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File: 1719931379495.jpeg (83.96 KB, 600x450, IMG_1558.jpeg)

No. 2074849

Talk about many things that never really made sense to you from the mundane to schizo (ex. things you were taught in childhood, pineapple on pizza, beans on toast, paying taxes, parking lots full of cars but the grocery store is nearly empty, things your family did in the home that doesn’t make sense to outsiders that you now question, etc.).
>no questions (this is not the stupid questions thread)
>only observations
>no bait pls

No. 2074850

I’ll go first as OP. I do not understand moids who play GTA but then say “back the blue” or defend the police

No. 2074857


No. 2074862

I don't support either but video games aren't real life.

No. 2074870

Photography and audio recordings will always be incomprehensible concepts to me. How on earth are these things possible? I’ve read all the explanations but it still does not make sense. It‘s just surreal.

No. 2074872

But they get upset when their favorite video games don’t mirror their political views

No. 2074874

Another thing that doesn’t make sense to me is people speaking the same language and knowing what the other person is saying without knowing english..

No. 2074875

airplanes. how do they work? how does turbulence not knock them out of the sky?


No. 2074887

why tf do moids keep calling things longhouse. like ok they all live in one big house and they’re matriarchal sometimes. so the idea is we own nothing and are ruled by women. so why is everything longhousian because some of these things are not matriarchal or even hivemind so what gives? i would think its the gradual watering down of words that happens but moids cant even give it a year before they start dumbing it down to “anything i don’t like or think is stupid”


No. 2074903

This post doesn't make sense to me.

No. 2074913

File: 1719935165458.jpg (44.06 KB, 640x320, 1000038194.jpg)

How the fuck do PCs and coding work, like at all? I made an investigation project about the history of PCs during my first year of Uni and I just don't get it.
You're telling me that you can write some lines of numbers and letters telling this piece of plastic and metal that, yes, it has to make Shrek inflation porn and that I do want it distributed all over the internet.
How? This shit feels like black magic sometimes, I just don't understand how coding works at all, how do PCs just don't burst up in flames after telling it to burn a CD, I don't get it.

No. 2074918

how would you know what the other person is saying without knowing what it means in English

No. 2074935

File: 1719936550725.jpg (127.08 KB, 1076x937, 81y4h9h2465c1.jpg)

No. 2074937

by knowing other languages dear nonette

No. 2074939

It doesnt make sense to me Americans cant understand there are other languages than english. Kek

Thing that doesnt make sense to me is money on bank accounts. At least a bill or coin is a physical thing you exhange to another physical thing. But if you transfer money to someones bank account, numbers just change on both ends. Someone could just change the number to zero and be like lmao you poor now.

No. 2074944

File: 1719937049392.jpg (37.48 KB, 640x520, 1000004491.jpg)

No. 2074952

I worked in a bank and it does work like that (atleast where I live). I did transfer and cash deposit and I literally had to add/detuct the sum to the account manually and if I wanted I could've gone to anyone's account and transfer 10,000 to mine just by typing numbers in a box. Someone would notice or the system would flag me and I'd be in huge trouble, but it's technically that easy. One time I messed up and someone wanted to retrieve 200 from their account, I gave them the cash but messed up the operation and added 200 to their account instead of deducting, so for a moment they had +400; we have some kind of cash register and the balance was off so I noticed it at the end of my shift and corrected it, it's not like you can miss those mistakes but it can happen just like that and if the person had spent everything we couldn't get the money back. There are simple scams where someone will pass as a client and ask for a money transfer from an account to theirs, on the phone or via email, if you don't check every detail you could very well transfer thousands or more from a client's account to a scammer and to you it would just take a few clicks and numbers to change.

No. 2074959

do you actually believe that people need to know english in order to communicate? like you know that people can think in other languages, right?

No. 2074984

I think you guys are misunderstanding what anon is saying, because she wrote it like a 5 year old. I think when she means is that some people can understand without speaking your language. Like when you go to a restaurant, and the server understands when you’re asking for but cannot answer you back.

No. 2075000

Music theory makes no fucking sense to me.

No. 2075004

Whenever there's a lesbian couple both in official, derivative or fan media one of the characters in the coupling is a bisexual.

No. 2075009

The cat hate thread

No. 2075010

The dog hate thread

No. 2075015

This makes more sense than whatever the fuck I've read so far.

No. 2075025

There is a game called "Turing Complete" on steam in which you build a computer completely from scratch, no background knowledge needed. If you are really interested you can buy it on sale or something.

No. 2075026

no like think of two japanese people who’ve been isolated from other humans and they don’t know english. they speak to each other in their native tongue but how would they really know what the other is saying?? is it like english where their words just inherently have meanings to them without needing another language to translate it through their minds likee i swear i sound like a retard but it just makes sense to me.

No. 2075031

What on earth are you talking about?

No. 2075038

File: 1719942193069.jpeg (179.12 KB, 736x981, IMG_1570.jpeg)

No. 2075041

this makes me sad as an electrical engineering major how most people don't get this knowledge, it's cool stuff. i did bad at school but i have the basis to get this at least.

you're right

No. 2075044

File: 1719942471561.gif (944.09 KB, 640x640, IMG_1571.gif)

two japanese people
one of them: konnichiwa
the other: konnichiwa
second example
two japanese people a couple on a date
1. aishiteru
2. aishiteruuuuuuuuuuu~
how would they know that they love eachother without knowing English? someone help me please like do the letters or words just speak for themselves

No. 2075047

Anon kekkkkk if this is real this is the funniest post I've seen in a while. They understand Japanese for the same reason you understand English: they were raised with it and intuitively learned what each word meant, how sentences are built etc. as kids by mimicking their parents. When you always hear your parents say "konichiwa" when they see each other, you intuitively pick up what it means and how and when it's used.

No. 2075049

anon I don't know what you are spiraling about, the japanese people don't think they say hi to each other, they think and speak in japanese. Languages generally have similar concepts because humans share many experiences. We can translate these things but translations aren't perfect and some things aren't translatable. Language also influences how we think and makes some cultures better at some things and worse at others. Mandarin for example doesn't really have tenses or there are some languages that have no concept of blue. These people suck at recognizing obviously blue things but they have 20 words for green and are incredibly good at differentiating shades of green even though there is no anatomical basis for it, just language and experience.

No. 2075056

This is the funniest post I’ve seen in a while, I am crying laughing. It’s even funnier because I remember struggling with this exact same concept when I was like 9 years old. Yes nonny it is the same as English, the words just have meaning to them it’s called language

No. 2075064

Mirrors fascinate me. They're so simple and ubiquitous that you never really think about them but wow, they're basically magic.

No. 2075069

this post is so violently american it instantaneously clogged my arteries with burger grease

No. 2075070

I get it anon. I grew up bilingual but I still can’t comprehend how different languages have words that have the same meaning even if they are entirely different. What I also can’t understand is how when you try and learn a new language you will at one point just understand what a sentence means without translating it. You just know what the words mean and won’t even think of what the equivalent word in your native language is

No. 2075072

When you're bilingual it's even more confusing. I know English and Russian but when I went to Western Europe I was so confused. Especially in French it sounded like they were talking like birds. I did connect some words like in Italian orange is arancia similar to in Russian which is апельсин. Makes me realize people think Cyrillic is just a bunch of weird hieroglyphics looking letters instead of words sort of like how I think French, Spanish, and Italian look like English that makes no sense

No. 2075204

show me all of your diagnosis

No. 2075208

When I was just getting proficient at my second language it blew my mind when I was able to have conversations without translating what they said in my head or formulating my response in English first. It's a good feeling

No. 2075235

File: 1719951495655.jpg (7.65 KB, 260x194, images.jpg)

how the fuck do people still believe in god ? and why do people even believe he's good ?

No. 2075238

Generational brainwashing and scaretactics (if you don't believe in god you'll be punished!)

No. 2075242

For most of the christians, they see god as a form of hope. If thier life sucks, at least there is a higher power that has thier best interests in mind if they are 'good'. When things go right, god has blessed them. When things go wrong, god is testing/the devil is trying to make them lose faith. They feel that they are part of something greater.

The scaretactics that >>2075238 mentioned also helps. Occasionally I feel guilty that I don't believe in him but I can't bring myself to do so.

No. 2075260

i hear you both, and i understand BUT i don't understand how you can actually defend his existence, like you actually believe he's real ? how do you justify the world, the injustices, the lack of miracles ? How is your brain on religion ? Don't you stop believing in him the second you learn about sciences ? Why do religious people think their book was written by a perfect beings when it's full of shit ? How do you go about your day, praying, reading a book that is full of bs and horrible thinks about women, gays etc… Is the mental gymnastics worth it ? How can you be religious and argue with thinks directly written in your perfect book ? i'm so fucking glad my parents were atheists and i never had to think too hard about all of this

No. 2075273

Idk I grew up in a super old school Latin mass catholic house and tried my ass off to join in and believe, but couldn't get past the inner voice in me saying "lmao this shits wack". Especially after the priest got caught with CP of course. I also had a Muslim friend at school and she told me she felt the same but just played along for the sake of safety.

I think polytheism is way more believable than monotheism, at least a ton of super temperamental gods and dieties fucking shit over for everyone all the time makes sense, plus having at least some female divinity representation makes more sense than saying father son spirit… no women!!!

No. 2075287

File: 1719955706669.jpg (120.99 KB, 1024x1024, Lumyart-kit-digital-pascoa-202…)

I love God because Jesus saved my life. He is good and loves us as his children. The reason there are terrible things is because humans have free will and are horrible to each other. He is not an intervening God. Also if you read the Bible with an open mind, you will find truth and instructions to live a good life. Forgiving others and yourself, grants you ultimate peace. Denying the material riches of this world leads you to true fulfillment. Being grateful for everything you have and experience will make life so much more rewarding. Being able to sacrifice yourself, denying your urges and trusting in the Lord will automatically lead you to a path of a good life.

A lot of new age cult scams also directly steal from the Bible. One example being how they say you can visualize and manifest things. This is literally called prayer.

Mark 11:22-25

“Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. 
“Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. 
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. 
And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.

No. 2075295

anon I don't know if I'm worn down but this suddenly is appealing to me as a woman who grew up in a catholic household. I'm so sick and tired of feeling powerless and upset at my powerlessness, and I'm on new medication. So maybe the new medication is religious. Thanks anon. I'm going to consider how I can integrate the "good" of the religion I rejected and use it to help alleviate my angst.

No. 2075301

People who are religious but yearn stuff forbidden by religion.
"Oh nonna I would love to drink but I'm muslim :(("
Then fucking stop lol esp. if you're in a western country and live alone why should people respect your faith if you can barely commit to it, it doesn't make sense for me.(no emoticons, even ironically)

No. 2075308

Usually when you're told these kind of things these people are either just trying to imply they don't judge you for doing something "sinful" unlike other religious people, or they've been raised in a way that would make them too paranoid or feel too guilty if they actually did the "sinful" thing.

No. 2075318

This is so funny because I live in a muslim country with sharia law and everything but cafes and juice shops sell soda with mint and lemon slices and call it a "mojito". They sell non-alcoholic wine and beer as well in supermarkets, and they even started locally made "champagne". They want to drink and get drunk so bad but they can't so they do these weird alternatives. There's also this one drink that's popular during ramdan and is made from grapes if I'm not mistaken, but it's a bit fermented or something and if you leave it in the fridge for 3 days it actually becomes alcoholic, and some people boast about doing that and trying it to get drunk. Then they turn around and be like "we're soooo much better than the west because we don't get drunk and do bad stuff!!!!", yet, they're so obsessed with the idea of getting intoxicated because their lives suck ass so bad they want some relief or escape kek. They brought that on themselves though, so I have 0 sympathy for those retarded losers.
This, too.

No. 2075319

People who trauma dump irl. I get it if it’s online and you’re strangers, but doing that to someone’s face is uncomfortable.

No. 2075336

They explain away everything by two things:
1. god is above humans and science is a flawed human practice, therefore science can't disprove god
2. if you don't understand something it's because god doesn't want you to understand and you're not supposed to question it because it's god and you're a lowly human

and those two arguments are used to shut up basically every question or doubt.

>reading a book that is full of bs and horrible thinks about women

No idea. I've showed my mom misogynistic paragraphs from the bible that literally tell her she needs to be submissive to men, that she needs to shut up and be quiet as a woman, that men can have several wives but not vice versa, that female slaves are sold for less etc. but she insists that women are equal to men in the bible. The mental gymnastics, denial and lifelong brain washing are real.

No. 2075342

repression and doing things ONLY because they fear "God" is why. Muslims are very strange and do a lot of technicality stuff and loopholes. Like every evening during Ramadan they eat a shitton of food, esp sweet stuff. The whole point of fasting completely undermined, too. In Saudi Arabia sex before marriage isnt allowed so they have love hotels where you can get married for a night and divorce afterwards. I'm pretty sure this arrogance of trying to trick Allah and then also doing everything because you fear and don't want to get punished is just so completely wrong and leads to some unique, repressed mental illnesses. Like its obvious that love is the power that beats evil, not fear. And the reason you should avoid sinful things is for your own good. Like catholics fast too during Lent and instead of being a weird set of specific rules (and how to circumvent them) its about it being a personal thing. Where you are encouraged to give up something worldly for example, or otherwise sacrifice and deny yourself. And that you skip a meal and then don't eat two meals later to make up for it for example. Also Ramadan is a funny proof that Islam is a man made fake religion bc they didn't know that there's places on earth where the sun doesn't set kek

No. 2075354

It never really clicked with me how I'm experiencing what I'm seeing right now, when I'm just cells made out of atoms etc. Why am I experiencing life as me and not some other person? How does that work? Isn't it a little overly convenient that I happened to be born human, the only animal that's able to even comprehend the question?
I remember asking my parents this when I was young and they didn't understand the question.
Sometimes it feels like I'm engrossed in a book or something, and I try and zoom out and get back to reality, but there's nothing else, this is the last layer.

No. 2075364

Its not the last layer. Far from it. Your soul, your spirit. They are not stored inside of your physical body. Your thoughts are from on an electrical current that is generated and directed from a different place entirely, if you can even call it that.

No. 2075383

File: 1719960376775.jpeg (147.09 KB, 735x824, IMG_1575.jpeg)

Working. Paying bills. If men weren’t terrible I would be happy being a tradwife and being taken care of idc

No. 2075394

Abbreviating things that are very much not common terms. Especially overlapping terms; LOL means "laughing out loud" but also "League of Legends" for some fucking reason.

No. 2075395

>A lot of new age cult scams also directly steal from the Bible. One example being how they say you can visualize and manifest things. This is literally called prayer.
KEK you’re so close to getting it. I’m speechless.

No. 2075420

A lot of new age cult scams also hijack things from Buddhism and Hinduism and then basically gentrify and whitewash it so rich pale people will spend thousands of dollars on their glorified yoga classes

No. 2075424

>They are not stored inside of your physical body. Your thoughts are from on an electrical current that is generated and directed from a different place entirely, if you can even call it that
nta but can you elaborate on this? where are they stored? what do you mean by electrical current and a different place?

No. 2075465

christcucks will call literally every other imaginative make believe a scam except their sky daddy kek

No. 2075476

we aren’t in 2016 anymore, people have a right to believe whatever they want. have fun dying and realizing you were wrong about everything kek

No. 2075480

I do not understand landlords. Go get a fucking job, housing should be available and free

No. 2075481

>give me a house…..F-FOR FREE!!!! BIGOTS!!!

No. 2075482

Imagine caping for violent moidy religions in this day and age. Go live amongst muslims if you love religions so much.

No. 2075485

>people have a right to believe whatever they want
and we have a right to criticize their shitty beliefs

No. 2075491

>give me the free house
Who said Christians were going around mass raping and subjugating women in this day and age? At least they just proselytize in third world countries and scam burgers out of their weekly paycheck during megachurch donations, no one was talking about Islam which is a completely different playing field. Maybe in Eastern European countries but still, it’s not even comparable to Islamic culture, not the religion or esoteric knowledge itself which is probably already misrepresented. The main problem is these religions hiding goddesses that used to be worshipped in ancient times and replaced them with moids

No. 2075492

kek you loser

No. 2075505

You have the right but you’re obnoxious as fuck, atheists themselves are just as ignorant as the religious zealots you attempt to argue with. Yahweh is not a “sky daddy that grants wishes” he is a tribal pagan war god of the Israelites. You should be criticizing mass religion for misrepresenting him as a fluffy bunny with twink angels that take your prayers like a worker at McDonalds, they are terrifying, primordial beings that have engaged in hideous warfare and battle in the very religious text they come from. Nobody was hiding that fact, it’s people taking these scriptures and entities and twisting them for their own benefit and to control masses of people. The very fact nobody even knows God has a wife/mother called Asherah should already tell you enough

No. 2075512

File: 1719966403930.gif (520.25 KB, 200x179, 1717553599437.gif)

No. 2075515

My previous landlord once messaged me saying I shouldn’t move out after he increased rent because his 70 year old father was going to make him work at their family restaurant expecting me to sympathise with him. Landlords are so far removed from reality it’s ridiculous.

No. 2075531

Kek that is so fucking stupid. Landlords are allergic to real jobs.

No. 2075544

File: 1719967435530.jpg (469.39 KB, 1536x2048, 1000003995.jpg)

>6'2 with large clavicles
What the fuck do they mean by large clavicles

No. 2075549

File: 1719967612174.jpg (75.06 KB, 736x736, 32eb9a56b7b933dd24a1689588e244…)

I guess like when skellys have protruding collarbones

No. 2075561

File: 1719968065472.webp (19.03 KB, 843x1029, IMG_1576.webp)

The real flex is having a real fish bowl inside your beautiful clavicles. You’ve peaked at life if you can do it

No. 2075570

Found the landlord

No. 2075576

People who say collarbones are so sexy are legitimately so retarded and I can't see them as real people, they're only npcs

No. 2075582

I don't get why my social skills are non existent and always have been despite being put into daycare at an early age and forced into many social situations in general. People who were homeschooled even have better skills and at least know how to speak to strangers without their parent's help, idk what went wrong.

No. 2075583

i am diagnosing you with autism…

No. 2075589

Jesus was a faggot btw

No. 2075596

This female bloc I’m a part of is going all religious all of a sudden. A lot of us have gone little to no makeup and dressing modestly but now the group chat is full of Bible bullshit? Is anyone else noticing other women falling into the trad waifu catholic crap?? Literally they Bible study together and talk crap about other girls now it feels so different then when we started a few years ago as just a bunch of radicalized pro female liberation bunch. I am not going to fucking Bible study girl stand the fuck up

No. 2075609

bible study is only worthwhile if they're "studying" song of songs as an excuse to giggle over some 2000 year old smut

No. 2075801

agreed they're kinda ugly

No. 2076222

Being banned for telling someone to kys. It’s retarded, this isn’t Reddit

No. 2076225

No, he was straight and had a wife (Mary Magdalene) he is the ultimate husbando, he was not gay only homoerotic

No. 2076229

global rule 5 i think, it's considered a-logging.

No. 2076230

>he was not gay only homoerotic
a-logging should be lax in /ot/

No. 2076233

I kinda think collarbones are hot at a normal weight, but the protruded anachan ones are freaky.

No. 2076246

What, really? I never saw people getting banned for kys. Since when?

No. 2076525

gay male obsession with women. do you wish you were beautiful like her?? i literally do not understand it.

No. 2077747

Ya’ll better not forget about my thread, that’s what doesn’t make sense to me

No. 2077748

Agreed. They ruined Lady Gaga for me by trying to transform her into a gay icon, it’s like they completely shove aside the majority female audience of these pop icons and stars to use them as “yas mama hunty queen slay mothering” conduit of faggotry that makes me wish it was the 80s again where they were getting punished for spreading AIDS.

No. 2077773

File: 1720113315633.jpeg (123.1 KB, 1023x762, IMG_4479.jpeg)

the basic idea of an airplane is that it is designed to generate power (lift) in directions that allow it to over come gravity pulling in the opposite dorection.
the airplane has a bunch of moveable parts and surfaces (on the wings, tails etc) that can be adjusted so that they're always at the right angle to meet/counteract the various forces that apply to the plane (gravity wind, turbulence etc). that way the olane is always at the correct angle to stay up in the air. you can see an example in picrel, the moving parts are in color.
the plane can technically fly without an engine (gliding) but it won't be able to do controlled flight without some of the adjustable parts (like the stabilizers) bc the pilot won't be able to make inputs to compensate whatever forces apply to the plane.

No. 2077789

I don't get space. I am skeptical of the field of astrophysics in the first place as I watched YT videos from that German woman (I don't remember her name) that basically confirmed it's a meme field. I think space exists but 90% of the things people say about it are literally just intellectual speculation made to seem like real knowledge that could only be obtained empirically throught exploration

No. 2077850

people who spell y'all as "ya'll"

No. 2077955

That's partially her fault for pandering to them in the first place, especially towards the drag queen types. Then recently she started defending trannies.

No. 2077959

Tbh regardless of if it's real or not, it's useless to know or explore, unless we're actually gonna live in it or something, which I don't see happening any time soon.

No. 2078736

Was it Sabine Hossenfelder? I think the problem with astrophysics is that you can get a lot of attention from sci-fi "I love science" nerds with baseless speculations in a field where it is incredibly hard to confirm or disprove speculations

No. 2080850

i don't understand how people get fat, barring medical issues. by "fat" i mean "this person takes up two seats on the bus" or "this person won't see their feet when they look down even if they suck in their gut"

No. 2080878

I don't understand theoretical physics. How can math be used to understand nature? It's bullshit

No. 2080886

usually when people get to deathfat levels it's not simply due to liking food too much but down to some underlying trauma, grief, low self esteem or something else going on in their lives. they use eating as a coping mechanism to deal with it because there's a dopamine rush from indulging in food. sugary fatty food is also addictive so it becomes a vicious cycle

No. 2080889

Some of what >>2080886 said, but not understanding how nutrition works and being in absolute denial about how much they eat or snack in-between meals, on top of a sedentary lifestyle. Some come from overweight families so they never learnt portion control either.

No. 2080891

I don’t understand why people care so much about people shoplifting from Walmart, Target, etc. They are billion dollar companies, who tf cares that much???

No. 2080952

total guesswork on my part but i suppose the staff gets in trouble for letting money slip away when it comes time to check inventory. sure, the company isn't being harmed, but a pissy powerhungry tyrannical manager could put their foot up someone's ass about there being 50 melons originally, but 30 at day's end, and only 15 melons have been paid for

No. 2080957

They waste so much more in inventory by throwing out food that’s perfectly good to eat

No. 2080961

We live in a world where profit is king

No. 2080982

It's because if they give the extra food away, someone can sue them for food poisoning or something to get monetary compensation, so they're not allowed to give away food to avoid that stuff.

No. 2081030

When the store closes you'll bitch about food deserts and lack of resources in your community. If you wanna live in 3rd world go move there

No. 2081034

Trading. Stocks, bonds, futures - it make little sense to me, but I want to learn. I have no idea where to start. I remember seeing the GameStop stuff back in 2021 and wanted to join in on the action

No. 2081038

Minority Mindset is good for a start imo. He recycles a lot of his content though so after a few long videos you should know a lot of the basics

No. 2081044

Ask chatgpt to explain it to you like a 10 year old. Worked well enough for me, then I went to an in-person office of a brokerage firm and had them help me make an account. I told them I wanted to do stable, broad-market ETFs and they helped me pick them and I just auto deposit every month and buy/check the stocks on my phone app. Don't do meme stocks unless you want to give your money away to nerds who are in it way before you heard about it, leaving you carrying their shit stocks to the bottom.

No. 2081059

Why people dislike me so much when I'm am autist that masks well and try to be nice and helpful.

No. 2081065

There’s plenty of shops around. Chill out weirdo kek

No. 2081068

you are low iq

No. 2081083

I never learned how to use skates of any kind. even as a kid I forced my parents to buy me those cool Heelies (tennis with wheels on the back) and couldn't figure out how to use them and never did. I went ice skating and just walked around on the skates I think I just have a block in my brain that prevents me from skating. Literally I just always feel like I'm going to fall

No. 2081091

I learned how to skate just by not knowing how to skate after a few hours at the skating rink. It’s honestly easier than learning how to swim. There’s plenty of good tutorials on youtube

No. 2081112

Ice skating is really easy. Roller skating is terrifying and impossible for me.

No. 2081131

File: 1720397551926.mp4 (4.62 MB, 576x1024, roller-skating.mp4)

You can't "walk" on skates, you gotta make a V shape with your feet, bend your knees and shift your weight from one leg to another as if you're penguin walking or as if you shat yourself

No. 2081147

Try rollerblading instead of roller skates

No. 2081789

I can't imagine how billions of people can process the world from the first-person point of view simultaneously, just like me. It's not about other people being npcs and me being the chosen one kek, it's just that I know, of course, that all people are "main characters" in their lives, all people live in their own little worlds where everything is limited to whatever they can perceive and experience at a given moment, but I can't truly comprehend how this works, and I don't understand why I (my mind, my consciousness) exist and why I am aware of my existence. Why am I me and why do I get to perceive the world from the first-person perspective. It's something that can't be explained at all. But tbh the existence of ANYTHING doesn't make sense to me.

No. 2081796

Everybody is a main character in their own lives, it’s their life kek

No. 2081821

File: 1720450477782.jpg (60.88 KB, 620x620, 1000009183.jpg)

This "sonder" shit is baffling to me like what the fuck did you think was happening? Did you just view people as npc props in your life before "sonder"? Not you specifically your post just reminded me of this image that always pissed me off

No. 2081823

Most people can't "think" in the sense we do.

No. 2081824

This sounds like a German loan word from their "sondern." Which is a conjunction where one excludes the other. Makes ya think.

No. 2081833

Yes. Neuroscience has the same problem. They are young fields in the grips of a clickbait-fueled public perception

No. 2081834

Most people are npcs though

No. 2081843

>YT videos from that German woman (I don't remember her name) that basically confirmed it's a meme field
Which video did she talk about it?

No. 2081851


No. 2081858

nyart but I think she means XYs

No. 2081986

Yeah it's hard to describe. Every time I tried to explain this feeling to other people they thought I was just egocentric. That's not it, I have no problem looking at things from other people's POV and I do realize everyone has their own life and there's nothing special about mine. I probably just can't find the right words. The thing is my own existence and perception of the world (in a general sense, not my specific way of seeing things) is baffling to me, and it's even weirder to think that every person is confined in their body and mind just the same and it's basically all they know. And of course you can try to see things from another person's perspective and empathize but it's still your thoughts and feelings and your perception of this person. It's not hard to imagine someone having a life completely different from your own or a completely different worldview (although it's also not something you can fully immerse in because it's filtered by yours to a certain degree), but it's wild (to me) that everyone has this "god" in them–not in the sense of inflated ego but in the sense of being the center of everything, exploring and in a way "creating" the world around them so to speak because they only know what they see and can comprehend, and they choose what to seek, and where to go, and what to do, and they experience and interpret it all in their own unique ways. And there are lots and lots of these "centers" or "gods" but where does it even come from? The consciousness itself is incomprehensible and it's even weirder to think that everyone has it. I wish I could elaborate why it feels so weird to me but I can't quite verbalize it yet.

Kek anon, some people I'm sure do think other people are props but I feel like it's more about a sudden "conscious thought" (which is a stupid word combination) than the first thought about it ever. I mean, most people usually don't think much about lives of random people they encounter on the street, in the shop etc. even though they know these people don't disappear once they're out of their sight. I see it was coined by some author in 2012, maybe he did get this realization later in life and it blew his mind haha

No. 2082066

This is a typical autism symptom, it's called lacking a theory of mind

No. 2082106

I looked it up and it's not what I'm talking about and I've never had problems with it.

No. 2082179

File: 1720471202667.jpg (220.61 KB, 1366x2048, 1720424594905399.jpg)

figures/"buyfagging"/merch in general tbh
i get loving a character but what does having plastic shit in your house do for you

No. 2082210

not a buyfag but it's cute to look at if you like the design/character. it doesn't "do anything" more than like getting a random decoration thing for your house in any other way does (flowers, paintings etc) in the sense that it's just there to make the room look more pleasant visually with something you like personally. that said I don't get people who buy a ton of figurines either, it only makes sense to me if it's an occasional thing and not someone collecting hundreds of figures

No. 2082213

How people can hate kids. Sure they can be a little annoying sometimes but vehemently hating them? You're a psychopath

No. 2082222

I believe in God because there's so much evidence that He's real, and I think He's good because none of us would have the privilege of existence without Him

No. 2082230

Oh stfu you insufferable christfag. Are you even allowed to be here? Gossiping is a sin after all.

No. 2082232

I think I might sort of understand what you mean. It's a weird kind of mix of existential crisis, fascination of life and space itself? It doesn't mean you, or I for that matter, don't have theory of mind, lacking empathy or thinking you are the main character - it's more of a sudden "holy shit someone is out there, doing their own main character thing, seeing things from their own perspectives in their own bodies similarly how I'm seeing things from my perspective as I'm writing this".

No. 2082239

Nonny it's not like you're required to use /snow/ to enjoy LC

No. 2082242

nta but 2’s confirm kek

No. 2082353

I've never understood color wheel theory or color schemes. I can tell if colors look nice together just by seeing them or thinking about them, and most of the time using color scheme wheels online gives at least one weird brownish or greyish color that doesn't match anything.

No. 2082482

Short Marriages or Muta is technically a Shia loophole in Iran but yeah. All that hypocrisy for what? It’s maddening

No. 2082854

For me it's what >>2082210 says but also I enjoy the fact I'm importing things from Japan that I can't just buy in my own country. Makes it more special to have it.

No. 2083016

Through making connections between what is said and a person's reaction, per example: i point to a rock and say "rock". Now you know what is rock. I use the rock to make fire and i say "fire using rock!" with an excited expression and you know that fire+rock = sucess… something like that.

No. 2083024

Visual stimuli…

No. 2083385

File: 1720564776291.webp (24.64 KB, 660x372, lil bub.webp)

Oh my fucking god this is so retarded it's adorable

No. 2083393

This is not so cute but even more retarded, congrats I didn't think that was possible

No. 2083395

Idk nonna, we all know Jesus was a real guy (so many artifacts from His life and career, literal witnesses who were there when He rose on Easter) so I feel like if He was here then realistically His dad has to be too.

No. 2083402

Your evidence is nothing but hearsay, even the part about witnesses.
Lil Bub, the retarded cat, made a swimming pool of water turn into Pepsi and 500 people witnessed it. Don't believe me? 500 literal witnesses!
If you can't see the problem, it's that as well as the made up miracle, I made up the witnesses. Bub never did that to be perfectly honest, I just idolize Bub so much I want to exaggerate how fantastic she was.

No. 2083404

Imo (as a casual artfag) it's theory that was created to facilitate color picking for aesthetically pleasing and cohesive realistic paintings, and we should not be treating it as absolute guidance for illustrations and design. Plus, the digital ones are shitty and use overly strict rules in a color space that has properties that are fundamentally different from those of traditional painting.

This is only somewhat related but I love this blogspot on digital color spaces:

No. 2083412

I mean it’s not really hearsay if there’s evidence for it, there’s many relics if you’d like to do any research on it nonny, it’s really fascinating for real

No. 2083415


No. 2083416

Unfortunately we don’t have any of his carpentry but we do have what he contributed in his literary works; the Bible

No. 2083417

File: 1720567407129.png (500.06 KB, 486x393, lilbub.png)

Let me know if any of the relics behave supernaturally, it's not very groundbreaking even if they prove that a dude called Jesus (English localization) existed as a dude and nothing more.
Bub will have to serve as the example again. I'm posting you very convincing photos of her that show her being a silly cat… yet nothing that show her being capable of the Pepsi miracle. So you should doubt that part even if you like Bub.

No. 2083418

samefag I should probably correct myself, we could have relics of his carpentry however we have no way of confirming at this point in history if it actually was made by him because it’s not like there was any Jesus branding watermark

No. 2083420

Please stop. I know you guys think you get points for spreading The Word but you need to stop.

No. 2083421

Nonny must have been exorcising some vicious demons out of you if you’re that triggered just seeing the word Christ on your Satanic devil-worshipping internet!

No. 2083422

I could never doubt the powers of bub!
I’m not trying to upset you or anybody and I don’t think it’s against the LC rules to talk a little about God when someone brings him up

No. 2083424

File: 1720567843277.jpg (83.64 KB, 640x480, bub.jpg)

This is a cute thing to say so I can meet you halfway and propose that Bub and Jesus are equally miraculous.

No. 2083426

I need to find the exact study but it’s impossible to hide your autism. By putting effort into concealing I it, you have these unconscious micro-expressions that people register as weird and untrustworthy. Be an unrepentant autists

No. 2083437

Belief integrated into worldview.

No. 2083439

Thin slicing. Reading about it was borderline suicide fuel for me for a while kek.

No. 2083448

I'm not justifying it but afaik t's usually a symptom of childhood trauma.

No. 2083455

Looks like someone has never been COCSA'd before

No. 2083462

nta but you’re painting with a broad brush there anon

No. 2083879

Hardcore chilli peppers. None of the people who like to grow them, exchange them eat them are doing it because they like the taste and feel of it. They just want to seem tough. Because everybody says it's good they say it's good too but i don't belive any of them that they truly like to get their tongue scorched and that they taste the flavors of the food besides the pepper. Like if if i want to enjoy food why would i cause pain to myself, i just want to taste the flavors damn!

No. 2084081

nta but I have and I still like children, children are great. So seriously what is wrong with people who don't like children? I think it's a serious personal defect for an adult to hate kids.

No. 2084111

tell us about the evidence

No. 2084191

nta but i don’t understand how else you would end up on this site apart from looking for gossip about the cows on here. if we’re being honest, it’s not like it’s the first result for unpopular opinions or adam driver.
the only other way i could see is finding out from kf, cc, chan sites, etc which seems worse

No. 2084528

AYRT sorry i'm late but






And this is just what pops up when you google “artifacts from the bible”, this also doesn’t account for all of the other people mentioned in the bible who contributed to it and included their own perspective/stories in the big book. Unfortunately it’s hard to track who the direct biological descendants of these people are though cause this was literally 100 AD.(learn2format)

No. 2084537

Double post but I discovered lolcow through Onision, I saw he had a thread but I wasn't super interested in it and I drifted over here to /ot/. That makes me wonder how everyone else got here too kek

No. 2084642

I discovered lolcow through Pinterest of all things. It's better than finding out about it through some basketweaving forum I guess

No. 2084828

Kek, that's pretty interesting. Tell us more nonnie, I'm curious now

No. 2084839

why say this and not actually explain it a little

No. 2084881

I discovered it through some friend I met on a weeb forum

No. 2085210

you would know if you learned another language. for instance, in japanese, you realize that aishiteiru means I love you, but that's cause you've been told that, you do not know all the other verb conjugations and the plethora of other words in japanese. when you start to actually familiarize yourself with a second language, you drop the translating back to english in your head and start thinking like a native, same as a baby acquiring it's first language

No. 2085239

>It's better than finding out about it through some basketweaving forum I guess
?? How is LC spreading to mainstream normie websites preferable to word being passed around to other equally or more obscure websites/ibs.

No. 2085251

File: 1720700593076.webp (116.19 KB, 400x400, 69p6ju.webp)

I'm wheezing about this post all over again, oh I so hope this wasn't a shitpost because it's funny beyond words.

No. 2085258

File: 1720700881960.gif (1.94 MB, 400x273, 8ll12c1l4mz01.gif)

My friend is a they/them now… she used to be a he/him before I met her and detransitioned but she never became like, a TERF or anything, she is still staunchly pro-troon even though in her post she said her queer identity was used to control her and her reasoning for they/themming is because she doesn't want to be feminine… well at least it's just a pronoun change and nothing else is gonna change except clothes but it doesn't make sense to me as someone who has never gaf about labels. Just be free…

No. 2085403

To add on, I found the site through google images looking up tashmoo milky wash

No. 2085418

wdym japanese people don't say aishiteru

No. 2085451

casual sex has never made any sense to me, it just seems self destructive and pointless

No. 2085453

It doesn't make sense. It was literally a sexual revolution psyop by men to extract free sex from women en masse.

No. 2085467

It makes sense from men's pov because they can get off to anything and don't care about an emotional connection. But for women it's not worth it.

No. 2085500

yeah that seems right. its sad how many women think its a good thing or empowering or whatever

No. 2087088

Why people are so inconsiderate. Youre literally a server on the clock at work and you’re gonna ignore me for 15 full minutes not even bring me water or take my order or anything…

No. 2087141

why retail stores feel so much fucking emptier than usual. it seems like some days it's even quieter than the pandemic. are there really that many folks not buying things in person anymore? it's bleak

No. 2087143

came here to comment this wtf and also puters

No. 2087146

Photographs basically capture the reflection of the light and burn it onto film.

No. 2087149

unserious answer: demonology

No. 2087160

Online shopping is partially at fault. A market saturation is another, especially when we all know all those clothes, from dirt cheap to real expensive and supposed "quality" all come from the same clothes factories in Bangladesch, China, Turkey and the like, and the only difference is the logo/tag they slap on it.
And maybe a third reason is people's real spending power, which is not as high as maybe in the early 2000 (cuz rent, groceries etc are pricier than then).

No. 2087162

Everyone is broke anon

No. 2087163

I'm not even much of a consoomer but I find going to stores to be so much more pleasant than online shopping. Being cooped up in my own house browsing clothes online is kinda boring and nauseating, I don't care how cheap they are

No. 2087164

except the people who are in debt $700 buying shein hauls

No. 2087183

I don't like either or. If I have to buy some clothes, I want to be in and out of the store in 15-25 minutes. I hate having to fight my way through a crowded store (like TK/TJ Maxx) or wait at the queue forever just to get one pair or pants or some socks. I hate having to try three different sizes because the fabric of whatever item, or the cut of the item I'm trying falls differently.
Also I am a functional shopper so I hate the "non-functional" aspects of a lot of fast fashion (no pockets, fabric not resistant enough against thigh chafing, cheap elastic waistbands that turn on themselves, fucking holes on the sides underneath where the breast is for "air ventilation" or some shit, bad quality pocket lining in coats/jackets which ultimately causes you to have shit fall into the lining of your jacket, etc )
If I had more time to train at home with my sewing machine, I'll sew all my clothes myself.

No. 2087186

speaking of clothes I don’t understand how fabric works. How is it made?? Do you just line up a million thread pieces and sew them all together or what

No. 2087192

Fabric is made out of fiber, it can be from plants (linen, wool, etc.), it can be from insects' protein fiber (silk). Once you've got the fiber (which you have to spin in some cases, like with wool), you have to loom it together. Vidrel shows industrial looms. If you're curious, there are people who also show their traditional looms and making fabric online on YouTube or IG.

No. 2087200

mmmmm yummy yummy fiber.

No. 2087207

I don't know how people tolerate online shopping for clothes. I only do it if it's something I can't get elsewhere. How do you know if an article of clothing will fit you well or actually feel comfortable? What if the color is different from the photos or looks bad on your figure? And if it's unpleasant to wear once it arrives, returning it isn't as easy as just going back to the store, it all seems like a huge waste of time and money to me.

No. 2087211

File: 1720844325544.jpeg (51.3 KB, 480x312, IMG_4539.jpeg)

two types basically.
woven means you just take horizontal and vertical threads and crissscross them. it gives you a flat (2d) piece of fabric and then you cut that piece and sew it to create a garment.
the other type is knit where instead of Crisscrossing the threads you loop them together. knitted fabric has more give and allows you to make 3d pieces

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