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No. 21633

What do you guys think of all this transgender shit?

I don't have any personal beef with trans people, but I think that surgery for gender dysphoria will be considered on par with shit like lobotomies and bloodletting in the future. If an ana thinks she's fat, you give her therapy, not diet pills and liposuction. The same idea applies to a man who thinks he's a woman. Trans suicide rates are actually higher after surgery:


And don't get me started on people who do this shit to children. My dad saw a commercial for the Jazz show the other day and I had to explain the premise to him. He didn't believe me.

No. 21635

Just noticed the WSJ article is paywalled. Try this instead. http://www.firstthings.com/article/2004/11/surgical-sex

No. 21664

I think it reduces femininity to external trappings (makeup, wigs, clothing etc). It's creepy that some trans people feel like the word 'vagina' is hateful. It was in the news that the women's college Mount Holyoke cancelled its production of 'The Vagina Monologues' on the basis that it is 'transphobic' (because it is vagina-centric). This is really uncomfortable because the pandering is like slowly erasing the validity of biological womanhood.

No. 21665

The trans people I've known and who have been in my friends' families have narcissistic tendencies

No. 21678

Yeah. I will call someone a woman if they so desire (well, as long as they're putting a modicum of effort in - have you seen some of these tumblr trannies?!), because it's a socially constructed identity to some extent, but it is ridiculous when trans people try to deny biological facts on top of this. They want you to say "cisgender" or "AMAB/AFAB" instead of "biological male/female" because they're triggered by their own XY chromosomes. I routinely see people cite incredibly rare hormonal/chromosomal conditions as a reason that biological sex don't real, and it always makes me roll my eyes. Once in a while a baby is born with a missing organ or body part, so it's time to do away with the whole oppressive white patriarchal study of "human anatomy"! "Humans have two arms and two legs"? Disgusting shitlord.

No. 21681

Thing is, we know now that transgenderism is not something that can be treated nor cured with therapy because it's not technically a mental disorder, moreso a bodily one.

I mean of course that's yet to be proved outright but the way the science is going is does look that it's going to turn out that way.

I think the best course of action for these specific cases would be for suspected-trans children who are undergoing gender dysphoria to be put on a course of hormone blockers at the start of puberty to prevent their bodies developing, and at 16-18 once they've matured some if they still feel the same they can proceed with gender reassignment, and if not simply take them off the blockers and allow them to develop as normal. No harm done either way.

No. 21683


Yeah… the word vagina is offensive and terrible yet they'll pay money to have their cock removed in place for a vagina.

Mm… makes sense kek

No. 21686

Also, this is a bit tangential, but I find trans people's personalities interesting. If you read trans women discussing how they knew they were trans, they will usually fall back on typical gender stereotypes. "As a kid I liked playing with dolls, I wanted to wear my sister's dresses, hated violent games" etc. However, most trans women I come across have extremely masculine interests and personalities. You find them sperging about League of Legends and programming all day long, constantly talking about what they like to jack off to, generally being loud and abrasive. But if you ask them why they are trans? "Oh, I've always had feminine interests and acted girly…"

No. 21688

Also, why does there seem to be about 1/10 as many FTM's as there are MTF's?

No. 21690

>I mean of course that's yet to be proved outright but the way the science is going is does look that it's going to turn out that way.
"We're not sure yet, but I bet it will turn out the way I want it to!"

People who advocate for putting kids on puberty blockers always neglect to mention the possible adverse effects. Lupron (used for chemical castration as well, by the way) has the following side effects:
>hot flashes (flushing), increased sweating, night sweats, tiredness, headache, upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, breast swelling or tenderness, acne, joint/muscle aches or pain, trouble sleeping (insomnia), reduced sexual interest, vaginal discomfort/dryness/itching/discharge, vaginal bleeding, swelling of the ankles/feet, increased urination at night, dizziness, breakthrough bleeding in a female child during the first 2 months of leuprolide treatment, weakness, chills, clammy skin, skin redness, itching, or scaling, testicle pain, impotence, depression, or memory problems
It turns out that fucking with your kid's endocrine system isn't such a good idea! Not to mention the psychological impact of not going through puberty at the same time as your peers.

No. 21704

File: 1439236216701.jpg (66.64 KB, 677x707, pharma and medical equipment f…)

Yeah they really do reduce identity to PINK 4 GURLZ BLUE IS FOR BOYZZZ, I WEAR PINK I GURL NOW

There's a school of thought that trans mtf are majority fetishists. It's super unPC to talk about obviously. Lots on that here-

A high proportion of ftm are autistic, higher than that seen for mtf. Between this statistic, and the theory of autogynephilia, it seems there are different mechanisms/underlying pathologies for different trans people.

This pic shows the funders of a gender dysphoria symposium. No wonder these groups want to encourage medical and surgical treatments of mental problems. Things that make you go hmmmm

No. 21709

Also puberty is a critical time of bodily development. If you are on hormone blockers at this time, your general growth will be stunted and you are probably at risk for health problems later in life like osteoporosis and long term fracture risk. Certain hormones are also necessary for brain development… so what happens to a kid's brain if you block normal hormone production?

No. 21712

It's crazy to see trans people denying that autogynephilia exists. A simple google search will reveal that it exists and is relatively common. Search for "sissy fetish" or "forced feminization".

I don't think ALL MTF's are fetishists, but a large proportion of them do seem to have a sexual motivation for transitioning.

The typical trans argument against autogynephilia is "b-but cis women imagine themselves as women in their sexual fantasies too!" Except women are fantasizing about the sex act and their partner's body – not their own femininity.

The FTM/autism stuff is quite interesting - thanks for that.

No. 21713

And is a 12-13 year old really prepared to make the kinds of medical decisions that will effect their bodily and mental development so irreversibly as puberty blocking does? I did a lot at that age that I really regret.

I worry about parents with munchausen syndrome by proxy forcing this shit on their kids or convincing their kids they need it in to prove how "with the times" and "understanding" they are. There are enough people with munchausen for this to be a legitimate issue.

I predict a lot of bitter adults with regret and psychological problems as a result of this.

No. 21716

No. 21721

Politically incorrect views on transgenderism


I don't agree with all of their perspectives but it's really interesting to read them.


I watched the second episode of I Am Cait and it was really weird how he treats his best friend/assistant and wanted to separate the trans and bio females during the show and was weirdly competitive. And then they were going to get into a hot tub and one of the trans mtf who is a prominent academic was like "should I go in the hot tub naked??????? should we be naked????" Idk you have to see it to get it, it was weird.

No. 21756

I assume because it's generally much more acceptable to be a masculine woman than a feminine man. Like, a girl can wear guys' clothes every day and she's just butch and no one much cares. But if a guy goes out in a dress without presenting himself as a woman, everyone assumes it's a joke or a costume.

No. 21760

What do you all think about transwomen being allowed in female spaces and feminism? People seem to forget that transwomen, being born male, were socialised into masculinity and hold the same behaviors and rates of violence as cis men do. I have a source on this but I cant seem to find the link atm.

Obviously transwomen face a lot of hardship and violence as well, but why is the burden on females to be all inclusive? It's like males get their own spaces but female space have to be for EVERYONE or else you're a big meany transphobe.

No. 21761

Do you think that's why there's more rates of MtF's transitioning? Like, women are allowed to be masculine without much of a second thought that they don't need to go the extra step and say "I'm trans, I'm FtM, I'm a boy inside"?

If it were socially acceptable for a man to wear a dress and be taken seriously, would all of those people still transition as MtF trans?

No. 21769

I wouldn't say "all those people", but I do think the transition rate would be more balanced. But that's just uneducated speculation on my part.

No. 21771

To me, a woman who says she wants to be a man (or the other way around) is the same thing as a asian person wanting to become caucasian (or the other way around)

No. 21772

this tbh
you are born with a certain set of biological parts. you can be male, female, or intersex. if you choose to convert genders, all you are doing is confirming gender stereotypes and mutilating your body in the process

No. 21782

I am a closeted transgender I suppose. I've identified as male since before I really knew what transgender was, but I haven't told anyone and I have no intention of getting surgery for precisely these reasons.

I sort of wonder if I would feel this way if my father hadn't attempted to force female roles on me when I rejected them as a child. I always think that maybe I just want the same things society generally says men should have and women should avoid.

I've tried getting therapy for my dysphoria but it's really damn hard because we have two surgeons in my city who specialise in transitioning and I just get directed there. I firmly believe I have a mental illness and I would rather be taught to accept my body than to get a useless surgery. But no dice.

No. 21786

Is that hair photoshopped?

No. 21788

That is so shitty that they want to direct you to body mutilating surgery instead of supporting you emotionally.

This is a blog by a detransitioning ftm.. maybe you will find it insightful

more links you might find useful

It's really interesting how a lot of butch lesbians feel like they were pressured to transition by society because butch lesbians are looked down upon/lack a societal niche. But being a butch lesbian is a totally valid identity.
Funnily enough the lgbt community generally excludes and/or looks down upon lesbians.

No. 21798

I'm super ignorant on the subject. What confuses me is what their definition of 'male' or 'female' is.

I keep hearing it's not the clothes, not the hair, makeup, behavior, or the genitals.. then what the hell is it? If it's none of that then why do most transgender people conform to gender stereotypes after they transition?

No. 21804

except those are two different subsets of people within the trans community and the every trans person isn't some hivemind monolith

No. 21849


THIS !!!!!!!

I mean, nothing is gonna change in their life, they will have the same hobbys, same family, same friends, same habits etc.

NOTHING is gonna change, except having a new set of genitals , and this is gonna make them happy ?

No. 21853


Man I feel so sorry for you they should try to help you loving and exepting your body but instead they act like surgery is the only way to help you ?
You should tell them how you feel about this and that you dont want surgery

No. 21860

My thoughts exactly. The idea of transitioning is inherently sexist - because clothes, mannerisms, style etc do not define genders, or they aren't supposed to. Yet people who transition almost always adhere to what is stereotypical of the gender they want to be.

Dysmorphia is a mental illness, so I don't understand why we are providing permanent, physical solutions for a problem that may be transient or treatable by therapy. Even princess Jules on YouTube (mtf) said that she wouldn't get bottom surgery if she could go back, and encouraged other mtf to not consider it.

The more prevalent this becomes, the more issues we are going to run into. Is it fair for a mtf to join women's sports? What about scholarships specifically for women?

No. 21938

So either feminism doesnt exist or transexuality

No. 21969


No. 21976

how do you guys feel about … terfs?

i think they have a lot of good points wrt to trans people, but i definitely disagree with the female supremacy stuff that comes up. i think it's fucked up that people categorize trans-critical people as being terfs and completely disregard any points or opinions they have on the basis of "omg hateful transphobezzz"
honestly both feminism and mens rights have the same problem as one another and trans stuff is brave new world status.

No. 21981

Terfs are fucking crazy.

No. 22526

Tbh, I'm really bothered by the fact that people want to allow mtf in female spaces like bathrooms and fitting rooms.
There was a story earlier in the year about a woman who complained about a trans woman in the locker room and had her membership revoked.
If I went into the locker room to change after a workout and saw a dude with a wig and a bra on, I'd nope the fuck out of there so quickly.

If trans people are gonna a make that big of a stink about it, plz just make unisex spaces or something. I'm just not comfortable with a man, trans or not, in a private space for ladies.

No. 22527

Had her gym membership revoked*

No. 22528

Also, the top female CEO in America is a mtf trans and that reeeeeally irks me too. Why can't they list an actual woman, and have him be listed as the highest paid trans CEO. I dunno, it sounds bad when I say it but it almost seems like a joke or something.
I dunno why women are expected to roll over and be welcoming, when men basically ostracize trans people and nobody bats an eye.

No. 22538

Why is this thread so ugly

No. 22550

File: 1439449429636.png (317.31 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-13-03-01-07…)

No. 22557

File: 1439450368407.png (330.11 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-13-03-17-53…)

No. 22568

Unisex bathrooms would quickly become problematic.

Way back in 2000 I read an article about an Oregon tranny who didn't feel comfortable in either the mens' or the womens' locker rooms. The school repurposed a janitor closet into his own personal locker room and he called it "segregation" and that it was "a step in the wrong direction."

Again, this was 14 years ago, long before the current insanity we're seeing.

No. 22575

I hate transtrenders and all this nonbinary bullshit but gender dysphoria is a real thing. According to studies it's formed as soon as in the womb as the mother's hormonal balance affects the development of the fetus and its brain. Basically the baby will have a brain that's not in sync with the biological sex, which is why most transgenders display symptoms at a very early age that can be hard to diagnose as transgenderism. If you've ever watched documentaries on the subject, the child will view themselves as the opposite gender and being perceived as the biological gender causes them severe behavioral problems since kids don't know how to deal with their emotions.

So the resolution is to medically fix the body to pass as the gender their brain represents. The thing is that this is extremely rare and actual biological transgenders are much less than a percent of the whole population. Psychological gender dysphoria is more about a trauma related to the gender such as being sexually assaulted or bullied for it, and it should be treated as a psychological disorder. Most tumblrite transgenders are insecure about their body due to either bullying, discomfort with their sexuality, an enabling and pressuring environment or all of these. Some lesbian women might take a role of a man to deny their own homosexuality. It's a very complicated issue, but real transgenders do exist. The suicide rates are high because a lot of people who aren't transgender get diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and after the treatment develop even more psychological issues and stress for mutilating their body irreparably.

No. 22579

nonbinary people can drown in their genderfluid basically

No. 22583

File: 1439474744602.jpg (25.45 KB, 500x281, image.jpg)

Is this what that South Park episode (The Cissy) was based on?

No. 22588

Then they need therapy. Not doctors who will put them on puberty blocking drugs and recommend castration.
These people are obviously mentally unstable and instead of getting them the help they need, people are celebrating this like its the new hot trend. Fucking vile.

I will never believe that people can be "born in the wrong bodies" that doesn't make sense at all. Especially when you're talking about children. These people are just straight up being looney and everyone's coddling them. By not conforming to "societies gender norms" they're actually being super hypocritical and conforming even harder to what society tells you is traditionally male/female than any healthy normie would.
So you're a little girl who hates dresses and likes guns, omgz you must be a boy trapped in a girls body!!!! Quick, call the docs and we'll pump some experimental hormone drugs into you and once you turn 18, we can get ya a fake dick that'll never work and look weird as fuck!!!! You'll have to take tons of drugs for the rest of your entire life, but hey, that's how you were meant to be and you're happier now!! You're living as your true self!!
These people are basically volunteering themselves and their children to be guinea pigs for twisted doctors. A eunuch by choice. Wat a cruel joke.

They can get changed or piss at home then. If they feel segregated, sorry but there's no way that women should just be okay with these men in their locker rooms or bathrooms. This is not like discriminating against someone because of race. You cannot choose your skin color or ethnicity, but you can choose to take hormones or wear a dress. Living as a trans person is a choice, and they will never biologically be the opposite sex, so there is no legitimate reason to bow down to them and make society conform to something so superficial. No one is being separated from the other people, they'd just get their own bathrooms because why the hell should a man be ever be allowed in a ladies dressing room under any circumstance? It doesn't matter if he's wearing ladies clothes or talks in a high pitched voice. He's still a man. Even if he gets his dick and balls cut off, he's still a man. Nothing will ever change that. Considering how a lot of mtf consider themselves lesbians or are envious of women, allowing them in bathrooms/locker rooms will not end well.

I have nothing against trans people, live your life how you want to as long as you're not hurting anyone, but I do not want society to accept and encourage this behavior like it's normal.
It is a mental health issue. Why are we being told to celebrate this?? Ugh.

No. 22592

Uhh, it's a bit more complicated than "BAWW BUT DEM SEXIST TRANS PEOPLE AND THEIR GENDER NORMS". It's gender dysphoria. You don't feel like your body is yours. You can't in all seriousness claim that the female and male brain structure is identical because it's been proven by every study that they're not, and if you put a male brain in a female body, it's not going to feel like at home. There are biological things that affect gender-driven behavior and how you perceive the opposite gender, whether you like it or not.

No. 22594

In most parts of Europe Transsexuality is still listed as a mental disorder (not sure bout the us) but more and more people are protesting against thid rule, saying that this was discriminating and so on , but of course they do it without and medical evidence..

Gosh where is this world heading to people are brainless

No. 22595

Any medical evidence **

No. 22602

Actually, no studies of pre-HRT trans people have shown that their brains are similar to those of the opposite sex. You're just pulling shit out of your ass because you think it sounds right. The one study that everyone likes to cite was done on patients who had been on HRT for years, and only proves that shooting yourself up with opposite-sex hormones for a long period of time will, stunningly, make your brain sort of resemble that of the opposite sex.

>The present data do not support the notion that brains of MtF-TR are feminized.

No. 22646

Gender doesn't exist, there are only male and female sexes, and it relates to your genitals, chromosomes and hormones and nothing else. It also doesn't help that people confuse sex and gender - sex being a biological reality and gender being a set of societal expectations. We should be treating it like an illness and not an identity.

I'll humor people about their made up gender trans shit though because it's a cultish mentality in that people are afraid of being doxx'd or hurt for disagreeing with them.

Trans women are violent and insane, just like the men they are. I'll never accept them as women. Putting on a dress doesn't make you a woman, and it creeps me out when people act like hating on trans men is equivalent to "misandry".

No. 22647

I guess I am a terf, but I'm not obsessed with arguing with transgender people on the internet like all of them are and making period blood cookies or whatever. Like anything, a few of them take it way too far.

No. 22653

I'm not terf. At all. But that doesn't mean I'm not completely disgusted by "tumblr trans." I suppose you could say I'm truscum.

Mamy terfs that spend a lot of time rallying their cause on their really dedicated sideblogs are hypocritical, contradicting, and just as violent as their counterparts.

No. 22667


I believe doctors should focus on helping trans people accepting their sex and body instead of changing their sex and encouraging them

No. 22672

Really? cuz I've never seen a terf threaten someone or act violent, while it's the default for trans women it seems. could you be projecting?

No. 22674

Nah, not projecting. We might just be thinking of very different internet circles.

No. 22676

*also samefag but I know exactly what type of "trans women" you're referring to and they give real trans women a very bad name. I don't consider them trans women. It's like what Hannibal said about Buffalo Bill–he's not transgender, although he thinks he is, he tries to be, but I'm sure he's tried to be a lot of things.

Unfortunately the influx of violent, creepy pervs trying to disguise themselves very lazily as "women" for some sort of Internet validation or to weasel their way into the affections of women is very real.

But I'm not here to argue, like I'm not angry or anything.

No. 22706

I get you. I've never met a trans woman IRL that was anything but a normal person, but the ones online would probably call people like that "internalized transmisogyny" or something. They just are completely tone deaf and stuck in their own echo chamber

No. 22732

I agree with OP.

Just saying.

No. 22748

File: 1439504556416.png (226.37 KB, 540x303, tumblr_ns4o3wG69k1qegj0co2_540…)

I feel so bad for the partners of men who have been married for like 20 years and then the husband decides to transition mtf.

The stories women have about this are heartbreaking. These men are SO narcissistic.




No. 22751


God, I would be devastated if that happened to me. It would be like, of course you love them, but it really wouldn't be the same, especially if you weren't bisexual or would consider becoming a lesbian, essentially. I don't think I could handle the person I essentially decided to spend my life with leaving me due to this.

No. 22753

That "highest paid female CEO" tranny owns a religion about uploading our memories into AI and making robot replicants.
He made a robot of his wife. Video embedded. Creepy af

pt 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5IqcRILeCc

at one point the robot says it's the real Bina and how much she loves her husband. so creepy

No. 22758

File: 1439505929255.png (549.2 KB, 580x567, kawaii-bruce-chan.png)


jesus christ this lady started dating a guy who turned out to be an autogynephile

>But I believed at the time that these guys are living proof that GENDER IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. Men and women should be able to wear whatever they want, without the silly distinction of ”male clothes” or “female” clothes. To hell with gender norms….I thought it could be “edgy” and “alternative”.

>Within a few weeks of him moving in, I realised that this was much, much more than just an occasional bout of self-expression for him. It was obsessive, and it had an ENORMOUS sexual component. Dressing episodes (which were at least three or four times a week) were invariably followed by “sex” (which consisted of me masturbating him by rubbing his tucked penis as he lay on his back squeezing his fake tits). On top of that, I often walked in on him masturbating. The mirror in my bedroom was moved to his side of the bed…

>There wasn’t a time when he “dressed” and didn’t get an erection. Even after he started taking internet bought hormones. If anything, the thought that he was chemically transforming himself into “a woman”, held immense erotic charge for him.

>He was a textbook autogynophile.

>Using his smartphone, he created an online world for himself by inventing a fictitious life. I discovered that he had a secret Facebook profile, and scores of photographs of himself in varying degrees of undress– I am convinced that trannies invented that selfie – and that he had a coterie of dozens and dozens of young women between the ages of 17 and 24 who believed that he was a full-time transsexual, single, and struggling with finding a job in this cruel discriminatory society. He had a fictitious home life, fictitious job or non-job, a fictitious social life and fictitious friends. He even fabricated a “trans bashing” – this, I found particularly repulsive.

No. 22759

>For example, at one point (as a means to at least get him to LISTEN to my distress) I begged him to seek relationship counselling with me. Apart from the fact that he used the trips to the counsellor as an exciting opportunity to dress in public, and spent more time stressing about what to wear (sometimes even buying entire new outfits), than any time in self-reflection, the counsellor spent an inordinate amount of time focusing on MY inability to “accept” rather than on HIS behaviour .

>In one session she grasped on to an incident of “misgendering” that had happened in her presence (I had said something like “Why can’t he understand?”). He had fled from the room in a dramatic tizzy of tears. She stated to me in a firm voice that she is prohibited from working with couples where there is domestic abuse. In other words, I was being accused of being an abuser. This almost drove me mad with pain and self-doubt …what if it really is me? Am I an abuser?

>I can’t begin to describe the pain this caused me. I carried that comment with me for months.

>I refused to go back. He was disappointed that his daylight trips outdoors with his repulsive “cleavage” showing were curtailed. However it did give him an excuse to now appropriate the identity of “abused woman”. Sickening.


No. 22760

File: 1439506248924.jpg (10.3 KB, 250x250, shoe.jpg)

>So my world became smaller and smaller as his “exploration of his feminine side” took up more and more space until there was little room left for anything else. It dominated every conversation and extended to physical space too. By the time he left, my clothes storage was down to half a drawer and a box under the window.

>Even everyday purchases were fraught with meaning and reminders of my erasure. I remember having an argument in Superdrug over toothbrushes. There was only one pink toothbrush left, and I don’t know what came over me but I decided that fuck him, I am having the pink toothbrush. He “helpfully” pointed out the purple ones, and the blue ones that matched the bathroom. But no. I was having the pink one and I was going to win this tiny victory even if all the shop assistants were looking at me like I had lost my marbles.

>We needed a phone. He said he would take care of it. That he had seen just what we needed. He came home with this….

No. 22761

>I thought that perhaps if he had an outlet, the lies and stuff would stop. Lots of partners go through a similar “bargaining” phase. The gas under my pot was turned up to full.

>So I agreed to escort him to a tranny club.

>I secretly wanted to see if there would be other women there. I needed to find out if this behaviour is normal for trannies, and if there is anything that women had found that made their lives with these men more bearable.

>He would be beside himself with excitement at going out “en-femme”. I could see his hard on starting from the moment he got out of his leisurely bubble bath (my bath’s were always rushed and fitted in around his dressing schedule). Getting ready was a ritual that took at least two hours. Of course, I was expected to “help”. I’m pretty sure now that he was working that into one of his fantasies he had running on loop in his head.

>Often trips were abandoned due to some smudged nail polish, or similar “feminine disaster” that would have him stomping around in an agitated state sweating through his make-up, crying and shouting at me. Ordering me around like some demented potentate. Six foot trannies with chipped nail polish can be pretty scary, believe me.

>The tranny club comprised of men, in very short, very tight “little black dresses” (had they co-ordinated this? I thought), high heels, a variety of wigs (probably two third of them, long and blonde) and a weird atmosphere I couldn’t quite put my finger on. There were other men there too (not in dresses). They sort of lurked, and leered, most of them not actually talking to the men in dresses, but often sending a drink over for one of them, followed by a raised glass and a wink from their corner – the men in dresses responding with a coquettish smile and a simpered “Thank you”. I found out later that most of the men in dresses were doing each other and calling themselves “lesbians”. I know this, because I found the photographs.

This is the scariest creepypasta ever

No. 23047

My gf has gender dysphoria. Been professionally diagnosed time and time again, got her kicked out of her home when she was a teen, it's not some tumblr BS. We're too poor to afford a whole new wardrobe or electrolysis or any of the expensive fucking things that are pretty much mandatory for a MtF that's transitioning. I try to be supportive, and I'm always trying to console her, but she is downright suicidal she's so depressed over not being able to transition sooner. To make matters worse, she had to stop HRT because her doc demanded $300 bloodwork that we can't afford.

She's jokingly asked me if I would be okay with her camwhoring or prostituting herself for money. I told her absolutely not, and think that it was a thinly veiled attempt to get me to say yes.

Does anyone else have any experience dating a transsexual before they've fully transitioned? Is there anything more I can do to help?

No. 23159

I would love to give you advice but I'm really weary of posting anything of the sort on a TERF dominated thread, sorry.

No. 23170

Someone being a shitlord doesn't invalidate any advice you have to give. Wouldn't it mean more to you to potentially help out someone who's in a shitty situation than it would to avoid having a few asshats mock you?

No. 23173

did you know that he felt this way when you first started dating? how do you feel about it? what's your feelings towards the possibility of not having pee in vee sex anymore due to hormone treatment? for me i know that's really important so i could neva, but you sound really accepting and i know not all relationships place a high emphasis on sex anyway.

thrift shops have a lot of good finds if you have time to browse. you can pick up a new warddrobe on the cheap that way.

No. 23184

Yeah, sorry. I don't normally come to lolcow for srs bznz discussions but I'll definitely write s/t for you tomorrow. As of now I'm just shooting the shit and watching this robot mess so I can't really get in Serious Mode but I'll have to give a rain check for tomorrow.

No. 23186

>did you know that he felt this way when you first started dating?
Yes, even before we started dating.
>how do you feel about it?
It's extremely unfortunate because it causes her so much hardship and suffering but I accept that she has to cope with her feelings somehow and that this is the best option she has right now.
>what's your feelings towards the possibility of not having pee in vee sex anymore due to hormone treatment?
We've never had sex with penetration, not in the year we've been together. It's way too uncomfortable for her, and I have my own issues that make it undesirable as well. I don't feel like we'll be missing out on anything.

Thanks for the advice, there's a lot of consignment shops and stuff in the area so we'll definitely check them out together.

No. 23188

I appreciate it, thanks.

No. 23254

What is "the Jazz show" being referenced by OP?

No. 23266


Its called i am jazz and it shows on tlc. It follows the life of 1r year old jazz jennings, a Transgendered female.

No. 23268

*14 wtf me

No. 23285

Was about to say, wow… Thank you, though.

No. 23312

do you do anything sexual together? objectively speaking would you say you are more feminine or masculine?

No. 23331

We masturbate next to each other, and sometimes we'll do more to help each other out (I'll suck her off or use my hands, finger her ass, play with her nipples, etc. or she'll play with my breasts, eat me out, etc.) but that's been less common lately since her dysphoria has been bad and my own issues have been bothering her as well.

I'd say I'm feminine despite being very dominant. I get mistaken for a man online very frequently but in person there's no mistaking that I'm a woman.

No. 23335

Can I get a source for that?

No. 23542

Not her, but what you're saying is gender dysphoria doesn't exist?

No. 23742

File: 1439531373161.jpg (86.56 KB, 640x640, jenneralien.jpg)

trannies are mentally ill and so are you


No. 23832

Is this supposed to hurt anyone's Feelingz?

No. 24118

Really don't like the ones I've met. The most prominent was a fullblown narcissist that acted like he was a genius despite doing nothing but playing video games in his mom's house. He was insanely smug and would lecture me and other women on "the women's perspective" or shit like that, it was frankly insulting.

The other one watched anime all day as a NEET and had a similar sense of smugness and narcissism, they were also a communist that thought nearly all of the atrocities committed in the USSR was American propaganda.

They seem like insulting caricatures of women to me. I say women because FtM seem very rare and the few I've seen seem more well-adjusted than the MtFs, who are so hysterical and mentally ill it's like it's another female stereotype they're emulating to feel like they fit in.

No. 24189

Your brain is responsible for producing hormones as well. Why is it that if these people's brains are so different before the transition they can't produce their own "real" gender's hormones?

No. 24561

No. 24685

Trannies are too narcissistic to have their feelings hurt much

No. 24694

I hate Bruce Jenner and his retarded fans
He looks like shit btw

No. 24706

for his age he looks k tho, how old is he? 60s?

No. 24821

His fans hate him now because he revealed he has conservative views on economics and his primary audience was tumblr communists and SJWs. His show's ratings are collapsing.

No. 24822

looks like a tranny skinwalker

No. 24895

He has a show? Is it any good?

No. 24911

It's called I Am Cait and it's bad unless you're absolutely obsessed with the Kardashians already.

No. 24959

I watch it for the cringe and sheer ridiculousness. He alienates the biological females around him and is in a constant femininity pissing contest with the world. Meanwhile he still has his dick and killed a woman within the last year.

No. 24963

It's interesting to see how 100% hung up on looks he is and the harem of women he pays to float around him and give him female grooming.
He wanted to do a "who wore it best" versus his ex wife since they owned the same dress.
He was (according to the show's reality tv editing) pursuing Candis Cayne romantically.

No. 24968

I will never get over this
He literally killed someone and because he's a celebrity and is popular with tumblr now he's getting away with murder.

No. 25050

Not to mention he refused to pay for killing their mother, and went to court with his horde of lawyers to fight paying for killing her.

No. 25155

From reading some of the women's stories who have had husbands who became women, I'm starting to see that they are a little narcissistic yeah

Like, I can understand if they're really pained about not being the right gender or whatever but when you're in a marriage, you are a part of a functioning team and your choices influence and impact the other person. The idea of just opting to get surgery and transition without consulting the person you've essentially pledged yourself to seems selfish. If my husband showed any inclining towards it, that would be it, I would divorce him early to save myself the heartache that a lot of these women had to go through.

I'm not a fan of Kardashians but man I have mad respect for Kris for having to go through this REALLY publicly while everyone is all happy for her ex-husband. It's like the death of their marriage, essentially and everyone is celebrating it.

No. 25172

It makes me really sick to see kids as young as three or four get exploited by transgender stuff. One of the founders of modern transgender theory, John Money, tormented and sexually abused a boy throughout his life, enforcing that he act like he was a woman and eventually committed suicide. Encouraging mental illness of that magnitude is very unhealthy.

No. 25225

Absolutely horrific science experiment and my heart aches for him. The crazy part is that this was case was used as "scientific basis"

No. 25229

this also makes me WTF @ the practice of circumcision

No. 25313

btw imagine if your clothes were randomly being moved around and you didn't know why and then later on you found out your dad had been wearing them.

>On Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim screeched with shock as Bruce admitted that he has worn one of her dresses before.


& I read that kylie was mad at kendall for stealing her clothes and kendall didn't know what she was talking about. later on it came out that it had been bruce. this was a few months ago so I can't find the link.

I would be so fucking disturbed.

No. 25409

Someone who I follow on Facebook just came out as trans, basically out of nowhere. He just broke up with his fiance and hinted in his coming out post that he hadn't been man enough to make his relationship work and followed it up with a mildly sexist comment. It's confusing because he's always been the tough, hypermasculine type who is always posting physical threats to unnamed people, also a wannabe rapper. As recently as a few weeks ago was posting tacky softcore porn of women. His friends seemed shocked and somewhat skeptical too.

It seems like a lot of men come out as trans because they either think it's easier to be a woman or because they think they aren't manly enough so they might as well strive to be the most stereotypical female in the universe. I suspect both in this guy's case, but especially the first because he seems like an extremely lazy guy. He's chronically unemployed even though the household was hovering close to the poverty line. He claimed to be a stay-at-home dad (or "house bitch", as he put it), yet he was downright bad at it: smoking weed around his girlfriend's kids and feeding them garbage so they're all obese now. He has no idea how to manage a household and family and never cared to learn.

I don't hate this guy - despite his aggressive, half-literate Facebook posts he's actually pretty nice - but this is obviously a coping mechanism of some sort and he's going to cause his parents a lot of unnecessary pain when he tells them.

No. 25460

You don't have to be a TERF to know that you can't become a different gender than the one you were born as by injecting yourself with hormones and mutilating your genitals.

No. 25498

Thanks for posting those. Added some real insight to the my view > your view shitflinging going on here.

No. 25507


Although I don't mind to be called a TERF. Being lumped in with people who understand how biological sex/gender work is perfectly fine by me.

No. 25523

This stuff is so interesting to me. Like in a morbid, depressing way. Most trans men seem like selfish fetishists who have let their obsession take them over. It's just depressing that trans MtF people are becoming the new beacon of womanhood that we should all praise and emulate.

No. 25574

File: 1439614801458.jpeg (3.88 KB, 120x156, premire.jpeg)


This is about Lana nee Larry Wachowski's transition from male to female. Basically he was obsessed with being feminized by his dominatrix and got a divorce over it etc and now is female.

Pic is Larry during transition with the dominatrix at a Matrix film premiere.

No. 25576

File: 1439614849168.jpg (154.79 KB, 634x928, 111.jpg)

This is the Wachowski brothers in 2015. $100 says Andy is also transitioning now.

No. 25698

He doesn't look that bad actually, he makes a convincing woman.

No. 25719

Man anon, I'm sorry to hear that. It seems like it's common for therapists these days to not give you the therapy you need because now it's forbidden to identify dysphoria as a disorder, and is not even in the DSM anymore. I could be wrong about the DSM part but still, seems like the attitude of most therapists is to just make you transition.

Really I think the only helpful ones out there are the faith-based counselors. You might disagree with them religiously, but I get this hunch they're more likely to agree in helping you accept you who really are instead of just giving your referrals.

No. 25734

being trans isn't just about having the clothes and mannerisms of the other gender. In fact, many trans people don't even get surgery. It's literally about not feeling comfortable in our own body. Assuming you're female, what if you, exactly the way you are, were born in a guy's body? Wouldn't you feel awkward about everyone calling you "he" and "him"? Wouldn't you feel weird having a penis and not having breasts? The reason that they do dress up like they do is because society has drilled it into everyone's heads that girls wear dresses and guys wear big baseball caps. Also, therapy doesn't work on transgender people. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's the truth. The closest I've heard people come is this: "I still feel like I'm the other gender, but now I can suppress those thoughts!" While this "princess jules" person might have said that she wouldn't have gotten surgery, this doesn't apply to all trans people. Finally, trans people ARE accepting who they are when they decide to be the gender they know they are.

No. 25800

Honestly? No. If I were exactly the way I am, it would make very little difference. None of that stuff would bother me in the slightest. People misgender me all the time online, the only time it doesn't happen is here and /cgl/ where it's taken for granted that everyone is female. To most normal people gender and sex don't really matter. You have to be fucked up for you every thought and action to be centered around something that's not that significant.

>Wouldn't you feel weird having a penis and not having breasts?

No! Because I'd have no idea what having breasts was like! It's a delusion. When anyone else wants to mutilate their body beyond repair because they've convinced themselves it's how they're "Really meant to be" We diagnose them with a mental illness. Everyone always says it's a problem with the body not matching up with the brain, but it's not. It's a problem with the brain thinking something is wrong with the body. Why treat the body, especially when the treatment is nowhere near ready to be done to people; it's a fucking travesty of a medical procedure, when you could just treat their brain?

>Also, therapy doesn't work on transgender people. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's the truth. The closest I've heard people come is this: "I still feel like I'm the other gender, but now I can suppress those thoughts!"

Therapy doesn't work on sociopaths or psychopaths either generally speaking, it doesn't mean that they're any less fucked up mentally though. And how would you even know this as a fact? Tons and tons of research on sex differences, race and so on can't even be published, regardless of how true they are, because people throw massive shitfits about it.

No. 25900

>>21860 With your idea of transitioning, you're very wrong, as people who transition aren't adhering to gender roles, they simply have a brain-body mismatch. I can attest for this as I've always been kinda feminine, even before transitoning. It has nothing to do with clothes or the toys we wanted to play with but everything to do with dysphori (not dysmorphia, the two are not synonymous)
People who transition actually don't "almost always" and I am almost positive you're using anecdotal evidence here instead of well researched actually evidence.

As I said above, dysmorphia is not synonymous with gender dysphoria and they should not be placed together. For one gender dysphoria is actually a medical condition, not a mental illness. So because one person said she wouldn't get bottom surgery (Which could be for a number of reasons, such as financially not able, doesn't like the results of the surgery, etc.) Means it's not valid? That's a very silly way of validating if something is worth investing in.

Also, by not letting us transition, you would actually be telling us the exact opposite of accepting ourselves as you would be forcing us to deal with the depression and anxiety that comes with not transitioning.

No. 25938

Isn't everyone uncomfortable being in a body? It's weird wearing this meat-suit, but it's mine. Maybe I'm trans-ghost.

No. 26066

File: 1439661146367.jpeg (152.44 KB, 1024x868, butch.jpeg)

>as people who transition aren't adhering to gender roles, they simply have a brain-body mismatch

That seems really reductionist, sexist and maybe kind of anti-gay in a way, like saying butch lesbians shouldn't exist because they should feel like they need to call themselves straight men and physically transition. And like feminine guys should not exist and should do what they can to be women.

This trans trend must be so confusing to kids who are atypical. You don't need to alter your body just because you don't adhere to typical gender roles. What a backwards mess.

No. 26067

>the fact is that a) detransition is rare
Because true detransitioning is impossible and you look like a massive fucking fool if you turn back around and say "Whoops I was wrong!" If it's so difficult to transition in the first place, how the hell are people supposed to have the guts to change back and risk being ostracized by everyone?

>b) regret is rare

The suicide rate for trans people is higher post op. So this is just patently false.

No. 26082

All of this, basically.

If you aren't mentally ill none of these things fucking matter to you.

No. 26199


1. So you would rather that we do experimentative brain surgery on transgender people and toy with their brains instead of just letting them be the gender that they feel they are? I don't think that's the right option. Also what do you mean by "treat their brain"? There isn't just some magic brain procedure that will "cure" transgender people.
2.You're acting like they have BIID or something. You act like they're cutting their bodies up or something. They do somme surgery on their penis/vagina and either get breast reductions or implants. That's all. They can still have sex and urinate which are the two things they can't do. The only thing that it really does is render them infertile. And they can still adopt. If they even want kids. 
3. When I said that transgender people can't be "cured" by therapy, I wasn't trying to say that they didn't have a mental illness. (They don't.) I was trying to say that there is no therapeutic way to stop transgender people from being transgender.

No. 26213

1.Because if they want to be seen as women, they have to play along with gender norms. We live in a society like that. In an ideal society they either wouldn't have had gender dysphoria (interpret this however you like) or they wouldn't have to play along with gender norms as people wouldn't try to impose them upon each other. Heck, even we straight people feel the heat from others in society when we consciously or unconsciously challenge gender norms.

2. I don't know who Princess Jules is, but isn't she just one person? Also, what concrete proof do you have that people will "get cured" or that it's "just a transient problem". I remember bisexual and homosexual people often hear "it's just a phase"

3. Because they don't, wether you're okay with that or not.

No. 26223

growing up as female, having a female reproductive tract and the tribulations that come with it = woman

liking pink /=/ woman
feeling like you want breasts /=/ woman
feeling uncomfortable with your penis /=/ woman


that's it, feefees don't change it. sorry.

No. 26293

>So you would rather that we do experimentative brain surgery on transgender people and toy with their brains
Where did I say anything about brain surgery? They need to go through the same therapy and treatment that anorexic and BIID people do. Who also, coincidentally, are usually never cured. They just learn how to manage their illness and control the compulsion to do serious harm to themselves because of it.

>instead of just letting them be the gender that they feel they are?

Gender =/= sex. Gender is an identity, they were female or male identifying before they ever had the surgery. You can't "Let" or "Stop" Someone be a gender. They can never become the opposite sex though, and no one really accepts them as such. They're just a person with a severe mental illness and a mutilated body post op.

>ou act like they're cutting their bodies up or something. They do somme surgery on their penis/vagina and either get breast reductions or implants. That's all.

LOL. How is surgery NOT cutting up their body? HRT alone is risky as fuck, hormonal birth control can kill women in a multitude of ways, and they naturally produce those hormones in the first place. ftm will never have working male genitalia.

>I was trying to say that there is no therapeutic way to stop transgender people from being transgender.

There's no way to cure or stop most mental illnesses, genetic disorders or disabilities (Yet) treatment is about giving the person a way to manage their illness, not enable their delusions and allow themselves to fuck up their bodies irreparably.

No. 26341

basically this.

if you have a mental illness that makes you want to be a woman, tough shit. we don't give anorexic people lipo or speed. we don't give people with BDD plastic surgery. we don't lock up people with high-functioning schizophrenia in rooms.

i hate how people compare trans therapy to "conversion therapy" for gays. gay people aren't killing themselves from depression unless they are treated like shit and abused. trans people are because they don't know how to deal with their dysphoria EVEN ON HORMONES much like people with BDD.

honeslty these men and women need to accept their sex. dress how ever you want. act however you want, but don't go around demanding to be the opposite sex. you aren't. no matter how hard i try, i'm never going to be japanese or black or latino, i can pretend all i like but its just that: pretending.

not to mention putting CHILDREN on HORMONES is literal eugenics. y'all are STERILIZING fucking children. we don't let children consent to sexual encounters, but we let them consent to being sterilized permanently??? ARE YOU ALL FUCKING INSANE?

No. 26473

real legit terfs are hateful lunatics but radfem and gender crit girls are sane and should be listened too. it's disgusting seeing beardo amab transtrenders dog pile and hate on radfems and lesbians for being "transphobic"

No. 26477

this 100%

apparently saying that you don't think kids should go on hormones or that transwomen should be participate in female sports means you are a TERF now

No. 26489

i think it's interesting that gender crit and radfems cricles overlap with transmedicalist circles online. There are trans women and trans men who are gender critical and support radfems and i think it's really refreshing.

trans people make up something like 3% of the population so it's fairly easy for people who are not trans to take over the community and warp it to their own selfish needs which is what we're seeing now. I only know one trans person irl and i havent seen or talked to her in years but i have several trans friends online with varying opinions. Dont let tumblr represent the entire population.

besides you can acknowledge biological sex and not be transphobic. you can be "gynocentric" and not be transphobic.

No. 26565

>3% of the population

LOL no they fucking don't. Gay people barely even make up 2%, and there are hundreds of times more gay people than trans people.

No. 26582


I'm so tired of this bs stat being thrown around. Trans people are literally a drop in the water. Why the fuck should everything change just for such a small ass minority? Like, sure, you shouldn't be murdered everyone has a right for personal safety but fuck if we have to change bathrooms for you.

This reminds me of something that happened to me recently. Two clearly male transwomen went into the ladies bathroom with me while I was at Disneyland Paris recently and I just felt really skeeved out. They were dressed as the most stereotypical white trash hooker with high heels and slathered on make up and it was ridiculous to me. Like, why the fuck would you come to a park like that? If they'd be normal casual 'day a theme park' dressed up like a woman that would have been fine but why the fuck are they dressed up for a nightclub at a family place? Wtf.

No. 26810


sorry i didnt know. i see that stat used so much i just assumed it was right. point is TRUtrans people are rare and trenders are co opting their movement.

my trans omen friends really really dont want Cait or Bruce or w/e to be their poster child since he shows all the signs of AGP. They dont like Jazz either since there are rumors that her mom might have munchausen by proxy plus there is an interview Jazz did talking about her CIS SCUM BIOVAG SISTER and Jazz calls her sister "it" and is already acting so narcissistic for a 12 year old or w/e. She says that she's way cuter and smarter and more popular than her sister and everyone is like "awwwwwwwwwww :') so brave!!!!"

No. 28217

File: 1440078836459.png (72.93 KB, 302x278, opkji.PNG)

The latest in trans degeneracy: This mother is raising money to cut off the breasts of her teenage daughter, WHO HAS DOWN'S SYNDROME, AND IS TOO MENTALLY DISABLED TO WRITE.


Absolutely fucking disgusting. I don't have words for this.

No. 28234

I don't see what surgery is supposed to accomplish. She'll still have breasts due to obesity.

No. 28250

File: 1440086112187.jpg (41.26 KB, 560x420, 552723e9-09f4-4657-a15d-e92392…)

>My mom writes this for me, to help with your understanding.
>I have come a ways on my journey as a transgender young man, feeling awkward and out of place in the female assigned body in which I was born. Realizing my male identity, I have felt since early puberty that this is wrong, that this isn’t the way a dude’s body is supposed to appear.

what in the actual fuck is going on

No. 28310

could you explain to me what makes people think Jenner has AGP? i'm not doubting it, just curious to see what the evidence is

No. 28315

I want to know as well!

No. 28317

i googled a bit and found this thread


take it with a grain of salt but apparently Jenner still identifies as heterosexual

No. 28320

he's fixated on "looking hot" and wearing "cute stuff" and still has his dick, likes women, except said that if he were with a man he would feel "so feminine"
stole his daughters' clothes to wear
he's still totally into traditional male activities except wants to look like a sexualized female. "female power fantasy"

No. 28327

How come people are reluctant to call transgenderism a mental illness? Everyone calls it a medical condition, but is that right? Also I don't care so much if trans people want to use dress up as a relief for their dysphoria I just don't think all of society has to change to play along with it. Transwomen dont belong in female spaces. It makes it unsafe for females and I think that boundary should be respected. When was the last time you saw transmen demanding to be in male bathrooms?

No. 28356

I FUCKING hate unisex bathrooms.
It disgusts me so much.

No. 28357

File: 1440105047999.jpg (22.45 KB, 296x286, 11262085_965527043520146_46778…)

If you can be born to like the same gender then I believe that you can be born in the wrong body. Gender dysphoria is a thing, whether you agree or disagree. It's a fact. I'm sorry but people said thet same thing to homosexuals: "youre not born like that!! yOU CHOSE IT" well no. they're born like that.
same as trans people. Trans people dont magically get symptoms when they become an adult. It starts from a very very young age.
Being homosexual is not a choice. Being trans is not a choice.
Seriously, who the fuck would want to be trans? Trans people endure tons of bullshit and they have dysphoria which is a mental illness. We should accept trans because they're people and they deserve to be treated like "normal" people, even if they're different.

No. 28359

What's wrong with trans people getting surgeries? People only "accept" MTF if they get surgery and look like women.
if i was trans id get surgery too tbh
to "feel" like a woman or w/e
i mean it must sucks for people to consider you as a man when you're a woman in the inside

No. 28360

what does AGP mean?

No. 28361

I dislike MTF because they still have male privilege.
if transethnicity is bad then why should i accept transgenders?
you want to be a woman without enduring all the shit women have suffered smh

No. 28362

>.Because if they want to be seen as women, they have to play along with gender norms.

No. 28506

>Because if they want to be seen as women
but what does that even mean tho?
it requires action on the part of others, or exists dependent upon the acknowledgement of others, or ??

No. 28546

this story
reminds me of

No. 28555

Literal niggers. Trans animals should be killed like women.

No. 28559

since the admins here are starting to make containment boards on here despite this board supposedly being random i demand that this turns into a containment board too

also theyre all mentally ill

No. 29250

It's ironic, the way they so heavily reinforce the dreaded 'gender roles'. Trans mens idea of what femininity and womanhood are warped and shallow, it basically equates to lipstick and tits. I find it insulting.

No. 29253

File: 1440217389521.bmp (696.74 KB, 596x399, john flynts gyno troubles.bmp)

I really resent the way they manipulate others into participating in their fetish. They're so narcissistic that they think people not playing along with their delusion is some kind of abuse, because in reality their whole 'identity' is just others perceptions of them. It shows in their pronoun policing and the way they obsess over being pretty or passing. It is also disgusting the way they try to normalize their deviancy and perversion by pushing it onto children or impressionable teens, and the way they sweep suicide rates or the misery of those who have reverted back to their real gender under the carpet, just to silence open discussion and opposition to their self destructive lifestyles.

And remember ladies, if you're uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with this thing, you're hateful privileged cis scum!

No. 29258

Women who are seen as women look like women.
that's what it means.
the most easiest way for a trans to try to be seen as a woman is tits and makeup because makeup is feminine and it makes you at least seem like a woman lol

No. 29267

File: 1440222222301.jpg (41.52 KB, 480x300, fallon-blood.jpg)

That sounds like
1. it requires action on the part of people around you, ie. if trans person has no one around to acknowledge them as the other gender are they still trans (if a tree falls in the woods and no one heard it, did it really fall?)?
2. a shallow understanding of what it means to be a woman. I'm not a woman simply based on the reactions of people around me. And on days I skip makeup I'm not any less of a woman.

Fallon Fox, a MtF MMA fighter beat the hell out of a biological woman in the ring. Trans bloggers celebrated this brutal beatdown. It seems like some trans people are hostile towards women, in particular lesbian women who aren't attracted to MtFs.

No. 29268

File: 1440222286173.jpg (90.11 KB, 480x474, fallon-making-her-bleed.jpg)

>This is why a heterosexual white male transgender AJ McKenna published nine successive blog posts prior to the Fox vs. Brents match calling “for blood” against black lesbian Tamikka Brents and calling her an “enemy” of men like himself. This is why he contacted her sponsors and supporters and demanded that they stop supporting the lesbian fighter. This is why he posted a video (which he removed after Tamikka was hospitalized) where he likened Tamikka to rapist Mike Tyson because McKenna felt that her failure as a gay female to accept males as potential romantic partners “rapes” their identity as male lesbians.

>To those outside the LGBT this all sounds absurd and unbelievable. Actually, it sounds absurd and unbelievable to most of us. Unfortunately, this is the state of the mainstream rhetoric of the transgender movement towards lesbians and women in general.


No. 29269

File: 1440222340223.jpg (30.76 KB, 512x512, ajmckenna.jpg)

McKenna who "called for blood"

No. 29271


fuck, that face is pure nightmare fuel

No. 29272

why are u raping her identity as a trans lesbian anon. ur violence must be stopped. prepare 2 get doxed.

No. 29273

File: 1440223383790.png (198.89 KB, 1807x463, 1440181689675.png)

No. 29274

File: 1440224029453.jpg (20.87 KB, 500x375, alephnull.jpg)

Might as well repost some stuff I posted to the SA thread on /cow/. Some particularly crazy ones there.

This gorgeous creature is named Aleph Null. He became trans after marrying his wife and threatened to commit suicide if she left him, which basically set the tone for the marriage from then on. Some choice posts:

"I had a manicure + pedicure yesterday. It was the first time in my life that I’d had one.

I also complained a little about my ugly feet because they are gigantic and always dry and my 2nd toe is longer than my first one and my pinky toe is smaller than it should be and doesn’t have much of a nail. She didn’t say anything at all. Obviously, she didn’t do this for the conversation.
Anyway, the wife and I had talked about colors before I went and she suggested a light pink so that it wouldn’t look bad when it inevitably started to flake and peel. When the technician gave me the color samples to decide, the pinks looked so pale as to not be worth it and I wanted to be able to show everybody that I had had my nails done and see what a girl I am I am really a girl not a man who thinks he’s a girl.

Well, I went home and asked the wife if she wanted to see. Her first words were “That isn’t light pink.” When I asked her if that meant that she didn’t like it, she said nothing at all. I asked if her silence meant that she didn’t like it. She still didn’t say anything.

It was obvious. She didn’t like it.

I was pretty depressed about it. I did something that hurt my wife. I thought maybe it was something she wasn’t ready for. This was a pretty obvious expression of femininity and one that even she doesn’t indulge in. Maybe I went too far with the color?

I don’t wear earrings and don’t have pierced ears because my wife isn’t ready for that. I’m fine with that as I seem to pass well enough without it.

We do a great job of keeping each other first and always considering the other’s feelings above our own. Well, almost always. I made a mistake and I know it. I am sorry.

But I still smile every time I look at my painted nails."
An exchange between Aleph and another SA tranny:
"To be honest, I still don't feel like I act my age, I'm 42 and have pink hair, occasionally wear skirts that are far too short for someone my age, etc etc. But AFAIK noone has ever thought anything odd about me for it, and AFAIK noone has ever read me directly because of it.
The odd thing is, when I look around objectively, I tend to notice that the majority of people that have silly hair colours, or acting weird/loud, tend to be people my age, not teenagers. So embrace being childish, or something."-SybilVimes

"Yes. You are running through a second childhood and adolescence to become who you were supposed to be.
Try to think of it as a fresh start.
As for people expecting you to be "over it" already, just tell them that you are transitioning and that it takes time. You could even explain that it's like growing up all over again if you think they'd care.
If they don't like it, that is more their problem than yours.
My wife has bought me stuff like Lisa Frank sticker books and paper dolls because I missed out on those as a kid. She understand that I need to work through this just like a cis girl only twelve times faster."- Aleph Null

No. 29276

i think /pt/ is overdue for an internet tranny thread tbh

No. 29278

Interesting piece of propaganda, but I'm going to ask for a source on mental retardation, body integrity disorder, plastic surgery addiction, and autism overlapping with being trans.
Who the fuck wrote that nonsense?

No. 29280

File: 1440225088090.jpg (550.1 KB, 1199x2656, behold-a-compilation.jpg)

"So as much as I feel like moving towards MTF, I don't want to have breasts, I would rather wear a binder or undergo surgery to get rid of the ones that I do have even, and I want to have body and facial hair too, but that part especially would really push people away from reading me as a woman which would suck because I really want to be treated like a woman by people."- QueerPope

"Hi everybody; I figured out that I'm trans.

The only problems that I've really encountered within myself are that I'm 6'2" with naturally muscley shoulders and that my torso and back are covered with fast growing body hair."- Leonid

"And, considering I have (shit you not) two Trans brothers, I had an unconscious feeling that I was supposed to be the "normal one", which, I mean you don't even have to tell me, internalized transphobia, yeah."- Dice Dingus

"Basically, all the distinctions between people are social constructs."- Dice Dingus

"I really really hate that I can never have a face that passes for womanly because of this constant blue-black gristle that I can't get rid of no matter how cruel I am with that razor."- Dice Dingus

"When I get my loan money, I'm going to muster up the courage to get some makeup."- Dice Dingus

"I have ended up spending almost 200 dollars on new clothes though. I can't wait for my next financial aid check, I tell you what, but I also feel better about my body than I ever have in my entire life."- Dice Dingus

"So in town there's this building I go to about once a week for a regular community event and the building didn't have gender neutral restrooms so I usually just used the women's room and did it very quickly and confidently so nobody would have time to notice me. Well, last week the building unveiled a brand new gender-neutral restroom!

Exxcept well… the sign says "all bodies welcoome" (thereby equating the women's room with certain bodies)"- QueerPope

No. 29282

File: 1440226032435.jpg (112.82 KB, 1280x720, biid.jpg)

I don't think the image said plastic surgery addiction had overlap with GID -though there probably is- but instead was saying the two things are similar.

As for everything else, an anecdote was given on the retardation. For autism, well have you been on the internet at all recently? Chris-chan, ADF, Robbie/Rika, there's a huge amount of mentally challenged trannies.

As for Body Integrity Identity Disorder, just look people who suffer from it up. A hell of a lot of them are also trannies.

How is it nonsense if you can't refute any of it?

No. 29283

File: 1440226198559.jpg (138.89 KB, 634x936, trans plastic surgery addict.j…)

I dunno, I looked into it a little bit because it's interesting though.

omg. this is just one person, but omg.

>The incidence of 7.8% ASD in gender identity clinic referred children and adolescents is ten times higher than the prevalence of 0.6–1% of ASD in the general population (Baird et al. 2006; Fombonne 2005). This important finding confirms the clinical impression that ASD occurs more frequently in gender dysphoric individuals than expected by chance.


No. 29286

File: 1440226411398.jpg (38.72 KB, 306x423, before.jpg)

Before pic

I watched a video about this person that was horrifying and fascinating but I can't remember their name…

No. 29288

Found it

their also-trans girlfriend…

No. 29296

this is what asylums were for.

No. 29298

Whenever the gender dysphoria/autism connection comes up I think about James Lauren Harries. He was a child genius (they don't says hes autistic but lbr) and he's transwoman now.


No. 29307

I think that's part of it. If a girl dresses as a boy most of the time those clothes can be considered unisex by many. It's way different if a man wants to wear a dress, no matter how bland or plain it may be. If it's a solid color shift or a flower printed dress with lace trim it's still feminine.

Women have far more acceptable choices with hair and clothing. Men are pretty much stuck with shirt and pants combos that vary in levels of casual and formal. Women can wear more accessories and still be considered suitable for a professional environment.

I think maybe some men feel bored or stifled by the limited expression they have in the same environments.

Dresses aren't considered masculine so a man who just wants to wear one for comfort or style will automatically be labeled as a drag queen, gay, sissy ect… Where is a woman wears jeans and a plain generic tshirt she's just wearing clothes.

I think gender dysphoria is real. But I also think there's a lot of pressure to conform to a narrow window of masculinity that feels very hard to breath in. If people could wear what they want without ridicule and clothes weren't gendered maybe some people wouldn't feel that transitioning was the only option. For these transtrender tumblr kids I think they are just mistaking genetic sex with gender roles determined by society. Those are already changing and maybe the snowflakes will calm down once the older generation dies off and people become more accepting.

No. 29313

I have received scathing hatred and ridicule from trans people. One was a mod on a Minecraft server I played on and five minutes after a friend referenced to me as "she" the tranny was PMing me and setting up "ground rules" on how to act to not offend them. She stalked and followed me around and had a creepy obsession with me.

No. 29314

Oh god, that sounds hilarious. What were the "rules"? No triggering content like references to being a girl?

No. 29320

I feel so sorry for the wife. That relationship is beyond toxic and I hope she bails soon.

No. 29323

They were
>no explicit gender references
>no vagina/boobs/period references (I burst into laughter at this)
>let them handle "female issues" first (???)
>come to her if I had any issues that required mod help
She was really smug and full of herself, always teleported to me and commented on what I was doing. It made me uncomfortable at points but I eventually shrugged off.

No. 29324

Oh, I actually forgot, "female issues" were her lecturing the server on the "woman's perspective". She told me never to reference my gender so she felt better about herself and got to pretend she was unique. I don't even know why I'm using female pronouns.

No. 29383

obvi you can't use the word vagina, that is majorly triggering. instead, use front hole.

>Front Hole (noun)


>Front hole is a term often used instead of “vagina” to denote that same anatomical body part that “vagina” is typically used to describe. It is especially useful when wanting to be specific and gender neutral at the same time. “Front hole” is typically but not exclusively used in reference to CAFAB trans* bodies.


> “I am down to have you fuck me in my front hole if you’re down too.”

> “No way am I going camping today. I just started bleeding from my front hole.”
> “I am recovered from surgery and am finally the new owner of a front hole!”

>See Also

>Bonus Hole, Cunt


"bonus hole" whaaat? i'm not one for calling misogyny but this erasure of 'vagina' is like the most misogynistic shit i could even imagine. and then there's this,
> the women's college Mount Holyoke cancelled its production of 'The Vagina Monologues' on the basis that it is 'transphobic' (because it is vagina-centric)

No. 29393

Jesus. What kind of girl says they're 'bleeding from the vagina' to refer to their period? Even if you can't say period, there are other euphemisms that might be less "triggering" for trans. Time of the month comes to mind.

No. 29407

To be fair, there is the disclaimer, “'Front hole' is typically but not exclusively used in reference to CAFAB trans* bodies."

But no idea why a transsexual would be bleeding from a "front hole" unless the SRS was DIY.

No. 29424

I really don't get why we're bending over backwards for such a tiny minority of narcissists.

No. 29459

File: 1440282699429.jpg (404.3 KB, 1541x1290, 077orig.jpg)

No. 29478

Genuine question, but what do trans people(mostly transwomen) mean by feeling like a woman?
Am I supposed to feel something when I go per? When my boobs bounce? When I flick my nipples?
I feel something when I'm on Miss Red Tides, but that's complete and utter nauseating pain.
Am I supposed to be feeling anything? I don't understand.

But anyway, off of that. In biological terms, and no matter how many Tumblr feefees get hurt when I'm saying this, a woman is a human who has two X chromosomes, has a functioning vagina, and can produce a baby from their womb. Women who don't do these functions usually have different disorders/disabilities that stop them. Clothes and makeup doesn't make you into a woman. My definition may change when scientist decide to play God, and change humanity as I know it. My views aren't too clear, so please don't get too riled up, I'm just confused and I'm using what I've been taught.

If you want me to refer you as a girl then fine. However, I'm not going to walk on eggshells while discussing my other normal functions. I think it's absurd.

No. 29484

What they say is that having a male body causes them great distress. It feels deeply wrong, and having a female appearance feels right.

What they actually do is drape their male body up in hideous clothes and poorly applied makeup while acting like a hack comedian's parody of a woman.

No. 29485


i'm sorry! i forgot to check my privilege :(

No. 29577

It's fetishization of women. It's similar to a radfem belief that every and any action a woman makes is inherently feminist because she chose to do whatever. I think it's part of the reason they obsess so much over aspects of stereotypical femininity, it's an easy way for them to try feel feminine and like a woman. Most trannies I know have a creepy obsession with femininity, they try to tie everything into it. I'm sitting here hacking up a lung from bronchitis and doing anti-derivatives and they could easily spin some stupid narrative about my deep emotional experience as a woman right now.

No. 29584


That's the case a lot of the time. For some of these people it seems that the focus on really stereotypical things like wearing pink all the time is the means and not the end.

Look at that aleph null guy. Look at his insistence that he is a "girl" as opposed to a "woman" and that he needs toys for little girls. He doesn't want to be an adult. He could try to call himself a "boy," but how successful would he be? By completely discarding his gender he's taking on a brand new identity and if that identity happens to be a child then he's sure not complaining.

No. 29648

i came here to make fun of the sexless and lonely girls and of lolcow.farm but honestly this thread has me convinced that you're all wonderful women

the quickest way to a mans heart is not buying mainstream media bullshit, apparently.

stay beautiful,

No. 29650

It's sad that a lot of trannys look hotter than actual women

No. 29665

> It's similar to a radfem belief that every and any action a woman makes is inherently feminist because she chose to do whatever.

That is liberal feminism, not radical feminism. Radical feminism is against the notion that every woman is a feminist, only a select few are feminists if they choose to participate in political activism. Liberal feminism = ur feminist cuz its ur choice to do whatever

No. 29837

This might be a mistake but…hey. Trans person checking in.

There's a lot of stuff in this thread that's untrue, some true, and some just scraping the bottom of tumblr for shit.

The first thing I want to say is that no, it's not about clothes and makeup and girly stuff. It's not about the trappings of femininity that make a trans person. In fact…

>> Genuine question, but what do trans people(mostly transwomen) mean by feeling like a woman?

It's hard to explain if it's not something that you feel friction with. For an analogy, think about how your thumb feels at any given time (or anything else with nerve endings). Most of the time, it just feels like a thumb. It's there because it just is. It helps you sense and manipulate things in your surrounding world. But if you smash your thumb with a hammer, you a) feel like a dumb shit, and b) suddenly have a throbbing pain in your thumb, where before, it simply existed. And after that, while your thumb is still healing, it aches.

When I say I 'feel' like a woman, what I'm saying is that there's an ache in my psyche, that comes from somewhere I can't exactly explain. But it gets worse when people interact with me as a guy, and it starts to feel like it's not there when I move through life as a woman.

It's easy to push it to the back of your mind. To tell yourself to "man up" and just deal with the pain, sometimes for decades. But it never stops hurting on its own. Where does it come from? There are a lot of opinions about that on here, especially about mental illness. The most prevalent and popular theories I've seen talk about differences in masculinizing hormones in fetal development. That, because the brain and the genitals develop at different stages, it's entirely possible for a child to develop with a roadmap that doesn't match the terrain.

I've personally been to several different therapists and psychiatrists, mostly because my dad was never satisfied with the diagnosis we received–that I didn't have anxiety or depression, wasn't bipolar, schizophrenic, autistic, or anything else that could be determined.

There are definitely quite a few in the community who do have some of the traits listed above. That's one thing I struggle reconciling. But I've seen so many people who have grown up trans, who are so into their own heads about being hated and maligned by society, that it makes me wonder what kinds of environmental factors can go into such a condition. I have trans friends who are clinically depressed, who can't even hold up a normal conversation, who have attempted suicide, not just because they feel different on the inside, but because of their families disowning them and people treating them like shit because of the way they look. Of course there are special snowflakes and all kinds of shit on tumblr, but I don't really care to get lost in that wasteland of teenage feelz. I've seen and interacted with many types of people in the community, from completely well-adjusted folks, to activists, to full-stealth peeps, to perpetual victims, to abusers.

One of the biggest cringe-fests can be older transitioners. You notice the MtF crowd much more because masculine features stick out in society's eye and HRT doesn't do much for shit past the age of 40. I don't at all judge anyone on the way they look–we can't fucking help that. But the reason you see so many older trans people clinging to ugly and outdated ideals of womanhood and femininity is actually kind of an interesting case of environmental pressure and generational tendencies. I'll throw this out there first, because it's a complete bias on my part, but when I see mid-life crises from the generation currently going through them, I see a lot of selfishness and "deal-with-it" attitudes. My dad was one of them (a mid-life crisis convertible and motorcycle and "deal-with-it" kind of person, not trans).

But the environmental factors come from knowing the trans healthcare system in its current and previous incarnations. Before the last 5-10 years, going through therapists and psychiatrists was the absolute ONLY way to get HRT from medical doctors (and surgery, which I'll get to in a minute). And they've had some truly awful definitions of what it means to be transgender. When doctors first started treating trans people, everyone was of the opinion that you should only transition if you were going to end up attractive, and to be able to blend into society. They gave a pass to only the most feminine-acting trans women, and so that quickly became the narrative that EVERYONE adopted. The narrative that goes "I've known forever, and I have all these girly mannerisms, and look at my painted nails, and oh goodness, aren't I just the picture of a trans woman?" And it lasted that way for decades, reinforced by both sides. The doctors saw everyone acting that way and deciding that was what a trans person looked like. Trans women (because the medical community didn't even recognize trans men) had to adopt that narrative if they wanted any shot at a medical transition. And even the old guard in the community telling young trans-lings that the only way to be "really trans" was high femme. There's still some of that stuff going around. I got a lot of questions from my first therapist that seemed to only accept that same narrative, and she stopped me in my tracks for a long time. Leeched money from me while she waffled about whether she thought I was "dysphoric enough to transition." She couldn't feel the ache.

Another reason that some trans women stick out like a sore thumb is that we're completely new at this whole girl thing. I'm sorry, but putting on makeup and coordinating wardrobes isn't a natural-born skill for anyone, and we all go through very awkward and painful phases before we figure that shit out. Some trans people don't. They barely make a change, because they don't feel bound by femininity, even though they feel wired to be women. There are some who don't do anything other than declare their identity, because they feel like they'd look freakish if they even attempted to transition.

A few other things.

Autogynephilia is a theory by Ray Blanchard that trans people don't exist–that trans women are just fetishists, and trans men are just trying to gain privilege. It's a dirty word in the community because it's been used to deny a lot of people their identities in the past. But as the word is evolving, it has a place in the fetish community. Yes, there are people who sexually fantasize about being the opposite sex. Some trans people feel it, many don't, and most of the community of fetishists are not trans and don't mistake themselves as such. There are some who get caught up in their fantasies and decide that they'll be happier if they transition. Honestly if that's their chosen path, I'm not going to deny an adult of their agency. I personally analyzed my own reasoning in-depth before transition, to rule out any chance that it might be some gnarled-up sexual fetish. This is pretty soul-baring of some things that really hurt me for a long time, but my sexual fantasies all involved me being a woman. Even though it's not my thing, there's a lot of sissy and forced-femme stuff that gets tossed around in the melting pot. And that's fine, whatever, it's some people's fetish. But my stuff was mostly just "1) be a woman. 2) engage in mostly-vanilla sex with people of either gender." After transition, step number 1 became unnecessary, and things feel a lot less painful in that department.

I don't want to compare my experience to someone who has lost a limb. But during sex and arousal, things feel weird down below. Like when things haven't locked into place, and like there's something missing. I've genuinely felt a sensation similar to phantom-limb…but more in a sense of just being different.

I haven't had SRS (or GRS or GCS or whatever the kids call it these days). It's possibly in my future, but it doesn't have to be. That's another of those things that the old-guard would tell you is necessary for you to be a real trans woman. Fuck them, I'll do what I want. But…having a dick feels hella weird ya'll. It responds mostly like a normal one would–just some reduced function and shrinkage so far on HRT. Except, it just feels wrong, and it has for a long, long time. Again, I can't explain how that feels if you can't feel it for yourself. But it can be soul-crushing at times. No one has to remind me that I won't have a period, that I won't get pregnant, that I won't have a feminine phenotype without hormone supplements. I AM that reminder. I eat and breathe that pain. I have plenty of happy moments and good times. But the demons I wrestle with every night are the ones I can't change. And when I get intimate with my partner–sometimes things are fine and dandy, sometimes I end up sobbing into the pillow.

I've come to hate the word "triggered," but I know what people mean when they're not being self-obsessed. There are things that set off these bad emotions inside of me, sometimes at the smallest things. When women around me talk about being pregnant it hurts. But it would be ridiculous to expect other women to never talk about pregnancy again, just because I might have bad feelies during their conversation. It's up to me to exit and calm myself.

Those are all of the answers I can think of. I'm in my 20s, I have a good job, people very rarely guess that I'm trans, so I'm pretty lucky in a lot of ways. I've been on HRT for a year, never had any surgery, and think that it's shitty that society expects us to define ourselves based on those labels. But there you go.

No. 29865

Im sorry but it just offends me as a woman that a man can think, because being a man is uncomfortable or hard or whatever for them, that neans theyre a woman! Slap on a dress and make up and call it a day! Itoffends me that transwomen think they are women, when if gender is some societal/cultural make believe (since every trans denies that your sex had baring on your gender) then even still, society believes that females are women. Call it some hateful conspiracy if you want.

End of the day i dont think 0.05% of the population should be allowed to change a definition that they dislike.

Call me an asshole, w/e, otherwise trans people are anon issuero me and literally dont care, but dont pretend that youre a real woman and stop trying to bend society to think youre totally normal. Its not.

No. 29872

totally agree with this.

No. 29874

File: 1440433327602.jpg (112.31 KB, 500x378, 2992754530_2728c75721.jpg)

>everyone was of the opinion that you should only transition if you were going to end up attractive, and to be able to blend into society.

The alternative is that you end up with people who repulse men and women. Pic related: Siobhan Meow. She's an impoverished over-the-hill tranny who takes in stray cats and sells paintings of them to support them all. She was featured in many bits on the Howard Stern Show that revolved around her awful smell/appearance.

While I think people should be allowed to make their own fuck-ups, the policy seems pretty well-meaning and not "truly awful."

>The doctors saw everyone acting that way and deciding that was what a trans person looked like.

The gender therapists or the doctors? I know doctors tend to lack critical thinking skills but I have a hard time believing that they are that straight-up stupid.

Also, I think you underestimate how useful the thumbs are. Maybe the middle/fourth toes would be a better comparison- those seem useless.

Also 2.0, if you're not getting the surgery doesn't that make you a ladyboy rather than a transsexual, hormones or not?

If someone can be proven to have always had a 'female brain' and really was a female trapped in a male body, would you still have that opinion?

No. 29884

Diff anon but if someone has a male genitals then they are male. What is a female brain? I thought brain sex wasn't real.

Females have been ostracized and shitted on throughout all of history for having vaginas and being mindless fuckholes, child bearers, and having our nasty offensive periods. It's hard to feel sorry for someone just because they don't get to be part of the super exclusive fun girls club where we can't escape the trappings of femininity.

No. 29892

Even with the comparisons the phantoms limbs, you still don't get that it's the brain that has the issue - not the body? Your brain is broken because it thinks your body is broken when it's not. You cannot "Fix" Your body, because there is nothing wrong with it in the first place.

I don't get why trans people are the only mentally ill people we humor and treat like this. Exchange it for any other condition or illness and it sounds like an absolutely mental way to try and help someone.

No. 30116

File: 1440466992530.jpg (40.56 KB, 300x317, smugwu2.jpg)

>men in drag are more attractive to me than biological women

No. 30125

I'm not informed enough to say whether male and female brains exist. But I can believe it based on the idea that hormones affect development of the body and the brain is a part of the body.

My personal hunch is that most "trans" people have a history of psychological trauma that should be addressed before rushing to hormones and chopping the dick off. But that would take money out of the pockets of SRS surgeons, gender therapists, and companies that produce hormone pills filtered from horse urine.

No. 30280


tw: horrible site layout

Written by Jennifer Diane Reitz creator of the completely whacko COGIATI test

Just going through some of the pages…

> We are by some as yet unknown mechanism statistically far more intelligent, as a class, than perhaps any other kind of people.

>We are almost universally more creative, and we often possess incredible levels of courage and self determination, demonstrated by our very survival, and ultimate attainment of our goal.

>We are rare as miracles, and in our own way, as magical, or so has been the belief of all ancient cultures on the earth.

dat ego

the site is also pretty much focused entirely on MTFs.

No. 30322

JDR is one hell of a lolcow, going back to the Old Internet even.


No. 30358


Yup, i think my fondest memory of JDR was when they went apeshit over one of their spouses refusing to put time & energy into one of their idiotic game ideas

and then drew a comic depicting the poor guy as a cuck loser

No. 30421

Narcissism prevalent in trans culture as always. Tell someone they're a special snowflake long enough and label all criticism as transphobia and you've got a ticket for mental illness and delusion. Oh well, might as well get ready for homosexual incest since that's next on the list.

No. 30446

File: 1440512507351.jpg (263.34 KB, 960x926, 035orig.jpg)

>The Quick Guide to Heterosexual Dating for Male-To-Female Transsexuals
>1. If you date men, you are always in potentially fatal danger. Be aware.
>3. Be aware that in our society, men who are secure enough to accept you are rare. there are predators who attack transsexuals, confused sorts who seek to use and then punish transsexuals, and those who try to be accepting but fail, often violently.
>4. Be honest, be aware, and be very, very cautious.


>I knew I did not act like boys did, and that is what bothered me most. Boys were mean, they hit, they shouted, they liked to bang things together, and when they were big, like my dad, they were very mean and often full of punishment, as well as scary.


Also lol at the 'are you a transsexual' test that is designed for people who are already transsexuals and has questions like, 'Would you say you are kind of transsexual or COMPLETELY transsexual?'

No. 31527

I'm not transgender but I like to crossplay.
As for autogynephilia I can kinda understand how it's a turn on to be a girl (but I guess for girls it isn't since they just take it for granted)

No. 31949


Written by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danielle_Bunten_Berry

>I can speak the transgender party line that I was a female trapped in a male body and I remember feeling this way since I was 4. But, it's never that easy if you look at it sincerely and without preconception. There's little question that a mid-life crisis, a divorce and a cancer scare were involved in at least the timing of my sex-change decision. To be completely honest at this point (3 yrs post-op) is not easy, however, I'm not sure I would do it again. I'm now concerned that much of what I took as a gender dysfunction might have been nothing more than a neurotic sexual obsession. I was a cross-dresser for all of my sexual life and had always fantasized going fem as an ultimate turn-on. Ironically, when I began hormone treatment my libido went away. However, I mistook that relief from sexual obsession for validation of my gender change. Then in the final bit of irony, after surgery my new genitals were non-orgasmic (like 80% of my TG sisters).

Really sad.

No. 31987

>I can kinda understand how it's a turn on to be a girl (but I guess for girls it isn't since they just take it for granted)
>they just take it for granted
Is that a joke

No. 32090

All trannies care about, just like sane men, are their boners

No. 32216

Oh my god the art style of these comics are so annoying and the pretentious tone of the dialogue is unbearable. Their faces are like babies in the worst way.

No. 32622

I saw the vagina monologue a few years ago in college and it really was a great experience for me to be in a room full of both men and women, getting emotional together, learning more about history and the struggles of women, and of course, more about the vagina with some comedy also thrown in. I loved it and it's something I'll never forget. A transwoman will never be able to experience that. If you are not born a woman and raised as a woman, you cannot truly feel what we feel. Yeah, having a vagina actually helps too.

No. 32628


It's definitely a mental illness and we need to stop bending over backwards for 0.2 % of the population. trans people need help, not surgery and hormones to spare their feelings.

Ugh. this. Unless it's one room with a lock like starbucks, I won't go inside.

No. 32630

I thought transwomen wanted to be viewed as female and therefore would refer to their "front holes" as vaginas.

Even if you are some kind of non binary gender neutral snowflake it is still a vagina. The same way a lung is still a lung or an arm is still an arm. That's what it is. Get over it. Boiling it down to front hole makes it sound like a useless fissure when it most certainly isn't. If it wasn't for front holes none of us would even be here.

If someone really wants me to use front hole they are going to have to respect my wishes to call my personal vagina a vagina. Otherwise they are being really contradictory here. Respect is supposed to be mutual. It's not a one way street where only one party gets the right of way.

No. 32631

I truly don't get it either. And because there are so few actual trans people in the world, we should focus on helping the ones who feel like they're in the wrong body. Hormones and chromosomes exist for a reason. You can't just put on a dress and grow out your hair and claim to be a woman. That isn't what makes a woman at all.

No. 32633

Jfc, the term 'front hole' is one of the most offensive things I've heard in a while. These people are men. They were raised like men, have the bodies and chromosomes of men. it's so shitty that they want to be a woman suddenly without going through the struggles of a woman. And then when a transwoman gets high up in the media, people go apeshit with "THE FIRST WOMAN EVER TO–" titles when it's like no, this isn't a birth/biological woman. Something is wrong with this world when a man can put on a dress and be promoted and praised and a biological woman is still shat on.

No. 32634

File: 1440749710316.jpg (45.5 KB, 634x356, 2BB6BB2500000578-0-image-a-52_…)

>“It would be very attractive to me, to have a guy treat me like a woman,” the 65-year-old former Olympian says

>The former Bruce Jenner has previously said that she is not attracted to men, telling Diane Sawyer in April that sexuality and gender identity were 'apples and oranges'.

>When asked at a past dinner party if she was more attracted to men, Jenner said 'No, I’m not gay. I am as far as I know, heterosexual.'

in other words, he would be sexually turned on if a man validated his identity as a woman, but is not sexually attracted to men…

>However, Jenner's use of the phrase 'a real woman' offended her transgender friend, who has been by her side as Caitlyn navigates her new world.

>When a visibly surprised Jenny asked 'What does that mean?', the former Olympian attempted to explain herself, but just caused further offense.

>'That you would be treated like a normal woman', she said.

>That prompted a puzzled Boylan, who is chair of GLAAD, ask 'What do you mean, a normal woman?'

He is such a fetishist and it's funny to see him get chastised by his own for not knowing how to use newspeak perfectly.

No. 32636

They start saying things like "penises are female" and call women "vagina havers".

Why are trans women such lunatics compared to trans men? Most trans men I have encountered seem rational about their lives and anatomy. They know they won't suddenly start being paid more in the workplace and that they won't stop getting cat called/harassed and that they will still have to deal with the general challenges of being female. Meanwhile trans women think they absolve themselves of maleness the second they discover their tru selves. Trans women are women! They're just like us! But don't mention your vginas or perids or they'll be TRIGGERED.

No. 32656

Do you girls feel uncomfortable with the idea of a male tranny being able to use female bathrooms?

Also, you brought this upon yourselves. Most traditionally minded guys don't believe these…. creatures are real women.

No. 32658

Transwomen fetishize femininity so much. They are obsessed with being dainty stereotypical girly girls while still preaching that gender is just a construct. So many of them are conveniently lesbians or bisexual with a girlfriend because they're still men attracted to women, and they still have the same instincts as men.

Not sure uncomfortable but I don't like it. I didn't bring shit upon myself, I've disliked trannies from the getgo. I've yet to meet one that wasn't a narcissistic walking stereotype.

No. 32659

Super uncomfortable*

No. 32661

Bruce Jenner is mentally ill, like all transgendered people and it's disgusting that because he's famous he gets to inject hormones, get surgery and parade around like pretending to be a woman when you're a man is normal. He's insulting to all women and it pisses me off really. I'm worried people think becoming trans is going to be okay instead of getting treated. I bet so many of those people just have childhood traumas and are using them as an excuse to do this instead of facing the truth or getting help.

No. 32663

Transwomen are insane because they're all fetishist. It's been said before by a lot of logical anons here. They're hormonally imbalanced to the max because on top of having issues with social views on masculinity, which is a social construct, having nothing to do with the actual biological sex, they are injecting themselves with all kinds of drugs that just fucks with their brains more. Instead of just being a guy who likes socially feminine clothing or other things, they NEED to be women. Women with.. i dunno– penises? Yeah, that's not how it works.

I know there are all kinds of women, but it's pretty solid that if you have certain chromosomes, you're a man, if not, you're a woman. Breasts have nothing to do with it, since a lot of women have to get them removed because of cancer and some women are just small. All women have vaginas though. And I'm pretty certain all women get their periods, with the ability to give birth.

Transwomen are bitter creatures because they are neither a man nor a woman. They're just some deformed inbetween. I will never accept them as real women because they're not, and I am sick to death of hearing the arguments on tumblr about how "Women can have penises too"

No. No, they cannot.

No. 32664

my best friend has a mtf friend/work associate who really fancies him. he rejected her because he's into me, but now she runs around telling people i'm just his whore because we're not officially dating. whenever i'm with him and she knows, she blows up his phone talking about suicide and shit. i've never spoken to her and she has a history of bullying, so i really dread having to meet her one day.

No. 32665

>Do you girls feel uncomfortable with the idea of a male tranny being able to use female bathrooms?

No. I don't want a man in a female space. I don't know care how many hormones they inject themselves with, they are still a man with a penis. It isn't cool. Women go through enough sexual harassment. We don't need to worry about keeping our guard up in a space full of women just needed to take a shit or piss.

No. 32666

Hopefully he'll kill himself soon, since the suicide rate of transpeople are pretty high up.

No. 32671


i would feel bad if she killed herself because it would upset my friend… i just want her to fuck off :( i hate how transwomen are absolved of their male socialization as soon as they come out. i can barely complain about her trashing me without getting called a TERF, even though my issue is that she's a shitty person, not that she's trans.

No. 32673

i hate how people who say anything bad about trans people are all suddenly TERFs even if they're not radical or feminist.

No. 32674

The hilarious part is I'm a lesbian and I've been called an evil misogynist for criticizing trannies. It reminds me of those crazy feminists that called gay men misogynists for not dating women. Everytime I see someone say "trans sisters" I instinctively roll my eyes.

No. 32682

This is of your own making, you can't build an ideology that has no principles other than "freedom/equality are axiomatically good" and not expect people to start spinning their pathologies as normality in the name of "equality".

The trannies are already winning. The media is behind them as is most of academia, just like with gay marriage, the sheep will follow provided there are a few sympathetic tranny characters shown on HBO shows to soften them up.

No. 32701

File: 1440791241258.jpg (38.57 KB, 450x640, 15879-620x-szskiri.jpg)

I remember this card from Urban Outfitterswent viral on tumblr and angered people

All I could do was laugh tbh

No. 32702

Whenever I've seen trannies out and about, they're usually huge in awkward clothes and always try looking for shoes that will never fit their huge ass feet. Most of the time I always try not to laugh because they look so terrible.

No. 32707

Most men think there's something off about trannies, that they're not feminine enough in ways that they can't quite explain.

No. 32715

Could be a little something called genetics

No. 32716

Couldn't possibly be the broad shoulders, enormous feet, the slightest yet visible stubble, raspy voices struggling to sound feminine, lack of pronounced hips or pants bulge.

No. 32717

Thought experiment: if in 100 years technology greatly improves, and a mix of hormones and surgery can completely make a man look, sound, and feel like a woman in every single way, would you be ok with dating them if you knew they used to be a guy? Just assume the procedure is 100% perfect. Also assume the person didn't and doesn't have any comorbid issues like narcissism, bipolar, or any personality disorder, and is basically a fairly normal woman now.

No. 32719

File: 1440799243456.jpg (18.74 KB, 324x339, granny tranny fanny.jpg)

you racist fucking bigot

No. 32913

I think transwomen are sexy as fuck and I want to date one. Only with dick intact though.

No. 32915

you know trannies can't get boners right, cos hormones

No. 32933


not all trannies transition. there's a lot of guys out there with fully functioning dicks claiming to be lesbian women.

No. 32938

No because they still have a severe mental illness.

No. 32943

People date other people with severe depression, bipolar, and borderline all the time. What makes gender dysphoria so much worse than those by itself?

No. 32958

Dating someone with a severe mental illness is emotionally and mentally exhausting and is something not everyone is equipped to handle. I would argue dysphoria is more severe than any of those simply because dysphoria doesn't really have a successful treatment at this time.

Depression, bipolar and borderline aren't always treatable with meds or psychotherapy, of course, but it's almost impossible to manage dysphoria (see: anorexic people). The brain thinks the body needs fixing when it doesn't, and neither starving yourself to skeleton status nor transitioning is an actual fix.

No. 33170

I'm conflicted. I'm very much a "live and let live" kind of person because at the end of the day, who the fuck am I to tell you how to live. But at the same time I'm a bit worried about transitioning and SRS and HRT becoming so normalized and the go to for trans people. Especially after reading http://www.firstthings.com/article/2004/11/surgical-sex and some of the stories from women who were treated so horribly for not being super thrilled with their long term husbands coming out as trans. I agree that we shouldn't change things for less than 1% of the population - I'm sorry legit trans people, for not feeling comfortable with you in the women's washroom. If we start letting you in, what's to stop autogynephiles and other unsavory people from donning the mask of transwoman and coming in to be creepy and pervy? Why does what washroom you use even matter anyway?

No. 33173

The bathroom issue is something I'm kind of uncomfortable about too. I don't know about other countries, but as far as I know in the US we don't have unisex multi-stall bathrooms for public use. If a bathroom is unisex it's single stall. This is for safety and sanitation reasons. It's perfectly understandable why this is so.

If you pass chances are no one's going to notice. But if you don't you might get reported to security or at the very least upset anyone in the bathroom at the time. I too would be afraid of autogynephiles abusing things. I know it's a rare chance but I don't want to walk in on a creeper in a dress and be told I need to check my privilege if I get upset.

No. 33184

The bathroom stuff is because they need outside affirmation that they're a woman, CONSTANTLY. They're like caricatures of women made by men (go figure). If you use the wrong pronouns or tell them to use another bathroom they get deeply hurt because their identity is just "I'm female", and they need other people to constantly confirm. Nearly every tranny I know has this creepy innocent girly girl personality and nothing else. It's even worse when they're like 40.

No. 33366

This. So much this. Why aren't they getting treated in a mental hospital? They are being coddled and people are being told being trans is normal when it is literally a dissociation between your brain and biological sex. That isn't right.

No. 33367

rofl. I want this printed out. Love it

No. 33369

File: 1441171957572.jpg (43.54 KB, 480x640, never-pass-for-a-real-woman.jp…)

Might have something to do with the broad shoulders, awkward height, exposed adam's apple, deep voice, no curves, etc etc….etc…

Transwomen are always going to just be men in dresses. Laura K Buzz/Laura kate dale is the most hilarious example.

No. 33370

What the hell? Is this person even on hormones? they are a literal man. Hahaha, i'm dying

No. 33417

Wait, is this the Laura that works for destructoid and I have to suffer through whenever Jim sterling is around? i really like Jim, but fuck, he kisses Laura's ass and i dont get it. i never knew what they looked like.

>that hairstyle

>that jaw
>so much facial hair

It's a man, baby!

No. 33425

File: 1441219655085.png (1.66 MB, 1163x737, tranny.PNG)

The funny thing is that this guy looks better than maybe 75% of trannies I've seen. If he piled on the makeup and found a way to hide his beard shadow, he might pass as a horse-faced, masculine woman (disregarding voice, mannerisms, height, etc.). Some trannies will never even approach looking ANYTHING like a woman, ever. For some reason it seems like many trannies have even manlier faces than normal men, and even with extensive plastic surgery they have no hope of passing.

Pic related, it was taken from a popular surgeon's website. These are the results he uses to advertise himself, so imagine how bad the other ones are.

No. 33426

Their masculine features become more notable when they're so sharply contrasted with a failed attempt at possessing feminine features.

No. 33428

I think she look a lot more womanly in the after picture. It's a good surgery IMO.

No. 33429

I think so as well.

No. 33447

File: 1441232031303.jpg (70.11 KB, 396x594, Gigi Gorgeous BeautyCon LA Tal…)

Eh, looks like a woman in the after pictures. A "handsome" one, but it's way better than like…Gigi Gorgeous. Natural looking plastic surgery will always be better than this way over the top shit, even if it's not "perfect."

No. 33451


saw this article today. tl;dr: transgirl student wants to use girl's bathrooms and locker rooms, according to school board rules the school permits this, but a bunch of students stage a walkout protest against letting this trans kid into the girls' bathrooms/locker rooms. Keep in mind transgirl has not had SRS and it is not stated whether or not they've even had HRT (doesn't really look like it).

No. 33454

Yeah, I'll have to agree. I love Gigi, but the surgeries she's gotten really age her. There was one video on her bf's ig where she's not wearing makeup and she looked like one of those rich old housewives.

I feel like she would've looked a lot better if she just waited to get all these surgeries. Iirc, she immediately did all the surgeries after announcing that she's trans. I know she didn't wait until her boobs came in to get the breast implants.

No. 33456

>didn't wait until her boobs came in to get the breast implants.
is there a problem doing this? Like if you get the implants first?

No. 33457

He's mentally ill and I can sympathize with that but he doesn't belong in the girl's bathroom.

I like how in that one pic he's the only one wearing a skirt and heels next to his female friends.

No. 33458

It's too much pressure and stretching on the skin. It looks awful. Not good for your nobody either.

No. 33459

Gigi is definitely one of the better passing transwomen out there, but every time she gets her lips done I just cringe. They are way too big and unnatural. With all the surgeries she's gotten, she really does just look like a rich old housewife. But yeah, as soon as she came out she was using daddy's $$$ for surgery.

No. 33460

Ah, thank you. Also I meant to write "if you get the implants first could your boobs grow in in a different way than you anticipated?" but I guess I hit enter too early.

No. 33462

That too. Hormones are imperative before breast augmentation, enough for your breasts to develop into the size and shape your body is genetically inclined to. You were on the mark.

No. 33463

Tbh Gigi looks like your average LA bitch and I'd rather trannies look like her than creepy fat guys who put on an ill fitting dress and lipstick and think it's good enough

No. 33464

I found the video if anyone's curious https://instagram.com/p/3As8Y3JpK_/

I agree, especially in her videos/pictures. Even before she came out as trans, I think she was always passing.
And I feel the exact same way about her lips!

No. 33465

Is she still dating this guy? I don't really keep up with Gigi anymore, but they were very on and off earlier this year.

No. 33466

Tbh I don't even know anymore. I think maybe they're actually broken up since she still has that breakup music video thing up. And she hasn't posted any pictures with him in a while, but has posted some pictures with other guys.

He creeps me out though since he seems to only go for trans girls, he was hitting on her friend apparently, and every single time they break up, he seems to immediately get with another girl.

Gigi, if you're reading this, find yourself a new man!

No. 33467

Isn't he Alaska Thunderfuck's brother?

Man, that has some gross implications.

No. 33468

Yep. He's a tranny chaser.

No. 33499

Once a man, always a man. These trannies were born men and the harder they try to be women, the more obvious it is they are men. It's hilarious.

No. 33500

>When school began on Aug. 13, Perry told school administrators that she wanted to use the girls’ bathroom and locker room, instead of the unisex bathroom she had used as a junior.

This asshole made the school bend to his whim and he's still complaining that it isn't good enough and he wants to change in the girl's lockerroom and bathroom. No. fuck you. These people are mentally ill. Why are we humoring them?

They make up 0.2 percent of the population. We need to stop this shit. Girls have the right to their own space and not feel their safety threatening, especially when removing clothing and pissing.

No. 33621

Someone needs go beat the shit out of this guy until he snaps out of it and realizes he's a fucking dude. If he wants to have long hair and wear makeup, fine! that shouldn't be gender specific, but i'll be damned if men think it's okay to come into a woman's locker room when they're changing. Nope.

No. 33786

>SheZow is about 12-year-old Guy Hamdon and his adventures after finding and putting on his deceased Aunt Agnes' super powered ring, inheriting her Super Hero alter ego, SheZow. Unable to take it off, he must now fight crime whether he wants to or not. In a dress.

>At least he doesn't have to go it alone, getting help from his best friend, Maz, who acts as his sidekick (with differing alter egos for each episode) while Guy's sister Kelly helps from the "She-lair" with Sheila the Supercomputer.

>Guy must also keep his identity secret from his policeman father, who has always thought SheZow was an arrogant show-off (due in part to SheZow's popularity; she has comic books and fan clubs!).

what ????????

No. 33787

I don't see what's wrong with this.
Ugly style, though.

No. 33790

We barely have any female protags in kid's schools as it is, esp in a superhero setting. I dunno, i want to like it, but it bothers me. And the name SheZow is fucking idiotic.

No. 33791

NO. No. this is just as bad as terms like man bun and guyliner. A woman can just have a lair or hideout or batcave.. Putting she in front of a word doesnt make it more 'girl' friendly.

No. 33797

Part of being the flashy superhero stealing all the glory means that Guy has to learn how to navigate his world now with new tools — a lipstick laser, a “beautility” belt, losing his powers when his hair goes frizzy — which Wade tells us has been passed on to Guy from his Aunt Agnes.

>“SheZow is a legend that’s been passed down through the generations of Guy’s family, so when his aunt was SheZow, that’s the SheZow she created. SheZow’s throughout history have had different costumes and different hairstyles,” says Wade. And a lot of the facets to SheZow’s mythology came about from the female writers Wade has on his team.

>“I asked the women on my team … what would be a good weakness for a woman superhero and they all

said, “Bad hair!'” laughs Wade. “A lot of the gadgets
and jokes [for ‘SheZow’] came from women.”

>While things like the “beautility” belt are a lot of fun to watch Guy figure out, the show has already been receiving some negative attention for its new twist on the superhero model, with a conservative website calling it a “transsexual superhero show” and writing that “nothing says ‘child-appropriate material’ quite like gender-bending underage superheroes.”

>To this, Wade says that “SheZow is not transgendered. He’s a boy, his gender never changes, he’s just trapped in a silly costume.”

>He also adds that he doesn’t find it child-inappropriate at all, because the idea came to him as a kid.


No. 33826

Eh, it's just one of those shows with a Female agenda, but take it too far calling everything 'she'. She-lair? Really?

Think Daring Games For Girls

And that style is ugly, nostalgic though. Brings me back to cartoons from late 90' to mid 2000('05?)

No. 33828

This seems more misogynistic than anything.

No. 33889

I don't know, obviously it's a kid's show and meant to be lighthearted but it feels so forced. It's like the "female character's defining trait is being female" trope but applied to an entire show. I don't see it as a transgender thing at all, it seems more like stereotyping women as much as possible from the viewpoint of a 12 year old guy.

No. 33940

This just seems horribly forced and makes it all about 'OMG GURL POWER' but still has the inclusion of makeup and bad hair days because women. It's kind of fucking awful really.

No. 33941

Agreed… it's forcing a lot of garbage female stereotypes.

No. 33951

Most women do not want to use the same bathroom or locker room as a man regardless of whether or not they are transgendered.

He already has a unisex bathroom and I'm sure he can change in there if he needs to. But he has a penis and obviously girls don't want that in their bathroom and locker room. Surely deep down he must at least get the jist of that. They don't feel safe or comfortable even if he means them no harm. That's just the way it is.

I've tried to be supportive of trans people. But at the same time I feel like women's privacy is being encroached upon and erased. What's worrying is the transtrender tumblr types. I don't want them to think they can come into our change rooms, bathrooms and showers and tell us to check our AFAB privilege because Bruce Jenner is just so brave and inspiring.

I really think that if gendered clothing and makeup and the rigid parameters of masculine and feminine would just go away everyone would be happier and less people would butcher themselves and take dangerous drugs to fit into stereotypes that real women and men already feel suffocated by.

No. 33952

thank you!

No. 33953

Does the have to completely go away? There are people who fits into the gendered stereotype and like it. The thing is, there are a set of clothes that can be gender nuetral, and some men have no problem wearing makeup. We should just let people do what they want, unfortunately we have people like this little missy and many other trans people plus the trenders who take it a step too far.
Then again, what is too far? I want to guess she is pushing boundaries because it seems some people will bend over backwards for her.
Plus who the fuck does she think she is?? Why must people always compare trans issues with racism? If she were to have any support from me, well she just lost that shit now. I LOVE for her to have a full civil rights era black experience and she if she'll compare the again.

No matter how you look at it, she looks like a man in feminine clothing, and she would be a man in feminine clothing. Penis and all, and these girls know this, and I'm glad they are not taking this crap!

Why must the comfort of the literally less than 1 or 2% conquer over the thoughts and feelings of these girls?

And bitch you just want this to be over? Then why the fuck did you tell the media??
She sounds annoying as hell, if you already have your own PRIVATE bathroom, why would you want to force yourself into woman spaces? One of the only places woman can feel safe?

I think it's validation, they don't care if they are safe or not. They want to be treated like real women, well news flash honey, you got a penis, you're annoying, and you'll never really be a woman.

This is not the way to gain support and validation because your endeavors are pushing most people away the more you push this shit down their throats.

No. 33961

underrated post. i agree completely. we're all going to die. this physical body is only a temporary vessel. not that i believe there's anything after death. all we've got is our brain.

No. 33962

When it all comes down to it, I think we know way too little about the workings of the brain and the actual differences between male and female thought processes. As a woman I'm just going to say that I find the female body to be very impractical and I'd prefer having been born with a male one for multiple reasons. I can not however imagine actually having one. The body I've got is attractive and healthy, I'd just prefer one that is taller, builds muscle mass way easier, literally has thicker skin and doesn't have fucking ovaries. I have no scientific background but I find it highly likely that humans are going to evolve/are evolving to become more androhynous. What's held women back all this time is due to very obvious, biological reasons. We've got to start groing babies in artificial wombs is all I'm saying.

No. 34115

Agreed. I'm done with catering to those jerks. I refuse to change out of my gym clothing in a locker room is a man is there. If you have a penis, you are a man. What if they get off on that or get excited to see so many other women changing? That's sick and we're basically telling women to just accept it? Isn't that what men have been telling most women all their lives? No fucking thank you.

I feel bad for that women who complained to her gym and got her membership revoked. I wish I remember which gym it was and where, but that is beyond bullshit and I would sue them so badly if possible.

No. 34313

File: 1441728941869.jpg (153.57 KB, 1125x676, image.jpg)

>Don't want men in wigs in female spaces?stay at home bitch!

No. 34322

Is it bad I want a tumblrina to be attacked by a psychopath in a wig? I mean, I can see perverted men wearing wigs and skirts to get into a woman's space (bathroom or locker room)

They should get a taste of their own medicine. Not going to cater to these mentally ill people that take up less space on this planet than gay people, who are cis, so you dont have to worry about them.

No. 34323

>How dare you not feel safe when a man enters a ladies' room! that's transphobic

I'm beginning to think the word transphobic is as made up as otherkin and demisexual

No. 34328

>or maybe you can stay at home, go into the backyard and yell at the clouds about how it's unfair how things don't turn out the way you want
wish trans would just do this tbh

No. 34330

File: 1441740501327.jpg (75.23 KB, 675x437, image.jpg)

"These people are disgusting. She is a girl, she has the mind of a girl and was given the wrong physical body. She should be able to use the girl's bathroom, it's not as if any of you are gonna see her private parts or something like that."
He could have at least invested in a decent looking wig.

No. 34332

Check out the lap-hog free-hanging at 50 seconds in. I mean, how much effort would it be to wear some goddam underwear? Come on now.

No. 34334

He probably gets turned on by wearing no underwear with a skirt

No. 34336

Yeah. He's pretty obviously a fetishist.

No. 34337

File: 1441741723515.jpg (71.96 KB, 575x1024, image.jpg)

I bet he's a straight little horn dog who just wants to get into the girls locker room to be pervert sissy boy

No. 34339

He's a boy with a fetish. Why can't trannies just admit that shit? they aren't women and they never will be.

No. 34340


No. 34345

Also, if he wants to get changed in the female locker room doesn't that mean it would get to see the teenager girls naked and be naked in there with them?they have him his own space to change but that wasn't good enough for him

No. 34348

And if he gets changed in there wouldn't be be exposing his dick to teenage girls?

No. 34349

He needs society to constantly affirm he's female because, you know, he's actually not. Trannies fetishize this identity crisis and think that by associating every single aspect of their life with stereotypical femininity they'll be a real girl too.

No. 34350

Trannies should be given meds, the same as people with autism and BPD. They are mentally unstable. The problem with trannies is that they can actually hurt someone. You're still a man biologically. Nothing is going to change that. If your brain is a 'woman's brain,' you need meds to fix it. You are obviously hormonally imbalanced.

No. 34351

If I was a parent, I would be seriously up in arms. fuck this shit

No. 34352

Yeah it's not like they told him to "fuck off you faggot", they went out of their way to give him his own space.

No. 34356

Exactly. The school actually gave him a personal changing room and he was still bitching "b-but I'm a gurl!!!" fuck off, you piece of shit pervert.

No. 34357

"Missouri transgender teen Lila Perry says she began to feel like a girl when she was 13"
That's probably around the time he saw some futa porn and it got his dick hard and he developed a fetish

No. 34358

Men are trans because usually you women are fucking disgusting people inside

No. 34361

You hate us but want to be us so bad. How sad for you.

No. 34363

I just started school this month and now part of the 'get to know you' games is "state your preferred pronouns". It annoys the shit out of me because I attend a GIRLS SCHOOL. I heard that there is ONE person who isn't she/her. So just in case this one person feels uncomfortable speaking up about its (his?) gender, everybody else has to waste their time stating theirs.

No. 34373

I've been with my girlfriend (post-op, I'm pre-op) for over a year now. I really enjoy her company, we get along really well, and I have been planning on spending the rest of my life with her.

But lately - and even a little before we met - I would get really turned on - in a way I had never felt before - when thinking about having sex with guys. The thought of seducing someone who would want to consume my body and fuck me right then and there turns me on still, quite powerfully.

When my girlfriend and I first started dating, we had sex fairly often, and it was pretty great. But over time, we started to have sex less and less, until we eventually didn't have any sex for about 3 or 4 months. I got upset and told her we needed to have more sex. We did for a bit, but I could see that she was basically forcing herself to play with me sexually. She says she's not as interested in sex as she was before surgery. This is extremely disappointing to me, as in a perfect world, I'd like to have sex once in the morning and once at night, although at least a few times a week should be plenty for me.

When we do have sex, it's pretty good, but I have to instruct her on when to change positions and so on. This is also not what I want - I want her to use my body for her satisfaction.

So you know, I respect that about her. If she doesn't want to have sex, that's ok. But I need to have sex, so I suggested we find a friend and have sex with them. I really liked the idea - I get to keep the love of my life, and I get to have the sex I want. I admit, I have always found the idea of a dedicated, three-person relationship very interesting, and I was hoping she would too. She did not - she's been going through personal and psychological problems, which have been really hard on both of us, but I stuck it out because I love her, and because so many people just dropped me because I was having psychological problems back in the day.

So that suggestion blew up in my face too. I did not improve things by instead making suggestions about our roommate - he has the advantage in that he's not a super masculine guy, which is a turn off for us. He's a great guy, really. But I don't know if he's sexually dominant in the way that I want.

And now it's been a few weeks since then, and things are sorta back to normal. We have sex every now and then as best we can. I am happy to say that she still turns me on quite a bit - so I know I am attracted to her and that I could be sexually happy with her. Maybe when she's better, when she feels more self confident, she'll want to have sex more. We did when we first started dating.

Or am I perhaps just being selfish? Wanting what I can't have, or just wanting more? I also have an addictive personality - could my sexual greed here just be a reflection of that? Of constantly wanting to evade my unhappiness through sex, since it's socially disadvantageous to use drugs to do the same?

Am I straight? Or Bisexual? I have an active dating profile, and I get more than a few messages from guys, but none of them ever appeal to me. My roommate is interesting, but probably not bold enough to offer what I'm looking for. Am I bi? Am I doomed to a three-way relationship? What if my girlfriend doesn't change her mind, and doesn't want to share me with anyone else? I can't say I blame her… but I don't want to lose her either.

It just really sucks that I'm in this situation. I have never had feelings like I do about my girlfriend. I would do anything for her, but I still want to be happy.

Oh right. And further complicating matters, she said that her sex drive went seriously downhill after she got surgery. Maybe the same will happen to me, and this will all be moot. But I can't imagine not wanting to feel something nice and warm inside of me…

And then I feel truly awful, for I sometimes wish she never would have had surgery. She'd still have her penis and her high sex drive. I would have everything I want. But then the inevitable day of surgery would come, and then I'd be right back here.

No. 34375

It's a long post but I thought it was an interesting read. I copied it from reddit, from another horny tranny…doesn't he realize once he buys his kawaii vagina his sex drive will be gone too?

No. 34377

At least they can have a beautiful sexless relationship together

No. 34378

He probably thinks they're going to be getting their pussies rammed by lusty guys and having lesbian orgies etc…he's in for a rude awakening

No. 34381

"Oh right. And further complicating matters, she said that her sex drive went seriously downhill after she got surgery. Maybe the same will happen to me, and this will all be moot. But I can't imagine not wanting to feel something nice and warm inside of me…"
This statement proves he doesn't understand what vaginal sex is like for women

No. 34383

All men think like this though.
Trans or not.

No. 34384

thats why I'm saying when he actually has sex with his new vagina he will be disappointed Just like his gf

No. 34399

He isn't even going to feel anything like. Surgery does not magically turn your penis into a fully functioning vagina. It's just a hole. That'd be like thinking fingering a piercing hole is going to give you immense pleasure.

No. 34417

File: 1441755635847.jpg (7.18 KB, 198x255, chickafila.jpg)

Then why not just be gay, ya dingus?

No. 34442

0/10 bait

No. 34443

>All girls school
>"What is your preferred pronoun?"

Are you serious, anon? Where do you attend school? That is bullshit. I would call everyone she/her and they'd have to fucking deal with it.

No. 34445

Thank goodness those mentally imbalanced freaks won't reproduce once they're hopped up on hormones.

No. 34447

Mtf asked what he didn't expect after his transition
"How boring it is.

No, really, that's how I feel about it. I expected transitioning, living life out in public as a woman would be so exciting. I'd be metropolitan, classy, sexy, attractive, outgoing and easygoing. I expected to look like those girls in the stock photos of women laughing alone with salad: ecstatic at even the smallest moment, grinning manically because heck, I used to eat lettuce as a man."

No. 34454

Did they think being a female would turn them into a main character on Sex in the City or something? That's beyond pathetic.

No. 34475

wouldn't that be against school rules? even if you're female bodied but don't ~identify~ as a girl then by your own logic you shouldn't even be at that school.

No. 34508

that would be rude!!!!
the good news is that anyone who IDs as female can also attend!!!!

>Wellesley College this week clarified its stance toward including trans women, stating that the admissions department will accept applications from any student who "lives as a woman and consistently identifies as a woman," reports the Boston Globe.

>After a year-long committee evaluation, the Seven Sisters school will now join U.S. women's colleges Bryn Mawr, Scripps, Simmons, Mount Holyoke, and Mills in explicitly accepting trans female students. Wellesley will also admit students assigned "female" at birth who do not identify as male or female, as well as allow trans male students who begin openly transitioning partway through college to graduate, according to a school-wide letter from Wellesley's Board of Trustees and president H. Kim Bottomly.

can these still be called womens colleges? so who CAN'T go to these schools? only cis men? more like no cis men colleges now?

No. 34515

>any student who lives as a woman and consistently identifies as a woman
Not gonna bother to look for it, but I bet there are trannies who are triggered over this because it would mean that they have to actually put effort into looking/acting like a woman - instead of being granted access to women's spaces just for saying the magic trans word.

No. 34522

"So you know, I respect that about her. If she doesn't want to have sex, that's ok. But I need to have sex, so I suggested we find a friend and have sex with them. I really liked the idea - I get to keep the love of my life, and I get to have the sex I want. I admit, I have always found the idea of a dedicated, three-person relationship very interesting, and I was hoping she would too. She did not - she's been going through personal and psychological problems, which have been really hard on both of us, but I stuck it out because I love her, and because so many people just dropped me because I was having psychological problems back in the day."

>"girlfriend" going through major psychological problems that are affecting her sex drive


they're just fucking dudes with fetishes my god

No. 34529

He sounds very narcissistic and self absorbed

No. 34540

Seriously. And that right there is proof that these mtf transfreaks fetishize women. They think being a woman somehow makes life magical and different. He used the words sexy and outgoing. What a fucking tool.

No. 34542

This is so beyond disrespectful. It's not a women's college if MEN are allowed to join. What the actual fuck.

No. 34556

This story >>22758 sums it up I think most of them are. They think women lead these magical, delicate, cute, feminine lives constantly, that the first thought that comes to their mind when they see anything is "I'm a woman." It's like.. dude, your world view is so warped you base your perspective of women off fiction. It's like their own lives are so sad and unsatisfying they think that women feel constant satisfaction and happiness just from existing and they try to emulate that.

No. 34558

Seriously. Have they stepped outside? Opened a newspaper? Read current events? They need to see how women are treated. In some countries in 2015, some women still struggle for an education.

If they want to be feminine men, go ahead. They don't have to try to grasp at straws like being a woman is any easier.

No. 34568

I've seen it and the concept would be amusing if the character and art weren't so horrible. It's one of those cartoons full of stereotypes. And all of the adults are borderline retarded. I hate that. Kids don't generally think that mom and dad are complete dolts. I always hated that about cartoons. It's made for kids so it's kind of dumb and it's not one of those cartoons adults would really find anything interesting in.

Anyway, Guy speaks in an amusing falsetto as SheZow. I guess he needs to convince villains that he's a girl so they won't trace SheZow back to his actual identity. I don't know. The show never became that popular and I'm not even sure if a second season exists. Only the worse SJWs would scream problematic here.

No. 34569

Girls School anon here - A little while ago some SJWs got together and made a big push for trans inclusivity at a lot of womens schools. Apparently trans/nonbinary people (including ftm, oddly) think that its a safer space to transition. Administration didn't like the idea but I think they took the path of least resistance because they were scared of getting bad media coverage. I don't agree with the decision at all but I'm not on the board so I have no say. I'm so sick of the trans agenda seeping in everywhere and wasting everyone's time.

No. 34571

Trans people make up less than 1% of the population for a reason. i doubt all of these trans people showing up in the US are actually trans… They're all perverted and mentally ill regardless.

No. 34580

I just hope you don't get a bunch of tumblrinas there who aren't really trans. I can see things like this being abused. Because there aren't a lot of traspeople. Not nearly as much as tumblr would have you think. And they might think that this is the place to converge and push their SJW agenda and hypocritical hate on everyone.

I guess it's a sign of the times. I am just uncomfortable with things like this. No matter how much they want to identify as female or manage to pass they are not the same as women by birth. There's a whole different experience growing up. It feels weird to be in the same private place like a bathroom or changeroom with a man you don't know. I don't understand why they don't see how women can be uncomfortable even if the transwomen is completely safe.

No. 34611

File: 1441807307306.jpg (63.65 KB, 650x387, image.jpg)

No. 34612

File: 1441807471184.jpg (226.12 KB, 563x1262, image.jpg)

I use to be ok with trans men but more and more I'm becoming creeped out by them

No. 34613

File: 1441807898282.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.32 KB, 699x1368, image.jpg)


I met my friend Karen for lunch. It was nice to see her and chat with her. I also sucked cock and drank a load of cum today, yummy !

Rob has a doctor appointment for Monday morning, so we are going to cut our vacation short by a couple of days and start heading home early tomorrow."

My slut girl Candi will be in town on January 26th for 2 days. I am hoping to find her some cock to suck the 26th and 27th. She's also going to be eating my pussy as well."

This guy gives me creepy vibe. And he claims to be a real woman?

No. 34615

Posted earlier, many MtF seem to have this resentment towards women. Like they're competing to be the most stereotypical woman, or cheering Fallon Fox as he beats up women, or making vagina into an evil word.

No. 34616

their rhetoric often sounds similar to MRA's. "women who don't want my penis are bigoted against me". "female only spaces are sexist, they should include me".

No. 34620

I believe there is one person in my whole class who is openly "not female" whatever that means. What annoys me MOST is that every student, every teacher, and every administrator has to accommodate this one student… plus any tumblrinas that decide to "transition" (experiment) through the year.

No. 34625

File: 1441819157618.jpg (256.73 KB, 1125x1306, image.jpg)

No. 34626

By pussy he means asshole, right? Ugh. I know it's a total double standard but I think it's gross when girls eat booty, like some sort of Thai prostitute.
I just noticed the name of the "slut girl" is Candi, so it's probably another dude. Phew, just plain ole' faggotry.
I wonder why they can't find natural-born women to play their sick games with..

No. 34627

He means his man made vagina. He got his dick bashed in and scrambled around to create something that resembles a vagina.

No. 34628

Ew. Probably shouldn't put your mouth on that either. I hear that neovaginas are typically are filled with the same bacteria that causes bacterial vaginosis.

No. 34629

I think it's really shitty that being trans has turned into such a fucking joke. I've had feelings going back to early childhood that my body "wasn't right" somehow, and going through puberty solidified it for me. I'm horrified by the fact that I'm trapped in a female body that doesn't feel like it belongs to me. To keep my body as masculine as possible, I starved myself to avoid menstruating and developing a "female" body shape. I fully acknowledge that I am mentally ill and that this is some sort of a medical condition that, in the future, may be able to be cured. In the meantime, I don't know how much longer I can stand to keep this shit up. I don't want "bottom surgery" but my breasts feel like foreign objects and they make me feel sick every time I think about them and I want them gone ASAP.

I find a lot of shit that MtFs do really annoying (as well as a lot of the shit that FtMs do). I wish I could resolve how I felt without having to associate myself with the clusterfuck that is "trans issues" at this moment in time.

No. 34630

That made me want to puke

No. 34631

I know we joke that pedophilia and bestiality will be next after LGBT rights but it's disturbing how many of those people I know are obsessed with teaching kids about sex and genitalia as early as 2nd or 3rd grade. I think that infamous Ontario sex ed curriculum was actually made by a convicted pedophile.

No. 34632

File: 1441821535643.jpg (344.11 KB, 1124x1722, image.jpg)

No. 34636

> I think that infamous Ontario sex ed curriculum was actually made by a convicted pedophile.
I just googled that and it seems that he helped write the older 2010 curriculum, not the new one that had all of the controversy.

No. 34657

Wasn't young sex ed always a thing? Or does it depend on the area. I remember we had to take three total sessions in elementary school (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th. And once more inn the 8th and 10th grade)

No. 34663

But little kids have genitalia. And if you've ever had to look after them you know they're not shy about asking questions about them or just stripping off in the middle of company and showing people. You can't just not teach little kids about their bodies when they're curious about them, it just makes them feel ashamed just for being humans.

No. 34671

Stuff like that varies a lot between school systems/states/regions. The first time I had it was in 4th or 5th grade and didn't have it again until a 7th grade science class, and for a final time in HS health class.

No. 34672

It's important to have some sex ed in 4th or 5th grade at the very least, because that's when all the students are going through puberty. I had more intense sex ed in 7th grade. I have fond memories of all the fast kids blushing like crazy when the teacher explained to them that grinding is not just a silly dance move.

No. 34674

that makes sense. my little sister is 11 and freaks out about new things happening to her body everyday. so yeah sex ed would help them.

No. 34696

>straight men
more like closeted guys and tranny chasers
I'm a biscum man and trans really are where I draw the line, although that just might be that like 70% of the ones I've met are fucking tumblrist headcases

No. 34698

if they have dicks it seems fine. their fake vaginas seem gross.

No. 34701

Used to know a gay guy who became an MTF lesbian tumblrtard. No bottom surgery (I know this because they made a fucking song and dance about being a "chick with a dick" on some shitty nude cooking tumblr). Still made me glad I skipped breakfast that morning.

It's weird because I like traps and that sort of thing too. A guy in a dress who can actually pull it off is just fine, but anything further (like growing tits) is just way too far for me.
Then again I could just be biased because she's one of the 70% of sjw tumblrtards. Last conversation we had was an argument over whether sjws and trenders were ruining everything for actual LGBTs.

No. 34739

do you girls think that mtf being so aggressive about people accepting them as women stems from society telling men they can pretty much have and do whatever they want? like ftm are not nearly as loud and aggressive as mtf. its like they feel entitled to everything natural women have.

No. 34745

File: 1441855614158.jpg (50.22 KB, 720x671, trans.jpg)

This is what /pol/ thinks

No. 34747

Yeah, violent by nature… or maybe because your hormones are fucked up and you're hormonal imbalanced? This is creepy

No. 34748

Fucking gross!

No. 34749

They're definitely fucked up. Just not being able to understand why women wouldn't want a man in a place where they use the toilet and change is fucking awful. So many women have to worry about being sexually assaulted or worse late at night, while men only have to worry about being beat up or mugged. They will never understand how women are socially conditioned to feel unsafe around men, especially in certain situations like a closed space.

No. 34751

No, that's fucking sick. If this were my father or grandfather and he heard his daughter had been exposed to male genitalia in a locker room for women, he probably would of killed 'colleen'

This is why we need to seriously protest against this shit. Transwomen are not REAL WOMEN. They never will be. And how disgusting this person is–exposing himself to six year old girls?

No. 34754

rofl transwomen are so bad they'll never have a real, functioning and beautiful vagina.

No. 34756

You should probably take some medication to correct your imbalance, so your brain is in the right body. Trans is bullshit and trans people are mentally ill.

No. 34757

MTFs are definitely more loud and entitled. The two transmen I know are pretty quiet and meek.

No. 34759

me too anon… Highschool or college?

No. 34762

they will have that fake vagina full of hair balls and nasty bacteria ^_^

No. 34764

so apparently trannies have hymens and bleed like women the first time their fake vaginas are penetrated?is this true?
"I was 24 and 6 weeks post-op.

I was terribly naive and the first time was scary. I didn't know what was happening nor what to expect. I was shaking like a leaf and he noticed. I told him I was a virgin and he promised to be gentle. I left a little spot of blood on the sheets.

The second time was only a week later and I wasn't scared any more. I had my first orgasm the second time and all I can say is "Holy f'ing crap!" Then I understood what all the fuss was about. Fan-damn-tastic! Almost 40 years later and I still LOVE sex! "

No. 34765

File: 1441859266488.jpg (65.95 KB, 1078x207, lolk.jpg)

something interesting ive noticed is trans men claim to love women and want to be women but a lot of them know very little about female anatomy. there is no excuse for that because there are many books, websites sites to learn from. youd think theyd actually try to learn about the functions of a female vagina since they claim to be women and all.

No. 34766

How the fuck does an MTF have a "female" orgasam?

Like I get you have fake lady parts but there's no way it can feel the same like a real womans orgasm.

No. 34767

File: 1441860319703.jpg (125.87 KB, 1228x294, jnjnj.jpg)

No. 34768

No. and let's get real, not all women bleed the first time they have sex and not all women are even born with hymens. Some women even 'break' theirs doing non sexual actives.

trannies are lying harpies who will forever be envious that they can't have a real vagina.

No. 34769

They're lying.

No. 34772

What medication, though? Please do tell, doctor. I know I'm mentally ill. No psychiatric medications I've ever taken have affected my feelings about my body, though. I wish it was that easy.

No. 34773

I ignore this thread but are you trans? Don't you think lurking this thread is a really bad idea and pretty detrimental for your mental health and sanity? The last thing you should be doing is bickering here, come on now. I just ignore this thread entirely. It's full of aggression and b8.

No. 34774

>being in puberty

No. 34775

File: 1441861712133.png (68.75 KB, 1067x260, frklre.png)

these people disgust me.

No. 34777

b-but it's not a fetish anon, all women sexualize themselves!!

a mtf actually said to me that women think about themselves sexually the same way that mtfs do.

No. 34778

These men are not transgender.
These are creepy cross dressers far in their manhood who have deluded crisises and think that being "women" will make them special.

No. 34779

in my life time i have not ran into a mtf who wasnt like this

No. 34785

File: 1441862756978.jpg (83.89 KB, 860x142, lolnj.jpg)

>your periods trigger me. dont talk about them!

ok im done with my anti tranny posts today

No. 34796

Seriously. They're freaks

They are fucking sick. Not being born female at birth, they have no idea what it's like. If they don't have the hormones for a female brain, how the hell could they understand? I understand society tells women to be sexy, but innocent at the same time, but not all women are hypersexual. It's a terrible generalization.

No. 34797

I'll always be anti-tranny. And if anyone wants to argue, i'll save these posts to show them.

Anything having to do with being a birth woman and cis woman triggers them. Haha! Too bad.

No. 34798

They are neither men nor women. They are freaks and should kill themselves.

No. 34800

Yeah, I tend to seek things out on the internet that I know will make me mad or upset. I need to stop doing that. I wasn't trying to bicker, I'm just honestly curious what kind of medication that anon thinks would cure this fake condition of being trans.

No. 34804

Talk to a doctor. Not us

No. 34807

I assume being on hormones and growing breasts?

No. 34808

Well obviously. Again, I was just curious what that anon was thinking. AFAIK there isn't a medicine that "cures" being "trans." Sorry to derail, please continue with your "tranny" hate party.

No. 34809

Bye tranny. No one likes you freaks.

No. 34810

lol, even with all that, you'll never be a woman.

No. 34811

That's a stupid thing to say. Just because there's no medicine to "cure" depression or BPD or any other mental illness people shouldn't try to work with doctors and professionals to manage their symptoms?

No. 34814

I fucking hate trannys. im not excited for the day when a 6'2, 300 pound sissy boy with a dildo up us ass and a wig can pee in the bathroom next to a little girl and theres nothing anyone can do because tolerance.

No. 34815

I know! Goodbye, and have a nice night.
Whoaaaa hold on there. A previous anon said:
>You should probably take some medication to correct your imbalance, so your brain is in the right body. Trans is bullshit and trans people are mentally ill.
I just asked what this magical medication that cures being "trans" was. I said nothing about not working with doctors and professionals to manage my symptoms.

No. 34816

Not saying that ftms don't act fucking strange, but how come they don't act as fucking creepy as mtfs?

No. 34817

they seem more low key and their desire to become male isnt driven by being horny. i think the main reason mtf are creepy because theyre driven by their male sex drive.

No. 34818

It's super scary because women have been violated by men through out history. Look how all the horrendous acts and crimes placed upon women by men and now certain 'men' want to become women and violate them more by forcing themselves into their spaces like locker rooms and bathrooms? It's not right. It really isn't right at all.

If you have a dick, you're a man. You were born a man. Nothing is going to change that. Nothing.

No. 34819

also probably because going into male spaces as a ftm is very different than going into female spaces. it can be really scary like most dudes aren't going to just cry and call security if they think some weirdo perv is in the locker room

No. 34820

Ftms are odd, but i've never found them threatening because they're usually smaller framed women or women who can't get very big no matter how much they work out because BIOLOGY.

But mtfs still have male sex drive, male strength and the ability to rape you with their dick. Yeah, no thanks. Both are freaks of nature, but Mtfs are definitely more worrisome to society.

No. 34821

Nothing how in both instances where they might be violence, it's perpetuated by men. Hmm..

No. 34823

So true. If a ftm goes into a locker room, they might get beaten up. If a Mtf goes into a locker room, he might hurt a real woman.

Men are fucking awful in both cases.

No. 34827

File: 1441869507857.jpg (200.55 KB, 877x614, lffl.jpg)

sexual desire mixed with jealousy and resentment is a dangerous combo

No. 34828

I always cringe when people use the word "cis".

No. 34829

i hope their feefees are hurt reading these posts and they jump off a building taking their dildos and fake yeast infected vaginas with them. im sick of their shit.

No. 34841

rofl. I hope so.

No. 34842

This shit is why nobody likes trannies

No. 34849

In a way he transgender community is kind of sexist. It's like the only thing that makes a woman a woman is her looks for them.

No. 34850

Why do you think they obsess so much over stereotypical femininity, or say stuff like "girls take being female for granted"? They think that there's some inherent sense of happiness and satisfaction from having a fucking vagina or getting to wear certain clothes. The way they act like they're competing with actual women like the post earlier in here is just hilarious. So narcissistic.

No. 34851

it kind of makes me sad. its like even though they claim to love womanhood, theyre just like any other man who see women as nothing but a body. A lot of women arent dainty, small and cute a lot of them are big and horse faced and they feel ugly and old, then there are transgenders pretty much implying they dont count as women because they dont fit into this man mad mold of a woman. They are men so they dont understand what it is like to growup in this world as a woman and being constantly told theyre too old, ugly and worthless, which is why they see female insecurities as "wasting their female bodies", they cant understand why a girl wouldnt do her makeup or wear mini skirts everyday.

No. 34854

Exactly! Trannies marginalize actual women by claiming they know how we feel because they like to wear high heels and dresses. It's pretty damn offensive that they go "it's not the chromosomes, boobs, vaginas, or life experience that makes a woman, it's the clothes! Oh and maybe my brain chemistry is messed up lol". I cringe so much whenever I see "I knew I was different when I wanted to play with dolls instead of trucks and action figures". It's blatantly just a fetish for them, and this focus on stereotypical gender traits is just harmful to actual women. Bit of a tomboy? You must be a transman! I feel like we're regressing.

No. 34863

File: 1441905779888.gif (158.28 KB, 1325x493, 6931087831936.gif)

women are jealousy of trannys and not the other way around

No. 34865

Well, it is an open wound. I'd be surprised if it didn't bleed when fucked.

No. 34874

When will transsexual people understand that they are sick and need therapy ??????

No. 34875

if i was a tranny woman id just keep my dick. tranny vagina sound pretty gross and its not even worth all the effort.

No. 34877

and it's constantly trying to heal itself because it's not supposed to be there. i don't even want to know what this shit looks like.

No. 34878

the liquid that keeps it wet is some kind of secretion from the colon. its wet 24/7 and they have to wear a pad everyday. yucky. all that pain to go peepee next to girls and role play as a woman.

No. 34879

>secretion from the colon
fucking ew

No. 34881

That's nasty

No. 34882

File: 1441915464667.jpg (50.1 KB, 844x98, CAfe6bUU0AANpS-.jpg)

yeah so when a ladyboy is going on about how wet his pussy is, just know that "wetness" comes from his colon and that discharge is just nasty bacteria -_^

mtf say natural women stink…i can only imagine what their smell like.


No. 34883

They're extremely sexist. They weren't born a woman, but they want to pretend to be one, so they end up hyper-feminine and extremely sexual and it's disgusting.

No. 34884

Hahaha, trannies tell themselves that so they don't regret how they fucked up their bodies with hormones and will still never be feminine or have a vagina.

No. 34885

When society stops accepting them. I'm gay and I understand being gay means I don't have kids biologically just more than 96% of the world. However, having such few gay people in the world is okay since we're overpopulated anyway. One gay couple might adopt kids no one else wants or ones that need a home badly. And then that heterosexual couple will probably have 2-3 kids by default.

Hopefully not getting OT, but gay people are cool since they don't demand to invade your personal bathroom space and make insane demands like trannies. Trannies are actually mentally ill, don't contribute to society and ENFORCE horrible gender roles which feminism has been trying to stop for decades.

I'm a tomboy woman, but I love being feminine from time to time. I just love being a woman in general.

Trannies are like a disease that tells people if they are a little girl that plays with trucks, they're trans!! Same with a little boy who likes dresses or just likes pastel colors or dolls. fuck off, trannies.

No. 34886

Most of them don't get bottom surgery, but still want to piss in our bathrooms. They're sick

Holyshit, that's insane. and it sounds like a health hazard.

No. 34887

just like 96% of the world * I meant up there

No. 34893

i'm gonna throw up

No. 34901

Sounds kinda like bs. How can secretion come from the colon to your fake hole? I'd assume surgeons wouldn't also tunnel into your colon when making a neovagina

No. 34904

Unless you have a back alley surgeon, no. The fluid comes from the cowper's gland, which helps make precum in males.

No. 34905

That, and the majority of women don't even come from penetration.

No. 34906

This. So many idiot guys don't ever get this. They barely know how a vagina works in general.

No. 34930

Any problems he has are totally his fault from not taking care of himself. I doubt anyone is going to want to have sex with his moldy cheese scented fakegina anytime soon. This is disgusting.

Eating lots of pineapple makes you smell nice. I don't think it would work for transwomen though.

I didn't even know they could get wet at all. I assumed it was sex lube city every time they want to get it on. I don't think they'd use any colon glads because of the possibility of transferring intestinal bacteria to the urethra. But I don't know too much about how it works. I've seen some surgery videos but I don't know the ins and outs of what gets connected to what.

No. 34934

You hit the nail on the head, anon. A middle aged man doesn't want to transition into a middle aged woman. (I have see it before, but only once. It was shocking.) He wants to be that party girl in her 20's who's such a tease because she knows she's sexy and never has to lift a finger because of all the hot guys fighting over her. Women are always super carefree, accepting and happy. Their idea of an emergency is breaking a nail and their main concerns are things like clothes, hair and bleeding through their front holes, unlike men who have real world problems and can't just wear a low cut top to get what they want.

Besides the clothes, makeup, hair, etc that they tend to choose, you can also get a sense of this in their female names. They're often young and cutesy, like Caitlyn (really, Bruce?), Zoe, Chloe, Hailey, Ashley, etc. Not something more age-appropriate like Linda, Mary, Barbara or Cindy, or even something ageless and dignified like Elizabeth, Margaret, Emma or Julia. Women (you know, those party girls in their 20's) don't have icky old lady names like Linda. (Are old ladies even women? They're not sexy like women are, so it's confusing.)

No. 34935

You can get a self lubricating vagina if you have the $$$ and a good surgeon, otherwise you'll just get the chop job with a bone dry hole.

No. 34937

>i should get tested someday

…for what? If he's never had sex why would he think he has an STD.

No. 34939

File: 1441926846763.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, damnitfeelsgoodtobeagangsta.pn…)

rofl, I like you anon.

No. 34944

Most trannys are straight men who become "lesbians". What girl would put their mouth on those fake vaginas?seems morbid

No. 34946

I liked this thread for a hot second but now it's just become this weird aggressive circle jerk with no actual merit. You just sound creepy yourselves as well now.

No. 34948

Maybe tested for some kind of infection. Maybe yeast infection or bv. Idk if neo vaginas can get bv lol

No. 34949

They can get wet but apparently not the same way as women. It's just constantly super wet all the time and I'm not sure where the liquid comes from.

No. 34954

No. 34957

Out of curiosity, do those of you who despite trans women hate trans men (ftm) as much? Or is it just the way the mtfs behave?

No. 34958

re: the names, i've noticed something similar with tumblr ftm's/fakebois
they always pick the stupidest, most effeminate millenial names for themselves
aiden, kayden, brayden, xavier, etc
these are names that are currently popular with like, 8 year old boys

No. 34959

most ftm's don't seem to act nearly as entitled and creepy as mtf's. furthermore they don't seem as dedicated to the delusion. i get the impression that a lot of so-called ftm's are just confused 14 year olds who will grow out of it in a year or two - they always seem very reluctant about any form of treatment more permanent than cutting their hair or wearing a tight sports bra to hide their boobs

No. 34961

>They can get wet but apparently not the same way as women.
No shit, that's how biology works. Just like women can't get an erection because they don't have a penis.

No. 34962

they always choose some shit that sounds like an anime character

No. 34963

I used to know a girl who is dating a tranny right now. I have no idea if they have sex. They're both lesbians supposedly, but that shit is impossible if your partner has a dick, mate.

No. 34964

I know two ftms and they're pretty harmless. Such a waste though since they could have been cute butch women if they didn't insist on binding and being on hormones. Still though, they aren't too bad and not nearly as aggressively vocal or threatening as mtfs are. Maybe it's the dick factor that really weirds me out the most tbh. And so many Mtfs are trying to compete with biological women all the time.

No. 34965

imagine how crazy offended a mtf would have gotten if a cis woman was asking him all these questions about his genitalia, implying he has a dick oh and to top it all off touching him too.

No. 34972

Sometime surgeons take a piece of the colon to make the neovagina instead of the good ole' skin n' flip. That produces 'natural wetness.' I assume it's kind of like that orange jelly that comes out when you push really hard but are constipated

No. 34973

>orange jelly that comes out when you push really hard but are constipated


No. 34975

i work at a nursing home and sometimes patients poop out this clear, mucus that doesnt have a strong smell. maybe that is what it is.

just looking at it, it looks like vagina wetness i guess.

No. 34977

>orange jelly that comes out when you push really hard but are constipated

That's not normal

No. 34982

a small amount of mucus in your stool is normal

No. 35000

That's actually just oil. Anus grease, kind of.
It means that anon really needs to eat better.

No. 35001

That's just anal discharge. It's…pretty normal. Not really old people related but especially if someone likes to finger their ass lol then the discharge can begin to secrete from their cornhole when they're aroused even when they don't have a prostate.

No. 35005

Duley noted.

No. 35010

Dr. Canavero told CNN he has received an array of emails and letters from people asking to be considered for the procedure, many of which have been from transgender individuals seeking a new body. However, the surgeon says the first people to undergo the procedure will be those with muscle wasting conditions

Maybe one day transwomen will be able to put their heads on real female bodies

No. 35032

…where are they getting the new body from, that's what I want to know.

No. 35033

The fact that multiple trans individuals thought 'yes! ~I~ should be the first person to undergo this incredible and possibly world changing surgery!' just makes me so fucking mad. The sheer greed of them thinking they deserve to be on the forefront of something like this rather than people like the Russian guy in this article makes me absolutely livid.

No. 35062

In the bible it says that amongst other things Transexuality will lead us to insanity one day and I kinda feel like this is true…like some countrys are becoming Sodom…

No. 35065

how much of this thread is trolling and how much is serious? I can't tell anymore

No. 35104

This thread is anons being creepy and violent about people they're complaining about being creepy and violent. It's come full circle.

No. 35145

Same. The only thing wrong with their bodies is the delusional head attached to it. However, that russian mans body is literally wasting away, yet transpeople think they deserve it more. Fucking selfish pricks. Get therapy, not a ~new body~

No. 35152

This. If these people spoke for the majority, I'd be tempted to agree with Tumblr's "hurr we hate cis people" blathering.

No. 35168

I'm desperately hoping it's just one or two retards who are being overly vocal.

No. 35171

While i yhink the blatant hate of trannies is wrong, i still think theyre mentally ill and need therapy, not reassignment. No, they dont deserve to be discriminated against, but i also believe they dont deserve to be 'normalized' and they certainly dont deserve places in female places like bathrooms, lockers, etc. guess that just makes me an asshole troll.

No. 35172

Male here, don't any of you feel sort of worried and afraid that they're going to be able to enter female toilets whenever they want in a few years?

No. 35175

I don't disagree with any of that, I'm just saying the vitriol in this thread is getting really tiring and detracts from some actual discussion. Nobody here is even expressing their love for trannies nor defending them vigorously so why are the posters trying so hard?

Did you read the thread?

No. 35177

Same anon and yeah i agree, thehatred is too much and over the top. I dont hate them, and i dont get why others seem to. I just dont want dicks (literally) in female spaces. Doesnt mean i hate them and want them dead, which is what this thread is sadly devolving into..,

No. 35180

This is a real, serious, neutral question and I hope to receive a serious response or two if you don't mind.

I believe that these aren't even transgender people. Much like Buffallo Bill, they think they're transgender, but they aren't really.

The transgender population is far, far smaller. It exists. And it isn't anything like this nasty merry go round of pretenders who just want attention and to feel purpose.

There are transgender women, some lesbian, many straight, etc. Can't speak for all but I know their main goal is to live a quiet life as female, and not to push themselves upon anyone. Very opposite of the tumblr mentality.

They already look like women, they live as women, many are socialized as women because their transitions began very young since their chemistry was very much that of a young girl. They don't have an agenda.

Do you think they don't belong in the women's restroom? If they've already long since transitioned and are in looks appearing as entirely female, it would be violent and odd if they used a male restroom. Clearly, they just want to pee. They aren't perverse. There are transgender women that do their best to live their lives as any other woman and they aren't there to masquerade. Especially those who transition young, they appear entirely female to everyone. Many are the heights of average females too, some being extremely petite and unable to defend themselves if they used a male restroom.

Isn't that pretty harmless? These are transgender women who are just trying to live peacefully.

No. 35196

Whether you want to split hairs and say that these autogynephiles aren't real transgendered people is fine for you. The problem is that the autogynephiles are co-opting this term to suit their own needs. The average person doesn't care or isn't informed enough to critically evaluate a person to determine if they're "real transgender" or a pervy fake. The point of not wanting transwomen into womens bathrooms and locker rooms isn't entire so much just that they're trans, but that they obviously look like they "do not belong". There is a large difference between a mannish faced woman and a literal man in a wig. If these real transgendered women you speak of are so far assimilated into society as a woman that they are indistinguishable no one will probably bat an eye if they use women's facilities. However, if they have chosen to keep their dick, they can kindly use unisex or single use facilities.

No. 35215

I generally agree with you, but what evidence are you using to determine that Jenner is not really transgender?

No. 35225

What? When did I say anything about Caitlyn Jenner? I didn't.

No. 35242

If they are legit trans I don't care.
Its the trannies and shit that I worry about, but like you said its really so few that you run into like this be it tranny or a trans woman.

No. 35265

I have zero problem with ftm trans. They're usually harmless and just live their lives quietly.

Mtf on the other hand are dangerous for the same reason males are. Because they are male they do the same exact shit males do only they get to yell "transphobia!!" to make it seem like women are actually being evil oppressive whores. They demand entrance into female only spaces, demand feminism and women's political movements to be centered around them (just like MRAs), demand access to women's and lesbians bodies. Just look up the cotton ceiling. They literally think lesbians not wanting their dicks is a huge hate crime against them. So typical male entitlement.

And yes, we can say that #NotAllTransWomen are like that, but its about as useless as #NotAllMen in this context.

>many are socialized as women because their transitions began very young since their chemistry was very much that of a young girl.

This is bullshit. You get socialized based on your sex, and not "chemistry" or what you believe you are on the inside. No one tells little boys they cant play in the dirt or they have to behave properly and ladylike or that when they grow up they have to be careful going out at night and not to show too much skin.

No. 35266

It isn't "bullshit" if the child is raised female? That's what I was referring to anon. Then you can't even say they aren't socialized as female because they most definitely are, it isn't a matter of opinion.

No. 35269

I'm assuming youre talking about those cases where some nutty narcissistic parent puts their 3 year old on hormones because they played with a barbie one time?? Still bullshit.

No. 35279

What kind of sick shit is this? No!

No. 35280

I agree with you 100%. I don't think they deserve to be harassed or have violence against them, however they are mentally ill and need help. Especially since some of them are aggressive, so I kind of have sympathy, but also don't for them. They need meds.

No. 35287

Very well put.

No. 35288

I don't see the problem with using these kind of people as guinea pigs though. It'll probably be the only contribution to society if they can provide data and experience to the surgeons.

No. 35295

File: 1442029467676.jpg (53.57 KB, 509x420, wut.jpg)

So Carlotta Sklodowska is a trans female presenting person who went to a Planet Fitness gym. A woman there complained to the gym staff that Sklodowska was in the locker room and they removed the woman's gym membership because Planet fitness is a no judgment zone.

So this is some dirt on Sklodowska-

Then Zoey Tur, a trans journalist I think? Complained on the media saying that Sklodowska is a fetishist and not a true trans person and is not representative of true trans people.
>Tur: "That’s not the case. This person is a cross-dresser who gets a sexual high from, dressing as a female.”

That trans news website is angry at Tur for passing judgment on Skladowska and defends Skladowska against critics…

No. 35296

File: 1442029634438.jpg (45.17 KB, 505x458, hfloof.jpg)

No. 35301

File: 1442035248335.jpg (26.14 KB, 435x326, absolute-disgust.jpg)

>Judgment free zone
I'm so glad I go to a real gym and not planet fitness, but that is disgusting. They are protecting a man's 'right' to go into a woman's locker room and not their female members there and their safety??

No. 35328

Completely late reply but my dad considers himself trans and while he never wore my clothing, my sister overheard him and his ex-girlfriend arguing over him wearing her clothes.. this was before any of us knew what was up with him.
Once while my sis was on the phone with dad, she heard that he was wearing heels and she just straight up asked if he was, and he said yes. Turns out, that despite him always being hypermasculine on the outside with manly interests etc, he was a crossdressing gay teen. He didn't know what being trans is since back then, there was no way in hell it was accepted in any way so he just repressed all that shit as hard as he could, married a woman and cranked out 3 kids.
Now, he's over 60, knows about transgenderism, but considers himself too old to transition, so he just occationally wears dresses and keeps it at that.
At first hell yeah I was weirded out by the thought of my motorbike gang member -looking dad wearing dresses but the more I thought about it, I just felt bad for him. I realized his whole ubermasculine tough guy thing was a role that he kept up to hide and to overcompensate for his feminine side. Having to hide who you are, even from your family, for your entire life is some tough shit.
>tfw when you were like 8 your dad commented on your dirty nails and even as a kid you always thought it was weird he would care about nail care but then eventually it all made sense

No. 35612

But anon, not wanting to get raped in a women's restroom is actually a microagression against trans* people, you evil cishet female scum!!

No. 35625

Okay? Your dad should just become a 60 year old drag queen then. At least he'd be sane

No. 35643

Does it just hurt you that someone is talking about trans related shit in their lives in a trans thread? Ain't gotta be a cunt my friend.

No. 35655

Rofl, bitch no one wants to hear about your TLDR blog shit.

No. 35656

That post wasn't even mine I just thought you were being a cunt so idc

No. 35674

For it being on /b/ and in a trans thread, it was pretty relevant.

I don't get when people type they don't care, when obviously they could have left it alone and scroll past it.

No. 35847


NSFW Katerina Guinevere du Lac's transition surgery healing process. It looks very painful.
oh my gosh…

No. 35857

Ew jesus christ. It literally started falling apart… "Bloody mucus and blood and KY"… Reading the fucking Bible while you jam a medical dildo into your bleeding purulent surgery hole… It looks sort of ok after a while but good god, only a mentally ill person would subject themselves to this.

No. 35863

Can you imagine the smell that comes from there? Even after its healed, its not like its the same as a natural self cleaning vagina. Probably smells like puss and unwashed bellybutton. I wouldn't be into finger fucking that.

No. 36070

So after reading this, do people actually still sit there, and keep on going with their lives saying that being truly trans is not a mental illness?
Painfully, permanently and harmfully mutilating you body is not a sign of someone that is mentally ill? Okay…

Wanting to changing your genitalia for something that won't even work like the part you want isn't off to them?
Saying "Ladidadida! They are normal! They are just Like me and you! We shouldn't make them get help, we should accommodate them!!"
Do these people see nothing wrong with this? Honestly?
When people say they have felt like women all this time, I shake my head and don't say a word. Why? Because I would be rediculed and torn apart by my country's liberal society.
But how does one feel like a woman?? How does one feel like a man? That's not normal nor healthy at all. Especially when people claim to be feeling this dysmorphia from a fairly young age.
The truth of the matter is, I don't "feel" like anything, I just AM.
Should we accommodate every narcissistic mental illness we come across? I obviously just can't say go get help, because 'help' is just suppressing the matter to get the label of trans, and destroying your body. I honestly cringe knowing there are people out there who don't like the research because they feel that they don't need help.

This doesn't mean we shouldn't deny them basic rights though, but we shouldn't have to cater to their every whim.

But I don't respect those who publicly go around shaming natural women/men, saying we don't appreciate our bodies. Well, damn, you don't either!! Just because we complain about, let's say, painful periods doesn't mean we don't appreciate it.

Go away with that bs saying you any better than us, and fuck you if you reach to that point.
Sorry for the long rant, I was free typing, plus I'm tired.

No. 36074

that was the most disgusting thing i have ever seen in my life, i don't even know why i clicked it and once i did, i couldn't even scroll back up. i fucking left as fast as i could. it made me feel so fucking weird, like damn, this person really has something fucking wrong with them to mutilate their body like that. you realllly want to be someone you're not sooo badly. it's fucking weird as fuck knowing men want to be like us women. it's fucking gross. i now just feel sorry for trans people because they obviously have issues and im staying as far away as i can

No. 36078

I 100% believe that being trans is a disorder. I think that, like body integrity disorder and phantom limb syndrome, it has something to do with a fuckup with the cortical homunculus. However, I have to say that I personally have experienced body dysphoria (not dysmorphia, that's something else entirely) since puberty, and whatever it is (mental illness, neurological problem, something to do with a hormonal imbalance, I don't know), it's very real. If you (general you, not you specifically, anon) haven't experienced it, please don't claim that the dysphoria aspect is not real. It is.

I know this thread is mostly about MtF individuals, but I'll throw in my experience as someone who was born (AFAIK) with XX chromosomes but would rather somehow just be completely gender-neutral instead of female. My breasts have always felt extremely wrong and I have to wear a binder in order for their existence not to drive me crazy. I hope to eventually get surgery so that I'm completely flat-chested. I loathe how my hips, thighs, and ass look "womanly"/"curvy," so I starve myself to make my body as androgynous as possible. I am disgusted by my genitals and don't like to even think about them. Taking a shower usually prompts tears and sometimes vomiting. However, I don't "feel" like a man. I "feel" like a person, and I just want to be treated and seen as a human being. My issue is that I feel like my body is completely and utterly wrong, and it has driven me to extreme depression, social isolation, and suicidality.

I know this is not normal, and I would never complain otherwise. It's totally fucking mental and abnormal. I hate "transtrenders" and these fucking kids who claim that they're "trans" just because they say so and experience no dysphoria whatsoever. I wish there was some way of treating this condition - the actual condition, not the Tumblr fakebois and autogynophiles and "sissies" - with non-body-altering medication or something, like we can now do, at least to some extent, with conditions like depression and anxiety. I don't want to have surgery or take hormones, but I also would love to not have to bind my breasts and starve myself and still hate my body for the rest of my life. And yes, I've had years of therapy, been on a fuck-ton of psychiatric medications, and none of it has helped whatsoever.

Also, on a different note, I don't know why, in general, MtF individuals seem so much more fucked up than FtM individuals. It might just be selection bias on my part, but I kinda don't think so.

I don't even know why I'm writing this. I'm really fucking down in the dumps lately about my body and the fact that I'm in my late 20s and have now spent the majority of my life feeling "dysphoric." I hate this entire issue and I wish it would just fucking go away. I wish I could say that "being trans is BS." Maybe I'm not "trans." Maybe it's something else. I don't fucking know. I'm sorry, I'm ranting, it's pointless, no1curr, etc. Goodnight.

No. 36087

Sorry about what you're going through anon. :( I absolutely believe that dysphoria is real and I hope that someday there will be a treatment so you can ease the discomfort with your body.

No. 36088

Thanks, anon. I wouldn't wish this shit on anyone, just like I'd never wish an eating disorder or schizophrenia on someone.

No. 36103

I never, never understood the whole "I felt like a woman my entire life."
What does that even mean? Do you want to piss sitting down? Bleed painfully a few days a month? get fat easier than men? I don't get it. I don't feel like I do womanly things in my daily life. I just do things because I'm just me.

Trans people are sick in the head and we definitely need to stop accommodating them. Just like helping a pro-ana person diet is fucked up, this is just as bad.

No. 36104

I'm too grossed out to click on that link, but did it even look like a vagina or just something disgusting and cut up?

No. 36106

I have a similar dysphoria with my breasts anon. I don't think you're alone really. I'm not trans and am very much a cis woman who loves to be a woman. I don't even mind my hips or butt, but my breasts are large and I want them to be a-cups or completely flat. It's more just… they dont feel right and I also wear a binder. I never presented myself as anything other than a woman, so at least there's that. It's definitely a mental issue I have, but at least i can admit that, unless trans people who say they're normal but just in the 'wrong body.'

No. 36115

Hmmm, that's interesting. I wonder how many cis women feel that way about their breasts. I was never sexually abused or anything, but I'm extremely uncomfortable with the idea of being viewed as a sexual being in any way whatsoever, so my discomfort with being "womanly" may be linked to that. Sometimes I do think I'd feel more comfortable if I was male, but as someone with a background in biology, I'm not stupid enough to think that it's possible to change from XX to XY. The most I could ever achieve would be extreme body modifications. I can imagine getting "top surgery" (and, really, how different is getting your chest flattened from getting your chest massively inflated with artificial implants, which is generally considered socially acceptable?) but I can't imagine drastically mutilating my genitals. Just the thought makes me squirm. That link above is truly disgusting. I feel sorry for the MtFs who have undergone such a surgery.

No. 36126

*(and for the FtMs who have undergone phalloplasty)

No. 36142

Fat men have tits too

No. 36146


reminds me of chrischans boobs

he had such moobs than when he 'transitioned' he didnt need to stuff I think

No. 36173

its like fakebois forget not all women hvae bwebs and some men have tits

No. 36178

I can understand why a lot of you have reservations about what is essentially pretending mentally deranged men are actually women, letting them into women's bathrooms etc.

But this is just liberalism. This is what it produces, you can't divorce yourself from this if you're a liberal. To be a liberal is to be "free" of all external constraints: morals, mores, propriety, society, your immediate and wider group, community etc

No. 36179

>wah you women wanted equal treatment now the consequence is men wanting to pee next to you in a dress


No. 36180

The idea behind liberalism was to "liberate" the individual from everything that was external to him (faith, tradition, authority). Out of this springs the rest.

No. 36181

translation: you want rights bitch and you think someone other than a white man deserves to be happy? Well that must mean you're ok with everything and you have no boundaries.

No. 36223

Yeah, that's why I'm not an insane liberal who wants this world to erupt into Chaos.

No. 36288

Nobody treats or treated women better than white men.

No. 36289

Just because you can't control women and they don't want to suck your dick doesn't mean they have no boundaries.

No. 36294

The hell are you talking about shitskin

No. 36297

You said being liberal means that you're devoid of morals and you have to accept everything. Just because I'm ok with something's doesn't mean I'm ok with everything. That's stupid and no in not a "shit skin".

No. 36301

No being a liberal means to accept the logical conclusions of what you believe in.

No. 36303

If you are a true conversative why are you even here?
I know you're trying to say "you women wanted rights now you have to suffer the consequences"
Wanting equal rights, the choice to marry who I want and go to any school I want does not mean I'm saying everything should be allowed and we all need to be having wild sex orgies in the street. Chaos is not a logical consequence for basic human rights.

No. 36308

Wait, can you tell me where it says surgery increases risk of suicide? That study was comparing to a general pop. control group. The study just proves that transgender people who undergo surgical reassignment are still at a higher risk of suicide than the general population. Which, duh.

No. 36311


No. 36367

Not that anon, but: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3043071/pdf/pone.0016885.pdf

>Results: The overall mortality for sex-reassigned persons was higher during follow-up (aHR 2.8; 95% CI 1.8–4.3) than for controls of the same birth sex, particularly death from suicide (aHR 19.1; 95% CI 5.8–62.9). Sex-reassigned persons also had an increased risk for suicide attempts (aHR 4.9; 95% CI 2.9–8.5) and psychiatric inpatient care (aHR 2.8; 95% CI 2.0–3.9). Comparisons with controls matched on reassigned sex yielded similar results. Female-to-males, but not male-to-females, had a higher risk for criminal convictions than their respective birth sex controls.

>Conclusion: Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population. Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism, and should inspire improved psychiatric and somatic care after sex reassignment for this patient group.

Previous anon was a moron. Trans individuals - pre-op, post-op, non-op, whatever - have a higher rate of suicide IN GENERAL. Having surgery has NOT been shown to increase the risk of suicide. "Sex reassignment" provides SOME benefits, but it doesn't "fix" the whole problem, i.e., more/better treatment is needed in addition to physically transitioning. IMO, this is kind of a "no shit, Sherlock" study - mentally ill people (and yes, I do believe that being trans is a disorder, but that doesn't mean it isn't "real") are mentally ill. Unhappy people are unhappy. "Transitioning" is a stop-gap measure. We don't currently have a better way of treating this disorder. So, all of you anons who think that transitioning is such a barbaric practice, maybe you should go into the field of scientific research and start working on a better method of treatment. It's sorely needed.

Here's another study (older, but still relevant): http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1300/J056v05n04_05

>Using data draw from the follow-up literature covering the last 30 years, and the author's clinical data on 295 men and women after SRS, an estimation of the number of patients who regretted the operations is made. Among female-to-male transsexuals after SRS, i.e., in men, no regrets were reported in the author's sample, and in the literature they amount to less than 1%. Among male-to- female transsexuals after SRS, i.e., in women, regrets are reported in 1-1.5%. Poor differential diagnosis, failure to carry out the real-life- test, and poor surgical results seem to be the main reasons behind the regrets reported in the literature. According to three cases observed by the author in addition to personality traits the lack of proper care in treating the patients played a major role.

Wild claims that most trans people regret transitioning or that transitioning increases the risk of suicide are, as far as I can tell, unfounded. If I'm wrong, please show me some evidence, because I'd honestly like to see it. I'm talking about scientific papers/studies, not blog posts or fringe nutjob websites.

No. 36433

Ouch, that sucks. Since you're not trans (you're just uncomfortable with your body and don't want to become a man) it would hopefully be easier to get actual treatment and support rather than the indulgence that trans people get these days. At least in theory.

I get the impression that most people in this thread believe that dysphoria is real, but they think - like you do - that it's something that should be treated as a mental illness. So you're pretty much on board with everyone else.

I'll be thinking about you, anon, and I hope you can feel comfortable with your body someday.

No. 36440

Same anon as above, but this article by a former teen psychotherapist has some great points with regards to trans kids vs their family, among other things: http://4thwavenow.com/2015/08/22/exiles-in-their-own-flesh-a-psychotherapist-speaks/

>What saddens me the most is the way children are being trained to think their parents do not love them if mom and dad don’t jump aboard the trans train. To me, this is a brutal aspect of a near-dictatorship being foisted on everyone. The kids are too young to see that there are no other people who will have their backs, throughout life with lasting devotion, in the unique way their families will. They think these new friends they’ve made online understand them perfectly. And in believing this unquestioningly, they find themselves lulled by the frictionless experience delivered most powerfully by group think.

>One common trait I’ve noticed in nearly all the trans kids I’ve met has been their profound sense of being different, and too alone. They often have had little success with making friends, or what I would call contact with “the other.” Because of their psychic isolation, they are prime targets for group think narratives. But in addition to looking for a way to belong, they are also craving protection and the stamp of legitimacy, perhaps because they feel a profound lack of it.

>It’s got to be dizzying for these formerly “ugly ducklings” to find themselves at the center of a flock of swans. To become a part of the movement, to finally be seen and found as whole, alive, and most importantly, wanted, all they have to do is renounce the very bodies in which they feel they have been imprisoned. In doing so, the promised payoff is very big, for they have finally found a way to render mute all those who once discounted and disbelieved them. Through silencing others who threaten them, they have unearthed a means of silencing their own self hate. Rather than being afraid of themselves, they make others fear what they have become.

>Psychologically these interpersonal tactics would once upon a time have been categorized as immature, “primitive” defenses erected by an undifferentiated self that cannot see the self or others as whole creatures. But as I witness it in my own practice, this is the basic thinking underlying the psychology of the trans narrative…Many of the trans kids I’ve worked with will joke about how they and their friends are dictators, “masters of the universe!” I find that clinically significant. This is something toddlers do when they are first discovering they are separate from their rulers (parents). Rather than fear the parent, they seek to control the parent, exert their will on the parent and co-opt the parent’s power as their own. In doing this they hide from view their terror at facing their own powerlessness. Ideally, the child will gradually outgrow this urge to control, will gradually relinquish the dictatorial need to create safety through controlling the external realm. When that happens, we say it is a sign of maturity. As our own sense of agency grows, we are better able to forfeit the habit of controlling others. We also begin to feel guilt at the idea of controlling others, as we begin to see them as separate from us, 3D human beings instead of mere props on our psychic stage.

>Unfortunately some people have a hard time making this shift. They get stuck or addicted to manipulating their external environment, and will continue to create inner safety through the constant and relentless work of controlling others.

tl;dr Teens who go to doctors wishing to transition - both those with dysphoria and the many who don't have it - have low self-esteem and are often immature.

No. 36448

>To me, this is a brutal aspect of a near-dictatorship being foisted on everyone.

This is just a natural consequence of elevating the whimsy of a child to the level of traditional parental authority.

No. 36453

I really liked this article

it talks specifically about female to male, and the pathology of child (girl) incest victims.

>Gender dysphoria has been clinically identified as a response to child sexual abuse and incest, and it is logical to question whether or not it was therapeutic in the case of Teena Brandon to diagnose transsexualism and recommend surgical reassignment in lieu of focusing on diagnosis and treatment of Complex PTSD. If healing from child sexual abuse and incest requires retrieval and assimilation of dissociated material, a strong case can be made that Brandon's transsexualism diagnosis served to enhance her dissociation, impeding recovery from the incest and enabling an escalation of high-risk behaviors based on a dissociated identity.

No. 36486

Yeah, i wouldn't be surprised if a lot of actual trans people suffered severe abuse and this is their escapism. Another reason to get them support and meds and not mutilate their bodies. It should be handled in the same way a rape survivor is supported. It's tough and things average people aren't bothered by tend to actually make you anxious, but you have to go through with it.

No. 36530

File: 1442337185438.jpg (48.7 KB, 603x413, stop.jpg)

Why are so many transwomen so freakin hypersexual?? They're trying so damn hard.

No. 36913

>mtfs trying to compete with biological women all the time
always calling themselves "goddess" and "flawless" meanwhile cis girls are pushing so hard to prove that having flaws doesn't negate your femininity/womanhood. i dont think we need to be as welcoming of mtf's as we are and i really dont understand how it's "transphobic" to have biological women only spaces.

No. 36925

It's not transphobic to want your own birth women only spaces and we shouldn't be welcoming. Fuck them. they are men in skirts.

No. 40104

>I am disgusted by my genitals and don't like to even think about them
same, and i dont really enjoy sex.
i think its because women are overly sexualized in society so it feels like what you do with your body or how you feel about your body is on display as everyone's business. its like your always doing something 'wrong'. It's only a slap in the face that mtf's see this shit as being "sexy and scandalous".

No. 40181

File: 1443379234072.png (44.73 KB, 477x576, ky.png)

a fairly popular ~transwoman~ on tumblr just posted this on facebook, used to identify as a sissy and is into small penis humiliation and pegging

No. 40393

I dont have any beef with trans people either, but I am sick of being told mentioning female biology is being transphobic. Like I've had a few hate messages thrown my way for daring to refer to a vagina as female biology. Its made me a bit cautious. That shouldnt be offensive.

No. 40394

I heard that transgenderism was once classified as a mental disorder on par with psychosis but that its not referred as that anymore.

No. 40395

I've heard quite a few of them say "if i dont transition into a hot girl i might as well kill myself, i'd rather be dead than an ugly chick" which does suggest what you say.

No. 40398

The fact they go on and say "kill feminists who deny our rights to use womens bathrooms" ironically proves their violent male tendancies.

No. 40399

Because ftm dont scream and yell about it like mtf do.

No. 40400

File: 1443416734170.jpg (43.05 KB, 542x283, what.jpg)

>Misgendering is worse than women being raped and killed

No. 40403


No. 40404

I don't know how much of it is conscious, but I definitely think there is a segment of transwomen that harbor a level of hatred for women. Sometimes it's like >>34632, bizarre comments about how they're not 'wasting their femininity' or that they 'deserve to be women more', sometimes it's lashing out at women just talking about their periods or whatever, or it's like the people cheering on Fallon Fox for beating up women and calling for more blood. As other people have noted, there is a disturbing tendency for transwomen to place an excessive focus on stereotypical sexiness and femininity, as if it's necessary to affirm their identity.

They'll deflect all of that with claims of transmisogyny. Seeing lesbians being called misogynists for not wanting to date transwomen reminds me of the infamous tumblr screencap that gay men are misogynists for not dating women, or the recent progressive cry that not wanting to date black people makes you racist. It's bizarre to me and I hope the trend doesn't continue.

No. 40408

Are you interacting with retards or something? That kind of pisses me off, like women are always being shamed no matter what– and now men in skirts want to tell them mentioning female biology and vaginas is somehow offensive. Fuck off trannies.

No. 40409

I don't know why not. It is a mental disorder.

No. 40410

Transwomen are just mad that I can put on a hoodie and jeans and go to the market and still be a woman without trying because that's how I was born while they have to grow out their hair, wear a large amount of makeup and do shitty female stereotypes just to barely pass. They'll always be men in my eyes.

No. 40420

Yeah its disgusting, i feel real bad for lesbians for having to deal with that shit. also 4chan's lbgt board has been taken over by trannies who claim OPPRESHUN over almost fucking everything its a hugbox. Pleasantly surprised and glad this place isnt like that.

No. 40421

I was on 4chan, so the answer to your question is quite clearly, yes.

No. 40424

Probably because we have no way of knowing what pronouns the former owners of that genitalia preferred.

It makes me sick that someone actually thinks like that.

No. 40459

I'm wondering, if they've never been a woman how do they know what being one feels like? It really confuses me. If you asked me, a biological female what it feels like I don't know what I'd say other than "I feel like me". I could go into describing various bodily functions and concerns, but those aren't things a person who was born male would have any firsthand experience of anyway. So I really don't understand.

Imagine a horrible mangled and festering vagina and there you go. It was pretty bad. I even felt phantom pains for a second. I'd advise you not to look if you are easily grossed out. This person had fissures fill of yellow goo.

I had serious issues with my large chest growing up. I'm a D cup and I've had breasts since age 9. They were so big and all my friends were flat little girls. Boys tormented me and adult men propositioned me. One even molested me and another tried to. I was too afraid to tell. I started to self harm them. Thank the gods they didn't scar. I've come to accept and like them. But it was a very long road.

I'm lucky I'm not growing up in the age of tumblr. Because I'm sure some tumblrinas with neo-pronouns would try to convince me I have dysphoria and was trans. Especially since I was a tomboy much of the time and played with Transformers and GI Joes. I had very short hair from 11-13 too. But I was very much a girl as far as I was concerned.

Sorry for the blog post. I just wanted to share that because of how much it reminds me of these transtrenders and their hypocritical views. I don't believe you can be trans without dysphoria. Being a girl who likes masciline things or a boy that likes feminine things doesn't make you trans. It makes you a person who likes things. That's it. How can they say "fuck the gender binary" when they are ascribing to all the stereotypes they claim to hate?

I really hope that this fad will die out eventually. I don't want people irreversibly mutilating themselves because they like high heels or having short hair.

No. 40484

Jesus, that's pretty much what I expected. Props to them for photo-documenting the healing process; not many share pictures, even after it's completely healed.

No. 40494

My favorite line from King of the Hill:

Hank: "Can't you tell the difference between the ones God made and the ones Jerry-rigged out of a toe?"

Dr: "Legally? No."

No. 40497

because ~vaginas can be male you cissexist scum~

No. 40537

>I'm wondering, if they've never been a woman how do they know what being one feels like?

Exactly this. They have this projection of what being a woman is like which they see through media-men falling at their feet because of "womanly charms" women having it easier apparently etc. Also sorry to hear you got molested, this is something they dont understand and some of them-like janet mock, say is what made them "feel like a woman". sick.

No. 40540

How is transgenderism a medical condition and not a mental illness? Like you havent made clear what seperates it.

No. 40543

No one wants to admit, but most trannies MTF are weird pedophiles or rapists or sexual deviants. They're men who are fucked in the head mentally. They need therapy, not power.

No. 40544

also look at this shit. now they are peddling dildos to 4-8 year olds


deranged trannies

No. 40549

parents who molest their kids will get these for them

No. 40568

lol they think being a woman means putting on makeup and skirt and that is skewed, it's insane. Being a woman is just having a vagina and the right chromosomes and nothing else.

No. 40569

Please please tell me this is a lie. This is making me sick.

No. 40575

>“I was watching him at a gymnastics class and he was being held and guided over the bars. At any of those points he could reveal that he’s not a boy with a penis,” she says. Ellie points to the difficulty of female to male transgender children participating in sports like ballet, gym and swimming without a packer in their underwear.
>Mr Kirkwood-Tucker specialises in custom orders and has consistently refused “offers to sell my designs and products to the adult industry.”
>“These products are key for trans kids and adults to help them move forward in their gender transition and are not sex related items,” he writes.
I have no idea where fuck that blogger got "dildo" from, but they're full of shit and anyone who thinks this has anything to do with molestation or child abuse is probably an idiot.

No. 40576

I can imagine a pedophile using these in some kind of fetish play with kids. How would a 4 year old girl even know that she wants male genitals?

No. 40578

Soooo that blogger looks at a model of a flaccid child's penis, made for completely non-sexual purposes, and thinks "dildo"?

No. 40579

Transchildren don't even exist. This is insane.

No. 40580

I feel like we're coaxing a new generation of children to think they are trans when they're not and it's scary. I know that transwoman who works for Destrutoid (Laura K Dale) or whatever always talks about trans representation in media and videogames, but what exactly is that? A trans person's identity revolves around them heavily enforcing gender roles and stereotypes. Aren't we trying to get away from that bullshit?

No. 40596

Doing this shit to children feels like some weird transgender grooming. Fucking christ.

No. 40600

Ginger Gorman (the journalist) in 2010 defended a gay male couple, who were pedophiles and bought a baby boy from russia and raped and molested him as early as 2 weeks old. they spent years travelling around and selling their son to other pedophile rapists.

she defended them when they were being investigated and then in 2011 when they were convicted of baby rape, making child porn and being generally gross, she deleted everything and did damage control.

then in 2015 she started defending pedophilia again, wrote an article in june about how we should be sympathetic to pedophiles.

honestly where there is smoke, there's fire. someone with a history of defending pedophiles writing an article about how great baby strap ons are? bull shit it's not pedophiliac. PIDF please go.

No. 40601

They think being a man is standing to pee. LOL. Ask any actual guy how often they stand to pee. Most guys will say they only do it in public washrooms where there are urinals, and that at home and when they can, they'll just use a toilet like a regular person because it is far more clean and hygenic, and piss doesn't get anywhere. I myself only stand to pee when I absolutely have to (as a social convention.) The fact that they are making these baby strap-ons and claiming that it's "dysphoria" and that these 4 year olds need to stand to pee is so funny… they act as though standing to pee is some sort of intrinsic thing. It's barbaric and fetishy as fuck.

No. 40602

yeah, because most people, when they look at a replica of a child penis, feel incredibly uncomfortable. i imagine that it's hard for pedophiles such as yourself to understand?

No. 40605

I can also imagine a pedophile using kitchen appliances and toilets in fetish play. Should we start considering everything under the sun a sex toy?

No. 40606

Can you really think anyone normal would want to by a pretend penis for a 4 year old?

No. 40607

Source? Caps?

No. 40608

to everyone saying these aren't dildos: GO TO THE TRANZWEAR WEBSITE.


PIDF gtfo.

No. 40609

Seems more like the site ALSO sells dildos, not that whatever they're making for kids is meant to be used as dildos.
You're probably an actual pedo to be stretching this far , fuck off

No. 40610

Google ginger gorman

the article was for abc news australia. it was obviously taken down afterwards. there are archives on the web. this is the info for the 2010: https://archive.org/details/TwoDadsAreBetterThanOne

This is the two men she was talking about: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/2-convicted-adopted-son-porn-article-1.1385895

If you google around you can find her apology article. but this is common knowledge and it was a huge controversy in australia.

her recent sympathy piece on "virtuous" pedophiles: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/being-a-paedophile-is-not-a-choice-why-a-lack-of-treatment-for-paedophilia-is-wrong/story-fniym874-1227390016310

This woman is creepily obsessed with pedophilia and defending pedophiles. A 4 year old doesn't need a life-sized dildo.

P.S. Look at the sizes of the kid's dildos, compare that to the average size for a 4-8 year old boy's penis. These things are all 50-70% bigger than your average boy's penis. Why are trannies so fucking gross?

No. 40611

Babies first strap on

No. 40612

The site sells child-sized "packers" along side adult sized dildos.

The fact that you don't see anything wrong with this is so, so, so incredibly disturbing. Holy shit. Again, answer my question: what kind of 4 year old needs a giant penis attached to their body?

No. 40613

>As you most likely know or assume, all of our products in/on this category for you and your kids are to assist them with their medical transition, and in no way are intended to sexualize your child or to be presented as items for sex. We have been recently under some pressure from hate groups due to their incorrect premise that we are selling "sex toys for children". By no means has this ever been our intent behind making, and providing this gear for your kids. We strongly support therapists and families in choosing the correct and best items that make sense for your child and family. We want them to feel confident in their body, at home, school, and playground, to fit in and be strong advocates for themselves no matter where they are or whom they come in contact with. We are honored you are choosing Tranzwear as a partner to assist you and your child in their very important journey.

idek why I'm getting so invested in this, but fuck off with this slippery slope argument.

No. 40614

Like, what 4 year old is going to ask for a pretend penis to pee with everyday?

I wouldn't expect this kind of bullshit from someone until they're at least 16

No. 40615

If you actually went to the link, you'd notice there's a section for the actual product described in the news article, and it's separate from what I linked to, with the disclaimer in >>40613.
What's disturbing to me is that you liken being trans with pedophilia and spend time thinking about babies wearing strap-ons.

No. 40616

how is this a slippery slope argument?

why does a child need a giant, not-true-to-size, replica penis attached to their body? one that is not even made of medical-grade silicon, but porous cyberskin material that isn't even approved by the FDA for long-term skin-contact use?

especially when there are medical-grade STP devices out there, for much cheaper?

instead of going to a 3D printer, why did the owners of the site choose a manufacturing company that makes lolicon/pedobait sex toys as well? how did they even find this company if they are not pedophiles or sexual deviants themselves?

why does a 4 year old need a strap on?

why is a 4 year old even aware that they are missing a penis? how are they even aware of what a penis is? I'll tell you the kind of child that would even entertain this: a child abuse victim.

No. 40618

When you look at child abuse statistics, there are distinct statistics for child rapists with other paraphilias - for example voyeurism, scat, etc.

You know what the most common paraphilia that pedophiles have is? Autogynephilia.

No. 40619

>literally looks at kid's penises enough to notice something like that
>calls others gross
If you're correct about that, though, then yeah that is pretty suspicious. They're not dildos, though.

No. 40620

What's the name of their manufacturing company?

No. 40622

Autogynephilia =/= Transgenderism
People like to confuse the two and the fetishists enjoy passing themselves off as the latter because it turns them on/other sick shit, but they're literally not the same.

No. 40623

Actually I googled "average penis sizes with age"

PIDF please go

No. 40624

Most MTFs are autogynephiles. In fact, probably all of them are.

No. 40625

None of the defenders have yet to answer what kind of person would think their 4 year old needs a fake penis

No. 40626

Source: Your ass

No. 40627

A parent who's convinced their child is trans.

No. 40628

Manufacturing company is on their website - not googling that shit and possibly getting v&

No. 40629

How large are the packers supposed to be in comparison?

No. 40630

Why does it matter if they feel realistic?
>Let's start with packing. Packer: Size? We have packers from 3.5" to 8". The Mr. Limpy is just that, limp, and it very flexible and mallable, but still passes the "squeeze" test. The Sailor packer has a semi firm core inside of the silicone and is a bit more firm than the Limpy.

No. 40631

>why is a 4 year old even aware that they are missing a penis? how are they even aware of what a penis is?
Most kids see other kids naked at some point, and a lot of parents make it clear from the start that boys have this, girls have that. It's not that uncommon unless your parents were very anal about nudity.
>why does a 4 year old need a strap on?
I'm really not seeing how it's a strap-on. Explain.
>instead of going to a 3D printer, why did the owners of the site choose a manufacturing company that makes lolicon/pedobait sex toys as well?
Wait what? What's the manufacturing company?

No. 40634

are you a guy?

No. 40636

>the Virtuous Pedophiles forum provides a place where paedophiles can discuss living with their attraction, but with the shared understanding that sexual activity with children is wrong and that we are not trying to make it more acceptable
>with the shared understanding that sexual activity with children is wrong and that we are not trying to make it more acceptable.”
It's like you pretend not to read things because you want to be outraged, even if the thing you're meant to be outraged at isn't really even there.

No. 40637

No, I'm a girl. Why?

No. 40639

When a little girl says she wants a penis she could just be speaking as an innocent child and not actually really want to become male. She could just be thinking "I want to be able to pee in the snow with my brothers", not "I feel I was born in the wrong body".

No. 40640

This. I feel like pushing transgender shit out into the open to ~normalize~ it only serves to damage kids with actually normal problems by convincing them but wait, no, you're not just a young kid learning and processing something different, or just a teen hating going through puberty like literally everyone else… you're TRANS! BLESS YOU YOUNG SOLDIER uwu


No. 40643

if you're daughter wants to stand to pee, tell her that life doesn't work that way and we don't always get what we want. ffs. take that kid to therapy and put them on some anti-psychotics before their OBVIOUS MENTAL DISORDER gets worse instead of enabling them. or else they'll end up like all the trannies and fakebois on the internet: pants-on-head crazy

No. 40644

>putting children on anti-psychotics
Please don't ever have children

No. 40647

better than the alternative: chemotherapeutics marketed as "puberty blockers"


No. 40648

"I look at this this way. In my country you have to "live like a woman" for at least a year before you can undergo treatment. So if they can't use the women's toilets, it affects their ability to live like a woman and integrate themselves into society as a woman.

Concerns for sexual deviancy imo is a bit misplaced. Anyone can sexually harass you, male or female. And tbh if a male wanted to sexually harass you in the first place I don't think he will be that concerned about what type of toilet it is. I've seen men walk into women's toilets many times before. If they are on a mission, they don't care."

No. 40649

or another alternative: don't give them medication for something insignificant like that and just ignore it and consider it part of growing up. i think basically every girl who had a brother wanted to try to stand and pee.

No. 40655

Transwomen are sexual deviants.

No. 40656

oh my god no one cares. mentally ill trannies need to be put down. the UK recently did studies that showed they are EVEN MORE dangerous than "cis" men, who are approximately 4x more violent than "cis" women.

give it up

No. 40657

I never understood the standing to pee thing when you can sit comfortably with the same (less messy) results. Some of my friends in Europe sit to piss and dont mind telling me. At least they aren't asshole who leave the seat up and flush their urine mist everywhere.

No. 40658

It's so disturbing. And the term "Child-sized packers" is just gross. What is wrong with these people? Are most these people seriously using the tranny trend for pedo reasons? fucked up.

No. 40659

>P.S. Look at the sizes of the kid's dildos, compare that to the average size for a 4-8 year old boy's penis. These things are all 50-70% bigger than your average boy's penis. Why are trannies so fucking gross?

because they are mentally unstable and should be put away.

No. 40660

>tfw first time being called a pedo
Anon pls. I feel uncomfortable about it, too, but that doesn't make me leap to thinking of it as a sex toy used for penetration. That's just me, though, and I'll admit that I have essentially zero sex drive whatsoever, so maybe I'm missing something.

That's how I felt - seriously, the first "adult" shit I ever accidentally stumbled across on the internet, as a ~10-year-old, was of women bouncing on and popping balloons.

I didn't go to the website and look at the company's other offerings. I was only going off of what had previously been posted. Flaccid mini-dicks and stand-to-pee devices aren't "dildos." Erect, adult-sized dick-replicas meant for penetration are a totally different story.

Not that anon, and first, I have to say that I DON'T agree that "a child need[s] a giant, not-true-to-size, replica penis […] that is not even made of medical-grade silicon" (etc.). However, assuming that any 4-year-old who knows what a penis is is a victim of child abuse is just wrong. I knew what a penis was because I'd seen them on other children around my own age. Also, I had a little brother, and my parents didn't 100% shield me from the sight of his nudity when they were, say, changing his diaper. I don't know if that's abnormal or something, but yeah, when I was a little kid, I saw little kid penises. Fuck, I can't believe I'm even writing about this, but I might as well carry on now that I'm this far in.

Anyway, I distinctly remember being in preschool (I might have been 5, not 4, but still) and, during recess, watching a group of my male friends go behind a big tree and pee standing up. I tried to do the same and it didn't work. I cried and was very confused and frustrated. I definitely had some questions when my mom picked me up that day. I recall being so upset that I was somehow different from my male friends that I started tearing up paper. That was one of my go-to ways of venting my anger.

A 4-year-old who is completely convinced that they are a boy, is otherwise "passing" as male, and is extremely upset that they don't have a penis, I guess. I'm uncomfortable with the idea, but I understand the rationale behind it.

I agree with this, and I don't know how to reconcile my discomfort with this whole business with the fact that, from a very young age, I myself felt like my body was completely "wrong." Everything from my Halloween costumes to my My earliest memories are of experiences like the "failing to pee standing up" one (and no, I don't think that peeing standing up somehow defines manhood or makes you male or anything).

Yeah, as an adult, I'm glad that my parents didn't push the idea of being trans onto me or anything. They never brought it up whatsoever. I'm sure a lot of people would "transition" unnecessarily/misguidedly if they were encouraged to at the first sign of them being uncomfortable with their bodies or feeling "different" somehow.

Agreed. In most cases, I do think it is just a normal part of growing up. In a few rare cases, it may not go away, but having those people have to deal with their ~issues~ when they're older is, IMO, much better than having a bunch of non-trans kids getting put on hormones and told they're the opposite sex just because they're going through a phase or something.

No. 40661

Reading that seriously made me feel sick.
What the fuck is the squeeze test? These trannies and pedos are disgusting and need to be jailed.

No. 40662

> 4-year-old who is completely convinced that they are a boy, is otherwise "passing" as male, and is extremely upset that they don't have a penis,

I never met a 4 year old who is that self aware

No. 40664

Me either. I'm speculating. If it's the parents who are behind the kid being "trans," that's creepy and wrong, I agree.

No. 40665


Not to mention, kids are not that self aware or that intelligent yet. Yes, your kid can count to 50 and recite their ABCs, but no one really stops developing until their early 20s and that's why thinking a little kid is trans is so dangerous.

I'm not even sure what's going on with people like Angelina Jolie, but I hope she isn't trying to make her daughter be trans. it's so disturbing imo. This is a little kid! Kids are always curious and want to replicate other kids.

No. 40666

>normal people feel uncomfortable by child-sized strap ons
>pedos and trannies invade the thread trying to derail and deflect

instead of your HRT, y'all should be on anti-psychotics. seriously.

No. 40668

It's just another example of the "trans" agenda ascribing gender stereotypes to the sexes.

Men don't HAVE to stand to pee. It's a gender stereotype that perpetuates itself because (American) men think it's the only socially acceptable way of peeing in public. Women can stand to pee too, we just don't because it's fucking messy and why would we bother?

But no, the trans agenda is obsessed with keeping up sex stereotypes and asserting extremes of masculinity/femininity. It's bizarre to me that people label this as "progressive". Liking pink doesn't make you a girl, and standing to pee doesn't make you a boy.

Like my female dog, she lifts her leg up to pee. And my male dog, he squats to pee - both are neutered/spayed. I guess according to transgenderism, my dogs are both trans? lmao

No. 40670

>doesn't know what a strap-on is
>continues shitposting and calling people pedos because they enjoy mass hysteria over retarded things
pls go

No. 40671

Never said it was USED FOR PENETRATION.

Sex toys can be more than just for penetration. Nipple clamps? Not for penetration. Penis pumps? Not for penetration. Bondage gear? Not for penetration.

Men fap to JOIs all the time. To me, this is literally the same thing: you're putting a fake dick on a girl.

P.S. They aren't flaccid, as people have mentioned MULTIPLE TIMES. It says in the description that it's ERECT and has to be pressed down by pants. It's made of cyberskin, which is an unsafe material used in cheap dildos. It is an abomination.

No. 40672

Why does a child need a grown man's dick between their legs? These things are 4 to 8 inches. They are fully developed. I had brothers growing up and all their penises were basically not visible at all. I never wanted a dick because I never saw an adult dick, and I thought boys just had a slightly more wrinkly front-hole. I hadn't actually seen a grown man's dick until I was 11 and started googling for it. Seriously, the only kid who would ask for this themselves would be a kid who saw a grown man's penis. To any normal kid, one of those plastic tubes would be fine if they wanted to fit in with the boys. I guarantee you no child would ask for a huge replica penis to wear. This is something the sick-o parents would only push. Anyone who buys these things needs to be flagged by the government and investigated for child abuse.

No. 40673

It just made me think of that programme about japan where they make child "real dolls" and the boy dolls have those workable parts, made me feel really really sick.

No. 40675

Okay, I'm sorry, it looks like I'm really not as up on this shit as you are and am out of my depth. I don't even know what a JOI is and I think I probably don't want to.

No. 40676

It doesn't make any sense biologically.

No. 40683

I did a google search and if you google transsexualism + child abuse you can see for yourself that the two are highly linked. Trannies will try to hide this but the evidence is quite clear. These are the ONLY studies I could find on this topic, and they all say basically the same thing: there is a correlation between abused kids and trans kids.

"Sixty percent reported one or more types of severe child abuse… I have speculated, as have some of the participants themselves, that, in some cases, transsexualism may be an adaptive extreme dissociative swival response to severe child abuse."

"Findings suggest that sexual abuse in preadolescent girls is associated with cross-gender behavior and gender conflict."

"The total score for the dissociative symptoms revealed no significant differences between the transsexuals and the psychiatric inpatients…. Further investigations are needed to clarify the effects of traumatic childhood experiences on sexual identity in transsexuals and to throw more light on the phenomenological correlation between transsexualism and dissociative identity, using taxometric analyses."

Behind a paywall, but it explores the paraphilias of different child rapists who were also raped as kids - transsexuals and transvestites make up the largest category of paraphilias that child rapists possess. Basically, put simply, when someone who was abused as a child grows up and becomes a child rapist, they often also have autogynephilia as a secondary paraphilia above all else. This article doesn't differentiate b/w autogynephilia and trans identity.

"Child sexual abuse is common and damages the body image. Child sexual abuse survivors may request body-image surgery."

30% of the sample reported childhood sexual abuse

VERY good article for anyone that wants to connect the two things more profoundly:
"Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) and adult psychosexual dysfunction are both very broad areas that share difficulties of definition and a recent evolution. This review aims to discuss the evidence in the literature supporting a relationship between these two areas. A paucity of robust evidence exists in both areas and work that has been done is difficult to compare, largely because of widely differing definitions and rating tools. An interesting gender split is seen: most work on adult psychosexual dysfunction is about males and most work on CSA is about females. Certainly both concepts are born and developed in a matrix of disparate factors that conspire to create an environment that both precipitate and perpetuate them. More research is needed to test the hypothesis that CSA does indeed predispose to later adult psychosexual dysfunction."

They need help, not lipstick and fake dongs.

No. 40685

Nigga, you just went full retard.

No. 40686

I have a little brother too (4 years younger than me) and it's sick to think about a child with an 8 inch penis. Like…what?? Even 12 year olds don't have dicks that big because they are children and aren't fully developed into adulthood. This feels like some sick pedos are trying to use being trans as a way to diddle kids.

No. 40687

Thanks for the links and research, anon. It's not hard to see that mostly, if not all trans people were victims of child abuse and just want to get outside their body to cope with their abuse. It happens to a lot of rape victims who develop EDs and starve themselves to not be attractive to men or whatever. It's crazy that instead of real therapy these people are getting surgery and hormones. Most of them kill themselves after surgery anyway, so what's the point? They need real help, not body mutilation and reinforced gender stereotypes.

No. 40708

Sage for personal blog-type shit. Please feel free to skip over my post if you're going to get all pissy over it being long and related to myself; and yes, I do know that I should just kill myself, etc. Thanks.

I'm >>40660 - I'm in my late 20s, have XX chromosomes (AFAIK), and was never abused in any way (again, AFAIK). Although I haven't taken any steps toward "transitioning," I've experienced severe "dysphoria" (I didn't know there was a name for it until recently) as far back as I can remember, literally going back to when I was a toddler. My parents were very attentive and loving, but they were also fairly overprotective. They didn't unnecessarily discuss anything related to sexuality or gender with me until I was in my teens, and even then, it was all extremely vanilla.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm not fucked up due to "nurture," so that leaves "nature." I assume I'm some sort of genetic reject. I shouldn't have been born, or I shouldn't have survived to adulthood; at the very least, I shouldn't breed (don't worry, there's no chance of that happening). That doesn't change the fact that I'm here now, though. I've had years of therapy and "real help." None of it has really helped. So, honestly, what are horrible abominations like me supposed to do with the constant feeling of our bodies (NOT our ~gender roles~ or anything societal, but our physical bodies) being completely wrong? I know the obvious response is "kill yourself," but I've already tried and failed, and, after seeing what that did to my family, I'm not going to try again.

I can't speak for anyone but myself here, but I think what I'm experiencing is most similar to what's now been termed body integrity identity disorder, or perhaps to phantom limb syndrome. Since I haven't tried, I can't say whether taking hormones or getting surgery would even alleviate this shit. There don't seem to be any other alternative "treatments" at this time, though. Maybe there will be in 50 years. Maybe there never will be. But right now, is there really any other option aside from:
a) kill yourself;
b) surgery and/or hormones; or
c) do nothing and just "deal with it"?

Oh, and I do think that, if there are others with experiences similar to mine, we must make up a very small percentage of the population. I do think this is some sort of genetic flaw, not something to be embraced and celebrated (and the people who embrace and celebrate it, try to it into a fad or something that makes you cool and unique, etc. make me sick). Autogynephiles, pedophiles, transtrenders, fakebois, people who "just want to get outside their body to cope with their abuse" - it seems like there are a lot of other issues that are getting lumped into "transgenderism." Maybe there isn't any one root cause. I don't fucking know. All I know is that there's something real here that isn't necessarily associated with being the victim OR perpetrator of any sort of abuse, and it isn't something that seems fixable with psychiatric medications or talk therapy.

I know I'll regret posting this but hey, fuck it, I'm on a lot of cold medicine and apparently it's lowering my online inhibitions.

No. 40711

I did that. Totally did that, my dad saw me once because I didn't lock the door, bitch slapped me and told me to stop doing that shit. T'was a different time.

No. 40759

i have dysphoria too, anon. in the form of BDD. honesly C is the best option.

every time i have tried to fix my dysphoria - to the point of getting surgery multiple times - it has only made me feel worse. doctors ALWAYS discouraged it.

well, now i've spent over $30,000 on trying to alleviate my dysphoric feelings, and i feel worse than i did 5 years ago before i started my journey. if i could go back, i would be so much happier. honestly i would do anything to just go back. as you go deeper and deeper, you end up dissatisfied because you'll never look the way you want to. maybe only 1 in a million do.

everyone says im better looking now too. but im not happy. it just makes me feel even more dysphoric, knowing i spent all that money, time, energy, sacrificed my studies and my life to look a certain way, and i didnt even get close to the ideal i build up in my head.

at times ive thought about fully transitioning to a guy but i know that i would be in for a world of disappointment. i already feel botched. imagine how botched i would feel if i underwent bottom surgery? ill never be a normal guy even with bottom surgery, i can admit that to myself. ill never be a normal girl either. if i had just left everything alone and admitted to myself "this is who i am. i need to cope with it." and listened to my therapist, my life might actually be happy

my parents were overprotective too. i think it is what fucked me up.

No. 40769

is he tucking or did she cut off the dick?

No. 40780

I think she's tucking. Iirc she said something about how she wasn't going to get the surgery on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

No. 40784

It's sick. I don't want to see a man in a bathing suit meant for women.

No. 40785

Hopefully all trannies will just go with option A.

No. 40787

Hey, thanks a lot for the reply. I've never actually talked to anyone with similar feelings before. I'm really sorry that you've gone through so much trying to relieve your dysphoria, and, as much as I hate to hear that you've suffered like that, it's helpful information. I've been doing "option c" and figured I'd always keep on that way, but lately, I've been so unhappy that I've started leaning toward fucking around with surgery. I can only imagine how devastating it would be to go down that route and only end up becoming more dissatisfied, though. Yikes.

I wish we were further along with regards to understanding how the brain works. I can only hope that shit like this can get addressed in a better way in the future. Maybe it'll even happen in my lifetime. I'm really trying to just hang on here, but my body is so fucking distracting and upsetting that suicide often seems very tempting.

And overprotective parents thing - looking back, I can definitely see and appreciate the ways in which my parents helped me, but yeah, I'm sure it fucked me up to some degree as well. So, I take back what I said about there being no "nurture" component over here. Who the hell knows. Anyway, I hope that your situation somehow improves; I wish I could offer some sort of help or advice or anything in return, but unfortunately I have nothing.

Wow, what an amazingly insightful and unique comment! Truly, you've astounded me, anon. Good job.

No. 40788

well, serious question…do transmen try to get all up in "cis male spaces" with the same entitled attitudes that ftm's usually have when trying to demand access to cis women spaces? I honestly can not see ftm's being that aggressive about getting on the same social level as cis males…we all know that cis men wouldnt tolerate it and no one would bat an eye over it.

No. 40792

FTMs are definitely nowhere near this up in arms. They usually want to just blend in as much as possible and be left alone. it's only MTFs that are aggressive and violent. I don't trust them.

No. 40803

no we dont. we just try to pass as men. that's the crux of it.

i live as a girl though. i gave up ever trying to be a dude. like i said, its worse feeding into transgenderism, rather than suppressing it. now all i have is BDD and inadequacies over my body, since ive accepted i will never be a man. i still have dysphoria and want male characteristics (flat chest, narrow hips, etc) but ive accepted ill never be a man.

being trans is worse for your mental health. you are constantly trying to hit this moving target of "maleness" that you are never going to be able to hit because you aren't actually a dude and never will be, you know?

those kiddy-dildos are ridiculous for the sole purpose that the kid will grow up and be left with shitty expectations about what life is like. male bottom surgery is just… fucked up. it's all fucked up. you end up feeling mutilated.

im a woman. i know a lot of woman with GID and BDD who feel this way. i think that when it comes to women, we suffer from an emotional place. for us it's an honest mental disorder where we really are unhappy with our bodies because we want to dissociate, we want to be different people. also i'm gay and into girls, so maybe that has something to do with it (repressed homosexuality in my childhood)

for M2Fs, i think they are just fetishy creepy fucks lol. even your most obnoxious F2M is not as obnoxious as ur average M2F. they are all SOOOO obnoxious and i dont trust them at all.

No. 40807

Yeah, if I ever did decide to "transition," I would only want to blend in, not try to obtain any special privileges, get up in arms about "cissexism," or call any attention to the fact that I was trans and not just a regular guy. I guess that's where the stand-to-pee devices come in: they're for people who want to be able to "pass" as a regular guy in public and not seem weird; it's not that they necessarily think that peeing standing up is the epitome of manhood or something.

I do still really want top surgery, because my breasts are the #1 cause of my dysphoria. I've wanted to chop them off myself ever since they developed, over 15 years ago (damn, I feel old). They feel like disgusting foreign objects glued to my chest, and it's really, really disturbing. Also, they're extremely lopsided, which doesn't help. So, boob removal is probably going to happen at some point, but I think I'll stop there. I don't want to mess around with my nether regions, though. I've seen what current phalloplasty options leave you with, and, to put it mildly, I'm not too happy with the results. Plus, as much as I hate even having any female sexual characteristics, I really don't have any great desire to have a penis. However, I do often experience a completely fucking bizarre phenomenon that I call (in my head) "phantom penis syndrome." User your imagination.

I'm not gay, but I'm bi, I guess, although I really don't have any sex drive at all. I'm just attracted to people and never act on it, but that might be because I'm so supremely uncomfortable with my body that I don't want anyone to touch it or even look at it.

I don't know if my mental health would improve or decline if I went down the hormones/surgery path. I definitely won't start down that road without a lot of counseling and education, though, and, if I do get surgery, it'll probably only be the top surgery.

No. 40810

anon, i think the solution lies in fixing what's wrong in the brain. if someone claims to be jesus you don't hand them sandals and a thorny crown, you try to make them understand that they're not.

No. 40811

I do think it's all down to understanding the brain. I've been struggling with depression since puberty and currently it's ruining my life (about to lose my job and all that). Something is wrong with brain, I'm sure of that. Anti-depressants (never taken any) only treat the symptoms very crudely and we're still far from understanding what's the real problem. I view the whole trans thing in my the same way.

No. 40812

that's because men are more aggressive. they're men, whether they want to or not.

No. 40813

Yep. And, take it from someone who's tried just about every drug for depression and anxiety that's currently out there: psych meds are a total crapshoot. I've tried ones that landed me in the emergency room with paranoid delusions and terrifying hallucinations or extreme depression and suicidal ideation/behavior, and I've tried ones that did literally nothing observable or measurable in any way. Did you know that, in the US, the FDA recommends (but doesn't currently require) that patients undergo genetic testing before getting put on SSRIs? Apparently that's a total joke in the field of psychiatry, and no one actually does it, but they're supposed to. People metabolize these drugs differently, and that determines things like how much they have to take in order for the drug to be effective. But no psychiatrists apparently actually do this testing. They just put patients on medication after medication and with the "try it and see" approach. And yeah, this is an issue that makes me pretty angry.

It's so weird to me, though, that the aggressiveness doesn't drop off with a shift in hormones toward estrogen and away from testosterone. Just shows, again, how this issue isn't a simple one, and how we're still far away from understanding what the fuck is going on with it.

No. 40845

It might very well be that after going through male puberty the brain has been hardwired in a way that is irreversible.

No. 40850

Right now anti-depressants are a huge topic for me again. I'm absolutely against taking them, I've considered it many times, I've been prescribed two different ones in the past (got prozac after talking to a psychiatrist only once!) and in both cases decided on not taking them. Currently I'm really getting pressured into "at least trying" them, mainly by my parents. I understand that they want me to get better and put their hopes on the happy pills but they're very naive people, I'm sorry to say. I might end up taking them just to be able to say I tried, against my better judgement. Might end up killing myself on them, who knows. I might be bipolar for all I know (not unlikely) and apparently SSRIs really aren't recommended in that case. I don't fucking know anymore

No. 41112

I think all this tranny/genderfluidity shit is one giant push to confuse people, sexualize children and normalize pedophilia.
Trans kids, packers for children, and sex ed classes for 6 year olds?

Why is gender dysmorphia being encouraged? These people need help, not coddling. If being yourself means completely changing who you are, down to your biological sex, then you are a hypocrite with absolutely no self esteem. Plus, trannies are usually perverted creeps.

Oh and the dude who coined the term "gender roles" and started all this "gender is a learned social construct" nonsense was a depraved freak that supported pedophilia.
He also drove two twin brothers to suicide, probably molested them, and totally fucked up their family with his mad scientist gender experiments.
And then he lied about it.

This movement is deeply rooted in disgusting perversions and I feel really bad for all of these people who are falling for this insanity.

No. 41131

Why are you against taking anti depressants? I started zoloft and it's made me feel much better whether it's placebo or not. It's like taking ecstasy but much lighter.

Also people kill themselves on SSRIs because they have more energy and are LESS depressed. A lot of depressed people are too unmotivated to do anything about their lives.

Otherwise you need to start working out, putting yourself out there, etc. But it's your life to live, not mine.

No. 41315

I did MDMA before and I highly doubt that it's anything like that.
You might be right about the reasons for many SSRI suicides, I thought of that before. Still, I find it disconcerting. I naturally have sort of manic episodes and I feel jerked around by my emotions to the point where I don't trust them anymore at all. I can never be sure if it's a normal emotional reaction or some out of control chemical shit my brain is doing.

In the past few years I did all the things you're supposed to do to beat depression. I went to work every day, I worked out several times a week, forced myself to eat regularly (healthy is a given anyway) and made myself meet people even when I didn't feel like it but inside I felt just the same.

Nothing has improved, it's been a struggle all the time and I'm a mess now. I don't see the point in trying anymore. Maybe I really need to drop some pills but I'm deadly afraid of that.

No. 41418

File: 1443881043184.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.65 KB, 500x333, vaginatrans.jpg)

I don't understand this kind of shit. This person claim to be a transboy yet they keep showing their vagina and doing porn. And they still has their boobs btw…

Transwomen are weird but this transmen is quite fucked in the head too…

No. 41419

my bad, this person had their breast removed. But still like to flash vagina pretty regulary, this is above me. I just can't fathom why you would love to show your pussy to the world if you are trans.

No. 41420

Well they seem to actually be on testosterone, which makes them more legit than 99% of "FTMs" that I've seen. IIRC a lot of FTMs don't get the dick surgery because it is really primitive right now. The fake dicks look totally fucked up, they don't have sensation and you can't get erections

No. 41567

Hopefully in the near future, we'll just eliminate all trans people so we can actually use our time and effort for…humanity?

Instead of wasting time and money and medical equipment on crafting fake dicks and vaginas, the doctors could be doing useful things.

No. 41573

Yeah, let's just round up a segment of the population and gas them all. That's worked so well before.

No. 41574

Trans people are like 0.0001% of the population and barely contribute anything to society. It wouldn't be a big deal.

No. 41576

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I really hope all of this (from you and others) is just online bravado and shitposting. I wonder if you'd be able to stand up and to tell me to my face that you'd like to "eliminate" me because I "barely contribute anything to society." Would you be willing to "eliminate" me yourself?

No. 41594

Can we cut back on the edge in this thread? Wanting to kill trannies makes you seem like 2edgy4u teens. I personally am very very very much against anything transgender/sexual (people call me TERF / radical feminist as if its an insult kek) but even I'm not autistic enough to want to kill them.

No. 41598

To get back on topic, here's a good piece by a rad fem that riled up some transwomen because MUH DICK IS FEMALE


No. 41599

Why are you against transgender people? I have no idea what's even the point of me fucking asking this since none of you have experienced dysphoria in your life.

No. 41602

Because it's not real. Transgender people are not the opposite sex, and they never will be. Hormones won't make a male a female, nor will surgery. I believe it is an obvious mental illness that needs therapy - and not body mutilation therapy. There is nothing wrong with your bodies, and it's a medical horror that a doctor would cut up a perfectly healthy body. I will never accept transgender male to females as women, and especially not into feminist spaces. It's offensive to me that a man can be born a man, raised as a man, and then try and say to women that they are no longer a man but a woman and we must accept them into our spaces otherwise we are 'transphobic cunts'. Transgender male to female will never have the life experiences and pressures and discrimination that uniquely creates the 'woman' social role. Women are women because they are born female and society forces us into this role designed for females, same for male/men.

No. 41605

Also, I resent every effort by the transgender movement to once again make the female body an ugly word. Oh no, can't say vagina, that's trans-exclusionary. Fuck this gay earth. A video game tailored to women to teach them how to masturbate was flamed awhile back for being exclusionary because it only taught how to masturbate with vaginas. Because, clearly, penises are female.

Fucking. NO. Feminists have fought too hard for women's bodies to once again get erased. By men. In dresses.

No. 41612

Reminder: MTF are still as violent as their "cis" male counterparts.
>male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls but not compared to males
>This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime.

Also, higher suicide rate after transition:
>This suggests that male-to-females are at higher risk for suicide attempts after sex reassignment


No. 41705

Dysphoria? You mean hating your body? I'm pretty sure most women go through it too. As a natural born woman, I find it kind of offensive that someone born as a male think they know what it's like to be a woman. They're only crude caricatures of what a man /wants/ to see in a woman. Why would someone who had the chance to become a man pussy out unless they were too lazy to put the effort in? Being a women it seems to me that men are clearly better, but that doesn't make me want to change teams and become one; it makes me want to be the best woman that I can be in order to keep mine around.

No. 41728

There was some fat chick who blinded herself because she 'felt like she was meant to be blind' and everyone talks about how fucked up it is. This is the same kinda shit eh?

No. 41732

because I'm tired of transwomen crying to cis-women over every little thing. "bloo bloo no one knows how to have sex with us" (this was an actual tumblr post) "blahblah DOMESTIC VIOLENCE look at how fragile of a woman I am!!". it's not cis women ruining your life, it's other men. They NEVER come after men for accountability for their actions towards transwomen but they stay crawling up cis-womens asses demanding we let them into every female space. They cannot seriously believe that cutting off your penis, slapping on a wig and "feeling like a woman" qualifies them to be "real women." it's delusional, they're just making a fetish out of womanhood.

No. 41733

this is true.

there are doctors working on body transplants/head transplants right now, for people with intense muscle dystrophy and paralyzed people…

and what i saw on tumblr was basically trannies complaining that they couldn't be the first to be experimented on.

like wtf. trannies are holding us back. the world would be so much better w/o them. they do nothing but suck up government funding and time.

No. 41734

I like reading this tumblr:
Where people talk about mtf trying to hijack everything female.

>If you don’t see the problem in associating lipstick and dresses with women, but think associating vaginas with women is problematic, you seriously need to take a minute and think about that.

No. 41736

i thought femenism was a lost cause. nice to see theres still women standing up for women and not making it a lifestyle

No. 41737

shame everyone villifies terfs/swerfs

No. 41738

what is a swerf?

No. 41739

sex worker exclusionary radical feminists (SWERF) like trans exclusionary radical feminists (TERF)

SWERF don't like women being manipulated/forced/etc into being sex workers, and especially don't like the women who say but sex work is a choice thus erasing the fact that no, most sex workers aren't doing it because they're so gloriously enlightened, but more forced into a terrible situations that no woman should have to resort to.

Naturally, tumblr hates SWERFs.

No. 41743

Thanks for the link sis.

No. 41746

Honestly… this is my favorite thread on lolcow. Is that sad? I finally feel like I found other women who I can relate to. Group hug? N-n-no? O-o-okay.

No. 41747


No. 41749

>i live as a girl though. i gave up ever trying to be a dude. like i said, its worse feeding into transgenderism, rather than suppressing it. now all i have is BDD and inadequacies over my body, since ive accepted i will never be a man. i still have dysphoria and want male characteristics (flat chest, narrow hips, etc) but ive accepted ill never be a man.

>for M2Fs, i think they are just fetishy creepy fucks lol.


No. 41751

Yeah, I don't like the glorification of sex work; prostitution, cam girls etc because so many people think it's a choice when a huge amount of women are forced into it via abuse, drugs, childhood traumas, etc. It's kind of shit. Tumblr is so ass backwards.

No. 41752

The anons here are pretty awesome. This is my favorite thread on /b for certain.

No. 41754

Trans people enforce gender roles hardcore. You know the ones so many women have fought to get away from? We have more choices now than ever to not be defined as COLOR PINK and Housewife, but so many transwomen want to bring back extreme femininity and gender roles. They're also sick in the head and need to be treated with proper medication, instead of surgery. They should accept that they're a man who likes traditionally female things and just be a man. No, they have to be a woman to like pink and long hair, makeup, and skirts..etc etc. It's bullshit.

No. 41755

I never even knew about that. That's disgusting. Men have pretty much dominated everything in history for centuries and women have just recently over the last few decades been sexually liberated. I mean, a video game about female masturbation would've been unheard of not that long ago. Transwomen make it sound as if they are excluded and get aggressive, even violent about birth women and their vaginas. they can fuck off.

No. 42100

Ive noticed that too man! Weird shit.

No. 42165

their retarded fantasies always involve putting down or outdoing an actual women.

No. 42514

Because they're jealous they'll always have a man's body no matter how much surgery they get.

No. 43482

He sounds so entitled

No. 43488

File: 1445228745103.png (648.68 KB, 1000x1000, Untitled.png)

No. 43489

He's only 15 so he's probably just repeating what all the other tumblrinas are saying. I'd like to mention that right now he's only 15 and he can get away with going into the women's bathroom but I hope when puberty kicks in that he's not still under the impression that he will still have a warm welcome in the ladies bathroom…

No. 43492

He is the lady gaga / american apparel kid. Omg he grew up retarded.

No. 43505

parents probably have him taking hormone blockers, really hope he dies tbh, kid is obviously spoiled - uses overly dramatic words like "terrorizes" to describe a bathroom sign

No. 43507

First he was just a little queer kid. Now he's a gender fluid with male and female pronouns. I think he's young and really doesn't fully understand wtf he's doing.

No. 43509

this generation invented gender confusion for kids like this, hes either gay or going through a gay phase. i love their non-existing problems outside their made up gender confusion bs like "which bathroom do i choose?"

No. 43518

> hurr durr women are manipulated into being cam models
bitch please, stop painting us as children

Also this thread exemplifies why I have as much respect toward radfems as nazi and racists.

No. 43520

hurr durr as if 'cam girls' are the majority of sex 'workers'

stop comparing flashing your tits (~so empowering~) in the safety of your house to women actually out on the street getting raped/killed (you know, the majority of women in sex work aka prostitution)

No. 43522

Here’s a very, very short list of MTF sick fuckery aka pedophiles

Reginald Cathanie Artis
Convicted child rapist

William Baker
Registered sex offender (aggravated sexual battery of a child), attends an elementary school function with his trans “girlfriend” (who attempted to use the women’s room that grade-school girls were using)

David “Sandy-Jo” Battista
Child rapist

Thomas Lee Benson
Convicted sex predator and pedophile with a “long history of dressing as a female and using women’s dressing areas.”
Reed Barrow
Where do I even begin with Reed Barrow.

Norwood Smith Burnes
Masturbating in front of children at a Wal-Mart, history of indecent exposure

Carl Dahn
Child pornography, meeting with a 14 year old with the intent to have sexual contact
Robert “Kelly Dawn Hullenbaugh” Domasky

Entering high-school locker rooms (not a student), in addition to identity theft/posing as a cheerleader
Joseph “Juliana Tourmaline” Fialkowski, Celebrated advocate for trans youth. Rape & strangulation of a minor, production of child pornography

Colleen Francis
Repeatedly exposed self to high-school aged girls

Christopher “Jessica” Hambrook
Sexual predator, attacked women between the age of 5-53. Finds victims after gaining entry into women’s shelters.

Matthew “Madilyn” Harks
Convicted pedophile

Tyler Holder
Raped and murdered a 6 year old girl

Isaiah Johnson
Along with two other trans women, assaulted a special needs teen in a bathroom

”Sophie Genevieve Labelle”
Illustrating the pedophile culture of trans activism, one panel at a time

Aaron LaGrand
Convicted child molester, spent 15 years with a family pretending to be a woman

”Elissa Marcelle” aka transgalacticwarrior
Unrepentant child predator

James E. Mead, aka “Andrea James”
Trans activist, “….perhaps best known for posting photos of a nine year old girl stolen from a social networking site and captioning the child a “cock-starved exhibitionist”. In response to public outcry James deleted the posts before he was arrested yet later claimed the child “deserved it” because James was angry at the child’s father, sexologist Michael Bailey.”

“Janet Mock”
Who writes about child prostitution as being empowering

Luis “Synthia China Blast” Morales
Involved in the brutal rape and murder of a young girl. Luis was initially supported by Laverne Cox before his past was exposed.

Richard Rendler
Registered sex offender: child molestation and indecent exposure, also arrested for loitering in women’s restrooms

“Cecelia Valentine”
Publicly defends the fact that he’s a pedophile rapist

Scotty Vest
Masturbating in front of three children and trying to lure them into a nearby bathroom

Paul “Paula” Ray Witherspoon
Sexual assault of a child, indecency with a child involving sexual contact

Dennis “Allison” Woolbert
Trans advocate. Sexual assault of a family member; age of victim unclear

>b-b-b-but transwomen are women! we should accept them with open arms!

No. 43523

a camwhore saying sex work is totally cool and empowering is like a black millionaire saying racism doesn't exist
your experiences are in no way representative of the group

No. 43524

I never mentioned empowerment you deluded fuck, it's a job, not a political statement.

Also radfems are the ones pushing for laws that would put FSSW in more dangerous situations.

No. 43525

and I never mentioned camwhores in my post that you replied to, so nice job projecting your insecurities

but you know what, yeah, fuck prostitutes, don't want to help them because it might endanger a cam whore's income

you guys are so transparent

No. 43526


this just in, fuck the 89% (http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1300/J189v02n03_03) of sex workers who hate it and want out because of all the violence: pampered chicks with high speed internet like it so that's that

case closed

go home everyone

No. 43530

Oh geez. This kid's parents let him hang out alone with gay adults, which is scary to me, considering how he sexualizes himself and since he's, you know, the perfect twink. Gay men don't tend to place a lot of importance on age..

No. 43531

> Author: Melissa Farley
Are you serious right now??
I don't pay attention to research done by people who are known to push their own political agenda. She is totally discredited among her "peers" due to her bias and is known for her numerous ethics breach.

No. 43532

>comparing a bunch of women having a discussion on anonymous imageboard to a political group that killed 11 million jews

you're a retard, no wonder you got swindled into camming. kek.

No. 43535

The only people i've seen discredit Farley are sex workers on the internet aka white cam girls and strippers.

The Native ex-prostitution survivors here in Canada tends to openly agree with her statistics, do you ignore them? Cherry Smiley and others? Because they've called for the nordic model multiple times which YOU (someone completely unaffected by FSSW) fight against because you dont want there to be stigma attached to camming and stripping, two completely unrelated jobs.

No. 43536

The navy soldier in The dress seems to have some balls left

No. 43537

No. 43538

No. 43539

No. 43540

You can be used generally. You meaning, people who are privileged and have a lot to lose from regulations on FSSW wrt stigma, etc. The 11% who don't want to exist FSSW and the pimps and "business" managers behind the scenes at AI. Which, btw, has been denounced by many human rights advocates since that announcement. I believe their secretary even resigned over the matter because she wasn't able to get a word in over the sexist men in that organization.

So yeah, wealthy cam girls/strippers, pimps and business managers, and the few FSSWs that make a lot of money w/o risking their lives.

Fyi you don't have to post 3 times to make your really shitty, ill-informed point.

No. 43567

All i can think of is that new Miley video

No. 43575

>this just in, fuck the 89% (http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1300/J189v02n03_03) of sex workers who hate it and want out because of all the violence: pampered chicks with high speed internet like it so that's that

aren't you establishing a kind of false dichotomy? sex work can apply to a lot of things. you can have issues with prostitution or "professional" porn and be ok with camwhoring. why do you have to group everything into "sex work", which one must be entirely for or against?

No. 43587

No. 43588

Why am I not fucking surprised? All MTFs are sick fucks.

No. 43589

Isn't it funny how in all the time spent fighting for women's rights, men get to do whatever they want anyway if they claim to be women.

No. 43595

MTFs are fucking weirdos and honestly think they'll ever know what it's like to be a real, birth woman. It's hilarious.

No. 43596

Yeah, it really pisses me off and makes me feel like MTFs get more rights than real women. there's something fucked up majorly about that.

No. 43599

stef is adorable STFU

No. 43602

Yeah, fuck off. Stef is great, don't post her here.

No. 43603

Can they just change their physical appearance without claiming to be women?its like people who get plastic surgery to look like cats, they just like the way cats look but they don't try to be one.

No. 43604

You mean him?

No. 43605

File: 1445367355902.jpg (18.07 KB, 295x259, sidsanjati.jpg)


butt hurt transman detected

No. 43609

She will never pass.
I know its cause her face is fucked from some birth defect, but shes still really ugly.

No. 43610

All I can ever think when I hear about MTFs.
Sp hit the nail on the head.

Sorry I couldnt find the clip on yt.


No. 43611

File: 1445370162131.jpeg (81.73 KB, 599x927, image.jpeg)


No. 43614

Anyone notice how people seem to only care about the rights of mtf while ftm are pretty much ignored?i mean there's no fight to make male bathrooms gender neutral, no one cares if transmen can go into male locker rooms etc
Maybe it's a male privilege thing?
It's kind of like how in America when ever race issues come up the focus is always on black men but black women are ignored.

No. 43621



Why is it he had a orevious video like what, a month before he made the ~trans~ video, about how yes he was fine being called a guy cause there is nothing wrong with being a guy who likes make up etc

then all of a sudden….trans ! uwu

Nope. Get outta here with that shit.

No. 43624

Honestly, I just don't like MTF. I've never met one who doesn't fall into one of these categories:
>Clearly straight men who just want to fuck lesbians with their lady dick!
>gays in denial aka complete narcissists who probably would have just been your typical flamboyant gay guy but… liking dresses and make up makes you a girl so… trans!

I guess that makes me some transphobic scum etc etc etc or whatever, but it's the truth. FTM aren't half as annoying as MTF. I never see them yelling at men to be not exclude them by talking about balls and penises because it triggers them or they can't use male bathrooms, etc.

It's almost as if… transmen are actually still just women so they don't want to rock the boat and get murdered and transwomen are actually still just men who demand everything given to them because they're entitled adult babies who think women owe them everything. How bizarre.

No. 43627

Actually, I'll amend my categories to add one more that I have very personal experience with
>/r9k/ level autists who think they're the perfect woman, because they like nerdy things and "understand what men want"

No. 43628

Full tranny meltdown at 1:30

context: dude is mad an all women's college is misgendering him by not letting him in cause…hes…a guy. I mean. clearly he is a woman.

No. 43629

Womens bodies are costumes for drag queens and no one fucking complains ever so whats the big deal?

No. 43631

>Not even an attempt at passing, quite clearly just a creepy dude with gross hair
For sure bro, you're such a pretty lady.

No. 43642

Nice pic of Mira.

No. 43645

>They called me a man

Goes to yell and bitch about it just like a man.

No. 43646

No. 43658

I don't know where the trans community got the idea that you're any sex you claim to be but it's doing their movement no good. NO ONE but extremist believe it and once they leave their hug boxes the real world isn't willing to play.

No. 43668

That guy really just looks like a straight up dude in a dress. (with the red hair)

No. 43669

Hit some buttons?

No. 43670

This person was a gay dude like months ago? I guess people just decide to go trans and it's easier to get hormones in canada?

No. 43671

Pretty much. No matter what, it comes down to men still having more rights than women, even when they are pretending to be women.

No. 43672

I actually used to watch his stuff when he appeared in albinwonderland's videos and thought he was a cute gay dude who was into makeup. Now he's trans? I'm actually worried the trans population is going to get bigger and we're going to cater more to these idiots.

No. 43674

I like steff so much but they sound so dumb now. It's weird for me that they jumped on the T blocker and hormones so fast. here in europe you need to follow a long ass precedure before getting any hormone, it's so much more reasonable… Come on it's a huge change in your body it can be incredibly violent, you need to be prepared.

And what about "we don't need to change our body, my body ils not male it's already female" ?? Non. That not how biology work people, it's so weird…

No. 43675

That's what bugs me. He was a dude in a video uploaded 10 weeks ago? It wasn't that long he was still an openly gay guy who liked makeup.

I guess being a gay male doesn't ring in the oppression points so he had to go on t-blockers. That's video is gross btw. Listening to him talk about eating less and feeling weaker - and feeling more like a woman now is pissing me off.

No. 43702

File: 1445432304337.png (325.43 KB, 500x571, tumblr_nwdvsnBC5e1qes8zqo1_500…)

>no fun allowed
it really is just for attention.

No. 43707

least favourite kind of MTF tbh fam

No. 43715

Funny image considering most trans people I see live boring lives mostly spent on the internet. The "no fun allowed" is almost like they're saying it's a hip fetish.

No. 43728

File: 1445466179215.png (105.98 KB, 300x300, 92384092.png)

Fucking ew.
All these people rushing to get on to hormones are gonna have some major health problems down the road.

No. 43741

I want to believe this is a /b/tard doing an elaborate ruse

No. 43742

Lol if only.

No. 43744

Hahaha. It kills me that these idiots make up less than 3% of the world and want people to change rules for them.

No. 43745

Serves them right.

No. 43763

Not even trying to pass and he looks like a pervert. He doesn't belong at a women's college. I hope they don't give in and let him in there. It's not fair to the other students.

No. 43792

It pisses me off that women constantly have to worry about these fucking creeps. Transwomen are men. I don't give a shit if people think I'm transphobic. I don't trust them.

No. 43918

>It's offensive to me that a man can be born a man, raised as a man, and then try and say to women that they are no longer a man but a woman and we must accept them into our spaces otherwise we are 'transphobic cunts'. Transgender male to female will never have the life experiences and pressures and discrimination that uniquely creates the 'woman' social role. Women are women because they are born female and society forces us into this role designed for females, same for male/men.

I was trying to write up how I feel about this whole thing, but what you wrote pretty much hits the nail on the head.

If M2Fs accepted that they can never be the same mentally as a biological women, I wouldn't feel as… bitter? as I do. Forget the biological stuff since that is superficial, I don't care what body modifications people decide to do. IMO it's about the mentality of it all where things go sour, for me at least.

Having someone who was a man until 15-30 decide he would feel happier if he passed as a woman is fine, but those (i.e. the majority) who make DEMANDS that people feel comfortable around them, COMPLAIN when women do not accept them as a real woman, feel things are UNFAIR for them because of xyz, and use "being a woman" as an excuse for self wallowing just… really grinds my gears.

A lot of being female does have to do with being raised as one. I'm no SJW but I'd be ignorant as fuck to not acknowledge that women do not have the same rights as men in all departments and are more often than not treated as second class citizens. M2Fs don't have any idea what that feels like and yet they want to scream how they are REAL WOMEN!!! If M2Fs had more humbleness about that subject and patience about being accepted, I feel it would go over a lot better. Instead more often than not they throw it in everyone's face that they should be accepted and then wonder why a lot of people are still uncomfortable about their interpretation of what it means to be a real woman.

No. 43919

Oh and also, when they scream CATER TO ME on multiple levels… instead of realize that no, they need to work hard to try to become a women mentally, understand what it's like being one, and then fit in all on their own without asking anything from others. Just because you change your body doesn't mean you understand what being a different gender is all about. But very few of them read/talk to others/do things that could help put them in a place to understand what it's like to be the opposite gender.

No. 43922

What scares me about this is… what if some is trans but is still fetishizing (not a word sorry) women when they use the restroom/locker room?

Like, let's say you go into a bathroom… pee or whatever and are washing your hands when a M2F comes it. What if they then say something inappropriate to you, either sexual or just incredibly uncomfortable? Or what if a M2F was lingering in a women's rest room or locker room and their eyes were wandering around way too much and it seemed fairly obvious they didn't need to be there to change anymore? IMO it would be like being between a rock and a hard place because complaining about it might make you look like a bitch or not have people take you seriously. But anyone can transition if they are determined enough, even perverts, and then they can take advantage of it as much as they want.

No. 43924

I dunno. Be really, really nice in a patronizing way. Include the word 'hon'. You can't say anything about, you know, them being a man without a major conniption.

No. 43945

try not to get beaten up for your biological privilege you cis scum


No. 44008

What do you think about this Guy Ben Shapiro ? I think he tells The truth about Transgender people being menatally ill. And zoey zur legit got away with threathing him in public srsly watch it

No. 44011


*Zoey Tur

No. 44017

This is just an example of tranny "play fighting" but what if a 6'3 tranny comes into the bathroom and you piss it off? you're gonna get the shit beaten out of you.

Some girls are built bigger than the average women just like some men are built smaller than average men but we all know that men are stronger and have a different mentality to women when it comes to violence. they could beat the shit out of us any day.

No. 44020

I agree with you. I hate the fact that more and more men who claim to be female ( even if they aren't trying to look like a female ) are allowed in women's bathrooms. The ones who get punished are the women reporting these men. Then a bunch of liberal "news" videos pop up saying that you're transphobic if you don't allow a "female" into the bathroom because none of them are going to rape. They claim it's just transphobics saying that they're worried about being raped in the bathroom by a "woman".

I don't want to go into the bathroom and see a male there. They are not women.

There was a story about a young girl going into the bathroom and there was a man in there alone with her. A male who wasn't even trying to pass as a female. She told her mom, her mom got upset and spoke to the manager. The mom was kicked out of the store for it. So are mothers supposed to be worried about their kids going into the bathroom alone because a man might be in there?

No. 44027

That legit makes me angry reading that. I mean, it all comes down to men being men, pretending to be women and still having more rights than real women. i'm sick of this shit… Why are women always treated like garbage? We never get to feel safe.

No. 44031

stop the paranoia two secs
there's no history of trans women or men assaulting cis people in bathroom, it's always the other way around, cis women ganging up on a trans one.
and some men have to use the women's bathroom because baby changing station are never put in men's one.

No. 44034

Wrong. See


Several of those listed include tranny shenanigans in a restroom/changerooms.

No. 44037

over how many decades? This is a drop in the ocean

No. 44040

>who cares if a couple women get brutally assaulted in restrooms by biological males?
>it's their fault for not taking my lesbian cock!!

No. 44041

so this is happening all over tumblr, twitter, here etc

men =/= male and woman =/= female

No. 44044

>mfw M2Fs actually say that kind of thing and mean it
People like that should be called transgressions not transgenders.

No. 44051

Facts dont care about your feelings when will trans people understand

No. 44062

You guys read about the radical feminist who got banned from talking at that university?

There is a petition going on tell the school to fuck off with the censorship.


No. 44065

Except, words have meaning, like: woman being an adult human female and man being an adult human male. Ergo, males cannot be women. Fuck off, triggered trannies

No. 44066

No. 44068

>Is that sad?

It's a fucking echochamber and I'm sick of seeing it bumped yet again just when I thought it was finally dying. I don't like trannies whatsoever but 700+ posts later and it's still the same old dull crap which you've already covered in the first 50. I mean I'm not saying you're all wrong but can you stop making shitposts when you're not actually adding anything new to the discussion? I liked this thread when it was still interesting learning about Caitlin Jenner and autogynephilia and neurology in regards to trannies before/after treatment and whatnot. But now it's just the same tired female ain't pink and lip-gloss and trannies are violent narcissists and they all hate real women, yada yada yada. I heard you the first 20 times. I get it.

No. 44069

Nice job bumping it yourself.

Back on topic:
Male criminals who become women behind bars

>Geoffrey Ian Websdale

went on a murderous rampage on a country sheep station, shooting the girl who rejected him, killing two others and rendering another young man a quadriplegic. Years later in a NSW prison, he started wearing make-up and calling himself Michelle.

>Noel Crompton Hall

put a sawn-off shotgun in a man’s mouth and blew the back of his head off, in a drug deal gone wrong.While serving time in jail, he got the state to fund his sex change.

>Leslie “Krista” Richards

underwent an orchiectomy (removal of the testicles), while in an Adelaide jail after being arrested for offences which have been suppressed. Richards then complained that prison authorities refused to let him wear women’s clothes around the yard.

>Paul Luckman

partnered his army boyfriend, Robin Reid, in one of the most sadistic child murders in Australian criminal history.In prison, he became Nicole Louise Pearce and now lives as a woman in Victoria.


No. 44070

>Nice job bumping it yourself.
It was the first thread on the first page you stupid fuck

No. 44072

I'm a stupid fuck? but… you know you can hide threads if you're so triggered, right?

but you sure showed us, disapproving of us! Gee, I'll re-think my ~transphobic~ ways now. Yawn.

No. 44076

Whoa, I can't even utter one complaint, point out one circlejerk without some desperate, defensive retard saying "hurr durr ur triggered" now?

Who's is the real triggered one here?

>gets bullshit pointed out

>I'm a stupid fuck?
Um, yeah.

No. 44128

Have a bump :)

No. 44129

Wtf are you talking about you fucking moron. I meant that from a biological standpoint a male and a man aren't the same thing being that gender is a social construct. Its all these triggered trans fucks online that feel that they are being invalidated as their gender when people say you aren't male/female. To make themselves feel better now they're referring to male and man or female and woman as the same thing when it's not.

Idc how much they feel hurt by it, it's not.

One is a sex and the other is a gender.

No. 44130

The new vogue trans agenda is to have biological sex labeled a social construct too.

No. 44132

We as a society should not entertain the digressions of the insane.

No. 44137

Gender roles are social constructs, gender is not.

No. 44144

and a penis is basically a gigantic clit!

No. 44164

Can someone please explain this to me :

Trans people always say that gender is only a social construct but at The same time they say that There are male and female brain and that a transwoman is a man with a female brain and a transmen is a woman with a male brain.

That doesnt make sense -is gender a social construct or are There male and female brains ?

No. 44166


This has always been my question and no one I've asked has ever been able to answer it.

I don't know if I buy into the idea of male and female brains working differently. Like… sometimes I think about the fact that I have female reproductive system, and the things I can do with it, but what else really differentiates me from a man? My boyfriend is more emotional and sensitive than I am. Does that make him a woman? Am I actually a biological male because I have a more "masculine" personality/brain?

No. 44167

File: 1445814013504.jpg (208.1 KB, 768x1112, 1445110588299.jpg)

No. 44168

Male and female brain is the gender crazy equivalent of black brains and white brains in terms of racist lunacy.

It's bunk.

Sex is what 99.99999% of the population can be divided into. Gender roles are what different societies have said X and Y sex should be. Female sex people are the women gender and the gender role for them is usually family-oriented, beauty focused etc etc etc. That whole spill.

In fact, my theory is that, cis is 100% bullshit as a term. How many people do you know ("cis" people") who talk about how much they 100% agree with identifying with their gender. IE "I was born a female you know what, I just LOVE being promoted less than my male peers, guess I identify as "woman" and that makes me "cis"!." Or for dudes, "I love being a man and being drafted into wars! I totally agree with this role in society!" Fucking no one mentally sane thinks like that. Mentally sane women don't think that liking trucks and cars makes them a man because they know that it is society that says it's not okay, not because girls like a "truck and cars lol" side of the fucking brain.

Only insane trans people think in such very odd regressive/moronic terms.

No. 44169

>not because girls lack* a "truck and cars lol" side of the fucking brain.

My b.

No. 44170

There is no difference in female and male brains except in size, because, get this, males are typically physically larger than females, so their brains are larger in proportion to this size difference. That's it. But no, male brains are not smarter than female brains and female brains are not more sensitive than male brains. Male and female mental differences have to do with social conditioning ie women are taught and conditioned to be more sensitive (role playing with dolls and playing family). And men are taught and conditioned to be more assertive (boys will be boys!).

No. 44185


I agree with both of you. This is the side I tend to lean towards by default because it just makes sense.

I'm a "cis female", but I'm not content with my designated gender because it only serves to limit my expression. I think gender and gender roles are dumb. I break the rules when it is possible and it won't get me hurt. If I could do whatever I wanted at all times, I would. I let people call me a girl and I strictly wear women's clothing for the sake of fitting into society, because to me, it's not that big of a deal on the grand scheme of things.

It sucks that some people's personalities and choices in self expression are not accepted. I wish we could just be ourselves without feeling the need to label/stereotype ourselves or change our bodies to fit a label/stereotype. If anything, I'd be more for abolition of gender than making it into the complicated pile of shit it is now. That's a bit idealistic, though.

No. 44188

I agree abolishing gender would be best. Gender roles only serve to convince women that it's ok to be a second class citizens and only serves to convince men to become aggressive and abusive. Both suck and are dumb and should be done away with. Fuck people that want to jump ship from their gender roles and try on someone else's. How about stop re-enforcing gender stereotypes? That's all I feel transgender people do.

No. 44189

In fact, it's pretty common for super backwards hard core christians to prefer transgender people over gay people. My brother came out as ~trans~ and my great grandparents, old school racist fucks and christian die hards, were just relieved he wasn't gay. They know at least if he "becomes a woman" he won't be doing anything to upset society or some shit.
Go figure.

No. 44193

my issue is that every difference in females has always been used to dumb us down or make us seem inferior to males. Now that men can be women now, all these differences are suddenly becoming "glorified" and empowering.

No. 44194

Of courses There are difference between male and female brains.

Women f.e are better in emphaty, that's why There are more female than male nurses.

Men are better in Strategy,that's why men are better in games like chess.

When it comes to The IQ women tend to be pretty average while men tend to have The highest and lowest IQs.
That's why men win all The nobelprizes in science but also fill The prisons.

No. 44226

I've noticed it's basically the same stuff over and over. I still check it out regularly though.

I just think of my brain as my brain. That's really all you need to do. Tumblrtards like to take it to extremes. So you and your boyfriend would probably be told you were trans.

No one will be 100% like anyone else. But always remember not to let that make you a snowflake. As long as you remember that you are fine.

No. 44231

I believe there is a difference in our brains, but only SLIGHT. Nothing too special. Not as much as people who use that claim want other people to believe.

I want to blame it on our hormones the most though. Women, in general(not all), have a higher amount of feminine hormones (like estrogen), that makes them calmer or a bit more softer than men, and more inclined to teach, and nurture. Men on the other hand have more testonterone, in general, not every case, which makes them more inclined to physical work and a nit more aggressive.

Not only do male and female hormones affect the mood, but it also affects the way the body works and looks(which is why people shouldn't stick up for fucks that don't bother to pass). So yes there is a difference, and unless we humans evolve really, we wont see much of a change in some gender aspects.
The male and female won't be 100 percent similar, and I think we need to respect and accept that.

That being said, I don't know how you can feel you are the opposite gender. The word, "cis" is total bullshit. You either have XX, XY, or are intersex which is really freaking rare. No matter how you identify, you will have a human's main reproductive organ (not counting intersex), no matter how much surgery you have, your hormones would still be rearing for your biological gender. And if you do stop it, and start taking the opposite hormones you may just end up with problems along the way.

If you want to get rid of gender stereotypes, fine. But honestly, I feel some people would naturally fall back into it anyway.

Of topic but I feel we shouldn't abolish gender stereotypes like someone said earlier. We just keep doing what we are doing, but don't put any girl or boy label to them.

Thinking about it now though, most people would find it strange to say male and female all the time, and would try to find a synonym. Which is where boy and girl, men and women comes in. Then some may find that men and women may act a bit differently and then the cycle strata all over again. No matter how much you switch the names, switch the stereotype, do whatever, it may come back full circle.

Sorry if this isn't coherent, its really early, and I'm not too sure about my position on the subject.

For now, In just a do what ever the hell you want type of girl, as long as you don't shove that shot down in people's throats and force them to accept you if they don't want to.

No. 44233

Sorry, my tablet is typing a little off today, and I was going to sage for that reason. Lol

>the cycle starts

>I'm just a do whatever you like type of girl, as long as you don't shove that shit

>Off Topic

>bit more aggressive

No. 44295


I have nothing against trans people in general, and my trans friends are peaches. That said, Caitlyn Jenner is a total cunt. Oh, her life is so hard! Swimming in money and being able to kill someone and get away with it! Sooooo hard, you guys! I hope her penis grows back.

No. 44362

We're promoting this man as a woman and giving him awards and praising him and it's really fucking sick. His life wasn't so hard. Oh, top star athlete and married rich. fuck off, Jenner. you're a man. You can't claim female privilege suddenly when you were a man for more than 50 years. He's just a pervert like all transwomen.

No. 44877

Have a bump just for you :)

No. 45884

File: 1446791285283.jpeg (53.08 KB, 630x455, 563ba0902900002f004dc488.jpeg)

No. 45904

Are they threatening to fuck husbands in a public bathroom? Becoming a urinal slut?
Trannys are just too classy.

No. 46163

File: 1447014426823.jpg (385.97 KB, 800x600, 1428619425078.jpg)

RIP Cosmo. Sad times.

No. 46164

I KNEW this was going to happen. it was so obvious.

No. 46165

I saw the signs, but I didn't think he would actually DO it. It was just so… Out of the blue I guess. I just wasn't ready.

No. 46166

all that concentrated fucking autism and cringe. this faggot is comparable to chris-chan now

No. 46168

File: 1447016874777.gif (1.75 MB, 200x293, 1446675768891.gif)

His stream is a fucking joke now, all the asspats wtf I just can't.

No. 46172

File: 1447022152675.png (649.06 KB, 627x892, pOf8WJa.png)

Wow. It's not a fucking joke?

What is with these ugly betas becoming trans now? Do they do it because it's seen as "brave" now? Because they're not the ideal man, so they take pills, dress up and pretend to be women? I really am curious why it's mostly guys like Cosmo who do this.

No. 46179

File: 1447023347207.png (390.74 KB, 575x1291, Untitled.png)

No. 46182

Ass-pats, attention, becoming their own 'perfect girlfriend'
It's pretty Darwinian really, considering how the pills sterilize them and then over time will contribute to potentially fatal conditions.

No. 46184

who's Cosmo?

No. 46198

He was a speedrunner and got popular by running Zelda OOT any% on a Chinese version of an N64 console. His best run was this one which he was proud of and the community thought that the route was ultimately optimized and dead, then some cuck beat his time in less then 2 weeks lol. That's when things started going downhill for him.

Now, he's a tranny.

Goodnight sweet Prince.

No. 46201

I'll be honest … The speedrunning community makes no sense to me. What's the appeal in it?

No. 46203

Because everything they did as a girl that was ugly, uncute and awkward is now suddenly brave and special and beautiful.

No. 46206

It's really competitive and there is a metric shit ton of dramu.

Well that's why I still stick around.

No. 46366

Gotta be really mentally retarded or depressed to become a tranny, I swear.

No. 46367

Isn't it hilarious when girls asspat him like "I wish I was as pretty as you!"

No. 46368

Because men can do whatever they want and still get praised. They'll never be real women though.

No. 46369

File: 1447187207722.jpg (31.91 KB, 629x321, wtf.jpg)

The comments…

No. 46385

My favorite is when men say they're straight, but then go after trannies because they're "women".

No. 46387

this isn't a brain difference but a hormonal difference. it's why women who aren't necessarily "naturally" empathetic become extremely nurturing usually after childbirth, due to hormones restabilizing (normally, of course some people have hormonal abnormalities). there are more female nurses because sexism and it being a stereotypically female job (like hairdressing), and in the coming decade you'll see that the number of female doctors outnumbers the number of male doctors (i think in terms of graduates its now 60-40).

as for IQ, that's due to neuroplasticity and childhood brain development. women are taught to think analytically while men have good spatial development (which is why they are better at chess). you can learn good spatial development btw, it just takes a long time once your brain has fully developed.

lastly, prisoners do not have low IQs. many studies have been conducted and proved that prisoners have average IQs just like the rest of the population.

tl:dr; your post is full of misinformed broscience

No. 46404

Haha. Yeah. "They're women. they have breasts"
Yeah, implants or fake push up bras, but they still got dicks. And those chromosomes aren't going away either.

No. 46405

All of this. That person screams of being a robot and I would just ignore them overall.

No. 46417

yeah, that guy was utterly toxic. Sick of the misogyny and biotruths here here TBH.

No. 46422

File: 1447282718728.png (271.57 KB, 640x480, 1447255277837.png)

Caitlyn Jenner won woman of the year

>“No longer can the media say bad things about you because then they’d be homophobic,” he said.

>Transgender actor Laverne Cox won Glamour’s Woman of the Year accolade last year.

So I guess real women can't be women of the year anymore?

No. 46432

File: 1447290753112.jpg (70.11 KB, 600x800, martine.jpg)

Didn't you know anon? The strongest, most heroic women are the ones that were born with dicks!

No. 46433

Males overshadowing women in what minuscule recognition we can get is somehow progressive I guess.

No. 46463

I'm all for trans woman but this is just unfair. They weren't born as women, weren't raised as women and girls get treated much differently by their parents, friends, teachers,…
So yeah they're real women but in a way they're not since they didn't have to go through the same stuff we had to go through.
I'm probably a cis pig or something for thinking like this…

No. 46477

I get what you mean though. Even following transwomen online they brag about still being into masculine hobbies but can identify as female, it's just like "yes, and…?"

No. 46479

File: 1447343539355.png (440.97 KB, 760x440, pre-tumblr-after-tumblr.png)

always rage inducing

No. 46480

But they can't understand how they can like socially feminine things while still a man? Mental gymnastics gold medal.

No. 46485

Looks like a blowup doll.

No. 46486

What the fuck? I seriously hate this Gigi dude. Having a horrible mental disorder makes you more of a woman than someone who was actually born with lady parts? Just. No.
Do these people even think before they talk? It's starting to get really sad that the masses eat this shit up.
Enjoy your castration and retarded looking implants, ya freak. No matter what you do, you can't get rid of that ugly ass man face, kek.

No. 46498

Gigi is the worst. Now he wants everyone to forget he's trans at all and makes a point of avoiding the issue as much as possible unless he can't.

No. 46499

To clarify, I mean he wants people to believe he is totally a real woman and not a twink who decided he wanted to become a basic LA bitch with enough plastic surgery. He doesn't seem proud to be trans at all unless called out on it.

No. 46500

Tbh, I think transgender as a movement is about purging gay children. Have a little boy that likes pink? Give him hormones and surgeries, he'll be a (sterile) girl! Same for girls who like action figures!

I mean, most gender noncomforing kids become gay or lesbian, not trans, but hey, don't give them the choice! Start em transitioning young! Gay people are gross, but surgically cutting a hole into your abdomen to be a "woman"? So empowering and normal!

No. 46545

What evidence do you have for this?

No. 46559


Haha seriously, I'd like scientific journals backing this claim up.

No. 46578

Not even that. I'm not asking for formal evidence, just any justification whatsoever. I have never had this impression myself. It sounds like a theory someone made up on the spot.

No. 46582

I'm that anon, and nah I didn't make it up on the spot. Do I really believe it's an attempt by some insidious evil? No. But do I really do believe it's people being incredibly narrow minded but thinking they're being liberal and progressive? Definitely. Think about it.

What is it that the parents of "trans" kids say? Boys: "They liked pink and dresses!" and for the (very few girls): "They didn't like pink or dresses!" So, socially mandated interests (aka gender) is being used to define kids are trans or not. However, these gender roles are stupid and out dated, and instead of telling kids "No, you can be a boy and like pink!" or "No, you can be a girl and not like pink!" We are telling them "Wait, no, you can't be a boy and like pink so you must actually be a girl, here is your piberty blocking hormones, enjoy your undocumented side effects!" Why is this okay? Because it's considered socially more acceptable to have a boy become a girl because he likes pink, than a little twink gay boy.

Hell, for more proof of this regressive thinking look at Iran: they're the ones that will give free SRS to gay people because they'd rather fairy dudes be women than be, you know, fairy dudes.

This review http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10340231 found that kids that go against gender constructs (gender nonconforming, gender identity sufferers, etc) grow up to be gay and lesbian, only a few to be trans.

No. 46583


Anyways, my point is. Why are we forcing kids into regressive, moronic gender role boxes? And why in Satan's name is it being considered progressive to do? I don't think little kids that will probably grow up and just be butch lesbians or frilly gay men should be told "nah you can't act like that, that's for the opposite sex, take these hormones" and it be applauded.

No. 46613

I actually want someone to beat the shit out of him.

No. 46614

Yeah, this legit makes me furious.

No. 46616

Still looks like a man. Probably still has a dick. It's a man. fuck you new york magazine

No. 46617

They're NOT WOMEN. They should be winning women of the year awards. This is disgusting

No. 46623

Meant they shouldn't be*

No. 46633

the average man is more intelligent than the average woman but also a clear and rather startling imbalance emerges between the sexes at the high levels of intelligence that the most demanding jobs require.

For instance, at the near-genius level (an IQ of 145), brilliant men outnumber brilliant women by 8 to one. That's statistics, not sexism.

In this context, Professor Greenfield's indignation that only one in ten science professors is female doesn't seem all that bad. It also goes some way to explaining why, in almost 110 years of Nobel Prize history, only two women have ever won the Prize for physics, only four have won the Prize for chemistry and why no women at all have ever won the coveted Fields Medal for mathematics in eight decades of trying.

In recent years, the forces of political correctness have made the reporting of this sort of statistic virtually impossible.

Yet many psychologist who have dedicated their careers to the study of intelligence - and, in particular, to how it differs between the sexes - Thhey can tell you that in their academic circles these IQ figures are barely disputed.

Ever since the Frenchman Alfred Binet devised the first intelligence test in 1905, study after study has confirmed the same result. When it comes to IQ, men and women - at least once they've gained adulthood - simply are not equal.

Boys and girls may start out with the same IQ but by 16 or so boys are starting to inch ahead. The ever-growing success of girls at GCSE, A-level and now at university would seem to refute this - but the blame lies with our exam system, with its emphasis on coursework, which rewards diligence more than it does intelligence.

The undeniable, easily measurable fact remains that, by the time both sexes reach 21, men, on average, score five IQ points higher than women.

Before discussing how and why this might be, I ought to explain what psychologists mean by intelligence. It's made up of a range of cognitive abilities that include reasoning, problem-solving, spatial ability, general knowledge and memory.

In all of these, men outperform women - although women hold their own when it comes to verbal reasoning and have a definite edge in foreign language skills and spelling.

We must look to the field of evolutionary psychology for an explanation of why men have emerged as the more intelligent sex.

As the hunter part of a hunter-gatherer society, men were faced with complex, life-threatening problems that needed solving on a daily basis. For example, how to kill that elusive deer?

The hunters that used all their mental capabilities to come up with the answers, successfully killing animals day after day, were clearly the most intelligent.

They were the high-status males of their day and - provocative as it is to say so - must have possessed far sharper minds than those of women engaged in the relatively simple tasks of gathering berries and raising children.

Hormones have almost non inpact on men and women's IQs , Men who take Estrogen dont become stupider and women who take Testosteron dont magically become better in Maths/physics etc…

Now Prisoners are particularly vulnerable to developing mental health problems. Histories of abuse, deprivation, homelessness, unemployment and substance misuse are common. Many prisoners have numeracy and literacy problems and most prisoners have a lower than average IQ.

Women and Men are different,get over it.

No. 46768

So all men are smarter than all women?

Whatever you say, dude.

No. 46771


No, men TEND to be more intelligent but also more stupid than woman.

No. 46772

Implausible because gay people are far more accepted than transgender people, at least in the west.

No. 46798

That's the total opposite of what I found, and I have first hand experience. My brother came out as "trans" and I have an extremely hardcore devout christian baptist family. My great grandmother was just relieved he wasn't gay (I mean, "a faggot") and has been very accepting of it. Seriously. And she's a big ol religious racist homophobe, so yeah.

No. 46814

When your kid tells you you are gay it hurts as bad as 1000 punches in balls.
Such thing shouldn't be shared with family, if you care about them.

No. 46816

Girls geneticaly very average, they tend to not have mutations, while boys mutate a lot and they make evolutional progress.
both smart parents will have smart girl, but they may have a stupid boy because of mutations.
Both stupid parents will have dumb girl, but they may have smart boy, again because of mutation.
For girls being average and not mutate is extremely important for human species as well as for boys going through drills of natural/artificial selection

No. 47112

>Tons and tons of research on sex differences, race and so on can't even be published, regardless of how true they are, because people throw massive shitfits about it.
Wait, what?! Really? I've never heard of this before. Where did you hear about it?

>gender norms
What do you mean by this? I hope you're not referring to dresses and makeup because I can go outside with hoodies and trackpants and nothing on my face and I still won't cosidering myself as defying gender norms.

No. 47116

I really couldn't give a shit, they can do whatever the fuck they want with their body and I can't do anything about it even if I don't like it. So whatever… The trans people I know are cool

No. 47118

No. 47136

that's not even complete bullshit. evidence also suggests that there's more really dumb but also really smart guys whilst girls tend to be more average intellectually. seem plausible to me and as a girl, i'm not even offended. ultimately i think everyone sucks anyway so what does it matter

No. 47151

Funniest comment I've read in years, 10/10

No. 47486

I'd wager men get more opportunities to show off how smart they are so women just seem dumb in comparison because we aren't given as many platforms.

No. 47506

There's also a lot more stupid men than above average intelligence men, so the majority of men must be idiots.

No. 47511

File: 1447963554414.png (824.94 KB, 1012x675, Rose-McGowan_article_story_lar…)


So I fucking hate the word "privilege" being used, but this is the way it should be used.

No. 47564

File: 1447977143058.gif (1.33 MB, 250x224, J3fj11vui.gif)

This made my night. We have friends in high places. B-list for sure, but still.

No. 47573

Love her.

No. 47595

>The power of the woman has just not even been unleashed around the world.

Wtf is that shit? That sack of shit has obviously never given enough of a fuck to actually think about what women have done throughout history, are continuing to do now and the future as well. I mean fuck, I didn't care too much for her comment about trying to find what to wear as being the hardest part of her journey or whatever, and just summed it up to her trying to fit the role of what a woman is by being a walking stereotype. That or just the usual Kardashian attention seeking bs.

However, this waste of space just continues to prove my suspicions every day that she never cared to be a woman, and probably did all of this because Bruce was either losing his mind, or the family needed good publicity ASAP that her sick family can't provide anymore.

I mean fuck, out of all people to be given the woman of the year award… While the award itself is worthless, it's not meaningless.

I saw some post on fb where someone was showing pictures of the Indian women who have been disfigured by men throwing acid on their faces for refusing to marry them as a response to Caitlin, showing her what being a woman can entail.

Jenner will never have any idea, no matter how much she tries because she has only started "living" as one this year. She is trans, meaning she will never be comfortable as a woman because she has to constantly remember to act as one because anything otherwise will be a reminder of what she's trying to stray from. She will never have to struggle with issues only a female body can put up with.

While I support trans people, I can't pretend that they understand being in the head or body of someone who is cis.

No. 47602

This really surprised since I know nothing about her except that she dated Marilyn Manson and had some bad plastic surgery and few scandals. Now that I mention this, she probably does have some experience with misogyny. Love it, though it's not the best worded critique.

No. 47603

She tried to transition some time in her twenties but got cold feet, I'm assuming because of her career or the backlash or something along those lines so I don't think she's lying. The thing is, she lived as a man for 65 years of her life. She doesn't understand being a woman and she never will, just like she will not understand being a young transgender person/transitioning person because she transitioned in private for the most part, and she is a very wealthy, very famous celebrity so she doesn't have to deal with physical and verbal abuse like a regular trans person would.

It's fucking ludicrous is what it is. Just like the PC south park episode where everyone is saying "Caitlyn Jenner is an amazing beautiful woman who had the exquisite bravery of a beautiful butterfly flying against the wind". That's real life. I almost can't believe it.

I resent the kardashians/jenners more each day.

Rose McGowan has really grown on me lately. She seems to have grown up and matured since the whole Marilyn Manson thing along with leaving acting and becoming a director, I think because she was tired of being everyone's bitch. She has a short film on her youtube channel that I enjoyed. She seems more open about her feminist views and is quick to call out bullshit in the industry, not surprising considering how she was treated plus growing up in the CoG.

No. 47605

File: 1448011764088.jpg (25.23 KB, 188x240, all that shit.jpg)

No. 47615

Considering your lack of reading comprehension and short attention span, probably not. Do you like books with pictures in them too?

No. 47666

Your mommy issues are showing

No. 47669

I wish they would just try to make a third (and fourth for that matter) gender instead of trying to insist they are truly a women. I mean, with their definition of being a women meaning what it does, they can never possibly be once since they don't grow up as one.

No. 47684

Just like the third gender in Mexico, the Muxe

No. 47685

>read my post or ur dumb!

No. 48631

This fat fuck pretends he is a 6 year old girl.

No. 48638

File: 1448943119716.jpg (40.62 KB, 735x218, jenner-best-woman-of-the-year.…)

I'm sure this post was made in jest, but strange how 2015 has turned out

No. 48639

Apparently there are radical feminists who are vehemently against transgender people.


No. 48643

Rad feminists aren't known for being male friendly, so why would they be friendly to men who just happen to wear dresses and try and tell them (rad fems aka actual women) what being a woman is about and how dicks are clits.

No. 48752

I wouldnt call them "vehemently" against trans people just the ideology behind it.
A transwoman is a 'real' woman but is a real (natal) woman also trans? no. transwomen need us (as the default) to 'become' us but do we need them to cement what we are? no.
Im not losing any sleep over these herds of spoiled ass males whining that they cant everything that they want…and so many of them end up offing themselves after they get it anyway. tbh it just leaves me with this sense that every aspect of womanhood is just some whimsical thing that can bought and disposed of when they decide its no longer fun.

No. 48940

>A transwoman is a 'real' woman but is a real (natal) woman also trans? no. transwomen need us (as the default) to 'become' us but do we need them to cement what we are? no.
What's even the point of saying this? You're comparing an adjective and a noun.

And who is claiming you need them to cement what you are?

No. 48972

Not that annon, but that is their rhetoric that trans activisits use. transwomen are women! repeat ad nauseam. If transwomen are women, why the trans descriptor? why then are actual women called cis women?

No. 49020

Before coming out as her true authentic 6 year old girl self, Stefonknee was a 53 year old man named Paul who was living his inauthentic life as the married father of seven children. According to him, he looked after the kids while his wife worked as the principal of an elementary school. He was also self-employed as an auto mechanic who worked on cars in a garage on the family property “mainly overnight” after his wife got home.

In 2009 he was charged with 14 criminal offenses of assault, uttering threats, criminal harassment, and criminal mischief. His wife and their two oldest children- then in their late teens- testified against him. He was found guilty of assault and uttering threats. The court also issued a two-year restraining order against him that applied to his wife and all seven of his children. He and his wife divorced.

No. 49379

No. 49382

Wow. And I though spelling Stephanie with an F and I was snowflakey. I was regrettably mistaken.

No. 49392

File: 1449447509704.png (60.77 KB, 294x274, gcf.png)

We should get this circulating around tumblr.

No. 49444

Moar like

GENDER CRITICAL FEMINISM: If you don't act like a sexless dyke like us then you're a traitor to feminism!

No. 49460

File: 1449526601777.jpg (23.24 KB, 281x480, tumblr_nyov50VtH41ugy08so2_400…)

He is an autogynephile freak. Pic related, coming soon to a women's restroom near you.

No. 49468

Retarded strawman

No. 49546

There was this big case in my country a while ago, the media was reporting on it widely.

A couple of years ago it became possible for people to change their social security number, and hence their gender. (in my country the last digit of a ss-number is uneven for men and even for women).

Anyway this man had changed his name to a female name, and changed his social security number, hence becoming a female.
- He still looks like a man though, male clothing, beard, normal penis, no hormones etc. Didn't even crossdress for fun - And had no plans of ever not looking like a man (but he still felt like a woman)

It caused a controversy because he went to a public pool and went in to the ladies changing room to change. this caused quite the commotion because he was a fucking dude - except for his name and social security number.

Some women in the changing room fetched a lifeguard who talked to the guy. He told the lifeguard he felt uncomfortable changing with other men because he is a 'woman'.

The lifeguard being diplomatic as fuck told him to go change in the handicap bathroom - which triggered the man with the girl name. So he went to the media and bawed his eyes out talking about being treated unfairly for not being able to change with the women.

Fortunately everything backlashed, he got a lot of criticism and even the leader of my countrys LBGT organization told him to get a grib

No. 49547

That guy sounds awful, but I think it's important to not judge all trans people by people like that.

Though I guess the question is, what standard do you set before someone should start using the other gender's bathrooms? Where can you draw the line?

No. 49558

>important to not judge all trans people by people like that
We're not talking about judging 50% of the population because of a few bad people.

Trans people are like less than 0.2% of the population, but there's a sizable list of murderers, pedophiles, and other criminals in the community, and miscellaneous freaks (largely transwomen, though, obviously). Very interesting…

No. 49563


Trannies should just have their own bathrooms and changing stations tbh. Especially for the mtf, since, you know… not a lot of men are going to feel unsafe around a tumblr fakeboi, and the fakeboi won't dare go near the mens room anyway.

No. 49565

Yeah but the problem with that, is instead of the they might make the toilets "neutral gender" and that's just fucking horrible

No. 49568

Are there any trannies on sns you guys follow?

No. 49600

File: 1449567655398.jpg (754.38 KB, 751x1126, Jeffree_Star_2007.jpg)

not sure if he actually qualifies as a tranny, but I was so far up in Jefree stars ass when I was an edgy 13-year old who tried to be emo

No. 49617

File: 1449592283797.jpeg (135.13 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

I follow these two. The brunette is Elena genevinne and the blonde is Eden the doll.
I mostly follow because there's been drama between them and they're just generally fucking vapid and catty assholes.

No. 49618

File: 1449595181773.jpg (44.22 KB, 600x493, b0d80c4d25a4510c1d5fef5c01e8b9…)

I follow Poy Treechada

No. 49619

Nope, I stick exclusively to my beloved drag queens.

No. 49620

I think asian men have the best chance at transitioning and not being obviously trans like Gigi. Except princess joules, that bitch has a huge ass man face.

No. 49628

Do you have any screenshots or something of that? I used to watch his videos and love drama queens like that.

No. 49629

No. 49630

They definitely have the bone structure for it.

No. 49631

I don't think he considers himself trans? which, honestly, i respect. You can look like fucking Jeffree Star, flamboyant as hell, wearing wigs and make up and dresses and heels… and that doesn't make you a girl. And that's okay.

No. 49632


No. 49633


No. 49634

I apparently need to go to sleep.

No. 49635

>princess joules
speaking of which

No. 49639

I just saw this. I'm so sick of this trans shit. It's so backward ass thinking.

No. 49640

I love how she's showing it to a gay guy who knows fuck all about what a real vagina looks like. I would like to know what the "vaginal canal" on a trans pussy looks like. Does it secrete lube?

No. 49641

If you've got the cash you can get a self lubricating one.

No. 49672

After watching I am Cait and some of the new KUWTK episodes i feel like Caitlyn is narcissistic as fuck. She acts like a bitch

No. 49674

im sure thats what his idea is of what it means to be a woman. i wouldnt blame him, hes been around all those bitchy ass kardashians and even his own damn daughters.

No. 49697

I don't know, I think she passes well but that might be because I've known a decent amount of cis Asian women with long faces.

No. 49729

There is some hope after all.

>Like Highwater, Cohn thinks that premise sets trans people up for failure. “I think it’s very damaging,” she says. “The women we see in our lives—that’s the standard we’re trying to match. And that’s not possible. There’s always going to be dissonance, because we’re not women.”


No. 49733

I have to participate in studies for credit at Uni and they always ask: how important is your identity as a female to you?
So what do you guys think? In your opinion, what does it mean to be a woman?

No. 49758

Bleeding every month.

No. 49759

that's a pretty simplistic way to look at it. (biological) Women don't suddenly turn into men because they reach menopause or have a have to have a hysterectomy.

No. 49762

I dont know how to define being a woman but that doesn't elicit men telling me they're 'just as woman as me' because they feel like it. womanhood isn't a feeling but experiences in relationship to having physically been born female.
I dont think of myself exclusively as a woman just me and female/woman is something that encompasses what makes me who and what I am.

No. 49774

File: 1449719107778.jpg (51.56 KB, 634x345, disgusting pedophile.jpg)

MtF trannies who keep their penises and become "lesbians" are seriously creepy as fuck. Yes, people are going to scream at you for going in a woman's change room when you look like a man wearing a wig. No, it's not discrimination when you're hardly even attempting to pass.

>Pic realted: A tranny who exposed his dick to children while in a female changing room