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File: 1437830014515.png (214.9 KB, 459x311, tumblr_mqka6tuJys1s7wy12o1_500…)

No. 157364

Any of you guys a fan? I actually prefer it over Japanese make up tbh

No. 157365

Noob here, what is really the difference in makeup style? Apart from stuff like aegyo sal.

No. 157366

Yea faces 3 shades lighter than the rest of the body. So cute. Everyone wearing the same makeup even though they have different faces and it does t work for all of them but they try hard to pull off the same look. Nice. Plastic surgery. Cool.

No. 157367

The difference is Koreans are all trying to look the same and have no individuality.

No. 157368

Koreans are very superficial and shallow tbh. And yeah they all look exactly the same.

No. 157369

I seriously hate the gradient lips shit. It looks idiotic, everyone can see the fucking lip shape when standing face to face.


On another note, I think many Korean products are inferior to Japanese ones. Especially the Koreans hop on trends and mass produce a lot of shit that is in fact the very same product. Cute packaging and making it globally available with low to no shipping fees made it popular. I'd rather spend more money on a decent product than on 10+ face sheet masks that probably weren't even tested before.

No. 157370

I wear korean style skin/eyebrow makeup everyday since its so easy/fast and I love dewy/clean skin look

I don't really bother with eyeliner/lip stuff tho

No. 157371

I like dewy skin that isn't too dewy, I don't get the West's obsession with matte. It looks like you slapped flour on your face and called it a day.
I dislike the eyebrows, they look obviously fake and not everyone can pull them off.
I like the subtle eye makeup and how they wear their blush, dislike everything else. In a nutshell.

I think some cosmetics brands are better than others and we can't really say whether Korean cosmetics are better or worse than Japanese, that's just stupid weebtalk.

I don't like the fad-oriented skincare and makeup.
I like the cute packaging.
I like that they experiment with stuff more.
I like unorthodox cosmetics (4me) such as tints and eyebrow mascara.
Their sunscreens are meh.

That's about it.

No. 157372

oh yeah and I can't fucking stand weebs and Koreaboos who think Korean makeup is the height of innovation and act snobby because they think it's ~superior~ to Western cosmetics. Lmao, kill yourself.

Same goes for Japanese makeup as well.

I've found it's usually young Americans desperate to let people know they have ~a refined taste~ so they never shut up about French/Japanese/Korean makeup and think they're better than everyone else for using it.

No. 157373

huh? korean and japanese suncreens for the face are generally the best/most comfortable suncreens

european ones are good too. american ones tend to be hard to find a good one

No. 157374

I prefer matte. I'd rather not look and feel oily. It never looks good IRL either.

No. 157375

Personally, I think part of my obsession with matte skin is how embarrassingly oily it was in my teen years. Maybe other people feel the same?

No. 157376

Srsly it just looks oily. No other part of you skin oil. Youd body has visible oil so why should your face? Just another stupid Korean makeup trend that they love to make up to make you feel like you need it and buy their products. Matte skin just looks like normal skin….

No. 157377

If you're white I can already imagine how stupid you look.

No. 157378

*no other parts of the skin on your body has visible oil

Fucking cell phone keyboards….

No. 157379

Lol what? So I have to be Korean to have natural makeup? I don't like heavy makeup plus I have straight eyebrows. I fill them in my natural shape and use a cushion compact. My skin is dry/matte makeup is aging so I don't like it

No. 157380

Natural skin isn't matte like matte makeup. Very matte makeup is powdery looking unlike real skin. The whole glowy skin is partially related to their skin care products. They make your skin look very moisturizer/glowy/plump which is popular. Light/dewy makeup (not like an oily slick mess duh) lets that inner "glow" come through/enhances it

No. 157381

I'd prefer to get Japanese stuff, but I go for Korean stuff because they're cheaper and more accessible. I prefer them over Western products because I find that the colours suit me better, and they're pretty much the same price, if not cheaper.

No. 157382

Whatever. Keep buying that useless shit if you want. But IRL you just look oily IMO. Normal skin doesn't look shiny. That's why its in between oily and dry skin. If the rest of your body isn't oily why should your face be? You have to have old as fuck skin to have to do that shit.

No. 157383

Korea sux.

No. 157384

LOL what useless shit? Foundation? Or you mean skin care?

Taking care of your skin isn't useless, and having a foundation isn't a big deal. I don't know why you're so salty. It's not oily. It's just moisturized. I don't get why you're so mad

No. 157385

I do moisterize and take care of my skin…..never said I didn't or that its bad. I just curse a lot sorry if it comes off as angry online but that's not my state of mind right now at all.
I meant the products that Koreans sell for dewy skin makeup.

No. 157386

I didn't even mention any products for dewy skin besides foundation. The skin care products aren't specifically meant to give you dewy skin. They are just very moisture rich and look that way. It's not like I buy skin care for dewy skin I buy skin care for moisture, brightening, acne prevention etc.

And yeah I'm sure there are products specifically meant to make skin *more dewy but I wasn't even talking about those

No. 157387

And it's ok no worries

No. 157388

Oily is not 'slightly dewy'. Oily is BP oil spill.

No. 157389

Natural makeup is not reserved for Koreans only. What you're doing is being a weeaboo.

No. 157390

>Normal skin doesn't look shiny
Damn girl do you ever leave the house without foundation? It looks slightly shiny, not cakey. Everyone can tell when you're Nutellafacing.
It doesn't look oily at all, to look oily you'd need a lot more than that.

No. 157391

>everyone can tell
No one cares when your skin looks normal. But I'm sure people notice the "dewy" crap on your face.

No. 157392

Slight oil still looks like oil. Idek what your trying to say.

No. 157393

Koreaboo in this case.

No. 157394

Not the person you replied to but I don't leave the house without foundation because of hyperpigmentation and stuff. So please stop.

No. 157395

Sorry, did I trigger you? :(

No. 157396

Caked up isn't normal.

No. 157397

Lmao ya I'm a koreaboo for liking a certain style of skin/eyebrow makeup

I wish people would not try to be trolls in /g/ I want to have actual normal conversations jesus

No. 157398

Why are you trying to be mean? I asked nicely….its something g that I can't change.

No. 157399

File: 1437969546018.jpg (22.67 KB, 500x500, msms1052_1.jpg)

I'm vampire-level pale with cool undertones and this stuff in shade 13 is the only BB cream I've found that is light enough for me and doesn't turn me yellow. Any other recs for pale pink skin?

No. 157400

I made a thread for asian cosmetics/skincare

i recommend innisfree ampoule intense in the lightest shade, it's super fucking white

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