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File: 1656873302308.png (561.5 KB, 420x680, barbie.PNG)

No. 1249885

Last thread >>1233067
Picrel >>1243416

>>1233080 , >>1233090 Elon's son changes his name to Vivian.
>>1233168 , >>1233218 New Matilda movie, discussions over the actress wearing a fat suit.
>>1233866 Beyonce new comeback song.
>>1233990 The Black Eyed Peas, Shakira and David Guetta teamed up for a song and it's as horrible as you imagine it.
>>1234784 Olivia Rodriguez and Zack Bia are officially a couple.
>>1234786 , >>1234787 , >>1235625 , >>1235626 , >>1235629 Margot Robbie and Ryan on the set for barbie movie.
>>1234857, >>1234893 , >>1235685 former fifth harmony member Normani appeared in a Chris brown music video, past tweets also resurface of her defending him.
>>1235001 the Marilyn Monroe film with Ana de Armas in the lead.
>>1235044 Brad Pitt looking like a dead corpse for the August cover of GQ Magazine
>>1235395 , >>1235399 Julia Fox dressing like a randomized sim.
>>1235416 , >>1235418 Katy Perry got into an argument with a waitress then tipped her for treating her like a normal person
>>1235614 Hunter Schafer will be in the new Hunger games Movie.
>>1236405 Ezra accusations of him housing children and their mother in some vermont farm and the house being loaded with guns.
>>1237041 Ellen shinji Page.
>>1237171 , >>1237455 , >>1237508 The woman who is currently living with Ezra makes a half hour long video defending him.
>>1238805 Anya Taylors new boyfriend.
>>1240364 deleted tiktok of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day in a car with some girls.
>>1240369 Tokatas uncle speaks up with more accusations towards Ezra.
>>1240709 Kylie Jenner looks busted
>>1240915 , >>1241836 , >>1241914 Speculation That Kim K got rid of her bbl butt.
>>1242484 , >>1244697 Sydney Sweeney on the cover of Hong Kong Vogue 2022.
>>1242498 , >>1242499 Madonna's weird cryptoart nfts.
>>1244022 , >>1245224 , >>1245279 From the release party for mgk's documentary
>>1244360 , >>1244423 Ninja (die antwoord) just got me too'd by Danny Brown.
>>1244579 , >>1245303 Travis Barker gets hospitalized, speculations from anons that it was from drugs/alchohol.
>>1244837 Travis barker's son, Landon Barker is dating Charli Damelio.
>>1245312 , >>1246879 , >>1246931 Machine Gun Kelly smashes glass on face at restaurant, starts gushing blood.
>>1245393 , >>1245408 R.Kelly gets sentenced to 30 years in prison.
>>1245930 Machine Gun Kelly suicidebaits.
>>1246484 , >>1246501 Kali Uchis ugly BBL.
>>1246515 , >>1246517 , >>1246519 Allegations of Ezra abusing a woman in Germany.
>>1246700 Jay-z and other singers/rappers want to make it so rap lyrics cant be used as evidence in court.
>>1246785 , >>1246798 Beyonce promo pics for her new music.
>>1247276 Billie Eilish says she regrets doing the lingerie vogue pictures.
>>1247444 Kate Moss is the new creative director for Diet Coke.

Stop derailing and infighting you morons.
Ignore and report all bait, tinfoiling and racebait.

No. 1249922

File: 1656875589702.png (991.7 KB, 657x1423, Screenshot 17.png)

Myleene Klass(famous pop-idol turned businesswoman and activist) took her daughters(11 and 14) to a drag show

>Myleene shared clips of the girls making their way to see the show, footage of the drag acts on stage.

>The video, set to Lady Gaga's Born This Way, also showed Myleene and her children having fun and dancing up a storm.
>Posting the reel to her 410,000 followers, Myleene wrote: 'Happy #Pride…Proud to stand with the community that has stood by me and my girls since forever.'

No. 1249942

Ok so there is alot of Ezra milk incoming below.

No. 1249945

File: 1656877525627.webm (2.55 MB, 576x1024, aOv5zRpRszuGmpId (1).webm)

Some cloutchaser posted a edited video and tried to pass it of as recent.

No. 1249946

File: 1656877563025.jpg (136.01 KB, 1284x1492, FWtDo0AWAAAmEwW.jpg)

No. 1249948

File: 1656877661785.jpg (54.39 KB, 1548x256, FWt4z9MXgAEDgeo.jpg)

and it turns out he first posted this video in 2020 and was bragging then about meeting Ezra before the scandals.

No. 1249951

File: 1656877771605.webm (1.62 MB, 640x640, rsc5_Uszy9LPRCVn.webm)

The original 2020 video was a couple of seconds longer.

No. 1249953

File: 1656877907101.jpg (260.87 KB, 1414x1180, FWjQAKcXoAAT5_P.jpg)

Tokatas father has a email called ''trash the flash ezra miller'' and he is taking any story against him even if its fake.

No. 1249955

File: 1656877946350.png (552.75 KB, 647x648, FWjSysQWQAECata.png)

Ezra is currently getting help.

No. 1249960

he needs to be in prison.

No. 1249964

File: 1656878477146.png (27.88 KB, 582x178, kkkeke.png)

The woman who is/was living with Ezra does a article interview defending him.

She also claims the statements about there being bullets/firearms in their home are false/fake.

>English – Have the children ever had access to weapons or accessories on site?

>English – No, my children have never had access to any weapons. They are stored in a part of the house my children never go in.

No. 1249966

she also did a hour long interview on youtube.

No. 1249967

File: 1656878596107.png (70.4 KB, 912x338, mmmm.png)

she also mentions the chair incident. (the video got deleted and then re-uploaded)

No. 1249968

File: 1656878656905.png (9.31 KB, 558x102, jjhhh.png)

TMZ clarified that the Ezra vs austin story was fake.

No. 1249972

No. 1250028

Jesus Christ, can someone make an Ezra Miller containment thread already?

No. 1250053

The OP is fine but I really wanted to see the carmen santheyego edit tbh

No. 1250131

File: 1656890355937.png (928.07 KB, 1630x1166, Capture d’écran 2022-07-03 à…)

No. 1250140

anon did you read the article that you just posted, it was not his nephew since the identity of that person is uknown.

No. 1250150

nta but the problem in usa is that you guys use prison as the first step with crazy people or junkies. he defs should be charged with kidnapping, but that girl was over 18 so he's not a rapist. he needs medical attention so the crimes he commits will end. that is the logical order for this.

No. 1250153

>he defs should be charged with kidnapping
And physical assault.

No. 1250162

Well I'd go straight for the death penalty with cases like his

No. 1250168

why is there always a fucking defender for that asshole in this thread? he kidnapped a woman and her child that had bullets in their mouths and he physically assaulted a woman not too long ago? I stg if he rapes and murders a woman your oxygen-deprived brain would still be gasping saying “I wish that was me”, your desperate cries for help is meaningless, no one gives the slightest fuck. seek help, dumbass bitch and stop shitting up the threads

No. 1250174

>her child that had bullets in their mouths
first of all you have no idea what you are saying because the person who he kidnapped is totally different than the women with her child, also that woman defended him and said the ''child had bullets in mouth'' thing is fake. -> >>1249964

No. 1250180

>defending a male for his blatant crimes

I don’t even have to argue with you, you know it’s wrong you’re just being retarded.

No. 1250205

??? i was saying that throwing him in jail isn't the solution for him being a crazy person. i'm a "america needs prison reform"-fag, not a ezrafag

No. 1250216

stop caping for abusive moids. he needs to 41%. hopefully he deosn't take anyone else with him
you don't want to make ezra of all ppl the poster child or prison reform kek. the only reason he's not in jail yet is bc he's rich white and woke

No. 1250231

>poster child
the fuck is this rapid escalation? all i did was agree with the post that says he's getting mental help
i work at a movie theatre and i'm going there at 10AM tomorrow, i'm not making anyone the poster child for anything or starting some kind of big protest. i typed a sentence on an anonymous message board thread for discussing celebrities.

No. 1250237

no one guves a shit about your job or life, we're all just tired of dumbasses like you saying abusive moids just need help uwu

No. 1250265

He’s known her since she was 12 and fucked her at 14. No.

No. 1250274

Not OP but you could’ve made the thread then. Some of us are sick of these being the Ezra threads

No. 1250288

>lolcow users still think violent unstable moids are capable and deserving of uwu therapy and help


No. 1250293

This is grooming. wtf. Kids do not need to be at drag shows.

No. 1250297

Shut the fuck up then, you stupid bitch. Capping for Erza is pathetic. He needs to be in jail and not coddled by faggots who think his women abusing is uwu a cry for help. No.

No. 1250366

There was an article saying her aunt saw them having sex on a bed outside but idk if it was ever confirmed what her age was at the time? But she is freshly 18 and it sounded like it happened awhile ago, so she was underage at least

No. 1250373

nta but >>>/ot/1240369
doesn't say exact age though

No. 1250384

were supposed to believe she would admit that her children could potentially access weapons?

No. 1250443

NTAYRT but you're right and it has nothing to do with Ezra

No. 1250496

Thank god he is getting help. He has needed help for a long time, if he got it in the beginning, all of this stuff may not have escalated

No. 1250497

as an ezrafag I tried ages ago and anons shouted at me so I deleted it after like 3 angry posts

No. 1250601

There's video evidence and police reports of him assaulting women and a history of grooming and possibly abducting a girl from one of the most victimized demographics in the country. You're telling me this bitch wasn't at least dropped from his role in a future flop?

No. 1250610

Ezrafags thinking debunking the Tokata case makes him innocent. He's still a violent crackhead who attacks people who don't even know him.

No. 1250611

It's honestly kinda crazy, I feel like people get dropped for much tamer scandals. He's literally on a world tour assaulting people, mostly women.

No. 1250612

DC dropped him from future roles but they kept him on the flash because it's too late to replace him.

No. 1250632

this was back in May, though. Didn't shit still go down in June? A lot of help that 'counseling' did.

No. 1250633

Maybe it is time to try again?

No. 1250639

ayrt haha thank you. wasn't sure why that anon was all "no one cares about ur job" like she's illiterat or something? i'm saying i'm just some girl who sells popcorn, i'm not creating some kind of humanitatrion movement around ezra just cause i think handcuffing heroin addicts is retarded. very odd leaps in logic here. i'm sad that so many children play with ipads instead of learning to read from loving parents.

No. 1250640

i am police reform - chan and i'm not the same person as the one who keeps asking for proof of the underage sex

No. 1250642

samefag kek my english is so bad though, i'm only literate in one langauge

No. 1250697

File: 1656951519787.jpeg (825.08 KB, 997x1187, 5B4D0F0D-E6EA-4A96-AC8E-C1E997…)

What is up my fellow mens

No. 1250702

The fake muscles look so stupid

No. 1250703

she reeks of insecurity the way most women who looks like this reek of doner grease from the kebab stand where they work

No. 1250704

File: 1656951859933.jpeg (390.69 KB, 472x960, 04F9ACD5-3C8E-44EF-BB7F-FE09C9…)

The Ken we all deserve.

No. 1250706

God no.

No. 1250711

I was watching the Juno the other day. This is so jarring lol

No. 1250712

Ken wasn't even blonde. I'm having a go at Ryan Gosling too

No. 1250714

that looks like a shaved jefree star, is that him?

No. 1250715

You know what, it isn't. I saw her with a fake bump I'm seeing her with fake anatomy. Tomato tomota

No. 1250718

yes kek.

No. 1250721

File: 1656952265657.jpeg (181.42 KB, 1024x1024, A28F6AF3-0AB4-45AA-9CF3-1A45FB…)

Yeah it’s him. He owns a ranch and sells yak meat in Wyoming now kek. I’ll stop posting him now since he’s still more of a YouTube celeb

No. 1250723

>moved to Wyoming
Ugh christ now he's gonna larp like every other rich person who moves out to the west and pretends they're a cowboy. You know he does fuck-all on that ranch.

No. 1250728

File: 1656952592942.jpeg (450.6 KB, 1159x1596, 0BC072E5-D4F8-41AD-8FD6-D73467…)

New passport just dropped. She looks like mini John Mulaney every time to me.

No. 1250737

imagine if they didn’t transition, would have looked hot with that hair. so stupid kek

No. 1250741

it actually would have been really fun if those two were casted.

No. 1250743

I hope I don’t get attacked for this but how is this grooming? I’ve been to drag shows and it’s just been gay guys dressed as women dancing around and lip syncing. Nothing sexual or rated R so I don’t see how it would be that terrible for them to have gone to. Am I missing something because I genuinely want to know if I’m wrong here.

No. 1250745

idk what kinda drag shows you have been at, but the one I saw was extremely sexual. From dancing to choice of music. Also, normalising the way they dress and act to kids is disgusting.

No. 1250746

You are missing so much it's unreal.

No. 1250747

looks exactly the same tbh except for the chest. typical femme dyke to butch dyke progression

No. 1250752

No. 1250758

NTA but even though what you say it's true, and children shouldnt be attending drag shows, this is not what "grooming" is. Words lose their meaning online

No. 1250762

i wasn't the original poster so. I agree it is not "grooming" but it is normalising a behaviour that should not be normalised with children.

No. 1250777

File: 1656955316001.jpeg (764.59 KB, 1158x1235, 2CA38427-34AF-4C30-B20C-2BF65C…)

Looks like Ritu is watching over a corpse

No. 1250780

Still looks like a woman… how could we lose a tomboy butch

No. 1250782

I haven't seen a single photo where Ellen looks even moderately okay after transition. Is she asleep here? Looks like she's still suffering.

No. 1250796

Yeah, I think she was taking a nap behind the scenes. The Umbrella Academy show runner said he’d like to end the show after next season if Netflix lets him. Hopefully it won’t turn into the Victor show.

No. 1250804

you'll love the adult clubs where the drag kids perform then

No. 1250825

how is this uuuuuuh she's right and one if the few with the guts to say it

No. 1250830

Are those jaw fillers or just jaw growth from roiding?

No. 1250850

Same. I felt terrible for her at first, after all she always was an insecure gnc lesbian, but the more her troonery time went, the more i realised how selfish she is. The way she ruins her body are ridiculous, i will not be surprised if she ends up wanting to date a man to fill her shota dreams or something.

No. 1250855

File: 1656958418859.jpeg (910.41 KB, 1272x2015, 2044155D-91D3-4777-BA91-97FB03…)

Is it inclusive if women are saying we don’t like it? Or are our feelings irrelevant as always? I don’t know if trans men should be allowed to get pregnant in the first place, so I’m not including you in shit. Let’s start there. How is all this testosterone and insanity effecting the children they have?

No. 1250862

File: 1656958690727.jpg (124.31 KB, 529x721, kko5iOa.jpg)

How are Kid Laroi and Iris Law underground? Why do Charli XCX, Rina and Sky Ferrerai still get shilled as "new" artists, they've been at this for a decade

No. 1250867

>How are Kid Laroi and Iris Law underground
Literally who are those people?

No. 1250871

File: 1656959022388.jpg (191.13 KB, 1185x846, 9yfVodd.jpg)

Rina, Hunter and Emma Watson at Schiaparelli
a nepo baby(jude law's kid) and a popstar with a billboard hit

No. 1250872

this pick-me trying to redeem this pedo kek

No. 1250874

File: 1656959061360.jpg (461.35 KB, 2048x1408, nRqH6n8.jpg)

Anitta and Rita Ora

No. 1250876

Who is inviting Rita Ora to these places? Does she even make music anymore?

No. 1250878

i said "the way [most women who look like this] blablabla", as in, "most women who look like this smell like the kebab shop where they work". my post clearly does not say "most women look like butch lesbians". i am throwing my hat in the "lolcow is for illiterates" ring, damn.

No. 1250879

this joke wasnt funny when you made it last thread, either.

No. 1250880

File: 1656959286460.jpg (1.64 MB, 3760x3828, margot-robbie-and-ryan-gosling…)

Kek I went from 'this movie looks bullshit' to 'I'm definitely gonna watch this'

No. 1250882

Rita's a massive social climber and is currently leeching off of Taika Waititi kek. They're engaged, Taika's got Marvel/HBO deal and Oscar so the money and prestige is there.

No. 1250883

i'm so freaked out by what he must look like without all that makeup. with the makeup and editing, he still looks irreversibly botched - like he's definitely had some jaw and skull shaving, you can't reverse that, and he had a decent amount of procedures done before 2010, which means surgical - not fillers. the best i think we can hope for is that his skin is in good shape. i think you can keep up healthy skin over botched muscles and skull, right? please do not post makeup free jefree, is what i'm saying. i'm scared.

No. 1250884

god his skin looks like rubber

No. 1250885

she looks like she hasn't had any water for a month. ellen please eat and drink. you are beautiful just the way you were born and deserve to love yourself.

No. 1250891

there are already child-friendly drag shows; they are called Pantomime. an adult drag show at a bar is not for children. man dressed as mother goose, the queen, or forgetful grandmother is appropriate for drag queen story time, just as it has been every christmas for the past hundred years. anything else is grooming.

No. 1250893

File: 1656959567597.png (291.18 KB, 630x558, Screen Shot 2022-07-04 at 2.32…)

I love how much Anitta looks pissed to be photographed next to Rita Ora. She's so annoying and one of the most blatant blackfishers ever in addition to being a total clout chasing dick rider. picrel hilarious old headline

No. 1250894

who is the leathery man who has kidnapped her in this photo?

No. 1250896

agree. if a drag queen is open to / likes performing for kids, it's 100% a pedo.

No. 1250899

I know it's just ps, it's just his fucked up surgery ridden face combined with the rubber looking, textureless skin is super creepy and alien-like

No. 1250902

hunter is…scary? his stare is like dylan mulvaney's. men so jealous that women can fuck straight men that they will snap and murder those women. it's only a matter of how long it takes them to run out of meth.

No. 1250904

>there are already child-friendly drag shows; they are called Pantomime.
the ones i saw as a kid were packed with gay men as well, Christopher Biggins etc. So yeah, no reason for a kid to be at a drag show. If I go to a drag show it's for adult entertainment, crude jokes etc.

No. 1250910

kek this headline, i thought she was rihanna when i saw this video.
rita has hits but she is sooo forgettable. the definition of manufactured pop music.

No. 1250913

Did Hunter have a browlift?

No. 1250925

look how happy emma is to be able to sit next to a tranny kek

No. 1250931

I didn't even recognize Emma here wtf.
>Oh no, Bette. Please don't do this. You were so good to gay men
Twitterlibs are crazy. Standing up for women equals not supporting gays? Why do they want to piss women off so badly?

No. 1250940

didn't one of those child-friendly shows have a convicted sex offender tho

No. 1250942

When you are a troon so your bestie wears a ridiculous jacket so your huge shoulders are less noticeable. Everyone should have a friend liek Emma kek.

No. 1250943

>currently getting help
>May 10

No. 1250945

didn't he troon out in the last years or am I mistaking him for some other "Ken"?

No. 1250947

you're on lolcow dear you can say "she" it's okay

No. 1250952

no, anon meant that trannies are so jealous of women for being desirable to men it makes them look like psychopaths who could snap and murder a woman anytime soon

No. 1250953

why do gay men always expect women to bend over backwards for them while being so ungrateful?

No. 1250959

File: 1656963347219.jpg (205.03 KB, 1089x634, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-OfH5…)

> most blatant blackfisher
this is so dumb, like yeah i agree that her music is bad and she is a cloutchaser but she is NOT blackfishing when she was born with those features.
Like im sure she didnt chose to be born racially ambiguous.

Even as a child she was racially ambiguous.

No. 1250961

She looks like a Victorian boy dying of consumption

No. 1250977

Why does Ken look like an cringey doughy dad?

No. 1250981

thank you yes that is what i meant

No. 1250983

convicted sex offenders are everywhere, it's what they do. however we should still not actively train children to treat sexual behaviour from strange adults as normal - just because pedos are hiding in every cast, library, and bus station, doesn't mean you need to give up and just straight up take your kids to a drag bar.

No. 1250984

i think you're thinking of either oli london (who appears to be troon-trolling so he can change his race to korean) or rodrigo alves (whose brain has just completely imploded from years of self-hating-gay-man shit)

No. 1250985

because they are men

No. 1250986

have to agree. she also doesn't even look "ambiguous". in europe we have lots of ethnicities and you see bosnian, french, russian people who get assumed to be half-white in north america, but in their home country it's clear whaat group they'r from

No. 1250991

Drag is misogynistic as fuck so thats also a fucked up message to give to kids so its not just the sexual stuff

No. 1250993

You right queen

No. 1250994

File: 1656965945431.jpg (178.24 KB, 620x783, megan-fox-and-mgk-with-his-dau…)

MKG has a song where he talks about attempting suicide in his kitchen at night w/his daughter asleep in his room. Jesus fucking Christ, now he attempted w/a shotgun w/no one around. Way to give his daughter a STRONG MESSAGE that he gives ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKS ABOUT HER & HER LIFE! YIKES!

No. 1251003

Agreed. I've always thought the blackfishing accusations were weird because she really just happens to look like that, and it's not even that uncommon for southern or south eastern europeans to be born with such features. A lot of people just think white/european = nordic ig

No. 1251018

File: 1656967304733.png (808.84 KB, 757x812, elliot.png)

Separated at birth from that one actor who always plays villains

No. 1251024

wow if my mom or stepmom took me out dressed like that i would hate her so much

No. 1251040

Margot looks insanely beautiful and Goose looks like he's having the time of his life, good for them

No. 1251057

File: 1656969057377.jpg (475.17 KB, 703x1200, machine-gun-kelly-megan-fox-1.…)

According to rag-magz his daughter really REALLY LOVES MEG!

No. 1251071

Lmao I know right.

No. 1251075

I could tell by the footwear I was going to hate this photo damn I was right. I keep forgetting he has a daughter, he’s such a creep.

No. 1251102

wow, I guess I was wrong, I had no idea she looked that black when she was younger. I totally assumed it was a put on. Nevermind, she still sucks but not because of that.

No. 1251128

MGK looks like Tom Holland

No. 1251150

Show comparison or GTFO.

No. 1251161

Oh I see, I really was thinking of the latter kek. Body dysmorphia is no joke, those people are so obviously unwell

No. 1251252

literally zark fuckerberg with a vagina

No. 1251274

What the fuck are you talking about

No. 1251287

File: 1656978683961.jpeg (307.66 KB, 828x1110, C1E91F2E-A9A5-4B30-975E-6C6DDF…)

thousands of ppl lying to themselves that this low self esteem butch lesbian is a handsome man KEK

No. 1251289

She looks smelly

No. 1251290

The thin and perpetually greasy ana hair…

No. 1251297

(S)he looks very lost & confused.

No. 1251299

Wow, she looks so feminine in her profile pic

No. 1251302


No. 1251308

u kidding?

No. 1251310

File: 1656980109346.jpg (1.45 MB, 2048x2048, PicGrid.jpg)

Tried to find similar pictures but their different aesthetics made it difficult. Their facial structure looks similar to me. Call me blind if you want

No. 1251311

Even though she looks "different" from anglo people, it's honestly still kind of weird to continually liken herself to Rihanna and other black women

No. 1251313

They both cute, I want to smooch them.

No. 1251315

He looks like Komaeda

No. 1251319

It's just regular white man features, idgi. That's where the similarities end.

No. 1251325

i will commit suicide.

No. 1251327

how is it that stupid people can make their faces show you that they're stupid? mgk's eyes compared to holland's in this picture make him look literally retarded
i'm sure tom holland is not a genius, he's an actor after all, but mgk looks like his IQ is so low that finding him attractive makes me a rapist since it's illegal to fuck retarded people

No. 1251330

the two of them and timothy chalamet all look like they have the same parents

No. 1251333

Well said.

No. 1251339

Nona, please have some standards.

No. 1251354

Looking like a wax statue not manly. Her dead looking face scares me. Besides the glaring two obvious answers, I feel she could benefit from some iron supplement. Although none of it matters if she continues to pursue this insanity. Her mind has got to be fragile.

No. 1251371

File: 1656984447101.jpeg (323.98 KB, 894x1280, FB211B87-CA5A-4C2D-8661-9A269D…)

>i'm not sure if she's always been this way or is just starting saying this kinda stuff.
Well, I remember when this happened five years ago:
>The original post read “Women are the n-word of the world, raped, beaten, enslaved married off, worked like dumb animals; denied education and inheritance; enduring the pain and danger of childbirth and life IN SILENCE for THOUSANDS of years They are the most disrespected creatures on earth.”
>Midler deleted the tweet after three hours, then posted another explaining, “I gather I have offended many by my last tweet. ‘Women are the…etc.’ is a quote from Yoko Ono from 1972, which I never forgot. It rang true then, and it rings true today, whether you like it or not. This is not about race, this is about the status of women; THEIR HISTORY.”

No. 1251372

> yellow laces on her docs
> mgk has white laces

No. 1251383

His laces are crossed though.

No. 1251388

everything about this gives school shooter vibes

No. 1251396

very much so

No. 1251406

File: 1656987875625.jpg (103.1 KB, 980x1292, esq060122-cover-007-1653337340…)

most trans lesbians still identify as a lesbian and call themselves masculine/butch/handsome but never use the word "man". they still know they exist in the world in the lesbian identity and only have sex with femme lesbians, this has a long tradition in history

No. 1251410

Ugh what are those stupid tattoos? Who is Spike? The family dog? The "Mom" tattoo would be masculine if it was in a flaming heart and not in a font that looks like a journal entry. "Batran" I looked it up, it needs accents on it but it is Romanian(!!!!) for "old man". I can't decipher the other ones. Also the aesthetic coffee cup. I hate her.

No. 1251414

why am i so attracted to her now, i hate all her music and movies. she looks…hot? in this picture? is it just that the minimal surgery compared to other stars her age makes that much of a difference?

No. 1251422

She could be hot if she was less ana. I feel i'm looking at an heroin adicct that was photoshooped to be less disgusting but is obviously on it's last legs.

No. 1251435

It's time. I am over him taking over this entire thread. Someone smarter than me please make this happen

No. 1251464

She looks pretty good here…. in my opinion…

No. 1251509

I wasn’t kidding, no. I won’t quote every reply that responded to me, but I do appreciate everyone who explained it to me and educated me. I have a friend who does drag so his shows are the ones I’ve been to. To clarify, I wouldn’t necessarily think to bring a kid or teen to these shows but I also wouldn’t see someone under 18 there and think “oh that’s wrong.” So after reading everything here, although the performers at my friend’s shows weren't doing anything sexual or inappropriate, I see now that this isn’t the case for drag shows as a whole. Again, I appreciate everyone who responded and showed me different points of views about it.

No. 1251554

File: 1656999677571.jpg (56.48 KB, 980x1292, esq060122-toc-001-1653337424.j…)

average lean slim build for someone 5ft and petite. no shoop except contrast and film grain
lol any masculine woman will get ripped to shreds on here for not being the idea of a perfect female image of 100% heterosexual supermodel beauty

No. 1251571

except she's not a "masculine woman" she's a "(trans)man". Through the lens of her being a man (which she isn't but tries to be) she looks funny indeed

No. 1251584

I'm sorry but the hairdo with the gel is aesthetically insulting.

No. 1251659

File: 1657009598687.jpg (781.47 KB, 1303x1629, 1648441708149.jpg)

She's super skinny and tiny, she only gets away with it when no one else is in the picture

No. 1251686

I think cutting off her own body parts falls into the hurting themselves category.

No. 1251775

File: 1657018599315.jpg (8.93 KB, 226x282, _60646436_60646435.jpg)

she's giving luka magnotta

No. 1251795

File: 1657021811217.jpg (329.67 KB, 1080x1733, kesha.jpg)

No. 1251797

I remember the Kesha v. Dr Luke case, it was horrible. I liked High Road album.

No. 1251801

it's such bullshit. how the fuck isn't dr luke a public figure? so many judges did her so dirty

No. 1251807

I think now with johnny depp case, she will never be able to win (not like she did, unfortunately). At the end of the day all you have to do is be a rich man, its disgusting. I hope Kesha will find peace one day.

No. 1251810

LMAO anon, luka magnotta biopic when (bet this sicko would love it)

No. 1251863

That’s dramatic. Women have mastectomies all of the time for unrelated reasons. Still not hurting anybody.

No. 1251873

No. 1251914

Cutting off healthy body parts is definitely the proof of an unhealthy mind.

No. 1251915

And exactly how many women are happy to cut off their breasts due to cancer? Sane people don't Mengele themselves, that's a troon thing.

No. 1251948

File: 1657033907220.png (4.23 MB, 2260x1602, 546856432.png)

a very petite ectomorph woman will never be able to gain weight
shes "non binary" and butch but does not want to be a man. pay attention to how careful she is to never call herself a man and still hooks up with femme dykes. she hasn't said "im a man" yet because she still identifies as a lesbian just not as the socially acceptable idea of a what a hollywood lesbian is forced to look like, a femme4femme fantasy for men. even rachel maddow is forced to wear makeup every single day.

many butches in history live life AS a straight man without ever thinking they are a man, but will also never be accepted by society as a real woman.

No. 1252012

Why is the heck is the fly open?
Do you know what… I thought about it again and I don't wanna know it.

No. 1252049

File: 1657040891747.jpg (71.44 KB, 621x394, 4JdZRas.jpg)

Yeah, she is racially ambiguous but she was definitely skin walking Rihanna kek. (And Rihanna copied her a few times too).

No. 1252050

File: 1657040912901.jpg (187.84 KB, 717x781, 7e0RoQh.jpg)

No. 1252053

File: 1657041056332.jpg (195.13 KB, 1600x900, OAXMRk4.jpg)

and to be fair Rihanna skinwalked Kelis and Fefe Dobson. This is kinda like Madonna and Kylie Minogue kek

No. 1252054

It's just odd to me that someone who is visibly starving herself can have muscles at all. We know she photoshops her pictures and she actually had implants at some point.

No. 1252058

More like Beyoncé skinwalking Kylie

No. 1252065

File: 1657041442480.jpg (42.97 KB, 505x533, Rita-Ora-in-childhood-2-min.jp…)

she really didn't look mixed in any of her other pics as a kid though

No. 1252067

Beyonce did that with sweet dreams but Madonna takes it to another level kek. From the dance album to ripping off her music video, to just copying entire album art.

No. 1252069

No. 1252070

File: 1657041637230.jpg (55.32 KB, 564x368, jZQ9QyJ.jpg)

i could make entire thread about this kek

No. 1252073

She looks mixed in your picrel anon

No. 1252084

I will never understand how for decades people have said Kylie copies Madonna

No. 1252087

not to start a bunch of arguments but I don't get it either, kylie's music is also so much better too.

No. 1252113

I would like to see it nonna please share

No. 1252156

You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 1252238

File: 1657054668893.jpeg (203.34 KB, 827x1468, BF9775AC-EC90-45C9-AC7F-7F55CE…)

Yikes lol. She also has Kristin Wiig’s last name tattooed on her

No. 1252282

File: 1657058044519.jpg (23.65 KB, 640x274, qdfzv7toes071~2.jpg)

Yeah. After his disturbing comments about lusting after teens, I bet she guards her friends from her dad. Tragic,sad & highly disturbing.

No. 1252423

girls on this site call literally everyone ugly, it's bizarre. i modelled well enough to make it onto some runways back in the day and i am nowhere near as beautiful as some of the celebrity women that are considered uggos here. just get off instagram and accept that cheekbones = pretty for 90% of people looking at women.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1252429

i really hate her for how she's turned on other women. i don't care if it's from some kind of systemic thing, she's rich and famous and didn't have to listen. now she's hurting the people she so outspokenly "supported" for years. fuck her, she's fucking over women.

No. 1252430

good christ she looks sick. how the fuck is anyone not horrified by her appearance in top right

No. 1252432

that's an embarassing headline. was she always so full of herself and so low IQ? i seem to remember her being the opposite of those things but now she sounds like a retard

No. 1252434

haha what the hell i love kylie minogue now. PS madonna's face in >>1252069 is fucked

No. 1252435

she looks bosnian or albanian kek what are you, a burger?

No. 1252447

File: 1657069267167.png (515.86 KB, 1010x1220, stacey stride.png)

An anon mentioned this meme a few weeks back and I couldn't find it or get it out of my head, so I made it.

No. 1252451

File: 1657069483801.jpg (717.15 KB, 2700x1800, 1637305716459.jpg)

oh nona I missed this or else I would of reuploaded. It's amazing to whoever made it. Yours looks good too but I think themi's title is too good in the original.

No. 1252457


No. 1252661

File: 1657090627537.png (518.42 KB, 932x453, Screenshot 17.png)

surprised this hasn't been posted yet
> June 2022, Kesha revealed on Instagram that she is a dom.
god she's so fucking cringe,

No. 1252667

Well she has always talked about fucking ghosts so there's that kek

No. 1252670

Wtf did she do to her face? If the headline wasn't there I would have zero clue that was her in the pic.

No. 1252674

Madonna you will never be Kylie Minogue

No. 1252678

…aaaand today I learned that Rita Ora is white and her parents are Albanian

No. 1252689

more like what the fuck did she do to her butt?? Did she do a bbl? It looks so fake and gross wtf

No. 1252757

File: 1657102066984.jpg (145.59 KB, 825x999, Oh Americans...jpg)

sage for OT but americans(white and black) are retarded when it comes to race, in both how they talk about race and how they categorize it and this dumbass nation that doesn't even work for the US can't work for other people groups

No. 1252794

you have to be mentally ill yourself (or deeply in cult) to think people being so mentally ill they're willingly mutilating their normal healthy bodies isn't hurting anybody. it's like saying a suicidal person isn't hurting anyone because they just kill themselves

No. 1252797

>shes "non binary" and butch but does not want to be a man. pay attention to how careful she is to never call herself a man

Oh really? Interesting if that's true. Means all the TRAs calling her a man are actually misgendering her, which the same people also argue is worse than homicide. kek

No. 1252809

So she’s hacked off her tits and changed her name and presumably started taking hormones because she thinks it’ll make Hollywood life easier than if she just presented as a butch woman? Christ that’s depressing

No. 1252813

File: 1657110052830.jpeg (281.34 KB, 828x1050, F6A4D0C5-61FC-412F-A139-979A3C…)

No that anon is just retarded and can’t accept losing a lesbian. What part of “I am trans, my pronouns are he/they and my name is Elliott” plus getting top surgery is her being non-binary instead of trans and not wanting to be a man? Because she threw the “they” in there??

No. 1252816

nonita, they transed her character in Umrella Academy just so she wouldn't have to play an icky woman even though she said she would still do it. She's gone all the way to get silicone abs kek let go

No. 1252818

Albanians and Bosnians are considered to be Turks by everyone else in Balkans (Albanians more so than Bosnians) so if you asked someone from, say, Serbia or Greece what they thought about Rita Ora’s ethnicity I can guarantee they’d reply with a slur reserved for non-whites

No. 1252829

Bosnians are pretty much the same as Serbs and Croats but Muslim, it's more islamophobia, for lack of a better term, than anything.

No. 1252832

No. 1252833

That’s exactly right, as far as Serbs are concerned (and to a lesser extent Croats) Bosnians are traitors to their Slavic-ness because they allowed themselves to be “Turkified” I dunno if there are any other Balkanfags itt but if there are, they know that shit runs deep, even in post-war FYR there’s still a lot of division and hostility

No. 1252898

File: 1657119295756.jpg (71.13 KB, 720x863, IMG_20220706_150251_917.jpg)

Crackhead looking ass

No. 1252899

File: 1657119335367.jpg (87.91 KB, 960x720, e881c0e8bb1612663b7dcb98de2750…)

that's interesting, there are many Greek immigrants where I love and they are honestly just one shade lighter then most pakis

No. 1252901

fucking liar nobody ever likes their passport photo

No. 1252902

Kek it literally looks like a mugshot of someone arrested for being under the influence of drugs

No. 1252910

I have noticed that quite a few Pakistanis could pass for dark haired white people. This just proves even further that racial categories are not immutable or even natural.(derailing)

No. 1252914

File: 1657120889437.png (922.75 KB, 1240x1591, 456467345.png)

If you call nonbinary transmasc lesbians "men" they will get enraged, but my friends are fine with being called girl.
in the lesbian scene masc women are pressured to become nonbinary transmasc he/theyfabs. my friends who did it in 2020 will never stop calling themselves lesbians even after surgery. its specifically the words man/woman that theyre uncomfortable with. look on any dyke dating app lol
right and a top 10 netflix show had 0 incentive to add a new woke character and get tons of news publicity for the first time? use your brain.

No. 1252920

but ellen calls herself "queer" now instead of lesbian

No. 1252928

File: 1657122295732.jpg (203.7 KB, 1200x963, 234234.jpg)

nta but actually Pakistan is actually very racially diverse, however most of the People of the that arrive to western world are either Muhajirs(urdu speakinger)(the upper class ethnic minority) or Punjabis(the ethnic majority) but we have many other groups, groups that can pass for white or asian and black and I do not just mean that they dark skinned, but actual africans who were brought over by Arab slavers
though most of us are various shades of brown though dravadians are also present and the racial mix can sometimes lead to very odd looking people(that one's that grow pubic beards)(derailing)

No. 1252929

Oh no, is she going to start dating a transbian or one of those male nb chasers…

No. 1252931

Well, that's stupid. As far as I know them, Serbs look like Turks themselves.
Rita Ora looks zero like a Turk.

No. 1252932

File: 1657122993203.jpg (804.96 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220706_105316.jpg)

A video pops up of Kim Kardashian awkwardly trying to model on the catwalk for Balenciaga, and who's in the background? The cat lady Jocelyn Wildenstein! I don't know why I thought she'd passed away.

No. 1252933

File: 1657123043506.jpg (271.88 KB, 1360x765, Panini_shitballplayers.jpg)

This looks like a pic of those collectible soccer player stickers you buy in a pack of ten and hope it's one you hadn't already bought before.
"Elliot Müller, 17, Youth cadre, 1. FC Hintergmündnburg"

No. 1252934

Kim looks so frumpy

No. 1252936

I feel like if Paige was gnc (would look the same with short hair, stopped wearing makeup) instead you guys would be talking about how great she is.

No. 1252937

The race term like the US uses it, includes Pakis and Indians as Caucasians (don't know if they include South and East Indians as well, because they have different ancestry), since the bone structure is the same. That race term is not due to skin colour, it's about the overall features, like imagine you find only a skeleton and have to determine the race.(derailing)

No. 1252943

A lesbian being masculine is fine.
A lesbian pretending to be a man and looking like a 14 yo boy is cringe so ofc we make fun of it.

No. 1252949

queers find lesbian too transphobic to use while still BEING a kinsey 6 gold star. its internalized misogyny and pressure. We say things like "trans women are women!" constantly to avoid getting witchhunted but I've never met any "queer" lesbians who can tolerate penis. sometimes I fuck with my tra friends by saying stuff like "a big womanly femme penis" and they can barely hold back the nausea lmao.

anyways trans enby he/him/they masc lesbians are extremely common and make up more than half the dating pool.

No. 1252958

Honey that's not Jocelyn, it's cringelord cow Alexis stone

No. 1252961

File: 1657125460641.jpg (220.72 KB, 1080x1506, queer.jpg)

No. 1252966

File: 1657125980732.jpeg (890.38 KB, 1170x1849, 7AE17446-978B-4338-9D6F-51D3C4…)

Honey, no it’s not.

No. 1252980

File: 1657127424692.jpeg (184.85 KB, 827x1014, AECC62F3-25B6-4E33-B3F8-6D5D5F…)

Bella looks wild

No. 1252994

File: 1657128138956.jpg (432.72 KB, 1080x1476, HONEY.jpg)

Honey, it is

No. 1252999

wait so he is still pulling the face mask alexis stone stunt, i thought it was supposed to be a one time thing for a social experiment.,

No. 1253000

File: 1657128771597.png (211.78 KB, 1080x1087, Screenshot_20220706-123217-700…)

>>Already a star by the age of 11 after roles on soap operas and in Remember the Titans, Panettiere says she was just 15 when someone on her team began to offer her "happy pills" before she walked the red carpets. "They were to make me peppy during interviews," says Panettiere. "I had no idea that this was not an appropriate thing, or what door that would open for me when it came to my addiction."

No. 1253002

File: 1657128880556.jpeg (41.24 KB, 376x450, 509A2584-C194-4745-950A-181C01…)

No. 1253014

File: 1657129650770.jpg (83.57 KB, 980x653, dove-cameron-ryan-mccartan.jpg)

look up Dove Cameron's dating history
>tall straight guy
>tall straight guy
>tall straight guy
>tall straight guy
she doesn't even date non-binary genderqueers, she dates normal looking straight guys who are a bit tall

No. 1253017

File: 1657129930028.jpeg (162.07 KB, 484x466, C6D5A334-55C3-4957-B7BB-87B406…)

Release him

No. 1253044

Are those weird resting smile lines(?).. made?

No. 1253058

kek, spot on!

No. 1253072

T thickens ur skin so I’m assuming it’s a side of effect of hrt. Other ftm who aren’t as skinny as Ellen have those strange smile lines too.

No. 1253076

Taylor Swift is still trying to act she popped up in this trailer. Her fans are not happy because apparently the director is a groomer.

No. 1253077

File: 1657134667044.jpg (111.5 KB, 904x667, ulwtVPY.jpg)

No. 1253084

File: 1657134977680.jpg (115.39 KB, 555x823, AUxrPgn.jpg)

he's so shameless about it, acting like the teenager provoked him. he is disgusting but that industry actively protects abusers.

No. 1253087

File: 1657135087688.png (294.4 KB, 565x574, macygray.png)

No. 1253094

what did she say?

No. 1253095

File: 1657135578719.jpg (80.63 KB, 886x630, 5vPQOiQ.jpg)

JK defended her

No. 1253100

No. 1253101

File: 1657135737399.jpg (113.7 KB, 880x754, QQ7yUyq.jpg)


No. 1253104

so she's a bi woman who mostly dates men? many such a case, though i do think she'll come out as enby.

No. 1253115

We'd still point out how sickly, pallid and anachan she looks

No. 1253117

>because the alleged assault wasn't witnessed by POLICE
Like, fuck off, they can't be serious. And that bastard even verified the incident, but of course, he was provoked, because a grown ass man can't be held responsible.

No. 1253119

Gaga did a vid for Sephora to promote her relaunch of Beauty Products and she can barely move her face and can't be bothered to fix that wonky and patchy yellow eyeliner, which does a horrid job to advertise her expensive new makeup.

No. 1253122

File: 1657137230039.jpg (32.15 KB, 529x491, gagaliner.JPG)

No. 1253123

i still think she's hot i'm so sorry

No. 1253126

Haven't follow Gaga in ages and everything about this is so un-Gaga-like, her face, the way she talks, her mannerisms. It's uncanny.

No. 1253127

Love to see two Queens supporting each other.

No. 1253133

File: 1657138378008.jpeg (16.68 KB, 400x107, 0549D5CC-BB97-44B2-9DFE-883248…)

He’s literally wearing a fake face piece to look like Jocelyn though. Do you guys remember when this was Jaimie Jamjars best friend back in tumblr-era boy London Goff days? Apparently parodying women and pretending to be transgender is the only way he can get attention as a “social experiment”

No. 1253135

File: 1657138483153.jpeg (121.98 KB, 411x319, 99B8C17C-A102-4976-B6D4-D37B8A…)

Aw I remember he transitioned. Tragic.

No. 1253138

That’s fine.

No. 1253140

File: 1657138888235.jpeg (559.4 KB, 2048x2048, 2CAF59AF-C69B-4EBC-B38F-0AD89D…)

Lorde at Glastonbury.

No. 1253142

You aren’t making me criticize Lorde sorry

No. 1253145

Why blonde?

No. 1253150

She wanted a rebrand idk

No. 1253155

She always looks droopy

No. 1253165

The shape of her breasts are confusing me

No. 1253167

Yes I'm sick of seeing blonde dyed hair. It does not suit her at all. She looks like she's cosplaying Madonna poorly

No. 1253171

I think her body's really cute; I like her thighs. Her hair is a bit too yellow though…

No. 1253172

small and round???

No. 1253174

I saw her body before I saw her face and honestly thought this was Dua Lipa from the outfit. I don't really care for the blonde, but I think that's because it's just so yellow. An ashier color might look better on her. She would also probably look nice with some kind of dark red color.

No. 1253194

Lmao, she looks like a dollar store grimes knock off wannabe tbqh.

No. 1253200

the wording of this is so sinister, "say goodbye"? how about NO

No. 1253202

File: 1657143118166.gif (2 MB, 540x228, tumblr_o1ans6PFIL1r1g6poo3_540…)

Grimes did it better tbqh.

No. 1253210

File: 1657143552594.gif (311.5 KB, 95x473, 165714337339795543.gif)

Lorde's ain't fuckin pretty. She's God fucking UGLY!

No. 1253213

her face is making me much sadder. she was born with quite a pretty face, ok fine she has a stubby body or whatever hollywood calls it but she ruined this freckled nature sprite kind of face and looks like madame the puppet now. idk why she even joined the industry in the first place, it's brought her nothing but sadness.

No. 1253214

your picrel is like that video of the dumb english girls in the hot tub talking about brexit kek

No. 1253215

God, I'd forgotten about her sped dancing era

No. 1253217

waziris appear "white" to north americans and in asia are one of the bottom rung/most persecuted communities. anglo whites are just really isolated in their home countries and i think everyone just got sick of explaining stuff to them so we just let them have their dumb ideas now(enough)

No. 1253218

she obviously hates herself and is also confused and sad that feminists and lesbians have abandoned her now. tbh no sympathy, yes she's harmed herself but her shit attitude, cult, and delusion is also harming young girls who see her while they're growing up.

No. 1253219

is it…is it hard? for people with short legs to walk? this is bad, yo

No. 1253221

great filename, i fucking hate that religion (football)

No. 1253222

why did she completely change her style and music?

No. 1253229

They live in your head rent free, because there was a time not long ago when most pop stars did wear costumes like this regularly. I don’t know why you want to make it about them so badly.

Don’t see what there is to be confused about.

No. 1253231

what the fuck, who keeps letting these surgeons operate??? she looked fine before even her earliest procedures - she just needed to grow her eyebrows and stand up straight. now she looks 35 even if she wears no/minimal makeup.
i agree she's kind of a dick but i'm more angry at the system that's making young women treat their own bodies like someone else's sex robot

No. 1253232

jocelyn doesn't look like that anymore anyway. whatever alexis is doing, looks like jocelyn 15 years ago. even if she was still doing the lion thing, she wouldn't look like this

No. 1253234

straight women respect yourselves and get a man that isn't ugly challenge

No. 1253235


No. 1253238

hello, macy gray!
troons sure hate black women, huh

No. 1253239

she looks lovely except for that hair colour. brackish brown-black looked absolutely beautiful on her.

No. 1253240

File: 1657145853003.jpg (31.44 KB, 500x500, 500x500.jpg)

If you didn't say who that is I swear theres no way I'd recognize her lol

No. 1253241

my theory is that grimes' inner douchiness makes her ugly. if she had that same face but made normal expressions and her eyes didn't shine with "I'M SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU" she'd be pretty sexy.

No. 1253242

i like it! more teenagers need to act normal like her

No. 1253259

can these men at least even out the skintone on there legs and shave because ew, they look unhygienic

No. 1253264

Think that was the point

No. 1253268

What annoys me is the people who seriously believe she's "won" this way and that she'll no longer be criticized by shitty moids. It's sad and copeish, this is just a terrible position for her

No. 1253280

she toned it recently so it looks a little better now. i still don’t really like it though
she still dances like a sped lol
well she made her first album when she was 15/16. she’s 25 now, of course she’s changed a lot since then. im a huge fan and i like the current era but i didn’t really like the new album.

No. 1253283

Isn't that mainly for government papers though? Outside of that most people in the US consider those groups non-white.

No. 1253285

I wish she had bleached her eyebrows to the same shade

No. 1253292

Idk what this nonnie is on about. Indians and Pakistanis are considered Asian on the census and other documents in the states.
North African and Middle Easterners are considered Caucasian though.(stop derailing)

No. 1253304

Someone get our girl a bleach bath on those ends and some toner because it’s giving big bird rather than blonde kek

No. 1253315

File: 1657151867203.gif (746.38 KB, 400x225, OWl4OSt.gif)

>act normal like her

No. 1253316

tiktok is filled to the brim with zoomers "dancing" i think we're good.

No. 1253330

So much for her girl power phase..

No. 1253422

are we still allowed to like margot robbie…

No. 1253463

File: 1657158464933.png (38.18 KB, 328x140, Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 6.47…)

Apartheid Clyde has supposedly spread his seed even further

No. 1253473

like whoever you want

No. 1253478

Wtf is wrong with him and Nick Cannon? I keep trying to figure out the name for whatever disorder it is that makes you want to constantly have children.

No. 1253490

File: 1657162725398.jpeg (169.85 KB, 750x813, F274CE3B-32EE-4BFF-B016-2D141A…)

So he impregnated her and Grimes at the same time? Kek.

No. 1253491

Can he at least choose an attractive woman?

No. 1253494

The baby is cute. I wish him well.

No. 1253512

No. 1253517

Y chromosome

No. 1253524

It's called "time is catching up with me and I need to outrun it for a few more years".

No. 1253543

Aw cutie

No. 1253560

Based af. I sincerely am so thankful for & proud of every woman who comes out to speak about this

No. 1253563

Is it cuz they're pushed up but flat? That's just how corsets look on less busty women.
I'm more confused about that horrible hair color. Should've gone red, gone for a dramatic cut or even some highlights or colored tips. Idk, I feel like there were a lot more fun & interesting options with all that hair. At least someone tell her about purple shampoo kek
I think she's pretty cute? Brows are a lil over tweezed imo. Elon's fucking disgusting tho

No. 1253568

I wonder if this is “the mission” grimes talked about. Being a part of giving this ogre 100 children
Seriously though did this exec just ask for his sperm or something? Cause he was dating grimes at that time

No. 1253586

Did you forget how he looks? That woman is way out of his league looks-wise

No. 1253589

File: 1657180255049.jpg (122 KB, 1434x752, grimes-vf-e1648141371536.jpg)

Well. She's set for 18 years financially. She just needs to bag other billionaire(s?) and get knocked up.

I look forward to her future "REAL HOUSEWIVES OF __________[fill in the blank]."



No. 1253602

File: 1657182286428.jpg (64.66 KB, 700x832, human-expressions.jpg)

No. 1253612

such a cute baby from such evil sperm

No. 1253613

she chickened out though and started back pedalling… such a shame

No. 1253646

File: 1657189698643.jpg (222.52 KB, 696x522, kesha-x900.jpg)

>she ruined this freckled nature sprite kind of face
Such a cute way to describe her old look. Even though the super fake look is sexy to many, it's a traumatized look. An obviously snatched, pulled and injected woman is usually a traumatized woman.

No. 1253648

he's really going full sisterwives, huh? i get why these women are doing it but it's still really pathetic to fuck this guy and have his child. he's literally just using them as walking wombs, it's very obvious

No. 1253649

Thats what i would like to believe the Nick Cannon baby mamas know, but I cant tell anymore. We need mandatory birth control after a certain age for men. This is poison to the earth.

No. 1253670

Eh, way to out yourself as having zero butch friends. There are a ton of butch women who embrace some kinda gender fuckery and es are living in a bit of a cognitive dissonance space but really it's because that's the only way they can move through this shitty world that wants lesbians dead. Not saying Page isn't a transman and fully into the entire man fantasy, but what the other anon described as well as these anons said is true too >>1252914 >>1252949
>anyways trans enby he/him/they masc lesbians are extremely common and make up more than half the dating pool.

Like a masc version of Reviewbrah, impeccable. Still kinda cute idk

Yeah it's difficult to understand the mental state of the women who want to fulfill his baby incubator NFT collection larp.

No. 1253707

why does she think she's better than everyone. there are 5 woman djs better than her at every washed up goth bar in southern ontario. they also wear clothes that were fashionable within the last 5 years

No. 1253712

you guys, you use the term pickme all the time and you're missing it - being a "high value" moid's sister wife is, to them, like being signed to the best modelling agency. they see it as proof that they're the best women because a big deal man picked them to have his baby. that means they're at the top level of what women in fucked up hollywood society can achieve - they're above fuck buddies or girlfriends he didn't impregnate, they got a baby that is like a medal or proof of specialness in their minds. don't feel bad for the women who have nick or elon's kids - they think "being the prettiest" and having the "top" guys baby is what makes a woman worth something. they fucking hate all of you, i promise. like popular middle school girls.

No. 1253713

reviewbrah is our only exception to the kill all moids rule though. we love him and therefore lorde looks beautiful.

No. 1253715

LA lesbians are the fucking worst. they don't have or allow butches, the "masc" ones out there are the fried straightened hair + quaker oats man hat + no sunscreen on the face + tank top and sleeveless cardican vest types.

No. 1253722

File: 1657203460647.jpeg (85.45 KB, 617x409, 939BAFF1-D39B-4D02-AC88-53FF44…)

I miss this era so much. She would have been so beautiful as a natural 30 something. It’s not fair!

No. 1253727

she was gorgeous in her old vids. always loved her messy hair/boho style and cute girl next door face/look. i think she only did fillers on her face so hopefully she lets them dissolve

No. 1253730

do you guys think she actually wrote her old songs and produced them alone?

No. 1253748

No. 1253761

>An obviously snatched, pulled and injected woman is usually a traumatized woman.
This is so true that it hurts. You can literally see their trauma on their faces and these women and girls need help. I still love her but these throwback pics are making me sad.
Does anyone think we'll get to a time where troons aren't caped for anymore or are womens rights just over now?

No. 1253775

Gaga WHYYYYYY, is she trying to speedrun Madonna's current botchery??

No. 1253777

I think about that a lot, the last part of your comment. And I really, really hope so. I am thankful for women like JK and Macy, and I wish I could openly be a terf just like them. And unfortunately if Macy did backpedal a little, I get it. Sorry for blogpost. I just wish it could go back to “normal” (like late 90’s/early 2000s kek), yet even then women weren’t treated well.

No. 1253778

The troon positive tide has definitely turned more than a bit. Normies are peaking and they're being pretty vocal about it.

No. 1253786

ofc he makes a living killing animals
grimes is the most pathetic piece of shit ever for having had kids with this Minecraft Steve-looking, wannabe Genghis Khan autist freak
why are women so fucking retarded? how is his "mission" different from the mission of a delusional cult leader? he's literally using "we will colonize mars" as a narrative to impregnate these autistic space-obsessed 5/10 whores. I guess it's all legit because he's really smart, because cult leaders/malignant narcissists have never been extremely intelligent.

No. 1253809

ayrt she and her friends harped on that point for years and years and never shut up about it and made it her whole brand so back in 2013 when that was supposedly her entire thing i believed it. i never listened to her music because i don't like it but people i worked with and respected who made good music accepted the official description of her so i thought we weren't being lied to. nowadays it really pisses me off that she just made so much shit up

No. 1253813

i have to ask again why she even went into entertainment. she seems to have hated it from the start. i don't have sympathy for her after this latest interview though, she's refusing to treat her mind and body with respect and seems to have a very unhealthy and unhappy life. she's young, she can go back to the university that she was accepted to while fucking 16. she's not an idiot.

No. 1253816

italian-americans are all crazy and the men all hit women, just leave them alone to become crazy fat moms who needle their kids with naggy insults because they're bored.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1253828

I have yet to see a real reason to believe that he is "oh so smart". He knows how to employ smart people that do the job for him.
He is constantly on substances, ranting away on Twitter.

No. 1253848

File: 1657212413978.jpeg (443.9 KB, 2048x2048, 4466F5A9-9EBC-4A47-8023-50BA4C…)

Jordan Peterson got banned from twitter kek

No. 1253851

Out of all the bullshit he's said over years THIS is what gets him banned?

No. 1253852

No. 1253854

I don't agree with everything he says (duh, obviously) but he's sure right about that though, and it's a shame twitter bans the truth, no matter from whose keyboard it stems.

Plastic surgeons are fucking evil. I say that as an insecure girl who got a nosejob, but what happened to primum non nocere? Scums.

No. 1253857

>why are women so fucking retarded?
>5/10 whores
sounding a little sus here..

No. 1253862

>>The host questioned Tiesi about whether her union with Cannon was a form of polygamy or an open relationship?
>>She responded, “This is our relationship and what you do outside of that is what you do outside of that. I’m only worried about my family. I’m only worried about my home. All of my needs are met at the end of the day. Everything is respectful. Everything is honest.”
>> "I'm not really opinionated in other's people business. That's not really my thing," she said. "When it first started happening I was just like, 'I don't understand why everyone is so concerned. Like, why are you upset about what happens in my household?'
>>For me, it doesn't actually genuinely affect me. I understand people's side and they're used to their conventional relationships. That's what's instilled in us. Whatever you want to call this has been going on for years."
Selfish and vapid energy from this whole interview.

No. 1253863

he's not banned, he's suspended until he deletes his tweet. he's refusing to delete it or whatever. eventually he'll cave so he can grift. i have no love for peterson and he's just an asshole, idc this is fake stand against shit anyways. his whole thing is just reinforcing psychotic right wing gender roles anyways so he's the last person who should be bitching. even if i do agree it is mutilation and criminal

No. 1253867

this woman is pitiful. i just feel bad for mariah carey getting roped into this loser's life when she must've had no clue he was this much of a sadistic failure

No. 1253886

https://twitter.com/BradenIsBased/status/1544448370500161543 (the link is a short part of his 'cancellation' video) he looks and sounds like a deranged crazy old man. How does he have such a cult following?

No. 1253917

She still has a contract with Dr Luke to fulfill so I don’t think it’s that easy.

No. 1253992

File: 1657218110216.png (802.95 KB, 423x739, ok last one.PNG)

last photo from 2015.

No. 1253996

I liked Keshas face

No. 1254010

File: 1657218638005.jpeg (541.09 KB, 1237x1790, 529DE192-787D-4641-943E-14C39D…)

The cope is so real

No. 1254015

File: 1657218940103.jpg (78.64 KB, 634x793, 47888541-9988243-Colorful_Kit_…)

People never saw Ellen next to other people…?

No. 1254017

File: 1657219010227.jpeg (43.55 KB, 450x224, 027A3D55-AC14-469B-9D81-579660…)

Wouldn’t it be more like speedy gonzolas with her height/size?

No. 1254024

Ellen is white, we don't need a FTM ScarJo.

No. 1254025

I just realized that she is wearing platform sneakers to be taller in that photo…funny and sad.

No. 1254026

No. 1254030

File: 1657219421655.jpeg (103.35 KB, 1073x804, 94641F94-531A-4553-B4DF-F315B3…)

Look at that jaw, I asked this >>1250830 before but I think they gave her an extra high T dose and that’s why she was able to build those arm muscles. looking like picrel
kek nona

No. 1254037

File: 1657219743331.jpg (78.01 KB, 537x748, 3997rlu2n1531.jpg)

tbf canon accurate Wolverine is supposed to be a turbo manlet, around 5'3, incredibly hairy and supposed to smell like a wild dog, so height wise she'd probably work but she'd also have to be 200 pounds of pure muscle

No. 1254051

Insane how tiny she looks next to Kit. IMDB says he's 5'8 but people I know who have met him say he's closer to 5'6. I suspect he's also wearing platforms too.

No. 1254053

File: 1657220631960.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1494x1774, FC85A92D-1A8B-42B5-AF94-AA6B84…)

Kek this pic reminds me of the storyline about all of them being in a throuple on the moon.

No. 1254058

So you think pride is a sin and the government should be able to control what you as a competent adult human do to your body?

Plastic surgeons are also the people who repair millions of cleft palates so children can eat and drink normally for the rest of their lives, stop tarring them all with the same brush.

No. 1254059

>>1254037 she's too ana to pull that. She looks like she fears water now.

No. 1254076

It’s like arguing the doctors helping disfigured war veterans be able to breathe and eat better and the doctors shoving sponges and glass orbs in breasts are the same people and thing. They may carry the same title but one is helping and one is butchering for their own ego.

No. 1254091

It is a bit double think though when women want bodily autonomy but at the same time women here want to prevent women from being able to decide what they do to their body with their own money.

No. 1254098

>women here want to prevent women from being able to decide what they do to their body with their own money
the summerfags are here. noone on here cares beyond compassion from afar and derision what retarded adult tifs do to mangle their bodies, it's that teen girls see that and want to get their breasts lopped off. it should be illegal to surgically castrate children and give them hormones.
good for him, i hope this inspires more people to ditch or get banned off twitter.

No. 1254099

I fucking can't with this clown, I laughed out loud on the tram while I was reading this. He wants to be taken seriously but at the same time he tweets about being upset about celebrities doing body modifications?? Kek I can't

No. 1254103

Right but the post was about Ellen who had this surgery as an adult…

No. 1254128

So if you are a famous woman you should have less bodily autonomy? How far away is that from saying celebrities shouldn't be allowed to talk about having an abortion because it might influence the younger generation.

No. 1254138

No I'm saying if you want to ban women from being able to have a surgery basically because they are women who have female bodies, it's not that far off banning women from being able to have abortions.
Bodily autonomy is basically all or nothing, not well you only have bodily autonomy if x,y and z are true.
I'm a medfag, these sort of ethical debates about bodily autonomy are particularly interesting for me and no I'm not a moid.

No. 1254149

I don't disagree with the part you quoted either, my point was how do you stop someone like Ellen posting stuff about a controversial surgery they have had which could potentially influence younger people without seeing how this could relate to celebrities posting about abortions they had.
How would you stop a celebrity from doing this vs the general public unless you are gonna say celebrities have less rights than the rest of us?

No. 1254155

Many pro-lifers, religious people, conservatives would equate both of these as being evil and against god.

No. 1254161

File: 1657226763370.jpeg (81.28 KB, 473x1024, 1492C529-D2B5-40C1-A410-A64593…)

Kazuki Takahashi got sent to the shadow realm too early, RIP

No. 1254165

well now we know that spongebob is hot, i guess?

No. 1254167

this reminds me of that time dave chappelle said he wanted to murder a woman he didn't like and stuff her body in the trunk of his car, then got in trouble for saying trannies are bad.

No. 1254170

Of course, the eternal liberal argument, "everything that pisses off conservatives is good". Do you also think "sex work is work"?

No. 1254171

Nta but if someone wants to get their tits chopped off, stuffed, injected, whatever it will never be your decision. Die mad.

No. 1254172

File: 1657227146191.jpg (93.09 KB, 500x550, 1het01.jpg)

I think that she's a SUPER SNOB to protect her itty-bitty ego! She a speshal snoe flake! I think if you pulled off her mask and looked behind the curtain, you'd find a scared lonely little girl.

No. 1254174

i know, right. speaking as a 5/10 (on a good day) i can assure you that none of us are "whores", no matter how much we want to be.

No. 1254175

Name a time when Paige has rallied for body mutilation and has not simply just shared their experience. Once again, as always, it’s allegedly up to women to bear the weight of being a role model just because they’ve acted in some movies or been in the public eye. We are always blaming women for not being good enough, being an activist, being a spokesperson etc.

No. 1254176

Why do you people hate grimes so viscerally

No. 1254178

god people have evidence that she looks worse than a man who's currently actively trying to kill himself and still spout the "euphoria" bullshit?

No. 1254183

he's 5'4 with no shoes haha. where's that 8 coming from, his height when he's standing on the apple box to shoot?

No. 1254184


No. 1254185

emphasis on the speed part

No. 1254186

he looks like abraham lincoln caught syphilis

No. 1254192

>I'm saying if you want to ban women from being able to have a surgery basically because they are women who have female bodies, it's not that far off banning women from being able to have abortions.

That's dumb.

>you can't restrict thing A because then what about thing B that has nothing to do with it?

Well let's all do whatever the fuck we want then, i'm not even against surgery i had a nosejob myself like i said and i was over the moon with the results. I just know how i came to make that choice, it was out of extreme vulnerability, trauma and low self esteem. I wouldn't say i regret it without lying, but plastic surgery needs to be more ethical, with a systematic psychological background. I know i was extremely fragile when i had my surgery, i know i have to live with the cognitive dissonance of being a feminist while still having been obsessed enough with my appearance to have my bones broken out of my face to be prettier. I'm not proud. I'm an adult woman with bodily autonomy, i made a choice, but the medical professionals are here to guide us. You act as if you are always in total control of yourself, when you go to the doctor because you're sick and he prescribes you pills, you take them because he has authority of knowledge on you. Does that mean you're not an independant woman then, because you listened to a doctor? That's idiotic. The self isn't always to be listened, sometimes it's good that things are forbidden.

No. 1254194

Oh I can read, that was just my first reply on a topic that’s becoming quite the broken record here. Anons are saying this should be criminalized as though they genuinely don’t see the terrifying ripple effect it would have. Ellen Paige gets a tit chop and it’s akin to 9/11 on lolcow. If they criminalized plastic surgery it would be only with the intent of governing womens decisions, taking away more of our autonomy, and making our lives even more of a nightmare as far as the medical industry goes. I genuinely don’t think any of you have ever thought critically about what you’re saying.

No. 1254197

>The self isn't always to be listened, sometimes it's good that things are forbidden.
You are no different from a man. Honestly so grotesque.

No. 1254202

File: 1657227980333.jpg (100.01 KB, 881x1034, 44b.jpg)

Uh. No one said that they hated her just that she's a MASSIVE SNOB!

No. 1254205

>the ultimate no-brain insult of lolcow.farm
Wow, how intelligent of you. It's really crushing that you compared me to a man because we don't agree. How will i live with myself?

No. 1254206

Okay well while you’re crying about how Paige is leading some psyop into gender-hysteria and will have a duck-row following of little girls slicing their breasts off, there are much bigger issues regarding the policing of womens bodies. Anytime a woman does anything it’s always lip service here about how they need to be a role model, it’s so hypocritical. None of you gave a fuck about Ellen Page before this. Nobody is genuinely thinking “wow, a 5 ft tall trans man, how cool, that’s who I want to be when I grow up!!!111” All this pearl-clutching when anons never hold men to the same stupid Hollywood-matriarch standard.

No. 1254209

“Sometimes things should be forbidden” omg shut the fuck up, all of this over a titchop.

No. 1254211

Oh it doesn't, people can post their opinions which is my point but the original anon I was replying to was agreeing with Jordan Peterson who is saying that the doctors who did this to Ellen are criminals and it shouldn't be allowed and that Ellen shouldn't be allowed to be a role model on twitter and I was trying to point out why agreeing with Jordan Peterson is fucking stupid basically because all he wants to do is take bodily autonomy away from women.

No. 1254212

>stop trying to silence women
What exactly was I silencing in all of my three (3) posts?

No. 1254213

You really try so hard to be a libertarian feminist that you'll argue with that? Lmao.
Yes sometimes in society things are to be forbidden. I can't fuck a child, i can't mutilate my neighbor, i can't tell people to agree that i'm a man if i'm a woman, and so on. Poor me, i guess i don't have bodily autonomy.

No. 1254215

she has the right to be retarded, she however is retarded in front of millions of self-conscious young girls salivating at all the attention, support, and praise she's been getting, believing her when she says she's happy to be her true self and believing the media portraying her as a hero.
not saying she should be forbidden from transitioning or whatever, but this whole media / social media narrative is reaaaally dangerous.

No. 1254220

The idea that she’s supposedly going to “inspire” girls to do what she’s doing is retarded though. No children give a fuck about Ellen Paige.

No. 1254226

Do you understand how you having a surgery is different from you harming or killing another person?
Do you think self harm should be illegal?
Is English not your first language or something because you don't seem to understand what bodily autonomy is.

No. 1254227

nope, no teen girl gives a fuck about her, it's entirely about the praise and validation.

No. 1254228

kek yeah let's give anorexics liposuction, it's their body

No. 1254232

fuck off with that ellipsis, make your point or don't. three dots aren't an argument, tumblrchan

No. 1254234

suicide or regular drunk guy on boat death?

No. 1254236

Shouldn't adults be able to do what they want with their own bodies if it's not going to harm anyone else?

No. 1254237

she lied to us and we feel really stupid and betrayed

No. 1254238

Can the TIF anon or whatever that wants to lick ellen page's imaginary balls please go back to twitter. Go back to her insta and worship her every selfie like the thousands of other young people you say she has no effect on. Please i'm begging go celebrate minced tiddies and obliviousness elsewhere. Please.

No. 1254239

nonas need to read the title of the thread kek

No. 1254241

File: 1657229450110.png (193.71 KB, 291x299, rachel.png)

Diana, you are doing a good job supervising Rachel for her daily hour on the internet. The wrangling has done her good and it seems she's trying to integrate. I hope it's not too hot in California.(bringing /snow/ cow shit into celebricows)

No. 1254244

Idk who or what this is but can you please spoiler the image kek

No. 1254247

yeah sorry about that, I was worried it was going to make me sound like a man. they aren't whores, it was my misogynistic way of expressing that I think they're horrible people for enabling such a shitty toad villain of a man

No. 1254250

He went snorkeling in an area with sharks. Aside from children’s card games, he also liked sharks.

No. 1254253

Did he go snorkeling with sharks alone? Why would anyone do that

No. 1254262

poor emma portnoy. i can only imagine her sadness and grief at having to end her marriage like this. she's very beautiful and skilled at her work and really doesn't deserve having to hide from everyone like this. i hope there is someone in her life she can actually speak to about what's ACTUALLY going on, rather than just spout buzzwords from behind the mask.

No. 1254264

there is absolutely nothing wrong with that potato, anon. we don't need a spoiler just because you don't eat carbs or whatever.

No. 1254268

an area with sharks is different from "beach closed due to too many sharks". they're kind of like crocs, i think, in that they don't bother you if they're not hungry. except for a few complete asshole species like bull sharks or salties but none of those things are in east asia.

No. 1254275

But anorexics don’t get liposuction. What you’re talking about is “regulation” of a service itself, not criminalization. Yes, people should be more heavily vetted before doing cosmetic procedures. Talking them away however only creates a much bigger host of issues.

No. 1254276

You expected a celebrity to be honest with you for real?

No. 1254279

kek anon why do you type like Trump?

No. 1254282

File: 1657232301939.jpeg (135.54 KB, 1362x766, E8CC8F76-64FA-46B2-B0B6-C151F6…)

No. 1254293

File: 1657233800500.jpg (472.67 KB, 2048x1536, 1656714004289.jpg)

… you wish, anon.

No. 1254296

File: 1657234170884.jpg (35.01 KB, 453x576, 0b4.jpg)

Yes. Always!

No. 1254315

File: 1657235694464.png (669.23 KB, 972x478, i like cheesy poofs.png)

just fuck off, handmaiden. we all used to be like you and no one ever goes back. no one cares how good your manners are, we're not going to give you the time of day if you keep arguing for this disgusting tranny bullshit because it's not feminist. if you support it you hate women, and if you hate women you can't sit with us.

No. 1254316

omg he walks among us

No. 1254338

dysgenic women breeding with dysgenic men to make more dysgenic children. men like elon can only succeed or be "the best choice" in this unnatural world men have created.

No. 1254342


No. 1254346

File: 1657239753907.jpeg (66 KB, 600x900, 466385CD-C964-4894-AB79-5E47CD…)

R they fuckin?

No. 1254358

KEK no no i don’t care about the weight i wanted it spoilered bc of the unsettling face.
Idgaf now bc your comment made me laugh nona thanks

No. 1254365

Can we please stop replying to the tiffany, she’s trolling, keeps repeating same arguments no matter what, etc.

No. 1254422

Unpopular opinion but Joseph Quinns creepy black eyes are very attractive to me. He has the personality of a sack of beans, though.

No. 1254432

She looks and sounds like Ariana

No. 1254441

Literally who anon

No. 1254448

Hi Trump

No. 1254449

>can we stop replying to the Tiffany
>has been three hours since anyone responded to the Tiffany

No. 1254485

File: 1657253176097.jpg (44.08 KB, 720x231, 20220707_230342.jpg)

She's so edgy for this

No. 1254486

who does she think listens to her music?

No. 1254487

It’s never “fuck transphobic men” or “fuck males who kill trannies”, or “fuck the men in power who want less rights for crossdressing men”. It’s always “fuck women who don’t want to suck cock”.

No. 1254494

He is boring. So boring that he tries to take on the personality of everyone else around him.

No. 1254497

Meanwhile troons are tweeting about how their girly shitholes are better than real vaginas.

No. 1254499

They both look like ogres and so does roll of nickels.

No. 1254500

Exactly, somehow we’re the enemy when the only ones who kill them are also AMAB. It’s a far bigger problem for a man to feel he’s denied access to women, than to be killed by another man. One is way more painful to retard scrotes. Phoebe Bridgers really taking a powerfully lame stand.

No. 1254510

If tumblr were a person, it would be Phoebe Bridgers.

No. 1254526

She tried to say goodbye but she choked. Tried to walk away but she stumbled.

No. 1254527

are you 38 years old

No. 1254530

ageist little shit

No. 1254535

That's a banger, hater.

No. 1254541

What's with nonnas making a huge deal over her appearance. She's retarded for sure, but she looks normal

No. 1254544

File: 1657260832903.png (149.05 KB, 323x571, noah tiktok.png)

its so funny that doja is going after noah for making a silly tiktok. he's 17 and shes saying what he did is snake shit lol, i doubt he thought it was that serious at all, especially when it's so on brand for her to be so silly.

No. 1254547

File: 1657261019262.png (242.45 KB, 488x725, doja.png)

No. 1254551

Maybe I’m just an old lady, but it does seem pretty weird to me how often people share innocuous private conversations on social media, especially when it’s a celebrity. I get if you’re being harassed or someone is sending you inappropriate messages, but this is so mundane. Not everything has to be public.

No. 1254553

Nah she's right to be pissed, he could at least ask her permission to post their conversation, there should be an expectation of privacy when it comes to online conversations. Image if he had recorded a live conversation with Doja and leaked it online, every body would find it weird.

No. 1254555

You're telling me the Doja who has been on the web for years didn't even attempt to lurk for his IG? You can search people in followings, Google, etc. wtf lol

No. 1254557

At first when I saw the outrage on Twitter I thought she asked him to set her up with another 17 year old but turns out it's so mundane. He really is socially unaware, what a clout-chasing loser.

No. 1254561

I loved yu-gi-oh in my childhood, RIP.

No. 1254562

File: 1657263365255.jpg (114.37 KB, 309x450, dmg.jpg)

Man that sucks. I have so many good Yu-Gi-Oh memories as a kid. Dark Magician Girl is what made me start drawing kek

No. 1254575

File: 1657264716968.png (16.04 KB, 589x259, 89043820943287.png)

Seriously why would she care, it's not like she was being covert about thirsting for this actor. Anything you put out in the digital world may eventually be revealed. Celebs should understand this even better than the average person. Voice call if you're that worried about it.

No. 1254594

I thought this too, but perhaps she was asking for a private IG rather than his regular public one?

No. 1254601

If that's the case, then that makes sense.

No. 1254602

Her music always felt boring and shallow to me.

No. 1254624

Doja acts more like an egirl like Belle Delphine than an actual celeb. The embarrassing online behavior reddit tier humor, salivating over mediocre scrotes and trying to hang out with teenage boys all belong in a thread on /w/.

She even shows her feet in chatrooms like a discord girl.

No. 1254629

Not as weird as her asking a 17 year old to be her wing man. Doja has been very public about her attraction to Joseph, he probably thought this was another one of her jokes.

No. 1254631

>Doja has been very public about her attraction to Joseph, he probably thought this was another one of her jokes.
This makes sense, he probably shared that dm because he thought it was funny and that doja would also find it funny.

Doja is way to angry and sensitive lately, like remember when she had that instagram live raging at some woman because she made a plastic surgery video about her.

No. 1254640

She’s beyond pathetic. She’s been lusting after a gay wonder bread man publicly and tried to get the D via a 17 year old boy. You don’t try to hook up with someone via their minor co-worker and then get mad that a 17 year old boy acted like a 17 year old boy. It’s creepy that she’s dming him in the first place.

No. 1254643

Why is a grown woman asking a minor ten years younger than her for info on a man she wants to fuck? Especially when they didn’t even have screen time together? Stalker behavior.

No. 1254647

She needs to take a break online and offline she's spiralling. I'm also suspecting some drug abuse issues
All while she's already dating another mediocre scrote.

No. 1254649

Her rapid weight loss screams “drugs”

No. 1254683

me ready to fight doja fat after she unironically gets her rocks off on making people harass poor noah schnapp when he barely even did anything wrong. seriously what is wrong with her? why beef with a 17 year old? crazy bitch go lust after kkk members some more

No. 1254702

that guy is such a huge cow himself, truly laughable xanax addict moid

No. 1254705

The incest too

No. 1254708

i can't comprehend that this acronym made up by tumblr autists has reached mainstream media, i truly cannot comprehend that all this tranny shit i laughed at when i was 13 is now a huge topic of debate in western countries. it's so insane

No. 1254711

akshually it was created by some so-called "radfems" on wordpress to virtue signal how they're "not like those mean transphobes" and caught on on tumblr later. Before that the popular term used instead of terf/swerf was "radscum".

No. 1254741

I didn't know that! Thank you for teaching me something this morning.

No. 1254743

she’s currently dating some french scrote so i guess noah accidentally exposed her plan to cheat on him kek. when relying on a 17 y/o as your wingman goes wrong. she needs to pipe down, her public persona is some of the corniest shit i’ve ever seen and she’ll fuck up her own career eventually

No. 1254778

File: 1657282641301.gif (930.7 KB, 640x556, 8A75C857-427E-4FC0-9205-6BCB15…)

the nonnies who are absolutely thirsty for some pussy and love praising her mcdonalds greasy sweated face now have a chance, she’s that damn desperate you should all hop in her dms right now and get to it! kek, she looks like every mixed girl you saw at your burgerfag high school either hanging out with the nerds with lisps or the clear ghetto gangbangers and her preferences are never surprising. also the fact that she’s apparently dating a french scrote but trying to hop into a 17 year old’s dms james charles style, it must mean that a lot of celebrity “relationships” are not real and are like business deals/networking to these people.

No. 1254780

Loool no wonder.

No. 1254783

Noah is so annoying, god bless. And she's embarassing.

No. 1254784

>Her fans are not happy because apparently the director is a groomer.

late but that's putting it incredibly lightly this guy is one of those hollywood freaks he did wayy more than that
>verbaly/physically Abused George Clooney, Lily Tomlin, and Amy Adams on set for multiple different movies
>Attacked Christopher Nolan at a party
>Headbutted and Grabbed George Cloney by the throat on set
heres some info from his wiki page
>two videos were leaked onto YouTube portraying on-set arguments between Russell and Tomlin, in which among other things he called her sexist names.These abusive tirades by Russell were first reported in a 2004
>According to Salon, in the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack, it was revealed that Russell made "Amy Adams' life a living hell" during the production of the American Hustle, and Christian Bale intervened
>journalist Jonathan Alter said: "He grabbed one guy by the collar, cursed out people repeatedly in front of others and so abused Amy Adams that Christian Bale got in his face and told him to stop acting like an asshole."
and he's a pedo chaser
>"In December 2011, Russell's 19-year-old transgender niece, Nicole Peloquin, filed a police report alleging Russell had sexually assaulted her. The case was closed without any charges being filed because the alleged assault wasn't witnessed by police. According to the police report, Russell offered to help Peloquin with ab exercises, during which his hand hovered above her private parts. After inquiring about the hormones she used to increase breast size Russell slipped his hands under her shirt and felt both breasts. Russell confirmed that the incident happened, but told police that Peloquin was "acting very provocative toward him" and invited him to feel her breasts. He also admitted to being "curious about the breast enhancement." This incident was also directly mentioned in the 2014 Sony Pictures hack."

he's faced no real consequences because he's rich and has "connections"

No. 1254785

>trying to hop into a 17 year old’s dms james charles style
She wanted to get to a 29 year old man, Joseph Quinn. It's okay to personally dislike her, but it's extremely weird to try and twist shit kek

No. 1254787

The fuck. So what's Taylor's goal here? Why did she choose this?

No. 1254788

Taylor swift was always a fake so this is not surprising but i want to know why other actors chose to act in this if he treats actors badly and is a creep.

No. 1254790

fame and money like with all other celebs that's why people still work with Woody Allen, Roman Polanski and Bryan Singer all of them are straight up pedophiles but that's looked past for their "art" no one in hollywood has morals that's how you get famous in the first place

No. 1254791

File: 1657283811716.jpeg (11.81 KB, 300x168, D5EFA7F8-7B0D-4CD4-86CE-905CE8…)

>”personally dislike her”
>woah woah don’t call the precious celebrity with millions of dollars and retarded fans a predator now! that would hurt her feelings and also her music career she clearly already hates!

calm down you twerp, I just didn’t clarify I know she was trying to get a high schooler to play matchmaker for her to get to a man that looks like shrek when he turned human in shrek 2 (or is that the other faggot in a wig? can’t even tell). it’s almost as pathetic like james charles because he seeks out underaged people to get relationships and that’s what she did. inb4 the crusaders come in and say “there’s only massive pushback because she’s a woman blah blah” who cares she looks like she smells rancid all of the time and has the mental capacity and social awareness of a /g/ poster.

No. 1254796

You're psychotic, I didn't say any of that shit mongoloid. Did she go to HS with you? Kek. Don't give a fuck about what you have to say, just don't compare women dating grown men to your favorite faggot moid groomers because of your personal vendetta, end of story and take a shower

No. 1254799

your james analogy is retarded as hell and not comparable at all.
James was seeking out those minors so he could date those minors.
Meanwhile Joseph is 29 and she was asking one of his coworkers to tell Joseph to get in contact with her.

No. 1254801

File: 1657284274504.webm (12.62 MB, 320x690, Untitled (1).webm)


No. 1254805

I hate how these films always have the same actors. There are more actors and actresses in the world. Choose them for roles that suit them. It just makes films so much less enjoyable to me. Idc to see Anya Taylor Joy in literally everything. She is not that good.

No. 1254807

kys nonnita-chan
The intentions are different, analogy is still correct. I’m not going to defend any woman just because she shares the same genitals as me, she’s incredibly dishonest, conniving, and dumb as hell. I’m proud to be a vendettafag if it means I won’t have shit taste

No. 1254815

This is a lot milder than I expected. I thought she'd be raging like in that plastic surgery rant. Of course she'd be upset that some 17 year old scrote embarrassed her publicly for attention (though she kind of fumbled on her own, I'll never get why these celebrities don't just use private/spam accounts for private shit to give themselves public deniability). Dojaspergs really are unhinged. The way some of them were talking about her reaction, you'd think she made an attempt on his life kek

No. 1254819

it just isn't correct.

No. 1254827

she's dumb for doing a lot of things, but she's not a groomer for contacting a teen who worked with a guy she wants to get with so he could potentially let joseph quinn know doja is interested in him. terrible analogy.

No. 1254832

What a weird time we live in. Having celebrities talk about controversies but then cowboy hats, mustaches, sunglasses and a dog's butt keep showing up.

No. 1254836

couldn’t even pull in the DMs of the actor in the first place, she must be on drugs or something

No. 1254837

she's so annoying that conor oberst's friends stopped hanging out with him when they were dating. i didn't make that up.

No. 1254838

Nope, you tried to push something and it was wrong

No. 1254839

hahah nta but kekek what??? are you high or just brain damaged

No. 1254840

she looks way too british to be hot

No. 1254841

ew why interact with a 17 year old at all. she creeps me out now

No. 1254842

why is she even friends with a kid in the first place??? i predict that after she has The Big One of mental breakdowns, she will have sex with a minor. she's giving major neurotic BA graduate with no dreams or direction who got a job teaching high school vibes

No. 1254843

she shouldn't be dming or friends with a kid that isn't her kid or sibling in the first place.

No. 1254844

>contacting a teen who worked with a guy she wants to get with so he could potentially let joseph quinn know doja is interested in him
how can you think any part of this sentence isn't fucked up. if you need a child to go tell someone you want to fuck them, you're not mature enough to be having sex

No. 1254846

the people defending doja in this thread are middle-aged yaoi lovers who’s brains are still in middle school so they think it’s okay for a grown woman that everyone unfortunately thinks is attractive to contact a young child to secretly hook up with a d-lister. she is such a loser and refuses to get any good PR because she wants to foster as much parasocial oneness with her fans as possible. she needs obey her very word, stop making music, disable her social media or only use it for promotions, stop livestreaming, learn how to do her “white mom who didn’t know what to do with” hair and go the fuck away. she is quite literally an LC/crystal.cafe NEET who stumbled her way to stardom, she even admits all she wants to do is play video games, smoke weed, and do absolutely nothing, she’s such a goddamn loser kek

No. 1254847

It just doesn't seem that deep in this case. The "She WILL have sex with a minor" shit some anon posted is weird as fuck, sounding like a scrotal fantasy

No. 1254851

i dont like doja, but you are a weirdo who is projecting your hurt what some girl did to you in high school or at work to doja cat.
You keep comparing people you hate in high school/college/work to doja, you weird sperg kek.

No. 1254852

File: 1657286986232.jpg (441.25 KB, 1600x1600, ijknh.jpg)

Also, since no one here wants to say it: Why this?

No. 1254854

he is ugly, he and yung gravy are the new ugly men on trend to be hyped up before they get forgotten just like jack harlow did kek.

No. 1254855

all i see when i look at this dude is mark zuckerberg. women need to realize the hair is a wig and he is not his character. even if he grows out his hair he's not going to look the same

No. 1254856

the preference of self-hating mixed woman who was caught talking to ugly 4chan users in chat rooms, what’s there to even discuss? it’s obvious and you know it so stop playing kek.

No. 1254858

tbh she's is or was a chantard panderer but joseph quinn is a HUGE step up from their usual preferences considering, so

No. 1254859

The Doja sperging itt is so weird. I don't like her either but some of you are too obsessed with this bitch for your own good

No. 1254860

heterosexual women always thinking there’s a scrote behind every single little post in a gossip thread. not everyone is a skinwalker with a dick dangling in between their legs, cocksucker

No. 1254861

I just wonder what Doja did to make you this obsessed with her.

No. 1254862

Don't pin your creepy-ass posts on lesbians or bi women, freak

No. 1254863

it's really pathological. she does some egirl tier shit, okay, but the level of hatred ITT for her is insane, their complaints are usually extremely hyperbolic, and incomprehensible.

No. 1254865

>cocksucker heterosexual
oh you're definitely baiting now.

No. 1254866

very true. unrelated but it’s also pretty funny when anons claim that these men are not even in these woman’s leagues. um, yes they are? have you seen them without the clown makeup, pasties holding up their floppy breast and manipulative camera work? she is in the same league as him, looks-wise, most of these women are and in the unusual case like for example mgk and megan fox they have handmaiden thought processes.

No. 1254868

just say you want to fuck her unstable pot-smelling ass and go, if she didn’t have her fame she would be posting here right now infighting with me yelling at her mixed pittie to stop barking at the neighbors with a tasty looking infant

No. 1254869

Why does he look like a smoothed-out version of Mike Patton

No. 1254870

patton looks much more like white trash

No. 1254871

File: 1657287749369.jpeg (39.32 KB, 355x500, yung-gravy-18042_.jpeg)

>yung gravy
Man looks like a ugly inbred neanderthal, he looks like a below-average southerner, infact i could find men that look like him just by taking a walk in the south.

Can anyone tell me why twitterfagots and tiktokfags are now hyping this man up.

No. 1254872

Stfu Doja sperg.

No. 1254874

You make no sense, you call us heterosexual cocksuckers but then you also say we want to fuck doja. Which is it babes? You have DID or what.

No. 1254876

he looks like the boyfriend of an anon in the suoillomanka thread

No. 1254877

ayrt i'm not the same anon as the one sperging about high school and stuff. i just hate pedos a lot

No. 1254878

samefag meant this for

No. 1254879

there are people here who dislike doja including me but you are such a unhinged sperg that its making me defend doja and i dont want to defend that pickme.

No. 1254880

>She's just like MEEEE (negative)
NTA but get help. Maybe you should've learned to sing and dance kek

No. 1254881

i'm the one who said that and she is absolutely the kind of insecure woman in the midst of an identity crisis who would bang a teenager. telling people that they're paranoid is how pedos got so far in the first place.

No. 1254883

i'll forgive him if a woman with black eyes ever gets to be famous. idk why invisible pupils are such a dealbreaker for everyone but it's fine i don't mind wearing colour contacts every day til i die

No. 1254884

Doubt it. She's retarded, but some people want something that just isn't there

No. 1254885

File: 1657288289271.png (668.91 KB, 566x564, Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 4.52…)

Why are tiktokfags hyping up this ugly man….or is it because they are now looking for a replacement for jack harlow since he got cancelled, and are now looking for another ugly rapper to hype up, although jack is more attractive than this man.

No. 1254886

All male rappers are ugly

No. 1254889

Anon he's literally Daisy Edgar Jones genderbent.

No. 1254892

ok and…im talking about how this man is suddenly being hyped up and im tired of hearing his shitty song on tiktok.

No. 1254893

should have posted hyunjin oppar instead.

No. 1254895

Stop using TikTok

No. 1254896

You post him.

No. 1254898

No. 1254899

Ugly creature, just needs a scraggly beard and he's cosplaying as the gravy boy

No. 1254900

Then begone Twitterfag

No. 1254906

she can barely do either of those things though anon KEK

No. 1254907

how is using tiktok sometimes make someone a twitterfag. Do you even know the terimnology you are using you braindead dumbfuck.

No. 1254908

>ok and..
You just sound incredibly low IQ and you're bitching about TikTok. This isn't a safespace for 16 year olds, go back

No. 1254911

not that anon. Why so mad are you the doja sperg? are you mad that we arent discussing how she reminds you of someone you hate in high school?

No. 1254913

How am I the Doja sperg for saying all male rappers are ugly?

No. 1254916

whats up with ugly chalk men like this being hyped up.

No. 1254917

File: 1657289583571.gif (4.47 MB, 498x273, E78E7F8F-CEFC-4515-9774-3392B7…)


No. 1254918

All k-pop males are ugly

No. 1254919

File: 1657289789599.jpg (41.72 KB, 720x432, jimin-cover.jpg)

Incorrect.(they’ve all had plastic surgery, retard)

No. 1254928

Dogboy is cuter than this guy. He looks like he'd be annoying in middle school, sorry nonner.

No. 1254943

he's cuter than the average uhhhh non-kpop-male of any race but that face is freaky

No. 1254950

File: 1657291412556.png (80.58 KB, 205x272, excuse me.png)


No. 1254963

File: 1657292158224.webm (19.84 MB, 592x1280, pm3SE3RKVL3xKgKI.webm)

No. 1254967

Rare Jodi acquired!

No. 1254969

she is so retarded for reacting this way. this could have been such a cute way for her and quinn to start talking like, yeah its weird that noah shared this, but this would have been a funny but cute excuse for her to message him. idk if im making sense but basically doja could have played this differently but based on how she reacted publicly she has made herself look like a fool and joseph quinn is probably very put off by her now.

No. 1254991

True, she could've just left it or played it off. It's embarrassing but just posting "LOL don't do this shit" or a simple emoji (if she really had to say something) and then ignoring/ghosting him afterward would've been better

No. 1255005

Samefag but isn't Noah Schnapp gay, anyway? "Girl stop" would've ended everything

No. 1255018

Isn't this the totemo lesbian singer song writer who is in a straight relationship?

No. 1255021

guy on the right looks like doughy justin timberlake lol

No. 1255048

Lmao, yes, aren't the indie gay girls always?

No. 1255062

This gif never fails to make me laugh but its weird how ive started to think its cute now. Kpoop posters are brainwashing me

No. 1255076

i was scrolling and when i got to this post i literally went "AAAH!" i screamed out loud while reading in my living room by myself.

No. 1255078

anon she's literally who

No. 1255080

b-b-b-b-BOTCHED, baby

>kpop thread
>westerners evacuate
KEK like their fanbases aren't all fat white american retards who don't know they'll never fuck you because your women are lower than a dog on our continent.

No. 1255082

she looks like a brazzers banner ad

No. 1255084

guys. it's not cute to have a child be your go-between for your fuckbuddy. once you graduate high school, you are supposed to never interact with anyone still in high school. i don't care what you want to say about your boyfriend who was a year ahead of you. we don't socialize with high schoolers when we are adults.

No. 1255091

Caps please

No. 1255096

The fat white American lives rent free to the wizard-chan with oily brunette hair who’s eating disorder is the only good thing happening for her calling everyone fat kek

No. 1255100

He looks like that guy who murdered a woman and performed plastic surgery on himself

No. 1255102

Holy shit, she looks busted without 10lbs of makeup and lashes slapped on.

No. 1255106

in the vid she says "he can't be more than 21, maybe he is idk" so i don't think she even realized he was underage tbf

No. 1255115

File: 1657302278597.jpeg (146.87 KB, 1284x1514, 3FB4F154-9825-450C-94E0-760C08…)

Shinzo Abe was also sent to the shadow realm

No. 1255116

Tinfoil as hell but I totally see 'Elliot Page' getting stung for talking to minors or something suss down the track. The fact she's such an insecure manlet in height, the way she looks like Justin Beiber on estrogen and the way she's pandering to the whole woke gen Z crowd makes me think she'll end up fucking a teenager. It's a matter of time. I always had that vibe from Demi Lovato and James Charles. Weirdos who try to appeal to and hang out with kids.

No. 1255118

Loving the random use of hashtags in the post kek. #shot

No. 1255132

File: 1657303264139.jpeg (112.19 KB, 828x461, C464EF12-478A-447C-B033-2B780C…)


No. 1255138

what the fuck? shinzo's dead???????

No. 1255139

anons favorite white girl disappoints them when she isn’t a crabby terf. are you really surprised?? stop putting your faith in these lukewarm whispering singers who cry and shed a tear about stupid ass men instead of making awesome hardcore metal music about killing them.

No. 1255140

her music is mediocre, so fuck her too

No. 1255142

File: 1657303880158.jpg (29.28 KB, 500x493, MEbIJgU.jpg)

the sad thing is that he is more attractive than all her exes combined.

No. 1255144

isn't Christian Bale in this movie though? strange i guess he changed his mind..
>using the most botched of botched creepiest looking ones as examples

No. 1255146

oh my god she was dating paul dano?? since when? goddamn he is FUGLY.

No. 1255148

That's the joke

No. 1255150

Literal video game reviewer tier

No. 1255157

File: 1657304681266.jpeg (16.23 KB, 170x251, 0467DE22-915C-42BD-8DA9-E0B6B1…)

No. 1255161

No. 1255163

This thread is pretty much infested with retards from Twitter and TikTok, they defend trannies and are generally obnoxious as fuck

No. 1255164

Tiktok is always shit and shouldn't be used in the first place, what else were you expecting

No. 1255170

The fact that Doja Cat couldn’t get a plain ass white man with less fame than her is fucking hilarious. Her public plea for him didn’t work so she had to go to a 17 year old boy kek Also, people who say he violated her privacy are failing to realize she was trying to violate Joseph’s by attempting to get a private instagram handle of his out of Noah.

No. 1255173

Because it doesn’t make any sense, she’s definitely a predator. There’s absolutely no fucking way she didn’t know she can just check the guy’s Instagram herself if she was that desperate, she’s really stupid but not that dumb. Plus she’s a pop star she can just ask someone else in her circle that happens to have a bit more clout than her to get the guy’s attention. There is definitely something deeper with her messaging noah… or again, she’s just very, very slow and was trying to sneak around cheating on her current boyfriend because she’s a snake.

No. 1255181

Why did people think that she was terfy?

No. 1255185

so is stranger things man

No. 1255188

Her recently freed lesbian wife was 10 years her junior so maybe she will speedrun her heckin validating male predatory sexuality journey and hook up with a high schooler like paul walker

No. 1255195

already posted >>1254485

No. 1255202

How many pussies have you licked Phoebe?

No. 1255208

File: 1657307240226.jpeg (72.84 KB, 601x401, 1656390406313.jpeg)

OT but the thirst for him has literally nothing to do the actor himself, its 99% cause of the character he portrayed on strange things, the fact is a smalltown edgy metalhead with a leather jacket and long hair is and will always be hotter then any manufactured aesthetic, and that says more about how out of touch producers more then anything else

see for yourself

No. 1255209

NTA but the wizard-chan with oily brunette hair literally is the fat white American, what are you talking about kek

No. 1255212

>and that says more about how out of touch producers more then anything else
What do you mean producers are out of touch if they created a character everyone is supposed to love and it clearly worked?

No. 1255217

I should have clarified, for the past decade Hollywood has been pushing "sexy men" that are buff and boring(at best) or creepy fish men, metalheads(classic) when its not forced are cool and there is genuineness in that style, I don't think it was ever expected for eddie munson to become this popular but he did

No. 1255220

i mean even in his stranger things costume he is still not worth embarrassing yourself over.

No. 1255224

Its about the character, people are aware that he's mediocre looking, Its about the character which appeals to people

No. 1255229

File: 1657307947575.png (214.74 KB, 590x631, Screenshot_20220708-141726-319…)

I hate this so much.

No. 1255232

I thought this was a joke, but oh my god it's real

No. 1255234

The character hardly had any screen time. His biggest scene was selling drugs and then he got killed off and only one character cared kek people are just desperate for another white boy of the month

No. 1255240

he literally died sacrificing himself performing an epic metal song so he would be a little memorable, why are you so upset that people like him, compared to the usual ugly moids, he's just average and seems nice

No. 1255242

I’m not upset at all lol like I said, people just want another white boy of the month. It’s not that deep.

No. 1255243

File: 1657308471636.jpg (133.88 KB, 688x742, dyVkS21.jpg)

they're so shameless

No. 1255245

OT but I feel that term was 100% made up by some sort of blackcel, seriously an inoffensive young handsome celebrity gets popular for a brief period and some people lose their minds for some reason

No. 1255247

>9 known children
is making me lol

No. 1255249

File: 1657308644541.jpg (100.84 KB, 705x705, LouisPartridge.jpg)

to add i can atleast understand embarrassing yourself over if the actor is atleast actually handsome like Louis Partridge for example.

But these men like joseph,yung gravy and jack harlow are so average it hurts.

No. 1255251

blackcel term or not it just shows how low the bar is for men, that people like post malone, tom holland and jack harlow get propped up as heart throbs. while women look better and get their looks picked apart all the time

No. 1255253

No one even brought up black men, jesus

No. 1255255

It wasn’t though. It was fangirls making fun of themselves that made it up lol

No. 1255256

OT but I find it interesting how many non-black people underestimate the massive amount of "inceldom" with in the black community, I wish there was a black thread where I could explain the phenomena better

No. 1255257

Notice that Elon Musk didn't like Nick's tweet. I wonder why, kek. They're both trash

No. 1255258

I think they do it because it’s easier to project whole made-up personalities onto average men compared to highly attractive ones.

No. 1255259

2 mongoloid subhumans who aren't even worthy of breathing clean air producing this many children, this is why sterilization for low IQ subhumans should be mandatory(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1255266

File: 1657309239641.jpg (271.23 KB, 1080x1440, images.jpg)

ironically enough you sound like a white incel, the problem here is that they are picking ugly or average looking men and trying to shill them as hot when they are not.

Like trust me if it was actually hot guys like Louis Partridge or singers like Shawn mendes being shilled i would be okay with it because they are handsome men BUT JOSEPH IS A UGLY BEADY EYED man.

The standards for men in entertainment need to be higher, women in entertainment are expected to look like goddesses but a man can be average and then he gets called hot, like these men are also in the media so maybe they should looks better and low self-esttem fat girls should stop shilling them.
Look at this goat-bearded mediocre man, i can find ppl like him in the supermarket yet he is getting shilled by uggos.
ok crap-chan

No. 1255268

Concern trolling is retarded and the only people who give a fuck are people who were looking for excuses to share the fact that they hate her anyways.

No. 1255269

File: 1657309289577.jpg (130.62 KB, 727x844, EBiQIDn.jpg)

i hope she dumped Zack
OT but this is a celeb thread (c)rapper chan we don't care

No. 1255271

>complaining about abusive moids
>white incel
Try again

No. 1255272

hi (c)rap-chan!!

No. 1255274

Agreed. IMO, incel rhetoric is extremely widespread for black men, but they're not as terminally online as white ones, so people don't notice it as much

No. 1255276

File: 1657309478125.jpg (129.3 KB, 631x843, 8JuRQp3.jpg)

some people are saying he's gay because he was in heartstopper but when i look him up all he talks about is being an ally kek

No. 1255277

>not as weird as
Why are we all pretending this isn’t just the usual ploy for attention in pop culture and acting like it’s a serious issue that means anything at all? Surely they’re just garnering attention and stirring shit none of them actually care.

No. 1255279

Much less ugly than the other guy. Good.

No. 1255280

Not necessarily related to this but Doja has seemed like a big asshole to me for a while, and the "quirky, random, relatable" sort of thing she does is a little obnoxious. I discovered one of her songs a few years before she blew up and I think not knowing much about her was better.
I have to ask if Elon Musk fits into (c)rap-chan's box of people she hates since he's African.

No. 1255282

I'd guess it's about attainability, maybe even relatability too.

No. 1255283

because doja has shown time and time again she is types before she thinks and goes on temper tantrums when it doesn't work out. this is just episode 4 of doja being dumb on social media again.

No. 1255284

She is an asshole and the whole “it’s just trolling” excuse doesn’t work anymore because she’s not trolling; she’s just a bitch.

No. 1255285

So melodramatic. Concern trolling on here of all places is especially pathetic. You’re all reacting like underage gay stan twitter.

And so we’re supposed to what, brow beat her into submission? Give me a break kek

No. 1255286

>he's African.
Lol, he's an ugly Dutch man whose equally Dutch colonizer parents shat him out as they exploited the land

No. 1255287

File: 1657309737638.jpg (70.75 KB, 750x1028, 9acf224d391bcdd20e8c3ef1aed7b2…)

he is really cute, he would be perfect for romance movies, its a shame most western movies suck plot wise and the male lead in them always looks busted or middle aged.
no one was even talking about abusive moids ESL-chan, and the reply was to a deleted post by crappie chan.

No. 1255289

Why are you lying? That was my post, I deleted it because I was bored of the topic. I said abusive, ugly black moids are pushed in the media. That's not white incel speak, you must be ESL or have memory problems

No. 1255292

File: 1657309872647.jpg (299.48 KB, 1441x922, 111.jpg)

OT but I fucking love the fact that they cast Louis Partridge, a 6'0. well developed, muscular and clean faced pretty boy as fucking Sid Viscous in the Sex Pistol mini series, they literally ugly'd him up with fake scars and hid his abs throughout the series

No. 1255293

You sound unbelievably retarded. I cannot fathom why you are trying to dramatically manipulate this into an angle that she’s somehow predating on Noah in any way due to a very small, inane interaction that was just meant to be ~sew quirky~. Shut up and find something better to be angry about, you sound unhinged.

No. 1255294

i was like huh this guy looks familiar but then i remember he was in that gaybaiting series.
shut up crap-chan nobody cares about your derailments on race. We get it your bitter because of your upbringing, next.

No. 1255297

I'm not (c)rap-chan, you demented retard. You got caught making up shit, move along

No. 1255300

huh thats why you deleted your post after multiple anons called out your retardedness, you just cant resist without taking things so personally and sperging about black men or hip-hop.(infighting)

No. 1255302

File: 1657310340128.jpg (46.12 KB, 680x680, fg.jpg)

Who are the "multiple people who called me out"? You and the person who complained about me and the other anon rightfully shitting on incels that happen to be black, or the voices in your head? Keep deluding yourself, stay bitter and defensive of scrotes(infighting)

No. 1255303

can't wait to see fujos get into a frenzy over this

No. 1255304

Nona you leave Dano out of this. P sure that's her ex Johnny Utah

I've ONLY seen people interested in Eddie Munson the character, not Joseph Quinn the actor. He's a weirdo with a heart of gold and the style of an 80s metalhead. Even my mom fell in love with him lol. Is anyone actually interested in the actor?

No. 1255305

no he was a hated secondary character in heartstoppers, now if it was someone like Nick Connor then maybe they woul.

No. 1255307

Doja cat apparently, its mostly attraction by association, I think after some time people will forget the actor even exists but people will be naming their children eddie munson
wait if he was a secondary character, why do they assume he's gay

No. 1255308

How much you wanna bet it’s an angry gay male? Nobody else cares as much as them sadly

You’re angry that a woman isn’t “put in her place” and doesn’t suffer or have to go through excruciating circumstances to have what she has—very explicitly male of you. Hope you find a better hobby soon, if for anything so you stop annoying every single person around you. Men are allowed to be the most embarrassing people of all time in the entertainment industry but god forbid Doja be quirky and annoying, she has to be “humbled” to satisfy you.

Why would fujos care about this? Is he their darling or something? I’m behind apparently

No. 1255310

Anon I think his face is not that cute but he’s 6’8. I’ve seen a print of his schlong on TikTok and it was very much in proportion with the rest of him. Don’t say you wouldn’t..

No. 1255312

File: 1657310859116.jpg (34.96 KB, 715x621, 17018ce5a06cddcf1fd2ac76535855…)

No. 1255313

because he acted as a gay character in the series but he was only a secondary character and was abusive towards the male lead.
>Is he their darling or something? I’m behind apparently
no one cares about him, that anon just pulled a statement out of their ass.

No. 1255315

File: 1657310994822.jpg (142.71 KB, 702x853, Tlg3q0Q.jpg)

Natalie Dyer pap stroll
her hits are all from dr luke, i couldn't care less about her getting embarassed by a DM if she does the music equivalent of working with woody allen.

No. 1255316

He looks like a phat cocked redneck and teenage girls will lust after anything with a pulse so it makes since he’s the flavor of the month.

Thought so, it didn’t make much sense to me. Shitting on women appears to be a hobby of theirs and they don’t even get it right kek.

No. 1255319

Only men can be deadbeat whores with 9+ kids and be universally praised for it, kek.

No. 1255321

anon please get some standards , he looks like trailer trash who has babymamas who do meth. there are plenty of other tall men who dont look like that.

No. 1255324

some people trying to say he's gay so they're just friends. he definitely has some delusional shippers.

No. 1255325

File: 1657311205998.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.74 KB, 600x746, A-6276813-1644320819-1327.jpg)

Sorry anons but…would. He looks better with the long hair. His music is not great, but his speaking voice is nice.

No. 1255327

plus his music is genuinely good, the women in his music video are often fully clothed and seem to be having fun, most rappers would never dare to make a music video like this, he's the only rapper who doesn't seem to be a ass obsessed homo insecure about his masculinity(which 99% of rappers seem like tbh)

No. 1255328

She’s also besties with Conan so this makes sense. The gays love her.

No. 1255334

This song is catchy as fuck but bbno$'s parts are way more memorable

No. 1255338

that image is very filtered though.
>the women in his music video are often fully clothed and seem to be having fun
he literally has a music video where some women are twerking their ass on a lemonade stand and showing their boobs and he has a couple of songs about ''thots''. Dude looks so below-average. Well idc since you are all tiktokfags are going to replace him in a couple of months just like how you replaced jack harlow.

No. 1255341

File: 1657311849323.jpg (57.96 KB, 600x600, FZh9pLs.jpg)

Is Conan Grey gay?
He strikes me as one of those guys that plays into the "queer soft boy" image to bait fujos like Harry Styles.

No. 1255343

>he's the only rapper who doesn't seem to be a ass obsessed homo insecure about his masculinity(which 99% of rappers seem like tbh)
Lil Nas X and Tyler the Creator: am I a joke to you?
He looks like Lil Dicky 2.0

No. 1255344

I wish he hardly had any screen time

No. 1255346

fujos live rent free in your head.

No. 1255348

>that image is very filtered though.
You're right, but I find him attractive in basically any photo or video where he has longer hair. Also, for the record I never gave a fuck about Jack Harlow or any other rappers.

No. 1255360

Yeah he’s a flamer,
>fujo this fujo that
Nobody gives a fuck except you apparently. Aren’t fujos more into 2D anyways, dunno what you’re on about.

No. 1255362

I know nothing about this man but the whole "never dated" thing is quite sus. Styles can bait because he always has a woman on his arm, I think he may just be gay but not quite out

No. 1255368

He is literally just gay.

No. 1255373

I mean she is kinda right, but then again she was not very subtle about it herself. I liked her music but the more I see of her on social media the more annoyed I get by her.

No. 1255375

wtf why assassinate one of the least insane/offensive rulers of japan of all time? who did it, yukio mishima's ghost??

No. 1255378

ayrt and i am asia-chan, not the same person as wizard chan. PS get your fat white asses out of my country

No. 1255379

another cute woman fucks her face with fillers and dooms herself to a life of pancake makeup.

No. 1255383

>favourite white girl
pretty sure she's universally hated on this board

No. 1255384

File: 1657313647556.webm (3.86 MB, 576x1024, Untitled.webm)

No. 1255386

File: 1657313714534.jpg (142.73 KB, 892x733, MXgeiQJ.jpg)

he always sings about being bi but when has he ever actually dated a guy? other than this picture with matt healy and music video love interests.

No. 1255387

noooo the wendy's twitter account is my friennndddd

No. 1255388

He was probably a kiddie diddler lbr

No. 1255389

he is so irrelevant

No. 1255390

If you think Conan Grey is actually attracted to women then LOL

No. 1255391

what the fuck is that thing

No. 1255392

redneck men are sort of universally popular somehow. wayne from letterkenny and charlie kelly in IASIP are more women's husbando than james bond kek

No. 1255395

File: 1657314158714.gif (2.98 MB, 640x508, goodbye poonmen.gif)

No. 1255396

she looks like kate "crazy frog irl" micucci had a baby with that autistic fundamentalist christian influencer

No. 1255397

it has nothing to do with race though, there's women who want to fuck kevin durant for some reason. the bar is on the floor for men of all races

No. 1255398

No. 1255400

show people this shit when they bitch about courtney love, who had one kid, left it with her mom so it didn't get fucked up on tour, and hides from the world in her crackhouse unlike crazy moids who need to spray their problems all over everyone else's faces.

No. 1255401

>collapsing birth rate
welp guess we know how elon feels about indian and african people now

No. 1255402

yeah but black incels aren't constantly shooting up schools, malls, and hospitals so they're clearly not as bad as the other kinds.

No. 1255404

I think it’s because the stupid, upbeat, Southern faux-charm is why. Also sadly teenage girls are very naive and will hype up any male who is easily infantilized at face value because they don’t yet realize the wolf in sheeps clothing thing.

No. 1255405

olivia rodrigo is so weird to me. it's like she's a hologram that was calculated to be a beautiful woman, and in theory all her features should make her extremely hot, but in practice she's like a mannequin that just came out of an autoclave.

No. 1255406

afrikaaners aren't african, they like, aggressively hold on to their invader status. white ugandans are the superior diaspora. white zimbabweans get second place because i'm scared of them(derailing)

No. 1255408

ohhhh my god he's going to age TERRIBLY. like the ugly sprouse twin. i can't wait

No. 1255409

>Johnny Utah
is that a porn star? who gets born with a name like that and doesn't change it the day they turn 18?

No. 1255410

what is happening and when did i get to be so fucking old

No. 1255412

ohh yeah now that i look at his face more closely i can see it. still though if he wasn't this is a very strange choice of man to murder

No. 1255413

he looks like a giant baby jfc if you're gonna be the other woman and/or get knocked up at least pick something visually worth it

No. 1255416

Man, you need to read up on the LDP of Japan. They've been in power since WW2.

No. 1255417

Nta but what makes you think that?

No. 1255418

Alright sorry anons, I realize that he's not truly African but who knows if crapchan makes that distinction.

No. 1255420

Are her eyes photoshopped? I realize plenty of people have incredibly light eyes but something about hers are strange.

No. 1255421

To me it's seems like it's Noah she wanted to talk to.
1) Joseph's profil is very easy to find.
2) The last message before this interaction was sent by her and he did respond (only a like).
3) Noah took hours to respond, she responds immediatly.
4) Pretend to like someone else in front of your crush is a classic shit test.

Maybe I'm paranoid because the kid seems gay but it's still weird.

No. 1255422

meh she's barely 18, her features aren't truly finished developing

No. 1255424

it's from point break

No. 1255426

he was quite literally a right wing Japanese nationalist who denied any of Japans warcrimes in ww2
>Abe led the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform. In 2007, he denied to reporters that Japan forced women into sexual slavery during World War II
>he questioned the extent to which coercion was applied toward the comfort women, dismissing South Korean positions on the issue as foreign interference in Japanese domestic affairs
>Abe stated his belief that Class-A war criminals are not criminals under Japan's domestic law
>The Asahi Shimbun accused Abe and Shōichi Nakagawa of censoring a 2001 NHK program concerning "The Women's International War Crimes Tribunal". The "tribunal" was a private committee to adjudicate comfort women; about 5,000 people, including 64 victims from Japan and abroad, attended.
>The TV program, however, did not mention the full name of the tribunal and keywords such as "Japanese troops" or "sexual slavery", and it also cut the sight of the tribunal, the host grouping, statements of the organizer, and the judgment itself. Instead, it presented criticism against the tribunal by a right-wing academic and his statement that "there was no abduction of sex slaves and they were prostitutes"

I know most people fell for the funny birthrate memes about him but the guy tried to stop victims of sexual slavery during the war from getting any justice or even talking about it publicly there's a reason he was massively unpopular in his home country

No. 1255429

I'm more inclined to believe she wanted his finsta/number or something. And Noah was the only cast member she had ever interacted before.
I can't quite believe this is getting more attention than Drake sliding into Millie's DM YEARS back, though. Timing and all.

No. 1255447

He has some bops but lets not pretend his treatment of women is stellar lmao it's pretty typical lyrics about big asses and thots 99% of the time. I will say his interest in MILFs is hot to me, that always speaks to a man's confidence and shows BDE.

No. 1255453

i was the anon being pissed off just because she was even speaking to a minor on friend terms, but your story makes even more sense and now i hate her even more.

No. 1255454

that's literally all japanese people. i'm chinese and "they didn't apologize!!" is a fucking meme with us.

No. 1255456

whoa people actually watch that movie all the way through?

No. 1255461

File: 1657318611711.png (628.05 KB, 559x622, disgusting.png)

Elon please stop projecting the fact that you're a fat aging pig-husk of the ugly, socially retarded, balding young man you once were - your genes are utterly worthless, you have the body of an obese octogenerian woman who've never exercised and you should be killed ASAP. We need to start imprisoning old, malignantly narcissistic men bc of the danger they pose to everyone. Either they start a cult, groom and sexually abuse girlchildren, scam the vulnerable or all of the above. Unbelievable that other people like his stupid AI-obsessed broodmares enable him

No. 1255464

no post the easter bell version

No. 1255466

is he really 49? have we seen his birth certificate? he's gotta be lying.

No. 1255485

Wrong. She just wanted to put feelers out for a finsta or direct contact. You’re insane.

No. 1255502

t. amerifat

No. 1255506

Why not ask to Joseph's profil directly ? And then why be so pissed to be exposed ? She already publicly thirsted over him >>1254575

Let's not act like predators are not common shit in Hollywood.

No. 1255510

Everyone was calling Drake a weirdo from what I recall.

No. 1255514

most retarded post i've seen in awhile
you know normal people mingle plenty in school with people a mere 1 year below//above them? psychotic. you sound homeschooled and friendless.

No. 1255519

please do not act like the british are remotely more attractive, less white trash or thinner than murricans. it's pure denial, britbong.

No. 1255520

they're just european

No. 1255521

ayrt i'm the chinese chan trolling from my parents' house in hong kong, sorry. all of your countries look equally fat to me, blondie

No. 1255522

nta but i very much agree that you will turn out to be right

No. 1255523

yes but when i graduated i no longer hit on high school boys. sorry but once you turn 18, you can vote and go to bars. you've crossed a line into adulthood and don't get dates from schools anymore.

No. 1255546

It’s because she really is, she used to be a b/tard on 4chan where she stripped for scrotes in tinychat, kek. She’s always been Terminally Online

No. 1255558

Ugh this type of face is the ugliest (imo) category of White Dude, the red-faced ones with tiny squinty eyes that remind me of a pig. Also what is going on with the literal neckbeard

No. 1255559

Someone once told me the grass is much greener, on the other side

No. 1255562

You can vote and go to clubs/bars at 18 what are you talking about?
She wasn’t hitting on a high school boy and wtf is the difference between 17/18, 18/19 or even 18/20 realistically? 21 could be questionable with an 18 yo but a year doesn’t do shit anon, and it’s not even a year, miss I just graduated don’t talk to me, most times

No. 1255574

nta but she probably means the drinking age, which is 21

No. 1255575

yeah they're just killing each other

No. 1255589

File: 1657328449642.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.98 KB, 828x859, BBE3E6B6-4CE9-4334-B6A1-1593B0…)

Guess who

No. 1255591

RIP Tony Sirico

No. 1255595

azealia needs to chill

No. 1255602

File: 1657329317223.gif (296.84 KB, 244x214, shocking-beyonce.gif)

No. 1255612

Ok to be fair she’s seriously very gorgeous and highly intelligent, he has so many kids I doubt he can exclusively fuck them up and would be able to provide them with the best health and opportunities. I hate Elon but I can see her reasoning, doubt any of you would turn down a multi billionaire who is never around. I hope the babies get all of her genes though, magically.

No. 1255616

Wait it says the twins were born last November, wasn’t he still pretending to be with Grimes then or no? I thought they broke up when she did that Vogue interview or whatever major publication revealed she lived in an anime crackden, away from Elon.

No. 1255619

File: 1657331142085.png (55.62 KB, 170x168, 94D4B9D6-A794-4CAF-B826-10BE9A…)

> seriously very gorgeous
For Gollum

No. 1255620

i didn't know the drinking age was 21 in usa

No. 1255624

conan grey is like the polar opposite of harry styles. he does give me the vibe of someone who wants to be out but isn’t ready yet to make a definitive statement. or maybe he thinks it’s no one else’s business

No. 1255633

File: 1657333683266.gif (1.95 MB, 268x400, 1b69052f-85e8-4c6b-acca-b1b4b4…)

Leave Dacre Montgomery out of this, he's not even the person Doja's perving on. It's really shitty to compare him to Shrek when he was bullied and rejected for roles when he was younger because he was "too fat."

No. 1255634

my thoughts too, also not sure why anons expect her to be some caring motherly figure and not just a smart calculating woman, isn't neuralink the company that put microchips in chimps and caused them to die? I'd do the same as her tbh, she probably knew she is fine without a man so 18 years of child support from the richest man in the world sounds like a good decision.

No. 1255635

I'm amazed at how you speds are able to insert your autistic hatred of yaoi into literally every conversation regardless of how relevant it is.

No. 1255644

This so hard. Women have to look like perfect flawless skinny Karjenner clones, but men can like Joseph Quinn can look like middle-aged chavs and get thirsted over. Women need to raise their standards and stop putting in so much effort for goblins. The public needs to re-learn what normal human women look like and fucking accept it.

No. 1255649

Still way out of Muskrat's league.

No. 1255653

File: 1657336102040.jpeg (559.21 KB, 1170x658, 24AD8600-AED2-45B1-8AB2-E61509…)

>Charlie Kelly

He’s not really though, certainly not southern he’s just a retarded white trash janitor. Women who husbando him are weird aiden-style “I’m so kweer” fujos who ship Mac and Dennis themselves with Charlie (while also being super “he’s just like me! I’m a weird little dude!”) about him.

Speaking of Charlie Day though, holy shit. He is no longer cute without the beard…

No. 1255658

Some of you psycho bitches look for any excuse to hate women. Do you understand how ridiculous you sound with the pearl-clutching pretending that Doja Cat is a predator when she was trying to hit up a man pushing 30? She doesn’t want Noah Schnapps little gay ass, you just want something to gasp about.

Fuck you lol

No. 1255659

They like to make up imaginary people in their head

No. 1255662

File: 1657338651977.jpg (136.4 KB, 1080x827, Screenshot_20220708-204953_Chr…)

No. 1255665

NONNIE I laughed so hard I scared my cat

No. 1255669

File: 1657339189499.jpeg (122.91 KB, 828x941, E1CE2C30-9CC0-4351-AE26-A47AE9…)

SA and sadly… I got too excited and can’t read kek. Took this and ran with it but no, it is not fat Lizzo.

No. 1255688

>I hate you fat Lizzo

No. 1255695

>she’s seriously very gorgeous
I need you guys to stop lying kek

No. 1255700

Why are we shitting on some random woman for getting all her bills covered for the next 18 years? Surely Grimes knew, not that any of these people actually matter

No. 1255703

Who…is this.

No. 1255705

I'm not shitting on her, I just think it's okay to be a plain woman. You don't need to insist everyone is attractive, and it's clearly not a requirement for the (very ugly) Musky boy

No. 1255709

She’s still out of his league.

No. 1255711

Every woman is

No. 1255718

oh nooo men killing each other oh nooo what a tragedyyy

No. 1255720

oh I didn't know redneck meant southern. I thought it was just english for rural loser people from any country

No. 1255721

>wah wahhh man got rejected from some things because of his looks
please read >>1255644

No. 1255724

it doesn't. anon is a moron who's never been to new hampshire obviously.

No. 1255731

I didn’t say he was Southern dumbshit, I said he wasn’t a redneck. He’s not a rural white outdoor laborer, he’s urban poor white trash from a show literally named after a city.

No. 1255745

File: 1657348359025.jpg (54.73 KB, 597x406, FQfavL8.jpg)

Themi's ex fiance says she made a finsta to bully Selena. Themi has major jealous vibes

No. 1255747

File: 1657348619003.jpg (123.96 KB, 823x741, B0kCND8.jpg)

Sadie Sink is dating Taylor Swift's brother in law, Patrick Alwyn. Pretty weird considering she played a younger version of taylor…

No. 1255748

File: 1657348746296.jpg (38.28 KB, 500x375, oh no.jpg)

kek I want her on the farms so bad.

No. 1255749

File: 1657348837021.jpg (1014 KB, 1438x1647, Screenshot_20220708-233716_Sam…)

Ugly 50 yr old scrote Bobby Lee and his out of his league gf finally broke up, likely because he couldn't get it up anymore to fuck her after caretaking for her when she developed a heart condition

>Giving fans an insight into their relationship over the years, Bobby revealed that they were deeply affected after Khalyla suffered a heart condition years ago.

>The host revealed that the dynamic between them changed and he began taking care of her. He also revealed the pair struggled with intimacy issues in the aftermath of Khalyla’s health condition. The host said that this went on for years.

>“There were times when she would plan vacations so that she could rekindle some of the magic we had lost. One time we were in Hawaii to do that,” the host says.

“It looked optimistic maybe sometimes, but I have to say, a lot of it was my fault.”

>He also revealed being mindful of Khalyla’s needs not being fulfilled. “I threw out a suggestion, maybe you see somebody else,” he continued.

No. 1255750

This man was also a creepy obsessive stalker that worshiped Selena in a very unwell way and sought Demi out for the association, so there’s that.

No. 1255752

Straight men are the demographic most likely to dump a partner for being seriously ill. Imagine settling for this blob only to be guilt-tripped for not fucking him the second you become sick.

I don't want to victim-blame the girl, but play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Sadie and 20 and Patrick is 25. Bit of a gross age difference, but it could be worse. At least she's not dating some middle-aged creep.

No. 1255755

so they bonded over their mutual hate boner for selena?

No. 1255756

Decided to watch the video. Absolute ass. My quality of life would improve precisely 3 minutes ago, right before I decided to push play and sit through even a portion of it. Thank you.

No. 1255758

>mutual hate boner
He was in love with Selena. I don’t believe Demi knew this.

No. 1255759

poor themi, her life's a trainwreck

No. 1255763

File: 1657350375885.jpg (115.19 KB, 567x850, 4elkxu2.jpg)

Natasha Lyonne with a new man after breaking up with SNL's Fred Armisen. The rumor is that Fred has a reputation in brooklyn for leading women on and giving them diseases. Elizabeth Moss called her marriage with him traumatic. His ex Alice Lannister made a painting of him called "Portrait of a Sociopath".

No. 1255767

Geez.. Is she a masochist?

No. 1255775

File: 1657351823735.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 382.33 KB, 1168x2343, 206334D2-859D-4337-9A29-9B4796…)

I can’t believe no one has posted the webm yet of Howie Mendel’s prolapsed asshole tiktok.

No. 1255778

baby grinch middle right

No. 1255783

are u joking or young anon?? that image has been passed around for years. first time i saw it was on rotten.com in 2007?

No. 1255788

If you’re talking about the prolapse picture, I know, I’m not saying it’s his asshole, I’m saying it’s his tiktok video with a picture of a prolapsed asshole

No. 1255793

Samefag it’s a descriptor of his tiktok, apologies if you’re ESL and didn’t understand.

No. 1255795

I want to say anyone would be an upgrade from that freak but it isn’t sounding like it

No. 1255800

Fred Armisen is a great example of why we should never give ugly men a chance

No. 1255812

he is 51

No. 1255817

I thought he left twitter after after his meltdown over that fat chick. I guess that didn't last long.

No. 1255821

Go to Indie Band Cows in/snow/ and spill

No. 1255830

He’s right, I’m gonna start popping a child out fathered by a random man every year until I hit menopause. Hope nobody will call me a whore and see me as a hero to western civilization
>He also revealed being mindful of Khalyla’s needs not being fulfilled. “I threw out a suggestion, maybe you see somebody else,” he continued.
This is really interesting to me because I once listened to a podcast with him and the men in the comments were shit talking her because she wanted an open relationship when he is the one that suggested it.
>blaming her heart condition for the failed relationship
>forgetting to mention he’s a drug and porn addict
I don’t think anybody here cares about him but he also said that he had a really small dick and when she first saw it, she treated it like an orphan

No. 1255839

>dates guy who can get a new insta thot in his bed every single day
>surprised when he cheats
Women are a little silly sometimes, men are as faithful as their options.

No. 1255875

seems like everybody is on his side, saw a lot of comments like this
>Khalyla Kuhn was just using Bobby Lee this whole time. Now that she's C+ famous, she feels comfortable to bounce and venture out on her own..You got played Bobby. You got played real good

No. 1255898

doja cat can't help embarrassing herself huh? even when her music is pushed everywhere and she's still getting attention… she starts beef with teenagers. and not even important beef. she could've just told him in dm's that it was inappropriate if it really bothered her that much. this bitch is gonna have a mental break these days…

No. 1255912

>billie eilish says she regrets doing the lignerie vogue pictures
Can this bitch stop playing the victim? She stopped wearing baggy clothes 24/7 even though that's what she was doing to prevent moids from sexualizing her but she's been popping her titties recently and nonstop talking about them (uninvitedly in interviews) since she was 17 and thinks no one is going to sexualize her saying those things? Get fucking real. Just another celeb who can't take responsibility for their actions. What did she think was going to happen with the lingerie shoot after that?

No. 1255917

>caping for an abusive moid who literally belongs in prison
Typical eurobitch pickme shit. Get that chip off your shoulder and stop blaming your personal problems on entire countries.(infighting)

No. 1255958

Context?!?!?! wtf

No. 1255960

File: 1657375177265.jpeg (211.71 KB, 750x1056, 47C8E751-759E-472C-8541-C4CF15…)

why do men always treat their idols like little helpless children who can do nothing wrong?

No. 1255967

this is a biiig reach to a veryyyy tenuous position. getting the feeling some nonnies are just jealous of celeb cows kek. i'm jealous of the dumb hot peope who get free money too, but just say that instead of desperately grasping for something you can shit on

No. 1255969

hahaha i went "AAAAAH!" when i got to his picture too. the fuck is wrong with his head

No. 1255970

fred is such an obvious abusive piece of shit. he's just an even uglier in the face version of woody allen. natasha is very cute, how are her films?

No. 1255972

according to the internet all young straight women are "punch me in the face during sex because i'm a leftist" for some reason. i'll take a ban, idc, i have a nice life with a gf where i don't have to ask penis-havers to punch me so i can have a hug later.

No. 1255973

ok yes, it's funny, but also i could believe it. he's like irl roger the alien

No. 1255974

i'm australian you fat mutt. there are more than two continents on the planet(infighting)

No. 1255977

What the fuck is this post

No. 1255987

NTA but I think nona is referring to the fact that in the age of muh sekshual empowerment normalise kink degeneracy everything that’s not “uwu choke me daddy” is “vanilla” and subsequently shamed so young women not wanting to be shamed have taken to announcing that they’re into misogynistic violence at every available opportunity
>you fat mutt
The way I audibly snort-chuckled, kek nonita (from a fellow resident of Australia)

No. 1256025

Nta but you're still doing pickme bullshit, men can't be reformed and should be locked up when they are violent towards everyone around them. Especially women. They need to learn there are consequences to their fucking actions instead of being coddled with therapy uwu.

No. 1256045

File: 1657380117760.png (262.55 KB, 640x745, 2F754208-7A65-4310-926C-F72327…)

they are so close to getting it that they know and must be intentionally missing the point(wrong thread)

No. 1256071

File: 1657381236789.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1393, 5E9CA416-E96B-48DB-A31E-FF5EC5…)

fitting that she’s a bowling ball and these days we usually see her carrying more bags of food

No. 1256072

“Trans women” so men

No. 1256113

is sweatlana still dating jack donoghue

No. 1256132

I actually do think she’s very pretty lol, her features are very cute and she has very pretty eyes. I don’t need anyone to look perfect or fit a mold of attractive to think they’re gorgeous. She’s way too good for him, but if you decide to be a mother or have wanted to all your life, doing so with the second richest man in the world is going to give your children the best possible opportunities and access. That’s all women are “supposed” to care about so idk how people want to get upset about women not wanting children, or having children in a way that provides them with the most but that’s still wrong too. Can anyone name any actually good dad with money? Lol no. At least they’re not faking a marriage and he won’t be around a lot to fuck them up.

No. 1256142

>if a transwoman…
lol that girl "misgendered" a hypothetical troon while defending troons as a whole, I can't take these people seriously.

No. 1256151

I cannot believe the audacity of an australian calling anyone fat, or a mutt. your grandpappy got sent to australia for being a rapist(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1256180

They should care about not wanting their children to end up balding autists

No. 1256185

In the video, he said it happened to a friend of his and then asked if it were a symptom of Covid. Kek

No. 1256190

i dont believe this at all, Max was a creepy stalker fanboy of Selena and only used Demi so he could get some fame and attention.

I dont like Demi but we shouldnt believe what comes out of Max's mouth.

No. 1256194

some anons dont know about this (this is more known in the h3 thread) but this man is a creep who bought underage prostitutes and he and his pr team has tried to take down almost any video where he talks about it.

No. 1256195

He sounds and looks like the real-life version of Joe from "You".

No. 1256196

Yeah I was going to say the same thing. He was absolutely obsessed with Selena.

No. 1256200

i saw people on my fyp on tiktok talking about this, his post on tiktok got taken down thankfully but he is acting now like it never happened and people in the comments keep on asking him why he posted that.

No. 1256304

It honestly took them a lot longer to take it down than I expected. They're quick to take down arbitrary bullshit. Is it because he's a "celebrity?"

No. 1256310

Is this from the podcast or a news site? Link?

No. 1256312

What the FUCK

No. 1256339

She’s barely an adult now, relax

No. 1256341

What likely happened is she met him through the set or he asked for her contact. Pretty normal and innocuous. Lots of sperg-outs happening this week.

No. 1256344

>let me shoehorn the fact that I’m a lesbian into every single post idgaf bro ban ban me U mad?

No. 1256351

she created the netflix series russian doll and it's really good. i'm glad it's giving her critical acclaim, she sees it as her magnum opus

No. 1256371

File: 1657397465859.png (2.1 MB, 2430x1620, misogyny with extra steps.png)

No. 1256382

does he do drugs? i would post something like that if i was stoned and found it funny and then 2 hours later would try to act like it never happened

No. 1256383

ayrt i have to watch that now! i'm so jealous, can you imagine your first tv show job being an iconic masterpiece? that's some beatles shit right there.

No. 1256390

He is still really hot as sid vicious in the mini series

No. 1256520

And in an Ellen t-shirt lmfao

No. 1256751

He's ugly as a sin and I wish nonnas would stop shitting up the unconventional male thread with pics of this uggo. He doesn't look any good with long hair either.

No. 1256758

Tbf posting uggos is the whole point of that thread. Idk I think he looks average at worst compared to the other men posted.

No. 1256819

He doesn’t look like a Hapsburg like most of the others do so that’s something

No. 1256853

File: 1657424526509.png (326.63 KB, 400x400, Picnic_Menu_Photo_-_3_53405ed7…)

>Joan's on third
What y'all think she got.


No. 1256856

File: 1657424575502.jpg (711.55 KB, 2500x3236, 607ffd258a766.jpg)

No. 1256860

File: 1657424670174.jpg (571.61 KB, 2500x3236, 607ffd27ba7d9.jpg)

No. 1256885

I turned it off after 10 minutes because of all the woke-gender-totally-relatable-sjw-bullshit crammed in

No. 1256970

finally, now do Ethan and Hila next.

No. 1256972

>there's a reason he was massively unpopular in his home country
OT but Abe was loved in Japan, this is just wrong

No. 1256975

I don’t go on /g/, but /g/‘s a lot more mature than /ot/ these days. That being said is she a predator? How old is noah?

No. 1256993

oh no really? now i won't watch it. i was the anon asking who she is but maybe i will be happier if she's just "very pretty woman" to me.

No. 1257001

I wanted to watch it too.. but I'll politely pass.

No. 1257003

File: 1657434933331.jpeg (113.45 KB, 1079x1349, 7C1F99CA-932F-4CD6-80F4-C7AE36…)

Speaking of Stranger Things men, what do you nonnies think about David Harbour aka Jim Hopper? Smash or pass?

No. 1257023

absolute pass. probably the ugliest of them all.

No. 1257026

File: 1657437312764.jpeg (254.46 KB, 1080x1440, 8B29C5EA-8D61-476B-BD67-34E85A…)

You sure about that?

No. 1257030

>She doesn’t want Noah Schnapps little gay ass
Then why the fuck did she message him trying to get him to set her up with his adult coworker when she doesn’t even know him? Then bitched and moaned when they all rightfully made fun of her?

No. 1257034

Omg I hate him he looks like a pug had all of its wrinkles ironed out,

No. 1257039

Because she wants his coworker's ass, obviously

No. 1257044

Everything on the menu plus extra

No. 1257046

No, because he's twice my age. Gross.

He was ugly to start with, and somehow became more corpselike the more drugs he did. I wonder how much of his Stranger Things checks go up his nose.

No. 1257054

File: 1657441852224.jpg (48.12 KB, 474x474, i4LybZV.jpg)

The fact that he looked like picrel at the ripe age of 22 kek

No. 1257123

File: 1657451123151.jpeg (117.05 KB, 1056x1328, EF45506A-E4C2-41C5-B099-6A04D9…)

every man on stranger things is fucking ugly except for billy (dacre montogomery)

the duffle brothers killed off billy because they couldn't cope with an actually attractive male being on their show

No. 1257133

Do you girls think Grimes knew about this?

No. 1257161

It's just going to be the OG crew in s5 and they fucking killed him off! What for!! I would've loved to see him visiting Max and apologizing to her for being such an asshole and telling her he understands if she still doesn't forgive him. And maybe have him bond with Lucas because he wants to turn over a new leaf!!!! Fuck the Duffagbrothers… I'm still going to consume.

No. 1257165

that's exactly the headcannon i had in my head for s4 when i saw his name on the cast list for s4 lol maybe there's still hope for s5… i have my own theory that they're going to bring back everyone that vecna ever killed since vecna keeps all his victims hostage… and since billy's body didn't turn into sludge like the rest of the people that turned into the flesh monster (i think there has to have been a very good reason for that) and he was also killed "normally" not by turning into sludge; there's a good reason to bring him back since he'd still have an intact body somewhere…

No. 1257185

Maybe don't take recommendations from people that turnt the show off after "10 min".
The fist ten minutes are about her birthday party. Don't know what it had to do with sjw and woke gender. Maybe one of the birthday guests was trans, I wouldn't remember, because it was no part of the overall show.
Better you form your own opinion, you can tune out any time you want.

No. 1257202

>And maybe have him bond with Lucas because he wants to turn over a new leaf
He was a pathetic racist, be serious. He's dead you need to move on. He also looks like a rat so maybe it's a good thing.

No. 1257242

idk the other guy being middle-aged plus having a beard and seems to be fat (i don't watch this show so i don't know for sure) is more of a turn off to me

No. 1257251

don't care
>he looks like a rat

No. 1257256

I'm wondering if it's another IVF baby? That would be a weird twist.

No. 1257264

they probably are IVF babies. twins are pretty rare and he has a specific obsession with IVF, mostly because he can choose male embryos

No. 1257296

thought this was harry styles

No. 1257297

File: 1657461630903.jpg (268.8 KB, 540x810, fuck yeah.jpg)

I think he's slightly above average looking man, but something billy the character just activates something within me

No. 1257298

Musk is so obsessed with sons I wonder how it happened his second child with Grimes is a girl

No. 1257299

No. 1257307

Dacrefags please hyperfocus on a better show

No. 1257313

This is so random but that is the EXACT clown costume I wore in like 2008 wow. I remember that boy. You just unlocked a memory

No. 1257329

I think she knew, perhaps not right away as it happened but at some point when they were still together she definitely knew. I think Elon gets away with being very upfront about it, like he does it for 'civilization's sake' and it's his duty. And this disgusting pickme is charmed by that and thinks he's a superhero.

Lyrics of 'Player of Games', look how she puts herself down, then him on a pedestal, and how it's clear she never felt loved :

>Baby How can I compare To the adventure out there?

>Sail away To the cold expanse of space
>Even love Couldn't keep you in your place
>But can't you love me like that? Can't you need me like that?

>If I loved him any less I'd make him stay

>But he has to be the best Player of games

Disgusting how she defends his behavior, i hate how she thinks it's cute and cool to say he's a 'player of games' when it's actually just the sad ugly truth that he played her like he plays every woman he gets with.

>I'm in love with the greatest gamer But he'll always love the game More than he loves me

The 'game' is partly a reference to his work, but it's too easy to say it's just that imo. I'm sure it's also a reference to his way of life, and how he decides to impregnate every woman he can like a fucking creep and can't love a woman at all.

No. 1257418

late and I hate that I know this, but that's not Howie Mandel or his friend's asshole. that's some powerlifter that blew out his b-hole while lifting too heavy many years ago. you can see the weightlifting onesie that the guy is wearing, and this image got burned into my brain when I saw it as a youth on the gross parts of the web.

No. 1257426

File: 1657467889789.jpg (39.77 KB, 604x242, dojaassblasted.jpg)

Slightly late but this was Doja's response to the hate she was getting over the Noah situation.

No. 1257439

doja is so embarrassing. noah schnapp supremacy

No. 1257444

File: 1657469036960.jpg (222.94 KB, 945x2048, FXSLhd_XEAI-Nxu.jpg)

No. 1257450

The first comment is actually true, unironically. Her letting anyone know it got to her just let the obsessed spergs have an "in" to chimp out and attack her again while pretending to have morals. She should've just laughed it off and moved on

No. 1257469

She is so embarrassing holy shit lmao

No. 1257470

Massive pass, he’ll probably OD in the bathroom

No. 1257477

File: 1657470768612.jpg (189.08 KB, 1080x1080, 118975512_235848007823422_3925…)

Two things to know him as, Hopper from Stranger Things and Lily Allen's husband

No. 1257540

File: 1657473417703.gif (2.49 MB, 500x370, weeping.gif)

No. 1257545

I watched and loved it! There were artistic poly lesbians, that's all the "wokie" stuff I can remember and it isn't even that bad.

No. 1257551

perhaps he has a golden ratio. one girl born for every # males?

No. 1257553

No. 1257564

when will we as a society give up on middle parts

No. 1257587

middle parts look way better than side parts, what are you on?

No. 1257595

Nta but middle parts sometimes remind me of horse girls (and tend to make people's faces look long and horse-like lol)

No. 1257605

Isn't a middle part the standard? Literally mostly every girl has a middle part.

I personally wear my hair like that because i feel it makes me look more symetrical, also because i don't like it that when i part my hair one way the opposite way is way too flat for my taste. I like volume.

No. 1257608

They don't look better, it depends on your hairstyle and face/head.

No. 1257614

they do, but it's in the ghetto, and only the poor suffer, not the suburbanites

No. 1257616

She’s right

No. 1257618

but she's doing the same thing

No. 1257621

talk about diabetes

No. 1257622

File: 1657476430807.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1500x1000, F612C7E0-7F40-4663-B873-19E8FE…)

Holy fuck you’re right. That’s bizarre.

No. 1257624

It’s just pathetic and creepy behaviour. Why is she asking a child to be her wingman? It’s so inappropriate. She deserves to be made fun of.

No. 1257626

Lilly looks so cute

No. 1257628

She said a bunch of times that her next kid would be a daughter, way before the pregnancy happened- Maybe she pushed and for some reason he was ok with it?

No. 1257630

that's the dude nonnies want to smash? gross

No. 1257635

The fact that she acted like he had violated her too. “I’m not comfortable with that information being shared!!” She’s such a fucking lolcow. You sent an embarrassing DM to a teenage boy what the fuck do you expect?

No. 1257660

File: 1657478512509.jpg (303.32 KB, 1496x2047, 20220710_134003.jpg)

I love Florence Pugh. Hopefully she is doing OK since dating old man Zach Braff.

No. 1257663

File: 1657478601659.jpg (366.7 KB, 2048x2048, 20220710_134006.jpg)

& her based response to men who made fun of her boobs.

No. 1257669

She's beautiful and I can't believe moids are so hung up on small tits kekkkkk it's funny how they even have the guts to comment on any woman's body considering they're the sex that gets like 2 matches per 40 right swipes on tinder.

No. 1257682

She sits on live for entirely too long I’ll give you that because ain’t no reason, but a single clip in one of her entirely too long lives was screen recorded and is now being used as outrage fodder. No she isn’t doing “the same thing.” She’s being attacked by thousands and a bunch of concern trolls are claiming she’s a pedophile. It’s too easy. The reaction wasn’t nearly this visceral when Drake was messaging MBB.

No. 1257688

You’re just reading into it. I don’t believe that what she did was cool or right or whatever but it definitely didn’t deserve this much outlast, it’s just a major testament to how eager people are to jump down womens throats. It was a 30 second soundbite that people are beating like a dead horse. The whole pitchfork and torch thing is so unnecessary. She needs to cool it for sure because she’s reaching Jennifer Lawrence levels of “I’m relatable and funny laugh with me” but that doesn’t mean she deserves to be strongarmed into submission, that’s just as weird. Idk it’s just bizarre that people care this much. Only when it’s women.

No. 1257710

File: 1657480246274.jpg (503.16 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220710-121044_MEG…)

sorry about your shit taste, zoomer

No. 1257718

This whole time I thought Noah Schnapp was a tiktoker (which also made me confused as to why Doja would think he has the other dudes IG) but I just realized that he is an actor on the same show as the guy she likes.

No. 1257756

You used this as some sort of “gotcha” and I wasted time skimming the whole thing and their is no gotcha to be found. It’s Natasha Lyone, of course it’s a hipster production.

No. 1257779

File: 1657483111586.jpg (50.89 KB, 800x450, agree.jpg)

so you agree? it's pandering hipster bullshit. glad we're on the same page (sorry about your shit taste)

No. 1257783

The irony is women are more likely to reproduce than men

No. 1257784

Nta, but what was this supposed to show? Didn't fully read it, but I don't see any woke gender things here.

No. 1257790

NTA but where's the woke gender SJW shit? I haven't seen this but I don't get what the argument's about

No. 1257796

I wasn’t the og anon, just a passerby. I don’t see the “pandering” you speak of.

No. 1257798

Not on me. My widow's peak and very asymetrical face (we're talking picasso painting type shit) makes the middle part look weird af.

No. 1257802

NTA, there isn't any woke gender shit in Russian doll. What a weird show to say that about. If anything it's making fun of her 'artsy spiritual' friend but that's a very minor thing. Is that why you think it's sjw? Because it's making fun of art students and their dumb monologues and you took it seriously? Most of the show is about her dying over and over and she isn't a 'woke' person at all.

No. 1257803

Wow, reading that honestly made me feel better about my tiny tits too. I hope she doesn't ever bow to the pressure to get surgery (anywhere.)

No. 1257816

This is the celebricows thread pack it up and take it to /g/

No. 1257817

Waaah, everything I dislike is WOKE!

No. 1257823

Someone ping me when you discover what exactly is woke in this screenshot because it will keep bothering me from now on. If that was the point and it's the ultimate trolling making us try to find sth that isnt there, then congrats, i fell for it like a dumbass

No. 1257829

File: 1657485252303.gif (756.38 KB, 480x362, smack.gif)


No. 1257843

The Regina George picture attached to the dumbest “Akshualliiii” imaginable

No. 1257878

I’ve heard of butterface but he’s a butterhead

No. 1257889

wow this is such a based message, i love her now. fuck moids and there obsession with breasts.

No. 1257902

File: 1657490029114.jpeg (71.33 KB, 828x225, 78AA3472-5F20-417D-81B5-9F3FC4…)

why did you cut off the last part of her post lol

No. 1257906

Probably didn’t fit in frame and it isn’t like it’s anything interesting or important

No. 1257912

My bad, I don't have instant and just saved a random one from I came across

No. 1257917

That’s hot I’ve always been envious of/attracted to women with small boob.

No. 1257929

As a small boober I appreciate what she’s saying and it’s disgusting that men are so shameless that they say those things on their social media accounts

No. 1258050

Small boobs look great in most outfits, I have been shamed by men for having big boobs and a flat ass. Men are gross and criticize everything, they are never satisfied

No. 1258079

men aren't a hivemind. "ass men" make fun of flat assed women, "boob men" make fun of flat chested women, it's basically just attacks from men with preferences of any kind because they don't know how to keep their preferences to themselves

No. 1258090

Honestly I take way more issue with the color of the dress than the fact that you can see her nipples. That shade of pink is obnoxious, and the collar looks extremely itchy. Oh God, imagine that tulle against your bare nipples, ouch.

Rich woman buys an expensive dress that shows her tits at an awards show as a ploy for attention, then proceeds to jerk herself off about how "brave" she's being and how she's rejecting beauty standards.

I'm all for being accepting of different body types and de-sexualizing breasts, but this feels like a hollow exercise in celebrity egoism. Like yeah she'll go out in public with her boobs out, but I bet she's terrified to leave the house without makeup, or for people to see what she looks like without editing and plastic surgery.

Wake me up when celebrity women are allowed to look like normal human beings and not perfectly smooth, instagram-faced dolls.

No. 1258115

> a hollow exercise in celebrity egoism
It's something she excels in kek nonnies must not remember her "Yeah I publicly wished my decades older boyfriend a happy birthday BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN ACKNOWLEDGE OUR RELATIONSHIP!"

No. 1258117

She simps so hard for that man. If she wasn't such a narc I'd feel sad for her.

No. 1258127

No it’s extremely good, any “woke bullshit” is used later in within the whole greater storyline, and honestly seems like a way to give the characters flaws to be human. It’s set in NYC so yeah, it’s a fucking punchline. The characters are in their 30s and there is awareness, but you won’t gain an appreciation after ten minutes like a whiney idiot.

Set design and styling is gorgeous if nothing else, characters have much deeper meaning in the Eyes Wide Shut sense, color theory is integral and without spoiling anything the complexities of suicide and mental illness come up, as well as the characters growth. It is as incredible and worthy as anyone has said, recalibrate your attention span from TikTok and taste from lolcow dot farm and let yourself experience it. Have shown it to multiple people who ended up bingeing it, and looking into theories about it online. Some characters are supposed to be obnoxious at first, you’re not meant to relate to every character positively and it creates depth.
Don’t think I would bother vouching for anything else, Natasha seriously fucking kills it.

No. 1258128

My thoughts exactly, everything about that felt so rehearsed

No. 1258136

I'm gonna go ahead and second that, especially since I can't even remember anything about trans or gender fuckery. Even in the script that was posted earlier as a supposed proof, nothing in there is about woke stuff so idk what they were trying to achieve. It took me the entire first episode to really get into it but it was really worth it. Also Natasha Lyonne is so sexy and funny, the only disappointing thing about the show is that she fucks men in it

No. 1258137

>It’s set in NYC so yeah
Oh well I mean, who wouldn't expect gender stuff. I definitely thought this would be set in Russia with Natasha doing a Russian accent though.

No. 1258139

sage for no milk in anyway, but I just found out KJ Apa is half Samoan(his dad is a full on tribal chief) and his full name it Keneti Apa what

No. 1258141

File: 1657511311233.jpeg (117.52 KB, 750x899, 1654142921010.jpeg)

She's also a Depp supporter. Ironic when her latest post talks about men being loudly abusive towards women yet she supports exactly that.

No. 1258142

I did like her sentiment but you’re right. It’s not like she has an actually bad or unattractive feature, she even said she didn’t give a fuck what people said so why even make the post giving it attention? We all know that sheer dresses and showing boobs are trendy and not really shocking anymore. Men are retarded but people also don’t see celebrities as real people so they’re judged more harshly on every little thing. Congrats to her for being so confident though and writing multiple paragraphs about how the comments totally don’t matter. Such a trailblazer for women!

No. 1258218

I think it's stupid she addressed these idiots. Did Apollo himself write those comments? No? Then ignore

No. 1258249

File: 1657522989006.jpeg (291.59 KB, 828x1361, IMG_4722.jpeg)

Very misleading click bait title. Still found it interesting though. It's an interview with Billie where she confirms she was having an identity crisis in that blonde mom era

>"No matter what you do, it’s wrong and right. Wearing baggy clothes, nobody is attracted to me, I feel incredibly unlovable and unsexy and not beautiful, and people shame you for not being feminine enough. Then you wear something more revealing and they're like: you're such a fat cow whore. I'm a slut and a sellout and I'm just like every other celebrity selling their bodies and woah! What the fuck do you want? It's a crazy world for women and women in the public eye"

>"Looking back at all of the promo and stuff we did before the album [in 2021], I’m, like, ‘Don’t know who that is, but that is not me!’ I didn’t have any time to think. I just decided who I was. I just became that vibe. And I don’t know if that was necessarily what I really was feeling. I was just grasping on to anything.”
>“I honestly don’t feel desired, ever. I do have this worry that I felt so undesirable that I may have occasionally tried too hard to be desirable. It makes me sad to think about.”

full thing https://www.theaustralian.com.au/the-oz/lifestyle/nobody-is-attracted-to-me-i-feel-incredibly-unlovable/news-story/bb6434d13b1ae3352eeaee33dbb6861b

No. 1258254

She seems very intelligent and authentic when she speaks in interviews. It’s like she’s lived 20 years in the public eye when it’s barely been a few years. I like her a lot. Also I get the feeling she’s a crypto terf kek.

No. 1258261

>I bet she's terrified to leave the house without makeup, or for people to see what she looks like without editing and plastic surgery.
True and lets not forget sis was dating an ugly middle aged man and was really defensive of their relationship. I'd rather she refuse to perpetuate agism against women/indulge men's obsession with youth instead… but she'd have to actually make some sacrifices in order to do that, not just wear a revealing dress.

No. 1258262

Yeah, woe is me for generating attention and being in headlines over the way I dress, totally not intentional, and here's some ~relatable~ article on body issues for all my girl fans

No. 1258263

I've personally really come to like her. She's a young women growing up and the public eye and she's right that no matter what women do and wear there's always at least one group of people trying to tear you down. And she has based takes about porn.

No. 1258264

Somehow, I knew she'd say this. No one told her to try and do a shitty Marilyn Monroe impersonation gig. She built a whole brand off not showing her body (the same body she was happy to show off before her team needed a gimmick for her as the "anti pop star"), dropped it, and then acted surprised that the reactions varied? It was all so pre-planned, it's obviously been planned ever since that video of her talking about her body and stripping down was played at a concert, and her PR people knew what the audience would say, too. I really hate corny, fake deep things like this

No. 1258265

She looks really cute in this picture, she pulls off a tomboy style so well.

No. 1258270

Literally. It's pandering to the hypocritical sort of person who claims they want a "real female musician" who's not just showing off her body all the time, but the truth is, they don't have the attention span to actually appreciate that kind of artist (or else they'd already be happy with all the less famous singers who actually are that way). They actually love basic pop garbage, they like stereotypical "pretty girls" and sexuality, but they hate admitting it. Her music itself is kind of a snoozefest, so I guess doing these endless takes of "Oh don't look at my body"/"Look at my body"/"OMG why'd they look at my body"/"Here's me talking about my body again and calling it deep" is the easiest way to generate buzz. Nothing about this is profound

No. 1258271

Some of you put barely-legal women under such a ridiculous microscope here I have a hard time believing you aren’t underage.

No. 1258272

People ask about her life, and she’s just telling them. It doesn’t have to be a manifesto or bold statement, she’s just talking and quite frankly it appears she’s being earnest and giving a reasonable explanation for how she’s changing. I don’t really know much about her music but I know she’s only 20 years old and navigating her teen years in the public eye must have been horrifying. She’s probably constantly pressured to make changes to herself and I can’t imagine how it feels seeing people dehumanize you constantly and mock you to such a degree. You act like she’s supposed to uphold some sort of noble agenda on her shoulders when she’s barely been an adult long enough to be comfortable with herself. I don’t understand the reason to be so shitty to her.

No. 1258273

>pointing out a mainstream pop star has rehearsed lines/marketing gimmicks
>putting them under a microscope
Do you unironically believe these people are being themselves in interviews and "winging it" when it comes to the outfits they wear, styling, etc? It just chafes my ass to think people would buy into the product when it's so obvious. Like did you think Jennifer Lawrence was "authentic", too? Give me a break, anon

No. 1258275

Do you unironically believe that she wasn't groomed from the start and doesn't have much of a say about her public image and struggles with that now that her brain can process it better compared to when she was 14 and thrown into the industry?

No. 1258277

There's no "noble agenda" she's meant to uphold, and it's not even about being shitty to her, because this is barely "her". All of this is about making money by selling people a false relatable image. You're painfully naive if you think she somehow wasn't briefed on what to expect, that her people haven't meticulously mapped out the different directions to take her career and branding, gone through test audiences, and that her family, manager, etc don't make sure she has the best therapists money can buy. From the beginning, she was made to sell "mental illness"/"depression" in the cool Gen Z way, then there was the grooming subplot where she dated a grown-ass moid as a teenager (with her whole family knowing and not doing shit, followed by an entire album/single about this - just very clearly intentional for the drama/controversy based on TikTok and Twitter hot button issues), and now it's "body positivity". If you spend 3 minutes on social media, you can predict her whole career

No. 1258280

>doesn't have much of a say about her public image
If you read my posts, you'd realize that this is exactly what I'm saying. You're taking the script and branding at face value and thinking she's "free" to speak and reflect now, when all of this is/was extremely deliberate and carefully designed. You're not getting her actual feelings, you're getting the narrative her team wrote out. You will never hear a sliver of "authenticity" from Billie Eilish on any sort of public platform until she leaves the industry, or reaches her 30s/40s and they're done using her for marketing

No. 1258289

> thinking she's "free" to speak and reflect now
I don't think that. I know it's scripted but she's still human. Her emotions do show through and just because something is scripted does not mean she 100% disagrees with it.

No. 1258291

Totally, just like Harry Styles is truly GNC and Ke$ha's party girl persona was true to who she was and not carefully curated to sell (until she rightfully walked away from that BS)

No. 1258292

she's a human, but what you see of her in the media is a product. I don't know why it's easy for you to accept that when it comes to boy/girl bands, but not individual pop stars

No. 1258302

Ugh my ex loved this pseudo deep slut. Remember she fucked some black rapper twice her age at 15.

No. 1258308

>she fucked some black rapper twice her age at 15.
Hmm… interesting that you put the blame on her for being taken advantage of as a teenager.

No. 1258315

I agree that this is psuedo deep nonsense, but your post is sounding like bait kek

No. 1258316

… you know there's more than two people on this site, right? KEK nowhere did I personally mention Harry Styles or boyband shit.

No. 1258320

??? Are you underage? Do you know what examples are? I'm tired of summerfags

No. 1258333

“I don't know why it's easy for you to accept that when it comes to boy/girl bands, but not individual pop stars” is not an example, it’s a huge assumption.

No. 1258335

Sounds like you’re not aware of what an example is

No. 1258347

The whole menu?

No. 1258351

>and people shame you for not being feminine enough. Then you wear something more revealing and they're like: you're such a fat cow whore. I'm a slut and a sellout and I'm just like every other celebrity selling their bodies and woah! What the fuck do you want? It's a crazy world for women and women in the public eye"
she's not wrong.

No. 1258368

I mean she (her team) jumped from one extreme into the other style wise. Of course the commentary would also be extreme (because people are simple/dumb like that).

It's like, every pop star does the same around the same age and is surprised that they get the same stupid comments about it like the popstar (of the same age doing the same thing) before. Sorry, I am ESL and today is not my most eloquent one). In short: Do everytime the same thing but expect different results.

That doesn't mean no one should go out of their box but they have to expect and cope with the not so nice reactions they get about it. She is young, maybe it was a painful lesson to learn.

No. 1258375

Her baggy comfortable alt style was incredibly based and I miss it. Wish that female celebrities would embrace that style more often.
I know her style and how she presents herself is dictated by a PR team and she’s probably not speaking out her mind for this interview.

No. 1258376

And here you are still bitter about a teen just because your stupid ex liked her.

No. 1258382

No. 1258387

Yeah what she said is real lol “scripted” or not it’s still real life for 99.9999% of women

No. 1258390

exactly, you dress like a tomboy and everyone thinks you have to be enby/trans. some people even act like gender non-conforming women getting any kind of spotlight is negative towards women and masculinizes them.

No. 1258418

>Also I get the feeling she’s a crypto terf kek.
i bet she is, or is at least getting to that point. i was pleasantly shocked when she spoke against porn a while back and didn't halfass it with any "but i still support sex workers uwu" talk. she's probably the best role model that younger zoomers have at the moment

No. 1258488

File: 1657548379272.png (281.17 KB, 630x630, 9528464_0.png)

Lmao Billie fishing for compliments.

No. 1258491

File: 1657548541776.png (94.56 KB, 213x280, 51haVSs1SOS._SR600,315_PIWhite…)

Those smoldering looking for compliments eyes!

No. 1258524

and yet thousands of women unironically find him hot and sexy. moids live life on easy mode

No. 1258526

i posted something similar. i'm glad not all nonnnies have had their social skills fried by internet

No. 1258529

he's obsessed with semen

No. 1258530

No. 1258556

Sabrina Carpenter came out with a song talking about Joshua Bassett

No. 1258581

haha WOW this is SAD. she fucking wrote that and released it to the public to hear?? have some self-respect claire

No. 1258583

haha what? ok i like him now, that's funny

No. 1258589

wait really? small boobs are the prettiest. women with big boobs all hate them and it doesn't give you any kind of advantage with dating i thought? i have huge ones and men never seem to seek that out. it's all about ass and face

No. 1258593

bro you just posted cringe.
i like how actors always go ham on the thesaurus when they write statement cuz big word mean smart

No. 1258596

jeez men go really fucking insane when there's a woman they can't fuck

No. 1258598

when she used to wear that style anons in these threads constantly complained about her being a 'nlog'

No. 1258604

i notice she acts a lot younger than she is. i wonder if getting famous when you're 17 kind of makes you stay mentally 17 for a while because that's the character who got famous/who the public sees you as so you don't change the way you're supposed to as the years go by.
that's a thing, right? they say people's brains kind of freeze at the age they became famous

No. 1258608

File: 1657555908400.jpeg (679.23 KB, 1073x1225, 95CE5DC6-E152-4012-81B0-594AD0…)

4chan hacked Hunter Biden’s iCloud account. He’s weighing out crack and talking to prostitutes in the background.

No. 1258610

File: 1657555974422.jpeg (480.6 KB, 1065x1328, 345135ED-51EA-4B16-B158-811A9D…)

Why did I vote for this fucking man…

No. 1258612

Idk most 20 year olds aren't really mature.

No. 1258613

weird, i loved that style. wearing wacky neon outfits while being a celebrity isn't nloggy at all. they're all equally as annoying as her, but at least she didn't have thousands of red carpet photos of 4 inch heel + jewel toned peplum dress + awards show poses (the one hand on hip is my least favourite for some reason)

No. 1258614

rich people buying crack is so funny to me

No. 1258618

the Dems are not winning the next elections, aren't they

No. 1258624

Something in this leak is being held back or hidden. This cracked out pedophile fuck definitely had CP or conversations with underage girls on his phone.

No. 1258639

The media is entirely controlled by the left so normies will never find out about this. Most people don't know about the laptop/the phone and that the presidents son has sex with kids.

No. 1258663

File: 1657559243604.jpg (82.06 KB, 585x747, WHgoxGE.jpg)

She was just playing herself on Glee

No. 1258667

I’m trying to find a clearer set of pictures, and I hate to speculate, but I think Joe Biden is a pedophile.(why would you post suspected cp, retard?)

No. 1258670

>I hate to speculate, but I think Joe Biden is a pedophile.
It's not even speculation, there's literal videos and photos of him sniffing children's hair and touching them weirdly.

No. 1258671

Yeah why did you vote for him, he was a known freak fuck with dementia way before this leak?

No. 1258673

Oh holy fuck. Is there a source for this other an 4chan though? They do deepfakes of dem politicians getting up to shit like this every other week. Not trying to wk btw I 100% believe biden is a pedo

No. 1258676

Well in the last leak it was revealed he fucked his dead brothers wife, her daughter(his underage niece) and Malia Obama. It was all memory holed up real quick though, but I saw the pictures.

third times the charm I can't fucking type

No. 1258677

She literally spent the entirety of Midsommar looking like a regular ass woman? What does it matter anymore when her breakout role was her looking kinda shit for most of the movie? I get being upset about her dating standards but is she really the one to go the egotistical route with this when she’s probably been one of the most regular actresses in circle lately? if this was doja or dove cameron or even lady gaga i would agree. I don’t think shes as obsessive comparatively

No. 1258678

This is just screenshots from a random porno apparently

No. 1258683

nta but she's a depp supporter, so everything she said just comes off as hypocritical.

No. 1258687

Shit im disappointed all over again. Nvm

No. 1258691

Nta but tbf when you choose between politicians you choose between the scum of the earth. I fully believe they're all pedophiles. Is there any winning?