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File: 1494202241322.jpg (43.78 KB, 351x400, a kathleen.jpg)

No. 222299

An féidir snáithe a bheith againn as Gaeilge? Bheadh sé spéisiúil fail amach cé mhead Gaeilgóirí atá againn ar an suíomh.

Sílim go bhfuil a lán "ba" againn in Éirinn nach bhfuil suimiúil do dhaoine thar lear agus tharla a lán i rith na bliana le comhdhálacha ag dúnadh.

Céard is dóigh leibhse?

No. 222300


ah jesus I'm so proud of this post anon. I used to be next to fluent but now i'd say my gaeilge would be mocked, lol. i'm one of those irish people who is pissed it's not our first language tbh

No. 222301

Is fearr Gaeilge briste ná Béarla cliste! I'd say you'd be surprised at how quickly it'd come back to you once you start speaking it again, went through the same phase myself years ago.

No. 222302

I wonder how many Irish farmers there are here? I'm ashamed to say I've forgot 99% of my Gaeilge though

Biggest Bó na hÉireann? Hands down Leanne Woodfull is our biggest cow.

No. 222303

Gaeilge is so pretty, both written and spoken. I already like the Irish accent when speaking english, but gaeilge is a whole other level. Wish I could speak it.

sage for adding nothing to the conversation.

No. 222304

Chonaic mé cúpla dóibh mé fhéin timpeall an suíomh.

Níll aithne agam uirthi, an mainicín í? Tá daoine ann atá mé ag iarradh postáil fúthu ach I ndárire ní dhearna said aon rud chomh dona sin fós agus ceapaim nach bhfuil sé féaráilte daoine a chuir sa tóir at duine nach bhfuil ach neamhdhíobhálach.

No. 222305

Amy King is our equivalent to an Irish Pixyteri.



No. 222306

File: 1494330287130.png (1.18 MB, 785x785, screenshot.PNG)


No. 222307

File: 1494438791509.jpg (42.28 KB, 320x480, qnu62oJ.jpg)


I haven't checked in with her for a while, but jaysus the cringe is mighty with that one.

Kind of ot, but I was shooping pt a while ago and she actually looks super Irish without her regal chin. She looks like every derbhla and aoibhean from down the country I've ever met.

No. 222308

a n o n . i used to gossip up a storm about that retard on other forums. I REALLY think she's deserving of a post here. her attitude makes me want to throw up.

Her or Leighanna Rose Walsh

(i share this name, the only people i've ever met with the same with me have been either a cow or a knacker, unreal lad)

in regard to this thread and an irish thread in general is OP opposed to us using the aul Béarla in here? there's a load of people we could take the piss out of but it wouldn't fit in any other threads.


leanne woodfull
amy king
cian twomey/ his snot faced gf
everyone and their mother who's a fucking ~InGloT prO~ now

No. 222309

If we get enough caps for it, we could discuss Leanne in that "thread suggestions" thread and she could even get her own? Would be amazing to find a place to bitch about her finally lmao

No. 222310

omg anon I'm screaming laughing, that's too accurate

No. 222311

OP here, yeah I'm 100% fine with the Béarla (actually I read the stickied post wrong and assumed we had to post in our own languages lol but would appreciate the odd banter as Gaeilge too if anyone wants to say something super secret that we don't want the duuurty foridners to understand ;))

Leighanna has a thread in /snow/ btw. Fully support Amy King being discussed here since I don't think there's enough dirt on her to start a whole thread.

No. 222312

Anyone here follow Drew Shields?

No. 222313

ive never watched melanie murphy,is she lulzy?

No. 222314

She used to date Tobuscus and there was some drama with that, otherwise I don't really get the point of her channel.

No. 222315

File: 1494889877638.jpg (129.32 KB, 2000x1330, lol.jpg)

everyone's favourite gomey

No. 222316

Anna Saccone's life is such a fucking mess, I love it.

No. 222317

I'd never heard of her until now, how can she afford having so many kids? Does she work? Does she care about anything other than having babies? Jaysus.

No. 222318

File: 1495037671682.jpg (66.63 KB, 583x511, vreref.jpg)

Three kids and SIX dogs. She's been doing the youtube thing since she was 22 so it's unlikely she's ever had to work in the real world. I'd say she makes a lot of money from Americans and people from the UK curious about how Irish people live (cringe that she's what they think we're like though). I can't come up with another explanation as to why she rakes in views because she's got the personality of cardboard. I quite like watching vlogs when the people filming them have interesting lives or at least are good at entertaining their audience but her vlogs, I shit you not, are just the life of an ordinary family (filming the kids going to the crèche, hospital trips, going to relatives houses, assembling furniture, supermarket trips, kids screaming in the background as she attempts to tell the camera what meals they ate that day). Especially considering neither off them work and just sit around the house all day.

There's nothing about that family that doesn't irritate me. From their very forced "posh" accents to how Anna always looks irritated by her really immature, over-excited husband. Even how they moved to England in a desperate attempt to stay relevant and collab with the much younger "Zoella". Makes me laugh now every time I hear the kids speak with those horrible little Peppa Pig accents, they've traded the one thing that made them even slightly unique (being Irish) for a few babysitting sessions with someone who I only know from having a soap collection in Penneys. Also Anna's weird obsession with Italy (it's like she's a weeb for Italy), she gave all her kids really ugly names just so they would sound Italian (Emilia Tommasina Saccone-Joly, Eduardo Jonathan Saccone-Joly and Alessia Francesca Saccone-Joly…my heart goes out to their future classmates) and then the dogs (Albi, Sina, Theo, Nivea, Bianca, Nuvola).

They just remind me of a couple of private school kids who never grew out of their trying to seem "posh" phase.

No. 222319

God, I remember when she miscarried her mess of a husband was going to get a squid tatooed in memory and the idiot got a fucking octopus…

No. 222320

File: 1495041812700.png (687.78 KB, 920x588, pycmggxf.png)

dropped pic

No. 222321

>horrible little Peppa Pig accents
>they've traded the one thing that made them even slightly unique
don't see how it'd make them unique though, there's nothing particularly remarkable about Ireland aside from the accent(s), and even that's mostly yanks creaming themselves. Most people not from North America just see it as being a weird-sounding Brit anyway.
>she gave all her kids really ugly names just so they would sound Italian
Wait I thought it was because her husband was Italian? Is he? If not that'd be really cringey, though I think Alessia sounds nice (and Francesca, but not double barreled like that).
Hahaha good god

No. 222322

Yeah there is nothing particularly interesting about us but Irish yt channels (Facts, Clisare, Jackseptic eye, Melanie Murphy etc.) rake in views despite them not being very interesting or unique people (or at least by yt standards) and the only explanation I can come up with is that it's Americans discovering them through shit like IrishCentral "top ten youtubers from the emerald isle you're probably related to!"

Nah he's not Italian, he was born and raised in Dublin. It's Anna's grandfather that's Italian (her surname is Saccone like) but like she doesn't speak a word of Italian and barely goes there…why bother naming your kids obscure Italian names just to move to England where their classmates will struggle to pronounce them? Did they originally plan to move to Italy? They're pretty by themselves but make awful mouthful when combined. Idk why they didn't agree on just taking her surname if they were going to give them long Italian names anyway.

omfg I'm crying.

No. 222323

plus he's a massive creep, skip to about 19:44 for (what is in my opinion) some borderline pedo shit, worrying when so many of his fans are young girls

No. 222324

I thought you were over exaggerating until he said "don't make eye contact with me" em wtf.

No. 222325

>a reverse muh heritage
That's actually hilarious
I… don't get this family. What a vile man.

No. 222326


No. 222327

Another channel that really bugs me is Facts which really just became popular for jumping on the Buzzfeed and Fine Bros react videos bandwagon. Except unlike the other two, Facts are still producing the exact same video style years later with classic titles like "People try breathing for the first time". They're like a little group of wannabe actors.

Like Anna, I'd imagine their viewers are mostly (if not all at this point) Americans since I doubt many Irish people have the desire to see another Irish person breathe. Also a lot of their videos are geared towards Americans these days who I guess want to see Irish people eat cranberry sauce from a can and shit talk their food ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 222328

File: 1496401005544.jpg (587.27 KB, 1024x768, Official-Irish-Dirt.jpg)

What is it with yanks and their sick boner for everything Irish? I kinda get France, Italy etc because even here people go there when they want to look posh and cultured. But why Ireland? I'm willing to bet they've as much English/German heritage as they do Irish, but you don't see them buying useless Made in Germany trinkets online and flying to Bavaria to 'see where they came from' nearly as often.

No. 222329

I kind of get it because Irish people are so proud and they probably passed that on for generations but that's…literally all they passed on. "Irish-Americans" don't speak Irish, they don't eat Irish food, they can't play any Irish instruments (and no, "Flogging Molly" does not count as taking an interest in "Irish" music), they don't use any Irish phrases or mannerisms, they don't keep up to date with Irish media or politics and they've turned Irish dancing into some digesting beauty pageant hybrid.

Americans just don't understand how monocultural their country is. If they want to take an interest in their "roots" (not that any Europeans would give a shit if their parent or grandparents or in the case of americans, great-greatgrandparents were from another country) they could learn some Irish trad music, support Irish people living in America by taking Gaeilge lessons, set up a pop-up Gaeltacht, watch GAA…anything other than reducing our culture to some silly theme park-esque fantasy.

In fact the Black Irish of the Caribbean have preserved Irish culture abroad, which would probably piss a lot of racist American "Irish" off to know lol.

No. 222330

>Black Irish
I almost got triggered until I read the rest of that sentence. Apparently 'Black Irish' is a thing in America used to describe people like Colin Farrell and Gráinne Seoige who… aren't ginger and blue-eyed enough to fit their standards of Irishness, I suppose?

Their whole obsession is so cartoony like

No. 222331

Why do Irish think Americans are so interested in them? They really aren't. Americans are way more interested in English, Japanese, French. Irish is down on the list

No. 222332

Sure, Cletus.

No. 222333

ireland was in in the 90's, england the 80's, italy the late 50's early 60's, china the 1910's. nothing more

No. 222334

Sure, Cletus.

No. 222335

pmsl at this vlog

>anime school uniforms

No. 222336

because they are? What a stupid question. Irish is the #1 nationality Americans claim heritage to.

No. 222337

Anyone going to Q Con this weekend?

No. 222338

unfortunately not, i've never actually been to a con here yet. i assume there's bountiful milk from some of the participants though. anyone care to fill me in?

No. 222339


The "black Irish" is a genuine term with relation to those of Spanish/Mediterranean descent and those who aren't (the minority of the country being the latter).

And we're only white after the 19th century came along, but however we're still "niggers" to a lot of folks out there regardless. Ah sure history's fun though.

No. 222340


I will admit some American girl telling me her and her da believed all the Irish were gingers with blue eyes so there's definitely a romanticising factor thrown in for some of it.
Needless to say I shattered her rose tinted glasses for her.

No. 222341

Bhí ionadh orm Gaeilge a fheiscint ar an suíomh seo! Dia dhaoibh. Cúpla ceist ar dtús.

Cad é an bainne le Amy King? Chonaic mé a deviantart agus chonaic mé ag conventions í ach an bhfuil aon fíor-drama ag baint lei ach amháin go bhfuil sí go húafásach ag cosplay? An mbeidh Natasha Sazenski sa bhád céanna?

Agus cad é an scéal le Leanne Woodfull? Ní raibh a fhois agam go raibh aon bainne ansin, lean mé a blag timpeall 2013/2014 ach ní fhaca mé aon rud ait. Tabhair dom an bainne, a chairde!

No. 222342

GRM as freagra a thabhairt! Níll aon bainne ag baint le Amy i ndáiríre (go bhfios dom!). Ach ceapaim fhéin go bhfuil sí greannmhar ar aon nós. Tá Natasha mar an gcéanna. Tá Amy ag múineadh sa tSeapáin anios agus tá náire agam dí ag smaoineamh faoi cén saigheas eadaí nó cosplay a chaitfeadh amach gach lá. Ugh.

Tá sé suimiúil cé chomh beag is atá an pobal anseo (an pobal a théann go dtí na conventions). De gnáth, bainim taitneamh as Toxic Tears agus Drew Shields a leanúint. Ní daoine úfásasacha iad ach cuireann siad a s/shaol go léir ar líne dúinn. Tá droch dhearcadh ag TT agus tá aithne ag daoine thar lear uirthi mar a fheicimíd anseo ar lolcow. Níllim ag rá go bhfuil an fuath tuillte acu ach tá sé deacair gan iad a leanúint, yknow?

No. 222343

File: 1507485980613.jpg (91.31 KB, 961x1440, 17311025_1843219442595738_5617…)

Tá líon mhór cosplayers in Éirinn náireach, dar liomsa. Níl an fíor ainm agam don bean seo, ach War Panda is é an t-ainm ar a leathanach FB.
Bhí sí ar an teilifís gléasta mar "edgy steampunk pikachu". Náire náire náire.

Seo an t-aon píosa fíor-bhainne atá agam ar Amy, nuair a bhí sí ar TV3 ag labhairt cac agus ag féachaint mar an gcéanna. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9G5IeG3gjBE

No. 222344

Ta a lan Bainne ar War panda
I'm not gud enough in Irish to say it all but she's quite the piece of work, asides from being ghastly ugly she's also got the biggest ego I have ever encountered in cosplay she runs down anyone in cosplay who is mildly popular or attractive and is none to report pictures of sexy girls she knows. She's extremely into herself and thinks she's stunning and is obsessed with being cosfamous

No. 222345

I guessed as much. I have a lot of friends who fawn over her and might know her irl (everyone eventually "knows" each other in the con scene) but I just get a really weird feeling about her.
She's a cosplay guest at JCon next month, I guess she's getting her foot in the door? I've never seen her do anime cosplay though, it all just gets lumped together now.

No. 222346

I seriously got excited when I saw this too

No. 222347

Beidh sí ag j-con, fyi

No. 222348

I know I'm posting late to get a reply before tomorrow, but are any of you going to J-Con? I'm far too shy to meet up but I'd be interested to talk about it on here after if anyone else reports back.

No. 222349


What's Leanne done that's lolcow-tier? I've never gotten a drama vibe from her. I've seen people get really nasty at her on twitter for no apparent reason, and really taking the piss out of her for the underbite she used to have, but I'm probably missing something really obvious.

No. 222350

Yep! I'm at it right now. Came just to see Super Eyepatch Wolf.

I don't cosplay or anything so I can't give any little detail about who I might be like people do on /cgl/ lol.

No. 222351

Oooo táim ag an comórtas aníos

No. 222352

Is Drew in the competition?

No. 222353

JCon was pretty packed for a Y1 convention, I reckon there'll be a second year.

Tuigim nach cheart dom é seo a rá ar eagla na heagla, ach is iontach an rud é bheith in ann labhairt le chéile mar gheall ar lolcows agus drama gan na shitposters ó ""idirnáisiúnta"" ag iarraidh an snáithe iomlán a mhilleadh.

No. 222354

Beidh ceann eile an bhlian seo chugainn ach níor bhain mé taitneamh as an ceann seo, caithfidh mé a rá. Bhí sé ró-chostasach don méid a bhí ann, "rock paper scissors" agus "q&as" le cosplayers. Ugh. Tá a fhíos agam nach raibh sé ach sa chéad bhlian ach come on bhí beagánín níos mó iarracht ag taisteal. Chuala mé nach mbeidh an fear a d'eagraigh é ann an bhliain seo chugainn?

Chuaigh mé chun Super Eyepatch Wolf a fheiscint ach bhí mé ró-cúthalach caint leis tar éis an panel :'(

Is deas é scríobh anseo leis an réamheolas nach mbeidh éinne as na tíortha eile in ann é a chuir isteach i Google Translate (mar ní obríonn sé don Ghaeilge haha) :)

No. 222355

I wish I was doing as much coke as Ryan tubridy right now

No. 222356

Obligatory joke about Tubs taking cocaine, ofc.

No. 222357

I refuse to believe there's only like 5 Irish cows. My boyfriend's a culchie and he knows everyone's business locally. There's a few cows but they don't post their shite online for everyone to see, shame because I'd love to share them.

Also surprised that there doesn't seem to be any Irish-American cows seeing as so many Americans claim Irish ancestry. There's an old documentary about a woman who used her dead partner's sperm to impregnate herself. He was of Irish descent and like a weeb for Ireland, and after his death the family kept his shit around the house (Irish flags, tacky shamrock/leprechaun ornaments, Celtic symbols).The woman's cousin even got a shamrock tramp stamp in his honour. It was like the only thing they remembered him for was being "Irish"

Also she called the baby Kaven, because "when it's spelt with a K, it means handsome in Irish". Not a gaeilgoir myself but it only takes a basic knowledge of Irish or two minutes of Google to know that there's no K in Irish.

All I want for Christmas is more Irish cows

No. 222358

There are definitely more. Irish people are such gossips by nature. I know myself that I have a personal lolcow I'd love to post about but I'm sure seeing himself here would cause him to freak out and not sure I trust people not to cow-tip. I wish we had our own little catalog of Irish cows and their social media or maybe a private chat for discussing them. It's such a small island, I know that being noticed internationally would cause a lot of small cows to freak out. The benefit of us being small though, is that you're guaranteed to meet these cows at some point during your life and see them out in the wild.

I love how TT is known internationally now though lmao.

No. 222359

Natasha has a thread here in snow, but I don't know if there's enough milk on her to have her own. Any thoughts? I would like to know more of her, I stumbled across this by accident.

No. 222360

There's enough past milk to contribute, but she doesn't seem to do very much anymore so very little fresh apart from stupid twitter shit I guess. The last big deal was when she tried to defend the ArcadeCon 2015 rapist who was literally caught in the act. What a scum bum

No. 222361

Tá súil agam go bhfuil sibh ar fad go breá inniu, iontach fuar amuigh ach bí cróga! B'fhéidir go mbeadh bainne do shaghas éigin againn i gceann tamaillín.

Aon pictiúir cosplay náireach le téama an Nollaig ag éinne ó ba Éireannach?

No. 222362

File: 1513003560954.jpg (245.91 KB, 1024x768, xmasrei1.jpg)

Nollaig Shona, a dhuine anaithnid!

No. 222363

I just don't understand this girl at all. She does the exact same makeup for every cosplay, she hasn't improved at all since the first time I saw pictures of her years and YEARS ago, how does she never get better? I know I've seen a lot of people say she's haggard but having seen her irl she's honestly pretty enough, she just does absolutely nothing to flatter her face shape or height.

And jesus, we can't even get any milk from her because she's in glorious nippon.

No. 222364

File: 1513017875538.png (881.71 KB, 637x973, gerdsf.png)

Went looking to see if she had tumblr, lo and behold.
Is it weird that I feel like she sent these anons to herself? There's just a weird tone (even ignoring that anyone would genuinely think she's a great cosplayer outside her friend group)

No. 222365

I either think she's sending them to herself or she's being trolled. But they're always weirdly sexual and she actually responds to the even though you can ignore them and nobody will see them.

So yeah, I think she sends them to herself and then pretends like it's really creepy or weird but she'd secretly love for people to ask her sexual questions or compliment her like that.

No. 222366

From the dodgy Rei "photoshoots" she's done I wouldn't be surprised.
I genuinely can't tell if she's got something wrong with her though, and I don't even mean that in a nasty way. She just doesn't seem the full shilling.

Probably a bit creepy, but I'd love to just do her hair and makeup and see how she'd look with something to flatter her. She seems to have no idea what shape her face is, how makeup works, how tall she is, and it's pretty unfortunate.

No. 222367

Éinne ag dul go Shurikon 2018? Tá sé cloiste agam go mbeidh ticéid ar fáil ar an doras an bliain seo.

No. 222368

Beidh mé, chuala mé sin freisin. Tá brón orm as Gaeilge shimplí, níor labhair mé i bhfad

No. 222369

Ná bí buartha, déan do dhícheall!

No. 222370

An fiú é?

No. 222371

Ní dóigh liom é. Supposed to be an anime con but there was nothing anime related last year. They need to focus and stop trying to pander to ever "geek" interest at once. All these cons trying to lump together anime, comics, gaming, and pop culture geek stuff are watering down the con experience.

Speaking of trying to have fingers in ever pie, Dublin Comic Con is running an "anime edition". I have a weird feeling about it.

No. 222372

I'm a bit miffed at Dublin Comic Con Anime Edition, a lot of the anime crowd have been saying the organiser hates anime.
They also chose dates that Kaizokucon usually used from what I know, forcing the convention to go the week before hand.

No. 223640

I hate those big business conventions. They're trying to destroy the con scene. I'm convinced that's why a bunch of small cons were forced to close down inexplicably over the last few years. I want a con by fans, for fans not run by someone who thinks a con is basically a market you have to pay entry to.

No. 223669

File: 1515864503540.png (479.38 KB, 1679x940, 26240750_1780258195317771_3260…)

The timetable for Akumakon was released today. What are you all planning on going to?

No. 223670

File: 1515864520277.jpg (293.47 KB, 1999x1502, 26685369_1780258238651100_8998…)

No. 223671

File: 1515864764487.png (703.15 KB, 1999x1098, 26678010_1780258215317769_1993…)

Tbh I'm really disappointing in the timetable this year. It's dominated by Sinead Lynch, Tantalus and MasakoX and I'm not a fan of any of the three of them. Most of their panels are recycled from previous years ("Musicals you've probably never heard of" is the exact same clips from musicals every year and I can't stand people reading the same "funny" fanfiction or playing the same deck of Cards Against Humanity). I'd probably be excited for this if I was 12 and it was my first convention.

No. 223979

Any cosplayers going that you know of?

No. 224060

It clashes with a year 1 LAN too afaik, though there's probably very different crowds going to both

No. 224062

>Sinead Lynch
THAT is a name I haven't heard in a long time, isn't she getting a bit dusty for conventions?

No. 224145

Who is she? Any milk?

No. 224228

She's just a regular con-goer. The only milk I have on her is a documentary she did years ago "40 year old virgin" or something.

No. 224232

seo díobh, a chairde!

No. 224436

So is she Rosie here?

Anyone else following the superpunkjellyfish thread or have similar cows? Cas reminds me a bit of soren but to a less severe extent so I'm bummed there's not more movement in the thread. Or anymore from leighanna rose Walsh?

No. 224445

It's just a nickname for the sake of the documentary. Leighanna has been really quiet lately, unfortunately.

No. 224481

Didn't she show shotacon or lolicon at a convention back in 2011/2012? I could be thinking of someone else

No. 224492

I've certainly heard that rumor, can't confirm though.

No. 227000

I'm not ready for this thread to die yet. Maybe something good could come of it? Anyone got enough info to start up a Leanne Woodfull thread?

No. 227061

I could if there is interest for it.

No. 227078

Who is she and why is she milky?

No. 227414

Godspeed, anon!

She's a fashion blogger, I used to follow her a bit and I'm honestly looking for someone to start a thread because I don't know what the milk is on her. I'm morbidly curious.

No. 227415

Yeah, why not? I want an excuse to have a bit of a goss with you guys.

No. 227416

I also keep hearing about "drama" in the con scene in NI but I've no friends up there so I've no idea what it's about. I'd love to know.

No. 244083

Apologies for necrobump but I'm really interested in this. I've caught wind that a few companies won't work with her as a blogger but I really don't have enough info to start a thread myself.

No. 253387

The yes side in the referendum is winning by a landslide so well done to everyone here who voted yes. Ní saoirse go saoirse na mban!

Did you guys vote yesterday? How do you feel rn?

No. 260429

Hey guys, I'm going to my first Q Con next weekend and thought I'd ask if anyone else is going and what events you plan on going to?

So far I'm planning on going to all the cosplay events (masquerade, blind date, talent show), the orchestra and ofc the pub quiz. My timetable is a little empty and I'm open to suggestions. I love anything that'll make me cringe and 18+s events.

No. 260670

I don't know much about QCon, but please report back! I always hear that it's the best convention on the island (not that there's much competition anymore), but idk how true it is.

Have fun!

No. 260679

Will do! This year is actually its last year, unfortunately. They're knocking down the SU building so they won't have a place to continue it. I'm actually heartbroken because I've been to concerts in that SU building too (like PVRIS last year) and I love having an excuse to go to Belfast.

I've heard a lot of good things about Kaizoku con too but I've never been bothered going to Cork.

No. 261875

File: 1529686020452.png (748.2 KB, 671x631, asgdhfjgkh.png)

Lads can we talk about Suzanne Jackson/SoSueMe? The one who photoshopped seagulls into a photo at Dublin Airport and who threatened to sue the Chicken Fillet Roll Review page on facebook when they made jokes about it, had a line of nail polish/gel that was like melted crayons, looks orange as fuck and yet has a line of beauty products.

No. 261876

File: 1529686083581.jpg (34.38 KB, 767x431, suzannejackson.jpg)

Also wore a pikey wedding dress when her wedding was being featured in magazines, jesus christ

No. 262236

>The one who photoshopped seagulls into a photo at Dublin Airport
That's fucking hilarious. You're going to have to tell us more.

Also TT is at Q Con if anyone cares.

No. 263384

>The one who photoshopped seagulls into a photo at Dublin Airport
Do you even have to photoshop those cunts in? They're everywhere

Sosu products are bad anyway, the powders have a ton of fallout and everything is made for this terrible orange fake tan skintone.

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