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File: 1438569066387.jpg (59.78 KB, 396x594, achungg5.jpg)

No. 157737

Hello farmers! Who inspires you to be thin? Post SFW pictures or spoiler them, no ana or fatties allowed ♥

No. 157738

File: 1438569536225.jpg (66.46 KB, 500x669, tumblr_nggv70Ri1O1rhpssho1_500…)

No. 157739

File: 1438569646701.jpg (40.71 KB, 478x338, fc4a4e2016d4bfec9142f8bceb5831…)

No. 157740

File: 1438570255660.jpg (104.11 KB, 935x1600, nana-juvis-6.jpg)

No. 157741

File: 1438570320519.png (119.4 KB, 550x777, nana___afterschool_png_by_inou…)

transparent :^)

No. 157742

>'God, I wish I was born a white girl'(RACIAL COMMENTARY IS BANNED IN /G/)

No. 157743

No. 157744

File: 1438575275062.jpg (99.11 KB, 1680x1050, nana-after_school-orange_caram…)

No. 157745

File: 1438575907929.jpg (23.65 KB, 335x335, g1extv-l-c335x335-shorts-jewel…)

No. 157746

File: 1438599223992.jpg (206.63 KB, 956x1280, tumblr_npgw3duYG31rhpssho2_128…)

Gawd bless u guise, i browse this shit on my smoko and it keeps me sane at work haha
Heres another pic of girlnah, she deleted this one off her tumblr :P
I think it was captioned "what hooping in 30ºC looks like"

fuck i love her body, shes my recent inspiration to eat clean and keep fit

No. 157747

dat no ass

No. 157748

File: 1438617604183.jpg (38.97 KB, 500x500, 553307_1599446653626046_691857…)

No. 157749

she looks ill dude

No. 157750


u cant tell ana-chan that u'll ruin ana-chan's dream of being thin enuff to dodge water and farting queefs filled with fairy dust cos they so so thin xoxo

No. 157751

fat asses are gross

No. 157752

i think this is a bit too thin

No. 157753

Nothing inspires me to be thin tbh
Food is just too good

No. 157754

~*nothing tastes as good as skinny feels*~

No. 157755

Not really
I made a choice
I can be on the chubby side of average and eat whatever I want
Or I can be skinny and eat nothing

No. 157756

"no ana"

people already posting some anorexia queen.
come on guys

No. 157757

File: 1438639200031.jpg (70.83 KB, 480x640, tumblr_lwpwaxECSw1qjozwao1_500…)

I was only being facetious but good 4 u.

No. 157758

obvious ana is obvious

No. 157759

File: 1438640111825.png (470.85 KB, 543x524, yelloww2.png)

No. 157760

girlnah is a big fraud tho, try again.

No. 157761

Why is she a fraud? She's so freaking annoying

No. 157762

File: 1438651339677.jpg (279.57 KB, 1080x1080, 11356848_1472018243117116_5154…)


She uses Asian leg-stretching apps. Her body is still pretty good though, unedited (as posted above).

No. 157763

Pls go.

No. 157764

No anas pls.

No. 157765

Her face is the same as my highschool crush… Uncanny.

No. 157766

She looks like a baby monkey awww

No. 157767


ewwww jesus christ

No. 157768

fav ITT to be honest

No. 157769

File: 1438687387944.jpg (28.23 KB, 236x450, Karen Mulder versace.jpg)

Any 90's supermodel is my 'thinspo' especially Karen Mulder and Claudia Schiffer

No. 157770

File: 1438691226564.jpg (86.3 KB, 396x594, small.jpg)

anyone looking really small in baggy clothing is inspo to me

No. 157771

Is "thinspo" a common thing outside the ED community? I've only ever seen the term used by, at least somewhat, disordered individuals.

No. 157772

I look like this except im short AF so It makes me look 'fatter' than I really am

Also cursed with a big butt for my frame. Can anyone give me tips on how to look thinner/slimmer? just clothing tips, gonna work with what I got

measurements: 28-25-35, 5'3 100 pounds, petite

No. 157773


I don't know, is not wanting to end up like Tess not considered thinspo? JFC.

No. 157774

> i look like this
> except for the fact that i don't

No. 157775

huh? I meant I have skinny limbs like hers (and a super thin chest, like no boobs) but am short/butt makes me look 15 pounds heavier

No. 157776

> 15 pound bubble butt
ok, kiki

No. 157777

I mean it's not that big, it's still a small ass but for my frame it's big looking/makes me look really wide. I just have wide hips/am hispanic lol

I wish people wouldn't be annoying dicks in /g/ threads when most of the posts here are serious

No. 157778

> waaah i wish ppl wouldn't call me out on my bullshit waaah

No. 157779

what's the bullshit tho???

No. 157780

>I wish people wouldn't be annoying dicks in /g/ threads when most of the posts here are serious

Most people on here are fat and ugly and jealous of anyone who isn't.

Black will make you butt look smaller and skirts will too.

No. 157781


Thanks. I just wanted honest advice. I appreciate it

I feel kinda of genetically gipped sometimes because of my hips/ass. It's weird looking too, I have smaller legs but suddenly my thighs get larger looking at the very top. I'll try looking for skirts/black pants. maybe jeans since jeans squish my down a bit

No. 157782


you should try high waisted pants too. And loose skirts and dresses, it's what i do sometimes.

No. 157783

I have a few hip waisted pants but i feel like they emphasize my hips?

loose dresses work pretty well tbh you're making me kinda wanna go try to find some soon, Schools starting and I wanna get some nice stuff

No. 157784

Do you work out?

No. 157785

I play tennis but that's really it. I was a swimmer for a few years. I'm thinking about starting a more healthy diet/working out but i'm unsure where to start. My lifestyle now is mostly sedentary and meal wise it's just basic food plus some garbage I like wayy too much (starbucks)

No. 157786

>not wanting to end up like tess
>every picture posted here is ana or borderline ana

there are more bodytypes than "tess" and "aly" you know that right

No. 157787

I'm really thin 5'9, around 110 pounds and i wear sporty clothes like this daily so it makes it look like i work to keep my figure

I don't work out at all lmao

No. 157788

File: 1438725427551.jpg (69.93 KB, 600x600, y_Rk0sJG-s0.jpg)

You have my ideal body. If you don't mind, could you share your diet?

No. 157789

Most of these girls are too thin and I'm not even fat

No. 157790

Sure! Here are some of the things I eat on the daily


- Coffee no sugar(rarely anymore though, nowadays I drink chai tea with some soy) , one piece of toast/scrambled egg whites with spinach(sometimes).


- crunchy carrots (no sauces)

- streamed asparagus (I LOVE these things)

- steamed edamame (delicious)

- some cheese

- sometimes I get some wendy's chili cheese fries as a treat. maybe not healthy but nothing wrong with indulging yourself sometimes

-Avocados are amazing! I love eating these

- I like apple slices and sometimes i'll have a little caramel on the side


- sushi/sashimi. JB rolls are awesome, sometimes I get the same roll as well but instead of cream cheese with asparagus or avocado.

- some rice, lentils with a vegtable on the side

- one slice of pizza with a salad

- occasionally a salad but usually those are more of a 'dinner' food for me. I don't like iceberg lettuce kinda stuff, I mostly go for a kale/spinach blend since I feel better eating these/like the nutrients more vs regular 'salad'. I use no dressing or some balsamic vinegar.


- in my culture our 'dinner' is very light so I usually eat my heaviest meal for lunch. I will have some toast, avocados, salads, some oatmeal, it really depends how hungry I am.

I am mostly dairy free (have some cheese sometimes), can't eat much fried or greasy foods (IBS, feel ill), don't like heavy foods like pastas (pizza is an acception) since I feel tired. I mostly also avoid caffeine and don't smoke or drink. I don't like cakes/cookies, when I like a 'dessert' I will have a frappuchino from Starbucks. I think some of these things help in maintaining my weight (no cakes, low fried foods, almost no dairy, etc) which maybe can help you diet wise. Also I like to snack throughout the day whenever I am hungry (don't eat unless you are hungry! sometimes I eat when i'm bored but I don't recommend this)and drink a lot of water!

No. 157791


I really eat whatever I want (if I want a burger i will eat it) but I don't really crave a lot of 'bad foods' because of the times I've landed in the hospital from eating them haha

No. 157792

god damn it she looks like my body but with boobs
why cant i have boobs like that

No. 157793

pls go.

No. 157794

little boobs are cute too! :^)

No. 157795

File: 1438748722643.jpg (42.88 KB, 460x650, tumblr_moxgquroW61swm8fho6_500…)

ok. bye.

No. 157796

80% of girls who say this are usually fat. but i agree some on here are too thin (only like 1-2 MAX the rest are cool)

No. 157797

I'm a tiny bit chubby, if that counts

No. 157798

so that meme is true.

No. 157799

being ana is like a double edged sword. Ya lose weight to be small and cute but you end up looking older anyway.

No. 157800

are you ana?

No. 157801

File: 1438914492951.jpg (75.8 KB, 475x640, 1330307271225.jpg)

No. 157802

File: 1438915238476.jpg (54.37 KB, 604x604, aQ4Ayww_700b.jpg)

No. 157803

File: 1438921168736.jpg (144 KB, 1000x1394, 71HjdwKnOWL.jpg)

The things I'd do for a body like Iiniku Ushijima's. I hope I get there someday.

No. 157804

I have a body like this. if you want my diet lemme know

>>157802 what i want is more like hers. she is thinner/flatter tummy

No. 157805

Would love to know your diet.

I want to get to 110-105 lbs in a month or two. I'm vegetarian but fucking addicted to cheese (frenchfag here).

No. 157806

File: 1438953244553.jpg (106.67 KB, 600x900, https://40.media.tumblr.com/55…)

Is it weird I tend to look at old pictures of myself for thinspo?

No. 157807

take it with a grain of salt because i'm pear shaped/so super low body fat tummy/top/more fat in butt/upper thighs

5'3 95 pounds copy pasting it here with a few more things added


- Coffee no sugar(rarely anymore though, nowadays I drink chai tea with some soy) , one piece of toast/scrambled egg whites with spinach(sometimes).

- sometimes I actually make 'fries' for breakfast lmao. This is the only time I really eat fries but it is not daily. I cut up one potato and fry in virgin olive oil.


- crunchy carrots (no sauces)

- streamed asparagus (I LOVE these things)

- steamed edamame (delicious)

- some cheese (rarely. maybe once a month. I can't really eat cheese)

-2 little bites brownies (like half a bag of them which is 4)

- 2 jolly ranchers if I want sweets

- sometimes I get some wendy's chili cheese fries as a treat. maybe not healthy but nothing wrong with indulging yourself sometimes

-Avocados are amazing! I love eating these

- I like apple slices and sometimes i'll have a little caramel on the side


- sushi/sashimi. JB rolls are awesome, sometimes I get the same roll as well but instead of cream cheese with asparagus or avocado.Sushi is my fave lunch, filling, low calorie. If im really hungry ill have sushi and steamed edamame.

- some rice, lentils with a vegtable on the side

- one slice of pizza with a salad (only fridays really.)

- occasionally a salad but usually those are more of a 'dinner' food for me. I don't like iceberg lettuce kinda stuff, I mostly go for a kale/spinach blend since I feel better eating these/like the nutrients more vs regular 'salad'. I use no dressing or some balsamic vinegar.


- in my culture our 'dinner' is very light so I usually eat my heaviest meal for lunch. I will have some toast, avocados, salads, some oatmeal, it really depends how hungry I am.

I am mostly dairy free (have some cheese sometimes), can't eat much fried or greasy foods (IBS, feel ill), don't like heavy foods like pastas (pizza is an acception) since I feel tired. I mostly also avoid caffeine and don't smoke or drink. I don't like cakes/cookies, when I like a 'dessert' I will have a frappuchino from Starbucks. I think some of these things help in maintaining my weight (no cakes, low fried foods, almost no dairy, etc) which maybe can help you diet wise. Also I like to snack throughout the day whenever I am hungry (don't eat unless you are hungry! sometimes I eat when i'm bored but I don't recommend this)and drink a lot of water!

No. 157808


overall I have around 1200 cal max a day. somedays I have less but not on purpose (lazy/so busy I don't notice it). Back when I used to actually 'diet' I would have the same diet as I posted EXCEPT for 2-3 days of the week I would eat only toast/coffee/green tea breakfast, meal bar for lunch or salad, and then meal bar or salad for dinner. Some fruit during the day. Doing this only two days a week made me lose quite a bit of weight. I did it on busy days and it wasn't like I was dying or anything but prob not recommended for most days and this is too low cal IMO at least. I would eat around 1200 most days and 900/less those 'special days'. I should also say I eat vitamins/supplements as well which I recommend.

Also forgot to say this earlier. I recomend baby food for snacks/parts of meals (i personally love applesauce so I love the baby food texture) since you can get good veggies/desserts (fruit apple sauces) for good prices and good nutritional value/low cal!

No. 157809

I have very similar breakfast.

yeah, you have a great diet, I used to eat quite like that when I was studying and I lived alone, it made me loose a lot of weight. now it's summer and I'am always with my family or my boyfriend's family, it's difficult to eat how you want when you are always with a lot of people.

I still eat little, thought.

Babyfood for snack/part meal is a great concept!

I just wanted to ask ; do you ever feel tired or like you are missing some nutrient? Do you feel like your diet give you the right fuel to do everything that you wanna do?

No. 157810

Hey I'm the same height/weight (started at 105, 95 now, getting down to 90 or maybe 85) and I'm losing weight the same way. 1000-1300 for 5 days a week, 300-500 for 2. It's crazy how fast you lose weight like this, especially since it barely takes any effort. I eat tons of protein so I don't get tired or shaky on low calorie days.

No. 157811

What kind of supplement or vitamins?

No. 157812


I'm fine in terms of energy. I'm not like super mobile (walk around quite a bit though) but if I exerize and i'm hungry I'll eat some more. This has not made me gain weight though.

When I was in my 'super low cal' days diet I was bruising easier/tired until I started to take supplements and eat healthier ( for example I used to eat shitty salads, instead I switched to pure spinach/kale etc). I now can do low cal days if I want and feel fine (keep in mind this is only 2-3 days a week max for me, any more I don't think would be ok).

And I totally understand! right now I've gained weight during summer (me and boyfriend together everyday/junkin out on pizza/tacos) but when school year starts i'll be back on track

baby food is awesome! I used to eat it all the time (i love the fruit medley as a dessert/fruit snack). The veggie ones aren't bad at all, and sometimes i'll have some potato ones. It's cool little servings too. this is my favorite fruit one



I got down to 85 by doing that diet. "normal diet" most days and a few low cal days. very sustainable if you aren't exercising those low cal days.

also I recommend these 'thin thin' brand bars

I LOVE this one http://shop.thinkproducts.com/Brownie-Crunch-Protein-Bar/p/TKP-701271&c=ThinkProducts@ThinkThin

It's covered in chocolate and tastes like a heavy browny/filling and has ZERO sugar and tastes good to me ( I'm biased bc i love that typical protein bar flavor though).


II take multi vitamins, fish oil, biotin, calcium, and vitamin D (prescription). but these i'm sure vary depending on your needs/lifestyle

No. 157813

Old pictures of myself were my ULTIMATE thinspo for the longest time. Not so much now that I'm at my lowest weight.

No. 157814

same! This will sound bad but I was interned at the hospital for a few weeks and I had gotten strep and they just let me lay around sick/didn't feed me and when I came out my stomach was super flat and nice looking x)

No. 157815

File: 1438964770333.jpg (847.99 KB, 2448x2448, image.jpg)

Today's lunch, lentil soup! So good and low cal/good for you

No. 157816

also had celery with hummus

No. 157817

sure is ana in here, half of you are two seconds away from being aly

No. 157818

:o why are you here, anon?

No. 157819

you heard it here everyone, dieting = ana

sure is fat in here

No. 157820

>>157817 good…
One less dumb bitch the better

No. 157821

Yeah, when I look at myself then compared to recently, I get pretty upset with myself. It also pushes me to keep up with exercising and yoga though. So I guess that's good.

No. 157822

Yeah eating healthy / dieting is a mental disorder C:

>>157819 I agree lmao

No. 157823

OP says no ana yet half the thread is ana

No. 157824

pls go.

No. 157825

Do you know what anorexia is?
Did you see a single message here saying that they don't eat / don't wanna eat? STFU please and GTFO.

Eating little whole healthy and complete food is the best thing you can do to your body.

No. 157826

Protip: work out

No. 157827

If you're fat or slightly above average you most likely will never be as thin as the women in this thread w.o being Ana, you will most likely never be 99 pounds doing it the right way. You might as well embrace ana now because its coming for you.

No. 157828

Hell, even if you are just average weight you may never get that small by just working out and eating well. Most girls I've seen who aren't Ana and are that skinny are small because of genetics.

No. 157829

I'm sorry to break it to ya fatties but you ain't never going to get these body types losing weight the traditional and healthy way…

No. 157830

I'd rather kill myself than be ana
5'3 and 110lb, I think I'll be alright lmao

No. 157831


Who cares anyway? Not everyone wants that sort of body. Most people I see in the streets hardly look like that anyway.

Girls and being thin obsessed grate my tits

No. 157832

Well, most of the girls in this thread are saying they want those body types. They're being delusional with themselves if they think they're going to get that way in a heathy way.

No. 157833

File: 1439055398514.gif (722.38 KB, 320x240, no1curr.gif)

No. 157834


no1curr u want a thin body either lol

No. 157835

A thin body they will never have

No. 157836

Wtf are you doing on a thread that get you butthurt?

No. 157837

I'm not butthurt I'm just being honest. If you're thinking you're going to get that thin living a healthy life style you're either going to become Ana or give up and stay fat.

It just the truth fatty chan,sorry.

No. 157838

Yeah you are butthurt. If you love being fat, stay fat. Leave the skinnies alone. Thanks, bye.

No. 157839

File: 1439061368489.jpg (40.39 KB, 500x482, tp.jpg)

god damn you fatasses know so little about food and weight, it's fucking hilarious. weight loss is simply calories in < calories out. if you maintain a deficit – even a small one – for however long, you WILL keep losing weight. for example, if you eat just 300 calories below your maintenance level – that's like skipping a muffin or 2 glasses of juice – you'll lose just under a pound a week. the amount of calories you burn per day goes down as you get skinnier, but it never approaches anorexia levels. let's say i go from 5'7, 130 lbs to a super skinny 90 lbs. my TDEE changes from about 1700 cal/day to 1500. wow 1500 calories, much anorexia, such starvation.

keep qq'ing about how it's impossible to get skinny, though. just because you don't have the willpower to stop stuffing your face with mcdonalds doesn't mean that anyone who does is anorexic.

No. 157840

She looks athletic/healthy. Not fragile,heroine chic like a lot of the models posted here.

Realistically none of you will ever even get this small. But it's nice to have dreams.

No. 157841

I'm under 110 but that is because of genetics, I don't diet or anything to be this way. My lowest is 95pounds, I really don't think most normal people could be that small by just being healthy and working out.

No. 157842

lmao it's so obvious that you are a bitter fatty who's too lazy to lose weight, please stop embarrassing yourself

No. 157843

File: 1439062145984.jpg (99.96 KB, 888x556, image.jpg)

Nope I'm under 120.

No. 157844

congrats on being average i guess? you're probably like 5'3

No. 157845

Nope I'm 5,7 and my lowest weight was 95 pounds without doing anything at all

No. 157846

If you are this skinny and this tall why so bitter? STFU

No. 157847

oh, ok. if you aren't lying i guess you're not bitter – just an idiot who doesn't understand basic biology. my condolences

No. 157848

All I'm saying is I don't think normal girls could ever be this thin in a healthy way. You'll most likely never be that frail model skinny.
The only really thin girls I met are just like that naturally or they're Ana, on drugs etc
I'm naturally thin and I lose weight pretty easily which is shocking because I'm 24 but I think for normies it wouldn't be easy.

No. 157849

"naturally thin" is not a thing btw, unless you have marfans syndrome or some shit like that. metabolisms don't vary that much between people. you just don't eat as much as the average person. "i eat whatever i want and i'm naturally thin" is the inverse of a fatty saying "i barely eat anything and i just keep gaining weight"… they're both mis-estimating their calorie intake/level of activity, and chalking up their body type to external forces instead of accepting responsibility for it

No. 157850

File: 1439063442509.jpg (51.58 KB, 460x276, image.jpg)

But anyway. I'm just saying I'm not some fatty who is jealous of you lol

I'm just being real, most of you will never be that skinny. You're going to give up or become Ana. You guys seem to want that frail tumblr nymphet body type rather than an athletic thin.

No. 157851

"blah blah blah, my lazy skinnyfat ass is better than you". do you have anything interesting to post or is this all you do?

No. 157852

I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying but based on the pictures posted this does seem anaish. Kim yuna has a thin body but she's athletic. I'm sure that's not the body type you're after though.

No. 157853

jesus christ, are you capable of getting this through your thick head:

you can be skinny without being ana

you can be ana without being skinny

you can get to a really low bmi with normal dieting, see >>157840 , and be healthy

you can starve yourself from like 200 lbs to 150 and be ridiculously unhealthy

so you don't like the look of the models posted here, that's fine but who gives a shit? i don't like muscular girls but i wouldn't go into a thread for them and shit all over it

No. 157854

sry i linked the wrong post, *see >>157839

No. 157855

Are you one of these people who got to a low bmi being healthy? I doubt it, plus you don't know these people personally so you have no idea if they're lying about how they got thin.
But it's good to have goals and dreams. You should keep at it anyway.

No. 157856

i am, actually. you're an idiot who doesn't know how the human body works lol

No. 157857

That girl doesn't look grossly thin, looks like she's sucking it in to show her ribs but I'm talking about a lot of the other women posted here. If I'm not talking about you, what cha mad for?i was talking about these thinspo type chicks>>4035

No. 157858

girlnah is too thin imo (also shops her pics) but the other girls look fine to me. stfu with your insecurities.

No. 157859

i didnt say all the girls in this thread were too skinny though. I didnt even say that girl was too thin. I said that if someone wants to look like that theyre not going to get that way healthy, I didnt say it was bad or good.

if that body type isnt what youre going for then the comment was not directed at you… chill :)

No. 157860

The problem ils that you are giving us bullhit.
Stop acting like you are the smart bitch who is going to illuminate us. You sound salty as hell.

No. 157861

im not trying to do anything. just bored and saying whats on my mind.
if someone wants to look like that, that is fine idc.
just saying if they want to look like that its going to take more than eating healthy and working out.

i didnt say she was too skinny or that wanting to look like her was bad.

No. 157862

I don't understand why I can't keep myself motivated. I dont know where the error is. I can't go a day without ruining it up.

No. 157863


I don't get this fatty mentally. I'm very thin, and I eat very well. I'm in perfect health. You can be thin in a healthy way. And no it's not muh genetics. And yes, some models may have smaller frames so it's important to keep that in mind but thin wise you can do it. It's just effort. Work out 1-2 hours a day, eat very clean. It's hard. But for some of use who like that esthetic it's worth it. I certainly don't starve myself or restrict my eating when I'm hungry. I have my meals planned carefully to get all the proper nutrition I need. Losing weight is easy if you have any form of willpower as others have said, it's a calorie deficit. Once I reach the weight I like I just maintain it. I've always eaten healthy all my life so it's not much of a lifestyle change. If anyone needs help with losing weight or changing into a healthy lifestyle I can help.

No. 157864

File: 1439070105658.jpg (254.38 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)

When did I say you couldn't be thin in a healthy way?i was specifically talking about body types like girl nah and those heroine chic types/high fashion model Types.

No. 157865

So what? Why do you care if anyone else than you is unhealthy?
Even if it was unhealthy, I don't understand why it would be so important for you?

No. 157866

here >>157829 you linked to 3 pics of girlnah but the rest look fine… the tattoo chick looks too skinny at first glance but she's just standing with her legs really far apart to make them appear thinner

just admit that you're salty about not looking like them

No. 157867

I didn't say I cared if they're unhealthy or not. I said they most likely won't get the body by simply working out and eating right. I didn't say it was wrong or right, I didn't say anything was wrong with it,
The reading comprehension is so bad in Here.

No. 157868

>I said they most likely won't get the body by simply working out and eating right
you're wrong though
you don't have to starve yourself to get to a low weight, you just need to maintain a modest deficit over a period of time
stfu god

No. 157869

I don't find white women attractive and I'm male. If I was jealous I would've went after the far prettier Asian women posted in here tbh

No. 157870

Yeah but it seem to be really reeeaaally important for you since you keep repeating yourself over and over.
So yeah, I wanted to know why and my guess is that you are trying to convince youself that nobody can really be that thin, while trying to pass for an all natural skinny girl, that you will actualy never be…


No. 157871

And I omited a looot of post.

No. 157872

File: 1439071201818.jpg (93.71 KB, 650x399, image.jpg)

That's true. A lot of runners and swimmers are low weights but they don't look like flab clinging on to bone, that is the difference.

No. 157873

I'm a male btw. You shouldn't assume just because I'm smaller than you I'm a girl.

No. 157874

Okay faggot, leave. No one wants you here. Go back to sucking dicks and your shitty drag makeup.

No. 157875

File: 1439071600965.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, Sure.gif)

No. 157876

Do you wish you where born a pretty skinny girl? Maybe that can explain all the salt.

No. 157877

You sound like such a pleasant person and no I'm straight. Sorrrrrry.

No. 157878

As I said before. If I were jealous I would've went after the hot Asian chicks like this one>>3986

No. 157879

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that explains why you're so fucking salty! the only women who would be attracted to a 5'7 100lb man are obese fujoshis who wish they could fuck shotas legally.

No. 157880

Oh god you are the crazy guy who kept flooding the "beautiful white women" thread with basic ass asian girls?

No. 157881

does it hurt you that im more small and delicate than you even though im a boy?hehe

but ya know i never said you couldnt be thin and healthy. but if you wanna keep arguing, im down for it. im entertained.

No. 157882

I don't think anyone get jealous of asparagus boys.

No. 157883

youre so "salty" that im thinner than you. you might break my back if i tried to lift you up blush

No. 157884


I'm getting so much secondhand embarrassment.

No. 157885

File: 1439072510247.jpg (32.59 KB, 480x360, jefdd.jpg)

i'm thinner than you actually, but you don't seem to realize that being super skinny is not a good thing for a man lol. imagine if someone was bragging about how huge and ripped they were to a forum full of men… then revealed that they were a woman. pic related… wait you're saying i look gross? uhh… uhhhhh….you guys are just jealous of my sexy buff body!!!

of course it's not a perfect comparison because getting buff actually takes effort, whereas you just sit around on your skinnyfat ass and spend so much time qq'ing on imageboards that you forget to eat

No. 157886

im the only one who has shown their weight so i dont believe you. Youre all talk fatty chan.

No. 157887

I love 5:2 dieiting. I eat 1200 calories for 5 days a week, and 500-600 for 2 days

I also don't eat after 6 PM any day, I make it a hard and fast rule.

On regular days, I try to eat breakfast first thing in the morning and I try to make it my heaviest meal of the day. (Usually egg whites and a slice of turkey deli meat over an english muffin)

I'll usually skip lunch and just have 2 small snacks instead. I like to have a green pepper with a tbsp of hummus, or one of those mini cans of tuna w/ a handful of spinach and like a teaspoon of 0% lactose-free greek yoghurt (it sounds weird but i really like this combo).

for dinner i just have a big filling salad. i've been eating these on and off since i was 13 and honestly they will me up like crazy.
>one large tomato
>salt and pepper the tomatoes until they get juicy
>one large cucumber
>one green bell pepper
>one red bell pepper
>a stalk of celery
>tablespoon of crumbled feta (sometimes i leave this out)
>squeeze some lime over it
i weigh it out and it ends up being a huge bowl, and usually only ends up being around 200 calories. it's light and it gets SO. sometimes i will have a baked sweet potato or spinach/carrot salad instead.

if i'm under my calorie limit i will usually have something sweet to boost it because i try not to eat below!! i have either a square of dark chocolate and/or fruit that i weigh out and it does the job.

for my restricting days, in the morning i will have a big pineapple/mango/chia seed/protein smoothie and a salad in the evening. its really easy.

i don't plan cheat days because if i'm out with people i usually will get a treat like ice cream/a latte/etc. but i don't go out that often. honestly at this point i love raw salads that are loaded with veggies more than shitty food like pizza. i take my own snacks to the movie theatre at this point lol

No. 157888

also im not anorexic. people don't understand this but if you are 5'2 or 5'3" you HAVE to eat like 1000-1200 calories maximum in order to stay healthy unless you are doing SEVERE amounts of fitness. 1200 for someone who is that small is normal if you want to stay under 100 pounds and in the double digits.

No. 157889

you should really stop posting now because after revealing yourself as male everyone can tell what's going on. you're just buttmad and caresalt because hot asian girls (any girls really) don't want to fuck a weak, stringy manlet. it's hilarious to watch you try to equate skinny dudes to skinny girls. it's like a girl bragging about how she can grow a thick beard.

No. 157890

File: 1439073477095.gif (945.07 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mgezqj0xjC1qjpmego1_500…)

at this point im just replying out of boredom and making poking fun at you.

i really cant even understand why youre so mad. i didnt even say anything bad.

have a 0 calorie low fat frozen yogurt and relaxxxxxxx

also, im cute as hell. you are just mad because i am smaller and cuter than you despite being a male ha

No. 157891

Yeah you didn't say anything bad because no one care about your opinion, you are just annoying as fuck. Like a mosquito.

No. 157892

I do 5/2 as well, very similar to you, but I spread out my meals on restricting days. Example:

Breakfast - coffee with milk and sugar, a cucumber
Lunch - 2x 30 calorie yogurts
Dinner - Wax beans with salsa, small piece of cheese
Snack - 1 square of chocolate

Comes out to 400 calories or so, and I'm never hungry. There's not a lot of protein compared to yours but I make up for it by eating huge amounts of protein on normal days.

No. 157893

i didnt say anything bad. it was one comment and the comment was also true.

You claim to be skinny but you are too scared to prove it because the truth is youre fat.

No. 157894

omg more like this. love seeing people's eating habits.
TRUE!!! people don't understand this. big heavy tall people are like :-( ur petite it comes easy to you and i'm just like……..

No. 157895

I'm not the person who said she was skinnier than you. I'm actually 5ft7 and 120 pounds.

You didn't realise it but there are multiple people talking to you because you are just this annoying.

No. 157896

Same, I'm loving the food diary dumping.
I think I'm going to write them down.

No. 157897

when people are hungry everything is annoying to them

No. 157898

i sorted through the shitposting to bring you these other food diary posts

No. 157899

File: 1439074543984.jpg (1.17 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

Lunch today in case anyone wanted to see

No. 157900

Glad you like it. Here's an example of a normal day:

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and sugar - 160 cal
4 slices of peameal bacon - 200 cal

Lunch: Hard boiled egg - 80 cal
Yogurt - 30 cal

Dinner: Carrots, apples, onion, sweet pepper and pork tenderloin cooked in apple cider. (1kg of pork, 4 apples, 3 large carrots, and 1 cup of cider makes 8 servings) 390 cal

50 blueberries - 40 cal
1 slice of Laughing Cow cheese (I like to dip fruit in this…) - 25 cal
Two timbits (lol) - 120 cal
1045 cal, 80g protein.

Check out /r/1200isplenty for more food diaries and recipe ideas. They flip their shit if you mention eating <1000/day or have a low goal weight, though.

No. 157901

I never count my calories… I'm just lazy but everything I eat in a normal day is not much.

Breakfast: strawberries/banana/blueberry/water >> smoothie

lunch: quinoa/tomato/cucumber or lettuce/tomato/cucumber/avocado

Dinner: sometimes chicken breast/ sometimes jacket potato with cottage cheese or maybe just plain with salad on the side (no dressing)

Snacks: I try not to but maybe a piece of fruit like an apple/banana

I mostly drink throughout the day, I try to: water/lemon or lime in water/ coffee no sugar just milk or if im cheeky on a cheat day then a latte eheheh <3

I've cut my portions down smaller too…

I was really fat growing up but I lost five dress sizes and I'll keep losing weight. I'm not depressed as I was back then though but I'm happier now I guess.

I'm not looking for perfect I guess, just being comfortable with myself. I'm quite tall and I'd like to be slender to go with it so I'll keep trying :)

No. 157902

>which is shocking because I'm 24
Thats not shocking at all you retard. Gtfo.

No. 157903

Lmao isn't this the same logic that fatties and HAES people use

No. 157904

naturally thin is not a thing retard holy shit take biology or physics

No. 157905

The 1200/1000 calorie thing is debates almongst many nutritionists so YMMV on that one. i think 1000 calories is too low for anyone.

No. 157906

well the difference is that they take a huge toll on our healthcare and a few models/thin people generally don't.

No. 157907

I am 5'3 and eat 1200 max and am healthy. it is a normal amount for a person of my size. any tips on how to look taller? sigh ):

No. 157908

Except ana people can get weak easily/sick easily so that logic doesn't work

No. 157909

> Im such a special snowflake teehee

Please…kill yourself

No. 157910

huh? no one here is ana (like at least 85% on this thread prob) . anyways the amount of ana people in the us who are a toll on the healthcare system is nothing like the ammount of overweight or obese people. it's much much much lower.

No. 157911

File: 1439106254196.jpg (45.72 KB, 637x782, audreycollar.jpg)

I think it's cute that so many of us eat sometimes egg and very often an english muffin in the morning.
It do it because Audrey Hepburn did it too…

No. 157912


I just had to Google English muffin and I'm lol'ing because in the UK a muffin is like a small, sponge cake, typically chocolate, in a paper wrapper and I thought you were eating cake every breakfast.

In the UK an "English muffin" is a crumpet.

No. 157913

She was ana

No. 157914

>> so I don't get tired or shaky on low calorie days.

I didn't know a healthy diet was suppose to make you shakey and tired

No. 157915

File: 1439126456438.jpg (26.29 KB, 311x400, AAudreyleg.jpg)

Hm no bitch she was lacking food during the war and doing ballet heavily. She had so little to eat that she ate tulip bulb lettuce and a potatoe if she was lucky.
that's what gave her a tiny tiny frame.

Btw she refered herself as a "fake skinny" because she had a really small upper body but bigger legs, pic related.

Stop talking about something you don't know dumbass.

No. 157916

Yeah she doesn't get shacky because it is in fact healthy :)

No. 157917

I really don't get young white girls obsession with her. She looked like an elf in the face imo

No. 157918

And she doesn't get weak or shaky, so wtf is your point, fatass?

No. 157919

File: 1439127087696.jpg (186.34 KB, 1920x1080, cutiepie.jpg)

Yeah she is so digustingly ugly and weird looking, right?

Shut up.

No. 157920

Your lack of food makes you aggressive

No. 157921

I didn't say she was ugly. She just looks like a lawn gnome.

No. 157922

File: 1439127324192.jpg (104.46 KB, 498x750, sweater.jpg)

No. 157923

File: 1439129641535.jpg (468.62 KB, 960x1280, kkcyfrqzsX.jpg)

I can't relate to the model pics because I'm short, but I love pics like this.

No. 157924

And this. >>157802

No. 157925

File: 1439147159825.png (Spoiler Image, 215.15 KB, 353x433, Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 3.05…)

i have the same stomach as this girl. i hate it. i wish i had a flat stomach with no muscle showing through like pic related

No. 157926

File: 1439147284011.jpg (45.53 KB, 278x535, Alicia 01.jpg)

Am I the only one that actually prefers when I have a little belly?

I think they're very soft and sexy, and they make a great pillow for your partner.

No. 157927

i think they're sexy on other people like the pictures posted in this thread, but actually having one and being an apple body shape, they're really annoying.

No. 157928

i have this and i hate it. 16 bmi and a muffin top :^(

No. 157929

(no 1 curs)

No. 157930

Ok thats hardly a little belly. Its just like a normal layer of fat that women usually have. I think a washboard six pack on women is unnatural and usually doesnt look good

No. 157931

Ribcage + small belly is super cute to me.

No. 157932

thinspo is fine yet curves got bashed lel

(not fatty curves but like body shape curvy curves)

No. 157933

>waahhh!!!ppl dont like what i like!!thats impossible!!

No. 157934

Yeah, no. Curv is IN right now, everybody want to have a booty. Skinny is not as hype as in the 90's / 00's.
Stop crying like a little baby?

No. 157935

are you triggered? this is a THINSPO thread. go make a muh curves thread if you want to retard

No. 157936

File: 1439185487959.jpg (170.55 KB, 930x1600, tumblr_mf1jl12DxZ1rdojkdo4_128…)

Can the fat autists and literal fags leave already, lmao.

No. 157937

No. 157938

File: 1439185628339.png (550 KB, 495x750, tumblr_mf1kz0utMW1s0xpnto1_500…)

No. 157939

File: 1439185684030.jpg (69.3 KB, 423x635, tumblr_mf1kql1cZ01s0xpnto1_500…)

No. 157940

Anybody got any good short-girl thinspo? I have a hard time fining anything that isn't Yolandi Visser.

No. 157941

Ariana Grande is very thin and only 5'0. My favorite thinspo queen.

No. 157942

if by "curve being in" you mean cartoony kardashain bodies with fake asses and boobs, then yes, curve is totally "in".

No. 157943

File: 1439210836671.jpg (59.12 KB, 435x580, ariana-tout-435.jpg)

What? She's really not thinspo material.

No. 157944

File: 1439213342565.jpg (103.54 KB, 640x640, thinwhat?.jpg)

>Thinspo queen

No. 157945

File: 1439213854983.jpg (703.51 KB, 800x1169, 01_09_2008.jpg)

Uh, she's pretty thin. She's short so it all rounds out and she looks soft, especially in comparison to a what - 5'9(?)- VS model? Obviously the model will look more bony because of her height and build, but that doesn't make Ariana not skinny.

No. 157946

File: 1439213863047.jpg (98.35 KB, 637x1209, Nicole.jpg)

Nicole Richie was a short skinny girl.

No. 157947

File: 1439213896570.jpg (52.87 KB, 493x934, 01_09_2008.jpg)

One more to drive the point home

No. 157948

Rooney mara is 5'3; She look much taller!

No. 157949

File: 1439214012222.jpg (198.19 KB, 634x1209, Ariana.jpg)

Of course she is going to look small on her selfie, she ain"t dumb.

No. 157950

File: 1439214062606.png (783.94 KB, 500x704, Rooney.png)

forgot the pic

No. 157951

Never forget people constantly calling her "fat" and being rude to her when she was friends with Paris Hilton.

No. 157952

Yeah people are cunts…

No. 157953

Jesus Christ

No. 157954

This is why I'll never lose weight I just can't bring myself to eat stuff like this it just looks gross.

No. 157955

hi, this is my meal. You don't need to eat this to lose weight as long as you have a decent calorie balance/eat somewhat healthy (more sustainable this way). Don't make excuses for your lack of weight loss

No. 157956

Shit, I work pizza and donuts into my diet (not healthy, I know) and I'm still losing weight. You just need to exercise the slightest bit of restraint. Want McDonalds for dinner? Go ahead, just have a low calorie breakfast/lunch.

No. 157957

same here. still the poster of the meal, I have chili cheese fries 4x a week and pizza 1-2 times. It's maintainable as long as you manage calories. not hard at all

No. 157958

Yea I eat mostly junk food but I eat so little of it that I still lose weight. Its much better to eat healthier though for obvious reasons

No. 157959

File: 1439354768547.jpg (111.57 KB, 600x840, ariana-grande-grammys-2015-gra…)

Those outfits look like shit and are so unflattering. She is really thin. Not anorexic but a nice slim figure.

No. 157960

Lentils look ugly but taste awesome. Maybe you need to re-learn the taste of real food? Ya know, whith less sugar, less fat, less salt.

No. 157961

my food, and you're right. I LOVE lentils and other kinds of beans/legumes/etc. Delicious and healthy :)

No. 157962


Nah they look and taste like shit. I've used them during diets and ergh, its like a torture session just making myself eat them

No. 157963

Have you ever heard of spice?

No. 157964

File: 1439399191484.jpeg (54.19 KB, 379x450, 5.28-Crying-Babies.jpeg)

Are you literally 5 years old?
"Waaaaah lentils are gross mommy, I want McDonalds, waaaaahhhhhhhh."
Do you gag when you eat vegetables, too?

No. 157965


No retard, I just don't like lentils. Not everyone does.

Move on moron

No. 157966

Does it hurt when you thighs rub together fatty? How swampy so your panties smell when you take them off at the end of the day? Do you wipe your ass with a rag on a stick?(>>>/b/)

No. 157967

JFC, anon just said they don't like lentils.

No. 157968


I'm fat because I don't like lentils?

Logic lol

No. 157969

nah, the point is that anon is acting like a child/that lentils/healthy food in inherently disgusting vs thinking that a. they are used to eating shit pig food b. cant cook properly/must have made them horribly

No. 157970

lmao can we move on from the lentils please goddamn

No. 157971

File: 1439408711325.jpg (85.01 KB, 533x799, tumblr_mhi1gvVjw71qfldlxo1_128…)

but lentils are srs business

No. 157972

File: 1439417526547.jpg (64.96 KB, 600x797, 11.jpg)

No. 157973

Wow she looks so pretty/cool! Who is this?

No. 157974

Oh my god are you insane? She IS thin. Just not boney ana. I find her adorable too tbh but her music and personality are garbage…..

No. 157975

Omg I didn't know that I'm that height too! Fangirling.

No. 157976

File: 1439443485841.jpg (2.51 MB, 2212x3318, marine_deleeuw_3.jpg)

Marine Deleeuw

No. 157977

File: 1439443626403.jpg (436.52 KB, 1477x1400, 1404401391_ariana-grande-zoom.…)

Ari is slim for sure. I do enjoy her voice; it's not super amazing, but she's no Katy Perry or Brit-Brit.

No. 157978

Not to bring lentils back into the discussion (tho I am), they're fantastic. They're very versatile flavor wise. Add some boiled cauliflower, eggplant (or a tomato), curry spice, a little cinnamon, some salt and pepper, and you've got yourself a really low calorie, nutritious DELICIOUS meal.

No. 157979

File: 1439468453992.jpg (528.63 KB, 1632x2464, spring2005parisrickowendp0.jpg)

gonna dump some pics of one of my favorite models, vlada roslyakova

No. 157980

File: 1439468466856.jpg (277.16 KB, 932x1400, tumblr_m6cn9l5GeE1r0f3uso1_128…)

No. 157981

File: 1439469016957.jpg (222.47 KB, 500x675, tumblr_md0fbmA5Au1r6ttygo1_500…)

No. 157982

File: 1439469149168.jpg (26.23 KB, 320x480, VladaRoslyakova3.jpg)

No. 157983

File: 1439472924322.gif (974.48 KB, 500x333, giphy31.gif)

also love snejana onopka

No. 157984

File: 1439473072211.jpg (106.35 KB, 500x666, Devon.jpg)

Devon Aoki is so delicate. Body wise, face wise. Her arm is quite big here, but it's because she's squishing it against her body.

No. 157985

File: 1439473079854.gif (1.41 MB, 400x225, tumblr_mk533cdXOy1qfk5vjo1_r2_…)

No. 157986

File: 1439473189092.jpg (75.17 KB, 493x660, Smallass.jpg)

Gosh she is perfect… I want to be her, I want to be small

I really want skinny legs and a thigh small round ass.

No. 157987

File: 1439473228226.jpg (76.61 KB, 468x715, article-2075049-0000249000000C…)

She's pretty but sometimes looks a bit on 'big' side of models (maybe this is her build, she seems to have larger arms for her body/a bit larger thighs). She does look very healthy which is a nice look though. Beautiful face.

No. 157988

File: 1439473323326.gif (994.77 KB, 500x281, pretty.gif)

Vlada is so pretty, I love her!
She inspires me to eat better and cut junk food out more. She is just so delicate looking, like a porcelain doll.

i love her walk as well.

No. 157989

File: 1439473606042.gif (1.86 MB, 400x360, Thighvlada.gif)

She has a fantastic thigh gap <3

Her body is quite unatainable tbh, she has gained a bit of weight since her golden age.

No. 157990

File: 1439474055540.jpg (98.34 KB, 616x627, 20153.JPG)

I don't think she has gained much weight TBH. She maybe has gained some. These pics are from this year

No. 157991

File: 1439474077648.jpg (65.93 KB, 621x628, 2015.JPG)

keep in mind she is sitting down in that one.

No. 157992

Yeah, I never said she gained a ton of weight. I just said that her weight was hard to get and hard to maintain.

No. 157993

Oh yeah, definitely. I'd love to know her official weight stats to see her bmi and whatnot. I also wish she would share her total diet. I'm always super interested in what models normally eat.

No. 157994

File: 1439474435925.jpg (23.56 KB, 320x480, Cutievlada.jpg)

I read on Skinny Gossip that she was bit under 100 (47 kg) pounds being 5'10 ft (178 cm) tall at her smallest Aka in 2005.

I don't have her measurement tho…

No. 157995

ahh I love skinny gossip! I applied once like a year ago but never got a response (site stopped being active/updated too, no idea why)

and wow, she was/is so thin. I'm 5'3 and to think that i've been 100 pounds at that height it's crazy compared to her. My lowest was around 85 but it was more sustainable/healthy for me to be around 89/90. I'd love to find a healthier/cut shit out of my diet to get back down to lower weight but it's hard being a student and living in a door with no kitchen or anything. Right now i'm 95.

I think her measurements were are 31 bust, 23 waist, and 33 hips.

Right now I'm 31 bust (no boobs fml), 24/25 waist, 35 hips (retarded butt). Would love to lose some off waist/hips. Was cursed with pear shape but at least my top torso and arms are thin.

No. 157996

I'm the same height/weight and have almost the same measurements, except my hips are 32. I actually like having big hips/ass and I'm annoyed that I'm losing the most weight off my butt… 10lbs ago it was 34''… My waist was 25.5''. I thought I'd be happy with my body when I hit 90 but I still have a gross flabby waist.

No. 157997

I believe Skinny Gurl only accepts applications if your BMI is under 19 now, and you must send proof pictures with face. Maybe try again, it might have gotten lost in the inbox and it's been a long time? She probably lost the motivation to update the site as much after the Kate Upton article backlash, and she closed many sections of the site to the public.

And yeah, Vlada is crazy thin. I just want to be slightly thin, lol. And I have a small frame, my shoe size is 38 at 174cm so I think I can get to probably 16 healthily with minimal boniness.

No. 157998

I'm jealous of your hips! I would be fine with my hips but I feel like most of my hip measurement come from my ass if that maskes sense. Like my hips are '35' but when i wear a size 35/34 hip pants it fits my ass part but the width of the hips themselves like fall off/way bigger. does this make sense? can someone actually explain this to me, i'm still confused about it. causes problems when trying to buy clothes based on measurements ):

And I know what you mean…i was my hottest at 85-89. I was around that weight when I got out of having strep at the hospital and came out super awesome looking. id like to post a censored pic of here maybe later (cropped to only stomach then vs now).


my BMI are around 17/16 back then so I don't think that was the problem. I might reapply now, thanks btw. I just kinda got sad and thought she rejected me. I just want to apply to be able to see the forums ):

The bmi thing is so weird to me, i'm 5'3 right now and 95 pounds, bmi calculator says i'm at 16.8. Which is weird to me since I don't look crazy thin/look even a little plump in the thighs/ass area. I certainly eat whatever I want/but not pig out. I thought my BMI would be around high 17s. Weird. I'm not really bony besides like obvious places like elbows.

No. 157999

whoops, messed up the replies sorry! they are meant for the opposite people

No. 158000

File: 1439487303937.jpg (75.89 KB, 239x239, 1367724534249.jpg)

>asian male bragging about being skinny and short

No. 158001

I am and making poking fun at you. you are just mad because my clit is smaller then youre dick ha.
im entertained at this point. i don't understand why you are mad that im breasts are bigger than you despite being female ha.

No. 158002


can you please stop shitting up the thread.

No. 158003

so does the "no ana" bit even matter in this thread anymore?

No. 158004

I personally don't consider BMI from 14 and above to be ana. 14-15, unsustainable. 15-17, hard to maintain. And from there on, average weight to hambeast. So yeah, there is no ana here.

No. 158005

File: 1439508757633.png (357.41 KB, 437x571, url.png)

Anorexia isn't a weight, it's a mental illness. Unless they are a seriously spoopy skeleton, you can't tell if someone is ana or not by their weight. People just call anyone who's too skinny for their tastes ana. It's meaningless.

No. 158006


A certain bmi is one of the criteria to be diagnosed with anorexia. Just because someone may meet the weight criteria doesn't mean they are anorexic of course but they would have to be underweight in order be diagnosed.

And last time I checked the bmi for anorexia is around 15.5

No. 158007

>A certain bmi is one of the criteria to be diagnosed with anorexia

Nope, not since the introduction of the DSM-5.

No. 158008

BMI is weird. Like I said above, it says mine is around 16.8 and I do not look very thin. I have a pear shaped body with a good amount of thigh meat/ass. I am also petite. I just carry no weight in my top area.

Ana is a mental condition not being underweight. Also you can be ANY weight and be ana like >>158007 said.

I love how some people like to call being 'too thin' as a mental condition or disorder. Which by the way is retarded, since ana is horrible and it sucks to have it, it's not some retarded weight criteria it's a debilitating illness.

No. 158009


take your measurements to your pro-ana websites and stop shitting up the thread

apparently not

you and the board of health clearly disagree

No. 158010

File: 1439518693459.jpg (105.4 KB, 640x467, 343R45.jpg)


I chose this pic especially for you

No. 158011

Oh yeah that's right they changed it. So there is no weight criteria now at all? Thats kinda dumb.

No. 158012

are you retarded? i'm talking about thin ness in the THINSPO thread. JESUS. I like to share/know measurements. At least i'm not shitting up the other boards with unrelated content.

boards of health??? no idea what the fuck that's supposed to be retard but there is no BMI criteria for anorexia. PLUS you don't necessarily have a mental disorder if you are underweight? can you understand that?

lmao ily anon

No. 158013

File: 1439528901898.jpg (205.54 KB, 684x1024, as2.jpg)

No. 158014

wow, she is lovely! love her hair

No. 158015

I know it, I love everything about this model+outfit. I found it on some random search and it's been in my thinspo folder for some time now I wish I knew her name.

No. 158016

maybe reverse image search? I love knits like this :) My grandma knits and has made me a few tops, but I want to learn too…I'm saving this, thanks!

No. 158017

File: 1439540732218.jpg (531.6 KB, 1280x1714, 1437503854189.jpg)

No. 158018

File: 1439540824967.jpg (683.68 KB, 1333x2000, 1439521557137.jpg)

No. 158019

File: 1439541013955.png (521.48 KB, 500x669, tumblr_m6wmk1Rx991r4ht6ho1_500…)

No. 158020

File: 1439541321072.jpg (603.15 KB, 2160x3840, kLeKDej.jpg)

No. 158021

File: 1439541587352.jpg (457.78 KB, 2000x3000, 1385077136105.jpg)

sharp knees

No. 158022

File: 1439542050839.jpg (709.68 KB, 2295x2970, 1401178076727.jpg)

No. 158023

File: 1439542318475.jpg (459.32 KB, 2100x3150, 1414090338892.jpg)

No. 158024

File: 1439543468857.jpg (76.55 KB, 683x1024, 1436659959306.jpg)

No. 158025

I don't understand how she could be thinspo material? I mean, she could be so smaller, she has a tiny frame but quite a bit of meat.

No. 158026

File: 1439563157633.jpg (26.43 KB, 490x736, Tay.jpg)

Why does she hold her purses like a retarded grandma?

The cat stole the photo, ttbh..

No. 158027

ana get out

No. 158028

File: 1439574796782.jpg (Spoiler Image, 193.11 KB, 850x1280, 1325058126942.jpg)

No. 158029

File: 1439585397027.jpg (755.54 KB, 2176x3264, Z3pFxDE.jpg)

No. 158030

File: 1439587774162.jpg (159.47 KB, 1080x720, 1395476217933.jpg)

No. 158031

i really miss shmegeh

No. 158032

I want a Shmegeh comeback so much!

No. 158033

Wow I'm so fucking gay

No. 158034

Do you guys use any calorie counter out weightloss apps? Any recs?

No. 158035

Really the best one is My Fitness Pal. It has basically every food in its database. You can just ignore it when it "yells" at you for eating too little.

No. 158036

My Fitness Pal.
it made me loose a ton of weight.

No. 158037

File: 1439619485927.jpg (109.89 KB, 600x924, flfkkf.jpg)

No. 158038

File: 1439619560236.jpg (42.22 KB, 532x800, Risa_Yoshiki_588.jpg)

No. 158039

File: 1439620124843.png (259.11 KB, 400x400, Abs.png)

Idk if i prefer the no muscle look or a still a bit fit skinnie…
I love small six pack I think they can be cute.

No. 158040

File: 1439620490336.jpg (190.92 KB, 768x1024, 5.jpg)

No. 158041

File: 1439620525569.jpg (125.96 KB, 1024x768, yQ0soUI.jpg)

No. 158042

File: 1439620593236.jpg (740.62 KB, 2048x1968, 25jv5h-007-cvZr6EA.jpg)

No. 158043

File: 1439638080873.jpg (121.09 KB, 1024x1024, r2aiF6c.jpg)

that's a completely average looking girl

No. 158044

I find her arm hair really distracting, she should shave that shit.

No. 158045

What the hell? She has super thin hair? She shoudn't shave it at all, dumbass.

No. 158046

I think it's the lighting in the picture. If that was really happening, I doubt you'd care nearly as much. Plus it would only last a fraction of a second since movement

No. 158047

I honestly don't use it anymore since I usually eat the same crap over and over again and don't try to lose just maintain but I recommend my fitness pal

No. 158048

People go mad over leg hair, I feel the same about arm hair - I don't like the orangutan look myself.

No. 158049

My body shape is exactly like this and I'm so salty about girls that have nice, small ribs.
It's my excuse to remain tubby (5'3" 115lbs) since my body will be shit no matter what.

No. 158050

Well, each his own taste I guess. But I don't think you should tell what other people must do with their body. Just shave your arms hair if it's a complex for you but don't throw your insecurities on other peoples.

No. 158051

File: 1439713765909.jpg (101.57 KB, 500x750, arm.jpg)

I am a pear shape so I mainly focus on my upper body and I really want super small arms.

No. 158052

File: 1439713780916.jpg (106.32 KB, 489x750, arm2.jpg)

No. 158053

File: 1439713910746.jpg (18.38 KB, 236x345, 1eaa83e3f24497f7e5b156d3aaddf5…)

No. 158054

File: 1439715477299.jpg (148.38 KB, 1280x851, 8qxcSW7.jpg)

No. 158055

File: 1439715637581.jpg (114.18 KB, 481x750, 1408152693961.jpg)

No. 158056

File: 1439715820016.gif (363.04 KB, 500x313, 1417847162979.gif)

No. 158057

File: 1439716097336.jpg (128.47 KB, 720x480, EgYQOX2.jpg)

No. 158058

How do you girls make shirataki noodles satisfying?

I follow the instructions on the package and then rinse mine for an additional 15 minutes, let them dry completely and then I simmer them in a chicken broth with garlic for about 30 minutes. Then I drain and pan fry them vegetables/soy sauce for 20 minutes until they seem almost almost dried and shrively. Sometimes if I add a little bit of pineapple to my vegetable mix they soften up more.

:( However all of this takes so long until they are edible. Does anyone have any other tips on how to make them edible? I have 6 packs left I'm trying to use up, hoenstly I prefer eating regular food (salads) to them but I wanna use them up because they bloat me and when I'm bloated I avoid eating and end up losing weight.

No. 158059

I don't make them myself often, but you could probably boil a large batch in the garlic and chicken broth ahead of time. Throw them in ziplocs and put them in the freezer/fridge for whenever you want to use them.

No. 158060

I got annoyed with the price and the process of cooking them and just gave up on them. Just learn to feel satisfied with less food - it'll help you maintain your weight when you stop dieting, too. I've mostly cut out rice, pasta, etc. of any kind from my diet. If I want spaghetti, a noodle stir fry, or something like that, I just eat the toppings.

No. 158061

i dont even like spaghetti or noodles, i just want to use them up before i buy more food because theyre just been sitting there uneaten :(

No. 158062

this! you'll get used to the smaller proportions after a while. It really helped me because I can still eat what I want but in moderation.

No. 158063


what? That girl has small upper body

and I'm 5'3 and 90 pounds jesus christ you must be big D: Please anon, you can look nice too…My mom is like 115 lol

No. 158064

Anon, I would selfpost and prove you wrong but I'm not Spoony.
There's a difference between being fat and solid.
I have those anons measurements and I'm not big at all. My stomach is almost flat, even. I've been told I'm a wonderful size.
Spooky skeletons everywhere. Go eat a sandwich.

No. 158065

File: 1439866943294.jpeg (123.02 KB, 634x838, 1412552318463.jpeg)

No. 158066

sorry, unless you work out and have tons of muscle it sounds big. and i'm not bony/spoopy. If anything im close to the anons ideal pics. Congrats on shitting on thin people in the thinspo thread fatty

No. 158067

File: 1439871091475.jpg (57.8 KB, 360x516, marysia-swim-antibes-scallop-b…)

that stomach

No. 158068

File: 1439874694519.jpg (8.15 KB, 236x236, 553ddd6591e72a5627ee6355eb89bd…)


Not the same anon, but your humble bragging is a little annoying. Congrats on being close to anons ideal tho.

>inb4 ur jus jealous of muh bones fatty

I would love to have a longer torso like that– Or just to be lanky in general. It's hard to stay really thin looking when you're short as shit.

No. 158069

kek i would love to be a spoopy skeletor BUT i think i'm gonna settle for vs beach blonde size. this girl looks good.

No. 158070


so mentioning my weight is humble bragging? can I only mention my weight like the other anon if I say i'm fat/say i'm gross?

I like how I get told I should go eat a sandwich and if I say oh hey im not bony it's a brag lel

I just want to talk being thinspo/being thin/thin ness in peace fuck

No. 158071

File: 1439875417380.jpg (242.1 KB, 466x700, 22423540.jpg)

No. 158072

File: 1439875631785.jpg (53.1 KB, 500x491, tumblr_nnpsq3761y1uuajqno1_500…)

perf hips

No. 158073

Her ribcage is the same width as her shoulders and hips. Look at 90% of the other girls ITT they have a nice curve from their hips to their ribs. She has a shitty body and nothing she can do with it.

Also u sound like a moron in general kek

No. 158074

Also forgot to say if you're Asian you're probably the same size as a white or black girl at 110lbs because Asians have really low muscle mass that's why they have different bmi scales.

If you are white you are actually skinny af tho and kinda jelly tbh even if you are an idiot that likes to brag on an anon board.

No. 158075

File: 1439876382161.jpg (45.87 KB, 500x750, 566f05d8fd811f7db604d55ca60a7f…)

>I'm 5'3 and 90 pounds jesus christ you must be big

Yeahhh. Maybe you should just word things a little better if you intend to "talk thinspo in peace" and be taken seriously.

That's what we're here for anyway.

No. 158076

bmi is bullshit
two people (from the same ethnic background) can have the same bmi, same height and weight and look completely different

measurements is what count

No. 158077

Yeah it doesn't work completely that was kind of what I was saying… But my point was Asians have really low muscle mass compared to the average white or black person.

"In particular, in some Asian populations a specific BMI reflects a higher percentage of body fat than in white or European populations"


No. 158078

I didn't say she had a good/bad body. I just said I didn't think she looked big. is that a problem?

I'm not asian I'm white. And no, I'm not skinny as fuck. That's the point. That yeah I'm thin but not fucking super bony at 90 pounds and 5'3.


Why do you people get so salty if I say that it's big to be 115 at 5'3? even that anon said she was big…what I meant to say was that ME/I at 90 pounds am not super omg thin bony skeletor so being fucking 115 looks big on a 5'3 girl unless you are muscular/work out/etc.


also this. My BMI seems low but measurement wise I'm normal/average (besides upper body, just un-proportionately smaller than hips)

No. 158079

>Why do you people get so salty if I say that it's big to be 115 at 5'3? even that anon said she was big…what I meant to say was that ME/I at 90 pounds am not super omg thin bony skeletor so being fucking 115 looks big on a 5'3

The reason you're getting made fun of because your reply was really pointless and just for bringing up your weight and doing a really bad job of being subtle. Like you said, the girl said she was fat, you just went omg u so big im 90lbs.

No. 158080

File: 1439878724552.jpg (277 KB, 1280x855, magdalena-frackowiak-natural.j…)

stop talking already. your discussion is going nowhere.

No. 158081

Who cares if I bring up my weight on a thread about weight when the other person brought up their weight? Jesus the salt. If I wanted to brag about lel omg ur so fat!!1!-!- I would have done a much better job.

No. 158082

90lbs at 5'3"? jesus you're a fucking fatass

No. 158083

File: 1439881090509.jpg (71.3 KB, 600x800, image.jpg)

This tbh

Wasn't vlada 100 lbs at like 5'10" And this bitch is bragging about being 90lbs at hobbit height.

Also this thread is about thinspo pics not a bunch of stumpy womanlets arguing about height. At least post some thinspo.

No. 158084

File: 1439882321573.jpg (13.82 KB, 236x302, 4f110ee03f1f07532bc0141b361850…)


But as for weight - my friend is 170cm/54kg which are not impressive stats at all but she's tiny, she has almost the same measurement as Sasha Pivovarova had (pictured), thin legs, zero muscles etc I have no idea where does that weight come from, maybe it's heavy bones?

No. 158085

Im a 28-24-34 lmao yah I'm a fatty hobbit

I'm flat chested af tho so that's my main issue I just want some fuller tibbies

No. 158086

do any of you guys ever post your own pics to get feedback and stuff? I want to get some opinions on my own figure but I don't really know where to go. Is it worth making a tumblr?

No. 158087

File: 1439885158264.jpg (67.79 KB, 400x592, cutetan.jpg)

Why do you feel the need to put down bigger girls? Are you insecure?
Sharing height weight and measurment is cool but don't be a bitch about it please. let's keep this thread a sweet place for skinnies and aspiring skinnies.

No. 158088

What if you post a full body pic, and block out your face?


No. 158089

File: 1439886392093.jpg (23.74 KB, 495x640, 600full-kristina-romanova.jpg)

>same waist and hip measurement as the average fashion model that's 7" taller than you
Niiiiiice. Fuck I am so salty. I wish I was a stocky wide short girl like you. Short girls always have short as fuck legs compared to their body too kek

No. 158090

Does anyone know how long I can stay under 1000 kcals without it having negative effects? I heard five days under 1000 kcals makes "starvation mode" kick in and it'll be harder to lose weight? Will it help if I eat more kcals every two/three days or so?

No. 158091

starvation mode is a myth, but it's difficult to get enough nutrients when you're eating under 1000. you might start feeling shitty after a while. try doing 5/2

No. 158092

what the fuck is this thread turning into

if its going to turn into some "proana" shit please take it elsewhere

i cant be dealing with a bunch of nasty ass girls who probably arent even AS THIN but WANT to be telling others "ur fat" or "u shud starve"

its sad

No. 158093

Who the fuck do you think you are?

No. 158094

I do work out, my legs are rather thick and muscled, although my stomach is just normal and untoned.
You can't just say anyone who's 115 is fat. People tend to think I weigh significantly less because of muscle tone/thick limbs. I have bigger arms and legs although they both have no fat on them. Only my stomach has fat.
I also don't have short legs, thanks. They're proportionate, to that other Anon.

No. 158095

File: 1439909008513.jpg (75.52 KB, 500x868, UUpBmMZ.jpg)

stfu and get back on topic

No. 158096

I do work out, my legs are rather thick and muscled, although my stomach is just normal and untoned.
You can't just say anyone who's 115 is fat. People tend to think I weigh significantly less because of muscle tone/thick limbs. I have bigger arms and legs although they both have no fat on them. Only my stomach has fat.
I also don't have short legs, thanks. They're proportionate, to that other Anon.

No. 158097

File: 1439909067227.jpg (135.76 KB, 561x748, J8BhFhP.jpg)

No. 158098

File: 1439909088734.jpg (158.62 KB, 1280x1920, YJOKwpa.jpg)

dat hip/waist ratio

No. 158099

File: 1439909123384.jpg (140.54 KB, 500x375, ZXwUN64.jpg)

No. 158100

File: 1439909176222.jpg (273.78 KB, 846x1920, XhxSwPe.jpg)

No. 158101

File: 1439909259699.jpg (53.21 KB, 500x647, tumblr_nri580yRgI1rqkom0o1_500…)

No. 158102

File: 1439909389182.jpg (349.96 KB, 1024x1024, Udv0dYm.jpg)

No. 158103

File: 1439909432548.jpg (58.95 KB, 609x897, AyRlqzl.jpg)

No. 158104


sorry if I was mean to the other anon!

LOL stocky and wide. You are delusional. I am tiny.


I suggest doing 1200 cal most days and under those 2-3 days (like 600 ish or less idk). This worked for me to get down to 85


I said people who don't work out and are 115 and 5'3 are probably fat. If you do not have muscle tone and are 115 you will prob look like my mom (she is 5'3 and 115 pounds) and she doesn't look "OMG OBESE" but not thin/skinny either.

No. 158105

Love this girls body, its my ideal. I love how she looks slim but still healthy even with her boobs

No. 158106

this is gross and spoopy i cant imagine anyone ever wanting to look like her. she looks like a junkie who needs to put down the syringe for a few months

No. 158107


no offence but i'm 5'4" 95 lbs and 30-24-32 and i consider myself fat… if you're a short girl and your waist isn't under 22 chances are you're fat

No. 158108

for those of you who do two or three low cal days per week, how quickly do you lose weight? i want to lose twenty lb but at the rate im going it will take 4/5ish months.

No. 158109


I don't think it's fat to have a 24 inch waist. I guess it depends where you store your fat but I have a very small upper body

i will post a censored picture of myself in a second and I want you to honestly tell me if you think I'm looking fat (if you think so then I guess I want the input!)


I think it depends on what your starting weight is. When i'm at 90/95 and want to get to 85 it takes me like a week to lose 2-5 pounds. What is your regular diet anon?

No. 158110

File: 1439912837141.jpg (36.7 KB, 533x800, 600full-vlada-roslyakova.jpg)

don't criticize Vlada!

No. 158111

File: 1439914591772.jpg (69.39 KB, 720x960, hWulOcc.jpg)

shuuuuuut the fuck up you retards. christ. no one cares

No. 158112

i've dropped 10lbs in 4 weeks doing 900-1200 for 5 days and 300-500 for 2

No. 158113

File: 1439914722433.jpg (91.89 KB, 533x641, tumblr_nku6r4zQwf1qir74go1_540…)

currently i eat 1200 cals a day. i only lose 1 lb per week and its really hurting my feelings. (im 125, 5'5")

No. 158114

File: 1439914956170.jpg (356.64 KB, 1730x1795, image2.JPG)

I let my arm hang so you could see my waist/stomach area better. I have a spinal curvature unfortunately which makes my ribs stick out weird at the top/makes me arched forward/a bit tilted.

I want to work on my lower body if any anons have tips


how active are you anon? do you exercise? maybe it's the foods you eat to "make up" the 1200 that make it harder to lose?

No. 158115

sry for double post

this is gonna sound lame but listening to other people here made me realize i really can cut a lot more in my diet. I really do look my best around 10 pounds lighter which is something i'm gonna try hard to maintain. I look retarded/curved which is lame but at least I can look with a nice tummy/legs (legs are problem area for me imo)

No. 158116

4,5kg/4weeks - that's a standard weightloss for a person that has cut off sweets and junk food, eats normally and exercise 15minutes everyday
you acheived very little for the amount of work you've put in, your metbolism must be fucked

No. 158117

i eat a mainly pescetarian diet. things like fish, eggs, fruit and veg. if i have "sweets" its usually something like yogurt or a granola bar and i exercise 3 days a week. for me 1lb/week is just the normal rate i lose weight when doing it the ~*healthy*~ way.

No. 158118

haha fatass detected. my bmr is only ~1400 because i'm not a fucking hambeast, and i didn't start out stuffing my face with junk food. only fatties believe that people have special snowflake metabolisms.

No. 158119

there isnt a "standard" amount of weightloss people have within a month. its highly dependent on each persons height and starting weight. if youre obese and suddenly cut out junk of course you will lose tons of weight really quickly. when youre already small it much harder and slower.

No. 158120

we have a similar diet anon. Lately i've cut eggs out of feeling grossed out by them :c (ate too many for a few weeks)

I would try to count the calories more strictly and make sure to not overestimate how many are burned during activities. I have this problem sometimes so I 'underestimate' how many i lost during work outs which prevents me from eating them all up again.


I want to agree that metabolism doesn't get 'fucked' unless you have an extreme condition, even people with thyroid issues only gain 10 pounds MAX and that is without treatment. my textbooks talk about this quite a few times and I was honestly surprised when I found out the truth since so many people do they muh thyroid (I have family thyroid issues but non are fat)


and this. I lose more quickly when im larger but it gets really hard past a certain point.

No. 158121

it depend on your starting weight.
I've personally lost 1kg / week going from 60 kg to 55 kg and now I loose a lot more slowly. (I'm 1,70 cm btw)
Gained a bit back btw.

No. 158122

I experienced the same thinh with eggs, used to eat them every morning but now I feel kinda grossed out when I eat them. I wonder why?

No. 158123

File: 1439916627555.jpg (47.33 KB, 400x536, small.jpg)

No. 158124

yeah whenever someone says "MUH METABOLISM" you can immediately discount them lol. it happens more often with fatties, but thin people do it too. you don't have an especially fast or slow metabolism, you just have a smaller/larger hunger drive than the average person

No. 158125

File: 1439916771705.jpg (54.43 KB, 400x600, cheekthin.jpg)

Face inspo <3

No. 158126

File: 1439916795047.jpg (54.09 KB, 500x333, tumblr_mmqfik5MOF1rx5m4fo2_r1_…)

No. 158127

for me, it's partially if they are a bit cold they 'feel weird'/gross me out and also thinking about what they are (like where they come from/what they are used in nature for etc) plus the temperature being not right was a combo that scarred me haha….Drinking water after them also made me nauseous a few times so I also associate them with nausea/vomit

I can handle a fried egg sometimes but I rarely eat them now.


I used to do this, I was always small (family eats pretty well) in comparison to my generic american classmates and I would do the "i eat tons!!" when I grew up I realized that when I ate junk I would eat a small portion but they would have 3-4x the amount.

No. 158128

File: 1439916870648.jpg (62.2 KB, 399x600, hookerchic.jpg)

No. 158129

I'm talking about normal, healthy people with bmi below 21 (so like starting weight 62kg or less with 170cm height) and below 35 years old.

I bet you probably drink soda or eat some trash like fries and call it a diet just because it's low cal.

No. 158130


Where do you get that weird reasoning?

When you are at a lower BMI it becomes hard to lose.

When I was at 18 BMI it was very easy to lose weight. Now at 16, very hard (for me at least).

No. 158131

File: 1439917080754.jpg (255.63 KB, 1280x1601, D6aBv2U.jpg)

when a skinny person says "i can eat as much pizza as i want and never gain weight!", they're telling the truth, but they only WANT 2 slices of pizza

when a fat person says "i'm eating way less than i used to but i still keep gaining weight", they're telling the truth, but they mean that they're eating half an extra large pizza every night instead of a whole one

people are really bad at estimating their calorie intake

No. 158132

File: 1439917188899.jpg (237.25 KB, 610x976, UERQnkJ.jpg)

aww the fatty is so salty
you should cut down on the potato chips, they're high in sodium

No. 158133

can the fat people in this thread stop calling everyone fat/too thin? it's a constant


and then

>ew gross too thin

grow up fatties and stay jelly

No. 158134

File: 1439917365335.jpg (72.11 KB, 400x600, adorable.jpg)

I really want to radiate Vegan-skinny-healthy-bombshell girl with natural hairs and baggy clothing.

kek at all the fatty contradicting themselves.

No. 158135

why salty? you're the fat one with no hope for better body. I don't need to diet anymore.

But good luck anyway looser.

No. 158136

I want this too! I stopped wearing heavy makeup and go for a fuller/straighter brow/light makeup

I just wish I could apply makeup better siggn

No. 158137

File: 1439917546538.jpg (181.99 KB, 640x640, atgEGOE.jpg)

i really like her arms

No. 158138

her body is cool but jesus those fake lips look so gross ): remind me of markina

No. 158139

Same, but I need to learn to do makeup. I think the natural look need to be a bit worked on to look really good :)

Gosh her lips are hideous. This big short look so so cute on her.

No. 158140

but isn't it the main purpose of this whole board - hating and dissing other girls? it's entertaining to read though.

No. 158141

File: 1439917705996.jpg (50.83 KB, 453x604, ReQpUph.jpg)

i personally cant stand those shoes with that outfit, wtf was she thinking? but her body is great

No. 158142

I was thinking the same thing!

No. 158143

robot detected

No. 158144

File: 1439918003221.gif (2 MB, 400x540, tumblr_mtqtq0IWZg1sjt5zfo1_400…)

No. 158145


No. 158146

Did you get sand caught in your snatch? Zahia has always been one of my favorite thinspos. She's so so thin with bambi legs and a cute small butt.

No. 158147

>sand in snatch
>so so thin
>bambi legs
ok robot

No. 158148

File: 1439918337986.jpg (79.73 KB, 904x527, 1.JPG)

she's pretty

No. 158149

File: 1439918383849.jpg (110.03 KB, 937x592, 2.JPG)

I want to know what her diet is so i can emulate it :c


GTFO robot

also are markinas boobs fake? I know she has a fake nose/lips

No. 158150

File: 1439918394244.jpg (96.3 KB, 924x585, 3.JPG)

No. 158151

File: 1439918432310.gif (878.88 KB, 250x184, zahiachloe.gif)

Hm Zahia is okay small… She just has disgusting implant.

No. 158152

File: 1439918456247.jpg (33.61 KB, 325x475, liz-lisa21.jpg)

You're projecting, but okay.

No. 158153

Lips so incredibely horrible… But i'm also totaly jealous of her legs :(

No. 158154

those boobs are to big for her small chest

No. 158155


all I can think about is how badly she will age since she already has so much sun damage with random freckles that appear when she sun tans. She looks like leather ):

No. 158156

File: 1439918648723.jpg (449.4 KB, 500x703, SH4ZuPH.jpg)

lol who let that awful daddy cummies shit on the runway

No. 158157

people who tan always reminded me of expired food… like old bananas

No. 158158

No. 158159

File: 1439918825757.jpg (39.31 KB, 399x600, hotlittle.jpg)

I think kinky underwear only look good on skinnies… Just like nipple piercing :)

No. 158160

File: 1439918855639.jpg (56.61 KB, 398x600, tanned.jpg)

No. 158161

I agree! I have my nips pierced and I love it because they really look nice on my small chest

No. 158162

File: 1439919285560.png (914.05 KB, 1024x678, kate.png)

No. 158163

File: 1439919363647.jpg (396.78 KB, 1200x1803, ZAHIA-DEHAR-at-Zahia-S-S-2013-…)

Yeah not a fan of her implants they look like they're bursting out of her chest eergh. Other than that I'm mesmerized by how small her limbs are. I watched a docu about her & her lingerie line and she just had the tiniest bone structure, it was unreal.

But daddy, I'm squishy…

No. 158164

File: 1439919496404.jpg (31.92 KB, 400x263, white.jpg)

No. 158165

File: 1439919522020.jpg (32.4 KB, 400x266, white1.jpg)

Baby lamb.

No. 158166


Ok, I'm sorry but her chest makes me worry she is really unhealthy ): I'm all for being thin but fuck she looks sick. I mean the rest of her is beautiful

No. 158167

File: 1439919752308.jpg (38.37 KB, 604x604, kYpkE6Ao6q8.jpg)

ugh I love her. even more after I found out she used to be fat

No. 158168

File: 1439919786323.jpg (38.95 KB, 604x604, Qw4dnmtPUsE.jpg)

No. 158169

My chest bone pop out like crazy even when I'm bigger. I just have enourmous bones.

Didn't know this girl had other photosets… her face look very weird, like photoshoped in theeses pictures…

No. 158170


anon you should know

these girls dont give a fuck if shes on the edge of starvation/sick/dying as long as she looks ugu and delicate in a lace bra

thats all that matters

you should know by now

No. 158171

File: 1439920215295.jpg (71.44 KB, 532x800, 1836631_orig.jpg)

this is her real face (taken by a photographer, not her)
she looks weird because she has big eyes with prominent eyelids

No. 158172

File: 1439920355556.jpg (28.9 KB, 450x600, RErtUGNXDqY.jpg)

she has a great body

No. 158173

Ah okay! She is so lucky to have such a cute delicate face ! :)

No. 158174

File: 1439920420415.png (1.71 MB, 1219x1220, akddc.png)

No. 158175

File: 1439920538616.jpg (82.04 KB, 400x598, 94thinspo.jpg)

No. 158176


she looks sad like ":(" idk kinda cute but if she had tumblr she'd be worshipped for looking "delicate lamb" type

No. 158177

she has instagram https://instagram.com/iamaliyahgalyautdinova/

she doesn't seem to go for the delicate thing, she seems to like more sexy/harsh image, though I agree with you - baby lamb is the thing to go

No. 158178

File: 1439921132943.jpg (40.77 KB, 400x528, skinnywedding.jpg)

She posted pictures of her parents and they have very dolly delicate face. Fucking genetics!

I want get married in a big dentelly dress while looking super small. I will never organize a wedding without looking hot and skinny.

No. 158179

Her lips look kind of gross in certain pics. Very nice overall nonetheless.

No. 158180

I know, I think it's because she sucking in her cheeks and pouting at the same time? on professional pics she looks normal

I've seen it! her dad is so hot


No. 158181

File: 1439921564655.jpeg (82.37 KB, 700x727, Short & Sassy Wedding Dresses.…)

>I will never organize a wedding without looking hot and skinny.


No. 158182

I heard some really bad news last night so I drowned my sorrows in donuts and beer. Is it safe to just not eat for a day?

No. 158183

yes. it's even healthy to fast for one day once in a while. just remeber to drink water.

No. 158184

File: 1439924946066.jpg (295.18 KB, 500x500, fruit.jpg)

I think it's better if you eat something that you know is healthy and nurturing.
Don't fall in the binging-restricting cycle.
If you have a bad day, don't give up and don't be to hard on you (and your body) either!

No. 158185

yeah i just dont get the vlada stans. shes not hot, shes not cute, shes not sexy. she doesnt even look like a little girl. she just looks like a spoopy, boney, post-op tranny who has injected too much heroin and is slightly downsy. her entire shtick is that she is skinny, if she gained 5 more pounds she would look atrocious.

inb4 jelly fat etc. im not. her body actually reminds me of mine and i hate it. it looks matronly as oppose to sexy.

No. 158186

wow, and i thought i was stuck with shitty genetics. you are like a 200% apple shape. im so sorry lmao

No. 158187

>see thumbnail
>"wow she looks great"
>open picture
>notice those arms
>spooky scary skeletons send shivers down my spine
Jfc she should've worn a long sleeve dress, that shit looks awful

No. 158188

Right, your body look naturally like Vlada's … Hm.

Her arms are gorgeous.

I'm feeling there is a few fatties who can't stop posting here inventing themselves amazing bodies and lifes!

No. 158189

File: 1439929748625.jpg (165.29 KB, 1080x1080, 01.jpg)

I really hope you're not trying to say you find this attractive, anon.
>Russians trying to be Instagram sexy and get away with horrendous shoop
This country needs to be stopped

No. 158190

File: 1439929877137.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.77 KB, 685x1024, 1433290685647.jpg)

No, I prefer thin bodies. Her arms just remind me of an old woman's. She looks like shit and if you disagree you may either be on the opposing end of obesity fetishists and find literal bones attractive, or you're ana. Sorry.

No. 158191

she ain't more skinny than the girl you just posted, her arm is just contracted. Use your brain a little bit! It can be usefull.

No. 158192

yeah really, i'm not that thin and my arm still looks spoopy if i'm using my muscles. im convinced some of the people in this thread are AI's who have never seen a human body before

No. 158193

File: 1439930146359.jpg (82.9 KB, 500x667, tumblr_m9j4rw4iwo1r8llc5o1_500…)

>I-It's just because her arm is contracted!
Nah, most normal human beings don't have to worry about their fucking arm bones sticking out. Sorry.

No. 158194

File: 1439930230688.jpg (27.32 KB, 224x400, madonna.jpg)

It's her biceps…

No. 158195

File: 1439930264192.jpg (85.63 KB, 477x750, 1396562789769.jpg)

I doubt it's to the extent in that picture, if at all.
Look, a thin girl using her arm muscle without any spoop.

No. 158196

File: 1439930275158.jpg (69.9 KB, 533x800, 9469131_orig.jpg)

I admit that some of her own photos are ugly, but she looks nice on normal ones, when she's not trying to look sexy

No. 158197

i love the bodies like this. it looks youthful and with a round face. and looks natural.

the body of vlada and the other spoopy skeleton this ana bitch keeps posting are lolworthy. the other girl she posted is petra. she looks old and aged beyond her years. they all look fucking exhausted, not effortless at all

No. 158198

File: 1439930325297.jpg (77 KB, 611x800, 7490_0eb4abeb-57dd-4912-9a34-2…)

No. 158199

Where is she using her muscle?

No. 158200

File: 1439930390154.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.47 KB, 500x693, tumblr_nb0y7dm7nr1rrsnwpo1_500…)

Biceps are a lot thicker and more defined than the thing in >>158181.

No. 158201

File: 1439930416334.jpg (115.73 KB, 500x1021, not spoop.jpg)

look, another thin girl not looking like an old hag.

No. 158202

File: 1439930530116.jpg (92.09 KB, 498x750, stlaurent.jpg)

Depend on the way you develop them.

Candice is more fitspo to me …

Why so salty? The girls you are posting are not even bigger than the one posted before, get that sand out of your vagina already.

No. 158203

File: 1439930630360.jpg (99.12 KB, 767x1100, 1424047699406.jpg)

Fucking thank you. I've been avoiding this thread like the plague because half of these girls look like shit or are obviously sick and it's convinced me that the Ashley threads brought in a slew of ana posters/MPA crossboarders.

No. 158204

File: 1439930657737.jpg (144.11 KB, 1024x1024, anja.jpg)

You are so dumb. Anja Rubik has great arms, not spoopy at all, do you now anything about anatomy?

No. 158205

No. 158206

because the ones you are posting look like crack addicted whores who havent had a meal since 09. its gross maybe you should go back to mpa

No. 158207

File: 1439930806685.jpg (45.83 KB, 297x687, spoop.jpg)

here's my arm looking bony. i'm 5'2 95 lbs, certainly not thinspo thin. amazingly, parts of your body can look different in different positions, using different muscles, with different lighting

No. 158208

>people don't agree with u

pleaseeeeeeee go back to tumblr or some shit

No. 158209

you have fat deposits jutting out on the side

not even remotely the same thing lmao

No. 158210

>Tell me to go back to tumblr

I can't handle the stupid.

No. 158211

Why are you so mad? Just post you thinspo and we'll post ours? Maybe fitspo is more for you? IDK? stop being a bitch maybe?

No. 158212

This thread is a fucking pro-ana mess. I use MPA and even that site doesn't tolerate a lot of the shit you all are saying.

No. 158213

Bullshitting fatty detected.

No. 158214

File: 1439931438245.jpg (53.72 KB, 453x604, legs.jpg)

Go back to tumblr if you're so offended. We ana chan thread now.

No. 158215

File: 1439931715573.jpg (773.79 KB, 1651x2201, ZByJbdO.jpg)

No. 158216

What you have going on in your arm reminds me of my mom's arms. For reference, my mom is obese. Those lines between muscle and skin/fat deposits are something pretty common for women with bigger arms in general.
It's not the same as the chick with twigs from arms in the wedding dress at all. Stop seeing random lines on your body and going "Wow, I must just be super thin!".
Please don't selfpost ITT again, your input is not valued.

No. 158217

File: 1439931834836.jpg (63.13 KB, 500x375, 1399394779368.jpg)

No. 158218

File: 1439931896881.jpg (388.9 KB, 1121x1836, 1417160349612.jpg)

No. 158219

File: 1439931952090.jpg (46.14 KB, 500x520, ba.jpg)

No. 158220

File: 1439932002853.jpg (1.44 MB, 3264x2448, 1424289280920.jpg)

No. 158221

File: 1439932156972.jpg (Spoiler Image, 293.26 KB, 1280x852, tumblr_no0n25oqRD1smjrkfo1_128…)

She looks like she told her plastic surgeon "Just fuck my whole life up fam" IMO, but different strokes I guess.

No. 158222

File: 1439932297739.jpg (333.17 KB, 2160x1216, 1425520637896.jpg)

No. 158223

File: 1439932589421.jpg (39.52 KB, 604x402, Ore6MY4GmBk.jpg)

she probably some stuff injected in her lips, rest of her face is natural, so don't hate because someone is prettier than you

No. 158224

File: 1439932710110.jpg (528.42 KB, 3120x4160, ezDWiCP.jpg)

No. 158225

File: 1439932820343.jpg (56.49 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nj0ct0NwzH1qf64g7o1_500…)

"Prettier than me"? You haven't even seen my face lmao. And I don't really care enough to hate, she just looks clownish to me. The fact that I can't even place for sure which of those kids is supposed to be her is pretty telling.
I'm sorry I insulted your plastic photoshop lip-filler waifu. :^)

No. 158226

File: 1439933019384.jpg (221.94 KB, 473x471, JwdbYww.jpg)

No. 158227

that chick has a dude's chest

No. 158228

imo shes really ugly just like markina.

No. 158229

File: 1439933143949.jpg (72.74 KB, 1080x1080, 1402701598460.jpg)

>rest of her face is natural
I am truly sorry for her loss

No. 158230

File: 1439933278252.jpg (82.17 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mgq2itm4Tw1rber72o1_500…)

First weight loss picture I've ever seen where the chick literally looked just fine before.
It's really underwhelming, but progress, I guess.

No. 158231

File: 1439933397089.jpg (189.84 KB, 808x1920, Fv3BEAn.jpg)

No. 158232

File: 1439933655246.jpg (124.73 KB, 1080x1920, NiExZxp.jpg)

No. 158233

File: 1439933785177.jpg (1.45 MB, 1020x2848, VhPpLNU.jpg)

No. 158234

File: 1439937520734.jpg (87.27 KB, 601x603, TINjp5MFsRw.jpg)

She looks like another example of the aftermath of the Kylie Jenner lip challenge now, but hilariously it's still an improvement from her past.

No. 158235

File: 1439939358785.jpg (Spoiler Image, 340.13 KB, 2462x2136, sFfeF1q.jpg)

No. 158236

big butts are hot.
small butts are cute.
flat asses are gross.
it makes you look like a dude

No. 158237

File: 1439941527271.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.5 KB, 315x400, 2406.jpg)


No. 158238


No. 158239

This thread makes me wonder if /g/ is full of ana teenagers.
i thought we were all adults?

No. 158240

Her body is flawless damn

No. 158241

If you dont think shes thin then you have some serious issues lol

No. 158242

That or grown women mentally stuck like that from never eating.

No. 158243

Wow this is actually really not a good body at all. No tits or ass or curves at all and a bulky midsection.

I would recommend losing more weight as you have fat on your stomach preferably work out because you have such a low weight but look quite fatty.

I've seen trannies with a better body shape than this. But it's no excuse to be a bitch and call other girls fat. I just hope you have a nice face just because no one deserves to have such a crappy body genetics without getting a pretty face at least.

No. 158244

you girls are such cunts, i love it. any fellow tall skinnies here?

No. 158245

File: 1439961096037.jpg (163.96 KB, 1028x720, WWZ04xx.jpg)

No. 158246

I wish… Short as fuck here.

No. 158247

WHat is tall for you? I'm 5'7, a bit above the norm but far from being giant material.

No. 158248

File: 1439968922702.jpg (621.1 KB, 1920x1088, z2GUjiK.jpg)

No. 158249

I'm 5'10" but I'm still fat (150lbs) so…
luckily I'm a pear so it doesn't show as much

No. 158250

I'm 5'7 and used to weigh 102lbs. Now im 112lbs but only because my bf didnt like how skinny i was (jokes on him i still have a flat chest)

No. 158251

5'5 and 92lbs… I am in that super awkward place where i'm not short enough to be tiny and cute but not tall enough to be long and lean.

No. 158252



why not post some pictures since all you ana wannabes do is talk about your fucking stats

No. 158253

why? So you can call me fat and tell me something I already know?
If you really want to feel better than all those fatties, you can find the HAES thread in /pt/

No. 158254

>all you ana wannabes do is talk about your fucking stats

Great plan, I made a topic!

No. 158255

5'7 and 110 lbs, I want to get down to 100 lbs before xmas :p
How satisfied with your body where you at that weight?

No. 158256

Is self posting really allowed in this thread? It seems kind of presumptuous to consider yourself thinspo.

No. 158257

I liked how skinny my legs were but since i have big feet i looked pretty comical
and of course dem hip bones looked nice too

No. 158258

Yes, but I've accepted that there's nothing I can do short of dancing naked on a live stream with "lolcow" written on my tits to convince anyone here that I'm not a "jealous fatty".

No. 158259

I have huge feet too, but i'm a pear shape so I feel I'm going to loose my tits, have even more impressive shoulders, and keep a big butt / big thighs :(

Perfection is so far away from me.

No. 158260

ikr. i thought i had a shitty body but jesus christ after seeing that, i feel so much better about my genetics blessing me with at least something. that being said i could lose another 10 lbs but w/e, im so glad im not heavy in the mid-section

No. 158261

File: 1439999107455.jpg (183.25 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)

Yeah my body is so shitty /s
it's average but I have a spinal curve and it curves forward so it makes my rib age stick out from the side. I have no idea where you get that I have a fat stomach

No. 158262

you're skinnyfat kek

get your attention whoring ass to the gym, or stay mediocre

No. 158263

for what purpose would you post this

No. 158264

Yeah I need to work out really badly…Got lazy this summer and ate a bunch of crap food.I agree I am skinny fat right now sigh…


because I'm retarded sorry. I just got butt hurt over everyone saying I have a 'heavy mid section' when I have a spinal deformity.

sorry it's my BPD acting up :^)

No. 158265

youre embarrassing yourself….

No. 158266

File: 1440002148581.jpg (73.28 KB, 500x667, tumblr_makpynnxAc1qa3scmo1_500…)

No. 158267

File: 1440002249067.jpg (45.75 KB, 500x333, tumblr_m81rqkMd5R1qa3scmo1_500…)

No. 158268

you don't have a "fat" stomach, your stomach is just overweight in proportion to the rest of your body. you have lanky arms and legs, no ass, and all your weight in your stomach. as someone with lordosis, even i dont have it this bad. damn i really pity you

No. 158269

That stomach looks normal and nearly flat, are you retarded?

No. 158270

It's hard to say, the picture is from a very steep angle with a lot of body contortion. Either way, it's a poor proof pic.

No. 158271

short skinny ftw

No. 158272

Why are people saying her stomach is overweight. Her stomach is auper thin…

No. 158273

My spine goes to the left almost a full 25 degrees, so I have a quite defined hourglass shape on one side and then the other is practically just straight up and down. I fucking hate it!

No. 158274

File: 1440039659136.jpg (44.01 KB, 299x717, 1377049121264.jpg)

No. 158275

hey anon! mine is similar!

I have a 30 something on top and 28 ish on bottom. One of my hips is 2 inches taller than the other one and one of my legs is shorter haha…It's funny because I stand 'curved' in order to look 'normal' as a habit now.

No. 158276

File: 1440042175236.jpg (123.48 KB, 480x610, 1.jpg)

No. 158277

File: 1440042217064.jpg (12.92 KB, 300x451, 2.jpg)

No. 158278

File: 1440042290970.jpg (40.77 KB, 320x480, 3.jpg)

No. 158279

I.. what? You can't even see her ass..

No. 158280

You can still tell

No. 158281

File: 1440059351848.jpg (41.2 KB, 224x549, article-0-1237B37E000005DC-499…)

I like Miranda! She's slim, but not strikingly thin. Very healthy-looking.

No. 158282


I have a big ass sadly

No. 158283

Dude.. Have you heard about her breakdown on live tv? The went into full damage control and destroyed the tape.

No. 158284

File: 1440382393815.jpg (85.44 KB, 497x750, tumblr_ma9kwskZ721rnqok5o1_500…)

if you are an average sized or fat girl you will have to suffer a bit to become thin, its the same for all of us.
don't eat when you are bored
don't eat when you are sad
ignore your cravings. you can have junk food or sweets any other time, its not like they'll disappear from this earth.

No. 158285

File: 1440383293918.jpg (111.19 KB, 667x1000, 54f163dca28cc46081ecbf774ae0d8…)

and its unfortunate, but we live in a world that values looks before anything. if your face isnt that great, a thin body can boost your overall appearance. you may not be happy and you may not love yourself even after becoming thin, but other people will admire you. it sounds like a bunch of shallow and vain bullshit but yet its completely true if you think about it.

No. 158286


k ana-chan

go starve yourself a bit more and hopefully drop dead

no one cur

No. 158287

since when does eating less equate to starving? thanks for reading <3

No. 158288

File: 1440389771810.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.01 KB, 553x700, perf1.jpg)

>"Don't eat when you are not really hungry"
>"Urrr DUURRR thanks ana chan, keep killing yurself slowly will I enjoy MUH CURVES"

People are so dumb. DO you eat whenever you feel a stupid craving? If yes that's the reason why you are a fat hot mess.

No. 158289

i know this might be hard to believe, but generally speaking, if you feel hungry, thats your body telling you that you need food or water.

ignoring those hunger pains results in you binging later anyway :)

No. 158290

Did you even read the posts?
craving =/= hungry, you get hunger in your stomach and craving in your mouth/mind

No. 158291

why are your jimmies this rustled over saying to ignore cravings for sweets and junk? are u fat?

No. 158292

You should only eat when you need to really. Either that or your body is telling you you're thirsty instead of hungry. Eating when you "feel hungry" is what turns you into a cow.

No. 158293

ignoring cravings is not the same as starving yourself, do you even know the meaning of these words?
Anon never said not to eat at all.

No. 158294

File: 1440405334895.jpg (96.37 KB, 688x907, Hunger-Scale.jpg)


most people suggest eating when you arent feeling hunger pains, because then you are most likely to not overeat.

No. 158295

Idk about your study. ( made in tumblr imo)
but I've never seen a study saying ''y ou should était every time you want anything''

No. 158296

what is this bro science
>implying people can estimate this easily what their hunger level is.

No. 158297


I agree, eat when you're hungry, snack on fruit and try to drink more? I usually pop lime into a water bottle and just guzzle it throughout the day when I feel peckish.


No. 158298

>>>/g/6477 I've heard about lime water helping with stomach bloating (or is it lemon). Is this true?

No. 158299


That was for the anon above.

No. 158300

File: 1440471013384.jpg (63 KB, 500x502, 1.jpg)

No. 158301

She looks nice, airbrushed. Wonder what her stats are?

No. 158302

File: 1440501396782.jpg (742.43 KB, 1632x1224, pear.jpg)

I'm a pear chan and my thigh feel so huge… Bodies like pic related motivate me and make me wanna work extra hard cuz they look so cute and delicate.

No. 158303

File: 1440501472694.jpg (171.95 KB, 1632x1224, pear2.jpg)

And at the same time sexy and softs… She has zero muscle definition…

No. 158304

File: 1440508953328.jpg (21.26 KB, 600x450, legs.jpg)

fellow pear-chan, will we ever have those nice thin, non-touching legs without being drastically underweight?

No. 158305

File: 1440509223395.png (370.94 KB, 607x342, superskinnypear.png)

Eugenia Cooney is super skinny and a pear. I think she is really really weird looking…

No. 158306

Yeah she crosses the line. Too skelly for me.

No. 158307

No. 158308

Omgggggg, who is this? I'm in love.

No. 158309

that chest is terrible

No. 158310

too spoopy

No. 158311

File: 1440547346932.jpg (141.99 KB, 635x860, 2989564.jpg)

No. 158312

Ok that's nice I guess but
It's not flat tho, she's obviously thin and wearing tight shorts makes it look even smaller.

No. 158313

No. 158314

File: 1440571737973.jpg (132.67 KB, 555x830, chanel-chanelstrawbag.jpg)

I really like Alexa Chung because I'm almost the same age as her. An anon on cow once adviced her to me because I felt old using Cara as thinspo. (thank you, anon)

No. 158315

File: 1440571758904.jpg (205.82 KB, 800x1059, alexa-chung-my-theresa3.jpg)

she's so pretty <3

No. 158316

File: 1440571769544.jpg (186.37 KB, 640x987, url.jpg)

No. 158317

File: 1440574584225.jpg (132.25 KB, 500x500, hotbod.jpg)

No. 158318

File: 1440576058326.jpg (1.59 MB, 1500x1125, Seafolly_201213_Ad_Campaign_Pr…)

BEHATI! I used to dislike her because she seemed so plain compared to Miranda, Ale, and Adriana, but I saw her on TV and she seemed so sweet and fun. Plus, she has a nice tan.

No. 158319

Dat adderall look. Alexa has been effortlessly thin as fuc for such a long time without her skin and hair looking bad from potential lack of nutrients. Ngl, I'm kind of jelly.

No. 158320


I've always tought it would be kind of easy for a pear shape to get a thigh gap as the bone structure of their hips seems to be more wide as well? But then again I could be totally wrong ofc

No. 158321

'Nah, most of the fat goes to the ass and thighs.

You could probably get a thigh gap from… working out.

No. 158322

File: 1440742705179.jpg (168.83 KB, 632x779, tumblr_mnbpnjgtN91rlxb7uo1_128…)

But I wasn't asking about a tight gap, I really like thin legs.
Since losing weight, I have a bit of a tight gap but my legs are still fat, expecially my upper legs.
But you're right, less eating and more squads.

No. 158323

File: 1440920673998.jpg (34.89 KB, 295x593, dwq.jpg)


No. 158324


No. 158325

File: 1441042637799.jpg (76.2 KB, 540x365, tumblr_mns061ZNWj1r9m6hho1_540…)

No. 158326

Hi I need some help

pls dont make fun of me or be mean

how can i get from a uk size 12 to an 8 quickly? without starving /dying ect

help me pls

No. 158327


Quickly? By starving/dying.
Slowly? Moderating a slightly restricted healthy intake and exercising in moderation daily.

No. 158328

Find out your TDEE. Track your calories. Eat below your daily calorie requirements. And work out to tone your body.

But I have a feeling that you're looking for ~one weird trick~ or some fad diet that will allow you to get skinny with no effort.

No. 158329


Nah, fad diets are useless. I used to be bigger, I started off with a fad diet actually and then dropped it. Started eating healthily during high school but I stopped and put some weight on during college because of exams and comfort. Yeah, I'm one of those btw.

I think I'm gonna start going jogging actually, simply not only because I want to loose weight but my mother is doing those charity runs and she's tired of doing them alone. So I might join in but I want to be fitter aswell as that.

Like what do you guys mostly eat during your day? Just curious

No. 158330


Well I'm a veg so like, take that as you will.

Today I've had two small slices of sea-salted bread with roasted stuffed peppers.
Later I had one of those medium sized fruit snack boxes filled with strawberry, melon and kiwi.
I've also had two homemade mochas.

I am still hungry though so I think I might go make something else soon then call it a day. Probably a cheese sandwich.

No. 158331


>tfw you find where your mum hides her caramelised onion cheese in the fridge and get to have caramelised onion cheese and sweet pickle sandwich


No. 158332

File: 1441260942580.jpg (193.36 KB, 440x638, ImQ8MRh.jpg)

No. 158333

Add bigger boobs and her body is perfect

No. 158334

Anyone have tips on slimming your thighs? I believe just general cardio can but I'm wondering if there's anything else

No. 158335

None. You can't slim one spot. If you slim down one part, you slim all. Look up "spot reduction myth".

No. 158336

Look up some thigh gap exercises on youtube. You can't lose fat in one spot but you can tighten things up and make the legs appear to be slimmer and less jiggly.

No. 158337

Ugh, I don't like her stomach

think, soft looking stomachs look best

No. 158338

running, steady state cardio (lightly jogging for at least 30-45 minutes etc)
Yoga helps build some strength, but it's good for flexibility
I would also suggest ballet-inspired calisthenics to get the lean, toned look(at least, it seems to work for me and I enjoy it). Check out mary helen bowers on youtube if you're interested.

No. 158339


keto. don't cheat and you'll be there in a month.

No. 158340


Oooh, I really like her style!

No. 158341

requesting keto before/afters

No. 158342

Keto straight up burns muscle and makes your breath smell like airplane glue and nail polish remover. I wouldn't suggest it at all.

No. 158343

>tfw used to do keto every few months to maintain weight
>I'm a vegetarian now

I know you still can still do keto on a vegetarian diet but fuck I'm limited to like… what, mushrooms, Quorn, eggs and tuna :(

No. 158344

Do any of you have experience with intermittent fasting? You basically dont eat most of the day but then consume your allotted calories within a certain time frame (between 4PM an 6PM for example) I heard it works for some people but I don't see how its any different from eating your calories spread out through the day.

No. 158345

You're deeply retarded. The smell comes from your body fat turning into ketone bodies and getting exhaled. Once your body adapts to the HFLC diet, the smell disappears. There are athletes and body builders doing keto, they'd not be doing it if it made them lose muscle.

No. 158346

No. 158347

keto is just an excuse for skinnyfats and fat-fats to cram their faces full of lard and grease and think they're being "healthy"

No. 158348


You know that most people that induce keto are bodybuilders right? Like, by a pretty enormous margin.
I don't know anybody that does it that doesn't bodybuild aside from me and that's just because I'm a Human Phys. student.

No. 158349

bodybuilders also often eat 3000+ calories a day but that doesn't mean it's healthy for people who aren't bodybuilders lmfao

No. 158350

File: 1441672467553.jpg (114.11 KB, 500x620, tumblr_mku3siiA231qj6yu8o1_500…)

c'mon guys post skinnies

No. 158351


Go home, freelee, you're nuts.

No. 158352


I also do it, because it cured my ibs symptoms. Not a body builder by any means, I do ballet though.

No. 158353

The Keto diet is what exactly?

No. 158354

File: 1441746114791.jpg (111.56 KB, 604x604, NUfsc08.jpg)

I wonder what her measurements are.

No. 158355

File: 1441746317307.jpg (67.38 KB, 604x431, 1igIT50.jpg)

No. 158356

File: 1441746338787.jpg (41.64 KB, 453x604, MKaF2ua.jpg)

Which one do you want to be?

No. 158357


The one in the red skirt thanks

No. 158358


I like some of these bodies but I think some of you literally aren't well at all.

No. 158359

They both look like shit

No. 158360

This is the stomach of an 80 year old

No. 158361

No. 158362

File: 1441749502495.gif (1.99 MB, 268x410, tumblr_nqtsp6LO1m1r85bico1_400…)

How about just stop posting uglies.

No. 158363

File: 1441749841065.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.75 KB, 800x1037, hedi-slimane-freja-beha-erichs…)

That's an average looking skinnyfat girl, not thinspo.

No. 158364


Not the same person anon, different anon who posted ONE of those. Jesus christ.

No. 158365

Guuurrlll, you sick.

No. 158366

I also only posted one of those.

> How can anyone disagree with me?? Impossible!!

No. 158367

File: 1441774607986.jpg (260.75 KB, 817x1222, adriana-lima-behati-prinsloo-v…)

Ana-chans, out.

No. 158368

I like how her body is toned but I dislike her lack of waist.

No. 158369

all that hard work to look like a rectangle

No. 158370

oh wow this pic is really cute!

No. 158371

File: 1441839081141.jpg (465.09 KB, 1450x1715, Doutzen-Kroes4.jpg)

Doutzen Kroes is the same. Gorgeous face but unfortunately no waist to speak of.

If I had her life I probably wouldn't care, though.

No. 158372

flat chests are pretty tbh

No. 158373

ITT; hungry skellingtons that will go down the ashley route.

No. 158374

File: 1441847865262.jpg (70.96 KB, 598x698, 611c90def2edcbb601df13749b0f2a…)

No. 158375

File: 1441847901734.jpg (40.35 KB, 600x800, zzzh.jpg)

No. 158376

File: 1441847987994.png (332.38 KB, 500x478, fdcs.png)

No. 158377

File: 1441848044994.png (724.85 KB, 471x695, sd257.png)

No. 158378

i wonder how many of these images are real. i didnt used to be so skeptical until i learned about felice and dakota…

No. 158379

Thanks to leg lengthening apps everyone looks like a model on insta these days

No. 158380

a lot of people online are like "you can so tell thats photoshopped" yet i cant, i cant tell the difference between fake and real pics i feel really stupid for that :(

No. 158381

that's not very nice

No. 158382

It's not un-nice. It's an interesting juxtaposition of extremes.

No. 158383

VS models all have that big long thick rectangle waist. I really dislike it. i like the small curved in on the sides ones.

No. 158384

my wife

No. 158385

who is this? i have similar body to her

No. 158386

Yeah I don't get it.. they're supposed to be sexier than runway models but they're shaped like boys. Well boys with big tits at least.

No. 158387

lol @ the jelly cunts in here calling vs models unattractive. yeah, like you're so fucking hot, you could replace them in a heartbeat? please. stay pressed.

No. 158388

No one really called them unattractive at all….I just don't prefer their rectangular body types. their faces are pretty……

No. 158389

Lol at the cunt that keeps aggressively posting this pointless shit on lolcow as if they aren't also wasting time shitlposting like a loser

No. 158390

nobody is jelly.
Skinny bodies are qt but if you dont have a waist no matter body shape, it's very ugly.

No. 158391

Eh I wouldn't call it ugly. Like who cares?

No. 158392

Agree, glad im not the only one who noticed this.

No. 158393

No waist is just super ugly no matter how skinny you are. It's even uglier when you are super small cause everything look delicate but your torso.

No. 158394

That sounds so oddly exaggeratory. The body is meant to store organs, who fucking cares if someone has a wide torso when they look good and take care of themselves otherwise. It's…really not that big of a deal. Go outside my friend.

No. 158395

File: 1441953215022.jpeg (30.71 KB, 350x394, kate.jpeg)

So you saying that girl with small waist have no organs?
It's simply genetic and it's completly unfair, but it's ugly anyway.
Kate upton may be hot as fuck, her waist maker her body look disgusting. Why do you think they only show her up to her breast on every editorials?

No. 158396

btw she's tacky and only horny guys and fatties like her <3

No. 158397

she's a bit chubby though

I don't see everyone's problem, I think they look nice.

No. 158398

Or maybe our constrictive beauty standards make her body look disgusting? Just a thought :^)
>inb4 anyone thinks I'm trying to subtly imply Rubenism or whatever was a superior era where fat women were considered beautiful
Friendly reminder that balding bitches with no eyebrows were considered top qts in 18th century Europe. There's no logical reason for what we find attractive, so there's no reason to attack people or call them "disgusting" for the way their bodies are naturally formed, especially when it's obvious they already keep in shape, like Upton does.
If it was a fertility/evolutionary thing, thick girls (thick like maybe Raven Symone, not morbidly obese like Tess) would always be the height of attractive.

No. 158399

Yeah well, you are born in a century where we like fit to skinny people, deal with it.

No. 158400

Why? Literally who cares? Within a decade, smearing dog shit on your face may be the new standard of beauty.
Only if they're a certain "kind" of fit lmao

No. 158401

Y ou sound salty. Why? Do y ou have a wide ass waist ? If yes y ou look fucking disgusting square never where appreciated.

No. 158402

I'm fascinated by the thought that you yourself are probably butt ass ugly when you're so worried about something as trivial as someone's body type.

No. 158403

I'm not worried at all, I just said that body with no waist are ugly, just like a dog shit is ugly or adam sandler is ugly. You are the one getting butthurt all over it.

No. 158404

Right, I think it's time people got over themselves.

Stay out of the thread if you don't like thinspo, ignore it.

Thinspo-chans, you don't have to be cunts to others because they're not thin or someone has an opinion. I've noticed in this thread there are so many cunts who think they're better than others just because they're thin or worship skinnies. It's a fucking body weight/shape, get over it. We all die in the end anyway.

No. 158405


Ignore them anon, it's probably done skinny fat iwishiwasskinnyskinny-chan anyway. Half the people in this thread aren't probably thin anyway.

No. 158406


When a fitspo thread was made, thinspo-chans attacked it cos "no gurl is perf unless she's skinneh".

No. 158407

Hope you are not talking about the "waist" debate because it has nothing to do with being skinny since skinny girls can have wide waist. It's a fucking genetic thing and it make your body look ugly whatever your weight is. Get over it.

No. 158408

I always laugh when a dead thread receive 10 message all agreing with each other in less than a minute.

No. 158409


Well take it elsewhere, no one gives a fuck. Get over yourselves cunts.

No. 158410

Not gonna create a thread to ask "what do you think about square human?" I know everybody is going to say they are disgusting. Except wide-ass-waist-chan of course

No. 158411

File: 1441996560989.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.74 KB, 500x313, thin.jpg)

dumping a bit of nsfw thinspo

No. 158412

File: 1441996574325.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.6 KB, 500x319, thin1.jpg)

No. 158413

File: 1441996617302.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.33 KB, 500x333, jane.jpg)

No. 158414

File: 1441996670218.png (Spoiler Image, 281.78 KB, 500x333, naked.png)

No. 158415

File: 1441996764222.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.44 KB, 500x709, dita.jpg)

No. 158416

File: 1441996864202.jpg (106.34 KB, 500x750, legs.jpg)

No. 158417

File: 1441996913784.jpg (114.75 KB, 478x718, softskinny.jpg)

soft but still cute. Maybe this would fit more in the skinny fat thread…?

No. 158418

File: 1441997010010.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100 KB, 395x592, underfashion.jpg)

No. 158419

How is this thinspo, she's pretty thick. I know she supposedly has a 20 inch waist or something but the rest of her is large.

No. 158420

File: 1442035009745.jpg (91.33 KB, 460x750, dita.jpg)

Hmm, I don't think you can really say that she is "large". But yeah she is softer, to me she is a mix of thinspo and fistpo, but I can understand that she doesn't inspire other :)

No. 158421

this is thin, not skinnyfat. lolcow has fucked up standards on whats skinny/fit/skinnyfat

No. 158422

Mama June inspires me to stay fit and eat right.

No. 158423

being a salty sperg won't make you skinny

No. 158424

File: 1442254740948.png (455.96 KB, 608x511, ddd.png)

i follow a girl on instagram that looks average/short and has a nice body (not spoopy, nice). I like her hips / legs tbh

No. 158425

File: 1442254783577.png (542.87 KB, 566x577, gegt.png)

No. 158426

File: 1442254846058.png (743.44 KB, 608x553, dhdhethg.png)

No. 158427

She looks really average sized in these pics tbh.

No. 158428

File: 1442254925263.png (645.27 KB, 636x549, tyttt.png)

this photo is shitty but i think she deleted the ones where her tummy was shown. It looks toned but not a lot.

No. 158429

>>158427 yeah she's average but i'm very overweight so it's like my goal (i guess we're the same height) and find her thin? idk
her instagram is https://instagram.com/agirlcalledmaria/

No. 158430

She is a quite muscular girl with a bit (tiny bit) of chub. Great thinspo if you are a fatty! I hope you will manage to drop the weight. Good luck :)

No. 158431

I'm a pear shape and have always had a thigh gap no matter how high my weight went (HW 116lbs) for exactly the reasons you've listed, so idk what these other pear-chans are on about.

No. 158432

Pear Chans with smaller hips, methinks

No. 158433

Some people are pear because of their bones structures and some are pear because of the way their bodies store fat. When your body store all of you fat in your ass / tight and you have smaller bones, it's hard to get a thigh gap.

No. 158434

pear shape here too and even when i gained to 120 (i'm 5' 3'') i still have thigh gap. Now i'm 114 and toned and have a wider one than before.

No. 158435

but yeah i forgot to add that i'm a pear bc of my bone structure. Wider hips than torso and a little bit boney even i'm not near underweigh (before i started training and gaining muscle i was 110, so pretty normal)

No. 158436

File: 1442421557388.jpg (55.86 KB, 444x638, thinspo.jpg)

average to skinny weightloss pic inspire me.
I'm the same size, but at the moment my GW is 110 lbs. Even at 100 lbs she look great and not emaciated at all!

No. 158437

File: 1442422730977.jpg (153.64 KB, 1280x540, skinnypear.jpg)

This one inspire me also even tho the last one may be a bit too skinny . It gives hope to a pear like me.

No. 158438

File: 1442422816730.jpg (232.33 KB, 987x651, tallskinny.jpg)

This is for all the tall skinnies

No. 158439

Can we actually just make a befores and afters thread?

No. 158440

I think it fit well here since it's the thinspo thread. Idk if dedicating a whole thread to before after would be smart, don't think it would live.

No. 158441

Thank god we have /g/ to contain all the ana-chans.

No. 158442

This is such a stupid and easy answer. Anorexia is a real disease, wanting to be skinny is a totaly different thing.

No. 158443

Fatties just get really mad when they see thin people. It reminds them of what they will never be.

No. 158444

Dita von teese is so beautiful

No. 158445

Haha exactly.

No. 158446

>Who inspires you to be thin?
my depression

No. 158447

File: 1442797684920.gif (1.76 MB, 245x277, giphy (1).gif)

Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut. She looked absolutely amazing. I wish I had that bod.

No. 158448

just watched to die for and she was so hot, i felt particularly gay

No. 158449

File: 1442844893182.jpg (96.71 KB, 600x1270, 219cj75.jpg)

I quite like Kelly Lebrock's body from the 80s (Weird science) idk i just love it

No. 158450

omg how can you say that she looks like 5' 3'' and 115 lbs omg

No. 158451


No? I like her body I like her body, she was really into fitness. Jesus christ.

No. 158452

piss off ana-chan

No. 158453

She's obviously being sarcastic, you autists.

No. 158454

it was sarcasm indeed!

No. 158455


You can never be sure on here anon, it's scary because some fuckers are serious about that shit.

No. 158456

File: 1442903205478.jpg (11.9 KB, 240x176, 1417730930345.jpg)

>tfw you are 5'3" and 115
>tfw you feel ashamed and embarrassed and want to lose weight even more now that your body is a meme for being overweight

No. 158457


T-that's not really overweight, right?

No. 158458

It is.

No. 158459

170 cm for 55 kg is already kinda fat so being 10 cm smaller…

No. 158460

According to all of lolcow, if you weigh anything over 100, you are overweight.

No. 158461



No. 158462

no it's not, you might think it is fat but if we go pure math on this and calculate bmi, that's a healthy bmi.
The defenition of overweight is a bmi over 25, this bmi is not over 25 so it's not overweight.

No. 158463

File: 1442913524975.png (229.51 KB, 518x384, Capture d’écran 2015-09-22 à 1…)

You can look like shit even with an "healthy" BMI

No. 158464

I never said it looks good, I just said what the defenition of overweight is.
Also, that's an apple, the most unfortunate shape to have.

No. 158465

Kay, but the thread ain't named "healthyspo" nor "normalspo" it's thinspo and 5'3 and 115 is not thin, at all.

No. 158466

No one is saying it is thin. Just that it's not technically overweight. smh

No. 158467

If you wanna stay only on the medical term then okay it's not overweight.
But it is still fat.

No. 158468

my autismo thanks you

No. 158469

Stop crying and do something about it

No. 158470

actually it could be thin. It depends on muscle definition and body shape. Maybe not skinny, but i find this girl thin for example: http://www.mybodygallery.com/photos-33277-body-shape.htm?StartAt=89#.VgFSmN9_Oko
Or wow, this girl: http://www.mybodygallery.com/photos-31271-body-shape.htm?StartAt=110#.VgFSwN9_Oko

No. 158471

And it's pretty clear that they are fit so they have a lot more muscle. And I doubt that any of you farmers are this fit./
They are not skinny, they are thin-muscular girls if you like being fit it's great fitspo.

No. 158472

110 lbs
113 lbs

+ they are fit

No. 158473

No. 158474

well great, but then it's not a matter of weight only.
This girl has an hourglass figure and looks slim: http://www.mybodygallery.com/photos-39482-body-shape.htm?StartAt=46#.VgFVOt9_Oko

I don't think it's that hard to be that fit. They are not even WOW SUCH FITNESS MUCH MUSCLE. I don't think farmers are not likely fit. You can be 90lbs and still look like crap if you lack muscle definition

No. 158475

File: 1442928312949.jpg (146.98 KB, 500x750, thinspo.jpg)

She is ultra soft, but you know… Each his own taste I guess.

Dumping some real thinspo btw

No. 158476

File: 1442928382437.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.5 KB, 500x333, smallbody.jpg)

No. 158477

That's what you consider slim!?
Why are you in the thinspo thread?

No. 158478

idk anon, still looks better tha aly

No. 158479

File: 1442928839987.jpg (72.45 KB, 400x519, jeans.jpg)

No. 158480

File: 1442928947244.jpg (70.74 KB, 400x400, cuteskinny.jpg)

Yeah right, there is nothing between spoopy skelleton and average soft girl.

No. 158481

proanas always were complete cunts.

>inb4 fatty

>inb4 get out of the thinspo thread fat freak!!
>inb4 "5'3" 115 lbs"

No. 158482

Fat bitch are not used to being told the truth wich is ; nobody care about what you think is thin or not and that they are fat, also.

No. 158483

File: 1442936704152.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.34 KB, 261x596, starving woman.jpg)


Why do you care what other people think of themselves? Do you want them to be as miserable as you? There are worse things in life than not being thin; like being petty, shallow and malicious.

No. 158484

File: 1442937002155.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.6 KB, 463x600, you.jpg)

I don't care what THEY think about themselves, good for you if you think you are hot at 5ft3 and 115 lbs. Don't try to make people who are / aspire to be skinny tell you that you are small or skinny or even thin, you are average to fat, that's all.

No. 158485

>>158484 sure ana

No. 158486

'Kay, bye fatty.

No. 158487

File: 1442937807960.jpg (93.66 KB, 590x580, 131461186_201n.jpg)

Wow, you're really a hero. Sorry for triggering you with average/fat bodies.
Shouldn't you be trolling your own thread, Ash?

No. 158488

>Bwah, somebody think I'm fat, they are obviously ana chans… Bwahahahaha.
Boo fucking who. Why can't you fatties stop eating so fucking much and at the same time stop shitting on every skinny person / thread?

No. 158489

Gee, I'm sorry. Don't let the doo-doo calories absorb through your skin. Maybe you'd fit in better at MPA, no?

No. 158490

Yeah, keep inventing shitty fantasy life for skinny girls, you don't sound insecure and crazy at all with that weird habit of yours.

No. 158491

when will lolcow accept that everyone carries weight differently and everyone has different ideas of what ~thinspo~ is

im short with tits, theres no sense in me admiring some 5'9 model with stick legs and a flat chest as my thinspo goal

as long as someone has a flat stomachm good shape and no rolls they count as thinspo to me

>inb4 ~haes fatty get off the thinspo thread~

>inb4 5'3 115 pounds

No. 158492

File: 1442962944161.jpg (213.23 KB, 1200x1200, Stefania Ferrario.jpg)

idk what has happened to me.

When I was in my teens I was anorexic and legit wanted to look like Mr. skeletal.
I used to keep a folder filled with some of the worst thinspo you could imagine, like Aly-tier emaciated.

Then I recovered, and now that I'm an adult I just want to look like…. a woman? A sexy, curvy, thick, healthy woman.

Picture related is my ideal
Can anybody else relate to this?

No. 158493

That looks like a man, though.

No. 158494

File: 1442964001435.jpg (58.84 KB, 720x576, 12006080_975775019127672_61726…)


What country do you live in where the men look like that because I want to emigrate immediately.

No. 158495

It seems uncomfortable to be that big, like it would be hard to do even simple tasks. She looks good, but I can't picture someone like that doing anything but sitting there.

No. 158496

File: 1442972720941.jpg (40.55 KB, 875x960, 10006567_883184091720099_57265…)


Anon, do you have an ED or something because she's not big at all.

I'm not trying to be critical, because when I had my ED I'd have though exactly the same thing, but she really is an entirely normal, healthy woman.

No. 158497


… just how small are you?

No. 158498

I just mean big boobs and big hips seem like an inconvenience. She looks good but I wouldn't want to be like that.

No. 158499


Her breasts look like a large D/small E so I think saying stuff like

>seems uncomfortable to be that big

>it would be hard to do even simple tasks
>I can't picture someone like that doing anything but sitting there

Like, you're either crazy small or super anorexic because your perception of what is a big woman is way, way, way off to the point where it's actually kind of disturbing.

No. 158500

Look at the fat jutting out from her armpits and how her thighs rub together. That has to be really uncomfortable and cause irritation.

No. 158501


Anon, you are sick…

No. 158502

Ok fatty. How's your blood sugar doing?

No. 158503


Anon I am a recovered anorexic, I've already stated that in my post if you actually bothered to read anything.

The fact you believe that >>158496 is obese to the point where they struggle physically moving about and completing simple tasks and that anybody that disagrees with you is fat just shows how deluded you are.

Seek therapy because even when I was at my absolute worst and was collecting the most horrific kind of thinspo, wearing gloves to touch food and sitting in rubbish bags in my mother's car on hot days to create a sauna effect, even at that stage did I ever believe girl's like >>158496 were obese.

Damn, is it just me or has the volume of psychotic proanas on this site increased exponentially as of recent? They're actually starting to get as bad as the rabid race posters, where anybody that disagrees with them is black, or in this case fat.

No. 158504


Actually I take it back, I used to encounter your types all the time on LJ back in its glory days, superfats who'd like to believe they had an ED so they raged at everybody else around them.

Anon if you need to lose weight self loathing is not the way forward, try slow restriction and increasing your physical activity.
Remember, it's just a case of eating less and moving more :)

No. 158505


no response


please calm down honey
you can make a thread for posting pictures of average sized middle aged women if you don't like this one

No. 158506



She's 22 lol
So not only are you a raging tub of lard you're also underageb&.
So, when did you come in from PULL exactly?

No. 158507

22?! she is INCREDIBLY rough looking, my god… i assumed she was in her mid thirties. her dumpy mom body really doesn't help. if that's what you aspire to look like, i can only imagine what your body is actually like irl…

No. 158508

File: 1442988955244.jpg (50.51 KB, 494x612, candice.jpg)

Oh my god why do insecure fatty and ex ana girls try to derail the thinspo thread?

Why are you not creating your own "averagespo" and "normalspo" thread since this is what you wanna look like? Nobody care if you want to look like .

>sexy, curvy, thick, healthy woman

Get the thick out of here and you have pic related. Thick is maybe the most disgusting word there is out there.

God since when to be curvy you have to have fat hanging everywhere in your body? If you have a cut small waist decent boobs and a bit of hips your body have a gorgeous curve just like oldschools drawings of pin ups.

No. 158509

File: 1442989126194.png (483.15 KB, 612x529, ambersr.png)


Next thing you're gonna tell us that amber rose is your ideal body? And that she is thick and muscular and is not roaden with cellulite?

No. 158510

People don't have to settle to your shitty standarts

No. 158511


Obviously still has problems reading because I've already said that I'm a recovered anorexic; what do you think my body looks like?

I'm still Mr. Skeletal and I hate it. I'm undoubtedly thinner than anybody in this thread and I want to look like the blonde lady. I don't like sallow, boney being sexless, and neither should you.

And get your eyes tested Anon if you're struggling to read that badly.

No. 158512

File: 1443006202771.jpg (116.34 KB, 500x750, tumblr_mmqfik5MOF1rx5m4fo3_r1_…)

>I don't like sallow, boney being sexless, and neither should you.

First of all we should like whatever the fuck we want, second, skinny sexless? Kek

No. 158513

File: 1443009740248.jpg (34.83 KB, 306x558, article-2536119-1A815C11000005…)


>second, skinny sexless? Kek

Er, yeah?
I'm not talking about thin people in general, I'm saying that MY body is like that from years of starvation and malnutrition.

Also as I've grown it's also become horrendously apparently to me just how bad "skinny" looks on the vast majority of women who are no longer in their teens or their 20's where they're soft enough and have enough fat distribution to level it out and make it look youthful, not to mention the fact that most of them equate the weight of muscle with fat so they avoid exercise that leads them to looking more flabby than ever.

It's like these celebrbities all want to be thin, but they hate the way it actually makes them look in their late 30's/40's, so they get fillers to combat this but just end up looking weird.

I know people will try to reject this but it isn't really helped by the fact that all of the pictures in this thread are of young women…

Show me some older women that is Alexa Chung's size and still looks good.

No. 158514

If you're still severely underweight you aren't recovered, you retard. Go see a psychiatrist if you want to blab about your insecurities. We're not interested in hearing it here.

No. 158515


One minute I'm being called obese, now this.

Make up your mind, friend.

No. 158516

Do you think everyone who disagrees with you is the same person?

No. 158517

I was gonna say "oh but she's like 40 or something" then looked it up and saw she's only 30…


You do know that Alexa Chung actually is 31, right?

Why are you even in here? You're against thinspo so you have nothing to look for here. Or do you just want to argue with people?
And worst of all, seeing these pics and reading these entries could ruin your recovery….

No. 158518

>seeing these pics and reading these entries could ruin your recovery
no one cares about your problems, fuck off

No. 158519

Where was I talking about my problems?
learn to read you stupid bitch

No. 158520

File: 1443024204538.jpg (94.13 KB, 634x911, article-2218054-156E1686000005…)


>you do know that Alexa Chung actually is 31, right?

Yep and it's really starting to show tbh.

Being this thin is only appealing when you're a bouncy teen.
When you're slinking into your 30's you just start looking sick.

No. 158521


No. 158522

File: 1443024867287.jpg (97.81 KB, 640x852, image.jpg)


She's 30 and looks good thin

No. 158523

File: 1443025027721.jpg (182.09 KB, 634x1063, img_0547.jpg)

Amal Alamuddin is 37 yrs old and she look great. Alexa is tired because of her drug use.

No. 158524

File: 1443025112584.jpg (291.38 KB, 1024x759, Amala.jpg)

How old and wrinkly and tired she look… Does it make you feel sad that you where a dumb ana with no control and that you ruined your body and face when you could have been looking great?

No. 158525

File: 1443025245949.jpg (78.11 KB, 634x913, article-2444132-188572DD000005…)


I'm the one that posted >>158492 and I think this lady looks good, but she obviously has a naturally smaller frame and it looks like she works out too as opposed to just starving yourself.

No. 158526

The method doesn't matter, what matter is her size and her smallness.

You are saying that we shoudn't aspire to be "skinny, sexless, tired" when she is skinny, sexy and very energic, she is a lawyer goddamnit.

No. 158527

File: 1443025747086.jpg (389.27 KB, 1066x1600, image.jpg)

Skinny only looks bad if you were Ana or doing drugs in your youth. Aoki is over 30.

No. 158528

File: 1443025768400.jpg (452.89 KB, 750x1172, Alexa Chung Anorexic Legs Weig…)


No, I'm saying you shouldn't aspire to look like picture related.

Not all "skinny" is made equal.


This tbh.

No. 158529

File: 1443026067240.jpg (34.59 KB, 460x510, alexa.jpg)

There are plenty of recent picture where Alexa look great despite her destroying her health with cocain.

Plus it's well know that she has super skinyy legs with bigger thighs wich make her look super weird. She know how to dress herself. But keep thinking what make you feel good.

No. 158530

Her legs are huge in this photo.

No. 158531

I never thought she was pretty and she looks worse now

No. 158532

Sexless as in not having a sex drive?
I always had a strong sex-drive. Suffered from Anorexia in my late teens, and had no sex-drive at all. It's very common with Anorexics. Now I've been recovered for around 3 years. I'm still slightly on the low end of my ideal BMI, but I have a normal relationship with food, and ta-daaa have a sexdrive again.

No. 158533

The girls here have cute bodies. The last two are pretty gross though tbh

No. 158534

her legs look fucking horrible

No. 158535

They look like any girls in sexual clips, slim and boring.

No. 158536

Not thinspo material at all.

No. 158537

>that's not very nice

Where do you think you are?

No. 158538

Yeah sorry anon, they're fat af.

No. 158539

File: 1443149306548.jpg (47.1 KB, 262x400, 1435017738593.jpg)

No. 158540

File: 1443149429944.jpg (68.82 KB, 620x372, 3500.jpg)

I really recommend Alexa's new documentary series on the fashion industry. It's nice to see her in her element as a fashion journalist, showing a more serious, behind-the-scenes aspect of the fashion industry.

Also, she looks fantastic and skinny.

No. 158541

File: 1443149566595.jpg (36.03 KB, 306x626, article-2099589-11A5B568000005…)

No. 158542

File: 1443149636581.jpg (27.64 KB, 620x413, main.original.jpg)

Baby Alexa was such a doll. I definitely prefer her current mature look, though.

No. 158543

Thanks. I'll check it out!

No. 158544

What a qt

No. 158545


Literally ew.

No. 158546

She looked cute here, it too bad she's so haggard these days.

No. 158547

now this is a nice body

No. 158548

File: 1443498018955.jpg (108.33 KB, 540x676, tumblr_nopq572lMc1u9lr4fo1_540…)

forgot the pic

No. 158549

>tfw 5'2 113lbs
>tfw I'll always feel and look fat and disgusting even though I'm down 30 lbs from my highest weight as a high school fatty

why live

No. 158550

ignore the ana-chans, 5'2 113lbs is a perfectly fine weight.

No. 158551

It's really not, unless you're fit or have a super wide frame

No. 158552

nah, its pretty normal.

No. 158553

its normal

No. 158554

Fuck off, ana-chan. 5'2 anon, you're normal.

No. 158555

Stop crying and stop eating at the same time. Problem solved.

No. 158556

Normal as in, statistically frequent? Sure. But attractive? No

No. 158557

File: 1443630247296.jpg (14.78 KB, 375x500, 2450_133409.jpg)


No. 158558

File: 1443630886008.jpg (51.09 KB, 500x375, catwalkselfie.jpg)


No. 158559

>argue that something isn't normal
>get widely disagreed with because you're full of shit
>"w-w-well it's not attractive!"
kek, anas

No. 158560

when did anyone say it wasn't normal lmao
we just aspire to something more than mediocrity
pls go to >>9477 if this thread triggers you

No. 158561

>when did anyone say it wasn't normal lmao
Um, here (>>10004) at the start of this?

No. 158562

No, the poster said it wasn't "perfectly fine". Ie it's not skinny/attractive. Please leave.

No. 158563

"Perfectly fine" usually means normal. Anon isn't at risk of dying of heart disease or having to waddle on a scooter, and her weight is not at a point that it negatively affects her health in any way. 120lbs and below is also considered skinny by most sane people + fits into S/XS clothing and attractiveness is purely subjective.
You sound incredibly triggered. Sorry your ED makes you so testy m8

No. 158564

File: 1443637965949.jpg (163.5 KB, 500x565, 118lbs.jpg)

For reference, this person is around 4-5 pounds heavier than anon and is the same height.
If someone who's smaller than this is what you consider a fatty fatty boombalatti or anything except normal or "perfectly fine", you're probably not okay in the head

No. 158565


Anon you're far from fat. You look fine.

No. 158566


I'm not as thin as Alexa but I'm the same height as her. I love her outfits, I love her long lean legs and style. But I can't stand her face

No. 158567

It's some pic I saved from mybodygallery, not me tho

No. 158568

huge legs, if she was standing while her feet touched, she would have no gap.

No. 158569

You don't need a thigh gap to be skinny anon.

No. 158570

Thigh gaps are genetically predisposed, not a measure of how fat/thin you are

No. 158571

A bit off-topic right now, but any tips on how to loose thigh-fat? I'm 5'8" and around 103lbs and the upper part of my legs is just massive :(

No. 158572

She has hips wide enough to have a gap, don't be dumbasses.

No. 158573

Sorry samefag here, but I don't know if I got the height correctly. I'm 175cm

No. 158574

If you are that small and have no gap, you will never have one except if you go into spoopy mode.

No. 158575

File: 1443640846927.jpg (97.45 KB, 540x810, modelnogap.jpg)

Here's a super skinny woman with no gap, her body has nothing in commun with the girl posted before.

No. 158576


shes fat

No. 158577

>high fashion model

How stupid can one be?

No. 158578

She has her hips forward and her legs together, idiot. She'd have one if she was standing normally

No. 158579

Nah the girl are noticably bigger this year, but she also has an unfortunate body type.

No. 158580

File: 1443652984955.gif (49.58 KB, 250x242, 3759684.gif)

No. 158581

File: 1443658912676.jpg (80.84 KB, 371x960, 1443657729473.jpg)


>shes fat

No. 158582

if you have a body type where you store most of your weight on your legs, then surprise! you won't have a thigh gap.

Same goes for if you have a lot of leg muscle.

No. 158583

>if you have a body type where you store most of your weight on your legs, then surprise! you won't have a thigh gap.
It's still possible because it mostly depends on the way your hips are built.
I'm a pear and have pretty big legs but I still have a thigh gap.
My upper legs still touch but there's a gap above that, it's kind of odd.

No. 158584

File: 1444170114618.jpg (115.83 KB, 500x486, image.jpg)

No. 158585

I have no hips, a little ass and a thigh gap.
Girl I work with is thin and has wider hips than me and has a thigh gap

Honestly haven't met many people who are bigger with other gaps, but a few skinnyfat girls with HUUUGE asses and thighs but they tend to be shorter than average so maybe that's why?
Shorter people tend to have poor fat distribution

No. 158586

File: 1444170389265.jpg (88.22 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

No. 158587

How much do you think a 5'6" girl would have to weigh to be that skinny? I'm 115 right now and still feel unhappy. I would kill to be that small.

No. 158588

File: 1446762121417.jpeg (136.79 KB, 400x710, profiles_n1488768689_6289_3514…)

She really isn't. She wouldn't have been able to get a job as a runway model if she were fat.

Anyway, back on topic.

No. 158589

I always liked Scene girls back in the early/mid 2000s for their thinness. It was weird whenever i saw a fat scene girl.

No. 158590

Thigh gap isn't a given, anon. I'm average and I have a huge thigh gap because I have really wide hips. Some girls don't get one despite starving themselves to ana state and if they do, it usually looks disgusting and skeleton-like.

No. 158591

and if you did see a fat scene girl, they were always short chubbies with short hair.

No. 158592

I don't know whether I should report this website or just this thread. The advice that is shared on this website specifically when it comes to dieting and exercise is life threatening. The girls that inhabit the majority of this website are highly impressionable, and 1200 calories a day is the minimum of what you are supposed to eat as a woman. Dipping below this can catobolize your organs, put you at risk for heart related problems,you can lose your period (which sounds appealing to some women), you can lose your eyesight, and if you value it your independence. You have to ask yourself if I'm willing to risk my life to look like these images…if I'm willing to kill myself essentially and deprive the only body that I've been given what it needs how much do I love myself? Do I need to talk to someone? Where can I get help? If you are so unappy with your body that you go so far as to risk your life to reach your "ideal" then you really should seek out help. Realize that this is not normal thinking although it is not uncommon to feel insecure about your body. This is sick, the obsession with female thinness is not an obsession with attractiveness its an obsession with sedation and control. Live your best life, be the best you don't fall for this nonsense.

No. 158593

tl;dr "i'm fat and insecure about it! waaaah! it should be illegal to post things i don't like!"

No. 158594


Bitch even bodybuilders cut, and occasional intermittent fasting had actually been proven beneficial for the body.
It's also been proven scientifically that the DNA telomere split and shorten at a drastically reduced rate when a human slightly undereats throughout their lifetime resulting in a healthier body for longer and increased lifespan, hence why countries like Japan enjoy great longevity and fewer disease.

You sound fat and it's against the rules for individuals not yet 18 to use this board so if some tween comes here and ends up starving herself to death that's her own damn fault. Darwinism in action baby.

No. 158595


Nice sentiment love, but wrong thread. Try the weight loss inspiration one for a more receptive audience. This thread is for aspirational ass-gap ana chans where anyone over bmi 17 is a hamplanet

No. 158596

>The girls that inhabit the majority of this website are highly impressionable

You're suppose to be 18+ to use this site. Not our fault if some teenager waddles through the thread.

No. 158597

File: 1447882629471.jpg (45 KB, 500x500, bod.jpg)

My dream body. She's perfection

No. 158598

File: 1447899955743.webm (2.05 MB, 640x640, _umyejin00_Instagram_photos_an…)

according to my friend my sense of healthy body image is warped because I found this girl to be fine for her height (5'10 and age: 15)

No. 158599

You can tell your friend that Asians have a different bmi meter then everyone else? It's hard to tell in the outfit, but the model looks naturally slim to me. I had some classmates in hs who were built similarly, not asian and also pretty athletic. It's why all blanket statements for various body shapes and sizes are dumb.

No. 158600

File: 1447902352090.png (251.03 KB, 631x354, girl.png)

Exactly, I told her that her idea of what is healthy may be skewed due to what she often sees living in the U.S..

What really freaked her out was the 0:11 mark in the vid I took a screen shot of.

The other day she saw some girl who had long thin legs and she freaked out because her calves didn't fill them out at the top and there was still space surrounding her leg.

No. 158601

you and your friend sound like 16 year old girls

but yes, you are right she looks fine. and ( to the other anon) no one is 'naturally' slim people who eat well or exercise or even just eat a certain number of calories are slim/certain weight. of course she does look 'healthy' slim as in not eating disordered or living a very unhealthy lifestyle (like using drugs for thiness)

No. 158602

I'm that anon and yeah… no shit. When anyone says naturally slim they mean someone who looks like they are supposed to be that size rather then from hyper dieting/exercise. The girl is also a model so she's probably on a strict diet, but she's not looking like a ridiculous 90s cocaine model. You can tell but the parts of her skin you can see in the clip.

No. 158603


honestly, No, most people here say naturally 'slim' and mean 'omg she cant eat whatever she wants!! fast metabolism' : ^ ) shit so I just wanted to clarify just in case

No. 158604

Fair enough, I'm not that much of an idiot however.

No. 158605

>you and your friend sound like 16 year old girls

Oh wow, I've never gotten that reaction about the way I express myself, but I can kind of see how from this lol.

To comment on your other comment that no one is naturally thin, there are people who can have the exact same eating habits and active lifestyle as someone else, and either not gain any weight or lose it, whereas the other individual gains.

In that sense, people are "naturally thin," where there body requires a higher caloric intake to gain weight than someone else, who can be predispositioned to be fat (some studies show that having obese family members, i.e. parents, grand parents can cause you to be vulnerable to obesity in terms of genetics (needing a lower amount of calories to get fat), though behavior plays the largest role).

No. 158606

she's normal stop being a fatty

No. 158607

i bet you have pictures of auschwitz survivors in your thinspo folder huh anon

No. 158608

Honestly, yes i do. Because i strive for perfection. by the way Its called bonespiration you ignorant fatty.i hate america fat culture

No. 158609

Epic troll xD! We real women need to stick it to those gross freaks who think being 200lbs is bad.

No. 158610

I'm not trolling… it is proven that the human body functions better at a bmi of 15 or below. Humans have always had to hunt for food, we are built for starvation. Why do you think there are no real great minds anymore? No actual geniuses. Its because our brains don't have to work as hard. Americans just have food handed to them the moment they're born. They don't have to think. Today's humans are just disgusting lazy blobs of fat. If we want to cure cancer, all we have to do is look to Africa. I'm sure there's a child there who actually uses his BRAIN and knows the answer. Do you think Davinci ate at Mcdonalds? No, they found his skeleton and his bmi was estimated to be around 11. He would never have been the amazing man he was if he spent all his time stuffing his face. You fatties can't accept the truth because then you'd have to get off your lazy asses and do something about the disgusting state you're in.

No. 158611

my bmi is 15 and it's horrible +dangerous, stop spewing bullshit

No. 158612

>taking the bait

No. 158613

No. 158614

mpre like your bmi is 19 fatso

No. 158615

File: 1449323880036.jpg (5.61 KB, 275x155, image.jpg)

No. 158616

File: 1449686318276.jpeg (84.91 KB, 333x581, image.jpeg)

No. 158617

File: 1449689923342.jpg (316.58 KB, 700x934, TB2Lw7BcVXXXXbZXXXXXXXXXXXX_!!…)

No. 158618

File: 1449755016142.jpg (477.19 KB, 800x800, 1367251103067.jpg)

Anyone got advice for not looking fat with F cup boobs? I'm 5'9 and have to get size 12-14 shirts cause no top that fits my body fits my boobs.

No. 158619

Damnit forgot to spoiler

No. 158620


No… I'm glad you didn't…

No. 158621

File: 1449755876171.jpg (57.62 KB, 1024x709, 1442506543584.jpg)

No. 158622

I'm not skinny but I would definitely be buying a 4 dress if it weren't for my boobs. I also have to get a 12 more often than not. Number one, get a good supportive bra that keeps them up and together. My only other advice is to just buy what you can (and not look slutty) in kinda stretchy but substantial fabrics and tailor everything else. It sucks so much but it has made me more mindful of the things I buy knowing I will have to have it taken in. Also, two piece outfits are my friend. Looser tops will look much better with a tight bottom or tucked into a skirt.

I also feel much huger than I am with my boobs but oh well…at least it's because of that and not something else.

No. 158623


OMG this looks creepy

No. 158624


huh why?

No. 158625

She looks like a tranny

No. 158626


Yeah is like a very thin guy body with fake boobs. The monkey face don't help

No. 158627

lol fat samefag

No. 158628


She's fugly, get over it

No. 158629

File: 1449770464981.jpg (70.77 KB, 1024x1024, B55u0WBCIAA5qJu.jpg)


Legit different Anon who knows about Lomeli but if this is "fucking ugly" I'm actually gagging to see how you look, you must be STUNNING.

Post a picture Anon and grace us with your otherworldly beauty and powerfully seductive physique.

No. 158630

I've always thought Toki was hot, but to be fair I don't have the highest standards.

No. 158631


She looks so much better in this pic.

That doen't change that she looks "fucking ugly" in >>158621

No. 158632

I think she is hot but also think she has a weird 'pig'ish looking nose so I could understand someone not thinking she's hot.

No. 158633

Toki's stunning but I can see how others could see her as trannyish. She has a really unique face that you either love or hate.

No. 158634

does anyone else just refer to photos of themselves from before they gained weight? i have 40 lbs to go and it's motivating to know what i'll look like when i get to my goal

No. 158635

I never said that she's ugly. I just think she looks very artificial and like a tranny. Her unnatural boob job only made it worse.

No. 158636


yo, different strokes fam

No. 158637

She was sick in this photo. I hope she's doing better now.

No. 158638

>visiting mom
>"anon, why are you losing so much weight, is this healthly?"
>not even thin yet, still have like 25lbs to go
>"because I haven't reached my gw yet. When I have, I'll stop. I'm healthy."
>"Do you remember Anne? She lost a lot of weight like you and she looked 90 years old!"
>"And there are lots of fat people who also look 90 years old, what is your point exactly?"
>"I'm just saying don't lose too much weight

every fucking time.

I would do this, but I've never been skinny before. Congrats on the weight loss so far!

No. 158639

Thank you so much for posting her I like her look.

No. 158640

Madonna will suplex you into the next universe

No. 158641

I have a body like this. Sometimes I feel a little insecure about my belly, and I want to slim it down a tiny bit.

No. 158642

no photoshop allowed, the real image is on insta and she got no hips

No. 158643

do avocados make your butt bigger?

No. 158644

no. building muscle does.

No. 158645


The only way an avocado is going to make your butt bigger is if you sew it under your skin.

No. 158646

File: 1451964490743.jpg (158.38 KB, 736x1162, 7bd3fbd681b60e06d224ab3d87f873…)

Gonna dump some kpop thinspo.

No. 158647

File: 1451964567380.jpg (68.4 KB, 736x585, 10a62a1d380e90b4f888ca748625cb…)

No. 158648

File: 1451964627200.jpg (738.94 KB, 1077x1600, it03FJrvLbR6z.jpg)

No. 158649

File: 1451964648807.jpg (269.55 KB, 800x1200, 2e4ixzk.jpg)

No. 158650

File: 1451964696657.jpg (82.22 KB, 520x606, 15197-hyomin-disappearing-pant…)

No. 158651

File: 1451964751282.jpg (72.47 KB, 736x956, 5f777f8d8289d6c4b4bf8bdda2910b…)

No. 158652

File: 1451964916122.jpg (85.54 KB, 500x958, mbc12_lizzy1.jpg)

No. 158653

File: 1451964973560.jpg (137.52 KB, 500x750, tumblr_mw43ki34hY1regji8o1_500…)

No. 158654

File: 1451964992630.jpeg (79.96 KB, 466x700, waist-goo-hara.jpeg)

No. 158655

she looks like a monster wtf

No. 158656

File: 1452136509863.jpg (25.11 KB, 400x863, Satynenoir1petite.jpg)

something sincerely disturbs me about her figure, her hips look like a weird enaibi bjd

No. 158657

her body has shape of H letter
she desperately needs some waist

No. 158658

Tbh I'm grossed out by how so many asian pop stars/actresses/it-girls have absolutely no muscle tone. They like them skinnyfat.

Well, you could with the right genetics, differs for everyone. Ultimately though, even if you could get a low enough bodyfat percentage healthfully, no one who's under 5'8 will ever have those bodies.

No. 158659

dat butterface

No. 158660

File: 1452319611759.jpg (241.29 KB, 1500x844, Perfume.jpg)

I had a male friend that once said to me "i think the snsd girls are good role models, because theyre thin but not weird thin"
i was going to say theyre actually freaks but it would have broken him.

heres some perfume because i wish i was even half as cute as they are

No. 158661

Which bodies do you mean? Since yolandi is only 5'1

No. 158662

Perfume have fantastic legs for short girls.

No. 158663


I have a thigh gap even at 130 lbs. This trend is so retarded.

No. 158664


No. 158665


There's nothing wrong with using anecdotal data to backup a statement.
It's only when you start bragging that it becomes a problem.

No. 158666

File: 1453061525459.png (600.22 KB, 1080x963, Screenshot_2016-01-17-21-05-54…)

No. 158667

anyone know how to not eat during period? I always eat more because I get more emotional

No. 158668

File: 1455521626565.jpg (70.23 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

Am I fat?

No. 158669

Just keep all food as far away from your pie hole as possible, seriously if you see food either destroy it or remove yourself swiftly from the situation. Remind others that you are on your period and to be mindful of eating in your company. You may find some people are too close minded to curb their overzealous diet in the presence of a menstruating woman, but you don't need friends like that.

No. 158670

Fat is an understatement. Try obese

No. 158671

I love this girls body. Very slim, but soft and curvy.
>mfw this used to be thinspo in pro-ana forums
>mfw theyd call her fat now

No. 158672

Her hair drives me so insane that I can't find her good looking.
That shaved hairline is an atrocity.

No. 158673

has she given up on being a model, and realised how shit she is yet?

No. 158674

Nah she's still out there posing away, talking like a fairy who's eaten dmt for a decade.
'Oh my precious little peaches the sky is grey and ever so dreary. My soul is falling away like pieces of wet cake blah blah'
She still only has one facial expression so idk why she thinks modeling is for her.

No. 158675

File: 1455573248701.jpg (43.19 KB, 362x692, image.jpg)

She has such a great body

No. 158676

File: 1455573293321.png (240.45 KB, 292x726, xlineyoonah.png)

No. 158677

where are your shoes from? you look really nice!

No. 158678

what the fuck am I looking at

No. 158679

Shame it's all plastic

No. 158680

that's weird, my period is when I have the least cravings.

No. 158681

File: 1455698193301.png (158.86 KB, 412x200, oi.png)

a closeup of a mini breadstick from a chex mix bag and a hand grabbin it

No. 158682

File: 1455803506791.jpg (76.1 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nreha78Ykb1uvqb68o1_540…)

No. 158683

File: 1455803520969.jpg (82.85 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nrh0c9sLy41skvw4ko1_540…)

No. 158684

Omg I'm losing my shit right now. This is great.

No. 158685

I think white girls should never be thinspo material, their face gets really ugly (and also age the worst). Asian girls always look good even when extremely underweight because they retain fat on their faces.

No. 158686

Sorry but the faceshape that koreans go for are not cute at all. They are tooooo thin srry not qt

No. 158687

File: 1456150142578.jpg (140.06 KB, 787x1222, annalynne-mccord-bikini-pictur…)

AnnaLynne McCord, 100%.

I had no idea she was the chick from Excision until I started watching 90210.

No. 158688

I've been losing weight for a while, I'm 5'7" and weigh 128. My original GW was 115, but that's only like 13lbs away and I'm still not happy with the way I look, I still look/feel pretty chubby and my waist is not anywhere near as small as I would like. What's the lowest weight I could get to without getting into skeleton mode? I was looking at 'my body gallery' and some of the girls at my height who weigh like 105 look really good, would that be a good place to stop?

No. 158689

Oh my god shut the fuck up and take it to /b/

No. 158690

same height as urs
the question is
>do you have boobs?
i have itty bitty tits and when i hit 110lbs i looked spoopy
you could see my bones in the chest area and ribs
would not recommend
unless you know, you have tits
then go ahead. should be fine

No. 158691

Yea I have a pretty large bust! The one time my stupid tits come in handy. Thanks!

No. 158692

File: 1456982196591.jpg (419.77 KB, 960x705, 621435_lookbook.jpg)

her body is so perfect to me.
i'm the same as her so it's actually reachable for me too, only need to lose like 10~ish more.

No. 158693

She's qt and petite. Who is she?

No. 158694

File: 1456986754436.jpg (80.87 KB, 550x480, shelley2.jpg)

shelley mulshine! i know she used to post on lookbook a bunch, not sure if she still does, but i know she posts on instagram still

No. 158695

File: 1456987325740.jpg (53.88 KB, 640x640, 11261132_653910648048395_83957…)


She put on weight and has kind of grown out of her teenage cuteness/youthfulness though.
I think she's kind of boring now but it's to be expected. I remember her birthday is like 4 days off mine so I guess she's 24, turning 25 in August.

No. 158696

She still has a very nice body and seems to eat healthy. She seems well.

No. 158697

How do you deal with harassment due to being thin?
I know I should just ignore it, but on some days it makes me sad and angry.
I'm not even underweight btw. People are just used to see overweight people and think it's normal here.

No. 158698

the same way you deal with anyone picking at an aspect of yourself. either you let it fester and bother you, or you let it go and learn to love yourself. be proud that you're thin and that your body type is becoming a rarity, and that you take care of your appearance. for every person pointing a finger at you for something they're insecure about, there are five more secretly wishing they had it.

No. 158699

>and that you take care of your appearance.
I find it interesting that because someone says they're thin, you auto assume they must take care of their appearance.

No. 158700

aww, did the people at mcdonalds put too much salt on your burger today? ;(

No. 158701

"Curvy" girl here, I hate this too. I hate losing weight because I am scared people will bully me for being skinny. Fat is the new skinny and this sucks. I admit, anorexic body types sucked really bad too but lean fit bodies are the best!

No. 158702

So be lean and fit. Who cares if you're bullied.
fat people are idiots and want to bully thin women because their blood pressure and cholesterol are too high. Fat will never be beautiful or desired.

No. 158703

Laugh in their faces.

No. 158704

I'm making that assumption because people are bothering anon about her weight, not her togetherness/hygiene.

No. 158705

I just laughed/ignored it/said thanks (as in I train hard and eat well, I'm glad it's paid off), depending on what was said. It doesn't seem to last very long, but if anyone really pushed it and keeps going on about it, tell them it's inappropriate. I know it's hard, and of course it depends on the type of person you are, and who it is saying it to you and the context, but you either have to let it go, or if you can't do that then address it and put a stop to it.

No. 158706

Thank you. I'll try to ignore it. Sometimes it's just a bit too much. Laughing seems a bit too confrontational to me. You never know if these types of people will 'start something'.

No. 158707

I constantly get told I'm anorexic, men don't like my weight, "only dogs like bones" etc. but maybe it's easier for me since I'm gay to laugh in their faces. I take really good care of myself and hygiene so basically if you look better than the fatties they have to find something to attack you for. Womp.

No. 158708

What's your height/weight?

No. 158709

Please. Men like anything. I guarantee you you'll find a guy who will like your body and be grateful you aren't a lardass who will die of a heartattack at 35. Just be you.

No. 158710

I don't come here to trade stats lol
Hey thanks so much! I'm a lesbian, but I always appreciate lolcow positivity.

No. 158711

File: 1457163226861.jpg (40.72 KB, 368x300, image.jpg)

No. 158712

Isn't that Felice? Not really the best thinspo considering the ED and the photoshop

No. 158713

Noooo that's tumblr user stilllugly or something like that from Back In Da Day. I followed her probably 5 years ago? dunno what became of her. This photo appears to be stretched but other than that her ED was very real.

No. 158714

Even better. I'm a lesbian too and we need more non-cows in our gay community.

No. 158715

No. 158716

File: 1457379509799.jpg (284.03 KB, 905x1600, 60Xepkh.jpg)

No. 158717

File: 1457379523038.jpg (110.59 KB, 600x917, 87QOVHw.jpg)

No. 158718

File: 1457379537613.jpg (255.08 KB, 892x1600, gFl48Oa.jpg)

No. 158719

File: 1457379545754.jpg (113.44 KB, 552x1600, LzW9yYF.jpg)

No. 158720

this one yes

these not so much. but god its so hard to look thin when you are so short. I wish I was at least 5'7"

No. 158721

File: 1457383526646.jpg (89.74 KB, 634x734, emily browning.jpg)

imho emily browning is perfect, very much on the thin/petite side but not skelly

reminds me of krystal cole/neurosoup
(not a compliment)

i find this cute

i used to want to be her so badly. will always find her cute, she seemed sweet although maybe a tad vain

No. 158722

I'm mad that I'll never have thin delicate thighs and that my hips are too wide. Even at my lowest weight, they still looked fat. I can never wear shorts without looking like a cow. I should have starved myself more when I was developing so then maybe my hip bones would have never grown. The only jeans that fit me are the ones marketed to black girls. Can never go swimming for fear of looking like a pig in a swimsuit.

No. 158723


oh boo hoo

get a fucking grip

No. 158724

>I should have starved myself more when I was developing so then maybe my hip bones would have never grown

No. 158725

jesus chill the fuck out. if you didn't have wide hips you would be boo-hooing about not having a thigh gap

No. 158726

>I should have starved myself more when I was developing so then maybe my hip bones would have never grown.
kek. This actually happened to me. I also am literally flat and wear training bras even though I'm not even skinny.

I'm sure you're just trolling but wide hips are seriously better.
>look good at high weights not just underweight
>thigh gap

No. 158727

is she kinda chubby or is it just me?

No. 158728

oh honey. it is just you. if she was 10 pounds thinner, she'd look scary.

No. 158729

its just you

No. 158730

Is it just me, or is anyone else not really inspired by skinny girls to be thin but fat girls? When I see tall waif thin girls I have no reaction, but when I see lardos at Walmart I automatically rethink my meal plans for the rest of the day.

No. 158731

I'm the same way. Seeing lardos with fat distributions that I thought weren't physically possible makes me choose salad instead of a sandwich. Seeing skinny waifs makes me kinda hate myself, but doesn't otherwise motivate me to do anything.

No. 158732

that used to be me.

now im triggered by thin girls.

No. 158733

i want my thighs not to touch even when my legs cross ;-;

No. 158734

so I've lost 70lbs so far, have another 20 go go. However, I haven't lost any weight in a month. I usually eat 700-800 calories a day with 1 or 2 cheat days a week where I eat 1200-1300, but I exercise like crazy on those days to get my calories down. Not sure if this is normal or if I'm doing something wrong… I used the weight loss calendar thing on losertown and I'm not following the schedule it calculated for me, despite the fact that it was working fine 3 months ago.

No. 158735

Fatties in buffet restaurants set me off the worst.
I'm prone to binge eating and have weak self control in a buffet environment so I avoid those places like the plague, but every so often a friend or family will plan an outing at a buffet and I'll forget why I don't go to those places and I'll end up enjoying a huge pile of food…
And then there's always suddenly a huge greasy obese person shovelling food, like the most boring food in the place like fries and chicken nuggets with gallons of ketchup, in as fast as possible. After seeing that I won't be able to eat, I'll start wanting to purge what I have eaten and I'll have to just say I'm full and leave asap.

OT but also working at a buffet must be depressing, the smell of poop'n'purge in toilets of those places is so obvious.

No. 158736

Nice blog, fatass.

No. 158737

File: 1459652354690.gif (1008.45 KB, 480x264, vlada.gif)

No. 158738

File: 1459685915770.jpg (92.55 KB, 697x931, heart.jpg)

No. 158739

File: 1459685968683.jpg (230.35 KB, 1280x821, ice.jpg)

No. 158740

File: 1459685993318.jpg (56.38 KB, 399x600, leopard.jpg)

No. 158741

File: 1459686076960.jpg (294.91 KB, 743x1114, dainty.jpg)

No. 158742

YES <3

No. 158743

File: 1459784556507.jpg (37.36 KB, 400x290, image.jpg)

No. 158744

She's pretty now, but this is scary.

No. 158745

File: 1459856770680.gif (1.12 MB, 500x321, tumblr_nfro0pAo3I1s7mntao1_r1_…)

No. 158746

File: 1459856810736.gif (840.27 KB, 500x281, tumblr_me120tFffp1qd659mo1_r2_…)

No. 158747

damn i want her to sit on my face

No. 158748

she has a fat face, thats why she doesnt look sick, but i wouldnt want a fat face though, its ugly

No. 158749

ew, ni hips is nasty, shes not fat or anything but her legs look like long sausages

No. 158750

Oh, couldn't make these a single post?

No. 158751

looks like a trap
>>dat no ass

No. 158752

File: 1459888220925.jpg (68.19 KB, 780x714, a2738623-c8e2-4834-89ed-c32b6c…)

Her ass is almost as bad as the one from Miley Cyrus.
No muscles

No. 158753


i think why kpop idols show their ass so much is that there isn't anything there so theyre not really being provocative. it's like a guy wearing a deep vneck, it doesn't look very sexual/nice since there's nothing but flat skin to look at.

No. 158754

That girls ass is thight and toned, you can even tell from the way it jumps, its so tight man, wth is wrong with you comparing that perfect ass to miley's sad boy bum?

No. 158755

File: 1459994786053.jpeg (38.21 KB, 676x380, image.jpeg)

No. 158756

No. 158757

id love to have yolandi's body
petite yet toned

No. 158758

File: 1460025960168.jpg (96.97 KB, 500x751, image.jpg)

Taylor Momsen before she became a skinnyfat potato.

No. 158759

File: 1460026005401.jpg (169.42 KB, 736x1335, image.jpg)

No. 158760

File: 1460026119550.jpg (114.6 KB, 500x569, image.jpg)

No. 158761

File: 1460026152726.jpg (55.87 KB, 640x474, image.jpg)

No. 158762

Before? She sure looks like one there. Big jiggly thighs.

No. 158763

File: 1460036602814.jpg (27.08 KB, 634x450, article-0-158085F9000005DC-634…)

I agree, but to be honest I prefer skinnyfat Taylor over extremly Spoopy Taylor like pic related

No. 158764

do you ever shut the hell up?

No. 158765

Are you sure?
Because I thought that pic related was Miley's ass before I googled and found out it was Zahias

No. 158766

I really liked her figure in Gossp Girl.

No. 158767

OT but Chuck was the only reason I kept watching Gossipgirl.

No. 158768

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion I guess…

No. 158769

anon that thought her ass was tight, i thought that was mileys ass too, holy shit, her ass is real bad. Im so sorry everyone, i feel dumb now…

No. 158770

File: 1460095755841.jpg (27.3 KB, 390x600, l_739458728c0c404981d31bceb57c…)

No. 158771

File: 1460095881756.jpg (66.99 KB, 500x732, tumblr_mpjh3eDpIX1rz9v16o2_500…)

razorcandi has such good genetics, god made two of her (her twin eden)

No. 158772

File: 1460096009239.jpg (318.19 KB, 1365x2048, 615586_426698740717044_2049543…)

No. 158773

>tfw life goals
i-is it possible to have this body type when you're tall? I mean like a tall version of her?

No. 158774

>dat no ass
this is the thinspo thread, what were you expecting?

No. 158775

File: 1460114584879.gif (534.81 KB, 338x270, tumblr_nklr6h54rq1s7mntao1_400…)

No. 158776

No. 158777