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No. 137880

Since /cgl/ hates these threads, I'd figured I'd ask you guys.

So, farmers, would you get surgery or not? (cosmetic of course) if so, on what, and why.

No. 137881

No because I prefer alternatives because I want to be "natural". I have nothing wrong against ps or people that have ps.
the thing is if i have ps, no matter if it looks good or not, people will think i'm fake and i feel like when people know you're "natural" its more attracting.
if i get ps to get big boobs, people will bash that they're fake and etc.
but if i buy pills and creams (which currently works) then people will think it's natural and they'll compliment me.
idk i'm really insecure, anon. i don't have the guts nor money for ps, which is why i respect people who get plastic surgery. I couldn't handle all the negative comments coming from people

No. 137882

I'd definitely get surgery to make my nose smaller, my jaw normal (have an underbite but dentists told me it's okay and surgery to fix that would be considered cosmetic) and to make my chest normal (have pectus excavatum, doctors said that surgery would be considered cosmetic because it's not at a point where it's a health risk).

I see what you mean. I'd argue that it doesn't matter what people say if you chose to get surgery, as long as you felt good and confident but I know what it's like to be insecure.

No. 137883

I would absolutely get plastic surgery for my nose if I thought it would look good and not jacked up. Also my husband has said plastic surgery is a deal breaker whenever I've brought it up. But I would if I could.

No. 137884

I'm definitely getting a nose job when I get the money to. I have a skinny sharp nose bridge with a cute round tip so I want my nose bridge made rounder and wider to match the tip. I also want it flattened since it's very big/harsh looking and looks like shit with my soft/round/flat facial features.

I want my nose to look similar to Sky Ferreira's.

>I'd argue that it doesn't matter what people say if you chose to get surgery, as long as you felt good and confident but I know what it's like to be insecure.
This. People are going to hate you no matter what, so why not do something that would make you happy?

No. 137885

I already look pretty good, I don't think I need it. There's some things about myself I would like to change, like everyone else, but I feel as though there would be a greater change of ruining my looks than improving them if I got surgery.
Does anyone else have an easy time telling if a girl's had some plastic surgery done? Even if it doesn't look bad, it still makes them seem less pretty to me for some reason. I don't know.

No. 137886

Yes, I want to have labiaplasty. It really makes me insecure and it's the reason why I'm scared to have sex. My labia is bigger than usual and it's an outtie and I hate it more than anything else

No. 137887

I would like to have my nose slightly upturned compared to the downward slope and maybe the bridge shaved down just a bit. I'd probably never do it because:
1. Monies
2. Pain
3. They might fuck it up.

Any horror stories of simple nose jobs gone bad?

No. 137888

Fuck that nigga, do you.

I would get my breasts altered and possibly enlarged with my own fat. I may also get fat injections in my ass. Face-wise I'd like to get my chin narrowed and perhaps nose slimmed, but when I meitu it thinner it kind of looks weird, so perhaps not.

No. 137889

I think on some people it looks really obvious, even if its minor because of how unusual it looks on their face. Ex when people get lip injections or a nose that would be rare within their ethnicity.

Idk if you guys follow kpop but 99% of the time I find the plastic surgery to be so obvious, especially the nose jobs because of how "western" they make them look.

No. 137890

I would. if I had the money, I'd get a breast lift and a minor face lift to rid myself of these smile lines. Everything else I'm fine with or can work out to fix.

No. 137891

I've always thought that certain changes to my appearance would be better, but for some reason plastic surgery never crossed my mind. I guess since I've always been pretty healthy, going under the knife for something optional like getting my nose slimmed or some fat sucked off my gut seems extremely invasive.

I guess also it's kind of vain, like I'm a mixed kid and never really seen anyone who "looks like me" so I kind of like that uniqueness or whatever.

There is a lot of stigma that I don't think I'd be prepared to deal with, with getting plastic surgery, but I think that's mostly reserved for people who get drastic changes done in a short period of time. But if you have the time and money to seek out a good professional and it does make you happy, go for it, I'd say.

No. 137892

I have a bump in my nose and A cup titties, but I don't think I'd get PS. The thought of permanently looking different freaks me out.
I don't know how Koreans can get entirely new faces and not lose their minds

No. 137893

Would any of you get a boob job if you had droopy boobs? My aren't empty like old lady boobs, just that the nipples point down (I'm in my very early 20s). Idk why, they've always looked like this, even when they first started growing in.

I'm considering it, but my mom got a boob job and her surgery scars don't look very nice, and that was almost 10 yrs ago. I don't think its worth it for that reason, but maybe for more confidence?

No. 137894

Might just be the surgeon though. I've seen some jobs that have barely noticeable scars.

I definitely will when I get older. I've been cursed/blessed with G cups so I know gravity's going to be mean to me.

No. 137895

I'm thinking about gettting me a new nose next year. I feel jewish when I look into the mirror.

No. 137896

Easily. I got a [cosmetic] breast reduction when I was 18, and now I want bigger boobs again. My boobs weren't very attractive pre-reduction, but I should have just gotten a lift and waited until I was older to make that decision. If I could, I would go up a few cup sizes. I'd also like to have a slimmer waist, maybe slightly larger hips and more of an hourglass figure. I have no problems with my face or anything, just my body.

No. 137897

I've technically already had surgery but as it was done whilst concious and by a body modification artist I don't know if people would consider it more of a body mod than a surgery.

That being said I'd love, love rhinoplasty and maaaaaaaybe a very small boob job.
My boobs are already big but I feel some silicone positioned in the lower half of my breast would do wonders for their perkiness.

I would opt for a lift but the scarring puts it out of the question, I'd rather have maximum sag tits than scarred ones.

No. 137898

I want to get eyelid surgery for my hooded eyelid, I could handle this if i had both eyes hooded, but its only my left eye, the asymmetry pisses me off. I wear eyelid tape whenever i go anywhere.

I'm scared though, that if they take too much off i won't be able to close my eye anymore.
and I don't know if I'd have to get both done or just the one, I have no idea how this shit works.

No. 137899

Wow, i don't even know right and left, it's my right eye.

No. 137900

yes, i would.

i had restylane fillers for my eyebags and microlipo suction on my chipmunk cheeks to make them more even. even at 16% bf my cheeks look ridiculous. in fact, at a lower weight, it looks like i have jowls, because the fat leaves the middle of my cheeks but not the bottom.

the fillers disappeared in a month or less, and while my cheeks became better, they're still ugly. the plastic surgeon told me that my jaw is a little uneven. i had this done when i was in south korea, so the whole thing cost under 3k. i am bummed that i spent that much money for little difference.

now i want to try a fat graft to my eyebags and nasolabial folds. also something to fix the appearance of my cheeks – maybe i need my jaw shaved? and a nosejob, but probably only tip plasty or alarplasty. i dont' want my nose bridge touched, really.

bigger breasts would be nice, too, but i'm alright with my current size.

No. 137901

I definitely need a nose job. I've got a dopey nose with a hook, and even though I can't fix it being too long for my face I'd like to get rid of the slant and bump.

I hate my breasts too. They're widely spaced, and the areolas are huge, they're a bit droopy too but nothing dramatic. I know we all like to have on OC for what a shitty person she is but IMO her breasts are ideal. I don't think there's a way to fix everything wrong with my breasts and still have them be.. functioning I guess? Even if I never have kids I don't want to lose sensation.

No. 137902

This is me as well. I've always been self-conscious of my "meat curtains." When I expressed my concern to my last boyfriend, he told me that I "haven't watched enough porn," which, I guess was a way of saying that it's normal… But he's addicted to porn and is into some weird stuff, so IDK if his opinion really counts. I know that only my opinion should count, but I've heard so many men make jokes about big lips that I seriously feel like a freak. I don't think I could ever afford the surgery, though.

No. 137903

kind of ot but how can you date a guy that's addicted to porn, anon? sorry if it's too invasive, but i'd have to shoot myself in the face worrying about the comparisons being made between myself and others.

No. 137904

I had a nose job. I'm quite happy with it though it's very "natural“. Got rid of a bump and tilting. My nose is still a little potatoish but I didn't want too much change because I didn't want people to notice it so I wasn't aiming for a perfect hollywood style nose.

If I had endless money I would also get lip and cheek fillers and maybe eyelid surgery. .but it's probably for the better that I can't afford it.

you can relocate your nose and make it appear shorter it's just very risky.

No. 137905

You don't need a labiaplasty. Labia come in all shapes and sizes and seriously most labia are outies. Don't let porn/hentai get to you.

No. 137906

If she wants her labia to look like a porn labia who cares. Her call.

I want one too.

No. 137907

not the person you're replying to, but it really depends on the person. like, do you watch porn? if you do, do you make comparisons with the people in the porn to people you're involved with/interested in?

my current boyfriend watches a lot of porn and it doesn't bother me since he 1) told me he watches a lot of porn and I didn't have to find out in a weird way, 2) at least he's watching porn to get off instead of picking up chicks at a bar or something.

I think people have a really specific image of the kind of guy wanks it to porn a lot, and don't make the connection that there are a lot of different kinds of people out there who can and do enjoy porn in different ways. /OT

No. 137908

nope, i don't, so i wouldn't know, but i'd imagine that's what guys do, that do watch porn in relationships. i don't think they're comparing WHILE they're watching porn, but like, as the gf is undressing, like… "wow, i really wish her ass was more like ____", regardless of what they omit to not hurt their partner's feelings.

does it not feel like he's settling with you because, he does want to be with other people? i don't understand how this is sometimes reconciled with "but he likes my personality/insert 'unique' feature here", personally. it would give me the impression that i'm expendable, when it's literally impossible for me to get off thinking of a guy that isn't my partner (i don't think this a problem that plagues all women, but because i can't… it seems fundamentally unfair in my situation).

maybe i'm too traditional, but i find it upsetting. how many people am i being compared to? what's even preventing him from leaving if he so treasures variety, and jacks off A LOT to porn? he must REALLY like different things and if i can't provide him with continually refreshing novelty, why even?

No. 137909

tbh it just sounds like you're almost hopelessly insecure and you should go talk someone for that

No. 137910

i really don't think being sensitive to it is uncommon or a measure of insecurity, necessarily. i think it's pretty valid, if you sincerely care about someone, to feel second best when your partner is actively wanting to fuck other people, often, and is potentially even constantly fighting off the urge to not actually fuck other people. maybe they don't follow through with it, but the desire is clearly present. i don't see a point to such relationships, personally, but hats off to ya if you're alright with it.

No. 137911

I'm not a fan of surgery because it rarely looks natural so that the results won't be jutting out and it has a ton of risks. But I really like how some breast implants look like and if I had the money and the patience to take care of them and switch them every 10 years, I'd probably get them.

No. 137912

I got a nose job paid for by the military (ha!) and I'm currently shopping around for a good lipo doc. I just had a baby so the pudge around my middle is really irritating. I'm also going to get a breast lift at some point but it's on the bottom of my list.

No. 137913

I'd totally get breast implants if only they didn't look so fake, lay weird when you're on your back and didn't require them to be changed out every 7 years. Those removal photos and the need for breast reconstruction once you no longer want them are horrifying.

No. 137914

It seems pretty insecure to constantly worry about it and not sitting down and having an adult conversation about that subject. Porn is so prevalent now that you can't just lump everyone who watches it in the same boat. Yes there are people like that (men and women), and there are people who just get their rocks off then continue on with their normal lives.

Do you really, actually, sincerely care about someone when you just think they're just some horny pleasure seeker who'd jump at the chance to bang a pornstar? Are you a person who views their value soley through their body and attractiveness? (what am I talking about this is a plastic surgery thread). idk if you have no other attributes to apparently keep a guy interested i guess those feelings would be valid.

No. 137915

i don't know what makes you think i've not had conversations about that subject with men? it is prevalent, yes. you can wax endlessly about female sexuality but the fact of the matter is the majority of people that watch porn on a regular basis, are men. the whole idea that men are the "more visual" sex, by far, is a pretty accepted concept, and is accepted and agreed with by most men, anyway.

i wouldn't date a person that masturbates frequently to porn (especially while in a relationship), so i don't know how to answer that question. as i said, i don't think it has to do with insecurity. even if you're hot as fuck, it's said time and time again, guys value VARIETY. even if you're an absolute bombshell, most men will say "we want SOMETHING DIFFERENT", so i really don't think it has anything to do with physical insecurity. it's the very tangible prospect of being left for a shot at novelty. i hate to say it, and maybe i'm generalizing too much, but as they say "a man (or just a shallow person) is only as good as his/their options". it's the threat of instability and loss, which can come at any time, whenever they decide they want something different – no matter how beautiful you may be. of course, this applies to all shallow people, but let's be real here, for the most part, that mostly a dude thing.

i don't think physical attractiveness = value at all. my perception is that men value physical attraction more than anything else, and it seems to ring true.

No. 137916

I want lip injections but they're so expensive aaaa

No. 137917

I want to get calf reduction surgery in South Korea.

I am 5'5" and 115 pounds but my thick asian calves prevent me from looking decent in shorts or skirt.

I specifically said South Korea because calf reduction is a popular procedure over there. Not like in the US where everyone I talk to is just "OMG celebrate your glorious thick lifter calves!!!"


No. 137918

I watch a lot of porn too, I think I watch more porn than my bf if you count yaoi smutfics I schlick to on some days :), but I don't think of fucking the guys in it — I still love and treasure my bf very much and would never think of cheating.

Sometimes we we even watch porn together.

Yeah, I'll go with the other anons here, it does sound like you are insecure.

No. 137919

File: 1431126890144.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.12 KB, 416x251, Breast Aug-17b.jpg)

They only look fake if you had a shitty doctor or go up too big. And the rule is around 10~15 years, not 7.

No. 137920

you sound annoying

No. 137921

Whatever should I do then? :)

No. 137922

Example? What's considered thick?

No. 137923

File: 1431155574189.jpg (164.48 KB, 1386x601, goal legs.jpg)

Anything thicker than pic related is too thick. I have no problem with my thighs, but my calves are a bitch that I can't even wear skinny jeans.

No. 137924

you have issues

No. 137925

watching porn is not cheating. nobody is comparing you to others. everyone watches porn and everyone masturbates. stop being 12.

No. 137926

Fattie detected

No. 137927

whatever helps you sleep at night Mr Bones

No. 137928

not everyone watches porn, anon.

No. 137929

Do veneers count? I want a nice smile …

No. 137930

Nose and jaw surgery for sure.
I have a long face, and my face is proportionate to that but I hate long faces, I'd rather have a slightly smaller one..

No. 137931

Uh, you do realize they're completely photoshopped to hell and back, right? At least choose a real picture to use as your goal.

No. 137932

File: 1431236721835.jpg (652.38 KB, 750x1000, sh229.jpg)

ikr? this is one of the members with no shoop…

No. 137933

Still reallly nice body

No. 137934

It's a common misconception that implants need replacing after a certain time period. You only need to get them changed if there's a problem with them, which could be 10 years, or it could be 20, or it could be never.

No. 137935

this person probably has really muscular calves and skinny thighs. i've seen a ton of koreans and japanese with this going on. i have no idea how it happens

No. 137936

That's cool but their example sucked. I mean…can I have an example of this skinny thighs/thick calves? Not mad, just curious. I mean…what does anon mean by "anything thicker than this" with women who are photoshopped and have heels on…

Anon…do you mean thicker than the calves with or without the heels? Heels drastically elongate calves, so you want to look like your constantly wearing heels?

10/10 without ps. sigh

No. 137937

I have to get plastic surgery because my nose got broken when I was a kid and it's so fucked up the doctor told me I have to go through plastic surgery. Imagine how much I love the girl that broke my fucking nose. I can't breathe, this is like hell.
But overall, if it's not about health like my problem, I won't get p.surgery in my face or body

No. 137938

I'd love to get a boob reduction but for one thing, the idea of surgery and possible complications after scares the shit out of me, and the after pics I've seen are so… meh. They never look quite right. :( Man, I already dislike my boobs, it'd really fuck me over if I went to get them reduced and ended up with misshapen weird looking ones.

No. 137939

That looks like my moms boob job lmao

No. 137940

do you think it looks good or bad

can you tell theyre fake if you touch them or what

No. 137941

Yes, touch your mom's breasts and let us know.

No. 137942

File: 1431592004171.png (Spoiler Image, 618.52 KB, 920x917, 007500.png)

yo here are a couple of examples of decent boob jobs imo, especially the lower because she didn't go too big. Of course these are also done by a really high end expensive surgeon. Going through his gallery, even he has some really fucked up looking ones. It's such a hit-or-miss type of thing.

No. 137943

its so weird how bigger boobs make them look so much heavier…

No. 137944

Yea, they also could have been told to put on a bit more weight for the surgery since it's better to have more breast tissue already there.

>tfw I'd probably get less shit about being skinny if I had more boob

No. 137945

Well there's different types of implants, my mom has silicone gel implants.
I've poked it and it feels like a chicken fillet but softer. To be honest, it just looks good but it doesn't seem to feel nice like real boobs.

I would rather get a fat transfer, apparently you won't be able to identify cancerous cells in the breast if you do a fat transfer though. So keep that in mind.

No. 137946

My boobs look like the bottom and I used to think they were ugly or saggy or something but seeing these makes me feel normal. I always thought boobs were supposed to be bubble like or something

No. 137947

Silly question, but can they not take fat from one part of your body and then add it to your breast?

No. 137948

I'm pretty sure that's what an augmentation is.

No. 137949

I am incredibly, incredibly insecure (always have been) and was diagnosed with bdd so please take this all with a grain of salt.

first off, i fucking hate my tits. they are tiny little a cups, which isn't really bad i guess, but the biggest problem is how shallow they are. like.. I think I have tubular breasts because mine are so shallow at the top and heavy at the bottom. droopy, malnourished cow udders. but the biggest problem i have with my boobs are how big my nipples are. i've never heard from any of my boyfriends that they are big, but i fucking despise them. so much that i actually hate being touched there because i can't get over how disturbingly ugly my breasts are.

secondly, i hate my nose. It kind of looks okay from the side but it's really pointy and long and downturned and fuck I hate it. I hate my whole face, my mouth and my nose and my eyes and everything, but my nose bothers me wayyyyy too much. i can't take a picture without covering up my face.

i also have a mole i'd like removed.

slowly, i'm trying to improve myself. I'm trying to grow out my hair to become mermaid status so i can hide my fat seacow body under it. i use baking soda and peroxide to whiten my teeth and brush three times a day, and take care of my face as well. finally, I'm really trying to get into fitness so i can (maybe) not hate my body as much. People say I'm average but I just see this gigantic, chubby landwhale monster in the mirror and tbh i want to tear off my skin and throw away all the fat underneath it.

so there's lots of ways i could help fix my gargoyle visage, but I'm pretty sure the only way to fix my tits and my nose (as well as a mole) are surgery. If teeth whitening counts as plastic surgery I'm planning on doing that too. Luckily, it will be a few years before I graduate and have a career to spend money on PS, so I will have time to think and research.

Tl;dr I want to fix my disturbing, small, big nippled breasts and my jew nose, in addition to the many other things wrong with me.

inb4 no1curr, sorry everyone.

No. 137950

I wish I never discovered that my face is extremely asymmetrical. I've felt like complete garbage ever since.

No. 137951

I want my nose done. Not the bridge or anything, just the "ball" of my nose is the problem. It's too round and too big. I want it thin/sharp/pointy. I think this should be an easy job.

I also want a boob job because I have a 32B. I'd be fine with a C cup.

No. 137952

Yeah, I've done some research in some Korean clinics. They take fat from the inner thighs to inject into the breasts. So really, you're just getting a 2-in-1 here; big breasts and slimmer thighs.

No. 137953

>i use baking soda and peroxide to whiten my teeth and brush three times a day
Take it from someone who brushed twice daily for two years with baking soda, that you're going to damage the enamel and destroy your teeth if you continue to brush your teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

If you really care about your teeth and don't want to fork over the money for a nice, third world vacation to get your teeth fixed, drop both and pick up a decent toothpaste. Avoid anything that will stain your teeth, and you should be fine. Now hopefully you haven't been doing this for very long, because baking soda is very abrasive, and hydrogen peroxide is acidic.

No. 137954

I don't brush my teeth with it,I jut use it as a mouthwash to also help the cuts I have in my mouth constantly (I bite the inside of my lips, it's a nervous habit.) but thank you for your input. Is there any good whitening toothpaste that you can recommend?

No. 137955

Unfortunately I use a faggotry "all natural" toothpaste, so I can't recommend any.

Salt water is good for cuts, kankers, and sores, though I prefer waiting out the duration and biting my cheeks and lips all over again.

No. 137956

does tea stain your teeth?

No. 137957

"Some black tea may even stain your teeth more than coffee. Like red wine, black teas tend to have a high tannin content, which promotes staining. Not surprisingly, teas that are less rich in tannins—green tea, white tea, and herbal tea—aren't as likely to discolor your teeth."

No. 137958

cool! i drink green tea everyday so yeah.

No. 137959

how long does it really last, though?

same. well, i'm a 34B, but it'd be nice to be a full C cup. during that time of the month, i'm totally happy with my boobs, but most of the time they feel too small.

No. 137960

Roughly 6 years or more.

No. 137961

not the anon you're replying to, but that's actually a pretty good amount of time. but I suppose it also depends on you watching your weight and things like that?

Have you guys gotten properly fitted? I used to think I was on the smaller side, at 34B, and felt like I wanted bigger boobs, but I recently fitted myself and it turns out I'm a 32D. getting better fitting bras make them look bigger, and it feels like they're a bit bigger too. idk maybe that'll help you?

No. 137962

File: 1432085941148.jpg (206 KB, 554x1200, tumblr_n3e2s5NiP71sgpw5mo1_128…)

I have had fillers/botox/lip augmentation and I am getting breast/butt augmentaiton in august. I'm an older anon and because my boobs were big growing up, they've succumb to gravity. I've never had an ass so I'm getting that done as well. I'm not going bigger, just more shapelier, pic related is what I'm trying to achieve.

I'm really excited. The surgeon I found works miracles. I debated this for a really long time but I figured that I should just go for it, I've been struggling with boob related problems for a long time that could easily be solved by surgery and I've hated by pancake ass/saddlebags since seventh grade. I thought diet/exercise would do the trick but all that happened was I lost a lot of weight this year bringing me to my lowest weight but it really hasn't done shit for my t & a…

No. 137963

that booty knocked me to the floor

No. 137964

I have a very long nasobial fold (the part between your bottom lip and your chin) which also has a deep set indent in it, which I personally think looks very masculine. I almost never see any other women with it and it drives me up the wall. I have been trying to research but as most people don't have/care about this there isn't much to find? Some recommend fillers, others say I'll have to have my chin shaved down. I hate it so much. I'd also like to have my nose done, as that too looks sort of masculine to me. My boobs are actually great, they have a nice firm shape and not weird nipple, I'd like to go bigger but I'm sort of scared they will ruin them seeing as they're about the only things on me I really like.

No. 137965

>eat properly
>lift religiously for a year
>lose those 10lbs and put on a lot of muscle
>tfw you have worked hard but will never get an ass like that

fucking genetics. i'll never make it.

i've done all those measurement things on the bra reddit and such. it measures me at something like a 28G, but whenever i try bras in sister sizes, it never fits properly. i don't remember exactly what it was, but i think i have a wide "root?"

No. 137966

My right eye has an epicanthic fold. It annoys me because I want my eyes to match. But I don't want eye surgery. I'm scared to death they'll mess up and blind me or something. I notice the fold. No one else has ever said anything. But I hate it because I don't have two folds or no folds.

I'd also like my breasts lifted because they are large and have always been kind of saggy. Even when I was around 11. They haven't been "up" since I was nine. My areolas are tiny too. Like really small. It's pretty much just a nipple area. It looks weird to me. I've heard of tattooing areolas. But that's not really plastic surgery.

No. 137967

I don't know if this counts as surgery, but I desperately need orthodontic work done.

I'm in the UK (hurgh hurgh, British teeth, I know), and typically we actually have a really high standard of oral health aside from the crookedness, but the dental system here is absolutely fucked for those who aren't rich or don't have parents supporting them.

I needed braces badly when I was a kid, but the system failed me and for some reason I never got them. My teeth have always crooked and overcrowded, but then my wisdom teeth started coming in and they're very severely impacted, coming in completely sideways, and have crushed the teeth on my lower jaw together to the point that they're jutting out at all angles and some are chipping under the pressure. It really hurts.

I'm weeping every night at the state of my mouth and I'm in so much pain, but I don't know what to do. I'm in a new city for my education and I don't have a dentist, but when I tried to find one everybody told me they weren't taking on NHS patients. One was, but they told me to get something called a HC1 form as I couldn't afford to pay for the treatment I need, which I got and filled in and sent off months ago, and never heard from again.

I'm trying to get an urgent referral for a hospistal referral to have my wisdom teeth removed ASAP, went down to my GP today and it was closed for the day. I feel like crying, but even so then what of overcrowding? I'm a student with zero parental support, I don't have money to drop on the work I'd need doing to make me fit for braces, and I sure as shit don't have the £2000+ plus for the cost of the braces.

I'm at a loss. Maybe it sounds ridiculous I actually feel suicidal over the whole affair.
I did consider briefly trying to crowdfund this shit, but it's a laughable cause right? It's pathetic, who would donate to that.

Anyway I just wanted to vent this. I don't have anybody to talk to about the situation and it makes it even worse that I'm suffering in silence. I feel so wretched. I wish something miraculous would happen or somebody would swoop down and save me but that's simply not going to happen.

No. 137968

so sorry about that anon. before I get into the other stuff let me just say that what's really ridiculous is even thinking of suicide because of teeth. come on? i know there's also the pain factor and you're probably in a desperate situation by now, but it's still a trivial thing to put next to suicide.

anyway. i think you should give crowdfund a try. there are tons of people who have gone through the experience of needing braces and would sympathize with your situation. i actually remember going to the website experienceproject (or whatever the fuck it's called) when i was gonna get my braces done, just so i can read experiences of people with "bad teeth" and i remember a couple of people who didn't have the means to fix their problem and said that they cried every night because of their teeth. so it's not like nobody will understand how big this is for you.

if crowdfund doesn't work, then (well idk your financial state but,) you should consider saving up anyway, even if it looks like it will take a long time to reach your goal, or even if you have to live off noodles and water just to put in a fixed amount every month. at least you'll have a guarantee that by 2 years or whatever you'll have enough money to do it if an alternative doesn't happen sooner.

No. 137969

Anon, that's so shitty. You deserve to have your teeth fixed if it's causing you so much pain. I see this as a reasonable cause for a gofundme because you could actually get a horrible infection from your teeth. I'd donate to you if I wasn't a poorfag wh couldn't even afford milk. Best wishes. :(

No. 137970


Yeah, I know it seems trivial, but part of the reason I feel so depressed over it that I've actually already lost 3 of my teeth on my top jaw because of the overcrowding.

I have an extreme fear of dentistry after having really bad experiences with my dentist when I was a kid, the same one who should have given me braces but didn't. Even thinking about dentistry sends me into sweats and heavy breathing and brings out in me a level of panic I cannot describe. Last time I went to a dentist I had a full on panic attack in the chair and ran away with the paper towel still attached to my chest, so when my teeth cracked, I just ignored it and ran away from the problem, and now they're gone permanently.

They'll never come back, I'm ruined forever and I don't even know if this is something braces can fix by closing the gaps, I don't know if orthodontic work is that good.

I just feel like I've trashed myself, but I might actually give the Crowdfunding idea a go if you think it might be okay. idk, I just feel like people might laugh at me. It's my own fault for having this phobia and letting it get this bad. I was so foolish, I shouldn't have ran away.


Thank you ;__;

No. 137971

I had something mildly similar to that in that I had this extreme phobia of every kind of doctor, so I never went to the dentist, ever. I've had 3 molars crack and break off completely and ignored it for a while.

When I finally had my first dentist appointment at like the age of 18, they extracted the bad molars, and then my orthodontist put on braces. The braces somehow pulled my wisdom teeth from underneath my gums like a magnet, like they literally sprouted up on their own, and then my braces pulled them in to perfectly replace the old molars at the spot where they used to be. So orthodontists can really work wonders. My old dentist actually told me I would need implants, and I didn't.

also, some tips: you can tell your dentist that you want to keep your eyes closed the whole time, and to not let you see any instruments at any point. they will abide, because they're used to people being scared. And second, bring music and only put one earphone on your ear, so that you can zone out and focus on the music whenever you want while still being able to hear them incase they give you some instruction.

No. 137972


Wow, I'm in awe that you managed to get that fixed, that's the kind of future I heavily desire.

The whole phobia thing though, that isn't something just closing my eyes and ears to will fix unfortunately.

It's everything. It's the smell of the rubber and that sweet antiseptic wash, the gloves, the light, having to recline back in that horrific chair, the tiny mirrors on sticks and the metal tools that prod, tap, scrape, and the drills. The drills are the worst, you can't un-hear the drill as it goes right through you.
You feel it in your teeth, in your skull, in your entire body. Even the thing that blows air and sense pieces of spittle and bone flying through mouth and causes your tongue to go dry.

I just can't. I've tried and I can't. Every single bit of it screams at me in a voice so shrill to get up and run, escape. It's a level of terror I can't accurately put into words but it's a fear that runs so deep I feel like my heart could stop at any moment.

I did have a dentist who was patient with me once, and said we could try gas and so I came in and for half an hour I sat in the chair with a mask on and even huffing in all that gas the terror was still there and I was constantly on the verge of a legit panic attack, so finally, fortunately she referred me to be put semi-under in order to have a filling and a tooth removed and oh my god it was heaven. Didn't hear a thing, felt nothing, smelled nothing, remembered nothing; just pure, empty, blissful darkness.

I don't think I'll be able to get that again though. In fact I don't have a chance, not with the area I'm living in now.

No. 137973

File: 1432550749240.jpg (31.21 KB, 429x196, fsdfs.jpg)

Dentist anon here fucking crying my eyes out right now in disbelief.

Just checked my bank account, a poverty grant that I applied for from my university that I didn't think I would get just got deposited into my account.

This isn't enough to get all the work I need, but if I can plead my case with the NHS I might be able to get most of the prices reduced.

I feel sick and ill, a few minutes ago I was silently praying for a miracle and this just actually happened. I actually feel like throwing up.

No. 137974

File: 1432551634405.gif (1.56 MB, 347x194, uu.gif)

No. 137975

About your phobia, now that we know you have the funds! I'm the exact same way, dentists were my top most fear, I would throw up all over myself and hold my breath till i passed out to make my parents have to take me home when i was little, and as i got older it progressed into biting a tech and running away. Many years passed and i never went back, i was so scared my teeth were beyond help, but at last I found a dentist who specialized in phobic patients, now I'm not sure if you'll be able to find that where you are, but i do know that dentist keep both valium and stronger stuff on hand. When i got my wisdom teeth out they gave me the option of anesthesia, but I chose to let them drug the shit outta me in stead and im so fucking happy i did. Ask about drugs, be honest about your phobia, and like the other anon said, many dentists will do their best to "shield" you from your "triggers"
In fact, last time i was in they put a cloth over my face and since ive been in there so many times now i trusted them, and I realized after that they had used the pick thing, which i have an ungodly fear of. Anyway, my teeth we're fucked too, cool dentists drugged me for the bad parts and helped me cope with the rest. I now have invisalign, which i find to be a great option for braces and my fear has been significantly reduced. Congratulations again, stay strong and good luck!

No. 137976

That's amazing!

No. 137977

how did you find the dentist that specializes in phobic patients?
Lately I've been having problems with my teeth too, I'm in a similar boat, dentists make me break out in the shakes. It's been years since I've been to a dentist because of this phobia, but I'm terrified of losing my teeth, too…even though everyone keeps telling me it won't happen, teeth don't 'just fall out of your head' the condition has gotten bad enough that it's caused literal hallucinations in recent weeks. I haven't been eating solid food for a while, just drinking nutrition shakes because I'm scared to bite down on anything harder than mashed potatoes. I almost just want to get them all pulled and replaced with dentures because this is fucking awful.

thinking about it too much is making my jaw ache even now, shit.

No. 137978

So many of us with the same intensely terrifying phobia :(

My heart really does go out to all of you guys.
If I ever won the lottery I'd pay for us all to have the best care available.

No. 137979

Getting surgery on my tits when I'm 20.
Not implants. Just fixing some nasty business.

No. 137980

Like, an outie that goes past the outer lips, or just visible?
Just visible labia is usually alright and cute according to some guys.

No. 137981

Some people find outie labias hot…

No. 137982

I used to have that labia complex when I was 13. I'm waaaay over it now. Just like dicks that come in all angles, bends, shapes, sizes and widths, labias also come in many different forms. Thinking that all women, or even the majority have a closed cleft is like thinking that all guys have a perfect 8 inch dick. Also, a guy rejecting you for having large lips is like a girl rejecting a guy just because he's circumcised. It's fucking stupid.

No. 137983

File: 1432633520644.jpg (337.41 KB, 1006x1393, 1432610404005.jpg)

Does anyone else wish they could have a beautiful body? Cute butt, big, shapely tits with small nipples, a tiny waist, small arms, ect?

It haunts me, guys. Why must I look like a chubby 12 year old boy. brb kms

No. 137984

lmao no, no one else wishes they could have a beautiful body.

No. 137985

thank u for the sarcasm anon

No. 137986

eh sometimes i really wish i had a perfect body but at the same time im fine with my body. i wouldnt want to look like someone else

No. 137987

that's good, you probably have a nice body then.

not like ugmo girls like me with small tits and cottage cheese thighs.

No. 137988

haha no, i have a flat chest (literally) flat ass and broad shoulders not to mention pretty big feet (a big insecurity of mine) i mostly hate my body but if someone came up to me and asked me ''if you want we can change your body , do you want us to?'' id probably say no
i dont know why maybe i just got used to it

No. 137989

I have hella asymmetric boobs when I don't wear a bra. My left is more of a B-cup but my right is verging on D territory. I didn't used to notice it that much, but my past roommates (and some friends) have pointed it out to me and it makes me a bit insecure. You can't tell with a bra on they're asymmetric (which is nice) but I'd prefer them to be even… so I'd consider a bit of ps to correct that.
(I know uneven boobs are kind of common, but w/e.)

No. 137990

a few years ago i would have said yes, now nope. why im still insecure i realise theres nothing wrong with my body and guys dont have perfect bodies either and if thhey didnt like mine they could fuck off. seeing all those "plastic surgery gone wrong" programmes helped too.

No. 137991

File: 1432768630565.jpg (68.48 KB, 846x470, Goals.jpg)

I have a jew nose. I just I hate looking at it from the side; or when someone takes a picture of me from another angle. It looks so awful! I want a cute animu nose.

No. 137992

File: 1433217528975.png (330.24 KB, 636x358, 19e51q6bpspd2png.png)

i want an animu nose, too. it looks fine in the mirror from whatever angle, but i hate how it looks in pictures, even selfies. the only thing is, i'm not exactly sure what i want. when i got a consultation at grand plastic surgery in south korea, they told me that i could get tip plasty. they put a qtip in each nostril and sort of pulled my nose forward to show me what it would look like – which was a bigger nose.

i just want a tiny cute nose. they also suggested a chin implant (coincidentally, my mom got one when she was younger), but i'm afraid i'll look like pic related.

No. 137993

I had my jaw shaved down in Korea. Any anon wants to know how it's like just ask.

No. 137994

What race are you?

How was your jaw like before?

Where are you from (or how much did you have to travel?)


From day 1 till the day you made full recovery, how much time?

Was it good/well done?

No. 137995

ugh that girl ruined herself

No. 137996

Seriously…she was so cute before. Went from natural prettiness to gollum.

No. 137997

File: 1433266780106.jpg (83.47 KB, 409x750, purrbunny.jpg)

I wish i had a hardcore crazy fanbase that would be willing to pay for new beautiful boobies… Just like Alyssa Faith / purrbunny. Dat bitch is lucky.

No. 137998

Pfffffffffft that god awful photoshop.
JFC I hope her fans aren't that dumb to believe thats her "real" waist.

No. 137999

Jesus fuck what the hell is going on with her anatomy
Is this chick like a pornstar? Her body is like a cartoon, jessica rabbit levels of ridiculous.
she should've used the money on her face instead, girl looks like she's pushing 35.

No. 138000

File: 1433269005855.jpg (77.41 KB, 500x639, tumblr_n8o2t0op2h1rpl7cto1_500…)


That's actually her real waist, legit.


No. 138001

I DO think she photoshop but she keep saying that her body is totaly natural except her breast… ! I was very sceptical a first but now i'm just confused :/

No. 138002


No. 138003

I guess I get WHY people like this but to me it's just a big much. Her waist is just too tiny so she looks cartoonish in a bad way. If her ass/tits were just slightly smaller it might look a bit nicer.

No. 138004


It is her real waist, it's just crazy small.
It does happen.

No. 138005

File: 1433269567068.jpg (43.44 KB, 640x637, 0539313c0439ec254df603f0e9a594…)

I personally think that she shop her ass and make it weirdly big and that's why so people are kindda weirded out by her body.

No. 138006

Dat fat arm for such a tiny frame, wtf…

No. 138007


Kinda surprised none of you have seen this girl yet, she's all over Tumblr.

But yeah it is her real waist, no shop.
It's not very slim from the front very thin from the side.


No. 138008


There are plenty of videos of her showing off her frame, it is clearly not shoop.
Some people just have unusual frames.

No. 138009

Yeah i think her waist is real and just very small but i don't think this is her real ass that's all.

No. 138010

File: 1433269858161.jpg (152.11 KB, 921x961, fakebody.jpg)

fake body debunked. ugh fakers cant stand them

No. 138011


Jesus fucking christ how thick are you.
She does not have a small waist from the front, only the side.
This is not especially abnormal, you see it all the time, and there are plenty of videos of her proving that her waist is her own.

No. 138012

Or maybe it is her butt that is photoshopped?

No. 138013


Shouldn't we see ribs since she is so skinny?


this shit can't be natural, come on…

No. 138014


This isn't a case of her having a low bodyfat though, she just has a small frame. It's happens, and you're not looking at her videos proving her waist is real, just her pictures.

No. 138015

The lumbar spine is almost half as thick as the entire lower torso in a normal woman.

I'd love to know where she's keeping her organs.

No. 138016

East Asian, travelled from US. I have the typical chubby round Asian face which is great if you want to look 12 forever, but I really wanted a V-shaped face like most Korean stars. So I had my jaw shaven down and the doctors put the bones taken from the jaw into my chin.

Total cost was about 20,000 dollars. No food at all for the first 4 days and I survived entirely on soya milk. Managed to have a smoothie on the 5th day. Most of the swelling was gone in 2 weeks and entirely gone in 1.5 months.

The doctor did not want to give me a drastic change so they did a very subtle job. No one could tell I had anything done but it is very obvious if you compared before and after pictures. Really glad I had it done although recovery for the first few days were agonizing.

No. 138017

plastic surgery is for losers

No. 138018

I love that bra though. Cute. :3

No. 138019

Anon-chan are you from the US? I'm really considering getting a nose job this summer and I'm just curious to why you went all the way to South Korea. Is it worth it?

No. 138020

had to be from my fucking town

No. 138021

whats wrong with looking 12 forever?

No. 138022

I was visiting family in another part of Asia and just flew over to Korea with the extra money I had saved originally for clothing and souvenirs. I'm wondering if I should fly back to south korea or find a place in the US. So yeah, I'm from the USA

No. 138023

File: 1433302826069.png (194.1 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-06-02-23-36-17…)

If you look in the professional pictures that she's had taken, she's not as extreme as her personal photos and videos. I think she's just very small (look at her thighs) with ass implants. She does idolize iggy, too…

Is she really 18??

No. 138024

Forgot to add that she has extreme lordosis

No. 138025

File: 1433314169007.jpg (45.67 KB, 638x448, smile.jpg)

dang, $20,000.
I want some things done in Korea.. I wanted that "permanent smile" thing, which isn't really a permanent smile, it's just lifting the corners of your mouth so that when you smile, you smile very upwards.

No. 138026

The one on the left looks more genuine. the one on the right looks like a serial killer's. Also you can smile like that without surgery you just have to know how to pose

No. 138027

i agree. it's a face muscle/training thing.

No. 138028

File: 1433348077108.jpg (36.37 KB, 600x416, joyce-meyer-plastic-surgery.jp…)

be careful with that permanent smile shit, you might end up looking like joyce meyer, who turned herself into the joker

No. 138029

File: 1433367412218.jpg (250.68 KB, 430x716, tumblr_ml06ukZG4A1qgqes4o1_500…)

Does anyone know what kind of surgery the model risa had done.I think i would want something similar.

No. 138030

I have four baby teeth. There are no adult teeth to come in. They're the two teeth on each side of my front teeth. The gums have eroded already and I have to swish water every time I eat to get any food out. I'm lucky that all my teeth are child size anyway so you can't really see them unless I part my lips unnaturally wide. The second tooth on the left side is pretty small and there's a gap from braces I had at one point. The braces couldn't even be put on those baby teeth because they would have been pulled out. The last time I went to a dentist I was told that they were all in there pretty tight and not likely to fall out. Still, I'm paranoid. I won't bite anything with my front teeth. I have an overbite too. if I had big teeth I'd be bucktoothed. My mouth is really small and the reason I got braces was overcrowding.

I'm just very lucky that you really can't see my teeth. Otherwise I'd be desperately trying to save for some cosmetic treatments so I didn't look like a rabbit.

However I'm lucky. My sister have four teeth and constant infections. It's really bad. But since she does nothing to help herself and just complains I almost think she enjoys the attention somehow.

In the US dentistry is a luxury unless you have money or good insurance. Her only real alternative is to go to the university hospital's dentistry clinic and be worked on by students. Better than nothing.

No. 138031

I want to get double eyelid surgery because I have uneven eyelids. I've tried so many types of eyelid tapes and glues and they're still uneven at the end of the day.

It's just a nuisance to put on every time I go out.

No. 138032


I always wondered did… she do something to her eyes? they are a very odd shape..

No. 138033

File: 1433380897858.jpg (75.66 KB, 640x640, 10448957_543480959090060_26892…)

She honestly looks pretty natural to me. If she had anything done, it might be epicanthoplasty.

No. 138034

Photoshop bruh.
Shes ugly as fuck without it.

No. 138035

I want to get that done as well, but I think you have to be conscious during the entire thing which really freaks me out. I've heard it's quick and painless, but I don't think I'd be able to get past being conscious during the entire thing.

No. 138036


I've never had a fear of surgery personally but I can understand those that do.
What you need to do is break it down into logic and rationalise it until you no longer fear it.

The concept of having your flesh cut away whilst conscious is a frightening though, but how many cells do you think slough from your body every single day? It's actually over 50 million.

At the end of the day all the surgeon will be doing is removing some cells from your body and manipulating the remaining wound. It's no biggy.

I really had surgery on my ears whilst conscious and once they actually get started it's fine and you just kind of roll with it. It's the waiting for them to start that's the bad bit.

No. 138037

I wouldn't go to Grand, you'll get a botched job there.

Here in Korea it's well known that they are a shady clinic, there have been many deaths there due to doctor swapping, inexperienced surgeons and GA. They're known to be a "factory clinic".

No. 138038

I actually did end up getting cheek lipo there. It turned out fine.

No. 138039

I appreciate you trying to help, anon, I feel as if I'm a lost cause with this. I'm really terrified of things having to do with the eyes and I get really freaked out when I can see and/or hear what's going on. Like I'd have to be put to sleep just for a dentist to even look at my teeth.

No. 138040

File: 1433545905088.jpg (114.57 KB, 1065x861, XzhtU7P.jpg)

I was watching a video about people discussing xiahn nishi and someone mentioned how korean idols have skin surgery to make their face/skin look flawless.Does anyone know what it's called or has anyone had it done?

No. 138041

I want to do this! Wtf!

No. 138042

this is the only surgery i'd consider. i hate my skin, event at 30 i get breakouts, and having had backne ever since puberty my back is all fucked up and I haven't worn anything that exposes it since I was 14. If I could have this shit done to my face and back and come out looking that smooth and perfect I'd be in heaven.

No. 138043

Would you recommend a caucasian to do eyelid surgery in korea?
Doctors in my country rarely do eyelid surgeries, and I don't want someone who does 90% boob jobs or rhinoplasty to operate on my eyes.

No. 138044

They might be talking about the ultra v lift. It was a massively popular procedure not that long ago.

This just looks like she got a deep facial cleansing. An ex-kpop idol did an askreddit and talked about how they went to the dermatologist once a week for skin treatments.

No. 138045

I heard they go through months of skin procedures before debuting as idols.

No. 138046

Sooooo no one know s the procedure she got for her skin in those photos? I need to know this shit.

No. 138047

Well that's a bit hard to tell from a picture (that are obviously shooped).
There are a ton of different skin procedures and every clinic has their own methods.
But I've read somewhere that most laser/chemical peel/acid treatments to improve skin, acne etc. don't last longer than 2 weeks anyway? Some don't even see a difference. I think you'd have to do these treatments every few weeks to get a good result, maybe except for stem cell treatment.
Also look up microneedling if you have scars, big pores or uneven skin tone, you can even do this at home.

No. 138048

Areola shrinking.
That's all I really want.

No. 138049

i'm going to second >>138047 in the chemical peels since her face looks really read in the one pic

No. 138050


I imagine melting all of your pores and follicles shut would be a nice permanent solution.

No. 138051

Does the surgery that stops hair growth work?I feel like it would be better than having to get waxed all the time.

No. 138052

I might get a chin reduction surgery in Poland. Gonna cost me like £2500 which I think is very little. Can't wait

No. 138053


It does work but it stills carries a heavy risk of potential scarring or permanent discolouration.

Only very specific skin types can do it.

No. 138054

Yoooo I saw something about the skin needling thing that looks like a Lil wheel on a stick that you roll on your face but I'm scared to do it man. Has anyone here tried it before?

No. 138055


I own my own and I do it like 3 times every 2 weeks.
It really works by but it can be painful on areas where the skin is thin. Even so it's not like excruciating, more like "ahh ducking shit this stings". Totally bearable though, like you can do it, you just need to bear it.

No. 138056

Try IPL hair removal. It's light based so no pain or scars.
I have one from philips, expensive shit but worth it.
I haven't used it in a year and maybe 15% of my leg hair grew back.
And works on every skin type except very dark skin and white or blonde body hair.

No. 138057

500$ and it's not permanent?

Do you see any results? I only used it a couple of times and my skin would peel from it which was not what I wanted. I got the one with 1,5mm needle length because anything below isn't effective.

No. 138058

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there is anything permanent for hair removal. They all call it 'permanent hair removal' but the hair will always grow back after some time.

I paid 300$ once and can use this thing for several years.
At most salons or clinics they charge you for every single body part, you pay the same amount of money and you get only 8 session.

No. 138059

ughhh. this is where I run into problems. I have blonde body hair :/ why doesn't it work on that?

No. 138060

because it is light based, blonde hair reflects light while dark hair absorbs light. so the darker the hair, the more the light pulse will be absorbed to kill the hair root. this is also why people with dark skin can't have laser removal because the light gets absorbed by the skin and not the hair, so they end up getting burns.

No. 138061

what do you use?

No. 138062

File: 1434636306451.jpg (77.86 KB, 400x533, userimage-683789.jpg)

I want to get my jaw re-set, which would be mostly cosmetic but could be passed off as medical. I'm planning to get this done within the next two years after I get my degree. Since it will be quite invasive and require several months of healing, I will need to take quite a lot of time off for it.

I also really want to get my nose tip and nostrils reshaped. I have a nose like pic related (except my nose bridge is lower so the tip looks more upturned) that looks fine from the front but disproportional and ugly in profile, and my nostrils are too wide.

For the jaw procedure my worries are mostly centered around complications and healing time, but I think the people close to me will support me in this.
Conversely I am 100% sure I will get no support whatsoever for the nose surgery. My parents and boyfriend are all very "natural is best" and my father and bf even get a bit annoyed with me if they think I'm spending too much time or money on my makeup. From what I've gathered online the surgery to reshape my nose won't be particularly invasive and recovery would only take a couple of weeks, but I'm not in a position where I can just disappear for a few weeks and then show up post-surgery with a cuter, more proportional nose.

My nose and jaw are the reason I absolutely hate having pictures taken of myself. These are the areas I always edit on any picture that do end up being taken. It's purely these two areas, because I love the rest of my face and my body.
My boyfriend and family are always complaining that they don't have enough pictures of me. I wish I could tell them the reason and that they'd understand.

No. 138063

The nose in that picture doesn't really look bad imo.

No. 138064

File: 1434642114319.png (867.13 KB, 674x1199, IMG_20150620_3.png)

So I will get plastic surgery for my nose next year in October, a few weeks after I turn 16

No. 138065

There is nothing wrong with that nose unless it is also really crooked or your nose is so upturned that you look like a pig.

This kind of nose… I'd want to get it fixed, especially if I didn't have other features that balance it out.

I too want a nose job… but rather then having a witchy hook nose I have a triangular shaped nose with a bulbous tip and no bridge definition. My nose is really the only thing with my face I have real issue with. I have round 'pretty' eyes if a bit small, and defined full lips on an oval face. Just my nose is such a big blob on my face… I can't even find someone with a comparable nose on google.

No. 138066

I want to have my nose done. I wear a 2B cup but I like small breasts so it's not a huge deal for me, I'm super fine with that.
It's really the nose, just the nose. It's wide on the tip so it looks long even on the side, with long nostrils. No hump, it's pretty straight and upturned; but damn the largeness and the longness <.< Makes me feel bad.
The surgeon should work on the alar cartilage but it's really hard, I've seen just one surgeon who did well on this type of nose and works in Beverly Hills. And I'm in Italy. I don't want my nose to seem fake, I would hate it even more, soooo I dunno. I should save up money, who knows, I'm even poor lol. I would love a nose like Jane Levy's :(

No. 138067

we are nose twins.

No. 138068

File: 1434677656435.jpg (207.4 KB, 744x1159, image.jpg)

I feel like it's awkwardly shapes and screws around with my profile.

No. 138069

…..it looks pretty. I don't see the problem….

No. 138070

it looks like an anime nose tbh :P

No. 138071

File: 1434680196854.jpg (15.42 KB, 204x305, image.jpg)

It's wide from the front.
Ignore the zit. That cycle

No. 138072

the tip right? I have the exact same "ball" on my tip. The good news is that I think tip nose job is less expensive since it's less an easier job. Iggy Azalea got something like it recently.

No. 138073

I want to fix the contour of my face so that there isn't a dip between my cheek bones and fat uneven lower cheeks. Also fix my eyebags, the bump in my nose, and maybe the width. Thinking of a fat transfer to my chin as well

You look so cute from what I can see…

No. 138074

ummmmmm are you serious or trolling? it's not wide at all. i think you have body dismorphia or something.

No. 138075

Your nose is small and perfect. Shut up

No. 138076

Yeah, the wide bottom. People have called it cute before, but I have a big head and forehead so it looks weird? I dunno. I got made fun of for it most of my life by kids of different races during middle school.
Thanks guys, that makes me feel better about it actually.

No. 138077

Erm getting a labialasty next month. So excited, I want to tell someone about it. But, not anyone I know in person cause, you know.

So yeah. Fuck yeah.

No. 138078


No. 138079

i'm jealous.

No. 138080

I have that same ball at the tip. It's not big by any means, just not as narrow as I would like. I sort of understand why you want to change it, but I don't think you really need it. Oh and you have pretty eyes and skin, I wish my eyes were your color.

No. 138081

Thank you! I've always been self conscious about my skin because it's rather oily and I get breakouts, but I've been told that will make it age better.

No. 138082

I'm gonna do a plastic surgery marathon.
One side of my face is higher than the other side, everything is asymmetric.
I don't actually think my features are ugly, the asymmetry just makes me look ugly.

I will start in 1 year with braces. Then my deviated nose and septum and uneven nostrils.
Epicanthoplasty, canthoplasty and upper blepharopalsty. Mouth corner lift on one side.
Breast implants and nipple reduction.

I think if my face would be symmetric I wouldn't change anything.
I just want to feel normal and talk to someone without them staring at my nose.

No. 138083

You're like me anon. Im planning to get labiaplasty this year. Ive heard so many guys say its gross. Plus, people always worship innies. It makes me sad as fuck

No. 138084

Thats not thick. Thats stick thin, ana-chan. You have some serious issues wtf

No. 138085

You mean the hourglass figure? Easy. Wear a corset lol

No. 138086

I want a breast lift and a nosejob. And also surgery to remove my stretch marks.
Maybe lipo on my stomach. That's about it.

No. 138087

How do they remove stretch marks?

No. 138088


No. 138089

I have thick calves and thighs and I love them.
If you have a cute face, having a little chub can really only add to the cuteness.

No. 138090

>If you have a cute face, having a little chub can really only add to the cuteness.
Seriously, it's the only thing about losing weight that scares me, is suddenly having a gaunt face. That shit ain't cute and ages you like fuck.

kek, posting a pic of Girl's Generations legs… don't get me wrong they cute af and all have some plastic surgery because Kpop but… I would least go for Sunny's body type. Sunny is cute and curvy man.

No. 138091

I'm the ball point nose Anon, and all of my features are rather rounded.
If I was slimmer I'd look ugly

No. 138092

I have horrible forehead wrinkles. Not so bad that they sit there permanently, but I have a habit of raising my eyebrows a lot, and even if I move them the slightest bit, these dark wrinkles appear.

In a perfect world where any surgery was available, I'd do something about the god awful 'leftover' stretchmarks that I have post-weightloss. They are lighter than my skintone and are very noticeable. Especially on my belly, arms, and the back of my thighs.

No. 138093

File: 1434824278945.jpg (152.98 KB, 455x1112, image.jpg)

See how big it looks along my profile? That's what I don't like about it

No. 138094

I don't think it looks big at all but if getting your nose done will help boost your confidence and self image then go for it.

No. 138095

You call that big??
Girl you crazy your nose is tiny.
Take a proper pic of your profile and compare that to others and you'll see.
Do whatever makes you happy, but imo you really don't need surgery.

No. 138096

((And the other Anon))
Thanks, I guess.

No. 138097

your real problem is that you have a weak chin. makes your nose seem bigger and your forehead look fucking huge.

No. 138098

your nose is not big, its actually too small for your face imo. have fun looking like michael jackson after your surgery.

No. 138099

File: 1434829173568.jpg (28.24 KB, 376x273, image.jpg)

Is it really so bad from a front angle? I've never thought about my chin

No. 138100

Oh, I can contour it longer if that's the issue.
Fucking hate having a broad face.

No. 138101

I want a tummy tuck sooo fucking bad. Now that I've lost my extra weight, I'm fairly satisfied with how I look in clothes. But if I uncover my stomach it's all droopy and sad. Looks like I've had 5 kids.

No. 138102

Yeah, it's so discouraging. It actually makes me sick. So, I'm hoping I'll have the results I'd like; that's the only thing I'm nervous about…


I was reading this kind of stuff, it really bums me out.

No. 138103

does it go all the way out?
You can see my labia but it doesn't go past the outer lips..
this is making me really uncomfortable..

No. 138104

What can be done about eyebags? Mine are fucking huge and I'm only in my late 20s.

No. 138105

yeah, your nose is tiny. it's just that your chin is weak like the other anon said. are you irish?

lel, i've had eyebags since elementary. my cousin and aunt were the same and non invasive injections worked for them. juviderm i think? didn't work for me. there's also lower blethroplasty and fat repositioning. gonna try the latter next year.

No. 138106

My mother was part Irish, I believe, but other than that I am Ashkenazi Jewish.
I've known my whole life I look nothing like a kike, though. Except being round.

No. 138107

Be careful, my friend had a fat graft under her eyes, first it looked perfect, 2 weeks later everything slipped down and she got lumps under her eyes. She had to remove the fat in another surgery. Some doctors praise it and say fat graft is the best method for hollow eyes, others say fat graft under the eyes is not advised and often go wrong.

No. 138108

As a person, I'm against my body having tattoos/piercings/alcohol ect that sort of stuff. I'm a bit weird when I tell people this, it's just who I am. I believe coming into the world looking and being healthy then leaving the same way (not healthy but yh). I don't like my skin being scarred, I don't like spots, I don't like anything on it. I just like it being clear and spotless.

But my boobs aren't as perky as I wish they were. I didn't start actually wearing a bra until I was 12. My mother first got me measured up when I was 9/10, training bra. I absolutely fucking hated the feeling. I didn't understand how girls could get used to the feeling?! It was so… tight and I couldn't move around like I used to, all free and little.

So I refused to wear it. My mother tried forcing me, getting mad but I didn't. Still didn't.

Until high school, for a whole year I didn't wear it. Second year I did, I first began wearing a vest underneath and then got my mother to buy one of those training vest thingies with support to get used to the feeling. I slowly, gradually eased myself into bras.

Now, at 21. God, I don't know but I'm a 34C in one boob and my other is 36/38C! One is bigger than the other… I've been to the doctors, no lumps and hospital. They gave me a chicken fillet thing… Pointless, I don't use it. It feels horrible and heavy!

I mean you cannot tell MUCH difference but if you felt them, there is a different.

So, if I had to have surgery I wouldn't even mind the scarring even though I HATE scars. I'd have a breast reduction.

I've looked at prices… So expensive. I DO work, but I think when I've got like a spare grand or two I'll have it reduced and my breasts lifted. I'm just insecure about them, they're not nice and pretty like I wish they were. I think I'd look slimmer too.

If I ever date anyone… I just hope they can understand this and not be off about it ;/

No. 138109

Oh shit. Thanks for telling me, anon. Where did she get it done? I see many great pics of it done, but maybe it was before they slipped down…

No. 138110

Not really a 'plastic surgery', but I really want to get more noticeable canine teeth. Something similar to Charms (idk if they are fake or not), but a bit smaller. My teeth in general looks really small, similar to baby teeth but proportional to an adult's mouth at least. Either way, my teeth on top are also wonky, and equal to looks. So while they may feel sharp a'f, they look like squares.

Also, I had this 'wild wolf look' in my head for quite a while. Not otherkin or furry related, I just want fangs man.I may wait a few years and see if I grow out of it. Even as a granny, it shouldn't affect me too much due to the size I plan to go for. The size is about as big as someone who has natural large canine teeth, or a bit smaller.
Unfortunately I want/need to get braces to fix up my teeth and wait a while to see if I get a wisdom tooth.
I was searching the cons of doing this(the main concern was shaving since there isn't too much to shave in the first place, and money. Oh, and the fact that it can mess with my lips and gums if too sharp, or cause me to have a major overbite.), and I didn't see too much things that bothered me.
Basically this is all cosmetical and I'm willing to risk looking like a tryhard in my olden ages.

No. 138111

i've mentioned this on lolcow before, but i have had this done. charms has cosmetic bonding, which is what i also have done although i eventually want to get veneers for a stronger and more permanent effect. cosmetic bonding can always be shaved down whereas veneers damage your teeth. she claims hers cost about $900. mine are shorter (but definitely noticeable) and cost $500. she also said she got her front teeth filed which i didn't do even though i actually have large teeth and for some reason, my molars are pointed…

do not just file your teeth to be sharp. get them extended with resin. any normal dentist would NOT let it affect your bite at all.

charms said she chipped one in the first week she got it… i chipped one in the second week. woke up with it chipped. so be wary that you have to chew carefully and might need a night guard to prevent grinding in your sleep.

also, lel, i'm kind of a furry. i got them extended enough for people to comment, but what might be a conceivable length to happen naturally (although people have asked if i got them done). kind of wish i got them super long like charms.

No. 138112

>also, lel, i'm kind of a furry.

No. 138113

File: 1435125631279.png (487.15 KB, 1024x706, furries.png)

i can't deny that i really like anthropomorphic and quadruped animals and had a fursona back in middle school. that's enough to be considered a furry, in my opinion. i don't fursuit, enjoy furry porn, or anything of the sort, but i like "anthros" or shapeshifters like werewolves and even creatures like kitsune. like >>138110 i like the idea of having a wolf look – for me, it's the idea of looking like a person that could shapeshift into a wolf and not a wolf itself. not too different from people that want to look like a vampire.

honestly, i find all these tumblr "kittens" and shit with their fetish ears and buttplug tails to be more disturbing. but it's a biased opinion.

pic related of the kind of thing i'm into. sorry for OT~

No. 138114


Dude, you know not wearing a bra in early life doesn't affect whether one tit grows to be larger or small than the other right? It's all entirely genetic and every single set of boobs in the world is actually asymmetric.

Not a single pair are exactly the same size as each other but the differences in the sizing varies. You can get surgery for it if you want but I'm just saying don't beat yourself up about it too much because it's not a deformity or a growth issue. It's 100% normal.

No. 138115

File: 1435147515361.jpg (360 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_msg2943ah41shp2t7o1_128…)


Can you post a picture of your teeth? I also want this procedure done :>

No. 138116

File: 1435160549178.jpg (31.09 KB, 328x145, 20150624_113728-2.jpg)

they are nothing compared to charms, but since I have a "normal" customer service job, I wanted it to look more natural/plausible. I will go a little longer when I get veneers.

No. 138117




No. 138118

hehe, i'm guessing you're spoony? i think you'd look great with them, honestly. can i ask how the general public has received your ears? just curious.

No. 138119

I've had my nose and chin done and I think I fucked it up a little during the healing process. There's a little dent on one of the sides of the tip. Not sure if I should mention this to the doctor who did it next time I go to have it checked. I don't think I'd go through surgery again just because of it though. Thay was the first time I had any kind of surgery and it was scary. Compared to what it looked like before…. part of me is like well I really can't complain…. buut on the other hand I should get my money's worth… buuut I'm pretty certain it was caused by touching it too much post-op.

Anyways, cosmetic surgery has taught me that I will never be 100% satisfied with my appearance. Some days I feel cute as hell and other days I'm like "……thousands of dollars later and I'm still ugly lol this is just my fate rip"

No. 138120

can i ask exactly how many thousands of dollars you've spent on rhinoplasty and your chin? kinda thinking of doing both and not sure how much i should save up.

but i'm also afraid of feeling how you feel…

No. 138121


Ye ye, and thank you very much :>

Regarding my ears, they're actually under my hair the vast majority of any day so unless I'm deliberately showing them off (which is rare) nobody ever really notices them. Since I had them done in December there's only been one stranger that's asked about them (a cute girl working behind a till at Tesco who knew about the procedure) who said she was interested in having them done herself and asked me a few questions about how much it hurt, how much it cost, where I had them done etc.

People I know in real life are frequently asking to see them and I encourage them to touch them and things since they're always asking things like whether they're still flexible like unmodified ears and whether they hurt at all.

My family is laid back about this stuff and has never once really asked about them.

I've actually considering cutting my hair really short so that people will be able to glimpse them more, but I look dreadful with short hair.


I recommend narcissism.
Learning to love and appreciate your body purely on the basis that it's yours will save you a lot of stress and $$$ down the line.
There's absolutely nothing wrong stumping up some cash in order to have a part of you artificially modified, but if you're the type of person who's prone to looking for faults in your body it's probably safer both physically and mentally to cut your losses and invest in a little emotional TLC.

Obviously it's a lot easier said than done, it took me many years to develop the attitude I have towards my body now, but I'm a lot more comfortable with who I am now and have virtually no anxiety in regards to my appearance.

Try to abide by the mantra "fake it until you make it". If you keep telling yourself positive things eventually it'll start to stick x

No. 138122

Believe me, my "feeling ugly" today is nothing compared to what it was before. I think I just have impossible standards for myself that I refuse to give up, and Im kust generally pretty insecure. But even if I didn't have this problem, I feel like I would have still considered surgery at some point… and some cosmetic surgery I would I would say is necessary. Doesn't take a genius to know how much appearances are valued in society, and it affects a bunch of things.

I just found the payment document. I also had a slightly deviated septum so the cosmetic surgeon worked with an ear nose and throat doctor but most of that was covered by insurance. Including anesthesia, hospital stay, surgeon fee, and the implant for my chin the total came out to almost 11k

No. 138123

This is so encouraging thank you ;w;

It's most definitely easier said than done, even faking it. Gonna need some practice.

No. 138124

File: 1435175692898.jpg (41.38 KB, 302x674, 2015-05-26-19-11-09-715.jpg)


I wish I had some better advice for you, but what I've said really does work, it just takes a lot of conditioning.

I don't know if you do enough of this already, but sometimes it's just nice to spend a lot of time appreciating yourself by brushing out your hair and sitting in front of a mirror playing around with styles, dying your hair, or sitting down when you have time and experimenting with makeup, moisturising and scrubbing, plucking out hairs and things like that. Really looking at yourself and thinking about ways to improve yourself in "your eyes" (nobody else's) that doesn't involve surgery.

It's like, it might sound dumb but I used to have a big complex about my nose. Huge, huge complex, hated it so much, but now I look at it and I go "Yeah bitch, you look like a fucking sexy hawk, that's a strong-ass nose", and I like it because even though it's not really the standard sloped, button nose, it's mine.

No. 138125

>>you look like a fucking sexy hawk
I'm actually dead

No. 138126

File: 1435176802123.jpg (62.98 KB, 534x642, Julius-Caesar.jpg)


It's that or a sexy Caesar aha

No. 138127

That's a spot on description. Your nose is fine, you're right to not be bothered by it.

No. 138128

Nope. I like how I turned out. I need more exercise though. Maybe a breast lift if they droop from beast feeding. Silly boobies, don't be shy you don't have to hide in my pockets.

No. 138129

I'd get my nosed fixed, but I'm not sure they can actually fix what's wrong with it because it's basically an excess of cartilage in the tip. I'm too lazy and stingy to go to a consultation to have them say "No we can't do that"

If there were some kind of surgery to make you more photogenic I'd get that done in a heartbeat. I'm nice looking irl, but what's the fucking point in that when you're a neet with no friends? I want internet validation goddamn it.

No. 138130

> I want internet validation goddamn it.
i feel you. everyone around me has shit taste. i like the internet's (this side of it, anyway) idea of beauty more.

there's something called tip plasty. it can help fix a bulbous tip. much less expensive than a rhinoplasty.

No. 138131

File: 1435183548801.png (310.57 KB, 535x280, Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 6.43…)

>i feel you. everyone around me has shit taste. i like the internet's (this side of it, anyway) idea of beauty more.

Right? I'd even just like to be pretty enough for people to speak to me, if you're a plainjane or ugly online no one cares about you.

>there's something called tip plasty. it can help fix a bulbous tip. much less expensive than a rhinoplasty.

Hm, this could be promising. Though from a quick google it looks like something meant to fix width, which I don't have much of a problem with. The problem is that the tip is like pic related, though admittedly not quite so bad.

No. 138132

>Tip plasty
Oh man this might be what I need. I'm not the example in >>138131 but that's the kind of result I want. I'm >>138065 btw. I just also need help with the actual bridge of my nose too.

No. 138133

File: 1435203902993.jpg (13.58 KB, 496x157, boop.jpg)

help me out farmers

I want either rhinoplasty or vline surgery, but not both

I don't like my nose from the front, but don't mind it in profile whereas I don't mind my jaw from the front, but don't like it in profile

Which one fucks my face more
I'm leaning towards nose bc I hate feeling like there's a rubber ball on the end of my nose


No. 138134

ur nose is the exact type that i want :/

No. 138135

you're fine, anon. you're pretty. neither your nose or jaw are problematic. some people have sharper noses, and some people have softer noses. they both are nice. it's like the curly hair/straight hair dilemma. they're both super nice.

No. 138136

you have a slightly protruding mouth. i think your nose is cute

No. 138137

Yep, agree, but if your smile is nice it makes up for the mouth, which isn't even bad anyway.

My top first six teeth are slightly gapped and the bottom row also has gaps around my canines. Tried to get braces when I was 12 but 2 orthodontists told me that since I rest my tongue on my teeth, it'll be very hard to get them straight because I'll keep pushing on them. I didn't even realize I did that until they told me, and my mom asked me what I wanted to do. They kind of insisted that it would be a waste of time so I gave up.

I don't feel bad about it though, whenever the topic of teeth comes up and I mention this, people say they didn't notice unless I smiled, and that because I have a nice smile, it doesn't look that bad. Honestly though, I don't think it looks bad at all, lol. I do however worry about how that will impact me professionally, I don't want to be looked as childish or someone who doesn't look after themselves because of it. I haven't ever had a cavity yet people may assume because of my lack of straight teeth that I'm gross (Americans love straight, nice sized, blindingly white teeth).

No. 138138

File: 1435342947152.jpg (7.74 KB, 126x67, toofs.jpg)

my teeth are kawaii motherfuckers and I love them, there actually the only part of my body I'm totally okay with

I think I want kooters nose though and maybe a nose job would help balance some of the mouth protrusion anyway…

No. 138139

you need braces

No. 138140

File: 1435353660947.jpg (4.01 KB, 131x108, teeth.jpg)

The size of her nose or the shape? I'm wondering if a small or slightly upturned nose would emphasize the protrusion a bit, though I guess it depends on your specific facial characteristics. The protrusion isn't that noticeable though, so maybe braces would help with that as opposed to the nose job, though I think your teeth are fine.

Even though I don't think my teeth look bad, my closed mouth makes for a better smile, lol. It always looks like I'm cringing otherwise.

No. 138141

the shape, pointier and a bit taller than mine is now, idk my nose reminds me of her nose in her scene days so..
My nose is pretty fucking upturned now so I think changing that would de-emphasize my mouth problem a bit

I don't want braces bc I like my yaeba like teeth
and I really want a pointier nose lol

No. 138142

Not to be creepy but you have nice lipsm mine are uneven, one side is fuller than the other on bottom and top lip. I wonder if it had anything to do with suckling my thumb unail I was in middle school :/

No. 138143

thanks anon, and I always heard that sucking your thumb can affect your teeth as opposed to your lips: http://www.dentalgentlecare.com/thumbsucking.htm

No. 138144

Yup, had braces because of it. I'm just wondering because the thin part of my lips is where my thumb used to rest

No. 138145

Had a consultation with wonjin clinic. For a facelift (fat grafts and v line lift) and rhinoplasty it will be anywhere from 9000 to 13000 usd. Not sure about the fat grafts, but I think it's "safe" for them to be on my chin and in my nasolabial folds. Not sure about eyebags and cheeks.

I'm also wondering if the rhino they suggested will be enough to improve my nose.

No. 138146

I've already had a rhinoplasty (though I want a revision) and I'm scheduled for chin & cheek implants on July 10th + a breast lift on July 29th. In the future I may consider a brazillian butt lift but for now I figure I can just do squats.

No. 138147

My teeth really suck and I've spent so much money trying to fix them and I'd like to afford a couple of implants or something similar. Does anyone have any experience with replacing your teeth or something similar? I brush my teeth and try to take care of them as well as I can but I still get huge cavities and have to suffer through pain and listen to my dentist chewing me out and I hate it.

No. 138148

I have really fucked up teeth, they used to be even messier but afer years of having braces they're much neater now. The problem is my teeth are freakin huge, however i have a small head and small jaws too so they look really ugly on me. My smile is crooked too. My dentist refused to have them filed. I really lost all confidence in me plus its really affecting my love and working life. I'm just really tired looking like this, i just want to feel good for once :c anyone knows what kind of procedures i can get to fix this problem?

No. 138149

hey, does anyone know if there is a surgery where i could get my upper lip rounded? I would be nervous to have injections because I typically don't like they way those turn out on women..

No. 138150

also, I had my labiaplasty 6 days ago and I feel like I'm dying, hahahaa…

No. 138151

details, anon?

also, how do i find a good local plastic surgeon? i'm afraid of dishing out money for consultations that will turn out to be shit.

No. 138152

I'm getting septoplasty and several cancerous moles removed from my face soon because I'm finally on student bennies.

For the record, septoplasty is a surgical procedure where they correct the position of your septum (a crooked septum can make breathing difficult). Rhinoplasty is mostly cosmetic.

I just know some bitches are gonna chat shit behind my back. But oh well, I'd rather breathe and be fake than be miserable and 'natural'.

No. 138153

Most people do.

No. 138154

File: 1438161309054.jpg (125.07 KB, 650x1000, picasso-sitting_woman_with_blu…)

Same thing happened to me yesterday and I swear I didn't look like this a few years ago.Now I feel like a walking Picasso drawing everytime I look in the mirror.I can accept my mouth and nose but my eyes are so,so bad.There needs to be a way to fix this.

I also want to remove my eyebags and lift my boobs.

No. 138155

I have just about enough in savings that I could get the surgery I want. Of course, the money is supposed to be for emergencies, maybe an eventual down payment for a house and shit like that but goddamnit I've been thinking about going under the knife for so long. It sucks knowing that I could do it but I probably shouldn't…

No. 138156

That's called the hourglass figure.
Anon, all you need to do is wear corsets and get in shape, that's all.
Corsets give you the hourglass figure

No. 138157


I've had a breast reduction & augmentation, but they're still uneven and look too big so I might get another reduction after I'm down to 110 lbs.

I want a nose job, brow lift, and thicker lips. I also would like to get a brazilian butt lift and vaginoplasty on my outer labia to make them a little tighter.

Even after all that, I'm sure I'll find something else that needs to be fixed. BDD is the best.

No. 138158


No. 138159


No. 138160

I think you were just making fun of those who do plastic surgery I hope…?? Sometimes its hard to detect sarcasm…if not…this is very sad.

No. 138161

Getting surgery on your outer labia doesn't make them "tighter" lmao if your vag is loose it's just the way you were born/can get inside surgery to make it tighter. Outer labia doesn't make you tighter or looser

No. 138162

no :(
no not my actual vagina, just the outer labia. i lost a bunch of weight and they're a bit droopy.

No. 138163

i think you might be overreacting
all females i know irl have ''droppy'' labias and they're all skinny.

No. 138164

ok it goes like this
VAGINA (inside)> Inner Lablia (the 'flappy'bits, aka roast beef), OUTER Labia (fleshy fat part).

Weight loss does not contribute to a longer inner labia or outer labia. Those are just the way they are. it's normal like >>138163 said

No. 138165

Have you ever seen fat people? Fat people have fat pussy

No. 138166

I assumed maybe like Very fat people have fat OUTER Labia but I wasn't sure. Inner labia and vagina size stay the same

No. 138167

i had a labiaplasty when i turned 18, don't regret it for a minute. if anyone's curious about the procedure/recovery/complications etc. i'll answer your questions to the b

No. 138168

…est of my ability. accidentally hit the reply button too soon.

i'd like a nose job and maybe cheek liposuction, i'm pretty underweight but i have the face of a fat girl. don't have the money for that though. my pussy was so fucking gross that the labiaplasty was covered by insurance, lol

No. 138169

ive been chubby fat obese
(now im skinny) and i can confirm
chubby fat obese people have fat pussy (probably outer labia)

No. 138170

deets please

No. 138171

How much was the co pay? Where did you get this done? Us? How did it look before/after? Thanks!

No. 138172

canada (ontario), no copay - everything was covered by government $$. the catch is that OHIP will only pay for the surgery if it is performed by a gynecologist – not a plastic surgeon – but the gyn i saw was known for performing labiaplasties and had good results.

not going to post pics of my own genitals here, but i'm very happy with how it looks. it used to look like i had a little shrivelled up ballsack hanging off of my crotch… now it's tiny and pretty. it doesn't look unnatural like some do, either. pic related is very similar to my results, except that my labia were longer than those in the before pic. (pic was done using the wedge technique though. my surgeon used the trim technique, which is cheaper)

be careful when looking at before/after photos online because a lot of people take their after photos too early. it took a few months before all of the swelling/bruising went down and it took on its final appearance.

No. 138173

File: 1438921649008.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.11 KB, 800x533, 800px-Labiaplasty-before_and_a…)

lol forgot pic

No. 138174

welp i fucking almost lost my lunch

No. 138175

If I had money to do that I would

No. 138176

I have longer inner labia that i was always self conscientious of (a roastie, i guess) and wanted to get under the knife to make it smaller. After going through a lot of pictures of real vaginas i realised that mine is actually quite nice looking.
Thank you, real vaginas

No. 138177

Getting a nose job and jaw contouring in September. Super excited. I'm 20 and have wanted this since I was 12 or 13, I can't remember. The nose job is $7,900 and with jaw contouring it will be around $10k I think, I haven't asked my surgeon yet because it's just an add-on. I've also had fillers in my cheeks and lips and plan to do it again once my surgery swelling goes down. I think I will look SO much better than I used to and I can't wait for it. AMA if you want.

No. 138178

How are you going to pay for the surgery?

No. 138179

I'm 20 as well and I'm getting my nose/jaw done as well! I'm going to my home country to get it done (colombia) since we have great plastic surgeons and it's cheap. My nose job will be like 2,500 ish and i'm not sure about jaw yet. So excited! i wanted to get it done asap since i wanna be pretty while im young haha…

No. 138180

also ignore email that was from a past post haha…

No. 138181

i saved up some money but my bf is paying for most of it. i'm really lucky he got a pay increase, haha.

yay! im so excited for you

No. 138182

how did you convince you bf? pls halp

No. 138183

i want a boob job, but i'm scared about capsular contracture. i don't want more than one or two surgeries, but i've seen a lot of disasters when it comes to fakes, and pretty much the longer they're in your body, the more scar tissue envelopes them, and they will get hard and gross sooner or later, and will need replacement.

but i'm so unhappy with my tits. i have fairly big hips and my boobs are saggy and i just could look so much better with some perky fakes, but i'm engaged to an amazing guy that'd be very upset if i got a boob job.

have any of you been with guys who were against surgery and did it anyway? i think he'd be really, really angry if i went ahead and did it, but i'm so insecure and unhappy with my body.

No. 138184

I want a brow lift surgery, botox, nose job, permanent lip fillers, 2 nose job procedures, a Brazilian butt lift, boob job, I also want to remove my ribs so I can suck my clit.


No. 138185

um well i've been with him since i was in high school, so three years now, and he's older than me (28 soon) so he has a good paying job and a lot of money saved up

i've been talking about it since i met him. he knows i have always had problems with my physical appearance and hes always tried to make me feel better. my nose and jaw are REALLY fucked up. about a couple of months ago he finally said, "you have to stop waiting and just do it, because every year you wait youre gonna regret longer" and when i said i didnt have the money he offered to pay for most of it. i really felt uncomfortable at first but i realized he's right, and i feel like i'll make it up to him in the future when i start working soon.

No. 138186

File: 1439008264913.jpg (15.82 KB, 236x320, notaprettypicturechismoldyimpl…)

I want to get my tiddies done but I have a fear of mold and found out that implants can harbor massive amounts of mold and bacteria. And silicone can cause auto immune problems that are pretty serious and hard to cure.

Now I just need for Korea and Japan to perfect fat grafting augmentations… getting kind of impatient here.

> Blais, who has authored 250 scientific papers on the safety of implantable medical devices, believes women are still in danger. He has seen hundreds of black, brown and green implants–both saline and silicone-gel implants, which were banned for cosmetic use in 1992 but allowed for reconstruction patients–removed from women who had all types of health problems, including autoimmune symptoms. These colors correlate to certain types of microbes present in the implant, he explains. "One of the most common contaminants in black implants is aspergillus niger, a black variety of fungus, while two other forms, aspergillus fumigatis and Bouffardi’s black, cause dark brown discoloration." In the case of blue or green implants, the culprit is usually algae.

V. Leroy Young, M.D., professor of plastic surgery at Washington University in St. Louis, is another scientist who has shown that disease-causing microbes including E. coli, staph bacteria and aspergillus can grow in saline implants. Further, a handful of studies have shown a connection between symptoms associated with autoimmune disease and germ-ridden implants of both the saline and silicone variety.
Sooo disgusting. Pic is of saline implants I think.

Has anyone used brava or noogleberry here?

No. 138187

what the fuck is this??? why are they black? the mold??? people are BUYING these implants without knowing they're being put inside of them????????????????????????????????

No. 138188

So sometimes the implant already has bacteria or mold inside it but it hasn't proliferated to the point of discoloring the implant before they are put in. Then later on when implants are removed they are often discolored from the pathogens flourishing while the implants are in the body. Often the implants are removed because women experience illness or symptoms of malaise and then they turn out to be nasty moldy implants. That said I have no idea how common this is, but it happening at all is enough for me to pass on implants. Which really sucks because I want them so bad. Still waiting for a worthy alternative.

No. 138189

oh fuuuck no. but i'm reading though that this is mainly a saline issue. silicone should be ok, i think. idk man, i'm having reservations but fakes look so good sometimes. ugh. i hate being a woman. nothing this invasive would ever cross my mind if i were a guy.

No. 138190

Yeah I think it's mostly saline too! But silicone is also associated with health problems, like people have had life ruining autoimmune disorders develop and stay even after having them removed… so like… but the good news is that fat transfer is getting really sophisticated now so hopefully in the next few years it'll be worth the money. I think it's the most sophisticated in Japan rn because it was illegal in a lot of parts of the world for a long time until recently or something.
Also noogleberry and brava are pump systems that people have reported good results with but the results might not be permanent or something?? still it's worth looking into.
I mean, no judgment on people who get augmentations and I really hope they're in the group of people who have no complications. Just knowing my luck I wouldn't be so fortunate lol. I love being a woman tho, big fake bosoms are just for fun.

No. 138191

Got rhinoplasty on big ol' Italian nose.

No. 138192

I hit reply too early. Oops. Dumb smartphone.

Anyways, I got rhinoplasty and my nose profile is a slight ski-slope instead of a big hump. It's a bit wide from the front, but it's miles better than it was before and I can always contour the wideness away which I couldn't do with a hump. If money was no object and I had a higher pain tolerance, I'd probably get tip plasty just so I could have the button nose I was dreaming of, some kind of breast work since they're C-cup but spaced widely (why are you so scared of each other, boobs?), some filler underneath my eyes because of eye bags and premature wrinkles, lipo on my cheeks and neck, birthmark removal since I'm covered in them, and I don't know if this is possible, but something to make my ribcage narrower since I'm a rectangle with no defined waistline.

Right now I'm saving up to splurge on some skincare procedures. I live in the desert and the sun has taken its toll. My skin has sunspots all over and it's getting some fine lines and I'm only 18. I just started putting sunscreen on on a daily basis six months ago to prevent any further damage.

Whew. Am I shallow or what?

No. 138193

I am the anon getting a rhinoplasty and some minor jaw work done. I also want buccal fat removal on my chin and cheek (or lipo, I don't know which is safer) eventually, a forehead reduction, fillers under my eyes because my undereyes are hollow and in my nasolabial folds and
lips. I want a CO2 laser to clear my age spots and sun spots and fine lines away before they get worse. I think all together that's around $20,000. I will eventually do all this but I think it'll take a few years to save it up and get ready.

No. 138194

I'd never get it because people who get a lot of it always end up looking uglier than they did before

No. 138195

File: 1439305608275.jpg (6.78 KB, 225x224, piss420.jpg)

You only notice plastic surgery when it's bad. It's like toupees. Or how men say they don't like how women look with makeup (they're imagining this).

No. 138196

I've seen good plastic surgery. But when people get tons of it, it never looks good because the human race just isn't that advanced in plastic surgery yet.

No. 138197

I would get my nose done, also a breast reduction. If only I had the money.

No. 138198

this is how i feel. i want to get stuff while i'm still young, but i'm 24 so i feel rushed. i got some stuff done when i was 22, but it either faded (fillers) or got erased with my weight gain then loss. but the good news is that i'm going to korea in november and will get shit fixed.

I got cheek lipo as well as fillers under my eyes. You can't gain more than 5lbs if you get the lipo. I gained leass than 10lbs… maybe 8lbs max? And then I lost 15lbs and my cheeks just look bad. Buccal fat removal is something a lot of doctors don't want to do because it can make you look gaunt when you age. That's basically what has happened to me. Like I said, I'm 24 but now my cheeks look too flat.

No. 138199

I hope I'm not too late but I'm Canadian and how the fuck did you get the government to pay for your labioplasty. I went to a dermatologist and they wouldn't remove the huge sticking out moles I have without paying $100 each and a GP removed one of them that looked like cancer and made a huge horrible scar. I'm mad as fuck right now. What is your secret

No. 138200

if you start doing fillers at such young age you'll stretch your skin and will have to repeat it constatly later to look presentable
you can always try facials and massages, if done regulary they can improve your looks

No. 138201

im the one getting lipo next month on my chin/jaw. i want him to take it all out and i want a REALLY smooth transformation.

i hardly ever gain weight. i actually have very big chubby cheeks. my doctor doesnt want to do it because he LOVES the appearance, so im probably going ot have to wait until im like 30 until he agrees because i want to keep going to the same facial surgeon guy because he's the best in canada

it depends on what you have done but i agree. i've done fillers in the past but the difference wasn't enough to keep going. for under eye stuff i want to try lasers because they're advanced so much, and the ones that cost $1,000-2,000 and require you to be under anesthesia seem to actually work on renewing your skin completely.

No. 138202

File: 1439912557473.jpg (161.37 KB, 740x360, 4-3-large.jpg)

this is what i want for my chin lipo but i doubt my doctor will be able to do it this well. i look nothing like the before (i don't have that much fat under my chin, just around my jaw line and actually ON my chin) but i really want to look like the after from my profile becaus ei have such a weak jaw :(

No. 138203

i only got fillers for undereye bags which i've had since i was in elementary school. they are always there no matter what – if i keep hydrated and sleep well, they're not dark and they aren't extremely puffy, but they're always noticeable and there. you can see them in pictures of me at 8 years old and shit. it's sad. eye creams and such can make the eye bag on my right eye disappear but it somehow will make the left one appear 3x worse…

didn't she also get a chin implant though? and yeah, i always had big chubby cheeks, even up until 22, but this past time when i lost weight, it's pretty much all gone? my cheeks are bigger than the average person's cheeks, but they're kind of hollow in the middle with chub on the bottom. it's like i have jowls that don't sag – i think they're my buccal fat pads?

but yeah, i don't think many doctors want to get rid of buccal fat pads. they help you look young. in my case, though, it makes my face look bottom heavy so i hate it.

No. 138204

hey i'm the person you're replying to. i went to my family doctor and said that they were painful when sitting down and riding a bike, and that it was difficult to keep the area clean. none of that was true, lol, but it worked. i got a referral to an ob/gyn who performs the surgery, had to wait a few months to see her, but the surgery was scheduled quickly after that.

they will not do it for cosmetic reasons, but they will if you cite medical problems. and i assume you need obviously enlarged labia, not just a pussy that isn't pretty enough

No. 138205

I'm interjecting to say I know someone who got lipo done on her legs citing psychological issues as she has PTSD and was anorexic. This is in the US and before Obamacare.

No. 138206

Anon - I have this problem and want this done too! Let me know how it goes!

No. 138207

idk but i dont need a chin implant. my chin is very prominent and also has a thick layer of skin/cartilage/fat. its just my jaw is covered in a layer of fat. the only time it disappeared was when i was 85 lbs and i looked like a spoopy skeleton.

i have the same thing as you - jowls that don't sag. my doctor said its because the skin on my cheeks is so thick + the added fat, thats why they look so big. im hoping that just maybe getting jaw lipo will fix it.

No. 138208

File: 1440286241876.jpg (295.78 KB, 794x1087, rhino1.jpg)

No. 138209

File: 1440286278013.jpg (10.22 KB, 400x284, rhino2.jpg)

No. 138210

File: 1440286311767.jpg (77.51 KB, 510x541, miss-lemonade surgery.jpg)

No. 138211

My nose isnt huge or anything. It's an average straight nose. But I still want a nose job. To get that tiny perfect ski slope nose
Also top surgery. I don't think I'm exactly trans because I like wearing feminine clothes and makeup and stuff, and I consider myself a lesbian, but my breasts have always felt extremely wrong and when I was young I tried to cut them off when they started developing. Top surgery takes priority. I think I could live with my nose but my breasts cause me a lot of distress

No. 138212

File: 1440289535147.png (1004.32 KB, 1305x1750, IMG_20150823_1.png)

Recently, I've been feeling kinda shitty about my nose. I feel like its really big and bulbous, especially up close. Its like it doesnt suit the rest of my features. Perhaps its just my mind playing tricks on me but I really want to get surgery to get my tip reduced or something

No. 138213


also does anyone have that problem where the bone of the nose bridge is wider than wider and larger than the rest of their nose. is there a surgery to sort that out?

No. 138214

Anon, I am all for PS if you really want it, but I'm SUPER JELLY of your nose and would totally get surgery on mine to look like yours.

No. 138215


Your nose is literally, LITERALLY perfect and I want to smack you for it.

No. 138216

This is literally the perfect nose. Not obnoxiously slopey, but not hooked or curved in at the slightest, perfectly round/shaped and cute like a button.
This is basically what I want from a nose job eventually.

No. 138217

Are you guys being serious? I've always wanted much more of a mature nose, like straight and small. its surprising so many people think this

No. 138218


Yes and FYI we all want to kill you, cut off your face and wear it.

No. 138219

I have a very similar nose and these comments surprise me too. I've always wanted the tip to be a bit lower and narrower & thought my nose looks too "childish" but… hm. Interesting.

No. 138220

i'm trans so i'd pretty much love anything that could make me look half like a real female

No. 138221

i see what you're saying about a bulbous nose. the tip of my nose looks like that too. well, probably worse. it sometimes looks really wide because of the tip alone if the shadows/lighting suck. i hate it. BUT from the side, your nose looks pretty much ideal.

No. 138222

pls dont change your nose
and if you will cut it off and give it to me

No. 138223

My legs look like this and I hate them.

No. 138224

That is what you call big?! Don't think it's really bulbous though. Fuck, my nose must be more hideous than I thought.. I would kill to have your nose.. Girls are getting surgeries to get a nose like yours.

If you think that is big and bulbous, you might want to see if you have BDD. You have the ideal nose for females.

No. 138225

Fuck you for thinking your nose is big, attention whore.

No. 138226

File: 1440472537057.jpg (44.13 KB, 1101x439, MYXJ_20150824231539_save.jpg)

I'm very envious of you anon.
I wish I had a nose like you. My nose is big and disgusting.
I just want a small qt nose like yours and it makes me feel like shit

No. 138227

looks like oc's nose
it's not terrible, but yeah, it isn't so great tbh, anon

at least it looks like contouring could be your bff

No. 138228

Hey hey hey hey now, Its not my problem that you prefer my nose, I just don't like it and that's why I want to get plastic surgery, my nose just looks too fat and big for the rest of my features. Id rather have a straighter and mature looking nose. Especially for my age.

No. 138229

nobody said it was your problem

No. 138230

Do you have super tiny eyes and mouth if that tiny nose is too big for the rest of your features? Be thankful for your small nose, you will look youthful as you get older. Larger mature noses age horribly and most girls get a witchy/ very masculine appearance as they age.

No. 138231

Anybody ever get lip fillers? I'm thinking about getting some before the school term starts.

I've always kind of hated most lip-jobs, but (I hate to admit it) after I saw Kylie Jenner's and how good the turned out, I kind of want some too…

No. 138232

File: 1440484815012.gif (1.44 MB, 500x222, Kyliegif2.gif)

No. 138233

The horror…the horror…

No. 138234

she looks like a hot grandma version of kim

No. 138235

Okay, well that looks terrifying. I definitely don't want to look like that.
But, I don't think that's the best representation of what I'm asking for either.

No. 138236

File: 1440635977699.jpg (Spoiler Image, 536.82 KB, 991x1253, 2015-08-27 01.20.13.jpg)

Has anybody here ever had a septoplasty?

I have an appointment with a doctor tomorrow to talk with them about my nose and specifically my breathing.
I've always had trouble breathing through my nose but as I've adjusted to mouth breathing for years now I've never ever considered it an issue, or like, realised it was abnormal. When I try to breathe through my nose it feels like I can't get enough air into my lungs or like I'm suffocating, whenever I do cardio it takes me 3x times as long to recover and Summer is absolute hell for me.

I've noticed recently that my breathing has become really loud and disgusting when I'm breathing through my mouth so I had my boyfriend look up my nostrils as I was breathing and he said that when I tried to inhale they collapsed shut therefore preventing direct air flow. He told me to try holding them open with my fingers when inhaling and oh my god, it was incredible.
I can't describe to you how it feels to have a proper lungful of air rush in through my nose for the first time in years.

Anyway because I'm seeing this doctor tomorrow I want to see if I can try and arrange a septoplasty on the NHS, but I'm scared the doctor won't take me seriously and just wave me off with a booklet on breathing techniques.

Can anybody look at my nostrils and tell me whether they actually look particularly narrow or that I have a deviated septum? I honestly don't know what's standard for nostril width.
Do they look normal?

No. 138237

File: 1440636916274.jpg (Spoiler Image, 326.7 KB, 614x937, 2015-08-27 01.51.41.jpg)


I just tried looking at what they look like in my camera when I breathe and this isn't normal right?

No. 138238

File: 1440673895376.jpg (7.79 KB, 300x244, 1305588687594.jpg)

>He told me to try holding them open with my fingers when inhaling and oh my god, it was incredible.

No. 138239

No. 138240

Not being able to breathe through your nose at all is not normal, period.

No. 138241

My vagina is so ugly. First of all I'm mixed, white and Hispanic (and my mom was "brown" Hispanic, probably would of been considered "mestizo" back in the day) so my skin is light but my vag is disproportionately dark. And the inner labia are so long. And uneven. The left one is longer than the right and it's been like that as long as I can remember. Each one is about an inch long and I hate it so much I'm seriously considering labiaplasty

No. 138242


Okay so I've just come back from the doctor and it turns out I actually do have a deviated septum and collapsing nostrils so I'm being referred to an ENT for a septoplasty.

I'm really, really pleased.

No. 138243


It sucks that an entirely normal part of your anatomy brings you so much embarrassment but we live in a judgemental world.
If a labiaplasty would bring you life long happiness then just do it.

No. 138244

I have the same thing as you, I'm a mix of far western europe and eastern, so my skin tends to be pretty pale, hair is extremely dark, and nipples and vagina are ugly brown; I also have a longer right labia (about 2.5"). I wish I could bleach my areolas/vagina, and cut off that nasty ass labia.

No. 138245

You're not alone, anon. I prefer more mature looking noses as well. Which kind of sucks for me because my own nose makes me look like a toddler from side profile.

No. 138246

The grass is always greener on the other side, I guess. You have girls like me who want your toddler noses so we can pull off cute girly clothing. Then there are girls lik who want our noses to bee seen as an adult and for people to take you more seriously.

No. 138247

nose-chan here, i'm planning to go to korea in a couple of months to get a tip reduction, after that i might breach out into getting more things done.

No. 138248

I'm the girl getting the septoplasty and my own nose is very mature and frankly I love it.

I'm desperate to be able to proceed with the surgery so that I can finally breathe properly but I am worried that they'll fuck up my nose in the process.

It's a Roman nose so it has a sloping bump in the center but if they reduce the tip it'll be left as a hook nose :(

No. 138249

Eh I know but they're so fucking long. When I stand with my legs apart it looks like I have some kind of weird tiny penis made from my inner labia

No. 138250

File: 1440729890442.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.37 KB, 724x423, Csdfsdfsd.jpg)

(Spoiler image contains vaginas)
Is the far left really what average labias look like? Mine is like the two on the right…

No. 138251

which nose-chan? the one with the cute nose that wants a mature one? i'm planning on going to korea very soon, too. like before the end of the year. which places have you looked into?

No. 138252

Mine looks like the one on the left, but have a look at this site:

No. 138253

yeah that one, i've been looking into a lot of them like id hospital, banobagi etc. But the best one that i've come across is BK Dong Yang, they have really good reviews and exactly what I want there. Im planning to go early next year, like February.

No. 138254

File: 1440772837511.jpg (10.36 KB, 430x200, CAM02105.jpg)

One of my eyebrows droops lower than the other one, giving me only one hooded eyelid. Id like to get that fixed. There is no "tip" to my nose from the front because the top of my nose is flat. Theres no "tip" from the bottom either. Its like i have a rounded corner where my cartilage meets instead of you know, a normal nose. My nostrils are also really big, like "fit the tip of my thumb comfortably" big. I don't know about any body stuff until I lose some more weight but I suspect I'm gonna need a breast lift cuz my tiddies are huge

No. 138255

File: 1440850017131.png (90.11 KB, 238x276, 1381673484793.png)

With those two pictures on the left, it looks like you're always inquisitive about something, or in disbelief.
>pic related

No. 138256

thread your eyebrows

No. 138257

Got 'em done today lmao

No. 138258

File: 1440892780345.jpg (104.18 KB, 488x267, Snapchat--5306623348899494882.…)

Old ass post but hey! Another anon with a bottom fang!
Ignore the crooked smile, I was trying to show off the canine more.

No. 138259

File: 1440958406730.jpg (21.57 KB, 219x265, nj.jpg)

I'm having my rhinoplasty in May 2016. Pic related is close to what I want. I'm tired of cringing every time I see the hump and crookedness though my family is extremely against the surgery. Oh well.

No. 138260

Good on ya. Hope it's not terribly expensive

No. 138261

Are you a dude or a chick?
Tbh I love the nose on the left (assuming that is your current nose). It's very romantic and elegant.

No. 138262

File: 1440987266113.jpg (18.24 KB, 286x239, nj2.jpg)

It's more expensive than average at 9.5k, but the surgeon has a good reputation. I'll probably do a Realself review and link it to here in 10 months time.

I'm a girl, and thank you! It's the 3/4 angle that bothers me the most. Can't stand the hump.

No. 138263

>mfw no qt nose hump
Don't throw this away anon, you are blessed.

No. 138264

What's so great about a nose hump!?
I guess we do always want what we don't have.

No. 138265

I would want to get my violin hip fixed and I would like more full/round butt and hips in general. There's also a weird thing with my body where my right buttcheek and breast are smaller than my left buttcheek and breast, it's really bizarre and pretty noticable, I'd want that fixed.

Also I would like to have my boobs completely reshaped and areolas made smaller.

No. 138266

i feel the same way about my nose, anon. i actually like my nose from profile view, but because my nose bridge is weirdly wide on the sides, it looks like it has a huge bump in it from the 3/4 view

No. 138267

I'm in the same boat anon, currently saving for the surgery. Would love to hear how it works out for you.

No. 138268


I have a bump like this only it's situated a bit higher up so it probably blends better.
I still think your nose is really nice Anon but if you think you'd be happier with a more streamlined one then good luck!

I'm the one getting the septoplasty further up the thread and there's a chance I might lose my bump so I'm a little sad.

No. 138269

I've been looking if there would be anyone nearby doing TCA instead of excision on old piercing holes on my lower lip and perhaps on my jestrum hole when I finally take it out. Been saving for a tattoo, but might aswell just fix the old mistakes than get new ones eheh.

No. 138270

Rhinoplasty, jaw shave, and cheekbone reduction. My nose is straight, no hump, but my sister got such a a nicer nose. It's flat and small and ski-slope like. My jaw really isn't that wide but I want a beautiful v-shaped jaw. my cheekbones are fairly high but I feel they protrude too much. I'm so jealous of my sisters. They got beautiful flat flaces and small noses and I got the short end of the stick. Also one got pretty, warm, brown skin, the other has peachy, fair skin and I got stuck with an awkward orange color. But there's not much I can do about that

No. 138271

File: 1441050906391.jpg (37.5 KB, 500x589, 1434459912146.jpg)

wow and i thought i was insecure…
i feel bad for you
try to love yourself a little

No. 138272

I'm trying anon. Also has anyone here had a labiaplasty? I'm seriously considering one. My labia minora are so fucking long and uneven. It's what r9k would call a "roastie"

No. 138273

File: 1441135685732.png (445.61 KB, 540x960, 1428095754433.png)

No. 138274

No. 138275

Gonna have a rhinoplasty in january. I have a giantic hump on my nose, that needs to go. I also plan on getting lip fillers as soon as I'm old enough. Aside from that I actually thought about a boob job, but eh. Decided that I prefer small but soft boobs over huge, hard ones.

No. 138276

If you're the Ontario anon, holy shit, nice. If it's covered in AB too, I'll seriously consider it.

No. 138277

no tbh because caucasian eyes and southeast/east asian eyes are obvs vastly different. you probably dont have much of fat around your eyes like asians do, might not have epicanthal fold and etc. it would make it super easy for asian surgeons to fuck up your eyes, and other specifically caucasoid features; as they mainly, were trained to work pretty much only on mongoloid features, them working on your caucasoid features would be pretty much like a rhinoplastician operating on your eyes.

i'd suggest you take your time, and save up some more money and research well for a plastic surgeon who works on caucasoid features, because, bro, ur eyes need extreme amount of care and caution or u might literally die or smthing

No. 138278

File: 1444188140141.jpeg (54.1 KB, 960x772, image.jpeg)

She fugly before and after she's got a doll face. Her doctor did a good job.

No. 138279

File: 1444188206569.jpeg (19.64 KB, 350x200, image.jpeg)

No. 138280

how did they make her neck smaller…???

No. 138281

File: 1444189262938.jpg (26.51 KB, 560x447, 29.jpg)

she went to korea to get her work done btw

No. 138282

File: 1444189887408.jpeg (62.06 KB, 960x892, image.jpeg)

No. 138283

Oh wow, I think she looks pretty fantastic. I'm so jealous of her jawline.

No. 138284

File: 1444193110479.jpeg (94.69 KB, 750x1100, image.jpeg)

Closer picture of her face

No. 138285

I never see black plastic surgery inspo. Thanks for this, anon.
She looks great!

No. 138286

Her face shape is so perfect now. Do you know which plastic surgery clinic she went to? If I had money I'd be there so quick. Also I'm curious what the experience is like as a foreigner.

No. 138287

Also, friendly reminder that if you're black and want a nose job, the best decision is to get your surgery in South Korea because Asian and black noses are more similar than black and white noses.
You literally have less of a chance of ending up with a fucked up nose if you get it done there.

No. 138288

No. 138289

File: 1444200659722.jpg (175.64 KB, 480x504, 20140707_181741_1382367542.jpg)

another black woman who got a nose job in korea

No. 138290

damn that nose is fucking perfect

No. 138291

File: 1444204775647.jpeg (309.84 KB, 584x438, image.jpeg)

Tbh she was hotter before

No. 138292

Korean surgeons really do give the most natural looking plastic noses.

No. 138293

Why are Korean doctors miracle workers? Do you know who her surgeons were?

No. 138294

Did she get some kind of procedure to clear out the hyper-pigmentation/acne scarring on her face, or is she just wearing foundation or whatever?

No. 138295

Eh, I liked her face shape before better, but her nose after looks nicer imo.

No. 138296

they aren't. these are professional pictures they've taken to advertise the job. if you actually did research (like on realself) you'd read how many people have horror stories and are left botched.

probably CO2 lasering/fraxel lasering but maybe just photoshopped. wouldn't put it past those sneaky koreans

No. 138297

File: 1444231015626.jpg (12.3 KB, 252x276, image.jpg)

I'm not Korean

No. 138298

i mean the actual plastic surgery clinics. there is a lot of threads on the internet about this on realself and TPF. they do switcheroos ALL the time.

girls if you are going to korea, please be careful and make sure you get a professional and NOT someone who works on tourists, they are the worst and if they fuck ur face up you won't hear from them no matter how much you beg. don't cheap out, and go to someone well renowned

No. 138299

which sites are best to look up reviews of clinics by koreans? i want to go there since i'm asian and don't trust doctors in america to work on my nose. obviously i'm pretty much just finding clinics that work on tourists.

No. 138300

just google and look at a lot of plastic surgery forums a lot of americans talk about going to korea. realself.com also has korean reviews on it (from english-speaking people). thats how i know about how botched korean surgeries can be, i use realself and i've made a lot of e-friends with women on there who got botched in korea and had to get revisions done.

thepurseforum has a cosmetic surgery section as well which is dominated by asian plastic surgery. i think it is the best resource because a lot of people congregate there. but some of it may outdated

but be careful with everything. 99% of korean doctors will advertise their results. don't trust anyone who hasn't taken pictures themselves (like someone reviewing their own nose, etc). don't look at professional doctor-taken photos as evidence that the doctor has skills. these doctors do THOUSANDS of surgeries a year, so obviously 1-2 will be amazing and worth putting up on their website. a good tip is not to trust any review about an asian clinic unless the person has posted pics of their results. it's common knowledge that asian ps clinics will go and write their own reviews. kek.

honestly getting surgery is such a big thing. please be careful!

No. 138301

yeah, i use thepurseforum and have attempted to find positive reviews on realself for korean clinics. i see a lot of horrible breast augmentation there … like beyond biglottes level of bad. i definitely think a lot of things are outdated on tpf, but i'll keep reading there.

No. 138302

Oooooooh, can someone share some of those botched Korean jobs/know where to find good pics? I love looking at other people's botched shit.

No. 138303

just look at realself and search for "korea"

No. 138304

her nose is obvious giveaway that she had rhinoplasty because of how asian it looks and the triangle shaped alars. but the rest of her looks super pretty though.

No. 138305

File: 1449787871167.jpg (185.51 KB, 391x225, 647374.jpg)

I've recently come into some money and I'm seriously considering having lip fillers done.

My natural lips are nice and it's not like they're particularly thin, but they literally look like they've been scaled down and I feel they don't match my face as well as they could because of how small they are.

I don't know a whole lot about fillers so I'm about to trawl this thread, but if anybody that has had them done if you could give me information on:

Whether you'd recommend them.
Swelling and how long it takes the swelling to go down.
How long they lasted for you personally.
What ml you had (I think they do the syringes in ml right?).
Which particular brand you'd recommend, if any.

I don't want to go nuts but something like picture related would be a positive improvement to my face.

No. 138306

Whelp, there's a new years offer at a clinic opposite my university! I'm doing it!

Decided I'm going to go book a consultation tomorrow for lip fillers. I'll probably be able to have them done at the end of the week.

It's anybody interested in me posting personal before and afters + a write-up of my experience?

No. 138307

I'm finally getting a nosejob this spring. My nose is the only thing stopping my face from looking good, I've always wanted it fixed, and after a lot of "shopping around" I've found a fantastic surgeon I have a lot of faith in, so why not. My brother got a nosejob several years ago and it looks great.
When I'm a lot older I'll probably end up getting more surgeries as well, because I have a very large chest and I don't want saggy old lady boobs. Oh and Brazilian butt lifts seem amazing.

No. 138308


Befores and afters pls.

(also I'm getting a septoplasty this year for breathing difficulties due to a deviated septum but I think they toss in a free rhino in the package when they crack the whole thing open, so good luck! I hope both of ours work out!)

No. 138309

No. 138310

Sage & samefagging because I just realised I answered a month old post and I apologise for stupidity.

No. 138311


Actually I'm still here and was still waiting for some answers so thanks x

No. 138312

Good luck to you too! I'll post before and after pics if I can in the spring. I'm getting the profile, shape and width of my nose changed. I used to be nervous but now I'm just excited and set on getting it done so I can finally have a normal nose.

No. 138313

Happy for you, anon. I've found a good surgeon too, but I don't have the required money at the moment (6500$). It is my intention though to work hard in order to earn the goddamn money even if I'm poorfag and get this ugly nose done. It's the only thing ruining my face, this potato nose. I just hope it will look fine, I really dislike obviously-done-looking noses like Michelle Pfeiffer's, or Kota's. I just want a cute, natural nose that makes me look good so I'll stop being so insecure when it comes to physical appearance and photos lmao

No. 138314

Man, I'd like a few procedures, previously I used to want breast reduction surgery as I always wanted to look more petite and feminine, at my lowest weight of 105 pounds I still was an F cup and I had a huge complex about it, these days I'm trying to embrace them more but I'm not really the most confident about them, I always wonder why some of you girls want bigger tiddies, smaller ones are so cute, you can wear cute bralettes and shit.

I would like either the dental vampire implants or yaeba, but as far as I'm aware yaeba isn't really a procedure done where I live, but I can't help but find it utterly adorable. I'd also like the v shape chin/jaw surgery and a nose job for a slimmer, petite nose. All of these are things I've wanted done growing up, but I feel like I'm never in a financial situation to save up for them.

No. 138315

I have a really round face which is fine except my jowls are just starting to become heavier, so I'm thinking ill have to do something about it in a few years. Other than that, for my whole life I've wanted a flatter stomach. I tend to gain weight in the front of my stomach, so when I turn to the side I look way bigger. There are other nit picky things, but id honestly just be happy with a small belly, no matter how big the rest of me is.

Do you guys visit realself.com? It has thousands of procedures and before and after pics and ratings ect. Its interesting for research

No. 138316

I want to correct my underbite and maybe get a chin implant and jaw shave. Unfortunately jaw surgeries seem to be the most expensive and have the most risk of complications so it's probably a pipe dream unless I can get the government to cover it (I live in Ontario) but idfk how that shit works.

No. 138317

You can get a breast reduction paid for by your insurance company as long as you aren't fat (or in other words, if most of your "large breasts" are because you're overweight) and the surgeon will remove over a certain amount. Any plastic surgeon who does breast reductions should be able to tell you all about it and outline the entire procedure in a consultation ($50-200 depending on how swanky the place is).

No. 138318

File: 1452603808489.jpg (55.29 KB, 550x400, Dawn-Yang-Plastic-Surgery.jpg)

Pic related - Kind of an extreme example but my nose is the typical bulbous Asian nose with a boxy jaw and my eyelids are pretty uneven most of the time. Right now I use tape but I'd really like to get them fixed sometime. I pulled an ok ticket in the genetics lottery (and look decent with makeup) but I'm adopted (family also Asian) and I've always wanted to appear more like my sisters since I really look up to them and take after my psychotic biological parents. They have the whole delicate doll face thing going on not to that extent but I am clearly the black sheep of the family.

No. 138319

File: 1452632726476.jpg (177.61 KB, 1600x1009, 2014-11-10 12.14.08 1 copy.jpg)

I've never understood why so many ethnically asian women shave their jaw off though. That woman's jaw looks better in the before picture, it brings out her sculpted cheekbones.

No. 138320

I'll never understand why Asian women want to look like the right pic. They all look the same after they achieve that look and are nearly impossible to tell apart. The girl on the left is genuinely cute and with makeup could look gorgeous. But she chose to give away her uniqeness and look generic. A shame.

So much hair envy…

No. 138321

The same can be said of all women who get plastic surgery (esp Russians).

No. 138322

They want to look white.

No. 138323

Doubt it, white people are known for having strong jaws and noses.
It's more of an attempt to look neotenous/youthful.

No. 138324

This, their ideal standard of beauty is looking childlike. Things like large eyes and a small jaw are associated with children.

No. 138325

>farmers, would you get surgery or not?
Already did, I had a breast reduction 3 years ago.
I was a DDD but 110 pounds. As one could imagine, the pain and stress on my back, shoulders, and neck was unbearable. Since it was a chronic pain issue, it was seen as medically necessary and not cosmetic, therefore, it was covered by my insurance completely and I didn't pay a dime.
I was 22 when I had this done and I have absolutely 0 regrets about it. I only wish I could have had it done sooner lol.

No. 138326

That was a good decision. If you waited 10 more years, your breasts wouldn't look good, and your spine would look much worse. People who tell you "but big boobs are great" have no idea how big boobs actually look like and what it means.

No. 138327


Yeah, like that Anon just said; neoteny.

No. 138328

I knew someone like that, only she was 14 when the back problems were happening and she was continuing to grow in cup size every month, and thus was very expensive. No good doctor was going to do surgery before she turned 18 so all she could do was take pain killers for her back and hope they didn't bigger.

Having big boobs is fine, but not at the cost of back pain.

No. 138329

Anon, how did you find the recovery process? If you don't mind sharing, I'd really like to hear about your experience. I've been thinking about getting a breast reduction for ages, and I've already talked to my GP, who referred me to a surgeon, but I chickened out at that point because I'm really scared of the healing process and the scarring.

My GP said it shouldn't be a problem proving that it's a medically necessary procedure since I'm a GG cup with a pre-existing spinal condition that's way worse now. And to be completely honest I've always hated the way my boobs look anyways, they already look saggy since they're so heavy and I'm only 21. Part of me wants to wait until after I've had kids and breastfed, then get a nice new pair of titties from the government, but the other part of me can't stand them. Sorry for the long ass blogpost lel. But I'd be very interested in hearing more about your experience with the surgery, if you don't mind.

No. 138330

>"Yeah bitch, you look like a fucking sexy hawk, that's a strong-ass nose"

That's really funny and something I'll practice telling myself.

No. 138331

I really need…something done to my face.

I've always had that round, chubby Asian face and now that I'm 29 I started to suddenly get nasolabial lines and jowls, it's fucking awful (and it's crazy how sudden it happened too, holy shit). I hate it because not only is it aging, it all came even after I followed all the skin rules (little to no sun exposure, good diet, exercise, SPF, etc).

Though I suppose I should be honored to start resembling queen PT, do I need fillers or a face lift?

No. 138332

File: 1452735701201.jpg (110.95 KB, 535x281, mcgill_0010_jowl1.jpg)


Fillers will just make your face look fatter. I would go with the facelift if it were a choice between the two.

If it's a case of just having excess fat deposits around your jaw/cheeks then liposuction in the area could be a potential solution.

No. 138333

Shit, I was hoping to avoid surgery. Thanks though.

No. 138334


Eh, if you go through with it there's a high chance you may come out looking better than you did in your early 20's since the roundness will be gone and your jawbone defined. Might end up being the best desicion of your life.

I'm definitely getting a facelift myself when I'm a bit older. It's no sweat.

No. 138335

There's surgeryless nose jobs now. I'm sure you can get the same thing done for jowls or something. It's literally some shit they inject into your face, but results are about semi-permanent to permanent depending on if you're lucky.

No. 138336


there's liquid face lift - gives great results but for a very short time and it's usually quite expensive
old rich women do this - that's why they often look so flawless

No. 138337

I have the same as you and I have to get a septo and a rhino but they told me the rhino has to be paid separately :/

No. 138338

I really would. A nose job, jawline shave and around my temples too. Boob job and some lipo on one of my thighs. Minimum.

No. 138339

File: 1452979764902.png (15.16 KB, 686x645, y.png)

The bridge of my nose is so much wider than this. I'd switch for yours any day of the week. Pic related, a crude Paint drawing of my nose type and bridge

No. 138340

File: 1453038969384.jpg (68.66 KB, 469x474, 20160117_144049.jpg)

i really dont like how my lips dont seem to have a clear edge, they just fade to skin. would lip fillers fix this? is there any other option, maybe tattoo make up? ive always had (light) dermatillomania mostly effecting my lips and i imagine if i would get my lips done maybe it would help me quit like people getting pretty nails to stop biting them.

No. 138341

Nice to know that the majority of the people behind this website are fatasses and ugly cunts hahahaha

No. 138342


Desiring surgery died not automatically make you an ugly person, most of the time it's just to improve upon assets you already possess.

Did you get posted here and recently or something, cupcake :^)

No. 138343

hahaha your lips look really nice actually; doing any kind of surgery on them would only inflame the light dermatillmiania. I don't think its a big deal tbh but if it bothers you so much you should get some special cream (i won't list examples because you should see a doctor who can set you up with whats best for you)

Lipstick will help edge up your lips and nail biting is seen by lots of people as unhygienic but unless its holding you back from anything why not indulge? I bite my nails all the time but i have stopped myself in the past for work.

Each to their own

No. 138344

Do not go for lip fillers, seriously. You'll end up looking like you got stung by bees. Your lips are fine honestly, and I have the same issue with dermatillomania. One thing would to keep the lips moisturized, it means that every time you feel the need to engage with the issue, your fingers are sticky and since the lips are more moisturized, you won't be able to grab skin as easily. Plus you'll need to clean your hands afterwards. My lips have bled on many occasions from picking at them so much so doing the aforementioned and wearing lipstick is somewhat a necessity hah. Do see (if you can find any) if there are any reasons behind it, if it's just compulsive without any other component attached then okay, but if there's any factor of anxiety, try to cut the issues down if possible. Lip picking can be associated with anxiety as studies have found.

Either way, lip balm or chapsticks, some rosey natural colours can help with some definition if you can find a good one. So long as the lipstick isn't matte, you won't make any problems if you involuntarily find yourself reaching for your lips, it's harder to reapply that than regular lipsticks.
If you REALLY want to try something to the effect of lip fillers but on the temporary side, you can find products that "plump" the lips (please don't use a cup), they work on everyone as the ingredient in them is something everyone is allergic to. It won't be drastic either.

Honestly speaking though, you have pretty lips. Keep them moisturized as said to see if it might help you too with picking at your lips.

No. 138345


Just realized she meant lip biting - not nail. Gotta stop drinking :>

They really are nice lips though, very jelly

No. 138346

thank you it really makes me happy that people think they look good since ive always been insecure about them.

i just cant keep them moisturized because every time i apply anything i suck/chew on my lips without thinking about it maximum 5 minutes after applying. if i try to wear lipstick it looks really bad because the lips are so dry. i really wish there was a really bad tasting lip balm or something so i wouldnt lick it away. it is definitely an anxiety thing but when i talk to psychiatrists/doctors they usually focus on other problems i have since this isnt too serious.

are you saying not to get lip fillers because you generally think they look bad or because it doesnt help with the particular issue i have (the fading edges)? because ive researched a bit and i think fillers can look good, i just dont know if it depends on the kind of lips you have

No. 138347

I'm afraid the best solution would be to stop biting those lips. You can make yourself stop. Don't use anxiety as an excuse, if you really want them to look nicer than you must have the willpower to cease what is at the end of the day a self inflicted act. It'll seem hard at first but you'll forget you ever bit them if you decide to stop now.

No. 138348


Fillers can be injected in a way that gives a natural appearance providing the person doing them has enough skill and experience.
They only end up looking silly when you go above the standard 1ml but most people who train in this shit know when is a good time to stop, and even then if you're not satisfied you can return to have the remaining filler you paid for injected, or have them dissolved on the spot then and there.
You really don't need a whole lot of filler to create a dramatically different look.

A good idea, and what I'm doing, is before the procedure bring in a lipstick and lipliner in your lip colour and apply it the way you want your new lips to look and then show it to them.

Anyway I'm getting mine done sometime next week so I'll report back with a review of the whole experience and the results.

No. 138349

bitch you better update us in one week
I'm so excited because this is like the ONE procedure I'm interested in

No. 138350


Waaaait, it's the 18th today right? So next week… it's the day I get my wisdom teeth extracted…..

The place I was looking at does walk-in consultations with same-day appointments but I guess I'll have to do it in two weeks.
I totally forgot that my dental appointment was on the 25th, if you hadn't said anything id have definitely forgotten wow, thanks.

Anyway, 2 weeks, I yubikiri genman. idk how long wisdom teeth extraction swelling takes to go down but as soon as it does….

No. 138351

No. 138352

I had fillers and it hurts like a bitch. They have to give you the same shots like they do at the dentist to numb the lips. I was unlucky and it didn't work, so it was pretty painful. The numbing shots were painful enough.

Your lips will swell and may bruise, it will go away eventually. Mine looked natural, it's been a year and I need to get more. Downside is its expensive, first time I got a deal and it was $1200. This time it will probably be near $2000 or a little more. Don't go cheap, you want someone with good experience and knows what they are doing.

No. 138353


Well in the UK they're actually pretty cheap all over (comparatively) because they're so popular, and I'm lucky to live in a city where the women are known for putting silly amounts of effort into their appearance (not always good) so demand has driven the price down through competition.

Mine are going to cost £150, but that's an I introductory offer for the new year, usually they're £180.

I didn't know the numbing stuff could not work. Maybe I'll bring my own orajel just in case haha

How many ml did you get?

No. 138354

I recently got my buccal fat pads removed, I've always had chipmunk cheeks and a baby face and my surgeon helped to reduce it. I used to have a heart shaped face and now it looks like a v. The effects of buccal fat removal are very minimal though in most cases. It works best when you have liposuction as well.

No. 138355


I had to Google that and I didn't even know that there was fat there.

The images make me feel scratchy though, and I'm not usually a squeamish person at all. Maybe it's the proximity to the teeth.

How much did that set you back by out of curiosity?

No. 138356

It ranges from 1.5-4k depending on your situation/doctor, mine set me back about 3k.

I originally wanted to get lipo on my cheeks to slim my face but my doctor suggested buccal fat removal instead(cheaper, longer lasting, and more effective in my case). When I looked at videos of buccal fat removal it made me scared but on surgery day I barely felt anything.

No. 138357

why would you PAY a surgeon to make you look older? wtf

No. 138358

I guess what people want varies, but for my case I've lived with a round child face my entire life and it was hard to be taken seriously. I've already tried working out to reduce my fat face and it definitely helped define my neck, however my round cheeks were persistent. I considered it for a long time because buccal fat has the negative side effect of making you look gaunt/spoopy as you age, but my doctor assured me that I was a good candidate.

tl;dr I don't want to look like a 12 year old

No. 138359

Most people outside of Jfashion/cosplay want to look their ages at least. Unless you live in Japan where looking like 10 year old is ideal, most people won't take you seriously.

No. 138360

Oh boy the list of surgeries and other permanent procedures I want is long. I'm saving up my money but it's hard when you can only work during breaks in college. In order of priority:
Top surgery (don't consider myself trans, but I hate my breasts and want a beautiful flat chest for aesthetic and practical reasons)
Nose job
Jaw shave
Permanent hair removal on my underarms and pubic area
Cheekbone reduction

No. 138361

I'm getting my boobs done in April. Weight loss = no boobs so I'm excited.

No. 138362

I know it's lower on your list but,
if you're a weeb and want to spend some time in Japan, a few of those procedures are 500x cheaper there than in the west. Specifically the laser hair removal.

I got 5 rounds of treatments for my underarms for 1000yen total, 1 free VIO line from getting recommended to the clinic by a friend, and 5 rounds of the VIO was only a few hundred.

Basically somewhere around ~$250-300 for mostly permanent removal (5/6 treatments per area) vs. ~$90 per session for just underarms in the US/UK

Labiaplasty I usually see around ~$2000

No. 138363

Which clinic did you use and how long were sessions?

No. 138364

Shonan Beauty Clinic, and I've only actually had my underarms done so far. I've been getting to Japan a couple of times per year so I'm just keeping up with treatments each time I go. (They don't expire, which is awesome because I'm pretty sure I got a new years deal)

First time filling out paperwork, waiting around, and having a consultation with the doctor took about 1.5 hours. Actual laser treatment took 5 minutes tops. VIO should take around 10 minutes or less according to my friend. Afterwards you'll feel like you have a very very mild sunburn for a few days. Your body will have to shed any remaining hairs underneath the skin, but after that you're pretty hairless for a while. It's also safe to pluck the hairs after 3 to 4 days.

They had one (kinda)English speaking person on staff, however all the paperwork/pamphlets/care guides are in JP, so just be aware.

No. 138365

I got my boobs basically reconstructed last week, it was worth every penny.

No. 138366

Congrats anon, glad you're happy with it!

No. 138367

Thanks! I've been wanting this for 5 or 6 years so I'm super excited.

Btw if anyone has any questions about anything, I'll be happy to answer.

No. 138368

>1000 yen
Whoa, that's really really cheap. Are you sure you didn't miss a zero? I would like to visit Japan some day, too bad I know no Japanese.

No. 138369

If you don't mind me asking, why did you get reconstruction? Mastectomy? Weird natural boobs? Some kind of injury?

No. 138370

Yup, at ~$8.50 USD for 5 sessions my jaw was on the floor. I kept clarifying with my friend in English and Japanese. "Are you sure that's right? It's this price only? What's the catch?"

Apparently the clinic just raised their prices for that too. It used to be 700yen?!

No. 138371

Ha for that price it might be cheaper to buy a plane ticket to Japan and get all my surgery and procedures done there. Wow. Thanks for that information. Probably gonna have to bring a friend or translator to help me out

No. 138372

it wasn't classed as a reconstruction, but I consider it one from what they had to do all at once. I had really bad tissue in my breasts, it just wrapped around itself and was super fibrous and formed big chunks/lumps. If I had any decent amount of muscle in my chest it would force the lumps to the surface and make it painful to move or wear a bra or do anything. I got my obgyn to check the lumps/cancer test and she told me basically too bad so sad, live with them for the rest of my life. On top of that, I lost 40-50lbs which left my chest very thin and super saggy like I'd breastfed 3 kids.
I found a really nice doctor who gave me a lumpectomy, lift and implants all at once to fill in what he took out and bring me up to a full cup size.

No. 138373

I'm super interested in doing this the next time I hit up Japan now. What was the appointment process like? Also how did you get around the cellphone contact number to make an appointment?

No. 138374

Had to call to set up an appointment and answer a few questions. For the phone number, I had a 1 month prepaid sim that I could stick into my unlocked iPhone.

With some searching I'm almost positive you could find similar services/prices from a more English friendly clinic. I just went with this one because my friend had gotten really amazing results from that particular place.

No. 138375

>>138339 Mine looks just like this! I love the profile, but it's crooked and I always feel like it 'ruins' the looks that I try to go for.

I go back and forth between adoring how ~unique~ my nose is (because seriously I adore the profile) and considering a nose job, but I have a septum piercing with a shitload of expensive jewelry for it, and I have serious issues with needles so I don't want to risk getting a nose job and having to get it re-pierced.

I am really, really, really scared of needles. It's a miracle I didn't pass out when I got it pierced the first time, I don't know if I could go through it again.

I also have a health issue that might require some facial reconstruction in a few years - It's complicated - so if go through that then I'll probably be like "fuck it" and get my nose done at the same time.

I think if I ever decide to get rid of my septum piercing, I'll get serious about surgery, but until then? Nah.

No. 138376

I've been thinking about getting my nose done but I have no idea what I want to fix with it.

What do you think is a perfect nose and potato nose?

No. 138377


This depends wholly on your face.

An Asian nose on a Caucasian face will look potato, but a Caucasian nose on an Asian face can look okay.
A Caucasian nose on a black face almost always looks weird and artificial - see. Beyonce.

No. 138378

I'd like a boob lift or reduction because after years of wearing leotards and dancing, they look kind of sad

No. 138379

This pic reminds me of The Sims

No. 138380

File: 1454265578629.jpg (423.27 KB, 1333x2000, luna-m-2185-f-2186-p-2187.jpg)

I think I want a breast augmentation. My breasts became noticeably asymmetrical when I was 13, maybe 12, and they've been that way ever since. My asymmetry is not as bad as some others I've seen, but it's like a four or five cup size difference, and there are times it just really takes a toll on me (emotionally, mentally). FWP, but there's a lot of clothing I cannot wear as-is because I need to be wearing a bra so I can stuff the smaller side to even them out. It sucks, and there are times where I've just looked in the mirror and cried. It's the only "flaw" about me that really eats away at me. Anything else can be ignored as being human or can be fixed by me, this however is out of my control.

But I'm really uncomfortable with the idea of having foreign objects placed inside my body, with the potential to leak inside me, ruin my chest muscles, not feel or move in a natural manner, give a shape I'm not in love with, and also need to be replaced in ten or so years. I've looked into the fat transfer, which I really like the idea of, but it's just so much more money. Like, expect to pay over $9000 for it, compared to traditional implants that are like $4000. Assuming everything goes right, it would more than probably be worth it, but I would have to jew everything and save for years to afford it if I didn't want to use CareCredit (assuming I even could). I guess I could always get a sugardaddy. I wish I could claim it under health insurance for the "mental distress" it causes me, because I'm not exactly exaggerating that.

No. 138381

I love seeing videos of Plastic surgeries. idk they're fascinating to me.
I want to have my nose done + a chin implant, I was thinking about a jaw surgery but it scares me.
I just can't wait to have my nose done, it's killing everyday to live with that nose

No. 138382

File: 1454274169276.jpg (109.69 KB, 600x300, dimple_surgery_dimples_creatio…)

Apparently dimple surgery is a thing

No. 138383

Why? Dimples as being something attractive has always confused me.

No. 138384

If the difference is that great, then you may be able to bill it to your insurance. If you find a surgeon who is willing to write it up that way and you stress the emotional impact it has on you, then try might be willing to work with you. I got a breast reduction covered by my insurance that way. You just have to really pleas your case and find a surgeon willing to listen and help you out. Get a phone book, start calling surgeons in our area and ask if they take your insurance, explain your situation and set up a consult.

No. 138385


I have them naturally, in my cheeks, on my lowerback and one near my ass. I dunno, they're supposed to be "youthful" or something I heard. I really don't see the appeal as much but… oh well.

No. 138386

I looked into it. It is supposed to be youthful and Shirley temple is partially to blame to their popularity. It's also a common thing for mid 30s men and women to get as far as plastic surgery go, so it is linked to wanting to look younger. Technically speaking dimples are formed from defects so… yay.

No. 138387

File: 1454761448511.png (2.86 MB, 1440x1919, DumbCollage.png)

Hey guys, I've been thinking about getting plastic surgery for a while now, going back and forth between wanting it and not wanting it.
I'd like to maybe get some work on my nose done, sometimes I feel like it is really destroying the harmony of face, making me look unphotogenic and just really harsh overall. Also, I'm scared that my face is gonna look like hell when I'm getting older thanks to my big ol' nose…
I've attached a shitty collage of my face so that you can see what I mean. The collage really sucks lmao but whatever. There are a couple of surgeons here in Germany where I live who seem promising enough, one of them is located in Frankfurt, her name is Dr. med. Bianca Knoll. Are there any farmers who got surgery done by her? Should I even get my nose done? I need some unbiased opinions, family, boyfriend and friends of course are saying I shouldn't do it. Thanks for the feedback.

No. 138388

Doesn't look too bad but can you please take proper pictures without tons of angles or moving your face about? How are we supposed to know what your face looks like if you only post these pics.

No. 138389

File: 1454763212639.jpg (55.33 KB, 459x523, blah.jpg)

Sorry anon, that's why I said the collage is kinda shitty because I didn't really find any "non-angled" pics if that makes sense. Is this one better, maybe?

No. 138390

I think your nose suits your face. It goes fine with your features.

No. 138391

You could get your dorsal hump smoothed down but other than that your nose is good. Even as is, it's a fine normal nose, but if you really don't feel good about it then you should be able to do what makes you feel more confident with yourself, since it's not anything drastic.

No. 138392

Your nose is fine, it works with your face. You might want to remove the bump on it, but other than that your nose is fine. I mean it's normal.

No. 138393

Thank you all for the feedback! Really surprised about it being mostly positive, since I know people here on lolcow can be quite merciless when it comes to big(ger) nose shapes and such things.
Also it is actually the bump that bothers me the most, so I will definitely consider getting it removed, but leaving the rest as it is.

No. 138394

You could remove the bump if you want to, but also if you leave it as it is, it's nothing bad. If you worry how it will look when you get older, then you can wait until you get older and then see, if you don't like it - change it then. Just don't do plastic as "prevention".

No. 138395

i was posting in this thread before about getting my nose and eyebags done in seoul this january. i'm 1.5 months post op now, and i'm pretty fucking happy with the results.

No. 138396

File: 1456977096643.jpg (122.23 KB, 460x316, uIRuvHV.jpg)

Labiaplasty is top of my list. I have asymmetrical beef curtains and it's gross, feels unsanitary no matter how well I wash, and causes physical discomfort. :(

Could I make a case for myself with a gynecologist?

No. 138397


Just lie and ham it up.

No pun intended.

No. 138398

I can imagine how often they hear "my labia hurt, gimme surgery" and see right through it lol. Kind of like college kids faking focus issues so they can get an Adderall scrip :(

No. 138399

I tried to have that chat with my gyno and she told me straight up if I'm alright with the high chance it'll mess up something else, it's fine. On top of the glands and shit there there's also the chance it'll just shift some of the underlying urethral structures leading to problems later.

No. 138400

No. 138401

I'm having a medically necessary septoplasty carried out later this year (no official date set, next consultation is in early May).

My consultant/specialist has told me that my nose is likely going to look dramatically different so I've had medical photos taken of my 'before nose' and later my 'after nose' for educational usage. I've got a pretty strong suspicion that they may well shave down/reduce my dorsal hump during the procedure, but if you guys want when I get it done I'll share with you some before, directly after and healed photos.

No. 138402

File: 1457013248842.jpg (283.12 KB, 1632x1224, IMG_2879.jpg)

The only thing I really want to change the most are my eyelids.
Even when closed, there's still a fold, and it bothers me to no end.
Pic related.

I thought about getting labiaplasty, but after finding largelabiaproject.org, I've come to accept my lips.
They stick out a bit, and it's a bit meatier on the left side, but they are sensitive and fun to play with, spending money to cut them off seems like a waste to me.

No. 138403

My main flaw is something I don't think they even have plastic surgery for (if they do, someone should let me know.)

My right eye is actually slightly lower down on my face than the left. Like, my eye socket or bone structure is asymmetrical.

It isn't noticeable to people irl, but in straight on pictures of me I look like a fucking Picasso painting.

This is pretty much the only thing I hate about my appearance.

No. 138404

File: 1457023028973.jpg (Spoiler Image, 530.64 KB, 1623x650, tmp_20704-20160303_103537-1-10…)

No. 138405

It may be possible for a doctor to just change the size/shapes of your eyelids (similar to double lid surgery, maybe raising the lid on your lower eye more) which could give an appearance of more alignment, also just doing slightly thicker makeup on the bottom of your higher eye could help. I don't think it looks bad or noticeable but it's your face yknow and you deserve to do whatever makes you feel better about it.

No. 138406


Maybe you could consult a plastic surgeon? Like the other anon said, I don't think it's really noticeable. Also your eyes are super pretty!

No. 138407

holy crap, same deal here. It's not noticeable unless I'm looking at a photo of myself, but I can see it.

I don't think there's much you can do surgery wise to change it, but you can use eyeliner in a very subtly asymmetric way to correct it. It's really very effective.

I do a slightly thicker line on the 'lower' eye, and start the wing part slightly slightly before the end of my natural eye.

On the other eye, I make the line thinner and start the wing all the way out at the very edge of the corner.

hmm this might need a picture to illustrate what I mean… anyway, even if you don't normally wear makeup, I highly recommend giving this a shot. When it's done right it can make the asymmetry undetectable.

No. 138408

Oh, thanks anons! :) lighting is crap, but whatevs. I'm insecure as fuck, not sure if I'm worried enough to go into surgery though. Been conflicted about it forever. I want to, but I don't want to deal with the recovery and all that shit.

No. 138409

I'll have to try that! I usually try to wear minimal, "natural" looking make up, but if it helps I'd do it every day. Or, at least whenever I leave my house.

No. 138410

I had a nose job a year ago. I’m so happy. Especially now, after 12 months. I was quite content right after but I thought the surgeon could have done a better job. I read all about the fact that it takes 6 - 12 months for the swelling to completely disappear but I didn’t believe it since my nose didn’t look swollen. Also, I had closed rhinoplasty and those usually cause less swelling. The first couple of months I was eagerly looking for changes but didn’t see anything. Then I came to terms with the result and stopped looking. However, during the last two months I got a lot of compliments for my „cute nose“. So I looked again and it really did change. It’s much finder and smaller now.
I like how it developed because this way no one knows I had rhinoplasty. Everyone thinks it was for medical reasons only and since right after surgery the difference wasn’t extreme no-one got suspicious.

No. 138411

Sounds nice, where did you get it done and how much was it?

No. 138412

I got it done in Europe. So no fancy surgeon. I guess the US or some asian or arabic country would have been better but I'm really happy with how it went.
I only paid 1800 Euro. Where I live 4000 - 6000 Euro would be average for a well-known surgeon.

No. 138413

Do you feel comfortable telling us which Surgeon you went to? I live in Europe too and really want a good and subtile nose job

No. 138414

File: 1457189057608.jpg (32.26 KB, 317x450, pixy.jpg)

Does anybody have a weird witch/protruding chin (like pic related)and is planning to fix it?

No. 138415

Why, do you anon?

No. 138416

Where did you get it done anon?

No. 138417

Same problem :( it's absolutely killing my self esteem because I'm pretty decent otherwise. I almost don't care about the side effects but every surgeon has tried to talk me out of it even after seeing the train wreck downstairs (why don't you fuckers want my money?!?!)

No. 138418

File: 1457191951777.jpg (35.88 KB, 300x400, pixy.jpg)

I fucking hate it and the worst part is when people say shit like "Nooo anon, don't fix it! Your chin gives you a unique look!" but damn…I don't want a "unique look", I just want a decent looking face.
I feel like I'm the only one who has this kind of weird chin tbh, because most of protruding chins are like pic related and it looks ok imo. But mine really is like the pic that I've posted before and it looks even weirder on me.

No. 138419

Shit. >>138418 response to >>138415

No. 138420

I've had surgery down there now 4x for health reasons, very delicate work. They obviously weren't trying to remove anything they were doing something else, but even now I have urinary issues. I can hold it fine but once I have to go badly, it's next to impossible to make it to the bathroom on time. Plus the nerves are all wonky from being cut into, so now very light touch on the skin registers as painful? Idk. Just so you're prepared for anything if you do decide to do it.

No. 138421

File: 1457202229096.jpg (40.32 KB, 600x379, 9DWx6S6.jpg)

You can do jaw shaving in good korea. Chin shaving is a related procedure. The surgery is relatively cheap and low risk, since they do it so much. If you pay a little extra, it'll still be cheap but you'll get state of the art treatment.

The healing is extremely painful, so don't get it done if you're a gigantic wuss.

No. 138422

If you think it looks really off, you may have an underbite as well? That gives a Peter Griffin/Quagmire combination which is pretty unfortunate, although not too uncommon per se. That would take more than a chin shave to fix. You'd want realignment as well.

No. 138423

Is dental tourism possible?

No. 138424

File: 1457225239773.jpg (23.11 KB, 575x375, clara-bow.jpg)

Gonna get my ears pinned back, they very noticeably stick out when I don't have my hair loose. Don't know why my parents did not get it fixed for me when I was little. Also going to get my nose done, probably just getting the tip raised a little and a filler atop the bridge to smooth out the profile of my bridge (instead of getting it shaved down too small).

But first I'm gonna get some light lip-filling to kind of ease myself into the idea of cosmetic enhancement because its non-permanent. I actually don't want a very pouty effect but a more pronounced cupid's bow. Clara Bowe is my muse.

I've had braces and tooth whitening and had signed up for a laser package I am very excited about. Will post results.

No. 138425

The outer labia can indeed, get fat. It is a fat pad, hence when you lose/gain weight the outer labia may change in appearance

No. 138426

>hey bby I want to get lip fillers
>aw but bby I like your natural lips

One week later.

>bby I want to get lip fillers so I can have blowjob lips

>bby I told you before your lips are fine
>I want to suck your dick with lips like this links picture
>I'll buy you fillers for your birthday


No. 138427

Pic please?

No. 138428

My dude is the same about lip fillers. I think I'll have to just get them done without telling him, I don't think he would even notice tbh.

No. 138429


Not my birthday yet but I'll post when they get done.

No. 138430

yea this sounds like a conversation adult humans have. congrats on totally getting this procedure done irl!

No. 138431

Is there any kind of plastic surgery I can get to remove pockmarks and acne scars? My mom didn't give a shit about treating my cystic acne because her mom was a bitch who refused to get hers treated and so she took it out on me. However unlike her I have good credit and understand how to budget so I can afford to have mine taken care of now that I got the acne itself taken care of.

I heard about a procedure that's done on KPOP stars in South Korea that makes their skin so smooth it's like they don't have pores even in HD pics and I want some of that. I can't find anything about it on google either.

No. 138432


It looks like the choices are laser resurfacing or chemical peels

No. 138433

I don't know about the specific procedures that k-pop idols have done, but chemical peels and other acid/active treatments can help with scarring. If you're in the US, I'd start with Curology, which is a remote dermatology service. It's $20/month and there are free trial referral codes available if you look.

If you want to go beyond that, Makeup Artists Choice is my favorite brand for heavy duty skincare, but make sure you do your research.

No. 138434

That Curology thing looks awesome, but I don't really get acne anymore unless I sleep in my makeup when I get drunk or high. Really my only concern is the deep scarring and the pockmarks. I've tried the "cover it with makeup" route but I hate makeup and I'd rather just fix the problem than cover it up.

No. 138435

They're not just aimed at people with acne. I've read reviews from those who use Curology for anti-aging and sun damage, and the medications they prescribe do help with scarring. It's worth trying a consultation, at least.

As I mentioned, your other option is to use actives. Chemical peels will have the most immediate effects. I love Makeup Artists Choice - very affordable and good customer service.

No. 138436

are areola reductions worth it?

No. 138437

Any anons from meg's thread wondering about lifts with implants can ask me.

No. 138438

i would if it didn't have risks and didn't cost so much. What I'd do (in order of what i'd do first and so on)

> I have butt chin I'd have it fixed

> Shave jaw to make it rounder
> Smaller nose (my mom constantly says i look like a french man 'cus it's so big- thanks mom)
> butt implants
> Fix my eyelids to make them look more open
> Boob lift (no implants I'm fine w the size)
> lip fillers

There we go.

No. 138439

File: 1457638329744.jpg (11.55 KB, 299x203, 14d313bf03d2ea8412d09454cfa3a2…)

I'm Latina and I have this really fucking awful nose that doesn't look to bad from the side, kind of cute actually, but then I face forward and it's just this awful bulbous mess of a thing. Like someone glued an onion to my face. It's humiliating, I want to shrink it but I also don't want to change the shape of my nose from the side, and I'm not quite sure that's possible…

I also have a shitty double chin and fat cheeks even though I'm at an OK body weight, pic related since the lower half of my face is almost exactly like that, I just have shittier teeth and lips. I'd definitely want to get my chin and face sculpted somehow.

No. 138440

Anon, please do!

No. 138441

This is mine.

>nasolabial lines filled in

>jaw shave because I have a wide square jaw
>fill in under eye hollows
>body shaping. I'd gain some weight and get all my stomach fat removed. I have terrible fat distribution.
>breast implants
>vagina fat injection on the bottom. My laboa majora is kind of wrinkly and saggy on the bottom.

No. 138442

File: 1457640963658.jpg (63.68 KB, 526x377, Asian-nose-job-NY-patient-28.j…)

(no sarcasm) Why not go to Africa to get plastic surgery on ethnic features (nose, eyes, etc) though, if you have African ancestry? Because >>138284 looks really obvious and fake (unless you're going for that look)

And it's not like all of Africa is a jungle with no modern technology, because I know that plenty of places in Africa are becoming more and more economically stable and rich and are very modern.

Don't gamble with ethnic plastic surgery tbh

That being said, for myself, I want an alarplasty lmao. I want to reduce down my alar base….. I want my nose to be just less wide in general.

Pic related or >>138284 (the nose is really pretty and dainty, despite the fact that it doesn't fully suit the girl's more fuller features) depending on whether or not it would look weird on my Southeast Asian features with wider jaw or not lmao.

No. 138443

Shit that I want done:
>forehead reduction
>buccal fat removal
>boob job
>lip fillers
>general fillers/botox

not that much

No. 138444

File: 1457641138458.png (310.44 KB, 721x598, sdasdsds.png)

Things I wish I could get done:
Dark circles
nasolabial folds
butt chin + pretty square as well
jaw is too square and wide
hooded eyelids
bump on the nose
minimalise my huge pores
lip filler for upper lip
shorten the space between nose and upper lip

i wish i had the money for all of this
i also wish i could make my toes smaller (everyone comments on how long they are)

No. 138445

Don't get your nose done, its fine. Just fix your eyebrows. They'll make your nose look more normal trust me, you'd look much better with thicker/natural looking browse.

No. 138446

File: 1457656272336.png (Spoiler Image, 273 KB, 687x432, Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 7.19…)

ignore my skin i just crawled out of my own grave
i want to get the nose tip and bridge done. but i was wondering what anons might think re: jaw. jowls and man-chin both problematic. would losing weight deal with the jowls? i'm kind of afraid of the chin recovery time, am i delusional to hope that a less intense nose will make my chin somehow also less intense? thanks kids

No. 138447

Unmmmm wow

No. 138448

lol thanks girl. in my defense this is without makeup, lighting, etc.

No. 138449

your chin doesn't look too bad. getting lip fillers might make it look smaller. if you're overweight you should be losing the weight regardless of jowls tbh

No. 138450

Okay sis. I'm an anatomyfag, which basically means in short that you should listen to me because I know my shit and take balance very seriously and objectively. Don't listen to anything the weeblets try to tell you because they have shit taste and don't know what they're talking about.

First step in general would be sorting out your skin but I'm sure you know that. The texture seems otherwise decent given that you have acne, your pores don't look ginormous at least in those photos but they're grainy so who knows. Looks smooth though.

Your eyebrows–the tails of them are too long and droop too far down. Long eyebrow tails don't suit anybody. They're universally flattering when they are shorter. They shouldn't droop down so far they are on par with the corner of your eye, especially. Also, with a masculine face, you'd be better suited with fuller brows. Most people overcompensate by doing the opposite but the thinner the brows, the larger and harsher your other features look.

Your upper lip could help feminize your features if it were fuller, and getting your philtrum smoothed over with fillers would be two non-invasive ways of helping the harshness.

If we're talking actual fixing, a rhinoplasty and chin reduction would be good I guess but I really don't expect every dick and Jane to actually do it because even if they say they will they never do.

No. 138451

thanks for the legitimately in-depth advice??
lol looking at my eyebrows with new eyes, so thanks c:. i don't really know my fillers, so w smoothing the philtrum/upper lip, do you mean the lip itself or like the skin around the base of my nose/filtrum?

i'm at bmi like ~20 so i'm not trying to lose more than like 10-15 lbs, not sure at what point/whether them jowls will lose fat lol

No. 138452

also thanks for being chill/polite anons
sage for ot

No. 138453

Ok I did some digging and some procedures that are done in Korea that aren't very popular outside of it include:
>Vitamin C Iontepherosis
>Reverse Tanning/White Tanning (red light therapy)
>Glutathione IV Drips
>Radiance Injection

The first is supposed to help Vit c serums penetrate more deeply. Reverse tanning helps even out skin tone and in the west is marketed more for its anti-aging benefits. Glutathione IV drips are responsible for the sometimes shocking whitening. Radiance Injections are hyularonic acid and instead of shaping/volume are supposed to give a glowy/translucent effect (moisturized skin absorbs and reflects more light than dry skin so an HA boost is that same effect on steroids).

That image however, seems to be the product of laser and I found the image in conjunction with a clinic that offers 'TRM Laser'. Apparently laser pocedures are much cheaper thus more common in South Korea.

No. 138454

File: 1457682224788.jpg (196.36 KB, 1024x683, beforeafter.jpg)

The injections are pretty interesting

A clinic conversing with a prospective client:

Mentions mi-baek and yeo-sin injections

The before/after on her tear-troughs is amazing!

There is also 'mul-guang' injections

No. 138455


Oh my God, is that for real? She was honest enough to show her poor skin condition at the start so she wouldn't be heavily shooping the results, would she? Here she seems to be less staged http://thecambelles.com/2014/02/09/silkair-737-800-boeing-plane/ but her skin still does look better than before.

No. 138456

File: 1457687691515.jpg (88.7 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)

Sorry for the double post. I want to get a nose job and maybe something on my weak ass chin. My nose is so tragic that I rather get that fixed first though. Here is a kind of "before and after" I'd like (not the same but just straight bridge and less bulbous tip)

No. 138457

File: 1457687711136.jpg (87.22 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)

No. 138458

File: 1457687935448.jpg (91.38 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)

My frontal look is bad but not as horrible as my profile. With makeup I look ok ish

No. 138459

I got breast reduction at 18 because of back and shoulder problems (and body complexes but who doesn't at that age)
Now I want surgery to make my breasts less saggy and to get rid of the excess skin on my stomach (lost 35kg) but I'm gonna wait a bit longer and see if losing more weight will help.

No. 138460

My doctor told me if you gain weight in your breasts rather than legs or stomach you should wait until you're at your goal weight or within 5-10lbs of it. If you don't gain weight in your breasts then you'd be safe to get it within 20-30lbs from your goal weight.

No. 138461

your skin is terrible. please don't selfpost again, no one wants to see it.

No. 138462

>being this much of a cunt for no reason

I think you're a bit too young for this site, sweetie.

No. 138463

go back to PULL

No. 138464

It's a plastic surgery thread, of course some people are going to selfpost to show you what they want changed. This is one of the few threads where it actually makes sense.

No. 138465


You sound fat.

No. 138466

Does body mod count for this thread? I want a really subtle ear pointing. I can never tell if the images I look at are shopped or real, and then other "real" pics of it look fucking horrific.

No. 138467

My skin isn't terrible. I used to have cystic acne all over my face and after accutane I was left with some dark scars on my skin though. It's one of the things I'd like to improve tho, but at least I don't have any form of acne anymore. This is a plastic surgery thread by the way, are you new?

No. 138468


There is actually a body mod thread floating around somewgere, but posting here is fine too.

What prompted you to want an ear pointing?

No. 138469

It matches my aesthetic, IMO. I want to look like I walked out of an enchanted mori girl forest and acclimated to modern society. pls no judge

No. 138470

No I think the aesthetic is nice as well, when done right. Maybe talk to that girl on here that's had it done?

No. 138471

Just wondering what is your ethnicity? You look exactly like my friend. I even sent her the picture and asked if she posted it.

No. 138472


I'm middle eastern/south east asian

No. 138473

I am going to get a nose job (bump smoothed/tip revision) and most likely a small chin implant to balance my face and the nose job later this year. Now I am thinking of also getting something done to reduce my looming nasolabial folds since I will already be under the knife and they are starting to show as I age. (I am thin/eat very well so losing more weight won't help the sagging, it's just bad genetics.)

I have wanted a nose job since I was a teen, and the rest is due to it will compliment my face/make me age a little more gracefully into my 30s.

Problem is, my husband of 6 years doesn't think I need anything done. He loves how I look. I am doing it 100% for me, but I am nervous if how I will look will affect his attraction for me.

I have been reading stories about this online, but does anyone here have any experience with getting a nose job/plastic surgery on their face when your partner didn't think you needed it? Did it affect how they were attracted to you, or the relationship?

No. 138474

I always wanted bigger boobs (I'm less than a handful), but my husband hates plastic surgery. I think a nose job sounds less plastic-ey though, especially if you have a noticable nose, but your partner says you don't need one.. While inside you know he thinks you'd look better with a new nose. This happens a lot, actually.

No. 138475


Just gonna talk from my own experience Anon, but my partner of 9 years is always telling me how much my he loves my thin lips and how he loves them because they're a part of me, but one night I sent him a sexy snap with my lips overdrawn in a subtle way and he hnnnnng'd and caved to the idea of me getting lip fillers because.
He acknowledges that whilst he surely loves my lips because they're "my" lips, he can also acknowledge that plumper lips look more aesthetically pleasing.

Your husband probably undoubtedly does love your nose because it's your nose, but I've no doubt in my mind that if you did receive surgery he would appreciate the aesthetic superiority.

He won't admit it but every man loves to know that their partner is physically hot and desirable to others.

No. 138476

I recently found out about botox being used on armpits to help treat hyperhidrosis, and besides lasik/lasek it's definitely something I'd be interested in. I haven't had it diagnosed but I really feel like I've had an excessive sweating problem since I was a teenager and it's very difficult to find any products that actually work under my arms.

No. 138477

How do I find her, check the body mod thread?

No. 138478

A friend of mine had the botox done in the armpits, and it really worked for her. She used to sweat like hell, but it all ceased after the botox treatment.

No. 138479

i did that with a lip plumper and my bf said i looked horrible lmao
+1 for honesty i guess
i guess i wont be getting my lips done for a while

No. 138480

File: 1457891983382.jpg (901.16 KB, 812x1080, hexiaoyu201510312155b.jpg)

I have an extremely round face with plump cheeks and a weak af jaw. Shit looks terrible and horribly unphotogenic from any angle.

I desperately want a super plastic V-line Asian face shape. I don't care that it looks fake as hell.

No. 138481

If any of you are considering chin implants–don't unless really necessary. Chin implants are incredibly prone to migrating and drooping. Despite what you often hear, they move quite often and droop overtime. No bueno.

No. 138482

Thanks anons, I really appreciate your input. I have a really freaky nose so despite the fact that he says it's beautiful, I hope he will feel as you described once it's done. I am having work done so it will compliment my face better instead of having an unrealistic expectation, so hopefully it won't affect how he feels negatively. I mean, if he isn't attracted to me anymore over something like that, it's kind of… oh well, since I want this for myself. But I would rather things not fall apart, plus since we are married it will be messy.

Anyway, tldr thanks for setting my mind at ease a bit. I appreciate it.

No. 138483

>I have an extremely round face with plump cheeks and a weak af jaw. Shit looks terrible and horribly unphotogenic from any angle.
Fucking same. I was told by my dentist that I have an underdeveloped jaw and that there's a surgery I could get to correct it but reading up on it sounds like a nightmare. It's called orthognathic surgery and what it is is they basically slice through your jaw bone (top, lower, or both), slide it forward, then put metal bars to hold it in place. It takes forever to recover from. You end up with a swollen face and have to eat through a straw till you recover, which could take months. And afterwards, while some make a good recovery with good results, some people end up with horrible side effects that will effect them for the rest of their lives. For example, I was looking at realself and there was one woman whose top gums had receded so far to the point that you could see bone. She lost teeth and basically her flesh inside her mouth started rotting. Real sad stuff. Here's a link if you want to look: https://www.realself.com/review/philadelphia-pa-orthognathic-surgery-jaw-surgery-the-biggest-mistake-my-life

No. 138484

File: 1457961780222.jpg (107.55 KB, 450x306, necklift-01a.jpg)

Ugh yeah my doctor was trying to shill me the same thing. I even started the process for it but got cold feet when I looked at 'after' pictures and a lot of the people just had their underbite replaced by an overbite.

I dunno what to do but I'm thinking of getting my neck tucked in plus a chin implant but >>138481 is scaring me from that too FUCK

No. 138485


Anon I have had one. Do you want some general advice and tips regarding pricing, the procedure and aftercare?

No. 138486

File: 1457988300288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.87 KB, 402x150, 7.jpg)

I have tuberous breasts, pretty much exactly like the ones pictured. Mine are slightly bigger (but so are my areolas.) I hate them so much that I can't even show them to my husband. They look like a pair of demented eyes. Does anyone else here have them and has anyone had them fixed? I can't afford to go through cosmetic surgery atm, but once I have enough money, I won't hesitate to do something about them.

No. 138487

>I also have a shitty double chin and fat cheeks even though I'm at an OK body weight
A friend of mine has too the double chin when she laughs, and she's thin. Imho it's really cute, youthful and enhances her laughing face. Yeah, it's a cute feature imho. Don't be so hard on yourself anon

No. 138488

I want a nose job badly. First thing I'm doing out of college. With that, I'm hoping to balance my chin as well. I have my mom's ugly ass, jowl looking chin.

No. 138489

I feel the same way with the chin situation ):
I'm even underweight and I have one because my jaw is hella weak. I have to make sure in public to keep my chin up. I mean, it's made me make eye-contact with people more because I can't walk with my head down because it makes me more insecure so I guess that might be a plus?
I'd probably try that cold sculpting thing I've seen on TV when I get the money for it because it's really only my neck that's problematic… I'd also probably wait until I'm 30.

No. 138490

Pectoral and shoulder exercises help improve the 'life' look of breasts, since we still have all the same muscles as guys under them. Working them and your shoulders specifically should help. If it helps at all anon, I wouldnt mind trading mine for yours. But I think we all have our own issues with our breasts, I hate that my areola have bumps on them. So bumpy. Like reading braille. FML.

No. 138491

..I meant 'lift'. But honestly I guess life works too.

No. 138492

Yes please!! Also if you don't mind, I'd totally like to see pics. But I understand if you don't want to, it's cool.
How long ago did you get them done and why? Did they turn out the way you wanted them to? Are they subtle or extreme? How do people react when they see your ears? Where did you get them done and where do you live?

No. 138493

sorry. won't give out anymore details here.
but if you do careful online research and read reports of former patients in forums you'll find someone.

No. 138494

you should get it done at once or at least by the same doctor. if the chin is weak some doctors will shorten your nose too much in order to match it. which is wrong.

No. 138495


Do you have an email or Facebook or something I could contact you on so I could answer you more in depth and send you photos of my ears in private? For reasons.

No. 138496

Don't talk to spoony and don't get that retard ear thing.

No. 138497

Lol I thought I was paranoid so I deleted my post. So it is her…lol

No. 138498

What on earth, why did this woman had plastic surgery? She was way better looking before, beautiful nose, cheekbones and jawline. Now she looks like a deformed chipmunk.

No. 138499

File: 1458160681887.jpg (148.48 KB, 1000x500, marip.jpg)

Too bad I can't afford to have a nosejob, because seeing stuff like this really makes me want to have one. This girl was an ordinary pretty girl before, now she is a freakin' goddess.

No. 138500

I got this as a teenager and it was pretty much the best thing ever. It improved my profile and I don't look like a half-bird/half-human creature anymore. It only took a month and a half to recover from, so I'd recommend it.

No. 138501

No complications or anything? That's good. My dentist told me to wait till I hit my 20s to get it, so I could get it done now if I want but I've been paranoid about it fucking me up longterm rather then doing good.

No. 138502

ouch I'm at home dying after getting a septoplasty I cant imagine how bad the nose job pain would be

No. 138503


I'd like one too, I have wide nostrils for a white girl, but I've seen so many that end up with weirdly defined nostrils or that end up having bad nasolabial folds because the muscles were cut. Idk I'm on the fence, good ones like this make me want it bad but then I see bad ones and I don't know if I could live with that.

No. 138504

idk for what it's worth I was browsing with my SO and he honestly didn't notice the nose job until I pointed it out, he just thought it was filters 'n shit. There's definitely vain men out there, maybe 1/30. He said she went from a 6 to a 6.3. Apparently it's a girl thing I think she went from a 5 to a 12 but whatever.

No. 138505

Honey your boyfriend is definitely lying to you lol he's trying to appear casual and like he doesn't think she's gorgeous

No. 138506

What's her ig? Must lurk.

No. 138507


No. 138508

I have an ass-chin and i want it to go away soooo badly. Its terrible because when i lose weight it just gets more defined and prominent. Just fuck this chin man i want it gone.

No. 138509

I don't know anon, I just don't know. He's not smart at recognizing girls changing hair or makeup, and he's adamant that I look pretty much the same with a full face of makeup vs none. It might just be his crazy when he refuses to see augmentation. I don't know. This is weird and I'm feeling conflicted. As far as I'm concerned that difference is crazy obvious, and way better. I'm fine if it's just a womans thing, fuck it, i'll get some minor procedures done to look better to other women.

No. 138510

> I look pretty much the same with a full face of makeup vs none.
Dont believe him. Every bf says that. (yes, mine too)

No. 138511

If that girl is 6 to your SO, I wonder what his 10 would look like.

No. 138512

Yes! it's intraspettro at gmail

No. 138513

Idk her but hate to say that she looks better not bc of her nosejob but bc of her makeup, instagram angles and probably photoshop. I liked her old nose better

No. 138514

My nose is an assortment of flaws. Short, wide, bulbuous and upturned with huge Miss Piggy nostrils. I'd love me some decent rhinoplasty, but considering the nose is upturned and too short, I'm afraid the results might be something too Wacko Jacko -esque, which isn't that desirable either.

No. 138515

why the fuck do guys say that? Do they think we're all emotionally fragile to the point of sobbing and suicide if they admit they like makeup/enhancement?

Yeah idk what his 10 is, but he and I have drastically different opinions on attractive. He likes big ass and big tits with a soft belly and touching thighs, to me that's just fat and lazy. He doesn't even like the more toned bigger girls, he wants them flabby. Idk. I gave up awhile ago asking him what looks good, if he had it his way he'd turn me into a landwhale.


Maybe that's what he was getting at, that yes the nosejob changed her face but to him, all the other photo enhancements did her way more favors.

No. 138516

I had megan tits before my surgery and I have not regretted getting mine done. Honestly it was such a confidence booster to be able to go out without a bra, or even sit at home and not feel gross without one. You can ask your doc to shrink your areolas well, they basically cut your nipple out and stitch it back in.

No. 138517

how much did this cost, anon? and did it take long for the scars to fade (assuming you had very visible ones)?

I'm a fat girl with small boobs, and what's worse, they're kinda saggy. not tubular, but I'd like a lift all the same. I'm already working on my weight and it's going well, so if I could get this one thing done, I think I'd be okay with myself.

No. 138518

Anon I'm poorfag too, if you really want a nosejob you can find a way. I'm going to work and save money, some surgeons even allow to pay by installments. In my country the average nosejob cost is 6000 euros (around 6760 dollars), I think I'll be able to reach the amount of money within a year of work. You can do it

No. 138519

This gives me hope, I'll better start saving. I'm a eurofag as well, but I haven't really looked into the prices of nosejobs in my shithole country, because at the moment it seems out of reach.

No. 138520

What country are you from?

No. 138521

I made this post right after I got it and I explain a little more about what I had done >>138372
It cost me just slightly over 9k. I'm 2 months post op so my scars are still visible. They're not thick raised lines or puckered from the stitches (mine dissolved) they're just a tan line with a very very thin white line in the middle. I had an anchor incision which is where they cut around the nipple, up the breast under your nipple and under the breast where it connects to your body so I have the most scarring you'll ever get from a lift/implants. I'll be seeing my doctor next week to get on my scar treatment so I can post an update on how it turns out after I get started.

No. 138522

thx computer for linking the wrong person, I meant >>138517 not OP.

No. 138523

File: 1458441668241.jpeg (12.9 KB, 235x315, image.jpeg)

What kind of fillers/Botox are permanent? So I could fill the top of my nose

Also advice/tips on what to do would be nice

No. 138524

but why

No. 138525

from what I've read none of those are permanent

No. 138526

After finding out I can fly to South Korea and stay for 3 days for less than $2000 I've decided to start saving/planning for a plastic surgery vacation.

I'm white and have an extremely oblong/oval shaped face and appointed nose that looks like a ski slope but with a slight bump in the bridge and the tip of my nose looks like a flesh colored cherry. My nose has line 3 different shapes going on like it can't decide wtf it wants to do. This two are my main issues but depending on the price ranges for those I would also like to have something done about my eye region- I always look tired/serious because I have deep eye sockets and a strong brow, so I was thinking maybe a brow reduction/lift and maybe a blephoraplasty.

The reason I'm posting here is because I'm wondering if I can get all this done in SK without the risk of coming out of it looking line I tried to get surgery to "look Asian". I'm guessing since SK is the plastic surgery capital of the world, it shouldn't be hard to find doctors who are good with non-Asian faces too right?

No. 138527

I'm curious as to why you want it as well. I think your nose is perfect and I'm actually planning on getting my nose done to look like that.

No. 138528

If ure white PLEASE dont get any facial surgery done in korea
You will end up looking like this dumbass >>138291
I know its tempting. I considered it myself. But asians have completely different facial structures to us, you will end up like a overgrown baby (not in a good way)

No. 138529

Not her but a single horror story counts as next to nothing. The fault might be on her part, even. Are there any legitimate reasons you advice against it?

No. 138530

File: 1458481169787.jpeg (12.75 KB, 205x275, image.jpeg)

To get rid of the curve, so it would look like this

No. 138531

Please if anyone knows permanent fillers? I don't want to get a nose job for something so small

No. 138532


There are no permanent fillers, they all get catabolised by the system eventually.

I recommend getting temporary fillers and if you like the result look into saving for an implant or rhinoplasty.

No. 138533

Jesus. I'm a white girl that looks uncannily like the 'after.' I'd love to have plastic surgery to make me look like the 'before.'

No. 138534

File: 1458486235785.jpeg (16.8 KB, 270x323, image.jpeg)

No you don't
It is small (might look big here) but it's the only way I could show you how obvious the curve is

No. 138535

Showing us the bridge of your nose isn't going do anything. Your options are already obvious.

No. 138536

It isn't big enough to get rhino :/

No. 138537

What are you on about? It doesn't have to be big to qualify for a bridge shaving. Looks big enough to me.

No. 138538

I think it's worth getting minor improvements if you have the money. I'm actually going in to make a change to how big and bulbous my nose is but in addition I'm getting a little bit of a bridge shaving; my profile isn't hooked or anything but why not make a slight improvement

No. 138539

File: 1458506866545.jpg (22.08 KB, 274x187, slide3-face.jpg)

Your nose looks great. Tbh tho you look like the 'after' picture here, if you shave off the bridge you might get into the 'before' territory.

No. 138540

>It doesn't have to be big to qualify for a bridge shaving
A good surgeon should take into account the size before they operate. There's only so much they can shave/take away without your nose looking wrecked, so they need to look at what's already there. Anon's nose would probably be okay for a rhinoplasty, but size definitely plays a factor in how much a surgeon can do and whether they're willing to do it.

No. 138541

Lots of white and non-Asian people go to Korea for plastic surgery. You know plastic surgery tourism is a thing, right?

No. 138542

I've always considered plastic surgery to be a waste of resources and health, since I'm neither in the beauty circles nor a representative job and most likely never will.

But as I'm nearing my 30 I'm getting more bothered by all these little things that keep me from looking like "my perfect self". Tear troughs, nasolabial folds, prominent nose bump… I take a selfie and even though I find myself sufficiently pretty, I still go and slightly fix all those tiny things in photoshop before I put it up. I don't consider myself as having self-esteem issues, it's more about… perfectionism? Does that even make sense?

I feel like a fraud doing that but I think I'd feel even worse if I actually got fillers. Like a shallow vain bitch who wasted a chunk of money just so she could look a smidge better for a year. It won't actually improve my life in any way.

But I'm probably already a shallow vain bitch for wearing Japanese brands and liking heavy makeup, so maybe I should splurge for my 30th birthday next year…?

No. 138543

I mean, a selfie is a representation of yourself that you are opting to put into the world. It's different from pictures other people take of you, you're in full control of it. I always edit out a little patch of dry skin or wrinkle in a photo I take of myself, make my nose slightly smaller, and my eyes slightly more even. I don't think it's fraudulent at all. The end result of mild photo modification is just presenting the same image as you would in day to day life.

Anyway, I don't think fillers are so expensive you'd be wasting your money on them, especially if it makes you feel good about yourself. They're better than wasting your time and money on anti-wrinkle / anti-aging products, that's for sure.

I recall my mother had something done to the lines on her forehead that she got cheap through Groupon, from a very reputable doctor. Perhaps you'd find that useful.

No. 138544

Everyone spends money on what makes them feel good. It's not such a bad thing to want to feel content when you look in the mirror–just remember that perfectionism knows no bounds, so if you want improvements, you have to draw a line somewhere, for the sake of your own happiness. Whatever you choose to do is valid. We'll all end up having wrinkles and imperfections we can't fix in the end but it's up to you how much you want to put into minimizing those things (and how you want to do it).

No. 138545

thanks anon!! an update would be most appreciated too, once you start. I hope everything turns out well for you.

No. 138546

I have armpit fat/axillary breast tissue and it looks so ugly. I'm so envious of girls who have smooth armpit areas, they can wear sleeveless tops and look fine.
I've been losing weight and they have shrunk a little, but I think they won't go away unless I get surgery. Anyone else have this?

No. 138547


Yeah, a photo brings attention to everything that would normally be unnoticeable in motion I suppose.
Maybe instead of doing a full combo, I'll just fix what annoys me the most, that being tear troughs. They're genetic, I've already had them as a teen and so did my mom, so there's no chance of them ever getting better with non-invasive methods. I might end up looking younger than I actually did as a 20 year old, which is a nice thought, heh.

Thank you both for that little bit of validation.

Though I must say I find it hilarious how as a teen I saw no possible harm in self-piercing, yet now I'm slightly scared that an experienced doctor will somehow fuck up my face with a standard procedure, lol.

No. 138548

Yeah… I'm underweight and still have it. I hate it and I never wear sleeveless tops.

No. 138549

File: 1458571644668.jpg (274.91 KB, 1920x1080, olivia-wilde-cute-looking.jpg)

Honestly the only surgery I would absolutely refuse to do even if I had such a problem is the jaw shaving, as far as I know it's a fucking horror story.
If you have a strong jaw, don't be insecure about it. There are a lot of pretty/hot girls out there with a strong jaw, take Olivia Wilde for example. Or even in vidya, think of Cassandra from DA Inquisition, she's the hottest woman of the whole bunch. Jaw shaving surgery could really fuck up your skull.

No. 138550

I spoke to my doctor yesterday and he told me that I don't need to start scar treatment yet since I'm healing pretty quickly. He said to just moisturize every day and the scars will fade more on their own. I go back in 3 months when I'm at the 6 month mark and I'll probably request treatment if he hasn't given me any.
I do have all my photos saved from day 1 of surgery so if you're interested in seeing the healing/scarring process I can post the photos here in a collage. Though if you don't I don't blame you haha.

No. 138551

Not to get all existential crisis up in here, but we live once. In the scheme of things it doesnt matter at all if we choose to be natural or not. Personally, surgery (rhinoplasty) has made me feel fantastic and I've never experienced even a second of regret. Some people are fine with aging but if you struggle with it then I see no harm with getting work done. Basically, do what makes you happy and fuck what others think.

No. 138552

I have the world's saddest breasts. They aren't small, but they are so, so saggy. They just kind of developed that way. I looked at a breast sort of 'guide' on a surgery website and they're extreme. My nipples point to the floor and they are just humiliating. No one has ever seen my breasts out of a bra.

I really want a breast job to lift them, but I'm still shedding weight and I want to have sex, fucking hell. I've had sex twice and I'm not even asexual, it's the worst. I feel like I can't date because I'll be constantly uncomfortable.

But if I don't lose weight, my breasts will be really awkwardly spaced out over my chest, since they are bigger lower down (obviously) and if you lift them my bra size would change to maybe a 40A? I don't want implants because I love lolita so fuck.

I've dropped 10kgs but it's a slow process.

I am also definitely getting a nose job, my mother is paying for it since it's something I have constantly wanted since I was prepubescent. My nose has a big bump and it's fat. I just want a small, skinny nose and a scar that an abuser gave me hidden.

I am one of those people afraid to loose too much weight because of looking gaunt (I have a strong jaw and cheekbones already, but no fat under my eyes) but I guess if I lost weight I would just get fat fillers underneath my eyes and wherever else I start to look weird. I really hope I don't get too much loose flesh because I don't want the scars from tucks, I've already got stomach scars from my (useless btw) lapband.

The list feels extreme, but my body doesn't feel normal.

No. 138553


If you want perkier breasts I'm afraid a boo job alone won't do it, you'd need a lift first and than you could decide on whether you wanted implants for greater effect.

No. 138554

the spacing of your breasts won't change that much, the place the're at is the place they'll stay no matter how much you gain or lose.

And this anon is correct, you will need a lift. There is no other option for saggy breasts, you will need a lift. End of.
If you tend to gain weight in your breasts first/quickest you will have to get close to your goal weight before going under the knife. If you gain weight elsewhere quickly/first you can be within 30lbs of your goal and have little to no risk of messing with your surgery.
Also, no worries for lolita and big boobs. Once you've healed a while you can wear sports bras to hold them flatter and still fit into most items. I've found that my breasts don't mess with my wardrobe so I don't think yours will either unless you're going jnig status.

But if you get any kind of surgery there will be scarring. You cannot get away with no scars. HOWEVER if you have a good doctor they will help you minimize scarring and give you treatment after to erase the scars as best as possible.

No. 138555

>and if you lift them my bra size would change to maybe a 40A?
incredibly unlikely. please see >>19767

No. 138556

File: 1459161331467.jpeg (208.82 KB, 1024x576, image.jpeg)

I'm so happy! After years of being a total idiot and not realizing what to look for i finally managed to google the right phrase. I am mad insecure about my chin, as it has a pretty bad crease in it. Personally i think i look like a man because of it, and I'm always wearing big scarves so that i can hide my manchin and horrible profile. Anyway the "condition" is called a labiomental crease and can apparantly be fixed with dermal fillers. I should have realized this, but I… I stupid. Anyways, on to finding the right place to have it done!

No. 138557

If it's causing you to have a horrible profile, dermal fillers alone will not correct it. It would take actually shaving the profile of your chin.

No. 138558

nah, i don't think you understood what i meant. If you google chin crease you'll find tonnes of before and afters on realself. it's not my chin bone that is protruding, it is the flesh that on most people is the same thickness from chin to bottom lip, mine on the other hand has a point where it's basically just a mm of flesh in the middle, causing my chin to look fucked. don't piss in my cornflakes when ya don't know what you're talking about, anon!

No. 138559

File: 1459198769930.jpg (54.05 KB, 485x364, DF_09.jpg)

like so

No. 138560

>don't piss in my cornflakes
It'll take a lot more than dermal fillers to change how annoying your personality is

No. 138561

hahah sorry you got so annoyed anon. I'm happy, and others with the same troubles can be to!

No. 138562

I'm getting a nosejob in about a month. I've wanted it for 10+ years of my life and I think about how I hate my nose every day; it really embarrasses me. But knowing that someone is going to cut into my face and alter it forever terrifies me.

No. 138563

Surgery can be scary, I will be honest here. It's pretty terrifying to go under the knife but once you come out of it you're going to feel so much better. You're going to wish you had gotten it sooner, I promise you. Just think about how long you've wanted to do it and you'll get pretty calm in no time. Good luck with your surgery and congrats!

No. 138564

Yeah you're right, I'm sure it will look way better afterwards and I'll be so relieved! Thank you anon. I will try to stay courageous until my dream finally becomes reality lol

No. 138565

Its crazy scary but try to focus on your nose a year from now. Its not gonna be the one you've hated for ten years its gonna finally feel good. Your surgeon wants to go a great job. He's getting rid of that 'oh ugh gross' you've lived with,, not just correcting a flaw.
Think about the relief you'll have once its done, the confidence once its healed. You'll be okay anon.

No. 138566

As someone who was terrified of getting a nose job and obsessively read up as much as I could about the procedure, it's… nothing. I have the worst needle phobia and 100% honestly the worst part was the IV, and it wasn't even bad at all because I'm a wimp and got numbing cream and then a numbing shot so I just felt the wimpiest of pinches.

I felt no pain at all during the healing process and I even somehow managed to whack my cast on my fridge door. Didn't feel a thing. I promise you that you'll wonder what the hell you were so anxious about once it's over.

No. 138567

I want a nose job. I've wanted once since I was 13. The thing holding me back is fear of people finding out. I don't want anything drastic like a brand new nose, but it's not like it's going to be easy to hide from a live-in boyfriend who is extremely against it. I have a bulbous tip. How long until I can take whatever gauze/bandages off so it won't be super obvious that I was in surgery? Curious about bruising too. Im hoping it can take a couple days so I can resume life like normal with no one being any wiser. I know it's stupid but I resent him for being the reason why I'm sticking with a nose that makes me miserable.

No. 138568


>Im hoping it can take a couple days

Bruising can take over a month to fade completely, but there will be residual swelling for well upto a year before it completely settles.

idk why you give a shit about people finding out you got your horn fixed - is that a bad thing?

No. 138569


I admire people who don't give a shit. I guess I'm under the impression people still consider it "scandalous" and looked down upon.

I'm trying to work on the not giving a shit part.

No. 138570


I'm not trying to be rude Anon, but personally I've never understood people like you who take to allowing stangers to rule your life.
What's really scandalous is having a (presumably) ugly nose that 'you' hate and the funds and ability to change that but not doing it because of what people who have nothing to do with you think.

I'll be getting a rhinoplasty sometime this year myself, and trust me, if anybody does harbour ill feelings towards you it's not because they think it's a bad act, it's because they're jealous they can't get some of that sweet, sweet surgical rectification for themselves.

No. 138571

Damn up to a year? I went to a pretty reliable rhinoplastician who even specializes in major reconstructive surgeries and he told me to only expect bruising for a couple weeks (which good makeup can cover nbd) and swelling for maybe a month or two. Then again I'm not getting anything major involving my nose broken so I guess it depends. Something like that anon said which is just a bulbous tip is probably going to take a lot less time to heal and look a lot less bad in the meantime than something major like a large profile that needs your nose broken to fix. But my brother had that done (nose broken for surgery on profile) and his healing was really fast. Bandages for a couple weeks then looked totally good. Everyone is different though I suppose so you should be prepared for the longest healing time and most swelling/bruising when signing up for it.

No. 138572

You need to really get his support on it because that shit ain't something you can hide. Since you're just working on the tip I don't believe you'll bruise around the eyes but don't quote me on that. I had the works done (huge bump hammered off, tip reshaping), and bruising only lasted me 4 days but it depends. Swelling of the tip wasn't even noticeable to me at the start because I was so happy with the change, but looking back at post-op pics compared to now I was definitely a bit swollen.

If you can't shake the feeling of giving a shit what others think, think of it as surgery for a deviated septum. The healing process and casts look the same.

>swelling for maybe a month or two
He's unfortunately lying. An honest doctor will tell you to expect 1-2 years for the final result. Hopefully he meant the bulk of the swelling?

No. 138573


1-2 months is for the bulk swelling, but the entirety of the tissues will take over a year to fully settle. Not a lot of people know this so they go in for rhinoplasty and come out thinking they hate the result, and then a year later suddenly realise they love it.

No. 138574

You're right on the jealousy part. Most people will react negatively because they're insecure and don't have the money to fix what they want fixed, not that they believe in that bullshit "Love urself, god made u perfect uwu" that everyone says. Way before I went under the knife I tossed the idea around with some friends and both of them got angry as fuck that I'd be the one to get surgery to fix something, since both of them were as insecure as I was but had no money to do it.

No. 138575

I had a nose job.

It was hell and it takes up to a 1-2 years to see the final result like >>138572 said. It's been six months and the swelling is not gone but its improving every day a little bit. I don't like it right now though, hope I won't have to get it redone.

No. 138576

>Something like that anon said which is just a bulbous tip is probably going to take a lot less time to heal and look a lot less bad in the meantime than something major like a large profile that needs your nose broken to fix.

I'm this anon: >>138575
The tip is the part that takes the longest to heal. Go to a different surgeon because yours is lying to you. Most of the swelling I have left is in the tip, and its actually a lot but going down every day by a little.

No. 138577

Yeah that is what he meant, that after a couple months it would look pretty normal and presentable

No. 138578

oh yeah after 2 months its almost like you got NOTHING done, (1 month for me) but it still looks weird and honestly the difference between 2 months and 6 months is like… almost a completely different nose.

No. 138579

Well damn, I agree with all the anons saying that they look very different from their photos and I'm glad I'm not the only one! Some people say that being photogenic is a myth, but god my sister is large yet she manages to angle and light her photos perfectly to the point that people comment on how different she looks on her photos.
And it's true that to get a really good perception of what you really look like, the camera needs to be a couple feet away from you. Another trick I'd do that's pretty weird is instead of taking selfies, take videos of yourself posing. Skim through the video and screenshot a still. Yeah it's weird and takes more effort but it works for me and its better than posing really weirdly for a second and taking multiple shots looking uncomfortable. Pictures look better when its natural and when you're in the motion and when it's not controlled. This could be useful for those who have crappy camera phones where you have to use the back camera for better quality. Plus it can cut down time when you have all the photos you can get from a 10 sec video than taking a shit ton of photos hoping that a good selfie will appear.
I like to turn my phone upside down at times and it helps, like a poster in this board mentioned.
I pretty much do the video trick and my selfies always look so damn good but it's the only way really lol

No. 138580

fuck my bad i posted on the wrong fucking forum just fuck my fucking phone kek. yeah i get it, drink bleach im a new fag, idk how to delete

No. 138581

I went for a consultation for a nose job and since then, the doctors staff seems to really be pressing that I make an appointment. Made me suspicious. I don't think I should feel pressured to hurry on up with it. Is this at all normal for a clinic to do?

No. 138582


No. Find another place and if they enquire why make sure to let them know that it's because you felt pressured.

No. 138583

100% not normal, a clinic should ALWAYS let you take it at your own pace. It took me 3 months to settle on a date for my surgery, take all the time you need to settle on yours. Never let anyone pressure you to get it done faster because that shows how they'll treat you post op. If they're trying to push you into getting it done ASAP they're going to rush you during post op checkups and most likely not give you assistance after they have your money.

No. 138584

Find a new clinic, they shouldn't be pressuring you. Plastic surgery is a huge a decision and a good clinic will wait until your ready. They are probably just money hungry and would of done a poor job with the surgery.

No. 138585

I need to get labiaplasty and a clitoral reduction. It's at the point where all my pants are uncomfortable to wear because my PCOS has been out of control. I have about half of the funds saved up, I just need to work up the courage to get a consultation. Ive decided on a clinic 2 hrs away because the before and after pics looked amazing and the surgeon has decades of experience.

No. 138586

I used to have a nose that had a nice slope but was quite fat on the tip and showed all my nostrils, like a pigs nose. I got cheap surgery in Poland and although they down turned the tip and made my nostrils less prominent, they turned the tip too much and now I have a hooked nose with a droopy tip. When I smile it looks disgusting. They slimmed the tip some but it looks like there is a fatty ball on the end. I now have to save up to get it fixed in California by an expert. Fuck my life.

No. 138587

I'd get any kind of surgery that didn't involve an implant, because I don't want nasty plastic shit inside of me.

No. 138588

What is the swelling like? I'm curious about nosejobs but reading these posts sounds really scary.

No. 138589

Just make sure you go for someone very professional with impressive credentials and legitimate reviews. A lot of CA surgeons (especially in trendy areas) are just really salesmen who will promise you uber perfect results or whatever nose you want without having that kind of skill. So just be wary of anyone who seems gimmicky as opposed to like they really understand and can explain in depth the technical aspects of their work and why they do each thing and how they prevent fuck-ups through their methods. Good luck and remember hey at least you are one step closer to a nose you can be very content with, it's not uncommon for nosejobs require a touchup improvement after healing is done

No. 138590

File: 1460827773828.jpg (1003.74 KB, 1564x1564, LiMwOQm.jpg)

I really need a nose job to straighten it out and remove the weird hump and something done to my jaw/chin. Not 100% sure what but definately something.

No. 138591

Is that really you? You look gorgeous.
Are you British?

No. 138592


Yep, This is me and I am a britfag. You really wouldn't say that if you saw me irl though. I look passable in posed angled photos but the reality is grim.

No. 138593

File: 1460830406522.jpg (27.21 KB, 479x634, greek.jpg)


I like your hair Anon. You don't see enough girls sporting a buzz.
My face is way too doughy to pull one off sadly, also hey, fellow Britcuck here.

Your nose though, I really like it, I think it gives you a lot of character, but I understand why you'd want to get a Rhinoplasty. Mine is similar with the bump, but I have a Roman nose. Yours looks very classically Greek with the way it splays out in the center like that, like picture related.

Do you have any Greek ancestry?

No. 138594

The nose doesn't look that good from the top, but from the side I bet it looks pretty good. Not many people have that sort of Roman nose.

And you pull off the buzz well, most girls won't dare to go such length, and their heads aren't well-proportioned to make it look good. You look very fine otherwise.

No. 138595

grow out your hair and fix your mommy issues you look mentally ill but you could be cute

No. 138596

Anonspls. I'm gonna end up vain and shit.

I'm actually more Jewish than anything else kek.

Only 4 u bby ♡

No. 138597

British Jewish?

No. 138598

Jewish Great Grandparents on mums side came over from Germany in 1930's. Only Jewish in name really.

No. 138599

File: 1460834451747.jpg (41.94 KB, 1280x720, 170287290_1280x720.jpg)

No. 138600

honestly the swelling for me was horrible because i have thick skin. it's been a long time and i still have minor amounts of swelling due to my thick skin. he warned me of this so its not his fault, i guess. steroid shots help with this but the way i feel afterwards scares me out of getting them. basically my nose still feels like a frozen chicken.

the way it is with a swollen tip, i hate it. when the tip swelling goes down significantly more i might like it. i like it more every day that it swells less and less. but some days it is more/less swollen depending on what i eat.

and i might get it redone anyway in the future when i have money but the guy i want it done by will probably cost like 30,000+ and have to do a graft. it's slightly asymmetrical from one side because i had it broken as a kid, so it was always asymmetrical and that has stayed a little bit. honestly though he fixed A LOT of the symmetry, especially the nasal symmetry/tip symmetry which was literally massively asymmetrical, but the little bit on the bridge still makes me super insecure.

mine looks better than before but if i didnt have a broken weird nose, i wouldn't have done it. i spent $12,000 btw. if i had a normal nose like this i wouldn't have done it.

my nose was pretty much a black person's nose (i'm white) with massive asymmetry, it was flat, hooked, with a bump on the bridge, veered off to one side. the left side of the bridge jutted out more than the right side. looking at it nostrils-down the asymmetry was very apparent, i had no columella as my tip drooped too much. it was too wide and the bridge started way too low.

he corrected everything by taking cartilage from the tip and narrowing/straightening out the lower bridge as best as he could, and shaping my nostrils/columella.

the only thing he DIDNT do which i thought he would was add a graft so that my bridge would start higher. so now my nose still looks flat but at least it looks fairly normal and caucasian. but honestly it doesn't matter because this part is easily contoured anyway. before i couldn't contour at all because it was too wide, too flat and too humped at the same time.

it also depends on what noses you like. some people like pointy noses, some people like bigger noses, some people like small delicate noses. if you go into the charlotte charms thread a lot of people hate her nose and a lot of people love her nose, personally i love her nose and HATE big long noses. i love the upturned pixie look. so yeah you should tell all of this to your surgeon so he can give you a virtual picture of what the finished product might look like. he did that for me and i have to say that it is close enough (minus the still-swollen tip). a lot of people probably hate my nose but i don't really care because its way better than the crooked shit i had before.

sorry for the tl;dr. its just a huge and difficult decision and i wish more people would be detailed when it comes to the difficulties rather than just brushing it off as "easy". maybe its easy if you have a classic nose with just a hump to start with its easy, but in that case you don't really need surgery.

No. 138601

A couple months ago I posted in this thread about how much I hated my labia and wanted to get labiaplasty but yesterday my boyfriend managed to talk me out of it. I just wanted to share this

No. 138602

I'm glad. Unless they're hurting you physically, why chop them off?

No. 138603

I think about this, too. The guy I am with doesn't have any problem with them, and I want to stay with him. But I am scared that it won't work out for some reason and someone else might be disgusted by them.

I never had this thought until I came across people on the internet making fun of "beef curtains" - I didn't know it was weird.

They annoy me sometimes, but tbh that is not why I'm considering labiaplasty. At the same time, I cringe to think about chopping that part of me off.

What did your bf say anon?

No. 138604

Yeah I never had a problem with my labia until I saw hentai, porn, and people on R9K complaining about "roasties" and that's how I know the insecurity I feel about it is caused by external pressure and not some internal body issues.
I had mentioned disliking my labia to him because they were brown, long, and uneven, and he said my vagina looked like a normal vagina and that there was no reason for me to chop them off and he finds me extremely sexy the way I am

No. 138605

kek r9k ruined my self esteem in terms of my labia
they made me feel shit about it even though i know its 100% normal and im a virgin too lmao

No. 138606

The whole "roasties" thing is ridiculous. And thinking a girl must be lying about being a virgin or is a whore because she's loose. The thought of a guy getting a girl properly turned on so that her vagina expands and then balking at her loose vagina is hilarious to me though.

No. 138607

vaginas getting loose seems terrifying.. pretty sure it's impossible for a pssy to become ''loose''

No. 138608

Not strictly true, after kids your vagina is going to loosen, which is why your husband might play abroad with other younger girls.

No. 138609

Sure after kids though in time it goes back to normal if women actually do kegels, which all women who want to please a man as much as possible should be doing anyway regardless. However there are probably tons of middle aged women who just don't care and also have given up on putting any effort or passion into sex and that's the real reason for their failure

No. 138610

So wait, kegels actually work? Have you tried them anon? (Assuming you are a girl.)

No. 138611


>does repeatedly working a muscle make it tauter and firmer

No. 138612

Is that why a lot of older disgusting women are into black men

No. 138613

It sure got robot in here.

No. 138614

File: 1461620016531.jpeg (405.46 KB, 1300x956, image.jpeg)

No. 138615

File: 1463678932455.jpeg (8.48 KB, 181x278, 2016-05-19-11-28-26--389436054…)

I want lipo on my waist. Waist training properly is hard with a labor intensive job. I want a natural 22in waist from my current 25in waist. I've always been obsessed with wasp waists. I currently can cinch down to 20 inches for a while, but ultimately I'd like to cinch down to 17 or 18 inches.

I kinda want my violin hips filled in, but I'm not sure. I'm learning to be okay with them.

No. 138616

You could probably get both things done at the same time similar to a brazillian butt lift.

No. 138617

File: 1463745516618.png (111.64 KB, 336x179, katyalischina.png)

So bitter I probably won't be able to afford a rhinoplasty in my youth

No. 138618

I'm getting my nose done once I get the money. Also fillers but those aren't technically surgery.

It's approx. €2500 in Eastern Europe, at a top notch clinic that frequently does sex reassignment surgeries, so cheaper than Korea. Also a lot of women there have tall witchy noses (not Arab-tier but defo not pretty) and the results look super natural so I know I'm in good hands.

No. 138619

Could you give the details, I'm interested.

No. 138620

Don't know if I'll get banned but the clinic is in Belgrade and they have their own skincare line with the same name

No. 138621

Best wishes to you with it!

I just got mine done a week ago. I posted a few months ago here saying I was thinking about it and you guys here were really helpful and encouraging, and I'm so happy with my nose now for the first time in my life!

No. 138622

File: 1463762430057.jpg (182.12 KB, 1300x978, 12984227-Galapagos-Tortoise-Pr…)

Can someone give me information on what to do in case of saggy cheeks/nasolabial folds and where to get it done in Europe? I think the US are more advanced in this area but I won't go there for such a small procedure…

Also is there anything that can be done about a tortoise mouth? You know when there’s basically no upper lip and the space between the mouth and the nose is so wide the profile looks like a 80 years old grandma without teeth. Something that doesn't look completely unnatural and doesn't make you look worse when it fades off…

No. 138623


Botox/lipo. Obviously the former is temporary, but if you're serious about this it might be best to try a temporary solution first to see if you like it.

No. 138624

File: 1464037046110.png (196.95 KB, 682x315, Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 4.54…)

just got my cast off and i'm super happy. anyone looking for a rhinoplasty in the mid-atlantic should go to Dr. Park at UVA. pictures in middle are from post-op days 1 and 3.

No. 138625

Nice anon, your nose looks cute

No. 138626


Fuck me Anon, result!

What's the damage though?

No. 138627

thanks anons. ~$7.3k inclusive, which from what i understand is like on the high edge of average? wanted to go for the best i could afford, esp cause i got a lot of tip work done. if anons don't give me shit i might post a front view once the swelling goes down.

No. 138628

Hate this plastic surgery hype, all fucking girls looks like clones today

No. 138629


FUCK ME $7.3k
Well, regardless of the cost, your nose is something you have for the rest of your life, so I hope you're happy with the results. It really does look great Anon, congratulations.

No. 138630

Rather be a good looking clone that gets the job and the guy than a plain Jane with a jew nose who always gets rejected

No. 138631

breast lift nipple reduction fat graph from my arms armpit neck chin to my tits and stomach back sides and inner thighs to my outer thighs, shoulder reduction, 2 inches shaved off my thighs and back, eye widening and eye evening, rhinoplasty, lip fillers, jaw shaving and forehead implants, botox in my vag lips and ass, hip widening surgery with a few chemical peels to get perfect skin and skin bleaching i will pay for this by selling my kidney (no joke)

No. 138632

why would you want a chin all the way down to your tits

No. 138633


lol she means she wants fat taken from her chin grafted onto her breasts.

No. 138634

because fuck you thats why

No. 138635

fat from those places have a low possibility of successfully staying "alive" when injected in your breasts, there's a reason surgeons prefer to use abdomen and hip fat.

No. 138636

Any chance of a comparison shot from underneath your nose so you can see up your nostrils if that makes sense?

No. 138637

lol sure. i think another reason it was so expensive was that my bridge had a pretty intense curve to the right. surgery ended up being like ~3 hrs

No. 138638

File: 1464112294430.png (67.62 KB, 887x381, Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.14…)

No. 138639

File: 1464113740272.jpg (11.55 KB, 174x208, image.jpg)

Should i get my nose done

No. 138640

File: 1464114594891.jpg (16.34 KB, 526x162, image.jpg)

The front view

No. 138641


Are you unhappy with your nose?

No. 138642

Doesn't look that bad in my opinion, unless you're just really unhappy with have a sloped bridge.

>>23880 is this you?

No. 138643

It doesn't look bad to me, depends on how unhappy you are. I think your nose looks great from the front actually, much better than having a pug nose that might have a half decent profile.

No. 138644

Is this that one crazy chick that was obsessed with Kiki?

No. 138645

I thought the same >>138642 is me.

No. 138646

has anyone actually ever gone to south america to get surgery done? I found this sketch looking site on a fake-looking review from realself, but it got me thinking anyway.

No. 138647

Don't really like the nostrils. The surgeon only reduced them in a weird shape leaving the rest untouched. Can you breathe well?

No. 138648

I have medium sized breasts about 28G, and they look great when i'm wearing a bra but they seem to loose all their volume when I take it off. They don't sag, they just look significantly smaller. I want to get small implants to add just a little fullness to remedy this, but I'm scared that my breasts will start sagging and the implant will stay in the same place like those old ladies that get boob jobs. Anyone in a similar situation? Or any suggestions?

No. 138649

File: 1464804504419.png (12.22 KB, 65x52, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 2.05…)

funny you should ask that cause breathing through my nose is kind of tough when i clench my jaw (bad habit). figured it was from swelling/congestion. i think they're starting to look a little less weird with healing so hopefully the breathing thing isn't permanent

No. 138650


you might have a "shallow" breast shape. I have this type of breast and I lack volume in the top part of the breast naturally. most of my breast "weight" in in the bottom. Maybe there are implants which will give you more upper volume? I'd like to get something similar to this myself

No. 138651

File: 1464817245773.jpg (282.29 KB, 974x442, B&ASurgery.jpg)

I'm considering getting rhinoplasty and fat reduction underneath my chin. I have almost enough saved for both but after sharing my plan with my boyfriend and friends, they tried to discourage me from doing so. I think it would make a world of a difference to my profile so what do you guys think?

No. 138652

For the fat under your chin weightloss would be enough

No. 138653

I was hoping so when I dropped 20 lbs last summer. I'm currently 5'4" and 119 so I'm feeling like it's a bit hopeless.

No. 138654

i see no reason for you to get rhinoplasty. are you sure your face isn't just bloated? watch your salt and water intake.

No. 138655

waste of money. You're not a model, literally no one will notice the difference. You look ok. Lose some weight.

No. 138656

Do what makes you happy honestly. Why live your life feeling insecure or displeased with a face/body you have to show the world every day just because some people around you don't agree? For 10 years everyone told me I was just perfect the way I was but after finally getting a nosejob I feel so much better.

No. 138657

dont need a nose job

for the chin lipo won't do anything, you need a more prominent jaw. try maybe losing weight naturally but it won't help. i would go to a dermatologist that specializes in juvederm for jaw contouring.

No. 138658

let me stress this again. you DO NOT need a nose job. i can't even see barely the difference you photoshopped in your b&a… so if thats the difference you want on your nose, that subtle… you're not going to get it. nose jobs are rarely subtle.

honestly if thats how subtle you want it, again maybe try a liquid nosejob, or just learn to deal with having a slightly-imperfect profile.

No. 138659

You look like that kiki obsessed cow who got mad she didn't want to be your friend. Are you her?

No. 138660


Yeah there's no point in you trying to lose weight, your weight is fine.
Anon this is your face and you're the one that has to live with it for the rest of your life. Truth is, in this world, beauty does give you more advantages.
If you think the surgery will make you happy, do it. I would.

No. 138661

Never had plastic surgery but I did have my adenoids and tonsils removed. Face augmentation is a hell of a thing, all I'll say is if you can avoid it, then avoid it. It helped a lot with certain things but it's affected my face and skull in weird ways, including headaches and toothaches.

No. 138662


Oh I've had my tonsils removed too, but I had it done as a child and seem to be one of those people that didn't really have any complications apart from developing dysphagia for a few months.

No. 138663

I'm 5'4, not an ana-chan, but the 10 lbs between 120 and 110 (still healthy BMI) make a world's difference to my face so it doesn't have to be hopeless.

No. 138664

lol fuck off Rima

No. 138665

That's good to hear! My goal is 110. Honestly, I can live without the rhinoplasty, it's the fatty bits under my chin that throws the balance of my profile off. The nose job would only perfect my profile a bit.

No. 138666

Does anyone in your family have issues with chin fat? It could be genetic and only lipo can get rid of it.

No. 138667

I'm >>138663. and I have to add >>138658 is right. I got a nose job ) and the surgeon told me to completely balance out my face I'd need jaw surgery. He said a lot of people think their profile looks weird because of their nose when it's actually the jaw that gives it an unbalanced look. Making the nose smaller might actually make it worse. In my case it was still necessary because my nose was crooked due to an accident but he explicitly told me he wouldn't shorten my nose as much as I'd like him to. A good surgeon won't even give you a nose job.
As I said, weightloss helps and honestly, jaw surgery is really painful so I never even considered it.

No. 138668

I have a twin sister with the same chin.

Yeah, I think I'm going to hold off on the surgery until I finish my weight loss goal. I also bought a cheap chin strap just to test it out. If that doesn't work, I'll look into lipo first and go from there. If it balances out my face, I'll skip the rhinoplasty.

No. 138669

you have my dream nose

No. 138670

File: 1464877944876.jpeg (102.69 KB, 1216x912, image.jpeg)

I have a bit of a double chin/fat face problem too even though I look like the beginnings of an ana chan, but one of my main thoughts have always been for prettier lips

I have lips like the second pic but want ones like the first. Is it actually possible? I just find lips like that so cute and they look plump but not huge.

No. 138671

Honestly, it'd be a fair amount of work done to make your lips how you'd like. I have similar lip shapes to you, there's not very much height difference from the side of my lip to the center. The picture you like has very thin lips on the side, that get very plump towards the middle. You'd have to get a surgery that A) plumps the lips but also B) reduces the lip shape in sections you want, mostly the corners of the mouth.

No. 138672

surgery wouldn't be worth it, in my opinion. Use lip liner to slightlý overdraw your cubid's bow and the center of your bottom lip. Then slightly conceal the outside of your lip. If you want it to be permanent, I'd honestly prefer a subtle cosmetic tattoo over surgery.

No. 138673

File: 1464907727607.jpg (665.53 KB, 1277x1277, quickgrid_201662184150258.jpg)

Sorry for the post nap selfie, jfc I look so lumpy.

Anyway. Basically all I want is a cute ski slope nose with a smaller tip + nostrils, as it's quite wide. I'm interning with a plastic surgeon right now, who I've worked for before interning, so I know a ton about ps in general.

However I know jack shit about rhinoplasties since that's one of the procedures he doesn't do. So, can someone tell me if they think it'd be procedurally possible for my nose to look like Ckitts or the other two?

inb4 you'll find out in a consultation

I know, setting it up rn, but I trust lolcow to be as brutally honest as possible.

No. 138674

Why do you want plastic surgery?
I'd kill for your face. You're very pretty as is.

No. 138675

You already have a really cute nose. Why risk it coming out botched? Plastic surgery noses people get when trying to go too far always look horrible and really obvious.

No. 138676

Eh I'm not that pretty but thank you v much. I've wanted one since I was in middle school and saved up like $10k for it. Keep in mind my nose is contoured in the pic so :/ It's so triangular but squished at the same time.
Are you saying that a surgeon couldn't make my nose look more like the girls in the pic then? I really don't want a super obvious, plastic change like those Russian chicks that get Barbie noses.

No. 138677

I'm saying you already have a really cute nose. One that's considered "perfect" even. If you're wanting to have surgery even then there's a pretty good chance you might not know too far until after the surgery and then you'll be stuck with it. I think making the nostrils smaller would throw the balance of your face off and make you look plastic.

If you do get it at least make sure all the surgeon does is make the tip very slightly smaller and make sure you give them a photoshopped picture of what you want.

No. 138678

I guess shrinking them would look pretty fake. Thank you for the advice ^-^

No. 138679

Anyone gotten areola reduction before? People say the scars are shitty but I'm not too sure.

No. 138680

File: 1465002898355.jpg (45.79 KB, 550x299, Rina-Nanase-550x299.jpg)

PS is ok, just dont go to rumi kanda's surgeon

No. 138681

wtf. you already practically have a "ski slope nose"

No. 138682

Are both of those plastic surgery?

No. 138683

My nose bridge is too high to be considered ski-slope tier. I mean a low nose bridge that gently slopes instead of sticking out like mine.

No. 138684

My rhinoplastician actually mentioned to me that a ski slope nose is something good professionals strive NOT to create. It is considered more ideal to have some measure of integrity to your profile even when maintaining a cute button nose.

No. 138685

Oh man seriously? Thanks for the heads up then. If you're comfortable with it, could I ask you some questions about your experience getting a nose job (assuming you actually had one cos you mentioned having a surgeon)?

No. 138686

Jep. Good surgeons don't do that. It almost never turns out subtle. Only people born with sky slope noes look good with them.

The lightening in all those pics is way too soft to judge.

Chances are your tip will turn out bigger after surgery not smaller. My surgeon told me he only alters the tip if it's really big and he know it will only get better. Otherwise it's too dangerous because it's pretty unpredictable how the swelling and scar tissue will develop in this area. A lot can go wrong during the healing process because it’s the area with the worst blood supply.

>>Rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated and intricate operations. The most difficult aspect of rhinoplasty is the the tip of the nose


Rhinoplasty is for people who have real issues, not for those who strive for perfection. Even the best surgeons have to do revisions quite often.


No. 138687

Yeah I read that + nasal reduction (Alar something?) both being ridiculously difficult to achieve. Gonna kms now.

No. 138688

File: 1465583907327.jpg (398.95 KB, 1057x800, fb.jpg)

I want rhinoplasty for my tip too. I'm seriously considering Dr Sam Rizk, he's literally what came up when I googled for the best surgeons. There was also a girl who appeared on Dr Phil's episode "beauty and the OCD beast" who had an obsession with her appearance, the whole time I was thinking why? her nose and everything is so perfect and it turned out she was his patient. He's super expensive though, I believe it costs around 15-20,000$ for it. But I think I'm willing to save up. Honestly the only part holding me back is that I have a severe phobia of needles, but I plan to overcome it somehow.

btw I'm white, this is just an example of one of his miracles

No. 138689

Damn, that stuff about the tip sucks to hear. All I need is the tip and a small bump shaved down a little and my nose would be alright.

Though, even if I got the nose I wanted, I feel like it would throw the rest of my face off. I don't know if this is an observable concept in plastic surgery, but if someone makes their nose smaller does it make the rest of their features look bigger? I feel like if I got a nose job I'd need to follow it up with a jaw shave or I'd look unbalanced.

No. 138690

File: 1465777231504.png (231.62 KB, 400x323, sdfsdfdsf.png)

I might be getting a rhinoplasty this December but I'm insanely scared, and tbh it's not the operation what scares me but the outcome, I get the feeling what I need for my nose to look acceptable will probably be something hard as fuck to achieve.

No. 138691

I generally wouldn't be too worried as long as you're not getting it done for super cheap. Does the surgeon have before and after pictures?

No. 138692

It is absolutely doable for you to have a nose you will end up happy with. It seems like the top half of your nose is fine and you just need work on the bulbous tip and also the nostrils taken in. That's exactly what I had done and it worked out great for me. You likely won't end up with some super super tiny "perfect" button nose but it'll be a lot better, just a fine-looking normal nose, or at least that is my experience having started from basically the same point as you.

No. 138693

Sorry for the late response, if you still have any questions about the experience/process I'm glad to answer though

No. 138694

I really want a breast lift/areola reduction. I lost 30ish pounds and now things are a little bit sad looking. My areolas have always been disproportionate though :( I just want cute perkier tits.

Maybe some sort of filler? under my eyes as well. I haven't looked into that much. But underneath my eyes is sort of sunken in so it always casts a shadow and makes it look like I haven't had sleep in a century.

No. 138695

I want to get a breast lift too, Anon. I'm just worried they'll end up looking a]bad or having that hard plastic mold feel that implants do.

No. 138696

Why on earth would a breast lift change the softness of your breast tissue? Unless you couple it with implants, they aren't going to feel like implants.

No. 138697

I wouldn't worry about that. It just changes the shape of the breast, it doesn't affect the firmness of the tissue.

No. 138698

My nose is kinda potatoish, top half is fine but the nostrils need to be reducted a lil bit and so the tip, which is bulbous and kind of long. I need 5500 euros but I trust the surgeon I've chosen, he's not too expensive but really good.
Thing is, I think I have thick skin. Is it a big problem?

No. 138699

It generally just means you may get more bruising and take a longer time to heal from swelling etc. Thick skin isn't as malleable or elastic as thin skin but a good surgeon will know how to work around that.

No. 138700

As long as the swelling heals no problemo for me. When he visits me I'll hear more from him and see if he already had many thick potato noses before, but I trust him just as it is now. I've been following his fb for a while and I really like his works, they're the best I've seen in my country area. Just need the damn money.

No. 138701

Sounds like with such a reliable surgeon you should have nothing to worry about! But yeah talking more with your surgeon is always a good idea especially because it'll build your comfort and confidence with the whole process. Good luck saving up.

No. 138702

I hate my under eye hollows, but I've ALWAYS had them. it makes me look so tired, and old, I feel awful. On the other hand is my manly jew nose. I'm not sure which one to get fixed if I had to choose..

No. 138703

I have under eye hollows too. They bother me enough that I went to a consultation and almost went ahead with booking the procedure to fill them in, but in the end I chickened out because of the marginal risk of blindness. I read the chance is like that of being struck by lightning, but I'm still so paranoid about the "what if," what if I end up being that one unlucky person. Have any of you guys had this done? What was your experience like?

No. 138704

When you get pretty much anything done they will usually give you a waver that's like a packet full of 50 possible things that could theoretically go horribly wrong but if your doctor is good and reliable it's really like 0% chance.

No. 138705

well just remember that some people get struck more than once

No. 138706

I know a lot of people who got undereye hollows filled out, it's quite normal but you may need it refilled a lot to get it un-hollowed depending on how deep.

No. 138707

I have undereye hollows ad a manly jew nose too. I've always fantasized about getting plastic surgery but I'm pretty meh on it now.

I realized that my nose is the only thing that bears me any resemblance to my father so I don't want to get rid of it now and the undereye hollows aren't that big of a deal to me.

No. 138708

I would love to have my boobs removed but don't want weird sewn on nipples or scars. They are small anyway but idk if there is a way. Not even sure if they do it without "good" reason.

No. 138709

>been saving up for a nosejob since high school and I finally have the $$$ for it
>can't start consulting doctors until I move, 2 months from now
>the wait is killing me, I just wanna get this process over with

I've never very patient so I guess I'll just have to deal with it lol

No. 138710

Hang in there! Remember it's a bit more wait now but then you get a whole lifetime of looking and feeling better

No. 138711

I'd love slightly bigger boobs (from small, slightly round but barely there a's to just medium sized perky b's on a small frame) but surgery seems so invasive for wanting such a subtle change.
I'd love to get work done on my face tho, since makeup only does so much and i'm okay with wearing push up bras if I'm not feeling full enough. i'd like to get my philtrum shortened (especially because i think this is what will make me look "aged" as i get older), juviderm on my jawline, and maybe something for my undereye circles (none of the before/afters look exactly the way i'd like though. My circles are deepest/darkest near my nose, not under my eyes if that makes sense). Idk i'm only 19 so i'm hoping as I keep losing weight/fixing my sleep and eating habits i'll work around my current flaws and get cuter lol. The philtrum surgery is my number one though, and i'm hoping I can get it done in my early 20's.

No. 138712

File: 1467206873281.jpg (49.81 KB, 852x1136, god why.jpg)

I really, really hate my chin/jaw from profile. From the front it looks all right but from profile I look like some bumbling Neanderthal or something, there's no definition at all… It really grosses me out and makes me feel self conscious. I've been thinking about doing something to maybe fix it (there are plenty of other plastic surgeries I'd love to get– my potato Chink nose and breast reduction, namely) but I have no idea what to do about it. I don't know what it is exactly I need to do to fix it. Farmers, please help me out?

No. 138713

I used to want my breasts removed, but the way the nipples look after are always obvious and awkward, so I'm going to opt out for a reduction and have the smallest size possible. Small boobs are cute to me and I'd love to have them and not be as self conscious anymore.

No. 138714

Same here. How big are your boobs currently? I have 38DD's currently but I want a B cup at the most.

No. 138715

Bless you big breasted anons for making me feel better about my tiny tits. They've always been my biggest insecurity, tbh…

No. 138716

I'd like to have bigger lips and get lip injections done. My lips are already pretty full, but I'd really love to have that bee stung look and make them even more plump. For some reason though all lip injections are pretty obvious, and instead of making the lips look plump it just gives them a weird shape, like the person is constantly pouting their lips. When I look at most before and after pictures of lip injections, I can't help but think that the person could have saved a lot of more money by simply investing a lip liner, because I barely see any difference on most of them, and when there is a difference it looks very shitty and unnatural. Why is this? Do you know anyone who actually has somewhat good and natural looking lip injections, while still actually looking different from their natural lips?

I imagine it would leave a much better result if there were things such as lip implants, where the lip was cut up and there was added silicone or something like that, which would make the lips look very naturally plump. I don't really know much about anatomy, so maybe it isn't a thing because it may not be physically possible.

I'd possibly also want to make my nose a bit more upturned, as I think it turns a little downwards in my own opinion, but it's not that bad that I would pay so much money for it.

No. 138717

Some doctors don't know how to shape the lips well, usually meaning that you keep the corners tight rather than just inflating the whole thing into a big sausage. I don't think it's a hopeless procedure you just need to shop around until you find a local doctor who knows what they're doing and gets good results. It's actually kinda nice that fillers are temporary because you can either let them fade if you decide nah on them or if you immediately hate them after the swelling is gone they can be dissolved by your doctor using another injectible fluid.

No. 138718

>big breasted
pick one

No. 138719

I think that's fixed with a chin implant, if I'm not wrong, and maybe some botox in the area?

No. 138720

I want to rip all of my teeth out and get new teeth

No. 138721

Are your teeth forming an overbite? If so then the chin surgery route might be the way

If your teeth are crooked: braces go a long way to help the shape of your mouth area
And lipo to your cheek/face area can greatly define your face more

These alternatives are more cheaper than chin/jaw surgery I feel

No. 138722

I've yet to see a doctor that has done that. Either the shape just ends up very weird or there's barely any difference at all in my opinion, the lips just look like they've been exfoliated or something.

No. 138723

I have an underbite and my chin looks super tiny from the side/front. Not sure how to fix it :(

My dentist never says anything about it (like i thought maybe i need braces?idk). I told him it causes jaw pain (I have jaw pain randomly or when chewing/jaw clenches often) and he said i might need a mouth guard for TMJ and that "i'm too young to need one" but that was it. not sure if I have a bad dentist or what

No. 138724

I had the same thing when I was younger, i. additon to really crooked teeth - braces fixed both problems. I'd suggest looking into underbite solutions and maybe getting a second opinion from another dentist.

No. 138725


underbite solutions? my teeth are a little crooked on my bottom half, so maybe braces? I'm 21 too, sad I didn't get this fixed earlier.

I will have to look for another dentist. The pain and tension in my jaw is so uncomfortable :( (plus it looks so so bad from the side, my cheeks look super chubby/no chin).

No. 138726


For crooked teeth your best option is probably to get braces, you should start looking at orthodontists in the area if you have the money for it. An orthodontist would also have some insight on your underbite problem and nonsurgical ways to correct your jaw placement.

For reference, I had pretty crooked teeth when I was younger and a few years of braces fixed that. The braces also helped to correct the alignment of my jaw, which was off center. It's a pretty long and painful process, I won't lie, but if it really bothers you and it's already painful to begin with it's probably worth a shot.

No. 138727

I have a gummy smile and I wonder if that would be less obvious if I would get lip fillers

No. 138728


i actually just applied today for dental insurance. I will be going soon (and I have an overbite,not under whoops).

I'm a little scared of the pain you mentioned but honestly my jaw kills me some days and I think it's something I must do. Hopefully I at least get some cute braces lel. thanks for the help

No. 138729

>breast lift + possible reduction
>nose job
>collagen fillers (on the lines in my face)
>lip fillers

I think that's it.

No. 138730

I was to get my boobs removed, I'm not transgender or butch I just don't like having boobs.

No. 138731

Can't you get your gums moved? Look up "gum contouring" or "gum reshaping". It's probably expensive as fuck though.

No. 138732

File: 1467383847576.gif (953.32 KB, 500x282, 500x282.gif)

I've lost ~170 lbs through diet/exercise but now I have a fuckton of loose skin to remove but I can't afford the surgery for several years and im just dead inside

No. 138733

I'm getting my fillers redone in a week or two. I've been getting fillers in my tear troughs/lips for about two years ever since I noticed they were lacking volume.

I usually get juvederm.

It's been probably a year since I had the tear troughs done and 6 months for the lips. I'm getting .5 cc in each cheek for the tear troughs (maybe more idk yet) and .3/.2 cc in the upper/lower lip.

Although I'm thinking of also maybe getting my nasolabial folds perked up a bit, since they've started becoming a really obvious facial feature… but I think I'm going to wait until I lose weight.

No. 138734

Are you me? Same here. I am a cis woman and love being a woman, but I hate my breasts and want them removed. I feel as if it would make me so much happier… I hope you save up and find a great surgeon, anon!

No. 138735

There are excercises and topical solution for these cases. And besides, won't surgeries leave scars.

No. 138736


There really isn't an exercise or cream that is going to tighten up 170 lbs worth of loose skin. There's plenty of videos online showing how badly massive weight loss can fuck up your skin, and the only solution is basically surgery :/ They remove the skin from discrete locations though, so it's not like the scars are apparent.

No. 138737

Do fillers in your tear troughs keep for a year or do they visibly vanish in a few months?

I've been seriously considering getting some, but if I have to get poked in the eye like three times a year it might not be worth it to me.

No. 138738

they vanish after about 4 months i'd say. maybe even less. its just a lot of money for me right now to get them done 3-4 times a year.

No. 138739

I'm really glad to see more women out there like me. I've hated my breasts for as long as I can remember and I know it's something internal and not societal pressure (like the hatred of my jaw shape which only happened after realizing that the most desirable shape is narrow and v shaped) and I don't know if I'll be able to find a surgeon out there who will do it considering I'm not transgender but if I have the money, would they really say no?

No. 138740

File: 1467847784328.jpg (Spoiler Image, 177.57 KB, 1024x767, 5yxIF93vtJTJseB5_xA9TdmtBujZ1Q…)

do these look like implants? i see what may be a surgical scar around the areaola.

i've got some wonky tits a la megan marie and so i've been thinking about getting an eventual augmentation and/or lift. i'd like results that look like this, without the bolted on tit aesthetic. i'm really worried about scarring, too. what you think is better, lolcow: shit tits without scars or a nice pair or knockers with obvious scars?

No. 138741

If you really dislike your boobs then the scars are definitely worth it. My boobs are extremely saggy and gross because of weight loss and I'm getting a mastopexy in the future. I know I'm going to get a huge ugly scar but I can't wait for it!

No. 138742

I can't really see any scarring but if they're implants they're pretty good. I think I would prefer nice tits with some scarring vs ugly tits. Most guys don't give a shit but it would make me feel bad personally.

No. 138743

Congrats on the weight loss and hope everything works out well for you, anon. Scars (actual scars) can be worn as a badge of honor.

No. 138744

Just started the process of getting a boob job on the nhs. Waiting lists are huge and I don't know if I'll be accepted, but 12 years of never looking at my wonky droopy boobs, never taking my bra off in front of partners, and never going to the beach without a baggy tshirt.. I think it was time to do something about it seeing as it has definitely affected my mental health in some ways.

They're kind of like megan in the camwhore thread only bigger and therefore droopier. I tried to be body positive. tried to accept that all boobs are different but there's no getting away from how bad I really feel about my body.

now i just have to decide if I want an implant in one or one reduced. Idk idk

No. 138745

Are they uneven? I have droopy boobs too but I'm starting to accept them, just because I'm completely broke and can't afford any surgery. It makes me kinda sad that everyone is insecure about having saggy boobs but I used to be there too so I know how it is.

No. 138746


Most have droopy boobs. It's just this website is obsessed with tiny perky tits. Reality is that all tits actually differ and not everyone is small.

No. 138747

That's not entirely true though. This website can be harsh but There are plenty of girls with "nice" boobs too. There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel more confident in yourself. And no amount of differing tit talk is going to change it and what the world generally prefers in bodies.

No. 138748

I'm not sure if this counts, but I've been thinking about getting my skin bleached one day.

I really wanted to pull off that whole natural look and maybe spending the majority of my time on forums is screwing me up, but I'm starting to feel like people don't really view me as human because of how dark I am

I'm really tired of being pooled in with certain cultures and stereotypes just because I physically fit the look as if I had any control over it whatsoever

I'm weak and just want to be seen as a decent looking person

No. 138749

>boob job
>on the NHS
So that's where my tax money went

No. 138750

I hate the whole 'but EVERYONE has floppy beef curtains and saggy tits, it's just that muh MEDIA tells me otherwise!'
Except there are plenty of us with normal titties and nice fannies. Sorry you're ugly. Nothing against those who do want PS though, I think it's silly how butthurt some people get that about someone who used to be an uggo/butterface and is now hot because they got a nose job. I view it the same as I view those retards who cry about people getting fake freckles because they can't be special anymore.

No. 138751


>"normal titties"

Having conventionally attractive breasts doesn't make them more "normal" than less conventionally attractive breasts.

Both are just as "normal". The idea that attractive breasts are the only normal ones and saggy/unattractive breasts are "abnormal" is pretty horrible for people's self esteem.

No. 138752

Saggy tits are disgusting but you're just as delusional as them if you think the majority of women bigger than a c-cup and older than 15 don't sag. C-cups don't last much longer than 30 at most either. Not sagging under those conditions is much more abnormal.

Floppy beef curtains are very much natural too, although not that common. Extreme innies are literally impossible to have after puberty and without surgery. You know the ones I mean. The normal innies (the ones with no inner labia showing unless spread) are also perfectly normal. I'm not sure how they common they are but they definitely aren't abnormal either.

No. 138753

> Extreme innies are literally impossible to have after puberty and without surgery.

I have literally VERY little labia minora. When I spread its just two pink slivers where they "should" be, but aren't. My clitoral hood is more prominent than they are. I agree with your post but this statement is wrong. I haven't had surgery and I'm 22. It's definitely possible. That being said I think I had a lot of androgen exposure throughout puberty so that might be why.

No. 138754

generally normal=conventionally attractive, fyi
many things in this world are normal but not considered such because most people don't find said things attractive

Yes but how many women do you know with tits that big? The average for many countries afaik is B-cup, which generally tend to sag after breastfeeding and not before. There's also small Cs and Ds.

No. 138755


Some girls who have had weight on and lost it can have sag due to that you know. Not everyone can afford to get them perked up. This website is either obsessed with perfect tits or flat tits.

No. 138756

I meant the ones that have had all of it removed. Hence the "showing with spread" if you have any pink/brown showing at all you're not what I'm talking about. And in case this is the part that confused you showing doesn't mean sticking out. I have an innie with no labia that sticks out. It'd be pretty stupid to tell other people I couldn't exist. As you probably saw from me repeating myself I was pretty tired when I wrote it.

According to lolcow everything under an f-cup is "literally flat chested" I don't agree but I'd rather not have five different hour long arguments about it. Most say the exact opposite of you and that almost no one has a b-cup over 12. B-cups are still average for smaller women but in the US 34 or 36 d-cups are the norm now. Only because 70% of Americans are overweight/obese but still. Small ds and small cs will still have the same problem unless they're small enough to be a b-cup. That's generally how gravity works. Even b-cups can get saggy eventually or through breastfeeding and pregnancy. The only breasts that are completely safe are a-cups and below.

>obsessed with perfect tits or flat tits
>obsessed with flat tits
We obviously aren't on the same website then. Lolcow hates everything that isn't the size of your head and completely round with absolutely zero sag. They get their body standards from anime and both the robot and pull invasion hasn't helped. Did you quote the wrong person? I'm saying sagging is very much normal and extremely common.

No. 138757

No when I spread there is nothing there either. Just my clitoral hood and my actual vaginal hole.

No. 138758

File: 1469032956921.jpg (17.99 KB, 640x335, Ottimo.jpg)

after googling "nose tip rhinoplasty" for years probably, I finally found a photo of exactly what I want. Too bad it's from a clinic in Russia.. my tip looks very similar to the before picture

No. 138759

You should consider to do porn

No. 138760

when I close my legs on the little edge of an inner lip sticks our a tiny bit or none at all (depending on my position). but when "spread" there is a some extra skin in my inner labia. Is this seriously that disgusting? I'm so nervous about being with a guy now since it's considered disgusting and unattractive apparently.

No. 138761

>According to lolcow everything under an f-cup is "literally flat chested" I don't agree but I'd rather not have five different hour long arguments about it.

that's because you literally have no idea how bra sizes work, jesus christ how many times do we all have to go through this.

No. 138762

I think we have similar labias and im a bit insecure over it
my bf has no problem with
none of my partners ever did tbh

No. 138763

File: 1469036860017.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.42 KB, 736x448, 3b1c5627cda54b4bf4d105c105c2d8…)

That's not disgusting at all and most guys won't even notice. If there's one thing I've learned from being on here and real life, women are 1000x more critical and mean about women's bodies than men are. Like, a lot of men don't even know that women have three holes down there, they really don't care about ridiculous things labia minora sticking out or nasolabial folds or whatever. Anyways, here's a chart that has diffrent molded labia and shows how they are and they're all perfectly normal, don't worry about it.

I'm probably going to get some shit for this but I used to browse lolcow daily and it just worsened my insecurities and made me insecure about things that nobody really notices. I just go on here now for the occasional laugh and advice giving and I'm way happier, maybe you should take a little break too.

No. 138764

File: 1469050205960.png (424.97 KB, 717x738, LiterallyFlat.png)

I meant it both by what guys and uninformed people usually mean by f-cups and what "actual sizes" are. Literally everything under headsized gets considered "completely flat". You aren't any different if you think this is 100% flat. Flat doesn't mean "small". That's like saying this woman has tits bigger than her head. It's objectively false.

No. 138765

File: 1469050459120.png (460.11 KB, 516x862, LiterallyFlat2.png)

Absolutely zero flesh at all on both of these women. And yes this site is using correct sizing.


No. 138766

This chick's band is absolutely too small for her. Not to mention she has teardrop shaped breasts and it's taken from a really minimizing angle.

No. 138767

My thoughts exactly no way is she a 28. Even when my bmi was 16.3 last year I was a 30 back and she's definately a healthy size by the looks of things. I can't understand why people squeeze into bras, bras can be uncomfortable as it is ouch.

No. 138768

>bras can be uncomfortable as it is ouch.
Pretty much the only reasons for them to be uncomfortable is
1. wrong size
2. wrong shape
3. medical condition
4. wonky-shaped body, which can technically be coupled with "wrong shape"

Additionally, bmi has zero to do with the circumference or shape of the ribcage if you're not fat.

No. 138769

I lost a shit ton of weight over a 3 year period, from 2013 until a few months ago. I went from 190 to 120 and I feel awesome but my face looks slightly saggy. I'm 24 and have been wearing sunscreen religiously since I was 18, have a good skincare regimen, don't smoke, eat well, stay hydrated, all that. In the right lighting I have pretty prominent nasolabial folds (ha) and tear troughs. I'm wondering if there's anything else I can do besides keep up my regimen to lift my face back up? Is 24 too young for fillers? I don't want to look like Taylor buuuuut without makeup on I look tired and sad :(

No. 138770

i've had my NLF all my life but

you won't look like taylor. i don't know what yours look like but if you get a good doctor you won't look like taylor. i've had them done and so has my mom and it just looks natural and normal.

i dont know why taylor looked so awful. mine has always been only a subtle difference.

No. 138771

It looks like a common nose job. The pre-nose isn't even hard to fix, the surgeon literally just fixed the tip. Nostrils are untouched, it looks like there was a bump and was fixed too. You will find a good surgeon in your area too.

No. 138772

its very rare and I've seen some ridiculous cases of people getting it but I dont know if thats just media hype. like anything I believe there is a real need for it if you hate your body so much its having a psychological effect on someone. You aren't special for paying taxes you know.

No. 138773

If you hate your body that much you see a therapist not a plastic surgeon, leech.

No. 138774

I've had some cosmetic surgery. Got my breast tissue excised (mail here xDDD was a fat fuck when I was a teen which supposedly gave me high estrogen), laser skin resurfacing, and some lipo. Also seeing a jaw surgeon soon for a genioplasty (they cut off your chin and advance it) and later intend to get a nosejob and some fillers.

If there is any advice I could give, never ever skimp on plastic surgery. Revisions are way more expensive than getting things right the first time. Do research for several months on different doctors like you are trying to doxx your favorite lolcow. Don't be afraid to travel if there are no good doctors in your area.

No. 138775

Rizk's results are very overdone a lot of the time imo. I think he photoshops too.

No. 138776

No. 138777

File: 1469205414681.png (146.07 KB, 899x976, Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.2…)

>The pre-nose isn't even hard to fix
thanks, I wanted to hear that, because I completely agree. It's only the ball tip, and the before nose isn't that bad to begin with.

my tip is similar to the before picture, and I want it like this girl. she had hers done too, but it doesn't look like any before pictures exist. her tip is very tiny

No. 138778

please be my bf I'm begging you

No. 138779

That nose looks horrible anon

No. 138780

Is Ukraine a good place to go to for rhinoplasty? I just want to get a bit of the bridge shaved off. My best friend would be able to translate conversation if necessary.

Even the places that should be reliable, in my own country have suspicious reviews with the same 2-3 people giving 30 5-star ratings.

No. 138781

If you want a good but cheap place in Europe go to Serbia
All trannies go there for facial feminisation and dick-to-vag surgery

No. 138782

I convinced my therapist that I'm mentally well enough to get a nose job. Now I just need to contact the surgeon again. I'm so happy!

No. 138783

I'm not getting it but in all honesty I dont see why not correct severe cases. They make you see a therapist before anything tbh and granted I think medical professionals know more than you or I. Don't worry. Nobody is missing important medical care for it.
-fellow taxpayer who understands how things work.

No. 138784

i think so too. I don't really care what anyone else thinks, and I may yet be refused anyway. BUt, as it happens I've been paying tax a good 10 years myself now and never had any significant medical or dental payout. I would think I've easily funded it myself by now.

No. 138785

You sound like you need a break from forums like this. I had similar issues with my height, cheekbones, breast size, butt size and other shit but then I realized cosplay and the community are stupid as fuck and left. My self-esteem has never been better. Try taking a break to see if you feel better.

No. 138786

i got my nose tip fixed in tbilisi (georgia, that tiny ass country next to turkey) around 2 weeks ago and i honestly couldn't be happier. the surgeon is well-known for his great nose-jobs and did an A+ job on mine.

the whole procedure cost me around 1000 euros (2250 georgian lari) and it includes the consultations before and afterwards (getting out the threads, checking on the nose) so THAT's cheap as fuck.

just wanted to mention this country too since it hasn't been mentioned before i think? although i think if you come here you should have someone accompany you who knows the language since it's p uncommon for foreigners to get their stuff done here lol

No. 138787

File: 1469283172661.jpg (18.72 KB, 693x242, 13427834_260800737615001_31562…)

Can you make his name? I'm curious to see his works.
If that's the result you want, I think you will easily get it with a good surgeon. I found mine (future mine, since I'm still looking for money) through facebook groups, just make good researches, look for documented experiences, see if he ever ruined somebody's face and stuff. The one I chose is specialized in secondaries, he's a rebuilder but I think he'll be fine for my long potato tip too. I mean, if he can rebuild such damaged noses, why wouldn't he be also good in first rhinoplasty? Pic related is a secondary.

No. 138788

This is a terrible nose job. It's likely she can't fucking breathe. Are you okay with that, anon?

Plus if your tip is like the before that might suit your face better. She has visible nostrils after, which are okay with her face but they might not be okay with yours.

To put into perspective, I had a nose job and I wanted a pixie-like nose too, with lots of visible nostril. The surgeon said he would give me something similar that suited my face. After a month, in my recovery, I had SO much visible nostril and I hated it. I cried every day because I looked like a pig with my nose upturned that much. But the surgeon told me that it would drop eventually. Now, it's fully recovered and the tip has dropped and I look so much better.

So yeah, the point I'm trying to make is, not everyone looks good with visible nostrils. If your nose is too upturned, you might end up looking like miss piggy. It depends on your face. Be careful anon.

No. 138789

Agreed, a good surgeon tries more to make a nose that suits your face than to give a tiny Barbie doll nose to every girl he operates. He listens to you, tells you honestly if your idea is doable or not with your nose type and skin type and does a compromise between what you want and what it's doable on your nose.

No. 138790

File: 1469304306346.jpg (125.94 KB, 600x429, c.jpg)

No guys, seriously. I'd love a nose like that. I understand how it would be too much for some people, but to me it's perfect. Either way I'm still in a "wishful thinking" stage, since I honestly think it might not be doable or easy to accomplish it. It'd be great if I could see what this girl's nose used to look like, but I couldn't find anything.

No. 138791

With a nose like that, there's a 99% chance you would have to fix the rest of your face afterwards.

No. 138792

This sort of additional complication to nose jobs really gets me worried.

I have a medium sized bump, a bulbous tip and a deviated septum, so I really feel I'd benefit from a nose job. Except the rest of my face is such a droopy lumpy mess anyway, I would need a surgeon that could definitely know how to proceed with making something that didn't stand out too much. They would probably want to do it in multiple stages, but I'm such a poorfag I'm trying to figure out how to just get the NHS to fix the deviation first.

I've read deviated septums can just slide back into their original position over time, too. Anyone have any experience?

No. 138793

You have to be pretty well versed in anatomy to proceed successfully when it comes to fixing your face. It's no joke. Don't skimp.

A nose job can devestate your face and soft tissues if done improperly. You don't want to end up like Kota with Drew Barrymore chin from all the mouthbreathing.

No. 138794

I'm pretty sure Kota's chin and nose are both unnatural. I think she has a chin implant. A lot of surgeons will offer them alongside a nosejob if you have a slightly "pudgier" face. Mine did. I obviously turned it down because chin implants are irresponsible at best and horrendous at worst.

Yeah the best is just a slightly different nose to what you have, nothing like this >>138790 should honestly ever be performed on anyone whose face is slightly droopy or lumpy…

No. 138795

Nah m8. The projection of her chin is most likely caused by excessive mouth breathing throughout the developmental stage. It causes the cartiledge to overdevelop. It's not an implant.

No. 138796

Uhhh, mouth breathing does exactly the opposite of what you said. It causes an underdeveloped chin.

No. 138797

File: 1469350706620.jpg (31.03 KB, 481x481, EAdPhO9uPP8.jpg)

I think Sabina (the girl in the photo) had her nose done at Al-Isa clinic in Makhachkala, Dagestan. I know that her friend Mari >>138499 had her nose reshaped there.
But Sabina had the nose done earlier, there are photos where she's like 16 and already has the new nose.

No. 138798

File: 1469369709716.jpg (28.65 KB, 322x324, enhanced-buzz-5624-1397141575-…)

No. 138799

…this is awkward cuz you're wrong :/

No. 138800

File: 1469388437336.jpg (47.22 KB, 465x194, mouth-breathing-boy-face-1-w64…)

Nice sources , boo :^(

No. 138801

There is a mouth breathing woman who works at my store - it's fucking terrifying to hear horrible moaning raspy breaths and to turn around and be face to face with her breathing like a troll and her gross jaw and gaping mongy mouth. Soz but that's how they are.

No. 138802

I would get chin and jaw surgery. The lower half of my face is just overtly asymmetrical. My chin points to the right almost. The reason I want jaw surgery is because having an underbite, crowding, and a crossbite since childhood fucked my jaw somehow. My lips are in a perpetual pout. It used to bother me so much but now I have ran out of fucks to give. Maybe one day. I think it would make me much happier.

No. 138803

File: 1469544559454.png (93.95 KB, 375x375, mouthbreather.png)

how awkward for you, eh?

No. 138804

File: 1469734170136.jpg (55.23 KB, 600x559, BxFNdo9IIAAhFzq.jpg)

Bella Hadid is my favorite model right now but I'm disappointed to know she has had work done since she pushes being natural etc. The nosejob is obvious but her lips seem real.

No. 138805

Can we make a new thread? This one has almost 1000 posts

No. 138806

Nah, let's just wait till we hit the bump limit

No. 138807

I didn't think lolcow had a bump limit?

No. 138808

>tfw my surgeon thought it would be stupid to remove my self harm scars only to leave a much larger surgical scar.

This is pissing me off to no end, because now I have to pay out of my own pocket.

Yea, it was stupid and the cuts are 12 years old. They have healed very nicely, however i'd much rather have one huge scar that looks like something from an accident instead of clear proof that I was mentally unstable and I'm not sure why that is so hard to understand.

No. 138809

No. 138810

Anybody interested in blepharoplasty stuff? I have some really good before and after pics too, I'll post em up if anyone wants. Also I can answer some questions!

No. 138811

Has anyone had any surgery on their hymen?

I want mine to be trimmed down, it seems like it has a lot of tissue and gets irritated pretty easily. It also makes my vag look like a beaked monster.

No. 138812

Are you sure you're not confusing it with your inner labia

No. 138813

File: 1469906928093.jpg (16.06 KB, 200x448, mycorona[1].jpg)


Definitely not, it's the fleshy bit around the opening of the vagina. My labia are quite small and not bothersome in the slightest.

Pic related. Mine is like the top two, I guess.

No. 138814

Couldn't you just use an anesthetic gel and take it down with a dildo? Maybe it's a stupid thing I'm saying, but I know there are anesthetic gels for the vagina, like Luan and every lidocaine composed one. Seems easier than surgery

No. 138815

File: 1469915379782.jpeg (14.27 KB, 338x225, image.jpeg)

I'm a woman and I don't think I'm a complete idiot when it comes to vagina but can someone explain this shit to me?

No. 138816

some hymens grow back. or are in general "tight" and will thus rip during penetration. anon wonders if anyone's had surgery to fix it.

No. 138817


the skin around the vaginal opening is the hymen aka vaginal corona. Mine has little flappy fleshy bits that kind of stick out :( I just want them sort of trimmed so they don't stick out as much/get as irritated from penetration.

No. 138818

File: 1469928779034.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.06 KB, 277x182, vagina.jpg)

warning pic is a vagina.

It sort of shows what I am talking about. Probably a stupid thing for me to be insecure about but mine is so ugly.

No. 138819

Wouldn't trimming it remove nerve endings too?

No. 138820

why be insecure about hymen shape lmfafo
do guys like to spread it out like that if yes im never having sex thats gross

No. 138821

I didn't realise she was belly down for a second and really panicked.

No. 138822

> hymen

I smell a robot.

No. 138823

File: 1469940020847.jpg (47.71 KB, 540x540, 009.jpg)

somebody else said it was the hymen shape i wasnt paying attention

No. 138824

The hymen exists, it's just not a membrane that covers the vaginal opening, or needs to be broken or whatever.

No. 138825

I used to have a list a mile long of diffrent cosmetic surgeries I wanted done, but I just want a breast lift and nose job now.

The only reason I want those done is because I'm actually insecure about them, not because I'm worried that other people wouldn't find them attractive like I used to be about pretty much everything else.

I'm actually against cosmetic surgery in most cases so I guess I'm a hypocrite. I'm really just against people getting plastic surgery just because they have a feature that they're worried other people won't like, or getting plastic surgery because everyone else is, or because they want to look like a perfect airbrushed model in a magazine. So yeah, most cases.

No. 138826

I don't think you're a hypocrite. I'm not against ps but even I agree those are retarded reasons to get it done. However, there are lots of people who get it just because a body part (or lack thereof) bothers them personally or they just like the plastic Barbie look.

No. 138827

I'm not sure if plastic surgery would correct this, but I have two things I want to change

>My ass, make it bigger

and somehow remove all the scars.

I went to a different country so many years ago and since then I got this type of rash that starts off as little raised bumps and itch like a bitch. I had them everywhere, but gradually they went away mostly. Only popping up randomly on my arms but now only secluded to my rear. It itches so bad and then I scratch them, causing them to look like mosquito bites then it seems to spread.

Long story short, my ass looks like a fucking dalmatian coat, especially worse since im really pale. Looks like a fucking connect-a-dots.

It hurts my self esteem so much and I've ended up just crying about it. I try not to get so down but I just can't avoid it sometimes.

No. 138828

Have you tried a bleaching cream?

No. 138829

I can't believe the amount of woe you guys express over things most people wouldn't even notice.

The Beauty marketing industry really did a job on you guys.

No. 138830

File: 1470135024198.gif (132.97 KB, 311x366, wnIaRyJ.gif)

No. 138831

File: 1470278676122.jpg (358.6 KB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_08-04-04.36.45.jpg)

Doctors say I need surgery on my nose and jaw, both need to be broken and my nose will be straightened while my jaw (both upper and lower) will be brought forward and APPARENTLY it should look something like the after picture. I kinda find it more fitting for me (I do have kinda delicate features from the front, just my profile is baaad) but it's so strange to see myself like that. Also, I'm kinda worried how it will affect my face from the front? Because I like it the way it is now, and I don't want it to change too drastically… has anybody had a similar experience before?

No. 138832

Is it orthognathic surgery? I had that when I was 16. My upper and lower jaws were extremely recessed, more than yours (assuming that's your photo) and they both went off into different directions. I personally loved the results, it made my face proportional and symmetrical, so if your face is unsymmetrical too then you should see a change with that. The doctors also believed I would have ended up developing arthritis in my jaw without the surgery, so there is a medical benefit from it although I don't know if that's the case for everyone.

Don't be afraid to be really upfront with your doctors about what you want to keep the same and what you want changed, this is your face that you'll have for the rest of your life and there's no such thing as being too careful. Hope this helps!

No. 138833

Anons, should I talk to a plastic surgeon?

I'm a notorious nose spray abuser and have trouble breathing. I've been to several doctors and nurses but the HSE always chalk it up to an allergy or infection, either tell me to 'deal with it lol' or just prescribe me more nose spray or some steroids. I've had this for months and often have trouble breathing in my sleep or whilst lying down.
Prior to this I had frequent nosebleeds in my teens, and in pictures my nose looks crooked and distorted. Am I right to believe I've a deviated septum?

For reference, I might look like Mrs Doyle from profile view but I actually don't mind how my nose looks from 3/4 view and up front, so I'm not exaggerating my problems as an excuse to get a nose job or doing it for purely aesthetic purposes.

Which brings me to my next problem: if I do end up having the surgery, will my nose look inherently different? I kinda don't want the stereotypical button nose, I don't think it'd suit my face very well. I'd like to get rid of the hump from profile view if anything, but I wouldn't touch it if it'd completely change how my nose looks now.

Should I go for it?

No. 138834

I don't think you really need the jaw surgery though, just the nose job will fix your profile and your chin is not that receding.
You have to choose a trustworthy surgeon that won't fuck up the functional part and will also be conservative with your features.

No. 138835

Anyone here get a nose job or some form of plastic surgery on the NHS? I feel like I'll never be able to afford not looking like a deformed freak and I have to be underweight to hide my disgusting mouth-breather jaw.

>inb4 i get lectured on taxpayer money

pls dont

No. 138836

Taxpayer money

No. 138837

they can do sinus surgery which doesnt touch the nose structure at all

No. 138838

Has anyone on here been to South Korea for a plastic surgery?

Me and my friend want to over there for nose jobs; I've seen women with similar "issues" as me who have gotten their noses fixed beautifully. Because they're the most advanced in plastic surgery, I feel like it would make sense to go there?

I have a roman nose with a prominent bump that I want to fix. I don't want to mess with the actual bridge too much; my main concern is the bump and I feel like it shouldn't be to risky to just have that shaven down? I also have a terribly bulbous nose that's all soft and squishy and gross that I want to refine, and with that probably adjust the nostrils as well.

I have some very faint lines on my forehead despite being young (turning 20, sobs), nasolabial folds and faint lines under and on the sides of my eyes as well that I'd like to try and fix too.


No. 138839

if youre white you shouldnt go to south korea. sure theyre the top b