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File: 1717162058494.png (530.18 KB, 1400x696, 1709134679639.png)

No. 2029029

Sonic, my life is in your hands.

No. 2029035

will i be at the level i want to be wrt art in october?

No. 2029038

…will i have significant improvement, at least?

No. 2029039

are you retarded and untrustworthy?

No. 2029092

sanic will i be ok

No. 2029093

its so over

No. 2029100

Is Sanic a useless fucking retard?

No. 2029120

No. 2029122

Should I go visit my friend and give her her purse today?

No. 2029124

Should I take a 1 hour nap?

No. 2029127

Should I?

No. 2029176

will something really funny happen tonight?

No. 2029183

Is it what I'm afraid it is?

No. 2029224

will something surprising happen today?

No. 2029746

are things going to get better soon?

No. 2029790

will tomorrow be better than we ever expected?

No. 2029792

Will they be pretty?

No. 2029797

Will I have a social life again in the coming year

No. 2029936

Another life time?

No. 2029994

Is tomorrow gonna work out

No. 2029996

No. 2030048


No. 2030054

This year?

No. 2030146

Did I mess up?

No. 2030149

Will they ever arrest him?

No. 2030150

So yes or no?

No. 2030151


No. 2030213

If I told him, would he forgive me?

No. 2030232

Will I make it if I tell him?

No. 2030233

Will I make it anyways?

No. 2030236

Will we still be together?

No. 2030241

Is there any point

No. 2030289

Is it the right decision?

No. 2030291


No. 2030450

Will I get over it?

No. 2030452

Will I be a new person after this trip?

No. 2030458

Will I be a changed person?

No. 2030462

Will this trip go well?

No. 2030843


No. 2031379

Will I go to (redacted) within the next 2 weeks?

No. 2031382

I need a yes or no, rolling

No. 2031805


No. 2031911

is he going to the temple bc of me?

No. 2031912

kek deserved

No. 2032171

will i have an exceptionally creative week for personal work?

No. 2032176

will nikolas parent face consequences for raping at least one if not multiple women and underaged girls?

No. 2032177

thank you love you

No. 2032473

Will I make it towards the end?

No. 2032475

Should I take the day off?

No. 2032563

Will I be out of here soon?

No. 2032564

Will the pain stop?

No. 2032629

will tonight go by supa fast

No. 2033267


No. 2034106

Should I just tell him?

No. 2034109

Will he forgive me?

No. 2034114

Will he hurt himself?

No. 2034116

Will he?

No. 2034119

will i be safe there

No. 2034120

Should I just break up w him?

No. 2034121


No. 2034123

Should I?

No. 2034144

am I just having an early midlife crisis or should I really go for this

No. 2034145

should I go for it even though it seems insane, Sanic?

No. 2034151

He's gonna fucking cheat on me isn't he

No. 2034169

will I find a dollar on the ground today?

No. 2034245

Will I make it?

No. 2034281

Is he secretly gay

No. 2034394

Did he think i was cute

No. 2034425

Will they get married?

No. 2034428

am i just overthinking things

No. 2034572

Would they treat me better if i reconnect?

No. 2034601

Will I ever truly heal from this?

No. 2034606

Will I get a job

No. 2034612

Will they approve?

No. 2034621

Will I see him again Sonic?

No. 2034628

does this person dislike me?

No. 2034910

Am I going to feel better by the end of the week

No. 2034911

Will I survive the 12/6 months?

No. 2035539

does she think Im a creep/nuisance?

No. 2035552

Will they get married?

No. 2035553

is dreading anthony?

No. 2035634

would I be happier if I had a different job

No. 2035635

asking again?

No. 2035720

Should I leave her be next time I see her

No. 2035833

Will he miss me? Is he jealous?

No. 2036000

hey sony

No. 2036144

Do I

No. 2036146

No. 2036313

should i just cut the bullshit

No. 2036656

Will something very bad happen to him in the near future

No. 2037186

will i be able to get through college without dropping out?

No. 2037220

will i go back to college sonic

No. 2037229

Do my coworkers miss me?

No. 2037329

Am I getting good news soon?

No. 2037341

Should i message the guy with my
Same bday sahnic

No. 2037343


No. 2037351

So it’s tomorrow ?

No. 2037364

Is he the one?

No. 2037366

No. 2037382

Do you lie, sanic?

No. 2037384

Did she have a positive first impression of me?

No. 2037386

Did she?

No. 2037602

Will he fall in love with her?

No. 2037695

Is it going to be a boy?

No. 2038181


No. 2038217

will today go by fast

No. 2038520

Is he thinking about me right now?

No. 2039069

sonic will they allow me to remediate

No. 2039070

thanks I'll just go shlick I guess

No. 2039071

Is he gonna flake on me today

No. 2039086

will she ever fuck off?

No. 2039300

should i

No. 2039342


No. 2039346


No. 2039434

Will they date for a long time?

No. 2039455

Is E interested?

No. 2039562

have i been forgiven?

No. 2039601

can he be redeemed?

No. 2039602

can i?

No. 2039606

do i have to apologize first?

No. 2039607

will he apologize this month?

No. 2039611

Should i leave soon?

No. 2039613

Will they last 6 months?

No. 2039652

does he secretly feel guilty and long to apologize and make things right?

No. 2039653

does he feel guilty at all?

No. 2039654

do i shave my legs or nah

No. 2039658

is his fear of legal consequences preventing him from apologizing?

No. 2039718

Will he contact me again?

No. 2039989

will he apologize in july?

No. 2040016

will he apologize for my birthday?

No. 2040019

Will I succeed?

No. 2040042

Will they get married?

No. 2040379

Are they the same person?

No. 2040488

will i cough in next 5 minutes

No. 2040525

Will they break up soon?

No. 2040557

can you tell is the results of the research you’ve been doing

No. 2040579

Am I getting the job?

No. 2040581

So is that a yes…?

No. 2040582

Too vague, will i succeed?

No. 2040664

should i buy it

No. 2040917

will everything be okay

No. 2041004

sanc, did it go well today?

No. 2042190

will I finish in time?

No. 2042191

ah sonic you already know I'm terminally online damn it

No. 2042210

Will something actually significant happen between us next time we see each other?

No. 2042304

I'm going to pretend it's the pink hedgehog but, will I get good results so I should work hard for it?

No. 2042308

Goddamn sanic

No. 2042752

Can I trust him

No. 2042783

should i stop taking my meds

No. 2042960

Should i make cupcakes

No. 2042968

will I have a fun time drinking and doing drugs and smoking tonight

No. 2043033

do i influence herC?

No. 2043245

Is he gonna get her pregnant?

No. 2044021

will something unexpectedly awesome happen to me tonight?

No. 2044047

Will it happen? With him?

No. 2044050

Will tomorrow be awful?

No. 2044051

Will it end my marriage?

No. 2044064

am i

No. 2044083

is it ogre

No. 2044116

Should I get myself a beer?

No. 2044398

Will I find someone over there?

No. 2044399

Should I start today?

No. 2044401


No. 2044512

Will I pass o chem?

No. 2044514

File: 1718064095168.jpg (24.69 KB, 563x546, 181323de025a8da65a222d27edf3e6…)

No. 2044530

Will i start my work soon?

No. 2044574

Will he love her more than me?

No. 2044575

probably lol

No. 2044584

Thanks sonic

No. 2044702

Die ?

No. 2045050

Will I be able to sleep tonight?

No. 2045051

will i?

No. 2045136

will today go by really fast

No. 2045264


No. 2045418

Is it a rebound?

No. 2045458

Should I talk to him

No. 2046038


No. 2046448

will i feel a sense of guilt if i ask you about the thing and you’re correct

No. 2046619

Should I message him? Is it my turn to message him?

No. 2046621

I already did

No. 2046815

Is this what my calling was?

No. 2046818

will my calling be revealed to me within the month?

No. 2046897

Will my car be fixed tomorrow

No. 2046898

Are we getting back together

No. 2046909

Does he still have feelings for me?

No. 2046940

Will I be able to find someone like him?

No. 2046942

No. 2046944

Someone better?

No. 2047014

Will he hurt himself if we break up?

No. 2047015

No. 2047020

Will he find out?

No. 2047054

Are we gonna make it?

No. 2047198

Am I attracted to men at all?

No. 2047271

will she ever feel shame for harassing me and stop out of embarrassment or will she post about me every day forever?

No. 2047579

Sahnic did i make a bad impression on the guy i orbit

No. 2047587

Do i still have a chance…

No. 2047788

Will they be happy?

No. 2047863

Should I triple text him

No. 2048371

should I try to reconnect with him?

No. 2048425

does she really

No. 2048592


No. 2048597

Should I initiate again?

No. 2049334

she does, right?

No. 2049353

well does she

No. 2049419

Will he?

No. 2049495

should i go to the gym tonight?

No. 2049514

Will my surgery turn out well?

No. 2049515


No. 2049519

sonic please stop fucking about, will it turn out well? yes or no

No. 2049571

Should I text him something first?

No. 2049581

oh great sonic totem answer my question truthfully, will he be hurt by my message?

No. 2049598

Tell her?

No. 2049612

Will the gossip about my boss reach his ear?

No. 2049651

Are you sure?

No. 2049661

Do they hate me?

No. 2049965

Sanic should I go out again today?

No. 2049977

will I see any more sunshine in my city today?

No. 2049981

should I spend the evening playing games and journaling?

No. 2050405

will i pass my exam tomorrow?

No. 2050814

should i buy the laptop?

No. 2050822

sonny should i?

No. 2050828

should i break up with him?

No. 2050897

shall I sonic

No. 2051015

Will it backfire?

No. 2051050

Sanic should I enroll in the semi-private course for the next semester?

No. 2051051


No. 2051067

Do i love him

No. 2051071

Was it really him?

No. 2051104

With him?

No. 2051109

No. 2051111

Do any of my ex’s still think of me

No. 2051603

sonic will I have enough energy to do at least 4 or 5 of the tasks on my to do list by the end of the day?

No. 2051715

Is he happy with her?

No. 2051784

Will I meet the one within a year?

No. 2051879

No. 2052048

Is she fake?

No. 2052050

Will we get married after 2028?

No. 2052055

Does she know I’m the only one?

No. 2052102


No. 2052109

will i move on?

No. 2052187

Will we get back together?

No. 2052355

will i get a text back

No. 2052417

will my housemate come back today?

No. 2052419

sanic will I get at least some energy today and actually do something productive?

No. 2052424

will something good happen today?

No. 2052450

O mighty Sanic please reveal thy wisdom

No. 2052451

sonic should I go to the bookstore after my classes?

No. 2052479

will he return after august

No. 2052480

yes or no goddammit

No. 2052568

will my stupid ass ugly housemate get his friends out of here today?

No. 2052574

Does she even like me

No. 2052576

Even numbers for Take A note, odd ones for Bushimen

No. 2052739


No. 2052898

Was it worth it

No. 2053220

Will they break up soon?

No. 2053234

Will I meet someone over there?

No. 2053255

Will I?

No. 2053276

Does he?

No. 2053279

Will it work out?

No. 2053288

Are they messing with me?

No. 2053289

Was that incident aimed at me?

No. 2053296

Are they talking bad about me?

No. 2053297

Reroll fuck you sanic

No. 2053323

Will I ever get with either of them?

No. 2053368

Will they get married?

No. 2053374

Did they see me?

No. 2053376


No. 2053734

Will I have ANY success this week?

No. 2053745

Oh mighty sonic should I continue in the healthcare field?

No. 2053751

Please Sanic will I?

No. 2053862

Will I be able to get a night concierge/receptionist role in the next 2 months?

No. 2053863

Will i get literally any fucking help from anyone lol

No. 2054092

Sanic should I go buy some lasagna?

No. 2054098

What about coffee?

No. 2054305

I don't want to study, will it have an impact for tomorrow?

No. 2054531

Will I do good tomorrow?

No. 2055687

Will that person reappear in my life

No. 2055926

Is he happy?

No. 2055937

will my supplement routine work as well as my medication?

No. 2055971

will work go by super fast today????

No. 2056026

The positive energy wasn't enough, fuck you sanic. Maybe I complain and still get a good mark, but I wanted to be satisfied with myself it was shit

No. 2056261

Were those just coincidences?

No. 2056836

sonic should i get a haircut

No. 2056841


No. 2057270

will i get the chance to talk to her one of these days?

No. 2057312

should I do it?

No. 2057327

o mighty sonic totem, am i lolcow material?

No. 2057328

truth hurts

No. 2057349

Will I get it in time?

No. 2057423

Will my surgery be a success? Yes or no only please sonic

No. 2057433

sonic are you really sure I should reconnect with him?

No. 2057517

Should I include it?

No. 2057636

will something splendid happen to me tonight?

No. 2057778

Will he reply first

No. 2057818

Am I stuck with this for life?

No. 2057820

I'm already suffering!!

No. 2057848

Will it come in time?

No. 2057853

Will it come?

No. 2057902

Will it work out?

No. 2057919

Will I reply first

No. 2057948

will i get the chance to talk to her tomorrow?

No. 2057973

Is she using him?

No. 2058024

am I hot?

No. 2058026

Am I sexy and hot and cute and cool and funny?

No. 2058029

Will it be here?

No. 2058120

Will I get the job?

No. 2058241

Do I have depression sanic?

No. 2058608

will today be another chill, easy, work-goes-by-fast day?

No. 2058738

Are they breaking up soon?

No. 2058740

Is it them who’s gonna suffer?

No. 2058751

Should I ask for my job back?

No. 2058869

will something unexpectedly wonderful happen to me tonight?

No. 2058963

Should I quit today?

No. 2058969

should i call ebay

No. 2058974

Is learning how to do a standing flip a waste of time?

No. 2058976

Will we ever speak again?

No. 2058977

Does he love me still

No. 2058978

Will you lie to the person who asks after me?

No. 2059038

will this intense feeling pass after work

No. 2059047

Is she using him?

No. 2059060

Sanic should I go to sleep or do something productive for once?

No. 2059119

Is she more charming?

No. 2059243

should I make a post in the friend finder thread?

No. 2059338

will i have a great day tomorrow?

No. 2059340

will i be able to afford it in a year?

No. 2059345

will things get better by sunday?

No. 2059348

if I decide in my heart that tomorrow and the rest of my life will be great, does that negate all the 8s and 5s I've been getting today?

No. 2059350

File: 1719027454076.jpg (286.05 KB, 1000x674, 1703210990290.jpg)

No. 2059389

is this scrote a good one?

No. 2060057

should i go buy the ingredients tomorrow

No. 2060058

Should I kms?

No. 2060060


No. 2060132

should i order takeout?

No. 2060164


No. 2060442

will i be in a very good mood tomorrow?

No. 2060456

will I have an extremely productive day tomorrow?

No. 2060482

will i have a jolt of happiness tonight or tomorrow?

No. 2060821

What would have happened if I didn't do that?

No. 2060837

Will he get into an accident?

No. 2060838

Well I do know it's very much possible with him, well it be fatal? And very soon?

No. 2061094

am I gregnant

No. 2061098

? I'm supposed to start my period today but didn't (yet?)

No. 2061156

will today finally be the day that I start "getting better" mentally

No. 2061188

should i post int he friend finder thread

No. 2061235

will today be extremely chill at work?

No. 2061270

Should I confront her?

No. 2061280

will i find something entertaining to pass the time with today?

No. 2061501

Can a gf save me from depression?

No. 2061504

Damn, will I get one within two years?

No. 2061516

I asked this too and got a maybe, i think we both should anyway.

No. 2061519

Will they break up soon?

No. 2061524

will i figure out my sexuality soon?

No. 2061539


No. 2061549

Sonic come on now… will I meet the love of my life this year?

No. 2061558

sonic, whip or nae nae??

No. 2061561

ok sanic… one last time… for me… please be serious… am I bisexual?

No. 2061569

will i have revenge sex with him this year

No. 2061570

Will they break up in the next 4 months?

No. 2061667

is something amazing going to happen to me tomorrow?

No. 2061675

Is he gonna marry that girl

No. 2061685

will tomorrow be great

No. 2061726

Am I gonna be alright

No. 2061736

will it get better once they move here?

No. 2061764

am I going to get a raise July 1st?

No. 2061884

will it get better and go back to how it once was

No. 2061974

was i being an asshole

No. 2061976

tell me sanic

No. 2062017

Does he care about me?

No. 2062018

Should i remake tinder?

No. 2062144

will i get a raise july 1st?

No. 2062231

should i let it go

No. 2062449

will it be a good opportunity on wednesday?

No. 2062586

will i keep my job this year?

No. 2062738

Will they die within the year?

No. 2062784

Does he think I’m attractive

No. 2062926

Am i pregnant

No. 2062931

Wdym eternity?!? Y or n!

No. 2062937

Will I ever have kids?

No. 2063043

Should I follow him on his L. account?

No. 2063045


No. 2063214

Should I?

No. 2063350

will something unexpectedly wonderful happen to me today or tonight?

No. 2063363

Will I be able to avoid going speechless that day?

No. 2063576

does she even like me

No. 2063669

should I answer sanic?

No. 2063728

Is he an alcoholic now?

No. 2063749

Will it be too expensive for us?

No. 2063824


No. 2063825

No. 2063867

No. 2063869

Should I go back to school?

No. 2063870

Excellent advice sanic.

No. 2063909

should I drop out of this masters degree?

No. 2063911

you're on fire today sanic

No. 2063922

do i go home?

No. 2063975

Are we getting back together?

No. 2063984

Should I just go back to him

No. 2063987

Asking again

No. 2064583

Does the Loml know of me?

No. 2064594

Will they be upset when they find out

No. 2064638

Will I find a stable job this year?

No. 2064647

will today be a good day for me sonic

No. 2064682

Will I get closer to getting what I want this year?

No. 2064683

How about next year?

No. 2064692

Will it get worse?

No. 2065039

Should I call tomorrow?

No. 2065083

sanic keep me company

No. 2065567

Sanic will he come back to me for real?

No. 2065850

Will I regret forgiving that invasion of privacy

No. 2065851

will i be able to move out by september slime

No. 2065857

Should I go to bed?

No. 2065908

will i get into my dream uni

No. 2065910

does it mean yes

No. 2065954

asking for the last time sanic

No. 2065964

No. 2066465

Will they break up in September?

No. 2066595

will i finally get a financial break this month?

No. 2066651

okay well.. will i get good news tomorrow?

No. 2066980

Should I work more hours today?

No. 2067048

Should I break up with him?

No. 2067050

Reroll because Im already suffering come on

No. 2067133

How can I go study

No. 2067218

will my new script get filled today?

No. 2067221

come on baby, yes or no

No. 2067259

will this new script change my life for the better?

No. 2067351

will tonight be interesting?

No. 2067401

will they be filled before my lunch

No. 2067439

Will I suddenly receive a lot of money this year?

No. 2067440

will I get that job?

No. 2067451

is he for real?

No. 2067455

did he do it?

No. 2067499

Are you lying about the previous post?

No. 2067500

Wise as always sanic

No. 2067643

should I buy them

No. 2067711

Will I die suddenly while still young?

No. 2067718

Will I be able to graduate before I do?

No. 2067988

is it meant as flirting

No. 2068017

is it like that though

No. 2068339

Will I move out this year?

No. 2068635

Should i ask my ex to leave me alone at work

No. 2068788

is today going to be excellent?

No. 2068861

will i be punished for my sins

No. 2068862

fuck fuck fuck

No. 2068890

Will J win?

No. 2068902

What about G?

No. 2069387

Will she contact me again?

No. 2069396

Does she still want me?

No. 2069424

haha…. hehehhehh huffhuff

No. 2069474

Should I buzz my hair

No. 2069476

Should I buzz my hair and be bald

No. 2069551

will hanging out with friends be more fun than I think it will be?

No. 2069620

will i?

No. 2069621


No. 2070217

Will it be announced in 2 weeks?

No. 2070556

will he ever fall in love with me

No. 2071010


No. 2071086

Will I get fat if I stay with him ?

No. 2071211

should I forgive my mother

No. 2071232

Should I leave that group and never come back?

No. 2071233

Can I at least be indirectly mean to them

No. 2071274

Is she going to die soon?

No. 2071300

No. 2071736

Will he ever stop acting like a child?

No. 2071744

Did he ever love me?

No. 2071745

Did he ?

No. 2071746

will he message first within the next week

No. 2071789

will he do it?

No. 2071808

Should I buy the hoodie?

No. 2071809

Please sanic I want to be the hoodie, jacket, and Tshirts from this collection. Should I or not

No. 2071810

Should I just get one hoodie and shirt from the collection?

No. 2071812

Bitchass Sonic you better see me soon with that hoodie and the rest of the collection.

No. 2071817

Will J win?

No. 2071818

Of course it is possible, stop mocking me. Will he be the chosen one? Yes or no.

No. 2071820


No. 2072013

Should I eat lunch

No. 2072044

do i deserve anything

No. 2072052

Will she love me (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE)

No. 2072053


No. 2072058

Will we be friends then? Like best friends really close?

No. 2072059

fuck you sanic… FUCK YOU. I HATE YOU

No. 2072062

Sounds like she dodged a bullet

No. 2072074

Fine I get it, we’re not compatible. Will I get to eat her pussy though?

No. 2072075

Will she?

No. 2072078

Should I commit suicide?

No. 2072302

is this bleeding a sign that I'm pregnant?

No. 2072334

will something unexpectedly nice happen to me today>

No. 2072381

will something unexpectedly nice happen to me today??

No. 2072424

sanic should I accept it?

No. 2072435

No. 2072438

should i exit the situation

No. 2072442

will i enjoy it

No. 2072489

reroll sanic! give me an answer

No. 2072853

will work go by fast tonight?

No. 2073047

does he lurk on my socials/blog

No. 2073048

is he afraid of me

No. 2073085

Are they a thing

No. 2073157

Will she love me if I lose weight this week?

No. 2073201

Will I fall in love this year?

No. 2073348

am i ever gonna feel better

No. 2073349

ok thanks killing myself now sanic

No. 2073361

is he mad at me

No. 2073393

should I go to Starbucks this afternoon

No. 2073448

Should I trust him?

No. 2073460

am i retarded

No. 2073550

Does he think about me like this

No. 2073551

Damn sanic we're hookin up?

No. 2073613

Am I going to get laid off?

No. 2073625

should i buy sesame chicken

No. 2073626

should i buy sweet and sour chicken

No. 2073627

Sanic am I banned

No. 2073629

will I get some unexpectedly wonderful news today?

No. 2073630

will I know whether or not I lose my job today?

No. 2073636

Should I leave the house today?

No. 2073637

will i find a good place in time

No. 2073650

should i start my steam game today

No. 2073701

Should I go to a doctor for this?

No. 2073720

Are things going to get better after they get worse?

No. 2073798

Will I get into a mortal accident soon?

No. 2073803

I guess it's a no, a pity, I'll take my jerk off order

No. 2073890

totem never lies.. do i go back to the old me

No. 2073891

am i happier on my own

No. 2074084

Will something unexpected happen to me tonight?

No. 2074087

Will something unexpected (in a good way) happen to me tomorrow??

No. 2074161

Will he come?

No. 2074256

Will my mood change for the better tonight?

No. 2074444

Will things go well on Wednesday?

No. 2074490

will I be calmer tomorrow?

No. 2074492

will i be calmer later today?

No. 2074502

but will i still have some emotional highs?

No. 2074507

I don't believe you sonic. i believe I can change my fate. will I have a great day today?

No. 2074601

Is it leukemia?

No. 2074649

Do I have any online stalker’s?

No. 2074653

Will she reach out?

No. 2074654

Will he reach out?

No. 2074655

Will M. ever reach out?

No. 2074657

Will I ever be known by them?

No. 2074802

will today be easy and pleasant?

No. 2074869

Should I work out today?

No. 2074888


No. 2074991

will i have a wonderful day?

No. 2075122

Sanic should I try to finish this part before going to bed?

No. 2075197

is donald trump going to be fucking president?

No. 2075215

everyone is ignoring me sonic what to do

No. 2075222

I forgot about this, reroll oh my sanic

No. 2075283

Am I in the right?

No. 2075286

will something happen tonight that makes me feel less alone?

No. 2075429

will i feel far more happy and motivated tomorrow?

No. 2075438

I'm too sad to do that. Will I be happier tonight?

No. 2075444

Is that flat a good choice?

No. 2075447

>another trip
What is the damn price sanic

No. 2075475

Should I even be friends with him?

No. 2075691

will I have a breakthrough soon?

No. 2075970

Should I shower first?

No. 2076196

will I be shown my worth to others today

No. 2076433

will I get a jolt of good energy today?

No. 2076434

Will lc users ever learn how to read?

No. 2076435

No. 2076442

sonic totem, should i run away to amsterdam to trip on magic truffles and organise my head?

No. 2076491

Did he ever love me?

No. 2077577

will I receive unexpectedly good news today?

No. 2077885

should I text her.

No. 2077895

Did you lie about the other one? Will it bite me in future?

No. 2077909

will i feel a burst of energy later?

No. 2077929

Is it going to be okay

No. 2077932

should I go out tonight and have fun?

No. 2077966

Am i gonna be ok by the end of the year

No. 2077995

should i at least leave my house for a bit before coming home?

No. 2077996

bitch i want a hot dog, reroll

No. 2078015

when i get back home will i finally have a lovely time tonight?

No. 2078018

Does everyone know?

No. 2078019

should i do artfight this year

No. 2078179

Will he love her more?

No. 2078623

is she the love of my life? the blood coursing through my veins?

No. 2078957


No. 2079110

Did I do the right thing?

No. 2079111

Answer my question sonic totem

No. 2079116

Is it over for him?

No. 2079117

Will it heal by tomorrow

No. 2079225

Did she get it?

No. 2079586

does he at least feel guilty

No. 2079685

will donald trump win?

No. 2079691

will joe biden win?

No. 2079704

is she into me

No. 2079728

will someone in the friend group this year finally, honestly call them out for their behavior besides me?

No. 2079733

is she into me.

No. 2079755

will it make me happy

No. 2079775

Will the person I'm thinking of get called out spectacularly in the local scene or in the group?

No. 2079778

will something unexpectedly wonderful happen to me tonight?

No. 2079779

well, will tonight be a lovely night that goes by quickly?

No. 2079781

nope. Will tonight be lovely and go by quickly?

No. 2079797

Will the power be back on in less than one hour from now?

No. 2079827

Should I confront her?

No. 2079836

Should I do it

No. 2079843

Yes or no, Jesus

No. 2079847

No. 2079857

Will something unexpectedly wonderful happen to me tonight?

No. 2079863

Are we gonna stay together

No. 2079876

will I be shown love by someone not in my family tonight?

No. 2079904

Should I stop visiting this site?

No. 2079905

Well, should I?

No. 2079914

Give to to me straight sonc

No. 2080067

Will tomorrow be awesome?

No. 2080138

will tomorrow be awesome sonic

No. 2080139

does my boss hate my guts

No. 2080149

will the suffering be fun

No. 2080185

does MY boss hate my guts?

No. 2080193

should i hire a driver

No. 2080201

Sonic am I gonna be okay?

No. 2080203

Wow, thank you. Additional question will my cat be okay too?

No. 2080204

Please sonic…

No. 2080205

will it all be okay?

No. 2080267

Will we get back together?

No. 2080273

Sonic don't be a bitch. She is asking about her cat…

No. 2080353

Will this turn out fine?

No. 2080396

will my rhinoplasty turn out well

No. 2080490

should i go ?

No. 2080496

will he eventually get sick of me?

No. 2080553

Is she using me for money?

No. 2080565

should i waste his time

No. 2080573

sonic do i

No. 2080737

should i?

No. 2080751

Sonic! Should I go for a run?

No. 2080857

will we break up when i move away?

No. 2080897

Can I do it?

No. 2080992

will my life ever get better

No. 2080996

File: 1720386206466.png (469.25 KB, 1024x1004, 1701910021130878.png)

i hate you sanic

No. 2081004

Will I discover what the right thing to do is sometime soon?

No. 2081006

Please, Sanic, you're the only one who can help me

No. 2081198

Will he regret this?

No. 2081252

Will it work out?

No. 2081420

should i study

No. 2081470


No. 2081497

give it to me straight sonc

No. 2081505

you are the worst.

No. 2081539

Should i move sahnic

No. 2081580

Should I have fries for lunch?

No. 2081671

will it be alright

No. 2081672

thanks sonic totem

No. 2081731


No. 2081747

Will I be able to stay here

No. 2081751

Will we get some fresh milk in the Shay thread soon

No. 2081783

will i learn about getting laid off THIS WEEK?

No. 2081792

will my boss tell me if I'm getting laid off by Friday?

No. 2081801

will boss man tell me if I'm getting laid off today?

No. 2081802

Should I get creative?

No. 2081820

Will the autistic anons that are shitting up the boards ever disappear?

No. 2082061

Did you get fired anon?

No. 2082137

Did this actually improve my art?

No. 2082165

Will i ever

No. 2082166

for fuck’s sake.

No. 2082221

should i go with the current surgeon for my nose job

No. 2082282

Will he admit he was wrong?

No. 2082362

sonic should i message her

No. 2082853

boss man told me I WASN'T getting laid off. I keep my job. Sonic was at first wrong and then right - I did learn yesterday. creepy, spooky even

No. 2082902

will I wind up meeting this man I started talking to on the internet?

No. 2082905

will tonight go by quickly?

No. 2082959

will i have a lot of fun today?

No. 2083052

okay, done. Will the rest of today be easy, breezy, beautiful cover girl?

No. 2083070

will my life partner be someone i have already met?

No. 2083179

have i been acknowledged?

No. 2083324

will i meet the man of my dreams within 2 years

No. 2083325

Should I try?

No. 2083332

Does he think I am an embarassing and gross retard?

No. 2083344

will I hear back soon?

No. 2083345

please sanic… will I hear back with good news soon?

No. 2083347

alright dickhead

No. 2083348

Will my boss find out?

No. 2083353

Does he have a crush on me?

No. 2083430

Will he leave us the fuck alone?

No. 2083881

will my package actually come today?

No. 2084871

Never again?

No. 2084875


No. 2085261

Should I get out of bed?

No. 2085265

Should I write him an email today to notify him I've already delivered all my tasks?

No. 2085266

Is he about to check them very soon then?

No. 2085267

will I be alright

No. 2085284


No. 2085420

will something unexpectedly wonderful happen to me today?

No. 2085474

Will they respect my feelings?

No. 2085490

Will he cringe at the things I said?

No. 2085492

are they a fucking liar?

No. 2085591

will someone in the friend group call out their shitty behavior this year?

No. 2085625

will tomorrow be chill?

No. 2085645

will tonight be fun?

No. 2085653

um fuck you sonic it's going to be fun…

No. 2085693

will i enjoy myself tomorrow?

No. 2085712

will i have a really fun time tonight and tomorrow sonic? if I try really hard and believe it?

No. 2085786

Does this person find me interesting still?

No. 2085792

Are things gonna work out with this dude?

No. 2085805

will i be validated soon

No. 2085843

Will we get married?

No. 2085872

Did I just get scammed?

No. 2085873

Would my friends be okay with learning I’m sleeping with her

No. 2085913

would that be as terrible an idea as i think it is

No. 2085927

sonic will it be okay?

No. 2086030

Should I get Popeyes

No. 2086034

Sanic what if I get the blackened tenders instead of the deep fried shit

No. 2086087

am I projecting my families attitudes onto every one else or is everyone just an asshole

No. 2086134

should we?

No. 2086353

is the feeling mutual

No. 2086455

will I get there on the 18th

No. 2086461

is it lice?

No. 2086472

Can I stop myself from spiraling this time?

No. 2086515

Do i smell bad?

No. 2086773

will tonight be a lot of fun?

No. 2086796

will something really funny happen tomorrow

No. 2086805

Is lawyer the one?

No. 2086817

Will I ever get over this fear?

No. 2086823

willi be ok

No. 2086843

will tonight be awesome

No. 2087054

Does she know?

No. 2087074

will public twitter likes ever come back?

No. 2087086

please sonic totem i need this

No. 2087190

will I motivate myself to draw tomorrow?

No. 2087201

Will I get to see my moid today

No. 2087202

cool. thanks sonic

No. 2087478

Is this guy gonna ever ask me out

No. 2087479

Cool so i should break his kneecaps?

No. 2087493

is it true

No. 2087584

Will today get better emotionally?

No. 2087598

will they ask me to tell them how I feel? Soon?

No. 2087604

Is it worth going?

No. 2087605

Said is it worth going, good buddy, good pal?

No. 2087609

Should I finish that old series first?

No. 2087636

will someone call them out on their bullshit, harshly, this year?

No. 2087802

will i have a breakthrough tonight or tomorrow?

No. 2087854

Do it yourself faggot

No. 2087875

Oh here's the real one
When will she log in?

No. 2087895

sanic you little bitch, you will be utterly destroyed if you don't stop fucking with me now give me a real answer

No. 2087898

already did, but the friend group is treating it like an insular drama. They're on their own now, I've done my piece, but I still want revenge on that bitch.

Sonic is a cool surprise going to happen tonight?

No. 2087906

so you're admitting that you haven't been giving me a real answer? cool

No. 2087911

is work going to fly by tonight?

No. 2088142

does she smell like wildflowers?

No. 2088470

will crazy (good) shit go down tomorrow?

No. 2088588

Once I ask you a question can my fate be changed?

No. 2088592

I will never deviate from your path Holy Sanic

No. 2088682

will i sleep tonight

No. 2088989

Will i suffer?

No. 2089041

Will Trump develope an aggressive face-eating infection from his ear wound?

No. 2089046

File: 1720933822817.jpg (92.53 KB, 630x892, 1000001004.jpg)

Aw fuck well you've heard it here first, folks

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