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File: 1511158777042.jpg (156.61 KB, 800x1280, Sketch25175230.jpg)

No. 212102

Does anyone ever redraw a cows art because boredom or that the picture would look decent if drawn with better anatomy, or just staight up know you can do better and want to practice with their junk.
I wanna see how many people redraw cow art but dont post it in the main threads.

No. 212123

File: 1511174005360.jpeg (1.77 MB, 3024x4032, 390AA121-1F9A-4D2E-B91A-4647A8…)

I love redrawing Tuna’s stuff for fun. I actually like her ideas but she really doesn’t put much effort into them

No. 212130

I actually like this anon, it's really good.

No. 212133

this is really nice anon. have you done any more?
I agree with you though, her art can have some interesting concepts, it's just that it's usually super edgy and rushed.

No. 212186


Wow this is very cute! I kostly redraw her stuff as well, she'd be big on the internet if she werent lazy trash lol

No. 212250

File: 1511260299081.jpeg (1.77 MB, 3024x4032, 665B82E2-0110-428A-AD98-4AD434…)

Thanks anon! This is the only other one I can find atm, I feel I’m going to start doing it more often as it is good practice to draw on a different style to mine
Share yours too! I’d love to see some decent Tuna redraws

No. 212286

Agreed, I'd love to see your redraws if you'd be willing to post them.
It's interesting seeing her ideas being well executed.

No. 212360

Oh man, I wanted to make this thread forever but always forgot. Thank you, OP!

Now, there was this ugly No Face "deity" that Ash drew a few months a go and that an anon said that they wanted to make their version of it, but was told not to shit up the thread with it (i guess it's understandable and all)

Please anon! I am summoning you! Gib corrected Asherbee drawings!

No. 212497

File: 1511374557824.png (2.21 MB, 1114x1066, bj.png)

>Does anyone ever redraw a cows art
I do paint-overs as practice, sometimes. Rarely keep any of it trough.

No. 212498


Anon, I love this so so much omg. What an improvement!

No. 212531

That looks so much better anon!

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