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File: 1669355810186.jpeg (287.92 KB, 1200x675, pedrocover.jpeg)

No. 1420829

Previous Thread >>>/ot/1413238

No. 1420832

OHHHHH MY GOD IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR! I got nicely dressed and did my makeup for the first time in weeks and I looked in the mirror and thought I looked beautiful. I couldn't believe it considering I've felt so ugly lately. I take out my phone and take pictures and I look so FUCKING UGLY. My nose is so big. my forehead is big, my eyes are downturned, and my face looks fat. I only look good in the mirror. My face flipped (what literally everyone views me as) is so fucking hideous I can't STAND IT ANYMOREEE

No. 1420836

Cameras, especially the short lenses on phones, do not accurately reflect reality! They exaggerate whatever is closest to them, which is almost always your nose. Some people are weird looking in person and beautiful on camera, and others are the opposite. It sucks in this selfie obsessed society, but you're probably not ugly, just unphotogenic.

No. 1420839

you looked as beautiful as you thought; pictures are not reality. you can be perfect and look like shit in a picture, likewise you can be hideous but look fantastic. either way it doesn't fucking matter because looks fade. you look great and stop being hypercritical, you'll look back on those pictures in two years and be like "o shit i did look nice"

No. 1420844

I thought my cat got out, holy shit. I'm visiting my grandparents and brought my cat (staying for a while and can't leave cat). She's been at their house before. Thought I searched everywhere feasible in house, fucking went out and searched, left her box outside besides food and my joggers, and I was nervously pacing the front door. She's fixed and has her claws but my lord I feared she got hit or mauled. My grandparents live in a very busy neighborhood (people go 50 mph down their street at night, it's nuts) and people own multiple dogs usually big breeds. I was going to go out again and search when my grandmother said my cat's name and there she was. I made the mistake thinking she couldn't hide under the couch. She could and she fled back to the spot after I tried to pet her. She's very nervous and I don't know why. I am beyond glad she's safe but what the fuck kitty?

No. 1420848

File: 1669358051580.jpeg (339.58 KB, 1500x1500, 051FEDE2-9FC0-4CFC-986D-8AA84C…)

mother and I didn't attend the narcsgiving dinner and mysteriously my mailbox and my narcousin's friend's mailbox were the only ones on our street that got smashed with a bat or something.. huh. strange!

No. 1420853

I hate the guy in the thread pic and wish he would die. That is all.

No. 1420856

Anyone else with a mom that just has to comment on everything and make everything negative. I want a relationship with her so badly , but just when I think we are laughing and getting a long, I manage to say something that makes her combative, judgemental etc. Like please.. Today alone she has managed to

> Hound me for making two desserts for tomorrow's family dinner instead of one. Insisting that it was excessive and unecessary (I bought the ingredients with my own money, I made them on my own, and I completely cleaned after myself, so there's literally no reason to NAG me about it)

> Criticize me for running to the store because I forget to get milk in advance for what I was making. That I shouldn't forget basic ingredients.

> Criticize me for plugging my charger into an outlet that blocks one of the walkways (it was temporary because I needed to be in the kitchen but my laptop was dying)

> cut me off 10000 million times while I'm trying to recount a news broadcast I saw to my dad, telling me that I must have misundertstood, misinterpreted it when I'm the one who fucking watched the video , a video that is literally not capable of being misconstrued.

This is re-igniting my rage bye.

No. 1420857

kek why. He's a good actor. His sex scenes where girls are dying to sleep with him were not convincing though i don't want his dick anywhere near me.

No. 1420859

Disgusting. I came into work at 7am because someone’s got to, and my coworker came in at the same time anyway. Why? I got 5 hours sleep for what reason? I need to take public transport and he’s got a car, i know i cant say “you do it because you’ve got a car” but its objectively exponentially shittier for me to come in than him. We flipped a coin to decide and it was me, but then he comes in early anyway? Fuck off.

No. 1420860

I hate that the art salt thread has become a le east vs west thread at this point

No. 1420863

My father is a combination of Dwight from The Office and Pierce from Community. Help.

No. 1420870

File: 1669361105665.png (363.6 KB, 516x516, 1647207091559.png)

I am getting tired of the LGBT. I am tired of every fucking piece of media i enjoy having tranny and fag flags and having gendie or forced gay characters on it, and i am specially tired of all the tomboy characters getting trooned out. Also tired of how the lgbt refuses to force pedos and abusers out of their community and how they glorify myisogyny. I only have symphaty left for lesbians.

No. 1420884

This 100%. It is not good nor helping anyone. Just simple annoying. I do not even have a problem with lgb but in media it is always so bad implemented and overused.

Also love this image AVGN is still a fond memory for me.

No. 1420886

This pic radiates autistic energy

No. 1420892

I hate how everything that isn't "normie" (whatever the fuck that means these days) is now "queer". I hate how every gay representation in media has edgy teen fuck u dad energy. The kind of people who you're trying to preach at don't even consume this type of media can you please just write a good story and stop with this pathetic self insert garbage?

No. 1420899

>every gay representation in media has edgy teen fuck u dad energy
Damn this is so true. It's like every character that's gay is some edgy dangerhair rebel that wants to "stick it to the man!". Also that stupid bi trope where she's the "cool girl" that's having threesomes to please scrotes and that's her whole character. And I'm sick of seeing any supposed lesbian characters in media kissing tim troons. Has there ever been a gay man dating a tif on tv?

No. 1420920

nonny, cameras are not reality, they cannot capture your true form I don't care what anyone says.
I feel the same way and the flipped version of myself in cameras makes me look horrific, I try not to think about it because what does a picture matter?

No. 1420940

File: 1669373044094.gif (2.03 MB, 498x264, D1FED091-0F6D-4A1D-B32B-C9B8CA…)

It took me about 2 decades but we’re here. I’m losing the last bit of interest in even the “ideal” man I’ve got in my head bc we all know not even the most decent real live moid can go beyond the bare minimum like many long suffering mothers we all know too well.

Every moid distraction I’ve ever had in life always led to the worst concocted fuckery ever and I think 22 is a good place to start fresh, get my degree before 30, save up for a house after that, and just eat healthy and work out in between so I will be presentable to a female partner when I’m ready to delve into situationships again

No. 1420954

Why does the grocery store by my house have to smell so disgusting. I’ve been present at autopsies before, and even those didn’t smell as bad as the checkout area of this fucking store. I actually complained today and they told me I must be the one with the problem because no one else can smell anything. Am I going crazy?

No. 1420962

i can’t stop being mean to people because i’m miserable and suicidal, i’m such a horrible person and i need to be nicer to my mum

No. 1420963

I've been especially emotional lately and it feels like I can't do anything. I just really miss my cat, he died a few months ago and I haven't been able to get over it. I still dream of him and cry when I'm alone because I miss him. We were super close and I basically knew him all my life. I can't be open about how gutted I am because my family members think I'm weird or disturbed for being this close to an animal. Nobody seems to understand how much this hurts for me, he meant everything to me. I haven't really gone out with friends or really anywhere just for fun and have only socialized the bare minimum since he died. I just don't want to be around anyone anymore. My psychiatrist asked me if I could be depressed but I doubt that's the case since I don't want to hurt myself and don't have a history of depression, and I think this will pass eventually. Even my psychiatrist must have thought it was weird how upset I was over this. I've been spending a lot of time with my other cat, who was also really close to him before he died. She's been really comforting to be around. I wish I could spend all day with her but I've been told I sound too clingy when I say that, which I kinda agree with, I give her space and let her approach me. I always feel this deep sadness and try not to cry whenever I dream about him, which I have been for a while now, usually dream about him once or twice a week. Always about getting to see him again, which is just cruel because I know I never will. I looked at the box with his ashes and felt so alone. My mom and her boyfriend have been relatively supportive of me even if they think I'm strange. They can't really say much to comfort me, which is understandable. I just wish people would understand how painful it is. He was so loyal and loving and stuck with me through everything in my life. Everyone knew we were super close and they certainly weren't surprised with how I reacted but they still tell me it's not right to feel this much grief for an animal. I've just been trying to play video games or distract myself so I don't get emotional. I guess distracting myself is fine, helps me avoid crying. I don't know when the grieving process will end.

No. 1420966

I keep calling into work because I’m having anxiety but blaming it on my head injury. I think I’m gonna kill myself before I have to go back so everyone can laugh about outliving me when they find out

No. 1420972

Boyfriend and I got into a fight and he decided to tell my friend my actual opinions about her artwork. I have always been supportive of her endeavors and give her constructive feedback but I told my boyfriend that I feel like her work isn't good and that she needs to work on her fundamentals. He told me he did this because I was being a bad friend to her. Now my friend is really hurt and doesn’t want to talk to either of us. I fucking hate this and can’t deal with this bullshit.

No. 1420974

File: 1669380990200.jpg (1.82 MB, 3024x4032, pexels-solodsha-8105037.jpg)

I always feel bad because I didn't academically excel. Growing up in an environment where people value your academic achievements as part of who you are as a person and often obsess over your grades can do a number on you if you aren't good at school.
It was quite brutal, your grades can literally define how other people treated you in an educational setting. It was a lot getting through school as a quiet kid, but I'm glad that it's over now.
I know that I shouldn't let my grades define me for who I am, and I am very confident about my skills but sometimes I just can't shake the thought of me under-achieving at school/uni. Even though I am the type to never academically excel but I tried my best, and that's what matters.

No. 1420982

I’m really grateful that I have four days off because of Thanksgiving. I’m still feeling really sick and get dizzy when I stand up, but this morning I was able to drink water without puking it back up. The worst thing happened last night while I was having a bout of diarrhea. I was so nauseous that I puked on the floor and my legs while on the toilet. As awful as this is I have a couple more days to rest or go to urgent care if I need to.

No. 1420984

I got diagnosed with BPD and I’m so ashamed. I associate BPD with raging, promiscuous, attention seeking, dramatic, abusive, and addictive personalities.
Not to NLOBPD kek but I’m not like that, I just want to be left alone and I want to die, I cut myself but I keep it hidden. I avoid relationships with people, and I’m in control of my emotions and actions in public. I was diagnosed at 28 after I tried to kill myself and was found. Bad things happened to me growing up, but they didn’t turn me into a nightmare human. DBT didn’t help me, it made me worse. I can’t relate to other people with BPD, in group therapy I thought their problems are ridiculous and easily fixed if they would just behave like an adult for five minutes.
Yet I can’t escape my own diagnosis. What does this mean for me? Is there any hope that the loneliness and hatred for the world and the anhedonia will be fixed? Mood stabilisers aren’t helping. Is this all there is anons I’m scared

No. 1420989

Anon, there are a lot of people with BPD who live normal lives, it's possible, just much harder than for a person with zero issues. There's a podcast called Back From The Borderline, specifically an episode called "Anyone who says borderline is incurable is dead wrong" from January 28th, where the author talks with dr Daniel Fox (another good source of knowledge and hope), can't find it on youtube but you'll find it on spotify; give it a listen. If you put work into it you don't have to let BPD define you.
I'm a NLOBPD like you, I'm managing, I know how much it hurts and how hopeless it feels sometimes, especially when you look online and first things you see is 1) people saying BPDs are the worst and have to be avoided at all costs, and 2) BPDs who just let their disorder go feral and all they want is pat on the back from other bpds that will just pull them into self-pity circle. But it's not hopeless, and we're not stuck in this circle.

No. 1421001

A friend keeps making excuses to not hang out and I honestly think it's because I don't like trannies. context: I said hi to her when I saw her in the city but her troon friend was with her, I think she could see I was ignoring him while we were talking. I just smiled, said 'hi I'm Anon' and that was it. Didn't even know the guy, what else would I have said? Maybe I'm just a massive autist but I'm not going to be overly nice to someone I don't want to know kek

No. 1421003


No. 1421004

If that's the only incident, I really doubt that she's avoiding you because of that. Likely she didn't pick up on anything and she's just busy or something.

No. 1421007

I'm such a loner. I'm stuck between telling myself that the loner life is what I want and then daydreaming about meeting someone and having a connection with them.

Every now and then I'll randomly get talking to someone, hit it off and then they become one of those people I daydream about. Its pathetic. Even more pathetic given I'm not that young. My social skills have always been ok when it comes to just casually chatting but then I don't know how to turn that into more. Today in the space of minute I walked past 2 different people who've I've talked to before and gone on to daydream about. Thing is I just slip past them and pretend like I don't see them. I don't know where these walls came from. I don't know why I isolate myself given that deep down yeah I do desire company, friendship, a relationship. I blank or avoid people and then go home and have maladaptive daydreams where we're friends or dating. Hurts to actually type that out.

No. 1421008

If I hear one more moid or pickme saying men have it worse when it comes to mental health because no one cares when they have depression, kills themselves etc….
Dudes going after mentally unstable pretty girls online doesn't mean they care about their mental health they just sense a woman who might be "easier" like the predators they are. Just how many older women, disabled women, ugly women suffer and die alone and no one gives a shit?

No. 1421010

Dudes claim to "have it worse" because they all act like it's not masculine to get help - like most women would do in such cases, and their other scrote friends bully them for a joke on top of that. They did it to each other, if they want to be better, they can dig themselves out of this hole too. I hate when I see moids say that.

No. 1421012

Exactly! It's like they eexpect swarms of beautiful girls to do emotional labour for them when they say they're depressed…
Yesterday I saw a screenshot of a man commenting on a FB meme page post that it's his birthday and no one replied and then a girl said the same and it had 20+ comments from men. And I kept thinking.. Okay, why don't you go make your fellow dude happy then and wish him happy birthday? Men cause their own problems and then blame it on women

No. 1421016

Men who date mentally ill women do nothing but fuck them up even more, then after the break up they belittle them and put it down to hormones. Men now want to play this game of pretending to care about mental health but they'll belittle anyone else with struggles just as long as they aren't in the same demographic as them.

No. 1421019

File: 1669387403914.jpg (7.91 KB, 140x140, rv3ciq.jpg)

2022 was such a shit year for me. Lost my grandma, my great aunt and my great grandma. Got into a relationship with a scrote that used me for sex. Lost my job and had to go from short contracts to short contracts all with super shitty bosses. The only good thing was finally getting a diagnosis and medication for my narcolepsy after battling for years trying to prove it wasn't depression. Also i tried weed.

At least i learnt 99% of men are shit and your boss don't care about you especially if you're at the end of the food chain. Mistakes i won't repeat for 2023.

No. 1421026

I keep missing holidays. Last year I got in a car crash driving to Christmas. Then I had covid on NYE. Missed Easter due to severe stomach bug. Missed Father's Day for some reason too I think it was sickness too. Then I had to miss Thanksgiving yesterday because I have a severe tooth infection and the antibiotics they put me on on Wednesday gave me an allergic reaction so bad my throat was closing up and I was covered in hives yesterday and I had to go to the urgent care for allergy shots and they switched my antibiotics. I'm 28 and have taken antibiotics fine and have never had that happen before. So yeah that's my life right now and on Monday I'll have to hope the endo can fit me in. I'm just really unlucky

No. 1421038

wtf is that threadpic? hideous. bring back he cats

No. 1421041

Your boyfriend is trash.

No. 1421042

>tfw haven't been bothered to create the cat vent threads in a while
Reading your message made smile. Maybe next thread?

No. 1421043

Holy shit you know you have to break up right? Im sure your friend will forgive you but ditch the scrote. He tries to ruin your relationship and isolate you out of spite.

No. 1421053

Maybe it helps when you think why she makes you angry. Not only i am depressed but why, what is she doing. Is it the way she talks, what she says, etc.

are you in therapy?
Did you talked with your mother about this?

depression sucks. I hope it will get better for you.

No. 1421057

I was just at a open mic poetry reading where one of the poets justified 9/11 and other horrifying events where white people with slaughtered with generational trauma caused by the british.

uwuu poor terrorists they just needed a healing space from events that happened hundreds of years ago they totally didn't mean it!!

No. 1421058

You should seriously contemplate if this kind of man is someone you want to be in a long-term relationship with. Either he lacks fundamental social skills, or he's a cruel, spiteful, potentially abusive person who's actively trying to drive a wedge between you and your friend for no reason. He sounds like the kind of person who projects his own misery and sense of isolation onto others

No. 1421059

Like… they thought 9/11 and other terrorism is okay because people have trauma from the British? Did they skip over the entire Islamic Golden Age in history class?
That sounds miserable nonnie. Hope you're doing better now that you're back.

No. 1421060

girl, shit in his cereal and get out of there. you WERE being a good friend by giving feedback at all and if your friend was one herself, she'd listen to you over your scrote

No. 1421064

Probably, posted that while feeling insecure lmao.

No. 1421074

I am fucking STaRVING and the only thing I have with me right now is a stick of string cheese but I can’t eat it because it makes squeaking noise against my teeth like nails on chalkboard

No. 1421079

He's petty and bitchmade and should be an ex. He did that on purpose and he's probably going to try and isolate you from even more of your friends. Try and apologize to her, and drop him.

No. 1421102

Tell yourself you are not starving but fasting. Is very healthy and chic

No. 1421106

i am really freaked out right now because i do not recognize myself at all in the mirror and i have picture evidence of my facial features changing in shape drastically in the last few months im scared. even my eyelids dont look the same as they used to. my eyes are also way bigger than they ever were before i used to have a white space under my pupil in most angles now i have none at all. everyday my face shape changes from wide and round to heart shaped. wtf. and my nose significantly shrunk since i was 10 but i figured maybe hormones have to do with that although isnt the nose one of the parts of your body that never stops growing so why did it get smaller instead of biigger? but im not complaining. my teeth are also wildly different i just look so different than just a few months ago i cant tell its me when i look in the mirror at all it really freaks me out

No. 1421120

This is some low grade fandom problems but I'm so mad and don't know where else to vent about it I'm sorry nonas. I was working on OCs and went to look up some conlang to better adapt name ideas. There's a whole dictionary of fake terms and I kek that this language has slang terms for gay moids and crossdressers, because of course it does. Turns out they also had slang terms for bisexual and "promiscuous" women, but both those terms are also flagged as derogatory. I ree'd out loud, I really did.
Just… fuck this scene. Fuck everyone who has ever contributed to it. Every single nerd with a power fantasy can go immediately die (in Minecraft ofc). I neither know nor care about what circumstances made this discrepancy happen in the first place, I'm just mad that it exists and power sprayed misogyny all over my fun time. I'm mad that I'm not the only woman in this stupid hellscape fandom who looks into lore and gets slapped in the face with scrote degeneracy. This is very little compared to the horrors you get when reading any early edition lore, but the fact that nerd gamer misogyny seeps all the way down into fake-ass languages really set me off for some reason.

No. 1421122

Did you happen to lose weight?
It might just be natural though. When I turned 24 I noticed my face looked a lot older. I lost a lot of my baby fat in my face, and my jaw looked somewhat sharper but it was from the loss of fat. Also, I started to notice wrinkles around my mouth. "nasolabial folds", kek. Freaked me out the first day I noticed but got used to it pretty quickly. I actually like the change now because it made me look more mature. Maybe you're going through the same thing?

No. 1421144

thanks anon. i tend to get caught up in my own head and not consider how it makes other people feel or actually consider why i get so angry so thanks, i’ll try and keep that in mind. hopefully i’ll be going back to therapy soon

No. 1421145

get her ass

No. 1421149

It's been like three days of this infight. Must we?

No. 1421161

I’m genuinely tired of hating men, and genuinely tired of having every single day proof that they are shit and deserve the hate. I just want to vibe and be positive…

No. 1421166

I hate men too, but it doesn't consume me because i keep my exposure to their shenanigans to a minimum and don't keep them as friends.

No. 1421169

Kek, your right. Most children wouldn't be raped if hetrosexual women didn't constantly allow it tbh. They've known all these centuries what men are doing to children and most of them have done nothing.

No. 1421171

Rape wouldn't happen anymore if heterosexual women all just killed their babies in infancy. It's so obvious, why haven't we been doing this??

No. 1421173

Most children wouldn't be raped if men didn't rape.

No. 1421176

Retarded take.

No. 1421178

Sure it might not be the case with every situation, but pretending it's not true is retarded considering how passive most women are. I don't think a single thing in the world will change scrotes, but women sure as hell don't do anything to protect themselves and their children from them in any capacity for the most part.

No. 1421184

>women aren't trying hard enough, it's not like there is any kind of strength disparity between men and women! literal skill issue.
moid opinion

No. 1421186

you sound like me except my social skills are absolutely rancid and all i've ever done is dream of having pals. good luck to both of us

No. 1421187

You're really bending yourself into a pretzel trying to blame women for the actions of men here

No. 1421188

One day society will stop blaming women for the direct actions of men. Child rape would go way down if we just castrated all men outside of a select few for breeding purposes.

No. 1421195

I’m just so tired and I don’t have much grace in me anymore. Everything is so hard, even the supposedly simple things. I can’t stop thinking about easier it would be to disappear.

No. 1421204

I have no motivation at work because they don't pay me enough to afford a house and healthcare. It's that simple. At this point I wish dearly that half of humanity would die off because that's the only way I will ever be able to afford a house.

No. 1421214

I hate how a lot of men deny female depression because “NOOO YOU CANT BE DEPRESSED!! YOURE PRETTY AND LOTS OF GUYS WANT TO FUCK YOU!!!” That just doesn’t make sense to me, or anyone else with a brain actually. Are they projecting because they’re sad that hundreds of guys don’t want to fuck them?

No. 1421217

I hope the old scrote that cut me off to pull across 4 lanes of traffic learns a lesson the hard way and doesn't fucking kill someone. I wish all moldy oldies were banned off the road

No. 1421223

I wouldn’t break up over something as dumb as this if you’re actually like, in love with him to the point of wanting to get married, and he actually actively takes care of you and treats you well and puts effort into your relationship outside of this little spat. However if he’s just some scrote who you have sex with, you should just kick him to the curb. Your friend will get over it. I’m pretty sure if you and your friend have a real, close relationship; something as stupid as “your artwork is ugly” isn’t gonna suddenly make her not love you anymore or want to distance herself from you. But if it does, then that would prove her ego likely needed to hear that.

No. 1421231

Sorry for samefag but kek all the nonnies with
It’s ok to choose flight instead of fight for your own personal situations but not everyone is a weak bitch who runs away when faced with petty un-comfortability

No. 1421234

What the fuck is wrong with you? She should definitely dump him for trying to end her friendship. The friend didn't hear "your art is ugly" she heard "my friend talks shit to her boyfriend about my art while pretending to be supportive to my face"

No. 1421235

It's projection. Men are so superficial and privileged that the worst thing that could happen to them is not getting laid.

No. 1421237

Yeah, and I guarantee you that the friend will live and get the fuck over it! It really could be a lot worse than just finding out that someone doesn’t like your artwork and discussed that feeling with the man they’re dating. If her and the friend have a real, close relationship. Also, if someone is insecure enough to end their friendship with someone else just because they found out their present stage of art creation is ugly, that sounds like their own egotistical issue. If you don’t want your friends to think your art is ugly, either get better at what you’re doing or learn a different trade so you can stop embarrassing yourself. Of course I can only say this as a woman who made ugly art for a decade and none of my close friends were honest with their feelings about my work until after I quit. And guess what? I got over it! Because it’s not a big deal and life goes on.

No. 1421243

those moids dont have any real problems in their life, except that they cannot stick their penis in a woman's wet hole. so they think the only problem it's possible to have is the inability to fuck. they're brainless horny gorillas with no higher intellect.

No. 1421245

You're missing the point. The boyfriend did that out of spite after an argument, he didn't accidentally let it slip during a smoke sesh. He actively sabotaged a friendship in retaliation after an unrelated argument. He's not a suitable life partner but you and OP won't look at it like that.

No. 1421251

Someone can be a suitable life partner and still do something infantile out of rage. Running away instead of working through this so they can both grow from it would be the more infantile thing to do. It sounds like they’re probably like 19 or some rugrat shit, but usually no one has found their suitable life partner at that point kek so even if she does dump him, that doesn’t matter either. However if they’re grown adults having this little spat and throwing their relationships up in their air over it when they could just forget about it and move on with their lives, that’s humiliating.

No. 1421254

Wow, your standards are the lowest I've ever seen

No. 1421257

>You can spend time working through issues? You have low standards
Some of you aren’t willing to break whatever cycle you grew up beneath, and that’s totally ok. I wouldn’t really expect anything else on an imageboard

No. 1421260

that sucks nonnie. Hope you will be able to celebrate Christmas this year

No. 1421262

There is no "working through" the issue of a scrote deliberately trying to sabotage your friendships. That's textbook abuser behavior.

No. 1421263

Is it abuser behavior if the attempt to sabotage her personal relationships fails? No kek. It’s some weak scrote trying to pull down his female counterpart who clearly just needs to be put in his place, and running away from the relationship isn’t gonna do that. She can either exercise her power over him and make him understand that she’ll kill him if he tries to fuck with her personal life anymore, OR she can run off like a deer in the woods and let him relish in his own laughter, feeling like he was successful in making her life worse.

She can either fuck him up or allow herself to get fucked up, choice is all hers. Women in male/female relationships have much more power than they ever allow themselves to exercise.

No. 1421264

>Is it abuser behavior if the attempt to sabotage her personal relationships fails?
Yes, retard, it is.

No. 1421265

Right. Because prison is a better alternative to reclaiming your life away from an abuser scrote. Are you for real?

No. 1421266

A weak little man crying out “wahh my girlfriend doesn’t like your paintings!1” who could easily be shut the fuck up by giving him a bat to the side of the head isn’t an abuser. It’s probably just some nerdy little fuck who’s trying to gain superiority over the woman he’s dating, when it could very easily be shut down.

No. 1421268

You think anyone would look for this annoying fag that she described? I doubt that, sincerely

No. 1421269

Oh sorry, I understand. You don't live in reality and therefore lack an understanding of how things work. Please carry on anon.

No. 1421270

If you didn't want to be told to dump your abusive scrote you shouldn't have come here to complain about him.

No. 1421271

Thanks I hope so too. I just went and got leftovers today because the meds I'm on kicked in and my swelling is down so I think I'll be ok until Monday. I thought I was going to die in my sleep I was so freaked out

No. 1421273

You must not live in reality if you don’t recognize how many people are killed yearly and are just considered “missing” kek…

No. 1421276

I’m not bfanon, I just saw her post while lurking and I find her lack of desire to put her foot down really hilarious kek. Why choose to flight when you could very easily just beat the shit out of some ugly moid who’s trying to make your life worse than it already is? And if she loves him and doesn’t want to do that, then she can just exist with him. My opinion doesn’t change whatever outcome she chooses

No. 1421279

I'm sure that's a gamble OP wants to take just for one moid. He's absolutely worth the effort of homicide and coverup. You're totally right, how could I not see it before?

No. 1421280

You do realize the greatest thing a woman can give a moid is her presence and attention, right? Even if you lash out at them violently they happily stew in the fact they got an emotional reaction from you. Can't believe you would entertain a pathetic cuck instead of dumping him, forgetting about him, and therefore invalidating his entire existence.

No. 1421281

Why would she be with him in the first place if that’s how she feels though? It’s obvious she wants to be with the nigel if she’s coming here for advice instead of growing the hell up and making a move herself

No. 1421283

I mean, if she considers him ‘worth her attention’ to the point of not only being in a relationship with him, but also her whining over not knowing what to do with their relationship on lolcow.farm I wouldn’t really put it past her

No. 1421289

>if a scrote has a gf he can't be that bad
oh nonny

No. 1421291

this. It is a petty act and revealing of character. Unless it is a super, super, super isolated incident she should GTFO and dump him, it's not even a question, and I highly doubt it is isolated.
he's not going to relish her leaving him lol, he'll lose his shit probably because his gambit failed. staying with him despite him giving her this shit is what he would relish.

No. 1421293

My post didn’t say he can’t be that bad…my post said that she clearly wants to be with him kek. Please learn to read before responding, also if he’s abusive and there’s context that she’s purposefully leaving out in order to make this issue look less harmless, then that’s her own decision. There are plenty of people who are aware that they’re in abusive relationships and don’t even want to leave them, they just want the validation of being considered a “victim” and being fawned over by strangers online giving them advice and affirming that they’re “the victim” when they could easily raise their voice and exercise their autonomy and power. I know this because I see this in many chronically online kids (not kids but like 18+).

tl;dr if she didn’t want the validation/affirmation that she’s a victim and should break up with him she wouldn’t have come here, but if she actually wanted to do something to punish him for what he did to her, she would ask us how she should get back at him. Sorry for all the words kek

No. 1421295

this is not the advice thread

No. 1421297

I've had really bad brainfog the past 3 weeks ever since I got the flu. I feel 30 IQ points lower than normal, i can't focus, and i'm aggressive and stupid. I can't even read a book now, I feel retarded, it's like my higher brain functions all shut off. i'm just agitated and restless and want to fight. how do I turn my brain back on?

No. 1421298

And I didn’t write advice

No. 1421300

Lmao anon you're dating a sensitive catty little faggot

No. 1421301

are you dating male regina george? kek

No. 1421302


No. 1421303

i get tired of people blaiming yaoi for girls trooning out. fujoshi outside of the western sphere of the internet seem okay to me; it's just a problem with the west, not yaoi itself

No. 1421305

Nip fujos are unironically homophobic so no they're not that great either

No. 1421307

This isn't twitter, nonny.

No. 1421308

File: 1669409309887.jpeg (50.54 KB, 749x724, 4E7E351F-842E-43B3-B0EA-FA569D…)

The problem with men is that they dehumanize women. The problem with women is that we humanize men

No. 1421309

I'll drink to that nonnie

No. 1421311

Exactly why we need to start unapologetically killing them and getting away with it

No. 1421314

No. 1421315

File: 1669409526401.gif (2.31 MB, 400x225, giphy (1).gif)

Absolutely anon

No. 1421316

OK solanas-chan, you'll wind up in a based matriarchal society behind bars

No. 1421317

What does twitter have to do with anything. A homophobe is a homophobe, simple as.

No. 1421318

Thats what the men in charge want you to believe but I’ll give you one guess for what my body count is kek

No. 1421319

File: 1669409612367.png (270.55 KB, 576x432, sick of everything.png)

Nobody tells you the post damage depression does to your body
probably the worst one for me, i was so depressed my only food used to be coffe, and of course i didnt brush my teeth after like the dirty slob i was, so i broke my enamel and now my teeth are spotty and translucent aside from yellowish.
i used to lose and gain weight in a very short span, go between binging and not wanting to eat so i developed some serious stretch marks aside from weight problems. Now i am chubby and i hate it.
>lack of vitamins
I have a vitamin D deficiency thanks to not leaving my room for 4 years which makes me feel sluggish all the time
the second worst one, i used to pop my zits out of stress and thanks to that i developed a lot of skin marks
went from wearing no glasses to not being able to see further than my arm stretching
It's so tiring, i didnt care at the time because i was sure i was going to kms(tried but failed), but now that i feel better and i am looking towards something i have to deal with all of that crap. Right now the thing that causes me the most anxiety is my appearence, i hate it, and i have no money to fix all my problems.

No. 1421320

Yeah I can be comfortably homophobic to trannies, male or female. Don’t care won’t pretend to

No. 1421325

Two different things

No. 1421327

most of the tifs are into bara because they consider yaoi ''homophobic'' because its written by women, yet nobody blames bara.
god i wish western fujos were this based. I wonder how many terf japanese fujos are going to pop up now that Japan is being invaded by the troony looneys.

No. 1421328

an anon in another thread said western tranny culture is starting to make inroads in Japan and they are more TiFs, very sad if true

No. 1421329

Wasn’t the post being about “homophobic” to fujos

No. 1421332

It is only now, after 5 years of marriage, that I found out my husband has a boyfriend and has been cheating on me the entire time

Wtf am I supposed to do now except kill myself

No. 1421333

2/10 made me reply
We've been getting a lot of bait vents lately

No. 1421334

Why would you kill yourself instead of him and his boyfriend? You didn’t do anything wrong kek. Drill a hole in that faggots head and pull his spinal cord out.

No. 1421335

kill him obv. if my husband turned out to be a cheating faggot his body parts would be scattered across 4 different continents by the time i was through with him and his gay lover alike.

No. 1421336

i know an idolmaster VA started identifying as a gendie so yup, we are there. Sad.

No. 1421338

What you do now is get an STD test and then divorce him.

No. 1421341

File: 1669410590978.jpeg (84.57 KB, 700x495, 3AB460D0-A739-42AD-AF00-06690F…)

Fujos who are happy being female are the most oppressed group of our time

No. 1421344

Put your money into getting a check up to see if there are any rotten teeth. You can do a routine cleaning/scaling, it’ll make it a bit better. In the mean time try to eat as much protein and nutrient-rich foods as you can; your teeth need iron, zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin K2 to remineralize. Coffee is high in acidity anon and it wears down your teeth enamel. Try doing baking soda rinses to balance your pH balance.
>vitamin D
Supplement! Or get a shot, and ask about getting K2 with it to avoid calcification.
There are eye exercises you do to better your vision everyday. You need the sunlight on your eyes as well, anon. And eat carrots, one everyday possibly. And beef liver weekly (about 4 oz) if you can, I think it’s affordable. I know someone who improved their vision this way.
If you can use tretinoin for acne marks, then I 100% advise you to do so. It works really well. Look for products that have it. I also hear the La Roche Posay acne products work really well for spots, but nothing tops tretinoin. You might also want to take notice if dairy or processed sugar triggers your acne.
This one will come with its time. Don’t rush it. When you start eating protein and nutrient-rich vegetables and reduce (if not give up) coffee, it’ll get better. All in all, it’ll take anything from 6 months up to a year and a half. It’s a gradual process anon and you don’t do it all at once, so don’t feel overwhelmed. Good luck!

No. 1421345

I said what I said because I've almost exclusively seen twitter, tumblr, and MRAs puke up "homophobic" to describe fujos–similar reasoning to why fandom spaces are increasingly becoming dumpster fires.

No. 1421351

Samefag, also, why cape so hard for gay males? 2D isn't the same as 3D and with almost no fujo harasses real gay men (contrast to lesbians being mass sexualized and harassed). Men wounded by it probably just want to invent stuff to be prosecuted by, kek.

No. 1421353

>100% normie mom keeps asking me if i think she's got autism (because she's a klutz) or ADHD (because she's often late and sometimes gets a little hyper when she's happy)
I hate TikTok and social media so fucking much. I hate these weak-minded people who want disorders and labels so fucking badly, get a damn personality. When she asks me if I think she's got autism and shit, she asks me with stars in her eyes. Love my mom but that dumb bitch would absolutely love an ADHD diagnosis, dear god she'd never shut up about it for the rest of her life.

No. 1421354

gay men reject TiFs who cry in the bathroom, lesbians reject TiMs who seethe and post school shooter manifestos on reddit, socialization is real, and most gay men are rabid misogynists even if surrounded by faghags so I agree there is nothing to defend there

No. 1421356

I’ve been getting so annoyed with this dumb shit lately too. Not all of you can be autistic or ADHD brained! Some of you are just idiots and annoying!

No. 1421360

I'm not even being tongue in cheek tbhnonny. Women keep ascribing men these deep inner lives, making excuses for their behavior when they hurt us. We imagine them as more human than they are and inevitably get disappointed. In our romance novels/movies/fanfics we've invented higher, loftier beings than the real men you meet. All we're asking is for them to love us and they can't. The next time a man lets you down remember that's not your man that's a monke in a t-shirt and khakis

No. 1421374

i hate this shit so much. these fucking people don't know how awful adhd is. they act like it's a cute quirk. they'll never forget to eat for a day or not be able to motivate themselves to cook or get stressed out by something as simple as loading a dishwasher. i'd rather be disfigured than have adhd.

No. 1421380

I sweaty every time someone bumps the dog love thread, another anon bumps the dog hate thread right after. Some bitches are seething I'm telling you.

No. 1421386

>Nip fujos are unironically homophobic
ymmv i guess i've read tons of bl with a faghag side character

No. 1421395

Super frustrated right now with my accidental hoarding tendencies. I am very tired of my room being cluttered and sloppy looking and I feel almost manic when I'm cleaning up like it'll never be done. I am slowly trying to empty out as much unnecessary stuff as i can just for some semblance of peace, living in a cluttered environment is I think really impacting me negatively.
(And it's not even like it's dirty, I keep things clean and garbage-free, there's just a lot of stuff crammed everywhere, and most of it is stuff i'm not even very attached to.)

No. 1421396

Tell your dad he's hot and I wanna fuck him(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1421397

whenever there's any semblance of male homosexuality or homoromanticism it literally makes me want to puke and i immediately turn it off. i wanted to watch happy together when i was a teenager but i just couldnt do it i was literally so grossed out and i still am like im sorry its probs a great movie but im really homophobic this is my truth. im lesbian btw before anyone gets on my case ( real lesbian never fancied a man before in any way never had piv etc i dont believe in comphet at all ) when wokegendies try to shill their favorite media as suuu gay it literally puts me off watching said thing forever. no matter how good it is im not going to watch it if there's any type of tension between two male characters like it seriously makes me feel sick. sorry but idgaf about gay male trauma matter of fact i dont care about any male trauma much less two of them that like eachother. i have nothing against fujos btw this is just my personal opinion and if you like gay stuff i respect you ( if you're female ) but for me i can't even look at that sick faggotry without feeling ill. bromance equals bad taste in my mouth and disgust equals i am not finishing this crap ever and avoiding all of it from that point onwards

No. 1421400

>but not everyone is a weak bitch who runs away when faced with petty un-comfortability

She is entitled to dump a scrote for any single reason whatsoever, and more women should. You’re more weak-willed for staying with a scumbag than you are for leaving him.

No. 1421407

I don't think I can live peacefully with anyone else and I don't think I can fix it.

No. 1421414

Yeah, the subject is a small one but it makes me wonder if she goes around saying this for worse situations. "Weak bitch" is so weirdly loaded.
is there other signs of him not respecting your boundaries or having resentment? Him going behind your back was a breach of trust, though it seems weirder than anything, like there must be something more to it. Or he just has a low EQ…there's no way he thought it'd end well or fix anything.

No. 1421416

File: 1669416066740.jpeg (477.56 KB, 828x988, BDE6CEA4-BD63-4486-B63F-33262A…)

Based homophobic anon

No. 1421418

File: 1669416224115.jpg (13.52 KB, 275x275, 1666471321441.jpg)

I fucking hate the majority of my coworkers and my manager. I hate the fact that despite working better than others I'm treated worse simply because I'm not sociable enough. My manager literally told me she's satisfied with my work but I should be more open to people and that she won't give me a promotion only because she's scared that I will break under more responsibility and I will stop coming to work and she will have to pay for me; apparently she had this one employee in the past who got such bad depression she didn't want to come to work and they had to pay her. She told me this bullshit despite the fact there was not a single instance of me not coming to work because of my mental health, and during my 1,5 years of working there, the only time when I took sick days was when I got an infection so bad I ended up in a hospital. Even my therapist said my work environment is toxic and I could report my manager for discrimination but I'm too afraid of getting fired. I can't change job right now. I didn't tell my manager I'm an autist because I know that would made things even worse. This is so unfair. I think that the only thing that should matter at a manual job is that you're doing your work fast and good, not the level of your extraversion. I'm so fast they never had to check my ratio, unlike with my coworkers who got promoted, and I never commited any mistakes, unlike my coworkers. One of the only people I talk to at work admits I'm right and that I'm the fastest and she also doesn't understand why my manager treats me this way while promoting others. But I know why. My promoted coworkers are two faced cunts who act all friendly and talkative with our manager and shiftleaders and then call them bitches behind their back. One of them openly told me that you need to know how and when to act. You can think what you want to think, but you need to learn to say what they want to hear. I can't be this two faced, even if I wanted to. I can't be this fake. And for this I will always pay by being the at the bottom of the food chain

No. 1421424

iktf. i keep doing konmari purges but there's just so much stuff. i look through my cabinets and find crap i haven't used in 2 years and still cant get rid of it. i want to just go apeshit and throw everything away but i can't afford to rebuy anything i get rid of and then figure out i actually need. i literally have clothes that do not and have never fit me and i still keep them
wtf is my problem i hate myself

i'll probably do another purge soon. i just bought items for a new hobby and now i'm feeling irritated at how hoardery it looks in here

No. 1421429


No. 1421431

Extroverts are insufferable. They don't understand that people different from them exist and that there's nothing wrong with that. They think everyone should be like them and exclude those who aren't.

No. 1421432

Holy shit same anon, I'm like a completely different human physically
The thing that annoys me the most is my weak muscles/sluggishness. I can't carry anything lightweight around for long

No. 1421433

Who cares about faggots. Those same japanese fujos who hate gay men probably hate gay women too though, so I disagree in thinking they're "okay ackshully"

No. 1421435

>i dont believe in comphet at all

No. 1421438

File: 1669417016220.jpg (124.5 KB, 1024x768, 1419141119280.jpg)

literally just throwing shit hoping it sticks. Go slander fujos somewhere else, where people have a hateboner and 0 thinking skills like you.

No. 1421441

Implying feeling grossed out by same-sex relationships is the only reason for women to hate faggots

No. 1421444

A catty faggot with a sugar addiction calling up your friend with tears in his eyes attempting to get her to turn against you isn’t a scumbag it’s just a closeted troon who needs to be chopped and burned. You girls really need to grow up, not dumping a wannabe strongmrtuffman doesn’t mean “staying with him” kek it can just mean outliving him or giving him a good old Chris Brown style treatment!

No. 1421445

The original topic was someone defending gay men against the secret society of gay-hating fujos though. I find it weird you say "ackshully" sarcastically when you completely moved the goalpost to justify seething.

No. 1421448

I honestly didn't mind fujos before, but it's kind of annoying how they are regularly infighting here and posting gay anime shit outside of their containment thread.

No. 1421460

No. 1421464

I wouldn't wish him on the pickmeist bitch on the planet. He is completely unable to have a conversation, it does not matter what you say (in the extremely rare moments he stops talking and you have an opportunity to even try), he will argue and then lecture you for a solid 30 minutes. It doesn't matter the subject, he will lecture you on how to breathe. He belittles and bullies anything that isn't 100% asslicking or ego stroking, but then whines like a baby if you call him out on anything. He just wants a doll to sit there, nod their head, and go mhm to everything he says. He doesn't even say anything interesting, it's the same rants word for word every single time. Anything that doesn't fall within his narrow interests is a vapid waste of time and any thought that isn't his is stupid. He is extremely controlling in all aspects of life and then acts as if he is doing you a favor by instructing you on how to properly wash a fork. He is a fucking nightmare but also so pathetic and lonely that I can't bear to leave him alone on the holidays.

No. 1421467

File: 1669419587522.jpg (13.47 KB, 275x201, 1648334730109.jpg)

I'm sorry for the prognosis, but there's a nonny out there that's probably sexualizing him even more now.

No. 1421468

File: 1669419677610.jpg (87.44 KB, 1024x576, maxresdefault-33-1024x576.jpg)

My bf is away on a work trip and is sharing a hotel room with his friend who is a promiscuous bisexual. I am afraid of them doing homosexual things together. Also a little bit turned on by the idea of it. Idk if I am being irrational, all I know is his friend is kind of a slut and I don't wanna get cucked nonas.

No. 1421469

One of the nastiest liars I know just posted “no I’m a bad liar” on twitter today oh my god I’m clocking out

No. 1421470

File: 1669419707126.png (716.65 KB, 620x520, peepee.png)

i need to suit-up and enter the closed off room in my house that is full of rat shit and reeks of hot decomposition but i dont wanna so im gonna get drunk and then do it

No. 1421474

They’re too insecure

No. 1421479

I started learning coding because I posted about wanting to do it on here many months ago and got a lot of support from nonnies. As it turns out, im pretty good at it! Im planning on enrolling to college for a compsci degree and I can't believe lc was my main motivation considering how many unhinged nonas ive probably infighted with or have called me a whore kek.

No. 1421481

i don’t know how to get over my prudishness. after spending far too many years hypersexual, i am now revolted and repulsed by anything having to do with sex. my friends will make a sexual comment or joke, and i find myself recoiling in rage and disgust. i hate sexual people and i hate sex and i hate people in fucking relationships above all. i don’t care that you fucked the loser moid you chose to date for some baffling fucking reason. i don’t want to hear about it. even general genital discussion makes me retch. why the fuck would people want to discuss something as intimate and private as sex with their friends? it’s so embarrassing.

but i know that my thoughts and opinions on sex are distorted and it isn’t normal to feel this way. i shouldn’t be foaming at the mouth every time a friend of mine adds a joke about cumming or their enlarged clit to their discord about. how do i chill the fuck out and stop being so disgusted? i feel like my revulsion is just getting worse as time goes on.

No. 1421483

File: 1669420337389.jpg (797.45 KB, 1280x1891, 736aa5af96ff5e01462991974d86db…)

I just suddenly started feeling guilty because I was never able to give childhood me the adulthood she always dreamed of. I'm somewhat content with where I am despite everything but I never had any high expectations for adulthood but even those extremely low expectations where too difficult for me.
If I where to travel back in time and meet a younger me I know she would become so terrified of growing up

No. 1421485

same here except I never had sex. Sex and biology are disgusting tho and you're right to hate it

No. 1421487

how did you start, i want to start too

No. 1421489

File: 1669420629359.jpeg (94.41 KB, 500x666, EE7F71A3-BFD0-451C-968C-327C8F…)

>starts insulting and making fun of people who deliberately ignore me and my messages out of no where
>goes from sweet to extremely sour
>feels extremely bad afterwards even though I know they deserved it

thought this was normal until recently I started researching BPD and I might just be undiagnosed with it kek. strangest thing is I’ve never been technically abandoned as a child, unless you count emotionally than maybe because there was only one parent in the household and I personally don’t consider men as competent parents/caregivers. I just know there is a pattern in my life where people suddenly drop or abandon me and I guess my brain can’t stand it anymore, if you can’t stay in my life and invest in me then what’s the point of even having self-esteem? or loving yourself? if other people can’t love you, then there is nothing to love about yourself, the “love yourself before others love you” is bullshit, the way others treat is you is clearly how you should be treated, i’ve been treated like shit and dumped for most of my life and i can’t have one single thing for me, I can’t get people to care, stay, find the beauty in me besides looking at my skin, race, natural body, i’m tired of it. call me BPDette, crazy, lunatic, sociopath, I’m only returning the energy that this world has clearly given to me

No. 1421490

Kek well if she can tolerate a literal hoarder house filled with garbage and mold that she isn't allowed to touch (because she's a stupid woman who will break something) on top of all of that then she can have him.

No. 1421491

anon kek at that last part. congrats on finding something positive and worthwhile on lc

No. 1421492

that's great nona I hope you are able to get your compsci degree. are you learning with odin project, freecodecamp, or another resource?

No. 1421493

your thoughts and opinions aren't that distorted, sounds like your friends are oversharing too much if anything

No. 1421494

I never infought about it before today, but japanese fujos being accused of hating gay men and women was just weird. I don't really understand why people don't expect pushback to that.

No. 1421500

I'm curious, before did you think you'd be no good at it? I wanted to try myself, though it seems incredibly overwhelming and arcane.

No. 1421501

Maybe I never cared that much about my relationship if I had let it get that bad as it were now. Our relationship is spoiled because of me. If I probably never cared that much why do I feel so sad and guilty that I hurt my ex so badly

No. 1421502

thank you, anon. i’m glad to know you feel the same way.

do you have any tips on how to deal with the overwhelming repulsion? i just feel like it’s starting to make me hate my friends, and i don’t know what to do. i will witness my friends making sexual jokes with or towards other people, in contexts that didn’t involve me or address me whatsoever, and i still feel this startling bitter rage. it feels like a very unhealthy mental state to be in, as i shouldn’t have any issues with my friends having sex lives and discussing the subject. i feel like my sex repulsion is tainting everything around me.

No. 1421504

File: 1669421309919.jpeg (36.32 KB, 500x396, 58E2752D-549A-4FFF-A6A0-18253B…)

i’m 20 but i feel 90 and 10 at the same time. and don’t tell me it’s normal growing pains i’m a bpd retard depressive with no friends and anger problems. i hope someone murders me soon so i don’t have to do it myself

No. 1421511

File: 1669421804941.png (627.49 KB, 563x398, kum.png)

how do i escape this fast food job if the money is decent compared to other part-time entry level jobs and its really flexible with hours but its so draining and caused me to have a drug addiction which i now quit and im scared ill be here forever its only been 10 months but i dont know if i should try to ride out the next two years until i get a degree, or ride out 6 months and save up and leave…is there even anything else out there without a degree? i just cant take the understaffing and terrible treatment from customers. i used to have to take xanax scripts to get through the day without breaking down along with my coworkers…

i really do want to just persevere the next two years and maybe work minimal hours part time but i cant help but think this isnt worth it for 17/hr, but it seems theres nothing else out there when i search. im really beside myself, and all the work on my mental health gets defeated. how do i cope? or quit? where elsecan i work? dogsitting? if this is my fucking life to be, sobriety is useless.

No. 1421512

nta, though it is ok if you're uncomfortable because of it, it's really not that normal for people to constantly want to blab about it and maaaaybe focus more on hanging out with individuals you know don't talk much about it. I know, this isn't helpful, I just say it because you seem to think you need to fix yourself somehow when, considering your past, your emotions about it are natural and it isn't that healthy for you to brute force it. this will take a while to feel better about it, to get that stress response down. the world is a fucked up place for people with sexual trauma.

No. 1421513

Ugh when are the not like other lesbians going to leave, you guys are so annoying and have misogynistic shit takes on everything.

No. 1421514

Nonnie you just admitted to thinking your bf is a fag. Why would you even be dating him if you have that kind of doubt

No. 1421515

apply for a hostess job at a normal restaurant, either the fanciest one that will hire you or a cool place that locals your age like to go or a lot of college kids work. Avoid chain restaurants unless no other option. on the surface it may appear like just another shitty food job but it'll be leaps and bounds better than fast food I promise.

No. 1421517

still wondering if that's bait or not. my bait-radar is as smart as a sea cucumber.

No. 1421518

Damn my bad, then tell your dad he aint shit

That's literally like my dad too, I am so sorry

No. 1421519

Branch out and look for something in a different setting. You need to think outside the box nonna, you have customer service skills AND experience working in a kitchen AND experience working in a fast-paced environment. Twist that into something that'll get you a slightly less shit job. Look for work in restaurants, get a retail job that's decently flexible, or try for a promotion to manager at your current job for like a month then use that to get the fuck out. Rinse and repeat until you get a job that doesn't make you Luna your way through life.
It's perfectly possible to work your way up to a not-shit job from where you are now. Fake confidence in yourself and your skills, don't come across as desperate or spineless in interviews, and you'll be fine.

No. 1421524

I assume it is the troon.

No. 1421525

i hate this site made me self conscious about my nosolabial folds, kek

No. 1421527

Considering the need to pit lesbian and straight women together I assume this is also the troon samefagging.

What gay women would blame women for mens degenerate actions while reeing about democrats on lc of all places kek. Do not take the troon bait and just report.

No. 1421528

>you het girls
Definitely how women refer to themselves as girls and not more common with troons. Men be coping about committing 90% of violent crime and retard rapeapes until the day they die. Men never take responsibility for their actions.

No. 1421529

You're too based to be here lol

No. 1421533

Never forget this is how men think. Men think they are never responsible for their retard actions and can act as chimp like as they want and blame everyone else for their retardation, yet also cope about being the sex of facts and logic and that they are natural leaders of soceity. They are a joke.

No. 1421535

kek, that's why I avoid almost all cow threads. they all look a million times better than me yet people act as if they have the aesthetics of satan's taint.

No. 1421540

is it okay to ask for further advice nonna? part of me has been hesitant to leave this job again because of the flexibility and money but whether i move in half a year or not, i just dont want to be miserable here any longer. do you have ideas of work places i could search for? i really dont want a factory job or another food industry job but thats all that comes up, or receptionist jobs for 12 dollars an hour its so criminal.

i dont mean to be a brat im ok working while i continue college but gosh i just cnat do this specific shit anymore. ive thought about freelancing with the dog sitting but thats going to take time. i just dont know the types of jobs i should even be looking for? again 6 months or 2 years, i really dont think its good for my mental state to stay with this shit show of a place!

No. 1421555

>Also tired of how the lgbt refuses to force pedos and abusers out of their community and how they glorify misogyny
male GBTs are crazy misogynistic. i've faced worse misogyny and lesbophobia from gay men and male trannies than any well-meaning het girl

No. 1421566

>youtuber I like makes a completely unnecessary comparison to troon shit unprompted

I swear to god this 30-something quirky woman who I love for being a 30-something quirky woman on the internet better not troon out. She once responded to a chat asking what her pronouns were that she didn't care but has also referred to herself as a woman plenty of times, please please actually be based, I feel like the only likely possibilities behind saying things like that is either crypto or right on the verge of trooning

No. 1421569

I'm so sad my drawing skill has declined after a few years of not practicing. after getting out my old tablet and doodling for a few hours everything looks horrible - I have no sense of anatomy, poor color choice, bad technique for shading and lighting, and don't know how to work digital art programs anymore. wish there was free online art classes for learning the fundamentals to intermediate level. it's discouraging for me to draw now because I know if I didn't take a break from art I would be 100x better without the regression. going to time travel and beat up my past self for neglecting to practice.

No. 1421571

Ayrt. I don't think he is gay, but bisexuality is not unheard of?? I don't get gay vibes from him but idk how to explain this. It's probably completely delusional thinking and because I used to be a fujoshi and wannabe male when I was younger. But I think he is literally so manly that he is irresistible to homo-leaning men and I could totally see him doing something gay in a "no homo" way. Idk if I am just objectifying him after spending so many of my formative years reading yaoi and wishing I could be a man.

I'm sorry it's a disease of my brain

No. 1421574

ke, who is this

No. 1421579

oh my fucking god nonnies. my bf and i work at the same place but different branches, i transferred to his since we only have 1 car and would save on gas (manager of it offered to give us the same schedule). i cannot stand working with him. he's training to be a manager and since im his gf he feels more comfortable bossing me around and it pisses me off then hes like "you take everything so personal!" yes bitch because i know you don't have the balls to say half the shit you tell me to other workers. i almost want to break up with him because of it. the way he talks to you in his "manager criticism" mode is condescending and backhanded compliments. i finished a task by myself in 1 hr that usually takes us over an hour, close to two and this fuckheaded 4 eyes retard says "Yeah, but we got less than usual." Just say "GOOD JOB" is that SO HARD?? I am desperately applying to other branches and I know I will have to talk to our manager about why I'm leaving since our manager adores me ( and every young girl there, ick). Just can't believe how insufferable he turned out to be at work.

No. 1421580

File: 1669427745704.jpeg (348.34 KB, 1170x2274, 988D1CD5-6EB4-443F-9D23-6DCE6A…)

Why is everyone trying to be a sped these days

No. 1421582

people that say they just never showed any symptoms because they were "masking" (even if it is a real thing) are so annoying and full of shit

No. 1421588

If these retards were really masking symptoms for their whole lives then they'd be having breakdowns over how overwhelming it is and also the 'tism would inevitably slip through to close friends and family anyways. Kek at the autism larp consisting of headphones, a chew toy, and multiple stuffed toys. Because everyone with a learning or developmental disorder wants to be seen as a child obviously

No. 1421591

this is what happens when we stop cyberbullying

No. 1421602

And don't forget the sunflower lanyard to show everyone how sooper disabled you are. (because asd is a disability or what???)

No. 1421615

File: 1669430152771.png (503.45 KB, 1000x938, ---.png)

Me when I keep falling in love with my straight friends over and over again. I can't take this shit any more, I'm seriously at the point where I wish I was a moid so that I could possibly have a chance with them

No. 1421619

Did someone just write a whole woe is me novel and delete it or did I hallucinate that? No one cares if you’re a sperg

No. 1421624

>I keep falling in love over and over again

No. 1421634

i hate cosmetics and fashion of all kinds so much. i don't care about any of it, especially because i'm expected to do it so much more as a woman. my mom keeps trying to get me to be girly even though i don't care and don't want to. she always says "don't you want to attract a man?" even if i was i wouldn't want a man who cares about that! i don't want to have to come out as a homo just to get her to back off

No. 1421635

No. 1421638

that lanyard is only for airports or police basically. it essentially makes sure the tsa and shit don't hurt spergs having a sperg out or atleast makes them liable. it's not meant for every day use.

No. 1421639

File: 1669431630622.jpg (94.17 KB, 564x846, 2f2a5e41d9940bca683ef10ec9a40f…)

dont hate fashion because of stupid moids nonna. I am not girly either yet i love fashion, women look so much better in 'masculine' clothes than moids do.

No. 1421651

I don't believe anybody can be undiagnosed with autism without it having devastating implications on their social life, especially as a woman. Even so, how would being diagnosed as an young adult who has barely started life be traumatising? I'd think it'd be a relief.

No. 1421653

Fashion can be fun when it's not done for the sake of impressing people, you don't even have to wear women's clothes either.

No. 1421667

I hate that mental health patients are referred to as "clients" and "service users" now instead of patients. Just call us paypigs and get it over with.

No. 1421675

I hate that I have to live with two dogs that aren't disciplined in the slightest other than the basics. It's not even that I hate dogs, I just don't like being around them. They smell, cause my skin to break out, leave hair and dander everywhere and are terribly loud. My parents have two dogs, a cane corso and a husky, and spoil them so much. My parents will give them both lots of table food and treats on the fly anytime they "speak" or simply want them to go somewhere else. This has caused the two dogs to have this mental connection of "loud screeching and barking = table food". I could be cooking and one of them will screech and bark at me loudly that it gives me a headache until he's given something. I never give them treats but my parents will all the time and any time I try to tell them to stop or that they're spoiling and reinforcing bad behavior they brush me off with the "Awwhhh but they're so cute, I can't help it Nonnie haha" which is so annoying. My ears are so sensitive to loud noises that it makes me involuntarily tear up and make a move to cover my ears like a tard and I have to deal with those two dogs constantly barking in my home but also dogs outside next to my home all the time for food or even for no reason is hell.

No. 1421698

I wish I could get a new pussy

No. 1421702

I hate how I can't watch this one show because my ex has ruined it for me even though I'm sure I would be excited to watch it. I hate how my ex still has control over me. FUCK YOU.

No. 1421703

I’m bisexual but I can’t date men and I only really realised this tonight. I was seeing a very lovely guy for a while but tonight we went out to a club with some friends and I spent the whole night spaced out wishing I was with a girl. He kept asking me if I was okay, and I said I was fine, until eventually I saw these two girls, one of whom was insanely cute and exactly my type, who looked like they were about to kiss and I lost my mind. I ran off to the bathroom and cried a little in the stall, ended up talking to a random guy outside (told him everything — I was pretty drunk) until the guy i was with came up to me. He saw the tears and I had to explain, so I just told him “I’m so sorry but I think I prefer women”. He got all quiet but he still walked me out of the club and waited with me to make sure I had a lift home. He’s so nice nonnas but I just need a woman. I don’t want it to be like this because it’s harder to meet women, but I don’t think I have much of a choice anymore (I also broke up with my only ex boyfriend partially for the same reason). I don’t know what to do and I’ve been an emotional wreck all evening.

No. 1421709

What do you think is the reason that's preventing you from loving and dating men?

No. 1421712

Why don't you use your brain anon?

No. 1421716

I don’t know exactly what it is. I find them physically attractive and I even get crushes on them, but when it gets serious I get to a point where I can’t take their male-ness anymore and I start wishing they were a woman. I guess I get bored of the male bodies (not to mention most of their personalities…), in a sense. I suppose I just have a strong preference for women, but the reaction I had tonight was so weirdly extreme. I’d never felt a longing for women like this before, not one that literally moved me to tears. The alcohol might have helped too, of course (I’m still pretty tipsy so apologies for any rambling).

No. 1421718

Baby I don’t think you’re bisexual…it’s ok to just be gay.

No. 1421719

its for the best you cut it off quickly. trying to deal with the opposite sex when all you want is a same sex relationship is miserable. better to have a messy date than a relationship where you dissociate most of the time, trust me.

No. 1421720

Had a dude who was interested in me with a first date planned for next week openly and casually tell me he spends most of his day work day (works at home) jacking it to porn. I’m at such a loss for words any attraction I had has left my body and been replaced with feeling so fucking astonished at the state of men. I’ve been out of the dating game for a while and the dude is like 25, is it normal for guys that age to talk like that? Was he trying to turn me off? I feel so autistic dealing with men because I don’t know what’s just them being fucking weird or them trying to be manipulative or just shitty. Like it was just so out of nowhere compared to the convos we were having.

No. 1421721

I’m physically attracted to men though, and I definitely get turned on by them (particularly in my imagination). I just find them repulsive after a certain point. although I can’t fully get off without fantasising about women now that I think about it… I assumed this was normal for bisexuals with a preference.

No. 1421725

>be woman in current year
>get to choose between a two pump chump and a numbdick deathgripper
>both are porn addicts
the only thing men are good for is their fucking cock and they even managed to screw up that. even a dog, a squirrel, and a pig can fuck. you can't even use their face as a chair because none of them brush their nasty teeth. what good are men? at this point we should just cut their dicks off to stuff and mount on the wall for decoration.

No. 1421727

Don’t focus too much on labeling yourself, there can be some grey areas when it comes to sexuality I guess. Instead try out a relationship with a woman to see how you really feel.

No. 1421728

It was a bit more than a messy date — him, myself and our mutual friends had all gone out for his birthday. I feel horrible for doing it on this night of all nights but otherwise I would have been playing pretend just for his sake (probably would have ended up kissing him without want to just because I’d done it before and he would have expected it…) and I would have felt disgusting doing that.

No. 1421730

(I've never dated at all, but) I can relate to this. Because of porn addiction (started at 11) and the state of heterosexual dating, I'm pretty sure I'm into women, but it could just be that I'm repulsed by men.

No. 1421731

bitch who talked shit about my body being "unhealthy" since I started working out, found out she got lipo on her stomach and chin and so did all her friends. Fat bitches are getting really cheeky ever since this shit became affordable

No. 1421735

Thanks for the reminder nonna. To be honest it’s not even the labelling that freaks me out, it’s more just the possibility that relationships with men are off the table. When this guy expressed interest in me I got a little excited because he seemed so “normal”. It felt like I could have a simple relationship with a regular guy like other straight woman. I just wanted to be normal above everything. I was made fun of as a young teenager for being a potentially-lesbian gender non-conforming girl. The first time I’d ever really felt “normal” was with this guy, but now I’m realising that I can’t even have that. I think that’s what’s really freaking me out, more than anything. Again sorry for the rambling I drank a lot this evening and it’s half past four in the morning where I am.

No. 1421738

…chin? she got lipo on her CHIN? how the fuck fat are you if even your chin is obese holy shit
meanwhile i eat cheese and chocolate all day, never exercise, and wear size 28 (US 4) jeans. not being fat is the easiest thing in the world. just stop at 2 pieces of chocolate instead of 20.

No. 1421739

>I just wanted to be normal above everything
I relate to this because I'm also a female preferring bisexual even though I acknowledge it's so much easier to be in a het relationship. I know I can definitely feel attracted to men and get horny over the male form but I just can't imagine being in a romantic relationship with them. It's so much easier to be with a man, to find a man as a potential partner just because of the wider dating pool compared to gay women face, to be in a straight passing relationship with them, and to not be judged by your family and society. I think if you feel like this then you might have some internalised homophobia. It might be scary being with a woman and feeling judged over it but you'll probably be so much happier this way. Sacrificing your happiness just to keep up appearances is really not worth it, trust me.

No. 1421740

Big agree sis, I fucking hate being afflicted with the curse of heterosexuality

No. 1421741

File: 1669438510784.png (71.24 KB, 1280x1280, 1669426433755088.png)


ffs stop with the awkward self-pity posts.

No. 1421742

Projecting her self-loathing

No. 1421743

In one hour it'll be my birthday and I feel really depressed. Another year gone by and I still feel as lonely, ugly, unaccomplished, and unlovable as I always have. I hope I go to sleep and don't wake up.

No. 1421744

That and I think some of them actually crave getting away with nasty shit; once they do and a woman accepts it, it's the biggest power/ego trip. But yeah that dude was probably just a regular meathead.

No. 1421752

>vent thread

No. 1421754

I’m still just blown away by how out of pocket it was. Like honestly he had buttered me up with some good sweet talk that made me take him seriously then hit me with that one. When I really think about it though I’m glad this came out before we actually met in person because I would have been p gutted if we actually started dating and I found out he was a serious coomer.

No. 1421757

Chin lipo means for a double chin, retard. You don't have to be that fat to get a double chin.

No. 1421766

>ffs stop venting in the vent thread

No. 1421767

yeah, I was relieved for you. I've never dated (idk, I just am not attracted to real men, not sure why) and holy shit I get 2nd hand whiplash from shit like this. It just seems so repulsive. Maybe someone out there is into it.

No. 1421769

File: 1669443848074.png (1011 B, 216x20, lol.png)

samefag nevermind i'm replying to a newfag

No. 1421776

Lmao did he dox himself

No. 1421779


No. 1421781

File: 1669447546296.jpeg (297.29 KB, 1080x1350, 228B5E2A-7C85-4888-A238-F2FAA6…)

feels like the longer i go single and the firmer i am in my standards the more everyone is unable to deal with it

my mother assumes I’ll have a new man in a month and my closest friend is telling me how worried she is about me and scolding me for judging dudes our age who are fucking anything with a pulse regardless of how it might fuck up their own social spheres

really eye opening but also really frustrating that now that I’ve at last removed scrotes from a pedestal and embraced singlehood that now everyone suddenly cares about my love life


No. 1421783

File: 1669448744587.jpg (13.56 KB, 324x324, my disgust.jpg)

My favourite youtuber started dating a TiF 10 years younger than him and she's so obnoxious, she sounds like a 12yo which is incredibly creepy. His ex gf was crazy too but they complemented each other and she was funny. I hope they never collab again, i feel like once he leaves her she's gonna try to call him out, kek.

No. 1421785

Does anyone else hit their arms, heads, thighs, etc? I always thought people who did it were insane but I did it today. I'm in a dark place and I didn't want to dabble into cutting and just needed to distract myself from the mental pain, so I hit myself . I feel crazy.

No. 1421786

we're the same except I'm lesbian. It has been 2 years without a girlfriend and that time allowed me to grow, to really be the person I'd rather be. My standards are high but they're extremely high for myself. The small family I have essentially keeps asking if I'm alright or seems to think I'm broken for not having sex, having a gf, and of course no kid. Even when I tell them this is better than being with someone they insist something is wrong either mentally or chemically. Meanwhile it's totally normal that girls I know fuck men who are ugly cavemen because they have some form of deep seated issue, low self esteem, and are careless or using it as self harm. But sure, I guess me not dating for once means that I am messed up.

No. 1421788

Nta but do you know what thread you're in? lol

No. 1421795

Lately I've been working long shifts every day and while I love my job and don't mind the workload itself, I feel really bad for my cats who are having to spend the entire day by themselves. I leave an automatic food dispenser and toys out for them but that doesn't replace human contact. I'm only with them when I sleep and they always sleep next to me, I think they miss me when I'm not around. I feel the need to stay home on my days off just so I can spend time with them. I'm a bad owner.

No. 1421802

i hope that this doesn't come off as weird racebait because i can definitely understand why members of "minority" groups would be hyper-vigilant about seemingly discriminatory treatment. but i am sooooo sick of the men who come into my (retail) workplace accusing me of being racist because i simply tell them that they cannot do something (like when i'm not even being a power-tripping prick; i'm just enforcing the rules that are outlined in the handbook. i'd get in trouble if i wasn't). it's so crazy because i'd absolutely never get hired at the store in which i work if i WAS racist. i get the sense that they literally just see me as a socially-acceptable punching bag (white blonde female customer service employee) and punch over and over and over again. i've never been accused of being a racist by a female customer of any race. it's just dudes who pull the race card and get extremely aggressive towards me every time i catch them trying to steal shit from our store.

No. 1421803

I got surgery a few days ago and I'm on sick leave. I'm bored! I want to go outside, go shopping, or even just be able to do whatever I want in general but I can't because if someone in the bus or subway pushes me even just a little bit as they usually do because people are stupid, I'd end up back to the hospital and my scar won't properly heal.

No. 1421806

This must be vanity sizing at work because we are the same waist size but last time I checked 28 is equivalent to a US 8. Or 6 at best

No. 1421808

>wake up tired shortly after midnight
>parents are loudly blasting some movie on the tv
>living room is directly above my bedroom in the basement and they're aware sound travels
>get up and go upstairs
>"gee X are you getting up now? you need to get your sleep schedule back on track"
i live with actual fucking retards

No. 1421809

i guess the smaller lesbian dating pool makes things just as difficult, huh. blows.

i’m also very frustrated with my friend in that she’d join me in agreeing there’s little hope for men and backed me up in my decision post breakup but now that i’m applying my standards to dudes she knows and not just my ex she hates and boyfriends of friends she hates i’m being too judgy. she’s married so maybe it’s just typical nigelism i dunno.

i just want to be alone and frown at dumbass scrotes in peace. thank god for lolcow.

No. 1421813

Do you ever feel like you have no soul?

No. 1421814

My heart hurts so much. How does one survive a heartbreak? I’m paralyzed from the pain it hurts so much.

No. 1421829

I developed an interest in a niche hobby and started making a couple artistic videos about it. I checked TikTok and there’s not really impressive content for this niche. Im excited because I love producing original content and the opportunity to be the leader of my niche when it comes to artistic content about it is really cool. I love my new hobby and it combines music and visual art in a unique way.

Never have I wanted to be noteworthy on TikTok or even make TikToks becsuse I had nothing interesting to show but now I’m fully invested in making this original content and it feels so fulfilling. Even if I don’t become known for it ever, I’m having s really fun time making the content and it’s helped me relax from work and feel creative again.

Life is looking up. Wishing all the best for you as well, nonnies.

No. 1421837

I just bought Lebanese bread from a shop, mentioned to someone of my family that I once made it myself and I'm happy it's in shops now. They lost their fucking shit and went ranting at me how much money I'm costing with use of the oven and how nobody is cooking anymore, we're the only family in the entire world cooking and HAVING LIGHTS ON IN THE EVENING, nobody has a computer anymore since the energy crisis was announced, this is the only family supposedly where anyone has a computer. I didn't say I wanted to bake bread, I literally showed how I got it from a shop and I just mentioned that like 2 years ago I made it myself. Why is that such a huge problem? I have never used their oven, only my own at my place, because their oven has never worked. So how can you even accuse me of planning on using their oven? Also people still turn on lights and people haven't actually gotten rid of their computer in Europe en masse? I get accused of gaming until late in the night, meanwhile they're the ones literally gaming when I've gone to bed already. They always go to bed past midnight, meanwhile I'm in bed by 10 or 11 pm. I sometimes go years without buying any clothes or shoes, my phone is incredibly cheap, meanwhile they will buy 400 euro plastic raincoats they never wear, 30 euros socks their pig feet cannot fit in, 900 euro phone every year, shitty expensive cars which they claim they will "fix up" one day etc. Why the fuck do I keep getting blamed for things other people themselves do and then they say I'm no fun when I call them out for it and tell them to knock it off? Of course I'm going to isolate myself and withdraw when if I dare to show my face, it's like they think they see a screen they can project all day on.

No. 1421845

yes, i’m not an edgelord i just feel like i lack some essential human quality. i feel less alive and less like a person than other people around me.

No. 1421849

I went to my sisters tonight, literally the one day out of half a fucking year I leave my house and I asked my dad to do one fucking thing for me. Open the front door at around 7 or 8 and go "pssst pssst pssst" so my cat can come in and go to sleep. And what does this dumbass useless motherfucker do? Go to the window and peak out the curtain two or three times instead of doing what I asked. How in the fuck is my cat supposed to know to go to the door with that, how is supposed to fucking hear or see that someone is waiting to let him in? My dad says "oh if he wants in he would of waited there by the door" NO HE FUCKING WOULDNT. He doesn't wait right in the view of the window for hours on end for you to open the curtain before going back to your computer you fucking lazy retard. Why the fuck did this useless fuck up even go to the window to peak out the curtain if he wasn't going to open the door and CALL HIM. What's the point in doing half the task I asked but not the rest of it. Fucking useless piece of shit fuck up. And now it's 330 AM and I don't know where the fuck my cat is, my neighbor lets him in sometimes so I'm praying he's with him but I'm not going to be able to sleep until I know he's okay. Thanks for nothing, again, you fucking lazy dumbass motherfucker. Next time I leave I'm going to explain it real simple in retard terms since he's too stupid to understand, open the door, CALL HIM, close door after he comes in, and that's it. What the fuck is so hard about that you fucking asshole.

No. 1421852

Your family is insane. Sorry that happened. Enjoy your bread nonette

No. 1421863

The soul isn’t a body part so there’s 100% people who aren’t socialized to cater to having a “good soul” or making others think such

No. 1421864

Samefag he's back thank god, I opened my door and heard his little "meoaw" and felt so relieved. Hopefully he was with my neighbor cause it's freezing out and his fur is so cold, last time I ever ask my dumb scrote father to do anything for me. Cancel my vent, sorry about all the "fucks"

No. 1421865

I don’t feel like having a soul at all. So that I don’t even believe in souls at all. When people tell me about souls I’m confused and always ask what is it. And they seem to know

No. 1421867

I’m gonna get called a scrote for this but I really don’t care because it doesn’t change any of the facts, but I personally think we should shame more adults who have careless consensual sex thinking that they’ll somehow be immune to pregnancy, getting pregnant, and then having it dyson’d out of them kek. If you’re not a minor incest or rape victim or something, I don’t think you need to be granted amnesty to dance into PP to get doped up and let the semitic little doctors rubbing their hands together for more cash suck the growing life out of you. There are plenty of things you shouldn’t take if you’re pregnant that many people have access to. Take a cocktail of those or buy a misoprostol tablet online, and your problem is gone. If you feel like being careless and then victimizing yourself when you actually get pregnant, you can deal with it yourself. Because it’s 100% not at all the same as being an actual victim who needs the help.

tldr life was better when more people got shamed into either silence or simply being normal kek…(race sperg )

No. 1421875

I was going to ask if you live somewhere cold, because dads hate opening doors and letting the heat out. Glad he's safe.

No. 1421877

File: 1669467336572.jpg (64.6 KB, 900x506, linda-evangelista-before-and-a…)

I have unfortunate genes that give me a double chin no matter what my weight is. I wouldn't go for it myself but I've seen women of a normal weight get chin lipo. Linda Evangelista got this fat freezing lipo (coolsculpting?) on her chin and it did the total opposite to what she wanted. Her body had some weird reaction to it.

No. 1421894

Is your tongue on the roof of your mouth or just lying around?

No. 1421898

we’re still believing this meme?

No. 1421900

I don't think that really plays a role in it for me. I just store a weird amount of fat in that area. One side of my family all has it going on. My face is round too, the fat in my cheeks and neck are just above what you'd expect for my wieght.

You know how sometimes larger women will share a face pic and look thin as long as you can't see the rest of them.. I'm the opposite to that lol

No. 1421911

Idk what you mean but if you google 'coolsculpting gone wrong' theres worse than that. Its paradoxical fat hyperplasia

No. 1421932

I ate too much donuts with whipped cream and now I feel like my colon is about to explode, why can't I stop binge eating whyyyyy

No. 1421940

File: 1669473442545.jpg (119.03 KB, 501x534, scold4 (1).jpg)

I hate hate HATE seeing casual misogyny on every fucking social media platform from the same people that suddenly jump to being woke hero allies any time something regarding religion or race or trannies is mentioned. You braindead freaks literally shit on and degrade women day in day out, you police our lifestyle and our boundaries, our appearance and our health and think you know shit about being a woman. You think our history of suffering is a funny joke and something to meme about like it didn't actually happen and isn't still happening to this day. What's worse, you know this shit was real and you STILL joke about it because you are disgusting scrotes.

They joke about the scold's bridle and say "we need to bring it back fr on god bruh skull emoji female female" and some of these comments were from non-white men (relevant it's not racebait): Okay scrote, I bet if women made a joke about your race or your culture you'd suddenly release the hounds on them and call them privileged racist karens for doing the same shit you're already doing to us. You shit and cry and kick up a fuss if any woman even dares to criticise your shitty misogynist religions and cultures and the fact that you hate the women of your own race so you can fetishize other women based off what you've seen in the barely-legal porn you watch.
You are spineless high body-fat low-testosterone toads and I would crush you all under my boot if I could. You are sad excuses for males to think that women's real suffering is funny and then suddenly start crying every time someone mentions that islam is actually not feminist or that a certain race hates its own women and actively contributes to their suffering. You're all disgusting hypocrites and your mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives and the women around you deserve better than to be forced to tolerate your disgusting miasmic shit-stained holes-in-boxers unemployed presence. You're a plague upon this earth like any other scrote who jokes about this shit, make yourself useful like your grandfathers did and go die in a war or actually contribute something to society you fat porn-addicted retards.

No. 1421943

Me, a bong, had just finished work, in retail, during one of the busiest times - no the busiest times for retail. I had stood and ran around for customers for over 5 hours. Waited for my 40 minute delayed train. Got on and found a seat despite the train being packed with people like a cattle market train. Then suddenly some American or Canadian. I think Canadian I can't tell the difference between the accents but I think Canadian moid, a middle aged moid, come bustling through saying he has reserved a seat. That seat happened to be mine, I actually had to get up so this MOID could sit down. He also had the audacity to moan about the bong train service, which I know is bad, but how about go back to your own country and not get young bong girls get out of their seat despite you being older and a man. I thought Canadians were polite? He should just go back to Canada and suckle on some maple syrup or whatever they do over in that country. God chivalry really IS DEAD. I was so annoyed and tired

No. 1421945

Sometimes, but that’s bc I have a donor organ. Then I remember that the body is a vessel.

No. 1421947

You have a donor organ? What organ? Who did that organ used to belong to before? How did that person die? Sorry I am so curious!!

No. 1421952

Yeah, heart. They don’t tell you anything about the donor other than age, that they have a similar haplotype (race matters in transplant) and risk factors. According to the donor heart’s risk factors, I chalked up their death to overdose. You can reach out to the donor’s family through the foundation…. but I think it would make it worse for myself and the family. The family would have their wound reopened and then I would be their closure and idk if I want that weight on myself. I already feel like I’ve taken a life sometimes and I can live with that, but not after seeing the donor’s mother sobbing while putting her head to my chest. None of us should go through that. It’s okay to be curious, I should probably talk about the whole ordeal more anyway.

No. 1421956

Are all Jehovah witnesses socially retarded twits or is this chick I work with just particularly autistic. This is what I ask each time I work with this girl.

No. 1421960

They scare me. My parents have always told us to not open the door to them. It's always "Don't open the door, the Jo-Vos are outside". They must be all autistic in some way, they are cult like and retarded

No. 1421961

I'd say you need to be particularly retarded to be a jehovah witness so they all must be autistic on some level

No. 1421964

Cult brainwashing is abusive and traumatizing, a lot of forced ritualistic and obsessive compulsive behaviors, so yeah they’re likely to have real brain damage

No. 1421986

I missed out on submitting work for a group's end of the year gallery show because these fucking boomers refused to send out emails about it. They only posted about it on Facebook which is a site I rarely ever log on. Why does almost everything have to be confined to social media sites nowadays? Not everyone is on social media sites 24/7 and just about everybody uses emails.

No. 1421996

scrotes deserve to stand

No. 1422015

Hack the organizers accounts and delete them. If they don't have 2fa set up, just set it up yourself for their account in the middle of the night. It's been a known vulnerability for years now but there's not even a way for them to get the account back after you've done it.

No. 1422017

I just want to get the fuck out of here. Even with a job you can't move out on your own in my country. I'm trapped. I'm miserable here. I just want to get away and find some peace. I'm so fucking done.

No. 1422022

In highschool, my study hall period was monitored by a Jehovah's Witness. Her football playing son was in the study hall too, so kids who knew him from sports would ask them both questions about the religion and whatnot to satisfy their curiosity. It was so fuckin weird when he'd start saying something rational only to get shushed by his teacher-mom immediately, and she'd answer the question "correctly." I don't remember many of the situations but one time there was a legit debate that spiraled out of it because she said if her or her son were dying of blood loss, that it was just "God's plan" or whatever, and NO ONE wanted Jehovah-Chad to die of blood loss because his mom said so. Not quite the same thing but thinking back on it, I can see how someone raised in an environment like that would be kind of lost in the real world.

No. 1422024

File: 1669482295410.jpg (45.19 KB, 750x691, EAmr-PAWsAEoiWR.jpg)

I feel like I have completely lost control over myself. The last time I felt this depressed, I was a young teenager with no control. Now, I live on my own and have a lot of freedom, which I thought would prevent me from feeling this way. I have just become so hopeless. I feel like the cat in picture attached all the time. I can barely get out of bed unless I have class or work. My uni has been on vacation for a week and I just don't get out of bed at all, unless it is to see a friend for a few hours, which has been good. When I go to the grocery store I get so frustrated and angry to the point of tears. I know that my constant frustration is unjustified but I have no way to stop it. I'm constantly in a state of paranoia and anxiety if I am not in my bed.

I celebrated thanksgiving with my family on thursday. At first I had a lot of fun, but then I just kept feeling so hurt. The men in my family wouldn't lift a finger and all the women (especially my mom) had no time to sit down. When it came time to eat dinner, the men didn't even bother sitting at the dinner table. They complained about the food even though they didn't contribute in any way, not even by washing a dish. As the night progressed, I kept noticing the men being complete dicks to their wives. At one point I tried to stick up for my mom, and I was dismissed and told to shut up without him even looking over at me.
I just didn't have it in me to keep trying to fight and I went in the bathroom and cried, like I was a 15-year-old with no control again. I started to blame myself for being drunk (I had 3 drinks) and getting emotional, but I think this was just an extension of being in a really bad state to begin with. I couldn't stop thinking about this casual sexism, it made me feel very dirty. All I could think was that my standards are too high and that I should settle, which I know isn't true. I just don't see how my dad can speak to women like that in front of me. It just made me think that he would be okay with somebody treating me like that. I slept with my mom in her bed and cried the whole night. If I hadn't been drinking and hadn't been afraid of speaking up and causing a scene I would have driven the 5 hours back to my apartment that night. I'm dreading going back there in a month for Christmas.

I have been crying so much that my face is constantly swollen. Every time I cry it is really unsatisfying because I can just feel the hurt inside of me and I don't know how to release it.
I've been spending time with my friends but as the night progresses I get gloomy and I don't want to let it slip that I am struggling and bring the mood down. I have tried to subtly let people know that I have been really unwell but I don't want to burden them, so I end up isolating myself.
With some friends I'm not as close with, this has caused some offense on their end that I am constantly rejecting plans and I have been trying to be honest with them that I am unwell, but I don't blame them for being upset with me.

I just don't know what to do. You know how when you take ayahuasca you throw up and shit for like 6 hours and they call it "purging" the negativity out of your body? I need that. I need an exorcism or something. I'm so overwhelmed and ready to live my life again. I don't think theres anything wrong with crying, but I wish I could see a finish line! I think I'm going to try and make a routine and stick to it. My biggest fear is that whatever I do I will just be masking these feelings and they will resurface again.

No. 1422032

Kek I'm not going to hack a small boomer-run art organization's Facebook group out of petty revenge for their boomer ignorance. Kind of wish that would happen to them though because boomers need to stop relying so much on Facebook when mailing lists are more secure and reach out to more people. FFS, they even have a website for paid members like me which you sign up with using your email address! It can't be that fucking hard to maintain their mailing list and announce when important shit happens. They've only sent emails out a few times since I signed up that announce "inspirational" blog spots that nobody probably bothers to read. Not going to bother paying for membership for their poorly-run group next year.

No. 1422036

Tepid NLOG take incoming: I really, really do not get along with women, and I wish I could. Even in my turbonerd STEM grad program the other women dress much nicer and seem so much more put together than me, and I literally confuse them whenever I try to relate to them. I have a lot of stereotypical male interests, sure, but also plenty of stereotypical female ones too - just not any of the popular/common ones. I don't even like men that much but it seems like I have more in common with them: I'm arrogant, stubborn, kind of a slob, quick to anger, outspoken, competitive, and so on. My question is why are these traits acceptable in men but pariah-status in women?

No. 1422037

I will never forgive men, as a group, for what they did to women, as a group. That's why I will always remain a virgin and I will never trust women who still align with men.

No. 1422038

I'm wasting my life on this site but I'm too addicted to stop

No. 1422041

File: 1669483738241.png (137.65 KB, 2034x1434, dcrddvb-31258d16-342d-49e1-816…)


No. 1422048

I can relate and I really wish I had close female friends rather than a bunch of acquaintances. I really dislike most men and can't relate much to them either though. I can speculate endlessly about this but in the end, I just chalk it up to a combination of inherent personality differences in individuals and differences in socialization between the sexes. It really is an isolating feeling though. I've given up on trying to be friends with people when I just know that we likely won't have anything in common.

No. 1422063

I just overheard my mother whining that I’m “too much to deal with”…all because I said I didn’t know who sent me a package. This woman cries when I tell her that I need to move out because she’s so afraid of being alone, yet I’m also ‘too much’ for her? If it’s too much for you to have a child who you literally don’t have to do anything for, commands zero attention from you, and actually actively avoids you…why did you have kids? Kek. Yeah. She can become a spinster and shrivel while her kids forget about her.

No. 1422085

I can relate, this sounds like me

No. 1422092

Idk those women obviously but a lot of STEM girls have like a huge complex about appearing incompetent so they put on appearances but are total messes in private.

No. 1422093

>arrogant, stubborn, kind of a slob, quick to anger, outspoken, competitive
Not really male traits. My god every girl I knew whose whole personality is having 3.8 GPA is like this.

No. 1422124

i feel like a lot of my life is restricted by my own mind. do truly stupid people realize that they are stupid, is it just anxiety

also i hate that my social skills are so unpolished. whenever i talk i feel like an alien because i have no idea how normal people speak, i barely talk to them

No. 1422125

That's my only personality trait because I'm an ugly loser, honestly.

No. 1422133


No. 1422134

this, moids in STEM treating every single mistake a woman does as ''ughh femoids cant into STEM thye so dumb back to the kitchen femoid'' leads to a lot of us trying really hard to not let our entire gender down and prove ourselves. It's really sad, STEM moids should be executed.

No. 1422154

Yeah the way some farmers nitpick other women's entire existences beings me right back to undergrad and the way the moids nitpicked everything I did because I was the only woman around. It hurts.

No. 1422157

File: 1669489658786.jpeg (31.68 KB, 567x421, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

I'm ashamed of growing up poor, I have a mentality of a poorfag, I feel guilty when I buy something for myself, and I get exremely angry when one of my coworkers makes comments about me being 'obsessed with money', but I still think those kinds of comments are idiotic in a time of economic crisis and our company giving us less hours of work than usual because people don't order as much stuff as before. Last time I expressed my fear of having only 4 days of work in a week, my coworker said something like
>durrr why are you so obsessed with money
And I reacted with anger because it was something really retarded to say, especially coming from her, when she has a living partner, thus two incomes, and supporting parents and she didn't grow up with the trauma of not having enough money for food or to pay the bills. I'm a lonely person with no close family and if something happes the only thing that may help me is the money I saved. She would never understand that. Still, I hate myself for feeling the shame, both from being poor as a child and from dysfunctional mentality of my family, hiding abuse under the rug, not even considering abuse abuse, neglect, constantly violating each other's privacy, and all other kinds of stuff, like denying every kind of pain, be it mental or physical (they still do it to this day, that's why I don't want to contact them. Last time my aunt asked how I was and I told her my MRI scan showed that I have an inflammation of the bone marrow in my spine and discopathy and that's why my spine hurts so much at work she literally said my doctors are just making this up and scamming me for money and I should get myself together, the same was with my depression, total denial). They think I'm a bad person because I don't want to visit my mother's and my grandfather's grave. They were also traumatized by their own parents but they still take care of their graves because 'parents are always parents'. I can't think like that, going there would be like abusing myself all over again. I feel so ashamed for coming from such background. I'm scared I'm destined to commit shitty life decisions like my parents, I'm scared I have poor shitty genes and my mental illness will never let me overcome them

No. 1422164

Spoilers for grossI just got sick with some stomach flu and the diarrhea smells so fucking rancid it makes me want to vomit or pass out whenever I’m trying to poop

No. 1422182

File: 1669490677086.png (1.87 MB, 1776x1776, 310014050211211.png)

Being a woman in STEM who sucks at it doesn't make me feel as much guilt as it probably should. I make lots of mistakes, I ask dumb questions, I got no clue what I'm doing — I keep it moving. Helps that our courses are online so it's mainly me interacting with no-one but my professor, I guess.

Anyway here's to hoping my professor takes pity on me for having a terrible fucking group for my final project. Will be so pissed if I have to retake this single course and flag in graduating because of other people's mistakes. Basically how it's going is (and I'd love advice on how to handle this):

>Group of 3, project recommended to be done with 3-4 people.

>One guy does absolutely nothing; we get him kicked out halfway through.
>Second guy kind of useless too, but at least he's attentive…
>But he also has no idea what he's doing. And is actually, not that helpful. Will link me random things from Google when I ask a question, and I don't realize it's useless until I go through it and the week is over.
>And now we're at the end of the semester and he has gone radio silent (says he's doing work, never shows anything that he's done, claimed he'd be doing work this Thanksgiving break, I've seen nothing from him…)

How do I handle this? Meeting with the professor this evening, I plan to ask if we can have another concession (even with that concession, it's a lot of work for just me) but I dunno.

No. 1422192

Sounds like you will carve out a nice chunk of savings for yourself though. It will make you a stronger person. Just let all the other things go and revel In that fact alone. You will turn out better for in the end. It's cool you are so self reliant. I am horrible at it. Well I don't make enough money so I save nothing ugh.

No. 1422203

Same but it was more of my dad using money as a weapon against everyone in my family, thusly I never dared to use money and always feel guilty even now. Only time I do not is when getting presents for someone else but people do love commenting how "obsessed" I am as well, but they also feel the need to comment everytime I mention I have to go pick up a package. Yeah, I get my crafting stuff online because I refuse to pay in store prices for shit I know I can more affordable online, did your dad make you pay for gas everytime he dropped you off to school even though he made pretty decent money? No? That fucks up with you, let me buy my fucking glass beads in peace. Sorry hijack your post nona, don't pay those people no mind.

No. 1422223

File: 1669492248224.jpg (94.6 KB, 1024x753, 1649907834707.jpg)

>no counter culture
>everyone has extreme black/white thinking
>everything is political
>female spaces taken over by troons
>fashion is boring and gender restrictive
>ugly artstyles
i fucking hate being a zoomer FREE MEEEEEEE

No. 1422231

When I was in uni we had to do a web project for a local business instead of an exam for one of our courses. Which is a great idea in theory but doesn't work in real life because faculty barely vetted the businesses who applied, gave them unrealistic expectations, and didn't support us when the client was difficult. My group got stuck making a fullstack web app for a fat smelly restaurant owner that complained about everything we did, demanded major changes at every meeting, and refused to give us a good reference or feedback at the end of it because we weren't able to build the next Uber Eats as busy students with other class obligations.

Another group got assigned this absolute sweetheart MLM lady who just wanted a Wordpress with custom HTML/CSS. And was sooooo thankful for the 5 hours of work that she secretly gave the group members gifts and a cash tip despite it being against the rules. I still want to kms when I remember the feeling of my group panicking in the lab while they played solitaire and bragged about all the free Scentsy shit they got. I'm still fucking pissed about it. Can't believe I paid tuition for that experience. Ofc when I complained about it I was just told that irl clients are difficult too and it's good experience for the real world! Fuck you. In the real world I get paid and am allowed to drop abusive clients. Corporate HR is more useful than my faculty was.

No. 1422232

i've had the same experience. i think it's because i'm autistic and androgynous-looking enough to be presumed a lesbian most of the time. i really admire the women i work with/go to school with, and i wish that i could be closer to them. i look at the warmth that they express towards each other: the hugs, the "i love you"s, the sweet compliments. and i wish that i wasn't too autistic to be comfortable with that sort of affection. when i try, i come off as creepy i think. it's unnatural to me. guys are either repelled by me (because i don't present myself femininely, and they presume that they won't eventually get sex out of me) or they view me as some sort of messianic "cool" girl and they just treat me like "one of the guys"; and that's painful too because the things that they say to me about other women are often degrading. i know that if i fuck up once, i'm out of the group, because to them i'm just another "nagging girlfriend". so i've kind of just eschewed friendship generally. it's really a lonely experience.

No. 1422238

You sound sweet I’d be your friend

No. 1422239

I’m a zoomer too and…why would we need counterculture when homosexuality already exists? Also, stop letting troons take over your spaces. Women feel comfortable expressing their feelings about males being in our spaces when they see other women expressing their feelings. You need to be the change you want to see. Also covid is over. Just stop wearing a mask like an obedient dog. You’ll be fine. At least we’re not being drafted into war at random.

No. 1422241

>tfw zoomer fujo
>tfw zoomers are extremely anti-fujo

No. 1422242

>stop letting troons take over your spaces. Women feel comfortable expressing their feelings about males being in our spaces when they see other women expressing their feelings.
women get threatened with rape and murder when they say something against troons. you must be the troon himself.

No. 1422247

You do realize that when a man threatens a woman with rape and murder he can easily be publicly ostracized or reported to various womens safety services? I’m not a troon, kek. I’m actually a woman who has successfully and confidently kicked those clockable fucks out of my work spaces/living area/the BATHROOM of all places…So interesting of you to assume that a woman who can defend herself must be a man. You sound like one of those gnc nose bridge piercing xe/xem cucks who’s too scared to do anything other than cry. Get up or cower in the corner, no one cares!

No. 1422251

>women get threatened with rape and murder when they say something against troons
and you can get fired. I'm pretty sure I was let go, as the only zoomer in the entire company, because of mentioning I wouldn't agree with them hiring a trans boardmember just to skirt around the female quota rule. In the end they hired an actual woman, but other women were surprised at how 'conservative' I am, the only gnc, zoomer and gay, just because of some anti trans and anti sex work comments I made (am I supposed to be positive about the idea of using company money for visiting prostitutes?).

No. 1422260

You can file your gender discrimination suit whenever you’re ready though. Chances are they’ll just settle by writing you a check. Also , they were using company money to pay for sex? That’s a whole other can of worms and absolutely not legal. You need to exercise your rights nonique

No. 1422262

troon, there have been several cases of women getting SUED for not wanting to wax a troon's balls. There is also a 15yo girl on tumblr who's been getting rape threats for daring to call out a troon who was sending her sexual charged messages. Troons are rat kings. The troon breastplate kun is still a teacher. They found this magical loophole in the system and will abuse it because they hate women. This space is also a proof of that, we get spammed by CP and gore because its a woman only space and one particular troon is angry at us for that.

No. 1422268

I don’t understand why you’re bitter enough to call me a troon just because you don’t have the ability to take matters into your own hands. Also “rape threats” literally mean nothing though? Yeah it can be gross but it’s the fucking internet. People have sent me dm requests threatening to do disgusting things to me for what I say, but you block them. Simple. And if one of them confronts you in real life, you make him regret it. It’s really not that hard at all. It’s about whether or not you’re willing to put yourself into a position where you could control what happens next. A lot of women think that they don’t have the capability to do that, because of their own shitty victim complexes that they grow up having. I myself used to be one of those women, and I got the fuck over it and learned how to buzz a taser in a trannys ribs. it is so strange to me how there are so many women on this website who are so taken aback at the idea of a woman standing up against a tranny that it’s easier for you to cling to the idea that I’d be a moid.

No. 1422269

Since the other poster is probably a troon, I'll respond to you kek. The only one who could get sued is me, because trans shit is protected even by the human rights court. They know I have no arguments to win with, I would get laughed out of the court.
I have no evidence exactly for the money being spent on prostitutes either, it's not like they gave me a receipt. Just that I asked how they spent 15k in one night for a business dinner and they 'joked' that they got prostitutes afterwards. I reported lots of shit to conduct authorities as part of my job description at the time, but nothing has ever come of it. They can just get away with it, easy peasy. Even without it being related to prostitution, it's not been legal since the financial crisis to to provide excessive remuneration or create possibly dangerous incentives by spending 15k as a gift basically to another company, potentially disadvantaging clients. Conduct authority doesn't care, courts don't care. I tried journalists tentatively, but even they generally don't give a shit since it's all old news. Everyone knows it happens.

No. 1422275

>since the other poster is probably a troon
Goddamn have none of you ever met a woman (like in real life, not online) who doesn’t cower in the corner over actual troons? That sounds like a horrible way to live. Anyways you won’t find more women who agree with you until you stop pretending to be scared of the scrotes in wigs and actually open your mouth against them.

No. 1422276

>nonny stand out to the 6 foot tall hulking beast who openly threats terfs with rape and murder or you are a weak bitch and its your fault if he murder you! i swear i am not a troon btw
also, stop larping kek no one believes you tease troons

No. 1422279

File: 1669495117035.jpeg (167.22 KB, 559x562, D346E637-9CB9-4040-91C6-3B748A…)

nonnie above has me thinking

No. 1422280

File: 1669495209341.jpg (431.18 KB, 1280x934, tumblr_pl4l05bmPm1qdx1neo1_128…)

>Don't hang out on weekdays
>Don't hang out on weekends
>Eat together once a month, one person always leaves halfway to their room or couch
>No sidewalks, no car, could use sisters bike she used once 4 years ago but it's going to be icy soon
>Basic needs and entertainment are met but no familial connection or closeness, just a mimic of one
>Siblings kids on tablets all day, have to call their name 5 times in front of them for them to listen
>Sister tries to off herself, gets "help" and attention, love, money
>I keep emotions, suicidal thoughts, depression, rage, disappointment with life bottled up for years
>Get pushback with "insulting me back is disrespect, let me call you a jackass with to consequences", "don't fight with me, your sister's here, one bad word might make her pop pills again!", "stop acting childish, let your sisters walk all over you, don't fight or she'll punch you! Oh but there's nothing I can do about that".
>Wonder why I constantly change my room and decorations around to feel something, don't want to go outside after the world rejects me, still stay in my room playing videogames 24/7 at almost 22. 1 more day of Thanksgiving break and I'll go back to college having done almost nothing but play videogames.

No. 1422283

File: 1669495358382.png (54.73 KB, 625x330, 1667334406623.png)

No. 1422286

Happy birthday anon. Have some cake, it tastes good. Even if you feel like the most worthless slug on the planet, it's okay to be happy sometimes. Happiness isn't something you earn, it just is. You're allowed to feel it too.

No. 1422290

The numbers you find on google.com doesn’t really change the fact that you, yourself, just like myself, are capable of incapacitating someone who’s trying to harm you. If your fight or flight responses/general physical strength don’t allow you to do this then that sounds like a personal problem. That doesn’t suddenly mean that other women aren’t capable of just putting a taser to someone’s ribcage and holding it there until he falls. It’s not even complicated like cmon you’re acting like I’m claiming I do judo on these scrotes. That’s not the case.

No. 1422292

>i insult people when they don't give me enough attention so i have undiagnosed BPD
No, you're just a cunt. Tired of this bullshit. You're not a quirky BPDette or a lunatic, you're literally just a dumb child. You're an adult and have control over your actions.

No. 1422295

feminists and muslims should team up to defenestrate all troons. inshallah the earth shall be cleansed of stinkditches.

No. 1422299

I love how they always put on a sped face. Like this lost, childish expression. Tbf most of the autism larpers are just "I'm not pretty enough to be a sexy woman so I'll just be baby instead"

No. 1422301

tasers or any form of help with self defense are illegal in many places, getting too much verifiable martial art training can also be used against you in court when you try to argue proportionality

No. 1422310

Tasers, guns, knives, and chloroform can all be ordered online and delivered to you in the mail. The mailman isn’t gonna magically know what’s inside the box, nor does he give a shit. Just because it’s illegal doesn’t mean it’s inaccessible. It’s only inaccessible if you’re willing to just fold to written law.

No. 1422322

this is actually comforting in a way, because it gives me hope that one day you'll be locked up due to your own vast stupid.

No. 1422335

File: 1669497224990.jpg (29.02 KB, 564x730, 1665019443110.jpg)

i live alone and weekends are always shite. but dealing with people is extremely tiring, even with the ones i love, so i chose to keep living alone. i wonder if i'm gonna regret my decision later in life.

No. 1422338

>why would we need counterculture when homosexuality already exists
>homosexuality as a culture
you're part of the problem

No. 1422344

Shut up I was making a joke about fags. I’m not one myself

No. 1422345

Then you’ll remember how many people commit crimes and go unnoticed for decades, even after they’ve died.

No. 1422347

lesbians exist. also the "joke" wasn't funny or recognizable as a joke

No. 1422355

confirmed autism, kek

No. 1422357

Being gay in and of itself is a joke…not every single joke is “ha ha” funny. Please get some xanax or something for your autism and inability to read tone

No. 1422360

it's like they don't even know you probably have to go to court whenever you defend yourself, to prove it was immediate, proportional and absolutely necessary. You can literally go to prison if just one of these things isn't met. Doesn't matter if you try to hide how you got your hands on anything or use no tools. The fact that women are generally screwed in self defense scenarios, doesn't change. Scrotes target the homeless or prostitutes, people who aren't missed so nobody is going to look for them. Hiding self defense is a lot more difficult, women aren't given the leeway men get and they aren't generally that isolated or outside of society that they won't be missed or they will report it themselves. It's a real risk.

No. 1422366

None of the trannys I’ve ever maimed/had a spat with have tried to drag me to court. They don’t have the financial means kek. So…yeah, you actually can get away with it very easily. Y’all are just bending into pretzels to defend troons today aren’t you?

No. 1422367

but nonna they have totes tazed a troon and beaten the shit out of them before, and they are so cool they never had to see a judge or explain to a police officer why they were beating a troon. At this point i am convinced he's larping as an edgy deviant art donut steel.

No. 1422369

I’m a grown woman. The jannies know this.

>they are so cool

You’re acting like I’m trying to glamorize women being violently confronted by large hostile men. You have to have asperger’s or some shit if that’s how you’re reading my posts about my experiences.

No. 1422370

samefag but bottom line, women are more capable of defending ourselves than we give ourselves or each other credit for. And you all accusing me of being a troon just because I have the ability to defend myself against one just further proves my point.(thought you got tired from ban evading in the zoomer thread.)

No. 1422374

No I just used a different VPN

No. 1422381

File: 1669499529335.jpg (55.93 KB, 900x599, af7e7684da40b6a722f4730a148022…)

I'm done with the "never approach a man" stuff. Popular advice from women is that if he really wants you, he'll approach. But there are lots of males out there who are shy with low self esteem. Not saying I look like a model, but a guy won't approach someone he considers out of his league, usually. I just saw the most awkward looking cute man on the train, visibly nervous, we made eye contact for 0.1 seconds before he stared back at the floor again and I kept staring at him until he got off the train. I wanted to approach so badly but thought about the "if he wanted to he would" stuff. And now I'll never see his nervous little self again. From now on I think I'll approach and then after we exchange contact details, if they don't put in an effort, I'll quit. I won't aggressively pursue them, just give them an opening.

Maybe it's "masculine" or whatever to approach, but it's not like I'm going ayy gimme your number. I've grown to think a lot of FDS tier advice is kinda delusional to be honest. Lotta homely women who think as soon as they glow up "high value males" or whatever are gonna bust their doors down offering to pay for their lives. I WILL get my shy humble boyfriend, screw you Reddit.

No. 1422384

look at this cuckqueen. "nooo you have to let the moid rape and murder you, you can't defend yourself, the state said sooooo!!!!" fuck the government. if a moid is posing danger to me i will murder his ass and dump the body in the sewer. govt can't do shit.

No. 1422387

More of THIS mindset. YOU come first. Not the law.

No. 1422388

I get so fucking pissed off any time I see troons using my name as their new "girl name". I don't even have a name that trannies commonly use (I'm not an Alice, Emily or Zoey, kek) but when it DOES happen, oooooh man it makes me see red.

No. 1422389

This, I keep a pocket knife in my purse. Fuck the government, all women should be allowed to carry weapons.

No. 1422391

I understand this and agree but even then-the law will try to do anything against you after wards. You can literally rot in jail for defending yourself.

No. 1422393

ugh same. i'm quite grateful that my parents gave me the name that i have; it's beautiful and unique. and so the only other people i've met/heard of with the same name are trannies who've adopted it.

No. 1422394

look up your local murder solve rate sometime.
sorry but you won't have time to dig to the bottom of your purse looking for your knife if the need arises. it needs to be in your pocket accessible in under 5 seconds. my go-to is pepper spray. remember, always wear shoes you can run in. spray or shank and run tf away.

No. 1422395

I had a pre lit artificial tree that worked last year
Turned it on
Half of the bulbs burned out and I wanna crawl in a hole

No. 1422397

yeah it's not so much about capability and more about whether you want to take the risks. Going to prison or getting a death sentence a la wuornos if you live in a country with capital punishment might not be worth it for everyone. Every country probably has some online spaces discussing tips and local self defense courses should discuss the steps to make it more likely you won't get in trouble. But it's important to keep in mind what the possible consequences are and how difficult it is to get away with self defense as a woman. Just because I'm willing to go to prison, doesn't mean I can recommend the same things I'd be willing to risk or shit on women who aren't willing to.
Unsolved murder rates are mainly regarding scrotes who target people who aren't missed. Women get caught, unless it's some months long poisoning operation, but that's not exactly the same as in the moment impromptu self defense.

No. 1422399

>women get caught
riiiight …of course! A woman who’s never been charged with murder has definitely never killed anyone!

No. 1422400

How do you even get rid of the body do you just stab and leave wtf

No. 1422402

I think you misunderstand, at least in larger cities people will see a literal dead body on the sidewalk and say “oh he’s just homeless and sleeping” for weeks because they’re too lazy to clean it up. At least on the West Coast.

No. 1422405

File: 1669501055097.jpg (31.17 KB, 250x422, hC5jx_KSUOF7sLb1ZAJkPw.jpg)

IF you can even kill the fucker in the first place, women die trying to scratch/hurt their attackers and the few women who actually killed in self defense suffered from long term domestic abuse and were mentally ready to kill to save themselves/their children. If a troon attacks you in the bathroom stool its more likely that you will freeze from the shock. We shouldnt be having to discuss how to defend ourselves from moids larping as women, god i hate this fucked up world.

No. 1422406

>women die trying to
Ah yeah we just drop dead…
>you’ll likely freeze up from shock
That’s just natural selection at that point.

No. 1422407

go back to where you came from schizochan

No. 1422408

They don't understand that there are cameras everywhere or that other people will see a struggle. A scrote stabbing homeless people without a motive, cannot be compared to the response women get for defending themselves.

No. 1422410

There's been a ban evading schizochan / male all day who basically thinks you deserve to be raped/killed if you fail at fighting back, report the posts

No. 1422412

I know, i am ignoring him. I just think the discussion is interesting, people always expect women to be able to defend themselves and then they call them murderers and throw them in jail when they do. Tho i better stop, its a discussion for another board.

No. 1422415

>thinks you deserve to get raped/murdered
If that’s how your pea sized brain comprehends everything I’ve said then okay? But…if you thinking I’m a scrote or a troon keeps you from finding out who I actually am I’m 100% fine with that too kek. Jannies know who I am(addicted to ban evading)

No. 1422417

yeah I didn't derive that from what you were saying, anons are reaching

No. 1422419

While we're talking about female self-defense, can martial arts really be useful for a womanlet? I'd love to just buy a gun, but it's illegal in my country.

No. 1422420

File: 1669502182761.png (626.11 KB, 862x512, Untitled.png)

>I know " "'s not the greatest
>But I'm dating a semi-sadist
>So I've got a black coffee
>And I'm feeling really sad,
>Still, that " "'s a cutie
>Well, if not, he's got inner beauty
>And I dream of a place
>Where we could be together at last…
I literally meme'd myself into a parasocial crush and I fucking hate it. I just want to dip myself in prune juice, scream into a pillow and wake up forgetting everything I know. I hate when this happens, because I have to become obsessed with something else to get myself out of it. Nothing's working though.
I just keep thinking about him.

No. 1422429

Why do white women with dark features constantly bitch about their dark features? I've worked with so many women who whine about having brown hair and eyes as if they were oppressed for having these features and they think because I'm not white, it's okay to whine to me about it as if I can relate. Bitch no one oppressed you for being a white woman white brown eyes/hair. It's like they have nothing to say and are just obsessed with blondes and redheads. All the white women with blonde or red hair that I've met haven't said a word about anyone's coloring and could care less. They're so chill. White women with brown hair and eyes are so fucking annoying with their made up ass white girl problems. Just say you're insecure and go.(global rule 7)

No. 1422433

File: 1669503129943.jpeg (277.53 KB, 629x709, 61262329-E035-4CA5-B33F-7D2EC7…)

I'm thoroughly exhausted physically and mentally just from doing the bare minimum to not count as a NEET

No. 1422440

ahhhh idk if i'm putting this in the right thread but i'm so attracted to this guy at my work but he's kind of inaccessible to me. definitely i think we're in the same league looks-wise, but he is a bit older than me (by 6 years) and also in a managerial position at my workplace (he is not my direct manager, he has no authority over me). he's such a sweetheart and i find him so physically attractive. he takes notice if i'm being spoken over in conversation and will directly involve me in the conversation by addressing me by name and asking me to elaborate. he's also just insanely physically attractive. like he's got a great, non-roid induced body from doing physical labor all day, and he's taller than me but not by so much that we can't look each other straight in the eyes. also he constantly offers to aid me in physical tasks. like he'll pull something off of a high shelf for me without my asking him, and he's never condescending about it. wanna slam my head against a wall because i get kinda choked up whenever he's around me.

No. 1422443

File: 1669503461688.jpg (84.74 KB, 828x560, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.…)

i hate that none of my long distance friends live alone. they all have roommates or still live at home. it's so annoying when you are watching a movie with them or you are gaming and someone barges into their room and you have to pause or wait for them and you don't know for how long and it irritates me. i already am an anxious mess and shit like this does not make me feel any better. i sometimes take week long breaks from the internet and only talk to my LD friends over text for some time which always makes me feel better. i hate it because i love my friends and i love spending time with them. i wish i was rich enough to buy them all their own house. or at least find more responsible/independent internet friends.

No. 1422459

I’m depressed because I think I’ve burned my dopamine receptors out or something because I literally can’t crush on anyone or fall in love anymore.

A few years ago I fell extremely hard for this one guy who seemed really sweet and nice. He ended up being a highly manipulative clusterbee who emotionally abused me to the point I ended up needing therapy. This guy made me fall so hard for him in the initial months and then trauma bonded me to him so hard after he started abusing me mentally, that I think I used up all my love social credit on him or some shit.

I used to daydream about love and romance constantly, developed crushes fairly easily and found plenty of men attractive. Now most men just repulse me both physically and mentally. I don’t love my ex anymore and I don’t feel anything towards him or want him anymore either, but I hate the fact he seems to have blocked my capacity to feel love or romantic thrills with anyone else.

I really really want to feel love and idealistic about relationships again but I’m completely mentally blocked off from them, cynical, jaded as hell, and repulsed by all men now. It really sucks because I used to live for love. Now I can’t feel a thing.

No. 1422471

I leaked so badly today, my ass had huge red stains in 4 places even though I changed pads. Fucking embarassing.

No. 1422473

I like my job I just hate that I work with men

No. 1422488

I hope you may find your love one day, nona. Even if it may seem difficult now, I hope you will find that happiness.

No. 1422493

are their any other women of color who's fathers are literal scumbags??? why do black and brown fathers believe they can control their daughters well into adulthood?? everytime i voice and opinion or idea he doesnt like im being reprimanded and talked to like im retarded. im constantly having my boundaries crossed and triggered up the wazoo by this bald nigga all cause he refuses to change his shit behavior and put in the effort to meet me halfway. im so sick of black men and their collective unaccountability. the laziness, the attitude, the behavior it's all a crock pile of stinking shit.

i have to constantly apologize to him when i do something he doesn't like or think is wrong YET whenever im wronged by him i never get an apology. hell, even then he'll find a way to make it where im still the one in the wrong so i dont get an apology because what i did 'hurt him worse'.

me and him got into it the day before thanksgiving because he told me i made my paternal grandmother upset cause i refused to let her hug me. mind you, nonas, i dont know her as well. so i (once again bc this isnt the first rodeo) reminded him that i dont like to give family member/strangers hugs because it makes me extremely uncomfortable (for context i was molested by a family member from childhood to 15 y/o (that he knows about btw)) this dumbass nigga has the nerve to get mad at me and tell me "its not alway about you. think about how you make other people feel" so i ended up giving her a hug anyway just to make him shut the fuck up.

im just so frustrated. its like if i dont do this touchy shit with my family i'll be talked about behind my back and made into this evil mean bitch who hates her poor daddies mommy.

i wish i could have my boundaries respected. i feel like i never stopped being taking advantage of. i wish i was strong and not weak. i wish i knew how to stand up for myself.

No. 1422511

My menstrual cup has been stuck for more than a day, I've spent my entire Saturday trying to remove this shit and I've been fishing it out for the past two hours. My back hurts, my vulva hurts and I'm crying. Once it's out I'll burn it

No. 1422523

I’m actually the type of girl who likes to go in fast food dates, walks and sit inside and watch tv but I understand I can’t actually accept dates like that because for men those kind of dates are just an excuse to get you in their car or house for cheap sex

No. 1422531

pissed off that ill never have a long hair bf sick of the ugly fucks near me I dont want a fat bald fucker grunting over me I dont want to live with a goblin orc of a man I want a long haired elf with abs or nothing at all

No. 1422539

Awww nonny I hope you get it out soon. I remember having a whole panic attack the first I tried one. It was okay for the first couple of hours then I had to pee and the sensation of having to pee with the cup in caused me to freak out IMMEDIATELY. It was so weird. I couldn’t get it out easily either. It’s such a weird sensation for me, I don’t think any insertion devices are for me personally

No. 1422540

File: 1669511355196.jpeg (45.83 KB, 493x530, 1434F600-A53B-4929-B2DD-D49C23…)

I wouldn't have guessed that about you

No. 1422544

new kitty going crazy when I get my yarn and needles out to knit, so I have been shooing him away etc. Now he won't come and cuddle me anymore… idk what to do

No. 1422546

File: 1669511620865.png (46.01 KB, 144x357, 1668045731596.png)

>ywn brush your manpunzel hair and help him with his goth make up
why live nonnas

No. 1422547

Fuck men. Why does my husband get to eat 3800 calories a day and I only get to get to eat 2400? It's not fair that I have to cook food that I can't eat without getting fat.

No. 1422548

File: 1669511920962.jpg (202.71 KB, 709x752, R (2).jpg)

I've been dreaming about making my own comic book for a long time, and I'm not that worried for the art part, but for the writing. I have so many inspirations and ideas I tend to forget some even though I try to write down everything that comes to my mind and it's scattered literally everywhere, on my pc, phone, various notebooks, random stickies at my work etc., but I feel like it's a lot and I made this into this greater than life big scale story with deep lore and twists and philosophy but I actually don't feel competent enough to put that all together and make it public, I'm scared I will never make it real, I'm also scared to end it because I created the kind of conflict and lore that no ending seems fitting to me, and no conclusion is proper for my mc. My ambition is more than my abilities, I feel too small and dumb

No. 1422552

File: 1669512155800.jpg (6.04 KB, 233x216, index.jpg)

>tfw all the guys with thick hair genes get that short on sides cut that looks like their hair is blending into their neck skin
guess I'll fucking die

No. 1422581

i hate boymoms so much. this little boy assaulted my younger sister; my sister warned other girls in her social circle of his behavior. and now the assaulter's mother is accusing her of being a defamatory liar and threatening to take her to court. why don't you murder-suicide your whole family to eradicate your shitty fucking demon genes instead? it'd be a more productive endeavor.

No. 1422591

Oh nona don't give up! I myself have been stewing over a story for a comic for about two years, I ended up mashing together a bunch of tidbits(characters, world building, plot points) and refining them until they make sense. I've only recently plotted my story out from beginning to end and actually liked it. If you're not actively in the process of making the comic, don't worry about the ending now, you'll probably have a better idea of what needs to be wrapped up, and how, after you've started it. If you don't already, it might help you to write down major plot points on small pieces of paper and organize them on a cork board.

Just remember to try your best, write the story that you want to see instead of what you think other people would want. Even if you finish it and it's less than perfect, you've still done way more than all the people who said "I want to write a story" and then never did.

No. 1422631

File: 1669517779667.jpg (28.05 KB, 573x500, 1667801790999.jpg)

I am following a drawing book and i suck so much at it aaaagh, i am scared of wasting so much time and still drawing like shit

No. 1422633

i'm going back into the psych ward tomorrow, all my friends abandoned me and blocked me, my parents dont understand and make things worse, everyone left me and i'm alone.

No. 1422636

Anon good luck. I hope you feel better.

No. 1422642

File: 1669518515089.jpg (30.91 KB, 500x440, happeee.jpg)

I feel the same way, nonnie. But don't let your fears & anxiety sabotage you and prevent you from practicing and reaching your full potential. We may suck now, but sucking is just the first step to getting better at something! I believe in you.

No. 1422656

make a post when you're out so I can welcome you back with a cute mystery picture (you won't know what it is until you're out and better)

No. 1422662

i will, i'm probably going to stay 2-3 weeks

No. 1422673

good. artificial trees are sacrilege. You can buy a small potted pine tree (they use pine for bonsai) that is no bigger than a cat. Of course cutting down a tree is also sacrilege. You're supposed to worship the tree spirit, not murder it.

No. 1422680

Nta but some of us are allergic to pine, sadly

No. 1422681

squat and use coconut oil. you're gonna get TSS if you can't get that shit out. vags can stretch to fit a fist or even a baby, you can absolutely get the cup out. stop clenching up and relax. in a squatting position your cervix should only be 1.5-2 inches deep. do not pull, try to pinch it like a taco (or filter paper) to break the suction.

No. 1422691

menstrual cups scare the shit out of me

No. 1422704

seeing that diagram on how to insert it was enough to convince me to never use one. now this nonna's story gave me another reason kek

No. 1422705

you two are ridiculous. i've been using them for years and never had a problem.

No. 1422709

My bf posted pics of us together on Facebook. This girl he used to be friends with in high school commented under the photo “when are you going to propose to her?” How badly on a scale of 1 to 10 do you think she wants to fuck my man? Or is this a friendly thing to say? Honestly, I’m autistic so I don’t even know. But I instinctively do not trust her and I’ve always been worried about her. She is in a relationship at least, but I feel like she would try to fuck my boyfriend. Should I tell my bf to block her

No. 1422712

File: 1669521766105.jpg (42.38 KB, 520x520, 1648335530552.jpg)

I am a virgin nonna, i dont even use tampons. A giant cup the size of my hand entering my vagina sounds horrifying to me.

No. 1422714

You sound like you're overreacting. She probably posted that because she thought you looked cute together. chill, not every woman who interacts with your faggy boyfriend means she wants to fuck him kek

No. 1422715

push your index finger up the side, and curl your finger in to break the seal. basically make it from an O to a U. This will likely spill some of it out but it is a no-suction way to pull it out. Then pull it down by dragging it down with your finger. I take mine out this way every time, but I have a very flexible one so I barely need to push to break the seal and sit next to a tub so I wash it and my hand immediately while still on the toilet.

sorry about your experience with them. They really helped me since tampons caused me cramps and I dont have to change a cup while at work, but I wont hold it against you if you never wanna try this again

No. 1422719

mine is the length of my pinky and barely wider than 2 fingers

No. 1422723

which one? still 2 fingers seems like a lot to me since i haven't even used tampons yet. But i like the idea of menstrual cups, they are just…scary

No. 1422724

i basically feel the same way as >>1422712 it looks painful, plus too complicated for my pea brain to use. i'd probably take forever trying to even get it in the first place lol
can't get my own pinky in there either..

No. 1422738

…the size of your HAND? it fits in the palm of your hand. listen, i don't care if you're a virgin. non virgins dont magically grow giant distended gaping vagina chasms. my cunt is just as tight as your cunt. way to parrot harebrained moid talking points though.

also, tampons give you cancer because you're shoving a bleached wad of chemically treated material up there for hours. menstrual cups are body-safe.

No. 1422744

I cannot imagine ever being this insecure.

No. 1422747

I meant palm, sorry i am ESL. I never said anything about it ''stretching'' my vagina kek, wtf is wrong with you.

No. 1422760

this is a hard question to answer because there are so many other alarming things to answer for like why are you both using facebook?

No. 1422764

you're insinuating that non-virgin women are somehow "looser" when that's a scrote talking point that is completely asinine. a pussy doesn't sag open just because a dick once entered it. you being a virgin has nothing to do with you being unwilling to use a cup. your lack of knowledge of how to use your own pussy does.

No. 1422767

My 2nd job decided to put me on a day I cant work because I'm at my main job. I checked the system and it clearly has my availability approved. I'm not even sure which job will make me more that day but at the least I would rather work at my main because it's such a nicer place. Guess it's time to submit applications all month hoping I can replace my 2nd job in january. The coworkers who treated me like crap took way too long to appreciate me.

No. 1422782

nta but no she's not. youe vagina is a muscle and putting things in it the first time does make it sore. also look up vaginismus, underage retard

No. 1422783

inserting anything into any hole is scary

No. 1422790

She wasn’t insinuating anything except that she’s apprehensive about shoving things up her vag. Sus that you are so eager abt anon inserting things when they’re not ready.

No. 1422796

You're way to invested in that anon's vagina. Take a breather.

No. 1422805

File: 1669528235233.gif (150.47 KB, 444x332, 1669138351328.gif)

thank you!! , i tried for the third time to make a head and it looks so much better!! we all GMI

No. 1422811

My dad has always been a deeply disturbed, unstable, violent man but he choose to leash it onto me, his daughter, that's why mom never cared cause she wasn't the target, in fact, he tends to make allegories to "daughter" as being a powerless person who gets abused, even talking about battered wives, he refers to them as "getting treated like a daughter"

Mom never thought he would ever hurt her, for some reason. Two decades later, he's getting old and I am no longer in contact with him, he already tried to jump on her last time, today she flinched at him…I knew this would happen but I still cannot process it, she thought she wouldn't get trapped into the same situation her mom did but I guess her demons are coming back, and I'm not sure if she will get out before shit hits the fan, she has no self-esteem at all and would rather die than leave a cheating scrote she herself brought back countless times.

"I'm so pissed, if you were my daughter…" And I'm his daughter, that's why I know how to avoid his wrath, but mom doesn't, she doesn't know how to avoid pissing him off, she doesn't perceive him as the danger he is, and if she doesn't snap out of this soon she will turn into "daughter": a worthless punchbag.

No. 1422813

The world hates abused women and it shows

No. 1422822

I had to stop using my menstrual cup after it gave me a bladder prolapse during my period last June. Apparently it’s permanent, I will never be able to pee at a normal speed for the rest of my life. Thanks, menstrual cup. I used to be such a cheerleader. Wish someone had warned me.

No. 1422823

I think some of the posts in the nigel thread is fanfiction or nonas putting on rose tinted glasses for their scrote. I refuse to believe there are good men that exist out there.

No. 1422825

She’s either ignoring red flags or he’s just so ugly/dumb that he has to treat her like a queen to get sex. I have never met a man who was genuinely a good guy and attractive.

No. 1422827

Have you ever met an ugly dumb man in a relationship with a hot girl? They treat them like shit lol

No. 1422832

File: 1669531115919.jpg (126.15 KB, 750x750, 266031899_1146840055719787_107…)

I miss 2001-2014 so much it's unreal.
I was watching the 2004 Grammys on youtube the other night and scrolling the comments, people unaminously agreeing how much better things were then, more authentic in every way.

The internet becoming retard-proof and a capitalistic wasteland, social media and the ensuing polarization of people and politics has killed the soul of the world. I know I'm not the only schizo who sees this. And I know it's not justthe same old boomer sentiment that the past was better. Anything was better than this digital shitland that has been created and all the other effects of late stage capitalism turning the earth into a gigantic bin.

I don't know how to carve out a comfy myself anymore than just retreating into nostalgia and becoming a hermit.

No. 1422833

I was just thinking this an hour ago

No. 1422835

I must be ugly because I haven’t had one good experience on tinder. The last man I met on tinder tried to fuck my mom. I deleted the app and never went back.

No. 1422837

File: 1669532353805.gif (2.98 MB, 640x508, outta here.gif)

At least you could experience that time nonna… I was watching Beavis and Butthead/Daria and it makes me so sad that my generation is so anti-fun and anti-rebellion, if they have a problem they cry to daddy social media CEO to ban the mean transphobes or send people to harass them. We have no unique fashion, no unique music, nothing. We are only recognized for two things, pronoun shit and ugly calart styles. Not using social media since i was a child also made me feel so separate of my peers, even people thats older than me but still zoomies. I just wanna sit with my friends and play on my PS2, no Discord shit, no people pulling out their phones to check if their daddy/kitten messaged them, no social media. I just wanna be free.

No. 1422840

samefagging. but NOTHING will top messenger, holy shit Discord is so soulless in comparison.

No. 1422841

I know about TSS, this is why I'm trying really hard no to freak out and get it out. I went to sleep to relax and calm my vulva down, and tried again after a few hours. Still no luck. I can get to the base easily (it's only one knuckle deep) and I can pinch it but it doesn't break the seal, so it hurts like a motherfuck to pull and it barely moves. If I push again the side with my index to try to break the seal that way, it just pushes the cup up too high and sideways. It's really difficult to bear down, I thought my pelvis was overactive because I had vaginismus (though maybe not anymore after this weekend kek) but maybe it's actually too weak. Somehow I managed to shove my finger up the cup once but the silicon is too stiff and doesn't bend, even when I reach the rim, I can't manage to hook a finger. It's so frustrating, I'm starting to get desperate and I tried with a spoon and with a crochet needle to disloge this thing but it just won't move. I think I need to go to the ER, fuck me. It is an emergency, right ? Or can I wait until tomorrow, because other than the risk of TSS it doesn't hurt and it'll be much easier to find a random gyno to get it out. I should have gone yesterday, I just felt so stupid and every article on the internet tells you it's impossible for it to be stuck

No. 1422844

Man I found some old msn screenshots and forgot about the custom background, the drawings, and other stuff. For a while I used something to customize my discord background but the damn thing broke with every update. Hell I like my phone's messenger because I can change my icon, their icon, their name, delete messages without affecting their side, send stickies, and custom background. I absolutely hate that discord wont allow a delete on your side or hide button when someone sends a cringe gif. Bothers me so much. Nitro seems so useless considering you can upload to google doc or somewhere then send large files. If it had been paid themes or paid customization I wouldve hopped on it but all they did is make fancy name cards.

No. 1422846

Please go to a doctor, you don’t want to risk anything.

No. 1422860

My pussy lip hurts

No. 1422862

File: 1669536061385.jpg (50.26 KB, 870x870, 1651284317861.jpg)

I hate when you tell someone that you are depressed/overwhelmed by the current socioeconomic status they just say shit like ''be the change you want to be'' ''you cant change the world but you can change yourself''. Seems like such a stupid, ignorant way of dealing with it and give yourself an endless ''goal''. A therapist friend has been recommending me to watch several ''health care'' youtubers and they say all same the same fucking shit, hurr durr you gotta exercise/have healthy habits. I already do morons, even then i still feel like utter shit because it doesnt matter how much of a gym rat i become to fill the void, they world is still shit and it will die being shit because the whole world is currently plotting against the well being of the people. Why the fuck should i trust ''the science'' that for years told people that couldnt fit in society to get shock therapy or get lobotomized and now tells young gnc girls to cut their tits out? I am so fucking tired.

No. 1422866

File: 1669536355779.jpg (195.42 KB, 1229x1279, 1605556021684.jpg)

I hear you nonny.
I ride my bike for hours and go to the gym all the time and still have depression. Who wouldn't in this society (joker moment). I don't trust anyone who says they AREN'T depressed.

No. 1422868

LET US FUCKING DIE WITH DIGNITY YOU BASTARDS, I don’t want my only choices to be “OD in a ditch so that my family isn’t too traumatised by finding my body at home” or “splatter myself across the front of a train”. LET ME DIE PAINLESSLY SOMEWHERE CLEAN AND COMFORTABLE, I am a conscientious objector to this life I never fucking asked for! COWARDS

No. 1422869

File: 1669536825066.gif (453.16 KB, 480x361, 1644372112404.gif)

i will never understand the good habits= good mental health thinking. This year i had really good habits and every time i relapses it was because of something outside of my control. I dont even know WHY i am having good habits anyways, i would probably be happier if i didnt even try and spent all my day just watching anime and playing videogames in my autism cave to be honest.

No. 1422876

File: 1669538006352.gif (1.29 MB, 244x224, sassy-black-woman.gif)

you sound like you just need friends, anon

No. 1422880

It's ridiculous that we euthanize animals because it's the humane way that saves them from prolonged suffering yet somehow don't extend such humane approach to actual humans

No. 1422888

''enjoying the small things in life'' is a really stupid and lame mentality, you can tell people who say that cry themselves to sleep and will probably be the first to off themselves

No. 1422890

i fucking hate adhd. i just want to organize my room and i keep getting anxiety. it's just junk! i need to sort through it and throw it away! but whenever i try it seems like a daunting mountain. god!

No. 1422892

I disagree, I think what life is actually about. If you chase big events and big feelings you burn yourself out and end up a crippled wreck. It's far better to find the pleasure in everyday things. A delicious slice of bread, a hot tea, a beautiful tree, a good conversation with a friend, a movie shared with people you love.
That kind of stuff doesn't fit on social media, but it's far more satisfying than checking off some item on a "to-do so I can finally allow myself to feel content" list.

No. 1422893

it just so sad to me, lol. Like imagine how shit the society we live in is that ''a piece of bread'' makes you happy(sorry). Idk i personally only get happiness when i achieve my goals, which normally take months, if not years. But i also grew up in a shit family and i never had a friend that lasted me more than a year so maybe i cant appreciate the little things because i never experienced them to begin with.

No. 1422894

Please tell me how you feel about me.

No. 1422897

your life sounds fucking terrible, but so is your attitude. why is it when anons have braindead opinions they end up being miserable shits like this.

No. 1422898

idk sorry for not seeing a piece of bread with rose tinted eyeglasses

No. 1422899

you're taking it too literally, anon. it's about being able to enjoy delicious food, or music or appreciate that your life isn't a waking hell. it's about doing things for yourself and only you.

No. 1422902

when you moved out/away from your family, did you not notice the small changes and situations that got better due to it? It's the same concept.

No. 1422906

File: 1669540911674.jpg (78.26 KB, 845x482, stuffing-technique.jpg)

You should try a filled pita

No. 1422908

File: 1669541017539.jpg (54.17 KB, 783x736, 1669489550410.jpg)

havent moved out yet . I dont know, i cant enjoy the little things because i just cant ignore the bigger picture. ''Yeah, i am eating a scrambled egg toast, but i am doing so in Argentina, a shithole. If…''. Maybe i am born a negative person, kek. Kinda wish i could enjoy the little things, i pretty much suffer all the year until i achieve my bigger goals.

No. 1422911

why are you so focused on the food part?

No. 1422916

its the only ''small thing'' i do i guess

No. 1422918

Fuck the holidays and fuck my hypocritical parents. I hate how the holidays make them even more insufferable.

No. 1422919

You’d be surprised to find out that a good amount of people who were born in “non-shithole” countries that all of us 3 worlders aspire to move to are actually the ones who have a very simplistic outlook on life. I’ve studied abroad on scholarship in multiple countries and I’ve met so many Americans, Canadians, Scandinavians etc. who move to shithole countries just because they make them appreciate “the small things” more.

No. 1422930

nta depending on wealth, Murica and the west in general can be a shithole experience. Wealth inequality, different development levels within a country, are a thing. You can be worse off as a poor person in a technically rich country in a (semi-)periphery development area than a middle class person in the capital (core) of a technically shithole country. It's weird how entire countries just get characterized as rich, so then you get funny situations where a Romanian in a rich country will go back home every year because the healthcare is somehow better at home, since there is massive difference between the regions within technically rich countries and bureaucracy often doesn't allow the plebs to go to the nicer more developed areas within the country to get better healthcare and services. The amount of people who come to my country thinking they'll totally get a better life, only to find out you get to sit with the rest of the poors in trailer parks and tents and that all that wealth isn't actually spent on the citizens.

No. 1422931

of course you would appreciate the small things if you have never been anxious of your country turning into Venezuela and not knowing if they are going to steal your money/having to spend a shit load of money on something you need for your work because your shitty country taxes you 50% of the product, kek. I feel like i would appreciate the small things if i moved tho, like eating a simple american breakfast, when i make it myself it makes me incredibly depressed because its so expensive and it probably doesnt taste as good.

No. 1422937

File: 1669544997229.jpg (76.41 KB, 1080x762, Scott in pain.jpg)

i dont know about other shitholes but in my country there is a very popular quote ''i would rather be poor in America than rich in Argentina''. My country has the absolute WORST of both worlds, the shitty political climate of the USA, we are the very first country with a nonbinary ID(president passed the law to satisfy the whim of his tranny drag queen son), and we also have the economics of venezuela. We have enby(first world problem) IDs in a country with over 60% of poverty. An argie friend of mine that moved to Mexico for a few years, ''moved'' back here after having some economic problems there, then went back in less than a month because he couldn't handle it. He didnt last a fucking month here and would rather go back to Narcoland, lol. I hate it here, there isnt a single fucking day when i am not stressed and my life is perpetually ruined for being born in such a shithole. There is nothing i despise more than first wordlers moving to a shithole to live off daddys money's while everyone else who was born there suffers.

No. 1422938

File: 1669545007160.jpeg (385.55 KB, 1000x1420, 418DDA24-06D5-462D-8964-0C1EE3…)

Ffs I hate winter all I want to do it wash my hair and shower without having a I huddle against the heater to not freeze

No. 1422946

Never ask for bf advice here lol I'm sorry but people will just tell you you're either stupid or need to dump him or both. And then it'll devolve into a sex separatist argument. That being said I don't think you have a reason to worry about her wanting to fuck your bf, it sounds more like she was encouraging your relationship but in a sort of awkward way. I wouldn't tell your bf to block anyone that just kind of stirs up drama but you could just ask him what you think she meant by that and that the comment made you uncomfortable. And just have a casual convo about it, chances are he didn't really think anything of it and there's nothing to worry about it.

No. 1422947

File: 1669546800732.jpg (62.43 KB, 992x743, 56748392345.jpg)

My little brother is about to troon out. He's been discord and reddit groomed for 5 years. It's fucking over

No. 1422948

Nonnies she's probably just depressed and can't find pleasure in things anymore

No. 1422950

Im tired of my shit friends. I wish they’d actually care.

No. 1422955

"Never ask women who care about you for relationship advice because they will tell you to stop wiping Nigel's bunghole for him. Instead, go to Reddit and get lectured on how you need to start parting his bum hairs gently like curtains to avoid tugging on them during the cleaning process."

No. 1422956

time to kill him in minecraft

No. 1422957

i had my mom on msn and would nudge her over and over while begging for her to buy me habbo coins

No. 1422958

hide all your underwear

No. 1422959

How old is he though? If he's 18 and has been groomed since 13, that sucks. But if the dude's like 25 you gotta realize he's just a coomer and its time to let go.

No. 1422962

I love him though
don't live at home, although if I did I might have been able to stop all of this happening before it was too late
it's the former

No. 1422965

That's some serious misinterpretation of what I wrote lol

No. 1422966

is he HSTP or AGP? have you talked to him?

No. 1422969

>Never ask for bf advice here lol I'm sorry but people will just tell you you're either stupid or need to dump him or both.
Because despite being a "member" of LC some woman get themselves into the most ridiculous situations.
Your bf is acting like a moid and doesnt seem to want to change? The answer was obvious the moment before you started typing

No. 1422971

All the time.
There are no worse, more fickle, disrespectful or more abusive boyfriends than fat ugly men.

No. 1422973

I don't know, probably both? he doesn't act like an AGP at all but he probably hangs out with them online and could become one, worst case. he's a depressed autist that's very hard to talk to. I don't know how to approach it. he doesn't know I know but I've hinted at being critical against this stuff before, warned him about egg_irl, etc… But it's too late to get him out of the cult now. I should have talked to him seriously earlier, talked to him more

No. 1422974

>she has never baked and enjoyed eating a loaf of delicious warm, handmade bread
I feel sorry for you.

No. 1422975

its not too late, have you tried watching videos of people with family in a cult/ex cult memebers? maybe that will help you find a way to talk to him. If i were you i would show him frankenpussies and how ugly they look to scare him but these people are delusional anyways.

No. 1422976

I probably should, but this cult is more difficult because it's validated on every level. He'll go to a gender therapist that will tell him it's normal and good. How do you get through at that point? Getting someone to leave a regular cult is hard enough.
also, I don't think that's a strategy that will work. he'd have a meltdown and cut me off if I did that

No. 1422986

Love my country and everything but wow it does jar me how little exercise the people of the United States get kek

No. 1423032

She's right though. Every little nice thing is just a distraction from an unpleasant need or feeling like hunger, boredom, pain etc. Also only people who were privileged enough can honestly focus on those things and not see them as short term distractions. Life is constant decay, it's not worth it to force it upon children.

No. 1423043

Depression is a natural reaction to the world we live in. For 30 years doctors were pushing the meme that depression is caused by a chamical imbalance in the brain to sell you more drugs and take more money from you, and now it's obvious there's not enough evidence for this meme theory but the psychiatry forgot to inform public about it years ago, when they should.
My therapist loved to say that depression rates are the lowest during war times, like it proves anything. Of course when we are driven by the lowest instincts, like survival, we have no time to contemplate life. Animals don't do it. But when we have more time and we can further analyze life and its circumstances, many people start to see, or at least feel it subconsciously, that there's no point in life and that life is mostly suffering. Depression rates are getting higher and they will get even higher and that's a good thing, I hope it will lead to people breeding less.

No. 1423054

Try living in poverty.

No. 1423056

So i need to do crack to see things like that? Makes sense

No. 1423062

I don't do crack and I live in poverty.

No. 1423066

File: 1669557702242.jpg (73.49 KB, 512x512, download (1).jpg)

Life is drama and trauma. I just want to have fun, not be said or anixious.

No. 1423069

Then you should smoke some crack it will make the poverty life easier

No. 1423079

I hate my brother so much. He doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t clean up after himself at all. Doesn’t pick up anything. Doesn’t do the dishes. Doesn’t help with the lights. Doesnt do his own laundry. Just sits on his ass and plays video games or browses 4chan. Never lifts a finger to cook for himself or anyone. Doesn’t even go grocery shopping. Has a license but refuses to drive people anywhere, even when parking is impossible at the destination.
Keep in mind this is an adult. A 23 year old who lives at home with my parents.
Because he doesn’t do anything or help out and is just a leech living for free (he doesn’t pay rent), I have to fly across the country and give up my blooming new adult life to help out my mom, who is the primary caretaker to my disabled father.
I have two other siblings who live in the same state as my parents so I don’t see why I have to give up my new life with my fiancé my physically abled adult brother can do. I mean, he lives at home with them already. Can’t he help out with yard work? With cooking? Doing laundry?
I keep pestering him to find a job or go back to school but he won’t even attempt. Is he going to commit suicide after my parents die and he can no longer leech off them? Like I don’t see why he can’t plan for his future and thinks he can get away with a free ride forever when his babysitters (my parents) are older and will inevitably die before him, especially with the way he treats my elderly mother (ffs, you can’t haul your own heavy laundry and do it yourself??)
Honestly I don’t know why my mom hasn’t kicked him out so he can grow tf up and live like an adult instead of a perpetual man child
I love my parents and all but I have to leave them for my own sanity and my own growth. I don’t want to end up like my brother. His attitude is sickening and makes me so angry - I can barely stomach the thought of being around him. I hate how when I cook dinner for my parents he nonchalantly grabs a plate, eats it and doesn’t even wash it

No. 1423093

I really hate my ugly laugh. I wish i had a cute/contagious one instead.

No. 1423094

My boyfriend sucks at Black Friday sales and bought me a different piano compared to the one we looked at, researched and agreed upon. He did it last second and lo and behold the good piano got sold out. So he bought me the second thing closest to it without doing much research into it beforehand because it’s better to show up with something in your hand (even if it’s lower quality) than empty handed.
Idk, I would’ve waited until Boxing Day for the piano to go on sale again. I just hope the piano isn’t poor quality. It isn’t the one I’ve been eyeing forever. Prob sound like a spoiled brat rn but I’m just so angry he was so slow in online shopping AGAIN to let a good deal go to waste…
Men suck at shopping so much.

No. 1423095

File: 1669559862031.jpg (38.5 KB, 464x351, 1648920115397.jpg)

This is the most retarded vent I've posted but my friend's moid is driving me insane with the most petty and dumb ways!!
Last night I was at a party where my friend and her moid were also at, the moid is foreign and so were some other people as well, but nowhere near where my friend's moid is from.
We got to add songs to the playlist but some metal song started playing and everyone felt like adding more heavier songs, mostly stuff we found nostalgic, most of us have a background in heavy metal/punk/shit and it's pretty common here. This goddamn moid had to act so bewildered whenever people would sing along to songs, but especially when it was foreign, non english songs like rammstein for example.
>what language is this, it sounds ugly
>do you all know German, why would you listen to German music
>do you only listen to Korean and English music?
>we can learn and know the lyrics to a song even if we don't speak the language
>I don't need to listen to other countries' music
like okay you fucking scrote, this is not the first time he tries to fuck up the mood, he also has some general retardation over esc,cannot understand why we care about foreign countries songs or bother to learn to sing along, I swear to god it's so petty but it's such a rotten vibe to put out?
He also looked up lyrics to one song in my language and had to comment how it seemed to be a religious song, bitch what the fuck it was about consumerism and how depressed the people are shut the fuuuuck he always fucks up the vibes and then my friend has to apologise for him or say it's because he is Korean, idk if it's nationalism or what but he acts like we are stupid for speaking, understanding or even singing other languages, this isn't the first time but I am still so annoyed.
He also kept telling me how I must not be from this country "really" because I look the way I do and have a foreign last name. What in the world, one day soon I will deck this scrote.

No. 1423098

Everything is fucking depressing, why my home country's government is a bunch of retards and why, even though i escaped it, i've never met anyone somewhere closer. Like, all my friends and my girlfriend lives there and we were hoping one day we could live together, working so hard for years to make it happen, just when we were almost there covid happened and it became impossible! Then, okay, it became a bit better, should we try again? Fuck no, because now there is a fucking war! And no sane country lets people from my home country in. All we fucking wanted is to get married and move her in to be with me here, even both of our families approved of this and everything was so perfect. But no, fuck everything, because now it's impossible for her to come to me, because only closest family members can come and marriage isn't a valid reason to visit. We can't marry anywhere else, only countries where we could meet are not the ones where we can marry. I've been living alone for too long, nonnas, all i want is her to be here, we are just so perfect together, i don't want anyone else at all. Like where the fuck can i find a person to browse this website with and laugh at troons, she is too perfect. But looking at how everything is right now, how being lesbian is getting more and more outlawed there because THIS COUNTRY DOESN'T HAVE ANY OTHER PROBLEMS, RIGHT? how this war is getting worse and worse, i'm so fucking sad for ukrainian people also. It seems nothing will ever get better, even if the war stops, borders won't open soon after that and i just don't know how to continue living like this, i don't know if there is a point even. Everything fucking sucks.

No. 1423099

File: 1669560053150.jpg (58.81 KB, 1280x720, 1589949791706.jpg)

samefag because I just remembered he also got annoyed when someone said some kpop song he was playing was a cover or sample or whatever from old ass pop song from my country, it wasn't even me who told him that yet he looked so annoyed

No. 1423100

Then I'll have to choose between family, food and drugs.

No. 1423101

sending the best of vibes to you and your beloved and wishing death (in minecraft, no alog ban pls) to putin, my country is also kinda fucked over this, it's all fucked.

No. 1423110

what an idiot. Why would he be bothered by people listening to music in a language they don't speak? Is there something deeper going on or is he just stupid?

No. 1423116

One other scrote at the party lived in korea for a few years and he told me some koreans get defensive over like, media consumption? like there are lots of people who kinda refuse to watch or listen to non korean stuff unless it's capeshit or mainstream american stuff and I don't know, that sounds kinda weird but it keeps happening, he also went through the hosts dvd shelf and laughed at some nordic noire dvd set. Maybe the scrote was right, it does seem to be so, you always get the juickiest of scoops whilst smoking outside fr.

No. 1423119

So he’s, excuse me, xenophobic and like weirdly controlling. Some weird domination thing when people preemptively reject a thing because they feel excluded by it, intellectually or socially. Hit him with the “I knew you wouldn’t get it” with an extremely smug face and condescending tone.

No. 1423123

Lol that guy sounds low IQ so the confrontation with the mere idea that things exist outside of his fishbowl is confusing and alienating. It’s pitiful and pathetic actually.

No. 1423133

Holy shit I never thought of it as being controlling but you're right? He moved into my friend's apartment and thank god my friend is very head strong because he did try to make some ugly ass decoration changes but Holy shit anon, I never realised, I need to stay alert.
He is relatively okay otherwise but yeah, I have no idea why he even moved here if he hates euroshit so much

No. 1423135

File: 1669562494686.jpg (19.33 KB, 262x275, m-29.jpg)

so he travels to another country and dates someone from another country yet he refuses to watch foreign media that isn't capeshit. I know I'm not in a position to say this but I hope your friend dumps him

No. 1423141

File: 1669562761768.jpg (63.96 KB, 500x667, tumblr_inline_p2ktfgXFW91u0r1t…)

Everyone in my family talks to me in my native language and I respond in the language of the country we're living in, but for the past few months, I've been really wanting to start speaking in my native language with everyone again, after I think almost 20 years of not speaking it at all. Problem is, while I understand everything I hear, my own grammar and vocabulary is horrid and I lost pretty much all ability to speak freely. I'm probably better at speaking English and the other language I've been actively learning for the past ten years than speaking in my native language. Also, the relationship between my family and me is really fucking awkward, so I have no idea how to even breach the topic. Even my friends make fun of how stiff and distanced all our interactions are lol. I don't know where I suddenly got the idea from, my native country sucks ass anyways.

No. 1423146

He even moved here and as far as I know, they're technically engaged because they're supposed to live here but I have a gut feeling the moid wants my friend to go back to korea with him because that's where they met. Other nona got me thinking about this and I am gonna keep an eye on this shit.

No. 1423148

I think it’s quite normal experience for immigrant kids nona. Just say casually I want to speak the language better. I’m almost sure your family would jump at the idea because it’s something they can bond with you over without it being too uncomfortable in a “stiff” not lovey-dovey kind of family.

No. 1423151

>moid wants my friend to go back to korea with him
Absolutely not. The amount of horror stories about foreign woman moving in with Korean moids, especially “stuck in their ways, nationalist bordering on racist” moids like that, and get the shit beat out of them for not being perfect slave wife.

No. 1423160

Yeah, I think I need to talk to her about stuff. Thank you for this, nona!

No. 1423173

File: 1669565686033.jpg (3.04 MB, 3072x2304, 1640283678183.jpg)

Anyone else fall for the whole sharing your emotions/thoughts thing and it just makes things worse, makes people call you retarded, misunderstand you more, and start telling you what to do in life etc. I should just close up again like I used to be, and never tell anyone my aspirations/dreams/hobbies/interests/feelings/opinions/ or anything because it always backfires. I thought I was improving in life and learning how to emote and communicate how I feel because everyone always told me to do that, but when I do, it just makes everything more complicated. I just want to be honest. I just wanted to create stronger bonds with my family. I don't want to be called a retard anymore or told what to do when I already have hobbies. I guess I'm too introverted. I thought I was making progress in life but I don't think I am anymore. I just feel so lost. I don't want to speak to anyone about myself anymore. This is why I wish to be alone.

No. 1423178

This is exactly why I closed up. When you are female it feels like you're never good enough for anybody so I give up on trying please anyone and say fuck them mostly. Youll reach a point where you care so little everything seems meant to be anyway. I loooove solitude I want to live isolated in the mountains.

No. 1423182

iktf I feel like I can't even mention that I'm looking for something when someone asks me what I'm doing. It's best to just shut up and tell everyone to leave me alone, because if I share even 1 single thing, I will either get lectured, they'll get in my way or try to actively make things worse for me.

No. 1423186

I want the same exact thing. I hate when people, mostly friends of family members, will start interrogating me and asking me what I want in life. I tell them and they go "and then what" "and then what" "and then what" and nothing I do or say makes anyone satisfied. Also I get the sense there's a lot of projection when I get interrogated. I thought I knew who I was now, but apparently not.

No. 1423192

Adding on that I've noticed that people just get the urge to physically harm me or threaten to physically harm me and it makes me sad.

No. 1423195

the advice be yourself, tell people how you feel and think is mostly applicable to kids so they can get social feedback. it took me way too long as an adult to realize I have no good judgment on what's appropriate to share because other adult women don't want 'friends', not in the way we had friends growing up anyway. my only genuine expressions are with immediate family members, and only to an extent. my interactions with others I'm trying to remember to treat like a job interview and be more removed. it's hard though. I read post somewhere by a woman who said "my attempts at emotional disclosure have left me feeling worse off" and I was so relieved someone else felt that way, I thought I was just broken or that all my thoughts and emotions were inherently wrong because I never got positive feedback for sharing them (irl)

No. 1423203

Anon, if your family calls you retarded, you live in a family of assholes and they don't deserve you opening up to them

No. 1423206

I used to do everything I could to avoid barfing but now i love it. It’s not so bad if you have good form, and it’s an instant cure for the nausea. Nausea is really the worst sensation in the universe. God I really wanna barf rn

No. 1423209

My parents don't give af what I do, it's mostly outsiders that do this to me. Well honestly I feel like family just doesn't care either way.. which is depressing but … meh. I also kind of like it.

But I started getting aggressively stalked (doxxed?) by someone .. or a group of controlling af people in 2014 and it turned my personality inside out. I became extremely disgusted by men and turned off by them. Ruthlessly tuned out. It's really strange. I feel like I live to piss people off now. weirdly I have zero anxiety over it now. It's like after that I fear nothing after being stalked. The people that did it were complete psychopaths and freaks.

I got lots of death threats and blackmail years ago but it turns out they're full of shit.

I don't do a whole lot of extreme things I just journal, go to work, I'm a creative. But my life is a fishbowl. I guess I kinda got a kick out of it people could be that hatefully obsessed with me. What else can I do,? God theyre dead to me and that's about it

No. 1423216

find a country where euthanasia is legal and go there to do it (for some of them you don't have to be a citizen to get it done, but it is a procedure that takes about 6 months to a year to get approved etc). i am also pretty sure that assisted suicide is done in some places in the states but i don't know the regulations for that. but i agree with you in general. especially for people with a terminal disease or lifelong mental health suffering. like abortion it should be legal everywhere.

No. 1423224

>adult women don't want 'friends'

No. 1423227

I am in the ER, let's hope the forceps doesn't hurt too much

No. 1423231

File: 1669570285475.gif (364.01 KB, 200x258, 200w.gif)

My new roommate invited her boyfriend to our house and she didn't even ask anyone if we're ok with it, I came to the kitchen to make something to eat and she and her bf were literally lying on the couch there, touching and kissing. they left when I came and they went to our room. I came back to our room with food and they were standing in front of a mirror, she was only in her bra and thanking him for the present (the bra). Dude this is like really uncomfortable, why some people don't have any boundaries. Our room is really small so it was especially cringe to sneak behind her bf so I can get to my bed and she in her underwear standing next to my bed

No. 1423232

Actually I love watching a man think he’s being some sort of diabolical manipulative genius when he’s making a retard of himself. Adore it really

No. 1423233

The openly making out and standing in her bra is gross but I don't think anyone should have to ask for permission to bring someone over to the space they're paying rent for lol

No. 1423237

Lots of shady people come here sometimes for the letters they claim are for them because they are supposedly still registered here after not living here for months if not years, and we have experiences with previous housemates inviting people and stealing food and drinking a lot and leaving a total mess, so sorry anon but we (the 5 people who live here for a year) decided it's safer and more respectful to tell everyone that we want to invite someone and that the person can be trusted

No. 1423238

I had a terrible childhood full of pain and neglect. Back in April a nice orange flower grew outside of my house, beside my front door. It was nice and it made me smile every time I saw it. Last week I went to the inner city and I petted a dog and it was very happy about the pets. I can't imagine going through life and not finding happiness in the little things and then using your traumatized childhood as a shield. Get therapy or cope harder.

No. 1423239

People just accuse everybody they don't like of being trans nowadays it's the same on /pol/. I never even met a trans person in real life this seems to be solely a thing of US zoomers with social media addiction not normal people.

No. 1423240

I honestly know way more miscogynist women than men. Women always judge other women or treat them as men if they don't like them or hurt them if they think they don't belong to their hivemind. If you are asexual you will probably never even get in trouble with men they only get retarded in relationships.

No. 1423244

We will never be able to change anything about our bleak reality, all we can do is cope

No. 1423245

I've tried various kinds of therapy and drugs and nothing ever helped. Focusing on "nice things" is a cope, and I'm too truthpilled to take that. I face the truth. Also dogs are trash, mutated mutts spreading diseases and mauling children. I would respect your post more if you wrote about a cat or something. Also, it's not that I don't notice pretty, simple things. I see them and I can enjoy them for a few minutes. But I know they will never be enough to shift the attention from all the shitty stuff and pain and the good will never even get close to the bad shit in life.

No. 1423248

>If you are asexual you will probably never even get in trouble with men
kek i don't know where to begin with this post..

No. 1423255

Walked to grocery store for some stuff to make for dinner for the next two weeks since I lost my job and I will be moving back home (long story). Got my stuff, scuttled to self check out. Somehow, I decided to check my money there and fucking adobe took 16 dollars out - leaving me with just 13 out of the 30 bucks of groceries I needed. I wanted to explode. I didn't even want that fucking subscription. Now I gotta figure out how to make ramen stretch for 14 days :')(:'))

No. 1423264

What is life if not a series of cope. You either kill yourself or you don’t. Spending time agonizing is cope itself because you’re stalling, waiting for it to be better. Otherwise you’d already be dead.

No. 1423266

read the other half of the sentence

No. 1423282

But is true. Jesus fuck women are equally as bad. The internalized misogyny is raging. It is real and it its like it goes to their bones (why?????). I will never get it so I don't try.

It's the worst in the way they get huffy over trivial meaningless shallow things, as opposed to meaningful deep things. Rage over appearances in the most misogynistic frothing rage. I mean appearance matters but not if you're miserable internally and truly just hate your life to the bone I won't waste my breath over anything that feels like that misogynistic kind of horse shit. Who do you think you are kidding??
Wierdly the hivemind obsession/ perfectionism is why so many of the kind I describe are so easy to control and manipulate to a fault.

No. 1423286

>women are equally as bad
This will always, always be the most retarded take ever. The statistics of violence, rape, murder, and pedophilia lend to this. The amount of women that have been abused or assaulted by men in their lifetime disprove this. Shitty behavior will never be the same as outright violence and violation.

No. 1423287

You might able to get that money back if you figure out how you paid (paypal/credit card etc.) I'm wishing you nothing but luck. I lost my job recently too. you got this!

No. 1423291

nonnas, woman who lack interest in sex and relationships still get harassed by men constantly, what world are you living in

No. 1423295

File: 1669572732130.jpg (70.34 KB, 666x598, 1648143452965.jpg)


No. 1423296

Their mental games and abuse can be just as damaging in the long term as rape though. And if they understand this, why would they cope by shooting other women down like animals? In high school they can be just as psychopathic. And then spend all of their adulthoods pretending they're not, in their mombie cliques shitting on everything in these suffocated little boxes, often settling with the worst men ever. Idk I'm genuinely confused. Half the women I've known, live like they embrace the worst common denominator and the status quo. They actually look down on people outside the status quo, pretending its on their side.. looking miniscule as ever. I think people in general are fucked up.

No. 1423298

how many fucking times are you gonna post this shit?

No. 1423299

It’s so easy for the ones who experienced female misogyny to say “just as bad” because they never got experience male violence. It’s easy to conveniently ignore all the bad instances they had with men because that’s “expected” and they learned to diminish it in their minds. Like I know it must have sucked to be bullied by girls and sorry that your mom was a narc but words have meaning.

No. 1423301

File: 1669572953523.gif (238.85 KB, 220x124, somethingfishy.gif)

>girls being mean in highschool is just as damaging as rape
nevermind it's just more bait again

No. 1423303

>comparing women being manipulative and annoying to rape
Kh’yeel yourself

No. 1423304

Maybe just clarify what you don't understand about it? Because I also genuinely don't understand

No. 1423306

Bullied mf be like it’s just like getting raped lmaooo

No. 1423307

Who said rape wasn't God awful though ? I think some women, particularly the most hivemind obsessed can simply be God awful enough to warrant discussion.

No. 1423309

>Their mental games and abuse can be just as damaging in the long term as rape though.

i pray you are never the victim of male sexual violence because this is the most retarded shit i've ever seen. some women/girls being mean and manipulative to you is not even anywhere remotely near the level of trauma that comes with being sexually assaulted or raped.
yeah but not even near to the level of sexual abuse you fucking retard, it's a whole different beast to being bullied by other women or girls? how are you this retarded

No. 1423310

fucking huh, this is my first post in this shit show? this person just posted that shit 3 times

No. 1423312

MALES be like

No. 1423317

Actually no I just find them suffocated to death. Suffocated and suffocating. Like any second they'll blow a fuse over a God knows what. If that's what femininity is I simply don't ever want to catch the disease. Don't compare it to rape though. Its different but it's easily as bad.

No. 1423318

100% correct nonna i hate this "omg women can be just as bad…" like no that's objectively not possible because we live in a world where moids are overwhelmingly the perps of sexual offenses and sex-based violence. it's so easy to think that women can be ~just as bad~ if you have been lucky enough to never witness or experience the horror of moid violence, it cannot even be compared to being bullied or having a narc mother. this is coming from someone who was teased by girls in school and having a narc mother, that shit pales in comparison to my abuse from a male

No. 1423319

But I should enjoy being around women either if they're predominately suffocating themselves to death? I simply don't like anyone unless they prove me wrong. Meh have a cow over it I guess. People in general are filth though.

No. 1423320

I'm sad that I have to put away the rest of my spring/summer clothes. I don't want to, but I must. Good bye, I'll see you come spring time!

No. 1423321

anons anons, she's not like us, she's different

No. 1423326

no one is forcing you to be around or enjoy other women you fucking nlog you're not being held at gunpoint, people are mad cos you equated being bullied or having bad experiences with women on the similar level as rape and now you're trying to backtrack because you're rightfully getting called out for the dumb shit you say.
>predominately suffocating themselves to death
>Meh have a cow over it I guess. People in general are filth though.
i can't even address this cringe

No. 1423330

Well i don't give a fuck about anything in a way that always pisses women off, not to mention men.. though much less so, so yeah? I really suppose so

I think men are different in that they don't get high strung. They have random acts of violence.

I think being miserably high strung is patriarchal manipulation though. It's imposed on women, to keep them from being truly happy.

No. 1423331

they hate you bc you're kind of right, even though i think men are 10000x more dangerous than women, women are just as unpleasant to be around.

No. 1423333

the point is that it's not the same as being bullied
>it's easily as bad.
it's not. that's what we're trying to tell you

No. 1423336

if you're that poor go to a fucking food bank. and frankly, you should fix your finances if you have subscriptions you don't even know about. why can't you just get a coffee or waitressing job? $16 is 1 fucking hour of pay.
i love judgemental dog. i can't even read a book anymore without the author inserting graphic and egregious sodomy into it. moids are barely tolerable as it is, them sticking dicks in each other's poop chute is repulsive, they need to be tossed into an active volcano. only women can be bisexual or homosexual because lesbians can never defile each other like shit-pounders do. anal sex is unnatural and causes disease and incontinence. and gay men are nothing but sex addicts and products of child molestation. gays go to weekly orgies and screw dozens of randoms at once, that's why they all have AIDS. I've never seen lesbians with AIDS. it's pretty clear–God says male homosexuality is an abomination. Every time you turn around God is giving those sodomites a new disease. Women, meanwhile, are always clean and pure. Women can only get diseases from sex with men who slept around, especially bisexual men, who carry plague from homosexual men over to infect womenkind.

I just want to read a book without having sodomy shoved in my face. Go die of monkeypox already, faggots. Women who sexualize male faggotry are pornsick. Imagine two scruffy, hairy, stinking moids rubbing their hairy faces together. Men don't even wash their asshole. Imagine how disgusting two sweaty fornicating moids would be. They'd smear sweat and shit all over the bedding. I want to barf. All gay men are misogynists anyway. You should hear the way they talk about women. Every woman would grab a hammer out of her toolbox and run into the streets to end the sodomites if she knew. I hate men and I especially hate gay men. And don't think they won't rape you just because they're gay. When it comes to a chance to hurt a woman they can suddenly get it up for tits and pussy. They can't love a woman, but they can certainly abuse and destroy her.

No. 1423337

i struggle with the exact same thing, i always get accused of being an nlog when i talk about this but it's true, we need to just chill the fuck out. men don't try to tear each other down for being "problematic" or whatever the fuck, they just laugh everything off. i guess i'm just moidbrained or autistic or something idk most of the shit women get offended about or outraged over i just can't bring myself to care about.

No. 1423338

I don't agree that getting bullied is as bad as rape but it's true women can treat you just as terrible in places like work, if not worse than men. At my work women were the most toxic and abusive ones. I don't trust straight women by deafult because they would throw me or you under the buss for their shit stained nigel, and they will compete and shit on each other for the sake of male attention. Pointing that out doesn't make me a NLOG and anyone who says otherwise is a pathetic handmaiden.

No. 1423342

please stop typing like a redditfag we can tell which posts are yours and it's not just because they're stupid

No. 1423344

I know they do. I didn't think it would get this much of a reaction. Women are fucking suffocated by their roles. So why do they participate in something designed to be a hole in their head? To make them act like everything gives them a hole in their head? It's not actually about bullying to me, I just wish women would liberate each other mentally

No. 1423345

I read a really fucked up long-form journalism piece once about a horribly abused girl and the person writing it framed her mother as the mastermind of her abuse (locking her in a closet, starving her etc. even though she treated her other children normally) and even went as far as to say the mother is the one who made the father start sexually abusing the girl (to the point she was physically disfigured), as if she got off on watching him do it and he was under his wife's control and he only started because it was her idea, which just struck me as absolutely fucking insane and I still don't believe it.

No. 1423347

File: 1669574389966.jpeg (91.28 KB, 640x709, E1C63C71-DCDA-4417-9D11-DB2AAD…)

No. 1423348

i totally get what you mean, we constantly police eachother it sucks. idc about moral superiority or being "proper", we only get to live once and i want to have fun but that mentality seems to piss a lot of women off, when they could just do the same and be free.

No. 1423349

All these "i hate being around women" posters yet they still choose to stay on a women-only site. Really makes you think…

No. 1423350

>Saying objectively stupid shit like being bullied by women is just as bad as being raped
>I didn't think it would get this much of a reaction!!!

You are either a scrote or just mentally retarded at this point. Stop sniffing your own farts.

No. 1423352

Stop typing like a redditretard, you think you're coming off as deep and well written but you just end up looking like some AITA post.

No. 1423353

Samefag who thinks both women and men suck. I wouldn't believe that either, I would think the husband threatened the woman if she squealed.

But why in the fuck have a kid with a pugfucker moid anyway lol
They are vampires

No. 1423359

I have experienced more workplace abuse by women than by men. But I do take into consideration that those womens behavior are direct consequences of males bullshit. Moid bosses don’t bully me at work because they don’t give a shit about me, they let their handmaids do that. Those men are creating an environment where women compete for their approval. Girlboss culture is just rebranded queen bee autism.
That anon isn’t interested in nuance though.

No. 1423360

yeah you'd think they'd be back on reddit where they can start every post with "Well, as a female…" and then get 500 headpats for saying that ~women are aycshually just as bad because they were mean to me and i cant relate to them~. Pickmeism is a disease and i hope they get well soon. all it takes is one act of male violence to change their minds real fucking quick and regret they ever said shit like that. coming from a former pickme kek

No. 1423363

This is what I'm saying. I swear to god the pickme rats and nigels are all on the same team.

No. 1423364

I've never had to share a bedroom with a roommate but I feel like the rules should be different for that.

No. 1423366

You're lkiterally taking all agency from women. Women choose what's easier for them and if shitting on other women benefits them, they will do it. I always have only female bosses and they were always shit towards their workers and no one forced them to act this way.

No. 1423367

i goddamn fucking hate all these trannies shutting women out of our spaces, then complaining that real women arent connecting with them or being in their lives. Why the fuck do you think you autistic scrotes?
I am dying to actually include radfem people in my life outside of the internet but I dont know how, I have zero people to talk to outside of this site and ovarit and it's just not enough. I feel so alone and I am so tired.

No. 1423368

Who do you think put those women in position of power anon? They specifically pick cunts who kowtow good ol boy politics.

No. 1423370

>>Women choose what's easier for them

This is staggeringly untrue though holy f

No. 1423372

That doesn't take any resposibility from those women for acting like cunts.If a woman sells her daughter to a pedo will you also say it's the patriarchy's fault insead of holding her accountable?

No. 1423373

Not always. I've had some amazing female bosses

No. 1423375

Did you experience trannies doing this irl?

No. 1423376

My dad is a raging misogynist and I'm not coping

No. 1423377

I'm in the same position nonna. I love gaming but every "female" gaming community is now filled with "trans girls uwu" called Jezebel/Luna/Mercy and the real women are handmaidens who don't see a problem in porn-addicted males being in there. It sucks, especially trying to find other radfem women irl, it's very difficult.

No. 1423379

Nta but how its written doesn't change the fact that it's true(''nta'' now why are you lying lmao)

No. 1423380

5 years since my relationship ended and I'm still fucked up. Still processing the abuse. Still afraid of men. Still don't trust my ablity to read people. I wish my mom was still here. I wish my dad gave half a fuck about me. I wish my reaction to abuse wasn't to isolate myself like this. I'm only hurting myself now. I can't get out of this rut of self isolating.

I sometimes wonder if people can see 'abused woman' energy emanating off of me when I'm walking down the street. Like do I scream of being worn down to nothingness. Because that's how I feel. A shell of my former self.

No. 1423382

This site is meant to be anonymous. If you are typing like a redditfag then you are not anonymous. Hope this helps.

No. 1423383

File: 1669575325168.jpeg (97.05 KB, 742x547, 343F96E7-13F9-4BEA-BD9D-B0350F…)

Update: I barfed!

No. 1423384

i avoid them irl but every single LGBT club ive been to has named lesbians as a common enemy for the sheer horror of having - wait for it - fucking boundaries.

I wish there was a way other than the internet to come together, I would really put so much of my time and effort into this. I am so sick of saying I am a lesbian in spaces that imply this information is met with understanding and trust and being told most lesbians are 'mean' and 'are terfy'. sorry not wanting to be sexually assaulted yet again by an unwashed moid is terfy. im sending you strength nona.

No. 1423387

Slight ot, but why is it that "agency" is spammed so much about issues? Like, agency can coexist besides context and pointing out the latter doesn't mean "you're taking ALL agency away from women." It reeks of overcompensation. Yes, the system is rigged, plenty of women become bad people, but alongside that, plenty of people hold women to higher standards so they take small ethical errors from women more seriously than they do from men. It's not just men with this observation bias, either.

No. 1423389

File: 1669575541436.jpg (40.15 KB, 563x521, a02f792b8399bf1f0422b5a60f7676…)

Same, i hope everything gets better for both of us soon. Being born as a girl to a person who thinks women are some kind of disease and evil itself is draining as hell to say the least, i didn't even do shit but he just automatically assumes there's a chance i could be a whore or a poisonous bitch, he's too deranged to perceive me as the individual i am and not just a mix of everything he hates about his mothe- i mean women

No. 1423390

Play the game and get promoted or stay nice and stay cucked? If a man is morally dubious and trample on others in order to climb the ladder, he is celebrated. You have a problem with sociopathic opportunists, not women.
Yes I know I’ve had them too. I’m saying in hostile workplaces it goes all the way to the top and favors certain personalities.

No. 1423393

File: 1669575772733.jpg (5.62 KB, 222x227, 1647005628965.jpg)

this redtext

No. 1423394

>plenty of people hold women to higher standards so they take small ethical errors from women more seriously than they do from men
True, but then you have liberal and sometimes even radical feminists who only see women as victims and no matter what they do they justify it by 'muh patriarchy'. And here you ofte get called a nlog for pointing something bad that women do. I even remember that an anon who said that a mother who sold her daughter to a pedo shouldn't be put in jail if it was proved she lived in poverty kek

No. 1423395

samefag, i'm sick of hearing him rant about random, innocent women who didn't even hurt him:
>She's ugly
>She's doing too much
>She's fat
>She looks like a stick
Over and over, bitchass motherfucker, is not our fault mommy didn't love you, you dick

No. 1423396

My dad is a closet misogynist. Thinks hes one of the good ones but he also thinks women are these weird alien creatures. He was married to a woman for decades. He raised a daughter. He still acts like women are this mystery to him. This 'other' category

He doesn't even try to get to know me. We feel like strangers purely because I'm female. I turned out to be pretty butch and yet.. in his head I'm this caricature. Just another weird women who he'll never understand. D'urr women are so strange and mysterious. Guess I shouldn't even try to get to know who my daughter is.

No. 1423402

i believe it, because some people will take any chance to exert power over others. men or women. and group mentalities can do that to you. there was a case where a girl was abused by her female caretaker who got the entire neighborhood in on doing it. and historically women were more abusive to children they probably didn't want with men who basically considered them as property. that's not to say this isn't still men's fault though. women wouldn't feel like they need to be like men if men left us alone.

No. 1423404

Yes, genius, I have a problem with those characteristics in both men and women. But some handmaidens get pissy and call you a NLOG if you dare to shit on women for acting this way, not just on men. I won't side with women just because they have a vagina.(derail)

No. 1423405

thought this moid at my job was cute because he’s nice to look at but found out he’s a tiktok niche star or whatever and saw all he follows are beautiful ass women (aka not me) kek. Oh well

No. 1423407

>he's too deranged to perceive me as the individual i am
This is my dad. I lost my mom at a young age. Thought I'd become closer to my dad after that. Nope. He's close to my brother and once every few years I'll get a gift of something thats so total opposite to anything that I'd ever like. Some token super feminine gift. Anyone whose met me one time would know my better than he does

I grew up always hearing him talk about how 'women are so hyper emotional' so I now can't ever have a conversation with im that goes anywhere near emotions. With my own parent. My only living parent.

No. 1423409

KEK why even try and pretend you're another anon when the jannies can tell it's the same person? retard

No. 1423419

exposed kek

No. 1423420

link his tiktok

No. 1423428

UGHHHHH BLEGHHHH…. MOIDS ARE SO FUCKING DISGUSTING…. UGH FUCKKKK. theres this guy at work who is interested in me, and my dumbass was trauma dumping on this guy because he was also doing the same, there was also another coworker there that kinda initiated this whole thing. It was kinda like funny banter bcs i dont actually give a fuck about my trauma. then, this guy suddenly tries to get my number, and my dumbass gives it to him because idk how to say no to people. Also, I never really liked this guy because there was something about him that really scared me, but I could never put my finger on it. my other coworker tries to get me to drop him off because he has to walk home, so I was peer pressured into dropping him off. And you know what I found in my car? His fucking redbull in the small storage area. Who the FUCK puts their belongings there, especially if its in a car of someone you dont know? Thats fucking manipulative. When i saw that, I fucking threw up, and I started crying. ik its probably an overreaction, but I felt really disgusted when i found it. I took it out of my car and left it outside of my house lmao. now i have to work with him tomorrow, and idk what to do. I just want to cry everytime i think of having to see him.

No. 1423432

Mine is old fashioned and old too so he seems to view all women as servants. I've even heard him call a waitress a maid. I was mortified.

No. 1423433

Good luck Nona! Let us know how it goes after

No. 1423443

Stories like the mother selling her daughter are extremely rare and I'm not sure if it should be brought up as if it is. It's an example, yeah, but there's more consistent ways that women fail other women and their children. Me? I'm exhausted with the pettiest things being considered a grave grievance and I wish there was more class solidarity among women in general, if only a tiny bit. It'd lead to less women throwing one another under the bus, less women blindly appeasing men, less women coupling with men, etc. Also keep in mind this thread started with someone literally saying men only get "retarded/bad in relationships" and that women are way more likely to be constantly terrible so this discussion was doomed to be ridiculous, kek.

Also, for anyone else, there's some promising research on the subject of how intrasexual friendships affect and benefit women (as opposed to men) that is worth looking into as well.

No. 1423452

Kek yeah
>If you are asexual you will probably never even get in trouble with men they only get retarded in relationships.
Wait until she realises that moids don't give a fuck if you're asexual or not, they aren't less likely to give you trouble if you say "oh I'm asexual or a lesbian or not interested in general" if anything it fuels their xy rage and violence even more because you had the audacity to not adhere to their demands

No. 1423460

I met a guy I was attracted to a while back. Like stupidly attracted to at first and I'd been single for a while. Him too. There was a couple red flags there so I stayed strong and dodged. It wasn't easy but I was smart for once. I've had my fill of men who show slight signs of being coomer and then it blows up later on when I see thats just the tip of the iceberg.

Back when we were still talking he told me about his youtube. He uploads vids that get a couple hundred views. Nothing exciting. Lately in my recommended.. him telling storytimes about his trips to thailand and him hiring women while there. Sex tourism. Cool. Stories about him getting ripped off by them. Even cooler. The intial thing that put me off him was seeing how many (barely adult, we're in our thirties) thirst accounts he followed. Well that escalated kek

Thing is he'd have no trouble dating/having sex in his own country for free if he wasn't so pornsick. The shit that men do to themseleves. He looks decent compared to most thirty-something males in my country. What a waste of that. I know men love to tell women to hurry up and settle down before they hit the wall.. I'm seeing the male version of that. A rare decent looking 34 year old wasting his 'still has hair' years jerking it to teens and paying out the ass for holidays to buy sex. Why? Don't men wait til they're fat, bald and divorced to go do that shit?

No. 1423464

Damn I took a nap and came back to over a hundred new posts, why do you guys take the bait every time lol. It's probably a scrote or tranny, or some Romanianon equivalent Nona with limited life experience.

No. 1423468

recently i keep on having reoccurring dreams of the guy who bullied me in high school and its causing me stress and making me have meltdowns.
what the fuck is going on, make it stopppp

No. 1423471

I helped out a friend a couple years ago when this happened to her. I was successful but when we googled it there was a bunch of youtube vids from women who had it happen too, with alot having to go to hospital in the end. Good luck nonny

No. 1423480

File: 1669579241434.gif (744.55 KB, 245x245, 1655923580043.gif)

Am I cruel for this? I fell out with some guy because he couldn't stay loyal to me. We parted on okay terms, but didn't talk much after that. One of our mutual friends later found out he has a Grindr account, and we both laughed about it. I was glad we never fucked, just went on a couple IRL dates and kissed. Often, I see his username posted on a website from our country looking for women to have sex and watch porn with. It put me off from him even more, and now I pretty much don't miss him at all.
Recently, he messaged me saying he missed me. I didn't reply, but didn't block him either. He messaged me again, and again. I guess I feel guilty for leaving him behind like this, but part of me is sure he's just doing this because he hasn't found another woman, lol. He's literally still making those thirsty "looking for F 18-24" posts, too. Assuming I'm right, it just seems below my own self-respect to even acknowledge him. The more I reflect on what I had with him, the more…self-disgust I even feel? It's like I was a completely different person back then.
I'd feel weird and even more guilty about removing him, but I really don't want to date him either. Even actively being his friend seems out of my interests at this point in time. I'd rather he'd just fade into the background. I can't help but feel I'm being very harsh, even though I'm technically not doing anything at all.

No. 1423495

Yet again my boyfriend cancels plans with me so he can clean his room. He works from home and could clean anytime.

No. 1423505

File: 1669581252425.jpeg (613.03 KB, 1500x2000, WhatsApp Image 2022-11-14 at 1…)

I hate how unreliable people are.

First, I want to give an ex-colleague a huge (heavy) chest of persimmons because she told me she loved them and my mother's tree grows too many. So I ask her if she'll be in the office the next day because I will help my mother out in the garden and collect them and would take a subway to get to her. She says yeah.

The next day then I am there and write to her during my 40 minute long trip to her office (that I paid for too) and she isn't answering. Then I am there but wait since I assume that IF she was ill she would have surely told me after agreeing a day before, right?
Well no she doesn't. I make phone calls. At some point and she finally answers "LOL yeah I am sick today my back hurts".

Well fuck man that's what I got for wanting to do something for her. At least fucking tell me.

On the positive side I encountered a dude I know who was homeless till a few years ago. He is super chill and only makes a bit of money selling images of catholic saints in front of a church so I gave him all of my persimmons! If it's too much for him he knows a lot of other poor people, I should have given it to them in the first place!

Another case that happened today:
A friend told me to meet up next week for a christmas market in her city. But I would have to pay 80 euro to get there since it's in another state. I ALMOST bought the damn tickets yesterday and NOW I have been told that she doesn't know if she feels like coming because she visits that place a day before with someone else already. She even adds the stupid comment "You are old enough to go there alone anyway".
BITCH. It's not about me being stupid, I wanted to come to meet you. I have 30 christmas markets in my own city including a gay one and one of the top of a high house. It's not about the market..

Well fuck I sound like a fucking boomer lol but I honestly sometimes prefer being with old people because they are so much more reliable. I am completely fine with a "No", I do it myself. Sometimes you don't feel like it. But please for the love of god don't say "Yes" and then stand your friends up and act as if this was nothing.

Pic related my mother's persimmons, big thank you to anybody who might have read this textwall lol

I feel you. I wish people would at least be honest.

No. 1423506

He watches porn, what even is there to feel guilty about lol

No. 1423507

You really bending over backwards to feel bad for a degenerate

No. 1423511

Idk about him but when I come up with bullshit lies like that to cancel plans, I really just wanted to do nothing and rot. Your bf probably just rather play video games and jerk off all day again.

No. 1423513

I’m this anon >>1421703 and I’m still feeling horrible over this. I left it out of the original post for some reason, but I was out for the guy I was with’s birthday, which makes the whole thing even worse. I regret going on a big nonsensical ramble about how “I’m not a lesbian but I prefer women and I’m bisexual but I can’t date men but oh God this exact same thing happened with my ex I kept wishing he was a woman but I swear I really like you and I wish this could work and I want to be friends” etc., and for crying so much in front of him. I have to see him tomorrow to get back something I left at his place and I know it’s going to be unbelievably awkward. I have no idea what to say to him, but I feel like I have to say something.

No. 1423524

You sound really cool and I totally understand what you mean. It's like people my age (30s) don't take themselves seriously, as if the people they're talking to won't listen or commit.

It's happened to me a lot, I wonder if it's just a lack of respect thing (though I suppose I'll add the caveat that it seems to happen with mainly French people kek).

No. 1423528

I have only one sibling, a sister. My dad was in and out of our lives and my sister was closer to my mom while i was on my own half the time. When my mom passed, i realized how much she did for us. My dad did nothing but show up once a month and take us out for ice cream and concerts as teenagers.
I miss my mother a lot. My dad said some sexist shit when I was a teenager, even though he says he respects women. I look back at his behavior now and glad I cut him out.

No. 1423534

I don't think I really have genuine expression with anyone because nobody in my family really cares. My genuine self is too embarrassing to share; this seems to be the consensus.

No. 1423537

>yet again
your boyfriend doesnt want to be with you or is cheating. Have a talk with him

No. 1423557

ayrt yeah I am the same for the most part, I just allow a small amount of real information to slip through with a couple of them. of course I am 'myself' in the sense that I am weird amd that is obvious to everyone, but I don't elaborate on my motivations if I can help it. if you have any family members who have weird traits that overlap with yours, connection in that area is possible.

No. 1423560

nta but something I noticed personally is that female coworkers in male dominated workplaces are great and the majority has a sense of solidarity against the scrotes. Meanwhile in female dominated workplaces women will get shut out for being gnc, not the right amount of sociability, having the wrong accent, [insert more petty nitpicking]. My favorite work situation is an all female team within a male dominated workplace because of it. I'm not exactly sure why it happens, but I guess in those cases more women are 'pink pilled', aware of misogyny and the only way to get shut out is by being a pickme. This is just my experience though.

No. 1423563

I’m tired of reading that I’m privileged because I live in the UK. All the money in the country is concentrated in London. I’m rural poor and there are no jobs or opportunities to better yourself, no community, no contacts. I get told I’m privileged because I have an education, but I went to a shithole state school and went to a shit art university and worked hard enough to go to a good university for my masters. I was the only one relying on government grants, the rest were privately educated posh people whose parents were paying for them outright to attend. It felt like being an alien, like I was a dirty peasant eavesdropping on the conversations of the elite. I lived in a dangerous part of the city in a real cockroach-infested shithole for £50 a week bills included, while the others swanned about in beautiful trendy loft spaces in the cool parts of town. Fuck. They were nice but the class issue was too much for me to bear. I resented them, hated them, really struggled with money and walked four miles to get to classes because the bus was too expensive. And I worked hard as fuck to get through it, but it’s done nothing for my employability because it seems it was more like a networking event than a degree and I was from dirt with nothing to offer anybody. And now I’m back in my shithole town being called “privileged” for having an education and I think, this is a real crab bucket mentality. Poor fighting poor when there are whole strata of people whose privilege and wealth and opportunities we can’t even begin to conceive of.
You tell me how I, an abused child with a mentally ill mum and an alcoholic schizophrenic father, living in poverty, surviving on free school meals, is privileged just because I grew up have a couple of state-funded toilet paper degrees. You hicks could do it too if you actually tried, I had no more opportunities than the rest of you

No. 1423590

if I could force you, I'd force you to give yourself a break. you just have a lot of unpacked hurt about your sexuality overall–and you're redirecting this into your relationships for it to only combust eventually. If someone thought you weren't straight or "normal", how would you feel? How about gender nonconforming (which even barefaced women can be accused of–it's retarded)? How secure are you? IDK. It just seems like you shouldn't be brute forcing relationships because it seems like you're trying to find relief from your pain and dysphoria in all the wrong places.

No. 1423597

File: 1669585993315.jpeg (45.83 KB, 554x554, 9D4AACD9-FF63-4476-A3BE-7B1AA0…)

There are some days where I am just mortified with myself for falling for the hookup culture that was pushed on me in my late teens and early twenties.
I got so used to seeing sex and drugs in media and at parties that I became numb to it and when my friends did something new and encouraged me to try it, I wanted to do it too. Drugs, drinking, sex, queer, polyamorous, leftie/progressive think, hookup culture. All of it. Even though I kinda knew deep down I didn’t conform to it or believe in it, I still went along with it and it ruined my mental state.
Now that I’m older and my life has changed so dramatically I look back and have so much shame.
I try to think that making mistakes is all apart of growing up and living life but some of the shit I’ve seen and experienced keeps me up at night. Maybe I never would have been drugged and raped and beaten repeatedly by piece of shit men while being gaslit into being friends with their piece of shit they/them “queer” girlfriends for years.
I’m better now. I have a loving, stable, healthy relationship with the most wonderful man (who I don’t deserve) and practice morality and stability and patience on a daily basis and we have achieved so much together, I hardly recognise myself some days, but sometimes I feel like I can’t forgive myself regardless of how much I grow and change and achieve in life…
Especially when I hear things like “a girl that’s been ran though, an ex ho, born again virgin”.
I know this isn’t the place to ask for advice but how do I forgive myself for being young and beyond fucking stupid? Or is there just no forgiveness? Is there just shame I have to live with? Sometimes it makes me want to cry.

No. 1423608

God I can relate, this country is so shit, it's being destroyed from the top down and the people below are so fucking stupid they refuse to even acknowledge it, constantly deflecting and making excuses.
I'm this close to just trying get a job somewhere in Europe that'll sponsor me a visa, the UK has no future.

No. 1423610

You learned, and are happier now that you've changed. That's a good outcome honestly.

No. 1423619

File: 1669586989909.jpeg (114.75 KB, 1170x1088, AD681867-C5B6-463E-A4F7-5EDBEF…)

My grandfather passed away last Tuesday after being diagnosed with colon cancer four days earlier. It's fucked up because he was the only father figure in my life, and he died too soon before I could even begin to process it. I'm lonely, nonnies.

No. 1423620

Not even UK but it's soo hard to make people realise that not everybody is a kid from rich academics with a billion connections when you live in central Europe.

Everybody tells me shit was so easy, but they literally got their well-paid jobs from relatives while my parents were cleaners and both of them lost all connection to their families when they came to my state. I studied archeology and no museum took me, then some dude who has never studied anything at all gets the job because the damn uncle is working there. Degrees mean shit if you don't have the luck and the connections.

I am not saying that I have it as bad as poor people from Somalia and the likes, but not everybody in the west is the same. And yeah I agree life in the UK seems to get worse from what I hear and see. But people seem to elect the same idiots because somethingsomething immigrants taking the jobs or something. My country has the same idiots btw and Italy too

No. 1423623

File: 1669587325377.webm (155.81 KB, 588x432, Moid_PSA.webm)

>mfw males troon out

No. 1423625

This is not really a serious vent but lately my cat has been laying on my keyboard (specifically the numbpad) and it makes it seriously hard to play games. I lover her too much to push her off so I just take it and let her rule my life. She's here right now. I wish she would just sit a little more to the right but she has to be as close to my hands as possible, I guess…

No. 1423634

Same with me, I think he likes how warm my computer gets when it overheats. It's too adorable for me to make him move but I have to sit in an awkward position and can't easily reach some keys. I still love it when he lays on it though because it's so cute.

No. 1423635

Lol is that Doja?

No. 1423636

Wow I fucking hate that shit, sorry nonna.
The father of one of my longtime friends died from the same shit recently and all of a sudden, my father died from cancer too but I had at least time to say goodbye. I hate cancer so much it's a fucking plague.
I don't know if this helps, but some people draw or create something small and pretty to gift it to the dead one once they have a grave. Maybe this will make you feel a bit better. Be aware that you care about him regardless though, so don't feel guilty. It's not your fault and I bet he knows he was important to you (and still is).

No. 1423637

File: 1669587913622.jpg (143.44 KB, 1037x1454, 316694411_1184529505831412_904…)

just saw a post about a guy born without a chin. pic unrelated. he literally has no jaw or chin. can't speak, eat, or breathe. the next thing the video shows is that he is a song writer. i immediately pause and think what would have happened if she was a woman instead. would have anybody cared about her talent at song writing? i doubt it. she probably would be hidden in a "shame room" living off of social assistance, shitposting and thinking about suicide.
i know of a girl who was born with a huge tumor on her face. i heard she wanted and tried to kill herself because of this condition. she was so lonely and depressed. yet completely able and average scrotes are out there whining about having a smaller jaw than their meme chad, believing that it is a reason of some huge oppression. just shut the fuck up. if a literally jawless chinless guy can be a song writer, just shut the fuck up.

No. 1423642

You were surrounded by neglectful enablers that wanted to push you into certain situations because they got off of it. Imagine the millions of other girls that used to be in that position and did similar. She knows 0 about the downsides of hook-up culture especially in extreme communities like you found, she hears "agency" and "empowerment" said about it constantly…maybe she's used to feeling disempowered or like other people define her. Peer pressure is powerful. You're just a person and in a lot of these degenerate spaces, the ruthless, greediest people have a way of muddying everything beyond comprehension and creating a toxic space for normal people like you.

The only way I'd actually think you're stupid is if you repeated it thinking it'd cure your trauma, or encouraged others to do it–emphasis on the latter.

No. 1423652

nta but also Europoor from rural area (lived in a trailer as a kid), had to study something I hate and specialize in the most boring and at the same time unethical and fucked up niche, just to have job security. If I had been born just 3 years earlier or later, I would've been able to risk studying something somewhat enjoyable and not be in an unethical niche (cost of education went up just as I started, student loan system introduced, housing shortage, most forms of welfare or assistance disappeared etc). Or of course if I had any connections or status. Yet people act like the whole of Europe is Scandinavia, that the whole country is like the big cities or like my country is still the way it was in the 70's. Sure it could be much worse, but living in a rich country is pretty meaningless with no real social safety net, not enough foodbanks, no affordable housing and being led by politicians with a boner for austerity measures and unhinged tax cuts for big businesses which even make Unilever or oil companies go 'wtf that's not necessary'.

No. 1423654

i can relate. i wish i did not even have a boyfriend, or only a boyfriend who was very studious. i fell for the propaganda that if i didn't find the love of my life and marry, settle down and become pregnant IN university, then my life would be over by the time i graduated. that i would be "too old" for those things. so i spent way too much time trying to date, talking to guys, and being a pickme for them while thinking i am sooo independent and cool for not committing and that it would make them want to commit to me. but this shit is toxic moidsperg, stuck to me through the internet. insane how that affected me so much. it must be even worse for younger zoomers. their social media doesn't even allow disagreements - everything gets labelled as "toxic", "slut shaming" and "kinkshaming".

No. 1423671

It's out! I only waited a couple of hours in the ER, the doc used a pair of pincers to get it out. I would have never been able to do it alone. I am so happy to have this thing out! She told me that with a cup stuck for two days I was starting to be in the danger zone for septic shock so big thanks to >>1422846 for reiterating what I knew to be true but was talking myself out of.

No. 1423678

Can't believe that I have to argue with younger coworkers about not wanting kids in the mighty year of 2022, in one of the countries with the fewest births per woman no less.

No. 1423680

My ovaries hurtttttttt my body im dying. Period death give me my sweet release

No. 1423697

I was recommended to go to the ER by urgent care and everything turned out alright, but I’m dreading finding out how much this will cost me

No. 1423698

File: 1669590507456.jpg (43.88 KB, 275x275, 1540999137947.jpg)

when I was 17 I got into relationship with a 31 year old man who convinced me to cope with my childhood sexual trauma by getting into ddlg
Every therapist I've tried won't let me talk about it the way I want to, they always have a list of requirements I have to meet before I'm allowed to just fucking say "hey I got raped a bunch as a kid and then a gross old man who didn't seem old to me at the time because of the aforementioned rapes took advantage of my soupy brain"
or they won't let me tlak about anythign at all because they do "EMDR" and you don't say anything out loud in that type of therapy, you just "Focus on the trauma as hard as you possibly can, feel every sensation you felt at the time, every feeling, every smell every taste"
I puked. EMDR made me vomit on camera and I didn't go back. I hung up. I feel taken advantage of again.
My psychiatrist doesn't believe in the use of sedatives or tranquilizers and says I have to go to therapy and learn to cope and I told her about my experience and she said "I'm just a psychiatry RN, I do not do counseling, you have to see a councilor."
I'm gonna fucking kill myself and see what she says about that.

No. 1423700

same, i am learning HTML and CSS to make my own female only gaming forum. I just want to find actual women who want to beat the shit out of each other in tekken and talk about Snake's fat ass

No. 1423701

So glad that's over and you got it out safely. I was really worried for you.

No. 1423703

File: 1669590836713.jpeg (2.31 KB, 135x130, 1669467889705.jpeg)

lmao shameful

No. 1423707

I'm so relieved on your behalf

No. 1423709

I have too much hair. Sometimes I wish I could swap with thin haired women (but I know that would be even worse).

No. 1423716

ive never played those games but the idea of a female only forum sounds so much fun, youre a hero nona

No. 1423717

File: 1669591686726.jpg (91.95 KB, 700x607, sadness.jpg)

Hello nonnas. Why are people so shouty? It seems like everyone outside can't communicate without shouting. I posted about a month ago about starting a new job I'm terrified of, due to basically being agoraphobic, and so far it's been … okay. I kind of hate it actually. No nervous breakdowns yet. The shouting constantly makes me flinch though because I'm wimpy and have PTSD. At least two people have remarked about how quiet I am even though I feel like I'm yelling when I try to speak.

No. 1423725

When i get thin again I’m going to truly appreciate it because I was crying about being 120 and now I’m 150

No. 1423726

i have random vaginal bleeding (not my period) when will the medical mystery of my body end

No. 1423727

I'm too old to be a bitch about my parents but my mother can be so fucking ruthless when we're alone, then pretends everything is fine when others are around. It is impossible to talk with her and my dad doesn't believe she says the things she does (I was telling about my winter depression and that it was hard for me, she compared me to a colleague she hates and then told me to fuck off to a warm country if I hate it here so much). She denies me being an autist because she's ashamed and has been since I was diagnosed at 13. I can't bitch at my friends about it because it's so fucking childish they'd get sick of me. I can't move out due to lack of money and a shitty house market, I don't know what to do at this point. I can't talk to anyone about this but it's driving me mad. I miss being a teenager and just being able to complain about your parents to your friends without it being weird or immature. I feel so trapped, I wish I could just take a train somewhere and start a whole new life.

No. 1423729

What in the fuck? I've had a ton of great therapists… though yes I had a bunch because I moved.. my health insurance changed.. it wasn't a fit.. etc..but usually thet would listen to anything. Not diminishing or denying your experience in any way I'm just shocked. Requirements? I would go in and spill the beans and they were understanding. I'm just saying this so you know it's possible. Did you try interviewing therapists before going in?

No. 1423730

I heard it's normal to bleed during ovulation.

No. 1423731

I know that feeling. I started taking very plain and straightforward full-body pictures every couple months while I was losing weight so I had something concrete as a reference point and didn't have to rely on my overly-critical skewed self-image for wether I was "fat" or "skinny". I was making myself crazy but the pictures cured me thank god.

No. 1423732

Your rage is justified. Good vent.

No. 1423734

I've never been given the opportunity; the wait time for the six places that take my shitty insurance are "we are not taking new patients" to five months. Last time I was seen, it took four months. All I was told is we have one councilor who will be taking new patients in four months, if you want a councilor, it will be her. They didn't even warn me that she doesn't do talk therapy, only emdr. They also didn't tell me that she was using her patients as research for a college thesis and me puking on camera would be viewed by her class. I have the shittiest insurance in Illinois and that's saying something.

No. 1423735

moids complain about single mothers but the mothers are there, doing their jobs. where are the fathers? no one ever asks that.

No. 1423738

File: 1669592742861.jpg (31.68 KB, 345x437, 1541130803156.jpg)

I would fucking kill to have a therapist say that to me, god damn that feels better just to read

No. 1423744

Self-forgiveness is not an on/off switch, it is a process. You learned from your mistakes and now you just need to focus on the better life you’ve built for yourself. There are far worse things to be than someone who hooked up a lot in their youth. Did you kill anyone? Deliberately hurt someone physically, or steal, or rape? No? Then let go of that shame. It’s not useful anymore.

No. 1423757

File: 1669594316438.jpeg (24.8 KB, 739x415, 134B001D-EF6D-49A5-BB12-92366F…)

I'm about to graduate college, it feels great that after so many years of being always and school and focus on my studies I will finally be free of that but to be honest I'm absolutely terrified of what's to come, I can't imagine myself looking for a job and being good at it, I can't imagine myself getting paid for what I do, I can't imagine myself paying taxes or bills, I can't imagine living by myself or having a romantic partner.
Im going to Florida a few weeks after my official final day of school and while I'm glad I'll experience a family vacation after school, I'm not sure if theme parks, expensive food and hotel beds will make me forget of what's my life going to be like after I return.
Im so scared.

No. 1423762

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You wouldn’t believe how much getting this off my chest and reading your replies has helped me

No. 1423773

From one graduate to the next, you'll be alright. The worst part is the job search, I'd say. Once you get your job, you just do your assigned tasks and get on with your life. Newsflash: nobody else knows what the fuck they're doing. Seriously. I work with people much older than me, and it is incredibly evident how nobody knows what they're doing. How these people still have their jobs is beyond me. Just know that you'll get by as you always have. Rooting for you!

No. 1423776

I'm going insane how can I be like other women when they don't accept me at all. Hate being ugly

No. 1423790

you gotta get out of there
it isn't a good place just because it's the only blue island in the midwest, it's still the midwest

No. 1423820

File: 1669598519615.gif (1.4 MB, 800x728, 8668FC72-5E15-4901-9081-4A99B0…)

i’m like a coomer but for romance i keep remembering the great moments from being with my ex and like feeling nice about it and then i remember that he’s my ex. why doesn’t he want to be with me anymore (ok i’m insane but who cares)

No. 1423846

Why’d you guys break up? I’m going through something similar and it sucks

No. 1423847

File: 1669600676916.jpg (27.55 KB, 800x533, hiding-behind-hands.jpg)


this character i have a crush on in this tv show started tonguing his hand like he was eating pussy out of nowhere in this episode i'm watching

No. 1423848

which show????

No. 1423852

File: 1669600855324.gif (9.15 MB, 540x500, B3669C6C-CD59-4400-BE2D-31012D…)

Due to layoffs I’m getting moved to the graveyard shift starting monday night. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didnt have to deal with people but I do, they’re so plastered and obnoxious at that hour.

I hate this job so much sometimes but I need it for the insurance for my daughter.

No. 1423855

i hope you feel better soon noni, i fucking hate this feeling. he was really avoidant and i responded really bad to his hot and cold thing getting really emotionally hurt and scared and angry and eventually the hot and cold stopped and it just stayed cold. wbu?

No. 1423862

I hope the shift change came with a pay raise? A lot of places offer more per hour for graveyard shift, at least a dollar or two per hour. There are studies about how it shortens your lifespan significantly to do it long term (not even that long, 5 years) but there's no avoiding it at some jobs, which is why it should pay a lot more in my opinion.

No. 1423863

Fuck. My eye is swelling and I have hives around my eyelid. My poor eye is red, itchy, and watery. Gonna go pop some benedryl. I hate this.

No. 1423864

File: 1669601882420.gif (3.58 MB, 540x442, ezgif-4-5605fe9c2d.gif)

I've never really vented online to anyone before because I always keep things to myself but I feel so incredibly lonely and have no one to talk to.
I'm not a malicious person and never have been but I feel like I'm just so stupid and fuck up so often so I ruin close friendships and relationships where there's no going back. I don't ever leave the house except for when I have to go to class or get groceries. I can barely respond to my family's texts because of how much mental energy it takes out of me. I have no motivation to do anything. I have very few, if any, friends. I genuinely feel so hopeless about everything but I'm a full-grown adult and can't just give up my responsibilities to focus on my mental health. I don't even know what else I could do? I've been on medication since I was a pre-teen and have been hospitalized, what else really is there?
I don't want sympathy, I just want to know if there are others in my position like me. I feel like the only person in the world.

No. 1423872

Nah same hourly pay rate. It is a union gig so theres at least that. And Its not permanent luckily just until spring, but I’m still gonna pout about it.

At least I’ll become more familiar with euro nonnies from being awake at that hour.

No. 1423877

holy shit are you me. i am in this exact situation. its really fucking terrible and i hope we both get out of this soon. sending you love nonna.

No. 1423878

>talking with friend
>she makes a comment about how men and women are the same but social norms make them different
>"haha wow that's one of the core beliefs of radical feminism"
>"ew anon i'm not a radical feminist i just had too many beers haha"


No. 1423882

It really is the worst feeling in the world. I just keep holding on in hopes it gets better and so that I can look back on times I felt this way and know that I won't ever feel it again. But most of all I wish I could just go back and fix so many things that would make my current situation so much more bearable.
Keep holding on!!

No. 1423886

if it helps, dont see yourself as going in circles or goingdown, but rather in a spiral motion upwards. it feels like the same direction but you are doing your best. you worked hard to get where you are and youre working hard to get somewhere better. ♥#

No. 1423889

This made me tear up a bit. Thank you so much.

No. 1423892

Holy fuck, this is my position right now. This hits a little too close to home.

No. 1423893

>men and women are the same but social norms make them different
>that's one of the core beliefs of radical feminism
What radical feminist are you reading that says that?

No. 1423896

File: 1669604045231.jpeg (36.71 KB, 700x924, F9BAAADC-09BE-4D63-A6D3-35EC9B…)

i recently suffered ectopic pregnancy and i needed surgery for it

meanwhile, my scrote is out getting drunk and watching world cup reruns at the bar

i wish he actually gave a shit about me. i wish he'd come back home and love me

instead i have to suffer alone

No. 1423900

Tbh I hate my bf taking off with his retard friends

No. 1423903

i’m so sorry anon, i hope you’re recovering well and at least resting up. fuck your scrote i will curse that retard for you ♥

No. 1423911

Pretty much the same, he was going hot and cold and then suddenly just shut down and told me he couldn’t do a relationship and all this shit but I think I just made him feel vulnerable and he couldn’t handle it. I’ve had an ex like this before and lost my shit so thankfully I was able to keep it together this time and we’ve had talks since that went really well but we’re taking space again. I miss him so much it’s unreal and I’m hoping he’ll reach out on my birthday but I’m trying not to rely on that. Feel better soon nonnita

No. 1423912

File: 1669605336625.jpg (30.97 KB, 750x737, joaqer.jpg)

I think i memed my mentally strongest friend into depressiong, i have that effect i people

No. 1423913


No. 1423917

What does it mean when someone is acting "hot and cold"?

No. 1423919

He actually ended up coming over after all and brought me food. It ended very well. Maybe he reads this thread and knew I was pissed.
He also brought me a giant plant pot the size of my table that weighs 20 lbs. It seems to have carrots and mint in it… He found it somewhere. I just have it on my floor now and don't really know what to do. I live in a small apartment. His brain is a mystery.

No. 1423922

Nah you're not the only one. Being lonely and yet wishing for close connections with people is such a common experience, I think. I know what it's like to crave for close relationships and yet feeling like you're mentally drained from any social interactions.

No. 1423923

It’s when another person acts really into you at certain points and then pushes you away during others. In my experience we’d have days where we were super open and laughing a lot with each other and then after those close moments he would clam up again and keep me at arms length emotionally.

No. 1423929

You didn’t make him feel vulnerable he just doesn’t like you and is playing games. Just block him.

No. 1423932

I hate that despite all my efforts of clearing my skin, losing weight, finding a flattering haircut and finally getting compliments of being pretty I'm still retarded socially. I make ok money but I'm not the lead sales where I work because I end up being polite with good service instead of pushing the limits with humour. Above the average but not especially amazing. Still the "quirky odd girl" instead of the normal one who blends in. All my preteen-early college years crushed my self esteem. Both family and coworkers have told me to go for it when it comes to being more fun at work so I can up my sales but I dont know these people and I just want to do my job then go home not have to care about pop culture references. I'm awkward and i can usually successfully laugh it off now but I still hate that i dont properly for in except on LC or with possibly other autistic/shy people. Wish I could inject myself with confidence and out going.

No. 1423933

My mother is dead and I still hate her for neglect, mental abuse, never taking me to a dentist, stealing all my pocket money every time my grandma gave me some because she was so much in debt she claimed she doesn't have the money to pay the bills yet she had the money to spend on useless bullshit like new jewelry, not defending me from my alcoholic father, telling me to kill myself, denying my depression yet shaming me for its symptoms, calling me a retard etc. Fuck her, I will never visit her grave. Because of her I not only have to struggle with emotional trauma, but also my fucked up teeth. I will have to pay for it with pain, money, my self esteem. I'm still too ashamed to smile and it will take me years until I fix this shit. Fuck her.

No. 1423934

Spare me the Reddit advice

No. 1423936

Guys would never be hot and cold with women they actually like because they’d be scared of losing her.

No. 1423949

Same anon here but honestly I wouldn’t be shocked if he was suddenly “scared of a relationship” when your birthday is coming up because he doesn’t want to buy you a gift kek don’t get too sad about it because he will most likely be back after your birthday

No. 1423953

Damn I think I did this with my ex except I intentionally sabotaged the relationship and ended up hurting her because a deep part of my subconscious wanted her to hate me and break up with me because I couldn't handle the relationship and all the vulnerability that came with it
I'm the worst

No. 1423956

Godspeed, anon. If you are on that shift more than 2 months, considering negotiating your shift or finding another job. I just left my job last week because they wanted me on the 2-11 shift for 6 months minimum and I told them no.

No. 1423963

Update, they slept on the couch downstairs. My other housemate saw them early in the morning as she's pissed kek.
Yes you pay the rent, not your hypothetical boyfriend. He didn't pay to spent an entire night at our house and use our water etc.

No. 1423964

You remind me of my ex because she did this to me and never explained to me why she did it. I think I know though, she thought I was too good for her. Still love that idiot tho.

No. 1423967

Every week I am watching this retard fumble and lie when I have every single fucked up thing he’s ever done online right in front of me and it’s a laundry list the size of Texas. I love how men think they can just hide their heads like an ostrich and everything they’ve ever done is somehow magically invisible and absolved why they themselves thrive off of, get off of, and thoroughly enjoy demeaning and putting women under a microscope. Truly a chromosome defect there.

No. 1423968

Men who run “popular” (anything more than a couple thousand followers) accounts online that satirize women are so painfully unfunny and the only thing they have on the nose is that they talk way too much. It’s crazy to me how they amass a very small amount of dickriders for just throwing up the stupidest garbage imaginable in a desperate bid for attention. They try to pretend they have some sort of actual kinship with women and are always just faggots but oh my god everything they say is just derivative and tryhard, and no different than anything straight men do. You would think they’d have a thimbleful of ingenuity somewhere but nope, yawn.

No. 1423969

i'm tearing up for you anon. it sucks that everyone around you is downplaying how much you should grieve. your kitty was very important to you and a long part of your life, just because he was a cat doesn't mean you shouldn't grieve less painfully for him.
i know the dreams can suck because you wake up and your cat isn't there anymore, i've had them and i view it as my cats visiting me and letting me know he/she is okay. maybe your cat is doing the same.
i do think you sound depressed, which is normal after a loss. i think you should try seeing your friends even if you feel like you really don't want to, you might feel differently once you're actually out of the house spending time with people you care about. (if not you can always just bail lol). i hope you can find something nice you'd like to do for yourself, at least.
i'm rooting for you anon, and rip to your sweet angel.

No. 1423976

File: 1669611484617.jpeg (1.67 MB, 4032x3024, B1464D4E-A31D-4527-9F2B-DCB7AA…)

Good luck to you nonnie, see you on the other side

No. 1423981

Stop projecting your issues onto mine
I’m sorry nonnas, I’ve been on both sides of these types of relationships and it fucking sucks. I get the intimacy I want and bail or I find some closed off loser and just exist next to him for 2 years.

No. 1423982

When you were on the hot and cold side of the relationship could you genuinely say you really liked the guy and saw a future with him?

No. 1423984

Did you resolve things with your ex and does she know your feelings? I wish my ex had understood where I was coming from and I wish she would understand that my actions never meant to hurt her as much it was meant to hurt me. But I hurt her very badly regardless and now she hates me, so… mission accomplished I guess. I wish she would understand one day that I'll always love her and I'll always miss her even if we're not in each other's lives anymore. I thought if it was real, unconditional love she would understand me and forgive me despite that but I didn't realize you can beat the love out of someone regardless of how much love we felt in the beginning. My cope is that our relationship wasn't meant to be. She'll never truly understand me and she never had much faith nor trust in me in the beginning even though I had given her nothing but those things since the day we met.

No. 1423989

>don’t project you problems on to mind

I mean did he get you birthday gift? Has he ever?If not I’m confused why you’re so love sick over this man.

No. 1423997

File: 1669614261465.jpeg (118.17 KB, 928x655, 060659AB-806F-4C43-A58D-A486CB…)

Not trying to race bait, but I am finally starting to see that I am well liked in this town. Not me personally, but POC. I moved here it's been a year and it is great, then on a town post, a man went on a racist tangent and went off about POC. It hurt, and I cannot help but remember it from time to time.
I do not know where to go. Having an identity crisis I guess.
>Can't go back to my family roots because my grandparents immigrated here
>Can't live here because regardless of how I have lived here, I am not liked by my skin alone.
I want to stay locked in my room forever

No. 1424000

I can’t wait until the older generation dies honestly. A man said “blacks” to me today and it gave me whiplash, this learned hatred needs to die with them.

No. 1424003

I am not well liked, typo my bad.
It's depressing nonny. I wish I can unread and unhear the comments I've dealt with in my life.

No. 1424004

It depends on the relationship but this last one I did know I genuinely liked him and saw a future with him even when flipping. This was more because I had a lot more awareness of my own issues though. In previous relationships I would get the ick when my boyfriend was nice to me but my conscious mind couldn’t really put two and two together and I confused the uncomfortableness of genuine kindness with losing attraction. I’d end the relationship but would feel massive regrets and loss and be confused as to why.
Yes faggot. And Christmas, and Valentine’s, and just because presents etc.

No. 1424009

I am so sorry you are exposed to that and made to feel any less than you are just because of your ethnicity. You deserve to be around people who celebrate you and do not make you feel uncomfortable or like you don’t belong. There is nothing wrong with you and you know that obvs I’m not saying anything groundbreaking but you deserve to live freely!!

No. 1424010

>>I get the ick when men are nice to me
Your problem is you’re addicted to the hot and cold treatment. You’re addicted to chasing men which is why you keep ending up with scrotes who bread crumb you.

No. 1424015

I already know this.

No. 1424018

File: 1669615317179.jpeg (29.61 KB, 320x240, F13D57B7-4F4E-48A6-BDE5-7FC1A3…)

Why is lolcor so dead… i might as well just journal like a ww1 widow at this point where the hell are you nonnas

No. 1424020

I tried 3 mins of this and my back hurts, why am i so fat and lazy

No. 1424021

Why do i always always always always feel inferior to others. I always feel stupid and ugly and fat and underachieving and boring and basic and lame no matter who i am with. I could see a crackhead on the street i will he like damn they are kinda cool, not a loser like me. Why do I constantly do this to myself? I used to be proud of myself and like who I am, when did I turn into whatever this is? I feel lile I have an imposter syndrome that never goes away

No. 1424023

Then why are you complaining if you like chasing him?

No. 1424028

This is the second time I found a strand of gray hair. What the fuck? I'm only 25.

No. 1424032

Aren't these ab forming exercises actually bullshit

No. 1424037

Sorry anon lately I’d post 50 times in one day then only lurk for a whole week. I do basically journal in my note app kek

No. 1424042

File: 1669616120318.png (403.96 KB, 631x627, 1644392715620.png)

now i am curios , are these bullshit or not? can any other anon comfirm? least thing i need is wasting time and energy doing bullshit exercises

No. 1424044

>I used to be proud of myself and like who I am
Do you remember what was different then?

No. 1424047

if it makes you feel better i’ve been finding gray hair ever since i was like 17. It happens

No. 1424048

Why are you prodding people in the vent thread?

No. 1424051

yes but you can't say that online because you always get dogpiled. It reminds me of the retarded exercise plans you'd read about in cosmopolitan which were supposed to give you abs. Sure, the 'abs are made in the kitchen' crowd has no nuance either; you first have to build abs to have anything to reveal (else you have to go holocaust mode before you see anything). You don't get abs in 15 days, working out the same muscle group every day without rest days is counterproductive in the first place. The muscle grows and repairs while you rest. If you constantly create tears multiple days in a row, you just get constant catabolism as if you were taking corticosteroids every day and actually end up with less muscle than before.
It takes a longer time than 15 days, you have to increase difficulty and resistance over time, still have rest days every other day, eat enough protein and calories to first increase the amount of muscle, then later decrease to strip away the fat and reveal what you built.
This also doesn't work for spot reduction, some studies do claim that it helps a little, but 99% of fat loss is still all over or in a genetically determined pattern. You'd have a better success rate by reducing stress when it comes to losing belly fat, than by trying spot reduction.

No. 1424052

Because I can

No. 1424060

>reducing stress
yeah lemme just snaps fingers get rid of all my stress real quick. like as if i control that shit

No. 1424061

i guess i am just gonna run then?, exercising is super fucking confusing, god i hate it. I just clicked on it because it was the most popular and organized one. I just wanna do some excercise and lose some weight, really. I am not looking for a miracle.

No. 1424062

I’ve been finding them since I was in 8th grade. Sometimes it is genetic.

No. 1424066

Just making conversation since anons be like nobody ever replies to meee. She doesn’t have to answer.

No. 1424068

Senpai, how long should I wait between working the same muscle group again? I’m soy so I still get sore for days.

No. 1424089

Yeah, I’m sure anon does. She’s just venting though, doctor lolcow.

No. 1424092

No actual exercise is bullshit, spot reduction is just technically bullshit. Saying that is really redundant though, because toning and strengthening the area will still make it look better regardless generally

No. 1424098

>comes on lolcow after hiatus
>ghost town
>only jokes being are terrible or cringe
>banter is nil
>no more than a small handful of funny screencaps in screencap thread in months

No. 1424107

File: 1669619942623.jpeg (86.5 KB, 1080x1071, 156E03CD-122D-4E58-B846-CB4669…)

Unfortunately, you are right nonna. I guess it’s time for me to find somewhere else

No. 1424111

You could lay out a perfectly good post for bants and instead the replies you get are retarded and annoying, or the responses are reactionary yet harrowingly boring. These are not the same ladies I used to cut it up with. It’s time for us to return to vapor.

No. 1424113

File: 1669620279101.gif (3.53 MB, 360x202, 1648256658511.gif)

i am probably the one making the cringe/unfunny jokes. I swear i am trying my best to keep this place alive.

No. 1424116

i wonder if all the anons who are left are the autists from the autism thread and thats why they cant understand sarcasm. The other day i made a very obvious joke and i got called a scrote, lol.

No. 1424117

You can’t save them all. Sometimes you just have to let it die

No. 1424118

You should probably get some real friends if you’re that upset about conversation quality on lolcow. Jfc that’s sad

No. 1424121

the projection kek

No. 1424122

You’re part of the problem if you really interested that post as being upset and not just accepting the minor tragedy for what it is. What is with all these lame ass projections lately? Nice clapback Susanne!

No. 1424125

You took it really personally be honest

No. 1424132

That brand of autism where well into adulthood they feel the need to assert to anyone who would listen (and nobody fucking cares) that they have like extremely elevated taste in music and media or whatever needs to be addressed. How deep in the trenches of arrested development do you have to be to think anyone else cares about your self-involved, carefully curated pretentious views on pop culture and current events on social media? Is this what happens when your special interest is pretending you’re the main character????????????

No. 1424179

File: 1669625931445.jpg (20.82 KB, 600x600, 1661438982060.jpg)

I just wanna lose weight agh, why is it so hard??

No. 1424189

Tell me about it, it's even worse when you don't live alone. I feel like I have no control over my diet. Why does my family's love language have to be food?

No. 1424191

the worst is when a given special interest could be characterized as being "high culture" or "high brow"

No. 1424202

I lost a kilo recently by going on an hour, hour and a half walk everyday. I didn't change my diet i even binged a few times

No. 1424204

I've lost 70kg during the pandemic and I still feel this, sometimes you just hit a plateu but just keep at it, nona.

No. 1424208

Woke up feeling like the ugliest loser on the planet so I went to the store and bought some fizzy candy. Maybe this delicious little fizzy frog will fix my life.

No. 1424211

File: 1669628154880.jpg (25.36 KB, 540x540, 1648334833341.jpg)

how nonny? i gained 10kg kek

No. 1424217

I weigh 70 kg and consider myself chubby at 5'7, how much did you weigh

No. 1424221

Omfg leave her alone you rancid bitch

No. 1424223

No. 1424224

kek nta but you are so sweet nonny.

No. 1424225

No. 1424234

Thank you for asking, too fucking much but now I weigh too fucking little but I was very ill and developed a nasty ED to cope with it! hope this helps!

No. 1424242

Everyone in the house is sick I hate holidays

No. 1424249

Idk why but pregnancy always seemed disgusting to me. I wish so hard o could see it differently. It's just body horror to me, the bulging belly and how there's a thing that's moving inside. It creeped me out since I was a little kid. I wonder if it's internalised misogyny because it also has a degrading aspect to it for me (but that's something that I started to feel after puberty so that probably is societal) or if I'm somehow broken because I've been put off it since I was little.

No. 1424251

I think being pregnant is metal, you are like a real mecha

No. 1424256

I totally get this even if I don’t feel the same. It’s ok for you to be squicked by the idea nonna. My best friend has these feelings and was not shy about sharing them during my pregnancy kek.
This is a based take and ily for it lmao.

No. 1424267

Your brain is already in a skull, already a mecha. No need for a baby to be EVA.

No. 1424269

>mecha inside a mecha inside a mecha
Pregnancy is wild

No. 1424270

a person matryoshka

No. 1424279

I read 'pregnancy is a real gacha' by mistake and it made sense too kek

No. 1424287

It makes perfect sense why something as attention seeking as a fetus squirming under his mothers skin would be vomit inducing. I hope I get to experience that someday though

No. 1424307

hey nonnies. my cat is currently at the vet right now because he hasn't peed in days due to kidney stones, only blood. they told me the only way to save him was to get him what essentially is a sex change, or he will have to take antibiotics until he dies soon with me at home. im wondering if any of you have gone through this. will this help his quality of life or would it be better to put him to sleep ? this isnt because of gencrit brainrot, not that i disagree, but this is an animal. im really poor right now but i would pay for his surgery if it will make him live better. i cant stop crying i dont know what to do. please help me make the right choice

No. 1424313

I don't know about the options they gave you but my sister ended up spending 5k in total to deal with multiple blockages in her cat. Now her cat's condition is no longer chronic because she basically feeds him soup to prevent minerals from building up again. I'm sorry I'm not more help anon, not really sure what she was told I just know he's better now.

No. 1424316

I have no problem falling asleep at night at around midnight or 1 am but these past 2 weeks I wake up at 5 am to piss and can't fall back asleep. I stay in bed, meditate, try to relax, and 2-3 hours will pass without fallig back asleep until I give up or nap for an hour or so. It's maddening, I start at a new job this week, I hope this issue gets sorted out because nothing helped so far other than just staying in bed hoping to fall asleep at least a little bit more and losing my entire morning

No. 1424318

I know I won't last forever with him. Also I know what made me fell out of love. But fuck how it hurts when he ignores me, when he gives me the silent treatment. It’s like it’s a constant in my life, the people who should care and love me giving me the cold shoulder and making me feel like a mistake, a failure in life.
It gets worse when I’m around people and they start complimenting me, about my personality or my skills. I always tear up because I think of him, or my best friend, and how much they belittle me. My mind goes to some dark places and one part of me feels like shit, while the other screams at me telling me that they’re right and I’m worthless, that I always end up alone because no one can’t stand me, and all I have is them.
He even left me alone in a country which I didn’t know, not speaking a word of their language, just because I didn’t took a photo as he wanted. And sure, my mind convinced me in that moment that it was normal (and just five minutes), but part of me thinks there should be anything better, right?
When he gets mad he always screams these horrible things, calling me a retard, telling me how he doesn’t love me anymore, how I make his life worse, so much worse that he would be prefer to be dead. And part of me know it’s not my fault, and I also know he’s cruel like that but then I start hating myself for enabling it, for being this miserable individual who can’t do anything right (because I have nowhere else to go, I have literally no one else).
What a start of the week…

No. 1424319

Try laying down somewhere else other than your bed for a while. That helps me when I can't fall asleep.

No. 1424321

I have a cat that had it. Surgery was expensive, but three blockages before and none after. He’s also on a urine diet. Maybe it helps to know the calcium in food and water cause crystals in the cat’s bladder. Cats have mucus in their bladder when the crystals and mucus clump it can get stuck in the urethra. Male neutered cats who are older are the most common because they have the longest urethra and it tends to be narrow at the top. The “sex change” is removing the outer part of the urethra so it’s shorter and wider making it easier for larger material to pass.

No. 1424322

Thanks anon. I'll try, never thought of it.

No. 1424324

nevermind his blood test came out and its reallly bad, everything is wrong. i mm convinced he's going to die. im shocked and devastated i dont even have the words i cant even process this. im going there right now i dont know what to expect. he's under anesthesia im afraid he'll die while under and i wont be there to say goodbye

No. 1424326

It is scary and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, it’s just your gut telling you you don’t want kids (probably)

No. 1424327

I think even girls and women who want to have kids feel this way, it really is metal and freaky. lol
It scared me shitless too specially thinking of the birth itself and complications, I only gave up on the idea of having kids because the last time I was put into too much stress of living with a man for the first time and having to take care of a small business made me have constant rage attacks and stress related breakdowns and I don't think sacrificing my free time to childrearing would be good for me and the child kek
Like specially baby years when you're sleep deprived. I can't picture a husband that isn't an useless moid either that would really share the burden with me. I think I'd end up killing my children because of my mental issues with rage and stress.

No. 1424328

Deep breathes anon. I’m very sorry. Focus on the current situation and don’t think about the what ifs. Is it his creatine, potassium, or sugar in his blood? Do they have a catheter in?

No. 1424331

People are right, you really do regret not saying what you wanted to say when you had the chance. Now I feel impotent. It's worse when the person is dead. Or so estranged they might as well be dead and I'd look cuckoo for sperging at them

No. 1424332

File: 1669643205014.jpg (530.84 KB, 1584x2048, area.jpg)

i have spent months using most of my free time worrying about the future. today, i decide i am exhausted. i am just going to do what i want rather than be controlled by fear. i eat well, i exercise, i sleep adequately but i am just prone to anxiety and have mental illness that i have been in therapy for. bouts of anhedonia from being two months sober now, some things are just out of my hands and i must learn to cope with stress and anxiety better. i hardly take my ativan now unless i really need my brain to calm down.

there is just so much i can do in the world, so much i want to do, so much responsibilities as an adult and so much i may never do. its hard to choose what is the right thing to do when my brain and heart are never in agreeance, but i think following my brain is following the path of comfort and fear most of the time. id like to listen to my heart more, as silly as it sounds. my goals are simple, they remain the same, but getting there is the hardest part!

i loathe my part time fast food job, but im hoping if i go back to college i can lower the hours and suck up working 2-3 days a week, and make some extra income on the side somehow. but then i think hm, do i really need college? can i just save up and move across the country and find a job? you see, its such a slippery slope for my brain! but i decided im just going to do it. keep working more during the holidays and lower my hours in january, go back to college part time, feel it all out, leave myself enough free time for hobbies and such. then i can see…finish a degree? can i still handle my job? it will be okay. ill emigrate one day and have my own little apartment or even room with a kitty kat and be able to walk everywhere and enjoy a new place. maybe it will take a couple of years…ill get there. i just wish sometimes things were all planned out for me, i knew the risks i was taking, but i never will know the future and im so tired of worrying about it all. most normal people do what they wish to in the moment.

i guess thats my vent…i also hate that work leaves me with so little time for myself, but then i just spent that worrying so perhaps its a me issue! i wish i had more days off now that im feeling motivated again. but maybe soon :) work, do some classes, figure things out in my free time. the good part is i can always stop college again after the spring semester and just focus on saving to move. i think i will be okay.

my heart really just wants to move, but im not ready yet anyway. may as well try going back to college for now. perhaps a tefl on the side. happy to get this off my chest.

No. 1424335

I had to go to the hospital because I was puking and had bloody diarrhea, and they gave me a note not to go to work/school for a couple days. What’s awful about this is that my dad has been off from work (because Thanksgiving) and he’s completely livid that I’ve been at home since Thursday, this morning he was mocking me and calling me a stupid bitch just for locking the door to my room. I really have no respect for him left because of the way he treats my mom and now he’s acting like this to someone that’s sick, when it has nothing to do with him. Neither of them are even going to pay for this. I am. I fucking hate him so much

No. 1424362

I’m so fucking sorry anon, update us

No. 1424365

That’s such a nightmare situation to be in when you’re sick…

No. 1424370

thank you kind anon i did what you said about focusing on the situation at hand and not the what ifs, >>1424362
he's currently with me at home right now. i decided to not have the surgery because i didnt want to risk him dying without seeing him one last time and not surrounded by people he feels safe and loved with. thank you so much for your concern nonnies. im going to have to take time off of uni to spend the rest of the days he has left with him. i havent stopped crying since but this is the best solution i feel, i really hope i made the right choice.
for what the first anon asked, i cant really tell whats on the analysis but my doctor basically said that the surgery was too dangerous and there was absolutely no guarantee he would make it out alive with the results from the blood tests.

No. 1424380

I got out of an abusive relationship almost 5 years ago. Moved to the far end of my country right afterwards. I felt like I fucked up by not going to the police at times when I was black and blue. I had no proof by the time I saw that I really could've done with making a record of it happening. I had a dad who seemed to barely even believe me or care when I hinted it to him. I was an anxious mess so I just so put this huge distance between me and the ex as a safety buffer. I left everything and everyone I knew behind just to get as far away as possible. Then months later my dad apparently told him which (small ass) town I'd moved to. I told him not to. I nearly lost my mind. I know this guy quickly rebounded but I'm afraid that once they split he'll be back. He's the type of person who can't stand to be single for 5 mins. Recycles exes etc. A couple times when I've gotten unexpected knocks at my door I've been left shaking. Frozen by it, afraid to check. I thought about getting one of those cam doorbells where you can check. But time has passed and I know that if he was going to act it would've been sooner. I'm just left resentful that I had no feeling of a support system. The stereotype with dads is that they're meant to be protective. To scare off guys who have/might fuck you over. My dad was the opposite. He's one to assume that the 'emotional woman' is always exaggerating. I was in very real danger. Guy knocked a tooth out of me and to this day I can't tell you what even set him off.

Today I spotted a man who looked like his double. For a split second I thought it was him and all these old feelings flooded back. I haven't dated since. At all. In a way I feel more at risk now that I've moved to the middle of nowhere with nobody. But then I never had anybody in my court anyway. I feel like if I ever date again I have to keep this to myself. Men who hear about your past trauma seem to see it as a marker that you'll take more abuse. My ex knew about my childhood abuse and looking back I think he preyed on it. Played mr charming in the beginning and then played on it. Its an all too common cycle that women find themselves in. I'm painfully aware of that now. I've spent alot of time online hearing other women connect the dots. Past trauma attracts more of the same. Abusers look for this. Will I catch a break where a man will genuinely have my best interests at heart. Not just use it as a sign of weakness or vulnerability. I'm wasting good years of my life afraid to even try.

No. 1424388

File: 1669649500081.png (763.47 KB, 844x605, 15422345.png)

I live in an Asian country, the average man weighs probably less then 65kg in the region I live in(granted the people are rather short here, that's why I specified my height)

No. 1424394

I’m sorry anon. I hope you and kitty enjoy your time. Give them lots of cuddles. A warm heating pan under a blanket or in a bed might help with the discomfort.

No. 1424420

I'm sorry your father was so sexist he couldn't be there to support you. You deserved better.

>Will I catch a break where a man will genuinely have my best interests at heart. Not just use it as a sign of weakness or vulnerability. I'm wasting good years of my life afraid to even try.

Dating after being in a abusive relationship isn't just about being lucky enough to find a good man. It's about being clear what kind of man you want and how you want him to behave and, more importantly, being able to avoid abusive men. Step 1 in avoiding abusive men is knowing the signs and behavior that indicate a man is or could be abusive. And step 2 is being able to drop a man in a heartbeat if he does anything from step 1, no matter how deeply you care for him. No second chances, no maybe it was a bad day, no we can talk it out, no 'we're married, we should try to work it out', no what about the kids. You just leave.

Basically, you should have a list of behaviors that you will never tolerate in man and know that you will leave the second they pop up. This is what makes it safe to date gain. Sometimes it takes women who have a left abusive relationships a while to get there and that's ok. Everyone heals at their own pace. And if your country has resources for domestic violence victims, it wouldn't hurt to talk to someone. Sounds like being able to discuss your feeling with someone who is supportive would be helpful.

No. 1424421

Bitter ending to this. I got an incomplete, and will be allowed to work on the project past the course due date. I'm sure I can get it done ahead of time (rather than being due next week, I have until the end of December).

I really wish I hadn't been retarded and hopeful concerning my group mate though. When he told me the professor wasn't going to let us split into different groups, WHY did I believe him like a dumbass. Oh well sometimes you must take a L

No. 1424423


No. 1424426

i go on 4chan occasionally for giggles but i think i’m just going to stop now, every thread devolves into autistic racesperging or coomers posting animu girls and borderline porn. whilst also talking about how they hate women and calling them ugly. i have to remind myself that not all men are that awful. maybe they are who knows

No. 1424431

No. 1424432

Reminder that 4chan has millions of daily users. They’re not niche or obscure. These are every day men, not basement dwellers myth. In general we should stop coping about how 4chan moids are not representative of “most men”, most men just go on 4chan to unmask.

No. 1424434

You'd be surprised at the amount of men who go to 4chan.

No. 1424436

A lot of women have it in their head that the men on 4chan are just jobless creeps sitting in their basement but in reality it’s normal everyday guys with jobs, friends and even gfs. They don’t want to accept their nigel has the same feelings and views as them.

No. 1424443

i cannot fucking deal with how big newborns are. that thing is not coming out of my pussy, it's just not. if God wanted me to have kids he should have made newborns a reasonable size. I can barely take dick without having pain. Having a kid would literally kill me.

No. 1424450

Could it be that you hold a lot of tension down there? Is best to release that, it holds you down and weakens your body. Our bodies hold trauma in body parts and maybe especially sexual trauma in our sex organs? That’s just a guess. Free your pussy of that stress. Not for the dicks but for yourself

No. 1424455

A guy just flirted with me while I was in the middle of thinkingcabout something and omg it was so cringy I wanna die. I didn't find him attractive at all, he was pretty ugly ngl. Wanted to turn him down and my brain just malfunctioned.
>him: Excuse me miss, can I distract you a bit?
>me: Uhh,… Maybe?
>him: Maybe? Uh.. Can I compliment you a little bit?
>Me: Uhhh hmm eh…
looking around like an autist because my brain wouldn't produce any words
>he looks around too to see what I'm looking at
>Me: ehh I'm sorry, I guess not…
>Him: Sorry, haha… I guess not…
And then he frantically disappeared because it was just so fucking awkward.

No. 1424469

He is probably posting about you on 4chin right now and will sign off with
>it’s over, never speaking to a foid again.

No. 1424470

He approached you in a super awkward way, there was never any hope. Was he cute?

No. 1424471

I just know my grandma lost all her teeth due to pregnancy and the amniotic fluid went out but the baby got stuck and the hospital refused to help her for a fucking week and it was a miracle that the baby survived. First world country my ass.
My mother went insane and has never been the same, giving birth basically triggered schizophrenia and she lost custody (no visitation rights, nada noppes zilch) within a year.
I don't care whether it comes from internalized misogyny or whatever, I'm not having kids, considering there is a high risk of me just going insane and I don't exactly have genetics that are begging to be passed on, nor am I willing for my body to be leeched from.

No. 1424475

File: 1669655780586.jpg (44.67 KB, 500x283, tumblr_94257525d512412dbd03dfc…)

Sick and fucking tired of being called a femcel or a manson girl for having long brown hair and glasses, which i've had my entire fucking life. Maybe i should get contact lenses again, even though they irritate my eyes. Doesn't help i'm a virgin so that also automatically makes me a femcel. Maybe i should dye my hair and cut it and get colored contacts so i won't coincidentally look like a murderer or whatever.

No. 1424476

Um, I don't think she asked.

No. 1424477

Nta but she literally said
>I didn't find him attractive at all, he was pretty ugly ngl.
In like the 3rd sentence.

No. 1424478

No he had very weird teeth and a bad beard. I wanted to say something like ‘I have a bf, sorry and thank you’ even though I don’t so he won’t feel bad (bc he was polite) but for some reason my brain was gone. I was reading shit on Reddit when he started talking to me so I guess Reddit deletes IQ

No. 1424479

honestly we should grow babies in artificial wombs. it's unethical to grow babies inside of women knowing how traumatic and agonizing the birth process is. i would rather spend $8,000 on a vat baby. if that tech existed i probably would actually have kids. but birth? nah.

instead of recognizing our concerns and treating us with respect, men just want to ban abortion to force us to give birth. they've been threatening to make us "obsolete" with artificial wombs for some time. well, where are they? yes, thanks for recognizing that pregnancy and birth are god-awful, let's have the artificial wombs. but as soon as women agree we should have that, the incels all run back to their masturbation dens and drop the subject. men don't care about babies or the birth rate or civilization, they just want to see women being traumatized and crippled.

No. 1424480

I was cringing so hard it made me illiterate.

No. 1424483

I feel ashamed for throwing a fit over the sun going down earlier and feeling like there's no time to do anything. Many things are contributing to me sobbing like a hormonal teen on the weekends.
First, my boyfriend's job is on a month hiatus so his energy levels are high due to him not working this week. His job used to tire him out to be able to have a functioning sleep schedule, now he is sleeping in. The Saturday we got rained out and we planned to go on a hike to get rid of some of the energy he has built up, he didn't get to go to sleep until 5 on Sunday.
Second, my job is stressing me out to the core. I'm in the process of applying to other jobs because I'm already coming home and to work on edge thinking I might get a call or have to stay longer than projected.
Sunday, I paced back and forth in my living room with tears rolling down my face. I was a mess. Trying not to sleep deprive my boyfriend because he didn't get enough sleep and thinking about how it's Sunday and every place closes early. The longer I wait till my boyfriend wakes up, the more chance we have no time to do anything and our plans for the day are ruined. I was thinking really catastrophically. I decided to try cleaning up things around the house, still in tears. My boyfriend wakes up and hears me putting away trash and yells from the bedroom asking if I'm okay. I respond, "I don't know." He runs to the living room and asked me if I fell and I tell him "No. We don't have time to do anything because it's Sunday."
He immediately takes my hand and walks me to the bathroom so I can see him take a quick shower and we can be on our way.
I feel so ashamed. I told my boyfriend I was sorry for freaking out about the time and he said it wasn't something to feel sorry for. I cried even more because I feel like a retard. God, I'm so mentally unstable right now. I wouldn't be this way if my job didn't stress me out and if I didn't get home from work some days at 10pm, things would be fine, we could do things on weekdays. I just hope I get a call from a place I applied to so I can just have a normal schedule.

No. 1424489

Pretty sure there was a subset of radfems back in the day who argued for artificial wombs. Nowadays you mostly see radfems who are against it, because they believe that it would mean women would lose power or that it's a sign of internalized misogyny or whatever to consider pregnancy and birth traumatic and agonizing. I guess many actually bought the incel argument that it would make us "obsolete". My main argument against it would be that it would probably end up that only the rich have access and the majority would still be stuck with the old fashioned way, but there are probably ways around that.

No. 1424490

Yeah and also there’s birth but there’s also childcare, bringing up a kid and so on.

No. 1424492

On one hand it would be nice to free women of incubator duty. But on the other hand, god, there is 0% chance that scrotes won’t grow babies in their basement for the sole purpose of abuse.

No. 1424506

File: 1669658393809.jpg (9.2 KB, 275x168, 1666634346074.jpg)

A friend unfriended me on discord after a stupid discourse because I barely come in irl group invitation and somehow that's a problem? Keep in mind that no one DM me not even casually, why should I make an effort. Send me a message if you want to catch-up, if you don't I don't have to either but at least I don't assume shit over that.

No. 1424510

I don’t think my mom is a narcissist but she’s so self-centered and only concerned with her own problems it makes me tired. She sent me a text like “I can’t believe you didn’t (do something we talked about idk it’s mundane like renewing your tabs) already!” And I said yeah I forgot, sorry, I got busy. Then she tells me not to get defensive. So then I tell her that she made me feel kinda dumb by acting like she can’t believe I forgot to do some mundane life thing. Then this spirals into her saying she wishes HER parents reminded her of stuff, that I am “kicking her” for “not appreciating” her reminding me, and that I am insinuating she’s a bad mom. And that she has never said a mean thing to me in my life. Which is insane and untrue lol.
I don’t even know how to respond, I cried at work. I just can’t communicate with her at all. I have to grovel and tell her I am so appreciative of all this shit she does but I didn’t ask for help with. Can anyone relate?

No. 1424514

What the fuck are you talking about

No. 1424521

I really like the person I'm dating right now and I wish I could skip this period of time where we're both broke and struggling. I'm so exhausted of money and debt causing problems in my long term relationships

No. 1424522

i'm jealous of people with a job rn, esp when it pays well. we're in a recession, everything's expensive, but having a stable income means they can still go places and do things. i'm salty because anything over 15 bucks is super expensive to me rn. i'm not even in a particularly dire situation or anything, i just want to feel like a normal adult already.

No. 1424530

File: 1669660300200.jpg (100.81 KB, 720x370, 1669406430549289.jpg)

I'm tired of staying at home for nearly a whole week straight after surgery. I think I'm doing a lot better now and can go outside, but I'm on sick leave which means there are specific hours when I have to be at home in case my employer decides to send a doctor to see if I'm not just pretending. It's very unlikely to happen because I sent them official paper stating I just got surgery so it's not like when some people are on sick leave for mental health issues when employers think their employees are just pretending to have a burnout or whatever but still.

If I go outside tomorrow I'll pig out. I'm going to eat greasy food. Either a big, fat hamburger or ramen, or maybe local specialty because that shit is really good but a bit expensive. I can't see myself cooking anything and carrying pots and pans without injuring myself from the weight of these things unfortunately. I would also like to eat some Korean bbq or yakiniku but restaurants usually offer menus for at least two people and I'll be alone because my friends are working. God I'm so hungry, bored and depressed. But at least I'm in good health now.

No. 1424533

"It's good that your depression's so manageable! MINE is so hard I can't even get out of bed!!!"
Nah man my depression actually sucks the life out of me and I'm covert miserable being alive, I just have a lot of responsibilities that I have to get up and do. If I laid in bed all day there are at least 3 living creatures who would suffer from my absence, including you, the person who's self-centeredness and lack of responsibilities in life allows them to just lay in bed on their phone all day. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go clean the kitchen while I fantasize about carbon monoxiding myself.

No. 1424538

File: 1669661116596.png (1.24 MB, 832x782, Capture.PNG)

i think shes talking about this (picrel)

No. 1424539

Man I wanna cry. I kinda have a crush on my coworker, and my dumbass likes to tease people I like. I teased him, and since I’m awkward, I also avoid him when I can. Ig he didn’t like that, so now he’s kinda tense around me, treats me coldly, I really hate it and I wanna cry. This shit is making me wanna quit. And to top it off, it’s all my fault.

No. 1424540

this vibe is literally so charming and cute and if any femanons look like this never change and just know i want you.

No. 1424542


No. 1424546

crystal.cafe or 4chanlet

No. 1424548

>I can barely take dick without having pain. Having a kid would literally kill me.
No it wouldn't lmao. It's literally what your body is designed for. Not being able to take dick doesn't mean your body wouldn't push out a baby when it needs to.

No. 1424549

Why are you being rapey towards her she said she doesn't want it

No. 1424550

?? Overreaction much? I'm telling her the truth. I have given birth twice before and I also experience painful penetration with penises. That does not negate your ability to give birth.

No. 1424551

Then explain why so many women need to do c-sections or are giving birth in 10h or more at the hospital instead of just shitting out a baby in 5 minutes?

No. 1424552

Because American birth medicine is retarded and rushes the pregnancy process and convinces women they need a C-section or they'll literally die lmao. It's why America has the highest rate of C-sections in the world and also the highest rate of maternal deaths.

No. 1424555

File: 1669662113969.jpeg (270.95 KB, 828x677, 45B0C1FA-2D7A-4238-A689-2307BE…)

No. 1424556

sis i know about the degreed tearing. it could push out a baby. the question is how much damage will it cause. i actually don't want to cripple myself just to make a screaming shitbag that will turn into a snotty teenage brat.

you're delusional if you think birth isn't incredibly damaging.

No. 1424558

Yes this, I was showed a picture of I think the middle right, who I look nothing like, except for the same color hair and owning glasses (my hair is not the same texture and my glasses are different), but because I have long brown hair and can't see that's suddenly soooo meeeee, a femcel Charles Manson stan. I need a whole new look or something so people will stop hating me.

No. 1424561

I'm not American at all, I was talking about the whole planet.

No. 1424563

For me, it feels like it's dehumanizing to women. I'd rather us gatekeep our ability to give birth, just the fact we need to go back to giving birth the natural way an societally giving more focus and care towards pregnant women. Laying down in a hospital bed is one of the reasons why they give us pain killers, it's unnatural. This society just hates women in general, so of course most of us would hate to experience being pregnant. We feel like we are restricted to do many things because society simply does not care, society hates children as well, so why even care for them in their mother's womb? Society has turned to make many of us hate our female bodies, it really does suck. And now they're turning female functions into a marketable consumerist thing so we can be good wages and not worry over the fact we're unable to work and bring in funds.

No. 1424564

No, her body wasn't made for birth specifically. One's body has so many functions and abilities.
Also people vary and not everyone even is able to give birth or give birth safely. Some women die during childbirth and their children die too. Were they made for childbirth? Your claim about 'your body was made for it' has so many holes when you think about it.
NTA and not American but are you pretending women have complications during childbirth only in America?
Overall, you sound like a tradthot or scrote larping.

No. 1424565

Tearing usually doesn't happen unless you've done something incredibly wrong like doctors rushing the birth process because they don't care about the mother. Usually tears happen in hospitals.

No. 1424567

>One's body has so many functions and abilities.
Yeah and one of them is to give birth lol
Yeah every woman who's ever given birth is a tradthot. Fucking idiot

No. 1424569

You're talking about it as if it wasn't one of the major causes of death for women just until like 100 years ago lmao

No. 1424570

Are you illiterate? Not every woman who gives birth is a tradthot but someone who says that every woman's body is made to give birth is.

No. 1424572

Seeing anons buy into the "pregnancy is literally so horrible we NEED artificial wombs right now reeeeee!!!" scrote meme is really sad. Imagine what happens when they get what they want, like Brave New World x100 with how damaged scrotes are. Probably more women will be killed than ever do to our "uselessness." Plus new child slaves being pumped out every second. Hell world.

No. 1424575

“Femcel” is such a retarded moid cope. All of these women are beautiful and this is a timeless look. My current crush has this look. I love it.

No. 1424576

Pregnancy does suck though and has a shockingly high complication/death rate. Even in the US.

No. 1424578

Our bodies are made to reproduce lmao, how is that tradthot? It's literally a fact. You sound like a TRA calling terfs "traditionalists" because we recognize biological realities. You don't want to admit that every normal body has the capacity to reproduce.

No. 1424580

Again, are you illiterate? Were women who died during childbirth also made to reproduce?

No. 1424581

Yes? Dying doesn't mean something wasn't fulfilling its purpose. We are all live beings that die just from being alive. Is living not our purpose because we all eventually die? You sound stupid lmao.

No. 1424584

You're braindead.

No. 1424587

Nah that's you. You literally argued that our bodies aren't made to reproduce just because some people die of it. People die of anything and everything, it's called the condition of being alive. Get the fuck over it.

No. 1424589

Nta and I think anon is wrong but it's true that humans are made to procreate. Most of all living organisms life just revolves around making more living organisms. It doesn't mean that we'll all be able to do it, but that's kind of just how nature is.

No. 1424592

Ok Plato.

No. 1424598

I guess when your only achievement is pushing out kids like you said, you would cope by saying it's the ultimate feminine purpose worth dying for kek.

No. 1424603

I remembered why I don't like my family

No. 1424604

>only achievement
Projecting misogynist childfree-tard at it again. I never said anything was worth dying for, I said the fact that people sometimes die of pregnancy doesn't negate the fact that our bodies were made to reproduce since people can die of anything lmao. You obviously know most mothers nowadays work and I've probably achieved more than you in my career since probably the only thing you do is make life more expensive for the people around you. God forbid you ever take care of anything else, that would be restricting your "muh freedom" to smoke and drink every night and scroll Amazon just to feel something

No. 1424605

Me too anon. Do you feel stressed around them?

No. 1424608

Just be happy about your kids and chill, ok? You don't have to defend yourself so much.

No. 1424610

even when i'm having sex, slow and at my control and not experiencing cramping and labor pain, with a relatively small penis and good lube, i still get a spot that is ouch from stretching too far. my pussy skin is delicate. i think a baby would rip me from clit to asshole. let me guarantee you i'm not having sex in an american hospital so this issue has nothing to do with that. women have always ripped during childbirth. it doesn't kill them but it does massively affect quality of life.

No. 1424612

Nah, I had to nip it in the bud. Not all of us are childless womanchildren who still live at their parents' house at 35 and call mothers "tradthots" to feel better about their own unaccomplished lives.

No. 1424616

But you do say what tradthots preach, I'm sorry but it fits absolutely. You would fit right in, maybe look them up, you'd find likely minded friends.

No. 1424618

…Because I said bodies are made to reproduce? Which is a fact? Damn you all do sound just like TRA.

No. 1424619

I never argued that i don't have the "capacity" to reproduce. my problem is the complications from it. which, evolutionarily speaking, as long as it didn't kill too many women it was passable. in the modern world i prefer my clit and labia to be un-ripped and my uterus to be un-prolapsed. whether i could give birth or not is not the question. what kind of pussy am i going to be left with after a newborn baby pushes its way out that? pulled pork.

they can grow these babies in a vat, i'll donate some eggs for it, but it's not going to be growing in my womb and coming out my vagina. it's unethical.

if a man had to rip his dick open to make a baby the human species would have died off as soon as we became bipeds. men wouldn't tolerate this shit. why am i expected to tolerate it?

No. 1424620

And that's because our society does not care for women's bodies, we would have the needed care and safer ways to go about pregnancy with less stress if our consumerist society wasn't so focused on making us have to scrounge up hundreds to doctors to give us low par meds and still mistreat us.

No. 1424623

Right okay enjoy your artificial womb fantasy which will (hopefully) never happen because if it did it would be a fucking ethical nightmare with elites creating people literally for the purpose of being child slaves and most likely large-scale femicide. You're like a child saying "when I grow up… I'll grow my babies in a vat!" First, you should read Brave New World. Second, those birth complications you mentioned aren't even common, they're commonly spouted off because doctors need propaganda to push C-sections. Vaginas aren't penises. It's a hole specifically designed to push babies out. And not only is it possible, it's common to do it without any of those complications you mentioned.

No. 1424625

Nah, not just that, because of all the other stuff you said and the way you said it.

No. 1424626

>who gives a fuck if you die, womb-slave? just hurry up and push out babies

how can you possibly claim to not be misogynist?

No. 1424629

scrote talking points, moid detected. just because i don't want my pussy shredded into taco meat doesn't mean i engage in pointless hedonism all day and night.

No. 1424630


No. 1424632

>scrote talking points
You literally just said you didn't want your "pussy shredded into taco meat"… THAT'S a scrote talking point. You sound like a fucking coomer moid who only values women based on how "tight" their pussy is.(ENOUGH)

No. 1424634

>you have to suffer excrutiating agony and permanent bodily damage because what if some moid factory-produces vat children to rape
the elite already rape children. i may as well not have to endure agony and crippling side effects.

No. 1424637

>excrutiating agony and permanent bodily damage
Damn people who have never gone through pregnancy sure know a lot about it

No. 1424640

>if a man had to rip his dick open to make a baby the human species would have died off as soon as we became bipeds. men wouldn't tolerate this shit. why am i expected to tolerate it?
i don't agree with all your points nonna especially the vat thing but you are dead right with this. if you're female you're just basically forced to accept pain, discomfort and sacrifice for others as part of your everyday life at this point and it fucking sucks. what's worse is when other women sugar-coat it as ~womanhood~ like ofc we can't help the fact our bodies can birth babies and we have periods but the way we act as if nothing's wrong and as if women's health isn't still to this day dismissed and ignored drives me seriously crazy.

let's not forget that it was male doctors (when they first infested the birthing communities previously occupied by midwives) that forced us to start giving birth on our backs even though it's not the ideal or natural position to birth in - back when we had group midwives and female birthing communities, you'd be standing or squat over a stool because gravity. no mammal rolls over on their fucking back to give birth and it pisses me off to see it. there are some advancements in pregnancy and birth now for sure and it's a lot safer for women to go through that now, but i cannot turn a blind eye at the misogyny that still exists in regards to childbirth/pregnancy. we all know fine well, like you said, if men were the ones pushing babies out that they'd have all the medical advancement and luxuries in the world because men are not expected to go through graft, pain and sacrifice as part of their journey in life.

>pussy shredded into taco meat
>pulled pork
this is a bit scrote-ish though. yes there are health complications and parts of your body does change but the analogy of post-birth vaginas with food is really disgusting to me. this is coming from someone who has always been childfree btw. better ways to go about this without falling into the same shit that incels say about vaginas.

No. 1424641

you sound defensive that i indirectly accused your 2x post-birth pussy of being taco meat. you can shred your sex organs, i don't care, but i'm not shredding mine, and a lot of women don't want theirs shredded. FACT: artificial wombs would reduce human suffering. if you are opposed to that you are a demon. it's that simple. women should not be forced to endure damage and agony if we have the ability to let them escape it. why are you arguing against that? you do sound like a trad thot who thinks women "deserve" to endure childbirth agony to pay for our sins of being female and having had sex.

enjoy your prolapsed uterus.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1424643

Post hand with a timestamp if you're really a woman kek

No. 1424649

>taco meat again
Definitely a moid lmao
>artificial wombs would reduce human suffering.
Except in all the ways I just said they would make it worse… Oh right, you don't care because you bought into "pregnancy is muh horribel" C-section propaganda >>1424634
>trad thot
>enjoy your prolapsed uterus.
My uterus is fine, thank you, scrote. Enjoy your future child slaves and femicide when women are harvested for their eggs and then culled by the techno patriarchy lmao.

No. 1424650

This is a very naive outlook regarding artificial wombs - it would only be viable in a world where misogyny is nonexistent. You can absolutely guarantee that if artifical wombs were a thing, we would not have any agency or power over them without dismantling patriarchy first. Men will absolutely use the concept of artifical wombs to their advantage - they are already doing it with surrogacy, which is why surrogacy/artifical wombs/anything of that nature is so controversial. You can also reduce the chances of pregnancy and health complications by forcing more studies, funding and overall education/testing regarding womens health.
Keep in mind it wasn't that long ago that women weren't even allowed to participate in medical studies. We still have very little understanding of how to alleviate issues in womens bodies - it's absolutely possible to get pregnancy to a point where it's a hell of a lot safer than it is now.
>women should not be forced to endure damage and agony if we have the ability to let them escape it
You could have just left it at this minus the artificial womb and taco-meat sperging because that shit isn't happening any time soon. I find it really strange how this viewpoint is considered "progressive" and yet it's always coupled with "ugh i dont want my body/my vagina to look like dirty pulled pork taco meat" like it honestly makes you sound very…male.

No. 1424653

Of course it always hurts when my best friend ignores specially when I'm worried about her but somehow it’s even worse knowing she will still post shit online knowing I will be seeing it and feel…more rejected / unimportant.

No. 1424657

are you that same nutjob that was telling other nonnies that their pussy smells on Thanksgiving? Either way, take some fucking meds and go actually enjoy your childfree life. This is coming from another childfree woman btw.

No. 1424658

You sound like a damn psycho

No. 1424660

>i get accused of being a male because i don't want to endure needless agony just to somehow be the police of preventing moids from raping children, which they already do
what male would even acknowledge that pregnancy and birth are damaging and traumatic? and also you're all ridiculous because no moid would ever voluntarily raise children on his own. have you ever seen a scrote change a diaper? the idea that we can't switch to artificial wombs because "what if the moids–!" therefore women have to keep dying and enduring injury and agony, you're just ridiculous.
>i don't like what you're saying ! you must be this other nonna who also said something i don't like!
chew on it and swallow.

No. 1424661

You should learn to keep some thoughts on the inside she didn't ask

No. 1424662

Christ you’re retarded. No one’s telling you you HAVE to give birth. They’re telling you not to be an insane cunt about women who do choose to.

No. 1424665

My mom is dead. My dad is in his 70s. I still haven't come out yet. I only see him once every few years so I don't know whether to casually slip 'muh gf' into a text sometime soon or whether to ride out the rest of his life not telling him seeing as distance allows me to do that.

I'm bound to get a 'what are your xmas plans' text soon. Should I. Should I not. Why am I so anxious about this at my age.

No. 1424666

Why do you need to come out? He probably won’t make it another 5 years anyway

No. 1424667

File: 1669667018828.jpg (31.76 KB, 640x582, superhuman cat.jpg)

Shaving my whole body later today. I know I'm going to get so exhausted and nearly pass out in the shower.

No. 1424679

The few times I get approached it's always this shit and it's annoying. I get that approaching women is scary, but when they approach you and haven't planned anything other than "hi" they put the burden on you to make conversation. It makes me feel like they didn't find me THAT attractive because they expect me to carry the convo or like I'm just someone to practice on. I just feel like they wouldn't approach a really pretty woman with "umm….. h-hi"

No. 1424690

living what is essentially a two year long (so far) bpd/depressive meltdown. wished upon a star that i will feel better and less desperate soon

No. 1424692

Then why is childbirth is one of the deadliest thing that could happen to a young woman statistically? My mom literally almost died 20 something years ago and she to this day still is suffering from complications. If it wasn’t the modern times she would be dead. Look at history. So many women has died from childbirth and they still are dying and they will continue to die because childbirth, by its nature is deadly and risky. Stop this “uwu your body will push the baby out uwu” bullshit. In many cases, your body quite literally CAN’T push the baby out so we pump birthing women with hormones and even cut them with scissors to take the baby out. Go do some basic googling before sprouting bullshit

No. 1424695

I just know it feels shit to lose a parent and then wish you'd had certain conversations while you still had a chance

No. 1424702

How do artificial wombs make women useless? You need to get oocytes from women. Semen isn’t fertilized, you can’t fuse 2 sperms together. Go pick up a goddamn high school biology book kek

No. 1424706

Friendships aren’t formed overnight. It could be you’re trying to hard to get to a certain level of intimacy too quickly when it takes time to build these things. Maybe join a group or hobby where you’ll see the same people on a weekly basis, and be ok with just being acquaintances with people until they let you in a little more.

No. 1424717

>The funny thing with loneliness is that it repels people; it’s a circle-jerk. The more desperate you are for companionship the more people don’t want your companionship. They want an already made person with 6 friends, maybe one hobby, and somewhat socially acceptable baggage. You don’t have that, it’s not easy to make it.
I've been isolated for a few years. I moved to a new area and didn't jump to try and get involved while I was still new here. I wish I had at least tried back then. Now I have this several year long hiatus of being a loner that feels a huge hurdle. Its embarassing to explain and probably reads as a red flag to others. But I also can't lie about it.

No. 1424728

>The funny thing with loneliness is that it repels people; it’s a circle-jerk. The more desperate you are for companionship the more people don’t want your companionship. They want an already made person with 6 friends, maybe one hobby, and somewhat socially acceptable baggage.
I've experienced literal friendless people acting like this too. Trying to get to know them, then watch them fade away once they realize I can't introduce them to anyone or tell exciting adventurous stories. There was also an ultra friendless moid with no family who'd go weeks without speaking, and when we'd talk about dating all he wanted was a woman with a full social life who'd "save" him and like, invite him into her already made life.

No. 1424746

I hate this idea that most mothers have that you’re their slave for the rest of your life because they gave birth to you. Anytime my mom wants to guilt me out of something she always mentions she’s my mother like I give a shit. You fucked a scrote and had your fun. Fucking isn’t hard work.

No. 1424747

File: 1669670924569.jpg (2.71 MB, 2000x2000, 1669106141653.jpg)

I'm tired of trying to be sweet and funny to my friend who turns out to be a walking nothing burger. I could pour my heart out and say the sweetest thing and she'd text back "lol cool." I don't understand why she's so boring, are the meds she's on fucking with her personality? Just give me something jfc