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File: 1498006980430.png (1.22 MB, 1190x924, 161-06102015023656.png)

No. 196187

There's a plastic surgery thread already if you're just talking about types of plastic surgery you want, but this one is about girls who have gotten plastic surgery, and deny it despite it being extremely obvious they did, and the men, and in rare cases women, who defend that person and claim they're never been touched by a surgeon. There's also men who go on and claim about how they hate plastic surgery so much, then go on and fap to girls who have had plastic surgery, this can range anyone from LA women with big butts, latina women who have had fat injections, or the east asians who get tons of lipo and make themselves look nothing like who they were before. Basically men's logic is that any plastic surgery that isn't obvious or botched is 100% natural, what do you think about this anons? Have you had any personal experiences with anyone who has thought this way?

pic related, it's yanet garcia, who everyone claims her butt is from "hard work at the gym" but she went from flat butt to rounded big butt overnight and her thighs didn't grow one bit

No. 196188

a girl in my uni has the most obvious butt lift ever and everytime some questions her about she will go on a rant on facebook and claim "its called genetics and squats sweetheart" yet she was literally posted to a before and after picture to a local plastic surgery clinic and the men believe her, the same ones who will throw a pissfit at girls if they consider plastic surgery, then go and talk about how hot bodies of girls with plastic surgery are

No. 196189

This is literally jessica nigri the thread

No. 196190

File: 1498018334399.png (562.41 KB, 585x352, skin-lightening-before-and-aft…)

Some reason I find that more and more people nowadays actually believe all the milky white koreans like kpop stars are actually that pale and haven't modified their face whatsoever

like the korean whitening industry is a bigger industry than americas vitamin industry, where tf do they think they money all goes?
"oh but koreans can be naturally pale" not whiter than paper though, if they're whiter than paper it's most likely the work of whitening injections and skin bleaching

No. 196191

It annoys me when men think they're too good for a woman who has had plastic surgery as thought they don't see a good deal of women every day who have had work done.

No. 196192

my ex was like this
I have an AWFUL body and I have been struggling with insecurity and body dysmorphia for years, I wanted a fat transfer, breast lift, jaw shave and some spot laser removal, everytime I mentioned it he would throw a fit saying "hur dur you're gonna hate yourself even after it too" and constantly preach about how he doesn't want me to change and how he is going to be depressed if I want to improve my body, but go home and fap to koreans who've had fuck loads of plastic surgery, then claim if he found out someone he was attracted to had plastic surgery, he wouldn't be attracted to them, which was extremely ironic

like, if you hate it so much either learn to fucking deal with women who have had plastic surgery or don't be attracted to signature plastic surgery looks

No. 196193

I don't doubt that kpop stars whiten their skin, but I do doubt the effectiveness of that stuff and I doubt that they're anywhere near as pale as they look in pictures. Their photos are massively photoshopped, promotional/media photos obviously are, but fansites are notorious for it. Lighting and pale BB cream also play into it.

No. 196194

File: 1498031989415.jpg (816.3 KB, 1501x2200, 1497334635451.jpg)

and makeup
this isnt editted you can see her zits and shit but her hand is a lot darker than her face, a lot of kpoppers do it

No. 196195

SHH DON'T LET GAMINGKOALA HERE SHE RUINED THE COSPLAYER GENERAL THREAD. I'm serious go look at it she whitenights that shit and it's lame as he'll

Honestly though. I feel like girls who dent plastic surgery are pathetic. Guys who can't tell a fake boob job from natural breasts are even more pathetic though. I'm comfortable with myself to not let any of it affect me so I think it's not the worst thing in the world

No. 196196

File: 1498044759525.jpg (118.1 KB, 500x751, 3d095a9b4520c3af7820260ceb0a15…)

Yeah, though that's pretty subtle compared to some of the examples I've seen

No. 196197

God I feel this thread so much. People make cows or special snowflakes when they claim to be natural when they fraud their beauty. It doesn't matter if you're gonna have plastic surgery, but don't deny it and say it's natural especially if it's so damn obvious. Don't put other people down and claim how natural and special you are when you've done just the thing to attain perfect beauty. It enables the neckbeards and white knights too and make terrible cases just like >>196192
I understand the increased competition between girls nowadays, but it's really vile to try and present yourself as this unattainable beauty all the while calling other girls insecure, or jealous of your fake image. I've seen it way too much nowadays on social media it's getting so annoying

No. 196198

To be fair, my hands are darker than my face too, that's really common and not an indication someone is faking their skintone.

My left arm and hand are just super tan from driving around in the sun so they're massively darker compared to my face.

No. 196199

I'm so jealous of Hyuna. She's so pretty (fake or not) and skinny and confident and doesn't seem to give a fuck. Sigh.

No. 196200

File: 1498068584813.jpg (25.41 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Mckayla marooney, who has the most obvious ass implant ever, and constantly denies it and uses the whole "jealous haters" defense when you can literally see the implant line and it moved like an implant, muscles aren't even formed like that

The men believe her and say "well all gymnasts have big muscley butts" yet when she was a gymnast her ass was flat, it literally went like that overnight yet somehow her ass got more plump when she became an instathot instead of a gymnast?who does she think she's fooling?
Sage for rant

No. 196201

File: 1498077106482.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.52 MB, 269x400, maroney1.gif)

No. 196202

File: 1498077235430.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.96 MB, 720x720, K07CTwk.jpg)

No. 196203

File: 1498077646222.png (Spoiler Image, 107.11 KB, 638x800, 41974968ca8f2a9f1ade46de86a18e…)

"My ass is real and its spectacular"

bruh who the fuck does she think she's fooling? Even jen selter and Kim Ks ass look more real than hers, does she not know how muscles form? It's one thing to get a shitty butt job, but why lie when it's obvious?

No. 196204

File: 1498082287480.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.51 KB, 1080x1080, 18013133_1453780128029108_2761…)

Reminds me of that IG model that died, just not as extreme. The shape definitely matches though.

No. 196205

Sage for samefag, but her legs aren't even muscular enough to match the size of her ass. I can't believe people think that ass is real.

No. 196206

the sad thing is people think this shit is attractive

No. 196207


As someone who lifts this shit looks so fake. Your butt moves with your legs as you walk, and the butt muscle raises when your leg is back. This just looks like two solid rocks on her backside.
I'm glad someone make this thread. I've said the same thing before about tits but men always tell me "omg nooo don't get surgery" yet all the pop stars and porn stars they find attractive or fap to have modified bodies. Fuck what men think TBH

No. 196208

Basically girls with plastic surgery that wasn't blotched are hot except when they are honest about it

Men are so gullible, i wouldn't give two shits about this if men didn't go around telling girls with small butts to go squat to look like [girl with butt job], or just anything of that nature

No. 196209

File: 1498103398534.jpg (67.14 KB, 703x380, 7000_Squats1-e1434047609977.jp…)

this is from an article titled "ladies this is what happens when you do 7,000 squats a day"

lmao yeah no more like what happens when you spend 7,000$ on shitty obvious butt implants

I mean if you're gonna make a squat claim at least make it believable, unless you're that desperate to take 6 - 9 hours out your day for a scary looking ass, and not in a good way

No. 196210

How the hell was this woman a model? I'm guessing she made a living off modeling and social media… She looks deformed. :/

No. 196211

File: 1498113868759.gif (1.3 MB, 350x204, tenor.gif)

Girl, this. "dont get plastic surgery, its so fake and its for fake bitches." next minute thinks a woman with GOOD plastic surgery looks attractive and even if they knew it was plastic surgery they wouldn't complain because it still looks good. Men are sadly simple creatures who don't know what they want.

No. 196212

She had to get ass implants to balance out the ham sticks that are her quads. I've seen obese people with more attractive legs.

No. 196213

File: 1498121308332.jpg (174.27 KB, 874x1206, k2Ad9xN.jpg)

Yeah, its even the wrong shape. It looks disgusting and doesn't even move properly. The gigantic monster asses are so beyond my understanding, why would anyone even want one?
I've laughed at Mckaylas ass for so long, I'm happy I'm not the only one who finds it horrible.

For me, Nicki Minaj as whole is disgusting and I can't understand how anyone could find her decent looking. At this point her face barely moves, which is probably why she hasn't had a decent flow and has been so monotone since 2015. Nickis body is absolutely disgusting, her boobs are worse offenders than the balloon ass. Ever since I saw her at a concert few years back, she was a short oompa loompa looking chubby girl with extremities.

I find it so bizarre people praise her while making fun out of botched surgeries, when Nicki is 70% on the way there too.

No. 196214

Its obvious ass implants, usually surgeons advice women with low body fat percentages to not get implants like so because it's very visable through their skin, such as in>>196203

No. 196215

File: 1498125664455.jpg (50.97 KB, 499x750, f992fbe9feafe98c079290ccaa1f51…)

this is what actual hard work and butt exercises look like, no it's not crazy huge, no it doesnt look like two basketballs under your skin, but it's REAL and from hard work, not from taking a trip to the fix a flat doctor

No. 196216

I love Nicki but after seeing her music video for "Starships" I learned quick she's "better coming than going" in terms of looks. Her backside looks weird.

Is hers plastic surgery though? I always thought it was just fat black genes (no hate just don't know how to phrase it better) giving her an ass shelf.

That being said, Kim Kardashian's plastic surgeon (Well supposed since she still denies having had plastic surgery despite there being piles of evidence) came out after her cellulite beach photos got posted and people started freaking out about them. He said something like

>If there's cellulite before implants/fillers/whatever the word is for this are done, then it will still be there at the surface. It's better to lose the cellulite first

(Which you can do with squats. Mine went away when i started doing squats and now it's GONE!)

No. 196217

File: 1498129010222.jpg (74.07 KB, 600x400, L5CemDD.jpg)

How have you never seen Nicki pre-surgeries? How'd you miss out on the assdropping drama (her ass dropped, literally) It's getting worse and worse.

No. 196218

Never understood the attraction to the way too much curves look, i understand attraction to natural yet curvy bodies like nigella,but thats way too much, it looks nasty and she's gonna look awful by the time she hits 40 if she doesnt constantly spend millions on surgery

No. 196219

So like onision?
He comments about how much he hates PS, and harassed jaclynglenn for getting breast implants, yet in his uhohbro videos he talks about how hot asian girls who have had plastic surgery are, talked about how hot and ideal kim ks body is, etc

No. 196220

it's always men who claim to hate plastic surgery so much who are the biggest hypocrites
didn't he have surgery himself as well?
he also makes fun of women who use anti aging products and eat healthy, while him and his female cult slaves are all aging horribly with acne

No. 196221

File: 1498138355414.jpg (248.96 KB, 1134x1094, 43354qy5asfaw.jpg)

Yep, I think Nicki's implant must've popped or deflated or something.

No. 196222

File: 1498138446327.jpg (118.36 KB, 600x606, a9608ec51c97e498caa23508f0f7fb…)

Also another one which obviously shows an implant. I don't even see how she can sit down.

I know booties are the in thing now but jfc people this doesn't even look good.

No. 196223

On the subject of butt implants this story make me chuckle a bit.

No. 196224

she looks like she put on a fucking diaper and ate a bunch of curry and washed it down with prune juice

No. 196225

Both of these are photoshopped.

No. 196226


No. 196227

Nope it's not, there are a bunch of photos and a video somewhere from the routine. It's from the Nicki Minaj Anaconda Fashion Rocks 2014 performance. This video is blurry af, but at 0:34 is where you can see it for a moment.

No. 196228

why? cuz her fans said it was? so believable anon

hint - if someone makes crazy claims such as someone went out their way to make nicki look like she had a butt implant, it's most likely fake

No. 196229

If they want a fake ass get fat grafts instead of implants, implants are always hideous and nasty

No. 196230

I rather have this butt than mckayla marooneys

No. 196231

File: 1498204363480.jpg (167.31 KB, 634x1247, real pic on boat.jpg)

I'm not a fan of Nikki Minaj. I just happened to be reading about butt enlargement and found the first photo on the boat is photoshopped (pic attached is her actual photo). 2nd one I've read are butt pads that she wore the performance that photo was taken during, so not shopped, but also not implants. They are worn under flesh colored stockings.

No. 196237

My bf's sister's got fake tits but they honestly look natural. Not too sure if her bf knows.

No. 196245

kinda ot but thats pretty hilarious how she wears buttpads when she has this image of being a big booty goddess in social media

No. 196247

Why did Meek and Remy then call her out for her ass dropping? Nickis ass dropped. The ass is fake. There were already before and after photos. Either ways, the ass is horrid and is one step away from botched. Why did it get derailed so bad.

Yeah there's nothing wrong with plastic surgery, but when you pretend to be a ~natural queen~ and have thirsty whiteknights who push that agenda. lel

No. 196333

They made her botched ass look more botched?

No. 196334

When did he make fun of women who use anti aging products?

No. 196342

File: 1498320253357.jpg (123.73 KB, 500x548, bogs.jpg)


No. 196343

Surely they don't deny it?

No. 196356

Can anyone give me a quick rundown on these two?

No. 196376


makes me cringe so much that people think this is natural, she has no thighs, but somehow a butt that grew overnight? people are so in denial when they see good looking plastic surgery

No. 196377


No. 196381

File: 1498361397844.jpg (31.07 KB, 400x300, athf_ep023_04.jpg)

I almost blame the surgeons themselves for operating on these mentally deranged people all for the sake of a dollar. No ethics whatsoever.

No. 196385

Stop Bogdy shaming.

No. 196386

but why
why on earth would you want to look like this??

No. 196388

File: 1498365350504.jpg (60.56 KB, 472x624, EXTRA THICC 2.jpg)


No. 196392

File: 1498375389813.jpg (57.49 KB, 728x485, handsomesquidward.jpg)

The Bogdanoffs fascinate me, I saw them being interviewed in French and they actually seemed like pretty nice, funny people.

They used to be quite handsome.

No. 196400

This scares me so much. I want to get a nose job one day, but I'm so scared that it'll turn out looking way worse than my real nose is.

No. 196402

Unless your Dr is a hack or a monkey with a scalpel that is unlikely. Depending on your nose, ofc. You have to remember that these guys got their faces fucked up in the 90s and early 00's, when plastic surgery was less advanced and more obvious.

No. 196408

You havent added the especially juicy issue to that model.

She died during yet another plastic surgery

No. 196410

What happens if the new nose is a perfectly nice nose, but it doesn't work with my facial features?

No. 196411

Your doctor will basically photoshopped a bunch of nose options onto a picture they take of you in the office and whichever one you like they will surgically try to match that as close as possible. They don't just go in there cutting and hope you like the result afterward.

No. 196412

That makes me feel better. Have you had a nose job, anon? Is there anything you wish you had known beforehand? How much time did it take for you to recover? Reading nose job horror stories has scared me, but I really do hate my nose.

No. 196415

Not the anon you were responding to, but as long as you make a good research (does he have a website? Where and when did he graduate? Does he only do noses? How many years of experience does he have? Is people leaving good reviews? [only the ones with pictures count] Do you like the noses he makes?) and find a good surgeon you shouldn't worry.
You should start breathing after a week more or less, for the first month (but for the whole recovering time actually) you should be 100% careful, avoid people coming in contact with/near your nose in any way, etc. Final result time depends on the type of your skin, it's 1 year and a half if you have thick skin, a year or less if you have thin skin, around a year if you have normal skin. But don't worry about that, and only the surgeon can tell you which type of skin you have.
Sage for OT

No. 196421

that looks awful, it would only ever look good in clothing, outside of clothing she would look like an abomination

No. 196424

Not all will (or will have the means to), doesn't mean they're bad doctors though.
The doctor will probably let you know if what you want is unrealistic/can't be done because your skin is too thick or your nose is too wide/won't look good on you personally. Still, it's kind of hard to predict and stuff like that happens. I got my nose done because I looked like a literal witch. My new nose is nice, but he for some reason didn't refine the tip and now it looks too big. He just said 'we'll try taping and waiting for the swelling to go down', but I'm not holding my breath. It's a nice nose still, the shape and everything is lovely, but it's just too big for my face. I'll just have to live with it though, not going through another surgery again that's for damn sure.
What I wish I'd known:
>Yes, it's a minor surgery, but it's still a surgery. It took me 1.5 days to fully flush the anaesthetic out of my system and stop feeling loopy and nauseous.
>I could breathe again by day 5. Still, it wasn't proper breathing until I took the splints out and waited a few more days for the swelling to subside further. Even then, I had a crazy amount of mucus in my sinuses, but that's a problem I've been battling for years on a smaller scale.
>Get one of those aeroplane neck pillows. That's the only thing that has kept me from turning on my side and bumping my nose against things.
>BE CAREFUL with your nose. You paid good money to get it fixed, don't ruin it. One morning I bumped my nose with my hand as I was waking up and I'm really worried it's going to ruin it in the long run.

Still, if you get a good doctor, you'll most likely be fine.

No. 196840

I read about that girl
Idk who tf she think shes fooling

No. 196846

It annoys me to see bitches like that promote fitness and they lie through their teeth about their ass surgery(s) they are literally the girl version of those guys to claim they got their muscles from years of training when it's onvious as day they used steroids.

No. 196848

File: 1498830363566.jpg (173.36 KB, 362x960, dawn-yang-surgery-journey-blog…)

Dawn Yang. A singaporian lifestyle blogger. She started her blog during the early 2000s and since then she kept piling on the surgeries and now she looks so fucking bad. She's full on addicted. And of course she lies about her procedures and claims that she is half dutch.

No. 196849

File: 1498830403892.jpg (467.62 KB, 800x800, CYMERA_20170630_094415.jpg)

No. 196850

File: 1498830448475.jpg (116.58 KB, 676x800, jQSZvmC.jpg)

How she looks now

No. 196851

File: 1498830640906.jpg (305.2 KB, 640x640, azure-AKFzziPGeMWAytooWcfi.jpg)

anyone that wants to undergo cosmetics procedures should be very careful, there's a risk of getting addicted.

No. 196868

she should've stopped at 2001
she actually looked like an attractive human now she looks plastic

No. 196871

How do these people afford so much plastic surgery?

No. 196877

Sugar daddies

No. 196881

>there's a risk of getting addicted
if you're mentally ill and a masochist, sure, but most people only go in because they genuinely look busted and want to look normal
No one normal enjoys anaesthesia and the recovery process

No. 196882

Sometimes the addiction takes even normal people. You fix a flaw you thought was the only one that bothered you, then you start thinking "Well, I would look even better if I had Y surgery too… if I fixed X I can fix Y as well" and it begins. That's why people who choose to go under the knife should get some therapy, even just for a month. Addiction can take literally everyone.

No. 196883

Besides sugar daddies, there's plenty of people out there that take out loans for this shit and never pay them off. They'd rather pile on debt forever than go another few years being who they are.

If shopping addicts can rack up thousands on credit cards, I believe the same can happen with plastic addicts.

No. 196889

Singapore woman probably has rich family.

No. 196891

File: 1498875096716.jpg (80.67 KB, 600x400, image.jpg)

Ariana Grande has to have had shit done to her face, I always thought Ariana Grande the singer and Ariana Grande the actor were two different people.

No. 196892

She's had a nose job at least, from what I can see her nostrils are a lot more visible now

No. 196893

Think she had her lips filled out and something's going on with her chin.

No. 196894

File: 1498875994258.jpg (630.48 KB, 1024x1024, Dove nose.jpg)

Another celeb one is Dove Cameron, she always boasted and preached about natural beauty yet she has an interchangeable nose

No. 196895

For the middle picture it looks like the surgeon filed a little bit too much cartilage away from her nose bridge

No. 196896

Idk I'm Italian and so is she and I can say that the preteen/teen phase is some serious ugly duckling shit. My sister and I look nothing like we did as preteens/teens its kinda insane how your face thins out and my nose especially looks like I got a nose Job. Also look at her half bro Frankie. They look very similar. Not discounting she had anything done bc she prob did but adding my 2 cents.

No. 196897

File: 1498876948122.png (597.95 KB, 500x700, 111.png)

I think its her weight loss and make up that throws everyone off. She visibly overlines her lips and she still has the same nose when she smiles, but chin for sure. Its half the size.

No. 196900

File: 1498878141087.jpg (628.31 KB, 1024x1024, CYMERA_20170630_225019.jpg)

If you guys really want to see the effects of surgery addiction

I present to you Bom Park from 2NE1

No. 196901

File: 1498878174935.jpg (724.54 KB, 1024x1024, CYMERA_20170630_225149.jpg)

No. 196903

File: 1498878214845.jpg (457.69 KB, 800x800, CYMERA_20170630_230007.jpg)

She literally has a face for every occasion lol

No. 196904

File: 1498878311134.jpg (2.64 MB, 2448x1632, f8dhqdc.jpg)

Apparently this is how she looks, for now. Bon has way too many faces, I probably missed some

No. 196905

didn't she get lip or cheek fillers as well?
are all "QT adults with a child like face" plastic surgery? she looks like an average white girl before

No. 196908

Same, I'm 'Balkanese' and I looked fucking tragic aged 8-18. Though I have had a nose job (because even Mother Nature gave up on my nose in the end), but I looked a lot better the older I got.

No. 196917

File: 1498891176682.jpg (169.74 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

idk why but east asian fraud surgeries annoy me the most

No. 196940


I hate KPop, but I love this Park Bom.

In a weird way, I find her fake ass face so endearing and lovable

Definitely, enough is enough though

No. 196944

i have a great nose but i want to refine the tip slightly. nothing major. but its apparently around 4k. anyone ever get this done? im afraid they'll michael jackson me.

No. 196945

Don't change if if it's great

No. 196947

Tips are the easiest to fuck up. There are non invasive treatments for tips, like injections. Look it up

No. 196949

File: 1498915366251.jpg (75.47 KB, 498x212, 2017-07-01 14.19.40.jpg)

Anyone knows how to get rid of these? Im not even fat. I just want a straight jawline.

Sage for samefagging

No. 196950

Don't bother

No. 196955

It's easier to fuck up a good looking nose than a schnozz. It's harder to do little than to do a lot. In other words: I don't think it's a good idea

No. 196969

Anons who want to talk about plastic surgery should go on the other thread. This thread is for people who lie about it

No. 196977

basically the biggest give away if a woman has had shit implants is if it looks a bit like that, more or less, most of the time it's less extreme
basically when it appears to be a ball under the hips

No. 196978

File: 1498931372217.jpg (21.7 KB, 334x440, 06fd41d9cf2479b47a8fb39e14f10b…)

usually italian women will look ugly when they're preteens or early teens then when they grow up they're gorgeous

does anyone know if Isabella Rossellini has had any surgery? she is an in italian model and she's 65 although I believe she was in her 40s or 50s in that pic, holy shit does she look good for her age

sage for blogpost

No. 196988

File: 1498943066273.jpg (86.77 KB, 560x415, m1.jpg)

Marilyn Monroe was a celeb that had work done in the 50s. I was pretty surprised since I didn't think they'd have the technology back then. She had nose, eyelid, brest and chin augementations before she dyed her hair blonde and went by her maiden name Monroe. Side fact- she had a great niece named Krystal Jean Baker who was murdered in 1996.

No. 196990

what kind of breast augmentation has she had?
I find it kinda ironic that shes a symbol for natural beauty

No. 196991

The amount of risky shit women did back then given the primitive technologies was insane.

My grandma was given barbiturates for weight loss (wouldn't be considered overweight by modern standards). That's how all those housewives kept slim and focused on house chores haha.

No. 196992

I believe they were silicone injections or something, they started turning lumpy after awhile and her chin graft was also disolving, she was going to get it fixed until she was killed for her involvement with the Kennedy's (if you believe this conspiracy)

No. 196994

File: 1498944882276.jpg (42.51 KB, 600x338, 545f.jpg)

Ari's lost a huge amount of weight off her thighs, upper arms, torso, and face. A whole personal makeup/hair team can make you look however you want in a few minutes every morning. What's being noted as surgery can just be a bit o puberty, makeup, and drastic weight loss.
Fillers. Samefagging is when you agree with/respond to your own post while pretending to be a different person. I think you meant double posting.

No. 196997

that fucking music tho anonnnn lmao

No. 197005

I love Ari, she can actually sing unlike Gomez, but what I wanna know is how she got her eyebrows to go so high. Lol.

No. 197006

Didn't barbiturates sedate you? It's a CMS depressant, I thought that was terrible for weight loss?
sage for dumb

No. 197007

File: 1498954697092.jpg (70.34 KB, 680x487, selena-gomez-lips.jpg)

People actually think her lips are natural lol

No. 197009

tbh i think she looked a little better before, body wise… but her face changed a lot for the better. it really looks like she had some sort of jaw shaving.

No. 197011

File: 1498956502429.jpg (47.76 KB, 700x421, jaw_botox.jpg)

any mild/moderate "jaw shaving" is just botox. It relaxes the jaw muscles and can have a pretty noticeable effect, like pic related.

I actually think she looks better before, now she just looks like another victim of the Kylie Jenner Effect.

Most likely an eyelid lift with a brow lift, it's very common to combine those two so the eyelids don't start dropping again. Or heavy botox.

Answering because botox anon and obsessed with RealSelf/body modification. I moved from LA because it's hard not to get obsessed with appearances there (sorry for blog, wanted to justify allegations).

No. 197012


No. 197013

body dysmorphia is a hell of a drug

No. 197014

IT'S AN ALIEN FETUS KOTA SHOP COME TO LIFE. Now i won't sleep for a week.

No. 197016

>those results in your example
>botox only
Not to accuse you or anything, but I genuinely can't believe that. That's insane. I thought jawlines like that were largely bone structure. Is the clinic lying or something about its example pictures?

>tfw have hope of a non-invasive cure for my square face

No. 197018

File: 1498958675651.jpg (2.98 MB, 5080x2840, 1333.jpg)

Imo she's always looked the same just way thinner and more glammed up

No. 197019

Anon probably meant something else. The amount of drugs that were being prescribed to women back then was insane. Valley of the Dolls is my favourite trashy novel about it.

No. 197021

File: 1498959680681.jpg (26 KB, 360x240, Magdalena Frackowiak Fzz8MEbrU…)

The face is made of bone structure, a thin layer of fat that slowly dissipates with age, and a layer of skeletal muscles that control all of the craniofacial movements down to a micro level. If the facial muscle is too tight or thick, you get forehead lines, a strong jawline, etc, and relaxing that with botox minimizes that effect, but can also freeze up some microexpressions.

If you have more fat and muscle on you overall, that will play a more prominent proponent in how your face looks. That's why girls who lose too much facial fat and still have a pretty face have "good bone structure".

No. 197025

She looked so much more natural before. OT but i really loathe this instahoe heavy ass makeup trend and hope it goes away sooner than later

No. 197027

File: 1498964188175.jpg (118.61 KB, 640x640, Mindy-Sittinpretty-2.jpg)

mindy sittinpretty whos totally not shoopped with surgery (she makes ass videos too)

basically she has an army of men who defend her the second someone even implies it doesn't look natural

No. 197028

Those legs are so weirdly shaped, and I don't mean her thighs. She looks like a bizarro T Rex with those

No. 197029

I knew a woman who went to my gym who was shaped like that, she asked me if I had plastic surgery or if I wanted it and started talking to me about her fat transfer

most of the time if a woman is shaped like that exactly it fake as hell

No. 197030

File: 1498965876396.jpg (39.51 KB, 564x1003, 271dbf8a6377f1146d536446b18df7…)

To be fair that was an event. I follow her on snapchat and she's usually very natural and bums around a lot compared to other celebrities. I agree about the make up tho. Drag tier make up, fake lips and fake asses, all really needs to end.

No. 197032

Wtf is that? Sh looks so fucking strange. She HAS to have gotten some kind of injections and fat transfer for that. Nowadays there are thigh implants too, she def had work done

No. 197034

File: 1498966331409.png (533.1 KB, 720x735, Screenshot_2017-07-01-23-31-33…)

She's a midget nvm. She looks about 4 ft tall so I think that's why her features look more exaggerated

No. 197035

Yeah I actually had it done, it was around 600 and lasted a little less than a year. I had some TMJ but now I just deal with the discomfort because it ended up making my face look too slim, messing up the structural balance of my face so I looked older. It lasted a little under a year (for me) and was about 600, because it's your jaw and not mouth muscles it really doesn't effect your expressions though you chew weird the first day. You can't reverse it like fillers and have to wait for it to wear off.

Soooo many people on here claim that certain girls underwent really invasive jaw surgery when botox gives a great effect with no down time, so I want to be clear how accessible it is so the surgery claims can die out.

I only wish men had the same pressure on them to look otherworldly.

No. 197036

she dont look that short
even the shortest of girls features aren't that exaggerated and look that loopy
she is also dating a nfl football player, chances are he paid for her shit tons of fat transfers to hips

No. 197037

Yet again she's probably a midget that had the ass surgery. Pretty mich every insta fitness thot had ass surgery

No. 197038

File: 1498966686704.jpg (93.35 KB, 750x750, c9a1At0aLK8lecY7Nx0CCnI0kYjiLC…)

it's just cuz she's short anon because this shit totally looks real

No. 197041

File: 1498969376478.jpg (126.24 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-170128130425-1024.…)


god, that picture on the right is super edited and yeah she looks super weird there. but in general i feel like she's super cute and her lip fillers (i imagine that's what it is?) look good i think. she's always had a super cute face so i don't think she could botch it if she tried. the babyface too strong

No. 197042

I always loved faces like hers
like a natural babyface, none of that cheek fillers, korean surg shit
sage for OT

No. 197043

sage for OT but is it just me or does the racial womens sterotype, the race of those women also tend to get PS to fit that sterotype?
like how all black women are ~big bootied amazon goddesses~ but also a lotttt of black women do all kinds of crazy ass stuff
the hispantic/ latina women are known for their thick lips and a lot of them are also getting filters
asians are known for their doll like appearance but almost all of them that appear doll like is the work of plastic surgery

No. 197063

i call bullshit on this photo. girl had multiple procedures done and clearly had an asymetrical lip/jaw thing going on

No. 197065

oh my god..
before I zoomed in, I thought the right picture was of like 'team america' type dolls someone made of them.
They literally look like caricatures

No. 197068

social pressure I guess. maybe if you and all your friends have thick lips you might think your lips aren't thick enough so you need fillers?

No. 197077

different cultures promote different beauty standards

No. 197078

Peoples' beauty standards are so warped nowadays. Why would you want to look like a cartoon hoe?
Her body actually disgusts me.

No. 197079

Midget or not it looks completely fake. No one can have big monster thighs and ass and still have a thigh gap

No. 197080

her feet are very much too far apart and shopped.

looking like a kmart brand barbie.

No. 197087

File: 1499037498304.jpg (24.1 KB, 355x414, IMG_1113.JPG)

She looks like a tumblr drawing of a 'curvy goddess'. Little people are better proportioned than she is.

No. 197093

File: 1499041257884.jpg (415.25 KB, 1024x1024, CYMERA_20170702_201848.jpg)

Haruka Kodama from AKB started getting work done when she was 15-16. She had her chin, nose, eyebag injections, forehead and eyes done. That's alot for anyone let alone for a teenager, after her procedures she went from a nobody to one of the top members.

No. 197096

Well, at least it came out well. She looks like a natural beauty.

No. 197117

wait who thinks this shit is real? has she ever talked about surgery either?
I know fanboys will come to her defense but has she ever talked about surgery before?

No. 197118

lmao her feet look tiny
>wait who thinks this shit is real?
You'd be surprised the shit people believe and don't even second guess it.
I'm kind of interested too if she ever talked about it. Considering the search results, I'd say no.

No. 197119

These instagram hoes need to settle down. She's not even ugly, but those fucking thighs make her look like a rotisserie chicken.

No. 197150

Agreed. It's tacky at this point. Everybody looks the same. "Body positive" though.
Another make-up trend and aesthetic will come along and we'll bitch about that too.

No. 197165

her face aint ugly, her body just is cuz it's fake as hell, like maybe it would look good if it looked more natural

No. 197179

Nah she's specified on her insta she is 5'3"

No. 197180


>all natural

>rich husband
>ghetto white girl who just "happens" to be shaped like that
>all natural

No. 197181

No. 197241

File: 1499134533896.jpg (431.81 KB, 1275x1600, 0e1845b353ff67e7a6c0e9e57bceab…)

Ya 5'3 while wearing 9 inch heels. 5'3 proportions don't look like that..
Min from Miss A is 5'3 without heels and she doesn't look like a freak, not only is Mindy lying about her ass, she's also lying about her height. I can't stand people like that.

No. 197243

she looks like she's just wearing heavy foundation. plus, this is a flash photograph, so if her foundation/bb cream has any reflective qualities it'll look lighter than it does irl.

No. 197252

did you miss where i said i had this done personally and the effects are drastic. fucking google it.

No. 197266

I think's also a cultural thing.

I've been following this channel and I've never realized how much pale foundation they use until I saw this video.

No. 197293


Park Bom legit looked cute in first-second row. She should have stopped there.

Kinda OT, but is there a way to have it last longer? :(
After you talked about it I googled it and the results are so good, perfect for what I am looking for, por 600 for less than an year… (I'm not from the US so that's too expensive for me)

No. 197313

Not that anon, I've seen people who gotten it so I'll give my two cents.

There is no way for the results on your jaw to last longer than half a year. When the muscle gets big again you can go for a second round. If you want permanent results then you can op for the jaw shave surgery. Prominent jaws are desired now a days so why not rock it?

No. 197318

File: 1499215768247.jpg (568.77 KB, 1024x1024, CYMERA_20170704_205004.jpg)

Kim K was a big time uggo back in 2005. It's kinda hard searching for real pics of her 2005 days since they all mysteriously disappeared and got replaced with pics on how she didn't look in '05. Whoever her surgeon was has the hands of god.

No. 197331

This doesn't look like plastic surgery, just better makeup and new hair.

No. 197365

are youre eyes and asshole reversed?
It looks like she cloned herself and genetically transformed her clone to bring out her best features.

No. 197381

The only surgery I see is in the hairline, she definitely did something to have a bigger forehead. Honestly doesn't look like she got in a lot of procedures, she just got one of the best makeup artists and maybe botox. Anyways, whoever did those procedures did a great job, she looks better and not that botched.

No. 197392

Yeah, she's talked about how she had her hairline lasered and regrets. I don't think she's had anything else done.

No. 197395

>are youre eyes and asshole reversed?
oh my god anon thank you for reminding me of this wonderful fucking quote. it still makes me laugh.

No. 197402

File: 1499282699629.jpg (834.22 KB, 2160x1572, OGqxKGM.jpg)

>doesn't look like she got in a lot of procedures
That sounds more like a compliment towards her current team of plastic surgeons than anything.

Outdated timeline.

No. 197405

I think Kim looked gorgeous all the way up to jul 09 just after she had her lower lid lift, then it goes downhill. Now she looks like a primate. Her philtrum is so damn long because she cut off half her nose. Totally skewed her proportions.

No. 197406

*jun 09

No. 197408

>uggo in 2005
You meant the opposite, right? Now she looks like a blowup doll. See >>197402 , until mid 2009 she was beautiful, reminded me of princess Jasmine. Now all I can think of whenever I look at her is "botox". A pity

No. 197409

It was actually a compliment lol.
Wow, she was beautiful in 08-09, now she looks lifeless with all that botox.

No. 197432

I agree, I liked her tiny hooked original nose because it gave her that Princess Jasmine vibe, but trying to conform to stupid LA standards she got it shaved off and now it looks like Xiaxue's dicknose.

No. 197435

>asians are known for their doll like appearance
I've never heard that one before k-pop became big.

No. 197437

I'm not well-versed in plastic surgery: what are the telltale signs someone irl has had work done?

No. 197438

I reread your original post and totally skipped over your last line, lol. My brain freezes whenever plastic surgery and the Kardashians debates start. There's a shit ton of people who are absolutely delusional about how much their bodies and faces have been touched up and reworked.

>mfw the reddit discussion I got that chart from is 1/3rd "it's just makeup"

I think the usage of "doll" is heavily connotative of kpop, but modern East Asian beauty standards do line up with how dolls, especially BJDs, tend to look like: flatter facial planes, horizontally small lips, etc.

No. 197439

Nonetheless the racial stereotypes aren't what caused the cosmetic surgeries.

No. 197442

Snark doesn't add anything to your argument. What kind of work exactly do you think she got done on her face?

No. 197443

Oh no, I totally agree with that. I just meant the usage of "doll" as a descriptor of favored traits in E. Asia, but now that I think about it, it's too specific and a lot of the most popular 'looks' in E. Asia aren't really doll-like.

Also, yeah, I sort of get what that anon was saying, but it's more that the preferred standards lead to those stereotypes, rather than vice versa. Plus, it falls apart when you get to unfavorable racial stereotypes, like SE Asians having big noses and being brown, when pretty much all cosmetic procedures are inverses of that.

No. 197528

Well besides scarring
How their ass or lips move, how the breasts are shaped, how its all shaped mostly

No. 197662

File: 1499530887324.jpg (46.94 KB, 750x447, DEMKUlmUAAA2_Iy.jpg)

she's too young for this shit. she'll probably go mental in a few years, once she's actually old and has actual things to fix in her face/body tbh.

No. 197680


At first I thought the 3rd pic were a bad shoop but her tits are honestly so big now wow that tragic. I honestly really like her body in the first pic, but now she just looks like a old and used porn actress tbh.

No. 197682

File: 1499547466895.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.02 KB, 600x337, b407f1ead17a568be7da7f6e6fe94f…)

missalice, a cam girl/porn star
who has the fakest tits, lips and ass ever but her fanboys constantly say "ooo it's all natural"
granted she does have good plastic surgery, but it irks me when fanboys believe it's natural, go on about how "ooo I hate fake tits I like natural tits like ms alice"

dunno if she ever said anything about her getting surgery though

No. 197683

File: 1499548020797.gif (Spoiler Image, 897.66 KB, 450x282, tumblr_mj5xno29Uf1rimwgjo1_500…)

sage for samefag
it's her ass
her ass is more believable than her tits though, I wouldn't be surprised if it was real, but her tits are def fake and you can see the scarring where they made incisions around her nipples

No. 197684

File: 1499548315269.jpg (48.26 KB, 450x394, IMG_3057.JPG)

come on that's a terrible photo of her. She was gorgeous before she touched her face. And anyone who thinks she hasn't had a ton of work done is an asshole, remember when she looked like this for like 2 yrs?

No. 197686

File: 1499549033852.jpg (89.78 KB, 375x615, TM1802-02-CAT-SOP-jpg_190018.j…)

I was watching old seasons of ANTM and her and Kendall were there for a photoshoot. I didn't even recognize her. Its sad tbh and it still irks me social media decided to make plastic Kylie a standard of beauty opposed to more natural looking cute Kendall. Its such a shame watching so many naturally pretty insta girls cake their make up, fill their lips, and get plastic surgery on their boobs/asses to try and obtain such an unnatural looking 'thicc' body.

No. 197687

Honestly, Kylie is more attainable. It's not really shocking that people prefer her 'glow up' because anyone can get PS and improve themselves nowadays. Kendall's body proportions are entirely up to genetic lottery.

No. 197693

def looks fake, usually when flat girls get implants thats what it looks like

did she get an areola reduction to? I remember I saw her before but her areolas were a lot bigger than what it is now

No. 197694

File: 1499553413962.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.08 KB, 599x337, 441.jpg)

she use to have complete mosquito bites with larger areolas and no ass

the ass might have been done but squats as well, but her tits are fake, I cannot believe she is known for being natural

No. 197696

File: 1499556052347.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.41 KB, 125x51, 1499555764408s.jpg)

No. 197697

File: 1499556090688.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.8 KB, 125x92, 1499554594476s.jpg)

the only people who think she's real are fanboys

No. 197710

Your photos are tiny anon!

No. 197712

File: 1499560633118.jpg (Spoiler Image, 566.95 KB, 4532x1860, 1499555764408.jpg)

sorry anon

No. 197713

File: 1499560658964.jpg (Spoiler Image, 250.96 KB, 1840x1362, 1499554594476.jpg)

No. 197725

why does she always show up on "natural beauty" type shit? do these virgin fanboys don't know what real tits and ass look like?

"oh well there's no scarring and it moves like real butt and boobs therefore it must be real"
so do porn stars, I swear to god they think any boobs that aren't two rocks stuck to their chest is natural

No. 197727


"I'm one of those guys who hates fake tits to prove it here is a video of a girl with natural looking but fake tits"

No. 197733

Men are always being annoying thinking they know everything(makeup). Not all fakes are hard porn star tits, you can take fat from elsewhere and insert it elsewhere. My bfs sisters tits are fake but they look real as hell.

No. 197735

I don't get why they all have to insist that they're real? You can still like them and also admit they're fake…

No. 197736

If you got your ass from squats you usually have the thighs to back it up. I don't believe any skinny girl with no visible leg muscles magically getting a bigger ass unless they're fake.

No. 197741

Lol. Not one of those guys can tell a fake from a natural. They all think skinny + huge perfect round tits = genetically gifted goddess.

And the girls on there are just as bad. "Yup hehe all real I grew them myself ;)"


I love reading shit like this . I feel cringe from both sides. The guys who never have touched a real boob in their life and the girls who go on reddit of all places and feel so good guys are stupid enough to think their boobs are real

Like it's pathetic but also hilarious

No. 197747

if those are fake they're a good job though

No. 197748

Lol just because she has no incision marks (armpit) doesn't mean they're not bad. They don't even move anon.

Like do you really think fat doesn't jiggle?

No. 197749

>>197741 major denial
basically if men didn't go on and on for days about how plastic surgery is sooooo unattractive, they'd happily admit that their near anorexic yet somehow perky huge round titted and big round toned ass with somehow skinny thighs waifus, are plastic

but hey, some men even think nicki minaj and kim k are real, so of course everyday women/women who aren't so in the spotlight get small adjustments (or in ms alices case very noticeable and several adjustments) the fanboys come in and fight that their waifu just won the genetic lottery, and if you're female you're just jealous or some dumb shit like that lmao

No. 197750

this might me a good thread on /snow/ like a general for all these people, a lot of these seem like complete cows, but what would be a good name to name these people? like the women who had Plastic surgery, then lie about it and have men believe them?

No. 197751

sage for samefag but a PS fraud /psf/ general?

No. 197757

Ooo I like that! I can post a few more obvious ps denying girls to this thread and then it can be used to compile a new thread on snow? Just give me an hour or two while I look up my saved history on reddit. Lol

No. 197761

Nah dude, Alice is a fitness freak, that ass is natural.
Boobs I'd be more skeptical of if I hadn't dated a girl with boobs exactly like that, that were 100% real. Gf had about the same body fat % as Alice as well, skinny and 5'8.

As far as her mouth goes, who knows, but the bod is real and not far fetched at all imo.

No. 197763

With the whole instathot look going on right now and girls altering their body to fit the trend, I really worry about what's going to happen to a lot of them when the trend shifts towards a new body and facial set. Same thing with people going after the Korean v-line look by shaving 30% of their jaw.

I'm still skeptical about her butt (namely the big ass but toothpick leg syndrome that other anons pointed out), but unless I'm misremembering, she was a lot smaller in her earlier camming years. It's been a while since I've seen gifs/webms of her, but I definitely remember being surprised at how big her breasts had gotten after a while. But honestly, I could be suffering some Mandala/Bearstein shit right now about her breasts.

No. 197766

Lol you're delusional it's all fake she has a Michael Maroney aas

No. 197767

No its not, there's absolutely no quad or ham muscle at all on her thighs. Fatty doesn't go to gym it seems.

No. 197769

And also… those dudes that think going to gym is a miracle cure to get an ass: lol. Yes to some degree.

The before and after pictures of gym asses are pretty much always from different angles: front pic is front view of the back(almost always the worst angle) and after pic is taken from an angle. Common trick.

Most people mistake hips for ass, but they aren't exactly wrong hips are the canvas for a good ass, as an example, Kim K and Scar Jo's ass looks much better than Jessica Biel's. Because of the wide hips. They do not work out nearly as much as J Biel though.

But that's not to say its pointless, but gym doesn't make you magically get an amazing ass, your thighs will typically accomodate as well, so it doesn't look as intense as Ms Alices or Kim K's.

No. 197776

Girl, you can literally see the outline of her implants in some pics.

No. 197792

You sound completely in denial about surgery,and if your ~fitness waifu with huge ass and huge round perky boobs with small nipples~ told you she was all natural she probably lied to,everyday women get plastic surgery believe it or not anon, just cuz you knew someone who claimed to be natural because she "looked like ms alice" which i highly doubt, doesn't explain why ms alice was a chestlet with bigger nipples and a flat ass then went to huge ass and big perky boobs overnight with no thigh growth
Even fitness experts would tell you that asses arent formed like that and most of the time when a girls ass does that its fake

My advice is get over your ex that is a ~big round perky boob and butt but skinny everywhere else model who is totally 100% natural~ either that or accept the fact she has had plastic surgery and most women who have bodies like that have had surgery as well, you seem like an obsessive fanboy from reddit, who is also obsessed with your ex, I'll pray for the girl tbat dates you anon, if any girl is dumb enough to date a basement dweller who's in denial that plastic surgery that looks good is plastic surgery

No. 197793

>>197735 basically if PS wasn't blasted all the time and seen as unattractive, guys would admit girls like missalice and mindysittinpretty have had surgeries, as well as a lot of everyday women having plastic surgery
Like the anon here >>197761 basically they'll hold onto the fact that all girls who's plastic surgeries look GOOD and have no scarring+moves naturally, is just a genetically gifted godess wnd its "100% natural", claim girls with PS are ugly, go home and fap to fat injection filled boobs, shame girls for having natural bodies, but also claim that surgery is ugly etc etc

No. 197800

People just want to believe she's all natural because she has a plain face and is someone regular dudes can easily imagine as their kinky gf. She's attainable looking. Having a fake ass and tits destroys that image for them and they don't want to admit it.

No. 197804

guys have huge trouble admitting any woman who isn't rich, botched or famous has plastic surgery but completely and I mean COMPLETELY fail to realize sooooo many average everyday women have them, hell I even knew a girl who lives in a trailer and got a brazilian butt lift
sometimes they even do have a hard time admitting that rich porn stars have fake bodies, like in ms alices case, who's a rich cam girl, I've read several after several stories of women venting about how they had plastic surgery, the boyfriends ask about it and they lie to them about it, basically men will do anything to make their gf seem real with how "unattractive" they find surgery, aka women who have good surgery and don't admit it

No. 197807

>>197757 OP here, I'll make a general on snow when thread reaches limit, I'll include missalice, yanet garcia, mindysittinpretty, mckayla maroney, and the asian bloggers included in the thread

No. 197821

File: 1499637940579.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.88 MB, 270x390, tenor.gif)

Why are all these guys so set on the idea that any boobs that are capable of moving must be real? Saline implants are extremely malleable, and even silicone implants are capable of feeling like real boobs, and yes, moving around. Pic related, implants moving like normal boobs in a light athletic bra.
Ability to move isn't how you determine if they're natural or not. Looking at things like too high a profile, more/equal tissue in the upper half compared to the lower half, presence of rippling, or sudden drastic difference from old size are ways to tell.

No. 197822

File: 1499638265215.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.87 KB, 800x635, Aletta-Ocean.jpg)

I suspect it's because of too many obvious hard bolt ons in porn. The only things they look for are obvious scars or a totally botched job, when you can have neither of those things and still have fake tits

No. 197826

Yeah they're dumb as. Lots of women getting Botox and surgery these days, there are plenty of working women who make money to spend on themselves now. Those dudes are delusional. Gotta protect the innocent qt to make themselves feel like less of a useless bum!

No. 197827

I don't even know where to start with this girl. She was super cute in the before picture but the after picture is a PSA for drug addiction and bad plastic surgery.

No. 197830

I took it off a site with before and after pornstar boob jobs, so yeah, that's about right.

No. 197833

She looks like a drug addict before and after.

No. 197838


ugh, my saggy huge nippled ass would kill for tits like the first image, they're actually quite attractive

No. 197866

No not believable, that's not an ass caused by squats. Her legs would be more muscular too. Even if you'd do weighted hipthrusts, exercise that targets the glutes most directly, she would have better developed hamstrings.

No. 197881

All the people that think it's real are fatasses who don't go gym, haha.

No. 197883

And also my fav trick: take before pic with granny panties or some sort of underwear that covers most of your ass, and then use a Brazilian underwear or give yourself a wedgie in the after pic to make it look better. You can do it now even to see how much of a difference the two underwear styles make in ass.

No. 197886

File: 1499680450511.jpg (30.12 KB, 282x317, mahal3.jpg)

This reminds me of atheletes who do P.E.D.s and the idiots who inskst they're just hittong the gym.

No. 197887

File: 1499680514623.jpg (46.41 KB, 800x533, 698862a1cae30d4a81bb8fdcbd912e…)

Totally natural.

No. 197891

While I believe Alice's to be fake, there are some women who do have naturally phat asses. Some dudes got it too.

Typically latinas and blacks.

Well, being "natural" is in for desperate betas. Think no makeup makeup, they're dumbarses that think there's no makeup, same thing applies here. Mild PS is not PS at all apparently!

No. 197893

Phat asses area totally natural phenomenon, but don't they almost always come coupled with thicker thighs? I have no ass so I'm curious whether you can have a relatively big ass but toothpick thighs naturally.

No. 197899

Yes, the legs are proportionate to the booty. You're not going to have stick legs and big bubble butt.

My bf's family all have big butts but they have thicker thighs and legs in general to go along with it. Even the guys are bootylicious.

No. 197905

File: 1499696342109.jpg (Spoiler Image, 368.58 KB, 602x815, IMG_4824.JPG)

lol I'm a lesbian, still with nice booby gf, and also a cam model who has followed miss Alice for a long time, hence noticing her body over the years, I wouldn't have chimed in otherwise and was surprised to see her on here tbh.
I feel like a lot of it has to do with angles, also a reason a lot of girls obviously look different from picture to picture.
Do you guys never take booty pics???
There is a method to this shit.
You don't gotta rage because it's plausible some girls can have nice boobs naturally.
Would love to see the before and after comparison pics since you claim she was a literal washboard before which I do not recall ever seeing.
From my perspective it looks like she works out her pectorals a lot, it really can do a lot for the appearance of boob because you build up the muscle behind it and for whatever reason it makes it look more round.
Idk I feel like pic attached looks similar

No. 197908

>ignores fake ass to focus on fake tits

Stop pretending you're not a desperate beta WK.

>works pecs

Yeah I'm sure shoving dildoes up your vag repeatedly really works the pecs.

She's got no arm definition to justify that excuse either.

She really does not look like she goes to gym to lift weights at all, and you'd need to lift weights not do cardio to make things bigger. Keep in mind also that muscle is not permanent so you need to maintain whatever you're doing to keep it that shape. She looks like a gym bunny/cardio person if she does even go gym.

But you're fat. You wouldn't know.

No. 197909

Are these tits natural or fake? Either way, looks good.
OT but I have similar small nipples and am very self conscious about them. Are small areolas seen as pretty?

No. 197912

I mean… it's a matter of opinion, but yes, they are (imo). Never heard anyone say they'd want bigger areolas lol

No. 197914

Yeah, right. You know cam people, who totally aren't known for getting surgery done
Her nipples were a lot bigger than they were today and her boob the bottom right part looks a little wonky, like dented, how an implant would look, she was clearly flat assed with no tits and bigger areolas and now shes a huge titted waifu with a huge ass and no fitness progression of her thighs if she's gonna make the squat claim? You've been dragged several times on this thread and proven wrong. And she is doing a lot of the same angles to, no angle can make a girl look flat as hell from the side then magically go from flat to big butt with no thighs,no angle can make your areola size look different then make you go up 3 cup sizes with no bra, no one is saying nice tits dont exist without surgery they're saying perfect boobed skinny girls who had small tits before and now have smaller nipples and look exactly like implants would, are fake
My boobs are considered attractive as well, round, perky, smallish pink nipples, and i STILL can easily say they're fake, no one has 100% perfectly symmetrical big boobs that are perfect round circles and small nipples, skinny as fuck enough to where if she lost weight she would enter anorexic territory, and a big round ass that use to be flat,knowing girls with "perfect" tits doesn't prove shit, hell look at plastic surgery before and afters, a lot of them will transform into boobs that look like alices and a lot of them aren't done by rich ass celebrities, everyday women get plastic surgery all the time, anyone who lives in shitty ass trailers, in which i knew a woman whos main source of income was a little over min wage and still had a boob job, and rich women get them to, hell teens are even getting them as well

No. 197916

File: 1499708119117.jpg (135.32 KB, 833x960, 396345_500858279938676_1850104…)

Does anyone here know what procedures Toni Mahfud had other than the very obvious nose job? He looks very different but I can't tell what else he had PS on.

No. 197917

File: 1499708210868.png (274.63 KB, 396x495, toni_3.thumb.png.3ce50f650ed26…)

This is what he looks like now

No. 197918

File: 1499708353987.jpg (58.56 KB, 339x500, 283593_417133618342470_8999110…)

It could also be aging but I think he looks way too different now

No. 197920

File: 1499708474224.jpg (1.92 MB, 2189x1351, TONI_MAHFUD_GSTAR_RAW_OUTFIT_1…)


No. 197923

I think he lost some weight which sharpened his facial features a lot. It looks dramatic because he has great bone structure.

No. 197924


Holy shit he's so handsome

No. 197926

I'm in love you guys

No. 197928

Oh man they looked so much better before :(
I really don't agree with this "the smaller areolas the better" trend.

No. 197930

File: 1499717092296.png (149.99 KB, 750x1072, IMG_4830.PNG)

Man this is why I don't usually post on these threads, I've never weighed over 125 lbs in my life back off.
Why am I not allowed to have a more critical point of view than just "IT MUST BE FAKE REEEE"
If it were anyone else it would seem more plausible, I just know that she follows a vegan diet and really is into fitness and does outdoorsy shit all the time when she's off cam.
Like I said, I've followed her a long time and pic related shows I was curious about her bum even in 2014 and wanted similar results.
She's also posted before that she does a lot of kettle ball routines and whatnot and I can say from personal experience it does do a lot for your chest muscles, I'm not her so I'll never know what's real and what isn't, but I know that muscles do plump up especially right after working out or the day after and make ass/tits look a lot firmer/better, it just does and anyone who works out knows that.
I'll have to look through her photos then because I've been following her since 2013 and have seen her on cam multiple times and sometimes she looks itty bitty and sometimes she looks more plumped up, the fluctuations are what lead me to believe they're real honestly, the only thing that makes me think it could be fake is the fact that she really does make bank, so why not?? Most people if given the opportunity would ime.
No need to "drag" me, I think I'm stating things pretty neutrally.

No. 197931

They're real! was using irl example of boobs similar to Alice's.
and yeah I feel like small aereolas are very cute! Better to err on the side of smaller as opposed to larger, it's just more aesthetically pleasing to see more surface area of the boob from most people's perspectives (I think larger ones can be soft and feminine as well! Not that popular of an opinion, you'd be surprised how many people are actually obsess over having smaller aereola tbh)
All relative to the breast size though, of course.

No. 197933

…Are you sure you're not her?
And even if you aren't, you couldn't be "neutral" anyway since you seem to be a pretty invested fan of hers. A neutral person is someone who doesn't have ties with none of the parts involved.
By the way, every person who actually builds their butt via gym would never use the "Do squats!!" meme. If she really did squats her thighs would be waaaay bigger and her butt smaller. Too many squats only ruin your knees and do jackshit to your glutes. So no, she doesn't hit the gym, and these >>197712 >>197683 are implants.

No. 197937

I agree to an extent, obviously huge nipples on small boobs isn't attractive but there is a proportion that's attractive, like if you have big tits and somehow tiny tiny guy nipples it's going to look weird and unattractive, small nipples can look nice but super tiny nipples like sasha greys aren't attractive

No. 197938

you're still blind, dumb and gullible, when a skinny girl "gains weight" it doesn't go 100% straight to her tits and ass and make their tits and ass look exactly like an after of a plastic surgery photo, with no weight, whether it's fat or muscle, anywhere else, you are clearly delusional and pathetically defending of what's obviously fake, to be real, like I said the only times she looked flat was a while back and her newer videos show more fake tits and ass, who are you fooling

No. 197939

>that incision line under the boob
>"They're real!"

No. 197941

If these are the tits anon is going on about being "real," nah, these are fake. Just because they don't look like ridiculous basketball botch jobs that we're so used to seeing, doesn't mean these are any less fake.

No. 197943

I thought it was a shadow at first then I zoomed in and holy shit I see it under both tits
good eye anon!

No. 197944

Are you guys kidding me…..
I've literally been dating this girl for the last year and I'm a god damn woman, you do know boobs crease underneath???
She doesn't even like her boobs and wish she didn't have them.
I literally have no stake in this and wouldn't post this shit just to lie, idk why everything is a conspiracy to you people.

No. 197945

Cool a nameless screenshot with tips I could find from a shitposter on /fit/.

Oh noes kettlebell swings, another ass exercise that requires activation of your legs, and she's got nothing. She is skinny as well, lots of body builders try their best to be skinny to show the muscles off… but Houston, we've got nothin' here. The nature of ass and tits is that you need to activate
other muscles to build it, because it's in the core part of your body. That can't life things on it's own. But… not seein it in the arms and legs, but yes totally real because she did squats/kettle bells for 10 minutes of her entire life.

Lesbians are as gullible as beta males. Both fueled by their genitals!

No. 197946

I just give people the benefit of the doubt I guess, it doesn't make a difference to me either way, was just giving my 2 cents because it's someone I've interacted with and have known of for a long time.

No. 197947

yeah, there's a difference between a crease and a scar clear as day, "creases" are rounded, and match the shape, there is a puffy white straight line under it, which is how boob implants are inserted

do you not know what the fuck humblebragging is? girls who have surgery do it at all the time as well anon, I'm soooo sure someone with a scar under both their tits and have the boob shaped praised by everything totally hates their tits

this thread is for you anon, and so is the "girls who complain about having attractive features" thread

No. 197948

Where the leg and arm muscles at if she really does any of it? As I said the nature of those body parts require activation of other muscles, in turn it would grow WITH the ass. It's way too intense to believe.

It's like Ahripop's ugly friend coming in to defend her lmao.

No. 197949

File: 1499725058219.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.2 KB, 225x225, c737b9d391e3642de4ba0fb452c935…)

pic related
it's natural boob creases, where as if you zoom in more on the "real" boobs, you can see reddish lines under her boobs, and they're not from sag or shadows

No. 197951

W…Why did you post the nudes of your gf here?

No. 197952

they first claimed that it looks similar to their girlfriends then later claimed it is their girlfriends
they also think pec and ass exercises along with angles can magically give you huge round perky tits with no muscle growth anywhere else, and that obvious scars are "creasing"
I honestly wouldn't trust what they say, considering the went as far as blurring out the hair pieces they're probably batshit crazy

No. 197958

A poorly disguised robot I think.

No. 197959

Who doesn't go gym or is on their phone on the bike rofl.

>muh PEX with no arms

>muh SQUATZ with no thighs

No. 197960

I was thinking it was more like a self-poster hoping she could pull one over on the super critical girl gossip chan and fuel her ego for having a 'natural' looking boobjob.
>sage for tinfoil

No. 197962

probably, no woman in their right mind would encourage the idea that boobs could look like that 100% naturally with no altering at all (despite there being PS scars/ other proof of PS…)
granted, there are very attractive natural boobs, with good looking nipples, good size, perky, rounded, but a lot of the time even those boobs would have at least one flaw, whether it be stretch marks, far apart, dark nipples, even if it's the smallest bit asymmetrical, I'm going with either the robot claim or the self poster claim trying to trick people into thinking any boobs that aren't bolt ons are genetically gifted goddesses

you'd think the bot would know if you exercise , the muscle is not just gonna go straight to your tits and ass

No. 197964

alice has a shit ton of fanboys on /fit/
you'd think the people who work out, build muscle would know that lifting and workouts won't magically make only your ass and boobs big and round

No. 197966

>Assuming everyone on /fit/ actually works out

No. 197967

Fit is just virgins with muscles. Men don't really give a shit about these types of things when the woman is cute/hot. But that's actually most men in general.

No. 197968

*men don't give a shit if a woman has had plastic surgery if they're not in love/ dating the woman

they claim they hate PS so much, fap to women who had it under the delusional they don't have it, set crazy standards for women they're in love with or dating but would freak out if the woman considers surgery

just look at onion boy, he goes around on his uhohbro and speaks channel, talking all kinds of shit about how small butts/hips are ugly and unfeminine, how saggy boobs are ugly and unfeminine, fupa, loose pussies, etc but then the second a woman considers plastic surgery he goes on and on about how their partners, families, and friends failed them and says it turns a woman ugly, like he did with jaclyn

several guy friends I have will talk about how hot some girl who had PS had but when I say I want it they freak out and say all kinds of shit like oo noooo you don't need it (I cover myself up well so its hard to tell my boobs are saggy)
they're such hypocrites, if you're ever getting PS don't go to men for consolation, because plastic surgery is ugly, but only if it's noticeable or you're honest about it

No. 197969

They only don't like it only when it's obvious, like balloon tits. Same with makeup. They think they know all about it and can tell but they really can't tell when it's natural makeup. Even I can't tell natural looking PS. My bfs sister got fake tits but they look natural as hell.

Sage for blogggin'
I got fake lips and they look natural, not ballooned. The ps surgeon advised me to not get too much so it looks natural, I'm sure there are plenty of other surgeons who can optimise the natural look.

No. 197970

File: 1499744921192.jpg (127.22 KB, 640x920, 051aa6b67ee3be21574210bfd9e42c…)

pretty much
men: haha I hate saggy tits and flat ass so much, it should be illegal for a woman to have anything out side of a big butt, tiny waist, flat stomach and round perky boobs with small nipples, like yanet garcia or missalice, it has to be natural

woman: I want to get some small plastic surgery changes

also men: we hate plastic surgery, I would never date or fuck a girl with plastic surgery, if a girl I was with ever had plastic surgery I'd break up with her it's soo unattractive it ruins a perfectly good body

how much you wanna bet this guy went to go fap to some fake boobed girl 5 hours later

No. 197971

that and if they're honest about it
I remember watching videos of people getting surgery and almost all the time when a woman gets a boob job or butt job, the comments will consist of "oh it use to be a nice chest or a nice butt but now it's ruined" like if they saw the after only and didn't know it was PS they would be drooling all over it

onion for example, he drools over fake tits that he doesn't know are fake but shit on jaclynglenn when she had it saying she ruined her body when we all know damn well if onion only saw her after and never saw her before he would go crazy for those tits

No. 197972

It's a known fact men are completely retarded when it comes to PS whether surgical or digital, and makeup. They think surgery = giant balloon tits and makeup = clown lips and blue eyeshadow. Why anyone would worry about their opinions on the matter is beyond me.

No. 197975

Why do u keep bringing up your boyfriends sister boob job lmao like shut up we get it

No. 197980

Why not? She's the example of ps boobies that looks real that I have.

Spineless bitch uses "we" when it's only you having a shitfit about nothing.

No. 197991

It just creepy and obsessive. You think about her boobs a lot, huh?

No. 197997

They're relevant to this thread. Natural looking fakes, I would not have known if I wasn't told, similar to some people discussed itt.

Only mentioned three times, in relevant places all in relevant to the thread(fakes looking real), why are you so mad and projecting your obsession with me? Got awful looking fake tits or something?

No. 198005

I even saw a compilation of interviews where a bunch of young men answered questions on their opinions on plastic surgery, and then on which of various images of women's lips, breasts, butt etc. they preferred. The vast majority of them claimed to be very against PS and prefer natural women, then in almost every case preferred the "after" image of women getting modest, natural-looking cosmetic procedures somewhat plumping their lips, increasing their cup size by 1 or 2, or adding a bit of fat to their butt to give it a rounder shape.

No. 198022

Nope I'm pretty against plastic surgery. I just got annoyed that you said the same shit 3 times. Like shut the hell up

No. 198031

Always relevant to the thread or post. Telling me to shut up while still talking me to encourage me to talk more; you dumb? Nice contributions to the thread btw! I'll stop responding to you and keep talking about her boobies where relevant, just for you.

No. 198038

File: 1499814293911.jpg (18.74 KB, 254x492, 318.jpg)

when will the internet stop enabling fatties with fat transfers or skellies with implants

No. 198039

whats is called anon? can you link to it?

men should honestly make up their damn mind, either accept the fact bodies can look better with the right surgery or stop saying women who had surgery look good and that its ideal or that they prefer women with it as long as if they dont notice it

No. 198046

I personally call it "evening the play field" they seem more attainable if they're natty because typically natty looks aren't as hot as none natty, therefore more attainable. Maybe some sort of nice guy thing as well? I like you JUST THE WAY YOu ARE!

No. 198047

File: 1499822028383.jpg (53.38 KB, 345x235, Artist-8279990-onisionhaircool…)

I know what you mean, especially when the dude is ugly as hell and ripping on plastic surgery, like hunny with a face like that you should be lucky if any girl approaches you plastic or not

No. 198049

File: 1499825467919.jpg (75.14 KB, 960x904, 19884265_1746357892328216_2365…)

Just sharing cause it made me kek

No. 198051

No. 198056

should've stopped in 2004

No. 198057

her face makes me laugh so much

No. 198070

What do you think of Jen Selter? I first heard of her ass being fake from a female weightlifter(can't find post anymore so won't post), didn't really follow her at all so can't comment on her legs years ago.


No. 198073

File: 1499850124478.png (409.09 KB, 610x610, d950f59e7b98c982e75c8a478956dc…)

she is on the thread as well, while hers is a bit more believable than yanet, missalice, etc she didn't have a lot of thigh growth when she worked out

No. 198075

Well at least 99% of the thread knows its fake

No. 198076

How would another person know though?
It looks realistic, if I compare it to other….. trained girls. but then again, today I cant even really tell anymore whats fake or not.

I dont know how real the video is and Im sad girls didnt say what was fake about their booties… but since the video I lost the faith in being able to tell if it's fake or not.

No. 198078

well besides the before,scarring or if she justs straight up admits to PS, if it's "too good to be true" chances are it's fake
like if the butt is perfectly round and squishy, chances are it's fake, especially if she has fake tits and is skinny everywhere else

No. 198080

top kek, looks like a vietnamese version of taylor R

No. 198081

File: 1499856993868.png (737.11 KB, 720x960, Screenshot_2017-07-12-05-52-43…)

Found this off of mindy sttinprettys cousins Instagram, the left is mindy.pretty sure she was 18 at the time, but also she looks like she gained shit tons of weight, but didn't have that big og thighs,hips, ass and boobs a few months after it and now she looks inhuman, did she gain shit tons of weight and get fat transfers and use waist trainers?

No. 198083

Natural fake is in right now, and as someone who's had ps done can't tell unless they've told me sometimes. Breasts and butt can be done wit fat grafting, which looks amazingly natural and jiggle the "right" way.

Lots of people lie about ps through omission of truth, never addressing the q and ignoring it. So technically they've never said no, but have also never said yes.

No. 198084

Viet? She's Singaporean

No. 198103

File: 1499877278300.png (555.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-12-12-27-18…)

Can I mention cosplayers here? Sayathefox got known for her photoshopped cosplay pics then she left for a year and came back after having alot of surgery done to look like irl animu and ofc she claims her looks are achieved thanks to her turkish italian genes

No. 198104

File: 1499877304450.jpg (1.21 MB, 2048x2048, CYMERA_20170712_123447.jpg)

No. 198105

>her looks are achieved thanks to her turkish italian genes
that doesn't even make sense, Turks and Italians are the antithesis of uguu anime girls
smh yanks

No. 198106

I hope the nose is just shoop. This is some Michael Jackson shit

No. 198113

if she was naturally curvish that would explain the italian genes, since mediterranean women tend to be uber curvy
for the turk genes, italian and turkish women have eh faces, think anzu, who is a turk, she whitens her skin to hell and back, shoops, and cakes makeup but everyone sees her as qt waifu

this girl has more attainable features than anzu but still looks fake

No. 198114

File: 1499887075523.png (Spoiler Image, 679.71 KB, 850x320, e255hMz.png)

so natural anon, nothing modified here at all
her boobs actually look normal on the left, a bit like mine actually
I just wish she wasn't a liar so I can get her plastic surgeons number kek

No. 198123

Is the plastic surgery confirmed ? I mean she isn't even that old so I wonder where the money comes from
Also for most Germans plastic surgery is like a big no no.
I feel like the general public here looks down on people who got it done so I'm not sure that normal parents would pay for this bullshit

No. 198129

File: 1499894718120.png (29.5 KB, 1792x168, yee.png)

No. 198133

Anyone care to explain why there is two threads with the same exact subject? Don't want to touch either until I know.

No. 198134

the older one was old and didn't get bumped until two days ago, so people just forgot it
also this one brings more attention to the ones that go under the radar
the other one brought attention the ones who obviously had PS and is easy to tell

No. 198149

File: 1499904917078.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.46 KB, 800x1200, katarina-olendzskaia-10-800x12…)

Katarina Olendzskaia, russian model


some people believe they're real sadly because of the no visible mark meme and because she said they're real like all other russians with fake tits

No. 198150

same fag
I'd also like to add that I'd believe they're real if she didn't look like she starved herself and waist trained for years
if a girl is really really thin and has big boobs like that, if they don't sag the tiniest bit they're fake

No. 198151

File: 1499905516778.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.12 KB, 500x285, Anfisa-Beige-Broke-Guy-Quote-T…)

Anfisa from 90 fiance, despite her being a waste of human being, is she /psf/ material? I don't know if she ever denied it, but some fanboys claim they're real for some reason

No. 198152

Her breasts look real to me, anon. They are similar to my breasts (the reason they aren't sagging is because they are denser than average breasts). I think it looks weird because she (maybe) had ribs removed.

No. 198153

Her breasts are definitely fake.

No. 198156

like I said, they don't look as fake as the other girls on the thread, it's just that she looks massively thin (not just her waist) I knew girls who were skinny as her with big tits but they were always at least a little saggy, so it was either implants or rib removal + lipo +corsetting +anorexia

No. 198158

Uh no she's honest about it. Was watching a clip of her and jorge and she's like "Everything in my body already fake"

No. 198160

File: 1499906768727.jpg (48.42 KB, 778x678, 1494907581645.jpg)

aisha thalia
found her in the diet thread
dunno if she claimed to be natural or not, but she's vegan, she does poses/possible shooping to make her hips look wide and some anons claimed she had fat injections in hips

what do you guys think? in my opinion skinny girls with wide hips aren't shaped like that, usually when they have wide hips it's lower and they have saddle bags,it looks like she had fat injected in her hips and outer/upper thighs
she might have had some breast work done as well

No. 198163

Looks pretty natural to me. You can see her body fat % is pretty uniform all around, even on her hips, which suggests that the shape is due to her bone structure. I can't see enough of her breasts to tell.

No. 198164

Well it seems kinda odd that fat would just ball up in that one part, which usually indicates a fat transfer especially with that thigh gap. If she's pear shaped it would seem weird that her fat only goes to that part of her hips and not her thighs or ass, it might have been her natural hip shape, but if i had to guess she might have had a hip dip and wanted to get it filled in

No. 198166

I think she's had fat transfers. From her stomach to her hips. It's very popular rn

Why do so many anons think so much shit is natural? Lol it's so easy to spot a sculpted body or a boob job if you live in LA. You guys really need to get out more

No. 198167

Her hips don't look particularly fatty compared to the rest of her, unlike msalice's butt. If it's a fat transfer it's pretty believable.

>Lol it's so easy to spot a sculpted body or a boob job if you live in LA. You guys really need to get out more

I mean not everyone lives in LA and are blessed/cursed with seeing natural looking surgeries. Even if I went out more than I do I'd still see the same saggy diaper butts sheathed in too small yoga pants.

No. 198170

File: 1499912572092.png (560.21 KB, 395x640, 1438282274313.png)

pic related it's a selfie
her hips look less defined in her candid, which is another reason for me to believe its a transfer cuz she's rich and she clearly like the appearance of curvy hips

No. 198171

File: 1499912731719.jpg (373.09 KB, 498x780, Aisha-Thalia-Collins-44.jpg)

her boobs look like implants here

No. 198173

File: 1499912930466.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.94 KB, 640x640, 10986096_1062638473762947_4453…)

jesus christ I swear, the more I search her on google it's like she has a new body every week
sage for samefage

No. 198174

File: 1499913434850.jpg (51.04 KB, 612x612, tumblr_mxnguaCnxj1qkzi5eo1_128…)

her hips look kinda shapeless in older pics

No. 198176

File: 1499915012792.jpg (53.24 KB, 564x597, ashley-graham-instagram-4__oPt…)

we all know ashley graham right? while I do believe her to be mostly natural, I kinda feel like she has had a mild/modest plastic surgery, like a tummy tuck, lipo, or fat transfer

she's gorgeous either way and smart

No. 198177

>I feel like she has a tummy tuck/lipo/fat transfer
>posts the one picture that hides her stomach

wow anon you sure convinced me

No. 198178

File: 1499915264411.jpg (103.93 KB, 634x829, 3596864200000578-0-image-m-6_1…)

here's a pic when she was 18

No. 198179

she lost weight


No. 198180

File: 1499915449700.jpg (1.64 MB, 1400x1920, ashley-graham-2016-photo-sport…)

her now, given if she did, it was nothing dramatic, she did claim that when she first got into modeling she needed to gain more weight to be a plus size model, her stomach just looks oddly flat for someone that makes a career from being slightly overweight model

No. 198181

actually, like I said, this was around the time she needed to gain, her hips and thighs look a lot smaller there as well

No. 198182

File: 1499916363151.jpg (132.6 KB, 900x1200, 1499885552238.jpg)

her in 2011 kek
perfect example of "you're not ugly, you're just broke"

also what's with guys talking all kinds of smack about how they hate big titted fake tan bimbos who starve themselves with caked makeup and lip injections yet they drool them if they embrace unnaturally pale skin/have a different aesthetic?

No. 198183

"not like the other girls" syndrome is tried and true

No. 198184

girls who starve themselves, wear shit tons of makeup, have fake hair, fake tits and ass, and are slutty are sooooo ugly

unless they're pale and weebs/emos of course! then they can be as fake and starve all they want

No. 198190

what was done though? I know it was lip fillers but does anyone else think she might have gotten a nose job, eye widening surgery, or some chin stuff done?

you can still tell it's her but it looks nothing like her

No. 198192

File: 1499920796975.jpg (25.45 KB, 600x337, ByF1mATCYAAhtMr.jpg)

her deviantart where she posted selfies
these were in 2009-2011 she is 23 so she was still in high school when she posted these, no surgery yet

No. 198204

She posts on 4chan. I've seen her on /soc/ and /r9k/ lol.

No. 198206

Oh man can you find her posts?

No. 198207

I'll try and remember what her skype is/was and then work on the archives from there.

She is very pretty though.

No. 198224

Anyone is pretty with surgery and money

No. 198241

That's a totally different person lol ??
Cam girls adopt a name when they start, they don't use their fucking handles from when they were a teenager.
Jesus, the hate boners and delusion in this thread are real

No. 198245


her thigh gap is creepy looking.


It is possible to be overweight and have a relatively flat stomach, not all fattie-chans are completely round.

No. 198262

"because most cam girls do that therefore she does it too"
perfect logic, despite both of them have the exact same eyes, nose, face shape, smile, and they both happen to post the same as what they're into (dutch and weeb shit)
totally not missalice because they use the same name

No. 198263

I know, I actually knew girls who had a flat stomach and were her size, it's just that her stomach was roundish in her earlier days and now it's kinda flat, however she could have just done those weird wraps or whatever, but it's odd to me she got a flat stomach, skinny face, etc

No. 198343

it looks more to that before she was just chub with no muscle underneath, and now she has muscle underneath the chub. A stronger core makes it look flatter

No. 198344

well true, idk just something about her feels like she had surgery, even if its the smallest

No. 198402

for her face, looks like she got some eye bag procedure done, and some lip fillers
no clue about her jaw and chin cuz they look the same tome

No. 198525

File: 1500124698275.png (416.49 KB, 720x717, Screenshot_2017-07-15-09-14-48…)

Why the fuck is this allowed? The mother was watching and said she consented to this, HE'S JUST A FUCKING KID WHY/WHAT THE FUCK DOES HE NEED THE LIP INJECTIONS FOR??

No. 198526

america is fucked mang

No. 198550

Is that america?

No. 198568

Most of the people are retarded. Retarded people get children. I rest my case.

No. 198569

File: 1500148227125.jpg (181.93 KB, 1080x1067, 2017-07-15 19.46.44a.jpg)

lala anthony

No. 198570

File: 1500148260241.png (2.13 MB, 1136x1048, Uantitled.png)


especially her waist and belly area were completely fucked up before…

fucking how

No. 198574

at least she looked good, better and natural after unlike most IG models who completely fucked their shit up with hip/thigh injections

No. 198576

implants, maybe, it looks like it, unless she contours the shit out her chest and was post pregnancy >>198173
hip injections, are absolute if she was post pregnancy >>198173 her hips were still pretty small and now she has these wide rounded hips like in >>198170

No. 198578

File: 1500153679439.png (517.5 KB, 1212x667, Auntlegs.png)

No. 198579

She looks a lot better. I'd have a shitload of surgery if I looked like that before too….girl done well!

No. 198582

Back when i wanted to fuck his brains off sigh

No. 198585

I think what really made her look good was that she didn't touch her tits. Granted they were already big but because she didn't lift/balloon them up, it makes her body look a lot more natural.

No. 198632

jfc money literally can fix anything

No. 198633

File: 1500186196474.png (453.42 KB, 953x690, Tess Trashiday.png)

Might be a slightly OTish rant but I really want a chin liposuction. So sick of trying to exercise and lose weight yet the fat cells never come off my neck and profile.

Makes me so mad seeing these 300 pound 'body positive' models play it off like their bodies are natural when it's super obvious they have work done at that size. Especially chin lipo.
They play their fat followers like fiddles and convince them they're just ~blessed~ to not have a double chin. Fucking liars. Nobody weighs 200+ pounds and doesn't have some neck fat unless they're 6'

Pic extremely related.

No. 198639

I want candid photos not ones from her photographer/bf/whatever.

No. 198647

File: 1500215228115.png (438.51 KB, 590x453, whatsgood.png)

>have a nosejob
>claim it's because "You broke your nose"
>get lip injections
>deny it as if we're all blind
Dove Cameron what's good?

No. 198649

At least her's looks better than the before. She does look really different tho.

No. 198655

File: 1500231907724.png (331.81 KB, 401x590, dada.png)

>When asians try too hard to look white

No. 198656

File: 1500231929442.png (353.37 KB, 409x584, dada1.png)

No. 198657

that nose is fucked

No. 198659

I have a white 'friend' I knew from high school with a deformed piggu nose like that.
It's just as bulbous, but at least that girl didn't pay to be ugly.

No. 198662

Yes, she looks cute. But it's dumb to deny having had some work done, especially when it's so clear.
(Also the "I had a nosejob because I broke my nose" excuse it's as old as dinosaurs, I've lost the count of all the girls I've met when I made the appointments for a plastic surgeon, girls who had a beak nose and claimed it was because they broke it, they totally had a cute small nose before and that was the only reason of them getting a nosejob… Then you see some of their family members the day of the surgery and they have the same beak nose, lmao.)

No. 198676

File: 1500247516618.jpg (126.7 KB, 640x811, FullSizeRender-1.jpg)

No. 198680

She looks awful now, but at least she wasn't great looking to begin with…The nose really needs revision…btw what race/nationality is she? Indonesian or something? I would have thought she was Chinese from the after because of the gaudy fashion and light skin, but def looks different in the before pics.

No. 198685

depressing. She was actually a qt

No. 198690

the lower right pic she looked cute…now she looks like HRHCollection if she keeps getting surgery

No. 198691

what's worse if you go to her fanboys who call her a natural beauty and tell them she has had ps, they claim "ummm you're just jealous she has said herself she has not had plastic surgery"

No. 198693

Jesus, that is one big honker, why would she pay to make it even bigger!?

No. 198697

apparently she recently admitted her ass tits and lips were fake

No. 198699

Second pic is shooped, look at the water around her.

No. 198723

I think she is some kind of a hapa trying to look white.

No. 198724

She looked so cute and carefree… I am all for plastic surgery when it can improve someone's appearance but I just feel bad for this woman now

No. 198726


Anyone with a brain would see her body is plastic but I'm still curious if she admitted it

No. 198740

no idea, some fanboy on /b/ was talking about how she said she had her ass, lips, and tits done in a recent streaam, I'll try to find it though

No. 198821

File: 1500383454715.png (179.92 KB, 348x468, Screenshot_2017-06-24-20-45-34…)

South east asians trying to look white

She's looks either Filipino or Indonesian

No. 198822

File: 1500383488551.jpg (49.96 KB, 627x352, Vanilla-Chamu-euros-muneca_TIN…)

And when east asians try to look white

No. 198823

I wonder how many procedures that took… Also how she manages to stay white despite looking very tan in her 'before' photo

No. 198825

Not going outside and whitening creams.

No. 198842

>tfw look like left pic except small boobs

No. 198846

wtf is that in the middle of her face

No. 198853

She looks fine now tbh. Before she was cute, but that's just because she was a child. It's not fair to compare a child to an adult, although I know, I know it's the photo shown on the tv show.

No. 198860

i know this is old but i think that anon meant amphetamines

No. 198889


she looks trans. BDD is one hell of a drug.

No. 198928

File: 1500456183008.jpg (64.5 KB, 490x490, Did-Lil-Kim-get-her-skin-bleac…)

Lil Kim? Is that you??

No. 198936

good. people who flaunt this much money needlessly deserve to die

No. 199030

File: 1500536796081.jpg (11.77 KB, 520x188, udzYoLg.jpg)

well, either this is shooped or she actually admitted it

if she did admit it, props to her, and she should give out her surgeon so I can see him as well kek, but the fanboys are still going crazy and in denial that their perfect big titty waifu isn't natty

No. 199031

File: 1500537406965.png (98.64 KB, 640x826, lies.png)

turns out she's still denying it

your boobs don't trip in size, magically get symmetrical, rounder, and perkier for "no reason" missalice

No. 199033


well, telling from the reddit argument, she apparently went to japan and came back with huge round tits and ass

I also noticed all the guys arguing that they're real are also the ones ranting about how they hate plastic surgery and how they think it's gross, they're retarded as hell to, remind me to never date a guy from reddit

No. 199034

Ewww I hate reddit so much. None of those guys have ever touched a real boob clearly lol. Don't ever date a guy from reddit anon <3 you're too good for that

No. 199100


>pic related, it's yanet garcia, who everyone claims her butt is from "hard work at the gym" but she went from flat butt to rounded big butt overnight

Serious question, why do guys have "better" butts than girls a lot of the time?

The shape that people are looking for today seems to be more round (front to back) than wide (hip width).

It seems like guys actually have bigger asses in the first direction, or at least as big

No. 199104

if that's true, she might have just gotten fat injections in her boobs along with other treatments she may have gotten, which can ware off if the fat isn't accepted, people also noticed that she's losing weight, but her tits and ass magically get bigger? she is def having fat injections, however her boobs look very different from 2012 - 2013, she might have already had a breast lift, or a form of it (it doesn't always have to lift your boobs up it can even it out or make them closer together if they're wide set) but still wanted to get fat injections in her ass and tits

her lips are obviously fake as hell though, they look jacked up in pictures she didn't edit the shit out of

No. 199113

File: 1500581147348.png (469.95 KB, 2000x1236, skin color variation.png)


north Asians are about as pale as south Europeans.

No. 199114

skin bleaching is also a huge industry there, and it's regularly used

I know they can be naturally pale, but paper overexposed filter white? I don't buy it. it also doesn't explain why most american asians of the same decent aren't pale as fuck as well

No. 199115

South Europeans can be pale too, it's not too uncommon. They just don't look ghostly.

No. 199117

i think that graph shows natural pigmentation though anon.

No. 199118

well considering it's hard to find an east asian with natural pigmentation

No. 199119

wow this chart is such bullshit lmao. theres also extremely ghastly italians which asians never are because they have a weird yellowish tint. common sense, anyone?

No. 199122

I know right? like has this person ever stepped foot in new jersey or new york?

No. 199125


Some of them surely are. probably a good deal of it is photoshop, but w/e


I don't know what you're on about, I've seen ghastly Asians.

You're probably lumping together southeast Asians and south Chinese with Koreans/Japs. Also the graph is light reflectance, which isn't going to account for pink/yellow/brown undertone.

No. 199126

no i wasnt lumping, i was talking about east asians. east asians arent naturally pale paper white unless they hide inside the house all day or whiten their skin. dont even bring me kpop photos where their shit is photoshopped to hell and back. u know ur wrong and everyones laughing at u in this thread. i wasnt even apart of this shit to begin with and can already see ur delusional, whatever yall are fighitng for.

No. 199127

This is so profoundly stupid.

Westernized Asians and the average Asian man (who isn't a k-pop star or something like that) tend to have more natural coloring, which tends to be on the more yellow-brown spectrum than the ghostly white you see from actors, singers, idols and the like. I know men have naturally slightly darker skin than women do but it's not that extreme, and if you walk around places where Asians are "lighter" (say, Japan) you can see the men, on average, are substantially darker than the women in a very noticeable way. It's not naturally that extreme. You can see a little bit with older pictures too, and in the past E Asians were often described as being "dusky" and the like, the idea of them being super pale is a modern one based on cosmetics and skin lightening.

No. 199155

You know this has nothing to do with people's actual skin colour. Only Australian aboriginals are that dark and they're a tiny minority of the population.

No. 199159

thought we came to the conclusion that map was complete bullshit

No. 199184


It clearly shows native populations, if you look at the Americas.

No. 199186

are you retarded? now youre going to say one tribe of the us is lighter than the other tribes? bro. the cherokees in the midwest werent that bright.

No. 199187

thought we came to the conclusion that map was complete bullshit

No. 199225


it's not, I have no idea why you're having an aneurysm over it


natives from the north were lighter than those near the equator. Not exactly shocking stuff y'know

No. 199247

the map is complete bullshit sorry
>keking at australia being all black

No. 199263

native american cherokees arent lighter than all the fucking other tribes in the us. they're dark as shit. the map shows their skin colour was pale, which they weren't anywhere near.

and since people get lighter as they're farther away from the equator, then why is the northwest colored darker when the midwest is right there on the same latitude?

again, are you retarded?

No. 199265

Stop derailing the thread about skintones.

No. 199418

everytime I watch dr miami surgery videos, I always wonder when they go home if they're gonna lie and say they didn't get it

No. 199729

"if it's too good to be true, it probably is"

No. 199796

File: 1501009705091.jpg (Spoiler Image, 305.66 KB, 800x1016, Marilyn-Monroe_early-nude_11.j…)

same, I don't get why everyone wants tiny chocolate chip nipples nowadays, unless it goes with the size

marilyn monroe had pretty biggish nipples for her boob size and still looked pretty hot

No. 199801

Ah she had puffies though, those are always cuter.

Idk, I think as long as they're proportionate to the breast it's fine. Really large areola that don't match breast size can be pretty unattractive.

No. 199814

woah, I never really realized how much marilyn monroe's body looked like mine, it kinda makes me feel better about my own body

No. 199830

agreed, nips that are too small look weird and nips too big for the boob look weird

sometimes puffies can make the nipple look a lot bigger though, coming from someone with puffy nipples

No. 199835

i'm pretty sure that's Elsa Sorensen aka Dana Arden, not Marilyn.

No. 199847

File: 1501057732658.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.42 KB, 680x1024, fb57dbfdfbf4c95c545e05fcf541a7…)

nah elsa/dana had much bigger tits and smaller hips
the hips give it away

No. 199858

She looks Arab now. Doesn't look Asian at all.

No. 199870

I know what you mean anon, guys butts poke out more and womens butts spread more, however the girls I do see with butts poking out a lot also have narrow hips, women I see with wide hips often have not much poking out butts, I guess it's just a one or another type thing, plus girls with flat asses + no hips like yanet, alice, or jen selter, they can only fix it so much, so getting butt implants or fat injections seems like a way to go to fix at least one of those problems and men still love their fake ass if they don't know it's fake

speaking from a woman with wide hips and no ass myself lul

No. 199871

>she looks Arab

No. 199895

File: 1501129901802.jpg (13.95 KB, 310x395, 7911559de6be202ba65ca744092898…)

Dropping Marilyn pics.
The Scarf Sitting 1962

From what I know the first breast enhancement​ wasn't performed till 1961. Women​ commonly used "falsies" which were basically stuffers. Marilyn only had a chin implant and her nose done I read.

No. 199896

File: 1501129932142.jpg (17 KB, 410x403, Bernard-Stern-Marilyn-Monroe-i…)

No. 199897

File: 1501129990997.jpg (45.7 KB, 424x540, 8f1e6b8407f5753358b07c8f105869…)

Red Velvet Session 1949

No. 199900

Sage for samefag, I forgot to say but this is not Marilyn.

No. 199942

This is the girl that fat chicks idolize?

No. 199944

Barbiturates help maintain the figure too.

No. 199949

yeah, if marilyn was a regular chick irl fat chicks would call her too thin, tell her to gain weight, tell her she isn't womanly, etc

I actually like her tits before idk why, they're not perfect, but something about boobs like these are appealing to me

No. 199953

>if marilyn was a regular chick irl fat chicks would call her too thin, tell her to gain weight, tell her she isn't womanly

If she were a "regular chick" and got posted here you anons would say she's sucking it in, skinnyfat, trying too hard, hair is fried, and her boobs are saggy. Stop bullshitting yourselves like this.

No. 199954

butthurt fatty spotted
we only roast people who deserve to be roasted, what even are you on about

No. 199955

>disagree with me? not on my watch fatty!
And you're butthurt in general.
Obviously I'm referencing the excessive nitpicking that happens on this website to nearly anyone who is posted, newfag. You'd be calling Marilyn a fucking cow towards the end of her downward spiral.

No. 199956

you sound like you got roasted before on here, the only time nitpicking happens is when someone deserves it, hell a lot of the time people get banned for nitpicking

you don't even know me, therefore you don't know mu opinions, you don't know my definition of fat, saggy, skinnyfat, etc so stop assuming you do to prove a point, it just makes you look more like a PMSing bitch than you already are

No. 199957

I asked this before in this thread when someone else said this and I'll ask it again: how the fuck? It's a CNS depressant

No. 199958

>you sound like you got roasted before on here
No, and for fuck's sake who calls it "roasting"?
>the only time nitpicking happens is when someone deserves it
No it doesn't.
>hell a lot of the time people get banned for nitpicking
A relatively new rule that actually happened in the past few months, and people still get away with it as long as it's saged.

The truth hurts, newfag.

No. 199959

no, several mods have banned people for nitpicking, even saying stuff like "Saged nitpicking is still nitpicking"

name me one time someone got nitpicked who didn't deserve then, that's right you can't

you sound crazy and like you got insulted on her before, where did lolcow touch you?

No. 199960

>several mods have banned people for nitpicking
During hellweek.
>name me one time someone got nitpicked who didn't deserve it
Venus, Snoozy, and literally any general threads in /snow/.

You sound in denial and can't stand knowing the things you say are no different than what jellyfat rhinos would say. Neener neener.

No. 199961

these are all cows, with milk, who deserve nitpicking, people are cows for a reason

how old are you?

No. 199962

>they're all cows
Not really. That's why they're in /snow/ not /pt/.
But hey, at least I got you to agree in a roundabout way that nitpicking does occur here and fatties aren't solely guilty of it.
After all, if Marilyn were just another average girl involved in sex scandals, being known for sex, using drugs, and getting plastic surgery she'd be posted here too. Especially when she gained weight briefly, anachans love nitpicking that. I'm guessing you're not old enough to know much dirt on Marilyn or have even browsed this website for more than a year.

No. 199963

I'm sorry you got called out for your pointless nitpicking. Maybe if you actually contributed interesting points and/or brought milk to the table instead of calling yumi king 'farmer face' and crying about moomoo's thighs for the umpteenth time like a braindead idiot people would like you more.
You don't get to decide who deserves what, at the very least other farmers don't deserve to have their thread derailed by pointless shitposting and counting of Sharla's phantom wrinkles. It's not even like others don't regularly call nitpickers out on their annoying behaviour, it's just that now something's actually being done about it. Get some cream for that butthurt and move on.

No. 199964

I haven't nitpicked on this thread at all
people can avoid all this by turning the computer off and not be cunts kek

are you the psycho from the weight gain thread in/g/
imagine talking to me without having to make up shit about me, it's super simple, I'm not gonna take you seriously if you have to lie about me to "prove" a point

No. 199965

>are you the psycho from the weight gain thread in/g/

Wow, why are you so assblasted? No, I'm not. I'm just pointing out how it's petty of you to speculate what ~fatties~ would have said about Marilyn when the same could be said about the nitpickers who post here.
You got defensive right off the bat which is why I'm guessing you've nitpicked.

>imagine talking to me without having to make up shit about me

You're the one who accused me of being fat as your first reply! Take your own advice!

No. 199967

"fatty" was the only thing I said sarcastically, you assumed I did several things which I didn't do

you didn't guess I nitpicked, you flat out accused me of nitpicking, you're like that psycho woman screaming about how her husband raped her
if you hate this site, here's some /advice/
don't come here

No. 199970

You also assumed I'd been roasted before and implied I was underage. But I'm sure that was "sarcasm" too huh. Just drop it.

No. 199973

"you sound like …" is completely different from " Maybe if you actually contributed interesting points and/or brought milk to the table instead of calling yumi king 'farmer face' and crying about moomoo's thighs for the umpteenth time like a braindead idiot people would like you more."

you ACTUALLY DID accuse me of something and insisted what I do just cuz you assume shit about me because I sarcastically called you fatty because I said fatties would talk shit about marilyn monroe
I said how old were you, I didn't imply you were underage at all, talk about twisting around, you either are the person from weight gain thread and lying about it (oh no I said you 100% were fact person from weight gain thread because I compared you to them) or you act just like them, making up lies about the person they're fighting and desperately reaching to find an insult

No. 199975

You think >>199963 was me? Wrong again.

No. 199976

oh? is that why you reply with the same bullshit one second after I reply back? get outta here same fag

also you and fatty from weight gain thread have something in common
you're both same fags who whine claiming it's not them when it's painfully obvious

No. 199980

You're so enraged you didn't even notice you replied to your own post. Yes it was a different person, and you sound psychotic. Mod needs to put you in a timeout.

No. 199981

also more proof you're a samefag
I made jokes about >>199963 being underage
and said that got insulted before, but magically when I call you out on your psycho lying bullshit magically it's not the same person? go back to the looneybin, then your other personality will actually be taken seriously there

No. 199985

Please get back on topic and stop the infighting.

No. 200002


No. 200021

When I have told men in the past that I want a boob job for my flat as a board chest they always say it will look "unnatural and gross!". I always find this hilarious because these same men have spent hours looking and jacking off at women who have fake tits without even realizing that they are fake.

My mum had my same problem so she got a tit job, the amount of attention she gets from both sexes now is like night and day.

No. 200043

Why does she need attention? Doesn't she have a career and passion for something outside of needing to cater to men?

No. 200050

She probably does, but a desire to feel sexy and attractive isn't exclusive to having intelligence or ambition. Mascara doesn't glue your eyes shut so you can't read a book, and having fake tits doesn't mean you're a bimbo slut who lives for cock. Stop projecting.

No. 200054

Make up isn't the same as mutilating your natural healthy body to get foreign objects inserted to your body hoping your body doesn't reject it

You know, when I put my own mascara on, it's not like I'm taking a life risk. When your mom got her titties done, she risked her life for that shit. She accepted she may never see you again due to dying from anaesthesia or infection. Just to have silicon tits. Ain't that sad?

Im perfect without fake boobs. Sorry your mom didn't feel the same way and raised you thinking it's okay to mutilate yourself when it's not even medically necessary all for a man's approval(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 200056

Sorry you're so insecure and bored you gotta make some complex moral issue out of a strangers mum getting some bangin' boobs. What made you so sad you can only feel good by projecting unknown women with such vapid and man-desperate personas?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 200058


you must have no idea what it is like being a woman with no tits. its embarrassing and the female equivalent of feeling emasculated. It's cool that you somehow escaped the intense pressure of society telling you that you're not good enough unless you have a rack to oggle at but a lot of women can't get past that. I'm sure if men could make their micro dicks bigger they would too.

i have a very slender frame, short stature, baby face, and no tits. It is embarrassing knowing that the only men attracted to me have pedophillic tendancies because I look fucking 12. I do not feel 'womanly' and neither did my mother until she got tits.

Feeling womanly and feminine is important to a lot of women I'm not sure how you do not get this, you must have a rack.

No. 200059

>plastic surgery
>breast implants of all things
>a life risk
ありがと ロボットーさん

No. 200100

it's really not.

No. 200102

not that anon but the real issue with fake tits is the fake part. they -look- good but that's where it ends. when will insecure women learn that the people that not everyone will judge you for not having breasts, but you will get 'attention' from gross dudes if you do. i have worn super pushup bras that made me look like an E cup but the attention you get from that is pretty gross, and girls still are snarky to you about something.

using plastic surgery is escapism for people with body image issues. you're weak and letting 'society' judge you when it's really only assholes(guys and girls) who give a fuck. those same types of people would just have something else negative to say about you. and they will regardless of how you look or how big your tits are.

sincerely, 32A cup.

No. 200116

that girl sounds upset because of most other things going on with her body, which tends to be why people get plastic surgery, epsecially tits. she's projecting her poor image onto her chest, when that's not the problem, like you said her self esteem is the problem. many people see fake breasts as something they do for themselves, when really, it's just to gain validation from others and gives you different self image issues altogether without that constant validationl.

No. 200136

File: 1501269189583.jpg (Spoiler Image, 219.47 KB, 600x433, after-cancer.jpg)

>it's just to gain validation from others

For someone who has a problem with people projecting, you're doing an awful lot of that here. Not everyone gets breast implants or augmentative surgeries so they can be a boy's fap fantasy. Not every breast implant is ridiculous or meant to look unnatural.
ALL OF YOU need to stop making these retarded generalizations about breast surgeries. All you're doing is stigmatizing the women who get them for legitimate reasons and those who would consider them in order to feel happier in their own skin.

Which just goes back to OP who's all about
>"Basically men's logic is that any plastic surgery that isn't obvious or botched is 100% natural"
>men's logic
Tired of pretending we always have to give a fuck about male logic.
It's not just about men thinking they're natural, it's about women too. Frankly, if it's not botched or disproportionate-looking, then we shouldn't be negative.

No. 200138

you're being so dramatic right now

No. 200139

just no
people's opinions of themselves, what's normal and what's weird/wrong comes from others. it's not from yourself. no one ever mentioned being someone's fap fantasy. even if your mom mentions your breast size, if you never thought of it before, that could be enough to spark insecurities, and generally it is stuff like that, other women, seeing others and comparing them to you. the validation comes from everyone, not just men, and that validation can be silence.

nothing about male logic here.

No. 200140

you're an idiot if you don't think your opinion of yourself comes from everyone else, that's how culture works. breasts are regarded as womanly and feminine only by cultures that view them as such, your views were shaped by that culture, so it's not your own thought.

No. 200141

post-cancer surgeries are to replace what was once there, not to give whiny babbies big tiddies so they feel like they have self-worth.(pls stop samefagging to derail and infight)

No. 200145

>people's opinions of themselves never comes from within, it's society's fault

>post-cancer surgeries are to replace what was once there
And to correct HORRIBLE scars and disfigurations that never were there either. Are you going to get in their face about how they shouldn't get the surgery because they should be proud of their scars and doing anything otherwise suggests they have poor self-esteem? I don't think you would.

No. 200146

Also quit samefagging, it's transparent.

No. 200184

this thread started out as an interesting subject to discuss and ends as a fucking mess

No. 200220

because its a recurring thing happening which is damaging society + making men believe womens bodies are supposed to look like that

while it's understanding why a woman would lie about surgery, I don't agree with it

No. 200392

File: 1501348668582.jpg (94.14 KB, 736x1104, nancy_ajram.jpg)


yea she has that Lebanese/Egyptian famous singer look

like pic related, who also had work done

No. 200418

I don't know what it is that people who've had lots of ps do their faces, they've all got this flattened Chucky look about them and end up looking like clones of each other. Nancy there is a prime example.

No. 200547

File: 1501427974373.jpg (203.98 KB, 602x720, 5139151470_e179f43802_b.jpg)

Nancy was so cute before all the surgery, now she's just another Elissa

No. 200908

nah I don't think she's that short
a lot of the time girls with wider shoulders and hips can look shorter than they really are

the way her hips and waist dent like that looks super fake, then again it could be a corset, even without it the way her hips are shaped looks like thigh implants or a fat transfer

No. 201681

File: 1502502836933.jpg (103.32 KB, 1092x580, missalicefake.jpg)

so she admitted she had fake tits and ass on a live stream, which of course would be hard to find unless someone records and saves all of her live streams

but of course fanboys will insist they're real, I feel like they can literally watch a surgery video of her having breast implants inserted and still deny they're fake, the kid at the bottom even is so desperate to believe they're he insists that they're real in his head

like why can't they admit fake tits are fake and still be attracted to them?

No. 201698

TBH they alongside some ladies itt can't even tell, because they look so natural.

Their heads would probably explode if they realised some smaller chested girls had jobs done to be still not big, but bigger than their previous flat wash board.

No. 201699

agreed, it's like those girls who have acne, wear foundation and conceal but minimal makeup around the eyes, therefore it just looks natural so it's no makeup

basically, there's more evidence she does have surgery, than she doesn't have surgery but they're convinced that they "move natural" and there's no scarring therefore it must be natural

they can't understand the fact some girls get surgery to fix small flaws so it doesn't look that different and natural, the same way they can't understand girls wear concealer to hide some flaws but it still looks natural, then when you say hey she has had surgery or hey she's wearing makeup when it's obvious they will whine their little heads off about how "oooo do you KNOW people can be perfect naturally"

No. 201708

>kid at the bottom even is so desperate to believe they're he insists that they're real in his head
Pretty sure he was just having a laugh.

No. 201807

I will say, the whole 'looking 12' thing is so true. And yes, some men have explicitly been attracted to me because of how young I look, its not like I/we're making it up or that that can't exist. I've likewise been rejected for looking too young. Most of the time I don't care and other times I feel deeply uncomfortable. I don't think I would get surgery but I understand why some women do.

No. 201851

I know what you mean, and getting a job is a pain in the ass and no one takes me serious

I think the only people who idolize looking like a child are weebs/east asian obsessed people and the ddlg community with the *~*tee hee I look like a 10 yr old *~* then again a lot of east asia attracts pedophile tourists because of the standards and how looking like a literal child = attractive
I honestly never seen an attractive guy want a girl to look as young as humanly possible, its always uggos

but to be fair I can see the appeal of wanting childish looking skin or big eyes, small nose, rosey cheeks, etc, then again those features aren't associated with just children more to do with genetics

No. 201885

Idg why people don't realise that looking like a child doesn't necessarily mean being a kawaii loli. I look miles better now at 24 than I ever did at any point in my childhood, and I've seen plenty of kids who look 13-14 but still unkempt and haggard.

No. 201888

File: 1502689645136.jpg (19.29 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

because a lot of the time people use it to humblebrag, like when it comes to girls like lilychu and yumi who are delusional about how ~young~ and like a kid they look but always feel the need to over-do trying to look like a child

while I can how youthfulness as in a 16-18 yr old face + good skin can be cute but still a womanly body, but nowadays people want to look like potential children people such as yumi, lily, and the ddlg community, even body wise as well, with binding and keeping a way too low body weight

No. 201957

even so, there are other issues there. just slapping on tits doesn't make you look womanly. girls i know who look childlike other than their breasts look totally awkward. breasts will never give you womanly hips or feminine curves.

No. 201972

Yea I agree, some people nowadays wants to look like a literal child, it's so damn creepy and unsettling. Guess we have Japan to thank for popularizing that shit.

No. 202164

corsetting and fat transfers to the hips
I hate when people overdo it and look like a cartoon character though

No. 202174

I have a friend who is into the cutesy Jfashion. Before then, she has been fine with how she looks. Now she complains all the time about having hips, boobs and wishes she can look like a tiny cute asian girl. She also wants surgery to make her facial features less mature looking.

I hate jfashion and kawaii culture, makes so many women want look like retarded overgrown children.

No. 202269

the guys in it or even more toxic, they think all instafamous koreans with the signature plastic surgery baby face and paper white skin are all natural then throw a rage fit if you think it's unnatural

the whole women lying about plastic surgery thing and men believing them has turned cultures and expectations for women toxic as fuck, basically if you're poor and don't have magic genes you're screwed to hell and back, good thing it's only ugly men though

No. 202279

File: 1503006519668.jpg (34.95 KB, 603x215, my tits defy gravity.jpg)

June Lapatine, aka shoeonhead
she clearly has had a boob job (will provide pics)
and possibly some facial work as well as waist training/ fat transfers, the most obvious one is a boob job though, what do you guys think?
she's a flake too from her "I'M NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS" syndrome and being into ddlg and is public about it

No. 202280

File: 1503006671152.png (Spoiler Image, 2.35 MB, 1783x1747, 1489843222180.png)

No. 202282

i am so sick of her ego lol she honestly thinks her dumpy boyfriend is like the "popular guy" in a high school drama

youtube was a mistake. these talentless nobodies get all arrogant because a bunch of 12-year old boys like, comment, and subscribe to every video. is this her weird way of pretending that she's the popular girl in high school? idk

No. 202298


it kinda bums me out that people liked that mean petty girl bs comment just because they want to fuck her. letting 13 year old dudes into youtube was a bad idea.

No. 202301

she def had work done to her hips, in the nude her hips look flat and narrow and in the red dress her hips look round and wide, then again it could be butt/hip pads

No. 202302

Her body kinda reminds me of the cover on Mechanical Animals. The red dress pic looks nice and grown up but her little alien arms are so evident in the others.

No. 202303

Funny she called Jenny desperate and the 'weird crazy girl' when Shoe has openly admitted she was a socially stunted geek who didn't have female friends because she didn't know how to act feminine or be normal around other females.

And her attempts to get Greg's attention with the 'notice me senpai' shirt and stalking him online was certainly desperate. Sounds like some serious projecting there.

Relax, June. Nobody wants to steal your tubby neckbeard daddy dom.

No. 202312

I also feel like men who deny if a womans had plastic surgery as a status thing, since so many other men find plastic surgery unattractive/fake, men who do like a well done surgery job get bashed or seen as someone brainwashed by porn, the irony is that ones who deny obv surgery seem even more brainwashed by porn, that or they want other men to be attracted to their waifus/girl so they'll try to convince them plastic surgery didn't happen

that or they can't stand a woman they are attracted to makes more money than them and spends a lot of it on her looks, so when it's natural looking they're gonna try all their power to deny it

and finally the third reason is that the woman herself denies it and the guy wants to """protect""" her

No. 202313

I think they want to seem not shallow.. but lol they are so shallow.

No. 202314

if that's the reason the fact guys compare plastic bodies to natural bodies in order to make it look realistic to want woman to have missalice tits and kylie jenner ass along with a russian model waist and a kpop face, is extremely ironic

No. 202621

File: 1503269716381.png (445.17 KB, 550x458, IMG_4521.png)

Amber rose, despite her being a shitty childish cunt, she's also a massive liar
she tried proving her butt was real because she had cellulite, constantly go on about how her ass is real
claimed her breasts are real despite her magically becoming perky overnight, has no talent besides telling every she's a slut and calls it empowerment
and the best part is she was found on a black market plastic surgery clinic list



No. 202630

whoa. she looks so much more clearly white in the face. i wonder if it really is just the hair and body playing tricks on me or if she's done anything to her face that makes her look ever so slightly ambiguous and not 1000% white like she looks on the left

No. 202664

File: 1503278316382.jpg (122.78 KB, 1063x342, Screenshot_20170820-201613.jpg)

That's because she IS white, anon. Unless you hold credence to the outdated "one-drop rule."

No. 202666

no sorry i wasn't clear. i know she's pure white but she looks less clockable fargo milquetoast american white than she used to and it's intentional

No. 202670


she looks so much better with her natural frame. Bitch just looks bloated now.

No. 202680

Wtf she's white? I always thought she was white and black

No. 202683

yeah that's kind of what i was getting at. right now she looks like she COULD be mixed but in her older pics she looks unquestionably all white. ofc some of it is hairstyle and body surgeries fit the stereotypical ideal for black women but i swear it's her face too

No. 202692

wait then why does everyone, including black people call her black?

No. 202695

File: 1503292370594.jpg (64.39 KB, 600x631, amber-rose-teenager.jpg)

this is her when she was younger? she look so better, body and face wise
guess hair and makeup can do a lot to a girl

as we as injecting saline into your ass and tits

No. 202702

Cape Verde is an island near Africa. Her mom is likely part black, so Amber is definitely biracial, but she has more white heritage than black. I referred to the one-drop rule because during slavery in America, if you were like even 1/4th black, you were considered black and therefore had less rights.

No. 202711

File: 1503297857800.jpg (279.15 KB, 800x1181, 057e1d81-24ab-4bc3-8b55-cc4c07…)

Mariah Carey's boob job, idk why people still claim they're real. Regardless of herself denying it, I'm still a fan.

No. 202712

I love mimi because it's mimi but lol how could those be anything but bolted on

No. 202718

she looked better before, plus her boobs looked already big to me so idk why she got bolt ons

No. 203748

File: 1504029373041.png (748.33 KB, 720x896, Screenshot_2017-08-29-13-21-27…)

I can't find the other ps thread so I'll post this here.

This cosplayer got work done, I think she looks like a ff character now, guess that was what she was going for. She def looks more cute now.

Has anyone ever wanted to get cosmetic surgery done to look more "kawaii" or doll like? Maybe I'm the only crazy one here, I ain't gonna lie I wanna get some work done to look more dolly like.

No. 203752

a lot of this is shoop too anon. i think looking doll-like as in ball joint doll is fucking weird and stupid. but like dolly in a more gyaru/barbie way is nice.

No. 203764

I think it's a blend of photoshop and sugery, a year ago she did not look like that

No. 203773

she looks like she has down syndrome. this "dolly" trend should stop leaving a decade old trail. the new in thing is looking natural but still doing cute subtle makeup like larme stuff cept the rosacea blush from older issues

No. 203780

>>203748 what plastic surgery was it? it also looks like she uses skin whiteners, or just extremely bright filter

No. 203791

On the other thread someone said she got eyes, lips, chin, tits and nose done but it just looks like she just got nose, chin and tits done.

No. 203946

From what I remember she said she had a 10 hour cancer surgery and one day later she was in Korea.

No. 203966

File: 1504216450655.jpg (23.77 KB, 600x206, Cjk1N15WgAEf7BD.jpg)

I feel like a lot of you might not like this one but I personally love it. I really wonder who did it, I've been trying to find out but keep coming up on dead ends.

No. 203967

That's a nice nose imho. But I feel like your post belongs more to the rhinoplasty thread than this one

No. 204040

She's also had her jaw shaved so face is flatter by the looks of it

No. 204062

LMAOO Saya said she had cancer? l0l how convienent that she was in Korea, left the internet for a year and came back with a new face and body. Guurl plz. Her surgery made her look more dolly but she went way too big on the boobs

No. 204063

wow that's some fine work!

No. 204070

Looked better before. Shame. The lighting, location, and full face of makeup is extremely misleading.

No. 204072

Nah, she just had her head leaning backwards in the before picture. Look at the forehead and chin position. In the West surgeons don't shave jaws because it's dangerous

No. 204161

to gain secret powers

No. 204402

that's as BS as when missalice claimed she went on contraceptives and grew a cup size that magically made her nipples smaller and her boobs perkier

No. 204424

How can mascara and lipstick have any effect on her profile? The results are amazing, they turned her into a disney princess.

No. 204481

File: 1505424543731.jpg (221.37 KB, 720x720, Screenshot.jpg)

It's hilarious how these online personalities think people will believe their obvious lies, why can't they just be honest instead of trying to hide it with dumbass lies like "I GOT CANCER SURGERY" and "MY BRACES MADE MY NOSE THINNER AND LIPS BIGGER". Cosmetic surgery is so common these days, it's not a big deal. Sometimes Saya's surgeries look good but sometimes it looks over done. Her tits are too big and in some angles her nose looks weird and super pointy.

No. 206525

File: 1506789171588.jpeg (13.3 KB, 300x288, 582873.jpeg)

I'm tired of seeing weight loss accounts on IG where the girl got fat, then got a fat transfer with a tummy tuck and is ranting about how natural they are and how they don't wear waist trainers etc, it's just astounding to me how fast people believe a girl lost all the fat in her waist and got a flat stomach but barely lost fat anywhere else

No. 206572

That's not surgery thats straight up shoop.

No. 206580

and then you have all these people that claim you can have a huge ass, slim thighs, and and itty bitty waist from doing squats. Like yes, squats can definitely make your butt larger, but not in a fat bubble-butt type of way. It's gonna make your butt and thighs look very muscular and chiseled. You can't be slim and magically have a big? jiggly plump ass.

No. 209486

Why was this thread bumped

No. 209639

Well it shouldnt be a mystery why someone would want to be perfect and cute but i think it has to do with conditioning to believe human =/= attractive

I think a better question would be why did society decide that in order to be attractive you have to look like a literal doll

No. 215835

I don't know if I have right to anything on this, cause I'm white, but the butt injections started getting out of hand because this "white gurls are winning" mantra started. A lot of black girls lost there shit and went all "WhO gUnnA LoVe Us" and started destroying themselves to fit this thiccc baddie trend, then,since the IG baddie is literally a washed down version of ghetto black girls/chicanes. white girls followed suit and started getting surgery.

I went to a school with mostly black kids, the whole fixation on giant butts, regardless of faces or personality is hella real and black girls are taught to only date black guys, so they're literally killing themselves cause being lonely is more devastating then putting chemicals in your bloodstream

No. 215841

>on't know if I have right to anything on this, cause I'm white
any point you have is invalidated by being so presumptuous
>follows it up with racist shit that is totally not real
definitely not valid
>chemicals in your bloodstream
i'm out.

why the fuck do white girls do this 'i can't say anything cause i'm white' but then say something anyway, that generally just amounts to shit stereotypes? don't say anything if you think your race doesn't entitle you to do so.

No. 215877

Go back to tumblr

Eh,its just another trend honestly, eventually in the next decade or so there will be a new body type, the thing is about the body rage nowadays is that its crazy, kinda like when Victorian women broke their ribs and wore those big ass things to get an extreme hourglass, except in victorian times the dress was more about the style and the corset thing along with dangerous skin whitening was crazy too, I thought we would evolve better than that yet here we are, women still breaking their ribs and passing out due to waist cincers, women eating mcdonalds then paying their surgeon to suck the burgers and fries from their arms and stomach and inject it in their thighs ass and tits, women cutting their tit skin off and sewing their nipple higher to make their boobs less saggy, coating their skin with whitneing agents or tanning ones, I get every decade has their standards for women but some decades were more attainable and realistic

No. 215882

Saging for huge blogpost, but are any other hourglass figure gals out here who can relate?
My measurements are 37-25-40 and I have been proportioned that way since I was in eighth grade (I'm in my late 20s now). I have vivid memories of being viciously bullied for it throughout junior and senior high school. Just really mean girls type shit, lots of mocking over my big butt. It extended to boys too, who were sometimes even worse about it. As a result, I became extremely insecure about my body.
When this whole surgical hourglass figure trend came rolling around a few years ago I couldn't help but feel a little bitter that the body type I was born with and put through hell for for having at a time when it wasn't cool to have it is apparently #goals now. I see the same girls who used to bully me on Facebook here and there and some of them have had work done. Feels fucking bad man. Even nowadays I find it difficult to feel okay with myself. Since this trend started, I've caught rumors that some people are convinced I've had work done, since natural hourglass bodies are relatively rare. It's like I just can't win. I'm either a gross disproportionate big butted freak in other girls' eyes or I'm a plastic surgery thot. No in between. Even my boyfriend told me a few months ago that when we first met, for a while before we slept together, he thought that my breasts or hips might have been fake because he couldn't believe that someone shaped like me might be natural. It's that out of control now.

No. 215884

Children and high schoolers bully everyone. and it's really not exclusive to hourglass shapes.

Though kek at your dipshit boyfriend who thought your body was fake.

No. 215887

>Children and high schoolers bully everyone. and it's really not exclusive to hourglass shapes.
never said it was lol

>Though kek at your dipshit boyfriend who thought your body was fake.

Men are stupid and can't even tell these kinds of things when women have their clothes off, let alone when they're on.

No. 215902

>25-40 w/h ratio
>"big" butted freak

Do you live in europe or something where stick thin girls live and anyone with an extra few inches around the hips is some giant assed curvy girl? 40 inches isnt even big honestly

No. 215939

sage for responding to bait post, but here's your explanation: I am 5'3", and I'm sure my measurements would look more evened out on someone taller, but on me it means a gigantic ass. my thighs also have a 27" measurement at the top. you're insinuating these are common traits, but you know they aren't. my proportions are relatively rare and unusual for someone who has had no work done (especially for a white girl like me).

No. 215943

But those are all pretty average anon even for a white girl, it just sounds like you come from a place where being thin is normal, my measurements are 34-23/25-42, my waist tends to fluncate a lot because I bloat easily but never been accused of being unnatural body wise (someone accused me of skin whitening before since im super pale lul) mostly because I live in a town where extremely curvy types are common even though they're white, I'm considered average here, but a woman did ask me before at the gym if I've ever had fat transfers to my hips and ass, I'm saying they're normal because well, they are, the average hip size in america is 42 - 44 i believe, so 40 would actually be below average here, especially in the town I live, and I'm 4'11 too but no ones ever said I was fake, then again I'm pretty young (18) and most people aren't gonna accuse high schoolers of having plastic surgery unless they live in a place like south korea where its common for teens to do stuff like that lul

No. 215963

>the average hip size in america is 42 - 44 i believe
Yes, because most American women are fat. The average hip size being 42-44 goes along with an average waist size of 34-35. A waist-hip ratio of 0.62 is much, MUCH rarer than the average waist-hip ratio of 0.81. Less than 8% of the female population possesses the hourglass body type, and even less possess such a large discrepancy in waist to hip measurements.
You have a rare body type. Just because you’ve seen a handful where you live doesn’t make it “average.” Far from it, it’s more or less the rarest body type there is. This has been studied by biologists and sociologists for ages.

No. 215967

Maybe back in the 50s it was special, but nowadays especially where I live its anything but special, I see more hip-waist ratioed women walking to work, even most women who work at the stores and resturant around here have more hip/waist ratio than 25-40, I live in a pretty white area too if you consider italians/greeks/Mediterraneans to be white

No. 215971

You have no idea what you’re talking about lmao

No. 215978

All Im saying is its not a deal and just average in my opinion and especially around here, is all

No. 216059

File: 1513117632866.jpeg (105.38 KB, 1200x988, E0EA71DA-7343-4049-A85A-56EF05…)

you’re really trying to claim the image circled in red is the “average” for women? what kind of drugs are you smoking?
if it was actually common, it wouldn’t be coveted by thousands of women who turn to surgery to get it.

No. 216060

yes, in my area, it is, also, that anon didn't have the 0.55 ratio, so it's still not special, what point are you getting at? most women here have .6 ratios, it just sounds like they come from a place where a lot of stick shaped people live

No. 216153

you are so dumb that reading your comments is giving me a headache. stop

No. 218297

saw this and thought it was interesting, it also makes good points about how people will refuse to believe anyone under 18 has had plastic surgery, kinda depresses me that the only way for women to be attractive nowadays is to get plastic surgery

what even fires this up more is the fact so many people blantly deny obvious plastic surgeries, which can damage the self esteem of young girls even deeper to think this kind of look is natural

the thing is it's hard to talk about this subject without having people scream ~jealous fat flat saggy oldie uggos~

No. 218634

File: 1514065019342.jpg (119.42 KB, 1200x900, DRwpcXUXUAA4paK.jpg)

My friend just retweeted a picture of this girl
She looks so plastic
Her face looks fake wtf

No. 218644

This is obvious photoshop, the chin and nostril seem blurry and choppy.

No. 218918

I think it's a combination of photoshop and surgery

No. 218945

it looks so

No. 218948

File: 1514286945331.jpg (335.94 KB, 1592x900, DJnTDfgXgAAXxX1.jpg)

Look at her old face compared to her sister compared to her new face

No. 218954

she even photoshopped her sister…

No. 218989


I would be pissed if I were her sister and she DIDN'T Photoshop me too.

It always makes me roll my eyes when I see girls who blur the shit out of themselves. Skin has y'know, pores.

No. 219087

I was just thinking about this thread, and remembered a convo I had with a guy I was really into.

He has a million female friends, it’s ridiculous. And he’d try to make me jealous by always mentioning them. So one day, just to trigger him, I told him that most, of not all, people edit the photos they post to Instagram. And he didn’t believed me and showed me a picture of his guy friend.
>the filter on the photo increased exposure, which in turn brightened the skin and made blemishes less noticeable.
He didn’t like that answer and showed me one of his female friends.
>”See? No filter!”
>actually, you can tell she used Facetune and softened her skin.
And he continued to go through his female friends.
>that one has a Snapchat filter on her
>increased exposure
>sharpened iris, softened face.
>another filter
>more softened face
And then finally he showed me a picture of him and one of his guy friends and I gave up. Men are so stupid lol. He always found some way to make sure I knew I wasn’t as good as his other female friends

No. 219123

I wish I were as observant about shooping and photo editing as you anon, not being sarcastic. I'm not familiar with those sort of programs since I don't use instagram or any social media but occasionally I'll come across photos that look like they may be edited but I can never be sure, even on this site sometimes I'll have disbelief because it can look so subtle in my eyes.

No. 219126

Is she photoshopped?

No. 219128

Nayrt but you should take a look at @celebface on instagram, they recently started posting proof of celebs photoshopping, and you will be surprised at how even beautiful models like Bella Hadid or Elsa Hosk still feel the need to shoop trivial things

No. 219147

The key is to look for the flaws on their face. Everyone has wrinkles, or pores, or just bumps in genera in their face. There is no such thing as flawless makeup. Then, look at the brightness of the skin—is the skin a milky pale white? Then they could have raised the exposure on the photo (meaning they increased how bright everything). And then there’s apps like camera 360 and meitu that add a much more subtle effect that makes it harder to tell if a photo has been edited.

The tricky part though, is looking at professional photoshopped pictures. They’re smooth the skin and THEN add back a more asthetically pleasing texture to the skin with a brush.

And then, another trick people use, is using poor quality photos or increasing the graininess on the photos. That way, it’s so poor quality that you can’t see any of their flaws.

Anyway, tl;dr: if the skin looks flawless, then it’s edited.

No. 219456


um in the second pic she literally looks like a fancy the sims creation. cute but uncanny valley

No. 219457

File: 1514449217018.jpg (83.61 KB, 640x565, IMG_7646.jpg)

Noah Cyrus. The surgeries made her so god-forsaken ugly. They're trying to make her a musician now but i don't think people are interested in what this balloon is up to.

No. 219458

File: 1514449244634.jpg (64.86 KB, 640x628, IMG_7647.jpg)


more stuff on the surgeries

No. 219459

File: 1514449543178.jpg (120.61 KB, 634x1110, 3E7F806300000578-0-image-a-17_…)


and a casual pic of her.

her moonface shouldn't be on the spotlight. pretend like she didn't happen, cyrus family. i can't stop laughing at her face.

No. 219460

Nightmare material.

No. 219461

she looks like a chad michaels incarnate

No. 219466

She looks normal here aside from wearing potato sack clothes and a o-ring collar out in public.
If not for the jarring comparison here >>219457, she looks completely normal person with a round face in this photo.

No. 219470

Jesus she looks like nightmare fuel. she really needed the nose job but anything else? no. like, yeah she looked like a more busted Miley before but this is awful. so bloated and unhealthy looking

No. 219482

Noah is way too young, she should had waited.. she looks like a weirdo with all that crap done

No. 219485

File: 1514469229682.png (329.38 KB, 582x533, Screen_Shot_2017-07-28_at_9.27…)


Are you serious? If Saya really had surgery done for cancer she WOULDN'T be flying to another country to vacation the next day, what the actual fuck. People who actually get surgery for that have to stay at the hospital get monitered and rest. Some people stay for months and you're telling me she had a major surgery that took 10 hrs and she was out the next day flying to Korea?? How delusional is this girl to think people will actually believe that? That's a load of horse shit. I am willing to bet she had her plastic surgery done in Korea and that took 10 hrs.
She came back a year later with a completely different appearance, of course people are going to notice.

No. 219488

Her nose looks completely fake, like Michael Jacksons
Did she get a boob job to?

No. 219489

Her nose looks very triangular now
I think she got her nose, jaw/chin and tits done in Korea. She probably got more but idk. Getting surgery isn't a problem it's her dumbass lying and her saying "I GOT CANCER SURGERY EVERYONE FEEL BAD FOR ME UWU" is beyond fucked.

No. 219490

Those triangular nostrils, whew. Korean surgeons are really shit with nosejobs

No. 219494

Never will understand why white or black people go to sk to get ps. It never looks good, the surgeons have way to little practice with foreign faces.

No. 219495

File: 1514476814170.jpeg (116.47 KB, 815x601, image.thumb.jpeg.b40d0615d0bcf…)

I don't think she shoped her sister

Awhile back on twitter Saya was denying her ps and saying how she didn't have money for it. Even though her old pics were photoshopped to hell, you could still make out her real nose and face

No. 219496

It makes so much sense because if she looked like this
Her entire life she would be so famous

But in your picture she looks so normal

No. 219503

it's super cheap cause literally every ugly person is expected to do it.

No. 219508

File: 1514482805480.jpeg (119.68 KB, 900x1200, DGnuvzjXcAAnZMj.jpeg)

>"i just used 2 push up!"

It just looks like she's trying to take a tit pic to have ppl oogle at her, she and other cosers like Jnig like to wear push ups when they have implants in, what's the point of going through with surgery if you're still gonna wear pushup bras??

No. 219509

If you are getting implants you are more likely to just want attention
Doing stuff like this is only the next phase

No. 219519

Wish she was open about it, I love her face even though it's extremely uncanny. I plan to get ps too and would like some pointers from a white girl

No. 219520

She seems too selfish and self involved to care about helping people with anything.

Her entire online presence seems devoted to just talking about how hard she works on her body and cosplay

No. 219536

File: 1514494265457.png (423.57 KB, 818x408, txjadfO.png)

She has lip fillers and cheek fillers (like noah probably does) and has admited it. why would that ever look good jfc.

To anyone into the beauty community, Jaclyn Hill is known for this. She has fillers everywhere and it makes her look like a balloon, like Noah. She uses super heavy makeup and with all the cosmetic shit she has done she ends up looking like Jigsaw in most of her videos. And that's without mentioning how annoying she is.

No. 219537

File: 1514494335623.jpg (54.35 KB, 640x480, kkwkylie-cosmetics-swatches-re…)



i know its petty as fuck but i straight up can't watch her anymore. it looks so ugly to me.

No. 219539



if anyone doesn't know who she is, she's a makeup youtuber. she's also a huge kardashian fangirl and that's why she looks like a rejected Kardashian. Here is a video of her meeting Kim for a makeup video and being annoying.

No. 219543

File: 1514496193437.jpg (17.66 KB, 353x247, DKf26o3W4AAx87I.jpg)

Despite the photoshop I can tell that her old nose use to be wide, big and had a huge hump

No. 219545

Any older pictures of her body?
She looks like she was bigger in all these old pictures.

No. 219547

File: 1514496406541.jpg (42.84 KB, 377x362, CSpS964WsAAG7Wm-1.jpg)

More pics of her (still overly shopped) before her disappearance and magical face rework. She or her friend posted this pic on the snow section trying self advertise.

I don't think she has one old or new picture that is not photoshopped.

No. 219548

File: 1514496553879.jpg (48.38 KB, 600x339, suNRFvm.jpg)

Here is the full picture

No. 219554

File: 1514497964137.png (433.54 KB, 720x574, Screenshot_2017-12-28-11-41-30…)

Back then she would wear pushup bras for every cosplay and pic
What hard work? Her bod is from the result of tit implants and the jaw surgery. She didn't do jack shit to get in shape, she lost alot of weight from the jaw surgery cuz you get stuck on a liquid diet for months.
She looks like a completely different person def not ps, just muh turkish italian genes

No. 219560

>beautiful models
>bella hadid

pick one

No. 219567

idk, I find Bella pretty. In a very mature way for a 21 year old, but still.

No. 219575

being beautiful =/= meeting your preferences

her features look proportional, her skin is nice, she looks healthy and presents herself well, just because YOU aren't attracted to her doesn't mean it's impossible for anyone else to be, she doesn't make millions off her looks for no reason

No. 219577

I would have thought Saya would have gotten her own thread just for saying she had cancer and got ps immediately after

No. 219584

What's her real name? It's definately not Sora or Saya

No. 219764

File: 1514576659944.png (78.93 KB, 626x453, snowflake.png)

SayaTheFox is actually a snowflake and threw a massive hisyfit when people wished her a happy birthday a day early. Why would she be mad she isnt even German


No. 219780

They're not even that good with asian faces. I've seen terrible noses

No. 219977

Lmaoo she should get her own thread

No. 220033

I understand lip fillers but I never understand cheek fillers on young women, especially on women who contour and whatnot, do they want a plump face or contoured face? it just ends up looking horrible and overly plastic

No. 220273

File: 1514904107968.png (474.46 KB, 720x496, Screenshot_2017-12-28-11-06-32…)

I don't get why she posted this, it's 2 photoshopped pics except 1 has more shop than the other.

No. 220274

How is she not German? She live there does she not.

No. 220275

Sage for samefag but
It's true tho. It's considered bad luck here and almost all people here take it very serious lol.

Thing is tho she could have made a tweet before her birthday explaining this. Since non-Germans obviously won't know.

No. 220277

She mentioned being Italian in past tweets and posts in this thread bring it up.
Neither of her parents are from Germany or have German ancestry

No. 220279

But she grew up there did she not? I mean obviously she will pick up then German culture wouldn't she.

No. 220289

She is turkish mix italian, how else can she look so naturally kawaii /s

No. 220294


No. 220298

File: 1514915417749.png (355.41 KB, 516x399, Screenshot_2018-01-02-12-47-48…)

Aegyo sal isn't as popular in Korea anymore but damn the Japs still love it, it looks like she has balloons that can pop

No. 220305

File: 1514918936280.jpg (44.53 KB, 409x393, brrsi11l144.jpg)

She knows about lolcow and instantly deleted this tweet >>219764 after it got posted.

She also posted this a few weeks after her 10h surgery and she looks severely swollen.

No. 220307

Ofc she knows about lolcow, knowing how self obsessed and vapid she is, she probably google searches herself everday

No. 220308

Which clinic did she go to? I think they did a good job making her go from a unattractive middle eastern jew to a kawaii asian wannabe whitie

No. 220331

>thinking 25" waist with 40+" hips is average
what? holy shit anon the delusion here is top notch

No. 220348

I don't mean world average, it's just average to me since I'm around a lot of people with those proportions

No. 220369

You can also look at it as East Asians are as pale as Tunisians Algerians and Turks.
Also that picture is trash, in reality East Asians are the same hue as middle easterners if not darker, from genetic studies.

No. 220441

File: 1514965721341.jpg (41.59 KB, 580x364, yikes.jpg)

She's pretty cute. Maybe it's because it doesn't seem that she's had other work done. If she did get any work done, the procedures are natural-looking/minor because I can't really see anything that sticks out in a bad way.

Aegyo sal combined with other (noticeable) procedures look awful though. Girl in this pic had decent features and could have stopped after getting her eyes tweaked, but she looks freakish since she got more work done.

No. 220518

File: 1515009391246.jpeg (90.07 KB, 1200x900, DRhUYoRXkAALCtj.jpeg)

No. 220524

I feel like this has become the new self post thread on lolcow

No. 220527

Why would anyone self post about their plastic surgery and fugly past look, the stuff she's trying so hard to hide?

No. 220531

File: 1515012456391.jpg (163.28 KB, 1080x1440, DSaV4xSU8AEoTjn.jpg large.jpg)


they arent symmetrical

No. 221205

File: 1515349914910.jpg (177.1 KB, 1412x576, sayafox 120083482746.jpg)

I don't understand why she's in such denial about something she always wanted.

No. 221211

did she delete every picture of herself from twitter?

No. 221220

I don't understand why people with a social media presence deny having PS, people can literally just scroll back or google you and find your shit lol. It's like when Kylie Jenner got ass implants and then tried to claim she just gained weight.

No. 221222


People with large social media presence usually have a lot of issues which is why they seek validation from others.
I just hate that these people are "inspirations" for others when they are the least healthy and mentally sound.
Sayathefox is a complete wreck and tries to hide it, she gives too many girls unbelievable standards.

No. 221226

I feel bad for their fans who actually buy this. I've never heard of this girl before but she has such an obvious PS nosetip, and shoops herself to hell. You have to get body dysmorphia or something from constantly looking at this version of yourself that looks nothing like your face.

No. 221255

File: 1515364077628.jpeg (88.63 KB, 794x1200, DRSet5cWsAAxsRC.jpeg.270c6f3b2…)

She deleted everything bcuz she was getting exposed on lc and pull, Saya posted a screenshot on twitter of ppl talking abt her on cgl aka she googles herself a lot.
I think she's an anachan too, she said something along the lines of being fat in this pic and how she needs to lose weight

Like bitch you weight 90 pounds from the jaw surgery liquid diet, maybe don't get such large breast implants and don't wear ass pads??

No. 221256

It wouldn't had been a big deal if she wasn't like "I HAVE CANCER 10 HOUR SURGERRRRRY I'M COMPLETELY NATURAL THANKS 2 MAI HERITAGE"

No. 221261

does she post anywhere

No. 221267

Learn to sage
Idk if she posts on sites like these but she was aware of the skyleigh ( himeahri) faking being asian drama so I guess she used pull at one point.

No. 221517

File: 1515465627943.jpg (63.67 KB, 317x487, hkt48_1514456746_af_org-1.jpg)

Haruka looks hella bloated and weird now, she should had stopped added surgery made her look older

No. 221556

File: 1515478448023.jpg (35.85 KB, 443x564, 777c1d7d15273c3dced9e294879856…)

Who also thinks that Mahafsoun has had plastic surgery. I personally love her. Also she still has old pictrues of herself on Facebook/IG/Deviantart, so it does not seem like she is hiding the fact that she might have done something, but she has never said it, afaik

No. 221606

What a dumb cunt. Even if you delete every single old picture of you from every social account you own, people will still have them saved, Google will still have them archived, and you can't do shit. Just come clean, by doing this you're making your situation 100x worse.
I mean, since I assume her fanbase mostly consists in fedora tippers and neckbeards, maybe she lies to preserve her "career" because that specifical category of men hates women who get PS with a passion

No. 221612

one of her friends made a tweet saying
>i have 3 friends that got PS and I want it too
wonder if she was talking about sora

No. 221635

File: 1515523018909.jpg (289.71 KB, 546x670, 21479728_101881277222954_82161…)

Did she get a botched nose job?

No. 221636

She could had said literally nothing. No comment about plastic surgery and bragging about being so pretty~ cuz of italian turkish genes, by the way those two ethnicities are known for large noses kek

No. 221637


That looks horrible, maybe it was edited and her nose got messed up from that?
Did she get her lips done as well?

No. 221642

File: 1515523960255.jpg (95.49 KB, 1080x1920, 15844124_1841922939356109_6372…)

I think she got a revision and it made her notrils triangular, the other nose wasn't triangle it was just straight up fucked

No. 221643

How many noses does she have

No. 221647

Saya deleted all her tweets too, and some pics from her fb page that was critisized here. She's real worried of ppl finding vapid and narcissistic she is.

No. 221648

How long until she disappears for another year and comes back with a whole new face?

No. 221651

File: 1515525070169.png (230.72 KB, 731x452, Lol.png)

>"everyone in South Korea thought I looked like elsa

No. 221773

File: 1515595119213.jpg (120.72 KB, 629x648, twitter.comKaddiChanstatus9503…)

No. 221779

>asymmetrical, triangular nostrils
Whew, that's one botched nose. Imagine how bad must it look irl.
Since she's "Turkish", instead of going on such a long travel to get botched in SK she should've just gone to Turkey that currently has some really top tier surgeons.

No. 221786

Jaw shave is only availible in Asia and of course you would want to go to the country that pioneered it. Plus Korea is "cheaper" and they don't care if you want to look like another person, ethnicity or like a cartoon/doll. I think western docs have more of a moral dilema when it comes to certain things.

No. 221788

>not quoting
>implying that turkey is 'the west'
we are talking about nose jobs anyways.

No. 221793

The reason she went to Korea is because she is dumb shallow and believes in "name brand"
She wants to be "authentic" and getting surgery in Korea makes her feel like it. Before she purged her twitter all her posts were about Kpop artists

No. 221825

File: 1515626519978.jpg (125.27 KB, 700x1244, amYww7j_700b.jpg)

Not a fan of skinny girls with huge implants, it looks pretty obvious for someone her size. I think she went a lil too big

No. 221826

>"I use to photoshop myself to look like another person ha ha"

>undergos 10 hours of plastic surgery to look like another person.

No. 221827

File: 1515627274069.png (708.12 KB, 920x1015, Untitled.png)

Good thing she blocked her botched nose job in that pic
Does that look photoshopped?

No. 223259

File: 1515707901130.png (213.48 KB, 720x409, Screenshot_2018-01-11-16-56-52…)

So she got implants, stuffs her bra and photoshops her tits too?

No. 223268

looks like a closeup of a sex doll

No. 223270

jesus, if she's willing to do all that how fucked up were her tits before? why is she so insecure about them

No. 223273

File: 1515713689045.png (717.22 KB, 782x721, Aranea-Highwind-FFXV-face.png)

I honestly think Saya is trying to look like every 3d girl, from the way she shops herself and the surgeries she went for. She thinks she looks like Elsa, posts about these other chars and I think she especially wants to look like Aranea, she wears green contacts (which she tries so hard to make them look natural), hair colour, etc

No. 223274

File: 1515713719346.jpg (542.25 KB, 1276x1276, Collage.jpg)


No. 223338

will she dye her skin next to play darker characters?

No. 223374

No? She only likes pale anime video game girls

No. 224908

File: 1516375739631.jpg (89.6 KB, 450x600, 372695.jpg)

Hara from Kara was so pretty back then, but like many kpop stars they go crazy on the plastic surgery once they get a break. She looked pretty before but now she looks like every other over done person

No. 224909

File: 1516375764435.jpg (39.3 KB, 350x563, 2017070401000087200005682.jpg)

Hara now

No. 224945

She looks like Hyuna now.

No. 224946

I'm surprised that she doesn't have her own thread in /snow/ or has yet to be posted in here.


No. 224947

File: 1516390133560.png (77 KB, 1280x720, pixeefox.png)

She's had several ribs removed, "cartoon" eye surgery in India, frequents South Korea for other surgical needs, and last year on her IG she posted something about a Barbie crotch surgery yet she didn't go into more detail about what exactly that entails. She just called it a surgically enhanced clam. Her thing used to be trying to attain a Jessica Rabbit look, then she said she was Ariel, then Giselle from Enchanted, and she seems to switch "characters" all of the time. She's a hardcore vegan.

No. 224951

why do women like this think they look like cartoon characters? even the ones she's claiming.

No. 224952

Pixee had her whole face and body reconstructed, she looked pretty and normal at one point but she in her eyes she failed if she looks human. She had literally every part of her face and body done. The more dangerous surgeries she did was the eye color change, korean jaw shave and the rib removal.

No. 224953

and yet she still looks ugly.

No. 224954

Don't vegans not even consider plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures vegan because of the animal testing? I remember a year or so back there was huge drama over this really militant vegan Freelee the banana girl and her boyfriend breaking up just because of her using botox or something like that.

No. 224996

Her face is huge. Big skull or something

No. 225002

File: 1516430896015.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.56 KB, 480x585, IMG_20180119_224244.jpg)

Persian baddie
She was popular on IG before. She was also an escort and always had dudes commenting on her ass and asking how much her rate was.I don't know why any man would want to fuck an ass like that

No. 225009

Lol that's a name I haven't heard in a while.

No. 225118

File: 1516535648089.png (1.44 MB, 1402x519, sahartabar.png)

Sahar Tabar, the 19-year-old nutcase who got a shitton of plastic surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie. She's also an Ashley-tier skele. there seems to be a ton of accounts with her name, here's two of them:

If any anons who know Persian can translate her captions or just give info about her it would be great. She seems fascinating.

No. 225126

Are you aware she did all of this just to fool people? It's all make up and Photoshop

No. 225127


no matter if fake or nah, this shit creeps me the fuck out of me. What the hell.

No. 225161

a- obviously i wasn't, i don't know the language

b- she has a crappy cellphone video in which she lipsyncs to a rap song along with two other iranian IG'ers while looking like this. she has a photo with the other girl from the video looking like this. are you sure it's a hoax?

No. 225165

File: 1516563552222.jpg (108.92 KB, 1140x640, the_brothers_bogdanoff_the_sto…)

Psych grad here.
This is what actual Body Dysmorphic Disorder looks like.
You notice how not only does she look like a fucking zombie, she doesn't look anything like Angelina Jolie, even with the hundreds of procedures done.
BDD is caused by a distortion in the brain's perception of the geometric construction of one's body. Shoulders look broader than they really are. Your ass looks flatter than it actually is. Your nose can look two inches longer than its actual size.
It's a couple miles away from looking in the mirror and hating what you see. Body image issues are sad, yes, but BDD is something entirely different and IMO much more horrific.
Another example of this is the Bogdanoff Twins (picrelated) and Mickey Rourke.

No. 225291


in mickey rourke's case, doesn't his face being busted from boxing also factor in though? when he started his face was probably actually didn't look like his own from all the broken bones and subcutaneous scarring and whatnot.

No. 228057

I notice that Saya has deleted all her pictures and constantly talks about working out, is it possible she is getting more surgery?

No. 228071

File: 1518126177548.jpg (Spoiler Image, 220.8 KB, 803x944, Ie1PUUg.jpg)

Fam, do you think pic related are real? I met this chick once irl and have been wondering ever since

No. 228136

the way it's leaning to the side looks pretty fake, it's hard to tell if a woman has implants though without a frontal view of the breasts when she isn't pushing it together , they look nice though

No. 228187

File: 1518177289397.jpg (Spoiler Image, 420.04 KB, 1271x1815, EW05tBM.jpg)

I also think they look nice, they did so also irl. If they are fake I want to know what those are and where they are from. These are the only frontal(ish) pics I could find where her boobs aren't covered or obscured otherwise.

No. 228200

File: 1518185055428.jpg (144.3 KB, 1200x982, DVjYTfMX0AAyfjz.jpg)

she has interesting lips

No. 228201

Looks fake to me but they are very nice. Gold star to her surgeon.

No. 228219

looks real to me. Mine look pretty similar.

No. 228227

theyre fake

No. 228277

I have this exact figure and my small breasts make me want to kill myself daily, I doubt she got surgery for this.

No. 228289

File: 1518234924438.gif (950.89 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mxf3v1Yd8D1syeot2o1_500…)

let me guess, are you a perfect pale skinned 4'9 fairy with the face of a toddler, measurements of 32-21-43, curvier than kim k, tight vag and everything else but you actually hate it and want it to change because it's such a struggle and would rather be an acne covered man faced string bean

smh, out of all the places on the internet, this board just happens to be filled with a bunch of girls claiming how they have these better than porn star level bodies naturally but actually hate it

even when the humblebrag thread was made it was still filled with the same bullshit lmfao

No. 228292

File: 1518235798845.jpg (132.74 KB, 700x525, IMG_6592.jpg)

nailed it

blah blah blah, they aint even small. >>228187 so small right? and there are plenty of women with normal sized fakes

pic related has fakes despite them being small. it's pretty common, actually. i know a few women that have low cc fakes.

No. 228305

>I have the same flawless body but my raging insecurity and daddy issues make me despise it so clearly anyone else would feel the same!!!!

yawn, get therapy sis

No. 228323

> am fuckboy
> never laid eyes on one girl irl

Samefag who put up the tattooed girl, they are by no means small. That is why I started questioning if they were real because this girl is so fucking slim and delicate. They were a very full C, if not D-cup.

No. 229034

How do you tell if boobs on the smaller side are fake?

No. 232169

Refund gap, "overly perfect" type look, unnaturally round, its impossible to tell nowadays though since they don't give women bolt ons anymore

No. 232305

File: 1520286322283.jpeg (40.68 KB, 320x320, 486560F2-C45F-44AE-854E-1E2AE6…)

What do you guys think of this twitch hoe? Her fanboys insist that her butt is real.

No. 232306

her thighs look tiny compared to her ass

No. 232313

She looks fine here though…

No. 232344

In what way does it look like she's aging?

No. 232345

Asian guys are obsessed with her. They even crowdfunded a porno that’s based on her.

St Peach claims that she got a bigger butt through exercise..like every other snowflake

No. 232352

His face looks as if he was five wtf someone call the cops

No. 232428

Oh shit, this is my friend's brother. Her butt does look weird in the dress.

No. 232517

If you’re serious you should give us all some tea

No. 232539

Lmao why do lonely virgins on twitch pay to see this

No. 232595

File: 1520434931487.jpg (86.18 KB, 640x640, 26868438_128218167994463_76299…)

sometimes I don't know whats worse, how extreme girls photoshop or men that believe it

No. 232596

File: 1520436035572.gif (Spoiler Image, 8.67 MB, 360x640, trish-100-gifs-2.gif)

the evolution of trisha paytas tits are a sight to see
her natural breasts just looked like typical fat girl with big boobs type boobs, 1st breast implants were okay, second one was lopsided, now this one looks insane, they put her nipples wayy too high and made them too small, it looks so weird

No. 232598

File: 1520436465961.png (Spoiler Image, 286.08 KB, 534x369, Capture d’écran 2018-03-07 à…)

LMAO her nipples are seriously fucking me up, they're gonna end like pic related one day if she keep up with the surgery.

No. 232599

oh my god that nipple placement. they're floating on top of the boobs. fucking horrifying

No. 232602

I probably should know but where is this from? I didn't know she shows herself completely naked online (sorry for being so naive, ok I'll go)

No. 232604

Most likely from snapchat or patron, she gives nudes to patrons as well

No. 232654

I feel like they do it on purpose somehow, like their idea of idealized fantasy tits are the opposite of typical tits, rather than just an exaggeration of typical tits. So they get tiny high up nipples BECAUSE average female nipples are lower and bigger. Because the real world sucks so the opposite of it must automatically be awesome right? Kind of explains her whole approach to life and consumption

No. 232677

you just made someone giving trish a shitty boobjob deep

No. 232920

File: 1520610661721.jpg (37.04 KB, 520x520, 13445086_f520.jpg)

Could most kpop fans be the female version of the men who blindly believe "it's all natural" even where it's obviously plastic?
J-hope from BTS has the most fake looking nosejob and yet you always see crazy "armys" sperging on how "it's aaaall naturaaal" and attacking whoever thinks differently.
I see that kpop fans tend to act like this, whatever their idol is. I still see delusional fangirls denying that Hyuna's got a whole new face.

No. 232926

File: 1520614853544.jpg (118.84 KB, 750x750, 4852af71047e733d8f50e4b71d614c…)

But anon, it's only weight loss and makeup!

No. 232928

File: 1520615162112.jpg (46.21 KB, 800x508, u9ozf47tr8p0xockmwhn.jpg)

No. 232930

File: 1520615308233.jpg (51.65 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Gfriend all seem to have the same doctor…

No. 232935

File: 1520616718840.jpg (42.7 KB, 540x422, DPZ2LYcVwAASC1l.jpg)

classic Gangnam unnie face

This reminds me of a time where one of my guy friends, a huge koreaboo, point blank REFUSED that Taeyeon from Girls Generation had no Surgery. All i did was bring up a picture from only a year ago and her face was completely different. He had a fit, full on shouting and insulting fit over this.

I get it, she's cute to you but just admit shes not natural? Why so they sperg so much over stuff like this.

No. 232936

Knetz call them busted friend cuz of how bad their surgeries came out. They're prob getting their faces fixed since they aren't releasing anything atm

No. 232938

File: 1520617872985.jpg (30.6 KB, 480x480, jnose.jpg)

OMG yes especially his side profile screams nosejob, yet I always see twitter post about him like "can you believe hoseok naturally has the kind of nose people ask their surgeons for? Truly he was crafted by the gods" lmao the delusion is real with his stans.

No. 232939

Korean netizens always call out idols on their ps, it's only the i-fans that defend them to death (and in return attack k-nets for being so brutal)

No. 232942

Yeah, the nostrils and tip are a dead giveaway. It's even too small for his face. He might have also got v-line and cheek fillers

No. 232950

the before and after both look terrible. ugh.

No. 232951

samefag but oh i forgot she's thai.

No. 232959

Holyshit, that nipple placement is a joke. She looks like what hentai artists think women look like. Sad.

No. 232963

File: 1520624992706.png (428.01 KB, 720x762, Screenshot_2018-03-09-14-43-05…)

Why are Thailand people so bent on looking like bootleg Koreans?

No. 232964

File: 1520625032002.png (56.59 KB, 174x174, a3dde9cdd4784f75bfb4abbf491b12…)

This use to be the it look in Thailand back then. It's a HUGE shame that pretty much the whole of Asia is influenced by Korea's shit beauty standards.

No. 232979

That's not how a v-line looks like but I agree on the nose job. His nose has always looked fake.

No. 232989

There are countless predebut pictures of him with the same nose. It's a google click away you absolute sperg.

No. 233004

I've never heard of BTS until I saw their DNA music video and I have to say that nose looks fake AF. Out of all the members his face looks the most unnatural

No. 233009

Idols can get plastic surgery before debuting and he looked old enough in the predebut pictures to have gone under the knife.

No. 233120

Your oppa's got a fake nose, sorry. Predebut/highschool pictures don't really prove anything, because people can get a nosejob even at 15. So stop projecting and take those rose tinted glasses off, sperg

No. 233144

File: 1520708822920.jpg (248.41 KB, 1200x1800, madison-beer-at-harper-s-bazaa…)

It's common for Koreans to get ps during highschool as a gift or reward. Some stars even get their highschool pics photoshopped lmao.

Madison Beer started getting a grocery list of plastic surgery procedures done at the age of 13 years old. Doctors forget their morals when it comes a fuckton of money

No. 233145

File: 1520709335797.jpg (45.17 KB, 500x750, madison-beer-hair-42-500x750.j…)

No. 233147

I assumed that all idols have had some ps before they’re revealed to the public? Is that not correct?

No. 233148

Yes, it's true

No. 233187

"there are lots of pics of him with the fake nose therefore he has no fake nose!" ugh

No. 233191

well, aside from the overfilled top lip the results look good. Wish I'd been getting PS since 13.

No. 233206

So true about the nostrils

No. 233209

>Doctors forget their morals when it comes a fuckton of money

Eh, not sure about that.

I looked up this girl's before and afters and don't believe she had much actual surgery done. Probably just some fillers.

No. 233211

I know right? That kid looks way too young…

No. 233212

It's a HUGE shame that pretty much the whole of Asia is influenced by Korea's shit beauty standards.


No. 233247

Little to no muscle definition on her upper thigh with a butt that big is a pretty big give away. It's almost impossible to keep weak looking thighs and a huge butt from working out.
I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and say it ~could~ be genetics but i'm more convinced a doctor was involved.

No. 233263

>grocery list of plastic surgery procedures
I only see a weird nose job and some lip injections tbh.

No. 233275

IA, with the risk of sounding like a dirty weeb it's why I kinda prefer Japanese makeup. Not that they always go 100% natural, what with the falsies and orange eyebrows (and they still like white skin just fine, but it's not so in your face I think), but at least they tend to stick to various shades of ochre for their foundation with a natural finish.
I'm not sure how much of that is due to the fact that Japan is kind of isolated and how much is just Japanese butthurt (I've seen many people on online forums warning Japanese girls against Korean makeup because it's 'poisonous', but OTOH many instagrammers from Japan like 3CE and Etude House so idk), but it's a start.

No. 233289

Not even a nosejob, only lip lift and lip fillers. She was already pretty before, good for her.

No. 233435

Eh, I wouldn't say a grocery list. Nose job, lip fillers and maybe some botox. She was pretty before so she doesn't need that much ps anyway. Imo, her body kinda sucks, she should consider some kind of Kylie Jenner ass enhancements.

No. 233656

File: 1520994159250.jpg (87.29 KB, 630x876, eunha.jpg)

It's a shame. Eunha (chick on the left for those who don't know) used to be quite pretty before her surgeon fucked up her nose. I'm sure her pre-debut pictures could have been edited as well but they sure look a lot better than the ones of her one.

No. 233657

*ones of her now.
Messed up.

No. 233659

never heard of this girl but as whack as her body is (the legs mostly) she's got one of those faces that are so perfect it makes me rage inside for a minute.

No. 233679

File: 1521008835115.jpg (148.24 KB, 1024x1822, tumblr_p3g7ptHfM11w84hv9o6_128…)


>the before and after both look terrible

wow, really anon? i think she looks quite cute now, her surgeon is a magician in my eyes

No. 233702

She got plastic surgery?
smh she should ask for her money back.

No. 233711

File: 1521017868979.gif (1.49 MB, 350x297, tumblr_mwfycdKgkl1sts97oo2_400…)

Korea might be the main offender when it comes to plastic surgery, but Japan also has some unfortunate cases.
Pic related is Nocchi from Perfume, now she's quite cute…

No. 233712

File: 1521017933744.jpg (26.6 KB, 480x641, 9cde82bd.jpg)

…but back then

No. 233721

Most women here looks like clones.

No. 233763

she still looked fake and over surgeries, I just koreans/japanese/chinese went for the more natural look instead of paper white skin, 1 cm nose, and 70% of your jaw shaved off

No. 233776

File: 1521051094186.jpg (20.41 KB, 251x336, 20170509_vanira_41.jpg)


lmfao some surgeons surely are gods, indeed.

Also, Ayumi Hamasaki was always plastic, but now she went full Gangnam Unnie.

No. 233779

File: 1521051563226.jpg (27.3 KB, 285x411, pattes.jpg)

No. 233780

Her legs are short as fuck

No. 233941

Jeesus she looks like her parents are brother and sister

No. 233957

File: 1521071801475.png (373.21 KB, 408x601, 1521033289503.png)

sometimes I don't know whats worse how badly some girls shoop or men who believe it and compare it to other girls and think this is natural and attainable

No. 233959

…what part of that isn't natural or obtainable?

>tfw this is my body type…

No. 233960

well for starters when you look at the imgur, she started off being a stick then magically became a curvy animu goddess, paper white perfect skin, unnatural face, and shoop around the hips (curtains)

>tfw this is my body type…

obviously there are people with this body type but come on, even those with wide hips won't look like a sex doll, I have wide hips 42 inches and a 25 inch waist myself and they're not perfectly smooth with a tight flat tummy and everything else

No. 233961

>nose gone
>jaw completely removed
>distortion everywhere in the background suggesting widened hips and reduced arms at the very least

No. 233962

File: 1521072717014.jpeg (63.43 KB, 480x721, E475AB92-37C8-48BF-80DD-814330…)

To be fair her “thing” is to be goofy and be as outspoken as possible her face relaxed is amazing.

She did it to land jobs like the Tropicana ad

No. 233966

No. 233967

dude I fucking love hobi but you cannot deny he has the absolute fakest looking nose ever. even if by some fucking magic his nose is natural I wouldn't blame anyone for being suspicious.

No. 233970

File: 1521074466933.jpg (70.67 KB, 750x495, momoland-s-jooe-admits-to-havi…)


Yeah, she looks better in some pics but I really don't think she's cute. I wonder how much worse she was before the surgery? I have a feeling that she'll get another nosejob when she gets older.

No. 233972

At least she's said herself her surgeries were botched lol. I think it's endearing how open she is about her ps. Not a fan but she seems cute, like a regular girl

No. 233973

File: 1521075465051.png (231.65 KB, 602x322, Oshikiri Moe B&A.png)

Yeah. I used to be naive and think that Japanese celebrities were more natural than Korean celebrities due to the prevalent cultural stigma against plastic surgery over there. I started opening my eyes more after coming across before-and-after pictures of various Japanese celebrities. Holy fuck, like, 80% of them look way different before becoming famous.

I have so many problems with South Korean celebrities and the beauty standards they promote. Still they seem more accepting of plastic surgery instead of faking their "natural" looks like nearly all Japanese celebrities do.

No. 233990

A Japanese friend of mine said that when he was in High school, he wanted to get eyelid surgery. All his friends were doing it and he wanted to look like a cool American man but it failed.
Now people get the surgery done to look "hafu"/biracial. It looks more natural because they don't get rid of everything on their face making them unique, whereas Kpoop idols shave their jaws, tuck their eyelids and cinch their nose. I'm good at telling Asians apart, but I sometimes find myself thinking one idol is in 4 kpop groups until I google that it's 4 different girls.

No. 233991

no? just, the girl didn't shoop herself skinny. this is just a boring skinnyfat pear body. are you obese?

No. 233994

>girl clearly widened her hips which has been proven, in fact many litetal sex dolls and hentai characters are shaped like that
>lol its totally natural and obtainable and fact I even have it teehee
>"I find it hard to believe all girls here claim to be super curvy perfect goddesses who hate it

No. 233996

i'm not even the same anon, calm down. we get it, she blurred her skin, i'm just saying that body type isn't unique or even attractive.

No. 233997

Then explain why theres a big market for shoooping for this body type like this girl did, girls get fat transfers and waist train, hip implants increased by a lot, sex dolls are marketed to be shaped this way, hentai characters and porn drawings are made to be shaped this way but its totally not unique or attractive clearly I see girls who look like this walk down the street all the time and its not like she literally only got attention from her unrealistic body

Srs anon, this is retarded. i dont believe for a second someone would actually believe this, nor do I believe the huge wave of girls coming in claiming to all look like like hentai characters and porn stars but oh wait they actually hate it and its not special and boring

No. 234001

anon, it looks bad irl, give it up. they market it in hentai cause the chub has no gross cellulite.

No. 234006

And yet girls are still going out of their way to get this body type, it looks bad irl because of cellulite yet you can have this body type without cellulite
What is the most attractive then? Stick figures?muscley? i dont think so, this is just a shit excuse, SO many girls widen their hips in shoop, and I doubt all girls here are magically curvy goddesses but oh no it actually looks bad irl and totally not desirable

No. 234018

She's covering her waist with her arm which makes it look slimmer, seems like some shoop on the thighs but for a western girl this body type is not unattainable.

No. 234019

File: 1521097096827.png (637.14 KB, 720x878, wp_ss_20180315_0006.png)

What's happening with this boob here, looks like surgery scars they didn't edit out (right side)

The body changes a lot per picture, it seems she has implants on boobs and bum and then is just slightly overweight by western standards to have the thick thighs. For an Asian girl this body type is very uncommon but western girls do have it, without the butt/thigh definition and thin arms though.

No. 234021

Either badly done contouring or a poorly edited surgery scar, it seems like.

No. 234035

Nope, almost all women this body type is unattainable, look through her flicker, she use to be shaped like a stick and now shes a magic curvy goddess, even most latin American women would agree that body is unattainable

No. 234094

Implants aren't measured in cup size, they're measured in CC, and the volume of a cup will differ depending on the band size.

No. 234116

if you think this looks like a magical curvy hentai goddess you're an idiot. the body isn't that cute. it's just gross high-test /fit/ tier shit that fuccbois like.

No. 234117

i don't get why that idiot anon keeps claiming it's totally impossible. she sounds jelly as fuck.

No. 234119

Bruh, if she used to be a stick and is now chub, why do you think only one of the body types has been shoop'd?

No. 234127

>wide hips, small waist, flat stomach, thicc thighs and round tits aren't cute it's just gross
yawn, not sure why you decided to respond to someone else and not me then claim I'm "jelly as fuck" to say bodies that are proven to be fake or unattainable

and she also has implant outlines and scarring and shooping warps, nice samefagging though, try not responding all at once with the same shit and not all unsaged, it's shooped because it's warped in the background and even the widest hips aren't perfectly round like that, i have pretty wide hips but they're not perfectly 360 round, plus she's obsessed with looking like a hentai character so it isn't out the range of possibility she would do that

No. 234136

i think you're the one obsessed with being a hentai character. :^)

No. 234138

>i-it's you!!! it's not like there's more than enough evidence from her flicker or anything!!"

also sage your shit

No. 234139

>replies 2 minutes apart
Right, because more than one person can't possibly be lurking the thread at the same time. KYS, maybe you'll become a thicc goddess that way.(samefagging)

No. 234140

lmao, no one is claiming her body is fake or shoop'd or what, we're just saying that a chubby pear shaped girl isn't unique. you're off your fucking rocker.

No. 234148

it was one minute apart, all the same, all unsaged, more than obvious a samefag
yawn, I know exactly who you are and you always have the same bland defense and like derailing the thread, and for some reason it's always over womens bodies as well, you are batshit crazy and I won't take you seriously

>lmao, no one is claiming her body is fake or shoop'd or what
uhhh scroll up, people have pointed out her obvious shooping and implants, I shouldn't have to explain this to you

> we're just saying that a chubby pear shaped girl isn't unique. you're off your fucking rocker.

which is still untrue, and you have serious problems if you consider her chubby, most chubby pear shaped girls still aren't shaped anything like that, even latinas and blacks would agree it's a pretty unrealistic body unattainable without the help of ps or shoop

>you're off your fucking rocker.

you still have yet to explain why women are going out of their way to have this body and women who do have it get hoards of attention, if it wasn't for this body she wouldn't even garner much attention but totally not unique or anything right

No. 234150


Jesus anon, calm down. You sound like those crazy sjws who claim that bodies in comics and video games are impossible to get. Maybe for you, sure, but some people have that body type and when you claim it's impossible you just sound salty. This girl is def photoshopped to shit but she's simply photoshopped her body differently not into some god-like form. But you're claiming she looks like this shit >>196217

You are definitely nuts, and no all of us aren't the same anon. Go outside and get some fresh air.

No. 234154

sorry but i' not >>234139 or >>234136

also sorry about my typo i meant no one is claiming she's not shoop'd, they're just claiming her body isn't amazing even with the shoop. i honestly feel bad for you, especially since you seem to think i'm someone else. you also are the one derailing with your autistic paranoia.

No. 234155

File: 1521133081393.jpg (137.87 KB, 395x600, enchantress.jpg)

>Body in comics are realistic and attainable

No. 234156

come on stop cherrypicking. this is just sad.

No. 234157

File: 1521133186530.png (193.58 KB, 500x282, tumblr_m4xkgc1j2o1r2tjqb[1].pn…)

pic related (it's you)

No. 234160

>you still have yet to explain why women are going out of their way to have this body and women who do have it get hoards of attention, if it wasn't for this body she wouldn't even garner much attention but totally not unique or anything right

no one is getting that body type, anon, but people are definitely getting shit like >>232595 wtf is wrong with you?

No. 234162

yep, batshit crazy, I'm not saying it's "LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!" it's just unattainable for most women naturally

>You are definitely nuts, and no all of us aren't the same anon. Go outside and get some fresh air.

yawn, I've seen this same defense over and over when people get called out for obvious same fagging

but that's what the anon is saying… bodies that are shooped based on hentai characters aren't realistic according to that anon

again, same defense, I've seen this all before

"w-well well you're fat! ha! that proves what I say!"

No. 234165

hip implants, thigh implants, girls going out of their way to shoop, waist training, obsession with pear bodies, lets not play pretend

>but people are definitely getting shit like >>232595 wtf is wrong with you?

which is just a more extreme version of the original post, both unrealistic

No. 234167

>I'm not saying it's "LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!

you did in every single post. also in >>234165 get your head out of your ass. wtf do you think unrealistic means?

No. 234171

I know you likely won't believe me, but I have just been lurking here and you need to stop derailing.

No. 234172

unrealistic =/= "literally impossible"
most women will never get a body like this, that's the point, maybe there are few lucky ones, but let's be honest most of the population will never have a body like this, not even the girls here claiming to all have these perfect pear bodies

>get your head out of your ass. wtf do you think unrealistic means?

hunny maybe you should, do YOU know what unrealistic means?
it's like saying giant tits on a skinny woman is unattainable for most women, but not impossible but oh wait that would mean you have to use logic and can't twist and turn to have a shit flinging fest

No. 234174

Stop fucking infighting and get over it.

No. 234177

tell that to the one who started it

No. 234180

You are the one continuing it though, and responding to people you think are trolls. You've said your piece, now post relevant shit and stop bitching at people who don't concede your point.

No. 234182

People reply, I respond, that's just what I do, big deal
>now post relevant shit and stop bitching at people who don't concede your point.

it's that they were saying dumb shit, not that they "didn't concede my point"

No. 234188


I'm just trying to help you not get banned, considering I'm reporting you and everyone else's posts. You've even started arguing with me like a twat. Stop ruining the thread to argue.

I'm out.

No. 234190

do it then I'm on a proxy my dude

No. 234193

>literally admitting to responding to anyone including trolls, bait, etc

you sound like this fucking idiot anon who wouldn't stfu about fetishes in a thread a few months ago. but please, get banned.(infighting)

No. 234197

>you sound like this fucking idiot anon who wouldn't stfu about fetishes in a thread a few months ago. but please, get banned.
and I'm apparently the crazy one
>there's only one person here that argues and calls people trolls!!!

No. 234202

lol you're the one claiming samefag on everything. wtf?

glad that you're admitting it farmhands will watch the thread once one proxy is banned. fucking cunts like you can't possibly lay low.

No. 234209

>lol you're the one claiming samefag on everything. wtf?
only claiming samefag on obviously, you really believe 3 people all just happened to respond with the same stuff at the same time and all magically unsaged? right

>glad that you're admitting it farmhands will watch the thread once one proxy is banned. fucking cunts like you can't possibly lay low.

no problem, I have a million other proxies to use

>fucking cunts like you can't possibly lay low.

oh noes and over what? because I said shooped and unrealistic bodies are shooped and unrealistic and defended myself to the batshit crazy person screaming how I was fat and jelly and everything else and how hentai bodies are totally realistic and boring(infighting)

No. 234210

File: 1521134806982.png (545.62 KB, 600x450, derailment.png)

No. 234211

no one but you thinks that girl's pear shaped body is a 'hentai body'.

No. 234213

you know, me, the fact she even shooped it to be similar to hentai characters as she posted to her flicker, her fans, etc etc but oh wait it's only me

and no, it's not just being pear shaped, I'm even pear shaped myself, it's the hip shaped that looks fake in which it is as it's been proven, that's all I'm trying to say, wtf is your problem

No. 234327

File: 1521152646634.png (396.42 KB, 815x458, 0.thumb.png.6cfa7e24476dffbbcf…)

…. Back on topic.

These two are fairly popular on PULL, I guess. They seem like self hating black koreaboos and got super botched nosejobs and jaw shaves in Korea.

No. 234335

Their jaws hardly look any different. What a waste of money.

No. 234338

I've seen Korean surgeons doing wonders on African noses… This is not the case, though.
Cinderella clinic is really shit

No. 234339


No waste of money though, it was sponsored kek

No. 234340

While I enjoyed reading this argument… (I'm >>234019
>>234018 but no other posts in this thread) I guess their point is it's not a totally unrealistic body in general but considering as I suspect it's body weight+ breast implants+hip/butt implants, it certainly is an unattainable body for the model herself. Also obvious wobbly curtains and blurry patches in the photos. I think she looks great, hentai can be considered to be "sexy curvy Asian girl" so it is a hentai ideal she is going for. Also if anyone looks at the Flickr it's all anime themed photos like a university room and other stuff.
Summarily, yes hentai, yes unrealistic for her, maaybe easier for Europeans or other nationalities but not without extreme time in the gym. It's not an average pear-shaped body or whatever they're saying, she looks great.

No. 234343

exactly, it's straight up ridiculus to claim this is "average, unattractive and boring chub"
she does look good but it just doesn't look natural, which I why I posted her

No. 234345

can you please not interact with the troll? she'd finally shut the hell up.

No. 234346

which ones the troll

No. 234350

They look more like twins after the surgeries than before.

No. 234385

What in the Hellman's Mayonnaise have they done to their skin?!

No. 234556

File: 1521213476434.png (1007.42 KB, 1080x1175, tumblr_owgbtw5Zkk1wz3uimo1_128…)

This looks so disgusting…

No. 234598

Looks like her surgeon got carried away perhaps a lil bit too much. Seem uncomfortable as hell, but whatever makes her boat float.

I’ve always wondered how these ppl will look like when they turn 80.

No. 234603

wtf lol the lower half of her body looks like it belongs to a legit obese person. do these thicc instahoes also get a fat transplant to their pussy? whats the obsession with fat thighs and fat pussies?

No. 234661

tbh she wouldn't even look bad if it didn't look like she was wearing childrens underwear and pulling them to her hips

also why tf do so many IG hoes wear their panties like that?

No. 234678

because when you pull the sides of the panties over your hips it sort of pulls down on the fat and makes your waist look (slightly) smaller

No. 234681

File: 1521226835045.jpg (66.02 KB, 500x503, Sauce is loverandalin _cb1a1c3…)

Does she have lipedema? Because the thought of someone voluntarily choosing to look like this is worrying. Reminds me of this woman (a fetish model or something?) who looks like a human puddle.

No. 234688

God I hate fat fetishizers

No. 234689

tbh I think it's just the pose and panties that make her look fucked
have any more pics of her?
those look like implants though and fat transfers hence lumpy stomach

No. 234736

like what >>228289 said, I don't believe for a second this board is apparently filled with perfect, perky round big tits, tiny waist and flat stomached, wide giant rounded hips, big thighs and big round ass women and how they actually hate it and it's such a struggle to have a body women go out of their way to achieve

pretty sure "normal chub pear" girl was either psycho or just trolling since she samefagged as well

No. 234737

just chiming in to say that absolutely isn't a 'normal chub pear' bodytype. amazing how so many perfect 33-20-42s stroll into these threads to complain about their supposed bodytypes and PSd/surgeried womens bodies being "so ugly and boring!!! and no men like that bodytype!!" as if they're common as can be and as if women aren't spending fucking millions of dollars to achieve the big hip small waist look, especially now that big hips/thicc thighs are in

lol that bodytype is not average at all and it doesn't often come naturally, and most women cannot achieve this figure naturally. it's just not in the cards for them, genetically. these dumb bitches are doing women no good by pretending these shooped women are totally normal and it's totally achievable for like every woman. this normalizes photoshop and surgery and makes it easier for men to hate women/criticize them. idk if these supposed pears are actually just straight apples looking to shit on how much pears are praised, but pear bodytypes are EASILY the most desired rn. easily. the majority of men desire big hipped, small waisted women. idk what these 'pears' consider a 'not average' bodytype, but most men aren't looking to bang korean stick legged waifs in 2018.

its the pose and the ugly underwear. looks dumb. it's probably not surgery because her arms are fat. notice that shes shoved a pillow under/between her thighs and ass to make them spread as much as possible

No. 234751

seriously. not trying to brag but i am a pear shape and i look super dumpy without shapewear.

No. 234757

File: 1521354073792.jpg (79.78 KB, 615x1017, PAY-DEMI-ROSE-MAWBY-SHOWS-OFF-…)

why are so many of these plastic surgeons anatomically retarded? this looks horrible. no pear shaped woman looks like this

No. 234758

this looks like those racist hottentot drawings.

No. 234774

Legit midget proportions.

No. 234775

when this stupid deformed butt and hips trend finally dies these bitches are gonna hate themselves more than they did in the first place

No. 234778

File: 1521369717159.jpg (104.94 KB, 959x1199, 29801307f798a10191cc2d882cafa2…)

One quick reverse image search would have shown you all that she looks just as retarded standing up

No. 234787

File: 1521373169733.jpg (81.62 KB, 700x700, irina-shayk-in-atelier-versace…)

this looks subhuman. Short + fat is not pretty. Makes their legs look shorter than they already are.

Agreed. Their bodies does not look elegant at all. Imo Irina Shayk has the ideal body. Tall, slender with nice curves. What happened to actually fit bodies??

No. 234799

Plus she's probably far healthier than skinny animu ana-chans or 'thicc' hambeasts…

No. 234803

I'm sorry but if that's what you consider fat you have issues, she looks ridiculous but not fat

No. 234823

File: 1521384320848.jpg (121.3 KB, 872x872, e0243bd25ef46cf611e523257af1e2…)

Anon she's clearly very overweight…

No. 234824

maybe slightly, but I wouldn't consider her fat, she has slightly chubby arms at most, and I usually don't count ass,hips and tits in to consider someone fat, but her waist looks small and her face and neck look normal and not fat, and ik ik she's fake but she definitely isn't fat unless you live in a pro ana country

No. 234825

File: 1521384791602.png (363.72 KB, 470x447, Mercado.png)

She is fat, her thighs are huge and her waist is clearly photoshoped in, her arms are more than chubby.
Some people like Rosie Mercado don't put weight in their face that doesn't make them not fat.

No. 234826

the obvious photoshop in this is making me laugh. and >>234824 the fact she would be well over her recommended weight because of this dumb idea of it looking good is laughable. surgeon should be ashamed. she weighs too much for her frame.

No. 234827

beat me to it 0:)

No. 234830

her arms aren't that chubby imo, while this chick is fat she has good distribution but the other girl is clearly smaller than her

>her thighs are huge

doesn't really matter especially since thick thighs are in, not to mention slim women can have thigh thighs as well

>the fact she would be well over her recommended weight because of this dumb idea of it looking good is laughable.
I'm not denying she's overweight BMI wise but I don't think she's ~obese landwhale who is about to have kidney failure~ that everyone is making her out to be, I just think she's slightly chubby but with lots of surgery, sort of a mom bod

No. 234836

>slightly chubby
Anon are you North American/British? Because to me that is not slightly chubby. Her legs are massive and her arms are pretty hefty too, her waist looks extremely cinched and photoshopped to hell and back. I'd do a double take if someone that size passed me by on the street, and not in a good way. I don't know about landwhale obese but she's very firmly in fat territory imo.

No. 234837

Agree, just because it isn't morbid obesity doesn't make it any more attractive or well off.

No. 234840

I'm mexican
>Because to me that is not slightly chubby.
no, you just sound ana chan, I'm not saying she's super skinny or whatever or she's average or healthy but come on, she looks a few pounds overweight at most
>Her legs are massive and her arms are pretty hefty too
doesn't really matter since leg thickness is in and there's tons of thin women with big legs, especially if you're into sports you see fit women with large legs a lot
>her waist looks extremely cinched and photoshopped to hell and back
not denying that, since her waist and small and her legs look fine, her arms + face would be the giveaway about how fat she is, and her arms are slightly chubby and her face doesn't really look fat, I don't see a problem, she could afford to lose a few pounds but she doesn't look super unhealthy like she has diabetes or anything
> I'd do a double take if someone that size passed me by on the street, and not in a good way. I don't know about landwhale obese but she's very firmly in fat territory imo.
then you have issues

I'm not saying it's attractive I just don't think it's that fat or even fat, just chubby

No. 234841

>I'm mexican

Say no more.

No. 234846

File: 1521387378687.jpg (20.25 KB, 275x275, ^E8F82F9C95ACE13553B13C6B3DAC5…)

agreed. if you literally just take in her tits and hips, and expand her waist, i don't think anyone would be calling this "morbidly obese" as theyre calling her in the above photo.

it's obviously unhealthy esp for women who just lipo the fat from their stomachs and arent natural pears – they'll still have visceral fat, so it's not like they're actually retaining the benefits of natural pears, but this, and above, is not 'morbidly obese'. she's chub at max, and honestly, if you take in her hips and tits while expanding her waist, she looks so much thinner. even just taking in her tits does a world of good. her fake tits weigh like 20 lbs each anyways so

No. 234848

ikr, if you reduced her tits too no one would be ranting about how she's o so fat and unhealthy and she's huge

No. 234849

that doesnt make someone fat. lots of bottomheavy women have very big legs and are not medically overweight. i have the legs of a fat apple. very few people in my weight group have legs as big as mine. it doesn't mean i'm overweight or even close to it. conversely, lots of apple shaped women have size 0 thighs but size xl stomachs. do their size 0 thighs make them anachans?

No. 234851

>if you make her less fat people wouldn't call her fat

She is still chubby in that pic btw.

No. 234852

that's what i said.

chubby =/= fat btw

No. 234854

But she would be considered fat in the original pic.

No. 234859

i took about what the fat was in her hips and shifted it back into her stomach, and downsized the implants. she'd be roughly the same in terms of weight. the difference is all visual, really.

No. 234861

>anachan thinks curves make someone fat

look, I hate the "Eat like shit and do nothing and you're curvy" meme as much as the next person but curves shouldn't really be considered when determining if someone is fat

No. 234862

File: 1521388114604.jpg (47.99 KB, 500x670, goldmarilyn.jpg)

We don't have the same views of what curves are.
Original pic is an overweight girl with implants and a photoshoped waist.

No. 234863

they're unnatural and extreme but still curves
you admit they're implants but why act like they make her fat? it's not like silicon is fat tissue anon

No. 234865

That's my opinion of what a fat person looks like, if you have a massive amount of fat on your ass and thighs and big arms you're fat in my book.

No. 234866

but her arms aren't huge they're slightly chucky at most, only a tiny bit bigger than marilyns actually, lainey is this you?

No. 234867

but her legs are huge and her waist is probably twice as big IRL.
Momo is that you?

No. 234868

>but her legs are huge
not landwhale status, again, "huge" legs aren't a big deal
>her waist is probably twice as big IRL.
emphasize on "probably"

No. 234869

well that's dumb as shit. so a 5'1 girl weighing 105 is fat if she has fatty legs, but a 5'1 girl weighing 105 isnt fat if her fat is all over her body? that's really retarded and not how being overweight works.

and we're talking about the shooped images and what you consider fat. she's extremely photoshopped and has had many surgeries, but we're talking about the images above where she tapered in her waist, which you're calling fat– not what she actually looks like irl.

No. 234870

I said a massive amount of fat you retard not a regular one.

Her legs are 100% landwhale status even more so considering she is definitely wearing shapewear under her super skinny jean.

No. 234871

e x p o s e d

No. 234872

sure, whatever, she's a landwhale soley because she has thicc thighs, keep coping

No. 234874

>I said a massive amount of fat you retard not a regular one.
but you can still have legs that are of really fatty composition at 105. i do, although my hips arent severely augmented. so people with fat legs at normal weights are fatties, while women who have fat in their arms and stomachs at the exact same weight are normal. ok. like everyone else in the world disagrees with you, but ok.

No. 234876

You're not fat if you just have poor fat distribution, anon, that's not what I'm saying, but the original girl is definitely overweight.

No. 234877

File: 1521389651372.jpg (42.73 KB, 564x607, b9d726046c1b1bc0836088c745750c…)

What makes you think that erybody but one person agrees with you?
I don't care if you think her stomach is flat/she has good fat distribution, her weight alone classifies her as obese.

No. 234878

File: 1521389821107.jpeg (482.18 KB, 1200x1500, 1521386484335.jpeg)

Moo in comparison

No. 234881

She looks overweight, maybe 30 or 40 lbs away from being obese, not to mention she has implants and might have thigh muscles as well, moo is just fat, she has just fat in her boobs, thighs, ass, hips and a tiny bit in her arms moo is fat all over

If you think this is obese seek help

No. 234882

You're delusional if you think she has a healthy BMI.

No. 234883

and shes fatter in this photo too than the original that that anon was calling morbidly obese, so its not a fair comparison

No. 234884

And you're even more delsuonal if you think I said that despite several times, even the first thing i said was that she's overweight

No. 234885

So why are you losing your shit over me calling her fat? Overweight IS fat.

No. 234889

No one called her morbidly obese.

No. 234890

And thats the problem, its not like theres just skinny,average and fat and nothing inbetween, theres chubby, chunky, skinny fat, etc
Fat distribution has a lot to do with it, if a girl was eugiena cooney thin but had giant J size tits which classified her as being overweight would you still consider her fat?
BMI is just weight height ratio,doesnt take anything into comparison like muscle mass, implants, bone structure, etc etc, and while we don't know her weight I can bet if we took out her implants she would be average hitting overweight
You can be average bmi but if you have no muscle mass and distribute it poorly you could be considered fat

No. 234891

This woman is clearly an overweight person without any noticeable muscle mass.
This girl is not thin from any part of her body except her photoshoped waist.

No. 234892

Can you at least TRY to use something I said?
I never called her thin anywhere, i never said she wasnt overweight, in fact, this will be the last time I say this, she IS overweight but not fat


And? I knew women who were average weight with layers of fat on their thighs that made their thighs look bigger and fat when they gained muscle

No. 234893

She is overweight AND fat period.

No. 234895

and you have issues if you think she's fat, period.

No. 234896

File: 1521391824795.jpg (23 KB, 552x414, 554.jpg)

No. 234925


Hello paisana, fellow Mexican based in Mexico here. She’s chub for sure, not obese by any means but that’s most likely because of the waist. If she had a few more cm in that area she’d be almost a landwhale. She is overweight but has a nice body regardless. What truly irks me is how dangerous is to put on weight just to go to a surgeon to move the fat around, that shit has to have some nasty side effects. I’m wondering how is her heart doing surrounded by all that nasty fat, because some chicks around have similar body types to that but since it’s a natural frame to them, the type of fat is different.

No. 234947

> Almost one-third of adult Mexicans, 32.8 per cent, are obese compared to 31.8 per cent of Americans, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation

Please understand that we won't rely on your judgement of what's healthy or not…
Show that picture to any doctor and he'll tell ýou she immediately needs to start working against that

No. 234951

looks like an alien or an egg

No. 234957

Point to me where I said she's healthy and I will leave the internet forever
I have never ONCE said she was healthy, in fact I said several times she was overweight, it wasn't healthy, she could afford to lose a few pounds etc I just dont think she's ~obese and going to die of kidney failure~ or its as bad as other anons are acting like it is
Jesus, learn to read what I'm saying instead of seeing what other anons are saying and claiming I said it when on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS I said it wasn't healthy

No. 234962

>What truly irks me is how dangerous is to put on weight just to go to a surgeon to move the fat around, that shit has to have some nasty side effects
>I’m wondering how is her heart doing surrounded by all that nasty fat,

>Please understand that we won't rely on your judgement of what's healthy or not…

Did you even bother reading a word that anon said? No wonder this board is making people crazy, it feels like you have to scream what you mean before people even understand

No. 234970

> She’s chub for sure, not obese
She's obese. Somebody like Kota is 'chubs'.

No. 234973

File: 1521414220451.gif (52.57 KB, 774x601, BMIChart.gif)

anon I think you need an update on what obese means, also not to mention BMI charts are for people who don't have muscle/implants, BMI is a weird thing because all it measures is height weight ratio, not taking into thing like her implants and wide body structure and whatnot

anyway, we don't know her height nor weight, and it's not like she's landwhale status or anything so it's not really easy if she's "obese" or not, lots of people don't know about how bmi works and which is considered obese
example, I use to think I was in the overweight BMI, I'm 5 foot and 120 lbs and I'd be considered chubby by most peoples standards however according to BMI I'm just the higher end of a healthy weight, my mom is 5'7 and 190, she's considered overweight BMI wise but not obese however lots of people look at her and consider her obese, chances are this chick is just overweight but not obese like people are trying to make her out to be, and ofc there's no evidence of her height nor weight unless an anon has her height and weight, people just tend to overestimate peoples BMIs

also ashley graham is also considered overweight but not obese, and this chick looks smaller than ashley graham

No. 235004

i never said she was morbidly obese you twat. i said "just because it isn't" learn to read before starting up.

No. 235628

She was so cute before.

No. 236485

File: 1521858723972.jpeg (483.97 KB, 750x746, 5034FC7C-00BA-497F-B67F-97FD35…)

saw this on IG explore, big debate over if it’s real or surgery in the comments. what y’all think?

No. 236487

>literally almost no difference in muscle mass
Maybe her calf gained some bulk, but the rest of her body is literally the same minus the new ass. Definitely implants of some sort.

No. 236510

Christ how do surgeons like this exist? Why did she go to the same doctor? This is just disgraceful

No. 236511

File: 1521870567369.jpg (7.97 KB, 306x165, kelli.jpg)

Good news though, botched did a good job fixing it up

No. 236659

This is so depressing…she has the cutest bum before and now it's gross, when will the melon cheek trend die anons?

No. 236919

It's work she has literally no thigh definition.

No. 240128

Oof, imagine looking this busted and being proud of it. "I look like I have a moustache because of the shadow of these hemorrhoids pillows on my face" look is so sexy.

The worst part is that some men are complimenting it on the comment section. Probably into bimbofication, I presume.

No. 240140

File: 1522970970141.png (1009.85 KB, 702x957, Screenshot_2018-04-05-18-27-19…)

What do you guys think? Her lips look ridiculous, probably has implants, a nose job and possibly hip work/fat transfers and maybe jaw work as well, she looks good overall minus her lips

No. 240141

she looks retarded face wise

No. 240143

the fake tits are tacky too

No. 240148

How do such young women afford all this surgery?

No. 240149

Debt + daddys money + sugar daddies money
I knew girls in trailers who've gotten surgeries before, its cheaper than college at least

No. 240150

Damn maybe I should have gotten shooped up years ago, if trailer trash can do it I guess I can too.

No. 240152


Eh, I think she looks cute, at least in this pic, lips and all. After this shit >>240128 I don't think her lips are that bad lmao

No. 240176

I don't know if she got lip fillers, but she looks like a clown with the red tint.

Also, her eye surgery is just tragic. Hopefully that aegyosal filler will be absorved soon.

No. 240179


Payment plans. And sacrifices. Some choose surgery over a car, moving out of parents home, vacations, etc.

No. 240190

korean trends in general
unwashed hair that looked like you poured a bottle of vegetable oil on it, unnaturally paper white skin, aeygo sal can be okay but most girls make it look crusty in real life, unnatural no-jaw-pointy-chin vlines

the fashion can be cool but ridiculous if taken too far, the makeup and hair trends look ridiculous irl

No. 240314

She looks cute but I don't understand why you thinks she had a million different surgeries.
She looks pretty normal except for the lips, but I think that's just shitty lipliner and LINE Camera

No. 240315

Almost worse than Trisha Paytas, holy fuck

No. 240316

File: 1523027276112.jpg (107.21 KB, 634x953, 43B00E5400000578-0-image-a-13_…)

I have a soft spot for busted or extreme surgery, especially if the person is happy with it. It seems like a big fuck you to everyone.

No. 240319

>She looks cute but I don't understand why you thinks she had a million different surgeries.

I don't, she has lip work done so chances are she probably has other things done as well, for her nose/jaw my nose and jaw are p similar so I don't doubt she didn't get work done there
For her body, her breasts look unnatural and kinda hard
For hips, maybe, they're okay, she tends to do weird positions to make herself look like a weird cartoon drawing though

>inb4 humblebraggers come in claiming they're super 16 inch waist skinny with giant asses and 40 inch hips and if you don't think it's natural you're a fattie

No. 240328

A job? And probably parents' help. I know girls age 15-18 whose parents paid for their nosejobs. Other ones worked during the summer and saved up money.

No. 240338

>complains about humblebragging
>humblebrags about nose and jaw

Christ on a stick, her body is attainable. If anything, she got her tits and face done.

No. 240339

File: 1523034534003.png (735.34 KB, 720x856, Screenshot_2018-04-06-12-07-02…)

Do you know what humblebragging is? I'm pround of my nose and jaw, I'm not claiming to be insecure about it or trying to hide it or claiming is causes problems for me or whatever

>Her body is attainable

Yeah clearly I see girls walking around with BMIs of 17, perky C up round tits, concave stomach, and wide perfectly round hips all the time

No. 240343

I live in an expensive city where plastic surgery is very expensive, maybe I was just overgeneralizing and its not so costly in other areas and therefore more attainable

No. 240345

What the fuck podunk obesity capital do you live in to make that body type so unrealistic to achieve to you? Like holy shit, her hips and tits aren't even disproportionately large for her frame.

No. 240346

Even in east asian countries where anorexia is higher than obesity their women still don't have those propotions nor rock hard round perky tits, please leave if you think ig model bodies are attainable and anyone who points out they aren't is fat

No. 240347

File: 1523036612849.png (46.04 KB, 299x413, 1515872854582.png)

Holy shit anon, calm down. I didn't even call you fat, but the fact that you said you never see women look like this without plastic surgery is a solid indicator you clearly don't get exposed to fit or healthy thin people very often. There is absolutely nothing disproportionate or unrealistic about this girl. Her hips are a little big and her boobs are barely larger than the average girl that size. She just looks like a normal healthy person who takes care of herself and doesn't have shit genetics working against them.

I hate to say "you sound bitter and/or envious", but when people are this intense in their denial that a totally realistic body type is achievable…

No. 240353

Where did i say i never see people look like that without plastic surgery? Oh right I didnt, I said its not exactly common to see women walking the streets with these bodies, even when I lived in vietnam for a bit I never saw women walk the streets with these bodies, shes an IG model, she already has lip fillers, and witb those rock hard tits she probably has implants as well

>There is absolutely nothing disproportionate or unrealistic about this girl. Her hips are a little big and her boobs are barely larger than the average girl that size. She just looks like a normal healthy person who takes care of herself and doesn't have shit genetics working against them.

Okay, then show me one average woman who looks like this, oh right you can't, even if you're surronded by super thin women all day most people who actually get out and don't look at shooped models on the internet all day will admit this is unrealistic, no im not claiming she has extremely wide hips or big boobs, rather than I'm more focused on the shape and the fact they look hard, you know, like implants, and her hips look round and balled up, like you know, fat injections
Seriously, get out more

>I hate to say "you sound bitter and/or envious", but when people are this intense in their denial that a totally realistic body type is achievable…

Again, show me one everyday woman who isnt an ig model who has a body similar to this, there's a reason you can't its almost like its unrealistic or something wow

No. 240354

>stick skinny girl with wide hips and larger than average perky round boobs
>"i-its not unrealistic shes just thin and takes care of herself and has good genetics"
So… Unrealistic?
Go back to r9k

No. 240356

File: 1523038904406.jpg (31.44 KB, 960x721, 21879745_1096514653785188_2715…)

violet looks like shes possibly had a nose job and lip fillers, but shes never posted a pic without her lips overlined and always uses that lip color. her body type isnt "super unattainable" if you arent sedentary. my body type and 2 friends are about the same as hers.

No. 240358

"Teehee me and my friends are super skinny with perfect tits and round hips"
Whatever you say anon
Her boob shape is what strikes me as fake, not her being super skinny, not to mention her hip and shoulder ratio also strikes me as fake, no matter where I've gone I've never in my life seen a super skinny girl with hips wider than her shoulders

No. 240359

>acknowledging some women actually have this body type without surgery makes you a robot
Anon, this might be hard for you accept, but there are thin women in the world that have boobs and hips. They do exist. Does that mean all women should look like that and feel bad if they don't? Of course not. But to say no one in the world can be thin without being a plank of wood is factually incorrect and makes you sound crazy bitter.

Ffs, like I previously stated, her boobs are barely even big. I can't even imagine the sperg out you would have had over me when I was 35lbs lighter and had a concave stomach with perky 32DDDs.

No. 240361

I've seen nonfat women with hips wider than their shoulders, but literally only twice in my entire life. I don't see how one can get surgery to make that happen though? Unless they got shoulder shaving? Please tell me that's not that thing.

Also, people are probably pointing out they know people with that body type because you adamantly refuse to believe it exists, so they're just stating they've seen it before. Because the fact you haven't is honestly baffling.

No. 240362

File: 1523039480830.png (353.66 KB, 713x547, Screenshot_2018-04-06-13-29-49…)

Thats also an different/older pic of her, im mostly talking about pics where she does weird positions to make her hips look extremely big compared to her body, anyone can be skinny like her but I doubt anyone has hips/waist and boobs like that naturally

No. 240363

The way she poses makes her hips look bigger. Sitting always has that effect. When she's standing, her hips are big, but not ridiculous like they look in this one. She's just mastered the MySpace angle shot, but with hips.

No. 240364

We've seen it all before, it was the entire reason this thread was made
Any surgery that isnt botched or obvious is no surgery, even other anons when discussing missalice and other fake tits girl pointed out bot logic

Wow its almost as if its unrealistic or something wow, yes non fat but super boney and skinny?
>people know people with that body type
And? Ive seen it before, like the missalice discussion when someone claimed to know a girl with boobs like that, they post a picture and reality is the tits looked nothing like hers, which is why I doubt when someoen claims to know someone with that body type

>Ffs, like I previously stated, her boobs are barely even big. I can't even imagine the sperg out you would have had over me when I was 35lbs lighter and had a concave stomach with perky 32DDDs

This is why the humblebrag thread was made, funny how all girls come in the ps thread, claim to have perfect extreme bodies but in the neet thread suddenly all girls here are fat and ugly, why?

No. 240365

File: 1523039882015.jpg (142.13 KB, 848x1600, 4b5ba25caaffaaf0581c3a2e0b29ef…)


It's possible for thin woman to have huge, perky boobs. Just astronomically unlikely but it exists. This is a photo of sophia loren from the 60s, in Italy.

No. 240366

Pear shape + legs open + fat "spread" + angle = this.

This isn't unattainable IMO.

No. 240367

It's literally humblebragging. Of course there are women that naturally have very thin waists and wide hips but saying 'all thin women have that body type, it's normal and if you don't you're just fat' is autistic. I'm thin and athletic and while I do have a waist and hips there's no way I could ever get that hyper IG model hourglass. If you have that type naturally you're very lucky but acting like it's the average is silly.

No. 240370

File: 1523040196511.png (530.15 KB, 540x762, Screenshot_2018-04-06-13-39-06…)

Sophia also has more fat and big nipples and a larger rib cage, not stick thin, no shoulders, and barbie tits, im not saying its literally impossible
Not just in this pic, her hips looks unnaturally round, is all im saying
This. Women can have big boobs and tiny waists naturally but claiming its attainable and realistic and anyone who doesnt think so is fat is ridiculous, hell i have wide hips and a small waist but even then I have a big of a hip dip and not 360 round hips

No. 240371

sigh do i have to explain again
Unrealistic =/= "literally impossible and no woman on the face of the planet can have those features naturally!!"

No. 240372

This look like injections or hip pads tbh.

No. 240374

Lolcow every other thread: I hate myself i have saggy small breasts, fat arms, no ass, zits everywhere, wrinkles and no ass and hips
Lolcow on this thread: I have stacy tier genetics with 50 inch hips, a concave stomach, perfect skin, perky round porn tits and a baby face and you're all jealous fatties if you think its unrealistic

No. 240375

Most likely, or shoop, given she does weird poses and her hips change in size a loott, so most likely hip pads

No. 240376

File: 1523040821961.jpg (108.4 KB, 750x937, g3wYWfC.jpg)

>Anon, this might be hard for you accept, but there are thin women in the world that have boobs and hips. They do exist.
This. Shit like this is why any girl who points out when someone obviously went under the knife or uses excessive Photoshop gets labeled a jealous hag. We get lumped in with girls like this anon who for whatever reason don't want to accept that some women with "perfect" bodies exist. "Perfect" being in quotation marks because obviously that's somewhat subjective. Also, I gotta love the irony that they told you to go back to /r9k/, yet they're sounding kinda like those robots who insist no woman is beautiful without full face paint or Photoshop.

A great example is Sommer Ray. Tons of people insist she must have gotten ass implants when you can tell it's natural because of how huge and muscular her thighs are. A lot of people just don't want to accept that there are people who look like that without "cheating" in some way. I don't know why that could be other than because it makes them feel insecure or something.

No. 240377

Samefag, but when I say "natural" in regards to Sommer's ass, I just mean "not fake". No one naturally has an ass like that, she works out all the time.

No. 240378

File: 1523041062718.jpeg (46.53 KB, 500x492, 4U84368473.jpeg)

Sure anon. Thats why no models or actress that we can see from multiple angles ever look like like a perfect barbie doll with perky tits tiny waist and perfectly round hips, it's always insta models who can perfectly control their angles who have the perfect natural body, how strange.

No. 240379

But sommer also has narrow hips and doesn't have an extreme figure, she doesnt have extremely narrow shoulders, 4 inch wide rib cage and perfect round hips and perky perfect round tits

No one is saying perfect bodies dont exist, women cant be skinny with big boobs or hips, we just point out bodies that look fake and ask for other anons input, which a lot of people would agree violet does look fake and I have yet to see someone as skinny as her have hips and tits like those naturally, I even told that anon if they show me a girl who looks like that whos an everyday woman i can admit I was wrong and its something attainable but i never got that i only have anons claimimg to have amazing bodies and claiming if you dont think so youre a fat feminist

No. 240380

This. Pointing extreme looking ig model bodies look fake to them they think it means "WOMEN CANT HAVE PERFECT BODIES NATURALLY"
Especially when they claim its realistic and you point out its not realistic to be super thin with wide hips and perfect tits

No. 240382

File: 1523041676349.png (556.27 KB, 687x879, Screenshot_2018-04-06-14-05-20…)

This is sommer ray from an angle that doesnt necessarily highlight her curves, from the front shes kinda rectangular shaped as most ig models, she also isnt stick thin with magically big round perky boobs and wide perfectly round hips,not exactly a good example to prove your point…

No. 240384

>anon stating she had a concave stomach before she got fat is humblebragging
My fucking sides
Literally no one is saying any of this. It's like you're in a separate reality.
>only have anons claimimg to have amazing bodies and claiming if you dont think so youre a fat feminist
Where is this being said? Because I am not seeing it at all.
Yeah, you take a pic from a bad angle and anyone looks bad. Just like some angles are deceivingly flattering, some are deceivingly unflattering. It goes both ways.

No. 240385

dude idk what to tell you, you obviously have self perception issues if you think thin girls with 28D bras and hip bones are unreal. I see girls like this all around campus and absolutely everywhere. maybe you're in a social bubble of awkward body type women

No. 240387

>literally no one is saying this
Oh? Then why are so many other anons fed up with humblebragging/girls claiming to have these extreme bodies that almost always happens in this thread and then in every other thread girls complain about being ugly?
>Where is this being said? Because I am not seeing it at all.
Scroll up
>Just like some angles are deceivingly flattering,
Your point? Models are chosen to model from all angles,and anyone can agree most super models are unrealistic yes? And pls dont be that retard who denies this because they literally have to go out and choose the best of the best to find models, now imagine that, and ig models are magically all these perfect totally realistic and genuine curvy perfect goddesses and if you deny it youre just bitter and jelly
Sommer ray isnt a good example however because she has an average fit body with a large round butt, however she doesnt have extreme or unrealistic propotions so your point doesnt make sense

No. 240389

Anon you're delusional if you think insta models don't enhance their body, what even is the point of arguing that her body is realistic? Maybe a few girls out there naturally look like that but if it's not common at all to be born lucky enough to have small waist wide hips and nice tits 100% naturally.

No. 240390

I don't know if thats sarcasm or not
>28D thin with hipbones
Again, yes skinny girls with any boob size can exist, tiny itty bitty shoulders with wide magically perfect round hips and perky large tits? Most likely fake
Also where is this stacy town apparantly and can you show me one example since its apparantly o so common there?

No. 240392

My point was that anytime anytime a girl on IG has a nice body, there's always going to be people insisting it's fake and "unrealistic" even when it isn't actually. Being thin with big round hips and perky full boobs isn't unrealistic, it's just not super common. There's a world of difference between saying "this body type is unusual" and "this body type is unachievable without surgery".

>Where did i say i never see people look like that without plastic surgery? Oh right I didnt, I said its not exactly common to see women walking the streets with these bodies
You literally say this in the same exact post
>Again, show me one everyday woman who isnt an ig model who has a body similar to this, there's a reason you can't its almost like its unrealistic or something wow
Here you are, saying it.

Also, maybe people aren't showing you examples of everyday women who look like this because it would require them to post pics of people they know IRL and that's a batshit request to make?

No. 240394

>Being thin with big round hips and perky full boobs isn't unrealistic, it's just not super common