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File: 1694213869001.jpg (96.22 KB, 700x874, o7w8f3zs4rf71.jpg)

No. 1691641

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1659923

No. 1691657

mothers who post their young children online for content. If you try to get them to question why strangers are bookmarking videos of their toddlers on tiktok, they look at you like you have two heads.

No. 1691672

Early 2000s brainrot

No. 1691674

File: 1694216665902.jpg (111.53 KB, 720x720, 07a03285dbcde687adf4d62e0b5de6…)

Fuck this, the page keeps deleting my text after finishing it
So, I followed a guy because we share a series of interest, and ngl, he made me remember what I hated about the old anime fandom but something that gets on my nerves is the whole "New gen big 3" titles. I hate that debate because no matter what shonenfags say, it's not going anywhere. Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball and maybe Bleach were a thing of their time, they already left their print on the industry and still get talked about to this day, but people have this need to make every new midly successful series into their successor instead of letting it florish naturally, and each time that kills the series on the long run. The 7 Deadly Sins is hated by almost everyone, Boruto is boring and lazy and no timeskip is making it "peak" (Also hate that term in this context) and Boku no Hero is irrelevant outside of shipping. While we can point out the many flaws of each series, I feel like the fandoms overbearing need to make them on par with some of the highest selling titles (Which mind you, have existed for years and have a lot of influence on todays works) also ruined a lot of the hype. They were given expectations that they did not deserve given, and when they couldn't fill the shoes that the original big 3 had, the fandoms were exhausted and dropped the towel. If you genuine enjoy it, just appreciate the funny action show for what it is, making it all about a top 3 popularity poll makes the fandoms feel artificial.

No. 1691882

or the anon who keeps insisting looking anything like a woman at all is just disgusting fat lazy lifestyle and acted like most American women are capable of being childfree, chore free and unemployed, couldn't even be bothered to answer why women who have no choice but to live an active lifestyle still have curves

No. 1691906

Can't stand the quitting culture boomers have (until it negatively affects them). If you dare complain about anything, work, your landlord, your city, hobby, etc you'll be bombarded with old white ladies "well just leave then". It's such an annoying rhetoric to encourage randoms to just abandon anything around them instead of trying to fix said problem. They're probably the first ones to scream about Californians too

No. 1691915

To add to your post nonnie, I also hate when boomers are like "yeah things are really bad, but they're going to be really really bad for you guys. Glad I won't be here for it, hahaha!" Their generation literally caused all this housing crisis and climate shit.

No. 1692035

When people say “if the genders were reversed” to try to make a point. Like yes it would be a completely different situation then you dumbass.

No. 1692036

File: 1694241235058.jpg (177.58 KB, 627x940, 07b5o4pcx3s31.jpg)

How military action films often feature ugly steroid-ridden middle-aged men in the lead roles, which is not even accurate. My father(who served as in the special-forces) showed me pictures of his training and the members of his unit, as well as soldiers from other countries they worked with and they were all young and attractive men in their early 20s, with some even resembling models. He also tole me it was uncommon for someone in their early 30s to be in the special forces or active duty, and impossible for a 40-year-old to be part of the special forces. However, in the majority of action films, we always see older men in these roles.

No. 1692041

File: 1694241954045.jpeg (484.58 KB, 1672x2048, 28845E4B-50A2-4A49-B6B7-9EC8E6…)

This shit lmao. I know for a fact this girl is overweight and alone. These types are always on the same level as polyculefags

No. 1692044

Woah damn God forbid a woman has a healthy relationship where she recieves affection and praise. Doesn't mean he wipes her ass for her. You're alone, we get it, it's very sad.

No. 1692046

Missing the point sweaty

No. 1692048

It's cute

No. 1692049

Kek anon from the other thread called it

No. 1692052

File: 1694242747493.jpeg (255 KB, 2048x1327, E177AA8C-ED5C-4860-A23D-74FFA5…)

No. 1692058

Wow this woman did a rapey thing?.. if the genders were reversed…( it would be just another day cause they do that and most likely worse)

No. 1692059

I just know they are both ugly irl

No. 1692062

Ewwwwww. I hate this!

No. 1692068

I also hate my hypocrisy getting exposed.

No. 1692081

File: 1694247882007.gif (3.72 MB, 640x640, E98964E7-F38A-4366-B624-96FB62…)

>ate that and left no crumbs
>it’s giving
>but go off I guess
>rent free

No. 1692085

>serving cunt

No. 1692092

I hate that so many anons post about the same thing across multiple threads. This sites already repetitive enough..

No. 1692104

File: 1694250136514.jpeg (183.18 KB, 1124x1627, F5XdBMOXoAAjqEj.jpeg)

No. 1692120

>Put a million people in a cage
>My attacker
Bleak. They aren't even calling them what they are and are using gender neutral language as if women are responsible for equal rates of rape. The psyop is so thoroughly entrenched in their brains. Women will never be free.

No. 1692123

Retards who say
>The Earth isn't overpopulated, capitalism is to blame for our problems
Oh yeah, 8 billion humans cause no environmental impact at all. Earth's natural resources are endless.

No. 1692125

Seriously nonnas go look up her stuff on her FB, it’s so gross. Post what the moid looks like already since you draw him so cutely girl

No. 1692127

File: 1694254248600.jpeg (429.68 KB, 1633x2048, 7DE555D4-7081-476F-B68E-1F0EFB…)

No. 1692129

Hate people like that. They'd rather ten billion people live in squalor instead of a fraction of that living with access to clean water and medical care.

No. 1692131

With pleasure, but i don't have a FB, does she have a website?

No. 1692134

Catfags who hate on dogs for no reason and make it a competition. I don't hate cats but i sure as fuck would like them more if catfags weren't such spergs about it…

No. 1692142

I'm keen to believe he doesn't exist at all lmao

No. 1692150

>sexifying male violence against women in a cutesy style
I despair. It's one thing to have retarded self-harming fetishes, it's another to draw and share cute comics about it online which could influence young people.

No. 1692151

Actually nvm i think with instagram I managed to find accounts of them both; of course not gonna post to not be banned but just letting anyone curious know it's doable and fairly easy

No. 1692170

Sexually repressed prudes will disagree, but what she depicts in her pornographic comics is romantic and healthy.

No. 1692173

You sound fat

No. 1692176

I'm underweight.

No. 1692204

File: 1694262340453.jpeg (211.41 KB, 1654x2015, C9813956-A59D-4D5B-9A74-2FED79…)

It’s not healthy to draw yourself giving your bf a blowjob for the whole world to see, rather pornsick and egotistic innit?

No. 1692247

kek these give off the vibe of a girl who finally has her first (serious) bf and now feels extremely mature and special and wants to whole world to know that she fucks. bonus points if the bf in question is some discord boyfriend so they're LDR and the most sexual thing they do is r18 rpg as anime characters.

No. 1692249

Wow these comics are dumb.

No. 1692250

Moids strangling women isn't romantic or healthy.

No. 1692253

Is the author of this crap really female?

No. 1692254

Well, if you spin it that way, i can see how its indecent to put out such private things to public scrutiny, but i don't see anything wrong with the things depicted themselves. And i don't see whats egotistic about it, unless you mean that she's doing it to boast or something, in which case its more of a you problem.

No. 1692258

Why do anons think that it's a sexually repressed, prudish thing to not want to be insulted and physically harmed during sex. It isn't romantic nor healthy. Get help.

No. 1692266

Obvious bait

No. 1692270

"Prude" is hurled at women who criticize anything vaguely related to sex, no matter how damaging the thing is. As someone who has been radfem leaning for a long long time you learn to ignore it. Criticize the porn industry? Be called prude. Criticize sexualization of children in media? Prude. Criticize men abusing their girlfriends? Prude. And so on. It's meaningsless.

No. 1692274

>singular anon: says dumb thing, gets dogpiled immediately
>You: I hate when anons say dumb thing, anons are dumb
I hate this. This is what I hate.

No. 1692275

I hate you too

No. 1692277

It could be that you perceive it as insulting and physically harmful due to some psychological trauma, it could be that you simply have different tastes, i don't know. But if the act results in no one getting physically harmed and feeling insulted, then its simply not insulting and physically to them, and its not your place to judge.

No. 1692279

Choking is physically harmful and the things I hate thread is the perfect place to judge.

No. 1692280

It's not even about the dumb takes of this author, it's the whole "look how speshul I am" pickme vibes.

No. 1692285

Alright, you can judge, but they don't need your consent lol. Choking is harmful only when done seriously, we are not talking about actual rape here.

No. 1692290

Dunno what you get out of defending moid actions on a female IB.

No. 1692291

This, I hate.
>calling strangulation choking
>acting like restricing airflow to the brain can be done safely
>especially by a moid with his big apehands

No. 1692292

go back to twitter and tiktok, libfem.

No. 1692294

>Choking is harmful only when done seriously
Tell that to the women who died from 'sex accidents'

No. 1692295

And make sure to not get any more brain damage from being "safely" strangled.

No. 1692297

Pretty sure that "Things you hate' thread is perfect place to judge, fuck off now.

No. 1692303

I hate sexually repressed people who try to control sexuality of others.
I hate people who try to rationalize their jealousy.
I hate lesbians who hate heterosexual women.
I hate judgy people who can't get over someone else being either sexually submissive or dominant.
And i hate people who let their emotions prevent them from having a civil conversation.

No. 1692307

File: 1694267487098.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, 344567.jpg)

wow the bait got even baitier than before kek

No. 1692322

You don’t see anything egotistic about drawing yourself dozens of times? Especially in sex situations?

No. 1692331

No, you could paint a self portrait every day and not be an egotist or you could do nothing and be one.

No. 1692332

"Yourself"? As if she looks anything like that.

No. 1692335

No. 1692343

Nta but she's not responsible for other people, it's not like she's drawing NSFW My Little Pony art or something.
This isn't even about her kinks or art or whatever, I hate when people act like randos on the internet need to parent other people's kids. There are tons of artists who draw things with sexual themes (like Karlovy, who's art is also "cute" albeit not as explicit). That artist probably isn't very old herself.

No. 1692349

What do you mean, those posts are pretty much the opposite of the general opinion here.

No. 1692394

Can we stop calling anything "autistic"?

No. 1692396

No. 1692403

Scratch that, turns out I was the autist all along: I misread.

No. 1692409

more like dyslexic kek

No. 1692424

Kek anon, did you misread artists? It's alright, I thought you maybe responded to the wrong post.

No. 1692448

File: 1694278843141.jpeg (64.53 KB, 281x325, 3CEAC266-9DEC-4EE1-BDC6-8B04F9…)

Her bf with the sexy hands

No. 1692450

A lot of men who kill women by choking then lie and say it was a sex accident and she asked for it. Those are the same kind of men to choke or at least fantasize about choking you during sex. Attempting to kill a woman during sex isn't sexy, it's like me stabbing a man when jerking him off but it's ok because I'll only stab him shallowly

No. 1692451

Post themmmm

No. 1692453

She's evil for mentioning this but not posting them

No. 1692454

Lol yah I misread artists as autists. I should move my ass and pick my monitor glasses.

No. 1692455

Lol is that really him? Because it would be totally how I imagined him.

No. 1692462

I actually agreed with your post but I was like "am I blind? Where did anon mention autism?"

No. 1692481

Sis you gotta post. It's not like you'll get banned for posting public info lol. A lot of anons here don't have an instagram account. I'm so fucking curious omg

No. 1692484

I notice that the only people who like this kind of uwu degrading shit are pickmes (like this artist, being a real woman) and MtF trannies.

No. 1692499

KEK no nonna, that's not him that's some meme guy

No. 1692510

No, hold up: I'm into degrading stuff myself. But that's the point, I'm into it for myself, not for some moid. Those comics there? They aren't about how she likes degrading kinks, they're more about how she's a pickme acting out moid fantasies instead of her own.

No. 1692521

So you prefer to be the only one who gets pleasure during sex, is that what you're trying to say?

No. 1692534

File: 1694285101694.jpeg (18.18 KB, 194x192, 1623689979995.jpeg)

>I'm into degrading stuff myself. But that's the point, I'm into it for myself, not for some moid.

what does this even mean

No. 1692538

Having trouble reading nona?

No. 1692546

No, not really. How can you be a. NLOG about fetishes?

No. 1692548

I don't mind these. What I hate is this trend of starting your sentence with "no but…" as if you were interrupted or something.

No. 1692549

Jillian does this constantly, it's so obnoxious

No. 1692555

Do you mean that you like degrading men? If so, based

No. 1692587

Songs where you can tell the moid singer/song writer was the problem or abuser and likely used this as a manipulation tactic/ show how "innocent" they are
my first thoughts are

NF - Let you down
and Flora Cash - Somebody else

No. 1692612

Basically everything by Cigarettes After Sex

No. 1692613

Saw a grown ass woman in her bdsm neko ears and collar at the Asian market. we need to bring bullying back

No. 1692681

Those fucking subscription popups where you go into a website for the first time from a google search and it immediately blacks the content out and shoves a prompt in your face to put in your email and name and sign up for their spam email list. Often they will NOT let you view the content until you do this, and then i have to get out the block element and take a 50/50 shot on it working correctly or it nuking the entire page. every website is designed by assholes now who want to get your data to spam you with marketing emails.

i wish for profit content creators would all die in a car crash. i'd rather see a recipe from linda in baton rouge who isn't going to spam me or shout LIKE SUBSCRIBE COMMENT SIGN OVER YOUR FIRSTBORN CHILD GIVE ME YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. i have been on your website for 3 seconds before you blacked out the content. no, i'm not signing up for the low low price of $10 a month for every site i need to visit to get info i need. get a real job, steve.

No. 1692684

why is this choking fetish so widespread now. my bf tries it once in a while and it pisses me off, even though he doesn't press and only puts his hands there, i can tell he's struggling with the desire to. i will literally bite his wrists and rip his arteries open if he does that shit for real. i already can't breathe when getting proneboned, let me breathe in the other positions at least my brain needs a steady oxygen supply i am a human being. i'll choke him and see how he likes it. an ex actually went out and bought a collar and leash but never had the guts to use it on me. where do men get these retarded ideas and why can't they stop looking at porn all day. and then handmaidens play into their fetishes to get male attention and validate their pornsick dumbassery and fuck every other woman over in the process.

you want a girl to feel good in bed? RUB HER CLIT. men will do anything except this! RUB HER CLIT. i hate men

No. 1692686

You say this yet you keep dating him.

No. 1692687

Honestly it sounds like you need to dump him. If your bf is putting his hands on your neck even tho you never said you wanted it, and you “can feel the desire” he has to actually do it hard/even maybe violently like…pal…pls.

No. 1692692

Or if they "rub the clit" they just painfully scratch your fucking urethra like they're trying to start a fire. I don't even let men try to touch my clit anymore because of how many gave me utis like that

No. 1692696

For real and they don’t even let you see the website first. Like fuck you if I want to subscribe I’ll only be able to decode after I’ve learned if your site it worthless or not. But if it has a subscription thing it’s probably worthless anyway I suppose kek

No. 1692697

It's like those YouTubers that tell you to like, favorite, share and subscribe before even starting the actual video.

No. 1692700

>and then handmaidens play into their fetishes to get male attention and validate their pornsick dumbassery and fuck every other woman over in the process
How are you any different? Sounds like you're still dating him instead of kicking his ass out of bed the moment he tried it.

No. 1692702

your post is a perfect example for "no, YOU do it" feminism.

No. 1692703

key word being he does not actually do it because i told him not to.

No. 1692704

It's hard to ignore when it's everywhere. It's not enough that women's abouse/mistreatment is shoved in your face, you have to like it too. I'm starting to see conservatives as the more tolerable side tbh, even if I don't agree with them on everything.

No. 1692717

I hate the phrase “Puri-teen” to describe any zoomer who speaks up against porn/sex work.

No. 1692719

Only groomers use that word. TBH

No. 1692722

I just assume anyone who uses that word unironically is some flavor of pedo.

No. 1692742

I don’t think most men actually care if their sexual partner is feeling good otherwise they’d take the one minute to google how to touch and pleasure a woman and take time for foreplay. I hope your bf at least does that and stops watching porn…
So many guys seem to think that rubbing your vulva through your pants is sexually stimulating. Or that simply squeezing your boobs is supposed to make you wet so they can penetrate you without building up to anything. I’ve gotten to the point now I don’t allow penetration until I’ve already had an orgasm. It’s laughable that men watch so much porn and then think that irl women will be happy to get manhandled and harshly fucked at a moments notice while screaming in delight. I wish romance existed.

No. 1692749

Based nonna. Back when I had male partners (I’m very happily married to a woman) I did the same. If I didn’t come, they weren’t even getting close to sticking it in. I’m quite proud of a few I trained into being actually good at giving oral, I hope whoever they went on to date/have sex with are enjoying the fruits of my labor kek

No. 1692798

When I was 13-17 I was called a groomer, said I owned a pedophile cult, claimed I was "sexualizing children", being annoying and weird, kink shaming, etc

All because I was against ddlg posts that were raiding ifunny at the time kek. All of the people who called me this were grown too. If that doesn't prove to you how pathetic the "you're the one that's sexualizing children" defense is idk what is

No. 1692799

Death Tax. Finding about death tax made me SO ANGRY. Can't even die in peace without some vulture clawing on your dead body and demanding money.

No. 1692824

Unironically based. I don't know why more women aren't upfront with how bad their lovers are in bed. Be a friend.

No. 1692834

Kek like, I’d grab their hand and laugh and say like “why are you trying to jackhammer me rn???” And hold their hand and show them the right way without letting go ‘til they got it. Annoying? Yeah, but worth it so I could get off and not have to act like the jab of death felt good. Same with nipple sucking technique and pussy eating. Do it how i like or nothing will be done to you. I get why some women are apprehensive about taking charge in this way, but it’s worth it. Why bother having anything sexual to do w a male if you’re not getting off exactly how you want?

No. 1692859

Victim blaming culture, instead of laughing at the man for being bad at sex they'll just dog pile the woman for accepting it/"still being with him" even though she likely isn't and they just assumed it for some reason. Meanwhile men are allowed to rip apart our flaws while having crappy sex with us and making fun of embarrassing sex moments all they want without anyone questioning them

No. 1692867

The doubly worse part is how many younger women and girls are actually allowing moids to get away with this shit because porn culture has memed them into thinking it's cool and empowering and not being a dreaded prude, even if it's painful they just stockholm themselves into ""liking"" that too

No. 1692869

God I worry about the teen girls and young women today, porn culture is Stockholming them into actually believing that being literally degraded insulted disrespected and treated worse than cattle is all a-okay. Would their moids put up with this? Not for one second I assure you. God what kind of world am I living in right now holy hell

No. 1692870

You are not a victim for being a fool and boosting the pride of a man who is a bad lay.
Same anon I've guided them on being better before and the ones that care listen and will try to perform better. If anything they're humbled that someone is being honest.

No. 1692897

Newsflash: every single woman who has had sex has likely had a bad sexual experience. Laughing at men who we regret in our past makes us human, especially on an anonymous forum out of all places where we should be absolutely allowed to talk about men being bad at sex without it "boosting their ego". If anything you're the one who sounds like a moid who is bad as sex and wants to convince women not to talk about it to avoid humiliating men

No. 1692905

My boyfriend wants me to choke him, because I do it as a sport (BJJ) and it's definitely dangerous. I've told him we can roll, but he has to tap out on time, yet he insists he won't. It's extremely dangerous to restrict the windpipe in any way, can cause permanent damage. Restricting blood flow is more gentle, but passing out is still dangerous. It can happen within 10 seconds too.

No. 1692920

If you hate men, don't date them, why string someone along?

No. 1692923

File: 1694325037992.gif (8.21 KB, 73x79, wizard_walks.gif)

whenever i get my period and get horny for men i will re-read this post to remind me to not lose to the beast, they shall not divert me from my jourey to wizardom

No. 1692943

Straight women enjoy being miserable, I don't feel bad for them.

No. 1692946

Please point me toward a lesbian who is happy

No. 1692951

Are you stupid. Why aren't you breaking up with your bf who's putting you in danger although you told him to stop? If this isn't bait I have nothing to say.

No. 1692954

>i will literally bite his wrists and rip his arteries open if he does that shit for real
As someone who has been strangled for real, yoh won’t be able to do shit except scratch at his forearms, leaving him with more marks than you and making the retarded police officers think YOU’RE the problem even though any retard can see they’re defends wounds (police officers aren’t renowned for their intelligence especially not in my fuckass country)

No. 1692962

hahahahahaha oh boy the cope is real

No. 1692964

You're probably a straight person (man) baiting

No. 1692967

Men cause misery whether you date them or not.

No. 1692968

>woman keeps dating man who wants to choke and harm her
>woman keeps dating man who wants to leash her like a dog
>Muh misandrist man hater why are u dating men reeee!!!
Are you baiting or retarded?

No. 1692970

I'm a medfag and yeah, we're taught about defense wounds and it can even help prove someone is abusive if the person has defense wounds as it proves the woman they were being intimate with fought back and didn't want whatever was happening at that moment to happen.

No. 1692971

Yeah, she sounds like a lesbian in denial. She should be more honest with herself.

No. 1692975

>If this isn't bait I have nothing to say.
Shouldn't it be the other way around?

No. 1692981

Don't be so rude, i was simply trying to understand the mind of a misandrist, i'm not a misandrist myself, i'm not the one saying that i hate men.

No. 1692982

She's not a misandrist if she dated a man who wanted to choke(kill) her and one who wanted to dogcollar her. Would you let your gf peg your ass and collar your neck while choking you?

No. 1692985

My gf? So now that i'm not a misandrist i'm suddenly a moid? Why do you keep pulling by the straws and pretending to know both her and me? Get help.

No. 1693000


No. 1693010

File: 1694333908308.jpeg (289.41 KB, 828x1520, FC07E7E8-BA41-426C-9F51-856F9E…)

Betting they looks like this
It’s always these types that love to air out their degeneracy

No. 1693015

Her "dom" looks like a low testosterone twig.

No. 1693018

Why are women like this alwaya obese or underweight? BPD?

No. 1693027

What causes a woman to not only want to do this but flaunt it and brag about it? What benefit do they possibly get out of it?

No. 1693028

Nta but you need to learn to read nonnie. She's saying that you should laugh at men who are bad in bed because if you keep quiet instead you're boosting ego.

No. 1693029

No benefits at all, they are simply happy.

No. 1693030

Trying to cope with their low self esteem

No. 1693032

>don’t be so rude
Go back to Facebook grandma.

No. 1693035

Being edgy won't take back what daddy did.(infighting)

No. 1693039

You’re definitely a scrote. Who responds to a joke like that with “I bet your father raped you haha”. Just projecting your own rapey incestuous porn addled feelings on to the rest of humanity to help ease the darkness in your soul. It won’t work and you should ropemaxxx(alogging/infighting)

No. 1693043

No. 1693044

File: 1694339329003.jpeg (83.75 KB, 850x400, IMG_1771.jpeg)

Read this.

No. 1693047

Stop projecting your daddy issues. It's fatherless behavior to assume everyone's fucked because you imagine they had a shitty relationship with their fathers like you did.(infighting)

No. 1693053

As if anyone could be happy running around being treated like a animal by an ugly scrote- mighty keks
This makes sense

No. 1693060

I think DDLG shit is retarded but don't quote that retarded Freudian who would have supported troons

No. 1693064

Are you replying to the correct post?

No. 1693093

>nonna walks into restaurant
>give me rude and make it snappy, wagie
>receives rude with extra sides pronto
>reeee this is not what i ordered!(infighting)

No. 1693165

I hate everybody in the unpopular opinions thread fighting right now. It's not even a big thing! Why are they taking it all so damn personally! Why are they incapable of stopping their autist hands from responding.
And no, I haven't been part of the infighting. Just been watching and reporting and staying fucking baffled that anons can go on and on and fucking on like that. Go to work or something, damn! This is why this board has been so fucked up lately.

No. 1693261

These "unpopular opinions" are just bait now. It's so pathetic how nonnas take the bait so fucking immediately like starving pirahnas. They infight over the most beaten down and boring topics too. Who fucking cares oh my god

No. 1693281

That lash extension and lip filler combo lots of women where I live seem to go for these days, it looks so trashy. Not to mention whenever I see them in public they all have this vapid, slack-jawed expression that makes it look like there's nothing going on upstairs KEK can't wait until this trend dies, it's awful

No. 1693298

File: 1694355567278.jpeg (560.58 KB, 828x1114, IMG_5489.jpeg)

addicts. never met an addict who’s a good person. They make everyone’s life around them a living hell, steal, and will deliberately give someone a fatal illness just cause

When I was 15 a junkie emailed both my parents to threaten them with legal actions because a picture of me in my bikini on a family holiday appeared on their facebook and she claimed it was ‘child porn’

fuck addicts

No. 1693350

I hate drug activists and no I don't care if someone dies because of an overdose. Call me heartless. They want to legalize drugs and be able to buy safe drugs, like just enable their behaviour right? And make it even easier for impressionable teens to experiment with them after all they're legal and you can buy them from any store. Most former drug addicts admit they had to reach their lowest point in order to finally quit it.

No. 1693355

What the fuck? That picture is insane, Jesus Christ.

No. 1693357

Also I hate fucks who are like "drugs aren't that bad" or "you can be a high functioning junkie"

No. 1693385

They're so fucking sloppy and gross. Literal subhumans. Then again what can you expect from someone who even gets hooked on drugs in the first place that have millions of warnings?

No. 1693399

Whenever I see an anon call someone a moid, I honestly always think it makes them look retarded rather than the anon they are accusing of being a male. You don't actually think that anon is a male, so it's just a lazy defense/argument when you don't have anything else to say. If you do actually think they're a male, then you look dumb as fuck for arguing back and forth with them. Also makes me cringe when an actual moid does post here and anons go out of their way to respond. It feels like some anons actually want men to be here so they can fight with them.

Also hate how it sometimes feels like anons would rather discuss men over and over for the millionth time every single day rather than, idk, literally anything else. Which may be a hypocritical complaint considering my above paragraph.

No. 1693405

I swear at this point I'm reporting more anons for reeeeing about and accusing anons of being moids than actual self-admitted moids.

No. 1693410

I noticed this ever since they made nonny flip out and post nudes. I wouldn't be surprised if it was moids trying to manipulate mentally ill women into posting nudes

No. 1693501

Calling you a grandma for having the nerve to expect politeness on an anon imageboard (while being a massive dick, no less) is not in any way the same as insinuating I was raped by my dad. Only a scrote would think so.

No. 1693521

I hate the whole cat vs dog thing. Some people take it way too far and make threats against cats and sometimes even harm cats.

No. 1693525

>Some people take it way too far and make threats against cats and sometimes even harm cats
Dogs too. It's really creepy and really autistic.

No. 1693527

There was an anon in the cat hate thread who admitted to killing cats without collars that came onto her property.

No. 1693531

People who hate others just because of the country they're from. Low iq behaviour, not everyone from an entire country has the same personality. (Being wary of scrotes from particularly misogynist cultures is understandable though.)

No. 1693533

There is a whole dog hate thread on here and I hate it. People just need to get whatever pet they like and learn to mind their own business.

No. 1693535

That's the thing though, these anons who hate cats and dogs act like they are inundated with these animals because their neighbour has one or a family member has one and they act like it's the greatest inconvenience of their lives. Anons will act like cats are killing every bird in existence and dogs have murdered 9 babies each on average.

No. 1693562

Dogs attack people, their pets, and children all the time. Shitty dog owners of these types of dogs ARE a huge inconvenience because they act like dogs can do no wrong when they’re clearly aggressive and aren’t obedient. And there are A LOT of shitty dog owners out there.
And no I don’t hate or wish harm on dogs or anything like that. And I don’t like the few spergs in that thread either. But it does feel like you can’t talk about them without another sperg coming in to defend every dog in existence even if said dog just killed a kid. And not just on here but everywhere.I just wish people took better care of their animals and people would stop owning aggressive dogs they clearly can’t control.(there is a dog hate thread)

No. 1693564

I won't even cross-examine what you are trying to say since it is now apparent that you are incapable to form coherent sentences, your autistic bitterness is remarkable, i leave you to be consumed by your demons.

No. 1693580

So then go and rally against your local trailer trash with shitbulls rather than tarring all dogs and dog owners with the same brush. I'm sure no shih tzu cared for by a middle aged woman is going to snatch your toddler away.

No. 1693581

I'm not reading your schzoid talk nonnie. Stopped at the first sentence.

No. 1693630

My cousin is a meth addict. She was homeless and got help from every family member when it’s not deserved. She would break into her grandma’s house and threaten to beat her if she didn’t get cash, tried to kill her mom/my aunt, manipulates people into giving her things (my grandparents got her an apartment and pay her rent and buy groceries). My mom was tasked in bringing her to the hospital so a Dr can sign papers to put her on disability and the entire ride she was tweaking out and screaming bloody murder at her. Like holy fuck we need to drop homeless people and meth addicts on a mountain.

No. 1693643

That's just sad. She's basically a zombie of who she used to be because of a dangerous drug. So, what's your excuse?(baiting/infighting)

No. 1693675

not my problem if you’re homeless.

No. 1693692

I only knew 2 ex drug addicts who were actually decent, both were women and fell into that because of moids in their life forcing it on them

No. 1693817

Read the post again. I'm not trashing regular dog owners

No. 1693844

How is that baiting? My lord, what's the point anymore.

No. 1693864

>Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

No. 1693913

When people reply to year+ old comments on social media expecting you to a)remember the conversation (if there was one) b)reply to them

No. 1693922

Jannies are 'tarded

No. 1693935

The new ones are stupid

No. 1693938

There's been a lot of content pushed to me recently by parents of profoundly disabled children and it feels like propaganda. "I love taken care of a violent 200lb adult who constantly shits himself. My normal children are so excited to do the same thing when I die! What a blessing~" If I had a disabled kid I would kill myself since I'm not allowed to shove it in an asylum anymore

No. 1693946

Yeah this board talks about men way too fucking much for being full of people who hate them, it’s embarrassing.

I hate the term “nude” as in nude pictures. Nude, nudes. The word just sounds gross and juvenile

No. 1693948

Your point was so beautifully proven anon

No. 1693969

>So, what's your excuse?

No. 1693985

Maybe it's because I have dyslexia, but I hate abbreviations. Especially in media or niche communities when it's nearly impossible to look up what an abbreviation is. They always filter the fuck out of me and make me feels so stupid. People will literally type a keyboard smash of bullshit and expect everyone to know what they're talking about.

No. 1694174

This + random samefag accusations

No. 1694225

Anons infighting about who men find more attractive or saying something along the lines of blonde girls getting more attention. It’s hard to take seriously just walls of text of self pitying.

No. 1694228

They're seriously delusional too. Reminds me of that anon who traveled countries for a man and got rejected but kept saying she was shocked because she had blonde hair and thought it made her super hot(although it was a bleach fried bob haircut)

No. 1694233

was it japanon?

No. 1694311

Kek maybe it was the friend to the moid complaining about how his friends pulled up a people of Walmart/honey boo boos mom tier woman after describing the "big tittied blonde" he was dating

No. 1694455

I don't know why this is a trend but I HATE when creepy videogames/media rely on fetus/baby/womb imagery to make the thing "spooky". It's so overused and cheap. You want to make something scawy? Put some creepy baby, mention of csa or abortion and you'll have people going insane over how "deep" it is. So cringy.

No. 1694462

People who warn you about how much sugar there is in fruit when you say you love fruit.

No. 1694475

I hate that shit too like okay fuck face??

No. 1694515

People who stubbornly yell it's "just CICO" when I say I'm trying to lose weight. I had to change my whole diet due to hormonal issues and by the time I got on meds I had ballooned up from the lower side of normal to overweight BMI despite eating at a calorie deficit (yes I counted and weighed everything, yes I did it right and fuck you yes it is possible to still gain despite everything when you are not well). The moment I started taking pills to fix the prolactinoma everything went back to normal. I'm so exhausted from people with no medical degree insinuating I was "just lazy" and had "no excuses".

No. 1694518

>I got on meds
>the prolactinoma
antipsychotics, right? i hate them so fucking much it's unreal

No. 1694530

Agreed. Slightly related, just today I was thinking about how fucking much I hate the "creepy little girl" trope and how overused and cliché it is. Let it be a creepy little boy or something, little girls being used in horror movies and games gives me the non-entertaining kind of creeps especially when you get the vibes that the author is a fan of the break the cutie trope or a straight out pedo.

No. 1694566

ugh i relate to this so much. until i got a prescription to balance out my hormones, i could be eating less than 1000 calories a day, working out daily for an hour or two, and still lose nothing. it's crazy how misunderstood obesity and weight related issues are, it's just seen as a moral failing by society if you're fat.

No. 1694579

I wonder why the creepy little boy trope used to be a lot more common back in the day than today (the Omen films, Grudge, The Innocents etc).

No. 1694582

It annoys me too cause natural sugar isn't the same as like a rice krispie treat or something. Sure you still shouldn't eat too much if you're trying to cut back on sugar or have a sugar addiction, but cmon.

No. 1694587

>Especially in media or niche communities when it's nearly impossible to look up what an abbreviation is.
That's my way of gatekeeping, sorry about that lmao.

No. 1694610

Every news outlet I used to love reading does this shit and it drives me nuts, part of me wants to pay cause I want to support journalism but at the same time I know the money is going to the executives that have some stupid agenda to push.

No. 1694762

File: 1694469107243.gif (666.34 KB, 540x405, RjbPLws.gif)

Summer. Thank god is over.

No. 1694770

is the animation cows thread just a hazbin hotel discussion thread now? holy shit i don't give a fuck about that dumbass show and the thousand word spiels about it. i genuinely don't understand constantly hatewatching like clearly whatever it is it isn't going to get better anons are willingly burning energy on that uncompelling retarded crap and for what? i mean they can go ahead do that that's not really my point here, just take it somewhere else. there's a dedicated western animation thread on /m/ i really wish they would all move their rants to. i wish i could just filter the posts because it's getting on my nerves. what about the industry !!!!! like idgaf about what happened in your little episodes

No. 1694803

Same I don’t understand how it’s gone on for so long, it’s basically a place for fan discussion of the series by now. I want to see some tea on the industry and companies and directors and movies and shows being made, not endless discussions about those ugly ass characters. How is there no containment thread yet?

No. 1694806

same, holy shit it's so annoying. They could make a hazbin drama thread i bet the whole prouction and fanbase are filled by cows.

No. 1694809

yeah it's fucking annoying. there's literally 0 milk just retards discussing their ugly ass kids show. bet it's full of underage posters too

No. 1695072

Yay, can't wait to splish-splash in mud and get colds as darkness grows!

No. 1695158

nta but weirdly enough i got more colds during spring and summer this year

No. 1695890

And you should keep saying it! I'm tired of addicts being coddled more than actual children and treated like they're so "helpless" and not responsible for their actions uwu don't trigger them. Fucking hate how people will forgive an addict for heinous crimes and just tell the victims to get over it. I see it online and I can tell these assholes never met an addict in their entire life or are one themselves

No. 1696068

I fucking hate going out to buy clothes, I'm a non-conrontational push over, but it feels like salespeople are trying to pick a fight with me. I'll say something is nice but too large for me and they'll disagree and insist for me to try it, it pisses me off especially when it is in the breast area cause mine are small so it's really easy to tell when something will be too large. Or I'll say that I don't want something in polyester and they'll insist on showing me polyester, just leave me alone.

No. 1696078

File: 1694559653631.jpeg (520.09 KB, 828x887, IMG_8545.jpeg)

You aren’t “raising awareness” of special needs you’re just making videos to pat yourself on the fucking back and look like mother theresa

No. 1696445

File: 1694598390080.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 314.54 KB, 750x791, C259F843-5F5B-46C1-A89B-A7CDD8…)

I will never get it. Feels like they’re all playing a joke on us because HOW are you unironically saying this is hot? There’s just no way. Is he the first male you ever laid eyes on? This hurts my brain. The only ugly man I see girls crushing on that legitimately makes me mad. His head is so lumpy, every feature is hideous.

No. 1696463


No. 1696466

Oh and I hate the males who buy them 1000x more!

No. 1696763

Its annoying when you make a joke and some anon takes it way to seriously (even after you clarify that it was a joke). And I know it's probably because some anons have literal autism.

No. 1696790

No it’s because your jokes suck

No. 1696846

File: 1694630668433.jpg (15.71 KB, 184x184, 1b315135056686e3e517954896f03e…)

Dunno if it's autism or an anon being in a bad mood when replying but it sucks when someone takes a dry, deadpan joke as incitement to infight. Please understand I am retarded and gentle ribbing is funny to me.

No. 1696850

It's not funny to other people.

No. 1696853

I hate drug dealers being fucking weird

No. 1696858

Tbh they are some sort of heroic cause if my kid was a sped they going str8 to the facility

No. 1696933

I think you are being dissed, i'm no instigator, but i wouldn't just leave it like that if i were you.

No. 1696941

Its funny to 99% of people

No. 1697104

I fucking HATE Catholics and Catholicism.

No. 1697962

I fucking hate when people call me with loud ass shit in the background. You DO NOT need to talk to me on the phone while you are slamming fucking dishes around. You can stop doing it for five seconds to speak to me or just text me I'm not trying to hear loud crashes and screech sounds and honestly makes me so fucking angry and pissed off. And my fucking bf loves to call me when he's walking around in public or in some noisy area and I've told him repeatedly it pisses me off and he still does it. Or when he starts talking to people while on the phone with me. It's so fucking disrespectful. If you are talking to me on the phone your attention better be 100% on me or you should just text me instead because I'd just rather not struggle to hear your fucking voice and nothing you have to say is that important anyways. Troglodytes. And they always get annoyed at me for not being cool with all the bg noise because they are fucking retarded

No. 1698002

Speak for yourself. It's 94 fucking degrees outside today in mid-september and I just want to die.

No. 1698096

Stop doing drugs then

No. 1698097

I hate when people stutter! Never noticed it much, but somebody I know stutters all the fucking time and gets on my nerves so bad.

No. 1698100

I hate when people purposely stutter, it’s obnoxious.

No. 1698114

You should tell them this in the most hostile and demeaning way possible, in front of as many people as possible. It will make the stutter disappear forever.

No. 1698115

For the first 5 hours of my day I genuinely thought today was Friday. Nope! It's Thursday! I hate it!

No. 1698121

Agreed, and it'll make OP look like a total Stacy for saying what everyone thinks out loud. I think you should do it, OP.

No. 1698164

File: 1694718729100.jpeg (95.58 KB, 293x405, 71EDE406-710E-43A3-9FAA-D989AB…)

I hate the new jannies they’re retarded and ban happy and half the type they’ll redtext shit that isn’t bait as bait, ”she” called me a bitch in the red text because “she” couldn’t call me a newfag or a moid or a retard, and it was all cause I implied someone was a twitterfag. (I think the jannie is a twitterfag calling me a bitch, typing it with her shitty acrylic nails and drag Queen makeup and basic pin straight hair)I also hate seeing people type like that on here it’s like I’m looking at a TikTok comment section “sis” “wrdgaf” “ok?” “Cunt””idgaf” “it’s giving” or they type aggressively idk how to describe it but like it’s a sassy twitter clapback, every time someone says something like that I imagine picrel typing it out. GO BACK TO TIKTOK UNDERAGE LITTLE DIPSHITS I wish jannies would ban the retards who type like an actual faggot ass moid on rupauls drag race(complain in meta, retard)

No. 1698167

I hate them too, they are actual retards. they keep banning me for "race baiting" over literally nothing. I think they are triggered sjw's who think everything is racist. ugh.(ban evasion)

No. 1698171

I second this so hard. Have they not taken enough from us at least let us have the board. Man will never be free.

No. 1698173

people who are unreliable. i have a friend who is unreliable, selfish and has lied to me. people like that disgust me to my core.

No. 1698174

File: 1694719409320.jpeg (19.22 KB, 335x335, 89A33FF4-5B34-4145-9B41-FEAADE…)

YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH now watch her get banned

No. 1698182

Are you the anon whos calling everyone tiktoker, twitterfag, etc? I don't know why but there's a rise in anons who accuse people they're infighting with of either belonging to a random generation or being someone they fought with earlier.

No. 1698187

Are you the anon who got banned for the balkan post? That was the only unjustified racebait ban I've seen in a loooong time tbh kek

No. 1698199

woke retards who keep using different sets of pronouns for other woke retards or their ocs, sometimes in the same fucking sentence, because they're genderfuid or whatever instead of sticking to one. the WHOLE POINT of pronouns is to clarify who you're speaking about. not only do you want to control our speech, you also want to make it as convoluted as possible to understand what the fuck is even being said because it makes you feel like a special little retard.

No. 1698246

people unironically type shit like 'i gave my wife some toilet paper so he could wipe her ass' and see no problem whatsoever with it

No. 1698255

I remember they banned someone for saying "Chicanos aren't one of us" as in they're not wanted in the Latam community. Janny called it race baiting but it's not race baiting. Either janny is an assmad chicana or some white woman thinking she's stopping racism. It's annoying

No. 1698278

File: 1694726534017.gif (182.49 KB, 382x215, 9UyPw1p.gif)

Sorry nonna. Don't worry, it will be over soon!

No. 1698342

The uwu-culture (all of it).
I will always and generally assume that people pushing this are faking and trying too hard to be cute, probably in order to hide their maniac behavior.

There is IMO a huge difference between seeing the gap moe in a scary character and drawing them as chibi once, being a nice person or having some childlike traits and literally LARPing the cozzed toddler and expecting everybody else to treat you as such.

No. 1698454

File: 1694744619812.jpeg (47.13 KB, 275x320, 5939715D-3BAE-42D1-B246-F79A3F…)

I hate trannies and sissies so much it’s unreal. They should all be castrated, shot, or both. Stop posting your sick fetish garbages on pictures of actual women. You’ll never be us

No. 1698455

that picture is so bleak lol why are they like this

No. 1698457

These edits (and all those other porn edits like cuck stuff) are made by literal tranny discord pedophiles.

No. 1698478

Accidentally coming across "sissy" accounts from gooners and trannies who post gross ass captions like these made me want to burn my phone. I hate them so much.

No. 1698483

File: 1694747106117.jpeg (18.3 KB, 828x417, pacsv0qd1c671.jpeg)

absolutely can't stand music. fuck music

No. 1698484

>bad at graphic design

No. 1698492

I keep seeing stuff like this on Tumblr.

No. 1698534

I hate jews and judaism.(bait)

No. 1698581

I'm so tired of seeing movies that feature an ancient ass moid and a younger woman as a romantic couple. Men are never even good-looking in these, old men are ugly as fuck. It's so annoying, it's my mistake that I choose to watch movies hailed as "must watch", but holy shit there was a combo of movies with this kind of pair. Hate this shit.

No. 1698583

.webp format for images (not supported by anything and still widely used)

No. 1698586

YES. Who the fuck invented it, and why do people use it.

No. 1698670

I had to download something that lets me choose jpeg or png instead, webp is so fucking retarded.

No. 1698685

I used to be friends with a fakeboi who called women 'bitches' and TiMs 'ladies'. Glad I cut ties.

No. 1698732

And I hate Muslims and Islam! We should get lunch.(samefag)

No. 1698733

I'm %99 sure these anons are shades of brown or would get mistaken as jews themselves.

No. 1698741

I hate when people assume my wife is just “a close friend” when we’re out with our kids. We just started a toddler and parents yoga class at our local park district and like five people have said “oh it’s so nice you bring your FRIEND/SISTER/SISTER IN LAW to this class!” And we have to be polite and smile and go “oh, no, we’re actually married!” At least we live in a fairly relaxed area so all of them have the decency to look embarrassed at their stupidity for assuming. We literally walked in holding hands and each holding a child but ok lmao. I hate that both of us being more “””””femme””””” (trannies have made me hate that word ugh) means people almost never think we are a couple reeeee

No. 1698758

This reminded me of something. When I was a kid, there was a boy in my class who had lesbian moms. Everyone knew they were together, but the parents and teachers always skirted around the topic when talking about them. It was either his mom and her friend or his mom and aunt, and his dad was supposedly in another country.

No. 1698787

I fucking hate people who use their phones during meals at restaurants. Also I hate when I’m watching a show with someone, that they also presumably want to watch, and they are looking at their phones the whole time. It makes me go full boomer phones are evil reeee

No. 1698795

To be fair to them, lesbianism isn't that common irl so most times people see to women or two men together doing shit, they're just going to assume they're friends. Even if they're both wearing wedding rings. It'd probably be ruder to assume two women who are actually just friends are romantically involved. It sucks though, I can understand that.

No. 1698802

This drives me crazy too, especially when they say they want to watch something with you and let you pick then they sit on their phone scrolling through tiktok the entire time. It kinda hurts kek

No. 1698822

I know you’re right, tho I def think lesbian couples where one is way more gnc tend to get their point across better to the average straight normie. I know it’s dumb for me to get frustrated but literally our daughters call us Mama (my first initial) and Mama (her first initial) kek. I do so enjoy the visible disappointment from the dads in the class finding out neither one of us is single or straight tho heh suck it loser moids

No. 1698873

What program??

No. 1699124

As much as I dislike religion, this is blatantly untrue. look at both ancient Rome and Assyria, which were not Abrahamic, but were militaristic expansionist empires that destroyed the identities of millions of people and practiced mass slavery, all under the name of war gods. While they may have had an Earth mother goddess, they were incredibly patriarchal civilisations.
Christianity was a religion that spread like wild-wire in the Roman Empire to a point that the roman state had to adopt it, no matter how much persecution they faced.

No. 1699140

I hate coffee. It tastes terrible no matter what you add to it.

No. 1699149

Lesbophobia in society is rampant. It's nice to hear you got a cute family with kiddos though, be out loud and proud. I know kids can be cruel to others with unconventional upbringings like being raised by two mothers.

No. 1699182

God me too. I have a hard time not considering someone retarded (and rude) when they do that and I will refuse to meet with them again.
>It makes me go full boomer phones are evil reeee
It sounds funny but it's just rude behavior. More importantly even it also shows they aren't interested. Why should you or anybody do something with them they obviously don't care about? In the end you only risk getting accused of using them for your gains and never giving something back, since "I was clearly bored doing this but always did it for you" or some shit. Hard to tell since they can never stop staring at that shit to begin with.

No. 1699235

File: 1694824577287.png (2.92 KB, 900x600, 97855.png)

When people say pink is light red. It's literally not. If you lighten right you see that it's a completely different color, it's salmon. However, if they are using pink as a substitute for red in a pastel rainbow I will accept it

No. 1699245

You’re right and you should say it. My autistic painter color-obsessed mother would be so pleased by this post nonna. I think I’ll screenshot and send to her kek

No. 1699286

File: 1694832874317.jpg (317.29 KB, 1451x339, why.jpg)

these interview vr channels who make light of the topics theyre covering the recent one is egregious
>im not using a voice changer
>loli animu retard voice

No. 1699309

everynonny hates it, most people on the rest of the web too, why the fuck is it still used?
i've noticed it's very used on wikias/""fandoms"", probably for donut steel reasons since it's not supported by most sites and therefore can't be uploaded there without converting to another image format

No. 1699420

File: 1694849610176.jpeg (212.52 KB, 828x1353, 26389D45-2096-4021-A285-F36D9B…)

I am so fucking tired of this meme. Women will have their tits out but still try to convince people they’re men. At least it’s the fastest way to know they’re mentally unstable

No. 1699422

picrel - yet another gigapickme spotted

No. 1699423

File: 1694849795320.jpeg (744.2 KB, 828x1122, IMG_1608.jpeg)

ugh it gets me too nona.
amandla stenberg pisses me off a bit, idk if shes still ‘NB’ tho. although i find her attractive and a good actor, nothing about these people indicate they/them or even he/him kek.
picrel, the most they/them person ive ever seen!!

No. 1699424

File: 1694849926443.png (235.69 KB, 433x629, blocking.png)

Really not a fan when stock photos for clothes have the model doing some kind of "artistic" or "candid" pose that makes it hard to see the actual product. I mean look at this one, she blocked the actual bralette!! It's the only picture of a model wearing it from the front and she covered it up! Not to sound like I'm dehumanizing these girls, it's nice seeing pics of them having fun, but I really would like at least 1 photo in a straightforward neutral pose. A lot of different sites do this kind of thing, I've seen some where they won't show me what it looks like to wear it while simply standing but they'll make sure you know exactly what it looks like at a Dutch angle when doing avant-garde contortionist poses.

No. 1699425

File: 1694850021476.jpeg (51.45 KB, 715x429, IMG_1610.jpeg)

this made me think of the zara photoshoots kek

No. 1699426

kek yeah zara is notorious for it, I haven't looked at any of their stuff in forever but I remember seeing some seriously wacky ones

No. 1699427

I'm sick of the Ghostface w/ tits out look

No. 1699438

How is her waist thinner than one boob? Kek. Is this photoshop and corset or is she the female version of those super masculine men who try to transition into women?

No. 1699549

yeah I've always wondered because we have light red and pink in my language, that mean two different things.

No. 1699551

this, on asos they also have the videos which are usually helpful but not when I wanna see the back pockets of jeans or how the waist part looks and they either have jackets on or hands on waist to hide the fucking clips they use tl cinch them up

No. 1699562

Whenever I’m out and about with one of my friends people assume we’re a lesbian couple ‘cause I dress kind of androgynous I guess, so you’re probably right. That’s gotta be the answer if it’s happened numerous times.

No. 1699578

It just depends on how far your language takes categorizing colours. Some language categorize yellows, oranges and reds we consider seperate colours as one colour. There's no universal truth.

No. 1699583

I know how you feel, nona. My wife is currently pregnant and I'm nearly almost assumed to be the friend. Even got referred to as her sister once, which is funny given that we're different races, kek. I thought people would work it out as I'm butch and my wife is kinda GNC too, but some people just see pregnant women/women with kids and assume they're het. I agree with the anon who said that lesbianism isn't that common IRL, but I still can't help but feel wound up by it. It's making me feel like a third wheel, as I'm not the pregnant one.

No. 1699598

First off: congrats on the baby, nonna! I love hearing about other happy lil 2 mama families ♥ My wife said that she felt that third wheel way too when I was pregnant since I carried our girls. Usually when we were out in public she would put her arm around me and keep a hand on my belly etc to kind of get the point across (and bc it was just really nice uwu) and I made sure to call her Mama and stuff. It feels so shitty that so many people just don’t want to believe actual lesbians exist it seems like, I’m sorry you’re experiencing that frustrating nonsense. My wife is planning to carry our next child, so I’ll get to experience the shoe being on the other foot and also spoil her rotten hehe.

No. 1699610

Thank you, nona! It's good to bump into other couples like us in the wild - even it's on a Mongolian basket weaving forum. My wife and I are expecting twins (due in Feb) which has got us shitting bricks, but in a happy way kek. I would love to carry our next pregnancy, but unfortunately I got a few medical issues going on that would make it very risky. My eggs were good though, so we went down the reciprocal IVF route. I'm still blown away by it tbh. Like I look at her stomach and it's like "whoaaaa, there's two of me in there!" kek. Also, I love how you use your initials! That's what we're planning to do, though if the kids take to calling us something different, I figure we'll just go with what feels natural to them. Lots of love to your family, have a wonderful weekend! ♥

No. 1699618

Omg twins!!! We also did IVF hence why we had twins. That’s so amazing that you did reciprocal like that, what a wonderful way to share the bond of motherhood. Seriously, huge congratulations to you both, you’re almost in the home stretch, you will get to meet the lil peanuts so soon! Nice running in to you, I hope you have a great weekend as well!

No. 1699737

File: 1694886516964.jpeg (83.59 KB, 1170x768, IMG_5329.jpeg)

i think a lot less of people when i find out they are video games hobbyists ( especially online ones ) regardless of sex. i don't want to turn this into an infight so i'll just come out and say that it's because of my millennial older brother who had a huge anger problem and is abusive and traumatized me for life and i'm not putting that lightly. as soon as i know a man is into them i smell danger. i hate really angry people too despite being that myself but at least i don't destroy shit in my house because of video games while yelling at the top of my lungs as a grown adult. he used to turn off the wifi for everyone else in the house just so he could play his dumbass online games. his female friends are just as bad and are honestly pickmes and i hate using that word because of what it's become but that is exactly what they are. i don't respect people who engage in self deprecating humor especially sexism ( and gamers are usually edgy people who love being LE IRONICALLY antiblack for no reason and it's not, never has been or will ever be funny ). i just hate edgy immature manchild adults in general. i used to respect gamers and as a kid even aspire to be like my brother because i idolized him kek but no more. sorry to any nice women who like video games. the only people exempt from this obviously are children because then it's on the parents and that should be the target audience anyway. i don't care if this will make me lonely forever because i'm so far from being a normie. i don't completely hate everyone i just think less of them, some women ended up being cool but i can count that number on one hand ( no man i've ever known into video games has been a decent person ) and i'm not a risk taker

No. 1699750

Lol two lesbian couples with kids on the same thread? What are the chances?

No. 1699769

What's even more annoying is lately anytime I've gone out, about 75% of the time their menu is a QR code and I purposefully don't bring my phone into restaurants. I've just straight up gotten up and left before when one place got annoyed with me and telling me "Um we don't do paper menus anymore".

No. 1699774

NTA but this really grinds my gears. I reluctantly have a smartphone for work, but most of the time it's off if I'm out to eat. I hate how many restaurants have given me some variant of how they're "saving the planet" by not having paper menus, like they can't just get a fucking blackboard or some shit. I've also left places out of frustration. I know it's very geriatric of me, but goddamnit man, those online menus are often buggy as shit anyway.

No. 1700192

This is going to sound like a weird humblebrag, but I hate when I wake up from sleeping or a nap and my pussy is wet as fuck for no reason. It makes me feel like I pissed myself.

No. 1700200

I have to say that those into online multiplayers are way worse than singleplayer-only gamers. Being into online multiplayers as an adult is a red flag for either sex imo idc

No. 1700204

Online games with friends seem fun in theory but after seeing one friend becoming a neet because of ff14 and spending all her days talking to her internet friends and then complaining about them as soon as she was offline and having a mental breakdown because one of her online "friends" stole her very generic ideas for her OC's backstory I don't ever want to try them. The most I can do is the occasional pokemon online battle after that.

No. 1700212

I can't see why anyone would assume you're bragging

No. 1700215

Idk, some anons here get offended at random shit.

No. 1700258

Omg I thought I was the only one.

No. 1700260

Fuck her and her wet ass pussy who does she think she is? Cardi B? She's not better than us saharasisters

No. 1700306

When the video title says Dance Shot ver. but the camera keeps moving in shitty MV fashion. Looking at you, Hello Pro.

No. 1700339

File: 1694957321361.png (160.76 KB, 637x353, 1551222283454.png)

I think gen X needs a turn on the generational hot seat finally. Mainly on the topic of religious panic which they took from the baby boomers. I seriously am getting tired of having discussions with gen Xs online and in real life about "demonic" shit and why nobody takes that accusation seriously anymore. It's because you assholes cried wolf too many times! Everything that was new and interesting is and was demonic! The internet was demonic! Pokemon was demonic! And all the while young millennials and gen z lived in houses and families in which the elders regularly refused to kick out literal serial pedophiles or abusers within the family. That's why nobody takes the demonic shit seriously anymore because you lead poisoned shitheads were too worried about throwing your kid's toys out than dealing with the creepy uncle or real life issues. Nobody gives a shit anymore and you're getting aged out of the conversation. These generations (gen x and baby boom) don't play about putting their necks on the line to defend any clergymen accused of bad things either. Why are they so whipped why are they like this. They will defend a rapist priest to the death and even at the end they'll call the child a whore and a prostitute for seducing him into raping it. wtf

I know boomers and gen x aren't all that bad though. When they're good and want to pass on their knowledge they're some of the kindest, sweetest most dedicated to solving your problem people you'll ever know. They're two very hardworking generations. But fuck when they go into the deep end cuz of that lead or lack of therapy god they're horrible. (I don't even think gen x has a lead problem I just think the lead meme is funny)

No. 1700393

As someone who only has video games as a hobby these days I fully agree with you. There are just so many other ways you can do with your time that are more productive, gives you skills, and lets you experience the world in other ways. Sometimes Sometimes I think I should get back into drawing and art and maybe join a hobby class like yoga, or start going to the gym, but my own laziness is holding me back.

No. 1700499

I really despise how wildly different male socialization is to female socialization. Young boys/men can get away with insulting their mothers, watching porn, lying and saving nudes of the girls they know, but if a woman does the same she's suddenly a terrible slut that is out to ruin the minds of all men. It's so disturbing, and it scares me how so many mothers have this mindset, even more so when they find it "cute" and not anger-inducing.

No. 1700677

This looks like some dude I used to fuck who is taht

No. 1700856

I hate males and bumping threads to get gore off the front page. Careful scrolling nonnas

No. 1701120

I hate when a woman complains about the orgasm gap between men and women, and other women chime in with "I don't need to orgasm every time, sex feels good without orgasming/it's about the ~emotions~ and ~connection~"
It's just so pathetic. The moid is basically using them to masturbate into and yet they try to romanticize it into something special and meaningful. If your moid cums but doesn't make you orgasm he doesn't respect you or give a shit about you. Only exception is if the woman has anxiety/mental issues that make it difficult to orgasm, but even then the guy feel guilty and not orgasm either unless she does.

No. 1701150

Men should have to finish themselves w their hand after the woman has come at least once. Fuck their pathetic orgasms and their facsimile of human feelings tbh

No. 1701193

File: 1695052227134.png (1001.73 KB, 732x745, lol.png)

Moids in girly fashions. I don't why women INSIST on bringing them in and accepting thing when moids are only there for an ego boost because the women are too nice to say anything.

No. 1701198

Every person in that pic looks equally retarded to me so idk

No. 1701207

File: 1695053992712.jpg (62.65 KB, 928x720, likethatofbeasts.jpg)

No. 1701226

God, this is so pathetic it's funny. Pure mental illness. You know this kind of people never got any love or care from their parents so they're waiting for a partner to compensate it.

No. 1701236

I swear I've seen something along those lines being said on lolcow

No. 1701238

It’s true

No. 1701317

This. It's mostly because I have wet af dreams due to sexual repression, and it's worst during ovulation.

No. 1701323

Nta but sorry to your vagina and your eyes and memory for having to go through seeing that on top of you

No. 1701324

Yeah, when someone was sperging about rape babies and ivf babies not having a soul in the tinfoil thread.

I may be mentally ill but the only sex with men that's acceptable to me is when he just doesn't get off. No orgasm, very little pleasure or none at all. I could never let a moid use me as fleshlight, I will never change my mind.

No. 1701327

>I may be mentally ill but the only sex with men that's acceptable to me is when he just doesn't get off
no you're just based

No. 1701329

Based. If you're going to have sex with scrotes, the least you can do is take as much pleasure as you can from them and not give anything back. ime only a few notice enough to complain, and picky moids are easily replaced.

No. 1701338

Im sorry but it's cringe when anons do this kekkk. You still had sex with him even if you don't "let him" get off

No. 1701340

That's nice anon. We're not all separatists.

No. 1701343

I'm not either. It has nothing to do with separatism.

No. 1701348

Here's the thing though, pleasure-less sex for moids is humiliating (I mean, it should be this way for women too but some come up with pathetic excuses for why they don't cum during sex with men), beccause they normally view getting off and using a woman as a sex toy as dominating. I only want to humiliate men, and if they refuse then I'd rather not have sex at all. There's nothing more humiliating for a man, they absolutely hate not getting pleasure by degrading someone else (most often women). If you're straight and really crave sex with a man then him not getting off is the next best thing.

No. 1701369

File: 1695067496966.jpg (43.21 KB, 640x641, 23f278e9f14e7d5a56df02f7e43490…)

Being a glutton

No. 1701385

i hate all coomers

No. 1701410

Lyric videos with distracting background elements. How am I supposed to read the lyrics when the damn video has floodlights spinning the whole song?

No. 1701592

File: 1695091749249.jpg (17.89 KB, 500x652, usless item no8230456.jpg)

i fucking hate coffee so much. it smells like shit, tastes like shit, & gives those who religiously drink it stained teeth & the most vile halitosis possible. even worse are the people who own coffee grinders or machines, theyre some of the filthiest people ive cleaned for. coffee grinds everywhere, milk frother covered in weeks worth of dried milk, wet coffee juices seeping out all over the counter, the easy to tip jug of water attached to said machines, of which is always covered in limescale, the stench emanating form the forever unwashed grinds bin. i could go on & on. eternal damnation for coffee drinkers.

No. 1701623

File: 1695094768968.jpeg (141.42 KB, 705x746, person-chrimp-adams_hd-theres-…)

Not race bait istg. Why do super religious Muslims come to places like America just to act very childish when they naturally see non-muslims acting "unmuslim-like"? I've seen Muslims act mellow dramatic to cover their eyes instead of just casually looking away when they spot a woman wearing shorts in 80 degree summer. I've caught Muslims outside of restaurants loudly judging people for eating things they don't like, such as a simple pepperoni pizza. Sorry not sorry, if you're super dedicated to your religion and think the world should revolve around your standards, MAYBE you shouldn't be living in a place like America. You know what, this goes for literally any immigrant or visitor that shits on everything they see native citizens doing when they made it their choice to live there. If you're an immigrant and Austrailia, Britain, Russia, Japan, or whatever the fuck is so much better than your "new home", you're welcome to go right the fuck back to where you came. Hating a country and the citizens in it, but making the conscious choice to live there anyway while crying about how it's not exactly like your country is some laughable low IQ brainpower.

No. 1701717

no more ~alternate timelines~ no more ~multiverse~ please i'm so fucking tired!!!

No. 1701740

Try living in Sweden nona. We let it get to the point where life for regular swedes in many places of the country has been noticeably altered because of this. And no it's not racebait, muslim is not a race. If you think it's okay to criticize christians then it should be okay to criticize members of other religions as well.

No. 1701747

I agree with this, but a lot of people in Sweden are mad racist anyway. They say they hate Muslims but they actually mean they hate ethnicities that happen to be Muslim and not Islam itself. They don't know what Islam preaches and they don't care, they just hate brown people.

I'm not religious but my family are Bosnian Muslims. People don't know because we are white but as soon as people find out they have names like Malika and Hasan they start being weird and say something like
>oh but your family is not like one of them, you're different

If they only hated Islam which, yeah I do too so I won't take offense, they'd be as horrible to me as they are to my MENA friends, but I'm off the hook and so is my fam. And it's not like my friends are violent rapists or smelly beggars or whatever, they're regular computer nerds who like anime and fast food. People just hate seeing them exist.

No. 1701755

Agree. If I go to a country where Islam is the main religion and wear what I would wear in my country I would get raped and killed, but if I complain about muslim men shitting things up, beating and raping women in my country because they think it's their right then I'm the issue because I'm "racist" (even if Islam is not a race and rapists always use it to excuse their pedophilia and misogyny). They can fuck off and go rape each other in the asses. Faggot pedophile cocksuckers. (I'm only referring to the men here)

No. 1701766

Agreed, very tired of "there's a multiverse and the villain is travelling through universes to kill the protagonist" in media

No. 1701808

I hate that people/the world will beat you down about whatever unattractive features you have, but when you express that you dislike something about yourself or change it with plastic surgery here comes some bitch like "nooo, I love x so much! Why do you hate it? I think they're so pretty!". It's actually so much worse when it's about something that was already changed with surgery.

No. 1701820

Breakfast food with no option for lunch.
So sick of people thinking your meal options need only be carbs, eggs, and cured meat just because it's 10am. Breakfast food is not even that good. Fuck off.

No. 1701822

>some bitch like "nooo, I love x so much! Why do you hate it? I think they're so pretty!"
and the same bitch like 5 min ago was making fun of the exact thing you were considering surgery for. fuck these people, all crabs in a bucket who can't make up their minds. getting plastic surgery to appease others delicate sensibilities is pointless, actually.

No. 1701826

Anachans and the amount of anachans on this site with their weird autistic dog-hate/monkey baby-torture level hatred for fat people. I wanted to browse the lolita thread on /w/ and by God, like 77% of it was very blatant anachan posting, same for places like celebricow thread. They're just so annoying.

No. 1701857

File: 1695136299732.jpg (91.7 KB, 1300x1300, 001556433-1.jpg)

Artificial grade flavors. Bleh. I've only had grape soda like once or twice, but I'm sure all of them are disgostang.

No. 1701866

That's literally the only good flavor of soda tho

No. 1701867

I agree, the taste of grape pop is too similar to cough syrup to me it's foul kek

No. 1701868

You're probably like 6 years old or something. Childish.

No. 1701879

>she doesn't like the taste of artificially tangy and sweet grape soda
Couldn't imagine being this empty and worried about what others think. Sad!

No. 1701880


No. 1701882

I'm only worried about what my tastebuds think, and my tastebuds tell me that grape soda is constructed of pure evil and putridity

No. 1701884

You're so right.

No. 1701887

I hate James Cameron’s Titanic. It’s long as shit (like 3 hours), and it’s cringe as fuck most of the way though. The only things I liked were the settings and costumes

No. 1701922

When I think my period is over because its lighter then the next day or while peeing a whole ton of blood drops.

No. 1701929

File: 1695143438974.jpg (74.84 KB, 673x958, f4f8034f40bfa6576f064273e97531…)

>things you hate
I hate faggot males being obsessive, jealous, hateful, and misogynistic towards women over men who wouldn't touch anything gay with a ten foot pole anyway. Then they go into detail about how much they hate vaginas, and how they're sad that most men are attracted to vaginas instead of another man's dick. They compare vaginas to fish, say that it's "inferior" to the male asshole because women have the ability to get pregnant, or even try to lie by saying vaginas are "much grosser" even though gay males are the most likely to catch HIV and things like monkeypox because of them fucking where they shit. All because they fetishize having sex with straight men, and using their poopy "bussies" to "magically" turn them into faggots. I hate men, but it's still creepy to see all these faggots on social media openly wanting to "turn straight men gay" and to "steal them from their wives". They use the phrase "turning men gay", insinuating that sexuality is a choice, but act genuinely offended when people start to think their gross lifestyles are a choice. But what I have to hate the most about gay men hating women for straight men is the fact that it perfectly sums up one of the worst traits that men as a whole possess: entitlement. For some reason, gay males cannot seem to fucking let it go that the majority of men aren't brokeback mountain cowboys like them. I don't know if gay males have the "must eat forbidden fruit" curiosity about straight men, if they get off on wanting to fuck straight men specifically to spite women, or because gay males genuinely believe they're entitled to straight men just because they share the same gender. I've seen faggots complain about all the hottest men they've ever seen being "unfortunately straight", so maybe it's a "grass is greener on the other side" kind of mindset for why they want straight dudes so much. Faggot males would have a seizure if women felt this entitled to them, because faggots will be the first to tell you that they're gay and that women need to fuck off. But it's like they cannot take their own advice when they're told to fuck off by straight men who would never find them attractive, even when they're drunk with the lights dimmed. Then faggots go full retard by blaming women and throwing an absolute fit about straight men. How are women "stealing men" away fron gays when straight men would never fuck another man in the first place? You can't miss what you never had, you dumb fucking degenerates. And the funny thing is, if a gay man does succeed at "turning a man away from his heterosexuality", all that means is that he just found a closet faggot, or a bisexual. Real heterosexual men will never end up with faggots, otherwise they're not truly straight in the first place. With this hole in their logic, all these creepy ass faggots can continue crying themselves to sleep at night since their dreams of "catching" a straight man is arguably impossible to make real. Doomed to be lusting and pining over a type of man that they can never truly have.

It's funny how faggots have this obsessive hatred to women and their bodies when they work so hard to even imitate how we talk. They copy women's slang and even our voice's pitch to SOUND like us. They put on wigs, dresses, makeup, and other articles of fashion and clothing to LOOK like us. For fucks sake, they even come running and crawling for us to be surrogates when they feel entitled to a biological child, even though faggots should have already accepted the inability to have biological children as a natural consequence for their homosexual lifestyle. Despite generally being misogynistic, faggots take advantage of desperate women so they can immediately snatch the newborn from her arms, tear off their own shirts, and pose for the camera as if THEY were the ones who gave birth. Just so faggots FEEL like they even share the same ability as us. The only difference between the average faggot and a tranny is that faggots are only slightly less mentally ill, and just grounded in reality to still understand that they're men. Faggots hate women, yet try to imitate women every fucking day they show their face in person, on TV, or on the internet. They need to get over themselves and fuck off back to the bar or wherever they fuck they congregate. I'm not going to sit here and believe that my vagina is gross just because faggots don't understand it. I'm not going to believe that faggots are entitled to women's boyfriends and husbands just because faggots claim to be "better at blowjobs" or whatever. I'm not going to apologize for the fact that I get more attention from straight men than faggots do. I'm not going to waste my brain's sense of empathy on a bunch of narcissistic, HIV infected, misogynistic, predatory faggot males who demand that the world feel sorry for them just because they're bored of other faggots and wanna try harassing or even raping straight moids. Faggots want women to feel all sorry for them and shit, but I hope they're lurking right now because here's my answer: FUCK YOU.

No. 1701941

Honestly I hate fags but it’s hot when they prey on het males.

No. 1702181

same with artificial strawberry anything, i hate it so much and it's the most popular one

No. 1702632

File: 1695220408430.png (276.32 KB, 720x562, otae.png)

I hate this meme cause so often Otae is paired with something she wouldn't be caught dead with.

No. 1702638

No. 1702669

I endorse fags being predatory towards heterosexual men, let them get a taste of what they cause to women. Maybe they will have actual and not performative empathy.

No. 1702670

File: 1695224613888.jpg (13.89 KB, 225x225, ZwIjIkn.jpg)

Yes to all of that.

I would like to add troon straight males that are "lesbian". They are the same old misogynistic moids but now in dresses, pretending to be an improved version of what they think it's a woman, that is, an object.

I'm fucking disgusted about them and their mansplanations while they are playing to be a women. Not to forget that a big amount of them are pedophiles.

The worst part is that we can say nothing about it in this woke society of us, or you'll be cancelled and be called a bigot or TERF, just for telling the truth.

I feel really sad about this.

No. 1702674

>Despite generally being misogynistic, faggots take advantage of desperate women so they can immediately snatch the newborn from her arms, tear off their own shirts, and pose for the camera as if THEY were the ones who gave birth.
I fucking HATE this so much it makes me want to scream

No. 1702685

I set up an account on poshmark as it seems better suited for “normie” clothing that I’m trying to get rid of and failing. Poshmark is so annoying, I don’t really understand the , what, sharing thing? Also they like to send a bunch of bullshit notifications, like, You are great! or something to that effect, or, Coffee is blah blah blah , some real dumbass shit. Shut the fuck up Poshmark. I know I can turn off notifications but Im too lazy. I’m going to try depop next

No. 1702717

>detailing dysphoria
This i never understood, why even have children which would trigger dysphoria?

No. 1702730

>tranny males abusing surrogates are "confronted by hardships and challenges during their surrogates' pregnancy"
I hate that I can't say my real thoughts about this because I'd be banned for a-logging.

No. 1702734

I genuinely think we should be allowed to a-log MTF troons like it should be the one exception. Oh, and Shayna.

No. 1702997

You're not alone on this. When trannies spam shit like CP, gore, and animal abuse on this site and others like it, you feel less empathetic when they get told go to kill themselves.

No. 1703096

File: 1695265165563.png (2.52 MB, 2623x5464, every-single-fnaf-character-fi…)

>things you hate
Lore or writers that don't know how to be comprehensible. The best example I have at the moment is Five Nights at Freddy's since the damn movie is coming out and will inevitably make the fans overthink the story's plot line even more. There are so many details and plotholes in FNaF that are either retconned, crumbled up and thrown away to never be relevant to the story again, or just leave you with more questions than answers because the story rarely bothers to make anything clear. At least with games like Lisa: The Painful, you can understand the story directly as the plot goes along, and use what the game shows you to reach obvious implications about floating details. In games like Yume Nikki, they're not even supposed to have a direct meaning because the point of those games are meant for the viewer's own interpretation. Five Nights at Freddy's though? Holy shit, it's like it wants to be mysterious and intelligent by having a large plot that stretches across all these games and books, but like what I already mentioned, the game only makes you wonder if Scott designed it to be as unsolvable as possible just to fuck with everyone that even remotely cares. If you're going to make over five games with like a dozen books to help your audience explain ONE FUCKING PLOT, tone the symbolism, red herrings, random retcons, and unexplainable new plot lines the fuck down. You either make a mysterious game that leaves the plot simply at that, or a long game that actually gives you enough to understand what's important. Scott tried to do both, and now you got fans overthinking and theorizing everything, even details like why William's kids have different colored eyes. And the fans have got to be the most annoying aspect of this game's franchise, because they fight all day about what's "aschtually CoRrEct" to the plot and backstory, when it's been nine years and the plot still doesn't have a well-written picture. If you make a theory and it's "wrong" according to the fanbase, honestly who the fuck even cares at this point? Obviously not even Scott cares if he still didn't make time to breakdown wtf is going on for the whole story anyway. The story is so convoluted, even the biggest nerd is bound to get at least seven things "wrong" about the lore anyway. Especially when Scott will make his 20th game and retcons the fuck out of everything we thought we knew. Take a good look at picrel, and all these animatronics alone should perfectly and visually summarize just how overdone the details for this game are.

No. 1703348

Mf on Craigslist who post shit for nearly the same price you can buy it new in store

No. 1703351

File: 1695306170934.png (630.7 KB, 1092x612, CAT.png)

I hate when people cough with their tongue out. Are you a fucking baby? Put your tongue back in.
I will say though, some coughs are so fucking hard that sticking your tongue out is almost uncontrollable.

No. 1703375

Omg nonna the pic is killing me kek!!

No. 1703399

My local antique store kept trying to sell a cheap butter churner for (small glass and wood one, not even a large one) for $50+, claiming that if someone were to fix it and buy parts for it, then it will be $200. I found the same one on eBay for $15. Some people are so delusional I swear

No. 1703402

I can’t believe there’s people out there taking five nights at Freddy’s seriously.

No. 1703408

File: 1695312473481.png (248.79 KB, 724x722, the original rapeape.PNG)

I love the name Leda but I could never name a daughter that because the most famous Leda is the mythological woman who got raped by Zeus while he took the shape of a swan. Literally 99% of myths with Zeus in them have him raping random women and men, often while in the shape of an animal for some reason. He fucking sucks. Hera should have stopped punishing the mortals he slept with or raped and should have started murdering Zeus (especially considering Hera didn't even want to be with Zeus in the first place). I know it's dumb to hate gods no one has worshiped in thousands of years but this guy fucking sucks. Fuck you Zeus.

No. 1703411

He was the first furry

No. 1703412

I want to write a fanfic in which he gets raped instead, he deserves it.

No. 1703417

i can't believe anons on this site defend sexualizing school uniforms. as if school girl porn hasn't been a huge part of teen lust in moids for decades.

No. 1703424

Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher, or because I went to a school with obligatory uniforms, but I don’t get what’s supposed to be sexy about them.
Uniforms always look frumpy as fuck, even if you’re a skinny legend, teenagers are weirdly shaped with too long limbs and too short torsos, so they look even more shitty with uniforms and honestly they all look retarded with any type of clothes which is pitiful but whatever, we should all be glad it only happens once in our lifetimes.
Even knowing that yeah, you as an adult can just wear the uniform, it still looks like shit because they’re made to make kids look the same so they don’t have to feel too shitty about their own bodies and so they can have some clothes that will make them look somewhat decent or “polished”.
I feel like you either have to be a child/teen yourself, a pedo, or to never have seen a real school uniform (a real uniform, not those outfits that are inspired by uniforms) in person to think they’re sexy in any way.

No. 1703433

I don't think anyone finds them sexy on their own I think men just associate them with teenagers directly. The anons on the cow boards are defending it saying that older women don't look like teens so men won't associate it with them even though teens are the only things men associate the uniforms with.

No. 1703453

File: 1695316932517.jpg (142.4 KB, 750x1000, a4acb75918a5e2b965986b6a4222dd…)

Hera was such a dumbass pickme. It's like sure, go ahead and keep punishing random human women because of what your husband did. Cursing and killing mortal women totally won't be pointless when Zeus inevitably cheats on you again for the 29447292944720th time with yet another human. But seriously though, why was Greek mythology just full of dense fucking assholes?

No. 1703471

Because it was made up by moids to explain/excuse their scroteshit society. Ancient Greece sucked for women outside of Sparta, and Sparta still sucked because women were expected to produce the next generation of warriors despite practically running the city. They only had marked graves for men who died in battle and women who died in childbirth, so that should tell you how fucked they were even with the best women's rights out of any Ancient Greek city-state. I hate Ancient Greece.

No. 1703481

I hate that everything has to be a franchise now, I hate how everything has to also have both comics and/or books AND movies and/or shows, even worse when it's live action!!! I hate this live action adaptation trend so much it's probably the second worst thing that happened to modern entertainment, the first being sex scenes being shoehorned everyfuckingwhere

No. 1703495

Theologically the Hellenic gods weren't viewed as characters as we would understand them today or even as how we gods from an Abrahamic sence. They were concepts personified (due to mostly Phoenician and Semitic influence on Greece). Hera wasn't pushing random women; it was the concept of chastity itself.

No. 1703497

Chastity required of women but not of men, point still stands

No. 1703504

That's a fair point but we're looking back at them from a modern perspective, and modern stories tend to be more character driven. It makes sense that because of our sensibilities we would focus more on the characters and their weird half-baked motivations, as opposed to whatever concept they represented. Plus it's more fun to shit on gods that way.

No. 1703511

The thing is, the vast majority of recorded Hellenic myths are from the Athenian respective(with their biases) there would have been regional variations.

No. 1703540

voltron art style

No. 1703587

NTA but in ancient Greece you were either a chaste NLOG who was no better than living furniture or you were a woman-hating NLOG who went through a TiF transformation before your wedding because women were too icky for boys to like. There's no way a goddess of marriage would be anything other than Hera. I wish she would have used her powers of marriage to cut Zeus' dick off or something after he went on a coom rampage.

No. 1703707

File: 1695337711944.png (8.68 MB, 3500x2000, acrylic_20nail_20art_20ideas.p…)

these trashy plastic talons

No. 1703709

File: 1695337779904.jpg (12.64 KB, 300x250, EAwSKdcWsAAXevf.jpg)

No. 1703715

They always reminded me of someone cutting plastic straws in half and gluing them to their fingers, I don't get it. The designs are cute though.

No. 1703827

File: 1695344519426.jpeg (40.94 KB, 415x738, images (4).jpeg)

No. 1703834

this is so petty i cant

No. 1703934

Anybody else remember how all the sims 1 cc back in the day was ugly ass bathroom sets like this

No. 1703940

so true, my buy catalog in my old save looks like a clown mall

No. 1704371

What the fuck? I can't come here anymore. I'm shutting it all down.

No. 1704375

i love clown ugly sims cc

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