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File: 1675969866568.jpeg (701.96 KB, 1787x2560, go-eat-worms-scaled.jpeg)

No. 1495349

Previous thread- >>>/ot/1379445

>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 1495353


No. 1495355

I don't agree with you (sometimes little spats trend off topic and should be saged) but I like your rage. Keep it up.

No. 1495358

File: 1675970782171.jpg (275.97 KB, 1280x981, tumblr_b9c54dc48689923056415ca…)

Today I realized that I don't cope well with failure at all, which is a failure in itself.

No. 1495470

I feel like I'm about to snap. I'm sleep deprived as fuck, and when I do sleep I have dreams where I'm running through the town I live in screaming my lungs out, scaring people and acting completely unhinged. The dreams feel so good I'm scared I'm about to do it irl soon. I want to beat up cars with a baseball bat, throw rocks through windows and rip stuff apart while screaming at the top of my lungs. At the same time I have an office job that I go to every day, acting normal and trying to keep up while my body is so restless and uncomfortable. Holy fuck. I need help.

No. 1495487

am i prosopagnosic or do babies and children literally never look like anyone, to me they just look like a child. is it my autism or has it always been a figure of speech or politeness because i never in my life have "seen it" except in a mixed race marriage in which case it's obvious, but not always. everytime someone's like "WOW isn't x just the image of whoever?" and yes i know they're being exaggerative to a degree but i can't see any resemblance at all and i never have. i hate when people get mad at me for not being able to tell who the child looks like and play an endless guessing game with me like IDK man you tell me. i'm really not pretending to piss people off or be annoying i really just don't "recognize" anyone in children's faces, ever

No. 1495494

I know this feel.

No. 1495497

I've never been able to tell, either. I always make sure to say they look SO much like [whichever of the parents I am closer to]. I've never had someone try to make me guess who a baby looks like though, I can't really imagine a situation like that happening. Do you not already know who the parents are or if you have a mutual connection with this guess-forcer who was recently heavily pregnant?

No. 1495504

Most babies look the same but after a year or two they start having more distinct features. They all have the same generic baby face, kinda like how all babies have that same generic baby dance.

No. 1495514

ayrt and it's usually if not ever not even the parents that force me to guess it's the aunts uncles and the parents' friends etc. i now realize that it may be a culture thing…
like for instance my mom got mad at me because i didn't guess that her niece looks like her, because she doesn't, or didn't anyway. still can't see a resemblance 11 years later though i'm the odd one out because everyone else does

No. 1495525

Some babies have generic faces but some babies really do look like either parent. When they get a little older I feel like it's easier to tell based on how they smile. Maybe you just have trouble with recognizing minute details in a person's face? Some people will notice a person's nose shape instantly while other people never really pay attention to people's noses, maybe you're more the second type of person. Next time someone's grilling you about who their baby looks like just tell them that all babies look more or less the same to you kek. Weird how people would get mad about that since they're babies and their bones haven't grown or settled yet so who really knows if they truly look like one parent or whatever.

No. 1495551

File: 1675989805703.gif (1.2 MB, 410x308, 4F333A44-E248-4E8D-B71A-A1BB8F…)

I hope all your hair falls out
Your diet crashes
You get fined for your MLM
Your triple chin becomes a quad
You stay a jealous mean troll
You die and I party at the funeral

No. 1495589

File: 1675993085114.jpeg (28.2 KB, 540x409, 7E30FD89-21CF-4EC0-82A0-0C413F…)

I am very afraid someone is going to hurt me and yet here I am SITTING IN THIS HOUSE ALONE, ABOUT TO FALL ASLEEP

No. 1495600

together we shall forge a protection spell sweet nona ♥︎

No. 1496019

I need to complain about my Nigel. His lack of impetus to buy a house is infuriating. He goes on about how nice it would be to own somewhere and live together but never does anything about it even though he has the money to do so. He doesn’t even look for houses at all. Like why say it at all if you don’t mean it?! It’s got to the point where I think he doesn’t want to be with me but is too spineless to break up. He also goes on about wanting some pets knowing that I don’t want any, he just knows that I’m in the house all the time (wfh) and so it would be me that does all the care. I don’t fucking think so. Even the tolerable moids are so retarded, the other day I literally had to tell him “imagine if it was you” to get him to achieve basic empathy. And he thinks of himself as so progressive and such a New Man. Sometimes I just want to shout at him and tell him how moronic he sounds. And yet this is still the best relationship I’ve ever had. How the fuck do women get married? Do they genuinely find intelligent, caring men somehow or are they all just marrying retards?

No. 1496085

Met a lof of moids and still the only intelligent and caring man i ever met was my dad nad he's basically a male version of me. Most probably there aren't any. I can't imagine why would anybody want to get married. Anyway it's ok to be in a relationship if it has good benefits for you, man is just a giant annoying pet so i get you don't want any more kek.
Tried spamming him with houses on the market you like?

No. 1496501

Please don't read this I'm just very angry at my sick body and needed to rage somewhere. I am going to salt your earth and you are going to like it you ungrateful meat puppet. You want to fuck with me? Fine. I'm going to make sure you regret every single failure you have made against me for the last fifteen goddamned years. You alone ruined my life and stole my future, I won't also let you continue to humiliate me and take away the few joys I have left. I will break you. I will subjugate you. I will make you suffer until you finally comply. You literally belong to me, so you better fucking act like it.

No. 1497437

why the fuck are you mad at me for using the bathroom frequently when I only take 2 minutes at most but never bat an eye at our brother's HOURS LONG, daily shitting sessions that stink up the house. what the fuck did i do to you

No. 1500332

File: 1676434415470.jpg (463.62 KB, 2304x1728, moo.jpg)

You were spoiled, and coddled by your parents and everyone around you. I was so alone. We can't be friends ex-moid, but I'm not mad. I have my nonushka now.

No. 1500438

I hate the normalfags and tradfags shitting up the site. It's like an awful mix of tiktok, facebook and mumsnet now.

No. 1501206

Please don't turn into a 4chan moid nonnie with the "muh image board"

No. 1501210

What do 4chan moids have to do with this

No. 1501212

You know what would happen if we allowed normalfags here?: moids AND trannies, everywhere

No. 1501220

Oh my god!!!! What is this? WTF IS THIS? IS IT A TICK? IT'S A TICK?? GROSS. rips off and flushes it

Really glad I got that off my chest

(inspired by real events, found ticks three separate times in the bathroom after galavanting through the woods)

No. 1501232

I am the kind of insane who thinks I could actually get together with my straight, married friend if I wanted to because I always know what to say and when to say it, it does make me a huge predatory bitch but it also makes me feel better about myself.

No. 1501247

I wrote like a semi nice message in my bf's card and he started crying yesterday. I found it very cringe. Pull yourself together. Ew. It wasn't even that mushy. He annoys me. Laying next to him in bed I get this overwhelming urge to thwack him in the skull. So I get up and shitpost

No. 1501335

i think im not very beautiful. women around me are complimented a lot about being sexy and beautiful, some of their specific features get pointed out like their beautiful smile, stuff like that, but not me. i seem to get skipped over. i think i was prettier growing up but lately i feel i look really tired. im not straight up ugly im sure. but the other day i was thinking "maybe im just not beautiful" and it somehow made me feel better. like i feel like ive freed up a little mental head space. i dont have to stress about it so much anymore i feel, i can stress about other things with higher priority by not particularly caring if im beautiful. i still take care of myself of course but maybe im just separating from the male gaze lmao

No. 1501339

Embrace it. I'm enjoying being ugly lately. I feel like I must resemble a swamp witch. I only change things up for myself and not for anyone else. That's how it should be. If I want to look "pretty" it's for me, not for anyone else. That's me realizing my own worth I guess

Fuck what moids think

No. 1501340

A lot of people don't really express their appreciation out of shyness. When I see someone with a sick style I just keep it to myself, most do. Chances are someone already considered you cute or cool but didn't tell you. For example, my cousin is literally a gigastacy but most people don't dare approaching her to point out her beauty, so she thought she was ugly as hell too

No. 1501727

I'll be the bad guy in your narrative to protect your feelings

No. 1501836

get it togeather

No. 1501861

kekk what gets me is that they're limiting themselves to the celebricows thread as far as i can tell. it's so funny that they somehow found lc and just really love the celeb gossip here enough to stick to that one thread

No. 1501893

They are "harmless" but annoying kek, I can't decide if it's underaged vibes, or auntie vibes or mom vibes. I do believe someone told their folks about the lolcow celebricow thread and that person was like, "Holy shit"

No. 1501898

Can you link to the thread? That sounds amazing. Not only are we growing older as a user base, but we're attracting even older women through sheer force of cowposting. Long live the cows, may they be passed through the generations.

No. 1501901

File: 1676573929501.png (40.45 KB, 945x246, Capture.PNG)

Like if this isn't a wine mom or someone's sassy auntie who finally has someone to talk about small gossip. Or Nona's 18 year old tik tok coustin I don't know what this is

No. 1501912

definitely gives me wine mom vibes. they're calling her trump-chan for a reason lmao, i feel like theres just no way an underage poster would type like that unless they're larping. i subscribe to your theory that someone's mom or aunt found lc through some poor anons browsing history

No. 1501919

it's in celebricows, currently the last thread on the front page of /ot/. if you scroll to the bottom of the thread you'll see trump-chan in action bc she sticks out from a mile away with her typing style

No. 1501920

Aw, I like her. She's a newfag, but I like when women with new perspectives join.
Are they only calling her trump-chan because she's old, or is it because she's actually supported trump?

No. 1501933

I think it's because she types like Trump

No. 1501953

Kek I hope she stays and learns to integrate.

No. 1501954

gay moids need to shut up about straight women’s preferences in men. it’s fine that you want to fuck men that look like sasquatch but that doesn’t mean that i have to

No. 1501958

gay moids will fuck the most disgusting unwashed and smelly " big papas" because they can't aim for better lol

No. 1502012

I shouldn't have lied and said I would be with you forever. I didn't think you'd take that literally. Of course I'm not going to stay if you do the bare minimum to keep me around. Dumb idiot. You should be willing to crawl through broken glass to even get the chance to speak with me. Otherwise I'll just be single and happy on my own. I love you, but I love myself more.

No. 1502033

i wouldn't mind her as much if she didn't clog up 70% of the thread

No. 1502052

>I love you, but I love myself more.

No. 1502082

You sound like one right now, no offense.
It becomes 4chan

No. 1502091

>You sound like one right now, no offense.
How? I don't think my post is saying anything controversial.

No. 1502176

File: 1676592447497.webm (961.57 KB, 1280x720, 1675823801023724.webm)

>dragon exists in media
>nobody questions it
>magic exists in media
>nobody questions it
>androgynous character exists.
>"ummm wtf! men/women don't look like that! that's IMPOSSIBLE for a guy to have wide hips!!!"
the hypocrisy continues to annoy me kek

No. 1502180

Ywnbaw ♥

No. 1502189

File: 1676593295451.jpg (168.04 KB, 1500x1312, lobotomy NOW.jpg)

>be me, le devil's advocate
>in art history class
>professor shows photograph of starving african child
>"okay class, discuss the ethics of this photographer!"
>white girl goes on about white liberal leftists exploiting blacks for their liberal agendas
>she hits all the buzzwords
>says the photo is "bad optics" and he should have helped instead of taking a photo
>raise my hand
>say some shit like "you can't enforce rules for art…"
>she turns to me and says "Would you say the N-word for art?"
>laugh awkwardly and say "yEAH, sure!"
>she says "well, at least you're consistent in your beliefs."
I'm not gonna make any friends am I

No. 1502202

you're right though. correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure the exact same scenario happens in the film ghost world, too. anyway anon im sorry your classmates are braindead, i hope the professor is on your side at least

No. 1502205

You know what's really funny is earlier in this same class he said "I think that everybody is at least a little racist. We all have varying degrees of racism."

No. 1502206

If there's no rules for art, why don't you make your next piece focused on naked little girls having sex with an old man portrayed in a positive light?

No. 1502210

>and he should have helped instead of taking a photo
am i a SJW for agreeing with this part…
and this is another thing i'm concerned about, i've seen many men use "art" as an excuse to photograph naked children (and some celebs then hang those photos in their home like a certain someone) or create whole movies focused on that (like pretty baby, the topless scene in american beauty and other films with teenage actresses, etc)

No. 1502211

CP is only okay when it's a male child(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1502212

you won't make a lot of friends, but the friends that you do make will be better and more interesting than anyone the boring lib white girl knows

No. 1502234

File: 1676597296177.gif (3.56 MB, 500x318, 1660104591959.gif)

I have untreated PTSD (from being sexually abused by bio father up until about 7) and ADHD. I am only 27 and already I'm at my limit. The ADHD alone prevents me from getting anything done and my place is constantly disorganized. The PTSD on top of the ADHD symptoms just make everything 100x worse. I push potential friends away because I have no trust in anyone and I'm just unpleasant to be around for long periods of time because my anxiety is a 10 at all times, I can never seem to relax.

Every time I feel a vivid memory come on or something triggers me I want to rip away at my skin and escape my body, then I scream and cry for several minutes before my energy is depleted. Oh and I live in America so there's no help for me.

No. 1502239

No. 1502243

Why do so many farmers want to use the n word today what is going on

No. 1502252

Men forcing themselves into women's spaces, as always

No. 1502253

The photographer killed himself for not helping. What even is art without humanity?

No. 1502259

anon was literally just answering the stupid gotcha question her classmate asked her, i doubt she's out there spouting off the n word all day every day. have some reading comprehension

No. 1502264

you're right, i didn't even read the original comment. i'm sorry nonna i'm too inebriated

No. 1502269

Ntayrt but yeah I have to agree with this. I'll probably get called a moralizing censoring twitterfag or something but i think art should have rules to prevent children from being taken advantage of/exploited/or sexualized, regardless of race. I'm sure there's other ways one can express themselves without getting vulnerable children involved.

No. 1502303

This, he's at it in multiple threads too.

No. 1502304

Nta but I don't think it's SJW at all. It's true that people go to impoverished countries and exploit the people there, and that can also apply to photography. I know anons like to reach and assume, so to be clear I don't think it's always bad to photograph these people, but don't take photos of struggling people if you won't help them. Imo, the girl in anon's story was right about there needing to be rules for "art" (not that photos of starving African children is art).
Anyway, why are we all replying to that post anyway

No. 1502306

Yeah OP could have disagreed that taking the pic was necessarily wrong without going full retard with a smug “muh art transcends all rules and morality” big brain moment

No. 1502343

4 chan moids complain about gays, normies, and SM, and shitting up 4chan. I lurk there to spy on moids.

No. 1502356

My post made no mention of gays or 4chan though and I'm sure you've seen other anons complain about tiktokers and other social media sites before. Weird to act like it's a moid-only complaint considering the state of lc but whatever.

No. 1502358

the anon your responding to is the cancer.

No. 1502445

I don't know but the fact that there are 3 anons from peterboroguh is cracking me up

No. 1503099

Ok, if it bothers you that much then I take back my statement.

No. 1503153

File: 1676691288314.jpg (47.61 KB, 275x236, 1660086076302.jpg)

Spoilered because fucking dumb shit that will rot your brain.My mother is such a piece of shit. Holy fuck. Her getting into cOnSpIrAcY ThEoRiEs (she's just a fucking qtard but thinks by saying conspiracy theorist makes her sound edgy, she's not) did not make her batshit insane but it did fuel her to new levels. You CANNOT say even a slightly different opinion than her or else she'll go on a tirade. Fucking showed me a not relevant celebrity who is older and said "omg he aged so much". I answered alcohol can rapidly age a person. You know what this cunt then snottly answers? "No it doesn't because I drink alcohol and it didn't age me". My retarded cunt of a mother IS NOT A FUCKING ALCOHOLIC AND DOESN'T DRINK A LOT ON A DAILY BASIS. I'm so angry. I'm imagining strangling her or hitting her over the head with a hammer. I use to feel guilty fantasizing these horrible scenarios but now idgaf. She's trash and will never change. She thinks just because she believes in god it's all good. I'm dumbfounded. What a good christian she is. She's been a huge piece of shit to me since I was almost a teen. I wanted to kill myself back then because she always knew how to destroy any confidence I had. Did she do this because she thought I was competition or something? I know it pisses her off I've always been skinny. I legit think she thought I get fat once I hit my older teens. She use to comment sometimes on how much I ate. Like wtf. She admitted she hated having her aunt do this to her growing up and also the aunt telling my mom she'd get fat. It's sick. I thought maybe she mellow out when she got older. Lol, no dice. She's just as cunty but now loves blaming the eLiTeS for all the misery in the world. She fucking watches rumble qtard streamers all day which is just crappy propaganda pushing. These streamers are legit just grifting. Why the fuck would one need to join a locals chat (gotta pay 5 bucks to join) to be more 'inform'? Isn't that what their retarded videos are doing supposedly? They keep moving the goalposts while saying tRuSt ThE pLaN. Literally reminds me of troons because both are insane and love to scream bloody murder and say 'wElL aCtUaLlY'. The only good thing is I am no longer a kid because holy shit I would have killed myself back then if my mother acted this way. I still do want to kill myself ironically. I know this is often said but I really never thought I'd make it pass my teens. Besides my insane mother, I got health issues which are getting worse. I wish I'd just get struck with lightening or something because I'm tired of trying. I've been trying to rise above it all since the beginning. I instead get spat in the eye by life. The only thing keeping me near sanity is writing all my thoughts down in my phone. I never had a diary because I was always too paranoid my mom would find it. My phone has a pin and is always by me so I figure I should be good.

No. 1503286

I love her so much, but the situation is messy. I don't know what I'm gonna do.

No. 1503367

I wish you would hurry up and die already.

No. 1503370

File: 1676728444192.jpeg (889.8 KB, 1170x1426, 408BD4E6-11AE-484F-8C59-217B9D…)

Because nobody’s making a new grimes and elon musk or a celebricows thread I’m just gonna post this here. I can’t find if this has been posted before but I find it really hilarious that she does all this facefagging for some random AGP who committed suicide? Is it just out of sheer woke pressure? and tries as hard as she can to hide the time she called him out for getting into woman face and calling himself a “female producer” (despite obviously being male) from her 14 year old fans lol. Not only that but…he’s dead? If he gets a “grammy” he’s not gonna know about it? And his music was legitimately just the same radio ass Boom Clap shit that was coming out in 2014 for the rest of his career…it’s not like he did anything particularly special. Literally the only reason anyone knows about him is because he was a guy in a dress who killed himself that worked for Charli XCX

No. 1503371

Aside from his music not even being that special or entertaining, I’m 100% sure in order to get producer of the year you have to actually produce music that year so obviously they’re not gonna include some gay guy who died in like 2018? Not sure what she was thinking kek I’m just imagining her and her lisp bringing up this guy at the board meeting for the grammy awards

>We should have thophie! :}

No. 1503373

Will she ever stop capeing for scrotes, let alone dead ones?

Still trying to claw her way back to relevancy and favor with the zoomer enbie fandom by riding the corpse dick of a splattered tranny ‘martyr’.

No. 1503385

This is weird, wasn't she the first person to callout Sophie for pretending to be a female producer while benefiting from male privilege his whole career?

No. 1503437

Male black metal fans are so cringe.

No. 1503439

Deep dish pizza looks disgusting and weird
I can't understand who likes this
Either get a real pizza or a lasagna, not this weird slop that puts the sauce on the cheese and falls apart

No. 1503444

You hate this woman so much you don't realize she is right? Awards are not real, there is a comittee who chooses who should he allowed to be nominated and who should win to benefit themselves. It's the industry, it's a business, it's not real but it exists because crazy people become fanatic for whatever is hot and trendy at the moment and throw their money away at them

No. 1503453

File: 1676738107752.jpg (104.37 KB, 1289x1241, this is who ur hurting.jpg)

i made the mistake of getting back in touch with my ex, upon making this choice i discover the following:

>he has a gf

>he is writing HANDWRITTEN loveletters to his ex
>he claims to never have loved said ex
>he tries to hit on me, despite both above

really pisses me off because now i wonder what sort of humiliating shit he did behind back.

No. 1503457

Reminds me of how I caused awkward and uncomfortable laughter circa 2009 when I said in a US History class how I thought it was wrong to draft women for war cause we have lives and duties. I'm still not sorry.

No. 1503484

KEK nonna I want to be friends

No. 1503558

Are you ok

No. 1503559

Uh why are you in contact with him though

No. 1503642

>im a shotacon fujoshi
What the fuck is this shit? A band? A anime? A tv? I'm so fucking sick of seeing these words, I do not know what they mean. What is it some gross anime with kids in it or something? What the fuck speak english PLEASE. What the fuck I'm not going that shit either. I'm sick of 25 different words and names and phrases bitch just say who you are, what you are.

No. 1503644

oh nonny…. my dear nonny…..
someone who's attracted to anime little boys (male version of lolis)
women who are into BL (boys love, a genre of media focused on romance strictly between men)

basically if someone says they are a shotacon fujoshi, feel free to keep your distance from them lmao

No. 1503662

kek samefag but i just saw her post in the other thread

No. 1503675

In normal language: It means someone is a pedo into cartoon children.

No. 1503856

Emma Chamberlain will never be Alexa Cheung. She couldn't even be alexa cheung Asian skin walker the one that's always mad about shite jamella or what ever.

No. 1503908


No. 1503936

File: 1676774248745.jpeg (126.38 KB, 900x1200, 6y33556890.jpeg)

i'm so tired of hearing about man ass and man holes and man milkers and man titties and puckered assholes and whatever the fuck. i'm straight but all this shit makes me nauseous i can't take it anymore. put men in burkas now.

No. 1503937

Ham Smith,I ranted at my brother for 30 mintues on my hate for him.
He agreed

No. 1504083

File: 1676792075851.jpeg (150.52 KB, 749x750, 9275293B-C1AA-4EF1-9481-0ACB66…)


No. 1504090

Based. I feel like some anons are just gay men at this point because of how they put their weird ass porno pictures without spoiler and shit on any woman that they can. Peak faggot behavior.

No. 1504093

File: 1676792753016.jpg (19.93 KB, 340x315, tumblr_bd03c93cdc2cfbae14fc08c…)

Straight women when other women are into men who aren't pixels on a screen

No. 1504103

>straight men when other women are…
Why did you need to specify straight woman at the start if you're also a straight woman? Kek.

No. 1504111

Nta but what a piss poor gotcha. Do better.

No. 1504119

i don't like it with fictional men either tbh

No. 1504124

actually i'm going to go full schizo mode idc, i think ass obsession is one big psyop pushed by fags. i cannot imagine non-fags talking like this even a decade ago and certainly not long before that. so now women start falling for it just like they did with drag queen slang. i think there's an attempt to normalize coprophilia as well. they're already trying to do it with piss. ok goodnight.

No. 1504141

someone in the past few mtf threads keeps saying "sure, jan!" like they're a 40 year old wine mom on twitter. sometimes there's a gif, sometimes she goes a little crazy and swaps out jan for something else. It's not as bad as the celebricow one but how are the aunties finding lolcow? do nonas really discuss lolcow with the family what is happening

No. 1506317

File: 1677070975752.jpg (55.67 KB, 564x710, 03838c5b3e46afa148a601a5228c48…)

Omggg please just say yes, dammit!!!!!! I don't want a relationship anyway but I just want to make out and cuddle for a bit ugggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh. I mean hello??? Why else did you choose to respond after weeks of no contact? To just text each other every day??????

No. 1506321

my building is permenantly roach infested because its owned by polish slumlords that don't give a fuck about anything. I've already withheld rent over it but they don't care and just threaten to evict me. I do EVERYTHING to keep the roaches away- all my trash cans have lids, I take out my trash daily and never have food waste in my apartment, I've covered every nook and cranny with roach gel and borax, all my food is in airtight containers, I stopped recycling so that there's never any cardboard in my home… and it still doesn't matter. I found a roach INSIDE my fridge today and I wanted to die. INSIDE OF THE FRIDGE. I thought that was supposed to be safe, the one safe place I could keep what little food I have. Now I feel sick to my stomach and I can't eat anything in there without imagining roaches crawling all over it. I'll have to empty out my fridge after work and clean it and toss all my food/put anything salvageable in jars.

I'm so tired of living this way and honestly its triggering my ED bad bc my first impulse is to just stop buying food altogether since it's so hard to keep in my home without attracting pests. I hate hate hate hate my landlord so much, I hope he dies legitimately. He can just fucking rot in hell.

No. 1506322

They’re the tiny roaches, aren’t they?

No. 1506388

I'm pretty sure they're german cockroaches… but yeah, I've been seeing the little ones/babies which is how I know its an infestation. No big ones strangely, but idk if that's a good or a bad sign.

No. 1506390

Fucking nasty, I'm sorry anon. Maybe try contacting local housing authorities if possible

No. 1506396

thanks anon :( I'll look into that. I've been making reports to 311 and they've said they send out anonymous inspectors but they can't tell me when or follow up or anything for legal reasons. I hope that something is going on behind the scenes but it feels like nothing ever changes.(emoticon)

No. 1506405

I’ve been seeing more news outlets be sceptical about trans shit (Washington Post and New York Time) and young people transitioning. I should be happy but all I can think is what took them so long. If you read the new Washington post article you can see interspersed between the paragraphs, all the bootlicking articles they wrote in 2018 about how any attempt at therapy was “gatekeeping” and “conversion.” Why didn’t the journalists do their damn jobs before? All my friends are wokies so they think newspapers are turning on them for no reason. It’s infuriating. Zero curiosity.

No. 1506519

The reason is literally J.K. Rowling. Everything started turning around in 2020 after she went full TERF on main. And for that, you can thank Magdalen Berns. RIP Queen

No. 1508533

i'm not usually squeamish but that was a lot of blood for a time and place there should not be any

No. 1509333

File: 1677367600558.jpg (33.73 KB, 340x372, 4742f01de84e1c1df9b92fca2d3a2d…)

I hate that you've revealed yourself to be just another horny scrote and I hate that I can still smell your scent and that I miss it

No. 1509384

Lady, you had better be a boymom with a tard baby because there is no other way you could possibly be this stupid.

No. 1509441

I don't know if I can ever forgive my parents for all the good dogs they've ruined. They don't train them, make their house into an echoey sensory nightmare, go on vacation constantly sometimes with the dogs and sometimes without them, and then have the audacity to wonder why every dog they adopt becomes anxious angry and ill-tempered after a few years. I dunno, maybe because they're anxious and miserable and have no fucking clue what's expected of them. The only time they encounter boundaries is when I come over for goodness' sake! I don't ever want to hear them call me "The Dog Whisperer" ever fucking again because I'm fucking not. I'm not anything special with dogs, they're just too wrapped up in human goings-on to care about the living creature who shares space with them and whose entire world revolves around them. If I could keep pets in this stupid rental and wasn't too disabled to walk dogs I'd have kidnapped their current one already because he is an anxious old man and getting surly with age and I worry about his emotional health. He needs somewhere quiet and stable to spend his twilight years but my parents are more interested in gallivanting around the world like they're still in their 30s. Makes me see red every time.

No. 1509583

Did Magdalen Berns and JKR interact before?

No. 1509598

They never interacted directly to my knowledge, but JKR's TERF trials began with her liking Magdalen's posts on twitter. It caused a big shitstorm, which Mags thankfully got to see just before she passed. I'm sure other people contributed to JKR's peakening but Mags deserves a lot of credit just for being a bad ass. RIP Queen

No. 1509638

I will never waste my time trying to have a good relationship with someone who has a personality disorder EVER again. I fucked myself over. I try to be kind and give chances but it doesn't work. Have to remember that no one can get better unless they actually want to.

No. 1509675

Mentally ill people and those with personality disorders are the worst partners you can ever be with. It's better to just save yourself the emotional labour.

No. 1509684

I just spent months deprogramming toxic cycles, so spending weeks(?) reprogramming toxic cycles should be even easier

No. 1514117

dude shut the fuck up. your goddamn big ass mouth is constantly bitching about something. you could had finished doing that shit yourself in the time that you took fucken bitching about it

No. 1514140

File: 1677877408413.jpeg (87.01 KB, 750x749, 396E6A30-E16F-4924-B0F3-9F2E0C…)

Oh it grew worse. What will happen next. Oh hell oh fuck almighty this is not going how I wanted it to, all I can do is disengage and let fate drive the bus. hopefully not off a cliff

No. 1514143

File: 1677877813054.png (37.96 KB, 840x720, e871c63d557ac23d0_88fc27e7_128…)

I'm tired of being nice

No. 1514250

File: 1677886948791.jpg (36.08 KB, 736x709, c87eb47798af1b4bf773ebd1e5805d…)


No. 1514271

File: 1677888477912.jpg (107.65 KB, 768x1024, 1597981817600.jpg)

And a warm and enthusiastic "FUCK OFF SCROTE" to you, boss! Threaten me one more time, I dare ya, I can't wait to tell the art director about your stupid fucking shenanigans. You couldn't lead a girl scout troop.

No. 1514599

Destroy him regardless nonna, give him no more chances to be an asshole

No. 1514935

Fuck you, mom. You longer have control over me that's why you're losing your shit. You're an evil BITCH, I fucking HATE YOU!!

No. 1515006

File: 1677973032030.jpeg (42.44 KB, 275x251, 1648255234739.jpeg)

I've cried every day this week That's a new record

No. 1515007

I don't just let anyone into my creative space, I learned from experience. It's sacred to me. Not just anyone can share it with me.

No. 1515013

you're a fucking autistic woman child who will never improve, I am so sick and embarrassed that I thought you had any potential. have fun with your mentally ill echo chamber of twitter autists, I'm out.

No. 1515037

use your fucken brain you fucken retard. the last time you bought 2 dozen croissants half of them went moldy. maybe dont fucken buy that much again. i swear this bitch has no brain. and 4 liters of soda? fucken seriously?

No. 1515070

File: 1677979198367.png (278.18 KB, 1080x750, Screenshot_2021-03-10-16-30-50…)

Leave my comfort zone? What do you think a comfort zone is?! Do you think a GENIE magically grant me my comfort zone when I was born? NO!!! Comfort zone is created. Comfort zone is discovered. Comfort zone is conquered. Comfort zone is a mental and spiritual HOME. A home where I put a warmed blanket for my depression so it can sleep for a while. It's where the baklavas are unlimited I can eat! And I can just not eat! It's the place where I can last longer without thinking about SUICIDE. It's the place where I'm FREE.I am NOT moving for it. It will move with ME! I'll fight to defend my comfort zone! I'm not a good fighter by I don't mind dying for my comfort zone. AAaaaAaaaAH!

No. 1515190

conquer and expand that comfort zone! i am fighting for your fight!

No. 1515272

File: 1678008839771.jpeg (45.14 KB, 749x926, DEE99443-02C3-4175-A712-FCB519…)

If what I’m thinking happens fucking happens I will fucking SNAP

No. 1515277

absolutely agree with you nonnie, fucking hate it when people say “get out of your comfort zone” when i worked damn hard to create it in the first place

No. 1515302

kek you go isfj nonnie

No. 1515342

“You’re actually tolerable as a leftist because you hate Foucault” What am I meant to take away from that? You’re dropping all these hints about past radicalisation and right wing friends, am I meant to dig deeper on that? Are you trying to clear your conscience? Has your partner spilled that I browse farming sites and now I’m the safe person to discuss this with?

No. 1515734

Er…I don't have twitter, I'm not that desperate for creative validation kek.

No. 1515774

Ever since the pandemic and the war, I feel hopeless. I had a few shitty years before that, but I still had hope, the world was okay, I had my hobbies and my lifestyle which I was happy with. I can't stress enough how everything I loved transformed during the pandemic including my international job. I lost a lot of passions… they're sort of meaningless to me now. And after all the lockdowns a freaking war in Ukraine has started, a place where I'm originally from. Ever since then, it feels like all the doors are shutting down and the future looks bleak. Nonnas, I feel like shit. I remembered how happy I was during my university time, how exciting and great everything felt and now it's just a black void. Idk I just want to be happy.

No. 1516742

File: 1678156588858.gif (974.89 KB, 640x424, 1905323568.gif)

gay truthers are getting on my nerves. they won't let women have nothing huh. you do this with literally every man i like no matter how many women he's married or bedded… is there one man who ISN'T gay to you? why cant i have anything huh? why? why won't you let me be happy? can't i daydream a little? why? huh? huh? why. why? why why why. shove your tinfoils up your greasy urethra he is MINE. mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine MINE. die. i just want to fantasize about ONE (1) ONE cute man and you won't let me. die. fuck yourself. please i just want one thing for myself please. please.

No. 1517358

WHYYYY do I have to justify every single little thing I do? Why is everything I do questioned? It's mundane, non-offensive everyday shit, wh can't everyone piss off oh my fucking god just let me do my thing, stop caring, stop asking, you're so incredibly fucking rude and tactless I hope you get fatally hit by a car every single time you're feeling an emotion that's anything close to just a millionth bit of happiness istg

No. 1517706

you're not assertive and standing up for yourself. you're just a controlling narcissistic bitch.

No. 1518155

File: 1678295564006.jpg (23.93 KB, 563x416, 3bd57b218b65a6fdd9cb08c630a813…)

So this is supposed to be it? You've got nothing left to say? You're just going to leave it like this and never speak to me again? Wow. WOW.

No. 1518512

see the problem with your boyfriend is that you keep asking an antisocial lesbian for relationship advice

No. 1518536

Welp after years of using lolcow I finally got bitten in the ass on the vent thread
Seriously crazy puritanical vibes from people who a) don’t know what venting means and b) have no reading comprehension

No. 1518540

That's rough, free speech should be welcome on here.

No. 1518548

hmmmm which nonita are youuu

No. 1518595

You weren't that bad imo. Anons claim they hate men but god forbid you hurt ones feelings or cheat one one (which you did not even do)

No. 1518706

the coffee date anon? but everyone was agreeing with her in the latest/most recent post

No. 1518713

File: 1678332510524.jpg (45.17 KB, 339x509, congrats.jpg)

It's a rite of passage

No. 1518879

File: 1678350927732.png (815.99 KB, 957x776, 555pd4.png)

I am a spineless moron with way too much patience for obnoxious men.

No. 1519000

I think this is the anon who was talking about finding someone else attractive whilst being in a relationship, everyone reacted like she was the biggest whore in the world when it’s literally fine?

No. 1519555

File: 1678403368752.jpg (31.42 KB, 563x510, af483807c6cf0308875373cbc1d46d…)

Men are so fucking foul. I don't see other women as competition. You put me on a pedestal for not putting out yet you try to make me jealous with promiscuous women that you only see as a warm hole to fuck and berate. You're a sex pest and delusional if you think trying to make me jealous is going to get a rise out of me. I pity you for being so pathetic and I pity the next woman who'll waste time on you, trying to heal your wounds from your last relationship while you're busy jerking off to porn and being emotionally distant. I hope you fuck up all of your future relationships and I hope that other women see your red flags from a mile away.

No. 1519568

wasn't that the coffee date anon? I just read the whole thread and can't remember another one who's attracted to someone else (but it's also late). my personal opinion is that it's a normal thing to happen, especially in a long relationship that has ups and downs. you can't influence it, only if you act on it and cheat on the person. I don't get this black and white thinking, it just sounds naive.

No. 1519990

File: 1678456568170.jpg (13.22 KB, 248x218, e05.jpg)

It's alright, some nona on the terf memes thread said i'm a moid just because i posted a boring meme that i send to translesbian moids.
She didn't even give me a replacement, if i send them anything else from that thread i would be hunted down.

No. 1520014

this one?
probably because a couple of normal flags were included

No. 1520033

Yeah but it's all good, i get why others might not like it, i didn't plan to edit it after all and i only use it against men anyway.

No. 1520051

watching one of my friends replace her binge eating disorder with restrictive eating is low key driving me insane

No. 1520088

Tell me her secrets I want to do the same

No. 1520155

wannabe ana

No. 1520908

get into a shitty relationship with a moid who makes you insecure, become obsessed with nutrition influencers and recognize that one thing you could feel any control over is the amount of food you shovel into your gullet

No. 1521336

You hurt my feelings. Am I not enough to be considered another person? Everything I say or do gets attributed to other people. When someone else tells my jokes they are funnier. When someone else uses my phrases they are more fitting. All your compliments are so backhanded, I can't tell if you're even trying to be nice to me. You always overlook me. Other people are always more interesting, more talented, more real. Sorry for being like a brick wall. I can't help it. Whenever I get close to being comfortable around you you bring something up that I'm not included it and it makes me retract back into my shell. I just don't feel like I'm part of your group at all. Why am I even there. I don't know if I even want to be friends with you. You don't care what time I'm available or maybe it's on purpose because you don't want me to be around. You don't care about what I like. You don't care to remember me. It wouldn't matter to you if I never spoke again. Everyone has other friends too, I'm sorry I'm the only idiot who can't find anyone. But being with you makes me feel lonelier than if I was actually alone. Have fun without me, you never thought of me anyway.

No. 1521689

50k+ for a funeral is fucken stupid. if i die and you decide to do a traditional funeral and you go into debt, i don't give a fuck because thats on you. i don't give a shit about it being religion because i don't believe in that anyway.

No. 1521869

Cops are pigs! Cops are fucking pigs! Bootlickers go to hell, you have no idea what it's like to live with my idiot savant brain and make cops hate you by literally existing that you'd rather run away from one than ever deal with them! It's in your body language that makes them hate you! I hate the institution of the police and their misogynistic and idiotic attitudes towards mentally shattered women who are just trying to live their lives carefree and then they'll harass you on the street for waving your hand the wrong way. Fucking pigs

No. 1521948

I've been in that situation too, and it's most likely coming from a feeling of insecurity. Go find what that insecurity is and destroy the fucker.

No. 1523766

Dear Celebricow Anon(s),
Just take a mintue. Turn off the cap locks, no listen, before you write a sentence and hit the enter bar twice, how about…you think.
I'm happy you learned to greentext, thats nice but you don't have to do that everytime you post. I know typing words in all caps shows your passion for what you are saying, I know. However, it never matches the context.
Also, lets talk the "milk". Every single article you find on the sidebar of Daily Mail doesn't need to be talked about. If it is…maybe add some commentary? I know you are use to twitter, facebook, maybe even comment sections to lessor known gossip site. Thats not lolcow though.
Maybe you've had too many glasses of wine, or you saw lolcow on a tiktok. Or maybe you were searching the internet for "tea' on your favorite celebrity and you came across lolcow. You clearly like it here. Maybe you should learn the culture.
I wish you the best,

No. 1523772

Post this in celebricows, I don't think trump-chan reads any thread but that one

No. 1523812

Brendan Fraser absolutely deserves awards for The Whale. Fuck everyone who disagrees. His performance was authentic, and just because he was only morbidly obese before and not deathfat does not negate his own experiences that prepared him for this award. What, people are mad because hes slimming down? Because he is getting healthier and not larger?
If he was wearing a “costume” then absolutely every trans fuck out there is costuming the experience as a woman. But no. Thats not a problem, of course not. No one wants to argue the validity of women’s existence anymore.

No. 1527981

For the love of god can nonnas on here please stop referring to their boyfriends or husbands as "my moid" and "my scrote". Fucking break up with the idiot if you think that low of him. It's like you want to have your cake and eat it too by using words you think will magically put you in the "cool manhater" category while still maintaining a relationship with someone who's probably as lame and shitty as you are.

No. 1527987

>It's like you want to have your cake and eat it too
That's literally what they do. Nonnies are kind of hypocritical, don't believe 99% of the based pinkpill manhater girlboss posts you read.

No. 1527988

It's very annoying to me too, just say boyfriend/husband. If you're intimate with him, sharing your life with him, giving him time, stuff like that, you obviously are at least a little fond of him. It's such a minor thing but it annoys me too. Same with 'my nigel', because it kind of defeats the whole purpose of the term. But again, it's such a minor thing so I don't care that much, as long as they're happy with the men they've chosen to be with.

No. 1527999

File: 1679229145299.jpeg (45.49 KB, 640x960, 70F557BD-D261-43F0-A526-46038E…)

I’m so happy that the dark thick eyebrow trend is dying off, I’m tired of bushy brow women and their “hehe at least we don’t have to draw our eyebrows on” pick me shit that they’ve been saying since 2015

No. 1528005

>hehe at least we don’t have to draw our eyebrows on” pick me shit
How is being happy you don't feel socially obligated to draw even more on your face pick me shit

No. 1528008

because anon thinks everything a woman does is for male attention

No. 1528012

File: 1679230486467.jpeg (85.72 KB, 828x1216, 9BBA1820-2AA6-4D56-9936-EE9EA8…)

stop playing stupid kek

No. 1528013

They said this because thin-eyebrow white women spent the entire early 2000s calling them ugly and manly for having their own brows. Don't flip the script now, kek.

No. 1528014

>m-maybe if I make a false story in my head and tell it enough, it will become the truth and then I can use it to put down other women hehe
don’t care, didn’t ask, bushy brows aren’t the standard anymore.

No. 1528015

>N-No it's false!
I'm not even one of those women, I just remember. Keep insisting every other woman has been cruel besides yourself, and don't forget to beg moids to make you "the standard" after this season's done and you get replaced again. Yawn.

No. 1528018

>bushy brows aren’t the standard anymore
Thank god, being off-standard really helps my personal self identity as a filthy hipster. I hate it when my personal style trends with the mainstream. But I’m not a fake ass phony so I’m not willing to change my personal style just because it is, unfortunately, trending at any given point in time. I hope nasty spray tans come back in style so I can be unique for being grotesquely pale once more.

No. 1528019

Based and browpilled

No. 1528170

>thin-eyebrow white women spent the entire early 2000s
You know how many middle aged white women barely have any eyebrows left because they plucked them all their youth kek

No. 1528260

File: 1679252858954.jpg (56.95 KB, 564x667, e63dd5f175b2c369a7a1508f72394f…)

Every year Mother's Day comes around and every time I get jealous of other girls and women who have good, productive and overall nice mothers. I think of you, and the many horrible things you did to me, and all of the times I naturally tried to defend myself and you just painted me out to be the evil daughter. I think of being a child and being unable to dress how I wanted to because you thought it was necessary to make your stupid little comments about my appearance. I think of when I first started growing body hair and you told me to shave it all off immediately and showed me how to wake up extra early for school to put on a full face of makeup and do my hair when I was only 12/13. I think of all the small comments you made about my appearance - you're too thin, you have gained weight, your hair looks stupid in that style, you will end up just like me one day you were the catalyst for my body dysmorphia and why I struggle so much with my image. You didn't let me have the chance to just figure things out on my own.
I remember every time I said no to you, and you would act like I just threatened your life. The time I said I couldn't take you shopping, and you literally kicked me out and I was the one who had to come grovelling back because I had nowhere else to go. I remember every time I told you a secret because I thought you could keep them only to find out that half of the family knew about the secret a few days later. Nothing was private. I remember when you would randomly search my room and give my belongings to other family members without even asking me first, and then get mad when I tried to stand up for myself. I remember when I told you I was sexually assaulted, and you shrugged over your ironing and said "happened to me too" and then walked out the room. No comfort, no asking me how I was doing, nothing. I remember when you'd shout at me in public when I'd have to whisper to stand up for myself - you shouted purely to embarrass me and make me look like a fool. I remember when you even fooled my brothers into thinking that I was the nasty, cold-hearted stroppy teenage girl when in reality it was you who was emotionally abusing me all along. And don't forget, I still remember being 4 years old and seeing you bring strange men home - you didn't give a shit about my physical safety then, because it was just us two, and you cared more about male validation than the safety of your daughter. You have only ever cared about me as an extension of yourself, and not me as a full person with hopes and dreams. And on this Mother's Day, I can only wish you leave this earth soon so I can finally move on from all the shit you caused me to go through.

No. 1528266

File: 1679253618239.jpg (5.33 KB, 235x181, cf82aeb49e58972ac85f2b958acf2e…)

I get it, like If my mother died tomorrow I wouldn't celebrate but I wouldn't be sad either and I know that's not normal but she only has self to blame for that

No. 1528267

Yeah, that was the style then. Thick brows = "reeee bushy ugly caveman beast woman shave your brows haha buy some tweezers". Sucks to be them now, I guess.

No. 1528288

My sister negs me for the smallest shit at the most random times, just criticizes me out of left field fucking nowhere. My eyebrows look weird, my skin looks horrible, etc etc I never comment on her appearance I barely even talk to her at all, and even if I did decide to stand up for myself it's never even worth it because then she immediately gets super defensive flies into a rage and starts yelling in my face. I hate conflict and would rather avoid it entirely to save myself the trouble so I settle for cursing her out in my head instead, it helps too to remember that she already has a dumpster fire hell of a life being disgustingly morbidly obese my line of thought being well she's already a fat fuck surely that's punishment enough I don't need to rub it in her face (this time) KEKKKK. Weirdly enough she also loves to hate on Amberlynn Reid for lying about losing weight when she's basically in the same boat as her, it's pretty rich. No I'm not a skelly-chan

No. 1528301


No. 1528302

>>1528301 samefag woo that felt good

No. 1528461

File: 1679267511742.jpeg (143.54 KB, 736x785, 9A02F29D-B600-43A3-A376-154254…)

I’m tempted to go on myproana, which I’ve never been on, and post pics of myself in my underwear and have them call me disgusting. I’m like a size 10 borderline size 12, 28 inch waist 34 inch hip 35 inch bust, 9 stone 8 pounds. I know they will call me a fat pig. Normal people wouldn’t, but they would. I want them to. I even want to post videos of myself eating large amounts of fatty foods, burger pizza cake whatever and have them call me disgusting and tell me to starve and give me tips on how to starve. I believe it will be good for me and will help me get thinner.

No. 1528631

File: 1679280147175.jpg (45.4 KB, 559x463, 1669294692946.jpg)

Bro you literally cheat on your wife and oogle at teenagers LMAO Don't come at me with your crybaby bullshit

No. 1528639

this is so retarded because her brows are clearly drawn on lmao, why are they such hypocrites

No. 1528668

I love how your hard is so far up your own ass that you don't even recognize when you sound creepy

No. 1528681

you're ugly, rude, a terrible coworker, egotistical, incapable, and petty. hope the co-owner fires you in the mass firing.

No. 1528738

God I love watching you pretend to be cool and aloof like you didn't beg a guy thats barely an adult and almost a decade younger than you to follow a woman around a Walmart a few months ago. You are one of the most disgustingly parasocial people alive. Why even bother trying to posture as anything other than that.

No. 1529347

File: 1679363956320.jpg (25.83 KB, 663x616, KEK2.jpg)

You hate sexual shit and hate it when people sexulize cartoon but here you are supporting trannies and calling lesbians creepy for liking vagina. Fuck right off

No. 1529396

When you stop talking to narcissists and they go "scorched earth" mode and try to sink your image, one thing that has always pissed me off is how they try to turn other people not related to the falling out against you. Just to feel satisfied that they make you socially suffer in some way.
They'll pretend like you "talked shit" about their exes or their friends when in reality the narcissist was always the one bringing them up and so god forbid you validated their feelings and agreed to what they were saying based on the fucking stories they were telling.
Why does anyone fall for this? Can no one see right through this childish shit?!

No. 1529848

how the fuck are you going to get all pissy at me that i didnt respond when you didnt even say my name correctly. damn bitch.

No. 1529870

you are 30+ years old. you going by 'any prounouns' now because all your young, barely mid twenties retard friends are is so transparent and disappointing. feminism isn't about "equality" either. why don't you see how stupid it is to think the female-led movement MUST be inherently egalitarian? god damn it

and you. "woohoo please don't assume i'm straight ^__^" you are dating a MAN. you've only ever dated MEN. how the fuck am i supposed to know you're actually a bisexual. oh and of course you're going by she/he now. i'm exhausted(^__^)

No. 1529902

File: 1679432274758.gif (216.52 KB, 300x168, korilakkuma.gif)

i hate that all of you lied to me and then decide to push me away when i no longer was entertaining for you. i hate how you guys did not care about my feelings. hope karma gets all of you

No. 1529918

No one would respect you if they knew about the company you keep. You're hypocritical and fake and everyone is so much more pleasant when you're not there to be so negative all of the time. Failure to thrive mooch.

No. 1529949

when i met my old roommate she was a shy, funny, artistic and witty cute awkward girl. she went to art school and naturally went nonbinary. this went on for years and i was sure she would grow out of it because she's obviously very straight…but instead she doubled down once it became obvious that being NB is just spicy female. she's been on testosterone for a year or more, has grown a hideous mustache and beard, and is making plans to remove her tits. she, 5 feet tall and not much over 100 lbs, is now dating a huge shovel headed troon. when she posts pics on the gram of them i howl with laughter at the contrast. but i also feel forced to "like" or ill be exposed as cryptoterf. if i ever visit my old town im not going to tell her. i simply couldnt be in the same room as her, her new pubestache, and her linebacker in a dress.

No. 1529985

What is it about art school?

No. 1530146

Your absolute inability to detach yourself from me like the entitled little parasite you are because you cannot imagine a life where you don't get to force your way into every single aspect of mine. What a sad existence. Larping as aloof while being this obsessive and fixated.

No. 1530210

File: 1679462547614.png (58.92 KB, 275x203, DBD46E45-7C4C-4CDE-B957-BCAA45…)

It’s been 5 months and I still miss you. Please come back.

No. 1530212

I feel this too except in my case they are never coming back.

No. 1530213

I don’t think mine is coming back either. He said I was amazing and special but he was too scared for a real relationship. He gets to go fuck a bunch of girls while I’m at home miserable.

No. 1530216

He sounds like a whore
You're probably better off without him, less risk of stds and dealing with a maladaptive personality

No. 1530219

Okay so you're amazing and special so why are you crying over a whore man? He aint shit

No. 1530224

Your "career as a content creator" is never going to take off, stop leaching off of your parents and get a real job. You have a loving family and so many friends and all you care about is cooming and your stream. I'm so glad I dumped you.

No. 1530896

You talk so much

No. 1530901

I like you and I want to be friends, but you woke me up Sunday noon and talked an hour and a half about your urinary problems. Wtf

No. 1530906

That gleeful excitement and pleasure you get from being a parasite… could you even try to disguise how pathetic you are please

No. 1530907

Lmao this sounds like some pathetic ass moid
Good for you nona

No. 1530917

Love how you truly believe that if you just push yourself harder you're somehow absolved from abusing a woman so closely for so long. You genuinely have convinced yourself that more stalking will somehow solve the problem you have created. You really view yourself as some sort of main character impermeable from consequence.

No. 1530956

Your reaction to that was the same old cluster b bullshit. You are empty

No. 1531207

You are not reasonable or rational, you all but told me "I am a walking red flag" and are surprised that I didn't want to engage further

No. 1531218

No I’m sorry I am gleeful and excited to be a parasite it’s the best life

No. 1531478

File: 1679602225925.jpg (160.88 KB, 1024x768, Desert.jpg)

You watched and criticized while our friends trapped themselves in shitty, toxic relationships with worthless and aggressive moids, yet here you are doing the exact same thing. You even watched it happen to your mom. Your internalized misogyny has turned you into a pathetic, perma depressed wannabe metal head (to appeal to your gross old metal head moid). I'm done trying to help you, I've wasted so many years. Help yourself once, then we'll talk.

No. 1531750

I wish I can undo every damage that I had done to you

No. 1531768

stop looking at my browsing history if it isn't gonna teach you anything

No. 1531778

File: 1679631234748.jpeg (65.37 KB, 1078x787, D855C1CD-8E41-491D-A922-12AA68…)


No. 1531996

My friend's sister is a single mother who postponed her mortgage for two years and took up a loan to pay for boob implants and everyone's praising her and encouraging her for "working on her insecurities" after her boobs were deflated as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding. I hate that this is what it has come to. Working on your insecurities is now getting yourself into debt rather than work on your mindset about your own body.

No. 1532372

File: 1679714365262.jpg (39.04 KB, 720x404, Screenshot_20230324-231735_Duc…)

When the subject of your vent uses the exact same language in your post calling them a stalker less than 24 hours after said post

No. 1532375

I wish moids went into debt to get unnecessary cosmetic procedures and everyone praised them and said it was empowering

No. 1532397

Nta but tbf trannies exist.

No. 1532480


No. 1532483


No. 1532508

What’s the moisture percent in the air in your home? Mine are super chapped in the winter months due to dry air, I have to use a humidifier and slather my lips in lip balm every night before sleeping

No. 1532511

A win for consumerism!

No. 1532570

Or iron deficiency

I have no idea how to check that, but the weather has been abominable lately

No. 1532775

I'm so tired of sexualized violence in every fucking piece of media I see. I'm so tired of male directors thinking they can show a woman having her legs cut off in a gruesome manner while the main focus is on her jiggly boobs while pretending it's okay because "hey, she got revenge on the rapists in the end, why are you mad lol". I'M SO SICK OF IT. I watched a bunch of episodes of Love, Death and Robots today with some friends and I had to leave the room because I got so upset with all the unnecessary, edgy nudity. Fuck all of them sincerely to hell.

No. 1532782

I’d really love a bff where we kill moids together and help eachother get rid of bodies etc

No. 1532783

File: 1679773527317.jpg (49.58 KB, 736x897, c8f964a4af4dfa52c4f72d70577fee…)

cool cool cool. yeah everything's alright. everything is fine. great, things are great.

No. 1532795

Better to cry than bottle up!

No. 1532810

You're right nonny. I just wish I wouldn't feel so much sometimes.

No. 1532975

I understand exactly how you feel

No. 1533478

File: 1679858214011.gif (696.6 KB, 220x173, awws.gif)

Pinterest has deleted all my boards that I made for my aunt (she's pregnant with a baby girl) because men were being paedophiles & searching up photos of little girls & saving them into their sick boards. The word 'girl' and 'girls' is completely banned now. Love how women have very little time to have one space of their own before they ruin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1533483

Why am I not in a better place? In my own little house, with my little garden, with my dog, with my things around me. Why am I not there? Am I undeserving of it? I suffered so much, am I not worthy of having a peaceful life? Or am I just ungrateful? I just want things to go well and to not feel like a worthless, stupid and lonely piece of shit every day, and I don't want to feel like everything is about to go to shit constantly. I want to feel nice.

No. 1533511

Would it work if you made it a private folder shared with just your aunt?

No. 1534112

My chest hurts and I'm tired. I still miss you. Please come back.

No. 1534118

Cops/ the legal system are so shit. A man literally shot someone 2 days ago and I saw him at walmart. He's just walking around. And it wasn't in self defense, just drug beef. And a high school teacher got caught molesting students and others as young as a 5 year old. He's only in jail for 6 years. The cops can't do anything for victims of actual abuse or anything, they just tell you they don't believe you or they done have proof or conviction to open up a case. There was a myriad if times I called the cops on my stepdad who was violent and they would just chuckle with him and tell me to stop wasting their time.

No. 1534181

well the problem is that since the boards got deleted she lost all the pictures, also for some reason you cant really save pics off pinterest (or mayb im just retarded kek)

No. 1534394

File: 1679952797784.jpg (35.39 KB, 750x452, FraFf2NaUAAb0bx.jpg)

I noticed I keep going through the mental hubris of whether I just want to be open about all my opinions on the internet or curate a perfectly liked non-political character.

Mind you, my political opinions are incredibly mild but I believe that anyone who touches political topics instantly becomes tainted on the internet and unpleasant. For example: Linus tech tips guy spoke up about the Hasan Piker being racist controversy and everyone hated seeing that because he's just a techbro (and he was defending the little incel bitch).

No. 1534486

Kek wait so that’s why Linus got hacked? He was defending Hassan? Good. And he was taken down by a shitty phish fucking LMAO

No. 1534587

>Linus tech tips guy spoke up about the Hasan Piker being racist controversy and everyone hated seeing that because he's just a techbro (and he was defending the little incel bitch).
What happened?

No. 1534592

Almost 40 fucking years old and so laughably pathetic and desperate for their attention and approval

No. 1534651

It's unrelated to the hacking incident, but he said cracker isn't a serious insult and got dogpiled by his fanbase. I can't even remember when this controversy happened. He has also spoken about dating outside your race before which just sounded super awkward.

No. 1534684

I don't even like Hasan but only retards think cracker is a serious insult

No. 1534752

Never felt insulted by it, but Hasan getting banned for it was deserved because he also used "shitskin" in the past.

No. 1534753

Never felt insulted by it, but Hasan getting banned for it was deserved because he also used "shitskin" in the past.

No. 1534817

I feel quite sad right now. Just had to bury a bird and I feel such a strong kinship with birds I just couldn’t help myself but cry. It was just a wild one I randomly found dead but still. Dang

No. 1534840

File: 1680011202406.jpg (28.11 KB, 500x250, tumblr_inline_oll4brsPPL1qgl6q…)

Dear god, I am asking for ONE day without diarrhea. Literally just one, hell even 1 hour. Please.
Love, your favorite nonny

No. 1535413

youre so fucken "busy" that you couldnt look at the label for a minute to see if its correct then bitch at them they need to finish putting the labels on so you can take it to the meeting. theyre fucken asking you to verify that its correct before they put that shit on. i swear people like to act busy. you were just wiping down the table only, not that fucken important.

No. 1535441

Why the fuck are you burying random ass birds. Go back inside.

No. 1535453

i will pray for you, diarrhea sucks i had it for one whole week because of norovirus and felt so weak. drink lots of liquids and soft foods and get plenty of rest

No. 1535603

nta but i buried a baby snake once and made a little cross out of twigs kek. it was on the way home from high school right next to all of all my classmates walking home, no one mentioned it though.

No. 1535618

Probably because I didn’t want to see a rotting corpse like right outside my house damn

No. 1535648

Don't sweat what she says. Me and my friends do the same and it's worse to just have to dispose of the bird. It's respectful of the bird and of animals in general to bury it to give it some dignity and attempt to give peace to an unfortunately upsetting and traumatic situation

No. 1535682

I believe it's time for me to go
I feel guilty for leaving my husband and my loved ones but I just can't do this anymore
I'm done
I think I'll get a life insurance and get in car crash so at least I'll be doing something good

No. 1535727

Thank you girl. I really appreciate it. I did briefly consider disposing of it in the trash because it was at midnight and I didn’t want to go out in the forest in the dark alone but I don’t think I would forgive myself if I did that

No. 1535811

Lmao do you actually think you forcing yourself to talk to me and in a manner that implies you believe what you did wasn't wrong is you taking the high road? Bitch you're lucky I didn't tell everyone what a sleazy little shit you really are. Now stop it, it's pathetic!!!

No. 1535835

I've finally figured that the two of us can't coexist in this world without strife. we're quite literally energy vampires living rent free in one another's heads. In order to live a fulfilling life you or I needs to depart the earth and salt it with spirit.

pretending you didn't do this, denial and deflection brings no solace. you ruined a woman's once healthy friendships, mind, and body with your manipulation. whether you like it or not that's the case. I wish you'd just admit what you did, but I'm not the first one am I? you've denied every single other person the solace, so now I ask how many others have wanted to kill themselves or hurt themselves because of you? how many have succeeded? and do you fucking care about anyone besides yourself for a spare minute to realize how grotesque it is that you would drive someone to that?

No. 1535838

I once got the news that my grandmother passed while I was at my girlfriend's (now wife) house and a dead bird was found outside her drive way. It just set my emotions off and cried so much seeing that poor bird. I have buried a few dead birds (one crashed into my window a few months ago). Just make sure to use gloves for parasites. I think it's sweet to bury dead birds. I sadly find a lot of sparrows from time to time.

No. 1535843


I do the same nonnies. They deserve dignity in death, not to be picked up by a random animal or thrown away.

No. 1536317

File: 1680132490859.gif (795.78 KB, 245x245, tumblr_n184uwIfiq1sno1suo2_250…)

Idk where to post this, as this is just chaotic rambling, but I was watching some movies with young Audrey Hepburn and I honeslty think she was the most beautiful girl ever put on camera, definitely the most beautiful of Hollywood actresses, also notice just how amazing she looked in her old years, without any surgery. Not saggy like most older people, she was blessed with some great bone structure. Everything about her face was perfect imo, her cheek bones, nose, eyes, face shape, her lips that looked so full even when she smiled widely, her teeth (I'm generally jealous of people with wide palate, when they smile it looks like their mouth is "full" of teeth and those smiles are big, wide and pretty and make their cheek bones pop, meanwhile I have crowded and quite small teeth and you can see that especially when I smile, I hate smiling and I will never have a pretty smile). I loved her style too. I'm a different type and even if I wore hairstyles, make up and clothes similar to hers it wouldn't look as a good on me, I think it just wouldn't fit me because it looks the best on gamines. I wish I was a gamine tbh, it's just that most of the things I like look only great on gamines, and the things that supposedly look good on me are nor aesthetically pleasing to my eyes nor comfortable. I was never into femininw stuff and I never wore make up, now I got a little more interested and I have more money and time than I had as a kid so I wanted to see how certain things look on me and how does it work, as this is a completely different world to me, and it's disappointing to see that the things I actually like don't seem to fit me. I just wish I was as pretty as Audrey anons. I feel like this is my delayed development kicking in, I'm an autist and I became interested in certain things much later than neurotypical people, stuff like grooming myself or sex and dating, or taking care of my own formalities, it only started recently and I'm in my mid 20s. The sphere of looks, friendships or dating just didn't exist to me, I was a mental 13 year old only interested in fiction and science and nothing else, I don't know how to deal with those feelings

No. 1536353

I understand you. I've been comparing myself to more beautiful woman all my life and wishing I could look like them. Even my own mother who's a former model and my sister is the one who inherited all her looks and body. My god. Life isn't fair

>want to be doe eyed sharp beautiful strong looking woman with petite slim long bone structure

>have disgusting putty soulless sunken eyed perma resting bitch babyface with disgusting doughy body and shit proportions

I just learn to embrace being ugly and don't care what people say. I pretend I don't. Conforming to trends and getting surgery under 30 is fucking ridiculous, if someone can't accept me as a ratty looking Wednesday Addams swamp witch they don't deserve me

But do I wish I was born pretty? Or at least would be considered prettier or less ugly in a different era if I weren't born in this one? Yes. Every single day of my life because my sister and mother live theirs on easy mode

No. 1536354

Minus the dramatic verbiage this resonates. Some people really do not care how badly they hurt others.

No. 1536363

my brother's friend stopped by our house the other day and i was kind of shocked because…he was, like, really hot.
anyway. i never looked at him that way b4. he definitely had an undeniable glow up

No. 1536364

I'm a drama queen, what can I say

I'm usually not very resentful but when I feel like someone's stabbed my heart, removed and cut the artery, it's lofty

No. 1536372

Dunno where to post this, but why do I get banned or accused of being a ~scrote~ if I disagree with or talk shit on sex workers? I thought most on this site weren't very fond of sex work in general? Yet I barely make a comment and get banned or put out to pasture and accused of being a scrote any time I make one tiny comment against sex work..

No. 1536375

You could never love me in the way that I love you. It's not in your nature, which is why I should be the pragmatic one and keep these things noted. As you compartmentalize this and that, I'll never forget it. However, I won't curse myself to stay morose by dwelling on the ineptitude of your very being. There will never be a perfect person for me, so I'd like to stay mindful of the happy moments at the very least. I'd like to be hopeful, despite my bitter start.

No. 1536377

Idk, are you posting in threads filled with more onlyfans chicks than other threads? If you’re posting in any streamer thot or OF girl thread it’s definitely swarmed with other women who are in the same business and whose interest is because they’re comparing themselves. Meanwhile a lot of other threads attract the more feminist users, any thread with a more feminist or moid hating topic has more posters who hate porn.

No. 1536388

This is definitely the wrong thread, but are you criticizing sex work as an industry or are you just calling women in sex work 'stupid disgusting whores' or something demeaning like that? If it's the latter, that's why you're getting called a scrote.

No. 1536389

my best friend recently made friends with a girl who's very religious, not a feminist/believes men are facing "inequality and discrimination" bc of it, and is a handmaiden for her boyfriend who sounds like a disgusting scrote and…i dont want to go to her apartment anymore. now this new friend is texting me about not knowing what to get my best friend for her birthday and that we can share a gift to give to her; i also dont want to do that. some might think it's pettiness or jealousy but she's a pick me who can't joke about all men bc suddenly she has a phd in gender equality, doesn't realize not even her own bf would come to her defense the way she does for the whole male gender

No. 1536391

oops didn't finish. but im just kind of side eyeing my best friend about it. like i know all of your friends don't have to share all the same opinions and it's good to make a broad range of friends but girl…
and my bsf IS a feminist which is what gets me

No. 1536392


Thanks for letting me know! I won't post here about it again but no I wasn't saying anything like that, I responded to a post about a former pornstar getting humiliated in public and just said I thought it was funny and didn't feel bad for her, got called a scrote and banned

No. 1536412

Kek this is exactly like a situation of mine too. The whole very religious, constantly caping for men being poor blameless victims, and unequivocally defending her scrote who is a complete and open porn addict despite her saying that porn is evil and being horny is evil and pathetic. I guess just try to stonewall the religious girl as much as possible and be dry with your responses, respond slow and leave a bunch on read, and avoid her as much as humanly possible to only see your best friend without her.

No. 1536477

Don't do it nona. It gets better.

No. 1536525

am I schizo? nonnies i need help i dont know if anyone else has been through this or if this is even the right thread but whenever i lie down and try to sleep it feels like spirits or ghosts are molesting me? i can feel someone’s touch on my thighs and sometimes they penetrate me too and i hate it it feels so disgusting. it feels so real too and i can never get it to stop. the only way they stop is if i get out of bed or kick my legs and scream fuck off. ive never told anyone this and im genuinely scared it feels so disgusting and idk what to do

No. 1536531

anon… that sounds terrifying. No it's not normal but I don't know if it's schizophrenia. Do you have any other symptoms or is this the only thing?

No. 1536539

File: 1680164697181.jpg (83.33 KB, 1280x720, unnamed.jpg)

bitch you're fucking insane and all bitches like you who worship literally pixels on a screen are fucking insane as well, I'd even say all of you share the same disgusting traits as each other, and then dare say shit like I am the bad one here? literally what's your fucking problem? your "uwu"isms and fake maturity will kill you in the long run, good riddance immature delusional bitch

No. 1536578

kinda sounds like recurring nightmares or sleep paralysis

No. 1536599

I blame men that women have to resort to this

No. 1536713

worshipping pixels is fun

No. 1536746

what happened with the rule of "don't reply to other's posts"? legit asking.

No. 1536754

File: 1680188512852.jpg (65.8 KB, 672x504, tumblr_px6hbreX0S1r4fir8o1_128…)

Thanks for letting me know it's a pointless cause. I hope everyone sees how rancid and immature you are. You do honestly deserve the worst.

No. 1536756

She looks like Ariana Grande here.

No. 1536813

You're blind.

No. 1536962

Even if there's some resemblance, ariana had plastic surgery, while audrey was 100% actual beauty

No. 1537043

Uhh I was told to relay the message "you are the most pathetic person in this entire situation by principle alone. This has been your only way to make friends or have any sort of access to men younger than you so you've been so gleeful about it but at the root of it, you are a middle aged incel with a two decade long history of being a cringe pathological liar that loves racial slurs and views them as drag queen men. Your only connection to them at this point makes you feel like you are one of them, but they only tolerate you because they are forced to. In this case, you really are just a nuisance kept on hand because they have to now. You have revamped your entire personality to fit around them and appearing similar to them in order to appeal, but no one has forgotten that your true personality has been what you now pretend was trolling. You're an embarrassment and predator in multiple ways that several people are aware of, you're an incel, and on the inside you are still that 300 lb boy that is using this little fantasy to feel accepted after being bullied your entire life. Theyre going to sigh in relief when they finally get to shrug you off and stop pretending that you aren't like every other nasty creep molding your entire personality around them because you have nothing else in life. You would have no friends otherwise, you have based your entire life around this. Truly pathetic and sad. It's fine because you are going to spend the remainder of your life in a saw trap that you helped design. When you finally an hero I will be laughing and you deserve it. Sorry your dick is the circumference if a small icecream cone and that your unwarranted arrogance only aids you in 2D-the only place you have ever and will ever accomplish anything." Whatever that means idk don't get mad at the messenger

No. 1537111

You sit around in a dissociative drug haze every day fantasizing about someone rescuing you from the problems that you've caused for yourself. I'm not like you, I will work hard and improve myself. In 10 years I'll be successful and you'll be either dead or the same navel-gazing druggie you are now, wallowing in your pity like always. Good fucking riddance.

No. 1537188

What did she do to you

No. 1537189

nta but why the fuck do everyone in these threads want to know what other anons are going through? This is a thread where others aren't supposed to reply.

No. 1537198

Nosy ass bitch

No. 1537200

but you replied to her post

No. 1537211

anon you're retarded.

No. 1537239

My ex didn't love me either, it was just infatuation.

No. 1537362

>This is a thread where others aren't supposed to reply
The fuck. It doesn't say anything like that in the op post.

No. 1537364

you probably deserved what she did to you

No. 1537367

It said in all the previous OPs
>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 1537758

I have a thread where nobody can reply to my vents it's called a journal

No. 1538060

That's not the point anon. Threads have rules, just accept you're a newfag and go.

No. 1538078

i know exactly who this is about. based.

No. 1538081


No. 1538108

how could it be? genuinely asking

No. 1538115

>bitch you're fucking insane and all bitches like you who worship literally pixels on a screen are fucking insane as well, I'd even say all of you share the same disgusting traits as each other, and then dare say shit like I am the bad one here? literally what's your fucking problem? your "uwu"isms and fake maturity will kill you in the long run, good riddance immature delusional bitch

No. 1538119

Greentexting an entire post is ultra-retarded

No. 1538122

The bait was too good I couldn't resist.

No. 1538124

idk I'm just guessing. i wish that anon would spill.

No. 1538224

I wish I could have been a better and stronger person for you

No. 1538256

Sorry nonnas but no, it's not anyone from this website. It's someone I know from IRL who tried to fuck me over.

No. 1538259

I am still into you.
The fact that I still have these feelings for you proves that I'm human. I think it's kind of funny. I know I'd tell you that I don't feel human, when will I feel like a real person, when am I going to feel real, etc. Now that you've gone and we've grown apart I'm faced with the undeniable fact that I'm a regular person like anybody else.
When the feelings for you flare up it's like I'm looking in on someone else. I observe them more than I truly feel them. I think that's why I haven't gotten over it yet. Because I haven't let myself really feel it.
I miss the person you used to be. I do. I miss him probably more than I've missed anybody. I think that is why I'm still so attached, because of the possibility that things can go back to how they used to be.
People talk about mourning lost friendships and relationships and grieving dead loved ones but nobody really talks about mourning and grieving over somebody who just changed. It's quite difficult. Sorry for all the trouble. Sorry for the stress.
If I could go back and time and change anything, I'd go back to when I was 18. I would go back and realize everything I realized when I was 21. Then I'd meet you. Maybe you would have thought differently of me. Maybe I would have thought differently of you. Maybe. And maybe things would have been different for us.
Sorry for everything. To be honest I don't even know what I'm so sorry for. I've felt sorry for so long I'm not sure what the point is anymore. For old times sake, sorry again.
I still miss you. Even when you're here. Even when we talk. I still miss you.

No. 1538327

My birthday is coming up soon and I've been talking about having a party but I'm certain either people would decline or no one would turn up. I desperately need new friends because my current ones are really unreliable and are all mentally ill.

No. 1538408

you keep talking shit and telling everyone about my pics. I hate you so much and am laughing that you look at least 200lbs now when you're so fucking vain hahahaha

No. 1538431

Before we broke up, I did everything I could to cheer you up while you were going through your depressive episode. I took the dog you insisted we get for every walk he needed so you could focus on yourself after work. I cooked every meal. I left you alone and stayed out of your way when you needed peace, I took your hurtful words when you needed to lash out and I even forced myself to have sex I hated because you insisted this was the best way to increase your dopamine levels and make you happy. What did I get in return? Someone who was easier to live with? Not at all. You remained your miserable self with only a slight, momentary improvement mood-wise before you went back to getting cold and distant the moment I didn't cater to your every need. You don't get to fucking say "she gave me no warning that she was going to leave". You don't get to tell people that I was a bitch who surprised you with a breakup out of nowhere. You said you wanted to fix our relationship, but what you really wanted was for me to fix myself to fit your needs. I just didn't want our last weeks together before I moved out to be absolute hell. It was easier to be nice and have you treat me somewhat decently than face the nightmare that is living with your self-pitying ass. Of course people are going to believe you when you say I was mean to you, because they never had to live with you and be treated by you the way I did. Always happy to talk to and see your friends, but never sparing that happiness and excitement for the woman you supposedly loved. Fuck you.

No. 1538437

I like you a lot as a person, but you're fucking incompetent. Your shitty golden boy upbringing has made you an absolute failure in life. Failure to dream, plan and achieve, even the most basic shit everyone needs to hold your hand to do it. You don't even know what you've got going on that current week never mind past that, and are constantly paying out of the ass both in stress and money because of all the shit that catches up to you. I'm still trying to grapple with how somebody so sweet can have these characteristics I detest.

I broke it off with you because plainly I was sick of making all the organisational efforts. Including with my feelings! I can like you a lot and still not consider you serious relationship material. Did you know it's possible to do that? No I guess not. You got too into your feelings and did this weird gamey push pull shit that I thought that the whole point of us being casual was to avoid this. I'm not about it and if you could've just sorted yourself out a little bit more you'd still be eating me out on the couch 2x a week. But no, now if I wanted that I'd need to put in the effort of finding a new one. God you're so STUPID.

No. 1538452

I only started dating you because I got cheated on and wanted to feel better about myself. I don't even find you attractive anymore and I fantasize about other people while having sex with you. We've only been together this long because I gained weight after my breakup and don't feel confident enough to date new people. I realize I can't put my life on hold anymore, I'm still young enough to live the life I want and find someone to love. I think deep down in your heart you know how I feel but you're too afraid to admit it.

No. 1538485

Living with RA has been truly maddening. After three and a half months of injections, appointments and various other treatments I'm only now feeling like I've finally turned a corner. I've lost 17 pounds, I'm waking up better and yet I still have bad flares. I'm still in pain and have such a difficult time doing the most basic of tasks. The pain is driving me insane. Everything aches and burns and aches some more. The brain fog and fatigue is crippling. I'm turning twenty-nine this year and I'm in bed more often than not, just in agony. Every single joint. I've been living with this pain for years and I'm so very tired… I can feel myself slipping. Trying to hold out when I may be so close to remission is shockingly difficult. Sometimes I just want to go to sleep and not wake up. Hate myself for thinking like that as I have my little girl, she is the only thing keeping me motivated every day to shove those shitty thoughts out of my head. Constant, intractable pain is something I'd not wish anyone. Truly it drives you mad. I'm watching my small and ring fingers of my right hand starting to bend, become misshapen and there's nothing I can do about it. Hopefully, by the grace of some merciful God this will halt and I won't be in a wheelchair by the time I'm forty. I hate days like today.

No. 1538497

I hate people who keep whining about phones destroying their attention span without doing anything to change the situation. Just… don't have a one. Throw it away if you must. It's not hard, the solution is right here, what's the fucking problem lmao.

No. 1538541

File: 1680363060895.jpeg (86.71 KB, 750x701, D753B921-6820-4CA3-9B95-AE468F…)

Why’d you have to be such a colossally retarded fuck-up? Why’d you have to lie so much? The stupidest part is that I still love and care about you, I just can’t ever trust you again. You ruined eeeverything, you stupid bitch

No. 1538647

I don't think about you a single sliver of how much you obsess over me but whenever I hear your name said irl or on the TV or something I thing about that disgusting picture of your anus looking like a blown out cow pussy or the fact that your penis is as small as a baby's arm and snort to myself

No. 1538909

That's very cute nonnie, thank you
Unfortunately my daughter died and I'm a psychotic useless mess
Why would I be allowed to live if she wasn't
I'm just a waste of everything
She was the most beautiful princess
I'm broken I should just dispose of myself, there's no better
She was my better
But she's gone

No. 1538914

Oh dear lord nonny please tell us who youre talking about. You hear their name on TV?! I wanna know what minor celeb has a tiny cock and a rekt asshole

No. 1538915

i cant imagine what it must be like to go through something like that, and i know it must be hard to hold on for your loved ones. have you talked to anyone about this like a therapist or psychiatrist? i know that it feels like things will never get better, i mean something like that will stay with you forever, and maybe you have tried everything, but maybe its not time to give up yet. ultimately the only person who can make that decision is you, but i hope that you have the support you need to get through this if you want to keep fighting.

No. 1538917

Ntayrt I have no words of comfort for you, only deep sympathy and a crushing desire to hold you until you can't cry another tear drop. Your pain is unimaginable, I can't even begin to comprehend it, but before you commit to leaving this life I will say one thing about loss… it doesn't get better, but it can get easier. You have a choice and I'm not going to tell you which one you should make, that's not my place. I only wish for your peace.

I'm sure she was beautiful and loved beyond measure.

No. 1538919

Could be a demon/God visiting you and wanting sexytimes, you should meditate and try to get through to whatever entity has the hots for you. You can probably get some good luck or abundance out of the exchange but you have to be willing to build a relationship. I’m not being ironic btw, lots of people build relationships with entities that become sexual, though usually the sex occurs in dreams.

No. 1538969

As in their first name. As in it is a name other people also have. So when I hear it said I get nam flashbacks of what a hypocritical useless grotesque piece of garbage they are.

No. 1538972

I love how your end all be all response to women is "oh yeah well you're ugly". And you are a stalker. You are an incel. You will die alone having no positive or useful impact on the world or even the people around you. So?

No. 1538995

Weak-willed, hyperfixated, obsessed. Even you have to see the absurdity of what you're doing and the fact that you believe it will continue for the rest of your life.

No. 1539335

there is a famous man from long ago, who while seemingly perfect in every other way, has a few faults (one or two that are more glaringly obvious later in his life) and i don't know what to think of it. i try not to bring it up because he's very well liked here, understandably so, and i feel like it might ruin some people's perception of him or kill the vibe whenever he's mentioned. when i did attempt to ask about the truth regarding it, i got no responses so i guess it's true. i should've expected this when learning about the personal life of anyone famous, it shouldn't be a surprise (and compared to the majority of famous men his faults are somewhat smaller in comparison so it's not like he's a straight-up monster, but still not 100% good either) but it still lingers in my head a lot and proves that even the most ideal men from another time are still men at the end of the day.

No. 1539450

Loveeee how you can't even commit to not being transphonic even though you're always lighting up other people for it. Maybe don't prove what a hypocritical retarded misogynist you are every single time you attempt to parody and degrade women ctfu. The whole oh they're all fujoshi lesbian thing really doesn't align with the beliefs you pretend to have.

No. 1539566

Absolutely off the charts predatory male behavior to say "oh yeah well you are ASKING FOR IT you DESERVE to be stalked and im ENTITLED TO IT and you don't matter because you're fat and ugly and useless as a woman because to me women are only worthy of basic human rights if they fit my perceived standard so SHUT THE FUCK UP and deal with you UGLY SLUt I don't need consent when I don't view you as human" totes normal

No. 1545060

He got so scared when I asked him what he meant by "based" kekekek. It was like instant regret. If you're soooo ashamed to tell me and if it causes you sooooo much anxiety to answer why the hell do you tell idiotic, immature jokes like that? Why do you like that "humor" in the first place if you know it's bad and makes you look like a weirdo and a dumbass? Also how dare you taint KotH with your retarded racist /pol/tard bullshit

(He's clearly into imageboard culture so I hope he doesn't find this post kek)

No. 1548937

File: 1681483275312.jpg (33.08 KB, 720x720, 3d44caaacb02d9f80e69c65891d845…)

I hate how jealous I am of your female friends now whenever you mention hanging out with them even though I swore I'd never see another woman as competiton. I hate how insecure I feel. I hate that I want you so bad even though I didn't even want you at all in the beginning when you were super into me. I could go weeks without seeing you and now I miss you after two days. I wish I didn't have the ability to fall in love because this sucks and leaves me an anxious mess. You bring out my fear of abandonment in the worst way and I don't know how to deal with it. I thought I knew myself until I met you.

No. 1548956


No. 1548980

I hate that I worry so much about you when I'm almost certain you wouldn't care about me half as much as I do. Seeing you so down yesterday made me sad and I wish I could fix everything that's happening to you right now. I shouldn't invest myself too much anyway, what will I get in return? Getting hurt even more?

No. 1549031

I miss you a lot. So, so much. I wish we could have worked out. In a perfect world we would have been together. I would have worked on my issues and I would have you given you the love you deserved. And you would forgive me in spite of myself. But we don't live in a perfect world and there's nothing else for me to do now but to move forward. I will always love you and I hope you can find someone who will make you happy. I sincerely wish that for you.

No. 1549054

Stop appearing shirtless in my dreams, stop appearing in my dreams period and letting me kiss you and touch you all over your warm body, you dream whore.

No. 1549074


No. 1549130

File: 1681495980220.gif (625.42 KB, 200x137, B764AA66-B717-4FC6-97A9-A1C6EA…)

>I miss you a lot

No. 1549519

You are so pathetic lmao

No. 1549522

Aint nobody thinking about you bitch

No. 1549530

Narc narc narc

No. 1549562

Oh wait now I know why there's two GIOYC threads. Some of you dumbass newfags can't stop replying to an anon's post so now a new OP had to be made.
>It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 1549564

You literally just bumped it by not saging you dumb bitch lol

No. 1549571

You don't have to sage in ot

No. 1549586

But yet you bumped the OLD thread you were just complaining about dUmBaSs

No. 1563264

File: 1682849661015.jpg (20.64 KB, 327x373, 6d7538c916ea1020a78213a6ffc657…)

you're a fucking narc so is your wife and it's no wonder your kids are like that. you being the sanest one in your family is saying a lot too. holy fucking shit.

No. 1563326

Fatphobia isn't real and will never be a rea problem. People being slightly rude to you because you're rubbing your sweating disgusting body on them on the plane or in the bus isn't the same as racism or sexism. Fuck fat people and their entitlement.

No. 1563343

Agree with this. You can also lose the weight. It isn't rocket science that we have weight limits for a reason.

No. 1582374

#believewomen but the second it's your favorite highschool teacher from ten years ago accused she's a lying BPD-chan and too ugly, anyways, I see lmfao

No. 1582432

men who hang with women as friends are a red flag
just distance yourself and set boundaries
he 100% is setting your gut feels off for a reason

t. someone who had guy friends and when they had girlfriends they would talk a lot of shiet about them and try to make moves on me

No. 1582905

Misogyny means if you aren't a barbie doll then you allegedly deserve all abuse hurled at you if the one abusing you has any sort of following yup

No. 1583290

Applying for a job that pays 180k a year, which is way more than I made doing the same damn job for years. And it provides me a whole apartment, not just a room. Ain't that some shit.

No. 1592224

>You're a scrote bc of X!
>No, actually YOU'RE the moid bc of Y!!!
>You're both scrotoids bc of Z
I swear it's become the new NLOG or pick me. inb4 getting accused of getting accused because I complain about baseless accusations shitting up whole threads with all the nuh-uh, it's youuuuu-ing lmao

No. 1592254

I get random "anger attacks" about moments from my past, especially where I didn't stand up for myself or let someone's idiocy almost ruin me because I was such a push-over.
Oh well, I guess it's supposed to serve as a lesson or something…? Just sucks…

No. 1592270

I love my friends, I really do, but god I wanna kms every time we talk about weight loss or going to the gym. I’m the only one in the group who has successfully lost weight and who consistently goes to the gym and they just. completely disregard or do not care about any of my responses. when one of my friends said she wanted to lose weight I gave her tips on removing or replacing the things in her life that are high calorie but she said it’s fine, she eats good enough, she can probably lose the weight I’ve lost if she simply just walks once in a while! wow, what a genius idea. I see you get a 800cal cookie multiple times a week and you eat 2 - 3 meals a day with snacks but what do I know.

No. 1592276

Word has it that's a bannable offense now

No. 1592277

I get these too. It sucks.

This would drive me absolutely insane.

No. 1592314

Thank you for the sanity nonny.
And unfortunately that friend isn’t the only one, I’ve got another friend that wants to stay at 125 but uses their weight as their standard and so constantly has to “diet” for like 3 days to go back down to 125 or “bulk” when they’re below 125, meaning they’re just incredibly inconsistent. I’ve mentioned that they should just track their calories and keep maintenance but. Somehow or another they’ll find a reason why their winging it method is better for them, apparently. And finally I’ve got a third friend who hasn’t personally caused me any problems but he wants to bulk up without gaining anything in the waist and it’s like. well.

No. 1592326

I'm stressed for you. kek. This is a tale as old as time though, when things get this personal it's really hard to maintain because it boils down to personal motivation, and you can't force someone to want to do something correctly. I would just pull away from the fitness talk if you can.

No. 1592331

File: 1685473239409.png (574.31 KB, 680x800, F7ECAB2D-3BEC-43A4-85E7-2D64F7…)

So when I was around 11-12 my parents forced me to go to this charter school I hated going to and I despised everyone there. I had no friends, and I didn’t really have anyone supportive around me so I would lash out in anger by doing stupid shit like clogging all the toilets in the bathroom with toilet paper and paper towels so no one could use the bathroom. Eventually I started doing it so the toilet would flood the bathroom and it would be out of order all day. I did this to several of the girls bathrooms at a time, and I never got caught.

No. 1592517

You might have CPTSD
It's one of the most untalked about and under-diagnosed mental illnesses.

No. 1592557

i might be wrong, but isn't cptsd not recognized in the dsm? i thought only ptsd itself was

No. 1592592

It didn’t make the cut because they said it wasn’t different enough from PTSD so doctors should just diagnose people with that. It seemed like it would be added for a while there. The definition of PTSD has changed a lot in the DSM over the years and I believe they even changed the category it was under (moved from an anxiety disorder to a trauma related [no shit] disorder or something.) Everything I’ve read says the DSM kinda sucks and doesn’t get used the way the creators intended and in some ways it’s used to gatekeep services so insurance doesn’t have to pay for it but that’s kind of a whole thing to get into.

No. 1592597

>most untalked about
Are you sure? It definitely seems like it's the mental illness du jour at the moment. It only is under-diagnosed because they can't officially diagnose it if they use the DSM.

No. 1600102

I'm gonna sound like a child saying that but I'm not a child so stop treating me like one istg

No. 1600104

I swear I replied to this post in another timeline. Maybe I just laughed at it so much I thought I did

No. 1600105

It got posted in the dumbass shit thread or something like that too iirc

No. 1600138

it was here >>1592338

No. 1600264

File: 1686183590448.jpg (56.18 KB, 564x679, sadw.jpg)

In spite of all the bullshit, the stress, the fighting, the crying, how angry you made me, and all the shit I talked about you after you left, I miss you. I wish things could have gone differently between us. I hope you know I really did love you, and I think part of me still does. I think you really did love me too, in your own way, now that we've been apart. I just couldn't do it anymore, I was going insane trying to make things work. But part of me wishes we could start again and have it work out this time. Even though I know that's unrealistic and more than likely a mistake to think. I just hope you're doing better now and that you're happy, wherever you are.

No. 1600554

There's a TiF I work with whose severe underbite causes her to mouth-breathe really loudly and it irritates me so much. She can't help it, so I would never say anything to her about it and I try to be kind to her, but I just can't be in a room with her for more than a few minutes. Fortunately, she works in a different department, so it's usually not an issue. I don't think the sound bothers other people as much as it bothers me, I'm just an autist who gets annoyed at Tony things like that.

I know that jaw surgery is expensive and painful (several people in my family have overbites, the opposite problem), but for all I know, she could be saving up for it right now. That's certainly what I would be doing in her position. I sound so shallow here but basically I feel a mixture of pity and annoyance for her.

No. 1600557

"Hi scrote" has always been ban-worthy, although it's typically short bans and the posts don't always get redtexted. Remember that not every post resulting in a ban gets redtexted.

No. 1601946

You’re not a dark-triad woman–you’re an autistic farmer who is getting played by a fucking incel and it serves you right considering how narcissistic you’ve always been. Your boyfriend will never marry you and you will never get a penny of the “wealth” he has. He openly cheats on you and cucks your crippled ass with younger women because you refuse to give it up and move back home with your parents. You’re so dramatic about your parents being republicans that you’d rather stay in this setup which only benefits your atrocious scrote. You could collapse at any moment and yet your breadwinner bf makes you ride a bike to work. You have online “sex” with discord neckbeards and get ghosted immediately after, while your incels.is sewer rat moid openly brings dating app hookups home to cuck you in this joke of an “open” relationship. I genuinely have no idea how you haven’t gone crazy and hurt someone considering how pathetic your life is. When will you wake up? Just give it up and move home.

No. 1602056

Nonas are being cunts today and I'm not sure if I'm happy or mad about it.

No. 1602066

The one calling everyone 'niggers' and 'dykes' is a male baiter who's been shitting up /ot/ for about a week, rather than a regular user, if that makes anything better.

No. 1602138

I don't hate you for being an annoying, mentally ill, and socially incompetent person. But I do not owe you friendship. Why would I want to hang out with someone who literally doesn't know how to act? I'm autistic, plenty of my friends are autistic, it's okay if you can't pick up on sarcasm or stutter or have panic attacks. But every time I've gone out in public with you it's like dragging around a drunken toddler. It's not my job to "fix" you, especially when you don't even want to be helped.

No. 1602144

No. It does not.

No. 1602161

imagine being this much of an anti free speech niggerdyke lol lmao even(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1602164

i wish there was a surrogacy thread, nothing makes me seethe more than fags thinking they're entitled to even more than they already get to begin with
also sad because just now i found out that lucy liu did it too..

No. 1602178

Groundhog Day is a shit movie. I hate movies that look like Groundhog day and have that weird acting and dialogue. Also the movie sucked. The plot. Also I hate media that shows suicide but that's not even my main gripe. The design, the styling Bill Murrays make up I hated it all

No. 1602180

Is it against the rules? If not, make one.

No. 1604335

File: 1686559369750.jpeg (126.45 KB, 1334x750, 742B8F58-8FF8-4E9F-BEA9-7DDF3D…)

ive started to feel really stressed about homeless people for some reason and spending on luxuries idk

No. 1604354

"Y-your de-devices need to be seized immediately cuz I-I can't separate reality from fiction cuz de 'tism!!!" ACTUALLY cow behavior AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

No. 1604355

This board really is filled with femcels.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1604359

I do nothing wrong and I regret nothing at all KEKKKK.

No. 1604411

Stay! Mad! Kekkkk

No. 1604510

Dumbass retard nonas letting their scrote nigels walk all over them kekkkk typical.

No. 1604514

It's depressing to see

No. 1607739

When autistic people, like yourself, are insufferable, it just makes them so hard to deal with and completes their self-fulfilling prophecy.
I get it; I get you've been ostracized by society for so long and you feel like you don't fit in. That's really hard to deal with. But no, it doesn't make you more likeable if you keep calling everyone a normie and keep being passive aggressive to everyone who has even an okay social life, or trying to improve their own. You don't get away with being a misanthrope because people feel bad for you since you have autism. It comes to a point where people understand that if they give you advice on how to talk to people and you don't take it to heart, saying "I will never understand people, they're below me, I don't want to play their stupid games", well, guess what? People's patience runs out, and since you're asking for advice from other normies, they'll take that as an indirect insult to themselves and they won't want to talk to you from your "logical neurodivergent" high horse. You can bring a horse to water but can't make it drink.
It takes just a bit more self-awareness to understand your attitude, not your autism, drives people away from you. You can learn literally everthing in this world, including how to talk to people. But if you're going to pretend like you're uninterested in improving while also talking shit about the people trying to help you, well then, don't be mad at me when i don't talk to you during work hours.

No. 1607850

I feel like you wrote this about someone I'm currently struggling with and it's so spot on.

A friend of mine who I have gotten close to is autistic (If you count ADHD as being on the spectrum of autism maybe I'm autistic as well but idk I don't think about it like that) and the way that they behave is… ridiculous.

Like how are you older than me, and so fucking RUDE? Also, so super controlling? They have meltdowns semi-regularly and complain about being autistic and how that burdens them. And yes, I see that. But what am I supposed to do when you're unable to access treatment or afford it?

I get frustrated and think to myself, quite often, just because you're autistic doesn't mean you have a right to be a huge asshole and then follow up with weak apologies like "sorry if I was mean" no you're not, if you were sorry you wouldn't fucking do it again.

I think they're more obsessed with me having a positive opinion of them than they are actually improving anything negative about themselves. It's ridiculous. So my heart is closed now.

No. 1608324

Obnoxious retard

No. 1614645

I thought I got over my dislike for children, but now that I'm getting to the age where I'm supposed to get them (or not, because I'm 24 and my culture's retarded to think this is an age anywhere near appropriate to birth a child) and everyone gleefully making jokes about it, and am learning more about pregnancy, and not just the standard stuff like teeth potentially falling out or bleeding to death, I can feel the hate slowly creeping up to me again. Back when I was like eleven or twelve I'd just get insanely pissed when anyone's ever insinuated that one day I'm going to be a mother, but this time around I feel deep dread down to my very core, as if I'm just short of throwing up when I'm in the vicinity of toddler-aged children or think about pregnancy for too long.

No. 1615184

Your obsession with me is highly embarassing for you like you have rarely gone a single day without talking about or referencing me. Can't wait until all you have done comes crashing down LMAO

No. 1616913

Critiquing and venting about genuine, horrible, soulless predators that hurt you relentlessly is HOMOPHOBIC and TRANSPHOBIC
–you, trying to justify your nasty hobbies, probably

No. 1616917

You, being called out for being a really gross and pathetic person that believes you're entirely above consent and basic law and decency, indulging in the creepiest form of voyeurism and exploitation to degrade and humiliate women possible: sTaY mAd oaosidjkdodiwikLaloejdjdjdk TROLOLOLLLL

No. 1618406


No. 1634037

Look at all this predatory voyeuristic garbage and the intricate LIES you have weaved around it because you know you picked a vulnerable target easy for you to abuse. I don't need you to be sorry because you're too sociopathic to feel anything, but it is so fucking funny that you're ruining your entire future over an obsession you have with a woman when you're a faggot. How sad, how dull.

No. 1646988

>calling ME asexual because your creepy pervert ass can't edit the sound of masturbation over fake porn you picked out and shopped yourself anymore
Yeah makes a lot of sense

No. 1671156

4chan mods and jannies are unironically all deranged coomer moids. You can racebait and shit on women all you want and your posts will stay up, but the instant you make one single post criticizing troons you get banned. I don’t know why I still go there.(necro)

No. 1672415

File: 1692667589464.jpg (37.99 KB, 352x602, 1687726242753076.jpg)

You're:3 an :3 abuser :3 suffering delusions of victimhood:3 because you know your life is over when you're exposed :3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1673417

Apply to be a janny when those positions come up. If enough folks from here get on then those types of threads can be filtered and renove.(unsaged reply to necro)

No. 1673905

I think a lot of things and people are beautiful, just not (You). There is a lot of wonder and gratitude and simplicity everywhere, but why would anyone share that with (You). Any and all anger or rage or embitterment I have is only for (You) (plural). You continually project how ugly you all are on the inside onto others and have literally no positive means of dopamine farming. When you fall, you will fall very hard. Of course I'll be happy, and pretending it isnt exactly what you deserve is a lie to yourself.(go to the current thread)

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