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File: 1438921696869.jpg (205.98 KB, 828x1222, kylie-jenner-avoids-wardrobe-m…)

No. 20965

As the title implies, talk shit about celebrities you're just not all that fond of. Throw any kind of rationale to the wind. Feel free to vent, rant, rave, and so on. Here in shit talk general, saltiness is our favourite flavor.

No. 20970

I wish people would shut the fuck up about the Kardashians and Jenners. They're upper middle class people who got popular for literally no good reason. They're not interesting or unique, I don't give a fuck about them.
I don't care if Kylie Jenner is going full Dolezal and sucking 80 year old mens' dicks while the rest of her family tries to play it off as normal. I don't care if Kanye held his baby over a balcony . I don't care if Kim shaved her head. Why are they relevant?
They need to disappear. I miss the days where I didn't know which one was Khloe and which one was Khourtney, and the Jenners were practically unknown.

No. 20973

i fucking hate demi lovato i dont even know why

No. 20974

also just wanted to add that if i was a kid with cancer or something and i got to do that make a wish thing id meet her so i could tell her i hate her and then id kill myself in front of her

No. 20975

I hate Nicki Minaj. Beautiful woman, especially now that she's dropped that horrible "Harajuku barbie" technicolour vomit bullshit, but I think she's a talentless sow. Her music is garbage. Everytime I hear some faggot call her "this generations best female music artist" I die a little on the inside. I also want to throw Iggy Azalea off of a cliff. She's an abomination.

No. 20977

They got popular because Kim got pissed on by a black man. That's literally it.

No. 20978

They are more than upper middle class aren't they?

No. 20982

Pretty sure. I think that their dad was OJ Simpson's lawyer or something?

No. 20983

he pissed on her? wow, what a fucking disgusting piece of shit she is. i hope her child doesn't see that GOD.

No. 20984

No. 20985

you should just kill her AND THEN kill yourself.

No. 20988

wasnt that r kelly and that 15 yr old girl?

kim just fucked ray j on tape

No. 20991

R Kelly pissed on the 15 y/o.
It was just Kims sex tape that made her fa mouse.

No. 20999

File: 1438935527591.jpg (270.74 KB, 1280x870, tumblr_m89ppsG1oJ1qb35bro1_128…)

I really dislike Lana Del Rey and her fucked up lips. Most of my girlfriends listen to her and it drives me mad. I don't find her very attractive or her music to be that good tbh.

No. 21000

god, thank you. I think her music is incredibly subpar and she's doing nothing new that every other female MC before her hasn't. Everyone keeps going on about how she's so influential while rehashing some stupid gwen stefani+beyonce atrocity vomit and making shitty lyrics.

But it's a sexual PoC showing off her ass&tiddy implants so even tumblr is all over her ~courageous beauty~. Meh.

No. 21002

I love you a lot

No. 21003

I heard Kim likes golden showers. She's fucking disgusting.

No. 21008

i thought her lips were decent until i saw this pic

is it even possible to get lip augmentation that doesn't look like shit in the long run

No. 21010

I fucking hate Kylie Jenner but probably only because I'm terribly envious of her lips/eyes. I sometimes wish I could lock her up and watch her starve. She also looks like a stuck up spoiled bitch.

No. 21012

I love the kardashians/jenners tbh.

No. 21017

They're called fake lashes and lip plumpers.
We've all seen that picture of her as a pale 12 year old with a paper cut for lips, there isn't anything to be envious of. She doesn't wake up like this.

No. 21022

im shocked at her moms letting her get plastic surgery at such a young age

1-2 years ago she was small frame/tiny hips/no tits/no lips/slightly different face and now she is a different person

huge hips/big tits/huge lips/litearly looks like she had kim clone plastic surgery

inb4 omg puberty!!! but i've never seen anyone look like a totally different girl after a year in her LATE teens. Her sister also aged but looks like the same person. She just wants to be kim so bad I feel bad for her and she trashed her looks. She looks like an ugly old ass porn star and shes fucking 17 WTF

No. 21025

File: 1438955238626.gif (1.25 MB, 500x222, kylieGIF.gif)

No. 21026

File: 1438955344103.gif (1.44 MB, 500x222, Kyliegif2.gif)

I always see theese two gif on my dash and they make me so irrationaly angry. She look dumb. Her lips look like the asshole of those russian teens that Rocco Siffredi fuck mercilessly.

No. 21027

she's so fucking ugly now! ruined her face with surgery

also roccos is hot af unnn\fff

No. 21028

Their mom is a monster. She grooms her daughters to be little mini-me's so they can snag wealthy dudes. Their mom raises them with the intention of having them rely on their looks and sucking dick in order to secure a good financial future rather than encourage them to get a good education like, you know, a good parent. Shits disgusting.

No. 21029

This whole generation kind of scares me tbh. Not to be a prude, but it really feels like kids these days are so eager to dress and act like adults.

No. 21030

same. when I was 17 I wasn't looking/acting like a 40 year old MILF

No. 21031

File: 1438957417191.jpg (204.2 KB, 1280x1589, feb2014.jpg)

this is kylie in FEB OF 2014 WTF

No. 21036

Didn't know she had boob surgery as well

No. 21037

File: 1438959020628.jpg (68.04 KB, 545x434, kylie-jenner-butt-implants-2.j…)

and ass implants

No. 21038

File: 1438959037194.jpg (92.34 KB, 980x551, kylie-jenner-plastic-surgery-r…)

No. 21039


poor kylie. She got the short end of the stick while Kendall became pretty enough to model.

She looks like she's fucking 27 now. Must be weird to hang out with people her age.

No. 21047

My cousin looks like kylie jenner and i find her the most beautiful girl in the world lol

No. 21053

i don't think she has butt implants tho. seems like a case of lordosis and good fat distribution genetics etc..

No. 21054

Why are people even obsessed with the jenners? they look basic to me tbh

No. 21057

all of the kardashians have worn butt pads/body suits with butt pads in them from time to time, especially khloe, so that + photoshop (which they have been caught doing SO many times) is probably what is going on with kylie

like they even photoshop their candid pictures that are supposed to be taking by papparazi (when really they make sure magazines only buy from 1 specific paid shill pap of theirs)

No. 21058

I hate it when weaboos are gonna now pretend to be normalfags.

Stay in your lane = talk about kawaii nobodies.

No. 21061

that was like a year in difference. When she was already late into puberty/had this sort of shape.

No. 21062

I graduated last year and can confirm so many teen girls are trying to look like these kardashian klowns. Its disgusting seeing 14 year old girls burning their skin and caking on makeup when they should be out having fun.

No. 21064

Its funny too how she bashes skinny chicks but without surgery she would be flat as well.

No. 21065

Prepubescent hoes always existed tho…they are now led by the KKK klan. Also I find the hoes now muuccch better looking than lets say 5 years ago.

No. 21066

File: 1438974567996.jpg (32.57 KB, 306x371, 26B9440F00000578-2998450-image…)

God her lips are fuckin gross she looks like a damn clown. She'll ruin her face just like Kim did. I used to think Kim was gorgeous around 2007.

No. 21070


nigga not everyone is a NEET weeb with no irl friends or life. Why are you so upset?

No. 21087

I'm not talking about myself of course, I'm talking about you you wap.

No. 21089


And i'm asking why you're mad that there's a thread here dedicated to celebrities and not kawaii weeb shits?

No. 21104

she looks like she's from whoville

No. 21109

Na she used to look like jafar

No. 21126

Because I dont want this crap on lolcow, it's ridiculous.

No. 21130

nigga hide the thread. This is /b/, where we talk about whatever. Like i said before, not all of us only care about weebs and idol wannabes.

No. 21133

Then leave ~

No. 21137

racist ass motherfucker.

No. 21138

jc you don't own the website.
make your own fucking website with blackjack & hookers for all we care.

No. 21143

I'm gonna vomit in your mouth.

No. 21144

tumblr pls go

No. 21148


Jafar was kinda hot tho

No. 21149

jafar was hot. so was aladdin.

No. 21151

And I'm going to rape you.
i dont care about the word nigger at all but i just hate it when niggers say it and i am suspecting you is a black woman.

No. 21156

sure is /pol/ in here

No. 21157


Nigga is u retarded

No. 21158

^ignore this bait

No. 21159

yes. And ignore this stupid ass thread nigger

No. 21162

I find it kind of disturbing how now that Kim Kardashian is 34 (and therefore a worn-out old hag, obviously) she's essentially being replaced by her teenage sisters who are unabashedly sexualized by the media despite being underage. I hate everybody in the KKK klan, especially those spoiled-ass youngest sisters, but this truly bothers me.

No. 21163

File: 1439006017662.jpg (387.77 KB, 1920x1200, WillowandJaden.jpg)

What the fuck even are these kids

No. 21164

same. but kim overdid it and she does look like shit. and sorry, you can't pop out kids as a hot chick and expect to retain relevancy.

kylie is a joke though.

No. 21177

they're kids. just like you said.

No. 21178

why is it so common for boys to do that stupid eyebrow raising face now? do they think it looks good? justin beiber does this also.

No. 21189

File: 1439025633514.jpg (46.96 KB, 407x324, James_Dean_in_East_of_Eden_tra…)

le james dean face

even though these kids don't even know who james dean was

No. 21203

I don't like Amy Schumer or Jennifer Lawrence.
Their faces just piss me off… so do their personalities but I can't stand looking at them. Amy looks like a bloated JLaw and they both try too hard to be funny or quirky.

No. 21204

this girl is 17 with her own 3 million dollar home. Her mom is treating her better than most lol

No. 21205

Kendall might be prettier but from observation Kylie is more popular atm. She has more Instagram follows too.

No. 21222

Kylie with the surgery is prettier than kendall. kendall looks like a man tbh.

No. 21316

How can Jennifer Lawrence's disgusting face look even more bloated omg

No. 21325

you must have some pretty ass men in your town.

No. 21378

File: 1439133784987.jpg (1.6 MB, 1600x1200, 1438280139_jennifer-lawrence-a…)

idk, but that's what I'm reminded of when I see Schumer. Schumer's mouth is smaller but they look similar imo.

No. 21409

Amy Schumer FAS confirmed???

No. 21617

File: 1439224580104.jpg (134.01 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Kylie looks deformed and ugly af now Jesus she's had so much work done for being 17

No. 21618

File: 1439224597726.jpg (147.63 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 21632

She looks like a drag queen. Holy toledo.

No. 21651


I'm supposed to be jealous and impressed but I'm not?

She looks like a preteen kim k knock off

the sindy to barbie

No. 21680

WOW she looks so old in this…..but still hot

No. 21700

File: 1439236062763.png (1.32 MB, 1002x1092, 34567654.png)

never seen her instagram before, so that might be old news, but jesus christ, the ads she does are so blatant and shameless. pic related

she probably did it this early to blame it on puberty.
(yeah, right)

No. 21731

File: 1439238243977.jpg (58.06 KB, 195x693, pancake.jpg)

some idiots here keep saying kylie jenner has a fake ass.

No. 21732

anyways kylie jenner happy birthday!

No. 21736

Kylie Jenner has had a fat transplant.
No sillicones are needed anymore, just grafting some fat in that bum.

No. 21737


Yep, they remove it from the waist and pump it into the ass. That's why Kim's augmentation didn't show up on an x-ray.

Only problem is it needs to be topped up semi-regularly, but you don't need a lot of fat to make a big difference in the butt.

Her ass is gonna look like a trash bag when she's older though. Christ can you imagine the Kardashians growing old with grace? This is going to be hilarious to watch.

No. 21738

>Only problem is it needs to be topped up semi-regularly
That, I did not know.

Also it seems like fat grafting is also getting more common with breast surgery, I suspect MissAlice of it but don't have concrete proof yet besides her dramatic breast size changes.

No. 21739

No you dumb wannabe-normies. That ass is flat as a pancake, you too can have a big ass with poses and photoshop. She has only done lip fillers.

No. 21740


Yeah. the fat gets reabsorbed back into the body which is why you see Kim's ass regularly inflating and deflating.
If it's looking more grotesque than usual it's because she's very recently had a top-up.

No. 21744

I want the surgery Kylie has had.
I hate being poor.

No. 21751

It won't bigger your bum but I always have my needle ready for that hole. ;3

No. 21753

Reabsorbed where? The same area it was removed from?

No. 21757


No the fat cells eventually dissolve and assimilate back into the area they were injected into.

No. 21777

You can inject your lips with your own fat, its eventually cheaper than botox. Silicones are too risky. Thats basically the only procedure kylie currently has

No. 21779

am i the only one who thinks kylie looks like a frog?

No. 21781

File: 1439250553218.jpg (40.03 KB, 500x376, tumblr_nnrecoKFVl1s4i4uqo1_500…)


Apparently not.

No. 21794

she looks like a muppet in the op pic

No. 21805

I don't think she had surgery either, instead she photoshops it/wears those butt pad things sometimes lol.

No. 21809

I bet tyga is going to try to marry Kylie

No. 21819

I really want to kidnap one of these chicks, tie them to a chair in a dingy, ill-lit room, slowly approach them with a baby-wipe in hand, and just… wipe. Just wipe everything off.

No. 21855

What kind of monster are you

No. 21858

I just had the thought that you keep wiping and wiping and eventually you just end up with a flat plane of flesh with no features

No. 21859

Didn't he cheat on her with a MtF model?

No. 21869

What's Courtney Strodden up to these days?

No. 21874

Is that why he bought her a $250k Ferrari for her birthday?
(thanks, Today Show, for keeping me up-to-date with this shit)

No. 21884

Apparently he's having trouble paying rent so…. How he can afford this car idk. Maybe the mom bought it and told them to pretend he did.

No. 21901

sex tape lol, broke up with Doug, got back together blah blah

No. 21941

I can't breathe omg ilu

No. 21942

She seems very sweet I just hate her fucking music and face.

No. 21943

Why she wanna be black so bad?

No. 21945

I hate them so much they're trying so hard to be fucking unique..

No. 21947

>>20965 shes lookin like an oompa loompa in this photo kek

No. 21949

No. 21956

She looks more middle eastern or latina wannabe to me tho

No. 21961

No. 21974

File: 1439349096237.jpg (58.4 KB, 500x500, 7f8c00404892653a_thumb_temp_im…)

How can something so cute have such a vile personality? God I hate her so abso-fucking-lutely much, but she's adorable imo. She's like a bunny with rabies.

No. 21978

Why do I have a feeling that you are that one PULL member who had unflattering pics of Ariande Grande as his/her profile pic all the time?

No. 21984

Bc you're a dumbass pullfag

No. 21986

File: 1439350340193.jpg (66.04 KB, 483x750, 247de20048442ef9b0c40edb046c97…)

I know how you feel, i adored her style and she is quite beautiful. Back in her nickelodeon days she was a pretty sweet girl but once her singing career took off the fame got to her head. Such a shame.

No. 21987

That doesn't even make sense seeing how this person is admitting she looks good. Dumb pullfags try to nitpick the most petty shit to try and make her out to be ugly but lets face it, as bitchy as she is she is still good looking.

No. 21988

I thought it was like the Kota situation where some PULLtards advertise the unflattering pics of Kota b/c she's a bitch to them but they admit she is cute anyway

No. 21989

Do you think she may be a weaboo? The way she dresses…

No. 21992

need help lolcow
remember when heath ledger died mk olsen was involved somehow? like she was there on the night of?
idr what happened someone fill me in

No. 21994

She gets styled like that. No one at her level of fame picks their own clothes, even their "casual" outfits are chosen by a pro stylist.

No. 22022

File: 1439360759635.jpg (124.21 KB, 750x843, image.jpg)

just saw this lol

No. 22023

I know Kyary Pamyu Pamyu posted a video of Ariana wishing her happy birthday on instagram so I think she might be.

No. 22025

I'm rustled tbh

No. 22028

p sure this is fake

No. 22030


I hope you know that site is known for fake news stories.

No. 22032

She looks like she's 36 and about to have Lifetime make a biopic about her.

No. 22037

I don't think she is cute at all. But then again I don't waste my time trying to find unflattering pics of her to prove my opinion. Everyone can look like shit in a pic.

No. 22042

File: 1439371845467.jpg (180.16 KB, 592x888, Taylor-Swift4_glamour_8dec14_p…)

I dislike her so much , she just seems so fake.

No. 22046

i didn't mind her until it became that people would not SHUT UP about her, like there always seem to be 7540271 news stories about her on every celeb gossip sites and she releases a new music video once a week it seems. she hasn't done anything to offend me i'm just so sick of her that it makes me rage to even see her photo

No. 22048

Everything about her is fake.
I always thought of her as having the same personality as the woman from Gone Girl tbh. That, or a female Patrick Bateman.

No. 22050

She look very old to me. She will age horribly.

No. 22052

No. 22078


I don't mind Taylor Swift but I did prefer her love country whiny music before she became pop idol barbie ugu like she is now. Plus I prefer her old hair and style aswell. Her hair doesn't suit her now, I liked her curly hair because it was natural and nice. Just found it very appealing for some reason. Now she is just like every other fucker up there on the stage.

It made me laugh though how Tay went from writing songs about "she's an actress, she's better known for doing things on the mattress!" to having a tumblr and being like "DONT SLUT SHAME GIRLS K"


No. 22079


Ariana always reminds me of bratz dolls tbh

No. 22080

File: 1439387791031.jpg (26.19 KB, 277x500, 7fc9cfe7c7c0835e29e12b77a4ed64…)


she'd be yasmin

No. 22082

File: 1439387932664.jpg (23.92 KB, 250x250, image.jpg)

Close but not close enough

No. 22100

She IS a bitch. She's too good to have her songs sold on spotify…she's trying to copyright phrases like "shake it off" and other shit from her garbage songs…she's an insane cunt and this is why no man dates her for more than 5 seconds.

No. 22112

Never forget her trying to copyright "this sick beat" lmao

No. 22306


she also seems to be trying to learn Japanese, from what I've seen on her instagram

No. 22318


probably knows that they'll worship her because she's dolly small and 'can sing'


No. 22321

She's not a pale white girl, though. Japan isn't about that dark skin life, there's a reason gyaru is a subculture and not normlafag fashion thing lol

No. 22329

what a fucking retard

No. 22347


Japan love her actually, Ariana is making an effort with learning Japanese, she has some ties with Kyary and they like her. You can't say Ariana isn't cute and fuck the pale white girl shit. They still think she is CUTE regardless. She has a dolly cutesy style and they like her.

Ariana hardly looks gyaru either btw

No. 22356

File: 1439415485867.jpg (83.3 KB, 662x988, 215272270.jpg)


still cuter than venus and kota lol

No. 22358

Still a bitch though.

No. 22360

She has nothing on Kota in the bitchy department

No. 22361

You sound jelly as shit.

No. 22363

>>She has some ties with Kyary
>literally meets her
>Ariana: OMG I'm a huge fan!
>Kyary: Who's she?
I'm not saying she isn't cute, I'm saying she'd have a hard time because she doesn't fit that well into Nippon's famously retarded, homogeneous beauty standards. t.A.T.u. and Baby Spice probably had more of a Jap. following than her for obvious reasons.
It's a good thing Japan's probably not even her main route tbh. She's just a weeb as well as being a pop star/kids' show actress, not like you can't be both.

No. 22365

I agree with anon, though. She does look old.
Taylor pls

No. 22366

At least dakota actually walks.This Ariana bitch makes her crew carry her around like a little muppet

No. 22380

Beyoncé is super famous in Japan. More famous than Kota or any other white model will ever be.

No. 22386

Beyonce is really fucking prolific and is famous all over the world. She literally doesn't count in these conversations, anon.

No. 22388

Ariana is way above the level of Kota and the likes. Please don't be delusional.

No. 22390


you're acting like she's lupita from 12 years a slave. Ariana is cute, she's already done some modelling stuff in japan, sold out concerts there and all that good stuff. And besides, its not like she's pulling a kota and moving to japan to live. And even if she did she'd be more relevant than kotas white ass will ever be.

No. 22391

I never once said anything even close to Dakota being above Ariana. Are you drunk?

No. 22394

Dude, a lot of western pop artists have done things in Japan. Doesn't mean most of their fans come from there or a shitload of interest is drummed up (aside from the usual media hype, I mean)
Justin Bieber did a concert in Japan, showed up on talk shows, did at least one shoot IIRC, etc too.
And yeah, I literally mentioned that Japan isn't her main route in that very post. Dakota is so irrelevant I didn't even mention her lmao.

No. 22396


I like Beyonce but sometimes I find her manly idk

I think Solange is prettier

No. 22397


you're acting like japan was rejecting her and i just stated that they weren't. She's a cute girl, and i have no clue why you're acting like her skintone will barr her from ever being liked in glorious japan?

No. 22398


10/10 would touch solanges hair though.

No. 22400


its cos anon probs thinks japan is made for white weeb kawaii lolis and no other kawaii girl who isnt blonde kota peachymilktea looking should ever enter

No. 22403


still more kawaii than kota and half the weebs on here tbh

No. 22404

File: 1439417099351.jpg (45.52 KB, 500x700, Blogging.jpg)

No. 22407


Don't get me wrong, I like Beyonce. But it's ALWAYS been about Beyonce tbh. She's the 'package' yada yada… still though. Getting to find her a bit overrated.

No. 22408

File: 1439417399917.jpg (124.4 KB, 306x429, 215272766.jpg)


defo preferred her style back then

No. 22409


tbh i've never found her that pretty. She's never been ugly, but at most she's just like a 7/10. I think she was the prettiest in that crazy in love era and after that its been meh.

No. 22410

aw but Lupita is so pretty

No. 22411

yeah I think Rihanna looks so much prettier, even nicki now that she's not in those retarded outfits anymore (her ass is ridiculous though)

No. 22412


she is but according to >>22363 no one likes anything darker than kotakoti pale in japanland. I'm >>22390 and i was just using her skintone as an example.

No. 22413

File: 1439417638464.jpg (235.56 KB, 1200x2367, 7fc9cfe7c7c0835e29e12b77a4ed64…)


tay has a good body but idk.. her outfits.. yeah and no from me

No. 22415

File: 1439417713828.jpg (71.75 KB, 768x1024, BoSTdoNIIAETBvT.jpg-large.jpg)


10/10 gay for riri

No. 22416

File: 1439417733226.jpg (32.29 KB, 603x760, 100215400_shop2_246552c.jpg)


I think Rihanna was prettiest in her fresh days 2005//2006, now she looks trashy and gross

No. 22417

File: 1439417888789.jpg (84.77 KB, 600x898, 100215400_shop2_246552c.jpg)


everyone in the UK who was mixed/black went ape shit and died their hair red cos rihanna did

oh it was the worst era

No. 22418

I'm partial to that red hair phase she had.
That was gorgeous.

No. 22419

As far as music I don't think Japan cares about race or skin color. It's just no one with even an ounce of talent focuses on Japan, only weeaboos who can't sing or dance and want to be kawaii idols go there to become famous. Why would someone talented from the west focus on Japan when they could be 10x more successful in America?

No. 22420

File: 1439418032093.jpg (199.76 KB, 618x900, 8888888888888.JPG)


even tho im not a fan of her music much anymore i will say with her hair this colour, make up like this and looking fly she looks best and just as nice as 2005/2006 but every other year was terrible

No. 22421


i think the best recent look she had was in fourfive seconds

No. 22424

File: 1439418424723.png (306.56 KB, 1080x796, Screenshot_2015-08-12-18-26-11…)

dropped pic

No. 22445

Regarding Beyoncé, is there anybody else that believes that she used a surrogate? The one where your egg is inseminated with your husbands semen and another woman incubates it?

No. 22448



"It saddens me to upset my loyal fans and followers, but this has been weighing on me for sometime. I have decided to come clean about my pregnancy with Blue. I never carried her physically, but emotionally she was apart of me the entire nine months. Again I apologize for deceiving my loved ones. We arranged a surrogate and we thought we compensated her appropriately."

No. 22449


i remember back in high school 2008/2009 everyone thought beyonce worshipped the devil… something about 666

No. 22450

No, it's because Japan prefers pale skin. You can literally get made fun of for being brown in East Asia (it's probably the worst in South Korea tho, ngl).
Of course if you're a famous gaijin anyway they'll overlook it, but if you're focusing specifically on Japan and want to get famous there mainly, you will have a hard time. If Ariana wasn't already a successful artist in Murrika, I strongly doubt she'd have that many accolades in Japan except maybe in the gyaru scene (which she definitely could be pretty popular in, considering she's cute and skinny and has big eyes without having to go full sperg with makeup).
I'm sorry that it bothers you that much, but grorious nippon is way more hung up on skintone than you'd think.

No. 22451

Lmao remember when she showed off her so-called pregnant belly at the VMAs or something? Fake as fuck.

No. 22459

Oh come on that is a fake quote.

>her face when

No. 22460

File: 1439422752979.gif (776.32 KB, 250x350, lmao.gif)

4got pic

No. 22463

They whitened the fuck out of her skin whenever she appeared in their media.

No. 22465

yes, this was definitely her best look

No. 22466


trey has it accurate tho

No. 22469

tbh all the girls who were part of Destiny's Child were super attractive.
Makes me sad that there could only be one.

No. 22471

There are still weird people on youtube who think she worships the devil and has ties to the illuminati. Try looking up celebrity illuminati on yt sometime if you're bored and want to be entertained.

No. 22472

How tall is Beyonce? She looks like she's 11 feet tall in this gif.

No. 22473

haahaha she's not extremely tall that's just a really awkwardly low chair.. hence why she has to dip so low to get seated and proceeds to crush/fold her hollow foam baby bump by bending forward. OR SO THEY SAY

No. 22475

Ah ok. She really looks like Alice in Wonderland when she drank the "drink me" bottle and grew so huge that she outgrew the house she was in. I dunno, that's just the first thing I thought of when I saw that, but an awkwardly low chair makes sense.

No. 22502

File: 1439435030364.jpg (354.71 KB, 600x770, rat-bird.jpg)

I don't care for her acting but i feel like i'm missing something when i hear men drooling over her.

No. 22509

File: 1439437919143.png (1.01 MB, 978x612, okay.png)

these girls aren't celebs, some of them just have instafame

however, I noticed that the vast majority look the same (not because of the stereotype that all asians look the same physically) due to their style

reminds me of tumblr a lot

I have a feeling that pretty soon Asians will start getting more media spotlight, and that they'll end up looking like these girls. Lol I'm trying to imagine how the media will describe them without being overtly racial about it. Though I don't think they'll be looked to as beauty icons despite how pretty they are because they'll still be considered too different for being asian imo. Like if they have a monolid.

No. 22513

Can you just shut tf up you don't know what the hell you're talking g about. Ariana is VERY popular in Japan and is praised for being cute. You sound like a fucking tumblr white sjw that tells people not to wear kimonos.

No. 22516

Only girl that looks good here is the blue hair in front. SLAY.

No. 22517

Isn't Rola tan af? Kek. Just sit the fuck down weeb.

No. 22522

File: 1439442212912.jpg (368.45 KB, 979x1222, 5409333082_d8be11b64c_o.jpg)

>She's not a pale white girl
Uh, did you see her during her "Victorious" days? She was white as fuck. She just spray tans now.

No. 22524

not pale enough for glorious japanland!

No. 22525

File: 1439443855117.jpg (36.68 KB, 640x516, aramajapan_rola-and-other-haaf…)

Yes, the Brazilian is strong in this one.

No. 22529

Her face is so different now wtf

No. 22531

in the thumbnail it looks like she tripped and fell face first on a dusty gravel road or something…

No. 22532

why do you think she has a vile personality? It's hard to believe you actually know her.

No. 22533

She definitely got a nose job, and possibly a brow lift? Her eyebrows are a lot higher now. She also lines her lips so they look bigger. You can kind of see her top lip filled in here >>21974

No. 22534

File: 1439446392332.png (988.93 KB, 1280x805, 1435047080704.png)

pic related, among other shit. like when she licked sample donuts at a donut shop that people later ate, and made the shop go down a health code rating.

No. 22535

is this that thing kaka was tweeting her about & blasting her for not being vegan enough?

No. 22536

There've been tons of reports of her being a POS much in the way Taylor Swift does but tries to play it off with good deeds and positive media attention. She licked donuts in public, said she wasn't fat and hated America etc. at said donut place to the employee which is just an odd and uncomfortable way to behave when you're a customer. Her mother herself said she was plagued by demons from hell.

No. 22542


(nut sure how to embed videos so hopefully this works)
also wtf I didn't even see the donut video before. You can instantly tell she's a total cunt behind closed doors, she's got a bratty attitude.
& her little posse.. mindlessly laughing at her because they like the benefits of being associated with her.

No. 22544


No. 22548

I love how she's an unrepentant bitch. At least she doesn't pretend to like her fans most of the time, bahaha.

No. 22549

You're probably right but I'll always be doubtful about these things. If the media wants you to be portrayed as a shit person, you will be portrayed a a shit person, even if you're actually really nice.

No. 22553

licking donuts because you think it's funny & being rude to staff is not indicative of being a nice person.

No. 22562

They got her licking donuts on video and you're still not catching on?

No. 22564

>butthurt tan weebs mad at the truth

No. 22567

>Literally one chick who works as a tarento nowadays
>"Omg what do you mean anon, Japan LOVES brown skin!!1!!!1!!!"

No. 22571

I'm just saying that everyone has their bitchy moments and if you filter only those moments out and show them to people, you do come of as a huge bitch.
I'm just speaking generally, I don't really care much for Ariana Grande

No. 22574

Ah I see, I understand what you're saying. I don't believe it applies for many celebrities such as Ariana Grande. Lady Gaga pays for good media coverage with concert tickets and specials, so does Taylor Swift who has let her true colors shine through enough to be pretty transparent. I wouldn't be surprised if AG had a lot of her rude behavior down played. It isn't hard as a celebrity to get away with literal murder, so I don't empathize with them at all.

No. 22587

Ariana grande could be popular in Japan if she wanted to because she's already had hits in the biggest music industry in the world but why would she focus on japan?
Also there really are no popular Caucasian pale skin girls in Japan either, not even as idols

No. 22590

Has somebody summoned racist-chan?

No. 22604

That's literally what I said earlier on in the thread. Some butthurt stans started crying that I must think only pale Caucasian chicks and irrelevant bitches like Dakota belong in Japan.

No. 22611


Exactly, when Ariana has the whole world why just have Japan? Kek.

It's because brainwashed white weeb girls think Japan is ONLY for them and they are actually special. Pfft.

No. 22612


Basically butthurtpaleskinrules-chan is upset because Ariana has been acknowledged by the Japanese and they like her. If Ariana was white pale kotakoti colour then it'd be FINE.

Cos yh

No. 22615

Are…Are you retarded? I'm the person who said that if she was focusing ONLY on Japan, her skintone would be a hindrance.
I literally mentioned that she's famous all over the world so it doesn't matter, and that you can be a casual weeaboo while also being a normalfag celebrity.
I think you're just butthurt because I pointed out Japan is weird and dumb about skin color. And no one cares about Dakota, why do people keep mentioning her as if she was ever relevant?

No. 22619

File: 1439488442027.jpg (69.14 KB, 640x859, image.jpg)

Ariana's skin tone wouldn't be a hindrance because she's not an idol. The reason why you don't see many non-Japanese artists in Japan because why they when they could be more successful in the USA?

No. 22620

Why are you repeating exactly what I've already said in my post as if this is new information? This is like the third time you've done it, too (assuming there aren't a shitload of people ITT who simply can't read). Anon, are you okay?

No. 22622


Oh calm the fuck down.

That's Japan being retarded then, isn't it? Not many white idols are even that big in Japan. They get noticed and fans but even Kota is struggling.

Japanese are asian-centric, they only give a shit about themselves and possible another asian. You DO see more white than darker skin toned models/singers over there though but still not as big as their own.

Even so, Ariana is cute. End of.

No. 22623


btw that wasn't me, it was another anon you paranoid fuck.

No. 22626

If she was only focusing on Japan the fact that she's not Asian would be the issue, not her tan skin. That's all I'm saying.

No. 22627

Are there any popular white idols?even in the idol world there seems to be a strong preference for typical Japanese girl with long black hair.

No. 22628


Exactly, they've had plenty of celebs who aren't white go to Japan and appear on tv show there. I remember Beyonce doing the dutty with Noami Watanabe, she's liked over there, I've got Japanese friends who LOVE her and she ain't white.

Japan is tiny, they aren't 'aidoru' and America can give him ~ the land & opportunity of dreams ~ so why just focus on little Tokyo when u can have the 'murican dream? kek

Aside from the "no brown skin" allowed policy Japan 'apparently' seems to have. Cos yeah it's kinda true cos of history, pale makes you look wealthy and ect

But even Aminyan got herself a aidoru place and she's black. It depends how you look at the end of the day, she's petite, pretty and nice. If she was fat, big ass nose and ghetto they wouldn't bat an eyelash at her.

In my eyes it's all about looks. Even kota is basic but she still has the cutesy petiteness about her despite looking sloppy seconds in person. If you have a look, kawaii then Japan will live you.

No. 22629

>That's Japan being retarded then, isn't it?
>Even so, Ariana is cute. End of.
I said both these things too. More than once.
I really don't get how the fuck my comment made people so buttmad when everyone basically agrees with me.

No. 22630


They've got enough white idols as it is, not being funny but if its only going to be white idols then start throwing in a latino or turk in for a change if they're that uptight about 'too black' for aidoru.

Again Japan is asian-centric, they only give a fuck about their own.

No. 22631


like you*

No. 22634

I can't think of any popular white idols

No. 22636


That's because they're there in Japan but Japan doesn't really care about them.

No. 22639

I know of white idols but I don't know any on the level of popularity as akb48, dempagumi inc, momoiro clover etc

No. 22644

Ariana is not darker skinned.
I personally am not attracted to her, but her skintone is so obviously fake.

No. 22645

She's tryingn to look like a Hispanic loli

No. 22664

She is italian and is probably trying to look more italian. But the only italians that actually have shit stained skin like that are the guidos.

No. 22698

Make it North African.
Especially when she was younger she looked like a standard pretty Algerian/Morrocan girl we have a lot from here in the Netherlands.

No. 22711

Is anyone else sick of Nicki Minaj or am I the only one who doesn't bow down to her monkey lookin' ass?

No. 22712

Nicki knows sex sells and she's exploiting it.
She doesn't seem like a bad person to me, unlike for example a wolf in sheep clothes like Taylor.

No. 22713


Yeah, they've all got that "im hot shit cos i wear MAC and NARS bitch" sorta look with tumblr candy dyed hair and clothes off missguided.

Everyone looks the same these days, platforms, dark make up, ect its boring and try hard

No. 22715


Yeah, then everyone will want to be Asian more than they already do now (weebs).

Then everyone will start wanting to go Korean and Japan to marry off some gook

No. 22716


Obviously lol.

Not a bad person but I do find her annoying and manky. I did find it ridiculous how she had to make a tweet about her needing lighter skin and hair or w/e it was. I know tumblr and every other African American will agree with Nicki cos "no 1 like black gurlz" and the usual bollocks. But it was kinda pathetic.

Taylor is just as bad. I don't like her new style or music much. She even looks evil tbh.

TBH there isn't really ANYONE in the media right now I like much. They're all just the same, clones or just attention slappers.

No. 22769

god you're annoying

No. 22770


then go away

No. 22774

Italians are sandniggers with a european culture tbh

No. 22782

Wot? She is definitely Italian. She said so herself

No. 22785

No Italians are caucasian.

No. 23130

What's the Taylor Swift drama that I'm missing? I've never been a huge fan- and I agree that her change from one style to her new CD was very drastic- but she seems to be decent to her fans; although, I only know what the media says, y'know, gift baskets, free concerts, bullshit like that.

No. 24165

Literally all sandniggers regardless of skintone are caucasian too.

No. 24201

She also tweeted she has north african ancestry, like all italians do.

No. 24717

File: 1439559287211.jpg (56.07 KB, 460x615, ariana-grande-young-1403709915…)

She has said a lot of shit.
just found out my grandparents are heavily greek and part north african…. I thought I was Italian… who am i ? my whole life is a lie.

Turkic/North African mix, which for me was already clear when I first saw her as a 13 or so year old.
That tweet just confirmed it

No. 24744

I would argue that they're not. It's sad that the standard of 'white' keeps falling. Next thing you know latinos are 'white'.

No. 24753

I argue than anyone who's caucasian is white.
But that's more because unifying more people under one banner supports globalism.

North Africans are listed as white in the USA.

No. 24755

A lot of Italian have really white skins and dark hair some are even blonde!

My boyfriend come from an Italian family and litteraly everyone is pale / pinkish with really black hair, he is blonde / ginger, with tan skin.

I would say italian are white

No. 24756

Why do you want everyone to be 'white'? Do you want to genocide the white race?

No. 24758

I would say they're part white, so they can have white features just like part white blacks can have blonde hair and pale skin.

No. 24764

There's no genocide going on, just a hispanic population that outbreeds all the other ones.
The Asian population is also growing much faster than other populations.
"white genocide" is most often just the fear of Negroids becoming a majority. that's not going to happen. Not with their current birth and abortion rates.

No. 24769

It's interesting the Asians out number whites, are becoming more successful than white Americans but racist white people are ok with them but threatened by the weakest group which is black people and hispanics

No. 24770

Negroids in africa are breeding like rabbits tho

No. 24771

Nobody cares about Africa.

Because they want an east aryan waifu

No. 24772

Asians don't commit nearly as much violent crime. Even less than whites.

No. 24774

Why would that matter? If Asians take over that means white people become second rate and you'll have to live up to their standards.

No. 24775

A better standard*

No. 24776

Honestly right now mullatos and racially ambiguous people are considered most attractive and Asians are more successful. I guess white people are just screwed, o well by the time we all die off I'll be dead anyway.

No. 24800

>racially ambiguous
Isn't that a term for white people who think they are exotic just because they are quarter asian/black/etc? White beauty is still the standard, although pretty mulattos/other black influenced races can be an instagram star! Yay!

No. 24802

Because Asians dont get caught. Asians are basically Jews.

No. 24816

>Isn't that a term for white people who think they are exotic just because they are quarter asian/black/etc?

no. it isn't.

No. 24818

can you just shut the fuck up you don't know shit. even japanese themselves aren't all pale white. white people are the only one's who give a shit about this crap fro some reason. go to japan and watch them not give 2 fucks about your ugly big nose deep eye ass.

No. 24831

Adriana Lima/Mariah Carey sure are exotic then :^)

No. 25015

aka ur dark n mad.

No. 25193



No. 25390

fuck off back to /pol/ you obese retard

No. 25404

Why do people say white people have big noses? Mine is tiny.

No. 25405

>Negroids becoming a majority. that's not going to happen. Not with their current birth and abortion rates.
What are you on about? Globally, Africans and Asians are the most populous races. Whites are the least populous IIRC.
Jfc do some research before you post hot opinions online

No. 25429

the same reason they claim whites all age badly and have thin lips

No. 25435

latinos are not a race

No. 25439

wth they said
>just the fear of Negroids becoming a majority

No. 25440

>Why do people say Asians have small eyes? Mine are big
>Why do people say black people have big nostrils? Mine are small.
>Why do people say Indians smell bad? I smell like flowers.
etc etc
Stop getting mad when the shoe is on the other foot.

No. 25442


You do know there latinos from spain? hispanics who are actually white europeans.

hispanic/latino is an ethnicity not a race

i'm a white hispanic. My whole family is white. I'm a citizen of spain and so are all of them

No. 25444

>not going to happen.
It's already happened is what I meant. It's literally too late for there to even be a "fear", it's just how things are and racists need to calm their autism

No. 25445

Im not mad you idiot. Anon did not mention any other races.

No. 25447

The passive aggression was there.

No. 25517

you're an idiot.

No. 25518

shut up u insecure bitch

No. 25519

>they're not white so they're dark

Nice logic retard.

No. 25527

Ok tumblrina

No. 25528

Nobody wants to date nigger women, sorry.

No. 25529

Nvm then. Im Italian and look a lot like her though.

No. 25530

Thanks for exacerbating the point anon

No. 25531

thanks for being an insecure black girl anon

No. 25532

Thanks for projecting anon

No. 25533

thanks for making white women look better in comparison anon

No. 25534

Thanks for mentioning random unrelated shit as an attempt to bait anon

No. 25535

you started it you fucking stupid nigger lol jesus christ…

No. 25536

Started what? Your anal devastation?

No. 25537

No being an insecure nigger like always and race baiting. No1curr you are the least desirable race.

No. 25539

Literally what are you talking about, and why are you projecting so hard? You're the only insecure nigger here.

No. 25540

Im not black don't insult me like that ewwgh

No. 25541

But you're literally a nigger.

No. 25542

Black person = nigger

No. 25544

So you agree with me?

No. 25545

no im not black

No. 25546

But you're obviously a nigger.

No. 25547

No. 25548


No. 25550

tryhard nigger

No. 25551

>being this mad

No. 25553

File: 1439613603139.jpg (11.27 KB, 251x242, exhausted pepe.jpg)

No. 25554

So you agree that you are a tryhard nigger

No. 25555

No, you're talking about yourself

No. 25556

No im talkin bout u nigger

No. 25559

So you're talking about yourself?

No. 25563

No. 25565

So yourself?

No. 25567

so its you then?

No. 25569

Exactly. So it's you.

No. 25571

no its you

No. 25573

Actually how bout we be niggers together?

No. 25575

Sure why not

No. 25579


No. 25617

wat happened to this thread…

No. 25656

shhh its all ogre now

No. 25747

I'm laughing so hard right now

No. 25782

File: 1439638596097.jpg (119.17 KB, 634x1024, uh.jpg)

Can samefag stop killing this thread with shit cancerposting? I want to talk about this. Why does it look like she has half of a diaper on her tits?

No. 25783


I think she stuffed her bikini with pads or some shit cuz dem hentai breasts aint real

No. 25812

Her braids look freaking ugly. Not even because of that white vs black thing, tumblr says about whites not being able to pull off braids.
They're just really ugly to me.

No. 25887

Braids look very nice tbh. Europeans plaited their hair too btw and egyptians too.

No. 25923

….what? I wasn't saying braids itself look? I was saying hers look bad (of course, imo. Others may feel differently).
I know that different cultures braided their hair, I just mentioned that because some people may assume I think they look bad because she's white which isn't the case.
I just think they look bad(not terrible either though) on her.

No. 25941

ew wtf her plastic surgery is so bad…also she looks fat/dumpy af and ugly ass braids

No. 25953


No. 25961

Those braids look old and messy. Whoever did that for her did a shit job.

No. 26027

File: 1439658905971.jpg (48.09 KB, 306x642, image.jpg)

I knew this photo would become of use to me some day.

No. 26030

File: 1439658971013.jpg (49.78 KB, 581x525, image.jpg)

Ariana Grande became quite the diva after she bought a better face. Her before is not nearly pretty enough to have her attitude.

No. 26070

Before is better. She is just tanned in the after picture.

No. 26077

Are u blind m8? She's had a nose job, and a little work done to her chin.

No. 26079

jaw shave, work on gums/teeth/upper lip, nose job, eyebrows fixed, spray tan, hair dye and straightened

anything else?

No. 26081

Exactly. I think that anon must've just been a robot.

No. 26110

Im a 22 year old girl and I am a bretty good makeup artist if I do say so myself since I've done the makeup of semi-celebrities.
Are you 13? Straightening your hair is not surgery.
In the left photo she stretches her chin because thats how stupid teens smile.

No. 26113

File: 1439665439273.jpg (41.36 KB, 566x358, image.jpg)

Posting a picture of a young sunkissed Ariana. Looks exactly the same as now. She was such a pretty kid.

No. 26125

The picture on the left is from 11 years ago when she was 11 years old, so that proves nothing.

No. 26136


No. 26145

>Looks exactly the same as now

No. 26148

I dont get the joke.
You're blind.

No. 26182

I really fucking hate Kurt Cobain's daughter. I wanted to like her, but she's such a pretentious attention whore and it's absolutely disgusting how she talks shit about her dad to the press, while milking the fact she's his daughter for all its worth. She even has done shoots in his fucking clothes, yet she refuses to even call him "dad" in her Rolling Stone interview and just trash talks him the whole time.

No. 26198

She didn't trash talk him. Are you a Kurt stan? She posed in his clothes when she was a kid, that hardly counts. She was like what, 11 at the time?
He shot himself in the face when she was a baby dude.

No. 26201

uh, have some empathy. look at who her mom is. i'm sure she had a really screwed up home life and has lots of conflicting feelings towards her parents. for the longest time she stayed out of the spotlight which was pretty commendable.

No. 26209

I'm asking it here but… What the hell happened? Why are there so many weird guys here?

No. 26246

No. She looks like a kid in that photo. In her current photos, she looks like a common whore with a permanent smug smirk on her face.

No. 26276

I wonder what all that's gonna look like in another ten years.

No. 27258

File: 1439874965588.jpg (64.04 KB, 475x357, LenaDunhamToilet.jpg)

I hate Lena Dunham. She's gross and annoying. Patronizing know-it-all. I think she had a potential but all that fame got into her head and made her unbearable.

No. 27270

On top of that, Dunham raped her sister.

No. 27273


No. 27279

Shes alright.
i can't stand her in pitch perfect seeing as shes 2edgy for me in it.

No. 27343

She looks disgusting…Why is she popular?

No. 27347

makes other disgusting women feel better about themselves

No. 27353


Oh yeah, I remember this cunt. Tumblr was raving about her like she was superwoman and when I found out what she did, who she was I wanted to kick her in the fanny.

"It wasn't raping ma sister tho it was experimenting and she liked itttt"


if a guy did this, bro tho and confessed he fondled his younger bro's cock, he'd get so much shit for it. i mean they're still guys while dunham and her sister, are still girls so yh.

plus she's just gross all over anyway

No. 27354


she's in some shit tv show, brought out some neo-feminist bs book and confessed to molesting her little sister

No. 27358

the molestation thing was an amazing example of how people let their political beliefs override basic morality. plenty of feminists were defending lena's actions because they see her as the popular face of feminism/progressivism and any attack on her is an implicit attack on their beliefs. the same thing happened with conservatives when the duggar kid raped a bunch of his sisters, and liberals were quick to criticize that, but they are blind to their own hypocrisy

No. 27367

That sucks so much. I hate when people are blind fans. It's okay to speak out when people you like do something shitty. When you don't speak out, it makes your beliefs look really bad. Feminists who still choose associate to that woman are doing their movement a serious injustice. They would probably be quick to say a man who molests is evil, but now when the woman is a culprit, they still support her…

The Duggar shit is news to me. I just thought they were all weird as fuck.

No. 27760

My sister owns her book so I read a bit of it. It's disgusting

>so repulsive she actually had to beg men to have sex with her during her college years

>all that pent up frustration
>dealt with guys treating her like a sex toy because she "just liked the sex" (she was broken)

No. 27764

>that picture
The definition of ratchet.

No. 27782

>My sister owns her book

i thought nobody really bought all these shitty celebrity books wtf. does your sister also own billy crystal's book or omsething lol

No. 27787

kek, i have eminem's photo memoir book. it's pretty entertaining, but he is a rapper after all so it probably wouldn't have been that shitty anyway. i also wanted to buy alexa chung's it, but everyone says it's tryhard as hell so idk. i saw it on sale and i still wasn't compelled to buy it, and now i can't find it.

No. 27946

File: 1440006365636.jpg (240.57 KB, 1600x800, image.jpg)

Several news outlets including Gossip Cop are currently reporting that Vivid founder Steve Hirsch has sent 18 year old Kylie Jenner a letter offering her $10 Million if she appears in a sex tape for them with her nearly 26 year old sexual predator boyfriend. In the letter Hirsch allegedly mentioned how they distributed Kim's tape which launched her career and claimed this would be nothing but a good move for Kylie who emulates her older sister whenever she gets the chance.

No word from Kylie or Tyga yet if they have considered the offer but lets be real the most shocking thing about all of this is they waited a whole week after the teen became legal before they sent her the offer.

No. 27947

File: 1440006727184.jpg (39.4 KB, 450x450, image.jpg)

The weeknd banned black women from his club. If you know who the weeknd is this should come as no surprise.

The weeknd is trash. There's a club here called lost & found and when he's there he doesn't let the bouncers let in black women.

@FattyWap__ 24m24 minutes ago
And if you're a black man you're only getting in if you have a booth and he's there. Trash"

No. 27949

Lol what? Why? Is he not black himself? (or least mixed? I really don't know.) Why on earth would you inhibit yourself from making money like that? Isn't his fanbase predominantly black?

No. 27953

1. Black people do not like other black people and the higher up a black person is the more they hate black people
2. Black male rnb singers and rappers usually do not like black women. Most rap or rnb videos do not feature black models and the weeknd only like white or Asian models in his videos
3. There is this light skin vs dark skin thing with black people.
4. The weeknd was raised in a white environment

No. 27958

O and yes he is half white

No. 27959

People the weeknd is of ethiopian descent and he is likely mixed since he does not look ultra black. East africans hate black people (west africans) because well…everyone hates them. Thats what were here for

No. 27961

And when I say mixed I dont mean half ethiopian half white I just mean multiracial since many ethiopians are mixed people.

No. 27962

Based man tbh

No. 27968

I thought we were here to talk shit about fat weeaboos and girls we hate

No. 27971

This music video is so….im tired of Americas music industry doing kpop idols wrong like this

No. 27978

wtf are "super basic white women bodies"?

that shit is so fucking annoying, it's like you're looking to start more racist arguments

No. 27980

same thing happened with Kendall and the nipple pic

No. 27982

tell us more about this imaginary world

No. 27983

She won't do a porno. Pornos for fame are so 2006-08.

No. 27987

I really don't understand it, it's embarrassing

I genuinely think that CL would have been bigger in america if she had been featured on songs for about a yr or 2 before debuting

No. 27989


Rap or rnb guys rarely have black women in their music videos and rappers/rnb singers are always trashing black women. It's not right but she asked a question and I gave her an answer.

No. 27991

a creative one based on your imagination

No. 27993

Her record label probably didn't have the money to get her featured on a list celebrities songs and a list people just wouldn't want to work with a no body because it'd make them look cheap

No. 27994

Young berg-
"I'm kinda racist … I don't like dark butts …. You know how some women prefer light skin men or dark skin men. It's rare that I do dark butts - that's what I call dark-skinned women … I [don't date women] darker than me. I love the pool test. If you can jump in the pool exactly like you are and you don't come out looking better than you looked before going in the pool - then that's not a good look.bAny woman that uses brown gel to set down her baby hair is not poppin"
Lil Wayne-
"Beautiful black woman. But that bitch would be better red."

I can go on and on with examples of horrible comments black rappers etc have made towards black women but I'm too lazy

No. 27995

I love 2NE1 but this super cringe. And yet all the other fans I know are doing all that "YAAAASSSS QUEEN SLAY! SNATCHED!!!" shit. I'm just going to shut up for now, cos I can't be bothered to get involved.

No. 27996

She looked so unenthusiastic in that video. I think people are just really thirsty for an Korean pop star to make it here but people need to accept it won't be a kpop idol to do it.

No. 28003

*this IS super cringe

Yeah, I honestly can't see a Kpop idol making it in the West.
If anyone would succeed, it'd be a YG artist but this just shows how different their worlds are - at a certain point I have to wonder why people so desperately want a crossover artist? Just to prove their taste is valid?

No. 28004

They want to brag. Kpop fans love dick measuring with their idols, maybe they live through them.

No. 28005

Lil Wayne is a trash-tier rapper and an ugly piece of shit, anyway. The only reason any girl would touch him is for money, and I think people like him realize that, so they talk about having such high standards for women. It's retarded and fake.
However, most girls in rap/RnB/hip-hop videos are black, so I'm not sure where you're getting that particular "point" from, anon.

No. 28006


>> most girls in rap/RnB/hip-hop videos are black

Give me 5 examples of really popular mainstream rapper/rnb music videos that came out within the past year where the majority of the models arent biracial or Hispanic

No. 28007

Point is you said black rappers and RnB singers as if all of them feel that way, thats why I said it's based on your imagination. Also, even if all artists felt that way, they are not representative of the way black men feel about women, considering they still pursue to have relationships with them.

No. 28009

honestly a guy would make it before a girl

and she's likely unenthusiastic because of how horrible that video was compared to what they've already done in South Korea

I would be angry if I was her fan, not lying and congratulating her on that mess

No. 28010

not that anon but why do they have to be mainstream? artists aren't always in charge of everything

No. 28011

Because you dumb whore we are talking about American mainstream media and popular culture duh
I didn't say they represented how black men think. We are talking about celebirties and the mainstream rappers are disrespectful as hell towards black women. I mean have you seen Chris browns video for ayo?that was wrong af lol

No. 28025

the A$ap Rocky one has more white/biracial models, but the black model is the most prominent and is literally the only one who's actually seen next to him.

No. 28026

Fuck im not in this thread but that song ayo is so damn fly.

Also ive seen black men treating white women as whores tbh

No. 28032

All the videos you showed me had majority light skin women. The Gucci man video had two dark girls.

And I'm not sure why you're bringing nicki into this since I am talking about black male mainstream rappers.

No. 28035

Light skinned black women are still black women, and you never specified "darkskin" in this entire discussion.
I brought Nicki because you said really popular rap/rnb videos, not "videos by black male rappers". That video is all black girls, there's a black girl at the forefront and it's immensely popular. Bye basic

No. 28036

The girl standing next to rocky is light skin and didn't he get into drama for saying dark skin black girls shouldn't wear red lipsticks?

No. 28037

Black rappers don't seem to consider light skin black girls the same as dark skin. For example lil Wayne will only have babies with non-black and light skin girls. He said his favorite baby is the one he made with the asian chick because of its hair and skin.

No. 28039

This whole dark skin light skin shouldnt be too deep. Dark skin is like being brunette for white people.

No. 28040

Nah, it's a lot more serious than that.
Brunettes can just bleach their hair, and they're pretty well appreciated either way. Dark skinned girls can't get lighter without fucking up their skin or risking cancer, and it's really common for girls to be made fun of for being dark.

No. 28065

Rap=/= automatically mainstream dumbass, I'd say I can't believe you're this stupid, but I'd be lying.

Besides, you never even specified you were talking about mainstream celebrities, because if thats the case then what was said here >>28010 still applies.

There are thousands of rap videos people have made with hundreds of thousands of views that not only discriminate against black women, but aren't misogynistic at all.

No. 28077

We are talking about mainstream celebrities. The whole thread was made to talk about mainstream celebrities. Use your brain. Also, sexism and colorism are huge problems in rap music. If you want to know more about that you can just google it because there is no point in me wasting my time trying to educate your dumb ass on this subject because you're not going to listen anyway. And that is all.

No. 28079


It's all slave mentality. Lighter = better yet they all go on about black rights, black this and that yet don't even like being fucking black themselves.

They'll lighten their skin until they can pass for "mixed" and that makes mixed look the same as black. Let's not get into that, it'll only piss off anons who start the "but African americans are mixed" thing.

Point is it's unhealthy.

Even African american women do it though, want white men or asians for better hair on their babies/lighter eyes and skin.

I'm mixed myself and I personally find it gross.

No. 28089

What is it with all the black girls crying about not being video hoes today?

No. 28091

Do skin whiteners work or exist?ive never seen someone who is dark skin become light. And don't say mj because he had a skin disease.

No. 28096

File: 1440039901853.jpg (250.74 KB, 650x524, Sammy-Sosa.jpg)

No. 28098

File: 1440040283358.jpg (31.14 KB, 660x384, image.jpg)

And here's an African actress named Thelma O'Khaz. Not quite as dramatic as Sammy Sosa, but still pretty shocking. :/ Self-hatred is terrible thing.

No. 28100

File: 1440041106560.jpg (52.77 KB, 400x600, image.jpg)

She needs to do something else with that hair. She spent all that on skin bleaching but she can't even buy a proper blonde wig? Blasphemy

No. 28102


they all look fucking creepy

No. 28104

He didn't rape a bunch of his sisters, he just fondled a couple of them when he was a teenager. Point still stands though

No. 28107

i don't get it. I know big butts are "in" right now, but a slim figure will always be coveted.

No. 28118

>said she wasn't fat and hated America etc.
I guess she really is a weeaboo

No. 28177

Ariana Grande is not fat. And is America a holy country or something? It's the axe of evil.
I'm slim and my butt is big.

No. 28253

It generally isn't wise to insult the country that jumpstarted your career and where the bulk of your fame comes from. She makes millions of dollars off of Americans, yet the thanks they get are dirty saliva donuts.

No. 28263

Some women prefer big asses and some don't.

We get it 'thin-chan' "skinny looks better"


No. 28325

File: 1440099200965.jpg (376.93 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpg)


No. 28363

How is this considered attractive?
Heavy contouring, big duck ugly nude lips, heavy eye makeup, is that her fucking wig lace thing?

No. 28364

celebrities who get butt implants make me feel good about my big butt.
i thought big butts were considered unattractive? (not talking about fat ppl's butts btw)

No. 28365

she doesnt bash skinny chicks.
she bashes skinny BITCHES.
theres a difference between a woman and a bitch

No. 28371

16 is the age of consent.
theres nothing wrong with sexualizing them, especially since those dumbasses sexualize themselves lol
it's not like they were 13

No. 28375

im just waiting for her to complain about guys saying dirty stuff to her when she sexualizes herself

No. 28379

No? non-japanese people can like japan or dress in a cute way without being weeaboos lol

No. 28382

I don't mind her.
I just hate how tumblr hates her because shes a white thin blonde girl and she's the "innocent" type. lmao they keep saying shit like "omG TAYLOR SLUT-SHAMES OMGGG"

No. 28385

Ariana is still popular in Japan because she has a babyface and a skinny body and she looks cute as fuck lol i dont know why some of you sound so upset

No. 28392

I never understood why people idiolize beyoncé.
How is she special?
Her voice is good but not amazing.
I find her ugly and she has horse legs

No. 28396

Because they want to? theres nothing wrong with prefering to be famous in japan than in america. its just an opinion. it doesnt make anyone a weeaboo. lol id rather be famous in japan than in america.

No. 28403

why isnt she in jail?

No. 28406

they try so hard to appear cool and edgy
this is shit
im disappointed
come on CL you know you can do better than this

No. 28408

>all rappers
>says one exemple
>chooses lil wayne to represent rappers

No. 28409

mainstream rappers make fun of everything.
get over it.
some rappers make fun of rape. thats much more worse lmao

No. 28411

Brunettes are praised lol

No. 28412

they want attention because apparently nobody gave them any attention lmao
they want to be hot sex objects

No. 28413

I dont get whats wrong with it.
People are okay with surgery so why not be okay with skin lightening?
Some people want dark skin
some people want light skin
leave it be.

No. 28415

actually, the hourglass (big tits small waist big butt) will always be coveted.
Big butts and big boobs were always considered attractive, i mean look at pinup girls lol
slim is only good in fashion but then again, most people find fashion models look ill so

No. 28419

Both look bad. But skin whitening looks worse, takes more extreme methods,can kill/disfigure you quicker. There are a lot of people in Africa injecting skin whitening screams for better and faster results. They think injecting the creams makes them feel cleaner.

No. 28464

Injecting creams? Wow hardcore

No. 28600

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are separated after 11 years together, some of that on-and-off. I think they had an open relationship, with her allowed to see other people, or something. Sad when people split up after that long though.

No. 28608

File: 1440124805041.jpg (89.39 KB, 320x438, image.jpg)

No. 28616

is this for real???
>in b4 google it

No. 28688

I googled and it seems to be really new news. So I'll just wait for another month or so to see if they mention this shit again.
Tyga better be careful with his black ass.

No. 28727

File: 1440128249915.jpeg (24.03 KB, 400x400, lFOTNqsd_400x400.jpeg)

Trap a lesser nigger like yo sister.

Kylie knows that tigger tyga whatever the fuck his name is, is no yezzus

No. 28950

File: 1440169463355.gif (1.44 MB, 300x228, chappelle whiteface.gif)

agreed, they look so ashy. plus, it's probably super bad for the skin.

No. 28973


why do we care about what goes in and out of this girl's pussy?
tbh why does the world even care about kylie

shes average af

No. 29045

>Josh, tell us more about how gays are ruining traditional marriage

No. 29639

Might be a bit late for this reply but that screencap of kyary being all 'who's she?' to ariana is fake and everyone always tries to quote it or laugh at it lol. Even if kyary had no idea who ariana was, she'd never be so damn rude as to say that.

No. 32032

I'm not really a Katy Perry fan, but damn I hope these rumours she's hitting up John Mayer for dirt on Taylor are true cause a takedown of that bitch is long overdue.

No. 32034

Nagger detected.

No. 32035

Speak English please.

No. 32036

I'm saying you're a jealous African-American primate.

No. 32037

Nice try but nope. Self hate isn't cute bb

No. 32104

Cannot stand her. She's like that manipulative queen bee everyone had to put up with in school.

No. 32184

why do people try to use primate as an insult when all humans are primates

No. 32189

File: 1440627935538.jpg (147.14 KB, 962x1304, omg.jpg)

So i knew kylie was a little unfit looking but wow she looks so dumpy. these are from her 18 th bday btw

No. 32190

File: 1440627953053.jpg (36.75 KB, 615x409, omg2.jpg)

more pics p2

No. 32191

File: 1440628004676.jpg (72.2 KB, 634x768, omg3.jpg)

more pics 3. I wonder if she some hip surgery or ass since she looks so huge now and it's not like kim has a big ass before surgery. She looks so aged for 18

No. 32205

She looks like goddamn Frankenstein with all those mismatched parts.

No. 32207

so does anyone else think she's eventually going to regret having what looks like a skin diaper attached to her body and looking about 10+ years older than what she is?

there may not be any difference between what she looks like now and what she'll look like at 28 if she takes care of herself (though that'll ultimately be boring for the public, I mean look at Kim K, as soon as her baby sis started looking like her, people started forgetting about her and flocked to Kylie instead, probably because of her age. Once someone else comes along Kylie will be old news and she'll have to do something to grab attention)

I think she won't age well unfortunately

No. 32208

File: 1440630780906.jpg (324.45 KB, 620x827, 2.jpg)

Do you think she got some sort of fat surgery? there is no way this is natural (imo) since she had no hips and neither do some of her other sisters.

No. 32209

File: 1440630949731.jpg (5.34 KB, 225x225, jesusfuckmidget.jpg)

old vs new >>32208

No. 32210

No. 32211

photoshop. the kardashians photoshop all of their candid photos. always have, always will. look at kim k's beach photos. IRL she is lumpy and ridden with cellulite but in her candid pap photos her skin looks smooth. because they photoshop them before releasing them publicly

No. 32213

File: 1440631809744.jpg (473.18 KB, 900x1351, tumblr_nnw5qfiYSv1qzy531o1_128…)


No. 32214

I think if she keeps up with her cosmetic surgerys she can reduce like sagging and stuff, her skin will probably be disgusting though. Going back for upkeep surgery will cost a lot so if she loses money/fame she's fucked, also I'm sure the risks for complications in surgery is higher for her since she'll have to go through so many over her lifetime.
Look's like it, how can any normal person even find that attractive ugh

No. 32218

Yeah I do think that she got surgery, did I insinuate it was natural?

No. 32221

to be fair this is super sharpened and she is old AF

no no, I was just wondering if anyone else agreed with me. I was second guessing myself haha

No. 32226

Oh okay, lol I reread what I wrote a few times to see where I could have made a mistake. But yeah her change is extreme because of how sudden it was. Some people naively think that she just went through puberty and thats the cause for change not realizing that the changes that occur as a result of puberty are gradual.

Honestly, while I don't dislike the way she looks now, I think she would look better if she looked her age. So yeah, she can have the exaggerated body (and I say that because imo she wanted to sexualize herself and needed a body that fit the role, big boobs and butt with a tiny waist in comparison) but why apply makeup that makes her look so much older? Then again no other makeup look would probably look as well with her new body.

No. 32253

This shit needs a spoiler

No. 32368

Lighting and angles play a big part in how you look too. Pic related, these two pics are from the same event.

No. 32370

File: 1440686495060.jpg (202.5 KB, 815x524, JLO.jpg)

Dropped pic

No. 32498

File: 1440709378725.jpg (154.62 KB, 822x1125, image.jpg)

90s Naomi Campbell is so pretty. I never noticed her but I saw this picture today and she really was perfect.

No. 32500

File: 1440710164466.jpg (107.71 KB, 540x615, tumblr_nto3uoBRjV1qhbh1qo1_540…)

No. 32508

Good taste

It must suck having to apply a full face of drag every day just to feel presentable.

No. 32509

Thanks for this good example. Still a goddess though.

No. 32513


I feel it's pertinent to note that, whilst Kris Jenner is an evil witch, both these pictures of her and Lopez have had a filter applied upon them in Photoshop called HDR toning which effectively ramps up the detail in a photo therefore bringing to light a myriad of details that were previously undetectable.

No. 32526


Nah, I always thought her and Kate moss looked like dogs.

No. 32530

It must have been hard to live in the shadow of her sister's natural prettiness for so long

No. 32531

I can understand Kate moss being ugly but Naomi looked really unique and exotic.
she's not even taking a picture but this bitches resting face is still fierce.

No. 32563

uh she looks like she has a premature mary kate and ashley smile going on

No. 32610

Why do they keep presenting black models with tribal clothing and/or animal fur print clothes in the media?

No. 32612

people of all races are (but I know what you're talking about, it has decreased in recent years)

No. 32613

I want to punch Jayden smith in the face. I hate his constant furrowed brows expression.

No. 32621

Her skin is glowing! All my envy.

No. 32625

moisturizer/oil/silicone sheen + strategic lighting + black and white + high contrast + airbrushing and you can achieve this too anon! not to say that she isn't lovely, and her deep skin tone also accentuates the shiny glow effect.

No. 32642

jungle fever, duh

No. 32647


Agreed, I'm mixed and all I ever see is mixed or black models on ASOS in printed/tribal/Voodoo looking shit. I've never worn a tribal printed dress in my life and I think the style needs to be set alight.

No. 32668


No. 32694


didn't he also molest his sisters? Gee, what a godly conservative Christian.

No. 32698

can kylie just stop getting cornrows? idc about the white vs black thing, but hers always look bad. I dunno if her hair is too straight to hold the in place properly, or if its the way her head is shaped… braids just always looked bad on her in particular. (even kim pulled them off better.)

No. 32704

I think it's just whoever is braiding her hair isn't braiding them neatly.

No. 32781

Kendall is so pretty. She looks so young and fresh faced while Kylie looks like a dude in drag.

No. 32909

Kylie could look cute if she didn't slather herself in drag makeup

No. 32910

that's so crazy, i've only seen the opposite on tumblr, being praised for being innocent/sweet and a lot of people sticking up for her when she's being slut shamed

No. 32912

i showed a picture of kylie to my dad and he told me she looks 30

No. 32920

She's an incredibly fake person and a hypocrite, but everyone's on her dick because she's a blond thin singer who hasn't gone full Miley.
There always has to be someone to pacify the "muh innocent blond girl-next-door artist" audience, even though now most people are all about the exact opposite. It's an American trope that spans across porn, comics and movies. It's only natural it appeals to music, too.

No. 32922

"I am getting to a point where the only love worth being in is the love worth singing about. And kind of mad love," - taylor in 2013

Bitch you're fucking 25. Grow up and stop writing songs about every single relationship, you dumb attentionwhore. And all the relationship drama too. God, this just pisses me off so much, why does she always come off across as a fucking baby?

(also I find the top half of her face sorta ugly cause of the nose bridge. sorry)

No. 32929

Speaking of Miley, why isn't tumblr on her dick? Doesn't she identify as ~gender fluid~ now?

It's weird to me that they seem to love Taylor Swift even though she's proven again and again she's an enormous money-mongering cunt who doesn't give a fuck about anyone but herself (which is probably why none of her relationships last more than a week). Miley is a gigantic retard too but I feel like she's less offensive to tumblr.

No. 32934

Nah, Miley ~appropriates black culture~. Apparently.

No. 32972

TBH it's kind of refreshing to see JLo actually looking her age. I don't get why women are so petrified of having a few wrinkles really.

It sucks that we've got a culture now where normal girls are expected to go out with a full face every day too.

Speaking of MK&A… omg I dunno why but I hate them again. I hated them when I was in my teenage edgelord hot topic phase, and the forgot about them, and I'm back to hating them now for probably no reason (except that they won't be in the Full House reboot maybe? I dunno.)

I hate that he thinks he's the world's greatest philosoraptor, but that's all Will and Jada and their weird scientology building up their kids' egos to reach this really ugly point.

Yuuuup. And his parents covered it up and got their TLC show. They're all terrible human beings. I was reading in People or somebullshit magazine (I dunno, it was in the waiting room at the dentist) about how upset Jim Boob and Michelle were about their loss in light of all the Josh scandals. Like what did they lose exactly? TLC money. And I guess their credibility since they probably think they had that. Ugh.

No. 32979

Yeah, because blonde thin people innocent-looking people are shit and cannot sing nor have a good personality right?
She's not fake. She has done tons of charities.
People like cute innocent girl next door artists and always will lol people insult her because she's thin, blonde and innocent-looking and that's pathetic as fuck

No. 32985

Does she look innocent?looks old for 25

No. 32987

She is incredibly stingy about her music. She won't allow her songs on spotify because .29 isn't enough money (even though artists make most of their money from concerts and shit these days, not song sales) and she's trying to fucking copyright lyrics in her songs like "shake it off" and "this sick beat." Yes she is fake as fuck.
There are plenty of reasons to dislike her and none of them have to do with her being blonde or thin.

No. 32988

Because innocent looking people cant be two faced right?
And for sure she definitely doesn't have a PR person.
Goodness no.

No. 32994

>She's not fake.

No. 33009

I remember seeing articles of that one girl I think from modern family or something like that (Ariel Winter) getting breast reduction surgery and I remember her saying something about being sexualized a lot (aside from constant back pain) but in google images all of her photos she has her tits pushed up to her neck and cleavage hanging out. I don't know if it's her fault or some stylist's but there are ways to dress nice for the red carpet and not have your tits out like that, she is 17. It's so sad that celebrities have to be or pretend to be sexy and hot all the time that even teens uncomfortable with their bodies have to do it.

No. 33010

File: 1440924807950.jpg (634.92 KB, 2029x2421, cmDhFia.jpg)

there's a few "proof" compilations that come up when you google "Taylor Swift 4chan". I'm not sure to fully believe them, but if they are true then I just can't respect Taylor for being an attention whore on /b/ of all places.

No. 33013

You know, considering how fake and attention whorey she's gotten in her career, it doesn't surprise me that she could have been attention whoring on /b/ a few years back. Guess being "one of the 50 most famous people on the planet" didn't fulfil her attention requirements. She's got a problem.

No. 33015

Thats fucking ew. Reminds me of natalie alyn lind who's 15 and already has her boobs out it's so fucked up.

No. 33016


i fucking despise amy shumer.

No. 33017


No. 33018

fuck me those things are huge. She's like a mini nigella

No. 33023

Did you guys hear that Jlaw and schumer are supposedly writing a screenplay? Sounds like hell on earth to me

No. 33030

and i thought jlaw was dead since the fappening.

No. 33058

A corset couldn't drastically change her hip shape like that. Plus it looks like some one chopped her in half and put on someone else's hips. Just doesn't look like a body that's supposed to belong to her.

Yeah like 32F and she's only 5'2"

No. 33063

As someone who has experience waist training (with steel boned corsets) and has done months of research into it, a corset will not change your hip shape like that (it can make your waist temporarily smaller - but, unless you've been waist training 23/7 for several years, you're not going to get those extreme proportions she's appears to have out of the corset for very long - as your body does slowly go back to normal the longer you're out of the corset). It looks more likely that she got fat injections in her hips/ass and a lot of exercise to fix her waist/stomach. And the rest is photoshop if it was posted on her insta.

No. 33066

Or maybe just shoop, since lefts are candids and rights are selfies from her IG.

No. 33076

>Like all italians do

This is bullshit. Italians are not all dark/wear moustaches like 'murricans see on Family Guy. There are the olive skin ones, the corpse-pale ones, etc. They're mixed 'cos invasions & dominations in the early times

No. 33090

eh looks pretty legit to me, & the camwhorey thread photos definitely look like her.
But couldn't anyone grab those photos to post them & pretend they're her?

No. 33175

So how do we all feel about Nicki and Miley guys?

No. 33176

TBH I think Miley was right in what she said, it came across to me that Nicki was just bitter at not getting the exact nom she wanted … also why call out miley and not taylor?

No. 33177

If she went after Taylor, taylor would have called her minions to destroy nicki and her career would be over.

No. 33178


Thing is Miley should have been prepared for the backlash. Personally I think this is all scripted, looks fake. But I do know about this POC bullshit thing going on with Miley and the first thing people say is "oh she racist".

Notice? If it's against black female idols it's always the "ur racist". Don't even start with that cultural appropriation shit either about hair because Nicki is stood there in straight black weave and you've got Miley in dreads. It can't get anymore fucking confusing than it is.

Nicki is always going on with herself on Twitter, Taylor copped for it the other week. But everyone licks Nicki's ass. Nicki to me just comes across as the typical heated ratchet who starts with the attitude when she wants to conquer up an argument. Then you've got the white girl who is just shuddering in her heels. Never changes.

They're all equally a mess.

No. 33179


Lol Taylor is probably having a field day

No. 33181

Taylor probably cheered nicki on. Miley Cyrus is like the least popular girl in school right now.

No. 33182

These weird bikini bottoms are so unflattering. I don't know what the style is called but it makes her hips look so fucked up. I'm sure even a normal bikini cut would make her look more normal

No. 33185


Am I the only one who thinks they're all a mess tho?

No. 33186


they're selling those on missguided

No. 33189

The VMAs are always staged. It's just Miley trying desperately to stay relevant with her times interview and production using the angry black woman tactic for Nicki to start some shit. It's too easy. Miley said/done some things that could be vaguely construed as racism? Get the only relevant black chick on it. Some dumbass drama always goes down at the VMAs every year, it's expected at this point.

No. 33192

I despise rebel wilson. I was going to search a picture of her, but i just couldnt see her face again


what did the said?

I didnt hear it, only saw nicki flipping out. But it looked fake af

No. 33193

File: 1441037390779.jpg (27.73 KB, 600x450, 1440993334768.jpg)


and american apparel i tink.

> Miley trying desperately to stay relevant
>pic related
it was so cringy. the whole LOL WEED LMAO was ridiculous.

No. 33213

Miley has been naked and talking about lolweed for like 3 years straight now. She needs a new gimmick fast or she's really going to fade into obscurity, and the only thing anyone will remember of her is Hannah Montana and the time where she tried not to be Hannah Montana.

No. 33214

File: 1441044110124.jpg (44.69 KB, 640x530, l2vZAD1.jpg)

No. 33219

Idk Miley irritates the fuck out of me. She's desperate for attention and incredibly fake.
Does anyone else remember how she was trying to be a ~hardcore edgy rocker chick~ before this whole ratchet thing?

No. 33220

The Weeknd's and A$AP Rocky's reactions to Miley's ceaseless bullshit were hilarious though. Everyone is so over her. I swear she paid to be the host of the VMAs this year because she is irrelevant as fuck.

No. 33222

No not at all.

I was afraid there was going to be a Jerry Springer-style fight on stage. VMAs is all lowest common denominator bullshit anyway.

No. 33281

rofl. She's only 25? She acts like she's some sagely 60 year old woman. Dumb cunt.

No. 33282

>It sucks that we've got a culture now where normal girls are expected to go out with a full face every day too.

that's just the media telling you that. I go to work without makeup and work with 8 women and 10 males. Almost none of the women who work with me wear makeup. Most just put on some eyebrow pencil and mascara, but full on eye makeup with contouring and blush, etc? No one does this in a ton of work places because it's tedious and pointless. You should stop watching so much tv and reading cosmo.

No. 33284

This looks legit. holyshit. Taylor really browses b?? wtf

No. 33285

holyshit, she did not age well.

No. 33313

Every awards show needs talking points for the next day. They need moments of surprise or shock or controversy for the press to cover and for the fans to talk about. Some of those moments are like professional wrestling. The moves are planned in advance, and everyone plays their part… like the conflict between two women at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards. But here’s the surprising bit: The producers ORIGINALLY wanted the rapper – who loves to brawl – to continue her feud with a female pop star and call HER a "bitch" on air last night! That would have actually been a natural extension of a controversy started months ago. However, the pop star’s people refused to play and shut that one down fast. This year, the pop star was NOT going to be the target of any controversies. That’s why the rapper and the pop star wound up doing a collaboration… and the host was set up as the proxy target instead. All planned.
So if you believe this, Nicki was supposed to drag Taylor but Taylor's people shunted it across to Miley instead.

No. 33314

Forgot to mention this is a Blind Gossip item so take it as you will.

No. 33317

It really annoys me when people go on and on about how women are expected to wear tons of makeup, heels, etc, because it's literally the exact opposite. I absolutely love fashion and makeup, but I don't really wear it out because people will stare and give me shit about it. Mostly people ask why I'm "getting all dressed up for no reason," it's like people are shocked that someone could actually enjoy fashion/makeup.
I'm sorry for being ot.

No. 33327

Miley Cyrus would be an lolcow if she wasn't so famous. She's be one of those attention hungry cam girls

No. 33336

Nope, lolcows could be famous or not famous. Doesn't matter who. Imo, she's more of a sadcow is more for attention, so it makes it leas funny, plus, are people willing to talk about celebrities in separate threads? This thread is kinda active, but in certain bursts. So if we made a Miley thread, it may have certain dead and undead intervals. This board shows more of geek famous or at least the geek culture/Japanese culture of lolcows.

No. 33338

I think she's a a lolcow. Iirc my little sister told me her old description on twitter was going on about how she had a big butt, lmao. And I think she even tweeted about having a big butt as well.

No. 33365

Anyone who works and goes outside their basement will see tons of women in the everyday world without makeup. It's sad when people think it's a daily thing for women to put on makeup. And i agree, if you want to wear it daily, then do it. No harm, no foul. People are silly if they ask 'why so dressed up?' Just answer 'No fucking reason' because it's truth.

No. 33419

I love it when people ask me why im so fancy because I put on a dress. A dress is the laziest thing a girl can do. I wear them almost 24/7 hah.

No. 33527

She should have a thread imo

No. 33655

File: 1441321848598.jpg (18.69 KB, 403x360, kanye-west.jpg)

I absolutely cannot stand Kanye West. I hate his brainless fans that act like he's Jesus reincarnated, I hate his stupid chipmunk face and shitty arrogant attitude, I hate how he will take any excuse to ramble on and on about pretentious bullshit with no actual meaning, like he's a dudebro experiencing his first acid trip. I hate his music, I hate how sweaty he was during his stupid VMAS speech. I hate everything about him.

And now he's announced that he's gonna run for president in 2020 and I pray to god he was just saying it for attention. Him and Donald Trump can go fuck themselves.

No. 33656

it's just kanye being kanye. best course of action is to ignore him, he's just a harmless retard.

No. 33680

I love her casual outfits.

No. 33685

That's pretty good for 59 imo

No. 33699

It's really not. You must be hideous.

No. 33701

I actually really like him because he does best what he's supposed to do: be an entertainer and entertain people.
Everytime he does something stupid he's entertaining us, he's the gift that keeps on giving.
Sometimes I think he's just a really really good troll.

No. 33716

Most people at 59 are way more wrinkly

No. 33718

The way I feel about handicapped children is the same way I feel about Kanye. Nigga can dress though.

No. 33721

He's definitely trolling. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind he is because I put on a similar act as a joke as well.

No. 33788

File: 1441427996838.png (368.71 KB, 485x656, ab.png)

I unironically like Azealia Banks. She says a lot of stupid shit but I just honestly love it. It's so entertaining she's like the collective of the anons on this site as one whole person.

No. 33789

That is true. Her earlobes bother me to no end though.

No. 33815

found the sjw

No. 33817

SJWs don't even like her

No. 33820

yeah shes my hero. i want her to do me.

No. 33824

I don't know much about rappers other than their music, but isn't she the one who supported Nicki, someone else whose name I forgot, Beyonce, American black rights, and then write something to contradict what she wrote? Usually I read what pops up on LSA, so idk.
It's pretty funny to see though.

No. 33981

Kylie Jenner has been looking like she's 30 lately

No. 33982

File: 1441564112139.jpg (151.66 KB, 600x800, kylie-jenner-pink-hair.jpg)

From 15 to 30 in 365 days

No. 33983

her parents are the worst for letting her get all that work done before she was even a legal adult. and most plastic surgeons wouldn't even do it, but money talks i guess.

No. 33987

Probably it depends on the area, but I've seen high schoolers and middle schoolers that look like her. Its not an abundance, but it's not uncommon.
So personally, I think she looks her age.

No. 33990

File: 1441570826328.jpg (51.56 KB, 577x1024, COAwb_Po_Uc_AA98_Ee.jpg)

You see high schoolers and middle schoolers looking like THIS? It's not normal.

No. 33991

her lips look so fucking bad oh my god

No. 33992

she says she loves japan and all the manga stuff so…

No. 33993

Why does anyone really give a fuck about celebrity shit? Half of the shit they do is a publicity stunt. I really just don't understand. Though I'm on a shit talking site, so I guess I should.

No. 34021

Because there's only so long you can talk about the weather to someone hardly know, but have to talk to for an extended period of time (more than 3 minutes). It's vapid shit that fills a vapid hole in meaningless conversations and, because everyone in the last few generations follows it, you're seen as a weirdo if you don't keep up with it/know who the Kardasians are because you literally cannot escape from them (and other overexposed celebrities like them) on social media.

In a way it's the sheep mentality that breeds the sheep mentality, but in what way you give a fuck about the shit they do is important imo e.g. acknowledging that half the shit they do are publicity stunts (I'd personally go for 97% :P) vs. jizzing all over yourself because you just saw Kylie Jenner changed her hair colour.

No. 34030

File: 1441579394979.jpg (53.99 KB, 577x1024, COAl_Yfy_Uc_AA_1_KQ.jpg)



No. 34040

did she do something to her cheeks and nose, aside from her lips?

No. 34043


im voting for kanye, i hope he wins because i want to see the world burn.

No. 34052

she got cheek fillers, idk about her nose

No. 34053

wtf why does she look so haggard and old? SOMEONE EXPLAIN

No. 34059

Her parents don't love her.

No. 34060

that's a great idea

No. 34061

Why would you want to peepee on someone anyway? I don't get it?

No. 34062

She has TWO good songs, summertime sadness and lolita, the rest is shit.

Her lips look so ridiculous, if she had the bimbo aesthetic going on it would work, but she doesn't so it looks jarring.

No. 34063

File: 1441587599810.jpg (99.29 KB, 524x1009, 1415557235498.jpg)

I'm so jealous of how pretty she is I want to kill myself.

No. 34064

it's a fetish for some people

No. 34065

Wait, hold up, how did her lips get so big?

No. 34067

But guys can't pee when they have a boner…so…

No. 34071

Maybe they get hard afterwards? its probably a power fantasy thing idk. I don't understand all the inner workings of piss kink dynamics, I'm just trying to live my life…

No. 34074


I may or may not have let my husband pee in my butt many years ago.

It is possible.

I'm going to go kill myself for putting this online.
Bye forever.

No. 34075

It's possible? It just hurts or feels uncomfortable

No. 34076

Did you have to pee his piss out of your ass when he was finished? Thanks for sharing with the class.

No. 34077

Did it burn when it came out?
When doing anal, the sperm that comes out afterwards always burnt like a bitch.

No. 34079



Anyway. Sorry.
I still have a friend that thinks Kylie's lips are natural, even after I showed her >>33990. That she just "blossomed". Did she get like puffier upper eyelids or something? Her eyes look scary. I can't put my finger on it.

No. 34082


you think that's anything other than morbid? Anon plz

No. 34083

Botox + overlining

Kylie has had a ton of work done

No. 34087

How does that even work? Did you spread your butthole so he could pee inside? Did it burn?

No. 34094

Oh my word.

No. 34105

File: 1441598509892.jpg (25.08 KB, 300x550, big ang.jpg)

>Kylie in 20 years

No. 34106

but how did kylie make her eyes BIGGER

No. 34107


I just realized her eyes are crooked and one sticks out further. Perhaps we just don't see her from this angle very often and in this lighting. All that shadowy makeup around her eyes just enhances the bulgy look.

It's mostly her right eye that throws everything off.

No. 34114

File: 1441602077597.jpg (61.71 KB, 630x420, white-chicks.jpg)

She looks like a black woman who is trying to look white. I'm SO puzzled by this.

No. 34118

Rola is Bengali and Japanese.

No. 34119

i have my tinfoil hat on but I swear MTV is trying to orchestrate a Britney-esque downfall for ratings using Miley. It all makes so much sense to me.

No. 34153

Just as South Park predicted.

No. 34154

She's only 18?
That's sad

No. 34160

File: 1441641590074.jpg (77.41 KB, 300x250, 300MissPiggy1.jpg)

This is all I see when I see pics of her now. It's so sad.

No. 34166

what is this?

No. 34167

Oh my god, she was a qt! I never knew that. One day, there was just another Kardashian. Omg no, this has got to be studied by psychologists, seriously. She felt so compelled to be that way that she disfigured herself, it's like modern bimboification.

No. 34181

The moment Miley started her new phase to distance herself from the child stardom I immediately thought about this.

The corn harvest will be great soon.

No. 34194

A lot of people've analyzed it. It's pretty sad honestly, just a mixture of impressionable teen, having a huge footstep to follow (appearance-wise), media pressure and possibly family pressure. I wonder if she's actually happy with the way she looks now.

No. 34239

Pretty ugly little liars

No. 34294

File: 1441711706583.jpg (444.85 KB, 2477x670, from 9 to 55 in 9 years.jpg)

No. 34324

You know what, I've read somewhere that lip injections are like selling your soul to the devil… Once you've started, you can't stop doing that, and it looks worse as time passes. Like the first injections look fine, but then they will look worse and worse. I don't know if this is true, correct me if I'm wrong, but it would explain some things

No. 34327

How can anyone say that recent photo is "just a bad angle". She has fucking labia on her face.

No. 34329


Most lip fillers are actually broken down and absorbed into the body after around 9-12 months.
It makes me concerned that she's gone ahead and gotten permanent fillers/implants because those are the notorious ones that always end up look atrocious with each year that passes. The ones that breakdown are okay.


Not to mention it's actually from a Snapchat video and even in movement at multiple angles it looks just as terrible.

No. 34335

I think its because you get used to seeing yourself with huge lips, and forget what your natural lip shape actually is, so you just keep on getting more. Most injectables only need topping up every 6 months or so, but if you get addicted you get more and more topups and eventually distort the shape of your lips.

No. 34341

So sad. She was pretty cute at 16, looked like a normal teenage girl. Now she's a monster.

No. 34403

File: 1441752241491.jpg (23.45 KB, 234x314, tumblr_nkoayn80vP1si0t1mo1_250…)

she looks like the Charo frog from thumbelina.

No. 34471

This gave me the best laugh. I love you.

No. 34477

File: 1441766683788.jpg (49.43 KB, 500x750, image.jpg)

No. 34480

File: 1441766861204.jpg (115.83 KB, 568x850, image.jpg)

No. 34482

File: 1441767221979.jpg (48.16 KB, 425x638, image.jpg)

Boob job in confrimed

No. 34496

Because she's a negro ~*feminist*~ icon for spreading her legs on stage and acting like a whore. Its EMPOWERING.

No. 34501

Sigh. She looked so pretty when she got her first lip injections and now she just looks like a sad caricature of Kim.

No. 34503

im gonna be sick those look so awful

No. 34510

Ok so ever since I was a kid my parents pointed out shit like this, where a women would simultaneously try and portray a sexy and innocent image. I wonder if this is similar to that, I mean she has her boobs on display and they're the focal point of the image by being in the center, yet you can't forget about the tigger on her cooch.

No. 34511

Uh I think it's just referencing Tyga

No. 34514

It's really not, you have to look deeper than that. Deeeeper.

No. 34517

You're absolutely right, anon. The MK Ultra is everywhere.

No. 34584

I really liked her freckles.

No. 34585

Why did they make her fake boobs appear droopy?

No. 34587


She looks more like a cougar than a young girl tbh

No. 34589

its sad, she should have left her face alone until she was futher into her 20's. her bonestructure hasnt matured yet, and im sure that would fuck with surgery to the face.

bitch never stood a chance tho

No. 34590


I'm 24 and I look younger than her! It's bad.

Reckon she regrets it?

No. 34592


Yeah, that annoys me in this day and age. I'm black and it's like all these female black idols on stage, all got attitude, weave, light skinned, all gotta shake their fat asses and wear haggard outfits.

I don't hate them, I'm not slaying them for where they've got and the fact that they just want to do well for themselves. But I only think other black women like them because they're black and that's it. Nothing else apart from the fact that they're black. It's like Obama, only voted because he's half black. Soon at they found out a half negro was up for president they lost their minds, didn't do the research and voted.

I don't find Beyonce, Nicki, Rihanna ect icons at all. I don't think they represent all women, I don't think they're anything special either. They get too much credit only for either being black, what they're wearing or looking like tramps.

No. 34595


It actually must be difficult being a black girl and having idiots like that visually represent the head of all darker skinned people.

Then again we got lumped with Miley Cyrus blech

No. 34597


Yeah, then again I don't just look to black women. I look to women who have a decent image, something good to say. I'm not the type to "omg they black i must like them" though. I TRY not to be like that, it's unhealthy and sad.

One thing I dislike in the black community is: everything is about race, we must talk about race everyday, everyone hates us, race, but race-

I fuckin' hate it.

No. 34598


Also "I'm black though? So can I-"

"I like white guys but idk if he likes black girls…" or "I like asian guys but I'm black so.."

"I'm going to Italy next week, but I'm black though…"

"I want to wear pink shoes but I'm black so…"


No. 34599


We're actually having a civil discussion here. Can you please point your head in another direction so that your shit-spewing mouth splatters elsewhere.

No. 34600


Why because black people constantly need to ask "im black so is it okay?"

It's annoying af.

No. 34601


idk is she trying to morph into kim or wot?

No. 34608

Being a black woman you kind of have to go into things humbly and make sure you're not making other uncomfortable because it bothers some people, like a guy seeing a dark skin girl in bright red lipstick or a black girl going after Asian guys. People think "you're black you shouldn't be doing that. You think you're pretty don't you?arrogant bitch come back to reality. You're black"

No. 34609


That's annoying too.

"You're black, why you datng _______?"


No. 34610

It's kind of different for white girls, they get called sluts for dating out but no one is shocked that another race wants them etc

Like if a black girl wants to date an Asian guy
"Don't even try. Asians hate black girls"
If she's dating a white guy
"He's just using you for sex, he couldn't really love you"

No. 34618


Stop trying to turn nothing into something. This conversation was going fine until you decided there was a problem with it. If somebody wants to discuss their experiences belonging to a specific race just fucking let them god damn.

No. 34634

Who fucking thinks like this though?
I've never once seen it in the real world.
(And I live in the south) I always read this shit on Tumblr.

No. 34635

She looks hot if you cover her jacked up lips.

No. 34637


Is it even possible to reverse weiner lips?

No. 34638

depends on whwre you live? I live in California where everyone is SUPPOSED to he open minded but it's all just superficial filler.

Tbh, though, a lot of my family is like that. "You know you're not a white girl, right?"

I've met a lot of other black people with family like this, as well.

No. 34640


Fuck knows

No. 34642


Yeah but it gets a bit fucking annoying constantly seeing other blacks so insecure about their damn race. It's pathetic. No other race does this.

No. 34643


Lmao i'd love to get a pin and pop them

No. 34644


Nah, still haggard.

No. 34646


So, when is the nosejob due?
We all know that's coming next kek

No. 34647


her nose is actually alright tho?

No. 34655

File: 1441830451105.jpg (23.05 KB, 430x300, a52f5e16170afc51d7c97221f0e297…)

So was everything else about her. She was really cute and had a more interesting look before. It's like she feels the need to be the next Kim. Shit, idk maybe she has BDD or something and she'll end up looking like cat lady.

No. 34656

ewww no they wouldnt pop, they would ooze.
maybe her entire face would like depressurize if you put a hole in it

No. 34661

File: 1441833260563.jpg (81.95 KB, 350x350, 0-jocelynp9jif.jpg)

The cat lady had some surgery done to look normal again. It's a big improvement.
So maybe Kylie can do something similar.

No. 34664

Wasn't this because a doctor botched her? She was a surgery addict, but a doctor botched her and she had a severe reaction, wasn't that it?

No. 34666

i always heard she tried to look like a cat because her husband was into cats. but then he left her.

No. 34717

Nah, she legit wanted to look like a mountain lion

No. 34726

File: 1441849995590.jpg (102.9 KB, 594x432, Wildenstein s Workout vW_47wUp…)

Her surgeon is a fucking miracle worker. I honestly thought she was too far gone for fixing. I found a bunch of pics from that day and sure, she obviously had a crazy amount of work done but she looks fantastic for 75.

No. 34728


She kind of looks like a prettier, less-bitchy Joan Rivers.

No. 34737

File: 1441853572822.jpg (109.06 KB, 680x683, catwoman-jocelyn-wildenstein.j…)

I'm so confused…. these pics are from 2009 but in 2015 candids she looks disgusting again. wat

No. 34752

I read somewhere (sorry can't remember and couldn't find) that >>34726 wasn't her.

No. 34753

Look at the shame on that mans face

No. 34758

I miss Joan Rivers.

No. 35619

File: 1442106688661.png (223.4 KB, 540x543, tumblr_nhnyxwZKam1tnaufeo3_500…)

whatever it takes to be famous i guess.

Yo that’s hella fucked. Kim busts her fucking ass? Like, I’m not the biggest fan of her, but Kim is literally out here doing more things in a day than most of yall do in a month? She’s got books, clothes, all kinds of shit, and yall are gonna reduce her down to a sex tape? Yall act like that’s what paid for the mansion they lived in before the tape dropped. And furthermore, who gives a fuck if she made a sex tape and capitalized off that shit? Supply and demand mother fucker. Everybody wanted to see that ass gettin plowed so she gave everybody what they wanted, made some money and publicity off of it and launched a goddamn empire and yall over here made as fuck about it. This shits got to go. Bless you, Kim. I don’t even like you but bless you for working so damn hard. Also, why the fuck yall gonna sexualize a kid like that? The kids barely out of diapers and yall gonna talk about her in a sextape in the future? Naw. Fuck out


What do you think guys?

No. 35622


Does Kim even work hard tho?

No. 35624

>Talks disgustingly about Kim and her ass gettin' plowed
>but dont sexualize her daughter… yet

fuck everything

No. 35651

lmao and what do you do??

No. 35654

Did she say she worked hard? She just said "work like I did" from what I see.

No. 35693

This literally is the nigress and wigress thread. White people just hate Kim Kardashian because she isn't alternative and because she isn't "intelligent" (how is this hoe not intelligent tho…?anyways thats not the point) but black bitches hate her because they are jealous of her "cultural appropiating" ratchet behaviour lel. Says something about African American culture btw.

No. 35705

>black bitches
Did you get bullied by black girls as a teen

No. 35707

Shut up nigger.

No. 35708

I'll take that as a yes :^)

No. 35710

Not same anon as >>35693
, we all don't like you.

No. 35711

>responds angrily to a question not targeted at themselves
Seems legit.
Plus you don't have to be the same anon to have the question apply to you. Did I hit a nerve? :^)

No. 35712

Nope, was bullied by white whores though.

No. 35754


Yeah but do YOU guys think she works? calm down defensive-chans

No. 35837

her book is literally just a compilation of selfies, so basically a paper version of her instagram
kim doesn't sew or design patterns, she just pays other people to do it for her and then ok's it to be released under her name. same with the video game app that's made her millions.
literally nobody knew kim as anyone other than 'ex-bestie of paris hilton' before the sex tape
the mansion was paid for by her parents and her gold-digging divorcee bitch of a mother.
I don't see the 'work' that goes into that kind of lifestyle.
the hardest job she's ever held down is managing a store alongside her sisters, which tbh Kourtney put more effort into than she ever did.

No. 35886

A picture is worth a thousand words though, so in a way her book is a book…

No. 36024

True, you must keep your shelves stocked with the coloring books bestsellers.

No. 36071

I gotta admit, I love Jaden. He's hilarious, as pretentious as he is. I think he's pretty fucked up from being in the spotlight so much, but he rolls with it. I thought the white batman suit at the Kim/Kanye wedding thing was pretty funny.

No. 36076

Kanye is absolutely hilarious to keep up with. I've been a really long time fan of his because I think his music is well produced, witty, and catchy. I also think he's pretty fashionable. I generally try to separate someone's character from their art. It's fine to hate him for his personality, most people do, but that doesn't mean his music isn't really good and that he isn't talented.

No. 36109


No. 36111

No, but there are photobook bestsellers.

No. 44331

I actually loved that period from 2008-2012 when she was trying to be more adult, but in a mature Hilary Duff kinda way. But she wasn't getting a lot of attention for it so she cut her hair and went off the deep end, and that's when shit hit the fan. It's a shame, though. Because the whole rocker-edge-chic thing she was pulling off worked for her really well.

No. 44344

File: 1446029301444.jpg (817.84 KB, 1600x1200, Avril-Lavigne-Photo-Albums-p4-…)

This talentless bitch. I feel physically ill just looking at her ugly face. And dont even get me started on her retarded "music". Her stupid bad girl act makes me want to punch her in the mouth multiple times. She and that nickelback douche made the absolute perfect couple, but our human race got real lucky that they didnt make any babies. Just imagine the horror.

No. 44353

I really hated her too when I was a teenager and she was at her peak. I just thought she was a huge "poser" while singing about so called posers.
I now realise she was just completely made by the industry and probably only cared about the money. Also, now I'm not afraid to admit I always thought she was really pretty.

No. 44360

>I always thought she was really pretty.
I agree on this. She also looks great without the eyeliner, which is a surprise.
Prettiest white girl I've ever seen, rivaled by 2011 Photoshopped Dakota tbh.

No. 44361

I seriously cannot stand her and never understood her appeal or how she got so popular. Her and Ashlie simpson.

No. 44371

I agree. I don't think the retard act is garnering her much attention anymore either, which is why she has to go out of her way and say blatantly racist shit to get people riled up. It's the only way she can stay relevant and even then people stop caring after like 2 weeks. She ruined herself for attention.

No. 44372

File: 1446060143453.png (337.77 KB, 2695x630, hN2ragH[1].png)

It's not true, Moot disproved it a while ago.

No. 44373


No. 44387



No. 44390

That's really disappointing. I wanted to believe.

No. 44407

File: 1446083783828.jpg (18.03 KB, 360x319, Dash.jpg)

>14 yrs old

No. 44419

Morphed into another race

No. 44421

Morphed into Pepe. Shame, she looked decent at 16.

No. 44433

I remember I used to visit "anti-Avril" websites just for laughs. Goddamn those hatelistings were so entertaining.

Kinda miss the internet circa 2004-2006…

No. 44441

So young and she ruined herself– for what? Damn, that's actually kind of sad.

No. 44460

I hated her forever, but all her stuff from The Best Damn Thing and pre are my guilty pleasure.

No. 44466

I really can't believe that Kylie Jenner is only 17… She dresses too old for her age, acts to old, styles herself too old… None of the people I know break in high school dressed like that or even hung their boobs out like that. Kylie needs to stop growing up too fast.

It also annoys me; I'm in my mid-20s yet I constantly get told that I look like I'm 18 (pet peeve of mine and don't like people not taking me seriously because of it), yet they think Kylie is older or that her look is typical of high school seniors!

No. 44470

What the hell is your problem? What kind of insane logic did you come to think that everyone on here is a weeb who don't care about celebrities except for Japanese ones?

You're forgetting that before LOLcow, there was LiveJournal, home of weeb shit. Then there's also Oh No They Didn't on LJ, too, where 'wannabe-normies' discuss celebrity gossip full of GIF reactions.

Gtfo off here and go there if you don't like seeing it here.

No. 44473

I hated her song Sk8terboy more than any Blink 182 song ever made.

No. 44475

File: 1446117506816.jpg (27.53 KB, 219x400, 1442334701635.jpg)



No. 48083

File: 1448508063574.jpg (56.98 KB, 634x454, kyliee.jpg)

At age 18 she already has that Hollywood Housewife Botox Face

No. 48084

looks at least 30

No. 48313

Right? It was annoying watching all the girls start wearing ties, too

There's something about her that just entices rage from my very core

No. 48319

It's sad but I agree.

She has all of her 30s to look this way, idk why she's rushing it. She doesn't have to look this old to push the whole vixen thing. If she wants to be sexy she can do that by looking like her actual self. She's really going to regret it when she's older and not being able to find many pictures of her looking her age as a teen.

(This reminds me of how many girls with self esteem issues regarding their appearance will go by years without taking many pictures because they thought they looked like shit at the time, only to look back years later and loving the way they looked. It makes them feel bad that they couldn't appreciate their beauty sooner and many waste away hiding from people, missing opportunities.)

No. 48320

Idk if I like, dislike, or just don't care for Kylie. I love her makeup, her outfits are nice, her her attitude, personality, and actual facial features are hideous. I don't think she should have gotten surgery in her teens, as one anon said before, she's still growing.

No. 48476

I wonder if the Kardashians are actually happy with their life.

No. 48477

I still back this because fucking true

No. 48522

>Kylie now.

No. 48526

Anyone else here like celebrity gossip as much as me?

Celebrities are basically lolcows

So much drama, cheating, bearding and backstabbing that goes on behind the scenes.

That site doesn't name names until the secret is revealed elsewhere, but most of the time the comments are pretty spot-on and they will give clues in the article enough for readers to add up, but not enough for a celebrity to sue. They reveal information way before the tabloids do and in most cases it ends up being true.

It's basically my guilty pleasure and it feels good that celebrities are just like us and only human and aren't immune to bullshit drama (probably moreso because of the industry they are in.)

No. 48527

Sorry forgot the link - http://blindgossip.com/

No. 48532

yes and no.
I always expected them to have a lot of mental issues (not saying this to be mean) and relationship problems.
their lives seem perfect (theyre rich and can buy ANYTHING they want) but idk

No. 48533

I only liked her kawaii song

No. 48535

Media also called her unsightly and plain compared to other Kardiashians, which was disgusting from them considering she was a normal 15 year old cute girl.
Now with kilotons of makeup, plastic surgery and botox in her face at the ripe age of 18, media calls her a beauty.

No. 48541

she looks like shit.

No. 48543

I've got blindgossip on an open tab right now.
Agree with you, so much behind the scenes drama that's more entertaining than what's actually on screen.

No. 48564

I'm so sad, because I honestly really liked how Kylie looked when she was 15/16. She looked like a normal, cute girl. But oh no, she had thin lips and a thin frame; the horror! So her 'family' had to sculpt her into a Kim mini-me. And now she looks absolutely revolting.

What a fucking shame.

No. 48565

File: 1448870552871.png (177 KB, 281x322, kylie1.PNG)

I'd kill for her cute tiny frame she had before. And she had a really nice glowing face. Even candids of her back in those days are cute to me, it's was a refreshing face. Now, she looks haggard and everyone wants to look like her. Everyone is delusional man…

No. 48566

File: 1448870944705.jpg (80.73 KB, 625x443, olsensarkozy_splash_29112015.j…)

Damn Mary-Kate…She is only 29, looks way older.

Anyone got something juicy on the Olsen twins? I haven't heard about them since they battled anorexia or something.

No. 48568

File: 1448871273135.jpg (34.85 KB, 639x483, 1437734760-kylie-kim.jpg)

>So her 'family' had to sculpt her into a Kim mini-me.


No. 48569

File: 1448872988457.jpg (65.75 KB, 736x923, ot.jpg)

I'd like to know this as well. Where did they go?

No. 48570

File: 1448873179604.jpg (71.22 KB, 600x600, uh.jpg)

No. 48574


Not the Olsen twins but their sister Elizabeth, if you're interested… http://blindgossip.com/?p=72769

No. 48577

File: 1448877418062.jpg (32.29 KB, 360x411, drugs-are-for-idiots-miley.jpg)

It is always fun to see a celeb's past words bite them in the ass later.

Reminds me of pic related.

No. 48578

meh, I really liked her in the Avengers movie

No. 48581

They stopped acting in films together about 10 years ago and focused on their clothing lines since then. Think Mary-Kate did some acting since then too, but have no idea about Ashley.

No. 48583

looks more like kris than kim

No. 48584

I think Kylie looked really good RIGHT after her surgeries. Whatever haters, she looked like a basic white girl before. She's aging in overdrive now though and it isn't cute.

No. 48590

File: 1448901051129.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.35 KB, 288x501, miley-cyrus-strap-on.jpg)

Miley needs to slow down. She seems to have completely lost her mind.

No. 48591

That is just embarrassing.

No. 48592

Holy crap! She's gone way off the deep end. Can't wait until the day comes when she cleans up her act and realises what a mess she has made of her career. Honestly, is she actually making as much money now attention whoring as she was pre VMA-gate? If she's not, I don't know why she'd trade her dignity for this. It's not artsy or thought provoking, it's just sad.

No. 48593

I don't like Kendall Jenner being a model just because of her name. She claims to have been bullied by other models it's because they're mad that she bought her way into the modeling industry. She isn't model material. She walks like a fucking dead weight. I'm sick of seeing her in runways. Get her the fuck off. Fffs.

No. 48594

I think she does make a lot of money regardless of her antics because people do like her songs. She wasn't really making as much money between Hannah Montana and 2013/2014 and the VMA scandal did catapult her back into the spotlight even if it was mainly for people talking about how much better she was in the past.

But I don't think it's gonna keep going. It was shocking yet cool (to people with pleb taste)when she first made her return, but now she just keeps pushing the envelope being genderqueer and wearing dildos and stuff. People can see through the act and they're over it. She hasn't had a hit song since Wrecking Ball anyway and that was 2013, despite releasing another album since then.

I also don't think she really cares about how much money she is making right now. She really seems to be focused on distancing herself from Hannah Montana (which we already forgot about) and being the anti-TSwift, anti-Selena pop star that she's become lost in the edginess and it's just sad.

No. 48595

She needs to focus on putting some distance between herself and Wayne Coyne ASAP.

No. 48596

Yeah, that album really sucked and her career is fucking gone if she keeps doing that shit. I'm sure she thinks it makes her deep or something though.

No. 48602

She looks really bad, also her look is boring and overdone. Not to mention distasteful.

No. 48604

How is it distasteful? She does look bad now.

No. 48606

How did she get her eyes to look so dozy? (I guess she's going for the perpetual bedroom-eyes look)

Is that makeup or plastic surgery?

No. 48611

Nothing wrong with looking like a basic white girl. There really wasn't anything wrong with her before.

This is your brain on MK Ultra.

No. 48620

Her outfits and that whole aesthetic is so lame. It is so childish. I will never understand people who like that look

No. 48634

She may as well have died considering how fat she's gotten.

No. 48635

deets? what happened?

No. 48636

Heavy makeup/contouring and big ass fake eyelashes. She probably has those mink eyelash extensions.

No. 48637

File: 1448942878192.jpg (28.11 KB, 590x350, jlaw.jpg)

What? She looks normal

No. 48640

File: 1448944231093.jpg (124.04 KB, 640x640, mileywayne3.jpg)

Nothing in particular. But ever since she's started hanging out with him and his twenty-something gf, she's been on this slow and steady descent into whatever LSD fueled nightmare that he exists in.
He's a 54 year old burnout smack dab in the middle of a mid life crisis. It's pretty obvious he's taking a shit ton of drugs and "making music" with these young chicks. It wouldn't be that creepy if it was just a music collab, but he's in a TON of her IG pics and they obviously hang out a lot. She went from wanna be thug thot, to weird hippy dippy "omg all teh drugz n SEXXX". She always looks high af nowadays, like she's lost her soul.

Idk, it might just be me, but he just really creeps me out. That "Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain" video with Katy and Miley was fucking weird. Even for the Flaming Lips.
I recently listened to Miley's newest album that she released with FL, and all it consists of is crude references to drugs and sex. "Fweaky" could have been a really sensual song, especially with the way she sings it, but she completely ruins it with the crappy lyrics. I like how she's grown into her voice, but it's blatantly obvious who's influencing her recent musical escapades.
Some think that Miley is in a 3-way relationship with Wayne and Katy.

Apparently they're planning a naked concert together:



His girlfriend's ig is @katyweaver.

Sorry for the rant, he just really bothers me for some reason.

No. 48641

pic is them after getting matching BFF tattoos as a memorial for Miley's dead dog.

No. 48642

File: 1448944964793.png (551.92 KB, 824x517, toomuchLSD.png)

No. 48647

Why do singers/rappers do this shit just for attention? It's gotten too frequent in the past couple of years:

Lady Gaga (some of it I found cool though)
Nicki Minaj

No. 48648

She has a nice ass

No. 48649

She really is descending into madness, she's really playing up this whole baby talk thing and dressing like she found her outfit in a flea market that hasn't been restocked since 2000

No. 48650

File: 1448947000116.png (734.8 KB, 939x597, miles.png)

No. 48651

Before being famous and her makeup transformation i find her very ugly here.
She looks much better now tbh

No. 48654

File: 1448949515504.jpg (45.36 KB, 512x384, darkharvest.jpg)

No. 48655

File: 1448950536306.gif (16.22 KB, 240x330, 1448941580548.gif)

No. 48657

Late but why do you hate her?

No. 48658

You have shit tier taste.

No. 48681

Ohhh VC. I read all those articles years ago. Freaked me out for a minute. I still can't quite explain the repeated motifs etc but I don't buy his premise (indoctrinate the sheep) anymore. The Bible-thumping apocalypse-yellers in the comments section are annoying as well.

No. 48705

You and me both. Like, personally I wouldn't completely rule out the idea of a powerful group controlling the majority of the Western world economically and financially (like the Freemasons). But I honestly don't believe in such a powerful group giving a shit about the content of awards shows, music videos and magazine shoots - fairly certain they'd have far bigger fish to fry to worry about than waste their energy on that.

No. 48732

VC is shitty, crumpled tin foil. MK Ultra is a real thing, along with a ton of sub-projects within it. Portions were finally declassified in 2001 and who knows what sort of other crazy shit they've done since then. For most people it's easier just not to believe

No. 48733

I hope she gets fat

No. 48742

She already is

No. 48963

File: 1449058473328.png (323.28 KB, 569x382, Capture.PNG)

No. 48974

Kylie looks like a real doll.

No. 48975

>m-muh ableism
>she's appropriating disabled culture!!!!!
these people I swear

No. 48976

File: 1449075436250.jpg (105.03 KB, 529x793, 01-kylie-jenner-interview.w529…)

Oh, apparently she's supposed to look that way.


>makeup hater (seriously!) and lover of the outdoors.

hahahaha. She seriously looks busted. She went too far. She looks good for 50.

No. 48979

This picture actually creeps me out, and it's not just because she looks like a mannequin of a 40 year old woman. The way the whole thing is posed forces you to consider the notion that even though she's riding on the enigmatic businessman's back, she might not actually be the one in control.

No. 48986

File: 1449080141817.jpg (47.95 KB, 500x405, metropolis-movie.jpg)

Corset reminds me of the android in Metropolis.

Why is that film so popular in its symbolism? (I haven't seen it)

No. 48987

I think you're reading too far into it.

This wasn't some conspiracy and I don't even think she's a puppet. She grew up in one of the most superficial families looking like an average white girl. I'm sure she definitely DID want all this plastic surgery to look like Kim. I think almost every young girl who is insecure about her appearance wants some kind of change, be it plastic surgery - nose job, boob job, or to be taller or to be thinner, or whatever. But frankly it's the job of parents to prevent them from taking the easy way out and getting plastic surgery and dealing with what they've got rather than encouraging and paying for it. Not so when your parents are her parents, of course.

She talks a lot about "experimenting with her look" but surgery is a lot more permanent than just dying your hair or some shit. She's 18 now and rich so she can do whatever she wants, but I'm sure she's gonna regret trying to look like her 35 year old sister when she's 25, if it even takes her that long to regret it.

I think it's funny how she acts like detox teas and creams made her entire body change shape and not plastic surgery though, ha.

No. 48992

shes not pretty or unique enough to do high fashion modelling. she's so ugly but of course with a shit ton of make up she's what every guy would wanna fuck but not but a ring on it

No. 48994

never have i ever seen a more cringe inducing photo shoot

No. 48995

That's why I posted the screenshot, like holy shit, people are so dramatic.

No. 48998

Because Metropolis is a fucking incredible masterpiece of German expressionism and is one of the best movies ever made. See the recently restored version. They found a lot of scenes that went missing in the 20's and it makes much more sense now. I always had a hard time following the previous cut.

No. 49024

A bit dramatic yes, but Kylie Jenner looks like an idiot wheeling around in a wheelchair in latex. From an artistic perspective it looks tryhard and pointless. Imagery suggests some ratchet hoe in latex pushed some old woman out of a wheel chair and sped away.

No. 49025

Metropolis is a really good silent film. It's pretty mind-blowing that it was made in 1927, especially with its visuals and story.

No. 49034

>German expressionism

muh nigga

No. 49035

more MKULTRA mind control imagery.

tinfoil hat

No. 49181

File: 1449247621650.jpg (219.05 KB, 1024x768, dafuck.jpg)

No. 49199

ewwww wtf is happening to her ass

No. 49202

RiFF RAFF is fucking based hahaha

No. 49219

File: 1449256883064.jpg (24.51 KB, 600x400, nicki-minaj-before-and-after-2…)

Her butt implants are ready for take off.

No. 49222

File: 1449257559281.jpg (1.08 MB, 1753x1169, olsens.jpg)

Mary-Kate has aged twice as much as her sister. Probably ED or Drugs. I think they both have similar stress levels.

No. 49224

Anyone who thinks her tits and ass are natural and real need to take a minute to think their life over.

Seriously tired of Nicki anyway. Her rapping skills aren't anything that hasn't been done a million times before and the songs themselves are really stock. Literally the only reason she's big is her fake tits and fake ass. She's not inspirational, the "FUCK SKINNY BITCHESSSS I CONTROL DICKS WITH MY ASS" act has been done a million times. I'm not against it actually since I find it flashy and fun, but to act like Nicki's some revolutionary feminist icon for doing nothing new makes me roll my eyes.

No. 49226

Is that Cate Blanchett on the right?

No. 49227

It's so painfully obvious that she's trying way too hard to escape her disney fame. It happened to a lot of other ex-kid stars and Miley especially seems to be desperate to be recognized as a ~real edgey unique grown up artist totes not a generic pop girl~. So she's going to these extreme lengths just for the shock value.

No. 49263

thats gotta be shopped.

No. 49273

Thing is, hasn't she well escaped it by now? Does anyone go oh, that's Hannah Montana anymore? I think people just physically recoil when they hear Miley's name these days, because she's so disgusting and try hard.

I think she's a victim of being a child star, none of them really turn out right, but I think it's stretching it to say she's still trying to escape the Disney image. It's been several years, people just think she's a gross coalburning druggie these days.

No. 49275

I have a friend who is doing waist training and all that bullshit and now has a curvy thick body and has nickis mentality. Like, it looks nice but that's not what I want for myself. I told her I want to lose 20 more pounds so I can wear clothes better and have a nice small frame and she's like "dude guys don't like that shit they like a big ass and thighs" like nooooo, how can you just generalize like that. I don't want a big floppy booty. So I agree, so sick of the big ass thing.

No. 49283

File: 1449312516745.jpg (122.27 KB, 500x726, neverforget.jpg)

No. 49285

File: 1449323533456.jpeg (42.69 KB, 580x617, image.jpeg)

Who is this model? I forgot her name lel

No. 49286

File: 1449324357586.jpg (260.48 KB, 1200x1800, image.jpg)

That's Taylor Hill. I like her face.

No. 49288

Ah thank you very much and I very much agree and I'm very picky when it comes to faces. I thought she is a Russian model, maybe she used to be Russian a couple hundreds years ago.

No. 49290


Agreed, I like her face too. Interesting structure and brows :)

No. 49291


I'm sick of Nicki too tbh, I think she's ugly and tacky tbh.

No. 49292


Shit, they're going to age fucking awfully and one already is. I was never into them to be honest, I always found they looked like frogs and the only film I liked was New york minute.

No. 49297

I think that burning would have been caused by damage to the sensitive skin in the area. That never happened to me.

No. 49302

File: 1449340269107.jpg (209.89 KB, 1024x931, 1440159261_осборн_келлиjpg_nor…)

Kelley Osbourne was the very definition of awkward teen phase.
she's never gonna be a model knockout but I love whoever her stylist is nowadays.
still rocking that red lip.

No. 49311

they're also scammers

No. 49312

it's not plastic surgery

>kyliejenner Plastic doll vibes ;) pulling my face back with tape all day was much worth it for this amazing art cover of @interviewmag with @stevenkleinstudio & #karltempler so dope!!!! 4d

Read more at http://websta.me/n/kyliejenner#WD2LePTS1Yi1Us86.99

No. 49313

she's also full of plastic surgery

No. 49315

funny how all the blame is on her when it was the photographer's idea. She signed a contract and has to pose how the photographer wants. I dont give a single fuck about Kylie, but this shit isn't hers

No. 49342

lol, the lighting in this picture makes it look like Kelly is Beyonce's reflector.

No. 49346

gives me hope

don't namefag

No. 49349

feminists were mostly NOT defending her actions, and claiming it was disgusting.

please, fuck off with your anti-fem shit

No. 49350

no, it's because they aren't identical twins apparently.

No. 49351

men cry and bitch more about relationships then women. Hell, Eminem rage-cries and violently shits on women in his songs.

No. 49352

>getting butthurt at months old posts because they're not feminist enough
what are you even doing here

No. 49353

Yeah and he sucks for that.

No. 49358

I always thought the weird cheek/jaw thing she had going here made her look weird, but I guess it actually makes her look younger. I love her hair, I wish I could maintain that shade without bleaching and damaging beyond belief. She's got the $$ and stylists to keep it looking great, I'm jealous.

No. 49369

File: 1449426269312.jpg (63.53 KB, 552x591, chillbruh.JPG)

Another one.

No. 49370


Didn't Nicki just bail her brother out for raping a 12 year old girl tho?

No. 49373

Do they not understand she was meant to be styled as a sex doll? People wheel their realdolls around in wheelchairs.

No. 49378

I meant more in terms of how manufactured her entire personality is to fit in with the Kardashian clan tbh, not some weird illuminati shit.
She's actually a normal girl, but she's being made to look like something else and it's just creepy

No. 49380

Then blame it on Kylie clutching the wheels of the chair as if she's ready to race full speed ahead.

After 100k of plastic surgery you can land yourself a cover shoot in your wheel chair, kid.

No. 49381

>I have just been informed that all disabled people can participate in #disablednotinvisible For those who don’t know: #disablednotinvisible is an Internet campaign, created by tumblr user teaforyourginaa, in protest of Kylie Jenner’s wheelchair photoshoot. On Monday, December 14th, disabled people are encouraged to take selfies to show that we are here and that we will not be used as a fashion statement. In your selfies, please remember to tag Kylie Jenner ( @kyliejenner ), Steven Klein ( @stevenkleinstudio ), and to use the hashtag #disablednotinvisible #disability #actuallydisabled #KylieJenner #StevenKlein #abliesm


No. 49387

Hashtag campaigns are so fucking retarded. It's always a bunch of self absorbed assholes sloppily trying to assemble an internet army to dispute things that no one cares about. Most of them just use the hashtag (and their victim complex) to get more followers and likes.

"Protesting" something by putting a hashtag on a picture of yourself has got to be one of the dumbest things to come out of the internet age.

No. 49394

Why do people think this is actually accomplishing anything whatsoever?

No. 49428

They claim it's being done out of visibility, but a lot of them do it out of the sheer satisfaction of feeling superior (in this case more PC?) over celebrities and their fans and, like >>49387 said, more likes and followers.

And they act like Kylie hasn't needed to "legitimately" use a wheelchair before what with all those plastic surgeries she's had.

No. 49430

If the model wasn't Kylie nobody would give a fuck. But if it's Kylie is like "hey guys let's attack her one more time, we didn't have enough with the shit talk about her lips!!!!1!11!!1" Kylie realized it was wrong to post that photo on her instagram and she deleted it because people went nuts. But the photographer and magazine doesn't give a fuck if Kylie doesn't want that picture on the internet. She's signed a contract and she's been paid for those photos. This is just another opportunity to blame her, attack her and gain followers that hate her.

No. 49438

People seem to think its the responsibility of celebrities to ~take a stand~ but it's really not. at the end of the day they're people just trying to get more money. Kylie's already a dipshit without a halfway decent role model in her life so it's not like she's going to do anything but chase the dollar and get more shit injected into her face until she dies. So if that means taking ~insensitive~ modeling jobs she's going to do it. I don't know why or how these people summon up the energy to care.

No. 49459

I mean… you wouldnt wear an ostomy bag to be kewl and edgy so why pretend to be a paraplegic?

No. 49469

Tumblrinas be like
"There's no representation of disabled people in fashion?????? Stupid ableists!!!!1111"
And then
"How dare these ableists put a girl on a wheelchair in a fashion commercial????? Muh triggers!!!"
Ohh these people

No. 49488

They're mad because kylie isn't actually disabled and the wheelchair is a prop rather than an essential item she needs

No. 49573

i think she got triggered

No. 49574

Nice lie. there was even an article that said women shouldnt be able to go to jail or some shit like that.
i've seen plenty of feminists harassing and bullying any woman who isnt a feminist because she's a "traitor!!!" and defending female pedophiles so you can fuck off with your "FEMINISTS ARE GENTLE AND NICE PEOPLE WE CARE ABOUT WOMEN!!!!!!!!!! EXCEPT WOMEN WHO DISAGREE WITH US JUST WANT MALE ATTENTION AND SHOULD DIE!"
after being made fun of by feminists who thought me being abused by my big sister is "not her fault" pls leave man

No. 49576

why do tumblr hate the shit out of kylie?
i mean i find her meh but why hate her?
who gives a shit if she has a wheel chair on her photoshoop.
right person is obviously jelly that she didnt have her minutes of fame because apparently she deserves some just because shes in a wheelchair?

No. 49577

what the fuck

No. 49578

well, most guys prefer big butt and big tits.
you can't deny that lol
thats like saying girls prefer small dicks

No. 49579

her hair is scary

No. 49580

ah VC.
man, their articles scare me.

No. 49583

No. 49586

They also made a post about Kylie's Beta Slave Kitten photoshoot.


tbh I don't agree with the author's opinion toward transsexuals, but the articles are interesting if you don't take every little thing to heart and keep your bullshit detector on. also, don't read the comments or the forum if you are easily enraged by mind-melting stupidity.

No. 49589

Is this a joke? This is the dumbest site I've seen. Every article is freemasons, illuminati, Justin Bieber illuminati.

No. 49604

File: 1449573286871.jpg (44.22 KB, 398x590, 11.JPG)

No. 49605

File: 1449573378816.jpg (100.77 KB, 500x749, ladygaga.jpg)

A lot of celebrities do it. Tumblr needs to chill

No. 49613

It's dumb but fun. The 'Sinister Sites' especially.

No. 49642

There are the feminists, and the people who like to call themselves "feminists" (for example, the typical Tumblrina). I follow a bunch of feminist pages on Fb and I've never read anything like the "All men are pigs all women are innocent, women can't be rapists, the non-feminists should die, men are stupid" stuff feminists are usually mocked for, and the ones who said stuff like that were banned. I guess this movement is taken more seriously in my country? Dunno. I hate fake feminists tho, they bring bad publicity to the movement. Sorry for you man

No. 49706

I think gaga had a legit reason to be in a wheelchair, though. Didn't she fuck up her hip and cancel a tour?

No. 49707

tbh most feminists spout stupid shit even when it's not 'I hate men' tier. Like whining about the wage gap (which doesn't exist) and not enough women in STEM when they have gender studies degrees. Whining about oversexualising of characters in vidya, fuck, because of feminists I can't get the new DOA game. Guess I have "internalised misogyny" though right?

No. 49810

Trust me it happens. Usually it's talked about in private among friends/family. Online though there's a sense of anonymity and distance from the self, so personal stuff pops up more often.

No. 51719

File: 1450291753391.jpg (89.89 KB, 634x794, 2F6AD75A00000578-0-image-a-54_…)

I am 25 this August and this girl legit looks older than me it's fucking weird.

What on earth has she done to her face?

No. 51722

Pimp momma Kris let her get all the surgeries she could ever want. She's gonna be the next kim, dontcha know?

No. 51723


This looks like a tranny.

No. 52308

Yes and not a single word from tumblr.

No. 52312

Eighteen years old, ladies and gentlemen.

No. 52338

I'm fucking 30 and she even looks older than me!
Getting plastic surgery this early in life while their body is still groing is an awful idea. (unless for good medical reasons like boob reduction)

No. 52374

Her lips look so weird, I was thinking about getting lip fillers but after seeing this I'm not so sure anymore

No. 52398

I just don't get this whole obsession with trying to grow up too fast. We all will get old eventually. Why hasten the process? Once your youth is gone, it won't come back. Just enjoy your youth as you have it now. She looks this old now at 18, I couldn't imagine how she would look 10 years from now…

No. 52400

Too many blcks and mles here it's annoying

No. 52412

Ironically, lip fillers look best on people who already have decent sized lips and don't really need fillers.

If you have really thin lips, you'll get fish face because the only way to pump up the lips would be to push them out.

If you have plumpish lips anyway then there's already lip on show so your mouth won't need to be pushed and filled out as much.

No. 52414

File: 1450476172141.jpg (35.1 KB, 490x300, 416ForWebSet.jpg)

Agreed. On people with thin lips it seems like the fillers make the area above/around your lip puffy, which ends up looking swollen and weird instead of looking like a natural fullness.

No. 52419

Unless you have naturally large lips, you'll end up looking like you got your lips stung by bees.
Don't fucking do it.

No. 52433

File: 1450485429908.png (780.39 KB, 606x609, gigi-moles.png)

It shits me off that Gigi Hadid only became a "model" due to her family connections.

Plus is anyone going to talk about her ugly moles? She's got over 10 moles on her stomach and neck alone. If she wanted to be a real model and work for it, she would have gotten them removed already. They make me feel sick looking at them all, tbh.

No. 52434

File: 1450485653165.jpg (179.24 KB, 600x650, gigi-hadid-butt-nyfw-spring-20…)

Also, girl needs to lose 5 - 10 pounds and start a squat regime. She's skinny fat and needs to badly tone up.

No. 52436


I think the moles are cute and personal tbh, not that big of a deal. and nowadays they are looking for models to look a bit different, all kinds of albinos strutting the catwalk lol so who cares about the moles

No. 52437


agree about this tho

No. 52439


>she needs to lose 5-10lbs

>she needs to tone up

Make up your mind. She can't "tone" up and not gain weight from the increased muscle mass.

No. 52440

>only became a "model" due to her family connections.
That's the case with most "it" models these days. Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne too.

No. 52441


Lose fat.


No. 52509

File: 1450510824912.jpg (80.37 KB, 960x960, 10850003_10153103703713211_747…)

I wish Tila Tequila wasn't so crazy cause she can look really pretty when she's not trying to be trashy

No. 52510

Maybe an unpopular opinion but I think Kate Upton is sloppy looking as fuck. I can't believe anyone think she has a hot looking body. She's so flabby and her shape is terribly unfortunate. She has a lovely face and nice boobs, but her everything else is awful.

No. 52515

She used to always try to have that girl-next-door vibe in like 2008 and it suited her well. Now she's everywhere with her themes.
She tried to be badass in Bad Blood but she looked awkward as hell in the entire music video whereas Selena Gomez and literally everyone else in the music video pulled it off really well.
With her current look, I really like when she does vintage-y themes like some of her outfits in Blank Space and her Wildest Dreams MV.

Age of Ultron wasn't a good movie but she looked pretty cute as Scarlet Witch.

Yeah she really messed up her hip when she fell iirc.

Nigga stfu and just buy your titty fighter game. Does DOA still have boob jiggle settings?
Ngl I was really mad when they took R. Mika's ass slap out of Street Fighter V because that's… well, a really R. Mika thing to do.
Tumblr feminists truly do ruin everything, even vidya, but the fact that game companies are willing to cater to them now really kills me.

Not sure about losing weight but she definitely needs to tone her entire body. Her tummy, upper arms, legs, and ass could definitely benefit from being more toned.

No. 52527

are you kidding? i've seen at least four posts about it and i hardly spend any time on tumblr

No. 52528


Not really.
Skinnyfat with no muscle ain't cute girl.

No. 52529

>Does DOA still have boob jiggle settings?

They even have a secret "extreme jiggle" mode where boobs move like flyguys

No. 52545

File: 1450534988357.jpg (120.37 KB, 1000x750, claire-danes-sag-awards-2015-f…)

I really hate claire danes.
She is so boring looking and how much of an asshole do you have to be to cheat with a man that has a pregnant fiance.
I think in a interview she didn't regret it said she was just being adventurous or something.

No. 52558

File: 1450545990940.jpg (227.16 KB, 1280x1116, https://41.media.tumblr.com/20…)

She looks like a duck

No. 52559

Holy shit what the hell happened to her face? It looks kinda lopsided.

No. 52564


It's definitely due to her family connections; but I like her personality and think she's cuter than Kendall or any of those other 'connected' models.

Plus I think her moles make her unique. I'd rather see a pretty model with moles or freckles than another blonde girl with a nice smile (yes I like Gigi but that's all she would be).

Also kinda OT since I don't think she's a bad person, but I feel really bad for her Mom (Yolanda) on this season of Housewives. I can barely watch this season because people making assumptions about her not being sick is ridiculous.

No. 52565

t-this is a satirical photoshop, right? it's horrifying

No. 52568

File: 1450549858185.jpg (14.81 KB, 300x300, MTIwNjA4NjM0MTUzNTY3NzU2.jpg)

I hate Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
He disgusts me to the point where I can't watch anything that he's in, even if it's a commercial. He looks downsy and his whole face collapses in on itself when he smiles.

No. 52571

Me too. She got her teeth pulled out for fucks sake.

No. 52574

Wait, that's Hugh Dancy's wife, oh shit. She's uglier than I thought she would be. And if she's a homewrecker then fuck her. Why did he even want her

I don't mind him but he looks so fucking smug, even his damn eyes look smug.

No. 52589

File: 1450555564463.jpg (46.04 KB, 1156x650, Shane-West-Nikita-shane-west-1…)

I'm binge watching Nikita on Netflix and Shane West's face bothers me so fucking much. Idk if I wanna watch Salem now because his ugly face is in that series too.

No. 52601

File: 1450563136878.jpg (76.96 KB, 600x655, faces of meth.jpg)

He looks remotely alive in that cap. Around the time he dated Evan Rachel Wood, he aged very quickly in a way meth users know too well.

No. 52609

She looks like Neyde Spears topkek

No. 52614

this guy looks like a child of Raul Esparza and Jeremy Renner

No. 53645

She looked mrs potato head

No. 53646

Looks like*

No. 53830

Lmao and she was just going on about how she loves her athletic body. GURL.

No. 53833

Unpopular opinion my ass. I agree to the moon and back. I remember when she had her 10s of fame…her body is not, and was not all that amazing. She reminds me of Gigi Hadid's whack ass body too.

No. 53836

Claire Danes is an incredible actress. I love her.

No. 53890

There's no forgiveness for cheaters. they are both horrible people and deserve to be divorced or worse.

No. 53891

Ugh yes! His face bothers the fuck out of me.

No. 53985


Agreed, they're incredibly basic. They are popular for no reason with the hambeasts. JL is slimmer than 90% of the U.S, population, and Schumer is just your average middle aged mom type, with a face more piggish than JL though.

As for Kylie: how insecure is she to date that insecure manbeast pedo? It's not a race thing, I'd bet 50% of African American men are more attractive than that little shit mouth breather. Why does he always have his mouth hanging open? It's disgusting.

No. 53987


Ugh Jeremy Renner. I have no idea why he exists. He's not even weird looking in an alien way like Cumberbatch, he's just embarrassingly ugly. He must have a lot of dirt on the kiddie-diddling Hollywood producers.

No. 53988


Really? She comes over as hysteric and unhinged in everything she does. It wouldn't surprise me if she has severe mental illness.

No. 53989


She should do a brain/body swap with Stephen Fry. That way their exteriors would match their interior.

No. 53990

File: 1450846237341.jpg (155.16 KB, 670x411, Big-Ang-Cancerous-Tumor.jpg)


I feel so bad for her. When she's thirty she'll look like this.

I don't know if anyone here uses fillers, but for the love of god, don't! Putting all that stuff in your face, makes your face heavier, strains your skin, and you will guaranteed end up looking like a bulldog with jowls much faster than someone who just tries to work with what nature gave them.

No. 53991


She's artificially making herself darker. She's only half Armenian American, I wonder for how long she'll keep that up.

I'd rather she'd go full Miley than just be another Kardash-bot.

No. 53998

i dont think kylie is armenian at all?

No. 54000

It's Kim's dad that's Armenian. Kylie's second mother is Bruce Jenner.

No. 54002


Possibly, sorry, I thought that because Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney's dad is Kris is too. So there's no reason at all for her to choose a foundation too dark other than being a Kim clone.

No. 54022

Kylie's so annoying oh my god

No. 54025

I could not bring myself to sit through six minutes of this shit.
Also, is the blonde one trans? She has that "mid-transition" type voice.

No. 54026

Yeah that's gigi gorgeous. Formerly went by Gregory. She really pisses me off because she's everything wrong with Trans women imo.

No. 54030

Speaking of Gigi, why is she suddenly getting an in with celebrities? First it was Miley, now Kylie (and others I'm sure). Is it just because she's trans or what?

No. 54033

>Is it just because she's trans or what?
Obviously. There's absolutely nothing special about a bleach blonde tan girl with basic bougie cali girl interests but if you say "oh but she USED TO BE A GUY!!" it's suddenly interesting and we should all worship her. I think she only dates trans fetishists and is probably a bit of a fetishist herself.
>inb4 all trans are fetishists

No. 54035

>she's everything wrong with Trans women imo.
What do you mean? She acts just like any other bland blond chick.
She's not Stefonknee, at the very least.

No. 54036

>she's everything wrong with Trans women imo.
What do you mean? She acts just like any other bland blond chick.
She's not Stefonknee, at the very least.

No. 54041

I think people are uncomfortable with trans people who play up to other genders stereotypes

No. 54097

I saw this on the main page and thought you guys were still talking about Gigi Hadid and spent a good minute looking up if she was transgender before I saw the video lol

I hate it but tbh it's not just Kylie. If you look at most female youtubers (or at least female youtubers with a female audience) it's how they act too

No. 54143


She doesn't look white, she looks dead D:

No. 54147


Stefonknee, god. She's the freak people talk about when they bring up this argument: "but what if old men say they're trans and want to use the same dressing rooms as little girls?!"

People like Stefonknee, "trans agers", or adult babies are whatever, are what is wrong with the trans movement. Except that they're not actually in the trans movement, are they? They're just pursuing a weird fetish.

Gigi isn't what is wrong, she's just working it like many straight girls. Annoying? Perhaps, but not because she's trans.

And while I have my rant on, let me just go off on Brucelyn. Brucelyn is "suh brave!" and "suh beautiful!" Meanwhile, most trans women who are not Stefonknee actually pull it off quite well, there are literally thousands of trans women who are beautiful in spite of not having the shitton of resources and support Brucelyn has. Brucelyn already had the earlier nosejob and a pretty androgynous face to start with.

To top it off, Brucelyn is a neocon fuckwit who most recently prayed with an anti-gay pastor. If Brucelyn is in any way associated with the trans movement, she is indeed what is fucking wrong with it.

Brucelyn, blessed with bimbo-like lack of intelligence waaaaay before she hit retirement age, was a self-centered dick before she transitioned, and now she's a self-centered fucking cunt who does nothing but disservice to the trans community.

No. 54152

File: 1450916933961.png (440.97 KB, 760x440, 1447343539355.png)

For all you Gigi defenders ITT. The trans thread here on /b/ summed it up pretty well

>>Gigi is the worst. Now he wants everyone to forget he's trans at all and makes a point of avoiding the issue as much as possible unless he can't.

No. 54154

File: 1450919749665.png (150.06 KB, 528x297, girl of boy 5.png)

>I think that my choice to be a woman makes me more woman than a lot of women out there
What does this tranny mean by this?

No. 54155

Trannies are male supremacists.

No. 54157


Okay, I take back whatever positive thing I said about her. I don't know her. It's just that the trans people I know aren't attention whoring retards. I guess that's why I don't see them ranting on YouTube.

No. 54159

It means he mad he ain't got a functioning vagina or uterus.

No. 54160

Im from LA and most trans woman here are exactly like Gigi to a T. Get a boob job, act like a bimbo, and deny or never admit they are trans. I am cool with trans people. I think if your a normal and honest person about it fine. But people like gigi and cait focus so much on the glam, the superficial of it all to a point where I'm annoyed af.

Back on topic, I think Kylie and Kim look like trannys. It's very telling Kylies man Tyga cheated on her with a tranny. Also JBeibs is hooking up with Kourtney? So weird

No. 54194

It's like they think they can replace women with a better version by transitioning from male to female. Because it takes a real man to become a real woman.

No. 54197

Why does being trans have to be something she continually brings up when she's trying to accurately pass as a cis woman? Do you consider trans women "real women" now? Nope? Then she's within her rights.
Transphobes are never happy tbh

No. 54215

It's just decent. Saying your a trans woman isnt going to make you any less of a woman. The fact that she can accept LGBT awards but won't openly refer to herself as trans is weird. She's just weird.

No. 54223

The thing is, I'm pretty sure trans people don't want to be known as "trans-[gender they're transitioning to]", they just want to be known as "[gender they're transitioning to]". In our current society, most people just don't consider transwomen to be "real" women because they are retarded, and no amount of explaining oneself will ever satisfy them. There's also the fact that you'll always be lumped in with disgusting sissy freaks like Stefonknee, and that just reduces your credibility.
If I were trans, and I passed well enough to avoid the label entirely, I would do exactly what Gigi's doing. There's just too much shit that comes along with being "openly trans" ("Hurr you're a man in a dress and you always will be!!", "Sorry still calling you [gendered birth name]", "Body dysphoria isn't real", "You're just a fucking pervert", etc). It doesn't make you "not trans", it just makes you smart and aware of the shitty world you live in.

No. 54224

I forgot to add that people will literally murder you for being openly trans, doubly so if you happen to not be white. So, there's that too.

No. 54229

OK tumblr

No. 54231


Trans women arent Seen as real women because they arent real women. cutting off your penis and getting a boob job doesnt make you a women.
Trans people are ill and need a real solution instead of this whole Transition-crap.

Turns out that the suicide rate of trans people BEFORE The transition is The exact same as AFTER The transition.

Furthetmore, The suicide rate of trans people lies by 40%, in human history There was never a suicide rate that high.

The only suicide rate that is comparable with The suicide rate of trans people is The one of jews living under The nazi regime.

I think we can agree that trans people arent treated NEARLY as Bad as The jews in The nazireich.

But because There are people like you who support trans folks in their delusion we are far aways from finding a real solution that would prevent trans people from killing themselves.

No. 54232

Screaming "Tumblr!!!!" every time you hear an inconvenient truth makes you sound like an incoherent, reactionary dumbfuck.
Trans people are murdered at ridiculous rates, and also have extremely high suicide rates. Maybe look at some statistics sometime.

No. 54233

Studies have shown transwomen have brains that are more sterotypically "female" than "male", but I already know nothing I type or link to will change your mind, so I won't even bother.
My main point is, if you're trying to present as a woman, what's the fucking point of letting everyone know that at one point, you presented as a man? What will that help you with? People will just call you a man regardless.

No. 54239

Different anon but as far as I know those studies were done on post-transition people. AKA after years and years of hormones pumped into them.

No. 54240

You're the one talking of all these statistics of trans people getting murdered. Why not post them the first time?

No. 54241


Cuz it's deceptive. They aren't a woman, they're a trans woman.

No. 54243

Who is affected by this "deception" if you look like any other cis woman? If you're getting into a relationship, you definitely should tell the person, but why should it be anyone else's business (apart from some sick, voyeuristic purpose where others want to know the most intricate details of another person's life for literally no good reason)?

No. 54244

>Studies have shown transwomen have brains that are more sterotypically "female" than "male"

They say the same about gays too. Does that mean all gay people should transition too?


It is sad that we live in a world where if you don't think in terms of traditional gender roles, then you need to mutilate your body and pretend to be something you are not. What is wrong with just being a feminine man or masculine woman?

No. 54247

Lol your nuts. I'll play along. It would matter during things like scholarships, job applications and other things where gender is taken into account. If a trans doesn't let anyone know they're trans then they can take advantage of shit that was meant for women.

No. 54252

First off, obviously they'd be identified as male for specific cases (like health issues), but for literally anything else, what makes them not fit to be identified/classed a woman if they've been living as a one long enough to actually pass? Educate me.
Like let's say a trans woman applied for a job as a secretary or nursery teacher. Who is negatively affected if she is, for all intents and purposes, a woman and not some gross creep, and actually passes as one?
Also, *you're. :^)

No. 54254

If they even have to identify as "male" on health issues, then they are not women. They are not passing as women. Being a woman is more than physical appearance stereotypes on what it means to be a woman.

Also, correcting someone's grammar doesn't make your viewpoint anymore valid than anyone else's.

No. 54258

>If they even have to identify as "male" on health issues, then they are not women.
Says who? You? Please.
>They are not passing as women.
If you need to go out of your way to read their health documentation to figure out that they're not women, then I beg to differ.
>Being a woman is more than physical appearance stereotypes on what it means to be a woman.
Gender is a form of social classification, and is separate from sex. Though it's valid and extremely helpful like 99% of the time (ie women are [x], men are [x]) because of how we're made as a species, there are exceptions in nature. It's not that hard to grasp, and it's retarded to pretend there's some inherent magic to being a woman that exists any way other than sexually/reproduction-wise.
Telling someone they're nuts because they disagree with you doesn't make your viewpoint any more valid, either.

No. 54260

So, according to your logic, any male can be a woman, as long as they act like a stereotypical woman (lots of makeup, big tits, ditzy personality)? Are drag queens women then? What about comedians or actors who dress like a woman for an act or role?

And if it is all based on social implications, what if those that are trans move to an area where those Western stereotypes aren't recognized, like Africa or the Middle East? Will it then be okay to call them a man, since you are not following their own social implications of what it means to be a woman?

Whether you like it or not, reproductive health plays a big part in what defines as woman or man.

Also, I am not the anon who called you nuts. There are more than one person who disagrees with you, especially on lolcow.

No. 54262

THIS! The brain scans were done on people who had been on hrt for many years. Hormones pass through the blood brain barrier and there are receptors for the opposite gender's primary hormones, so of course it would cause changes to the brain. Hate having to explain this every time someone posts that study as proof. Before hrt would be actual proof that transgender people are innately more like the opposite gender.

No. 54264

>So, according to your logic, any male can be a woman, as long as they act like a stereotypical woman (lots of makeup, big tits, ditzy personality) Are drag queens women then? What about comedians or actors who dress like a woman for an act or role?
No, there are all sorts of women. You're the one who's trying to limit the definition according to your own ideas. I never mentioned any of those stereotypes, either (neither do they even apply to all "passing" trans women), so I don't know where you're pulling that from.
>And if it is all based on social implications, what if those that are trans move to an area where those Western stereotypes aren't recognized, like Africa or the Middle East? Will it then be okay to call them a man, since you are not following their own social implications of what it means to be a woman?
Pretty sure most parts of Africa and the Middle East will consider someone who looks like a woman a woman. The type of behavior or attitude associated with them will differ, obviously, but that's something very arbitrary and easy to change.
Plus, you do realize trans women exist in both those places as well, right? There are even some cultural groups that would consider the western definition of a "trans woman" as still a woman, or even a gender all its own that's respected in much the same way as male or female.
>Whether you like it or not, reproductive health plays a big part in what defines as woman or man.
I literally spent time explaining that though women and men are defined by their sex, everything else (ie roles, attitudes, etc) AKA gender is put together socially and is quite arbitrary as whole. Don't be a retard.
>Also, I am not the anon who called you nuts. There are more than one person who disagrees with you, especially on lolcow.
So, why get pissy when I pointed out their shit grammar? Note that I never even implied they were less valid in their opinion because they didn't know to use "you're" (because in that case I wouldn't even have responded to their points, I would've posted "*you're" and then ignored them), I just corrected them.

No. 54265

I mentioned gender stereotypes, because you say gender is based on social implications. When you go off of what society deems as how a woman should look and act, how are you not going off of stereotypes, then? Otherwise, if gender is as fluid as you believe, why bother trasitioning? Why can't trans people just remain how they are born and take part in non-traditional gender roles? Why must they identify as the opposite sex?

You don't know what "pissy" means. I only mentioned the grammar thing because that is the classic Internet ad hominen to attempt to shut down an argument ("hurr hurrrr, your point is wrong cause you used 'your!1!'"). I don't agree with them calling you nuts either, and not once have I insulted you. Yet you felt the need to call me "retarded." So anyone who tries to debate you, or doesn't agree with your viewpoint, is now retarded.

No. 54267

>I mentioned gender stereotypes, because you say gender is based on social implications. When you go off of what society deems as how a woman should look and act, how are you not going off of stereotypes, then?
Because there's more than one way for a woman to be considered a woman. You're acting as if the big tits/makeup smeared bimbo type is the only socially acceptable mannerism a woman can have in western society, which is actually somewhat offensive.
>Otherwise, if gender is as fluid as you believe, why bother trasitioning? Why can't trans people just remain how they are born and take part in non-traditional gender roles? Why must they identify as the opposite sex?
Because some people would be more comfortable doing certain things to their body in order to not only feel, but outwardly present a certain way. I don't know, maybe if we had the whole "third gender" thing some other cultures have, there wouldn't be a perceived need for it. As things are now, remaining the way they are physically just marks them as "abnormal" or "perverted" unless they go out of their way to pass. Why is it such a problem to you how other people alter themselves in a way that makes their conviction clear, anyway? Is anyone injecting you with hormones without your consent?
>I only mentioned the grammar thing because that is the classic Internet ad hominen to attempt to shut down an argument ("hurr hurrrr, your point is wrong cause you used 'your!1!'"). I don't agree with them calling you nuts either, and not once have I insulted you.
I guess it's a good thing I wasn't doing that, then, considering I actually addressed their points before even pointing out the grammar mistake.
>Yet you felt the need to call me "retarded." So anyone who tries to debate you, or doesn't agree with your viewpoint, is now retarded.
I said "Don't be retarded". If I didn't know what "pissy" means, I certainly do now.

No. 54268

But by the need of trans people to do these things, like inject themselves with hormones and get genital surgery, wouldn't that imply that there is a lot more to being a man or woman than just donning the perceived physical appearance or mannerisms of one? Something like sex and biology?

No. 54269

kill yourself(frivolous report of ":^)")

No. 54270

don't worry, anon. I reported that faggotry.(frivolous report of ":^)")

No. 54272

No, because they can't get the physical appearance of a woman or man without those hormones, and the genital reassignment is specifically to help them deal with their perceived issues with their genitalia.
Additionally, since, as most people know, hormones and genital reassignment surgery still have a long way to go before altering a person's entire biological system, it might as well be considered cosmetic, or even a crutch to be more "similar" to the accepted ideas of a woman.
>woman than just donning the perceived physical appearance or mannerisms of one? Something like sex and biology?
I already said in the physical, reproductive sense, a woman is just someone with a vagina. Gender is just an efficient system put forth to help society run smoothly, and shouldn't be considered anywhere near as legitimate.

Pretty sure I've been using ":^)" since before you even found this site, but go off. I'm sure I'll get banned for using a fucking meme emoticon.

No. 54281


No. 54283

File: 1450998010000.jpg (45.17 KB, 323x315, 1400048546771.jpg)

No. 54284


Admin you sassy minx.

No. 54288

We already have a tranny thread. You guys should move this conversation over to there.

No. 54988

I actually like her because of the fact that she's got this sweet persona but she's actually a freak
Plus I like her voice and music so

No. 54989

I don't know if she's a "freak" so much as she is a brat. seems to me like she has the run-of-the-mill bratty child-star-turned-pop-star attitude.

I liked her older sound a lot more. Her music is too poppy and generic now, and IMO, the sexy quality and content of some of her songs really doesn't suit her. if she wanted to go pop, she should've gone the cutesy route, since that's the aesthetic she seems to (or used to) be into anyway. (I'm pretty sure she's a Kyary fan too. Could've been a cute collab.)

No. 54995

File: 1451506185080.jpg (88.03 KB, 640x640, Halsey-Short-Blue-Hair.jpg)

She has an awful pig nose and only exists as an industry plant to appeal to twitter/tumblr "goths" (which is just basic bitches w/ dyed hair and dark makeup)
It's also obvious as fuck that her entire backstory is made up/exaggerated for publicity and she had a lip job done to her

No. 54997

these hoes are "not like other girls" girls, but forutnately they're the minority so you don't have to see them usually
I prefer the "nu hippie" nu grunge bleached hair sort of thing going on with some alt-girls rn

No. 55025

They do it with a lot of models. It's a 'sex kitten' thing.

No. 55033

Also her music is fucking terrible, even in comparison to other top 40 pop artists.

No. 55051

>awful pig nose
Her nose is attractive and symmetrical, try harder.

No. 55052

do you have a nose like that? i'm sorry anon

No. 55060

Can't imagine how delusional you must be but ok bb!

No. 55072


Not even that Anon but her nose is fine.

I want these PULL users to leave.
You can tell they're from PULL because they're the only ones that nitpick this kind of shit. lolcow used to be better than this.

Please commit sudoku.

No. 55211

Her nose isn't big at all. It's a very good nose. It's not tiny but, it suits her face very well.
I'm taking the bait here but why does it matter how big her nose is? It looks great. I mean people can have big or small lips, eyes, whatever and still look beautiful if it's proportional and suits them.

Are ana chans and nose chans the same people? Those are some severe inferiority complexes.

No. 55381

Anon's right though. It's not a pig nose. Have you ever actually seen a pig? You don't just call noses you don't like piggy, they actually have to look somewhat like a pig. That's the catch.

No. 55390

File: 1451605392267.jpg (90.95 KB, 500x311, 9_162142_1.jpg)

she has comepletely normal nose.
pig nose is a nose with very exposed nostrils

No. 55392

File: 1451605415879.jpeg (52.11 KB, 750x508, before-after-rhinoplasty-charl…)

another example

No. 55411

Ignoring the nose comment I agree 100% on all the other stuff. So fucking overrated, I'll celebrate the day she falls off the relevancy shelf.

No. 56050

File: 1451887329467.jpg (310.46 KB, 701x1024, actors-kate-winslet-and-johnny…)

Another celebrity is going to come out with hiv in 2016; anyone else thinks it's Johnny Depp? That bloating of his abdomen could be caused by drugs to keep the virus in check. He looks unrecognizable.

No. 56060

Holyshit– that cannot seriously be Johnny Depp. Nooo….

No. 56063


It is. He's doing a Gerard Depardieu, with the difference that Depardieu has always been ugly, but now he's ugly, fat, and disgusting.

No. 56066

He's Val Kilmer 2.0 now.

No. 56072

I think drugs and booze are more likely than HIV but maybe. He looks more and more like a wax orb in heavy makeup as time passes.

No. 56079

Looks like he's just gotten fat.

That's a fuckin tragedy right there. All that talent and panty-dropping looks gone to fat. Is anyone in America other than Ashley not a Nutella gremlin?

No. 56083

Ugh, he looks smelly.

No. 56101

File: 1451918210362.jpg (30.53 KB, 594x281, yyyyy.jpg)

I was pretty shocked when I saw him in The Tourist. I had just watched the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie and he still looked good in that. Then here comes The Tourist and he's bloated as fuck. I know actors will go through some amazing physical transformations for roles but I didn't think his character in that movie called for being a sloppy old toad.

No. 56112

it's the hair that makes her look bad. Since she shaved her head she's looking hot

No. 56118


Shit, is he turning into Wil Wheaton?

No. 56165

He fell such a long way, damn. What happened? He was aging, yeah, but he was looking okay up until recently.

No. 56168

File: 1451942642973.jpg (82.14 KB, 326x326, wilwheaton.jpg)

Now that you mention it the resemblance is uncanny.

No. 56174

Such a shame. He's not only balding, but now he's fat.

No. 56211

She wrote a song about Harry Styles back when she called herself Ashley Frangipane:

Also, there's a lot of evidence out there showing that she wasn't really homeless like she claimed.

No. 56230

>there's evidence showing she wasnt homeless

No. 56609

Not the same anon, but at the time she claimed she was homeless was the same time when she use to be on Tumblr a lot while tripping over her own feet about One Direction and mainly Harry in general (her old Tumblr url was even a reference to one of his tattoos). At the time she would also record herself singing IN HER ROOM and post it on YouTube.

No. 56615

original poster here. I might have gotten carried away with the whole nose thing, it's just that in certain angles her nose makes her face already worse than it is.
obviously people will call her "body of work" beautiful, but imo her eyes are too far away from eachother

No. 56859

….like stop while you're ahead, dumbass

No. 56860

File: 1452085452064.jpg (106.56 KB, 640x1092, image.jpg)


No. 56914

I need specifics from these people, not some vague shit. They need to spill the beans.

No. 57236

Any bets one which celebs will die this year?

Last year I felt terrible for Whitney's bb girl, poor thing never had a chance with parents and a husband like that.

This year I think Rob Kardashian might OD.

No. 58102

I'd say Lindsay Lohan but I've thought that for years so now I just assume she'll outlive us all.

No. 58104

File: 1452440805782.jpg (47.53 KB, 585x343, tila.jpg)

I can't tell if she's trolling or not.

No. 58133

She's schizophrenic.

No. 58138

Rob caught the beetus so we'll see. I might actually be upset to see him die though.

No. 58367

god I feel like it's more likely that Rob would kill himself, which is really sad. his family is such a mess and they aren't helping him in any way

Lindsay has been looking terrible recently and her ig is full of reaally weird pics + captions that are kind of like her word salady drug-fueled tweets from 2009. I always thought she'd get better but it's been years with no improvement

some people on ontd and a few other sites have speculated that she's been escorting to make money which would probably explain a bunch of her random saudi trips and traveling with no work/promo. whatever it is, she's had such a long downward spiral

No. 58392

Bill Cosby for sure.

No. 58459

Lindsey has been being pimped out for decades. Terrible parents. I just looked up recent pics of her and jeez, she already has that crazy stroked-out left eye thing going on, bless her heart.

No. 58593

File: 1452522685244.jpg (147.85 KB, 620x413, avril.jpg)

Am I the only one here that thinks Avril Lavigne is really fucking ugly? There is something about her face that just creeps me out. Not a cutie at all…

No. 58597


She looks pretty good here

No. 58600

I don't like her face either. She's not ugly, but… my beauty standards are different.

No. 58604


No. 58605


It's one of those celebrities I really don't have a clue of how her face looks. I mean without all the make up. She can be fugly or even look better but I can't picture it in my head

No. 58612

Her music is shitty and annoying, but she definitely isn't what I would call "ugly." Maybe that's the wrong photo to demonstrate that?

>clear skin

>symmetrical features
>no obvious deformities
>not obese

Come on now.

No. 59397

I have the feeling when lindsay lohan's waisttrainer works she is gonna make it big…I hope so at least.

No. 59398


Yes. She may not be your typem but that's not ugly. Amy Schumer is ugly.

No. 59399

She is not ugly but she makes me sick somehow…she reminds me of an albino rat

No. 59410

lol, are you fucked
shes so ugly

No. 59412


Don't forget the nasolabial fold-chans

No. 59414

You have high standards girl

She isnt ugly she just reminds me of an albino rat mainly due her style. I dont like her alternative style

No. 59415

File: 1452788569540.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 175.8 KB, 1024x640, image.jpeg)

Same anon but check the pic related when she had a better style for a short time. She is quite pretty and doesnt look like an albino rat here, just a pretty albino.

No. 59459

to me Avril is one of few pretty western stars, mostly because of her natural light skin and youthful face
I really hate that fried chicken tan and aged face (-> kylie) that is associated with being attractive in the west

No. 59460

I actually think she's really cute, too bad her music and personality are trash.

No. 59471


I agree, in the west you have to have pounds of make up on and look old before you're 30.

Blacks lightening themselves, white tanning to look orange. Everyone looks rough af.

No. 59532


No. 59555

Every time I see a picture of her I get nostalgic because she looks like an embodiment of the 2000-2005 era

No. 59623

haha same. It makes me feel nostalgic in a good way.

No. 59658

idk i always thought she was cute, but i just had a crush on her as a kid so i guess i'm bias.

No. 62619

File: 1453651625094.jpg (40.44 KB, 535x714, selena-gomez-in-bikini-at-a-be…)


No. 62623

tbf she's still smaller than the average american even with her brick body and that is a really badly fitting swimsuit. This picture looks awful but she's reasonable most other times

No. 62626

She recently revealed she has lupus so I think she can get a pass. Not a flattering bikini though.

No. 62656

Not bad, just very middling. Would be passable for an "average person" (whatever average means, anyway).

No. 62659

Willing to bet more than half of lolcows users have a body like this.

No. 62673

>implying that I'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call, while my ex-pretty-ex-classmates are pushing 190lb, fighting with their highschool sweetheart husbands and/or divorced, and pregnant again with the second kid.

No. 62680

No one gives a fuck.

No. 62700

File: 1453672832629.jpg (41.5 KB, 500x500, image.jpg)

newfag spotted

No. 62701

You must be new here.

No. 62709

You're stupid.

No. 62715

>i made myself look like a retard so the only thing i can say is that you guys are stupid :^(((

No. 62744

No. You're just an offended dumb bitch. You're 23 years old, this is so sad.

No. 62802

holy fuck what a newfag

No. 62856

Dude, you lost, you're making yourself look hella lame and no one here even knows why you are so rattled.

No. 62869

enjoying your first day here?

No. 62873

Stop trying to make it look like other people here are on your side. You're a lil psychotic aren't you?


No. 62909

Normally I would tell you to lurk more but seeing there's currently a raid going on from /pol/ right now please get the fuck back to that board.

No. 62980

muh board knowledge

No. 63000

Look at the banners sometime instead of embarrassing yourself, anon.

No. 63005

fuck your nigger faggot pussy with a spear

No. 63007

You win, imo.

No. 63009

What is going on here.

No. 63026

newfag's mad cause they made themselves look like a retard and calls us all stupid

No. 63033

No… I mean like.. you are the one that looks retarded. How tf are they a newfag? Looks like you're the newfag.

No. 63035

like..ur crying over NOTHING.

No. 63040

Boo :( hoo :( anon :( called :( me stupid :(

No. 63047

Is Beyonce cosplaying as Lulu from Final Fantasy

No. 63048

File: 1453687151438.jpg (83.96 KB, 508x504, 1447278143094.jpg)

>dat damage control

No. 63211

>not understanding board copypasta
>"I-I-I'm not newfag, you are!"
The butt-devastation is truly amusing

No. 63214

I have Kendall and Gigi Hagrid.

Kendall: I'm still salty about this broad who didn't even work hard to be in the VS fashion show like all the other models.

Gigi Hagrid (or whatever it is): The reason I hate her is because the Internet and fashion magazines are trying so hard to make me like her by writing endless articles about her and stuff. She's another basic white bitch with no special features, like Kendall.

I have more but I'll stop right there.

And not a celebrity, but I think North is an ugly baby. They dress her ridiculously and she looks too much like daddy, who's not attractive. Maybe she'll grow out of it and become a cutie, most ugly babies grow up to be good looking. She might end up looking like mommy did before her surgeries, which isn't bad.

No. 63218

File: 1453694759646.gif (950.89 KB, 500x281, 308-2.gif)

>Boohoo anon called me a newfag
Stop samefagging. You're way too assblasted over being new. Fuck off back to Tumblr if you can't handle being here, turbotard.

No. 63219

you're so fucking annoying bro

No. 63220

kill yourself bro

No. 63221

Fuck off, you don't even make any sense. Shut the fuck up and stop crying about being called stupid. Cringey as fuck.

No. 63224

hurrrdurrr kill urself

No. 63226

Why are you so offended?

No. 63228

lol, you don't know what samefagging is. thats not samefagging, faggot.

No. 63229

bro you got so mad and offended as fuck when i told you "no one gives a fuck". i literally fucking cringed irl after seeing your shit burst out of your nigger pussy

No. 63231

>still not understanding that it's a fucking copypasta
No one can be this retarded.

No. 63232

holy shit bro, are you a jew?

No. 63233

Holy shit, can you please sage your shitposts at least?

No. 63234

It's just some idiotic polfags.

No. 63235

jews did 9/11

No. 63236

If you're as hot as you think you are why are you on lolcow all day trying to prove me wrong because I told you you're an idiot?

No. 63237

rly funny how ya keep pretending that different people are supporting you when it's just yourself.

No. 63238

Anon who posted the picture of Selena Gomez here.

What have I done to this thread.

No. 63239

File: 1453696567876.jpg (151.31 KB, 500x375, 3666461881_410660033e.jpg)

You never called me an idiot though, because so far, I've only made three posts ITT prior to this post. Scrolling up though, I can see you've been buttdevastated about being called a newfag for six hours already. Stay mad, newfag.

No. 63240

but im not mad at all, this was funny as fuck, ive been sitting here with my friend laughing at you being fucking retarded

No. 63241

Nice try, but no, you're pretending you were but it's very obvious you were faking being other people trying to support you.

No. 63246

>i've been sitting here with my buttbuddy

No. 63248

Damn, ran outta comebacks?

No. 63263

File: 1453704791959.jpg (38.15 KB, 680x793, fug.jpg)

Even /r9k/ couldn't out shitpost this faggot I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

sorry, might have wrongly quoted a couple anons here by accident

No. 63264

I really got to you, didn't I, nigger?

No. 63267

>he's still here
Oh my lawd

No. 63268

lol "he"

No. 65936

File: 1454572924162.jpg (46.02 KB, 501x255, 0.jpg)

Maybe this is the reason?

No. 65977

Wrong. More than half of them are a lot fatter than that.

No. 66077

Based Admin pls help, the robot containment thread is leaking

No. 66080

Not a robot, monstertard.
Just not a fatty.

No. 66082

so you don't eat fruit?

No. 66083

don't interact with the robot derailer, just leave it alone

No. 66153

It's rich that other farmers can't believe another farmer would call them fat.

I know of near toothless fatties that come to pound their keyboards on lolcow and give others beauty advice.

No. 66241

no farmer would betray us like this

No. 66379

File: 1454685099432.jpg (192.67 KB, 752x756, kylie.jpg)

Big Aang has cancer. :(

Good thing we have Kylie to fill her boots.

No. 66381

File: 1454685150849.jpg (193.37 KB, 550x713, kaitlyn karcrash.jpg)


Too bad Kris never managed to teach Bruce to floss.

No. 66382


Can't believe he can't afford a better quality wig btw.

No. 66384

It's amazing to think she's only 42 years old in this pic.

No. 66412

>Big Aang
I feel bad for laughing. I kinda like Ang. She gives me crazy auntie vibes.

No. 66526

same. she's totally nuts but there's something charming about how much of a stereotypical italian mother she plays herself up to be. i loved the tv show about her opening up that bar in Miami, they hired some crazy bitches. good times.

No. 66530

I love Big Ang! I bet she'd be awesome to hang out with. I like people who are who they are and don't give one fuck about it.

No. 66531

That is so hideously gross.

No. 71923

Big And has died while the Kartrashians and Kanye live. This injustice will not stand.

No. 71924

No. 71934

Fuck this gay earth

No. 72458


Bruce is getting his own make up line. Not even drag queens will buy that shit.

Do you aspire to look like a tranny of retirement age, farmers?

No. 72586

Who the fuck cares

No. 72589


No. 72626

I thought I read somewhere he was going to go back to being a guy?

No. 72628

lol, what..

No. 72803

I googled it and it's just a rumor I guess
I saw it on those shitty magazines at WalMart while buying food. That's as far as I've looked into that shit show

No. 74910

File: 1456785561339.jpg (33.92 KB, 720x720, alexa.jpg)

FUCK. Alexa Chung is an asshole. She recently posted a video on her insta of her using a kaleidoscope app and some chick commented asking what it was and I knew the name of it and I wrote and @ it at the chick who asked in a comment and Alexa fucking straight up deleted my comment. Not like you own the app Alexa, why are you afraid of people using the same app as you? Jerk.

No. 74972

I hate all of that family. Every one of them. Bruce is a man pretending to be a woman and Kylie is trying to trademark the name Kylie…what the fuck. Why do we live with these idiots? someone murder them

No. 74982

Be careful or you'll attract rabid fan defenders to lolcow

No. 75290

serious question, they have fans? i thought the kardashians are universally hated.

No. 75301

If only. If they didn't have fans, Kim and Kylie's makeup line/diet cookie bullshit wouldn't be sold out. In fact, Kylie wouldn't even have a lipstick makeup line or whatever.

No. 75312