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File: 1718248994700.png (599.82 KB, 800x600, alferd.png)

No. 2047120

and God bless Alfred F. Jones
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1933446

No. 2047126

File: 1718249322967.png (567.49 KB, 800x600, elsie pepe trippin.PNG)

isn’t this a little more fitting

No. 2047128

File: 1718249418612.png (530.6 KB, 800x600, america-ya.png)

Nonna you could have at least posted the Alfred version

No. 2047133

The op pic is more america-themed and it still has a little elsie if you look

No. 2047136

not really. the hetalia america guy version >>2047128 is more fitting because this is the amerifag thread.

No. 2047155

> >>2047141
yeah you’re right I should spend it on a cleaning lady instead.

No. 2047165

oh ok thats cool sorry i wasn’t familiar with his job

No. 2047380

im so glad our hetalia representative is so cute, maybe not all japanese "media" is horseshit

No. 2047508

File: 1718287438376.png (445.09 KB, 800x600, alfred.png)

While the threadpic is wonderful and majestic, I must say as a hetafag that the other version is more canon-accurate hair-wise kek. I appreciate all artistnonas though!
The anon you’re replying to is genuinely a retard but if you’re the anon from the last thread who’s unemployed, lives in a fancy apartment building, and drives a 2022 car, there’s a reason why your struggling to get by, and it’s probably not because of guitar parts and going out to eat. Like…

No. 2047510

you weebs keep ruining every thread. sigh

No. 2047513

I’m sorry you were forced to lay eyes upon an anime man on an imageboard. The horrors

No. 2047520

Just enjoy the passably attractive guy crying. Nothing more American than shoving some sniveling moid's face into his tendies and an unwashed floor.

No. 2047524

he’s uglyyy
would churn him into delicious mcnuggets

No. 2047529

Holding myself back from posting very sexy Alfred pics for you, nonna. Not fucking ugly

No. 2047540

I'll be your shoulder devil: Please post?

No. 2047553

Sorry I’m not a weeb but I thought that was just a twinkified Kenny from South Park

No. 2047560

File: 1718289070080.jpg (Spoiler Image,253.31 KB, 700x993, heh.JPG)

Ok just one before I take a ban for derailing kek

No. 2047565

Damn. I stopped watching Hetalia before we ever got to America, so I never got to see the appeal. He's cute! I'd steal his glasses and call it patriotism.

No. 2047571

I wish I was American

No. 2047583

I honestly just wish the currency of my country was as strong as the dollar, that's it.

No. 2047589

File: 1718290263118.png (752.61 KB, 1054x1518, amazon one medical.png)

amerinonas would you actually use this service? I'm struggling to think of the demographic this would be useful for

No. 2047594

Because I totally want Amazon knowing my medical information. I know the precise kind of lazy no-privacy boomers who would love this and see nothing wrong with it.

No. 2047595

Personally no but I have good insurance and live in a city with great providers. I could see people using it if they're rural and don't have easy access to doctors. Telehealth is a crock of shit though.

No. 2047596

The thing that's getting me is this could only be useful to people who for whatever reason DON'T have medical insurance (because all medical insurance already comes with teleheath these days, making this redundant) but DO have money for amazon prime and full price pills.

No. 2047604

Dude I was at Whole Foods with my dad and we were both freaked out by that weird "hand scan" thing you can do at the self-checkout. We asked this older lady employee if anyone uses it and she said "well, some old people do". Then my dad made a subtle comment about how he wouldn't feel comfortable with that, and the lady just went, "Well, at least it's not a retinal scan!"

No. 2047617

We’re already fucked, people are so retarded. Everyone I know and in my neighborhood has dumbass Amazon owned Ring doorbell and cameras in their houses.

No. 2047653

File: 1718294294387.webp (78.66 KB, 1200x674, IMG_9786.webp)

President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho seems genuinely more qualified to run for president than any of our current candidates

No. 2047677

File: 1718295908665.webp (66.36 KB, 960x540, IMG_3054.webp)

He has my vote

No. 2047684

Walmart used to have clinics in them that were great if you know what you wanted from the doctor. They weren't profitable so they shut them down though.

No. 2047728

Yeah fuck that, no thanks
Reminder that Zoom hacked a ring doorbell that was in an 8 year old girl's room back in 2019.

No. 2047744

Anyone else feel like things started feeling weird in 2010 and then everything really went to shit by 2015 somehow, and nothing has felt truly fun ever since then?

No. 2047755

Not really, but I feel like this would depend on what stage of life you were at during those years. I do think the internet has gotten so much worse with social media disease, the cringe sides of tumblr and 4chan going mainstream, normies becoming terminally online during the pandemic, etc. But for me the years 2016-2018 were peak. I just don’t think I’ll ever experience the high of mi gente blasting at every college house party again

No. 2047829

Yeah something definitely switched around that time and hasn't been right since. It seems like everything is much more polarized and politicized to the point that it's all there is now and everyone is always looking to get offended, no matter what "side" they are on. Even things like popular video games are like this now when nobody ever really gave a shit before. Then it was the final nail in the coffin for the internet when smartphones were popularized by that time. Entertainment became cheap rehashes of previous franchises and streaming was becoming more popular too so the need to make anything worth leaving the house for became less important. Maybe it is just me but I remember that going to the movies was more of an event and there was a lot more of a reason to go. There were arcades there and they actually put up promo posters for bigger releases which people were definitely more excited for. A lot of hangout spots have gone away with everything being online too. All the malls are closing which were still somewhat relevant and fun then, but there's no need with online shopping. This has obviously happened everywhere but things like this probably affected America more because everything is so spread out that now it becomes especially convenient to not bother driving somewhere you probably would've been more likely to before. Plus kids aren't really allowed to have fun in the same way because of this. Hardly any of them go outside and ride bikes or play anymore unless it's with their parents because they have to be watched all the time apparently. It's sad to see compared to the freedom previous generations had. I think little things like that add up overtime and it's taking a toll on everybody. Even subcultures died about then too and it was the end of emo and scene, the tumblr aesthetics and all of that. There's some revival of subcultures but what made them special is sort of gone since a lot of venues are gone and the places you'd hang out at don't exist, even the communities online. Also if they do exist, it's only gotten more expensive. Things could obviously be a lot worse but I don't know if things will ever feel the same again. The combination of sterilizing everything with personality and taking away options really doesn't work with such an individualist country as a whole. Apologies for ranting but it is something that I've been thinking about a lot.

No. 2047840

I hated when that shit talked to me when I was on someone's porch [for work, requested services not crime]. Fuck off little computer you are annoying and it's rude as fuck to be like "I'm watching youuu~". I hate those things and it's not tinfoil that the camera feeds are not secure. nta. they're so popular in america it's crazy. everyone is so "low trust" that they actually put a ton of misplaced trust in the camera for some idea of security. unironically way more paranoid than any tinfoiler.

No. 2047865

you can have security cameras that aren't owned by amazon and regularly tapped by police, you know

No. 2048004

it started feeling weird a bit later than that for me. 2015 was the turning point though I think, everything past that has been absolutely terrible.

No. 2048014

outside of baby monitors, people who put cameras in their own home are a special type of unhinged. You can't trust the people you live with but you trust some nameless company to watch and film you at all times? weird

No. 2048021

I always assumed those are to keep an eye on pets when you’re out of the house (and also have evidence in case there’s a break in). I live in a shitty, crime-ridden town where people will steal anything that’s not bolted down. And while the cops might not be able to do anything about it,, it at least helps to have evidence.

No. 2048024

its rarely people in crime ridden towns though, it's always upper middle class white suburbal areas where the only crimes that happen are teens being caught with weed

No. 2048028

I believe it’s also been tested that cameras don’t actually help in home defense any more than having a sign that says there’s a camera does. And let’s be real, the cops aren’t helping you if you’re in a low income neighborhood whether you have evidence or not.

No. 2048029

I was surprised to find out that with the exception of Thredup I almost never use anything Amazon-adjacent. Like during 2020 I went the whole year without buying anything on Amazon, and I even stopped buying books from Abebooks when I found out they were owned by Amazon

People will drive to cul-de-sacs at night and steal stuff from unlocked cars

No. 2048036

Can confirm, I have middle class family who uses those.

Every time there was actual theft or crime in my neighborhood the cops didn't do shit.

No. 2048091

honestly my biggest issue with third-party cameras like ring and baby monitors is that they're very vulnerable to getting hacked. I hate that I know this but there are entire websites dedicated to watching unsecured cameras

No. 2048102

it's scary how safe everyone feels online now, especially people with kids. I remember in the 2010s even teens would go by fake aliases, not post their actual schools, put stickers over their laptop cameras, etc yet grown ass adults will post their kids face, city, school and everything else on completely public tiktok accounts for everyone to see

No. 2048331

I don’t even feel safe having security cameras anymore, because I know that somewhere they’re being livestreamed

No. 2048341

same, my family put one up inside our house and they won't hear any of my concerns about it. i feel extremely uncomfortable walking past it

No. 2048348

Glowies will argue that this is a myth but its absolutely true. It isnt just ring or third party cloud storage cameras, it's all cameras that have a connection. There are multiple websites via tor that have subscriptions where you can watch cameras in and around people's homes. They have categories similar to porn. Tech illiterate people try to say this isn't possible because they've learned everything they know from third parties trying to sell you stuff, but it's true.

No. 2048433

File: 1718337771830.jpeg (185.11 KB, 1024x768, Yankee_go_home.jpeg)

America was genuinely a mistake. The British Empire should have fought harder to crush the American rebellion and hang the oligarchs known as the American “founding fathers”.(baiting)

No. 2048435

british culture is disgusting i am glad america exists

No. 2048439

It's all Anglo culture anyways. Soulless, lack of culture, and a deep disdain for their neighbours.

No. 2048441

File: 1718338420234.jpeg (24.61 KB, 681x462, 0*uRmctpeBaO86QONd.jpeg)

> british culture is disgusting i am glad america exists(baiting)

No. 2048463

ntayrt but what does one obese woman have to do with not appreciating a deeply inbred culture

No. 2048464

I love being American and I enjoy my life here a lot. I cannot imagine living in another country, I don’t think I’d be nearly as happy in a place where my ancestors originated from if they’d just stayed there.

No. 2048471

pakistanians are inbred? that i did not know

No. 2048475

Then why do they look like that?

No. 2048478

File: 1718340106153.jpeg (209.63 KB, 793x446, IMG_6744.jpeg)

Remember, your happy life in America was established through the brutal genocide of America’s original inhabitants.(baiting)

No. 2048480

i cant name a single british artist but i own several artbooks from american illustrators. I cant even name a single british food. It lacks culture and its boring.

No. 2048481

kek every country has a similar history, why moralfag over that

No. 2048487

Wait you've never heard of bangers and mash? Or spotted dick? Damn, Brit foods are like 60% innuendos.

No. 2048490

Stop speaking English, get your own language.

No. 2048492

fuck it looks disgusting. Makes waffles and fried chicken look gourmet. I will never understand britishboos, England is such a boring country to obsses over. America is at least fun.

No. 2048494

File: 1718340657561.jpg (357.45 KB, 1259x1655, uzi ad 83.jpg)

I speak American English.

No. 2048496

> I speak American English.
Which took 99.9% of its words from British(original, real, authentic) English.

No. 2048497

you could point to any country and any of them would have a similar history of bloodshed, that's just the truth.

No. 2048500

Not to a similar scale, not to such a near complete replacement of the original inhabitants.

No. 2048501

it improved a disgusting language. Based america.

No. 2048505

what about any latin american country that's been colonized by spaniards, huh anon, huh?

No. 2048507

The Spaniards didn’t genocide Native Americans, they assimilated them, converted them, married them, taught them their culture. The vast majority of Latin Americans have Native American ancestry, they are living on the land of their ancestors.

No. 2048511

The Native American population was reduced by around 90% due to exposure to new diseases that were introduced over several centuries that the Europeans had already developed immunity to through raising livestock, unlike the Native Americans. There were instances of the genocide, such as the Trail of Tears, but it’s clear you’re just trying to bait and don’t actually know much about American history. To generalize the entirety of the complex relationships between the many different tribes and colonists as a one-sided massacre is a gross oversimplification and erases actual indigenous history.

No. 2048512

ntayrt but personally that doesnt really bother me because i'm german genetically so if my family had stayed there then i'd still be living in a culture with a history of brutal genocide, so

No. 2048518

At least you would be living in the land of your ancestors where you belong.

No. 2048519

'native americans' are literally just indians who got to america first, 90% of the indian population wasn't killed. like maybe 1 or 2 percent was, they were just in a different location

No. 2048521

why would i belong there nonny?

No. 2048522

These are so cute kek

No. 2048524

European settlers cooperate with Native Americans when the British ruled the thirteen colonies, but after the American rebellion such cooperation stopped and the Americans genocide the Americans in the euphemistically named “manifest destiny”. That’s why today when Americans pretend that they’re relationship to Native Americans is all sunshine and roses they point to the period of British rule and not the the period of genocidal American rule.

No. 2048526

kek we all came out of africa do you next propose we all go back to the cradle of humanity?

No. 2048529

>euro style quotation marks
>unbelievably retarded tinfoil
Checks out

No. 2048530

i'm sure this was a totally peaceful process that was totally welcomed by the natives with open loving arms

No. 2048531


No. 2048532

*genocided the Native Americans

No. 2048533

what are euro style quotation marks there are quote marks for when you're quoting a statement, which are the thick ones like this " and there are quote marks for when you're referencnig something, which are the thin ones like this ' . didnt you go to english class nonna

No. 2048535

File: 1718341635124.jpg (654.5 KB, 2000x2500, what-is-spam-made-of-021.jpg)

Do you guys like spam?

No. 2048537

Fuck yes. Spam musubi is a fast track to happiness.

No. 2048538

I literally work in publishing, kek. You are using British grammar rules whether you realize it or not

No. 2048539

Why are you guys fighting over this, what are any of us supposed to do about what old retards almost 250 years in the past did?

No. 2048540

For the most part yes, Native Americans even allied with the Spaniards against the brutal Aztec Empire.

No. 2048541

well nonny english is a british language so i guess it makes sense that they educated us with what would be considered british punctuation rules

No. 2048542

i don't believe you

No. 2048544

apologize forever I guess

No. 2048545

uh you should believe her nonna she was there

No. 2048548

i do love spam but i try to minimize how often i eat it kek

No. 2048550

I love americans. They are cute and make funny shows and birthed my wife Karen Carpenter(RIP queen). Shrimple as.

No. 2048552

Thank you for the positivity nona.

No. 2048554

File: 1718342473458.jpeg (181.35 KB, 1058x1194, IMG_3067.jpeg)

He is literally american. I bet that makes the haters cry themselves to sleep every night.

No. 2048558

i don't think it was a her

No. 2048560

Me neither

No. 2048561

I love ranch so much

No. 2048567

The Europeans literally pitted native tribes against each other for their own gains, stfu kek

No. 2048574

he clearly doesn't know what he's talking about

No. 2048576

European Empires cooperated with the Native Americans more than the genocidal Americans did. If the American rebellion were crushed there would be multiple Native American countries in the Western half of the United States of America.(baiting)

No. 2048578

File: 1718343332474.jpeg (137.47 KB, 640x491, IMG_1885.jpeg)

No. 2048581

What in the actual fuck. Canada, for instance, didn't even ACKNOWLEDGE their atrocities towards the Inuit and other native Americans until like 2012. They "relocated" them to islands that couldn't support Inuit life. The Spainards literally raped so many central Americans that it's embedded in their DNA. It's disgusting to try to say one side was worse than the other. It is heinous all around.

No. 2048583

Nonna, it’s bait. Don’t reply. If you see him mention the “American rebellion against the British Empire,” it’s him. He keeps ban-evading because he wants the attention that nonnies give him

No. 2048648

I wish americans were more proud of our long history of making and discovering new things, we've really contributed so much to the world in 300 or so years. I hate that our culture doesnt seem to care and is just getting dumber and dumber, we need to be smart

No. 2048851

File: 1718370615560.gif (1.01 MB, 220x220, IMG_1237.gif)

>me watching all of the cars being flooded with water in miami and feeling a sense of joy
Good. I fucking hate the people who live in miami

No. 2048854

I've never had it but it looks fucking disgusting.

No. 2048938

why do americans never bother boycotting or even protesting issues in the US? They'll claim to boycott something which just means they wont use said product or something for a day or so then go back to using it. A good example of this would be fast food and gas prices, I see a lot of americans ranting and raving about prices yet will still happily wait 20 minutes in their stinky crappy car and pay 20 bucks for a burger, they've been bitching about the employment process and wages for over a decade now and what happened? absolutely nothing, they can conduct jan 6 because they don't like who won president but somehow no one has the damn braincells to demand fair pay, employment rights, etc? riiight

No. 2048954

Our labor unions, which typically organize boycotts, don’t have as much power in the US as they do in Europe and maybe elsewhere too

No. 2048955

Because, and I'm aware this is a controversial statement, most of the people who would protest for better employment rights just aren't as proactive or risk-taking as Trump's crazy rally people. There's also the issue that something like "I don't like the new president" is a singular issue and it's easy to garner forces to protest it for a few days. The economy and worker's rights are an ongoing issue that is gradually getting worse. Much harder to organize protests and garner boots on the ground support.

No. 2048961

There are grassroots efforts to improve labor laws in here, but they’re swiftly crushed by elite-bought union busting lawyers. Had this happen to a workers union I was a member of. There can be severe repercussions for organizing against powerful corporations. Meanwhile, only the Jan. 6 rioters retarded enough to film themselves looting the capitol faced real repercussions because “muh freedom of speech”

No. 2048965

This and also many americans are convinced hard work is all it takes to succeed, suffering is part of "the grind", business owners and corporations are good people, and unions are fat cats in an office taking deductions from your paycheck.

No. 2048968

This is true. The rioters only had to deal with the police, whereas worker's rights protestors have to deal with the police and whatever Pinkertons the CEOs hired.

No. 2048971

Did you somehow miss summer of 2020? That was like 2 months of Jan 6 in cities across the nation

No. 2048995

Glad everyone wanted their damn haircuts but I'd rather no one was able to pay rent before covid

No. 2048999

Protest is a huge part of American culture. We especially love a culture war protest. From BLM to anti-abortion rallies, there’s truly something for everyone to picket. There’s probably multiple protests happening all across the US everyday. And hello, Occupy Wall Street? It’s just that labor protests hardly have an impact here so many workers feel defeated on top of the cultural war bullshit causing huge division amongst the poor and working classes

No. 2049098

What about AWS?

No. 2049298

File: 1718404178908.png (101.79 KB, 300x530, Module_218.png)

She also is American, they just don't want you to know.
I just went to the village fair with my mom and had a bucket of cheese bacon fries. How fat fuck American am I today? Also, they were pretty good tbh.

No. 2049316

Shhh don't tell them that 60%-70% of everything online is AWS

No. 2049359

Hatsune Miku is too thin to be American.

No. 2049360

Americans’ favourite pastime is having billionaires shit in their mouths.

No. 2049363

because boycotting and protesting is the most retarded way to ask for a raise

No. 2049455

what country are you from

No. 2049467

nayrt but ppl who boycott amazon are well aware of the aws issue. i just try to avoid giving my $ to anything owned by them as much as humanly possible but its such a huge corp, they have fingers in every pie

No. 2049469


No. 2049526

There’s a few reasons I think this country’s ill fate is sealed but I’m particularly concerned about the literacy crisis. I don’t think it will become a big issue for another few years but when I’m reminded of it now it really unnerves me. It just boggles my mind that swaths of children in this country have never been formally taught how to read, for years now. I’m at the point where I’m considering if I have children raising them abroad where there is a better culture around education. Have any other nonnies contemplated or done this? Or do I just sound like an old man shaking my fist at the sky?

No. 2049566

File: 1718425979972.jpg (94.84 KB, 1170x921, 1718416189932216.jpg)

When will Americans and Israelis find out that they’re the bad guys?(baiting)

No. 2049570

Most people under 40 have already come to this conclusion, older people will never

No. 2049572

Israel is still better than the mooslims(racebaiting)

No. 2049582

Jews and Muslims are both shit.(racebaiting)

No. 2049587

Listen I hate joos too but I'm on their side in the jew vs muslim debate(racebait)

No. 2049684

America gives more food aid than any other country.

No. 2049701

ah yes lets just go and ask for it the old fashioned way then, oh wait…

No. 2049702

that's the american paradox, happily shoveling out money to other countries while screaming at their own people for wanting to work for food. You can thank bootstrappers for not holding the government accountable too. Literally in no other country will people scream their heads off about how you should've been working 80 hours a week instead of 40 to buy food

No. 2049896

The railroad workers' union wanted to strike two years ago for a safer work environment, to have time to preform maintenance on train cars, and the ability to take time off for medical issues. Our president and politicians voted to force them to work or go to federal prison and pay a large fine. Stories like that and the fact we have so many scabs that employers are very eager to replace people with make it almost impossible to fix anything.

No. 2049918

No I'm with you, it's really bad. I could go full tinfoil because I don't think it's a mistake but I will restrain myself. I guess I'm hoping technology will allow people to connect over video or something because you can no longer express complex thoughts through text and have anyone understand it.

No. 2049921

File: 1718455499906.jpeg (166.28 KB, 1225x654, buttigieg thomas.jpeg)

The railroad union thing pissed me off so bad. That was a major nail in the coffin for sure.

No. 2049995

File: 1718463731308.jpg (60.17 KB, 1007x446, GQEjJt7W8AE84Ld.jpg)

Nonnas, are you ready to get drafted?

No. 2050006

Is this about how they’re going to automate draft sign up? That’s not surprising given the illiteracy rate amongst zoomers, they’re doing it because the kids can’t do it themselves any more.

No. 2050010

That is part of it yes, but they also are planning to make it mandatory for everyone.

No. 2050033

What, like South Korea? Dang.

No. 2050036

What the fuck I thought that was a joke when I saw it earlier today. Damn. RIP my 18-25 year old burger nonas.
I thought it was still voluntary for women in SK.

No. 2050038

No. 2050046

So is it mandatory? Literally fuck every “women can do it too!!!1!!” military feminist if that’s the case.

No. 2050056

I don't think it's final yet.
>The bill now heads to the Senate floor for consideration.
You think they'll actually do it?

No. 2050059

File: 1718469549944.jpg (10.57 KB, 237x213, 1000000339.jpg)

Boomers finally admitting the economy is fucked as if we haven't been saying this since trump but now they can pin it on a liberal
>Muh jobs are hard to get and they're not paying enough!
Have been a thing since well before Joe
>Way too many qualifications!
Since before Joe
>Housing prices!!
They've been increasing and unaffordable since before Joe yes but it's only had a huge uptick recently
>Tuition prices
Before Joe
>Childcare prices!!
Before Joe
>Food safety!!
Boomers destroyed food safety regulations and then called us special liberal pussies for questioning why kids food has lead recalls every other week
>Gas and grocery prices!!
Only valid one but all I have to say it is pick yourself up by the bootstraps, sleep less, eat out less, make coffee at home, get a second, third or maybe a fourth job kek

No. 2050066

Stop scaring yourself, I’m more than certain that none of us are going to get drafted because there’s not gonna be a war kek.

No. 2050068

If you wanna be taken seriously the way a man is then you can work the same jobs as them. Can’t you?(bait)

No. 2050070

I'm a little confused. The only thing I've seen in the news with regards to selective service is that there is a proposal to automatically register men 18-26 for selective service. You'd think if they were really proposing something as monumental as women registering for selective service, then it'd be all over the news by now. Where can one find this information on the armed services committee website?

No. 2050071

I would like to see that when women hold most of education, healthcare positions and do most of the childcare.

No. 2050072

samefag I mean women being drafted. moids will be forced to do those jobs kek

No. 2050076

There’s 8 billion people in the world I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to find some substitutes kek.

No. 2050078

What are the governmentfags gonna do when no one shows up for service after being drafted? Cause yeah you might draw them but that doesn’t mean they’re going to come. What happened to freedom of choice?

No. 2050080

Women will never be drafted. Maybe for non combat roles, but honestly there's too many logistical problem for fielding women versus fielding men. When it comes to dying in war, men are the more efficient choice.

No. 2050081

I smell fake news. The general public has minimal media literacy, and hostile actors know this.

No. 2050082

heavy PR campaign to convince young people it's good actually. ostracize those who dodge the draft just like before. heavy fines, imprisonment, denial of government benefits for the rest of your life, unable to get a passport or travel outside the country, etc. etc.

No. 2050085

picrel genuinely makes me sad

No. 2050086

It hasn't passed the senate yet so it's not final.

No. 2050089

The existing punishment is 250 K in fines and 5 years imprisonment.

No. 2050092

Sure if everyone decided not to go it wouldn't work. Not enough prisons to hold them even if the government tried. But it has never gone that way in the past and the majority of people go along with it and get convinced it's good actually. Young people are malleable.

No. 2050097

great bait buddy

No. 2050102

You think that superiority only depends on physical strength? You think a cow is superior to you? A gorilla? What about a tuna? Because all those things are stronger than you.

No. 2050103

Those are the punishements for failing to register in the Selective Service.

No. 2050107

you are dense

No. 2050109

They'll go if summoned due to societal pressure. Have you never read about the draft in history before or even watched a historical war movie about it…? also lol you're hitting on some of the arguments for abolishing the selective service system entirely which is what should happen, not expand it to include women.
We're kind of getting ahead of ourselves because there hasn't been a draft since the Vietnam War and there's no active draft now and this Act to include women hasn't even passed

No. 2050110

erm not a legitimate response

No. 2050113

projecting your mouth breathing onto me eh

No. 2050114

If you are born a US citizen, then it is something you will go to prison for.

No. 2050120

is that some fantasy of yours

No. 2050123

The scrote is back to baiting in this thread, I've purged all of his posts. Please refrain from taking bait.

No. 2050125

Doesn't matter whether it's passed, why hasn't any reputable station reported on it? And where on the SASC website is this even mentioned? All >>2049995 did was post a screenshot.

No. 2050130

No. 2050132

Social contract.

No. 2050133

But none of us ever signed a letter saying “oh I’ll do whatever America asks of me!” like we’re just citizens living here

No. 2050139

Your citizenship is that contract.

No. 2050144

Other anons have linked to the armed services senate executive summaries.

However, I also found the text of the bill that was passed by the House here
And I do not see mention of women being required to register for the selective service.
I'm not completely sure, but I think there may be a difference in what was approved by the Senate committee on armed services and what was actually passed by the House.

No. 2050147

But if that was the case then I’d already be in active duty nonny? We all would

No. 2050151

Then that is serving the contract. Can you already tell what your role is in the third world war?

No. 2050153

Thanks for the link. I'm just tired of people online spreading stuff without giving context. For other curious anons here is the actual document, on page 4. https://www.armed-services.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/fy25_ndaa_executive_summary.pdf

So it's just hysterics as usual. I also scanned the contents of the bill and saw nothing related to women being required to register for selective service. I didn't think it'd go very far anyway, it was a very perfunctory and one-off statement.

No. 2050156

Not particularly, and if your citizenship was dependent upon active duty, then you can just move to Canada or Mexico?

No. 2050158

comes with the us citizenship. us nationals are subject to us law, even if they don't live there.
if the us govt make a law saying x is now mandatory or y is now illegal it'll automatically apply to you as a us national. in exchange you get the benefits of citizenship such as visa exemptions or consular assistance. that's how it works everywhere

No. 2050162

File: 1718472854962.png (514.95 KB, 1170x1270, Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 13.31…)

I think you're right, I don't see it in the house version either. False alarm I guess. no one is really reporting on it, like the other nona pointed out.
I found an article on a shitty news site that talked about it but made no mention of the women part passing
this texas congressman Roy voted for it to pass but he strongly opposes adding women to selective service, he wouldn't have put his name on it with that still included

No. 2050166

So if I go get my birth certificate right now there’ll be a footnote that says “Good for active duty”?

No. 2050184

not how it works. your citizenship means you're subject to us law. the proposed bill is essentially trying to pass a law saying "were adding american women aged 18-50 to the list of people who can get called upon in case of war".
then in case of war there'll need to be another bill thay says "ok were gonna start forcibly enrolling people whose name is in the list now". that's the draft. it's not automatic even in times fo war, america has fought a number of recent wars were all the soldiers involved signzd uo to the army voluntarily.
no bc it isn't lifelong, the criteria are decided by law but it's usually in the 18-50 range. they don't call in everyone at once either it's usually youngest first.

No. 2050208

>the proposed bill is essentially trying to pass a law saying "were adding american women aged 18-50 to the list of people who can get called upon in case of war"
The bill isn't doing that, see >>2050162 and >>2050144

No. 2050265

You should read about the Vietnam draft and draft dodging in general

Your birth certificate is proof of your citizenship, and US citizens are obliged to certain duties. No, we don't really choose to be citizens, but we also do not get to choose our parents or how poor we are or where we are born.

Yes, you are supposed to register for the draft and show up if you're drafted. Yes, it is physically possible for you to not do that. Yes, they will try to punish you for it, and yes, they are legally allowed to. Yes, there are ways to avoid punishment, including moving to other countries.

Many people have had the same questions as you, because they're what you think about when you first understand what the draft is at age 12. The draft is only as bad as it is because our government is not that shitty in the grand scheme of things, and it is to some degree subject to the consent of its citizens. This is kind of the whole point of democratic government. More authoritarian countries absolutely do have systems where they can basically compel you to do whatever, including mandatory military service for all citizens.

You seem like a curious person. If you want to learn more, look into political philosophy, or watch some lectures about US government that aren't delivered by 80 iq high school coaches. Early American government was very influenced by philosophers like Thomas Hobbes and John Locke (who coined "life, liberty, and estate (property)" as natural rights, which was amended and included in the Declaration of Independence).

No. 2050287

Why? You feel bad for him?

No. 2050302

nta but yeah poor alfred he's so pathetic… i'd buy him new nuggies

No. 2050307

Especially when they're currently freaking out over the declining birthrates. Why would they risk lowering the number of women at this moment or during a war when we're the reproduction bottleneck (besides just wanting to enact some form of "punishment" on women because they're upset that women have rights)?

No. 2050342

> when we're the reproduction bottleneck
In reality, men are also the reproduction bottleneck. Most women do not like sharing men, whenever their are wars which kill a lot of men in a county, the birth rate of that country drops, it’s what happened to Russia and Ukraine and Belarus as a result of WW2. And even if men started impregnating many women, they can’t effectively raise all of those children and there will be societal problems such as crime associated with increased fatherless children.

No. 2050346

Just noticed that the pic has milk spilled and the fries say lolcow with a logo of Elsie

No. 2050347

They should draft rich people and their kids first instead of doing it by "lottery."

No. 2050406

Women serving in the army is the purest expression of feminism and its natural progression. We are the superior gender and should act like it.(baiting)

No. 2050412

>18 to 26 years old
Not my problem!

No. 2050428

No, war is retarded scrote shit.

No. 2050430

it really isn't. it's a shit job. men are physically superior.

No. 2050450

gotta be bait

No. 2050485

TBH I wouldn't mind working for the military after I get my PhD. I just don't want to be doing any grunt work—I got a 90 on the ASVAB for a good reason!

No. 2050648

If your country was invaded would you not fight back?

No. 2050664

this same guy just keeps coming back to argue about this kek

No. 2050666

This is the first comment I made of this topic.

No. 2050685

What are we doing for fathering sunday nonnies?

No. 2050686

I wouldn’t need to fight back because my country would never be invaded

No. 2050693

File: 1718497790111.jpg (1.24 MB, 3840x2400, American-Flag-and-bald-eagle-s…)

Best reply I've ever heard from an American on this website. I salute you

No. 2050723

Same. I hate the bongs and their shitty tea. Beans on toast mofo

No. 2050840

damnit y'all…we should have had a countdown for the fo' of julaaye!!!!

No. 2050909

there's like 20 more days before it happens, no hurry

No. 2051574

fried spam, rice and egg is elite

No. 2051877

Bidenomics is the most annoying phrase ever too. Like, our economy has been in the shitter since the Bush jr era.

No. 2052918

Wars are meant for culling males because of female infanticide throughout history there are more men than women which has resulted in disastrous effects allowing the violent rape apes to proliferate just exacerbating the harmful effects of industrial society the problems that retards constantly blame women for Everything would be better if a bunch of males died in war and more women gave birth to more women This is why women should not join the military or the police leave the combat roles to men please and thank you.

No. 2052920

Women shouldn’t be expected to serve in the army because who is going to keep having children and taking care of the kids if all the women and men are at war(bait)

No. 2052924

I sent my dad a text that compared him to a salmon and then sent him a picture of a fish. He loved it.
The dogs. Duh.

No. 2052927

That's why they allow so many immigrants into the US.

No. 2052936

Mostly male though

No. 2052979

Why would you be birthing those scrotes’ children

No. 2052985

Re-read your post and then their post. Mostly Male for a reason.

No. 2052986

Abort the males and keep the females

No. 2053024

why is this considered bait? are we supposed to just stop fucking having kids kek? also, genuinely who else is supposed to care for the children. cause i know damn well you arent letting your children be alone with men.

No. 2053025

I just had spam with eggs and it was yummy

No. 2053108

>are we supposed to just stop fucking having kids kek?

No. 2054095

I climbed sleeping Bear dunes it was cool and the view was impressive. I want to see the Grand canyon now. I am not interested in international travel I just wanna see everything good in the USA

No. 2054112

Damn nonnie, that's so cool! How was the climb back up from the lakeshore? And you should do it! The Grand Canyon is excellent, and if you go south of the I-40 into Northern Arizona proper you have your pick of a few massive national forests (Coconino, Sitgreaves, Prescott, and Tonto.) There's also the Petrified Forest National Park, which as the name implies is filled with petrified wood. The Mountain West has gorgeous scenery, I hope you get to see all of it soon!

No. 2054127

It's so steep you basically have to crawl up and take breaks, but running down I felt like a gazelle doing huge leaps. Up at the top the wind is so intense and the water stretches on forever into the horizon
The petrified forest looks really cool I hate flying SO I'm thinking of taking 2 weeks to drive around out there

No. 2054145

You RAN down the dune!? Brave nonna!
Most of Arizona's scenery can be seen from the road so driving here is pretty fun. If you're used to mountain roads, you'll be fine. If not, just take it slow and easy. Some of the inclines here can be really steep, so turn off your AC to keep the engine from overheating when you go up them. Excited to hear about your new adventures soon!

No. 2054147

i’ve never been to the grand canyon but don’t fall in the hole nonny you don’t have permission

No. 2054149

Remember: if you die in a national park, your body will become litter and that's a no-no. Keep our parks beautiful!

No. 2054272

kek I see our military is getting desperate

No. 2054277

File: 1718729933517.jpg (458.55 KB, 960x1200, Mt-Jefferson-Wilderness.jpg)

I invite you to visit the beautiful Cascade mountains, specifically in July when the wildflowers start blooming

No. 2054341

>I am not interested in international travel I just wanna see everything good in the USA
We really do have the best national parks. I try to travel a couple times a year and 90% of the time I stay in the states because there’s so much to see (and it’s more convenient)

No. 2054442

> I am not interested in international travel I just wanna see everything good in the USA
That's cool and all but all the USA tourism has to offer is just that: nature and local businesses. When you travel to other countries with unique cultures, history, stunning architecture, cuisine you can't get anywhere else, you'll see what I mean. Travelling in the USA is so boring now in comparison.

No. 2054450

Damn it feels good to be an oldfag

No. 2054506

File: 1718737337530.jpeg (359.74 KB, 828x617, IMG_3183.jpeg)

Anyone else suffering during this heat wave?
NTA, but I agree to an extant. There are definitely different cultures, languages, and architecture here too. For instance, I live on the east coast but architecture in cali and the southwest is completely different with more spanish influence. It’s really cool to see tbh

No. 2054520

I've been lightheaded all day even though I'm in AC and chugging water. I hate heat waves

No. 2054523

nayrt but same I've been incredibly lethargic

No. 2054552

Yeah but even the "old" architecture in the US is like 200 years old, it's like it was made yesterday compared to some places. Although funny story I knew a european immigrant living in america and she said she liked how new everything was, she felt like the buildings and streets in Europe made everything seem stagnant and old to her by comparison (interesting take, since most people find the old stuff beautiful and amazing etc, but she did not care for it and much preferred a shiny new building.) I'm ntayrt but the architecture in other countries is way different from america, the differences in the architecture across our country is like nothing compared to the difference between us and other continents. The cultures too, tbh. So I think that was probably what they were talking about.

No. 2054578

File: 1718740161676.jpeg (18.43 KB, 226x223, IMG_3184.jpeg)

Yeah but here in one of the thirteen original colonies we actually have architecture (and entire historic towns) that are like 400 years old. I see your point though, nonna. Maybe I just prefer traveling within the states because there are no annoying europeans to deal with kek

No. 2054579

while we're talking about travel, architecture, cuisine etc.: What kind of food would you travel to eat in the US if you were a bit of a food tourist? I think the only thing I would travel for here is BBQ. You could definitely take a BBQ-themed road trip and have some good ass food. Everything else… not really. Like, there's other good food here and certain things you would eat in certain places but I'm talking about ONE type of food you could find in multiple places that kinda unique to the US

No. 2054604

BBQ for sure, but also hit up southern diners (chicken fried steak and biscuits & gravy), and tex mex.

No. 2054641

New Orleans would probably be my top recommendation for someone traveling to experience a specific cuisine.

No. 2054684

I live in the asshole of California and our power went out 2 weeks ago when it was 106 degrees outside, I had to cancel my plans that night to stay home and make sure my animals were okay. I slept on a towel with a wet towel on my body that night. I hate it here

No. 2054760

This is hard for me to hear. New Orleans has Cajun food and catfish while Maine has excellent lobster rolls, mussels, and is great for seafood in general. Southern food is amazing as well. There's so many excellent cuisine options when you know what each region/state excels in.

No. 2054777

God, I know that feeling. Power went out in my house too, on a 110° day, it was nightmarish. I couldn’t even go somewhere with AC, because I have a cat, and I didn’t want to leave her in the heat. So I just went to the bathroom and splashed both of us with cold water.

No. 2054794

I was thinking of foods that are more broadly available across the vast expanse that is the US. No hate to more local cuisine, feel free to post about that. Of course there is good local stuff like Maine lobster… although you have to be careful with popular items like lobster rolls because they'll sell shitty lobster bits on hotdog buns to tourists, which sucks.
Actually lots of seafood restaurants all over are not selling local stuff even when they're right on the water. Criminal. I went to the georgia coast recently and most of the seafood restaurants were not even selling local shrimp.

No. 2054820

Yeah, when it's in the 90s like this I get an awful stomachache all day and it drives up my anxiety. I also had to drive a lot today and it felt like AC was barely doing anything to keep the car cool.

No. 2054888

yes, it's always hot here but somehow it's been even more intolerable than usual. We were already getting 90f+ temperatures in March, I'm dreading how hot the actual summer is going to be. When the weather's like this you can only leave the house after sunset or else you'll need a shower if you go out for 5 minutes- plus it rains almost daily which makes the air so thick and sticky. Absolutely unbearable. I need to move so bad

No. 2055008

The heat makes me so fucking angry. It’s no surprise that crime goes up when it’s hot out, it makes everyone so goddamn irritable and agitated

No. 2055045

American-styled ethnic food is usually widely available in most cities, pretty good, and can be a novel experience for non-American tourists. I don't mean fast food like Taco Bell or Panda Gourmet or whatever. But cities usually have a good Italian style deli, good local pizzerias, good taco/burrito places, good American Chinese food, and so forth. Please don't lecture that authentic Mexican, Chinese, Italian or whatever is better. All of those are good of course but also completely different from the Americanized versions.
Also, lobster rolls themselves are such a trap. Maine lobster by itself and dunked in butter is so much better. And blue crabs with old bay are even better than lobsters.

No. 2055851

Lately I’ve been having this innate feeling of dread around America’s future. I really do believe we’re headed for some sort of civil war or other major upheaval. I want to be wrong. But I don’t think I am.

No. 2055855

Halaal food trucks

No. 2055865

there's an impending banking system crash that the government is trying to stall by propping it up with accounting tricks but it could all explode any time. thankfully money is fake so life will go on but a lot of people will freak out.

No. 2055867

Not a burger but that picture is hot.

No. 2055934

they don't hook you up with any of the good shit so there's no reason tbh

No. 2056093

I honestly wouldn't worry about it. You need a lot of things to come together to gather the type of support needed to go to actual war, and Americans are both too tired and the years of constant proxy wars have made us patriotically bankrupt. So there's zero buy in from the American people, which slogs a war down and makes us more likely to lose, something the war mongers know, and less likely to elect the politicians who called for the war in the first place.
So although America will descend into fascism through technological advances, it takes a long time for an empire to die, so as long as you hedge your bets well, you'll live a mostly normal, though destitute, life.

No. 2056099

If we go to war, I hope it's with another country, and not civil. American cockmonkeys need to be culled. I hope their reputation when they come back is horrible too, like Vietnam, so they get ptsd, spit on, and thrown in asylums soon after. I wonder if nothing has been done about the rampant incel, porn addiction, and school shooter trends because that's the demographic they want at war. Males are becoming more conservative at exponential rates, if they all get their heads blown off, we could make great political progress.(alogging)

No. 2056127

I hope American men shoot draft officers instead.

No. 2056139

they already got me for 6 years and I'm outside my callback window they can get fucked kek I tasted the kool aid and spit it out

No. 2056338

Unjustified ban

No. 2057085

File: 1718862267031.jpg (150.13 KB, 1170x1128, 1718852682680913.jpg)


No. 2057089

Yeah that definitely will happen by November. Fucking pedophile, I'm amazed he hasn't been JFK'd yet

No. 2057104

i swear to god if he or any other old ass politican gets another 30 heart transplants like cheyney to keep spreading their dry skin flakes curdled milk smell and white spit everywhere im going to burn down the capital myself

No. 2057105

Yeah this isn't convincing me to vote for him. Would like our government to actually care about it's own citizens for once, but that seems to be too much to ask for this country.

No. 2057296

Is this about the immigrants who have a child born in america with an american citizen? I was hearing about that on the radio yesterday and they said it was about that many people.

No. 2057348

Yes. They also need to have been living in usa for 10 years before monday without a criminal record.

No. 2057353

I'm honestly surprised it's that many people. I really don't care if they stay, they already have an entire life here.

No. 2057356

Are Biden and Trump seriously the only nominees? I heard RFK was running, but it's been so quiet this year. I keep forgetting it's an election year.

No. 2057358

These people basically are US citizens though, just undocumented ones.

No. 2057639

i find it weird how bernie sanders just disappeared

No. 2057640

shot out back >>2057639

No. 2057641

i’ll still vote for him over trump tbh

No. 2057645

i am anti natalist and separatist but i don’t see how this post is bait, there are babies and children currently here. if mothers go to war too then yes who will take care of them

No. 2057678

I hope this is a joke

No. 2057701

He’s 82

No. 2057725

Nta but if you can figure out to stay here for ten years and start a family I think you’re entitled to the American dream on paper too.

No. 2057740

No you're not lol. Is the person who jumps the line and sneaks into a night club without paying the cover charge allowed to stay? No. They're kicked out. There's a reason countries have immigration processes.

No. 2057783

Even if you think that, surely it is better to try and help the people who are actual citizens first? Inflation is kicking American's asses but we need to worry about the ones who aren't even citizens? It's not a good thing to say to try and get votes (which is why he said this, it's an election year)

No. 2057792

I think it’ll be a popular enough policy among dems and the families of undocumented immigrants who are citizens, who are exactly who he’s trying to appeal to

No. 2057795

It could be, but from my experience of knowing immigrants who are citizens, they tend to be pretty right wing and hate illegal immigrants.

No. 2057801

Read the thread, the policy specifically affects undocumented immigrants with families who are American citizens already

No. 2057822

? I did. I'm saying other people won't like this

No. 2057839

File: 1718920543799.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1179x1602, IMG_3006.jpeg)

That metaphor doesn’t really make sense here, I’m not sure what line you’re saying they jumped. They’re not here illegally they’re legally married and following the processes in place. They’re already eligible for citizenship (need to look into this more and don’t want to oversimplify it but this whole thing honestly sounds a lot like the government saying they’re going to deal with an existing backlog and pretending they’re doing something new, as usual)

No. 2057854

So more misleading bullshit once again? This gets so tiresome…

No. 2057862

You said:
>from my experience of knowing immigrants who are citizens, they tend to be pretty right wing and hate illegal immigrants.
Which isn’t relevant because that’s not who the policy is supposed to appeal to

No. 2057869

Ohhh my bad I read >>2057296 as just people with anchor babies

No. 2057876

NTA but democrats legally uniting a bunch of families so they’re not worried about being deported actually would appeal to them, maybe enough to sway their vote even if they were republican before. Theoretically

No. 2057880

isn't this just naturalization? Or is it gonna be for any person who's undocumented regardless of moral standing, time in the country, employment, etc.

No. 2057891

Keep reading about it if you’re curious, I really only glanced at it. There’s usually a lot of fine print in this stuff. I’m seriously doubting the government will even allocate the manpower to process this since the immigration system is infamously crippled and understaffed so it moves at a glacial place. By the time they get started on stuff like this a new president challenges and overturns it, it’s a never ending cycle where they don’t actually do anything but they talk about it a lot because our government overlords think their job is to pass papers back and forth

No. 2057903

Samefag: actually I just had another thought about this which is that it’s an extremely shrewd plot to grab votes from tons of people who believe it will actually happen, only for the incredibly crippled system to make it impossible even if Biden does win. Kek. Very much a democrat move honestly.

No. 2057913

It’s ok nonna, sorry that I sounded hostile in my reply. It’s a confusing policy without context

No. 2057952

It's definitely an attempt to get votes. Same with Biden saying he's doing something at the border when it doesn't do anything, or him saying he won't do anything to codify reproductive rights unless he gets voted in in November like a sword hanging over our heads. And Trump has his own vote grabbing talking points, like him saying recently he'll make it so tips won't be taxed if he's elected.
Election years are full of these promises or plans that we all know aren't going to be followed through, and once the election is over it's all forgotten about until the next election.

No. 2058010

This and that are two different things. Making someone a citizen does not take it away from someone else… not to be cheeky I’m sorry I really don’t get where you’re coming from. Yeah the government should be doing more for existing citizens. You think they can’t process immigrations and provide government services at the same time? (Theoretically of course since they do neither)

No. 2058041

The only kinds of immigrants I have a problem with are 1. “asylum seekers” that don’t actually qualify for asylum but are exploiting the system to live here illegally while their cases are processed 2. entitled pricks who shit on our culture but expect to be embraced and pandered to 3. filthy rich international students that LARP as underprivileged for woke points (encountered many of them during my college days). Obviously our immigration system is flawed and is easy to exploit, so the responsibility for these issues falls on the government as well

No. 2058354

You're right nona I was originally confused upthread because I thought it was about parents of anchor babies. Just a misunderstanding

No. 2058945

File: 1718998264614.png (181.59 KB, 521x589, e85rc5dnkdtc1.png)

Reminder that the goal of immigrants is to use them as cheap labor; conditions are the same as a Chinese labor camp. Oh and don't worry, the worst has happened where kids are being trafficked.


He's miserable as is. He's been pumped up with drugs for the last 4 years just so he doesn't go into a senior nap.

God these fat cats have zero idea what shitstorm they are going to get themselves into. As much as people make fun of zoomers, majority of them are aware that the entire system has already crumbled. Even if young people get a job; they're forced to deal with overloaded work and hours because hiring more people for help is 'too expensive'. Not to mention they can be let go at any time just so companies can avoid giving bonuses and pensions. There's AI replacing work too- I can go fucking on.
The military is also rigged in the same exact way. Everyone has at least watched one youtube video of how the military fucked up someone's life.

The issue with unfiltered immigration is that it brings exploitation and crime. It has nothing to do with "I hate the brownies" its about keeping degenerates out and bringing in productive sane people.
t. immigrant born outside of Amerishart

No. 2059207

>The issue with unfiltered immigration is that it brings exploitation and crime.
Exactly. I wonder how many anons here live in big cities near the border.

No. 2061540

Oh fuck off, Biden

No. 2062665

File: 1719269234433.jpeg (393.7 KB, 1179x1607, IMG_3374.jpeg)

News on the rental pricing fixing system / YieldStar / RealPage
Hope they get shut down.

No. 2062666

File: 1719269269684.jpeg (857.15 KB, 1179x1916, IMG_3375.jpeg)

No. 2062697

File: 1719271737250.jpeg (39.59 KB, 640x627, 5d76805e848a5.jpeg)

this is why being bipolar is great the military doesn't want me but neither does my own brain

No. 2062844

Oooh, good, maybe now my fucking rent will finally drop. Hope they all get the rope.

No. 2063320

File: 1719322813884.png (638.88 KB, 1208x1254, what is a woman.png)

No. 2063323

What is this horseshit? Make abortion legal again you fucking old sack of shit. I fucking hate him.

No. 2063352

I hate trump but this is just painfully cringe propaganda

No. 2063446

Joe Biden when he sees how high I can jump (it's really high everyone says so)

No. 2063478

Kek. You truly got the power

No. 2063502

Framing it so he and the Dems can once again blame us when he loses.
>those nasty women let us down again

No. 2063615

What's he trying to emulate? The phrase "fuck around and find out"? This was so written by a boomer publicist trying to think of a way to appeal to millennial libfems and it fails on every measurable level

No. 2063886

Makes me want to vote for Trump

No. 2063900

File: 1719349653389.png (937.91 KB, 1038x1112, Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 2.05.…)

NYC Mayor Adams’ budget quietly installs a permanent ‘migrant crisis’ spending spree.

>Migrant spending of $4.7 billion for the upcoming year is 14% of the salaries and wages the city pays to its total workforce — so if it persists, New York will face severe cutbacks in the regular day-to-day services it provides.

Libraries? Ehh, who needs 'em? Fire department? Come on, when was the last time your building burned down? There is no way this is sustainable. Who the fuck actually wants this?


No. 2063902

Isn't NYC doing that shit they did a few years back where they're cramming in homeless people and illegal immigrants into hotels now?

No. 2063905

File: 1719349807364.png (532.68 KB, 760x400, sniffer.png)

>the power of women

No. 2063910

Yep! And guess what else? The city pays as high as $500 per room for these people and they also have to throw out nearly a ton of taxpayer-provided food per day because the migrants wont eat it and prefer to cook on hot plates instead and sometimes start electrical fires! Whee!


No. 2063929

>Rodriguez also said the hotel had a list “of people that are supposed to be quarantined — for COVID, chickenpox, whatever it is.”

>“Nobody supervises those people,” he said. “Once they get bored, they flee. We don’t know who’s sick and who’s not sick.”

>Rodriguez added ruefully: “We are in an environment that is hostile, violent and not safe anymore.”

No. 2063940

This seems like typical nypost rightoid ragebait. I’m not “pro-immigration” by any means, but who gives af if some migrant wants to cook their own food kek

No. 2063944

I know, right? Just let them burn the building down with everyone inside even though they're explicitly told not to use those electric hot plates!

No. 2063946

The second image gives me PTSD to that one pedo boomer meme

No. 2063958

Ayrt, I get that it’s easiest for you to just blame some migrant who probably doesn’t even speak English for not following safety precautions (that plenty of born and bred ‘Muricans don’t follow either), but personally I think the real blame lies with our politicians that enable the unfiltered flow of migrants to be exploited for cheap labor. It’s always easier to blame the “other”

No. 2064009

I'm from NYC (moved out 5 years ago) but it pains me how the city is shooting themselves in the foot, choosing illegals and migrants over their own citizen's safety.

No. 2064661

>go on largely american established and populated network
>be mad you're seeing too many americans
I keep seeing this sentiment online and it's more baffling to me each time it happens.
Nta and you're right but it's hard to be completely rational when you're dealing with it firsthand. You have the men coming to use services they don't need while physically attacking people and the politicians waiting on their kickbacks for hosting them. Everyone's trampling you.

No. 2065327


No. 2067187

File: 1719499037028.jpeg (92.56 KB, 750x1000, IMG_1829.jpeg)

Are you nonnies ready for the debate today? ♥

No. 2067190

If I wanted to listen to two dementia-addled geriatrics yell at each other for an hour and a half I would visit my local retirement home

No. 2067192

Heck yes, I need more fuel for my OTP.

No. 2067202

KEK! Yeah, neither one respects women so whats the point? Its all a rigged system

No. 2067206

The point is to watch the shitshow, duh. Presidential cows are my favorite.

No. 2067210

Nah I'm gonna play Skyrim

No. 2067444

did i write this post? pretty sure i watched that debate 4 years ago and didnt like my choices then either

No. 2067986

Would not have known this is happening if not for your post, that’s how low key this election cycle’s news has been.

No. 2067996

Yeah! I know how it’s gonna end and I’m kinda excited about another Trump presidency kek

No. 2067999

Same, hope he throws the entire White House staff and cabinet into prison. Pedo enablers.

No. 2068000

Because the last one was so good?

No. 2068013

Yeah I’d venture to say that 2016/2020 was better than now, COVID wasn’t really Trumps fault

No. 2068016

Yeah, people weren't steeped in debt, the prices of everything were lower, people had fair-paying jobs… need I go on?

No. 2068019

I turned it off after 2 minutes because Biden sounds way too quiet and low energy and it made me cringe a bit. Maybe it will get better.

No. 2068026

It hasn't. Biden isn't mentally functioning. It's so painful to watch. He looks like he needs a nap really bad and has that geriatric dementia look about him.

No. 2068032

>pedo enablers
You say this like Trump and his cabinet aren’t? Delusional

No. 2068039

he talks like he’s scared kek

No. 2068042

I literally couldn't watch the debate, Biden looks like a barely re-animated mummy and Trump is his usual retarded self. This is awful.

No. 2068046

File: 1719538179650.png (1.81 MB, 1441x790, slackgrimline.PNG)

I don't think he's closed his mouth for the entire debate.

No. 2068059

Same. Couldn’t stand more than 2 minutes. This is so bleak amerinonnies… I’m going to go jack off to some hetalia america hentai doujinshi so I can feel better about the state of our country

No. 2068071

I have to agree with the other posts, this debate is so fucking bleak. This is literally demoralizing as an American. Biden can’t get out one sentence without horribly confusing important words that completely change the meaning of his sentences. Trump sounds more coherent, like his brain isn’t literally melted, but he’s not saying anything substantial either he’s talking like he’s on reality TV still. I can’t take this.

No. 2068073

I'm not voting for a rapist

No. 2068075

File: 1719538874527.jpg (22.17 KB, 500x299, 1000002473.jpg)

i know there are ppl who think if you dont vote you dont have a right to complain about the state things……. but when the issue is that we are living in a political parody of democracy the real question becomes how you can give legitimacy to the farce by repeating the same election we had 4 years ago??? only with ADDED information on both sides as to why neither of these crypt keepers should get a second term. im re-registering as an independent before November so i can vote for my damn self as a write-in

No. 2068077


No. 2068079

Gotta be honest I never vote

No. 2068080

He genuinely looks scared and confused half the time I almost feel bad for the old man. There really has to be an age limit for this.

No. 2068081

I hate the retards that shame others for not voting for either main candidate. We aren’t the ones who picked the damn candidates or a two party system. I don’t have to vote, and that’s my democratic right. Even if you understand how our elections work, both parties are most interested in swaying the independent vote, so not voting at the very least sends a signal

No. 2068084

can we just kill them both and let kamala set off the nukes

No. 2068085

you're a fucking idiot

No. 2068087

And you’re delusional if you think anon’s vote matters

No. 2068088

The democrats could prop a corpse on a stick and I'd still vote for it over anyone in the republican party.

No. 2068091

well luckily thats exactly whats happening nonnie

No. 2068092

as you wish

No. 2068094

I’m split between agreeing with you and feeling as though this just enables the dems from only serving themselves and their retarded policy/electoral decisions

No. 2068099

I’m stil gonna vote for Trump though

No. 2068101

No one cares who you’re voting for. Stop it.

No. 2068107

>reeee stop posting about american politics in the amerifag thread

No. 2068126

I'm still not sure who you're voting for.

No. 2068131

Wait is that true? If nothing is done seniors will see social security benefit cuts in about ten years? What the fuck why?

No. 2068137

Why did no one talk about that train derailment that covered a third of the country in the same chemicals as agent orange last year when talking about the environment?

No. 2068140

File: 1719540592361.png (349.3 KB, 640x633, imagetttdtst.png)

trump i’m watching the stream stop laughing bro that’s disrespectful as shit bruh. something wrong with you bruh you fucking laughing bro. look at you smiling bruh you disrespectful as shit bruh you hate your voters

No. 2068141

File: 1719540593782.jpg (81.63 KB, 1024x576, itglows.jpg)

Good idea anon

No. 2068142


No. 2068144

Don’t open the Amerifags thread if you don’t want to see conversation about the election retard

No. 2068148

Why didn’t they give Biden some drugs or something this is so painful to watch. Fuck Trump though

No. 2068149

File: 1719540970547.png (142.27 KB, 362x347, biden.png)

this is not real

No. 2068164

No, she can join them up against the wall, too. What a shitty "role model" the media tried to prop her up as…

No. 2068169

Because of how badly Biden's government fucked up the economy, cut jobs, etc. We're in a recession and they think slashing bennies will somehow make up for it.

No. 2068172

Now they're arguing about golf in the middle of a presidential debate. Why is this our country?

No. 2068178

Seriously. This whole thing is so embarassing. We are so fucked.

No. 2068179

I love that I just tuned in and the first thing I hear is "you're such a whiner" KEK its like children fighting

No. 2068182

Anyone else think maybe we should give Trump the vote and accelerate the decline? I’m just tired.

No. 2068188

That's how I usually feel, but honestly this debate makes me want to vote for Biden cause I feel like he reaaally needs the help..

No. 2068189

i kek'ed at the golf swipes between the two loool
im srry but joe scares me…i feel out of breath listening to him and his eye area/forehead upper face section is unrecognizable..HE IS OLD nonkas. trump is no longer blonde tho womp womp.

No. 2068191

Trump’s closing statement is absolutely demolishing Biden’s closing muttering. Elder on elder violence happening right now.

No. 2068192

No. 2068195

Oh my god the CNN lady is dunking on Biden for sounding old! And she literally just said Drumpf twice on purpose, this is so unprofessional. The moderation was so horrible for this debate and the commentary was awful before and after.

No. 2068196

File: 1719542587683.png (1.05 MB, 978x1200, chin nuggies.png)

>mfw wen no chimken noogletz for din din

No. 2068199

>still believing in the two-party system
lol, you’re a bunch of retards, both parties don’t care about your rights or women in general it’s just a multibillion dollar business where they both work with each other to fuck everyone else over. once americans finally let go of this fucking cancerous two-party system our suffering will begin to fade away and real change starts

No. 2068202

Msnbc quick to excuse the Biden mumbles as him recovering from a cold. I am done.

No. 2068203

File: 1719542783306.jpeg (40.84 KB, 445x355, IMG_0160.jpeg)

Sorry I took so long to finish making your bottle honey

No. 2068205

the tinfoil nonnies know this already kek

No. 2068206

The CNN lady also said it was supposedly a cold but she said it like it was not true and criticized his speaking in other ways like the lack of coherency

No. 2068212

The MSNBC anchor followed it up with her saying that despite the cold he was wandering a lot when answering.

No. 2068213

me when I’m retarded and will be wasting paper on two morons. no wonder eurofags call us stupid, we literally spend way too much energy and time in this popularity contest while we’ll all be homeless because none of these fuckers are fit to be the puppet of the state. everybody who went through formal education and didn’t drop our knows the supreme court is practically the grand decider of the entire nation the kek
where tf are the tinfoil nonnies at??

No. 2068214

File: 1719543142752.jpg (68.15 KB, 966x859, nuggie for dinn.jpg)

>tfw mummy come home late n surprise u with 10 count micky d nuggies

No. 2068216

>where tf are the tinfoil nonnies at??
how new are you?

No. 2068217

so the problem is that you’re wasting paper?

No. 2068219

I think we're just making irony on this horrendous debate

No. 2068220

File: 1719543308121.jpg (30.71 KB, 564x503, white house.jpg)

a first look at his new VP

No. 2068222

oh my god anon I’m saying WHERE ARE THEY as in where are the burgerfag tinfoil anons love talking shit about the american gov during election season. jesus christ were you diagnosed with autism or something?

No. 2068223

leon husbando presidentuuuuuu desuuu

No. 2068224

you mean just…burgers?

No. 2068225

His staff couldn't answer why he sounded that way when asked by reporters for thirty minutes after the start of the debate according to a reporter on CBS. Why didn't they inform people he was sick and would be raspy ahead of time?

No. 2068227

they're in the tinfoil thread nonny, duh? that's where crunchy hat nonnas go

No. 2068230

File: 1719543675016.jpeg (477.37 KB, 750x1224, IMG_1477.jpeg)

kek the viewers are all voting for donald trump. even though voting is a waste of time i think he’s gonna clean sweep ngl, not because he’s a good choice but i think everybody is extremely desperate to the point they just want any change

No. 2068233

Probably because of the border situation

No. 2068236

I just clicked on a youtube livestream for cnn and the correspondent was saying that Biden's performance was so alarming that dems might be considering running someone else even though it's almost July kek

No. 2068239

Ooh, eleventh hour underdog. Bold choice. Who do you think they'd go with?

No. 2068240

I don’t think anything will really change. I feel like Trump is obviously going to keep abortion around because his whores need to terminate their pregnancies too kek

No. 2068241

I didn’t even know Michelle was running? What’s the point of that. I know I should probably post this in unpopular opinions but I don’t think a female president would do the country any good. Not because she’d be incapable or anything I just feel like WW3 would actually break out

No. 2068242

the republicans will try again to get mifepristone banned

No. 2068243

>that vote for neither being that high

Here is what will happen: Intelligent people will not vote for either clown. They will vote other party, write in, or simply choose not to vote. This will hurt Biden.

Trump fanatics will still vote for Trump.

Trump will win.
This country is in the shit.

No. 2068246

Can you please not take any random image anons post as fact

No. 2068247

File: 1719544235923.jpg (38.19 KB, 600x400, 00young-biden-mobileMasterAt3x…)

Why are they old. Why do they have to be old.

No. 2068249

I’m sorry? I thought it was a graph of the candidates, considering all the candidates are on there..

No. 2068250

…Or people can just vote for the democratic party to prevent the republican's rapist puppet from being in office again.

No. 2068251

I still do not know how this was completely overlooked, swept under, and everyone forgot within a week. The effects in the rust belt that it spread is jarring. I should take it to tinfoil, but the fact it was not discussed is actually insane.

No. 2068252

There's a bunch of names on there that aren't presidential candidates for the next election

No. 2068260

When will the lolcow elections happen?

No. 2068261

No one cares about us flyover states, we can get nuke tested, Teflon flavored water, lead pipe, train chemicals in our DNA and we will still shush whenever someone from LA or NYC speaks about humanitarianism

No. 2068262

Not what will happen.
People said this for Hilary and she lost spectacularly.

No. 2068265

That hurt my stomach to watch.

No. 2068269

Point being Biden is as unpopular as she was right now. It's grim.

No. 2068272

She's married to a pedophile and covered for him. She's also in the fucking Podesta emails, anon, of COURSE she wasn't gonna fucking win. Does everyone here have the memory of a goldfish or what?

No. 2068273

One thing is it feels like we're staring down the barrel of WW3 and I think having insane orange man at the helm will be slightly more threatening to other countries than dementia daddy

I hate where conservatives want to take women's rights, but after roe v wade and ongoing demographic collapse I feel the democrats will do little to stop it anyway

No. 2068275

File: 1719545092714.png (389.92 KB, 698x664, PUNISHEDCLARENCE.png)

No. 2068276

Why are you being so agitated for?
I'm not saying I agree.
I'm warning you that in spite of the delusional protests, Biden will not win.
>do people have the memory of goldfish?!
Lol, yes. This is why so many will vote for Trump and give him the win.

No. 2068284

I think this is an edited image.

No. 2068286

That wasn't it, she was just a charisma vacuum while Trump was all charisma. The dems had also been in office for 8 years, reps were itching for their turn while dems got too comfy

I would argue Biden is much more unpopular, Hillary had real supporters and no one really questioned her competence

No. 2068288

File: 1719545592118.png (150.95 KB, 247x390, tumblr_5670dc43d5adc8778b88bff…)

I don't want to put the effort in to vote, but Biden is a liability at this point. I hope he dies. What would Kamala be like? She gives war hawk vibes.

No. 2068290

she was a shitty DA so don't have high hopes

No. 2068291

If we're speaking objectively Trump was much more confident, clear & "present" than Biden who was consistently mumbling and staring into space blankly. Granted, Trump was just rambling about illegal immigrants and giving incorrect stats, but he still did better than Biden by leaps and bounds just in terms of presentation. I hate Biden but I also hate Trump, I'm just hoping the Dems will pick another candidate instead of digging their heels in and sticking with Joe.

No. 2068295

Not great. She was bragging about how she was put in charge of getting troops out of Afghanistan until the deadline day came with nothing being done and troops died, people were hanging off the sides of flying planes trying to escape, all our tanks and guns there were abandoned and got into the hands of our enemies, etc.

No. 2068297

File: 1719546850355.jpg (17.69 KB, 455x257, kamalawilliebrown.jpg)

She slept her way into politics, how do you think she'd do?

No. 2068315

The moderator asks about concerns over Biden's age and he starts rambling about computer chips kek

No. 2068317

It stripped the time marker but it's at 1:20

No. 2068323

This’ll probably be the first year I just straight up don’t vote in a presidential election. I can’t justify either choice. Luckily I’m going to be out of the country at the time of the election soooooo y’all have fun with that

No. 2068334

Fucking lol, lmao. This was absolutely hilarious

No. 2068335

Do you HAVE to vote for either options? This is the first year i can vote since i got citizenship, i'll literally vote for a literal who political party if that's an option, honestly not because i agree with them, but just to make a stand against this stupid black vs white political system. I don't understand why we are being forced to choose between only two candidates.

No. 2068341

No there's write-ins or other smaller parties running. Obviously won't win but you can vote anything or anyone just for the sake of it

No. 2068342

You can vote for an independent candidate like RFK Jr, people usually don't because the two parties swallow most of the votes but this year who knows

No. 2068410

Protest voting for independents and third parties would also be a more effective tactic than staying home or voting for the lesser evil anyways.

No. 2068488

Do any of you feel like a lot of people vote for the main two because they get the most coverage/it's easier than doing research on every individual candidate?

I voted in the primaries for the first time and plan to vote in November, but one of the main reasons I've never voted until now is that I was so overwhelmed by all the information and didn't want to vote for the main two.
I found a website that allowed me to make a cheat sheet, it listed information about each candidate which made me feel less overwhelmed about the whole thing.

Link by the way:

I do wonder if we could actually use this vote as a protest, though I wonder what that would look like considering it could very well make it easier for trump to win if all the outside votes are so spread apart.
I have no idea what to do at this point, it's ridiculous.

No. 2068688

Just vote for who you think would do a better job. Shouldn't be a protest vote, shouldn't be the lesser evil, fuck anyone who says not voting for the main two is throwing away your vote. I've always voted for whoever I think would do better, regardless of what the media says. Sometimes this is Republican, sometimes Democrat, sometimes even Green. Just look for a sample ballot and research the candidates on your own.

If we land with a bad president elect, it's what this country deserves. At least you voted for who you wanted.

No. 2068712

>protest vote
Shut the fuck up with this passive aggressive shit. A vote is a vote whether you like it or not.

The only retard who I ever seen use this term when I was discussing the last shitshow election was a fucking Canuck.

No. 2068735

“Protest vote” is a very common term to describe voting outside of the two main parties that I hear irl kek. Not sure why it’s controversial here

No. 2068754

File: 1719581565188.jpg (97.8 KB, 988x1196, 3363156858.JPG)

That debate was such a shitshow. What are the democrats going to do now?

No. 2068763

How many times are y’all gonna post biden’s decaying face? I don’t want to see it
>What are the democrats going to do now?
Hopefully get a fucking wake up call and run someone else after they see the polling results

No. 2068766

Look nonnies… I want you all to know that despite how much we've fought over the years, you're still "sisters" to me, in that, I don't wish the worst for you. When Project 2025 starts developing I want you all to protect each other, even if there's a pick-me bitch in your quarters. Even if there's a tinfoil nonny. Even if there's someone who unironically likes Shoe's ex, Greg. Because either way, we're getting fucked. "States rights" AKA if you are unfortunate to be born in a certain state, you will be punished for being a woman. Who knows how many states will start passing laws to punish women? Stay together. Except for the tradthots, those bitches can't come into the secret protective commune unless they get on their knees and beg for forgiveness from the strongest nonnie in the group.

No. 2068768

I wish manufacturing would come back. There are so many people here who would benefit from a factory job doing something menial and repetitive, if just to keep them busy and making an income.

No. 2068769

It doesn’t even matter, just check project 2025 which I’m betting both parties are banking on. They’ll just fly their whores to Norway or some shit to get the abortions kek, they are going to start fucking with people’s social security/retirement and reproductive rights

No. 2068772

Unironically this was one of Biden’s best policies in office. I say this as someone who probably won’t be voting for him again because I just can’t justify it. Look into the Inflation Reduction Act that Biden introduced which re-industrialized and pissed off a lot of eurofags

No. 2068776

They really should’ve let someone primary him, I don’t understand why they were so convinced he could do it when there were signs he couldn’t. Now they’re stuck with the undemocratic option of just subbing someone in, assuming they can pry him from the position.

No. 2068779

Replacing him with anyone other than Kamala and without a primary election would be so fucked up. And this coming from a party so concerned about democracy dying lmao. They should've put him out to pasture before the primary and let Americans choose. This is the worst election

No. 2068781

I'm tired of how corrupt the system is. I watched the debate with my father and sister but as they were arguing with each other on who is worse, all I could see was two old demented fuckers, each with their own skeletons in the closet, bickering like fucking schoolgirls. There needs to be a damn MAXIMUM age limit to running and being president, I'm tired of old fucks ruining the country I've loved for so long. No matter who wins, we're fucked either way. I'm just tired of it all. Sage for being autistic.

No. 2068782

They’ll just piss in a puddle, get no lunch breaks and just collapse on the ground because factory jobs are one of the most hellish and dangerous, also unionizing them is such a headache. Biden is way too fucking old, the nigga was croaking and couldn’t even string together his thoughts, he will die in office if amerifags decide to continue his term. Wouldn’t even be surprised if Biden dies before the voting even starts kek

No. 2068789

Literally. They are going to put him down after this, watch.

No. 2068795

File: 1719583453483.mp4 (1.27 MB, 640x360, 2JWR29RT5sw.mp4)

Time for Queen Kamala to rise

No. 2068812

Hoping and praying because fuck his old ass
Oh nah look at my bipolar lawyer dawg with the classic manic laughing out of context like a lunatic.

No. 2068827

She'll be a complete disaster but I can't help loving her

No. 2068865

I'm an immigrant in the UK who mostly works with continentals, and apparently non-English euro media/social media channels have dedicated the day to laughing at us burgers. Can't blame them tbh

No. 2068873

everytime she opens her mouth i feel like i'm in a fever dream

No. 2068913

oh god… that debate was so bad yesterday. this country is such a joke.

No. 2068927

I feel like im going insane. I haven't seen anyone bring this up but did anyone else catch the dick joke Trump made? I swear he can't get through a debate without talking about how good his dick is. When they were discussing his advanced age he was bragging about his physique and saying he gets exams and they just knock on wood, "wherever there is wood". Biden got it, his face said it all kek

No. 2068931

I had his dick once and it was honestly an amazing experience, something you wouldn’t expect

No. 2068933

I’m sorry to tell you this nonna, but… you have AIDS now

No. 2068971

No. 2068980

I don't understand idioms someone explain to an ESL

No. 2068981

File: 1719591359848.jpg (93.15 KB, 736x689, IMG_20240628_182108.jpg)

Would you buy this?

No. 2068982

File: 1719591464055.gif (2.75 MB, 576x576, boogie.gif)

lol just learn english

No. 2068984

only if it's burger scented

No. 2068991

I know english vocabulary but not idioms that say shit like "fall out of a coconut tree" as some sort of symbolism. I'm just gonna throw in "shitting in strawberry a bush" into my sentences and imply you are retarded if you cannot understand me

No. 2068995

idioms are 2nd grade level english anon. if you actually listened to what she said the point comes across very easily.

No. 2069004

>fall out of a coconut tree
She’s saying we didn’t just spring into existence from nowhere, but our lives and society are defined by the “context,” the people and society that came before us

No. 2069021

No one says fall out of a coconut tree that’s not even a common idiom.

No. 2069029

File: 1719592988061.jpg (47.29 KB, 517x690, 34455534.jpg)

Why are people against using any sort of brain power to put 2 and 2 together? If you listen to the entirety of kamala's sentence, "everything is in context" and "you exist in the context of all in which you live and what came before you." She literally double explains what the idiom was about. you guys have smooth brains

No. 2069040

File: 1719593264816.jpg (58.08 KB, 564x726, 18c6cdb8885478b80f7dd6d6196fd5…)

Yes idioms are for the intelligent, RIGID-brained folk. It seems that when it comes to engaging in cognitive cartwheels, some folks are more inclined to ride the carousel of complacency rather than navigate the labyrinth of logic. In the grand tapestry of consciousness, they prefer to knit with yarn that's already untangled rather than weave their own intricate patterns. Kamala's verbal mosaic, with its dual threads of context, forms a kaleidoscope of clarity that should ideally illuminate the landscape of comprehension. Yet, the silky synapses of these individuals remain unperturbed, as they bask in the twilight of intellectual inertia.

No. 2069046

cant unsee that edit of trump with a huge ass

No. 2069053

I really, REALLY hate the font on the package.

No. 2069054

>they prefer to knit with yarn that's already untangled rather than weave their own intricate patterns
makes absolutely no sense nonna, clearly you're not a yarn crafter kek

No. 2069055

Please post

No. 2069057

File: 1719593653944.jpg (57 KB, 952x904, Fr2sPhbaIAAZd5D.jpg)

is it wrong to hate people who can't read full sentences? People who use 2x speed on tiktok thinkpieces, People who have to use a piece of paper to avoid spoiling themselves bc their smooth brains are so flat that they cant waster a single extra second thinking about something they didnt understand the first time and demand people answer all of their questions. Is it so wrong?

No. 2069060

There’s an anon out there flicking her cooch to this I just know it

No. 2069062

File: 1719593757814.jpg (56.05 KB, 1200x881, DXpBerLVwAAGKYp.jpg)

Trump and Grimace meeting is actually a canon event

No. 2069063

I’m a fan but not in this context

No. 2069069

I laughed so hard when Trump said "…I don't know what he said at the end of his sentence, but anyway-"
Trump absolutely blew him out of the water and every liberal I know is shitting their pants

No. 2069079

You are the reason on why abortion will be outlawed and I bet you’ll be smiling with your fugly ass millennial husband because at least the trannies have been dealt with!! Fuck you.

No. 2069088

It's intentional, she's also subtly trying to drive home the point that she's "ethnic" with her Indian mother making homespun idioms nobody has heard of involving an exotic tree.

No. 2069090

Calm down, I'm not voting for the guy, I just thought it was hilarious

No. 2069092

I get your frustration nona but why is she a millennial? Lots of us 30 somethings want abortion rights too

No. 2069094

angry zoomer women are lashing out at millenials for letting all this shit happen

No. 2069100

Go ahead, tell me what millenials could have done. Tell me what would have worked. I'm waiting.

No. 2069104

Um ask the angry zoomer?

No. 2069109

Does anyone here support Trump? If so can you tell me the reasons why?

No. 2069112

You need to point your anger in the right direction, which is at the Supreme Court. Blaming other women for the Supreme Court’s actions works in their favor. Finger pointing just serves to divide us and gets us nowhere.

No. 2069115

Based zoomer women rightfully verbally abusing dumbass millennial women for making terrible political choices because honestly you fuckers only care about your curly mustache funko pop husband and nothing else and it pisses me off. Stop having a zillion babies with them too and wearing those dumpy ass dresses with the dad sandals it looks awful(infight baiting in multiple threads)

No. 2069118

This was so fucking funny idk why nona is flaming you for thinking so

No. 2069119

Zoomers look for literally any reason to shit on Millennials. We were trying to be like the fun, big sisters to them and all they've done is act bratty and shit on us for…wearing skinny jeans? Having a side part? Having "ugly" boyfriends? And now they're still infantilizing themselves and blaming us for politics? Fucking kek. A ton of zoomers were old enough to vote when Trump was elected, don't throw this on us. I don't know a single Millennial woman who voted for him but go ahead, throw a tantrum.

No. 2069120

Ok i didnt say all that…did they make some bad politcal choices? yes but every generation has its issues. Funko pop husband is better than 22 year old giga misogynist zoomer dude who has been watching porn on his ipad since he as 5

No. 2069122

Kek what is this schizo rambling

No. 2069133

>fun big sisters
While you’ve been peddling sex work and Anita Sarkeesian flavored liberal feminism and trannyism/gender special ideology to them making us look like a fucking joke.
They’re both equally misogynistic, the millennial husband is just wearing a male feminist mask and watch it completely melt and fold into itself when you talk about incarcerating a woman’s black abusive boyfriend kek

No. 2069134

15 years ago it was millenials blaming boomers, 15 years from now it'll be alpha blaming zoomers, same as it ever was

No. 2069140

File: 1719595797475.jpg (131.88 KB, 1500x1000, Chrissy-Teigen-Birkenstock-061…)

These millennial women, seemingly ensnared in a perpetual state of domestic delirium, continue to multiply like rabbits in an overgrown meadow. The zoomers, with their keen eyes for both fashion and folly, cannot help but recoil at the sight of the matronly muumuus and the orthopedic abominations masquerading as footwear. It's as if these sartorial choices are a physical manifestation of the mental stagnation that has led to such dire political missteps.

In this ongoing saga, the zoomer women, with their piercing insights and unapologetic critiques, serve as the much-needed heralds of change. They stand as the vanguards of a future where choices are made with clarity and style, both in the ballot box and the wardrobe, ensuring that the legacy of curly mustache husbands and dad sandals is left firmly in the past.

No. 2069142

the millenial husband is like a retarded fat panda and that if you ahve enough mental strength and sadism you can whip him into being a mule who only watches movies from the 90s and at the worst kills himself at 45. The zoomer male is violently retarded and will spend his life savings on photoshopped trannies onlyfans.

No. 2069145

File: 1719595906473.jpg (85.82 KB, 620x683, 970023_10151675187130148_20060…)

nah boomer hate is legit

No. 2069146

>”millennial women didn’t do anything wrong!!!!! we were girls girls for you zoomers is that how that slang goes??”
hypocritical, you’ll vote a bunch of old white cock into the government if it benefits you in the short-term and then cry when your selfishness backfires. you watch the flames happening in your backyard and can care less until it starts blowing in your direction and i can’t stand that attitude. just so tired of cock lovers and shittttt god

No. 2069148

but how are we not supposed to vote for old white cock if the election is old white cock vs old white cock

No. 2069154

You're not supposed to vote.

No. 2069155

Why do so many Zoomers support Trump?

No. 2069156

I feel too sorry for the millennial nonnies to booly them, it must be hard to be a Potterhead in these trying times.

No. 2069159

Kekkkk. I know you’re being sarcastic but the millennial pause sand mug drinking before clicking play on their record button is what makes me wish they all succumbed to drug addiction during the 2008 crash. They are quite literally just as incompetent as Gen X and that’s why Gen X’ers were walking around like a bunch of despondent morons drinking the grunge koolaid and burning their minds with crack, they were practically useless grunts and they were aware of it, millennials instead try to wrap their incompetence and immaturity with optimistic irony
You consistently choose the worst white cock(ban evading)

No. 2069160

Not that many do, but demographically it’s mostly zoomer moids who want to be edgy and speshial

No. 2069162

They’re just sandals lol

No. 2069163

because the democratic party didnt plan past obama's 2nd term and actually expected hillary to win in 2016

No. 2069174

Lol and I could make a collage about millenials being premature lazy doomers or zoomers being brain damaged. People shit on boomers too much, its just childish

No. 2069202

If you did, it would be very true to some millennials and zoomers. Thats what generalizatons do. The generational hate is working in favor of the first class, while we squabble about how had it worse and who whines more, they take more and more rights away and tax us more. It's all a distraction I don't get how people aren't seeing this by now.

No. 2069240

Literally this. Not to sound like a Twitter communist but class consciousness is nonexistent in this country and it’s getting really irritating. You’re not even allowed to hate your on your own boss with your coworkers anymore because they all want to be the boss so they’re sympathizing with him/her instead of their own coworkers…. Eugh. Landlord hate should be sky high but people make excuses for them like being a landlord is a mom and pop operation? it’s crazy making

No. 2069274

File: 1719599568763.mp4 (847.4 KB, 640x360, k7avwudekg0aDzIp.mp4)

No. 2069280

File: 1719599801469.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, Jill-Stein-2024.jpeg)

No. 2069297

File: 1719600479121.png (659.9 KB, 696x559, onion day.png)

Happy Onion Day burgers ♥

No. 2069300

ok but the part of the debate when they were just arguing about golf?
bruh what a clown country this is.

No. 2069310

no wonder i'm having a terrible day i hate onions.

No. 2069332

I posted about that right after I heard it live. Two geriatric fucks going all "no u" and one-upping each other about FUCKING GOLF. Out of touch and unrelatable.

No. 2069422

I love onions. On average I eat one onion every day. Happy Onion Day. I wish they were cheap again, it’s so hard to even get a three pound bag of basic yellow onions for less than $3. Used to be like $1.49

No. 2069434

It feels like no one else even tried to be the democratic candidate this time around? Was there even a run for it? I can't believe Biden is the best we can offer rn. His failure to deliver on student loan forgiveness and various other promises made a lot of former supporters hate him. Trump is pretty much guaranteed a win now.

Good news for all the mail-order brides ig. That legit sounds like who this catered towards…

No. 2069438

File: 1719604080180.jpg (51.55 KB, 448x800, e6c.jpg)

>neither of my little bros like fireworks because they are joyless nerds
>parents too old to gaf anymore
>most people can't come
>everybody just going to leave after food on the 4th
I tried to look up fireworks displays and most already happened or are TONIGHT instead of being next week and if they are they are in bumfuck dumbshit areas of the state nobody lives in. Guess I'm not having any fun this year I'd just feel retarded exploding shit alone.. There is one festival this sunday I might go to to see the fireworks at but there were like 2 pissy comments on the event list shitting on the fireworks. Sick of people like picrel I don't give a shit about your animals or muh ptsd it's the fourth of july and that's the day you blow shit up cry about it commie

No. 2069445

a random person working retail would be way better than her or joe biden

No. 2069446

my neighbor is like this and his dog barks all day all night and the one night a year it's not the loudest thing around is the moment they get bitchy about noise pollution kek. I'll be playing with my sparklers

No. 2069451

like holy shit where do they find these shocking retards?

No. 2069452

Because he’s a better president

No. 2069454

In politics, because they're literally too retarded to do anything else for employment.

No. 2069456

I hope fellow American nonnies realize Biden isn't going anywhere. He's all over the news today saying he's fine and he's pressing forward.

No. 2069457

maybe unpopular opinion, but i wish career politics wasn't legal. like if some schmo want to get into politics, they need to have a separate job that actually pays their income and they lose their political position if they stop working. retail rando almost assuredly has better common sense and empathy compared to literally any career politician.

No. 2069462

Also many other countries already assume a Trump win. It's literally what some of the Iranian candidates were running on - "we will stand up for Trump"

No. 2069464

*stand up TO Trump my bad

No. 2069479

Why is Trump a better president?

No. 2069543

I knew a guy that looked exactly like picrel and it’s eating me up inside. He was a manlet but he was honestly so pretty like I could dress him up exactly like that and he would look nearly identical

No. 2069614

My dad visited me in America and left with trump merchandise as souvenirs for everyone, they think he’s hilarious. I had to tell him not to wear the MAGA hat when we went out or around my in laws.

No. 2069624

What happens if Trump kicks the can?Legitimate question. We all saw Biden last night, it’s easy to find plans for if he passes now that the administration is scrambling to save face, but I don’t understand for the other side, because Trump’s dedicated voters are fanatics. So what’s the plan? Ivanka? He’s only 3 years younger than Biden and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for no one. I’m well aware of what a sham our political system is, but how precarious this situation is all across the board feels so uncomfortable and unnerving. Can’t help but wonder. Would it be even worse?

No. 2069637

File: 1719611636669.jpeg (213.42 KB, 1022x1020, IMG_5527.jpeg)

So nonnies, what’s your prediction?

No. 2069643

Does anyone know why they keep sending so much money to Israel honestly?? I thought the US gov hated all Middle Easterners

No. 2069647

Anon do you live under a rock?
>Past Cold War tensions
>Modern day proxy war with Iran
>AIPAC (Israel lobby) buying off American politicians

No. 2069649

Mostly AIPAC

No. 2069650

Trump is definitely going to win, no question about it. but the likelihood of project 2025 plan being fully implemented is hard to know. Maybe not everything will be passed, but if even half it's goals succeed, it will fundamentally change America, the media and the world

No. 2069654

Israel agents have infiltrated the entirety of the US government. They ensure that their country is taken care of first. This isn't even a conspiracy, you can read government documents that say this explicitly.

No. 2069656

Don’t forget the trillions so America can send more Ukrainians to die in the other proxy war (why is no one talking about that genocide?).

Would it be his VP choice maybe?

No. 2069658

What's project 2025?

No. 2069661

Learn2google honestly

No. 2069665

Isn’t this antisemitic though?? You’re implying Jews run the American government

No. 2069668

NTA but the only thing the actual website tells you is that it is going back to conservativism, but not what that means without reading 30 chapters of legalese.

No. 2069669

You have to be 18 to post here

No. 2069679

It's a ThinkTank of over 100 organized far-right groups that essentially fund under trump's campaign. Their stated goal is to replace tens of thousands of existing federal civil servants with certain conservative picks and approve a selection of stated laws and bills
From Wikipedia.
>The Project seeks to infuse the government with elements of Christianity. It proposes criminalizing pornography, removing protections against discrimination based on sexual or gender identity, and terminating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs, as well as affirmative action

No. 2069683

AIPAC is a real thing and it’s not an antisemetic conspiracy. The lobbying system in the US is broken, Super PACs are destroying us and it’s a fairly recent development historically speaking that they are legally protected (see Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission)

No. 2069685

Hate when reasonable things like eliminating porn gets caught up in crazy shit like eliminating sex-based protections (which is what the other side is doing with trannies. Women get the short end regardless.)

No. 2069688

Again, these are its ideal goals, but some have a likelier chance of happening than others. I doubt they'd be able to completely cut state education funding and we could see TIMs findally being barred from women's spaces, but they'd still be legally allowed to transition due to civil liberties. But there is a good chance that pornography could finally be banned

No. 2069691

this. fwiw a lot of the funding for aipac doesn’t just come from jews but evangelical conservatives too. there are many different factions interested in zionism/israel for various political, religious, and economic reasons

No. 2069694

Project 2025 sounds based. Why are people against voting for Trump again?

No. 2069697

Are you fucking retarded, they are going to target BIOLOGICAL WOMENS RIGHT

No. 2069698

Just ignore, probably a baiter

No. 2069703

Yes but they are going to target porn and trannies. You win some you lose some.

No. 2069708

you become an incubator with no right to vote, have property or divorce, sissies cant go out on dresses anymore and closeted conservative politicians will keep fucking trannies or raping children while doing cocaine on your dime. they're the ones truly losing surely, lmao. I feel truly bad for amerinonnies, your situation is grim. but maybe if that's what you want.

No. 2069712

Where does Project 2025 say that women will lose the right to vote or choose spouses?

No. 2069714

yeah because conservative men are really into giving women rights and not taking them. especially the american ones.

No. 2069716

Anon they're trying to get the abortion pill banned.

No. 2069719

they talk about getting contraceptives banned and no fault divorce too.

No. 2069720

File: 1719614957474.jpeg (146.91 KB, 686x560, IMG_3333.jpeg)

>get into altercation with rude immigrant woman
>decide I’m voting for trump

No. 2069721

File: 1719615002655.png (68.46 KB, 800x500, 1703811445836.png)

>get in altercation with someone who can't speak your language fluently and most likely has a different culture
>I will vote to get my rights removed LOL

No. 2069722

I don't think something can be antisemitic/racist/sexist/homophobic if it's the truth. Like, if you can back something up with verifiable facts, you can't argue that stating those facts is bigoted.

No. 2069725

Dont have sex with or marry moids.

No. 2069727

Sure, but some anons also spend too much time on /pol/ and think the moids there are always factually correct kek

No. 2069730

Liberal men are even worse about trying to remove women's rights. I'd rather stick with conservatives because they believe that women exist.

No. 2069731

project 2025 is not going to work, these people cannot get along with each other and you cannot just dismantle the government willy nilly like that. i would like to see them try anyway. the fact that they've publicly posted all this shit just gives everything away so that's dumb dumb move number one.

No. 2069732

I hope you never get raped then.

No. 2069733

That's stupid. And it's always a good idea to ignore stupid people.

No. 2069734

Ok nonna, whatever you say nonna

No. 2069735

uh no it’s because she was blasting her shitty music and then called me racist when I asked her to turn it down
>you just couldn’t handle her different culture!! was she too spicy for you?
go back to Reddit

No. 2069736

that's a fallacy if I've seen one. yes leftist men are very flawed but they're not the ones trying to make you not be able to divorce or lose control over your reproductive rights.

No. 2069738

you're willing to give up the right to have abortions and divorce over… loud music? damn, americans are so fucking weak.

No. 2069741

Trannies are more relevant to me because I dont have sex with men and I'm not going to marry one.

No. 2069742

u sound retarded

No. 2069744

I don't think a rapist is gonna ask you if you have sex with men nonny.

No. 2069747

That’s why we should only allow women to have guns. And let women be able to defend themselves without jail time. and send all the porn watching coomer men to camps/ or to war. Less men would be better. It will never happen but violence overall would be down.

No. 2069750

Yes, that’s a good point too the seems to be forgotten often. These freaks are actually spending billions on some kind of epic bible fantasy shit, I can hardly believe it but it keeps happening

No. 2069751

thing that is inconveniencing me at the moment (and every night) vs fantasy where a guy nuts in me without protection and I get pregnant and I need an abortion
womp womp still voting trump

No. 2069752

Most women don't get raped by a stranger off the street. They get raped by someone they know.

No. 2069753

so you don't work, go outside to do groceries where regulars might see you, etc?

No. 2069754

File: 1719615879264.png (54.22 KB, 705x182, ot - Cow yourself.png)

Whenever you see a particularly retarded take, just remember, these are the self-admitted nonnies that walk among us

No. 2069755

realistically speaking if you're a woman and have a gun, it most likely end on the hands of your abuser in an altercation, which most of the time is someone you know.

No. 2069756

retard lol

No. 2069757

your brain seems underdeveloped.

No. 2069759

Is anyone planning on moving out of the country if Trump wins? If so where are you moving to?

No. 2069760

ignore the baiting retard you idiots… yes it would be nice if we lived in a magical world with no rape or violent moids or unwanted pregnancy but we obviously don't. stupid people have sex all the time, without access to abortion or contraceptives they will simply breed more stupid people. saying "it's ok if we lose our rights just don't have sex" is so disingenous

No. 2069763

Please, kek. Not this again. I hate trump too, but it’s just tranny-tier to act like a literal refugee escaping “genocide” if trump wins

No. 2069764

t. loud immigrants

No. 2069765

But didn't you hear Project 2025 is literally the handmaid's tale.

No. 2069766

anyone who actually cared would've seen the writing on the wall when roe v wade was appealed

No. 2069767

Whatever you say, retard

No. 2069769

I agree it’s bleak, even bleaker than anons are discussing here if you read their proposals, but I doubt trump will be able to achieve even half of it unless far-right are somehow able to achieve a majority in both the house and senate

No. 2069771

it's also incredibly selfish to think only for yourself. I think of all those teenagers who are already forced to carry their rapist children in certain parts of the world. all the women who are forced to birth the spawn of their rapists and abusers. all the women who have no mental or financial condition to put a child in this world and once they do, they receive no help whatsoever. the amount of criminality is very linked to abortion rights because of the amount of children being born to completely dysfunctional or basically no families. they want women to pop out children but don't care what happens to the children. they're just pro women suffering. if americans want USA to become like many LATAM countries (I'm from a LATAM country before you twitter bitches come at me) that women can't have abortions and crime is absolutely rampant because of the amount of men growing without families and going straight to drug usage and crime once they're teens. go ahead, that's your future. USA is by all means a 3rd world country already anyway.

No. 2069774

>USA is by all means a 3rd world country already anyway.
oh not this retarded bait for the millionth time again. your spergery is nice in sentiment and all, but let’s not be dramatic

No. 2069775

vote for the guy that showered with his daughter you moron lmao

No. 2069777

Trump has NEVER said anything creepy about his daughter EVER. Kek.

No. 2069778

wat, also i cant do that because im not american

No. 2069779

nonna he literally has a photo with his teenager daughter on his lap.. get real

No. 2069780

Nonna, that was sarcasm. Here is your autism diagnosis btw.

No. 2069781

why tf are you even here?

No. 2069782

because i can do whatever i want

No. 2069784

are you a European?

No. 2069786

No. 2069787

She literally said she was from LatAm lol

No. 2069789

im not even that anon(baiting)

No. 2069790

she didn’t say that to me

No. 2069793

So we have multiple non-burger anons trying to infight about American politics here? Alrighty, let’s close up shop

No. 2069795

File: 1719617399844.webp (146.18 KB, 1140x713, IMG_3334.webp)

No. 2069797

No. 2069800

your shitty politics unfortunately affect mine so I can give my opinion and you will have to listen

No. 2069802

so where are you from?

No. 2069803

File: 1719617661742.jpeg (104.6 KB, 700x435, IMG_3338.jpeg)

No. 2069808

I could be from literally anywhere in the world and american politics would influence it.

No. 2069809

Wow we’re so important amerinonnies ♥

No. 2069810

File: 1719617810852.webp (14.88 KB, 600x450, IMG_3335.webp)

No. 2069815

File: 1719617976216.gif (425.76 KB, 400x400, d5cbcaed068013d90a2e2f6b87cb04…)


No. 2069823

>I thought the US gov hated all Middle Easterners
um yeah hence the money to Israel

No. 2069839

Sure it’s definitely not because of wealthy and powerful Jews who feel allegiance to Israel

No. 2069848

not the flex you think it is

No. 2069850

No. 2069855

Americans always living rent free in these faggots heads kekkk

No. 2069856

File: 1719619996644.jpeg (611.71 KB, 3000x1961, IMG_3344.jpeg)

No. 2069860

>To right wing men, we are private property. To left wing men, we are public property - Andrea Dworkin
While I don't agree with her on everything, this was observation she absolutely nailed.

No. 2069880

File: 1719620955726.jpeg (72.42 KB, 807x455, IMG_3337.jpeg)

you’re being detained

No. 2069887

File: 1719621264839.png (1.99 MB, 1169x819, sleepy joe .png)

No. 2069896

Kamala Harris reminds me of one of those workers in a school who always had 50 keys jangling everywhere, chewing on gum and a bunch of folders and making silly jokes with the students. Basically vidrel.

No. 2069898

File: 1719621644345.jpg (112.03 KB, 1000x500, 5dqep0.jpg)

No. 2069911

>unfunny boomer political cartoons
>unfunny zoomer tiktoks
Nonnas please…

No. 2069927

I just wish they would leave everybody else alone and revoke tranny’s rights, I would vote if any one of them proposed that along with the economic solutions towards the high increase on rent and pretty much everything else that became fucked after 2021. Trannies don’t deserve shit (except for being curbstomped by a big butch woman)

No. 2069952

Conservatives are better for the economy so that's why I'm voting for Trump.

No. 2069959

You are cattle to Trump and the conservative elites in his cabinet kek

No. 2069961

But the same can be said of the democrats. Politicians from both parties are corrupt and don't care about anything beyond lining their own pockets.

No. 2069968

True, but one party wants to tax the rich while the other wants to use our taxes to bail them out (Trump himself has filed for bankruptcy and gotten bailed out by tax dollars numerous times). Unless you’re a multimillionaire, I highly doubt Trump’s economic policies will actually benefit you

No. 2069972

Same, this is the first election I’m voting in and I’m really excited to vote for Trumpy

No. 2069974

>conservative elites
trumps cabinet consisted of lolcows lmao

No. 2069982

>this is the first election I’m voting in
How old are you, per chance?

No. 2069988

It sucks either way. Women lose abortion rights with the red party and women lose women spaces to the (tranny) blue party. No matter what happens, men win and Women Lose.

No. 2069993

File: 1719626344909.jpeg (239.14 KB, 1434x1071, IMG_3341.jpeg)

first election I voted in: Hilldawg (I knew she was demonic but I just wanted a girlboss president)
second election: didn’t vote
third election: Trump kek

No. 2069996

cmon lighten up nonika!

No. 2069997

I like how Trump didn't hire elites.

No. 2069999

Both Republicans and Dems are bad about women. But voting Republican is better for my paycheck. So I'll vote Republican.

No. 2070000

How is better for your paycheck? Actually asking. I'm curious

No. 2070004

Republicans support tax cuts and less wasteful government spending.

No. 2070006

I think the vast majority of republicans aren’t literally against abortion unless you’re polling geriatric evangelicals
My entire family is Republican but nobody considers a 7 week abortion to be murder. Even Trump said he wasn’t against the abortion pill.
If you (not you literally) actually want to protect women you should ban pornography and give tougher sentences to men who commit violence against women.

No. 2070011

>If you (not you literally) actually want to protect women you should ban pornography and give tougher sentences to men who commit violence against women.
Agree with you. The problem is most republicans are hyper mega christians who believe life begins at conception and hate science. Didn't Texas literally do a book ban recently?

No. 2070012

Agree with this so much.

No. 2070014

What's wrong with a book ban?

No. 2070016

File: 1719627313099.jpg (19.44 KB, 428x368, tiredpepe.jpg)

>I knew she was demonic but I just wanted a girlboss president
This is why scrotes think women shouldn't get into politics.

No. 2070017

Have you actually read all of the policies included in project 2025? It’s probably best to know what you’re voting for, eh?

No. 2070020

Where does Project 2025 say it's going to ban abortion?

No. 2070023

>The problem is most republicans are hyper mega christians
I have a hard time believing that, having grown up in the south. White southerners under 50 don’t go to church that much, if at all.
>book ban
books that teach sex positions and tranny propaganda oh nooo

No. 2070025

I mean black scrotes voted for Obama to have a black president so I don’t see the big deal

With that being said I think people who vote for Trump are braindead.

No. 2070026

File: 1719627662334.png (193.37 KB, 851x972, bookbanlol.png)

Keep it up with the lies, anon. You ever thought about a career in politics?

No. 2070027

You really don't look too hard into a person's background, do you?

No. 2070029

What do you mean?

No. 2070031

File: 1719627830012.png (229.87 KB, 828x876, Restrict Reproductive Rights a…)

No. 2070032

File: 1719627845610.jpg (35.95 KB, 622x341, tex-ass-bookban.jpg)

More than that though? It's over 1,000 books at this point. Texas is retarded.

No. 2070033

America hates Muslims. Of course we would give money to the one ME country that's not Muslim, to fight the Muslims.

Same lmao.

No. 2070034

I think it’s funny how many tradthots are on LC nowadays, particularly in threads like this.

No. 2070035

country threads nowadays read like the daily mail comment section

No. 2070036

I don’t do anything for male validation

No. 2070040

No. 2070042


No. 2070044

Yes because wanting 4 more years of Biden instantly makes me a tradthot.

No. 2070046

Trump is worse and a scrote what’s your point

No. 2070048

I didn’t say anything about Biden kek, personally I’m not bothering voting for either but I think Trumpfags are pretty obvious tradthots larping as radfems because they’ll get banned other sites.

No. 2070049

wasn’t hawking a pedophile kek
Texas W

No. 2070051

Terrific. Glad you have such a strong opinion. But that way of thinking is very scrote-like and you know it.

No. 2070052

How is Trump worSe than Biden?

No. 2070053

NTA. Kek, what?

No. 2070056

I’m not the one voting for a literal scrote though hahaha

No. 2070057

This is such a biased source kek. Keep drinking the Dem Kool aid.

No. 2070058

Well for one he put kids in cages

No. 2070062

But both Biden and Trump are scrotes.

No. 2070063

So does Biden.

No. 2070064

Kek, please link to what you’ve read about Project 2025? With sources

No. 2070065

And I’m not voting for either whats your point

No. 2070068

thanks for confirming that like the average Biden supporter, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

No. 2070069

If you're not voting and don't care why are you arguing with people over who the better candidate is?

No. 2070071

You can read the entire proposal from the project itself and it says nothing about abortion.

No. 2070072

I’m not a Biden supporter either, I just think retarded tradthots like yourself are hilarious.

No. 2070073

You can just admit you have nothing substantive against Trump.

No. 2070075

do you even know what a tradthot is or did you just learn that word yesterday

No. 2070076

This is so delusional. It’s like you’re in a cult.

No. 2070077

Nonna just looking at Trump is a reason to be against Trump.
Every woman who supports that scrote is automatically a tradthot.

No. 2070078

No. 2070082

He's better looking than Biden.

No. 2070083

>definitely not a tradthot
Lol. Lmao, even.

No. 2070084

Okay now I know you're braindead
Trump literally looks like a dying ghoul kek, at least Biden's got nice bone structure.

No. 2070085

>tradthot is when you don’t want anymore immigrants raping children

No. 2070087

As if this type of crime never happened under Trump?

No. 2070088

Don't feed the troll, nona.

No. 2070090

anything but a senile moid with dementia atp. we need younger people in politics, i hope they replace biden he's terrible lol

No. 2070095

File: 1719629361567.png (359.49 KB, 504x517, erika giggle.png)

>Just because I repeat everything tradthots say does not make me a tradthot!
I'm surprised you haven't been banned for racebaiting yet.

No. 2070096

Imagine having a cancerous tumor and one doctor is aware that it’s a cancerous tumor but doesn’t do anything, and the other doctor says that you actually just have anxiety and to take a Valium and go home

No. 2070098

you’re a fucking moron lol

No. 2070099

Why? Because I don't lean down and suck the smegma off of Trump's cock?

No. 2070107

you’re definitely a man and probably a hasan fan just by the way you converse(infighting)

No. 2070108

Maybe illegals shouldn't drag their children into committing felonies if they don't want them put behind bars. Ffs. We really should just immediately chuck all the illegals right back over the border instead of detaining them though, waste of resources anyway.

No. 2070110

god everything that's going on right now feels so off I don't know why, I can't explain it, but it feels wrong. I knew Biden had been falling off cognitively for some time but this is a major nosedive. Last thing I want is for Trump to win and try and enact his project 2025 bullshit, but if Biden dies or turns into a vegetable, what chance does anyone on the democrat side have? Who will they replace Biden with? This is what they get putting eggs in a basket for fucking geriatrics in the first place

No. 2070112

Who the fuck is Hasan? Anyway sounds like you're projecting, moid.
I'm not that sociopathic sorry mate.

No. 2070113

You know who he is

No. 2070114

Why exactly are you worried about Project 2025? Have you actually read the proposal?

No. 2070116

I don't but whatever helps you sleep at night, scrote.(infighting)

No. 2070118

Hell even Cesar Chavez fucking hated them.

No. 2070120

File: 1719630492922.webp (136.79 KB, 1500x1000, IMG_3343.webp)


No. 2070121

yes and why would anyone in their right mind support project 2025

No. 2070124

They are against porn and trannies

No. 2070126

This thread stinks of eurodivergents currently.

No. 2070130

File: 1719631041042.gif (2.4 MB, 498x326, uh.gif)

So… any 4th of July or next weekend plans, nonnas?

No. 2070134

NTA but project 25 would be more beneficial to society than letting some dude who shits his pants in public continue to let troons and faggots educate children

No. 2070136

Probably working on schoolwork for my summer class and celebrating the end of my surgery recovery.

No. 2070138

Going to a party

No. 2070139

Congrats on recovering from surgery!

No. 2070153

File: 1719632673326.gif (3.52 MB, 400x224, jLIZ75.gif)

Chicken wing chicken wing hot dog and baloney chicken and macaroni chilling with my homiess

No. 2070156

They think trump will be a major win. There are actual retarded radfems who are conservatives

No. 2070157

probably none because i will be worried about my housing status kekk

No. 2070169

File: 1719633331645.jpg (59.32 KB, 1280x720, oh shit.JPG)


No. 2070184

Pls be serious

No. 2070189

…my president

No. 2070199

File: 1719634280416.jpeg (5.7 MB, 3135x4559, IMG_1498.jpeg)

no I absolutely get it, if only he didn’t look like a piece of gum that’s been under a school desk that’s been sitting for 3 months during summer break and it’s all melted and gooey. he’s a fuggo but there’s something about him that’s so funny, he reminds me of sam hyde if he was born into a wealthy family and became a piece of shit politician even though they both look like tragic gargoyles they just radiate big dick energy.

No. 2070200

I always assume they're baiters from /pol/ or something. unless you're braindead retarded there is no way that these women are completely unaware of the detriment that the Republican Party has had on abortion rights

No. 2070204

It happens every few months, before they get bored and leave again

No. 2070205

File: 1719634506949.webp (1.45 MB, 2000x3001, mr president .WEBP)

Aw c’mon nonners

No. 2070207

nta but tradthots don’t care about abortion rights because for real tradthots are pronatalist kek

No. 2070214

No. 2070220

I'm getting a nose job on the 5th. A true murican tradition.

No. 2070226

Good luck! My nosejob was the best decision I ever made in life. Hope your surgery goes smooth.

No. 2070243

embarrassing to admit pathetic self hating shit like this

No. 2070245

Lucky! I hope it goes well nona

No. 2070249

bodily autonomy.

No. 2070257

Fuck, if this isn't the one safe space women have to admit this shit then where is? The zoomer summerfags are out in full force tonight

No. 2070261

Embarrassing anti-social behavior. You're weak and pathetic. You think that's the only thing "wrong" with your face, your body? You should feel any shame for enabling and funding the plastic surgery industry.

No. 2070262

NTA but I recommend maybe taking plastic surgery talk to /g/

No. 2070263

File: 1719637831669.png (144.86 KB, 390x258, 8934743875.png)

>women doing things for themselves that makes them happy is pathetic self-hating

No. 2070265

this makes me sad for you guys. i understand experiencing insecurity but having your face changed is really psychotic.

No. 2070266

is abortion the only thing you are worried about, seriously?

No. 2070270

Twitter is to your left libfem-chan

No. 2070271

>wahhh if this isn't a safe space to get asspats for spending thousands to line the wallets of men who cut up perfectly healthy women to meet their beauty standards what is?!?!?

No. 2070273

ok i'm neither of tayrt but KEKK i fucking hate it when plastic surgery is reframed in this manipulative ass way. yes, you are self hating if you hate your appearance so much that you feel the desire to pay money to have your face cut open and chiseled. if youre experience such an extreme level of insecurity to the extent chopping your face up is what will 'make you happy' then i really recommend seeking therapy. this leads me into the topic of how i've noticed that its become so frequnet that other women will always convince an insecure friend who is considering plastic surgery to
>do it!!1 do whatever makes you happy girl!
instead of reminding their friend that they're beautiful exactly how they're designed. you look the way you do because that is the way you're meant to look.

No. 2070279

OP here. I am in therapy already and my therapist supported my decision to get it done kek. Especially since I have a deviated septum and this will make my breathing easier in addition to my face being more balanced. It's a win-win.

Thank you nonas!

No. 2070281

Deviated septum is the most hilarious cope insecure cosmetic surgery victims love to claim because 80% of people in the world have a deviated septum.

No. 2070284

Nonna said she can't breathe though, do you want her to be like a pug choking on air forever?

No. 2070287

Kekk I feel like you just used a random word with a negative connotation, because what? This post in general is almost a word salad.

No. 2070289

Directly funding institutions to cut up vulnerable, mentally ill women is anti-social. Not difficult to understand at all, really.
I think abortion is one of the only things everyone here can agree is a right, which is why I think she brought it up.

No. 2070295

you know damn well that shit isn't going to help you breathe, just admit to being a narc wasting cash on psychotic moids in the plastic surgery industry who somehow tricked you into thinking your natural face is """"unbalanced""""

No. 2070296

nta but why not just buy one of the cpap machines that are way cheaper and safer than plastic surgery? a deviated septum doesn't give you constant breathing problems kek it just causes sleep apnea and loud snoring. if you have legitimate constant breathing problems it is not gonna be due to a wall of cartilege between your nostrils.

No. 2070305

well it sounds better to me than the troon faggot shit on the streets mentally ill country we're currently living in so

No. 2070310

Nta but that's kinda a dumb question. Just in general, if you have some sort of medical issue and there's a surgical fix for it, most people are gonna try to get the surgery as opposed to having to rely on a machine. It's like someone with arthritis getting surgery to correct it rather than having to use meds, massages, gadgets, braces, etc… Also, money's not an issue for everyone and sometimes the relief of whatever medical issue you have outweighs the cost

No. 2070311

You'd rather take abortion away from women? Wack

No. 2070317

arthritis isn't the same as snoring loudly? or disliking how your nose looks?

No. 2070319

I think you're the one that brought up snoring.

No. 2070320

well yes i brought it up because this anon claimed that she's having a nose job, and then claimed that she's doing it because she has a deviated septum. another anon came to her defense to claim that it could be causing her breathing problems, and i jumped in to say that a deviated septum does not cause constant breathing problems kek. it causes sleep apnea, snoring, sometimes louder breathing.

No. 2070323

but you don't need to have an abortion though anon. you can make your period come really easily, even without having to do aggressive crazy shit. you don't need permission from the government to drink a few cups of $4 raspberry leaf tea after having a sexual encounter. or exerting yourself for some time doing something like exercising, walking around for a long time, or standing up for a long time while working or doing chores. this is how i've never gotten pregnant over my 30 years of life kek

No. 2070324

Nta but anon why are you so obsessed with abortion?? Like holy shit. There's many other issues that are equally as important but apply to far more women than abortion does. Being a one-issue voter is cringe.

No. 2070327

OP is the one who said it was causing breathing issues though
>this will make my breathing easier

No. 2070328

yes, and those breathing issues were likely snoring/sleep apnea because having a deviated septum doesn't impair the function of your lungs, it can just make it harder to breathe through your nose when you're lying down or on your side (hence causing breathing issues while sleeping kek)

No. 2070329

Come on. You know rape happens, right? Pregnancy isn't always a choice, so abortion should always be available.
I guess it's your opinion if you think tranny shit is more of a detriment to women than lack of abortion access. I wish some of the third party faggots would just pick a side so they'd actually have a chance. I'd vote Stein

No. 2070331

>Being a one-issue voter is cringe.
This applies for anons who say they're voting Republican because of trannies too though anon, tbh.

No. 2070334

that doesn't acknowledge the multiple resources that prevent pregnancy even if you are raped kek. 'sexual encounter' doesn't just mean consensual sex. you can drink a few cups of $4 raspberry leaf tea after having a sexual encounter. or exerting yourself for some time doing something like exercising, walking around for a long time, or standing up for a long time while working or doing chores if you were raped too.

No. 2070337

File: 1719642045725.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, low quality bait.jpg)

No. 2070341

if you don't want to take this conversation seriously that's up to you, but those are all things that actually do terminate a budding pregnancy if you've had raw sex, so you don't need to get an abortion at all and instead just get your period.

No. 2070343

well nonny because we both know she isn't getting it for breathing issues, thats the point kek

No. 2070344

That's not true. Depending on the severity, deviated septums can make your nasal passages smaller to the point where you can barely breathe through one nostril. Even while you're awake and upright it can cause issues. Plus, even if it's only causing her to struggle breathing while asleep, I don't see why that's not something worth fixing? Anyway, this is derailing. I just wanted to say that it's kinda stupid to ask why someone would get surgery for a medical issue rather than rely on a machine

No. 2070346

Actually I got my nosejob because I'm a realist and I look at the world how it is. I'm too tiny to change the world or society. I can go on and on about how we need to break down beauty standards and all that, but in the end my opinion is just one drop in an endless sea. I knew that beautiful people get treated better and are afforded more in life, and I recognized that I could have more privilege in this world if I surgically enhanced one of my less-desirable features to fit an idealized standard. So, I did it. Why wouldn't I do it? I'm a self-preservationist first and foremost. I have no qualms with being honest about my reasoning either. It was a needless and vain surgery, I could have lived my life without getting one with no real problems or obstacles. Yet, I still did it. I wanted more for myself and for my life. I won't shame anybody else for doing what they want to their body in their life. I know it can be difficult out there.

No. 2070349

>I knew that beautiful people get treated better and are afforded more in life, and I recognized that I could have more privilege in this world if I surgically enhanced one of my less-desirable features to fit an idealized standard. So, I did it. Why wouldn't I do it? I'm a self-preservationist first and foremost.

nonny its not even about 'breaking down beauty standards' or bullshit like that. its a simple fact; you hated yourself to the extent that you feared going out into the real world with your God given face and felt as though the only way you could be treated with respect in life was by surgically changing your perfectly functional face. that is, literally, insane. that is mental illness. having your face reconstructed because you 'know it can be difficult out there' is dire insecurity.if you are such a realist, you'd be able to accept that you did it out of anxiety, not because you 'look at the world how it is'. ugly people are loved and held in high regard way more than attractive people are, in this country.

No. 2070351

File: 1719643185964.jpg (382.96 KB, 637x637, 489682813.jpg)

proud to say would not. would need intoxication and seduction via his money, salesmanship, and humor first.

No. 2070353

Nta. Do you think every woman who uses makeup is "insane" too or?

No. 2070355

>It's because you hate yourself!
I have never hated anything about myself in my entire life. Even before I got my nosejob I never had any issues with it. I got it just because I could and because I knew it would improve my quality of life, and it did. I get that it's easy to typecast everyone that gets plastic surgery into this self-hating caricature, but it doesn't reflect the reality. Almost a quarter of the population has had cosmetic surgery, it's as mundane as a pedicure. I got a nose job for the same reason I get laser facial treatments and regular spa treatments: in this world, it pays to look good.
>ugly people are loved and held in high regard way more than attractive people are, in this country.

No. 2070362

File: 1719643773317.jpg (100.05 KB, 964x982, 215029.jpg)

>uh…wwwwiththuhcovid…aheshgiumwith…dealingwith…um…everythingwehavetodowith…uhh…w…e…if…we finally beat medicare.

No. 2070368

File: 1719644052735.jpg (76.99 KB, 650x650, TMD025-1730501098.jpg)

>you can drink a few cups of $4 raspberry leaf tea after having a sexual encounter. or exerting yourself for some time doing something like exercising, walking around for a long time, or standing up for a long time while working or doing chores if you were raped too.
Is this real or is this some tradthot shit psyop? And who the fuck exercises after getting raped?

No. 2070379

Looks like older taylor swift with a fake tan

No. 2070382

gen alpha tier reply. what he really looks like is an alternate version of lindsay lohan's mugshot.

No. 2070383

If they make abortion illegal, all women who abort will go to jail

No. 2070384

did Trump call Biden "Brandon" in the debate or did I misunderstand what he said? lmao

No. 2070389

It looks nothing like her zoomie.

No. 2070392

File: 1719644754292.jpg (45.04 KB, 640x758, set_lindsay_lohan_mugshot_0724…)

No. 2070395

In the white of the eyes maybe.

No. 2070404

>I knew that beautiful people get treated better and are afforded more in life
Not really, beautiful women get cheated on and abused all the time

No. 2070434

Such timeless and classic beauty. I wish she could be president.

No. 2070580

He definitely did

No. 2070587

It’s not real. There’s old midwife tales about it inducing labor which have little evidence to back them up, and a lot of women avoid raspberry tea early in their pregnancy because they’re afraid it will do something. Some people think it literally “makes your uterus strong” and you should drink it for the good of the baby. No one serious will tell you to drink that for an abortion. It’s fake.

No. 2070670

File: 1719669925977.png (778.68 KB, 1079x750, 1000001248.png)

Well damn

No. 2070719

It obviously does not work. This is just blaming women for getting impregnated after rape. Anon's just parroting a form of "if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down" not realizing how retarded "she" sounds.

No. 2070735

Watching my country burn and hanging out with my siblings

No. 2070866

Nonny, don’t pretend to be stupid kek. Raspberry leaf tea induces uterine contractions, effectively causing your period. Google is your friend.

No. 2070867

>Who the fuck exercises after getting raped
I was raped as a child, am I supposed to not exercise ever again? Fuck kinda logic is this?

No. 2070870

yeah, I would. i don’t wear makeup and I don’t have any plastic surgery because I appreciate my face. why do you feel so insecure that you need to slap a box of pancake mix on your face?

No. 2070875

they've been trying to make any woman who has any type of miscarriage go to prison. if you have a dead fetus and need to induce, since it's a medical abortion? jail time. ectopic pregnancy? you fucking baby killer. your baby is braindead and will live 2h after leaving the uterus? you're forced to carry all the way through, don't even think about aborting it, harlot.

No. 2070876

>I never hated anything about myself in my like except for my nose that’s why I had it cut up
you didn’t have to write an essay you could’ve just stopped there. also, are you blind? have you seen how ugly the most famous and notable people of this last decade are? come on nonna

No. 2070879

I don't know what type of retarded tradthot loophole is this, maybe some dumb mormon shit like soaking, but if you had sex and the egg got fertilized, you're pregnant. taking a tea or going to an abortion clinic to take a pill are the same thing, except the tea might not work and you might end up with a retarded baby.

No. 2070886

but you do realize pregnancy isn’t permanent kek? you can easily make your period come if you’re 5 hours or 2 days pregnant. i am saying this as someone who has done this for fucking decades lol. go on a 2 mile walk with one foot on the curb. drink 5 cups of tea that induces uterine contractions and makes your period come. or just fucking jump up in the air and slam your feet on the floor hard. you can easily knock a pregnancy out of yourself without having to go to plain parenthood or whatever it’s called

No. 2070887

you sound like a NLOG except instead of not being like other girls, you're not like the other vain people who had PS kekkk the amount of copium is insane

No. 2070888

you realize you're being a hypocrite thinking abortion is evil but literally telling women to drink tea to induce it, right?

No. 2070890

because you sound like those retards who think abortion being outlawed is not so bad, just drink some tea and do some jumping jacks lol if u got preggo its ur fault

No. 2070891

when the hell did i ever say abortion is evil? i said if for some reason it ends up being outlawed there are still things you can do to guarantee that your period comes..not sure why that’s pushing your buttons so bad because im not against abortion or choosing against pregnancy, i was just making suggestions for different tools you can use. sorry

No. 2070892

>you look the way you do because that is the way you're meant to look.
Okay, but if you feel this way about nose jobs, then you have to feel this way about any changing of appearance. So people can't use glasses because them squinting and being unable to see is how they're meant to be, and children can't get cleft palate surgery because they look how they're meant to.
I'm against nose jobs in general, but your reasons are stupid.

No. 2070893

you could have said it on your first post instead of trying to dismiss the importance of having readily available abortion and trying to make it sound like women actively choose to have abortions instead of using contraceptive methods first. also the way conservative men work, this tea could be outlawed too, are you going to grow that in your backyard and give to women who need it?

No. 2070894

i don’t think getting pregnant is ‘your fault’ what i said is that there are things that can actually make your period come and keep your cycle on track instead of being pregnant??? i’ve been having sex for 15 years and i’ve never needed an abortion because of raspberry leaf and heavy exercise. i didn’t think it was a bad thing to share that knowledge.

No. 2070897

I don't think you didn't get pregnant because of exercise and tea, you're probably just not very fertile to begin with. I had sex literally one time in my entire life without protection and out of my fertile days and got pregnant. not every woman has a complete stable fertility window and telling women to use tea and keep tabs of their fertile days is some shit straight out of 1600s

No. 2070899

Based realist making decisions based on observable facts.
She didn't say that nothing bad ever happens to beautiful women, just that life is easier when you're beautiful. And as a former ugly duckling, I can 100% confirm this. People are just nicer and give you more leeway when you're beautiful.

No. 2070900

i thought it was kind of made obvious by the fact that i was still sharing tips on how to abort your pregnancy. context clues don’t exist, i guess. also following that logic don’t you think this tea would’ve already been banned when abortion was outlawed. or wouldnt be available in states where abortion is already illegal?

No. 2070901

it's not outlawed because it's a very flawed method. it might just not work.

No. 2070902

>telling women to drink tea that’ll bring their period and track their ovulation is straight out of the 1600’s
i mean actually it’s not because none of these things were done in the 1600’s but, then again i also forgot how many zoomer newfags are trolling around the threads right now lol

No. 2070903

if it was a flawed method then it wouldn’t work for millions of women who’ve been using it for decades but hey what do i know kek

No. 2070904

you can't be fucking serious. have you ever have sex ED in your life? literally the first thing they will tell you is that keeping tabs of your fertile days as your sole contraceptive method is very old fashioned and it doesn't work at all. you have to be trolling yourself if you think tea and exercise are effective abortives. they wouldn't be using different medications if only tea worked to induce an abortion.

No. 2070905

nonna my sister literally took every type of tea to induce an abortion and her baby is a 19yo moid now. but go ahead keep sipping your tea.

No. 2070906

File: 1719681322896.png (377.3 KB, 1170x751, use your brain to think .png)

did she sit around drinking tea or did she actually move her ass to try to knock that nigga out of her? also, was it the right kind of tea or was it just some random shit kek

No. 2070907

I remember she spent an entire day drinking liters of tea while sitting on the toilet. show me one research where it says the exact effectiveness of this tea.

No. 2070908

>they wouldn’t be using different methods
oh my sweet summer child. you really think they wouldn’t produce items that cost you money and create surgical procedures that lines men’s pockets? you really believe they wouldn’t take the opportunity to cash in on carelessness and desperation of women? i wish i was as naïve as you kek

No. 2070909

>potentially pose a risk of miscarriage
that's literally not what a medicine should be.
I won't fall for your psyop of telling women they can have their rights revoked because they have tea and their moid can punch them on the gut. fuck off.

No. 2070910

i mean…do you want me to go have sex and then drink some tea and go on a long hike again? cause i guess i’d consider that research or at least anecdotal evidence KEK(infighting about tea )

No. 2070911

>cost you money
planned parenthood is free you fucking retarded scrotoid(infighting about tea )

No. 2070912

did you forget what this conversation is about? if you’re in early pregnancy and have a ‘miscarriage’, that’s just getting your period.

No. 2070913

you're probably as dry as a bone so even if you get railed by a train you won't get pregnant, not every woman is like you.

No. 2070914

what does me having chronically dry skin have to do with successfully avoiding pregnancy for years? also if i wasn’t very fertile i wouldn’t have a regular menstrual cycle but okay nonny, whatever fantasy suits your fancy

No. 2070915

You're dumb

No. 2070916

NTAYRT but…just because it’s free for you does not mean no one is getting paid? It still costs money kek you’re just not the one paying it. That doesn’t change the fact that they’re still getting paid off of women in crises.

No. 2070917

>why would you exercise after getting raped?
>so are you not supposed to?
>ugh your dumb!!1!1
you could always just bow out of the conversation after realizing how retarded you sound(ban evasion)

No. 2070921

anon clearly meant directly right after getting raped (and since the intent is to abort it would have to be done doon), not later on in life.
some women still get periods when they're pregnant though, so this won't be entirely accurate

No. 2070922

you unironically should have your hormones checked. fyi you can have seeming normal periods and still not be ovulating. you can look and feel perfectly normal but you could still have out of whack hormones that make it impossible for you to get pregnant.

No. 2070923

Not every anon is the same person and she didn't say you can't exercise 20 years after being raped.

No. 2070924

*done soon
(not gonna delete and repost farmhands cause the flood detected message takes too long lol)

No. 2071061

File: 1719693123305.png (1.35 MB, 1017x1027, daddy.png)

Good afternoon ladies…

No. 2071068

No. 2071957

>At least the taliban knows what a woman is

No. 2071986

File: 1719747757874.png (66.63 KB, 612x338, Screenshot 2024-06-30 073503.p…)

I just have to ask… the fuck is this? And in case you're wondering, abortion is in there. Project 2025 would make this place far worse of a shithole than it currently is right now. From dismissal of environmental regulations, to the pill, to strict capital punishment which I'm sure won't target women who've had abortions or miscarriages. The wiki page is right; this does look like nothing but vengeance. Even another term of sleepy Joe and all his shit decisions would be better than this.

No. 2071999

These are the policies of someone whose opinions can be summed up as "own da libz" and absolutely nothing else.

No. 2072088

Rich people want to feather their nests and pave the way for controlling us serfs like slaves under the guise of 'Christian' values.
It's really obvious what's happening. Religion has always been a hand of government controls.

No. 2073043

File: 1719797492760.jpg (62.56 KB, 406x346, 1000001945.jpg)

im not so naive to think that as an american my access to birth control could never be threatened, but am i wrong for thinking its just so completely unlikely? the actual president of the United States is the dollar, and big pharma would not allow their most popular product to fall out of use in even a handful of states. and women are too valuable as consumers for a wide-scale threat to our purchasing power to make sense. on top of that, even decrepit old christian republican senators still want to have consequence-free sex with their mistresses, so outlawing birth control is in neither their personal or economic interest. more than anything tho i come back to the pharmaceutical companies. their lobbiests have deeper pockets than the evangelical right, theyll do whatever it takes to make sure they can continue to peddle birth control to americans.

No. 2073123

Some states have already banned medication that isn't even for birth control, like medicine that helps ulcers, just because some women may possibly use it for abortion so if they're starting bans on stuff like that it's not far fetched that they'd want to go after the real deal as well.

No. 2074030

what is everyone doing for the fourth of july? anyone doing anything alone or have any fun ideas to avoid bahumbugginess

No. 2074037

i don’t have any friends to make plans with so i’ll probably just make myself a hot dog and then go on my roof to watch fireworks kek

No. 2074096

we found one of the retarded moids shitting up /ot/

No. 2074105

Nothing. Neither of my parents are American and I have no friends.

No. 2074106

> Carlos834

No. 2074225

So now the president can be immune to certain things? Yippee….

No. 2074245

I'm craving some bbq but neither me or my friends have a grill. I have nowhere to shoot off fireworks either. I'll probably just make a picnic and go to the park

No. 2074397

>And who the fuck exercises after getting raped?
Call me a monster but I audibly kek'd

No. 2074930

My family is doing a big seafood boil. I'm bringing a veggie tray to offset all the crab and lobster claws I'm gonna eat. We're just gonna swim and set off fireworks might bring my mini cannon and play with it too

No. 2074931

>bringing a veggie tray
I hate you libtards so much with your vegaynism(bait)

No. 2074932

i bet youre constipated af

No. 2074933

Do you think only vegans eat vegetables, dummy?

No. 2074936

I haven’t shit in a year, going vegetable and fruit free and it’s been a year long streak.
There’s always someone over enthusiastic to ruin the food with their hippie shit

No. 2074938

Also I wanted to say that I went to my city's fireworks display Sunday night and was extremely impressed. It was so hard to find parking every single business and square inch of the city was crowded with people hanging out in their trunks or with chairs. They were sooo good, I saw fireworks I've never even seen before and it lasted a really long time. The fam next to me was so cute the kids kept yelling "go fireworks!!" kek
It's easier to eat next to the pool than doritos and refreshing

No. 2074940

whens the last time you stepped on a scale

No. 2074949

NTA but would love to know what rock you've been living under for the past 24 hours. I may want to check it out myself.

No. 2074956

I googled it after I posted that then deleted when I realized I’m just out of the loop. I have been camping for the last 24 hours lol. You should totally do it, camping is the most enjoyable thing you can do in America in my opinion.

No. 2074960

So, a literal rock then, kek. Camping does sound like fun though.

No. 2074977

>>2074225 Man, this president immunity
thing right before Fourth of July lmao

No. 2074987

You can come to my house and enjoy BBQ with me and my grandma for the 4th anon, I’ll share my sparklers too

No. 2074995

Yeah I ate some wild blueberries and watched some birds and looked at the pink and yellow sunset clouds over a pond. I love camping. The east and west cascades in OR and WA have some of the most picturesque free dispersed camping I’ve ever seen (the free MVUMs on the Avenza app tell you where you can roadside camp for free in the national forests there). East of Chattanooga in north GA is also cute depending on where you go, not free but worth the price for the services. Arches in UT is pretty but busy. Highway 37 camping in Manistee national forest in MI is awesome, very laid back throw your $10 check in the metal chute and set up camp. I want to camp more places until I learn them all.

No. 2075132

got some insider info about who’s gonna be trumps running mate it’s vivek

No. 2075150

He literally took Vivek to the debate, I thought it was already the forgone conclusion.

No. 2075167

biden sould drone strike trump then. for keks. he's allowed, he's the president

No. 2075175

yeah nothing is official yet though, but my source says that’s gonna be the way it goes down. project 2025 is gonna be hell

No. 2075178

File: 1719948072897.png (91.19 KB, 1048x370, 1808201.png)

No. 2075711

I have to work

No. 2075860

As a teacher, I'm interested in what abolishing the DOE would look like. They are indeed awful. Common Core is a plague on the whole system and funding being based on attendance has fucked everything up as well (ie students are almost never suspended/expelled for violence, threats, defiance or anything else, and never held back either because schools need the money). Democrats never do shit to fix these issues. They pretend like schools are totes thriving and demonize anything proposed to change it.

I'm also down for criminalizing porn and taking away tranny protections, but I don't like that it's entangled with religious stuff.

No. 2076008

After what Trump said during the debate about abortion, if he abolished the DOE, I think it would go back to the states to control their own education system. I wonder if this is an attempt to keep the US together and avoid civil war.

No. 2076094

I'm so happy I finished school the year before common core got implemented in my district. School was still absolute dogshit but it could have been worse.

The state was making a "magnet school" thing so high schools would specialize in different fields and parents were supposed to go out of their way to sends kids where they thought the kids interests would be.

The music high school had 100 goddamn kids in choir class.

No. 2076258

As someone who has also worked in education, abolishing the DOE is extremely concerning to me, but I agree that the dems have not solved the problems plaguing our education system either. However, I think trump would just make it much, much worse. The entire purpose of project 2025, as described here >>2071986, is to politicize federal institutions, which is fundamentally un-democratic. Beyond that, if we remove national standards and turn over education entirely to the states, the inequality in our education system will only become more extreme. The amount of inequality in our school systems is already extreme compared to other countries because funding for public schools comes largely from local taxes. This means as income inequality rises in the US, poorer school districts will become poorer and richer districts will become richer. I can’t emphasize enough how disastrous this is for upwards mobility. Going to school in a wealthy district is a MASSIVE advantage. These students receive a significantly better education, better college counseling, connections, and oftentimes, private tutoring and SAT prep. Basically, if you don’t go to high school in a wealthy district or a lucrative private school, you’re screwed. Back to project 2025, this could also be used to reverse “controversial” learning standards by the evangelicals, such as evolution. Americans are already stereotyped as ignorant enough. Letting far-right political groups dictate learning curriculums set us up for all sorts of increasing retardation

No. 2076268

I hate that dude. He's such an obvious two-faced liar. Trump at least can be funny, and other politicians at least can be consistent with their lies. What good is Vivek?

No. 2076299

Nothing like always

No. 2076304

Why are men allowed to swim in burkinis? I thought that wasn't aerodynamic or whatever?

No. 2076305

File: 1720019273439.jpg (112.05 KB, 1480x833, 1000012494.jpg)

Kinda late but here are the team USA uniforms for the Olympics

No. 2076320

I've heard that the swimsuit style for the men is actually more hydrodynamic. It makes them more streamlined

No. 2076367

Hurts just to look at it. Can't even imagine doing the most intensive sports in your career in it.

No. 2076377

Damn, gotta get a fucking brazilian just to swim in that. Why so high cut?

No. 2076387

Right? The men get to wear a romper.

No. 2076396

File: 1720022027984.jpeg (91.41 KB, 800x600, 03-2008.jpeg)

Does it? Not surprising. I remember those full body Speedo swimsuits that NASA helped design that got banned after too many world records were broken by the athletes wearing them. That kinda sucks since those records probably won't be broken until the super-suits are allowed again but oh well, I don't actually care about records or sports. Just thought the fact that a swimsuit could make you faster is fascinating and I liked the drama. If swimming became a super-suit arms race I would not mind, I would be more inclined to watch it honestly.

No. 2076406

Damn, I wish we'd go back to the super suits. Those women look fierce and I'm here for it.

No. 2076411

I'd rather they wear these swimsuits than try to gain an advantage through steroids. They look cool.

No. 2076428

Their defense was that they have shorts for the women's suits. I don't see how this fixes the chafing and wedgie problem, but at least the cooch isn't spilling out.

No. 2076507

That defense makes no sense to me. Why even design it like that in the first place?

No. 2076537

Are mobile homes/trailer parks all that bad? It's the only thing I could possibly afford, I do not want roommates.

No. 2076579

Genuinely surprised that he wouldn't pick the black dude or the woman. Those would draw in more votes for sure. An Indian dude doesn't seem like a good idea, considering Trump is against importing foreign workers and most of the Indians here are on work visas aka can't vote so their support doesn't matter anyway.

Mobile homes (the things on cinder blocks) communities are usually quite nice and well maintained. However the homes themselves massively deteriorate in value over time and are considered a big scam. Trailer parks are def awful and dirty, they're the white versions of the ghetto. You might want to look into ADUs which are like tiny houses in the backyard of regular houses.

No. 2076610

No, indians are definitely part of the melting pot of the US. They run so many hotels, motels, convenience stores, laundromats, package stores, party stores, gas stations, etc. –even pop culture shows this like the simpsons, they are doing the american dream. I've travelled all over the US and Indian families are part of the nation here already, they're just doing normal stuff running businesses.

No. 2076626

File: 1720035186011.jpg (163.95 KB, 900x900, graph.JPG)

Agree with >>2076610, Indians literally have the highest median income out of any ethnic group and they tend to be fiscally conservative. Of course the Republican Party wants to appeal to them

No. 2076628

Visit before you commit. Not every park will be great so ymmv, but my grandmother lived in one until she had to move into an assisted living center. It was a nice community and her mobile home was very cozy.

No. 2076632

Humiliation ritual for successful women athletes. Nothing unusual

No. 2076639

Make the moids swim in speedos and the women swim in the sleek NASA suits

No. 2076647

File: 1720036340893.png (64.36 KB, 1025x1026, kirkegaard_2019-11-12_fig1.png)

The majority of them are here on visas. Literally 75% of work visas go to Indians, picrel. That's why they make so much money, because they're specifically brought here to be doctors, engineers, and other high-paying skilled jobs. They're not citizens and can't vote, they have to go back to India for visa stamping constantly. I'm in the bay area which has the largest congregation of them so I'm very familiar.

Both Trump and Vivek have spoken out about being against importing foreign workers and giving the jobs back to Americans, so it doesn't make sense, and again these people cannot vote anyway.

No. 2076652

republicans wouldn't give a shit if they were on visas and couldn't vote. the indian boomer types came in the immigration wave in the 1980s and 1990s. i'm south asian my parents and their friends moved here around then. their kids are now in the 20s and 30s.
yes a lot of indian immigrants run gas stations and convenience stores, Apu from the Simpsons isn't based off nothing.

No. 2076657

Living in America makes me happy

No. 2076660

i have the most intense love/hate relationship with this country. i hate some of our population so much i wish we would secede. but then i find even people on "my side" insufferable at times. however, i find it heartwarming that i can be helped on the side of the road by a complete stranger who happens to support trump or whatever else. americans can be some of the worst people and some of the most kind and selfless people you meet.

No. 2076664

NTA but I feel like the culture war is 1000% worse online than it is irl

No. 2076676

it's not the swimsuit, its track and field lol

No. 2076680

kekkkkkkk no fucking way. ugh.

No. 2076681

that's even worse what the fuck

No. 2076694

File: 1720038404096.jpeg (188.02 KB, 959x919, rJ9tR1a.jpeg)

apparently theres a version u can pick with shorts tho

No. 2076704

Me too, nona. There's nowhere else I'd rather live. Happy 4th ♥

No. 2076705

File: 1720038795273.jpg (94.02 KB, 735x1102, 119953292_3313549195388451_573…)

yeah absolutely which is why i don't use social media. speaking with someone face to face humanizes them in a way that text does not. hell, look at the numerous black people who have befriended and changed the minds of KKK members.

No. 2076706

They're not immigrants though, they are citizens and they can vote. Their families have been here since the 60s/70s.
Not even trying to be pro immigration or whatever (although I'm sorry it's very funny for americans to gatekeep when the country is this young and this full of immigrants who are like barely 2-3 generations in) but they've been here, they're already here… Are you saying there are too many coming on on temp visas? That might be related to how many of their family members are already here, no?
I have no skin in this game I'm welsh/irish amerimutt just observing what I see, like i don't care where they're from they just need to integrate

No. 2076711

Happy 4th nonita ♥ July should be American pride month

No. 2076718

they're brought here to be cheap junior python devs when h1b was supposed to be used for technical skills they can't find in america like people who can still code cobol or fortran

No. 2076751

Seeing people throw around the term humiliation ritual for skimpy women's clothing really makes me think. I can't help but notice that the two women wearing the super small uniforms are also 2 of the 3 women crossing their arms over their bodies, maybe subconsciously feeling a little exposed.

No. 2076754

I quite like the yellow one with detached sleeves ngl. It doesn't seem very athletic though.

No. 2076764

All I'm saying is there's no point in appealing to this tiny demographic. Just looked it up and Indians are less than 2% of the US population, with probably at least half that being visa workers who can't vote. Like what is even the point? Appealing to black people or women would be a much smarter move as they are a much larger proportion of the population.

No. 2076796

I like the second-to-right usa suit. The stripes look better than the weird paint splatter design.

No. 2076800

theyre going to canada our ass if they stick with the indians, please god no.

No. 2076810

What do you mean?

No. 2076817

by appealing to indians we might experience a surge in their very bright and definitely non degenerate males who will turn every small town and city in mini india.

No. 2076825

File: 1720043726362.jpeg (2.46 MB, 2410x2373, IMG_7421.jpeg)

I’m so excited to have the day off tomorrow! I hardly ever have holidays off. I’m going to sleep an extra hour, then I’ll be making strawberry jam with the berries I got at the weekend market. Excited for peaches to be ready to pick and make jam next month too. I hope you nonnies get to do something fun on the 4th as well.

No. 2076840

Already happening in California kek. I don't even have words for how misogynistic the men are and their tradtard relationship expectations, even when they're trying to date western women. I didn't know this was happening in Canada though, I thought most Asians in Canada were East Asian.

No. 2076866

Just check the canadafag thread kek they’ve been talking about it for years

No. 2076881

Sounds lovely anon! Glad you got the day off. I'm supposed to go to a pool party at a friends but i'm considering staying home and keeping it lowkey. Mostly because I have to go back to work on Friday

No. 2076892

File: 1720047259485.gif (2.72 MB, 640x640, IMG_1585.gif)

gonna have nothing to eat on the fourth of july tomorrow, yay!!!! who’s a fat dumbass who are all the little food she already had?

No. 2076905

what the fuck is this gif

No. 2076921

me holding you when you were born, I gave birth to you in front of the statue of liberty because no hospitals were available and it would have taken me long to get a boat to get back to the city. may god watch over this nation and my beautiful daughter using lolcow who’s able to have working hands and a smart mind where she’s able to respond to me saying “what the fuck is this gif?”

No. 2076927

File: 1720050412453.gif (727.63 KB, 960x510, America.gif)

No. 2077047

Congrats on the well deserved day off nonnie! I have to work but luckily its a half day, so ill be home in time to lounge around and comfort my dog.

No. 2077100

80 is way too old to be in office. We need a hot young president

No. 2077106

Idk but i kind of want Kamala to be president, i think she's funny, we need that energy.

No. 2077109

Has there ever been a hot president?

No. 2077142

File: 1720067006333.mp4 (2.03 MB, 854x468, LeakedTrumpCompressedLolcowCom…)

No. 2077156

Who in burgerland is hot enough for the job?

No. 2077175

File: 1720069482413.webp (116.03 KB, 1080x1410, alexandria-ocasio-cortez-v0-3z…)

AOC is old enough by the time election rolls around

No. 2077177

nta but no thats why it'd be great if there finally was one
hmmm im not sure

No. 2077182

A female president doesnt sound super fun. And I'm not saying that to be pick me ish it's just that lady politicians carry themselves so much more seriously/in much higher regard than male politicians, AOC isn't retardedly funny the way Trump is without even trying.

No. 2077189

File: 1720070332235.jpg (162.68 KB, 1300x1602, 1296209-photo-u59.jpg)

Technically they were all hot when they were young y'know. It's just that male aging is brutal. Here's young Biden for ref

No. 2077190

File: 1720070407303.jpg (139.5 KB, 1300x1707, donald-trump-photo-u219.jpg)

And young Trump

No. 2077198

No. 2077200

Policy wise probably would be ok but she has negative charisma. Insufferable type A woke scold energy. Especially since she can't claim to be a young hyper progressive upstart anymore.

Sarah Palin would've been a terrible president but she was kind of fun

No. 2077209

oh no. this actually hurts, he was cute. i hate how men age ugh

No. 2077211

I've been waiting for a female president since I was a little kid and now that it's possible, I hate all of our options. I absolutely cannot stand Kamala and I find AOC so offputting too and I can't even put my finger on why

No. 2077232

omg congrats on him for winning all those medals on sped camp

No. 2077237

Seems fake. What phone in this day and age has a super low resolution blurry camera?

No. 2077252

I didn't know why people hated on AOC for the longest time, she seemed fine to me. Then I watched her questioning DeJoy in a senate hearing about a topic I care about (the post office) and she said a whole bunch of nothing. The things she asked were either minutiae or not even things he had control over (and she would know that) it was like she was doing it on purpose and they kept smiling at each other. It drove me insane, I have hated her ever since kek

No. 2077253

Tbf, I'm pretty sure the whole "men aging badly" thing only really applies when they're like under 60. Biden is like 90 right? Most people, even women, don't look as beautiful at that age anymore.

No. 2077358

You guys would have sex with this? Jesus christ women are doomed

No. 2077406

Fuck thought that was l ron hubbard for a second there

No. 2077482

what lol. they really dont look bad? seriously. men are so ugly but i dont see anything wrong with them at all, they look like handsome young white men, well groomed, not disgusting.

No. 2077494

I hate that the 4th is on a Thursday this year, I've had to plan around it for shipping and appointment stuff when it would have been so much easier if I could just do things today.

No. 2077509

No. 2077527

happy 4th of july amerinonas! i'll refrain from calling americans the b-word (burger) in honor of this day. god bless america, sending love!!!

No. 2077528

File: 1720096529482.jpg (39.38 KB, 500x683, jaypegimage.jpg)

So what do you guys plan to eat to celebrate? I plan to splurge on a nice fatty steak and hope I don't fick ot up.

Agreed. It always annoys me when holidays don't fall near the weekends.

No. 2077542

Steak sounds delicious, you got it nona ♥ I plan on just eating coney dogs

No. 2077596

File: 1720103227358.jpeg (897.17 KB, 1200x1799, migas.jpeg)

I'm gonna eat tex mex

No. 2077660

Didn't Vivek get a scholarship from Soros for being an immigrant?

No. 2077735

i got beef hotdogs, sweet hawaiian roll buns, chili from tommy's original.
my moms making potato salad and i'm making mac & cheese.
gonna be eating well today.

No. 2077743

Hot dogs, potato salad I made last night, and watermelon!

No. 2077749

I also find it weird that people get stuck working at shit min wage places like Taco Bell and Dunkin on holidays but important places like pharmacies and doctors offices where the employees would be paid 10x as much are all closed.

No. 2077814

You didn't even read it. Open that PDF and CTRL+F "abortion" or "reproductive rights" you daft cunt
"The Life Agenda. The Office of the Secretary should eliminate the HHS Reproductive Healthcare Access Task Force and install a pro-life task force to ensure
that all of the department’s divisions seek to use their authority to promote the life
and health of women and their unborn children. Additionally, HHS should return
to being known as the Department of Life by explicitly rejecting the notion that
abortion is health care and by restoring its mission statement under the Strategic
Plan and elsewhere to include furthering the health and well-being of all Americans
“from conception to natural death.”"

No. 2077815


No. 2077816

Samefag, I have another quote for you, just so some poor stupid nonnie doesn't read your message and decide there's nothing wrong with Project 2025:
"OCR should withdraw its pharmacy abortion mandate guidance. OCR
should withdraw its “Obligations Under Federal Civil Rights Laws to Ensure
Access to Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care Services” guidance
for retail pharmacies,85 which purports to address nondiscrimination
obligations of pharmacies under federal civil rights laws and in fact orders
them to stock and dispense first-trimester abortion drugs. The guidance
invents this so-called requirement and fails to acknowledge that pharmacies
and pharmacists have the right not to participate in abortions, including
pill-induced abortions, if doing so would violate their sincere moral or
religious objections. Moreover, no federal civil rights laws preempt state
pro-life statutes."

No. 2077817

I dont understand why both cant be the same?! There's no reason both swim suits cant have tight shorts.

No. 2077823

That's why they're closed, nona. It's not expensive to staff mcdonalds.

No. 2077842

I wanted to go thriftin today, but it's like 91 degrees already

No. 2077844

File: 1720115497644.png (786.74 KB, 1114x1416, Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 13.50…)

Damn, I didn't even know trump did this. This is bad.

No. 2077846

Haven't decided if I'm going over to my friend's place for the fourth. I have to go back to work tomorrow so I don't really have any interest in staying out late or drinking. Bought myself a frozen pizza and an ice cream sandwich if i decide to stay home. I'm also fucking exhausted, so by writing this post I basically just talked myself out of it kek.

sage for blogpost

No. 2077853

No. 2077854

If you CTRL+F and search for "marriage" you'll see how they're frothing at the mouth to promote marriage (aka, force women to marry, not encourage marriage) - there's even a section where they emphasize that "encouraging unwed couples to be married" is important to them. Any nonnie who reads this PDF and decides "yes, this will be good for women" is a fucking moron.

No. 2077861

I will do that later but right now I'm lost in the labor stuff. They want to repeal the Davis–Bacon Act because, uh, freedom to pay people less is american or something kek

No. 2077877

File: 1720117052441.png (1.1 MB, 1134x1608, Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 14.16…)

this sounds really good actually? just picrel not the whole thing. but I feel like it must be hiding a secret agenda, like replacing the ESG agenda with some company into christcuck shit probably

No. 2077897

Do you know what any of this means, or why there are Thrift Savings Plan funds going to Chinese military companies and state-owned enterprises? Not to say I'm all the wiser, but do you know the possible ramifications of removing federal government pension funds from fund managers as huge as BlackRock? Who are the "competitive, private-sector managers" that they're alluding to? Why is it bad to consider ESG (environment, social governance, and government) investing when making decisions about a Thrift Savings Plan? I don't mean to be annoying. If you actually know, please tell me, so I may research further.

No. 2077930

NTA but biden just looks average there. not hideous but not attractive either, definition of mid. young trump looks downright rat-like though that's definitely below average

No. 2077937

I'm partially bought into a conspiracy that ESG is a scam to drain pensions via greenwashing and fake environmentalist projects. Conspiracy aside though, it is a greenwashing/pinkwashing/rainbowwashing idea at its core. Wether it's actually siphoning pension money is another issue that I have not personally seen proven - hence labelling it a conspiracy - but I remain highly skeptical of it. Generally not a fan of a large investment firm managing billions in pension funds deciding what "social" and (corporate) governance efforts to fund, and I honestly don't trust them to invest is worthwhile environmental initiatives either. I think they're just washing money out as per usual, but because ESG is an excuse to not make money (for the greater good of an environmental or social movement etc) they can use it to wash out money faster. This sort of thing could be used for good but I don't trust them to do that at all. Maybe if we were all allowed to vote on the ESG things to fund but of course it's totally at blackrock's discretion and they just promise us they're being super good boys. you can find a lot of articles accusing blackrock of funding the gender ideology cult because of ESG, just as an example.
>Who are the "competitive, private-sector managers" that they're alluding to?
That's what I'm worried about. I assume they have some firm in mind with their own worse conservative version of ESG. Which is a sort of funny thing for me to say because blackrock is conservative in its own way but that's america

No. 2077965

that's actually interesting anon.. Thank you for that. I wouldn't be surprised if BlackRock and other major investors are "pushing" things like ESG. It's sort of like Lockheed Martin saying they support LGBTQ+ rights. At best, it seems like a strategy to just have more people support them, invest in them, and work for them. At worst, it seems like a tactic to further wedge us apart by throwing gasoline on as many fires as they can. I can see the divide-and-conquer strategy of agitating people with disinformation and then having us fight each other.
Unfortunately, "not conservative enough" is a thing for a lot of people, as seen in any political party where they start eating themselves, and I guess even BlackRock is too "woke" for these people, which is funny on one end, but horrifying on an another. It's like people saying the most brutal aspects of society are "woke". Like girl, just because we aren't openly spraying people down with Agent Orange anymore doesn't mean that it's not still happening. Sorry, not ranting at you anon, just ranting in general…

No. 2077968

His parents are immigrants, not him. He might have gotten a scholarship for being a first-gen American. It all makes his hatred of imported labor so funny considering his parents would've never been here if that didn't happen…

No. 2077972

Many such cases…

No. 2077983

I think AOC and Kamala are pretty fun, but i could see how people would be so fast to tear them apart just because they are women that it would probably wear on them, especially AOC since so many men think she's hot and in the age of AI that's a nightmare. I feel as is Trump's retardation will never be matched or overtaken unfortunately.
Lmao, didn't he dodge the draft at one point?
Have you seen today's men? They don't look bad, although i would not fuck them personally.
I'm going to get some sushi.
He wouldn't be the first 1st gen immigrant with such sentiments, it's purely of a matter the threat of competition and knowing immigrant parents tend to push their children harder than parents of people with generational ties to a country.

No. 2077990

Hot dogs, fries, potato salad, and strawberry shortcake of course. America the beautiful!!

No. 2078000

I'm probably wrong that it's good because they probably just want to make it illegal to have policies making it possible to consider anything but profit, but the current corrupt system makes it so hard to support… I don't know. Legally I do not support opposition to ESG, no. Practically speaking though, blackrock can fuck right off, they absolutely are lying and they should get ousted. I would not trust republicans to put a better system in place but we do need a better system

No. 2078053

File: 1720128541895.jpg (190.68 KB, 990x661, mami.JPG)

Happy Fourth Girlies ♥

No. 2078057

Tom Wambsgans
Dudley Dursley

No. 2078066

Oh fuck that. I'd proudly run with full bush. If I have to be uncomfortable, then the men who get off on humiliating me will be uncomfortable too.

No. 2078075

I forgot how fucking ugly she was

No. 2078081

i’m at the park and there’s so many friends and families and people just sitting around basking in the sun and eating ice cream and it’s a really beautiful sight to see

No. 2078254

I’m in Hawaii, highly recommend visiting our 50th state! The people and culture are so resilient and beautiful.

No. 2078255

You're my national anthem nona~ ♥

No. 2078281

These fireworks are driving me crazy you don't need these many and I see they're coming from the same place

No. 2078289

The history of how it became a state is so depressing though. They fought desperately to resist it because they knew it would be turned into a tourist attraction that ends up a being a husk of its former self… and that's exactly what happened.

No. 2078310

Happy 4th.

No. 2078603

Fucked up my sleep schedule and couldn't get down to the waterfront again this year. So just listened to an EDC set while watching the neighborhood out my bathroom window.
I love the fireworks that make crackle noises but I hate the ones that are just a single loud bright flash.

No. 2078617

post some real murrican music for football's sake

No. 2079121

File: 1720201671424.jpeg (90.13 KB, 1179x632, project2025.jpeg)

Not that this will reassure any of you, but Trump claims to know nothing about Project 2025.

No. 2079165

So now I have no reason not to vote for him, Trump ‘24 girls

No. 2079172

Trump just says shit on twitter all the time kek, I wouldn’t read too much into this. Maybe his campaign managers are worried Project 2025 is too radical to be so open about

No. 2079192

lowkey was contemplating suicide bc of p25 but now i want to vote for him. yes i know he'll probably ban abortion but atp even under biden we're pobably going to lose it.

No. 2079193

>I wanted to kms because of project 2025
>trump makes a usual trump tweet
>Omg voting for trump now
>doesn’t understand how abortion laws work
Most politically literate amerifag poster

No. 2079200

I wish I was American

No. 2079203

Genuinely why would you wish this?

No. 2079204

That anon is probably underage tbh, that's the feeling their post gives off kek.

No. 2079209

i personally dont have much to live for so yes if america makes a hard turn right and takes away womens rights ill just off myself. ntm abortion laws are going to get fucked either way.

No. 2079211

>abortion laws are going to get fucked either way.
Anon do you not realize abortion laws got fucked in the first place… because of Trump?

No. 2079214

abortion laws were fucked over because of scotus. republicans were simply waiting for the right moment to go forit.

No. 2079220

Trump appointed 3 conservative judges to scotus

No. 2079221

>because of scotus.
Yes, because of the judges that HE appointed. The Roe v. Wade reversal is something he promised to do in his first presidential campaign.

No. 2079222

ok and who appointed ultra conservative justices and circuit judges?

No. 2079223

It was over as soon as they appointed Amy Coney Barrett. Ironic since she's a woman but she's a real freak, like an actual unhinged dangerous godbag. She definitely wants birth control to be illegal because it's a sin or whatever.

No. 2079224

Abortion is in the hands of the states right now, and dem-leaning states aren’t going to be overturning abortion rights anytime soon. If you’re really worried about that, move to a blue state. Therefore, abortion rights are not really affected by the president (beyond Supreme Court appointees, which is probably arbitrary anyways since it’s back in states’ hands) UNLESS Project 2025 is introduced, which could affect women’s rights because there are a lot of back door regulations that would make it much harder to receive even things like birth control. Many anons have been debating the specifics of what Project 2025 actually says with regards to abortion, but something I think they probably don’t understand is that abortion is purposefully not discussed in explicit terms because THEY COULD GET SUED, which means the republicans run the risk of re-introducing Roe v. Wade if the case makes it to the Supreme Court. Abortion rights are currently murky in terms of the constitution, since it was never established on a sound legal rationale (even the pro-abortion side of Roe v. Wade knew this). But yeah, it’s not so much that either presidential candidate would threaten abortion as much as Project 2025, and I don’t buy that Trump “doesn’t knowing anything about it.” That’s simply fictitious. There are different factions within the Republican Party who want different things and he’s playing it safe.
t. legal nonna

No. 2079227

>something I think they probably don’t understand is that abortion is purposefully not discussed in explicit terms because THEY COULD GET SUED, which means the republicans run the risk of re-introducing Roe v. Wade if the case makes it to the Supreme Court.
Can you elaborate on this, specifically regarding potential lawsuits? I'm not sure I follow how that would work. Also, how would they reintroduce Roe v. Wade?

No. 2079236

If a bureaucratic or legislative body introduces and enforces restrictions on something contested like abortion, that body could get sued for undermining the constitution, especially the Due Process clause, which can be used to argue basically whatever you want kek, like in Roe v. Wade, where abortion was ruled as constitutionally protected under “marital privacy” as guaranteed by a precedent based on the 14th Amendment. I’m probably not doing a good job of explaining, but constitutional law is largely based on PRECEDENTS. That means what is considered constitutional is always changing based previous court decisions. So if someone sues, that opens up the playing field for abortion to be re-considered as a constitutionally protected right, which currently, it is not.

No. 2079264

>I wish them luck in anything they do

No. 2079282

It’s so gorgeous outside I wish there wasn’t a fucking lethal heat wave so that it would be easier to actually enjoy

No. 2079283

hey he’s a Gemini

No. 2079301

yeah and so is my cat

No. 2079303

It's so humid where I am, too sticky to be outside but at least iced drinks are super good today

No. 2079324

File: 1720222257125.png (164.2 KB, 1168x324, trump tweet.png)

No. 2079362

Wishing and praying trump starts describing himself as cunty so it finally gets ruined for the trannies and draghags

No. 2079373

When I suffered through heatwaves as a kid a room got designated the cool room and that’s where everyone slept and went to recover from heatstroke.
My in laws sadly have no sense of group survival. The moment the central cooling gave up it was everyone for themselves, we could’ve gotten the entire top floor cooled handily if greedy jerks hadn’t made off with the window units for their own rooms. Now half of us and everyone’s animals are baking in the oven that is this house.

No. 2079420

That’s terrible, no sense of group survival

No. 2079431

my family was like this when i was younger. what i would do to help cool our house down was sleep downstairs in the living room with our pets. it was too hot in my room anyway, so i would just take a pillow and my laptop with me and sleep on the floor while everyone else was holed up in their rooms being selfish. that way we could leave a couple of windows open with the fans going to circulate air as my grandfather was convinced otherwise that gangs of murderous space ninjas would break into the house and murder him in his sleep. also our animals loved having the company and that kept them from bothering my grandmother who used to complain about the cats acting up late at night. that was the only way we could survive during the late summer california heatwaves.

No. 2079699

File: 1720275174638.png (420.26 KB, 750x810, sanic.png)

sanic has spoken

No. 2079703

sanic has never been wrong

No. 2079705

Sanic better at polls than Nate Silver

No. 2079726

I'm the one that asked if he'd win… please Sonic, I've never entrusted my future to you this much. I'm saving this shit and bringing it back up in November.

No. 2079732

It’s really disturbing to me how everyone is just carrying on, business as usual in this heat. I have to go to a 4th of July party today because my boyfriend’s family refuses to back out and let their friend down when it’s supposed to feel 110° out? How hot will it have to get before we start cancelling outdoor parties, concerts, etc. it’s his parents friends too so it’s going to be a lot of people in their 60s there drinking and I feel like im going to witness a medical emergency.

No. 2079748

People have literally dropped dead at large outdoor events for years due to heat related incidents and no one cares; nothing is going to change because tptb can afford to hideout in the hottest places on earth with the best air conditioning available.

No. 2079773

I wonder if this heatwave will cause southerners to be a bit more concerned about climate change and not just see it as a liberal hoax. It would be nice if republican politicians could stop being so retarded about that issue in particular since it affects all of us

No. 2079915

File: 1720297991759.png (968.15 KB, 681x675, IMG_8074.png)

Any Massachusetts nonas here? I went to Boston last year but didn’t really do anything, going again in September and I want to try doing some nice/fun things such as any museums/parks/hikes/areas you’d recommend.

No. 2080012

Chicago and Chicago burb anons…how bad was the firework fallout this year for you? In my neighborhood it was legitimately like some kind of lawless dystopia for the night. Giant commercial grade cakes being lit in the streets and children running around with no parents it was so legitimately weird and opposite the normal vibe of my neighborhood. I went for a walk with earplugs in and the smoke was so thick for the entire 2 mile loop I walked I had a headache when I got back kek. Saw so many terrified rabbits not knowing where to run, it made me really sad.

No. 2081400

Go to Salem! You got museums, you got ocean front, you got forests. Way better than Boston. I camped at Winter Island last year it was great.

No. 2081428

Check out the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Admission is only $15 and the glass flower exhibit is genuinely breathtaking. Also highly recommend the aquarium.

No. 2082370

Sometimes I see a woman in public and I think to myself Huh, I wonder if we’ve argued with each other on lolcow before

No. 2082377

KEK i do the same thing anon. Or if i walk into a crowded area i'll think "i wonder if there are any farmers here"

No. 2082450

File: 1720492893677.jpg (111.96 KB, 546x533, American stan’s .jpg)

Can the next threadpic be Stan or does it have to be the Hetalia guy

No. 2082451

American Dad is peak television

No. 2082463

File: 1720493911238.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1100x1730, IMG_2546.jpeg)

Ok but I prefer to gaze upon cute anime men rather than whatever the fuck this hideous beast is

No. 2082475

File: 1720494829584.jpg (33.35 KB, 600x400, Night-Howler-Multi-Shot-Cakes-…)

Always loved the sexy furry men on the black cat fireworks packaging

No. 2082479

File: 1720494949208.png (638.94 KB, 600x600, 2022-High-Performance-Kit.png)

Fireworks packaging in general is based

No. 2082483

File: 1720495207645.jpg (88.65 KB, 640x640, 17737441eb6ab9b7fe89d77d38d42a…)

politely suggesting bandit keith

No. 2082485

File: 1720495435595.png (100.96 KB, 540x470, IMG_3434.png)

I could get behind this, even if I prefer Alfred

No. 2082486

File: 1720495646557.png (3.17 MB, 1536x1255, 1720495607503.png)

No. 2082495

>Vietnam in a box
I feel bad for laughing

No. 2082498

File: 1720497637131.jpg (252.36 KB, 1134x2016, 20523.jpg)

I love how aggressive and retarded the names get

No. 2082501

File: 1720497690936.png (193.57 KB, 280x280, cbb8e8_b8ab09f01a1a4bfc86f26f0…)

No. 2082502

File: 1720497752039.jpg (21.51 KB, 223x226, 29.jpg)

No. 2082503

File: 1720497883105.jpg (124.73 KB, 600x600, Purple-Squirrels_1024x1024.jpg)

a little scared AI will threaten the future of the traditional american folk art that is fireworks packaging

No. 2083146

Been seeing a lot of queens wearing jean skirts lately has anyone else?

No. 2083148

AI destroyed so much genuine boomer art already, its so sad

No. 2083178

I prefer Alfred too but yeah I agree. Let's give someone else a chance

No. 2083294

File: 1720557926093.webp (41.26 KB, 660x373, 636658742683572722-737677002-C…)

No. 2083298

Bandit Keith is always a huge welcome. He's hugely patriotic.

No. 2083305

Spectrum is having a major outage across Texas and I’m sick with covid and it’s hot as fuck but I’m trying to keep my thermostat at 76 to save on money how am I supposed to survive

No. 2083619

This economic situation is never going to end is it? Someone kill me please, just get a gun and shoot me and kill me. I can’t take this stressful shit anymore

No. 2083644

realistically it has to, because if the prices of shit just continues to raise then no one will be able to pay for things and then no one will be making any money

No. 2083724

Is there an internet outage? I'm on AT&T not spectrum but mines been acting wonky all day

No. 2083822

Crank the AC up. Who cares if it'll be a little more expensive, your health matters more. High temps can make fevers/viruses last longer.

No. 2083868

The government is $34 trillion in debt, it's not getting better anytime soon.

No. 2083882

The government owes itself money, big woop. America basically has infinite money because of how debt works. The debt has nothing to do with why people are struggling financially. It's CEOS making record profits and increasing the prices of goods and services just because they can and there's no one trying to regulate or stop them.

No. 2083896

30% of US debt is foreign owned with the biggest single holder of US debt being China. By selling off or buying US debt, China can manipulate the value of Renminbi against the dollar, which enables China to maintain it's trade advantage over the US. China is also working towards trade in other currencies which will lower the demand for US debt purchases.