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File: 1439985263300.jpg (61.42 KB, 640x640, body types.jpg)

No. 159866

I've noticed a lot of people want to talk about this but it's usually not on topic.
In this topic you can post and discuss your height, weight, measurements, bodytype, bodyfat percentage,….

No. 159867

I'm trying to get up to 100lbs and hopefully raise my body fat too. The one thing that really bothers me is my scrawny legs, pretty happy with the rest though

No. 159868

do u still have your period

No. 159869

ok here they are

No. 159870

5'9, 160s, pizza shape. I'm slowly losing weight, down 12 pounds so far. My goal for now is around 135.

No. 159871

Why would you want to gain weight? You have the perfect body

No. 159872


I'm curious as well. That's literally my goal body.

No. 159873

135 lbs

I know im considered fat as shit on here but tbh Im fine with my stats but my legs and arms are not great. My calves are thick af and my arms are super flabby.

No. 159874

>121 lbs
very high fat but at least I'm not putting on weight anymore.

No. 159875

almost twins!!!

107 lbs

No. 159876

>133 lbs
>goal weight: 110 or 120 lbs
(Probably more since it was about last month I checked by the doctor. No, I don't have a scale yet)
(Not sure if it's 100% correct since I had on clothes)
>5"6.5 and should be still growing
>most of my fat goes to my upper arms, thighs and stomach

I though I always had a pear/hourglass figure since my upper body like my shoulders are pretty broad, then it curves in, then it kinda goes out with a bump by my hip bone, then goes back out which makes me look Like I have a big bum and thighs from the front, and skinny flabby ass legs with fat in the back(noticeable while I'm sitting mostly). Also, as I mentioned before, most of my fat collects in the stomach area, so while I may look decent from the front, I have a very noticeable stomach from the sides.
I just want to get toned mostly, but I'm just really unmotivated(making myself feel bad in the end when I eat a big meal and end up even more unmotivated than before).

No. 159877

5'6 120lb

How do you figure out bf %?
My body looks like kooters but with much bigger tits

No. 159878

Just realized that I didn't reply to the right person:
Is meant for >>159866

No. 159879

not sure about body fat.

I like my body but I'm starting to waist train/corset soon so I can look curvier. Super stoked. Went into a store where the lady put a corset on me that was 22 inches. A bit much but then she put on the 20 and it looked creepy. I'm aiming for 24

No. 159880

File: 1440040116224.png (48.42 KB, 341x257, Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 11.0…)

i got mine measured at the doctors a long time ago. you can do "meausrements" to try and figure it out yourself but tbh i think they are always wrong and bullshit. most fit girls are around 20%. average girls are 25%. anorexics are around 15%.

thats why i dont believe the first poster who said she was 12% - that is not a healthy % for a female - only for men. men can be 12% but they have to roid/go on DNP to lose the fat. 12% for a girl is equivalent to 2-5% for a guy. its just not likely, especially if you're 95 lbs at 5'5", thats practically a healthy weight lol.

No. 159881

i'd guestimate my bf% to be around 18-20%. i have abs, so there's no way i'm that fat.

i want to get down to a 22" waist at least. i've arbitrarily set my goal to 99lbs. i've been this weight before and looked a lot fatter, but now i carry a lot more muscle so i look like i did around 97-98lbs.

you can estimate bf% with online calculators, but the most reliable way that is easily done is with calipers i believe.

this. if you look at bodybuilders, women that drop to 11% are creepy looking. 15% is already very, very low bf for a woman.

ugh, i want to waist train. i have a corset, but between the gym and work, i don't really have time to wear it. i need the flexibility at work…

No. 159882

you can get a corset to wear to bed. i know a lot of people wear theirs to bed. i have one too and i need to start wearing it tbh because my back is fucked up and it really makes my back look better.

do you have big boobs, just wondering?

No. 159883

oh, i thought people were insane and wore their regular ones to bed. i have definitely heard of people wearing theirs 23/7 and only removing it to shower, but yeah, i didn't know you could get one to wear in bed.

my boobs are regular b's. maybe even small b's now. does my chest measurement seem big? it went up over 1" when i started bench pressing seriously…

No. 159884

178 lbs
No idea measurements/bodyfat (HIGH)

I'm fat as shit now and a year ago I used to be
5'4 and 112, very athletic and had a 24 inch waist. I got suicidally depressed, broke up with long term bf, lost my job, grades in uni dropped, my eating disorder came back full force and the binge eating overtook my life because I learned so hard not to purge anymore. Basically I am now a fat, lazy, depressed piece of shit. Trying really hard to lose weight as fast as possible now. Currently sub-1000 cals/day because I know I can do it again. Seeing the stats here literally makes me sob about how I ruined my gorgeous body ughhhhhhhhhhhh ok /personal rant over

No. 159885

I do, yes.
Just a bit - I have pretty wide hips compared to my waist and my legs are very thin, so they don't quite match up with the rest of my body.

No. 159886

If you have a history with ED and binging, you really shouldn't eat under 1000 kcals. That way it's easier to fall back into an ED or give in more to your binges.
It's best to calculate your TDEE and cut 500 kcals.
I've calculated it on Scooby's website, I have no idea how much exercise you get so I entered sedentary.
Your TDEE would be 2070 kcals so it'd be a good idea to eat around 1570 kcals a day. Careful though, when you drop enough weight, you'll need to recalculate your TDEE.
Good luck anon, you can do it!

No. 159887

Height: 177cm / 5'10"
Weight: 69kg / 152lbs

Bust: 90cm / 35
Waist: 70cm / 27
Hips: 100cm /39

Bodytype: pear

Starter weight: 105kg / 231lbs
Goal weight: 60kg / 132lbs
I think I'll try to lose more once I've reached my goal weight but it depends on how I look at that moment.

>tfw huge legs and butt but my colar bones and sternum are super visable

>tfw skirts won't go over my hips but are too big at the waist

>hope I didn't screw up converting to freedom units

No. 159888

170 cm
60 kg
34 - 25 - 38
15% body fat on my last dexa scan. I'm definitely a mesomorph.
I think I'm rectangle shaped. Huge shoulders, flat chest, small hips but my big butt and muscular legs make up for that.

No. 159889

125 lbs
Don't know my current measurements and too lazy to measure.

No. 159890

idk about mine, but mine isn't suitable for bed. the material is too scratchy. i want a soft satin one for bed, maybe a thermal one.

No. 159891


What should my ideal weight be? i'm petite and I have no idea

No. 159892

Ideal in what way? You're underweight according to BMI, but that doesn't mean much if you're naturally thin. Your measurements sound great.

No. 159893

sounds perfect to me.

No. 159894

>110 lbs

Pretty satisfied with my body. I'm only trying to build a bit more muscle and gain more strength, my body fat is at around 15% right now.

No. 159895

>tfw no qt3.14 gf w/hot existential nothingness bod

No. 159896

File: 1440124160523.jpg (135.15 KB, 500x500, muohpjN8PB1qgms1ho1_500.jpg)

>120 lbs.

No. 159897

File: 1440124697020.jpg (31.7 KB, 400x400, basicallyme.jpg)

ugh I don't even know my weight right now, I'd say probably 140 ;_;

I'm only 5'4"

I really REALLY need to get back into shape or into anorexia. I know it's stupid but I am bulimic right now and just tend to keep unhealthy routines. I just can't keep gaining. It's killing me

No. 159898

>116 lbs

According to my BMI I'm underweight but I just look average/skinny fat. I'd love to get more toned and lose a couple inches off my waist.

No. 159899

Oops, for my hip measurement I meant 35"!

No. 159900


No. 159901

Oh hey, I'm the about the same height + weight as you. I'm pretty okay with being squishy.

No. 159902

>about the*

No. 159903


I'd suggest if you really want to, turn losing weight into a game, post on /fit/ boards too to get motivation when you're feeling down. I mean when you think in simplest terms, you need to eat under a certain amount to burn fat, so think of it like "if I eat too much over this #, I will have to repeat this level". I think a easy way to get back in shape is to burn one addiction like to food and create another.

No. 159904

H: 5'2"
W: 116lbs

Bust: 32"
Waist: 24"
Hips: 38"

All of my weight sits in my hips and upper thighs. As of right now, my thighs are 21.5" at the thickest point. My "ideal" weight is 102lbs, but I'm willing to overlook it as long as I can flatten out my tummy more and slim my thighs.

I think I look pretty cute naked, but wearing pants is such a nightmare. Anything but a dark color makes me look crazy fat if I'm not wearing a tight top. Not to mention my jeans all have a 3mo shelf life max. Size 2 body and size 6 thighs cause all my jeans to tear after a while. It sucks.

No. 159905

My biggest question is how come I weigh more than most of you and I'm still considered skinny? I'm a size 2 in pants and I get comments on how thin I am.
I think I have a tumor.

No. 159906

Oh my god I know how you feel. I'm pretty small myself but I feel like when I wear jeans I look like a monster. I wear dresses and tights a lot since they compliment my body more.

No. 159907

>101 lbs
>basically a boy's body

No. 159908

Are you seriously this stupid?
I think you must have a tumor too.

No. 159909

>apple shaped

Pants shopping, in particular, is like the search for the Holy Grail.

No. 159910

File: 1440189673903.jpg (21.35 KB, 408x352, 1439177473386.jpg)

>used to be obese
>lost a lot of weight
>upper arms hang low, they wobble to and fro
>probably could tie them in a knot and maybe in a bow

I hate it. I store a lot of fat in my arms and thighs. I'm flat and have very thick upper arms, so it makes me look very disproportionate. I don't go outside without wearing sleeves, which makes summer unbearable. I've been exercising with light weights ( 2 - 4 pounds ) for over a year and my arms have only gotten bigger. I've got a lot of muscle somehow and fat that hangs underneath when I flex. I don't think it's genetics, seeing how I'm the only one in the family who looks like they're wearing arm floaties.

Is surgery my only option? My arms look worse than they did when I was obese and I didn't think that was possible.

No. 159911

What if you try really concentrating on your body composition? AKA, increasing overall muscle mass relative to fat mass. That would mean moving up to higher weights and working on putting on muscle mass. I don't think it will turn you into the incredible hulk but it should help firm up your arms. Just a thought, since you seem open to suggestions.
Fat cells don't go away, apparently they just shrink and expand or new ones come in. Worst thing ever for former fat kids.

No. 159912

>2-4 pounds

Might as well be training with coffee mugs. Increase to 10-15 at least + high reps.

No. 159913

>23 inch waist
>Apple shaped
Whaaaaat? Apple means a wide waist.

No. 159914

Mid-thigh, high waisted, flowy skirts are my number one clothing staple. Massive hips make the skirt look full, and the skirt ends where my thighs look small.

No. 159915

110 pounds

>tfw used to be heavier, but fitter because all i did was play sports

>tfw still has strong sporty legs, but spaghetti arms
>tfw wants some upper body strength back

I like that my butt is kinda big compared to the rest of my body tho, but it does make jeans shopping difficult.

No. 159916

File: 1440209260790.jpg (212.42 KB, 840x1024, 840px-The_Three_Graces,_by_Pet…)

173 lbs
I carry a lot of my weight in thighs/hips/arms. I absolutely hate my legs, they're cellulite ridden and have stretch marks all along the inside of my upper thigh and back of my knees. I was too dumb as a young teen to use lotion/moisturizer, so I'm just stuck with it. I also have big fat sausage fingers, and swollen wrists.
I have always been big, and for the longest time I've had terrible hygiene and bodycare. Starting to change that though.

No. 159917

How much do you weigh?

No. 159918

>hips= 31in

i hate my body

No. 159919

My body fat sits mostly on my stomach. 23" isn't that small of a waist compared to 30" hips.

No. 159920

Last I checked I was 96 lbs.

No. 159921

31 inch hips? Did you measure around the biggest part of your butt like you're supposed to?

No. 159922

>129 lbs
>Pear with a long torso and short legs
>look dumpy as fuck
It's kinda weird- I have an obvious gut and and overall on the heavier side of skinnyfat, but I don't put on any fat around my ribcage; like, you can literally see my ribs on my chest and sides. But then I have fat ass thighs and a fat ass. Makes no sense. I'm trying to get to 100lbs but I lack self-control.

No. 159923

Same here. I thought I was the only one.
It could be worse, I guess

No. 159924

yes thats the worst part

No. 159925

Are you me? I'm really bad at the self-control part, also. I'd love to be 100 pounds. But I don't know how to properly motivate myself.

No. 159926

my measurments are 30,25 and 35, I'm 5''1 and I weigh around 40-43kg, I'm not sure how much that would weigh in pounds? I have a short torso and long legs. I have a big ribcage and it makes me look really wierd aswell as a little bit of tummy :/

No. 159927

>Size 2 body and size 6 thighs

I have a similar problem, only with my boobs. I'm skinny and would wear a size 2 in shirts, since the sleeve/shoulder/side length is perfect. But my boobs are huge in comparison, and the whole cloth of the overall length that should cover my stomach, is already used up on my boob area.

No. 159928

>144 pounds
>somewhere between an hourglass and a turkey leg
>40 bust, 28 waist, 38 hip
I've been losing weight recently and I am very happy! Hoping to get down to 125-130 pounds.

No. 159929

These were my measurements when I was depressed and hit 130lbs. I ate nothing but almonds and a single can of green beans for a few weeks.

Got me back down to 113lbs reeeal quick.

No. 159930

Can you give me a rough estimate of how many calories you ate per day? I'd like to thin out before the stress of the school year really kicks in. Plus, I won't have as much free time to eat as I had during summer.
Anyway it's a good thing I like almonds.

No. 159931

>~125lbs last i checked

I've got a pear shape going on and a bit of a tummy. I have short legs compared to my torso so it's so difficult to find pants that don't make me look fat

I'm thinking of getting into weights and stuff to strengthen my arms, but for now what I really enjoy is running

Recently I fit into a dress that I bought in a thrift shop a few months ago that I couldn't fit into before, it's a real nice feeling.

I'd still like to lose some weight tho

No. 159932

No. 159933

is there a way to log exercise in mfp without it changing the daily calorie goal???????

No. 159934

I honestly couldn't tell you. I was in a weird spot then and specifically was looking for the smallest caloric intake that wouldn't let me starve.

>1 or 2 cans of long green beans

>handful of unsalted almonds

That was my whole diet. If you're used to eating and/or not ready to lie down and rot to death than this will probably be hard. Also, I feel I should mention that I popped back up to 118 and stayed there for over a year after I began eating more regularly again.

No. 159935

It's better to eat 500 calories below your tdee, easier to maintain too.

No. 159936

>eat mac and cheese and danishes every day
>somehow lose ~8lbs and look great
>want to lose a few more
>start counting calories
>portion food
>eat clean
>eat at deficit
>hitting goal 6/7 days a week
>gain 2 lbs

what the actual fuck?? but at least i benched 1lmaoplaet, i guess…

No. 159937

>Hourglass? pear? idk
>Hamplanet as a kid/teen ~230lbs

I feel terrible about the way my body looks: stretch marks everywhere, flabby arms and upper thighs. Ugh, I feel so ashamed and gross to the point of never wearing sleevless shit in public. I think I'll be more confident if I reach a weight between 80-90.

No. 159938

Body is a rectangle from the front because I have no hips. All my bottom measurement is muscle/fat that I got from lifting. As a side effect I have huge thighs which sucks because my legs are relatively short as it is.

Trying to lose at least 15lbs but body will always be a tragic rectangle shape.

No. 159939

Im 5'1 and im 130 lbs
I know how you feel anon

No. 159940

Don't beat yourself up so much anon, you're not a fattie anymore, you made yourself better and did what so many have failed at. I bet you look great but you probably still see that fat kid in the mirror.

No. 159941

Same exact boat and almost identical measurements, I feel so disgusting and uncomfortable, like I'm constantly wearing clothes that don't fit. I hate my body and my stretch marks and my sag, it doesn't even matter that I'm thin now because I'll always look like shit. I'm on vacation at the beach and I can't even make myself wear shorts or a tank top, let alone my bathing suit. I just want to kill myself tbh.

No. 159942

>5'3" (why the fuck is everyone 5'3" here lmao)
>108 lb
>24% BF

need to lose fat and gain muscle in my lower half of my body

No. 159943

anon how come we are the same height and measurements but weight less?? I'm so confused.

No. 159944

No. 159945

You might have more or less muscle? I don't have very much lean muscle mass tbh

No. 159946

I'm not athletic at all so how can I have more muscle mass? i'm confused sorry

for the record i'm 95 pounds of wimp but not "thin" looking either

No. 159947

File: 1440637557994.gif (693 KB, 500x281, flubber.gif)

Thanks anon, I'm trying to be less self conscious about it. Still feeling like flubber tho.
So are you wearing larger clothes? cause baggy clothes are the shit! I wear them all the time. I don't even have a bathing suit… haven't gone to a beach/pool in years. I know the feeling, but don't give up, there are options like trying to get fit with toning exercises (I am not sure if they reduce excess skin, but they can't be bad for us,right?) or worst case scenario a skin removal surgery. Stretch marks tho… I feel that they look gross af, most of the time people don't notice but when they do they usually think they are scars and ask me "How did you get those scars?" I should start thinking about a dramatic story behind them.

No. 159948


I'm trying to lose weight tho, wanna be 160lb

No. 159949

male or female?

No. 159950


No. 159951

4"9.5 uwu
110.8 pounds


i want to get down to at least 90 pounds. i used to be around 107 and was happy there but i also want an excuse to get new clothes beyond "i want them."

i have a pear shape - pretty sure most of my weight are in my humongus thighs. you can see my ribs at this weight despite the fact im only a few pounds from being ~overweight.

No. 159952


I have quite large ribs compared to my body and a small bust. I also have quite a short torso and long legs despite my height. I don't really have any muscle definition though, does anybody have any tips?

No. 159953

~70 lbs.
Not healthy. Lost weight due to a malfunctioning stomach that wants to kill me. Normal weight is around 85 lbs.

No. 159954

what! that's.. i can't even imagine what that looks like..

No. 159955

That's horrible, Anon! I'm sorry. I knew a girl around that size, she had a disease and lost all of her weight. She looked horrific.

No. 159956

It looks like saggy skin, veins and bones everywhere, dark circles, and barely enough energy to keep my eyelids open. Not cute, not cool, not glamorous. Please kill me.

No. 159957

post pics bitches

No. 159958

almost 5'6
110 lbs
pear shaped ig. love my body but wish i had bigger tits.

No. 159959

5'6" 99 lbs


I'm a fucking rectangle.

No. 159960

File: 1441005679895.jpg (49.48 KB, 473x480, 1438905787043.jpg)

I have a really wide torso/shoulders and i hate it
i tried waist training but it just made my shoulders and flat chest look AWFUL
i sometimes wish i didnt take swimming as a child

No. 159961


All my fat is in my butt and thighs and people always compliment me on them but they don't know the cellulite horror that lurks beneath my jeans

No. 159962


How did you get so thin? I'm 5'4" and 116 pounds and am looking to drop a few more but I just don't seem able to.

No. 159963


I need to waist train or something to get that ideal hourglass shape… but I'm happy with my body. My face, on the other hand… is a hit or miss most days.

No. 159964

180 lb

im very hourglass and I'm all boobies. my butt is kinda sad in comparison though. I've been doing squats and lunges though and the boyfriend says it seems rounder than before, but I don't see much of a difference.

for some reason, a lot of guys (and my mother lol god please help) have complimented my hips (?) I'm not really crazy bout em, but more than a few have said something about them. maybe I am as qt as some people say but i honestly don't see it. my girl friends always talk me up and say I should model or something, but I can't, because I ruined my legs and arms with scars when I was a young teenager. basically, I don't see what anyone else sees.

I'd love to lose more weight and I'm trying rn, currently down from 260, my high weight. in the future I want to get my boobs fixed - weight loss fucked with the shape of them and I am sad chan - but for now I'm just focused on being relatively in shape and trying not to actively hate the shit out of my body.

tl;dr ex-fatty still-kinda-chubby still sees self as dumpy but tries to eventually come to peace with being a giantess with scars. sage for long as fuck and diary post.

No. 159965


Haven't checked the others in a while, last I checked was when I was about 150 a year ago.

No. 159966

>5'0, 92-95 lbs
>25%?? It might be higher since I dont work out.

I feel like my waist could be smaller just because its a size 2 when my bust and hips are a size 0 or 00 which is frustrating

No. 159967

H: 5'2
W: Hit 127lbs due to a lot of stress at work and me and my bf going out for dinner and drinking beer too often. Used to be 119 but I still didn't like my body, I'm now trying to get down to 110. Is that good for my height? Advices?

No. 159968

>idk weight, no scale

I think I have a weird perception of my body, I can't even tell if this is thin/normal/chubby bc of pear shape

pants shopping is a nightmare

bf likes my body though so I guess it can't be that bad.

No. 159969


I'm lucky to have a small upper frame, but I really need to start working out more regularly. I store all of my fat in my thighs, and as of this morning the widest point of my thighs are only 1" smaller than my waist.

It looks cute naked, but it's super dumpy when I wear pants.

No. 159970

sounds qt anon.


>100 lbs
>32 - 22 - 32

No. 159971

>110 lbs
>don't have anything to measure

lanky with too long arms and legs :(

No. 159972

samefag but got confused, actually 5'9" (eurofag here)

No. 159973

78 lbs
I'm not anorexic or anything, for some reason I am honestly chubby even though my bmi is pretty low. Is this a common short people problem? I think it is because I have a small frame or something. It is awful because I need to lose a bit more weight but other people are so against it just because the numbers sound low.

No. 159974


I need to lose weight, too much flab around my stomach.

No. 159975

Boooooooo, Post some pics you fucking scrubs, gah this board is shit

No. 159976

sounds like high body fat %. just build some muscle. you'll lose the fat without losing numbers so people won't lose their minds.

No. 159977

33 - 24 - 35

like… my stats would be perfect if I was 5 inches taller. hate being short

ugh how can you have the same measurements but be 10lbs heavier than me? I must be really skinny fat.

No. 159978

>140 lbs
>Idk about my body fat. I'm working on it though D:

I have VERY long legs and my large boobs make my torso appear really short when it's not.

My legs are very muscular from years of BMX racing and I'm trying to even out my upper body by lifting. I'm doing StrongLifts 5x5 right now. I like the weight I'm at right now, but I definitely need more muscle tone. My arms, although thin and long, are fairly doughy. WHY IS UPPER BODY SO HARD FOR WOMEN?

Any other tallish hourglass ladies have trouble finding clothing? I feel like unless I'm wearing realy tight clothing I look like a potato.

No. 159979

>118 lbs
Pear shape checking in. I'm trying to get down to 110 or 105, started at 138. I'll admit, I didn't do so with the healthiest methods, but now I'm doing yoga a couple times a week to try and tone up and not be a skinnyfat.

No. 159980

99 lbs

I'm probably what you call skinnyfat. Like I'm underweight, but I look like what people would call on lolcow average.

I wish I could be more athletic, but because of health issues I'm always too tired to exercise.

No. 159981

I'm >>159977 and I find it crazy that there's a 26lbs difference between you and >>159974 yet we all have pretty similar measurements (+/- 1-2 inches). How's that possible?

No. 159982

I have quite a broad frame and look spoopy and fat at the same time.
Like overly visible ribs, chestbones, hipbones, spine, places where people usually lose weight last.
I'm quite unlucky I guess…

No. 159983

sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad.

I'm the same regarding visible ribs, collar bones, spine and such.

Mostly I'm confused about >>159974 because I had completely different measurements at that weight and they are even an inch smaller than the two of us.

No. 159984

Nah you didn't make me feel bad.
People just lose weight at a different rate and have different frames. Eventually you stop getting much smaller (gaining muscle could still help though), since it isn't like you can shrink your frame.
There are ana chans with a BMI of 15 who are stuck with a 24 inch waist, and there are fat people who manage to have flat stomachs. Genetics are just weird.

No. 159985

Oh anon, I feel your pain. It's like being stuck in some weird limbo state.

No. 159986

165 cm, 50-52kg
Thighs-20 inches
Waist- 27?28? Inches.

Tbh I feel rly lumpy and huge.

No. 159987

>120-130lbs (haven't weighed myself lately)

It looks okay written down but I have a bony top half and then wide hips. Because boobs go forward and hips go sideways, it looks weirder in real life than the measurements make it seem, if that makes sense? I look like a bowling pin and it's infuriating. I want to work out more because my limbs are kind of like drainpipes with no shape. I'm so jealous of people with shapely calves. Only bright side about being a pear is that my belly is flat. Anything below that is a no no for me.

No. 159988

I'm the 125lbs anon.
It might be because I strength train more than I do cardio, so I buildup a lot of muscle. I also gain muscle really quickly, which sucks for my calves. Sorry if I confused anybody with my measurements! I honestly just posted what I measured, haha.

No. 159989


Sorry for the double post - but I also have a flat chest and butt so that's probably why my chest and hips measurements are smaller.

No. 159990

31-26-31 (if I measured it correctly)
I'm fucking brick shaped because of my athletic build. Or a pear since I mostly gain in my legs/butt. Never bothered with this stuff but it's always nice to compare.

No. 159991

79 lbs

basically I am >existential nothingness

No. 159992

Fat rectangle shaped girls misusing the term hourglass irks the fuck out of me

I work out a lot and I'm 88cm bust and 66 cm waist, and have a big ass that I haven't measured since I mostly wear dresses. I am somewhere between hourglass and pear but just say athletic when asked what body type I have since I don't have a lot of body fat and don't want people to think I'm a whale based on how most people define body types

No. 159993

Forgot to post weight. 150. Nobody believes it but I think it's retarded to lie

No. 159994

Muscle is denser than fat, it isn't all that confusing. But awesome that you do strength training!

No. 159995

could you share your work out routine?

(I'm >>159977)

yeah that's true. I just didn't think it would make such a difference. reading the stats here makes me rethink my approach to weight loss.

No. 159996


In a day, I do about 200 squats, 15 lunges on each legs (2-3 reps). Then I mix it up between situps, pushups, and weights for my arms, or I do some strength training videos on Youtube. Blogilates is a good one. It totals to around 30 minutes and I do this around 3-4 times a week. Cardio would probably be better for weight loss but I don't like sweating a lot nor going to the gym, lol

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I wonder how many of these posts would stand up if people posted pics or could back up shit kek

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