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File: 1662691415601.jpg (9.07 KB, 500x319, pissedoff.jpg)

No. 1332326

I don't give a single fuck

No. 1332328

I'm angry I'm mad I'm pissed off

No. 1332334

File: 1662691857867.jpg (67.6 KB, 788x788, 1660994834509.jpg)

i have too many writing and art projects and i am never going to finish them all before i die

No. 1332336

I approve of thread pic and thread.

No. 1332337

I’m getting really fucking sick of all these weird cartoonfuckers. Stop. A badly drawn cartoon is not sexy and no one else wants to see it.

No. 1332339

I approve of thread pic and thread, thank you blessed nonnie

No. 1332341

amen sister

No. 1332342

Thank you.

No. 1332343

Sanic said I would meet my true and honest sweetheart!!! Where are they sanic!!

No. 1332346

File: 1662692194002.png (17.58 KB, 80x116, catsitting.png)

Right here baby

No. 1332347

Anon you forgot to link previous thread >>>/ot/1323436

No. 1332353

Hyperventilating right now.
I'm such a pathetic piece of shit.
I hate my life. I hate that things didn't go as I wanted to. I hate everything.

No. 1332354

I'm sorry, I was just so mad, angry and pissed off. Thank you for linking nona

No. 1332356

Oh anon, hold me, please…

No. 1332358

I hope you feel better anon

No. 1332364

File: 1662692911205.png (230.54 KB, 587x587, kitty kitty.png)

c'mere nonita I'll make it all better

No. 1332365

Lifts my mood a little but why? you think it's funny that I'm psycho, that I'm twisty?

No. 1332368

File: 1662693222536.jpg (15.33 KB, 564x411, the muah of it all.jpg)

Absolutely yes, in combination with the gif, it's good stuff

No. 1332372

File: 1662693331611.jpeg (63.3 KB, 600x800, 03953660-DAD6-4B2E-8B91-07E8A8…)

I don't understand the hate. You can find us obnoxious but 2d guys are at least a little cute cmon. Besides have you seen real scrotes

No. 1332377

There is nothing wrong with 2D men, in the designated threads, not every nona is into your weeb shit. There are threads in /g/ and /m/ for you to take advantage of and I highly encourage you to post in /m/ especially.

No. 1332380

File: 1662693622285.jpeg (307.85 KB, 1024x961, FFE9BAA6-91B5-442E-B94E-B1E9D8…)

Well thanks anon I'm cheered up. Being like this is fine actually I don't care anymore

No. 1332381

You don't owe anyone anything, fuck them, this is your life nona

No. 1332385

Finally, something new, I really hate the damn aoba thread pics

No. 1332389

There's nothing wrong with 2d men anywhere this is an imageboard

No. 1332391

No one cares about your stupid retard anime men, it's borderline avatarfagging with some of you

No. 1332395

agree to disagree

No. 1332403

Please go back to Facebook. This is fujo territory.

No. 1332406


No. 1332407

had a rough day, been crying so much my head hurts
everything has been awful lately and nothing goes right for me
hopefully tomorrow will be better…

No. 1332408

lets compromise. Sad/angery anime catboys

No. 1332409

I am trying to see the positive in everything, including my breakup. I guess, for the first time in a while, I can now lust after random attractive people I see. When I was with her, I didn't have eyes for anyone else and only felt sexual attraction towards her. Now it feels like I want to fuck every hot person I see lmao. Honestly, it feels freeing in a way. Am I finally moving on?

No. 1332411

My mom is having a tantrum. Trying to stay out of her path. I hate when she gets like this. Already bad enough that she's schizo ranting about the queen. At least I was smart and refilled my water bottles.

No. 1332412

Newfaggotry makes me sick, I hate this thread, I hate this thread pic and I am also feeling very negative things toward YOU nonnie.

No. 1332413

where are you people coming from

No. 1332415

Twitter, LSA, and the pathetic part of 4chan that creates failed discord kittens

No. 1332417

I hope it passes soon anon.

No. 1332418

File: 1662696924714.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 71.69 KB, 800x566, A9DB366F-30CD-441F-ABAF-AB4D59…)

Found this and idk why but it's hilarious to me. Spoilered to protect nonnies' delicate sensibilities

No. 1332419

this image is a good writing prompt

No. 1332421

I am angry and I want to fight the brainrot twitter masses. I would love to pull the teeth out of these enby teenagers heads with rusty pliers. I am sick of so many ugly people thinking they are entitled to have opinions on anything ever. You are not entitled to have thoughts, you are subhuman waste.

No. 1332423

Go back to your normoid shithole of a social media site "nonny"

No. 1332425

anyone had a constantly stressful, traumatic life and done things they did not want to do to hopefully feel something different or self harm or receive positive attention instead of non-stop abuse and people act like your worst moments are your actual personality? is it me or is this evil to do to someone you know has had a traumatic life? i'm so tired of privileged people with easy lives judging me and disregarding the rest of who i am because of my toughest moments, when they could never even dream of having walked in my shoes or know what it's like

No. 1332427

Thank you, nonnie. I got lucky it only lasted 15 minutes.

No. 1332431

i'm used to animefags but people who want to fuck the pig from sing should never wake up again

No. 1332438

KEK a take we can all agree with or can we

No. 1332446

I'm such an idiot bc I read this and felt like crying. I don't want her to be with anyone else but I have to get over it.

No. 1332449

I'm sorry my post made you sad anon! ;_; Did it make you cry because you were imagining that you were reading it from her perspective?

No. 1332453

Yes I'm wondering if she posts here …I feel like I'm becoming paranoid. Reading ex gf posts are so triggering. She hasn't even let me go properly. Did both of you have an official breakup? She's stringing me along.

No. 1332454

File: 1662699794220.jpg (519.84 KB, 1983x1356, 1655067190471.jpg)

Very true anon. I personally feel like anons who take offence of 2d husbandos usually like the most ugliest moids possible anyways so I don't have any respect for the fact that they hate 2d men.

No. 1332459

I was the one who got dumped. I've been trying so hard to get over our relationship especially since I've been fixated so much on her when it seems like she's already moved on. I know it's hard anon and I wish I can give you a hug. I hope you can find peace soon. It's not fair for you that she's been leaving you hanging…

No. 1332462

It's not about not enjoying 2D men, it's about how obnoxious you are. This is why you have no friends irl.

No. 1332464

File: 1662700287227.jpg (388.78 KB, 720x960, 1651551728582.jpg)

Oh I'm sorry, nonnie. I-I'll see myself out

No. 1332465

How I wish you would

No. 1332471

I was the original aoba thread maker. I just thought it would be funny and we'd all have a short laugh then move back to other thread pics. I don't even recall posting him ever before then. It looks like a vent pic to me so I used it. I repeat to me it was just another thread pic. I did not mean to spark infights or stew up so much random hate. I don't regret choosing the picture and honestly I think anons overreacted weirdly. But this is getting ridiculous let's put this behind us nonnies and quit fighting, this is my last post about it

No. 1332476

I say she stays and you go

No. 1332485

Yes she has left me hanging and I'm waiting all this month to see if she says our 'break' is actually a breakup…

I know this might bite me later..but I noticed since the last thread anons and thier ex gfs are quite a handful. For anyone who remembers me I'm the anon who went to visit thier ldr gf and was crying in the hotel room. I just need people to talk to randomly to forget the pain of what happened to me and I also feel I'm a broken record with irl friends and don't want to annoy them I'd appreciate it if anyone sent me messages.

No. 1332496

idk why anons are being so nasty and weird tonight. i don't care about 2D men but there's a very weird vibe tonight. i suspect ironically newfags (or exclusive dramaboard users) who try to claim everyone else is a newfag because they're not bitter and aggressive constantly

No. 1332498

It should be impossible because there had been several treatments, including steaming, but I feel like I still have bedbugs. There are tiny blood specks on the sheet every now and then and I wake up with itchy spots almost every morning. Same with my boyfriend whom I haven't told about this. Both me and the several exterminators inspected the whole room and nobody found anything, one of them outright said that he doesn't think there are bedbugs here. I just don't know what to do

No. 1332501

It's not your fault, it's the fault of newfags who came from social media and other such sites who think they have any right to demand that anime not be posted at all even though this website is a spin-off of an otaku board.
They are the ones who have a stick up their ass and should not be taken seriously.

No. 1332508

I appreciate it nonitas. It's probably best if we let the topic go, but continue using whatever pics we want as usual. luv ya!!

No. 1332513

I work as an apartment manager and maybe I can help. Do you leave your window open? Do you have screens on your windows? Do you have other insects that they may be such as moths or even ants?

No. 1332523

stop thread hopping to be a retarded rude fuck for no reason

No. 1332525

I'm not whatever anon you're accusing me of being, I guess it's not the same when you're the one calling everyone newfags.

No. 1332532

I find a centipede wander in from the bathroom every two months and sometimes I find these tiny fly like insects on the window sills but I get the bites regardless of the window being open or not. I do have screens on and I keep the windows ajar during the night

No. 1332544

I'll be nice tomorrow but today I'm angry, I'm mad, I'm pissed off.

No. 1332551

the issues nonnies have is the reactionary contrarianism when another anon dislikes something. it'll follow with posts just for the sake of derailing to spite them. posting anime boys has always been present but the increase of frequency of posts made just to upload anime in themed threads have started to irritate a lot of nonnies.

No. 1332552

Ayrt. I remember you, anon, and was following your posts in the lesbian thread. I was really sad for you and I was hoping you would be doing a lot better. If you want someone to talk to feel free to send me a message: retard(remain anonymous )

No. 1332577

Nta but I haven't noticed a huge increase at all, is it just because of the last two vent thread pics?

No. 1332583

i haven't noticed a "huge increase" at all either.

No. 1332585

I’ll third that. This is a board full of weebs, I have not noticed any increase if anything I’ve seen less

No. 1332587

honestly i think it's like a few kiwicels tardraging at anything women like and pretending it's rampant and obnoxious when it's not, and demanding everything cater to them. a few things seeming particularly moidy tonight. if not moidy, then just supremely entitled.

No. 1332591

Don't email this person

No. 1332599

This is a male

No. 1332620

Yikes. I emailed them… well the only thing they'll do is probably laugh at my misery.

No. 1332650

I don't think these boards are a good place to be making pals right now, nonnie. But maybe try going to the movie room some time.

No. 1332662

You should not be seeking out friends here. The people who are trying to get your contact info are not your friends.

No. 1332691

I like this threadpic miles better, but still support cartoonfuckers! the webtoon one fucking sucked ass though.

No. 1332693

Disagree, some people here are nice. I know plenty of good nonnies. That email person though, totally a fucking male

No. 1332695

Nta and I've also met a lot of great nonnies, but personally I think that just this point in time with everything that is going on it's best to not be getting emails and discord tags off of the imageboard itself.

No. 1332699

Now is not the time for that at all.

No. 1332701

Yup that is literally what I said, thanks anon

No. 1332704

I was echoing the sentiment.

No. 1332716

you were echoing the sentiment

No. 1332722

Echo echo echoo

No. 1332725

File: 1662708115969.gif (802.03 KB, 420x240, Im listening nonnie.gif)

No. 1332732

>bf is a dick for like an hour after he wakes up every time
>learn after many times getting my feelings hurt to stop trying to talk to him after he wakes up
>bf gets silently pissy because he thinks I'm mad
>I get pissed that he is pissed at me
Why are men

No. 1332737

Have you already talked to him about how he acts when he firsts wakes up and how it makes you uncomfortable?

No. 1332741

>work together overnight
>wake up 1 hour early to shower before work because he takes 45 fucking minutes to finish shitting
>wake up so I can wipe the dust off of the camping grill
>asked him to do it absolute ages ago
>yesterday reminded him playfully that I had asked him to do it ages ago
>gets pissy that I brought it up
>get everything ready to grill steaks at work, pack all the condiments and food
>he takes over cooking the steak when we get to work as if he's in control
>told him to wait because the corn will take longer to grill than the steak
>doesn't listen
told him to move the grill far away from the shop because smoke
>doesn't listen
>gets pissy when his brother and I tell him to move the grill because smoke is getting inside the shop
>steaks are getting cold in the break room because the corn is still cooking
Jesus fuckin christ

No. 1332743

Honestly don't even remember but I probably did. He "can't help it" but has the audacity to make it a big joke that I get irritable when I'm hungry, ugh

No. 1332750

File: 1662709441882.gif (1.11 MB, 498x282, 1661472491728.gif)

My birthday is in almost less than a week and I made a wishlist for people IRL only now. I spent SO MUCH TIME thinking about them and their comfort over MY WISHES, which is incredibly funny, after all everytime I gift them something I put so much effort into gifting but whenever I get something i just 'eh'… I wish i at least had a nice birthday cake, you know? I put all of my blood sweat and tears into finding something that they would love, down to the gift packing, it should be perfect… I sound like a whiney baby, after all not everyone knows what to gift to others, which is fine, it's obvious that 'its the thought that counts' but sometimes I just wish I at least could tell them to just gift me a gifting card or cash (they don't want to do that) so I could at least save up on something or just get something that I would like. It's so silly. I just want to feel at least a bit special on my birthday for once. I am driving myself crazy all because I have not seen my family in 3 years, and i didn't celebrate my birthday with them in 4. They always know what I like, they always know what I want and are okay with that. I miss my family so much and I can't even afford to visit them. I am so tired!!

No. 1332753

I went on a date with a moid who was good looking, shared my interests, was funny and witty. But then at some point of the conversation he called himself queer and I lost all of the attraction I had for him instantly. I should've known, he was wearing nail polish but I brushed it off as a part of his alt style, plus a lot of my normal male friends wear nail polish too. I didn't ask him to elaborate what he meant by being queer but I'm thinking about going back and asking just so that I can laugh at him and his delusions.
Anyway the vent part is that he seemed okay by moid standards but turns out he's been brainwashed by the alphabet community.

No. 1332757

>"can't help it"
fucking bullshit. men never try.

No. 1332759

throw him away

No. 1332763

Based nonnie, I'm sorry for your time wasted

No. 1332769

Hot oil on legs. Make it an accident. Now.

No. 1332775

>wake up 1 hour early to shower before work because he takes 45 fucking minutes to finish shitting
I had a friend years ago where I'd go round to her place for coffee. Her scrote comes home while I'm there one day and he goes straight to the bathroom. We're watching some Netflix show that's like 45 mins long and when the whole episode passes with him still in there I ask her if she wants to check if he's ok. She tells me he does this every day for an hour or more. He doesn't have any medical conditions.

She'd been with this guy since she was a teen and they have an oops baby together which was probably the main thing keeping her there if everyone is being honest. I just remember being disgusted. I've been in long term live in relationships and I've obviously been in the stage where you don't dance around the fact that you shit but that's too much.

No. 1332782

Ayrt, my brother is the same way, even before smartphones, I honestly think all men can't shit properly.

No. 1332784

are you sure they're not just jacking off or something

No. 1332787

Yeah, even though no one will believe me. My moid isn't into pleasuring himself he'd rather fuck

No. 1332790

My tablets me really sick but if I stop taking them I’m unbearable and agitated all the time.
I’m tired of being like this. They can’t even tell me what my diagnosis is. They just keep throwing medications at me.

No. 1332792

Ask for an anti-nausea med nonnington

No. 1332796

I used to hide in one of the bathrooms when I lived with my family because it was the only place in the house I could have quiet time to myself. Never stuck around after taking a poop though, ew.

No. 1332807

It crossed my mind that he could be doing a combo of both. I just remember a couple trips to her house where after a while I'd be full of coffee, it would've been nice to be able to pee but I didn't fancy going into a bathroom where this guy had casually sat in his own shit stink for an hour. I only lived around the corner so wasn't a big issue but it just comes off as gross when theres company over. idk how she still looked at this guy romantically.

No. 1332851

nta, but she was talking cartoon characters like picrel, not anime boys

No. 1332852

fucking hell I called my mom over to show her a personal project I'm proud of, don't know why cause she always reacts the same. And as always, 'oh, it's interesting… Is it for uni? No? Why aren't you working, don't you know yadayada'.
I'm fine, why am I not allowed to enjoy something just for myself a little. I feel like a child complaining about this but god

No. 1332862

Such a hurtful thing to hear… Have you talked with her about what kind of reaction you'd rather expect? Or at least why is this one something that upsets you?
You're not a child to complain about that at all. Idea that you can only do things that are for work is an awful mentality to instill in someone and can easily lead to you being no longer able to enjoy doing anything for fun at all, or at least struggle with internalized guilt every time you do something. Hopefully now that you're adult enough and aware it won't affect you so much, but it still may.

No. 1332863

You dropped your pic

No. 1332864

I can’t fucking sleep and I had to call out of work because I have it in 3 hours and it’s very mentally demanding and my boss will think I’m a dick and I already have horrible imposter syndrome anyway ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just wanna sleep

No. 1332865

Similar things happen to me. Usually it's my father who will ask "…but can you sell it?" whenever I share my personal creative projects with him. Like, shut the fuck up if you don't have anything nice to say, just reply "hmm, cool" and shut up. He's fucking obsessed with me finding ways to make money. As if I didn't have enough self-esteem problems already.

No. 1332870


No. 1332871

File: 1662722734592.jpeg (63.15 KB, 545x348, 7C130D3E-EB98-41E3-B4EF-85FB24…)

I miss my friends I miss talking to people I miss being normal

No. 1332872

I’m so sick of the cult-like behaviour of TRAs. I can’t avoid them because all of my hobby communities are full of cultists. Any time they catch a whiff of someone liking anything Harry Potter-related they bully her (it’s always a woman) until she grovels and denounces JKR, then bully anyone associated with her until they grovel and denounce JKR. Staying quiet isn’t an option because if you don’t badmouth JKR when prompted you’re “sus” and people assume you’re secretly a bigot. Even after burning the author at the proverbial stake you’re not allowed to move on and enjoy the franchise because any reminder that HP exists is making the community “unsafe” for trans people. You’re expected to get rid of or at least hide your books and merchandise. God forbid some enby notices a Hogwarts mug in the background of your selfie and has a sad about it. That’s practically murder!

I’m not even a Harry Potter fan myself but absolutely everything is a dogwhistle to these zealots. I’ve seen someone be confronted over a colour combination, and even though she explained that her project was completely unrelated to HP she wasn’t let off the hook until she called Rowling evil and declared her love for trans people. I’m really into various motifs that are common in the HP world so I’m sure that sooner or later someone will demand that I pledge allegiance to the trans flag lest I be banished as a suppressive person. I genuinely don’t know what I’ll do if that happens. Throw JKR under the bus and contribute to this nonsense, or nuke my social life from orbit?

I wish I could find local, non-indoctrinated people to socialise with but it seems that everyone who shares my interests is completely captured. It’s like a virus.

No. 1332876

File: 1662723569782.jpg (12.14 KB, 240x240, IMG_4705.jpg)

why am i the butt of everyone's jokes and when i speak up for myself i am painted as ungrateful or mentally ill? actually had a cry about this i've never been much of a clown but people love to make me the target of their so called "group banter"(aka targetting at insecurities and using my secrets against me nonstop). talk about "friends", family, you name it. fuck them, i want to disappear

No. 1332877

my retarded employers haven't paid me my wages

No. 1332880

I genuinely wish the retarded male in the genshin impact thread would kill himself. That's all

No. 1332882

File: 1662725986666.jpeg (335.94 KB, 594x677, ACDEDF73-51EA-43BC-AF59-9C2AD6…)


No. 1332883

Why the fuck were they glaring at me while I was eating cereal yesterday? It was as if I'd just killed their mother or something.
This is the designated eating area, I have done nothing to you ever in my life. I dress a little goofy but you don't need to be angry at me about it.

People in general were weirdly upset around me yesterday. I'm wearing a silly little vest, what is there to hate about me? I'm trying to spread joy, you fools. Hopefully today is better.

No. 1332884

File: 1662726264363.jpg (68.41 KB, 700x529, sandwich.jpg)

i can't take this anymore, i'm so sick of being lonely. the only people i regularly talked to were my bf and my therapist but now that my stupid ass bpd breakdowns have calmed down it's only my bf again. i feel like i've never had another close friend i could genuinely talk to and show them that i care and idk it just sucks so bad. just having someone i could play games with and talk about our daily lives would be so nice. i know you can't have a deep connection with someone immediately but every single time i've tried finding someone we either didn't click at all or i was the one who got way too obsessed and cared about them way more than they did about me.

usually i'm dealing ok with the fact that i have no friends but sometimes the feeling just gets so overwhelming and makes me feel so isolated from everything. i've tried making friends irl but i can't relate to normies at all and the last time i tried making friends on here nonna ghosted me after she got a bf (no hard feelings but i wish she would've replied one last time at least..).
i talked to some others from here too but the conversations just dried up after a while and i'm scared of getting ghosted after getting too involved again lol.
i wish i could just get this instant super deep connection with someone who 100% gets me and vice versa. i know that's obviously not realistic but i feel like i'm incompatible with normal friendships at this point.
also idk if i posted something similar before because i feel like this all the time rn and it sucks sorry

No. 1332894

I hate people who whine about not having friends when they're in a relationship. You can't have everything in life, bitch

No. 1332897

File: 1662727594613.jpg (40.18 KB, 426x500, FcKzwWNaMAAd2c_.jpg)

I'm sad that she's gone. She was like everyone's little grandma. If the UK should have a monarchy it should be a woman on the throne. Moids just aren't as likeable. I don't think people would have grieved as much or cared as much for Charles.

No. 1332903

File: 1662727829853.jpg (258.17 KB, 1523x1888, GettyImages-576747043.jpg)

i agree, she was nonnie.

No. 1332909

i don't think it's too much to ask to have a single female friend nonna. my relationship is the only thing keeping me relatively sane but it still starts to get isolating after a few years.

No. 1332911

Nta but needlessly hostile wtf..

No. 1332917

You do have a friend… your boyFRIEND. Some of us in life have neither.

>You can't have everything in life, bitch

No. 1332920

A boyfriend is not the same as a friend

No. 1332922

how is a boyfriend not the same as a friend? why would you be in a relationship with somebody you dont even consider your friend? genuine question from an autista, not trying to be passive aggressive. i just cant imagine it so id like to know how that works

No. 1332927

A boyfriend is not a friend, it’s a walking dildo that nags as a profession. You sound bitter and crazy.

No. 1332929

Are you actively trying to change this? You could reach out to clubs/groups if you're in school. Volunteer work also provides friendships. Log off. Talk to people.

No. 1332931

Yes your boyfriend could be your friend but its just not the same when sex and love is a compromise you both have with each other, he's there to be cherished more than to listen to your celeb gossip or barbie fairytopia talk

Now my take on friendship
You need more than one person that listens to you, otherwise you will bore the hell out of said person and it won't be fun for them. They will avoid you for being as clingy as bubblegum on a shoe. You need to have at least 2 other friends (better if they don't interact with each other). Being selective is a thing but having friends for different purposes is good. Maybe one of them likes to rollerscate and the other likes building miniatures, cool, now you have two friends that share your different hobbies. You will never meet a 1 by 1 replica of yourself and that's a good thing. Both friends can help you and you can vent about different subjects to them or they could give their unique perspective about 1 thing etc.

No. 1332939

I actually feel happier now that I don't have to interact with all the dumb fucking faggots and """friends""" I used to have in college. I don't need to go out or pretend to be someone I'm not in front of them because I can just do things by myself for my own fun. I don't feel like I'm missing on things, I actually dread thinking one of those said friends could come to my house and pretend to be nice to me again when all I want to do is be autistic in peace.

No. 1332944

I’m at the same exact situation nonnie!! I used to have a friend group in my first year of uni who were exhausting to be with, they were all cringe gender enbies who talk about astrology and mcr lmfao you’re right no one really talks about how good it feels to cut off people and enjoy your own company. let’s be autistic together

No. 1332949

Stop talking like an incel.

No. 1332950

Covid fucked up my appetite and taste buds and now I can barely finish meals. Can't finish this oatmeal, the texture makes me want to vomit. I hate this. I used to love oatmeal. Fuck this gay sickness. Fuck it.

No. 1332951

I’m already sick of hearing about the fucking queen. Everything about her is pissing me off, all the bootlicking virtue signalling and commie a-logging is giving me a headache. People weren’t this annoying when Philip died.

No. 1332953

Samefag, I don’t think I could have survived the death of Diana or John Lennon, I barely survived the death of michael Jackson. I think I’d of committed suicide if I was old enough to comprehend what was going on and had to deal with all of the irritating parasocial lunatics. I heard a man was fined for stealing one of the millions of teddy bears that was left at a memorial for Diana m. When he was leaving the courthouse someone punched him in the face. https://apnews.com/article/f334e2b5574664dae8d2459186cd7fbc I would KMS if I had to bear witness to this nonsense. Luckily i was two and couldn’t yet comprehend just how irritating and parasocial people are.

No. 1332954

The bootlicking is as annoying as the memes and those unfunny repetitive tweets celebrating her death

No. 1332955

I just hate how OTT it all is. Why cant people just be fucking normal.

No. 1332958

nta and inb4 replying to bait but you’re the one sounding bitter and crazy here that anon just genuinely asked a question
Its sad but so many people seem to completely separate romance from friendship. Need to vent about now. I never saw any appeal in having sex with someone that it isn’t worth having a trust based intimate relationship with and probably never will because why should I fuck some shitty guy just to get laid? no thanks. Dating just for sex is only a needless risk factor when you can just masturbate instead. Ideally having a romantic relationship is practically just a very intense friendship with sexual desire and all those romanticized ideas of muh typical “”passionate”” drama relationships are glamorized hollywood bs.

No. 1332959

File: 1662732095422.jpeg (84.91 KB, 594x487, F43D559F-8C7E-491F-8189-6DCBAC…)


No. 1332962

It's really gross how everyone is celebrating the death of an elderly woman. Idgaf about the royal shit of any country, but the fact everyone is turning this into a political thing pisses me off. I logged into instagram briefly and all I saw was people being like "GOOD THE QUEEN IS DEAD!!! FUCK COLONIALISM!!! FUCK THE MONARCHY!!!" etc and I'm like… sure fuck that, but you all know even though she died, there's a new king that immediately took posession right after her death? Monarchy isn't over, colonialism isn't over, those systems are still alive to this day and just because one of them died doesn't mean this shit suddenly stops, it will go on and on and on unless someone abolishes it. Which I doubt

No. 1332963

>unfunny repetitive memes celebrating her death

Stop trying to be a retarded centrist. You know exactly what those blood-sucking fuckers did but you don’t give the slightest fuck because it doesn’t impact you. You are an unempathetic piece of fucking shit

No. 1332965

It's been a few years but I feel like a huge reason why I am not as open as I could be is because of my ex. He hoarded photos and logs of all his exes all the way from high school and once confessed to me that he actually violently attacked his own sister out of anger. I think it's killed any motivation I have to be open about doing things like posting artwork. I get nervous about the possibility he might try to blackmail me or something since he's terminally online and has a rich family. I really wish I never met him.

No. 1332966

Sure, a relationship is ascended friendship and that's the ideal scenario, I agree with that. But if your only friend is your boyfriend, then it just speaks of codependency and that's not a healthy relationship at all. Reverse it and imagine your special someone having only 1 outlet and it being you, you can say it's okay but it will get draining in the future long term. You need to encourage them to seek out another nice frienship who understands them for their own well-being.

No. 1332967

nta but fuck off back to kf

No. 1332969

>Stop trying to be a retarded centrist.
Nta, but it's sad you got sucked into the idea that having a broader opinion is wrong. Not everything is black and white in this world. That said, I don't agree with what the royals do/did.

No. 1332970

ata I absolutely agree. Its important to not be too dependent on the other person to have a healthy relationship.

No. 1332971

You’re trying to retain the innocence of a woman you don’t know because she’s white, you know why you’re defending her because she’s white. Stop screaming up the fucking hills trying to victimize yourself “oomggg gais everywahn celebrating a woman’s death!!” this is not a feminist issue, that royal family is one of THE spearheads of long-standing colonization, no one is saying her dying is going to undo any of those systems but her era ending off it’s the first start of addressing these problems in the first place. I hate bitches like you these women have absolutely destroyed indigenous women’s homes, their cultures and their fucking places and you don’t give a fuck. People who have been harboring these issues aren’t on twitter these are REAL FUCKING PEOPLE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED THESE ISSUES DUMBASS. You’re the one who is so fucking terminally online and can’t realize that real life people are going to discuss IRL problems online. Politics matters, politics dictates your entire life, everything is political and pretending it isn’t makes you a retard anon. If you were really considered about your stupid ass liberal feminist effort to make the issue about you (cause white women dont see women like me as people to care about kek) you would not support a woman who literally told another woman that she hopes her baby isn’t dark or literally considered that her baby will be darker because being dark is a sin isn’t it anon? I’m tired of these excuses that these women were indoctrinated by other men and- yeah right, there are women that are racist and ignorant as much as men, don’t know why in your liquid brain mind you haven’t figured that out. Stop thinking only moids are racist, you are racist, you are always being racist a good majority of this website is so fucking passive aggressively racist and dismissive.(relax)

No. 1332973

Most people settle for their partners out of loneliness, not because they're actually compatible. Ideally, your partner is someone you can talk to with about anything.
Choose better men.

No. 1332974

Keep depending her. I don’t give a fuck anymore, this is just how the world is. My opinion as a woman who will never be heard or listened to or respected unless I’m the same skin color as that poprock candy dust hag. I will always be the aggressive one, the one always making a “point out of nothing” when it isn’t nothing, but this is only a problem when naive light-skinned women are not respected for opening their dumb fucking mouths. You will never understand, fuck off

No. 1332975

>You’re trying to retain the innocence of a woman you don’t know because she’s white, you know why you’re defending her because she’s white.
Kek what the fuck, I'm sorry but I'm not reading anything else after this sentence. I'm not white, I'm mexican, and my country has been deeply affected by colonialism too. Sorry but I'm not into your political spergery.

No. 1332976

File: 1662732804506.jpeg (413.01 KB, 828x619, 65B3C211-BC47-4321-A463-848CAC…)

The thumbnails for these specific videos are so fucking weird. A lot of them are clearly edited but it makes them unsettling to look at.

No. 1332977

i should definitely still try harder to change my situation, complaining is a lot easier than actually doing something about it. i think i just have the problem that i don’t get along that well with most people on a deeper level. even if i manage to get closer to someone i realize our personalities don’t mesh at all and that i don’t actually enjoy talking to them. i think it’s also a bit similar to >>1332939 as i often felt like i have to fake my personality so i’m more likeable to them (while really not enjoying my time). it’s not always like this as i definitely had some experiences with people that were fulfilling but they’re so few and far between that it’s tough to find someone else where i can feel like i can be myself. finding acquaintances at work or a club could at least be a start to feel less lonely but i don’t think it’s going to fix this longing for a ‘true’ friendship. maybe i’m just expecting too much or misunderstanding friendships? if it's a superficial relationship i'm just not interested and then i'd rather spend my time alone (so me whining while being picky is kind of hypocritical, yeah).

No. 1332978

unironically I hate most women, they have internalized misogyny. I hate most people.

No. 1332979

File: 1662732919045.jpeg (33.32 KB, 587x265, 2209B13A-202C-4045-9A6B-738EB3…)

No. 1332980

You'll be fine. Everybody I know got over it, even the sensory issues. Hoping you have a speedy recovery.

No. 1332981

>unironically I hate most women, they have internalized misogyny.
Now that's a sentence

No. 1332983

have you read the post you’re replying to past the first sentences? That anon was pointing out the sheer hypocrisy and virtue signaling that always comes with such events instead of showing solidarity with some rich AF old white woman because of her skin color or whatever

No. 1332986

Just remember that men exist nonnie.
It might feel like that when you see pickmes being pickmes but they don’t represent women. women are great and have so much personality and depth what does a man have? retardation

No. 1332987

Buy a diary anon. Nobody wants to read your retarded wall of text

No. 1332988

kek, sounds like projection

No. 1332989

File: 1662733287696.png (720.14 KB, 686x647, 1656991050707.png)

No. 1332990

You could try smelling some intense smelling things to get the sensitivity back. Like there's something called Ha-Tha scented bottles if you can get them, or you could try burning an orange or lemon, a bit of ginger maybe anything really. It comes back, don't worry!

No. 1332991

I hate men and retards like you the most

No. 1332993

romanianon is that you

No. 1332996

I lowkey fuck with this because most women especially on here don’t give the slightest fuck about other people or other women. Fuck these stupid ass bitches, can barely run a fucking website, only thing they are concerned about is opening their pussies and getting fucked by the lowest of men and then complain why men are trash. You are what you eat and you’re eating piss flavored cock every night and then cry in the vent thread about how your boyfriend/husband is a shitty person and when people tell you to do the correct thing to do which is dump or divorce they make all kinds of fucking excuses for them. They don’t actually care about the hurt or suffering that their fellow women go through daily, they are not concerned with that they are concerned with projecting their insecurities on to women who are exactly like them like Shayna or finally finding Prince Charming Nigel!!!!!’ who can’t even wash his fucking dick cheese off or give you an orgasm yet the entirety of /g/ treats men like a fucking special prize. There is something mutated in almost nearly every heterosexual woman’s brain and it shows on this website, if it doesn’t telll you something is fundamentally wrong with the state of women by the men they choose as romantic partners and the way they move and operate with female “”””friendships””””” then I don’t know what will.(user is in time out)

No. 1332997

I mean I'm not even the anon arguing but internalized misogyny and low empathy women are everywhere even radfem circles are filled with them. It feels like radical feminism is a bourgeoise idology made only for rich white women with no worry in the world that scream their stupid opinions into an echo chamber while women of different races or that are born in poverty are prostitued or live their entire life in poverty and nobody helps them and suddenly I have to be full of empathy for some white privileged as fuck woman that contributes to the suffering and genocide and even mysoginy of other women. I have to have empathy for queen of England, for Belle Delphinee, for whatever stupid white pick me bitch that throws me under the bus while she sits in her comfortable upper middle class home.Eveen radfeem communities are a joke. Very low empathy rich women that would never help another women going through poverty caping for the worst women in society and victimizing them. Go back and masturbate to your homosexual drawn porn since you're so obsessed with men, quit politics. Stop claiming the suffering of oppressed people. Kill yourselves ugly privileged white whores with no worry in the world. You bitches are so stupid and have 0 self awareness. You were never threatened by anything in your life. Stop involving stuff that is made for actually poor and opressed individuals in your retarded discourse. Go masturbate or cry weak ass bitch, you were born rich, opression isn't for you and despite being born rich with all the opportunities in the world you cannot make anything out of your resources or life because you're a retarded narc piece of shit.

No. 1332999

go masturbate to 3d gay porn the oppression of 3rd world women isn't something to claim as an accessory. You will never face true oppression or suffering.

No. 1333000

someone is really mad

No. 1333002

>their fellow women
gtfo scrote

No. 1333003

this is either a troon or romanianon, ignore the bait

No. 1333004

File: 1662733658269.jpg (18.73 KB, 480x514, blacksheep.jpg)

i just never imagined i would be in this position. never in a million years. i think my husband is trooning out and i feel like he's not telling me the full story.

oddly enough, but he actually agrees with my radfem points, always has. He always said that he sees his position in life as being one to just support the women in his life. he has really good parents who im close to. he grew up with a women's studies lecturer mom (with a focus in medical neglect) and a dad who ran abortion clinics. I genuinely thought i won the lottery. he is just so NORMAL, progressive, comforting, and sweet. he built me bird houses when he found out i was getting into bird watching.

he says he would still just see himself as a "man in a dress" and he wouldn't want to actually transition physically, but this came out of left fucking field and idk if I believe him.

worst of all, i'm afraid if we do get a divorce, he'll become radicalized further and he'll start to portray me as his terf ex-wife who held him captive or something. im getting teary eyed even thinking of that, because the idea of him ever being mean to me is so foreign i can't even fathom it. he's been my best friend for so long and im just worried about losing him.

No. 1333005

xy chromosome spotted

No. 1333009

go masturbate to 3d porn you have no place in leftists politics made for those that struggle from poverty or oppression. Rich women are never opressed. You sound like a fucking tranny that dspite being rich and white in a 1st world country thinks they are opressed because they are too narcissistic to deal with the fact that despite being handled all the resources in the world they are failing at life. Ideology for the poor opressed classes is not made to be claimed by rich people otherwise it is diluted and destroyed and turned into a mere accessory.

No. 1333010

Can you elaborate how did you come to the conclusion that he’s trooning out is it only because of the dress thing? Because yeah that’s a little weird but doesn't necessarily mean anything

No. 1333011

That's a lot of racebait and assumptions about me. Calm down

No. 1333012

I don’t even care if this is a scrote or a tranny, if both of these things have better logic and understanding as to why people rationally wouldn’t mourn the Queen’s passing you’re already lowered yourself to the level of a man. Jesus fucking christ

No. 1333014

>Scrote-tier empathy
Are you saying that to yourself?

No. 1333015

You are completely right, though.

No. 1333017

Holy fuck anon, I'm sorry. Even if he doesn't want to transition physically, he's still broken. MtFs inherently have weird misogynistic and sexual hang-ups, and imo it's one of those things that's high up on the list of unforgivable shit like cheating, outwardly hating women, etc.

No. 1333023

>Eveen radfeem
i'm reading this in a funny accent

No. 1333026

ugly busted in the face rich whores with 0 empathy obsessed with drawn men fucking themselves in the ass. Have you looked in the mirror? You're the equivalent of a rich porn addicted troon that claims oppression.

No. 1333029

I am a PoC with not even the tiniest bit of European ancestry to me and don't even watch porn. Try harder next time.

No. 1333030

You will never get me and my yaoi boys (the third plane hits the south tower)

No. 1333031

Sorry I’m not going to listen to someone on twitter whine about colonialism and “muh homeland” whilst having internet access and a $1k phone and refuses to go back “home” and live the romanticised primitive life they supposedly came from.

No. 1333032

you're a joke really you deserve life crushing you because of your hypocrisy. Stop LARPING.

wow anon hahaha you're not like them hahaha you're so smart

No. 1333034


are you 18? or have you mentally stagnated at 15 because your life is too sheltered?

No. 1333035

how the fuck do you know anon is rich? Everyone has access to the internet even poor 3rd world fags. I know for a fact this place is filled with rich white women that do not have empathy because they have never faced misfortune and they live a very sheltered life. "bohoooo you have internet" isn't an argument stupid whore, try harded. You can live in poverty and have internet connection.

No. 1333036

No. 1333037

I’ll pay you in peanuts to shut up.

No. 1333038

i'll crush your head under my boots then stick yaoi comics up your ass and mouth and post your dead body to a gore website and have scrotes masturbate to your body(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1333039

No matter how often you dilate it’s still an axe wound .

No. 1333040

As someone living in the British part of Ireland teehee the slander against the Queen is annoying like I realise the IRA had an absolute failure of a campaign and Irish people have some of the biggest victim complexes on the planet even tho the Irish government allowed the Catholic Church to murder women and babies and place them in mass graves all over the island, that some are almost taking personal responsibility and therefore victory of a 96 year old woman dying in peace and comfort. So fucking strange. We've already got a new King. Give over

No. 1333041

why are you guys behaving and speaking like men what’s going on ew

No. 1333042

It's probably a man replyinh to himself, you know who

No. 1333043

Just report the idiots.

No. 1333044

>saying that meanwhile you are on lolcow complaining about wagie poors having phones and technology while also using the internet and having a functional computer phone to post on LC

not only are just retarded but you are also retarded

No. 1333045

>You can live in poverty and have internet connection.
Then why do you assume everyone here is rich and the same race or ethnicity? This is just plain wrong btw, internet access isn't universal.

No. 1333048

Not complaining, I’m happy with my supposed ‘white woman wealth’ and not going to LARP I’m suffering on twitter whilst reaping the benefits of supposed white mans devilish colonialism.

No. 1333053

i just think it's weird that he went from a pretty typical masculine man, to "I want to start wearing feminine clothing consistently."

He hasn't given me any indications that he's even interested in feminine clothing, let alone wanting to present femininely? It shows that he's harboring feelings that he's managed to hide for the last 7 years. Why would the secrets stop at clothing?

I also have read enough horror stories to know that this is how it starts.

thnx. if he changes his pronouns I think that'll be my line. he says he doesn't watch porn, and i've never even come close to seeing him watch any, so idk how he's been brainwashed (if he truly is). we have access to each others devices (not for weird reasons, just for convenience if our other device is charging) so i feel like i should've seen something?? especially when it comes to sexual hangups.

No. 1333055

No man just decides to start dressing up like a sissy without the coom. You need to run as soon as possible.

No. 1333057

Yeah, that sounds really creepy and alarming. I'm really sorry you're going through this.

No. 1333059

A lot of the woke millennial types haven't a fucking clue about the world, especially the ones born after 2000. During the 80s in countries like Poland they were queuing for food and having to ration. I have friends from Hungary that are in their late 30s early 40s that can tell you about actual communism, how TV was black and white in the 80s,there was only one channel, and some days you couldn't even get TV. Millenials in first world countries are extremely privelleged due to steps taken in the past. Workers rights and privatising businesses was a massive step forward for people owning their own means. Yes the system isn't always perfect but we do get to vote. There's so much money put into media and advertising to sway people and it stupidly works because people don't like to objectively think too hard. Things like twitter where you're limited by characters is perfect for the dull of mind. Just give them talking points and catchphrases they can bore you to death with and then huff when you actually challenge some of the pure shite they come off with.

No. 1333062

I mean zoomers, not Millenials lol.

No. 1333067

I'm sorry to ask this, do you have any clue why he's doing this? Is he copying harry styles for example? Does he think this is woke and progressive? I think I would divorce him. Praying so this is just some stupid phase of him, run if it starts getting bad. Actually just run if he starts wearing skirts, just disappear out of his life and then divorce him

If you need an example of what could be a good excuse, say you don't feel in love anymore and say you want to be alone for some time. Say you fell for another person if needed and please move out of there.

No. 1333068

Please just stop you’re dumb. People who live in countries that heavily depend on high amounts of technology like the US/some countries in Europe/a good chunk of Asia are obviously going to have more access to the internet and technology, that’s where most of these companies started in the first place fuckhead. Crying about amerifags having privilege but can’t even take a moment to use common sense and learn our history kek. Even in poor Eastern European countries ravaged by war and imperialism have access to decent cell phones and computers. It’s common that homeless americans have phones because woah!many homeless people used to have stable lives before they became homeless. Most people in developed nations live in “moderate poverty” and that’s exactly what you’re explaining, where their wealth are no evaluated on substantial means like assets, decently paid wages, living conditions, but on the things they are able to own which they are now able to get due to cheap manufacturing and lowered cost at bulk grocery stores. The fact it could take just one thing out of their control and could shove the average middle class family into straight up poverty and near homelessness like housing bubble crises and inflation should tell you that the level of democracy, freedumbs and technology isn’t naturally guaranteed to dictate a higher quality life.

No. 1333069

social class results in it all, if you're born poor or your ancestors were poor, then you are fucked. Life pretty much is a competition and it seems the world has 0 to none empathy for those truly affected from poverty, genocide and so on. If you have money, you have everything, even as a woman. Leftists movement fail to care for or fail to protect those truly oppressed, those born in poverty. They always give a platform or cry over the most privileged individuals of society that are privileged enough to get their voice heard. If you do not have money you will become too tired and be to opressed to get yourself properly heard. I am not gonna cry over some millionaire woman like the queen dying when right now, right in this women hundreds of indian, african or even American women born in poverty are raped, killed or go through unimaginable oppressions and nobody will know who they are because they are too poor.(romanianon)

No. 1333071

underappreciated post

No. 1333072

Reasons aside are YOU attracted to the man he currently is. If you met him today would you date him. If not that’s enough reason to leave and find someone you are compatible with.

No. 1333073

Honestly I just think he's lying to you. No man just decides to dress like a woman just out of the blue. Maybe he doesn't watch porn while you're there but he could be watching sissification videos on YouTube, I don't know. Do not trust him.

No. 1333074

>Leftists movement fail to care for or fail to protect those truly oppressed, those born in poverty.

Companies using their politics and ideology to promote their own brand or products is not letting their voices being heard, they are trying to water down the original point of believing in those things in the first place. That’s called grifting, leftists don’t have the slightest chance of making it in modern politics because all policies and politicians are bought and manipulated with money and economics. I agree that there are ‘leftists’ that are not truly concerned with marginalized people but you’re likely thinking of moderate-liberals who recuperate radical politics while doing nothing.

No. 1333077

No one should give the slightest fuck about the man you’re talking about. He’s gay stop wondering stop making all of these theories he’s not doing it to you stop wasting your energy

No. 1333079

Sure in america where homeless can have phones sure. Still doesn't make internet access universal, if you know what universal means (aka, not just america or europe)

No. 1333080

No. My dad was born working class, no indoor plumbing growing up. He was born 1960 in Shankill, Belfast. He's now a millionaire without having a degree. He worked his way up from the bottom and got accredited in his field through different companies. He helped create equality in the the hiring process and gave a lot of other people from disadvantaged backgrounds their starts. Still to this day he'll mentor people and helps with all types of people free of charge.

No. 1333083

Can we please stop the politics derail, it all started because of some retard posting a wall of text

No. 1333085

idk wtf is going on in this thread and why it's turned into /pol/ lite, but you do fucking realize you're in the vent thread? where people can vent and talk to each other?

and clearly people do give a fuck, why does that bother you? plz choke.

No. 1333087

Janitor redtext below(Thread will be locked since another 144 vent thread was made before, continuing to infight ,derail, minimod and threaten to spam other anons will earn you a max 1 week ban. )

No. 1333088

The problem is a lot of people don’t want to work hard. They don’t want accountability. They want it to be someone else’s fault. They want hand outs and then throw a tantrum that they aren’t rich from doing nothing. They get mad people are born in to wealth because deep down they wish it was them as they aren’t going to work for it either. When they do get handouts they spend it on shit like designer goods to flex with no inherent value. People be mad at Jeff Bezos for being rich like he didn’t actually work for it and it paid off in the end. There is a reason why the 1% are the 1%, 99% of us aren’t like that, to get to the 1% can be pot luck but a lot of people refuse to work hard and live within their means to try and better themselves and just get angry and blame someone else for their own short comings and pointless degrees.

No. 1333089

They hated her because she told them the truth. Must've struck a nerve in some anons.

No. 1333091

This thread sucks now, lets use the one with the korean yaoi gays instead

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