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No. 1247047

Vent away, nonnas
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1237371

No. 1247050

File: 1656654235115.png (104.3 KB, 256x256, download (30).png)

I want to kill myself because I have a big ol hemorrhoid

No. 1247052

Vent thread vibe of the day: shitting problems

No. 1247063

File: 1656654841931.jpg (46.06 KB, 646x601, FWLZj1qaMAUfZOP.jpg)

I'm such a goddamn procrastinator even when I block distracting shit

No. 1247065

Sorry nona I know it's so gross but this is really ruining my life right now and I have no one to talk to about the big rubbery hemorrhoids preventing me from sitting, hurting when I'm shitting, never shrinking, ever stinging, grape of my ass, fruit of despair, I can literally do nothing but lie and wonder if it will ever get better or if this is just life now, icing my ass until I die

No. 1247068

That cat is so cool

No. 1247069

>grape of my ass, fruit of despair
Truly poetic, I am moved and I empathise

No. 1247075

same but it’s such a relief, it’s like waking up at 3am and then the feeling of going back to sleep in your comfy bed ahhhh

No. 1247085

I read this to the tune of
"light of my life, fire of my loins" from Off To the Races by LDR

No. 1247086

sometimes my butthole feels so tight i know i'm going to see chunks of bloodclots when i wipe. idk if i have a fissure or hemorrhoid but at times it feels like i'm shitting out a baby

No. 1247090

I’m at the point where I’m about 95% ready to kill myself, I just don’t know how to do it. I’m a pussy when it comes to pain and when I’ve tried before every time I start to drift I panic and stop. I want to do it in the woods so my mom won’t find me but I’m afraid someone will see me lugging a rope and stool or something and call the cops. My biggest fear is failing and being stuck as a vegetable or getting out in the hospital. I can’t do pills because then if I fail I’ll have to explain where all my pills went. I’d feel best doing a bag over my head but then I’m afraid the neighbors will hear me choking and my mom will still find me when she comes home.
Why can’t I just die in my sleep. That would be so perfect. Just put on a movie and fall asleep and never wake up. I wish I could do it without my mom being devastated. This is just the path I was meant to take, it doesn’t have to be a sad thing

No. 1247094

Your fears and anxieties mean that you probably aren’t actually “ready” to do it, which is a good thing. I think it’s very hard to find things to live for right now and I’m not going to give you the ol cut and paste “I love you nonita stay strong nyaaan” but I do hope sincerely that whatever you are currently going through begins to subside and whatever fog is in your mind lifts with each passing week. I have no idea what goes on in your life and never will, so I can’t give you advice nor do I think it would really change anything. I think you have some fight in you left though.

No. 1247104

No. 1247112

I have never seen a hemmie in my life I feel so blessed because you make it sound like the necklace from Berserk

No. 1247113

Men who use imageboards are disgusting and that should be a deal breaker for any woman. You just know they're going to post your pics on 4chan after you break up and they'll make up all sorts of shit about you

No. 1247130

Shane Dawson, go back.

No. 1247132

I HATE that I can't vent to anyone about my ex getting married without them instantly asking/questioning me how I must be not over him and "I thought you were gay???". I'm angry because the piece of shit has a great life and everything he ever wanted while he fucked me up mentally so bad I still have issues and he will probably never get karma'd. I hate how the pos got away with it

No. 1247138

I felt the same way about one of my exes nonna, don't worry. It was always framed as a jealousy issue in that I was jealous of the wife but I was just jealous that things were working out in his favor after what he did. People like easy explanations and read too many dating advice columns, they assume any mention of your ex means omg ur still in luv with them!
Karma isn't real, I feel your pain. If you have some trusted friends that aren't braindead I'm sure they'd get it.

No. 1247142

File: 1656662057869.jpg (39.39 KB, 320x320, laugh_11-3259.jpg)

I just paid for one of those instagram activity tracking services, I am officially in my unhinged era

No. 1247144

What does it do?

No. 1247165

The most desensitized freaks alive, with stan twitter in a close second. They’ll try to tell you they’re “different” too but there is no way they spend all day scrolling past tons of threads revolving around violating womens trust, creepshots, treating them like objects etc without becoming a genuine emotional retard. Worthless.

No. 1247204

i'm ugly. i'm so bad at performing femininity. i don't know how to dress and i can't follow trends. as soon as i buy a new clothing item, it goes out of fashion. i don't like wearing makeup or doing my nails. my hair is frizzy and dry, no matter how much i take care of it. i've never been called pretty and no guy has ever flirted with me. i never had and will never have a boyfriend and i've never even been kissed at 22. i don't know if it's worth putting in the effort to try and change because no man will ever truly love me. they are incapable of loving.

No. 1247208

You gotta be 18+ to work where I’m at (I’m 33) so why is it that the bosses daughter who is 15 gets to work here and why does she suddenly my am shifts and I’m stuck with the nightshift with the fucking out of high school snot rags who can’t do shit? I’ve worked too hard and too long to be a doormat here to some flat chested snot nosed brat. Who the fuck care if she’s the crotch spawn of my boss. Why is she more entitled to my 6am shift than I am? Just because she can’t legally work night shifts? OR CANT WORK LEGALLY HERE AT ALL. Can’t complain to HR because the misses of course is close friends with her so I can’t even report it. I hate this fucking place.

No. 1247217

why don't you tell your boss you need to your morning shifts back…

No. 1247227

anon you gotta desperately search for another job but don’t quit, I know it’s super insufferable and you shouldn’t be forced to put up with insanity but considering you work 6am shifts you definitely still need the money, but get out of that place if you can it’s seriously not worth it. they will absolutely place their own blood over a stranger who needs the hours and money more than they do

No. 1247235

Wait, is it to track your own activity or can you use it for other accounts?

No. 1247254

>i'm so bad at performing femininity
I'm a decade older than you but I remember being 22 and like you said, performing femininity and only half feeling like it was doing anything for me. I didn't have trouble finding partners but tbh it just always felt a lil forced and like it wasn't for me, it was this effort to please others. I'd somehow be more uncomfortable in my own skin for having tried so hard. A couple years later I went through a big break up and wanted myself back, I snapped out of in a pretty sudden way that had people wondering if I were entering trans land. I wasn't but I'll never look back and miss those forced femininity days. You can always choose to tone it down and just own that as being truer to who you are.

It's not what a good portion of men necessarily flock to on first impression but you have to live for yourself. It's cliche but I think people can pick up on when you're not being authentic and you end up in relationships that are also very performative if you meet someone that way.

No. 1247262

I agree with this anon, I worked for a manager whose daughter was her darling and I got screwed over so many times because 20-something Princess needed a ride to the tattoo parlor or wanted to go roller skating. I did like my manager but I had to put myself first and moved on to a better workplace.

No. 1247272

>starting to get asked about kids and marriage often
>kissless virgin

Not that I want kids but people asking me about having kids feels bizarre. Asking me when I'm gonna bring another human into this world and when I'm gonna be coomed into when the thought of just kissing makes me blush. Men ask me about kids too and I just feel like man, I've yet to go on my first date what are you even talking about? How can you not tell that I'm a mega virgin? So many of my peers are getting engaged, married or moving in together these days that it could almost seem like it's a virus spreading around. They're settling down so quickly and I'm like help, wait, I thought we were gonna grow up together? I feel so disconnected from women my age.

No. 1247289

File: 1656682492007.jpg (15.07 KB, 540x293, 1531706232148.jpg)

I thought my sister was finally out of her judgemental asshole phase but it looks like she's just been suppressing it this whole time. Last night she got kind of drunk and started ripping into me for having a sport I like to do and not training her way, i.e. obsessively doing physique lifts, as if training to get stronger at a particular activity is wrong and iNeFfIcIeNt. Then she got mad at me for wanting to make things in my life fun and having hobbies other than binge drinking and stuffing myself with lettuce and ricecakes and going to the gym, saying shit like "happines is an illusion" and other things she uses to justify her Puritan work ethic. And then, it somehow turned into a really stupid argument about the validity of her/our family's branch of Christianity and why I want no part of it, in which she parroted things she's heard the priest and our parents say with no explanation while I refuted her with things I have actually read in the Bible, church authorities, saints' writings, etc that I do not agree with. She also more or less called me a drug-addled, promiscuous degenerate for having more sexual/romantic experiences than her and enjoying a slightly harder form of the weed that's legal here than her. I made the mistake of telling her I'm bisexual and she proceeded to tell me those don't exist because "every girl has girl crushes and thinks about doing stuff with girls and making out with them while drunk." Girl, please.

No. 1247304

When people ask me that I tell them that I can't afford having kids. Saves me from the why I don't want kids debate and makes them embarassed for asking most of the time.

No. 1247326

I tell them I have a high likely hood of hemorrhaging and dying. (The truth) if it makes the noisy busybodies uncomfortable good. Stop asking that question.

No. 1247328

Same situation, I feel the same way. I think I have a complex where I almost always view women my age as older than me by default.

No. 1247329

Even the ugliest or most tomboy-ish women can get moids if you're just willing to settle. Which I don't recommend but saying you will never get a boyfriend (if you want one) is just plain false kek.

Anyway stop obsessing so much over your exterior and whether or not you get a bf to bang and focus on your hobbies or job or whatever makes you happy instead. You've only got so much time on this world to do all the shit you want to do, don't waste your limited time on looking good to please others when you could be spending it to live your life for own enjoyment.

No. 1247356

>i-it's okay! he posts on the hobby boards only!
I never understood retards like that just because they're afraid of "normie" guys as if a person's only possible state is normie or 4chan/discord dwelling nerd

No. 1247368

My girlfriend of 2+ years gave me a $100 digital giftcard for my 30th birthday. And when I thought retail therapy would help for such an underwhelming gift (She knows I like thoughtful gifts over monetary value). When I was driving there last night a chihuahua ran across the street and I barely missed it. Then the giftcard didn't show up on my account at checkout and I had to end up putting it on my credit card. It just added to my ever increasing debt. As I was driving home from the store a cat ran into the road too. I'm lucky I didn't run them over but damn what a shitty day.

Now it's the next day and I'm getting increasing sad and frustrated over yesterday. I hope this feeling can go away soon.

No. 1247377

It tracks another person's likes and follows.

No. 1247390

File: 1656689481798.jpg (40.42 KB, 547x612, istockphoto-1385324776-612x612…)

I've finally done it. After being low contact with an abusive parent for years, she gave me a phonecall that was negative and accusative from start to finish, trod all over me, made it clear she never gave a fuck about me and only thinks about herself. Well, I blocked the bitch! I'm moving to a new apartment in a few months and live very far away. Might also change my number just to make damn sure. I did it nonnies, I'll never have to hear that toxic abusive malestrom of evil ever again.

It feels like I dropped 20 lbs off my shoulders. Free at last, free at last! That entire family is cut off, and I wiped my online presence so they can't stalk or contact me. Whoosh, gone. The flying monkey is going to try to pester and stalk me but I have the block button hot and ready. Ooh it feels so good.

No. 1247396

so proud of you nona! I hope you have a nice relaxing and refreshing day celebrating your newfound sense of freedom. continue to keep yourself safe, you deserve it.

No. 1247400

Is there anyone else who gave up on life pretty early on? I took one good look at the statistics of my class and race and knew it was going to be a fat chance I would ever make anything of myself so I never tried. I think about how one day right before I die will look back on my life and remember I've accomplished nothing except my scribbles being acknowledged here and there, a few fanzines. But it doesn't bother me, I feel nothing when I think about how I've wasted my life. You can call me pathetic for being a doomer, I already know.

No. 1247403

File: 1656690139847.jpeg (83.27 KB, 1200x900, 4B6ED5E2-027E-4980-94D0-A39AD0…)

No. 1247404

Don't do these things in hope of getting a man, but to have a better understanding and faith in yourself.
>my hair is frizzy and dry, no matter how much i take care of it.
Of everything you listed, start with trying to learn how to take care of your hair. Do you have curly hair? Know your hair type? There's a lot on youtube, you should hopefully find some videos that can help.
>i don't like wearing makeup or doing my nails.
This is normal and perfectly fine.
>i don't know how to dress and i can't follow trends. as soon as i buy a new clothing item, it goes out of fashion.
Following trends is a bad idea. Focus on finding what styles and silhouettes you enjoy, otherwise you will consistently waste a lot of money buying clothes to chase feeling good about yourself. The trend cycle is speeding up due to tiktok and fast fashion companies, namely shein, ramping up production to an unhealthy speed. Maybe start with buying basics you will wear and can get multiple uses out of. There are lots of fashion videos on youtube, hope you find some women whose styles you like and can pull from.

No. 1247406

My new professors for the next two years are incredibly obnoxious. One of them openly references shitty memes on a regular basis. I'm even more pissed now that I got rejected from the more competitive program because I can't imagine the professors there to be this childish.

No. 1247414

Thank you, I love you all!

No. 1247418

It really irritates me how, on tiktok, a white person with a heavy Cajun accent is always inevitably jumped on for “trying to sound black.” It’s has to be by people who’ve never stepped foot in Louisiana because pretty much everyone (who were born there) talks like that in the southern part of the state. No one is faking or forcing a blaccent. Fuck.

No. 1247432

what's the problem?

No. 1247476

I know exactly how you feel nona.

No. 1247489

Louisiana was a French territory wasnt it? Are other Americans surprised that there French Americans from Louisiana with a local accent? This seems so weird to me, it's not like languages are linked to genetics, it's something you learned through exposure, so soemone exposed to that accent since early childhood on a daily basis will learn it, regardless of skin color.

No. 1247493

It is very irritating when Cajuns and more 'country' (poorer families) southerners from any state get jumped on for this. Not white personally, grew up in a southern state in the country country and that's just how people talk. Doesn't bother me not one iota.

TikTok is a den of retardation though and non southerners should shut the fuck up about how things work down here.

No. 1247500

File: 1656697390477.jpg (37.25 KB, 540x541, 1656119602836.jpg)

A moid I've been talking to again after I broke up with him sent me a suicide (?) baiting fucking message.
It went like
>Maybe I need a psychiatrist ASAP.
>It's nothing super serious but if you have a moment to call.

I'm a med student who might become a psychiatrist but I'm not his fucking psychiatrist. I'm a girl he briefly dated.
I said I'm still sleeping since I couldn't sleep at night and if it's okay in a few hours. And what's wrong, and that I'm not a psychiatrist yet.
He sent
>After you end in school and before you leave for the event just call me OK?
I said
And then I asked him after few hours if talking from the train in the afternoon at around five would be okay and if he still needs to talk.
After 5 passed, I sent him
>I guess not shrug emoji
And he still didn't reply. A also sent him SMS asking if he's OK.
What makes me actually angry is that I told him that two of my friends committed suicide last month. What he's doing is super self-centred and he didn't even say please or anything. He just ordered me to call him and ghosted me.
Honestly, fuck him so, so much.
I know he hasn't killed himself or anything but it just makes me uneasy inside you know?
I reached out to him again because we had so much to talk about and totally similar interests but this is a no-go. I'm not his emotional labour machine.
Update he finally messaged me saying sorry that it had turned him off the whole day and he's been in call for two hours already and that I don't have to worry he wouldn't kill himself or anything.
He definitely gets off on me worrying about him. Glad someone else did his emotional labor for him. You wouldn't catch me dead anymore comforting this asshole.

No. 1247501

My little brother is a gamine asian manlet. The amount of tranny groomers after him is insane. Males and females want him to do weird shota trap shit. The girls who pressure him are always BPD themby e-thots too. The fuck is wrong with zoomers? How are they so comfortable being predatory and racist. I’m glad my brother hates tranny shit cuz I’d legit stop talking to him if he gives in to degeneracy. He has low self esteem and which makes me think he might compromise his boundaries for pussy. I’d fucking kill him if he grieves my mother by bringing mental illness home.

No. 1247506


the next time a scrote suicide baits I'm probably going to reply with 'k' and block him. If I know his address I'll call the cops for a wellness check and then block him. That's all the effort they deserve and that's only because I know they're bluffing for attention and having the police show up to their house would be annoying and ~triggering~

No. 1247508

Instead of getting pissed at him maybe you can sit him down and pill him against this shit instead?

No. 1247510


Probably trying to control her moid and stop him from thirsting after Instagram girlies. Or she's stalking a moid/poor unfortunate woman and is collecting information

No. 1247513

I've been mostly saying 'I'm sorry to hear that' and nothing else when he tried to make me do his emotional labor so I guess he tried to up the stakes. We aren't even dating why is he telling me about all the hardships he has. What a scrote.

No. 1247527

Anime was a mistake. Sounds like your brother should unironically hit the gym

No. 1247530

Not sure if you are still around, didn't realize I got a reply.

I should clarify that it's not the physical act of turning the car that I can't do (if that's what you thought I meant), but judging spacing while turning. I tend to make wide turns, especially on my right turns, because I always think I'm going to end up too close to parked cars or will end up hitting them, especially since I practiced on a lot of narrow two way streets. When I learned to drive, that was my first time in a car, so I'm not used to suddenly having to account for all this extra space when moving around. I assume it's like going from driving a sedan to a limo or something - you have to get used to the size of it so you can judge where you are in relation to things. Except I didn't go from a small car to a bigger car, I went from accounting for just my limbs to a whole car.

No. 1247538

a moid called me a little boy at the bakery today
never have i regretted shaving my head more in my life - its shit because i love not having to maintain hair but if i keep getting confused for a moid i guess ill just have to grow it back

No. 1247540

if he ever tries it again, definitely call a wellness check on him if you have his address. He'll learn

No. 1247545

Evil gay moid that did nothing but purposefully encourage my delusions during a severe trauma-induced psychosis because I was nothing but a source of entertainment to dehumanize contacting me as if I would want to talk to him in any way, pretending to be clueless. Men are genuinely black holes devoid of any emotional intelligence and even the ones that often pretend to be uwu cinnamon wolls for their twitter following do not actually give a single fuck about women outside of them being objects of entertainment or slaaay yaaasss Barbie dolls.

No. 1247583

Tried to reach out to all of my friends that my ex made me cut off and none of them replied, I dont blame them but god it sucks having literally no one.

No. 1247584

File: 1656702022844.jpg (7.13 KB, 259x194, mood.jpg)

I got exposed to covid from going to my violin lesson is this divine judgment from God for learning Miracles May and being a disgusting fujo neet. was going to visit my best online friend for America day. Wanna die I was really excited about seeing my only friend and the roadtrip too.

No. 1247609

stalking my ex because my brain is broken and I can't move on. even knowing which posts are making him laugh these days is better than having to become strangers again

No. 1247611

Knock this shit off nona, seriously. It fucking sucks losing a partner and not even being able to keep them in your life in any way, but this is serious brain rot. You have to rip the bandage off and deal with a little salt in the wound before the pain subsides and you move on. It always always always feels impossible to move on. It's so easy to think in the moment that you will never find anyone again, but time heals all wounds and you will move on. Wallowing in your own misery, exacerbating it by stalking him and seeing his likes and shit, don't do that shit to yourself. You deserve to live with some peace of mind, not having every corner of your brain dedicated to a single person.

No. 1247614

Update just to bitch: still pretending he “doesn’t know” what “he did” despite their being a mountain of evidence and screenshots from other peoples devices to the contrary. Men are genuinely evil.

No. 1247624

File: 1656705561279.jpg (19.3 KB, 460x456, 1656658542059.jpg)

the OP image of the stupid questions thread reminded me of one of my earliest memories

> enter kindergarten

> teacher going around asking everyone what they want to be when they grow up
> my turn
> have never been asked this and suddenly aware there is such a thing as a "future" or "growing up"
> for some reason the only thing that pops in my mind is the imagery of a ballerina in a music box
> say "ballerina" and teacher moves on

I was aware of "jobs" but never thought it was something applied to me/never thought of myself doing any of those? Evidence of retardation was exhibited early on.

Is this type of early conditioning (part of) the reason why people put so much of their identities in their jobs/titles?

No. 1247626

He didn’t confuse you for a boy, he was just negging you

No. 1247634

Most of the girls in my class just said "mommy" to that question I think that was a cute answer anon. Maybe you are overthinking it

No. 1247639

I'm really sad because I don't have severe acne anymore but I do have a lot of scarring / pockmarks. Did anyone else go through this? I feel like I'm pretty otherwise. I think I'll save money to get treatment for it

No. 1247645

all the girls in my class said stuff like lawyer, doctor, and veterinarian, so I just felt superficial and retarded. it probably seemed stupid too bc I was fat and uncoordinated.

No. 1247656

I do think it’s weird. Even as a kid, I was acutely aware that there were “right” answers and “wrong” answers to that question. I wanted to be a power ranger or magical girl, but I said “teacher” because thats what you’re expected to say.

No. 1247682

If only adults actually showed kids a range of jobs instead of the doctor/lawyer/teacher/law enforcement stuff.

I imagine if you showed kids a range, most would pick something in the trades or arts or craftsmanship aka "unrealistic". I always really wanted to be stuff like glass blower, carpenter/wood worker, weaver, but those are not acceptable jobs even though they do exist and people have them.

No. 1247691

It's really not that deep

No. 1247724

I hate having to shave my body! I especially hate having to shave my face! I hate my swarthy genes! I hate PCOS! I wish I had the ovaries to go out with facial stubble. So what if I look like Zayn Malik's faggy brother? I'm still fucking female. It's ridiculous to have to jump through that hoop just to go to the store and still get called "sir" because I'm butch, muscular and tall. Maybe when my wife and I move into our house in the woods I'll go full lumberjack and grow out my beard and my body hair. Start going out naked and seeing if anyone reports me as a bigfoot sighting.

No. 1247738

My close relative wants to take aliexpress medicine as her cancer treatment.
Fucking hold me anons.

No. 1247739

Get her some weed

No. 1247741

At this point I need weed.
I need to chill my god.

No. 1247744

what the fuck. Is medicine another thing that has become scarce because of all the shit going on in the world or something?

No. 1247745

File: 1656711974344.jpeg (811.95 KB, 750x747, 3EB27B7E-C2EF-4A3B-A9A7-3D5F99…)

Other women really don’t care if other women are suffering. Stop saying you’re better than men, you are certainly no better than a man. No scrote has ever thought laughed at another woman’s eating disorder is hilarious because men are too fucking stupid to know what that is, other women rejoice in your pain and suffering like a man would. It’s like a manic sort of enjoyment unlike men who are straight up psychopathic and underhanded with their demented nature, women contrary to myth are not manipulative, that’s a male thing, but will straight up make you feel like shit and whittle away your deluded sense of esteem. They feed you a bunch of lies but I’m still going to be under the tyranny of a selfish woman, I’m still going to be made fun of for my insecurities in my own womanhood by other women. Other women uphold the patriarchy stronger than other men and I’m absolutely fucking tired of being gaslit that this doesn’t happen.

No. 1247746

If only the TV-generation of parents gave one shit about their children at all, let alone, god forbid, help and guide and teach them. God forbid.

No. 1247750

Is she not able to get proper care or just one of those people who want to self heal (or whatever the term for it would be)? Websites like that shouldn't be able to sell medicine, even if it's alternative or natural, at all, hell.

No. 1247752

inshallah nonnie

No. 1247757

idk what she's thinking. She also doesn't understand how dangerous medicine from aliexpress is. She already bought creams that she use for a long time now, because it helped she wants to take medicine. And because these creams worked, I can't convince her how dangerous this shit is.

From what I know, her cancer isn't in advanced form as doctors thought. So for now she only needs to visit a doctor every half year to see if everything is ok.

No. 1247759

Lmao shut up or I’m gonna bully you again

No. 1247761

Shut up fatty

No. 1247763

I do be feeling superior than some retard that's too afraid to eat bread because boys might think she's fat

No. 1247766

Is that what those mean girls called you? Stacy calling you fat is so much worse than male violence fr

No. 1247767

i havent been diagnsoed with autism but i have autisitc traits that have ruined opportunities for me. im realizing now how much my behavior has fucked it up for me. my weird body movements whenever a guy is trying to be intimate, having meltdowns that i cant crontrol and being very emotional, not understanding social situations and getting played, beiing naive, never having friends, people at work know me as the weirdo girl that speaks in a wierd tone. i think what's broken me is the last guy i dated and we broke up two weeks ago and he hasnt reached out. his last words were him explaiing why im so weird and unlikable. i took it well at the tme but lately its been eating away at me and i feel like a massive failure. i dont know how to behave in certain situations and when i finally am myself im the weirdo or i lie to avoid embarrasing truths about myself, then get called a liar. i jsut want to be seen as normal

No. 1247768

That's really scary. If it doesn't get worse she'll probably think the AliExpress medicine cured her and continue taking it. Either way, I hope she will be alright and completely healthy one day.

No. 1247770

>i think what's broken me is the last guy i dated and we broke up two weeks ago and he hasnt reached out.
>he hasnt reached out.
that's normal

No. 1247771

>I can't convince her how dangerous this shit is.
There must be documentation about this online, right? Have you tried showing her that?

No. 1247774

Do you have any friends?

No. 1247777

True, I don't care about rando women any more than I care about men. Which is very little.
But I'm glad whenever someone says this. The faux support all women attitude on here gets tiresome. I know you're all lying.

No. 1247778

You sound like your only interaction with/observation of women comes from /snow/

No. 1247784

So I got this medicine in my hands and it is "gynostemma extract". Which sounds like typical TCM extract. It came with """"certificate of analysis""" and it's """"tested"""" by "tested by:lily, approved: william, certified by:henry". It sounds sketchy af.
I try to convince her that I can buy her legit one from safe site.
I would let her take this fucking extract but let it be at least from safe source, my god.

No. 1247785

I hate being mentally ill holy shit I hate cutting I hate having random meltdowns I hate eating until I puke, it's not only painful, it's fucking embarrassing and cringe

No. 1247788

File: 1656714011517.png (146.33 KB, 485x410, BD5D974F-5C19-46EE-9138-22043D…)

Stacy is a meme created by men that describes a woman who’s sexually desirable to other men, she looks like a fucking sex doll kek. Why would I give a fuck about a woman who can’t dye her roots for shit calling me fat when I’m not? You’re either a lurking tranny trying to fuck with me or an anon who’s super pathetic and thinks her worth is attached to how attractive she is to other men, like granny-chan from months ago bragging that she still bags the idiots from my generation while being an old windbag. Pathetic

No. 1247790

I know this feeling too well nona, it's very easy to see black when you're stuck in a hole with no way out. I promise those women are projecting, I worked in a male dominated industry and switched over to a female dominated and the women are by far kinder and sweeter.

No. 1247792

Anachans want to be skinny for men, I want to be abnormally skinny and sick like Jesus Christ was when he was on the cross, we are no the same.

No. 1247794

Do you have autism? Clearly you’re a fucking newfag if you’re confused about the usage of Stacy on lolcow. So get emotional support for your wannarexia from men then, clearly you hate us but are obsessed with sitting with us on our cool website.

No. 1247795

both this hypotetical anachan and you should learn that you deserve so much better than this awful self inflicted suffering in life

No. 1247796

You have to still retain enough strength to do some carpentry and fuck up some tables / fig trees if you have to, but I love your vision. I could be your Thomas the Doubter. Explore your side-wounds just a little…

No. 1247797

So why are you still fat?

No. 1247805

>No scrote has ever thought laughed at another woman’s eating disorder is hilarious
Men are always making fun of women whose physical appearances indicate obvious eating problems ie. anorexic and clinically obese women. The reason why you might not hear them take as many jabs at EDs specifically is because men don't even consider the state of a woman's mental health and largely consider the way she looks as an indicator of a moral failing or laziness–you even admit that men are too stupid to consider issues beyond basic decision-making. Idk anon, in my experience men are selfish and ruthless. Women can be brutal but their crassness is only obvious juxtaposed in a culture where we are socialized to be coddlers and doormats. Since when do you hear about men performing unreciprocated emotional labor like what women do?
The grass ain't always greener.

No. 1247806

Doesn’t matter how it’s used or “reappropriated” it still has a negative connotation

No. 1247810

Why do they have to be mean to other women not even doing anything? Can’t they actually be ruthless and mean TOWARDS men? Like ily fuck it doesn’t make sense to me I’m so tired of it. I can get teasing and cheekiness but sometimes it gets tiring being rude to defend myself from other women.

No. 1247822

What’s the negative connotation? That socially-successful Stacy is inherently a vapid whore? Men think all women are vapid whores, including mousy little Becky’s. You seem to adopt male opinions as truth so of course you think that women can’t impose their own framework on preexisting concepts. Colonizing male shit and interpreting it according to female perspective is based.

No. 1247825

No. 1247826

Why are you guys always so vague when you complain about da meanies on lolcow? Link us what they said so we can see.

No. 1247836

Because the stacy/becky men is just madonna-whore complex repackaged against I don’t want to be a sociopath and dominate other women like a cavewoman and I don’t want to be “mousy”, I just want to be me.

No. 1247841

You’re scaring me anon…

No. 1247849

>No scrote has ever thought laughed at another woman’s eating disorder is hilarious because men are too fucking stupid to know what that is
What the shit are you talking about, moids laugh at women with EDs all the time for being "vain" and "vapid" and "shallow". And don't forget the ana-chasers who intentionally look for mentally ill women with low self esteem to manipulate.

No. 1247859

not having a boyfriend to wake up to and cuddle with in the morning

No. 1247870

I agree. Problem is some parents want their kids in a "respectable" career aka need to follow what mommy and daddy want them to be. Some parents also like holding money/debt over their kids' heads. Mine did that with my middle/high school schooling to guilt trip me into uni. I loved working with my hands creating stuff as a kid. My parents put their foot down when I was a preteen and forced me into freaking out about my grades. They knew I suffered from anxiety (almost had it managed on my own) but didn't care because I had to follow their dream not mine. It imploded so badly. It's hard picking up the pieces and not being so bitter and feeling like a failure.

No. 1247878

File: 1656717956795.gif (269.66 KB, 475x425, GrippingGlamorousJoey-size_res…)

fwb said my hate for men is irrational. sure, it's not like i'm traumatized with Y chromosomes, just because im functional and don't reflect it on my appearance means i don't deeply hate them.

fuck this fwb bullshit, i'm back to not having any kind of meaningful relationship with moids. i prefer to waste my time thinking about my internalized homo/biphobia and fantasizing about getting out of the closet someday. even if i'm probably autistic and can't understand how to socialize with other women.

No. 1247882

>And don't forget the ana-chasers who intentionally look for mentally ill women with low self esteem to manipulate.
For real, anything ever written about these types of men indicates that they are complete sadists and often pedos who target and exploit women specifically for their eating disorders. But somehow that's harmless compared to the more distasteful posts on lolcow dot farm I guess

No. 1247884

I feeling so used up today. Didn't stop to eat, didn't drink water, didn't go to the bathroom, I'm not even paid for this… I am not sure if it was worthy the free trip. And I stayed for a week, while others stayed for six months… How is that even fair. I'm not even japanese.

No. 1247897

File: 1656719005042.jpeg (284.42 KB, 1773x1773, 0E10E7CA-118D-43E2-B3D9-A4C9B5…)

I didn’t read all that but get well soon Tismochan!!

No. 1247902

That’s not a hemorrhoid, it’s monkeypox.

No. 1247904

There’s a story here.

No. 1247910

half (more like all) of the time my family gets together someone has to fight and i always feel like the stupid fucking sore thumb who was never supposed to be apart of this family. like im just not welcome and then i just feel the childhood overbearing guilt that removing myself from the group entirely would always solve the situation because i always end up being the stupid mediator. i want to walk into the woods and never come back.

No. 1247924

I mean, yes. It's not an interesting one, it's just a long one. But rereading it, sounds a bit like I was trafficked, but it's nothing like that

No. 1247926

Women don’t stalk us, exploit us, harm us, or Jill us in the way men do and the only exceptions are because of what men have done to them. Tl;dr.

No. 1247937

More fun when you pretend you were one of the teenage Dashcon volunteers

No. 1247947

File: 1656723647765.gif (59.83 KB, 220x149, ugh-dana.gif)

This is my second time this week FB reported my comment as hate speech against men because I ranted on a comment to a female friend's post about roe being overturned. Like holyshit. apparently saying shit like men are trash and could never understand or fuck men is considered hate speech, but I've gotten literal death threats and sexism shit directly to ME and fb has done nothing.
fuck zuckerburg
fuck facebook
FUCK MEN (or don't rather)

No. 1247949

Don’t use shit created by scrotes. Don’t give them money. They don’t deserve it.

No. 1247954

I bet $50 she's one of the annoying weight spergs who's upset over other anons snapping back

No. 1247963

wish I would have drawn more as a kid or have the art gene. I'm lame as hell and it seems as if everyone is talented and able to produce cute art. Woe is me, but I'm pretty envious. Even my handwriting is sloppy and I feel so unfeminine.

No. 1247966

I use fb to keep in touch with friends and family who don't other wise use social media. They dont use twt and insta and I don't have anything but fb and insta, so oh well. Guess I just gotta watch what I'm saying.

No. 1247967

my handwriting use to be ugly, but I literally practiced a cuter one until it felt natural. that's all good art and stuff really is, just practice over time

No. 1247973

I’ve been practicing my handwriting when I have a chance, yeah, but poses, anatomy, etc. are definitely skills that my smooth brain would never grasp lul

No. 1247981

File: 1656725807783.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 8E68E9C5-5979-4179-8C8D-748664…)

>Women are just as bad.
Never have been, never will be.

No. 1247984

definitely not with that attitude

No. 1247989

I found a weird incel page once that had footage of women being hit or literally ran over combined with meme footage of American psycho and they didn’t get removed because it didn’t violate the rules. I reported so many things that blatantly were creepy rage fueled misogyny but it didn’t get taken down despite showing and encouraging violence against women.

No. 1247994

I’m supposed to be an Anime Expo this weekend but instead I’m sick with Covid. I don’t even know where I caught it, I’m super careful and always wear masks except at work because I trusted my coworkers not to be retards, I have to take it off the eat and I wasn’t physically close to anyone most of the time anyway. But I don’t think anyone else is positive (they used to tell us if someone had tested positive that we may have had contact with, but I’m not sure if they still do). I’m super depressed since I was looking forward to it for months. And now I’m stuck in bed.
My fiancé has luckily not caught it, he’s been staying on the couch and staying away from me as much as possible (but helping me and taking care of me when needed) but it’s so hard not being able to just hug him for comfort. I told him to go to the convention tomorrow even though I’m really scared of being alone because I keep hearing about people who think they’re getting better but then take a bad turn. He said he’ll be paying close attention to his phone in case I need him but it’s hard feeling so alone in this.

No. 1247999

I hate moids so much. I was just sitting on my mat in the park minding my business eating fruit and this fucking creepy greasy gimpy tweeky scrote decided to move himself, his bag, and his ugly fucking aura right up next to me and he was sitting right between me and this one other girl, but he was letting the other girl go about her business. he kept staring directly at me and i didn’t make eye contact i just kept eating and not giving him any attention so he got annoyed and started doing push-ups. like full push-ups. i don’t know what he started doing after because i just put my fruit in my bag and lifted up my mat and walked back home because i felt so weird and disgusted. like why? i’m not even attractive. men will see a woman in shorts and immediately lose their mind. i HATE this environment sometimes because no one ever says anything and it’s so normalized to just try to ignore them until they realize they aren’t getting any attention, but also no one ever tells them “hey you’re a fucking sperg stop”. like i obviously could’ve but do i want to get stabbed with a needle? no. i don’t.

No. 1248002

idk you sound pretty insufferable

No. 1248003

I’m accepting the fact that I’m just ugly, and I don’t have to twist an arm and a leg chasing an ideal that’s constantly shifting and growing like a 1980s horror film monster through internet-induced feedback loops. Because I’ll always be running towards it anyway, never achieving it. So much energy wasted on something so….passive and useless. The comments anger me sometimes, though. “Why don’t you wear brighter colors?” “Why not bring your hair this side?” “Why do you dress like that?” My only concern will be looking clean. Other than that, I am an ugly bitch, and will continue to be so in the mean time. It doesn’t really change anything.

No. 1248007

so that makes her just as bad as rapists and abusers?

No. 1248009

File: 1656727574019.jpeg (528.86 KB, 750x1211, 1577670279558.jpeg)

I have to take a break from reading about true crime because this shit is making me depressed.
Apparently, sex trafficking in cruise ships is a real thing that happens. My mom has been talking about going on a cruise for vacation and I guess reading about this is making me sad because it hits close to home. It can literally happen to any woman out there.

Anyway, fuck moids who pay for sex and fuck anyone who thinks SWIW while brushing off the real victims. Fuck anyone who believes that "b-but sex trafficking won't be much of a problem if sex work was actually legalised" like wtf is up with that retarded take, the logical leaps you have to go through
Anyway, I'm just so mad that shit like this happens so fucking often while libfems and leftist scrotes chant at how sex work is SOOO empowering while silencing the voices of victims actually affected by the sex industry.

No. 1248011

Same here. I remember struggling so much with the little writing prompts they gave us because I couldn’t conceive of a “future” anyway (I can now, even if it’s very abstract and unreal). I didn’t want to be anything. I wasn’t sure if I was real or if life was real. I ended up saying teacher, because that’s what was in front of me anyways. But back then I didn’t want to do anything.

No. 1248012

my dad raped and abused me, and yeah i wouldn't want to deal with either of them
fuck annoying bitches

No. 1248018

>triggered my love for true crime
why the fuck would you phrase it that way though? I guess it's more honest then saying ~muh fascination~ like most of these vultures. (No offense to vultures actually they are much more valuable to the planet than true crime voyeurs)

No. 1248019

Would it be dumb to leave someone cause they sleep a lot? It’s probably a dumb question but I hate how my bf just passes out like nothing and all the time. I hate it. It reminds me of my mom who would sleep all the time. I just can’t stand it, he seems lazy. I hate other things about him too but he’s so boring at the moment

No. 1248021

No reason is too dumb, if you don't like him, don't waste your precious time on him.

No. 1248025

Not dumb. People who sleep too much annoy me too. Time is precious.

No. 1248026

Yeah it is weird how that person is so passionate about it, like taking up a crafts hobby. I like reading about true crime but I treat it more as a cautionary tale and looking into these cases is more heartbreaking than entertaining.

No. 1248030

still don't see how that makes a random nonnie or any other woman "just as bad" seeing as how the awful things men do has a bigger impact but whatever

No. 1248043

Nta but if I don't get more than 9 hours of sleep I get dizzy, cranky, and act more retarded than usual kek.

No. 1248050

she obviously isn't just as bad i'm just being retarded
but i seriously can't stand catty bitches like this on here who think they're so clever
maybe you aren't as bad as a rapist moid, but you are still an annoying piece of shit and i hate you

No. 1248058

Nta, but saying women can’t say they’re better then men is retarded. Also, depends on what you post and say. Like anons calling everyone fattie yet being triggered when they’re called retard ana-chans. Very ‘it cries as it strikes you’ behaviour’.

No. 1248062

So you agree that she's right kek stop being so tsun, you have a psychosexual obsession with farmers

No. 1248066

Samefag, but is also just false. Men both prey on women with EDs and mock them as they see fit. Eg. Max Landis and the shit he did to encourage his girlfriend to have an ED while also mocking her for being weak. Women have every right and justification to say they’re better than men considering men do the same, worse, and more, with the violence on top.

No. 1248072

god i hate when scrotes are so desperate for attention and wont take a hint. im sorry you didnt get to relax and enjoy your fruit anon

No. 1248080

nah, these rude annoying bitches can shut up and suck my clit, fuck em
>Women have every right and justification to say they’re better than men
they really don't
just because you aren't killing and raping doesn't mean you aren't a harmful degenerate too
but i know everyone on this site gets off on pretending they're superior to moids just because they "aren't violent" (aka, they're indoctrinated by female socialization), i'm guilty of it too, so whatever
s-shut up

No. 1248088

For every degenerate dangerous woman there's at least 100 moids. Pretend all you want otherwise though nonny.

No. 1248090

not pretending, i hate moids
but i hate you too

No. 1248093

File: 1656731448561.jpeg (31.7 KB, 540x360, 96t43345.jpeg)

then just leave? why are you here?

No. 1248096

kek. you sound like one of those "im not racist. i hate everyone equally" type of scrotes tbh.

No. 1248102

because reading your retarded bullshit is amusing?
>if you criticize women you're a scrote/scrote adjacent nlog
typical lolcow npc response
you're braindead and probably under 18

No. 1248105

File: 1656732156505.png (298.87 KB, 445x450, 1475392869975.png)

No. 1248110

unironically using 'npc' is kind of nlogish to be fair. and you sound more angry than amused if you hate everyone so much.

No. 1248113

>absolutely retarded
>hates moids
>bitter about women and lolcow
Is this yet another salty troon trolling about the farms? lmao

No. 1248118

ok cool
if i were angry i wouldn't be here
always weird when anons genuinely get worked up over some shitpost imageboard
no, but whatever helps you cope with the fact that you are unlikeable and turn off other women to your fake "girl power" cause

No. 1248123

Isn’t this pakichan because of the cute cat pic? I swear she avatarfags with this shit to the point that it’s a permaban offense.

No. 1248127

File: 1656733321986.gif (964.08 KB, 500x267, 05518_085332.gif)

I feel like 90% of fights would be solved if some of you just ate something. Anything.

No. 1248129

Pakichan should have been permabanned long ago for the constant derails, infighting and samefagging but here we are

No. 1248132

I'm lazy, will you cook for me and take one small step toward world peace?

No. 1248139

File: 1656734204143.gif (1009.25 KB, 500x270, 407010.gif)

Alright, but just this once.

No. 1248140

probably pakichan yeah

No. 1248145

why are you even telling other men you hate men. it's a waste of air and energy

No. 1248158

Kek anon I fucking wish it was tiny beta monkeypox tickling my asshole right now and not the chad monster 'rhoid still torturing me for pushing my poops just a little to escape the stinky port-a-potty faster, why is it still here christ alive save me from this never ending nightmare

No. 1248163

Cotton ball and cold aloe Vera let it sit for 5-15 minutes. It will help calm it if it’s external.

No. 1248201

Please help.

Any tips to confront an adult family member who’s choosing to not taking care of her mental illness and is making the rest of us miserable along with her?
She has eye and breathing issues coupled with severe anxiety, depression and self harming. This understandably makes her pissed off every day, makes it almost impossibly for her to make/keep friends, and she resorts to shutting herself in her room all day. The thing is; dad, my mom, grandparents and her few friends ALL are always begging her to please get help. She complains about it being too expensive: we’ve all offered to cover it all. She’s anxious of calling, weve offered to get her in contact with any ourselves. She says her eye and lung issues have no fixing because her previous cheap ass doctors didn’t catch the issue and that there are no treatments for it; we got in contact with surgeons who specialize on it and have offered to pay for it all. She just shuts down, cries, screams that we don’t understand her and she’s back to hikikomoring for months.

I’m sorry but I’m tired of “bailing” her out of the ER because she’s suicidal or hurt herself, I’m tired of the stress of knowing she doesn’t eat unless I put food outside her room, I’m tired of having to wash all of her dishes, cook for yer, and having her shut in all day and avoid us in our own home that we pay for, making us feel so unwanted in my own home. My grandparent’s have been sent to the ER several times recently from stress out of worrying about how she’s always treating us like shit, telling us she does it because she’s in pain, but immediately crying and running to her room when we beg her to please let us call, hire and pay a specialist for her.

She’s such a big proponent of “your own trauma doesn’t give you a free pass to be toxic to others”, isn’t this what she’s doing? She broke up with her only gf because she (the gf, in tears, deathly worried) told her she needed to stop pitying herself and putting effort in getting better. Guess who’s now complaining about how suicidal being single makes her feel.

She said she always wanted to go to Brazil so I saved up for years, sent me and the whole fucking family to Brazil, and she spent the whole week saying she loathed the food and complaining about her lungs/eyes hurting but screaming at us when we grabbed the phone to schedule a doctor. I hated every minute of the trip. I sobbed the whole flight back home because I felt so useless and under appreciated.

Am I being selfish for being tired and not understanding her? How should I bring up the topic? I love her more than anything and don’t want to give up. I want to force her to take my fucking money and accept our family’s offer to get in contact with specialists. I want her to be happy. I need her to be happy. I cry every night because I can tell I won’t be happy until she is. But how can I truly help?

No. 1248210

>telling a man you are casually fucking that you hate men
Think once again why this didn't work out in your favor.

No. 1248223

Can you get like… an intervention? idk if therapists do that but she fucking needs one. You're not selfish, she's being selfish by not getting help when you're making it so easy for her. I'm assuming she's financially supported by your family, is she too disabled to work or does she refuse to work? That alone means she should be doing everything she can to improve her health and become independent.

Sorry, it's really hard to be sympathetic to her even though you're clearly coming at this from a place of love and concern. But maybe you need to be less nice about it? Like is she really so debilitatingly ill or is she just comfortable treating you like a personal servant and taking her anger out on others no matter how much it hurts the people around her? Sounds like she has no responsibilities, no obligation to moderate her emotions and doesn't have to lift a finger around the house, that's straight up taking advantage.

No. 1248224

Imagine being so close to escaping such a horrible, desperate situation but you don’t because some scrote is scared of getting in trouble. Men rarely receive any significant punishment for soliticiting prostitutes anyway. Even if he did get in trouble for it, it would be minimal. He could’ve come up with some bullshit excuse if he was really worried like he was across the street from the brothel or just nearby. I hope the guilt of that haunts him for the rest of his life but I know he probably hasn’t lost any sleep over it at all. He probably still ended up fucking one of the other prostitutes, not caring if she was there “willingly” or being trafficked like Amy. I wish hell was real so men like her kidnappers and this pathetic coward would go there

No. 1248229

>b-but sex trafficking won't be much of a problem if sex work was actually legalised
People actually say this? It's well established that legalizing prostitution increases sex trafficking because pimps have to meet increased demand. Supply stays the same because desperate women willing to prostitute themselves were never held back by legality in the first place, so who else are they gonna get but unwilling women…

No. 1248232

had a suicide attempt a couple of month back and it’s weird that I feel myself looking back on it right now so fondly. before I would have passed out and actually died for real, I just had a burst of mental energy and I got angry at everything that depressed me. blazingly furious. I’d been in an accident that I have recovered from, but it left a very large, visible bulgy scar on my arm and I went from “safe but you should watch your weight” pre-accident to hitting obesity because I was bedridden and horribly depressed. when I recovered I was basically getting pushed out the door by my job since they replaced me during my medical leave. I’d admitted to liking 3 different people in the span of the year and got rejected by all of them, different reasons for each. I felt pathetic and unwanted.

today I’ve lost 10lbs officially. I’m successful in the new job I’ve got that paid even more than my previous job. I’m not pursuing anyone. Maybe one day. I’ve still got a lot to go, but I have the time to go to where I want to be. Fuck it all, positively. Fuck my old job. Fuck the people who rejected me, even if they had good reasons. Fuck myself for getting upset over some extra pounds. If you think I’m pathetic, fuck you too.
If I’m unwanted, fuck you, I’m staying.

No. 1248234

I only think about killing myself, I wonder if I will do it someday, I could be talking to new people, traveling, eating something nice, looking at myself in the mirror and doing my hair, and I only think that I want to die or to just kill myself.
I'm afraid of every actually doing it, because I'm afraid of my attempt working, but I'm also afraid of my attempt failing.

No. 1248235

File: 1656741665738.jpeg (507.94 KB, 1170x1156, 6E8EB1D3-BB61-4CCF-9FE5-EB21A8…)

I genuinely wish I had a physical attraction to women because I’m sick of being physically and romantically attracted to men. I’ve tried in the past but it’s obviously something you can’t force, and it isn’t fair to toy with someone else like that either. It’s just causing me a lot of distress because even the men I’ve tried having platonic friendships with have done nothing but derived pleasure from hurting me or exploiting me in some way.

No. 1248236

Revel in your ugly and anyone who tries to bother you otherwise is useless

No. 1248245

Honestly an intervention is sounding so so soooo tempting lol but she’s angry at us if we as much as gently ask her if she’s thought about emailing a psychiatrist or taking up on our offer to call a doctor on her behalf so she can start doing what she wants to do. We’re scared of her snarky venomous replies of how we don’t understand her, the meltdowns and cold shoulders. I’m terrified forcing an intervention could be traumatic and make her completely despise me altogether.

She does freelance from her room (language translations and sometimes art when her eyes arent hurting) and helps with about 1/3 of the rent/bills so she’s not 100% responsibility free, and although she doesn’t work nearly as many hours as I, I try not to be too hard on her because of her disability… even though when she’s crying from pain and we tell her we insist the goddamn fucking number of several people who CAN HELP, she just starts sobbing, telling us “it won’t work”, “maybe later”, “you just don’t understand how traumatic it is to be chronically sick” and other deflecting before running away and doing jackshit about it. Idk, maybe yes! I don’t understand it! but I fucking know that if you’re sick you need to at least be willing to walk towards the cure.

But you’re completely right, maybe I’m making it too easy on her. Maybe if we move out or have her move out and she’s forced to take more responsibility she’ll actually feel cornered into have the drive to look for help. But also I’m scared of like… what if that makes her sadder and I just drive her into going ahead and killing herself. Ughhhhh I’m so tired of this shit. I feel like I’m having to choose between cutting the red or the blue cable when all I’ve ever done is ask her what can I do to help and offer every waking hour of my day to try to improve hers. I do feel taken advantage of now, like you said.

Sorry I wrote so much lol thank you so much for replying nonnie, I appreciate it and your kind words and I hope your morning goes fantastic. I will definitely keep your advice in mind.

No. 1248246

Thanks anons, I know you're both right. Honestly I'm glad I wasted the money because I woke up this morning feeling stupid and guilty, thinking "wow, this is how low I've fallen?". I did a lot of reflecting today and I think this is the best I've felt mentally in some time. I still have to see my ex once a week (we work at the same place) and every week I have a mixture of anxiety, fear, and excitement when I know I'm going to see him, but we work together tomorrow and I feel pretty neutral? I think doing something as dumb as paying for data put everything in perspective for me.

No. 1248248

its true. you should never think on a empty stomach.

No. 1248252

I find myself feeling more numb and generally not caring about anything. I can't hype myself up anymore. I don't feel excited. Every little thing I do is a chore and I dread doing it. Even when I get something done I don't feel satisfaction just emptiness. I made some homemade stuff which I love doing but everything feels funny and wrong. Cooking and baking give me no pleasure. I still do both but it's more muscle memory at this point. Driving just depresses me. Listening to music to drown out the voices in my head. I don't sleep much and secretly just wish I'd die in my sleep when I do sleep. Any hobby I liked doing has been tainted and just triggers the shit out of me. I feel so fucking pathetic because of everything that has happened to me. I tried my best to stay optimistic and move forward but I think I fucked up worse by not acknowledging any of it. I did the cowardly thing and ran away from it. I'm just so tired of it all. I need good emotional support and that will never happen. No one cares, I just need to be the good puppet and do what I'm told. I feel insane and once my last control is gone, I don't know what will happen. Can't act like I haven't seen this coming for years, it just hurts more than I imagined. I just hope it all goes quick.

No. 1248253

>Any hobby I liked doing has been tainted
what do you mean by this, nonna?

No. 1248255

I feel like I cant trust anywhere with my retarded food allergy stuff. I read reviews on a place, made a reservation, really trusted them only to almost have diarrhea in their lobby within minutes of eatting their food. There were only 2 bathroom stalls. Thank fuck for the girl who opened hers. It's been a few hours but I feel like I'm going to throw up. Im visiting family and I'm really considering eating a lot then saying I already had food instead of trusting my family with cross contamination, editing recipes…

No. 1248256

>I just need to be the good puppet and do what I'm told.
don't tell that to yourself. nonna. why are you regarding yourself as this "puppet" anyways

No. 1248261

File: 1656745990225.jpg (28.87 KB, 400x400, basedbarbie.jpg)

No. 1248262

Ruined by my parents/friends/etc. Usually bs that it's stupid, what's the point, waste of money, not good, better use of time, blah, blah, blah. Haven't been able to draw in years and any time I do, I hear their voices in my head which stop me. Usually ends up with me ripping it up and flushing it down the toilet. I miss painting too. It was relaxing and loved messing with colours.
All I am to my parents really. Any convo goes back to them telling me I need to "just keep smiling" and to continue with what they want me to do. It's funny how they'll tell me they want me happy but when I express any negativity about what they want for me it's usually "but you're so good with people and people could really use your help". They want a daughter they can brag about and that she followed their advice. Neither went to uni so forcing their kids to live their dreams is perfect. They want grandkids too but I'm too afraid to tell them it isn't happening with me. I don't want to be married and no child deserves inheriting my issues plus I don't want them growing up seeing me sad all the time. I refuse to fuck up a child mentally just because they want grandkids. They never cared about my thoughts/opinions and barely listen to what I say as it is unless it's in their favor. Literally told them I was going to take a bath 3 times but they never listened. 30 minutes later my mom tells me she was looking for me. She didn't care after I told her.

No. 1248265

sperging here but it's not that simple. food aversions can stem from other issues than seeking (very important and not to be reduced into "boys thinking you are fat") acceptance and love. we are social animals. throwing up everything because the person is sick, thinking it is poisoned and all disgusting is more than just a pretty young girl fasting before taking a photo. it can start from that too but by the time they look obviously sick, the problem becomes automatic. when you can see they're that skinny, they might not even want to throw up anymore, it becomes automatic habit of the body. i almost lost a friend to this, shit is not shallow. it is a serious sickness.

No. 1248269

im so thankful for everything in my life, its easy to forget all the little goods that outweigh the bad

No. 1248314

i hate my ex i can't believe i ever dated him. if i just learned how to socialize i would have never considered that autistic retard.

No. 1248317

So the other day my stupid android/Motorola phone gave me a notification that was like "there's an issue with your SD card, tap to fix" so I did… And after that nothing from my SD card shows up on my phone. I kept thinking my phone was just having trouble reading the SD card and kept trying to find ways to fix it…. Until I realized it was reading my SD card, it just fucking deleted everything on it. All my music, pictures and everything else. I don't care about the music because it was mostly from my itunes account and I can redownload it… But the pictures.. all the pictures I've been taking for the last 6ish years were on there. Almost all except 3 pictures of my recently deceased dog were on there. I've been fucking crying and I'm trying not to cry anymore. I'm so angry and upset and I don't know what to do. I want to scream at someone. I'm so fucking angry at this stupid gay phone. I want to break it

No. 1248319

i tried to kill myself two months ago, and have left a box worth of things at my ex's house because i did not consider ever needing them again, and thought he would. this scrote will not give me back my shit and sends the most annoying replies. i will legit break into this shithead's house and take my and his things as well.

No. 1248323

I started taking antidepressants again and they made my anxiety so much worse, i can’t think of anything except how scared i am, it’s a nightmare

No. 1248326

It's worth seeing if there are ways to restore the sd card from another device, if you have a computer or laptop as well you can use a card reader and possibly? Restore what was on it.

I just searched 'restore sd card' and got a bunch of results. If you don't have access to a computer it's worth trying at a friends house (assuming you don't have a computer or you'd probably have backed the files up before now)

Wishing you luck getting your files back! Absolute shitty move by whoever designed that popup, surely it should have informed the user what it was gonna do. But I know 'deleted' never really means deleted with storage devices, so there is hope you can get the files back.

No. 1248332

I’m going to beat the shit out of my boss I work retail and I was pushing a full cart of stuff and he was coming toward me with a cart that had some stuff he wanted me to stock and he just rolled it super hard at me to the point if I didn’t catch it it would have hit me. I don’t know if I should even report it because I work retail and HR doesn’t even do shit.

No. 1248337

Same thing happened to me a few years ago anon. Storage on my old phone shat the bed out of nowhere. Lost years worth of pics, including of my dear cat who died. I hope you can find a way to restore everything. Good luck

No. 1248355

i hope my flatmate fucking rots and decomposes with maggots eating his fucking skin and meat melting off his bones while screaming in agony. this little bitch can't lift a finger to clean anything. he probably doesn't even wipe his own ass. i want to bash his head in the door and stick a broom dry so far up his anus. fucking stinky useless sad sack of shit. i hate scrotes. just take out the trash for once you disgusting cancerous cunt.

No. 1248359

And this is why I'll never get a male roommate. Too many scrotes who don't know how to take care of themselves and the space they live in.

No. 1248370

>thinking it is poisoned
Why would it be poisoned?

No. 1248373

OCD and other mental problems with obsessive thinking and what-if scenarios

No. 1248377

i don't know how in this fucked up world we are supposed to rely on men, but they are unrealiable more than anything else. you ask for advice, they say generic shit. you ask for support, they give back one word answers. a scrote doctor will think everything is pregnancy, "just your hormones", and "female anxiety". moid coworkers will give no 2nd thought leaving work to women. flatmates fags will not clean up. boyfriends get shitty when not "given" sex. ex boyfriends wish death to us. family members would rather make your problems about themselves than actually help. stranger scrotes would stalk, beat and rape us. yet when you reach out to women, they start gossip behind your back and judge you for not doing well on your own or asked some guy instead. fuck this world.

No. 1248382

No. 1248386

I hope my drug addict ex dies in a pit fire. He lied to me so much, raped me, broke my collar bone, pretty sure he broke my nose when he slammed my face into a pile of cocaine and he still maintains he’s innocent.

No. 1248389

Sometimes we’re not talking about the extreme things men do like rape and kill women, it’s always the littlest things that people do that fuck up your psyche and life, and women do that to other women and ruin their daughters mental health and make them go nuts. Most women don’t give a flying shit about their daughters true well-being. Stop scapegoating because you know exactly what I mean, just because one group kills the most doesn’t mean women don’t exercise violence as well, violence isn’t just physical. I borderline almost hate women as much as I hate men

No. 1248390

>Most women don’t give a flying shit about their daughters true well-being.
Bullshit and you know it. The world would be burning if mothers didn't give a fuck about their daughters/kids in general. Nta.

No. 1248392

Can't relate; my mommy loves me. Sorry your mom sucked.

No. 1248394

manifesting hard as fuck also I hope he goes blind, love you anon

No. 1248395

bad vent

No. 1248397

nta and my my mommy loves me too but so does my daddy and i could just dust away and issue you have with men to daddy issues…

No. 1248400

It is
Bad mothers are why handmaidens exist

No. 1248401

…come again?

No. 1248402

my favorite t-shirt, a pair of sneakers, consoles, plush animals, cookware he never bothered to buy himself, multiple boxes of tea, extra hygiene stuff i used at his place. most of them have sentimental value and would get regular use but this piece of shit acts like i am a joke. i wish i could go back in time and give him a reason to. fucking useless scrote.

No. 1248404

I mean anon is literally arguing no violence is violence, so words? Sorry mommy hurt your feelings. Still not as bad fathers throwing their kids into walls.

No. 1248406

i want to kill him

No. 1248408

This is like talking to a brick wall. You know it’s fucking true, most mothers love to butter up their worthless shit sons and neglect their daughters. Some mothers actively let their daughters get raped and assaulted by the man they’re dating. Some mothers are jealous and petty and controlling over their daughter’s lives. Some mothers tell the daughter what to wear as if her own body is shameful by birth, but the son gets to show is disgusting chest and stomach. Some mothers delegate the impossible tasks of basically “mothering” the siblings to the daughter, while the son is free to do whatever he wants. Some mothers beat gender roles into their own daughters with no sensible option out of them, leading them to troon out or escape into the world of non-binary. Some mothers abuse their own daughters. I fucking get it, fathers and men of the world enjoy our pain and love to murder us and rape us, but major pain can be afflicted in many other ways and it can be even worse if you’re still alive to experience it. I get that men can be bad, but it’s not fucking southern peach on the other side. Telling me to shut up and get over it is you admitting your ignorance and unwillingness to care, should have just said that shit instead of giving me your retarded replies.

No. 1248411

>some mothers
Nta but you mean boymoms. Yes pickmes exist, but women are still better than men since men do the same, worse, with added physical violence.

No. 1248412

And some moms are cool as fuck, like my mom. Sorry to hear about your crappy mom though.

No. 1248413

Anon I’m not trying to fight you, but your mother wound is showing and it’s not my job to validate your mother trauma. You’re shitting up the thread and clearly had a take a lot of people didn’t want. No matter how you play it women neglecting their children still isn’t violence like physically abusive or sexually abusive fathers. Even among mothers that are abusive physically the severity is typically different between men and women. Our mothers are also raised and groomed in the same cultures we are and normally have their own mother wounds. Is your mother truthly worse or are you projecting her to be because as the women in the room you hold her to a higher standard than your father? Because she could have cared and it’s easier to blame her?

No. 1248414

Sure, but mothers let fathers throw their kids into walls.
t. my mom is a spineless piece of shit

No. 1248415

And at a higher rate. Saying you can't say you hate men is all a part of the perpetuation of scrote worshiping of boymoms.

No. 1248416

Nta, I have a single younger brother, my sisters and I were raised by a "girl mom" and she was still a stupid piece of shit.

No. 1248417

Okay again. That’s horrible and shouldn’t have happened, but your mother didn’t throw you into the wall. She herself wasn’t violent unless she threw you anon. If your father was removed from the situation you wouldn’t have been. Do you see how an entire rant blaming just your mother would seem off base or disordered?
(My mother was similar and was a lot more emotional abusive, but my father who was physically abusive will always be worse. He could have killed me.)

No. 1248418

Then why be against saying women are better than men >>1248415 it only continues the cycle saying women shouldn't shit on scrotes and scrote worship.

No. 1248419

Girl mom is not a woman with majority daughters, but a mother who favours her daughters. A boy mom can have more daughters then sons but what makes her a boymom is prioritising and favouring the scrote child.

No. 1248420

Anon no one gives a fuck about your mom and I never said my mom was any of those, I was giving a very semi-realistic example of relationships women have.

No. 1248424

File: 1656764782338.jpg (3.85 KB, 225x225, 1655309868167.jpg)

Wrong, I give a fuck about my mom.

No. 1248425

She was still negligent and emotionally abusive (calling us worthless, ugly, etc). I'd honestly have rather just been beat by my father than be taught that I am worthless and unloveable. Which she allowed to happen anyway because she didn't care about us and cared more about preserving her relationship. She went on to date another abusive moid after she left my dad too.
>an entire rant
As I said, not that anon, just saw the last couple posts in thread and wanted to respond because this idea that women are perfect and blameless and mothers are all saints is just plain naive and ignorant.

No. 1248426

But it’s not. We just understand nuance and women as a class. Anon I really recommended you work on your mother wound for yourself. It clearly still impacts you as one abused women to another.

No. 1248427

>you’re shitting up the VENT THREAD with your trauma

Bite my ass, I’m not shitting up shit you’re just mad that I’m diverting the unwanted attention away from whatever you put in this thread. I’m using the thread for what it was designated for, you can stop replying if it’s too much for you to handle oh no a stranger typing their emotions!! I’m sure it’s scary for a black-hearted bitch like you. Just like close your eyes and don’t reply(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1248429

Ok, so just a mom. She treated my brother better after he was born but I can cut her slack and say that's just because he was born so much later than us.
There is no nuance if no one is allowed to criticize women without being dogpiled, derided, and labeled anti-women.

No. 1248430

Anon conflating emotional abuse and neglect with actual physical abuse and violence isn’t nuance it’s a disordered view most likely from your trauma. I’m sorry

No. 1248431

Criticizing women by saying most mothers are horrible people kek.

No. 1248434

It’s definitely nuanced because violence isn’t just physical. You think there’s no build-up to a scrote’s violence in the first place? Just imagine the amount of emotional and verbal terror that he puts her through before he eventually snaps. Sometimes women are not even given a warning, they are just ruthlessly shot along with their young kids while thinking their day is going to end off like it did yesterday.

No. 1248436

NTA but just some food for thought: A mother's bond with her child is incomparable to a father's bond with a child. A mother is meant to raise you, protect you, nurture you. Yes, men are dangerous and more physically damaging than women and can really fuck you up. But a corrupted bond of the person who is meant to protect you stings deep within like no other. It's a different kind of trauma but it's a very deep one. I don't have a mother wound as deep as anon's but I'm just saying that the motherly betrayal hits different

No. 1248438

Anon violence has a strict definition and is defined as such for a reason. It’s important because it shows a severity. Words will not break your bones. Words will not make you bleed. Words by themselves will not kill you. You can not make the word mean what you want to fit your narrative no matter how you twist it.

No. 1248440

As I said, the emotional abuse was far worse, and there are studies that prove the trauma from both is the same anyway.
Ok, fair, if that's what was said. I didn't read all of her posts and I can't be bothered to because I'm drunk and this stupid site doesn't show replies like 4chin. Not scrolling through everything.
inb4; newfag, it's bothered me for years.

No. 1248441

You're missing the point entirely. A mother gives birth to you, she feeds you. She has the roles a father can never fulfill on an evolutionary level. Do you not know what a mother-child bond is? Look it up in nature, it exists everywhere.
And I'm not even projecting any of my own issues here so don't even start with this kek

No. 1248442

>words by themselves will not kill you

They can get you killed, they can get you harassed and stalked, they can get you ostracized. Words do matter, you’re just not empathetic or emotionally sensitive enough to understand. People like you ruin this world like we can’t have nice shit

No. 1248443

Again emotional abuse can not physically kill you by itself, but at this point it’s clear you’re not grounded. I hope you have a good day anon

No. 1248444

It definitely can. You have no understanding of human psychology.

No. 1248445

They still can't kill you though.

No. 1248446

I’m literally in your walls you should check

No. 1248447

Kpoppie twitterfag detected.

No. 1248448

I think I made a big mistake venting in a thread full of autistic women. Autistic women are way better than spergy scrotes but they’re still emotionally retarded people and borderline sociopaths.

No. 1248449

schizo check inside of your walls it might actually be a kpoppie twitterfag inside, scrap off the drywall

No. 1248453

Yes, but an act of physical abuse and violence has to kill you. That is the escalation you are arguing in bad faith anon. My mother told me to hang from the ceiling fan as a child. I know that words hurt, but my father attempted to beat me to death. They are not the same. My mother was a victim of a monster before she was my monster. I am not my mother. I never will be, but I am her daughter and part of growing up and healing was accepting that and letting her go at the same time because it wasn’t fair and it shouldn’t have happened. Both can be true. The explanations are not excuses and you’re allowed whatever boundaries you want. You jumped into a conversation you didn’t even read she was literally just shitting on all mothers as horrible people.

No. 1248454

File: 1656766113902.jpeg (595.33 KB, 800x1332, 015BE9FC-57BC-4C2D-B116-121C0D…)

just found out queen victoria was a piece of shit lol
some lovely quotes from the queen:
>I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of ‘Women’s Rights,’ with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent, forgetting every sense of womanly feelings and propriety. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were woman to ‘unsex’ themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings and would surely perish without male protection.
>We women are not made for governing. [despite being a ruler herself]
>Let women be what God intended, a helpmate for man, but with totally different duties and vocations.

No. 1248455

Wrong thread nona.

No. 1248456

Nta and not about you specifically, but since this is the vent thread my vent is I don't like this kind of belief being perpetuated. It's stuff like this, having lower expectation for men and not holding them equally as accountable for the same actions which leads to more violence and softer rules, the old 'boys will be boys'. For example when women kill they are punished more harshly than men who kill because it is seen as expected of men to be violent apes while women it is shocking since they usually aren't (not to mention usually have cultural and societal pressure to not be as 'domineering' or 'aggressive' as men), when it is the same crime and should be seen as just as bad no matter who is doing the killing. It should not be seen as worse because it is less common. Boys will not be boys and should be held to the same standard as women (though unlikely to happen due to scrotes being in most positions of power and using that power + intimidation through violence and propaganda to maintain it).

No. 1248458

Your mother told you to go kill yourself, that is still verbal abuse.

No. 1248459

Wow, what an asshole. Literally agrees with moids who see women as a support human and not a human like them with thoughts and dreams. Embarrassing considering she was leading a country while being a so called 'help mate'. Rules for thee but not for me.

No. 1248462

I feel like it can also lead to things like being angry at your mother for not leaving your father for cheating, instead of blaming your father for cheating and supporting your mother, and other projections anon. I don’t like seeing it either, it’s misleading and unhelpful to a lot or recovering abuse victims that are recovering.

No. 1248463

>Were woman to ‘unsex’ themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings
did she just called men hateful disgusting heathens in a roundabout way

No. 1248464

Lol to be fair, I am autistic and in your corner. I do see how it can be hard for someone who hasn't experienced abuse from women to keep up this delusional idea that all women are just perfect and moids are satan. I get it, and I wish I could too.
Your mother wasn't a hapless victim, she was an abuser. A full grown adult that chose to abuse a child. You were abused and you don't need to "accept" shit any more than you need you "accept" your father beating you. Which is not at all because fuck forgiving your abusers.

No. 1248465

Yes my mother was emotionally and verbally abuse and criminally neglect. I never argued she wasn’t? She was wasn’t physically abuse or violent.

No. 1248470

Alright anon. I’ve clearly touched your nerve on this, so I’m going to stop my derailing. Be careful with your anger. It may keep you warm now but it will burn you and make you as cold as them if you’re not careful. Have a good day

No. 1248471

You know that’s still damaging to your health and mental well-being in the long term right? Like verbal and emotional abuse can change the way your brain functions forever and you pick up maladaptive habits because your brain is trying to defend itself from the traumatic experiences.

No. 1248473

Where did I argue emotional abuse wasn’t harmful? You seem to think because physical abuse can kill you and is violence. Emotional abuse isn’t bad? It’s not a dichotomy. The original reply was arguing emotional abuse is violence like hitting. It’s not. That’s what this is about.

No. 1248478

I'm not angry anon, just tired. I'm detached from both of my parents, so I only feel for anons who make excuses for abusive women / their abusive mothers. My mother can burn in hell chained to the moids she stuck by for years. She's a stupid bitch and I don't care about her supposed victimhood.
I don't think one can derail on /ot/, but if you think so.
There are a couple people replying, jsyk because it looks like you already accused someone else of being me.

No. 1248479

No. 1248481

I can understand where he's coming from but I don't care, he's still a retarded shithead with subzero common sense. Suffer, motherfucker.

No. 1248483

I feel you so much. There’s a certain point in time you turn from being victim to a perpetrator

No. 1248485

Manifesting the day karma gets his ass. His kid’s mom knows how much of an asshole he is because he threatened her too multiple times and still has him around their kid because “a boy needs his father”

No. 1248496

I feel you anon. My mother was awful in many ways, mentally ill and I genuinely feared for my life. Of course she's been through bad things, but not anything that could ever justify how she abused me. I'm not close to my father either because he mostly wasn't in my life to be with his family.

No. 1248504

Samefag, but I also feel like people who try to say that abusers are just victims themselves or act like children with abusive parents are wrong for being angry at them are terrible and probably will be abusers in one way or another. Fuck all of that "But she's your mother, you have to forgive her! Blood is thicker than water! Family comes first!" shit. She abused me. She stunted my life. It was basically sabotage out of the womb. Some people won't ever get it and will just continue to excuse abusive parents or say the "hurt people, hurt people" thing.

No. 1248527

I just can't accept my fucked up genetics and looks, and it doesn't help that I'm flat chested and have no ass and can't make up for anything with those things, and keep seeing pretty women with boobs around and people talking about boobs. I have no idea what it's like to have boobs or a normal looking face. What do I even have as a woman with horribly unfortunate looks, low intelligence, no degree or anything, and not an interesting personality? I'm so pathetic and gross. Nearly 26 and I'm just worthless and gross.

No. 1248538

im too naive sometimes, thanks nonnies

No. 1248545

Boyfriend was going to do acid with his guy friend and a few girls on a camping trip. I tell him no, do not go camping with girls I don’t know and do acid with them. He got mad when I said that but agreed he wouldn’t do it. Argued with me for hours over it and got me to say “maybe if it was drinking I wouldn’t have this reaction” one month later his friend invites him to dinner with those girls and my boyfriend ask if they wanna drink. My boyfriend didn’t tell me he made these plans but I found out because we share a computer and his iMessages go through on it. So I asked him why he hid it from me and he got mad “STOP ACCUSING ME ON HIDING THINGS IT SLIPPED MUH MIND!!!”. “THEY HAVE BFS!!!” Pretty big thing to forget in my opinion but he’s sticking to what he said.. he also used what I said about the alcohol against me. I’m tired of this man and lately he keeps asking “what’s wrong babe?” Like it should be obvious what’s wrong. He would lose his fucking mind if I did this to him. Currently he’s across the country as well which makes me feel uncomfortable. I kinda wanna get revenge and go drinking with some of my guy friends and conveniently forget to tell him.

No. 1248546

File: 1656773769976.jpeg (45.58 KB, 500x555, 6A1B4A7F-ECC1-499B-A0E7-D318C7…)

>unfortunate looks
So? Ugly/average people are the majority of the planet. They aren’t all miserable. You’re exaggerating your ugliness anyway.
>low intelligence
Are you clinically retarded? If no, you’re average like the rest of the world. What’s your idea of “high intelligence” anyway, what good is it? Are you sad that you don’t have the intellect to solve the worlds problems? Or are you sad that some shmoe may think less of you?
>no degree or anything
So? Many people make something of themselves without a degree and many who do nothing with theirs. Can always get one.
>not an interesting personality
Why? For whom? Are you an entertainer for the masses, a show animal? How many people in your own life do you actually find enthralling? Is your inner world not rich and complex to your own self? If no, that is easily remedied, and a very exciting purpose.
You shouldn’t base your worth around being “enjoyable to others” so much, when you don’t expect the same in others, and people worth a shit don’t expect those things of you.

No. 1248550

Fuck anime for trying to brainwash people into that, especially Evangelion 1.0+3.0

No. 1248551

sucks. you live for yourself tho so go do something you like doing instead of obsessing over things outside your control.

No. 1248552

I just want to be happy, I just want others to be happy.

No. 1248553

I love to see a wise and well-adjusted nonna helping other nonnies. Muah!

No. 1248554

Instagram forces you to log in to even see a profile so I tried making an account with a throw away e-mail, it banned me upon verifying the account. Wtf I hate everything I hate 2022 internet fuck you facebook fuck you fuck you fuck you

No. 1248557

thats what you get for being a sneaky account stalker (jk)

No. 1248559

I haven't had a proper dressed up night out in ages and I have one tonight and omg I'm so tired I was in work at half 6 today and only got away at 3 then I had to do some errands. I don't have time for a nap and I got 5 hours sleep last night. I'm going to be asleep in the club

No. 1248565

yasterday my period was so light it was almost nonexistent so i went to sleep carefree, i wake up, go to take a piss, pull down my pants and before i can fucking do anything there is a pool of blood 20 cm from all sides of the toilet and i feel like all my energy just vanished i can barely stand on my legs and my hands are shaking so much.
just barely managed to clean it all up now i wanna die im so exausted

No. 1248567

Instagram and fb are basically marketplaces now. If they can't target ads at you they don't want ya

No. 1248574

I need a poo.

No. 1248580

File: 1656776608685.jpeg (118.29 KB, 1125x806, 5252F233-1C1D-45D1-BFE9-64F3F7…)

i’m definitely just more “left” then i’d say most of the farmers on here are but i fundamentally agree on the conclusion most of us have reached on the troon death cult.

it’s hard because i see stuff i disagree with but i also feel like this is the only mostly feminist space that actually positions women as the most vulnerable so i can’t see myself leaving. any farmers feel the same way?

No. 1248615

I just want gf, oh nonnies…

No. 1248622

There's no where else I can think of that is like lolcow when it comes to a majority female space. I also disagree with farmers sometimes, but I'm glad we arent a hive mind for the most part. I just wish reddit had women only places, but that's just ruined by trannies. I hate that lolcow is the last space..

No. 1248624

File: 1656779319290.jpeg (32.84 KB, 495x619, 77E772AE-71CA-4A0C-9F23-CC9833…)

Why do most males have a horrid sense of style? My boyfriend is getting a haircut right now and it's the same as always. That fugly ass undercut in picrel. I love him for who he is but honestly it wouldn't hurt if he had some basic sense of style. Sheesh.

No. 1248626

My boyfriend gets the same haircut and it’s so ugly. I miss when he had his long hair. It looked cute on him.

No. 1248627

I honestly don’t think males think about know or even care what women are attracted to. All of them are so terrible at being appealing.

No. 1248637

they don't care because they don't have to.

No. 1248638

Both of you sound toxic. Yeah, he's a dumb ass already for taking mind altering drugs in the woods with randos, but so are you for wanting to get 'revenge' instead of just breaking up and finding a non druggie boyfriend.

No. 1248641

Male birds dress up and do adorable courting dances. Male penguins swim hundreds of miles looking for look for their spouse and offspring. They also mate for life.
Human males are worthless by comparison. vid related is one of my favorite bird courting dances

No. 1248644

I meant look for food*

No. 1248645

FUCKING HATE WHEN THIS SHIT HAPPENS made a fool by my own uterus

No. 1248649

100 percent this. Aside from maybe shaving, men have no real social obligations. They don't get told they should wear makeup for a job interview, or get judged by the length of their skirt. Or get told they are a prude for not wanting to wear a bikini. Men live life on easy mode.

No. 1248651

That's the worst!! I've had that happen before. that sudden gush of blood too when you wake up, thinking 'no my period cant be this heavy yet.' ugh, the worst. I wish men knew how bad it was. It's more than just cramps, it's feeling you are floating because you have no energy to do anything at all.

No. 1248653

nonnerita I was just thinking about this, male birds so extravagant and beautiful but for some reason in humans it’s women desperately dressing up to entice a man. It’s weird, I can’t think of a single species of any kind of animal where the female is more visually striking than the male, why has this role been reversed in humans?

No. 1248658

You're right, nonnies. I've told him multiple times that he would benefit of trying something different to complement his looks yet he doesn't give shit. This time I couldn't help being brutally honest and said that if he is to keep that lame haircut he would be better of bald.

No. 1248666

>be me
>loving bf of 5 years
>have gone on vacations and road trips
>finally move in together this summer/may
>chatting about schedules n stuff
>said he's unhappy
>"You cuddle me too much and I need time alone, you just want to hangout with me 24/7 and that's not normal, I want to live at my moms part time"

I want to kms. I know my existence is not based off a man but I'm so fucking depressed. He's taking a shower. Not sure if I should jump off the patio now or when he's gone. My mom used to tell me I was unlovable and that everyone was lying to me who did. I've had friends but never longer than the year or work. I just feel so alone. I don't what I did wrong nonnies. I want to be loved so badly.

No. 1248667

I'm fine and just emotional btw nonas. I won't die. I just feel like my head is exploding and heart is cracking.

No. 1248670

Its funny when men with shit haircuts like this are the exact same guys banging on about how much they hate pixie cuts on a woman. I mean do they not see how severe their own cuts are? That going that short on the sides doesn't even look good on the vast majority of males.

No. 1248671

exactly nonna, i almost feel no cramps so for a long time i felt like i had great periods but recently they have gotten so much heavier and more exausthing i feel like how my friends describe their anemia

No. 1248676

File: 1656782418251.jpg (66.43 KB, 500x707, 5f85f44676f92e8273d9f2fb9915cc…)

There are several species of spiders and insects I can think of where females are larger and more extravagant than males, orb weavers being one (guess which is which)

Humans have chosen mating wrong females should be larger than males and consume them after they've finished their job

No. 1248680

It's 5 years in.. how intense can the cuddling be? Enough to semi move out?

Tbh I had an ex who confused me by telling me my desire for some cuddle time on the weekends was suddenly smothering him.. I should've left. This was after already living together for a couple years so it's not like I was being too much. He made me question my own perceptions because it made no sense. That was the beginning of the end. Wish I'd been the one to just pack it in sooner. I'm sorry anon. It's a shitty feeling to be told you wanting cuddles is this terrible thing for him.

No. 1248687

Human society would be so much better if men were like birds of paradise. Imagine if men needed to have their shit together before entering a relationship. They would need to have a house that was well decorated and clean, they would have to be groomed and well dressed. Only then would a woman even look in his direction.

I wouldn't take it to too harshly as it's not personal, some people just need time alone. I'm like this. It doesn't matter how much I enjoy spending time with my friends or how much I love my husband, I get overwhelmed from constant socialising and I find it exhausting.

No. 1248692

Based spider anon

No. 1248699

I remember growing up I lived with a dad who was so weirdly uptight about everyone needing to hide that they have bodily functions.. especially periods. We also had one of those nasty rugs that goes around the base of the toilet… God I hated that thing. I used pads seeing as I was young and scared of tampons. I used to scoot the rug out of the way but first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night it'd be hard to get in and out and not stain the fucking thing. I don't miss those days. Now I can stain my floor and just wipe and not feel like a leper about it happening.

No. 1248708

You hit the nail on the head with that one. I've been called Zod (the Superman villain) by men with that haircut when I first got a pixie cut.

No. 1248713

>some people just need time alone. I'm like this.
Nta but I need a whole lot of time to myself. I've had a couple of long term live-in partners and navigated it with some struggle. Moving back in with your parents part time still screams of it being something more. His mom is also a person he'll be interacting with if he's staying there.. he's running away from one person. Not saying that to be harsh but to be real. He's one foot out the door there.

No. 1248714

All bugs are unfathomably based. Spiders and praying mantis killing males after mating, and the ones that live in colonies only use the males for sperm, fucking bees kick males out of the hive during winter since the queen doesn’t lay eggs in that time and the males serve no other purpose so they’re just a drain on resources. Fucking. Based.

No. 1248716

File: 1656784451086.jpg (124.93 KB, 874x898, birdguy.jpg)

No. 1248723

earwigs are also one of the few non social bugs to take care of their young

No. 1248724

i don't think it's been entirely reversed, tbh. men still try to impress women in other ways, just not with their looks. they like to show off their money and resources (when they have them), drive expensive cars, wear luxury watches, etc. i agree that it's nowhere near the effort that birds put in though.

most importantly, when men try to show off, they want to impress other men first. remember that all men are latent homosexuals

No. 1248726

Fuuuck me, why does anyone trust me with anything important? I will fuck things up and you know this!

No. 1248728

File: 1656784960874.png (91.95 KB, 275x266, 1655670079513.png)

My sister is gonna come out as a themby at some point, I just know it. I've never talked with her about her retarded she/they pronouns on bio from twitter and tik tok, I can deal with that, but the moment she actually tells me, she's gonna now I have radfem views and I it's definitely gonna taint our relationship if she doesn't peak

No. 1248740

how old is she?

No. 1248744

Brace yourself, nonnie. If she's been brainwashed by twitter and tiktok she's hardly gonna peak.

No. 1248759

20 years old.
Yup, she's a terminally online tik tok user. She also "kins" a danmei character and refuses to call herself a fujo even tho she's obsessed with gay danmei and manga.
She's a manhater and antiporn tho, so maybe there's hope for the future.

No. 1248777

Ngl if this whole religion thing is real then I'd rather God made us a different type of species from men instead of making us one and the same, in charge of birthing new life and then claiming women only exist to support men and are lesser.

No. 1248795

I’m just so tired of everything and everyone.

No. 1248801

File: 1656788611474.jpeg (138.15 KB, 828x1350, 6F8D0534-A295-4ED5-BCC5-312AF5…)

Who does vogue think they are that they can sell hoodies for 160€??

No. 1248804

They’re a recognizable big name, some idiot will buy it.

No. 1248813

€160,- for a vogue hoodie holy fuck. You'd have to pay me to walk in clothing with the vogue logo on it.

No. 1248838

No. 1248840

File: 1656790060004.jpg (167.26 KB, 660x880, 1555530321148.jpeg.jpg)

I wanna text this faggot so badly i wanna tell him how much i hate him and how much he hurt me and broke my trust but i also wanna tell him to come fuck me cuz im horny. I wanna beat his ass i hate him i hate moids

No. 1248842

i hate how i will spend weeks caring for my skin every day, the routine is not even that big but i take care to wash my face well and keep it looking clean, but then something hits me and i spend days picking it until i have open wounds and then i have to spend a month fixing that situation just in time for the cycle to repeat. if it's not my face then it's my back if one area is doing okay rest assured the other one looks like a warzone waiting to get infected. any advice nonnas?

No. 1248844

I have a major crush on my straight best friend fucking hellllllllll

No. 1248847

Good point nonna

No. 1248849

This is the only thing that made me chuckle in this awful day. Thank you

No. 1248881

he is trying to manipulate you, he wants you to stay on your toes around him. i would ditch his ass tbh there are millions of men starved of touch and he is complaining? He should go live with his momma on his childhood bedroom then.

No. 1248884


You could buy a regular plain green hoodie and embroider this yourself or have a small embroidery business do it for you for cheaper and it'll still look good. Especially if you choose the colors yourself and actually know how to make a good looking gradient unlike fucking vogue for some reason

No. 1248887

i wish i was born in the middle ages as a man and preferably rich so i have the means to pursue art and science, i feel like i can't contribute anything in the modern world without hyper specialising when i wanna do everything i have passion for so many fields and i wanna improve so much stuff but i feel like everything has already been done

No. 1248888

This is so embarrassing to type but recently I have been horny 24/7 and it seems to be unrelated to my cycle. Usually i am only horny like right after my period then idgaf about sex but the past month i have been full horny mode like???? I constantly get lewd thoughts and get wet soo fast to the point where it causes problems on my day to day life like i got so wet and horny at work for no reason the other day it was sooo uncomfortable. Masturbating makes no difference whatsoever. Help nonnas what do i do? I can’t talk to anyone irl about this but i am about to go crazy fr

No. 1248908

I feel so safe having no social media. Nobody can randomly message me to try and soothe their past bruised egos. Nobody can bother me with their problems. If they want to get in touch they have my number and if they don't have my number I don't want to hear from them

No. 1248919

Kind of a vent, but kind of hoping for advice

My friend recently moved in with my boyfriend and me. It’s been about one month now and it’s been mostly fine, but my boyfriend and I recently noticed an unbearably awful smell coming from her side of the apartment. It’s so bad, I haven’t been able to leave my room and my friend hasnt seemed to even notice it. I thought it was a gas leak the first time I smelled it and searched everywhere before deeming our place safe. But holy shit… that smell. How do I bring it up to her if I have no idea what it is? I was talking to my bf about it and our two suspicions are that 1. She hasn’t changed her cats litter box in a while or 2. It’s just severe BO.

How do I go about this? Should I search her room while she’s at work and find the source? Or subtlety hint for her to fix it? Or a direct conversation? Or something else? Please help, I’ve been trapped in my room

No. 1248920

Why is it that every cute girl I end up matching with online claims to be nonbinary or a trans-man

No. 1248958

Are you a child? Direct conversion is the only way to approach this. You dont search someone else's room while they are gone. they are not okay. Also, why did you allow someone to move in with a cat? i'm assuming it's a small two bedroom, so why?

No. 1248961

>Can tell I'm not in the mood for socializing today
>Tell my mom I'm not gonna go to family gathering today because I don't like representing myself as moody and quiet
>She guilts me into going anyway
>Waiting to go and thinking about how I shouldn't have to go and I always have to go when I don't have the energy and everyone always has to see me as the angry person
>She's gonna be disappointed in me for not speaking to anyone even though I told her I don't feel like it

Why does it have to be like this. I just want to lie in bed today.

No. 1248962

Does she have her own private bathroom on her side or do you share one?

I've lived in various shared apartments and houses and I've dealt with some awkward mystery smells. One was a scrote who hated the shared bathroom so was doing stuff in his room to avoid people hearing him use the bathroom… the other was a woman who left used sanitary towels laying around for way too long in the summer heat in her own private bathroom. It was always some sort of bodily waste sitting around.

No. 1248974

we need a sewing/knitting/embroidery thread for talented nonnies to teach the rest of us. my mom tried to teach me how to knit when i was 13 but i gave up after my first try.

No. 1248977

the classic fujoshi-to-fakeboy pipeline. she'll get out of it when she either finds an irl boyfriend or realizes she's a lesbian. here is to hoping

No. 1248995

update: i am r-worded and those already exist

No. 1249004

Jesus, that sounds awful. The three of us are sharing a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom

I don’t see what wrong letting her move in with her cat? And it’s a service animal so I’m not going to be a cunt and tell her she can’t bring it. I just feel uncomfortable because I don’t know the best way to address it without hurting her feelings, but I’m not sure if that’s possible. I just hate causing drama. Someone told me to never live with your friends and I think I understand now, as I would have no issue bringing it up with a stranger. I’ll try bringing it up to her, I just have to figure out how to go about it first

No. 1249050

initially i thoguht the concept of eating ass was a joke or a euphemism for something else and then i realised that ass eating is in fact referring to analingus which is an act so bereft of eroticism that i hadn’t even contemplated the possibility that the phrase ‘eating ass’ meant exactly that

No. 1249064

My dad has never seemed like someone who should've had kids.. or even married tbh. He's a loner, self interested. He has alot of thing he's just weird about. I don't like labelling someone ocd without a professional saying so but ffs he's never going to see one and yet he's controlled everyone around him for decades. He made my upbringing miserable with how fussy and particular he is about everything. My mom would call him eccentric or an oddball but later in her life she admitted the decacdes of misery she had living with him. I grew up desperate to move out. I moved at 18. My mom then died. My dad moved so far away months away and seemingly didn't have to think twice about anything he might miss. Fair enough.

Growing up he was smothering in one way, rules. But then it was lonely and isolating in another way. He wasn't interested in me. He didn't want anyone in his home. He didn't want me to mix with kids. He didn't want me to make a sound at home. He didn't want anything in the house to be moved out of its set place. He didn't want me to own toys because toys are clutter no matter how neatly you put them away. If I liked a belonging I had to make sure it was always put away out of his sight. Rooms in the (small) house were off limits to everyone else whenever he was home. You weren't allowed to speak to him unless he started the convo first.

Hes robotic. He's monotone. He's disinterested in people. He now communicates with me by sending a monthly message saying he went somewhere that day.. he never asks how I am. Hes my only living parent and we have nothing to say to each other. We never bonded at any point. Last november I decided not to reply to any message til he asked me how I'm doing… I'm stil waiting. This has been our whole relationship. Me suiting him. Me not having needs. Him having needs. Him only talking about himself. Me being there to listen to him while we never even begin to ever share an emotion. I can let go of him any day now and just block and move on but I'm starting to really feel for the child I was. I grew up with this presence that smothered me with rules and otherwise ignored me. This is the can of worms every therapist has come up against with me.. this is my biggest fear. Having to confront that sad child.

No. 1249066

>tfw a scrote in a fandom whom I used to regularly interact with on twitter and a discord server turned out to be a serial predator who's been making unwanted creepy advances on other women
Jesus christ. I wasn't friends with him but so many of my friends were. I remembered seeing him being somewhat creepy with another woman on the same server I was in but I chalk it up to him being weird and awkward. Men, not even once.

No. 1249081

I internet knew a scrote who was so into eating ass that he (formerly(??) a /pol/-type white supremacist) married a brazilian and moved to Brazil. I almost feel bad for anyone who's afflicted with an ass-related fetish, it's just so gross that it's hard to even think about without feeling sick

No. 1249103

It was my birthday today and almost everyone I know forgot about it.
Even my so called best friend (for whom I would do almost anything, if it was needed) sent me a message just two hours before the day ended, wishing me a happy birthday and that’s it, the same message that I could send to a distant relative.
And I know I shouldn’t care because a few words don’t change anything and the timing is not that important but fuck it hurts knowing I’m always so willing to please other people and making them feel loved and I just feel like the least important person in the world.
Worst thing is that people always accused me of isolating myself and being a loner but the people that made those assumptions are the same ones who never ever made an effort to make me feel loved.
At the end of the day I’m the one hurting and feeling like shit, they tried to convince me that I was asking too much of people and that it was my problem but I just want to be treated with the same respect that I treat them, that’s not too much, that’s not asking for perfection.

No. 1249104

Happy birthday nonnie! You deserve better

No. 1249107

ass eating is so hot tho

No. 1249133

say something now because it won’t get better. worst case scenario, the place you’re renting from will take away your down deposit because they’ll need to carpet or wall steam since since cat odor doesn’t leave easily. happened to a friend of mine’s roommate.

No. 1249136

Thank you so much anon although I haven't achieved anything yet because getting an actual job with all of my issues is really hard but ty

No. 1249137

File: 1656805440764.jpg (65.51 KB, 800x800, WLPROJ-3944-3D-Bear-Cake.jpg)

Happy birthday, sweet nonnette. Sorry people can be cruel and insensitive. You deserve sweet people in your life and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Please tell me you at least had something sweet to eat to celebrate you ♥

No. 1249144

Happy birthday Cancer nonna!!! I hope you treated yourself and just remember that sometimes things like this need to happen to see other people's true colors.

No. 1249157

nta, but just bring it up. It's a legitimate concern, if you're going to live with others you need to suck it up and let them know when somethings wrong. This isn't a personal attack on her, if her feelings get hurt, its her fault. Babying her won't be good for either one of you.

Same. I legitimately can't understand how people can put their mouth that close to someone's butthole without vomiting, even if it was 'cleaned'

No. 1249177

You deserved so much better. You should have been able to be a proper child.

No. 1249181

Same. Like go use your working hands and legs to BUILD. Autumn is coming so they have no excuse.

No. 1249184

File: 1656810807666.jpg (89.31 KB, 542x541, For-Anon.jpg)

Happy Birthday, nonnie!
I'm not trying to say this to take the attention off of you at all… I've been there and I know how lonely it is. First few months of lockdown, my birthday came. I wake up on the day and check my phone. I was so excited, I missed everyone so much at that point. Nothing. Maybe the notifications aren't working? Maybe it's too early in the day and everyone is sleeping in? All day, nothing. Immediate family only. A large portion of my friends have bdays close to mine and I reached out for every single one… Some only days before… Nothing. Of course I cried too, it just feels awful.

You have every right to feel the way you do. Do something nice for yourself even if it has to be tomorrow. This feeling is so hard but it doesn't last forever. You WILL find people who love and appreciate you, who keep you in mind. You WILL learn to put yourself first. Virtual hugs, anon.

P.S. Don't make my mistake and cling to a shitty new friend right after this, focus on yourself for a while if you can. Manipulative assholes can literally smell loneliness. That's not to say to not be open to new people, but be aware and don't let isolation cloud your judgement.

No. 1249186

File: 1656810923033.gif (201.12 KB, 220x208, wee-woohoo.gif)

Happy birthday, nonna ♥ I know exactly how you feel, this happend to me over and over again and it still hurts every time. Hope you did something nice for yourself and find better friends and people that care about you in the future.

No. 1249191

File: 1656811142365.jpg (27.56 KB, 640x437, 9-2565645470.jpg)

I've always been fat but gained a lot of weight in the past few years and now I'm very obese and I'm starting to realize things wont get better. I work at physical job and my knees can barely take it, I have asthma and feel sick all the time. In couple years I will be too fat to do this job and I have no degree and no idea what non-physical job I could get. I'm 30 and I always used to tell myself that I would get my shit together one day but now I have to admit it will never happen. I have never had any self-discipline whatsoever and the longest diet has lasted for me is one week. Binge eating feels completely compulsive to me and I know I will never,ever stop. I will eat myself to death and I imagine this will happen within the next ten years. I've had therapy, meds and I'm even on antidepressants now but obviously they can't make me stop being a fat slob. I know what's wrong with my diet and what I should change, I just wont do it. I guess I just realized that I'm starting to think of the rest of my life like someone with terminal illness, I'm just coming to terms that this will kill me and emotionally working to accept it and arrange my life accordingly.

No. 1249192

My parents have been shitting on me all day. I’ve been the butt of all their jokes, and all of their criticism. I can’t fucking say anything back to them, because if I do, there’ll be a whole fight of how I’m ungrateful and a shitty daughter. I’m already a disappointment in their eyes. They constantly call me lazy and ugly, and I’ve been the only thing They’ve been talking about all day. Literally everything I do, they’ll shit on it. I was using wooden spoons, and she kept shitting on that too. I made a drawing, and she said it looks sad. She said I looked sad, but doesn’t account for the amount of times that she’s constantly shitting on me all day. How can I be fucking happy if I’m hearing someone criticize me 24 fucking seven? I know I shouldn’t blame all of my lack of motivation on other people, but my family literally gives me no motivation to do anything at all in my life. I fucking hate living in their household, but I’m chronically Ill and trying to recover, so I can’t improve my situation very much at the moment.

No. 1249203

have you considered semaglutide to help get your cravings under control?

No. 1249204

Hi nonnie. I know your situation is bad, but you sound like you’re being to hard on yourself. It’s harder to change when you focus on blaming and being angry at yourself. Shit happened, your in a situation. You can’t change the past but you can better your future.

Maybe try to see a dietician or read up on some books regarding binge/emotional eating. Even if you don’t suffer from it, they can be very insightful and beneficial in other manners. It is never too late to change. If changing your diet is too hard for you right now, then try exercising. I know you said your knees hurt a lot, so don’t push yourself too hard. Just try walking a certain amount every day and if you maintain the exact same diet you’ll lose at least a little bit of weight. It should be enough to motivate you to change your diet once the time comes. Just make sure to take things easy due to your asthma and practice Stretching and other pre/post workout routines to prevent yourself from experiencing too much pain. Things will get better nonnie, just don’t forget to believe in yourself.

Sorry if you didn’t want my input and just wanted to vent. I used to be obese so I feel very sympathetic to people who are suffering due to it. I really hope it isn’t the reason the world loses you. I hope everything works out for you.

No. 1249206

see an endocrinologist, you can get meds to help you lose weight. there are tons on the market now.

No. 1249212

Some ugly pickme is posting her lewds on /r9k/ because she says she was banned from her "regular imageboard" and I am guessing she is either from here or CC
Why do women do this

No. 1249214

Can you seek surgery? If you’re very obese and suffer from debilitating side effects like your knees, you might qualify for weight loss surgery with insurance.

No. 1249215

it's luelinks or something? never heard of it. thank god she's not from here. that is one of the most depressing threads i've read in a while, jesus christ. do any of you know wtf luelinks is?

No. 1249220

Oh lol, I didn't read the entire thread, idk what luelinks is
Still, very sad that there are women out there who will subject themselves to this

No. 1249221

I enjoy the schadenfreude from knowing those women cries at alone at night and cut their fat thighs because they inevitably get abused by all the scrotes in their life.

No. 1249223

i don't, it's still sad. i'm angry that they affect us though by continually doing this shit.

No. 1249224

Same, it's infuriating

No. 1249225

File: 1656813660658.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1016.45 KB, 1536x2048, 4AB3D590-0729-493B-89F8-A8CB38…)

For some reason my mom has been hyper focusing (I guess you could say?) on her weight so much to the point where she's starting to latch onto me because I guess just worrying about her damn self isn't enough. She's even starting to insult random fat people we drive by. I have to tell her to shut the hell up or I ask her what tf her deal is. I'll laugh at a fat person once in a while if they do some stupid shit, but ones that are literally just standing there or taking a walk? She's been such a dark cloud of negativity lately it's miserable. I'm normal yet I guess I'm not up to whatever standard she is trying to put herself in when she's fucking fat herself.

No. 1249228

I regret buying a new car because I have shit credit so the car is worth basically 2x as much as the sticker price even though my down payment was well over half, if not 75%. I've been crying about it for hours and I can't believe I actually believed my bf that I'd get a new car and be happy, like he knows how stressed I get with money and he is saying he didn't see this coming but it's insane, I'm so torn up and he's been leaving me alone since I'm so mentally fucked up and I feel like committing suicide. I should have stuck to my guns. Nothing I can do to change it. I hate myself for believing him.

No. 1249231

I googled and it's an invite only forum that you have to pay $80 to join. Imagine paying to sign up for a website and then getting banned. kek.

No. 1249232

I wish I wasn't constantly paranoid about my friends secretly hating me and waiting for the day to drop me all together. I'm always proven wrong but it's still hard to shake it.

No. 1249233

Shit credit because I have never ever bought anything on credit. My bad for not clarifying.

No. 1249235

I'm european and I don't think any of those drugs are easy or even possible to get here unfortunately. I'm on wellbutrin which should have appetite suppressing effect but hasn't made difference for me. And surgery requires first losing weight I believe to show that you are committed, which I could never manage.

Thanks. I appreciate the sympathy but yeah I was just venting. I'm not looking for any advice anymore since I think I've kinda heard and read about everything and I've accepted that my lack of self-control is the issue.

No. 1249239

i weened off abilify the way my psych told me to because it was making me feel like shit (i take zoloft too). its been about a month and i feel fucking insane. i cry 2-3 times a day for no fucking reason and im so irritable i cant even be around anyone. i literally just want to lay in bed and stare at the wall. i can barely shower and i think about suicide more than ever and my next appointment isnt until the 12th. what the fuck is happening

No. 1249242

> Manipulative assholes can literally smell loneliness.
NTA but hell, I get what you mean. My last birthday I tried to remind everyone the day before. When the day came, no one texted me, so I can texted them and asked if they were free. They ignored me. I just felt like shit, obviously, and felt shit about feeling like shit because there was this part of me that was ashamed of wanting to be remembered. What am I? 15? But I didn’t want a party or anything. Just a text.
Was lonely afterwards. Tried to make friends. Like you said; it’s almost like they can smell it. And on a certain level, they know it. Thing is a big part of me could see that and was practically screaming at me to act dignified and stop acting like that, but a smaller, little-child, bleeding-open part of me just wanted to go on with the ruse a little longer. Even if it was humiliating because you could see it in their eyes. Even if you got the sense that both of you exactly knew what was going on but maintained an air of plausible deniability about it.
Eventually they stopped talking to me. After a while you get out of that almost-manic phase that loneliness leaves you in — when you’re so starved you’re gaping-hollow, having these fantasy landscapes of idealized normiedom informed by various media even so much as inch at becoming a reality sends you crazy. Like a really poor person who’s now making six figures and impulsively buying all the stuff they can’t afford. Or an anachan, after having held off for so long, eating, and eating, and eating — anyway, you kind of realize how you were just a tiny dot in their entire world. They didn’t even grant you Full Personhood. You were barely an NPC or a side character. You name isn’t even in the credits. You start thing about how probably thought low of you and, fuck, you just humiliated yourself now. And you start to realize that a not insignificant amount of people can smell that loneliness, like you’re manic with it. They can speak to you and tell right away. They can tell how one single unimportant random social interaction shoots your dopamine up like a struggling alcoholic drinking from a keg like it’s God’s one last well on earth.
Yeah. I’m sour tonight.

No. 1249248

My friends act like such fucking children sometimes I can't hardly stand it. Being a drunkard is not 'cool'.

No. 1249267

How the fuck are other people able to form friendships so easily? I feel like there's a wall between me and the rest of the world. I'm an adult now, but I'm still the same weird loser who used to spend the lunch breaks alone in high school.

No. 1249281

So sad and feeling lost at life. I have to change my major to business administration because my family doesn't like my current one and doesn't think it's sustainable in the future. I have to abide or else they'll cut off my funding, take my car, and/or kick me out. I understand what they mean, but I'm a whole ass adult.

No. 1249282

Samefagging but my current major is a fully sustainable (yet obscure) trade that typically has a 60-80k salary, so it's not like I'm being a dumbass and throwing a tantrum about an arts and humanities major.

No. 1249285

what's the major, anon? have you looked at the outlook/predictions from your govt?

No. 1249288

It's mortuary science. My family is reasoning that a degree in business will help later on if I want to pursue it afterwards, but I think that's too many unnecessary years in school because I have severe ADHD and I WILL NOT do assignments if I'm not motivated longterm.

No. 1249290

that's a good major and it seems like there's always a need for people in that field because it's pretty offputting for a majority of people. i can see their point but if you don't feel you can do it, why not finish up with this one and go back to school for that later maybe? i guess you only need an associates to be a funeral director, right? and they want you to get a bachelor's degree, i figure? maybe you can reason with them about going back to school once you finish school and have some stability within your career. maybe appeal to them by saying you literally cannot handle it at this point and that you'd be better suited once you're out of school for a bit.

No. 1249297

Moids who attempt to raid here are so fucking annoying. "Wahh wahh why aren't you whores this cute!!" Shut the fuck up you unoriginal fucking toad.

No. 1249298

No, I'm being forced to do the bachelors or else I lose pretty much my entire support for living. They keep on saying they'll "help me out" as in help me cheat if they have to, but it feels shitty. I don't think I can afford 6 years of college.

No. 1249299

I hate that people censor saying the word RAPE on YouTube so it doesn’t affect their sponsors or rating. Especially those disgusting people making money off of true crime talking about gory details but god forbid you say the r word that’s too inappropriate! At least have the dignity to not sugarcoat what happened to the victims as you drag their dead body in front of a gawking audience.

No. 1249300

File: 1656821813974.jpg (138.69 KB, 1166x1080, 1651783910192.jpg)

They're so desperate for our attention no matter what they think we look like lmao. I mean, can you imagine ever going to 4chan solely to bait moids into talking to you, solely to interact with anyone of the opposite sex?

No. 1249336

I hate myself so fucking much for acting like this. I had a guy reach out to my aunt (She is married to his cousin) asking if me and him would be a good fit. She told him no because his family is kind of overbearing and I wouldn't tolerate that and not to reach out. He reached out anyway and was super persistent. I knew on paper me and him wouldn't work because of certain aspects of his current life situation and his personality but I loved the attention and being pursued. One day he told me he wanted to stop talking cause his mental health is shit currently and he doesn't want to put that on me and I understand and agreed cause at times on FT he would be distant or rude. Now that he doesn't talk to me however, I'm literally checking my phone constantly hoping he reaches out because I just love the attention. Like at times when he would contact me it would annoy me but now that it's not happening I want it. It was the first time someone was so adamant on getting to know me and he gave me whiplash by saying he needs to keep to himself. Now I'm a desperate pathetic bitch. LIterally a month ago I would say I would be happy never being in a relationship and now my brain has done a 180 and I desperately want to be in love and be sought after.

No. 1249340

go on omegle chat if you want quick male attention.

No. 1249343

I matched with some fat ugly 30 year old balding soycuck on OLD because I have low self esteem And he immediately blurted out “2 truths and a lie:go!” He doesn’t say anything polite or to try and impress me, just wants me to dance like a monkey for his entertainment. Of course I immediately unmatched and I hope he gets aggressive testicular cancer.

No. 1249344

Kek or Whisper. Stay safe, nonny.

No. 1249368


No. 1249387

I have vaginismus and tried stuff with my new bf yesterday and it failed, he couldn't even get his fingers in. I hate myself

No. 1249409

I just recently realized I'm not at all the person I used to be and the person I still thought of myself as and this depresses me. I used to be hungry for information, read a lot of books, and I was knowledgeable about a lot of subjects. Now all I have is the remnants of the knowledge I used to have when I was young (which is now more like trivia) and all I do in my free time I scroll mindlessly. I want to be my old self

No. 1249412

nonnie, that was exactly his plan

No. 1249428

Sorry this doesn’t quite belong here, I wasn’t sure where else to put this. Just ignore me.

This is the year where I get my train wreck of a life back together. I’m going to decorate and clean my apartment so I’m excited to go home, repair my finances, raise my grades, get back into my hobbies, take care of some medical procedures, and start working out again. I already quit vaping a few weeks ago and I feel great, it’s motivating me to keep improving stuff. I let my life go to shit and I deserve better, I’m turning all this bullshit around. I want to make myself proud!!!!!!!! I’m done being suicidal and sad constantly, I’m now taking this into my own hands

No. 1249431

You can do it nonnie!

No. 1249458

My mom is like that too, honestly took me a while to train myself out of being judgmental towards randos. Now if she tries to say shit like that to me about people I go "sorry I wasn't paying attention" and ignore her

No. 1249539

imagine not having a boyfriend that hangs onto every word you say and takes your advice about his looks seriously… can't relate

No. 1249552

Yeah because he wants you to impress him. Have you been living under a rock or did you miss how men now are allegedly "done" with impressing women on online dating and want women to impress them. Something something 80% of women find 20% of men….

No. 1249559

My best friend is spending all of her time watching videos about the abortion ban. She sent me a video of people discussing abortion in different religions and they framed abortion as perfectly fine and legal in Islam and Judiasm and juxtaposing it against Catholicism. She actually said
>Literally America is worse than the Taliban
Social media is a mistake

No. 1249562

in regard to this issue she's not wrong

No. 1249578

i get so anxious when my bfs friends are around i mostly end up just sitting there like a useless sack of shit. it's embarrassing. i know i can try harder to be social but i've been friendless for so long i've kind of given up and i hate myself for it.

No. 1249583

I'm laughing so hard at this image. It's so based compared to the non edited one.

No. 1249599

The people I actually want don't approach me/avoid me like the plague, while literal randoms and men I'm not interested in the slightest get obsessed with me, i fucking hate my current situation so much, i don't deserve this

No. 1249641

Laughing/crying because I got snake bite piercings yesterday and today my lower lip has swollen up to the point of it looking like filler. It’s not painful and the piercings look fine inside my mouth and outside but god damn do I look retarded today. I have a straight up duck lip happening but only on the bottom lip.

No. 1249651

My parents have a shitty relationship and I can really feel the unrest today. The weather is gross and we have all been staying inside, so I know that if my dad starts going off he’ll complain about me spending all my time in my room. I try to avoid them because they’re just kind of unpleasant to be around, so being here during a four day weekend is stressful and not fun.

No. 1249670

File: 1656859827869.jpeg (31.41 KB, 460x434, F3EC5328-F70E-47F4-A55F-8FABAE…)

My fear of climate change is becoming an obsession. It’s all I can think about, all day long. Not even my old “I’ll just kill myself when things get bad” cope works because my life is actually pretty good right now and I don’t want to die or lose the things I care about. When I think about it it makes me feel like puking from fear.

No. 1249698

It's my birthday and apart from 3 family memebers that I see daily, no one said happy birthday to me. Part of me is happy because I don't celebrate it but part of me is also sad because I have no one who's even close enough to me to know when my birthday is. I almost forgot that it's today until my mother congratulated me, wish she didn't.

No. 1249703

Happy birthday anon, have a nice year full of things you like

No. 1249706

Why be distraught over the things that you truly have no control over? That’s gonna drive you bonkers. get rich af and do something about it, join a commune and minimize your carbon footprint, organize and be an activist/ecoterrorist (may also involve a commune), but stressing over it is just gonna drive u crazy. Also truth be told it probably won’t get as bad as you think it will in your lifetime so you’ll be old one day and go “huh I really wasted a lot of energy on this nothingburger” then die lol

No. 1249713

Anyone else already above their parents in terms of adulting? I'm way more mature, I drive them places, loan money when needed, remind them of appointments, make sure they take care of their health. Other stuff too. I am an adult in my 20s but I still wish I had someone.. above me? Someone I could lean on for support. I'm the only one there to take care of things. I didn't think it'd be like this until my parents were like 80 and needed help changing their diapers or some shit.

Becoming a parent sure is a good deal for some of these breeders. A damn good safety net. You can just fall off and especially if you have daughters, you'll have someone with empathy to take care of you.

No. 1249717

File: 1656862532767.jpg (70.7 KB, 735x636, f516bf8b6529d2a40ea2639901fef0…)

Didn't read post, tired cat combo

No. 1249718

You're a great daughter, I hope they appreciate you.

No. 1249729

Ayrt and thank you, I actually really needed to hear that. You’re sweet.

No. 1249737

File: 1656864326566.jpeg (135.04 KB, 1024x781, E5421CCE-CA39-4FDF-827E-87F794…)

I’ve mostly come to terms with it. I feel like a Bronze Age farmer and I can see the Sea Peoples on the horizon. Absolutely nothing I do will stop them from coming so I may as well grow some nice barley in the meantime.

No. 1249738

You’re doing great. Just make sure you still have boundaries and take care of your own needs.

No. 1249741

My grandma other went around telling people in my family that she thinks I’m pregnant… but I’m not. I had to tell everyone “no, just getting fat” kek.

No. 1249761

I tried my best to not drink coffee for one day and I already regret it.

No. 1249788

Come drink a cup with me
(But also, i heard mushroom “coffee” is a good replacement)

No. 1249790

you gotta taper off nonnie, or else you're gonna feel like you have the flu.

No. 1249791

Yeah, I'm drinking now because I couldn't function propely. Let's drink together nonny!
>mushroom “coffee”
Never heard of that, I'm gonna search about it, ty!

No. 1249797

I made the mistake of updating iOS and the safari interface looks like shit and lags like hell, and lolcow buttons look retarded

No. 1249798

I suffer from chronic fatigue and for now only coffee works for me. That's why it feels like dying when I don't drink it. But I've been drinking coffee for so long that I forgot that feeling of tiredness.

No. 1249804

My mom got some of that. I've tried it, if I think of it as 'coffee' I don't like it, it taste nothing like coffee to me, but if I think of it as like a spice drink its okay. I think it would even pair well with a little bit of coco powder and work as a pseudo hot chocolate

No. 1249813

There's no point in being friends with moids so no need to worry about it

No. 1249823

I've given up psych meds cold turkey before but could never make it past day one of giving up coffee.

No. 1249824

I come across so many rude, mean people in my day-to-day life and it makes me want to just stay away from everyone. I have just a couple friends and I can’t imagine dating. And sometimes people pipe up ‘oh if you meet assholes all day you’re the asshole’ except I really do like to be kind and I put a lot of effort into not bothering others. It devastates me when I just get rudeness in return. I wish I could just completely keep to myself without getting lonely.

No. 1249826

Also I wish I understood texting, like why does it confuse me so much that people actually reach out to each other and it’s not taken as an intrusion? Also I just want to do something fun and I keep suggesting things but nothing ever materializes. Or they just don’t want to hang out with me. I go out with other people like maybe 3-4 times a year and it’s not enough, I can’t live on this. Anyway I don’t know how to friends and I will die alone.

No. 1249827

File: 1656869355106.jpeg (490.54 KB, 2048x2048, 8BCF39D9-C49B-4AF5-8C76-B35C45…)

Damn, working in retail really do be giving me brain damage. Also my feet hurt.

No. 1249860

i fucking hate pixielocks so much now. fuck her and fuck people like her. i am a csa survivor and the fact that she's lying about that for attention is disgusting. real csa doesn't result in some quirky rainbie imaginary bimbo friend. you need years of therapy and you still stay fucked up over it. and once she's found out it will take legitimacy away from actual victims. fuck her and everyone who does shit like that. god i am so pissed.

No. 1249886

All my life i though i would develop schizophrenia. i dont know why, i just think i will. i wish i could stop having this thought but it keeps coming back. my paranoia is already severe, im socially reclusive, paranoid, yet my front is very good and i can act normal (i was considered a stacey in highschool even). i have all of the negative symptoms, now im 'waiting' for the positive ones (hallucinations etc)

No. 1249893

I know, anon, it's a lot. She was always vaguely alluding to doing something like this, but the stuff she said in that video was so gross and trivializing of csa that it's hard to stomach. Just remember that nothing she does is truly a reflection on you and she will face consequences for this eventually. I'm so sorry this is bringing up so many feelings for you, the way you feel is completely understandable but you shouldn't have to suffer more from what you've gone through because of tards like Jill.

No. 1249903

thank you anon. i am going to have to hide her thread now because i am just so sickened. it really hurts me that real csa victims, especially younger ones will see this and try to relate to her. she's using other people's trauma as a toy. it's just too horrible.

No. 1249906

i relate to you a lot nonna i hope things get better for you

No. 1249938

I spent so much of my childhood forced to confess my sins to a god I didn't believe in. Being told to feel shame for this and that. Made to take part in retarded ceremonies that declare my lifelong dedication to god. There was no way out of it. The church and schools are (were, idk about now) tied together and so half your supposed education time was just god sperging, shame spergng, hours on hours, week in and week out.. I mean the shit I could've actually learnt with that time.

And yet as soon as someone hears about the gays being mentioned in current year sex education.. The kids are being forced to be gay! It's Indocitrination! The schools have too much control! Where was that energy during my 20 hours a week of praying from ages 5 to 18? Where? What about all the people who got sexually abused by priests and who had no choice but to keep going to church post abuse because it was mandatory in all schools?

No. 1249985

What is this feeling of just listening to a song doesn't scratch the itch for it at all called, and how do I make it stop

No. 1249993

loli shit in venus thread!

No. 1250011

Yeah, if you wouldn't be a newfag you would know that nonnies here warn others that way.

No. 1250016

Nonnie if someone heads straight on over to get a peek at the shit she just warned about… they're not the ones she's looking out for. It's not hard to grasp.

No. 1250032

Then don't behave like one retard.

No. 1250044

stop doing the stupid warnings.

No. 1250046

File: 1656884933176.jpeg (88.42 KB, 680x613, C30E1D0C-E0E8-45D4-85B0-0A13CF…)

Watching that twitch clip an anon linked in the MTF thread of some tranny trying to mimic a toddler crying is probably the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.

No. 1250052

File: 1656885249352.jpg (6.16 KB, 275x271, 1656885134127.jpg)

How do I stop being so insecure and upset over my LDR boyfriend? The thing is, he's never (that I can remember of) done this with real women, so I know I'm in the wrong here. Although it's gotten to a point where I get upset when he talks to women with girly names in video games or calls a fictional character cute.
Almost everytime theres a character with big boobs he'll make some comment about it like 'booba', which especially makes me feel bad because I have small boobs. I try not to be insecure about my body and I know he loves my boobs as well but still.
I really don't want to bring these things up because I know how petty they are and how insecure it makes me look, but I can't go on like this. I don't know what to do

No. 1250059

seriously. this stay safe dearies uwu shit is obnoxious

No. 1250062

You sound underaged but it's not petty or wrong for you to tell your bf not to comment on his attraction to other women's bodies in front of you. But really what you should do is dump him. Imagine having a gf with real live boobs and not being obsessed with them.

No. 1250064

You're not "too insecure" because you don't like that your man sexualises other women and make "booba" comments. He's immature and gross and your feelings about it are perfectly valid

No. 1250065

>inb4 reddit respomnse, but…

Dump him. He does not respect you if he makes comments like that (and/or is coomer) and you are so insecure you are not ready to be in a relationship. Both of you need some personal growth.

No. 1250071

you're just causing yourself misery by being around this person. break up with him, stop talking to him.

No. 1250076

I always go to work on foot and my coworkers often ask me why I'm not buying a bike. I'm too ashamed to tell them my coordination is so bad, even for an autist, that I can't ride a bike. I will never have a driving license either. I really feel like shit especially when one of my coworkers who likes to point out my clumsiness says it's a shame I'm in my mid 20s and I still can't ride a bike. There's nothing I can do, going to work on foot sucks especially when the weather is terrible but I have no other choice, there's no public transport in that area either

No. 1250079

Aw its OK nonna. My ex bf could not drive a bicycle either (he is on the spectrum and his coordination is way off). That's alright. I found it endearing. If you want, you can tell your coworkers you have motor issues next time they bring it up. I bet they will feel like assholes and will never bring it up again.

Or you know, just ignore them. Nosey pricks! Walking is one of the best forms of exercise, so there's that.

No. 1250091

isn't coordination something you can improve with practice?

No. 1250094

File: 1656887160390.jpg (20.53 KB, 564x504, 1636128315336.jpg)


No. 1250095

Go to therapy and work on your low self-esteem

No. 1250102

File: 1656888661440.jpeg (55.52 KB, 500x375, 1CD72937-3D1B-4471-943E-1E702A…)

I think depression has literally rotted my brain. I can’t recall things like I use to, and even removing weed and alcohol from my life doesn’t get the long term memories back. I’m on some strong ass shit for my depression and I still feel like life isn’t worth living. I’m only 30 and childhood memories are foggy at best, even when friends recall things like my birthday to the tiniest detail. I’m trying to keep my brain together and better by doing things like learning a language but the details of my life and me as a person are beginning to fade. Idk man it just sucks feeling like you’re 60 when you’ve got 3 decades to go before then.

No. 1250103

Why are you guys acting like this is such serious business lol, motor issues? Trying to make people feel bad for asking a simple question? Come on…

I'm not keen on bike riding and if anyone asked why I'd be like "I'm unco, I'd probably crash into a pole lol" and nobody would give a fuck because why would you

No. 1250104

because it sounds like the nonnie feels bad because her coworkers often ask her why she doesn't bicycle? I suggested being honest and putting an end to the issue. Nonny is clearly autistic and is not comfortable handling the situation in the way you might so I offered another solution. People on the spectrum have legit motor control issues, it comes with the diagnonsis. Why you gotta be a bitch about it?

No. 1250110

File: 1656889294178.gif (3.41 MB, 480x270, 2CBA4F48-B2D7-47D6-933B-5FF809…)

Moid friend confessed his undying love for me. Pretty pissed off considering I had never said anything to give the impression I liked him, in fact I was always moping about some other scrote whenever we spoke including a few days before he confessed. He has only been single a few weeks, whilst he had a gf I always told him to say hi to her for me and I can’t wait to meet her, after their breakup he made a few comments that made me feel uncomfortable about how I didn’t need too lose weight because it was more to cuddle uwu but I just ignored it and changed convo because it made my skin crawl and it’s hard for me to confront friends. Before he confessed I felt he was also getting clingy so I backed off and just told him I’m stressed and busy so obviously he thought this would be the perfect time to stress me out even more and drop this bombshell ruining our friendship because such romance. I was busy that day out with a friend and find it extremely ill mannered to use my phone in company and he blew up my phone with tons of panicked text messages, the next day I was hungover and he messaged me again, I didn’t want to deal with it and I was becoming increasingly annoyed with his push for me to respond and increasingly awkward with each message, I went in to automatic avoid mode. I thought I would deal with it when I had time to calm down, think and reply but that time wouldn’t come. Every. Fucking. Day. more texts would come through, and then on other apps, anything to get a crumb of attention I just had no mental capacity to give. The more it drove me away and up the wall, not only that but it caused me to reflect really badly on my past relationships including the scrote I was already mending myself over “did I make his skin crawl like this” “did he feel like this about me even though I didn’t message him to this extent”; it was really selfish imo to put me in such a shitty position knowing I was stressed already. Despite all the “forget I said anything” texts which were clearly a beg for a response, he sends me a 278 word text of r/niceguy tier shit about how he ‘just likes me OK in a way these other guys don’t’ followed by more sorry messages. Keeping in mind I had not replied once, this guy was talking to himself at this point. I flipped and told him to chill out and I need space as I told him I was stressed and he’s dumping all this shit on to me. He apologised and blamed his “auwutism adhd brain teehee” and said he will give me space and to message him when I want to talk again. Do you think he gave me space? I think hell the fuck not. Only 3 days later he is still fucking sending me messages and replying to my photos and any other shit he can. Everyone has told me I should block him but it feels so harsh to block someone I considered a good friend who was there for me when I really needed a friend, but then again he was probably just waiting for his chance to swoop in like a vulture. He messaged me AGAIN about half an hour ago about how he’s so alone and not doing well… the last I messaged him was one week ago today saying I want space, stressed and don’t need him dropping shit on me and he’s sent me 5+ messages since followed by a trauma dump. Why do smelly moids not understand boundaries?!?

No. 1250117

you need to block him. He doesn't respect you. It's time to cut him off. That gif is so relatable, I went through something similar

No. 1250118

I miss my ex and i keep gaslighting myself so I won't contact him. Wish I could erase all memories and move on. Ugh. I've done a billion things to distract myself but nothing works. Then i just had to see a TikTok video where some spiritual girl explained how it means they're thinking of you too. I knew it was bs but i watched the whole thing now my algoritm is fucked. Ahhhhhhh.

No. 1250119

Because they are moids. This happened to me with a male friend because I set boundaries. Me keeping those boundaries and telling him that every time he breaks them pushes me away further made his blood boil and now he thinks I hate all men because I didn’t coddle him and I’m a lesbian. He’s punishing my other friend (his now ex) by drawing out legal stuff with a house all the while repeatedly telling her how toxic I am. They cannot be saved trust me.

No. 1250120

Block him. I was in a very similar situation to this before and the moid's behaviour only escalated until it became full-on stalking with violent threats. Not saying that'll happen obviously but the fact that he's blatantly ignoring your boundaries is bad enough. He won't learn so the only good option you have is to block him.

No. 1250124

File: 1656890029139.jpg (46.31 KB, 700x560, Dz1DIk2WkAAvjJV.jpg)

BF broke up with me.
I deserved it for some glaring reasons and am looking forward to taking this time to work on myself and hopefully he'll work on his issues but man, it sucks not having him in my life anymore. My brain is just hyperfixating on repairing the damage when I've already done all I can and we need time to just heal ourselves but this sucks ass because he may never make the move to talk things out so I just have to deal!!!

No. 1250127

I'm sorry nonnie. I broke up with my BF 6 months ago. It gets easier with time. For now, just do whatever you need to to feel better.

No. 1250133

I sometimes feel the same nonny. My childhood memories have all become very foggy, and I'm only 22. On the other hand that means I'm also starting to forget more embarrassing or negative memories. Don't focus on the past, keep trying to learn new things and believe in yourself.

No. 1250139

wait are you supposed to remember your childhood clearly? I sure don't really have memories.

No. 1250143

I hate how cgl has become so fucking moid infected, went to AX thread and it's fucking full of faggot troons talking about crossdressing, and coomers.
>huhruh im crossplaying astolfo today any cute twinks wanna fuck
>ohahah look at this creepshot of this obese girls ass hnggg
>eww i hate whores whats her @


No. 1250146

My damn stupid dun time, who else do I hang out with in a new place nigel said such a weird thing.
Friend: "so she doesn't want a relationship?"
Nigel: "I suppose she'll wake up any day now realizing she already is in one."
Fhck I told you no, don't get attached. I like space and my quiet. I want to take pto for the next two months. See ya. We took an entire weekend road trip. You just keep coming over for grilling. Suddenly there's a kid. Suddenly there's another kid. Suddenly I'm sitting in my own shed for an hour to get a breather. I have shit to do. Now I have to clean after everyone and what the fuck
How do I fake my death but stay here

No. 1250147

Do you ever see someone so hot and funny that you lose all rational thinking and the only thing your brain can come up with is fucking the person like an animal in heat

No. 1250227

It's insane to see the state it's in these days

No. 1250229

went through cleaning a bunch of my social medias, deleting friends I don't talk to and such. Hit me that I don't talk to a lot of people, and that having a presence online is weird. I only like to post art online

No. 1250233

I miss Joana Ceddia’s YT. I looked up to her as she always tried new things and lived on her own terms, like my internet older sister. And i effortlessly funny too. I hope her eczema gets better

No. 1250243

being anorexic at my age is just stupid and pathetic. why can't i just kill myself or grow the fuck up and get ahold of my life? i know all of the skills. i just need to do it but i don't because i'm scared of stupid trauma and emotions. i'm literally a waste of life on this earth honestly.

No. 1250248

Yeah, every time I look in the mirror KEK

No. 1250263

Help me Nonnies. I don’t know what to do anymore. My mom has made it to where the last couple years (the time I turned 18 it is in all aspects in impossible for me to move out. Today I freaked out because there is nothing else for me to do and she’s completely gaslighting me. I don’t even have a car or drivers license because she’s made it impossible me to do so. I need to so much help and don’t know where to go god please somebody help me

No. 1250270

same, when I started seeing /r9k/ lingo in the lolita threads I knew it was over kek. Mass exodus to lolcow when

No. 1250303

It all happened so quickly too.

No. 1250305

File: 1656905326320.png (261.27 KB, 1043x800, 1d4.png)

Mods are awful on that board, I wish they'd delete it and move here so mods can ban all the psycholitas and incels that make bait threads or reply to themselves over and over.

No. 1250319

i just want to date a man who lets me lightly beat him up and his life worse. i think i deserve it as a little treat.

No. 1250320

I wish I had internet artist friends, I used too but that was a long time ago, it also doesn't help what I draw is considered a bit niche and weird (furryshit) it just makes me a bit sad.

No. 1250332

Anyone you can stay with while you get started with a job?

No. 1250334

Fellow furryfag here, what are you into? Like hobbies, likes etc? I’m in a similar boat to you and it feels everything I like is too niche for me to bond with anyone. Artsy people with artist friends always seem to have a blast, I’m jealous.

No. 1250341

My stomach hurts bad and I think my skin is about to break out in rash due to food allergy fuck I dont understand why everyone can take nut allergies but not any other allergies serious. I shouldn't have to break out in anaphlyaxis reaction to be taken serious.

No. 1250343

I'm trying to adjust to this sudden, huge change… I'm autistic and I was so used to how things used to be but now I'm in the real world and I'm scared kek

No. 1250349

>Some recent studies have suggested that those with certain personality traits – including poor social skills, lack of flexibility, tendency toward pain avoidance, dependency on other people, people-pleasing and dutifulness – are more likely to have neurodermatitis.

Fuck my (itchy) life

No. 1250360

>decide to go on walk to help my suicidal/anxiety issues instead of drowning and rotting inside

>begins to rain and pour outside

i just want to shoot myself in the fucking head. even the sky spites me and wants me to suffer and rot away in my bedroom until i die.

No. 1250362

haha love this

No. 1250426

File: 1656919631426.jpg (18.98 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

I find this youtuber Salem Tovar to have a really annoying face and way of speaking, I don't know why. Her voice and mannerisms come across pretentious to me. the thumbnails make me cringe when they pop up

No. 1250436

Lol nonny same here. Do you have astma as well?

No. 1250438

I don't know her personally, but there are a lot of youtuber styles of speech I can't stand, there's a lot of weird intonation that sounds nothing like natural speak. I tried to watch Stephanie Buttermore's (all-in eating woman) video because the subject is interesting, but I can't fucking stand the forced vocal fry. Why do so many women adopt it to sound… more palatable or friendly?

No. 1250446

My best friend is pregnant with her first and I'm terrified of how things will change between us when the baby comes FUUUUUCK I don't want to lose her

No. 1250448

I think this is normal, she's probably excited but also hiding the fear of losing herself too. Lots of mums (especially newborn mums) go through an identity crisis that can lead to PPD. I hope she has a safe delivery nona and it's very sweet you care about her.

No. 1250451

I hate her too. I can’t help but view every video she makes as her being bitter because she’s an ugly fat and is ‘not like other girls’.

No. 1250467

idk her or if she's annoying but i think she's pretty

No. 1250481

I wish I would stop spiraling and I wish my jaw wouldn't hurt/tense from being stressed.

No. 1250482

Thanks nona. We've talked about my fears and her fears a lot although at first I felt very ashamed and selfish about it especially since she's had to go through infertility treatments. But we discovered it's not actually that uncommon close friends feel this way, it just isn't talked about.
She's the best but I'm tired of being scared of what will come. That's on me though and I'm working on it.

No. 1250487

File: 1656929843213.jpg (7.42 KB, 232x167, ueh.jpg)

My entire mom's side of the family is completely fucked. I kind of want to commit genocide. I'm not sure how it is on my dad's as I'm not close with them anymore.

No. 1250490

I checked my mouth with a mirror and I swear I have 2 cavities (minimal erosion, just the cavity spot/lines) but I can't get them filled until I get my insurance again and it stresses me out because I really don't want to lose my teeth.

No. 1250491

Sitting in a train next to a couple of teens and I'm not sure whether they're literally retarded or just deliberately playing dumb and speaking with a baby voice. It's been two hour and I'm screaming internally at this point.

No. 1250514

File: 1656933945465.jpeg (40.61 KB, 504x504, 147B77EA-97BB-4DEA-90D2-3B1C71…)

i just started my period and I’ve lost my brand new packet of tampons, i can’t find them anywhere, it’s late and the local store is closed and the far away one has roads flooded and i can’t get there safely

i have period undies on. i feel like a gross blob. i hate this.

No. 1250516

If you make sure to take good care of your teeth from now on it shouldn't get worse, fingers crossed!

No. 1250521

File: 1656934609435.jpg (23.44 KB, 253x700, gc-tooth-mousse-asvanyfeltolto…)

Buy something that remineralizes teeth like picrel

No. 1250525

Even though I dislike 4chan I’m probably just going to stay on /y/ until their discussion threads die, because it’s the only place that consistently discusses BL media instead of dissolving into endless arguments about labels.

No. 1250526

This looks delicious

No. 1250527

File: 1656935133701.jpg (81.74 KB, 640x480, Black-and-white-cat.jpg)

My cat got run over by a fucking car right in front of me a few days ago. Sometimes im okay with it, sometimes I feel like i let him down and it's my fault, sometimes i wish I could've done something, sometimes I just feel so fucking bad that he got so hurt and had a painful death before even expecting it. I can't stop replaying the way he twitched and how i saw him after he got run over, I really don't want to but my mind is playing sick tricks on me. It hurts so much. He was 8 years old but he still had so many years to live - he was so fluffy, all our neighbors said how beautiful a cat he was. Fuck, I am so, so, so sorry Grisha. I already miss you so much. You didn't deserve that. You didn't deserve me, either.

No. 1250528

I regret posting and engaging in tranny milk threads/farming. It was fun in the beginning but I've seriously grown a strong dislike for white men. I get disgusted by white men in public and want to instantly get far away from them. I was on the train last night and this pervy looking old white man kept staring at my legs. I ran so fast. A few months ago I'd just ignore him but something about being aware of how depraved white men are made me bold out of there. I don't react this way to asian, black, hispanic or arabic etc men. It's always white men.

No. 1250529

I'm so sorry nonnie that sounds traumatic and horrible. Did the person even try to stop? What the fuck is wrong with people?
I lost my kitty when he had lots of years on him too and I felt I didn't deserve him either. But you have every right to feel sad and I'm sure he still loved you

No. 1250531

Does your picrel look like Grisha? Rest in peace sweetie.

No. 1250533

Fuck fuck fuck why did I look under the spoiler I'm legit crying now

No. 1250536

This is why you keep your cats INSIDE

No. 1250537

yes, to be fair to the driver she did stop and offered to drive us to a vet when we weren't sure if he was completely gone. He wasn't standing right on the road, he ran under it last second.
I hope his body went into some kinds of state of shock, which would make it almost painless. I hope he's in cat heaven eating all the fish and drinking all the milk he wants.
Yeah, it's not him exactly but pretty much. He was so pretty.
I'm sorry. If you have a pet, pet it right now, give them all the love you have. I didn't know it would end like this when my cat was just taking a walk.

No. 1250560

I wrote a paragraph about how I'm depressed and then I closed the window to pick an image to attach and lc didn't save my draft

No. 1250581

>What the fuck is wrong with people?
Anon already answered, but most of the time run-overs are unintentional. Sometimes animals don't see the vehicle/get startled and walk right in the middle of the road. May the good cat rest in peace.

No. 1250598

I want to believe that really hard. But I know of some sociopath moids who do it on purpose so whenever I see a slain animal on the road I just assume it was because of some heartless fucker. I try not to think about these things but hard not to.
But yes. May Grisha kitty rest in peace.

No. 1250599

I thought I was going to be homeless, but all is well.

No. 1250613

I hate when people explain things really badly and then laugh at you for misunderstanding or act like you're the dumb one. You fucking bitch I should be laughing at you for not knowing how to explain things you stupid little gaylord

No. 1250620

I am a bisexual asexual and I feel like I will never find love kek. REEEEEEEE

No. 1250636

I'm so tired of my friend's situation… I like her and I want her to be happy but I've reached the point where I just don't know what to do anymore, I'm so drained. She's depressed, has a few other mental issues too and her supervisor at work is abusing her for over a year now, making things this much worse. I've always been her support and person to vent to, and did what I could to help along with other coworkers and friends from the outside too. But even after such a long time she refuses to do anything, just talks about how her current situation is ruining her but is "too tired" to do anything about it, even if people hand it to her on a silver platter, I helped her book therapy appointment, she "forgot" to attend, a friend has an opening for her at a different company, she doesn't even want to send a CV because it's "too much"… I see her suffering but there's no more I can do to help and it drags me down because I'm constantly worried about her and stressed about my own inability to do anything. I know it's easy to say "just leave her be", it's hard though when it's a friend. She has every mean to handle her situation, stable, pretty high income (higher than mine and I'm above country's average), own flat, multiple caring friends, yet she's just so apathetic. I'm exhausted anons

No. 1250653

getting really pissed off, tried to make a new friend and she was really keen right away and wanted to hang out lots.

i know this is a warning sign for mentally ill people but i just decided to look the other way a bit because I wanted ONE female friend with similar hobbies but it blew up in my face again

now she is just being an asshole and is mad at me over a misunderstanding that could easily be cleared up, but no she wants to give me the silent treatment and ignore my messages asking to talk it out (i know she saw them because it's in a discord we are both in and she replied sharply in the discord to me then stopped).

i'm gonna see her IRL on tuesday when our group meets and i have a bad feeling she isn't going to show up or she is going to show up and there will be a blow out.

i'm really stressed out about it but i'm not a doormat so i won't accept people treating me poorly.

I JUST spent a bunch of money on her birthday present too so I'm pretty annoyed LOL

No. 1250657

Return the birthday present. Fuck her.

No. 1250658

I have really bad dissociation where I never feel close to people even if we spend every day together. Even though on paper I have had many friends, I feel like I've been alone my entire. And what I hate the most about it that even if I can go a month without caring, sometimes it just hits me like a wave, I start crying and I can't do/think about anything else. This is one of those moments.
It's always made me down that I've never had a best friend in life but now I'm starting to think I never had friends either. I don't have anyone outide of family I feel comfortable talking to. I don't even feel like talking to family anymore because they always use anything I say against me in future.
I'm going to a party later this week to meet with some friends. They've been busy every other time I tried and I just stopped asking because I felt annoying/clingy. I just hate this feeling rn. It's getting in the way of college/uni, I don't feel like I'm gonna survive actual adulthood if I get so down I can't finish simple tasks.

No. 1250671

I feel so fucking stupid holy shit.

I've been seeing a bot watching my ig stories every time I upload something. Remembered that that's what it looks like when someone tries to watch your stories anon. I thought someone was stalking me or something, spent the whole day yesterday wondering who it could be.

Then I remembered how I know what it looks like when someone is watching your story anon. I used the site on my own profile, the bot must've kept the username in the database or something.

I feel so fucking dumb for even thinking someone could even possibly think to do that. No one cares, how could've I forgoten that.

No. 1250672

I’m terrified about what’s to come for me in the future because I live in a country where I should be already married with kids at my age. I’ve pinkpilled so hard that I don’t see moids as full humans anymore and I’m not attracted to them irl at all. Even if I look at an attractive one I don’t care for him beyond his looks. I don’t have crushes either. I also cannot imagine myself being intimate with them and doing degenerate sexual acts like giving bjs. It literally makes me nauseous thinking about it. I’m not a lesbian and not even bi I think even though I do have fleeting shallow attractions towards women from time to time. I think it’s just that I don’t want to be with men cause I genuinely despise them and I think this hate is stronger than my sexuality. I have no problem being celibate and living in peace but that’s absolutely not possible in my country unless I get out. Please nonnas wish me luck so I can escape this hell hole somehow before I kill myself cause I’m running out of strength. I’m hoping for a miracle so hard.

No. 1250692

File: 1656951097839.jpeg (27.75 KB, 240x240, 780F798A-F8FE-4CB8-B621-D83594…)

Really wish my brain wouldn’t immediately think cock and ball torture whenever I see the letters CBT

No. 1250699

I'm so lonely nonas… I've been sleeping a lot because in my dreams I always have friends and boyfriends. I hug and kiss people, I have conversations and it feels so good. I wish I had this kind of human contact irl. But I don't.

No. 1250710

File: 1656952001966.jpg (44.08 KB, 750x748, 20211206_123715.jpg)

I am currently traveling with friends but there is this girl I don't know very well with our group. First she booked her hotel 50 miles away from us, and one of my friends went to go pick her up and it took 2 hours in traffic.. After she got picked up and came to our restaurant we chose to eat at, she didn't like any of the food and barely ate anything. And then my friend had to drive her back to her hotel. Another hour of traffic.

She's cheap, she insists she doesn't owe me money for dinner because she used her card (not true, I paid for the whole table). She constantly gets sick on our trip to places so we have to pull over and let her puke in some toilet. She slept in for 2 hours from our scheduled departure time and then took 50 minutes to do her makeup.

My friends don't see any problem with this. Are they too nice or something? I feel like I'm going insane with how inconsiderate she is. I have paid for parking everyday and bought food for everyone. All she did was give 20 dollars for gas after my friend spent basically 6 hours picking her up. Also this was after 4 days of driving her around.

I am rethinking my friend group. They want to do this next year but I am honestly upset with how badly organized this trip is. I have known them for years online and this was my first time meeting them in person and..it just sucked half the time. I knew they were mentally ill from our vent sessions but I didn't think they'd be this inconsiderate and clueless about social norms.

No. 1250717

I asked my bf's friend if he had been swimming yet this year, and he gives me the biggest stank face and goes "um, why would I have, I don't have a pool?" I'm like, there's the beach? He's like "uhhh.. a guy by himself going to the beach, riiight" in a voice like I'm mentally retarded. He has other friends, and a mutual one we know with a pool, so maybe he went swimming with them how was I to know. Weird BPD asshole

No. 1250724

>”uhhh.. a guy by himself going to the beach, riiight”
This is a huge red flag and makes me think he’s a pedo. Normal men wouldn’t let it cross their mind.

No. 1250730

I know it’s 19 hours later but what time was it watched? I want to see

No. 1250744

I can't tell if he's insecure and just dependant on having company to go out and do anything.. or if he's a pervert who'll feel seen if he goes near bikini clad women without a chaperone. Either way it's exhausting dating someone who lashes out any time you hit a mystery nerve like that

No. 1250749

Sometimes I like to think that I'm a moderate on the Tranny Question because I'm a firm believer of civil rights and letting others live the way they want to live as long as it's not harmful. But then I take one look at the MtF thread, see how vile these troons act with no backlash, and my feelings completely swing like a pendulum and I go back to cheering for the 41% again. I feel conflicted because I have a couple of MtF friends who are completely normal and even critical of the behaviour of the trans community so I feel like a hypocrite whenever I talk to them. I know my opinion is not a popular one here but I don't really know where else to say this without getting dogpiled.

No. 1250751

Nvm I found it.

No. 1250755

Lmao i feel you nonna, everyone I know uses CP as an abbreviation of cyberpunk and the first thing that always comes to mind is child porn ughh

No. 1250759

I'm the same way. I have always had trans friends, and have known them for a long time. They're nothing like the perverts in the mtf/ftm threads. Mentally ill yes, but gender isn't something we discuss everyday and they're mostly talking about normal hobbies and problems with school/work. I have come across a couple of obvious perverts but I don't really care for the quiet ones who are really just GNC. But still I agree I feel like a hypocrite when I have these feelings about the most disgusting ATPs and talk to them.

No. 1250772

Might be an unpopular opinion on lolcow, but not all trannies are like the AGPs in that one thread. A lot of em just want to live their lives and don’t harass or browbeat other people if they get their pronouns mixed up or whatever. But like any group, the most batshit insane ones get noticed the most.

No. 1250779

You can be respectful and understanding toward trans people and still support social boundaries like not letting male people into female spaces even if it hurts their feelings. Trans people don't need to get everything they want. It be like that sometimes in life. You can still be friends with them, friendship doesn't mean unconditional support for people's feelings and actions. It's not that black and white.

No. 1250785

>be me
>starting new meds, sad, want to kill myself
>4th of july weekend
>make plans to try to hang out with 2 friends for yesterday to watch a movie and hang out, have something to look forward to & distract myself from becoming anhero thoughts
>yesterday comes and goes, nobody remembers/can make it to movie night by the time i remind them, we try to reschedule for today. friend #2 basically just requests 'before or after sunset' so they can catch a fireworks show.

me: 'this is what friend #2 conveyed. when do you want to hang out'
friend #1: 'after sunset'
me: [checks sunset time] 'i mean that's at 8:30 and the movie's 2 hours so that would make me get home really late, and i gotta be up by 6am'
them: 'well i have something do do at 4pm'
me: 'what about 6pm then?'
me: 'hey can you get back to me so if this isn't going to work i can make other plans?'
them: 'i guess the scheduling tomorrow just isn't going to work then'

i fucking
i was bluffing, it's impossible to make plans at the last minute on a national holiday. i'm upset with my friend now because waiting for them to schedule a time feels like it made me waste my entire weekend and they're acting ?? like i'm being unreasonable because i was trying to accommodate a third party who LITERALLY said they were available all day so how much more open a schedule could be, i do not know. and if friend #1 knew he was going to be busy all afternoon until sunset i don't know why he told me we could move the movie-watching session to today in the first place.

it would be one thing if i could just go to friend #1's place and hang out and watch the movie there, but it's a rare polish DVD from the 80's and NEITHER OF US OWN DVD PLAYERS.

today was supposed to be the first day i'd get to socialize in like a week and i feel like i waited around excited to get to see friends and now not only do i realize that was a waste of my time, i also don't even really want to consider one of them a friend anymore. i should just shrug it off and say 'fuck that guy' but after two years of scarce contact because of COVID-19, i feel like i don't have enough friends to easily discard even one, and my medical issues are probably going to make it a lot harder to make new ones from now on because it's become a huge pain in the ass to go out to events and do the activities where i used to make friends.

i realize some part of this is probably just the side-effects these meds have on your emotions but realizing that doesn't make it hurt any less.

No. 1250789

it would be one thing if i could just go to friend #2*'s place and hang out
confused myself there with the codenames

No. 1250794

What’s so hard about being respectful to nice trannies? Saying that biology is real isn’t disrespectful

No. 1250803

The past year I've been really content on my own and being myself and letting people take me for who I am and I'm happy. So along comes someone that I enjoy the company of and it's developing and now I'm over thinking. Time is love and I love my time. Uh oh

No. 1250811

File: 1656956580816.jpeg (700.41 KB, 1237x1920, B387CB47-80F3-4809-8B5E-5D81A0…)

I have to get an apartment in a fairly large city within two months. I have no idea what I'm doing, I've been in two different apartments before but had to end both leases early (neither my fault) but yeah, I don't have any references really. If I had a room mate that would be a big help but I don't know how to find a room mate and I'm scared of people. Also I have cats making the whole thing harder. Everything feels so hard.

No. 1250813

Definitely unpopular, but I'm with you nonna, only based on my anecdotal evidence. Yeah this whole gender-critical movement is really messed up, every person who is anything alike men posted in the threads on snow is awful, but I've met three MtF in my life and neither of them was anything like these internet extremists, so I really have no irl basis to be hateful. In my immediate surroundings the loudest wokesters sperging about pronouns and and insisting on gender neutral language etc are not trans or even homosexual people but a few bi women in straight relationships - no hate on them personally either, but you know the type.

No. 1250814

I think the same thing too, where I Iive there's tons of manlets driving huge trucks and desperately trying to prove their manliness and what's an easy to prove that? By killing small innocent animals in their giant faggy trucks

No. 1250817


No. 1250823

I deleted my post. If I worded it so badly that you somehow read it this way.. its probably better off deleted.

No. 1250826

I wish I could’ve attended your plans instead nonnie, I fucking hate when people ruin plans last moment.

No. 1250829

It depresses me seeing dead animals on the road, I went on a road trip last week and saw dozens of dead deer on the side of the highway and there were even a few babies ugh it really killed my mood since I was going to vacation and I wanted to cry

No. 1250831

File: 1656957434349.png (609.9 KB, 780x740, evill.png)

I hate them so fucking much..

No. 1250833

I hate men so much it's unreal.

No. 1250839

>rare mall shooting happened yesterday
>keep seeing articles about family/friends calling to ask if they are okay while it was going on

This is pissing me off to no end. Don't call someone who is hiding from an active shooter wtf

No. 1250846

File: 1656958031649.jpeg (338.95 KB, 828x769, 04DDFC78-EF26-4DB5-B1A7-99CDAA…)

I hate my life. I've been working in my company for a year and despite not lacking in anything technically wise, I'm not as social as my non autistic coworkers, I didn't become "part of the team", I have issues with communication skills etc. I never made any mistake unlike some of them. But they chat with our manager like you would chat with a friend, something I can't do. I think overall that's why they get better opportunities and certain tasks more often than me. Finally, today I got the task I've been waitig to get since weeks, and my team leader told me all right so you're going to be responsible for this stuff for the whole week. I was so happy. It meant I did ok. But I've been feeling unwell since sunday, my throat hurt a lot. Today at work I felt terrible, my muscles hurt, I was dizzy all the time, but I wanted to finish the task even if I would faint. I came back home. I'm this anon >>1250076 who has to go to work by foot. So I was terribly tired. I checked my temperature now and my fiver is a little above fucking 102. My spine hurts, I feel like shit, but I want to go to work tomorrow so fucking bad, or at least on wednesdsy, even though they won't pay me for 1 day off, my company only starts paying if you're absent for 3 days or longer. Fuck nonnies what are the quickest ways to get rid of fever??

No. 1250865

I have no life. Nothing outside of existing and meeting muh basic needs, earn money, eat food, sleep, repeat. There's very little else going on and I'm years into this groundhog day existence. Before this rut I was in an abusive relationship where I was more alive but also miserable, walking on eggshells, fighting, getting dragged along to things I didn't care for.

At first when I got out of the relationship I was riding this high at being free of abuse at last. I was just delighted to be my own person again with nobody pulling me around. I want to live and I want to meet people but I'm terrified of going back to having that knot in my stomach all the time. I got comfortable like this because I know how bad the alternative can end up.

No. 1250866

I wish there was more actual counterculture around. I'm not that old so I don't know how it used to be, but even 5 years ago people were not as afraid to express opinions that you wouldn't hear on tv. Talking to older people, watching old talkshows (even from 20 years ago) feel so much more real because they actually have opinions of their own, now everyone has the same opinion. The most of irl counterculture I see are occasional gutterpunks. The only other counterculture I can think of is terfs and tradfags, and you never see those irl. I want some fucking opinions, I don't give a shit what they are just don't be afraid to speak up for what you believe. I'm scared of the future and hope fellow zoomers become more opinionated, and less afraid of wrongthink. I really hope social media will die down too. It's perpetuating all the bullshit, especially with the cancel culture. I miss when tumblr was made fun of. Should I just join the gutterpunks and sit on the sidewalk smoking, drinking and shittalking all day kek.

No. 1250895

I agree with you anon, but I think a lot of people are afraid of saying the wrong thing now because it can legitimately ruin your life. Even expressing an opinion online can now get you shunned from society or even cost you your job. People still have strong opinions if you talk to them, it can just take a while to build that trust or for the subject to come up. I hope more people will be unafraid to share their point of view too. It's interesting to see.

No. 1250921

Ayrt, you're so right. It comes only from a fear of being shut out or getting in trouble. Some of my wokest friends have expressed some things that go against their 'agenda' when it was just the two of us. Then when we're in a group, their whole personality seems to disappear. It's too bad, I love hearing other people's opinions and talking about them in a normal, calm way. When you say anything now (especially on social media) you have to be extra careful because if you word something wrong you'll be dubbed as some awful person. As if everyone's perfect all the time. At least I'm lucky to have some 2 friends who aren't afraid of the rest and a family that I can talk to and have interesting conversations instead of the same old same old. I just wish people could talk about differing opinions normally, or at least weren't afraid to even say them.

No. 1250970

I hate pity almost as much as I hate being bullied. I don't want charity, I have self-respect. At the end of the day the charity types are the same as bullies- feeling good about themselves at someone else's expense

No. 1251035

having an older brother is truly a curse. once you have a son you should stop breeding.

No. 1251059

Have any of you ever had a stranger get away from you? I had a really good albeit awkward conversation with this guy and I'm pretty sure he liked me too, maybe he was shy I don't know he seemed like he didnt talk to girls a lot (anime fan) and he was gonna say something else but I excused myself I'm so fucking autistic and stupid. He liked my FAVORITE character too and I've never met someone with the same favorite as me and he was my type and fuccckkk nonnas I want to die please tell me something else similar has happened to you too so I dont feel so alone
>talking ab weebshit
>kinda awkward silence looking at eachother smiling
>Hey so-
>have a good day it was really nice talking to you!!
Im gonna cry help me why did i do that

No. 1251100

I feel really excited. Like a child on christmas eve that's in bed and they're struggling to go to sleep. I am really really really energised. My body is pounding like I've just drunk 2 energy drinks. Every day is as if I'm preparing to go to a party. I'm actually hoping writing my thoughts will calm me down but it's not.

No. 1251106

Are you eating cocaine or something? Or do you have something to be excited about? If you’re excited for life itself I’m very happy for you! It’s a gift to have that kind of energy!

No. 1251114

Ah thank you anon! No I am not on cocaine kek. My brain has decided to be excited and I'm along for the ride.

No. 1251122

yay mania

No. 1251127

God, I fucking hate being bulimic. The cycle of eating and puking, simultaneously, makes me both miserable and happy

No. 1251130

mental health recovery spaces online are so cringey sometimes that it makes me want to quit therapy and go join a suicide cult. i am a grown woman with fucked up brain chemistry who had some unfortunate things happen to me, i am not a smol delicate bean, i don't need to be coddled for doing everyday things that other people do without even thinking about it, i don't need to be repeatedly told that i deserve to be happy, i just want to be treated like a god damn normal person and held to the same standards that normal people are. rant over

No. 1251140

People are so weird and randomly bitchy towards me. I say something funny and some cunt says "stop" to me like what? Fuck you then bitch get cervical cancer

No. 1251146

you sound fucking autistic, hoping cancer on someone is fucked up

No. 1251148

You sound weak

No. 1251152

I wish big cities weren't so expensive to live in. I was in the biggest city of my country yesterday for a day and I love everything about it. I love the little shops everywhere, the interesting cool looking people and the anonymity of it all. I could never afford it, I hope I can someday. I'm tired of my boring hometown, tired of being the village freak. I wish I was born in a big city, I've lived in suburban hell for all of my life and I'm so tired of it. I can't go to the forest without hearing cars but at the same time there's nothing to do down here. I'm going to study law next year, I hope I can get a well paying job and live there after I've finished. But then again, when I'm a proper adult with a full time job I won't have time to party, or even want to be there. Guess I'll just make use of my free public transport (student pass) next year and go there every weekend kek.

Tbf that anon indeed sounds autistic as fuck. Someone doesn't like your joke, big deal.

No. 1251166

Like, don't make a joke meme post about a serious issue if you want it to be treated that way. You can't shit on others for trying to keep the mood light

No. 1251172

What joke did you tell anon

No. 1251177

okay but at least people laugh at my jokes and I don't wish cancer upon other women, autist.

No. 1251181

Bruh is feeling excited for no reason simply mania?

No. 1251182

I feel weird using bruh and simply in the same sentence but its happened now.

No. 1251193

File: 1656974083488.jpg (252.2 KB, 1080x1074, 1593089280931.jpg)

My boyfriend isn't responding to my messages and I think I'm going to have a mental breakdown about it.

No. 1251200

this german DEUTSCH DOUCHEBAG couple fricked so much on this bed (second hand/third/??) hand, that every time i move a little it creaks like hell. when i laugh in bed, it sounds like a withered pterodactyl wheezing repeatedly. so embarrassing. it probably sounds so wrong when im just laughing or turning over.

No. 1251219

Saying "stop" in response to something funny or surprising is slang, did she maybe mean it that way?

No. 1251220

File: 1656975542318.jpg (15.89 KB, 275x192, 1583364600994.jpg)

Realizing I was the practice gf and he's going to treat the next girl how he should have treated me

No. 1251225

Girl, what the fuck

No. 1251227

You deserve better!!! Also men don't learn that easily, he's probably still going to treat his next gf badly.

No. 1251231

No some ass-kisser was like "ooh baby gurl" to her and she responded in kind so she was deadass towards me

No. 1251233

nta but are you drunk posting because what the hell does this say, nona?

No. 1251234

File: 1656976052115.jpg (21.23 KB, 564x486, 0e7dc7371bdbdea8084c96733f7145…)

Going through my favorite songs from 5+ years ago and crying about the (just slightly) better past, why am i doing it to myself anons

No. 1251245

Wrong reply?

No. 1251256

I clarified that in fact, the woman I was in conflict with, she didn't mean stop like stahhhp more like, stop. Since another woman comforted her on her pseudo-vent and she responded in kind. Hope this helps

No. 1251263

Ngl but reading some posts on this thread is really making me wonder if some of you are underage…

No. 1251278

File: 1656978374496.jpg (82.56 KB, 560x570, disgu.jpg)

Was unfortunately reminded the other night that 3DPD moids are real. Now I'm having a hard time enjoying my anime husbandos because I keep being thinking of him holding me and how revolting it felt.

No. 1251284

I feel like most summerfags are underage lol, whatever they'll be gone soon enough. >>1251140 is definitely underage though, no adult (or even older teen for that matter) would make such a big deal about that.

No. 1251292

ordered a shwarma from a new place
proceed to have one of the worse diarrhea in my life. so bad i thought i was having my painful hospital inducing period despite just finishing period.
never again

No. 1251295

it could be, honestly. whatever the case may be, ride the wave, it's there for a reason

No. 1251298

Plenty of mentally ill adults would, being a complete retard sometimes despite being in my 30s makes me careful about assuming any anon being underage tbh, maybe they've just stayed in the sun for too long on that day if we're to blame the season

No. 1251318

File: 1656980813872.jpeg (48.55 KB, 419x309, 1573269706778.jpeg)

I actually think my nephew is a cunt and has attention deficit shit just like my sister has. My niece has also been cornered into this weird "girls only wear pink and can't play with cars" hell, I fucking can't stand that shit. Inb4 somenonny asks why I don't do anything about it, we don't live in the same city and I'm risk group so I don't get to hang out that much lately and whenever I do, I try to play with my niece with the stuff she actually wants to play with.

No. 1251321

You have terrible intuition

No. 1251328

Yo maybe you are right. The thing is, having a bipolar diagnosis sounds pretty scary.

No. 1251338


Ok I'm gonna "break up" with my friend. I'll just give her the birthday present and just never hang out with her again. I can't be feeling upset and angry like this over somebody I've only hung out with for a few months.

I talked to my Nigel about it and he said I can decide to not be friends with someone for any reason I want and he's so right.

Even if this was my fault somehow, it just means we're both toxic and still shouldn't hang out. I feel a lot better now

No. 1251340

eh it is what you make of it. if you make it something that inhibits you then it will, and vice versa

No. 1251347

>6 years into dealing with cervical cell changes and I'm losing my mind at this stage
>Normal pap smear who?
>A cheating ex giving me HPV didn't help
>Watched my mom slowly die of cancer and I'm terrified of meeting the same fate but I'm now avoiding appointments now because I can't deal with my nerves being in bits waiting on results all the time
>My dad has no idea and vents to me endlessly about the mildest illnesses so I just cut contact without an explanation
>Will this shit ever end
I was ready to write a whole wall of emotional text but the timing is awful. Why can't I tell my dad. Is our relationship that fucked? Years of this.. I guess it is that fucked. There's nothing that'll get me to open up to him on any meaningful level. Losing my mom was me losing the only parent who meant anything to me. I resent my existence lately. I resent the ex who gave me HPV and still got to be happy with the other woman while I deal with this alone. I resent my dad for finding all manner of 'womens issues' as gross as he does. I resent all the circumstances that collectively created this endless headfuck.

No. 1251350

I’ve been feeling so unloved and depressed lately. Went on dating apps to try to make myself feel better and it temporarily did, but now I feel worse. Idk what to do to feel even slightly grounded.

No. 1251352

What I mean is that I wouldn't want a mental illness to define me.

No. 1251358

File: 1656983792046.jpeg (485.52 KB, 750x1334, 61387D23-D6BC-465B-9D5C-C21C58…)

A close friend told me a couple days ago that she is dependent on alcohol and can’t stop drinking. I already knew from her lifestyle but ever since her dad died a couple years ago I’ve been real worried about her. I never thought she’d admit how bad it was. She also had a circle of friends who were coke heads at one point and told me how ashamed she was she couldn’t stop using but she seems to have cut all those people/vice out of her life. She says she gets drunk and goes on Reddit searching for tips on attending AA or NA and so far she’s been invited to a zoom meeting and she has been making plans to go to a irl meeting in the future. I have hope but I’m so scared. She told me yesterday that she tried not to drink but did anyway and then stayed up all night getting more drunk. She’s hiding her behavior from her mom (who also is a functioning Alchie, along with almost every immediate relative) and even wants to keep her AA plans a secret from her entire family and support network in case they judge her for the severity of her problem. She has other worries too that are blown out of proportion due to her anxiety and I’m afraid those fears will keep her from making friends in AA and a better support group in her life. as I have an understanding of addiction I’m afraid this is a hopeful phase for her before she hits a harder rock bottom like fuck. I know all I can do is be there for her
What even is all this

No. 1251373

Spoiler that shit, or don't post it at all, what the fuck

No. 1251378

I could see animal shit outside, too. With that in mind, what would possess me or anyone else to collect photos of animal shit and attach them to completely unrelated posts? This isn't some liveleak/bestgore shit, no one wants to see your dead animals folder

No. 1251379

You gotta tell her family, dude. Otherwise it'll eat away at her and her liver. She's afraid of what they think but them waking up to find a dead daughter and friend far outweighs any negative thoughts, no?

No. 1251380

why the hell would you think to post this, especially with no spoiler? no one wants to see this here, period

No. 1251381

My brother recently got together with his ex who named two of her kids after him even though they weren't together and the kids have an established father. His actual baby mama assaulted the girl he's with now a few years ago and she's pissed again, threatening to keep my brother's kid away from him. Why is my family so trashy lol

No. 1251382

I’m sorry nonny, it’s tough being worried about a friend like that. Honestly if she’s serious about recovering she should look for a living situation where she won’t be around other alcoholics, functioning or not

No. 1251390

NTA but imagine not taking a picture of any dead animal you come across, sucks

No. 1251392

Imagine seeking help

No. 1251398

>girls only wear pink and can't play with cars

This should unironically be considered child abuse

No. 1251417


No. 1251419

I do this and send the pics to my dad and he does the same

No. 1251426

File: 1656989231628.jpg (47.52 KB, 600x450, AAZ37jd.jpg)

I just want to vent with pic related; the case messes with me quite a lot, even though they managed to find her alive; the suspect is Noah Madrano. Ten days before he took her from her family and friends, he uploaded on KBOO, a radio station in Oregon, a segment of phone sex with an underage girl, and before that, talked about bringing one across state lines.

It’s at the 21:00 mark here: https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/sub-human-intellect-theater-226166/episodes/sub-human-intellect-theater-on-141893904

You can get an MP3 rip here: https://kboo.fm/sites/default/files/episode_audio_b/kboo_episode.2.220613.2300.4023.109912.mp3

They scrubbed the episode in question, and are scrubbing the rest of the show (although you can still find the individual pages for eps via Google) and blocking people who call them out on their social media profiles. They at first told me they had no idea who the girl was when I brought it up to them, and then as pressure mounted, made statements on Twitter/Facebook before going to the media, all of which amount to "we didn't do anything, it's not our fault we didn't oversee who used our station," blah blah blah. The usual suspects are in force too, one even saying it's "political sabotage" from "right wingers" despite one of the most vocal on their Facebook being an indigenous woman who is an advocate for her fellow girls and women. My heart hurt for her so much when her father said she was aware of the search efforts and all….and it turns out the guy who hurt her is as much of a typical looking scrote as you can imagine, too.

No. 1251432

Crying about my dog. I feel so hopeless because my parents keep telling me I'm being stupid for worrying so much about her but she could barely sit up today, much less move around anywhere. She's been laying in the same spot all day and cries whenever I try to help her sit up or stand. I had to hold her food and water up to her where she was laying so she could eat and drink. On the good side she's eating and drinking. I'm making a vet appointment when their office is open again tomorrow. My dad gave me shit for telling my boss I'd be working from home tomorrow so I could keep an eye on her since otherwise she'd be left alone at home for like 10 hours until I got back from work and said "keep an eye on her? for what!" She can't even get to her water. Even if she's just going to lay and sleep in the same spot all day, I can at least move and clean her after she pisses herself and make sure she's hydrated, especially since it's hot in my city right now.

I love her so much nonas. She is so old and the day we say goodbye is approaching, but I at least want her to be comfortable.

No. 1251437

Why the fuck did you choose this image, freak?

No. 1251438

Sounds like the apple didn't fall far from the tree and I seriously hope you don't reproduce

No. 1251439

I'm so sorry nona, it's always extremely hard and hurting to see someone we love go through a hard time. I lost my baby girl/senior kitty a few months ago and in her final moments and nearing that stage- I just made a beautiful box of blankets for her, and pet her and played kitty music and had some incense lit for her and made it dim.. she passed away after I was awake for 2 days with her and got too exhausted to keep my eyes open, after my eyes finally closed while holding her paw, she let herself slip away.. I woke up less than 10 minutes after I realized I passed out (my phone was still playing the YouTube video) and I was devastated. She just held on so hard because she knew.. and when she knew I was ok too, she moved to the next phase of life. I feel so sad thinking about her but also comforted when I realize she knew.. I hope you will feel at peace knowing your baby is so loved and knows it. And that things will be okay.. I wish I could give you so many hugs nonny. I know it's not much but I'll be thinking about you and keeping you close.

No. 1251447

Thank you so much for this nona. I cried again reading it. Your baby was so lucky to have you. Really, thank you for your kind words. I'll do everything I can to make each passing day as comfortable as I can for my pup. I hope we will be reunited with them in the afterlife. I like to think all our pets go to heaven, where they get to befriend each other and have all the best food and napping spots, so they won't be bored or lonely while they wait for us. ♥ I hope your sweet girl is up there.

No. 1251542

File: 1656999120937.png (169.99 KB, 382x346, 1493229730092.png)

>work at a super market
>the 'karens' we deal with are usually male elderly baby boomers who ask us to do stupid shit
>get one of those today
>he's bitching about plastic bags and wants paper
>try to tell him paper bags are limited to people doing check out who orders ahead of time
>he spergs out and demands I get paper anyway
>tell manager this and he lets me get the paper bags so he stops throwing a fit
>I do the work
>he proceeds to demand that I replace all the plastic with paper (lol good luck with that bud), and tells me that this store is not ""environmentally friendly"" enough
>mfw 1/3 of the workers (including me) walk to work
>mfw this waste of flesh is going to drive home then drive to the hospitals to waste even more electricity so his fat ass can live for several more years
Christ I can't stand baby boomers, especially when they claim to be environmental heroes. And I got one the other day that said he pitied us young people because muh plastic bags. These retards really think that plastic bags will somehow create an apocalypse. There's customers that will sometimes put their stuff into the cars, then walk up to the recycle bin to recycle the plastic bags and 100% its all young people. Are these baby boomers projecting their shit practices or are they that stupid?

Maybe strap yourself onto a nuke and fling yourself to China; along with being modern Nazi Germany, that country alone contributes to most of the pollution being done globally.

No. 1251589

Just eat anachan

No. 1251590

some people just shouldn't work with costumers at all. This interaction you had was normal and not something worth venting about. I know you will then reply to this bitching about how bad it was but seriously I simply don't get what's so wrong about wanting paper bags.

No. 1251594

So I have to bring in my car for a checkup for the first time soon, I've never been to a garage before in my life (first time car owner). So I asked my mom where I'm supposed to park it once I'm there (she goes to the same car garage) and she scolded me for "being too dependent" and "I would've just driven there and figured it out there". I struggle with anxiety so I just wanted to know if I was supposed to park it like in front or drive to the back or whatever to avoid getting in the way/being a nuisance to others. I guess in hindsight I can see how it must've come across childish and really dumb from the perspective from someone who doesn't get anxious over mundane unknown situations but was I really being too dependent for asking that? Despite my anxiety I thought I am succesfull at not allowing my anxiety get in the way of being a functional, responsible adult but maybe not then.

No. 1251595

They don’t give a fuck about the plastic bags. They just want to be argumentative. I work in retail and I get it. They will find ANY excuse to do so.

No. 1251596

Kek my mom would have treated me the same way for asking something like that. I don’t think that’s too dependent at all, I think it’s a good thing to want to be familiar with a process before you do it for the first time. And yes, you do park out in the front at first, and then when you go in and talk to whoever’s working there they’ll tell you what garage to pull into, sometimes they’ll even take your keys up front and handle it all for you.

No. 1251601

Those sound like answers someone having too much on their plate atm would give
Maybe it's not about you maybe it's about her

No. 1251606

File: 1657004350245.jpg (1.05 MB, 959x2438, ifuckinghateyou.jpg)

I stumbled upon some "anime journalist"'s blog and it made me so fucking angry that I made a collage of all the disgusting shit they defend. SUPPOSEDLY it's a woman writing this stuff but I'm seriously wondering if it's a troon. A troon or a very, very gigantic pedophile defender pickme.

No. 1251610

Okay boomer

No. 1251612

quick check and they said they prefer they/them so they're a troon in some capacity

No. 1251614

That dude really just wanted to make your life harder, if he was so concerned about environment friendly packages he would’ve brought his eco bag.

No. 1251616

Any chance the vet could make a housecall? I did the same as you did with my old dog, had him stay in my room and just sat with him. But after a few days, I just got that feeling, y'know? Like a gut feeling that he wasn't going to get better from his condition (dog cancer of the liver, plus internal bleeding). I hope you can ease your dog's passing as painlessly as possible, anon, I hope that gut feeling notifies you when she's ready.

No. 1251618

Great, so I probably can't complain to his employer that he's a fucking pedophile defender because that would be twansphobic uguu

No. 1251619

I have an eczema condition on my fingers and I can't cope with the itching anymore

No. 1251620

I wish I had either never been born a fag or that I had killed myself before meeting her. I miss who I was before this, because I was nobody but at least I knew I was not loved. Sadly I’m too stupid so of course I got my hopes up. I hate gay/bis who got to be actively faggy during their teen years while I had to pretend my then bf was attractive lol and i hate that the only thing that makes me happy is punching the shit out of my face and seeing it bloom green and yellow for the next days.
It was nice when what made me happy was talking with her until sunrise and her stringing me along telling me she loved me and giving me cute mixtapes before someone better came along. But now that that’s gone I’m just eagerly awaiting morning so the toxic family member I live with leaves and I can slap and punch my face. A lifetime of sexual abuse and poverty, only one person who has ever mildly shared my niche interests; making my face swell is as much nice physical contact I’ll ever be allowed to look forward to.

No. 1251626

Run, nonny. RUN.

No. 1251630

There is not enough nonsense on the Internet!! Everything means something stupid and nothing is just for fun

No. 1251637

My vet didn't tell me that MALE CATS ARE FERTILE FOR UP TO SIX WEEKS AFTER NEUTERING and this was a few months ago, now she's in heat and cooing but her belly feels more round and I might fucking burn their building down if she has kittens. What the FUCK. Who leaves that out of talking to someone? I have the paperwork with the medical on it too with NO mention of that. Good luck asshats.

No. 1251642

I also discovered there's another troon working at Anime News Network named "Crystalyn Hodgkins". Should've known from the fucking stupid name but I had to double-check.

No. 1251643

you can have her fixed while she is pregnant

No. 1251660

Why can't I believe in myself

No. 1251668

Nonas, I don't know what to do. My chronically disabled boyfriend is starting to make me feel stuck. We have been dating for 3 years and living together for 2 and a half years. About a year into our relationship, he began dealing with what he describes as unbearable pain in his whole body doing day-to-day tasks. He had to quit his job when it became too much and hasn't had a job since.
We moved in together and I undertook all of the financial responsibilities while he cooks and cleans. I thought it would be fine, but we are stuck living paycheck to paycheck. I have 0 savings because everything goes towards daily expenses. I can never splurge on myself. I haven't been to the hair salon in a year.
I feel so stuck. I'm constantly stressed out about finances. We will never be able to save up for a house. We'll be in this apartment forever until rent gets too high and we're homeless. He has been trying to get disability payments for 2 years now, but he keeps getting rejected. His diagnosis is hard to prove even with statements from multiple doctors.
I don't want to leave because I feel like our relationship is perfect besides this. He is so loving and sweet. I love him very much and don't want to throw what we have away. We connect in a special way that I haven't with any moid before. Plus, he doesn't really have anyone else. His dad died when he was young and his mom isn't an option for other reasons. He has no other family or siblings who could help him if I kicked him out. Not that I really want to. I love him. The reality of life and finances is just difficult to navigate.
He tells me he constantly feels guilty but he says work is just not something he can reasonably do.
I don't believe he's lying about the pain since he has an official diagnosis and he has completely given up playing video games and barely even uses his computer unless necessary. He mostly lays in bed watching movies and shows when he isn't cleaning or cooking.
Still, I can't help but wonder if there is some remote job that does not require too much mouse and keyboard activity, but he refuses to even look. This is frustrating. I wish he would at least try, but he wants to go all in on getting disability instead. He's very idealistic about how much he will get, but I'm not as hopeful.
Sorry for going all over the place. I hope this makes sense.

No. 1251680

>We connect in a special way that I haven't with any moid before.

This line made me lol anon. He needs to get an online job, (work from home for an office, online sales, freelance, etc)
physical disability should not be impeding him in 2022. There's a lot he can do that doesn't require physical strength/agility. You shouldn't have to take on the burden of being the sole breadwinner.
I replied before reading the other half of your post, just saw this:
>Still, I can't help but wonder if there is some remote job that does not require too much mouse and keyboard activity, but he refuses to even look.
well we have hit the problem. He is not being empathic to your situation if he's not even looking, he probably considers himself a househusband since he cooks and cleans, but this is unfair on you.

No. 1251688

Also for comparison, I have been chronically ill before and I still tried to work and progress in that time, he should be doing something to prove he is working towards a future. so many people work through the pain literally that his attitude isn't acceptable imo. Disability benefits shouldn't be the goal and that also can be cut off and leave you in a bad situation again.

No. 1251722

Everyone in the comments is like
>aww this is so sweet
Fucking cringe

No. 1251738

I'm kinda curious about it so will watch later but this line from the comments:
>Toward the end of the interview, he says he practices his authority with responsibility. He could abuse it, but he won't. That shows a great deal of willpower.
holy shit

No. 1251741

>This line made me lol anon
Same but I didn’t want to say it. The notion that a “connection” should prevail in a relationship is male propaganda. Why do you connect with a moid who doesn’t respect you? Because you like the same music or agree on politics? Those things are nice but they won’t hold relationships together. Effort is what holds relationships together and right now you’re giving 110% while he’s giving <5%.

No. 1251758

me and this friend are both working on our own separate comics and i thought her sane but she just finished sperging about this oc that is a tif but wants to be a girl because 'he's' in love with a lesbian…… i'm so tired how are people acting like this outside of twitter whenever we talk about our projects she HAS to mention all of the token shit she puts in and is weird about me having no trans people in my comic how do i politely tell her to piss off with it

No. 1251761

>I can't help but wonder if there is some remote job that does not require too much mouse and keyboard activity, but he refuses to even look.
Nonnie, this is a big red flag. You deserve a better life.

No. 1251772

My grandmother's dementia has progressed so much, when I met her earlier this week she no longer recognized me. Not even upon hearing my name and my mom explaining I'm her daughter multiple times. I'm so sad.

No. 1251774

What does he want, a fucking medal?

No. 1251787

We have bedbugs and our apartment is in shambles because my parents are hoarders so I don’t feel comfortable having the vet come in here…

No. 1251791

I wish I can give you a hug anon…

No. 1251793

I turned 27 the other day and it's difficult not to feel depressed because I haven't achieved anything in life. My highest achivement is finishing high school. Never been outside the country, never got a higher education, no friends, no family, nothing. Being poor and living in the middle of nowhere + mental illness is shit.

No. 1251794

Mother in law is pro life . Tells me women are to be solely responsible for taking birth control. says men suffer the most because they dont get to see their baby. Says women who have aborted suffer alot because they have killed an unborn cluster of cells. I tell her i am pro choice. I debate with her tell her if the government wants to force women to have babies then they should help us more. up the medical and foodstamps offer checks or daycare help without women having to jump through hoops and questionings on whether she qualifies or not. She tells me the government helping makes the people lazy. she has received food stamps in the past wasn't even american. Everyone helps her she maybe worked 3 years out of her life . is mad because her daughter wont agree with her shit stance says daughter never gives her money when i know for fact she does when she has a good paying job but hasnt due to not working. I am trying to remain calm but damn . All the misogyny all the women hate. All the I'm not like other girls at an old age. and the debate went on to other topics that made me angrier.

No. 1251796

I agree. Its difficult as hell. Hope you get to visit someplace new. Maybe look up different points of interests near you? if you cant go outside the country. go someplace new to you.

No. 1251805

Sick of overexplaining things to retarded people

No. 1251806

Happy belated birthday! My life is very similar nonita. I’m a bit younger and don’t live in a western country, which I assume you do? I forced myself to go to college so that’s what I’m doing right now but other than that I really have nothing going on for me. All my former classmates are in relationships, travel etc. and here I am mentally ill af, hopeless and spend my days daydreaming about an alternate life. Idk for how long I can keep this going but for now I’m just existing like that. I hope things get better for you, please don’t isolate yourself and socialize more if you can. Hugs from me.

No. 1251811

I feel so alone and so at the mercy of people who just treat me like shit. Like there's no one in my corner and no one ever will be.

No. 1251813

File: 1657024819112.jpeg (23.07 KB, 358x358, ADB3B011-3ECF-436F-87DA-125667…)

My neighbor died last year and her family kept her house in shape for all this time, but this morning I saw a bunch of white trucks and a dumpster being dropped off in front of the yard. It didn’t really feel like she was gone because of how immaculate her house always is, so knowing they’re ready to throw all her stuff out makes me a little sad

No. 1251846

File: 1657027949995.jpg (42.57 KB, 564x564, 2854ab6221a4365fad55864b5a7756…)

Fuck…after spending 4 years of my life studying animation cinema I now regret not studying physics. I love animation but hate the industry so now I'm wondering if it's too late at 23 to study something else even if I haven't touch math and physics since 2018. fuuuuuuck

No. 1251849

Do you work in the industry or assume?

No. 1251850

if you can afford it, it's not too late. I know multiple people who started a new major at 22-23

No. 1251851

Watch professor Leonard on youtube for math

No. 1251852

I'm so self conscious about my speaking voice after a few people told me I have a heavy valley girl accent, which I don't really hear personally. I have certain friends I play games with on discord but I'm avoiding it right now because I'm so self-conscious about my voice.

No. 1251853

It's not late at all! At 22/23, son young. But with physics, if you're poor, you want to have a back-up plan

No. 1251856

i am surprised people outside of the uk know about misfits. it is so british. i loved nathan and stopped watching it when he left

No. 1251858

23 is still really young, a girl i went to uni with was 27

No. 1251859

I've only worked a little bit so it's mostly assuming ! The type of animation that I would genuinely like to do is too "auterish" for the industry. I would have to take on an alimentary job and do my short film on the side to survive, I don't know if I'm ready for this type of life. Sorry I hope this is a bit more clear.

I have the kindest parent, so I think that they would be ok with it. They are lower middle class but have always done everything to give me the best possible education. I feel so so bad for failing them like that because they had to support me through an expensive education already. I'm just so ashamed to even concider the possibility of changing career. Did those people started a new STEM major, how was their experience ?!

thanks nonnie I will look it up!

>if you're poor, you want to have a back-up plan
thanks for answering, why a back-up plan?

No. 1251865

Barely slept last night, earlier this evening I had this sudden urge to just start crying which was really annoying, now I have a stomach ache and I keep throwing up a little in my mouth. I just want to sleep and feel ok tomorrow.

No. 1251876

I’m turning 25 soon and I feel so depressed bc I’m unmarried and don’t have children. My boyfriend and I have been together for two years. His grandmother and mother have recently started to make unprompted comments to me saying I should quit my birth control. Yesterday my boyfriend told me I could stop taking my birth control if I wanted to and that we wouldn’t have to use condoms. He said it would be ok if I got pregnant and he would be here for me. It sounded nice, but also scary. I’ve never had unprotected sex before. But at the same time it can be very hard to conceive which kind of makes me more open to the idea and I’m old af. People my age are supposed to have children if u accidentally get pregnant at 25 it’s not a big deal like if I were a teenager.

No. 1251879

Do you WANT children?

No. 1251880

NTA, I watched it when I found out Matthew McNulty was in it but the first two seasons were the best. Also British shows have really great soundtracks compared to America

No. 1251890

“I’m old af” lmao. bitch.

I’m turning 33, I’m unmarried with NO boyfriend. Your issues are shit.

No. 1251892

anon don't you think it's kinda stupid how teenagers are too young have kids (obviously) and it'd be a big deal but at 25 you're suddenly "too old!!! so fucking old!!" which puts women under the pressure of less than a 5 year (20-25) gap to have kids? Is that fair or reasonable? Even though you'll be able to conceive for many years to come? What a stupid mindset.

Also 25 isn't old. You're not even a decade into adulthood, I know cultural pressure fucking sucks but get some perspective.

No. 1251896

Also don't have kids if you don't genuinely want to or aren't ready for them yet, you'll have to sacrifice everything about your current life for them.

No. 1251907

File: 1657031657913.jpeg (51.25 KB, 700x568, EF9C582A-46BC-4BF3-84F1-02AAF4…)

You and your boyfriend are retarded af, this is creating another human not choosing toppings for a pizza, take it fucking seriously. You’re so blah about the whole thing, tell his stupid mom and grandma they can have another baby if they want one so bad. Don’t have a fucking baby if you’re depressed, try therapy or get a hobby, fucking hell.

No. 1251920

Would he be able to work for a call center?

No. 1251921

this post proves what we already knew, which is that 25 year olds shouldn't be having kids. you're barely a person who has explored themselves, or life, at 25. also just generally you sound too entirely too immature to have a child.

No. 1251922

are you from Utah or some shit?

No. 1251927

Don't have babies with men who don't want to marry you. 90% of the time the woman gets dumped and saddled as the primary caregiver before the kid is even in school. If the idea of being a single parent doesn't appeal to you, don't let this noncommittal loser knock you up.

No. 1251935

My friend group are in our early to mid thirties rn. Back when we were in our early to mid twenties most of us made some dumb level of commitment to a man we'd been dating for something like 'two whole years' In my case I got married… and later divorced. I was the lucky one in a way. Most of my friends went down the baby route so currently they co-parent the kids with exes who they absolutely hate with a passion. They hate the men, they hate the mans side of the family. They love the kid but resent so much of what comes with getting pregnant by the wrong person. 20 years of sucking that up and playing nice.

His mom encouraging you to get preganant rn after only 2 years of dating.. she must know something about him that you don't know yet. Most decent moms would know that there's no rush.. if the son is a actual catch. Only moms of bums act like that.

No. 1251939

Of course he's sweet to you, you're his meal ticket. You are coping and hes slowly easing you into a mediocre life of worry & provision while he plays video games. That instinct to disregard yourself and nurture is often used by men. I know because it happened to me too. When he realized I was actually done and gone he suddenly was able to get a job and drivers license within a month, but spent 4 years saying it's impossible before that.

Don't be with someone who wouldn't be able to make you feel taken care of and give you anniversary trips and dinners… he'll leave you shouldering all the mental and financial burdens. Tbh most of it should be on HIM. Don't let yourself be yet another woman living life as a chronically frustrated and troubled work horse pondering how to make her moids life better while he holds back yours without a worry.

No. 1251945

Currently 5 months pregnant at 29, it took like 3 months off my birth control and like 2 tries to get pregnant, seriously. It’s not that hard, nonny. Have kids when you are ready not when people start bringing it up and making you feel old wtf. Also get him to marry you first. If you have kids before getting married, he will never marry you, I’ve seen it happen. Ultimately, if this is what you both want and make sure you’ve had all the fun you want to have as a couple before succumbing to pressure like this from outside forces. 25 is still young! Use this time to save money for a nest egg or something!

No. 1251947

Additionally, my husband and I have been together for 12 years. That’s how I knew he would be the right person to raise a child with. I don’t know that two years is enough time. If you wait for kids until you’re closer to 30 and you’re still together, then you’ll be more certain.

No. 1251951

I am kneecapped by my hangover. Why did I decide to drink the day before work?
You're not old dummy, iirc the average age for a woman's first pregnancy in developed countries is somewhere around 30. What the fuck is with the weird age hangups that zoomers have and why would you have a child with someone who hasn't even proposed to you? Do you aspire to be a single mother?
Generally agree with your sentiment but for a lot of people it is really hard to conceive.

No. 1251961

You dated for just 6 months before moving in together and then after another 6 months he's hit with chronic pain and
> I undertook all of the financial responsibilities
Nonnie that's too much too soon. WHat kind of a man is okay with letting you take that on? Thats when he should've moved back in with his parents or a sibling tbh. It's not your job one year into dating. I'm all for sticking by people if you're committed and then they get hit with a serious proven illness but this timeline and the fact that it's not an illness that can be proven in order to access financial help… I would seriously consider whether you're prepared to sacrifice so much and from such an early stage of dating.

And keep in mind very few men would ever do this for you if you flipped the roles. Not so soon into dating. If he can't support himself and can't even prove his illness to get help paying your shared bills then it's time to at least move home and not land you with his expenses.

No. 1251966

It's not about "it sounds nice" pregnancy and babies are very intense things that can't really be done on a whim, taking off of work, putting things on pause, preparing the home for a baby, the pricing of everything, the pain of pregnancy and childbirth, possible complications, etc. I wanted a baby and had practically everything prepared and it still didn't feel like enough when the baby actually came. Jaundice and NICU visits, colicky babies are also extremely common and exhausting to deal with, it's even worse since most men are ready to flip out when a baby gets colic and you have non stop crying for hours and never sleep, giving birth naturally is the most painful thing I've ever experienced and I had an epidural but it still felt like someone sliced up my cooch and asshole and I only have first degree tearing. Do NOT have a baby on a whim or "because you're getting old". You need to take some serious time and understand what you're getting yourself into

No. 1251975

if he doesn't want to marry you why would he want to have kids with you? tf?

No. 1251983

They hire literally fucking anybody at a call center, Johnny Jackoff just needs to waddle his ass into a temp agency and get a job that day lmao

No. 1251991

Kekkkkkkk I'm so ready to kill myself. I genuinely think I have problems. My hair is getting thinner and thinner because of my shit diet I presume. The thing is that I GUESS I'm technically underweight but I look the best I've ever looked. My hair is falling and getting progressively thinner and I'm sure it's because of my weight. I want to fucking kill myself. I get it, caring this much is cringe and embarrassing and pathetic, what the fuck ever. I don't care. I'm so fucking depressed because of my hair I'm so close to killing myself or quitting my job and ghosting everyone. Being out in public is too much worry. I wish I could be this weight forever and not have to worry about my hair. God I want to fucking die. I want to kill myself. I can't even manage a pixie cut because it gets so fucking gross and oily in like 3 hours after I wash it. Holy fuck this is a fucking nightmare. I'm going to have to shave it, I know I will soon but I've had a buzzed head for so fucking long and I'm tired. I'm so tired. I want to not worry. I also want to fucking self harm but I won't because I have got to get over that retarded shit. I wish I could take a pill and immediately just poof from existence. I just want to be gone. I hate myself for being so overdramatic and I hate myself for caring and I hate being out in public. If God is real and merciful he'll kill me immediately after I post this.

No. 1251996

Ahhhhhhhhh! I'm confused.

I started hanging out with someone I used to work with. He's awesome, we always flowed well together and he was my favourite coworker. We've known each other for about 3 years now. After we both quit last year, we kept in touch since he moved across the country.

So he moved back earlier this year and requested we hang out. I thought it would be a one time thing, but he wants to see me every Monday for sure. We keep going to fantastic places we've both never been to and have so much fun everytime. He's like super respectful and keeps trying to take care of me, pay for everything, and genuinely talks to me.

But the situation is different, I think? We both ended long term relationships at the same time, coincidentally, last year as well. We've both healed from it for the most part and we keep getting into deeper conversations surrounding topics like that. My dumb, sensitive brain is kinda developing a crush. We don't spend time with anyone else either. I'm reading too much into it, right? Ugh I'm so frustrated in a bunch of ways, which is why I'm worried about taking it seriously.

If it ramps up in the next few weeks/months, I'm going to just have to clarify the situation before I blow up or end up with some real feelings.

No. 1252000

It could be something simpler. One time my diet was good, almost perfect, but my hair was always falling out and I felt itchy all the fucking time. My energy was dipping and felt depressed. I went to the doctor thinking I was dying, but turned out Vitamin D was the worst, lowest my doctor had ever seen. Not seeing the sun etc made it dip and caused the hair loss. Also had an allergy that caused itching, including my scalp, which led to further hair loss.

Get some blood or allergy panels done. Maybe you need something small in your diet or less of something

No. 1252002

You're being played, take off the rose-tinted glasses and give him an ultimatum. You can't live like this forever and you know it.

No. 1252003

File: 1657038691052.jpg (243.62 KB, 866x993, 20220703_203050.jpg)

I turn 24 very soon and i seriously can't imagine living past 25. The very act of living is so exhausting, thinking about everything else on top of that just makes me want to give up and I've felt like this ever since i was a small child.
I usually just feel numb and dead but today I was feeling especially shit but my gf was also in a shit mood and left me to sleep alone and i just can't stop crying. Being alone means I can't sleep and I'm forced to remember how much I just wish I was dead already

No. 1252005

Lol anon I'm literally 23 and about to start my math degree after wasting 5 years studying something I hate and then NEETing. Get applying and saving, don't let fear stop/excuse you.

No. 1252008

oh nonnie, it's nice to hear this, how did you prepare for it ?!

No. 1252017

Why am I so fucking impulsive and don't take time for things? I sent a wrong email to my study organization, I forgot to add something, sent it and did that wrong, so I copy pasted my email to them in a different platform and it probably looks unprofessional and completely retarded. I still have to be enrolled and it's looking like another year of retail for me.

No. 1252018


No. 1252023

I didn't directly enter the math course, I spent this year studying a pre-entry course that basically covers the fundamentals you need to know before starting the degree. Do you know if your country/university offers those type of courses? We call it 'foundation years' here.
Even if they don't, I recommend practicing yourself while you're applying and saving money. Look at the specific modules of the degree you want to go into and work backwards. If there's a "discrete maths I" module, then find resources that cover the very fundamentals of discrete mathematics, even if its babby tier it always good to grasp the basics and refresh you memory.
The book this guy covers in this playlist is exactly for people like us who haven't done maths in a while, I think it primarily covers calculus but the guy covers all of it so you can start here

No. 1252024

I went back at 25, am going into my 2nd year after the summer. It's not ideal but a 10000000% times better than reaching 30 and realising you've spent nearly a decade in a field you fucking hate and makes you miserable and now you're stuck with all this shit that needs to be paid and taken care of so taking a break from work/pursuing education is suddenly a heck more diffuclt than it was at 23.

If you can, do it. You won't regret it.

No. 1252026

Cops showed up at my door looking for the lady who used to live in the place I am renting, I looked her up and now I'm kind of invested in following her crazy life and criminal history. By searching her I found out about the totally off the rails scrote she was/is(?) with too and he seems to have a really long and dangerous history. Just hope neither of them ever show up here again for any reason, but it's an entertaining read if I can forget that that's a possibility. I already have problems with paranoia so I am going to get all whacky if I start worrying about the possibility of them showing up, it's best if I just keep telling myself it's a fun spectacle for me to watch online like everything I read on here kek. Just having to talk to the cop freaked me out enough when I literally haven't done anything except move into a new rental.

No. 1252039

Nonas, I appreciate your insights very much.
>so many people work through the pain literally that his attitude isn't acceptable imo.
Thank you so much for your perspective as someone who dealt with a chronic illness, nona. I thought I was being unempathetic since I have never dealt with any kind of chronic pain before.
Your situation really resonated with me, nona. I just wish we could go back to how things were. He would treat me so well and buy me so many gifts and always cover dinner for the first year. Now it's only me ever giving him things when I have a bit extra. It's been like this for so long that it felt natural.
I have suggested this to him so many times, but he always tells me that he would make more from disability if he ever gets accepted. Plus, he thinks it would require too much keyboard and mouse usage which he can't handle.
It just all happened so fast. We were so good for the first 6 months of living together and then suddenly he became struck by this chronic pain. I thought it would be temporary and he would be back to work within the year, but his doctors say his condition is not likely to improve very much.
I will. I'm going to try to have one more conversation with him about all of this. If he won't change his mind about at least trying a job, I will have to leave. I can't live like this anymore.

Thank you nonas so much again. I hope you all have good days.

No. 1252042

I've had a cop show up at my door looking for someone who used to live there and after he left I never heard anything about it again. Also had a guy show up to a different rental I lived at trying to serve papers to some lady who was apparently in quite a bit of trouble. He seemed to think I was lying about not being her but then he went on his way and once again, never heard anything after. I wouldn't worry too much.

No. 1252044

Good luck!

No. 1252047

Aren't you afraid to give birth? Every time i think about having kids i remember how destructive childbirth is and cry hysterically. probably a stupid question but i never understood how women can intentionally get pregnant knowing what it entails.
I don't see why he would say that but not marry you. Where is the ring? Is this guy actually responsible because he doesn't sound like it.

Also if you're depressed don't have a kid to cure it. See a therapist. If you aren't happy as you are, having kids won't magically make you happy.

No. 1252048

Good luck, please update us so as to keep yourself accountable.

No. 1252056

He could absolutely work a remote job like data entry or accounting clerk. sounds like he is giving up and wants you to be his bangmaid bread-winner. It seems like he's taking advantage of you, please be cautious. If he doesn't get a job and is burdening you with living paycheck to paycheck I'd dump him and get out.
red raspberry seed oil.

No. 1252060

I just ate a dish with onions with it (even though I have a sensitivity to it) and I'm in so much fucking pain, like having needles in my stomach. I thought it's gonna be okay, since I haven't eaten it in a while

No. 1252064

I only know one person dealing with long term chronic pain, took years but she's diagnosed with fibro and some other vague name they label these things. She posts about it on fb non stop but in fairness she has 4 kids, several pets, a business she keeps an eye on. Lil side hustle jobs and seasonal things she helps out with in the community. She's always trying new things to deal with pain and she's always giving it her best effort. Outside of her partner doing his half (no more than his half) she's getting bills paid and raising those 4 kids. She doesn't have much choice so she makes it happen. Light a fire under this guys ass already or send him home to mom to deal with.

No. 1252074

I'm directing you to the childfree thread on /g, some posts in there that may inform you.

This seems so halfassed, just because he doesn't give a shit about you getting pregnant doesn't mean what he thinks is a valuable opinion on the matter since it will be your body giving birth, and you doing the majority of the childcare. Also are you in the US because this is very fucked up timing on his part if you are (roe vs wade)

No. 1252079

At least make him sell feet pics. Gays have no standards.

No. 1252081

genuine question but are you retarded? if what you said is the truth, you’re already dating this man. where is the confusion?

No. 1252099

can't believe i genuinely convinced myself that i wanted to be a teacher only to hate my education classes and feel even worse working in the classroom. i work well with kids, but it's not worth the beyond disorganization of administration and trying another district is just going to result in even lower pay.

No. 1252102

Thank you for the reply nona. I've already went through one round of vitamin d pills and I'm now in the okay range. I take iron as well. Everything says I'm healthy and doing fine. They still want me to take vitamin d supplements and I do. It's all just so fucking stressful. Maybe it hasn't been long enough to see improvements in my hair but fuck it fucking hurts me mentally and emotionally every time I have to leave the house.

No. 1252107

I think that my country has something quite similar, I will look into it. A bit of a general question but How did you feel during this year ? Did you adapt well to the course ? Thanks for the playlist!

Thanks for the insight nonnie, it really helps to put all of this persepective, it's so easy to feel like a failure for "waisting time" but it will only get worse if I don't do anything about it. At the time I was lacking the confidence to go in a field thhat I thought was too dificult for me, but with time I realized that I actually had good enough result to try it. I hope that everything will go well for you! Do people treat you different for being slightly older at your school ?

No. 1252128

>making more from disability
That’s a fucking lie, odds are the dude hasn’t worked a good job in his life nor made any real income so if he does get disability, which is probably deadlocked, he will cap out at the bare minimum which is like 800 something a month. You’re letting a fucking loser be the captain of your feelings and that’s lame af.

No. 1252135

i bought laxatives again, no one can be a bigger dumb ass on this earth than me

No. 1252160

File: 1657049415858.jpg (84.25 KB, 500x372, 1653349018151.jpg)

I'm so tired of having bad periods. I've been tested over and over for years and the only conclusion is that it's just that I make a thicker lining which causes my cramps to be so painful because my uterus has to work harder to get it out. I've tried hormones and it just made my periods longer and more heavy. I'm sick of the pain, having to miss work and events, the nausea, the hot flashes and everything else. I would get my womb removed but I know the potential side effects and I'm wary of them. Idk if I can keep doing this for another 20 or so years tho. Fml

No. 1252162

I'm so sorry you have thicc lining, nona. Would ablation be an option for you at some point?

No. 1252169

I saw Kiwi Farms on a bartenders phone once and I wonder just how many of you weirdos are out there hidden in plain sight

No. 1252173

File: 1657050186640.jpg (33.56 KB, 750x467, 1585088206448.jpg)

Who the fuck decides to light up a cig right next to someone they know to be waiting for a tumor biopsy results, that was hilariously absurd. I mean I guess it is what it is but damn, ice cold.

No. 1252175

Did you proceed to order a glass of milk?

No. 1252181

kek nonnie i'm a barista, i'm out here in public having like 200 social interactions before noon and no one knows i'm weird, a weirdo.

No. 1252188

God, it always needs to be a production when I ask my friend to do anything. I suggested we go a hike on the weekend on Saturday in this general area but I don't have an exact route yet. Cue FOURTEEN, 14! questions from him, I fucking counted, asking for more detail or general shit, like what kind of clothes to wear, how much water, how will the weather be etc etc. It's like dude I don't fucking know, it's in 4 days and we have a decent plan CHILL OUT. I actually regretted asking as soon as I did, I almost always do. Once we get to hanging out 70% of the time it's great but the rest it's like poking a needle into my eardrum. I was thinking a nice chill day with exercise and nice views, but no I've got to be hounded for 4 literal hours and put him on mute while the notifications add up.

No. 1252195

File: 1657051297415.png (541.85 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_pmj3inafy41wk9qzao1_128…)

I feel like there was something I was supposed to feel guilty for, but I really can't remember what it is, and now I feel guilty for not remembering.

No. 1252198

by the time someone is getting biopsy it's a bit too late to worry about second hand smoke

No. 1252206

bitch the whole organ came out with it so yeah, but at the same time like how rude.

No. 1252213

why are nonnies so mean towards the 25 year old anon who expresses that she’s scared of having a kid? I can feel the terror in her words kek, having a child and getting pregnant is no laughing matter. she probably lives a very normie, ordinary life unlike the 33 year old with admitted they are afraid of having connections with people which means no partner for them (KEK) and is susceptible to family pressure like we all are, give her a break damn she is getting old. some people don’t live forever, some people die right after they’re born, but I don’t think she should give into that irrational part of her brain. plus don’t try to play wife in a relationship where you are only boyfriend and girlfriend, if you aren’t married and fully committed to the person who knows they’re going to make another human being that didn’t consent to be here in the first place, then it’s absolutely not worth it. you can always end the relationship but a child with the man is forever, I love you anon you seem so sweet and innocence don’t listen to the other bitches and tread carefully with the man in your life, they can switch once their brains finalize the decision of a child being in their lives and they dip.

No. 1252224

Please exit my brain and never return

No. 1252228

i was thinking about this recently. so i remember ANTM (tyra was crazy and that show was fucked up yada yada) there was this one season with a transwoman (Isis), and this one model named naomi was like "ew i don't accept her. that's not a woman."

years later they were seen just talking casually, and everyone was like "omg naomi changed her mind!" but in an interview she was like "no, I said what I said. I meant it, so i'm not walking it back for y'all. i can talk to her." Isis also didn't care, and was like "so? we're both from the same neighborhood, we can chat."

literally more than a decade later and ppl are demanding an apology isis didn't even ask for. she stood her ground. nobody says shit from their chest anymore.

No. 1252243

File: 1657054938699.jpg (299.7 KB, 1800x1799, 23utility1-mediumSquareAt3X.jp…)

my husband might be trooning out and idk what the fuck to do.

we're each other's beards, and our marriage has offered me very real protection from our local community (yes muslim), and we both have significant others outside of each other (I have a GF, he has a BF). The deal was that we get married in order to move out, maybe have a kid or two in a few years (we both want kids) and just exist as best-friends. things have been great for four years until now.

He sat me down on sunday saying that he isn't happy in his body and that he just wants to micro-dose estrogen or at least go on T blockers. He has his sperm saved in a bank in case i want to have kids later on, but he doesn't want to "present as masculinely" anymore. He promised me he can dress masculinely when we're with family, but I don't believe him for a second.

He said he was already developing self-harm thoughts when he sees stubble in the morning, and I just feel like he's already too fucking down the rabbit hole. I'm even starting to think he felt this way before our agreement. I'm just so confused because he knows how i feel about that shit and he agrees fundamentally (or so it seems), but he thinks it's "not hypocritical to agree" with my perspective while also planning on physically altering his body.

I knew moids were evil, but i gave him some fucking credit for being a gay guy raised in this fucking deathcult. he has a second cousin who was honor killed, and he knows I have cousins/friends who were tricked and sent away for arranged marriages. I feel like he is literally risking my fucking life right now and I can't focus at work at all. he told me all of this and i have a huge conference coming up next week.

and before anyone says I should just fuck off to a different city and escape from him and my family/community; I have kid siblings/cousins, and I'm trying to save up enough for when they turn 18 to get them out since we both have profitable jobs. He's KNOWN this, he has siblings too, and he doesn't see how this is jeopardizing the mission.
ex-religion nonnas, don't put your faith in a beard.

No. 1252248

Either say bye to your family or show his tranny ass the troon thread, ask some anon for some nightmare package of the horrors so he will wait a few years and then leave with your younger relatives and leave his disgusting ass.

No. 1252268

How can he be so fucking selfish. He needs to just suck it up and cope. He can ruin his own life later once you’ve left.

No. 1252270

Sorry anon, that sounds horrible. I have no advice for you because I'm not familiar with your religion but I hope you can figure out a way to stay safe.

No. 1252277

12 gauge slug to the roof of your mouth(a-log)

No. 1252286

Shut up

No. 1252296

Hi nonny! I am scared but I had a really traumatic miscarriage at one point and honestly convinced myself none of this could ever hurt as bad as that shit did emotionally and physically. Pregnancy isn’t a peach for sure (mostly in the very beginning) but it’s a lot less awful than that. And a lot less awful than I was lead to believe so far. So I reckon childbirth will be roughly the same given no one in my family history had rough births. I’m ready for whatever comes, ya know? I’m ready for the challenge, even if this experience isn’t for everyone! I don’t really have any mom friends to yak to so it’s all been pretty new kek. My baby has really been a nice companion through the occasionally scary shit. Sorry for rambling, lol.

No. 1252298

File: 1657059739856.png (349.07 KB, 828x824, 5C1811AA-B8F0-45E9-ADEF-4654C2…)

I went almost 6 months without porn and i just broke my streak. Why why why.

No. 1252356

My friend would rather stay with her abusive husband than just marry me for her visa. "you will grow older and want to marry someone" no. I don't believe in marriage to men. I want to abuse the privilege with you for Europe and your son. Move in, I got room and plenty to do. Nlerghjjj.

No. 1252367

I've been on a journey to gain weight for two and a half fucking years, I am skelly as fuck and I fucking hate it. I just don't care for food and any slightest problem in my life makes my appetite ghost me like a scrote after you show him love. I can't do proper sports because I'm too underweight, have no boobs which I used to have when I was a teen and not as skelly and my arms look like I have cancer. Fuuuuuuck I'm just over it. Sometimes I'm looking forward to eating something (usually crave unhealthy stuff), buy or prepare it and after two bites it changes into the most disgusting food, I just can't continue. My parents were both underweight at my age, is it hopeless for me… I'm about to give up. Maybe I'm meant to be spooky and flat. I try to follow health tips, even nonnies' tips but my brain somehow can't prioritise eating for the death of me. It's so fucking ugly to look like I do. I hate it so much and it just won't change. I only crave junk food or pickled stuff but if I binge on that all the time my skin and health will go to shit too.

No. 1252368

I broke 16 months. Felt baaaad. Going on 4 months now, we just have to try again.

No. 1252375

Can't you just consume extremely calorie dense food? Unless you have some sort of malabsorption issue, I don't understand how you guys can have trouble getting enough calories when protein bars exist.

No. 1252377

Nta but this is a great reply, glad to see your take. I recently lost my fear of pregnancy/birth and decided if I have a birth injury then that's just a part of my life. I heard (a few times) that giving birth standing up without painkillers significantly reduces tearing but I haven't looked into it. Enjoy your birth journey anon

No. 1252378

Start smoking weed lol unironically

No. 1252380

Put the pickled stuff in bread

No. 1252383

Turning 21 with no friends and I know that none of my family will visit me because they'd rather not waste money. Hooray for spending another birthday alone

No. 1252385

can confirm. i had a small tear but it healed fine and i didn't lose any feeling. fuck painkillers. it's not as bad of pain as you think. painkillers don't actually save women from dying in childbirth like some anons want to believe. finding a smart female doctor who understands the female body that isn't into crazy new age nonsense and can grasp the line between a safe and comfortable childbirth is all it takes.

No. 1252386

Doctors won't do it because I've never had children and it might cause infertility or make it difficult to conceive, which I don't care about because I don't want children
>"Just think of the husband you'll never have who might want children Nonna!"

No. 1252390

File: 1657063954743.gif (908 KB, 240x180, F52B8F75-D73B-404E-B537-BA9D2B…)

this place takes 6 years off of my life when I look at unfunny, boring infighting about the most insensitive topics like women going through the personal decision of chopping off their breasts. you people don’t give the slightest fuck about the mental wellbeing of people who do it, so let them do, stop pretending you care.

No. 1252391

>taking your infight to another thread to bitch because no one bought your retarded argument
You don't care about women at all. Stop projecting and fuck off back to /tttt/ so you can seethe about the "cis foids" already

No. 1252392

Fuck off and stop acting like you care

No. 1252394

i was trying to find my revenge story about my troon ex that i posted two threads ago to give a vent update, but i just saw it was deleted along with all of the replies (??) and im so sad because i wanted to look back and read the nonnas boosting me up and saying i did the right thing. i didn't even post about anything illegal, fuck this SHIT

No. 1252395

>assuming I’m that same anon you’re in fighting with and not a lurker because you’re a deranged bitch that needs to take their meds and go take a shower and go get some sleep

i’m not arguing with you retard, virtue-signaling about things you genuinely don’t care about which is the well-being of woman is a waste of time. wonder why they keep chopping off their tits? they also feel ostracized from women like YOU

No. 1252396

Lmao are you saying that a website full of neurodivergent women centered around stalking and jeering freaks online in a vain attempt to feel better about their trainwreck lives is bad for development? Lol imagine growing up on in this website, I’m sure these are great women to learn from and be inspired by(imagine still posting on it despite thinking that)

No. 1252398

It totally wasn't you, but you've been typing mentally ill shit like this, calling anons bitches and cunts and generally being unhinged in multiple threads. Take your own fucking advice, sort out your internalized misogyny and also go to therapy because you clearly need it.
Or, like I said: >>>/tttt/ with your anti-woman bullshit

No. 1252402

>How did you feel during this year ? Did you adapt well to the course ?
At first I was super nervous because, like you, I hadn't touched maths in like 5 years kek but as I was going over the stuff, I weirdly remembered a lot of things from late-HS and found a lot of the new stuff easy to grasp. If you have a history of performing decently at maths then this should be the same for you because these courses always start with the very basics and work their way up the difficulty bar so you can catch where you get stuck. There were obviously still tough new subjects but honestly the key is practicing. I'm not sure about Physics but with Maths, I strongly believe if you put in the effort you will 99% be rewarded unless the question is worded in a really fucked up way on purpose like some cruel profs like to do. That feeling when you finally get a bunch of questions right on something you struggled on is unreal lol

Reading your reply to the other anon
>I was lacking the confidence to go in a field thhat I thought was too dificult for me
I was the exact same way when I first applied to my old university which is why I chose a different route originally, and tbh even NOW I have massive doubts about if I'm "smart" enough to study maths at a degree level and I feel like I'll get filtered by second year kek. Just letting you know you're not alone, I'm personally still working on the confidence thing so I can't give much advice there. I cope by telling myself that I've done and studied what I can beforehand so everyone in first year should be on the same level upon entering, barring the geniuses of course.

No. 1252404

Nta but good luck on the birth + raising a child nona I hope you have all the support and love you need at your disposal

No. 1252408

I won’t be doing any of those because that’s the normie way of saying “shut up about your problems I don’t care nor do I have any solutions for the problems I whine about”. The trannies that exist for you to whine about the culture war shift is your only purpose, you are fucking nothing, shut up already.

No. 1252414

File: 1657066154430.jpg (119.15 KB, 592x503, sonic.jpg)

You won't be taking your meds, showering or sleeping because you need to "fight the normies"? You're just going to keep posting garbage, projecting your own apathy and spite toward woman's wellbeing on others and screeching that women are the problem for daring to disagree with your insanity? Cool. Go write a diary instead of smearing your shit on the wall and trying to make everyone else inhale it
>muh culture war shift
Thanks for clarifying that you're an American, that explains it

No. 1252417

File: 1657066545846.png (201.73 KB, 511x1007, Screenshot_20220705-201152_(1)…)

>regularly use this kind of water bottle
>always diligent on washing with hot soapy water everyday
>look through the inner tube of the sippy straw
>black molds. black molds everywhere.
JESUS CHRIST. I'm never gonna use this water bottle anymore. I literally have a headache right now because I refused to drink out of this and got dehydrated.

No. 1252418

This is unironically why I fear water bottles. Try using a glass bottle if possible nona

No. 1252421

Lol the black molds used to make my throat hurt

No. 1252422

my bf has a bottle like this we drink out of. now i'm scared. i hate mold so much. i think i'll tell him to wash it out with vinegar.

No. 1252426

I used to have a water bottle like this but dealt with the same thing. Shit kept coming back too no matter what I did and was so difficult to get out. Now I use those water cups that come with a straw since there no space for anywhere to grow mold, and when I go out I use regular metal water bottles. Sucks because I like drinking out of straws but I don't trust those types of straws anymore.

No. 1252436

File: 1657067661518.jpeg (59.53 KB, 460x537, 6126E5C1-F079-4EDF-B3EA-7C6B05…)

>make friends
>hang out, have fun
>start getting closer
>answer their text back a day or two late
>next time we hang out they ask if I’m ok
>”you can tell us if somethings wrong, nonny! We’re here for you!”
>reluctantly explain to them that I’m not trying to ignore them, that I’m just stuck in an abusive situation that makes it hard to get back to them sometimes
>”Oh my god! Do you need help? Is there anything we can do?!”
> tell them no thank you, just hanging out with you guys means the world to me and gives me a break!
>”Aw, that’s sweet! But if you ever need anything like a ride or a place to stay for a bit let me know ok!!”
>time passes with no contact
>I ask they what’s up and if they wanna hang out
> “oh sorry, we’ve just been busy lately”
>they never respond to me again
>rinse and repeat
Every fucking time. We really are alone out here.

No. 1252437


I don't even think I have to explain why I don't like this one.

No. 1252439

My only irl friend is ignoring me and my bf talks to girls on Snapchat
Cried in his arms just now about the first thing but didn’t tell him about the second

No. 1252441

You don’t know what stalking is. Stalking implies forcefully voyeuring. These people willingly post publicly for all to see.

No. 1252450

No. 1252557

I wish I was a happier person.

No. 1252561

File: 1657079302761.png (79.22 KB, 250x250, BA6D4DAB-92BD-466C-9A0D-9AB897…)

I’m about ready to rip my hair out. My sister came home from college to stay the summer and my parents are just now realizing that they raised a spoiled monster. She has thousands of dollars in college debt but no degree and no job and basically wants to mooch off of me and my boyfriend because she “doesn’t believe in labor” and “needs to figure her life out before entering the workforce”. My parents have spent so much money on her and in the past she’s stolen from them but it’s honestly karma for them letting her get away with whatever shitty thing she wanted to do.

No. 1252571

ex-boyfriend who i’m still in love with is asleep, waiting for his response. i’m so scared. why am i hurting myself like this? i know that he’ll never want me back

No. 1252575

You're just hurting your chances. Watch some coach lee videos on No Contact. Best case scenario he gets curious and you reconnect. "Worst" case is you get over him without losing any more self respect and dignity and find someone better.

No. 1252578

I cry all the time because I think about everyone I meet.
I think about my coworkers, the girls here, people I see. I always start crying when I think about how other people's lives are and about how I care about their feelings. I just want everyone to be happy. Weird vent. Sorry.

No. 1252580

i had ended all contact with him for a couple of months shortly after he had dumped me but eventually caved in and messaged him today. i want to get over him but doubt i will, especially since he was my first boyfriend. i’m too mentally fragile for romantic relationships

No. 1252598

Sounds like he's given you far more more negative emotions than positive since you've known him. Are you sure you love him or the fantasy/future you'd built up in your head? Is he really worth the pain? Our brain chemistry in love will greatly over-exaggerate the value of a man.

No. 1252600

Anon block him now and pretend you never sent the message.
It's summer, are you going on vacation? Hot seaside dudes are a typical antidote to pining over past loves.

No. 1252613

I was doing the exact same thing with my ex fiancé. Id have him blocked and then break the many months long streak and unblock him whenever I got emotional. I eventually stopped because I realized it’s getting me no where and it’s giving him enjoyment every time I reached out. He never once tried to reach out to me and it was hurting me. I stayed strict about blocking him and it’s been about a year and I feel no pain over that man anymore. I only feel freedom. You can do it nonna! Having friends can help too, they can keep you distracted and even provide greater happiness then your ex ever will

No. 1252617

My mom died and I am so devastated. She was young and pretty healthy. It was a stupid heart attack. My life will never be the same.

No. 1252620

I’m so sorry anon. I wish I could hug you.

No. 1252622

Jesus christ, anon, I'm so sorry

No. 1252623

those are all insightful questions, but i can’t give them any satisfying answers because my obsession with him is wholly irrational. i would consider all of the pain he’s been putting me through to be completely insignificant if he took me back. it’s reached the point where i’ve been seriously considering murdering him if he decides to reject me again. i’m deeply lost. not even meds and therapy have been helping me
i hope i can come to the same conclusion as you did someday

No. 1252625

Well that escalated quickly

No. 1252627

yeah i’m kind of insane lol. that’s not why he broke up with me though funnily enough

No. 1252633

M-maybe you should join a convent or something, the kind that shun social media.

No. 1252636

This happened to me with a diff. shaped water bottle. I'm convinced it's what caused me to get gastroenteritis.

No. 1252639


No. 1252655

Is this a real thing?? Because I do this too. Ever since I can remember I’ve always been surprised by the age of my peers, like I always assume everyone is older than I am. Now that I’m in my 30s, I’m always surprised to see such capable and confident women and learn they’re 10 years younger than me, since I still felt like such a kid through my entire 20s.

No. 1252660

Is this a real thing?? Because I do this too. Ever since I can remember I’ve always been surprised by the age of my peers, like I always assume everyone is older than I am. Now that I’m in my 30s, I’m always surprised to see such capable and confident women who are 10 years younger than me, since I still felt like such a kid through my entire 20s.
It makes me feel like I missed an important memo in life that everyone else got.

No. 1252679

someone's dog keeps shitting on my front garden. Like i get it, this place was abandoned for years, but don't they see that we live here now? don't they see the car, the flowers? I just went to pick up some herbs for tea this morning and a fresh shit is smiling at me.

No. 1252686

I am so, so sorry anon. Sending you lots of love in this trying time, I hope the days ahead will be easier on you during this.

No. 1252690

I can't help but wonder if it's just dirt that builds up on my water bottles's straw or if it's mold.

No. 1252691

It's the middle of the night and I can't stop thinking about my ex. We ended on poor terms and all I want to do is talk it out but that's not possible because I'm trying to be respectful of his space and my personal healing. I just can't find it in myself to forgive myself though despite everyone saying it's not helping anyone by still carrying this guilt, especially if I learned from what happened and have grown from it.
I just wish it didn't end how it did, I miss him so much..

No. 1252702

My mind's going a mile a minute.

No. 1252703

…it's mold! clean that shit jeez!

No. 1252705

it's definitely mold, straws get moldy quick

No. 1252707

File: 1657093510278.jpg (721.56 KB, 397x900, fluid.jpg)

You need to sterilise the bottle with baby bottle steriliser. It kills everything and is safe to use on plastic and metal. I use it to sterilise protein shake bottles, thermos flasks, chopping boards and water bottles.

No. 1252708

Super calorie dense food usually makes me wanna throw up (not in a bulimic way, just it somehow makes me gag). You take a few bites and stomach goes 'enough or I'm gonna make a fucking scene!'

No. 1252716

A few weeks ago I was sick with what was likely an episode of BPV (intense vertigo) that came out of nowhere. I was basically an apprentice at the place I work and have now recently started a summer job here. I've been working my ass of lately both before and after I officially started my payed job as I got feedback that they wanted me to take more initiative and shit so I did.
I was supposed to work this weekend but through no fault of my own got sick with something (covid? who knows I couldn't get tested) and due to a fever and the whole package I begrudgingly stayed home. I work in a nursing home btw.
I get called up by my boss just now who first of all gets confused on our agreements for when I should be working (she apparently had some idea I should be there today when we made an agreement last week I would have a free day today for an appointment in exchange for working the weekend.. obviously I was sick but I'll just work this weekend instead and catch up)
She then alludes that I called in sick AFTER my hours had started when my phone clearly states that I did not.
She basically threatens me with a bad reference if I have any more abscence like.. Ok lol
Basically calls me flakey and guilts me with mentioning that the rest of the workers having a rough weekend (apparently someone else was sick as well)
I just find that "funny" considering the main nurse at my section of the floor complains again and again that the head nurse doesn't utilize substitute worker companies enough?
It's not my fault the nursing home is barely getting by and can't handle some sickness in a time where Covid (and other stuff) is now rising.
Sorry I didn't drag my ass to work with a fever and sneeze all over the chronically ill elderly people.

At the end of the day I'm just frustrated that I'm working my ass off for this place despite some personal difficulties working in a full time job (which is luckily over after the summer) and due to sheer bad luck I get this hag on my ass.

No. 1252723

Why are moids so fucking clueless? We have a new housemate who constantly talks some bullshit to me, on his first day here he immediately told me he broke up with his gf and asked me if I have some plans for the weekend and I'm like no thank you and since then he's been making me uncomfortable pretty often. Dude I literally have headphones on and you can clearly see I'm watching a movie on my phone and you sit in front of me and talk to me about your life. Jesus fucking christ. I went back to my room and the next day he asked me "why did you run away yesterday haha". Fucking die

No. 1252729

Fucking Murphy's Law, can't have just the aircon fail, now the microwave too

No. 1252737

Top kek. Fuck that bitch. Nursing homes are dying for employees right now. Just apply somewhere else immediately and don't leave her as a reference. They'll probably take you regardless of anything short of a criminal record.

No. 1252739

If everyone is going to just be a bitch to me anyways I'll give it back tenfold.

No. 1252741

Tell that to them. Hospitals and medical places in general are really blind when it comes to their own lack of staffing. The past few places I worked either refused to hire people for the stupidest reasons, paid non docs and nurses literal McDonald's wages and then fired people for any reason they can

No. 1252747

Don't be silly anon, he's not clueless. He knows you're uncomfortable and keeps pushing in hopes that to end the discomfort you'll say yes to the date offer eventually

No. 1252748

They like to act like they are trying to hire people but really theyre enjoying pocketing the extra money from not paying out for appropriate staffing

No. 1252751

I'm struggling with the same thing all my life and started getting better recently with the help of a dietitian; little trick she recommended I do is adding a spoon or two of coconut oil to every meal I possibly can, it really ups the calorie count. Peanut butter does the same trick, you can have a sandwich, or put it in a smoothie, anything you want really. Nuts in general are a good idea, especially cashew or even better, macadamia. Also, have you done any tests for digestive system parasites? You can live with them all your life not even being aware but they really mess with your digestion which very often leads to inability to absorb nutrients properly and gaining weight.

No. 1252759

Can't believe I fell for the trap. I thought living together would mean running a household together and sharing responsibilities. Instead I am cooking, cleaning, and managing it all on my own while he's holding half my tableware hostage on his desk all week.

No. 1252766

I have done it again it’s 3:30am

No. 1252774

Tell him to start doing his half or to get lost.

No. 1252785

I asked him if we were in an exclusive relationship or if we're just only sleeping with each other but calling each other bae. He didn't respond for 2 days and posted a Snapchat story about how everyone in his life is a user and if he sees anyone's name in his notifications this week he's blocking them. So I blocked him on all social media. Not his number because he owes me money. Guess I'll wait and see how long until he realizes I blocked him.

I tried being really patient cuz his life is hectic but, there's a limit. I didn't even ask in an aggressive way, I said either way it was fine, I just have a right to know. Kek

No. 1252786

i fucking hate youtube shorts i have never watched a good one or at least one that didn't annoy the shit out of me but i can't stop watching them every time i open the yt app to watch a tutorial or listen to a song i end up clicking on shorts and doomscroll for an hour can i develop the restraint to ignore it or do i just delete the app and be done with it because i do find it useful to have it on my phone and not just computer but it's such a time sink

No. 1252789

I love my friend but she really needs to stop sending me shit about FFXIV, I don't know anything about the game so sending me memes and news doesn't do anything for me. I don't think she's even trying to make me play the game given how disappointed she was by Endwalker, she probably just wants to share her passion but she should just do it with her BF. Even she is aware how much guild drama and raids stress her but she doesn't seem to want to do anything about it.

No. 1252791

Yeah. No matter how deranged the left can be, I'll never side with the right, because they don't care about the environment or women.

No. 1252792


Bugs rule. Centipedes are also good mothers, and look after their young.

No. 1252796


It helps to do something small but positive, like picking up trash on your walk or volunteering at a local park.

No. 1252800

File: 1657108326696.jpg (15.79 KB, 300x300, mike-oh-1.jpg)

>going through a tough time, had to move in with my mom and shitty brother with his shitty dogs
>house smells like dogs
>brothers eats all the food
>brother doesn't properly take care of his three big dogs
>living room is bare because the youngest dog chews on and ruins everything
>can't even hang out in the living room because of these fucking dogs
>I can't live like this and I hate that my mom has to live like this
>bedtime, put on youtube like I usually do when I go to bed
>don't want to put on the yt channel I usually fall asleep to for some autistic reason(it will reminds me of good times)
>puts on pic related
>cracks silly little jokes in his videos about people getting murder
>gets somber and even chokes up a lil when talking about dogs getting killed
>too annoyed to sleep now

No. 1252802

>anon, you're 27 and you don't know how to…

Don't you love it when your mother starts shitting on you out of the blue? Just say what the fuck you want. You're almost 60 and still can't communicate like an adult and you depend on ME financially while also resenting me. I know how to do basic shit, I just don't do it because you bitch think instantly I'm your maid and stop doing anything around the house like your manchild son. Besides, if I "don't know" how to do something, what does that say about YOU? That you never took the time to teach your kid shit and now act surprised if I don't know something, geez, almost like that was your responsebility. But it's okay! My fucking exes mother taught me more in 3 years than you did my entire life so who fucking cares.

No. 1252803

Pretty funny how my "best friend" always calls me out about being secretive or not telling her everything, but the moment I do, she always judges me and makes some remarks which she knows would make me insecure.
I used to tell her everything about my relationship and the answers were always the same, not showing interest and all and even going to her sns to passive aggressive complain about it (ikr? I used to have access to her private account because she didn’t remember she gave me access long time ago and the shit show that was watching her complain about things she asked me to do…well)
The moment I start to keep information to myself, she runs to other friends and tell them how I’m getting worse again, as I did many years before.
No bitch, before I used to be a lap dog with no personality and that was fine by you because then you could complain about every thing you wanted and you know I would change just to fit your standard.
Now I’m older and more mature and I know what she does it’s extremely manipulative. She knows I get anxious about receiving the silent treatment or some answers and what does she do? Of course reply everyone but me. Post on social media. Then answer me with “sorry anon!!!! I was busy!!!!”
Sure, you were busy but you weren’t busy to send me more than ten minutes of audio explaining because you feel like I distanced myself from you and how you love me so but you feel kind of ignored. Sure.

No. 1252808

I thought your post was going elsewhere. I don't get why his balding ass gets endless praise for turning murder cases into fun little joke-filled stories.

No. 1252811

maybe i'm wrong but there was a time where he didn't crack as many jokes. then he got cocky and started feeling like a "personality" rather than just a narrator and i had to stop watching. he looked so proud of himself for his jokes and little soy facial expressions. we need to get over true crime entertainers as a society

No. 1252835

Afaik mike cracks the jokes at the expense of the killer and never the victims, mostly he belittles the intelligence of the killer or their lack of planning which in a way is (imo) better than declaring every violent scrote a 'criminal genius' like alot of other youtubers seem to do.

People who put killers on these mastermind pedestals and equally people who put animal deaths on a level above human deaths.. both equally annoy me.

No. 1252844

I wish I had more self assurance. I was going to complain about my moid but that's what it really comes down to, isn't it?

I don't know what it is but I just work against myself in these situations. Every transgression I wilfully think up good things about him and if that doesn't work I literally just try forget it. How pathetic. When we stop I know it'll be roughly a month of being upset and wistful, then a little bored because I have that vaccum in my life where he was, and finally embracing single life, not looking for a man but just enjoying myself.

He's slowly backsliding in his treatment towards me. I can almost pinpoint where he is, the same level of investment as roughly 3 weeks into seeing me. It's only been very recent but I know it when I see it. Yesterday he was uncharacteristically selfish in bed, like typical porn scene levels. He apologised and made it up when I called him out but it's never been necessary before. Now today he's pushed back meeting by a few hours because he had other stuff to do, stuff he foresaw and could've just given me a more accurate time, but it was easier to agree, assure me the time is fine then go back on it because I guess respecting my time and our agreement isn't that important.

Anyway I can see the death knell of our partnership, and I know it'll get worse, but I know I'll stay way past the expiration date, when I've been disrespected several more times, every time I get into fits of rage at the accumulated injustice then come crawling back, at some point the male then breaks it off with me, and only then is it final for me. Even if he backtracks and begs for me back I won't and I remain stubborn, but I can only ever do it if the words come out of his mouth, not mine, as if they're more legitimate.

My mom stayed with my dad, who had a 4 year affair and didn't work. She defers to him. I wonder if it's a little bit genetic for me even. I thought I was better, less of a handmaiden because I'm the strongest advocate but only for others.

Its frustrating to see it and see how it'll all likely pan out, but my inner voice is too loud and consistent and strong telling me that I must, must see it out and maybe it'll get better, like I feel that conviction in my bones.

Typing this out feels better than framing a post in his favor and being like "b-but my Nigel-" if anyone dares me to take decisive action. I know its futile, for now at least.

No. 1252847

Damn. Is your friend my ex? Lmfao because this is the same bullshit my ex used to do to me.

No. 1252851

I hate people who push politics into every single fucking conversation. Fuck off with that shit I'm so fucking done with it. Just because a fictional character is a fucking king doesn't mean he's a scumbag and the worst person ever, and that the fantasy world is bad because they're under a monarchy like fuck off.

No. 1252855

nonnie I want to hug you and tell you that you are strong enough to break the circle. Break up with him NOW, I'm not even kidding, do it right now because you know the truth. From your post, I can see that you are taking an irrational decision even if you can see rationally that things are not going well. I'm rooting for you. Your time and respect is valuable. It's not genetic, it's pure socialisation, it's something that you can rewrite in yourelf !

No. 1252857

suddenly talking about politics, race and religion kill conversations for me

No. 1252858

I'm about to go into work and I'm so incredibly anxious because I unconsciously lied to my boss about something and she's for sure gonna find out and I don't know if I should try my best to gaslight her because her head is usually full of 10,000 things at once because she runs the business or try to explain the brand of autism I have. A little part of me hopes she doesn't notice and the client will approve the order and we can move on like normal.

No. 1252859

The ones who add trigger warnings or want to turn things off if a police character is on the show too.
Oh no guys it's a c*p. Fuck off. Imagine being this fragile while watching fucking kids cartoons

No. 1252865

i can't stay away from this website when i know no one's watching my screen. if it wasn't this it'd be something else tbh.
doesn't help that i had an exhausting day yesterday where i suddenly felt really sleepy and low energy. i thought i had covid but a single nap made me feel better. now i have the same thing except it could be bc of expired chicken. i want normal energy levels!!!!!!

No. 1252874

wtf there's seriously people like this?? We are not gonna survive for much longer as a species I swear.

No. 1252875

Just pretend not to make a big deal out of it, say you didn't have your coffee when you said what you said and tell her what you actually meant

No. 1252884

Haha, uh oh. I clean it when I notice it, but I really should have been cleaning it more often. I'm gonna buy a new one asap since it's pretty old anyway. Thanks.

No. 1252888

File: 1657117436724.jpg (39.28 KB, 500x500, avatars-000410726970-9almrl-t5…)

Was reading the thread about dead lolcows and came across the story of Katelyn Nicole Davis, a 12-year-old who live streamed her suicide and also live streamed a lot for about a month before she died. Her life was so terrible in every way but she was so kind still, and the whole entire time she streamed and as she died, coomers were in her chat egging her on and saying disgusting sexual things to her. I can't stop thinking about how she felt, what it was like for her, how all these elements came together to create an exceptionally shitty life, what does it feel like when you hang yourself, did she regret it, is she at peace now? I just feel so awful. I could really go on and on but I won't. RIP sweet girl. I really wish she had the chance to live. Her last live stream is fucking heart breaking, and the ones right before. I'm completely fascinated and disgusted and devastated with human life and behavior and this fucked up world.

No. 1252919

The world is so fucked up, she had her whole life ahead of her and people broke her down that much. How horrific.

No. 1252924

coomers need to be locked in prison with no internet connection. pornography is just phallic meth. poor girl.

No. 1252926

I just had the worst gacha pull ever in the history of my life and I've been feeling dizzy for 30mins

No. 1252938

Yeah men think streamed suicides and gore videos are cool because they’re brainless retards

No. 1252942

File: 1657123595080.jpeg (120.94 KB, 944x1054, E68209A9-9565-4946-9F34-DEDDEB…)

My Apple pencil just stopped working. It was fully charged and then completely stopped working while I was using it, I did a hard reset twice, plugged it into the ipad, tried to find it with Bluetooth, nothing worked, what the fuck happened?? wanna die

No. 1252946

I can't afford any house/condo in my city. Even with my bf's income added in, even speculating 2-3 years into the future when we have more savings built up, even when we both have above average incomes. Rent is higher than a mortgage would be but we can't buy because we don't have 120k for a down payment. Why is owning a house so impossible now. I'm so frustrated. I want to move out of state when we're ready to buy but his mother is needy and codependent and I don't know if I can pry him away from her. I'm also fed up with where we live because it's expensive and always cold.

No. 1252948

Posted on /g/ as well but I'm trying not to spiral and really need advice.
I found out recently that my mom got treated for endometriosis in her 20’s and never told me until now, as I approach 30. Untreated endo can lead to infertility and now I’m panicking thinking that my parents neglect could lead to me being unable to have the children I desperately desire. I have an fertility test appt in a few weeks but in the meantime I’m a complete and utter wreck. I guess I just need some advice. Have any of you dealt with endo? Has parental medical neglect affected anyone else this bad? How do I go on if it turns out that I’m infertile. I seriously can’t imagine a reason to live if I end up barren at the hands of my families betrayal. I might kill myself irdk

No. 1252950

File: 1657124377957.jpg (95.85 KB, 657x960, 5f35904369f81068a66201a3056c4f…)


I'm sorry for your RNG

No. 1252951

I would swoon if someone gave me French tank

No. 1252952

60 year olds who think their shitty PHD from Yugosdfhsjtolvakia is worth anything let alone teaching in ENGLISH when you barely know any of the language to communicate anything properly need to be fucking banned from teaching jobs

No. 1252959

>his mother is needy and codependent and I don't know if I can pry him away from her
Whew, that's gotta be top 5 worst things to deal with when dating. I couldn't last in a relationship like that

No. 1252964

Fuck male psychiatrists. I feel so belittled and dismissed after this session. Whatever at least i got a prescription out of it. I feel like i was in school trying to convince my friend another teenager that i’m not being edgy and actually going through abuse and feeling like i’m dying all over again

No. 1252965

Why not adopt kids? There are plenty in foster care as it is. As for parental medical neglect, yes, I very much assure you there are worse things than a parent not warning you that you are at risk for a certain disease. If a minor stressor makes you "a complete and utter wreck" and threatening suicide and "in a spiral", you should speak to someone before you have kids and end up screaming at them and having a full mental breakdown because they knock over a glass of milk. Your reaction to this is not appropriate and I question if you're mature enough to have kids. Look into stress management techniques or something. Not mentioning a genetic disease risk is not "betrayal". Having children entails more than crapping out cute widdle babbies to take instagram photos with.

No. 1252969

What is this about

No. 1252972

I hope it doesn't come to the worst and you'll be all fine BUT even if it turns out you have endometriosis, there's always in vitro method! So there's hope for you either way.
You're a little insensitive anon, it's not a "minor stressor" to find out about such neglect, and impulsive reaction doesn't determine one's maturity overall.

No. 1252975

Nta but it's not neglect.

No. 1252976

There are people on this site who were actually abused as children. nonnie's mom not mentioning a genetic disease risk does not constitute neglect. that trivializes what children who were actually neglected went through. you're the one not being empathetic to others. and yes, when your first reaction to stress is to be a dramatic whirlwind and threaten suicide and say your family "betrayed" you, you aren't mature enough to handle children, who will stress you out and exhaust you daily. because just the thing kids need is a mother who jumps to threaten suicide over every minor upset. she needs to learn stress management techniques before she has children.

No. 1252978

You’re right, but they aren’t going to want to listen.

No. 1252986

i hate that my body gets horny after i cry every single time i fucking hate it so much why is it like this i just experienced something horrible and i was crying for hours and i'm aroused and i'm so sick of it i hate being horny

No. 1252987

Genuine question because I'm ESL, does neglect have any deeper meaning than "failing to properly provide care" in this context? Even if OP was well taken care of overall, never mentioning genetic illness that can be cured if addressed early is failing to provide care in that aspect. Of course it's not abuse but I'm not claiming it is.

No. 1252988

I guess this is a vent because I don’t want to bum out people irl with it but I seriously cannot handle any sad media or news involving children anymore

Ever since I’ve had my own child, anything about child loss or abuse is completely impossible for me to stomach. I have to block it out of my brain or leave the room if something comes up on the news or I will just lose it. I spend days accidentally remembering things I’ve heard and just have to shut them down without any sort of critical thought, and that lack of willpower to even think of something unpleasant really bothers me. I feel like if I ever suffered something terrible in the same vein I would most definitely just lose my mind. I feel like I wouldn’t even be able to consider anyone else in my life beyond my child and would just disintegrate with the pain.

It also just makes me feel so awful for my own mom when I think about how deeply suicidal I was for years and years when I was younger and that she never had a clue

No. 1252992

File: 1657128043260.jpeg (227.75 KB, 750x702, 1BB6C269-6E25-4F8B-8573-F1774D…)

I’m sorry that they never told you, you’d think that kind of sense would be more common. You found out now and can be aware, but don’t let yourself becoming too stressed out about the weight of the wait because there’s nothing you can do about it now but go through the medical motions. I have faith that your womb will be safe and you will have all the children you want.

No. 1252997

Ny vacation is half over and I CAN'T relax. I just can't fucking chill, I feel like a wiggly worm and am stressed as shit over nothing. I'm so tense and nervous that I end up doing nothing because I can't relax. On top of all I'm on my period so I get extra headaches, no sleep and pain. Fuck this

No. 1252998

In the context of childcare, "neglect" is a very serious word associated with things like inadequate food provided, lack of hygienic and habitable housing, not taking the child to a doctor when they break a bone or have a tooth that needs dental care, not teaching the child how to read, not providing decent and appropriate clothing, lack of reasonable heating in winter to prevent frostbite, letting them live in squalor and filth, etc. It's usually something that results in harm and is a pretty serious term to use.

It may be unethical or irresponsible to not tell her she has a genetic risk for endo, but that is far from neglect. Neglect is like, not giving the child enough to eat so they go to school and beg for parts from other kids' meals, or not getting them glasses when they can't even see well enough to attend school and see the chalkboard.

If your bf forgets your birthday, that is not abuse, and seriously claiming it is abuse is a disservice to people who are actually abused.

No. 1253001

maybe it’s just my ignorance as a white person but i don’t get why double eyelids are the beauty standard and i feel kind of sad and weirdly disappointed that nearly every asian woman i know (who do not naturally have double eyelids) including my girlfriend, has has a double eyelid procedure done and don’t think it’s kind of odd that they did it in their late teens and it was encouraged by their parents. it bothers me the most when they pretend like there isn’t an influence of society in their decision. i don’t want to be hypocritical either . i can fully admit how society has made me alter my appearance.. through bleaching my hair, shaving my legs, wearing make up. idk. i try to be resigned to plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures being normalized but deep down there’s a part of me that just rejects it on an intrinsic level

No. 1253008

File: 1657129323932.jpeg (74.37 KB, 567x319, E1zUGPzWEAA4HQN.jpeg)

I'm so jealous of people younger than me, not just girls, guys too, just younger people in general. They have more time and opportunities, especially if they're healthy and have supporting parents. I didn't go to university after HS because my anxiety and depression together with autism had such a heavy tool on me I literally couldn't go outside. Also my mom got cancer and we were alone and I had to take care of her. She died when I was 23. For the next few years I've been focusing on nothing but work and learning how to survive among people. It would be really hard to support a daily job and go to uni at the same time, it's not really possible in my country unless you have parents who still support you financially or some remote job, and I don't have qualifications to work from home. I feel so damn old and tired. Some of my female coworkers tell me I should be happy that I'm in my late 20s and I still look 18-19, but it doesn't help me at all, because I know the truth. I feel old and I know I wasted my 20s, I have no higher education, no friends and I was never in a relationship, never been to a party, never lived like a young person. Even if I could ever go to uni, I know that at first I would fit in because of my looks, but I would still feel like shit because I would know that people in my class accomplished much more than me at a much younger age and I would feel like trash next to them. I feel like trash next to my younger coworkers, so I can imagine it would be ten times worse at school. My overwhelming feeling of inferiority prevents me from doing anything, I can't even take joy from my hobbies anymore. There's nothing but wageslaving and daydreaming. I have no idea where my life is headed to

No. 1253020

File: 1657130215006.jpeg (104.99 KB, 455x425, 9F726CB4-F235-4009-A792-441585…)

girl same. Feel like I’m trapped in quicksand.

No. 1253024

crap grammar is annoying me lately

examples: That's my idiot bf, whom is…; This is a picture of my friend and I

No. 1253028

I feel like I'm stuck in the past
lately I've been listening to bands I liked in middle/high school, watching old shows I enjoyed growing up, looking at fashion street snaps and fashion blog posts from those days, various stuff like that
it reminds me of a happier time in life that I wish I could go back to and things just seem so bleak and hopeless now compared to how good I had it back then

No. 1253030

File: 1657130619494.jpeg (102.78 KB, 550x413, 8FBB0F2B-A6B5-457C-9EDE-2123BF…)

Just looked through a bunch of old pictures and posts and I am emotionally and socially still in the place I was last year, I’m still fat as shit, I wish I could just override the fear of death and kill myself! I just feel so lost. Even if I wanted to fix my life I have no fucking clue where to start or what to do. I’m a worthless stupid baby.

No. 1253032

I agree anon it makes me regret having a child because I have so much more anxiety about the world now.

No. 1253035

Me too, i seriously haven’t moved on from 2015 and before and i’m tired of feeling ashamed of it. Time isn’t real for me anymore i’ll do what makes me happy and so should you

No. 1253036

File: 1657130985423.jpeg (98.77 KB, 790x726, CC5329B4-F4D6-49DE-B1F6-65F71C…)

I know this is anecdotal and might not help but I really didn’t get off my ass and accomplish anything until age 29. Lived with my mom off and on, changed my major, etc. everything good has happened to me from age 29-32–better job, better friends, better experiences.

Can you change up your environment at all? Moving made the difference for me.

No. 1253045

same but now I just take it as nostalgia and don't drown myself in it? Like I try to avoid romanticing it too much, I was just younger and everything sucked less but in a different way, it's okay to enjoy old shit.

No. 1253046

Same, I fucked around and didn’t amount to shit until my late 20s/early 30s and many people I know were the same way. OP>>1253008
you still have time, some people get ahead early in life and some people were born into shit that needs to be worked out first. However long it takes to work out that shit is however long it takes. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

No. 1253047

nta but this actually lifted my mood, I'm 28 and feel lost and stuck but I love seeing anons around my age doing the things!

No. 1253052

Thank you all for your responses. Some pretty brutal feedback but I expect that on this site, and it actually helped me feel better to be told that I was overreacting. My parental neglect looked a lot like what >>1252998 described and it was intense enough to provoke my sibling to commit suicide, so I think that in part explains the extremity of my response. Thanks to your feedback I'm realizing that this event just really fucking triggered the shit out of me and brought up all my feelings of grief surrounding my siblings suicide. Their birthday is coming up soon too so I think the combination of all of this is what sent me. I've thought a lot about suicide and one of the things that's always brought me out of that darkness is dream of becoming a mother, so it's an intense thing to process. All that said, I'm going to try to relax as best I can and go through the motions to learn the medical truth in the meantime. I appreciate you guys a lot

No. 1253068

I just asked this in the stupid questions thread but have to vent. I made a teddy bear for my nephew for his bday a few years back and I usually make my own cards and all that shit, last year I made him a beaded embroidery thing of his fave things that my sister never even hung up even after I did it with the colors she wanted. It's not about her not liking it, if she thought it was ugly, no need to hang it up, you shouldn't hang up shit just because it was a gift! Why the hell she expected me to gift another embroidery thing this year, when I already told her I have just gotten out of surgery and cannot possibly whip out a 10h project, even physically it would be hard let alone the designing part. Why did she get angry when I already told her I didn't make anything and just got something instead, when not once has she shown any respect, like people pay me to make these things and I haven't made these things in a year or so because I have been sick, what the hell. She just expected me to make her kids free stuff even when I wasn't able to, when she always belittled my works and she doesn't ever display them like what is the point here, not even once has she told me she thinks my stuff looks nice so what the hell is this fuss? It's not a huge deal but she always has gives me the "for exposure" type of vibe and treatment, she expected I would make her whole ass clothes for no change even when she only ever said my diy clothes looked like shit like what is her damage, a grown ass woman.

No. 1253070

>gorgeous teen Stacey walks past me and gives me a pity smile
Yes I know you're prettier than me, but there's no need to act like I'm a pitiful little dog

No. 1253073

How can you tell if it's a pity smile? Maybe she is just a kind person.

No. 1253078

Why would you smile at a stranger? How is it a kind act to smile at someone you're not gonna talk to?

No. 1253083

are you autistic? it's being friendly and showing you acknowledge someone else in a small way, like waving.

No. 1253085

smiling at strangers is pretty normal. or maybe not depending on where you live i guess. For all you know she just liked your outfit or accidently met your eyes and decided to smile instead of awkwardly looking away. idk you're kinda jumping to conclusions when you have no idea really.

No. 1253092

Yes I'm autistic kek. I've never smiled at a stranger before. Maybe she didn't think I was a pitiful ugly little dog after all.

No. 1253098

The other day a young woman or teen cycled past me and enthusiastically said "hi". Though she did it when she was already past me, so she turned her body on the bike towards me and completely lost sight of the street. Why would you risk an accident to say hi? Kids and teens sometimes try to talk to me, because apparently they have to hear my voice to figure out I'm a woman. Or to be lesbophobic. Idk why bicycle lady did that though, but I'm paranoid.

No. 1253113

NTA but it's largely a Western thing too. If you smile at a stranger in Russia, for example, you look crazy. Not everyone thinks smiling at people is normal

No. 1253116

File: 1657136682052.jpg (35.12 KB, 700x700, 1650337732856.jpg)

>get zero sleep due to anxiety over upcoming logistical challenges
>travel to middle of tourist trap for appointment related to challenges
>take day off of work to travel
>can't get appointment because office is understaffed and overbooked
>go home, have to have work shit pulled up all day anyway because deadlines
>family member is visiting from abroad with new spouse and wants to go to an hours-long evening event in said tourist trap and a random sandwich shop(???) 30 mins from the event
>have a solid block of morning meetings tomorrow

No. 1253118

Based. it’s bc they wanna be you

No. 1253120

You are very good at exaggerating and overthinking.

No. 1253128

What is up with council housing. People here in UK get given houses if they have a kid or if they claim they can’t work. Which are funded by everyone’s taxes.

What is wrong with getting a job at starbucks and having roommates idk why people in this country are so coddled. The way they use our taxes is this countries greatest shame.

No. 1253129

lol I feel you on this just based on where I'm from but everytime stranger smiles at me, I just assume I look stupid or they're a foreigner, possibly both.

No. 1253136

get out

No. 1253139

chav detected

No. 1253141

Pretty sure this anon regularly laments about how she “doesn’t look like a woman” constanty, her whinging is very detectable because she constantly has to shoehorn how she’s a fit built calisthenics lesbian that is constantly transvestigated every time she steps outside lol

No. 1253146

Sometimes I miss having friends but then I go through old texts and realize I was probs just being made fun of/casually insulted most of the time inb4 thats what friends do they razz each other, i would rather be alone than have someone casually sit there and insult my appearance and intelligence
But I am lonely tho

No. 1253151

I'm meeting my bf tomorrow for the first time ever after edating him for about a year and a bit. I'm really nervous and excited but also part of me is worried because he has some redflags I've been stupidly ignoring until today.
>No job atm, lives in a property own by his parents so no rent to pay, but has a bachelor's in the same field I'm (bio/pathology)
>Antisocial as fuck. 0 friends outside of like 1-2 online friends he rarely speaks to.
>We have… Very different opinions on politics. We often debate stuff and he's usually respectful but not always.
>He's catholic and finds my own beliefs/holidays uncomfortable at times.
>We are in very different stages in our lives. I own my own place, finishing my phd, have a decent career/salary, just working on myself outside of gaming and hobbies. He has depression, kind of 'stuck', just gaming all the time. This intimidates him but I was in his exact position not long ago and I understand how difficult it is so it doesn't bother me.
>Refuses to get on webcam with me during our entire relationship. Like, he has been on cam with me before, but hates it because he thinks he's ugly. I don't think he is but…

I get that these redflags are kind of a big deal but outside of these things he's honestly really sweet and probably one of the best bfs I've had. He's extremely loyal to a fault, kind, patient, honest, and smart. I'm just scared that this entire fantasy bubble I've built up over the year is going to pop badly tomorrow. My friends have spoken to him a bit and they like him but do think the no job/no money thing is something he has to work on. Ughhhh.

No. 1253153

meanwhile people with actual issues fall through the cracks in the system and end up in shady situations or massive debt. my issue with pubic services is by design they only provide for loud, entitled whingers who keep making bad choices (like being a single mother to a kid they can't afford). neurodivergents don't ask for help and so don't get any. it all goes to dimwitted normies who are the "party animal" species in high school and then go on bennies as a career choice.

No. 1253158

Nonnie, how can you have a phd and be such an idiot, what the hell ?! You deserve so much better. I can tell from the other side of the planet that he is right wing ugly ass sexist worthless moid.

No. 1253163

you weren't dating anything but a weird ideal of him. you sound like a moron.

No. 1253164

those good traits won't mean much in the end. they already shouldn't matter when everything about him seems so awful kek

No. 1253168

File: 1657140580077.jpg (34.5 KB, 736x684, 7afd22355435f89a372a393177dc2a…)

Phew, oh lord.

>Hes honestly really sweet

Word for word what other nonnies post after their disaster of a Nigel is described

>He's extremely loyal to a fault

How so? He's sworn his knightly fealty to you? Bought you some discounted steam games?

Please give updates in the /g/ e-dater thread

No. 1253169

Why are you subjecting yourself to this loser, with all that bagage he's taking more from you in value than he's adding to your life. You're literally sabotaging the quality of your life by dating this 0. Is it a lack of confidence that keeps you from dating intelligent, educated men with their life in order? Genuinely asking, you certaintly aren't in the position where you have to settle for anything less than a high quality man.

No. 1253170

File: 1657140658021.jpg (49.66 KB, 670x579, 1647311239943.jpg)

>pubic services

No. 1253173


i hate men, i hate terminally online men even more. they are leading a public fucking death-cult and are responsible for so many live stream suicides (of kids) and mass shootings. and yet nobody fucking cares.

i saw a video from some alternative news site that said the guy who shot up that july 4th parade is the product of "feminist culture" and I wanted to fucking scream. they could blow up a city and it's still somehow our fault, i fucking hate them.

No. 1253178

>like being a single mother to a kid they can't afford
Because most single mothers are single by choice and definitely not because their moids took off as soon as the baby was born because being a parent is fucking hard. Men are totally not notorious for doing this, definitely not.

No. 1253181

This fucking scrote asks me the same question like every day
>so when will we go for a walk together? :)
to which I say
>never :)
And he still doesn't get the memo

No. 1253187

how is the incel sadboi whapper a product of feminism? fundamentally the issue is that men feel entitled to a gf, specifically a 10/10 stacy bangmaid mommy therapist, like NHK-y promised them, and go ballistic when one doesn't fall out of the sky onto their dick. the solution to mass shootings is to castrate incels. put them into router-less work camps, a gulag incelpelago. ship future eliot rodgers off to dig a canal in siberia.

No. 1253199

that anon is literally bitching about spergs not getting help, she's not smart.

No. 1253209

I'm >>1253151
and I knew writing this post would get a lot of strong emotions tbf, which is why I wrote it really because I'm trying to decide if I should break up with him after he leaves.
I know I'm being stupid. But I've also dated the opposite of him and had shitty results as well. He certainly isn't sexist I can at least tell you that much, but he does lean right which is one of the redflags I've mentioned.
My girl friends said something akin to what you said here in terms of the money/job thing. It's not that I have a lack of confidence myself but rather that I don't really like most people (not to sound like NLOG here,, it's just how it goes for me). I get extremely bored of people very very fast, and I'm the kind of person that can't date someone unless they also have the same hobbies as me. Gaming is one obvious hobby but it's like, the level of it (how high rank he is in a game for example, I know, crrinnnggee). But also, a lot of other hobbies (like electrical engineering, coding, and essentially 'building' stuff, I do that a lot and need a partner who builds things with me.)

Not to mention like I said, my life wasn't always in order. I was a total mess a few years ago and the only reason I am where I am right now is because of help from therapy, friends and one of my ex's. I really resonate with people who have dealt with similar issues as me, and if I see active movement towards a goal, I don't hate on the person for struggling. Yeah, maybe that makes me a 'moron' in a way but I just don't like hating on people struggling through life, I've been there.

No. 1253212

I grew up in an area where my dad worked but we were surrounded by social housing. Coddled is not the word I'd use. It's rough. There's a mix of disabled people, abondoned moms, widows, recovering addicts who look rough and can't get jobs. I wanted to get the hell away because tbh everyones depressed there and it breeds even more addiction and mental illness.

No. 1253236

what's fucked up and dangerous about council housing?

No. 1253243

Nta but when I read that I pictured some of those bleak looking housing towers? The antisocial shit that goes down in the stairways and of course .. grenfell.

No. 1253245

> I just don't like hating on people struggling through life, I've been there.
Fair but that doesn't mean you have to date a man who offers you nothing.

Alas it's up to you but I think it's not smart to settle for a burden.

No. 1253246

File: 1657146332390.png (1.91 MB, 1203x929, D6E99BE0-21E1-41B5-A147-7B7F0C…)

I got an internship at my dream job with an awesome company yesterday and I’m having the worst case of imposter syndrome over it. I should be happy but I feel like shit and I can’t make it go away. I’ve felt nothing but anxiety since the interview but I should be happy. It pays well, everyone is incredibly nice and it’s going to be getting me so much experience in the field (biology) but I just keep like I am going to fuck it all up somehow. I want to be happy about this!!

No. 1253252

I don't know what that thing is but I hate it with every cell in my body

No. 1253253

6 legs good. 8 legs b