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File: 1486569354795.jpg (87.67 KB, 600x593, CMxgUSKUwAAnI5A.jpg)

No. 180901

Previous thread: >>102776

Post art you find bad or hideous

No. 180926

File: 1486609925542.jpg (125.65 KB, 600x826, 093218399.jpg)

No. 180927

File: 1486613480961.png (943.26 KB, 1024x876, my_bride_came_from_the_dirt_by…)

It's a sad day when not even sparkledogs are safe from tumblr art

No. 180928

File: 1486613527230.png (588.34 KB, 994x918, he_does_represent_you_ill_tell…)

No. 180947

File: 1486651410987.jpeg (225.17 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

From the fire emblem mobile game
>what is anatomy?

No. 180950

File: 1486654861698.jpg (331.22 KB, 960x540, erw4445444.jpg)

Has anyone seen this on Steam? I love otome games but…the fucking art style is so hideous. Why???

No. 180953

Needs more red noses and lesbians

No. 180980

I love FE and this app but oh my god I can't believe I didn't notice this. It's laughably bad.

No. 180982

File: 1486674309672.jpg (127.35 KB, 640x1136, C4QIy8-XAAQyQnD.jpg)

His foot…

No. 180984

File: 1486674597216.png (618.41 KB, 575x804, tumblr_okp0mcIC891r6a1vco2_540…)

this artist was talked about last thread but jesus christ how can someone be so stupid? how the fuck can you 'headcanon' a character as fat when you can see they are skinny in 'canon' why is tumblr so desperate for diversity that they have to fatwash blackwash and uglywash every character

i remember seeing that being promoted by the undertale guy on twitter and being repulsed by the ugly characters lol, i cant believe this thing costs $12, at least the seduce me otome (which has some of the most hideous artwork ive ever seen) was free. (seriously those cgs looked like wikihow art, i mean it got double its amount on kickstarter and had better artwork wtf happened)

No. 180990


Fire Emblem: Combat Medic edition. Press A to place the bite stick into your husbandos or waifus mouth, then use the stylus to yank their dislocated joints and broken bones back into position.

No. 180997

Why do they always draw that one character fat…?

No. 181001

I wish tumblr women would stop projecting their unattractiveness on female anime characters. Come to think of it I don't think they do anything like this to male characters, or whenever they do they're specifically labeled as trans canons.

No. 181003

they think big tits = landwhale

No. 181004


>but anon, what's wro… oh shit nvm

No. 181007

File: 1486692565080.jpg (9.49 KB, 227x218, WnteMeZ.jpg)

honest question, what are those rainbow explosions supposed to be

No. 181009

Can't break what's already broken, anon

No. 181013

Sparkledog guts

No. 181021

FE is notorious for bad feet lol

No. 181024

It's what women do when faced with a more attractive woman: they band together and cut her down. And it doesn't matter that the woman in question doesn't even exist, much less looks like a human individual does.

No. 181027

tbh, it's always the females and the ones who show stereotypically "feminine traits"

It's literally just self insert shipping with another character.

No. 181042

Reminds me of an otome game that had okay looking portraits but the bodies looked horrific, since the artist was only good at drawing heads.

No. 181044

Her character trait is having big tits and being promiscuous so in the mind of a tumblrina = she's fat. They also draw Nico and Umi being dark-skinned for literally no reason at all.

No. 181052

File: 1486753141857.jpg (124.58 KB, 1080x1080, 16111049_1728245370837260_3624…)

I don't even watch Sailor Moon but this still offends me

No. 181057

I assumed it was going to be generic Tumblr art from the thumbnail. Then I saw the face. That's a special kind of ugly.

No. 181058

File: 1486760824729.jpg (64.13 KB, 448x700, 8bWlP5n.jpg)

I hope this is satire. The face looks like one of those "what anime would look like in real life" parodies

No. 181061

File: 1486767818655.png (320.59 KB, 640x930, IMG_3204.PNG)

That hand…

No. 181067

This makes me legitimately uncomfortable.
Eh, hands are one of the most difficult things to render, I think this is otherwise pretty good fanart.

No. 181070

>sailormoon x dakota rose

No. 181077

Ugh,I hate tomatomagica her art style is so bland and bright and over shined with color contrast. I used to follow her Osumatsu-san reblogs but now her art has gotten worst. She had such good style back then, it was cute and anime inspired but now its trendy tumblrina bullshit. Don't get me started on what she did to the Matsuno Bros and the female characters. All girls are fat while the boys are either trans or exactly the same. Guh, she even defended Johnny Depp's crazy wife with that whole abusive relationship scam. She's an sad excuse for a progressive artist trying to "improve" the diversity in the anime community but all she's doing is being an ass.

No. 181092

>those tumblr artist thinking that a kawaii anime girl fits that weirdo-alien aesthetic
>Please someone stop them

No. 181093

So if you're thin you're a lie? So tired of this 'real women ~have curves eeer I mean are fat~ .

No. 181099

File: 1486843182278.png (1.02 MB, 1536x720, tumblr fanart in a nutshell.pn…)

>projecting their unattractiveness on female anime characters

No. 181101

I'm more offended by her hideous fashion sense than anything else

No. 181105

Does she even eat fruit

No. 181108

File: 1486860889773.png (633.62 KB, 1280x1363, wow.png)

She had such good style back then, it was cute and anime inspired but now its trendy tumblrina bullshit.

this makes me really sad, her artstyle was actually cute as fuck

No. 181110

Can I please have the source. It's too fucking good

No. 181111

File: 1486863620369.png (950.49 KB, 1280x1818, 53563c67-ee14-43dc-91a1-d906d5…)

steven universe really attracts shitty art styles

No. 181113

I kinda like this, idk. Although I think it'd be better if it wasn't sailor moon.

No. 181117

File: 1486868848479.jpg (193.76 KB, 678x700, simpsons10.jpg)

Wow this really reminds of Rebecca Sugar's old comic

No. 181120

File: 1486876460725.png (1.43 MB, 1280x1428, dictator-kun.png)

It's only been a month

No. 181125

Did they put a drop shadow on the lineart…?

No. 181130

looks more like they used overlay

No. 181137

File: 1486919897377.jpg (63.48 KB, 640x640, 15802916_207547189715336_77789…)


Some of her art is okay, but these faces and bodies are just too much

No. 181142

I looked Rebecca sugar up on a whim. Don't know why I expected her to look like anything but tumblr personified

Sage for OT

No. 181159

No. 181160

that annoying ass disclaimer at the beginning tho…

No. 181162

btw Rebecca Sugar is the creator of Steven Universe

Everything comes full circle

No. 181167

i know how much people love to shit on her old ugly art but tbh i liked its ugliness, i find it kind of appealing

this kind of reminds me of this other video ive seen, it was some girl artist in her last year of high school talking how she started to fake being the well-behaved kid and would use her image as the 'just shy and innocent' kid against people, one of the cringiest things i had seen, reminded me of when i was 14 and was all edgy, anyone know the video im talking about? i cant remember its title

No. 181172

This is like the lowest denominator of art humor aside from political cartoons

No. 181176

Dude, I can just imagine them shattering into pieces once they discover a goregrind album cover.

No. 181182

File: 1487011228403.png (696.36 KB, 1047x700, tumblr_nj26sjefLu1qij4gjo1_128…)

Cannot STAND mookie000's art. Every time I see it on my dash I feel like my eyes are going to explode out of my fucking head from how much she saturates, contrasts & uses neon colors and patterns to cover up her shitty anatomy & lopsided faces. It's only natural she and Emily Hu were butt buddies & copied/mashed up each other's styles for a little bit until they got tired of using each other like they do with all their tumblr famous "friends".


No. 181183

It's not technically bad, but the eyes & saturation ruin the piece. I feel like the artist is trying to stand out way too much, prob because anime art style has been overdone.

No. 181184

I agree, it'd be a lot better if they'd just tone it the fuck down.

No. 181192

same tbh
She's an annoying fujo just like Emily

No. 181201

File: 1487028620814.png (687.83 KB, 2000x1000, 2922358_CuVl1bJONSnfqYt.png)

This sold for 120 fucking USD.

No. 181205

Rebecca's ugly art looks appealing because she knows her foundations and can stylize based off of that without it looking off

Tumblr artists who copy her are copying how she stylizes without studying the foundations that inform that style

No. 181222

Ugh. How. I see much better art out there but garbage like this gets sold all the time.

No. 181257

It creeps me out how much their art feminizes Kenma and always depicts him with this weird submissive, fetishistic overtone. Always with this watery eyed, pouting lip look that reminds me of a shoujo heroine stuck in a grim doujin or something.

No. 181259

File: 1487135994955.jpg (463.22 KB, 804x851, fLwTPIn.jpg)

Feel sort of bad for the waifus/husbando-friends that got shit art in Heroes. On the plus side, most of the bad art seems to be relegated to popular units, who are most likely to receive new forms.

No. 181264

I don't think the anatomy's that bad.
At the very least, they're good at drawing hands.
Though I agree about over saturation on colours. It's eye rape.

No. 181273

File: 1487160129377.png (941.64 KB, 1024x759, THOSE FUCKING LIPS.png)

I used to like this artist a few years ago, their art was neat, but their style has just gone off. Those freaking lips and eyes just bother me to no end.

No. 181275

The thumbnail looked pretty cute but I agree with the faces. I kind of really like the style but thats a pity.

No. 181278

what is wrong with this one?

No. 181285

File: 1487174098102.png (893.9 KB, 1280x1620, OTqoVCT.png)

Found a few gems in my dashboard…

No. 181286

File: 1487174123941.png (267.09 KB, 511x654, OgFbLek.png)

Don't mind me, just my computer fucking up screenshots

No. 181287

The guy looks like he has an anus for lips.

No. 181311

That one is actually pretty cute

No. 181330

Such a white-looking Miku

No. 181334

Her case is such a pity… I used to LOVE her art back when she did Regular Show stuff like… 6 years ago. She always had a really excentric style of course but I feel like at some point between 2012 and 2013 she just killed it. You can only stylize something so much until it just becomes overbearing to look at.

No. 181362

File: 1487233384119.png (191.59 KB, 899x497, 3E15aklAXMsUywd2YhcXnAJRGBAfrB…)

No. 181436

I-Is this a joke?

No. 181483

File: 1487353012761.png (87.27 KB, 300x400, no.png)

Supposed to be Nozomi from Love Live.

No. 181484

At least this one isn't fat

No. 181492

File: 1487366866047.jpg (70.34 KB, 500x612, IMG_5889.JPG)

Rebecca Sugar just looks incredibly average, honestly. She seems nice and nothing about her particularly screams tumblr unless you really reached for it.

It seems like a lot of people here just get rustled whenever anything is associated with tumblr like it's a spooky boogeyman.

No. 181493

File: 1487367397298.png (949.92 KB, 1280x1821, tumblr_o1bibc110w1sp3q41o1_128…)

No. 181495

File: 1487367707003.png (674.25 KB, 1280x1821, tumblr_o1bibc110w1sp3q41o3_128…)

No. 181502

File: 1487384532255.png (11.43 KB, 193x100, lazy.PNG)

No. 181503

What did they do to my dear Minako chan?? Fuuuck

No. 181504

File: 1487385093007.png (227.09 KB, 1231x649, untitled_drawing_by_wrinklosit…)

Aside from the tumblr-art hate train going on, I present to you this. Idk if it's a troll or nah, but this guy's gallery is full of this shit

No. 181505

File: 1487385238612.png (15.97 KB, 300x130, daww____thanks__you__by_wrinkl…)

No. 181506

File: 1487385287239.png (240.47 KB, 1166x685, untitled_drawing_by_wrinklosit…)

Last one

No. 181507

This work is amazing.

No. 181509

I love these. They're great.

No. 181513

File: 1487390903916.png (171.36 KB, 959x832, WRANKLAY_SNAKE_by_wrinklosity-…)


I don't know, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, they do provide some chuckles. On the other hand, /why/?

I just had to take a break from the tumblr art hate. Don't get me wrong, it's annoying and dumb what they do to characters in the name of being all-inclusive to a fault, but the art isn't (generally) HORRIBLE. There have been exceptions though, as seen in previous threads.

No. 181520

lol this looks like Pixyteri fan art

No. 181539

File: 1487445261437.jpg (Spoiler Image,49.89 KB, 640x409, moldy vagina.jpg)

No. 181540

why would I read that file name and still unspoiler the image…

No. 181542

Worst chia pet ever

No. 181558

well now i know wrinkle fetishes exist

No. 181654


Dear god why

No. 181656

File: 1487618492301.jpg (74.35 KB, 540x635, save me millennium crystal sav…)

No. 181670

Ah, the horrible tumblr proportions, yet another talented artist wasted to this wortless trend. Is it a fetish thing? Is it a reflection of how they wish people looked? Regardless it irritates the shit out of me. Color, shading and lineart is A+ and then… this thing. Fuck you tumblr. I'm triggered.

No. 181678

Her nose makes her look like fix-it felix

No. 181689

File: 1487649535828.png (327.91 KB, 1280x1137, 6ae27320-8657-4e31-893e-6c8847…)

Just had this atrocity come across my tumblr dash. I think it's supposed to be Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield

No. 181693

But how…how does someone ruin something described by Tolkien? He goes on for pages about how hobbits and dwarves look. That's like reading ASOIAF without seeing a passage per POV about the food or the clothes

No. 181694

They're whiter than mayo on bread, how on Earth do you mess up this badly?

No. 181730

I bet most of the people who draw these bad edgy Sailor Moon fanarts haven't even seen Sailor Moon before and are only drawing fanart because it's popular.

No. 181746

>Huge European history nerd creates series HEAVILY based off of European history and culture, with the (half?) exception of the Dwarves being inspired by Jews
>So… I guess that means everyone in it is black right?

No. 181747

One race was described as black, the swertings who became part of saurons army. The elves are pale, the hobbits are a little tanned but still white, the dunedain are white and dark haired, the rohirrim white and blonde. The dwarves have redheads for gods sake!
Tolkiens world was heavily influenced by the languages and mythology he studied and taught, which was Middle English and things like Beowulf. His inspirations were from white European culture, his heritage was white European, and the culture he lived in was white and largely European.

Only tumblr could reach so far as to find black characters in middle earth.

No. 181749

How could they do this to my husband…

No. 181780

File: 1487765325957.png (405.52 KB, 858x642, penishand.png)

I wanted to reply because I read the comic and haven't found this to be true. The comic (AOH) is fine, just a bit cringey and trying too hard to be manga. The MC hasn't pressured the asexual kid into anything yet, idk why you said that.

pic not related (HC Brown's "comic") just to contribute something

No. 181786

Those glasses on the main character and the hair on the other look so fucking bad to me that it makes me angry.

Why did she ever think that shit looks good

No. 181789

File: 1487788276881.png (8.56 KB, 277x73, crawlinginmyskin.PNG)

>HC Brown
God her art is awful and tumblr looking as fuck
I'm amazed how she became so popular overnight

No. 181798

File: 1487798982716.png (222.62 KB, 540x746, ohno.png)

This just crossed my dash. 2k notes.

No. 181806

Ace of Hearts is a direct rip off of Always Raining Here, which is leaps and bounds above this uninspired tumblr crap, and the reason behind the story not being utter garbage, as gross as her spin on it might be.

No. 181807

Is this petitepasserine or whatever because i hate her & her cultural appropriating yet sjw ass

No. 181823

All her stuff looks the saaame. I do like her colors, but good god. It's just the same dimension-less, pastel, special snowflake lezzies over and over.

No. 181829

Without knowing who that is I can see why. The color palette would go nicely on many blogs and uwu flower girl uwu

No. 181843

File: 1487852664548.jpg (35.72 KB, 652x365, trump rly.jpg)

>cultural appropriating

No. 181881

Looks like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge gone wrong

No. 181885

Those lips are awful - at least on the guy, on the girl I don't mind it so much, maybe because she's smiling but it looks alright. But I like the eyes, there's an old shoujo feel to them.
Too much shine and blush though.

No. 182059

File: 1487978484911.png (175.87 KB, 540x427, tumblr_olw9naent01qgfed6o1_r1_…)

"it’s rly not hard to make a more visually interesting character design if ur not racist"

No. 182061

File: 1487978514779.png (342.33 KB, 540x754, tumblr_olvx42VU7Y1qgfed6o3_540…)

No. 182063


Why did they make her fat with obnoxious orange hair?

These Tumblr artists are a trip…

No. 182070

I think the skin color is quite ok (disregarding that bullshit commentary) but the hair doesn't fit with the color scheme AT ALL like if you're trying to be snarky xD xP at least know how to art.

No. 182072


Did they make Marco black too? He's… he's Latino though? Why does tumblr racebend already poc characters, I thought they were against that? I forgot every race is evil whitey mcwhite to tumblr except black people. They're the only poc that count there, I guess.

No. 182073

Ah, yes. As soon as I watched the first episode, I knew there would be some tumblr butt hurt about Star being white with blue eyes and blonde hair.

No. 182096

File: 1488015747285.png (98.64 KB, 500x341, IMG_1320.PNG)

You know the art is bad when you can't recognize the character. Kinda like when you have to explain the joke.

I don't know what it is called, but a lot of artists in Tumblr change the appearance of character A so much you can't tell what it is until they tag is character A. And even then you can't make the connection of the character being the one they tagged it as because they don't look like themselves.
For example >>182059 the one on the right doesn't look like Star at all. >>181689
I could never tell these where supposed to be Bilbo and Thorin. >>181483
Doesn't resemble Nozomi at all.

Apparently Asians aren't poc enough when they need to be drawn in 50 shades of dark colors and obscure unfitting quirky traits like red nose, buck teeth, multicolored eyes or just different eye color in general. One could say that their origin is being erased in favor of "brownie points".
And so on.

No. 182166

File: 1488062438477.png (555.31 KB, 538x676, if im smug the haters wont kno…)

Why is the Love Live fandom filled with some of the worst people?

No. 182186

What the everloving fuck

No. 182189

File: 1488071910733.jpg (79.04 KB, 600x800, flat,800x800,075,f.u2.jpg)

Have some cringe

Dear god

No. 182190


is that space hair?

I want space hair

No. 182191

Everything is fine but the eye, honestly.

No. 182192

File: 1488073934684.png (383.89 KB, 500x712, tumblr_o81tkwipgb1qe0fm3o1_500…)

looks like a tokimekiwaku rip off

No. 182197

File: 1488076781388.jpg (362.41 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nzonqxEjG11upme0zo7_128…)

i never got why uglys attach themselves to the mogeko games, all of there games have some rape scene in one way or another

No. 182209

File: 1488081972062.png (361.53 KB, 640x429, IMG_4328.PNG)

Let's play a round of: Guess That Character

No. 182218

File: 1488085432836.png (482.95 KB, 800x711, tumblr_ogw6ufQoJu1usfgydo1_128…)

Their entire gallery is nothing but overlay abuse and cauliflower ears and I have to suffer seeing it on my dash. P.S. Try to guess who this is.

No. 182287

Then just unfollow them?

I think I know what this is, but I forgot the name.

No. 182309


mfw i actually like the style but the overlay ruins it

No. 182323

File: 1488123907517.jpg (506.36 KB, 883x918, tumblr edit.jpg)

I was looking at some jojo fanart and I saw this picture in an " about" person ( the pic on the left ). This person is a basic sjw with basic tumblr style, but they where so lazy that they don't even redraw the dude black, they edit the original drawing .

No. 182376

Not even following them. Others reblog their art and it appears on my dash.

No. 182518

File: 1488177327494.png (778.01 KB, 1280x939, tumblrincanate.png)

Ugh that artist. I know her stuff cause it floods the tags I frequent alot.
Like this pic for example is terrible. Are they suppose to all have mis proportioned limbs on purpose?

No. 182523

Oh man, the colors are so bad I only saw the white dude at first.

No. 182525

>Making a character who's literally a gangster black
Das rayciss.

No. 182535

File: 1488192177658.png (51.86 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n6xjpiOQqr1qh8aedo1_500…)

FUCK lol, I was close (internet) friends with this person for 3 years, her art deteriorated along with her mental healty sadly. Is she still called bikenesmith/piney?

Haha, turns out she is, I went on her blog to get pic related because this was when I thought she showed promise

No. 182558

File: 1488213280686.png (879.89 KB, 1193x1920, hgJkvg7.png)

The upper part of the drawing is pretty good, then you look at the legs…

No. 182561

The way you describe it reminds me of Louis Wain's spiral into schizophrenia

No. 182563

someone should do a drinking game with toyhou.se; a shot everytime you find a tearzah copy.

No. 182567

This would be super nice without that eye. The hair is fucking clever!

No. 182572

He's a gangstar and Italian, he can't be white amirite

No. 182580

>pic looks like levi
>check out the blog
>ayy she ships eruri
>ayyyy she's called out the ereris

>but she's dropped the fandom in 2014

ehhhhh, now i'm sad, if she's really developed some kind of mental illness she should get it checked out.

No. 182613

File: 1488277637176.jpg (52.37 KB, 400x300, laughing berlusconi.jpg)

oh no, I did not even think about that
kind of ironic that the italian mafia is racist and you can't be a member of it if your gay ( but head canon are more powerful than this ! )

No. 182646

File: 1488320790188.jpg (161.92 KB, 540x675, feudal japan y'all.jpg)


No. 182672

)': no, inuyasha

No. 182680

It's a good look for him.

No. 182685

admittedly, the colour contrast coupled with his red thing is pleasing.

No. 182694

I actually kinda like this one, shitty racial implications aside.

No. 182715

File: 1488374058144.png (223.12 KB, 598x451, bitch4.png)

So here's a artist who seem to not know how to use color contrast. Cause everyone looks like they have the consestincy of mud or look like hot stick garbage of I touched them. Plus The thing in her hands is suppose to be a peach even though it looks like a sea sponge or some weird looking apple.

No. 182716

even artemis is fat whyyyyy

No. 182719

To those who want to do this, please call an ambulance in advance

No. 182721

Hey, it's Araki, everyone is gay.

No. 182746

I've see this a lot in this thread: people who don't know colors and are shit at contrast. As a result their work is literally hard to look at.

This worked in their favor because it hides how bad it is lol. That child's eyes are terrifying.

No. 182748

God this bitch, I've seen her work around. Even the character in her avatar has a light tan in canon works and she draws him full black. And randomly makes characters fat and/or black for no reason.

No. 182805

Her eyes look dead and devoid of life tbh

No. 182854

File: 1488469931147.png (271.02 KB, 500x548, tumblr_obvrabSFq21qij4gjo2_500…)

i cannot stand mookie000's art. i hate how she makes kenma look super-feminine. it feels creepy as fuck.

No. 182860

File: 1488475617135.png (119 KB, 540x405, tumblr_om6ly9ozUk1tpp05mo1_540…)

Description: "get the stick looking natsuiro egao de 1 2 jump nozomi out of my house"

No. 182861

it's supposed to be alolan form i think

No. 182868

>"stick looking"
that's her actual body type in the series, what a dumbass

No. 182871

File: 1488484573545.jpg (1.33 MB, 4000x2006, legobatman.jpg)

Saw these today.

No. 182873

File: 1488487510296.jpg (67.92 KB, 570x428, elozoboth.jpg)

saw this browsing etsy today. it's supposed to be elizabeth from bioshock infinite, and it costs 15 USD without shipping.

No. 182878

File: 1488490400116.jpeg (41.39 KB, 400x400, 02dc3da25bb28989c4801984a6d444…)

looks more like graveyardgirl

No. 182886

File: 1488497784200.jpg (26.33 KB, 512x384, The Simpsons _19x08_ Funeral f…)

I'm not gonna lie this looks cute. But the fact that she's promoteing it as if it's cannon is cringe worthy.

No. 182894

This looks like something rcdart shit out

No. 182906

I always notice the most random shit gets reblogged so many times on tumblr

No. 182907

File: 1488516643862.jpg (232.19 KB, 496x702, IMG_4407.JPG)

I could barely tell this was a person until I saw the caption

Camilla from FE

No. 182909

I have no fucking clue where the body is

I see tits and an arm but then there's more tits on the left and so much other shit wtf

No. 182938

Wtf are those flappy duck feet? God Rory.

No. 182968

I think the bottom left cleavage is butt cleavage like she's twisting

No. 182983

Those feet are so terrible wtf

No. 182990

I thought the bottom left was like the front of her legs where that see through purple cloth hangs from. It looks like the girl is just bending forward slightly

No. 183024

can someone redline this shit????

No. 183026

File: 1488695094666.jpg (548.05 KB, 496x702, maybe.jpg)

this is how i see it. i have no idea about anything outside of some of her hair and the vague parts of her body. i think theres a horn and a tail, but god knows.

No. 183034

I mean it doesn't help that her design has tons of weird pieces of armor in the first place, that doesn't help with readability of the drawing.

No. 183057

File: 1488740222137.png (100.23 KB, 839x952, the_alternative_by_ashe_the_he…)

No. 183064

File: 1488753189622.png (290.67 KB, 598x631, tumblr_o22a6xoxjj1s9fn3ko1_128…)

yu-gi-oh always had ugly fanart

it's because when it was popular back in the day, all its fans were kids learning to draw

nowadays, the only people drawing fanart for yu-gi-oh are deranged, speaking as someone who still loves ygo lol

No. 183075

File: 1488768100325.png (166.06 KB, 750x926, IMG_1839.PNG)

Anything by that /snow/ flake Luna

She's got a depop now and she lists her shit upwards of $100
She's spends maybe 45 minutes on a piece and they're all the same, this one isn't as gross

No. 183084

File: 1488775211459.png (1.37 MB, 1161x1920, tumblr_og2gmbJk9G1vozsfvo1_128…)

No. 183090

Thanks anon. Makes more sense now. What the fuck is all that shit on the left though.

No. 183104

File: 1488798001242.png (81.19 KB, 540x373, 21314241452.png)

No. 183120

This is kinda awesome tho lol it made me think "whhhyyyyyy?'

No. 183123

Poe's Law

No. 183125

kek i love this one

No. 183129

File: 1488823755951.png (392.09 KB, 600x800, bort___ts_by_techh-da8n7rd.png)

This personas entire blog gives me so much cancer.

No. 183143


No. 183146

File: 1488837214438.png (26.88 KB, 414x351, idonotlikethis.png)

>MFW they aged him up
>MFW it's still fucking creepy.

No. 183148

Why the fuck is sideshow bob a nigger

No. 183159

Because dreadddddddssssss.

No. 183162

File: 1488854061621.png (499.9 KB, 1248x782, tumblr_ombge8ETym1w5noczo1_128…)

No. 183163

File: 1488855261656.png (355.5 KB, 708x1128, cring.png)

No. 183164

the "Anime" on the shirt really kills me

No. 183166

File: 1488855913350.png (151.73 KB, 540x472, cring.png)

of course it's hamilton fanart…what else would it be

No. 183167

Rin is orange and Miku has a serious case of man-face

No. 183168

are they vampires what is this lmao

No. 183170

File: 1488858220218.jpg (342.63 KB, 730x1190, 8c335669-329f-48ff-9b07-407e13…)

What the everloving fuck is going on in this picture

No. 183172

Ehh I don't think it's that bad. Sure the anatomy is wonky as hell, but I'm kinda digging the rest.

No. 183180

This is honestly really cool? I don't see what's wrong with it.

No. 183212

Still looks better than the actual character model.

No. 183231

File: 1488912851326.png (899.29 KB, 1280x1354, 723c8b72-6a0f-4431-b92a-4e7d2e…)

Why just why

No. 183233

Because clearly the show is about butt-ugly snout-nosed girls, that's the whole appeal, right? And since the main character Kobayashi isn't blatantly feminine, she must actually look like the manliest of men with a superhero jawline.

No. 183244

Not OP but that's not Poe'Law at work - the artist is legit. I looked for the source of this when I first saw it just to quell the same suspicion and it lead me to a Pinky and the Brain ask blog on Tumblr.

No. 183258

tomatomagica's turning into this thread's odlaws.

No. 183259

If you ignore the dumb animu leg stance, this looks pretty good.

No. 183262

>Without a clear indication of the author's intent, it is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between an expression of sincere extremism and a parody of extremism

I was referring to the fact that I wasn't sure if the artist was serious or just taking the piss since it's so absurd. Whether the picture is real or not is irrelevant.

No. 183282

Yes, that is exactly what I meant; the artist was legit about intent.

Speaking about them, their friend noticed and got salty over it.

No. 183302

File: 1488984907019.png (151.87 KB, 883x745, IMG_5382.PNG)


No. 183310


No. 183317

File: 1488995358733.jpg (25.04 KB, 568x454, 1488893649697.jpg)

>is that Guzma and Grimsley

No. 183318

No. 183338

File: 1489008761945.jpg (146.07 KB, 500x414, IMG_5389.JPG)

Yes. Hideous level is off the charts. Why does tumblr want to make attractive or already unattractive characters uglier? Is this some kind of fetish obsession for them or what?

No. 183340

This could look appealing if they toned down the " style " & properly shaded the pixelated black line art. I think I know what look they were going for ( the bright ms paint lineart look which can look good if done right ), but op artist must not understand the fundamentals of anatomy when it comes to stlying. It hurts my head looking at this picture because it has potential & I want to try fixing it..

No. 183349

I feel bad replying to something so far upthread but. Is that. Meant to be magneto x xavier with magneto's 3 kids?????
Isn't magneto a polish jew??? Isn't it very important to his character/identity?? Isn't he ALREADY A MINORITY WHY DID YOU NEED TO MAKE HIM BLACK?? And his kids are half romani but even full roma aren't that fucking dark so that's no excuse. The characters they ~diversified~ are ALREADY MINORITIES WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT UUUGH

No. 183361

File: 1489026063937.png (122.32 KB, 540x675, tumblr_olci4tBbyi1w3zmd1o1_540…)

Hamilton x Heathers crossover ft The Eyes Are Too Goddamn Far Up On His Face

No. 183366

But white people are so boooooring, anon! It's much more interesting this way

No. 183373

File: 1489037803269.jpg (41.79 KB, 620x387, serveimage.jpg)

>you'll never sell your dirty bed as "art" and get 3.8 million for it

No. 183375

File: 1489037892072.jpg (414.22 KB, 2000x1000, tfH21tZ.jpg)

No. 183393

I actually thought that piece was really cool. It represented her struggle with depression and is very relatable.

Yeah, it wasn't worth that much money but if someone out there is stupid enough to buy it, why not sell it?

No. 183424

AFAIK people who spend large amounts of money on art pieces do it for tax-related reasons

No. 183508

People / organisations generally buy famous pieces of artwork for exhibitions / to loan out rather than for personal use. I saw My Bed a year or two ago in the Tate - the current owner is loaning it to them for 10 years.

No. 183509

People buy art with hopes that the artist will get big so they can sell it for more than what they paid. It's an investment like any other.

No. 183532

File: 1489264165536.jpg (60.08 KB, 640x640, IMG_0307.JPG)

this was a reward on patreon apparently, why

No. 183538

I kind of like it. It's not over the top ugly and the anatomy/colorsare ok. It just has a hint of dumblr with the tatto, mug and fatness

No. 183539

At least the face is cute. If you crop it, it's a cute avatar.

No. 183540

Are we just going to ignore how awful the shirt is?

No. 183542

the "shirt" is just lines painted on the body.

No. 183551

Yeah shirt was really badly drawn but overall this is pretty cute. I like it even with the extra weight and everything

No. 183571

I'm sure SolidMario would like this piece.

No. 183574

it's fine.

No. 183677

File: 1489439896096.png (186.49 KB, 775x462, IMG_0322.PNG)

I just hate when artists only imitate other people instead of trying to be original.

I found this person's DA account while using google and all of their old art is completely copied off of Kaneoya Sachiko (including her deformed doodles and her illustrations), and then as their gallery goes on it turns into Sui Ishida and pixivartists that do detailed digital paintings. Their most recent stuff is on tumblr and it's all creepy Shadman-y art of girls from Nickelodeon cartoons.

No. 183687

i think imitation can be a good tool for self-exploration. especially in art.
finding out what you like and know and can end up doing, then slowly finding yourself in it all.

it only becomes trouble when they refuse to grow into themselves and continue to be other people.

No. 183696

Nope. Just money laundering. Very lazy money laundering.

No. 183816

I don't have a picture because there are too many to choose from but how come 97% of Steven Universe redesigns are so fucking ugly? Especially making characters thick-like blobs

No. 183821

80% of the characters are ugly thick blobs to begin with

No. 183840

File: 1489539977409.jpeg (184.1 KB, 1242x1228, image.jpeg)

Terrible tumblr art now as a permant mark on your body.

No. 183846


Reminds me of loonytwin. She went from ripping off Emily Hu's art style to Johannathemad's style now and instead of actually developing her own skills she just wants that e-attention. Bitch hasn't improved at ALL these last 6 years.

No. 183849

That's a big calf

No. 183889

i want to die.

No. 183890

For you

No. 184181

File: 1489960289813.jpg (50.15 KB, 640x640, 17393025_10212766835064474_162…)

No. 184182

File: 1489960348998.jpg (41.9 KB, 640x640, 17392109_10212766831664389_190…)

No. 184184

File: 1489960396411.jpg (40.54 KB, 640x640, 17409697_10212766831264379_807…)

No. 184186

Head looks okay… Torso getting awkward… HOLY FUCK those legs are a nightmare

No. 184189

sometimes i think they draw ugly stuff on purpose so they can justify themselves when people question their anatomy etc

No. 184194

i'd like this one enough to reblog it, then go to the source blog hoping for more, see the other pics, and go LOL NOPE

No. 184242

The only thing that ruins this is probably just the fact that there isn't any creativity.

The anatomy actually looks great considering most artists from tumblr over-do drawings of fat people with odd body shapes and excessive lumps.


No. 184323

Is there a thread for good artists but with shit personality/drama?

No. 184327

Yes, yes he would.

No. 184393

File: 1490153448483.png (503.15 KB, 1280x830, tumblr_on6uetui4z1w6skzno1_128…)


No. 184409

File: 1490161737448.jpg (25.12 KB, 274x266, image.jpg)

Hasn't osomatsusan suffered enough
This is almost offensive

No. 184450

File: 1490218654548.png (135.04 KB, 288x415, 1469132854194.png)


I'm hispanic and boy oh boy am I fucking triggered by this ugly nonsense

No. 184461

File: 1490229308002.jpg (20.78 KB, 300x300, vete satanás.jpg)

ah yeah, look at those completely identical japanese sextuplets hmmmmm
Six same faces on my ass.

No. 184498

IDK why people who draw Hispanic/Latinos for muh diversity points make them ugly as fuck. It's like these people have never seen Jennifer Lopez or idk, Antonio Banderas and forget hot hispanic people exist.

No. 184535

something something eurocentric beauty standards

No. 184545

File: 1490305930799.png (22.52 KB, 254x307, tyred.png)

No. 184550

this is gold

No. 184562

Brayan, as in Brian but spelled Hispanically

No. 184755

File: 1490513573911.png (1.68 MB, 2061x1311, thatguysfacetho.png)

hard to believe this cunt has >10k followers

No. 184771

Is this supposed to be Jesse and James from team rocket?

No. 184789

No. They're Nanu (the guy) and Plumeria (the girl) from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

No. 185408

File: 1491002858393.jpg (25.65 KB, 402x220, Y61Ldjs.jpg)

when google goes with tumblr art

No. 185409

Anon, Google has been "progressive" for a while. They're actively trying to destroy any opposing opinions on YT right now. "Controversial" channels are getting demonetized.

No. 185410

A Christian girl and jew, I thought google hates these people because of their hate crime against Islam.

No. 185411

christianity and jewish people are of islamic origin. unless im missing the joke

No. 185418

Judaism came significantly before the other two, and Christianity came before Islam. You seem to have this entirely backwards.

see also:
- http://christianityinview.com/xncomparison.html
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abrahamic_religions

That said, there's a lot of crossover (from the single deity worshiped to the respective religious texts and figures within them) and I'm sort of surprised there's as much conflict among them as there is.

Saged because this has nothing to do with bad art.

No. 185419

Isalm is 300 years /after/ Christianity,
but some people says if you're Christian you have some "islamophobic", and sometimes extends to the Jews depending on the situation.

No. 185437

This is probably April Fool's joke, right?

No. 185442

i don't think this constitutes as tumblr/bad art when the kids don't look horribly disfigured or anything for the sake of diversity. It's just asking everyone to get along which is a message that almost contradicts some misguided SJWs views.

It's somewhere along the lines of those coexist stickers people have on their cars. It looks completely harmless, unlike race/genderbending characters and exaggerating those stereotypical features in their design

I mean, don't let extreme tumblrinas ruin completely harmless things because you're afraid of being/liking something associated with it

>inb4 butthurt because you actually like the sticker

i am and was pleasantly surprised when I saw it but just throwing my opinion in here anyway

No. 185448

File: 1491064743784.png (700.41 KB, 1280x1536, shit.png)

Squizzy. I cannot fucking stand her art. The style inconsistencies make me want to vomit. This piece specifically. Where is her vagina? What the fuck is going on with the lighting and shading? why is your lineart on the hair so stiff? She's only gotten as popular as she is now because of Pyro. I'm actually over the praise she gets for her shitty art.

No. 185457

what part of the body is this

No. 185460

Hyojin's art is terrible. She seems fucking obnoxious too.

No. 185490

calf i assume

No. 185503

Yeah, can't stand her or her art. Her style is meant for (youtube grade) animation, not full drawings.

No. 185705

File: 1491326541383.png (123.89 KB, 934x856, scary moon.png)

Fighting evil by moonlight
Devouring souls by daylight
No use running, she's a real fright
She is the one named Scary Moon!

No. 185706

If the body was right it could look bad but okay

No. 185731

is this supposed to be chris-chan cosplaying sailor moon or?

No. 185734

This shit looks like it belongs to that Courage the cowardly dog cartoon. Return the slab.

No. 185865

File: 1491450672026.jpg (90.08 KB, 576x736, 3295 - McDonald's Ronald_McDon…)

Great art, still haunts me.

No. 185874

File: 1491453329560.gif (1.01 MB, 526x378, 2lGqxzd.gif)

No. 185887

OMFG look at those nasty saggy tits. And eww to the grandma hair and double chin. Lipo that shit and while you are at it fix that fucking potato nose and fill those nasolabial folds you damn whore.

I am beyond triggered someone needs to make a thread about this damn cow.

No. 185902

I hate the first one but love the last one. Latter is not too original but cute and fun imo. I get why you would hate this artist tho

No. 185952

File: 1491515606405.jpg (56.57 KB, 540x586, IMG_20170406_175214.JPG)


Dunno how this guy has over 5000 followers

No. 185976

I mean its not terrible. It's kind of creative.

Low key sad since I feel like I work really hard on my own art but people get so much recognition for doing almost nothing. Sage for blog.

No. 185988


No. 185995

His art looks like it could be cute.
Though going through that insta something bothered me right away, all his drawings the girl is looking to the side. It rubs me the wrong way because it's like 99% of them.

No. 186000

Wow hes fucking terrible

No. 186003

I think these drawings are pretty cute and harmless. Not amazing by any means, but harmless unlike a lot of other shit in this thread.

No. 186024

Well at least it's honest about how cheap it is. Cheap art style and cheap subject.

No. 186126

File: 1491699149054.png (227.24 KB, 1200x1920, get the fuck off my dash.png)

this keeps showing up in one of the tags i follow. the op says it's a drawing of them. if this is their idealised self id hate to see what they look like irl

No. 186138

File: 1491702724391.png (617.48 KB, 1280x844, tumblr_oo47y3VcJP1t7zcdwo1_128…)

Like an idiot I decided to get involved in the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fandom on tumblr because it's my favorite show and it's FULL of genderbends because everyone has to be lesbians uwu but don't CALL it a genderbend or else you're transphobic.

No. 186139

why aren't dee and charlie genderbent too ?? and mac looks fuck all like mac girl (?) or not. i hate the tumblr sunny fandom

No. 186142

File: 1491705571479.jpg (126.04 KB, 1280x720, C7eyh2wVAAEs1mk.jpg)

The fact that IASIP even has a tumblr fandom is the bizarrest thing ever to me. I'm all for shipping, but seeing people going into hysterics over how beautiful Mac/Dennis would be is so fucking funny.

No. 186143

File: 1491710185460.jpg (94.06 KB, 824x871, avignon.jpg)

It kills me when people do the lelquirkyxD Picasso-esque slanted eyeball/facial features thing, because they way they do it proves that they have no grasp of what Picasso was actually trying to accomplish.

and what he was trying to do was show figures from different angles in one 2-dimensional painting, as if you were looking at several dimensions all at once. He wasn't trying to make figures look weird&random. And the heavily oval shapes of the eyes were because he adored African tribal masks and tried to emulate them with ALL features of some of his faces, not just in the eye shape.

I think I just popped a vein

No. 186145

Charlie is genderbent lmao. That's supposed to be Girl Charlie.

Mac/Dennis is easily the most popular ship lol. The amount of mental gymnastics people do trying to justify liking a ~problematic~ show just because it has a canonically gay character is hilarious honestly. Also a lot of people are convinced Dee is canonically a lesbian.

No. 186152

I literally want to cry. What the fuck?

Racebends and genderbends are retarded and uncreative art exercises anyway. What's next, an ablebend where characters are in wheelchairs?

No. 186169

lol since when is Frank mixed race?

No. 186170

Mtf Patrick Warburton, Donatella Versace, Tumblr caricature, Elijah Woods, & Danny Devito. Wow I love the Always Sunny in Philly characters! :)

No. 186178

File: 1491775271284.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.28 KB, 540x610, tumblr_ol4ubcWPDh1vuxc0yo1_540…)

Cute Harvest Moon nostalgia FUCKING RUINED

No. 186180

is the blonde supposed to be Claire? i want to fucking die

No. 186192

I've seen plenty of cute genderbends, I don't see what your issue is. There's plenty of people on tumblr attacking artists for drawing genderbends because it's apparently transphobic now.

No. 186370

File: 1491940639114.png (102.38 KB, 500x326, apollo reacting to tumblr art.…)


No. 186373

Trace art.

No. 186374

REEEEE stop ruining my comfy nostalgia!!

No. 186378

a-apollo no….

No. 186502

i like how the finger on the left looks like it's on the verge of breaking off kek

No. 186533

File: 1492053059092.png (513.25 KB, 1280x967, kill me pls.png)

Found on some disgusting "trans JoJo" tumblr

No. 186540

It's like the artist was deliberately trying to anger the fuck out of people.

No. 186603

Why does Polnareff have massive tits…?

No. 186632

File: 1492114890261.jpg (113.83 KB, 600x600, 66c26bc460ce3f43a34110a79e3158…)

They're just following the canon, anon.

No. 186637

Because he has massive bara tiddies.

I need this.

No. 186928

File: 1492224710834.png (206.08 KB, 540x629, tumblr_oocbe3r0Df1vxqfoio1_540…)

steven universe has its fair share of ugly fanart but this is a new level jfc

No. 186937

Yeah I know that artist. Found them through another DA artist who exclusively draws sad sack 'omg im so depressed' anime-style black and white stuff.

They've favorited toddler/lolicon on their pixiv, but it seems they're going full Bleedman now.

No. 186948

File: 1492271356815.png (170.58 KB, 406x448, ew.png)

The Danganronpa tag on tumblr is a fucking goldmine

No. 186950

why does it only have 4 fingers wht the fuck

No. 186955

Yeah, they've also drawn lolicon as well… (on their pixiv) :|

No. 186987

it's their /style/, anon

No. 186995

File: 1492300507488.png (737.29 KB, 1319x1024, Amami_12.png)

>>186948 what the fuck…

No. 187024

File: 1492323688481.jpg (98.23 KB, 1024x705, 89acaca26ab86357abed27139cba18…)

You guys can't tell me that you never noticed some cartoons/characters have 4-fingered characters? That drawing isn't appealing at all but you're nitpicking at this point

No. 187025

tbh i dont think this one is that bad. it's kinda cute…but i can't tell if it's supposed to be dr1 protag or dr2 protag so their weird design isnt doing him any favours

No. 187031

learn how to sage, newfag. And yes, there is a difference between a simplistic cartoon style and that artist's detailed style (?), also the original character has 5 fingers. It's not nitpicking, it's me being confused why the artist gave the dude 4 fingers, you could probably say this whole thread is about nitpicking.

sage for bs.

No. 187067

File: 1492368135393.png (724.39 KB, 720x1112, 90611C70-1732-4D81-BD73-829F9B…)

No. 187071

pls no

No. 187078

This is a good example of someone who can't decide if they want a cute simplified cartoon art style or a cool detailed illustrator style

No. 187115

>I draw one of these a day
I'm triggered.
Also, has /ic/ gone to shit the last few months? It's always had an unbearable side, but I feel like I've seen more vendetta-posting than actual art threads lately.

No. 187180

File: 1492453323278.png (208.88 KB, 640x825, IMG_7417.PNG)

No. 187200

Those arms look like macaroni noodles…

No. 187205

I feel like its that and more shitposting but eh
it's becoming more and more of a cesspool which is sad because there
are some decent artists that post

No. 187279

What's with those hooves and godawful anatomy?

No. 187298


Dee who once banged a whole load of dudes in one episode to give them 1 stars? That Dee? Jeesh.

No. 187312

Well, by tumblr's standards she could probably be TOTES A LESBIAN even if she was sucking dick every day, as long as she IDENTIFIED as one

No. 187401

File: 1492574332241.png (340.07 KB, 540x837, tumblr_ntm59jL3iN1uqg9y0o1_128…)

No. 187408

she only did that for validation you see, she actually loves pussy and it's totally obvious if you just squint really hard

No. 187426

Anon thank you for showing me this, it's so cringey :')

No. 187463

File: 1492633478754.png (128.25 KB, 540x825, tumblr_nucbvozljt1uqg9y0o1_128…)

So dramatic.

No. 187470

Is that armpit hair or awful shading I cant tell

No. 187520

This reads like a girl who has a crush on her gay best friend so she turns into a man to be with him

No. 187546

Wait… Is this a MtF tranny who goes FtM for her crush?
Or a fat girl who wants to be a man?
Neither look particularly feminine but the art style is too tumblr and not furry enough so I'm leaning towards the latter.

No. 187587

Both are correct. She is feeling like she is trans and then it turns out she also has a crush on her gay friend. Its a short read right now as its only 1 chapter but jesus its terrible

No. 187641

I'd actually break down everything wrong with this one but I don't feel it's worth it, all I can say is why the hell is everyone so bulky and stiff in it? And transgenderism is a uwu cute magical power now? Jesus.

No. 187654

Magical mental disorder, maybe. Also, maybe I'm getting hilariously jaded but I can spot 'straight girl writing gay man' from a mile away at this point. They're so stereotypical.

No. 187656

File: 1492769563438.png (951.86 KB, 1280x796, tumblr_oojfm4RMZc1r4eucko5_128…)

>hijab muslim witch uwu

tumblr is obsesse with adding muslims into everything, nevermind they don't actually understand it, but hijabs are so kawaii right? being forced to wear a headscarf is so kawaii!

No. 187657

File: 1492769830395.png (1.33 MB, 1280x1067, tumblr_onrl7eHqX91r4eucko1_128…)

Also just noticed that it's clearly a man, too. Trans hijab muslim witch. Kay.

More from this artist. Fatass Utena and Anthy. Nevermind that Utena runs and works out like every day, nooo gotta be a fatty. Like she could lift Anthy's fatass either.

No. 187659

whahaha, this is too much.

Don't Muslim woman wear hijabs to not 'tempt' men into unclear thought? Why the fuck does a witch need one? A witch, usually a single woman who does not care for simple men.

No. 187660

Not to mention witchcraft is highly condemned in islam, its the same as having a strict catholic nun witch, makes zero sense

No. 187718

>she had to take off her shoes because her feet became too swollen

No. 187722

the muslims I know wear hijabs because of religion, which Mohammad stated they should be modest and only show their faces, how they speak and act. more like a focus on your actions and not your looks etc. a lot of the muslim girls I know as well are actually encouraged by their parents not to wear hijab because they think its dangerous in america. when I was in pakistan a lot of girls wore it because it was easier than worrying about what to wear each day- sorta similar to the mindset japan has regarding uniforms. kids there prefer school uniforms because it creates a sense of 'unity' and is easier than worrying about what to wear each day. its interesting actually.

source: have lived in both pakistan and japan

No. 187723

this tub couldn't win a duel

No. 187751

sage bc super ot but I would totally wear hijabs every day if it was just an acceptable fashion thing and not a religious thing. Don't have to do my hair?? Matches my outfit?? Warm?? Sign me up.

No. 187765

yeah that's essentially what it was about. I mean it was def a religious aspect but honestly I met a LOT of lesbians (which was great for me) plus they tended to dress amazingly. it was actually a really nice fashion piece I appreciated. they were all very religious though and it just happened that the religious headpiece made a great statement fashion wise.

thats the biggest thing I miss in japan- I really loved the uniforms because they were cute (I hate my US uniform, fucking polo and khakis.) and people kinda modded them slightly (with different hem lengths, shirt colors, style of ribbon etc.)

the only trend regarding the japanese thing that disturbed me was a lot of couples and best friends dress EXACTLY ALIKE. im not fucking around, it was horrifying. I was kinda seeing this girl and she showed up in a matching outfit from when we went shopping together (she bought it after we parted ways.) I almost had a heart attack and was scared she was going to kill me but a friend explained its the norm. that, I was not into.

No. 187768

File: 1492837378312.gif (1.55 MB, 320x218, IMG_5380.GIF)


literally dee and charlie are the only recognizable ones. frank looks like tina belcher and dennis looks like anita sarkeesian

No. 187775

File: 1492866067309.png (364.85 KB, 594x839, 17634878_1830528627209645_1962…)

That you all would like to hear, I went to a con today. I have heard artists complain about how hard it is for them to get into artists alley, well not at the one I went to. The art was absolutely terrible, save for a few artists I know. I wish i could have taken some pictures. This is some work from one of the artists.

No. 187776

witch and muslim beliefs are very different? Idk much about wicca but I'm pretty sure it's kinda contradicting…

No. 187778

Isn't magic haram?

No. 187779

looks like something i would draw when i first used photoshop at 12

No. 187782

File: 1492875600556.jpg (161.07 KB, 540x692, tumblr_ooseiyb4Vx1uv1ejyo1_540…)

Just… why???

No. 187792

eh its kinda the same with christian religions- some are SUPER against it (like harry potter and shit) while some are more relaxed. you get varieties like with all big religions. most the muslim girls I met fucking loved harry potter and their parents didnt give a fuck.

No. 187809


UGH I hate this shit so much. I especially hate when they make Anthy black bc muh diversity. She's fucking Asian Indian/Tamil, why do they act like every dark skinned character is automatically black? Have they seen the rest of the fucking world.

No. 187814

I find this pretty cringe-y as well, but I know plenty of women who choose to wear their head coverings

No. 187858

File: 1492944643914.png (689.19 KB, 1280x853, south park.png)

No. 187859

Calm down, nothing in that picture explicitly makes her black.

No. 187860


No. 187865

File: 1492950584422.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.79 KB, 876x493, 1471364165754.jpg)

No. 187881

ewww …. i feel really bad for people with face deformities, because if you think about it behind those faces are normal people like you and me hidden, but you cant see it.

No. 187889

I think the idea of a girl having a crush on a gay man and turning male due to some magical power is actually an interesting idea for a romance story but not like this. It doesn't need to be a m-muh transgenderism!! issue or executed so shittily. The gay man is written like a sassy gay best friend in a 90's comedy.

No. 187905

I think it's disgusting.

No. 187916


That's literally her skintone in the anime lmao


Why must the always attack utena? This is why I avoid that tag on Tumblr

No. 187920

File: 1492992897632.png (106.62 KB, 500x625, eddsworldmatt.png)

The Eddsworld tag on tumblr is the epitome of cancer.

No. 187927

File: 1492998568476.png (972.74 KB, 1024x1278, squash.png)

Saw this while lookin' at Osomatsu-San fanart.

No. 187950

this hijab barbie sindrome is fucking hilarious. What's next? the Pope wearing a hijab?

No. 187954

At this point I would like to remind the thread that tumblr logic suggests that all lesbians have dicks so mtf lesbian genderbends are completely canon and unproblematic

No. 187962


never mind the fact that magic is explicitly forbidden in islam and you're supposed wear hijab in order not to be striking and not care about your physical appearance so much. the word hijab means shame/bashfulness FFS

No. 187998

File: 1493059154315.jpg (33.16 KB, 800x450, 18mnjusjnqylejpg.jpg)

Not defending that art, but I lived in one of the Gulf states and hijabis were one of the most opulently dressed women. I'm sure modesty (the general term, not just covering up) is the intention of the hijab, but a lot of people don't wear it for that purpose.

I'm pretty tired of seeing hijabs put into a design with forethought or intention, though. You can do a lot with hijabs (pic related) design-wise but the random shawl wrap just seem like a lazy way out of drawing the cranium and hair.

No. 187999

I don't know, it's kind of a cool concept to have a witch who is a strict muslim and discovers magic and witchcraft and tries to deal with being a muslim and a witch. A catholic nun would be kind of cool too, to see how they make it work with their faith.

That picture is just for licking some SJW anus, tho

No. 188001

>the word hijab means shame/bashfulness FFS
The word is derived from a root roughly meaning to hide/cover. So hijab is "thing that covers", or in real English: veil.

No. 188021

>There is more than one way to wear a hijab
Anyone ever seen Iranian women and how they wear their hijab? Of course, it's mandatory there so a few people might be wearing it because of the law, not religion, but a LOT of the women there just loosely toss a thin shawl over their head and loosely toss one end over their shoulder like you would with a scarf, leaving a lot of the hair and neck exposed. It's not always a tightly wrapped fabric around your hair/neck.
…And there are also another 1000 different ways to wear a hijab. I feel like none of these people ever do their research when it comes to things like this and it really irks me.
(Not that there's anything wrong with wearing it like in >>187950 at ALL, I'm just a bit peeved over how they just seem to jump onto one bandwagon and copy each other without doing their homework)
>Sage for autistic sperg and blog posty post

No. 188214

File: 1493176543252.png (140.65 KB, 540x605, welcome to hell.png)

I want to literally fucking kill myself I hate tumblr so goddamn much

No. 188215


goddammit I fuckin' love camel humps, they're so ~a e s t h e t i c

No. 188219

Ok these people are crazy but I mean… they're still better than those who think all black people should be slaves or deported or killed or something.
Those people actually exist too you know.
Why would you be more upset with sjws than literal nazis? Both are shit.

No. 188226

Nobody argued that, you're the only one drawing comparisons here.

No. 188247


But BLM and all the scum dindus they riot over are evil criminals, while D.va is a good guy fighting for justice and peace.

No. 188248


Hey, I agree with you but the difference is that someone found cringey fan art for this. You could probably find nazi all lives matter MAGA dva somewhere tho.

No. 188252

File: 1493208583053.png (1019.65 KB, 746x868, Perfect roll _2aa56cdd835da77a…)

Dunno about D.va but there is nazi Mercy art.
Also pic related there is Nazi Frozen art with Anna and Elsa featuring terrible anatomy and cheap implants

No. 188309


Just thought you'd be interested in this! It's pretty funny, imo.

No. 188377

Man, the tumblr style pisses me off so much. Half of it all just looks the same and like it could of come from the same artist yet individuals get huge followings from just following the same recipe.
Fucking, how, this stuff is EVERYWHERE

>Mfw I studied illustration at uni and an Italian student came over and all of the tutors praised the shit out of her work because they have no idea of Tumblr art and thought she was original

Honestly not to take away from her ability as an illustrator because she does have talent but holy shit the reliance on Tumblr style stuck out like a sore thumb to me.

No. 188379

Did shadman draw this

No. 188397

File: 1493323778045.png (842.2 KB, 1000x600, t4et6jn.png)

that is ugly af

this one would have been fine if she hadn't given everyone red noses and made the main character so fat. It sucks because she makes some cute stuff but this is almost like a self insert considering the artist is fat and body positive

No. 188398


To be completely fair, this manga involves a girl losing a lot of weight and becoming attractive, but then has plot points later on where she gains the weight back and her reverse-harem ends up learning to also appreciate her inner beauty.

She could be drawing the MC based on one of those plot points but besides that I agree with your points entirely.

No. 188399

File: 1493325378512.jpg (302.36 KB, 1024x1021, cute_by_mayakern-d8g8gn1.jpg)

ah I see, I had no idea! I've only seen clips from it. Oh well

No. 188419

I think it's funny that Marvel actually introduced a Muslim character without forcing the the stereotype with a hijab. Yet these guys have to add one to everything because Muslim women totally have a choice to wear it but like they never don't.

No. 188426

Kamala is my sweet baby and I fucking hope so badly her sister gets with the blonde girl. Please let them fuck Marvel

No. 188474

File: 1493382372117.jpg (90.31 KB, 492x472, wow.jpg)

I'm so fucking tired of that whole tumblr washing bullshit. Stop projecting by making cute girls look fat with big nose,stretch marks,darker skin for no reason,…

>b-but muh representation don't you dare tell ùe i can't do that you privileged whitey

fuck off already.
I'm lesbian and even though I really do wish we were more represented in medias I'm not going to try and self insert myself. Deal with it you crybabies.

No. 188475

She probably looks terrible but that art style is really cute tbh

No. 188477

Would you /awoo/ with Kamala-chan?

No. 188517

File: 1493405895518.jpg (112.13 KB, 1024x842, 20170428-001.jpg)

This is supposed to be morty from rick and morty….

No. 188564

they made him fat with girly clothes
its just shitty fetish or self-insert art

No. 188602

You just know this person has some weird fetish for a 14 year old kid, as well as some other creepy shit

No. 188611

I would let her snap me in half like a kit kat thats for fucking sure

No. 188710

File: 1493497735427.png (193.76 KB, 540x499, tumblr_op54p0oMJ61r2dmizo1_540…)

I've never really understood why people give random characters that weird sunburn blush thing

No. 188720


Why is Chihiro so dark and also why the fuck are Mondo and Ishimaru literally yellow

No. 188792

File: 1493553623259.jpg (204.97 KB, 2048x1575, 54574.jpg)

The nipples ffs… just why?

No. 188794

Giant pierced puffy pepperoni nipple shirt slits positivity uwu

No. 188795

File: 1493555294480.png (186.72 KB, 830x679, tumblr_oh3450C9qg1umzmsso1_128…)

More proof that these stupid white children know nothing about the dark skin people they claim to love so much
I'm so sick of seeing pictures of "cute" black characters but they have pink nipples or super light blush it looks ridiculous immediately if you have been around black people for more than five minutes

No. 188813

File: 1493569242834.jpeg (81.5 KB, 900x704, thoughts_about_dark_skin_tones…)

To be fair, darker skinned people can blush, but it's more subtle and in different hues.
Tumblr can't tell, though

No. 188815

…It's Always Sunny is about a group of racist, homophobes, fat-hating assholes that are also hypocrites. Why would anyone try to add an element of sensitivity…I mean it reeks of "fatphobia" when the actor gets fat to look "worse" and its constantly made fun of. These people are as delusional as the characters.

No. 188816

I mean that's what's great about, but surely SWJs should be offended by the show? They make fun of fat and disabled people and POCs all the time.

No. 188835

This reminds me of that one shitting dick nipples picture.

No. 188837

File: 1493580358670.png (1013.28 KB, 1068x628, 1456285448817.png)

>Making a character with a deadbeat dad and was raised by single mother black

No. 188841

Well the characters rarely if ever come out on top and it's clear you're meant to laugh at their ignorance most of the time and not with them, so though there is a fair amount of hate for it on tumblr most of the SJW types in the fanbase are aware it's satirical. Also ~Mac is Gay uwu~ which drew people in.

No. 188848

Those look more like zits than nipples

No. 188950

File: 1493635477954.jpg (426.31 KB, 1280x1085, JoJo Part 9:Black Star.jpg)

Has this been posted in the previous two threads? God, I really hope not.

Tumblr is so cancer that I'm actually afraid to find anything JoJo related there by accident. It's so fucking repulsive. There's neat stuff here and there, sure, but it doesn't make up for all the seriously cringeworthy shit there is.

What other horrible things they've done to mai husbando, I don't want to know.

>father is a white Englishman
>mother is a pale Japanese woman
Also I'm noticing Tumblr seems to have kind of an obsession with pierced nipples on men.

No. 188996

I…why are Okuyasu, Polnareff, Avdol, FF, and Emporio (for the most part) normal? Did the artist feel like they were already special snowflake-y enough on their own?

No. 189020

File: 1493667503068.png (1.32 MB, 1280x1512, tumblr_nu5xf0o5xh1tpelqio1_128…)

Okuyasu is canonically ugly and dumb, plus it's easy for tumblrinas to pair him with Josuke, since they're definitely gay in their twisted fujo minds.

Polnareff has suffered a lot, probably has actual PTSD, and is disabled already, but for some reason tumblr loves to keep his whiteness, at the expense of making him flamboyantly gay.

Emporio also suffered too much and he's a kid. However, the artist gave him and the previous two characters a shitton of freckles for no apparent reason (probably to make them somewhat ugly).

Avdol is the only canon black character in that picture but the artist felt the need to make him even blacker, so he looks like a fucking animal. So progressive.

And finally FF has to look like a butch lesbian because she hangs out with two other tough girls. She's the least changed along with Emporio, imo.

It particularly pisses me off how JoJo SJW artists tend to make Ermes black as shit, just because she's Mexican, even though Pucci is drawn by Araki (in BW) with visibly tanner skin than other characters and Ermes isn't drawn that way. God this bitch's "art" is especially awful.

No. 189034

File: 1493671012322.jpg (34.99 KB, 480x599, 646465.jpg)

Ugh, this offends me on such a personal level. I hope to god this artist has never drawn the Pillar Men, because if they look this bad, I'm going to have a stroke.

No. 189050

File: 1493684074119.jpg (147.02 KB, 1024x768, evil_flippy_and_fluttershed_by…)

Found a couple gems

No. 189051

File: 1493684167637.jpg (33.83 KB, 500x375, joana_y_vinyl_nwn_by_joanathew…)

No. 189053

File: 1493684296366.gif (237.01 KB, 720x960, smooking_by_joanathewolf-d91vg…)

For this one I appreciate the effort, to be honest

No. 189056


No. 189078

But Anon, muscles are hard to draw, which means their only option is to make them fat, and black since they're Mexican

No. 189317

File: 1493930239384.png (1.1 MB, 1280x1096, tumblr_ope3ffQSyM1t0v6tmo2_128…)

No. 189319

Well rainbowdyke is pretty accurate with that horse face at least.

No. 189320

Is Fluttershy a man??? I also though Rainbowdash's septum ring was her mouth for a sec, kinda fucked me up.

No. 189475

Please no, leave these muppets alone.

No. 189476

My heart goes out to your fandom. Some of the shit these Oso-spergs churn out is next level.

No. 189493

One cow (Stinky) happens to be an Osomatsu fangirl. I'm so sorry for you.

No. 189500

File: 1494039758142.png (535.02 KB, 730x970, IMG_0517.PNG)

No. 189503

But 8 year olds can be obese too?

No. 189509

File: 1494049663110.png (439.67 KB, 1280x1025, ihate.png)

They have suffered enough, the fact that there's going to be a second season
makes me worried that the butchering will not stop

Also what the fuck is it with this fandom and making ichi fat as fuck,
they're all the same fucking size for christ's sake

No. 189510

I find both absolutely punchable and obnoxious to look at. The right looks like it has an extra chromosome.
>sage bc apparently I'm supposed to only take issue with the fat one

No. 189515

Soooooo how about that body positivity? Or does it only apply with fat people? Futaba's body isn't even "childish", she has defined thighs, hips and tits. She's just thin.

No. 189518

I find the haircut in her avatar way more annoying than the fatification.

>Futaba's body isn't even "childish", she has defined thighs, hips and tits. She's just thin.
For some reason SJWs tend to assume that a slim body and cute face automatically mean "underage" or "pedo bait". They don't even know what true lolis look like.

No. 189525

who could have possibly guessed that in japan, a country filled with short, skinny, flat women, most of the women who aren't overly sexual would be short, skinny and flat?

also i love how japan always automatically is catering to weebs here instead.

No. 189537

File: 1494092138584.png (287.6 KB, 540x451, tumblr_opi8kqAPmk1vbsvjoo1_540…)

Lightbulbs are black?

No. 189543

firstly, obligatory DONT DO THIS TO BEST GIRL

secondly, she's somewhere in the range of 13-15 years old. she has the most realistically early-teenage body out of anyone in the whole damn game. if they wanna be mad about something, why not point out ~15-16 year old ann's D cups ffs?

No. 189548

I fucking hate that Tumblr face so damn much

No. 189554

Because character designs are meant to be cute and appealing to mainstream auidences, not gross fattys. Why dont these tumblr (And now twitter, ugh) fucks realise that? Making her fat makes her ugly, who wants to play a game where you get to date an ugly girl?

No. 189585

omg SEXISM!!!

No. 189587

To be fair it's an inanimate object, there's nothing saying that it's a certain race anyway

No. 189614

>Associated color is pink
>"Let's give him tits and wide hips and make him feminine!"

Do they not realize they're enforcing the same gender standards they're always bitching about?

And Ichi is a depressed masochist, he doesn't eat enough to get fat. The only one I kind of like is 14.

No. 189615

They probably liked the idea of yellow and brown together and designed the character off of that. I really don't think this is all that bad. It's a lightbulb, it can be any color once it's personified.

No. 189617

why do fujos like this show so much?

No. 189619

>6 different archetypes to choose from and mix-n-match
>they're the "twin" archetype on steroids
>fulfills incest and taboo fantasies without getting boring because of the difference in personalities
>they don't get what the show is making fun of

Probably more reasons tbh, but at the end of the day, it's because fujos are a sickness that latch on to anything. They're the furries of Japanese media.

No. 189665

>not mentioning the famous voice actors that are known for playing roles that very often appeal to fujos or straight-up played in BLCD and BL games
And I think it's doesn't matter that osomatsu-san makes fun of fujos because some of them like it and think it's funny or they'll think it's LGBT representation.

No. 189705

>I really don't think this is all that bad. It's a lightbulb, it can be any color once it's personified.

But it's not 'any color' it's the same dark skin with no other ethnic defining features and generic tumblr-anime traits and hair.

No. 189783


No. 190347

Calm the fuck down, tumblr.

No. 190363

we all know dee and charlie are fucking

No. 190434

Shipping can be fun but fuck I can never get into the incest shit or understand people who're into it. Just enjoy the show for what it is: a cute and funny comedy. Cripes.


No. 190489

File: 1494795299054.jpg (493.22 KB, 1024x1810, scoial justice.jpg)

No. 190498

>a cute and funny comedy
did we watch the same series?
It is funny as all hell but fuck it can get fucked up sometimes, taking in count the sextuplets can't stand each other and wish death upon themselves at least once per episode

No. 190499


No. 190503

File: 1494801219018.jpg (540.39 KB, 1151x1151, tumblr_opiag9vLeo1se16d6o1_128…)

The artist seems like cunt too

No. 190504

what is that

No. 190506

fat fetishism

No. 190508

Ugh, I always see their stuff on my explore page on Instagram. Not really a fan of the art style.

No. 190513

Oh for sure, it can get dark. But regardless, I still find it funny and other times cute. In general it's a fun show and it's too bad that its fandom is so shitty.

No. 190553

>Man is always Bearmode/Jacked
It's just like one of my /fit/ animes!

No. 190554

File: 1494855042772.png (408.36 KB, 587x611, m.png)

Reminds me of an another artist who does this shit, tall blonde ripped scandinavian man dating obese amputee midget

No. 190680

File: 1494944215487.png (250.93 KB, 320x810, tumblr_opk4vjROFe1u6rct0o1_540…)

Is she hotter because she ballooned, or?

No. 190685

File: 1494951497306.png (954.01 KB, 869x1288, e93008a1-a34a-4f37-a03e-2bcf6e…)

His face is the worst

No. 190691

why'd they make dan look like snoozy

No. 190694

this is a hilarious fantasy

No. 190730

You're triggered by a black light bulb? Lmao, idiot

No. 190732


I wear a hijab and I don't really give much of a fuck how they draw it, the fact they decided to draw a hijab even for brownie points is nice since we aren't represented anywhere :p

No. 190756

>is nice since we aren't represented anywhere :p
dude, fucking tumblr is currently either black fat trannies or hijab empowered wymin uvu, I don't see any country actually not allowing your kin to wear your magical head rags

sage for replying to bait

No. 190861

How sad is that, though, that the only representation they can get is through fetish-y tumblr art

No. 190893

Lmaooo, not really I just don't mind the drawing. Am I suppose to be upset? I honestly don't really care, at least they include us instead in their absurd fan art shit instead of targeting us for simply wearing a cloth on our head like some people do :)

Also it's not that, I know most western countries haven't banned hijabs, I just hate the stigma around it. Also what's wrong with tumblr drawing such outlandish black/trans/whatever renditions of characters? Maybe black or trans people want to see how their favourite character would look if they resembled them. Don't know why it triggers y'all some much…

No. 190894

Whatever, you guys are so bothered by hijabs and black people in fan art it's actually sad, also we do get representation outside of fan art obviously but I was just highlighting how I didn't take offense to it.

No. 190897

lolcow's not full of the brightest girls anon

No. 190906

>white middle-class girls idolizing hijabs, black people, vitiligo and transgenderism and forcing them on literally everything they draw for ~aesthetics~
>totally not a fetish ugghh fucking bigots it's called REPRESENTATION!!!!!!
I usually hate all the "white ppl" remarks but you sound super fucking white american tbh

No. 190919

File: 1495091503522.png (7.59 MB, 950x10000, tmm_dump_6_by_ai_bee-d9wz0yi.p…)

No. 190921

File: 1495092818497.png (551.09 KB, 1280x1536, rcdart_1.png)

Love yourself anon, they draw brown/black/hijabi characters because they want the inclusive points & for the validation /likes, notes, retweets/ , NOT because they care about your representation. Here's a very blatant example of what I am talking about drawn by a typical tumblr white artist. I'm sure Mexican women are happy with rcdarts interpretation of them, but ofc it's n-not offensive cos it's representation! Also lmao everything rcdart does is shit tier.

No. 191080

No. 191181

I somehow now appreciate shitty base made dA OCs more than I used to

No. 191185

File: 1495221388184.jpg (40.9 KB, 578x267, Deviantart-tumblr.JPG)

The evolution tho

Rcdart art is ugly as fuck, also do all the ladies(?) have facial hair?? Yeah, I'm hispanic and we can be pretty hairy but those are straight up mustaches, it's ridiculous

Same with this ugly shit >>184393

No. 191196

shit like this happens because white tumblrs don't actually know anything other than cultural stereotypes, so they use them like they're real portayals. it's rare to see OC just doing non-stereotypical stuff, it's always just shit interpretations.

No. 191213

this so fucking much

>awww yeah as a mexican woman I totally feel represented by this!!! totes no offended for being stereotyped UwU

No. 191222


I hate that they draw black women as fat asses with these broad flat noses and tacky hair colours.

All the minorities they draw are caricatures that are half a step away from looking like things a /pol/lack would draw for keks.

No. 191246

I loled so fucking hard at this, thank you for sharing this! Also how the hell is the drawing racist? It's a literal blob drawing of exactly what she described. Oh sorry~they~ described.

No. 191274


I love Oso, but stay the fuck out of the fandom, but I've seen that Todomatsu is often made to be trans because he's the girly one.
Totty is frequently compared to a woman and made to seem very gay/effeminate in the series, but it's always shown that he's straight and has no problem with being a guy. But that doesn't fly in tumblr land

No. 191369

>thinking the least physically active of all siblings wouldn't hold more pudge than the others
You know he's a grown man and not a teenager with a fast metabolism right? But yeah, obese Ichi is taking it a little too far.

No. 191373

File: 1495305988438.png (293.13 KB, 900x558, 1467082837718.png)

These are supposed to be fanmade Pokémon protagonists. I honestly can't tell whether the artist is a trap fetishist or a SJW who is also a fetishist.

I'm Mexican, and, believe it or not, I find these designs kind of appealing. I don't care if her art has downgraded over time, the ones at the bottom are interesting to look at. In fact, I think those look more feminine than the older designs. It's her porn and pairing shit that I find hideous and unbearable. Even the men she draws are horrible.

And I met a girl with the tickest moustache in secondary school, she wouldn't shave it and she looked cute. I might be able to grow a noticeable moustache too if I didn't shave in two or three months.

Maybe most Mexican women would feel offended at this stereotypical representation, but personally I don't because I know those are just supposed to be women from the Mexican Revolution drawn like men from that era, and thus they're supposed to look manly (although there wasn't much of a difference honestly. Basically the only difference between male and female revolutionaries was that women wore traditional blouses and skirts, some of them even wore men's clothes, and they probably didn't give a shit about shaving in the middle of a war). However, I believe that even back then women didn't have such prominent facial hair. What rcdart wanted to do here was to portray empowered women that were already empowered and to be honest I think the way she tried to do it is pretty cool, although admittedly it was unnecesary.

If she drew modern-day mexican women with moustaches as if we all looked like that, though, I'd be fucking pissed.

Sorry for the long reply.

No. 191375

>she still mad about her culturally appropriated outfit tbh
Oh for FUCK's sake
Also, somehow her chibi art became boring to look at.
>I hate that they draw black women as fat asses with these broad flat noses
The noses are the worst for me. A tumblr nose doesn't have to be just an impossibly red nose, it can also be a terribly shaped one, which is the case in most art from Tumblr. They don't even look realistic, tumblrinas just draw an oversimplified wide shape on a character's face regardless of their weight and call it a day. Unfortunately that disgusting way of drawing noses influences many young beginner artists and it spreads like wildfire.

Listen, Tumblr, you can actually draw attractive or realistic-looking noses for black people!

No. 191463

I thought the designs were pretty appealing, too, based on silhouette diversity and shape design. There's a lot of other Tumblr Calarts-character-designer-lite artists who have that really block, abstracted forms look that's really striking, but a lot of them go so fucking overboard that it just looks like stylizations of other artists' stylization. RCdart's trans!Captain America is an example of style needing to be reeled in.

No. 191499

So sad, this person's art is actually really cute, too bad they're all SJW-y.

No. 191515

File: 1495390429408.jpg (70.36 KB, 360x289, helpthem.jpg)

Does anyone have anymore of that classic bad Deviantart-tier art?
After seeing all this tumblr shit, it's refreshing to see stuff from Deviantart

No. 191551

File: 1495414599896.png (108.9 KB, 540x440, tumblr_oqajb8yNtA1w6skzno1_540…)

No. 191577

Fuck being literally identical sextuplets I guess.

No. 191584

These designs would be pretty cute for a Pokemon game but holy shit that glaring trap fetishism. I hope they're done by someone openly fetishist and no a SJW for brownie points because like you said I can't even tell anymore.

No. 191585

File: 1495435071892.jpg (45.31 KB, 640x480, Tetsuro.jpg)

the one on the right kind of reminds me of tetsuro lol

No. 191588

Holy shit, I didn't even realize this was Osomatsu-san. Just why?

No. 191589

lol sjws hate trap characters. they're offensive. and the art style just screams fetish tbh. now if he was a brave and stunning sapphic wlw trans girl…

No. 191590

File: 1495436333481.jpg (28.35 KB, 300x360, Pokemon_Brendan__May_ash_by_Wh…)

I hope this is deviantART enough.

I think her "trans" porn is so fucking cringeworthy to me because it's so overstylized that it's unbelievable someone would get off to that cartoony shit.

No. 191651

I'm half mexican and I'm offended. Were not all hairy and dark skinned.

No. 191936

Fuck I hate this person's art. Every time I see it I hate it even more.

No. 192012

File: 1495658475420.png (698.6 KB, 1280x1110, tumblr_oqh1axNxNK1w6skzno1_128…)

This is supposed to be Ichi

No. 192059


The girl who drew this was like 14. Chill.


I want this hung on my wall, though.

No. 192065

File: 1495674984454.jpg (116.84 KB, 543x628, why.jpg)

No. 192068

File: 1495675207540.png (1002.14 KB, 1259x1920, tumblr_olqunv9TM51r6a1vco2_128…)

No. 192072

File: 1495675610131.jpg (44.84 KB, 450x470, 137241881.jpg)

Why did it have to be Nozomi?

No. 192075

the last two or three threads have had a high concentration of tomatomagica's art, why not just give her her own thread? if she doesn't belong on /snow/ then maybe /sty/.
i'm honestly sick of seeing her shit every thread.

No. 192077

no underarm hair, 8/10 sjw points

No. 192086

maybe she should stop being such shit then.

No. 192093

i mean, i agree, but it's boring and repetitive. she redraws animu ugly, wow!

No. 192123

At first I was shocked they purposefully gave her unflattering/ill-fitting clothes

But then I was a bit impressed that they actually drew some realistic body fat instead of the stylized, unrealistic fat body shapes a lot of body-posi artwork ironically relies on

But still that skirt is too small wth

No. 192124

The only redeeming factor left other than coloring/shading is really anatomy. A pity she's an ideagogue

No. 192135

That's the point of the thread, to post bad and hideous art

No. 192140

please, don't be dense. i understand that she fits the requirements of the thread, but having her brought up multiple times the past few threads is getting redundant. the moment she draws something it's thrown up here. so i suggested her having her own thread somewhere else.
the internet is full of bad art, hers doesn't need so much attention.
just a thought.

No. 192172

go make the thread then

No. 192202

File: 1495739253949.jpg (1.07 MB, 2896x2896, what even.jpg)

i really can't stand this artist with their really awful style. i would've thought she improved but i scrolled all the way down on her instagram and it still looked the same since 2014 :/

No. 192204

is that uberhaxornova and immortalhd?

No. 192205

File: 1495740218918.png (371.93 KB, 512x510, image2.png)

yeah. she was kinda known in their fanbase a lot with her horrid drawings. she even made James (uberhaxornova) a shirt with her drawing on it. he ended up getting rid of it after he moved apparently.

No. 192206

she somehow made aleks look even more retarded than he already does

No. 192207

>doing this to my poor e-husbando

seriously tho those drawings look like total ass. i love how bottom left the eyes are so off.

No. 192208

aleks is hot as fuck tho.

No. 192209

File: 1495740847088.png (522.05 KB, 429x537, srsly.png)


i can't believe that she's really charging so much for her work as well. her instagram is: k.chouko if anyone is curious.

No. 192210

>charging for that 'simple' drawing
>not charging $10 for "waist"
this shit all looks like babby's first pic drawn in gimp

No. 192217

no I agree actually lol but he's a weird looking dude, at least to me. I think it's his eyes?

No. 192227

File: 1495752429251.jpg (68.1 KB, 1024x768, vLUYo4H.jpg)


white-tanuki-fox on Deviantart is a gold mine of laughs

No. 192235

i get what you mean, they're kinda droopy?

No. 192535

File: 1495982826618.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1280x1756, 26f5625a-6c17-4448-8bbf-310f2d…)

Can we please talk about the Rick & Morty fandom

No. 192548

Isn't he like 14 though…?

No. 192550

File: 1495997818701.png (Spoiler Image,242.92 KB, 600x625, c95d6fb9-3f7a-4550-bb23-0a495e…)

They're on the same level of creepy as the Osomatsu fandom

No. 192551

File: 1495997930507.png (Spoiler Image,205.51 KB, 879x870, 1a153e8d-15b1-4b9e-83a6-58cb97…)

No. 192560

Why is he fapping to a bong? What is the context??

No. 192572

File: 1496009905047.png (Spoiler Image,92.69 KB, 855x853, 2177365_SWPQ9loDSkdY9cC.png)

i hate myself for this but fuck it

No. 192573

File: 1496010076513.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.51 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_oqb6esf0tb1v9xakco1_128…)

splatoon fandom, nuff said

No. 192618

File: 1496035370035.png (857.84 KB, 799x515, femalespacemarines3.png)


No. 192762

File: 1496103715120.jpg (290.85 KB, 960x1280, 748fcd8f-bf29-48e2-9fcd-261411…)

I follow some rick and morty blogs on tumblr.
Most posts are just gifs but sometime they reblog bullshit like this and I'm just uggg

No. 192779

File: 1496109140114.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.1 KB, 540x455, 646456.jpg)

I'm so insulted. Why would someone do this to my waifu?

No. 192783

is that… ms paint…….

No. 192785

He hates it!

No. 192827

I kind of like this in a way, at least in a jokey way but I know the artist most likely meant it to be serious, who drew it?

No. 192838

File: 1496159658184.jpg (93.34 KB, 841x900, fat tharja.jpg)

>tharja is canonically a good-looking short and skinny woman with big breasts and large hips
>fanart makes her an ugly fatass
This pisses me off so much. I don't mind it that much the artist made her dark-skinned even though Tharja is is pale because she's from Plegia, which is basically not!Egypt in FE:Awakening. Why are artists doing this so much these days? Because they want to be represented despite being ugly fatties or because they're not aware that thin women can have curves or what?

No. 192848

I agree but at the same time I'm a black woman with a large wide nose and I don't often see black characters on tv or in movies that have stereotypically black features like me unless they're like a villain or the butt of a joke or really ghetto or something. It's usually either mixed or black people with 'tamer' features

it's conflicting because i don't see black girls with stereotypically black features portrayed positively outside of tumblr but tumblr really only does it to get their likes/reblogs and the representation feels just as disingenuous as it does with those token black characters in movies and tv shows

It's also little annoying to see people complain about characters that look too ethnic for being drawn with a wide nose and nappy hair and other stereotypical features (not sure if anyone would feel the same about a character with stereotypical features of their ethnicity so just talking about african americans here) even though there are probably people who look like that and I partially blame tumblr for making those characters a collection of those stereotypes instead of an actual character who happens to be of x ethnicity, but I also think that underrepresentation of minorities make it so that when you do see a character who isn't white or racially ambiguous, it feels like diversity is being shoved down your throats despite the real world (well, as far as america goes) not actually looking as homogounous as our tv shows and movies make it out to be

it's like there's really no winning here because tumblr isn't really being sincere in its depiction of minorities. they're getting so wrapped up in shoving as many caricatures as they can in their characters that it ironically just looks like racist garbage


No. 192849

File: 1496171905410.jpg (24.55 KB, 230x328, Fullmetal_Alchemist_2003.jpg)



No. 193217

File: 1496372209024.png (339.92 KB, 540x756, lmao.png)

oh god

No. 193224

Radical idea: The artist and the people who like the drawing don't see that as an ugly character. Not everyone sees a larger figure and get into a fizzy, tbh I don't really know why you're offended since it's really not as bad as you're making it seem.

No. 193228

isn't D.va Korean? Why would she wear a shirt with japanese (nit saying that she can't but the other guy has a shirt with Rio on it to show that he is from there no? Idk that much about this game so sorry if I'm wrong)
Anyways who has leg hair being THAT visible to high up ? Especially a lady from Korea?

No. 193234

>dark-skinned woman is fat
Yikes, that implication. Not that either is inherently un-attractive, but it's fucking weird how often I see dark skinned characters being paired with less socially acceptable traits like fatness or masculinity. I remember when all those female knight saving a princess ideas were floating around everywhere and 90% of the time the darker skinned character would be the knight.

Also yeah, Plegians were largely pale. Hell, Henry (especially) and Tharja were some of the palest characters but no, being vaguely Arab means they have to have dark skin, duuuuh.

I totally get you. I like seeing characters that I can see my 'unfavorable' traits in, but being reduced to solely those features or them drawn in a way that's intentionally ugly makes me feel worse. If I want to show someone I appreciate their non-standard nose, I don't draw this tumor-like lump on their face in ultra detail. It's especially laughable when they draw a typically attractive character and they lack all of the weird details and uncanniness.

No. 193242

tumblr pls go

>Anyways who has leg hair being THAT visible to high up ? Especially a lady from Korea?
exactly! also, where is his leg hair?

No. 193254


I think its 'trans' diva or something like that. If you look close she has a little stache too kek

No. 193262

I agree that one isn't even really bad.

No. 193377

File: 1496508786455.png (197.46 KB, 540x311, tumblr_oqzb6lKNBD1uwgne7o1_540…)

Racebent characters: Check
Red nose: Check
Heart mouth: Check
Fat: Check

No. 193544

File: 1496584163355.jpg (151.21 KB, 2048x1152, 16836467_1326881277358413_9151…)

it's supposed to be jacksepticeye (or however the fuck it goes)

No. 193738

File: 1496659950437.png (Spoiler Image,961.65 KB, 1280x997, e2291830-1cbd-4ccf-a740-682cba…)

ARMS looks promising!

No. 193769

Fucking hell. And I just watched HeartCatch.

No. 193774

File: 1496684587197.png (1.8 MB, 995x1180, tumblr_opiepynM8E1r387t8o1_128…)

jesus christ

No. 193806

File: 1496698115032.png (573.79 KB, 1218x1541, killme.png)

will tumblr ever stop drawing fat Nozomi?

No. 193807

File: 1496698300531.jpg (178.61 KB, 1215x717, zg6i8TS.jpg)

their 'revision' looks like a rejected pentakill poppy skin

No. 194108

File: 1496778052667.jpg (141.88 KB, 1080x1349, 17125748_259986191122117_86733…)

Art. This is art.

No. 194111


looks like xe has grown a turd under xer armpits

No. 194114

how do I drawed perspective?

No. 194122

Luna must feel proud

No. 194131

nice colors tho

No. 194135

File: 1496797982864.jpg (134.62 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_o22tk2EQ621rwqfv9o1_128…)

Reminds me of brad neely and that chris the simpsons artist dude.

No. 194983

At this point the Rick and Morty fandom is beyond saving.

No. 194985

File: 1497373102746.jpg (84.29 KB, 480x368, 1497347013672.jpg)

No. 194987

Does Morty have vitilgo here or are those just freckles/moles/uglypox?

No. 194988


Better question is why is he fucking fat?

No. 195016


even better question, why is this crappy OC that has nothing whatsoever to do with Morty is "Morty"?

No. 195101

File: 1497430724131.png (120.27 KB, 532x512, sorry.png)

I know its an old post but a million years in sai

No. 195117


Bit better, but still ugly af: weird posture, naruto cheeks, wtf is proportions.

You tried anon, but it's beyond saving.

No. 195601

Most of this art is beyong redemption, not even redrawing the face and adding curves could save it, but it's amusing seeing others fix it. I've done it once and it's really fun.

No. 195715

File: 1497965580160.png (506.26 KB, 570x602, h.png)

That nose

No. 195717

File: 1497968964678.jpg (375.57 KB, 750x2876, IMG_6906.JPG)

Why would you ruin sailor moon like this?

No. 195718

she looks like a skinhead

No. 195723

I actually wouldn't mind this if it wasn't trying to pass itself off as Sailor Moon fan art. Not big on the girls' hair style honestly, but definitely not the worst I've seen–at least the artist didn't make any of them fat/disfigured.

No. 195752

I think its her ocs as sailor moon character, so I guess that makes it better

No. 195815



No. 195828

File: 1498026910432.jpg (85.97 KB, 790x1011, lelouch_code_geass_by_damarsan…)

The autistic level of polishing this uncanny turd is too high

I appreciate someone actually posting content but this is nitpicking really when you compare it to >>184393

No. 195829

File: 1498026978205.png (278.1 KB, 1329x600, dorito chin and a broken wrist…)

Another dorito chinned deviant art creation, he looks like a grey alien

No. 195910


No. 195947

Lacks a gamer tagline or her rabbit Emblem.

No. 195948

Okay but Queen Beryl looks actually decent in this

Anon, with the way that the internet especially tumblr has influenced this generation, I wouldn't be surprised to see 13 year olds like this

No. 195949

File: 1498119936382.jpg (31.29 KB, 299x300, robert-crumb-hypnotize.jpg)

No. 195952

shut your whore mouth anon

No. 195956

hey thats pretty good actually

No. 195970

Robert Crumb sure drew some pretty ugly stuff like this but he was groundbreaking so I forgive him for it

No. 195984

File: 1498161592374.jpg (857.4 KB, 2304x3072, IMG_2324.JPG)

how about an actual redraw that does sailor moon dirty

No. 196169

File: 1498191608701.jpg (47.05 KB, 200x420, why.jpg)


No. 196174

I actually would love that if it was a little less tumblr-esque.

No. 196177

File: 1498196121193.jpg (13.23 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

That's Maya Kern, pic related.
She looks like an average fatty, but i follow her because personally i think her art is awesome.

No. 196180

File: 1498202326932.png (161.25 KB, 329x289, Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 7.18…)

No. 196236

Usagi looks so awful. Requesting more of these.

No. 196242

doesn't even look like it's supposed to be a person

No. 196256

Sailor Buscemi

No. 196267

what anime is this?

No. 196290

Show by rock

No. 196320

File: 1498293819161.png (584.03 KB, 798x671, tumblr_nomgc8w54P1rsafgjo1_128…)

No. 196322

File: 1498298011864.png (156.02 KB, 506x512, 301293_12.png)

why are Kuroshitsuji fans always the worst

No. 196330


Idk it's kinda douche move to laugh at someone who is clearly a beginner and draws what he likes

No. 196350

I had a good laugh

The real question is… Are there still Kuroshitsuji fans around in 2017?

No. 196359

File: 1498339815748.png (325.42 KB, 1024x778, this_is_fucking_sad.png)

A whole fucking year and no improvement at all?!

No. 196378

Hate to defend that Person but who knows hoe young he or she is.
Idk when I was like 12 I didn't really improve until I was like 14 or 15
Maybe that person doesn't care about improving

No. 196379

Yeah, I try not to make fun of shitty art that's clearly bad because the artist is probably just a kid learning how to draw. Everyone has to start somewhere.

I save making fun of art for people who have some talent but waste it on 'inclusive' tumblr garbage either for brownie points or because they're using the style to mask their shortcomings as an artist.

No. 196391

this. no point in making fun of some kid whos obviously a beginner

No. 196437

File: 1498423845945.png (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1280x1006, tumblr_os441nSYFA1vouwfro1_128…)

No. 196442

how do i unsee something

No. 196452

What the fuck is this supposed to be

No. 196456

I applaud the effort

No. 196464

Is that Killing Stalking fan art? Well, at least anatomy is not too shabby.

The thought of this being reproduced on a large canvas and submitted to a serious art gallery is hilarious.

No. 196494


it's Attack on Titan. i think it's decently made for throwaway fap material.

No. 196511

Wtf? I thought it was Killing Stalking too. Way to be vague tumblr porn artist. Other than that I agree that it's not really terrible.

No. 196513

tbph the killing stalking characters look eerily similar to levi and whatever that other guys name was

No. 196541

File: 1498529479946.png (1.71 MB, 850x1500, ad8e6c52-3420-49a0-b147-a3330d…)

My eyes were assaulted by this garbage today. There is nothing in this image that looks good.

No. 196543

do.. do they have boners?? good find anon this is truly awful

No. 196581

Noses bigger than their artistic future with this kind of artwork…

Wtf is that on John's crotch, at first I thought it was boner, but it looks like badly done wrinkle, in the end wrinkles are over the top…

And don't even get me started on those flowers and that hideous purple shadow…

No. 196594

This is the most cliché illustration of homos that I've ever seen.

No. 196605

Why do people spend so much time and effort on coloring/shading when they don't even bother learning basic anatomy? People seem to think if it's digitally painted then it's automatically amazing

No. 196643

File: 1498616273825.jpg (9.91 KB, 227x218, disapprovalcat.jpg)

It's not the message, it's the…

No. 196694

The obe on the left looks like Justin Trudeau.

No. 196720

I don't see anything too anatomically incorrect except the overall ugliness and noses.

No. 196773


Clothes doesn't work that way…The shading is so shitty, I'm going to cry

No. 196941

File: 1498899324396.jpg (161.33 KB, 1280x875, IMG_20170701_185351.jpg)

No. 196942

Don't they dare touch my Galko. The art style is so unique and nothing tumblr could ever "improve".

No. 196946

Agreed. And what the hell is up with the mouth and nose combo?

No. 196951

File: 1498918593190.jpg (32.48 KB, 400x400, 1498832854394.jpg)

No. 196954

File: 1498920899827.jpg (59.35 KB, 500x281, tumblr_oqh176sTXF1rqtpl3o7_500…)

Found this while searching for otome games, apparently you can change hamplanet's mc skin color.

Btw do you notice how none of romantic interests are fat…

No. 196956

Hey, this is not bad. Also, Eruri is kinda canon too. I don't think it belongs to this thread

No. 196958

this is actual cancer

No. 196963

No. 196965

I think they had a lil more than two scoops…

No. 196976

Tbh prob all bucket

No. 197274

File: 1499180378057.jpg (75.01 KB, 650x950, 19849094_452878228403087_26226…)

No. 197316

Is she an amputee or..?

No. 197320

You're entitled to your opinion, anon–imo the style does the characters absolutely no favors–but whether you're shit pairing is canon or not holds no relevance to this thread.

No. 197338

File: 1499234804465.png (Spoiler Image,214.96 KB, 750x843, IMG_8470.PNG)

what the actual fuck is wrong with howl's mouth?

No. 197339

whoops, didn't mean to spoiler it my bad.

No. 197341

Jfc I'm actually glad that you did

That howl is terrifying

No. 197342

Same! I was wondering why Bum wasn't skinny enough. It's funny because I was moderately ok with the art because Killing Stalking has fairly graphic gay sex, but knowing it's AoT really does drop the quality of this ten-fold. …content, kids.

No. 197382

he's got a sarah jessica parker going on…

No. 197385

Why are so many of these generic SJW drawings of black people?

Seems like something bebe would do.


No. 197386

File: 1499269338167.png (14.56 KB, 200x200, How determined are you to get …)

No. 197393

File: 1499274108100.png (933.11 KB, 750x843, thesmashingdraws.png)

No. 197396

This angers me.

No. 197397


No. 197434

File: 1499310275049.jpg (106.63 KB, 750x1120, ElhdXOn.jpg)

No. 197452

I hate how this shit is always on my explore page despite the fact that the majority of the artists I follow work in realism.

No. 197482

Don't be bitter, anon.

>When you never practice on profiles

No. 197508

File: 1499379431450.png (614.47 KB, 606x834, Screenshot_2.png)

I usually enjoy this artist's works, but this piece makes it look like Mercy and Pharah don't have any organs.
Sage for nitpicking.

No. 197544

File: 1499407412581.jpg (Spoiler Image,254.34 KB, 2048x1990, IMG_20170707_160118.jpg)

furries are wild

No. 197545

didn't mean to spoiler, but I guess it's for the best anyway

No. 197546

They obviously know how to draw, but it looks like they looked at stomach vacuum exercises as reference…

No. 197563

My eyes…
I have nothing but bad wishes for people that have the ability to draw and decide to do this kind of shitty weird shit. I have no tolerance, I wish they lost their goddamn hands kek, also for people who draw naked anime characters and that kind of crap. Ugh

No. 197565

They have decent skills and they decide to draw this garbage?

No. 197566

>asexual artist
>head-canons Sherlock Holmes as homosexual

This is one for the psychology books.

No. 197584

File: 1499456398987.jpg (45.39 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.692983957_q4g8.jpg)

who tf whould actually buy these ??? ?

No. 197585

File: 1499456580764.png (119.23 KB, 300x225, willy_wonka.png)

No. 197586

File: 1499457233204.jpg (294.52 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_oolv4zAEWJ1wnk34oo1_128…)

That's the bisexual flag you fucking blind dyke.

I would, if I knew what characters they were.

Pic related, I can't stand this person's shitty sketches.

No. 197587

this dude is rolling in furrybux tho.

No. 197588

Sherlock is waving the gay flag, its watson who is waving the bisexual flag…

No. 197621

Except Sherlock is waving the gay flag…?

No. 197627

File: 1499482225839.png (2.42 MB, 1280x1447, 587a240e-b6e5-4a40-b70f-5db39d…)

I'm beginning to dislike my tumblr dash because of all this shitty art.

No. 197634

i would unfollow anyone with audacity to reblog this

No. 197651

Being so unnecessarily hostile is even more cringey when you're fucking wrong anon.

No. 197742

File: 1499581211695.png (887.83 KB, 1280x1707, 1492847460195.png)

They're supposed to be Victor and Yuuri.

No. 197743

File: 1499581265159.png (1.18 MB, 1280x1707, 1492847731419.png)

No. 197745


why the fuck

No. 197752

No. 197760

>>197742 >>197743
Are they supposed to be men? Why is Yuuri a fat mexican lesbian? What are those hair near their crotches? I'm so confused.

No. 197779

Man is the artist snapping their fucking arm reaching this much?
Not like Yuri is supposed to be an athletic, in shape figure skater or anything…

(i don't even watch the show and i know this).

No. 197782

WHO drew this? I need to know.

No. 197784

>(i don't even watch the show and i know this).
Anon, it's literally in the first episode that he eats like shit and gains weight easily if he doesn't skate. The HAES crowd completely latched onto a five minute visual gag joke.

No. 197786

Somebody who took drawing lessons from rcdart it looks like. I fucking hate this tumblr "every male character I like is misgendered so I will drawn them as a fat hairy legged trans-person" art "style"

No. 197794

No. 197797

I need actual links to their tumblr. They take the ugly style to another level.

No. 197809

Google rcdart, it's not that hard.

That's not the artist of >>197742 though, I don't know who it is

No. 197812

File: 1499634955669.png (1.28 MB, 1280x1280, tumblr_oskd86PyQq1vouwfro1_128…)

>I fucking hate this tumblr "every male character I like is misgendered so I will drawn them as a fat hairy legged trans-person" art "style"

Ugh, so true, anon. It's like they're projecting on the characters… except because the characters they're projecting on are male and they just /can't/ stand identifying (sorry, kin) with males, they decide to change their gender. And then if you say their work is genderbent they get triggered.
Also, if a character's gender isn't mentioned in the work and the author says the gender is up to the reader (for example Hanji from snk), they all start saying how that character is totally canonically trans.

sage for blog

in pic related the lineart was done by one artist who encouraged others to color it. the artist from >>196437 did the coloring. how hard can it be to use layer modes???

No. 197813

Besides this being insanely sloppy and poorly drawn (what the fuck are those feet, seriously) it's amazing that they looked at a competitive figure skater and thought "he should probably be morbidly obese, realistically"

No. 197818

File: 1499636317887.png (729.79 KB, 827x1168, 1494280424418_2.png)

It's also canon that his weight gain represents his worst mental state, yet tumblr celebrates it like he wasn't depressed and unable to properly do the sport his life revolves around because of it. They are so self obsessed and egotistical that they can't look beyond ~fat acceptance~ and understand that being fat will really hurt an elite skater. He probably only gained a few kilos in the first place, exaggerated for comedy purposes.

Admittedly I like seeing him a tiny bit chubby (in the off season) but it's hard to find art that gets the right balance of soft but not fat. Pretty much only Japanese artists get it right.

No. 197843

File: 1499654274197.jpg (31.49 KB, 252x270, Untitled.jpg)


for some (many) reasons, Levi's legs are completely disturbing

No. 197850

Dat backwards hand

No. 197853

As I said before, I don't watch the fucking show. What I'm saying is that naturally, it'd be Yuri in the Hockey Rink with that build, not Yuri on Ice.

(you literally greentexted where I said I didn't watch the show, dude. sage for ot.)

No. 197854

My babies, nooooooooooo!

Goddammit. I was looking for YOI monstrosities to submit, though. I don't think any other fan art pisses me off more, making Victor into a homely goblin with a huge red nose and poor Yuuri into a disgusting, diseased slob.

Yeah, he was drawn chibi style then exaggerated fat for just a few minutes. When he skates to Stammi Vicino, you can clearly see his body is a bit chubby or stocky but nowhere near obese.

I hate just about any sports anime/manga characters that get the haes treatment. I don't think these "artists" have ever experienced 20 minutes of physical activity in their lives.

No. 197856

lmao it seems like most 'artists' want to fetishize obesity nowadays.

No. 197857

the original artist is harder to track down than i thought, reverse image search gave nothing

No. 197864

I mean when fatties are eating it up and purchasing from or promoting the artists I can't blame the artists for pandering and drawing them all the lumpy red-nosed crap they do.

No. 197872

I really want to see a 300lb disabled autistic hairy trans diabetic skate a flawless rendition of the Eros routine. Prove me wrong, tumblr! Where are all these dedicated athletic champions that are morbidly obese and deformed?

No. 197874

You're giving them too much credit. Deep down, not even they find morbid obesity attractive and obese people wouldn't draw themselves looking like they have elephantitis. They just can't resist the ass pats and false sense of moral superiority.

No. 197985

File: 1499760767896.jpg (191.11 KB, 1024x1024, yuri_on_ice_viktor_wip_by_fujo…)

This. Her name is "Fujoshi.Aria.Art" on instagram oh god her art is hideous. She owns fookin billions of copic markers, has cintiq, takes animation classes and she draws shit like this. Then when someone judge it she be like "oh im sorry my art is not good enough" But in a sarcastic way.She even has a patreon oml. Then she complains her losing followers, her instagram boring af. She posts art and thats it, cant even take a quality picture. Sorry im just annoyed at her lol shes delusional.

No. 197990

File: 1499772238009.jpeg (156.42 KB, 750x926, image.jpeg)

When will people learn that having good supplies does not make your art good? I get that copics can make your art look better, but ugh. Same with people who draw digitally, they think being able to color good can cover up their shit show of artwork.

No. 198006

File: 1499784828289.jpg (110.42 KB, 640x768, tr.jpg)

Lol ikr. I saw her instagram today. And just…holy shit. That Bulge jesus christ

No. 198009

File: 1499788473961.jpg (84.28 KB, 799x739, OWO what's this.jpg)

No. 198053

That looks like a tumor causing that poor character serious pain. Tumors are a new level of tumblr aesthetic.

No. 198118

File: 1499889007992.jpg (105.51 KB, 848x1199, DEQ5c1lWAAADZ1T.jpg)

I knew my Hero Academia would be affected eventually

No. 198126

ochako and tsuyu don't deserve this

No. 198140

Omg why is Ochako's right thumb on backwards??

No. 198205

looks like bert and ernie

No. 198272

No. 198725

File: 1500297454146.jpeg (17.4 KB, 599x295, received_1537251623007993.jpeg)

No. 198735


why is Judy a toddler and Nick is Crackhead Teller

No. 198737

File: 1500311991394.jpg (84.38 KB, 640x640, T4jGgZC.jpg)

No. 198801

File: 1500360741279.jpg (338.42 KB, 1486x1469, IMG_7882.JPG)

No. 198807

File: 1500368265799.png (760.23 KB, 1280x1868, tumblr_ot9ksiAiTP1v1q078o1_128…)

This is supposed to be Craig from South Park. Somehow

No. 198892

Hahaha holy shit. This has so much potential in terms of rendering but the anatomy failures are through the roof.

No. 198893

>also for people who draw naked anime characters
Cmon anon that's like one of the big reasons people even bother to learn how to draw. I love drawing my naked anime girls and it pays good. I agree on the furries and bizarre fetishes.

No. 198894

People into drawing naked anime characters usually have a better grasp on anatomy and such than these tumblrites who think that all sexual art is bad and triggering

No. 198896

Omg what. So it's racism to draw white anime characters but making them fat mexicans when it's literally stated multiple times in the anime that he's a slim, pale japanese dude is somehow okay. FUck im triggered. Ruining my boy yuri like that.

No. 198924

File: 1500449128562.png (274.47 KB, 528x876, drwohasextrachromosomes.png)

So the thirteenth Doctor is a woman.She's going to be played by Jodie Whittaker.

Tumblr is already exploding with "OMG! This is SOOO important!"

When I saw this I immediately thought "Hey she looks like the missing third Hartley Hooligan."

Eyes too far apart, mouth too wide, hood sitting oddly on the head, giraffe neck… And it's like she tried to shade the face then gave up on everything else. It makes it look very uneven. Either you choose to shade or you just leave it alone. You don't mix it up in one pic because then it just looks like an unfinished piece of crap. Which this would have been regardless because she looks like an anecephalic that somehow made it to adulthood.

No. 198925

At least this is just guilty of bad anatomy though. Just wait for the inevitable race-bending fan art of the 13th Doctor.

No. 198927

I'm okay with this considering it looks like it was inspired by Adora Bat Brat (I hate her but if that was the inspiration I get it).

It's overall not the worst thing to come out of the fandom or tumblr, I like it. So what if she's 14? She's also the reincarnation of a fucking moon princess, the series isn't exactly based in reality.

No. 198959

I didn't think of that. Bu tI should have because people are already complaining that the Doctor isn't a POC. Also this means the Doctor has to be trans or nonbinary. So that's gonna pop up too.

No. 198961

fuck sake, most of those are already over-represented on TV. Practically every show has their token gays/lesbians and several token nationalities now.

No. 198966

Holy shit the trans head cannons are going to kill me.

No. 198978

I don't think it is. Doesn't she have little pads on her fingers?

No. 198979

File: 1500495098796.jpg (114.85 KB, 1200x1176, DFH3MKhXsAAGgBg.jpg)

pretty bad for the stuff she usually draws - what's wrong w/ her feet, they're kinda swollen ?

No. 199121

It's so blatantly obvious she only knows how to draw one pair of shoes, always bugs the shit out of me.

No. 199128

File: 1500586515618.jpg (971.92 KB, 1448x1969, 17-07-20-17-20-50-465_deco.jpg)

The more I keep seeing it pop up in game the more it starts to look awful like he has some potato chin

No. 199227

File: 1500633771691.png (139.43 KB, 500x646, absolutely disgusting.png)

No. 199308

File: 1500675810458.jpg (416.13 KB, 1280x1807, a01d755a-adf4-4dc2-b61d-94348d…)

I have no words.

No. 199311

Even better someone paid this person to make that

Sage for samefag

No. 199312

File: 1500676453792.jpg (1.76 MB, 1988x3056, camix.jpg)

No. 199368

File: 1500704555770.jpg (71.71 KB, 522x1008, IMG_3298.jpg)

Don't forget this one. Apparently a 10 year old white boy from some rural colorado town grows up to be a peruvian transwoman.
The fact that it's a South Park character is the thing that confuses me the most. Have these tumblrinas even watched South Park? It's one of the most fucked up shows that doesn't hold back when it comes to making fun of everyone and everything. You'd think they'd be too triggered by every second episode to even bother with it.

No. 199378

all I could think of when I saw this was "Cankles-chan! I haven't seen you since we graduated from junior high!"

That's Craig? The fandom became obsessed with him being Peruvian because of that episode where he goes to Peru to stop the giant guinea pig invasion. He is not Peruvian. Just because he's the chosen one in that episode and he wears a Peruvian hat doesn't mean a thing. If anything they should be complaining that Craig is a great white savior.

I don't think there is any evidence at all that he even has Peruvian relatives. The fandom makes me hate that show sometimes. I've been with it since the beginning and seeing them gush over pairings of 8 year olds and drawing this awful art makes me want to puke. You'd think that South Park would be too problematic to them.

No. 199430

I mean for an amateur this isn't too bad, the foreshortening on the arm is pretty-
>Even better someone paid this person to make that


No. 199502

File: 1500780595978.png (1.37 MB, 1014x1400, racist shit.png)

I hate their racebend fetish. Apparently being Japanese is not POC enough.

No. 199503

File: 1500780829364.png (641.92 KB, 659x845, more racist shit.png)

No. 199514

That could have been super cute hell they even could have given them slight tans (with it looking like its summer and all).

Also is that from seven deadly sins or whatever its called?

No. 199516

File: 1500790973127.png (430.33 KB, 1062x866, Eyesore.png)

It's from My Hero Academia. Love the show but it attracts a lot of tumblrinas because of the hot boy characters and easy OC potentials.

No. 199539

All Might's proportions are all sorts of wrong. Why does he look like a yoga teacher? He is supposed to be anorexic due to his injuries. Don't tell me the artist was too triggered to draw an anorexic person.
His face needs some work too. It's too flat from that angle.
Other than that, it's a cute idea for a drawing.

No. 199558


Consider my jimmies eternally fucking rustled.

No. 199562

Why do tumblr change characters' race, weight or even gender, when they perfectly know that they doesn't look like that at all in canon? Why don't they draw their own OC instead? I can't understand

No. 199582

because OCs don't get them followers

No. 199587

Hot damn. Why did they do that to Present Mic? He looks repulsive. And what's up with his painted nails?

No. 199833

File: 1501035181004.jpeg (178.48 KB, 750x837, image.jpeg)

ah, my favorite. Shittily drawn hands with no effort put into them. In all seriousness, has Moga even improved? I swear her art looks almost exactly the same as it did a year ago.

No. 199848

She can't open her eyes because the expired makeup infected them so badly

No. 199861

Didn't know Oberstein retired serving the glorious Kaiser to go on a punk space adventure.

No. 199869

File: 1501095451018.jpg (379.29 KB, 2048x1638, IMG_20170726_145615.jpg)

Everytime I see this person's horrid art I feel sick. Keep in mind they don't like drawing Umi/Dia cause they can't self insert it uglywash them for whatever reason.

No. 199886

Anon, do you realize that the new adaptation of LOGH is probably going to usher in all the shirty tumblr art we see here? Get ready for fat, nonbinary, POC Reinhard von Lohengramm.

No. 199901

Has someone heard of the Daddy Dating Sim drama over a genderbent drawing?
That fucking game isn't even two weeks old and the devs are already making public apologies for the acts of their fandom.

No. 199943

File: 1501172516311.jpg (30.55 KB, 680x229, df2.jpg)

Some of the drama is being discussed in the Game Grumps general thread over on /snow/, not sure if this has been mentioned though. I just think it's pure hypocrisy for people to be sperging about the genderbent drawings of gay dads. You know if the game was Dream Mommy and there was a genderbend of that people wouldn't react that way.

Sage since I don't think the art looks bad really.

No. 199969


Typical shitty genderbend art done for easy attention. Nothing special about it except shameless pandering.

No. 199972

At least they kept their races the same this time

No. 200004

File: 1501185106490.jpg (193.64 KB, 600x811, MISS-KIM-LOGO-KK.jpg)

I always hated how Feggy Min "arts" her illustrations looks really bad and I truyly don't understand how in the hell she manage to have all the followers she have I feel like I'm taking crazy pills

No. 200020

Her faces are okay, but everything else about her work isn't exactly great. I mean christ, look at Zion.T's hands. Fuckin' terrible.

No. 200027

oh i believe it! The furry community is batshit crazy and im positive some are rich! I used to draw peoples fursona's and shit just as a quick means of money(because i guess drawing dogs allot in grade 7 paid off), and while i would only make maybe 20$ a large art, i know other artists who get paid 500$ Just for a fucking sketch or a cheap design! its so crazy and dumb

No. 200079

File: 1501242351106.jpg (368.63 KB, 1000x833, tumblr_oserj755P81s815lbo1_128…)

I saw this on Tumblr, of course.

No. 200082

…What exactly are they trying to say here?

No. 200083

I know, I don't get it? I guess they're saying don't draw kawaii uguu girls or the art you want to draw, but draw whatever that is.

No. 200084

the right guy is a meme or something, this is probably a joke

No. 200085

Ohhh, yeah I think you're right! Shit flew right over my head. Unfunny meme either way. Lol

No. 200090

you know i had to do it to em

No. 200152

I can't stand artists who draw the Love Live girls fat only because a couple of them could be seen as "curvy".

No. 200222

File: 1501282815792.jpg (72.43 KB, 600x839, 14c.jpg)

No. 200535

File: 1501413960392.jpg (60.24 KB, 388x600, tumblr_or44jtJAVz1rbdpb2o1_r2_…)

Not the ugliest thing in the world, but I rolled my eyes when I saw it on my feed.

No. 200539

You'd think they'd be praising the art, considering Tumblr has a lesbian fetish.

No. 200546

rip gender but also gender is the most important and inate thing about an identity because everyone has a brain sex here are all my labels and TERFS can pee your pants lol.

god tumblr kids have no clue what they are trying to say about anything. if they say they hate gender and want to get rid of it, thats literally what terfs have been saying this whole time. congrats to the artist. they are now on a terf list. block and stay safe uwu.

also its ugly art with token minorities, even though the only people who do this dumb bs are white teen girls.


No. 200562

File: 1501440802998.png (91.67 KB, 400x500, IMG_5329.PNG)

Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. WHY.

No. 200564

ddadds genderbend drama was mostly centered around the artist drawing Damien (who is canonically a trans man in the game) as a woman. the artist had no idea Damien was trans, and apparently even admitted to having no idea, but of course her apology wasn't good enough. it never is for them, i guess.

but this also begs the question, wouldn't the tumblr transtrenders have been equally as upset if the artist had intentionally left Damien out of the picture? or left him as is, as a trans man, thusly implying that he's not really a "man"? idk. it just boggles the mind.

sage for extraneous info

No. 200579

File: 1501473688321.png (1.21 MB, 1024x1350, put_the_dad_down_by_hoshinodes…)

No. 200585

File: 1501502807904.png (160.95 KB, 900x1107, 1501162729466.png)

No. 200596

no clue what this is from but i saw it before i fell asleep and it legit gave me a nightmare fuck

No. 200599

File: 1501519447074.png (254.03 KB, 456x470, 1501507663326.png)

No. 200600

No. 200604

Heroes Academia. All Might looks like some freaky ass shark/man hybrid here though.

No. 200613

File: 1501549110166.jpg (410.85 KB, 1080x1398, 1501536868792.jpg)

Poor All Might never seem to have a nice fanart. I know he's originally not supposed to be attractive but come on.

No. 200619

This is still fucking funny though haha
But yeah I get where you're coming from apparently even the mangaka editior was like 'he doesn't look cool at all' (in his muscle form) but he still thought he looked cool lol

No. 200620

File: 1501556131288.jpg (203.33 KB, 800x1063, 1499541935245.jpg)

i seriously love all might though :( he is perfect husbando material, in all of his forms

No. 200622



No. 200628

Omg sorry meant that Mangaka's editor thought he looked uncool but the Mangaka himself (forgot his name sorry) didn't give a shit because he thought that he looked cool
Sorry the sentence was all over the place I didn't want to leave it like that.

No. 200643

Tumblr only likes lesbians if they suck dick, too.
Aka they don't really have a lesbian fetish.

No. 200656

File: 1501624286797.png (83.32 KB, 670x1193, oegerg.png)

camp camp isn't safe

No. 200658

File: 1501630859426.png (80.27 KB, 503x295, dontdo.png)

This is actually a reference to this IG account

No. 200663

File: 1501637952438.png (250.54 KB, 540x651, tumblr_ou0pwbu5cx1v1q078o1_540…)

From the same person- I think?
I want the racebending to stop

No. 200672

File: 1501654805278.jpg (232.73 KB, 1024x722, miku_sound_by_tony200397-db5fi…)

No. 200781

Ah that's cute af

No. 200860

File: 1501858110360.jpeg (482.1 KB, 960x1440, image.jpeg)

So, since this show is new, I wanna hear all of your opinions on it. What you think of the style, the characters, the usual.

No. 200862

it's cute, gives me early adventure time vibes. the characters seem fun (villains included) and the art style grows very quickly on me. i haven't seen much but i'm hoping CN doesn't toss it to the side–it's seems to have promise.

No. 200864

Seems to be the generic lolsorandum, simplistic cartoon following the trend Scott Pilgrim and Adventure Time started. With the tackiest style of ripping off anime aesthetics. I'm so tired of these kind of shows popping up all the time.

No. 200865

She shouldn't have apologized in the first place. These extreme SJWs are just terrorists in the true sense of the word as they use violence, harassment and intimidation to pursue people into accepting their political views. She should've just ignored them and not even acknowledged there's a "scandal" going on. If you're so fucked up you start sending in death threats because someone drew a genderbent trans character, you're sick and people shouldn't warrant your delirium with an response. As long as people keep panicking and hastily deleting&apologizing for every piece of shit blowout they have, they'll keep getting worse because they know their scare tactics work to their favor.

No. 200880

That's one of those "art memes" where you draw your characters as certain things, she wasn't trying to pass this as actual Sailor Moon fanart.
I must say at the very beginning I was a bit repulsed by UrsulaDecay's art because I thought it was tumblr as fuck due to the microbangs and colorful hair, but after looking into her a bit more I saw she differs from your usual tard tumblr artist (doesn't shove unexplained diversity or fat shit everywhere) and her characters are quite appealing, she works well on their backstories. I recommend checking her out more in dept, there's a bunch of fun content.

No. 200981

File: 1501977047787.jpg (109.97 KB, 759x479, tumblr_o5l6l23MOA1rmhvd9o1_128…)

Imfamous Bawble
This person's tumblr is a treasure trove of cringey ass artwork.

No. 200997

File: 1501995254891.png (618.41 KB, 900x1467, spooky_love_by_hoshinodestiny-…)

No. 201013

Hmmm.. The anatomy and proportions could use a lot of work… also the appearence of her left arm.

No. 201020

File: 1502039171792.png (177.78 KB, 540x741, transleon.png)

Trans Leon Kennedy complete with binder. The RPD is so progressive.

The face gets me. The rest is standard sketchy poorly colored stuff. But that sour face and crooked stroke victim mouth. It just looks terrible.

No. 201066

are those cutting scars?

No. 201128

Goddamnit Tumblr

No. 201266

File: 1502241063399.png (234.66 KB, 457x879, hink.PNG)

Bad redraws always get me.

No. 201279

this wouldn't be that bad if they fixed those borderline cyclopia eyes jesus christ

No. 201284

and the uni-lip

No. 201302

File: 1502258192344.png (735.85 KB, 861x596, Capture.PNG)


I really like her portrait art but it bothers me that a lot of artists who can do realism can't make decent stylized art.

No. 201310

this really has no reason being in here–seems like a self-post.

No. 201312

what is the sauce on this? it's so baffling, i couldn't find anything on google and i am dying to see more

No. 201314

File: 1502269692203.png (453.78 KB, 604x446, dreamdaddy.PNG)

This person invests a lot on expensive art materials and some equipment for her youtube channel. I wish she'd invest more on her skills. She really needs to improve on them.

No. 201538

She doesn't have a well proportion concept, really hate how she draws hands and some details

No. 201563

>I don't like that people who are good at this one specific skill aren't also somehow good at this other specific skill
Anon observational drawing and constructing from your mind are two different things

No. 201734

File: 1502560641840.png (315.96 KB, 1024x384, the_squip_squad_by_m18garnek-d…)

i just… i hate this so much?
>exact same face for every person
>ears drooping off completely round skull
>muzzle? on each character
>sausage hands
>rash-blush for everyone

like i'm all for developing a personal style, but this is literally copy-and-pasted on different, ~diverse! bodytypes.

No. 201762

Seconded. Linking the instagram account too…
The art isn't good but not horrendous either.

No. 201789

what the fuck would these faces even look like from a frontal view

No. 201800

File: 1502609857188.png (348.03 KB, 980x958, tumblr_nthz8isuEo1sk5znwo1_128…)

what is their obsession with making characters black
all it does is make the character harder to identify and considering the shade of brown they usually use, much uglier

No. 201801

File: 1502611843828.png (3.3 MB, 2048x1536, animated_atrocities__sore_eyes…)

No. 201802

They're unoriginal and talentless so they have to come up with something to stand out from the rest. An easy way is to just start blackwashing every fucking character ever. It's not as much annoying for the raceswapping itself but the fact that you're practically taking someone else's intellectual property and slapping on the most simplified political agenda just for your own benefit while claiming it's just for ~diversity and representation~. Girl that's just you fishing for notes and likes so shut the fuck up and create some original characters you lazy piece of shit.

Also it's really annoying how basically only 2 skintones exist for them, either completely caucasian pale white or central African pitch black. If a character is so much as tanned, they color the skin as black. It just showcases how (quite literally) black and white their thought process is.

No. 201820

oh this is just the worst. i am ill, how does someone think this is a remotely okay representation of human beings

No. 201822

Not a terrible sketch in terms of technical skill but reeks of fetishism making a character who goes around shooting the heads off hundreds of zombies without flinching "such a cute and blushy trans boy aww" which is pretty bad in itself

No. 201862

>turning miles edgeworth black
can i have links to this

No. 202417


Ugh, this fucking fag.

Draws all his women like ugly ass men.

As a DA member I've also seen him spam other users with sjw bullshit.

No. 202429

Hmm his journal makes me cringe for some reason. Also I'm tired of people forcing down sjw shit on other artists. I had a irl artist friend who kept nagging me to draw all these obese women and I'll get called a fatphobe if I don't do what she says.

No. 202432

>And being upset that a character whose sexuality isn't explicit being headcanoned as something other than straight is really fucking homophobic
Christ almighty

That's what happens when you spend too much time on the internet though, you start thinking homosexuality is actually a common thing.

No. 202449

File: 1503155116160.png (703.79 KB, 943x1040, tumblr_inline_og5b3asBZa1rno0p…)

this artist pisses me off too
why are all the worst offenders genderspecial and almost always have a before you follow?

No. 202452

File: 1503156501607.png (477.47 KB, 540x518, tumblr_o4zxsx4Tj61tfwqjko1_540…)

No. 202466

I don't get artis–I mean tumblrinas who try to make the character chubbier/fatter/give a different skin color compared to official art like??? Why???

It's weird that I rarely see these kinds of things on tumblr though.

No. 202496

File: 1503180493401.png (307.46 KB, 605x1034, Aa4_trucy.png)


apparently that's supposed to be Trucy?? what are these people's thought processes when they come up with this shit?

No. 202503

Do not fucking tell me the fat black girl is supposed to be Trucy

What the fuck is wrong with these people

No. 202589

Who is this artist?

No. 202604

File: 1503258624831.png (1.75 MB, 1280x978, tumblr_ooj3e6t8k21up3f9uo1_128…)


this artist's blog is just such a fucking goldmine. I sometimes wonder if these people can see how jacked up their art is or they just think it's great despite the chars looking like they got facial reconstruction surgery after getting their face bit off.

How on earth do you get >>202449 from >>202496
jfc these tumblrinas make my blood pressure shoot through the roof they make me so mad.

No. 202606


No. 202631

>how jacked up their art is
>looking like they got facial reconstruction surgery after getting their face bit off.

i get what you're saying but drawing an accurate yet stylized portrait of benedict cumberbatch without this happening is no small task

No. 202637

File: 1503273182303.png (205.57 KB, 279x365, 1503258624831.png)

>mfw I saw that picture

No. 202639

i like the lips. literally @3@

No. 202661

hahaha holy shit I used to be in the same social group as this person
spoilers, it's a girl

No. 202834

>"and the next person i see saying 'i don't agree with homosexuality but i tolerate it' is getting my boot shoved firmly up their homophobic ass!"

Ah yes because how dare people have different opinions in life even if they are willing to accept yours despite not agreeing with it… For a bunch who is so obsessed with diversity they sure don't allow much of it when it comes to thoughts and opinions

No. 202848

File: 1503371828769.jpg (143.73 KB, 375x450, 9c47941d39632c48965206a624eeee…)


No. 202864

File: 1503393598221.png (429.97 KB, 596x505, isawthephotobutmadeastudybased…)

srsly how can one artist improve if you only saw the reference once and bothered drawing it anyway when you can look and save another photo reference? it reeks of laziness imo

No. 202865


That Meowth looks like it's fucking melting.

No. 202867

File: 1503394756207.jpg (90.31 KB, 476x640, Liefeldcaptainamerica.jpg)

Tbh I wanna talk about Rob Liefeld and his shit too

Sage if too ot

No. 202868


Idk, this is kind of fun. lumpy looking weirdos are a lot more fun to squiz at than boring, vector-y, sparkle sparkle pastel art, in my onion

No. 202876

File: 1503408630771.jpg (147.92 KB, 356x700, rob-liefeld13.jpg)

I just love the little tootsies he gives everyone. You don't always get to see them but they're a real treat. So dainty!

No. 202877

File: 1503408835147.jpg (97.05 KB, 1100x735, rob-liefeld-1991_jp00wq.jpg)

The Chad Liefeld
>Terrible at drawing, none of his higher ups have the courage to say anything
>Has never seen an anatomy book in his life
>Got his job on charisma alone, no resume
>Has never colored a drawing, has team of adoring betas do it every time
>Anatomy is actually correct based on his and Stacy's proportions
>Will be remembered forever
>Household name

lol idk enough about comic artist lore to pick the best virgin

No. 202879

Don't forget: he likes to hide the feet

No. 202885

File: 1503409553790.jpg (275.64 KB, 1024x684, 537743779.jpg)

Now that I think about it the virgin could be anybody
The Virgin Draftsman
>Highly skilled, still gets nitpicked for minor mistakes regularly
>Knows every muscle and bone in the body and where they connect
>Got turned down the first few times he applied despite decades of training and degrees in both art and computer science
>Colors every panel and adds full shading all night off the clock because of his ocd
>Painstakingly replicates poses by real life bodybuilders and acrobats, still gets roasted by buzzfeed for "bad anatomy"
>Will be forgotten as soon as the project he's working on goes to print
>Nobody knows his name, was accidentally omitted from the book credits

No. 202887

P. Craig Russel

No. 202909

File: 1503427508381.jpg (76.96 KB, 425x572, P_Craig_Russell_Portrait.jpg)

omg good one. might need to do a little research on him if i get around to making the meme. i've read a lot of sandman but i didn't remember his name or anything about him which…is perfect

No. 202911

File: 1503430793886.jpg (406.19 KB, 2518x1024, chadliefeld.jpg)

I felt compelled

No. 202917

This shit never fails to crack me up. Ty anon.

No. 202928

hahaha nice

No. 202974

im sure this will trigger some huge comicfags

No. 202988

How does this shit come to print? Someone important must have looked at this and called it shit.

No. 203089

File: 1503585075452.jpg (34.63 KB, 564x348, wtf.jpg)


No. 203145

File: 1503618715125.jpg (28.74 KB, 450x450, 1500518903074.jpg)


omg anon thank you, these creepy hilarious faces gave me a good leg-slapping laugh

No. 203163

File: 1503625765530.jpg (59.05 KB, 540x762, um.jpg)


No. 203165

>pencil neck
>tiny chin
>shoulders like he's shoplifting a flatscreen tv
>floppy hands

this is the ideal male body. you might not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

No. 203173

File: 1503636043053.jpg (102.45 KB, 479x638, Ariel,_seriously-.jpg)

Never forget Christopher Hart.

No. 203234

File: 1503679727772.png (125.15 KB, 500x500, a-meowth.png)

Funnily enough, the Alolan Meowth is the most accurate thing in that picture.

No. 203284

File: 1503693816951.jpg (41.44 KB, 495x494, q3wr3q.JPG)

Oh my god, this. Prepare for dump.

No. 203286

File: 1503693879244.jpg (39.72 KB, 492x495, eqwe.JPG)

No. 203288

File: 1503694006623.jpg (40.32 KB, 499x707, 23q4.JPG)

No. 203289

File: 1503694093773.jpg (63.73 KB, 712x799, w35.JPG)

I'm speechless. This artist is also an asshole…

No. 203291

File: 1503694589068.jpg (23.7 KB, 472x418, were.JPG)


No. 203292

File: 1503694722932.jpg (38.24 KB, 500x364, tumblr_ol1buvIRmo1qg3m8xo1_500…)

This artist's work pisses me off, 1 because she gets a ton of recognition and followers. 2, she uses the lowest opacity possible on her brushes and it looks like shit. 3, wtf is her kink artwork.

No. 203293

File: 1503694829243.jpg (113.79 KB, 1210x841, wetwe.JPG)

This is the last thing I'm posting (atleast today.)

No. 203312

File: 1503704332984.png (171.75 KB, 1063x628, IMG_1510.PNG)

Just found this shit danganronpa art on twitter. Poor naegi

No. 203314

eh, this one doesn't look that bad to me compared to all the rest. it just looks like an intentional quick simple doodle. although if that's all they can do that's shitty

No. 203317

It looks like something you could see on wikihow

No. 203318

i like how not only did they have to include a nice bulge highlight, they had to include highlights for the dick and both balls

No. 203338

are they meant to be anyone?

No. 203341

They're the YouTubers Dan and Phil.

No. 203344


No. 203386

yes all of these >>203284 >>203286 >>203288
>>203289 and I think these too >>203291 >>203292
are of Dan and Phil. They truly have the craziest fans

No. 203388

10/10 attention to detail

No. 203414

File: 1503777398336.png (649.3 KB, 1069x1120, tumblr_ou7495RjLD1uscwkso1_128…)

No. 203442

i fucking died

No. 203447

File: 1503801200979.png (93.65 KB, 540x540, tumblr_inline_otrlouHUIg1t6xyw…)

this supposed to be lady Midnight n Miss Jokes from BNHA anime

No. 203448

File: 1503801274461.png (152.11 KB, 311x572, tumblr_inline_orxikjTEZe1u8lmz…)

the curly haired one is supposed to look like this in the manga

No. 203449

File: 1503801317249.png (72.32 KB, 400x400, tumblr_otqgkoZoYu1uujh4ro4_400…)


No. 203450

File: 1503801351810.png (325.4 KB, 540x502, tumblr_oq01trCwhT1ujffb4o1_540…)


No. 203452

File: 1503803287452.png (653.93 KB, 842x1185, FJMhd6F.png)

even the Love Live normal girls get destroyed.
The first girl on the left is supposed to be the girl from the card at the bottom.

No. 203455

Maybe this will be a bit of an unpopular opinion but I kinda like the racebend concept, like.. what if x character was black. However, I hate it when it comes to "headcanons".

>My headcanon is that Rin is a black nb demi girl uwu

No, shut up. She's japanese.
One thing is to make a different isolated concept for a cool illustration, another thing is to fuck up canon completely because you don't like it.

No. 203459

i actually don't mind this despite it being simpsons pedophilia porn

No. 203468

Wtf?? Her name is Maria and she's from Spain, coming from there I can guarantee black people are a minority, heck I bet there are even more south-american people here. Wtf is wrong with this people? They are erasing other nationalities that actually made the game kinda rich and diverse.

No. 203469

File: 1503824504619.png (45.76 KB, 166x175, 2759052534.PNG)

>This is what Tumblr does to your brain
It only took 2 years…

No. 203471

File: 1503825621544.png (181.62 KB, 540x415, tumblr_ooy1lpPYGx1ubiyrfo3_540…)

supposed to be durarara fanart

No. 203472

File: 1503825664582.png (723.62 KB, 1280x1321, tumblr_ooy1lpPYGx1ubiyrfo2_128…)

No. 203474

Well at least none of them are racebent…

No. 203482

File: 1503835471940.png (1.81 MB, 1200x1505, 1499267583933.png)

No. 203488

File: 1503842107293.png (162.53 KB, 292x294, MYEYES.PNG)

This is painful to my eyes.

No. 203489

as weird as the style is, this is interesting to look at. doesn't really seem that bad.

No. 203496

File: 1503849643139.jpg (843.44 KB, 1431x1261, Screenshot_20170827-175734.jpg)

I don't understand why she would change her art so drastic and then into something so ugly. I really liked her old stuff but right now I just want to unfollow her.
I hope it's just a phase.
(Left picture is an older one the right one is the way she draws right now)

No. 203499

I can notice that the lines aren't polished and more straight??
Like you, I prefer the older works though because they seemed more elegant? I feel like the style change has something to do with the fandom she's currently in but idk

No. 203512

File: 1503859068925.jpg (68.94 KB, 1280x720, 1462180930898.jpg)

i think it's because the character she's drawing (bakugou) would look strange with smooth, elegant, feminine lines

No. 203592

File: 1503925133861.jpg (841.1 KB, 1304x1304, Screenshot_20170828-145741.jpg)


It's more the mouth and hands that really bothers me.
I understand that feminine lines wouldn't really look good so yeah she did a good job there. It's still kinda too bulky weird for me.
I can see people liking her new style and I get it, that changing it up once in a while is something everyone does.
I still like the way she draws clothes (especially shoes).
The faces just put me off because they don't really fit.

No. 203695

File: 1503980150113.png (104.51 KB, 509x501, tumblr_ovffamcpvQ1t4hxufo1_540…)

i honestly thought this was a parody of common tumblr artstyles but going through the artists blog, its not

No. 203718

File: 1504006747408.png (61.35 KB, 184x316, ew.PNG)

l i p s

No. 203719

that's quite cute, reminds me of maplestory NPCs

No. 203744

File: 1504024212195.jpg (99.26 KB, 500x631, tumblr_nnxfiqk4Xw1r0hfe8o1_500…)

It looks like a kpop boy. like jimin from bts or something. a lot of artists draw him with fish lips.

have some more jimin fanart.

No. 203759

Which hell of a blog did this come from?

No. 203787

I actually quite like this style, would work great if the artist drew horror or neon rainbow themes. Reminds me a bit of Foster's Home for imaginary friends.

No. 203800

File: 1504054095848.jpg (203.34 KB, 1633x2048, DIarEYKVwAIMyjl.jpg)

The artist has skill but these designs are fucking disgusting.

No. 203801

that's why you don't skip leg day

No. 203802

File: 1504055414938.jpg (177.47 KB, 1513x2048, DIaEGBnVoAQCcqq.jpg)

Here is your leg day, anon.

No. 203811

File: 1504059916950.jpg (53.11 KB, 233x513, fuck.jpg)

No. 203849

File: 1504091389230.jpg (96.87 KB, 1177x1256, rtExrxh.jpg)

Tumblr is convinced that YOI's Yuuri is canonically MORBIDLY OBESE and they envison him as big as a sumo when he becomes old.

No. 203853

anything tumblr touches turns into cancer, victor doesnt deserve this shit

No. 203862

File: 1504100596884.png (264.84 KB, 502x493, tumblr_ogo0uhAgyC1sgnp8fo1_540…)

Is this really not a joke though?
Anyway Victor would love Yuuri no matter how fat he becomes!
Have some tumblr art.
Though skillfully drawn, artist decided to make everyone ugly for no reason.

No. 203866

File: 1504102429785.png (80.59 KB, 540x432, tumblr_ojhancA1ho1tirn93o1_540…)

No. 203868

Why do Tumblrinas always draw Yuuri as a fat dark Mexican lesbian? And Victor's face looks like an oversized chubby babyface.

No. 203874



No. 203882

File: 1504112097115.jpg (246.78 KB, 1242x1252, GGDVclK.jpg)

This artist seems popular right now. More Fatass lesbian/trans Yuuri and Baboon faced Victor.

I don't think it is that much of a joke since I-give-up-on-life-Yuuri has a regular following. Lots of "Aww, chubby Yuuri!" in that circle, no matter how massive and diseased he is drawn.

Yuuri was cute pocchari, without atrophied muscle and not eating himself into the grave. American standard of "chubby" is insane.

Anyone find a vitiligo YOI character yet? Lol

No. 203883

Holy shit. Did that person just superimpose their Special Education friends' faces on the characters? They genuinely look like they have chromosomal defects or retardation, not just ugly.

No. 203909

There's nothing wrong with that. They're depicted as elderly, the artist isn't trying to convince people obesity is sexy or that Yuuri is obsese at any period during the series. It's just exaggerating character traits to make a silly comic about what they might be like when they're older.

When people make current Yuuri obese, it's infuriating and insulting considering how much of his life is dedicated to and revolves around his body being in peak condition. I love him slightly chubby but very few artists get it right, and they're usually Japanese.

No. 203911

Sometimes I wonder, if there was a show where the characters were canonically morbidly obese and genuinely busted, would these people love it or do they just get off on fucking with homogenous bishies? Maybe there is a show like that I'm not aware of but all I can think of are characters that are supposed to be fat or ugly but look barely different from the perfect ones.

No. 203923

why is he black reeeeee

No. 203936

File: 1504152113266.png (1.67 MB, 1280x1771, smbadart.png)

what is tumblrs obsession with making everyone a racially ambiguous brown shade or making them 50 pounds heavier

No. 203937

seriously. does it even help anyone feel ~included~ if the features are this ambiguous? This person could be from anywhere. Hell, they could be a white person with a dark complexion.

No. 203942

I don't know if this drawing makes me either laugh or want to kill myself.

No. 203943

No. 203953

Funny how they almost never draw men fat when it comes to het ships, only women

No. 203981

File: 1504994226004.jpg (309.11 KB, 1280x945, dbc0e7d9da30020375c1d2e9b24832…)

what's the artist of these monstrosities?

No. 203983

File: 1504994771967.jpg (306.14 KB, 1280x1733, tumblr_ovgdtlIFNQ1sqh0kno1_128…)

alexandre diboine, or zedig

i looked through his tumblr blog and his stuff is actually good…aside from his muscle girl fetish art.

No. 203984

File: 1504994810537.jpg (89.26 KB, 540x635, tumblr_ovkuhjpNz41sqh0kno1_540…)

No. 203987

File: 1504995138550.jpg (93.08 KB, 495x750, tumblr_ovewtvypNZ1sqh0kno1_500…)

No. 203988

thank you!

No. 203989

File: 1504995196890.jpg (105.67 KB, 540x590, tumblr_ovtm6btyEp1sqh0kno1_540…)

No. 203990

File: 1504995318461.jpg (60.23 KB, 500x723, tumblr_ovx0l5SAoI1sqh0kno1_500…)

i kind of like the design for carol but the spider monkey arms ruin everything for me lol.

no problem, anon!

No. 203991

wow, his other stuff is really cute.. giant food comic!

No. 204014

Oh god this guy's art is all over my timeline because popular artists are all retweeting this crap in a giant circle jerk. It's like love live fanart. I finally had to block him.

No. 204043

do all of his artworks contain only muscular women?

looks like same-body syndrome to me

No. 204044

Oh I downloaded this guy's brushes long ago. Didn't know he drew these weird things.

No. 204053

They all have hairy legs too. Someone's fetish is showing…

No. 204057

File: 1505058416978.png (921.39 KB, 909x1138, tumblr_ouk2i9FGm01qfetc8o1_128…)

Everything this person does looks like vomit

No. 204064

File: 1505071643405.png (404.13 KB, 640x852, tumblr_ovqvpiY8ka1wnn743o1_128…)

i couldnt believe that this wasn't a joke
not just bad art but also very "graphic design is my passion"

No. 204069

Oh god what the actual fuck jesus fuck how awful

No. 204074

Every single part of their bodies looks like a giant infected boil. Those knees are horror-inducing

No. 204113

what the fuck is up with this? and why? is this fetish art or is this #bodyposi art with an abdl twist? everything about it upsets me

No. 204115

oh nooo is this odraws/odlaw or someone who ripped them off? they have a few different styles and some of them suck but some of them i like. and they seem like a real self pitying snowflake piece of work.

No. 204149

File: 1505140174378.png (932.08 KB, 1072x1341, tumblr_oui0u0yKTm1qfetc8o1_128…)

They're probably trying to be body positive but it just ends up looking gross and fetishy lol

No. 204154

Ugh those colors look so terrible. And they couldn't even be assed to remove the blur from using dodge tool..

No. 204170

File: 1505168931428.jpg (90.63 KB, 640x414, splatooncallieandmarie.jpg)

Got a chuckle out of this while looking for callie and marie merch on tictail. I can't pin point what is wrong with it exactly since I'm not really an artist myself but something just seems off enough that I couldn't help but laugh a smidge.

No. 204195

this looks like fan art of Detox from RPDR lmao

No. 204333

File: 1505312833702.png (1.35 MB, 1280x1536, tumblr_ovwz6n9Kdb1vc6d03o1_128…)

>$988 per month on patreon

No. 204351

Who and how the fuck???!?

No. 204355

I'm low key freaking the fuck out over these. By far the worst shit I've seen so far in Tumblr-shit-tier art!

No. 204362

File: 1505328433881.png (97.36 KB, 750x921, IMG_5609.PNG)

I had to do a double take on this, could hardly tell what had going on.

No. 204364

File: 1505329385174.png (1.48 MB, 2048x1707, DJTToNcV4AAkLjl.png)

HyoJin Choi, and i'm wondering myself.

No. 204378

File: 1505339288785.png (94.89 KB, 500x600, 1505312833702.png)

Anyone else get the screwdriver impression?

No. 204379

Im so baked I dropped my pizza when I realized that was supposed to be aang

No. 204389

This looks rcdart tier terrible

No. 204434

File: 1505372203745.jpg (215.47 KB, 1024x707, martha_may_and_grinch_happy_va…)

No. 204437

File: 1505377827816.jpg (237.5 KB, 668x1713, first_date_part_6_by_disneyfan…)

omg noooo you just reminded me of this deviantart LMAO

No. 204453

No amount of exposure to rule 34 could prepare me for sexually provocative Grinch art. Oh god, what sin.

No. 204464

Good lord, how is she still doing pretty much the same content almost 10 years later

No. 204486

File: 1505426815346.jpg (1.9 MB, 827x1131, Fat black disabled muslim inte…)

Does the grinch have implied abs in that pic

No. 204562

File: 1505511664850.gif (890.15 KB, 480x270, 799c8519b63757d81c4edbcac596ee…)


No. 204589

no fucking way
is that koichi and rohan?? for what porpoise?

No. 204594

File: 1505520674983.jpg (55.59 KB, 720x720, o.jpg)

The one at the bottom is Leigh Walsh right???

No. 204611

File: 1505528038027.png (228.73 KB, 1280x640, tumblr_ot9wo2duc91qlxpopo2_r3_…)

No. 204696

Bakugo's hand on the right literally only has 4 fingers

No. 204697

File: 1505620223749.jpeg (81.96 KB, 640x854, image.jpeg)

….what… What the fuck

No. 204801

File: 1505711880509.jpg (131.09 KB, 1064x1194, Screenshot_20170903-212449_1.j…)

The way this artist draws head shapes (the character with the huge head) really bothers me. I always see her art on my feed.

No. 204819

File: 1505741590502.jpg (76.54 KB, 1080x1080, 21294338_345745472530239_33202…)

I guess it's all about the pandering.

No. 204935

Oddly reminds me of Skullgirls, especially the first one

No. 205089

he's melting

No. 205094

File: 1505940688929.jpg (190.63 KB, 1192x978, ugh.jpg)

No. 205095

File: 1505940775954.jpg (176.85 KB, 1026x1004, ugh2.jpg)

i just hate those big hammy hands, not to mention the disgusting use of a mono(?) colour palette

No. 205143


No. 205257

Who's this supposed to be?

No. 205283

this gets worse every second you look at it. callie's hand and the googled hexagon texture slapped on the dresses are my favourite.

No. 205296

File: 1506115002211.jpg (289.87 KB, 810x1214, wolfwood.jpg)

at first i thought it was spike spiegel but on closer inspection and a quick google image search its wolfwood from trigun… the real character… yeah…

No. 205298

File: 1506118921389.png (565.56 KB, 603x599, ww.png)

Speaking of Instagram artists, there's also this one who has 71.1k followers and I really don't understand why

No. 205339

File: 1506146135997.jpg (6.47 KB, 133x200, food_porn_by_julianne_leigh-d2…)

No. 205343

File: 1506153256655.png (369.99 KB, 644x784, 1480679329525.png)

Super old post, but the shitty yaoi comic in this picture that was suspected of copying Always Raining Here has a page titled "Always Cloudy Here," which I thought was hilarious. I doubt it was intended as a tribute.

No. 205390

File: 1506205207822.jpg (104.15 KB, 599x492, what.jpg)

MUH DIVERSITY people generate an off the charts amount of very shitty art. And what's worst is that a lot of those artists are not necessarily bad skill wise, it's just terrible decision making.

No. 205391

File: 1506205256605.jpg (80.9 KB, 527x596, what2.jpg)

No. 205394

File: 1506205727329.jpg (56.63 KB, 1280x720, rebeccasugar.jpg)

>>nothing about her particularly screams tumblr
Short haired female who looks like a boy wearing thick rimmed glasses who plays the ukelele and created cartoon about diverse emotional lesbians, are you sure about that?

No. 205395

There could be an entire thread about gross Adventure Zone fanart.
I look down on the McElroys for encouraging this type of behavior.

No. 205404

i have no idea what this is supposed to be fanart of, but it's honestly not bad. tumblr as fuck, yeah, but there's some artistic skill behind this and talk about avoiding sameface syndrome. aesthetics and talent are completely separate beasts.

No. 205409

File: 1506209294347.jpg (139.32 KB, 1080x758, uwu.jpg)

Yes, THE Thomas Jefferson, as in one of the founding fathers of America. The third president of the United States. Who owned slaves.

No. 205416

File: 1506210250510.png (21.55 KB, 500x115, tumblr_inline_owckjfVj6S1u5kzq…)

I don't get the Hamilton fandom. They're basically Hetalia 2.0.

No. 205418

File: 1506210531273.png (535.09 KB, 633x595, tumblr_owpau737E81rkmme8o1_128…)

Also I'm stupid and realized you already commented on his slave-owning. More weird Hamilton shit. I guess I'm glad kids are having fun and drawing, but this is still odd.

No. 205419

File: 1506212172956.jpg (310.04 KB, 650x500, Girls_to_adventure_time_by_xme…)


Sage for no contribution but they're supposed to be Adventure Time characters;

No. 205420

ty anon! they look absolutely nothing like the source material, as expected, but if i didnt know it was a fanart of something i honestly wouldnt mind it

No. 205422

This thread is not exclusive for technically bad art. The whole forced diversity is enough to kill a piece.

No. 205423

When making your characters demisexual pancakes ze/zem pronoums furry trans amputees is more important than
ya know

No. 205504

i know that, and i never said that the picture didnt belong here, just said that the art itself was technically good even if the aesthetic isnt for everyone and it's a far cry from the source material. it belongs here because the ridiculous reinterpretation of the characters ruins what could be actually a good piece.

at least sage if you're going to incorrectly thread police, smh

No. 205515

lol poor annalise. tbh i like her realistic work more than the stylized stuff she does. can't stand those weird gummy smiles and big honking noses.

No. 205548

there could be an entire thread about how cancerous the Adventure Zone fandom is in general. it's such a shame because it's such a good podcast and the McElroys are so lovely.

sage for OT

No. 205553

File: 1506309282846.png (1.15 MB, 640x716, IMG_7699.PNG)

If anyone knows this artists

No. 205556

File: 1506310305530.gif (35.16 KB, 320x240, umad.gif)

>thread police

No. 205576

I feel like everyone now either is a full-on tumblrina with their style or a cheap sakimichan ripoff.

No. 205583

File: 1506336325221.png (869.74 KB, 1280x923, tumblr_owtdn23zV21wz4ni9o1_128…)

found this in the Endeavor tag on tumblr, people have a real hate boner for him so naturally like any average tumblr artist they make shitty salty art while turning Shouto into a racist caricature

No. 205585

File: 1506336373468.png (451.93 KB, 1280x1683, tumblr_owfzriHjEa1wz4ni9o1_128…)

here some more

No. 205586

File: 1506336396354.jpg (259.46 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_owk5lcpdFr1wz4ni9o1_128…)

No. 205587

File: 1506336417494.png (543.91 KB, 1280x1173, tumblr_owg2ytDd2R1wz4ni9o1_128…)

No. 205588

File: 1506336434581.png (282.46 KB, 1348x491, badgross_tumblr.png)

No. 205590

File: 1506336646870.jpg (92.93 KB, 736x945, c3e62bc71eae71633748304ec5cff4…)

this is what they're supposed to look like

No. 205592

i fucking HATE when people do this to blatant white/asian characters.
Not because they're making them black but for the fact when someone does the exact same to an already black character and interprets them white its fucking hell on earth.

No. 205622

man i miss when mha was just a manga, less of this shit

No. 205624

but anon, everyone who isn't white is dark and ugly looking, and everyone with pale skin is obviously white and nothing else.

seriously tho it ticks me off too. people who do fan stuff in general are usually extremely needy for attention and creatively bankrupt, which is why they have to use someone else's already popular characters to get noticed. the people who have the gall to make them their own are even worse because they're just pushing what could be OC onto someone else's design for attention. it just so lame.

No. 205626

What about when they aren't satisfied with making them black, they gotta make them black with vitiligo
I have no idea where this obsession come from but I saw so many things like this

No. 205633

legitimately thought they'd given him a tiny ginger mustache until i realize that it was supposed to be his upper lip

No. 205635

obviously plain race-swaps are too mainstream for them, they have to give them kawaii uwu black quirky features too.

tbh i almost want to re-draw all these redraws as 'albino' blacks and see what happens.

No. 205644

That actually used to be a thing, I remember a homestuck fanfic where everyone was gay (bi rather because all the "gay" characters were or were dating trannies), trans, black, and/or mexican and the two main characters were albino.

It was super popular and hilariously bad. There was a shit load of other fics and art involving albino blacks too in, like, 2015 or so.

No. 205826

File: 1506440865315.png (87.44 KB, 228x275, 1506285073396.png)

That fucking anatomy

No. 206015

File: 1506483401595.png (1.53 MB, 1280x1508, dcc37f7d-2642-4490-81a4-79211a…)

Yes, because this is exactly what Solid Snake looked like in MGS 2. Ffs Tumblr

No. 206016

Am I the only one that checks here every now and then with the fear that my art will show up? lol
I'm half joking I guess since I don't really post much art lately, but I know I've produced some shit in the past that kind of deserves a thread like this.

No. 206078

File: 1506513757011.jpg (83.36 KB, 427x750, tumblr_owxt9khBHO1v05jsfo1_500…)

Apparently, this is supposed to be a Vocaloid of some kind…

No. 206079

File: 1506513856450.png (165.09 KB, 500x709, tumblr_owxsmuxCOr1wbmw7no1_500…)

Those Hands.

No. 206080

File: 1506514002571.png (109.32 KB, 500x643, tumblr_ow8t79Rfaq1ukeoajo1_500…)

Hands? Nah, let's just give her stumps.

No. 206081

File: 1506514485833.png (137.63 KB, 500x566, tumblr_ov5wja8wsi1txnp95o1_500…)

Sakura? Is that you?

No. 206082

File: 1506514749805.jpg (38.76 KB, 500x372, tumblr_ov5dlys28b1wogcazo1_500…)

Hermione sure looks different these days…

No. 206083

File: 1506514878888.png (55.78 KB, 500x666, tumblr_ov5uy7a94d1wya6guo1_500…)

"Modern Lafayette" Oh boy…

No. 206112

There's nothing wrong with this picture, that's how her hands are 99% of the time in that shit show.

No. 206113

black women projecting themselves onto ginger peen.

No. 206121

mine has shown up here which prompted me to clean up my old da and purge all cringy content haha
but i dont check this thread for that reason, i just like seeing all the hilarious/bad art

No. 206129

Really? Well, i'll be damned that's even worse.

No. 206134

File: 1506539863597.png (104.11 KB, 345x321, Xbj8J.png)

The stupidest part about black Hermione is JK Rowling pretending like black Hermione is totally valid.
We all know you didn't intend her to be black, Joanne, hop off that SJW train.

No. 206201

I don't do any of this cringe tumblr shit though, no race swapping, so I guess I'm not on the radar lol

No. 206231

Every Time people bring up the whole "JK never explains the characters races in the books so we have the freedom to imagine what we want!!!111!!1" It always brings me back to the fact JK herself had a HUGE part in casting for the HP movies and most if not all main characters she had a big part in choosing.

funny how they're all white huh.
The only thing about Hermione is that JK didn't want her didnt be as beautiful as Emma Watson bc she's not supposed to be a pretty character until Goblet of Fire when she attends the ball, thats hermione's "blossoming" moment. She said that if she didn't have a Phone call with Emma Before she saw her irl she wouldn't have cast her because she was so pretty but her personality was a match to hermione so she stuck with it.

I'm not even a die hard fan of HP and i know this, i legit watched 1 interview from her and got all this info.

No. 206236

Yeah, the level of virtue-signaling required to retroactively go back and pretend you never intended a character to be a specific race is insane. This depraved libtard world we live in feels so kafkaesque at times.

No. 206237


Same, my art just isn't very good.

No. 206239

This, J.K. Rowling always intended Hermione to be white and now during the SJW trend she's suddenly acting like she was supposed to be black from the beginning. She's just a sellout and a businesswoman.

No. 206240

The Hermione shit pisses me off because it reflects a wider trend of black people expecting white content creators to create culture for them to identify with, rather than creating it themselves.

Just fuck off and create your own culture.

No. 206244

No kidding. I thought she was supposed to have hands.

No. 206246

Makes me think that the ~legendary~ Jk should be a cow.
It makes me want to hate HP but i just can't bring myself too, it is an amazing series nonetheless

No. 206248

I agree, that she has cow-like tenancies. She's not afraid to straight up lie about her books in order to drum up a few extra sympathy bucks.

No. 206256

I mean, it describes her in the books as white, she's a sellout and HP turned shitty cause she sucks.

No. 206268

File: 1506621847056.png (155.08 KB, 500x707, tumblr_ox04qgh1Zx1r3eaino1_500…)

Jesus Christ in the flesh.

No. 206270

this offends my religion and i'm not even religious

No. 206285

Her bullshit actually managed to leave a bitter taste about Harry Potter in my mouth, and I was pretty into it, read some of the books about 10 times since I was a kid.
I'll just stick to LOTR, where people can be white and the author is dead so he can't pretend he intended differently.

No. 206286

>muh black people magik we strong we kaaangz we don need no crackas yet we act like we are dependent on white people to do everything for us

No. 206287

File: 1506627918512.jpg (212.77 KB, 1280x914, 3e4ed428c53405b24a14e4de140479…)

I think what manages to piss me the utmost is actually Indian Harry rather than Black Hermione.
For fuck's sake people, both these characters are IN THE FUCKING COVERS OF THE BOOKS!!!!!

No. 206297

that pic is really cute tbh

No. 206299

No. 206302

Worst part is that I'd have a lot more respect for her if she just said "Although Hermione was white, given her messy curly hair and her drive to fight for race equality, I'm happy black girls can identify with her! I happily agree that she could be black, or any given race because that doesn't change who she is."

I'm not even mad they chose a black actress to portray her in the play.
Anyway if you want to keep loving the books, just consider