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No. 225699

There was mention of making a thread like this in the TND thread. Couldn't find it in the catalog so, here you go.

No. 227170

Something tells me ints a stupid idea to mix chemicals while your leopard gecko is running around loose on the table.

No. 228199

Tyler did a slime with his hedgehog video as well. And Maddie, often seen in Tyler's videos, did a "slime with my tree frog" pet youtubers are idiots.

No. 229184

File: 1518748778638.jpeg (296.31 KB, 1242x1191, B2F05243-80F2-4346-971B-D146E9…)

Is he listening to anything?

No. 322750

breeze exotics disappeared off of the trip w Taylor and co. and hasn’t really posted anything except for a vague tweet saying she does everything wrong over a month ago?? I wonder what happened w her and the pettuber clique

No. 322780

Probably exposed Taylor for her shit care

No. 322929

I wonder if that’s the one who told that girl about taylors skinks and frog dying and that she was going to replace them?

No. 323234

File: 1541889191220.png (663.91 KB, 922x561, Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 4.31…)

Have we talked about cataleah yet? I didn't watch this full video because it's an hour. However, I skipped around enough to see that her house is filthy and also to hear her say that she didn't show most of the enclosures because she is "re-doing them". Why is it that all of these dirty pet tubers use the same excuses?

No. 323250

i liken it to hoarders who say they're stocking up on gifts but never give them out or some other excuse. except these weirdos horde living things and actually need cleaning and care.

No. 323275

That’s the theory on the TND thread just coz she left so suddenly

No. 323282

There was a post a couple days ago about her coz she posted wanting to make a gofundme for a cat that she ‘rescued’

No. 323284

File: 1541899841085.jpeg (187.08 KB, 750x1334, D1798D1D-D2B0-4E26-B34F-49F106…)

Well it’s official, emzotic is getting a dog

No. 323286

why is this in /ot/

No. 323287

There's like 3 pettuber threads on snow, catch up..

No. 323293

go back to the pet tuber thread in /snow/ and stop necroing this one, idiots.

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