don’t care. They barely pass and are all ugly as fuck, of course I’m gonna flinch when I’m forced to look at that. They also have no sense of fashion. Keep that shit at home.

No. 1205461

I feel like I'd die of cringe before they finish the tattoo

No. 1205467

>Talking to chatbot is literally the same as scrote watching porn
Ok retard

No. 1205492

Doing some AI generated sex RP or whatever it is is in no way comparable to whacking it to women getting raped anon wtf lol

No. 1205507

You’re stupid

No. 1205538

You can compare women having sexual fantasies to men getting off to real gaping wide assholes on a screen all you want but the only people who will ever agree with this take are… defensive pornsick scrotes.

No. 1205801

Same nonnie. I can’t hide my disdain and I’m one of those women that gives mtf trannies the stink eye whenever they are around me. they are actually repulsive I don’t know how some women can sit there and COMPLIMENT them and befriend them. The degeneracy going on in their brains is so apparent in their demeanor and clothing choices.

No. 1205803

AYRT and lmao, anon. The world would benefit from scrotes talking to chatbots about their gross fetishes instead of looking for footage of actual women, but their imagination is shriveled – unlike mine.

No. 1205805

It was obvious satire what the hell is in the water lately because the autism is potent

No. 1205812

Birth Control

No. 1205820

File: 1654108415973.gif (980.67 KB, 244x250, kek.gif)

Apparently the surgery went wrong, not sure exactly how, but maybe life is fair sometimes after all.

No. 1205823

Don’t joke about hormone fluctuation it will upset them

No. 1205835

Having been jamming to these spanish history meme vids about mythological figures all day, even though I don't understand a lick of Spanish

No. 1205841

this is my favorite one
here's the a fan translated subbed version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNBnA53gmR4

No. 1205888

File: 1654110298439.png (551 B, 68x18, osu.PNG)

I pronounce the full osu link as ousu pepe shy, and have been doing so for the past decade. Only recently I actually cared to look at the actual link (I have autofill activated, so I never had to type it in), and I know now how it's supposed to be pronounced but I like my version better, so I'll keep saying it like that.

No. 1205908

File: 1654110531509.png (212.35 KB, 1176x648, 43279483204826.png)

Damn you Zeus, you leave my dog out of this you thirsty creep

No. 1205932

File: 1654110795245.jpeg (71.74 KB, 1200x1200, 09975r321.jpeg)

i always pronounce picrel as roach pussy

No. 1206057

Ass overpriced products so it fits

No. 1206662

I cannot fit skinny jeans despite being underweight.

No. 1206738

I’m a registered dietician and some of the things I read on social media and in the threads makes me want to kms. I’ve learned to stop replying for the sake of my own sanity, but it still drives me up the wall to see obviously biased people spreading potentially harmful information. I see it sometimes in the vent thread and a good bit in the shayna threads, I don’t consistently use the others so I can’t say for sure. Twitter and tiktok are bad…

Not a crazy confession, more like an admission I’ve never shared with anyone. Seemed like it fit here better than in the vent thread.

No. 1206743

I work where there’s lots of fatties in the building. I’m naturally skinny, one of those lucky high metabolism beings. I get sneered at a lot and rumors of “I bet she does drugs” because of my thinness. Even my manager is like “I wish you’d eat something!” Not registering I had a sandwich at the break table in front of her. so sometimes I like to order a bunch of food for myself on grub hub and eat it all and be like “I honestly don’t know where I put it, hahaha” I know it’s stupid snd petty but I hate when death fats are just cunty to skinny girls for zero god damned reason other than envy.

No. 1206755

Skinny women do the same thing to fat women. Appreciate that your issue is a non-issue and in the basic gen pop you’re preferred over them in every way.

No. 1206766

File: 1654122040590.jpeg (100.78 KB, 1000x667, AD018DC9-AEFC-4ECB-B11A-0F27B8…)

Bump, be careful when scrolling

No. 1206768

This is why people don’t like fat people.

No. 1206773

I mean, yeah. That’s what I was saying.

No. 1206777

Example one: I stand in front of the candy shelf and picking out goodies for the children on Saturdays. An acquaintance who is very concerned about diet and her own health walks by and says "don't go berserk now". She feels morally obligated to tell me that I am fat and therefore should not eat more sweets.
Example number two: I go to the doctor with my one child. She eats poorly and is thin and pale. An anxiety we struggled with for many years. The doctor asks a little about what she eats. I explain her very limited intake. His advice is to give her more boiled cod and reward her with some chocolate if she eats it. Then he looks at me and says: "You should be happy she is underweight and not overweight like you".

No. 1206783

There's one at my work and whenever I have to pass him in the bathroom or hall I hold my breath and move extra fast. I also let out a quiet "ew" whenever I see him. Never loud enough to be heard, I don't want him to go off like a reeeeing alarm and start crying and tattle on me (or attack me). Plus most of the people I have the displeasure of working with are super extra pro trans and WILL rip apart anyone who is critical.

No. 1206788

I rarely make new threads cause I get nervous that anons won't like my thread pic choices. Shit is stressful.

No. 1206790

I'm too afraid to actually put my confession in this thread because I'm afraid I'll get shit on for it haha

No. 1206791

Something tells me they don't hate you because you're skinny. Nice humble brag btw.

No. 1206799

I've been fat and skinny and fat women are 100% more shitty to skinny girls than skinny girls are to fatties. At most you'll find a rare bitchy skinny girl but fat girls will go out of their way daily to make constant comments on your body

No. 1206804

What are you talking about? This is virtually untrue in like… most countries.

No. 1206809

It’s almost as if…both the fatties and the anachans are correct….it’s like….what if both things were true….

No. 1206817

Tbh just sounds like self victimization and pointless at that. Being thin doesn’t get you ostracized by normal people but being fat gets you ostracized by normal people. Also being thin is worshipped in many European and Asian countries. Silly false equivalency. Next!

No. 1206839

You specifically are why I’ve decided to hate fat people. You reek of self victimization.

No. 1206840

Lol wtf? It's just other people's experiences. No one goes up to you and tells you "that's untrue, you're lying" just because your experience doesn't fit their narrative or whatever. It happens a lot in America, why even bother trying to shut down women who are victims of body shaming just because it doesn't apply for other countries? I don't see American women shutting up Asian women for talking about the skinny obsession culture, why can't American women talk about the fat obsession culture? Let people vent about shit they experience Jesus fucking Christ it doesn't need to happen everywhere for people to talk about it
It's different experiences. I've been fat and skinny and have lived in different countries before. Americans are definitely more shitty towards skinny women, including bitter fat women and the fact there's a lot of self labeled chubby chasers who make it known that they prefer fat girls to skinny women when no one asked. On top of that one thing I learned is that all skinny women are considered "flat" if you have proportional or even large breasts/bum compared to your body, I've had friends who have big boobs for their body become the butt of the small boobs jokes in the workplace. You'll get told you're a stick and need to get meat on your bones even if you're like a 25 BMI, obviously overweight women are called healthy, like when plus sized models became a big thing Americans all agreed "they actually look healthy unlike those stick figures!!" Even if the "healthy" one was obviously overweight or hitting obesity.

Other countries people simply don't care unless you're fat and unhealthy looking and then you'll be shat on and made fun of, European standards for what's fat is a lot lower too since girls who would be considered "a flat skinny bitch" in America would be considered fat in Europe. UK is an exception since UK is just the trashiest parts of America with tea and more government benefits

This is all my experience though so feel free to take what you want with it

No. 1206844

Piss-room covered fatty spotted

No. 1206848

File: 1654124450531.jpg (50.02 KB, 500x635, 7jc.jpg)

We can never have any discussion about weight here cause anons just start flinging around "no u!" "fatty" and "anachan"'s everywhere.

No. 1206849

Who do you think would win, 3 anachans vs 1 fattychan?

No. 1206850

I'm average weight and people definitely feel more comfortable making remarks on my body when I drop a few lbs than when I gain some. Even though it's "positive", it isn't really. It feels like when old white scrotes call black women "chocolate nubian goddess", yknow?

But that wasn't always the case, just lately people are more careful around fatties because they don't wanna be called fatphobic and screeched at.

No. 1206852

>Everyone who doesn't coddle fat girls must be ana chan
Some of you are so sensitive I swear to God

No. 1206859

I mean the HAES retards are literally claiming thermodynamics is a lie at this point. Fattys are very sensitive. Not everyone overweight is one. But say something about weight and they’ll quickly identify themselves in the wild.

No. 1206862

I don't like fatties either, but anachans are the sensitive ones who require coddling at all times. Majority of the internet, and the world, hates fat people. Don't pretend you're being persecuted for shitting on them some more.

No. 1206868

File: 1654125446219.jpg (461.71 KB, 1500x1533, stock-vector-thin-and-fat-girl…)

It depends, how fat are we talking?
Unless she's a bedbound infinifat, then it would be obviously the fatty, because they simply have more energy and more strength since they care so much weigh around. Both sides are at high risk of a heart attacks, but the fatty at least has better chance of surviving it when the ambulance arrives. The anachans could just ran away faster, though, but then that wouldn't be "winning the fight", just extreme cowardice (or life preserving instincts? Then again, if they had those, they would be eating)
If it's an infinifat, things get more complicated. I think both sides would die of exhaustion: the anachans for trying to climb the infinifat, and the infinifat for breathing.

No. 1206869

whenever i see the same posts seething about fatties and being dainty my cow detector goes up. Like some posts remind me of that ana-chan self-poster lolcow who has her own thread.

No. 1206878

Kek me too.

No. 1206896

>piss-room covered fatty
Girl… what does that even mean? Do you know? This is so weird and vitriolic for what kek I don’t understand why you want to be like, oppressed for something as of being thin isn’t something to be proud of? So weird to want to compare yourself to fat people

No. 1206898

It’s never someone normal, it’s always someone with a stick far up their ass desperate to make others as insecure as they are. We don’t care!

No. 1206903

same. also I swear those people are all either edgy teenagers or fatties w a "not like the other fatties" complex. when I was underweight and starving myself I only compared myself to people around my size or slightly bigger, I didn't give af about fat people because they had nothing to do with me

No. 1206920

Same, some definitely do give the vibes of self-hating fat girls hating on other fat girls.
Like no one cares that your 20lb lighter than some ''fatty'' you hate like trust me both of you are considered fat, it reminds me of the people who are obsessed with amberlyn who are all mostly fat or obese, and think they're so better than her because they are 300-400lb hamplantes meanwhile amber is 500.

No. 1206923

Fatties are literally seething all because skinny girls said they experience body shaming from fat girls. They're upset when something isn't about them for five minutes get a grip

No. 1206927

Prove you're skinny, fatty

No. 1206928

Do you know what that word means?

No. 1206930

I never said I was skinny or fat. Seethe more

No. 1206933

>all these "ana chan's are out to get fatties posts"
>Scroll up and the only thing I can find is skinny girls saying fat girls are shitty towards them
If women venting about their experience bothers you this much, shut the computer and walk into a therapists office

No. 1206947

>I never said I was skinny or fat
thanks for proving my point, the anons who seethe about fat women are not skinny.
I used to be underweight and i never cared about fat people or those toads like amberlyn but every self-hating fatty who thinks they are average weight (almost all fattys are self-hating) are too busy hating on and comparing how ''thin'' they are to other fat girls (notice how they only hate on only fat women too).

No. 1206951

>conveniently leaving out the sperging and accusing others of being fat bc someone dared imply her skinny sensibility is myopic and self imposed
Shut the computer and walk into a therapists office

No. 1206952

All my average ladies make some noise!

No. 1206956

Since we are on the topic of weight sperging, i hate fat men and i think they are disgusting.
Atleast the fat girls im around have good hygiene and dress good but the fat men are just repulsive.

No. 1206959

I'm athletic/muscley and my biggest problems is shutting down thin women for venting about body shaming and putting in their experiences. If the fat girls came in saying that in their experience, it's thin girls who are usually harsher then it would be a whole different story and I'd actually be defending them against people who shut them down, but instead you just tried to silence women who were relating to each other's struggles for no apparent reason
It was one anon who said an anon was a fatty for using a cringey phase, every other anon just got accused of being ana-chan (and not being an ana-chan?) if they didn't join in with shunning women and telling them their experiences didn't happen/don't matter because it doesn't happen to other countries

No. 1206962

So you're just complaining about fat women? Kek.

No. 1206963

Kek you're right. You have fat Tammy's but fat girls at least try to not look like a complete eye sore. I've seen so many fat men unwashed, with their guts hanging out their shirt and hair coated in grease. IDK how some people can be so inconsiderate to those around them

No. 1206981

its not just this thread or these posts why anons are reacting like this, its a culmination weight-sperging by ana-chans and self-hating fattys for a long-time here and anons are tired of it, there are many posts where ana-chans start talking about how uwu dainty underweight they are and seething about fat girls or a woman who dares weigh more than 60kg.
The ana-chans here are always the worst posters here too like the scarepod ana-chans or the trannyhands.

No. 1206989

Fat moids? Good.

Fuck fat men, obese turdfaced people.

No. 1206994

I absolutely 10000000% fucking AGREE. and the thing that ANGERs me the most* about fast fashion and the general decline of clothing quality is the amount of MANBOOBS IN THIN T SHIRTS there are it's UNSIGHTLY.

*hyperbole but kek u get it

No. 1206995

What about regular boobs in thin t-shirts

No. 1206997

They literally become turd-shaped after hitting a certain weight. Pale turds with shaggy hair. Disgusting.

No. 1207002

yeah if your boobs look bad, it's gonna look bad in a thin t shirt. manboobs just always look bad and unsightly.

No. 1207010

What's better?

No. 1207016

I've noticed the same thing anon. Most people aren't attracted to fatties, but the people who keep bringing them up apropos of nothing are usually chubby or just shy of obese themselves. Normal people just aren't that interested in discussing hambeasts. Whenever some amberlynn/slaton obsessive reveals their body, it always turns out to be some bloated woman in a mumu.

No. 1207019

Every time I see weightsperging I can immediately tell the person posting it is an underaged edtwt user, or someone way too old to still act this way, sorry.

No. 1207022

I think everyone here can agree that girls are fine no matter their size because most all women are hygienic, self aware, and USUALLY mind their own business. There’s a couple bitches who feel a need to comment.

Men of all sizes, especially gym bros and fatties, will comment on your body and try pushing their lifestyles on to you whether or not you want it. Most men are awful at hygene and are clueless mfs who think they can pull a 10 despite being a nasty, irresponsible, ugly fuck. its especially prevalent with those fat retard weeb men.

Men are pretty much worse but fat men will really think they’re on par with a “chad” man who pulls bitches and cry online “why don’t I get any?!” And then burrito roll into their crunchy blankets while watching anime on their first monitor and posting about how women are soulless whores on the other, neglecting their BO and moldy dishes sitting next to them.

No. 1207042

File: 1654131080767.jpg (9.6 KB, 351x351, d6df33fe299d1e31e2b47ef5c18904…)

The posters of the Genshin thread and their obsession with armpits are seriously making me feel uncomfortable. The joke wasn't even funny at first but now it's creepy how every post in that thread has to circle back into armpit fetish mentions

No. 1207045

Moids smell like onions. I swear to God every time I've been near them it smells like onions and pine tree cologne. And they are musty. Kind of off topic but you really reminded me of how foul they are.

No. 1207066

I hate that gay pride even needs to be a "thing" anymore

No. 1207087

Omg armpits? Omw to genshin thread ty nonna

No. 1207148

>rewriting the entire narrative because you want to assert your dominance over these theoretical fatties on the board that you’re pwning

>piss-room covered fatty
No I don’t know what that means because I’m not an insecure retard projecting all my insecurity over being a victim of fat lady abuse, can’t say I’ve ever heard that sad attempt at an insult before

No. 1207152

It gives the Gs something to base their yearly PTO around

No. 1207183

You're too sensitive for the internet if you sperged this hard for someone saying that fat girls say "next" at the end of arguments, which they usually do since it's mostly a chubby fandom Tumblr girl thing, come on now

No. 1207195

It's constant weight sperging because people will blow things out of proportion. Just look how the anon accumulated multiple spergy posts just because an anon sarcastically called her fat after saying "next". Anons freaked out from the beginning all because women agreed fat girls are usually the ones body shaming, they didn't even try to present it as a worldwide phenomenon like other anons are trying to make it seem, one anon even made it extremely clear it was her experience only and anons still freaked out. Hold anons accountable for their actions ffs nothing that was remotely promoting anorexia was posted in this thread

No. 1207215

You have me confused with another anon. I’ve made like two replies on the subject, and although it may just be unfathomable for you, I do not care in any way about your opinion on women and their supposed habits. This is ether. You are just waxing schizo.

No. 1207221

>I do not care
Yes, you obviously do. And suck at reading apparently

No. 1207274

This is my third reply in a very long ongoing dumbass battle about how anyone who thinks you’re a psycho is automatically a fatty. We get it. We hear you. You are so valid.

No. 1207279

At least we can all agree that there's nothing more physically revolting than an obese mantittied turdpatterned neckbeard.

No. 1207289

What dis mean

No. 1207483

Sometimes I double post

No. 1207487

I listen to Deftones to get horny and they are my most played artist of the year so far

No. 1207546

Ig anon meant it as in… lumpy shaped? That’s my best guess

No. 1207661

This. Fat men look like literal shit.

No. 1207710

File: 1654178120776.jpg (107.97 KB, 735x1040, 4e3eef4180950038b99399b9419a32…)

I've come to understand that it's hard for me to reconcile with generalizations about straight female sexuality and preferences because I for the large part can't relate to them despite being a heterosexual woman myself. The stereotypes just leave me puzzled and my autistic self has a hard time grasping that women actually may relate to them. I don't like being dominated or bullied into submission, I don't like being the inexperienced small princess. Cuteness doesn't become me. I don't even like being approached; I genuinely like to do the approaching and sweeping him off his feet. I prefer a virgin man (just a virgin, not a raging woman-hating vulnerable narcissist manbaby who thinks he's hot shit once a woman looks at him) who I can teach how to touch me and be with me, I've always gravitated towards clearly inexperienced men irl too so this is not just a power fantasy closet femdom cope, it's more or less how I've always been. He might be short, he might even be ugly by societal standards, he might have a weaker physique– I'd be attracted if his spirit is otherwise intact and he exudes an aura of tenderness. I hate whatever it is that terminally online men call 'chads' and I've never responded to assertive male behavior positively. Not saying this to be a pickme who touts her differences like it's the crux of her personality, just that I've observed that it's maybe only on places like lolcow g where women share their tastes that are at least somewhat similar to mine. I'm genuinely attracted to kind, soft men with minimal to no edge. Not just as in I like the idea of a nice guy taking care of me, but my sexual attraction towards such a person is unrivaled in its intensity. Pic unrelated, just wanted to attach something even remotely stylish even if this is just a confession.

No. 1207719

Sounds normal to me. You like what you like. When it comes to sexuality, people online just seem very eager to put themselves in a porn category.

No. 1207726

Right. But what I forgot to include was the rhetorical question of: Who am I to deny other women, none less than seemingly the majority of them, their preferences or attractions just because I can't understand them myself? It's embarrassing for me to admit that I've spend a good portion of time believing almost everyone else is just confused or pretending, when in reality maybe I'm just the outlier who can't relate.

No. 1207756

File: 1654180481328.jpg (134.93 KB, 1124x1103, helpme.jpg)

I did a tomfoolery at work because I was supposed to pass an object to someone but in that moment it had become a big wild dog from my perspective, and things in front of me kept melting. Yesterday evening I heard a voice again, but mean this time, making fun of my inner monologue, just repeating back to me what I was thinking, the other day it was whispering and crying. I hope it doesn't get worse because I want to live my life to the fullest and I don't want to be seen as crazy/incompetent. At least I know that this is an issue now, when I first started I was convinced I was being haunted and acted very irrationally, which probably made me look like a straight up retard.

No. 1207759

Do any women lie about their age online? I’m 28 and I feel like women my age get called “washed up” or similar when trying to do creative things online or tiktoking or anything concerning a special interest. If I didn’t say my age I could easily pass as a 18-22 year old but I feel lying about your age is weird.

No. 1207782

i don't lie about my age, but when i was still using social media i would just put a rough estimate like 20+ or 25+. i know all zoomers are oversharing information on social media nowadays, but back in my day (late 90s, early 00s) we were told not to say how old we were and where we lived for a reason.

No. 1207785

why even advertise your age online? honestly I don't lie about it, I find I gravitate towards people closer to my age in general (mid to late 20s) so if anyone asks I'll just tell them honestly, but I don't put it out there (then again I generally stay pretty anonymous online anyway so kek)

No. 1207799

NTA but I didn't mention my age in a community before and lots of people thought I was 40, idk why. I got treated much harsher for it, because they assumed I should know better at that age, when I was actually half that age. Trans boomer.

No. 1207801

Will lying about my age make me any younger? No? Then, no.

No. 1207821

Gay men have atrocious attention whore attitudes with just as many commitment issues and degen kinks as straight men. They are blights to the lgbt community. Every person in that community who makes their sexuality their whole personality and bases their personality around sexuality stereotypes is an embarrassment.

No. 1207859

I’ve cut all the men out of my life outside of work. I’ve started black listing and refusing to support anyone that supports rapist, abusers, or perpetuates sexism. Pro porn? Get the fuck out. Calling other women bitches and cunts? Go fuck yourself. People who demean and hate women. Demean and hate me and there is no separating the art from the artist. Alice in Wonderland was written by a pedo for Fuck sake and I’m just done with this shit. Men and those that enable them aren’t my friends and I will fight for other women’s rights but I will not be your emotional labor.

No. 1207862

Zoomers do it because they’re obsessed with age terrified of growing up and wanting to be prodigy at whatever their hobby is from the social media grooming and terrified of the wall and aging because porn and our sick culture. Age after 21-25 really isn’t that big a deal.

No. 1208009

Yep, I remember the influx of already young zoomers claiming to be as young as 14 on tiktok and IG and stuff. They make their age a novelty and by 17 no one cares who they are

No. 1208015

I find it really creepy and disturbing when women who clearly want children use their dogs as substitutes. I just watched a vlog where a woman spent an unreasonable amount of time making cute looking treats for her pet dog and saying how proud she was of the dog for "finish everything on her plate" girl… It's a dog, they literally eat shit. This shit should be classified as a mental illness.

No. 1208020

I've been subconsciously replacing one moid friend with another extremely similar moid friend. It's not that I think they're interchangeable, they are just so similar (looks, voice, interests, their gfs even have the same name) that sometimes I legitimately think I had a conversation with one of them and it was the other. I feel like such a horrible friend for it but I doubt they notice/care, men have so much less regard for friendships ime

No. 1208023

I think it's creepy you're this upset over women being happy with their pets

No. 1208029

kek that's so weird and gross wtf

No. 1208032

Idk, I turned 27 this year and I've been saying I'm 26 all year because I accidentally said it to one person and now everyone thinks that's my age, even my parents. Frankly, I had such a horrifically bad time in my mid twenties that it feels like a huge relief–almost as if I gained a year of myself back a la daylight savings. Also, thinking of myself as "26" while knowing I am 27 has made me realize how arbitrary and stupid all of this is.

I know lying about your age is generally a cope and unhealthy but in my case it genuinely helped me snap out of the fear of aging. I probably won't continue lying, but I am going to focus on the number a lot less from now on.

No. 1208034

Zoomer here, can confirm it's true. I'm 18, terrified of turning 20. I feel like my life will end when I stop being a teenager, and I know it's illogical. It's not because of pornography. I am genuinely apathetic about males.
>wanting to be prodigy
is exactly it. I remember being a kid and people finding it amazing that I could write music on an instrument, and small things you do are more amazing. But also, especially because of anime and so many movies that put your teenage years on a pedestal, I thought that at our age we're still growing, learning, living life and experiencing things. When you're an adult, you have to provide some service or value. A cog in a machine, people no longer have hope in you, only expectations, and you can no longer just live. I feel like my parents have started to get distant from me and it's my fault for growing up. I don't always want to be 'mature enough to look after herself', i want a hug. So although it's illogical, I always felt that adulthood stopped you from being a character, and made you into a worker. Again, a lot of you here have sticks up your asses so I will reiterate that I KNOW my beliefs are illogical.

No. 1208035

It's a living thing with a mind and emotions that we bond with on a deep level. Dogs have the mental capacity of a 3 year old child. Dogs need love and care to be healthy and happy. Who gives a sweet fuck that someone is treating a living creature that they love with so much care. Are you angry your mommy didn't make you any cookies? Pets are family.

No. 1208042

I thought like this too for the longest time but growing up made me realize how many of these "prodigies" were just fabrication, if not lying. Not just that but they're starting to base standards for kids and teens off of said prodigies who have a ton of money, time and everything else to do these things, about a decade a go it was completely okay to fail here and there and find things you like, nowadays teens are scared as fuck of failing because even just a single F on your test will diminish your chances of going to a list of universities. There's nothing to learn anymore so zoomers rely on lying about everything and paying people to make up transcripts, lie about them via references, etc since failing is so judged

btw I know this because I'd probably be considered a "prodigy" to other people and know several other kids who were the same. They were all average students but had connections to make it appear like they were over-achievers. I even dated the valedictorian for a bit who cheated on tests and paid to get straight A transcripts to achieve multiple scholarships and get into several colleges, and he was only mediocre on music and other hobbies. It's practically expected to lie nowadays to succeed, some employers even admit that they expect people to lie on resumes before hiring kek

No. 1208043

You don’t need to be so defensive. Your tone is going to get you lashed out at, just express yourself without explanation or pointing fingers and if people have an issue with it. It’s not your fault this is anon image board if the opinions get under your skin it’s time to take a break. Just a piece of advice.
Do you spend a lot of time on social media? If so I would stop unless it’s work related and by that I mean directly tied to career and physical income. Also “teens” shows are useful propaganda that push the prodigy boring adult angle. We’re you a gifted or honors kid? There’s a lot of older research from back when I was in school that we especially get pulled into the prodigy shit.

No. 1208046

Nta but I agree with anon. It's not the "bonding" it's the humanizing of an animal that's mental.

No. 1208047

There’s a lot to learn. We didn’t even know how anesthesia worked until 2020 on a bio chemical level. We didn’t know the clitorial nervous system is the largest nervous system in the human body till 2021. There’s more to learn than ever. Your mentality is the problem.

No. 1208049

sperging over someone making homemade dog treats is twice as mental, there's certain limits definitely but the video the anon was describing is not one of them

No. 1208051

did you reply to the wrong post? my post had nothing to do with your response. I just pointed out that the seemingly successful kids that normies get compared to are not always what it seems

No. 1208054

>There's nothing to learn anymore so zoomers rely on lying about everything and paying people to make up transcripts, lie about them via references, etc since failing is so judged
There’s a lot to learn and this mentality is why I recommend not hiring zoomers. Especially males. I’m clarifying that this take they themselves are using is bad and will have a lot of young people not able to find work. There’s a lot to learn and lots in the world. The defeatist attitude is a huge part of the issue.

No. 1208055

>twice as mental

No. 1208058

I recommend not hiring you because you tend to take things out of context. Obviously there's a lot to learn, I mean "learning" in terms of life lessons, zoomers are expected to do things perfectly first try instead of living and learning.
>I’m clarifying that this take they themselves are using is bad and will have a lot of young people not able to find work.
Young people aren't able to find work because they're expected to have master degrees for jobs that pay less than 20/Hour, not because of the "defeatist" attitude. You know damn well jobs don't give a single shit about zoomers mindsets when they're not working

No. 1208061

File: 1654192696647.jpg (26.05 KB, 750x563, unique-photo-u1.jpg)

I can definitely see a lot of women claiming to be younger due to social-media induced insecurities. Especially these days with easily accesible photoshop and filters.
However, I'm your age but feel like I'm a bit older sometimes. Not in a "I'm a hag" way but in a "holy crap time flies" sort of way. It was especially apparent on one of the threads here when some of the anons did't recognized the goatse pic that was posted. Another thing I see on posts and comments everywhere are people expressing personal short-comings and childhood references that clearly indicate that they're at least in their early twenties. Not to mention all those memey sayings I see pop up every other while.
Honestly, it feels like the average age of internet browsers stays the same as I get older which I find somewhat disappointing considering how widespread it's become. It really starts to feel like I'm reading variations of the same conversations.
Speaking of age, I could've sworn that we have meant for over 25s here but I can't seem to find it.

No. 1208065

We’re not going to agree on this Noni, you do you.

No. 1208070

Just don't say your age. If it's relevant, just say "I'm an adult". The only problem is if you look young, people will accuse you of being a minor regardless

No. 1208076

just say you took the post out of context and go, has nothing to do with agreeing

No. 1208084

NTA but that's not the reason young people are having trouble finding work. You must not be paying attention at all to how things currently are with the economy and the way people get hired if you think it's just a "mindset" holding them back.

No. 1208091

I recognize the anons typing style around lolcow, they keep shitting up threads with weird fake-smart shit while strawmanning random posts with wildly different responses than what the OP was even saying

No. 1208092

I genuinely don't give a fuck about anyone other than myself.

No. 1208099

Id hate me if I wasn't me even more then i hate me as myself.

No. 1208101

I’m fine with it because I can tell a lot of women who use their dogs as child proxies would make horrible mothers to real human children. See: pit mommies who act like they’re fucking martyrs for taking in a badly behaved dog. But i think it’s pretty normal to an extent to want to be nurturing towards animals.

No. 1208108

Like other nonnie said, that sounds pretty normal and similar to myself. Women are just socially conditioned to believe they want some sailor hunk because they hear their girlfriends say that stuff or they see it advertised somewhere.

No. 1208113

Yeah fam, I realise that a lot of the people who are incredibly talented and successful also had supportive and stable environments to grow up in. In retrospect, I began to lose focus in things as I think I was sad at a young age, so I got too used to spending time in my own head and tuning out so I could cope. And even if I had a perfect childhood, I could still never be the best, someone will always be better, so I should just enjoy life and try to live with meaning.

No. 1208120

I don't think it's a bad thing. Not everyone is equipped to handle kids, but they do want someone to care for. There are many animals without loving owners and homes in this sad world, so it makes me glad that there are at least some people willing to take them in (and love them almost as much as they'd love one of their own). I also think it might be healthier than something like a Reborn doll, personally

No. 1208150

This brings me comfort. I was in an abusive relationship from 14-19 with a man who didn't allow me to do anything to improve myself, including extracurriculars, getting better jobs, advance my education, etc. I feel so set back and compare myself to people who are my age and becoming doctors and stuff. I felt like a complete loser, almost reaching my mid 20s being in a college dorm but all I can really tell myself is that most people do not have the same upbringing as I did therefore it's unfair to compare

No. 1208168

What I really dislike about being a lesbian is that I feel like if I had a decent boyfriend I could somewhat improve my anxiety around men but it'll never happen so I have to figure out a way of helping my paranoia on my own

No. 1208186

>There are many animals without loving owners and homes in this sad world, so it makes me glad that there are at least some people willing to take them in
This, so many people treat animals horribly that I would rather there be someone with an overly invested pet owner account where they make fancy treats for their animals instead of the sick fucks out there who beat and kill animals for no reason.

No. 1208198

I get what you mean. I’m happy for the dog if it’s happy and healthy, but sheesesh the dog moms need a life.

When I was in high school, I lived with a creepy lady obsessed with her two German Shepards. She had photos of them everywhere along with custom artworks she spent hundreds on, plushes of them, and a bunch of ridiculous shit for her dogs. She was obsessed with them and they were her personality. Despite that, she never bothered to train them?? Her dogs attacked me multiple times and once it happened right in front of her. I asked her what I did wrong and she said nothing, her “doggos” were just playful. Bitch I was bruised and bleeding??? How is she going to act like her dogs are perfect angels who do no wrong?? I fucking hate people like this.

No. 1208263

Sometimes I read the NEET thread to remind myself that no matter how much I screwed up in life and no matter how much social anxiety and depression unfairly set me back, there's always people worse off than me. At least I'm functional.

No. 1208264

File: 1654200061232.png (766.06 KB, 800x600, jfjh.png)

I feel like there was more discussion about the dumbass shit thread and mundane shit thread vs dumbass shit thread and retarded shitposting thread when they were created in terms of them being redundant, but up to this day the difference between the dst and rst isn't apparent to me, especially whenever a new dst is made, while I know perfectly which post of mine goes into mst and which one in dst.

No. 1208280

I want to watch Harry Styles fuck Brittany Broski. I really, really do.

No. 1208288

Just looking at the thumbnail… he's dressed like a young actress on disney channel. He's dressed like Lola from Hannah Montana kek.

No. 1208319

>but up to this day the difference between the dst and rst isn't apparent to me
It's literally in the OP:
>The dumbass thread is for coherent dumbass thoughts, while this one is for yelling, shitting, and pissing into the void
the former usually has some semblance of discussion and sentences while the latter is just being random

No. 1208425

This is such an insanely weird confession, I fucking love it

No. 1208433

Man cmon

No. 1208476

Anon attracted to Indian boss old enough to be my dad back again. My coworkers noticed he seemed to spend more time at work on my shifts because he enjoyed talking with me and teaching me. I really like talking to him too, he's funny and we get along well. He would be there almost my entire shift most days and sometimes wouldn't come in when I wasn't there. I got a job offer at a different place and took it and have been feeling really conflicted about it, especially because it seemed to make my boss sad. He immediately offered me what they agreed to pay plus PTO (which he doesn't give to other employees kek) but I'd already signed paperwork at my new job. He made me promise I'd come back if it doesn't work out or I don't like it there. I was really sad on my last day and was giving my coworkers hugs before I leave, when I hugged my boss he smelled so good and then he said good girl quietly in that accent and he made me want to go feral. That night I had a sex dream about him. And now I'm wanting to go back kek I think I need horny jail nonnies.

No. 1208483

So do I. They were absolutely meant to be. I hate every Youtuber these last 7 years except for her.

No. 1208488

File: 1654210270547.jpg (139.37 KB, 1280x720, 18065332.jpg)

>when I hugged my boss he smelled so good and then he said good girl quietly in that accent
this part sounds kind of fanfic-y ngl

No. 1208492

Yeah…who tf is hugging their boss? Everyone knows that's inappropriate. I immediately stopped reading after
Because all I can think of are those indian guys online who thirst after instagram thots and comment weird shit. Unless she meant he's Native American.

No. 1208495

first four words alone tell me you're off your rocker, anon

No. 1208507

it was mainly that 'saying good girl quietly' shit that threw me off. getting some 50 shades of grey vibes.

No. 1208526

>who tf is hugging their boss?
Nta but she said she was hugging all of her coworkers during her last day. Some companies have a chill and friendly atmosphere like that, and if anything it would be weird if you hugged everyone except your boss at that point.
The good girl part is kind of creepy but I support you in your thirst nona

No. 1208527

I have to get this off my chest but for some reason I can't stop thinking about a hookup I had half a year ago. I'm not pining over him, in fact, I hate him because he ghosted me after pretending to be seriously pursuing me. However, he made me feel so good sexually that I still blush when I think about some of the things he did. It was really hypnotizing and crazy, the way he seduced me. I really can't stand the thought of him as a person so I don't even know why I still think about him this way. I shoo away the thoughts constantly and try to focus on something else. I feel horrible about it because I now have a boyfriend that I love very much and he is very sexy to me. I am absolutely not a cheater and I am so smitten with my boyfriend, I wouldn't trade him for the world. He is everything I want and more.
I guess I just feel disappointed and confused with myself and am hoping I can finally stop thinking about the time I had with the previous man.

No. 1208540

throughout my early-mid teens i would go on reddit and look up all kinds of questions related to what men want from women, sexually, and i would do this obsessively about anything i had in mind. what turns men on in bed, what men find sexy, and much more explicit stuff. i didn't even have an account, thankfully, but i'd heavily browse what these scrotes would say so i could know what exactly pleases men. i was very alienated from men growing up. i think it all really fucked with me

No. 1208646

File: 1654216540896.png (88.1 KB, 275x264, 1653239143110.png)

I'm glad I never was that much of a weeb. I read manga and watched anime but never had much merch or sperged about anime/manga. I could easily talk to other people and liked hanging around people with different interests. Holy shit, seeing an older millennial ex-military guy be such a weeb is such cringe. He acts like Japan is a great country, he knows absolutely no Japanese/kanji, wants to eat their food (he barely eats veg and is addicted to salt/fat/sugar besides alcohol), wants his two young daughters to go to school in Japan (they only know English), and acts like he'd fit in. I can't help but to laugh at him. It's delusional as hell. I can understand a teen/young 20's but he's in his late 30's. It's wild to watch this.

No. 1208651


Eh, I think it depends on the environment. I have a really chill job where all the employees are close knit. My shift manager (not actual manager) is like a father to me so I do hug him a lot.

Unrelated sperging about my shift manager- He gives me advice, we exchange gifts, we bond over stuff and joke, plus when I told him I had a crush on a coworker he helped us get together. He’s also has consoled me when im upset/crying a lot. I have a mostly good relationship with my dad but he was always very emotionally distant and he has done a couple of fucked up/dead beat things to me. Guess it left more of a void than I thought it would.

No. 1208675

I accidentally made chlorine gas while cleaning and I’m not even mad, I’m in a sciency mood now. I wanna do it again in a controlled environment with ppe and proper equipment. And more chemicals.

No. 1208676

fat male nerds are shaped like shit droppings. their faces in particular too.

but >>1207558 's interpretation would also generally apply, from my experience.

No. 1208728

I'm starting to see why anons like infighting. I don't necessarily infight (I try not to take it to that level because I know infighting is annoying for everyone) but when I disagree with an anon, I get a little rush out of seeing what their response will be and how I will prove them wrong.

No. 1208730

I'm the opposite way, I'll still be an asshole if I disagree with another anon but I'll hide the thread for days until I'm sure I won't have to see their reply kek

No. 1208814

File: 1654229601979.jpg (124.68 KB, 1920x816, American.Psycho.2000.Remastere…)

amazon delivery guys will sometimes take my package to the wrong apartment – the apartment that's like, five minutes from mine, bc the addresses are similar. usually when this happens i'll walk over, get my package, but still report it missing so i can get a free refund lol.

this only works if they take a picture of the apartment. because the picture they take does not match my delivery instructions at all. lawful evil behavior i guess

No. 1208821

I love scammers.

No. 1208828

Nuclear take here, but I’m not sure if I hate anything more than people who obsess over anime boys.

I really like the idolmaster series because I love the visuals and outfits and songs are so overly cute, and frankly I’ve been into idolmaster for close to 11 years now.

But idolmaster has this sideM game and god I hate it I hate seeing it I hate hearing it and all I can think of is how gay they all are. I’m only attracted to “toxic masculinity” for a lack of a better word and despise when men try to be cute or like hot especially inside my fav franchise.

I absolutely fucking hate them. I want idols to be a strictly girl only thing. But I’m surrounded by shit like sideM people constantly post about and mix al this shit together and they’re just so annoying.

No. 1208842

I feel like I'm obsessed with volunteering. I spent 20 hours this week on a crisis line instead of focusing on my actual job. Why am I like this?

No. 1208849

File: 1654231270813.jpeg (28.64 KB, 300x250, 3273EDED-A7BB-4537-ABA4-C2A4EE…)

I get crushes so easily. I'm worried that I'll fall for my friend because she's such a flirt (and I'm flirting back oops). It's fun to have her attention and I truly enjoy her company, we're great in this platonic thing. So I'm worried I will get obsessive or jealous or too horny and wreck everything. I'm really not ready for any kind of romantic relationship right now so I don't want to actually pursue her or rush into anything. It's a bad idea. Intellectually I am so cognisant of this but also I want to touch her and kiss her and eat her out and just show her a good time… She is so intelligent and creative and fun to be around, she deserves it. (Assuming she would even reciprocate of course. Apparently she's like this with everyone.) Ugh I'm such a mess. And I know that if we end up going out or having a fling or whatever, in a moment of giddiness I'll tell her about this post and embarrass the hell out of myself.

No. 1208853

i've owned 5 dogs and none of them ever ate shit and most were acually kind of picky eaters (one was obsessed with sweet bell peppers lol.)

No. 1208854

I'm gay gay gay gay on the low. Gay gay gay gay.

No. 1208860

Okay this is a weird one and I don't even understand how it's possible but I feel like going on birth control has almost cured my ADHD…? I'm much less emotional now than before and I don't have that thing where if I'm asked to do something which makes me stressed I focus on the stress instead and start procrastinating. Instead, since I don't experience that intense of an emotional reaction,I just go ahead and do it. I mean yeah, I'm still late and my memory is still fucking bad and all the other stuff but this part is such a big help on a daily basis, everything is just easier now and I can do things easily that used to be challenging

No. 1208861

i wish you were banned from neet thread, and also i hope a moid at wage slavery spits in your coffee.

No. 1208864

I didn't think color correcting would work and didn't give it a go until I heard about it in the Heard-Dept trial

No. 1208865

lmao why are NEETs so sensitive?

No. 1208866

File: 1654232092083.jpg (46.56 KB, 580x386, Home-is-where-Nonnie-is-2-580x…)

I'm genuinely sorry for participating in infighting today. Won't happen again.

No. 1208897

File: 1654234027970.png (121.67 KB, 266x266, iii.png)

I was dancing poorly in my room and then felt embarrassed and self-conscious that my plushies and anime figures were looking at me while I dance

No. 1208899

It's June 3. This year I've had to drink:
>one pint of cider on 3/12
>one can of wine on 3/25
>two light beers at a wedding on 5/7
>one can of rose on 5/29
>one can of cider on 6/1
That's really not a whole lot of booze.
Problem is, everyone in my life thinks I've been sober for 2 years and 5 months.
Truth is: I was sober for 2 years and 2 months. Now I'm getting really stressed out with school and work and I'm starting to drink in small amounts again, in secret.
That's my confession.

No. 1208902

Damn……bitch really thinks having a job gives her worth…spiritual decay

No. 1208908

Based neet-hater

No. 1208912

File: 1654235294104.jpg (85.31 KB, 736x736, arguing with a woman.jpg)

the paint goes hard the city by the bay as movie stars and liquor stars in soft decay the rumbling from distant shores sends me to sleep but the facts of life can sometimes make it hard to dream.
life rocked me like molly,, grabbed me by the ribons in my hair, life rocked me ultrasoftly like the heavy metal that you wear im flying to the moon again dreaming about hroin and how it gave you everything and took your life away. ill put you on an airolaen destined for a foreign land i hoped

No. 1208951

How do you feel about waifufags?

No. 1208961

KEK nonnie I didn't read your original confession but I wish I did. I had a huge crush on my indian boss when I worked at a pizza shop and he was always so nice to me. He'd always wear lots of rings and we had a fair bit of playful, flirty banter. It's definitely what awoke me to my attraction to brown men.

No. 1208962

You sound male. That's how messed the neet-ism got you. Anon was being honest because most people in that thread are hilariously pathetic. If you don't want someone to laugh at you, don't make posts about how having to work is so hard and totally oppresses you or something as if everyone else doesn't work.
Also wishing a man to do something nasty like that to anon is so weird. You really sound like those antiwork scrotes who feel entitled to treat people like shit because they're paid less. I'm sorry but a min-wage employee will always be more respectable than a neet.

No. 1208964

File: 1654240993732.jpg (11.14 KB, 274x342, 7846a88f8efa7f880b5b9abea3f02a…)

isn't the NEET thread about wanting to escape NEETdom, like why are you all trying to make fun of people who want to improve their lives but have a hard time due to various social and mental health issues

No. 1208966

was he middle-aged like anon's boss tho

No. 1208971

I mean look at /snow/ most cows are only there because they're mentally and socially unwell what's the difference? Why should neets be treated like a special class that can't be criticized when mostly mentally ill or even disabled people have to work? Also I'm not talking about all neets but the sensitive one that wished a man to spit in anons coffee is definitely an antiwork type that deserved to be made fun of.

No. 1208972

Because they’re receiving the tiniest bit of dopamine asserting that they are more intelligent and respectable than people slightly more mentally ill than them

No. 1208974

okay but the whole point is they want to stop being NEETs and want to become nromies, what's wrong with that, I saw tons of post celebrating getting jobs and going back to school in that thread

No. 1208976

OMG I do this too I literally thought I was the only one. I like idols and I was dancing to a song and I looked at my figure of one of the members and felt I was making him angry

No. 1208980

Neetdom isn't about mental illness, it's about being lazy and incompetent. My father had a literal downie as his university classmate, he graduated and got an ok job. I also know plenty people like that, I know a man with an intellectual disability who happens to be obsessed with cleanliness so he cleans houses, he works 10+ hours a day and never complains he earns good too because he's really good at it.
Literally none of the neets I know are disabled or mentally ill enough to not work. I'm in a good college and most people have anxiety and some even clinical depression, none of the students here are %100 mentally healthy because the pressure breaks them down but that doesn't mean we can just quit our career before it even starts.
Your mental illness isn't the thing stopping you, your laziness and entitlement is. That's why that neet-chan(kun?) wished anon to get her coffee spit. Neets literally expect us to feel bad for them and treat them better than every actual functioning member of the society. Won't happen as long as you retards keep attacking everyone else.

No. 1208990

listen I'm trying to escape NEETdom as well, I used to have a job and life and I just need something to push me, I'm scared of people and addicted to being online cause its the only spaces where I feel safe, I'm also a ex-fujo trying to fix my self of that whole thing as well, I fail a lot and just one failure makes me give up everything and give up, I feel like I need a perfect scenario and then I can gradually start being normal again, I know it maybe cope or whatever but I'm trying

No. 1208991

I'm having deja vu because I swear I've read this exact conversation before at least once, but there's two neet threads, one is neet general and the other is about escaping neetdom

No. 1209025

Tayrt then you're not the type I'm talking about. I know people irl who think they're superior than others for not working and leeching off of their parents or siblings instead. If you want to work even a tiny bit and don't think this is a way of capitalist world turning you into a slave, you're not the kind of person I'm complaining about. I'm sorry if I came off rude but the anon telling other to get spit in her coffee sounded like one of those r/antiwork scrotes so that upset me.

No. 1209036

I’m not a neet and I’m definitely always eluded by the type who have major parental dependence and can’t perform menial tasks because mommy does it for them but I’m not going to call someone incompetent for not wanting to be a cog in a wheel who goes to work at a coffee shop for minimum wage to get berated constantly.

No. 1209052

you do realize that mental illness or illness does not manifest itself the same in all people? Being a downie that does not question himself and has very little awareness of the world is literally more functional than someone with severe anxiety and depression that is constantly questioning themselves and is lost in deep thought and questions themselves at every move. The system is built for people that can be robotic. Also, not everyone that cannot work a job is useless and not everyone has the same opportunities. A lot of people would work if they had better opportunities or support for their mental health issues from the government. Most jobs are useless and we don't truly need them either way. Someone that works for a huge corporation that over produces shit we don't need or someone that makes art in a world overly saturated with art when those are not even essential things, someone that works those jobs is not more useful than someone that stays in their parents house doing nothing. Also, most NEETs would work if they did not struggle with anxiety disorders and if they had the opportunity to work something they enjoy

No. 1209070

>someone with severe anxiety and depression that is constantly questioning themselves and is lost in deep thought and questions themselves at every move
i agree, not everything has to be black and white, there can be room for nuance especially for something that can be pretty diverse in it's observations like neetdom.

No. 1209395

I have a very sickly and elderly great dane that I’m just hoping passes away soon. I love this dog but goddamn, he’s a mess. It’s time for this dude to rest.

No. 1209613

Stop trying to post this photo everyday. It's not gonna happen.

No. 1209720

There are two NEET threads, one is about former NEETs and the more active one is a NEET general that specifically says
>Thread for current NEETs who do not wish to/are not ready yet to rejoin society

No. 1209788

I think that's pretty normal, anon. If you love someone or something a lot of course you don't want to watch them suffer at the end of their lives. The fact that you want him to have peace even though you would of course love to have more time with him if it weren't hurting him, just shows how much you care. I'm sure you were a great friend to him throughout his long life.

No. 1209851

I always sleep with a bunch of shit on my bed. There's probably a minimum of 3-5 items on my bed at all times. I'm not even a hoarder or anything

No. 1209855

Samefag, but I have the decency to make sure there's never scissors on my bed before I sleep.

No. 1209863

It’s such a tranny image too kek

No. 1209877

Some days I worry if I have reverse body dysmorphia or something because I look in the mirror and think I look hot but then I am like “but why am I single?” (I mean I also spent 5 years hung up on an ex and I’m only just dating again over the last 6 months but still)

No. 1209879

Omg same. I’m not a messy person but something about having my phone, my dressing gown and my book on my bed while I sleep gives me a weird comfort

No. 1209897

i've slept with scissors so many times. i don't move much in my sleep thankfully but damn

No. 1209910

Same here. Something about a kind of awkward sleeping position really helps me go to sleep. I think it puts me in a mindset of "oh I'm not actually going to sleep now, I'm going to get up and put all these things away and then go to sleep later, I'm just closing my eyes for now" that sends me immediately into a deep sleep. If I prepare my bed and make everything cosy and perfect for sleeping I'll lie awake for 4 hours.

No. 1209914

The funny thing is, I don't actually like sleeping the way I do. It's like having all the stuff on my bed forces me into certain places, and while I don't move around much when I sleep, I wanna be able to roll around and stuff.

No. 1209957

Are you me nona kek?? I have always had a bunch of stuff on my bed for no reason (my friends have always found it hilarious kek)
Same lmao, luckily I usually sleep in the same position/small space all night

No. 1209967

File: 1654284244504.png (1.14 MB, 1440x1080, 1654014773825.png)

I took a video of a guy I saw in public without him knowing because I thought he looked cute. It was just him sitting down on a bench. Feel guilty about it, so I'll probably delete it off my phone

No. 1209996


No. 1210001

No. 1210013


Based, Botan is a queen and we stan.

No. 1210025

I'm not botan, sorry. She sounds nice and based though

No. 1210036

File: 1654286714085.gif (371.9 KB, 498x372, 7b59555c47f13b3d692ce0922a3ce8…)

Botan is the character…

No. 1210037

This interaction ohhhh my god

No. 1210231

In uni a professor asked me to write them a recommendation letter for their tenure position. In theory I wanted to do it as they were a good prof but I was too lazy and let the deadline pass. I feel guilty as that prof was really nice to me and that letter may have had an effect on their job.

No. 1210239

my fucking sides
please delete it that's creepy af anon

No. 1210261

I think report of the week probably has a nice huge dick and i'd love to be with him and live in his house and rub his forehead.

No. 1210273

You might be a lesbian actually

No. 1210308

I don’t understand, he seems nice but he looks like a child

No. 1210312

Nta but no he doesn't. He's obviously a grown ass man. He just has a light complexion.

No. 1210313

My confession is that I wish I could video tape some cute guys

No. 1210338

Report of the week not only looks like a grown man, but a grown ASS man. He also looks older then his age, but not in terms of skin or wrinkles. But his vibes is older then his amazingly aging body.
I'd say his mind age is like 58 but his body age is 25 (one year older than his actual age).

No. 1210339

File: 1654300125542.png (604.03 KB, 638x418, lorde.PNG)

i'm sorry but he really does look like a 17 yo lorde in a suit just with a gingery complexion. he really doesn't seem like an "obviously grownass man" at all. i know he is an adult but he looks like a kid

No. 1210341

He has a narrow delicate skull and he can't help that, however he looks like an adult.

No. 1210342

are you confusing suits and gelled hair with actually acting like a grownass "MAN"? like he's fine, he seems nice enough but where do you get MAN from him

No. 1210344

One of the most depraved confessions I've read here.

No. 1210347

File: 1654300278468.jpg (11.36 KB, 224x224, download.jpg)

If you never seen a grown ass MAN before it's not my problem. This is 100% a man and a very sexy one at that. Clean your glasses.

No. 1210349

depraved would be keeping him edged for hours and hearing his incessant squealing

No. 1210351

you mean because his house has a lot of wood? why is that pic so small? he looks like a member of any high school young republican's group

No. 1210356

No HE has a lot of wood. Manly wood, probably 8 inches long. Stop it.

No. 1210359

STOP IT jesus christ save that shit for a different thread on /g/ nona, this is not the place. It's really gross hearing that said about him, he's so devoid of any sexuality in how he presents himself.

No. 1210363

Im going to make it very clear, I did not make that post. I'm the OG ROTW Nonnie but I don't go that far.

No. 1210364

File: 1654300720854.gif (1.68 MB, 498x280, reviewbrah-thereportoftheweek.…)

Too far Nonilita

No. 1210365

>he's so devoid of any sexuality in how he presents himself.
that's how you know straddling him while cradling him your chest will give way for the cutest moans

No. 1210366

No. 1210530

My brother is dating a mtf troon who looks and sounds like the faggiest twink ever. Why couldn't he just be a regular gay.

No. 1210551

I'm starting to feel like there's less and less straight men due to coomerism. It's not even the "Gays are turning the men gay and frogs are gay" shit.
It's just flat out porn addiction and all that. I don't care if I'm a hypocrite. In fact I am one. I'm bisexual (i prefer men) and I don't want to date anything but a straight man. I don't hide my sexuality, though. Every man I look at I wonder what is he hiding. Is he into troon porn? Does he like watching clowns punch women? Incest shit? What is it? tell me. Then it's like, "I wish I could be with a woman, less of the chance of bullshit but i love dick. I love men".
I'm sorry I hate men but I love the look and feel of a man. I want that. I'll just waste a woman's time if I dated her, because i know I'd truly want to be with a man. I feel like a sell out for that shit too. I'm on here all the fucking time going, "team Nonnies" yet, I can't get over my dick lust and truly love a woman as more than a friend or friend with benefit.
Then even the straight men are "Straight".So what does that word even mean? I wish I could put "Super straight men" only because I feel like we DO need another word.
Maybe I'm just tripping nonnies.

No. 1210676

I'm on the same boat nonnie. Every time I look at a man I find attractive, I wonder what kind of sick porn he's into. I wish I could be with a girl long-term, but honestly I prefer men, which sucks because 90% of them are into some kind of degeneracy.

No. 1210962

I sometimes use sports shops as a free gym and nobody has stopped me yet

No. 1210980

>I'm starting to feel like there's less and less straight men due to coomerism.
Wouldn't that imply that religious nutjobs sending away their kids for conversion therapy were right about sexuality being a choice/taught?

No. 1210986

Where do tradwhores like you find this website? There's so many of you fake-Christian bitches here.

No. 1211004

Why does it have to be one extreme or the other? Some people are born gay, but some people condition themselves to get off to the same sex. Men can meme themselves into being sexually attracted to cars, chicken sandwiches, and anything they can think of, why is a living person of the same gender so off limits?

No. 1211064

My only friend is someone who groomed me online when I was a teenager. I hate him and I hate myself and I have nobody else in my life.

No. 1211162

Go hit up the friend finder thread, then, anon. Or join the lolcow discord. And ditch that faggot.

No. 1211171

File: 1654360224105.png (154.82 KB, 500x281, EGkhLYpWsAYXZBl.png)

Sorry about impending wall of text. Recently I needed by bathroom mirror changed. One day I am called by a technician who is there to take measurements of the mirror. Measuring takes 30 seconds, but he lingers at my door talking forever. I learn that he is from Lithuania. I don't know if all Lithuanians aret his talkative, but as I am Northern European I don't know how to react to friendly strangers. The guy is funny in a dead-pan nerdy way. Learn that he doesn’t live in my city, and his job is to travel up and down the country fixing bathrooms for this specific company. Eventually I am successful at signalling the conversation is ending and he leaves.

A couple of weeks later he calls me to let me know my new mirror is ready. This time I am prepared and able to successfully make som smalltalk while he is at my apartment. By some freak coincidence we are both travelling to the same city the next day. I jokingly suggest I could hitch a ride with him (which I don’t).

Next day I am outside the hotel I’m staying at in that city and lo and behold run into him. Turns out we are staying at the same hotel. Kinda wanna ask him for dinner, just because I like talking to him, but seeing as I have a bf I know better.

Fast forward till now. I have broken up with the bf. Suddenly filled with confidence and horniness, so I cheekily text Lithuanian technichan asking if he wants to meet up next time he is in my town. Get a reply 4 days later saying he would be happy to. Seeing as he took that long to reply, I don't really think he’s too serious about it. Go on a couple of dates with a different guy and catch feelings. I can tell this guy is also into me, although so far things are going frustratingly slow. I get a message today from Lithuanian technician telling me he won’t be able to make it here until a couple of more weeks and that he is sorry as he had been looking forward to seeing me. Tbh I was looking forward to seeing him too, but am now conflicted because I don’t want him to get the idea that I want anything more than just some fun and maybe a hook-up. Also feel guilty about the other guy I’ve developed feelings for. I was in a relationship for 5 years and was kinda looking forward to just being single and having fun, not planning on catching feelings so fast.

No. 1211183

Straight men don't really exist, they're just attracted to femininity atm. If society and culture would be slightly different, they would revert right back to ancient Greek standards, only sleep with women for reproduction and view men as for fun, even without porn. Truly straight women on the other hand do exist.

No. 1211195

Maybe male sexuality doesn’t exist, they just exist to coom. Because males are disposable, they coom to women in an effort self-preserve. Removing the drive to procreate, they coom to anything, they are just walking sperm sacks constantly spurting into the void.

No. 1211258

A new coworker is exactly my type and now i can't masturbate without getting reminded of him. I feel like such a coomer and i can't enjoy my fantasies anymore. It's fucking killing me. I wish i never met him

No. 1211267

Isn't this how masturbation worked for the past million years minus maybe the past seventy or something lol

No. 1211295

I feel like shit like this is why some men had a bunch of wives back in the day. I'm not saying all men with multiple wives were great guys but if I lived in a time where men were raping little boys, getting fucked in the ass, and could legally beat and rape me I would just go with a guy who takes of his wife and is actually attracted to her. Most men are not husband or father material, not now not back in the day either. Idk if I had to get married back then I'd definitely go for the dude who actually likes women and takes care of his children than any random ass dude who probably is a pederast woman beating bum. I think it's why men slut shame women só hard even if she's only slept with her bf or husband- they wish they were being taken care of by a man. Lol. Men have always been fags. Even the ones who aren't feel entitled to us. I just wish all the gay, bi, and closeted men fucked each other and leave us alone but they seem just as obsessed with us as actual straight men are. Sorry this doesn't seem hopeful lol but I'm not attracted to men so idk but I'm sure theres real straight men out there. Probably not as many of them to go for each straight woman and it's probably a tiny amount that is still single but don't lose hope lol.

No. 1211592

File: 1654384741377.png (39.31 KB, 640x400, 01b.png)

I work at a call centre. The pay is shit and the benefits don't exist. For the first mornths I tried my best to give our customers the best, but now I don't care. If you are cunt to me I will press F5 to restart our listening's program so the call hung up. Fuck em, screw my shitty job and managers and clients, I'm tired.

No. 1211621

File: 1654386938099.gif (1.06 MB, 310x373, breakdance.gif)

sometimes when i go up to a mirror i imagine what nonas would say about me if i were a cow over on /snow/, like the nitpicks and such. luckily this would never actually happen as i hate taking pictures of myself and have 0 social media, but i do it to see myself from a third person angle more clearly and to keep me humble. even though i have never been prideful of myself even in childhood but if in the case that i ever start having doubts surely this is going to help

No. 1211721

Kek anon i guess you're right. It just feels weird to see my fantasies suddenly available as a real person and someone i have to meet every day.

No. 1211793

My bf called me his baby (non-sexual) and I loved it. I want him to pet me like a small bunny and treat me like his gentle fragile baby. It gets me off sexually but I could never tell him this. I won't corrupt him since hes as vanilla as any man can get (don't get me wrong, I love it and appreciate it so much). I also have way worse fantasies that he could never be able to fulfil too and I will never ever say them. Curse my degeneracy.

No. 1211819

I've never had Ben and Jerry's well maybe I've had it once, but that's a very unsure maybe.
I'm about to have my first pint, it's chunky monkey.

No. 1211828

I keep hearing horror stories about call centers and I'm always curious to hear more.

No. 1211829

That's my favorite flavor! Enjoy!

No. 1211831

It's so good! Very creamy, the banana flavor is super strong and the dark chocolate is yummy. I almost picked a white chocolate raspberry ice cream when I was at the store, I'm glad I got this instead.

No. 1211838

absolutely based anon, keep up the streak

No. 1211884

I love Ben and Jerry’s! I recommend the canolli flavor if you have access

No. 1211889

that's my fave it's so good

No. 1212108

The type of woman I'm attracted to are almost always they/them. I would even consider sacrificing my beliefs for them. Am I doomed?

No. 1212118

It’s never as dramatic irl as it is on the internet. Date someone if you like them, respect them if they deserve your respect, etc. You don’t have to meme yourself into hating someone just for trying to figure themselves out, they don’t all have to be cringe or inherently the devil or anything.

No. 1212222

I really like alternative looking girls myself but that also comes with they/them or zoomer e-girl territory. I just want a tough mature alt chick who gives no fucks about any of this garbage

No. 1212281

I was just thinking about this today. Im so into alt girls but I don’t think there are many left who haven’t ended up as alt-theys. It’s so predictable and sad. Just dying for a short dyed hair girl with her septum and demonias and shit, I wanna hold her tattooed hand on our way to a The Front Bottoms concert.

No. 1212419

I serve at a restaurant and it turns out, im making more than any other server there (tip wise, over the first 8 weeks ive been there). I am getting 5 star reviews online, and the owners run into happy customers in town (small town). Some customers call ahead -to see if Im working. If Im not, they ask when Im back
Its not a hard job at all, but it helps to be nice and welcoming. The other servers are busted grumpy bitches who gripe and bitch more than being positive . Infact, both of them got 1star reviews on google this week, and they have worked here for years.
Everyday i come in smiling, and they HATE me. Leave as soon as possible, with one word replies, but they have literally nothing to gripe at me for.
The girl i replaced used to only make $30 bucks in tips a night, because shes a bitch too, fat lazy and couldnt be bothered to work,
I make that in an hour, easily.
A customer left me a tip, looked at my coworker and said “This is the best service I have ever received here, and I come by once a week for YEARS.”
Love to see bitter mean bitches make a more sour face, i tell ya what

No. 1212433

In my old job I was customer facing but a large part of the job was having to call the call center of our company with the customer because it was stuff that could only be done on their end and the customers were too impatient to call at home/felt like coming in would make it go faster when we also just had to call the same as them. It was kind of annoying to sit through all the elevator music but I got to talk to a lot of our colleagues in the call center. The burnout rates were crazy fast and when they would tell me what things were like I really felt for them. If it was someone's first day I always tried to go above and beyond to be nice and encouraging because on average they burn out in like 90 days and all the newbies seemed so nice and unprepared for how awful people are.

No. 1212476

This is weirdly aspirational. Going into work with a good attitude can be really powerful.

No. 1212560

I have to admit, the best defense against grouchy mean people is being super sweet, in my experience. Its dismantling, and it makes the aggressor look more ridiculous. I was reading on the psychology of mean people, and they usually have no idea how to respond to kindness when they are aching for any form of conflict

No. 1212568

You sound like a good person, anon. It makes me sad whenever i hear about call center jobs burning people out. People should be treated better in general at jobs

No. 1212572

As one of the grouchy mean people in general, I can confirm it works and you get to piss them off too

No. 1212588

File: 1654441972348.gif (948.07 KB, 245x219, ok.gif)

I quit my call center job almost a year ago now, I was working for cars breaking down and insurance for houses and apartments, I've had a bunch of crazy calls, especially compared to my coworkers, but the most disturbing one was a guy calling me to ask me if we pay for his house cleaning because his tenant died in his apartment 10 days ago, was found just a few hours ago, and was rotting and melting on the floor because of the warm weather (the guy was a doctor like the vast majority of our customers so he went into details) and the guy's cats were starving for these 10 days so they started eating him on a regular basis at some point. My manager told me to handle it myself but to tell him we only pay for the house cleaning in case someone needs to move in or out of a place or if there's been accidents like a fire, so we would barely pay the price asked for by specialists. I was told that this was basically retarded by the customer, and that he'd change his insurance because we didn't cover cleaning body fluid and rotten flesh on top of dusting the floor and we should be ashamed of ourselves.

No. 1212746

Stop going after e girl "alt" chicks and go for real alt chicks instead then. They usually don't try so hard in appearance though. Skater looking girls are your best bet. Go to a metal concert and pick up one.

No. 1212761

Thank you, anon. All customer service people deserve to be treated better, the public are so cruel.

No. 1212944

Sometimes I want things I don't like not to exist.

No. 1212946

Holyshit, that's so traumatizing. I'm glad you left that job. RIP to the poor soul that died.

No. 1212971

File: 1654457450621.jpg (96.89 KB, 768x1024, R (8).jpg)

I don't like amusement parks. Mostly because I'm scared to go on the rides

No. 1212995

I just watched the vid of the guy dying on one of these I'm sure that's why you posted it too. I used to mock people afraid of roller coasters and rides but maybe they just have better survivor's instinct

No. 1213005

I'm surprised that you saw it too. Is that video getting 'popular'?

No. 1213013

I will have at least one day dream session a day wherein something bad happens to me or a loved one. I will get super carried away most of the time and end up actually crying. Sometimes I'll start to repeat the things I'm saying in my day dream out loud (whispering to myself) and that usually snaps me out of it. I don't know why I do this but it's hard to catch myself when I do it.

No. 1213024

Ntayrt. When I was a teen, I went to six flags with a friend. She guilt tripped me on rides I didn't want to go on. She at least held my hands on them. Looking back, I'm glad nothing happened but I hated the rides and got a migraine from my stress levels being high. Never went there ever again.

No. 1213052

How did he die from that ride? Because I'm usually ok with doing rides that are fun but not too intense and I never tried that one because of how scared I am of height

No. 1213057

Wasn’t he not wearing a belt?

No. 1213061

File: 1654461360618.png (48.71 KB, 594x308, ride.png)

just put 'drop ride accident' in twitter. A 14 year old boy fell out as the ride dropped down

apparently the harness was never checked

No. 1213071

That's crazy, I've never seen any amusement park where harnesses aren't checked like twice before the rides start. I expected something like a grown adult who seemed physically healthy to have a heart attack tbh.

No. 1213094

I want to like roller coasters, I don’t particularly have anxiety about height itself but I just HATE the physical sensation of my guts moving around. It’s so pleasant that I couldn’t enjoy the rides.

No. 1213103

I love Theme Parks, they're generally safer than being in a car. Though it's always a good idea to watch whether the employees are actually checking things properly, whether the ride has been inspected recently etc.
>SlingShot Group
Feels like I've heard this name come up more often with accidents like these. It's interesting anyway how I hear of this stuff more often in the US, but not really in the EU. Are inspections stricter in the EU?
I'm afraid of heights, I don't trust myself without a harness or being controlled and secured in some way. So I'm fine with theme parks, but you don't see me climbing in trees anymore, I don't want to break more shit.

No. 1213106

I’m ashamed to say that I want a stay at home wife so bad, but it’s true. I day dream about being the provider and giving my wife anything she desires. She could work if she wants of course, but my love language is serving others and I want to be her breadwinner. I unfortunately work in a male dominated industry and I never meet women, much less available ones also interested in dating me. It’s lonely as hell out here as a soft butch.

No. 1213114

Part of the issue was that the boy was a football player and 6+ feet tall and over 300 pounds. He was well over the ride's weight limit which is also the fault of the operators for not enforcing that. I get that it's awkward to tell someone they're too fat to get on a ride, but the weight limit is there for a good reason as I'm sure they know now.

No. 1213126

love how they're conveniently leaving out that he was fucking massive, both in height and supermorbidly obese. the belt literally didn't fit. This is 100% a preventable accident caused by the obesity crisis.

No. 1213132

Ah you answered my >>1213103 question with that too. More accidents probably happen in the US due to the massive amount of obese people.

No. 1213137

Why are you ashamed? Honestly, I want basically the opposite of you. I would love to have a life with no job where I could still find other ways to be productive.

No. 1213142

They should have just stopped him from going on the ride then.

No. 1213145

IIRC they actually didn't let him on any of the other rides. He and his friends may have whinged enough to get him on this one. But this might be misinfo, amusement park attendants tend to be exhausted, barely-trained teenagers, they may have just found one too meek to say no

No. 1213168

You clearly haven't read about the case recently they have found they mechanically adjusted the ride to still run and ignore unsafe parameters

No. 1213195

I followed this for a while but the overhead did fit in the sense of it clicked and showed as good to go but it was obviously positioned higher than should be allowed so when the force at the bottom of the drop became too high he just slipped out between the space. There was no alternate seatbelt on the ride. It’s also sad because I think he was convinced by a worker to go on it, they usually do that for rides that have a separate cost. Usually they won’t be shy to tell a fatter person to leave on thrill rides because the restraint won’t be marked as safe within acceptable limits.

No. 1213206


I just feel hypocritical for being very career driven yet wanting a partner who isn't. I'd rather my future wife let me stress about the finances so she can pursue her interests at her leisure. I wish I could take you on a date, nona, maybe we'd hit it off kek

No. 1213223

File: 1654466930176.jpg (49.27 KB, 480x720, 9403e7bcb0fede1618bf01bb45a7ab…)

Lets skip the date and get straight to marriage. I'll wear picrel to our wedding. It's ok and not selfish or anything to want a partner who isn't career-oriented. I hope you find a lady with life goals that match yours anon, don't ever give up ♥

No. 1213240

Middle aged men are by far the most disgusting, repulsive, vomit-inducing beings on this earth. Whenever I see a woman under 30 who willingly fucks a goblin with graying hair and a beer gut, I want to get in her mind to see what the fuck she is thinking.

No. 1213242

Just fucking marry me already
>soft butch

No. 1213254

I think most guys secretly want this too. They just put up a front because they can't afford it.

No. 1213259

A similar thing happened when a veteran died by being thrown from his seat on a ride. He had no legs but the kids working the ride were apparently accosted by him before he went on. They didnt want to tell him he couldnt ride because he pulled the whole 'I am a war vet' card with them. He wasnt able to be secured because of his disability and was thrown from the ride and died on impact.

No. 1213266

I honestly dream of this too anon but unfortunately i am born straight and ugly and scrotes are the way they are. I understand that dating absolutely sucks for lesbians, especially with troons ruining everything and the idea of being a housewife being ruined by trad thots, but I hope you get to live your dreams.

No. 1213267

i was on one of the biggest rollercoasters in the uk and it broke down whilst i was riding. it was really scary and we were made to wait a little over an hour before the team came to help us out. That was the scariest part, no one coming to help us or explain what was going on, no one saying it would be okay, people in the ride screaming and panicking and the people below looking up and watching us. I still go on rides though! I've even ridden that exact ride since it reopened! Rollercoasters and such generally are safe, probably more safe than the car journey there!

No. 1213277

at least cars (generally) don't go up hundreds of feet in the air so that alone makes them preferable to an amusement ride tbh

No. 1213283

Imagine surviving a war only to die at an amusement park…

No. 1213314

I listen to some Yukapon music sometimes

No. 1213315

Theme parks are more chill than amusement parks, so I agree

No. 1213317

No. 1213347

File: 1654476024011.jpg (41.3 KB, 518x800, 183cfccdf2de708e4cb013b0b30add…)


Oh nona, my beautiful bride! I could only be so lucky. Something like picrel for me, but with a less ugly tie. Thank you for the kind words.


nonnie don't tempt me… if a short haired brunette shows up to your house on a motorcycle, it's me picking you up to go shop for whatever ring you want and then we're riding off into the sunset together.


This is why I feel embarrassed about it I guess, I feel like a scrote for wanting a house wife. At least I can afford it though since outperforming men is my guilty pleasure in life.


Aidans and troons all around me… Sometimes I consider moving to a less liberal city, but I'm actually from one and I used to get called faggot and dyke all the time there. It's a sad sign that I can't decide if that treatment was better or worse than experiencing the dating cesspool of womanface or lobbed off tits that is my current city.

No. 1213354

got that double belly button think going on from lap surgery, feels bad

No. 1213383

File: 1654479327748.jpg (67.97 KB, 750x798, original.jpg)

Spoiler for cringy nsfw He wants to fuck me badly, and the feeling is mutual even when I hate him and everything he stands for deeply, there's an intense physical attraction I can't ignore and the sexual tension is very high every time we interact. I'm so confused and I've so many mixed feelings about this, specially as a kisless virgin, is like my conscious mind hates him and wants to ghost him for good but my unconscious realm is sexually obsessed with its own idealized version of him wtf. I've never been with a man who craved me this badly, and I'm trying desperately to convince myself everything he did was wrong but I want more, I want him to get bolder, hell, he only wanted to kiss me but I want to bite him grab him idk what's wrong with me I need a release but I don't want things to get out of control reee this is such a fucking mess!!!!

No. 1213405

I prefer places like disney because of this, plenty of baby rides and things to do for pussies and it's a lot safer than fun fairs too. Not too fond of thorpe park or anywhere with roller coasters as their main focus, although i'd love to ride a wooden roller coaster one day. Not too fond of places like thrope park.

No. 1213408

Someone several states away from me mistyped their phone number for ordering taco bell, so now every so often I get texts about orders. I always look at what's been ordered, and it brings me simple slightly creepy joy learning about this random (probably) guy and what he gets taken off or added to his tacos.

No. 1213478

I've masturbated at every place I've been employed at (while on the clock too). It's scrote behavior but no, I'm not a fucking scrote. Forgive me nonas

No. 1213483

I feel ike most guys nowadays want to be the SAHW lmao.

No. 1213484

Same, I've always liked her.

No. 1213485

yes lol, they want a hot onlyfans or supermodel mommie bangmaid breadwinner meanwhile they play video games all day.

No. 1213518

Some even want to be a hot onlyfans or supermodel mommie bangmaid breadwinner, the mtf thread regularly has such specimens.

No. 1213566

No. 1213573

KEK did you do it in the bathroom? Didn't they notice you were away for long?

No. 1213579

I want to go back to school. I don't want to work and don't want to be useful to society. I want to write essays and theorize about literature

No. 1213663

this whole time i thought the finnish thread name "suomillanka" was a racist joke implying finland was turning into sri lanka because of the old racist-looking thread pic.
i was recently informed lanka just means "thread". sorry finnanons. love the new thread pic though, hope u're all having fun with your ö ä's

No. 1213670

Do you put yourself out there?

No. 1213687

Me too kek. Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that's why I jill off on company time

No. 1213884

I get this. I always flip flop between being a stay at home wife and being the breadwinner though. Once I finish my degree and actually have potential for a good job, both found wonderful

No. 1214063

I really like Imagine Dragons

No. 1214065

Good for you, anon. They're not as bad as they're memed to be.

No. 1214091

Do what my old roommate’s mom did and have one kid, then realize you hate raising kids and hire a nanny to raise her for you while you work as a high-power attorney and your husband works as a professor.

Spoiler: the girl grew into an awful and incapable adult

No. 1214155

I am a lesbian but I still find myself wanting male validation or attention. I like feeling wanted or a guy having interest in me, but it grosses me out to think of it going any further than compliments or him getting flustered around me. I think because I'm hardly around gay women and having low self esteem in general it feels nice for someone to be attracted to me.

No. 1214162

Not to assign sexualities to anonymous people I don't know but I was just like this before I realized I was just bisexual. Now that I know I'm bisexual I can finally get over the weird validation seeking.

No. 1214176

>the old racist-looking thread pic

No. 1214184

nta but there was a thread pic for one of those threads that looked vaguely like blackface

No. 1214194

File: 1654540766403.png (215.42 KB, 917x390, imagem_2022-06-06_153944699.pn…)

I don't know if you mean it wasn't racist looking or if it was obviously racist lol I wonder what does this meme say anyway

No. 1214200

i see what you mean now, got it mixed up with something else

No. 1214277

I quit porn but sometimes I still masturbate to women I find attractive and then feel extremely guilty for it. It's not technically porn so at least I'm not supporting the industry. Oh well.

No. 1214299

NTA but this is why I'm glad my mom was always working class and was too bad with money to afford a nanny, I'm an awful adult but at least I'm capable!

No. 1214321

I have no friends at all, not even online. The only people I talk to are coworkers (all 40+) and my immediate family. I had friends in the past, but I drifted apart from them and I am too ashamed of my current situation to reconnect, not to mention our friendships were mostly very surface level anyway. I am not convinced I will ever make another friend again or ever have a romantic relationship. To keep myself sane I keep a diary written in txt files. It must have more than a thousand entries by now and catalogues pretty much everything I've done, every piece of media i've consumed and everything i've thought for the past 5 years. If anyone ever read it I think I would have to kill myself.

No. 1214346

I still think I am too sensitive and thin-skinned for this place sometimes kek

No. 1214362

Same. I'm super sensitive but talk so much shit. I get what I deserve.

No. 1214365

Anon same kek

No. 1214370

Just realized pride has been nice because I haven’t been seeing troons everywhere. Ditched instagram so only on gc/radfem/terf friendly spaces and seeing so much ssa positivity with no trans nonsense unless it’s being torn to shreds. Confession I guess because I used to feel guilty about lurking in those spaces, but not so much anymore. Happy pride indeed.

No. 1214375

I’m in literally the exact same situation, have no friends at all, only talk to immediate family and only have older coworkers. It’s to the point I feel really out of place with people my own age, I feel so ‘other’ in most aspects of life.

No. 1214378

me too LMFAO but i think i've been restricted to a side of the internet so being on here helps me actually think like a proper person and recognize other ppls viewpoints instead of having an empty brain

No. 1214380

File: 1654546751212.jpg (73.38 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-157581794-612x612.…)

I hate being with fat people on rides where there's just one lap bar all the way across and their gut stops it from being anywhere near my lap. it's not fair.

No. 1214413

That thread pic was in self-irony, other European countries and especially our fellow Nordic countries have spent centuries shit talking the Finns claiming Finns are part of a "lower race", "subhuman", "not white" etc. It looks extremely /pol/ tier but it's us embracing the old racist stereotypes of Finns in a very crass way and it's not meant to offend, but of course anglospherefags wouldn't understand because they view everything through their own imperialist anglo lens and think the whole world has the political and social history of Murica and piss their pants over some crude mspaint drawings.

No. 1214421

Mostly in the bathroom yes. And no, I can come in ~3 mins.

No. 1214459

I think I have a serious issue and I’m going to talk to someone about it I promise, but today someone sent me a bunch of detrans posts for laughs, and something in my went sadistic. After spending hours reading these horrificallly sad posts of people missing their breasts or their penis it’s like I got an electric shock up my spine of pure pleasure. I don’t know why but watching these people horribly suffer for the rest of their natural lives feels so good. It scratches this itch in the back of my brain that screams “you got exactly what you asked for, you deserved it” and it makes me so emotional I feel overwhelmed with happy idk if it’s some sort of dopamine release or it’s because I hate trans people or is it because this is the first time I’ve really dived into detransitioning people or am I just a sick fuck. Instead of feeling sad I feel “serves you right fucker” and a lip biting level of statisfsction. I genuinely am concerned for why I reacted like that when I feel like it should make me sad.

I’m just as awful as them. Kill me.

No. 1214474

I used to blame it on having too unique and esoteric interests or whatever bullshit but it's not even true, I've met a number of people that share my weird interests and a similar perspective on them even and we had a few conversations about it but it didn't lead to anything more than being passing acquaintances. I know it's my own fault and that I'm being too passive but I get so anxious after any social interaction now, whether the other person thought I was being creepy or overfamiliar or whatever, feeling like I'm being overly presumptive in assuming they want to talk to me at all. It makes me feel terrible and regret ever reaching out in the first place, so I generally don't. And when someone does obviously want to talk to me I freeze up and don't know what to say. I think I was just not cut out to be a human.

No. 1214503

This confession of pure human insight and self evaluation is beautiful. I have no opinion on your post, but I am intrigued by this genuine self reflection. We truly are incredible, and incredibly intelligent creatures fighting to understand our involuntary animalistic insticts. Neat.

No. 1214511

This is sort of based and I agree with you nona. It's purely sadistic but it feels so good.

No. 1214520

Schadenfreud and no empathy for men cutting their dick off? Yeah, fine, based, nothing wrong with you. No empathy for women? Definitely concerning. (de)Trans or not, they're still women.

No. 1214532

I don't feel exactly the same way you do but the first time I found the detrans subreddit I was really fascinated and read a lot of posts. I think what maybe holds me back from feeling as much pity as I should for women who get mastectomies and regret it the sheer insanity of actually going to the effort of seeing a therapist, seeing a surgeon, paying thousands of dollars for that surgery, and then after that you realize it was really just a phase? It's unimaginable to me that at some point during that process you wouldn't stop yourself.

No. 1214545

That's why it's called a mental illness anon, no one with a healthy relationship with their body wants to cut pieces off. Lots of ftms just got sick of the shit stick women are dealt in society and pharma preyed on that by convincing them they could "become" men and "escape" the shit world men have created for women.

No. 1214547

Do you at least have similar feeling towatds women who get implants? Or other cosmetic surgeries?

No. 1214558

I absolutely think it's very similar. Whether it's women undergoing surgeries to appear male or to achieve a standard of beauty, it comes from this notion plastic surgeons try to promote that these dangerous, invasive, scarring surgeries are going to improve your self-image and fix your life, when it often it doesn't do anything to help a person's view of themselves at all.

No. 1214565

Anon I'm euro and if you didn't explain it I'd have thought it's a racist caricature, too.

No. 1214574

I have a friend who's super into FFXIV and can't stop talking about it unprompted, in all our conversations she'll always mention something about the game, the last time we met she sperged for at least 15 minutes about dumb drama in her guild, I was nodding politely but I didn't have the heart to tell her I give zero fuck about it. I understand it's her current obsession and is very enthusiastic about it but I wish she could understand since I don't play it I know nothing about it and I'm not interested at all, like I don't randomly drop some trivia about my fav band to her.

No. 1214579

I am opposite of you nona as I am completely indifferent to them, people lose body parts or are disfigured for various reasons, it's whatever and doesn't even look that remotely shocking or gross to me. At the end of the day trans people are just one flavor of weak individuals who get memed beyond repair.

While I know my total indifference is also abnormal, I do think you have a bit of a problem if you give that much of a shit about trannies. You seem to be a bit of a "chronically bored" type, am I wrong ?

Then again laughing at miserable people who have nothing to do with us is kind of the purpose of this website, so I probably sound like a retard

No. 1214736

I like going on pro ana sites and looking at the food the post then reminiscing when I use to be ana and I can't believe I used to eat weird shit like that but it seemed normal then

No. 1214795

I love watching my old classmates get fat on social media.

No. 1214799

They eat food that looks like they're in war. Lettuce and mayonnaise soup type cuisine.

No. 1214800

I lose weight so fast when I'm sober. I need to get my health in order because if being drunk is maintaining my weight I'm fucked.

No. 1214818

I’m going sober for this exact reason, my body fucking inflated during the pandemic from both drinking and having a sedentary job where I had to be glued to my chair all day to answer phones. 2 weeks in so far, wish me luck Nona, and I believe in you

No. 1214824

ok, after many a dream, im resigning, for years i thought the pain of intimacy was not worth it as i find it extremely difficult, i feel like hetero relationships are usually one sided in the devotion aspect, at least in my experience. i haven't slept with anyone in 3 and a half years now. last night i had the most painful dream about sleeping with someone from my past and now i feel so sad, and like i'll never be able to experience what its like to be close to another person, i don't have friends to lean on and fill in that part of my life, close contact has been ripped from underneath my feet. i admit it, i don't want to have some sad coping mechanism where i pretend to not have a desire for it anymore, it hurts now and i'm in pain

No. 1214834

in the exact same boat, the exact same, down to the interests and all, kinda ot but it's absolutely crazy how the extent of social ostracisation affects women and how we automatically conclude we are beneath humanity, i think female loners are dehumanised moreso than their male counterparts, i thought my only real option to deal with my complete alienation was to adopt a stoic, masculine nature where i pretend im cool with being an outcast, as i think it hurts us on a fundamental level so much more deeply due to women notoriously being highly social. i feel like people tend to diminish your isolation as well, making it seem like it's your choice or something, like you've just got a case of resting bitch face, or even worse push some edgy 14 year old "i probably hate you" mentality on you.

No. 1214838

i mean for real, look at the mental gymnastics we engage in just to even begin to even attempt to return to conversational normality like is the damage just done for us? sorry for sperging but i relate and i'm also having a mental breakdown

No. 1214877

I stole catfood

No. 1214882

right on

No. 1214917

Kek anon, you sound very defensive and paranoid. I'm from Brazil actually, and that caricature of a black brazilian dude is pretty racist, but I wasn't even criticizing it, just wondering what it said. To me it was clearly ironic anyway cause finnish people don't wear rice paddy hats.

No. 1215700

i'm a 26 year old virgin but people always assume that i am in a relationship or have several ex boyfriends and i never correct them even though both of those things are lies. i had a physical glow up after high school and i also got on anti depressants at this stage, so people i've gotten to know after hs assume i've always been this way (attractive and well-adjusted). every year i'm like hmm maybe i should get a boyfriend this year (i'm heterosexual) but the state of men in 2022 disgusts me. i actually think i am going to give love a chance this year tho kek.

No. 1215719

I've made around $25k doing furry vore commissions as a side hustle. I absolutely hate it but the money keeps me coming back. I made $1k in a single night last week.

No. 1215721

God, everyday lolcow convinces me more and more that I should step into the darkness and do NSFW furry shit. I don't think my mind could take it though, I feel grossed out even seeing suggestive furry art.

No. 1215753

Go for it Nona and be safe.

No. 1215757

I get it. I’m so fucking broke right now even with state aid that I’m considering selling feet pics or diving into furry art to live…

No. 1215784

How good is your artistic skill? Do you think skill matters that much with what you've seen with pricing? It seems like people into the weirdest shit will settle for the most amateur art, like ms paint scribbles by mentally stunted adults.

No. 1215803

File: 1654650202361.png (193.06 KB, 337x575, d.png)

I am actually in love with Ian Curtis. I'm actually in love with him and I constantly fantasize about him, I only value males around me based on how much they remind me of Ian. I got butterflies in my stomach earlier today thinking about choking him with my bare hands.
Sometimes I just close my eyes and dream about visiting his grave and just burying my hands in the soil.

No. 1215807

I'm so horny for my nigel but I dont see him until the end of the week. Please end me nonnas

No. 1215809

File: 1654650994224.jpg (128.64 KB, 1280x912, Agnes of God (1985) 2.jpg)

fuck, jesus is tempting me kek

No. 1215817

How do you promote yourself? How do you even start out?