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File: 1716955381247.jpg (902.64 KB, 4032x3024, cat in bubble bath.jpg)

No. 2025758

ITT: share uneventful, mundane, or just downright ordinary events that have recently happened in your life.

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Please follow all /ot/ board rules.

No. 2025778

I went to Popeyes for their Monday special (3 pieces of chicken) and the worker said he would give me an extra piece for free. It was a good day today.

No. 2025781

File: 1716956208143.jpg (179.94 KB, 800x458, YooperliteSideBySide.jpg)

I got a yooperite and blacklight and I can't stop staring at it shit's so cash

No. 2025790

Did he have a thing for you

No. 2025793

No he seemed gay (homosexual) so I think he was just being friendly or maybe I exude a hungry aura.

No. 2025816

>leave lolcor for 5-ish hours
>have thread tabs open to lurk in when I get back
>get back, check tabs
>unpopular opinions thread has jumped by 450 posts
Bedtime reading, nice.
Those are so cool! What's your yooperite like nonna?

No. 2025842

I love Rango so much, it's a shame there isnt any other movie like it. I genuinely cant stand 3D movies, except for this one. I am going to rewatch it again, and do some fanart the designs are insanely good.

No. 2025844

nta but when i worked at mcdonalds i would make people's mcflurries super heavy because i felt like it.

No. 2025866

God I need you now more than ever nona

No. 2025868

You were the real hero all along

No. 2026016

So you felt like fattening up people… hmm…

No. 2026307

I’m eating triple the portion of spaghetti for breakfast and I regret nothing bitchess

No. 2026335

braver than uny us marine

No. 2026358

I am sick… With bronchitis, I think. Muscle aches, sore throat, headache, annoying cough with itchy throat.. Lost my voice. I'm sure my neighbors loved hearing the hoarse yelp I let out while I was watering my flowers this morning, like 4 big cockroaches surprised me. I hate bugs, I can't help it. Now I'm gonna lay in bed and read my favorite scary book. I hope I fall asleep soon.

No. 2026395

Get well soon, anon. What's the book?

No. 2026413

Thanks sweet anon. It's The Exorcist. I cannot handle the movie but I love the book.

No. 2026424

I made isntant ramen but my dumd adhd brain made me take it out before it was fully cooked so now it feels like plastic

No. 2026425

I will work from home for the first time in 3 months tomorrow, I'm so excited I can finally slack off properly instead of wait for something to happen in the office for 9h in a row now that I completed most of my tasks.

No. 2026432

File: 1716998085854.jpeg (700.3 KB, 1242x1234, IMG_5722.jpeg)

Wishing to have a friendship like this again

No. 2026437


No. 2026472

File: 1716999378286.jpeg (643.29 KB, 2352x2113, IMG_0985.jpeg)

I found out about human design concept and I can’t go back, it’s so accurate just like my birth chart. I dig some new age stuff like this

No. 2026483

My father made a discord account. He has no idea what he’s getting himself into.

No. 2026485

Your dad is getting groomed, sorry anon.

No. 2026513

My right eyelid keeps twitching for the past 2 days

No. 2026541

I don't like how well crystals work for me. It's unscientific and there's no proof. But every single time I do a joke spell with crystals as a demonstration to sell rocks/mushrooms at my stand, it comes 100% true. It has to be a statistically anomaly, like getting nothing but heads on a hundred coin flips, but it still makes me mad that it keeps happening with such success.

No. 2026544

I read the word "unalive" in a horror novella, it was used as the opposite of "undead" but I still got some whiplash seeing it outside of tiktok lingo.

That's because you lack some sleep.

No. 2026684

File: 1717009487553.jpg (131.15 KB, 1003x602, WTC1.jpg)

the bush outside my office is infested with tent caterpillars but they're so cute and fuzzy. i love watching them nibble at the leaves and their tiny little legs moving. they look like they have little tiny socks on

No. 2026758

I spend a hour fixing a PlayStation 4 slim I bought second-hand for only 83. I finally can play games with cds! Because the guy left a top 40 cd in it, with a white piece I removed it (not sure why the ps4 has it) kek but I am so proud of myself! I can now play the game I bought today.

No. 2026762

i wish there were more opportunities for me to encounter caterpillars this sounds so cute

No. 2026777

yoooo these used to be everywhere when I was a kid, me and my neighbor would collect them and put them in a caterpillar circus/obstacle course when we were around 6-7

No. 2026824

File: 1717018338836.png (456.57 KB, 581x567, keychains.png)

I love this image and how universal it is for husbandofags. Also I fucking love keychains

No. 2026825

i wanna go on my computer so bad but my laptop charger just died and im waiting for the new one

No. 2026835

Ughhh I want to play jack jeanne so badly but i have to prep for an interview tonight

No. 2026876

Is it really weird if I just want to observe a moid? I was hanging out with my friend and we were talking about what we would do if we were to meet some actors we kind-of like, and I told her that I would just observe one of them like how you observe a plant or an animal that you need to diagnose with something.

No. 2026878

Me too, nonna, I want to draw but I also have an interview tomorrow, good luck!

No. 2026881

There's a lot of bunny rabbits around where I live and I love seeing them hopping around when I'm on a walk. I love them and I saw 3 during my hour walk today. Sometimes I wish I could speak their language so I could instruct them on how to avoid coyotes, but alas the great Tower of Babel lay in ruin.

No. 2026888

The idea of a wine tasting is sounding like more and more fun to me, I keep seeing it on tv for some reason. Wish it wasn't such a ripoff because it's pretty much pretending to be sophisticated while getting piss drunk, sounds great to me.

No. 2026927

There's usually coupons if you check groupon. Or, if you call your city's visiting center, they'll tell you who is the cheapest and let you know if anyone is running sales.

No. 2026989

Thanks nonnie!

No. 2026998

I think I saw bunnies playing chase with each other! They’re incredibly fast. I can’t imagine living somewhere where coyotes are nearby though, I’d be a little scared.
Do you think bunnies would wear their ears up in a bun if they were exercising? Imagine it anon!

No. 2027055

I feel weird whenever someone calls me "pretty" or "cute"

No. 2027062

I've never played WoW and no nothing about the game, but I'm gonna play the free trial and see how I feel about it.

No. 2027127

I read and watch so much medical content that I'm ruining the fun of "mystery diagnosis" shows. I turned on this random one on tonight and 5 minutes in I correctly diagnosed the mystery condition as Steven-Johnson syndrome.

No. 2027148

I'm going to go pluck half of my eyebrows out 10 minutes before bed

No. 2027168

File: 1717039273419.jpg (94.74 KB, 938x1025, 1000003758.jpg)

I just can't imagine the alternate reality Asians live in where this is a symbol of peace lol

No. 2027171

File: 1717039433927.jpg (16.23 KB, 500x367, furred reich.jpg)

they should kiss

No. 2027176

Wtf is that bowl cut

No. 2027180

File: 1717039731645.jpg (414.53 KB, 1466x1610, 1000004366.jpg)

I wanted to read a new webtoon that seems to have a noble lady x servant romance but there's no online spoilers so I fear it'll just be the korean wuthering heights where notHeathcliff is a secret noble who comes back to make notCathy suffer and I just want an actual servant noble romance, just let the dude actually earn a merchant wealth or a knight title, not this divine birth crap…

No. 2027234

I just made a personal website on Carrd. I pretend this is 2003~2004 and it’s the only social media I got on the internet. People can sign my guestbook. It’s fun.

No. 2027237

Lifehack: cut open a dinner roll and dump beef ravioli on it, it's like a meatball sub but ten times cheaper and ten times worse.

No. 2027241

File: 1717044356789.jpeg (83.67 KB, 626x417, IMG_1187.jpeg)

Today I went on a date with a moid who tried to neg me by telling me that I look fatter irl than in my pictures. I told him that he looks balder irl than in his pictures and he got mad and called me a ""gold digger"" kek

What absolute scrote logic. Why would I take his money when he needs every penny to save up for minoxidil and/or a hair transplant. Modern men truly cannot take what they dish out. This is why I choose (gummy) bears over men.

No. 2027253

Kek nona I’m glad you strike back

No. 2027439

Couple of friends are coming over early next week to help me put up some shelves so I promised them dinner and dessert as a thank you. Idk what I'm more excited about, FINALLY getting those shelves up or my dinner plans (lasagna with a nice salad and then an ice cream buffet because it's hot and I couldn't make up my mind).

No. 2027526

It is slow as shit. Wake uppppp

No. 2027527

my roommate's cat keeps meowing through the cat gate and I desperately want to let her out to chill while I work, but I don't want to be a cat wrangler and a referee for cat fights right now

No. 2027533

Based nonny

No. 2027543

Its cold.

No. 2027546

When my hands are cold I put them under my boobs. When my feet are cold I cross my legs and tuck my feet under into the back of my knees/thighs. Get a blanket and some tea.

No. 2027552

I am warm now nonnie thank you.

No. 2027712

File: 1717090015692.jpg (42.16 KB, 735x583, 51455855b36b441756d275cee39aca…)

I keep drinking McDonald's frappes, shakes and mcflurry's even though my stomach can't handle it. I'm sipping on a vanilla shake right now and suffering through the pain.

No. 2027717

the more i look into hairstyles to try the more i realize how everything is really dependent on your face…of course a messy ponytail looks chic and fashionable when the woman wearing it is gorgeous. should i kill myself

No. 2027834

File: 1717094406648.webp (12.23 KB, 360x239, Cracker.webp)

Me pirating tons of 3DS and Vita games and then not playing any of them because of choice paralysis

No. 2027835

Diabolik Lovers

No. 2027860

no, go out there and make men kill themselves for being ugly.

No. 2027876

File: 1717095978899.png (328.86 KB, 640x555, 1670252898854.png)

I just watched some historical stuff about WW1 soldiers and other personnel and KEK the absolute stacy in 03:53
>(Soldier in the trenches:) I've written a final letter to Miss Familar, giving her a piece of my mind
>After I sent the letter I received a very simple new years card from her
>I guess you don't go to war without it costing you somethin'

No. 2027880

I already finished that one last year maybe I should replay it kek

No. 2027887

File: 1717096316257.jpg (31.95 KB, 510x500, UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH…)

im trying to look at male edtwt fuckspo but my parents wont leave me fuckin room

No. 2027890

File: 1717096436120.png (604.96 KB, 1048x1006, g2dy4x6qv9t71.png)


No. 2027896

File: 1717096692309.jpeg (71.87 KB, 573x672, 05-30-24_3-02-00 PM.jpeg)

i don’t have anything else to say, just look at my cute sim

No. 2027904

File: 1717096901727.png (Spoiler Image,68.81 KB, 295x294, frowning woman face.png)

painfully virgin question but do women in porn, even the softcore kind have this pained expression(retard)

No. 2027907

Bitch is damn near walleyed and has a big man chin + jaw combo. It's like the dude who played Dandy Mott in AHS if he was a crossdresser.

No. 2027914

File: 1717097100746.jpg (207.87 KB, 1280x720, Asobi Asobase - 04 - Large 23.…)

this nigga still here??

No. 2027934

File: 1717097623268.jpeg (74.69 KB, 750x712, 764302E9-E120-4C59-919E-A1BC1F…)


No. 2027946

>big man chin
>big jaw
It’s literally a sim so I don’t think their proportions have to be realistic kek

No. 2028003

File: 1717099634153.jpg (15.27 KB, 660x260, bd3_.jpg)

it's my last day of vacation how am i supposed to relaxmaxx in the next ten hours when i'm too busy stressing about work

No. 2028012

In the manga I'm reading, LI-kun accidentally walked in (or out? She was bathing in a lake) on MC-chan, and I'm way more delighted about the fact that she got U U boobs instead of O O boobs than I should be.

No. 2028114

For weeks I've been having a problem with gnats in my bedroom. Not sure why they're here but they're so fucking annoying, and it's like no matter how many I kill there's more. I'm gonna try to get rid of them though. First step is to get rid of the plant in my room that's dried up, then I'm gonna get a humidifier with scents that repel gnats. The only food I ever keep in my room is a cup that I drink water out of, I'll get a tumbler so it'll be closed.

No. 2028116

File: 1717103390908.jpg (63.71 KB, 887x1000, 71KzYyuiw7L._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

Samefag, I'm gonna try to get one of these things too because those traps made of water, vinegar and soap never work.

No. 2028154

Burnt my hand with my straightener fuck me.
Catch one and call her Gnatalie.
I feel you nonna, hope you can relax a bit today.

No. 2028171

thank you my beautiful nonny i'm cleaning my apartment and going to draw a bit later to relax. did you put cold water on your burn? i hope you have some polysporin and hopefully it's not a deep burn and it heals quick.

No. 2028193

Is it kanojo okarishimasu? Thats the only manga i recall having a female lead with U U boobs

No. 2028197

Googled the manga and I don't see it? They look as perky as ever

No. 2028205

Going for a 3 day trip in a town in the Netherlands next october and I had to splurge on an expensive hotel room because the prices were insane, even fucking London was cheaper than that. Zero option for solo travelers as well (aside from like 2 hostels but with mixed dormitories so lol no), why does society hate us volcels so much?

No. 2028217

File: 1717107184490.png (43.02 KB, 817x330, Schermafbeelding 2024-05-30.pn…)

>why does society hate us volcels
because we don't make them enough money compared to couples or people with kids.

No. 2028240

I dont read the manga myself but I remember people posting pics of her boobs before and iirc they were pretty U for an anime girl. There’s also that call of the night girl but I cant remember if moids were mad about her flat ass or U boobs. I just recall this stuff from other people posting about it since I tend to avoid those type of manga

No. 2028341

I make youtube videos about random bullshit and there is always a polish guy who leaves smug comments in polish about how poland did it better. I have no idea if its mento illness or if all polish moids are like this.

No. 2028348

Sick sucks, so I'm going to go outside and hopefully get far enough out of the city to get some real fresh air.

No. 2028411

No. 2028445

Netherlands is always expensive and the accomodations are shit.

No. 2028465

kek, out of nowhere I remembered moviestarplanet and I tried logging into my old account and now I'm playing it. ahh memories

No. 2028705

I'm waiting for my eggs to finish boiling so I can start another league game, so I'm doing some online shopping in the meantime. I've been needing to buy some important things for a while but I get overwhelmed when I need to buy a lot.

No. 2028721

my 62 year old male boss stopped me this morning and told me "you were in my dream" and I was bracing myself for something really questionable, but he just said
>"you and I were in a barn with a miniature entrance staring at a cow. I just kept thinking, 'how'd they get the cow in here?' Then the dream ended."

No. 2028723

Your farmer aura is so strong it has people dreaming about cows

No. 2028740

Your boss travelled to another universe and in that universe, you and him were on the farms.

No. 2028746

He knows.

No. 2028750

He burns a hole over her shoulder when she's on that web browser

No. 2028760

trying to break the habit of biting my cuticles by putting bandaid around the tips of all my fingers, and that makes it really hard to use my phone

No. 2028769

File: 1717134055643.jpeg (93.1 KB, 1500x1370, 099a32466.jpeg)

buy one of those touch screen pens

No. 2028774

Im currently trying to get a full refund on something that I bought, but the Indian support people are so fucking rude and keep ending the chats early. And also lying and saying I already received an email about my issue, which I absolutely didn't. Ugh. I give the fuck up.

No. 2028782

It took me 20 minutes to sleep last night

No. 2028783

It takes me an hour or more

No. 2028790

lol sucks to suck, i'm out in under 5 minutes every time

No. 2028796

Do you have any special trick?

No. 2028797

Yeah I was so surprised to see that, the rooms were expensive but they looked very mediocre, and it wasn't even in a tourist place.

No. 2028800

5 minutes? I'm 4.

No. 2028807

just took pills i'm supposed to drink before sleep and pills i'm supposed to drink in the morning (normal doses, i'm not trying to kill myself or anything) so my body is about to take screenshot i'll just fall asleep most likely

No. 2028884

I feel really nice right now, I have a nice gentle fuzzy high. Perfect for enjoying dumb adult swim cartoons. I just feel pretty good tonight. I had a good day, and I ate healthy and exercised. My cats were really cute and sweet today too.

No. 2028891

It's an overpopulated country where even the smallest towns are relatively well-connected and a short distance from tourist attractions so people don't need to stay in the cities, of course it's expensive everywhere.

No. 2028899

Going to see the Haikyuu movie with my sister today, I’m excited

No. 2028999

I’m so hungry and broke

No. 2029012

Solo traveling in Europe sucks so much if you don't want to sleep in a dorm with random people who could be crazy and noisy and try to steal your suitcase.

No. 2029016

I found booking.com to be great for finding little B&Bs – not sure why so many of them use that site but it was way better than airbnb last time I went and I found some decent traditional cheap b&bs in some gorgeous places

No. 2029024

I never used airbnb when going on holidays in Europe, including in my own country because it feels useful only when you travel in a big group and usually it's just me and sometimes one or two friends or relatives. Booking can be pretty good but it really depends on your destination to begin with and if you're not looking for something too late. The prices for some cities are pretty shocking and I often find hotel rooms made for two guests and no room for one person in the cities that interest me. I never went to Amsterdam so I never looked for accomodations there though, unlike the OP.

No. 2029040

The cost between a hotel room with one bed and two beds is not always significant. Sometimes one king bed is actually more expensive than two queens (various reasons for this like two queens being less popular with business travelers especially on weekdays) so it's cheaper to get the room that's made for two and it's not like it's illegal just because you're traveling solo. I book double rooms all the time because it's cheaper. I guess I'm kind of confused by you both talking about "options for solo travelers" or rooms for one person, like what does that even mean? It doesn't matter if it was designed for one traveller or 4 as long as it's within your budget.
But yeah the prices in cities can be pretty shocking. I used to work in hotels and I guarantee you it doesn't cost the hotel more than $25 to flip that room between guests lol. The profit margin for hotels is sky high.

No. 2029067

File: 1717163863120.gif (520.12 KB, 500x281, 8c631fc886462b502b4af17da4bc4c…)

Have fun nona! I'm going to see it tomorrow, I can't wait

No. 2029223

Belgium was pretty cheap when I went two years ago. I really can't see myself sleeping in a dorm with random whom I know nothing about, I need personal space and comfort too much, I could maybe do it in a woman's only dorm if I have no other choice but no way am I sleeping in the vicinity of moids.
I use Booking too, they have some nice deals and a lot of choice.
I'm not even going to Amsterdam but Maastricht, who the fuck cares about Maastricht for the hotels to be
this expensive. At least I found something very nice close to the concert hall by a 10 minute walk.
>like what does that even mean
I've noticed in Japan or London that the cheaper rooms were made for one person, it's a tiny room with one bed with no personal bathroom, and the twin bed options were more expensive. I don't know if this type of rooms is more rare in continental Europe, I haven't traveled enough yet.

No. 2029249

File: 1717172561786.jpeg (10.45 KB, 271x186, download.jpeg)

Reading about Bakira Hasečić and one of her quotes is "My hobbies include smoking and catching war criminals" which is probably one of the coolest lines I've ever heard.

No. 2029262

I'm gonna get Little Caesars later. That anon a few days ago who said American pizza is the real authentic pizza was right, Italians could never create something so good and so cheap

No. 2029270

Enjoy it, anon. I was just telling my sister that I love cheap american pizza, tbh there's nothing quite like it.

No. 2029271

Ground up some oat flour and just put a pumpkin loaf in the oven. This is already an excellent morning!

No. 2029274

Oh ok. Must be unfamiliar to me because I'm a burger. We don't pay for shared bathrooms here. hotels for the last 50 years are 100% ensuite private bathroom only. Only in very old historic B&Bs or bad airBnBs will you find shared bathrooms, and also in hostels which aren't super popular here.

No. 2029275

File: 1717174350286.jpg (16.78 KB, 474x397, thumbs up.jpg)

>Be me
>Lie on entire resume and make up companies that I worked for and make fake websites and Google Maps locations for them to further the charade.
>Get interview and interviewer asks for my references
>Interviewer calls my uncles that are pretending to be my old bosses
>Gets job
This career thing isn't so hard after all! You just have to be a good liar and cover your tracks!

No. 2029276

Your career as a medical consultant begins now.

No. 2029287

You are a culinary genius, I'm going to try this.
Lol, bro thought he was ready to play, turns out he was only ready to be served.
Very cute. Let me try to profile you based on her. Are you a white female, approximately 28-35, who grew up on the east coast? I'm getting more northern east coast vibes than southern.

No. 2029300

He’s definitely in love with you.

No. 2029308

Shit, now that's some dedication, good job anon

No. 2029316

I always feel like such a loser eating at places alone kek but it’s also pretty fun to just people watch.

No. 2029342

I started writing (well, typing) a diary again. At first I wasn't convinced it's doing anything for me, but now, about two weeks and five several-word-pages-long rants later, I'm feeling refreshed when I write an entry.

No. 2029378

Also the "bad version" is flipped the opposite direction

No. 2029380

No. 2029425

im alive

No. 2029435

i like when months on a friday, it feels like a tidy and clean end. can't believe tomorrow is june though

No. 2029452

For real where the fuck did this year go? I feel like it's still March

No. 2029505

I've recently had to shave my pits (for peer pressure related reasons as I was going to the pool with a buncha people I barely knew) and I swear they start smelling bad so fast now. Used to be able to not shower for like 2 days or so and not notice much of a smell, now I sit at my computer for 2 hours and I'm already smelling like a high school boy. Ffs libfems lied to me again

No. 2029530

I dont shave for that reason exactly. I smell immediately like trash as soon as I shave. I refuse. I dont give a fuck who is offended. I only wear deodorant, but when i shave, i both smell and sweat bad. It's not worth it

No. 2029532

for real, anon. I got nothing done this year, and I'm panicking it's already nearing the summer.

No. 2029540

File: 1717190497858.jpeg (659.8 KB, 1518x1075, FIVHurQVEAM9C5a.jpeg)

Thanks nonny, it was a great watch! I hope you have fun tomorrow too

No. 2029541

So excited for you. Have fun!!

No. 2029549

My sweet nona mwah

No. 2029580

File: 1717191777222.jpg (20.4 KB, 500x334, 247bb2c1dfe6d85ac68ce2f74b51ea…)

This is so terminally online of me, but some moid started a thread on the other imageboard where he was larping as a woman in the most retarded way possible. And he was so defensive when I called him out on it and it was really frustrating me (I have no life). Anyway the next day there was a raid and a bunch of spammers hijacked his thread and kept calling him a tranny and it felt so cathartic kek. It's so funny watching moids being retarded and turning on each other. It's like watching ants fight or something.

No. 2029586

moid on moid violence always warms my heart

No. 2029590

File: 1717192360981.jpeg (49.97 KB, 290x161, IMG_2839.jpeg)

No. 2029591

I have 3 hours to kill before i go eat with my family, and i could be using it to draw, but my brain is hyperfocused on food and cannot concentrate. My stomach is all grr.

No. 2029596

Draw food.

No. 2029597

Are you anorexic or something? Have some tea or soda or fruit or vegetables or

No. 2029615

no, i am a fatass. I am just hungry because i didnt eat today and now i dont wanna spoil my appetite.

No. 2029741

I want to be a magician so I'm learning magic tricks now. Wish me luck nonas

No. 2029826

Just found out that the creator of that ginger male market failure song is a tif.

No. 2029830

I always knew she wanted to distance herself to gender critical stuff, but finding that to be the reason is disappointing. I never understand how people can go from dunking on troons to becoming one.

No. 2029837

honestly not surprising at all it had a vibe that was self depreciating which never made sense, now it makes sense. still a funny song.

No. 2029846

They said in the description
>i'm a trans guy and that was also the case when i first released the original version of this song
Maybe they’re the type to browse /tttt/

No. 2029848

Good luck magical girl.

No. 2029852

I think I was clenching my back teeth hard in my sleep, now my gums are slightly swollen. It's not painful but ugh.

No. 2030118

There's a tiny thunderstorm going on, excellent June start, I hope we have a rainy summer

No. 2030173

A group of tourists are taking photos of my garden. They don’t know I used to find needles in there and that I haven’t cleaned it ever, because the jasmine I planted almost a decade ago looks gorgeous and the bloom hides everything. Gardening tip for farmers!

No. 2030246

I’ve gone through 4 pks of raw tofu today. I don’t like it cooked but raw its like a flavourless cheese I love it

No. 2030260

Browsing lolcor on a stormy day, I love rereading threads. Especially in /ot/, the weird encounters one always makes me laugh.
Have you tried putting it in curry? It remains the same spongy texture, it's like a nice spongy cloud in between the spice.

No. 2030270

i can't believe it's june already

No. 2030276

Drove by a mini political rally yesterday (I assume it was a rally, there were a bunch of people filling up all the crosswalks of an intersection in 100+ degree weather waving American and trump flags) and one of the rally ladies waved at me. It was a friendly wave so I waved back! She seemed nice. Rally folks are crazy, but they all looked like they were having fun so I'm happy for them.

It's getting hot out, so I'm gonna start taking extra frozen water bottles when I go out and give those to people outside. That's all the current mundane shit I've got for this morning, hope you nonnies are having a good weekend and hope it gets better from here!

No. 2030321

File: 1717253076121.jpeg (73.56 KB, 700x700, IMG_6661.jpeg)

I bought really nice gauche paint after forcing myself to use cheap ones my whole life, and holy shit I feel so special and blessed to be alive right now… they’re sooo smooth and vibrant, immediately I noticed a difference in the quality of the hues. I reasoned that if I’m gonna paint, I’m just gonna use cheap materials as I’m gonna be rebuying them constantly, but fuck it, I want to create art and enjoy the process without having to work around my jank materials. Curse my retarded penny pinching habits

No. 2030332

i wish something interesting was happening so i could distract myself from my real life

No. 2030337

Don't remind me anon, this year is literally speeding by. I still have so much I need to do!

No. 2030366

I read the tinfoil thread whenever I feel like that.
Good for you nonnie! Hope you can find ones that are both affordable and good someday.

No. 2030368

>Be me driving down 60km/h road in right lane.
>In left lane notice car going <40km/h driven by two old ladies tailgated by a scrote in a faggy blue car.
>He's honking and having road rage and give them the middle finger when he changes into my lane.
>I get mad that he did that to old ladies so I start driving <30km/h to match the old ladies' speed so we're driving side to side.
>Now he's stuck having tardrage meltdown behind two cars going slow, he honks and in my rear-view I can see that he's screaming too.
Sometimes it seems too easy to give retards a meltdown. I really do think if you have a road rage issue you shouldn't be driving at all. I'm happy I got to troll him though. I hope he dies.

No. 2030369

This is how I felt using nice pastels for the first time. Quality materials change everything it's such a nice feeling

No. 2030372

tailgaters piss me off so bad. like there's a whole other lane dumbass, get around me and stop riding my ass. it's like none of these idiots have heard of the passing lane.

No. 2030377

I miss the winter already

No. 2030379

Just got a huge bill from Azure ladies

No. 2030409

Oh my I also played that game years ago
It's embarrassing remembering how I would dress the character…… also didn't they make MSP2? did you play it?

No. 2030437

Based female solidarity Nona

No. 2030453

No. 2030460

I can’t wait to have long hair again

No. 2030474

How long is it now, nona?

No. 2030498

Just ordered new clothes and I am feeling excited but I most likely won't wear either because I don't go anywhere. I haven't even worn anything I bought in the past two years. I might just return them once I receive the packages.

No. 2030508

almost shoulder length. my hair is the type that has curled out end if I don’t blow dry it properly, I’m tired of maintaining it but I don’t wanna look ugly kek

No. 2030510

Good luck with your hair journey anon, I'm on that situation too
Where would you like to go? Maybe you can plan something

No. 2030545

It took me until two minutes ago to learn Pandora Hearts and Kingdom Hearts aren't from the same franchise. My entire mind is blown. Maybe I'll give Pandora Hearts a chance after all.

No. 2030583

Pandora hearts is nice.

No. 2030584

I get mesmerized by the progress bar on my torrent downloads. Not much going on in my life.

No. 2030612

Got my shoes really wet a few days ago and they smelled so bad, I didn't know you could take out the insoles but when I did it was all wet underneath. Finally letting them air out properly now, even put teabags in them. Hope they won't stink in a week.

No. 2030690

File: 1717274771404.gif (412.88 KB, 200x200, 1000017090.gif)

When I see users on different social media saying "moid" and "troon" (and in the same sentence), I pause and wonder if those users are some of you guys, or if those users are just tourists. It makes me wonder how common it really is to regularly be on LC.

No. 2030703

Not the same but I remember watching a tv drama (bong) called happy valley and the main character called the male villain a scrote. I thought of lolcow

No. 2030711

I’m going to a party with some coworkers and I’m really hoping my work crush doesn’t bring his gf

No. 2030715

File: 1717276443890.jpg (59.14 KB, 387x600, 1000017091.jpg)

Jesus being a husbando for nuns and Bible thumping women makes a lot of sense now. Look at all this whump material.

No. 2030716

File: 1717276467114.jpg (70.95 KB, 1070x483, scrotes.jpg)

kek i am absolutely tickled seeing scrote be adopted across the UK. love to see it

No. 2030719

I love how the fetishes thread exposed like 70% of users here as male pain enjoyers. To the anona reading this: With Your Help We Can Make It 100%!

No. 2030722

Kek the male suffering renaissance has spread on the farms, god bless

No. 2030754

Nope never, why would I fantasize about gross, nasty, violent, shit.

No. 2030776

It’s ok and based when it happens to men don’t worry

No. 2030784

>have pretty much bought all the expensive shit i wanted at this point + paid off some old medical debts
>going to hunker down and save now
>at store, buying groceries, soap, etc. mundane items
>should have like, 2500 in savings
>card declines
>checking has gone down to 0
>"oh okay whatever i'll transfer some money"
>card declines again
>i am retarded and tried transferring money from the account that's at 0 to savings
>-200 overdraft
>freak the fuck out
>call bank
>get it all straightened out
i feel like such an adult

No. 2030817

File: 1717282690837.png (118.67 KB, 235x376, 1000017094.png)

I just realized that Elsie's name is the pronunciation of Lolcow's abbreviation: LC.

No. 2030848

I disagree.

No. 2030888

You wouldn’t last a day on /g/

No. 2030889

tell me something new…

No. 2030905

File: 1717287471990.jpeg (252.8 KB, 828x695, 1713616216278.jpeg)

Men have thick skin so they don't feel any pain

No. 2030922

what's wrong with his gf?

No. 2030956

People always say to go on walks to look at the flowers, animals, butterflies or whatever but none of that exists in my neighborhood. There's only alcohol bottles and cigarettes laying around, and the air smells like hot piss.

No. 2030966

File: 1717289932811.jpg (170.72 KB, 720x1074, 1000003800.jpg)

Them bitches with chiclet veneers grinding their stumps into pulp are going to be soo mad in a couple years

No. 2030973

Dental work is so fucked watch this shit be 10 treatments at 50k each.

No. 2030994

I hope I can afford this when it comes real. Needed to fill all my molars, top and bottom rows. I'm so tired of dealing with fillings every few years because they keep cracking or I keep getting cavities because of my shit health and I admit negligence sometimes.

No. 2030997

this is nothing more than an ad to secure attention and funding until they produce actual tangible results

No. 2031001

he knew what he was doing, turn that cheek and show that whumpy dumpy hun

No. 2031003

This has been worked on for decades, by multiple companies. I'm not too concerned. I do wonder what happened to the seasponge they say can eat dental cavities by insertion.

No. 2031006

I just bought some decorative paper that’s put together into a book (I guess that’s just how they do it?) but I’m not gonna use them for journaling, just to look at the pretty pictures.

No. 2031009

File: 1717292657257.jpg (82.11 KB, 682x668, 1000003766.jpg)

Going to start responding to things with lame elder millennial style tenor gifs to fuck up the vibes

No. 2031026

Cranky because you couldn't afford proper dental care, aren't you? I'm right there with you. I've paid $20,000 on medical bills for my teeth because my skull got a bone infection and insurance said they won't cover it because it's technically in the mouth and dental insurance said they won't cover it because a bone is not a tooth so I just keep having to pay if I don't want it to spread to my brain and die.

No. 2031040

How did your skull get a bone infection? Sounds scary

No. 2031050

I got beat up by bullies in high school and it broke a tooth root which then became infected. I've worked with so many dentists and oral surgeons, but as soon as we heal the abscess in one part of the bone, it pops up in another a year later. In order to replace the bone the abscess is eating, they keep packing my face with cadaver bone in different spots. Huh, I just realized that makes my skull a ship of theseus.

No. 2031169

File: 1717299163476.jpg (79.85 KB, 547x740, 8fa1a3508891dfb325a79c1a3ced30…)

i wish a tinted lip balm this shade existed…like burt's bees. it's also funny the way you find a million bad product reviews after purchasing the product

No. 2031189

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

No. 2031286

Kek fucking hilarious to me that any time a woman asks for something dark someone is like "have you tried black honey" because they don't consider color theory

No. 2031301

I was about to eat a slice of cake but I saw someone's diseased looking, white tongue now I'm put off my food. Anyway, do you guys wanna know my grocery list for tomorrow? It's getting late so I need to sleep but I'm gonna make a beanie before I go to bed.

No. 2031306

No. 2031311

No. 2031315

This sounds so painful. Could you feel the infection? Did it start from not noticing for a long time or something? Sounds terrifying

No. 2031324

File: 1717303411417.jpg (105.07 KB, 736x981, 121dea234ec042e75b02b2e6a41933…)

Fuck u
>chobani flip yogurts
>noosa yogurt
>Greek yogurt
>almond milk
>heavy cream
>frozen fruit
>Lobster tail
>smoked paprika
>dark Chocolate almonds
That's all I have right now. I need to not get the yogurt though. I only want it to make caramel frappes at home but I do not need to be eating artificial sugar like that. Terrible. Only smoothies when I want something sweet.

No. 2031327

No. 2031332

No. 2031372

File: 1717304670158.jpg (21.04 KB, 300x300, Crying-cat-meme-p0a19.jpg)

nonnies my laptop has been bluescreening for the past day and a half and after like 7 hours i finally fucking fixed it i'm going to cry i feel so relieved

on the downside i slept like shit because of it and i have a 4 hour class that i have to go to in a bit and i won't be able to focus on it

No. 2031646

File: 1717309328685.gif (2.53 MB, 320x240, laughing.gif)

my stupid shit father is pathetic as always, he doesn't get up to put his own plate in the sink and always asks someone else to do it, and threw a tantrum like a infant with a poopy diaper bc i changed his laptop's taskbar settings when i was using it and it took me exactly 4 clicks to change it back, just now he smacked my laptop off the desk after trying to hit me because he saw my old cringe weeby gmail handle and laughed at it and i lightly mocked his pronunciation of it. even funnier is that he didn't even realize he was made fun of until my mother pointed it out.
life is so easy when you set your father as the standard of human filth bc all i have to NOT be is: a male, obese, and a tardraging ape. brings a tear to my eyes, truly keklicious.

No. 2031744

I cried too much for the past two days and now my eyes feel dry even though I drank a lot of water.

No. 2031894

I am going to my building's terrance to sit under the sun

No. 2031974

I went to the grocery store to get cashews for a recipe and they were 10 euros for maybe 250 grams, what the hell. I'm just going to use walnuts, hope it'll be fine. I have a bell pepper left in the fridge but it's a little wrinkly, hope I can still use it.

No. 2031982

I'M GOING TO STUDY AND I'M GOING TO DO IT NOW FOR REAL. I'm going to block this website and everything else distracting. Wish me luck.

No. 2032008

I've been so sleepy lately, I don't get it.

No. 2032355

File: 1717358357746.jpeg (2.44 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0465.jpeg)

Saw the prettiest pigeon today ever. I love her so bad.

No. 2032369

pigeons are creepy to me

No. 2032372

Well thanks for ruining my joy of finding the world's prettiest pigeon with your negging. Thanks for that.

No. 2032374

Aww, she's cute. I love pigeons.

No. 2032379

Ignore them. I dont even acknowledge people who are anti pigeon because they are usually extremely ignorant and uninformed. Go on with your pigeon love. She's very cute. Reminds me of that one pigeon that saved an entire crew of 194 soldiers stuck in a fox hole named Cher Ami.

No. 2032385

i love her so much. pigeons are so sweet it makes me so sad that people are so unkind to them when they are domesticated animals bred to be around us. i see the cruelty of society represented in their treatment and it breaks my heart. fuck the pigeon hater anon so bad i hate you!!!!! pigeons are good!!!!

No. 2032391

literally just looked this up and am seriously crying right now he was injured badly and he still returned to them he was so brave and loving! i am glad he survived and was given a medal of bravery. pigeons are literally so good we don’t deserve to survive as a species with what we have done to them.

No. 2032393

File: 1717359369435.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1612, IMG_4066.jpeg)

She was doing a good strut for me like a model as I was taking glamour shots. Beautiful pigeon model.

No. 2032396

them pigeons eyeing me with their beady eyes like oswald mosley

No. 2032398

I like her little white feathers on her legs. Looks like boots

No. 2032400

I can feel it as soon as it starts, it's a tender throbbing area in the bone, but it can't be seen on most X-rays and so the doctors never believe me until it gets huge and then they finally go in and drain and suddenly they're like, "How did so much pus get in your bone? I've never seen anything like this." and "This is really serious, I'm putting you on antibiotics and if they don't work you're going to have to go to the hospital.". Mine you, this has happened five times. All doctors of every flavor are incredibly incompetent and you should never forget that.

No. 2032405

I bought a wax warmer and some melts, I can't wait to light that birch up when I get home. And I'm gonna eat a seafood boil tonight.

No. 2032430

I'm being the change I want to see in the world and have started using "neurodivergent" in place of "retard" in my daily life. It's fun and gives everyone who hears it a hearty lol.

No. 2032463

File: 1717363239168.jpg (41.09 KB, 809x677, 0074DB17-CC9B-4EBC-9653-0A4611…)

a dear friend indeed

No. 2032517

What scent for the wax?

No. 2032533

>Cher Ami
I looked up what he did and now my heart hurts. we didn't deserve him

No. 2032542

nta but what do you mean

No. 2032583

Came to my boyfriend's house shaved, moisturised, in a cute dress and actually put together for once, for him to just go to bed early because he was tired. I'm gonna break up with him

No. 2032588

File: 1717368113758.gif (397.74 KB, 268x150, IMG_4070.gif)

No. 2032591

should've asked him to shave and moisturize you instead

No. 2032600

File: 1717368555789.png (63.67 KB, 768x768, 3a6ac684-a8ae-4a20-84af-18175c…)

I bought a few scents (iirc peach & mango, watermelon sugar, brownie pecan pie, fresh cotton) but picrel is the one im melting right now. It smells so good, I could smell it from my living room even though the warmer was in the kitchen.

No. 2032606

Saw a blurry, pixelated picture of Wonder woman and thought: Which anime is that twink from?

No. 2032608

low libido weak chinned male behavior

No. 2032630

Btw there’s a male among us here, they keep deleting or the mods deleted their posts but keep an eye out they’re the ones saying women aren’t funny

No. 2032632

why are you giving him the attention he seeks?

No. 2032633

There was a dude breaking his neck to get a look at my face earlier today. I don't know how people don't get embarrassed acting like that. Everyone stares, but don't make it so obvious. He was pretty attractive as fair as I could tell but not quite my type.

No. 2032635

Samefag but to be fair, I was looking straight so he probably couldn't tell I could see him in my pheripelhetsl vision

No. 2032639

maybe there was something on your face

No. 2032656

File: 1717370720407.jpg (44.07 KB, 410x612, istockphoto-615385756-612x612.…)

First time getting whiplash and it was the most mediocre concert I've ever been to, very irritating. Pour one out for my swift recovery please.

No. 2032659

What do you mean whiplash?

No. 2032662

Today is definitely gonna be a three shower day.

No. 2032664

Like minor neck strain but it makes you nauseous and hurts to be upright.

No. 2032676

This night is going to be good. I am making spicy ramen, bought a chocomint tea to try and then i am going to draw all night.

No. 2032677

Have fun! Let us know how the chocomint tea tastes, I love the Stash one

No. 2032690

Do you really think it's a good idea to put chocomint tea in spicy ramen?

No. 2032692

i am too hungry to try

No. 2032699

Doing laundry with my nana rn. She letting me drive her car around an empty parking lot and I'm so stressed. How can I be in my 30s and not know how to drive I ask myself, any tips appreciated lol. I will also be going to a bakery too soon. yum

No. 2032715

I dont dislike Willow Smith, like i think she's cool for a celebrity child but she just says a whole lot of NOTHING lol

No. 2032719

Starting late is better than not starting at all. Your nana is great for trusting you with her vehicle. Go slow and don't grip the steering wheel too tight, listen to real people and get actual driving practice irl and you'll be fine. Do not use YouTube videos to learn how to drive (ive seen people do this) (they're all not doing fine).

No. 2032749

Samefag but I keep opening up the container of lemon wax melts because they look so edible. They literally look like some sort of medicinal candy and I desperately want to eat it.
Also, I just found out one of that brand's (Better Home & Garden) products killed someone. And I got one of their essential oils months ago for a relative. Ouch.

No. 2032801

I got a little discouraged by people parked afar and watching and thank you for this, just as I was about to resort to youtube vids lol. I might just go to a driving school, my nan is a good teacher but she isn't free even at her age

No. 2033059

File: 1717390807600.jpg (117.74 KB, 736x1104, 83d0b7a19bef919405777e316a44c1…)

My grandma was showing me a picture of a strawberry cheesecake she saw on Facebook (not picrel), I tried telling her it was AI but she just kept saying "but it has a recipe linked…" kek. That was actually my first time encountering an old person being fooled by AI irl, but I found it more endearing than annoying or stupid. Old people simply aren't as internet poisoned as us. Anyway, now I know what to make for her birthday next month though, i'll order the supplies to make it tonight. I think I'll make a big one and then mini ramekin ones that she can carry to work.

No. 2033112

Life happens, you'll be glad when you have your license! Good luck!

No. 2033133

File: 1717393111380.jpg (51.43 KB, 570x570, afdf552f2f33278042db50d5bbad81…)

It's interesting in how much of a different world people just one or two generations before us grew up in. My grandparents don't have a tv and still call with this thing picrel on the wall.

No. 2033149

I had a fun infight last night. Tonight I'll have the exact same argument with the exact same anon (personalityfag). Does she realise we're basically friends at this point? She gets on my nerves but as she has no effect on my real life the annoyance is only endearing.

No. 2033198

reading blogs dedicated to different actors a lot of the posters get really excited and will talk about whether the actor has 1) sex scenes 2) scenes where he gets bloody or beaten. it surprised me at first. movie bloggers are truly so based, they have great priorities and i want to be their friend.
you are either a sadist or a masochist

No. 2033204

My league game I just got done playing
>playing Brand mid
>4 enemies in my lane, Jayce comes to help
>Enemies in the middle of the lane, me and Jayce close to tower to defend
>Jayce walks literally a straight path in front of the enemies to get to the side river bush
>obviously dies in like 2 seconds
>Question mark pings me
Wtf did you expect me to do when you walked in front of all of them. And then later
>I'm in the back of a lane Jayce is in the middle of the lane
>super fed Warwick kills me
>Jayce stands there farming like he doesn't know WW is right behind him with no towers
Idk, LoL is a weird game.

No. 2033214

Samefag, and I know it wasn't just me because our adc said in chat "jayce u r horrible"

No. 2033386

Riot games are full of aggressive Dunning-Kruger retards, minus LoR. I stopped playing League a while ago because it was too toxic. I play Teamfight Tactics more nowadays, but every game there's still some asshole in the lobby who spams reactions and emotes because he got tilted that someone took "his" item in the carousel or didn't pick the augment he wanted. Luckily they're easy to recognize, most of them are unemployed whales who use NEETbux to buy ugly chibis and be as annoying as possible so I mute them ASAP.

No. 2033634

Took the train into the big city for a day trip this past weekend and I guess it's because of the rise in the homeless population in the past couple years but man it felt like almost everywhere I went I would get the occasional waft of piss while walking around. Fucking gross kek, the people who live there must just get used to it I suppose.

No. 2033700

Is it possible for a country to be a lolcow? I regularly read south african news because everything is so fucked down there. It's not like my own is any better but it gets boring after decades of being subject to its shenanigans. So unemployed I'm google translating local news…

No. 2033929

File: 1717434980243.jpeg (137.81 KB, 735x537, IMG_7988.jpeg)

I’m thinking of getting into digital journaling and making spreads. I already have a planner for organising stuff but it’s mostly utilitarian. I was interested in scrapbooking/journaling to make something that looks nice a while back but most of the pictures I take are on my phone and things like washi tape, markers, etc cost money, so digital journaling might be better for me

No. 2034117

I’m finally seeing my grandpa for the first time and the first thing he said was “wow you lost a lot of weight” KEKK it made me smile, i love it when people notice im not a fat faggot anymore

No. 2034149

So you’re just a faggot now?

No. 2034167

You got that right!

No. 2034317

File: 1717452398529.jpeg (50.68 KB, 488x488, GUEST_8faa618d-5967-4f5e-b02c-…)

I have my mop head in the washing machine and I'm about to clean up my room so I can mop everything. I'm planning on using peppermint oil in the mop water, it should smell amazing.
Btw, the O Cedar mop handle is so fucking short. I need to lean over soooo far just to scrub the floors.

No. 2034366

Craving kbbq so bad nonnas. Went to one 2 weeks ago for my bday and went to one this passing Saturday, so good

No. 2034385

File: 1717454352113.gif (253.46 KB, 460x195, SydJ.gif)

Cleaning and listening to Rihanna.

No. 2034422

What's wrong with him?

No. 2034427

I have this for my hard floors and wasn't even aware you could throw it in for wash. Think I'll clean my place like fellow anons in this thread.

No. 2034468

No personality of your own whatsoever.

No. 2034564

File: 1717465170716.png (116.99 KB, 366x400, nichiyoudaiku.png)

Took a sanitary pad, cut it, and used it to DIY some headphone covers.

No. 2034566

what cartoon character is this? it looks cute

No. 2034654

There was a tiny black spider crawling up my shirt. I managed to kill it though. I never deal with spiders in my house, usually the only outside bugs I get are flies

No. 2034747

got 12 hrs sleep last night

No. 2034749

Woah this isn't the humblebrag thread

No. 2034768

I wish that was me.

No. 2034926

I'm using the bathroom right now. I put a few drops of peppermint oil into my fragrance warmer before I got on the toilet and I swear to god its making my vagina feel minty right now.

No. 2035187

Just lost a staring contest with a random woman in the park

No. 2035211

i am going on my first date on thursday with my mom because i cant travel alone(no experience+no wifi on my phone) its over before it even started isnt it?

No. 2035212

dont bother lmao

No. 2035215

i wouldnt go but he offered to pay for it and i want to try expensive food. He's probably not going to talk to me after we are done

No. 2035217

Why would you want your mom to accompany you on a romantic date? I get the cannot travel alone part but can she not go off to do something or is she just gonna stare at you guys like a cuck in the background..?
Hopefully he is rich enough to invite your mom and pay for her dinner too, if he were any kind of man willing to see through autism and make a real power move.

No. 2035220

>Why would you want your mom to accompany you on a romantic date?
because i cant travel alone, i am retarded.

No. 2035223

you can't take a cab or something? how long is this pilgrimage to the restaurant?

No. 2035224

its like 2 hours on train

No. 2035226

lol…. why do you desire an expensive meal that bad

No. 2035228

i have never tried boba tea before, i want to at least once in my life

No. 2035229

boba tea is not expensive and it tastes like nothing, basically chewing rubber with sweet liquid surrounding there i saved you 4 hours

No. 2035231

its really expensive in my country, and i want to try it by myself. I keep thinking about that anon that saids it feels like a bunch of spider eggs.

No. 2035253

File: 1717505015510.jpg (291.77 KB, 736x736, 1669066921088.jpg)

>didnt shower
>ordered bk
>put on an episode of my favourite show
>havent slept in 24 hours
hell yeah today i am retardmaxxing

No. 2035256

ily nonna. what show are you watching?

No. 2035298

trailer park boys

No. 2035300

File: 1717507841797.gif (8.32 MB, 356x200, 200.gif)

No. 2035309

That's it I'm ordering some cookies today, I will focus on the class I have to give tomorrow and I will do other real human shit like actually certificate my university tittle and shit. I will be the most responsible person that has ever, EVER existed.
I will also wash my hair so it doesn't look like shit tomorrow and I will take some melatonin to go to sleep early today.

No. 2035317

File: 1717509094354.png (Spoiler Image,606.49 KB, 488x486, 1673472509850.png)

KEK this photo cracks me up, all i can think of is that one threadpic that was used for a shay thread a while back

No. 2035319

fucking kek the shaytruck

No. 2035358

I wish I listened to the adults who told me to do my best at school. Passed by the smart people high school today, I'm happy for the kids who go there, they have a good future ahead of them.

No. 2035419

two more days of work. I've been growing mold in a bottle to see how big it can get. I'm thinking of doing a photoshoot with it or something like it's my pet

No. 2035525

I've been obsessed with videos of bobbin lace today. I can feel a new hobby forming.

No. 2035581

Whaaaat the hell, I look away from the clock and an hour passes. I checked if it was daylight savings or something, it's not. Am I just a zombie?

No. 2035587

whats your secret nona? i need this work day to fly by that fast

No. 2035598

I want to make caramel coffee but I put my caramel in the fridge and it's so hard to squeeze the bottle.

No. 2035606

sit the bottle in warm/hot water for a bit to heat it up then

No. 2035610

>big work convention coming up next week
>need to buy a few outfits
>check prices online
>note that i haven’t bought new clothing since like, 2016
>anyway i’m online, old store
>nearly 100 usd for a pair of dress pants
my poor fucking wallet

No. 2035683

Oh my goodness, have you had iced coffee with honey drizzled on the glass? I almost forgot I could make it. With star and heart shaped ice cubes and everything, full fat milk, yummm
Also, agreeing with the nonna who told you that you need warm water for the caramel bottle

No. 2035718

I feel so fucking productive, if only just being productive made me gain money.

No. 2035753

I just had a plate of 3 pieces of bacon, 1 scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese. My room smells like a sweet watermelon. It's raining outside so it's pretty dark even though it's only 3pm. I have nothing to do today so I'll play league and crochet.

No. 2035884

Finished reading Parzival. Tomorrow I'll read the afterword. Not sad Don Quixote killed the genre.

No. 2036552

File: 1717571412733.jpg (511.68 KB, 720x892, 1000003835.jpg)

I asked about this image here once because my guess upon seeing it was that the marks on his heels identified him as her rapist from the past or something and I never got an answer on the context, only to find out from a reddit post that I was right. Feeling validated.

No. 2036591

What movie is this?

No. 2036595


No. 2036604

Yes, but if I remember right the marks identified the man as her son.

No. 2036612

i once saw kiki reed deerhoof bump her own thread on here with this like insanely cringey post that only she would make. she said that she thought of herself as the driver from drive but really she was night crawler jake gyllenhaal. then she deleted the post and nobody else mentioned it and i think i was the only one who saw it. but yeah she definitely used to actively bump it so people would keep talking about her and looking back there were a few posts that didn’t even try to hide they were just her. like a full on “regal slut” other kiki moment. she also definitely made that post saying “this is e btw” just to try and start shit with e. mundane so posting here but i was thinking about it again and still think it’s so funny.

No. 2036613

I wasn't going to spoil that much of it

No. 2036617

Well, that's why I put it in spoilers.

No. 2036666

i got a mechanical keyboard and i love clickety clacking with it

No. 2036914

File: 1717601599612.jpeg (3.76 KB, 258x195, images.jpeg)

i just made cinnamon toast with cheese bread

No. 2036930

No. 2036932

how did it taste

No. 2036951

File: 1717604089874.png (813.88 KB, 813x1359, babygiiiirl.png)

Thinking about the cute little noface baby

No. 2036957

the purse makes this kekky

No. 2037152

My dryer smells like weed, so now I'm trying to clean it with alcohol. I fucking hate potheads so much.

No. 2037168

Wait, why does it smell like weed? Did someone send their stash through the cycle?

No. 2037208

how did that happen now im intrigued kek

No. 2037214

Broke the spine of my book and looked up how to repair it. I just need some linen tape and all will be as it was.

No. 2037234

File: 1717617178522.jpg (64.39 KB, 833x1249, 1000030256.jpg)

I made the thickest oatmeal I've ever made in my life and I love it, I almost have to chew it kek.

No. 2037248

I live with 2 relatives who smoke and when people smoke weed a lot it sticks to their clothes. I guess the smell didn't wash out. One of them also sometimes uses the dryer just to warm their clothes so maybe it wasn't even clothes out the washing machine.

No. 2037250

File: 1717618009538.jpg (19.27 KB, 622x372, 0fc617890edfd2f7b017ec5ab11966…)

I just spent $200 and they actually took it out of my account. And I'm not even done buying things I need.

No. 2037285

the bread didn't have too much cheese in it, just a bit of that taste, just enough that my brother didn't notice, but i got a hint of cheesy flavour and thought "oh did i accidentally use cheese instead of butter" like i've done before but then i remembered the brand of bread and how last time it had cheese too.

No. 2037319

>be me
>no social media presence since the height of myspace
>stumbles across a recent myspace clone that's active
>signs up immediately
so crazy when you find clones of websites you used as a teen. i always miss the wackier days of proto social media, like myspace and livejournal. i wouldn't use instagram, facebook, or tiktok, but myspace feels really different from all those and i even told my friends about it kek.

No. 2037362

Somehow miraculously passed a final exam I was certain I would have to retake. Shoutout to the boy with the beauty spot on the back of his neck sitting in front of me who didn't realize I copied some of his answers, I barely scraped by and his answers were probably what got me over the pass mark

No. 2037464

Im eating mini rice cakes crackers with pulled pork right now. It's so good.

No. 2037537

I'm currently editing young varg into gay porn. I'm such a goonette, can't stop thinking about sending it to him. I'm going to become a fucking sex offender. My first victim was joost

No. 2037651

File: 1717633539063.jpeg (54.94 KB, 750x737, 6326857050070f17edb13904_750_7…)

A job offer asked me to send my high school diploma but i accidently send pic real instead. i'm not getting that job.

No. 2037655

Kek based.

No. 2037656

Please PLEASE post it here when you’re done, even if it a censored version. Thanks nona.

No. 2037657

Just send your high school diploma copy instead. I'm sure if you write them an email right away explaining the mistake, they'll get a laugh out of it.

No. 2037658

Which thread would be appropriate?

No. 2037677

You might if your hiring manager is a millennial or younger. Call her and explain, apologize and send the diploma.

No. 2037689

Tired of being raincucked by wrong weather forecasts. Especially now that I have a garden to consider to water or not.

No. 2037720

File: 1717636806496.png (249.28 KB, 537x525, Screenshot_301.png)

>killing my wallet when i go to buy clothes this saturday
>the work convention. so so sooo anxious about it that i've entered a mini depression spiral and haven't done things i told myself i'd do like seriously study art (been drawing daily prior to this)
>chemical burn on face from sunscreen..

eagerly anticipating
>mall shopping spree this saturday (i swear i'm tightening my belt after this)
>warm pretzels + tea
>window shopping in the hot topic and reliving old memories
>overtime pay due to aforementioned work convention.
>hybrid schedule (!!!) sometime in august
>more skincare stuff coming tomorrow. hopefully, this time, it works

No. 2037721

did you remember to extend it?

No. 2037726

Setting my phone to french and having all my default search results in french has helped me quite a lot.

No. 2037736

File: 1717637614879.jpg (284.46 KB, 828x657, french.jpg)

Helped you how?

No. 2037740

be a superior being ?

No. 2037746

No. 2037750

Learning new languages is a useful skill.

No. 2037772

I feel so retarded for not thinking about this before, I will do that too.

No. 2037781

File: 1717641496976.jpeg (437.83 KB, 738x809, 55236586-097B-4A4B-8DAF-86FB7B…)

I just remembered how penises smell and it makes me wanna puke. Nothing is more revolting than the scent of a scrotes shaft

No. 2037810

have you tried dating people who wash their dicks and take care of themselves

No. 2037813

Aryt and my ex showered and washed his dick daily but it still smelled disgusting because of sweat being trapped in the crotch

No. 2037819

I made chocolate hummus, original hummus, stir fry today! All great.
I also did a serious scrub on my floors and knocked out the dishes! Productive day indeed.
Tomorrow, I am making naan and scones!

No. 2037831

File: 1717645551850.jpg (111.7 KB, 621x621, 1000030351.jpg)

I will go to sleep now, please don't let me stay up, I better catch some zzzs or my sleeping schedule will never get fixed before I get a job in a few months.

No. 2037854

File: 1717648240628.jpeg (90.25 KB, 1024x1011, IMG_1372.jpeg)

My bf has a friend who had a couple of kittens he wants to give up. My bf has been offering to pick up the black one for me and I’m losing my mind that I might finally have a chance to have black cat. I have no idea what id name it though….

No. 2037892

File: 1717651198335.jpg (844.82 KB, 2048x1536, 1000003802.jpg)

I dont believe people when they say they sent a meme instead of [important file] like there is a .0001 percent chance of it being real ever

No. 2037928

I'm on one of those apps that send you products in exchange for a review, and I get so excited when they give me notifications for products. I used to think you could only have one product to review at once (meaning that after accepting an offer, you wouldn't be able to accept another until you finish you're review), but a few days ago they gave me two offers and I got to accept both!

No. 2037931

exactly, especially because your computer often shows you a preview of the file your sending kek

No. 2037935

People lie about it so often online out of desperation for virality. No, you did not send that college professor a picture of jimins ugly ass instead of that pdef

No. 2037942

Tbf, some people have their folders set so that the files are in a list which makes the thumbnails super small. I can see it happening if you're tired, or if you click the wrong file and don't double check. Im sure a lot of people are lying though.
Just tag the post and stop being a wuss, anon.

No. 2037947

Nah someone did it on Twitter this week to, not giving the attention they craved

No. 2038094

I'm outside and have 2 or 3h until I'm supposed to be at my workplace. what should I eat for lunch since I'm near a lot of cheap restaurants?

No. 2038099

I'd go to the restaurant with the tastiest most healthy food near me

No. 2038105

A burger.

No. 2038106

greasiest hotdog you can find

No. 2038109

File: 1717668178830.png (152.7 KB, 567x322, 1649288208887.png)

I got a date in 9 hours and i havent slept because my cat kept waking me up to show me the dusty hair tie he found

No. 2038110

No way, I'd fall asleep in the office after that. But this is tempting.

The best restaurant like that was full and the food too expensive for what it is. I'll try a salad bar that just opened recently.

No. 2038121

>mundane events that have recently happened in your life
I finally splurged and paid somebody to make me a nice Chinese name. On the Chinese work visas you need to put an English name and then a Chinese name and I don't want to give myself a bummy stupid name that means like "spergy-mold-brain" so I was debating getting one made. I ended up finally asking someone and the person I went to was really nice and she made the experience very interesting.

No. 2038149

>oh did i accidentally use cheese instead of butter"
>like i've done before
Kek. Nona, you're my favorite.

No. 2038152

Can you tell us what your Chinese name means when translated?

No. 2038159

File: 1717675629163.png (74.1 KB, 300x100, 33.png)

This was two years ago, TWO?!

No. 2038161

Call it moon eater, midnight fall or snuggles.

No. 2038188

sometimes if I look at an image of a moid with thin lips I smell old-age-home-smell

No. 2038253

is this when the site was down?

No. 2038258

I thought it was a reference to /m/ being down and losing a bunch of threads in the process.

No. 2038295

File: 1717685494675.gif (206.83 KB, 941x173, LOLCOR.gif)

it is, /ot/ was also broken too. the only boards that worked at the time were the cow boards and /g/ so there were bunker threads in the latter (they're still there if you look through the catalog)

No. 2038298

i’m going to name my black cat salem

No. 2038299

samefag, NOT to be confused with the christmas bunkers that's a whole nother incident (yes shaymin broke the site twice)

No. 2038300

wasnt this when shaymin tried to launch the new, crappy website

No. 2038309

no, that was on christmas. the banner is from the valentine's incident which only broke a few boards but not others.

No. 2038339

sitting on the couch with cat on my lap. life is good

No. 2038357

File: 1717688773769.png (8.2 MB, 3000x2250, il_fullxfull.4941009815_cxlu_j…)

Got this lady at a charity shop for 12 yuro because this site has made me love cows even more .

No. 2038385

I did a bunch of productive shit today, but I don't know how to stop myself from making me get little treats for every good thing I do.

No. 2038388

Instead of getting lots of little treats, just get a pack of cigarettes and every time you want a treat smoke one! It will give you a refreshing kick of energy and it will heighten the sense of accomplishment!

No. 2038395

cant believe we now have advertisement in lolcow. The farmhands are fucking sellouts.

No. 2038398


No. 2038407

I'm not a big fan of smoking considering I suffer from asthma.

No. 2038418

Maybe you could try chewing tobacco then? It's worth it for the alluring rush of energy-intensifying nicotine!

No. 2038483

File: 1717694813175.jpg (68.73 KB, 680x737, tumblr_3d992c2b618ca44949e9e16…)

Stop trying to get people addicted to nicotine lol.

No. 2038591

No. 2038594

i do the same thing. i reward myself with a tasty thing every time i do good… it adds up when i go out because i usually buy a yummy drink and they're always too much money kek

No. 2038637

File: 1717698992033.png (4.04 MB, 738x414, 1000012296.png)

I cannot stand my hair so i drew how my hair was in the past 4 years and I have to say I took my hair even 2 years ago for granted! I need to fix my hair I think it's growing out wrong

No. 2038640

I have to choose between having a cold caramel coffee or pistachio ice cream today and idk what to pick. If I make the coffee I can have it with my (late, it's the afternoon) breakfast but if I pick the ice cream I can have it as my little sweet treat later.

No. 2038651

File: 1717699495447.jpg (288.76 KB, 760x844, IMG_7409.JPG)

me everytime i order food at the pub

No. 2038671

Big tobacco is really branching out their astroturfing department.

No. 2038723

File: 1717702510978.gif (1.96 MB, 498x482, 5ca9d956cd14171a0e0907ea07bf15…)

Samefag, I just got a notification that they shipped one of my products! Yay!

No. 2038731

Every so often I have a hearty kek about that femboyfag nona shitting up the rate my art thread with shitty art of her coomer tier ocs and not taking any advice that she asked for, getting dunked on by a nona with significantly better art skills redlining her art and then getting pissy about it, subsequently getting banned for WKing herself in third person and shitting on other nonas' (better) art

No. 2038732

it was a great day to be a lurker

No. 2038740

Truly. Hope she knows she gave us all a good laugh.

No. 2038745

I just did a silly report by mistake

No. 2038755

>>2010999 here to bring the good tidings of having found the song. But now I got another one stuck in my head. I know it's the OP of some otome game this time though.

No. 2038817

Is that bad?

No. 2038873

I went swimming today and thought I'd be ok but got pretty bad cold shock when I was far out. Felt better once I got back to shore and changed into dry clothes. I don't get how people do polar plunges

No. 2038892

I know a girl who said that you basically need to mentally train (gaslight) yourself for days in order to do a polar plunge.

No. 2038918

My last LoL match was supposed to be my last game over the day, but I had so much fun that I think I'll play another game.

No. 2038926

I went on my first date and i feel tainted now. I wish i could have said no. Nothing bad happened, it was quite nice actually. I just feel the FOMO and social preasure is breaking me and trying to turn me into a normie.

No. 2038940

Was it boring? Going on dates with men are so boring that I have to act weird in front of them to entertain myself.

No. 2038948

No. I am just not into him, not because he's bad, i think i am just deeply autistic and only like men in their superior 2D forms. He was nice, idk if he was into me though he has a good job, good family and is educated, and i am a filthy suicidal neet. I wish i was a man so i could have friendships without romance involved.

No. 2038991

My switch feels like its getting slower… thinking of buying the oled when it goes on sale

No. 2039067

I was about masturbate but I thought of something sad and it killed my mood. I keep trying to get it up again but I can't so now I'm just a little frustrated. Oh well. I'm gonna start a new crochet project.

No. 2039083

Just buy a steam deck

No. 2039131

Honestly tempted to buy one… but I do really like nintendo games…

No. 2039201

I bought a bacon cheeseburger from Walmart a few days ago and decided to eat it today, and the bacon looked raw as fuck. I just popped it into the oven, it's probably still fine.

No. 2039205

Like from the deli?

No. 2039207

Yeah something like that

No. 2039208

You can emulate Switch games on the Steam deck. Don't pay for an overpriced inferior product with overpriced games that rarely go on sale. Fuck Nintendo.

No. 2039217

Why did you say it like that, you make it sound like you got it off some guy in the alley behind the Walmart

No. 2039220

File: 1717729475875.jpeg (77.92 KB, 768x768, f9abddfa-a39c-4755-b086-a602ff…)

Its not from the deli where the employees are actually making food, but it's in a nearby section where they have the "marketplace" food.

No. 2039221

Ooh I thought maybe you got it at the BK some Walmarts have. It looks kind of good, was it tasty after you heated up the bacon?

No. 2039228

I really hate Patti Smith. I have always hated her. It is irrational perhaps how much I hate her.(wrong thread)

No. 2039231

It was! The patty was surprisingly juicy. It was just like a decent fast food burger.

No. 2039401

were you the anon who put joost's face on women's bodies or a different one? kek

No. 2039415

starting to become fascinated by the german language and a little bit of that country's culture lately, but i can't tell anyone not irl nor online due to circumstances that may make it seem like i am pandering to specific people in my life, which is really embarrassing. i mean i did seem that way already so it'd be even worse now… plus i mean, it's germany. no offense krautanons

No. 2039446

i eat my eggs sriracha every morning, I love it so much

No. 2039711

Got jumpscared by a ebegging post on tumblr. Photo of a bearded intersex woman (allegedly) that looks startlingly like my large metalhead fling from a few summers ago. Complete with a tattoo that is eerily similar in design, color, and placement. I thought maybe he trooned out but I’m like 70% sure it’s not him at least. Uncanny, though.

No. 2039724

i was 2 hours early to my hair appointment, she told me i should go get myself a nice little lunch while i wait so i did. very tasty pesto panini. it won't take me 2 hours to eat it though

No. 2039830

Honestly being a femcel with a husbando and laughing at moids online for their stupidity and ugly appearances is nice.

No. 2039836

Anon how old are you? Who calls themselves a femcel unironically?

No. 2039837

I don't think it's that stupid, I think it sounds a bit more natural than saying chaste which can carry a religious connotation.

No. 2039840

Chaste has a religious connotation but femcel sounds like you're a terminally online 16 year old, why not celibate?

No. 2039841

femcel is just female celibate, it means the same

No. 2039843

Well its been around for well over 10 years now, and yeah its a bit tongue and cheek but this is also just a retarded post I'm making about my thoughts

No. 2039844

Femcel is female incel, it's an involuntary celibate female

No. 2039847

No. fem=female and cel=celibate. There no in=involutary in it. Its not my fault people are illiterate.

No. 2039849

it's a combination of female and incel you retard

No. 2039850

then why isnt it femincel instead of femcel.

No. 2039851

No. 2039852

because femcel is catchier

No. 2039853


No. 2039854

Ayrt seriously how old are you no hate

No. 2039855

i am going to appropiate it from the illiterates and make it mine

No. 2039870

File: 1717786409579.jpg (58.28 KB, 736x736, 3926f2a768c10460f4b44527eabe48…)

I got a pin of my husbando in the mail today! It makes me so happy and I can't stop looking at it. I hold back on buying merch of him typically, so I cherish it even more.
Anyways, I finally decided to stop doing flat iron curls and got a curling iron. I hope it's a good size, I got a 3/4 inch barrel but I feel like the method you use to curl the hair and how big your section is matters more than the barrel size.

No. 2039886

Women who work with children and set up activities for them, do you realize how deeply you affect little girls? I still rotate my coming pots so the handles are out because at girl empowerment workshop when I was seven, a woman showed me how it prevents the handles from getting too hot before giving me a spiderman comic. I took a sailing class in my thirties because my kindergarten teacher mentioned how she always wanted to do it and encouraged me to draw pictures of boats instead of crying when the other girls wouldn't let me play with them. And I tried open mic at the comedy club because at Bible summer camp during my teen years an elderly camp counselor told me that I was very funny and shouldn't ever let anyone convince me otherwise.
I am myself, but I am also a conglomeration of every woman's dreams and advice. I love you all so much.

No. 2039930

I have no grapes anymore, so I will have to eat my cheddar cheese and crackers with strawberries.

No. 2039970

File: 1717792691585.jpg (168.73 KB, 736x1104, be37e4dc556ecf49c960f6836808bd…)

Samefag, actually nevermind. Ill save my snack for tomorrow because tonight I'm gonna make spaghetti with sausage and big fat meatballs and lots of onion and garlic and a pound of cheese on top. Who wants some?

No. 2039973

Me please, that sounds delicious. I'm eating candy in bed because I'm too lazy to go downstairs and cook an actual meal.

No. 2040005

its sunny this weekend so i'm going to power through this sickness to do everything ive been wanting to do the last few weeks since it's been shitty and rainy.
tonight i'm having a beach bonfire with my friend and roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.
tomorrow i'm going to go to the mall after my lash appointment and get a bunch of new underwear. then i'm going to go to the beach and paddleboard and sunday i will force myself to go on a nice long hike.

No. 2040021

File: 1717794961164.png (68.16 KB, 554x479, Screenshot 2024-06-08 001546.p…)

No. 2040068

File: 1717797412780.jpeg (98.78 KB, 550x814, IMG_8119.jpeg)

In theory a side part should suit me, but it really doesn’t

No. 2040111

I'll take a plate. That sounds amazing

No. 2040113

That sounds super nice!! Have fun

No. 2040185

My piercing fell out twice today what the hell

No. 2040216

this is mega cute anon! I miss thrift shopping, most of them in my area seem to have stopped selling tchotchkes like these. Sad.

No. 2040234

I always thought Martha's Vineyard was Martha Stewart's personal vineyard. And then when I found out it was an island, I figured it was Martha Stewart's personal island. I'm finally slowly starting to come to terms with the fact that it has nothing to do with Martha Stewart at all.

No. 2040239

You peaked me anon

No. 2040241

Okay, apparently this is common. I'm pleased that Martha Stewart is so ubiquitous

No. 2040245

I just thought it was Martha Stewart's vineyard for a long time. I'm sorry we're like this.

No. 2040383

File: 1717816110864.jpg (145.6 KB, 1080x1350, GNwAB60aIAA-sei.jpg)

I thought the same lel.

No. 2040554

File: 1717824308984.jpg (73.39 KB, 736x451, 1000003626.jpg)

Went to Walmart today and saw a really young looking guy stocking the shelves in the toothpaste aisle while wearing a shiesty. Yes, he was a real employee surrounded by other normal looking employees

No. 2040683

Just remembered seeing some guy drive around with a life sized barbie in his convertible’s passenger seat…This was in the African bushveld btw

No. 2040690

Bears are so cute when they hold their feet

No. 2040793

>a shietsy
had to look up wtf that is because I was born in the 20th century
>The term is a reference to Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty
as a society, we should be better than this.

No. 2040824

File: 1717854951938.jpeg (35.38 KB, 1078x981, IMG_1199.jpeg)

A scrote I know won a city bus in an auction somehow. Not sure what he's gonna do with it but congrats to him I guess.

No. 2040962

File: 1717863656406.jpg (9.81 KB, 480x270, 20240408_234759_IMG_4947.jpg)

all the algoos are retarded, "not interested"ing a post isn't enough, i see something i don't like, immediate block

No. 2040989

They're literally just big babies, it's so cute

No. 2041023

File: 1717866761980.jpg (147.44 KB, 1600x1600, 714Id4916nL.jpg)

I've been wearing bonnets for years and it still takes me like 15 minutes to put on on because I can't tie a bow. My arms got so freaking tired from trying to this morning anons.

No. 2041062

Nonnie quick question would you recommend these bonnets? Do they stay on you head securely? Bc I swear every time I go to sleep and wake up the next morning, I'm in my bed and my bonnet is in the kitchen making breakfast kek

No. 2041148

Yeah he had on a skimask to stock the toothpaste aisle. He literally looked like your average scrawny 18 year old black kid, in a random Walmart, surrounded by other employees rearranging the aisle, in a shiesty.

No. 2041170

I think more people should sleep with their hair in silk, it's really good for keeping my hair shiny and fresh. I switched from a bonnet to a scarf though, I read somewhere that the bonnet's band could cause tension on the hairline where it rests and cause hair damage. With the scarf you just have to fold it right and there's no tension.

No. 2041173

Nta but they stay on your head if you're not goofy and know how to tie a bow.

No. 2041449

A while ago I had a teeny bit of peppermint essential oil on my fingers and it tasted pretty good. I though about trying more but I'm not retarded.

No. 2041547

i like sitting places that aren't designed with the intention of sitting. stairs, big rocks, walls, all nice places to sit.

No. 2041574

I bought a sesame latte mix but I'm overwhelmed by the sesame taste

No. 2041660

have felt beautiful and so in love with being a girl today. I didn’t really do anything, went on a drive, smoked (trying to quit) and otherwise have been rolling around in my bed watching YouTube. but I don’t know, something in my heart has been tickling me, I’m really in love with myself today and I’m not sure why but it’s very nice. I feel an intense and deep kinship with all beautiful women in the world. have a good day my sweet sweet nonnas.

No. 2041665

File: 1717890664582.jpg (3.44 KB, 250x243, 1716823458826937.jpg)

Right back at you nonnie. Have a blessed rest of your day, or morning if that's when you'll see this.

No. 2041668

>Smoked (trying to quit)
Don't let Big Pharma get in your head nona. If you smoke, switch to 120mm super-slim menthols. They are more flavourful, energizing, and elegant than king sized cigarettes. Not only will you have all the benefits of tobacco consumption, you'll look good while doing it!
Love this picture thank you for sharing.

No. 2041674

File: 1717890987825.jpeg (43.74 KB, 460x447, IMG_7218.jpeg)

nta but i love you nicotineshill nonnie i really mean it

No. 2041677

File: 1717891208323.jpg (149.5 KB, 957x1280, d623e2a6524dbb77a88ffba0275b14…)

same nicotine nonnie is cultured

No. 2041685

thank you both love you angel girls

No. 2041687

nona i am feeling this too. i quit smoking but went out today, feeling really good about myself and picked up a pack. i am now looking for live music to see tonight. being here surrounded by ladies has been really healing. it feels good to love yourself literally just because you do.

No. 2041773

Don't feel alone, I absolutely assumed this. I knew it was a fancy island where rich people went, but I figured she started the club so you couldn't go unless she said it was okay.

No. 2041789

Nonny this isn't mundane, tell us more….why was a bus up for auction KEK

No. 2041882

I'm hungry but I can't eat anything else today because I already ate almost an entire pint of strawberry cheesecake ice cream (1030 calories!). In fact, it's literally only a small amount so I might as well finish it.

No. 2041885

That's some pretty disordered eating. Hope you're doing better today than you were yesterday.

No. 2041914

Not disordered, just trying to watch my calories

No. 2041934

nta but it's absolutely disordered to seemingly only eat a pint of ice cream as your sole food intake in a day and also continue to eat it instead of eating some veggies and a lean protein.

No. 2041939

I didn't say I ONLY ate the pint of ice cream today, because I didn't. And I didn't finish the ice cream either, I just finished eating a sandwich and cheese and I'm saving the ice cream for tomorrow.

No. 2041959

bit sad that i've aged out of being awed by the mall. never got to go in my teens, so i bet it would've been fun then, but now it's just a loud place full of expensive things

No. 2041965

im glad you had a good day. did you end up seeing any music? if so what kind and was it any good?

No. 2042070

Moidlet keeps yapping in the train and he's not listening to his mom shushing, he is going to be so obnoxious growing up.

No. 2042083

File: 1717922804186.jpg (40.09 KB, 400x400, 1000003623.jpg)

Endlessly fascinated by the sheer volume of parasocial content about streamers and their lives. I feel like I'm studying human psychology. It's the equivalent of reading a novel to me, just scrolling through schizo tinfoiling. I need to shoot my phone.

No. 2042227

Yesterday I watch Pearl (the movie) before going to sleep and I slept so well for the first time in a week or something.

No. 2042348

File: 1717947698818.jpg (222.66 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

I'm gonna attempt to fix up one of my wigs this afternoon. Im currently letting it soak in hot water.

No. 2042397

File: 1717950518200.jpg (47.43 KB, 521x522, GIwbvAOWgAAwxFU.jpg)

I discovered the joy of adding plain greek yogurt/cottage cheese to almost every recipe. Great way to add protein. And for some reason the yogurt doesn't affect my ibs lol so win win!

No. 2042440

I went bald and can’t stop touching my head now

No. 2042498

it's somewhat cathartic isnt it, plus it's got a couple calming nature shots

No. 2042539

the place i was going was way too crowded due to an event, so i drove somewhere scenic and looked at the stars while having a nice smoke. i threw the rest of the pack out but i think i'll go out again next weekend

No. 2042589

I am bald too and rubbing my head makes me feel relaxed.

No. 2042698

I can't tell if the heat I'm feeling is from the summer weather or from inside my body. I don't have any signs of fever and I don't feel particularly sick but my the air in my apartment is currently a bit cold since I have a window open and it is unusually chilly outside tonight. idk I feel like I'm slightly overheated from like under my skin but dunno why and I don't know what to do about it, bodies are fucking weird

No. 2042796

I'm starting to believe bra size calculators on the net are bullshit. I tried two different ones and they gave me 70J and 75E (EU). I looked up 70J and 75E on google images and the ladies on there have boobs about the size of their head. Mine is just a bit more than my hand. I think I'll just stick to tank tops.

No. 2042837

File: 1717972544661.jpg (438.35 KB, 1767x2048, 1000003918.jpg)

Lestat is literally just Tom cruise to me. I can't read anything about him without it being in Tom Cruise voice. They are the same.

No. 2042957

File: 1717977149002.jpeg (227.42 KB, 1080x810, IMG_2658.jpeg)

snooty redditors from my city food sub shitting on this pizza; idk it looks good to me? Admittedly I do love trash food. But damn they just shat on this and the user. Not everyone has money for fancy restaurants.

No. 2043251

high off my ass smoking on the porch with my girls. life is so lovely if you let it be.

No. 2043255

pineapples and pepperoni is interesting combination but I would be willing to try it once

No. 2043274

I've blocked any mention of interview with a vampire because I think they got the actors perfect with the first movie and any other attempts are trash. I hold the same opinion on the Toby McGuire Spiderman movies. They fucking knocked it out of the park with J. K. Simmons being Jameson, so why bother ever attempting again?

No. 2043285

the new xcx album is perfect

No. 2043295

File: 1717983810954.jpg (296.06 KB, 1440x1800, 1000003938.jpg)

No. 2043296

Please lord save me from Jack Jeanne mindrot

No. 2043298

Yeah it surprisingly worked really well, I don't think we will ever see any good modern renditions. Too many microplastics making men ugly.

No. 2043322

at least there’s no tranny stripes on it

No. 2043379

I need to give myself a pedicure but I don't waaaaant to

No. 2043437

saw this from the front page and hoped it wasn't in reply to me but it was. KYS

No. 2043442

kek I defend you nonnie. I like 360

No. 2043468

That album is shite idc

No. 2043474

File: 1717988621461.jpeg (15.71 KB, 212x305, 1717983335533~2.jpeg)

Can someone flip this for me so she's facing the other way? I think she can be a great Stacy reaction image. Bonus points if you can use Microsoft paint to make her look more smug.(wrong thread)

No. 2043481

File: 1717988868911.jpeg (22.95 KB, 212x304, 1717988621461.jpeg)

Like this?

No. 2043492

No. 2043508

Exactly! Thank you nonnie, I shall light a good luck candle for you tonight.

No. 2043521

kek cruise wishes he were 6 feet tall

No. 2043526

But is that not how he would describe himself?

No. 2043527

That's the one with the annoying intro that had 2 trannies in it right? I fucking hated that one, everyone was acting like some parody of what women talk like. And then that other part of the video where charli's straddling an old scrote in a hospital. I hate this song and video so much.

No. 2043535

had a wonderful day, made plans to go on a trip next weekend, hoping they come to fruition. trying to sleep now but have spent way too much time on here as of late and every time I close my eyes the phrase “a-logging jannies in meta” loops through my brain indefinitely. nothing to be done I suppose.

No. 2043570

been listening to this shitty song (Big Energy by Lotto) on loop because it's like ear candy and the comment section with moids complaining about how the phrase "big dick energy" is offensive keeps making me laugh(learn to embed)

No. 2043600

Saw the ass scratcher again. This time, he was scratching his balls. I hate the bus.

No. 2043604

I'm terrified of the people who reside and lurk around my ghetto apartment complex. I’ve had direct encounters as well as witnessed and overheard some things. Right now I’m afraid to go back after going to the gym. I know I should avoid leaving late at night if I'm scared, but I struggle to sleep without exercising, and I'm still scared of my apartment during the day too. So, I'm just sitting in a random parking lot right now with my phone. And it took me forever to repost this because my service is shit

No. 2043613

it's me from the future, sorry

No. 2043614

And you aren't going to share screenshots of her sex doll and delete this post to protect your identity?

No. 2043616

nonna please post caps of the doll right now

No. 2043625

i was going to make a snide remark about that but i love my nonas

good idea, wait a second, ill retrieve it with luck

No. 2043629

File: 1717999295115.png (5.96 MB, 1756x3072, ghostfromchristmasfuture.png)

No. 2043631

This gives me a bad feeling.

No. 2043632

KEKKKKKKK holy shitttt she actually made the doll lifesize. nonna ily for posting this.

No. 2043640

So is there a dildo attached? Iirc the OP said sex doll

No. 2043642

is this made out of balloon material or pillow material cause it looks like both

No. 2043649

women with unconventional husbandos always creep me out. Normal husbandofags have their cutesy heart shaped itabags filled with buttons and other cute trinkets, meanwhile these schizos have haunted life size sex dolls that must smell of sewage

No. 2043720

Truly speechless

No. 2043726

I support weird women. Good for her, honestly.

No. 2043730

I'm thinking of making something like this and I'm an art major so I could pass it off as homework or something when questioned

No. 2043731

File: 1718008879081.jpg (39.46 KB, 500x499, sparkle-grapefruit-018__09489 …)

I've been looking for a clear glitter gel polish that fits the criteria of
>Glitter that isn't holographic
>Glitter pieces aren't too big
>Isn't super shimmery so I can use it as a topper over other polishes
to no avail. But tonight, I think I finally found something good! It's actually technically a very sheer nude but based on reviews and pics, it's barely any color unless you add a lot of layers so it's really just the shimmer. I immediately ordered it and it's supposed to come tomorrow. I'm so excited!

No. 2043783

I am designing an oc and i cant decide if i want to make him a brunette or redhead.

No. 2043785

I saw a gorgeous guy the other day but could barely take a look because he was moving so fast with his long, muscular legs. I'm going to be hopeful and believe the reason we don't see many of them is because they're all blurs moving at the speed of light. He was a head taller than me and I'm 5'9. A shiny pokemon indeed

No. 2043824

File: 1718021194995.jpg (76.1 KB, 1080x610, qanba_drone_ps4_fight_stick_15…)

Somehow, this little bit of plastic that covers the underside of the stick on my fightstick came off and I have no idea where it fucking went even after scouring my flat.
It doesn't interfere with it working, it's just irritating…
Pic related, it's the thing on the top right.

No. 2043826

you gave me an idea. I have these mica glitter powders I use for doll faceups. I wonder if I could mix a bit with nail polish to make the nail polish that color.

No. 2043832

Do both colors like a gradient or streaks. Hell even brown with a red underside

No. 2043842

File: 1718021883137.jpg (33.2 KB, 500x409, 618fb2de5969d5c686493f76ab4340…)

I'm going to finish this paragraph and then I am going to take a nap with the Chamber of Secrets playing as background noise

No. 2043908

>Hell even brown with a red underside
i like this, thanks

No. 2043934

File: 1718028654246.png (36.85 KB, 160x180, 2CFFC25C-C938-4439-AB01-4D8BD6…)

Mom saw my sebaciel wallpaper and didn’t give two shits. Asked if I was attracted to the black hair guy (referring to Sebastian), if ciel was a girl, and when I said no she just told me she thinks two men making out are gross then left my room, kek.(avatarfagging)

No. 2043958

hi nonnas, just found out i will be graduating my university with a first class degree (the highest you can achieve in my country).

I'm so proud of myself. I'm going through a horrible breakup as of a few days ago and this has just boosted my self esteem so much.

No. 2044141

Congrats! This is something to be so proud of. Proud of you nonna!

No. 2044181

File: 1718042926151.jpg (320.45 KB, 1214x1920, tumblr_4fcca2fa5f98b20ae6697f7…)

Just spotted some new stretchmarks on my thighs. I should probably start getting more worried about my recent weight gain.

No. 2044182

This happened to me when I was 13 with a princess princess poster I got from a magazine but like I didn't tell my mom about them being gay kek. She just thinks all anime characters are girls

No. 2044189

So happy for you anon!

No. 2044242

File: 1718046845949.jpg (182.63 KB, 1500x1500, 71G2yz65IxL.jpg)

Oh that's smart anon, I never even thought of that. I've never used mica before but I imagine it would come out something like picrel

No. 2044282

1) Buy a cheap speaker
2) Hide it slightly away from your window
3) Randomly play videos of police sirens and the sounds of car doors slamming
4) Watch as they clear out and go lurk somewhere else
5) ??????
6) Profit!

No. 2044294

File: 1718049392133.jpg (60.93 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)

I wanna play Long Live The Queen, but I've done pretty much all you can do in there because I used to play it obsessively a decade ago (my proudest moment was figuring out how to beat Togami without Lumen powers all by myself). If Magical Diary could get a sequel, why not LLTQ, too?

No. 2044364

This is so beautiful. I wish I had nice nails but my nail beds are naturally tiny and the actual nails are paper thin and break as soon as they grow past it. More than once I went to get my nails done and the person doing it commented that they were like a child's. I tried press ons and I guess because of my tiny nail beds they don't stick for more than an hour. I tried filing them before putting glue on to create a less smooth surface but it doesn't work. I also had acrylics once but I'm super clumsy so I kept hitting them against things and it hurt like hell. Adding any kind of nail polish makes them look even smaller. The worst part is that my sister has perfect nails, like hand model level. Seething forever over this.

No. 2044378

File: 1718054410935.png (245.25 KB, 1390x562, paw.png)

I just googled "best in show" because I was checking if I remembered the name of the movie right and there is a little paw icon that you can click and something happens. wtf… does someone at google love Best In Show that they made a special feature for it? kek it was cute

No. 2044387

When I try to click on the text field i get cat paws instead. Cute also good job on breaking the main funcitonality.

No. 2044419

File: 1718056611801.png (285.36 KB, 961x768, Screenshot 2024-06-10 145554.p…)

thank you for sharing nona, i'm having a lot of fun with this

No. 2044424

Got high for the first time ever (through edibles) and it was a bit underwhelming, I didn't feel particularly different than when I've drunk a lot, but my friend said my behavior was typical of being high, so I do t know what to think.

No. 2044435

I have heard from multiple people that their first few times were underwhelming. Not saying keep smoking but it may be more fun the next time.

No. 2044459

I’m so grateful I’m moving overseas next year even if it’s only for a year. The dating scene in my hometown is absolutely abysmal and I’m desperate for anything even slightly better. Please pray I meet someone nice.

No. 2044479

I had the same experience >>2044435 mentioned, my first few times I barely felt any different. Idk why that is.

No. 2044487

It didn't help that I was already tipsy when the effects started kicking in, maybe I should have tried it while sober. My friend said the first symptom she experiments is not feeling her teeth anymore, and I didn't get this. Also I didn't smoke, I ate two edibles, maybe eating is less powerful than smoking.

No. 2044490

Same here. I felt exactly the same on weed for the first time as I do when I'm drunk.

No. 2044494

My first time I also did edibles, I didn't like the high but I tried smoking after and I liked that feeling a lot more. Edibles take too long to kick in so if you're drinking, you can't really tell what's the alcohol and what's the weed effect-wise. Also, it depends what kind of edibles you had. Usually a good edible that gets you high should be 50-100mg of cannabis.

No. 2044534

Pray for my hello kitty squishmallow, i put her in the washing machine because she had drool stains on her, even though it says to hand wash.

No. 2044537

File: 1718066107894.jpg (166.39 KB, 1136x1200, DtDanzpXcAAmx8g.jpg)

i remember my very catholic very mexican mom saw me drawing kawoshin before i could close my laptop when i was like, 14 (i never draw in front of my family, ever) and i said shinji was a girl with a pixie. biggest clutch of my life

No. 2044571

That bitch gonna be lumpy.

No. 2044583

Noo, i am trying to be positive. She will be due to exit the washer soon, hopefully she will be smooth.

No. 2044586

If you lightly spot clean her with soap detergent and then rinse, dryer for awhile to kill bacteria, she'll be fine

No. 2044725

KEK that's hilarious

No. 2044728

i just pulled a pube out of my ear. it was mine btw. i have no idea how it got there

No. 2044729

Praying for her innards

No. 2044764

File: 1718080646072.jpeg (99.84 KB, 735x594, IMG_3425.jpeg)

I’m starting my 8th replay of persona 5 Royal right now while drinking some orange juice, I love being an autist

No. 2044781

I made a smoked salmon bagel and a PB&J+bacon sandwich for tomorrow. I know is not very healthy but I used quality ingredients and I know they are gonna taste good so I'm happy.

No. 2044801

your pic made me giggle

No. 2044844

Kek nonna

No. 2044862

I've recently found out that my body type is rectangular, is this why I look so troonish on most pics? Also I hate how the clothing advice is to give "the illusions of curves" and to be more feminine, I'm not comfortable with this.

No. 2044887

My teeth rarely get dirty but my tongue does. 99% of brushing teeth for me is brushing my tongue. If I found a genie I'd ask for a permanently clean tongue atp.

No. 2044919

Just realised what I thought was my shoulder blades through my skin is actually muscle and I have a very muscular back

No. 2044957

Adding AI: the Somnium Files to my mental list of media for people I'll never get along with. Not a single person I know who's into that game is compatible with me. The characters are all ugly as fuck so they'd have to have shit taste (=opinions that differ from mine in a fundamental way) to get into in the first place.

No. 2044959

This is me with Persona fans

No. 2044964

Late but scrote has been used in the UK for decades.

No. 2044966

omg nonny same, glad to not be alone with my gross tongue

No. 2044978

me with getshit infact fans

No. 2045014

I really enjoyed this game a lot more than expected but as soon as I looked up the fandom online I blocked a shit ton of people on twitter so I unfortunately agree with you. If anyone says that the sequel is good they don't just have subjective shit taste, they have a room temperature IQ in celsius.

No. 2045056

Couldn't fall asleep until 6 in the morning, it's 3 pm now, just woke up and I'm so beat. Luckily I don't have to work but I can't believe I used to live like this as a teenager kek, what did I even do with my days?

No. 2045060

Shoulder pads will look great on you. If you're into make up, make the face more angular.

No. 2045080

If you're not comfortable with giving the illusion of curves, don't. Lean into more androgynous looks, use 1920s fashion for inspiration, don't be afraid to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. You don't look like a troon unless you are a troon.

No. 2045153

Not into makeup and especially anything skin related, also my face is too round to do that. Shoulder pads look cool though, I'm going to look into that.
I'm actually glad I have this body type, I wanted to go further into androgynous looks and I have a great starting point. I was not fond of some recommendations they gave, like completely avoiding low-rise pants, you can pry those out of my cold dead hands. I do look troonish on pictures, especially next to other women, thanks to the combination of being tall and rectangular, having a strong jaw, a fivehead and looking autistic as fuck when having to pose, I don't look like this irl.

No. 2045217

I massaged my scalp with coffee grounds because I saw people used it as a hair treatment but my headache was gone within a few minutes! I'm so happy honestly, my hair felt disgusting the past few days but my scalp feels fresh now even though I put oil on it. Hope it washes out well.

No. 2045226

wtf, now I need to know the chemistry of how that works. sounds like tiger balm for inflammation kek

No. 2045242

Ive read that massaging your scalp increases blood flow. I wonder if that’s related.

No. 2045256

I've been craving hot chips and gravy for the past week. It's unhealthy and I've never experienced a moment where I've craved the same thing for days on end in my life until now.

No. 2045265

Got a nice pet hair vacuum cleaner at a yard sale for 7 doll hairs. Talked with the lady and she had it for her Aussie who passed. Selling it because she got a less bulky one she liked more. If it could pick up Aussie hair it could pick up my cat’s hair. Oh by golly it does. I think there was more cat hair in my carpet than expected. It was ungodly satisfying to empty it. Best 7 dollars I have ever spent.

No. 2045286

I'm suddenly feeling the need to hoard money and only spend the bare minimum on myself. The former is good but I'm reaching mental illness levels of self-repression for some reason with the second.

No. 2045350

You're intuiting an upcoming recession. Listen to that instinct

No. 2045370

File: 1718130807469.jpeg (73.62 KB, 768x768, J-Way-Instant-Boba-Taro-Milk-T…)

I will make chalupas and boba for dinner and lunch today. I purchased this boba kit.

No. 2045373

This made me sad nonna. If it makes you feel better, my natural nails suck too. I always rip my nail extensions off so they're thin and super damaged, and I'm a nail biter so if I have no fake nails I start biting them to nubs. Plus my nail beds are a little wide so they look ugly short.

No. 2045411

it's been so long since i saw comments under any movie on one of those illegal streaming sites and i finally found some

No. 2045443

There's this schizo incel who frequents a coffee shop I go to a lot. He keeps calling this office manager a bitch so the coffee shop staff are getting ready to perma ban him. He's here right now talking to himself and one of the baristas called the courtesy officer to escort him out. I cant wait for his nuclear meltdown when he gets kicked out kek

No. 2045450

surprised there isn't a new twitter hate thread

No. 2045548

My hair was pretty greasy so maybe because the dead skin got off from massaging it? I massaged my head before putting coffee too but it didn't relieve my headache as much/quickly. Also I did it in the sun so maybe it releases something when heated up but I have no idea, just glad it worked kek.

No. 2045577

I fucking hate waking up at 2-4am and just being incapable of falling back asleep again so I trudge through the day tired as hell

No. 2045592

I don't write fanfic but I came up with a story idea based on a series I really liked…should I make a super cringe story or are there AI bots I could feed this info to

No. 2045647

File: 1718146857230.gif (1.45 MB, 320x234, jEq9fL.gif)

My new bras came in the mail and I'm happy with my purchases.

No. 2045746

I don't feel pretty when wearing formal clothes

No. 2045948

Kaytranada's music has to be laced with crack it's so fucking good!!!

No. 2045961

Aw, they're some of my favorite outfits out there. But tbf I buy super extra fancy ones design wise, with patterns and ornaments on the inside and outside. I think throwing on a nice bowtie or necktie and wearing nice jewelry and a cool hairstyle with hair jewelry can elevate the look and make you feel pretty! And some makeup if you're into that.

No. 2046075

How do I get my hair to grow longer? It refuses to grow any longer than down to my breasts. My bangs grow but not the rest of my hair.

No. 2046093

Suplements, drinking plenty of water, no alcohol or refined carbs, good quality shampoo, ACV rinse if you live in a place with hard water, sleeping silk cap/scarf/pillow case, avoiding damaging hairstyles/accesories, airdrying, eating protein, trimming ends every now and then, not washing hair everyday and never using hot water, scalp massages with oil, always brushing gently, always detangling before going to bed, minimizing hair exposure to pool and sea water…

No. 2046105

I do almost all those things sadly and I still have a limit

No. 2046119

Your hair length limit is genetic, nothing you can do about it

No. 2046133

My moisturizer stinks so much for some reason, it has a normal smell inside the container but after applying it I get some moldy emanations.

No. 2046169

you should throw it away.

No. 2046180

File: 1718198302323.jpg (236.7 KB, 640x466, Hacker-man-meme-3.jpg)

just deleted an obtrusive loading screen with inspect element. godspeed motherfucker.

No. 2046183

I really hate drawing but i love art.

No. 2046186

Warm in bed at last. Winning.

No. 2046197

same nonnie …same

No. 2046205

I bought silk dental floss and it tastes awful even with mint essential oil, I guess this is what worm butt tastes like

No. 2046273

Instead of taking to myself, my internal monologue has become making posts to this site in my head. WTF is wrong with me

No. 2046384

I'm doing this long-distance uni summer course covering some literal works in the horror genre while also discussing the concept of horror as an art form, and there is an ultra weeb in the group that always tries to force in how Japan is the best and most original in every aspect in horror every chance she get. And honestly? I love her, there is this naive passion whenever she chimes in with something japan-related - even when it's not even on topic or make sense - and I find it so endearing. She is probably hell to deal with irl, but as it is now I find her so cute.

No. 2046489

I get that people will moan and breathe heavily at the gym, but that's usually during the workout, not before. Two girls came into the changing room today and they were moaning and sighing and gulping down air while getting ready. Shoes on, deep inhale, hair tied, loud sigh - it was as if they were competing for who could make the most gym noises while changing into their workout clothes. I guess it's a way to hype yourself up.

No. 2046495

this hotel I’m staying at doesn’t have my room ready and now I have to listen to these two tech bros suck each other off in the lobby.

No. 2046499

File: 1718219854516.jpg (21.83 KB, 400x400, HKJd2upR_400x400.jpg)

My cat looking at me like this when I'm on the toilet taking a giant shit or having stress-related diarrhea reminds me that maybe true love actually does exist in this world

No. 2046500

I'm there with you anon, focus on us

No. 2046501

I read that the reason cats always go to the bathroom with you (my cat does every time, it's like a ritual with this guy) is that they understand that it's a vulnerable position and they want to protect you while you're relieving yourself kek

No. 2046512

Tbf they could be at the gym because theyre unhealthy, so much so that those simple activities do fuck them up.

No. 2046515

I am. we are making fun of the 4 other tech bros that have now appeared.

No. 2046518

Damn what the fuck is happening at this hotel? Is there a crypto convention? I bet it must smell really bad in that lobby.

No. 2046530

I've heard that too, I just find it cute that my guy will get super cuddly, jump into my lap and want me to bump my head against his or kiss him, put his tummy in the air on floor by my feet etc. while I'm doing my nasty business kek

No. 2046540

It took me 5 minutes to fold my Longchamp bag, is it starting to get deformed after years of use or am I just retarded?

No. 2046552

as I read your reply more showed up and now there’s 12 of them, all dressed in polos and golf shorts because men’s fashion is truly ageless. I’m debating whether to walk to the Taco Bell a mile away while the jack off at the front desk finds me a room.

No. 2046554

samefag, wrong comment referenced

No. 2046565

Can’t burlieve it’s only Wednesday

No. 2046582

Taco Bell is fucking awesome, I vote tacos all day every day

No. 2046613

I cut my hair and now I look like that Björk guy from Kaze to Ki no Uta.

No. 2046622

I might get taco bell tonight, but I must resist the Baja blast cravings. They're good but I do not drink fountain drinks from fast food restaurants

No. 2046636

Yes bitch YES

No. 2046668

i lied. i havent been flossing like dentist asked me to.

No. 2046698

I love triggering zoomers with fag and retard

No. 2046772

sleeping naked tonight. if god is real he'll make sure i don't accidentally flash my parents. amen

No. 2046777

why do people sleep naked for? please explain it to a normal person that sleeps in dinosaur pjs like god intended

No. 2046786

the feeling on bare skin is nice, clothes can feel like a sensory restriction

No. 2046789

I get hot, and you need to let your vag breathe sometimes.

No. 2046796

Whenever I’m feasting and eating a lot of foods I love and am surrounded by things I like I just feel so rich. I’m like Trump

No. 2046798

I need to stay up all night, fuck i am going to need so much cowfefe.

No. 2046804

itayrt, it helps to not get hot in the summer. also i don't like how clothes feel when i'm lying down, it's irritating. skin-tight stuff like tank tops feels constricting; oversized clothes always bulk up and i have to keep adjusting them during the night because sleeping on a bunch of folds is uncomfortable
btw im not completely naked, i forgot im wearing underwear

No. 2046829

I miss old youtube so much. I am not even super old, I am 22, but I cant stand modern youtubers. I am still stuck in 2009 nostalgia critic and avgn clones. Whenever i see any of those ugly reaction faggots like penguins or whatever having millions of subs i weep, how did we fail so badly as a society?

No. 2046839

I always judge those "clean tiktok" people for making potions to clean basic things, but then when I mop my floors I mix boiling water, lemon, pinesol, and mint oil kek. Anyway, I just mopped and it smells so good. I'm about to do the dishes then go get Taco Bell.

No. 2046859

I miss the cute blingy glam era of VS Pink

No. 2046869

The creepy voice with the sad ass sponge daddy is making me loose it

No. 2046874

Going to karaoke soon!!!!!!! I love it so much!!!!!!

No. 2046884

watching trailer park boys and jacob and cory are pissing me off so fucking much, what a bunch of useless faggots. The season would be amazing if they didnt fuck everything up. I wonder what happened to the actor for trevor and why he never showed up again.

No. 2046890

I love my $13 Walmartins

No. 2046893

kekkkk nona you sound like Julian and Ricky

No. 2046901

I used to feel sorry for them at first, but they are fucking idiots. I am glad cory got shot. Trinity deserved better.

No. 2046939

I kept scrolling by and reading "Walmartinis". I thought Walmart opened up a bar.

No. 2046994

i am falling asleep help

No. 2047060

back from dentist's appointment. she knew.

No. 2047074

File: 1718246276587.gif (610.17 KB, 500x277, 3c3ae56bbd666a6902e4640a5c78ad…)

Today was a super nice day, the nicest in a while. I wore a dress that makes me feel nice, I talked to a cute shop clerk with the best music taste (long hair in a ponytail and glasses yum), a classmate from primary school recognized me and talked to me in the sweetest way possible (also learnt that she likes Ariana Grande like me kek she named her kid that), got a refund from an online shop, and ate ice cream. I'm happy!

No. 2047077

File: 1718246430155.jpg (933.28 KB, 804x804, 1000003574.jpg)

I hate having to see a bitch repeatedly wrong, repeatedly loud, and repeatedly dumb and unaware of their own actions against my will multiple times

No. 2047080

Watching them double down on being wrong and retarded for like no reason or gain? Woah

No. 2047089

Me on lolcow all day everyday

No. 2047115

might be time for me to look for a new job… or should i wait and see if i get fired

No. 2047117

my grandma keeps annoying me about my long form birth certificate and getting a copy of it but i do not care enough right now

No. 2047137

I was trying to make a logical argument against some handmaidens online (probably teens due to the retardation) defending a pedo scrote because he's a hot and famous youtuber. I called them "his name-fags" because the imageboard lingo slipped but then decided it was a win due to their screeching. It wasn't even meant as an insult, just referring to them.
Let's hope I don't get doxxed today

No. 2047138

The government where I'm from: Well it's not our fault we lost your document, you should have sent us 10 copies! Also we need that receipt of you eating at that restaurant from 2003 or else your income will be cut

No. 2047161

I have a possibly stretched tendon or ligament in my right foot since childhood since it cracks like knuckles too easily when I bend it and has a weird resting pose compared to my left foot
My mom (former doctor) is 100% convinced of it but whenever I see GPs they just hold it, bend it a bit and don't suggest or see anything. I'm not sure if you could even scan it either
I'm definitely going to get excruciating arthritis in it in the future I think

No. 2047166

File: 1718251708132.jpeg (682.32 KB, 795x1550, IMG_1841.jpeg)

The fuck is up with Facebook ads? I'm genuinely confused??

No. 2047167

File: 1718251722130.jpeg (148.51 KB, 1170x870, 786CB354-488C-42CF-B3CA-8CB87A…)

Wait your feet bones aren’t supposed to pop like knuckles?

No. 2047168

File: 1718251770669.png (2.88 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0433.png)

This was the item that these things are apparently related to

No. 2047171

sad landscaping moid just needs some cookies and a rest. then he'll need some ozempic to lose the bum after getting too fat. it all makes perfect sense nonnie

No. 2047174

It's my ankle, I should've been more specific. It also causes me a bit of odd pain and the structure fucks up my entire leg at times, so yeah it's not normal unless you're referring to something else

No. 2047202

With a BUM

No. 2047255

File: 1718261328844.png (67.94 KB, 550x145, they hated anon because she to…)

I'm reading the original unpopular opinions thread and it's crazy how little has changed in 8 years, it even has blonde hair vs brown hair slap-fighting.

No. 2047281

And yet admin still believes posters from other threads are making it that way kek. It's always been shit.

No. 2047288

File: 1718263086759.jpg (214.01 KB, 960x720, 1000003336.jpg)

If you're having trouble finding will to live just try to tether some joy to the fact that if you stay alive you will get to watch the boomers die off alone and miserable, and with each passing decade there will be no more of them

No. 2047306

Unpopular opinion but I will lose my mind if I had to share the world for the rest of my life with zoomers and millennials and their crazy woke shit. Boomers balance things out. And a bit unrelated but boomers and gen x made the objectively best shows and music, millennials and zoomers suck ass at that stuff. The world will be so devoid of creativity and beauty once the 2 generations with average IQ die out, and only the 2 generations with room temperature IQ are left to run the world. Chaos will ensue. Maybe I will grab a bowl of popcorn and watch the world fall apart since that's something I always wanted to witness.

No. 2047316

Okay well then die with them

No. 2047321

I just scrolled and saw the gif for the new unpopular opinions thread of the cute baby cat drinking formula and my eyes water up… cute things make me cry and get emotional idk why. That little cat is so adorable and small I hope it’s happy wherever it is and is being taken care of and protected by it’s owners…

No. 2047324

you'll be disappointed once you see what one anon thought of it deeper down

No. 2047327

I just saw that. Haram as fuck and my night is ruined.

No. 2047335

at least dozens of other anons are angry at em.

No. 2047389

I made very fluffy milk bread using the tangzhong method

No. 2047427

I'm seeing this moid for the past month and recently my anxiety has been flaring up around him for no reason. I have ocd so my anxiety tends to flare up at the randomest things and I pay it no attention until it dies down, but idk, every time it attacks a person, that person ended up being shit for me somehow. I've accepted being pretty irrational and schizo in thinking sometimes but surely there's gotta be something wrong if this moid is setting off all my mental alarms

No. 2047461

I had a really nice encounter on the subway today. I live in Scandinavia and a group of teen girls sat next to the seats I was on. They were dressed like most 15-20 year old girls here do now, imitating Y2K style, low waisted jeans, big designer bags, eyelash extensions and a lot of heavy makeup. They couldn't have been more than 16 I think, it made me a bit sad to see but they laughed and seemed to have fun together. All but one of the girls went off on the same stop and I felt the remaining girl stare heavily at me but I didn't mind. I get the occasional stares for how I dress anyway, I probably look a bit old-timey to most people but I really love my clothes and I think I look nice. Today I wore a cream satin shirt with red dress pin-striped dress pants, a floral short vest and a belt with suspenders (yes I am autistic too kek). Before the last girl got off she told me she liked my outfit and smiled kinda shy-ly and I thanked her and said she looked nice too to which she smiled back at me and got off. People here never really talk to strangers and I only get compliments from the occasional American tourist or Chinese tourists asking to take a picture of me so this interaction was really cute and I hope she gets the courage to experiement with her style and individuality too.

No. 2047489

Just listened to bjork for the first time. It’s making me tear up

No. 2047628

I'm happy you like her nonna

No. 2047629

They need to ban unpopular opinions tbh

No. 2047638

this is why them autosaging dumbass shit thread will always be the dumbest decision they have ever made.

No. 2047660

I was feeling sad in bed, so I went and peed. I felt better. If you're feeling sad, go pee; if you're feeling happy, it's probably because you peed.

No. 2047664

He's probably a secret sex trafficker. Run. Sure the thinking might be irrational but the intuition usually is right somehow considering you said it's happened before

No. 2047675

That sounds so sweet. I'm glad your day was good. Also, I wish we could use emojis because I often wish to send people little hearts to show I'm happy for them.
Please see a physical therapist or someone like that. You could be doing easy exercises while you sit that will prevent you so much pain in the future and keep you walking longer.
No, look up stretching exercises on YouTube and drink more water. You're injuring yourself in subtle ways that will shorten your health lifespan.

No. 2047676

I'm a little bummed the Victoria's Secret SAS is so shite this year (online, at least), but I will get the PINK mists that are on sale.

No. 2047687

Wow, those are great stitches. Whoever did that is had some great tension control.
How was it?

No. 2047689

Idk what a physical therapist could do since I'd need a diagnosis or some figuring out of what's wrong with my foot and multiple doctors don't see it as I said and dismiss me because obviously it looks normal from the outside.

No. 2047692

good! I'll throw the link as well if anyone wants to try

No. 2047698

A physical therapist will be able to identify what is rubbing abnormally in your ankle/foot and give you the exercises to strengthen the area that you're weak in to prevent damage to the various structures. The problem is, only a good physical therapist can do this.

No. 2047705

yeah there's none where I'm from kek. Maybe one day when I have time and can afford it in my schedule. Thanks for the recommendation though, I genuinely hadn't thought of that.

No. 2047851

I messed up my curried sausages. Too many burnt sausages, too much flour(spilt) and accidentally left it on medium for an hour. I've cooked so much and yet I still cannot progress past meat with some sauce on rice, how am I going to be a mom at this rate!!! lol
The curry was still good though

No. 2047912

I can’t visit the MtF thread anymore because the thread pic repulses me so much

No. 2047989

I have to get up at lastedt 6 tomorrow

No. 2048041

File: 1718314703480.jpeg (38.42 KB, 398x360, IMG_7269.jpeg)

I bought a mini bale of hay and I just want to place the entire thing in my rabbit pen just to see how long it takes for them to eat it all

No. 2048070

I got one day and a half to write something. Why the fuck did i slack off? why am i like this. I say as i put yet another nostalgia critic brain rotting video in the background while playing gachas.

No. 2048095

File: 1718317707314.png (141.68 KB, 653x345, Screenshot 2024-06-13 232749.p…)

Opened /m/ and this made me giggle, I never realized they matched

No. 2048099

File: 1718318191556.jpg (6.52 MB, 4096x4096, catmusicbox.jpg)

Went to a thrift store and found this old car music box and Im in love with it. My coworkers make fun of me for liking cats so much, so I cant really share my find with anyone irl, so Im putting it here instead. It plays the nicest little song, though I dont know what it is.

No. 2048145

For some reason I woke up from my nap thinking about the little boy at the end of this video. I don’t know why but I hope he’s resting peacefully.

No. 2048202

Oh my god, she’s beautiful. What an amazing find! Your coworkers are lame

No. 2048229

She’s so precious nona, I love cat paraphernalia too. Your coworkers are fake and gay for that

No. 2048374

I had my almond milk carton sitting out for ~5 hours and I feel so retarded.

No. 2048407

i love music boxes like this. i would love to hear what song she plays!

No. 2048568

I am going to be so pissed off if i catch a cold. I waited so long to have the house for myself.

No. 2048621

Got an exam in an hour and a half, I hope I pass.

No. 2048630

Good luck nona!

No. 2048631

thank you!

No. 2048638

Got accepted for an internship in a big shot important company in my country. They called me on phone for the interview and I was asleep, but left the notification sound on so I'd wake up from the call, since I missed their initial call the other day, then I answered immediately and did well on the interview despite being dizzy as fuck from being sleepy and kept chocking on my voice because my throat was so dry and not ready lmao. I got the acceptance letter in email a few minutes later and filled all the necessary paperwork, but they wanted me to declare if I have any relatives in the company, which I do, my uncle from my mom's side. Contacted him to ask him for some info about this and he said it's better to keep it a secret. I hope I don't get in trouble for this kek.
Went to sleep after that and I shit you not, I woke up 15 hours after that, woke up sick with a fever and constantly throwing up, unable to keep down anything I eat or drink, and I only had a fourth of an apple and some ginger and cinnamon tea. Had a fever too along with it, but thankfully, and weirdly, after shitting it stopped???? Now I'm drinking a fruit juice for electrolytes and to rehydrate myself. Once I feel more awake and energized I'll continue my paperwork and send it to the company. I also need to take a shower, and I will spend the day doing all the stuff I want to do so once I start my internship by June 30th, I won't have anything I regret not doing. But I'll miss my stupid sleep schedule of waking up at 6-7 pm and going to sleep at 10 am-12 pm lol. I'm just a nocturnal creature. My internship will probably be in the morning and the location is around 20 minutes away from home, but with other people going to work around the time it will probably take a bit longer, so I'll have to wake up early to get there early. At least they will give me a 2 days weekend, yeay.

No. 2048717

I've finally put on some weight, I've been hovering over 55 kgs for the past 15 years and I weighted myself last weekend and I was 59 kgs, which is much better for my height. Since I don't have a scale at my place I have no idea how long I've been like that and I don't think I've changed anything in my diet (I've just been eating out a bit more for a year), but it's good to finally be out of the underweight area.

No. 2048754

File: 1718361806792.jpg (43.95 KB, 736x929, 3a3d1a2a1d22fbd6a6cf2479e2927d…)

This is going to sound super retarded but I've always had problems with my body and how I express myself, I'm taller and bigger than average in my country and I've always been since childhood. So like even though I've hated myself for years I've finally started feeling "myself", I finally feel everything I wanted to feel before. I don't feel like an ugly blob of fat and skin and blood, or a terminally online genderless piece of shit, or that I need to pretend to either be overtly girly or tomboyish anymore. And I don't have to please anyone, I can just be myself and be happy. I still have insecurities, but for so long I've always just despised living in this body, I think I'm getting ok with it now. I'm okay with being a woman now.

No. 2048781

Trying very hard to make smalltalk with random women as of late. It’s going ok…

No. 2048810

That's very exciting for you! And you did the interview whilst sleepy! What a queen. I hope you can recover before you start, and that you get used to not being nocturnal anymore. Well done!

No. 2048871

File: 1718372358732.jpg (33 KB, 640x360, 360_F_303624505_u0bFT1Rnoj8CMU…)

>dog person catsitting for the first time, never spent more than a few minutes with a cat
>not sure what to do with him or how to read him
>barely drinks the water i give him, doesn't want to play, doesn't care when i pet him
>i knew it, cats are boring and heartless
>few days later
>mf jumps up on my counter while i'm cooking, holy shit how did he jump that high
>starts drinking water straight from the running tap (very cool and knows how to get himself a drink)
>everytime i open a cabinet or drawer he jumps in to test sit it, will squeeze himself into the tiniest little ball just to fit
>grab my sock off the floor and he suddenly starts to play with it (wtf he knows how to play, so funny and cute)
>suddenly jumps up on my bed and starts rolling around meowing to get scratches (he's suddenly letting me pet him all over)
>kills flies and spiders for me and he's really fast and good at it (wtf thank you king)

I love cats now

No. 2048895

I have today off and I desperately want to go back to sleep but I need to make a phone call in an hour so I'm just up. I did set an alarm though, so I may just go lay back down

No. 2048900

my cat is forcing me to sit on the balcony. she follows me around the house meowing until i sit on the balcony with her, she doesn't even want to play, she just wants me around. She's happily watching birds right now while i'm sitting here with my coffee browsing lolcow.
the door to the balcony is always open so it's not like she can't be here without me, this is just how she likes it.

No. 2048904

File: 1718376331666.jpeg (163.22 KB, 749x926, IMG_2170.jpeg)

Aww. Cats are the best.

No. 2048972

I cuddled their cat like she was Paquito

No. 2049001

File: 1718385700468.jpg (272.12 KB, 2048x2048, 1000017256.jpg)

My workplace has the lankiest security guards ever.

No. 2049008

my bf is taking me to the mall to pick out some stuff tomorrow and i'm going crazy trying to decide what to get. i'm always finding stuff i like online and screenshotting it but it's all eluding me right now. i'll probably just end up getting some clothes from lululemon

No. 2049009

Next time it's windy outside, tell the security guards to wear heavy boots.

No. 2049042

I met this guy on vacation and we had a lil moment (hung out all night, he asked if I wanted to go back to his place with him but I said no, & we also kissed) then went our separate ways. I was rly swooning tbh. He pursued me basically but was respectful & sweet about it. DMed me afterwards trying to meet up again, and otherwise expressing some interest.

idk why but I decided to snoop his IG yesterday, where he looks pretty single but doesn't have much pics, and look through his tagged pics for the first time.

this man has a whole gf who makes compilation videos of their relationship lol. she posted vids before and after he was on vacation. I wasn't even mad or surprised, the videos were cute to me lol. she's some kinda quirky she/they cosplayer type so they may just have an open relationship & not a cheating situation, not that it matters my attraction immediately disappeared.

but that is very bold. I actually had a bit of fun scrolling thru & seeing his past relationships documented in tagged pics.

the surprising thing to me was going back several years to his ~5yrs long term relationship with a girl who kinda looks like me, some similar features & overall vibe were similar. her makeup was basically the same I was wearing the night we hung out.

he was on vacation with his guy friends, who left us at some point in the night when it was getting really late.

another layer to this is, he's a black guy (I'm biracial), and all the girls in his past were white.

anyway, just needed to tell someone that lol. just a guy being a guy in 2024

No. 2049045

lanky, awkward, nerdy guys with bright eyes and warm smiles UGH I want to bully them and see them cry

No. 2049083

I'm making Thai iced tea from a bag right now, and it just kinda tastes like hydrogen peroxide. I may have to microwave it instead of just using the hot water from my tap to get the flavors.

No. 2049086

I don't get the whole "women moody on period" stereotype sometimes. When I'm on my period, I'm chill and peaceful and calm. Probably because when I'm not on my period I'm already insane

No. 2049090

When I'm on my period, I'm just in pain and fighting back the feeling to vomit. I always figured it must be different for other women. Like women whose periods only last three days max. I'm jealous of them.

No. 2049092

same, but its because i have painless periods thankfully

No. 2049278

Nona are you me?? I've been excited to have the house to myself next week for ages but today I woke up with a sore throat & sinus headache and it's put such a damper on my home alone plans. I hope you don't get sick.

No. 2049287

ordering a shit load of food and watching ufc is my favourite comfy time, I love watching men beat each other up while I pig out. Makes me wish gladiator matches were still a thing

No. 2049342

I don't get it when people say they can't breathe/need to catch their breath while kissing. Unless your nose is clogged, just breathe through it.

No. 2049351

I miss old YouTube sketch comedy too, with dumb little videos that were like 5 minutes long like Smosh (up until ~2014) and Barats and Bereta. Now everything is political or about race or "___ react!" or mini-reality shows, and anything 'funny' is just 5-second TikTok clips or girls dancing sexily. The internet isn't just fun and goofy anymore

No. 2049468

>>The internet isn't just fun and goofy anymore
imo it's become a cesspit of mental poverty within the past ~10 years, the upside of that being more cows & more milk.

No. 2049532

Please nonnies pray for me i dont want to wake up sick tomorrow. I waited so long to have the house for myself and do karaoke and play games i cant catch the flu now.

No. 2049535

my mom went to an asian market and bought some stuff. im eating black bean noodles and drinking a melon soda rn. living the life. i was scared i wouldnt like the black bean noodles but theyre really tasty

No. 2049536

Manifesting good health for you nonna. What's your favorite song to karaoke?

No. 2049539

File: 1718423457627.gif (6.33 KB, 112x80, dance5.gif)

60s/70s music!! Abba, the beegees, the monkees, carpenters. I love music from that era so much.

No. 2049596

Is there an "AI Diary" app/site out there where you can customize the personality that listens to you and reminds you of stuff?
Someone should really make that.

No. 2049597

>customize the personality that listens to you and reminds you of stuff
Nonna, thats called just being a human being. Learn how to function without the assistance of a robot.

No. 2049600

Using other people as your diary doesn't seem healthy either tbqh, nonnie.
Diaries are already a thing, and it's not like Anne Franky didn't give her's a personality.

No. 2049602

Who said anything about other people? I said learn how to function without assistance

No. 2049603

I did not do that on purpose, now I feel a bit awkward.

No. 2049604

nobody ever likes to talk about this but i dont think anne frank was a real person

No. 2049606

So you're against using diaries at all?

No. 2049607

I have nothing against using a diary, what I have a problem with is needing an AI robot to tell you what to do. Write down a list and read it or exeercise the strength of your memory.

No. 2049610

How is "giving a diary a personality" having someone tell you what to do?
Do you listen to everything people tell you to do here when you post shit here? It's basically the same thing, though the AI would be a bit less of a twat.

No. 2049613

Dude are you ESL kek? I don't mean tell you what to do as in order you around…I mean tell you what to do as in remind you of your tasks which is what the anon in the initial post was talking about, and I was responding saying that you shouldn't need an AI robot to tell you what you're supposed to be doing today. If you aren't capable of understanding the conversation then maybe you shouldn't participate.

No. 2049617

Are you an esl or do you know the difference between a to do list and a diary?
By "reminds you of stuff" I meant more like names, not your grocery list.

No. 2049618

Thats even worse. Being reminded of tasks or things like that I can understand which is why I assumed those first but needing an AI robot to remind you of your coworkers names is retard mode

No. 2049621

My bad, it is true that not everyone has to know more than their family and a few coworkers.

No. 2049623

Nta but what exactly do you think a diary is for?

No. 2049624

For writing about important stuff also theres a difference between having a private diary that you write in and having a coded AI personality thats your "diary"

No. 2049626

What type of important stuff if not stuff you kind of want to remember later on?

No. 2049628

Theres some things that you're capable of remembering later on without writing them down, such as names. Remembering other animals we encounter is second nature to humans.

No. 2049630

Okay, so why would you have a diary then if you don't need it to remember anything?

No. 2049632

A diary can be for writing about experiences, your feelings, problems you're having that you can't discuss with others, but if you're having memory issues with basic things such as names and identifying others then I think you might want to consider CBT.

No. 2049634

>A diary can be for writing about experiences, your feelings, problems you're having that you can't discuss with others, it's used to remember those things.
So it is used to remember things, do you think, reading it back, you'll still remember the names of the people involved in those experiences?
The older you get, the more you forget. It's sad, but true.

No. 2049636

Holy shit this is the weirdest infight I've probably ever read on this website kek

No. 2049637

Its not really used to 'remember things' its really more used to release feelings

No. 2049638

>it's used to remember things
>Its not really used to 'remember things'
Seems like you already forgot what you said kek. Maybe an AI could help.

No. 2049639

I didn't ever say its used to remember things, I said its used for writing about experiences which isnt really the same thing as needing a whole journal to remember the names of your constituents Thats what the initial poster who was asking where to find an AI personality was saying kek.

No. 2049640

One more ep of trailer park boys and i will for sure draw after. I swear.

No. 2049645

Honestly, I thought an AI diary might be nifty, if not the whole "you need therapy if you can't remember names" shit.
I personally don't remember names unless I have to and then forget them when I no longer need to remember them.

No. 2049822

I'm going to see a friend but I'm so tired I just want to stay in bed kek, it'll be fun once I'm there tho.

No. 2049887

Don't really know where to post it but I think it's weird there's no varying levels of thinness on the BMI scale like with fatness, there's a huge difference between slightly underweight and morbidly anorexic.

No. 2049894

why AI tho? a plain ol notebook will do the job just fine

No. 2049937

Im guessing the difference is you could give the AI a fun personality, or your husbando. Something like that.

No. 2050083

I took a huge shit. I feel great.

No. 2050091

I interacted with a TIF. It's got to suck to be her because I'm terrible at identifying troons and am very face blind. So the fact that I could tell means she doesn't pass at all. She had named herself Judas.

No. 2050093

I'm just a holy fool oh baby it's so cruel

No. 2050099

Are scrub daddies worth it or better than any other cleaning sponges?

No. 2050112

Wrong thread anon, but I do like them for dishes. They get the job done fast imo. Haven't really used them for anything else.

No. 2050122

i'm going to buy a bjork cd

No. 2050340

I just had two shitty league games in a row (retarded teams) and even though I won one I'm still tilted, so now im cooking to calm down. I'm making BBQ meatballs, rice, peas and broccoli

No. 2050363

time to watch king of the hill

No. 2050373

File: 1718483580432.jpg (146.84 KB, 736x975, 1000017109.jpg)

I'm surprised diaries are a popular thing among teenagers because of the sheer number of parents going through their teenager's shit and throwing their entries back in their face. It's like diaries always get read except for when the kid is actually planning some crazy like shooting up the school.

No. 2050621

I bought a shirt for $8

No. 2051034

something i’ve realized a bit late is that historically girls are said to mature faster than boys (lolita shit) but women are treated like children. how insidious

No. 2051046

I waited until the last minute (again) to paint my dad’s Father’s Day card. My dumb ass chose a forest scene cuz I had no other ideas but I’ve never drawn a real plant in my life. It’s 1:30am and I anticipate another 2 hours work unless I bullshit it real hard at the end out of exhaustion. I accidentally went insane on my mom’s card and it took me 15 hours because I miscalculated the technique I was going to use but it became like a sunk cost fallacy thing so I finished it and yeah she liked it but now my dad will feel hurt if his card isn’t also sufficiently laborious looking. But I can’t fucking draw forests or plants. I’m so tired I want to go to sleep why am I retarded

No. 2051199

File: 1718534157141.jpeg (187.86 KB, 750x648, IMG_2827.jpeg)

Ate an ice cream sandwich for breakfast
Pic rel my insides

No. 2051214

Is that Meg? That's a great drawing

No. 2051223

This was one of the most fun nights I've had in a while, glad I went!

No. 2051231

Happy for you!

No. 2051232

I hate journals for this fucking reason

No. 2051294

My twitter got shadowbanned, I guess that explains the lack of engagement recently. Everywhere online it says to wait 3-7 days for it to go away but in that time I'm apparently not supposed to use it at all. No liking, retweeting, following or messaging what the fuck. I didn't even do anything, they should just tell me which post was the issue so I can delete it.

No. 2051373

Drinking a smoothie and watching youtube videos. Wish I could find vloggers whose favorite color is something other than pink tho.

No. 2051375

This is why you online diary in a notes app. I DM my alt account on discord sometimes as a diary so the dates are tracked and then one day I look back and laugh, cringe, and smile at my nostalgia

No. 2051380

What's a good fashion style for a loser who basically just wears sloppy man clothes and comfy sweatpants all day?
I got called out by a guy in long shorts for my sloppy fashion sense lmao

No. 2051381

How do you know it's shadowbanned? I know these websites where you can put your @ and they check if you show up in search results but I'm not sure how accurate they are.

No. 2051383

right? my family doesn't want me to go on a trip alone and i'm in my THIRTIES. if I was a man there would be no question about it. if I can't travel solo as a 30-something adult when will I ever be able to?

No. 2051420

I hope you're not listening to them. Sure there's safety in numbers but plenty of women travel alone, it's not like you're gonna be assaulted if you go camping or go abroad or get on a train by yourself.

No. 2051432

You're already mastering fashion nonnie

No. 2051461

I think dumbass shit thread is not coming back because without it, this website is way easier to moderate for the farmhands. This isn't a complaint, just an observation. It would be dumb if they restored it. I wish they gave up unpopular opinions instead though

No. 2051469

uh yes, that's the exact reason they closed it?

No. 2051477

Bootlicker. You're literally wrong. This place is just as shitty as it's been. Are you just a mod undercover or what? I'll never understand this argument. You're a retard and you make the site worse.

No. 2051488

kek what? nta but you need to chill

No. 2051492

i don't see how it was harder to moderate than any other infighty thread here

No. 2051494

File: 1718560316289.jpg (108 KB, 1080x1402, IMG_251280.jpg)

there was like 2 posts a minute in dumbass shit sometimes and it made it hard for mods and jannies to suck their nigels dicks on saturdays when threads and reports were popping off

No. 2051496

but the same thing happened in unpopular opinions, the fandom threads, the fujo vs antifujo threads, etc

No. 2051497

it was less about the thread being hard to moderate and more about making the annoying posters feel unwelcome (by taking away their favorite spot to get attention, the relatively fast-moving dumbass thread). they ruined it for everyone else. perhaps the real issue is that the mods couldn't effectively just ban them and instead had to play autosage games. it was supposedly a handful of aggressively obnoxious shitstirrers.

No. 2051505

I just saw the Hall is the blonde one banner kek

No. 2051513

i have been in this site on and off for a while and don't get the joke. can you explain it to me? it makes me laugh anyway and i don't know why. keep in mind i am extremely autistic

No. 2051517


No. 2051518

It's a long post someone made copy pasting a whole picture link that was miles and miles long

No. 2051520

As a H&O fan I asked about it once and nonnies just laughed at me

No. 2051521

File: 1718562285288.png (286.93 KB, 1757x508, 1665798375336.png)

it's a reference to this post. I've always wondered how anon managed to fuck up this bad

No. 2051522

Literally where am I being a bootlicker lmao

No. 2051525

Kek I always laugh so hard when I see it. You wouldn't download a picture from the internet I guess

No. 2051526

thank you nonas, i'm in tears. this is hilarious

rude of them but now we know

No. 2051527

File: 1718562436185.jpg (360.77 KB, 750x1334, tumblr_48d94925c2e2af06fe4ff5f…)

No. 2051528

No. 2051529

This is it. This is the picture. That body of link text is the official imageboard equivalent of TV static.

No. 2051531

I hate when people post lolcor content on other websites.

No. 2051532

How did they get the link so long?

No. 2051538

Same wtf?

No. 2051540

What is this image, what tf is wrong with that sink

No. 2051558

File: 1718563929722.jpg (25.49 KB, 480x414, 1000014986.jpg)

plus the black bars on the sides..

No. 2051580

I have 10 LC tabs open on my phone

No. 2051599

I am feeling like crap nonnies. Worst thing is i dont know what it is.

No. 2051601

Same, which ones do you have open though

No. 2051604

I hope you feel better soon nonna, try breathing exercises

No. 2051609

i came back from barfing my breakfast mandarin and i feel better now, thanks nonna

No. 2051771

I just took one of those vagina ph kits and the test strip didn't even change. It just got slightly lighter in some spots. I guess that means my pH is normal though

No. 2051815

After seeing the most beautiful woman ever, I’ve decided I’m not ugly, only plain. Whilst I wish I was as beautiful as her, it brings me solace to know I never will be and I won’t have to strive to anymore.

No. 2051828

I've been forcing myself lately to drunk a lot more water after blood work showed I was dehydrated, and I feel more thirsty than before if I don't drink.

No. 2051847

Who was it?

No. 2051859

you ♥

No. 2051887

I saw a retarded moid at a grocery store who was carrying far too many items in his hands instead of a basket or small cart. I remember locking my eyes with him as he approached the dairy section. I had a feeling he would drop something. Sure enough, the milk he tried to grab fell from his hands and exploded on the ground. It's stupid.

No. 2051895

No. 2051907

No. 2052015

I went clubbing yesterday for the first time in a long time and now I want to keep clubbing.

No. 2052448

>go outside on a day trip
>have a nice time
>wonder how anons are doing
>get home
>settle in
>browse /ot/
>unpopular opinions has jumped 300 posts since I left
oh boy wtf are we arguing about this time? oh well, at least it's fun pre-bedtime reading.

No. 2052449

i want to go clubbing too, tips on how to go clubbing as a noobie?

No. 2052500

File: 1718607708043.jpg (66.79 KB, 600x600, 1644388510376.jpg)

>feeling like shit
>go to sleep
>sleep like shit, keep waking up every 30 mins to vomit
>finally feeling better
>decide to wake up
>start malaptive daydreaming(walking around my room like a sped)
>feel like shit again
why the fuck am i like this. I am also hungry but there is nothing to eat but garbage and i am so tempted to make a pizza and kill my toilet.

No. 2052502

Music Speed Changer apparently updated and now the tempo and the pitch settings are switched in position. Shit fucked me up more than it should've, and the update serves zero purpose whatsoever.

No. 2052509

Step 1: kill yourself.(alogging)

No. 2052516

Huh, might not be a noob after all then kek. Step 2?

No. 2052642

I need to clean up my apartment but my cat is snuggled against me, I don't want to move anymore.

No. 2052848

Just farted and it smells weird. Blegh

No. 2052880

After finding out Ayesha erotica is a tranny I feel much more comfortable listening to his music now. At first I thought it was a bio woman and I felt bad they would’ve had to gone through that, like in sixteen a song about getting groomed by older men. Then I found out it’s just another gay man being a faggot per usual. I also read that Ayesha is just playing a character and not actually some coked up degen that’s been fucked by every scrote in dtla, so

No. 2052895

His music sucks

No. 2052902

i ordered a salad because i had a stomach ache and i didnt realize 90% of it was fried. My poor toilet.

No. 2052948

I just made a really good smoothie with mango, coconut, pineapple, and orange juice

No. 2053044

that sounds delicious, I’ve never tried coconut in a smoothie

No. 2053069

I have an interview tomorrow! I've been hunting for something good for a while and I think I got something. Wish me good luck guys. Whenever I do an interview I have to lock into my alter ego so I can feel confident kek.

No. 2053103

The edge of my phone screen glitched and looked like frost building up around the edge of an otherwise clear windscreen.

No. 2053141

good luck nona!

No. 2053408

File: 1718671181075.jpg (229.75 KB, 736x1308, 0e228a62d13656c32c3c51d86aba7e…)

About to make some corn with mayo and various seasonings. If I had cheese, I would use that too. Mexicans definitely knew what they were doing when they made elote.

No. 2053534

File: 1718676058205.jpg (189.8 KB, 1601x900, galaxy-tab-s8-ultra-lead.jpg)

>picrel normally goes for ~1200
>got it for 500 usd on sale for father's day
yasssssss slei

No. 2053667

File: 1718684971070.jpg (67.77 KB, 640x480, 1000016719.jpg)

I read one of the fetishes that anons are ashamed of, and it has me confused in such a guilty way because it's been hours and I can't stop thinking about it.

No. 2053681

I've got fired now i'm back to unemployment and lolcow.

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