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No. 1507741

A thread for anons trying to kick a habit. Whether it's smoking, drinking, sugar, caffeine, infighting - any vice you're trying to leave behind, discuss your progress here.

No. 1507743

Sorry for the retarded grammar in the OP. I'm trying to quit smoking weed so I'm blaming it on that.

No. 1507745

Thanks for the thread op. What is your plan/approach to quitting?

No. 1507746

File: 1677218406788.jpeg (559.89 KB, 2560x1707, 91aeOUYYLgL.jpeg)

i used to drink monster energy drinks in high school. forgot about them, but last year saw they had low-calorie versions now. got completely hooked on them last year because i worked at a callcenter and it was like a tiny bit better than getting hooked on cigarretes like everyone there. now i have a better job but cannot stop drinking this shit everyday. i dont know how i got so hooked so fucking quickly!! i used to drink them when i was stressed but now i drink them every other day with bullshit excuses like "well today its my off day from work i should drink a monster as a reward!".
this about the zero/ultra versions though, the regular monster gives me chest pains and i cannot sleep when i drink them. they also have made me throw up multiple times cause they are so heavy on my stomach. but i do drink them when they are out of the zero versions and always regret it. please help me this shit is so expensive its not funny

No. 1507751

File: 1677219207937.jpg (94.76 KB, 850x472, weed habit.jpg)

yw nonnie I hope it ends up being helpful. So this is kind of embarrassing but step #1 was asking nigel to hide the weed from me, and that's about 60% of it. As for real strategies for when I start fiending, I remind myself that I actually feel fine and clear headed in the moment, and getting high makes me retarded and sad. I also envision a big pile of burning 100 dollar bills.

No. 1507752

adding to this, probably the most helpful thing is that I draw way better when I'm sober. Even though I may *~*feel*~* more like drawing after blazing it, the drawings themselves are much shittier. Drawing to the best of my ability is ultimately more enjoyable than being baked and struggling.

No. 1507756

I’m trying to quit being addicted to my smartphone. I say as I’m posting from my smartphone. My hands hurt from holding it all day, I waste so much time. I’m waste much less time browsing the web on a desktop.

No. 1507758

I desperately, DESPERATELY need to quit staying up to 4am looking at videos and photos of my celebrity crush and then masturbating before. I am down so fucking bad it's unreal. My productivity at work and general functioning has been tanked because I can't stop doing this every night and only getting 4-5hrs sleep. It is currently 2:30am and I can feel the cycle about to repeat. It's like I'm powerless to stop it, but I have to, but I can't control myself. I'm gonna fucking die due to running off the side of the road on the way to work and getting impaled on a guard rail all because of how sexy her hair looked in these photos. Perhaps I need to blind myself with acid? it might seem extreme but I think that's the only thing that could stop me at this point

No. 1507760

I have a solution! Wait until your phone gets old and the battery life goes to shit and then instead of getting a new phone, just live with that one for a period of months. You won't be able to be on it except for when you need it because it will drain the battery. Source: happened to me and I lived like this for a year and now I am completely cured to the point I often forget to take my phone with me when I go out or even room to room. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me and my brain feels completely different now, like I notice more things and am more easily entertained by the world arounf me

No. 1507766

It helps if you completely depersonalize your phone, like not having a lock screen or background image, no special icons, no stickers on the case, etc. so you don't get any dopamine just from interacting with it. The feelings of attachment lessen when it's just a neutral object.

No. 1507769

Legit considering skipping dinner every day altogether. I've cut snacking during the day but the demons posess me during the evening and after dinner I feel like I need sugar! I just want to have control and stop being overweight, I will overcome this, I just want to soon!

No. 1507772

When I'm going through an obsessive phase I send myself to bed REALLY early so I can get a satisfying amount of obsessing time in. Like, I shower and get ready for bed at 5pm, then lie in bed for a hours scrolling on tumblr or reading fic or w/e. I can sleep at a reasonable hour if I do that. If I put it off I just end up doing it at the last minute and stay up too late trying to get my fill.

No. 1507912

Nta but this isn't a sustainable/healthy alternative whatsoever anon..

No. 1508061

It's time to quit drinking alcohol. I've been drinking on 54 out of 55 days this year so far, mostly around 6 to 9 pints of beer a day. This behaviour isn't new, I have been drinking nearly daily for the past 5 years, to be able to sleep, to be able to live in this shithole, to feel good for a short amount of time. Because of the drinking I've gained 25 kg, I'm nearly as fat as Shayna now and I hate it. I hate the amount of time and money I waste and what I'm doing to my body and my mental health. Fortunately, I'm not physically addicted to alcohol, only my brain is hooked on it, so there are no dangerous side effects if I quit now. Hardest part of getting and staying sober are the first 3 to 5 days for me, as I'm getting unbelievably depressed the first sober days and I'm already depressed as it is, though I wonder if I drink because I'm depressed or if I'm depressed because I drink. Well, guess it's time to find out if my brain will be happier without the alcohol and what I can achieve being sober for the next few months or maybe even years.
This is what I'm trying to quit, wishing all you other nonnas good luck and endurance reaching your goals ♥

No. 1508083

Youre gonna end up binging. You gotta be in a deficit, yes, but make the meals smaller and more frequent. This revs metabolism. 3 meals, 2 snacks.
(A tldr version of the weightloss plan made for me by a nutritionist. Down 65 lbs and counting since june)

No. 1508088

I'm going through the EXACT same thing wtf. I was actually late to work today because I was doing that last night… I might start setting alarms for a cutoff time so I remember to stop.

I try to do this too but I usually just find myself up at 2am again…

No. 1508099

Have you tried replacing dessert with something healthy like apple or yogurt? It should help with the sugar cravings after dinner. Good luck nonny!

No. 1508105

Skipping dinner will ruin your metabolism, but have fun binging later on.

No. 1508145

Not necessarily. I did 16:8 fasting for 2 years consistently, lost a bunch of weight and kept it off without binging. The whole "small frequent meals" made me ravenously hungry all the time. Everyone is different though and I mostly skipped breakfast, not dinner. I also allowed myself whatever I wanted as long as it fit my calories. Replacing sweets with fruit is a good choice though, your taste buds adjust after a while and processed sugar starts tasting way too sweet.

No. 1508241

This is me and sugar free Red Bull. I've always had the occasional can but ever since I started drinking them to keep alert while I was doing the books for a friend's business I can not stop. At one point I was drinking more than five a day. I've cut down to two a day by having one less each week.

If you want to do OMAD you need to eat one large meal of mainly fat and protein. Half a kilo of belly pork is about 1300 calories, so in a deficit for most people, yet I can almost say with certainty that after eating all that pork you wouldn't want to eat anything else until the same time the next day. Omelettes are also a cheap option for big OMAD meals. Whisk up 4-6 eggs with some heavy cream and melt some cheese on top before serving.

No. 1508253

File: 1677268477960.jpg (47.74 KB, 609x495, DVX4sHtUQAAU6f4.jpg)

I really need to stop picking at my face, it's an obsessive habit borne from anxiety and just gross. Making my skin worse, all the things. I have lots of blackheads on my nose and large pores across my cheeks that get clogged easily. If any nonnie has advice, please help. I spend up to an hour at a time picking and squeezing, I look horrible. Any tips for flakey nose skin and a quality blackhead remover for sensitive skin, I'm all ears. The shame I feel is crippling. Thank you.

No. 1508258

How so? It doesn't impact my life at all, if I wasn't doing that I'd just be watching TV or on lolcow. I'm an early bird and sleep at like 8-9 so it's not a big chunk of my life.

No. 1508298

Seconding this, it's something anon will have to experiment with to find out if it's for her. I finally lost weight as an adult by doing 16:8, it took a couple weeks to get used to and then it was pretty smooth sailing.

No. 1508373

File: 1677276091008.jpg (28.89 KB, 400x534, 635fb9c421958c037729ea3a7e5da1…)

ayrt let's hope some Stacy dermanonnie is able to save us from ourselves. At least we have each other.

No. 1508392

I've been trying to reduce how much sugar I eat since the beginning of this year. I was doing pretty good, but then I fell off because of V-day (got gifted a lot of yummy trash) and I'm just now really picking myself back up. It's overall pretty okay, and when I've gone a while without overconsuming sugar I feel very good. My goal isn't really to quit sugar, but just to quit overconsuming sugar so I won't develop any health conditions (if I haven't already).
I've been trying to quit overconsuming food in general because I want to lose weight. I haven't put many restrictions on my diet other than lower calories and less sugar, but because I know I have to eat under a certain amount of calories it makes me 10x more conscious of what I should eat to get the most. I find myself picking more healthy stop.

No. 1508485

Im also realizing i need to cut back on drinking. This week was particularly bad. I would go out with my sister, have a few drinks together, then get home and keep drinking. Then i would pass out without even taking off my glasses or brushing my teeth and spend all of next day nursing my hangover.

Im generally fine when I do stop for a few days, but I end up feeling so bored or thinking “this show would be funner to watch with a cocktail”

I dont think i want to quit completely and forever, but to how i was before where i only drink when I go out with friends or to dinner

No. 1508493

I use salicylic acid. There's a variety of acids you can use, start off with the weakest concentration and use it once every three or four days to see how your skin reacts to it. The acid will break down the buildups in your pores, and they help when my skin is flaky and dry despite having a crapload of moisturizer smeared on every ten seconds. Don't use it every day, moisturize, and only use it at night if at all possible. You might need to experiment with a few acids to find the one that works best for your skin. It takes time to really work, but you should start to notice results in a few uses, like brighter skin and less blackheads forming.
I also use micellar water and a konjac sponge to gently clean my face and rinse with cool water. That helps with flaky skin and clogged pores, but I wouldn't recommend using acids on the same day you do this.

No. 1508524

I'm 21 days sober from alcohol, I haven't shared this with anyone. Quitting alcohol has been so difficult and I still get really strong cravings. I've been drinking Liquid Death to curb the cravings, plus it looks like a beer can so it tricks my stupid monkey brain.

No. 1508532

Thank you kind nonnie, you're the best. I will try this. Warm regards from bagcat-chan.

No. 1508561

File: 1677289742061.jpeg (398.67 KB, 828x477, 921E707E-0925-4E67-9C20-4AC6BB…)

I’m addicted to Diet Coke/Pepsi and sugary treats. I’m trying to kick these habits because they’re just unhealthy. I’m not sure why I keep eating or drinking these since they just make me feel sick (sugary makes me feel nauseous and my stomach feels upset, and the sodas make me have the jitters because of caffeine intolerance.) I love water and tea and I love natural sweets like fruits as well. Sometimes it’s just easy to grab a soda or a donut even tho it wastes my money. Help

No. 1508567

get a water bottle or a cold brew tea bottle/Tea Infuser Bottle and carry it with you every where. I like the bottles from hario or whittard

No. 1508570

I am proud of you, Nonna, you going strong

No. 1508571

no way kek I thought I was the only person stupid enough to have this problem as a full grown adult. And I was late to work this morning too wtf!! people have been asking me if I'm ill or if something's wrong and it's like well, there certainly is something wrong (with me) but I can't tell you what it is, kek

I was just like this at 15 but it was normal then because I was 15, kek. But actually I think I figured out why I'm so insane right now. At 15 it was because it was my first time being attracted to someone at all, so of course I went nuts. This time, it's my first time being attracted to a woman, so I'm going nuts again in the same way like a teenager. This revelation however does not help me devise a solution. Godspeed to you nonny I hope you have more luck kicking this than I have

>>1507772 is a decent idea but even if I put myself to bed at 8pm I'd wind up staying up till 4 anyway, which is then actually more time being retarded and not less kek

No. 1508578

are there any good arguments for quitting nicotine if you don't smoke, i just use nicotine gum. I'm scared i'll gain weight if i quit

No. 1508587

I bite my nails when I'm anxious. When theres no more nails to bite I'll continue to bite off the skin. I've tried those nasty tasting liquids with no success. My fingers bleed pretty much daily and I have no idea how to stop.

No. 1508591

you could try using fake nails so you cant bite your own? Sometimes i find something else to chew like a piece of plastic, gum is too soft and doesn't stop me

No. 1508592

Nicotine in cigs is the reason for osteoporosis in older age

No. 1508593

File: 1677292749568.png (474.13 KB, 622x622, Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 02-38…)

acupressure ring

No. 1508594

haven't heard about this, thanks I'll look into it

No. 1508595

I have this problem too and it feels weirdly embarassing, caffine doesn't do anything to me so I have a soda almost every day. I thought it would be easy to just stop buying soda when I grocery shop but I live with other people and we openly share so they're always available

No. 1508597

File: 1677293011710.jpeg (17.68 KB, 273x274, 82104979-4660-466A-BF15-F4E6B5…)

oh holy fuck i just gagged nicotine gum is the worst and im a cigarette smoker nona love yourself and get a spearmint

No. 1508601

I'll nearly puke from it sometimes but i keep buying it lmao. The unflavored gross rubber tasting one is what i go for cause the mint ones upset my stomach

No. 1508614

nona pls anything but that abomination, at least promise you arent continuously chewing on it and are at least parking it

No. 1508625

I've been drinking like you describe it while I was younger, now I don't have friends to go out with, so I drink alone, at home, just basic functional alcoholic shit. It's just no joy anymore and I get nothing done besides the things I have to do, I just feel stuck and I'm tired of it, so it's time for me to quit completely. After all, I have been drinking for so many years now, I guess the next 20 years without alcohol wouldn't be so bad, kek.

proud of you, Nonna. I will follow in your footsteps, except not with Liquid Death (we don't have canned water in my country), non alcoholic beer will be my saviour.

No. 1508731

My addiction is being lazy

I use to be an alcoholic and I use to drink but I would justify it by working out 3 hours a day
I lifted weights and kicked ass
I stopped drinking and smoking but my drive to work out and live healthy is at an all time low
I got back into working out recently but it's such a struggle

No. 1508752

I'd love to be able to stop picking on my kp ridden hands and legs

No. 1508755

was just about to post this…I need to seriously stop harming my kp legs which have weird ingrown hairs in a spiral shape. they freak me out so I dig in with tweezers until it's bleeding and plucked out from the skin. then my legs have clusters of red scab bits. I hate it but once I start its hard to stop until all of them seem gone. I was going to ask anons if shaving or waxing would help the excess skin build up because I know I'm doing more harm. It isn't even for beauty standards its just I have a problem and maybe something would help.

No. 1508778

how to stop consuming content involving a celebrity

No. 1508806

Same. I feel like I get into this trance like state when I start picking and have to snap myself out of it to stop. I can go several days without picking but it doesn't help much when at some point I start again

No. 1508905

I believe in you nona!! Quitting alcohol was one of the best decisions I ever made. I used to drink like at least 6 heavy beers a night and get black out drunk and do incredibly stupid and dangerous shit but I kicked the habit 4 years ago and it feels so fucking good. Lost like 40 lbs just from not drinking, went from Shayna today to Stoner Shayna, didnt think that was even possible with how gross I had gotten. I maybe drink once a month now but it makes me feel like shit for like 2 days after so it isnt even really my thing anymore. I really hope you are able to kick the habit nona, alcoholism sucks.

No. 1509041

I havent bitten my nails for a few weeks and I'm seeing progress, but I'm still so fussy and fidgety with my nails even if I'm not biting them. I read somewhere that if you don't address the underlying causes of biting you'll just end up doing something else… I hope that wont be the case

No. 1509044

What do you do when you've quit everything and are still miserable?

No. 1509055

I've MAJORLY cut back on skinpicking. In the past I would pick my skin for hours at a time about every day. Then it went down to every other day. Then I managed to cut down the time I spent picking.
I used to zone out when picking too. Then, I became able to "snap out of it" but would still keep picking because I would be too embarrassed and ashamed to stop. Once I got over the shame and embarrassment of the picking scars on my body, I became able to wear short sleeve and low neckline shirts. When I conquered the humility of it, I became able to snap out of zoning out and I became able to stop sooner and sooner. Over time I managed to go days at a time without picking. I still pick but it's like once or twice every week for about five minutes on average. Now I have less acne and less scarring because I'm not touching my body and face for hours and hours at a time. Hooray!!

No. 1509115

do something that brings you joy (in healthy terms)

No. 1509124

quitting bad shit isn't enough, you have to start good stuff

No. 1509149

File: 1677347683359.jpg (187.72 KB, 1280x1113, 1652329663315.jpg)

thank you nonnies, your praise motivates me to keep going

No. 1509184

File: 1677351740912.jpg (42.53 KB, 600x450, 1ffd8b3af36d7beea99fb29781c471…)

I haven't told anyone, but I'm over 3 years free from self harm now. It wasn't easy and sometimes my mind goes back to the idea of it, but I think I will go another 3 years without, just to see what my skin will look like then and if the scars will maybe become less visible. Just wanted to tell someone and I hope every one of you can quit what they want to quit and replace it with something good and healthy.

No. 1509199

good for you! keep it up!

No. 1509201

I'm trying to avoid soda as much as possible now. It became a bad habit because I got very sick in 2020 from covid and was shitting to near death because diarrhea was one of the symptoms and I had that issue for like 3 months in a row and because severely underweight instead of just slightly underweight but healthy. So I was drinking a shit ton of coca cola and bubble tea to compensate for the solid food I couldn't digest anymore and to make starving less painful I guess. Now I'm in a healthy BMI and even gained a few kilos more than before I got covid but it's most likely going to fuck up my teeth if I keep this up. I think I'm doing a little bit better now because I'm drinking water instead of soda during lunch break at the office and it makes these lunches less expensive on top of that. But yesterday I felt was going to pass out in the middle of the street so I rushed to a burger joint right next to me instead of going home and I got myself a can of coke with my meal because it's included in the order. I feel dumb as hell, but we'll see how this weekend will go.

No. 1509205

that's great nonnie! i'm very happy for you because i know it's hard to stop

i'm trying to quit my phone/internet addiction. i just waste so much time on the internet reading stupid shit including some of the threads on this site and i just need to do something more stimulating with my free time. i started turning my phone off when i'm home for the day and i'm not expecting any important calls. for some reason i don't endlessly survive the internet on my laptop

No. 1509208

I'm proud of you! did you replace self harm with something?

No. 1509227

proud of you nona. I'm currently going on two months. 60 days. Trying to make it to 90. It's not an easy urge to curb, 3 years is amazing.

No. 1509263

Bulimia. It's not a mental disorder, it's a shitty fucking habit. (I have empathy for others who go through it though) It's expensive as fuck and once I let myself do it, I go all the way and end up spending $100-200 a week on b/p foods. Some people crave cigarettes, I crave binging and puking. I know there's a separate thread for muh EDs but this is genuinely just a terrible habit to me.

No. 1509421

This is so difficult for me, but it's a good reminder that I need to pursue joy/happiness instead of assuming it'll fall into my lap.

No. 1509672

Drinking! I've been on and off the wagon for years. Not ever drinking enough to fuck up my life but a very unhealthy coping mechanism. I've been trying to cut down significantly by making my favorite foods because I hate drinking on a full stomach and also prioritizing my sleep because drinking fucks it up so bad. I bought new pillows and sheets and am trying to make my bed a very pleasant place I look forward to.

No. 1509828

File: 1677415976812.jpg (55.87 KB, 736x736, e99dae0bca15f64cbd91ef101c3c70…)

Thank you so much.
And no, I didn't replace the self harm with anything. After so many years of doing it, it felt like it was time to move on and that it's okay to stop hurting myself as I suffered long enough. What I can say is, it gets easier the longer you withstand the urge.

No. 1510527

File: 1677475150823.gif (272 B, 19x20, emot-banjo.gif)

I went from being so bored that I wanted to die to feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I want since I quit smoking weed. Was emotionally dependant on it for like 15 years, smoking very heavily. I feel so much better now. It was responsible for at least 50% of my crippling anxiety. Withdrawals are no joke though. I downloaded the I am Sober app which sends me a notification to pledge sobriety every morning. That might sound dramatic but those little milestones help keep me motivated.

No. 1510546

Remove yourself completely from them. Use a website blocker if you have to, to block sites where you might encounter them I've been doing this since a month ago and I still have low points where I give in and check because the urge gets too much but it's definitely an improvement. I wish it was possible to block thoughts in the brain though kek

No. 1510596

I'm very proud of you, nonna! Weed would be horrible for me, I tried it twice and it made me so fucking depressed, I can only imagine how hard is has to be to quit it while being in a depressed state because of it. And the app is amazing, I use it myself for one thing and will use it now in the future for alcohol, besides 2 other apps, can't get enough motivation.

No. 1510741

After getting stoned daily for 8 years I've finally quit smoking weed. Not tapered down, not reduced, just flat out quit and I'll never smoke again, or at least not until the emotional problems that got me addicted in the first place are sorted out once and for all. Which will probably be never and I'm happy this way.
I did well for a decade-long stoner - completed my degree while stoned, got into a highly paid career while stoned and lots of other accomplishment but fuck me, when you're mid-20s, save fuck-all because you spend £600+ a month on weed and dread going on holidays because you won't be able to pick up and openly tell people that you're constantly high just to put your days/life on fast-forward it's time to finally admit that you've got a problem.
I don't care what anyone says - weed can be a serious addiction and people seriously underestimate how difficult it is to quit. I've spent almost 10 years prioritising weed and getting high over literally everything else.

No. 1510796

What helped you with the withdrawal symptoms anon? Every time I try to quit I get so wound up and anxious and drug-free coping skills do fucKING NOTHING also not sure if withdrawal is the right word to use here but fuck it

No. 1510941

To be honest I don't think I've ever experienced any WD symptoms besides poor sleep for the first few weeks. If anything, weed was exacerbating my anxiety so I calmed down a bit. My main reason for getting stoned so much was perpetually feeling bored and dead inside but I was a few months into therapy when I quit and feeling better in general. Another helpful thing for me was being able to chill in another country for a month where I couldn't pick up. Sorry I can't be of much help, I think for me it just comes down to a good therapist who's helping me resolve the underlying problems so any WD-like symptoms don't hit nearly as hard.

No. 1516969


No. 1517055

File: 1678187010184.png (161.7 KB, 2480x2126, trap.png)

Perhaps you identify with the following questions:
Do you spend far more time <using the substance> than you originally intended?
Are you unsuccessful in efforts to stop or limit your consumption of <substance>?
Has time spent <using the substance> interfered with, or taken precedence over personal or professional commitments, hobbies, or relationships in your life?
Do you go out of your way to keep your <substance> consumption secret?
Has <using the substance> caused significant problems in intimate relationship(s)?
Do you experience a cycle of pleasure and enjoyment before and during <substance> consumption, followed by feelings of shame, guilt, and remorse after?
Do you spend significant amounts of time thinking about <the substance>, even when not <using> it?
Has <using the substance> caused any other negative consequences in your personal or professional life (e.g. missed work, poor performance, neglected relationships, financial problems)?

If you’re a <substance> user that depends on it … at all and for any reason, all you need to do is read on. If you’re here for a loved one, all you need to do is persuade them to read this book. But if unable to persuade them, read the book yourself. Understanding the method assists getting the message across and preventing your children from starting. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they don’t have access to it now – all do before getting hooked.

About the book

This book is a rewritten version of a rewrite of Allen Carr’s EasyWay to Smoking for pornography, it’s free and open source and licensed under CC-BY-SA.

>edited the text a bit, it's from https://easypeasymethod.org

>the website is originally meant to help people quit watching porn, but you can apply it to pretty much anything
>in the image, PMO = porn, masturbation, orgasm

Raw honey is healthy. Chocolate is questionable due to its high oxalate content, which strips your bones, specifically your teeth, from calcium. This forms calcium oxalate (kidney stones). Chocolate isn't alone in this. Beans in general are high in oxalates, regardless of whether they are regular beans, cocoa beans, or coffee beans. The same applies to some leafy greens, such as spinach. If you want to be healthier, ditch refined foods, and foods high in oxalates/oxalic acid.
Your best bet is out of sight, out of mind. Stop buying it. Stop whoever you live with from buying it, or at least tell them to keep it out of sight.

No. 1517400

oh come on nonna there isnt a dietitian in the world who would recommend the average person avoid beans and spinach pretty much outside of deadly allergies. spinach literally has more calcium than the average leafy green. if you dont have a history of multiple calcium oxalate stones then theres no reason to avoid perfectly healthy foods

No. 1524097

File: 1678880942383.jpg (37.05 KB, 458x487, 893157c4dbdb1fbe979e98c0a236e0…)

I need to stop daydreaming and making up unlikely scenarios in my head that just end up hurting me emotionally, especially when it comes to romantic interests.

No. 1524099

>due to its high oxalate content, which strips your bones, specifically your teeth, from calcium
Oh please, this is such a fucking meme. Foods don't ONLY contain oxalates. You have to look at the nutrition profile of food as a whole. I really can't believe you're disparaging dark chocolate and spinach but think raw honey is "healthy." Fucking kek.

No. 1524127

Three days off the sauce again. Usual routine was finishing a fifth of vodka in four days, I love getting crossfaded and watching stupid comfort shit until 2:30am. Also no weed, but weed isn’t as important to me to quit as alcohol right now. I feel great I have to say. My skin is brighter, WAY less dehydrated and I wake up at 5:30 instead of tearing myself out of bed at 10:30. My mood has improved a ton too, not as irritated or depressed or anxious. I might still drink on weekends and treat myself to my stupid little night ritual once a week but I finally realized normal people don’t have 4+ drinks every day, lol. I know it’s early but I’m really proud of myself, I think the habit becomes so comfortable and “normal” it was all I was looking forward to every day. Now to quit this fucking obsessive nicotine addiction…I think I’ll give it some time and keep trying with the no alcohol.

No. 1528723

I'm trying to quit cigarettes and weed at the moment… went 3 days without a cigarette and had a breakdown yesterday, smoked a pack of 20 in the space of like maybe 7 hours and now I'm back to day one dealing with the nic withdrawal headaches. Why am I like this nonnies lmao

No. 1530010

I need to quit drinking, vaping, caffeine and sugar. Right now I am starting with drinking. 48hrs sober woo

No. 1530011

I did the same thing. just do it like 10-20 more times and it will eventually stick. gotta keep trying or you'll never quit. cigarettes are sticky like that.
my anxiety dropped off the face of the earth when I quit by the way. it was the nicotine making me anxious apparently.

No. 1530040

Great job nonny!! And yeah, 4 drinks a day is too many drinks a day especially for a woman. Women shouldn’t drink more than 3 alcoholic drinks in one day, and shouldn’t exceed 7 drinks a week total. Having a couple drinks in the weekends is fine, even having one beer or one glass of wine to wind down at the end of the day is fine, but the guidelines are good to stick to.

No. 1530380

Trying to stop smoking… I did It for almost a year but it always comes back. I feel I have to close that hole in my heart and then I won’t need cigarettes anymore. Meeeeh nonnas I need a hug

No. 1530577

Thanks for the encouragement nona! Once I manage to clear the first week I'm golden… it's just getting past the initial headaches and grumpiness. But I am looking forward to being healthier and saving money. Congrats on quitting by the way, proud of you!

No. 1544064

thank you to whoever just bumped this thread ♥ currently 2 days sober from smoking thc, very surprised at how much better i'm feeling already. was a very heavy user smoking about a gram of concentrates every 2-3 days. been experiencing withdrawal symptoms but its worth it. sending any other nonnies trying to quit something good vibes and energies!!!

No. 1544180

File: 1681023262087.jpg (43.45 KB, 746x559, dfsdgdgds.jpg)

i just realized it's been 84 days since the last time i smoked weed. 8 months since the last time i did hard drugs. i still need to quit drinking though.

No. 1544385

Has anyone been able to successfully quit an energy drink habit? I'm going to die of a heart attack if I don't.
Any help apart from the unhelpful 'just don't buy it'?

No. 1544406

My bf did, and he went the "just don't buy it" route. That's the first step. He does drink coffee still tho, so maybe a similar replacement could work for you? Gives you the caffeine but is not nearly as unhealthy.

No. 1544425

Have you tried supplementing it with something a bit healthier? Like regular coffee or green tea.

No. 1544439

I love my energy drinks too much to give them up forever, but last year I did a month without energy drinks and coffee. I drank matcha instead and it was nice! I wouldn't go completely cold turkey from caffeine, you'll feel like shit.

No. 1544443

Regular coffee is a bit too heavy for my stomach so I drink just a tiny cup in the morning. I tried drinking black tea throughout the day instead, but ended up feeling sick and even vomited once. It means I overdosed on tannins. Green tea actually makes me sleepy instead of alert.
Yesterday I drank just two small cans of energy drink, and supplemented the rest with 6 sachets of Jacob's Milka instant coffee so that kinda worked? It's not as heavy on the stomach as regular coffee.
I actually never tried matcha, I'll try finding it where I live to see if it's better than just regular tea

No. 1544732

Why do you like them? Because of the energy or because of the taste?

No. 1552331

Because of the energy mostly. Partly because of the sugar too, I can't stand the no sugar variants.

No. 1631460

File: 1689137886249.gif (904.71 KB, 275x195, 1688966491837.gif)

I'm actually out of weed now so I guess I'll try quitting again.

No. 1631471

Being lazy.
I've entered total useless mode after getting my degree. The extreme heat here also isn't helping. I feel like sludge.

No. 1631475

college was especially hell with the pandemic. if you graduated a couple months ago, take healing seriously and make sure to get enough sleep and have good eating habits. and slowly work up to doing more and seeing what you want to do. you know how people get sick after finals? this is like that, all the stress is now gone and the body is collapsing.

No. 1631711

File: 1689170144593.png (95.72 KB, 371x365, 1654800781306.png)

I last smoked tobacco/an e-cig about a month and a half ago. I had to abruptly stop because I got sick and decided it would be best to not smoke until I fully recover. I'm a bit torn, my e-cig broke in the meantime (and I definitely don't want to get a new one), and I don't leave the house unless I'm going to get groceries, so I don't want to buy cigarettes or tobacco. It just feels so sudden, I still kind of crave the feeling and I've been smoking on-and-off since high school… I guess it's better that I've stopped, but I'm too used to occupying my hands and mouth with something. I hope the urge subsides soon; I've never had a problem with withdrawal, anyway.

No. 1631820

File: 1689179973003.jpeg (9.35 KB, 400x380, IMG_7023.jpeg)

This has been me since May. I had a rough last couple years of college and it has made me want to act like a summer loving teenager instead of committing to post grad life.

>be in college for 6 years and finally get associates

>I dropped out of highschool and am proud I saw this through
>you've graduated, now what
>don't edit your resume
>don't apply for new jobs
>don't create a linkedin
>time to recover from all the damage both internal and external inflicted on your body and psyche!
>sit around, doomscroll, read a few books, finish some attempt at a project or abort it!
>but don't do the thing you need to do, anon!

No. 1715575

I stopped smoking/eating weed in mid August after being an extremely heavy user for 8 years (daily dabs, often high ALL day).
Results so far:
>Appetite has gotten much better (hungry at mealtimes and not snacking constantly).
>Slightly less motivated to make art and work on projects.
>Much more mindless phone scrolling.
>Less extreme mood swings. No change in frequency.
>Less frequent and less intense feelings of extreme anxiety for no/stupid reasons.
>Sleeping less, but was sleeping way too much before.
>Day-ruining nightmares that nighttime weed kept at bay returned immediately. I don't expect this to change.
>Unintentionally saying parts of my thoughts out loud (which I thought was from being high) didn't stop.
>Significant amount of money saved from not buying weed.
>Craving to get high completely stopped after a week or two, which was a relief. (I still have like 3g of concentrates and a rig under my bed, but a change in living situation made getting high less convenient.)
I think the benefits barely outweigh the cons so far but maybe that is to be expected since I was using drugs because I was mentally unwell rather than the other way around. I still hope there is more improvement to come. I'm not regretful about quitting at all. I have been embarrassed about how much I was smoking for a long time, which is the main reason I finally stopped.

No. 1715608

I'm a daily weed user since 2006ish. I now take edibles mostly. I've had to quit multiple times over the years cold turkey and I've never noticed any difference in myself besides I'd start remembering my dreams again. Now when I quit cigarettes, I noticed several marked changes with my body. I don't think I'll ever stop because it's never had a negative effect on my life. I did mostly quit drinking though another drug that even though I wasn't drinking super heavy I noticed very negative health consequences from. To me weed is fantastic kek

No. 1715718

File: 1696439936593.jpg (62.06 KB, 540x675, 6a404bdb2d49dcf1a06537757c5bb8…)

Love this diagram and I notice it with a lot of things. it's hard to tell whether the voice berating me is my inner conscience or the call of the void.
I dunno. I have a weird relationship to eating. No clue how much I weigh (can't know, I'll freak out) but I'll either feel 'too skinny' or 'not that skinny' depending on the day. I have some compulsive tendencies (fixation lol) and whenever I eat anything I feel a crazy push-pull between EXTREME GUILT and EXTREME PLEASURE.
I'm at uni and I like going to dinner with my judo club after our practices. Even if I feel self-conscious, I look forward to the time together and it helps me feel more normal.
It's hard to find a balance, but I'm still young, I guess. I've made a lot of progress since I was a retarded teen.

No. 1715869


Late to the party but damn anon I feel like I could have written this but I’m mid-thirties instead of twenties. I’ll hit 30 days this weekend. Hope you’re still doing well with your resolution to quit.

No. 1716884

I took up vaping to try and quit smoking last spring. Now I smoke again trying to quit vaping.
Is this it forever?

No. 1716892

I took low-dose wellbutrin and bought lozenges and that finally helped me quit. once you get off the lozenges your anxiety drops away like magic and you just have to say NO to any nicotine urge for the rest of your life but it's not bad. it frees up a looooot of your time and I cannot stress enough how much less anxious you will be

No. 1717889

File: 1696605977268.png (64.46 KB, 720x375, IMG_20231005_170503.png)

Thank you to whoever made this thread!

I'm here because even though I quitted my porn addiction long ago I have relapsed again and now I feel like shit. I hate porn, I hate "sex work" and I hate men, and I hate these websites so much. I'm making this post because I really need to quit. It's not good for me, for women, it feels like shit, I always end up watching disgusting shit and I hate it. I hate it so much. I hate my addiction prone brain. Time to read easypeasy again.

I've also relapsed into mindlessly scrolling through lolcow all day. It's already such a slow imageboard but my brain seeks the thrill of gossip and human connection with anons. I just think it's very sad. I need something else to fill the void but here I am again undoing all my progress, at least this time I'm taking it easier, not getting into infights, not posting that much, I avoid some boards, but god even like that I feel stupid and also bored as hell lol. It's not like I hate all of LC, my favorite threads are the ones with helpful and smart anons. But I recognize I have a pattern of obsession and internet addiction. I also used to think LC was a "dark website" because of all the gossip kek, but that was around 2015 when I only used the cow boards. God I'm such an oldfag. I guess I'll keep visiting here from time to time because of the familiarity but I feel so dumb everytime I do.

No. 1717906

File: 1696607797505.jpg (112.36 KB, 880x492, Fatigue-in-women-HN713-iStock-…)

I quit this place for months at a time, only to come back whenever I'm bored to death. I don't even care about any of the things discussed here anymore. Quick, someone call me an middle-aged hag and make fun of my nasolabial fold so I can be free.

No. 1717907

That’s a good thing. You’re a middle aged Stacy, not a hag.

No. 1717909

Nonny I'm >>1717889 and I'm going through the same exact thing

No. 1717913

get out of here you wizened old baba-yaga ass bald headed biddy

No. 1717920

No. 1717929

File: 1696609027455.jpeg (62.6 KB, 1024x576, image0.jpeg)

>baba-yaga ass

No. 1717930

i will smooch your nasolabial fold how about that?

No. 1717954

I started my journey to quite nicotine/vaping for good a couple days ago. I bought a 0 nicotine vape to help with the craving to hit something. So far so good, but holy shit it is really tempting when there are smoke shops EVERYWHERE. I live in a college town so there are smoke shops on about every block. I still smoke ganja, and do not plan on quitting anytime soon. That also helps, but I do not want to spend any more money on 0 nic vapes. What did you nonnies do to quit? I've heard about gum helping, but does it really?

No. 1717988

Admit it anon. You just want a strong bald-headed Baba yaga bitch to hold you at night.

No. 1735913

I am once again quitting cigarettes. I've done it before but I messed up this year with the classic "I'll just have a couple cigarettes and then go right back to not smoking." Cut to six months and 100+ packs later. So now I'm phasing them out, replacing the time I would be smoking with anything else because I smoke when I'm idle, and reminding myself that I literally don't need them, they give me a headache and drymouth and anxiety, and make my eyes puffy – god knows what they're doing to my insides. Hopefully in about 10 days I'll be cigarette free. That's the goal anyway.

No. 1735914

No. 1736024

Any nonna had success eating less sugar? I have a major sweet tooth, but I feel like it really affects my energy levels. Sorry if this isn’t the right thread!

No. 1736037

I've tried so many times. I always manage to go full cold-turkey for like a couple of weeks, and once you've got a couple of days in, it's EASY too, but then some sort of event comes up and I eat something sweet because it feels justified once in a while and BAM back eating sugar full swing.

No. 1736039

I think the best method is quitting all added sugar and fruit cold turkey for a month or two then most things will taste way too sweet so you will easily not eat much

No. 1736072

I need to stop cleaning my ears so much, but it’s so difficult to stop, I even avoid buying cotton swabs and hydrogen peroxide because the moment I even glance at them I start cleaning my ears. Plus since I got a mild tinnitus, I have this stronger need to clean my ears.
My family is worried about it because it’s a compulsive behavior, like shaving my legs even though I wear pants almost 24/7.

No. 1736097

started drinking spearmint tea right after dinner and I swear my sweet cravings have been halfed in two weeks!

No. 1736140

spearmint tea will fuck with your hormones and can make birth control ineffective so be careful

No. 1736197

Where did you hear that?

No. 1736200

Holy shit really? I drink the pukka motherkind daily help

No. 1736203

spearmint is commonly used for women with pcos and other hormonal imbalance, you can just google it. and ofc anything messing with hormones will mess with birth control

No. 1736222

I have endo and drink a blend taht has spearmint nightly and it has helped with my skin and I do take bc but I haven't noticed a change with anything else, I don't think drinking some blend would do that much of a difference

No. 1736223

probably not, but it's always good to check stuff like that with doctors if you already have hormonal issues or taking bc. All it takes to make a change for pcos is 2 cups of spearmint tea or 1-2 capsules per day which isn't much and that's for correcting a severe difference.

No. 1736228

What really? Why is pcos such a big problem for so many women if it's fixed that easily with such an abundant herb and easy, quick preperation.

No. 1736230

that's kind of a dumb question. obviously a lot of women will want to be on birth control, it won't work for some women, it will improve for some but not enough to feel manageable, some women will be allergic etc…

No. 1736237

Nta but it's not a dumb question when the post was worded as if it's a general fix for all women with PCOS

No. 1736245

ok autismo i will make sure to add a disclaimer that not literally every woman on earth will be insta-cured by one treatment in the future like we're on reddit or something

No. 1736247


No. 1736632

My boyfriend got me into leauge of legends. It hasn't been even a year and I fucking hate it. Takes up hours every day. Waste of time
I'm a Kindred jungler, cute character. But decided after 3pm I stop. So far so good. And I can even say no to friends who invite me to matches

No. 1736752

I'm kind of glad I cut off my friends from a long time ago. Having no friends and no internet allowed me to re orient myself and finally look after my own health. I've made some terrible choices but nothing I can't bounce back from. A lot of people don't even have that chance.

Even though things aren't great right now, little moments like this really make me think "wow, I'm glad I'm alive". The only things that really bother me are the innocent people who's feelings I've hurt, but I know I was an ignorant, narcissitic, bitch then with no self esteem. All I can do is hold myself to a higher standard and not repeat the same choices that led me to those moments. Starting with this one: not using the net to cope with my problems. Every little smidget of information I read anywhere on the web is like a puff on a cigarette for me. It'll stunt your growth and keep you from reaching an emotional baseline.

Christianity has certainly helped me, but I'm not sure it's a cure-all for everyone. My faith keeps me going, and I've reached a point where my beliefs are no longer a question, but apart of my identity. I love God, and I'll pray for your blessing. Goodbye.

No. 1736758

I did Google it. The only websites that say anything about an effect on birth control efficacy are sketchy no-name blogs.

Just because it affects hormones doesn't mean it changes how your birth control works. Spironolactone is commonly prescribed for pcos alongside birth control for example.

No. 1746191

Okay, I'll stop going to sleep after 00:00 for at least a month

No. 1746348

>dating a scrote who's into LoL
You're going to be disappointed in the end.

No. 1749252


If you hate it, why do you do it? Not trying to snark, I’m genuinely curious about what you get out of it. I never got into porn, and I find it kindof uncomfortable when people make such a big deal about how ”EVERYONE watches porn lol». I know you can’t answer for ”everyone” either, but is it that you can’t masturbate without it? I know I’m ”blessed” with a vivid imagination, but I refuse to believe SO many people aren’t able to think of hot shit lol. I love sex (lol again) but I never understood why we’re supposed to go animal mode over watching it at all times. Apparently it’s prudish to be tired of how porny films and tv shows have gotten as well. Sorry nona for ranting on your post, I’m just seriously, genuinely curious what it’s all about. Also your pic is kind of concerning, crossing the red line? Into what?

No. 1749258

Oh and also, I drink too much. Been on a one week on (4 ish beers a night) one week off streak lately, so it’s a start. I’m horribly addicted to nicotine as well. I’m no saint. I hope we both can find the strenght to quit our vices.

No. 1776097

File: 1700260727797.jpg (14.21 KB, 250x242, 1531559862361.jpg)

I'm having a bad time and need to vent… It has now been 3 months and I hate being sober. I'm sick of nightmares, sick of being bored all the time, sick of scrolling lolcow and reddit all day every day. I actually get something done once a week at most and the rest of the time I just sit around doing nothing. I don't even watch movies or TV or play games anymore because everything is stupid or annoying or boring. I thought I was gonna be happier and make more art and do all these cool projects but instead I feel like all my ideas are terrible and there's no point trying to do anything because I'll just fuck it up.

No. 1776124

What are you stopping?

No. 1776127

Weed. (Post I replied to was also mine.)

No. 1776137

For anyone who over eats here, chewing gum and unsweetened tea with sweet n lows have become my new best friend to curb cravings. I also try to do more things besides snacking I used to eat chips and watch tv now I try to do crafts and exercise, or going for a walk when I crave something so bad to get out of the house, it gets really bad at night so I just don’t go in the kitchen. Relapsed two days ago but I ate breakfast and a vegetable smoothie as a snack and waiting for dinner and I’m determined not to let my appetite get the best of me.

No. 1776148

That fucking sucks. I hear that it can take up to two years to completely reset your brain from weed. I'm going to have to confront my own weed addiction someday. When I'm happy I don't even think about it, but when I'm stuck in the city on a job stint, I use it as a crutch and smoke anytime I'm off work.

No. 1776483

Need to chill out on cannabis for a bit. I've done really well, maintained a 4.0 throughout college and accomplished quite a bit. But I've been talking to the nigel of my dreams for awhile now, and we're planning on meeting soon. I'm also going to grad school in a little while. I just want to see what I can do without this crutch. It helped me get through life these past few years since my mom died, but I am ready to move on.

No. 1778728

I quit smoking weed & tobacco just over ten weeks ago after daily use for a decade. At the same time it’s like a switch flipped in my head and I became incredibly preoccupied with how much money I’d been spending - not just on weed itself - but on ‘treating myself’ with impulse purchases, food, hair and nails, trips etc usually while high. I realised I’d become a total dopamine gremlin. I have some savings but they’re not where I’d like them to be, and now I feel like I need to make up for lost time, so since the start of September I’ve not spent money on anything that isn’t bills, food or transport. I think I’m going to take it into 2024 and make it a year of no purchases. Might just be throwing my obsessive behaviours in a new direction but yeah anyway I’m giving up consoomerism.

No. 1779897


I feel you, nonny. You probably already know this but you’re in dopamine deficit right now. Getting stoned on the regular flooded your brain with dopamine and so - over time - your brain’s dopamine receptors will have packed up to prevent overload. Now you’ve removed that artificial source, you’re in a very low motivation state and nothing is enjoyable, am I right? I’ve been struggling with it too. I know it feels impossible right now but try to make yourself exercise to help things get back to normal. Also I know Reddit is an absolute cesspit but /r/leaves can be a good read if you derive comfort from knowing that lots of other people have been where you’re at and made it out the other side. I’m rooting for you!

No. 1801697

Does anyone have any tips for stopping skin picking? When i wanted to stop consuming porn or caffeine it was easier because i could stop buying the drinks and block websites and just remove stuff from my sight, but i always have my hands with me and no matter how short i cut my nails i still get the satisfaction from scratching my face. Sometimes it's not even the satisfaction im after i'll just be watching a movie and mid-way trough i realize my cheek is bleeding

No. 1801701

keep me posted I'm so fucking tired of this disorder

No. 1809003

File: 1702400706315.jpg (358.05 KB, 1242x1381, D3smlAQX4AASX4I.jpg)

Thanks anon, I appreciate it. I am rooting for you right back!

Exercise is too boring to contemplate unless it's incidental to working in the garden or something like that. BUT I have been working in the garden more and it really helps. I only feel okay when I spend time working on some kind of project, but sometimes my mood is just so low I can't bring myself to do anything and I get stuck in a loop where I feel bad for doing nothing and I do nothing because I feel bad. I guess I was like that before but weed worked really well at getting me out of my head just long enough to start doing something. Having plants that need regular care helps a lot because doing a little watering/weeding/pruning/pest control gives me the boost I need to do the other things I want to do.

No. 1809085

Trying to quit candy. I'm 33 but I'm still obsessed with it like a little kid, especially during PMS. I can't do the whole "just a little" thing, if I have it I will eat it all. My teeth are in bad condition and I've been gaining weight.

No. 1809103

Doesn' help everyone but getting a really rounded set of acrylic nails will make it soooo hard to pick your face. I want to get this little spot by my nose and I just can't get ahold of it.

No. 1811358

Just stop smoking you retards
It's literally that easy, stop putting shit in your mouths and lighting it

No. 1811367

Wishing you all the best in quitting your addiction to posting bait, nonny. Have you tried making a list of all the things you could accomplish with the time you waste doing this? A lot of people find it to be a very helpful exercise.

No. 1811414

For most of my life I have picked at my nails. I wasn’t much of a biter, but I would always pull and pick at them. Last year I wanted to get a manicure for my birthday, and I knew I would need decent nails so the manicurist would have something to work with, as well as for hygienic purposes. As a result, the strangest thing happened: I just stopped picking my nails. I decided I couldn’t be picking my nails if I wanted to get a manicure, so I had to stop at least until my manicure. I was also curious to see how long they could get within the timeframe. Whenever I would get the urge, I would stop myself and start fidgeting with something else. Sometimes I didn’t have anything to fidget with, and I still stopped! It was honestly so bizarre to me when after my manicure I still wasn’t picking at my nails anymore. All of a sudden I looked at my nails and they were long… I am still perplexed that I managed to kick that habit which I had since a child so suddenly. I am trying to harness that same energy for other bad habits I have bwahahahah. I don’t know what the point is, just that sheer will apparently can achieve a lot, but I’m not even sure how to evoke it as someone who experienced it…

No. 1838492

Poured myself a drink and poured it back out about a half hour of sitting there with it. Wish it was for altruistic reasons like maintaining sobriety or looking after my health but it was only because the smell made me feel sick to my stomach. Oh well! It's for the best, progress is progress. Now if I could just stop hair pulling I'd be set.

No. 1838542

Today for the first time I was honest with someone about my excessive drinking in 3 years. I've hid it from absolutely everyone but every single day I think "tonight is the last night" and it never is. Every single day I think about when I can start drinking again, how I can obtain more alcohol so on. I've come to realise other people do not think about alcohol the way I do. So far I have been able to hide it well and function at work but during Christmas I got a few offhanded comments and I know I can't hide it forever, and even if I could the excessive amount is not helping me. I spent months making excuses for myself to get to this point and it's finally at the point where I HAVE to do something now before it's too late. Drinking used to be fun and help my anxiety but now majority of the time I don't even want to, but then the next day I think about drinking again. I do have some willpower because for 2 years I've had the urge to drink during the day/morning before work and I never do, but at night it's become a constant habit.

I called up an anonymous support line, it took me an hour to muster up the courage to make that call, honestly I mostly just wanted to talk about my anxiety (I was reading about withdrawal symptoms, one of the reasons I put off quitting-that scared me) but I was told to just go to the doctor instead. I made and cancelled an appointment 3 times but finally got myself there. Tomorrow I have a blood test. Lucky for me she said so far my symptoms seem mild so I think a lot of my nausea was anxiety.

If I'm completely honest a large part of me does not want to quit. I used to be someone who was satifised with a drink or two, or a cocktail with friends so I am hoping at the very least I can get to that point again, where it's just something to enjoy with company, but I also know there's probably a point where I won't be able to drink at all.

No. 1838549

Um wtf are you me? I’m trying to quit drinking and I have trichotillomania too

No. 1838551

I spend too much time online especially in Twitter and I hate it. But I don’t have much going for me IRL and I don’t have my own money or my own place. It’s impossible for me to get a job without a degree where I live and I can’t afford to go back to school.

No. 1838578

the /r/stopdrinking subreddit has been life changing for me

No. 1838809

File: 1704377617948.jpg (540.91 KB, 1920x1080, lets-celebrate.jpg)

That's awesome, nona! Being honest about having a problem and reaching out to get help is really fucking hard, but isn't it also such a relief once you've done it?

I'm proud of you too, nona. Being repulsed and putting it away is a sign of good progress!

No. 1839735

Thanks nonnie! It sucked so much and I could barely speak because I'm still in the mindset of hiding it. So far I'm trying to deal with the boredom, it's only my second night but around this time is when I would drink. I've done a bit of cleaning and journalling but honestly I'm just so bored

No. 1839994

Sounds like you need a new hobby. Is there anything you have been thinking you'd like to do, but couldn't because you were drinking instead? Now might be a good time to try it out!

No. 1840357

File: 1704484537425.jpg (92.04 KB, 550x791, peb64Jh3c1slie.jpg)

I've been doing this since i was a kid because i never had bad consequences from it but i keep pulling my skin from small injuries instead of letting it heal and when i get nervous i start making it worse.
I never use my mouth because that's gross, i just carve with my nails enough to feel my smooth FLESH and that leaves my fingers with so many cuts that never take the time to heal and hurt when i have to wash my dishes or use other products.
I do the same on my lips because they're often dry even though i try to drink enough, i should stop wetting them too because apparently saliva makes them even drier in time but i still have to find good ways to stop doing these things, ugh.

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