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File: 1654981264372.jpg (702.6 KB, 1664x1728, combine_images (1).jpg)

No. 1221651

Last thread >>1211056

>>1211071 Shakira cleared things up about the anxiety attack rumors and is separating from pique.
>>1212781 Jesy Nelsons album gets delayed by her own label.
>>1213302 , >>1213303 Crimes of the future NYC premiere.
>>1213385 , >>1213404 Bella Hadid dating some art director.
>>1213960 Pete took Kim's son out to eat at Cheesecake Factory.
>>1214055 , >>1214086 Addams family reboot revolving around Wednesday
>>1214371 Azealia banks claims she was pimped out by Rza to Russel Crowe.
>>1214751 Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's baby daughter.
>>1214963 , >>1219570 Demi lovato going for the pop-punk vibe.
>>1215324 Lizzo calls out Liam.
>>1215389 Ryan Secreast with new girlfriend.
>>1215506 Cole Sprouse ASS.
>>1215716 , >>1215750 Sharon Osbourne comments on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, her daughter Kelly also got pregnant by a Slipknot member.
>>1215847 Priyanka did a bulgari photoshoot with lalisa from blackpink and anne hathaway.
>>1216340 Julia Garner offered role in upcoming Madonna biopic.
>>1216592 , >>1216620 , >>1218991 Nick Canon getting women pregnant like he works at baby factory.
>>1216928 , >>1216971 Ellen page looking like a corpse as always and says she couldn't picture herself aging as a woman.
>>1219868 , >>1218842 Britney's ex broke into her wedding.
>>1219371 Rebel Wilson comes out as Bi.
>>1219668 , >>1219670 , >>1219672 , >>1219674 , >>1219675 Sky Ferreira arriving late at some concerts and getting kicked off, her and Halsey hating each other.
>>1219680 Normani replies to a hater.
>>1219821 , >>1219826 , >>1219830 , >>1219834 , >>1219840 , >>1219850 Britney Spears getting married.
>>1219861 Billie and her 30 year old boyfriend break up, rumors of him cheating on her.
>>1220371 Half of Justin Bieber's face is paralyzed. Has Ramsey Hunt Syndrome which is caused by shingles.
>>1220544 Gigi Hadid with new boyfriend after her split with Zayn

All the Ezra Miller grooming allegations milk :
>>1216679 , >>1216714 , >>1216722 , >>1216738 , >>1216848 , >>1216853 , >>1216859 , >>1216863 , >>1216876 , >>1217072 , >>1217090 , >>1217108 , >>1217125 , >>1217177 , >>1217218 , >>1217249 , >>1217586 , >>1217617 , >>1218606 , >>1218611 , >>1218616 , >>1218625 , >>1218632 , >>1218638 , >>1218644 , >>1218748

Celeb looks at the mtv awards :
>>1213320 , >>1213322 , >>1213325 , >>1213326 , >>1213327 , >>1213333 , >>1213337 , >>1213338 , >>1213359 , >>1213523

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No. 1221664

Excellent thread nonnie

No. 1221682

File: 1654982929783.png (2.13 MB, 2234x1408, Capture d’écran 2022-06-11 .p…)

Who's gonna buy this ? Like girl… The cosmetic market is so saturated. They're selling us 109273873 useless products.

No. 1221684

I'm wondering if all these celebs' businesses are money laundering. Like Kendall's tequila.

No. 1221694

The answer is probably yes.

No. 1221699

She’s getting cancelled for stealing a black owned skincare company’s name. It’s like clockwork. Happens every single time with kim

No. 1221702

I am always grateful for the anons that make the celebricow threads as I know how chaotic they get!! Great thread nona!! also nice to have Ezra in thread pic again

No. 1221709

kek i don't like kim or anything but this is kinda dumb, lots of brands/company's have the same name.. people just want something to cancel and complain about

No. 1221711

thanks nonners.

No. 1221714

it makes sense the name for her KK thing for her name, also showing she is getting rid of the 'W' too. which is good for her by the way

No. 1221718

she is going to be cancelled like maximum for a week and people will forget it again just like how they forgotten all the many times she and her family have stolen clothes designs and art from smaller businesses and artists.

No. 1221741

agree this is a dumb outrage tbh

No. 1221756

File: 1654986561824.jpg (188.54 KB, 1000x1000, greta & Toksss.jpg)

Tokata has been in contact with many celebrities and influential people.
I hate how her parents made it sound like she was a random girl who ezra decided to meet when the truth was that Ezra knew tokatas parents way before he met her.

No. 1221772

i don't get it, her parents knew him since 2012, meaning since he was just 19, was he even famous back then? or at least famous enough to do charity and rich enough to pay for others education?

No. 1221775

File: 1654987320442.jpeg (316.35 KB, 1169x1798, 924E85DE-E04D-48CD-AEA7-E6799B…)

azealia banks went fucking nuts at miami pride gig kek

No. 1221779

File: 1654987444728.jpeg (245.46 KB, 1170x618, 0404BF18-2CF2-4BF5-9C0D-300207…)

seriously though, why the fuck was she invited to attend?

No. 1221782

I read SKKN as suckin'

No. 1221783

File: 1654987620575.jpeg (129.65 KB, 642x983, 4D7B6F8A-8D0D-4EC0-9AB7-17783F…)

Az has legitimate mental issues. I know she's loathsome and far from a perfect person but there's a soft spot in my broken equally mentally fucked heart for her. I want her to get help

No. 1221784

She looks so old because she’s a fat

No. 1221789

how is she paying for all her surgeries and stuff? can she afford to be this picky with jobs?

No. 1221793

hi ana-chan

No. 1221797

god I fucking feel her and love her. I fucking hate all of the celebrities that anons praise in this thread but I will always love azealia I don’t care if I don’t know her or that she’s a stranger

No. 1221802

Azealia is literally a piece of shit who supports famous industry rapists like Dr. Luke

No. 1221804

File: 1654988310535.png (204.76 KB, 350x555, ydglgjhdyj.png)

she's kinda always giving aggressive troon vibes, shitting on other women for not being as skinny and youthful as her, shitting on other trannies/gay men…

No. 1221811

She literally only ever goes after other women (especially black women) besides her sparse vague rants about gay moids and has called Kesha a liar for coming out about Dr. Luke raping her. Don't know how anons think she's "based" or more likeable than your average celebrity just because she talks shit about "the gays" (whom she also loves and makes music primarily for) sometimes

No. 1221815

You again, transvestigation-kun? Got tired of getting blasted for attacking Dua Lipa the same way, huh?

No. 1221817

no, dua lipa is a cute girl

No. 1221819

She also didn't believe FKA Twigs when she talked about being abused by Shia Lebouff(?however its spelled)

No. 1221835

File: 1654989472675.jpeg (54.45 KB, 634x359, 2D51D64C-7DAA-49C1-8113-895F08…)

And who else practically supports Dr. Luke’s career and is a highly popular artist right now? Don’t moralfag, she’s not guilty by association and doesn’t deserve to be executed like Dr. Luke should be.

No. 1221836

Sure, troon. Take your dick cheese and seethe somewhere else. We can talk about a woman having a shitty attitude without claiming she's a tranny kek

No. 1221841

if one of her countless enemies had a plastic wendy williams bod like that >>1221804 , azelia would 100% not shit up about it kek

No. 1221842

Why do you assume I like Doja? Fuck her too

No. 1221845

her ass is fake too now

No. 1221847

Why is she always wearing those weird gloves? Is it to cover up that she bleaches her skin?

No. 1221848

Yeah, a lot of women in Hollywood have unfortunate surgery bodies. Trannies are naturally botched no matter what they do, though

No. 1221875

It seems like the nonbinary pronouns is what made Tokata's family turn on Ezra. Tokata called her family transphobic and accused them of putting her through conversion therapy because Tokata wanted to change her name to gibson and use they/them pronouns.

No. 1221879

File: 1654992068278.jpg (132.79 KB, 1080x340, QdB5Yzq.jpg)

Samefag, but an article on tokata changing her name. Her family doesn't even acknowledge the new one.

No. 1221886

"We Need To Talk About Kevin" was released in 2011 and was his breakout role, and "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" was in 2012. I am pretty sure I read something about a charity foundation being used to cover her college tuition, but I can't remember where and can't remember the name.

No. 1221887

lol if you think Kim will allow the smaller brand to operate under that name anymore

No. 1221906

Why Gibson? Kind of symbolic that she chose such a white name to they/them out on.

No. 1221909

With what we know about this girl I'm now seeing hostage eyes on Greta too, wonder what the fuck is going on. Always found the Greta thing to be a bit of a plant, never seen a (intentionally young-styled) girl get a public voice the way she did unless she was a celebrity daughter or plant of some kind.

No. 1221910

So retarded. Mad that the millionth skincare company in the world has their name "stolen". Who the fuck cares about some "natural" "organic" chemicals. They're all fucked.

No. 1221911

The way she worded her statement and all of the weird pauses makes her sound crazy imo. With that said, I'm sick to death of parents trying to file for guardianship/conservatorship of their adult children. If this girl wants to go off the rails and do drugs with they/them Willy Wonka, that's her right as an adult. No parent wants that life for their child, but using a conservatorship as a weapon to force them to toe the line isn't the answer. She doesn't appear to be in imminent danger, so their best bet would have been to take a step back and wait until she reached out. 18 year olds are fucking retards, but most of them eventually go home as long as their parents don't burn down any bridges. When Ezra inevitably gets bored with her, she probably would have reached out to her parents if they hadn't chimped out so hard. Their behavior has almost guaranteed she'll continue avoiding them even after Ezra sends her packing.

No. 1221916

some of you need to understand this girl's parents can be shitty AND Ezra can be a predator. Most predators target kids with shitty parents for this exact reason.

No. 1221947

I don't think Greta is a plant. She has Asperger's so I would ascribe her weird expression and juvenile styling choices to that. It actually makes a lot sense for an activist to have autism since they need to have such one-track minds in order to devote themselves to a particular cause.

No. 1222002

it doesn't matter how greta dresses or styles. she genuinely looks like she has an endocrine disorder, she looks so young.

No. 1222114

File: 1655014784183.png (10.75 KB, 833x62, Capture.PNG)

Can they fucking cancel him already or better yet arrest him??

No. 1222132

Was Dua Lipa's lawsuit mentioned before? She was sued by a band because her song 'Levitating' sound verrry similar to theirs

No. 1222155

File: 1655017179075.jpg (162.05 KB, 1462x628, lkxVYWK.jpg)

>it doesn't matter how greta dresses or styles. she genuinely looks like she has an endocrine disorder, she looks so young.
greta had an eating disorder, probably why she's so tiny

No. 1222179

Greta is a celebrity daughter, at least in Sweden. Her mom was famous.

No. 1222229

Me at every job

No. 1222251

File: 1655028298015.jpg (216.87 KB, 750x946, Tumblr_l_287077325608587.jpg)

No. 1222254

Her mom is a celeb anon, and besides anyone with two eyes in their head can see Greta was pushed and it didn't happen organically

No. 1222256

jesus.. she's 23, she has comments turned off on everything, she barely comments on anything as it is,she pretty much avoids the limelight imo other than posting occasional pictures- of course she isn't wanting to get personal about this

No. 1222257

What kind of deranged loony makes a nft of his daughter?

No. 1222260

I don't think she's a plant even with her famous mom but I definitely think she's gone mentally unstable from being exposed to both extreme fanatic admiration and deranged fanatic hatred. Like especially the way her male haters reacted to her and tore down her appearance in this really disgusting sexual way. And she wasn't even 18 when this all happened. The hostage eyes are probably just a trauma reaction

No. 1222261

Read up on her mom anon, she is definitively a plant. Her mom is a deranged stage mom.

No. 1222262

File: 1655029838221.jpeg (450.55 KB, 1170x1590, 638DE0DB-9952-4153-BB15-C8200F…)

I just looked up his art and it’s so bad. What a loser.

No. 1222263

File: 1655029866462.jpeg (324.67 KB, 1170x1970, 79074F88-EA31-427D-B896-BBEC97…)

No. 1222269

I like it, ngl.

No. 1222270

>Johnny Depp accused of targeting Lily-Rose Depp over her cunning silence with NFT
First of all, how stupid that headline sounds; and second, wtf, imagine your father does this kind of shit to you. I would say that it should show his fans what kind of messed up person they've chosen to support but at this point I doubt they care

No. 1222271

It’s the art of an angsty teenager, only worse

No. 1222278

Yea a drugged up serial abuser of women opening up his daughter to harassment from his brainwashed legions of stans. What's not to like

No. 1222279

He's fucking insane, she has the right to say or not say whatever she wants on social media, like wtf

No. 1222280

he put photos through a RealLife2Cartoon filter, you can do it too nonna

No. 1222283

I feel bad for her for having a batshit crazy father like this, at least she looks like a clone of Vanessa Paradis so she won't be disgusted with herself when looking at her reflection in a mirror.

No. 1222290

Offtopic but she's so pretty. Good for her for not being a handmaiden for him.

No. 1222295

I was about to make the same reply, kk. Sewms like no pretty woman is supporting depp and he's mad as fuck. He called his fat fans puff fishes or something, he obviously hates his ugly fans.

No. 1222296

I feel so bad for her, having seen all of this disgusting misogynistic shit that he says, and all the vitriol his fanboys and handmaidens spew that HE ENCOURAGES. If my own father did this I would never be able to look him in the eye. Horrific.

No. 1222308

Late but how is that anon ana-chan for pointing out something so obvious. She is literally fat kek

No. 1222324

He is so fucking deranged, no wonder she wants nothing to do with him. Fuck this guy

No. 1222328

honestly IMO i think anons are wrong to assume she doesn't support him. she did get a lot backlash when she publicly voiced support for him last year during the libel case. it was along the lines of "i've never seen my dad act that way, so…" which was silly. she's probably keeping quiet because she doesn't want to make waves again, a lot of her fans are probably amber supporters. she doesn't give me the impression that she particularly enjoys being a celebrity, i think she just wants to enjoy her nepo baby lifestyle, party, post pretty pictures and go.

No. 1222400

I'm sure he's disgusted with the majority of his female supporters looks. He called amber a fattie. What would he think of the legions of middle aged white trash obese women who lined up in front of the courthouse every day? I'm sure he'd rather kill himself than be nice to or show genuine appreciation to any of them. I bet it kills him inside that he doesn't have more young and dumb pretty girls as fans to take advantage of

No. 1222523

She's batshit crazy and a major pick me. But she's so funny, she's our guilty pleasure.

No. 1222618

File: 1655045853618.png (96.12 KB, 1304x342, 2022-06-12 16.36.30.png)

And let's not forget… I 100% believe her on this one

No. 1222628

can't really blame her tbh.

No. 1222637

Amber just continuously proves to be the good one here (even if not a saint)

No. 1222726

File: 1655049129145.png (313.35 KB, 1180x706, depp lying.png)

it absolutely happened. he then covered up for the 23 yo, rich, famous rapist when she was 15

No. 1222729

unless she states her actual opinions on it, we probably can't ever really know her true thoughts on the case but its more likely she supports her dad rather then one of his exes

No. 1222748

she was only 17 y/o when she initially made that post. her view and opinions on the situation could have changed since then.

No. 1222770

yeah the fact that anons actually think she supports amber heard rather than her dad is hilarious

No. 1222771

I hate Johnny supporters but I still wouldn't wish ill on them. Even if she were to support her dad because she's biased, his psycho ass shouldn't be putting her into this because she's purposefully nit talking about it.

No. 1222844

It has the same chord progression but there is no way she heard them and stole from them because they were literally nobodies

No. 1222849

Why does every deranged man have that hair? His skin is disgusting too

No. 1222878

>there is no way she heard them and stole from them because they were literally nobodies
That's literally how musical plagiarism works. They stole from literal nobodies to get away with it.

No. 1222940

$90 for fucking hyaluronic acid holy shit

No. 1222962

Lmao same

No. 1222985

for a while I always preferred Cole over Dylan but since riverdale and how he acts try hardy on social media. but god that thread pic is disgusting. thank god it has been censored so that's a little better

No. 1223004

Jesus, I hate how so many people defend him. The incel propaganda worked so well..

No. 1223005

It's still her dad. So I agree with the other anon. But yeah she definitely knows he's an junkie assh*le.

No. 1223031

File: 1655063628342.png (299.73 KB, 700x400, 1655063637920.png)

Kendall Jenner reveals desire to have a number of children
>"I don't want another baby right now. I want seven kids down the line, but not right now," Kylie revealed. Kris is mom to six kids, while Kim Kardashian has four. Kourtney Kardashian has three, and Rob and Khloe Kardashian each have one. Kendall Jenner, meanwhile, doesn't have any kids just yet.

No. 1223054


No. 1223068

Nta but I thought the implication wasn’t that she was transgender but that she’s always harping on the work they get done when she has the same amount of work done, ie summer walker. Getting so much work done to your body that you look like a caricature.

It isn’t a moral contradiction when Azealia has genuinely claimed Kesha was lying about being raped. That is vile.

No. 1223101

wrong karadashian. i don't see kendall having kids. she's too ana-chan for that life.

No. 1223102

Reading comprehension: not found

No. 1223165

lbr if she ever wanted kids she would use a surrogate, I assume Kylie will for later children as well.

No. 1223198

File: 1655073536807.jpg (78.55 KB, 750x1000, QOqPp58.jpg)

Tokata's family shared a picture of Tokata with wrist bruises after allegedly being "rescued" from an LSD episode:
>Sara Jumping Eagle and Chase Iron Eyes flew to Vermont on January 30th to rescue Tokata from Ezra Miller’s farm, which they did successfully on January 31st. Tokata was still incapacitated and “unable to stay in this world,” but agreed to return home with their parents. Tokata did not have or know the whereabouts of their bank card, driver license, Standing Rock tribal ID, passport, phone, most of their clothing, car keys or any other item needed to navigate their life independently. Tokata’s parents noticed bruises on their arms, legs and left facial cheek. As Tokata left Ezra’s home, Ezra sent text messages to Tokata’s mother asking her to bring Tokata back to the house; saying that Ezra would get a full mental health staff to be available at the farm 24/7, and that Ezra would leave if Tokata’s parents wanted. On the return trip to South Dakota, Tokata’s parents discovered several bruises on Tokata’s face, arms, and wrists. A witness to the abuse verified to Tokata’s parents that these bruises were caused by Ezra when, at their Vermont home, they pinned Tokata down, “because Tokata would not answer a line of inquiry put forth by Ezra.” The witness thrust herself between Ezra and Tokata to physically break Ezra’s grasp on Tokata’s body.

No. 1223203

File: 1655073795861.jpg (511.64 KB, 1500x2000, sUWgqaK.jpg)

Tokata's mom saying she got these bruises from ezra slamming the car door on her:
>Before the police arrived, Ezra whispered something to Tokata and Rosie, and they started walking quickly down the road. Sara kept up with them. At one point, Tokata was limping due to the shoes they were wearing, stating that they had blisters on their feet. Sara gave Tokata her boots and they put them on, hugging their mother – shoeless, Sara kept walking with Tokata. Ezra whispered to Tokata again and they began running away from Sara. Tokata pulled out a knife, threatening their mother. Sara followed close behind, keeping up the pace while she continued to encourage Tokata to leave the situation with Ezra. Ezra made physical contact with Sara as Tokata and Rosie were getting into an Uber. Sara reached inside for Tokata, attempting to talk to them, when Ezra slammed the car door on Sara’s arms several times; injuring Sara. Ezra advised Tokata and Rosie that Ezra would “meet them there” and proceeded to walk rapidly down the street as the Uber left. Sara reported the assault by Ezra to Santa Monica police on May 29th, 2022. She has several large bruises on both her arms after being attacked by Ezra Miller.
there's an article on the last real indians that mentions a full timeline of their version of events. of course take it with a grain of salt.

No. 1223207

File: 1655074002696.jpg (135.42 KB, 894x678, Wg5CzGP.jpg)

Rebel wilson was forced to come out to avoid a newspaper outing her

No. 1223214

File: 1655074125619.jpg (104.56 KB, 463x844, pEBdvHH.jpg)

the person who wrote the article was made rebel ruined their "scoop" and tried to use her exes being men as a digg

No. 1223233

Someone I know who works at the entertainment industry told me Leonardo DiCaprio is bisexual. I don’t have any proof of but I trust my source.

No. 1223241

Sure, why not. Fuck it.

No. 1223260

25yo heard knew how to raise a teen better than depp…

your source is listick alley, they never shut up about him having beards

No. 1223289

And her source?


No. 1223327

i wish she didn't get that fake butt

No. 1223329

he's disgusting

No. 1223382

>>1221916 Ezra’s sister saiya lives in the same city as me and she’s def quite abrasive and a total handmaiden. I don’t have any milk except for the fact she’s the type to call herself a lesbian while dating troons. I don’t think her and Ezra are super close but I am curious about their family dynamic

No. 1223430

File: 1655094384455.png (860.09 KB, 667x797, 1655094295630.png)

I don't get how people headcanon horribly creepy(and sometimes abusive) men in hollywood as being gay, like Henry Cavill is a borderline statutory rapist but their are twittertards who will argue that he's a sad closeted gay man, while he's literally flirting and dating a 19 year old girl in front of the entire world, that said I do think a lot of men in Hollywood probably fuck whatever and whoever the same way men in the Roman Empire did

No. 1223437

It's just a cope, kinda like fans of a series who would rather see a male character be with another male character instead of a female character and ship them instead, fans of irl actors will sometimes "ship" them with each other bc they're jealous of their rl female partners.

No. 1223444

okay but these are men who go after young girl after young girl, whose names are barely ever remembered

No. 1223449

Yeah, the fans ignore the fucked up shit they've done because they like them or think they're hot. Basically "stans" of any moid ever do exactly that

No. 1223456

henry cavill, tom cruise and john travolta all seem hella gay though

No. 1223457

How? Are gay men known for dating and having sex with teen girls?

No. 1223458

henry cavill is only gay in the incel way, potentially. i don't think he's gay gay, just incel gay.

No. 1223462

I don't think tom cruise or john travolta did that though. but it's also the fact that they are super obsessed with their appearances (both their physical appearance and their reputation, like tom cruise has threatened to sue people who said he was gay)

No. 1223463

I have no idea what this means. cavill being an incel seems way less plausible than him being gay

No. 1223464

Sometimes closeted ones irl do and they do it because a 15 year old girl is not going to have the body of a fully grown woman so it's an easier cope. It beyond fucked up but a lot of gay men are whether they do this or not

No. 1223466

The things he said about MeToo and how he was afraid of being branded a rapist if he made a move or some shit sounded kind of incel-like

No. 1223471

That's called being a narc obesseded with your image
are you really arguing that gay men are having sex with petite young barely legal women cause their closer to "boys" then other women, do you know retarded you sound, either your an Idiot or someone who is utterly obesseded with men being gay, which would also make you an Idiot to some extent

No. 1223475

Idk, an underdeveloped teenage girl still looks like a girl.

No. 1223483

Not a Deppfag by any means, but that "silence cunning exile" quote is a literary reference, James Joyce, and he has a tattoo of it so nothing to do with Lily Rose. I feel that the media is just trying to squeeze the last drops of juice from the whole situation now that the trial is over.

No. 1223486

This is idiotic. Plenty of """gay""" men get with well-developed women. These labels mean nothing.

No. 1223488

Honey, they're all bisexual

No. 1223503

He used to be a complete spcial anxious loser who is addicted to video games

No. 1223511

File: 1655104042450.png (869.07 KB, 946x2048, young Hasan.png)

so like Hasan Piker ?

No. 1223586

It may be literary reference but why slap it on your daughter's face?

No. 1223608

omg nonnie i'm dying. how are people not posting this everywhere? he is still a fat too, have you seen him lately? i hate that fake socialist cunt.

No. 1223637

When will he calm the fuck down?

No. 1223638

File: 1655120381607.jpg (126.18 KB, 889x703, WKvnonb.jpg)

Cops can't find Ezra and Tokata. They are on the run.
I hope ezra and tokata don't hurt themselves.

No. 1223639

Ezra is responsible for his own actions, I care about the girl more tbh.

No. 1223644

Why star in movies when you can make your whole life into a drama amirite
Hopefully it doesn't turn into a police procedural

No. 1223678

Method acting gone wrong.

No. 1223704

THATS HASAN???????? my god

No. 1223723

He's fucking uggo. Can't wait for him to fade away, then all he'll have is an army of pathetic pick me's following him around. Some of you included. I'm tired of seeing his gross face on the thread pics

No. 1223735

the fact that there's so many simps for that ugly happa on lc tells me all i need to know about the posters

No. 1223753

he's jewish

No. 1223757

do you know what hapa means? although he looks asian sometimes. he isn’t, he’s white.

No. 1223765

having hooded eyes doesn’t make you asian kek

No. 1223771

clearly i know what hapa means if you inferred exactly what i meant you dumb cunt

No. 1223773

kek anon why are you seething so hard? it's ok you know

No. 1223815

no you don't lmfao

No. 1223854

why isnt this bigger news?? a celebrity is evading police with his brainwashed concubine in tow and its barely being talked about.

No. 1223861

Maybe they jumped into a volcano together

No. 1223865

Because of the conversion therapy narrative, probably.

No. 1223879

because it's pride month and people can't openly say anything against this freakshow.
it's so comical when people refer to either of them as they and then continue to talk about both of them and it's just a confusing wordsalad

No. 1223886

because nobody gives a shit about native american women and girls

No. 1223908

tokata made all these public statements proclaiming erza's innocence but decides to go on the run with him? he really must be guilty of grooming

i hope this is true tbh, but only ezra doing the jumping

No. 1223915

I'm usually never in these threads but goddamn Britneys moid is kinda fine

Looks like he has cement for brains though

No. 1223929

i almost couldn't believe how on the nose it was for him to go after a native american girl. most cases of abuse against them goes unnoticed/unpunished and part of me feels like that freak knew they were easy targets

No. 1223941

This is the depressing thing, I think he did it on purpose too. Thinking of his stans and fake "progressive" people making excuses for this for they/them reasons is so fucked

No. 1223955

Using they/them as pronouns for a single person is the worst thing they could come up with.
They should've revoked the "thou" or something else that isn't used today any more.

No. 1223964

File: 1655140067483.jpeg (147.39 KB, 828x793, CB47D6DD-6B46-4269-B2B5-0EF4D7…)

Before and after Kim Kardashian wearing the Marilyn dress.

No. 1223967

gibson is a they uwu

No. 1223970

Where's the difference ? The alterations are the same, only the quality photo changes.

No. 1223974

anon there's a bunch of rhinestones missing

No. 1223975

If Ezra is guilty of anything it's grooming her into becoming a themby

No. 1223976

the after pic shows damage in the fabric, which wasn't there before.

Rip pretty dress, now it's for the trash can.

No. 1223979

probably popped off when kim tried to fit her bbl in a dress too small for her

No. 1223991

they should have known that, now they can hope to find a professional to fix that damage. That tearing in the fabric near the hooks hurt my eyes, they should have told her no and let the dress be a exhibition piece.

before maybe one rhinestone missed, now there are at least 10 empty spaces, wonder how the rest of the dress looks now.

No. 1224069

No. 1224103

I'm not American (as in, from the continent, not talking just about the US) and I don't get how that's even a thing. I keep hearing about that and about how natives in Canada are treated just as badly or even worse, how does that happen so much?

No. 1224105

This is a crime against fashion itself.

No. 1224115

I live in a town full of natives in the US and drinking is a huge problem. A lot of cops blame going on a bender for going missing, there are people who are homeless and beg for alcohol all the time. I don’t think people understand how addictive drinking is, I remember seeing a documentary of a native woman who went out with her friends one night, and the cops said she was drinking and just left it at that after her friends reported her missing. It’s weird and scary and I’ll delve more into this in the tinfoil thread.

No. 1224117

File: 1655146803296.jpeg (145.64 KB, 1200x675, BEBC45EA-BB08-4B85-BFAE-299432…)

Do you have a minute to talk about Madonnas NFT?

No. 1224119

File: 1655146951457.jpg (256.33 KB, 1080x1046, Efe3nKkWAAU9D_r.jpg)

serious question, wtf happened to britney spear's teeth? my mom has had the same teeth her entire life and she's older than britney. did we miss something?? picrel: how they used to look

No. 1224122

In Canada we’ve treated them so bad that a lot of people look down on them and think they’re lazy. I remember reading that Jasper national park used to be where natives lived but the government Sent them away to grande cache a small hamlet a few hours away. David Thompson county which is the neighbouring national park got its ticket booth burned down by the natives because govt were trying to take over again. Sunchild rez is right in the area so I’m not surprised tbh. Unfortunately in the past few years they built a new one which is open year round.

No. 1224123

File: 1655147050412.jpg (98.81 KB, 780x438, intro-1624553797.jpg)

current teeth

No. 1224129

Honestly her styling always sucked. She just has a particular look and is ~iconic~. Her wedding make up was so ugly topkek it was by Charlet Tilbury

No. 1224132

Actually her wedding makeup wasn’t that bad. It was a lot more subdued than her usual coon eyes lol.

No. 1224133

>noooooooo not the old musty dress Americas favorite high class escort wore!!

No. 1224134

Hard to say but it kind of looks like they've always been overcrowded, and have shifted a bit over time with one front tooth starting to overlap a bit. They actually don't look that different to me, just looks a bit like normal aging.

No. 1224136

No. 1224137

huge regret searching "meth teeth"

No. 1224139

She had braces as a kid and probably stopped wearing her retainer some time in her 30s, which caused them to shift out of place. Whatever drugs she abused could've also caused her to develop meth mouth and constant grinding/jaw clenching causes this shit, too.

No. 1224145

File: 1655148082989.jpeg (164.72 KB, 1169x1452, FCB5539F-A178-4CA0-A108-00F19E…)

I got better comparison photos

No. 1224146

File: 1655148106310.jpeg (395.8 KB, 1169x1453, 04BE1777-9B84-45ED-8C66-E6C67D…)

No. 1224148

There’s no way in hell I’m ever going to look up anything about that shit show lol, he really called his fat fans puffer fishes??? Aging men are fucking lunatics.

No. 1224156

I want “thou” pronouns. Look what you’ve done.

No. 1224167

Honestly even the original looks ugly

No. 1224168

File: 1655149266942.png (467.73 KB, 597x566, Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 3.39…)

Halsey is so trashy.

No. 1224169

I thought that was bella thorne. Same trashy vibe.

No. 1224170

to be fair, the dress is over 50 years old

No. 1224171

File: 1655149393245.jpg (63.11 KB, 720x720, FVJlariWIAAsuZ1.jpg)

The two photos on the right are especially trashy

No. 1224174

File: 1655149421804.jpg (34.53 KB, 720x720, FVJlasVXoAEkhQN.jpg)

No. 1224175

im getting sick of these attention seeking themies

No. 1224181

What does this photoshoot's theme have to do with makeup and Ulta?

No. 1224182

damn, the damage around the zipper, you can see that it wasn't manufactured very well from the beginning, but that fabric tearing hurts my eyes.

No. 1224183

this looks nothing like her wtf

No. 1224188

Wouldn't this be a really poor advertisement for lipstick because it implies that it transfers off super easily? But whatever, sex appeal.

No. 1224190

was this by the creepy guy who did the american apparel ads? what does this have to do with make up?

No. 1224193

Without reading the tweet I assumed it was about selling underwear.

No. 1224194

Thou shall have them (with them, I mean thou favoured pronouns).

No. 1224198

When you have diarrhoea and afraid to shat yer pants.

No. 1224202

File: 1655150725784.jpeg (Spoiler Image,421.81 KB, 1440x1800, 672FDBDB-A628-4233-8B29-055572…)

Apparently by some other guy:
Again with the banana, lol. Who tf keeps hiring men for shit like this. Don't tell me it was the themlet herself…

No. 1224210

H: Hey dude, I need some photographs for a beauty campaign of my makeup brand that hits Ulta this summer.
P: Say no more fam… here's the banana and the g-string, let's go, you know the drill.

No. 1224213

*thine favoured pronouns

No. 1224215

Are you a sailor anon

No. 1224217

You are right. kek

No, I can't swim.

No. 1224230

Natives have generations' worth of trauma, it's a never ending cycle. Even in the 20th century native kids were still abused and had their identities erased. So most got addicted to drinking and drugs and passed these behaviors and traumas to their kids. Addiction and alcoholism is practically synonymous with being native, it's a truthful stereotype that was born thanks to their mistreatment. So like other anons have said, cops look the other way because it's "typical". Just like black murders not really meaning much because they assume gang violence.
And like others have said it makes sense that Ezra got with a native girl, because the drug access in these communities is plentiful

No. 1224236

Ripley’s should never have let her borrow the dress. I wish it ended up somewhere more reputable like a textile/fashion museum that is dedicated to textile preservation and restoration. At the end of the day, it’s just a dress, but it’s really sad to see it in this state.

No. 1224237

Saw this while scrolling and thought I was in /snow/ with the OnlyFans thread. Not really seeing how this advertises makeup

No. 1224256

I'm watching the first episode of some of the cast members from Stranger Things playing DnD and Finn is so annoying. He's trying too hard to be funny or I guess he feels like he has to be. His girlfriend must be equally annoying as him if she's still dating him.

No. 1224257

How bad is it? Has any of them have any past experience with playing pen and paper RPGs?

No. 1224259

I'm watching the current season and can't get over how bad Natalia looks. Like a fucking 60 year old skeleton that smokes a pack a day.

No. 1224262

At the first glance on >>1224256 thumbnail she looks like timothee chalamet lmao

No. 1224275

Same lol her face looks so old and discolored

No. 1224283

File: 1655155684054.jpg (129.08 KB, 750x750, 667e0aec32ca229dc0a0014663c0f7…)

I think she's still very pretty but she looked like she lost a ton of weight. Her cheeks are sunken in and her arms and legs are really thin. Is she sick, using drugs or anachan? It what makes her chin so pronounced.

No. 1224288

I'm not sure if the rest have experience other than pretending to play it during the show, but this is Natalia's first time. I'm still not finished, but it's okay so far.

No. 1224292

Wait are people finally picking up that she’s been anachan the entire time? Lol

No. 1224295

Tbf I haven't been very interested in the actors of this show so it surprised me to see her that thin

No. 1224307

Do you think she's on edtwt?

No. 1224347

File: 1655160025904.jpeg (94.87 KB, 736x1104, 9c9886bb5fc929a29e154b5ed875f1…)

She has been an anachan for years. This is a picture from 2016.

No. 1224352

File: 1655160686271.jpg (528.71 KB, 2048x2889, Natalia-Dyer-Stranger-Things-S…)

Jesus fucking Christ. She really does look awful. This one is from 2019 and she's got the classic red/purple knobby anachan knees

No. 1224362

i have no idea who this is but her eyes are so sweet yet so sad…. hope she's okay whoever she is

No. 1224371

Do you think he'd ever kill himself or is his ego kind of too big for that?

No. 1224373

This is the correct take

No. 1224376

Is she a gamine

No. 1224393

I’ve noticed they put her kinda chunky dresses just to add a little more mass to her, she looks so fucking tired.

No. 1224409

File: 1655163543335.jpeg (2.35 MB, 2048x1365, C4EBB17B-E472-4D60-9A11-09B10D…)

Yeah even in the first season of the series they put her in bulky clothes to hide her body.
This is her in “I believe in unicorns” from 2014.

No. 1224419

Imagine agreeing to take a photo like this that could be edited into a blowjob image within a few minutes.
I don't know why women keep resorting to sexualising themselves for attention, men will imagine doing whatever to you regardless, so providing them with an actual image is not necessary, all it does is make you look desperate and classless.

No. 1224444

Bob Mackie would go apeshit if he saw this

No. 1224474

same, gave off high american apparel/abercrombie & fitch vibes

No. 1224476

The braces theory is most likely correct one, i think i have seen a picture of her as a child with braces. I don't think he current teeth even look bad, she just needs to get retainers again. I don't think she gets a lot of procedures done at all from the looks of her, she just lets herself age whilst most celebrities her age are normally getting their first face lifts and tons of anti-aging procedures. even if she wanted to, i doubt she could really afford many under the conservatorship since she was literally shopping at walmart.

No. 1224510

Idk her teeth look fine to me. I fucking hate the paper white horse teeth veneers most celebs get.

No one wants to talk about that.

Looks like a shitty made dress in the first place. The fact that it’s like 50 years old is no surprise that it looks this bad. I doubt it was Kim’s fault. They should have said no. They could have also cared for the dress better. The fabric is drying. Those rhinestones probably popped off like nothing.

No. 1224526

the part you quoted is how the dress looked after kim put it on (and she could barely get into it in the first place if you watched the video)

No. 1224549

You can see her big fake ass stretched the dress

No. 1224580

Kim is fat and her deformed surgery body destroyed it for no reason and low class behavior couldn't be careful. It's tragic because historic things can't be easily remade/restored. Destroying them for vain reasons like this is just sad.

No. 1224585

File: 1655177720896.png (897.83 KB, 836x1144, Screenshot_20220612-182629-344…)

This was sweet of Paris

No. 1224586

it's a fucking joke anon askjsjxhxhajahzdbq

No. 1224591

I like those shoes.

No. 1224608

You can see the ripping around the zipper in the first photo too. Dress looks the exact same to me, just way harsher lighting.

No. 1224620

File: 1655182068740.jpg (Spoiler Image,95.32 KB, 1097x800, christina-aguilera-87.jpg)

Christina Aguilera dressed like the Hulk, for some reason, and wore a strap on while preforming with troon Kim Petras at a pride event.

What a gay icon. /s/

No. 1224623

ever since 2016 anything can be said about the white house and i'll blindly believe it

No. 1224625

This is what irrelevancy does to a mf.

No. 1224627

Woo, another thing for homophobes to yell about how being gay is a perverse thing, but I guess go queen yaaasss.

No. 1224639

what the actual fuck

No. 1224645

yeah this is something gay scrotes would love, If I was a star I'd rather be a nobody then have a gay male audience

No. 1224648

File: 1655184229909.jpg (193.55 KB, 961x961, FUnPDYTVEAAUbhV.jpg)

Bradley Cooper and Matt Bomer spotting making out during the filming of Maestro. a biopic film based on the life of conductor Leonard Bernstein

No. 1224650

>Obvious PR shot
Can Bradley Cooper even feel anyone kiss him on his botched wax statue face tho

No. 1224651

I literally have no knowledge about Bradley cooper, he is so goddam forgettable, all I know him from is the Hangover and that only Lady Gaga film

No. 1224664

I think it only works when it's on Marilyn Monroe's body.

No. 1224685

it was so funny that Chrissy is supposed to be the one with an ED when the elephant in the room is Natalia Dyer's anorexia

No. 1224688

Kek, big name actors playing gay for pay always look like they're being held at gunpoint when they kiss.

No. 1224689

this shit is gross. all the porn shit is telling that the creative and advertising class have run out of ideas.

No. 1224706

Why the Hulk though?? Nothing about him or Bruce Banner says 'gay rights'

No. 1224712

I'm glad that Britney is supposedly doing better and whatever but why does she always look a hot mess. Always looks sweaty, dirty, greasy, and badly dressed

No. 1224722

Cole's balls are literally showing in that uncensored threadpic, this guy has young fans what the fuuuckk

No. 1224723

File: 1655193038508.gif (7.6 MB, 498x498, AFCBF25A-50BE-4A40-90E2-AE4EB0…)

I only liked him for his role as Rocket in the Guardians movies. He’s a pretty mediocre actor overall.

To be fair, most people look terrible standing next to Paris kek

No. 1224737

God, I fucking hate this guy. Some girls online were tinfoiling about him giving ideas to Marilyn Manson about makind a defamation suit too.
He's so unsufferable, cringe, and overall just an asshole. Can't believe there are pick mes defending him just cause he used to look semi hot 30 years ago.

No. 1224739

Nonna, you made total sense to me. Wish other people realized how much of an ex-fat glorified nerd he is. He predates on barely legal girls, bashes MeToo, argues that it's because he's "scared of being falsely accused", and rumours say he has harrassed every underage actress he has worked with.

No. 1224740

Mentall illness and low iq

No. 1224741

They lended the dress cause it was sobvious they wanted the atention. Ripley was popular like, decades ago. Nobody cares about them now, internet exists. Probably the kind of company that believes there's no bad publicity.

No. 1224742

File: 1655195992781.jpeg (807.5 KB, 1170x1337, E4826356-F1A0-470F-B29A-621856…)


No. 1224743

i'd believe it.
and this is not the only moid who's going to use this case for himself now. just yesterday i saw a vid about an abused homeless girl and people in the comments were tinfoiling that this might be another amber heard…

No. 1224748

This would be terrible. She doesn't have the acting range compared to Margot Robbie

No. 1224749

how are they gonna pair phoenix's joker with a love interest anyway, he already looked like an emaciated 85 year old in the first one

No. 1224755

Im really not feeling this. I think wheever lady gaga is in, she automatically brings either camp or the character is not believable because shes too big of a star to suspend your disbelief and really see her as that character. how are they gonna make her work in a hypergrimdark movie like this

No. 1224781

I still don't see the point of making Joker 2, and Harley Quinn is way too cartoony for the realistic direction they took with the original movie.

No. 1224783

File: 1655200047054.png (1.58 MB, 800x927, zTaeled.png)

considering the tone of the first film, I hope they go for a accurate portray of their relationship, i.e incredibly one sided and physically abusive asf, most modern interpretations portray Joker as a shitty boyfriend who ignores her and is at worst verbally abusive but the earliest comics had Joker beating Harley up, degrading her and leaving her for dead at times

No. 1224794

File: 1655201161671.jpg (38.95 KB, 640x640, 1645101062611.jpg)

oh god, I can already see the teens and young adults glorifying this kinda storyline of abusive bf but uwu I can fix him. It would probably be something like traveling 10 years back in time when born to die was released lol.

No. 1224796

File: 1655201389250.jpg (73.88 KB, 650x670, updated_innocenttsarnaevBIG.jp…)

a Hybristophilie stalker fangirl obesseded with a serial killer and domestic terrorist wouldn't be too out of place in that movies universe, I mean just look at the real world

No. 1224799

File: 1655202008572.gif (1.65 MB, 540x220, c80312dd2ed6f3de0ba3213c87bdca…)

That's why I was happy Leto got kicked out of DCMU, so we got a nice portrayal of single Harley instead, a precious girl with girl friends and anger towards Joker. Incels will keep seething over Birds of Prey for being "too girly" but idgaf. They did change Cassandras story but i don't think we will see her again anyway.

No. 1224801

And is she confirmed Hollywood anachan or could she just be sick/depressed? I get this skinny too when very stressed, not everyone skelly is anachan..

No. 1224803

it's been the case since suicide squad came out nonnie

No. 1224804

Joker in the original comics is too cartoony as well, I think there's plenty of ways of interpreting Harley's character for a more "normal" universe, >>1224796 idea is actually really fitting; maybe also "I can fix him" type of woman? Depicting relationship abuse that was so prevalent in the comics would fit the tone of the first movie but I'm afraid of it a bit given how scrotes glorified him.

No. 1224806

It didn't feel "girly" at all imo, it was quite badass. Men just hate anything which is centered on women.

No. 1224814

Anachan with a bad coke addiction. Same with her boyfriend who literally got busted with coke at an airport kek

No. 1224839

she’s been underweight for years ever since she lost a lot of weight from her hannah montana days. it’s probably due to her coke habits she shares with her bf and ed.

No. 1224899

also Joker 2 is gonna be a musical apparently… wtf

No. 1224911

Lady Gaga can for sure sing but does she have the comedic timing to pull off Harley Quinn? I don’t think she does lol.

No. 1224914

I hate all these grimdark 'realistic' depictions of Harley Quinn. Bruce Timm is clown fucker, stop making movies out of his annoying fap bait oc

No. 1224916

I hate seeing Harley get abused it’s so sad. Glad the animated series and birds of prey has her leave Joker.

No. 1224925

it's not sad, because she is fake, and she only exists because bruce timm wants to fuck clowns

No. 1224940

Do you have any evidence for that or you just want to screech into the void anon

No. 1224971

File: 1655219094715.jpg (171.19 KB, 960x1280, clownfucker.jpg)

here i got something for you, fellow clown fucker

No. 1224979

spoiler your fap smut retardo.

No. 1224981

nta but bruce timm is pretty fucking weird with his female characters, like he's really into Batman having a relationship with batgirl(whose often portrayed to be in her early 20's) but the inspiration behind Harley Quinn was based on a friend of his, who did bit part on Days of our lives and was also the main voice actress of Harley till the early 2000's

No. 1224997

File: 1655220028991.jpg (67.23 KB, 840x600, clownfuckerunlimited.jpg)

Bruce Timm is not a clown fucker, here is proof

No. 1225011

File: 1655220677431.jpg (140.24 KB, 700x1055, 01HarleynIvy (1).jpg)

Who cares about Joker anyway? I want to see Harley and Ivy, the way things should be.

No. 1225014

This isn't the thread for this type of stuff, moid.

No. 1225023

File: 1655221434137.jpeg (Spoiler Image,63.2 KB, 500x397, 307FE288-9603-4121-B317-051BB2…)

No. 1225028

I hate Bruce Timm so much. He really went as far as to depict his fanfiction Batman x Batgirl in the killing joke animated movie. The comic was already disturbing enough with what Joker did to Barbara, but he made it worse with a relationship with Bruce (who is much older than her and she is like his sister because of his relationship with Gordon) Bruce Timm is sick in the head and sexualized the women of DC badly.

No. 1225038

This bitch is a mother doing this. Christina, love yourself girl

No. 1225039

He was only good in Guardians as Rocket Racoon and The Midnight Meat Train (a horror movie)

No. 1225043

I hate how after that DC Comics turned Barbara into a boring 'support' character, but hey 'shes crippled and that's woke!', and the only current Batgirl adventure comics are written by woketards and cowards, thanks to trannies complaining about it now she has a whole trannie roommate whose only drama was that he got misgendered in a clinic. Ive got a strong feeling people at DC hate Barbara

No. 1225057

billie eilish has been an emotional wreck in all her concert videos lately - anyone know what's going on?

No. 1225059


No. 1225066

File: 1655224160269.jpeg (466.23 KB, 1242x806, 65CD09D2-669C-4822-A421-D0CD45…)

How do you anons feel about Jenna Ortega playing Wednesday Addams? I wish they would stop redoing these iconic characters/movies/shows whatever. Christina Ricci was just too perfect for the role.

No. 1225085

clownfucker with a fetish for lesbians, that's so much better

No. 1225086

sorry you were proved so conclusively incorrect anon

No. 1225108

Holy shit anon you weren’t kidding. I concede. I just wanted to see it. That’s so so fucking gross. All those posts. Jesus

No. 1225111

Samefag but thank you Noni

No. 1225136

I think she's cringy as a person but she seems like a decent actreseee and I doubt this is a role that would require that much acting ability

No. 1225164

File: 1655228859663.jpg (39.58 KB, 451x817, 0iyvpfI.jpg)

Ezra Miller's stories:
>you cannot touch me i'm in another universe

No. 1225165

File: 1655228896568.jpg (58.46 KB, 427x559, AafX0l7.jpg)

>I am shielded from negative people and their intent

No. 1225166

Yup. Tranny cultist.

No. 1225167

File: 1655229022524.jpg (129.41 KB, 778x768, iKdWujW.jpg)

and for those who don't know, ezra is/was in a polygamous relationship just before this all blew up. @vudu.pxssy is one of the girls he was sleeping with.
you can see his occult symbols in this selfie

No. 1225172

This girl doesn't know shit about the occult I can tell you that

No. 1225174

File: 1655229200841.jpg (21.11 KB, 370x565, aqatsCd.jpg)

from mia solange's tiktok that said ezra was abusive, same symbols

No. 1225177

Samefagg but I wanted to add that Ezra doesn't either

No. 1225181

does he have some underlying mental disorders we dont know about because this doesn't seem like just drugs, it looks some form of schizophrenia or bipolar (im talking about how uncoherent and out of touch with reality he is.)
i dont have the pic but i remember a month or two ago he tagged this woman in his insta story who had green eyes and she looked brown/native. Anyone notice that lately he is only targeting native women and brown women and making them a part of his tranny sex cult.

No. 1225194

File: 1655229998076.jpg (258.4 KB, 1582x847, XRdCl2X.jpg)

>i dont have the pic but i remember a month or two ago he tagged this woman in his insta story who had green eyes
that was probably her, she wears contacts and skinwalks as his ex.

No. 1225211

File: 1655230710183.jpg (586.62 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20220427-230711_Ins…)

I found the pic, it was a different woman I think because I remember looking at her profile which has disappeared which is weird and she had light-brown hair and her face looked different meanwhile this Vudu person still had black hair even a couple of months ago.
They both wear ugly contacts tho.

No. 1225228

File: 1655231429740.jpg (59 KB, 391x537, vJ9h972.jpg)

it's the same person, she just has multiple accounts.

No. 1225236

aha ok thanks, i was confused.

No. 1225260

Maybe the breakup with her 30yo boyfriend?

No. 1225359

she broke up with her scrote boyfriend. break ups are hard. there were rumours he cheated on her but he dispelled them.

No. 1225368

>does he have some underlying mental disorders we dont know about because this doesn't seem like just drugs, it looks some form of schizophrenia or bipolar (im talking about how uncoherent and out of touch with reality he is.)
Purely anecdotal but I'm a schizo myself and before I sorted myself out I was rambling about occult shit and drawing on walls too. Thankfully I never got to the throwing-chairs-at-women and kidnapping teenagers part but I think that might be a Y chromosome thing. Anyway, my money is on schizophrenia that's either undiagnosed or he refuses meds for because he thinks it makes him a "seer" or clairvoyant or whatever. Could very well be drug induced too.

No. 1225406

I don't even know who she is, never heard of that girl. Even if this sounds mean, I don't think her face fits the role, both actresses before had "chubby" faces, looking more childish because of that, which made their roll interesting, especially Christina Ricci, she looked like an innocent girl, just sweet and nice. The actress now looks like a girl from a horror movie, killed after 10 minutes wearing her underwear while being on spring break. You already might guess, I feel the same, I loved the old show and the later parts, where Christina Ricci fit perfectly. I think that the new cast doesn't fit, they just can't exchange John Astin and Carolyn Jones and the choice for Gomez Addams in that Wednesday show is horrible. And have you seen the cast for Lurch, he is only 1,9m, both actors before were above 2m and they just looked like a Lurch. If they won't use cgi that won't work. (Sry, I'm a little bit passionate about Addams Family, kek).

No. 1225414

probably because christina was a child when she was wednesday and jenna is almost 20

No. 1225571

File: 1655246193301.jpeg (475.26 KB, 1126x2304, 1D392B2F-18B8-46FA-B0C8-8CA23F…)

Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin’s baby is cute.

No. 1225580

Kek, it's cute that they have matching hair

No. 1225631

File: 1655247868863.jpeg (899.33 KB, 1125x1588, 29E962EB-E814-4AA2-81B1-51A91A…)

bts on indefinite hiatus kek

No. 1225645

File: 1655248376931.png (990.97 KB, 1188x1238, Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 4.11…)

Reminds me of Lucinda/OswaldsLunch, the Puerto Rican unicorn before she became anachan

No. 1225646

Yes fucking finally.

No. 1225649

File: 1655248545287.png (364.06 KB, 1154x654, Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 7.15…)

Lizzo re-released her song because the twitter folk were mad about her using the word 'spaz'

No. 1225655

Omg I'd hate to be an artist in 2022.

No. 1225656

File: 1655248901527.jpeg (516.88 KB, 1147x1072, 8BC71DCB-07B1-4D89-AF10-9112FB…)

I genuinely thought Spaz was some random 80’s slang for “freaking out”.

No. 1225663

Same and god these "uHm aKsHuaLly" people who feel the need to "educate" others are annyoing and attention-seeking as fuck. People nowadays are always looked for something to be offended about. Yeah, fuck Lizzo for not keeping up with every social media lingo there is, right? Especially when it's not something she's familiar with. And that entitled "Do better" really grinds my gears.

No. 1225664

Sage for blogpost/armchair but Ezra's behavior reminds me exactly of my friends' ex, right before he was hospitalized and diagnosed with Bipolar I.
Over the course of a few months he had broken into my friends' house, posted all of these weird word salad ranting videos while laughing hysterically, and even gathered a creepy little "polycule" crew too. He was also smoking a ton of weed before he was hospitalized and I've heard that can sometimes worsen bipolar symptoms and mania.
I wouldn't doubt something like that is what's happening to Ezra too. I just keep wondering, where the hell is Ezra's family during all of this, have we heard anything from them? I was under the impression he had a bunch of sisters he was close with.

No. 1225667

It's not a play on words with spasm. It's just what you said.

No. 1225670

Nta but I can definitely see that.
Happened to my friend's sister too. She used to smoke lots of weed, a family member killed himself, she had an episode, started destroying shit, behaving erratically and cutting people off, was checked into a mental hospital and diagnosed with Bipolar. The weed most likely contributed to the episode, since some mental illnesses and weed don't mix.

No. 1225674

in the uk 'spaz' is/was used as an insult, mainly for younger kids/teens. it turned into one of those words where now you can't say it, kinda like retard.

No. 1225675

there is definitely something wrong with him, just from what happened in hawaii, it is obvious. and he hasn't got the help he needs so it has got worse. i don't understand why his mom hasn't do anything or sisters either. such a strange situation as we don't know the full details

No. 1225676

> as a fat black woman in america

No. 1225684

File: 1655250417120.jpg (139.02 KB, 1209x831, etF3T9M.jpg)

he was having meltdowns on set for the Flash and the weed/ketamine is definitely not helping. his family should've put him in rehab after iceland but i guess they're hippies like him.

No. 1225687

the first time i saw the set yesterday i thought it was iggy azalea for a second

No. 1225690

Is about face beauty any good, the eyeshadows look decent

No. 1225694

Ok cool lmao but wouldn’t her use of “crazy” be just as “””offensiiive”””? It’s not like people or specifically medical professionals who are in charge of her care take her less seriously because of a fucking Lizzo song lyric. She’s a performer not a lawmaker, you tweeting at the wrong mother fucker, Lizzo is not obligated to do anything because she takes your tax money. You pay her to entertain and that involves hyperbole.

All of these offended people who want to control a black woman’s expression should idk maybe learn about where their tax representatives and bitch at them all day because shit might actually change. Find it fucking weird as hell that a disabled woman of color goes after a black woman of color entertainer instead of someone that fucking owes them equal treatment and does have it within their power to enact change. Like congratulations a disabled woman bullied a fat woman, fuck this.

No. 1225702

Haha, I love it actually

No. 1225707

File: 1655252969947.jpg (118.39 KB, 1188x796, fnpimtwo14221.jpg)

"Harley Quinn" wasn't really cartoonish in Gotham. I wish we could have seen more of this character

No. 1225717

File: 1655253832862.jpeg (350.1 KB, 990x726, CF16BAEC-726F-4F1E-838B-8AF1AC…)

Thanks for the info Claire…ALL amerifags know spaz is a slur we’re just pretending not to because we’re bigots.

No. 1225772

File: 1655258349638.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1341x1692, 7478FF6D-1E83-469B-BCC1-134EBD…)

No. 1225782

of course, I'm surprised more narc celeb kids/relatives aren't starting their own onlyfans at this point

No. 1225794

But she's rich…

No. 1225812

>removes spaz because it's an offensive word
>uses "fat" in the post announcing that

Usually these people get offended on behalf of others, but at least this time only spazzes complained about the usage of the word.

Is she famous enough to make a million dollars off of a bikini picture?

No. 1225816

Look at Bhad Bhabie. She didn't need one either. That one hot tub girl on twitch. These girls want to put themselves out there and larp as pornstars to boost their careers. The only broke girls do sex work meme isn't real

No. 1225821

Probably emotionally neglected by her narc parents. Rich people can screw their kids up just as much as poor ones can, and abuse/neglect is a prominent factor in getting in to sex work. Money’s only one factor.

No. 1225828

File: 1655261614619.jpeg (726.99 KB, 1415x1103, 7E6C7369-FD3F-4143-97D2-F14697…)

True anon

No. 1225830

just how fucked up is denise richards to force this girl to live with charlie sheen? idk. i question her narrative because she might solely be considering denise's household to be "abusive" because she isn't allowing for all the kinds of crazy shit charlie does, that a teen might want to do. questions, questions.

No. 1225866

File: 1655263793752.jpeg (569.91 KB, 698x1146, D8DD9DA9-B582-4F4F-BB05-121A45…)

Yeah Denise sounds like she was just setting rules.
>>During a Friday appearance on SiriusXM's Jeff Lewis Live, Richards explained that Sami has been having a hard time adjusting to the rules that she's been setting at home and is now living with dad Charlie Sheen.
>>"Obviously, I would love for her to live with me," Richards said. "She lived with me all these years. But I think it's very difficult raising teenagers now and especially in Los Angeles. When there's access to everything. We didn't grow up with Postmates, and Uber, and this, and this, and this where you have everything that you want."
>>Although Richards said that she tries her best to keep Sami in line, she noted that it can be quite difficult when she goes to Sheen's house and he has rules of his own.
>>She also revealed that she had installed security cameras outside her home to prevent Sami from going out to meet with boys without permission.

No. 1225870

calling it right now, she's gonna be pushed hard out of nowhere and start appearing in big name projects and will have dedicated stans on twitter

No. 1225883

> larp as pornstars to boost their careers
Which is stupid because all it’s doing is hindering their “careers”/preventing them from ever having real ones. They all think they’re going to be the next Kim.

No. 1225888

Lol if her parents can’t even achieve that, what makes you think she will?

No. 1225904

Charlie Sheen wasn't some nobody, he was a popular star at one point and likely has tons of connection, the Industry is about who you know

No. 1225906

Great he was a flash in the pan in the 80’s. That’ll surely get his 18 year old OnlyFans daughter box office smash lead roles. She wouldn’t be on OF if that was true lol

No. 1225910

He was a nepotism baby too. His brother got way better roles and he got HIV.

No. 1225914

yeah, not saying it couldn't be that denise was abusive, but we need more deets for that to be believed. i would be willing to wager that charlie has 0 restrictions on his kids and would allow them to self destruct with 0 guidance, whereas denise seems to have been preventing that.

No. 1225916

File: 1655265072243.jpeg (16.08 KB, 250x203, 158B03AD-434A-441C-B6A6-6ADDE3…)

> and he got HIV
Kek buts it’s true. Being known as a partying douchebag is not the same as being a movie star.

No. 1225936

never said she'd be appearing in box office films, but likely shit like Euphoria or riverdale

No. 1225939

File: 1655265631416.jpeg (271 KB, 551x855, 4A46BBA1-9D11-46DF-8365-54ACC1…)

I never realized her parents were actors. People are calling her out of touch.

No. 1225948

>big name projects
Shit like Riverdale and Euphoria does not have the reach the internet think they do kek get what you mean though

No. 1225951

the girl from euphoria was a pornstar before she became famous, also many celebs are known escorts before their fame

No. 1225984

I think times are changing now. Porn used to be so hush hush but it's commonplace, sex is now empowering. People are not covert about having OnlyFans or anything. There's a big cultural shift where it isn't career or life ruining because it's "a good thing". Retarded, I know

No. 1226004

>She also revealed that she had installed security cameras outside her home to prevent Sami from going out to meet with boys without permission.
What an actual idiot, lol.
>waaa can't suck pp whenever I want this is abusive!1! Gonna move in with my bat shit insane dad instead!

No. 1226041

I’m starting to think Ezra Miller and Tokata Iron Eyes have Heaven’s Gate-d themselves and that’s why no one can find either of them

No. 1226057

I was thinking along the same thing too. Depressing.

No. 1226058

That would be something if they did

No. 1226125

we really need a nepobaby general

No. 1226218

why is mental illness so tolerated in hollywood

No. 1226242

because they all have it. hollywood is one of those places (along with medicine and law) where being a sociopath actually greatly benefits you and is even encouraged behavior. apart from that, most film industry people have personality disorders or are shizo. it comes with being exposed to constant attention, heavy and encouraged drug use and, in the case of powerful moids, a complete carte blanche regarding your behavior and the ability to engage in inhuman degeneracy without consequences

No. 1226248

she dates the strangest men kek, wasn't she with miley cyrus ugly ass brother who made that shake it song

No. 1226257

Yes, please

No. 1226287

It is, tho. The spaz out comes from spasms. Doing weird movements.

No. 1226306

His mother is probably one of those parents whose adult son killed his entire family over a mistress, and they still say he is innocent, the good boy.
Odd choice for a nepo baby. But with those two crazy parents of her it maybe makes sense.
Yup. She looks cute, hope she doesn't end up as an addict. She could take the Dakota Johnson way.
Yeah girl, tell that yourself "full of self-love", the reason why people drop out of their school.
True, she has not only famous parents but also a famous grandpa and uncle with better reputation.
Oh, she found time to give comment besides her scrolling manically Angie/Amber hate sites.
I can see her doing it, but he, never.

"We have to talk about Kevin" really became IRL now.

No. 1226344

File: 1655300871301.png (180.25 KB, 360x312, paris.png)

closeted moment

No. 1226390

That guy looks like a rubber doll.

No. 1226403

I can't explain it but she looks like an Arabic bride

No. 1226408

File: 1655305383424.png (1.14 MB, 1416x675, Screenshot 67.png)

its cause of the surgeries
I don't know if he's gay or not, but look any pic of him and I swear to God he has the exact same fucking smile in every photo, literally every photo, its weird asf


No. 1226413

Bhad Bhabi made 50 million though apparently off her only fans. For perspective- Trent Reznor is worth 80 million

No. 1226414

Kek, love this idea

No. 1226420

I think Danielle(I'm not gonna use her stupid rap name) was a really and dumb and immature moron, I think in her case it was society that can be partially blamed, she was rewarded for her dumbass behavior and there were tons of millions of pedophile bastard men who wanted to sleep with her, a part of me hopes and prays that she doesn't ruin her life further, save up her money, make some scare investment, get a bf who isn't a low IQ subhuman

No. 1226437

> “It's going to be adorable — a bunch of Sean Lennons running around the house, that's what I'm looking for," Culkin told the host, before claiming that he feels entitled to “make Asian jokes because I have an Asian girlfriend kinda thing.”

No. 1226440

File: 1655308151279.gif (313.58 KB, 287x334, c460adb7b61c868359e8798bbabd4a…)

He learned from the best

No. 1226450

watch this
Carter Reum
Arter Recum
Arer Rectum
Rear Rectum

No. 1226454

Hi (c)rap-chan

No. 1226456

You're onto something

No. 1226461

I would not be surprised if he an heroes to look like some kind of queer martyr

No. 1226469

these people are the definition of fake, I don't understand why nonnas stan this loser parasite

No. 1226474

ily for this nonna

No. 1226481

this made me crack up, nice

No. 1226487

File: 1655310769288.jpeg (60.31 KB, 680x382, signlanguageforidiot.jpeg)

does anyone know if the sign means anything or if that's a personal creation for his trannycult?

if he is bipolar or schizophrenic i hope he gets help soon but looks like he just gets enabled

No. 1226527

They probably weren't alive in the 2000s.

No. 1226531

Looks like the rock on sign, but I've seen other celebrities doing this sign in an awkward manner

No. 1226536

File: 1655314054809.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1355, Screenshot_20220615-122703-407…)

First look at Ryan Gosling as Ken

No. 1226538

…ew. Couln't have they hired someoone younger and more…Ken-like?

No. 1226540

he looks so much like a younger thinner version of my conspiracytard uncle so i never got the appeal personally

No. 1226542

I could not believe someone can make Ryan Gosling ugly, but they did it

No. 1226543

Why does such an old guy play Ken, I don't think Ken has deep forehead wrinkles and crow's feet

No. 1226545

I agree, they should have racebent Ken and had some K-pop dude play him, those are already mostly plastic anyway.

No. 1226546

File: 1655314451393.jpeg (34.26 KB, 277x499, 0C343519-750A-4124-BA2E-BD2407…)

Pic related isn’t what you wanted Noni? Kek

No. 1226547

This made me lol in the literal sense. This is so stupid.

No. 1226548

File: 1655314505319.jpg (64.51 KB, 1000x563, intro-1595451301.jpg)

the dude with bad hygenine that I dated in high school (don't ask)" thinks he looks like Ryan Gosling and he's not wrong. he's ugly as fuck and looks like Brad Mondo in his ken role

No. 1226550

File: 1655314588977.jpg (1.06 MB, 1200x1600, 1103801.jpg)

samefag, he looks like Tim roth and brad mondo

No. 1226553

ew, Hollywood really hates women.

No. 1226554

I was already going to get drunk to watch this now I have a serious excuse

No. 1226555

someones mad.

No. 1226559

File: 1655315061589.png (30.61 KB, 1129x614, 5dd2e3efedfe6a2e2278ad31_021 -…)

OKay I'm really nitpicking now, but I feel like that shade of pink is not even Barbie-pink? Or is it just the lighting? And it's actually a shade that is impossible to look good next to/in. I remember when the still of Margot Robbie came out it also clashed with her coloring and made ehr look off. Even though she still looked miles better than Gosling

No. 1226560

*her, can't type sorry

No. 1226564

about what? He does look like doodoo, even the most botched K-pop man would fit better.

No. 1226571

shit casting Ken hasn't hit the wall yet

No. 1226577

there are so many blonde e-boys who would have fit the casting for ken and have some acting experience so why did they chose this horse faced man

No. 1226581

Right?? There are so many actors who have that plastic-y, effeminate look that was in in the early 2000s and late 90s, Zac Efron, Bradley Cooper, etc why did they have to pick him

No. 1226584

both guys you mentioned hit the wall HARD

No. 1226586

but they still have more softness and roundness to their face than Horseface Gosling. Honestly even a Kpop freak would have been a better choice

No. 1226587

He looks like a gay man

No. 1226592

This is a terrible choice, I guess all the superhero hotbois were busy

No. 1226596

They're both beards for each other, a true holy matrimony

No. 1226599

Where does the narrative that Paris is gay come from?

No. 1226600

Let me guess, your a Taylor Swift is gay twitter saphic as well

No. 1226601

People have been saying this about Ken forever.

No. 1226611

File: 1655317049316.jpg (62.12 KB, 700x552, 750.jpg)

Zac Efron looks like a lumberjack now.

No. 1226617

wtf i didnt recognize him.

No. 1226618

This. Give 31 year old Margot Robbie some 20 year old blonde e-boy.

No. 1226632

If I were a 20 year old tiktok e-boy I'd be so thrilled to be offered to work with Margot Robbie

No. 1226633

File: 1655317793567.jpeg (61.21 KB, 525x700, ken-Close-up-525x700.jpeg)

it's perfect imo, guess i'm the minority here kek. barbie has always been way better looking than ken anyways!

No. 1226634

margot lookss good in her role meanwhile ryan looks like her gay horsefaced uncle. I wasnt thinking about age when i said eboy i was more thinking about someone who would fit the ken character.

No. 1226643

Yes, this.

No. 1226644

Ew, Bradley Cooper. He looks the oldest and worst of all the three.

No. 1226645

I agree, if only Gosling was younger. 2012 Gosling would have been perfect.

No. 1226646

simu liu and ncuti gatwa are playing alternate versions of ken as well

No. 1226647

Did you intentionally pick the cockring necklace ken?

No. 1226648

All the jaw work to wear a beard now.

No. 1226649

did they really have to pick uggos for ALL of the Kens??

No. 1226650

i'm assuming greta gerwig is going to take the movie in some sort of non-traditional direction since there are multiple people playing different versions/races of barbie and ken. one of them being mtf hari nef…


No. 1226653

>ugly Kens for all races
>tranny Barbie
oh i see. it's going to be an attempt at "woke" "totally self-aware" "satire" but end up sucking donkey balls. of course.

No. 1226668

what did you guys expect?

No. 1226670

She is so out of his league it's ridiculous.

No. 1226672

idk i hoped for more earnest humour and less ~self aware irony~

No. 1226684

I really like a more serious look on the whole Batman story and Harley Quinn would be a perfect character that they can write way less cartoonish. After all she is described as a very intelligent woman, that just had bad luck falling in love with an insane man. Still, Lady Gaga doesn't fit, Phoenix played very good as Joker and I was happy that they made something not including Leto. Wish they would take Margot Robbie again, she fits the role and I thought the Birds of Prey movie was fun, finally women beating up stupid moids. I really hoped that they would link the next Joker movie with the start of the relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, maybe at the end, so we can get a Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy movie.

No. 1226694

File: 1655319385462.jpg (50.65 KB, 465x713, BFGOtVBCUAAKEGH.jpg)

Disney did it right first

No. 1226705

Ugh. I'm assuming this is because Greta Gerwig is an out-of-touch twee millennial and Gosling was shilled as the "hot guy" for our generation over a decade ago

No. 1226707

greta gerwig got flack for not casting an mtf as jo in little women so unfortunately I think she will try to cater to the woke crowd as much as she can

No. 1226735

A mtf or a ftm?

No. 1226738

actually it was the opposite, there was a popular tumblr headcanon of Joe being a transman, this was after her lwave of lesbian headcanon, both are wrong

No. 1226741

Not surprising. Having a pedophile as a father and a prostitute as a mother fucks you up. Still sad.

No. 1226747

sorry I meant ftm as jo and mtf as laurie

No. 1226750

File: 1655321184898.jpg (120.12 KB, 800x1000, Matthew-Noszka-by-Christian-Oi…)

This dude is OLD and not even pretty. I would prefer someone like this pic as Ken. Or a Zac Efron lookalike.

No. 1226763

10 years older than Margot Robbie too

No. 1226766

Damn, yes please

No. 1226767

Looks the part far more

No. 1226782

He looks like Ken's weed and Adderall selling older cousin who hangs out at gas stations to sell dime bags to teenagers. Not impressed.

No. 1226794

If was a bit younger he would be perfect. That pic and pose is so Ken though

No. 1226800

millennial here, no woman I ever met found Gosling attractive or hot. That being said, I will be very disappointed if they don't use Barbie Girl from Aqua as a song in that movie.

but isn't the whole point of the story that they are all girls, growing up to be strong women? Why should Jo be trans bullshit? Sometimes I feel too old for all this.

No. 1226801

women can't be strong without either wanting to be men or secretly being men, get with the times grandma!

No. 1226813

no, my dear, I won't! That's the reason I'm here, so I can support you all grow into strong, independent women every man will fear, they will have nightmares about all of you. But still, can you please call my crazy beer aunt, I haven't reached the stage of being an old, wise grandma, yet.

No. 1226823

Someone make it.

No. 1226846

>Aqua - Barbie girl
OT but I was too young when the song released, was it supposed to mock the plasticness or did it want to embrace the bimbo style like it's popular today?

No. 1226847

Hollywood's obsession with casting old moids together with young women is so sick. He looks fucking ancient here, couldn't they have casted a younger, attractive man? This looks like an actual parody kek

No. 1226850

i'd say it's more of the former but like playful rather than aggressive mocking

No. 1226859

File: 1655325856046.jpg (25.39 KB, 528x579, Jo and Bhaer.jpg)

I mean Little women isn't the best example for this, cause Joe literally marries a far older man who she liked cause he was "Intelligent and mature", it was BASED Louisa May Alcott own life cause she married an older man who was she found Intelligent as well

No. 1226867

Is it me or does he have a short narrow torso?

No. 1226869

so sick of bloated hari nef being shoved down our throats.

No. 1226870

ew, gross

No. 1226884

Brad Mondo

No. 1226889

File: 1655327097302.jpg (268.69 KB, 1440x960, ezra-miller-21819-2.jpg)

It's an edgy occult/illuminati/baphomet pose he does often. You'll notice he usually does one hand up and the other down in reference to "Levi's Baphomet". It's an allegory to the binary of life (right and wrong, separate and together, as above so below). He's an edgy boy.

No. 1226893

> non-traditional direction since there are multiple people playing different versions/races of barbie and ken
Oh for god sake. Ridiculous but not surprised.

No. 1226895

I’m native so please don’t ban me but Tokata Iron Eyes legit sounds made up like a racist name Tina Fey made up for a sitcom. Like if you met an Arab dude named Ali Snakecharmer

No. 1226896

Samefag, forgot to point out that the fingers make a triangle, which is what I meant by the reference to the illuminati.

No. 1226897

> if he is bipolar or schizophrenic i hope he gets help soon but looks like he just gets enabled
This is definitely the case. I hate that nothing was done when this all started

No. 1226899

Spaz just came from the word spastic in the 80s. You’d call someone spastic and it devolved into being a spaz. Same thing yeah just splitting hairs.

He’s just being an edgelord. Means absolutely nothing.

He looks like he is chronically in pain

No. 1226903

>wearing mascara
>looking like a heatherette gay from 2007
If this isn’t satirized or something it’s probably going to be hot garbage

No. 1226904

shut up

No. 1226905

The amount of replies kekk

No. 1226906

It gives me "Cho Chang" vibes.

No. 1226907

UGLY (What happened to him kek)

No. 1226908

At least he has nice abs but they might be fake

No. 1226911

Yeah I’m butthurt he’s orange as fuck and not even handsome

No. 1226913

No, Natives really have names like that.

No. 1226929

File: 1655328601237.jpg (199.32 KB, 1280x720, ryan-gosling-barbie-movie-1280…)

doesn't matter that margot robbie is 30, she is margot robbie. him however…
not my edit, them together looks like some "jailbait seduces married family dad"-movie shit

No. 1226930

File: 1655328643711.jpg (30.17 KB, 800x534, 1595451301.jpg)

You all know this is clearly meant to a parody/satire film right, likeAmy Schumer was originally attached to this project and set to play Barbie, I think casting Ryan Gossling who is way too old for this role and is looking a human plastic doll was likely intentional

No. 1226932

If it's supposed to be funny I hope Barbie comments on Ken's fucked up melted plastic face.

No. 1226937

no, its its more like a live action than a parody.

No. 1226939

Imagine stepping into a time machine to meet up with 17 year old Christina agulera. You show her this picture and say "this is what you'll be doing 20 years from now"

No. 1226942

Right. It's supposed to be cheesy. So far the casting looks perfect, plastic, and it's the only movie I'm looking forward to right now.

No. 1226943

File: 1655329282107.jpeg (174.22 KB, 814x1222, B671B671-624E-49FD-97EC-5E7A64…)

First look at Ryan Gosling as Ken

No. 1226944

>likeAmy Schumer was originally attached to this project and set to play Barbie
…but then they decided to have the most actress they could find play barbie and pair her up with some bland old dude. so much comedy, never seen before…

No. 1226945

most parodies are live action nonnie

No. 1226946

File: 1655329496397.jpg (716.93 KB, 1280x720, peotBfYQJxVMrfjGj3jb6c.jpg)

Same, Im excited for when it comes out. Ryan is ugly as Ken, but I hope it's going to to be satire like you guys are saying. I think it must be. Margot Robbie is a gorgeous (see pic) woman, but she's not what I imagine an IRL Barbie as either.
Kek. He actually could have been a better choice.

No. 1226947

Holy shit I'm dying. Thanks for the laugh.

No. 1226954

File: 1655329945864.png (3.37 MB, 1728x2304, 7C11D77F-C8B6-4697-9365-22BE84…)

Kevin Spacey always gave me legit evil feelings. Like thinly veiled insanity. Nazi dad who spergs about WW2 at dinner then beats and molests you. Very sad.

No. 1226972

The source of a problem always leads back to a male.

No. 1226974

not this again

No. 1226975

File: 1655331069911.png (387.68 KB, 704x400, pic.png)

Guillermo del Toro’s ‘PINOCCHIO’ with Finn Wolfhard in the title role, is set in Italy in the early 1900s during the rise of fascism, the plot follows

>“He is recruited into the village military camp because the fascist official in town thinks if this puppet cannot die it would make the perfect soldier”


No. 1226977

Thanks for the nightmare fuel, Guille

No. 1226994

This sounds ridiculously edgy. Del Toro has his head stuffed so far up his ass I'm surprised he can even breathe.

No. 1227001

As a Spaniard I really like his movies about the Spanish civil war like The Devil’s Backbone and Pans Labyrinth. I know he said he plans on doing a third movie about the civil war so I can’t wait to see how that plays out. I’ve always wondered if his family were refugees from Spain, I know some people were able to flee to Mexico during the war but I don’t know he’s ever confirmed this. It would explain his focus on fascism though so I’m pretty excited for this even though it is edgelord-y I don’t think he’s doing it just for the sake of being edgy.

No. 1227013

Considering how pasty white he is I don't doubt it. Pan's Labyrinth was excellent but all he seems to know how to do these days is take some random trope or setting and make it pitch black and gory–everyone was hyping the shit out of his adaptation of Scary Stories and when it released literally no one saw it. Something about his wholesome moid persona makes me wary; I heavily suspect he has controversies swept under the rug.

No. 1227027

He also signed that letter boohooing for Roman Polanski. I can't look at him the same way after that.

No. 1227028

File: 1655334514105.jpeg (544.65 KB, 828x1183, 0FFA383B-4BCF-480C-A1DF-B4B36D…)

Slightly related but this is wild

No. 1227031

File: 1655334859608.jpg (31.29 KB, 333x534, 9865565.jpg)

Fiona Apple looks scary.
Treat your eating disorder nonnies.

No. 1227032

Goddamnit anon now Toro is ruined for me too, I prefer to know but WE CANT HAVE SHIT CAN WE.

No. 1227033

No. 1227039

It is crazy to me that James Cameron would let these details be published. Wouldn’t this just make him a target for similar kidnappings if the kidnappers know he will just pay up?

No. 1227040

>eating disorder
You mean drug addiction

No. 1227041

No. 1227045

We all know she’s thinking how much better Nicole Richie would look in a suit and does, don’t even play.

No. 1227048

File: 1655335565232.jpg (53.37 KB, 532x670, A3p1GgyCYAIYWcV.jpg)

No. 1227049

She got that crackhead fist grip lol

No. 1227054

i have so much empathy for her as someone who's also creative and wildly neurotic, who also would prefer to avoid social situations as much as possible. she's such a force but not made to be famous i think. killer songwriter, i'm always hoping she gets better and goes on your, but it seems like she copes when she's at home with her dog and piano kek.

No. 1227056

File: 1655335843266.jpeg (168.06 KB, 828x1145, FCA975B0-1A07-48C3-9FF1-27FBD7…)

No. 1227058

Fiona Apple should be a poster child for nepotism. She has all the hallmarks of a nepo baby but somehow flies under the radar for it.

No. 1227059

He’s with Ezra

No. 1227069

Ezra got him rip

No. 1227071

This has to do with his conservatorship no doubt

No. 1227078

File: 1655336825708.jpg (127.51 KB, 1400x1050, 1202290121.0.jpg)


No. 1227088

He dead

No. 1227092

Who is that Asian ice skating man that everyone is so obsessed with? After reading your comment I could definitely visualize that much better, or the Twilight himbo. Ryan’s aging doesn’t look bad and is normal, in this costuming he’s getting done sooooo dirty. No way he didn’t have options for flattering roles.

No. 1227093

File: 1655337735374.jpeg (484.55 KB, 828x1142, 9C09F0E9-4009-4CD7-9A02-CDA301…)

I remember nonnies many threads back speculating on if his son has FAS and upon recent check in its starting to look more like it

No. 1227094

Hopefully he gets a chance at a normal life at some point

No. 1227095

File: 1655337810894.jpeg (204.93 KB, 683x1024, 70f7c6e3f21a49bb831c253221f286…)

Yuzuru Hanyu?

No. 1227103

Holy shit that was fast lmao. Yes, obviously he has better things to do than act in a live action American Barbie film but his type would be so much better. Ryan just looks like a hyper gay Mormon who is incapable of color matching his neck so he just made everything buffalo wing sauce. I could see Ken as an ice skater, what tf does actual Ken even do. Unless this shit is a horror film idk

No. 1227106

Tell him Ville Valo is in bed waiting and he’ll come running

No. 1227107

Kekkkk nona my sides.

No. 1227109

File: 1655338583257.jpeg (600.93 KB, 2048x2048, 46C7DC39-21D8-4B80-B9C5-31D57E…)

Cody Fern would be a good choice for Ken

No. 1227110

This is who Ezra thinks he is

No. 1227111

KEK at your description. If this is a parody movie, I think it would be really funny for them to cast some hot no-name model. Nobody cares about Ken, he's just there to wear clothes and be Barbie's boyfriend.
Has he had plastic surgery? His face always looks so odd and heavy to me

No. 1227112

His name is Phoenix Wolf.

No. 1227113

He looks like what Oli London would be in a perfect world

No. 1227114

Good point

No. 1227115

He wears heavy foundation, I know that kek

No. 1227118

who are her parents

No. 1227119

His life is so sad. I recently watched a documentary on him. He had so much going for him

No. 1227120

File: 1655339110328.jpeg (357.39 KB, 1096x961, 9345C97C-02F9-4EEF-9A7D-F03859…)

Dad was/is? a famous actor and mom was a famous broadway singer way back with careers that lasted decades. Her siblings all have connections as well.

No. 1227121

my mom just met him yesterday so he's alive

No. 1227124

he was just in NY too. or NJ, i forget where he lives. he lets random skaters come skate at his house

No. 1227129

yeah i'm sure he flies around a lot. he was in fl as of yesterday, she asked him how he was doing and he said he was ok. he was with his friends. he seems ok, he didn't seem drunk or strung out, and was really happy a middle aged woman recognized him kek. i feel so bad for him. what they're doing to him should be illegal.

No. 1227132

That’s actually really cute and I’m glad it seems your mom had a good experience lol.

No. 1227133

Aw that makes me so sad but at least he seems to be well. I used to love watching Viva La Bam.

No. 1227134

What who's doing to him? I'm not rly caught up with his lore

No. 1227142

yes! she was psyched and she says he's super nice. one of the other guys was like "you don't recognize me???" and she was like "no, i'm sorry?". she used to watch jackass and viva la bam and wanted to get into the fraudulent guardianship conversation with him because we/she knows of 1-2 decent attorneys that actually fight for people to get out of them (about 2% of attorneys actually fight to get people out of them, especially in the area where they filed "on his behalf"), but she didn't want to be weirdly invasive or make him upset. i'm pissed i wasn't there because i have been through the florida guardianship racket and i know exactly what he's going through and the attorneys and the courts specifically withhold information from the "ward" to get out so maybe i could've given him some helpful info since she was busy. the courts almost never relase a person once thrown into a guardianship.
some loser filed for guardianship over him, it's heavily tied into the fact that the production company (and steve-o, johnny, i think jeff tremaine??) for jackass forever forced him into a very dubious contract that would essentially axe him from the project and his earnings if he wasn't "clean", in this case they used the opportunity, knowing he was prescribed adderall for his ADHD to fuck him over. then some extremely shady lady filed guardianship for him. just some weirdo who is allegedly a "mental health" advocate who seems to be running multiple grifts.

No. 1227145

also the jackass crew know what they're advocating for with this guardianship is fucked up, but they're trying to gaslight the public and pretending they're being good "brothers". if he has his rights stripped from him he cannot hold anyone to task in terms of filing suits against anyone who wronged him, etc. also has no autonomy, which is horrifying.

No. 1227154

To be fair, on steve-o's podcast he said bam isn't prescribed adderall. bam even said he found it on the ground of his car and took it. it does go against the contract they signed

No. 1227155

>Ryan just looks like a hyper gay Mormon who is incapable of color matching his neck so he just made everything buffalo wing sauce.
My sides anon, bless you.

No. 1227156

I kind of want a bam thread. There’s so much cow behavior from him. I remember 3ish years ago he would go on schizo-level rants on livestreams about Johnny Knoxville and his ex-junkie friend Brandon Novak. He seemed pretty methed up.

No. 1227157

File: 1655341231984.gif (2.94 MB, 268x268, 3C319436-99BE-4D80-B897-F78469…)

This was from a fan speculating but now that you mention it, I’m pretty sure he has. Damn, his boyfriend is a James Charles type and I was hoping that wouldn’t make him want to start fucking with his face.

No. 1227159

ugh he was so good in ahs apocalypse. im gonna rewatch

No. 1227161

would he really know? it's so easy to get a script, it isn't even funny. you can get it in half an hour at a brand new doc. where did bam say he found them on the ground? i saw instagrams where he said he was placed on it and other drugs from the many facilities he was in. the entire premise of the shit is destroying yourself for entertainment value. frankly, i'd need to be high as hell to do any of the shit they do. it really doesn't matter, none of it is justification for guardianship. guardianships are almost impossible to get out of and many people will die in them.

No. 1227163

File: 1655341664304.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 2E554128-208D-4B82-84AC-A03C9A…)

Wasn’t this not long ago? He seems like an unhinged moid.

No. 1227164

File: 1655341752185.png (227.37 KB, 296x640, 002EB7B0-52CB-4127-A2AF-80B72C…)

No. 1227165

I can't find it, it might have been an IG live. but it's a video where he addresses why he isn't in the new jackass movie. i agree it's no justification

No. 1227167

>Fiona Apple should be a poster child for nepotism. She has all the hallmarks of a nepo baby but somehow flies under the radar for it.
because she fell off after being blacklisted by the industry.

No. 1227176

He looks way too old for this role.

No. 1227178

Hold the fuck up I could SWEAR he had a wife wtf happened to her, I also could swear that Pedro Pascal was also married with a few kids when I checked his insta like 2 years ago and now no trace of it. (am I going crazy)

No. 1227186

give the deets please

No. 1227191

Uh she literally said herself she wasn’t actually blacklisted

No. 1227192

Sounds like he really wants to fuck the guy

No. 1227205

File: 1655343913261.jpeg (887.57 KB, 828x1115, 82E93F58-7C48-45D1-9848-F1FED4…)

chloe cherry’s new Instagram post

No. 1227208

we're hitting levels of pickme that shouldn't even be possible

No. 1227213

is this what girls think is empowering? girl, you were basically trafficked and then trafficked again by a "classier" moid this time. sad.

No. 1227229

she needs a hard kick in those ugly ass lips but i fear the "super awesome" men she did porn with already knocked her around too much hence why she's so fucking brain dead

No. 1227240

File: 1655344902765.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1548x1044, D7AA5B54-9167-4842-B7BE-31B0C0…)

Dear Leader and Dear Waifu are wearing matching outfits while picking which hand-me-down meds to give to their sick and starving population.

Also rocketlady got fat and rocketman has a hickey hidden under his shirt

No. 1227241

She’s so ugly

No. 1227251

Am I crazy or did her lips get a little smaller?

No. 1227297

yeah i thought so too

No. 1227313

There is no saving her, into the fire she goes.

No. 1227314

I don’t think she’s actually being a pickme. I think she’s trying to do an ironic thing. Or post ironic. Idk. It’s clearly not being played straight. I don’t think any of her persona is meant to be viewed without some level of irony or mockery. Whether it works or moids just see a pickme is a different question

No. 1227318

i don’t think he would make a good ken but holy smokes he is very attractive

No. 1227323

Anon that's a 16 or 17 BMI at the very least. At the risk of sounding like a bone rattler, get a grip and stop posting this crackhead

No. 1227343

File: 1655352035776.jpeg (90.64 KB, 435x327, 043.jpeg)

He looks like a lite version of the Bogdanoff twins. or like some parody of what's considered conventional idk, but I guess that's suited for Ken.

No. 1227387

There is nothing ironic about her. Her "persona" is her. She's braindead and always has been.

No. 1227390

No one needs to be kicked besides you by other men. Fuck off.

No. 1227398

I agree and thought this was the most fucking obvious thing ever.

No. 1227401

Harry Styles continuing his queer baiting and now appearing in gay tragic romance film

>Set in the 1950s in Brighton, a gay policeman named Tom marries a school teacher named Marion while being in a relationship with Patrick, a museum curator. The secret they share threatens to ruin them all.

No. 1227407

appealing to mentally stunted "queer" teenagers and women in their 20's, who are obesseded with gender terms and performative bullshit

No. 1227462

File: 1655361813258.jpg (358.09 KB, 1000x562, ryan-gosling-hey-girl-memes.jp…)

I'll see myself out.

No. 1227556

How is stating Fiona Apple is a nepo baby vendetta-posting? The autism in this thread is something else.

No. 1227564

File: 1655372916149.jpeg (5.31 KB, 183x275, ken.jpeg)

matt bomer would have been a good ken, if they dyed his hair blonde. he has the shorter angular face like ken, gosling's face is too long - he looks nothing like a doll

No. 1227581

How do you know about the hickey, did you give it to him0

No. 1227596

God he looks like such a toddler to me. Like you put him in an adult's piece of clothing and gave him a toy block to play with.

No. 1227614

It’s fucking right there if you zoom in, oh and I fucking hate you for disturbing me. Ew.

No. 1227696

he's a misogynist through and through. this is the thanks all his handmaidens get

No. 1227724

an extreme case of pickmeism. very sad for her

No. 1227772

File: 1655394403624.jpeg (438.36 KB, 750x1011, A4573174-FC21-4989-9E4D-04E35D…)

evil willy wonka is at it again yikes

No. 1227773

when will it end

No. 1227775

Just say he

No. 1227777

File: 1655394655688.jpeg (667.53 KB, 828x1117, 2D1B8BAF-EC8D-47F8-A2A2-C7F8BB…)

No. 1227781

>they would be lucky to have someone like me guide them

holy shit

No. 1227787

I'm sorry I'm just flyby browsing but is Ezra Miller trying to abduct a child?

No. 1227791

No. 1227793

Hollywood churns out another pedo. Whys he not arrested

No. 1227795

Y'know… I think in some cases a lobotomy can actually be helpful. I hope his handlers consider it!

No. 1227797

Hope it paints the gay moid who’s lying to the poor women as the awful fuck he is. Women are not your safe place freaks.

No. 1227804

Anon it’s a movie

No. 1227806

wow. at this point it's a fucking talent to be this unhinged. he should be institutionalized. as in mental asylum. jfc dude

No. 1227811

Literally needs to be thrown in a loony bin

No. 1227814

nta but i zoomed in and still don't see it

No. 1227815

Charlie Sheen is a literal pedo with a long track record of abuse. I feel terrible for Denise after watching this. She can’t stop her daughter from moving in with him, but I don’t blame her for trying. Denise even tried to raise her children’s half siblings when Charlie was in the depths of his drug abuse and those kids physically assaulted her younger children and tortured their pets. Vid rel has all sorts of deets.

No. 1227839

Ezra miller is too much of a narcissist to kill himself don’t worry you’ll get ur fag back

No. 1227841

This would have worked for real though KEK

No. 1227848

he would have been so perfect as young Snow in the new hunger games prequel movie. sigh.

No. 1227853

what is with her instagram being "perfect angel girl" and that (or similar, it might be "angelic") also being Dasha Nekrasova's un on reddit

No. 1227860

Pedo bisexual troon fucker. I hate Charlie Sheen and his daughter shouldn't be near him. At least Denise has tried.
its amazing how its never normal men into troons, almost always a coomer with 23 different fetishes and a shitty person. Really makes you think

No. 1227863

They Are Retarded

No. 1227866

And it’s propaganda to groom women into feeling bad for a fag who lied to her and manipulate hers. The gay men that do this in real life destroy those women. I don’t want some cheesy romance on how they’re human. They’re selfish fucking moids who don’t see women as real people and relationships.

No. 1227870

Oh that’s a good point, I thought you were mad at like. The actors lol. Which while fair for being part of a project like that, I’m sure they didn’t think that deep into it—I def didn’t but get where you’re coming from and don’t disagree.

No. 1227881

Why is it always the biggest ran through whores that larp as ~perfect angelic uwu waifs~ maybe it's just a cope for letting a scrote fuck you up the ass or something

No. 1227884

File: 1655401642309.jpg (481.31 KB, 2219x3000, lK9Cs49.jpg)

because scarethots are just tumblr girls with a sprinkle of communism larping. just like all the other tumblr girls they idolize and live vicariously through models.
as soon as high fashion brands like blumarine hired her, she went from tacky to heroin chic. same with julia fox.

No. 1227886

it's based on a book by a british fujo.

No. 1227890

Not only that but he’s the only contender anons mentioned that is a legitimately talented actor and can at least fake chemistry with a female costar

No. 1227891

Julia Fox is not a scarethot and has always done some form of what she’s doing now. She is literally just getting a bag.

No. 1227894

I agree with this and it’s tacky as hell but if you listen to her actually talking about moids she is always mocking them and making fun of them. I don’t think she likes them at all and it just trying to piss people off for attention. She makes money from it.

It isn’t we just have a lot of newfags that try really hard to posture as imageboard frequenters while not really knowing the meaning of the words they’re saying

No. 1227904

The rumor was that after she made the speech about hollywood being fake at the vmas she got blacklisted but i guess it was wrong kek>>1227191

No. 1227908

Careful anon, your choice of words might awaken the anti-radfem trope and use you as an example of ebil feminist slutshamer. Besides, what's girlier than larping as the powerless cutesy piece of rag all men love and respect? Jk

No. 1227912

More proof that their fujos are massive pickmes who are fine with their husband's fucking other people as long as its other men

No. 1227927

Why are his last fingers so long? It's disgusting.

No. 1227930

Yaoi hands

No. 1227931

File: 1655403758214.jpg (293.88 KB, 946x2048, 20220616_125505.jpg)

I know the conservatorship left a bad impression of Tokata's family but they genuinely seem just desperate to get her back before Ezra hurts her because his behavior is escalating in violence, they're pretty active in tribal leadership (that's why they knew celebrities before Tokata was even born, the whole family had chiefs in different reservations) and are aware of high murder rates of indigenous women and on both Tokata's mom's facebook and an article written by a tribal organization they state that they were never homophobic or transphobic towards tokata and that she even has other themlet siblings.
Here's the article explaining the Family's side with more insight on Ezra's schizo behavior: https://lastrealindians.com/news/2022/6/10/chief-bear-testifies-ezra-miller-groomed-my-niece

No. 1227932

File: 1655403806954.jpg (277.44 KB, 946x2048, 20220616_125508.jpg)

No. 1227965

i would like chloe cherry if it wasn't for the fact she was a porn star, ESPECIALLY the type of porn she was doing apparently (ageplay). we really need to nip the porn star to it girl pipeline immediately. we can't be glamorising porn like it's some cute cool girl shit when it's literally human trafficking that disproportionately targets women and minors. anyway i know i'm preaching to the choir here, but i'm for real seething with all the attention she's getting from the young impressionable redscare waif~ girls. the fact that sam levinson scouted and casted her tells you everything you need to know about that scrote. she's half naked in like every scene she's in too.

No. 1227983

Why would you like her she’s disgusting

No. 1227989

They’ve been groomed into thinking only men can have romance and be treated as people. They’re so uncomfortable and feel so worthless as women that obvious male and male is the only true way to feel romance an equal. They’re victimized women who were self hating groomed little girls.

No. 1227992

NTA but the grimy disgusting aesthetic she has is really intruiging to me. shes like a walking sleazy motel room

No. 1228004

Why can't it be me…

No. 1228012

No. 1228016

idk if i would be her friend she seems really dirty like not as bad as dolly mattel but i would take a shower after every time i hung out with her

No. 1228020

File: 1655408385770.jpg (143.83 KB, 636x847, LPnk2Wc.jpg)

Beyonce for british vogue. She's going to release an album in July. According to the interview the album will have disco and 90s club kid theme.
Honestly based, I'm tired of the pretentious albums and it's cool that pop artists are doing house again(like house house not just edm like calvin harris).

No. 1228030

File: 1655408641368.jpg (167.74 KB, 1024x1015, AMky3OC.jpg)

slight tinfoil, beyonce's 40? it's cool to have more older pop artists, when cher and madonna made their comeback at older age they also did an electro themed album.

No. 1228040

File: 1655409083019.png (600.37 KB, 775x742, 347234972369237923.png)

ariana looking weird (again)

No. 1228042

I'm laughing so hard, that blonde it the most possibly unfitting hair color for him.

No. 1228043

sounds like the album will be good but what's up with that styling? like a dollskill clearance bin all thrown together

No. 1228045

Some pls just snipe this man already. He's a menace to society.

No. 1228050

Omg she's bald

No. 1228059

File: 1655409716811.png (308.01 KB, 592x639, Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 1.01…)

Ezra is a literal dangerous man that is abusing women, grooming children, and starting a death cult but this is what the Twtis want to focus on.

No. 1228074

Those people are cultists. A man can habitually try to force women to touch his balls, rape his own mother, do all sorts of other evil shit and their main concern will always be "OMG this looks soooo bad for us, conservatives will weaponize this against our community", not human lives being affected

No. 1228079

i hate that they only do this shit for males that identify as non-binary because i always see these pickmes be silent when people ''misgender'' Demi.

Even in their own circles they always place men who troon out first and women who want to be trannys or non-binary always get ignored or left out.

No. 1228082

I'm at a point where I don't care anymore if it's mostly conservatives calling attention to tranny groomers. I just want people to know the truth about them

No. 1228092

the comments underneath this are pure cancer. Somebody pointed out that parents are looking for their daughter and somebody replied that it's more important to focus on the fact that the LGBTQRETARD community is not the target of hate because of this or "straight people do this all the time" wtf??

No. 1228104

File: 1655411203218.jpeg (637.43 KB, 901x1023, C972F971-3E91-4C4B-AC02-A7BF21…)

>>As reported by The Daily Beast, The child, who is non-binary, was granted the order by a court in Greenfield
The 12 year old is “non-binary” too.

No. 1228117

He's basically the EveryTIM. I'm a little surprised they aren't whiteknighting his behavior harder alongside the pronouns.

No. 1228145

File: 1655412615762.jpg (125.59 KB, 1125x1172, FVExbGWVUAE1Em8.jpg)

Not related to the new allegations above, this is more about the tokata situation.


No. 1228147

She's ruined her face with filler, I see. Or at least, if she'd been doing it for years, she realllly fucked up this time. This stuff isn't quite reversible nor does it metabolize in the body as was once believed. Worse if she got something semi-permanent like Radiesse or Sculptra. That shit is just straight up permanent. It might soften over time, but there's no getting rid of the collagen once it's formed after the gel carrier has been "absorbed" or whatever; Newly formed collagen has a half-life of 7 years, so the typical 2-3 years quoted by doctors was really some kind of semantic misunderstanding since Radiesse/Sculptra was really only studied for 2 years itself. Not only that, but for HA fillers like Juvederm/Restalyne, some people think they're safe because we've been told it all gets dissolved with hyaluronidase or that the body metabolizes it over time, also not quite true. It's been found via MRI that HA fillers can last for up to 10 years or more in the face, and that they simply migrate and flatten causing people to think that they're gone and that they need to top up more. The greedy injectors encourage this, of course, because they're trained to be profit driven more than anything or are sadly somewhat misinformed and ignorant about the true nature of these fillers, as most people are. That's why you see all these people whom have had fillers done repeatedly over time with heavier, wider, aged looking faces. As for the enzyme, it can't distinguish between one's natural and artificial HA. Because most doctors tend to use too much and flood the area, and it seems to migrate and ends up destroying one's natural HA as well which is why so many people report their skin looking worse after. This is really discussion more suited for the plastic surgery thread, however, so let me stop there. Sad, really. Ari used to have such a cute face. imo. Slim and proportionate. I didn't care for her as a person but I can at least admit that.

No. 1228150

File: 1655412852660.jpg (94.67 KB, 466x703, 82eB7hM.jpg)

Tokata's saying this is a lie her father started.

No. 1228154

what about fat fillers do you think theyre better?

No. 1228156

One thing to add to this is, about the newly formed collagen, if you get over injected with a bio-stimulatory filler like Radiesse or Sculptra, that excess volume can't really be reversed as there's no safe reversal enzyme for collagen. And unless you have a serious disease that causes you to lose volume in your face, it's not really going anywhere.

No. 1228158

Of course “she” is. It’s probably him posting it to her story. Seems like that kind of situation.

No. 1228169

I can't speak on fat grafting as much, but I would do heavy research if I were you. Seeing as it's also a somewhat permanent solution there may be a chance for it to cause sagging later but don't quote me on that. I don't trust most cosmetic treatment clinics anymore because of what i've seen. Two very reliable doctors I can recommend that speak on these topics on youtube are Dr. Gavin Chan and Dr. Gary Linkov.

No. 1228175

The more I learn about plastic surgery, the more sense it makes that tranny surgeries are such a shitshow. People literally think it's normal to butcher their bodies, and "professionals" either get it wrong or deliberately lie to make money from everyone. This is so fucked

No. 1228189

"overdose of lsd" lmao

No. 1228195

Hey, ayrt again. I think you should look into PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments, It doesn't give as dramatic an effect as fillers all at once, and may or may not be a little more costly, but they're safer in the long term. Better to spend money on something that'll give you a more natural result than to waste money trying to fix mistakes and hating yourself later. I think that, in moderation, bio-stimulatory fillers might be okay but only used very sparingly and placed carefully, if your problem is wanting more volume in your face. Another fun fact- fillers were originally created to help HIV patients restore lost volume in their face due to illness, which makes a lot of sense as to why most people should stay away from them.

No. 1228202

I am once again begging you to seek professional help

No. 1228207

So a faggot lies and marries a woman to keep his secret? yeah, fuck her feelings. it's all about men

No. 1228210

I thought she was bald for a second

thanks for this info nona I found it very illuminating. I'd been thinking about fillers since turning 30, as something to maybe look into in the coming years. I think I'll reconsider.

>Because most doctors tend to use too much and flood the area, and it seems to migrate and ends up destroying one's natural HA as well which is why so many people report their skin looking worse after

holy shit

No. 1228211

and it'll no doubt be painted as a beautiful love story between the men when she got saddled with a man only using her to keep up his facade. I'm gonna pass

No. 1228214

When are we gonna stop this they/them bullshit? It makes no sense to make articles of information 'non binary' because it's confusing and harder to document things.

No. 1228215

Oh, Ariana. What did you do? Her face looks like a mask.

No. 1228216

I really have been wanting to make a whole thread debunking plastic surgery myths and shedding light on the misinfo that goes around because this really isn't talked about. I would definitely avoid fillers if I were you; While i'm not 100% against them, too many doctors are ignorant, misinformed, and think "more is more". Another thing to mention is that many people become acclimated to their filled faces and forget how they're supposed to look, which Dr. Gavin Chan talks about as well. We're going to realize a decade too late what this was doing to us. It's definitely contributing to body dysmorphia (along with filters and photoshop).

No. 1228219

One more thing, depending on your needs, PRP treatment might be enough. Avoid fillers if you can, but of course, do the research and find someone reputable because anyone can mess anything up these days.

No. 1228224

File: 1655416877277.jpeg (146.71 KB, 436x600, 42E9A36E-7450-4EBB-8FC4-2328B2…)

he looks like andrew stone from pineapple dance studios lol

No. 1228228

File: 1655419178801.jpg (97.88 KB, 640x1000, 847210d0217432f04670c89e2a9763…)

Agreed. Fillers are shit

No. 1228249

""gibson"" needs to post proof that its fake then

No. 1228252

File: 1655421725753.jpg (258.75 KB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_20220616-162113_Chr…)

"Visually similar images"

No. 1228255

File: 1655421903941.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1151x1144, B2247579-7C9A-497E-A887-6FFC64…)

I just realized Christina Aguilera got a Brazilian butt lift at some point.

No. 1228258

most of this is natural sagging though, some people just get it early.

No. 1228259

holy cow I didn't even know who this was at first

No. 1228263

She's 18, right? At that point is there anything they can even really "do" legally if she (or ezra from her account) keeps posting that she's fine and doesn't want to go back home?

No. 1228268

please make a post you seem very informed

No. 1228270

so ezra is trying to collect an army of fakebois?
as weird as he looks and how often he was filmed on hawai it's strange that he hasn't been spotted lately, shouldn't be too hard

No. 1228271

File: 1655422788648.jpeg (536.33 KB, 859x852, CE22EF3D-9CF3-4A94-94D4-4259CF…)

No. 1228274

Her skin looks so tight and uncomfortable, really giving Amber Sweet from Repo! vibes. Her face might fall off at her next performance

No. 1228275

No. 1228277

File: 1655423133369.jpeg (645.34 KB, 2024x2048, 62680F15-B1FC-4D77-9A5D-E907C1…)

Is this her future?

No. 1228279

Legally her parents can do something. Guardianship can be granted if the court finds Tokata unfit to look after herself. They don't need to do this because her parents are still seen as her guardians according to the tribal law (runs on ruling of the tribe and it's constitution). They did file an order of protection but it's currently being dodged by creepy Willy Wonka man.

No. 1228295

Holy fuck topkek nona

No. 1228297

back in the day she used to claim that she never had no bbl done, and that’s just how her rear is naturally because "she’s a latina". The reason why her arse was so flat before, according to her own explanation, is because her label forced her to go full ana to look "more white-passing" KEK
But now, as an independent "proud latina" she just lets her body be, and it’s somehow returned to its true original form.
Idk about today, but that is what she used to preach.

No. 1228303

>They Are Retarded

I thought you were talking about Ezra Miller for a minute anon kek

No. 1228323

This being some sort of romantic tragic love story trope is so ugly. Why the fuck is all current media about shitting on women and them being brave and kind for just letting it happen.

No. 1228324

She’s also fat now so that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bbl. Her proportions aren’t extreme and the photo you share shows her using a corset. She was extremely thin and now she isn’t, would need better visual proof.

No. 1228359

Fuck that ezra faggot now my dad knows what a nonbinary is.

No. 1228361

File: 1655432326229.gif (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 350x200, YuwX6Xo.gif)

Repo! is the perfect reference for this. It truly does look like if it's a mask
Spoiler for bloody SFX makeup

No. 1228362

Lmao fuck that faggot, I just wanna see how trannies will cope with one of their messiahs going down permanently as a pervert abuser of non-white women

No. 1228379

Kek, so typical. A rich white male troon is literally kidnapping and preying on little girls of color, and they STILL find a way to claim troons are the real victims here. If Lia Thomas didn’t peak the normies yet, hopefully Ezra will.

No. 1228388

This is exactly what pedophiles say to an 11 year old, why the fuck hasn’t one singular father or male done anything to stop this disgusting piece of shit? If this wasn’t real it would be a great case study of how cultures openly let abusers run rampant, despite this having been reported on for who knows how long. Definitely thought the men of Hawaii were supposed to beat this child abductor and woman beater by now?

Also whatever if I had an eleven year old kid and that malnourished privileged man showed a gun like he was going to use it to harm me in front of my kid or use it to abduct them, what the fuck they just gave a threat against your kid on your property, end them. 99% of anyone who simply reads here could at least wrestle the gun from his Misteriuzz pick up artist Spencer’s gifts coat, sneeze a little too hard and you’ll get a start on him. I’m making fun of a serious situation but how does this dumb ass keep getting away with it and telling MOTHERS their kid is coming with them? My mom generally liked me ok but if someone tried that with her she would have put their head on a stick outside of our front door. She would probably do it for free therapy tbh, think most single mothers would esp in this economy.

No. 1228397

Men don’t protect women and girls, they protect other men. The global rates of domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape and femicide wouldn’t be what they are if men protected and avenged their female loved ones. There’s photo evidence of both Tokata and her mother with serious bruises from Ezra’s assaults, but nothing from her father. That would suggest the mother was the only one who physically confronted her daughter’s kidnapper. And that tracks with everything I’ve seen out in the world: mothers will risk their lives to protect their daughters. Fathers, for all their performative bluster, will not.

And as for the 11 year old, this isn’t the first time parents have turned a blind eye while a celebrity molested their child. Seasoned predators like Ezra are very good at seeking out families that aren’t doing enough to protect their children. They don’t just groom the child, they groom the parents too.

No. 1228405

File: 1655436933483.jpeg (226.73 KB, 827x910, 31CD3F99-F78A-4C35-9835-E22365…)


No. 1228407

It’s literally a face lift done by Dr. Kao. He also did Dove Cameron most recently when people thought she looked completely different. He pinned her eyes way so far back, and her face is very obviously stretched back like crazy. Face lifts take a very long time to settle. She gambled with the fox eye trend like that Hadid one and lost, it’s the fastest way to cat woman. Fillers add volume, she has always wanted slim, so she had the underlying fascia and muscles moved up. That’s why she literally doesn’t have an eyelid fold anymore.

No. 1228420

That was very insightful and a very angering topic to respond to, so thank you and I agree. You’re 100% dead on about all the bluster and that extends to the law and law enforcement. Like if I was a male officer, especially if I was indigenous, I would be hunting this fucking prick and likely causing a serious “accidental” injury for kidnapping an innocent preteen, if police are going to be dirty I have no idea why they aren’t dirty towards those who prey on the most vulnerable people like children. Really thought other men compete against and teach other men, why would they violently do so towards women and children who can’t and don’t want to fight at all? How is that honor? Not one single man in that community is willing to get other men together and have a “talk” with him? Get the mother fucking daughter home safely and break him for threatening to abduct an eleven year old at gunpoint. Why is there nothing but abundant toxic masculinity, but never just masculinity where they raise their damn sons? Really thought Hawaii had a solid male culture, at least against foreigners, disappointed but not shocked. Where are all the former military dudes with nothing to do? Jesus.

No. 1228441

nah gigi is gaining weight after the preg hormones dropped and shes aging naturally – note the little undereyes, nose line, lip line and brow muscle. you just arent used to seeing any of that on a supermodel because its practically extinct these days

No. 1228452

I love how the troons main focus is to keep people from calling him inoccrect pronouns

No. 1228453

Seriously. Aside from the pronouns, to these people, he IS the big bad oppressor. Everyone's just letting it slide because he wears lipstick and high heels, I fucking hate this.

No. 1228456

Guh what a sissy rage. He's seriously so gross, retarded and can't act like an adult. Maybe that's why he rapes children because he fails to keep anyone over the age of 18 around tolerating his tantrums.

No. 1228462

I like how the Ezrafags of the IRL husbando posting thread have been quiet since this began kek

No. 1228467

File: 1655443249686.jpg (45.24 KB, 640x625, d1.jpg)

>look up early life section on Ezra Miller

No. 1228475

thank god. i'm sick of seeing his perverse LEGO-man face everywhere.

No. 1228478

File: 1655443991249.jpeg (132.54 KB, 1124x1402, 5CF37DBE-B863-4EBD-8421-0F32D1…)

i didnt even recognize chloe at first. anons, seems like all kardashians are getting rid of their BBLs en masse. i know these body trends get recycled every 5-10 years but i am NOT fucking excited at all to go back to the anachan body ideal. i'm definifely seeing more people relapse with EDs lately and it sucks

No. 1228482

honestly I don't give a shit, the "thicc" bodytype genuinely made me hurl everytime I saw it and I'm glad its ending

No. 1228485

she looks so much better with a normal but decently sized, nice butt. her body has always been nice actually. she just has one of those faces that makes a person look heavier despite being thin.

No. 1228489

File: 1655444537885.jpg (54.08 KB, 460x602, 1649289327398.jpg)

I don't know what's funnier, that or the fact the pronouns surrounding were changed to they/them.

No. 1228507

fucking kek anons holy hell

No. 1228515

I don't get it, explain.

No. 1228517

don't take the racebait

No. 1228527

It's just bait anona, don't worry about it.

No. 1228546

Would make it more readable if they woud use their actual name instead of "them/their".

No. 1228550

He really needs to take some chill pills. Jesus Christ.
Some judge should fill an order to get him into the looney bin asap. He needs medication and not being on the streets.

No. 1228557

Can you just shut the fuck up? It’s not funny or quirky any more. He’s a deranged pedo faggot with a roblox jawline and you need your brain washed. Just go to de/g/enerates and leave us in peace.

No. 1228558

i think we are going into a gym freak era. i have never seen so many women so obsessed with working out then i have lately.
most of them all do massive amounts of leg stuff to look more "slim thicc" or whatever, but i think it will evolve more into women becoming basically gym bros that only eat protein bars and are lifting 3hrs a day.

No. 1228561

I would love a thread on bunking plastic surgery myths maybe in /g/

No. 1228567

NTA but we’re already in it. It shifted from Cardio Bunny Who’s Afraid Of Food to Weightlifter Obsessed With Tracking Her Calories. It still sucks tbh, most of the weightlifters I’ve seen have just become more vain and insecure—having or working toward their dream body made people differently, and then based on this new positive external feedback they began to see themselves different, and they now view any change in their bodies like aging or getting a little fatter as an existential threat. Which is useless because…..as long as your self image is getting swayed left and right by people’s behavior your never gonna get piece. Wonder what the next fitness shift will be. Recreational sports? Or will we cycle back into ED glam

No. 1228570

good for her. those fake asses look ridiculous

I agree, it's so pornified like those fetishy drawings scrotes draw of characters with huge boobs, big butts and wide hips but with a 18" waist. it's completely unachivable without surgery. it's sad to think the ana look may come back into style, why do the ideal body standards always have to be so extreme?

No. 1228576

This. Tired of clueless normies crying about muh fillers. The girls are out here getting full on surgical facelifts in their 20s.

No. 1228584

he is so beautiful i hope he doesn't get botched

No. 1228596

Dove Cameron looks like a creepy alien baby due to her extreme plastic surgery

No. 1228598

Handsome squidward is that you?

No. 1228629

>and they now view any change in their bodies like aging or getting a little fatter as an existential threat

Oh hi I didn’t expect to be called out so hard in this thread, can confirm I haven’t had peace since I was 12

No. 1228635

Odd seeing people accuse her of filler when in candids (which are rare, even in the voice there’s a very grainy filter over her) she looks very tired and has volume loss in her face. I see people accusing her of having fake dimples now too which is just ridiculous, she has always had that dimple she’s just aging losing collagen + is very thin. I know she has her lips pumped but her face just looks like it’s been pulled up two inches and back one.

No. 1228636

wtf this pic kind of scares me. they change their bodies at will and millions of girls and million will be influenced by it. what are all those girls who got bbl do now??

No. 1228653

They are catering to millenials by putting him in there. Which makes sense, since theres 0% chance the Zoomer crowd won't be offended by some piece of this movie.

No. 1228673

I have hypothyroidism so I couldn't be "heroin chic" even if I wanted to :(
But major lol at the K's getting rid of their BBLs(:()

No. 1228676

It’s wild, isn’t it? I think now that the “commoners” have gotten BBLs (Living in LA I’ve seen quite a few regular, middleaged moms with them now), the Kardashian Klan is moving on to the next thing.
Just like how minimalism in decor, style and color became trendy for rich people, and is now going out of style after catching on with the middle class. Now people are ditching the white, grey, beige (greige!) living rooms and outfits in favor of maximalist patterns and colors.

No. 1228678

>since theres 0% chance the Zoomer crowd won't be offended by some piece of this movie

No. 1228683

>now that the “commoners” have gotten BBLs (Living in LA I’ve seen quite a few regular, middleaged moms with them now)
Definitely, when poor middle aged single moms get into it, you know it's going out of style. Just a bunch of fatties going into debt to go to Turkey for botched BBLs.

No. 1228684

Face the consequences of their stupidity?

No. 1228695

Make it!

No. 1228698

her fucking instagram handle is enough to make me MATI. perfect angel girls usually don't get fucked on camera.

No. 1228701

What does MATI mean?

No. 1228703

mad at the internet

No. 1228704

they can perhaps not be so retarded in the future and not so easily "influenced"

No. 1228722

I pray for this girl. She's an addict and obviously fried her brain, if she keeps going she'll hurt herself much worse.

No. 1228755

calm down kiwi scrote

No. 1228763

it's a movie about Barbie so that should be enough, but unless Barbie comes out in the movie as non-binary or kisses one of her Barbie friends or Ken troons out, some Zoomer will be offended and cry about it on Twitter.

No. 1228766

File: 1655477121744.jpg (44.01 KB, 583x476, Screenshot_20220617-103957_Chr…)

Drake ablum sucks, I hope one day he goes back to his actual form.
Maybe fake asses and Tony waist are going out of style but I wish people would stop acting like women with big asses naturally are suddenly going to not be seen as desirable or whatever because KKW/Karjenners are getting rid of fake body parts. Bodies as a trend is gross. Keep that shot towards brought body parts. Women with natural bodies shouldn't feel their bodies are "out of style" because of terminally online idiots.

No. 1228774

I’d also love a thread.

No. 1228842

Nasty scat bump

No. 1228846

WHile I would find it fascinating (and please post what you know!), I think that this type of info doesn't warrant a split from the main Plastic Surgery thread. I'll look forward to seeing what you share, though!

No. 1228890

File: 1655481500570.jpg (406.37 KB, 1800x749, vogue.jpg)

She looks a lot like her mother in that pic. The album sounds exciting, it would be nice to have something fun after how sad Lemonade was. Only two pics from this shoot looked good imo. The other two had unfortunate styling in a way that wasn't fashionable at all. I'm confused about the horse though kek

No. 1228908

stupidity has a price
thank god i never bought into the social media hype and """influencers"""
they'll just have to get lipo and grafts to get rid of it
so are all the Kardashians going to get skinny ala Kate Moss now?

No. 1228922

I love Beyonce, even if I won't listen, I love the pictures and hope it's something the other fans will enjoy. She does look like her mother, but her mom's a pretty lady so it makes sense. I also notice that Blu Ivy, does look like Jay Z but she looks very similar to Beyonce in her childhood pictures. She's so tall

No. 1228935


I think i'll do just that, thanks for the suggestion. Making a separate thread is a bit complicated as it would've taken me a few weeks to a month to gather up all my resources and put everything together neatly in between doing other things.

No. 1228938

File: 1655483576844.webm (4.42 MB, 576x1024, 4DWD31r0cJp66YbC.webm)

I'm sorry but she is so off-putting. This came up for me on Twitter

No. 1228940

File: 1655483661182.jpeg (275.06 KB, 1646x2000, image.jpeg)

She really is! I saw picrel a few days ago and was shocked because I remember all these celeb kids being like 2 feet tall

No. 1228944

File: 1655483803070.jpg (13.92 KB, 300x283, 022e7ee9bfa333e68b721d9d3575ca…)

She's such a cute and she looks like Bey did as a child, the perfect mix of her mom and dad. Her and North are tall to me, but then again, I'm not around childern their age, so they may actually be of average height.

No. 1228956


While it's likely that she got a facelift in addition to fillers, the joweling and added volume in her jaw area, as well as the lumpiness in the cheeks/midface area when she smiles, are 100% fillers. It's not uncommon for doctors to try and use Radiesse or Sculptra to lift the tissues via a scaffolding technique as kind of a liquid facelift (not saying that's what happened here exactly), although it's completely flawed in theory as it simply doesn't work like that as the filler can migrate or sag over time and it tends to soften as the body's natural collagen making response is stimulated. So they end up adding more trying to get that lift again and eventually turn into horrorshows, although Ari's not quite there yet.

As for why Ari would have it done when she clearly didn't need it, doctors push these procedures all the time, or sometimes you can go into the medspa or clinic and they'll talk you into it or inject you with shit you don't need without warning because they think it's right for you (more likely because they want to make the extra cash). Then they'll try to convince you it looks good or that the body will metabolize it over time so that they don't have to own up to their fuckups. There's not much protection for victims of botched fillers, however, as most people assume the victims did it to themselves or got what they asked for. Some people don't realize it until years down the road when they look at old photos that something looks wrong, which is where facial acclimation comes into play, but I digress.

It's talked about here somewhat as well: https://www.artisteplasticsurgery.com.au/fillers-will-make-look-older/

No. 1228968


Hesitant to make a thread because it's kind of a pain, but I certainly have enough info and resources for there to be a full thread's worth of discussion and then some, although it would mainly be focused on fillers as that's what i'm most familiar with. I'd love to offer insight and solutions so people can make more informed decisions, as well as for other to have some kind of hope as to what can be done in a worst case scenario.

No. 1229025

File: 1655487325165.jpeg (31.11 KB, 660x354, 311502.jpeg)

did i miss this or was this not talked about?
an actor of diary of a wimpy kid and riverdale killed his own mom and planned to kill justin trudeau

No. 1229042

What the -

No. 1229051

BLEAK no fat men. I’m not sorry.

No. 1229054

She's ugly cute

No. 1229056

File: 1655488262996.jpg (122.21 KB, 569x453, schizo.jpg)

I'm disgusted by an article phrasing it that he killed her so she wouldn't have to see him kill Trudeau. What a bs excuse, he gave himself up to the cops, probably wasn't even going to try. Probably had a chip on his shoulder towards mommy because muh stolen childhood

No. 1229059

She’s a kid.

No. 1229069


Samefagging but it appears we're in the midst of peak scrote invasion hours as well so i'm even less keen on trying to make a serious and informative thread, at least for a while.

No. 1229081

circus clown realness, what a stupid brain fried bitch

No. 1229097

as a turk its insane to me that people come here for surgeries. our shit is not properly supervised at all. i see so many britbongs post before and after rhinoplasties done in turkey and they all have pig noses in the after pic. it’s insane lol.

No. 1229099

File: 1655490987932.jpeg (297.71 KB, 640x685, 14D16E31-8FBC-4976-B6A5-20D15A…)

She’s extremely beautiful for someone who gets half of their dna from this mf.

No. 1229100

i also haven’t seen any they/them called ezra past few months did they all collectively change their name or what

No. 1229101

She's not ugly at all.

No. 1229106

she's not at all ugly. she's really cute.

No. 1229108

Is this a joke? Sleeper agent conspiracy shit.

No. 1229111

i don't ever want to hear about how moids do this shit because they're bullied or underprivileged (especially the white dudes). this kid probably had EVERYTHING in the world, much of which, i assume his mom enabled for him, and this is how she's repaid, plus he's a literal terrorist. boymoms should be terrified, really.

No. 1229121

He can't even use getting no pussy as an excuse because he was in movies I'm sure someone would have fucked him

No. 1229123

he was in riverdale too. tons of young women would throw themselves into a fire to get with a guy on the cast of riverdale. just an overprivileged, self-important loser.

No. 1229125

I just hate that I see her father in her which isn’t fair I know

No. 1229152

If he had just tried to kill trudeau he could have been a hero in my book

No. 1229164

She dodged a bullet, thank god she's not as fugly as her piece of shit father.

No. 1229195

She will probably get tons of plastic surgery at 18 anyway so it doesn't matter what she looks like naturally

No. 1229201

unless a mother is literally the definition of a boymom, which you clearly don't know the meaning of, there is no reason to harass them. so what are you trying to get at here? as if people can control the gender of their fucking kid in the womb.

No. 1229215

NTA, but was anon saying to harass any mothers?

No. 1229218

>i assume his mom enabled for him, and this is how she's repaid
what is that? mental illness

No. 1229219

It said
>this kid probably had EVERYTHING in the world, much of which, i assume his mom enabled for him, and this is how she's repaid, plus he's a literal terrorist.
As in, his mother gave him everything and cared for him, and this is how he repays her. That doesn't sound mentally ill, he's a well-off Hollywood kid

No. 1229222

bro wtf i hate how fast time moves. i thought she was still an infant or toddler lmfao

No. 1229227

She kinda is tbh, her features are nice but they're arranged in an ugly way. Don't worry she's rich as hell, she probably doesn't care what some internet dwellers thinks of her.

No. 1229228

She's ugly to you. This child has been called ugly and picked at her whole life and it's not going to stop. I hope she's being told she's pretty/important and loved by her parents. I don't know why people act like these kids who are bullied for their looks are by default going to change their face. It's not like she's growing up in the Jenner/Kardashian household.
Her mother has work done, but Beyonce still looks like Beyonce and her childern. I'd hope despite the bullshit she & all young girls go through being judged for their looks even before they are fucking legal, don't just change their faces.
For some reason I don't see her going down this route.

No. 1229231

nta I really don't like defending moids, but my base instinct with celeb kids parents is their all pretty much scum to some extent, she didn't deserve to be murdered but I don't trust any parents who let their kids be in hollywood

No. 1229248

She's really not, she looks like her mom as a kid. She's also only 10 so her features will keep changing. I know this is lolcow, but she looks normal.

Instead of nitpicking a child's looks, let's just be grateful that they haven't made her troon out like other celeb parents.

No. 1229258

File: 1655499900111.jpg (31.16 KB, 550x545, Childhood-Picture-Of-Beyonce-5…)

Uh, no she doesn't, they don't have the same face shape at all. And she's only ten, you usually have softer features at that age, they'll probably get stronger as she grows older.

No. 1229260

Girl, you have a bad case of selective reading today.
She said that the mother gave him all he wanted but he became an asshole anyway and that mothers of boys are doomed. One moment you have a sweet child and then he becomes a killer in the next moment.

No. 1229261

NTA, but can you calm your dysmorphia for one second? This is a child lmao. Imagine the reaction if someone started talking about Angelina Jolie's daughter, Shiloh, this way

No. 1229265

File: 1655500489859.png (1.79 MB, 1507x832, 0954305_JF.png)

Shiloh is gorgeous thought. It'd be more like talking shit about Rumer Willis. You could already tell she was going to have a fucked up face as a child.

No. 1229269

Why do you want everyone to believe this child will to grow up to have a fucked up face so badly? What did she do to you kek
Idk who that is, but she was cute as a kid too. Stop this shit

No. 1229270

File: 1655500797906.png (494.74 KB, 485x616, l9Pk0pH.png)

They look alike to me

No. 1229274

would she have made a cute butch? the child picture suggests so

No. 1229275

Erza needs to 41 percent already

No. 1229285

maybe the turkish docs are doing it on purpose kek

No. 1229287

File: 1655502319592.jpeg (437.99 KB, 1500x1000, EA53B61E-1424-438E-B351-F75872…)

Was this posted about at all? She said they made the compromise as a couple.
>>Actress Jamie Chung is opening up about her decision to use a surrogate to welcome twin boys with her husband Bryan Greenberg, which she says was motivated, in part, by her career.
>>I was terrified of becoming pregnant. I was terrified of putting my life on hold for two-plus years,” Chung told Today Parents. “I don’t want to lose opportunities. I don’t want to be resentful.”
>>Chung, 39, acknowledged that people might assume she was “vain” and that “there’s a little bit of shame” attached to that decision.

No. 1229296

I dunno how to feel about this. It feels so dystopian thinking that rich people can just pay poor women to carry their babies for them. A whole new level of “selling your body”

No. 1229297

I've seen people trying to defend her online, but her saying that being pregnant would put her career on hold but she can do as much acting as she wants to with infants that she didn't birth shows that she cares absolutely 0% about actually parenting and is fully planning on having those kids raised by nannies

No. 1229301

She’s cares so much and is such a humanitarian she bought a body slave for her pets that will be raised by someone else amazing.

No. 1229303

And then their kids will grow to hate them

No. 1229304

File: 1655503687672.jpg (29.53 KB, 822x315, d51.jpg)

Same energy

No. 1229328

File: 1655505782314.jpg (157 KB, 1100x1600, 3d6a504204de625d02f451bb30c863…)

she definitely does this for looks and not out of some birthing fear
she looks really great for her age but is likely too obsessed with forever staying super skinny and young

No. 1229338

I do kinda sympathize, there just aren’t that many decent roles for older women. A 39 year old actress has a lot less opportunity than a 39 year old actor. Pretty much every movie I see has a significant age gap between the leads, look at the new Barbie movie. It just sucks for women who are 30+, no matter what career you have.

No. 1229345

Ngl I feel her about the "terrified of becoming pregnant" part but mostly because of the dangers of pregnancy and not so much the aestethic aspect.

No. 1229351

It's crazy right? Like she could have just chosen to not have the kids at all, what would change?

No. 1229355

Then why even have kids? Unless she dumps the kid on a nanny the stress and lack of sleep will age you as well.

No. 1229357

She is like 39 so a birthing fear could be true for her. Plus look are 70% of why actresses get booked and since asian actresses barely get roles anyways I don’t blame her for getting a surrogate to keep her body.

No. 1229363

who is this? what career is she talking about kek

No. 1229364

Holy crap

Are celeb moids more crazy than average moids? Is it just this year? Ezra and now this, wtf is wrong with them.

No. 1229365

really sad for the children, they clearly just exist because they wanted to have offspring with their genes. not because they love eachother, not because she wanted to know what pregnancy and having life grow inside of you was like, not because they wanted to actually raise and care for them. if she was so terrified of being pregnant, of ruining her body or might falling sick because of pregnancy, then why the fuck should another completely uninvolved woman have to bear her offspring that's gonna be raised by a nanny anyway? fuck that. pure selfishness

No. 1229381

It's a combination of being spoiled from rich parents, your formative years being taken away from you because your parents forced you into Hollywood, and then other stresses that come along with it, including potential molestation. In Ezra's case I think there was a thing about him being sexually active from a young age and a bunch of other fucked up stuff. Breeds narcissism, entitlement, and fucked up heads.

No. 1229390

I wish I could find it but there was a collage that backed this up about Erza. He lost his virginity at like 10 and his mom was weird about him being a boy.

No. 1229394

Same, I keep thinking of Suri Cruise as a baby but she’s a full-on high schooler now who is old enough to drive

No. 1229410

File: 1655509909379.png (5.56 KB, 227x222, 75BFC5D4-A392-4191-BC4D-C6250A…)


No. 1229411

He was a random tertiary character, he was the kid who played the bush in the school play in the movie.

It’s like when that schizo scrote jumped off a bridge in 2019 and the internet headlines said “THOR ACTOR COMMITS SUICIDE” and it turns out he was credited as Shop Owner and had like 1 line in the movie

No. 1229412

lmao yes

No. 1229416

his imdb page is decently long for someone who isn't a household name, he at least got paid decently well and his family is likely wealthy. the majority of young actors in recent years come from well to do families.

No. 1229425

File: 1655510385115.jpg (696.48 KB, 926x640, Untitled 2.jpg)

She's from The Real World San Diego in 2004, and most recently Dexter New Blood. If it's taken her this long to turn a reality tv show apperence into a legit acting career, then a part of me can't blame her for clinging to it. It seems like the husband wanted kids more so maybe she wanted to avoid a divorce?

No. 1229433

>>She added that one of the reasons she kept their pregnancy so private — even though she publicly shared her experience freezing her eggs in 2019 — is that there's still so much stigma surrounding surrogacy. “I think there’s a little bit of shame,” Chung confessed. “It’s still not a very common thing and we weren’t ready for judgment. We really just did it to protect ourselves. We announced things when we were ready to.”
>>“People probably think, 'Oh, she's so vain. She didn't want to get pregnant,' and it's much more complicated than that,” she explained. “For me, personally, and I will leave it at this, it’s like, I worked my ass off my entire life to get where I am. I don’t want to lose opportunities. I don’t want to be resentful.”
>>In January, the actress also opened up about experiencing postpartum depression while making the “scary transition” into becoming a first-time mom. She told People, “Therapy really helped me prep mentally for this lifestyle change and to not be afraid to talk about certain issues because it's not the first thing you want to say when you have kids. You don't want to start with something negative or challenging, but I do think that these postpartum depression issues are so real.” She continued, “I felt quite guilty feeling certain things that I felt. And just knowing that it's normal and it's just because you're overwhelmed and you're full of anxiety and it's a scary transition for some people.”

No. 1229436

She can shut the fuck up. She’s not having post partum issues or depression. She was never fucking pregnant. The need to victimize herself while the poor women she bought has to live with this and the actual post partum issues. Hope you get ostracized dumbass

No. 1229439

Most surrogates rich people pay for are from Malaysia or Thailand and other SEA areas. You'd figure this bitch being asian herself would at least understand how fucked up that is. and it sounds like she didnt want kids but her husband did
>twin boys

No. 1229445

She sounds like a resentful bitch already. She forced another woman to have her kids so she could stay skinny and pretty longer. I hope the poor woman who had her kids was paid extremely well, but there should be things in this world money cant buy

No. 1229453

File: 1655512548397.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1584x2984, 1652469121660.jpeg)

Had to dig it up from a few threads back but yes here it is

No. 1229462

Why is this a perfect blueprint for being fucked up as an adult? He and Hunter Schafer would make a good combo.

No. 1229504

OT sperg but am I the only one who thinks Rumer's supposed "ugliness" is way inflated? Like yes she unfortunately got her father's jaw but she has pretty eyes and a small nose and I don't see why she's considered this eldritch abomination. I hate this idea that strong jaws on women is bad. She had a really shit childhood because of people comparing her to her mother constantly and saying she wasn't pretty enough. She does look a lot better with the lip fillers I will say but really, I don't see why she's still universally mocked as ugly

No. 1229517

rumer willis could star in a pixyteri biopic

No. 1229529

I think the top half of her face is pretty but the chin is quite quagmire. I think she could have a Sigourney weaver type vibe if she was styled different but personally if I was her with my parents money I would have shaved that chin down

No. 1229535

Agreed. Also as long as she worked out, genetically, asian women tend to snap back pretty quickly after birth. My grandma had 6 kids and she stayed tiny the entire time with not a stretch mark in sight.

I am over these celebrities using women as breeding stock. Especially Elon Musk.

No. 1229537

File: 1655518378709.png (7.1 MB, 1620x2160, 2F513910-7401-45D9-B225-7D9CFA…)

Rumor and her sister’s have interesting looks. I’d like to see them in a movie together.

No. 1229538

I don't think any of these women are bad looking or ugly. They are all cute/pretty to me at least.

No. 1229542

Oh my god. I need a movie poster mockup of this with her right now

No. 1229549

>His first film role, at 14, was the lead in Afterschool as a boarding school outcasr who numbly videos twin sisters dying of a drug overdose and masturbates to Internet porn of girls getting strangled.
What kind of parent lets their 14 yo play that role? No wonder he's fucked up

No. 1229553

I wonder how they would look like in a real lumberjack butch style. You know how there's families with many perfect feminine daughters, just once I want to see one with a band of butch sisters lol.

No. 1229554

Yeah, I always thought this was exaggerated as well. People would talk like she was some kind of monster when she really just had a big jaw. I always felt bad for her having such a well-known, gorgeous mom but inheriting more of her dad’s unattractive features, that just sucks as a girl. Having to hear you look just like your big-faced dad your whole life has gotta do a number on your confidence.

No. 1229562

I thought she was cute in the house bunny

No. 1229567

If she existed without the comparison to her mom everyone would think she was gorgeous.

No. 1229570

How much of a miserable bitch do you have to be to call a ten year old child and ugly and sperg about how she doesn’t look enough like bey for you to find her attractive. Bitch she’s a child.

No. 1229574

Extremely miserable. And weird. She's a kid, why do her looks matter so much? She's got so much more to think about and offer the world, especially with who her parents are..

No. 1229577

File: 1655522462063.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1620x1455, 2937A6CF-FA2B-4FB5-8EBF-3F971B…)

Idk I feel like someone abused him at some point in Hollywood.
>>Ezra Miller has publicly recalled a story of harassment that occurred while he was underage.
>>During an interview, the Fantastic Beasts actor opened up about how an unnamed director and producer attempted to get him on board a “movie about gay revolution”.
>>“They gave me wine and I was underaged,” Miller told The Hollywood Reporter. “They were like, ‘Hey, want to be in our movie about gay revolution?’ And I was like, ‘No, you guys are monsters.’”
>>While the 26-year-old decided not to go into more detail, he reflected on the positive influence of the #MeToo movement.
>>“It’s a great fkin’ age of being like, ‘You know what? That st’s unacceptable,’ and it’s amazing for a lot of us to watch,” he said.
>>“’Cause, like, we all knew it was unacceptable when we f**king survived it. That’s what Hollywood is. I thought we all knew we were sex workers.”

No. 1229589

File: 1655523326893.jpeg (108.35 KB, 306x886, 2632AAFF-B8E9-4D05-98DF-B613C5…)

I get what you mean anon. Scout looks nice here with the shaved head.

No. 1229590

File: 1655523438464.jpeg (569.5 KB, 828x1001, BA051626-E87F-4118-AD66-3554C3…)

Beanie Feldstein is leaving the broadway revival of funny girl after lower than expected reviews and earnings. The rumour is that Lea Michelle, who was favourite to play her when the revival was being cast, is going to be the new lead, and Glee twitter is now divided between people who are happy for her and people bringing up her racist past. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lifestyle/lifestyle-news/beanie-feldstein-jane-lynch-leaving-broadway-funny-girl-1235166437/amp/

No. 1229591

Can we make the connection between gay men and pedos because they are one in the same. I hate that they are posting this. Are they trying to make people like Erza again? He's a predator and i dont feel bad for him with him harassing women and children.

No. 1229598

So he is gay. Why did I believe anons last thread who told me he’s straight.

>because they are one in the same
The exact same thing could be said about straight men, all men. Sexuality isn’t really the factor here.

No. 1229603

This article is from 2018

No. 1229604

girls get sexually abused all the time in hollywood yet still don't go on violent schizo sprees
he's had relationships/sex with women too so he's probably bi or just sticks his dick in whatever

No. 1229606

Same. She was one of my favorite characters. When I learned after the fact who she was and how many people made fun of her looks I was surprised honestly

No. 1229607

All stories I’ve seen of him have involved having men he has sex with in tow so I’m more apt to believe he’s gay and does the pretend-bi thing to keep a female audience. Assaulting women is just a fun little bonus for him since he has no respect for them and doesn’t view them as people.

No. 1229608

yes exactly, but more. less polished eyebrows, more confident masc pose. a jacket. boots. picture it nonas.

No. 1229609

No woman is required to be gnc just because they were genetically given vaguely masculine features why can’t we just let bricks be womanly too kek

No. 1229619

it looks bad aesthetically and they are in a superficial industry. actresses get more flattering makeovers all the time. more 'ugly' women would probably find themselves look a lot better in a masculine style, rather than continuously getting ridiculed for wearing styles that only accentuate their less conventional features.

No. 1229625

File: 1655526481746.jpg (135.15 KB, 640x480, lp_bio.jpg)

Case in point

No. 1229630

But that’s really unfair tbh. You’re essentially saying that because they look masculine they should be stuck performing aesthetic masculinity or androgyny since they’re ugly. Bad take.

No. 1229635

I’ve had someone say that to me before because I’m tall and have broad shoulders. Gatekeeping femininity is pathetic.

No. 1229647

teen actor parents would literally whore out their children if meant even the tiniest bit of fame and attention, I have no love for them at all

No. 1229685

Um did anyone catch this concert Ezra and co. put on in 2018 in San Diego, for only attendees "20 and under" and "anyone over 21 must be accompanied by a minor"


No. 1229692

I don't see it any different than giving a homely actress a nice feminine makeover, you're the one equating masculinity to being ugly.

No. 1229699

Why is he kidnapping and sexually abusing little girls if he's gay then?
He almost certainly has, I have a feeling whatever happened to him is the blueprint for this behavior. The way he talks to these girls is just too calculated, either that or he's been honing his craft for a long time. This whole thing is vile and what's weird is I barely see it being discussed in normie spheres. Everyone's too scared of navigating the nb shit to talk about it I guess.

No. 1229704

Its weird right, there are some anons who look at the worst male actors who have raped and abused multiple women and will argue that their gay

No. 1229705

No, see >>1229635
I don’t find masculinity ugly at all but I think imposing fem/masc style on anyone solely for their genetic predispositions is retarded. It’s wildly uncomfortable for a lot of women who just want to be non-conventional without essentially being forced to perform an aesthetic just because you think it looks better on them.

No. 1229706

Woah wait, where in the hell is the milk on him sexually abusing little girls? I personally have somehow not seen this

No. 1229739


addicted to what? has she ever said what drugs shes done or has anyone sleuthed it out? I feel really bad for her

No. 1229753

File: 1655539444596.png (2.12 MB, 1350x1320, Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 1.03…)

Yeah, I think it was mentioned that she actually doesn't have an addiction problem herself, she just plays a heroin addict on Euphoria.

Side note/old milk: Wow, I knew her lips were botched, but I really wasn't expecting this before&after

No. 1229758

>from a generic pickme to a whatever monster it is
her whole story makes me almost feel bad for her, its obvious she is a terribly insecure woman but she did it to herself tbh by pandering to men and going NLOG mode.

No. 1229761

you're taking this too personally. I'm sure you're beautiful and unconventionally feminine nona. But the fact is, masc/fem styles have been honed to complement specific masc/fem features, respectively. It's why fem clothes always make masc features jump out, and vice versa.

Hollywood is more about looking hot than being unconventional, so I would think looksmaxxing wouldn't be an issue for them. It's crazy they would rather get botched than try out an unfeminine/masculine aesthetic. I'm speaking on celebs, btw, as this is the celeb thread. I don't care what regular people do.

No. 1229797

Not taking it personally at all just think your lot is annoying. Also I’m not >>1229635 I was just using her post as an example of how obnoxious you are. Let women be women. They aren’t required to care about the retarded roolz of Hollywood.

No. 1229806

The real question is why do people keep thinking ezra's gay? All of his exes are women, the people accusing him of being abusive are women and his rumored polycule is filled with women.
I'm convinced Ezra just labels himself as queer to avoid getting called out like all the other straight men who mess with multiple women

No. 1229822

Yes. PPD is because of hormonal problems after giving birth. What the hell. Tell me you regret getting children without telling me..

No. 1229828

Such a poor kid who became an asshole adult.

No. 1229835

Makes no sense. Hetero men are the worst offenders of harrassing women/girls. The common denominator is that they are men.

I think he thinks he is pan but he is actually totally disturbed, with his pasts it's no wonder. Someone should throw him into the looney bin so he hopefully gets help (but I doubt it would stick, with his Cluster A behaviour) and he is finally off the streets.
He is a risk for himself and more importantly for others.

No. 1229852

When they say this was a compromise it propably means she didn't want children and he pushed her into it. Ngl I don't know anything about her so I might be wrong, but it's not unusual that one partner talks the other one into having kids, so she might have thought that this was the best solution to not give up her whole life

No. 1229858

You guys just need to accept that bisexual men exist. It's almost like it's uncomfortable for you or something, but you just need to deal with it. He keeps targeting women and girls for his cult shit, he skinwalked one of his female exes and had her call him "daddy", he's a theyby, etc

No. 1229877

>It feels so dystopian thinking that rich people can just pay poor women to carry their babies for them. A whole new level of “selling your body”

No. 1229883

lol ezrafags going in ultimate pr defense mode that they're now going for the ''ezra is gay'' narrative to excuse his actions when ezra himself said that he is also attracted to women.
Your man isn't a misunderstood uwu gay boy, he is a violent troon creep and he is attracted to women.

No. 1229884

same shit gaylar, like yeah a lot of her relationships and persona in the 2010's were a dumb PR schtick, but she's been in a relationship with one man since 2016

No. 1229887

It's also kind of fucked up to insist someone must be gay because they were molested/groomed by men. Their coping is unreal

No. 1229901

File: 1655555521935.png (116.74 KB, 396x699, Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 8.29…)

Sage for old milk but i saw a tiktok about how Ezra's old band hosted a show where the jist was you had to be a minor or bring a minor with you


No. 1229912

It’s incredibly fucked up. Blog but my good friend’s mom was a career surrogate so to speak, and she killed herself from the depression. She’s far from the only one.

No. 1229946

>>there should be things in this world that money can't buy.
There are; morals and intelligence.

No. 1229989

Saying he’s gay doesn’t excuse his actions in any way he’s still pathetic. However an anon claimed he is sexually abusing little girls and I’ve yet to see that proven itt so I’m hesitant to co-sign every little thing said here.

No. 1230018

Tokata Ironeyes was 12 when he met her, maybe people mean that?

No. 1230020

File: 1655565338549.jpg (95.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Kendall is looking mighty botched

No. 1230023

File: 1655565459792.gif (3.56 MB, 526x640, grinch-face-jim-carey.gif)

Oh no Kendall

No. 1230024

No. 1230028

Wow this look really does suit her. I wish I looked good with a buzzed head, I hate dealing with hair.

No. 1230058


She ruined her face and now she's going to go full cat lady trying to fix it. Just like Ariana grande. Too bad these girls can never tell when they've had enough plastic surgery because they're so damn insecure

No. 1230060

the two on the right have features that even out their manjaws a bit which makes them look cute enough but let's face it, rumer is just straightdown ugly. I know the pain since I too am "blessed" with a huge manjaw and other features that don't compliment the face.

No. 1230061


People should wear what makes them feel happy/comfortable at the end of the day. If a woman who has masc features likes feminine clothing, it's a dumb take to try and make her dress more masc because it "suits her better"

No. 1230064

File: 1655568226927.jpg (192.04 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You might have snapped too if your mom sold your prepubescent ass to Hollywood creeps. Just wait and see, that boy has got a lot of disgusting secrets he's had to keep.

No. 1230067

>I'm sure someone would have fucked him
Oh he got fucked alright. By grown men

No. 1230068

>why did he want to unalive justin trudeau
i'm so sick of this 'unalive' phrasing. i understand it's necessary because of platform censorship, but it's so absurd to be talking about a murder while having to tiptoe around the word 'murder' and 'kill'. it's weird that the rise of that kind of censorship and the mainstreaming of true crime happened almost simultaneously

No. 1230069

I think she's good if she doesn't take it further than this.

No. 1230070

Oh my god I haven’t heard of this. That’s crazy. Going to read about it now.

No. 1230073

File: 1655568768759.jpeg (Spoiler Image,56.42 KB, 600x600, 644EC69D-1FAA-46B0-8424-23B735…)

God he is sooo ugly. I always get reminded of this pic. Unspoiler at your own risk

No. 1230074

God why.. she was always the prettiest, well even like this she still is.

No. 1230076

sounds like some sort of early onset schizophrenia

No. 1230077

Are y'all okay? You know that a woman doesn't have to become a surrogate if she doesn't want, right? No one is fucking forcing her. And everyone experiences pregnancy differently so maybe stop making generalizations about Asian women post-pregnancy.

And before y'all whine about Twitter, you guys know people from the south exist, right?(integrate, twitterfag)

No. 1230079

And what did Trudeau did to him?

No. 1230080

>Too bad these girls can never tell when they've had enough plastic surgery because they're so damn insecure
End the "supermodels are insecure, omg she has BDD!!" meme. They're not insecure. They know they're hot. They know they're hotter than you, they know they're hotter than 95% of women. They want to be the very hottest out of narcissism, that's all.

No. 1230083

It is disgusting, unnatural, and wrong but keep coping, bait-chan

No. 1230084

Omg yessss every bad thing men do is always the fault of other people and especially women, even if there is no proof he was abused we will still say he is abused because it always other peoples fault if a man goes on a murder spree.
We will also protect men who are pedos too by saying they are gay so it doesn't matter what they do to young girls.

Now fuck off and go back to your tinfoil threads you retarded pickme.

No. 1230087

I'm not gonna judge a woman for being a surrogate, people need to eat and pay rent.
I do judge the people hiring them tho. The narcissism of wanting your own genetic baby without having to go through pregnancy is so gross to me. Why can't they just adopt a baby? So many children need good loving homes. The child would love them just as much as a biological child. It's unethical and selfish.

No. 1230091

What's pickme is being so naive you think men don't rape most child actors. Letting your child become a child star is like sending a little baby bird to go play with wild hyenas.

No. 1230093

It should be illegal for children to be famous.

No. 1230095

Brooke Shields was also raised by a horrible, alcoholic mother who exploited her but somehow she didn't end up grabbing a shotgun and killing her

No. 1230098

File: 1655570129984.png (194.58 KB, 1440x1442, 1655406680965.png)

who are you talking about? Southerners from America should integrate to imageboard culture like everyone else here. You're not an exemption and some people like to find anons on here based on writing style and where they frequent. I mean even fellow farmers do it.

No. 1230100

Again take your piece of shit tinfoiling to the tinfoil thread, im sure you will be appreciated there with the anons defending some pedo school shooter.

Male actors themselves also say that their female costar child actresses are the ones who deal with the majority of sexual harassment.

Exactly the way she was exploited was disgusting and she was a actual victim unlike this c-list actor male who was influenced by qanon and alt-right spaces and killed someone.

No. 1230110

Hey nta but im a southern anon here. Sometimes i type “yall” without even realizing how it reads. But i mean, heck it is what it is. Glad im off social media so im harder to find. It feels weirder to say “you all”.

No. 1230111

yeah in the tinfoil, not in the current but in the previous threads. They were claiming that he must have been abused by his mom(no actual proof he was abused) and that's why he went and shot all those children.

No. 1230123

what happened to her face? holy shit.

No. 1230133

The worst part is, is that all her face work has spurred other women to do it too, and now they get a preview to their future. Thats why you shouldnt do cosmetic surgeries if not necessary.

No. 1230136

Did she used to be chubby? why does it look like she has bulimia cheeks in the first picture.

No. 1230139

agreed, assuming they can be approved to adopt children there's no good reason for this. and still, if they can't be approved as adoptive parents, that's a bit of a red flag signifying that they shouldn't be parents. whatever, maybe they have super special genes.

No. 1230143

She looks very youthful and good. She's 39, for hollywood she is already ancient she should just have her kids and enjoy life.

No. 1230147

>he was more than ready to expose whoever abused him. Instead, he lets the abuser(s) (likely powerful Hollywood figures) go.

anon please fucking stop, did you and tinfoil-chan even read the articles.
This man was mentally-ill, shot his mother in the head while she was playing the piano and filmed her dead body and even had thoughts to go to college and SHOOT UP STUDENTS.
He even gave a shitty apology in court too, this has nothing to do with abuse for fucks sake he was just one of the many unhinged wannabe shooters except he was slightly known, can tinfoiler fuckers stop.

No. 1230158

>I'm saying that IF he was abused.
>he was more than ready to expose whoever abused him. Instead, he lets the abuser(s) (likely powerful Hollywood figures) go completely unscathed and refuses to name them. There is no excuse.

Also no one said that it doesn't happen to boys too wtf, the problem here is making up FAKE scenarios of abuse to defend men who are murderers and scumbags, is it too hard for your brain to comprehend.

No. 1230164

whoville physiognomy

No. 1230165

She isn't ugly and I bet you aren't ugly either nonna

No. 1230167

no one cares about how you and the other braindead think some unhinged moid(s) must have been abused, also there are other anons replying to you brainlet.
Now stop derailing and go back to your tinfoil/conspiracy thread.

No. 1230169

>I don't want to lose opportunities. It's better to take advantage of a poor woman and risk her life instead
She and her husband should hang themselves
Poor people don't have the luxury of being able to choose
>white middle class, upper middle, and rich men and boys
This is the left's version of " not all men ". Poor men of color are as deranged and a menace to society and women as any other type of man.

No. 1230170

File: 1655573993420.png (55.29 KB, 565x498, Capture.PNG)

some more details from CBC (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/barbara-waite-ryan-grantham-squamish-bc-homicide-guilty-sentencing-1.6486914)

>The court heard how Grantham had escalating feelings of self loathing, hopelessness and a desire to commit violence in the months leading up to the murder

>He was struggling with school, smoking a lot of cannabis, feeling angry and anxious over perceived failures, and contemplating suicide

>He also recorded himself on a GoPro camera. One video that was shown in court appears to show the walk-through. In another, taken on the day of the murder, he shows his mother's body and describes what happens

>In his statement to police, Grantham said in the hours after the murder he freaked out, wrote in his journal, took the video, went out to get money, marijuana and beer, came home, experimented with making Molotov cocktails and watched Netflix for two and half hours

>He then covered his mother's body with a sheet and went to bed

No. 1230173

That’s a crazy accusation though. Not once have I seen any proof of a sexual relationship. I’m not an ezrafag I cannot stand that motherfucker but just saying someone sexually abuses little girls out of left field when there is no proof of that is batshit.

No. 1230174

>contemplating suicide
Yet this type of man always choose to hurt other people instead of putting themselves out of their misery

No. 1230175

not that anon but stop bumping this thread with your worthless infighting.

No. 1230177

I know right?? Every single time

No. 1230178

I’m laughing at how much you truly hate this man

No. 1230180

This is what I’m wondering unfortunately. Like is it schizophrenia or was he sexually abused, which also has quite a heavy hand in the chances of developing schizophrenia as a child. Either way something is obviously wrong here.

No. 1230183

It"s getting a lot of shit done before her face and bone structure finished growing and her features settled

No. 1230184

Samefag, forgot to add:
>Referencing two psychiatric reports, Crown prosecutor Michaela Donnelly said there was consensus Grantham was going through an intense period of clinical depression in the months leading up to the murder while maintaining an outward appearance of being well functioning

No. 1230186

the claims werent that he abused her, the claims were that he groomed her until she was 18.

No. 1230190

>Male actors themselves also say that their female costar child actresses are the ones who deal with the majority of sexual harassment.
I would love to see what male child actors you are referring to. Anon is right, it isn’t a tinfoil. Nickelodeon was just the tip of an iceberg I’m sure. Pedophiles flock to jobs where they can interact with children, and the industry is the easiest way to exploit them. Don’t be stupid. Don’t try to sell that pedophilia is limited to straight men. Look at Brian Singer ffs. It’s hardly a tinfoil when it’s a real, tangible issue. No one is dismissing the fact that he committed murder, they just want to know what happened to him. Nobody is claiming the mother deserved to die.

No. 1230192

An anon upthread literally said he sexually abuses little girls and when prompted about what the hell she was talking about she stopped replying. Words have meaning.

No. 1230194

im guessing that must have been about his new recent accusation and not the tokata situation.

No. 1230197

>Don’t try to sell that pedophilia is limited to straight men
NTA but what about the anons who do try to sell that pedophilia is limited to and inherent to gay men?

No. 1230201

Same thing, it’s a stupid cope. Pedophilia is not limited to one sexuality. Men of all creeds and sexualities are pedophiles, very simple concept.

No. 1230205

exactly this, certain anons here are making it sound like he was a big name actor who was in alot of roles when his acting resume was extremely small, i guess they have to do that to fit their ''abused boy by elite uwu'' image.

No. 1230206

That wasn’t my post regardless, and you’re being extremely melodramatic as I see no one saying the mother deserved to be murdered. He’s obviously extremely disturbed and deserves to be put away and never let out, it was premeditated and he fantasized about shooting up a school. Dude was definitely diddled tho.

No. 1230211

I hate how every news site covering this story is like 'ACTOR PLANNED TO ASSASSINATE THE PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA!!!' and then mentions passingly that he actually got life for murdering his mother

No. 1230216

File: 1655575833731.jpg (315.59 KB, 933x829, 0.jpg)

what the fuck

No. 1230219

>n-no its not about famous child actors anymore.
Shifting goalposts i see.

Also try to project onto other less, thanks.

No. 1230223

I am fascinated, that in the US any random person can file guardian ship to anyone they target.
I have not the problem that they are filing it but that they are the guardian then.
Take someone like Bam or Ezra, they are in dire need of someone controlling them but not some rando, especially if that rando knows how rich you are and personal stuff they can pull up against you.
There should be other step beforehand before even suggesting guardianship.

No. 1230227

She looks like that Queen's Gambit girl bla bla Joy something.
She looks ponytail lifted (Kendall).

No. 1230229

Nonnie, beauty is a subjective thing. You are projecting and being too harsh.

No. 1230230

File: 1655576573598.jpeg (43.73 KB, 530x490, 57F99705-7C50-400E-A665-644E69…)

She looks kinda like E.T on the right

No. 1230233

Yeah some nonas here are so obssessed with traditional beauty standards and it's kind of sad

No. 1230237

>We will also protect men who are pedos too by saying they are gay so it doesn't matter what they do to young girls.
Are you thick? Even I found the assumption that all pedophiles are gay stupid, that gays-bad-anon did not excuse "gays" for molesting girls or anyone else.

No. 1230239

Jesus fuck, spoiler that. ET is my trigger

No. 1230242

File: 1655577083848.jpg (561.96 KB, 3464x3464, FVjdKYuWIAEyupg.jpg)

I feel bad for her a bit, it seems that one photo of her in the tank-top and what happened after really crushed her & she still isn't over it.

No. 1230252

File: 1655577392310.jpg (403.99 KB, 2000x2000, FVjghwIXEAAflAL.jpg)

Samefagging. This is from a recent interview with Billie. It's sad how people finding her sexy or not seems to have such a strong hold on her

No. 1230257

The thing is, pedos can be hetero or homo or bi or just a simple pos that likes to hurt children to feel more dominant. That is what you often find in interfamily pedophilia. It's a form of aggression. Actual pedos are delusionals that think they have a both sided relationship with the child.
Not that it matters, the result is the same.

We don't know if that little asshole was molested or not or if his mom was a bitch. I think he never learned to cope in a at least a semi-healthy manner and snapped. Maybe he frequented some incel boards that riled him more up instead of searching help. idk.

No. 1230260

jesus fucking christ what happened?!
where is plastic surgery nonna, I need her analysis on this!

No. 1230261

Yeah, I saw that too when I googled it. Tell me women are not less important than men for the media.

No. 1230264

I think it’s one of those extreme black and white zoomies with no critical thinking skills that thinks if you look at something from an analytical point without being extremely vitriolic and condemning in your posts then that must mean you support them. It looks ignorant.

No. 1230268

You’re literally just repeating what I was saying with more words. Also nobody cares if his mom was a “bitch” because we don’t think his mother deserved to be brutally slain let alone by her own child.

No. 1230269

I didn't state it as a fact. I said if his mom was a b*. I was referring to the tinfoils of anons saying he was defo molested or his mom is the reason he is a little fuck up.
Don't turn my words so you can be offended. It's not what I said.

No. 1230272

It’s nitpicky and pointless, can we get back to talking about Ezra being last seen at a pizza parlor in NYC?

No. 1230273


No. 1230274

Nope, someone said that his mom pressured him into acting/Hollywood. Maybe that comment was deleted?
Here it is:
You might have snapped too if your mom sold your prepubescent ass to Hollywood creeps.

No. 1230279

File: 1655579189825.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.43 KB, 648x826, 60pxD31.jpg)

Megan in Ibiza with her boyfriend and friends. It looks like she called the paps kek. I think she lost some weight?

No. 1230281

File: 1655579219643.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.43 KB, 676x829, xiG2yT9.jpg)


No. 1230284

then why didn't britney get violent and also plan to assasinate the president then? or amanda bynes, or themi, or fiona apple, or aaliyah?

No. 1230288

Remember, insecure anons: if this ugly mf can marry Beyoncé, cheat on her, get caught and she stayed with him regardless, you can absolutely find a decent and good looking man in your age range if you want. Solange didn't hit him hard enough.

No. 1230293

Have you ever heard of logical implications?
If A then B.
Anon said: A) his Mom sold him so B) he got molested by creeps.
If it wasn't for A then B wouldn't have happened.
Tinfoil anons comment mentioned the mom, as first step into being molested. Which could also be the logic of that guy, if it wasn't for his mom he would've never been in Hollywood, would've never met his (hypothetical) molester.

The reality was probably more that his mom didn't give in his recent tantrums and maybe told him to search professional help, etc. As I said, idk.

Anyway, I personally DO NOT blame the mom herself for being killed, I was referring to the mentioned comment. What he did
was his decision, no one forced him. So he has to take the consequences, as it should be.

I was taking your side, and you took it as a comment you need to be offended about and start an unneeded infight.

She is so naturally pretty without make up.


Yeah, the 2nd pic has not the sexy effect they hoped it had. Its rather revolting.

Can you calm down? I am not your enemy here. I have the same opinion of you. Wth has Britney now to do with that lil scrote?

No. 1230300

File: 1655580714855.webm (15.6 MB, 1280x720, VID_20220618_204835_978.webm)

Please enjoy Morbiusman meeting a Vtuber

No. 1230301

kek wtf why?

No. 1230303

jesus christ I can't with the overwhelming cringe

No. 1230305

can this be added for the next thread even if its webm?

No. 1230307

This dystopia is getting weird.

No. 1230309

Wow she’s so hot

No. 1230313

Anon its a month or more old interview. They also did an interview on Robert and Zoe from the batman.

No. 1230315

its not that old.

No. 1230341

File: 1655584865051.jpg (78.29 KB, 565x832, QlO8q5b.jpg)

Camilla's new boyfriend Austin Kevitch Ceo of the dating app Lox Club

No. 1230343

she has a type.

No. 1230356

can you post the rob one

No. 1230374


No. 1230378

File: 1655588805705.png (93.64 KB, 1382x168, loxclub.png)

there's something very ironic about being the ceo for a jewish-only dating app and then dating a goy

No. 1230379

what's a 'goy'?

No. 1230388

nta but here you go

No. 1230395

File: 1655589655046.png (388.39 KB, 1490x844, Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 5.00…)

No. 1230535

File: 1655596067616.png (361.25 KB, 1080x962, cowboy.png)

I missed the detail about Ezra in the cowboy outfit. What the fuck is wrong with this guy KEK

No. 1230558

File: 1655596936120.jpg (36.34 KB, 630x1200, LP.jpg)

Wasn't expecting to see my girl LP show up here. I think LP is more styling than anything; her facial features can look somewhat feminine (and beautiful imo) at certain angles.

No. 1230648

I thought that was Christopher Drew

>you might have snapped too
Yeah, because it isn’t a completely MALE reaction to slaughter your mother

No. 1230655

Was about to say it. He fine tho.

No. 1230761

the way the only thing i know her is her voicing a side character from Disney's Big Hero 6 kek.

No. 1230827

She looks like the wicked witch of the west

No. 1230899

I'm so tired of this self-inflated illiterate bitch. These photos are rudiculous. She has NO depth. Weird & creepy. The next mindless old-scary-madonna for sure

No. 1230905

Wow there is nothing behind her eyes. Depraved hollywood celebs shouldn't be allowed to mate.

No. 1230908

tell me your from stan twitter without saying it

No. 1230914

beyonce's overrated but pop stars in general aren't really known for having depth kek, that's why they're pop stars.

No. 1230916

This just screams giant red fucking flag. No sane parent would let their kid go alone to this.

No. 1230923

Then why do she and Jay-Z keep trying to market her as a feminist ruler and do all these stupid >>1228890 fucking ritualistic, god-like performances, costumes, and photoshoots? It's pathetic. She's been doing this shit for years. She's a pop star, not a literal goddess or whatever her latest over-important MTV performance or shitty documentary would project. She can't even protect her children.

No. 1230930

what are you even talking about you freak?

No. 1230941

Not from stan twitter and abhor stan twitter but this is just another homosexual in Camilla’s arsenal I believe

No. 1230958

Imagine hating a 10 year old this hard. Get a life

No. 1230964

Nta but I think she’s implying blue looks sad and traumatised, not that she hates her.

No. 1230967

Sorry, who is this?

No. 1230971

Upthread there is weird, triggered bey and jay-z hate. the LSA freaks are here.

No. 1230975

>triggered bey and jay-z hate
I’m not a LSA fag but I hate them both too. Beyoncé is a fraud, calling herself a feminist but using sweatshops to make her ugly Ivy park clothes or #feminist t shirts. Jay Z just has a face like a prolapsed horses anus and it makes me uncomfortable to look at. Sorry if you think that’s abnormal because they’re a #POWERCOUPLE or whatever. Also the “Beyhive” are a bunch of retards on tier with kpopfags with their parasocialism and they need to get a life.
I’m not saging because fuck y’all.

No. 1230982

Jay-Z's a cheating piece of shit, he deserves all the hate he gets.
>Beyoncé is a fraud, calling herself a feminist but using sweatshops to make her ugly Ivy park clothes or #feminist t shirts
This plus staying with a cheater all these years seems kind of pickmeish which goes against her image. It's not like she didn't knew either.

No. 1230988

Laura Pergolizzi, she's a singer/songwriter

No. 1230994

I think the media used her to make girls insecure, like they’ve used all women to pick apart and psychologically terrorize. She’s literally not remotely ugly at all and it’s vile how grown people talked about her.

No. 1231042

Everyone hates that abusive cheating ugly ass piece of shit. Evenespecially Beyonces own sister

No. 1231052

File: 1655628394564.jpg (183.71 KB, 900x1071, bucknell-fall-2020-the-lox-clu…)

Was gonna say he looks handsome going by that grainy pic but then I googled his face and no. Camilla date someone handsome!

No. 1231054

Lemonade was a pickme anthem album and no on tell change my mind about that lol really does go against her image

No. 1231057

No. 1231061

Jewish scrotes do that all the time. He'll never marry her though 'cause his parents won't like it and she won't produce fully Jewish kids, only patrilineal Jewish kids. Our scrotes are extremely predictable when it comes to dating. He must be in his rebellious phase. Camilla should run tbh unless she's gonna turn the tables and pump and dump him.

No. 1231064

>Our scrotes
fuck off jew

No. 1231067

I'm gonna tell Klaus Schwab you were mean to me and he's gonna replace you first when the NWO comes.

No. 1231078

ok schizo. hating jews is just imageboard culture.(racebaiting)

No. 1231080

Eh they looksmatch imo. Usually I do think women date scrotes who are uglier than them but not in this case, I'm not saying I agree but I'm pretty sure Camillas body shape currently is considered fat by most rich or famous dudes who have loads of options due to the imbalanced ratio of hot men to hot women? I was honestly surprised by her and Sean, I don't buy that he's gay but he was definitely out of her league if we're comparing her to her contemporaries who have gone the blow up doll surgical route like dove cameron, or are anachan like Olivia Rodrigo. Again Im not saying that's a good thing but that's Hollywood standards

No. 1231081

hating jews is schizo behavior

No. 1231083

File: 1655633809187.jpg (174.89 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_5191.JPG)

Is this you?

No. 1231084

grow up retard.

No. 1231086

Ntayrt but not all of us are obsessed with "image board culture" to the extent we know whatever the fuck kind of point you're trying to make with that picture of some ugly scrotoid and talking about how funny it is to make jokes about jews. Don't cut yourself on all that edge, nonnie

No. 1231087

Okay enjoy your flouride and cornsyrup drinks and never forget the 800 gazillion when you pick up your black kids from dragqueen class(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1231090

There’s something going on with that muh image board culture line because there’s been an uptick in it being used when it wasn’t really before.

No. 1231091

Someone has to remind newfags like you where they are.

No. 1231102

Nta, hating jews isn’t any more “imageboard culture” than hating women is. How ironic to call anon a newfag while embodying some preteen 4chan edgelord stereotype. Why even post here?

No. 1231105

oh my god shut up and go practice kabbalah, sounds like you'd benefit from it

No. 1231109

Go back to your containment site

No. 1231111

are you gonna cry?(derailing)