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File: 1681676998861.jpeg (30.82 KB, 420x420, 73F36615-6230-4E32-B326-D11576…)

No. 1551367

previous thread >>1544002

No. 1551378

File: 1681678185746.png (415.68 KB, 526x525, Rider.of.Black.full.3537448.pn…)

i'm always going to stay true to myself

No. 1551386

File: 1681678583291.jpeg (16.54 KB, 540x409, 13468407-A346-4181-91E2-D93850…)

I wish I had the money and the resources to
fake my death
travel far away
establish a new identity
find a job I truly enjoy
love myself
live, without fear, paranoia and hatred consuming me

No. 1551387

I talked to you about my problems and all you did was start talking about yourself. You do this every single fucking time. What does she see in you?

No. 1551395

Good, it's easier to love yourself that way
cool pic

No. 1551398

Some friends wanted to meet up at a time that I'm always unavailable, which they all know about because it's been like that for months now. They decided to do a different time because another person also wasn't free, but then only he was asked what would work for him instead. Now that they changed it I could join as well, but I don't want to anymore. It feels like they didn't want me to be included but wouldn't say it out loud. I don't see the point in spending more time with them if they don't even want to remember me and talk past me. The last few times I managed to hang out with them it started okay and then they began to ignore what I was saying until I left or they decided to leave. I know I'm not very interesting to be around but I don't want to feel like I'm completely worthless

No. 1551400

How can you tell if you’re developing a drinking problem? Honestly I started to feel like it was a problem right away when I started having drinks once a week. I would get highly buzzed or slightly -moderately drunk one time a week, and after a few weeks of doing that I started to think about really wanting a drink about 3 days after that (but wouldn’t actually drink). The thoughts would last like 2 or 3 hours then go away.

Then I was drinking 2x per week and thinking about drinking another 1-2 per week. I started to get pretty worried, it feels excessive to me but everyone thinks I’m crazy for feeling that way because I’m not getting full on plastered several days a week.

Now living with my boyfriend it seems to be ramping up to drinking nearly every day. Only really getting past tipsy 1-2x per week, but I usually drink to that buzzed feeling every time I drink. I think maybe my boyfriend was drinking every night before he met me and is slowly returning to old habits?? And it’s really influencing me. But it doesn’t seem to be a problem at all for him, and I’m not sure how often he so much as gets buzzed. I think I’ve only seen him get drunk like twice even when we seem to have drank quite a lot he seems unaffected. He sleeps fine and takes care of everything and is never late for work or gym so like I said it seems to not be a problem for him? But I think it’s a problem for me??

No. 1551401

A weekend without my mood stabilizers and I quickly find out why I desperately need them. I'm all over the place emotionally and I get randomly scared of sleeping.

No. 1551402

File: 1681681267142.png (216.25 KB, 1920x1080, sAEE5l8-1999393719.png)

This guy at work that clearly has a huge crush on me is getting on my nerves. Like yes I see you standing all the way over there between some shelves staring at me, I can always fucking tell when someone is staring at me so I'm always turning my head and spotting this cryptid spying at me from afar. It's such an awestruck gaze too as if I am the most beautiful thing he's ever seen, it's such a foreign feeling. He's ugly though, but his ugliness seem tied to deliberate choices. Shave the facial hair. Shave the unibrow and shape your eyebrows. Maybe get a speech therapist. Stop wearing huge shirts, go to the gym, etc.
>at work, working
>it approaches
He spends his breaktimes looking for me I swear
>stands just out of my field of vision
>i turn
>he goes h-hi
>how r u
>good hru
Always with the tired shit. Okay? Take a nap in the freezer. Today I was in an aisle and he comes to the same aisle and pretends to be browsing. I know you're not buying shampoo on your break. I'd be fine having a depressing chat with him maybe once a week, not every time he successfully hunts me down and droops in the corner of my vision.

No. 1551405

Really getting sick of Americans/Canadians/UK people coming to Scandinavian countries and being surprised that there's wa worse racism here than in their countries. Even though I was born here, worked since i was 16, know the language well, I experience it 24/7 even in professional settings. The Hygge socialism bs is only for white people. I remember being in secondary school and my teacher telling me she will never give me the highest in Swedish subject because I'm not swedish. She wore doc Martens everyday and was a literal Nazi along with my physics teacher who was her good friend. This was back in 2012 and no one said anything because there are no laws against this shit. Scientific racism was literally created here in the 1600's, shit Hitler and colonialists used to justify their actions. I'd kill to live in a place like America or Canada where they actually allow immigrants to enjoy meritocracy fully without some racist Karen ruining it for you (ie you pay for a quality education and are treated fairly). Stop coming here thinking it's a socialist utopia.

No. 1551409

You really should move to America and maybe get shot or arrested for trying to open your own car with your own keys or something like that.

No. 1551413

hardly happens. any nonwhite in Amerika is more likely to be killed by the people that look like themselves than a cop. wake up

No. 1551418

you mean any moid

No. 1551422

It's not even for all white people. I'm Slavic and made the mistake of moving to Scandinavia. The shit people have said to my face blows my mind, I guess I'm white so it's okay to be mind-bogglingly offensive.

No matter how well you try to integrate they will keep you at a distance and shoot you down for jobs (unless it's cleaning, wiping old people's asses or food delivery) because you're not one of them. They only accept white Westerners and certain Asians because they're seen as safe. They'd turn down Virgin Mary reincarnated if she was Romanian, MENA or West African.

No. 1551425

yes i understand. i have schoolwork from kindergarten and old school workbooks and such i won't get rid of because 1. i like looking through them and 2. a lot of my belongings 'went missing' as a kid and i can not let anything go now out of fear

No. 1551434

I'm the same. I have art from my early elementary school years that I hold on to. I don't know why.

No. 1551448

I feel like every other scrote I meet (and I'm black so 99% of those scrotes are black due to the area I live in) comes off like a chaser. I notice that black coomers often are really into troons, chances of them trooning out are slim, but they chase troons with dicks. Which makes me not want to date at all and I wish I was a lesbian because all men suck, but specifically the men in my area suck.
I know I'd waste a woman's time, but man do I hate scrotes and I have a specific strong dislike for Bisexual/Chasers

No. 1551451

My parents started drinking again and I lost it after my mom asked me something about a vacation and I said it’s not happening with both of them drinking again and now I’m getting cold shouldered. I know I didn’t say anything bad or mean, just firm. I didn’t even tell them what to do, just said I’m not doing it and why. They slipped back into drinking together regularly and I’m tired of them thinking they’re moderating it when they’re just sinking back. I’m working on moving out and actively searching in new areas but it’s all so expensive.

No. 1551453

If you’re at the point where you are no longer indifferent to whether or not you have access to it, it is a problem

No. 1551470

I was really slapped in the face with the reality of my privilege as a white australian travelling in europe. Left me speechless, actually had to just turn around and walk away from group conversations at festivals because…I'd never really been in a situation where I was amongst heavily racist people, or assumed to be a heavily racist person etc.

No. 1551477

Samefag my autistic ass should clarify by privileged I don't mean accepted by shit people specifically, I mean just accepted in most social circles in general.

No. 1551496

This fucking bitch I know going around trying to get in with my close friends and turn my boyfriends friends against me because???? I don’t like that she’s a stupid bimbo who uses her sexuality to manipulate people and situations to her own pathetic ends?
My boyfriend hates you too, he thinks you’re trash and the fact his friend sticks his dick anywhere near you is his poor judgement, bring your snooty ass to our scene and see what happens whore

No. 1551502

Wtf is wrong with white gay men? This fat ugly faggot at my workplace would gossip about me and make fun of me for my assault by another coworker (im the revenge porn victim poster). My entire job turned against me and this faggot has the fucking gall to find my social media to harass me. Who the fuck are you? How fucking ugly and pathetic do you have to be to be jealous of a rape victim? You're jealous that nobody finds you attractive fatass piece of shit. I know there isn't a god because pieces of shit like you get to walk free and people like me have to pick up the pieces of their broken life and hide from the world.

No. 1551516

some people who i'd label as somewhat friends compared being a troon and being depressed as the same thing and i lost my shit and kinda raised my tone a lot lol,i mean what in the actual fuck, excuse me for having traditional values but being depressed is completely different to chopping your dick off and no ,i will never accept that shit as NORMAL

No. 1551518

Bought parts for a custom PC during 2020 but due to insane life circumstances never had the chance to assemble it. Went to go do it just now and realized I don’t have my memory cards. I’m fairly sure I bought them so they’re just lost to the void and I’m gonna have to spend more money.

No. 1551525

Depends on how much you’re drinking. Women should never drink more than 3 standard drinks in one day, and no more than a total of 7 standard drinks per week. If you’re regularly exceeding the daily or weekly limits set by health authorities then you have a problem.

No. 1551527

Samefag but men can drink twice as much as women and be fine as per health authorities. no more than 5 drinks in one day for a man and no more than 14 total for the week. Fuckers get more leeway kek

No. 1551543

idk but they are seriously unhinged. I used to work with one when I was an assistant manager in retail. Our store manager was a raging BPD bitch who sat around doing nothing but talking shit and taking smoke breaks all day. he vented to me about her and I agreed and vented back one time and a few days later I'm in trouble because he TOLD HER EVERYTHING I SAID omitting any of his part in the conversation?? When I asked him why he did that he said he felt like she needed to know because we were supposed to be a team?? Like what the fuck he just wanted to start drama and stir the pot. It was so lame

No. 1551550

White gay men and pearl clutching women. Two types of people who will never have your back when something happens to you. Oh and I know exactly that type of person who talks mad shit and as soon as you say one word or agree they turn around and do it to you too. I swear to god I just can't have any friends I hate drama. I need more straight men and lesbians in my life.

No. 1551559

How do you deal with depressed friends ? I've been friend with a girl for a few years and i knew she was suicidal but we never talked about it because her best friend was her confident. Last week he cut ties with her because it was too much to handle, she's even worse now and regulary post suicide notes in her ig stories. I don't know how to react i'm scared of becoming her new confident, we're not even that close. I had a lot of depressed friend in middle school and i know how draining it is, how depress it can make you feel.
I want to be here for her but i don't want to forget myself

No. 1551562

I wish my mom wasn't married and we could live together in peace until the end without some third wheel being gross in the background watching television 24/7 and complaining about the world and all his ailments. I rarely visit my mom anymore because I can't stand that insulin resistant scrote. No one seems happy in that household.

No. 1551580


No. 1551582

Come chill at my crib nona

No. 1551584

Kek sounds like I posted this. I hate my dad so fucking much.

No. 1551588

My deepest condolences, nona. Let us hope for divine intervention.

No. 1551594

File: 1681696734648.jpeg (34.29 KB, 468x468, BB076DF5-5212-43B6-8F21-A8EAA4…)

So goddamn sick of my retarded-ass family, why am I still loyal to these backbiting alcoholic dramawhores

No. 1551683

my dad is so ungrateful kek. i hate it when he eats up all the food i buy for myself without saying 'thank you' or anything, i hate it when he leaves the bathroom a mess, but i can't really complain to him about it because he's paying for everything else. but it seems so nuts to me. you were fine with buying your own food when i was in university…and now that i'm out, looking for a job, and don't have my scholarship money coming in every semester you turn into a lazy nasty glutton?
as soon as i get a job and save some cash i'm out of here man

No. 1551684

I wish I had friends

No. 1551694

Got a text from an unknown number thinking it was my ex but turns out it was just a coworker. I have tried to completely kill all hopes that we'll ever be together again but my heart still can't help but keep it alive.

No. 1551710

You cannot expect men to have any sort of respect for women or backbone at all just because theyre gay especially fat ones because they will do literally ANYTHING for male attention and validation.

No. 1551733

I feel like fat men being bullies spefically towards women doesn't get talked about that much. Most of the boys that bullied me in HS were fat boys.Most the commentary bros are either fat scortes or probably gay super young/terminally online. Joshua Moon is fat. Ethan Ralph is fat, Chris Chan is fat, my point is fat men are very hateful towards women when they want to be.
Nobody hates on fat scrotes enough, even when folks say they hate fat people, they usually start ranting about fat women.
Men have less reasons to be fat

No. 1551755

One of the creepiest, most pathetic men I have ever known in my life was 300 pounds growing up and never recovered from it. It doesn't matter that hes healthier, for whatever reason he is still a disgusting weirdo with vile proclivities that views people as puppets and has a known history of doing gross rapey shit to men out of desperation and approval. I've known fat men who are really great people but the ones who aren't are truly something else entirely. They also loooove using the tee hee im just a big fat harmless teddy bear uwu thing as a weapon so people don't see the kind of person they actually are.

No. 1551786

I'd be your bud if I could

No. 1551788

File: 1681706392751.png (21.37 KB, 275x251, 1611178704502.png)

My cousin died and I'm in my feelings. He was like an older brother and the only male in my family that wasn't a piece of shit. It was a car accident so it was sudden and tragic. I'm going to miss him a lot.

No. 1551805

i am so sorry for your loss and I wish you and your family the best during this time.

No. 1551807

thank you nonnie

No. 1551848

File: 1681709871504.png (542.52 KB, 1628x1330, Screen Shot 2023-04-16 at 10.3…)

Men are so fucking retarded. The Y chromosome really is a disability.

No. 1551851

omg nonny I love kesha too!

No. 1551861

I like how it's titled "pop songs by longtime gay icons & allies that haven’t aged well" yet they include Eminem and The Weeknd. Gay scrotes are something else.


No. 1551877

God being alive sucks
The only time when I ever feel any slightly positive emotions is when I'm sleeping

No. 1551880

agree, i love sleeping because I have crazy dreams. I sleep for 15 hours a day

No. 1551899

I'm so sorry for your loss, cherish the memories you have of him nona

No. 1551904

Having a vagina is not a gender stereotype… Jesus Christ, is the TRA narrative at this level of delusion now? Honestly I didn't think gay moods would push this retardation so hard, are you sure a Gayden didn't write the article?

No. 1551906

I used to use sleep as my escape but over time I started having nightmares almost every night and shrieking and sobbing in my sleep. Sucks

No. 1551907

I just fucking hate it so much when people leave me on read or don’t answer me. I’m probably having some deep aet issues with this but i can’t help it. I’m selling stuff online and i was negotiating an offer and eventually agreed to her offer and now she’s not replying. I personally would never do that, if i lost interest i will tell the person how it is

No. 1551913

I hate this shit too especially when it comes to selling stuff online. I once had someone agree to buy something from me on Craigslist and I ended up waiting for them just to never show up. I don’t understand why people like that don’t have the decency to just take a few seconds to send a message to not leave someone hanging. I recently moved and had to sell a bunch of stuff and the sheer amount of poor communicators I was dealing with wore on my mind.

No. 1551923

I feel like everything Im isnt usefull to society, Im an piece of shit that will never be productive or happy. And I know these feelings come from deep insecurity, I know if I open up to people maybe Ill find someone alike me that will value what Im. But it seems like Im programed to not feel safe with anyone, even when I open up and people tell me they value me I cant believe them or I start to think they are ignorant for seeing worth on my work

No. 1551924

File: 1681717635034.jpg (89.56 KB, 640x927, 0.jpg)

There's so much I need/want(ed) to do but I'm just… exhausted. I can't focus or think about anything other than how I'll never amount to anything and what a burden my existence is, always has been, and always will be.

Also, I feel like I probably have premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

No. 1551928

File: 1681718815984.jpeg (5.87 KB, 269x187, images (13).jpeg)

bump! be careful ladies

No. 1551929

File: 1681718852518.jpg (26.55 KB, 600x586, 057.jpg)

another bump

No. 1551930

File: 1681718928124.jpg (54.2 KB, 640x624, fhgfghfg.jpg)


No. 1551931

File: 1681718965800.jpg (96.03 KB, 943x943, Tumblr_l_84453232822624.jpg)


No. 1551942

File: 1681719875515.jpeg (199.32 KB, 1271x1517, FtuPQk8aUAMDDZM.jpeg)

I'm so fucking bored and sleepy and hungry but I don't wanna get up and I also hate that Gboard on my new phone feels more inaccurate than on my older phone and it doesn't seem to be learning my typing patterns
I should be eating dinner, taking my daily shower, taking my medicine and reading manga or watching some anime or cartoons on my backlog before going to sleep since I had a long day

No. 1551947

My dad told me that I'm a degenerate and that he sees what I'm doing (on the internet) and I havemt been able to stop thinking about it. He has said this before but I just didn't take it seriously. Now I am and I feel so gross knowing that HE MIGHT be peeping on my porn usage???? Ugh.

No. 1551952

I keep getting romantic dreams about my coworkers. I feel uncomfortable looking at them at work pls help

No. 1551953

God i have so much to do today, but my head is a mess and i'm on my period so i just want to crawl inside a hole and die. I'm supposed to take my ADHD meds but i'm worried that i'll get a lot of anxiety once the meds wear off, so i'm stuck deciding whether i should take them or not. I normally don't get anxiety when i take my meds as i'm at work or school, but now i have the day off to take care of my administration. I hate it here

No. 1551956

my family got a french door style fridge that's only a bit smaller than the old one, but feels so fucking cramped. i swear we used to have room for all the food these retards buy but never eat. don't get me started on the rest of the kitchen. these bitches subsidize their retardation by making me get everything from the basement.

No. 1551957

Unless you’re gross and browsing porn(which gg you are by default a degen for that) on shared devices i do not understand how your dad is supposedly peeping your activity unless you share certain accounts with him and cant keep your porn usage to a private tab on your phone.

No. 1551958

Ngl I'm jealous, I wish my dad was anti porn instead of a degenerate coomer who spends like 3 hours every night looking at pictures and videos of girls a decade younger than me

No. 1551959

what her dad said doesn't necessarily mean he is a based antiporner

No. 1551960

True, men are hypocrites anyway so even if he is antiporn he probably still views it. I hate men I wish I was dead

No. 1551961

We don't share accounts or anything like that. I have my own devices and I still go incognito. He perhaps sees what activity is going through the router and knows by that.

No. 1551963

your dad is a fucking creep for peeping on you but why are you still watching porn

No. 1551965

Are you still a teenager? And do you own a pc/laptop/phone that he bought you? It could be that he planted something on your devices. If not, he probably finds out through the router at home. Use a vpn, nonnie

No. 1551969

The fuck. no. He's not that smart, definitely wouldn't be with Spyware. Yes that's what I thought as well. I'm gonna use the opera vpn since I don't have money for a real vpn

No. 1551972

I remember when my father freaked out when he found my browser history and saw a yaoi manga that I was about to read. He called me weird but it was almost like he wanted to call me a freak. Guess what? He's a massive fucking hypocrite and watches porn. Around that age, I accidentally happened to see what degeneracy he had in one of his USB sticks, it was porn. I was so upset, distraught, that I told my visiting aunt about it. I got scolded by my mother for telling others about my father's "private stuff" and I think that kind of reaction is pretty fucked up. Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if your dad was also a hypocritical porn addict or projecting his guilt onto you.

No. 1551992

My sister left me on read for almost a month, didn't wish me happy bd for a week or more and didn't answer my question when she eventually texted, and now, when I'm not replying to her (not out of vengeance, I've just been overwhelmed lately and talking to her can be draining sometimes), she complains to my father that we don't talk to her and don't tell her how's it going yadda-yadda… shit like that seriously annoys me.

No. 1551993

i hope every stupid scrote who starts a new thread for shit like cosplays to attract women at a con and women's bodies and asking people to rate their cosplay and making a thread for every backwoods anime con from every place you've never heard of that gets exactly 0 replies loses internet access for good. i fucking hate retards who make completely useless threads for questions that could be answered in literally any other thread on the board. i wish the lolitas of cgl could separate from the cosplayers but i also know that the fact that there are cosplayers that use the board is one of the few things deterring retards from other boards from constantly raiding or some shit. ugh

No. 1551996

God, cgl is such a dump. I quit 4chan for about 2 years now, but I remember how much cgl had changed. It seemed like it was overrun with moids and their threads. What a shame.

No. 1552005

I wish there was a little more moderation on the volume of useless moid threads, especially those that are posting nsfw cosplayers (always pissed me off because isn't it a work-safe board?) I wish the lolita thread here in /g/ was more active, but I can't blame the women using cgl for not wanting to abandon their specific boards.

No. 1552011

I’m seriously struggling to get a job right now and it’s making me feel pretty down about myself. I’ve been applying to so many different jobs, even ones that are slightly further away and would require more travelling because I can’t seem to find much locally. I have a lot of experience in varied roles and at this point I’m not even looking for anything particularly specific, just no weekends. What am I doing wrong, trying not to get disheartened but every day that passes without a job I feel like I’m going insane.

No. 1552015

This morning I had an impulse to type up a list of video games to complete before I die; my autistic goodbye party to this shithole existence that made fiction much more alluring. It was very cathartic. I've always known suicide was my only way out and logically very likely given my schizoid tendencies, but I'm not even panicked by it any more. I have no peace and quiet in my mind, so it's very calming to know this will all be over within a few months.

No. 1552017

This nonna be broke. This nonna be so broke.

No. 1552024

what are those video games? and nonna if you ever want to talk about your feels i'm here

No. 1552029

I needed to travel to another city for a month so I left my dog to my friend who loves in the country. Everything was great, my dog loved it there, cause my friend had other dogs and they spent days playing together in his huge backyard. She was taken care of and it legit was like a dog resort. Unfortunately one day she was gone. What's weird is that only my dog was gone. It happened when my friend left his house for a couple of hours. I spent days three days looking for her, scouted all nearby area, plastered missing notes everywhere and spammed every fb group in our city. Now every person in the city knows my dog is missing. Today someone spotted a dog similar to her that was running around in the fields with a chain on its neck. My other friend is going there to check the village. Fingers crossed its my baby, I miss her so much.

No. 1552032

It's a long list but the ones I'm most interested in replaying are: Life is Strange series, Mass Effect trilogy, Yakuza 0 - 6, Grand Theft Auto V, Lake, Firewatch, Spiritfarer, Night in the Woods, and maybe some games I've bought but haven't played yet like Road 96 and We Are OFK. Thank you for your offer, nonna. It's greatly appreciated. Living with psychosis is really taking its toll on me and I'm struggling to communicate that to the people in my life. I'm so exhausted by the constant paranoia and embarrassed by my outbursts. The anti-psychotic medication I'm prescribed turns me into a zombie - which wouldn't be so bad if they actually fucking worked, but they don't. I feel so angry a lot of the time, angry at my family, my doctors, the healthcare system in general, the world, myself. I'm utterly joyless, which is probably why I'm currently drawn to escapism and nostalgia. Anyway, I'm sorry for rambling. But thank you for your reply. I hope you're well. ♥

No. 1552036

It’s okay nona, it’s not you, everyone is having trouble with that- do you have any friends you could reach out to that could put in a good word/hook you up with something?

No. 1552042

why would you want to work for a place that gets all its employees by nepotism? that sounds horrible.

No. 1552048

Do you not pay bills or something?

No. 1552059

Thank you Nonita, I do have a friend that works locally that did mention he’d put in a word for me, unfortunately they aren’t so busy right now but he said they may need more people in the summer, so that’s always a back up I suppose. There are a few prospective jobs I’m yet to hear back from so hopefully one of those will be positive, and I do have some income in the meantime but it’s barely enough to survive lately.

No. 1552070

File: 1681743567435.gif (613.32 KB, 220x131, 1679056029056.gif)

I've tried to date for years, to find a man who's serious and emotionally ready for a relationship. Not just "yeah sure I'm ready to settle down", but actually ready and fit to be a woman's life partner. Nowhere to be found. Ugly, handsome, tall, short, rich, poor, 20, 50. Doesn't matter. I've held on to my virginity thinking a guy would be grateful and somehow a better partner just because I saved myself for him. What kind of delulu-land have I been living in? I recently watched this mini docu of a 36 year old female virgin, she was pretty and outgoing yet saving herself for a "good guy". She had this kinda arrogant attitude, as if she was more deserving of a perfect hubby because she was A Virgin. It's fucking retarded, isn't it? We're gonna be treated like shit anyway. I shouldn't have saved my virginity, I regret it. Now it's such a big deal to me. There's nothing to be gained from saving yourself, there's no reward.

No. 1552076

File: 1681744079855.jpeg (60.12 KB, 750x749, 1677877408413.jpeg)

>professor gives me an F on assignment and addresses me by the wrong name in the comment section for the assignment
>says my slides had too much information
>not a single one of my slides exceeds the word/bullet limit in the rubric

No. 1552087

I wish there was still a lolcow discord as much as it was a shitshow.
I want to shit post on voice chats with anonitas

Why is it so hard to find female only spaces online argh

No. 1552089

>brother gets puppy pit bull
>I know my brother and I know he’s going to get bored of the dog and start to hate him once he gets bigger
>told my brother to get it trained by a professional before it grows up and becomes annoying and destructive
>brother says he doesn’t want a white man training his dog(we’re black)
>says that every time the dog misbehaves he’s going to put him in the basement as of the dog understands English
>doesn’t want us to cuddle or hold the dog so he can become a guard dog despite not training the dog to do so
>complains about him shitting on the floor but too lazy to take him for walks or potty train him

This is why pitbulls get a bad rep because they usually have owners like this

No. 1552096

>There's nothing to be gained from saving yourself, there's no reward.

I agree that it isn't healthy to put virginity on a pedestal for the reasons you mentioned, but you shouldn't beat yourself up imagining that shit would have gone better if things had happened on the other hand. Barring literal violence, having sex can be a waste of time and effort too even on the so-called "good" men.
What women don't benefit from period is assigning an outside value to sex. You had good reasons for sticking to your values under your circumstances. Tbh it's impressive that the woman in the doc made it to 36 and has been able to be so financially and emotionally independent from them.
Truly anon if I didn't need men then I wouldn't want them around, you're lucky.

No. 1552100

I hate negligent dog owners
If you can't give your dog basic affection or train it then why do you own it

No. 1552101

I think he thinks it’s magically going to turn into some vicious guard dog that’s going to only listen to him with no training. At least got him his shots.

No. 1552102

I had a wonderful week off work and went back today. And I've developed the worst runny nose and my throat hurts. People are off with covid but our boss was in and she is sick af. Her voice sounds so sore when she talks I spoke to her for like a minute and now I'm getting sick. Wtf can people not come into work when they're sick I cannot be fucked I was already off with covid in January I can't cope

No. 1552104

>"Hey Prof, I am trying to understand the grade I was given for this assignment. I noticed the name in the comment is wrong and I did not exceed the word count on the slides per the grading rubric. If the grade is not a mistake, then I wanted to be sure I had specific feedback so I can improve for next time. Thanks!"

You'd be surprised how often profs fuck up.

No. 1552105

But I was also at a massive concert on Thursday night I could have got something there. Oops.

No. 1552106

Nta but you're very clever and kind

No. 1552121

I don't know how often you see him or the dog, but maybe you can knock some sense into the situation. The dog deserves affection from its owner or someone else, even socially awkward one person dogs like Pyrenees have a favorite person.

If he wanted a vicious guard dog and not a pet maybe he should've adopted an older, aggressive dog and not a playful puppy

No. 1552153

wrong, you don't want an aggressive dog as a security/guard dog. you want an educated dog that understands who and what he is protecting, who he does and doesn't need to guard against. an educated dog means he can accurately identify potential threats and can then flash aggressive cues as a chosen behavior in order to protect, and understand commands if given. stark difference.
an aggressive dog just means he at any moment can and will harm what he is supposed to be protecting. being aggressive means uncontrollable actions, they will not respond to verbal or physical commands.

No. 1552161

i hate my current workplace and i wanna quit and look for another one but i dont know how to write an application and its bothering me so much

No. 1552162

The brother needs to learn not to buy a dog he's not going to train either way kek

No. 1552166

I see him everyday and he’s not going to listen to me anyway because I’ve discussed this with him but he’s stupid. I am just prepared to know the dog will spend his life in a basement or end up at the humane society when my brother gets bored.

No. 1552180


No. 1552245

I'm so tired of my two closest friends being my coworkers. Sometimes I just wanna do my own thing on dead hours and being on the computer, specially on Mondays, but they won't shut the fuck up and try to talk with me. I love them but I'm tired of seeing them daily.
I was so happy I could at least eat alone but now the schedule changed and I have to now eat with one of them. I feel like a dick but I also want to be left alone, 10 hours a day with them is way too much.

No. 1552342

I know it’s an autistic cope but I really want to cut but I don’t have any razors right now and my kitchen knives are dull as fuck. I really don’t want to go to a store in person to buy some. Autism not even once

No. 1552372

My brother has a cold or covid and of course the faggot just HAS to cough everywhere every 2 minutes and touch his runny nose before touching food or other people's stuff. This autist also huffs a lot when talking and doesn't fucking shut up. He loudly burps and he thinks he's funny. I want to fucking choke him and spray sanitizer in his face nonas. I'm having violent thoughts because of this absolute fucking bitch. I'm gonna snap.

No. 1552383

So based on what I said do you think that’s me?

No. 1552397

File: 1681759039805.jpg (148.56 KB, 894x1104, 1681258142914.jpg)

>be sperg
>give dating apps a try
>really cute guy messages me
>mentions that he's an air traffic controller (which is really cool)
>tell him "oh, so you just sit there all day" because i couldn't think of anything to say
>he goes "uhh.." and never talks to me again

No. 1552404

i love how you call your brother autist and faggot lol, i always call mine those 2 words too.. i thought im the only one lmfao

No. 1552408


No. 1552420

Kek I mean in my case he does have some form of autism most likely and he is a faggot so yeah lol

No. 1552423

You dodged a bullet nonna ATCs are all alcoholic chain smokers

No. 1552425

This plus he proved he can't bant and would probably cry if you dish out half of what he would to you and women in general

No. 1552456

I'm an autistic paranoid schizo who's ruthlessly addicted to opioids (and any other downers I can get my grubby little hands on) with zero meaning in my life who copes and seethes on imageboards. I am a meme. I am an unironic cringelord. If it wasn't for the fact that I can experience empathy and sympathy I would seriously be questioning if I'm "male-brained".

No. 1552465

I was relating to your post 100% until the ''male-brained'' part. Don't you ever think that, you hear me? Stay safe, anon

No. 1552476

IMO "male brained" is tranny tier. Liberation is doing what you want, not doing the opposite of what people you don't like do. It's thinking about actions in terms of their intrinsic properties, not whether they're some percentage points more common in this group or that. If the latter is how you think about the world, you will never be at peace.

No. 1552477

Bless you, nonna. I'm glad to know there's at least one other woman like me out there. I think being GNC and isolated from women IRL is partly why I contemplate the "male brain" schtick. Simon Baron-Cohen wrote some of the ass burgers assessments that were used when I was tested and I swing wildly from thinking he's a retard himself to worrying about my "male" brain. Today's just one of them days, y'know? Stay safe too, anon.

No. 1552481

aaaaa NONNAS I HATE RESEARCHING FOR A CREDIT UNION!!!!! Why can't I simply pick a bank. Put my money in and go spend it. I have a headache. This sucks

No. 1552482

what makes you GNC anyway? Are you talking about something other than your appearance?

No. 1552485

File: 1681763834955.png (175.3 KB, 944x960, 844.png)

finally got prescribed ativan

No. 1552487

i despise it when gendershits enter into the fandoms i frequent and shit it up with all their stupid holier-than-thou gender takes and their ugly as fuck art. i hate how they can't like anything about a franchise unless it's proven itself to be morally aligned with their own opinions. i hate how a piece of media will neglect to officially gender a character for plot reasons and these shitheads will run with it, waving it desperately overhead while screaming on and on about how woke the writers were for making a they/them character just for them. as if all media was only ever meant to pander and promote inclusivity. i hate their weird obsession with gender roles involving characters, too. god forbid a character possesses qualities that aren't traditionally masculine or feminine. it's always femboy this and boy pussy that–SHUT THE FUCK UP.
god forbid creators try to get creative or make it a point to go against the grain of what is traditionally expected of certain tropes and characteristics.
god forbid these children stop themselves from having to label, categorize, and force every single thing they like into a neat little box that makes for easier digestion.

No. 1552490

I started work experience in a restaurant today. It's my first day ever doing kitchen work and I made a mistake and I feel like all the chefs hate me or think I'm a huge spastic now. I was still feeling really confident right up until 15 minutes ago but the anxiety is creeping up on me

No. 1552492

What happened nona

No. 1552506

This has been my day
>wake up at 5am for 8am chef job
>I get there early
>head chef is gentle with me and makes me feel very welcome
>gives me some easy jobs because I'm nervous
>gives me a free coffee to help settle in
And then the mistake
>he tells me to chop boxty pancakes into fries
>they have to be cut thin
>I'm nervous and I kinda rush it, the cuts are thin but not thin enough
>nobody notices until I've already chopped €70 worth of boxty
>I hear the head chef chewing out a near by chef for not noticing my mistake while I was making it
>I offer to go back over my cuts and thin them out. I do it, the boxty is fixed, and everyone is happy
>I feel like a tit
>I was actually still confident until I started feeling like everyone there probably thinks I shouldn't be there and my first impression to the head chef is that I'm a massive fuck up and he hates me

No. 1552508

You're totally glossing over the part where everyone was happy after you corrected your mistake! They probably figured that you were nervous. It doesn't seem like they dislike you or anything, you're fine. But if they hate then let them hate and watch the money pile up

No. 1552518

It’s okay Nona you did well, you resurrected your mistake and it’s your first day so cut yourself some slack, it wasn’t a major mistake and you did everything you could to correct it, I’m sure you’ll be fine!

No. 1552522

I'm trying to be a "silver linings" person and reframe the situation with focus being that it turned out ok in the end. I find it very difficult not to take mistakes an internalise them as something very embarrassing and painful. At the moment I'm wondering if when I turn up tomorrow morning will everyone just be thinking I'm boxty twat and not a chef in training

No. 1552525

Thank you, I'm just kinda pissing and shitting and screaming because I'm a nervous person in general

No. 1552526

It's expected for new people to not know things and make mistakes, that training and breakage is a normal part of business. You should have cut a slice and then asked whether that's fine. But the chef also should have showed you how thick to slice it. Since you're the trainee on the first day, it was the fault of the person in charge of showing you how to do things. Ultimately no damage was done, and nobody thinks badly of you.

No. 1552535

If stupid people want to stay stupid and naive let them be. Stop wasting your time and energy on fruitless things woman.
No, you can't "fix" him, let the sucker remain a sucker.

No. 1552536

bit of a vent but i want to say i like the thread pic. i started crying in public about 6 years ago and honestly i think it just makes me more powerful. i'm a crier. always have been, and i have no shame in that.
but i have this shitty manager who isn't even capable of treating people with human decency. she talks to you as if you're a dog and if she was a person who doesn't like dogs very much. like she literally made a noise at me one time, and how i was raised, that is only a noise you make towards an unruly dog (sounds something like "AAAAin-ghT", sorry it's hard to explain). one day a coworker told me how during a break this manager was laughing about making me cry one day. it took me a while to figure out when that was, and she didn't really make me cry, because i really didn't actually cry that time. so what if she did though? a fucking four year old could make me cry if they wanted to. not impressive. my coworker said when our manager was laughing she was like "what? and you're proud of that?" manager said "um, haha, no!" but i know she was. i hate working with this lady. for a while i wasn't sure if she was deliberately trying to fuck with me or is just fucking stupid. now i'm pretty sure it's both. now i'm being overly nice and gracious to her. in a petty way. when she asks stupid questions i give stupid answers. if she brings up quiting to me again i've be overly encouraging in response instead of just bored.
maybe this should have gone in the work thread but i wanted to say i like the threadpic thank you

No. 1552545

I was so excited to join the gym and now I’m just psyching myself out of going because I don’t know what the fuck I’m meant to be doing. I had a gym appointment which I thought was to talk about goals and make a programme (according to the website) and it was so hurried and loud and she showed me like two machines and some squats and then gave me her card and finished the session 20 mins early. The “programme” never materialised. It’s just left a really sour taste, especially when I’m joining to try and boost my confidence and mental health and I feel like weirdly rejected. I’m going to reach out to a PT for the free session I’m due but if she rejects me as well I don’t know what I’ll do. I need some “how to do the gym for absolute retards” YouTube videos like I don’t want to talk to any of them I just want to not injure myself ffs

No. 1552548

I am rereading past DMs of my ex. I can only do this now because at this stage the pain has become more tolerable. Once the messy and nasty emotions have been cleared, reading these has allowed me to see where things gone wrong and where I would need to improve on in a way I have never been able to see before. I think what hurts the most right now is that I know she would never want me back even if I realized the best possible version of myself. It really hurts but ultimately I think this is for the best—that I'm doing this for me and me only so that I don't hurt the next person who comes into my life again.

No. 1552560

File: 1681768840902.png (224.62 KB, 500x375, 9826B109-B393-459D-A0A7-1102D4…)

Acting like a freak because I’m so desperate from breadcrumbs from my ex at this point. I gave him a shirt that is related to my job that he never really wore while we were together. I haven’t heard from him in months but I see on his friend’s stories that he’s been going out and has worn that shirt several times now within the span of a few weeks. If he had worn it a lot in rotation while we were dating or it was something less related to me I’d put less emotional weight on it but I can’t help but feel like he’s at least thinking of me. It’s the equivalent of me wearing a shirt from the restaurant he works at. It’s loser shit that I’m so obsessed with literally nothing from someone who won’t talk to me but I can’t help but read into it.

No. 1552564

I fear sharing much about myself and it gets in the way of building relationships. I have been hurt so much by people who destroyed my trust that I close myself to others by default. It is something I am especially worried about since I need to share my art with others sooner or later.

No. 1552572

Worrying about someone who isolates themselves when going through hard times is shit, but I can't even complain about it because I'm the exact same way. I wish I could read his mind to know exactly how he feels and what I can do to help or at the very least make him feel like he's not alone, but it just feels like he's pushing me away. This situation is frustrating the shit out of me.

No. 1552588

I'm the same nonna,the majority of people don't appreciate if you're open, they see it as something weird or something to take advantage of. This made me extremely reluctant to meet new people as well

No. 1552610

i hate myself i hate this feeling. i hate being anxious when there's literally nothing goong on my life. my heart feels like it's suffocating as the wal ls of my flesh is closing in. my hands are fidgity and i cant get anything done. i hate this. why am i like this

No. 1552669

only two things in life are certain, death and taxes, and I hate taxes

No. 1552672

File: 1681776874143.jpeg (13.32 KB, 195x259, 152EA39D-AD77-40FB-8495-4E2EA5…)

No. 1552677

My boyfriend’s mom has a pic of him as her phone screen. I probably wouldn’t think too much about it if she didn’t also have a daughter…. and try text him constantly. It makes me feel compelled to dump him kek

No. 1552683

man anxiety kicked in out of nowhere and my boyfriend was being supportive and caring up until he suspected it had to do with my leftover disgust and anger at my faggot of an ex. im not holding anything against him cus 1. it's an ex issue (im fully over him, just disgusted with recent discoveries) and 2. he's tired and works hard. i'm just hurt because well… last time he left like this when i was at the height of my emotions he gave me the silent treatment for a full day and suddenly decided to take a break that lasted what felt like years.

No. 1552846

File: 1681784288492.jpeg (76.56 KB, 1242x1155, B66290B1-2970-4F33-9291-079F38…)

I miss le dumb scrote so bad I wanna kms. However I am trying to convince myself that I'm better off without him, and I have a career that I want now and I've overcome so much of my past trauma. Why give up all I have now for some dumb porn addict? Yet I still feel the intense hurt of knowing what could have been, not in an "I can fix him" way, because you can only fix yourself. But in a way of like, knowing that if me and him were in fact on the same page, we really would have been too perfect. Out of all the dumb males I've wasted my time with, the connection with him was by far the most intense. That's why it hurts so bad, but luckily I'm more mature now and I know myself so much more now in almost 26 years of my shitty life that I can cope more with this immense heartbreak. But fuck if it doesn't still hurt. I'd rather him straight up say I'm a crazy wacko than say he fell for me and then had to move to another fucking country. I wanna die but nit really, I just have a lot to say and no one to say it to. I'm currently already looking for his replacement, to soften the blow if nothing else because I want to convimce myself so badly that we weren't 90% a match made in heaven… gotta focus on that 10% that consists of red flags such as him being divorced at 26 and bragging about knowing of any porn star in existence… cringe.

No. 1552869

i really wish i had some girl friends similar to me, i want to cry seeing other best friends because i lost mine and now everything is just different. all i want is to get out and do fun stuff but i feel so shy and have no idea how to meet anyone anymore, and ik girlies like me would be in hiding too. i'm sick of only hanging out with my bf…. i know this is easily fixable and i need to just stop being an autist and do something but it feels so difficult. it's like nobody really wants to make genuine friends but maybe i'm just boring and too insecure IDFK….i feel like i'm missing out on so much life..

No. 1552875

Nonna, your boyfriend is a genuine piece of shit. Leaving while trying to help you through a moment because he doesn’t like what you’re upset about is asshole behaviour. Giving you the silent treatment at all is asshole behaviour. Like what kind of person does that?

No. 1552927

Been learning programming and god it's so hard. I feel like I do everything wrong and I can't remember anything and when I try to make something without a tutorial it never comes out like how I envision.

No. 1552954

You gotta start small, nonner. Do exercises for the basic concepts that you struggle with and then try creating something a bit more complex with those concepts. Work your way up little by little. Then when you have internalized the logic, you can follow tutorials to build the programs you want.
Also you don't need to memorize absolutely everything, most if not all programmers have to look some things up occasionally.

No. 1552955

Men will see that you've been abused before and use it as an excuse to abuse you further because you're "ruined" and they think they are owed the right to repeatedly hurt you over and over. Im tired of it.

No. 1552987

I've been maladaptive daydream and I know I need to stop.

No. 1552993

File: 1681795930728.png (85.34 KB, 600x600, ebb.png)

Sophistipop is the nu-metal of the 80s.
You would think it's another metal genre like hair metal, but how popular was hair metal compared to nu metal?

I mean both sophistipop and nu metal were branches of their genres, sounded well made to SOME, and were niche as niche. Yet they both required particular knowledge (if not skill) to be made/classified and it's not as if anyone else remembers them that eloquently either way.

No. 1552996

I just want to eat 2 slices of a cake without thinking acne will appear and then dark spots for a month or more god damnit. the rest of my diet is greens and a little meat, some tea, give me a break!!

No. 1553003

I inherited a condition from my dad where dairy gives me perpetual adult acne and I've just resigned to it. I won't stop eating cheese even if I have cystic acne for the rest of my life. smoked gouda… havarti… on crackers…. mmmm

No. 1553009

I hate my uncle so much and I don't like having to pretending to be cool with him (even if my pretending is just me saying 'hi' the 1 time I see him out of an entire year). He's a violent narcissist and has put his hands on my grandmother, he probably would have hit her if no one intervened.

No. 1553016

On my way to a practical exam, I feel like actual death. Like I breath out a black tar or something. I suck at practical exams I really hope the doctor's gonna be nice and not fail anyone because it's supposed to not be a big deal. I am just so fucking tired. I went through around a hundred of ecgs and around 50 xrays last night I really hope my brain just won't give out. I honestly just feel like life isn't worth living lately, it's just endless studying. And it's a Sisyphus work, no matter how much I do in a day it's never enough and I'm always behind. I can't even feel achieved when I go to sleep it's just more guilt and feeling of uselessness. I'm right at the end though I need to push through.

No. 1553021

I believe in you nonnie! It's normal to feel like you aren't accomplishing much but I promise you that you are. You're just overwhelmed at the moment and not seeing the results clearly. You got this! Please treat yourself to something you like afterwards like maybe a favorite drink or snack. Decompress for a bit too.

No. 1553022

File: 1681800995987.jpeg (157.18 KB, 1024x1024, 1646604775655.jpeg)

why lolcor full of fun-hating tards and un-integrated fags now im sad why is /ot/ so dead wat da hell

No. 1553026

My family loves to use my ass for free babysitting on short notice and then berate me for my lack of responsibility and how I have it "too easy" without kids of my own. Yeah, exactly.

No. 1553027

this dumb fuck chat client i use to roleplay on is dead and no one's writing my embarrassing guilty pleasure ships with me. i know it's dorky but i don't give a fuck. i'm having a bad night and i really want to write two guys kissing.

No. 1553030

What's the chat client?

No. 1553031

can't imagine being so obsessed with an lolcor poster that you document their posting habits kek. rent free as they say

No. 1553035

i was standing in the kitchen for 10 minutes w a fist full of peanuts trying to put them in my mouth and my body just not cooporating because eating disorder and now that i got them in it just started a binge episode and i just feel so disgusting after half the cupboard is empty

No. 1553039

I just remembered that after a girl I went to high school with got murdered, I told the RP server we were both in so they wouldn't expect posts from her anymore and nobody fucking believed me. When her story made it to Dateline NBC I wanted to post the episode to the forum but it had been a couple years so I didn't bother.

No. 1553044

kirbyanon lives rent free in my head and she's welcome to stay

No. 1553047

usually i am very excited for the new semester because i love my classes but my anxiety is through the roof right now and i dont know why
could be PMS
i don't even know what i'm scared of, my brain is just fucking with me for no reason

No. 1553051

My dumb cousins thought it was a great idea to have a meet up while they were still recovering from norovirus And of course, they didn't have the courtesy to tell me that beforehand so I could cancel and postpone it. It only took a day for me to get the exact symptoms, I had to call in sick at work and I still feel like shit few days after.

No. 1553063

Roommate getting drunk and loudly sex phoning her bf until 4am in the goddamn morning. I hate you retard. You know I have an interview tomorrow and wanted to wake up early today to prepare. Motherfucker

No. 1553073

Don't pretend like this only works one way. Always trying to put guilt on the welcoming European countries. Then you wonder where that feeling comes from. And of course you wish to go to America and not your wonderful country of origin.

No. 1553080

i saw an entire dead body being moved into an ambulance right outside of my college dorm last night and nobody is reacting the way that they should be when i tell them. just “oh that sucks, anyways-“. when i saw it i was literally shaking, i don’t think i’ve ever felt that way before. i feel absolutely crazy for reacting so badly to it, but it feels crazier for everyone to just brush off the literal death of a human being right at our front door. even worse is that apparently several bodies have been found on campus, all overdoses. i’ve witnessed 2 arrests on campus this week alone, the dead body has sent me over the edge completely. this place is completely unsafe and my university hasn’t issued a single statement about it, they’re just ignoring the fact that people have died all over campus and students are in danger from mentally ill homeless people who the city refuses to take care of. i hate portland. i wish that these people could be saved instead of waiting until they commit a crime or die alone on the streets. i know it’s stupid and idealistic of me to think like that, but i want to cry thinking of the fact that the person i saw was once a child with people who loved them. they probably never thought their life would end like this. just because someone died from an addiction doesn’t make their death any less tragic. i hope that whenever that person is they ended up in a good place. i’m sorry that this world wasn’t kind enough to them.

No. 1553085

Thank you nona it lifted me up a bit. I passed the exam, it wasn't great and I made stupid mistakes so I'm feeling pretty emo for being a dumb ass but pass is a pass.
I got this homeless guy patient and he kept on just talking and talking irrelevant shit, I could hardly get his physical evaluation or any history out of him and he ended on a joke about me stripping naked, jesus christ.
The only other patient I could have apparently always shows everyone his penis so I got the better one.

No. 1553087

I think my ex boyfriend might have been a narcissist. He constantly craved attention from strangers, thought he was gods gift to humankind and the most important thing to him was the way he looked, his outfit etc. He was obsessed with social media and "followers" and treated his parents like slaves he could mooch off of while he went to university for almost 8 years to get a fucking bachelors degree because he was "too good" to get a job and too occupied with going to the gym two times per day. He was always super defensive, could never apologize or own up to anything and avoided arguments like the plague. He was obsessed with nitpicking my appearance in the last months when we were together. I gained some weight in the last year when we were together because I was constantly eating my feelings. His absolute favourite thing was to convince me to step on the scale so he could comment on my weight and compare it to his mom for some reason. I got into this relationship when I was fresh out of high school and I was with him for 4 years and was too scared to leave because I had no one else, so I endured it. I think it was a classic narcissistic relationship cycle with the lovebombing and idealization in the beginning and then the devaluation and discard at the end. Our relationship ended with him ghosting me because I "demanded too much" when I needed emotional support when my dog died.

No. 1553102

You have a lot more empathy than me. Junkies suck, sorry you had to get traumatized by seeing a dead one. I don’t feel sorry for them, there are actual suicidal people in the world that try and fail to die because they’re not rich/socially connected enough to access drugs that at least allow a peaceful death like fent. Meanwhile junkies make it impossible to get proper pain relief cause all doctors treat everyone as a potential junkie, as if an actual junkie doesn’t have a dozen buddies to call and get drugs from. Fuck junkies. I’ve literally seen people saying that they should phase out opioid pain medication because “nobody needs that kind of pain relief unless they’re in the hospital and even then it should only be used for end of life” like bitchhhhhhh just let it be a free for all and let the junkies die by misadventure, even if the supply was regulated they’d still accidentally kill themselves because they’re retards

No. 1553117

Hearing about it and seeing it yourself aren't the same experience at all so I'm not surprised.

No. 1553129

This is such an usa shit to say hahaha sorry your country hates their citizens and give them opioids since childhood to treat minor pain. In my country we make fun of you because just the endure the pain loser, take an ibuprofen idk not every pain is supposed to be shut down by a super addictive prescription.

No. 1553142

I so want to end it. In all sorts of ways.

No. 1553146

I’ve learned that limerance is a product of low serotonin so every time I start to think about you and your cute fucking smile or your silly little laugh I have to do something that gives me serotonin or I’m just fucked for hours. But before I go do push-ups until I can’t move, I am going to type into the vent thread on lolcow that I would give anything in the world just to hear her laugh again. God I’m pathetic.

No. 1553149

I can't stop crushing on men who just don't treat me badly. I thought I held my standards too high but I was just not interacting with people enough.

No. 1553177

There's a limit to the patience people deserve, no matter how much they've been through. I've been through some things but I don't know if I've already passed the point where it doesn't justify being who I am. If I stay here my whole life I definitely will have.

No. 1553187

I just remembered something that would make me mad
>had to draw on the board for math class
>would write a number up there
>another girl called up to finish the problem
>she ERASES my number, rewrites it "prettier", then does her part
If you did this in school I know you grew up to be a faggot

No. 1553189

You're right, that's definitely faggot behavior

No. 1553206

i do feel bad for you for how affected by this you are…but you're naive about junkies. they dont become street sleepers shooting up in kiddie parks and letting their limbs fester openly because the mean evil world was too uwu unkind to them. their situation is a sign of their character. many of them are entitled vampires who burned every bridge they had by taking advantage of people who cared and wanted to help. some people are just empty and stupid. many were abused as kids and generally not taught how to care about themselves. it's sad but then as adults they become the same learned helplessness having vampiric personality, expecting someone else to solve their mess of a life because the world owes them, but then sabotaging and taking advantage of anyone who tries to actually help because it would require discipline and accountability on their part. and though they want you to feel sorry for them like nothing is their fault, deep down they really do just want to do drugs and avoid responsibility. nothing sinister outside of them is compelling them to. it's no one else's fault. its who they truly are.
no1curr that you mAkE FuN of ze stoopid americans in your faggot shithole country

No. 1553214

I made a post to the friend finder thread after being too afraid to do so for like a month, and then deleted the email i used for it after a few days out of fear again. Now I'm back to square one of missing friends. I feel like an idiot.

No. 1553219

NTA but as an ex-heroin addict I mostly agree with you. There are junkies who have been screwed over by mental illness, shit family, society, medical industrial complex that gives away strong painkillers like sweets, etc. But most are just as you described. I work with addiction charities and try to help as many people as I can but so many just… don't want it. They're actually content to live their lives like that and will try to use charities like the ones I work with for handouts without putting in any effort to quit. I've come close to quitting several times because of these parasites who prey on people's goodwill.

No. 1553220

I don't blame you. Most of the bitches here are crazy. Have stupid beliefs on certain things. After all its a gossip site too so I don't think it's too good a idea to make friends here anyway

No. 1553223

i'm 24 and single but i desperately want a child. i feel so anxious that i'm going to run out of time soon. will i ever find a husband? wll i ever have enough resources? it fills me with dread

No. 1553228

>run out of time
>is 24
What have you been reading lmfao

No. 1553232

Kitchen anxiety update: I went in again today and had a really good day. Nobody was angry about the boxty, I even cut another set of boxty (properly this time). It was nice to come into this not feeling like a complete retard. I made one or two minor slip ups but the head chef told me I'm only a student so he was never going to be expecting absolute perfection he just wants me to do the best I can

No. 1553245

Go back.

No. 1553248

Nta but kek at telling her to go back as if "farmers are crazy and you shouldn't talk try to make friends with people in the friend finder thread" isn't something most farmers would tell you

No. 1553252

I'm sure there's a few good apples here and there but honestly it's not worth the bunch of bad ones who are…. here. I might try to one day make a post in the friend finder thread for shits and giggles but not any time soon. I'm in a bad place and need to improve on myself as a person.

No. 1553253

Fast foward two weeks from now and nonnie here is on Twitch streaming with paki-chan

No. 1553255

I've become physically ill because I stressed myself out so badly because of a dumb man. Again.

No. 1553259

it's more like i'm scared it'll be too late by the time im financially independent and married

No. 1553274

Thank you anon, I will take this advice. It's all just very frustrating, there's some things that I learn very easily and then some things that just don't stick. But I know I just have to keep at it. I'm also learning how to use a new editor which isn't a big deal but it kind of stressed me out for a moment kek.

No. 1553289

Im editing the photos of my holidays in the mountains and holy shit I look so ugly in most of them

No. 1553290

I agree with this. The nature of this site tends to attract toxic and mentally ill people. Some anons here legitimately have bpd, autism, or some kind of personality disorder.

Anon if you want online friends then I suggest looking somewhere else. If you can find a place to make friends with real people, then even better.

No. 1553295

That's great to hear!

No. 1553299

File: 1681836131644.jpg (64.21 KB, 960x960, 60588605.jpg)

The work ethic….

No. 1553300


No. 1553314

>even worse is that apparently several bodies have been found on campus, all overdoses
I can't believe anons are framing the discussion about the moral failings of "junkies" when quite frankly several deaths on or near a campus isn't fucking normal. Had this happened during my time in college I would be just as shaken as you are.
Why is drug death being so normalized and why is no one talking about it other than "well it sucks"?

Individualism seems to be killing people's empathy and the ability to solve what's clearly a social problem and not an individualistic one.

No. 1553315

She says it's deranged homeless people who are dying, not normal people. You can't lock them up in institutions anymore, so there's nothing anyone can do about this.

It's also pretty normal to be unfazed by the deaths of strangers. Millions of people die every year and nobody cares because they never heard of them. That's sane and healthy. Being spooked by seeing a body isn't a super off reaction either, but it doesn't mean the people who don't trip over that are somehow morally inferior.

No. 1553319

it's pretty normal in portland tbh, I'm surprised she hasn't seen more bodies.

No. 1553327

I'm just wondering how these junkies get insurance to be able to afford this shit because I can't even afford proper psych medication to prevent my brain from having seizures everytime I switch from manic to depressive but junkies can obtain opioids? How? If I can't have lamotrigane without paying hundreds of dollars without insurance but some loser good for nothing is on opioids? How?

Almost considered trying alternatives, supplements havent done much for me, and now everything including weed is laced with fentlynal and I live in a state where weed is illegal so I risk dying if I buy from a dealer kek

No. 1553333

My mother got sick like me, went to the doctor before I did, I went there after work and called her to tell her I'm in the waiting room and asking her how she's doing and now she's agonizing. She asked me to tell the doctor about it because it's the same one and once I'm about to tell the doctor, my mom sends me a text saying "no don't worry about it" and 5 minutes later after I leave and call her again she yells at me that she didn't actually send the text and she wasn't herself and she wanted me to ask the doctor to call her. I'm tempted to let her suffer as long as possible since this mess started with her and my father being the least hygienic human beings I've ever seen and being exposed to a shit ton of viruses this way.

No. 1553334

One of my annoying pickme coworkers has made being short and small hands/feet her entire personality and it's so hard not to say catty shit after having to deal with her for 6 months. The funny part is she is obese and more shapeless than Shayna. Kek

She also always comments on EVERY creep that hits on her at work as if those same guys don't try the same shit with literally every woman we work with, everyone just brushes it off and moves on with their day without announcing it to the whole store.

No. 1553336

Well, she sent that text and now you're out of the place, so she might as well call the doctor herself.

No. 1553349

File: 1681840463267.png (222.85 KB, 2048x1374, ExrK2lSVgAICGhS.png)

reminds me a coworker at my old job was always like "I'm so short and tiny!!! ohmygodd!!!! omg i can't reach this hehehehe. I'm just so little i can't see over this i need a ladder teheee" and never shut the fuck up, she would talk constantly and if she asked you a question and you go to answer, talk over you and make it something about her. i didn't know those people actually existed until she came around, i thought the complaints and jokes online about them were just exaggerated for comedic effect. boy was i wrong.

No. 1553352

I can't stand femlets that act like being short is a personality trait. Yeah, everyone knows you attract pedophiles, you don't have to make it a personality trait. Get over yourself.

No. 1553354

Girl what kind of pedophile would be attracted to me, I look like an obese aunt, just short

No. 1553355

A lot of junkies "know a guy", who can give them a better deal on opioids than just straight from the pharmacy. A lot of opioids are also stolen from older family members who are on Medicaid/some kind of government insurance. It's fucked but you have to be slimy to get cheap drugs.

No. 1553358

Usually these people aren't even that short. Friend is 4'7 and I've never once heard her say shit that they usually say.

No. 1553359

File: 1681841359979.jpg (22.93 KB, 614x563, 12345654254.JPG)

I remembered the date wrong to turn in math homework for extra credit, I just started doing it and the deadline was 9 mins ago, you can't return it later REEE

No. 1553361

KEK ILY nonnie.

No. 1553363

Yeah, its always that her arms are toooo tiny and she cant see over the computers and shit like that.
KEK nailed it, she's my height at 5'2, which is average in my opinion. She's also very, very round

No. 1553368

File: 1681841933327.jpeg (36.69 KB, 564x564, 4A73FB72-CA52-494C-8579-08F38B…)

Why am I getting 3 stomachs aches today. Also got one yesterday. Tf is going on?

No. 1553371

>3 stomachs
Literal cowposting

No. 1553377

Same noona, only I know what's going on, been eating what I shouldn't lately. Back on a diet. It's just a stomach ache but it makes me feel so miserable kek

No. 1553378

I did erotic roleplay with strangers on a forum despite having a bf, but i've lost most feelings, don't see us lasting, don't fully trust him and he has lied to me in the past. I hate myself so much and feel like a cheater. The guilt is making me sick
Am i an irredeemable bitch nonas

No. 1553382

File: 1681843240913.jpeg (45.45 KB, 565x554, 1641265504014.jpeg)

>see my middle school bully at the grocery store
>went from cute kid to supermodel
>saw on his FB a couple years ago that he's an actual model
>see how he walks around the store like he fucking owns it, not a care in the world
>basic t shirt and jeans but still looks stylish as hell
>no makeup, but perfectly groomed dark brows and perfect skin with nose freckles
>see how the cashier girl gets flustered just talking to him and acts extra cheery just for him
>mfw thinking about how he's going home to his perfect gf and his cushy job and nice apartment meanwhile i have nothing and i'm ugly as fuck and want to fucking die and live with my dad and don't have a job

No. 1553384

he probably watches porn lmao

No. 1553385

I'm kind of an idiot when it comes to posting artworks online. I do want people to see my work, but I don't want confirmation that they've seen it. I don't mind likes and thumbs up, but the moment someone comments on my art, even if it's just a nice comment stating they liked it, I feel mortified for no reason. I rarely draw fanart, but when I do, I end up removing it because I get so nervous about the amount of people interacting with it, kek.

No. 1553386

He is antiporn and lets me thru his phone, also his pc is a family computer

No. 1553387

just wait till the pattern balding sets in nonnie

No. 1553389

>don't fully trust him and he has lied to me in the past
dump him

No. 1553392

I wanna drain his money first

No. 1553406

I hate how I need SSRIs to function and not have panic attacks daily but the consequences of using them is that I’m basically emotionless and zombie-like. This isn’t to put anyone off going on them, just my personal experience. My brain feels permanently foggy and I’m afraid one day I’ll do something potentially fatal like crash my car. My sense of coordination and reaction time are diminished by them. I have raised these concerns with my doctor and she just said we could try reducing the amount but I have done that in the past and was borderline suicidal. I don’t know which option is worse honestly.

No. 1553409

What are you having the attacks over? Can you remove those things from your life?

No. 1553418

Somehow I doubt there's a local lamictal dealer in this midsize southern shithole whose pills won't be laced with dog tranquilizers

Guess I'll go without meds and watch my bipolar brain die more

No. 1553426

I told her that but she couldn't because I was the last patient to have an appointment today and it was already too late when I called her just 2 minutes after my appointment. And she was the first patient so I'm sure the doctor didn't expect her to get worse so fast. She's going to call her early in the morning tomorrow.

No. 1553448

File: 1681846525808.gif (742.79 KB, 498x266, are-we-the-baddies-bad.gif)

I've been overthinking shit to the point where I can't tell if I was wrong or the other party. I literally can't tell anymore if my anger was justified or not. Did I blow up in their face for nothing? Or at least because they were too stupid to communicate like a fucking adult at the time?

I really wish I could reach out and ask for the whole story but they cut me off and I also know they're a fucking liar if it makes them look good. I wish I didn't bother with the shit anymore

No. 1553456

I have had a more privileged upbringing than Shayna and loving parents I don’t know what went wrong. I’m just naturally anxious I hate it.

No. 1553466

Craving energy drinks all the fucking time, as I'm trying to cut down. What the fuck am I even craving, it tastes like shit and gives me the shakes. But my brain is like "you need this".

No. 1553473

To be fair nona, no one is gonna lace weed with fentanyl, that’s usually like a deliberate thing. The weed you buy is more likely to be “laced” with cannabinoids sprayed onto the flower, which does admittedly make for a more manic, crazy high. I hope you find your meds for cheaper tho, I’m sure you’ve tried every possible cheaper alternative, Goodrx, etc etc

No. 1553486

I hate overthinking, I do it to the point of getting sick and it's not like i'm winning anything
i feel you nonnie

No. 1553488

I wanted to place my clothes in my old closet because there's been a pile that has brewed for a while behind my large TV in my bedroom.. until I realized that the way to it is piled up with even more clothes, blankets, stuffed snakes

It makes me wanna kill myself

No. 1553489

I'll just have to worry about it….. mm maybe sometime tomorrow or after I go to my concert

No. 1553492

File: 1681848043788.jpg (6.22 KB, 256x256, c45dc50063be35a88ee5a30e88e256…)

My full-time job just got demoted to 1-2 days a week part-time. I think. I’m going to go launch myself down a flight of stairs and go hehe haha

No. 1553496

It's mostly the psychiatry appointments being expensive and too frequent as well as not having insurance. Even when I had insurance they never covered psych consolations which were $100-200 a session and she'd always ask me back far too soon for progress updates.

Lamictal was good to me. two years without it and I feel like I'm going to have brain seizures sometimes. There's this currently persistent pain in my right temple that won't go away. I don't want to start having grand mal seizures in my mid 20s.

if I'm supposedly young and healthy then why do I feel like shit and dissociate all the time. I used to love reading, I used to love art, I used to socialize and go out and do things, I was healthier, I used to love life. Besides being traumatized and retraumatized by the last couple years, why am I so fucking dysfunctional? Everyone around me is just indifferent to it or doesn't care to help. Maybe if I have a seizure someone will finally fucking care

No. 1553498

File: 1681848384724.jpg (35.98 KB, 964x467, 1642291368598.jpg)

another girl being prettier than me does not mean i'm ugly. another girl being prettier than me does not. mean. i. am. ugly.

No. 1553504

Have been friends with this moid in my uni course for a year now and around Christmas he sent me a big fucking paragraph on Instagram about how he is in love with me and ‘have the body of a goddess’ and even confessed he has gotten hard from looking at my lips (??) and I’m fucking disgusted. 1. You could’ve kept that to yourself 2. He is objectively ugly and fat too. I have really low self esteem and I’m not used to anyone expressing attraction to me and my own appearance low-key repulses me so it’s so alien to me that someone feels this way. All I can think is that he’s super desperate. I still talk to him as I’m forced to see him in lectures all the time but I try to keep my distance as much as possible. I rejected him in the nicest way possible and he didn’t talk to me for a month after as he needed to ‘heal’. The only reason I’m talking to him is out of pity, but I really can’t take it anymore, he won’t stop complaining about how lonely and romance starved he is. He’s also very clearly still into me and the way he looks at me makes me want to recoil. I hate him he’s a pathetic neckbeard and hate myself more for befriending him in the first place and not having the courage to ditch him completely.

No. 1553505


No. 1553510

My shoulders hurt. Also, I made a before/after collage of when I was super fit vs gaining 40lbs (now vs then, ugh) and my arms are chubby enough now that I can't tell if my posture is okay based on the ear lined up over shoulder thing now, kek. The collage I made is good motivation though. I can't believe how nice I used to look vs unhealthy now.

No. 1553517

I think my boyfriend is going to break up with me tonight. Kinda sucks but I guess it gives me more time to manifest the man of my dreams. Only half joking. Sigh.

No. 1553531

File: 1681851749817.gif (4.45 MB, 498x498, shaking-head.gif)

I feel you nonna, I feel you. These retarded parasites love to suck all the fun and soul out of everything they touch. Everything has to be relatable to them. Everything has to pander to them. Everything should be fucking centred around them. Otherwise, they'll either chimp out at the creators or make delusional 'theories' inside their head with a pea-sized rotten brain to claim that it was about them all along and every cool character in existence is a troon.

No. 1553532

why tho

No. 1553535

best gif ever

No. 1553538

>wah wah why can anons tell apart my posts
Because you have an autistic writing style and always start infights. Instead of complaining here, you could just take a break because making so many posts that people can recognize you is super unhealthy.

No. 1553547

Damn nonnie, I am really sorry you had to see it. Regardless of the circumstances these things stick to you and it's horrible. I've seen a body from a car crash and it made me feel so bad too, don't worry you are not crazy, that's a normal reaction. I think people avoid thinking too hard about this stuff and become desensitized in order to not loose their minds too, so it's not necessarily that they don't care

Genderspecials are in every possible fandom, I am almost used to them at this point. It pisses me off more when the creators cave in to their wishes tbh, it's always a bad decision because they are never happy, they will always demand more and more.

No. 1553549

We're currently on a break and he just texted me and asked if we could talk after he's done with work about how things are going. I just really feel like he's gonna dump me.

No. 1553551

I hate myself and I hate my life, and I can't wait for die

No. 1553573

Kirbyanon is special and deserves recognition. I want an ama with her so bad.

No. 1553580

I just realized the whole time I thought I was speaking to my crush on reddit it was actually a stalker from my past that made revenge porn of me. I thought I was talking to a guy I liked that posted a lot on my fav subreddit but no it was this fucking psychopath. He showed up to my house before Christmas too I' so angry. He's mixed race and fetishizes white women feels gross anons I'm thinking of buying a glock for protection.

No. 1553585

That poster wasn't talking about Kirbyanon but I agree

No. 1553587

She will literally do an AMA any time she is summoned.

No. 1553591


No. 1553594

File: 1681858031776.jpg (113.55 KB, 736x1120, 856d70ef3532238ada6d2e0ce0cf31…)

Posting kirbyanon bait

No. 1553595

How can you want to have sex with that round pink baby ball thing? Nothing about it is sexy. It's literally a baby ball.

No. 1553597

i think she wants to fuck the penguin and uses kirby as a self-insert (hence the slit)

No. 1553601

I’m going to kill. I’m going to snap things in half. I feel so fucking restless and helpless. I walk through life half asleep so I don’t have the 0 to 100 drive other people have and I get apprehensive writing cover letters but I’m still applying and trying to get myself out there. Today I got an email back that my cover letter was awesome and so good! So much passion!!1!1!! But they fucking rejected me anyways. Don’t even say that shit to me, that fucking polite drivel. The fucking niceties when I’ve been rejected from every single position I’ve applied to in the last 1 1/2 years when it’s by my own merits. My merits don’t fucking count for shit, how the fuck can I be that useless and undesirable. Stop telling me how good I am if you’re not even going to fucking pick me and are going to choose someone else over me, just fucking save it. I used to hate when they would never email back, but I think I hate the email more because I have to read “I regret to imform you’ve been rejected” over and over and fucking over again. I’ve only gotten jobs because I happened to know a classmate, happened to run into someone important, or out of fucking pity. Out of those 3, 2 were temporary for like a month to a week and the other was an unpaid internship. And I’ve done so much volunteer work so I can have experience. I get if I don’t have enough experience or skills but come on. Come on!! It really can’t all be knowing people, because even when I applied to something and knew some important people I haven’t heard back after the fucking interview. And they have to act all nice and be like wow you’re so great. No tell me to my fucking face how much you hate me and are disgusted that I’ve even fucking applied to your precious job. I’m literally applying to work in museums. As assistants or clerks. Or if it’s galleries I’m there to sell shit. It’s nothing fucking crazy. How much shit do I have to do in my local art and museum scene to get fucking recognized? Just looking back I think people don’t like me and can smell the fucking retard on me. I don’t think I’m that important, but if people don’t like you then they don’t like you it’s simple. There’s something that I lack that normal people have and it’s causing me to just never have a chance. And then I tell my friend that I got rejected today and all he says is that I “need to apply to multiple jobs and not just one at a time” and that he’s been rejected “100 times” and that it’s normal. I KNOW ITS NORMAL. God I’m not some stupid child. And it just takes time to find openings and write a cover letter each time I can’t just spam my resume to a bunch of random shit. And when I tell him he’s being condescending he’s all confused. I’m treated like the runt by everyone. Also it was a mistake to play mark of the wolves right now because I’m so bad at fighting games and it just made everything worse I’m so retarded. I’m just retarded.

No. 1553609

lol anon as if wanting to fuck a cartoon penguin made more sense

No. 1553629

As of recent, I've been feeling a real sense of dread and hopelessness in relation to pursuing a relationship. I want to be able to find a connection with others, I want to be able to date and experience romance with another person however due to several things I fear that I may not be in the best state of mind to pursue a relationship, or even worse, I might never be. I think it is because relationships as a whole are far more complicated to me, there's a lot of keep track of and keep in mind and I get easily angered and irritated if something goes wrong or something doesn't go according to plan or what I had preconceived in my mind. It's problems like those that I feel are holding me back, I want to work to fix them but I don't exactly know where to start. I'll see people talk freely and easily, without a hint of apprehension or tension with each other, even if they may be complete strangers and it boggles me. Even now if I'm talking to a long time friend I still feel as if I have to fake all of my expressions, bodily language, smiles and more to come off and appear as normal. I hate this, I hate that it's exhaustive and overwhelming to be in a relationship (platonic or romantic) but I still crave that connection and feeling of companionship with another person. I dislike that I feel the intense need to put as much effort into a relationship, even if it may be a simple friendship, and do things such as learning the ins and outs of the other person's hobbies, interests, ethics, etc. that I get disheartened when the same level of care isn't reciprocated.
I would never, self inserting by OCs or even a proxy puppet character is wrong. It is disrespectful, detestable and uncouth.

No. 1553632

Worlds on a fast track to destruction so you shouldn’t even have kids anyway

No. 1553633

I live near a fancy expensive private university and there have been two students who died of ODs within the past 8 months.

No. 1553638

Your friend is an actual dwarf though so of course she’s not gonna talk about being tiny. She’s not teehee tiny she’s literally got dwarfism kek

No. 1553647

I can't sleep because of anxiety.

No. 1553653

File: 1681864041337.jpg (27.2 KB, 480x477, 1666743412482.jpg)

I feel like I'll always go completely unnoticed in the art world even though that's literally my only talent. And it's only because I'm so shit at social media. I kept my art posted on an old, unpopular site for years since I was too scared to go on social media. I finally made a twitter a few weeks ago to start posting my art. Even fanart stuff for popular franchises because I've heard that can get more attention. And even a few slightly coomery drawings too. I post it, tag it with a few things related to the art… nothing. A few likes, nothing more, no retweets for exposure, hardly any followers gained. I'm not an amazing artist by any means, but I'm about average, and I've seen artists that draw in MS paint like 10 year olds with way more followers and retweets than me.. so I don't get it. Maybe they're just super persistent with interacting with other accounts and posting more than I do? What the fuck am I doing wrong?? I don't reply to people's tweets or whatever so I'm wondering if maybe that's it. But that comes from me being inept at this shit. It makes me so upset, I feel like a failure even though I try so hard. I draw my art for myself, mostly, but it hurts to see everyone around me drawing similar things at a similar or lower skill level blowing up and getting tons of engagement while I get absolutely nothing. Fuck the art world in modern times, I'm not going to give up but it's disheartening enough to leave me in a sour mood, and seeing the 0 engagement every time I post makes my stomach drop for a bit out of shame.

No. 1553659

Lawrenceanon is my favorite; she is so nice, even to people who mean-bait her. Her love is pure and Peter O'Toole has nice eyes, idgaf what others say.

It's the crazy spergs like Paki-chan and Trump-chan that are insufferable.At least Paki-chan has the excused trauma of living in her country, idk what Trump-chan's deal is.

No. 1553661

As a fellow artist who’s going through the same i can tell you that a big percentage pf the popular people posting art also interact a lot with others and also post consistently. The time i had the most attention was when I posted one illustration everyday, the attention stopped the second I didn’t post.
You might keep on posting the art you make for yourself until it gets traction or you could check out other art spaces such as art classes, a job within the arts, checking out your local art scene. Real life feedback is better than a bunch of likes and you can meet people who takes you to new art adventures
Don’t give up nona keep working on your art

No. 1553667

That's what I thought, I stalked some of these somewhat popular accounts (including the people that draw on a very beginner level that have 300+ followers) and they all interact with others a lot and have a very social vibe. I'm the opposite and struggle to be super social. I tried Twitter since I'd like to do commissions online and am not sure I'm good enough for real world stuff. I used to be a painter, maybe I should do that again as my main focus and keep this on the side. Thanks anon, I'm glad I'm not alone in this.

No. 1553674

Don't mind as long as anons aren't annoying. I think I'm very annoying myself and am glad this site puts up with me revealing my innermost secrets sometimes

No. 1553680

i moved to portland from an incredibly privileged area where i never even saw a homeless person before, so it probably affects my world view. but i’ve also had some very good childhood friends who had the whole world at their disposal become lost to addiction because of their mental illness that was outside of their control. i guess when i see someone homeless i think of them first instead of having a more realistic perspective. especially since so many homeless around here seem to have schizophrenia or some kind of psychosis going on, it makes me feel like it’s a mental health problem instead of a moral failure

No. 1553688

What is wrong with moids? Some moid asked if the glass protector at my friend's place is bulletproof and that he could simply shoot the place up. What?

No. 1553689

File: 1681867077123.png (74.77 KB, 600x600, DD655DE9-3B5F-4424-BCAC-05510D…)

I love you I miss you I love you I miss you I love you I miss you!!!! PLEASE COME BACK TO ME USE YOUR 2 BRAINCELLS AND THINK ABOUT EVERYTHING WE WERE AND EVERYTHING WE COULD BE!!!! THE DISTANCE WOULD MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IF YOU LOVE ME AS MUCH AS I LOVE YOU!!! WE WERE PERFECT TOGETHER YOU JUST NEEDED TO WAKE UP. No one ever told you the truth except me. The truth hurts but this hurts more. If you’re a morally good person and you can see the light and you want true love, you’ll come back. Fuck please please I hope you decide the right thing cause I can’t live without you. I’ve never met anyone like you and I know I never will again in the fucking shithole. You were the only one who was hot, but kind and caring and funny and made me laugh all the time, and interesting and can hold a conversation and we even shared almost every belief… except what’s most important. Thank you first ever non boring non abusive smoking hot bf for existing but please fucking understand that you aren’t on the right path, and that’s objectively true. You said you never felt this way before. It seemed so sincere. Please tell me it’s true. I miss you. (Yes I am autistic for this post but I need to vent so bad and no one irl wants to listen anymore)

No. 1553691

Girl… he ain't coming back

No. 1553693

i think it’s because most people i told about it lived in the city longer than i have, so they’ve become desensitized. everyone thinks that it’s inevitable instead of a problem that can be solved because it’s the only reality they’ve ever lived in. when someone is homeless or has an addiction, it’s not only because of their personality. it’s also because multiple systems that could have intervened failed them. we have no mental institutions, no drug detox centers with programs that actually work, and no solution for what to do with these people when they are already too far gone. that and america has completely given up on stopping the drug market. i’ve seen the way addiction can twist the psyche someone who was once a good human being into a cruel animal who only cares their their survival. that’s because of the chemical dependency drugs create, not because they chose to be that way. i’m also a polysci fag who clings onto research that shows prevention is more effective than mitigation, so i’m biased. i still have a the childish belief that the world could be peaceful one day if we work towards it hard enough. i think that if i didn’t believe that i wouldn’t be able to get up every morning. i may be naive and ignorant but at least i am happy kek

No. 1553694

please please please don't tell me this is the same mustached guy here >>1550691 who OP mentioned being a porn addict who harassed her for anal sex in another post. please let this be a coincidence.

No. 1553697

File: 1681868326101.jpeg (135.22 KB, 735x880, IMG_3244.jpeg)

>tfw zoomer
>tfw want emo tomboy girlfriend
>or just a friend with those attributes and is also a homosexual female
>tfw live in the capital
>tfw am muslim country thirdie
>tfw anything remotely close to my type and age is upper middle class americabrained TRA tiktok addicts which i cant relate to at all
sigh. also it's so unfair that all my former school friends have found other lesbians and i haven't kek. it's not like i have a bitter attitude towards anyone that's not my type. i keep it on the down low, i still respect people. but speaking of bitterness what i hate most about these tiktok addicts is how their introduction to heavy internet usage was tiktok, specifically during quarantine, and the reason why they turned to alternative "scenes" is because of the app. i almost autistically want to call them newfags. i really value authenticity as hipster as that may have come off.

No. 1553698

I know… hence my severe crippling depression… y’all mind if I accidentally drink arsenic trioxide

No. 1553700

File: 1681868572726.jpeg (1.23 MB, 4032x3024, 82CF7DBE-7B7E-444C-8133-8F4D47…)

Awww how’d you know?!

No. 1553704

File: 1681868757472.gif (156.33 KB, 246x325, D669A2C1-5902-4F3E-BE28-0297C2…)

i hate trannies so fucking much. they are so disgusting. don't care.

No. 1553707

seek help

No. 1553711

File: 1681869187333.jpeg (121.9 KB, 1242x1148, B3E6A7A3-533D-4830-9AF6-E0ABBD…)

I’m in therapy and on the max dose of anxiety meds hahahahahaha. Still not enough hence why I post here

No. 1553716

File: 1681869901908.jpg (95.07 KB, 735x683, 69f9e80af2c848ea0d95ee4db01e4a…)

hate it so much when my moid friends act gay in jest around one another!!!
it incites a visceral reaction out of me and makes me seem unapproachable in the eyes of the rest

No. 1553720

File: 1681870420635.jpg (49.33 KB, 561x604, d439fae87f83f059a0d3cbeb2ffe8f…)

How do I get over the embarrassment of my neighbor seeing me crying sitting outside on the corner like a child or bpdfag… I had to leave my house because there was fighting and just walked aimlessly until I crouched and felt frozen like that crying in the dark. Then I walked back in shame because he saw and asked if I'm ok. They surely think my family's weird because my sister and I don't leave the house and she has yelling meltdowns. I thought at least I don't have that but well . How do I live this down I feel mortified

No. 1553721

File: 1681870643508.jpeg (125.6 KB, 1200x774, 2A107DA3-4CAD-4702-B864-E3229C…)

You, trying to break No Contact by leaving cryptic messages on lolcow dot farm

No. 1553722

How old were your parents when they had kids? Were they responsible raising you? Don't rush something like that, for your potential child's sake please. And quit looking at whatever it is influencing you to think this way. Deal with your own immediate problems instead of creating new ones.

No. 1553736

i'm so jealous of artists and writers and people who just seem to exist in these creative spaces and somehow make money from it enough to not need a normal job (or maybe they all have rich parents? idk)

i just found a female indie game designer (NOT a tranny nor does she seem to care about any genderspecial shit, she's literally a unicorn) and i am dying inside. she's making games, she has a website, lots of friends who are also in this scene with her, has a zine and i'm just over here too exhausted from my job that i need to pay my bills to even think about trying to join in on this shit as a hobby. i am just.. so so jealous.

No. 1553737

they just won the life lottery and got born into grander circumstances than you were. i'll bet their parents are rich and they have good charisma – they can probably float around easily in social circles. nothing you can do about it

No. 1553741

File: 1681874163378.png (60.45 KB, 714x526, Untitled.png)

it hurts anon (this isnt the woman i was talking about but another one and i am just…….)

No. 1553744

Update: he cried trying to break up with me then we talked it out and I guess it was just a big miscommunication error and we are still dating. Talk about a near miss.

No. 1553748

I found someone who obviously posts here's reddit account and despite having based takes, I think it's extremely cringy that certain anons here let this site leak out into other aspects of their lives including the way they speak on social media sites. Sure educating people on why porn is harmful can be great (but generally not effective), but calling people moids and alluding to very specific memes is retarded.

No. 1553760

Sounds like he stalled the breakup because he got overwhelmed. I'd dump him and ignore him since hes so hesitant and indecisive, did that in the same situation and it mindfucked him enough that he still texts me every 6 months even though the time I actually wanted him he was blubbering about how I basically wasn't enough.

No. 1553769

You sound insufferable. Laughable how you're bitching about him being a porn addict and then changing your mind calling him not abusive. He doesn't give two fucks about you as he is busy jerking off and thinking about several other women who don't even know he exists. Move on from this creepy pedo-stached loser.

No. 1553779

I literally just had an exam about this today lmao

No. 1553781

I'm reading about manipulation tactics and the fact that I've done a few of these to my ex, even if I wasn't fully aware, really terrifies me. Am I just a bad apple.

No. 1553782

Now that you're aware you can work on yourself. It's hard but I have to do the same thing.

No. 1553784

Thank you, good luck on your journey too anon. Sometimes I wish I could have met someone else before my ex and maybe we could have worked out. There are just some things that you'll never realize about yourself until you're in a relationship.

No. 1553788

Thanks nona you too. The bad memories and guilt truly suck, but it needed to happen for us to learn. I'm sorry you lost your ex from it, sometimes I miss mine too but he had his own flaws that I really don't miss

No. 1553791

This year has been so fucked up but I made it. I passed this huge exam and the one professor who said I was too stupid is now "sick" and he left the Faculty lmfao I hope you dye you miserable, old, fat, ugly rat faced moid. Know that you have brought nothing of value to this field and that your miserable attitude never masked that insecurity. I know you entered this field thinking you'd be the next Einstein but no one will know your name after they remove you from this institution that you got paid by for decades for doing absolutely nothing. You big fat bitch.

No. 1553797

no1curr means only you don't curr! And i don't curr that you don't curr

No. 1553800

me rereading my bpd dbt tactics book earlier and realizing how mindlessness has consumed me

I do feel like a bad person now nonas where has mindfulness gone

No. 1553802

File: 1681884463367.png (120.72 KB, 296x265, wahah1.PNG)

i hate how much i get anxious over shit. i have to deal with something at a tax office and im very scared something isnt going to go well is been like this for weeks now and my headaches are becoming more frequent

No. 1553806

me i have a pre-interview "get to know you" call coming up and i am simultaneously shitting the bed and icy calm. good luck to both of us sis x

No. 1553813

I used to wish even when I were a kid that I were dead or in a different family. My parents and two brothers would make the perfect family they ALL vibe with each other perfectly and have since the beginning. I really wish I were never born I feel like a mistake. there is no place for me anywhere. Most people innately dislike me. I have one person aside from my family that likes me and it's my bf and that's it. I am sick of being the loser. It's so painful when my little brothers talk down to me because they think they are better than me. Or they treat me like I'm unbalanced or insane because I've had anxiety problems in the past. For example I once had a bad experience at airport tsa and I decided not to fly after all and just go home, so my mom called everybody in our family and told them I was having a meltdown or something and then my dad and brothers called me and acted like I was insane and needed help. I was like uhh I'm fine my bf is getting me already why are you bothering me? And they were all freaked out about me. I was so embarrassed and offended. That's how it's always been for me I get 0 privacy and treated like a freak for mundane as fuck situations. If I would get anxious as a kid my mom would scream at me to "stop being freaky!!!" also teasing was rampant in my family even from my little brothers towards our mom. But god forbid if I even blink at mom wrong she'll blow the fuck up at me. My little brother tells her she looks fat in a scarf and she stops wearing them and cries about it to me but if I take the wrong tone with her she hangs up on me haha. Dumb cow

No. 1553830

I could have written this post. But look on the bright side nonna, at least you aren't interacting with twittards and becoming infected by the way they talk and act. Which might happen if you tried to engage more. It sucks that there isn't a home for artists without being a social butterfly anymore tho.

No. 1553831

My period is 50 days late but I always use condoms with my bf so I refuse to think there's a possibility that I'm pregnant. I hate being a woman. I use gross feeling condoms because I don't want to mess up my body with the pill but this still happens. My boobs hurt differently compared to pms. I'm so bloated. So tired. Why can't I just know without having to test it. I don't want to pee on a stick and wait to see if I have ruined all my plans for the year.

No. 1553835

Nona listen to me. I’ve been there. Get that pregnancy test asap. Either pee on a stick or go to the Dr. Idk what country you’re in but in the US and probably others the price of abortion goes up by like $100 for each week you wait. Unless you want to keep it in which case you will need prenatal care asap. I know it’s scary but you can’t just avoid this and wish it away.

No. 1553839

People who obsess about finding love are fucking pathetic. We should focus on being good people and having real friends. Imagine being able to do so many things in life and you act like a crybaby over the one thing you can't have right now. What makes them think they're entitled to love even when they're shit people? Fucking focus on something else or work on yourself and be patient and grateful for your present relationships. The most irritating thing is they don't get that whining makes them look even more disgusting and desperate.

No. 1553845

It's always so annoying when people take pictures of women or even just assume women making straight faces around pretty women are jealous, specifically the taking pictures of them and making memes about how jealous they must be or young girls shaming older women for just glancing at them and making up conspiracies in their head and calling those women ugly

I don't understand how the generation that made "resting bitch face" a thing somehow magically doesn't understand that people have RBF for being around them

No. 1553847

I think I got fired from my remote job. I tried to log into my work accounts today to find them all deactivated. I can't contact anyone because all of our communication was made through the apps. No one was online yesterday or the day before. What the fuck anons

No. 1553853

what if your company is in some sort of trouble?

No. 1553854

Isn't there an email address you could write to from your personal email?? Also, was this within your probation period?

No. 1553857

I want irl friends so badly but it feels impossible when you're a socially retarded shut-in.

No. 1553902

search your company name online and see if there is any recent news about it

No. 1553921

Omg thank you, keep going it’s helping me realize how stupid I am. Unfortunately comparing him to other moods makes him look like a saint, but objectively he’s still awful.

No. 1553927

I feel fucking ridiculous. Why do I always let this stupid shit happen to me. Fucking moids ruining my life and sanity every time. Stupid fucking “daddy issues” have ruined me forever. I was so much better before all this like is it even fucking worth it at this point. Things are good when we’re together in person but when we’re apart it feels like he doesn’t even give a fuck. Is it just my need for reassurance or does he just actually not care. How embarrassing for me. I’ve been trying to improve all other aspects of my life but I guess I’ll just be this way forever. Fucking ridiculous just put me out of my misery

No. 1553938

All forms of interaction seem exhausting to me now

No. 1553940

Unfortunately moids only give a fuck about women who don't appear to want them very much. That's why they write songs about the women they lost or can't have and not the ones who they are with. The best you can do is be detached for your own sake and enjoy whatever you want from them in the moment, and always be open to getting attention from others instead if he's being inattentive.

No. 1553943

>moids only give a fuck about women who don't appear to want them very much
this is so true it hurts
the chase is better than the catch for them
sounds like you're anxious and need reassuring, this is very common
if it makes you feel any better I'm in the same boat was way better when I was by myself than after meeting certain men, fuck that shit

No. 1553944

Nta but I belive this is true. Whenever I was with a guy, I had no genuine interest in them and appeared distant which made them obsessed to the point they'd constantly chase me. Men love to chase because they think if a woman is hard to get, she's out of their league and men always try to get women who deserve better than them.
Fuck men.

No. 1553947

i keep waking up after ~6 hours (usually split into two segments of rest). i'm now aware of the concept of sleep debt so it's fucking me over

No. 1553948

They put themsleves in a state of eternal longing for their idealized Dream Girl and then frame it as if women are the ones looking to marry or date up constantly. Meanwhile there are cute, sweet women completely dutiful to the most ridiculous bottom shelf men who will bitch about valentines day and look like pigs. They will happily raise his kids while he acts like he's missing out on life by the time he has his midlife crisis.

It's sick but they get off on it if you act like you're settling hard by being with them. Yes it makes them insecure but God they will ruminate about you for a long time.

No. 1553952

Thank you Nonita, you are very correct and I used to believe this a lot more strongly before my current relationship, I think a lot of issues I’ve experienced at the start of this relationship have really clouded my judgement. I’ve always struggled with being too invested or not invested enough and seem to worry the latter is worse, when in reality it would be a lot better for myself. I think I just struggle with it currently because I previously cut myself off from a lot of my friends and most social media and isolated myself from people and my hobbies, so trying to build that all back up seems borderline impossible, but I am trying. I know being more distant and focusing on myself first and foremost is ultimately the best way to go no matter what happens with regards to my relationship, I think I just needed to hear it from outside sources to confirm that, so thank you for that!
Definitely, I have a lot of anxiety specifically with relationships and do need reassurance, it’s nice to know it isn’t so crazy of me kek. It is comforting to know others have experienced this, I am sorry you’ve experienced it too Nona. Moids really do ruin everything.

No. 1553958

read about attachment styles anon, it'll open a whole new world for you
I hooked up with guys who were below my league because I caught the feels STD for them.
Instead of being grateful and realizing how lucky they got, they found problems when I offered help in different ways. When I tried explaining and when it got to the point of them actually breaking off things, they tried to reasoned that they're afraid of how I would feel because I'm being "dumped". They were stupid until the last moment. Now that's what pissed me off.
Some people will never appreciate you and it's best to move on.

No. 1553963

It's probably because moids think hard to get = valuable/rare = higher social status on the retard male hierarchy. They're basically serfs kek.

No. 1553967


No. 1553972

>Instead of being grateful and realizing how lucky they got
A male will never be grateful in the true sense of the word for anything a woman can give him. Even if he is a genetic abomination and useless in every regard, not meant for reproduction if he cares about the evolution of the human race, the moment he has sex he will not be thinking how lucky he is but rather "its about time I got what I deserved. I want and need more than this"

No. 1553974

why do even men who are bad at sex / have little to no experience are so demanding sometimes?
I still have hope that good men exist but most are driven by getting their dick wet and think that's all there is to it, some even think that being good looking is ALL it takes for a woman to want to have sex with a guy

No. 1553976

It's easy to be unattached and safely distant from men when you have a good circle of female friends and lots of things to keep you occupied. That's why malignant males' first priority is to isolate you if he wants to abuse you and make you depend on his mood.

Having even one hobby class you regularly go to and going out for coffee with one of the girls you meet there is enough for your human need for belonging to be satisfied for a while, enough to give you a healthy clarity to what value your interactions with him really have.

Plus, if you develop a true friendship with one of these women they will often ground you if you are being treated like shit by him. I've seen it happen myself, women going from being lonely and chronically upset due to their man… to ending the worst relationship of their life with nothing but optimism for the future instead of baseless hesitancy.

No. 1553983

i'm so nervous for this phone call kek. it's from a swe company, it's a "get to know you" call i believe, and i'm running on five hours of sleep and i have never done an interview in my life. haven't spoken to a human being face to face that wasn't a parent or professor in literal years. i want to smoke a bowl but i don't actually have any weed in my home. pray for me nonas, if i get this it would do so much for my self confidence and mental health

No. 1553989

Thanks Nonnie I’ll look into that, I briefly recall looking into them in the past but I can’t remember much so I’ll do my research.
You’re right, I definitely need more female friends as most of mine don’t live nearby and my best female friend is in a completely different country, but you’re completely right she helps me ground myself a lot with regards to any moid related issues and having more female friends I can see/communicate with more frequently would benefit me greatly. You’ve helped me to try and see a way to get out more and try make more female friends, I don’t feel as lost at sea with regards to how to go about things there. Definitely giving me more hope for my future and feeling less overwhelmed, thank you to all the Nonitas that have replied and offered their input, lolcow does have its positives kek.

No. 1553993

I hate when the gf/wife of an abuser doesn't take every legal action she can to throw that fucker in a prison cell. Even worse when she hates you for being a former victim of said abuser and doesn't reach out to warn you about him. Two of us against one can get the police to take action or at least get press involved..so why don't you just reach out to me? I'll help you and back up your story because from what little experiance I had with him I know he's a sick person and he hurt me too. He even stalked me last year and it took me forever to figure out who it is. I'm praying on whatever god there is that you come around and stop acting like hiding from somebody is a normal way to live..he should be hiding NOT US.

No. 1553995

You can start by breifly mentioning any normie hobbies and traits but be sure to bring it back to "who you are" professionally and your aspirations in that regard. They don't actually want to learn about you as you are in private life much but rather what type of person you want to be in their organization. This doesn't even have to be complete BS, but rather what you see yourself as. I always made it clear I was an independent worker, a bit of a nerd with spreadsheets etc, and wanted to be in management one day, etc. The only thing I BSed was gliding over a y inexperience by saying I was confident I could be taught some of those skills they want and that I have learned difficult things quickly before.

If they ask you to name your faults I always said something like I can get caught up searching for the solution to problems on my own instead of collaborating, but I am eager to mediate that and be part of a real team and work on this as part of my personal growth being here. As long as you sound somewhat sincere it will be fine, even if you stumble a bit.

No. 1553999

> if you develop a true friendship with one of these women they will often ground you if you are being treated like shit
I can confirm this as someone who has only one BFF but she is extremely knowledgeable and she always grounds me in reality if things go bad in my life, her friendship is priceless to me

No. 1554000

What do I have to do to get you to understand that I don't fucking want you and never will? I don't want to date you, I don't want you have pictures/videos of me on your phone (10 years you're pathetic), and I don't want you at my house. You want to go to jail for being a stalker then be my guest but you'll have to accept I will never be in your life.

No. 1554006

I'm supposed to be studying for my finals all the time but lately I just sit home the whole day and scroll through reddit or insta reels (because I uninstalled everything else) and play vidya for an hour before I go to sleep. I just can't seem to concentrate. I can't seem to be able to start the studying. When I start I just do something else after five minutes. I don't go out anymore, I don't feel like I have time to see my friends, I don't go to gym, today I was even too lazy to make myself food so I just didn't eat. I just drink coffee and mildly abuse some substances to feel happier or feel like I'm not here. I don't have enough time so I feel really scared when doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Because when I do something else it makes me feel like the responsibility disappeared. I don't know what to do. I need to push through but it looks like my body gave out. Like when you are trying to lift heavy shit but your muscles are already tired and give out so they just stop working and you can't will them into working. Or I'm just lazy and making excuses, probably bit of everything.

No. 1554007

I have no value and i'd be better off dead.

No. 1554010

I also ( >>1553999 ) wanna add that I'm an introverted person who always had fair weather friends, so that lead me to be very cautious of people and made me very tired
I've always dealt with my problems alone but since meeting new people and experiencing relationship problems, that shit crushed me and I could not handle it by myself, it's why I went to therapy in the first place years ago and it helped a lot
I have hobbies but when someone I care about hurts me in a way I get so ill that I can't function. I can't eat, can't fall asleep and oversleep, overthink like crazy etc, it sucks so much and I wish I could go back to my "not give a fuck" self

No. 1554017

I know how you feel nonnie. You need to clear and reset your brain a bit. Go out for a walk and don't stay on your phone / headphones while you do it.
We all know social media fries our attention span and I have experienced that myself so I had to retrain my brain to go back into study mode.
It might sound ridiculous but what helped me was ASMR and classical music as a background noise, working/studying using the pomodoro technique ( I'd study for 40 mins and take a 5-10 min break) and setting up a schedule + goals.
It can be very,very at first, but stick to it.
Exercise also helps mood tremendously and I was at my worst mentally when I did not workout.
>coffee and substances
ditch that shit, it makes you jittery, you need to calm down , not get in a jittery state of mind

No. 1554018

omfg I'm on this road trip with my fam and my brother won't stop putting coomer memes on loop. This one particular one of the Bratz characters, the pink mean twins, stuck on a mountain complaining about not being able to continue climbing with those vine booms makes my skin crawl esp because he's 20+ and they're like 14-15. He constantly plays that one video which means he has that video saved to re-view it whenever. He's spreading his coomer tendencies to my younger brother and I can't do anything about it since they're always together. My other younger brother is more "feminine" so my brothers reddit tier humour doesn't appeal to him so he's safe for now.

I can't even complain out loud about his autistic behavior bcus everyone around me is like nuuuuu he has ay dee hayche dee uwuwu. I'm 100% sure I have an undiagnosed mental illness but I had to be 2nd mommy to my siblings and they couldn't have their co-parent be retarded or they'd feel bad. I wish he would just go away. Or at least have enough shame to wear headphones. Being a poorfag sucks ass. I want my own house but housing crisis yadayada.

No. 1554019

I wished my favorite cow would come back. I know she is out there somewhere creating insane stories about herself.

No. 1554024

>As long as you sound somewhat sincere it will be fine, even if you stumble a bit.
i hope you're right. thanks for the tips
i'm really dreading the eventual salary question. the internet seems split between humility and not "low-balling" oneself

No. 1554025

File: 1681915857839.jpg (31.91 KB, 500x500, 51QuTxxy2wL._SL500_.jpg)

>but when someone I care about hurts me in a way I get so ill that I can't function. I can't eat, can't fall asleep and oversleep, overthink like crazy etc, it sucks so much and I wish I could go back to my "not give a fuck" self
I have this problem. I recommend this author's books.
>Statistics show that 50 percent of what determines divorce is genetic temperament. And, if you are one of the 20 percent of people who are born highly sensitive, the risk of an unhappy relationship is especially high. Your finely tuned nervous system, which picks up on subtleties and reflects deeply, would be a romantic asset if both you and your partner understood you better. But without that understanding, your sensitivity is likely to be making your close relationships painful and complicated.

No. 1554027

nayrt but about the salary, don't undersell yourself
a strategy somebody taught me and that worked fine for me is always to ask a bit more than what you actually want, that way if they wont be able to offer the exaggerated salary, they'll offer exactly what you want
good luck!
thank you nonna , I'm getting that book as soon as I can, the men I dealt with were oblivious to these subtleties

No. 1554036

my parents don't have the heart to tell my younger brother he's a little retarded. probably FAS. i feel bad for the kid. technically he's an adult now and gets himself in trouble because he's kinda dumb. he means well but it goes wrong sometimes.

No. 1554042

i am feeling so fucked up over him, this is so stupid. on one hand i feel like he has such an amazing personality for a man, but at the same time he doesn't seem to care enough about our relationship after 5 years. sometimes it feels like he's only with me for convenience….i get called beautiful by everyone else but i have to set him up to get compliments from him, he's constantly on his phone or has to have a screen in front of him when we're hanging out, i've asked him to please wash his sink for months because there's black mold growing in it and i don't want to wash my face near that when i'm staying over and he still won't do it… i know these are all small things, but they're constant and really add up… i ask myself, is he going to start putting more effort in, is this someone i want to spend more of/the rest of my life with? we're both 21, i say we're young and need more time to mature, but i just don't know… i'm so happy when i'm with him but also i only see him once a week, and when we're not together it's like he just doesn't really care. all he does is text me drily, he never wants to even call or come over to my place. but after being with him so long, i don't want to give up our comfort and history we've built up, and also he gives me weed…. fuck my life i'm sorry i apologize for the long retarded post, i just know i sound whiny and stupid

No. 1554046

…??? Wasn’t talking to you.

No. 1554059

File: 1681919315248.jpg (10.91 KB, 250x250, lol.jpg)

>ask on a forum: hey what's the song that plays in the recent ep, NOT the beginning song, the version that plays in x scene with x doing x
>retard just replies "it's the beginning song"
>I say no, I'm talking about the different version that plays during x scene with x doing x, not the high tempo version from the beginning
>they link me the high tempo version
>block them

No. 1554064

Just had to pay a big medical bill and there goes a fifth of the savings I worked so hard for. I’m going to live paycheck to paycheck for the rest of my fucking life aren’t I

No. 1554086

Today has been a bad day for random anger. I had a coworker be rude af to me but he apologised by lunch, which I was so taken aback by it put me in a good mood lol, then some bitch cuts me off on the road and I give her the finger so she follows me home. Normal behaviour. Parks outside my house and phones someone, talks for a bit then drives off. Don't know what to make of that. Then my bf acts like a dick via text on completely unrelated matters. Everyone needs to fucking chill. I went to work with a mental cold, like I can't actually be fucking bothered. In the words of Billie Dawn Webb, be mad!

No. 1554088

File: 1681921013806.jpg (877.41 KB, 6825x2006, troon.jpg)

I want to have a family but I feel like the trannies have taken that away from me. Send them to public school and they are going to basically groom them. Apparently now too you can be a man and rape and murder toddlers and still be allowed to watch kids undress in a bathroom and nobody is going to stop him. I feel like everyone in my real life is so brainwashed by this shit, I even had a friend talking about how her 3 year old might be "trans" because he liked to sing the frozen song and likes babies os much. Like what the fuck. The only hope would be to homeschool and somehow have the time and money for that in a few years and ultimately deny them a normal childhood with friends and sports and prom and clubs. And it's not like you can shelter and control them for long, and when you do they usually rebel hard. Even my tiny rural town has a troon running things it's like you can't escape it even if you run away to some conservative hellhole. I feel completely hopeless, this HAS to end right? People are going to wake the fuck up and stop letting perverted, dangerous men rule the world? Or maybe a nuclear war will wipe away most of humanity. I know this isn't snow but I just feel like it's taking such a toll on me lately.

No. 1554104

That flat out isn't true. How are you, nonnie?

No. 1554124

File: 1681923781715.jpeg (142.3 KB, 1200x1172, 4BEB8510-582A-4472-BAF6-BB618A…)

I’m so sorry anon its like to escape trannies you have to put yourself and your kids in other dangers. If you want to stray from trannies most religious towns would help but then you would have to worry about church groups mistreating your child. It sucks how nowadays its having to choose the lesser of two evils all the time

No. 1554211

Holy shit my anxiety is going crazy right now at work. I feel like I don’t know anything and I’m absolute shit. I want to cry and I also want to quit. I’m so anxious I can’t even concentrate on doing anything. They can just fire me I don’t care

No. 1554223

I've been feeling bad for setting boundaries with a friend who really hurt me by making light of the death of my parent, my illness and interests. I've gotten so used to just clinging onto friends that I've just smiled through the hurthful shit, sometimes if it was through messaging, I would tell her to not say shit like that and that would be it for a while but she would clearly get annoyed with me and everything would turn into a weird debate afterwards in the convo. She has a lot of bpd tendencies and I think I just need to dump her ass but I think she already dumped me because she has been giving me the silent treatment for almost a month now, just because I firmly yet politely told her she was being rude and inconsiderate towards my trauma and shit, whilst I've had to think of every little triggers she has. Maybe it's better this way, but it still sucks, I liked her.

No. 1554274

Thanks to my therapist I've come to realize that once I started my treatment for binging, I essentially switched the episodes of binging with buying shit. The latter is obviously more directly destructive so now I've run out of money (I've always been good with money ironically so it kinda hurts) I've started to just binge again because I deadass don't know how to deal with life any other way and it makes me want to scream. The binges aren't fun, I eat till I"m sick and I know it'll kill me in the long run.

No. 1554279

People use the silent treatment to make sure you sit around and find a way to blame yourself in the meantime. People can get heated and need space which is fine but if you're calling it silent treatment its probably manipulative. They want you to question yourself, stew in it and then crawl back to them acting grateful for their time even though they haven't addressed the shit you brought up. ime.. don't get into the cycle of them pushing you away and pulling you back if thats all this is. It'll fuck you up, set you back on even knowing what healthy boundries are anymore. Hang around with that for long enough and you'll catch fleas so to speak.

I had an ex who both belittled the loss of my mom and had a habit of using the silent treatment too. Years later I still can't believe I put up with so much of it. I would've thought belittling her loss would be my number one limit on what I'd ever put up with from someone. Which is probably why he did it tbh. Testing out your limits. Pushing you away. Pulling you back. Everything gets forgiven because you don't want to set them off again. Idk if most people like that even consciously know that's what they're doing or if its more of an unconscious/maladaptive thing.

No. 1554281

Why does hobby lobby have to hate women?!? I'm so sad. I want to buy the cute little dollhouse items from there

No. 1554285

My biological father accidentally killed a guy in a drunken fight and ever since I discovered he was my father I've become even more scared of my anger issues. Any time I punch a wall or a hard surface I get this intrusive thought of "you're a killer, it's in your blood, you will take a life". I've been in situations in the past where I've used self-defence but then taken it too far… nothing serious came of it, just a night in a police cell and a slap on the wrist. But I hate this feeling, it's like I'm a ticking time bomb. My stepfather who had much more of an impact on my life is the opposite of my bio father, he's a wonderful man. He's the one who taught me self-defence in the first place, but he taught it out of love. He knows how this world treats women, especially ones like me. But he would never take it too far like I have. He told me not to let my emotions take over in those moments but I'm so full of fucking rage that I can't help it. Last guy that got in my face I glassed. I'm so ashamed that I never told him that. I told my bio father and he congratulated me like it's something to be proud of. He's beyond help and I'm worried that I might be too.

No. 1554289

File: 1681932747280.jpg (44.02 KB, 850x544, desktop-wallpaper-anime-gothic…)

is this you
i mean incredibly based of you to glass a moid but kek this is so edgy to me

No. 1554291

Nonna I'm sure you are not lost cause. Since you are thinking about these things in advance. Maybe therapy to help you control the feeling a bit better?

No. 1554303


Yikes Nonnie I think anyone would feel angry and hurt by what she has said and done. You did the right thing by calling her out.

No. 1554304

I'm realising I'm not inherently a lesser human being, it was just being poor! Being poor and living in a super consumerist society with a shit diet full of sugar and fat.

So many things, that just…with money I'm realising is fixable. Like good quality hair products. It's a big initial investment but then you wash your hair less and your hair looks better instead of getting the generic drug store brand that's on sale. And clothes! My parent's have BIN BAGS full of clothes at this point, they just buy non stop because it's cheap without thinking if they'll actually wear it. At the end of the day it's always the same t-shirts, different graphics that get warped after a few washes. I've got a few well made pieces that mix with each other and the fabric is so soft, that tencel stuff is a game changer. I don't own a pair of jeans anymore because I just don't fucking like them. Skin care is like 3 staple items instead of like with the hair thing up above. My skin was forgiving because I was so young but I remember I'd use a cleanser and toner then just not moisturise because I liked the look of extremely tight poreless skin, wtf. Being able to eat whatever I want, in a good way. Salmon and baby potatoes instead of oven products and frozen veg.

What else…the mental load of everything is lifted, because nearly every problem can be fixed with money. I'm not saying I want to get sick or lose my job, but it's a fundamental shift in perspective, it's a temporary setback, not the end of my life as I know it. That's probably the biggest one. Not the superficial stuff but it's the lifted mental load that has you seeing everything differently, and probably contributes a lot to all the out of touch things rich people say.

No. 1554305

I've watched too many "literally me" moid movies lately which has subsequently given me brain damage, thus I post like an edgelord. I don't get your reference though. I might be a schizo who's off her meds but I'm not a damn weeb. Jesus Christ, I'm not that far gone.
I kid! Chinese cartoon fans don't get your body pillows in a twist.

Thank you, nona. I have tried therapy but I struggle opening up to strangers. I did have some luck with meditation calming me down, but recently stopped after five months of meditating an hour a day, so that's probably why I'm freaking out a lot lately. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things though.

No. 1554306

Take it as a sign to get help, I mean at least you are aware and you now have a chance to work on it so you don't end up killing someone and throwing your life away

No. 1554307

My father hasn't done anything that bad that would justify cutting him out of my life and never speaking to him again, but I kinda wish he did. He was never there for me growing up but still maintained enough contact to not be a deadbeat, so now as an adult I have such a superficial relationship with him that it's a pain in the ass having to talk to him and make the effort to see him from time to time. I don't like him, I don't feel comfortable around him. Texting me a couple of times a month asking me what's up is not "bonding". When he dies I won't miss him a single bit, that's for sure.

No. 1554308

I don't know if you drink or ever partake in anything else that'd alter inhibitions but that'd be the main thing I'd be real careful about if you recognize anger issues. I've seen too many people who can keep a lid on shit while sober but then make terrible split second decisions like that when drunk and have to live with it.

No. 1554312

I think it's exactly that and I can say that for goddamn once I have stood my ground and haven't been the one to send a message out of anxiety and guilt. She claimed it was an accident that she made a joke that was exactly the very bizarre way my parent died and I started to feel crazy almost, for once I didn't back down and I feel like I am being punished for it. I got two long "apologies" that were pretty much "sorry you feel that way" but they were spaced days apart, then when I only gave a few words of replies, the silent treatment started. I even told a few outsider friends about it and they also told me to not give in and that I'm better off without her.
That sounds awful, nona but I get it, like in the moment you keep telling yourself shit like "oh they didn't mean to hurt my feelings haha I'm just a dummy baby for having any feelings actually, they are so right! I am wrong if I ever voice out an unpleasant opinion!"
I was actually shaking and stuff when I told her off, I am embarrassingly proud of not hurling any venom, swearing or backing out of it but at the same time, here we go, one boundary set finally and I'm tossed kek

No. 1554313

I need to stop with the nicotine. My appetite's down and I can feel myself getting really stupid and slow and tired because I haven't been eating right. Why is quitting nicotine so fucking hard they should make a pill that corrects your brain chemistry when stopping an addiction. Fuck this. Never start smoking or vaping you'll go stupid and insane.

No. 1554314

>feel like he's gonna dump me.
Going by the usual lolcow estimates:
Lucky you.

No. 1554315

He doesn't have to be a monster for you not like him, if you two don't even really know each other, it's no surprise you don't vibe. My dad was an abusive piece of shit who died alone like he deserved to, but I don't think anyone should feel obligated to stick around just because they didn't do something awful, free yourself nona.

No. 1554317

This. It's her only move.

No. 1554319

not to be all stupid questions thread about it but I never realised there aren't any like, pill form nicotine things, I've seen gum, sprays, patches and stuff like that but no pills. That's fucking peculiar but I hope you feel better nona, maybe focus on eating stuff that has a bit of extra protein in it or protein drinks? I did that when I couldn't eat a lot and felt shitty

No. 1554323

I feel like an idiot rn because I gave up smoking years ago without it being all that hard. Started vaping last year tho during a period of stress, the stressful thing has passed now but how tf is this proving so much harder to get off of?

No. 1554325

Meh, I wish I could, but it has a lot of downsides. I don't think most people in my family would understand why I don't wanna have him in my life, and if I cut him off I'd also have to cut contact with his side of the family and I don't want that. He lives with my grandma, right next to one of my aunts, and like 10 minutes away from my two other aunts and cousins. Cutting him off would create more headaches, awkwardness and problems than not doing it. Had he been abusive at least I'd have a proper reason to do it.

No. 1554327

I smoke occasionally, never gotten addicted and don't think I will. Maybe there was something horrible that happened in your life and you decided to depend on smokes to relieve the emotional pain? Guess we're all built different.

No. 1554329

Thankfully my dad was a shithead to me my whole life, my mom enabled him. When I move out I can cut both the fucks off, yaaaayy!!

No. 1554334

>smoke occasionally
And there's your answer. As a person that has been addicted on and off to nicotine, smoking a cig every once in a good while is going to prove less addicting than if you start vaping only with friends. With a vape you're inhaling for like 3 seconds, with a cigarette you're inhaling for like a second and a half and you're not holding it in as long because they don't make fruity cigarettes. I mean, it depends on how much nic is in a vape but on average you're getting more nicotine through vaping than with cigarettes, even if you vape/smoke occasionally. Plus, a cigarette only last for a few minutes whereas a vape is reusable and you can be puffing away the entire day. I'm no doctor but that's been my experience.

No. 1554342

So after I pay this giant bill for my first infusion of this drug I get a text saying my insurance company has denied any future doses. How is this even legal??? Enjoy my $900 you craven fucks

No. 1554347

>Tfw you got addicted to trolling by pretending to be an actual retarded person instead

No. 1554357

File: 1681937025279.jpeg (65.68 KB, 828x799, D1DF3ACB-3EC9-4C34-BCC0-E97878…)

tfw the mentally unwell are responsible for the poor

No. 1554359

this is amusing in light of recent events

No. 1554362

yea, im also betting an arm he looks like the last fungus-infected bloating turd in an old lady's rotten corpse

No. 1554370

Today I bullied a moid for liking rooster teeth. He was wearing a more recent RTX shirt and I scoffed and laughed and said “you still like roosterteeth?” He tried to defend himself and how the podcast or whatever is pretty good and I just kept laughing and saying ok and that I was so embarrassed for him. Then I said that I remember liking roosterteeth for 2 weeks when I was an edgy tween who thought poopoopeepee drink beer was funny and he caved and looked like he was going to cry and tried to brush it off saying he doesn’t really like it anymore, he just still has this shirt and didn’t even want to go to the convention KEK

Other things I have successfully bullied moids over: pulp fiction, Rick and Morty, breaking bad, blade runner, misogynistic metal. One time a guy tried to shame me for a song I like with a hot male vocalist because it wasn’t some pretentious bullshit he liked and I made fun of his music taste and then went on about how hot the singer and his voice was in a really over the top way, talking over and interrupting him. He was absolutely seething.

Ladies, rise to your gigastacy potential and bully scrotes!!!

No. 1554381

I aspire to bully as many moids as you, anon, you're truly an inspiration for gigastacies around the world

No. 1554392

a true gigastacy would not even know wtf that podcast was

No. 1554397

AAAAAAA reading latest news and stuff here makes me paranoid they will legalize pedophilia I swear I will fucking bomb the parliament if that happens, at the same time I'm pissed by rightoids who say it's a natural consequence of legalizing homosexuality, BITCH how can you not see the difference between two adults fucking and fucking a child??????? Also I want to remind people that the age of consent in USA was like 10 in the late XIX century, and I think they raised it only because of feminist movements. It goes way deeper, it's not just latest degeneracy, I think moids always wanted child diddling to be legal, they diddled little boys in ancient Greece and considered it fairly normal. I think they delegalized it only thanks to feminist movements. Feminism is fucking dying now. Tranny agenda and pedophilia are taking over, and people need to know that queer theory and pedophilia are inherently linked. All of this makes me so fucking angry fuckkkk

No. 1554406

Whether men want to molest children because they're fucking degenerates obsessed with youth and destroying innocence has nothing to do with homosexuality. Conservative moids are particularly retarded. Like they wouldn't be the ones advocating for marrying off 10 year old girls to 30 year old men like in the "good old times" if pedophilia wasn't so look down upon nowadays, they're the same ones who want women to stay young and fertile and submissive forever for decrepit scrotes and see nothing wrong with it.

No. 1554416

File: 1681941446653.jpg (78.35 KB, 564x767, cat flower.jpg)

I met with my best friend and we walked in the rain and talked for 2 hours. It really helped with my mood and anxiety. I'll enjoy this calmness while I can.

No. 1554424

Based kek.

Men will simply blame anything but the male sex for their pornsickness and coom obsessed depravity because to recognise its evil is to recognise their evil, destroying the narrative they try to construct about being logical natural born leaders. Simple truth is they want power to enable coomers and legally enshrine the protection of the male ego from womb envy as men are born to coom and die.

No. 1554427

Please tell me how did you bullied the moid about Pulp Fiction. I hate this fucking movie and tarantinohack in general

No. 1554429

depending on where anon lives she probably saw alot of RoosterTeeth related stuff around the 2013 because they always hold their stupid rtx shit in Austin and its hard not to hear about them as a Texan

No. 1554432

>I swear I will fucking bomb the parliament if that happens
Isn't this a literal terrorist threat and so bannable by global rule 1? Not sure if I should report because it's just a hypothetical

No. 1554434

I came onto my old account to delete some embarrassing messages that would surely haunt me, and bite me in the ass in the future, only to find out someone has deleted them (all) for me. it makes me sad, since I had wrote a bunch of crazy shit in there when I was having a mental breakdown because some bitch was hacking through my internet and driving me crazy. Maybe it was best that they were all deleted, hopefully they dont have an archive of it. Honestly, I'm not sure if it would've have even made me laugh if I were to look back on it, maybe just cringe and wish I was never like that, and thats all. like cringe to where I wish I didn't live, yeah. that type of cringe. I'm not sure whether I should be blessed or tormented, maybe a little bit of both.

No. 1554435

Are you for real
Anyway I will bomb it

No. 1554439

don't snitch

No. 1554453

I love apple juice but apple juice doesn't love me.

No. 1554486

I fucking hate my body. I hate my body so much. I hate being flat (B32) it pisses me off so much. I hate that i'll never be seen as an object of desire because small chests are never viewed in a sexual light and always just "aesthetical" or even "androgynous" but i wanna be feminine and not like a moid. It pisses me off so much whenever women with big boobs complain about it because oh no being the beauty standard must be so ~hard~ or even worse when its TIFs like shut the fuck up. Anyone who complains about having big boobs unless it's for practical reasons is a raging pickme. Whenever i look up why having small boobs is a good thing it's always because "ohhhh it's so aesthetical and beautiful!" you never see anyone of either gender who prefers small boobs from a sexual standpoint, it's always just a tolerance.

No. 1554490

There are plenty of people who prefer smaller boobs as a sexual preference. A B cup isn't even flat and is an average size in countries where it is not considered normal to be obese. It sounds like you don't have much experience outside of watching porn or talking to coomers kek.

No. 1554491

>thinking 32B is flat
lmao you know what? i hate when b cup women complain about being flat when being flat actually exists this is absolutely no tit erasure, like at least you exist on bra racks?

No. 1554493

File: 1681947551045.jpeg (268.67 KB, 1788x1578, 1681850142866.jpeg)

Tw ranting

I have talked about this a handful of times over the past year along with a couple of other people, but I have been violated so intimately by these men that I do not think I will ever psychologically recover. It's extremely frustrating having your privacy and agency taken away from you by people with far more resources–the power imbalance that men will exert on you in order to humiliate you and keep you under their thumb is truly like no other sociopathy.

I have been stalked by a very mentally ill hacker and his equally mentally ill circle of online friends for several years. They created three main accounts that essentially mention my every action in a roundabout, seemingly word salad-esque way in order to appear like a bot to the unsuspecting. They have used various zero-day methods to hack into every device I have ever had, and have shared audio of intimate aspects of my life among eachother. I want to reiterate that this is not a schizophrenic delusion, but is really happening. As long as I am legally pursuing justice, I am not supposed to reveal any personal information about the perpetrators behind this but it has genuinely ruined me and my life and my ability to trust anyone indefinitely. I could not begin to describe the pain that Twitter users @drsweety303 and @poopyskittles have caused me and how smug the are about believing they will never face legal repercussions for their genuinely sick and fucked up hobbies. Men will hurt you in irreparable ways and then claim it's fine because they are trolling. When I say stalking I mean real stalking, to the point it constitutes actual legitimate abuse. Learning how simple it is for hackers to take over the cellphones of anyone they want without there being any indication of it has made me really sick, learning that there is a niche on the dark web to do these kinds of things to women has changed me as a person very negatively. Seemingly 'normal' men are paid to stalk women and most of them will never have any idea it is happening. Several of the friends of these people who laugh along about what they have done and partaken in this abuse are popular on Twitter, speak out about abuse of women and misogyny, and one even has 30k followers. They are severely paranoid about what they have done and even prepared rehearsed written statements full of lies and excuses to try to protect themselves whenever this finally comes to light. They regularly mock me, make memes about me, and have a three and a half year long group chat dedicated solely to making fun of me. They gave me the nickname "AVALYN" as a codename whenever discussing me to chats and telling outrageous stories full of omissions and casual lies of how they allegedly know so much about me. The things they have done are so violating that I could not even begin to explain to you just how cruel these people truly are. I'm just an average person with no powerful support system so I'm a very easy target, and they regularly mock me for being too weak to handle this exploitation. I will genuinely never be able to trust anyone ever again. I don't know how to live with the fact that I have been victimized and used for entertainment fodder like this. You couldn't even imagine how violating this is and how far it goes, all I can say is that you truly have no idea how dark the exploitation of women using technology is right now. It isnt a joke, im not exaggerating, and I gain nothing from sharing this. I can only imagine how much worse this problem is going to be in the future, and I feel like I have to walk on eggshells until I finally can get the proper cease and desists and restraining orders. I've had enough traumatizing things happen in my life and knowing that this made me seem like an easy victim is even more disheartening. Sometimes I don't know how to be strong and I cant imagine how I'm going to recover from what has been done to me. It hurts so bad, all of the time.

My final piece of advice to all of you is that you really cannot trust people online. It does not matter how they seem, the positive image they project, the way they speak out against violence or misogyny. There are men currently pretending to be morally sound and righteous people that do extremely disturbing things in their personal life and do not give a single fuck who they hurt. Do not trust a man just because hes gay or woobified, although im sure most of you already know that. A lot of these terminally online people have the "rules for thee but not for me" to a whole other level, and they will tell literally ANY lie no matter how elaborate and outrageous to protect themselves and their circle of abusive friends. And if you begin to notice too many "coincidences" between you and someone online, do not brush it off. Stalking women is becoming a casual trend on the dark web. This will become an epidemic. Be careful please. These people do not care about anyone, not even eachother. I don't know how to start over or get my life back and all they do is laugh about it.

No. 1554496

No it isn't. And i regularly got told i was flat and titless by both my female and male friends regularly. My exes all preferred small boobs or simply tolerated them. Go on any social media website, if a woman asks if men like small boobs he'll give a non-direct answer

It is flat though lmao??? I'm barely a b cup and i get called anorexic or titless or whatever all the time. Try getting bodyshamed by everyone in your life and you'll see

No. 1554498

**My exes all preferred big boobs and simply tolerated small boobs. Fuck.

No. 1554515

What are you talking about? Just use google, you can see that a B is an average size. In some parts of Europe it's even hard to buy a bra above a C in a mainstream shop. What your sample of a couple of coomer moids and your nasty friends think doesn't change reality and humans are known for having a very wide variation in sexual preferences. If you genuinely think you'll "never be seen as a object of desire" for having a 32B cup then you're coomer brain rotted.

No. 1554517

That's great if i lived in europe but i live in america and don't intend on moving to europe anytime soon. Beauty standards are different everywhere, and the beauty standard in america is having huge tits.

No. 1554520

The average cup size in America is bigger because the average woman weighs a lot more. Cup size tends to increase as your weight increases. So just put on some weight if you want to look closer to the average?

No. 1554523

I'm so stressed. I going to therapy and trying to get my mental health under control. I did this all under the belief it was all covered by my insurance. They told me it was. I got letters saying it was all paid for. All of a sudden, i recieved a bunch of letters says i owe the insurance company money for sessions that they said they had covered. I booked some sessions that were to happen after the renewal period of my insurance. I had no idea that providers just randomly go off network even if you have the same plan and the worst part they never told me. Just surprise you owe $2,000!!! I called the insurance company about this and they told me to tell the providers to bill the right ones blah blah blah. Can i sue this provider for not disclosing they were off network to me? I really need treatment but i feel so untrusting of the mental health sector. My life is close to shambles and i so desperately want to save it but the universe just had other plans. I have a test tomorrow but instead i am struck with the fact that i am constantly being punished for trying to improve myself. I swear everytime i try to make a positive change in my life either i or a greater power fucks it all up. I don't have a life worth living, i am upset that i can never muster up the strength to kill myself.

No. 1554540

Kek I’m a fellow B-cup and while it’s not flat my boobs disappear when I put on a sports bra, so I get it. Chin up, small tits are cute and they’ll stay perkier for longer. Just compensate by being cool and hilarious like the rest of us.

No. 1554548

No because i probably have fucking up fat distribution

I don't want to be "cute" im an adult. I want my body to be considered sexually appealing, women with big boobs have everything handed to them and it pisses me off.

No. 1554552

Thanks for calling me sexually unappealing lol. Luckily I don’t gaf and I hope one day you find some confidence too. What is attractive and what attractive people get in life is not as cut and dry as you seem to think it is.

No. 1554553

>go to /m/ to post about a book or something else I liked
>anons immediately start telling me how it's terrible and they hate it

I hardly ever post about stuff anymore because of this reason

No. 1554555

Do some squats and grow an ass to make up for it. Ass is more popular than boobs these days anyway.

No. 1554556

>people tell me I'm very attractive
>men never openly approach me
so which one is it?

No. 1554560

can anons go have their self confidence crises about men not picking them on cc instead like god intended? i'm tired of reading so much cringe. that's my vent

No. 1554562

File: 1681953151662.gif (134.87 KB, 360x388, 3.gif)

Im horny, im bored, and i need serotonin.
Also I think im getting bored of the same dick

No. 1554564

You don't sound like an adult. Is "BIG BOOBA GOOD" literally your only understanding of sex appeal kek?

No. 1554567

File: 1681953457689.jpg (17.08 KB, 474x266, tackbelldog.jpg)

whenever i decide to try therapy again (because everyone says i need to go to therapy) every therapist says something to the effect of "wow, you're a very unique clusterfuck problems I have never encountered before" which, reading in between the lines, is them telling me they don't know that they can be of any help to me. if they do outright say so, that is. idk what i'm supposed to do. i've tried to be a responsible person and get help. sorry that i had a weird upbringing and an insane mother and pushover dad and i'm sorry something bad that no one was expecting happened to me and i'm sorry for having problems. i truely feel sorry for being here.

No. 1554568

Having a big ass is just a trend it won't help whereas big boobs are timeless.

I'm 18


I don't really use /snow/ besides tranny threads so idk who that is

No. 1554569

I get it. There's a lot of infight recently across all boards. They don't simply just disagree with you and argue their side,they need to start insulting you as well. It's always been like this but it feels worse recently. A while back shitpost were mostly ignored,but now the shitposters get the most attention and it feeds a never ending infight without any constructive debate.

No. 1554572

Why is it always some woman's fault for having big tits that you anons can't get laid?

No. 1554575

Well that makes sense then. As you get more experience you probably won't have such a limited understanding. I wouldn't sweat it.

No. 1554576

Because big boobs are seen as inherently sexual whereas small boobs aren't and it hurts. Even when i know a man is attracted to me it's not because of my body and it fucking sucks

No. 1554578

Do you have body parts other than boobs?

No. 1554579

that explains a lot.
Idk anon, my exes/actual bf were crazy for my 81cm bust and loved when I was braless (like always lol). You don't have to take what internet moids said seriously and many people prefer small boobs.

No. 1554580

Learn to love your tits anon, many men prefer them small. I have big tits and I fucking hate them buying a proper bra takes way too much effort and $$$. I guarantee its not your tit size that's the issue.

No. 1554582

File: 1681954030978.png (48.96 KB, 663x619, 1541065656252.png)

>when i know a man is attracted to me it's not because of my body and it fucking sucks

No. 1554583

Lmao well it doesn't really matter bc most men are either attracted to tits or ass, and i have neither.

I'm talking about irl moids, i've never met one irl who likes small boobs, plus mine are even smaller at 75cm (if i did the math correctly)

It is the issue when most men think with their dicks. Also no bras fit me bc of my weird body type and i shouldn't even need to wear them but i have to because i have giant traffic cone nipples

No. 1554584

she's young and people in general like feeling lusted after

No. 1554585

And yet somehow women with small tits/asses for millennia have dated, had sex, gotten married, and generally done fine for themselves

No. 1554586

nta but she said men are attracted to her..but i guess not for the reasons she wants? idgi

No. 1554587

yeah, and every woman wishes she could know that a man is into her and not just her tits/ass/feet/whatever the meme fetish is now
remember when the big kids on the playground told you Santa wasn't real and what cuss words mean? that never ends, the seniors will always try to shed light on freshmen
maybe take the free perspective instead of getting defensive

No. 1554589

im not getting defensive lol im just putting another perspective? and yours is valid too. Maybe we, like the complex beings we are, like to feel valued for different things at the same time? and of course for our bodies too…

No. 1554590

File: 1681954750223.jpg (29.98 KB, 567x565, 1606274113531.jpg)

>yours is valid too

No. 1554591

now you just want to infight instead of chat

No. 1554592

Maybe where you're from it's different, but having small tits in a midwest suburb is a fucking death sentence and no men will fuck you.

Yeah, that's what i was trying to say.

No. 1554593

your perspective is that she wants to be hot and her perspective is that she wants to be hot, that isn't two different perspectives
you don't have to listen to me, you don't have to listen to anyone

No. 1554595

Is this what the uptalk thing was

No. 1554596

I wanna kms over fucking mustache man help me pls I don’t wanna love anymore there’s no reason to

No. 1554598

>but having small tits in a midwest suburb is a fucking death sentence and no men will fuck you.
oh come on your grandmas and great-grandmas and other ancestors manage to reproduce to create you, i doubt each and every single one of them all had huge boobs

No. 1554599

she's full of it anyway, these corn-fed, toe-head hicks are starved for dainty DFC, I clean up so good out here, it's why I never went to the city lmao

No. 1554600

Men will fuck almost anything that has a semblance of a hole. If you can't get laid you have something serious going on like you smell like rotting sewage and are missing half your face or you haven't been outside or seen a man in years. Your tits have less than nothing to do with it.

No. 1554602

He is horrifying, he is not even worth your thoughts. This will fade out and you'll feel embarrassed about it later.

No. 1554604

i keep telling my mom to just quit her shitty warehouse job (she has enough money saved up to live comfortably) but she's so insistent on leaving something behind for me. it makes me depressed and resentful all at once. i love her so much but i cannot deny she is responsible for 90% of what's wrong with me right now.
always going on about how 'good and behaved' i am. i'm like a whipped dog ma

No. 1554606

I have 2 things to say about this, the first being is that men are never really satisfied. I have moderately large breasts and a large ass as well as being tall and my ex emphasized to me how much he loved petite women with tiny breasts and tiny asses. I told him it made me feel bad about myself and he just told me that was because I was insecure. He told me he liked my body type too but he needed to watch porn in order to satisfy his desires. Even if you had a huge rack men would still find something to make you insecure about. They see our bodies as objects to please them which is why for most of them we can never be good enough.

Second is that most men don't care at all about appealing to women. Many of them can't even be bothered to wash their asses on a daily basis, so why should you care so much if they aren't drooling over a certain part of you? They are not putting even half of that mental energy towards being attractive to you.

No. 1554611

I have average sized boobs, all my weight goes to my ass and guys used to sexualize me all the time back when I was actually still friends with men. Nowadays I don't really bother being friends with men for that exact reason. I think I'm really a repulsive bitch, my BDD tells me so, but guys wanted to fuck me irregardless, and that's why I stopped being friends with men.

Still hate the way I look but I embrace my face for what it is. As other anons have said they will sexualize a piece of cheese, men claim to have a "type" and then will rebel against it and completely defy it. Don't take it personally, they aren't worth your salt

No. 1554612

Gosh I hope so. I am trying to make this one guy I’m talking to his replacement but he’s boring as fuck despite being hot. I’m nervous because he shows no signs of insanity like mustache man did. Fuck we would have been so perfect…….?

No. 1554614

My mood is seriously all over the place lately. Extremely sad yesterday. Then feeling pretty good this morning. And now I'm back to being sad and disappointed. Will these emotions ever pass

No. 1554620

>replying to obvious b8

No. 1554627

you can call me a handmaiden or whatever, but circumcision makes me so sick. i can't believe adults would cut up a healthy baby, especially if they are not religious.

No. 1554630

I don’t think that’s a handmaiden-y take by any means. Also uncut dicks feel really good.

No. 1554633

Help guys why should I NOT kms over a moid rejecting me???????? We had such good times together and the BOOM, all gone lmao help me I wanna die like seriously I have dreams every night about blowing my brains out. I have my dream career and I even have friends, but none of them get me land make me feel alive like he did. I wanna fucking die.

No. 1554644

Why would you kill yourself over a retarded moid's retarded decision. Think of those happy times and then think of the fact that he completely deserted you and left those happy times behind him. He made the wrong choice and you shouldn't let yourself suffer over some retarded man's idiotic choice. He could still be real happy with you if he was smart. Don't let dumb people ruin you.

No. 1554650

File: 1681959847581.jpeg (150.69 KB, 1170x1484, C9D43FD5-36D7-4D2B-928B-D63B47…)

one of my best friends from high school doesn’t seem to care about our friendship anymore and it really hurts. it’s lame because i have amazing friends at my college and i’ve maintained plenty of other relationships from hs. i understand that friendships fade but it sucks to experience it in real time. she only ever contacts me when she wants something from me. i tell myself i should just drop her but when she reaches out i can’t help but immediately reply every time only to get ghosted again. it’s humiliating to care about someone so much more than they care about you. even worse when that someone knows it, and knows they can keep using you and you’ll keep coming back.

No. 1554657

File: 1681960788780.jpg (44.42 KB, 683x646, C-eX8WtUQAEgzI0.jpg)


No. 1554663

I don't want to be mean and yes I suck at advice, kek, but keep in mind peoples' brains can be weird as shit. Chances are he made you feel alive because you grew used to the high stimulation (which relationships often are–a lot of shitty ones, sometimes more so, included). It's a tired analogy, though think about how a drug affects people and how sometimes the rest of life gets drab in comparison. Hormones are goddamned weird. Doesn't mean you didn't have a good time with him though it means that in a few months there's a high chance your brain will go "wtf was I thinking?" or start finding less extreme things exciting again.

No. 1554682

File: 1681962202033.jpeg (232.94 KB, 1242x1316, IMG_0390.jpeg)

I hate coomers. That is all.

No. 1554689

i want to learn how to play the harp just so i can sing if i were. her voice is beautiful. hope your throat feels better nona

No. 1554691

One of the few designs from zelda series I hate passionately.

No. 1554692

Sexualizing midna's tiny form is so disgusting. Men are a disease.

No. 1554693

>Also uncut dicks feel really good.
How so? Even phismosis ones?
I ask because my ex had an uncut dick and I'm sad I never got to experience it before we broke up lmao

No. 1554694

If your bf or whatever triangulates you with another girl who wasn't even interested in him in the first place..don't get mad at the girl especially if she outright rejects him. Stop comparing yourself to every girl your narc bf compares you to and see through the games. I'm just sick and tired of girls blaming other girls for the shit guys pull and then destroy another girls self-esteem and sense of safety all because of a triangulation tactic. Recognize toxicity in these men and shut them down.

No. 1554718

File: 1681963646511.jpg (29.78 KB, 496x612, FoWGJh7aEAMMYKZ.jpg)

Actually I do have a lot to offer as a person and I don't have to play some sort of role specifically for you and your narrative. You go on and on and talk about me in circles and look for any niche reference to try to bring conversation back to me and the negative traits you want me to possess but none of that means anything!! It's all fanfiction!! You are writing AUs about the worst things that have ever happened to me or ever influenced me over and over with no sign of character growth as a person and even as everyone around you tries to quietly distance themselves you HAVE to bring it back around to me and how you so desperately want me to be some centric villain in your life. You are an ugly fucking person in every way, for all of this, and the fact that you really think all these skeletons are just going to stay in your closet is truly insane to me. I hate all of you and do not find anything about you admirable or desirable or even enviable in any way. I'm very grateful that I am not and never will be only the sum of the worst thing that has ever happened to me, even though you put SO much effort into hoping and praying I will be so you have some sort of resolve. I know you think you're being cute but everyone is getting sick of you and will come out of this realizing just how revolting you really are.

No. 1554734

NTA but they slide in and out more comfortably for some reason. I have only minimal experience with it but it feels nice. It’s a little hard to get past how the tip looks though so I’d avoid looking at it kek

No. 1554735

File: 1681964893057.png (160.77 KB, 915x550, 42523241.png)

I recently was scrolling through my tumblr blog and I came across a bunch of posts from years ago. God I miss my old internet friends and all the fun we had together. It was great being part of something for once.

No. 1554748

This would make me more keen to post kek usually I just get ignored

No. 1554757

I am an atheist but I think I wish I believed in God. I hate enlightened facts-and-logic atheists who use their beliefs as a way to feel smarter than other people or validate their shitty hedonistic personalities instead of appreciating the limited time they have being conscious and using their short time on earth as a gift to others and themselves. I also hate Pascal's-Wager-wishy-washy Christians who believe in God because they're used to it and never questioned it, and "well I believe in god just in case he's real!". Bitch you should love God because you value his guidance and have a relationship with him, not "just in case". Why do't you hang some garlic outside your door "just in case" a vampire visits. Idk why I'm heated about this right now but I AM!!

No. 1554762

File: 1681968860784.jpg (22.62 KB, 564x454, 1907ad8cb71e99b1c9ac66ece14787…)

The internal fight between "I have to make my character designs simple enough to draw them many times" and "I could add more detail because it would be fun"

No. 1554770

You can make two designs for characters nonnie. A simple one for easy drawing and super special detailed version for funsies. Best of both worlds! It is your character and your world you can have it both ways one way no way, it is your oyster…

No. 1554777

My problem isn't with Christians its with the religious right and the type of christians who freak out and call everything from a different culture/religion than theirs "satanic". Theres a strong evangelical element in the U.S. that preaches the false notion that christians are being persecuted and every other religion is against them, apart from the zealots from other major religions that is absolutely not true and most people do not hate christians and even the spoopy occult people don't hate christians apart from edgy teenage athiests.

No. 1554779

WHY would they have a fucking trainee bus driver for the morning commute??? Going max 15mph on an EMPTY ROAD I missed my fucking connection and quietly going feral at the back of the bus REEE

No. 1554787

Made a new year resolution to stop being an emotional doormat, this included cutting out manipulative and draining people. Dropped three friends…would you know it, all moids. Now feeling less stressed and constrained about how to behave/act/dress without them orbiting, life is easier. Having said that….maybe I'm just dwelling on it too much today but suddenly I feel really very despondent over it, I refused to believe men and women couldn't be friends but literally every time (for other women I've spoken with also) it seems to be true. I try not to spiral into despair over it bc there's no point in wallowing over incorrigible human nature but having a moment rn where I miss the blunt honesty of male friends. Will never again put myself into a compromising position or accept incel-tier rhetoric but watching men hang out and speak candidly from that exclusively self-confident male perspective, and knowing that I'll never be privy to it, makes me frustrated.
Tl;dr why can't men just be fucking normal and engage in meaningful friendships with women. Whatever. I'll find some unhinged but honest and confident lady friends one day.

Not trying to be a dick, I am an older anon and honestly up until a few years ago believed I could befriend men. They will never consider you "one of the boys" or "just a friend" no matter how respectful they act. Months, years, a decade later you will find out that there were or are unrequited feelings.

No. 1554793

File: 1681973659769.jpg (132.3 KB, 720x1046, Screenshot_20230420-024957_Duc…)

And it cant be ignored that a majority of the 32k tweets from drsweety303 revolve around weirdly sexually degrading comments about women specifically, constantly. the so clearly gay male nuance of odd insults to women specifically designed to be sexual in nature in a repulsed manner when nobody asked is one of the most annoying trendy posting styles there is. you aren't a clever provocateur, you're just a misogynist. so much effort to dump into a bot account with mostly fake followers and subpar engagement 99% of the time.

No. 1554807

Kill me so I don't have to be near my mom anymore. I am so close to exploding and tired of trying to be diplomatic towards her. I hate having a dumb mom with a explosive temper.

No. 1554808

how could we know? more info/context?

No. 1554813

Oh so you discuss our relationship with your gross little porn sick friend? Okay cool, everyone needs an outlet. Oh you also talk about shit I told you in confidence and expected to stay between us? Oh you joke about it with this greasy moid? Oh you send each other porn of women who look like me? Even though you know that I have a zero tolerance policy for porn not just ideologically but also because of aforementioned personal shit? Oh you degrade women with this absolute cumstain of a person but play up your feminist routine with me?

I'm about to alog and post something incriminating if I don't stop. I need to plan and get out of this, I've been lied to so much and for what?!? He looks like Larry David.

No. 1554840

Anon him and his pronsick friend sound dangerous. Please break up with him, you don't deserve to be with a man who doesn't respect you and from what I read, his pornsick friend is sexualizing you and he's enabling it.
I hope you meet someone better. Sorry you went through that, I went through something similar and once I broke up I felt so much better.

No. 1554843

ghost this fool. serve your revenge cold at the right time.

had a moid I was dating send me porn links of girls who looked like me too, down to the hair (very specific) was the most utterly skin-crawling moment of my life. I'm so sorry nona, please stay safe.
get his email signed up to a bunch of spam bots asap just to start.

No. 1554844

what a nasty scrote. leave asap. also
>play up your feminist routine with me
this is why i always tell women that moids will pretend to agree with anything to get pussy. But women hate hearing that so much that they just start calling you a bitter hag who is just jealous, until the same shit happens to them. This is why we're never making it out of the patriarchy, women refuse to listen to warnings and instead every woman on earth believes she has the unicorn.

No. 1554847

Since I was a pre-teen I have told my mom not to touch me certain places because it makes me uncomfortable and she just won't stop. For the last couple weeks she has been doing it more frequently and I can't take it anymore. If I yell at her to stop, I'm the bad guy. If I push her hands away, I'm the bad guy. I can't do it anymore it's beginning to feel like SA.

No. 1554850

of course the only person who would love me is an actual literal retard

No. 1554851

This is so depressing. Is there any career field left that won't be replaced by machines. I wanted to learn how to program for the longest time for the career prospects and now I'm kind of glad I didn't. Ngl this shit makes me want to an hero just a little bit.

No. 1554853

>Friends say I'm super pretty, but they're my friends so they can be biased
>Told I'm very good looking by some people I don't know that well
>At best I get stared at, never been approached by anyone who wasn't a chav asking for bus fare cash or a ciggy and calling me cute to butter me up
>Female staff in shops always seem unfriendly, which makes me feel like a hideous goblin, while they're nice to my male friends and even make small talk with them
>I'm a lesbian so this hurts a bit

If I were indeed pretty, wouldn't people treat me nicely? Instead I feel like a right fool just going to the shops

No. 1554854

You have to be fucking kidding me. The only thing i have ever been complimented on was that i had a perfect smile, then out of fucking nowhere my wisdom tooth come out and ruin my fucking teeth. I took a photo and it legit looks like i have a snaggle tooth now. I am so fucking pised i want to cry, why cant i have one fucking thing, on top of that its probably super expensive to fix and it looks disgusting.

No. 1554855

>If I were indeed pretty, wouldn't people treat me nicely?
No. People hate when this is pointed out but the people who get treated nicely are just baseline conventionally attractive: people don't view them as a "threat" to their own attractiveness so they're nicer to them. There's a reason why it's pretty privilege and not gorgeous privilege.

No. 1554856

I am an artist and AI was so depressing it almost made me commit an hero. Not because its "so good" but because they are turning somwthing inherently human into fast-food, and because we live in a consumeristic hellscape most artists will be forced to adapt against their will. It's really sad.

No. 1554860

my friend is like intensely super obese and she just keeps getting bigger. i think she must be at around 300lb now. i barely see her because we live apart but tbh it's intensely frustrating to deal with it. i'm average size but very fit and nimble - i like to jog/run and walk very fast naturally. when she was visiting the other day, i realised she can't even walk a quarter as fast as me. she walks at the same speed as old people who need walkers or walking sticks do. at one point we were crossing the road, and even though we set off at the same time, by the time i'd crossed the road she hadn't even made it halfway across and the lights were changing back again. to be honest, it's alarming and scary but i also just find it depressing and disgusting to a point. she doesn't even seem to eat that much so i literally do not understand how she must be taking in like 4000+ calories a day, though she does drink on average (from what i've seen) 4 bottles of coke/pepsi/etc a day… just jfc man. what do you even say to a person like that? and because i'm very slim as is and she's quite literally the fattest person i and most other people have ever seen, it makes it so embarrassing to go out with her because she'll always make these little self-conscious comments about her weight and how hard it is to walk/buy clothes/be fast/etc. like what do you want me to say? yeah, you can't go clothes shopping with your girlfriends like a normal 20-something because you're OBESE and can't find clothes. why make comments that makes everyone else feel bad when this is the choice you've made? ugh. idk. just so intensely embarrassing. she's honestly going to have a heart attack at 35 if she keeps this up. it's really bad.

No. 1554861

thank you nona, I'm going to drink a ton of honey tea tonight and terrorize my neighbors with my rendition of if I were tommorrow

No. 1554862

I said something similar about my own friend months ago and anons jumped me. Anyway, I get it. My friend just got weight loss surgery because it was postponed because of the pandemic so she was aware of the issue but before that it was hard to really tell her anything about it, it's an awkward topic. She was also just as slow as your friend, we never shopped for clothes together, she would feel hot when it's cold and would open windows when everyone in the room is already shivering from the cold, she needed breaks all the time when we were outside. The very first thing your friend needs is to become aware of the issue because you can't help someone who doesn't want help.

>she doesn't even seem to eat that much

That's what I thought about my friend too, and that's what she thought about herself. Until we traveled together for 10 days and I think we both realized that we don't eat the same portions at all. I eat a lot during lunch and dinner but I tend to not eat a lot of snacks in between, or at all, and when I drink sodas it's only when I'm eating lunch and dinner. My friend was eating way more than me during lunch and dinner and breakfast and on top of that she would eat a lot of snacks, walk way less, she begged me to take breaks with her because of her legs hurting from being obese when I was doing great despite my own poor health and for these breaks she would go to a Starbucks or local equivalent to get the most sugary drinks and cakes while I just took something small to justify taking a seat there. It was very frustrating because she already scheduled her surgery and she didn't try to change her habits little by little yet. Now I'm waiting for her to get better soon, I hope it'll work out for her. I wouldn't be surprised if your friend eats a lot more than she tells you when nobody can see her.

No. 1554863

the fact we live in a consumeristic hellscape is also the reason you are/were able to make a living off being an artist in the first place because being an artist doesn't produce food to eat or built a roof above your head.

No. 1554864

That's 800-1000 calories in soda each day alone if she's drinking 0,5l bottles. I can see how it's difficult when you're struggling with food addiction or eating to cope but it'd be so easy for her to make a few minor changes and start losing weight.

No. 1554867

No. 1554868

I think I am actually retarded! Like slow and mentally challenged, I wanna be a grandma already just a loopy old woman who sits in baggy dresses and says funny things

No. 1554870

I am having the worst stomach pain and diarrhea in my life, I better lose a few pounds after this lol

No. 1554886

Old men over the age of 70 who don't take care of grandkids or provide for their families should be euthanized. There's this hideous skinny old man who always sits at the trainstop staring at people and talks shit when a person he doesn't like or girls as young as 13 walk by. He smokes and looks completely and utterly disgusting. Why aren't these useless disgusting moids just pushed off a cliff? He sits there for as long as his cancer ridden body can and walks back to his disgusting apartment that probably is infested and never been cleaned. I truly hate looking at these miserable half corpses harassing other people and women and people giving them a pass because "he's just s lonley old man". One of these days a group of young moids will knock his teeth out and i wish to see that live in action.

No. 1554905

Thanks nonnies. The vent thread is doing its job because these comments really do help keep me hating and not allowing me to fall into my emotions.

What I should have known and can now woefully confirm: never give moids a crumb. Even the most unfortunate specimens will grow an ego the size of China if you compliment them or allow them to feel like they have any value. They are not your friends, they will never understand where you're coming from, they will never respect you, and they will always put other scrotes and their latent homosexuality above you. Maybe I sound bitter due to recent happenings, but this is just a confirmation of all the things I've ever known deep down anyway.

No. 1554940

File: 1681997140834.jpg (11.92 KB, 465x261, 3311.jpg)

It's weird how my brother is seen as more sane than me despite regularly tard raging, punching the furniture, punching/slamming doors, the walls, whatever's in the house really, and going on schizophrenic rants, yet I'm seen as a crazy dramatic bitch for being socially awkward and having boundaries. Maybe because he had more jobs? I'm genuinely surprised he hasn't tried to hurt anyone there or myself yet with the shit he says. Maybe I really am crazy, because I feel like I'm losing my mind at how he's allowed to get away with this and still treated with decency while I'm talked down to like a retarded child. I don't think the world is real anymore.

No. 1554944

It's because he's male, nonna. Males get a pass on being angry because they branded anger as a non emotion.

No. 1554945

They feel the same to me

No. 1554948

Cut dicks are dry and ugly, but besides that, cutfags usually have death grip syndrome and require harsh pounding that is not pleasing to nut, then they will blame you're too loose if you're not gripping his dick like a fist because they do it twice a day and killed their sensibility. I'd rather not have sex with a moid if he's cut.

No. 1554950

It’s not replacing programming kek

No. 1554951

Late reply but you probably get ignored by men because you are ugly. If no fugly male in a modwest suburb wants to fuck you it's not because of your tits because a midwest male would fuck a block of cheese with a hole drilled into it.

No. 1554955

>a block of cheese with a hole drilled into it
This is why I keep coming to lolcow. These accurate descriptors are beautiful.

No. 1554963

When I load this page the boxes load and the dissappear leaving a gap. When I tap on the space the box reappears again, is it just me????

No. 1554964

You accidentally hit "hide saged posts" at the top of the thread.

No. 1554969

ever look at a picture of your moid and realize how fucking ugly he is

No. 1554978

I do this with my (female) crush sadly

No. 1554985

My mom called the guy I'm overthinking about a "low test man". I am in tears of laughter. She is not wrong but I didn't expect this from her.

No. 1554992

File: 1682001020207.jpeg (8.84 KB, 228x217, 608ad93837dc30d31427f52b_228_2…)

I don't understand how I manage to have normal friends who love me for who I am. I always feel like a weirdo even if I'm pretty decent at hiding my autism. They make me feel normal and accept my weird quirks, I feel like a dog that is accepted among a group of cats for who I am and they don't mind and consider me one of their close ones. They are there to pick me up whenever I fall into my deepest pits and I do the same for them. I don't deserve them.

No. 1554995

Aaaaah tysm!!!

No. 1555027

The video suggested otherwise

No. 1555030

File: 1682004744138.jpeg (100.34 KB, 1080x810, 66299148-CDC9-46DF-892E-5AA289…)

how the fuck is getting ignored by men real…unless you have no contact with them, be +30yo or landwhale tier obese, they always find a way to talk to you. its only more difficult to get them buy or gift you pricey/nice things if you're really fugly, but even a "mid" woman can make a moid buy her something. not getting everything for free doesn't mean you're ugly, it only means you aren't a stacy

No. 1555037

File: 1682005233644.jpeg (Spoiler Image,19.08 KB, 340x270, E948506A-C42D-4362-A24D-DA0743…)

i am so stressed i just crying my eyes out. the bills never end. therapy psychiatry eye doctor had to see primary for being sick dental bills car insurance rent food gas medical bills credit card bills necessities then i just got two parking tickets for doing something nice to myself and going to ballet last night. i was stupid but i just didnt know where to park and it was my second time in the city. i dont have all this money. im in college and working. nobody in my family cares or helps which is fine i cannot be spoiled at 22 i shouldnt be but it hurts is all. my father has given my older sister handouts who isnt even our blood yet he is the reason i even have spent so much on mental health for my ptsd and i see not a cent. did he rape her and she threatens to tell everyone? i just dont understand. why am i unlucky? is suicide the only escape from debt? it doesnt feel worth it anymore all i can do is cry. ill try to be strong but its never ending.

No. 1555040

Work is so painfully boring and I feel my cells dying every time I sit down for another 8 hour computer session where I repeat the same thing to people over and over again
i'm so boredddddddddddddddddddddddd

No. 1555055

She is getting surgery without adjusting her eating habits beforehand???? Does she think the surgery is magic? If you eat like shit you can be just as morbidly as someone who doesn't have the surgery, it's an aid, not a cheat code.

No. 1555057

Good take.

No. 1555061

Good take.

No. 1555064

It's an extremely bad take, as if artists never existed outside of consumerism
Artists were present from the dawn of mankind and throughout all social systems worldwide

No. 1555065

It's weird because she seems to have done her research and she knows that, but I'm sure she got lazy and didn't take it seriously enough until the last moment. Probably because she was supposed to get the surgery in early 2020 and it got postponed so maybe she didn't want to get her hopes up? Or maybe she thought she should instead eat whatever she wants until it's too late and she'll never be able to pig out again so she might as well treat herself to whatever quantity of food she wants. I don't really know, I'm sure she's an emotional eater on top of that so that doesn't help. She only ate liquid the whole week before surgery because the doctor told her it was mandatory and I doubt she disobeyed him, we'll see how it goes later, and out other friends and I will try to avoid eating out in restaurants with her, we'll find other ideas. I like walking, if she gets better and sticks to good diet and gets in better shape maybe we'll be able to travel together without her feeling like shit and painfully waddling and huffing until we reach the nearest coffee shop, that would be great.

No. 1555068

I might be answering to bait, but if it's not, I wonder if the reason I can't relate to this post is some kind of cultural difference, because I don't think scrotes are easily giving gifts to women around here, unless they are rich maybe, or maybe beauty privilege is a real thing and I'm just ugly. Either way, I wouldn't want to be getting gifts from scrotes, it comes with the implicit pressure to have sex with them.

No. 1555069

I applied to an art school with a pretty good reputation with 4 FUCKING different "exams" (by that i mean portfolio, drawing exam, artistic knowledge written exam and interview with the teachers) and also other criterias to enter. I mainly want to enter to get the diploma to put in my CV and complete my portfolio tbh.
But this morning i was browsing the site of the school and got into the list of the final year students. Basically they almost all have links to their portfolios or their last project. And deadass half of them draw more or less like picrel. Some have cool projects, some have weird/contemporary portfolios and idk what they are doing in a school mainly focused on illustration and design but a shit ton of them draw like she/them-autistic-neurodivergent-nb lesbian artists. Somehow i'm not shocked but really disappointed (especially knowing they were final year students and some were mentioning internship at studios and publishers)

No. 1555072

>30yo or landwhale tier obese
This part makes me think you're a male. I have morbidly obese friends who had hot bfs and even cheated on them, 30+yo women also get a ton of attention.
If a woman is complaining about getting no attention, she means she's not getting any normal, healthy man interested in having a stable relationship with her. Any woman can get male attention but it's hard to find a normal guy to have a good relationship with.

No. 1555073

File: 1682007517728.jpg (136.32 KB, 1200x600, ET_VLBXWoAI9SAT.jpg)

Fuck me the image didn't attach

No. 1555075

I would bet my left toe a white person drew this. it deadass looks like a racist caricature.

No. 1555088

i hate having extreme abandonment issues

No. 1555095

My brother gets off on people arguing with him so I usually will say my piece but never go back and forth with him. I've decided to just talk to him when necessary which is basically like when my mom wants me to tell him something on her behalf. I've noticed recently he will show up at any given time to tell me whatever nonsense is on his mind and I'm pretty sure it's because he's noticing I'm withdrawing more and more from him.
It's starting to piss me off since he come to my room just for something as stupid as a fun fact about a video game character. His scrote tendencies make my skin itch like never before. I used to be so good at ignoring it, but now that I'm on holiday with him, I can't get away. He will say something inflammatory or stupid to get a reaction out of me and I don't know how long I can keep my cool. I'm so tired of him.

No. 1555097

I hate my family so much I'm going to go back to not doing hugs again. I don't care if it pisses them off I'm already the blacksheep let's solidify it

No. 1555101

unpopular opinion: i dont hate this. im drawn into the way the faces are drawn and the way the style clash. There is an unerving feeling to it(which I don't think was intentional) where you feel like you know the people in the drawing but at the same time you don't. Had this not been fanart but original characters with realistic and less-anime hair then im sure I would have liked it as one of those "people doing mundane stuff that the viewer gets a glimpse at" types of drawings.
Anyway if you do get into the art school anon then I hope you get to learn alot and they don't force you to draw in some twitter style

No. 1555104

take a period shit with the door open and if he says it sounds or smells disgusting, say this is what he sounds to you when he opens his mouth.

No. 1555111

It's funny because the artist who drew this meant it as a joke.

No. 1555127

there's nothing wrong with doing skincare as a man
your hair not looking greasy is a big plus
so women use all these products to groom themselves but men cant even be bothered to was their hair regularly and use a moisturizer
smh this is some dumb shit

No. 1555130

the bar is so fucking low for them even putting deodorant is high standard hygiene for scrotes.

No. 1555134

File: 1682009957341.gif (3.12 MB, 418x640, icegif-1100.gif)

One of my coworkers is pregnant and i have a genuine phobia of pregnancy and babies, it's making my stress with my job skyrocket, its worse with babies, i cannot be in the same room as a newborn, i dont know why nonitas, they just freak me out in the most primal spider-clown way, the only time some relatives of mine forced me to hold a baby it vomited on me and it made my phobia 200% times worse, i spent like three hours shaking in my bath unresponsive, I tried therapy but they didnt have resources for something so unusual and exposure didnt work for me.
They're planning a baby shower for when the kid is able to come out (its a family owned business) and I think im just gonna pretend I may have a suspicion of covid and work home office.

No. 1555151

i hate the word queer. this is the only place i can say that without getting accused of homophobia or being an evil terf or something.
i just had this low views video recommended on youtube that was like 'how a queer couple in ukraine is reacting to the war' and im like… for fucks sake guys shut up. its okay to just say you're gay noone gaf about your 'queer identity' what a stupid term

No. 1555154

very true but the one that pisses me off the most is not brushing teeth and having that dirty mouth smell. they can get so defensive or offended if you mention this
it's so weird when a guy smells like…nothing

No. 1555159

I really wonder where some of you live

No. 1555163

why? there will always be men who don't take care of themselves
you'd be surprised how many of them who work in IT and can actually afford shit are completely ignorant of taking care of themselves
>earn shitload of money
>still don't get braces or fix your teeth, let them be yellow
it literally makes me rage

No. 1555164

working IT or riding the bus/metro makes you heavily question the hygiene of the male species.

No. 1555165

File: 1682012248542.jpg (8.21 KB, 278x181, IMG_3525.JPG)

im so tired of my dad calling me a pervert and throwing a tantrum every time he walks in on me changing when it's his fault because he doesn't knock on my door. of course i don't want my dad watching me change my clothes so he could just knock right? i told him that today and he started getting really mad and said that he will just take the door to my bedroom off of the hinges, which he has done many times before. i am not allowed to move out due to legal reasons. anyways so i said why would you threaten to take away my privacy when you could just knock instead and it would take only a few seconds? and he starts talking about how i have to earn my privacy and that i don't deserve it because i was in bed earlier this morning when he wants me to be awake by 8am every day. but i was awake i was just sitting in bed reading but he says i can't be in my bed either. so i asked where else i am supposed to sit and he said that i should be in the living room spending "family time". but it's not even family time because my dad remarried to a terrible woman that hates me and she made rules that my dad and i can't snuggle anymore and we can't sit next to each other on the couch and she asked my dad to tell me to stop talking to her unless it's absolutely necessary. also i didn't do anything mean to her she just felt jealous of my relationship with my dad when i moved in but he said that we can't really talk a lot around her because we have to be the bigger people and appease her.

No. 1555166

Sure, there will always be someone like that, I for one can never forget the stench of one of my co-workers feet. I was reacting to
>it's so weird when a guy smells like…nothing
Gives the impression everyone around you stinks

No. 1555167

Same thing happened to me at work about a year ago. Except when I vented about it, anons were butthurt when I said pregnancy made me uncomfortable kek. I hated seeing her bump, it looked painful. I also had a creepy coworker that was a little too into this woman’s pregnancy and was always asking to rub her belly and “talk to the baby”. Said coworker also threw her a baby shower at work and it was kinda expected that everyone go. I cringed and felt out of place the whole time. Then when she brought the baby to work, I couldn’t be in the same room very long. I didn’t understand the need to hold a baby. I’m glad I’m not alone in this phobia. Probably stay home from the shower if it makes you anxious, there will definitely be a lot of baby talk.

No. 1555168

your father is projecting hard, he is walking on you changing on purpose, change your locks, your father is a pervert. I would inform his wife of that too.

>forcing you to spend time with family

he wants you to be around him so he can tell you to do things for him (i.e. breakfast when he wakes up), don't fall for it, he doesn't give a fuck about family time.

No. 1555169

>and was always asking to rub her belly and “talk to the baby”
Your coworker is a Sim

No. 1555171

Lock your room when you're changing. He's creeping on you on purpose.

No. 1555177

there was a lock when we moved in but he took it off and once when i was really upset because he wouldn't stop looking at me naked i called him a creep and he said i'm disgusting for sexualizing the situation but i was like 14 and i think i should have privacy for changing at that point he is just really anti privacy i wasn't allowed to shower alone until i was 14 too ;_; and i'm not a super bad kid i don't do drugs or have sex and i'm not mean and i don't have a disability so yeah i've tried to explain this to him before but he always just starts yelling and tells me to get out of his face also his wife thinks that im a pervert too because my dad and i were cuddling naked and she walked in and took it the wrong way i guess but we always did that and it wasn't even my idea plus i was only 13 so its not really weird but yeah she would never talk back to my dad(;_;)

No. 1555178

Kek. I’m glad she’s gone, she was off in many ways. She would have angry meltdowns when anyone had her photo taken (this is a public servant job and it’s expected to have your face out there for “good press” at events). She told us she arranges her money in the order of the serial numbers. Also just plain nasty, would let her stinky feet air out in the office.

No. 1555183

Im so glad im not alone anon its honestly a pretty lonely phobia and i always felt "othered" from womanhood because everyone else seems either neutral or ecstatic about babies and pregnancy, people dont bother me too much about it because they assume im younger than my actual age (nobody cared enough to figure out im in my mid 20s not a 19 year old intern lol) so im not expected to be "motherly", your coworker sounds terrifying tbh, id rather touch maggots than a swollen stomach.
All of the creepy deviantart weird fetishes as one person. traumatizing.

No. 1555184

>Thinks cuddling with father naked is normal
Your father is sexually harassing you and that's why his new wife hates you. You have a weird relationship, a father shouldn't go into her daughters room without knocking if she warns him.

>his wife thinks that im a pervert too because my dad and i were cuddling naked and she walked in and took it the wrong way

If this isn't literal bait, you're also a pervert. If I were his wife, I'd report your father for incest and leaved him. I hope both her and you manage to get away from him.

No. 1555185

Anon, this is incestuous abuse. This is not normal relationship for a daughter and father. You say you don’t have a disability, so why are you still living with him? You need to work on getting away.

No. 1555187

The naked cuddling thing you described is sexual abuse. Your dad is a pedophile.

No. 1555190

not sure if underage or not but try getting into contact with a female teacher you trust. or any other female adult. you don't have to spill the entire situation but it would help to maybe…be able to escape what sounds like a very terrible household, what the fuck.

you're not a pervert either, your dad is the creep here.

No. 1555192

She sounds disabled or very young, normal girls don't think it's normal to cuddle naked. She said something about her not being able to get away legally which makes me thinks she's either disabled or underage as well.
She should alert a female relative.

No. 1555194

your dad is a nonce and it makes it worse that you "always did that". like the other anon said the wife should have reported your creepy dad and but you really sound underage. also don't use emoticons here next time i hope you get out of there asap. i'm filled with so much rage on your behalf please don't believe any deflective thing he tells you, he's projecting, there's no reason why YOU would be the pervert on somebody that's walking in on you doing your private business. honestly hope he gets crippled

No. 1555196

I am tired of crying every single day of my life

I cry what feels like every single day of my life, it's not normal

No. 1555198

Aw anon, what your father is doing is sexual abuse. Don't worry about what his wife thinks, you're not a pervert and she's probably saying that to ignore the reality (that her husband was molesting his daughter). It's not normal to shower with your children, cuddle them naked, or watch then change. None of that should happen at any age. Don't let your father convince you of otherwise and you're not the disgusting one. Please reach out to someone you can trust if you need help.

No. 1555200

>you're also a pervert
She's not a pervert retard, her father is molesting her.

No. 1555203

Where do you cry?
I bet it's not outside. Go outside more.

No. 1555207

Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself safe and get the fuck out of there. What he shows you is not love.

Idiot, she was 13. She's not a pervert, she was literally pushed into thinking weird shit is normal.

No. 1555212

Everything in my life sucks and no matter how I try and recirculate and cope with my trauma my least maladaptive mechanism is sobbing my ass off

I'm in my car right now and late to class
Of course I don't like to cry outside, nobody does. Nobody likes people to see them cry. Gotta go put on the mask of sanity and happiness and learn math I suck at now

No. 1555218

The video is retarded

No. 1555225

>i only see him once a week
if you can already feel this at this point, it will get worse when you'll have to see him everyday.

No. 1555228

Nta but she meant if it's someone pretending to be a molested girl then they're a pervert hence the "if it's not bait"

No. 1555230

She said "if it's not bait then you're a pervert". Meaning that if it's real then OP is a pervert.

No. 1555235

anon I hope you're able to leave this environment, that's not normal. please tell me you have a female relative or a therapist or a female friend you can confide this in, it's not normal

it's not even just covert, emotional incest, which is still gross and disruptive, he's touching you. that's not okay. I hope you're able to find a better more sheltered environment to stay in, your father is a creepy abuser

No. 1555241

File: 1682015245970.jpeg (51.52 KB, 745x745, DA3B711D-96ED-4080-98F7-469896…)

not a scrote, i had my doubts when i wrote that because yeah, being obese doesn't repel moids, it just attracts weirdos. while being older than 30 barely has an effect in attraction to scrotes, despite "the wall" bullshit they spread like a virus. no woman gets ignored by scrotes unless you're really old, because their rape ape minds fetishize everything, even deformities.
but its retarded to believe there's such a thing as getting attention from a "good" scrote, they're all rape apes or emotionally retarded, and their attention has no value because you can get plenty of it very easily. some of them being pretty or rich makes their attention more interesting, but not more valuable, they're all the same anyways. the chances of finding a scrote that isn't manipulative or emotionally useless are closer to zero

No. 1555244

Sometimes I wonder if I exaggerate how violent my mom was when I was a kid. I'll remember her punching me but then think "maybe I remember the punches as harder than they actually were", but then she does shit that validates my feelings. She's a mega Karen who'll rage at any employee. Yesterday I joined her for a shopping trip and she nearly threw a rage fit because this coupon app on her phone wouldn't work. She said "I'm about to smash my phone into the fucking ground" and got angry at me, nearly storming off, when I tried to help her with the app.

We're low class, but I hate how she ACTS it. While shopping, she absolutely had to go outside for a cigarette break. And for this cigarette break, she had to buy a fucking soda and a small bag of chips. 55 years old, wearing converse and ripped skinny jeans, smoking, eating chips, and drinking soda in public. I'm not some teenager who's always embarrassed by their parents but my mom never matured past 14.

No. 1555248

She probably meant the inverse then.

No. 1555250

NTAYRT but can confirm. A well maintained and clean one can feel silky but firm. Some dudes are unlucky and end up looking like stretched out, bunched up panty hose but thankfully I haven't encountered those in my limited experience kek

No. 1555252

i needed to hear this cause i keep telling myself that one day he's going to mature or see things the way i do. i feel so fucking stupid. i know i need to leave or at least distance myself but he's one of the only people i'm close to, i don't know what to do. i feel so lost and retarded for wanting to hurt myself over a man

No. 1555255

File: 1682016178189.jpg (104.26 KB, 1080x916, IMG_20230420_124201.jpg)

I'll keep being an intern on my college for free for another three months because I'm retarded and didn't put some papers in order on time. Which was fine until my boss started this 4D chess psychology game trying to psychoanalyze me every single time and it's become unbearable.
I basically quiet quit over it, but now she keeps pestering me about my lack of initiative and is telling me about how now I only do the bare minimum. She asked what we can do to get me motivated, and wants an answer for today, when the truth is the only thing that could motivate me would be her getting the fuck out.
My classmate worked her ass off as an intern in the university and still didn't get a job offer, so I don't see a point in keep trying, and I'm honestly happier doing my retarded YouTube videos on the side.
I guess I'll make up a bullshit answer and do my job as best as possible because otherwise these three months will continue on being hell.

No. 1555258

I wish you healing and health nona

No. 1555262

File: 1682016613533.jpg (20.64 KB, 500x333, IMG_3558.JPG)

i don't have any living female relatives or any relatives outside of my dad actually and he pulled me out of school when i was 13 because he felt like i couldn't handle the pressures of skipping a grade which was something my mom made me do and i wasn't ready to start highschool and i've just kinda been in limbo since then also i can never say anything bad about my dad irl because nobody will believe me because once i accidentally told a therapist information that she has to report legally about my dad drinking alcohol while driving and he just told everyone that i was confused and i made it up but i wasn't confused cause i saw the bottle and it was titos vodka and he smelled like it too but everyone believed him and not me even though he has 4 DUIs which is when you drive drunk and get in a car crash anyways i just wanted to vent in this thread cause my dad is so annoying. at least he's at work most of the time now also he always talks about how he hates me too movement and false rape accusations and how women always get believed and stuff so i would never imply that he's a molester or something even though i found some weird stuff on his computer but he had stuff of old women too

No. 1555263

6 months unpaid is criminal

No. 1555267

Maybe you can avoid accusing him to his face? I would secretly record him admitting to the inappropriate things he's done (if you can legally do that in your own home where you are), and then report him to the police.

No. 1555297

Anon, you need to leave this environment. The discomfort and stress you feel about everything is the sensible part of your mind fighting through the gaslighting your father has put you through all these years. You’re not at fault for anything and you don’t need to confront your father about any of it. Men like him will lie about anything to make things easier for themselves.

Your father is an abuser, his new wife not being able to challenge him and being competitive with a child is also because of his being an abuser. It’s the only type of woman that can choose a relationship with him. You can 100% be free of all of this.

There’s no law that means you have to live with him. Nobody is legally required to live with anyone, especially when they are dangerous. “Naked cuddling” and showering with your
daughter is child abuse. Use fact that it’s happened against your will to remind yourself that it’s abnormal.

Taking you out of school (and obviously not replacing your education with anything) is actually illegal. You are legally entitled to an education and a safe comfortable home, which he is not providing. Please contact child services or even go any random high school to ask for help and a councillor.

Your father can’t lie against you in this case, your wellbeing is the priority. Taking the door off your room is also inexcusable and proof of his misbehaviour. His ranting against me too is probably intended to discourage you (aside from being part of his misogyny). Make a list of all the things he’s done that made you feel uncomfortable or different from other normal kids. Take it to the police or any councillor you get in contact with. I wrote this assuming you’re underage.

No. 1555300

Good take.

No. 1555302

Is it a good take?

No. 1555304

Anon didn't say she made a living off of being an artist tho

No. 1555317

I'm tired of moids thinking everything is up for debate. Goes from, I won't listen to x artist because I don't approve of their personal life (said artist was a pedophile), yet moid wanted to argue to the point where he was saying I should move to Africa and live off the land, since money in the US is morally corrupt.

Bitch, no. My opinions and personal beliefs aren't up for debate. Especially stupid ones.

No. 1555322

>Especially stupid ones

Not wanting to listen to an artist because they're a pedo isn't stupid, imo

No. 1555328

fuck it im gonna get blitzed af and ignore him, why shouldn't i go chaos mode i can do what i want

No. 1555336

File: 1682022975570.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.58 KB, 512x405, 1670499554579.jpg)

Spoiler for dickpic. Had an ex with actual phimosis and I can’t recommend phimosis dick. However, he ended up getting cut and I can confirm uncut dick is so much better. Felt bad for his fucked up dick. Him getting circumcised did improve our sexlife due to his medical issue, but I always longed for that uncut dick. Circumcised penis creates too much friction, and like other anons said guys who are cut end up needing to jackhammer to get off, which is bad when their dick already feels like sandpaper. I am blessed to live in an area where circumcision is largely unheard of, so I’m used to the way uncut looks and prefer it. The thing about uncut dick being dirty is a cope. If you can’t even find a guy who knows how to keep his dick clean you should just give up.

No. 1555339

god i hope this annoying they/them woman i know doesn't get what she wants. it's nothing life-changing, it's as inconsequential as getting a certain seat at the bar. but fuckkk i hope she doesn't get the "seat", she's such an asshole.

and she's bitter, a kill-joy, overly critical, a total suck up, a liar, a gossiper, she only gets through things by pandering hard to whatever central "clique" exists, the list goes on and on. putting my hands together in prayer just this once that she's too late kek

No. 1555371

You have failed to realize that what I wanted and was seeking was you understanding me, not pitying me. I am not your charity case nor do I need it.
this made me kek, thanks nonna

No. 1555376

File: 1682025382041.png (Spoiler Image,7.37 KB, 1378x1378, Untitled44_20230420220906.png)

Third times the charm but is picrel cut or uncut?

No. 1555377

No. 1555380

No. 1555381

Some uncut dicks look like that when they're hard.

No. 1555395

looking at photos of me from only a few months ago & i dont even recognise myself
i havent really changed i just.
idk. i cant believe i looked like that. my sense of self image is so warped that i look back on pictures that i remember hating myself in, and im like. oh. i look okay here actually. but then i look at myself now and i viscerally hate myself even though i am in fact the same person & i doubt i look all that different.
i cant even look at myself nonnas. i did a job application recently which i refused to finish and send off bc it required a picture of yourself for ID. even though i really need work rn. i hate myself so much

No. 1555427

umm nonnies what do you think about men who play as female characters in video games? my fiance is playing as a female in cyberpunk and i was like um isn't that the game where you can customize your genitals and he said he skipped it. still giving me the ick.

No. 1555429

File: 1682027134099.jpg (106.08 KB, 3508x2480, blank-white-page.jpg)

Wrong they look like this

No. 1555430


No. 1555440

Anons lets all say a prayer that her father befalls severely paralyzing misfortune. Amen.

No. 1555447

that is a phimosis dick, the skin goes off the head once it's hard

No. 1555452

coomer or troon

No. 1555453

Oh so we're going to have to start using tone tags now? Fuck this place

No. 1555476

Not all. The foreskin isn't really supposed to be like that.

No. 1555486

Remember when jokes were a thing

No. 1555490

Congrats on your wife, nona!
Jokes aside he's a coomer probably, I've heard guys say they like watching their female character from behind while playing.

No. 1555512

I wish I was rich and famous with a fucking "team" and assistants to handle all of my shit and make me look good and handle my PR for me

No. 1555524

So in Cyberpunk your protagonist's name is V and you can choose between the male or female version. To be fair the female voice acting is WAY better than the male one. I started a new game with the male version and ended up quitting and starting over again with the female version, just because his voice was so annoying kek

No. 1555556

File: 1682032402218.png (1.65 KB, 63x53, U5LU8ug.png)

crypto nonnies how do you deal with gender/libfem/etc. things online? what's your coping strategy? i really am at the point where i'm biting my tongue (or wringing my fingers really to keep myself from typing something that will expose me) whenever i have to see something called "gender", or people say phrases like "masculine and feminine populations", or the ever popular "jkr is LITERALLY killing trans people" whining. tit scars also make me flinch. i can't really escape it in fandom spaces though. is growing a thicker skin the only option? must i become an internet hermit? i dunno what to do.

No. 1555566

fr I straight up told him you're giving me the ick and he said he understands where I'm coming from and he's sorry but he thought it would be cool since she's like "an actress from bladerunner or like the ghost in the shell lady"
this is after I told him only coomers do that shit and you can customize boobs and everything and have sex with prostitutes in game. and how he literally just started playing since he got a new monitor and spammed through the options like enable nsfw settings via pressing enter over and over to start the game finally.

I get his reasoning but I'm cold shouldering him anyways cause it's weird and creepy to me still. I told him there's males in bladerunner and he didn't know what to say lmfao. I understand if it's something like apex legends but in a game where you can make your own character, weird as hell. he despises trannies so definitely not gonna troon out btw
I haven't played the game so idk how annoying the male voice actor is. he was playing some scene where he drove a car into 3 hobos near a lit barrel(?) and a billion enemies come out shooting at him idk how far that is in the game kek I just play stardew valley I don't know this shit

No. 1555574

File: 1682033031017.jpg (90.7 KB, 950x930, FthdTOZacAA4DV8.jpg)

When I get a bf to gobble and swallow and my life improves you bitches will know because I will be levitating 500 ft off the ground and ending global warming and world hunger simultaneously thanks

No. 1555577

I was joking when I replied homosexual to your post. In total honesty if this is your only red flag you are sabatoging your own relationship and making a mountain out of a molehill over something as mundane as playing a female character because she looks hot. It doesn't actually mean anything if there isn't other behaviors attached to it.

No. 1555581

File: 1682033325131.jpg (124.48 KB, 736x981, d227b6c37ecd1c82c15a8a9365a59e…)

So I saw this TikTok about people bullying a guy online because he wasn't sharing his answers to his class and he doesn't want them to leach off his work. There were 1000s of comments saying how "EverybOdY iS JUsT TrYinG tO SuRviVe" like they're just being over dramatic. I also was like this, I used to never to talk to this one guy but whenever I needed help/ catching up with work/ answers. I feel like this is a really really shitty thing to do. No one is obligated to help you. Also some people were being so empathetic like "I'm gonna still give them the answers cz everybody trynna survive". Boy sthu

No. 1555589

Leeches are "trying to survive", but not enough so to actually do their homework or pay attention in class, let alone study for tests.
Do they think the person they are copying from pulled it out of their ass? They put in the work while leeches where scrolling social media and playing phone games in class.

I hate such people. I don't care about sharing my work with friends who share other things with me, but feeling entitled to some random person's work is insane levels of obnoxious. These people must be insufferable in person.

No. 1555593

I know I just thought it was funny nonnie lol. there are some other things that happened in the past which is why I was Ew about it and also moids typically do it because they're coomers and I can't be marrying a potential coomer, don't hate myself that much

No. 1555617

Sorry anon. The joke wasn't that jokey.

No. 1555622

am i just being too sensitive for being extremely upset that my bf has gone to his friend's house to celebrate 4/20 with him, his friend's girlfriend and whoever else is there, while im home alone doing nothing. we always smoke together and he didn't ask me to hang out or go or anything. maybe he didn't think it's a big deal but damn this hurts bad and he always goes over there without me

No. 1555634

spoiler this shit gaddamn it

No. 1555656

but why?

No. 1555666

Wtf I’d be so fucking angry

No. 1555676

If I see a braindead gendie take I screenshot it and post it in the twitter hate or tumblr thread on /ot/

No. 1555681

You're just autistic

No. 1555688

File: 1682039553819.jpeg (125.76 KB, 545x770, 4736934E-FB3D-4B7E-9FFA-498FF7…)

I have a stye

No. 1555690


No. 1555709

File: 1682041878680.jpeg (6.09 KB, 230x219, dulia.jpeg)

No worries, it's cured now

No. 1555710

File: 1682041919784.jpg (56.39 KB, 498x497, 20140507.jpg)

Okay, this is so strange.
I wished karma upon someone like, one hour ago, and I just received a message on facebook from him telling me that his phone was stolen.

No. 1555722

When people ask me if I said anything because they said something rude, i get heated:
A: you have a bug eyes
Me: …
A: Sorry did you say something?

Idek why it gets on my nerves but it does. Stop expecting a response from me just because you're an idiot.

No. 1555723

nta but the image choice is soooo coomer

No. 1555730

thank u nona, yeah i am hurting real bad. i've been randomly super anxious all day like something bad was going to happen and then he tells me he's going over there to hang out. so now i just feel crazy and upset

No. 1555751

shame on me for expecting something normal from a moid but I just found out my dance instructor (gay male) is in a relationship with a hon and he is helping at least three kids (ages 12 to 15) transition without their parents even knowing it

No. 1555754

For the past month, I've been feeling neutral good to relatively happy with the sun slowly making its way out of winter. I had tired and lazy and stressed days but nothing bad. Out of the blue two days ago, I was at the bottom of moods, crying for no reason, having suicidal ideas, feeling out of it, etc. My back was hurting a lot, so that probably contributed to it(I've been having injuries with working out for the past two months.) Even distanced myself from a few friends because I knew I would otherwise snap at them. Today, things are feeling better and I don't know why I had such a drastic mood change. I'm not on my period or near it, so I'm going to rule out hormonal changes. Kind of scared it might point to something big.

No. 1555771

its been a long time since i vented here. I really cant take my parents messy habits anymore. my friends told me: "stop trying to change what you cant change" but how tf can i ignore it if they themselves tell me to clean up the mess they make. i dont understand how they can excuse making that much of a mess. I'm finishing a degree and weirdly enough, my parents also DONT want me to get a job. i want to move out already. i fucking hate it here. fuck them and their retarded hoarding. i fucking wish theyd just stop. i have no one else to rant to i just fucking hate it ill expect to get banned cuz i sound ridiculous atm. im just so angry

No. 1555776

how does that have anything to do with what i said? i dont make money off art, its just a hobby for me. It's annoys me that they are trying to replace humans in something inherently human like art for fucking profit.

No. 1555783

File: 1682050438127.png (234.41 KB, 600x337, 123123.png)

Resolving to change my mindset little by little but it's gonna be a long journey based on things so far. I realized I am weak-willed and lean into what my feelings/body tell me to do, which is be a lazy depressed pos, instead of learning diligence and logical thinking. I hate the talk around 'gifted kids' but it's true that if you achieve good grades, good behavior and so on easily when you're younger, you're at risk of becoming complacent and never noticing that you didn't learn to live with discipline. Now that's my task because really I am the biggest thing in my way right now. So many of my 'problems' are absolutely worthless if I put aside my feelings on trivial things like my looks, etc. The biggest thing to overcome is how I take refuge in escapism and comfort instead of living a proper, fulfilling life. At times I long for those experiences and the relief/confidence/freedom/stability that would come with them but it's just too easy to keep giving in. Wish me luck nonas it won't be easy.

No. 1555788

>he is helping at least three kids (ages 12 to 15) transition without their parents even knowing it
holy fuck. Is that even legal? like medically?

No. 1555795

I hate the sterile clean gentrified look of everything now I really want the maximalist design trends of the 70's-90's to come back. I'm so sick of everyone pandering to the tech bros and girl bosses like some gleaming building in SF is going to make me forget we have a huge problem with homelessness and mental health we're not addressing when junkies inevitably shoot up and shit all over the place. I want to go to an old pizza hut from the late 80's and pretend there's a thriving middle class America where everyone owns an ugly split level house and a station wagon.

No. 1555797

I'm grateful to be out of my delusion era (psychosis) but it makes it so awkward to see other people that are wildly reactive and obsessive about the moral failings of others still in theirs. Just nasty, annoying, desperate attention starved behaviors to people on the internet you would never tolerate irl oml. Like completely void of self awareness while constantly ripping into other people and no signs of ever growing as people

No. 1555799

You will eat the bugs and you will sleep in the pod

No. 1555804

I get what you're saying but those were just illusions and destined to lead into the current dystopia we live in.

No. 1555813

>can’t recommend phimosis dick.
Does it hurt for the receiver? I know for guys it can hurt a lot but not sure for women.

No. 1555817

I wish there was a way to see twitter likes without signing up. I just want to know if my ex liked a tweet from a breadtuber I hate so I can hate my ex even more

No. 1555827

One time I was browsing and realized the webstie/app was broken when I could browse likes without making an account. I took the opprunity to snoop through the likes of people I wanted to stalk. It was awesome, but of course, it didn't last.

No. 1555831

SA, I made an account anyways because I was bored. Really fucking annoying they demand your phone number now but whatever I'll delete my account soon anyways.

Anyway I found something even more incriminating: liking a tweet that defends child sex abusers in light of the new Florida legislation news. Lmfao I fucking HATE him.

No. 1555846

Something traumatic happened to me and I thought that I could just get over it by repressing. My family begged me to see a counselor, and in the first conversation I had with them they said that I have ptsd and requested emergency psych meds. Makes me fucking sick to think about. I feel so weak and that I failed myself. I hate knowing a random stranger is prodding my brain. I have an appointment coming up and I’m dreading it man. Idc, going into detail about traumatic events doesn’t help. It’s like picking at a scab. Sorry if this is the wrong place.

No. 1555857

I picked up a really bad habit this past month and I don't know how to get rid of it, it's exhausting. I've been second-guessing everything I say? I'm not sure how I can explain it but I've been extra nitpicky over my choice of words and self-expression and the way I carry myself for absolutely no reason. I just rip into myself for the smallest things. How can I stop myself from thinking that way? It started suddenly I don't know how to tackle it in a healthy way

No. 1555862

Come to Eastern Europe, sister. Everything in my household was made in Yugoslavia in the 70s-80s and we're too poor to replace it, but it's kind of a vibe so I don't even mind.

No. 1555864

>>1555857 happens to the best of us Nona. Did someone say something to you recently or humiliated you that made you feel like you had to be more self aware? Try doing something that you’re comfortable and confident with, that you know you can’t second guess yourself. When this happens to me I literally just force those thoughts out and tell myself it’s okay to make mistakes. Also, mostly everyone is too focused on themselves anyways to even noticed if you had lil awkward moment. And if they did, screw it they’re not gonna remember it in 5 years anyways

No. 1555871

Yeah that's very true I usually try to stop my brain draining energy over stupid little details by remembering everyone else is too focused on themselves. Honestly nothing happened in particular, my best guess is that I started overthinking my relationships and my own identity which led to unnecessary dwelling or self-loathing
I just really want to go back to a few months ago when I was normal and didn't bother with any of this mental waste..

No. 1555881

Not trying to sound like a dirty hippie but maybe try meditating? Train your brain to be silent and be in the moment. I know it’s easier said than done but I hope you feel better

No. 1555888

I really don't like the growing trad presence here, you can't clown on religious shit without getting called an edgy reddit atheist, no wonders radfems are getting more virulent.

No. 1555890

glad I'm not the only one that feels this way, it's been getting out of hand. if it's not men ruining a female only space, it's gendies or trads shitting everything up

No. 1555891

Not a good time to get a workplace crush but at least it makes me happy to be awake and I go to bed with a smile. I am finally happy to go to work but this is not enough and I want more than just a friendly chat. And I finally want to be done with all these annoying reports and presentations.

No. 1555896

You weren't clowning on religious stuff, you were making fun of indigenous culture. Tradfags also make fun of cultures like that and of course make fun of every religion aside from Christianity, if anything you're more like a tradfag for making fun of nonwhite cultures and saying you'll keep ding it even though you knew they were genocided for that culture.

No. 1555899

Who the fuck cares, go marvel at some ancient child sacrifice ritual at a volcano

No. 1555904

Ayrt and I was referring to the relationship advice thread on /g/ where a bunch of anons were saying that religious moids are the best, and growing trad shit in troon threads in general, I don't even know what you're talking about.

No. 1555910

Then I apologize, I thought you were the race baiting anon that's been attacking non-white people in /ot/ and saying it's her right to make fun of other cultures.
I agree that a ton of anons in some snow threads are tradchans, that's why I stopped using those snow threads.

No. 1555913

Update us nonna, what happened? Was it some sort of IT issue or did you actually get fired?

No. 1555923

It's been a few years, but I vaguely remember his foreskin feeling almost pointed/sharp because it wasn't as flexible and sliding along with his movements like it's supposed to, and foreskin also has a different texture than the glans. Wearing a condom didn't help a lot, it was like the shape of his dick was wrong kek. He also needed so much force in order to cum, which was the biggest issue for me. Sometimes I literally feared he'd have an aneurysm. Sometimes he just wanted to satisfy me and not bother with getting off himself because it was too much effort, which sounds nice in theory, but because he'd go days without nutting he would have so much pent up energy and ..yeah. I get off on knowing my partner is enjoying himself and getting off. I guess we both had a service mentality and clashed because of that.

On the fun side he was in his late 20s and had never been able to cum with someone until me, although it took us months of us trying, and I gotta admit it stroked my ego when it finally happened (in retrospect him not having been in any other long time relationships was a red flag lol). I wanted him to explore other treatments before getting circumcised because I know it comes with its own host of issues, but it was his choice and our sex life did improve after he got the snip.

No. 1555926

If you know someone is committing a crime that endangers someone else why the fuck wouldn't you go to the police and tell the actual victim? The sky gods aren't going to just suddenly rain down justice on the guy you have to actually collect evidence and send it to the police.

No. 1555932

is this about sexual assault/sex crimes? rapists are rarely charged and the process is usually further traumatizing for victims, so them coming forward doesn't mean they can actually protect future victims of the same perpetrator.

No. 1555934

Anon it's not racebaiting to not make exceptions because of someone's minority status. Everyone's equally human but everyone who believes in fairytales also makes me laugh.

No. 1555935

Its mostly about the same anons who claim to have evidence or knowledge of some scrotes voyeurism and the victims of their voyeurism but wont report it to the police or fbi.

No. 1555936

Im so tired of your ana larp. Its nauseating how desperate you are for attention. You are slowly becoming your haggard bipolar mom. Its sad, but you have burned through so many mental health resources.
Poor lil rich anachan, you are balding and no one cares. Shes a pro ana cow for the books.
Bodyshaming your preteen daughter instead of actually instilling healthy habits makes you a selfish piece of shit.
Like sudoku if you are going to ruin her self value before she even has any, honestly. Why did you fight for custody over her just to fat shame a 12 year old?! You fucking feed her, you leave her alone all day. Shame shame shame

No. 1555943

Why did he block me when he said I was the best he ever had? It’s killing me… I wanna die.

No. 1556009

someone literally stalked me because i was following accounts for a problematic ship that i was using to self harm over my scrote abuser who killed himself.
i want to die. they legitimately stalked me and tied together everything to prove i am a horrible disgusting person over a fictional pairing. i wish i was joking. i feel so fucking sick. i just wanted to make art. i never told anyone. i just was using it to self harm and cope with intrusive thoughts about my abuse. i never pushed it on anyone. i never made any content. i mostly looked at aged up stuff of the character in question or sfw. i never hurt anyone. i just want to die. i know im a disgusting freak. i know i should hate myself. but i don't want to be stalked. i never posted anything. they literally tracked down all of my following even though i had everything privated to prove it in their manifesto. i want to die

No. 1556025

i physically cannot wear white clothes. i wore my white lululemon hoodie today and i just noticed it somehow has a stain. im assuming from my blueberries because its a small purplish blue stain but i have no idea how it got there since i havent even eaten them yet, literally just moved them from the fridge to my work bag. I just bought this hoodie 2 weeks ago and ive already had to do 2 stain removals on it. i swear im not an absolute slob, i wear a lot of neutrals and light colours but i just can not keep white clothes.
so frustrating because i think i look best in white too

No. 1556052

>ask crush for a nude as a "joke" thinking he would never do it because he's shy
>he does and he looks super hot
>reply "hahaha that's funny" because i'm a retarded virgin and felt kinda awkward even though i liked it
>he doesn't reply for days
>ask him what's wrong
>says he feels mocked and humiliated
>realize i laughed at his naked body

Now I've made his already shit confidence even worse. I don't know how to recover without being too weird and having to be like "no wait i actually want to have sex with you".

No. 1556054

Oh nonni, I'm the same way. And yes, we look sooo good in white wtf

No. 1556055

Maybe just tell him? What's wrong with saying no wait I actually want to have sex with you?

No. 1556056

>reply "hahaha that's funny"
Damn, it's been a long time since I saw such spaghetti spilling

No. 1556057

No. 1556059

Just say you were surprised he actually sent a pic and were uncomfortable admitting he's hot so you replied like a retard. That's 2 birds in one stone.

I do have to wonder how a supposedly super hot guy has shit self confidence.

No. 1556060

NTA but that would be so awkward, and feel like a pity fuck even if they did end up having sex

No. 1556076

My bf starting to piss me off because he has a phantom pain no doctor can figure out. They've ruled out cancer every bad thing he thinks so many and honest to god he's got a shit diet and he's not very active. I literally have had a proper hospital visit and emergency surgery while dating. Covid and other actually quantifiable illnesses and i just get on with. I literally have a disabled parent that doesn't moan as much. Half the time the pain he's describing sounds like a fucking stitch because he's dehydrated as fuck. This is the least sexual relationship I've ever been in I'm not having fun

No. 1556078

Lol ok, if you say so.

No. 1556101

File: 1682093036640.jpeg (19.11 KB, 375x375, 1635439410495.jpeg)

>raised by a single mom in a violent, poorfag household
>make food before i go back up to my room to work my shitty min wage remote job
>she goes "heh nonnie, i remember when you were a kid i'd try talking you into wanting to become a dentist or a doctor. then i'd be all set"

Fuck you. I'm doing my fucking best. Parents like this have no right to expect anything. She should be grateful I'm no longer on welfare and have a job at all.

No. 1556113

You're doing well, nona. Also, I imagined you're the little dog in your picture, working remotely at the computer.

No. 1556129

what's the shitty min wage remote job? i'm trying to score something like that

No. 1556130

No. 1556147

I don't trust ugly girls, most of them have issues and try to sabotage other women for male validation. This one ugly bitch literally spread rumors around %90 girls she befriended and then she got surprised when the same girls treated her like shit.

No. 1556153

File: 1682098251787.jpg (60.82 KB, 452x604, ugly1.jpg)

Spoken like a true ugly person.

No. 1556155

>most of them have issues and try to sabotage other women for male validation
can confirm , had this happen so many times
the funniest ones were when they were calling me a whore when i was actually a virgin kek

No. 1556158

I personally don't trust insecure people. The ones who always publically complain about their appearance. Its insane.

No. 1556161

File: 1682098569988.png (12.78 KB, 235x212, png.png)

I fucking HATE my family. My dad recently revealed that he was "suffering" too living under my mom's psychotic rule and that he didn't agree with the things she said and did and that just makes it worse. I'm so much angrier at him now knowing that he had a brain under all that and just went along with it and enforced her insanity until she finally divorced him and it was no longer convenient or beneficial to be her yes-man. How do I cope with this? Ever since he told me this I remember it every time I wake up and I'm filled with rage. How could you go along with it? How? How dare you tell me this? It was easier when I thought he was just stupid and deluded by religion, maybe cruel in that unthinking way some people have. But now I know the truth and I can't ever un-know it. I hate him. I hate him almost as much as her.
As a kid I tried to go to him for help many times, thinking one of them had to be the sane parent, surely he could see, and he would always brush me off and act like he didn't believe me. But it turns out the whole time, he knew. He knew and he didn't help me. What the fuck do I do with this information? I can't cut contact with either of them or I won't be able to see my brother anymore. I'm so angry.

No. 1556166

i'm sorry nonna. the sad and painful advice is you're going to eventually have to forgive him for his stupidity and weakness. it's incredibly hard and the process usually involves spending a lot of time screaming at him telling him exactly what you think of him being so much of a pussy manchild mommyneeder that he wouldn't even stand up for his own child

No. 1556171

i never done that, i just stay inside and think about fictional men. someone pretty spreaded rumors about me in middle school though.

No. 1556173

Thank you for responding anon ♥
How do I do that without risking everything? I want to scream and yell, sometimes I think about getting really drunk just to ream him out without dissolving into tears and panic, I think I need to scream and yell. But I need him to be on my side right now, there may be a custody dispute coming up and I want to have rights and visitation if possible. I'm currently playing nice with my mom because that's the only way I'll get visits. I want to say fuck you to both of them and take my sib and disappear but I can't do that. I've always felt so helpless when it comes to my parents. It sucks to feel this way as a full grown adult.

No. 1556174

I hate when parents expect something from you especially when it's finances. They really expect you to be making some 6 figure job or some shit.

No. 1556184

I the anon you're replying to, you're probably not ugly, anon. The ones I'm talking about about are like really really ugly. I'm not just talking about an average girl who doesn't fit supermodel beauty standards. Please don't think this is about you if you're not petty.

No. 1556185

My family brought everyone home to celebrate eid, they never did that before. I wish I could have stayed outside for way longer to escape that shit.

No. 1556198

Not this shit again

No. 1556204

Consider writing down everything that you're feeling now and keep it hidden. Wait until your brother is a legal adult, and then you can go nuts on your dad. Read him the paper then. The waiting part sucks, but it'll assure the fact that your visitation with your brotherwon't be affected.

No. 1556212

Good advice anon, thank you. I do a lot of journaling when I feel overwhelmed but nothing with intent like this. I'm going to try this and I hope it will help.

No. 1556216

I hate summer so much, I walked home from work and already have my face slightly burned reeeeee

No. 1556217

I mean with a few cultural exceptions most people who end up being a doctor or a dentist tend to move out and keep their finances seperate from their parents. Its weird when parents fantasize about their kids growing up to be cashcows who pay back every penny that was ever spent on em

No. 1556223

Medfag and I hate how much I have to study. If my parents forced me into this shit so I'd give them money, I'd move out the moment I graduated like >>1556217 said and not give them a cent.
Doctors or dentists don't even earn a ton so dont feel bad, you're doing your best and you're doing more than most children would at your age. Please don't let your mother take out her own frustrations out of you.
I hope you manage to move out and live a comfortable life away from her.

No. 1556225

Do you really know that many ugly girls? I've just tried to remember all really unattractive girls I knew and stopped at number 5 heh. In my experience, average girls are more likely to behave like that because they feel like they can actually compete with others but they still have real or imaginable flaws to hyperfocus on which can make them act shitty. Pretty girls can be like that too, because appearance is not the only thing to feel insecure about, and some of them could grow up with abusive parents. I used to be considered unattractive (bad skin, bad posture, super thick eyebrows, glasses, cheap baggy clothes) till I was 14, and the girl I was "friends" with back then was a bit dumpier but better looking in overall plus she was an extroverted normie and I was the opposite, she still somehow had to put me down and hated when some guys liked my personality more. I didn't even expect anyone to like me. Some people just can't stand it that they're not the center of attention at all times, and if they find even a single thing that makes you better than them they'll try to grind you into the dirt. I don't think it depends too much on the appearance tbh.

No. 1556228

Great my boyfriend is coming home with a friend. I’m already in my PJs and showered and cozy. We only have this one living room… i think I’ll just hide in the bedroom and pretend to sleep. My introverted ass is NOT happy about that change of plan

No. 1556232

File: 1682103874899.png (154.08 KB, 1000x935, 1668867202502.png)

Today I read some of my diary from when I was 12 and it's so fucking bleak. I knew I was never allowed close my bedroom door until I was 18 but I didn't remember that I wasn't allowed have a lightbulb in my bedroom either in case I would commit the heinous crime of reading a fucking book at night. I asked my mom about it and she said it was just so hard to get me to sleep, it had to be done. But I had insomnia from severe anxiety caused by living in terror from my dad who would strangle, hit, scream at me completely unprovoked on a regular basis. This retarded combo of extreme over-protectiveness/control (over completely insignificant things like reading a book past 8pm) plus absolute negligence (about anything important like being screamed/slapped by a crazed adult man) really fucked me up. I wish they could have at least stayed in one parenting lane even if it was still abusive, at least I could make sense of it in my head. The diary is has pages and pages of "I don't understand why I want to die so badly, I'm from such a good family and have nothing to worry about…". I was so confused and innocent.

No. 1556236

so i recently made the mistake of letting my guard down around a moid, because he is recovering from major cancer surgery and as such i assumed he'd have more important things on his mind than making nauseatingly cringey attempts to flirt with and hit on one of his wife's friends behind her back. lovely. what a gentleman. from what i understand there's a fair chance the cancer will come back and kill him, and right now i hope it does

No. 1556241

I’m so sorry anon I don’t know what to say, just hope that you can get some kind of legal action taken against them. I looked at the Twitter accounts and I’m confused though

No. 1556242

nta but I agree wit hthe anon who said insecurity was a big factor, and also a compulsion to compare yourself with others and come out on top. I've had good friends who people would call really gorgeous or very conventionally unattractive and I think it comes down to: when you interact with them, are they interacting with you as a person, or are their life decisions all about positioning their own status and their own reputation and how they look to everyone else?

No. 1556247

I’m so sorry you had to go through that anon I hope you sleep better these days and if not at least you can read books now

No. 1556248

File: 1682104588219.jpg (71.81 KB, 546x546, 91e1d7128bd1f6e043aec4628e642e…)

Anon, sorry to say that about your mom but it's astonishing how retarded some parents can act. I had a completely different situation but what was similar is this inability to put 2 and 2 together, because then a parent would have to do something about themselves and their lives. Much easier to think that a child is just broken, without any particular reason, and it can be fixed in the most primitive and simplest way. Sucks that you had to go through this.

No. 1556255

File: 1682105302195.jpg (95.24 KB, 720x1075, flowers.jpg)

i'm amazed how clear and relaxed my mind and mood are after working out and how little I feel like obsessing over things I've obsessed in the past days

No. 1556257

File: 1682105543122.jpg (79.91 KB, 564x549, cat.jpg)

One of my personal cows is pregnant with a girl, and I honestly feel really scared for her daughter. She brings strange men around her children and she seems like the type to encourage her daughter to go into sex work somewhere down the line, and also be one of those mothers who bullies her daughter and sees her daughter as competition. She's just not fit to be a mother and tbh she should have her child taken away upon birth, like when junkies get theirs taken away. It's just all so bleak. Her other child (who she basically disowned) is with his father and I really hope that her daughter will go into someone else's custody. You can say that I'm acting like one of those people with a parasocial relationship, but I know it will not end well for her daughter, and I really do feel a pit in my stomach thinking about it.

No. 1556265

File: 1682105962025.png (293.25 KB, 703x1024, 1679002993058120.png)

I saw a group of youths today and several of them had broccoli hair. It's disconcerting to see people participate in cattle fashion IRL.

No. 1556268


No. 1556270

you're genuinely absolutely retarded. as if you're writing literal paragraphs because your boyfriend wanted to play as a girl in a video game. get help

No. 1556276

>fr I straight up told him you're giving me the ick
>I get his reasoning but I'm cold shouldering him anyways
Fucking hell. What social media site did this creature hail from?

No. 1556292

Sounds just like my parents… Hang in there anon.

No. 1556299


TikTok most likely

No. 1556301

That picture killed me

No. 1556328

File: 1682109854982.jpg (203.67 KB, 720x1200, thefool.jpg)

i'm having some serious fucking cognitive dissonance right now, because why would he tell me i mean everything to him if he doesn't act like it? why has he been with me for so many years if he knows he's hurt me and still hasn't changed?? and still i love him and am trying to treat him with grace. i feel so stupid like how did i even get here

No. 1556332

If a man is spamming yes to play a game fine, but purposely playing a customizable character and saying he didn’t know there was a male option despite it being obvious in game. Thats already the troon redflag glad anon is based and nipping that behavior in the bud but she should just leave him because it’ll just make him hide it more. Dont get anons like you that shit on other anons for their reasons to shit on their moids, go kiss male ass somewhere else and get off lolcow

No. 1556333

i love this image and i love u nonny.

unasked for advice: you're not stupid at all. lots of women try to see the best in others, even deeply flawed people, and that's not a bad thing! it means you are empathetic and kind. but he's taking advantage of your kindness. he will not change. you deserve better.

No. 1556341

Ughhh same. Youth in my culture (latinos specifically mexican americans) Love the ugly "edgar" bowl cut thing. It looks so gross.

No. 1556348

This is the tranny trap poster that's been spamming /m/, be careful. He always types like this. Nonnies on /meta/ have been trying to get him banned for about a week but the mods are not listening. If you see this type of poster, report and ignore so he gets banned. He's been banned multiple times, but he keeps lying about it and avoiding them.

No. 1556362

One of my friends keeps getting physically rough with me when we drink together, like grabbing and shoving me and trying to threaten me and then laughing about it. She’s not a moid but I’ve also noticed that when I’m socializing with new people, moids do that kind of thing a lot and often try to toe the line with me like poking me with stuff and trying to provoke me. I don’t really get why so many people do this stuff with me. I’m told it’s because I seem mean but I feel like I’m just standing there acting normal.

No. 1556363

I hate how smug the neckbeard who doxxed me is after I refused to be in a relationship with him.
He finally got a single mom gf and larps as a dad on weekends sometimes, so of course he can't stop gushing on the internet about what a good, positive life he suddenly has for the past month compared to all le terminally online plebs he makes enemies with. Except he is terminally online himself which is why he's gotta post every fucking hour with some mundane life update while he treats twitter like his diary.

He's fronting like he's happy when just two months ago he was posting my dox. Saying he's so happy with his new touch grass life when not two months ago he was malding on internet statuses about how I wouldn't meet up with him cause I was on a business trip. He saw that I was with another guy and seethed lmao. And what's funny is he still slips in some dis posting trying to kick up drama and call attention to himself, but folks ignore him.
I can tell he's faking all of his forced positivity shit. Nobody who's gotta go on the internet to tell people how happy they are, are actually happy. I'd love to make a troll account just to fuck with his hypocrisy to reveal how fragile he really is. The fact that he would get so worked up over online shit is one of the numerous reasons why he was too much of an embarassment to date.
On the other hand, I feel like giving him any attention is actually a win for him. The only time he ever gets attention is from his drama shit, never from his content and barely from the things he posts. Not to mention the manosphere might come to his rescue.
I know all I have to do is wait for him to implode on himself, just wish that could be expedited.

No. 1556369

Don't bring up Edgars smh

No. 1556375

I'm autistic and mid-late 20s and I literally can't fit in anywhere. People my age seem too serious to me and some of them already have children, they're also more relationships oriented and I have zero experience with this and no desire to get into a relationship, but I feel too old to hang out with people in their early 20s, also they're often into drugs and partying, like it's the core of their social life, at least where I live, and I have no interests in those things either. It's over for me, I couldn't fit in as a child, I can't fit in as an adult.

No. 1556387

nta a lot of people here type lowercase, it's mostly newfaggotry. I don't think this specific post is the trapfag

No. 1556388

nta a lot of people here type lowercase, it's mostly newfaggotry. I don't think this specific post is the trapfag

No. 1556392

He's not giving the girls medication but he's helping them with the resources and getting them through the "right professionals" that will get them undoubtedly diagnosed and force the parents to just accept it once it's done. I met one of the moms and she has no idea, her kid is just a weirdly feminine girl with short colored hair.

No. 1556395

I'm so tired of hearing my mother argue with her boyfriend, why are they still even together for fucks sake

No. 1556418

One of my close friends has come out as lesbian to us for a while now and now she acts like an expert in lesbianism. The funny thing is she convinced herself she’s one when I know about her boy band member hyperfixations and just in general her attraction to men since we went to high school and college together. Of course she’s a gendie and is surrounded by non-binary “lesbians” who all happen to have been with multiple guys. She conveniently hates bisexuals so it’s no surprise to me that label isn’t “queer” enough for her even though that’s most likely what she and most of her friends are. I think a lot of us who don’t fit that negative bi stereotype don’t wanna associate with that label but it’s not ok to call yourself a lesbian when you’ve been attracted to men all your life and now you just deny it because that attraction has subsided due to fear of/ hating scrotes. I just cannot bear being with her and having to pretend to actually believe her…I’m sure deep down she knows it herself which is why she always sounds so unconvincing whenever she mentions her sexuality.

No. 1556420

Everyone who thinks exactly like you is also just hidden away in their room not going out. At some point you have to accept being around parents and “serious” people and/or doing a little partying if you want more human contact. It’s not that big of a deal to be different from your friends as long as they treat you decently and it’s not like you have to be soulmates who will be best friends forever.

No. 1556427

What if, like, all the neets got together

No. 1556434

Ntayrt but I don't think it's exclusively a newfag thing since it's been done for years. Sometimes I do it to change up typing styles.

No. 1556436

File: 1682117103086.jpg (30.99 KB, 460x692, b2af6d1b0bbb1043bef2b771fc7a07…)

Why does being in love have to hurt so bad sometimes. Literally what's the reason? Yeah, yeah hormones and all but why does detaching from someone have to suck so bad. I'm so tired.

No. 1556439

How do you even cope with knowing you're living the worst version of yourself

No. 1556443

It's my day off and I've been lazing in bed all day and I just got so fucking pissed that there is only 24 hours in a day I WANT TO SLEEP AND ROLL AROUND IN BED FOR A BILLION HOURS I WANT THIS TODAY.

No. 1556444

Just for context.
The one who keeps accusing everyone of being the trapfag because just because they type in lowercase must be legitimately autistic. She saw someone on /meta/ merely wonder if an infighter who posts like that here on /ot/ was the trapfag from /m/. Now this autist actually thinks everyone who types in lowercase must be the same one who was posting traps in the anime threads. She does the same thing with every bit of information other anons share, she copies what others say almost word by word and repeats it in the same way every time she sees the alleged "trapfag".
There is an annoying trapfag on /m/ who also seems to be obsessed with the anti-trapfag autist. They fight with each other a lot, accusing each other of having been banned before and denying it. Honestly both of them are pretty retarded and annoying.

No. 1556446

File: 1682118162555.png (136.36 KB, 818x662, pepe.png)

>bash women over their physical traits not fitting a certain conventional standard
>shame them for getting plastic surgery or otherwise using money to change said traits (which were previously unchangeable) because it's "shallow"
>if the surgery goes as planned, gaslight them with comments that 9 times out of 10 wouldn't have been made before, like "You looked better before"
>if the surgery goes bad, make it a personal mission to mock/degrade them (even some surgeons are just sadistic and purposely botch patients)
I saw a "femcel" image talking about this, and I don't really believe in femcels, but it was kind of true. What exactly do people mean when they do this to women? Even some radfems and "women" from here are guilty of it, though they complain about insane moid standards. All of it is against this backdrop of "You should just love yourself", as if there isn't insane money and a ridiculous amount of societal factors funneled into making that difficult or impossible, even for people who technically meet the standard. It seems like society is just invested in a sense of "natural inferiority" in women who don't have certain traits, and the standards often shift just to keep all of us neurotic. If you're "ugly", you're supposed to stay "ugly" but "make up for it" by being easier for moids and somewhat of a pickme. It'd be nice to say "Fuck society's standards, I'm just me", but we unfortunately have to live in a society.
I don't agree with the transhumanist agenda, but at least it kind of gives you either option, right? You can be fine with the way you look, or you can change as you want. Idk.

No. 1556449

Also, when I say "'women' from here", I do mean moids, but I'm aware that it's a cope to think every retarded poster who spergs out at other women and tells them they must be hideous, unloveable, deformed, etc is male. There are lots of terrible anons here who take out their bizarre pickme psychosis on other women habitually, even when those women didn't do or say anything to them, and it's just sad to think about.

No. 1556451

File: 1682118639449.jpeg (55.82 KB, 686x686, 3D281434-A1C5-4A49-85BC-DFACCC…)

>It'd be nice to say "Fuck society's standards, I'm just me", but we unfortunately have to live in a society.

Pretty much this sums it up

No. 1556457

Anon I relate to your situation greatly right now, I hope at least knowing you aren’t alone in your feelings is some kind of solace. Despite not knowing the details of your situation, if it’s anything like my own I am sure it will be beneficial for you in the long run. Always put yourself first Nonita you deserve it!

No. 1556463

This imageboard was originally made to gossip about other women. And it being an imageboard (that comes from 4chan, no less) of course attracts the most sociopathic or mentally unstable individuals. Plus a lot of the newer users don't come from imageboards but from the most retarded parts of social media, so it's like an unholy combination of both. As long as this site is for gossip you're going to encounter a lot of insecure people who love to take it out on other women. Hell, even CC where gossip and drama are forbidden is full of self-proclaimed "femcels" obsessed with their own and other women's looks and trying to find the dumbest reasons to feel superior to others to cope with their own self-esteem.

No. 1556472

For me it's like, when a celebrity with power for setting up trends or ignoring them just does what is right, like trying to oppose the harsh standard we all go through, for example Alicia Keys said fuck it to makeup years ago and honestly she is a queen for it, but unfortunately it's gotten so much worse to the point if you're a female celebrity and you don't PS you are basically making a point and people won't give you peace for it. I won't blame them entirely for doing PS or following other beauty standards but it's just not the right thing to keep perpetuating crazy standards for everyone else. In the end the only people gaining anything from this are moids, cosmetic companies and PS clinics.

No. 1556473

File: 1682119733418.jpg (13.49 KB, 328x427, 1554543116767.jpg)

Yesterday I had little to no sexual attraction to this man and today I was imagining marrying him. I hate my stupid brain.

No. 1556476

Fucking this, I see it on moid sites all the time now. The same men who called Chloe Grace Moretz "walled" at 18 are now handwringing over women who get plastic surgery because "she was so beautiful before!!1!" Fuck off.

No. 1556490

Some stupid moid who was at fault, mind you, t-boned me today. I feel hollow and sad.

No. 1556491

Allergies have been wrecking me recently. Today I asked my boyfriend if he could do me a favor.

>He immediately says "no" in a cheeky tone.

I ask him to please get me the tylenol from the bathroom counter. I clearly said where it was.
>He makes a show of loudly opening the bathroom cabinets saying "guess we don't have any."
I reiterate nicely that it's on the counter. When he brings it I take some and then go sit in the bathroom tearing up a bit when I realize I can't even rely on basic care from my partner.

I'm not confrontational but later I work up the ability to tell him he made me grumpy (and have to remind him what caused it because he forgot). He just excuses it by saying "he's just snarky". Like fuck that, it's not the time to be snarky when your girlfriend is feeling sick and needs some help. I don't ask to be treated like a princess, but I don't even feel like I'm cared about. I've already been checking out of this relationship and this is just another nail.

No. 1556493

Set up a date to dump this loser, nonniekins.

No. 1556494

Imagine what would happen if you got seriously ill. This fucker wouldn't stay with you. Dump him.

No. 1556497

I'm thinking it over. I saw a video of another woman who was in my shoes and she sat down with her bf and said "here's what's not working (challenging for me since I'm bad at discussing my feelings due to my needs not being met anyway), here's a time frame to see if things can improve." Then she started focusing more on herself and her job/outside social life instead. Sounds like a good idea. It's trickier because we live together but if I need to arrange moving out I'll sit down with myself to figure things out.

I told him that if he asked for medicine I'd bring it to him (which I have done several times), but he said "no you wouldn't" in a cheeky way. I just can't.

No. 1556515

If you're willing to marry a man that obsesses over other women and beats you you're pathetic. That man's phone is full of revenge porn of me and you still wont go to the police about it.

No. 1556518

The more I go on, the more it feels like I actually do have fibromyalgia lol. I'm in so much pain or something similar. My doctor said it's likely and I didn't believe her at first.

No. 1556547

>Be me
>Feel fine
>Say something cringe
>Why did I just say that wtf
>Feel bad

No. 1556551

Eternal struggle.

No. 1556570

Being small with a large chest is part of the reason why I am teetering on the edge of radical feminism. The lengths men will go to try and take advantage of you make me sick to my stomach. Call me paranoid, but I know that their attention isn't out of true interests but a mix of lust and knowing that I would be easy to "conquer" if given the opportunity. It's to the point where I limit my interaction with males outside of my family to the bare minimum.
The moids bold enough to approach you are already lacking inhibitions so a perfectly polite 'no thanks' is never enough for them. If they see you without a man they think you're fair game. You can't tell them otherwise. But then you have to be careful because if they're a lunatic you can lose your life or get hurt. Men rarely if ever have to deal with this with women or girls and they have the nerve to cry about their rights.
I've been followed out of stores by men trying to get my number. I've been followed by men in cars on multiple occasions. I've been approached by strange men at all times of day while outside and even had one come to my home hours later to try and talk to me. I've also been cursed out in public for not giving a guy my phone number as well as other horseshit stories. For every ten guys I firmly but civilly reject, only one actually gets the hint and fucks off. I tried using excuses, but those won't work either. I've told men that I was a lesbian, which was a mistake because the average straight moid thinks their dick has magical gay away properties. I've told them I was uninterested, which also doesn't work because as a woman I never really know what I want. I do not dress provocatively. In fact, I hide my figure as best as I can. I walk with my shoulders back and my face forward and I have a resting bitch face. Nothing about me says shoot your shot, yet I am bothered on a regular basis.
I'm not trying to brag. I don't think it's flattering and face wise I consider myself cute at best. Not at all stunning or even beautiful, just approachable and physically unimposing which is what these creeps like. For a long time I've gone out of my way to not bring attention to my appearance. I keep myself clean and groomed but that's about it. Being plain doesn't even feel safe anymore because these creeps will sniff out anything. I can't fathom living that runs on male attention like pickmes. Not only is it worthless, but the men that controlled by their dicks are the worst creatures the male species has to offer. They're sweet and nice until you say no to them, then they turn into demons who actually think you're a hideous slut despite looking like a dumpster fire themselves. I wish they would stop.

No. 1556579

Yeah it sucks. You’re right there is no point in trying to change your appearance or be nice or civil, they won’t get it and they’ll always be shitty to you if they want you but you don’t want them. Dress however you want and treat men with open hostility for a while, give yourself a break if you’re in a culture you can do that. At the very least be offputtingly blunt with them and make them state their intentions plainly in the most autistic way you can manage. (I love doing that; i die a little inside from the awkwardness but watching them squirm is too fun.)
I’ve been told to say I have a boyfriend/husband/fiancé but it always felt wrong and men will ignore that too so it’s not actually that useful, but sometimes it works as a brush off line if you want something easy to say. I said it to a guy yesterday (it was true in this instance) and he persisted about being just friends and texting and I was like…lmao No I’m not giving my number to a man I just met I’m literally married and I smiled really big while I said it and told him to have a nice day with my craziest eyes. It doesn’t really happen to me often but it’s always the most persistent guys somehow, I guess I’m getting practice with that type. Maybe I’m just running into crazy people because I’m friendly and also crazy lol

No. 1556581

The first thing I did was tell them that I was taken because I am also married. All I ever got was invitations to cheat and told that what my spouse doesn't know won't hurt him. It's crazy how brazen moids are when they're willing to murder women for showing any interest in anyone but them. I don't understand why I'm such a creep magnet outside of my appearance. I look and am mean to men. Men claim that they want a nice girl that likes them but they seem to love bothering the ones that would rather throw them into a wood chipper.

No. 1556591

>I tried using excuses, but those won't work either. […] I've told them I was uninterested, which also doesn't work because as a woman I never really know what I want

fucking HATE this. then if you say you're already in a relationship, they pull the "i won't tell if you won't wink wink", or "then why ain't he with you, if you were mine I'd be around you 24/7"
saying no fuck off doesn't work, beating around the bush doesn't work, ignoring doesn't work, the only thing that will work, i believe, is shooting them in the groin upon approach.

No. 1556600

Big fuck you to the Neopets agent who won't give me back access to my 15+ year account and claims my email is wrong!! My username is literally the same as the email I'm sending from and I'm the only person who has made that name up when you Google it!

No. 1556609

unfortunately the only thing that works to get scrotes who are insistent on bothering you to back off is to make a huge scene about it and be as hostile as possible, it works but it comes with its own risks especially if there aren't a lot of other people around. definitely have a safety plan and somebody reliable you can call if you go that route. it really fucking sucks that this is even something we have to worry about at all though

No. 1556611

File: 1682138750008.jpeg (365.57 KB, 1175x1763, B2B64408-DD38-4A94-9A74-4188CA…)

Just tried watching this movie and there’s so much fucking male gaze I want to barf. What man is watching this shit anyway

No. 1556614

watch out neopets might still be owned by scientologists

No. 1556620

it's not it's owned by jumpstart right now
i'm sorry to hear that nonny. if you have access to the email surely you can see if you have old emails from neopets right?

No. 1556627

They're saying that it's not the email I used to create the account and they gave me the first letter of the email I supposedly used but I've never had an email that starts with that letter before. The account was made back in 2008 or 2009 so whatever it is, I definitely don't have access to it now because I've listed them all to no avail. It sucks but I'll get over it.

No. 1556647

File: 1682141931874.jpeg (8.6 KB, 144x182, 162B4239-D592-402D-BF7F-28B033…)

>father comes home late from work
>I haven't retreated into my room yet
>starts complaining about his day
>I assume he doesn't want to talk to me so I just nod and say uh huh, let him vent
>comes up to me and randomly hands me two dimes
>I say "oh thanks" because I assume he doesn't want to be talked to
>apparently he wants me to respond like it's a joke
>"wow youre being an ass" for literally no reason because I wouldn't respond with excitement over two dimes
>try to spin it into "well two dimes is more than two pennies for my thoughts but less than two quarters" or something to appease it
>but he stomps off like a whiny baby
>"I'm sorry, jeez, I'm sorry" literally my default response to every perceived slight
>retreats into his room, think he's going to bed
>dad comes back out and spends like 10 mins in his office tapping away
>when he comes back out I apologize again
>"well anon you were being a jerk, that's your fault!" shoves door shut

I swear to god I cant have any normal interaction with this man, fucking unbearable failed comedian autist. esp when he's had a bad day. like no wonder I have daddy issues

No. 1556648

My neopets account with my unconverted royalgirl cybunny and lots of rare items was hacked and subsequently frozen years ago. It was really sad. I can’t think about neopets to this day cause it actually makes me so angry and sad.

No. 1556653

sounds exhausting…is he a narcissist?

No. 1556656

SICK OF BEING TOLD TO """"""INTEGRATE"""""". OH so yall wanna see me ""integrate""?????, alright! sense this is the end for all you, dick riding, bitch ass, no life, lil tit, fattychan, sunchip neck ass, NIGEL having, no job having, roastie ass bitch made punk pussy ass fuck niggas who poist on lolcow.farm with a userbase lower than the fucks I give about each and everyone one of yall saltine cracker ass bitches..the way ya'll nerdy ass, wanna be, SHAYNA-looking ass niggas..bitch I can never be more toxic than yall niggas breath. the truth is, I hate all of you butthurt, buck tooth, hillbilly, inbred ass bitches….BITCH…. yall niggas spent hundreds of hours on your hours? I SPENT THOUSANDS, i've had more than 10 ips and each and everyone was done dirty, fuck edward sissor hands lookin ass bitch, fake radial feminist ass, you mega-chin havin ass bitch…yall some virgin ass nerds…I be posting good thought provoking posts and you roasties dont get banned because you suckin these mods bitches dicks, shit you want some handle bars, cuz you seem to be riden this bitch dick hella hard… FUCK CAT POSTERS, FUCK COMPLAINERFAGS, FUCK COW TIPPERS, FUCK THE """MODERATORS""" ,FUCK THE """"""ADMIN""""""", FUCK KIRBYANON, FUCK PAKICHAN, FUCK THE ANACHANS, FUCK THE """FEMINISTS""", FUCK Y'ALL BITCHES COMPLAINING IN THE VENT THREAD ABOUT YOUR FUGLY MOID, FUCK ALL OF Y'ALLLL…YALL CAN STAY IN THIS TRASH ASS WEBSITE, Fuck you…! Bann me bitch, idc imma go have a life, thank you for freeing me from this ""website"""..yall can go get that extra (you) in while I go get myself some SSA pussy. stay up till 5am , while I'm asleep, getting rest unlike you zombified fucks…infighting? stfu you satly, yall can suck my dick, and kiss me ass, cuz at the end of the day, you all will be cleaning the shit off my jordans

No. 1556658

neither of my parents are properly diagnosed with anything (boomers don't go to therapy) but he's always been emotionally detached and self important.

the worst thing is that my dad is the best direct family member I have. he's the only one who will provide me any slight form of support, usually in the form of money since he lacks depth, but in exchange he sometimes treats me like a verbal punching bag surrogate wife

speaks volumes about my mother and sister that I'd rather be around this dumb man than either of them

No. 1556660

File: 1682143251524.jpeg (19.91 KB, 512x512, 713F75D0-1491-4E90-BEFF-BB4395…)

I’m just waiting until everyone leaves so I can fucking binge and smoke a cigarette outside. I really just want to eat while no one is looking at me or even in any proximity. I just want to be alone so it feels less stuffy and actually have a moment to myself without having to be a certain way or made out to look like a fool. But my mom has to go to sleep so damn late, and my brother is nocturnal, so I’m wasting time because it’s almost 2:00 am already and I can sense that no one is leaving. Once my mom leaves my brother is gonna want me to watch something, which if I’m lucky will end by 4:50. I’ll have to wait until late into 5am because once he goes to his room he’d still be able to hear me moving around downstairs and say something. So I’ll have to hope my dad doesn’t wake up at 6am or earlier. I’m mad that it’s almost 2am and I’m not alone yet and can’t use the fucking kitchen so I can be demonic and binge even though I had stopped for a while. They’re on their phones and not even talking so I don’t understand what they’re doing here. I want my little moment. I want my little moment

No. 1556662

This is golden nona I hope you don't mind I posted it in the copypasta thread kek

No. 1556671

File: 1682144156689.jpg (195.69 KB, 1366x1500, 71kqQ2MZb8L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Some people are so joyless and bitter, a family "friend" got upset and annoyed at me because I plan to get a christmas costume for my dog, just something fun and comfortable so we can get some funny pictures. She was like "omg why are people so obsessed with their dogs ?? I just don't get why you would do something so stupid" and everyone was so confused, it's just a silly costume, and it's not like I'm going on and on about my dog 24/7.

No. 1556679

I'm sorry anon, that's so devastating. It's understandable that you'd be bitter about the whole thing.

No. 1556682

Omg some people are just so miserable. She's probably bitter because nobody's gonna fawn over her like you do your sweet pet.

No. 1556693

I feel this. Me entire childhood and teen years my parents basically locked me up and I developed muscle issues and cannot socialize. Anytime people react bitter or just straight up start bullying for basic socialization I just give up. I became a serial ghoster and do not have a single person on my contact list after my last job where some incel would accuse all my socialization attempts of attention seeking (including basic "hellos" mind you)

No. 1556696

I love that you’re already planning your dogs outfit for Christmas, nonnie. Dogs look so cute in little outfits.

No. 1556697

Same here. If you're a bitter bore- relationship over. No second chances. Go be a killjoy somewhere else.

No. 1556700

I wish it was socially acceptable to be upset in public. Not to the point of throwing a tantrum or anything, but just not having to try and push through it when you're having a hard time. I've been feeling shitty for the past couple of months and things hit a new low yesterday. I got upset on my way home last night and I physically just couldn't hold it in and wait to cry at home, so it just burst out right as I got off the bus and I ran into an alley to calm myself down, so people wouldn't think I'm an unstable freak. Same goes for working environments. I wish I could just say that I'm feeling like shit, instead of being expected to mask it.

No. 1556704

File: 1682150670964.jpg (140.16 KB, 564x752, 3d568b84fe027e6c2b7bfda8496845…)

I'm sensing that things are not going to work out with a guy I'm seeing and I'm trying to keep myself from getting attached to him but it's hard because things were really good (almost too good) when they first started. I don't know where and why it started to go south but it hurts to see how different things are now. Thank you nonny, I hope you're taking care of yourself too!

No. 1556711

I ate something that was super hot and burned the inside of my mouth. There were a bunch of people around my when I ate it so I couldn't just spit it out and burned my mouth instead. It really hurts. Do I have to go to the doctor with this or will it just go away after a few days? The only thing I can eat is ice cream

No. 1556712

I hate that I'm attracted to men. Why couldn't I just be into women and have a chance at a peaceful life with a woman but noooooo my brain thinks broad fit moids are attractive even though there's absolutely 0% chance to get one that isn't fucked in the head in the 21st century

No. 1556714

your skin is probably gonna slough off a bit if it's really bad but you'll be fine. the skin inside your mouth heals really fast. just keep an eye out for infection and rinse your mouth occasionally

No. 1556718

I wish you'd take that stick out of your ass and be my friend. I will still never understand why you treated me the way you did for years. I was such a good friend to you and I thought because of what you went through with your little sister you might have a shred of empathy for my situation. But no, I threaten your queen bee status because all you care about is having everyones attention on you.

No. 1556721

Have you considered being an unhinged husbandofag?
>moid bothers and keeps pestering me
>reject him and whip out my fully decorated phone to show hot photos of my husbando and start blabbing on about him and making snide remarks about 3D men
>his temperament changes and he walks away

No. 1556723

>SSA pussy
Social security administration pussy? Right?

No. 1556729

File: 1682157313656.jpeg (12.11 KB, 275x251, 1677973032030.jpeg)

Just had a nightmare featuring my dad, because of course. Every time he appears in a dream, it turns horrific. Can't believe I had to stand his unstable, violent ass for years, walking around my own home felt like a minefield, and all because the fucking moid couldn't contain his anger and mantrums, just to later cry victim and demand everyone to hug him or something, he's so deranged, everything with him felt so invasive and wrong. Men are truly scary and terrible.

No. 1556736

To finish my education I have to do multiple internships in different kinds of departments. I started my first internship a few weeks ago and the guy that is supposed to train me is absolutely horrible. I think this might be bullying and I can't to anything about it. When I first got there (mind I didn't even know how the printer worked there bc this is my first time) he just completely ignored me. He just gave me a bunch of exam questions instead of training me and giving me actual work so I went to my supervisor and complained about it which only made things worse for me. They put me into a small room at the far end of the corridor. I was told that I should ask the other colleagues for tasks and to be more assertive and social but I am only allowed to talk to them or the team leader if I made an appointment per email first. Otherwise I am not allowed to go into their offices. I really don't like it there and I can't even do anything about it.

No. 1556744

Unless you're interpreting the situation wrong, it doesn't sound like you're wanted there… what's the context, are these your friends?

No. 1556747

Samefag but No, i don't want to hug you, nor kiss you, i don't want to even touch you, leave me alone, just fucking leave me alone I don't like you, stop forcing people to love you when you did everything in your power to be as hateable as possible, you're fucking insane. I should be able to have boundaries, we ain't therapists, you shouldn't force us to do these things if we don't want to that's not how it works we aren't fucking dolls we are humans. I fucking hate you so much you ruined my social skills, my ability to be close to people and my life, you're a cataclysm, and I'm deranged because you were deranged towards me, I'm the product of your mental illness yet you judge me? It's actually incredible how i haven't killed myself yet. "But other daughters love their fathers why are you acting like this?…" You ain't a normal dad, you are insane, of course I don't like you idiot i don't give a shit what is everyone else doing, what I know is that you ain't getting shit from me

No. 1556749

I’m so sorry nonnie I stg daddy issues are the root of 99% of my issues as a human being. I would fantasize about my parents getting a divorce so I could have a nice stepdad. Thankfully my dad never forced affection, but he’d chase me around the house in order to spank me as hard as possible without leaving a mark while verbally threatening and insulting me. In addition to horrendous lifelong emotional and verbal abuse. Boundaries never fucking respected, how dare I ever try to set a boundary. He walks over them on purpose. His newest deal is teasing my dog and getting upset at her and at me when she inevitably snarls at him. She’s even nipped him a couple times, and both times he was teasing her and doing something I told him not to do, like trying to take a treat I gave her out of her mouth?!? Then he hits me with a “control your dog better” like motherfucker go back to kindergarten and learn how to interact with a dog that isn’t yours and basic respect, control your dumbass self better

No. 1556750

File: 1682159551009.jpg (188.9 KB, 1080x810, FkMqx_jXoAANheJ.jpg)

>It'd be nice to say "Fuck society's standards, I'm just me", but we unfortunately have to live in a society.
This works for just about everyone who lives in the real world instead of some social media rotted toxic femininity hellscape.

Honestly: You're social media poisoned and hang out with freaks. Nobody with more than two brain cells to rub together IRL gives a shit about that. People on gossip websites will write an essay about how ugly and deformed a perfectly normal looking woman looks because "I don't like her" and if you point out how retarded and ass backwards it is you get 50 comments calling you a simp and telling the other girl to yass slay queen.

Bashing people for getting plastic surgery is good because it makes some retards question whether they should slice and dice their bodies to conform to what their instagram algorithm financed by the plastic surgery and make up industries reprogram their brains with. And yes, most people were better looking before, because a natural face with some idiosyncrasies is a hundred times more appealing than some copy pasted plastic shit with mismatched features and paralyzed muscles.
>(even some surgeons are just sadistic and purposely botch patients)
When I was a child ten years ago every fucking single person knew that surgery is a last resort because even the most benign bullshit can fail catastrophically and leave you with chronic pain or other issues, but social media completely erased that and now you get dogpiled if you tell people they should not vanity surgery for retarded fashion memes (omg just let them do what they want!).

I think social media should be made illegal. No more twitter. No more filters. No more instagram. No more tiktok. It's been proved in studies that people can't handle it, especially not women. They can't tell the difference between what they see on there and reality. It's like handing out heroin in middle schools.
>it's a choice, they can choose to not get addicted and mess up their brains
That's not how it works out, we know about neurology now, we know free will is an illusion and your thoughts and desires are conditioned by the structure of your brain, which is determined by your genetics and the environmental stimuli that are fed into it.

God, I'm getting too old to be alive.

No. 1556751

Based. I agree with you.

No. 1556753

File: 1682160328732.jpeg (30.07 KB, 746x512, 17A3D805-9AC4-4996-BA9C-B48BA2…)

Ayrt, I’m sorry to hear that! I think you’re doing the right things though, getting attached has only ever caused issues for me kek it’s good to stay somewhat distanced. I wouldn’t rule out the potential of things improving/getting back to that point, however if I were you I would definitely focus on myself the most, pursue hobbies and health and a good routine, spending time with friends whenever you can, and I’m sure you will find yourself feeling better (I hope!). Sending you love Nonita

No. 1556756

File: 1682161683591.jpeg (44.51 KB, 640x480, IMG_0507.jpeg)

I watched a yt video earlier about this faggot who locked his daughter in a basement so he could rape her daily for 24 years, leading to her having 7 kids during that time. He even made their incest babies watch him rape her as they got older. He’s in prison now, 88 years old but I can’t stop fantasizing about torturing him and I want to make him feel unimaginable pain. This ugly scrote gets to be almost 90 but my grandmother who did nothing wrong in her life died before 70 wtf

No. 1556760

File: 1682163323711.jpeg (24.74 KB, 750x704, F15572D2-0E5C-483E-9727-5F8F4D…)

Ahhh anons something really embarrassing happened today and I can't stop thinking about it..
I was at an open farm walking with friends and we wanted to ask for directions so we saw a man by a truck. We asked, he gave the directions but then per my dumbass, I wanted to clarify something so I called out again for him and another guy appeared, except this one was ridiculously good-looking that I immediately turned away and started walking. I forgot everything, I don't even remember what I wanted to ask…. it's like I was instinctively reverted back to a middle-schooler

No. 1556765

I just saw a powerline sparking near some trees, it's raining atm but it's still sparking and releasing some smoke anyway, please tell me I'm not crazy and overreacting for reporting this, cause it is literally just meters away from my home

No. 1556767

i fucking hate my sister she is such a fucking cunt always picking a fight for no reason & she'll insult berate and condescend to me all she wants but if i deign to even stand up for myself and call her the fat lazy piece of shit she is suddenly i'm evil & i'm just going to get yelled at even more so why bother, i'm sure her life is miserable enough anyway what with her being obese and always hilariously failing to lose weight every time she tries especially when she makes a huge deal out of it talking it up but not actually executing

No. 1556771

Is she older by a lot? Older siblings with big age difference are like a worse, more fucked up parent. They're also usually raging narcissists like your sister is.
Just ignore her and distance yourself, it's clear she's a bitter person who wants to bring down everyone with her.

No. 1556777

grey rock method anon, look it up. Won't solve everything but it'll limit your suffering as much as possible. I use it with my younger sister because any interaction with her ends in me being cursed at.

No. 1556780

you sound like you kinda deserve it tbh.

No. 1556785

Lately I feel like I'd rather share something on lolcow than with my friends or siblings. Someone might relate and respond to me, and if not, it's still way better than receiving indifferent or condescending reaction. I'm sick of imitating wellness, but anything else either makes others uncomfortable or gives them an opportunity to showcase how much better they're at living life and appearing as alpha women and trivialize my problems. Everything just seems incredibly fake and I don't want to communicate with anyone I know at all. I felt bad for being withdrawn and all but I just realized it's only natural because I feel invisible even when people initiate conversations with me, I'm like a mannequin, not a real person, it doesn't actually matter what I feel and think, I'm here only to listen to other people and say what they want to hear. I'm just sick of it.

No. 1556787

You're crazy for thinking it's an overreaction to report something going wrong with a fucking powerline.

No. 1556789

You're not at risk, but someone has to fix it, so reporting it is sensible.

No. 1556792

Nonnie same.
>god i want him inside of me
>yuck i'd never even kiss him
>i have to marry this man
>wait actually i don't want him in my life at all

No. 1556798

File: 1682169223235.jpg (35.45 KB, 600x600, michael.jpg)

Men are genuinely so fucking retarded. I've always been really reserved and cold because it takes me a long time to fully trust people and to open up. He spent most of our relationship telling me it's okay to be clingy, he's not gonna get scared or get weirded out if I tell him I miss him or that I want to see him. Finally I start opening up about my feelings, and suddenly he starts distancing himself? I feel fucking stupid for trusting him.

No. 1556800

Sorry, I'm not exactly stable and I have to check myself constantly, I'm glad it was not a delusion again and that i did the right thing
Gladly someone else reported it too, they will surely fix it soon

No. 1556802

I think I have a serotonin issue because I don't feel pleasure or accomplishment when I should (petting my dog, getting a kiss and hug from my bf, accomplishing a task) I always just feel nothing. I have to fake all of my emotions. I thought of this post sitting and petting my dog. I pet him so he feels loved and I talk in a nice voice and pet the right spots but I feel nothing. I just do it out of obligation. I'm empty

No. 1556805

File: 1682170086529.jpg (96.89 KB, 770x769, 123123.jpg)

Why are smoothies so high calorie, aren't they supposed to be healthy ree

No. 1556807

people have been filing their teeth and mutilating themselves in other ways since the beginning of time, they can't be stopped. it's just more exploitative now which is the bad part. "let them do what they want" still applies though. without the internet you would think whatever was the trend in your immediate culture was normal and good even if it was plastic surgery; the internet lets you see too far outside your real social circle and you get upset from afar.
I don't know I probably need to think about this harder and I agree with a lot of your points but I feel like you're missing something too… good vent though.

No. 1556810

Yes, she is the oldest child and we have an age gap of 8 years. Our mom jokes she's actually my grandmother and my sister is my real mom because she's so hard on me (who knows why), you put it best in that she makes me feel like I have a narcissistic mother like the nmoms redditors post about all the time.
Thank you nonna, I am already as bland as possible when we talk but I will study this more to help, good luck in dealing with your younger sister as well.
I don't because I have the decency not to tear her down let alone say anything negative about her to her face (which she doesn't do for me) and I don't talk behind her back anywhere other than 1) my personal journal 2) my own immediate family who like me is intimately familiar with her behavior and 3) this (and I emphasize) anonymous imageboard. When she nitpicks at the most mundane aspects of my appearance trying to make me feel bad about what I can't even change about myself like my eyebrows and my lips I bite my tongue wrt the obvious about what she can change about herself and move on, my end of our conversation consists of sparse words to reply when spoken to if not just grunting in the positive/negative to get out of the interaction as quickly and as smoothly as possible. She picks fights with our mom, insults and puts down our other sister, and has a history of provoking our father in fights where escalation is not needed nor wanted all thanks to her inability to keep her fucking mouth shut. Her own friends think she's excessively combative and she's talked about their perception of her in this manner with pride as well. Not to mention that when I was a teenager and she was already a grown woman she yelled at me that I couldn't have an eating disorder when I was struggling because only she gets to have that problem and not me because I don't have a right to apparently. You're retarded and you probably pull the same shit she does to the people in your life too that you think I deserve this.

No. 1556819

healthy =/= low calorie. Sweet fuits like mango and banana, avocado, honey, pure chocolate, nutbutter.. all (relatively) healthy foods people often chuck in smoothies that are high calorie.. You can definitely make low calorie smoothies by only blending leafy greens though.

No. 1556820

Bc fruit does have sugar in it so a smoothie is basically a sugar clusterfuck. Sad. I like them too.

No. 1556835

It's leaking from the neighbours again, they didn't fix what they promised, they are avoiding me. My ceiling is wet in one spot and the paint is now peeling. They said their washing machine is in that spot
I am so glad I have home insurance
But the damage needs to stop appearing for me to fix my ceiling
Last time it leaked from those idiots, they didn't do a thing until it ruined two floors beneath them

No. 1556838

File: 1682174598897.jpeg (37.04 KB, 480x360, 185CCD31-1A99-459D-8651-332198…)

No. 1556839

Things with my stupid roommate escalated to where he's yelling about how he should be allowed to walk around naked because he pays his bills although 1. I typically have to cover part of his rent because he's short and I like having good credit and 2. I don't want to see that shit. You don't have to have your balls out in the kitchen. My dad was helping to carry in groceries yesterday and his whole ass out was by the stove. After my dad left, he REFUSED to at least put on shorts. Like dude, I'm cutting up vegetables, don't need your semen particles anywhere near this. It's so fucking disrespectful.

And not to say I haven't been naked and run to the mini fridge for a bottle of water before, but I'm gonna chill by the main fridge with my pussy out or put my whole ass by the sink or on the couch because that's fucking gross. Like if someone's coming in, run back to your room and put some goddamn clothes on.

No. 1556845

Sell and move before they destroy your home.

No. 1556846

Complain as much as you can to the front office and keep documentation. They can owe back or that you don't lose security deposit/have to pay because of them. Some complexes can be assholes about it, so it's best for your own monetary safety.

Either that or autism/schizo issues can cause it. I have those and sometimes it can cause a flat affect or just not feeling? It's weird to describe but medication can still help. Like the actions you described experiencing are "nice" but, as I've had before, it is all nothing to me. I can laugh and be upset at times but the after effects leave pretty much right after and I just don't care.

You can get brain scans, therapy, medication, etc. Also has it always been this way or a recent development? Those are also things to look into. There may be an answer, you have to look for it unfortunately. It's a lot of work but then you can understand yourself better.

No. 1556848

Explain what you meant by sunchip neck ass

No. 1556864

either he's lazy, misogynistic or that's his fetish anon. just try to find another apartment or stay with your friends and family for a little while. dude's creepy and potentially dangerous. he probably puts his genitals in objects and areas you use and go to respectively. or think that you're just a woman, you won't overpower him and you're forced to just surrender or keep quiet with your complaint.

No. 1556866

I'm sorry anon, I hope you feel better. I can't really hold back my tears so from a young age I just learned how to cry without making any noise. I've cried everywhere, even at work while assisting customers and no one really cares kek. Sometimes you just need to let it out.

No. 1556879

>Roommates with a male
Were you backed into a corner with a gun pointed at your head anon why, you should only be roommates with other women

No. 1556890

File: 1682178674975.webm (2.59 MB, 640x640, 1653672589423.webm)

>weekdays are sunny, clear, and beautiful
>weekends when I have time off are gloomy, overcast, and rainy

I don't have a right to complain since it's not like I don't get outside on weekdays but it makes me depressed.
I've already spent my morning reading lolcow posts from 2015/2016 while wearing my cosplay oni horns that came in the mail today and now I'm all out of ideas.

No. 1556894

I feel like there has been some massive shift in reality and tech recently
I found an ai tool that not a lot of people are talking about but it's capabilities feel like the end of personal security. Talking about it makes it feel like a legitimate roccos basilisk so I haven't vented about it anywhere but here. I feel like humans are creating more and more evil with stuff like deep fake, ai voices, and now some of the recognition technology that's available. Some day a weirdo will be able to take pictures of us on the street, dump it into a search engine, and see everything we've ever done online. Don't have anything? They will make whatever they want in an ai render program.
There is no peace and I hope your opsec is good, ladies.

No. 1556910


No. 1556912

Sorry to break it to you, but if a man INSISTS on being around you naked it's an exhibitionism thing. I bet he also goes through your stuff and looks for underwear, if he's already that sexually transgressive. I'd get rid of him or get out as soon as possible, especially if the piece of shit doesn't even pay his bill properly.

No. 1556915

I need to leave this state before the end of the year or else my parents will vampirically siphon my soul out of me

No. 1556920

This reads like the end of that one Tupac song where he goes on a whole rampage while the poor background singers are just standing there whispering "Get money."

No. 1556921

No. 1556923

File: 1682183173067.png (64.07 KB, 363x362, chip2.png)

I think she's talking about those anons who don't use lotion or sunscreen lmaoo. Spotty, rough, and wrinkly.

No. 1556928

With how expensive the world is becoming I don't see the point in continuing to live, and I don't understand people who try to stop others from opting out of that.

No. 1556929

What kind of dire situations are some of you in where you cant chase these freaks out with a baseball bat

No. 1556931

Because living in spite of evil and greedy people wanting you to die is the most radical thing you can do. If we all just gave up and took their euthanasia pill then who is going to change things for the future?

No. 1556934

Wait a second, you run around naked too? What kinda culture are you from? You don't even wear panties? I live alone and I do at least that in summer.

No. 1556940

File: 1682184898099.png (44.86 KB, 275x247, 1651296895528.png)

>dating moid
>tells me about boys trip to thailand
>gut tells me oh fuuuuck no
>wait, maybe i'm just being a neurotic bitch
>hold on i should trust my instincts this time

>fake it and tell him that sounds like soo much fun

>act clueless and go "i heard there's a lot of sex workers there"
>he pretends to be surprised and like he doesn't have a clue what i'm talking about
>pretend to be a cool girl libfem and go on about how sex work is totes cool, that whoring is a real job, and that it's a fair and mutual agreement
>while larping i sneakily ask him if he paid a whore like it's as normal as buying groceries
>he confesses and loves that i'm Cool about it
>instantly drop him without a word
>now he's been crying in my inbox for 2 months straight

I fucking hate them. I fucking hate them so much.

No. 1556942

i feel exactly like this too nona, i'm so sorry. i've vented here about so much shit and feel ridiculous for it, but honestly it has often helped more than talking to the people close to me. because even the people who i know care so much about me, they just don't even listen to what i have to say usually. i wish i could offer some advice but i guess just know there's definitely others in the same boat, and it feels horrible. i don't really feel like a real person either… but you're not alone nona and i hope you can find some people in your life to share things with comfortably some day

No. 1556946

I was about to go to work but my crappy car might be absolutely fucked so now I'm sitting in uniform trying to get a ride and freaking out about how all the money I was grinding away for to put on a house down payment may now be going to a fucking used car if this one is dead. Fucking hate it here. If we had trains this wouldnt be an issue.

No. 1556947

Did anyone else grow up with incredibly stingy parents? My parents were working class so living on a budget was understandable but it got to a point where I had to beg for hygiene products and humiliate myself in stores shopping with my mother on whether a $5 item of clothing was justifiable when I hadn't bought any new clothes in a year. It seemed to be progressive with them too, my mother went from being pretty strict about our budget but making sure I still had clothing and school supplies to me not even having a comb or a new toothbrush and the only clothing I got was hideously oversized and very, very cheap. I know that my mom could afford to give me decent basic living neccesities but she chose not to. My dad absolutely refused to give me money or pay child support too. Why would you do this if you loved your kids? Why would she take every paycheck I ever made after getting a job and then when I finally took some steps to establish my independence she made the rule that I couldn't own a car or save large amounts of money from work. We moved into the cheapest section 8 apartment would allow and I couldn't bring friends over…if god forbid I had a friend invite me over I had no ride home because my mother couldn't be bothered to drive to another end of town. Why were my parents like this? I struggle with some agoraphobia and I have my own issues but I'd never deprive my kids of a normal life this bad…do they just hate us?

No. 1556948

File: 1682185791461.png (72.34 KB, 500x500, 1659060290285.png)

absolute queen

No. 1556954

wtf is this video. the ending made me sad

No. 1556980

And probably not just a tranny, but a 15 year old one.

No. 1556987

File: 1682187827250.png (2.89 KB, 818x428, wtf.png)

I work at a dance studio that is connected to a school district's recreation program. There is this old guy who makes me very uncomfortable. I do not want to just make accusations or anything, but he gives me really bad vibes around children. He used to be the head of the rec department and now he just works there part time after retirement, so he has free reign and seems to be respected by teachers who run their programs through the department. For context, my dance studio rents rooms in the rec department's building, but otherwise operates pretty independently. However, this means that sometimes we share the building with other groups, and typically there are 1-2 rec department employees in the building.

It started when I was substitute teaching a really large class (mixed ages because I was the only sub that day), there were some older girls and some younger (5-6 yr) girls. I put everyone on break, got distracted for a minute by some of the louder older girls asking me questions, and when I turned around the guy was halfway in the door to the studio room talking to the little girls. I got really bad vibes (he'd been doing that all day) and started the class again, I mentioned to one of the older girls (in high school) that I didn't like how he had been popping in all day to talk to me or my students. She was like "oh yeah, Miss [Other teacher] doesn't like him because he's always popping in." Immediately as we were talking to each other, dude pops in. Later on that night (I was there until 7:30 pm), I asked him a single question to make sure I didn't need to lock an internal door. He proceeded to spend the next 15 minutes explaining how the front door works (not my question) and wouldn't let me leave. I'm very direct, kept repeating, great, I understand, I need to get home, and he kept going on. I pretty much had to tell him I was leaving and then just walked out.

He pops into classes constantly, which concerns me. Not just because of the talking to younger kids, but because of the clothing present in a dance studio. Those athleta/lulu lemon crop top bra shirts are super popular with some of the older girls and it's caught on among the tweens, plus there's leotards and spandex shorts and stuff. I don't care what the kids wear, it's not like they dress that way for competitions or shows, and the kids enter and exit the studio in warm ups. This means that literally the only person who's not a parent or teacher who sees them is the old man who comes into the rooms regularly. I want to be clear that they're not dressed inappropriately, leos are part of the dress code, but anyone normal shouldn't be seemingly making an effort to see them in their dance clothes if that makes sense.

During one of my classes, a chair that was out of storage was sitting in the room. He came in (jesus christ) and saw the chair, and was like oh let me move that and put it away and blah blah blah, and I insisted it was fine and he insisted it wasn't and I straight up told him he was disrupting my class and he needed to leave (at that point he was fully walking inside the room), which he finally did. There was literally no reason for him to be in the room. He also comes in and will tell the students to listen to me and respect my time and say what a great dancer I am and stuff. I should also mention that during the whole wouldn't let me fucking leave thing he gave me his phone number so I could call if I had any issues. I'm 20, but most people guess that I'm in high school, and so I suspect that thinks I'm too young to be suspicious of him or something. One of the teachers at the studio is in her mid 20s but she definitely seems much older so I think it's just me he thinks he can get away with whatever the hell he's doing, but my students do tell me that apparently he pops in to her classes as well and that she hates him.

Yesterday I had the girls on break, he walked in to the room and greeted us, then passed through the room (there's an extra exit to the parking lot in that room). I assumed he was combining his creep shtick with taking a shortcut. Nope. A few seconds passed and one of my students was like LMAO why'd he come through if he's just walking back into the building. It's exactly what it sounds like. PICTURE IS HIS PATH, WHAT THE HELL. I've told some of the older girls that I don't like him at all, and I don't want him in the rooms ever, and some of the girls tell me he just pops in all the damn time and i don't know what to do. As far as I know he's just a friendly old man and no one' ever been hurt, but something just feels wrong in my gut. No normal person comes into like that, no other employees do that, parents don't do that. The girls mention his behavior to me but I don't if it's just because they know I cannot fucking stand him and they want to feel like they're assisting me or if it's because they are also uncomfortable with him. I'm gonna talk about him with the other young teacher today. We are the only ones in the building today so it's safe.

No. 1556990

Everything feels so boring and stale lately. Even doing things I used to enjoy bores me to tears.

No. 1556997

lost me at roastie

No. 1557000

my parents were similat to yours and i dont get it as well :((:()

No. 1557001

holy shit nona you need to bring this up to your boss or someone higher up at the studio who can get this guy the fuck away from there. there's no reason a man who is uninvolved with the class should be popping in so often, please don't think that this isn't malicious or he's just a friendly old man because i can promise you it is 99% likely not that. i'm older than you and just reading this is sending off alarm bells everywhere. please please please tell a boss or high up lady at the studio or something that there is an old man making you and the girls uncomfortable in your class. there is no reason anybody should be tolerating this and i'm sure it's bothering some of the students a lot more than it seems since they're already mentioning his behavior to you. this is a studio (also connected to a school district) that teaches girls as young as 5-6 years old and is responsible for them while they are there, so if you tell them about what's going on they should take this extremely seriously. please do not let this man look at your students any longer please

No. 1557003

If you have no prior history of Karen-ing out over men who are minding their business, then your intuition is probably right. Men with ill intentions always think they are really good at masking it, but they always have something covetious that is very easy to detect when you are older. You recognize it because you are now able to process all the interactions you had with these kinds of men as a child for what they are, and its instinctive.

No. 1557007

You are absolutely based for dropping him like that. Fuck scrotes.

No. 1557008

Also I advise you to start filming his interactions if they really are that incessant, every bit of this reeks of window shopping. If you trust one of the older girls, have her quietly alert you when he enters the room if you are distracted. If you're worried about the girls, make sure you just have the camera aimed mostly at him. If you gather enough clips or he begins to notice, there is a chance you will scare him off, which although feels like injustice is good for the girls. Another thing that may be better, is to set up an obvious camera on a chair right at the entrance and just keep the girls a little further into the studio, and if he asks about it you can cheerily say it is to record your form or whatever.

No. 1557016

Walked for 4 hours today and now I'm too tired to care about anything else. Feels good tbh

No. 1557018

Okay yeah, thank you guys. I have had my suspicions for a while but I was rarely in the studio on the days that he was there so I only saw him maybe once a month. I just got assigned a class on fridays so I'm there more often now and in 3/4 of the previous month's classes he's come in. I'm 100% going to tell the studio head today. As I said, the guy used to be the head of the rec department, so I suspect no one's brought him up because he probably fits in to the pillar of the community predator category. God I'm actually so mad at myself, I thought it was creepy in the few interactions I had months ago, I can't imagine how bad it must be for the kids who are there literally daily. Thankfully I don't think anyone's been hurt because there's always parents and teachers literally everywhere.

I'm gonna talk about it today with the other teachers, but if nothing comes of it I'll record during my next class. I'm actually sick to my stomach right now that I haven't already done anything, it's just in the past few months where I've been there more and more frequently and have seen the behavior.

No. 1557019

Fucking based nonna

No. 1557020

He isn't even a member of staff of your dance studio? Why the fuck is he coming into YOUR DANCE CLASS EVER????? Even if it was a class of adults wearing ordinary clothes that would be fucking weird and disrespectful. This guy is a pervert and it's extremely bizarre that the dance studio doesn't have an issue with some random man wandering around any class of theirs, let alone a class of little girls wearing clothes like that. If a kid mentions it to their parents the studio could be in deep shit. Does the studio not have to have any safeguarding practices in order to work with young children?

No. 1557023

Ask the studio head to make sure you can have your classes uninterrupted.
If nothing comes of the talk with the studio head, inform the parents directly.
It's their kids, it's their money.

No. 1557026

oh omg please don't feel bad nona i didn't mean to come across as demeaning you for not doing anything, it's just i've been in situations like that when i was younger and looking back it kills me that i didn't know any better or didn't do anything. it makes me so happy to hear you're going to talk to the dept head!!! it shouldn't have to be up to you, only 20 years old and it seems you're not there as often as other instructors, to have to stand up against this. but it's an amazing thing that you're doing something, please never doubt that it's right. this is completely inappropriate and in my eyes this studio has utterly failed the young girls that they are supposed to be responsible for for allowing this to go on for so long

No. 1557027

Samefag, and don't play FBI agent recording evidence.
Trust me, the parents will sort everything out if the studio doesn't.

No. 1557028

File: 1682191094654.jpeg (272.07 KB, 1242x1242, 1650469386198.jpeg)

Well done my nonita

No. 1557029

There is no reason a man should be repeatedly passing through a dance studio full of little girls in tight gymnastics wear every single day the class is in session. There is nothing about it that reads as "friendly old man," and even anyone who tried to argue that he was just bored would retract it with the context you gave. Most normal men would be very conscious about how creepy that looks and wouldn't dare do it often, let alone multiple times a day. It sounds like he cornered you in the office and wouldn't let you leave because he was trying to force a connection and is probably pornsick. I have seen tons of posts on multiple platforms where the poster was overreacting, but this isn't one of them.

No. 1557032

I suppose it depends on the type of school, my assumption was that nothing was done for so long about this behavior because they assumed nothing could be done. If you are in a community that isn't protecting him actively than yeah its completely unnecessary.

No. 1557033

If she jumps into informing parents directly there is a chance she could lose her job because the head of the dept would immediately notice parents pulling their children. There are a lot of environmental factors that would effect the outcome of this, it varies greatly. Hopefully a tactful conversation with the dept is all she needs, but unfortunately there are school systems that make it very hard.

No. 1557035

Ayrt, I really can't imagine a single parent being ok with a guy barging in their daughters classes like that. Their daughters will all confirm he comes, that's enough evidence

No. 1557037

Based. I had one date liked this. Bragged about spending 2 months in SEA, yet was going on about "degeneracy". Retarded hogs.

No. 1557038

I understand where you're coming from, but one factor to keep in mind is that there are many different kinds of schools and depending on the kind anon is at, it could be bad for her career to go to parents directly. Although like you, I would love to operate in good faith that it will be easily handled, the only reason I have doubts is that he is a beloved elder in the community that has definitely had to have had previous issues with this. If nothing has been done yet, there could be a reason. Hopefully not though.

No. 1557039

Don't feel bad nonnie, at your age I definitely wouldn't have had that intuition and I think that would be true about most women in that situation. And you're not the one who has done anything wrong or is a creep. It's great you are looking out for your students, make sure to tell the studio head that the students are uncomfortable about him too. And they should really have some kind of safeguarding in place to protect their students. When I went to visit my mom's primary school class the visit had to be pre-approved by the principal, I had to have an up-to-date police background check, sign in and out at reception as well as being accompanied at all times while I was in the school. Maybe in your country it's different but I still don't think it can be allowed to have random men in a class of children like that.

No. 1557040

I hate men so much it's crazy, especially disgusting old men who think they're entitled to perv on girls and women while playing the "innocent old man" card.

No. 1557041

yeah i was thinking this too since nothing has been done so far. but honestly, if the department does nothing after she brings this up to them, then really the only thing to do is go to the parents. because they will seriously get that shit shut down, like i think if a mother of a young girl in that class read nona's op they would go full hell's wrath mode on the studio and that man. and to me tbh it sounds like they deserve it, nona could always find a job somewhere else that doesn't allow creepy old men to get away with disgusting behavior like that

No. 1557043

It's crazy, one foot placed inconspicuously in front of him as he's walking up or down the stairs and it's over

No. 1557044

I replied to OP already, but this reminds me of when I caught a decrepit old man leering through the window of a folklore studio for little girls in my neighborhood. Fucker bounced as soon as he noticed he was spotted

No. 1557045

I maintain that this should be a last resort, though. While I agree wholly I'm also keeping anons future in mind, because for all I know she could be working in a really affluent area. If she doesn't have the same protections as this man, it's best to move discreetly. Hopefully she won't need to approach the parents at all. The filming aspect isn't even tactical, it's simple and gives concrete evidence of him entering the room a ridiculous amount of time and highlights the duration, and if they were to try to brush it off a simple compilation shows all that needs to be seen. If there is evidence of his behavior she cant be refused, as they would fear the footage going viral as well.

No. 1557047

Lol, karma is never that based unfortunately but I hope he dies soon so those girls and OP have some peace of mind.

Disgusting, it's like men lose all their shame and self restraint as they age cause they know they're going to die soon and have nothing to lose. Too bad they don't die long before then.

No. 1557048

Moid entitlement reminds me of the time when a friend asked me why I didn't love him. I couldn't answer because I just didn't. Years later he insulted my photography and creeped on me. Now I think of bashing his skull in with my camera, but my camera doesn't deserve that.

No. 1557049

I hate them too now

No. 1557050

Ha, I love you nonnas

No. 1557052

I love you too nonna

No. 1557056

File: 1682193391785.jpg (26.94 KB, 540x299, 5e208fd82e76dbb8e3fd36904fb207…)

No. 1557059

File: 1682193512556.png (774.23 KB, 506x760, witchcat.png)

No. 1557063

File: 1682193965513.jpg (24.22 KB, 512x512, 3d212568d5bc4711f9af8092bc305e…)

Awww ♥ I love when it's wholesome in the vent thread

No. 1557066

Me too! Especially if it's against moids!

No. 1557069

I know, it's so unifying. It's probably the one topic we can all agree on lol

No. 1557071

Yes, we are unified as a front because they want to destroy our freedoms and serve them.

No. 1557082

True, and the majority of them are pedos, if not all of them

No. 1557100

Again, we’re connected to the recreation department. It’s not unusual for there to be another class going on while we’re here, we just rent some of the rooms. We used to be a normal studio but the main teacher is in her mid-late 70s so she transitioned into renting the studio rooms a while ago. The parents are pretty much always here in the lobby, they know that there are city employees and other classes. It’s not a super public building in that someone off the street could walk in, but there’s events in the building next door and some of the rec offices are in here.

No. 1557105

Start smoking just a little bit of weed or be open to having stoner friends. I also like to hang at home most of the time and also go to nature parks. I’d love a friend where we could just hang at each others places and go to parks. But I wouldn’t want to be judged for my medication.

No. 1557108

I hope you are just injured enough that it’s documentable but not so injured you suffer and that you get a fat fucking settlement as a result, anon. Partner and I got t boned by a 16 yr old girl and we recently got our big fat payouts.

No. 1557111

>be open to having stoner friends
Stoners don't care whether you fit in. Maybe this is the way OP comes to terms with being an oddball.
Nor everyone fits in. Many even love standing out. Like me, for instance.

No. 1557114

There were no injuries. I don't even know what we'll get from the claim, but I hope it's a big compensation. I'm glad you got a big payout, nona. I'm just baffled at this retard who was stopped at a stop sign. He decided to drive when I was right in front of him, I guess. "I didn't see you" my ass. He must have been looking at his phone. Fuck him and may his insurance soar sky high for his negligence. The scrote was driving a rental too kek.

No. 1557116

Sorry for formatting and grammar, I’m on mobile because I’m at the studio right now. I spoke to a couple of the older girls and they both said that he comes into the room and doesn’t leave, and not just during group classes, but private lessons as well. He knows several of the girls by name.
Years ago one of the receptionist volunteers was this nice 30ish old chinese dude. He would every once in a while stop in and joke and LEAVE. The kids loved him, he wasn’t weird and didn’t stare, he would just swing by before he left the offices (we are often the last in the building) once a month and joke for a minute and go. This is completely different. This old man will come in and linger. The younger of the two older girls I spoke to today told me that he’ll “look them up and down.” Again, the girls AND their parents are used to parents watching through the windows and doors to the various studio rooms and it’s not unusual to see a city employee or two.

the older girls warned me not to say that he made me uncomfortable because the other teachers wouldn’t listen. I spoke to the head and mentioned that he is disruptive a few hours ago. She clearly wasn't taking me seriously but said she’ll speak to someone. I tried again just now after reading some of the replies to my post, this behavior is unacceptable and I don’t care that he’s a beloved community member, it’s wrong. I’m not about to ignore the actual problem just because I’m worried my concerns will be dismissed. I told her that he wouldn’t leave (which I told her the first time) but mentioned the time he wouldn’t let me go home, and that several of the girls had said he had weird behavior. She did take me more seriously and said she would mention it to HR. She did remind me that he used to be the head of the entire recreation department for the city district. I’m taking that to mean that she doesn’t disbelieve me, but she’s warning me to not expect anything to come of it.
I’ll record next week, it’s not uncommon for parents to film combinations or dances so the kids can practice at home.

No. 1557117

File: 1682198082788.jpeg (891.2 KB, 1932x3308, IMG_3434.jpeg)

i've been told i have been sleep talking big time again which only means i am this close to sleepwalking again. freaks me out to think about because i always remember being told i was standing up and "putting a show of" taking all my clothes off in my sleep when i was like 6-8 years old. it seriously creeps and disgusts me the fuck out that i was doing that. molested moment i guess and i've also always been irrationally afraid of becoming a homicidal sleepwalker since that same age. the thought would genuinely keep me up for nights on end to the point where i would tie my arms together before i slept as a measure of safety and peace of mind

No. 1557118

You never know nonnie, it is reasonable that you might get PTSD, anxiety disorder or another emotional disturbance from such an incident that causes you loss of work or quality of life that you should be compensated for.

No. 1557120

Isn't sleepwalking genetic? I knew a father and son sleepwalking pair whom I recall saying something like that

No. 1557123

Right, that is something that I was thinking about. I just meant there were no physical injuries to report initially. I'd hate to have to deal with this now, but I'm going about my Saturday like normal at least.

No. 1557124

Tbh I’m kind of upset with you for even posting this vent, nonna. Now I have to know this man exists and what he did and how he is still is alive. Meanwhile my grandma died a day before her 70th birthday, which was also 2 days before Christmas. I was 8, she lived 5 min away from me and my parents and I was her favorite grandchild. I spent a lot of time with her and have a lot of nice memories. But goddamn do I wish she could have been around longer. I wish I could have spoken to her when I was a teenager and asked her questions about her life. She grew up in an orphanage in Nazi germany and had a really intense, tumultuous life. She was fluent in 4 languages and could also speak pretty good Russian, which she decided to learn in her 40s. I wish she had taught me German. I loved listening to her speak to her German friends on the phone. She had started teaching me some and had just gotten me Der Struwwelpeter. I still like to look through it and I always hear her voice reading it to me, first in translated English and then in German, when I flip through it.

Meanwhile this man still fucking exists and is just a little younger than my grandma would be if she were alive.

No. 1557125

It's despicable how positions of power give these men leeway to do whatever they want. Newsflash to him: he USED to be in that position. Now he is just a creep in title. He should get the fuck out once you have all of your necessary evidence and/or enough parental concern.

No. 1557126

What does it mean why they ask for the DNA of the father in a missing person's case?

No. 1557127

>usually in the form of money since he lacks depth, but in exchange he sometimes treats me like a verbal punching bag surrogate wife
lord this sounds like me and my own dad. except he doesn't give me any money, and he doesn't work, he's just resting on the laurels of his own richfag parents an