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File: 1678121559774.jpg (47.07 KB, 500x500, EasternEuropeMap-56a39f195f9b5…)

No. 1516175

Discuss anything pertaining to Russia & Eastern Europe.

No. 1516190

File: 1678123045306.png (180.4 KB, 640x813, wiz3dw7nzqia1.png)

I just have this funny picture and wanted to post it (not OP)

No. 1516198

I thought the other guy was nikocado

No. 1516203

File: 1678123878776.jpeg (310.2 KB, 1170x1560, dfdfdfd.jpeg)

Rye bread is top-tier. It should be more popular so that places outside of my country make it. I'm feeling the withdrawal symptoms kicking in and NO, whole-grain is completely different and inferior as a substitute.
Kvass is also the superior bubbly beverage.

No. 1516213

File: 1678124734726.png (485.58 KB, 1024x1024, 1678025823043.png)

any Moldovan nonnas here?

No. 1516258

File: 1678127254702.jpeg (94.2 KB, 659x638, DB28CCF9-FB97-4A28-84BB-BA4E60…)

slovenian nona here representing!

No. 1516262

Solčence zahaja

No. 1516265

Why the segregation? The eurofag thread is barely active to begin with

No. 1516267

why though ? how does one even get that brain rot and delete your post before it gets reported and you get banned

No. 1516268

File: 1678128081129.jpg (61.56 KB, 586x500, k6p9p7wynfga1.jpg)

Croatian anončica reporting in
Or are we too mittelojropa westoid?

No. 1516270

This as well, lack of activity is fucking up this site and we need more board threads until we can get the amount of users back up

No. 1516273

Eastern Euros have fuck all in common with Western Euros

No. 1516274

It's a meme on the balkan internet that slovenians are western femboys. You can see it in many mainstream youtube videos if you search it up.

No. 1516275

Anon why are you doing this to me, now I'm craving slightly toasted slice of rye bread with butter sprinkled with salt, but I'm pretty sure I can't have it because of diet but fuck it I'll buy it tomorrow anyways it's going to be your fault if my stomach doesn't like it
Also a sip of cold kvas in summer is heavenly

No. 1516277

File: 1678128361491.png (637.81 KB, 680x483, ua_.png)

any Ukrainian users here?
reveal yourselves

No. 1516281

File: 1678128464699.png (463.71 KB, 515x619, pkds2sr2oaka1.png)

I am sorry, but we are not the same

No. 1516284

tukaj pa ne kar ne živim v slovenije

No. 1516286

File: 1678128654705.jpg (14.89 KB, 299x168, download-_3_.jpg)

OT I have always felt the majority of "balkan memes" were actually created on and shared by westerners who wanted to act edgy, like I don't doubt there are fucked up people in the balkans who have their own meme language but 99.9% of normies in my country don't care for memes and its just 1% of overly online people who make and these are also dispoara and westernized

No. 1516287

File: 1678128657199.jpg (46.48 KB, 690x387, Zibrov-1-690x387.jpg)

Добривечір nonka

No. 1516289

Ayrt I don't disagree

No. 1516290

Oh, there's definitely a subgroup of /pol/ or war-autists who are like weaboos for the grittyness of this area and eastern europe. A lot of them are diaspora trying to cling to some kind of identity.

For example there's these kinds of "meme" videos when people would beat the shit out of you for playing some of these songs in the wrong place. How the fuck did 4chan edgelords turn "remove kebab" (od bihača do petrovca sela) so popular that I even heard the acordeon music in a random gaming video as a meme?

No. 1516296

>remove kebab
blame the retards that played the remove kebab song on Chicago PD's radio frequency. Oh, and that guy who shot up the mosques in NZ

No. 1516300

how's life in Ukraine?
Hopefully you aren't too close to the frontlines

No. 1516303

The remove kebab meme like many of the Balkan memes actually originated on krautchan, a German imageboard and then spread. 4chan was majority American users, krautchan mostly Europeans. I don't think the Burgers even know enough about the region to make memes about it.

No. 1516304

You would be surprised. There was a burger who killed a cop and went living in a forest for a month. He was a serbiaboo and imported serbian cigars and bought a former war uniform.

No. 1516306

the song was popular way before the nz shooting

No. 1516309

File: 1678129593279.jpg (388.3 KB, 1080x1485, IMG_20230306_200524.jpg)

Sorry for samefagging, here's the story. /pol/ and /int/ on 4chan regularly like making "fun" of the yugoslav wars and genocide because it was so close to europe and in the news, it's just like ukraine today sadly

No. 1516311

After the NZ shooting it gained a huge surge in popularity though. Also I heard somewhere that the song lyrics are mis-translated

No. 1516317

>4chan regularly like making "fun" of the yugoslav wars and genocid
Why are they like this?

No. 1516344

I wish the rest of the world would just leave my country alone and forget about it. Dumb tourists and digital nomads exploit my already corrupt Balkan shithole and treat it as their personal Disneyland while locals struggle on abysmal wages, and the few young hopefuls who leave this god's asshole to maybe have a better future somewhere with non-corrupt education end up bullied and discriminated against because of our geopolitical situation 30 years ago like they can personally do anything about it.

But most of all, I wish death on spoiled westoids who make our complicated past and suffering of normal people who did nothing wrong into a meme or aesthetic, even though they bully and shit on these same people when they meet them irl.

No. 1516354

File: 1678131152032.jpg (26.25 KB, 900x450, 8b6ef9bcac9aebda98dc1ab48bfc31…)

What's the consensus on this guy?

No. 1516356

File: 1678131295470.jpg (37.63 KB, 565x680, cpcxlzsudcf91.jpg)

I don't know him, but he looks like the average middle aged slav

No. 1516360

First time seeing marichka here, makes me mildly suspicious the whole thread is bait

Anyways here's to more bonding and shitposting and less infighting. Cheers

No. 1516363

File: 1678131641654.png (2.91 MB, 1439x2397, Screenshot_20230306-134003.png)

I originally only knew about him from when him and his girlfriend(?) smuggled a kitten out of Cuba. I found out on here a last month that he was a scum scrote who forces himself on women in the countries he travels to and is all-around a not great dude. I am sure I'm missing more to the story. his name is something like bald and bankrupt or something. posts travel vlogs on YouTube being a weirdo. you get secondhand cr¡nge watching them.

No. 1516365

is that bald and bankrupt? all bald moids look alike to me, i have the so called bald-blindness. anons have said he's a sex tourist and pest

No. 1516367

his Russia travels were interesting to me before I found out he was a pickup artist and a massive creep. on top of that he was banned from entering Russia again so now I especially don’t care about him

No. 1516372

File: 1678132072203.jpg (142.15 KB, 640x680, ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ)~.jpg)

Does he have a thread on here?
I watch his videos regularly and have never heard of this stuff

No. 1516375

Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Poland are not Eastern Europe, shit thread.

No. 1516390

Eastern Europe Was the Friends We Made Along the Way

No. 1516394

any Israelis here?

No. 1516396

they wish they weren't, but they are.

No. 1516407

For cz and sk I think they’re a mix of eastern and western euro. Especially Czechia being right in the middle of the western/eastern border and being a part of Austria and having German shit forced onto them for so long. They’re all still Slavs tho and belong itt

No. 1516408

File: 1678133749897.jpeg (255.79 KB, 800x1257, 8579C3FE-5897-432A-92A7-0DD58B…)

No. 1516409

File: 1678133773896.jpeg (229.94 KB, 1000x930, AD2439CF-545F-45B8-8916-C59AA5…)

No. 1516413

What is this
Not a Slav
Is it a Hungarian

No. 1516414

What tool is this?

No. 1516479

File: 1678139432187.jpg (236.63 KB, 1200x900, 82mbr14opma644ucn1x8j2ul2yrnbz…)

I'm not! since the April, but even then I wasn't too close to them. So my life is more or less ok, and in the cities that are far from the frontlines it's almost the same as it used to be, on the surface. Only there's a curfew, occasional checkpoints, Czech hedgehogs sometimes somewhere in the streets, people walking around discussing the news and political matters which is still a bit bizarre to me (I mean that everyone is basically on the same wavelength and it's easy to relate to a rando), and air raid alerts ofc (that don't necessarrily mean missile or drone attack but occasionally we get those too). We'd get power outages for a few months since October but it's been a month since the last one if I'm not mistaken, and it's not dark in the streets anymore (the street lights weren't working at full force or not at all in some places, so people were walking with flashlights). Idk it might sound shallow but that's how life is where it's safe and comfortable, and it's pretty calm for now as opposed to aforementioned October and following months with those massive air attacks.

Also there's this new subculture of teenage weebs that look like picrel and meet up at the malls to have mass brawls with football hooligans, gopniks, and migrants from Caucasus and it's a big deal in Ukraine and Russia now. They call themselves PMC Ryodan, and initially, allegedly, such a group of teens was seen beating up some gopnick bullies that harassed them in the mall in Moscow. In Ukraine specifically, they claim that PMC Ryodan is a project of FSB and is basically Russian PSYOP. They're being hunted down by police in both countries. I honestly kekked at the way they described them in the news: "teens with long hair that wear black loose-fitting clothes" - so basically every second zoomer is a "ryodan"? Must be tough to be a slightly alt teen nowadays

No. 1516488

No. 1516490

Salutări, soră!
Wow, there are two whole moldovan nonnas here

No. 1516492

No. 1516504

>teenage weebs that look like picrel and meet up at the malls to have mass brawls with football hooligans, gopniks, and migrants from Caucasus

Damn zoomers are savage. In my times we weebs were biggest loosers who everyone made fun of

No. 1516508

Your wartime youth subculture is superior than my wartime youth subculture. We had Dizelaši, whose main pastimes were getting drunk listening to turbo folk and stealing Air Nike from kids on the street.
Anyway, stay safe! Good to hear you're doing ok over there

No. 1516516

Not if the other one is missing a leg

No. 1516518

is the guy in the middle holding boxers? is that a flex? like, even the underpants are dripped out sort of thing

No. 1516927

I have a Ukrainian online friend who says that not much has changed for him other then things getting really expensive but he's worried about being conscripted since he's 16 1/2, I'm really worried about him as well
do you have male relatives also about to be conscripted ?

No. 1516941

It’s a Czech politician as is the one above it

No. 1517040

imagine being western bootlicker who votes for EU shit to wreck our countries constantly. especially poland has the worst complex about not being western enough when we should say fuck it and stop being abused by krautoids

No. 1517085

File: 1678191261403.jpg (14.03 KB, 500x500, 7lxs5x0a5r291.jpg)

I'm gonna have a fried egg with rye bread thanks to this thread tomorrow

No. 1517161

File: 1678198552883.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 1279x901, CAPTURE.png)

Can an Ukrainian/Russian nonna explain this? one of my mutuals retweeted some pro-Ukrainian account(@reshetz) which posted this photo of alleged pro-Russian separatist children without the caption "Just guess what this russian brand is advertising", the pic appears to be of young children(a very young boy on the right and a young woman/teen girl on the left) Like, what's the context, and what was the account trying to imply?


No. 1517172

If y'all aren't Eastern Europe, then why do you get the same shit quality Western food imports we do, and Germans, Austrians etc get yogurts with real fruit instead of food coloring? Call yourselves what you want but self-hatred ain't gonna make you less Slavic, and it sure as hell isn't convincing westerners

No. 1517226

File: 1678203834006.jpg (363.11 KB, 431x486, 20230305_180456.jpg)

I feel so weird seeing slav zoomers who don't know how to pirate. As a kid I was buying pirated CDs in bosnia and learned how to apply cracks to games. Now I even see a lot more weaboos, anime has become fully normalfag- there's boku no hero academia funko pops in my town of 10 000 people and I see kids watching crunchyroll and having demon slayer shirts.

Not gatekeeping or being snobbish, it's just wild how times changed, then again I am poor and had to pirate everything.

No. 1517257

did you read the comments under the linked post? i think it is explained clearly. it is technically an advertisement for socks but they made it heavily political propaganda + socks

No. 1517271

No, that's the slovenians. By the way, how are you surviving inflation?

No. 1517323

I developed an addiction to baked goods and apples because they're the only thing I can afford for cheap

No. 1517339

Fr. I was teaching 9-13y.o. kids english a couple of years ago, and it surprised me how much all of them were into anime. I wasn't a weeb but watched anime occasionally, and it was such a niche interest back then (except for the times when everyone watched Pokemon or Sailor Moon in primary school when it was aired on tv). It was funny when they instantly started explaining what is anime to me, just assuming I'm too old to know lol

Thanks nonna! It's interesting to learn about local subcultures. Dizelaši seem similar to gopniks. Listening to turbo folk rn haha

Kek I guess so

Well, none of my relatives between 18 and 60 were mobilized, and I haven't heard about such cases among my acquaintances, except for those who went by their own will either in territorial defense or army (not everyone was accepted tho). Judging from your friend's age, he's still in high school/college, is he going to enroll at a university? As far as I know, full-time students aren't mobilized.

That's a Russian brand that makes author clothing "with national-patriotic, monarchical, and church-orthodox symbols", and it's advertisement for their socks and t-shirts too I guess. I've seen something similar months before and it's been mentioned in the comments - their previous/older line of clothes was named Je Suis Donbass, and many people were bewildered by commercial photoshoot back then, too. They like to shoot children in mini shorts for some reason, people find it pedophilic and weird, I think that was the author's implication as well, nothing specific.

No. 1517340

>baked goods
Look at this bourgeoise, being able to afford butter and other ingredients for baking

No. 1517377

I still pirate everything nona. The times of (pirated) CDs were so romantic. There was this little store, absolutely inconspicuous, at the local biggest book market, owned by two alt dudes that could recommend something and turn it on for you. So many steps to simply find something new, and yet I miss the whole process hehe. It's so easy now but the magic is gone. I especially appreciated MP3 CDs with whole discographies and sometimes other bands of the same genre, and those would cost 2-3 dollars. I didn't have much pocket money but what I had was enough to buy something new once or twice a month.

No. 1517448

? Half of these countries do get better quality goods kek sucks to be you

No. 1517465

File: 1678224310837.png (538.78 KB, 589x551, castle.png)

So what's everyone's opinion on westerners who idealize Eastern Europe for being more "based & trad"? I'm not really a tradwife type but my country keeps importing every stupid woke american fad and we are already painfully naive bleeding-hearts to begin with. So I lowkey envy Eastern European people because they seem more normal and grounded.

No. 1517498

Based & trad always seems like codeword terms for sexist and homophobic to me. Or what else do they mean?

No. 1517567

Low wages and harsh life keep tender snowflakes and their ideas away. Being
> painfully naive bleeding-heart
is a privilege granted by social security. You may disagree "muh country is shit and xyz is shit and government greedy stealing money reeeeeee!" but you have never been, not even poor, but a median-income person in EE country. To care about outsiders you need security guarantees and a lot of spare resources.

No. 1517808

What are Slovenian women like?

No. 1517829

I feel like westerners just see us as cheaper fuckdolls. They have this illusion similar to the illusions about asian women being mail order brides. I have noticed men importing western incel logic here and I hate it, in yugoslavia people made a big deal out of international women's day (8 mart) and my dad still respects those traditions and gets us all flowers, but zoomer boys act like Andrew Tate.

Yeah, I know international women's day was imported from russia basically to celebrate female workforce but I still find it sweet. I'm not idealizing older generations, every generation has its bunch of lowlife wife beaters but with the internet I noticed post-2000 kids are just copying the culture they see online. They had a black lives matter protest when our biggest group of immigrants is asian…

No. 1517836

that's a very accurate description, the talk about you with the same regressive stereotypes as they do with asians just with white bodies

No. 1517837

Also with that last part I mean that asian workers are abused and starved in factory work camps but people will sooner stand in solidarity with a country across the ocean

No. 1517839

I'm from czechia and I'm sorry ukrainanonnies but your scrotes fucking suck. I've never been assaulted by anyone but Ukraine scrotes that immigrated here. Just a few moments ago some ukrainian-speaking scrote straight up grabbed my leg and knee when I was waiting for a bus, half a year ago two of them went and grabbed my ass and run away shouting shit at me. They also catcall the most. Is that normal in your country or did we get your trash? I'm starting to understand boomers being so against immigration. Shame we can't only help women.

No. 1517882

Not Ukrainian but why the fuck these moids are not fighting in the war? Feels like if you are 18-40 and male you should be definitely defending your country right now instead of squatting somewhere else.
I am glad my town only got female and children refugees, I wish only females and children got granted refugee status overall tbh moids have no business leaving their country if it's at war. Also they cause most if not all issues anyway. Last year I helped with some Christmas event for Ukranian refugees on my city hall and there were only women and kids, it was amazing.

No. 1517886

No way tu iš Kauno….

No. 1517896

I feel like the one that grabbed my knee today might have been right under 18. Shocking how young scrotes start being degenerate.
The odler two might have immigrated before war, they usually do road work or construction here, or they could have feigned illness or whatever to cross.
Ukrainian women are great though.

No. 1517939

File: 1678266570416.png (572.46 KB, 740x910, unknown.png)

you bet

No. 1517997

damn i thought lolcow is pretty niche and no way there's a possibility that we have lithuanian nonas.. well thats awesome lol

No. 1518035

retarded of you to assume the post was written by any of the nations mentioned

No. 1518048

Rye bread is good, but I always feel like it turns into a heavy solid clump or a stone in my stomach.
>team whole-grain for life

No. 1518169

Any Bulgarian nonnies here?

No. 1518477

File: 1678313089014.jpg (92.7 KB, 1140x620, kyiv cake.jpg)

Idk anon, you probably mean there's no trans hysteria or something, and while I agree that it's good and hope there won't be anything like that in the future, sadly, it goes hand in hand with a general lack of progressivism which is a result of lower quality of life: there're always other issues to deal with. People don't go crazy with human rights activism and wokeness because overall situation with human rights is worse compared to West.
Regarding idealization, so far, I've only seen western scrotes and alt-rights that praise Eastern Europe for all the wrong reasons, and it's mostly based on stereotypes and generalizations anyway, plus, they tend to lump EE countries together, so, I suspect, they basically refer to Russia, its anti-western rhetoric and laws regarding "gay agenda" and domestic violence, which fucking suck, or think that its conservatard/domostroy freaks, like Sterlingov and Dugin, represent common sentiments among the population.
I don't really see what's so trad about EE countries. I'm too lazy to look into statistics, but I doubt that there're much less divorces or single-mother households in EE, so it's hardly the last bulwark of family values as some people think. In Russia, they even joke that there're already lots of same-sex "couples" with children, implying there're lots of single/divorced mothers that raise children with the help of grandma. It's not that different in Ukraine, as far as I can judge. Pretty sure there're also highest numbers of children that end up in orphanages (in Europe) and more child abuse in general.
Wouldn't say that people are much more religious here, too. In Ukraine, I feel like only western part has more religious people, both orthodox and catholic, which doesn't necessarrily mean they're raging retrogrades tho.
People are more sexist on average for sure, more lookist toward women, more homophobic, but I feel like there's been a gradual shift in views towards more progressive ones in recent years, even among older generations. Still, people in general are very different but I'd say only a minority has truly traditional views, and I've never actually seen a "trad" family or a woman that strives for such life. Yeah, there're pick-mes just like anywhere else, there're women that put up with various shenanigans and abuse from men because of poverty, low self-esteem and poor boundaries, there're women that do most cooking and cleaning on top of working full-time - not because they enjoy it, but because they were tricked into believing that their husbands/bfs are inept and helpless. Still, they're just regular women, not tradwives from someone's wet dreams.

We have our own flavor of wokeness here in Ukraine though, hehe, people criticize and condemn Russian culture now (which I can understand, ok) and many Russian-speaking ones fully switch to Ukrainian, which is also ok, but it makes some of them haughty af. At least that's what I see on the internet. Some of them feel morally superior to Russian-speaking Ukrainians and ascribe ridiculous beliefs and opinions to them, basically stating that they're pro-Russian. Such attitude, strong desire to lecture others and virtue signalling reminds me of twitter woke culture. I don't really talk to people irl and I just hope it's not that popular among "thinking youth".

Damn nonnie, I'm sorry. It's hard for me to say how normal it is though, but yeah, it happens. I'd get catcalled and grabbed much more when I was a teen, it doesn't happen that often anymore but some men love to violate physical boundaries by making "gentleman gestures" (and react like idiots when you try to avoid it) and think it's really important for you to know what they think about your looks. I don't usually hear anything vulgar but it's all just really uncalled-for. From what I heard, our teen scrotes can be pretty handsy (although I don't remember anything like that in my high school, thank god).


Z vosmym bereznia, nonnie and other nonnas!
Picrel is what my mom and I got for it from my dad. We're more into this kind of flowers.

No. 1518559

Omg I'm going to Lithuania in a few months… I should buy a cow print top to wear to signal that I'm a farmer kek

No. 1518600

THERE'S MORE THAN 1 OF LITHANONS HERE!?! OMG I thought I was the only one… kaip smagu! Gyvenu užsienyje, taip norisi susirast draugių bet čia lietuvių nė kvapo. Atsibodo pastoviai angliškai kalbėt

No. 1518767

Kolkas mes dviese manau čia hehe bet kaip fainaiii ahhh

No. 1518906

File: 1678355171159.jpg (91.44 KB, 1470x1040, 1539127890718.jpg)

Aš taip pat, smagu rasti lietuvių had ir kur esi. Pradedu pamiršti kalbą, kartais liūdnai jaučiasi.

No. 1518924

File: 1678356776682.png (838.74 KB, 710x674, pirate meme.png)

My replacement 10TB torrenting stratchdisk came in the mail today. The old one died after I forgot to ventilate it so it was left running at 70 degrees + for the last four months, lol. Can't wait to pirate another $25,000 worth of content.

I will pay for nothing, and I will be happy!

Pirate stacies, huzzar

No. 1518926

File: 1678356970360.png (46.96 KB, 1200x789, bulgaria.png)

No. 1518937

File: 1678358260566.png (516.73 KB, 1920x2182, Coat_of_arms_of_Lithuania.svg …)

make that three :3

No. 1518941

čau more

No. 1519381

Is this hello or hell no

No. 1519406

four, kas daugiau? greetings to all kaunanonitas in particular.

No. 1519414

Eina sau, fainaaa!! Tuoj užkariausim lolkarvytę, haha
Reiškiasi turime viena kitą palaikyti, anonyte! Jeigu nieko prieš, galiu paklaust kur dabar gyveni? Labai toli nuo Lietuvos?

No. 1519416

Nea, aš Alytaunonita lol

No. 1519445

It's hello I'm pretty sure

No. 1519814

Darom Kauno meet! kiek kam metu btw? visad jauciuos per sena but lolcow…

No. 1519830

Thank you! I wasn't sure haha
Здравей бг нони

No. 1519845


No. 1519848

I thought those flat 'pancakes' was an exclusively American thing?

Top kek.

Super smart. Mind you, I only met one.

>They had a black lives matter protest when our biggest group of immigrants is asian…
This is how astroturf works.

No. 1519863

File: 1678439370775.png (32.23 KB, 250x250, mgvanl-250x250w.png)

Netoli, Anglijoje. Neturiu kur/pas ką sugrįžti tai nebuvus atgal jau virš dešimtmečio. Pasiilgau Kauno!
prajuokino haha
Nėra tokio dalyko kaip per sena, negalvok taip!

No. 1519894

File: 1678445601339.jpg (377.64 KB, 1000x666, beer-image.jpg)

cheers from your slovak cousin!

No. 1519934

Russia is Europe but uncanny valley, liminal space Europe. For sure it is not an Asian culture, nor does it have a a defined cultural/civilizational identity of its own (neither Asian nor European), like Kavkaz or Turkey. Anything in Russian history and culture that predates the USSR is European in nature. Civilizationally speaking it is a European culture whether it wants it or not.

No. 1519953

I wish more Slavs realised that the only way for us to be prosperous and treated with respect is to align with each other. Our cultures are almost identical, our languages are basically dialects of proto-Slavic. Ukrainians are fucking retards for resisting "annexation" and trying to align themselves with the EU. EU will never recognize them as equals, westoids will never respect them. All Slavs are essentially Russians. Russia is the purest Slavic country, Russia is the mother of all Slavs and Pan-Slavism is the only way forward. We need a Pan-Slavic union, not the EU or any other shit. America is not our friend, neither is Germany and the EU. Russia is the only country we should be aligning ourselves with.(khorosho, gandon! racebaiting)

No. 1519972

What is Asian in Russian culture though? The tea drinking? Taking off your shoes when you enter the house?

No. 1519987

File: 1678456084736.gif (24.02 KB, 237x225, gtfo.gif)

Fuck off moid

No. 1520007

File: 1678458029537.jpg (128.51 KB, 714x939, varškėčiai.JPG)

O, kiek lietuvių!

No. 1520008

Weird take. Russia is a vast country and naturally different parts of it have different culture. But it's not like theres no defined identity at all, there's just a variety to it

No. 1520016

Do you feel like your taste in men (or women) differs from the western farmers?

No. 1520030

Well, what's European in it then? Considering that we were pretty closed off from Europe before Peter the great and are still decades behind European progress to this day

No. 1520035

I didn't say it was a European culture. I asked what Asian influences there are in the culture.

No. 1520084

File: 1678464640565.jpg (257.79 KB, 1140x1361, il_1140xN.4647400178_if0d.jpg)

lithanons itt, are picrel any good? i shan't ask about the pussy or dick flavored ones.

No. 1520093

The WHAT now

No. 1520103

File: 1678465122231.jpg (1.31 MB, 4000x3000, gagxkg32ptia1.jpg)

ok i guess i shall ask then

No. 1520375

I know this person is a retard but i heard people discuss panslavism before, even if it wasn't envolving russia it's not a good idea. What i understood from folktales is that slavic tribes split for a reason. We maybe speak the same but we all want something different in life, that's why we made so many different countries… and it's okay. It wouldn't make sence to change it because the repeating fractal of time would make us split again anyway if you excuse my psychonautism. I think we should befreind countries on goals and values not genetics.

No. 1520378

Their system of government - tsar/emperor. Shameless colonialism to this very day. Very Chinese.

No. 1520379

Fuck off, Russian bot.

No. 1520382

No. The preference for anime boys knows no borders.

No. 1520389

I don't know whose worse in this story, 13 year old diaspora edgelords making reddit memes or the literal trannies that got offended and shut it down

No. 1520391

Well, I do like some body hair on men but only if they have a nice muscly torso. I also like women tall and thick.

No. 1520396

I've been looking forward to a thread like this!

No. 1520403

File: 1678477587379.jpg (51.48 KB, 600x516, 55a2a58ae8bec1afca20477fd24f85…)

kakuv e shansaaaa

No. 1520528

Not really, but how can you tell when specifically western farmer posts a picture though. Would be interesting to compare knowing nationalities of posters

No. 1520563

do they make you show your passport to buy those
We had limited edition of local (ukr) chips for men and women - "manly" and "tender" in blue/pink bags, first taste was meaty, and the second one was sour cream and dill or something like that. I thought it was quite ridiculous, but pussy and dick tastes for chips make sense to me tbh

No. 1520567

anon please please please try to find a picture of them. that is hilarious

No. 1520617

curious, what are they holding?

No. 1520631

the national pride of bulgaria - YOGURT

No. 1520688

the pink soup ones are really good, i think the best of chazz brand, but i got pretty pissed off when they released the dick and pussy flavored ones for 10 euro per bag lol. quite moid-y behaviour

No. 1520692

Drink of the Gods

No. 1520746

Hahaha kolko valnuvashto! Bqh sigurna che she ima bg nonita

No. 1520764

File: 1678523946713.jpg (93.87 KB, 650x541, 850496286457.jpg)

Its a thing of the past, Eastern Europe is fallowing in Western Europe's steps at a fast pace, demographic situation has become irreversible, the generation that was supposed to make children emigrated. The EU is going to finish what USSR couldn't accomplish with deportations, cultural genocide and extreme poverty.

No. 1520775

I think it will depend, even with third world countries the upper class has become more and more insufferably westernized and out of touch with their own nation, but to the reality of our economics results in the masses still remaining similar with superficial western influence(mostly music and aesthetic, plus no one knows how the war and clear Russian threat will change the path of the mono-culture of the region as a whole

No. 1520776

Bulgarian looks like my drunk texts full of typos (am croatian)

No. 1520793

How did you find lolcow, nonnie? (other eastern european anons please answer too!)
Ponekad bi baš htjela da znam više hrvatica s kojima mogu shittalkati lol

No. 1520800

NTA but I used to browse /cgl/ in 2011 until the drama ban and then found out about lc some time later, I skipped the stamina rose phase and I eventually found myself on here, maybe through PULL.

Imaš jedan discord server na crystal cafe friend finder threadu koji ti je nekako pun hrvatica i imale smo jedan meetup u Zagrebu ako te zanima. Planiramo se opet naci sljedeci mjesec.

No. 1520803

I was always into internet gossip and naturally it led me here. I'd always google "name" + lolcow to find dirt on people I didn't like kek. And you?
I ja, makar me malo strah balkanskih nonnica

No. 1520806

Oooh, nice. Nisam nimalo blizu zagreba ali možda provjerim discord.

I found it via 4chan and permanently moved here, for the better lol

No. 1520810

>NTA but I used to browse /cgl/ in 2011 until the drama ban and then found out about lc some time later, I skipped the stamina rose phase and I eventually found myself on here, maybe through PULL.

haha isto kao ja

No. 1520823

Вечір в хату, нона.
Same, but with Ukraine lol. So many people found out about my country after 24.02 and now anyone need to give their shit takes about EE politics. I know a lot of very good people who help my country, which I'm infinitely grateful for, but there are also a lot of guys who treat the whole war as if it's some TV show where you pick one side and fan over it (NAFO and Western Ztards alike). Like, calm down, dude, it's not Star Wars, people are actually dying here.
Next time just pepper spray him or kick him in the balls. He would be too much of a pussy to tell the police he was beaten by a woman. On other hand, I have a story to tell about how I was creeper on by some nasty dude. So, I was walking by the hospital, but found some dude sitting near by with his head in his hands, just squatting on the ground. I thought it was weird and asked him if he was okay. He told me he was hit and now felt terrible and wanted to get to the hospital and he was lost. I told him I can walk him there and talk to the doctors. All was fine, I let him lean on my shoulder and we went there, talk to the doctors, but at the last minute he starts acting normal, as if nothing happened at all, and says he doesn't doctor's help. I was like, uh, okay, whatever, I'm going home. I went out quickly and noticed he is following me. I tried to walk even quicker and he was following me still. Eventually I stopped and ask what the hell was his problem, so he started very persistently asking for my number. So I run away from him through an unknown neighborhood until he lost me.
Phew, that was one annoying scrote. And he faked a head injury to stalk me.
Fuck off, really.

No. 1520824

so do you have any relatives fighting in the war, are you worried for their lives ?
I had relatives that fought in my country's war but it was a minor conflict, this is a full scale war

No. 1520834

My father is a little bit wrong in the head and has multiple unhealed injuries to serve. It's genetical, lol, cause I'm bipolar, so I can't serve too (I entertained myself with an idea to serve in the army too, since I'm a doctor and can at least shuffle papers at Dnipro, but I need to be near a trusted psychiatrist to keep myself in check, and I think bipolar people are not able to serve in the army anyway). My brother was from Mariupol and he told me a lot of horror stories about this place, but he has a "bronya" from his work place, so he is safe. My uncle, who is an orthopedic surgeon, got into military as a surgeon, cause he really wanted to get experience dealing with that sort of injuries which is actually very valued.
Outside of that, I usually deal with injured soldiers from the frontlines who get sorted in our clinic from Dnipro and Odessa. My field is internal medicine though, so we mostly get guys with concussion or something similar.

No. 1520837

ah cool, didn't know this! cheers anons

No. 1520840

still I pray for your and their safety, my father was talking about how this conflict will change everything cause this is a "true war" other then a glorified border skirmish that our country had, in the past 75 years of conflict between my nation and India only 5000 soldiers have died
he's an ex-military officer and says the war in Ukraine will change everything and we are already seeing its effects

No. 1520901

Hahahah hello croatian nonnie! I get it, sometimes i feel the same way for other slavic languages. We normally use the Cyrillic alphabet but i can see why you would feel like like that when we use the latin alphabet.

Hello nonnie! This is actually the first and only board i have used. And i lurked in the crystal cafe bunker threads a little, when the site was down. I'm almost sure i got here when i here when i was searching about the woman faking heterochromia, Sarah something i don't remember her name, googled her, started reading at PULL and someone shared a link for her thread here but at first i didn't get how anything here works lol but then i heard about dasha and mine and after googling them i got here and never left. I was fascinated and disgusted and yet i couldn't stop reading haha

I have mostly lurked, but i've posted some relevant screenshots in a few threads

No. 1520903

File: 1678544668158.jpg (753.87 KB, 1366x768, f3e586ae5f59252efeaa390de70397…)

Haha here it is, nona. The "female" chips are dill and butter, not sour cream though (very important clarification)

I don't remember what exactly I was looking for, but it was related to Shoe. I probably started getting her & Co more often in my yt recs so I wanted to learn more about them, got lc in the results and looked into some other threads and found them amusing too. I would always follow a couple or more personal or mildly popular cows, but started getting sick of the old ones and had no one to laugh with at them anymore, so it was nice to find a board like that, moreover, many nonas here have similar tastes and worldview and it was easy to relate to them. Really liked that it's not male-infested as other imageboards: never used those for this reason.

Гей-гей, нона!! Нарешті ще хтось з України! Дуже круто, що ти допомагаєш нашим військовим і не тільки. Щодо Маріуполя, це пиздець як важко і боляче, можу тільки уявити як твоєму братові. Іноді, проїжджаючи вулицями Києва, мимоволі уявляю як тут відбувається те ж саме, і хочеться плакати від люті. Сподіваюсь, що у тебе, брата та ваших близьких все буде добре ♥
Curious to know how you found lc too, if it's not a secret hehe

No. 1520912

Лол, дякую, що нагадала про ці чіпси. Ніби артефакт з минулого. Я якраз купила собі пачку сухариків флінт і згадала, що раніше в них ще були якісь фішки, пазли і приколи. В мене була ціла купа цих піратських фішок і здається вони були мерчем для піратів карибського моря. Взагалі мене оці всі чіпсони і снеки переносять в кращі часи, коли найбільшею політичною проблемою в нашій країні було те, що азіров знову якусь смішну фігню сказанув.
>Curious to know how you found lc too, if it's not a secret hehe
I actually was a Kiwi Farms regular before, but the atmosphere there started to turn me off. I think it's a big problem with "free speech" sites, that we get a lot of people who get driven off from mainstream social media for all the good reasons. The occasional but very noticeable autism leaks from the autistic thuderdome really annoyed me, so I left KF for good for LC. Although I still browse some threads on my favorite cows. Unfortunately, Chris' you-know-what drew a lot of people who really turned me off from the website.

No. 1520948

I came here because of the one and only Lillee Jean and i gotta thank her for that, i appreciate this site. It has so much beauté in the freedom and even if we fight sometimes it still feels like home.

No. 1520952

>Взагалі мене оці всі чіпсони і снеки переносять в кращі часи, коли найбільшею політичною проблемою в нашій країні було те, що азіров знову якусь смішну фігню сказанув.
Тааааак! Тепер часто згадую про усілякі дрібниці з тих і давніших часів, і просто тупо хочеться повернутися в ту безтурботність. Про фішки щось подібне пригадую, так. Для мене один з найприємніших спогадів це коли під кришечками коли, фанти і спрайту можна було знайти приз і це часто була безкоштовна маленька пляшка будь-якого напою. Такі кришечки траплялись дуже часто і ми з сестрою потім загрібали купу тих напоїв, лол. Таких атракціонів щедрості більше не буває
>I think it's a big problem with "free speech" sites
Yeah, I agree. It's a shame idiots ruined KF for you

No. 1520953

I saw LeafyIsHere's video rant on Onision back in 2016, googled Onision to find out more and ended up on his thread in /pt/

No. 1520957

I also found it through Onision drama back in 2016-ish

No. 1520989

File: 1678552856961.jpeg (25.29 KB, 490x400, EADA2271-A46B-418F-968E-CED804…)

One more of us I fear.. Într-un ceas bun nonnitas

No. 1521003

>So what's everyone's opinion on westerners who idealize Eastern Europe
There should be a program where they kidnap them along with ameritard russiaboos drop ship them in my shithole and we get to switch passports

No. 1521022

No please, we don't need slavaboos here. Let them rot in their moms basements.

Really, slavaboos are the worst. Think lolita girls who like to larp as teh trad Russian princess. But the moids are even worse. Fucking hate orthobros who switch to Orthodox only to own libs. What, just regular Catholic church is too unrefined for you? Fucking poser. Bonus points for reading Dostoyevsky, listening to Tsoy and Kino and thinking that drinking kefir makes you special. I have a fucking aneurysm when I see one in the wild.

No. 1521024

Your post reminds me just how isolated I am from any slav popculture. Here in the south our musical scene died and there's not really any movies or shows. The most slav thing I did in my life is participate in kolinje.

No. 1521036

>Here in the south our musical scene died and there's not really any movies or shows.
nta but samefag absolutely nothing going on where I live either. everything is even more expensive too because inflation because war kek

No. 1521044

At first I thought that kolinje was something similar to kolyada, but after googling it I'm like "oh whew, okay". I didn't live in the countryside but I went hunting with my dad, so I know a lot of stuff about butchering and cooking wild game and also how to clean guns and care after them. Still shoot terribly though.
Yep, the prices are killing me too. I barely can afford groceries now, buying some fancy stuff is out of question. I wanted to start reading paper books a while ago, but after looking at the prices I'm thinking that e-books are better anyway (and they are free if you "buy" them on libgen kek). Also bananas are fucking expensive. I bought like a kilo of them every other day before, but know it's like a luxury food. Same with eggs and any meat that is not chicken.

No. 1521049

WTF is this.

No. 1521057

So any of you worried your nations will fall into dictatorship ? My nation possibly might be getting taken over by the military

No. 1521059

What country are you from?
I'm more worried about WW3 or some major economic crisis or even whole society collapsing, Bronze Age style. The future is looking bleak for sure.

No. 1521080

File: 1678559968162.jpg (56.84 KB, 1280x720, ffe3cebeefd126ab6c30acaafd4f54…)

God I hate it so much too


No. 1521090

should have mentioned not from EE, but from Pakistan and things aren't looking good here, though its been 20 years since the last military dictatorship(and it was a hands-off dictatorship as well) so don't know how'd the current generation would react
just curious regarding Eastern Europe since Democracy is declining globally and poorer regions/regions near conflict zones tend to become dictatorships faster

No. 1521104

it is annoying when people think that russia is white and slavic. we have a lot of different nationalities living in the country. other than that, i have no opinion on them. i dont think that many people idealize it to be honest

No. 1521120

Keep safe, nonnie. As I said, the whole world is going to shit with each and every day. We all have all the reasons to worry of what will come next. Although I wouldn't say it would be far worse in third world that in first world. Let's face it, we lived in a shithole for our whole lives, what's the point of whining that it would more of a shithole? If you are clever, you can survive anything. Dictarships, wars, carpet bombing, famine or whatever. I know a lot of people who survived in absolutely extraordinary circumstances and they weren't some crazy survivalists, just ordinary people. So, honestly, whatever. The most important thing is thinking about your security and making a good plan in case everything will go to shit.

No. 1521135

dictatorship is vastly different, cause it's an entire narion being run based on the will on sometimes just one man or a small group of men
Shit actually happens in dictatorships, both good and bad, you just you get a decent leader in charge

But it's like you said, it's either collapse or dictatorship

No. 1521214

File: 1678569433371.jpg (83.34 KB, 800x534, deroony.jpg)

Had these for dinner. My love

No. 1521228

Sometimes i fell like i wouldnt mind a good dictator. Someone who can give a country a goal..because what i see now, the problem of democracy is the lack of a bigger goal. One party wins and tries to work on their goals, fine, but the goals are always small and short term. Next couple of years another party wins, destroys the stuff the first party did and sets up completley different goals. We never get anywhere really, there is no focus.
The goal in my mind should be an economic goal, to be a country that does one special thing on a big scale and you need more than 4 (or something like that) years to establish that.

No. 1521236

I ain't no slavaboo but man I love all your weird sodas that we don't get here in the states, like tarragon and birch beer. Except kvass, I really can't stand kvass.

No. 1521291

a lot of people around me in croatia hate everything serbian so i just wanna write that i love serbian movies and art and i am really dissapointed at croatian television how shit so many of our shows are like južni vetar is not really my taste but it's a million times better than whatever is playing on nova tv

No. 1521310

I don't hate Serbia and I have family there, but I think that for my generation (94-96) everything is a total blank and I find that kind of interesting. Like, we were not taught a single thing about serbia in school and teachers avoided everything local because they didn't want to get accussed of propaganda. My own family is just apolitical and experienced enough bullshit from all sides.

Also for croatian nonnies: I think Krleža was a total piece of shit incel and there aren't many people I can complain to lmfao
>was seething at Zagorka and insulting her
>all his fucking mommy issues in his novels and him killing off any mature woman
>Povratak Filipa Latinovića = mommy issues the novel, peaking at his portrait of his mother as a whore

No. 1521535

I agree to an extent, liberal democracy is not the end and all and be all, its just a system enforced by the american world order
Dictatorship has issues but forcing "democracy" on nations that don't have the basic building blocks for democratic principles never works out right

I think some period of dictatorial rule is required for a nation to have foundation and stability at least, then you have democracy

No. 1521553

>One party wins and tries to work on their goals, fine

They don't even do that. A political parties only concern is re-election and maximum embezzlement while in power.

No. 1521570

This is case for most of the world, its just different parasites fighting each other over who can the most blood from the nation

No. 1521634

I hated Krleža so much in high school when I had to read his books, although at the time I thought it was because I wasn't much of a reader and was a lazy student kek. Gospoda Glembajevy felt pretentious with every second phrase being in french or german. Čisto izdrkavanje. Povratak Filipa Latinovića, as you said, mommy issues the novel and I was bored to death with Filip's internal conflict. Also the fact that we were taught how his mother was evil for kicking him out for sleeping with prostitutes even though she herself was a prostitute and she "ironically" took him to church… Čak mi je i esej na maturi bio u vezi te knjige

No. 1521700

Wow I didn't browse lolcow for a while and now we have an east euro thread, that's neat.
I guess I can rant here, I'm from an ex-yu country and I feel like we have just been in a steady decline ever since we gained independence. Our govt is literally just an endless rotation of leeches and thieves who just want to take money and havent invested anything for the betterment of the people, and my people are so dead inside because of it. Literally I've been to serbia and bosnia and even you guys there have more spirit and hopefulness than we do and my country is just slowly eroding until nothing will be left.
The saddest part is I love the place and I would love to live in a village near nature somewhere but I feel like it's pointless to have that goal since my country wont even exist for much longer.

No. 1521711

I love these so much, if I had to pick one thing to eat until the end of my days, it may be them

No. 1522039

File: 1678649741417.gif (155.11 KB, 480x480, hf.gif)

Anon, I always say the same thing!

No. 1522665

File: 1678711789003.png (43.7 KB, 500x400, 1337378035383.png)

I am not a nationalist, and I met many absolute retards from my country who are sexist and racist brutes. But on the other hand I am tired of western sensibilities and the way cushy upper middle class essayist youtubers talk over us and how zoomers are more focused on importing american politics than beating up the politicians who stole millions from the european union that was supposed to help the citizens.

My bf's family moved around a lot after the war so he doesn't feel like he has a country and when our online friends on discord are being stupid he just doesn't listen to them. But I feel annoyed when some chick is ranting how buying hogwarts legacy is wrong while I have to worry about my parents healthcare.

No. 1522728

Be blunt with them. "Its nice that your biggest worry in life is people buying a game about being a wizard." And if you have to make it personal "…while im over here, hoping my mom and dad dont fall or get sick because the country im in isnt luxe enough to have them covered. I wish my biggest worry was discouraging people from playing a harmless videogame." Then leave. Forcing yourself to listen to them will compound your sorrow and stress.

No. 1522857

Are there any Romani farmers here?

No. 1522863

I'm not Romani but I would like to share this awesome Romani style song with lolcow

No. 1522866

I like this one, some may know it as Đurđevdan

No. 1523233

I think this sort of brain rot is only prevalent on big cities. I don't know any westernized libs from smaller places. Also I see people like that only in upper-middle class families. It's very ironic that any liberal influencer who shills for that sort of stuff is usually very rich and probably learned that stuff from foreign universities where they studied, thanks to mommy's and daddy's money. If not, they probably work for some foreign company or at least have a lot of money to travel abroad regularly. At the very least, they are usually some hard-core NEETs who spend all their free time on western websites like tumblr and learnt all that stuff to blend in, forgetting their local culture on the way. Like, seriously every libfem is like a fucking alien who was dropped in Eastern Europe by a saucer and now they try they best to blend in.
Ironically, neo-nazis who are usually very anti-western actually have a point. The irony…

No. 1524275

Einam į pasimatymą, nona <3

No. 1526640

File: 1679137113549.jpeg (47.79 KB, 600x600, 145C532F-542B-49FD-9B78-95B5DC…)

Thank you Bulgaria!!

No. 1526648

Good thing is you can just be tell them off and majority will applause you.

No. 1526703

Haha you are very welcome anon! I don't make cheese/сирене but I'm always happy to see my country mentioned because of something actually nice, we mostly get mentioned for being the first ones - but in the worst statistics kek like corruption or suicide rates

No. 1526772

I appreciate that Roma/gypsies exist, no matter what problems their communities may sometimes cause. We need more individuals that give the government and social norms the big, fat finger with a 'fuck you' smile on the face. Being asocial and unswayed by the majority is what should be valued in this day and age.

No. 1526773

>give the government the big, fat finger
They literally always vote for the ruling party, every election

No. 1526808


>but in the worst statistics kek like corruption or suicide rates

I will never get this. Bulgarians are bent on talking about their country like it is a third-world shithole. Last time I visited, I literally had a woman on a train vent to me for an hour straight about how bad it is there, the moment she heard I live abroad. They should just be dropped off in India or Zimbabwe and see how much of a "shithole" their country is then. They are so sheltered and idealistic when it comes to their view of other countries that it is embarrassing and the reason why their situation at home will never improve.

No. 1526867

Except the social norms they give a middle finger is not attacking innocent bystanders, not catcalling women and not stealing

No. 1526901

File: 1679162928600.png (38.12 KB, 384x599, 384px-Black_White_N.png)

Why does it look like N

No. 1526905

File: 1679163078642.jpg (18.17 KB, 640x360, AIassbitch.jpg)

you typing this

No. 1526929

Ah yes gotta appreciate incredibly mysoginistic communities

No. 1527849

They pull girls out of middle school and force them to marry

No. 1527879

What is this post even? Roma suck dick to anybody who gives them free money, that's not antisocial or admirable that's just stupid monkey behaviour. The problems they cause matter way more than them being edgy to make some antigoverment point.

Sorry had to edit it… stupid small phone

No. 1527931

File: 1679217351453.jpg (54.11 KB, 720x607, Screenshot_20230319_104526_Chr…)

I ment from the EU countries kek I'm sure there are worse countries. Here the corruption is very bad, it's in every government branch and they steal as much as they can. The place is beautiful ofc but it's telling that for years the biggest foreign investments in the country were money from Bulgarians living abroad, sending them to their families. Everyone has someone from their families living abroad. Here you could make somr business, make it work, make it profitable and then the mafia will come and tell you this is our business now and if you don't want to sell it on loss to them, they will start sending you and your family threats or they will light it up on fire. Mafia, prosecution and the government are very intertwined. Here the labour is very cheap, the taxes for corporations too and yet almost no big company wants to come here - there is a reason.
Though, i do have a lot of rights, compared to women in other places, i work monday to friday, i almost don't spend money on anything else than necessities, haven't been on vacation since 2014, my salary isn't the lowest, but isn't the highest either and I can't even buy a parking spot in the neighborhood i work in and that isn't even the most expensive neighborhood.
For reference, yearly i make around 6600 euro, after the taxes, the parking spot is 25 000 euro, not to mention if i wanted to buy an apartment, ofc they are more expensive. And I'm 30 almost

No. 1527946

File: 1679220700357.jpeg (53.64 KB, 771x657, 1f8b0c19-acb8-446b-96fd-65b470…)

honey, i've shrunk the politicar

No. 1527947

>yearly i make around 6600 euro
wow I had no idea that the salary gap between EU countries is that big. I make that in around 3 months and my salary is way below the median.

No. 1527959

Where are u from anon?
Bulgarian lev is 1.97 for 1 euro, so i roughly calculated that, i get 1100 leva montly (after taxes) and once i again i should say I'm not even considered poor by our standarts, but as i already have said, that money goes mostly for utilities/food and that kind of stuff. I hate shopping anyways, so i shop only like when I'm in a desperate need of something, i buy clothes very rarely, lol my first cousins live in the us and i actually wear a lot of my female cousin's leftovers (in the sense that her mom buys her a lot of stuff and sometimes i get the ones she didn't like) and stuff like that. I'm very happy and lucky that i live in an apartment owned by a family member, so I don't have to pay to a landlord and such. Don't get me wrong, i have money for the necessities, i eat, pay the bills and have roof over my head but i definitely understand why people go abroad - as i mentioned i have family in the us, by the us standard they are probably around lower to middle working class (something like me here) and yet their ability to buy/do stuff is way bigger than mine, if that makes sense. I understand why that many people leave and i too understand why foreigners think people here i overreacting - it's very nice if you come here on a vacation, it's a beautiful country, seaside, mountains and a lot of other beautiful sights, relatively safe country too, cheap for foreigners, nice for a few days, but when you are born here it is a different story. I have talked with a lot of bulgarians living abroad and they always express they want to come back living here, but it's not viable to come back and keep living the same lifestyle as they are used to living abroad.
Not to mention the inflation rising and the fact that my salary isn't rising, like at all.
I get the sentiment that this isn't the worst situation, i can admit that, but also i have to restrict myself from buying anything just so i don't fuck my budget

No. 1527962

Never seen a westerner take any kind of interest in eastern europe or know enough about us to stereotype EE women.
Western zoomers and millennials especially have no knowledge whatsoever about eastern europe, nor are they curious to learn. They're obsessed with east asia though as asian elements are a huge part of zoomer and millennial culture. Where the hell do you all meet those western "slavaboos", most westerners can't even name a single eastern euro country

very true about the incel rhetoric eastern euro men are adopting and it's annoying as fuck. They all worship andrew tate like he's the second coming of christ even though andrew tate is a westerner that talks about things that have nothing to do with us KEK. Not only dad but Tate came to eastern europe to exploit it and these cucked romanian boys worship him while he prostitutes their girlfriends/sisters

I'd say eastern european women have it the worst when it comes to men: they're the most unattractive, it's considered "gay" to take care of yourself as a man, theyre not pretty to begin with but they also let themselves go and go bald and fat, they're extremely entitled, they're incel-minded, misogynistic as fuck, embrace western douchebag ideologies like andrew tate, just all around awful. Western men are soy boys but you can find some decent attractive men among them. Not the case here

No. 1527965

I'm the Bulgarian from before and can confirm that here guys think it's gay to take care of you and almost every guy i know has had a "beer gut" since the middle of his 20s

No. 1527968

I wrote the post you quoted and I'm Bulgarian too
Bulgarian men suck

No. 1527970

to make matters worse, eastern european women are taught to take care of themselves from a young age, the importance of being a beautiful woman, no "fatphobic" western narratives here, so you're competing with swathes of extremely attractive women for the VERY few attractive men

No. 1527973

Zdravei Noni! I wasn't sure if you are romanian or from another country kek. But what you wrote is completely true, i stand behind your opinion, definitely seeing more and more incels (or at least sad guys adopting the incel point of view) and i can't believe how man doesn't see their hypocrisy or at least how deluded they are.
Few days ago, on twitter one guy said women don't take care of themselves and i was like what?? From everyone i know, mostly women take care of themselves, men rarely do anything, they just whine about women having a few kilogrammes more… But men have ridiculous beer guts and yet they always cry about "having standards" bla bla and "the wall"

Само за пример скоро разбрах, че Михаил Билалов е на годините на майка ми, аз си мислех че е поне на 70 top kek

No. 1527983

Damn sis, hate yourself less. We still have the tradition of flower gifting and worship international women's day since commie times.

No. 1527994

Slavaboos definitely exist, but it's more of an online edgy teen/young adult thing. You (used to?) have tons of them on 4chan, you also had the trend of teen girls posting aesthetic commie block tiktoks while molchat doma plays in the background.
It's more of a strictly online niche. It's usually tied to politics in some way, conservative trads will love eastern yuros because of our pure catholic/orthodox values and virginal beautiful women and tankies will love us because well we all used to be commies. Funny memes about removing kebab, adidas tracksuits, war crimes…

No. 1527998

March 8 is pointless, men are so annoying on that day. Like giving flowers to women is proof that they are oppressed by the matriarchy.

No. 1528016

Yeah and moids don't give a shit. Last week I heard some old scrote on the bus talking on the phone to someone 'joking' and laughing how instead of flowers he should give his wife a beating.

No. 1528027

I've actually encountered a Scandinavian who had a fetish for "slavic" women so there's that

No. 1528031

>the importance of being a beautiful woman
Unless by 'beautiful' you mean presentable and wearing clean clothes?

No. 1528049

I fucking hate it when muricans write something like "lol i don't understand a single word of this song but i vibe lmao" I really want to kill these people with a hammer.
Fucking muricans can never know what Молчат Дома sing about.

No. 1528053

Scrotes who fetishize easter european women should drink poison and die. They are basically the same kind of incels who think that asian women are docile waifus who will treat them like gods simply because they are moids from western counties.

No. 1528062

I'm from Finland so from the wealthy end of EU. I make around 2100 euros a month which is above the minimum but still not a huge amount as your average one-bedroom apartment in Helsinki costs approx. 800-1000 a month and most people living alone will have to spend at least 250 euros on food, nowadays maybe more with the prices rising. I'm living in a student condo with a roommate and thus am able to save more money, but I know for a fact that even most students these days want to rent a solo apartment.

Sorry for being a tourist in this thread, though geographically speaking Finland is way more in the East than most countries considered East Euro, I guess we're not really viewed as part of EE by others, either. Finns are super sensitive about this due to being the biggest ass lickers of the CCCP while also being a democracy back during the Cold War, so if you really want to upset Finns you just have to refer to Finland as Eastern European kek.

No. 1528068

File: 1679237110083.jpeg (5.5 KB, 206x245, jelena karleusa.jpeg)

no, not that anon. But there is a specific look thats popular there. Lots of fillers, kardashian/drag queen aesthetic, bleached hair and some of the tackiest clothes. Twig skinny body with fake boobs.

No. 1528079

File: 1679238386638.jpg (135.04 KB, 1920x1080, [mottoj] Asobi Asobase - 06 (B…)

Does any russian nonna know about this site, holywarsoo? I thought it was really cool, kinda like russian lolcow, but damn. Why is every single woman there either a radfem-hating libfem handmaiden or a fakeboi? It is full of women constantly trying to defend scrotes and their degeneracy like they are trying to impress moids but there are about two actual scrotes on the entire forum (and I kinda think those are tifs as well).
I fucking hate eastern european fakebois. Especially those who are older than 15. I can't believe I had to witness two of them irl. I feel sorry for those women/girls and loathe them at the same time. There is no woke crowd to impress so they clearly do this because they hate themselves and other women.
And also, I kinda like how nobody cares about eastern eropean culture/folklore, otherwise we would have to deal with retarded burgerfags larping as "uwu milashnie commie girls" and obese tifs claiming there are trannies in eastern european folk stories.

No. 1528080

I've interacted with a local fakeboi only once. The entire time he was stroking his barely-existant vellus-like leg hair

No. 1528082

>barely-existant vellus-like leg hair
I keked out loud
Please don't do this when you are talking about a tif

No. 1528083

Don't police my speech like some tranny

No. 1528084

You do know that fakebois = girls larping as boys right? This is why they are FAKEbois

No. 1528085

I know and I'll call them however I want to call them dear internet stranger

No. 1528088

You're either trolling or you're genuinely retarded(infighting)

No. 1528089

For not speaking the way some imageboard rando wants me to speak?
Lol who do you think you are(infighting)

No. 1528122

NTA but are you lost? Came here from twitter or something?

No. 1528136

File: 1679244207828.jpeg (6.95 KB, 272x185, images.jpeg)

Calling transsexuals of any kind by their birth gender is a new western culture wars phenomenon which I want no part in (the culture wars that is).
This for instance, is Kleopatra, "the Balkan Prophet". She is a mtf who had a popular divination show back in the 80s and 90s before those were banned.
People called her a freak, a quack, a weirdo, but no-one ever called her a "he".

No. 1528184

Not Russian, and not that familiar with holywarsoo specifically, but I'm not a fan of russian-language spaces in general, I mean even predominantly female and/or feminist, including radfem. Such communities often have their own local freaks, extra unhinged ones, and the atmosphere in these places makes me feel ill quite quickly. I think partially it can be due to the language, foreign language might actually work as a barrier that make everything more neutral, whereas you're much more sensitive to your first one… but I also never felt comfy in those places. Like they're more aggressive or something. I haven't been to libfem or any fem spaces since ~2016 but I remember them as extremely restricting, god forbid you say a word from the War-and-Peace-long list of offensive terms which include something like "idiot". As for handmaidens, unfortunately, it seems like Russian/Ukrainian/Belorussian women tend to be more sympathetic towards men, even GNC women and lesbians, which has always been so frustrating to me. And I'm not even that radical.

No. 1528200

I'm Ukrainian and stopped frequenting Russian websites around 2014-2016, but from what I remember VK feminist spaces were… something else. You had absolutely crazy libfems and queers who tried to introduce gender-neutral language conventions which were broken as fuck and didn't work at all because Russian is a highly gendered language, so what they did looked like a freak show (does anyone remember this public group called something like "equal" or something like that? They used those stupid мозгодрочи_ла_есса or something. Shit is wild). They were usually the butt of a joke and had very small user base but also attracted a huge hatedom and hate groups were way larger than SJW groups.
Radfems were pretty boring. Very small groups who mostly posted boring academia stuff and the traffic was very low. You would be very lucky if you can have a small chat in the comments. Lots of polilez types and a lot of women tried to adopt dyke look, which felt as forced and try-hard.
Of course, some larger groups existed and they leaned towards radfem. The one I remember was called "men are nor needed" (МНН, if I remember it right). It was pretty based and the admin knew how to get traction on the internet, so it was both informative and funny (lots of memes, actually funny memes), good community and so on.
But yeah, it was pretty shit all things considered. A lot of really crazy people, outright repulsive women and "no fun allowed" types.
The incel rhetoric also became popular during this time. Some sort of cargo cult around western alt-right too. So a lot of feminist spaces went to shit quickly cause they were raided by haters. Groups that had poor moderation went to shit very quickly or became "no fun allowed" heavily moderated types. It all looked very bleak.

No. 1528211

peak female rage and sorrow: the song. nothing I've listened to in english compares.

No. 1528246


>The place is beautiful ofc but it's telling that for years the biggest foreign investments in the country were money from Bulgarians living abroad, sending them to their families.

Alot of them aren't even doing that anymore. The ageism towards old people there is insane. The hospitals are rundown shitholes where they literally just send them to die. I was sent to one when I was 12 for a kidney issue and I couldn't stop crying to go back home. The nurses were all really fucking rude and did not give a fuck. I think the attitude and rudeness of the people are a much bigger problem than the corruption imo. Maybe my family and I have gotten desensitized from being abroad, but every time we go back everyone seems ruder and ruder. I had literally every woman anywhere I went look me up and down judgingly, multiple rude encounters with store owners (i.e. дръвчане) and other people in public. American fake politness is cringe af but at least you don't have to deal with people wanting to make a scene in public everywhere for no reason other than that they're miserable. It's Karens and Steves, but if you made a whole country out of them. kek

>Though, i do have a lot of rights, compared to women in other places

Yes you do, so don't take that for granted. You can literally take a coffee break at a nice cafe with great scenery compared to a woman in corporate America that can only drink shitty company-brand coffee in a shitty office that she is not allowed to leave for. Don't take that for granted nona.

t. am Bulgarian

No. 1528250


I agree with this. Bulgarian men are cute when young but they tend to age like ass. Веселин Маринов is very rare among Bulgarian moids.

No. 1528296

>public group called something like "equal" or something like that? They used those stupid мозгодрочи_ла_есса or something
OMG YES, I've thought about it just before I started typing and forgot to mention this insanity with "inclusive" endings. It was Equality, but I remember the same thing in "check your privilege" and a couple of other similar groups. Equality was probably the worst because it was egalitarian, not specifically feminist, so there were active male members and troons too.
Oh yeah, I remember it too, it was all right. I previously remembered only some radfem groups that were weirdly misogynistic but I can't recall the names. I also remember reading somewhere that some of such groups appeared to be full of vata after the war started, while some of the more popular feminists (that would write in Wonderzine or some shit) seem to be more preoccupied by Ukrainians and the rest of the world being too russophobic and Russians donating to our army (because even though war is wrong and yadda-yadda it's apparently immoral to wish us victory since it means more russian soldiers will die. immaculate logic). Can't say I'm disenchanted (wasn't enchanted in the first place) but still it's pretty ironic and bleak.

No. 1528322

holy shit i love you nonna nobody understands me like šemsa does

No. 1528385

File: 1679262010235.png (11.28 KB, 482x800, pakskaru.png)

>not a huge amount

No. 1528421

Late but someone posted sources for all that on one of the youtuber threads a while ago

No. 1528734

>eastern european women have it the worst when it comes to men: they're the most unattractive, it's considered "gay" to take care of yourself as a man, theyre not pretty to begin with but they also let themselves go and go bald and fat, they're extremely entitled, they're incel-minded, misogynistic as fuck
kek yes even my straight friends outright acknowledge 99% of our scrotes are unkempt and horrid looking. Even those who look decent in their teens mostly hit the wall in their mid 20s.
true. the average ee couple is a greasy skinnyfat turbomisogynist with a bad haircut and an attractive woman wayy out of his league

No. 1528735

>Funny memes about removing kebab, adidas tracksuits, war crimes…
I will commit the war crime if I see one more «сука блять» comment under any vaguely eastern europe related media

No. 1528757

kek I know what it sounds like but literally everything is like three times as expensive here. the only more expensive country I've been to was Sweden

No. 1528786

Plenty of countries where >>1527931's annual 6600 doesn't even cover a roof above one's head, there's just no sense in comparing salaries between random EU countries by just their hard number only. Wish people would stop doing that just to go WoOooh that's so low/high!!

No. 1528798

It was just banter, nonnie. But I do have a friend living in Helsinki and between her and myself in Tallinn, neither of us are making over 2000 a month. And I would say we're both pretty well off even with the cozzie livs.

No. 1530914

I want an adorable picture like the amerifags have for our next threadpic! No more lame maps for eurofags (no offence OP)

Please give suggestions
We can do cute, right?

No. 1531008

File: 1679562507992.png (144.62 KB, 1440x810, 1505363111932.png)

I can't stand cajke.

Old shit like 90s turbofolk and Lepa Brena's Miki Mićo is great, but everything modern is just broken autotune. Feel free to prove me wrong, but I just fucking hate the EeEeEEeEeE misused offtune vibrato, the instruments are ok.

No. 1531027

moldovian nonnies, how do you feel about the war , how are things in Moldova?

No. 1531038

I kinda miss when turbofolk was just blatant translations of Greek pop songs by Despina Vandi and Anna Vissi. I don't even like modern Balkan folk but that was at least bearable.

No. 1531221

Does anybody here know about ШКЯ/Eva Morozova? Everything she does is a pure masterpiece and it's sad non-russian speakers can't understand this pure splendor. Also, she is a gnc queen who doesn't wear makeup or dresses AND doesn't call herself a gender special. You can't have this on the English internet anymore.

No. 1531226

I don't speak Russian (I'm south slav) but I had one of her videos in my watch history…the mystery thickens.

No. 1531240

File: 1679587071802.jpg (83.15 KB, 1032x661, EG2384cWsAEqYBV.jpg)

Just found out Eastern Euros, especially Hungarians, Slovaks and Balkaners, have the highest colorectal cancer rates in the world and now I'm panicking. Why do you think this is, and how can we prevent it?
Not a shitpost (pun not intended), genuinely spooked

No. 1531241

We can easily prevent all sorts of cancer by dying young

No. 1531242

funny you say this because just yesterday i went to the doctor because of severe pain in my olon
turns out i have a huge gas bubble and IBS, but I already knew about IBS part
I eat retardedly healthy, sometimes it's just bad luck/genetics but eating healthy, small to moderate sized meals and eating SLOW + exercising helps a lot
i also take probiotics , need that good gut bacteria

No. 1531243

funny you say this because just yesterday i went to the doctor because of severe pain in my olon
turns out i have a huge gas bubble and IBS, but I already knew about IBS part
I eat retardedly healthy, sometimes it's just bad luck/genetics but eating healthy, small to moderate sized meals and eating SLOW + exercising helps a lot
i also take probiotics , need that good gut bacteria

No. 1531270

I drink so much yoghurt I am only half human, half a lactobacillus colony.

No. 1531271

Same. Whenever anons comment on people having white tongues I remember that I ate yoghurt and feel self-conscious.

No. 1531289

funny you say this because just yesterday i went to the doctor because of severe pain in my olon
turns out i have a huge gas bubble and IBS, but I already knew about IBS part
I eat retardedly healthy, sometimes it's just bad luck/genetics but eating healthy, small to moderate sized meals and eating SLOW + exercising helps a lot
i also take probiotics , need that good gut bacteria

No. 1531341

File: 1679592984554.jpeg (53.98 KB, 680x668, 2DA73765-0F50-4C57-8B81-6842D3…)

>how do you feel about the war
I was a child when Crimea happened and I remember I used to worry about it spilling over nonetheless, if only I knew.. A few months back I saw a car with ukrainian plates and bullet holes in the back. A side of my family is from Ukraine, (which is the case for lots of us) and we still haven’t heard from them since last year. I worry if Russia invades us as well there will be no way out, Moldova is not Ukraine after all, from the border to the capital it’s 3 hours by car. I still check the news daily, very stressed. (sorry for cringey ramble)
>how are things in Moldova?
A few people I know fleed to Romania & europe in general since the start of the war, but that’s for those who can afford it. Nothing much in the sense of military escalation, just bomb threats, russian backed payed protests and the 30% inflation. With 200MDL you used to walk out the grocery store with a full bag, now it’s just 3 or 4 things, which doesn’t sound bad bad but bills are horrible atm even with state compensation.

hugs to ukrainian nonnies, you’re in my thoughts almost every single day

No. 1531355

My heart hurts for you that you can write something so emotional and then worry you're being cringy. I hope you and your family remain as safe as possible

No. 1531602

Known her since the skype video hehe, I watched all her videos then and was delighted to find a woman that just has fun and doesn't care. I like her sense of humor.

Nona, it's not cringy at all, it's natural that you're worried. Even though it's fucked up that you have to worry over such things at all. Anyways, I hope everything will be ok.
>hugs to ukrainian nonnies, you’re in my thoughts almost every single day

No. 1531664

File: 1679615547642.jpg (135.42 KB, 960x1247, Maya.jpg)

any other rus/ukr-jew farmers? first-gen western dwelling, isreali or still in ru/ukr

No. 1531741

File: 1679625742106.jpg (26.91 KB, 540x540, ShotType1_540x540.jpg)

genuinely shocked to see nonnas from slovakia/czech rep. i really wish i had lolcow friends irl

No. 1531873

we're with you in spirit

No. 1531876

File: 1679652785463.jpg (51.57 KB, 894x507, 61a1SlNHArL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

I love kabanos. I bought some korbáčik too and have been snacking on the combo.

No. 1531975

I just don’t want to make it like i’m somehow having a worse time than nonnas in active warzones.
Thank you ♥

No. 1532026

yeah first gen isreali, and you nona?

No. 1532139

I love me some kabanos with steamed sauerkraft. Goes great with mashed potatoes too.

No. 1532505

Odjebite iz moje močvare
(Fuck off out of my swamp)

No. 1532518

I will be visiting Budapest for a week in april, do anyone have suggestions on what to eat and what to visit? Also various suggestions

No. 1532531

They have a pretty bridge and architecture, but that's all what comes to mind. Hungarians don't like English and Euros in my experience, just like Italians, but younger people are more friendly.

No. 1532547

Lmao I'm the anon 6600 euro anual earnings and i acknowledged that I don't have to pay rent bc i live in an apartment owned by family. If i had to live renting, i would probably be still living with my mom. I live in the capital and I'm sure here the rent is the highest and i already mentioned that a fucking parking space (not in the most expensive neighborhood) is 25 000 euro. I'm pretty sure my earnings are low lol and yet I'm not considered poor or anything like that. I think those numbers speak for themselves

No. 1532908


the thermal baths are super famous. havent been there myself but if I do thats on the top of my list.

No. 1533078

visit: Gellért Hill and Citadella, Castle Quarter (you can easily spend a day there, it's beautiful and has so much interesting stuff), Városliget (also has a bunch of famous stuff to see), Szent István Bazilika, Normafa Park (try the rétes/strudel there) from there it's a small walk to János Hill/Erzsébet Lookout

it's not Budapest but Szentendre is like 45 minutes away by train or tram and the Old Town and Riverside parts are really beautiful. Esztergom and Visegrád are also great but they're farther away and Szentendre is better imo

for food i don't really have places to rec, Kürtőskalács/Chimney Cake is nice if it's freshly baked, in a restaurant i would recommend pörkölt (pork or beef stew) and halászlé (fish soup, really great) over goulash/gulyás cause gulyás is really just a mid tier soup

avoid: Váci utca (really crowded and annoying, massive tourist trap), parts of the city that are very run down and aren't safe, not validating your ticket on public transit bc i've seen inspectors single out tourists specifically, leaving your stuff unattended bc people steal all the time

No. 1533120

I just want to second other anon's Gellert Hill recommendation! I loved the hike and the view is 100% worth it

No. 1533266

Danube is still so narrow in Budapest, as someone whose city is also on the Danube I loved crossing the bridges and noting how short the bridges are there. Hard to believe it's the same powerful river. I stood on a bridge and spat in the water, thinking how my spit will make it home before me.

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