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No. 1228657

Ask away, dumb dumbs.
Previous thread: >>1213366

No. 1228663

Can I go swimming if I have light spotting?

No. 1228664

whats 2 + 2

No. 1228667

Well it's OBVIOUSLY 5 you fucking moron!!

No. 1228690

Why do so many trannies do a deep side part? You have a horrible male hairline, have some bangs/fringe jeez. Do their eyes work? Are their brains unable to process how they really look?

No. 1228691

Of course why not? I went swimming during my heaviest days and I noticed my flow pauses when I'm in the water, and I know it happens to other women too but not to everyone.

No. 1228696

No. 1228710

Is there a thread for Spanish speaking or nonnies that are trying to practice and integrate?

No. 1228712

They’re stuck in the early 2000s or to combover male pattern baldness. I think a lot of TIMs are coping with aging,

No. 1228743

File: 1655474703681.jpg (417.08 KB, 794x821, 1653920888380.jpg)

Oh my god I'm the one who asked about her cat eating a birb a couple days ago, today she catched a mouse!!! The mouse was screminggg though so I saved it, I wonder if it will die from being bitten now? I'm so close to putting a sad smiley here

Will a mouse die from being carried by a cat (I assumed she bit it?)

No. 1228749

Isn't keeping your cat indoors an option if her bringing in animals is upsetting to you?

No. 1228764

File: 1655477036374.jpg (76.53 KB, 735x703, 1652640162167.jpg)

Kek she is an indoor cat, we just have a netted balcony for them! She's a true hunter it seems, to get prey despite the restrictions. Of course being upset at her killing animals would be hypocritical since I feed her meat, I just don't want her to get sick with anything or torture the animals

Picrel her losing her mouse

No. 1228835

You could try the latam threads? Surely they won't mind?

No. 1228854

do you decorate your walls? i just have posters i made and little cards from dvds on mine

No. 1228858

thank you nonna. I just don't want to gringo up the place.

No. 1228861

Framed posters, shelves full of little knick knacks, skate decks, mirrors, clocks, fairy lights….

No. 1228862

Are cacao nibs a good replacement for cacao powder in a smoothie?

No. 1228951

They will not blend. Have you tried caroub powder? It is extremely delicious.

No. 1228960


No. 1228962

are men

No. 1228964

File: 1655485152184.jpeg (222.1 KB, 1400x1400, 8FFEF3F0-2BBF-48AF-ADB1-CD35A3…)

Challenge accepted

No. 1228998

The last time I went to a swimming hall, swimming centre or whatever was when I was in elementary school, would it be ok to wear a two piece suit? I mean, I know it is a proper swimming gear but is it uncommon, I’m talking biker short lenght bottoms and basically sports top sized top, not revealing.

No. 1229013

Yeah, I think the only thing someone would have a problem with is someone showing up in a thong bikini/speedo.

No. 1229070

Now that I found out some other details, turns out the account was deleted from inactivity a couple of years ago and I guess brought back again (which I'm assuming explains the date creation being different, old tweets being gone and checkmark removed, again don't know how twitter works), which then brings the mystery of who reactivated it. I guess his management is possible but the current tweets and back-and-forth convos with a fan account look a little unprofessional kek and OOC, like some teenager took over.

No. 1229075

How much can you find out about someone with just OSINT?

No. 1229090

Yeah I was thinking the same, this is covering more than a suit would tbh. I need to find a nice sporty one piece though, but thank you!

No. 1229110

maybe you should cross another net or chickenwire over it because she's clearly getting to them too easily. cats and dogs easily give birds illnesses from scratches or bites (makes me so mad when people keep them together) but mice, i don't necessarily think so. i'd be more worried about the wound itself. i wouldn't let her keep going out on the balcony without extra protection. she can get sick, as you've said, and it's unfair to the animals.

No. 1229167

File: 1655494602087.jpg (30.84 KB, 458x687, 52b8dd8a-eff2-4ed2-9b8d-7c0039…)

Would you date him if he was real? Be Gentle because he's my "Husbando" as you nonnies like to call them.
I think he's caring, not perfect but at his core he's a really caring/loving guy. Like a white Bernie Mac.
So would you nonnies?

No. 1229169

i don't think i could because we definitely have a few differences when it comes to personal beliefs. i would however go to him for my propane needs.

No. 1229173

I'd want Hank but with my luck, I'd end up with Bill

No. 1229178

He works hard, he's "open" to different kinds of lifestyles and I don't think he's as stubborn as people think. He protective and he's all about his family. He lets Peggy do whatever the fuck she wants, so he's not as controlling as one would think. Sure he's obessed with Propane, but honestly?
He could be obessed with something useless or harmful. He has no ass, but he doesn't really need one. He cares for his friends/family. I think he offers a lot to a nonnie wanting a slow stable life.

No. 1229187

He is a good husbando. The only issue is his tiny butt and his narrow urethra. He isn't perfect like you said, but he tries and that's what really matters. You can tell he really loves Peggy even with all of her idiosyncrasies. He also warms up to Luanne and genuinely cares for her, too.
His obsession with propane is kind of noble and commendable, though. It's been shown in a few episodes that he also cares that people are given an honest salesman (himself) and sold a good product. He would never lie in order to make a sale.

No. 1229188

File: 1655495554844.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1339x1668, 1C935E9C-1CB8-49CD-942C-4D9F47…)

Do you guys know what this pendant is made of? I got it for two bucks at a goodwill

No. 1229190

I think I'd go on a date with him though I'd suspect long term incompatibility. Not because he's a bad person but because I think our personalities wouldn't mesh romantically. He'd be a good friend though, Hank Hill is a friendly and respectable person. Nice choice of husband though, he's definitely the best boy of the show.

No. 1229191

Yep! He's great. Shit, I even think Dale is a decent enough husband. The only two I would'nt touch is Bill (He'd be a troon and be skinwalking lenore) and Boomhaur, is just an manwhore with a mouth full of rocks.
Honestly Hank is the only one that you could settle down with.

No. 1229194

Anyone know how easy it is to get your driver's license? I live in a major city in California for reference. Do they just pass people like it's nothing?

No. 1229198

Mother of pearl maybe?

No. 1229204

Just learn to drive and then you'll pass.

No. 1229211

people who can't drive get licenses all the time i don't see why not

No. 1229213

Not cali but all I had to do was show I could park, do a 3 point turn(in a huge vehicle, choose a small one), and drive in a square around the building because their normal course was down. She said there's no way I would have failed unless I crashed.

No. 1229216

File: 1655497224257.jpeg (132.23 KB, 700x767, 8908F445-6AEA-49BF-BF68-6F702E…)

My drivers test involved driving around dense, cone-filled construction zones in the pitch dark.

No. 1229230

why do i get more pimples as an adult and before my period starts than i did as a teen? my diet is also somewhat better now than then so what gives

No. 1229233

Why do some countries seem to have very low effort/quality driving schools and tests? Where I'm from they're not the world's toughest but I always get shocked seeing how little some people need to know or do in order to get their licence.

No. 1229234

I don't really have money for a driving instructor, is it sufficient enough to practice on my own with someone in the car with me?

No. 1229238

Where the fuck did the phrase whatnot come from and why do so many people use it

No. 1229243

I have no appetite today and I haven't eaten anything besides a croissant and an apple but it's almost midnight and I'm going to sleep. Should I cook a meal anyway?

No. 1229256

Does anyone still actually buy and read Vogue magazine? It seems like it just exists to make celebrity covers now.

No. 1229262

I often have little appetite and I won’t get hungry if I don’t eat, I’ll just get more and more tired and grumpy. I say get out of that hole whenever you see yourself slipping into it.

No. 1229263

Microwave food is bad for you, ya. but how much worse is it than fast food

No. 1229264

how do people with no friends or family find roommates?

No. 1229272

Depends on the fast food but tastes much worse and is also slightly less respectable.

No. 1229281

Craigslist, Facebook groups, roommate finder apps

No. 1229350

Why does alcohol taste so nasty but everyone acts like its fine? Are their taste buds broken?

No. 1229359

I don't know, but I would guess it's because of the effects it has being more desired than the taste or developing an acquired taste to it, like with wine. I've wondered the same about pot.

No. 1229369

No it is nasty af, but you get used to it. Like black coffee.
t. alcoholic

No. 1229375

It’s disgusting, you chug it and don’t drink it for the taste and after you’re drunk enough it tastes like nothing

No. 1229379

File: 1655508053306.jpeg (234.71 KB, 1280x1024, 9FA3684A-90D8-4158-8802-59AC62…)

Do you think it’s worth getting a photo op with a celebrity if I have to do it thru plexi glass? My favorite actor & childhood crush will be in my home city tomorrow and I’m vacillating between wether or not to buy a photo op. It’s the first time I’m meeting this person and I lowkey wanted some physical contact lol. I also want to add that hate to the way I look in pics and I’m scared that I’m going to utilize an opportunity I may never have again only to fixate on how I look next to someone… Nona’s should I do it or nah? Give me a virtual shmack across the face if you think I sound stupid for even asking this question.

No. 1229380

Most readers only buy the September issue for its advertisements and it’s been pathetically small the last couple years.

No. 1229398

How much is the photo op?

No. 1229401

No. 1229404

kek I've wondered this myself. Can't taste anything a mixed drink is mixed with, only overwhelming nail polish remover flavor. I did have a coworker tell me that she just didn't actually taste the nasty taste of alcohol though… so she became borderline alcoholic and only stopped because her doctor said her liver was gonna give out if she didn't.

No. 1229405

OT but werent they discussing Jensen Ackles being Nightwing/Dick Grayson 10 years ago? He looks good here, but I wish he could have been Nightwing a decade ago.

No. 1229406

Do it. better to regret something you have done, than haven't done.

No. 1229423

Will this person come to your city again in the future so you can get another photo without plexiglass? If not, then get the photo. But if you have another chance, I'd wait.

No. 1229424

the only people who pretend it tastes good are whiskey drinkers and beer drinkers. i drink to get tipsy or drunk, it's disgusting and most people agree with that sentiment.
mixing picklejuice with vodka works for me. can't taste much but the picklejuice and it's good.

No. 1229426

who is it? my answer is highly dependent on who it is. also yes i think it's stupid, i wouldn't pay $100 to meet anyone, but i can give a sentimental pass if it's a decent person.

No. 1229475

File: 1655513683348.jpeg (375.73 KB, 616x721, 9E1F7DED-333E-41F7-81CD-2A5FD4…)

Has anyone noticed the influx of black girls on twitter or other social media who unironically identify as nazis or make nazi memes? This world is getting stranger and stranger kek

No. 1229487

…wtf? post examples

No. 1229488

yes, a lot of minorities in general. it's scary and so sad.

No. 1229492

does anyone have a good recipe for carrots and peas? something to do with frozen carrots and peas. i have a bunch and i don't want to waste them

No. 1229494

Yup. Very weird.

No. 1229503

is it for real or a psyop though? like what in the world would make them think being a nazi is alright??

No. 1229513

Rate Hayden Christensen in Star Wars 3 out of ten

No. 1229516

No. 1229521

4 because of his wooden acting

No. 1229525

I think it's just natural contrarianism, and I don't think it's strange. Black girls/women have been trojan horsed for annoying troon toting liberal sjw kweer QTPOC HAES fattie BLM muh kangz politics for almost a decade now. I think it's like the tradwife counter culture to tumblr feminists in 2010s

No. 1229532

What would 4 be without his acting? 11?

No. 1229533

Nonna's I've been shaving most of my eyebrows off for years and at this point I don't even know what my natural brows looks like anymore. Should I just let them grow out? They don't suit my face that well I think but I want to try and embrace the natural parts of me and it feels kind of weird to shave my eyebrows when I'm very adement about keeping my leg, armpit, beard (dark haired women know lol) and other body hair.

No. 1229540

Some "natural" things are better not embracing

No. 1229555

I’m sorry >>1229533 ,sweetie, don’t listen to this bitch >>1229540

No. 1229565

seconded, nta but op cant say if they suit her face now or not if she hasnt seen them properly for years, thats enough reason to let them grow anyway, even if you want to change them in future again youll have more to work with

No. 1229576

No. 1229578

Chicken pot pie
Fried rice

No. 1229579

Japanese curry maybe

No. 1229588

shepards/cottage pie
beef stew
chicken soup
baby food/puree
cream of mushroom casserole
keep them as ice packs

No. 1229622

thank you so much for your help nonnies! but i was able to taste one bag of each since they thawed a little and they are all freezer burnt. i hate wasting food but i think they're officially beyond saving, damnit. keeping in mind all your recs next time!

No. 1229627

I'll just stop shaving and see how I like it, can always shave it off again. It's just, I went to see a Frida Kahlo art show a while ago and have been wanting to grow my eyebrows back even if they look 'weird' or whatever. I'm sick of filling them in every time I go out too. Thanks nonna's ♥

No. 1229660

if you haven't ditched them yet try rinsing them with salt water, it can remedy that freezer burn taste (sometimes)

No. 1229662

yes I am coming directly from the Pixielocks thread can someone who's maybe more up on LGBT discourse inform me on when female drag queens became a thing? I literally can't wrap my head around it. How is it not just wearing loud makeup and outfits when you're already a female? Do gay moids accept this? I don't need the explanation to make sense, I just can't comprehend how this gained seemingly wide acceptance.

No. 1229668

baked samosas

No. 1229672

>do gay moids accept this
no, they make fun of “bio queens”

No. 1229679

File: 1655532162408.gif (6.09 MB, 498x498, c370d84b40c8a5eef57862db9d6580…)

How do you stay awake without caffeine involved? I've been sleeping for 5 hours and my neighbour decided to start drilling at 6am. I need to do a lot of stuff today and meet people. I've got matcha+green tea mix but I am scared to try it now because coffee fucked my health up badly.

No. 1229681

coffee can fuck up your shit, especially your stomach sometimes. i've never had such experiences with either straight caffeine or green tea or matcha. if you mean like, your heart, anything with caffeine can affect that, or any stimulants but as far as stomach goes, coffee is hard on the stomach imho.

No. 1229683

No they don't but they are forced to accept it (while mocking it behind closed doors) when they are more well known such as Ru Paul due to fears of accusations of Troonsphobia.

No. 1229695

The main idea is that people don't like getting labelled "bigot" it doesn't matter what the specifics are as long as they can be presented as victims

No. 1229702

Gay men do not and will likely never accept anyone under the umbrella who isn’t XY and regularly shit on transmascs or anyone of the sort

No. 1229755

they don't and it's peak absurdity how they stole it from us and are now trying to gatekeep it from us

No. 1229776

File: 1655541797611.png (131.39 KB, 276x877, Capture.PNG)

What color is this lipstick? Dark mauve? Burgundy? Brown?

No. 1229779

Like an umber color maybe?

No. 1229780

Reddish dark nude

No. 1229783

reminds me of copper tubes you get beat with

No. 1229787

It's a nude shade for a darker skin tone / a terra cotta type color.

No. 1229794

Thanks for your inputs guys! I'm a super pale olive and this is the only dark lipstick that looks good on me, not too warm, not too cool

No. 1229799

My close friend has a 2 year old kid. Her birthday is coming up and because I'm low on money I have bought her a couple of face masks and bath bombs for a present rather than something big and fancy. I also make music in a Digital Audio Workstation software, and since her birthday was coming up I spent a few days making a small instrumental lullaby dedicated to her kid, who is a sweetheart. She doesn't know that I produce music since I've never published it anywhere. Her birthday is tomorrow and I suddenly feel that it might be weird to randomly gift her a melody. Should I just stick to the face masks and bath bombs, and leave the lullaby out?

No. 1229808

The lullaby thing sounds absolutely adorable though

No. 1229814

I drank 200ml of an energy drink and my heart is thumping. I usually don't drink coffee or anything like it. Is that all? I feel a bit more awake but it's underwhelming

No. 1229818

no that sounds super nice nona!

No. 1229827

Sounds super sweet. I'd be very pleased if I were your friend. Go for it nonna!

No. 1229831

Probably depends on the drink because bang has 300mg of caffeine and average expresso shot is 64 mg. Too much will make you feel jittery while not enough or just the right amount you feel awake without a panicking feeling.

No. 1229839

I'd leave it out personally, because she doesn't know you do music production it may unintentionally come across a bit attention seeking that you're revealing that on her birthday

No. 1229841

how do zoomers manage the duality of being so painfully insecure yet so downright defensive? why do they start fights they're too anxious to finish

No. 1229845

That's actually a really good point, I didn't think of that, it would be the worst if I seemed like I tried to take attention away from her.

Thank you for your input, nonnas! I think I'll leave it out for now just to avoid a potential situation like >>1229839 suggested and save it for a more uneventful moment. Thanks for your help!

No. 1229880

Why is it that I don't burn despite being pale and tan next to nothing? I can repeatedly spend hours in the sun
unprotected and nothing happens? (Yes that's not healthy I know, I'm working on being better with covering up and wearing sunscreen)

No. 1229892

Nona who hurt you? In what world does "I was inspired to create something for you" come across as attention seeking? Unless you're terminally insecure about your own accomplishments, I am just not sure how anyone would come to this conclusion.

No. 1229920

I don't have kids and probably never will, but what do anons think of the name Athena for a girl? I always thought it was so beautiful, but idk how feasible it would be to grow up being named that.

No. 1229924

I knew a girl in my class named Athena, she dated a senior when we were freshman. I think she ended up dropping out but she was a really nice person. I remember everyone thought her name was cool

No. 1229925

It's a tranny name now tbh

No. 1229926

What's your ethnic background if you know?

No. 1229930

Really cool, powerful, and feminine name. I don't associate it with trannies

No. 1229942

Personally I think Athena sounds really feminine and strong. I think it would be a cool name to lean into lol

No. 1229944

I like it. Greek names always sound cool.

You should still give it to them and if you feel awkward just say something like “I’ve just started getting into making music and made a lullaby as my first song, I thought of you and [toddler] while working on it”

No. 1229957

Athena for transbians
Apollo for fakebois

No. 1229962

File: 1655560594350.jpg (83.71 KB, 830x429, canine fecal matter.JPG)

Help please.

Methods to get dog shit out of a combat sole. Stood in dog shit with ONE boot. Left it on my balcony to dry out, picked at it with a chisel, knife, knitting needle (disposed of), and STILL it's there and smells like dog shit.

If I wet it with antibac spray or bleach, it'll go soft (obv). Do I do that then wipe it off (oh god)? Do I just walk on dry grass and it'll come off and not smell.

I hate when there's dog shit on your boot and you smell like dog shit.

No. 1229982

Can you get access to a hose and just hose that bitch

No. 1229997

get a big brush, brush the sole reaallly thoroughly then dispose of the brush

No. 1230042

No hose. No garden. Would do though.

Yeah, this option. I do need a new one and they're cheap enough. I'll get onto that this evening. Oh, the fun. Disinfect the fucker.

I hate people who don't pick up their dogs shit. Actual pricks.

No. 1230044

I'd like to add, all the covid masks are great for cleaning. Going to find loads. Must be going cheap seeing how the antibac gel is.

No. 1230059

It's not worth it to let troons ruin pretty names, we just have to take them back through writing and baby naming. I love the name Alice and always will and any troon who calls himself Alice can go pound sand

No. 1230063

There's a troon on YouTube who plays bass to songs calls himself Alice. He never used to show his face. Clocked him immediately because manhands and dressed like an AGP.

No. 1230071

I didn’t say it was necessarily wrong and I agree it’s a natural progression of black women and other disenfranchised groups still being treated like shit. If it makes the liberal yt anons here seethe then I fucking love what they’re doing tbh kek because I know none of them are that serious unlike the 15 year old white “natsocs” on twitter who actually think they’re going to change society and kick out the meanie brown people.

No. 1230078

I don't know for certain but it's probably just 100% west European/Germanic. I know pale people like me don't tan easily but why am I not burning.

No. 1230081

ewww stinky eurofag(infighting)

No. 1230086

>t. juvenile amerifag

No. 1230134

Tmi: Can too much matcha cause diarrhea? I made two (homemade) matcha lattes yesterday, woke up with stomach issues and liquids coming out the end. I'm trying remember what I ate out of the ordinary abd that was the only different thing I can remember

No. 1230140

>42% obesity rate calling anyone stinky

No. 1230144


No. 1230145


No. 1230146


No. 1230153

File: 1655573007549.png (2.59 MB, 2163x1704, 257658746734.png)

Take your quiet pills sweetie

No. 1230193

File: 1655574746796.jpg (121.8 KB, 1035x540, shits.JPG)

No. 1230243

Ty nona. I guess that's why I had to run to the bathroom this morning kek

No. 1230323

This is going to sound like I’m being sarcastic but I’m not, I really want to know the logic (or lack there of) behind people who adhere to an aesthetic getting mad when it’s brought up. Like why? Why do they get defensive? If you like something enough to make it your aesthetic why get mad about other people noticing?

No. 1230330

Why do you sound hostile and accusatory?
That's why they get defensive.

No. 1230340

I’ve literally never asked anyone about it. I just see it in comment sections.

No. 1230345

I see this on TikTok all the time. The most recent was “your makeup looks like Lily Rose Depp’s” and the replies were “it’s not the makeup! She just looks like her!” Like yeah… she looks like her because she does her makeup exactly like hers and tags her videos coquette lol it’s the aesthetic why are you acting like it’s not a thing ?

No. 1230347

Ntayrt. None of that was hostile or accusatory? Either work on your words or work on yourself because you read that wrong.

No. 1230349

Pardon the summer newfags, they have brainworms

No. 1230387

is it weird to tell a guy you have period cramps? we're also kind of dating I mean we met on a dating app and we're just talking idk if we like each other.

No. 1230413

File: 1655591098856.jpg (43.21 KB, 500x530, d9a1077f2d7efc144013585e9ce520…)

What is the name of the AI that writes stories based on the text you input for sexual purposes

No. 1230418

No. 1230423

thx nonnie

No. 1230425

I like ur pic, keep posting it another day

No. 1230426

in case anyone else is curious about these

is probably the most popular and most expensive one but it's really customizable if you're serious about writing novels with it (don't go into the discord if you don't want to see a bunch of degenerate weebs)

second most expensive and a go-to for people who think aidungeon is tame

free. a chinese site thats mostly trained on fanfic and probably collects your data and refeeds it to the ai, also bans certain political prompts kek

koboldai is a free writer with a whole bunch of datasets depending on what writing you do. you have to learn to create a colab but its just a few clicks of your mouse and a wait time of at least 10 minutes. you can use it on mobile too. if you have a beefy computer (fuck ton of vram) and don't want to worry about the privacy of your prompts, it has a gui you can run

No. 1230446

wow. This is way more detailed than I expected. Thank you so much nonnie

No. 1230484

Nonnies for 1 whole hour the world is frozen. You can do whatever you want BUT if you steal someone's personal possessions or harm someone (purposely) it can be linked to you if you aren't smart about it. Other then that, if you steal from like a walmart thats it. You just stole, nobody will remember or know.
What would you do? After an hour everyone is back to normal.

No. 1230522

I guess go to the aquarium and zoo without little kids getting in my way of being able to actually look at stuff

No. 1230561

File: 1655597063085.jpg (28.45 KB, 300x470, d6821bf7296a24b6acb57c919850db…)

This isn't nearly enough time/power for me to do anything substantial about the shit stinking world we live in. Give me some teleportation combined with either time stop or invisibility and I will bring the world to its knees.

No. 1230565

Learn to post real pngs first

No. 1230579

nonnie please don't be mean, they are trying their best and shit happens.

No. 1230580

File: 1655597577986.png (144.6 KB, 300x470, 1655597063085.png)

Realistically, I would stare at the wall thinking about what I should do until I'm down to ten minutes.
I fixed it for you.

No. 1230581

she still made her amazing point.

No. 1230586

what would you do if given more time

No. 1230621

bump. stay safe scrolling yall.

No. 1230891

File: 1655612029238.jpg (481.78 KB, 1080x1454, Screenshot_20220618-231237_Pin…)

Is anyone else getting random Saudi men in their pinterest feed? It happens constantly. I try not to click them because pinterest then thinks I want more Saudi men in my feed, but I think their algorithm counts if you stop scrolling too. They appear even when I hide the pin and say it's irrelevant to me.

No. 1230893

i'm so sorry for laughing at this for 3 minutes straight nonna but it's just so funny.
i hope you can be free soon.

No. 1230934

do any of you girls go for routine facials and extractions, the whole routine, etc? how often do you guys go?

No. 1230936

No. 1230939

File: 1655617813013.jpg (131.35 KB, 602x399, Gujjar.jpg)

Does your countries have Gypsies ? what are they called and how do they live
In Pakistan there are different regional terms for them but are mostly called Khanabadosh or Gujjars

One time a group of Gypsy children spat on me for not giving them money as I left the ATM

No. 1230948

Hell no my skin hates fragrance, pomegranate, lime, lemon, lots of vitamin c serums, witch hazel, tea tree I would have to look over all their ingredient bottles before allowing them to put stuff on.

No. 1230949

File: 1655618778640.jpg (1.55 MB, 2400x1600, 20160501gyozike-a-papp-laszlo-…)

Yes, they were used to be called cigány until the wave of political correctness deemed that it is an inappropriate name, so now they are called Romas.
Tbh I never really interacted with them. I had one Roma girl in my class in high school but you could tell she didn't come from the usual Roma household, she was well raised, intelligent and empathic (I don't remember what her parents worked), which you cannot tell for the average Roma.
In Hungary there's two strains of them, the super rich ones who either got rich due to their political connections or their connections to some sort of crime syndicate. They always live in the most ridiculous looking mansions, drive Ferraris and wear gold watches.

The other group is the most common one, the one that lives in deep poverty and beg on the streets or try to get money from random strangers in some way (and they use thir children as well, just like you described). They always shout at each other instead of speaking.

And I guess there's the rare intelligent, educated, well-integrated individuals like the girl I went to high school with

No. 1230952

Nope. My mom used to drag me to an esthetician when I was younger and looking back after gaining some knowledge in skincare, it actually did more harm than good. She liked to use physical scrubs on me and shilled whatever skincare products she was payed to shill. Just read about skincare and figure out what your skin needs

No. 1230959

File: 1655619393481.jpg (129.95 KB, 1024x576, View-Storm.jpg)

truly fascinating that despite 1000 years there still pretty much the same culturally here as well, also yes when gujjars get rich they usually do buy tacky mansions and fast sports car and bikes

No. 1230961

Seems like a waste of time and money, just use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer

No. 1231040

That's something that only exists in movies and shows to me. I'm sure there are women who do it but I've never heard of any girls/women in my circles going for routine facials, sounds like rich people shit.

No. 1231047

Is it ok to shave my cat's tail he's got this tail full dirt/oil on it and i can never get rid of it all. Will it fuck up his fur growth?

No. 1231049

So…what is going on in this scene? If she wanted to rip her stockings then why did she back away when he touched her leg?

No. 1231053

You can shave it. It'll take a while to grow back (cat fur usually does, like when the vets shave a patch away to insert a tube thingy for surgery) but the cat'll be better off as I dread to think how bad oil could be for the skin and if the cat tries washing it off they could poison themselves.

No. 1231065

something something WaCkY jApAnEsE, in retrospect that movie was weirdly racist tbh

No. 1231066

No. 1231263

Does drinking pepsi max every day hinder weight loss? Im on 2 replacement shakes a day and one bowl of veggies a day. However I drink a can or two of pepsi max a day. I know it has no calories or sugar but do the replacement flavours hinder weight loss?

No. 1231264

no calories is no energy, so going by CICO no.

No. 1231272

> The researchers in this latest study found that the artificial sweetener, sucralose, commonly found in diet foods and drinks, increases GLUT4 in these cells and promotes the accumulation of fat. These changes are associated with an increased risk of becoming obese
I've seen articles for years saying stuff like above but I don't think anyone even knows for sure. It's gone back and forth.

No. 1231470

File: 1655658559225.png (815.99 KB, 957x776, 555pd4.png)

Can anyone explain to me why anons are referring to a tranny as "she" in the Rachel threads?

No. 1231476

My guess is that it's mostly kiwitards in there and you know how they love their resident trannies.

No. 1231505

>t. richfag

No. 1231545

have I become a boomer or has tumblr gotten so shitty that I can't even organize gifsets in the way I want to? Idk how long I've been trying to drag the gifset to my liking and it's impossible. I managed to do it once but I fucked up. I don't remember being this hard. All I wanted to do was make a big gif and two smaller ones below it with the right dimensions and all

No. 1231611

Samefag I found the problem it's the new shitty post editor. Turned it off and it works fine. fucking tumblr

No. 1231615

How the fuck does the Sanic Thread VIIIIth works? I've been here for a while and I don't get it

No. 1231626

The last number of your post is the answer to your question. So for you, the answer would be 5

No. 1231650

I’m looking for a movie that has the same depressive vibe and lgbbq theme as the danish troon/girl.
Please find me the movie, it was made wayyy before 2010 and it’s i think some scandi movie. Lots of snow and troonerism. Even the protagonist looks like eddie. I’m asking for it because I always thought the movie i’ve seen as a kid was the danish girl until today when I checked it came out in 2015…and that based amber heard was in it.

No. 1231757

When you bring home a new pet bed from the store, should you wash it before giving it to your cat or dog?

No. 1231765

Would I have faster results stretching two times a day (after waking up, before going to sleep 30 minutes each) instead of just once a day (before going to sleep)?

No. 1231855

If I ask my boyfriend to lightly cross dress for me will he troon out? I just think it's cute and he seems kinda into it when I "jokingly" bring it up.
Or is this danger territory that I should just stay out of?

No. 1231862

If you don't live alone, do you announce it when you go out? If so, do you say where you're going or for how long you'll be out or is it basically "imgonekbye"?

No. 1231866

>he seems into it
are you sure he's not already watching sissy porn?

No. 1231873

The vast majority of men that enjoy crossdressing, troon or otherwise, enjoy it as part of a humiliation fetish, meaning the sexually exciting component for them of wearing women's clothes is that it's a way for them to be humiliated because they think being a woman/like a woman is humiliating. So yes, it's absolutely a danger territory. Wanting a woman to "feminize" them is also an extremely common component of these types of fantasies

No. 1231890

If I literally starve myself for a bit will I see effects quick enough to make it worth it? I'm just talking about 3 days maybe. Or is it addictive to not do it? I know about 3 hours after I hit an "i'm starving" peak my need for food just dissipates, longest I went was 36 hours before noticing I forgot dinner, breakfast and lunch. I'm quite average and don't want to be a stick but it's a hot summer and to be honest the heat is melting my belly rolls and my body image issues always play up.

Like I've definitely got the fat reserves, is it stupid to try? If so, why?

No. 1231894

I think intermittent fasting would be healthier (16-24 hours).

No. 1231895

You'd be better off fasting one day a week consistently vs starving for 3 days and then bingeing

No. 1231897

Nah, I know what he watches.
I don't think I mind that tbh, I just don't want him to tell me he's a woman in 3 years. Not dealing with that. Just want to tease bf in cute clothes.
I've done longer than that and been fine but when you finally eat again it kinda hurts.
I wouldn't recommended fasting for so many days at once, do 2 day intervals. It's better for your metabolism.
And make sure you don't binge when you finally do eat, it just renders all the fasting moot. Keep it under 1k.

No. 1231898

one time of 3 days fasting won't give you any visible fatloss.

No. 1231912

>I'm quite average and don't want to be a stick
Then don't do it?

No. 1231953

My reasoning is because it's a struggle to get over the so hungry it hurts part that I should make the most of it. Would my body get used to that rhythm? And actually would it help with the loose skin thing from >>1231901 ? >>1231897 Did you get loose skin or were you alright?

Huh? I can want to get rid of my most egregious rolls without desiring heroin chic. That would be an ED no? Actually is even considering this some kind of ED antics?

No. 1231965

To me it sounds like you would binge after if you tried.

No. 1231972

>I don't think I mind that
The point is that no man who views women as so much lesser to the point of getting off to the humiliation of being dressed like one is going to be a man capable of seeing & respecting women as people. If you're cool with fostering a fetish derived from not seeing women as full people (yes, including you!) in your bf I have nothing to tell you beyond consider loving yourself. Anyway, regarding whether this would be likely to lead him to troon out in 3 years or so is dependent on plenty of factors, one of which obviously including what his views on troon shit are, but regardless, you would be helping strengthen any current crossdressing fetish he seems to have a bit of, and in many men, this has certainly led towards their decision towards wanting to live the fetish full-time

No. 1231978

>Would my body get used to that rhythm?
I hardly notice the hunger, it's become normalized for me. But like anon said >>1231965 people who say this type of thing about how they hate the starving feeling and how much they crave food, usually don't make it.
Not trying to put you down, I've just had friends try to do this and fail because they are like you. I don't particularly like most foods already because of my autism.

>Did you get loose skin or were you alright?

I didn't but I wasn't overweight. I lost about 15 lb from an average to almost overweight size, over a month of intermittent 2 days fasts. Now I'm at a healthier bmi and look healthier.
Take some multivitamins btw.
But I think all moids are like that, anon. He doesn't particularly like troons and was raised very conservative. I just worry that me saying "hey you'd look cute in that" is like me giving him permission to wear a wig and makeup and silicone tits which isn't attractive to me.
Sucks, why does this troonism disease have to exist.

No. 1231988

How do you make a hickey fade faster? Mf went vacuum cleaner on me and I have work tomorrow

No. 1231991

Say you got attacked by a zombie

No. 1232018


No. 1232026

Oh that's easy you just suck the hickey off..

No. 1232028

message it to make the blood flow more normally and use cold wet towel to make it less "bruised" looking

No. 1232039

Cool it

No. 1232047

When I ignore my cat’s meows and pretend to still be asleep, he jumps on the bed and intensely sniffs my face and nose. Is he checking if I’m alive?

No. 1232106

What does it mean if a guy has a thousand random facebook friends spread out over the world?

No. 1232111

Does he come across as well-traveled with a full life or terminally online? You have your answer already, if you knowhim irl that is.

No. 1232127

The second, he isn't well traveled just adds random people it seems

No. 1232302

lol my cat does this too and if i open my eyes to see what she wants she will be like "ah ha i knew you were awake!" and get excited. if i pretend i'm asleep she gives up after a while and goes back to sleep too. i think he's trying to wake you up

No. 1232439

what is ceremonial matcha used for? i googled it and it said it's used for tea ceremonies in japan but i kinda wanna know specifics and what it's good for. i saw a can at the store but it was super tiny and for 20 dollars usd so i didnt get it. but im obsessed with matcha and kind of a weeb so i wanna respectfully try some

No. 1232442

Ceremonial refers to the grading, it basically means it’s the best matcha you can buy. It’s usually just for drinking. Culinary matcha is more for baking and not drinking, like if you wanted to do a matcha cake.

No. 1232444

Nta, I don’t even drink tea but all the effort and pomp that goes into Japanese tea rituals fascinates me. Vidrel shows how they make the traditional whisk they use to stir up matcha powder.

No. 1232507

Why was Nancy Spungen a bad person?

No. 1232508

I mean, how was she a bad person?

No. 1232511

she had something very wrong with her as a child. i don't think she was well. could've just been genetic.

No. 1232527

It's not really pomp. just people doing stuff stupid slowly. tea ceremonies are boring af

No. 1232530

File: 1655705001157.png (13.6 KB, 240x240, neutral-face_1f610.png)

what's the psychology behind sending "lol" and other variations with a straight face irl?

Personally, I feel like I laugh inside and that's why I send it. Anyone else?

No. 1232534

yeah indiciation that I found sometime amusing or I'm not being very serious usually, not too deep

No. 1232535

yes basically, same. and in a lot of ways it's a way to give some levity to the text that might otherwise come across as rude or curt because it's totally lacking in expression since there's no intonation or body language present

No. 1232537

Usually my face is not completely straight, it's more like I'm smiling

No. 1232539

depends on who i'm talking to. i send lmfao nonstop to my sister for some reason even mildly amused, but i'll send lol to my friends.

No. 1232605

do you ever notice that some people have an amused resting face? seems like it would make for some inappropriate situations

No. 1232623

What is it called when a man beats his girlfriend? Like you say wifebeater for someone who beats their spouse, what's the way to say it if it's someone who isn't married?

No. 1232628

File: 1655714821186.jpg (299.67 KB, 1242x1514, my eyebrows when.jpg)

pic is closest i can think of

No. 1232637

I know CICO is obviously real, but cannot weight gain possibly have any metabolic basis? Can't different people require a different amount of effort to burn the same amount of calories? Could there be a kernel of truth in the "muh genetics" fatty cope? Genuine question.

No. 1232639

What the fuck was this rumor about your vjj closing when you’re in water

No. 1232645

Im not an expert but there is a kernel of truth to it, in the sense that some people are predisposed to being slightly overweight or slightly underweight, or in rare cases having a genetic predisposition to having conditions that affect your metabolism via hormonal imbalances, etc. Some people also inherit a frame that just looks a bit larger or smaller compared to what a “standard body” would look like (the ol’ big boned excuse.) But these differences would account primarily for small fluctuations, an anachan or hamplanet wouldn’t fall into this category.

No. 1232659

Am i inappropriate ?

I spent a lot of time in Liverpool with my clan when i was a bit younger and over there people would start conversations at the drop of a hat, everyone’s in everyone’s business, in a nice way. When I go back South it’s like i can still talk to old people, but even saying ‘good morning’ to people they look like i just skinned their dog…
Am I that obnoxious person that makes people put headphones on?

No. 1232661

Not if you don’t go over the top, sometimes scousers can be very overwhelmingly loud. Are you a scouse nonnie?

No. 1232676

What's the difference between having ADHD and being so anxious that it messes with your memory and ability to concentrate?

No. 1232683

Dopamine regulation and shitty executive function.

No. 1232686

loud is definitely is an understatement kek
I was definitely raised kind of scouse and my family does live there, but I go to school somewhere else. So more like scouse flavoured. I’m guessing you’re scouse and know what it’s like to have to adjust manners for different parts of the country…

No. 1232751

I want to get back on BC but I don't want to take any hormones anymore, and it seems like all the non-hormonal BC is either ineffective, unpleasant, or straight up disgusts me. Let's see…

-condoms: feel bad, I don't like them
-copper IUD: really grosses me out, everything from the insertion process, the idea that it can move, it giving you hellish cramps and very long periods
-internal condom/diaphragm/sponge/cap: I don't like the idea of inserting anything like that
-spermicide: I'd be most willing to try this but can you do oral with it? lol I like to sit on my bf's face. seems like it would ooze out by itself it's not the most effective. what is it, something like a 25 percent chance of getting pregnant? those are horrible odds.
-fertility tracking: unreliable and requires dedication

what do, anons? do I suck it up and try the copper iud? go back on pills? try the implant? become celibate and reach enlightenment?

and yes I know there's a BC thread but it doesn't move as fast, I'll repost there if necessary

No. 1232756

File: 1655733013900.png (23.63 KB, 207x158, 99679893.png)

Is it autistic to use custom stickers like pic related or gifs on twitter as reactions? I kinda see it very rarely. Same on discord, people just have nitro and join a ton of servers.

No. 1232758

Go back on pills, but if you have side effects make sure to talk to a good doc and try a different kind. IUDs can fuck shit up and I know a woman who got pregnant despite having a IUD. My other option is condoms but they don't feel safe enough.

No. 1232759

Boomer vibes

No. 1232764

who gives a shit, if you like using them just use them

No. 1232770

Anyone who has studied or worked abroad, how did it feel leaving your family and friends to live in a foreign country? Asking for a friend (literally), he is moving for work and I can't imagine doing it but he doesn't seem to mind. I would be devastated if I had to leave everyone and everything behind for my career. Is it just a moid thing? I asked him in a message if it wasn't scary to move so far away and he never responded even though he still talks to me on other platforms kek. I'm happy if he's happy (we're not that close, I barely see him) but it just puzzles me.

No. 1232773

zoomer vibes

No. 1232774

>Is it just a moid thing?
Women move abroad too wtf anon.

No. 1232776

I don't want to take pills anymore, they kill my sex drive which makes it feel pointless. I don't want to be taking hormones at all but was considering the implant because it's less.

No. 1232781

I currently live abroad, and I have a limited relationship with my parents and the majority of my friends were online so I didn't really feel like I was leaving anything super significant behind. It is hard sometimes living in a foreign country and not feeling like you fit in, having to adjust to cultural differences, etc. but I wouldn't say missing people is a huge issue for me personally.

No. 1232782

I have escaped my country before COVID hit, at first I was terribly happy over how I 'finally' did it, without any worry or thought in my mind, but after a year I started missing my family, even worse that my grandparents' health led them to have surgery. It's been 3 years, and despite hating the government and most of my country's mentality, I miss my family and culture. I know that I will always be a 'literal who' here and in my husbands family eyes and it hurts me. Every Christmas I get reminded of how little these people know about my tastes and what I like, even though I put all of the most effort possible onto gifting them perfect gifts that they adore. And my little brothers have grown up so much and after 3 years I saw only one picture of them, which is the recent one, they look nothing like they were the last time I saw them.
TLDR It is a terrible feeling, missing your roots but I think it's normal. Moids tend to not care as much as we do. I could also spreg about how actually difficult and rough it is to live as an immigrant in a different country and culture, but that wasn't a question. I just generally hate these people on social media who go 'if u are bored just move out to Paris and be your own main character!11', etc. sounding as if being a new person in a new place is that easy, even worse when you discover that people despise you for being the 'wrong nationality'. Regardless, I wouldn't want to come back to my country, especially now because I will never agree with their dictatorship and brainwashery.

No. 1232795

just do it nona if you feel like it

No. 1232797

I'm more weirded out by a dick being called cute.. not a word I'd call a dick, even a nice one.

No. 1232812

Of course, I meant the not caring about leaving everything behind.

Thanks nonna's, I kind of understand the reasoning but I don't know, it seems awful to me to live in any other country but I'm also a first worlder so that makes a big difference. I'm so sorry for you >>1232782 though, it seems awful. I hope you feel a bit more connected to the people around you some day, or find people you feel more connected to. ♥

No. 1232837

why is it always aliens, fbi, angels, and demons with schizos? are there those who get messages from Jules Verne or Pocahontas or something more benign sounding like that?

No. 1232840

dicks can have hairs on them yes, like, mostly near the base but they're usually sparse

No. 1232865

People who experience psychosis deal with hallucinations, or delusions which they have no logical explanation for, it usually seems external to them as they have no control over it. They tend to rationalize the "messages", fears of persecution, or whatever else, stemming from something sort of supernatural, or powerful. Aliens, the FBI, angels, and demons are all entities which are connected to a larger system of power, and are able to send messengers or agents to people, which is why that is the most common idea people come up with. All of those things also work in sort of mysterious, unknown ways. Someone like Pocahontas is just a random historical figure, it is possible to have visions or delusions about her, but she doesn't have much supernatural or mysterious significance to most people.

No. 1232868

Describing a dick as "cute" makes it sound like a micropenis.

No. 1232877

Nta, I know it’s an illness and you can’t talk their way out of it but every time I wanna just shake a schizo’s shoulders and ask ”why would any powerful entity ever care this much about you?? You’re nobody, not even the cashiers at your local grocery store care enough about you to want to know your name” kek

No. 1232885

Stop being a fleshlight and love yourself.

No. 1232939

Which sports are men and women equal at?

No. 1232961

Idk nonnie, as a woman I don't care about sports.

No. 1232963

No. 1232978

Shooting is the only sport I can think of where men and women's performances have been shown to be basically the same.

No. 1232984

retarded take

No. 1232985

.. thats the joke

No. 1232988

i'm retarded

No. 1233005

File: 1655748756979.jpg (56.53 KB, 960x638, Courtney Dauwalter.jpg)

It's sports that asks for extreme endurance on extremely long distance! For exemple in trail running, you can see the difference between men and women equalize around the 300 km distance. There have been some studies about it but we are lacking data and it's still a bit of a debate but it's clear that it happens. Picrel is an exemple of someome who absolutely crushed all competion ( male and female ) during a 383 km race for exemple. I love ultra trail because it's the only sport where a 25 yo men can be in vicious competion with a 45 yo women kek ! I think that there is a similar phenomenon in long distance natation too !

No. 1233014

I don't really know if men and women are equal in these sports, but I know that they can compete together in sailing and motorsport! (Sperging incoming) As for the latter, a team of only women was present in the 24h of LeMans this year and did very well (not in the top three, but they were better than the moid counterpart team, and at the previous race they were at the top of their category for a while); there was also a mixed team with two moids and a woman who also did pretty well.

No. 1233033

File: 1655749790774.jpg (63.76 KB, 630x420, Lotte Van Drunen.jpg)

I didn't know abut LeMans nonnie, that's really intersting! I'm so happy that we might see a futur with more women in those type of competion. I don't know anything about motorsport but I remember hearing about Lotte Van Drunen, a 14 years old who was doing really well at the junior european championship where she was in competition with older boys. Little by little, some women are paving the way, idk I think it's great !

No. 1233036

Pretty much any sport that requires you to be nimble and flexible women are better at. Which is why it isn’t taken as seriously

No. 1233040

maybe soccer?( female athletes practice with men all the time), tennis, maybe basketball(?) looong distance running, I'm just talking about the physical sports

No. 1233043

File: 1655750940320.jpg (185.87 KB, 1083x319, 603ce64a91770.jpg)

Samefag, I forgot to say that they're called the Iron Dames! The thing some people have noticed is that unlike the other male team under the same house (called Iron Lynx) they were very stable, more cautious and made literally no errors in 24h of driving. This year they had and issue at the start of the race because of a malfunction of the car, but without it they could have even won, they were at fourth place during the qualifiers.

Damn that's so cool, I didn't know about Lotte Van Drunen! They're all male dominates fields, it sure is nice to see women participating in them and being great at it.

No. 1233060

so like are self proclaimed dark triad stacies the female equivalent of autistic incels thinking they're ryan gosling from drive or blade runner 2049?

No. 1233062

yes kek

No. 1233069

All the horse riding sports too; dressage, jumping, racing, polo…
Iron Dames is such a cool AF name! I'm not into LeMans but very happy to know about a women team there. I hope to see a woman in F1 someday in my lifetime

No. 1233072

I'm in a committed relationship and don't want to get gregnant yet you walnut

No. 1233076

you don't want to get pregnant but you're doing everything in your power to try kek

No. 1233081

Why did my period arrive a week earlier than usual? Feels like I only get 2 weeks of freedom shit sucks.

No. 1233095

did you get the jab anon?

No. 1233101

No. 1233112

anon confirmed to be the newest trinity member. stay safe!

No. 1233132

I'm not having sex at the moment anon

No. 1233137

If you love PIV and need it that much, make your bf get the snip. Much better than you risking your health just to have sex

No. 1233153

Just take the pill. You should also use a condom to keep your vaginal ph levels normal.

No. 1233161

ty I will

I've thought about it, maybe after a couple of years when we're sure we don't want any bio kids. he's fine with abstaining and I don't need it, it just would be nice to be able to

I'm considering going back on one, maybe the mini-pill

No. 1233165

do the majority americans really not own kettles? i remember seeing this tiktok but i think it was a troll where a woman made an 'english' cup of tea and put it in the microwave as they didn't have a kettle. as a britbong everybody has one

No. 1233171

They have lower doses of bc, you might try one of those first. I have no idea why other anons are dog piling on you for not wanting a baby with some scrote. Sounds like incel central here telling you not to have sex unless you want a baby.

No. 1233195

I have an electric kettle but I think that unless you drink tea often, the majority of people just boil water on the stove

No. 1233203

i'm american and i don't own a kettle, i use a microwave. i also have a keurig and tea kpods

No. 1233220

ok so managed to get a job(retail) however I need to come in tomorrow to sign the paperwork and thats all I need to do for now. Should I turn up in job interview clothes or just turn up in casual clothing. Just asking because im a bit anxious about silly details but also so I know what to put in the laundry tonight kek.

No. 1233230

I think just show up in sensible clothes. It doesn't need to be interview clothes but not your crappy clothes either.

No. 1233231

Semi-casual on the trendy side. Think "going to (mid tier) dinner with the grandparents".. Sunday best?

No. 1233238

I’ve literally never seen a kettle in another American’s home.

Not any of those anons, but I’m planning on moving from America to another first world country soon. The only person I’m especially close to irl is my mother and I know she’ll stay in contact with me no matter what. I’ve lived far away from her before so I don’t think it’ll be hard.
Also, afaik diplomats are at least 50% female in most first world countries and they have to move internationally every couple of years.

No. 1233244

good idea nonnies, cheeries!

No. 1233257

I remember reading somewhere that our outlets in the US put out a lower voltage than houses in the UK, so electric kettles aren't very efficient and there isn't much use to have one (in addition to Americans not being tea-drinkers). Mine takes 4 min to boil 1 liter of water, no idea if that's fast or slow.

No. 1233265

thats very slow nonny, mine only takes around 2 mins for a full kettle. Guess being a britbong has it perks kek.

No. 1233269

>put it in the microwave as they didn't have a kettle
What for real kek. Where I am (neither Britain/US) every household has an electric kettle.

No. 1233282

anon who posts the gif about the little kpop fag that pretends to be a dog. who is it? i need to save the original gif

No. 1233298

most americans don't even drink water, much less need an appliance to boil it.

No. 1233310

>Americans: hehe microwave go brr

No. 1233314

This. Soda pop and MCD milkshakes all the way!

No. 1233317

File: 1655764878713.gif (3.43 MB, 640x352, sushichaeng-jake-enhypen-dog.g…)

His name is Jake from ENHYPEN, I'm not a kpop fan I just know someone who loves him

No. 1233321

I like seeing the assumptions non-Americans make about us. Just a few weeks ago I saw some saying that we drink too much water and that we have a water obsession (not here on lolcow), which was an interesting change from what you guys usually say.

No. 1233324

Kek nta but I love how this has become such a staple on lc.

No. 1233338

what's that website or whatever that detects which websites have your email address/which accounts are registered under it? I swear I thought something like that existed, I saw another anon mention it maybe a year ago

No. 1233339


No. 1233340

Can you still have PCOS even if you’re not fat?

No. 1233342

Yes, your symptoms will be less than if you are fat, but yes! PCOS causes weight gain though so you need to be careful.

No. 1233396

yeah it's called lean PCOS

No. 1233416

Why are even female cats better than male cats?
After owning 7+ cats over the years, the female ones generally have a better dispositions overall compared to the males- which are usually cuddlier but more aggressive when it comes to food, play, etc.

Is this with all animals?

No. 1233427

Yes. Testosterone.

Male dogs are the ones doing all the maulings toi

No. 1233443

the female cat will always be the best companion of the human female. it is a historical stereotype, after all

No. 1233466

It's bizarre to me as well. As someone who spent majority of her time in an asian house hold, using a kettle is standard for tea, coffee or just boiling water to drink in general. Stove tops and microwaves to boil water doesnt taste right to me. Also, kettles have auto-off timers.

No. 1233469

File: 1655779202553.jpg (16.52 KB, 300x300, i-will-find-you.jpg)

NTA but I really want to find the original anon who posted jake and started the puppyboy gif. I DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE BUT I WILL FIND YOU AND BEFRIEND YOU SOMEHOW

No. 1233471

When did twitch turn into pron hub? I thought nudity wasn't allowed.

No. 1233478

My female cat is super aggressive, picky, and moody all the time though I've had her for 10+ years. I'm sure she's an outlier but I'm probably an outlier in something too kek.

No. 1233479

Do you think thong bikinis are trashy?

No. 1233483

tea culture isn't really a thing in the us mostly

No. 1233488

I actually think it's weird that people care so much about kettles not being common in the US. Yes kettles are very convenient (especially for hair) but there's other ways to heat water and our houses aren't built to be able to use kettles.

No. 1233500

No. 1233501

I think they're only meant for "fashion" aka taking pictures

No. 1233502

I wear thong bikinis and yes they're trashy.

Still think my ass looks cute in it tho.

No. 1233528

You’re pouring boiling water on your hair?

No. 1233533

I've always had the opposite experience. All of the male cats I had were snuggly and cute and the female cats were all happier with more space. My cats were all neutered and spayed.

No. 1233534

Is Kate Bush even getting a big check from Spotify? I heard they're shit at paying.

No. 1233538

Have any of you nonas seen or met one of the cows here irl? What was it like? Just curious. Year ago I was tabling at a convention, and I met our Queen PT, she was very shy when I said hello.

No. 1233540

When should you tell the guy you're seeing you have vaginismus? And also after how many dates do usually people have sex?

No. 1233548

Why are Russian moids troglodyte looking faggots but Russian women super pretty? Genuinely curious as to why this is, literally every Russian couple I’ve seen has a pretty beautiful woman and the ugliest tard moid

No. 1233551

This was an encounter with a legacy cow, but like 10 years ago I was shopping at a bookstore in NYC and the cashier was Haku kek, one of the first wave of e-famous fakeboi cosplayers. She looked very different IRL than in pics. I didn’t say anything because I was super young and only recognized her from some famous cosplay pics, but then I got older and found her thread on here. It’s certainly a small world.

No. 1233560

i think this is unfortunately the case in most places

No. 1233563

Does the Bible actually imply that life starts at conception AND original sin starts at birth therefore the poow innosent pweshus muwdewed unbown go straight to heaven? Or is that just American pro-life Republican revisionism?

No. 1233569

It probably depends on the bible.

No. 1233570

>When should you tell the guy you're seeing you have vaginismus?
when you're crying and he's praising you for being "so tight"

No. 1233571

the crying would probably just turn him on more. men are absolute freaks of nature.

No. 1233580

If I go on lolcow without VPN I get 500 Internal Server Error, but with VPN it works just fine. Is this intentional? Some new kind of ban?

No. 1233583

I just got that error a few minutes ago with and without a VPN. It may have been my internet, but there haven't been that many new posts so I think it was just the site fucking up for everyone.

No. 1233587

Strange, I go off VPN and refresh and keep getting errors. Turn VPN back on and it suddenly works alright again.

No. 1233589

It even depends on which country I choose for the VPN. Did Admin and the Jannies permaban entire countries?

No. 1233591

There were some major internet outages earlier, so it might be related to that

No. 1233592

I got that too and I never use a VPN. Just refreshed the page

No. 1233597

Phew I'm glad I wasn't the only one getting the 500 error

No. 1233617

File: 1655799374716.jpeg (65.82 KB, 480x853, A8705E31-58F1-4125-82D6-E89A2C…)

Was today an off day for jannies? Porn on /m/ has been left up for six hours.

No. 1233647

>Why are Russian moids troglodyte looking faggots but Russian women super pretty?
IN GENERAL Russian women are expected to perform feminity to the highest degree, looks are always the top priority (culturally); good example would be how russian female athletes always perform in full face of makeup when women from other countries/cultures keep it minimal if not nonexistent. At the same time, russian males consider basic hygiene something that is threat to their masculinity; which means that in the most cases the looks gap is huge.

No. 1233683

Jesus Christ anon, that was so unnecessary

No. 1233747

I saw a girl today with a hijab on but she was wearing a tshirt. Is there any reason someone would dress like that? I thought it was really odd.

No. 1233751

I don't think they have enough jannies to cover all time zones

No. 1233752

afaik muslim women are supposed to cover their hair and dress modestly, unless the t shirt was super tight or revealing or something I don't think it's odd. From what I've seen on social media a lot of young girls dress like that

No. 1233778

>after how many dates do usually people have sex?
At least a couple months of seeing each other

No. 1233783

a couple of months? no, a lot of people have sex like within a few weeks. ideally it should be at least a couple of months though.

No. 1233793

nta, but doesn’t the Muslim definition of modesty usually entail long sleeves at all times?

No. 1233804

I went from living in a massively populated urban area to a close knit lil bumfuck town a few years ago. I don't want to online date but the couple of times when I felt like I was organically running into potential matches.. nothing happened. Lots of signals and then nobody took the reigns. I was left confused both times becuase I swear the signals were there.

Is it a rural/bumfuck town type of thing that men are more wary to risk shooting their shot? Or am I just deluding myself.

No. 1233809

Is there a place on /g/ where I could fit in shitposting about a female celebrity I love? I don't want to say waifu because I hate that word, but I basically relate to the anons who post about their irl husbandos except mine is a woman. I'm also a little self conscious that anons will think I am scrotey sounding for liking her but that's a different matter entirely. I browsed the catalog a few times but don't know if there's any thread where that kind of posting is definitely ok

No. 1233810

Start a "famous women you love" thread?

No. 1233812

Technically, the only parts you can show wearing the Hijab are your face, your hands and your feet (below the ankle). But not all muslims follow the teachings closely and it also depends on the country. Most wear a long sleeved shirt under T-shirts though, so this >>1233747 is definitely odd. Maybe it's a western muslim thing.

No. 1233817

How do I remove nail glue from my eyelashes, I already cut my lower lashes but I don't really want to do it with the top one because it's going to let a huge bald spot

No. 1233820

Noni…. Hot water get it a little soft. Then baby oil slowly working it.

No. 1233834

File: 1655824867649.jpg (347.41 KB, 1364x1306, Double-Stuffed-Cookies-n-Cream…)

Is cookies and cream its own single flavor or a flavor combo?

I'm trying to win an argument here.

No. 1233835


No. 1233836

It's a single flavor.

No. 1233846

Samefag, but most ice creams are single flavors even if the actual components are a combination of multiple things, if that makes any sense at all. For example, brownie ice creams are usually brownie/fudge pieces in chocolate ice cream but it's still a single flavor.

No. 1233851

I reported something to the police and they gave me a case number for it at the end. What can I actually do with the case number?

No. 1233854

Ah, okay. I was thinking that it was just vanilla ice cream with cookie bits and I guess my brain short circuited somewhere.

No. 1233856

How do troons justify popping a boner while wearing women's clothes because it's SOOOOOOOOOOO EUPHORIC and makes them SOOOOOO HAPPY? Like, what would trannies/TRAs say about a preschool teacher that pops a boner every time his student's smile at him or hug him (y'know, because it makes him SOOOOOO happy)? I know that the answer is that they're fetishists, but does anyone know how/why they justify it?

No. 1233864

I’d assume you were given the number is so you could quote it and receive updates. Although this might depend on where you live.

No. 1233872

I live in the US. How do you receive updates?

No. 1233875

You call the office and ask them. They’re not gonna text you like a UPS delivery truck kek

No. 1233877

I was looking online and it said there was a fee to request info if you enter the case number. That’s really confusing because why should I have to pay to get info or update a case I’m involved in? But I’m scared to call because the lady who answers is always really mean.

No. 1233881

older nonas did you get used to periods after time or not?

No. 1233883

Mine got worse at 30. They're lighter than ever but worse in every other way.

No. 1233886

what do you mean get used to them?

No. 1233889

Anon how old are you? Did you just get your first period or something?
Mine got so horrible that I got a coil to combat them.

No. 1233892

I'm 18 I only started getting cramps at 16 and they only seem to be getting worse
as in are they easier to handle to harder

No. 1233896

If your cramps get worse and worse you could talk to a gyn about it. It could be endo.

No. 1233897

Mine only got worse. Started at 13 not feeling any cramps whatsoever, over a decade later I pass out from the pain for a full day and period lasts 5-8 days

No. 1233899

I think you should talk to a dr too nona. Don't just suffer in silence.

No. 1233900

i will look into it thanks anon

No. 1233902

Not to scare my anons here but I have late stage endo and I had pretty ok periods for the last decade. Now they’re gonna take everything out haha, funny how shit gets completely fucked.

No. 1233904

No problem, it sucks to have menstrual issues.
Oh shit, I'm sorry nona.

No. 1233906

i wonder what the average age of nonnies is on here?

No. 1233908

I'm 25, I used to have no pain whatsoever but since 20 I regularly have to take painkillers and around 2 years ago my boobs started hurting prior to my period too. So for me it's only gotten worse, al though it's manageable.

No. 1233909

I know it's retarded but I have a pretty bad doctor phobia. Also feels like it would be largely fruitless to try and convince what is usually a male doctor about how bad the pain really is..
also I found that comment sweet, ty nona I feel cared for

No. 1233910

best to be safe than sorry and put your mind at ease

No. 1233911

> what is usually a male doctor
can't you request a female doctor? i have before but usually they allocate a women for those kind of issues anyway

No. 1233913

Might be able to get a nurse, but my local practice has a single male GP working there

No. 1233917

No can do, thank you though. I also don’t even know anymore, I know I did have pains and heavy bleeding as a teen but I was always told to suck it up, then they got very mild and here we are. Please nonas, always go to the doctor with shit like this!

No. 1233945

not those anons but had similar issues, the last time i told a doctor about this she thought i had a mental illness that was causing the pain or some shit like that even though i'm not diagnosed with anything, and just gave me addresses to some psychologists. she also told me to keep taking painkillers even though i made it clear those weren't always effective. anyway now i have permanent tinnitus and will probably get stomach ulcers in the future kek.

No. 1233948

Bi anons, does sexual attraction feel different towards males and women?

No. 1233970

I mean, if the Danofags and the RPatzfags have created their own threads, I don't see why you shouldn't

No. 1233972

File: 1655832971613.jpg (55.29 KB, 550x550, Minimalist-Computer-Desk-5.jpg)

Are any nonas here into minimalism and simple living? If so how do you practice it and how do you deal with digital clutter?

No. 1233983

Yeah 'famous women you love' or something cute like women in general, where we can sperg and talk about women we love like mothers and sisters too. In regards to female celebs I always feel vulgar sperging about them in women you want to fuck, when I just want to compliment and say she is cute!!

No. 1234033

I made a thread kek >>>/g/271357

No. 1234036

imo, yeah. attraction is a function of bodies and males and females have different body structures.

No. 1234069

With digital organization I like to have major folders and sub folders within them, all with nice icons. For example, within the Media folder is all photos and videos, and within those are more folders to keep things organized. Dump/organize pictures from phone onto computer and clear space. Remove bookmarks you don't need. Delete inactive text messages and contacts you don't need, this also goes for email. If the email is important, archive it rather than delete it. Uninstall apps you don't use much, maybe defrag your PC and erase unnecessary stored files.

No. 1234080

File: 1655840436985.jpg (60.52 KB, 800x445, gh.jpg)

From which anime was an episode about an old abandoned school building. There were spooky female students ghosts and the main character stuck in some time-loop with them. There was darkness behind all windows. In the end the building dissapered. I was sure it's from Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, or maybe it is from the manga??

No. 1234278

how come every time i eat my stomach starts to make loud demonic noises? to the point where people around me think I'm farting up a storm on purpose (i'm not it's coming from the lower part of my stomach). it actually makes some of my family members mad

No. 1234283

kek take pepcid

No. 1234293

For me it feels different, and I'm way more often attracted to women than men because I find women's bodies generally more attractive. Also the personality types I'm attracted to depends on gender, a dominant man irritates me, but if it's a woman I don't mind.

No. 1234305

This used to happen to me before a certain class every week at college and it was super embarrassing. Anyway I eventually guessed I was eating too acidic of a food for breakfast on those mornings and that seems like it was the issue, be careful of that.

No. 1234368

do insecure japanese pick mes pine for 2channers the same way insecure western pick mes pine for 4channers? like is there a japanese shoe0nhead?

No. 1234397

Yes they post nudes all the time in hopes of being called "goddess of _____ board"

No. 1234591

How safe is it to spend time in Tampa, Florida by myself for a few hours at a time? I looked at the crime rate and the violent crime was pretty disturbing, but my feet haven't touched sand in so damn long.

No. 1234607

Things are truly dire in that country aren’t they

No. 1234617

File: 1655874983740.jpg (80.34 KB, 1280x720, hq720.jpg)

don't scroll

No. 1234619

Everything reminds me of him

No. 1234626

Maybe just for those girls.
On that note, I watch a lot of SE Asian movies and TV, and I know we're not supposed to observe fictional media and see reality there. There's a ridiculous amount of bullying though. In everything, including against other women. I'm curious as to whether that's a reality because here it would turn into an even worse modeling of school shootings.

No. 1234632

Is that actually that nikkido avocado guy the moid is posting? Like The mukbanger?

No. 1234636

it is, kinda gay he has all that gay porn saved on his computer

No. 1234646

Yeah. I keep thinking his balls are poop until scrolling down too. Glad that I hated the guy already. Seeing him helicopter his soft, gross dick is still peak nasty though.
This is still gross, man. Except that it was just some aggressive retard animal that got it instead. Imagery of mutilated genitalia is not the win you were looking for.

No. 1234649

Sorry nonita will delete

No. 1234654

File: 1655876169431.jpg (46 KB, 439x699, 1646695162324.jpg)

Thank you nona.

No. 1234709

It’s kind of like the male version of the anons who have so many up close pictures of shaynas vagina

No. 1234774

How much time does it take to create a Wordpress site if you have written and prepared all the text that will go on the website beforehand?

No. 1234781

NTA but I love picrel kek.

No. 1234812

how safe is eating mackerel raw in terms of parasites? I got frozen mackerel cured in vinegar (shime saba) from an asian market and on the package it says it can be eaten raw as sushi but can I really trust that? I can't guarantee it's been frozen the whole time since it's imported from overseas, should I cook it before eating or is it safe to eat raw without getting parasites?

No. 1234813

Yeah, macarel is not really common fish to eat raw but - especially prepared like what you're describing - it's no more dangerous than any of more common-to-eat-raw fishes

No. 1234814

freezing in a commercial freezer should've kill them anyways but in addition it's pickled/cured and that helps too.

No. 1234821

thanks nonnies, I'll eat a very small piece raw to test it first just in case

No. 1234844

How do I stop my sister from joining the Peace Corps?

My sister has a really bad habit of making impulsive directions and changing her identity every few years. I suspect she has BPD or something like that. Yesterday she told me and family out of nowhere that she's submitted an application to the Peace Corps and got invited to an interview. I asked her why and she says she really wants to travel the world and help people.

But to me, I don't really think it makes sense. There's other ways of traveling the world. And I don't see how the Peace Corps helps people. It's just another way for Americans to be imperialistic. It just seems like a waste of time at best and hurtful at most.

The other thing is I'm super worried about my sister geting raped. I think she's just had some really dangerous experiences with guys before and has laughed it off. I think she doesn't really have a lot of street smarts and is going to push her luck while abroad. I've just heard so many horror stories of women getting raped there

idk, this whole situation seems weird to me. Am I overreacting or what?

No. 1234874

What do you do if a bird flies into your place? Like, a pigeon.

First, panic. Then what? I keep my windows wide open in the heat and I get fucking pigeons using my outside sill to perch on (top flat). I have a fear of them flying inside. Then what?

A neighbour already asked why I keep shouting FUCK OFF out of my windows.

No. 1234931

what are summerfags?

No. 1234940

If you have to ask.. you might be one.

No. 1234959

>Reddit spacing
you have to go back

No. 1234966

Ain’t nobody reading a wall of text. The spacing is fine.

No. 1234979

File: 1655909374945.jpeg (30.83 KB, 210x327, EB3D6E49-BE0B-42EF-8575-1E04A3…)

Samefag but I had a weird feeling about that post so I looked up the first question in google and this is literally a r/redscarepod republitard incel or someone copypasting a redscarepod incel’s post here lmfao trust your intuition nonnies

No. 1234982

File: 1655909550133.gif (9.5 MB, 540x400, tumblr_983272ec84cba01ffc94318…)

What is she doing with the blue thing in her hand?

No. 1234985

it's perfume

No. 1234986

It looks like perfume, I'm assuming she's dotting her ears so they smell good.

No. 1234987

Would a "sad shit" thread on lolcow work or would it overlap with the vent thread too much?

Just stuff anons think about that makes them sad, not angry or anything. It kind of feels like upset posts in the vent thread have a certain amount of anger behind them and I just want to say shit like i'm sad at the idea of selling my parents house when they die. You know?

No. 1234991


No. 1235015

I need to know if I'M the weirdo or if the people around me are dumbasses? I remember pretty much nearly everything a person tells me. Like, anything and everything. There have been very few times where I forget a detail or story someone has told me. I have to actually pretend like I haven't heard their stories when they tell me again. The people around me don't remember a lot of things that I tell them and they don't remember some things that they tell me. It's very apparent to me and it sometimes drives me crazy when I have to repeat myself for the 20th time or when they get combative with me because they don't remember that they did/said this (but I remember it). These people are my peers and friends. Am I just a freak or something?

No. 1235017

What happened to the absolutely retarded shitpost?

No. 1235018

No. 1235024

Kek I really am a retard

No. 1235026

no problem, I often fail to realize when a thread has been renewed so I have problems finding it because I keep looking for an older threadpic I got used to

No. 1235029

idk but I really feel ya. I remember what people say, and their faces and names too well. I just pretend to be faceblind and bad at names and forget everything because otherwise I just come off as a massive creep.

No. 1235030

I was treated like a creepy stalker for it when I was a kid too, then I had memory loss issues because of a medical condition and I still managed to remember specific things I cared about but could barely remember the people who were in my class in middle and high school despite seeing them everyday for years. Once I got better I started pretending my memory was average to not get a bad reputation but one of my close friends has a crazy memory and I never found it strange or disturbing so I don't even get why anyone found it weird when I remembered stuff they told me like a month after to begin with.

No. 1235074

I found small flies that have translucent wings that seem like they're attached to ant bodies(?) in my kitchen, with a couple ants walking around too. Does anyone have any idea what they're called and why they're here?
It doesn't feel too alarming (not too many, spotted around 6 in total) but the sudden appearance is weird. The ants are usual for when the weather gets warmer but I've never seen the flies before

No. 1235083

File: 1655917512382.jpeg (31.27 KB, 602x475, CC61B541-5761-4B69-AE90-B1A1BE…)

Sure they’re not just ants? Colonies produce batches of winged ants every year to breed and start new colonies.

No. 1235150

That's possible, they might be the drones. Too scared to stare intently at their bodies kek. Dunno why they're mating in my kitchen.

No. 1235156

Flying ants? We get plagues of em in Summer. Only for a week or two, then they disappear somewhere. Don't care if it's cruel but pour boiling water on the fuckers.

Oh, we get drones (Soz totally missed this cos stupid browser and I'm stupid anon). I thought the span of time might be something to do with them fucking.

No. 1235160

Ladybirds/Ladybugs fuck in sage bushes. I caught loads of em on film doing it. One's on top of the other and they're still, then the bloke starts a frenzy of thrusting…still again for AGES, then thrusting. I can post some insect porn of it if you like. Fwoaaargh.

Oh wait, found some already on youtube. I have different breeds with each other though. Better collection.

No. 1235162

File: 1655920447969.jpg (515.32 KB, 669x1000, MV5BNzFlMjA0ZmUtZWI0Mi00ZGJkLT…)

Is The Girl On A Train worth it?
I am also looking for this specific movie about a woman eerily becoming a skinwalker of another, and I assumed it was that one, might have mistook something.

No. 1235167

If the internet went down how fast do you think civilisation would collapse?

No. 1235168

The bunny boiler film?

No. 1235170

It has people thinking it's the end of the world when instagram goes down, so…A WEEK tops.

No. 1235171

Ha, fuck sorry.

No. 1235173

If the internet goes down we have no place to post bug porn

No. 1235175

File: 1655920911083.jpg (123.77 KB, 1023x731, flying ant pr0n.jpg)

That just won't do.

No. 1235208

File: 1655921854569.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, bumpdontscroll.png)

No. 1235215

Do insects feel pleasure in mating like we do or is it just like shitting and eating to them? Idk why watching this video gave me chills lol

No. 1235217

Is playing the lottery worth it?

No. 1235227

I had no idea why I thought japanese women would be above that kind of thing

No. 1235239

Prob not but here I am entering into a cash call every week and I swear I ignored the winning call before

No. 1235256

My state has a promotion running where you can download the state lottery app, redeem a code, and get $5.00 free. You can then play games that only require 15cents a play, and win more, then play more games with those winnings.. They are counting on you getting hooked then spending more of your own money. Same with those "we'll match/double your money up to 2k!!" yeah more for me to lose. So it's about as worth it as alcohol and cigarettes it's a vice to feel the excitement of possibility

No. 1235276

Why are French people like… That? You know. Especially French moids, so fucking rapey and pedo-ish, too, it's not a coincidence at this point. Gainsbourg, Polanski, Foucault; exposing kids to sex at an age globally considered taboo like giving 50 Shades a PG-12 rating, the whole Cuties thing - why is French society so accepting of creeps who "stretch the boundaries of love" (diddle kids)? I would love a frenchanon to explain the culture behind these things that are more accepted in French society than most other ones.

No. 1235284


No. 1235288

ayrt and actually it's yellow fever I don't watch anime

No. 1235290

Kek you can always tell when they're newfags

No. 1235344

Do youtube video quality settings also affect the sound quality of the videos? I keep hearing conflicting answers, and I remember quite well that years ago some videos actually had better sound on the 360p option than the 480p option but I don't really notice this anymore with any video (then again more and more recent videos have HD and even 4K options), what was up with that? Did the &fmt=18 or something thing that everyone in the comments said you should add at the end of the URL for better sound quality really actually work?

No. 1235350

I think a lot of Americans do drink too much water lmao, I know lots of non-active people who carry around 64 oz water bottles and drain them, they have to pee like every fifteen minutes. I think it's one of those things where people drink water to "be healthy" rather than just as a normal course of action – it makes them "feel" healthy, even if they're still eating McDonalds and vaping all the time. The same way we'll pay to do cardio at a gym instead of just biking to work on occasion. IMO most people only need to drink water with meals and additionally when they feel thirst, but Americans like to go overboard to feel like we're really doing something for our bodies. It's the same reason we are the largest consumers of supplements – we'll buy a bottle of fiber pills instead of just eating some veggies once in a while lmao. I'm guilty of all these behaviors, and I've observed it in most of my peers.

No. 1235364

>biking to work
>we Americans

Okay I'll just bike down 15 miles of highway yes ma'am

No. 1235370

LMAO ok fair, I know it's not possible for most Americans, it's certainly not possible for me, but I used to live in a very small town and people would still go to the one small gym to use the treadmills instead of bike the short distance to work.

No. 1235385

tbf I live in a cycle country and it's not like a 20 or 30 minute bike ride back and forth gives you much of a workout. A lot of people will still go to the gym after commuting by bike.

No. 1235404

I'm not arguing about whether we do or do not drink "too much" water. I'm just saying that it's funny to see non-americans be like "All Americans drink is soda! They never drink water" and other non-Americans be like "They drink too much water! How dare they!". Like either way, what we do is bad or a negative stereotype. Like I said, I just like seeing the assumptions because a lot of the time I think they are very off. Also, there's nothing wrong with using a treadmill nonna.

No. 1235412

veggies don't do shit for my shits

No. 1235420

I was just posting my anecdote, I agree that the assumptions are funny to see sometimes.

No. 1235423

I get mad if I think about sex too long especially when animals have traumatizing versions of it. Like why the fuck sex even have to happen at all? Why do we need 2 sexes even in plants why can’t everything just be complete enough to reproduce on its own like idk a sponge or whatever. Or why does it have to be mashing body parts and fluids together it could be any other thing, the universe needs to get some god damn imagination. It’s shit like this that makes me wonder if the Abrahamic God really is real because only he would be a big enough douchebag to create this reality

No. 1235464

I annually do a Konmari style purge of my possessions. It's best to be mindful and not buy stuff you don't need to begin with, but if you do, buy high quality instead of cheap junk on amazon. I save money by living in a very small studio apartment, and because I am minimalist it's clean and comfy and I keep it very tidy.

For digital clutter, it drives me insane how quickly things become obsolete, so for example I still have my old router and old phone hanging around. I try not to buy gadgets. My laptop takes care of everything I need. Excessive cords and tech junk drive me insane. Society teaches us how to buy new stuff but never how to get rid of old stuff. Plus our needs evolve over time. Another issue is you buy something and it's okay but not great, or shoes that are slightly uncomfortable but still wearable. So you keep them around because it's okay enough for the time being, and eventually you buy another to see if it is better. Soon you have 10 pairs of shoes, all of which are uncomfortable in unique ways. I wish I could just have 1 pair which would actually be comfortable and functional.

No. 1235473

Tampa is mostly safe. There are some areas that are bad, but the waterfont and tourist area are nice. the bigger issue is they don't have public transportation so getting to the beach means a car rental or expensive hour long lyft. They have a reputation for high crime, but it's all concentrated in predictable areas/situations. Although there are old boomer moids on the beaches who predate on young women. Just scream loudly and get him arrested.

No. 1235474

Late so don't know if you still want to know, but I'm the same and my dermatologist said she has seen that in many women so it's not just you

No. 1235529

NTA Just don’t hang out after dark in shitty areas. If you need to cross dark parking lots at night bring a knife in your pocket and flashing it is enough to get the creeps to fuck off normally. If you’re near a Save a lot. You’re in the wrong area Noni.

No. 1235568

I wanna add to this that you should never ever tell a moid that tries to talk to you that you are visiting/on vacation, it basically spells out "I have no one waiting on me to make sure I get back safely and I don't know the area" which makes you a target. I know a girl who was kidnapped in Miami after letting a guy know she was on vacation alone.

No. 1235583

How about just "don't talk to moids when you are paying $1000 to take a vacation for a week and want to relax on a beach, not babysit some moid's ego."

No. 1235651

Nonnas I have to have a wisdom tooth removed and I have never had any kind of dental procedure or surgery done before, I am terrified, I would rather give birth again, pls give me advice

No. 1235690

Don't be scared anon. I haven't had my wisdom teeth removed yet but I have had 2 teeth removed and a root canal, and both were painless I've actually had cavity fillings that hurt more than those procedures. The vibrations from the drill are uncomfortable and can be confused for some pain, but it's nothing unbearable. Your wisdom tooth removal probably won't be that painful as long as your dentist numbs you up. The needle they use to numb you is always the worst part and honestly I would recommend bringing something to squeeze for that. If it does hurt, ask for more. Most importantly, be honest. Tell your dentist that you're scared and have never had a dental procedure done. They will try to ease your nerves and reduce your discomfort as much as possible.
An anon here a while ago said that she likes to listen to industrial music while getting dental work done because it helps with the sound of the drill. Maybe try that. Anyway, just remember that 2 weeks of discomfort and pain will be worth not having to keep them. Good luck anonna. It will probably hurt a lot less than giving birth kek

No. 1235716

I got all my wisdom teeth removed in one go and the anesthetic they used was so strong that I have literally no memory of the procedure, my only memories are of walking into the office and then waking up at home kek. After that there was some discomfort as it healed but I have low pain tolerance and even I didn't find it that bad. You'll be fine anon, it sucks to get stuff like that done but the anticipation is the worst part.

No. 1235724

I was asleep for mine

No. 1235732

I also went under for mine. Are you getting gassed or will you just be numbed?
The after care is a bit of the pain. You will be swollen for a bit and have to eat soft foods and be careful with anything involving sucking, like straws, so you don't dry out the wound. Painkillers are also provided for this time. A follow up will be done to clean up any debris from the wounds and then they'll usually give you a water syringe to do cleaning yourself as it fully heals.

No. 1235748

I was awake for my removal, but I was completely numbed and could only feel a strange pressure when the tooth was pulled out and had to not eat using that side of my mouth if I could help it and keep in a cotton ball for a few hours to stop the bleeding. Nothing to worry about unless your teeth have grafted to the bone as can happen with older age (post 20s) or they haven't fully come out yet.

No. 1235751

Getting a tooth pulled is not that bad (I've had 7 at this point and was awake for all of them) it's pretty fast actually. The more infected the tooth is the worse it will be. It's more the healing process that's difficult (you don't want a dry socket - when the blood clot in the hole where your tooth was gets dislodged). Just follow your dentist's aftercare, they'll probably prescribe you prescription strength ibuprofen or acetaminophen for the pain. Root canals are way, way worse to get done imo.

No. 1235776

Why do men say "I'm sorry" but fail to acknowledge what they did wrong or say their feelings are hurt? Starting to feel like a band-aid

No. 1235838

what does this even mean

No. 1235843

To sidestep accountability in the hopes the apologies and squirming get them out of it just like when they were little shits as kids.

No. 1235855

have any anons tried hairloss foam with success? i think my hair is just naturally on the thinner side but i have baby hairs from buns because of work and i dont know if i should try the foam or a different hair product

No. 1235860

Yes, every time I have used it, it has worked well.
Definitely make sure to patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin and don't exfoliate or shave your skin immediately before using it or it will sting.
I really don't like the smell of it which is the main reason I don't use it more regularly so be prepared for a strong chemical smell.

No. 1235871

babyhairs are cute

No. 1235888

non-americans, what kinds of salad dressing or dressing recipes do you use?

No. 1235914

I rarely eat salad with dressing.

No. 1235929

do you add lemon and olive oil or anything? or you just eat a bed of greens completely raw with nothing on it?

No. 1235938

Just olive oil and salt

No. 1235957

I have to ask, do you specify non-Americans because burger salad dressings are high calorie sludge kek

No. 1235973

yes i did, kek
tbh that's still putting something on your salad for moisture/taste, just not specifically a salad dressing. thank you though.

No. 1235989

File: 1655968661106.gif (8.23 MB, 320x568, F3AD0737-4EEA-48AC-B5A5-718211…)

This has got to be fake right? I mean there is no seeds and no way it just looks too good to be real

No. 1235990

>she doesn't know seedless tangerines exist

No. 1236011

it looks so juicy

No. 1236019

Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper.

No. 1236027

The virality of these videos has actually had me thinking that some people might be injecting the oranges with fluid just to make more of them.
With that being said, there probably definitely are oranges naturally that juicy. Something in me just wants to believe that. Also, seedless fruits exist.

No. 1236032

Mayo, salt, and pepper

No. 1236036

Samefag, but I've also had really juicy oranges from grocery stores, like cara cara oranges. Not as juicy as those obviously, but I'm sure oranges similar to it exist somewhere.

No. 1236037

Idk I think it should squirt much more if it were naturally that juicy but it just flows like from a tap. If the cells are so full of fluid they should send it flying high velocity when they burst from squeezing.

No. 1236041

Yeah, I'm not saying the ones in that particular video are natural (that was the point of saying people might be faking it) but I think there could be oranges like that.

No. 1236043

Okay this is an entirely different convo than what I thought it would be while skimming the front page

No. 1236067

Is there a list of apps and other things on windows 10 that are unnecessary/should be uninstalled to make my laptop run faster? I'm not entirely sure what some of them do so I don't want to accidentally uninstall something important.

No. 1236087

The term you're looking for is bloatware, Google that and you'll see a lot of opinions. Just remember to backup before you start uninstalling things in case something breaks

No. 1236095

Is it still possible in 2022 to earn through ads on websites you created?

No. 1236096

Yes, especially if you commit to it and make sure to keep Amazon and other affiliate links fresh, write good content for it regularly, and basically treat it like a part time job you keep optimising. you can't just dump your nudes on blogspot and hope for the best anymore

No. 1236100

File: 1655978421119.jpg (438.18 KB, 1129x1997, Screenshot_20220623-115742_Sam…)

Reminds me of this reddit post:


They probably destroyed a lot of oranges to make that video.

No. 1236114

No. 1236136

Probably yes on some level. But then again some creatures have bonkers ways of reproducing, like male spiders have extra "legs" so they can move their sperm into the (much larger) female spiders opening. I can't imagine that being anything but dull for both of them. And then the female eats the male kek

No. 1236238

I feel like I asked this already but what’s a summerfag? Are they like underaged newfag teenagers who are off on the summer so they’re able to shit up the threads even more?

No. 1236251

Summerfags are younger users who don’t commonly use the board and shit up threads, break rules, and refuse to integrate and are only here because school is out and the retards have more time till they go back in fall. Once that happens they disappear till the great fucking return of the summerfags

No. 1236252

They also commonly angle for validation and try to get clap backs for no fucking reason. Not realizing none of us give a shit and they should just not.

No. 1236261

Oh so I was right kek, thanks anon. I’ve noticed a lot of them, I think there should be heavy moderation in the celebricows thread in particular because zoomers only tend to care about consoomer crap and what ugly outfit a celebrity is wearing or unfounded rumors. There’s a lot of minors in that thread and you can tell by their brain damage from the constant McDonald munching and lack of communicative/logic skills, I wouldn’t be surprised if the moid that’s been spamming porn, gore and racial slurs is a summerfag, they can be incredibly depraved individuals.

No. 1236288

>I wouldn’t be surprised if the moid that’s been spamming porn, gore and racial slurs is a summerfag,

He is a troon that found out about this site because of the rachel thread on snow/.
Her thread has brought alot of troons here……

No. 1236295

Is it worth buying a used car now? My dad is shilling that as an idea, but the "best" deal I have right now is a 2010 car with 55k mileage for 9k. Everything else is more expensive. He bought a car with 65k mileage for 4k, but that was 12 years ago. I want to buy used, but I feel like the market is awful right now. I don't even want to buy, but my car got rear ended while stopped at a light and it's totaled. There's new cars being sold for 17-20k right now that would suit my needs. I hate to think of paying off a car, I've never had to pay off anything before and it stresses me out so much which is why I'm thinking of going used. But my boyfriend is saying I will regret it due to the fact all the cars I can buy for less than 10k are older than 10 years even if they have decent mileage. I'd really appreciate some insight here.

No. 1236324

55k is almost nothing on 10+ year old car. I know $20k might not seem like a lot for a brand new car, but that's over twice what you're paying for a used car and insurance rates are going to be higher, so you might find payments difficult to make. If you have $9k in pocket and the used car doesn't have any significant issues (which can be difficult to ascertain tbf) then go with that. This is just personal opinion but I always buy used, there's no reason to go ona payment plan or take out a loan on a brand new car if you can afford an older car outright or pay it off in a year or two.

No. 1236327

I never thought about insurance rates. Mine are at least $1300 per year since I'm still a "new driver" and my car was used/old. Good advice to chew on. I really don't care about what car I drive, I just want the AC to work.

No. 1236335

new cars are for dummies. buy something 10 years old. if you know a car person (like a horse girl but with cars) talk to them.
speaking from a Burgerland experience, a lot of "affordable" new cars are a bunch of plastic and easily totaled upon a collision.
plus, if you buy a hunk of junk, you can customize it anyway you want and not worry about the resale value. drive that baby 'til it gives out and then it's scrapyard money.

No. 1236370

All the mechanics I know personally who are family members are saying to buy new. I keep on seeing a lot of conflicting information and I really just want to cry and be alone. I hate this. I wish my car could just be fixed and I wouldn't have to deal with people treating me like an idiot on either end. I don't care my stupid old car didn't have AC even though I live in a desert, I just hate this stress. Everyone has an opinion and I just want to be left alone. My boyfriend is super pressing me to buy new and he says I'm a sucker if I buy used. I wish I had my shitty car back. They will haul it away tomorrow. Fuck my life.

No. 1236382

Unless the car is a piece of shit. 10 year old cars have most of the basline amenities new cars have. Buying new appeals to young people because a lot of banks won't loan unless the car is >5 years old and generally they don't have enough cash on hand for a $5-9k vehicle, but if you have to put down $4k on a new car then make payments for 5+ years it eats into you ability to save. That's just the financial aspect.
A good used car, if it came from someone who regularly serviced it or took it to a mechanic, will have a record attached to the VIN you can look up so you can usually anticipate what is/will be wrong with it. That plus the fact that the model has been on the road for a decade already means there's information available about common problems. With brand new cars you don't have the benefit of this information.

No. 1236389

Anon don't stress too much. This is honestly a hard decision especially since it sounds like its your first time buying a car on your own. Mechanics would probably see the benefit of a new car without the financial considerations, which I think is always going to be the limiting factor for most people. Don't let your boyfriend bully you about it, little boys get insecure about cars for some reason and like to pretend they know everything when they don't. Is your dad helping you pay for it? If so, I would honestly go with his help over others since he probably has a good idea of what your financial situation is like (and probably knows more than your bf).

No. 1236392

Are binaural beats actually effective or is it a placebo, or does it not work at all?

No. 1236429

Yes. I would rather not have to pay for 5 years and be stuck. I do have the money to pay for 5k-10k, fortunately.
I am paying for it on my own. Thank you for the sympathy. I have contacted my brothers for separate opinions as well. I wish all of this were over. My boyfriend is the only one who knows my full financial situation as I am not in contact with my family for the most part. My dad does shady stuff like claim me as a dependent even though I don't live with him, he "fixed" my car with all these cheap cheap cheap China parts that ultimately ended with me having to get my car fixed more often, offered to pay my medical bills but would not pay then until they went to collections resulting in me paying for them anyway, etc. He is well meaning, but often doesn't help me out in the long run, hence all my confusion and difficulty with knowing what to do. I'm confident if I bought a used car I wouldn't mess it up the way my dad did to mine and I'd do maintainence (something he never did) regularly so it'd last longer. I'm just stressed because I don't know how to make my boyfriend see that I don't care about a ~ nice ~ car, I just need something with AC that will drive me from point A to point B that I will keep nice.

No. 1236435

Sorry, I assumed from your posts you were young and maybe living with your dad, but that makes sense. What’s the deal with your bf, is he helping you look for cars, going with you etc.? Can you tell him that you would rather just pay what you can afford instead of getting locked into financing or loans? Is there one solid person you can talk to instead of asking all your male family members for their opinions? It kind of sounds like you know what you want for yourself (1. not paying for 5 years, 2. something reliable with AC; both totally valid and meetable criteria even if the used car market is inflated rn) and by polling all these men you’re just creating mental anguish lol

No. 1236437

I was in the same position as you three years ago Noni. Take a deep breathe and look at the breakdown of things to consider:
>Initial investment:
How much you need to have in hand to have the car now?
A down payment on a new car might be lower than buying a nicer used car without a loan. Unless you were considering a used car with a loan?
Where do you plan on buying from? Used cars in full go at car auctions for cheap. Bought a working AC with new tires and 80,000 miles that way for 500 in cash. So try there.
New cars typically have two models. A regular and a deluxe. Deluxe normally has shit like automatic windows (but the motor does so is it really a benefit) and getting the standard or factory is normally 2-7 grand cheaper.
>reliability and repairs.
How likely is it to need parts? Are the tires brand new if the car is used? What kind of oil does it take? That can change your maintenance cost.

No. 1236438

File: 1656010779796.jpg (57.51 KB, 680x736, 1609317717986.jpg)

I have a silly question ! If God were to put all lolcow farmers together in a room where we had to create a successful buisness, what do you think it would be ? I had this idea because I keep seeing nonnies mention having all sorts of different jobs and I started wondering how it would feel to work in the same company ! Anyway, I'm deeply unemployed kek

No. 1236444

idk probably a screen-printing business

No. 1236448

Private investigation, web development, something art/craft related, and probably scams of some kind.

No. 1236459

A marketing company, I would work in the cafeteria

No. 1236466

File: 1656012708250.png (315.03 KB, 517x456, a3dfd41889e96303baa68330cb0b36…)

farm. take care of our basic needs and shut away from the world. with greed you will never be content (successful).

No. 1236471

We would run a farm and sell dairy in winter and some mermelade sometime in the summer

No. 1236472

I'd like to imagine my local farmers market but with crackhead nonnies instead

No. 1236477

Really asking for (rather, because of) a friend; 19 and 24, worrisome or okay? It's her who's the younger one, of course.

No. 1236480

Ew, it’s not okay and you know it.

No. 1236482

I'm gonna get yelled at but it depends, if she's mature and he's immature it can work, but usually it's worrisome. If she's the type who's impressionable or can't stand up for herself, naive etc. the get her tf out ofc.

No. 1236484

it’s fine anon

No. 1236486

How did they meet? I used to have a crush and went out with a guy that age (19&24) but we met through mutual friends and he was decent. He was closer to 23 though than 24, and I was closer to 20 than 19. Bestfriends brothers friend. She knew he was decent too and he did too. Anyone else if be concerned though. Plus we knew each other for 3 years.
If they just met online or randomly it's weird though and red flag.

No. 1236494

>by polling all these men you’re just creating mental anguish lol
You are so right, I need to can that since it doesn't seem to be doing me any favors.

No. 1236509

do not buy a new car

No. 1236721

Scared of the dentist nonny here lmao

thanks you guys i actually feel a lot better after reading your replies. I have to go to the hospital for the removal but the dentist said I'll only get a local anaesthetic - I've had like a "twilight sedation" (some sort of benzo I presume?) before for a gynaecological procedure and I am going to request it again, because I barely remember a thing from that. I have to have it removed because it isn't fully through my gum but it needs a filling, so it's easier to just remove it apparently, pretty sure it's been pushing its way through for about 10 years lol

No. 1236801

I kind of want to get a wrist tattoo but I do dishes almost everyday at work and my forearms usually get submerged. Can I get a tattoo or will it mess up the healing?

No. 1236812

I want shelves in my bedroom but would it be bad to install them now, then remove them sometime in the future to paint my walls, and then reinstall the shelves using the same holes? Would they be weaker or anything? When I say in the future I mean in like 10+ years when I inherit my parents apartment but am not in a place to paint the walls right now.

No. 1236828

Yeah you have to keep it covered while it heals so I thiink being wrist deep in dishwater won't do you any favors. Also idk about wrists but I know hands are a high water-she area for tattoos and they don't last as long period

No. 1236835

Are secondhand clothing stores good and which are best? My city has goodwill (hit and miss), buffalo exchange (gimmicky edgy clown clothes mostly, might be my local demo), plato's closet (long bus commute, never been), crossroads trading (never been), and various consignment stores. They also have a bunch of small (new clothing) boutiques. I've only bought at goodwill, malls, and stuff like marshalls and ross. I hate online shopping because I can't try them on first. Which places are good?

No. 1236882

really depends on your area and the area of the store

No. 1236903

Has anyone ever tossed the salad or had their salad tossed? Does ass taste good?

No. 1236904

File: 1656031807025.png (347.66 KB, 1080x731, Screenshot_20220623-173933.png)

Why do so much more moids live at home with their parents?

No. 1236908

Maleness is parasitism. They resort back to their mothers in the absence of a female “partner.”

No. 1236914

social rejects usually stay at home, and men are more likely to be social rejects.

social normie women are more motivated to move out in order to freely socialize and not have their parents in their business, compared to social normie men who culturally have more freedom to bring gfs over or go out late at night.

No. 1236915

Platos has mostly teen trendy clothes that are cheap like forever21, shein, other china made. Only once did I find a store with better quality from Plato's. They're picky in buying too. Buffalo is good but the ones here have gotten so bad they started filling stores with bulk bought cheap y2k theme clothes. They're the most expensive on the list. Savers is better quality than Goodwill usually but savers is a for profit while Goodwill I believe isnt. Both of them still dont have fitting rooms open here so I'd recommend wearing a tight shirt with shorts to try things over your clothes. Savers does % off certain color tags each day like Goodwill but savers also does 50% off everything every monday. I end up going to the local thrift stores that are super cheap 0.25-5 an item or savers and goodwill.

No. 1236916

there is nothing wrong with living with your parents
forcing your kid out at 18 is fucked, they didn't ask to be born

No. 1236918

pretty much. moids don't even know how to do their laundry, cook food, or brush their teeth. they claim to be superior to us, but they can't even survive on their own. also moids can't afford rent because they spend all their money on pornography and video games.

No. 1236919

I think it feels really good, but I realized I immediately lose respect for the person who did it, so I don't engage.

No. 1236924

This. The whole leave at 18 is largely an Anglo ideal. Most retarded part of modern society imo especially with how expensive the cost of living is in burgerland

No. 1236927

Ayrt. I knew someone would say this so I should have put a clause or whatever. I don't think anything is wrong with still living with your parents over 18. I'm only curious about the significant amount of men living at home vs women

No. 1236930

i would guess that women often marry men and move out even without having jobs/assets while men obviously don't because that isn't normalized for them

No. 1236933

File: 1656033615335.png (55.14 KB, 200x123, Schermafbeelding 2022-06-24 om…)

Why do so many mothers in movies have this hair color? The mom in a clockwork orange has it too (but tbf everyone in that movie looks weird, this screen is from Natural Born Killers though)

No. 1236948

no, i was her and the age gap is small in the grand scheme of things sure, but realistically this just opens a lot of doors for things like intellect and maturity to be used as a tool/weapon against her and i would never put it past a man to do this. there is a lot of growth between the ages of 19-24. ultimately it cant be helped by anyone but you should try to explain her this

No. 1236951

>social normie women are more motivated to move out in order to freely socialize and not have their parents in their business, compared to social normie men who culturally have more freedom to bring gfs over or go out late at night
I’ve noticed this too. Most of the guys I know who still live with their parents have a lot of freedom, their parents aren’t constantly in their business asking where they’re going, who they’re with, who’s coming over, expecting them to clean or cook, etc. Most women I know who have moved out said they got zero privacy at home and were expected to do a lot of housework.

No. 1236953

There was a trend for older women to put blue rinse in their hair to improve on the grey color but when it wasn't done properly it would turn their hair blue or straight up purple.

No. 1236963

do normies associate chokers with being a bdsm/prostitute thing, or is that just terminally online coomers? i've heard that, along with people saying they look childish or super 90's? i look cute in them and i like them more than regular necklaces

No. 1236964

How old is ‘too old’ to watch Power Rangers, even if it’s for nostalgic purposes? Asking for a friend

No. 1236965


never too old nonnie

No. 1236966

No. 1236969

When I think of chokers, I think of those stretchy black ones from the 90s that all the girls wore. I don’t think any regular person would care unless you’re dressed head to toe in BDSM-looking clothes.

No. 1236972

What are your favourite threads and why? And what are your least favourite threads?

No. 1236974

I pretty much only check the mtf thread and /ot/ now, sometimes check in on certain cow threads but all the cows I like are dry and the threads are full of retarded newfag nitpickers

No. 1236979

chokers exist amongst rich white people in the 1500s-1800s so it’s a fashion trend that has existed for a long time. the only thing coomer about it is the ones that look like dog collars that are worn by DDLG egirls or BDSM handmaidens

No. 1236982

What about 30+?

No. 1236991

i'm bi but i actually love the lesbian thread on /g/ when it's chill and not being trolled. and as someone who almost trooned i find the ftm thread pretty cathartic if a little repetitive at times.

No. 1237002

I'm always checking threads where farmers are the ones on show. Unpopular opinions, vent thread, stupid questions, the husbando threads and advice threads. There's always something about the fact that women can just say anything here that makes me happy, even when they're infighting or sperging or just plain shitposting. I could never say irl what I post here and I don't doubt for other women it's the same.

No. 1237021

File: 1656039397632.gif (190.89 KB, 333x200, 200.gif)

Controversial current events threads. I'm always up in those typing away

No. 1237029

thanks nonnies

No. 1237068

File: 1656043666787.png (1.13 MB, 824x1000, US-Ortho-Home-Defense-Insect-K…)

Does anyone know ANYTHING that seriously helps get rid of house spiders. I recently moved and my new place is absolutely crawling with them. The first couple days I figured whatever, it was an empty house so when I saw the first couple I knew to expect it but every day I kill at least 1, if not 5 like I did today. It's been like 3 months, I've used pesticides like picrel and it just doesnt fucking stop. I've never lived somewhere with this many spiders, I'd like to handle it myself without getting my landlord involved but it's getting bad. Please tell me someone knows SOMETHING that works. I just want to live in peace not constantly having to be vigilant for these creepy bastards jfc.

No. 1237075

A house lizard.

No. 1237080

any anons got any tips for grieving the loss of a pet? first time going through it. tougher than i thought

No. 1237090

what kind of spiders are they? this will help me figure out what will work

No. 1237094

don’t feel guilty or weird about grieving, first. Second, I tend to go through their pictures or talk about them after, I don’t know if it actually helps or if it’s just a tradition but i remember my mom doing it with out childhood dog and cat. She was probably just trying to cheer me up, looking back on it… I don’t know. I’m sorry about your pet anon, that shit hurts.

No. 1237096

When I go to and leave work, at least half of the commuting people in cars and public transportation are women. When I go to some cultural programme, it's like 90% women there. When I go out into town, it's like 80% women. When I go to the park or the gym to work out, it's still majority women. Did men get meme'd into video games so hard they stopped interacting with the outside world altogether?

No. 1237103

I dunno unironically maybe they’re working

No. 1237105

Actually I take it back
Maybe you’re in a weird reality loop where it’s mostly women

No. 1237108

Yeah, but I also barely see them while commuting. Unless they're all nightshift metalworkers now or something.

No. 1237117

After work, men go disappear in those dark sports betting places / casinos that are on every corner to waste their hard earned money away.

No. 1237119

I see men out all the time and now the unemployed ones are commiting more and more violent crimes in the day time like it's gta irl

No. 1237128

my city has been a sausagefest historically, in the 1850s or whatever it was 85% moid. most of the people who move here continue to be moids. where is this mystical lady land lol

No. 1237135

A guy I'm seeing has mentioned passingly that he had to go for a checkup and they found that he is low in phosphates and I Googled and the main cause for low phosphate is…alcohol abuse? The other possible issue is starvation, but he doesn't look like he's starving. His dad was an alcoholic, so it could have been passed on? He drank sometimes when we hung out but he doesn't seem to be the drunkard type

No. 1237156

Mostly medium sized house spiders, there are occasionally smaller ones but tbh they don’t bother me as much. if I lay eyes on a brown recluse or wolf spider I will torch this place to the ground I stg

No. 1237165

There are actually a lot of other causes for that (like low vitamin D which is pretty common), I wouldn’t necessarily jump to alcoholism immediately. However, a lot of functioning alcoholics are really really good at hiding it. Alcohol dependence doesn’t mean you’re sloppy drunk all the time, a lot of alcoholics have regular jobs, families, etc.

No. 1237169

thank you anon. your reply means a lot to me

No. 1237186

I don't have any advice but my dog got put down a month ago and it was one of the hardest things I've gone through. I had a cat when I was a kid that had to get put down and I was very upset at the time but that was almost 20 years ago and I hardly remember it. As for my dog it's so fucking sad to walk through the house and see his toys laying around and the blanket he used and the places he laid while he was sick and dying. I go back and forth between feeling sad and feeling empty inside, but mostly I just feel empty. Also my OCD relapsed really bad after he died. I kind of want another dog but I know eventually the same thing will happen and I don't want to go through that again. Honestly sometimes it doesn't even feel like he's really gone and I think deep down I haven't accepted it yet.

My therapist suggested looking at his pictures a few minutes every day and cry if I need to and it helps ease the pain. I haven't been doing it because I don't think it will work but it's something to try I guess.

No. 1237193

File: 1656059109482.jpeg (211.36 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

idk why but I am obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog again. I haven't been into the series for like 20 years. does this mean I have autism?

No. 1237195

The fact that you neglected sonic for twenty years says.. no

No. 1237197

dunno but this is by far the best sonic game good taste noni

No. 1237199

Dae sort of forget…to breathe properly sometimes? And only take these shallow breaths? I noticed I only feel my lungs properly after exercise, and if I skip it for several days it's as if my lungs couldn't extend properly

No. 1237233

Depends, which games do you like specifically? Fuck I want to replay SA2 so bad.

No. 1237239

My cat just threw up multiple times and while I'm trying to clean it up I always end up coughing and gagging almost to the point of throwing up myself. Is there anything I can do to help this? I can't tolerate seeing vomit or people/animals throwing up. My citys streets are covered in vomit and it makes me ill just walking through them.

No. 1237251

Yes, but I'm an anxious person. Stress prevents you from breathing deeply unless you're mindful about it

No. 1237261

File: 1656070156777.png (52.86 KB, 239x230, giii.PNG)

I have a painful pimple on my butt, should I attempt popping it? Any advice on that?

No. 1237273

File: 1656071320236.jpg (579.73 KB, 1440x1795, 1655170268172.jpg)

Anyone know any recommendations for really good longform articles?

I have read some really good about various crimes, but I find it hard to find about anything else or even where to look for articles like that.

No. 1237290

They Came in Through the Bathroom Mirror
A Murder in the Projects by Steve Bogira.

Probably not a long form article on it’s own but there’s other articles about the crime and living conditions of in the 90’s projects that should be read together to get the whole picture. Really fascinating stuff, I feel so morally corrupt saying that but it is!


No. 1237302

Will check it out, thanks!

No. 1237319

I would lol but maybe it’s better to just put some spot treatment on it

No. 1237323

samefag, it seems to be a cyst I will not touch it any further fml

No. 1237347

Is there any kind of irl counterculture left? I was thinking about it and the only ones I could come up with were on imageboards kek.

No. 1237356

The SS talks about 30-34 year olds, not 18 year olds.

No. 1237357

terfism and radfems (although calling them a counterculture makes it seem like they exist just for the sake of being counterculture, nevertheless being these things is counter-cultural), incel culture to some extent, neofolk is all i can come up with.

No. 1237358

pro ana communities? Unless the wannarexics tookover.

No. 1237373

am i retarded?

No. 1237381

What's with all the kissing in older novels? I know of several novels, all from different countries, too, England, Japan and Russia, just to name a few, where there's more than just one passage that goes like "I wouldn't have even dared kissing her", "I bet you wouldn't even kiss me!", "Now come here and kiss me", with none of these situations being romantic at all. Thinking back on it, iirc it were all situation with some kind of power imbalance between at least two characters. Was kissing seen as some sign of respect or something? All the novels are from 18XX to 1950 by the latest.

No. 1237389

Kissing was much bigger and more serious declaration than it is now, IDK the context but in old romance novels like that it's usually the case.

No. 1237411

I just want to hear your sweet and tender voice nonita

No. 1237610

File: 1656088345306.jpg (16.72 KB, 400x400, 7efbb77499f38a16858ecb7ed5063f…)

Central/Eastern Europe anons, is my country the only one who stopped getting as much sriracha supplies as before? The prices on them got increased twice and the only places where I can find them now are a few asian shops.

No. 1237617

I think the EU banned an ingredient in Sriracha, that's why there is issues

No. 1237682

wasn't it because there's some chili crisis, there's shortages everywhere

No. 1237766

Should I gain weight again or just enjoy my new pancake nips nonnies? I lost about 45lbs between highschool and early 20s and my boobs are looking kind of deflated and sad. Or is there any way to help this without surgery? From a DD to Bish.

No. 1237770

File: 1656092350174.jpeg (145.28 KB, 640x799, 7703E8DB-B5A6-450A-90EA-7D2FE5…)

Trying to be friends with a girl that’s cool. How often should I text to her so that we get close but without seeming desperate? Our schedules are different so we can’t talk irl all that much. Met her 2 days ago. She has been replying to me every time I’ve messaged her so far. The last time I texted her was yesterday

No. 1237772

Improve your posture and do some chest flys

No. 1237774

Samenon but my nipple used to be in proportion and now it's like ).( Instead of when they were (.) . Maybe I'm being vain? I'm self conscious now

No. 1237779

Tysm nona! I'm trying my hardest with posture but I didn't even consider chest exercises until you mentioned. Thank you so much nonita

No. 1237878

File: 1656094791118.webm (1.51 MB, 320x362, spinning.webm)

What is the dude in the beginning saying? also what language is that?

warning that the audio is kinda loud

No. 1237974

File: 1656096932031.jpg (58.92 KB, 750x1133, f70b729ea935b7b0baef67622ad296…)

What's the big deal with doodles/doodle mixes? I understand people may not like mix breeds in general because they can be unpredictable and some dogs are needed for certain purposes, but why do doodles get shit talked so much?

No. 1237997

It's russian language.
The quote is from Maxim Galkin (one of the early 2000s 'stars', he was always memed on, one of the people who yeeted out of russia the second the war started)
It says
'…that's called (the name of the video, its from a super old TV show where they would bring people who got popular on russian-speaking YouTube) Disco of the 90s! 500 000 views!'
The audio from this TikTok is from vidrel

No. 1238009

File: 1656097481772.png (28.99 KB, 247x243, 040a49b277_8b00c48b_250.png)

BASED thank u anon, that was very interesting ♥

No. 1238011

Nta you're responding too but that's really cool and I love LC for the fact people can share things like this. I was so curious I accidentally changed my google home into arabic trying to language detect which it was lol.

No. 1238029

File: 1656097860171.jpg (14.92 KB, 500x263, s-l500.jpg)

yw nonnie! Thank YOU for showing me this cute cow and making my evening brighter.
Me too, I love discovering new things about other places! (Especially if they are not too negative). I understand why you would choose that, I would be confused too and assume it's some romanian or something. TikTok have always been popular in Russia, long before it named itself to TikTok actually, back when it was music.ally, but that's probably because we all grew up under Chinese, Korean and Japanese goods, media and whatnot. In my homeland you are pretty much born a weeb.

No. 1238039

I think it's mainly because of the 'designer dog' shit where people pay ridiculous amounts of money for them. Also mixed breeds aren't officially registered breeds, so the breeders are under no obligation to meet health requirements (i.e. testing for presence of any genetic conditions) the way that pure-bred dog breeders are. So a lot of doodles are at much higher risk for health issues compared to a similar pure-bred dog but they sell for just as much or even more, I imagine there's big issues with backyard breeding for them because of that. I had a golden retriever/poodle mix from a shelter in the past, he was a lovely dog with no behavioural issues but he ended up with a lot of health problems.

No. 1238052

because "dog people" are bougie fucks who think only breeding dogs to a standard made by an elite club and then selling them with limited rights for thousands of dollars is normal and fine, but mixing them is akin to murdering puppies

No. 1238287

I’m afraid to ask but what’s a glowie?

No. 1238384

No. 1238391

Shitposting term for falseflagging shills/agencies with ulterior motives, coined by schizophrenic terry davis in his rants.

No. 1238413

Is there a name for tea connoisseurs/collectors?. Need this information to further my headcanons about one of my husbandos.

No. 1238434

A term for people anons believe to be undercover agents masquerading as imageboard users to gain information. They were, and still are on other sites, called "glowniggers" but for obvious reasons that term isn't used here, so it's glowie instead.

No. 1238532

When you kiss/makeout with a partner is it normal to just use lips and no tongue? I don't mean pecks, I mean long kisses where you're horny on the couch or something. I'm a perma virgin obviously so I was curious since I assume tongue is hotter/the go-to

No. 1238556

Oh thanks! I’m not a newfag, I just never cared to know before now kek

No. 1238572

A long kiss with just lips would be weird and get boring fast, men also seem to like the, er, penetration aspect of inserting their tongue in your mouth, so I've never experienced a long lips-only kiss, but if done properly tongue usage makes it more interesting

No. 1238576

Samefag, Sorry for the comphet-ness of my reply, I can't speak for how women kiss other women unfortunately in case you were looking for that information

No. 1238802

lemme pull a ben sharpenerino

>let’s say, hypothetically, i was 18 and the person i mutually like is 25

>this person is really good at running a long way, has so many interesting stories, seems so cool
>always nice to me
feel like this person likes me a little for my background/features/nationality due to the media entertainment they like
>would prefer someone my own age but i feel well meshed and understood. But i don’t know if we would relate so well
Is it worth it?

No. 1238820

I found out a guy I had a little crush on is actually 18yo, I'm 21…that actually explains why I found him so juvenile at times, is 18-21 that big of an age gap, psychologically speaking?

No. 1238840

Yes. Pedo.

No. 1238858

Age + spoiler? No.

No. 1238859

Understandable, I will now proceed to cut all contact and then kill myself

No. 1238867

Not really, but it's very concerning if he lied about his age.

No. 1238871

Nah he didn't lie, he just assumed I was younger and I assumed he was older kek

No. 1239073

the fact that you have to ask says enough

No. 1239344

Bumping this. Now that I think about it, are there even people that are super into tea and teaware? Like they treat it as a hobby and there are even communities for tea enjoyers? You see stuff like that all the time with coffee, but not tea.

No. 1239348

Today I was the closest I've ever been in my life to an east asian person and it was surprising how uncanny valley their face looks up close. Like an alien's, I hope this doesn't sound racist I promise I'm not trying to be. Now I'm just wondering, do we look just as weird to them too?

No. 1239351

Do you live in a fucking cave, or are you Amish?

No. 1239353

There's just no asian people where I live

No. 1239361

I don't have an answer for OP but I do think there is, speaking as someone who really likes tea and has always wanted to collect teaware (but I don't for lack of space) kek. There's probably communities out there. Tea is super diverse, plus you've got traditional tea ceremony and shit surrounding it too. My family has a chinese tea set and I plan on getting my own when I move out.

No. 1239362

>everyone on internet is an american

No. 1239365

yes apparently being a eurofag means you get to be racist against asians, jfc kys

No. 1239368

Take your meds.

No. 1239391

She talks like she's been living in a very sheltered environment her whole life to an extreme extent, like what's next, is she surprised to see black people?

No. 1239394

Anon, there are a lot of people that have gone their entire lives without seeing either. It's just a matter of where they're located and who visits/lives there, or if that person has traveled.

No. 1239410

I'm the OP (the ayrt)! I've been looking at tea subreddits, the little world of tea drinkers is actually pretty interesting.

No. 1239425

Still, it's weird to describe them as aliens, and like they're nearly inhuman.

No. 1239426

lmao please, she speaks english and has the internet. Why would she need to meet Asian people irl to realise what she said was nasty and retarded? She's no doubt seen many pictures of asians and knows perfectly well what racism is, yet she still chose to come here and say they look like aliens.

No. 1239432

She could be any non-Asian race. Why do you assume she is not black?

No. 1239470

Is there some cheat code to finding out your best angles or am I just ugly af

No. 1239501

how to make friends at the gym? i started taking classes at an mma place (so its not like i'm walking up to people with headphones in just trying to lift) but idk how to start conversations

No. 1239507

What you see in the mirror are the best angles

No. 1239579

But how do you know that person did not look like an alien, you weren't there, it could have been a real alien for all we know.

No. 1239686

What's the point of marriage in the UK, my friends were telling me you don't even get a financial benefit marrying anymore there's no tax credits or blah. Is it just purely for love now cause meh

No. 1239695

do you have anything of value? don't get married in the uk if you do. they don't have prenups except in wales.

No. 1239700

I don't think I will, I was talking to my brother about my step dad and my mum put him on the deeds but she's paid majority of the mortgage and now they're selling to downgrade and my step dad stresses tf out of my mum. Even when my grandmother passed who practically raised me, my step dad got all involved and divided up my grandmother's inheritance with his kids and grandkids. I've had one conversation with my step brothers and have only met some of the grandkids yet they've gained from my family and shit. I think my mum has been fraduded tbh

No. 1239704

yeah your mom definitely got fucked over.

No. 1239708

Especially since she found texts on his phone of him talking to a woman from another town and her asking him when he's going to fuck the life out of her. He's a retired fat police officer who drinks everyday. I think my mum should kick him out not reduce herself to living in a smaller house with him.

No. 1239727

she really should. if not just for her, for her kids. have you asked your mom to not be so spineless?

No. 1239743

How can you check someone's LinkedIn contacts without signing in?

No. 1239760

No, but you can always create a fake account with the burner email

No. 1240081

File: 1656171352397.jpg (95.78 KB, 500x500, garland_chrysanthemum_primrose…)

My seed order came a free packet of Garland Chrysanthemum seeds. I had never heard of it before but the website says it's an edible plant/flowering vegetable eaten in Asia. Is anyone here familiar with eating this plant? Does it make tasty dishes? I'm wondering if I should make space to sow it.

No. 1240091

Chrysanthemum tea is really nice!

No. 1240229

I thought spoilering emoticons was fine? I’ve done it a few times with no consequences but finally got a ban for it, are jannies just being anal or am I really not supposed to do that?

No. 1240238

No, anons just have been trying to get around the rules by spoilering emojis.

No. 1240242

It's not allowed but you see it often enough. With the abortion debate being very active jannies are around today so might be that timing that got you caught.

No. 1240256

looking t it it’s a very healthy plant. Green parts are best eaten raw in a salad because you will get the most vitamins, but you can fry it with garlic and chilli as like a side dish to meat and rice. The older the plant is the more bitter it is. Flowres and roots are for tea.

No. 1240328

Has anyone here 'gotten over' trichotillomania and if so what worked?

No. 1240362

I've owned this pair of boxer shorts I use as pj pants since I was a teenager and I'm almost 30 now. I used to be heavier back then and they were snug. I lost weight later on and they were looser around the leg but still sat comfortable on my hips. I've since gained a bit of weight so I have less slack around the thigh but now they keep falling down even though I'm not losing any weight number wise.
Wtf are my hips shrinking? They're already narrow enough as is. My body composition can't be changing this early.. Surely?

No. 1240382

Personally not really. 16 years of Trich here - have definitely had weeks/ months of no symptoms but it sneaks up on me during periods of stress.

It's a self-soothing habit. Try to be aware of where you're at mentally to stay on top of it. There are specific fidget toys to keep your hands busy. You can trim your nails, wear gloves when you feel the urge to pull. Some people use the rubber band method. Gl nona.

No. 1240402

I think it's more likely the elastic is loosening especially considering how old the shorts are.

No. 1240406

Had trich since I was 3. I did break the habit for 2 years but my confidence was at it's all time high during that time. I don't do it as much anymore but exactly like >>1240382 wrote.

No. 1240470

What is your personal definition of a normie?

No. 1240481

The tranny jannies, the anons who think anyone is a scrote/tranny if they have a different opinion.

No. 1240491

So you think imageboard posters are normies?

No. 1240497

Are those normies that you speak of in this room right now?

No. 1240504

People who can function in the world.

No. 1240559

What do Nonnies think of "making a murderer" and the case?

No. 1240565

Doesn't know what an imageboard is, has a social life and a job

No. 1240570

Someone who goes with the flow constantly and barely questions norms.

No. 1240573

Stevens a creep and I wouldn't trust him around anyone vulnerable either way.

No. 1240575

Imo, "normie" is not a group, but a state of mind, "normiedom" is a mindset of conformism, lack of creativity, lack of identity and fear of group rejection, that means even imageboard users or schizos can be (failed) normies in my books too, just anyone who acts like an actual bot, no matter how "based" their ideologies or morals are

No. 1240581

>schizophrenics can be normies

No. 1240598

depends on how they interact with the world. i've met people with unnormie interests that have the same day to day life as normies (socialising with no barriers, working and studying with no barriers, posturing on social media) so i would still call them normies. also anyone motivated by validation

No. 1240665

I've heard that most detransitioners are actually TIFs. Is that true? And if so, why is that?

No. 1240667

he did it and so did Brendan. freaks. inbred backwoods men are always looking for some way to do what they did and get away with it. he thought because he was wrongfully accused once before he could just get away with actually doing it. obviously no one believed that he WOULDN'T do it and that tells me all I need to know

No. 1240710

Is there a in universe reason why Nancy married Dale?

No. 1240723

The only answer I can think of is in the episode "Nancy Does Dallas". In the episode it explains she needs him more than he needs her. Without Dale she's destructive. Otherwise the series doesn't delve much into their history. I guess they didn't know her in high school. Pretty sure Dale and Nancy get married after Hank marries Peggy.

No. 1240767

File: 1656214296402.jpeg (55.06 KB, 593x593, Ex4anvWXEAIts9T.jpeg)

What does it mean when you call someone a cow specifically on lolcow? I've been around here for months and I haven't fully understand some of the terms.

No. 1240772

cow is just short for lolcow. as for what constitutes a lolcow, that a deep philosophical question.

No. 1240774

File: 1656214804875.jpg (11.84 KB, 320x260, 2f23ebf99a877088adb42c622784b1…)

No. 1240777

Honey. Baby. Girl. Lurk more.

No. 1240778

Girl, read the URL of the site you're on. Go on /snow/

No. 1240780

Samefag, got a bit sidetracked and forgot to add some stuff. Sorry. The "needs Dale" part is more of he brings out her softer side. Nancy does love Dale. In "Dog Dale Afternoon", the guys mess with Dale. Nancy tells them Dale trusts easy, and is more upset with Hank more since Dale really trusts Hank. I love the episode "Nancy's Boys" because it really highlights how sweet Dale is.

No. 1240798

Wtf anon kekkkk

No. 1240821

>as for what constitutes a lolcow, that a deep philosophical question.
It's explained in the rules and info page actually.

No. 1240841

sometimes stupid questions deserve stupid answers

No. 1240842

File: 1656221009223.jpeg (68.76 KB, 1470x980, E0BD30F3-07C0-444A-81D2-36FFA4…)

I’m really lost, anons. This is a stupid, and sad, question for sure. I’m getting out of an abusive relationship. I’m nearing 30 and have almost no skills or work experience because I wasn’t “allowed” to have a job or basically do anything that required being out of the house routinely because of my retarded ex’s jealousy. Now that I’ll be on my own, I don’t think I’ll be able to find anything that pays well enough for me to support myself, especially in this economy. I feel so stupid and pathetic. Basically, what do I do? Any anons have experience with this type of situation?

No. 1240848

File: 1656221526079.jpg (149.09 KB, 1080x597, Lolcow.jpg)

I always thought it's a derogatory term.

No. 1240867

I was in a similar boat. Sorry anon, I'm still broke but ten thousand times happier. I focused on "what can I do and make for myself now, today?" and worked up from there.

consider even growing food (in pots) and things like that to make life cheaper, look into jobs that don't need silly modern degrees, or even try jobs that pay to train you. (Outdoorsy, trades, anything with your hands you might be far better with them than you think!) Best thing you can do is just show up and see how you get on.

Best of luck with your journey, this is a very, very common circumstance. I'm surprised we don't see this post every week.

Also, 30 is quite young, don't get in your head about that bit. Very glad you and him are separated, wishing you a long and flourishing life anon! Seriously rooting for you

No. 1240868

A lolcow is a person who you can "milk" for entertainment. Cowtipping is disallowed because the ideal cows provide their own milk.

No. 1240946

How do i go get my hair cut without ending up getting twice as much as i asked chopped off by a jealous middle aged woman with a bronde bob?

No. 1240964

You could get your head out of your ass, that'd be a good start.

No. 1240980

Ugh I didn't mean actual schizophrenics, just regular conspiracyfags and edgy users

No. 1240983

Nta but wtf is wrong with you?

No. 1241068

I used to go see my cousins, aunts and uncles in Morocco every summer when I was a kid and since lowcost airlines didn't exist yet we would to the whole France-Morocco trip by car and boat for several days in the 90s and 2000s. I was always told at the time to never drink tap water in Spain by my parents because it's clean enough to wash your hands or take showers but it's not clean enough to drink it. Was that true? And if that was true at the time, is that still the case?

No. 1241071

You are legally allowed to get up and leave at any point. Pay attention to what they are doing and give very clear instructions. If she starts to deviate, get up and leave. My hair is really important to me too, I understand

No. 1241073

Nonny you need help with more than your hair.

No. 1241074

I agree to all of this, and I want to add that if you have curly hair and you want to keep it curly, tell the hairdresser you want a specific length when the hair is curly and you don't ever plan on making your hair straight, just in case. Because I got fucked over by some dumb bitch like that, I told her I never straighten my hair, and the stupid bitch gave me a short grandma haircut, telling that now I can finally start straightening my hair everyday because she understood the exact opposite of what I told her.

No. 1241077

No. 1241078

>jealous middle aged woman
why jealous ?

No. 1241081

This is bait, don't reply just report.

No. 1241082

Is it pathetic to follow someone on insta just because they're pretty? No thrist traps though

No. 1241083

>did i really lose 10 lbs already or is one scale broken?

No. 1241113

no, pretty things are nice to look at, and it's nice to look at pretty things.

No. 1241197

I have these vertical lines on my nails and when i google it they say its a sign of ageing but im only 20. Is it my diet or something that causes these verticle lines on my nails? Does anyone have advice on how to reduce them or prevent it

No. 1241225

not op but it doesn't sound that baity to me. maybe kind of angry but i could understand if someone messes up your hair.

No. 1241246

File: 1656255723933.jpg (140.6 KB, 466x306, sailing cat.jpg)

Does anyone have pics of cats with a sailing theme? kind of like pic rel

No. 1241268

Pretty sure it's just a genetic thing if you get it when you're younger. Try using a nail buffer to smooth out the texture a bit.

No. 1241287

File: 1656258143545.png (1.23 MB, 960x768, 3c623c1e851b0b3ec7b4eb40496eb2…)

No. 1241291

File: 1656258285230.jpg (440.73 KB, 1000x750, 1538756.jpg)

No. 1241296

blease don't tell me to just ghost him, it's been 12 years
I've had an online friend for 12 years, we've never met, we're both hiki neets, but we've been in an LDR at different times during the friendship, and I guess right now is one of those times, but only on his side
I feel guilty to the point of throwing up, but I actually met someone in real life and it seems like we have potential for a real actual relationship
My friend who lives on another planet is going to be so devastated, he may kill himself
What the fuck do I do? How do I get out of this one-sided LDR?
He refuses to not be a neet, I've been trying to get better

No. 1241305

File: 1656258863188.jpg (55.43 KB, 800x727, beige-cat-sailor-uniform-bottl…)

mandatory stock-cat

No. 1241337

File: 1656260521888.jpg (66.4 KB, 768x1024, 1413.jpg)

late reply but I wish to explain upon what >>1229525 stated, in the past 30 years(and especially in the last decade or so) seeing white liberals pontificating about how black women are secretly magical super heroes who invented everything has taken a toll on us, they treat black women like they're special needs students or something, also conveniently ignore the realties of our communities and how much we suffer due to the men of our own race, so you get sick of it and some to go an extreme opposite direction just to find people who are nothing like white liberals, that said I don't know any WOC whose an actual nazi/white supremacist, sure many are right leaning and can be anti-black male to varying degrees(like picrel) but no one is dumb enough to be an actual fucking nazi, maybe there's a couple degens who have raceplay fetishes but even they would know that real neo-nazis would never accept them

No. 1241354

If he found a woman irl he could fuck around with he would drop you like a hot potato. Males don’t care about feelings like we do, they’re emotionally stunted, tell him to fuck off.

No. 1241357

He is not your responsibility. If he chooses to kill himself that isn't on you, you aren't forcing him to do anything. If he refuses to get better, you don't need that dead weight dragging down on you. Even if you've known each other for 12 years, a long friendship =/= good friendship. You don't even have to tell him you found someone irl, just tell him the relationship isn't working out.

No. 1241358

I think the best you could do is write him a thoughtful letter. Offer to skype in a day or two to wrap up the romantic aspect of what is going on. Then, you can reassert what you now need in your life and go from there. At the end of the day, you should absolutely do whats best for you, never a man. And if he really loves and cares for you he will understand.

No. 1241370

>i an this close to getting my cat a load of outfits istg
Someone find me a store for big raccoon size cats

No. 1241383

File: 1656262156914.jpg (1.67 MB, 3024x4032, 8e8c07cc0019bfea37af83a5d1f3a6…)

What's your favorite recipe(s) that has a lot of veggies? Can be anything, but please nothing garlic heavy.

No. 1241400

You can always pan roast each with its own flavor profile, and toss it with quinoa and kale.
Or, theres soups. You could make a vegetable pot pie. Dont underestimate a good hummus or homemade lil pizza.

No. 1241403

I’ve been making pasta with zucchini lately and it’s delicious, I julienne a zucchini and cook it until it’s soft, then I add spaghetti and eat it with cheese on top. It’s fairly quick to make too

No. 1241409

Same! Tastes great with a bolognese or pesto on top too!

No. 1241432

File: 1656263788140.jpeg (809.55 KB, 828x857, 3359349C-BAB9-4FB1-A57C-077DB4…)

Ratatouille is literally just veggies and a ton of them. It’s a lot of work if you don’t have a good mandoline, but omit the garlic and bump up the basil to make up for it. Or use garlic-infused oil which has none of the bite of fresh/minced garlic but a little bit (maybe half?) of the flavor.


No. 1241433

>that pic
How embarrassing. Doesn't that twitter user in your pic realize that she is (or at least half of her) a Black man's "seed" if she has a Black father? She's basically calling herself worthless. Her other points are legitmate criticisms but her last point is just a petty insult.

No. 1241453

>catfish pfp
>faceless YouTube vids
I’m 99% sure this is a racist white person “trolling.”

No. 1241486

i've been dying to make this for a hot second but always forget to buy the ingredients or can't afford them.

No. 1241584

Thank you, I'll try these
I would make this, but I'm not being controlled by a little rat and I just don't think I would be able to do the recipe justice.

No. 1241677

File: 1656272001851.jpg (90.45 KB, 640x640, a0fw2yvwh7h51.jpg)

Who's the woman on the bottom row in the middle?

No. 1241679

Liv Tyler?

No. 1241683

File: 1656272248987.jpg (659.22 KB, 560x823, alexa_chung4.jpg)

It's Alexa Chung

No. 1241687

Alexa Chung.
Top row: Claudia Schiffer, Emma Stone, Uma Thurman
Middle row: Kristen Stewart, Margot Robbie, Naomi Campbell
Bottom row: Shirley MacLaine, Alexa Chung, Lisa from Blackpink
t. hot women with bangs connoisseur. there is not a hot woman with bangs I don’t know

No. 1241688

No. 1241691

kek anon you figured out the theme of the collage indeed (I was looking at hairstyles with bangs). Thanks!

No. 1241700

File: 1656273110640.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 316.29 KB, 738x795, 9EE4236D-1CB1-44E8-8D23-DBB866…)

What body type is this?

No. 1241705

No. 1241706

the wazowski

No. 1241727

She has a nice body but it looks like the camera compresses and widens her

No. 1241729

File: 1656273797908.jpeg (13.81 KB, 400x232, 79A7B0D6-00E7-4C15-A40B-2399A7…)

Why is Super Hans not being acknowledged as a non-binary gender roles breaking iconic kween?

No. 1241749

Her hips are nice, so I'm guessing this is pear shape?

No. 1241757

Is anyone else's crotch/lower abdomen SUPER ticklish? Like if my bf touches me in that area, I just break out in laughter, and this makes intimate moments a bit awkward

No. 1241770

File: 1656275370207.gif (2.31 MB, 640x360, jez-male-feminist.gif)

I'm sure Jez supports and uplifts her

No. 1241772

I'm leaning towards pear shape as well

No. 1241776

Who is this dude?

No. 1241792

How do you know super hans and not know jez?

No. 1241843

the only bi king deserving of his crown

No. 1241845

Not to be homophobic about male gays only but I hated the gay scenes with jez but I did like the awkward dinner party.

No. 1241856

Me for real. I can't take it especially if I'm caught off guard, I just start laughing and act like a mess. Almost like tickling my neck or something lol.

No. 1241878

File: 1656278484896.jpg (133.57 KB, 828x816, IMG_6021.jpg)

I am looking for books for my partners sister. She
>is extremely insecure and self-hateful because of a trauma that shes been facing her whole life;being bullied for being "chubby" by peers around her and her father who disrespects her throughout this day (thanks to me she started soft nocontact with him);
>convinced that women can get in life only by either finding a dick to marry (which is why she also depends on male attention on internet) or be some instagram filtered beauty;
>cant even go outside anywhere without makeup at all because of her insecurities
>keeps talking shit about herself and is obsessed with self image to a point that she is meeting her online friends who obviously WOULDNT care about the way she looks but she keeps being fixated on it;
I already gave her Beauty sick and Beauty Myth, more stuff would be appreciated. Would be even nice to somehow push the "stop depending on male attention" thing.

No. 1241897

How do you come back to yourself when someone makes you feel small and bullied. Oh and you are trying not to use alcohol or weed or Bunge eating to feel better

No. 1241900


No. 1241928

Isn't this that book all ana-chans read back in 2011 lmao

No. 1241949

"jeremys been wanking off this bloke for cash"

No. 1242078

Did you ever have a username (back in the day) that had some variation of xXx at the start/end of it?

No. 1242079

yes, my YouTube channel was some visual kei band plus some xxXxx or something

No. 1242081

Lol yes.

No. 1242088

Yes my RuneScape account was like that.

No. 1242093

I'm 21 and my forehead vein bulges when I grin widely/laugh. I remember when I was like 18/19 it only did that only when I laughed really hard. Could I be doing anything that might make it worse? I feel like it makes me look unhinged.

No. 1242161

No, but I did change my username to something like that once (plus 666) as a funny reference to that.

You may not have heard of this, but that's called aging and it's totally normal. The sooner you accept it, the less you'll suffer over it.

No. 1242170

How are there people in their early 20's who live in the U.S and only know spanish? How did they functional grow up? Impossible unless they were totally sheltered. Normally 2nd gen immigrants will be bilingual but i have been working in a kitchen where none of the kitchen staff speak even a single wink of english. I just dont understand… like did they totally miss out on public schooling? Did they LITERALLY just move here like a week ago and never tried to learn english? I hate to even be mad about this bc its not like i know any spanish but why the fuck am i working with people who do not understand me when i am trying to discuss work. This job should have hired bilingual workers on both sides bc i literally need a translator.

No. 1242177

Fellow bi women and lesbians, what are your thoughts on I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry? Is it fun and catchy, outdated, vaguely offensive?

No. 1242178

It's always been offensive and shitty. This caused the movement for fake bis in all that era.

No. 1242182

I think it's funny, not offended by it. Not to be taken seriously. Watching the video makes me imagine trannies thinking that's how sleepovers are

No. 1242183

didn't you post about your male relative working with Spanish speaking kitchen staff?

No. 1242184

I’ve always like it because it’s a good song and once I read watched this YouTube video on Katy about how she left some management because they didn’t want her to do her own songs- hot n cold, I kissed a girl, her best ones hands down, so she went to another and those songs blew up. she also grew up very, very restricted in a intensly religious household with no peers. Once I learned about that I fucked with it even more because I feel like it’s a real experience and I don’t necessarily think it was for male gaze

No. 1242191

Ive had this experience multiple times and it's deeply frustrating. I have nothing against Spanish speakers, but it causes divisions, isolation and issues with communications.

Often times I wondered why the fuck I was hired to be the only one not speaking Spanish and why this wasn't mentioned before working there.

No. 1242192

I used to not like it when it first came out (kek) but now I don't mind it as a slightly cringey anthem for Kinsey 0.5s

No. 1242201

Not the same anon lol sounds like a common issue.
Im feeling extremely frustrated and lowkey like im getting treated like im racist??

im just pissed off that this was not a part of the hiring criteria for me to know spanish, its fucking brain dead…

I was in the kitchen (back of house) when i initially got hired and fought for my life to make sense of anything while training with only people who dont understand what i am asking… I told them to put me at the front of house bc im about to quit and yet i am here i am

No. 1242203

I can't hate it but mainly for nostalgia reasons, this song came out when I was like 7 and it was the first time I had ever heard of a girl kissing another girl

No. 1242213

It's fun and catchy

No. 1242273

There's nothing racist about your coworkers not even being able to communicate with you because you don't speak the same language. That's not your fault (nor is it theirs).
You do sound kinda racist because you kept assuming things about your co-workers in this post, treating them as if they were at fault for being monolingual (suggesting they're stupid), or something. I doubt they haven't tried to learn English, I bet they were relieved to know they wouldn't be the only Spanish speaker at their workplace, because a lot of immigrants or children of immigrants who are monolingual find themselves in your situation too, where everyone knows English but not Spanish. You don't know why they don't know English, it could be that the education they got was so low quality that their teachers didn't give a fuck if their students were actually learning or not. Maybe they were never taught English. Maybe they were so poor that they didn't even get the chance of going to school. Who knows.

No. 1242303

Why do people say men being submissive is a red flag? Can men truly ever be submissive?

No. 1242307

because basically the majority of men who are submissive are pornsick and are not submissive in general. men who are submissive in and out of the bedroom are cool but the majority are not, they're only "submissive" in the bedroom and in that way it's just another form of catering to male desires. if they're genuinely sweet, passive, and submissive towards women in every facet of their lives, that's awesome though

No. 1242308

Nah you can tell her race from her voice, its not fake
wow anon you sure showed her with facts and logic, cause no one can ever hate men cause we all came from fathers

No. 1242351

When washing your hands, do you go straight for the soap or do you wet your hands with water first?

No. 1242383

File: 1656310637456.jpg (56.99 KB, 680x510, FWIu2CWWQAEEHQH.jpg)

who the hell is paying for nickados onlyfans and posting it on lolcow and leftypol

No. 1242386

Wet them first. Dry soap isn't going to spread.

No. 1242388

A menace

No. 1242393


No. 1242399

soap first, but i use liquid soap so it already spreads

No. 1242400

why are you still visiting that incel shithole

No. 1242403

it used to be good for finding literary works before 2020, so many scrotey incels, hexbear is just a troon containment center atp

No. 1242416

nta but I can't think if any other mainstream online leftist forum that isn't dead and yeah its great for obscure resources, but the male users are such fucking betas they think exercising is fascist

No. 1242427

Is idol worship pathetic?

Its as you said, you might have a potential for a REAL, ACTUAL relationship, LDRs aren't real.

No. 1242442

Hi. I’m HSP or maybe BPD or tistic. But the point is, I can say something fairly innocent yet still get someone to pick on me and it kind of hurts my feefees unironically.
Happens irl and online. I always think “this doesn’t happen with others at all”. So I wonder, is this even true? Does everyone get picked on and do I just overreact? Or am I just bully material? I know the fact I ask this will let people tell me I’m bully material but I thought I’d still ask.

No. 1242443

Oh to add on, I thought it was the case, that no one gets excluded for banter, but someone said “oh the shit people say about you”. Both irl and online. So I thought, okay, must be for a fact that I get mocked and others bantered.

No. 1242457

How can I get more energy? I feel exhausted by the time I get into the office in the morning not to mention the hours after work, where I just fall into bed. I get 7-8 hours of sleep, drink 3 cups of coffee a day, and exercise regularly. I noticed I get a burst of energy after exercise but it's still not enough

No. 1242460

Hi anon. I have BPD. If you feel like you're being picked on, then you probably are. I don't think you're overreacting at all.
Take vitamin d every day.

No. 1242461

How to no longer get picked on? I feel I should accept it but I’m kind of tired of it.

No. 1242467

Not necessarily, look up rejection sensitive dysphoria. If you feel picked on 24/7 then maybe you're interpreting bad intent in regular small talk.

No. 1242473

>then maybe you're interpreting bad intent in regular small talk.
Maybe. I’m 26 now so I have gotten good at knowing social situations. People really find me in general a bum. And it doesn’t help I’ve gotten so depressed that I’m a pain to be around. I wish I could create a new account but irl. Sigh.

No. 1242475

Samefagging. Maybe you’re right though. But I feel it’s bullshit? Can’t be that everyone gets picked on? I don’t see it? I remember when I used to be in this incel discord group as a young woman this manic incel said “oh but they hate you but they do respect insert random girl”.
The fact this guy hated me and wanted to doz me in that server was bizarre in the first place. Idc about that since it’s just online shit but all the bullying irl + online = just a perfect brew for me to think; why is this happening to me?

No. 1242491

Yes, that's a good point. I could have explained a bit better; what I meant was, if she feels like she's being picked on, then that feeling is valid even if anon is misinterpreting the situation. I don't think it's common to get picked on (once you reach a certain age, at least). But if it really feels like you are being picked on, if I were you, I'd reassess who I chose to spend time with. It helps to surround yourself with friends that have qualities you admire. And also, keep in mind that people can think what they like, but what matters most in life is if you're happy and content.

No. 1242492

I realised a couple years back that I had probably been misreading socal situations for a long time. I've always had low confidence and social anxiety aswell as alot of negative self-talk in my head. That had all started to affect how I read into every lil interaction I have with others. I thought they were thinking bad things about me too or that very minor things were lil snipes at me.

It could be anything from social anxiety, general anxiety, low self esteem, tism or a PD.

No. 1242510

check your iron levels, maybe you have anemia

No. 1242511

File: 1656325468419.jpg (161.6 KB, 736x1050, a960da0e6df73bf4a84879fb2b8bf8…)

What are some house goods that you found helpful? I am looking to buy something that will make my life at least a bit easier (i am taking care of everything, cooking, cleaning, groceries, so i am tired 24/7). I already own rice cooker and a multicooker. I was thinking of getting food processor and wonder if thats a good idea.

No. 1242522

Oh ok that's valid. Personally I think it lost what little value it still had last year. Now it's just unusable.
If both leftypol and lolcow are being spammed with that at the same time, it's definitely a soyfag.

No. 1242529

File: 1656328714225.png (837.41 KB, 1050x784, 36F58D5D-519C-4AD8-8ED2-3AF9A3…)

TRAs say that men that have been on HRT for 2 years have no advantage over cis women in sports, is that even true?

No. 1242536

Absolutely not, males have bigger hearts, stronger bones and build muscle way faster (and these are just a few examples) they cannot change nor reduce their biological advantage, bunch of assholes

No. 1242596

File: 1656335442008.jpg (7.46 KB, 640x640, broom.jpg)

No. 1242628

Dishwasher. I grew up without one and now I can't imagine going back to a life where at least an hour a day is devoted to dishes instead of 10 minutes.

A good quality cordless vacuum cleaner makes life a lot easier. It doesn't have to be Dyson but don't cheap out on it.

Steam mop if you have a lot of tiles in your house.

No. 1242637

File: 1656339457423.jpeg (81.85 KB, 749x488, 9282EA39-ED67-457A-9733-D569E0…)

Different question, do anons think the male hate can breed pick mes? Or that’s just a pre existing condition and being a gender fag excelerates it

No. 1242642

It definitely does, I'm proud to say I was never a full pick-me or some female MRA but I did Identify as an anti-feminist for a while specifically cause I couldn't stand those cringy "men tras" or "ironic minsdary" rhetoric you'd find on twitter and tumblr at the time, I still find it cringy but I am far more open and comfortable with calling myself a feminist now, I think seeing upper middle class white girls complain about men all day could sour anyone's opinions on feminism

No. 1242655

No it doesn't, it just makes pickmes rage because they realize most women notice how dangerous men are and don't bend down to mediocre men like insecure pickmes.
Identifying as an anti feminist is the most pickme thing ever, retard. Also you're not a feminist if you hate women just because they're venting about poor little men.

No. 1242657

Is there any good places for obscure recourses/reading anymore?

No. 1242658

> HSP or maybe BPD or tistic
Starting to believe that anon was right and you’re all laptops looking for a suitable linux distro

No. 1242676

Sometimes I'll be on youtube watching vids or news coverage of a crime where say two people are involved. A man and a woman who are typically a couple. I'll scroll down to the comments and everyone is banging on and on about how horrifying the acts of the woman are. The man is mostly ignored. But the woman is usually the person who didn't lead the crime and didn't commit the worst parts of the crime either? We have such low expectations of men that some women start to gloss over their behaviour as if it's not even shocking or sickening anymore no matter what men do. That sits weird with me. Seeing women rip another woman apart while ignoring the mans larger role feels like we put men on pedestals whenever it suits men and we label them as brute animals whenever it suits men to not be held to the saintly moral standards that are expected of.. loving sweet caring motherly women.

I think when you group men together and call them apes who are all secret pedos and likely to kill you for rejecting them then in a way it almost stops some people from even feeling like it's comment worthy when they meet that view. It becomes the expectation where we just shrug our shoulders but hey we'll ruin a womans life if she has so much as a Karen moment because we're the good sex. How dare a woman not be polite. Men.. yeah they kill people all the time.

Of course men play a MUCH larger role in this seeing as they're the ones keeping violence and rape stats so heavily male dominated that we have fatigue from seeing it so often. But discussions on those topics are still painful with how much we drag women through coals for commiting less than the man. Feels like it circles around and bites us on the ass to acknowledge how many men are animals.

No. 1242686

I like my food processor but I find I don't use it that often. I have the Hamilton beach one and I find it so noisey and takes up a lot of cabinet space. For my kitchen and cooking stuff, my favorite and often used things are
>Carbon steel wok
>Pellet smoker
>Crock pot
>Dutch oven
>Stand mixer
>Mortar and pestle
>a cheap Knife sharpener
>Keep fresh organizers for veggies
>Various sizes of ice cube trays to freeze stock, sauce, pesto, garlic, ginger, etc
>Various sizes of Nordic ware trays
>Various sizes of pantry containers
>Various sizes of mason jars/empty sauce jars
>Glass meal prep containers
>Meat thermometer

I admit my cleaning game needs to be a lot stronger, but I often use these things
>grease scrapers with both plastic and metal edges
>Dyson vacuum that hangs on the wall to charge and has different head attachments
>Robot vacuum
>Foldable mesh hampers
>Mesh laundry bags for delicates
>Foldable lay flat to dry hanger
>Shout advanced action gel. It's gotten rid of so many stains in my clothes

No. 1242687

That picrew-tier tiktok looking wojak is making me laugh harder than I should be. Gotta make sure the wojak who shuts down the hayders looks ~aesthetic kek

No. 1242711

How can I see someone's LinkedIn contacts if I'm not connected with them? Surely there's a trick for that

No. 1242724

I ordered a sex toy lately and got a couple of polyurethane condoms as a freebie. I won't be using them anytime soon but the packaging claims polyurethane is 3 times stronger than latex.

Why the fuck are most condoms latex then?

No. 1242725

If it's just you and don't cook for anyone else very often, you would be better off with a hand blender that has a food processor attachment. Food processors are quite large and unless it's something you use often or need the capacity it's a waste of space.

No. 1242745

In regards to the recent Roe v. Wade overturn how would a sex strike actually work? I don't think the women married to conservatards are pro-abortion either, especially those in power. I'm asking this in good faith, I'm trying to understand as a non American.

No. 1242794

Testrone is practically irreversible unless you go the ana-chan route

No. 1242802

It's a stupid concept but I think that women that live "red" states should stop having hetrosexual sex until their moid proposes or proves he won't be a flake babydaddy. Not to prove a point, but to protect themselves from getting pregnant by losers and then being stuck with said loser and his kid for 18+ years. Moids will find a willing hole one way or the other though.

No. 1242852

As someone who's been in the same situation and is now married to him, yes, just go for it

No. 1242863

I am supposed to use different spongs for human plates and my cat's bowl (wet food only), right?

No. 1242879

how to convey that i only want to fuck guys who are willing to cosplay my husbando without coming off as too weird in my tinder description?

No. 1242887

Absolutely, I love my kitties but cat food is nasty and also they lick their own ass, I don't want cat ass particles on my own dishes

No. 1242895

kek. I think it would be better to get a good-looking long-term boyfriend who's into cosplay instead of doing random moids. But I don't have casual sex nor were any of my boyfriends cosplayers. I'm sure another nona must have more experience with that kind of thing

No. 1242896

How long does it take astrologers to invent mythology for the orbits of the planets? There’s someone in the tinfoil thread going off about the orbit of Pluto, so apparently 100 years is plenty of time, but when are they gonna start giving that same treatment to dwarfs like Eris and Haumea?

No. 1242898

File: 1656354971416.jpeg (110.95 KB, 750x711, 4114316D-23C9-4D34-B073-C4CE5A…)

Are there any tutorials for making necklaces with this specific second necklace U shape? Like how there are two chains that curve?

No. 1242899

Of course? I'm pretty sure wet cat food is dangerous to humans, and it's a ducking animal

No. 1242905

Maybe polyutherane is more expensive to produce?

No. 1242922

That anon should use different sponges cause it's gross, but wet cat food isn't dangerous to humans lmao

No. 1242998

I'm not a jewelry maker but aren't they just slightly longer chains (longer so they're not tight but "droop" in that U-shape) attached to the main necklace with jump rings?

No. 1242999

Bump, I'm willing to use scraping add-ons or any other tool if someone knows a good one

No. 1243018

File: 1656360969901.jpg (62.04 KB, 736x736, 01dcb06a19d9220058de38625fb2a4…)

no matter how many times I see these zoomers wojaks I can't help but freak out internally, like I just can't get over these wojak edits coming from a 4chan meme, originally made to make fun of older user on /v/

No. 1243040

File: 1656362346388.jpeg (306.32 KB, 1600x2014, 705617D1-FD63-4BA2-B3FC-E2BA6E…)

Have any anons been mistaken for a different ethnicity and was treated differently as a result? I’ve heard of south Asians getting mistaken for mixed or Latina by men, and with said men immediately losing all interest in them when they clarify their ethnicity. It might be linked to men feeling the need to put women into a porn category

No. 1243043

what are the dangers of using a VPN?asking for a friend

No. 1243046

I’m a britfag that owns a kettle but never uses it. I just heat up my tea using a small pot on the hob

No. 1243047

How many q-tips do you use when cleaning your ears on average? Sticking stuff in your ears bad yada yada yada, that's not the topic right now

No. 1243061

I'm black but usually get mistaken for hispanic and once in while indian, but not just from men specifically. The same thing happens to some of my relatives too, idk what causes it.

No. 1243065

I'm not going to say what I am because that's going to make this post a bit more interesting and it's not even that relevant but I have a few examples. My big sister went to Mexico for nearly two months for a long trip, and then she visited Miami for a week or ten days iirc before coming back to our European country. We're not white and she tanned a lot on purpose while in Mexico, and once she came back she told me everyone in Miami was treating her like some kind of pest or was ignoring her like she was some kind of smelly homeless beggar. She'd ask for info to a bus driver to know if she was going to take to correct bus and she got ignored completely once. She told me white people were passive aggressive and black people were straight up shit talking her. With her mediocre English, her accent, and the fact that she doesn't look white or black I'm guessing she was mistaken for a Latina. Many people of our ethnicity are mistaken for Latinos when going to the American continent apparently, and the reverse is true as well.

As for me I've been mistaken a lot for a Pakistani and an Indian by Pakistanis and Indians when living in Tokyo. They were all so disappointed when I told them that wasn't the case. A friend of mine who's black thought I was joking or bragging so she showed a picture of me to her Indian coworker from back then and that coworker also told her she thought I was Indian. Some gaijin hunters also mistook me for either one or the other, I'm guessing it's because of there are a lot of them living long term in Tokyo so it's believable. A very long time ago when I was a small kid an old lady tried to lure me out of a supermarket by starting a conversation on where I "really" come from and how I look Polynesian (tbh I still wonder where she got that from) while my mom was in the restroom for not even 1 minute, I had enough common sense to tell her that I wouldn't follow her to the parking lot without my mother's permission.

My mother was once told a bunch of racist shit against our ethnic group by a neighbor who thought she was mixed race (black and white), she told me that but I didn't witness it myself. It must have been hilarious.

No. 1243068

File: 1656363682690.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.37 KB, 650x704, 禁断ノ男.jpg)

Dude is built like the forbidden man

No. 1243069

Usually three. One and use both sides for the tops and outer ears, then one each for getting around the ear canal. Sometimes 5 if I'm feeling waxy

No. 1243070

I'm a white British woman does it count that a Hispanic woman at Walmart mistook me for a Canadian and wouldn't sell my alcohol even though I was 24

No. 1243073

He's not Ezra Miller the tranny because that outfit

No. 1243081

Don't think there are any…? Ask your friend what she thinks the dangers could be kek

No. 1243083

Well she told me to ask around, so I am. Just want to make sure she's safe thats all.

No. 1243084

Lmao sure

No. 1243085

I'll tell her you said that. She's right next to me

No. 1243087

But she's hard of seeing so she can't see what I'm posting from where she's sitting. Anymore questions?

No. 1243091

i don't have an answer for your but your friend needs to see an optometrist or opthalmologist, how is she walking around irl being hard of sight?

No. 1243093

She lost her glasses Anyone know any cheap good glasses or contacts for the hard of seeing? I only have cheap fashion glasses

No. 1243094

>what's this gay shit

No. 1243097

is the lolcow AI acting up again? kek what are you saying

No. 1243100

lolcow.exe has stopped working a lonnng time ago nonnie

No. 1243101

Thank god, I thought I was just too stupid to understand her lmao

No. 1243115

Nonnies, where/how whats your thought process when you try to find random images to post with your posts? I kinda admire nonnies who can find some weird/interesting/funny image, I've never seen. Especially ones who are able to find ones that really don't connect with what they are saying, but do in a weird way.

No. 1243118

the late dumb bitch meme thread was a good source but also niche meme insta pages, my friends also send me lots and I have made some dumb bitch memes that gloat around, jodi arias ones too kek

No. 1243171

i make my own jewelry & have done this before and that is what you do - just layer a longer chain onto a hook that’s further from the end of the top chain/wherever you want to place it to get it to drape in a looser fashion. it takes a little trial and error but it looks really cute. i like to layer little chains around one top layer to create lots of little “frills”.

No. 1243177

File: 1656369329930.jpeg (102.49 KB, 750x883, 5C39A7D8-EA41-40DF-AC0A-B7A731…)

Occasionally I’ll stumble on an image and just save it to my computer until the time is right.

No. 1243532

how do you love yourself? i love what i do but i don't like who i am at all.

No. 1243563

is it normal to… pant really fast like a dog while having an orgasm?

No. 1243575

File: 1656405874980.png (605.09 KB, 480x472, 1650553337161.png)

I just hoard too many pictures. Sometimes I google relevant images.

No. 1243603

Is it aphantasia that I can imagine things but there are always details that I completely forgot about?

No. 1243660

yeah, it's chill.

No. 1243749

No, that's normal. Aphantasia means you cannot imagine or picture things at all.

No. 1243768

Is there a website like thespruce where they have basic how-to's but instead of cleaning it's for self care? Like how to clean your ears correctly or how to take care of your eyes or things like that. I hate googling and scrolling a bloated blog and I'd prefer if all the info was consolidated on one site

No. 1243775

I can't picture an apple in my head but I know what an apple looks like, is that an example? I can't picture anything but I know what things look like

No. 1243778

Wikihow or Instructables

No. 1243814

I have a yellow scab on my wound, should the yellow part be scratched away? It's leaking… And should I keep it covered or not?

No. 1243817

uh probably not,yellow is white bloodcells so maybe there was a lil infection but don't scratch it away let them do their work and let it breathe

No. 1243819

Absolutely never ever scratch anything off your wound, it's there for a reason. If it's leaking, it's possible it's infected, you can use saltine solution to clean it but if that doesnt help, go see a doctor as soon as you can.

No. 1243829

Oh, wow. nta but i never knew that and thank you for that info

No. 1243833

File: 1656430441070.png (1003.49 KB, 956x664, image9.png)

do monitors that can move from horizontal to vertical have a name or something?

No. 1243842

File: 1656430914058.png (281.53 KB, 333x491, Schermafbeelding 2022-06-28 om…)

What is the actual purpose of these wrist things? I used to see them everywhere as just an accessory but they are meant for sports, wouldn't they just make you feel really warm? I've never set foot in a gym don't come at me kek

No. 1243843

Does anyone have recommendations for shoes/boots that would be good for light hiking? My friends and I are planning to go on a trip where we'll be doing lots of walking and I don't want my feet to die. I already have bunions on my feet so I want to make sure they don't get super fucked during this trip so that I can enjoy it.

No. 1243844

What ever shoe you do get, make sure to hit a trail a few times before your hike; you need to break them in!

No. 1243845

Thank you smart nonitas

Wiping sweat off? Idk

No. 1243847

They're for wiping sweat off your face like in the pic you posted

No. 1243855

Depends, do you want your wound to heal very slowly, risk infection, and to have an ugly scar forever? Then do it.

No. 1243877

File: 1656433155201.gif (1.17 MB, 480x270, Cartoon-Hangover-Leather-Jacke…)

Nonnies, what are your "lazy" dishes? For the days when its too hot to spend too much time cooking and you are generally tired. It keeps being 35c here for a whole week, i even thought might aswell just eat some sandwiches.

No. 1243878

Thanks nonna, I thought it was just a weird pose kek.

No. 1243881

can anyone recommend me some romance movies but the plot doesnt have to revolve just around romance like divergent or city of bones for example.

No. 1243882

Would it be considered rude if I drew fanart/illustrated a part of a fanfic on AO3 and linked it in a comment without asking the author?
I know people here most likely wouldn't mind, or would appreciate it, but IDK about social norms in more Twitter/Tumblr fandom sides kek

No. 1243889

Samefag but rice and eggs and pasta e olio+salad are always good and take no time/effort. Also avocado pasta is so delicious (blend avocado, garlic, salt/pepper, vinegar or lemon juice and olive oil for the sauce and eat it with whatever pasta, add some protein if you want).

No. 1243891

Can't imagine it being anything but a great compliment for the writer, go for it anon. Just credit the fanfiction wherever you post the art of course

No. 1243893

File: 1656433668223.jpg (192.27 KB, 650x975, cold-tofu-salad-4.jpg)

If I want something cold, chilled soft tofu with dressing. A single block of soft tofu is quite filling for me. I prepare it as a side dish but if I don't have to cook for anyone else I'll eat the whole block and call it dinner kek.

This recipe is similar enough:

I won't include garlic because sometimes I'm real lazy and don't want to clean the knife/chopping board/pan that comes with frying it. Just mix sesame oil, soy sauce, and some rice vinegar then pour over tofu and top with scallions. I don't like sesame seeds so I don't include them.

If I'm ok cooking, I'll make tomato and egg.

No. 1243894

sorry, silken tofu not soft.

No. 1243897

I tend to make a lot of wraps on hot summer days! I like to make them with smoked salmon but basically any combination of proteins, vegetables and condiments that you can use for a salad also works in a wrap. They're really versatile and easy, on top of not being too hearty for warm days. I guess a wrap is basically a sandwich but it feels like more of a full meal somehow.

No. 1243902

Yeah ugh it's been too hot here too. My standard dish has been salads with feta cheese and a sandwhich.

No. 1243906

I think the one in this pic is a normal screen attached vertically but your graphics card gives you the ability to turn a screen's orientation sideways. But apparently there are monitors made specially for this sort of thing, they seem to be called "vertical monitors" or more accurately "rotating monitors".

Thank you nona! I plan to upload on imgur first and maybe after a while, post it (with credit) on my art account

No. 1243934

File: 1656435972246.jpg (16.26 KB, 350x227, o-b-organic-super-tamponi_.jpg)

(sorry i can't find the period thread in /g/ like a retard) what could be the reason that sometimes i can insert non applicator tampons with no problem while others it's painful and i can't manage to push them all the way in? is it just that there's not enough blood to lubricate or could i be inserting it at the wrong angle?

No. 1243940

Angle is everything.

No. 1243971

Would a cup or tampon be better for the summer heat? I usually wear pads but there's no way I'm doing that this year with the heatwave on top

No. 1243989

Is there any way to view the profile of a deleted reddit profile?

No. 1244007

I'm an American expat that recently got a job with local government in a European country allied with the USA, and my sister is pissed off at me because I could now 'interfere with her top security clearance.' I googled it and it seems like a fairly insane criticism considering our countries have a longstanding alliance.

Long shot, but does anyone have any idea if this is an actual problem, or if she is at all in the right to be mad at me?

No. 1244012

Yes it could be a problem, I work for an international company somewhere in Europe and when we want to recruit someone for a job that could involve very sensitive data we make them send us a document and some candidates have been turned down because of their siblings being married to Chinese or Middle Eastern men or women, things that they can't control. I hope your sister is wrong and it won't cause her trouble but she's correct in that depending on the jobs she wants it could be a problem for her.

No. 1244014

The government is extremely anal about TSSC and it’s a process that can take years sometimes. You’re not making it easier for her because they’ll ask a mountain of questions and it might draw out the process but also kind of fuck her? It’s your life. They’re not going to deny her clearance on that alone. Tell her you have it in your power to make it really difficult for her in a few words if she doesn’t back the hell off.

No. 1244018

Am I the only one when embrassed, I physically shake my head to stop thinking about it or make little sounds to try to…just drown out the thought of the embrassing thing I did/said/am obessing over?
I do this when I have aniexty about something, like when it's "not" a big deal but still in my brain. Am I the only one?

No. 1244019

Anon from right above you, I had coworkers in HR telling me they had to reject an application from someone because his sister in law he only met once or twice is Chinese. I'm guessing the US is just as strict depending on the jobs her sister wants and in which company she wants it.

No. 1244025

How long into a relationship before you stop feeling nervous around the other person and things slip into being normal?

No. 1244026

3 years

No. 1244028

In addition to what anons already said, your sister may be mad but taking up a job in a country abroad is 100% justified from your side, just saying.

No. 1244044

TSSC isn’t managed by HR, it’s managed by the FBI. BUT if you’re applying to a position/company that requires you to have it, they may not hire you or rescind an offer if they believe that you won’t be able - or it will take too long - to get a necessary security clearance because of certain “red flags” in their independently run background check. Top secret is like $5300 and companies aren’t about to pay that just to have someone fail. BTW there have also been instances of naturalized Russian citizens suing the federal government for security clearance on the basis of discrimination, so like. It’s possible. Does Northrup Grumman want to deal with any of it? Probably not.

Plus anon said she was in Europe, not China or Russia.

No. 1244054

kek no I do this too, I'm constantly plagued by embarrassing memories and sometimes I'll just start mumbling shit out loud to deflect them. I'm also very cool and sexy by the way.

No. 1244061

I do this too, like a tick. I’ll mumble “kill myself” and then loudly “NO, stop” totally out of my control. The definition of cringe is “experience an inward shiver of embarrassment or disgust” so I think it’s kind of normal to physically react to cringy shit you’ve done.

No. 1244071

I said I was in Europe, working in my European country for that multinational company, and that the reason why that guy wasn't hired was because of the sister in law's citizenship. I just gave a comparison. Your point with Russians becoming Americans and suing the FBI or whatever for discrimination makes it an even better comparison than I thought at first, if anything. I work in HR and when we need to check security clearance we send a request to the department that takes care of it and they give us their approval, or not depending on the candidates, just for context.

No. 1244100

Well. I’m an American who has had ISC in the past, working at an American GSE company under conservatorship of the federal government. Things are done a very specific way here, and it’s not in the way that you describe.

No. 1244102

It's still similar enough from your description. And it depends on what that anon's sister wants to do as well and in which company, doesn't it? I'm curious now, will anon's sister get the job?

No. 1244105


Thanks for your responses, as well as the ones below that I assume you also authored.

She already has the clearance, and her job, but she said apparently I caused a small issue last time already and caused it to take longer to renew due to travel history and foreign holdings while I still lived in the USA. No idea how legit that is, though, as she tends to be bossy and prone to exaggeration. I really have no understanding of how it works, but I guess it is a problem, or could be one, but it's basically not my problem IMO. Will just say it's her own fault for making a career out of supporting warmongers if she gives me more grief. Pains of loving a bitch!

No. 1244122

I sympathize with her because they do make you feel like a criminal while they scrutinize you. But they would do that even if she lived a perfectly neutral and appropriately patriotic white-picket life, because they interviewed a neighbor who said she was shady because she didn’t recycle or skipped the donation plate at church or something. They do it to everyone and you as an expat honestly don’t have much to do with it. I’ve heard them justify it by saying that if you can’t withstand the scrutiny of security clearance checks, how can you stand up to bribery and threats from terrorists? Faulty logic from the get because people who want to cause harm usually don’t need to be coerced into doing so. But yeah, such is the life of a boot-licker. Ask her if it’s worth the $60k salary lol, assuming as a private citizen she’s not making much.

No. 1244132

If she already has the job why is she whining so much? Good for her I guess but she should calm down, I understand why she'd worry for her career but it's none of your business.

No. 1244154

Is OMORI good? Fun?

No. 1244214

I can think of examples of lesbian/lesbian couples, bi woman/bi woman couples, lesbian/bi woman couples, gay man/gay man couples, gay man/bi man couples in fiction, yet I don't think I've ever seen bi man/bi man couples in fiction. Does anyone have any examples in mind? Cringe ass labels like "pansexual" also count as bisexual.

No. 1244231

Theres still a lc thread somewhere about how badly organized the development was that omocat scammed kickstarter badgers money and doesn't give shit throughout this day

No. 1244232

Is it normal for psych meds to have the opposite effect when you start taking them? My shrink put me on olanzapine for obsessive thoughts, I started taking it a few days ago and I feel like I'm having more obsessive thoughts, not less

No. 1244240

What do migraines feel like?

No. 1244244

nta but she was talking about the game. Not about the drama behind it

haven't played it but I've heard generally good things about it

No. 1244246

i get the version without aura, and for me it feels like a specific part of my skull hurts… like the pain is actually in the bone. also weird pressure on my eye (usually always the left one) and a general feeling of nausea.

No. 1244250

I personally wouldnt want to play, let alone support a developer who is irresponsible and scammed money out of people

No. 1244261

Yes. I've never been on meds for obsessive thoughts but I've been on antidepressants and it usually gets worse for like a week (or a couple) before it starts to actually work.

No. 1244271

Thank you for answering! I'll cross my fingers they start actually working soon.

No. 1244287

What do you guys think about the AOC being 16 in multiple countries? I remember being 16 and obviously you're horny and feel sexual desire at that age but I also think it’s weird that there’s no legal repercussion for, lets say, a 50 y/o sleeping with a 16 year old in those situations. I dunno. I just wish there was a way to protect teens from predators while they still explore with people their own age, you’re so easily influenced at that age. Not too long ago some politician faggot here was advocating to reduce the AOC to 13 and it scares me to think that it could be so easy for something like that to be considered the “norm” once you make it a law and a long time passes.

No. 1244290

I think that men having sex over age 45 that aren't married should be gassed anyway.

No. 1244306

I think u r based

No. 1244324

Does anyone know a good YouTube commentary video/channel about the Jan 6 hearings?

No. 1244333

I don't buy things at all except for necessities and from time to time cheap makeup products that look interesting/useful (things I know I will use, like eyebrow or eyeliner pencils). However I used to be quite a hoarder and that hoard is still in my room. I don't even use half of it, I have tons of cd's of bands I don't even like anymore but I don't want to throw them out because they carry so many memories of me being a stupid, careless teenager. The same thing goes for my dolls, coin collection (sounds geeky as fuck but a lot of them have family ties, some I just love the pressing of them or are from different countries), my first pair of shoes I paid for myself with my first job, childhood gifts from my parents and pretty much anything with emotional value. I have no problem throwing out or donating old clothes (or relatively new clothes if I don't wear them), art supplies, books I don't read anymore, accessories I don't wear anymore and things like that because they rarely hold much sentimental value. But somehow I can't get rid of the small amethyst one of my friends gave me (it lives in my pocket, I feel like it brings good luck), can't get rid of the metal cd's I loved so much when I was 13 and so on. Does this make me a hoarder? I feel like I'm just trying to hold onto my childhood, I'm 19, starting college next year and I'm honestly scared of being a proper adult after.

No. 1244334

from my understanding most of these countries have age gap laws for those under 18 no?

No. 1244339

Not in the UK

No. 1244345

isn't the aoc 13 in japan, or it was.. i am still baffled at how romanticised that country is
yeah once you are 16, it doesn't matter if the person is 17 or 57 sadly

No. 1244346

File: 1656456486709.jpg (41.88 KB, 557x420, jack-and-jill.jpg)

Of course not or else chavs wouldn't have 10 underage gfs on discord

No. 1244347

what do you anons think the aoc should be?

No. 1244348

21 with strict age gap laws, including no more than 2 years if under 18.

No. 1244349

anons who are religious, and believe in god, why?

No. 1244367

Anons how do I start dressing like a chav

No. 1244371

That girl looks like n2f in both facial features and general vibe

No. 1244377

I think there are other laws that protect minors up to 18 but officially yeah it's 13 if the 13 year old ""consents"" and this law is literally over 100 years old. Even the Philippines which had it at 12 changed it 16 only very recently.
But anyway another thing about Japan is that the legal marriage age is different for girls and boys. 16 for girls and 18 for boys. What a funny country.
adidas/gucci trackies, nike air forces, white-shirt from primark, fake rolex

No. 1244380

sex should be illegal

No. 1244382

File: 1656459664486.jpeg (251.93 KB, 1536x1152, 1DB5DD71-6196-4420-9485-E90DAE…)

I had these books when I was young and I loved them. I wasn't a chav though kek. I always remember the huge gold hoop earrings and trainers and tracksuits

No. 1244408

I suppose, a shorter batter life.

No. 1244450

I have a friend who's over 30 and bought kinetic sand recently and a while ago got a weighted blanket? Does this mean she's autistic? She's never mentioned it to me even in passing and we're pretty close but she's also very online.

No. 1244451

let the bitch play with her autismo sand and touch starved blanket, damn

No. 1244454

Kek I don't mean it in a judgemental way though, I might be autistic myself, I was just wondering if she was

No. 1244481

Has-been brand tracksuits (adidas, nike, fila) and fake gold jewelry, as chunky as possible. Some obviously fake extensions too, get some Ed Hardy if you really want to take it next level. Fake Gucci bag? And cakey makeup with either pencil thin or 2016 thick eyebrows.

No. 1244495

It depends on the person.Murphy’s Law says don’t expect it to go well, though.

No. 1244576

Is it an ADHD thing to not be able to speak fluently? My speaking pattern is like… start sentence, use wrong word, realized mistake, start sentence again, stumble through words again to form sentence with occasionally saying things wrong again. I just cannot easily articulate my thoughts in one go from start to finish and I think this makes me look retarded. And I read regularly, so it's not from a lack of vocabulary

No. 1244592

How do you flirt with women? How do you even find out if they're into women in an organic way that doesn't make you look like an absolute retard? I've always been afraid of dating the same gender but fuck it. I'm thinking maybe I could date another bi woman since I understand the reservations soms lesbians have about bi women, but how the fuck do I get with a bi girl that isn't another spicy straight? I don't even attract men to begin with and they will fuck anything kek

No. 1244605

What if lolcow had karaoke nights

No. 1244610

I'd love that. Idk how we'd set it up, it'd probably sound like shit, but I love the idea anyway and want it to be a thing.

No. 1244615

Same reason trannies think they're hot women. Men are delusional and entitled and encouraged to be so by the society they plague due to amount in power who only have said power due to moids savageness and lack of humanity and willingness to hold women back in law. Same reason they hate women in power and education.

No. 1244618

Same, it would be chaotic fun. I'm sure a couple of nonnies would try screaming, and sperg out, but it's fun to think about. I also am not sure how that would work, ideally it'd be live, but idk.

No. 1244623

File: 1656480724954.jpg (612.29 KB, 1416x1872, 1517881548302.jpg)

Probably evolutionary reasons as well - men have to be delusional, risk taking morons in order to constantly shoot their shot with as many women as possible, no matter how out of their league those women are. It's in their nature to completely overestimate their value, and they have no reason to self reflect when they have the societal power to make women accept them.

No. 1244628

NTA, entitlement aside, do they think women find penises hot? Are there people that looks at a dick and think it looks good? The way I see it a penis should just be functional because it Will always look disgusting kek

No. 1244635

Dicks are sexy when they are sexy

No. 1244712

The skincare thread in /g/ is dead so I’ll ask here: is Tata Harper a good brand? I’ve been using Tatcha products and they’re not really doing anything. Thanks in advance!

No. 1244741

We are all a little autistic sometimes anon

No. 1244746

not really. could be, but not really indicative of anything. everyone loved fidget spinners and not everyone was autistic. people are just finding that autism accessories are fun

No. 1244747

Ask her. She could also have anxiety or/and adhd.

No. 1244751

Maybe it is just relaxing for her. I don't see it as a bad thing

No. 1244755

In a sexy context, attached to a polite, good-looking man, yeah. Otherwise, no.

No. 1244759

this. highly dependent on whether or not the guy is super shit or not. all assholes have ugly dicks. dicks are mostly ugly. men try to say the same about vaginas but it's objectively and aesthetically untrue.

No. 1244774

I think nearly all dicks are ugly and if they're unhygienic ugly + disgusting

No. 1244789

have any nonnies been able to successfully get rid of a toenail fungal infection? I have a really bad one and the prescription meds are doing nothing - are there any holistic or natural remedies that work? I've started soaking my feet in vinegar along with covering them in tea tree oil - anyone here who tried either of that and can attest to its effectiveness? or any other recommendations for cures?

No. 1244794

You’re not straight

No. 1244808

non-straightness shouldn't be defined by disliking male genitals but by liking females ones imo. though that anon could be ssa, however.

No. 1244813

You could try diluting a mix of a drop of thyme essential oil, a drop of high carvacrol content oil of oregano, and about 20 drops of jojoba oil. Oil of oregano might make your skin really irritated though, so do a test spot on your skin. File it down on the top layer with a throwaway nailfile and soak it in epsom salt and water for 10-15 minutes. Add a couple of drops directly to the nailbed. Do this once a day for a couple of weeks and watch for progress. If you have pets, you have to be really careful because it's not safe for them. Just wrapping it in a bandaid and a sock that blocks the direct contact of it around them, and making sure you clean up the space thoroughly with soap and water after should help.

No. 1244815

you don't understand straight women

No. 1244822

I am straight. Not liking unhygienic male genitalia is normal. Not liking any male genitalia means you’re not into men lmfao it’s not that difficult to understand

No. 1244824

One can be asexual as well so yes non-straightness can be defined by not liking male genitalia

No. 1244829

There’s a new breed of retards here who think being closet lesbians = every woman’s experience. The discussion above really shows that. Straight women find dicks attractive; “omg how”. It’s right there and they still won’t see it.

No. 1244835

Everyone thinks like you save for particularly mentally ill faggots. No one is "attracted" to the male form. Didn`t read your previous posts but if you're getting caught up about this, don't. You're normal. Doesn't mean you're "not straight" or whatever.

No. 1244836

go back to twitter, retard.

No. 1244841

File: 1656503501863.png (276.73 KB, 450x450, portable air coniditioner.png)

Have any anons used one of pic related? It's so fucking hot where I am that even a 3 celsius degree drop would be a blessing. I know they won't cool down the entire room but at least if they can make the area in my close proximity less hot, I'd be thankful.

No. 1244843

Women don’t have to like dick or pussy. Take your anger out somewhere else.

No. 1244846

> No one is "attracted" to the male form

No. 1244850

The ovarit spinsters must’ve found their way here

No. 1244852

Weren't the minions in the original Despicable Me implied to have been created by Gru in his lab? Did the Minions movies retcon the origin of minions?

No. 1244854

Or the tumblr radfems who contradict themselves by leaving out a majority of women

No. 1244856

He enslaved them

No. 1244857

Why do so many straight women repress their own sexuality for online radfem clout and act like their own experiences are universal? It's embarrassing.

No. 1244859

I support the MLM (Minion Liberation Movement).

No. 1244860

Better off asking the sped above that looped straight women into the “mentally ill faggots” group that

No. 1244861

> straight women find dicks attractive
Some of you really drank the woman hate kool-aid and think you’re in the right. This better be a troll op going on.

No. 1244863

i think their troll logic is more like asexuality as a label is pointless and that not liking penises or vaginas is just normal straight female behaviour

No. 1244864

All that’s needed is a “pick me” comment to complete the cycle

No. 1244866

It’s not though

No. 1244867

Is there a way to easily check the likes in Facebook like you can check liked tweets on twitter? I have a burning need to know if this one guy heart reacts to every post and comment he sees or is it just my posts

No. 1244868

of course it isn't but i'm trying to find the troll's "logic"

No. 1244870

Which makes them saying “you don’t understand straight women” all the worse. Straight women like penises. That shouldn’t be so triggering lol so pathetic

No. 1244871

Oh I know, that wasn’t towards you. Their logic is just stupid lol

No. 1244872

File: 1656504850796.jpg (27.66 KB, 226x300, 373563456.jpg)

I have a pack of dry red lentils but I have never used them in cooking before. I wanted to use them to bulk out minced meat more, am I supposed to boil them first or just add in as is and cook with the meat?

No. 1244878

Most women finding dicks unattractive and/or not wanting to give blowjobs has nothing to do with "women being naturally repulsed by the male form" and everything with moids shooting themselves in the foot by being porn-brained and selfish and not taking the bare minimum of care of themselves. They'd much rather spread the lie that women are inherently naturally less sexual and only are only able to tolerate sex with men for various other reasons.

No. 1244879

Burger-chans, are those "Get your delivery within 30 minutes or get it for free" promos real or is it just some movie thing?

No. 1244882

Each prefecture can set it as low as 13, but not a single one does, most have it at either 16 or 18. Compare this to a place like Germany where, once you're 14, anything goes kek.

No. 1244885

Does any country also have "relative" AOC laws anyway? Because it doesn't make sense that two 15 year olds having sex with each other can get prosecuted for statutory rape yet once you turn 16 it's perfectly legal to have sex with 30 year olds.

No. 1244893

pretty sure you gotta soak them for a while before you cook them

No. 1244895

now carefully unlatch from that cock.

No. 1244899

Reminds me of some study that showed that males apparently take way more selfies than women, simply because they counted dick pics into the selfie count lmao.

No. 1244902

UK makes allowances for teenagers to have sex with their peers but not for mid 20 something and above.

No. 1244906

Ah yes unsure why my thoughts went straight to boiling them, thanks anon!

No. 1244907

I'm not even American but I've gotten free pizza like that once or twice!

No. 1244925

Anons who've had it both, do you get hotter with black hair if compared to light hair? Temperature wise, I know the answer is yes if it is about looks.

No. 1244937

It used to be but I believe they stopped doing it to prevent speeding or an accident

No. 1244945

I've had dirty blonde and now black hair and with either colour I feel grim and miserable in the heat. Your head gets hot first anyways, I don't think the colour impacted it much.

No. 1245051

File: 1656515333884.png (1.46 MB, 1024x1024, D90A8C0D-A317-4385-BAFF-3238F5…)

Every time I have a slushy I get the shoes BAD. Why?
I’m pretty sure it’s because I like to mix 3 or 4 flavors together to make a rainbow.
Everyone is going to say “sugar and caffeine” but slushies have less sugar and caffeine in them of a soda with the same volume, of which does not cause me to have the shits.
I think it’s because of all the different dye in the slushy, does food dye cause diarrhea?

No. 1245062

A large 28oz coke icee has 63.1 g sugar. A regular 12oz can of coke has 39g sugar. I used to tell myself that it was mostly ice but it's really sugary and I think something with the concentrated flavoring makes you sick. Also not to be a downer but a lot of places don't clean their slurpee machines enough

No. 1245084

What's pro-ana FtM?

No. 1245098

It's likely the dye/sweetener or like >>1245062 said food places rarely properly clean ice dispensing machines

No. 1245114

What >>1244937 said but now Dominos has a like pizza accountability system whatever where they’ll give you an instant, no questions asked refund. I mean really no questions asked. You click “there was a problem with my order” and they issue a refund. I’ve been getting free (sauceless) wings for months because every time they won’t put the damn sauce on them.

No. 1245118

Pro ana is someone who is anorexic and doesn't want treatment for it and an FTM is a female to male transgender. A lot of FTMs have eating disorders and the transgender thing is just an extension of it (because medical and psychological professionals won't try to combat it and being a FTM gives them a lot of control over their bodies)

No. 1245162

Samefagging to add that I've had similar reactions to artificial flavour too, might be that, nona?

No. 1245184

Which sexuality is the one where you think all dicks are ugly but don't mind the idea of how they might (no experience so it's just a 'might') feel and find other parts of a male more attractive? I think this is still straight tbh if you like everything else but does finding dicks ugly cancel that out?

No. 1245188

If you're not also interested in women then you're just straight. It's one thing to find the penis itself ugly but enjoy the feeling and the rest of the man and a whole another thing to claim that even straight women are "naturally repulsed by the male form"

No. 1245194

typical straight lady.

No. 1245201

So cats know that you are eating using your mouth even if you eat stuff that doesn’t register as food to them or they think is gross/poison. Does that mean they know about our buttholes?

No. 1245210

Human buttholes usually tend to be fully covered unlike cat buttholes or mouths on both humans and cats.

No. 1245213

So what does my cat think I’m doing when I’m sitting on the toilet peeing and he’s sitting right next to the bowl

No. 1245215

And do you think they ever wonder about it because they know they have to poop because they have to eat? Does it freak them out to think we don’t have a butthole

No. 1245230

File: 1656524323479.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1280x1280, dairycowisos-2__09357.16107242…)

I bought a cup of isopods from petsmart for like $15 for shits and giggles and I think they're cute but now they've multiplied and I have hundreds. I started out with like 10. I don't know how long they live and they aren't really a hassle to feed or clean but now I feel I just have so many in my tupperware container. What should I do with the excess? I don't want to release a non-native species into my ecosystem. I have reptiles but I'm kinda sad if I have to feed them off. Why am I so attached weh

No. 1245235

You should try raising triops instead, they are cute and have a shorter lifecycle. I own some so I am biased. Sorry to be a downer but I think you should thin some of your brood or euthanize. F

No. 1245237

Aw Noni that’s kind of cute in a way. Have you thought about making a colony bio active tank like people do for hissing cockroaches

No. 1245248

Put them in a cage with other bugs and watch them fight to death

No. 1245261

Post them online and find some reptile owner in your area to take them as food.

No. 1245318

I promise you I am not autistic but kinetic sand is just addictively fun to have to play with. Sometimes you just want to zone out while playing with fun sand.

No. 1245420

I am a retarded normie who doesn't play much games. What is the difference between a "native console port" as opposed to a cloud version, and how does it affect the game? I saw Nier:A is coming to switch and some articles rejoicing that it's a native console port and not a cloud version.

No. 1245448

I think "native console port" means the executable file itself is rebuilt to run on that platform (like an .exe on Windows) while cloud porting is basically just streaming the game on a cloud server like on Stadia. The former means the game files are actually stored on the Switch itself or a cartridge (idk I admit I'm not too familiar with the Nintendo Switch) while the latter means the files are actually on the cloud server and you're only "renting" a cloud instance to play the streamed game on a Switch.

No. 1245456

Adding that cloud gaming is quite a controversial concept and with good reason. To quote the "Crappy Games Wiki" (kek) article on why Google Stadia failed
>[The Stadia] is advertised to be capable of streaming video games up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with support for high-dynamic-range, to players via the company's numerous data centers across the globe, provided they are using a sufficiently high-speed internet connection
>The very concept of cloud gaming, while a good idea on paper, is very unreliable, as you need a constant uninterrupted internet connection to even play games.
>Any form of internet lag can make the games unplayable, and considering that the Stadia is very demanding, many houses without high-speed internet literally cannot use Stadia at all because of this issue.
>Additionally, since the user doesn't own any games they purchase and if the servers shut down in the future, all those games the user spent money on would be permanently lost forever.
>Unlike movies and music, which can be cloud-streamed with little trouble because the file is always the same for every user, games are significantly more complicated to cloud stream.
Gaming companies' obsession with stopping piracy actually harms video games as a medium.

No. 1245459

My bpd friend will ignore my messages for weeks yet still check my socials, but once I stop messaging her for a few days swoop in like a hawk and message me. Is this a bpd thing? If it is why?

No. 1245461

is there a thread on here to help with writers block or help with writing in general?

No. 1245466

You needed to ask this on 2 different threads?

No. 1245468

No. 1245469

Sorry, I was worried one of the posts might not get a response