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File: 1439515026849.png (92.59 KB, 853x616, 1343804374076.png)

No. 22808

How do I get a gf into dd/lg

>tfw working 60 hours a week and too busy to find a gf

(Official robot thread. New thread >>24712)

No. 22809

Oh god it's happening…

No. 22814

File: 1439515178153.jpg (171.68 KB, 588x1000, dystopian.jpg)

No. 22816

just hit some sloozys up on tumblr

No. 22820

File: 1439515320786.jpg (156.4 KB, 500x338, 1366333836467.jpg)

all you ladies here are sad there are no good men around

well who am I;
-A hard worker
-A loyal man
-Just want a gf to spoil and treat like a princess
-In shape
-good sense of humor
now which one of you lovely little girls is going to let me rock your world?

No. 22835

File: 1439515737065.gif (1.68 MB, 250x187, 1431503432650.gif)

/robot/ thread?

No. 22841

File: 1439515835217.jpg (55.87 KB, 600x600, feeling.jpg)

I want a loyal gf though. Where can I find the tumblr grils

No. 22847

File: 1439515947219.jpg (56.39 KB, 600x506, robot.jpg)

This is an officially sanctioned containment thread. Please try to stay here as much as you can.

No. 22858

File: 1439516124941.png (28.45 KB, 387x429, heart.png)

thanks admin maybe we robots can finally get a gf. not all of us are bad you know

No. 22863

File: 1439516228390.png (58.43 KB, 645x773, 1410430722201.png)

>No petite gf I can make wear panties from the little girl's section of the supermarket

No. 22872

But… we've come here to learn, explore, integrate.
How can we better ourselves without looking at other ways of life, appreciating the subtle complexities of a different culture and asking questions which may even effect the way others see their world.
Reducing us to a segmented, watered down imitation of your ways is not only dangerous but also misinforming our understanding with the possibility of reinforcing incorrect stereotypes and generating a climate of fear and hatred.

We're boldly going bitch!

No. 22877

Sorry about the bitch, it just seemed to fit.
Seriously though, thanks for the thread

No. 22879

this thread is probably going to die out, to be honest. It's what happened when I migrated to another chan. It quickly died, and they I went back to that place which shall not be named.
You know what they say,
"You're here forever"
also testing spoiler tag

No. 22889

File: 1439516693955.jpg (30.8 KB, 249x243, 45779427.jpg)

>tfw we got our own thread

T-this place isn't so bad

No. 22890

What is a robot?

No. 22892

File: 1439516751241.gif (1.78 MB, 300x199, Idontevenknow.gif)

If a girl has undefined plans to one day live abroad but has a current b/f she's unhappy with and stays with them because it's easy does this mean she's stringing him along?

I honestly don't wanna pass judgement, just want to get a feel for what you guys think

No. 22895

File: 1439516833080.jpg (561.62 KB, 1080x1920, 1425465970787.jpg)

Would any woman on this board give Eggman a chance, or do you only consider 8/10+ men to be human?

No. 22896

File: 1439516840295.jpg (118.14 KB, 569x802, 1439137366219.jpg)

Where do you think all the great memes come from?

No. 22900

you're being ntr'ed

No. 22904

Hi everyone, robot here. Why must we louse up their board?

No. 22908

File: 1439516983239.gif (43.84 KB, 270x199, bestiality prep.gif)

>No extensions
Jesus it's been a long time since I posted outside of a quick reply box. I'd almost forgotten what it was like.

No. 22911

anybody else here actually want to be cucked?

No. 22914

Dude's fucking horrifying tbh lad.

No. 22917

tyrone pls go

No. 22920

Dd/lg? Are you interested in being my little girl? I'll be your girl daddy. I'm sure we can fit a nice big glittery pink cock into that tight little boy pussy of yours. I'd prefer daddy, but you could call me mommy if you want.

No. 22921

Is he called eggman because he looks like an egg, or did he name himself that?

No. 22924

Sure I'll start building a Cuck shed

No. 22927

wtf are you on about

No. 22930

>men complain about women invading their 'spaces'
>proceed to invade women's space

wew lad

No. 22932

File: 1439517229677.gif (996.38 KB, 290x231, CantArgueWontEvenTry.gif)

Shit, this makes perfect sense!
She flirts with me even though we both know nothing will happen and her b/f constantly gets pissy about it.
Always wondered why she'd continue if it upset him but now I get it.

So does this mean she likes to cuck him? (excuse the buzz word but it actually applies her, I think)

No. 22934

File: 1439517249062.jpg (59.1 KB, 610x480, 1428843745653.jpg)

No. 22937

I just want a girl to feed me tendies and tell me bed time stories.

Mommy's getting tired. I think I should get rid of her.

No. 22940


Yes, because segregation is never good and echo chambers breed discontent

NO CAPTCHA THOUGH! Look at it anon, isn't it glorious?

No. 22942

>hurr all femanons need to get off our board guys only
>oh you have a board for females?
>Hey grills wanna be my gf?

I swear you robots are hypocrites

No. 22945

It's hard to say, but their relationship is probably on the rocks. Please treat others the way you would like to be treated.

No. 22946


No. 22949

It's not an invasion, this is our embassy. We have diplomatic immunity in this thread.

No. 22950

anon think about it you in a beautiful dress getting pampered while i get to fuck u dry, wouldn't it be great?

No. 22952

>implying this is not revenge for "fembots" shitting up an already shit board
just desserts

No. 22957

This is our containment thread

No. 22961

File: 1439517520684.png (22.38 KB, 217x225, funnygames.png)

it's all just a game

>tfw no captcha

No. 22964

You wanted us out though and you're still not happy?

No. 22965

File: 1439517574449.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.17 KB, 500x707, image.jpg)

Give it a chance

No. 22966

if your a girl ill take what I can get

No. 22967


my bad

No. 22971

>out of /r9k/

No. 22973

File: 1439517723072.jpg (26.37 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

Since my thread got no replies on /r9k/ i'm posting here, should i consider shaving? does the beard suit me?

No. 22974

I'm a Grill. Bend over for daddy.

No. 22978

Are girls really turned on by this?

No. 22979

This board is SFW; please spoiler NSFW images.

No. 22980

Eggman actually looks alright in videos and he has kind of a weird charisma, he just takes photos that deliberately play up his worst features. I would probably date him if he wasn't blackpilled, he's a 5/10 at his most photogenic moments and we have shitposting in common at least.

No. 22983

Pics and i'll consider it

No. 22984

OH sorry farmhand! Sometimes I get flagrant and forget.

No. 22985

Yeah, i'm certain he is masochist.

No. 22986

kik me


but youre prob a man ;-;

No. 22987

Does the guy/gal you just censored visit this site frequently or is it a robot in disguise?

No. 22989

There are no girls on the Internet. Don't look for answers here.

No. 22992

We are, slut. What are you going to do about it?

No. 22994

Yes you should shave the beard, bby. <3 <3

Also pls post SFW pics of your body. :3

>inb4 catfish

No. 22997

Hm…I'm afraid if you shave you might look a bit younger than you are. If it grew in a bit more I think it would look nice. Not a girl, btw, but beards look cool.
>tfw black
>tfw just a goatee.

No. 23009


No. 23012

Hello new friends I was a histrionic gril lurking /r9k/ to leech attention from desperate men, will I be in good company here? :^)

No. 23013

File: 1439518213622.jpg (371.6 KB, 854x859, 1392652910417.jpg)

>tfw no gf
>tfw won't even find one here

No. 23017

File: 1439518233307.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.64 KB, 800x600, image.jpg)

No I'm just a grill fucking with you guys because it's a Thursday night.

My advice to you cyborgs is go shower and masturbate yourself to sleep or s/t. I'm sure you've had a pretty wild night.

No. 23025

then kik me so i can be a good little girl for you daddy

No. 23026

Hey like I said, nothing will happen. Just nice to know what the fuck is goin on

No. 23029

Stringing him along is a little too strong to describe this situation.
She's just settling for what she has at the moment. Especially because these plans are "undefined"
Once they DO become defined…yea, she should tell him, or cross over into bitch territory.

No. 23032


Hey Farmhand, aren't images depicting underage children in sexual situations, drawn or otherwise, banned?

>Do not post sexually suggestive 2D or 3D images of minors, or any other image that could be construed as serving to appeal to pedophiles, even if the images are not technically illegal in the US. This obviously means no nude images of people under 18, and also includes clothed "child models", and nude or clothed "loli" and "shota".

No. 23034

Not a desperate guy but sure, I'll humor you. Speak.

No. 23038

Hm I'm assuming this is a joke but on the very off chance you're actually a fish too I'm going to warn you against finding any solace here, go post your tits elsewhere, make friends with Spoony, etc. You don't get validation here.

No. 23045

Eh? Were they underage?
Just posted the first things I saw on google images to shit up the thread. Doesn't hurt my feelings none if they're removed.

No. 23046


>make friends with Spoony


No. 23052

are you blind, the ones getting fucked are obviously meant to depict someone underage

No. 23054

File: 1439518769824.jpg (7.99 KB, 175x175, 4919194 _145d981d301a49e3b9943…)

No I never post face, I just like to funpost as a cute anime girl and say "btw I'm a girl ;)" to get attention. Now they are all on this board though :((( it will be harder for me to get their attention with so much competition!!

No. 23055

The loli/shota ones have been deleted.

No. 23058

>she does it for free

No. 23072

File: 1439518951359.jpg (163.99 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Hello there, don't be scared my name is Brandon and I'm a hugless kissless virgin. I've been quite lonely over the past few years and it would be of great help if you were to rate me and then I'd like some advice on how to be more attractive to girls.
Is it my face?

No. 23073

Thnx FH. Sorry :^*

No. 23074


lolcow knows all about Brandon you dipshit, you ain't fooling anybody.

No. 23077

I'd ask you guys to post pics of your girlfriends instead but you don't have any. That isn't even meant to be mean I'm just bummed.

No. 23080

File: 1439519170810.jpg (41.67 KB, 495x593, 1344493460691.jpg)

Where the femdom girls at? How tall are you

Any amazons that want to peg me and make me their crossdressing sissy ?

No. 23081

File: 1439519190939.jpg (21.73 KB, 500x281, 1382723794367.jpg)

If a grill from here becomes my gf, i will post pics. Please become my gf.

No. 23082

Loling so hard at the fag who kept making spam threads. Jesus christ men are so pathetic.

> Yeah this will show dem fukin bitchez for hurting my feels!!!!!1111!!!1!one1!

No. 23084

File: 1439519211384.jpg (80.9 KB, 800x600, iJl30C5.jpg)

>implying i need a girlfriend when i have anime

No. 23085

>Robot thread dominates /b/
Just funpost as a qt guy. preferably one who wants to get fucked in the ass. the attention will probably come

No. 23086

File: 1439519222346.jpg (196.71 KB, 1920x1080, saf.jpg)

this used to be my gf

No. 23087

Omg you are so cute. Be mine ^*^

No. 23088


>used to be


No. 23091


I'm 5'10" but I'll let you be my paypig and feed you tendies if you're a good boy.

No. 23093

Another findomme on lolcow? Hi bitch! I love you.

No. 23094


Holyyyyy shit this /r9k/ shit was pissing me off to begin with but fuck me that GIF is so accurate I'm actually restraining myself from screaming and it has suddenly made it all worth it.

No. 23095

hey, some of us visit /r9k/ to feel better about ourselves. That even though we may feel like crap about our lives, we still are better then some poor fucks.

I would, but then I'd have to get on my other computer…

No. 23097


I only eat oats rice beans and chicken and water

idk about the whole paypig thing its not really my thing online. If I had a gold digger gf irl and I knew she actually would be loyal i wouldnt care how much of my money she took

No. 23098

File: 1439519427996.jpg (63.04 KB, 755x600, lILkQ5m.jpg)

r8 my waifu lolcow

No. 23099

No. 23101

File: 1439519456843.jpg (11.05 KB, 400x300, thm_phpZLKtmz.jpg)


No. 23102

it feels like women on here hate stacys more than /r9k/ hates chad and stacy combined. people here don't even acknowledge chad.

why is that?

No. 23106

File: 1439519542663.png (1.29 MB, 1440x1434, Screenshot_2015-07-18-03-37-25…)

Pic related, my gf.

No. 23108

Pretty much this tbh. They have an entire board dedicated to doxxing prettier girls than them.

No. 23109

Because they all want to fuck chad and hate stacy because she gets the chad. Come on Anon. These are grills we're dealing with here

No. 23110

because they want to ride the chad cock carousel and settle down with some beta provider when they hit 30

No. 23111

Gj boys, men win again

No. 23112

File: 1439519614293.jpg (132.05 KB, 1226x1000, 1433995749642.jpg)

Who here wants to be my gf
pic related: me

No. 23113

you're pretty good looking brobot.
Not gonna lie, your gf is pretty cute, but…
kinda seems like a bitch. something in her facce…is off.
STill, not bad.

No. 23114

File: 1439519720780.jpg (44.49 KB, 279x358, 1434558909903.jpg)


Shut your mouth fuckpig.
Bend over and present your malnourished ass for punishment.
It's all you're good for and you know it, that's why it gets your tiny cock so hard.

No. 23115

Does your girlfriend know you're posting pictures of her on image boards? Let's hope you found some rando girl on Google. Or that's it's your sister. If I was your gf I'd kick your ass.

No. 23116

File: 1439519724316.png (330.21 KB, 414x499, 1437616627140.png)

>no captcha

No. 23118

Any girls willing to be in a relationship until I invariably die 6 months from now?

No. 23119

File: 1439519801636.png (541.81 KB, 665x943, cumslut2.png)

No. 23120

Can I contact you privately, and what should I answer to you with?


No. 23121

Poor girl

No. 23122

If robot: Not sure if complement? Plus, why is there a winner?

If girl: condescension like this is unnecessary.

No. 23123

>That isn't even meant to be mean
Then what was it meant to be?

No. 23124

H-hi, I'm a black guy…c-can I post my picture here and get opinions?

No. 23125

Nick is dat u

No. 23126

That was obviously sarcasm

No. 23128

No niggers

No. 23134

You wish you could be as lucky as her.

No. 23135

Hey man, leave that racist shit in /r9k/. Let's just keep it cool here.

No. 23136

Do it faggot

No. 23138

No. 23139

yea i wish my boyfriend was a loser who put pics of me without my permission on a random board to try and prove myself worthy to a bunch of catty women.

No. 23141

File: 1439520318588.gif (498.42 KB, 500x239, NiceTryMotherfucker.gif)

>Seems disappointed that robots don't have g/fs
>Post g/fs
Hey, it's not on us if your stereotypes don't hold up. Just sayin
(Yeah, I'll kill you with kindness 'till you can't take anymore)

No. 23144

Who's the last woman to win a Nobel Prize?

No. 23145

File: 1439520485745.jpg (3.38 MB, 2448x3264, KIMG0009.jpg)

Plz no bully

No. 23149


tyrone what are you doing here

No. 23151

You look cool, man. Probably look better if you got /fit/ though.

No. 23155

Malala, a teenager in 2014.

No. 23156


May-Britt Moser in 2014 for the discovery of cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain and Malala Yousafzai, also in 2014.

No. 23157

Trying to get fit. Just a hungry skeletal.

No. 23158

yeah you look waifish

No. 23162

File: 1439520745735.png (6.18 KB, 400x400, pp21.png)

I will literally date any girl on here.




No. 23163

File: 1439520754279.jpg (574.93 KB, 560x560, 1429828810197-2.jpg)

choose one and only one normalfag

No. 23164

I bet your lips look so much better when you aren't sucking them into your face.

No. 23165


Don't bite your lips in pictures it makes you look dumb. ur actually kinda qt

plz be in london

No. 23166

Playing it cool anon.
Playing it cool

No. 23167


what the hell do you look like with low standards like that?

No. 23171

>discovering cells
>nobel prize worthy
lmao, pathetic tbh

guess it was a pity prize for her

No. 23174

File: 1439521026248.jpg (23.37 KB, 286x319, image.jpg)

This probably

No. 23177

A-are you a gril?
I'm actually in the US, Connecticut to be specific. ;-; I'm sorry bro/gal

No. 23178

Thanks Mr skeltal

No. 23179

I've posted already, see

No. 23180

6'1, 142 lbs, white, blonde hair, blue eyes, with pretty nice facial bone structure

No. 23181


lol thats actually a joke, i figured you'd get it if you came from r9k. And I'm female.

No. 23183


nice eyes. I think you should try shaving and if you aren't /fit/, get fit. You aren't ugly at all, i don't see what would hold you back from a qt gf ##other than the fact that you're a robot#/

No. 23185

fucked up the spoiler, go me

No. 23187

File: 1439521338165.gif (1.76 MB, 400x206, 1437164017184.gif)

Dude, how many threads have you seen with robots having jobs/ losing v-cards and having g/fs?
You either die a newfag of live long enough to change, even if it is a tiny bit.

No. 23190

File: 1439521362573.png (36.78 KB, 500x500, latest.png)

Fair enough. I mostly lurk there, as I'm more normie then robot as I have friends. I had to break myself away from /r9k/ though because it warped my view on things and it only made me more depressed.

No. 23191

ok now you just have to be doing #\that on &$#purpose

No. 23192

Let me guess, you have a ten inch cock that makes ladies scream too?

No. 23193

This just in:
Girls are mean

No. 23195

File: 1439521544965.webm (3.75 MB, 720x405, SupremeGentlemanMovie.webm)

> low standards like that
r9k where supposedly straight men will pretend to be girls just for companionship. Some of us cannot afford to have any standards.

I managed to filter most of those threads.
>You either die a newfag of live long enough to change, even if it is a tiny bit.
There are other image-boards where it is hard for normalfags to thrive.

No. 23196



I'm a different anon from the one in the misandry thread


nuh uh, I'm really really nice. Now bow to your mistress, peasant.

No. 23198

That's fine. I don't take things personally. I usually never do. Being bullied as a youngin and coming into my own as a man taught me to not harp on things. The word "nigger" never affected me for example. I take things in stride.

No. 23199

File: 1439521618331.jpg (289.13 KB, 960x960, 01.jpg)

This good enough?

No. 23202

Yeah, we are. You don't look bad though dw. Don't know why you'd come here to validate that though when you could be meeting an average to pretty nice girl in the real world. All it takes is a few steps off your doormat and away you go. We believe in you.

No. 23203

File: 1439521728007.png (77.3 KB, 776x537, bill.png)

No. 23204

>got a double Stacy + a Chad
not bad

No. 23206

He's not me if you're referring to the black guy.

I shit you not, I've been called Lil Bill in my Sophomore year of high school. Pretty funny, tbh.

No. 23207

No we said girlfriends anon

No. 23208

I have the same standards (pm me please) and I think I look pretty good, /r9k/ things so too.

Unfortunately for men, we need to do more than sit still and look pretty.

No. 23209

File: 1439521936968.jpg (27.58 KB, 640x640, 1435232796192.jpg)

No. 23210

File: 1439521970732.png (128.14 KB, 580x1431, 1120 - ds1ptY5.png)

question for the women:

I have a very aloof, child-like personality; low stress, head in the clouds, non-judgemental/manipulative lifestyle and beliefs. are there any women who actually like this in a man?

popular public opinion seems to say this is the exact opposite of what women want and in my experiences with women it tends to hold up. Women will like me "as a person" but have no respect or interest in me otherwise.

No. 23212


A Dom would love you

No. 23213

Oh sorry, yeah I was referring to you.

Lil Bill was a good show tho so hey

No. 23214

>All it takes is a few steps off your doormat and away you go
Check your City and/or disposable income privilege. I have nowhere to go and no means to escape.

No. 23215


dom? I don't want to be tied up or spanked or anything like that.

No. 23216


Well women generally like guys that can pay attention and hold a conversation so being aloof probably pisses them off.

No. 23218

I don't remember it much growing up, as the only time I watched it was when I was sick, and I usually tossed it up for shows like Land Before Time on Cartoon Network. That was back when in Elementary School though.

No. 23219


man that sucks.

No. 23220

Quick glance over this site reinforces every single bad thing I ever heard about females.

Not only does this imageboard lack any original content, but the content posted here is just regurgitation of unpopular opinions on 4chan, reddit, and tumblr.

Yes, this is actually an archive of how low our society has fallen, that women will actually disregard men because they are not what they want aka not what the popular media tells them they should be. Hell, the r9k thread screencap of this is just the r9k logic inversed.

"Lets complain for the sake of complaining, without any actual reason to complain, because you know, the evil men that we all hate are all complaining about women!"

Once again, a shining example of the female hivemind at work, lacking any original thought, and meeting any criticism with the good old sour grapes syndrome.

No. 23221

File: 1439522303029.png (59.4 KB, 684x710, 1386084055652.png)

>tfw no gf that believes in the fundamental right to self-defense with interest in the workings and history of firearms to take on dates to the range

I'm inclined to ask - the number of women I've encountered who aren't only tolerant of "Gun culture" but are actually genuinely interested in it I can count on one hand. Considering how much of the "All men are rapist pigs" and "Stronk woymn can fend for themselves dont need no man" schtick has been going around lately, why aren't more women interested in shooting sports and guns? They're the great equalizer, after all.

plz fembots go on a range date with me

No. 23222

No. 23223

I do~ That's very encouraging. Thank you, anon.

No. 23224

Is this where all the single ladies are

No. 23225

It was a good post, you should be thankful.

No. 23226

File: 1439522431928.jpg (48.78 KB, 557x711, supreme.jpg)

Wish we were as individual as you anon-kun

No. 23227


No. 23228

cool story bro

No. 23229

It was a bad post and you should feel bad.

No. 23230


No. 23231

>posting your girlfriend on lolcow to prove yourself.
>The thirst is strong

No. 23232

dis is where we b
I believe in you! Good luck on your newfound journey.

No. 23233

This is like the school dance where the boys are on one side of the gym and women the other, and now we just gotta break the ice.

It's exciting!

No. 23234

File: 1439522674201.jpg (44.73 KB, 709x765, 1.jpg)

She's not even my girl friend.

No. 23235


i think there's a decent amount of women interested in guns, but they aren't vocal. Actually a few girls i know are into weaponry, and i myself wouldn't mind learning more about guns. (I'm actually more into swords, but i barely know much about them too)

No. 23236

File: 1439522700890.jpg (51.77 KB, 481x302, holding_hands.jpg)

Why all the fighting?

Think about it - if we joined forces, all the depression and malaise would be gone. No more sadness, no more anger, no more Eggman! (okay fuck there's no getting rid of Eggman)

Let's all be friends!

No. 23238

Don't you feel raped posting an image macro made by a man?

No. 23239


nigga this isn't tumblr

No. 23241

So, was it your sister? Or some random couple from your Facebook activity?

No. 23242

File: 1439522923750.jpg (160.75 KB, 1644x877, Medieval high frequency sword …)

Do you know about grorious nippon steel swords folded over 1000x?

No. 23243

Might have to try a little harder dear

No. 23244

Don't you feel raped we found your social media profile pic

No. 23249


i wouldnt really care for being aloof though. i prefer romantic, clingy, sweet men, but yeah, plenty of women would be into this. there are plenty of people that like other people like this. i guess r9k hasn't gotten the memo, but women are also people.

No. 23251

hi im drunk
anyone want to be friends?

No. 23252


you fucking know it

No. 23253


I'll be your friend

No. 23255

I don't know who she is. Someone posted 3 pictures of her on /r9k/ and claimed to be the girl in the picture, I half believed them.

No. 23256


No. 23257

File: 1439523168267.jpg (59.74 KB, 768x445, me.jpg)

I heard this the board for bitter female introverts.

So anyone interested in being my gf? I can cook pretty well

No. 23259

wew las, deep breaths

hi drunk :^J

No. 23260

File: 1439523192755.jpg (181.27 KB, 724x965, image.jpg)

I'm pretty sure a bunch of you are tumblrinas, no offense meant, but how can I relate to my gfs internet subculture? She's a petite QT3.14 who was a NCAA gymnast

No. 23262

thanks spud
read any good books lately

No. 23263

File: 1439523207372.jpg (166.43 KB, 569x353, 143831914403.jpg)

>Tfw No Gf to hold down and fuck until she's a bloody pulp

No. 23264

File: 1439523207429.jpg (55.2 KB, 645x773, 1322784999001.jpg)

I just wish somebody would give me attention. I mean, I know I obsessively talk about dying, but I really don't have a choice if I have no life and I'm literally dying.

People just suck in general.

No. 23265

That sounds kind of abusive!

No. 23267

are you seriously dying? what is happening to you?

No. 23269

you heard wrong, we are all popular trend setters here, keep up or git shluped

No. 23271

My roommate sells her worn knickers, want me to put you in contact with her anon-chan?

No. 23272

How are we supposed to make these ladies our gfs with sad sacks like you menstruating all over the place? Bottle those emotions up like a real man.

No. 23274


The most recent book I've read is michio kaku's the future of the mind. But I'm usually into science fiction

No. 23276

You've got a very cute face, the fuck is up with that ring tho?

No. 23278

Any femanons here want to be pen pals with a robot turning cyborg? No I don't want to date you, no I don't want pictures or anything, just think it might be healthy to have a female friend, a female perspective.

No. 23279

File: 1439523492174.png (23.15 KB, 606x567, 1439191842397.png)

this place sucks, i'm going back

No. 23280

Yes, I'm seriously dying. I'm this fag. >>23118

No. 23281

Since we're all in here, how about a story time? Give me a green text(original or classic), and I'll record it for you guys. Give me a type of voice too.

No. 23282

File: 1439523505441.jpg (41.27 KB, 524x640, a54539r.jpg)

I can't recall ever having seen a woman at a gun shop or range on their own. If they're there, they typically seem to have been dragged along by a boyfriend or husband, usually almost completely disinterested.

Hell, even the couple of female cops I know seem to barely give a fuck, beyond their twice annual qualification. One of them can't even remember what gun she has.

Being empowered and equally capable is a big theme in feminism - I think being able to speak softly and carry a big stick is the best possible way to reach that.

We need more qt3.14s that can sling 5.56 into one inch holes from a hundred yards

No. 23283

File: 1439523515702.png (300.82 KB, 528x714, 1081 - dUcwWj6.png)


as a guy, I really wish we could, but it's impossible because the women on lolcow and the men on /r9k/ are more or less societal equals.

women do not date their equals, they will date at minimum 1 notch above their perceived value, which makes the majority of /r9k/ undateable to the majority of lolcow.

using me as an example, I work a minimum wage job, have no higher education, live in a shit apartment with no car, and have few friends due to poor social skills. assuming all other factors moot, I am 100% undateable to virtually all women in this same situation. my dating choices are women on welfare/unemployed, having a physical or mental disability, or are ethnic and see some form of perceived value in me being white.

No. 23286


whats wrong? :( that's really sad actually.

No. 23287

I would like to be shluped

No. 23288

I'm a guy and even I wouldn't date you if I were gay or whatever. You can try a little harder than that.

No. 23289

Wrong. You're not speaking to female NEETs.

I'm NEET, don't drive, have no friends, and am a high school dropout.

Yet I'm engaged to a guy working minimum wage, no real higher education, lives with his parents, and has no friends, oh, and most people consider him ugly.

No. 23290

what do you have?

No. 23292


We should all do a chain story. no trust me, it will be fun!

don't look at me like that


Well women still wanna be seen as girly. And guns aren't girly. But when i lived in the south a lot more girls where interested.

No. 23293

Sounds like you're dating someone a notch above you.

No. 23294

I have cystic fibrosis and require a double lung transplant to live. At best I could live another 5 to 10 years. Otherwise, if I get a transplant, I'm at least guaranteed to live a whole year post-transplant. Without a transplant, I'll likely be dead around Christmas or so – autumn and winter are horrible for me and I'll undoubtedly catch pneumonia this year.

No. 23295

>not knowing this is a fembot who posts in "faces of /r9k/ thread"

No. 23296

Okay, I'm game. How should we start?

No. 23297


that's so sad dude! I actually wanna give you a hug but you'd probably be like 'lol no don't touch me'. ;~;

No. 23299

File: 1439523986582.png (49 KB, 451x485, 1241 - 56AMwBv.png)


I think my biggest problem is that I don't make the first move. I don't think I've ever asked a girl out before when it wasn't on okcupid or POF, I'm afraid she will be put off by it and stop talking to me. I'm also afraid of coming on too strong/being a bother so I avoid messaging women, complimenting them, etc.

for the sake of self-improvement, what kind of things have the guys who you've liked and dated said, done, etc. that you took positively?

No. 23301

How? Just because he has a minimum wage job? I could get a minimum wage job easily. That doesn't count for much. He still lives with his parents and can't elevate himself because he has to pay for his own expenses but can't afford to live on his own. We're in the same position, really.

No. 23302

File: 1439524044185.jpg (73.42 KB, 480x523, 1432173224265.jpg)

It doesn't have to be, just say yes.
its up to you if its a crime or not.

>Btw what shade do we prefer?

No. 23304


I dunno! You wanna start it? I'll join in, and hopefully other anons will want to have fun too.

No. 23305

Came to the party, lads.

No. 23308

How did you meet ?
I'm genuinely curious on how to discover girls such as a yourself.

No. 23310

I'm so sorry… Someone, please, speak to this anon and make friends.

No. 23311

Okay whatever.

Now where do I meet NEET girls?

No. 23313

No one?

No. 23314

I could use a hug. I haven't been hugged by non-family in years.

I probably wouldn't let go for a long time. Or at least until I got a cough spasm.

No. 23316

File: 1439524200010.gif (946.21 KB, 322x180, artificial-lung-o.gif)

>dying too early
they can almost regen lungs using 'flushed' lung connective tissue from dead people, then inoculating with framework stem cells

No. 23317

We met through common interest on a forum.

No. 23318

File: 1439524272240.jpg (150.99 KB, 733x1300, 0101 - FGEZeDI.jpg)


he has a job. he is a notch above you. you (like the majority of women) see yourself as being 1 notch higher than you actually are.

I call this the female value point

No. 23320

bags not

No. 23324

That's all well and good, but it's too late for me. I'm beyond the point of being cured in any shape or form. Even if they came out with a pill that instantly cured my disease tomorrow, I'd be too far gone to feel the effects now.

All I can do is cope and hope.

No. 23325

wuut, i thought posting on forums is a waste of time

No. 23326

Breh shit like this is the reason you can't get a gf

No. 23327

Just try having a normal conversation. It should just flow. It shouldn't feel like a struggle to respond.

No. 23328

Okay let's do it!

So here's an introductory vocaroo:

I'm not really sure how to do a chain story but I'll start here:


Oh, dying-anon! I talked to you on omegle I think a few weeks ago? I'm sure you don't remember me… How are you holding up?

No. 23333

You sound irresponsible, unresponsive and childish. Girls don't want to have to be your mother.

No. 23334

dude, i can get a job. it's not even difficult for me to get a job. i just don't have one. again, his work experience is pretty much irrelevant to the situation. i'm not benefiting from it at all. my neet status isn't impacting him, just like his employment status isn't affecting me in a negative or positive way. it's a totally neutral quality to my circumstance.

No. 23336

File: 1439524530278.jpg (76.77 KB, 887x1097, 1427045106806.jpg)

As someone who is neither a robot (I browsed /r9k/ for the first time in forever and saw the thread leading here) or a girl, I find this site and this strange interaction interesting. You guys and gals are all interesting folks.

Robots, I hope you get tendies and a gentle femdom.

Lolcows, I hope these dudes get bored and fuck off eventually.

As for me, I just want Fallout 4 to get released already like a good /v/irgin.

No. 23337

Oops but I'm not exactly ashamed for not browsing /r9k/ lel

No. 23338

I'm… still dying. So, nothing's really changed. My pulmonary infection flared up recently and I had to go on another 3-week-long IV antibiotic regimen to try and quell it. I'm going back to physical therapy tomorrow and hopefully I'll be fit enough to complete it or maybe not have my heart rate plummet and make me dizzy/tired like it did last time.

No. 23339


The guys I've dated have all made the first move. Complements aren't creepy unless you make them creepy.

"You smell nice" ← okay to say after a hug, not okay to say after you randomly sniff her.

You can call a girl pretty, but don't say it everytime you see her, and don't do that "i randomly had to come up to you to tell you you're so pretty thing" that Hollywood likes to pretend works.
It's actually creepy.

Also, if a girl gives you short answers in text messages, or she doesn't laugh at your jokes, give up. She's not into you, and she won't ever be into you.

At the same time, you actually have to talk to a girl to get her to like you. Talk about your hobbies, find out what she likes too. Don't just flirt with her, talk to her as a human being. We care more about personality than looks, so as long as you're clean with neat clothes you stand a decent chance. Unless you're buttfuck ugly anyway.

But keep in mind not all women think like me, you have to get to know a girl before you start flirting, because different girls respond to different things.

No. 23340


though maybe that's just my love for Hibiki talking

No. 23342

he's actually right, you know…

No. 23343

If you were a good /v/irgin you'd never want Fallout 4 released, but this thread is already crashing with no survivors, so let's not digress.

No. 23344


it means a lot. if you had a job you would eventually lose interest in him subconsciously as he provided nothing of value

I don't say this to be demeaning or to call women shit, men have their own subconscious bullshit attractors, it's just a fact of life.

you want to love your boyfriend and stay with him for years? do a lifehack and never be objectively more successful than him in life. push for him to get better paying jobs/physical possessions before you pursue them yourself.

No. 23345

I'm learning so much

No. 23346


No. 23347

It is. They were unreasonably lucky.

No. 23348

You sound irresponsible, unresponsive and childish. Girls don't want to have to be your mother.

No. 23350


H-Hold me, anon. This isn't how I wanted to go.

No. 23351


No. 23352

File: 1439524759356.png (917.45 KB, 1059x572, 1431048812530.png)

>wanting a gf

No. 23353

File: 1439524796845.jpg (12.29 KB, 320x194, 32424454563.jpg)

you love it ;^J

No. 23354


Shit I wish my mike wasn't complete shit, I'd do a voc too. Anyway,

"This brave man decided that he would explore the land of the woman creature. He bravely typed in 'lolcow.farm' and set off.
He was greated with thread after thread of girls, talking about other girls! He didn't understand this land, but then he realized. .. 'wait, there are other boards here! I wonder what /b/ is like?' So he clicked on it and saw…"

No. 23355

oh, i misread. yeah, i don't think so. i had a job while we've been dating, and he's not had a job while in the relationship. it hasn't changed anything.

No. 23356

File: 1439524886529.jpg (11.45 KB, 300x375, 1436309491369.jpg)


No. 23358

File: 1439524943942.jpg (131.28 KB, 1155x1155, 227199i_ts.jpg)

I thought we came here to spy on girls… who keeps starting robotier threads? Faggots arent even trying to /sneekee/

No. 23359

File: 1439524962229.png (1.08 MB, 1024x768, 9bf21c01e85b284d389fa29408c4ab…)

No. 23360

now now ladies, lets be welcoming to our robot friends

No. 23361

why? common interests bond people.

No. 23362

File: 1439525026250.jpg (77.01 KB, 400x414, image.jpg)

>mfw this whole crossboard interaction

No. 23453

File: 1439525033102.jpg (352.02 KB, 828x1403, 1005 - RquH0Rt.jpg)


the fact that you CAN has no bearing on your subconscious. the subconscious is black and white, all it sees is that you DON'T and he DOES and that is all that matters at that level.

if you wanted to experiment, try getting a job equal to or better than his, and see how long it takes for you to start losing interest.

No. 23454

No. 23456


Come here and get your cyber hug ;~; i almost wanna find you and give you an irl one

No. 23457

but he's not had a job while i have and i was just as attracted to him? it really doesn't matter. he's very special and job or no job, i'm sticking with him.

No. 23458


yo stop being miserable and date some chick at your job

No. 23460

Honestly, I wouldn't mind. I've got nothing to hide and it's not like I'm going anywhere as it is.

Cyber-hug regardless.

No. 23461

Hypocritical brobots, falling for the vaginal jew.

No. 23463


;~; i feel so sad for you bro! No one should feel like they're dying alone.

No. 23465

California gold please. Thank you.

No. 23466


I'm giggling like mad and i can't even think of a part 2 jesus Christmas

No. 23471

post a real picture first, not a human meme

No. 23472

What's so funny about it? ;-;

No. 23473

No. 23479

File: 1439525584105.jpg (22.16 KB, 499x499, 0107 - BbMQTzA.jpg)


im scared. I grew up in an abusive household of 6 women with a single mother and I'm don't think any woman could ever love me

No. 23480

I wish I could come up with something witty or clever to say… but it's pretty much the truth.

If it's any consolation, I'll be thinking of you as I hug my body pillow tonight to try to sleep. Can't promise I won't cry, though.

No. 23482


Its soo dramatic (in a good way) it just made me laugh

;-; dont cri anon-kun

No. 23486


awh, theres someone out there for everyone though! You honestly have to go out there and try, more than once. We all get rejected, but once you find the right person its fine.


I honestly wouldn't mind talking to you outside of here, if it helps you any.

No. 23489

i pray some nice girl comes into your life. i really hope you find a nice friend/girlfriend from here.

No. 23490

File: 1439525864131.jpg (90.57 KB, 500x500, image.jpg)

Ay how many of you brobots have body pillows? If so: who it be?

No. 23492

Honestly, all im saying is i would totally fuck Kristen Schaal.

No. 23493

Okay. Should I spoiler my contact info?

Thanks. I hope for the same. I'm not expecting it in any capacity, but it would be nice if it happened regardless.

No. 23494

If you're a girl, why don't you be that person for them?

No. 23495

I mentioned sleeping with my body pillow just before and it never occurred to me that people would take it to mean I sleep with an anime waifu pillow. I actually just have a regular body pillow that I sleep with to keep my head elevated at night to prevent sleep apnea and whatnot… I wouldn't even know where to get an anime girl pillow if I wanted one.

No. 23496

File: 1439526051725.jpg (12.01 KB, 249x249, 1.jpg)

>theres someone out there for everyone

Not me, I don't think my mom would like that.

No. 23497

i'm already taken. i would be his friend but i'm in a strict arrangement with my partner and am not allowed to speak to other people.

No. 23498


"And fly they did… robots from all across r9k rushed to see if it was true. Could it be possible? Was it real? And, it was! Someone decided to make the first thread. A brave brave soul asking for the only thing he ever wanted in life. A GF. A real GF that he could maybe hold hands over skype with. He was greated with an "oh god its happening". And happening it was.

The other robots decided to try their luck by posting pictures of themselves, and the farmers responded with honest rates and actual compassion.

It was glorious, but then"

No. 23499

Damn. I just wanted to see QT girls.

No. 23500

Whoa, that seems pretty harsh… What are the terms, if I may ask?

No. 23503


sure, what do you think would be good to contact you on?

No. 23507

I can do email and Skype. I'm more inclined toward email because I check it often – I forget about Skype and will sometimes not sign in (also, I can only text – don't have a mic or cam – so I figure it's not much different from email).
godzilla0615 - Skype

No. 23509

File: 1439526351411.jpg (332 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nldp1ibf4V1u77maso1_128…)

looking for belly gf

No. 23510

Oh… didn't know emails were protected. Lemme try that again.

No. 23511



so lets stick to email then. Shoot me one so I'm sure i gave you the right address lol

No. 23512

God dammit, mod locked my thread lol
Seriously, no one wants to try the pen pal thing?

No. 23514

i don't have other friends and am not allowed to. i only can speak to people on a regular basis out of complete necessity. my partner is my only friend. i only speak to family. i love it. they are the same way and are not allowed friends.

No. 23515


im also a dumbass woops
spazzattackking @ gmail. Com

No. 23517

File: 1439526460972.jpg (88.55 KB, 479x840, 3ad0020370f9cb61005c047cd09dc2…)


I don't have one, but if u were to get one, it would have to have her on it.

No. 23519

ewww, spoiler that shit nigga

No. 23520


I'll be your penpal if you have any actual interests

No. 23521

Relationships sound weird. Maybe I am better off staying a robot.

No. 23522

>actual interests
Define actual interests.

No. 23523

I watch a lot of films, play the drums, bicycle and swim every day, and I'm reading a lot lately (although mostly educational stuff). Does that qualify?

No. 23524

>tfw no Australian gf

No. 23525

She's cute. What's she from? 2lazy2google

No. 23526

That's hardcore. I sincerely hope you two continue to be happy that way and don't go insane.

No. 23528

most people call our relationship dysfunctional. this works for us. relationships can be however you and your partner want them to be. most people are not cut out for our style of relationship.

No. 23529


Relationships are what you make them though.

No. 23531

>good things are actually starting to come out of the semi-raid

I am kind of digging this alliance.

No. 23532

Not just lame guy stuff, something a girl might actually want to talk about

That qualifies

I'm in Australia but not Australian

No. 23534

File: 1439526849372.jpg (170.06 KB, 750x1334, 1434309563647.jpg)

Being mad at me for being a man doesn't change anything for anyone.
Bye ;^)

No. 23535

File: 1439526850160.jpg (84.65 KB, 454x453, 1439509937728.jpg)

robots are normies
what you ladies are looking for is at


No. 23536

thank you! but why would we? most people are garbage and we both know this. we know we are truly the only people that will be there for one another. and the majority of people settle for very bad friendships. our brand of friendship is stronger, and more fulfilling than 8 regular friendships combined, so what's the point?

No. 23537

No. 23538

I don't know what girls want to talk about!
This is why I need a pen pal!

No. 23539

Don't get too fuzzy I think the fish are just bored.

No. 23540

>in Australia
That would be good enough ^^

No. 23541


Shit m8 that's terrible, CF is fucking evil.
Are you in the UK? I'll give you a hug if you're nearby. We can go out for coffee and movie.

No. 23543

>Not just lame guy stuff, something a girl might actually want to talk about
What would a girl want to talk about? What are your own interests that you would like to talk about?

No. 23544


No. 23546

In my experience, this is how most people feel. I'm not saying you're wrong or that it won't work out, of course, just… It doesn't hurt to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

No. 23547

Cystic Fibrosis Anon has a really sexy voice tbh, I could listen to him talk all day.

No. 23548


depends on the girl. I could say girls want to talk about makeup and other girls, but not all of them are into that. Just like not all guys like cars and sports.

No. 23549

of course, and i do have ways to protect myself, and in a relationship or not, i usually don't keep friends, so i'm not really throwing much away. thank you for the concern and pragmatism though, anon!

No. 23550

Hmmm, can you see this? When I posted it it said [email protected] and now it doesn't. Lolcow is confusing.

No. 23551

r-roasties get out

No. 23552


Break the email up like example @ yahoo.com

No. 23553

Throwawayforlolcow @ gmail.com

No. 23554

I live in the U.S. Sorry. :/

I'm CF anon. I don't have a mic, so whatever you heard wasn't me. Unless I lost track of the conversation and there was another CF anon in the thread I missed.

No. 23555

how does this board exist
how did you all find it
i don't understand where you peopel came from

No. 23556

Did that one show up?

No. 23557

there there friend, its gonna be okay. ssh, sssh.

No. 23558

Where in Aus?

Don't worry, I'll teach you how to talk to girls

No. 23559

File: 1439527527699.jpg (23.55 KB, 510x427, 1380513830674.jpg)

>mfw robots abandon their vitriol as soon as they realize women who aren't sorority whores exist

All of you go outbreed Chad and Stacy. Beta uprising now.

No. 23560

How do we know that this board is filled with grills? Just because some bloke said it on /r9k/? Gonna need proof of some sort tbh lasses

No. 23561

this board was created to talk about lolcows. that's why there's an entire board about lolcows. if this place was created just for women to talk about everything under the sun that interested them, it'd be a lot more varied but this was never intended to be a safe haven for introverted girls. after moot shit all over 4chan and cgl, the girls from cgl migrated here, too.

No. 23562

i'm not upset im just comfused about how this board wqould get marketed

No. 23563

No. 23564

File: 1439527658303.jpg (Spoiler Image,128.04 KB, 441x480, 1439505269523.jpg)

No. 23565

thanks i lov eyou

No. 23566

Please answer my question(>>23543), I don't think I'll be able to be your penpal, but I would appreciate a little bit of help.

No. 23567

also, talking about lolcows isn't a female only hobby, or whatever. kiwifarms is filled with both men and women. lolcow is the female counterpart to /cow/, not r9k. the only reason why there's more interest in lolita bullshit/appearance based stuff is because of the cgl influence.

No. 23570

Oh god, all these threads being made by my fellow pilgrims and making the rest of us look bad. I'm so ashamed.

Normal residents of this forum, please accept my apology for their conduct.

No. 23571

o-ok, thank you :3

No. 23572

You have very beautiful breasts.

No. 23573


No. 23574


Seriously though, just want to chat with a femanon chan user. Genuinely curious about what you might be like.

No. 23575

Hope I didn't get shadow banned or something
To whoever wanted to be pen pals with the bicycling film guy, that's my email >>23553

No. 23576

but today's the 14th

No. 23577



No. 23578

>thinking girls have any interests other than gossiping and scheming about other people behind their backs
how naive are you ?
even if they say they do, they are just pretending so they can fit in

No. 23579

It's still the 13th in California, fam.

No. 23580

You don't sound like a unique individual by shitting on your brothers.

You just sound like a little beta faggot who is willing to throw everyone else under a bus just to get a femanon to reply to you.

Fuck you asshole.

No. 23581

>taking r9k this seriously
stop being so selfish for a second and think about the shame and embarrassment your parents must feel when they think of you

No. 23582

Jsyk that beta kiss ass sounds more appealing than you wannabe Tyler Durden fags

No. 23585

>Don't worry, I'll teach you how to talk to girls
No bully pls

this.is.terrifying at gmail.com

No. 23586

I thought so too.

Maybe she is typing up a detailed a thoughtful post right now though, let's wait and see.

No. 23589

How is being against throwing other people under a bus the same as wanting to be Tyler Durden? Can't say I give a fuck what you find attractive when you say such retarded things.

No. 23591

QT, r u fishing for compliments?

If it'll fill in a little more and you could keep it neat, it could look good, as is it looks a little patchy and messy.

No. 23592

File: 1439528417622.gif (890.17 KB, 305x320, 1424252359704.gif)

>live in cali
>no lolcow fembot with nice tits to sleep in

No. 23593

Oh jeez, how nice. I just don't want to be thought poorly of because some other people are too dense to use the obvious containment thread.

No. 23594

The only faggot taking it seriously is the guy who thinks random anonymous fags on the internet making posts somehow reflects upon him. The faggot literally went out of his way to apologize to a bunch of anonymous whores on the internet on behalf of a bunch of anonymous retards on the internet.

He did it because he probably thinks he's actually going to get the attention of a femanon and live happily ever after.

That's fucking beyond sad.

No. 23595

File: 1439528478080.jpg (59.77 KB, 843x818, XeW2c9Q.jpg)

Well, shit. I have to get up in 3 hours so I can't wait any longer for an email unfortunately. I'll check it in the morning but I get the feeling I'm either shadow banned or whoever was interested in being pen pals changed their minds. That's a shame. Goodnight, farmers and robots.

No. 23596

Nope, it's not your face.

No. 23598


Years ago back on 4chan's /cgl/ we had an enormous community and culture developed. The board was amazing, but then Jewt came a long and destroyed /cgl/ thus leaving us all adrift, so we all moved to a new board called MaximumFaggotry which was operated by a fellow /seagull/.

Maxfag turned out to be run by a jew who started begging for donations and behaving like a conniving, underageb& cunt in general and so got btfo and Maxfag was deleted.
A user made a new board called Staminarose which lasted a little over a year until allegations of child molestation were made against our prime cow and Queen PT and the admin went full retard and shut down the site.

Our present admin went on to create this board, lolcow, which turned out to be our mecca and safe haven.
The admin here is total boss and actually knows how to run a website so we affectionately refer to him/her as admin-san/admin-sama.

No. 23599

do you really fucking need to abbreviate everything? fucking women

No. 23601

Cuuute <3

No. 23602


sleep tight pupper.

No. 23603

he might though. there are a lot of girls here who might be into some shit he has to say, and who cares? his sheltered apologetic schtick is far more becoming than your 12 year old edgelord behavior

No. 23604

Listen, Brobots.
We don't fucking care.

No. 23605

>a femanon calling moot jewt
Wait what the fuck? I thought all women were terrified of being racist/homophobic/anti-semitic.

Tell me something… do you not give a single fuck?

No. 23606

Regardless of where you are in australia.
Email me

I have to go make a late lunch lol

No. 23607

Brah, I'm just being polite. I'd say the same thing even if the genders of the two groups were reversed. It's got nothing to do with wanting attention. If it were fit that, if be tripping. Are you sure you're not projecting at all?

No. 23608

You're going to have to try a little harder than that on lol cow.

No. 23610

Do you ever stop and maybe that maybe everything men do isn't for you?

I don't give a shit what you care about.

No. 23611

>racist homophobic
cuck pls go

No. 23612

once again, a lot of female farmers are directly from the chans, so we're used to calling people kikes or niggers or whatever

it's a board created to shit talk, like /cow/, but with spatterings of cgl

No. 23613


It's cool, you're all individual people and some of you actually seem really nice/interesting.

I don't mind accepting some tourists from /r9k/ if it means increased traffic whilst the quality of posts remains the same or increases.

Who knows, maybe we do need a slight increase in male presence here, so long as it remains female dominated as intended it's fine with me.

No. 23614


stop hurting my feelings u meanie poo :(

No. 23615

Of course I am. I was smiling the whole time I wrote that post with tears in my eyes.

No joke. I'm going to die alone and I feel happy and sad about it at the same time. Life is… wonderful.

No. 23616

then don't abbreviate everything. and don't stick up for betas… they don't learn anything that way. they've gotta stand up for themselves at some point in their life. mommy won't save them forever

No. 23617

This board is shit, mates.
Return to /r9k/ were all of you belong.

No. 23618

Is that right? Nice

No. 23619

a lot of women on here are really into quiet, shy guys and gentle femdom, soooooooooooooooooooooooo

No. 23620


how fucking retarded are some of you? you do know most of the gals here are from /cgl/ and other chan boards

even /pol/ and /b/…do you think this is the only website we use or?

No. 23621

I would have added sexist but it seemed silly considering this all started with a misandry thread.

Also, listing racism/homophobia/sexism is a jab at SJWs. But if you want to link that to cuckoldry then feel free to project.

No. 23622

Honestly your self description of your personality is a terrible basis of feedback.

> aloof, child-like personality; low stress, head in the clouds

Really all of those have good and bad interpretations, we'd need to see you in action to see how those traits play out.

> non-judgemental/manipulative lifestyle and beliefs

A good portion of judgmental people don't consider themselves judgmental. Pretty much no manipulative people admit to being manipulative, because, well, they're manipulative. Again, we'd have to see you in action.

No. 23623

That's reassuring to hear. People are much quicker to jump to a "us vs. them" mindset on r9k.

No. 23624

you know that shy quiet submissive guys like to lash out on the internet to make themselves feel better about being lonely, right? i'm speaking from personal experience. also, look at r9k if you want proof.

No. 23625

You really took that seriously?

No. 23626

this is me but as a lady. I play with legos, play vidya, like to color. No, i'm not autistic, this is just fun to me. Love looking at bugs or playing with my microscope or telescope. A lot of people find this lame tho irl I think.

No. 23627

no, that's only the quiet, retarded guys

smart, shy, quiet guys don't lash out on people

No. 23628


We actually had to ban racial discussion on every board but /b/ because the rampant racism was destroying multiple that's daily.
The anti-SJW/HAES/Tumblr threads are some of our most popular in /pt/.

The women here are vicious and unabashed and as bad as /pol/ at times tbh.

You're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.

No. 23629


There are no shadow bans on lolcow.

No. 23630

What circumstances is a child-like personality good in a relationship? I'm drawing a blank.

No. 23631

You misunderstand. I was conveying a feeling of astonishment that her post was so relatable for me.

You may not realize this, but gals like you are rare. I felt it was worth remarking on because I was genuinely impressed by her post.

Sorry for feeling a fucking sense of connection you asshole.

No. 23632

we're on the internet. i don't think we take anything seriously.

No. 23633

No one mentioned smart until now.

No. 23634

They'll be genuine, won't bring in a cup on their shoulder, don't have ridiculous expectations for you to meet.

No. 23635


oh sorry lol…you just made it sound retarded

>I thought all women were terrified of being racist/homophobic/anti-semitic

>sense of connection

You don't expect anyone to get that from what you said right?

No. 23636

yeah lol

No. 23637

its implied. very few people actively seek retarded partners.

No. 23638

yea what?

No. 23639

I'm sorry to hear that, CF blows.

No. 23640

*chip on their shoulder

No. 23642

They're not especially rare. They're just smart enough to avoid dudes.

No. 23643

>A lot of people find this lame tho irl I think

No. 23644

how would you know anything about smart, shy, quiet guys? you're a girl, you fundamentally know nothing about males. everything you think you know about men is actually just a belief.

even smart, shy, quiet guys have testosterone and aggression. they're just smart enough to find a proper outlet for it… you know, like the fucking internet.

No. 23645

>implying male sjws are not cucks

No. 23646

That's too bad; smart people are rare.

No. 23647

This protection, though…

No. 23648

>tfw no qt pol gf

No. 23649

Trigger warning

This is all bait to get traffic to a shitty knock off of 4chan. IT WAS ALL A RUSE

No. 23650


oh boy, i was wondering when the robots would show their true colours

No. 23651

*projection ffs

No. 23652

File: 1439529450878.webm (5.59 MB, 640x360, its_happening.webm)

/pol/ is my main board.

Is this the promised land? Will the Fourth Reich truly rise?

It's happening.

No. 23654

Whatcha doing to make yourself a cyborg? Hitting up /fit/ and /fa/?

No. 23655


thanks for clarifying. Yeah It sucks that people find it lame because I can never meet the right guy. I dress in normal fag basic bitch fashion often (i.e juicy, hollister, j-crew, etc) so it attracts people who don't like the same things as I do.


and no, we are not rare at all. I personally just avoid people. I prefer to be on the computer than see people IRL

No. 23656

of course i'm projecting. empathy is largely based on projection. you put yourself in someone elses shoes and think about how you'd feel.

i know i am a smart, shy, quiet guy in real life and i speak from that experience.

you can call me a retard all you want, i don't care. at the end of the day i know you're wrong.

No. 23657


do you ever get tired of your edge?

No. 23659

too much reality for you to handle? would you prefer if i put up a facade and pretended to be something i'm not?

sorry, i'm not a fraud

No. 23660

Don't get your hopes up. They're just in it for the memes.

No. 23661

Do you ever get tired of being a jaded cunt? You and I both know the answer is no.

No. 23662

lol. as if you know anything about smart, shy quiet guys. i spend literally 24 hours a day with one, and he is never aggressive. testosterone itself does not even cause aggression. that is a myth. lrn2science, ya dumb dickgob.

No. 23663


It might be habbening Anon-kun.
So long as you're not a degenerate sandnigger, uguuuu~*

No. 23665

File: 1439529764680.png (120.61 KB, 1548x1468, 1438541858001.png)

>Yeah It sucks that people find it lame because I can never meet the right guy

Be thankful that you get to be so picky.

No. 23666

Avoiding people makes you rare. I avoid people too. Both of us avoiding people makes contact rare. Most people, regardless of gender, do not live like we do.

I guess femanons here don't have the desire for companionship that their anon counterparts do. No wonder most of us are alone.

No. 23668


why would I?

kappa :^)

No. 23669


ur a guest in our home u fuck, stop being a rude ass or you won't get any tendies.

No. 23670


honestly this isn't a battle you'll win. Edgelord over here wants to think that he represents all shy males, just let him think that.

No. 23671

it really isn't. you have no idea what empathy is. you're saying that only your version of reality is true, and must apply to all other "smart, shy" men because "testosterone". that is not a component of being empathetic, at all.

No. 23674

I never called you retarded. My point was that you can't speak for all shy men just because you are one. I'm quiet, shy, and smart, and I don't need to vent in the internet.

No. 23675

Some top bants in this thread tbh

No. 23676


To be fair so many of us have had such horrendous experiences with men growing up that we just tend to avoid you altogether or date girls instead.
Don't take it personally.

No. 23677

File: 1439529998596.png (8.79 KB, 288x365, 1406148713621.png)

How do I know you aren't just some male JIDF member who is looking to infiltrate this board and turn everyone into degenerate sluts?

I'm on to you Schlomo…

No. 23678

Good point.

No. 23679

you're supposed to show your guests respect though. you're all just laughing at us robots for being lonely

No. 23680

well this goes both ways

No. 23681

you/they were never invited, and the robots that have proven to be pantshittingly retarded have overstayed their welcome.

No. 23682

really? have you been physically abused by women?

No. 23683


We're actually being civil though. Come on anon-kun, can't you see we're trying to be extra kawaii and nice you you? uguu

No. 23685

No. 23686

y-yes, also mentally

No. 23687

by whom?

No. 23689

>you're saying that only your version of reality is true
nope, i didn't say that at all. i said that my version of reality is the basis for my empathy. interaction with other people(and their version of reality) alters my own perceptions and thus alters my empathy. since other people have different lives (and therefore realities) i can gain needed insight by listening to them.

i offered my version of reality as a shy quiet male. you rejected it entirely. that's a lack of empathy on your part, not mine. you simply refuse to alter your view of shy quiet males because you'd prefer to continue your own version of reality.

No. 23691

by a lot of girls in high school

No. 23692

wanna be friends?post email and ill reply tomorrow

also wtf is this supposed to mean

No. 23693

i bet if all the robots left you'd all just be calling each other retards.

so how the fuck is it any different having us here?

No. 23694

File: 1439530400006.jpg (117.33 KB, 1440x1080, 1433405633910.jpg)

Relationships are dumb and gay. Who /dyingalone/ here?

No. 23695

If they have the optimistic, cheerful, and straight forward bits of a 'child like personality' and not the brat-ish, selfish bits.

No. 23697

i never said i spoke for all shy quiet males. i pointed out that there are shy quiet males who lash out on the internet as an outlet for aggression.

No. 23698

it seems the most logical thing to do

No. 23699

Do fembots on this board think themselves as lonely?

Just seeing the interaction between the robots of /r9k/ and this board just shows a massive difference in the way men and women handle attention.

No. 23700

tell me about the specific instances where you've been physically abused by these high school girls. your story sounds a little suspect. mental abuse i will accept, but physical abuse from random high school girls that dislike you? i really doubt catty high school bitches give a shit to waste their time enough on you, outside of shit talking and humiliation.

No. 23701

the best post I've seen in this here thread

No. 23702

read the confessions thread. there are many women on here that are lonely. we're just not total nutcases that obsess about not having men and preoccupy our lives with our hatred for the men that disappoint us.

No. 23703

I was. In high school I was a pretty small guy and one loudmouth girl threw me into a locker outside class once. The entire class was watching. It was a pretty emasculating experience.

This was the same girl who spread rumors about me in middle school claiming that I had a small penis.

Is it really that hard for you to realize that people being shitty has nothing to do with gender? Most PEOPLE are assholes. Gender is irrelevant. Seems to me that those of us with shitty experiences in our past should be trying to find each other to bond. But far too many people, both men and women, decide to reject the opposite gender entirely purely because of the past actions of a few.

No. 23704


some do. If you search hard enough you'll probably find a feels thread or two about it.

Why the hell do i think of boku no pico whenever i look at this image

No. 23705

I think women generally have more options for social interaction than men do, so those of us who are lonely are the ones who decided to be that way

No. 23706

that is terrible. i'm sorry about that.

No. 23707

It means that no matter how hard Wojak tries, he'll never be "himself" (in other words, what society says he should be regardless of whether or not that's actually who/what he is) enough to appeal to the opposite gender.

No. 23708

you watch too much shota porn

No. 23709

So humiliation isn't enough for you? Since he wasn't physically abused he should just man up, is that it?

You're being a total bitch. If you were actually abused in your life you should be ashamed of how you're treating that guy. You are literally dismissing his victimization based on nothing but his gender.

No. 23710

Me too, and not the cute kind of bullying either, it was really terrible. On the other hand, guys never bullied me.

I get triggered whenever a girl is mean to me online, especially if it happens on an imageboard (I've come to consider them "safe spaces" so it's always much worse when it happens there)

No. 23711

Yeah, and that's fine. I mean, don't be violent and hateful towards the other sex, but if you have your reasons to not want to interact with them anymore than you have to then I don't blame you.

No. 23713

Do dogs count?

No. 23715

not at all. i'm just saying, many women on here have been physically, sexually, and mentally abused. all abuse is terrible, but the comparisons… i mean, come on, you can't deny that women that have experienced a spectrum of abuse by many men, or even just one man, is kind of worse than just getting called a pencil dicked loser by a few high school girls.

No. 23716

I don't hold it against women. But it's something that shaped me as a person. I became a shut-in during high school and never spoke to girls after that.

Now I'm a lonely 25 year old who has no idea how to talk to women. It's pretty much impossible for me to recover at this point since women don't have time to deal with a quiet, shy, and inexperienced male.

Thankfully all the alone time has allowed me to be happy by myself. So I guess dying alone won't be so bad.

No. 23718

No. bestiality is illegal in most countries.

No. 23719

Sure, sounds nice.

this.is.terrifying at gmail.com

No. 23720

Can never be too much shota porn.

No. 23721


gods truth right here

No. 23722

Is dying alone even that bad? I can think of worse things then passing away after a fulfilled life spent bettering oneself.

No. 23723

Want to hold hands and watch the world burn?

No. 23724

The waifu age is coming. Just hold out a dozen years or so and enhanced reality will make it all better.

No. 23725

I once got beat up in front of the entire class by this girl that tried to trip me in the hallway that i called whore.

When i moved to another school i got constantly pushed around by these two girls. They would punch and kick me.

That was in the 7th grade.

No. 23726


Spoony is that you?

No. 23727

Fem here. Don't hang out with anyone IRL.

I know I'm not hideous but I feel ugly/gross/not womanly( Petite, low weight, flat chested) socially retarded (anxiety) so I hide by myself sometimes .

I do have men wanting to hang out with me or talk to me, but I'm honestly so bored of most of them. I wanna hang out IRL maybe for an hour max then go browse the Internet/play games.

I have a hard time because I have traditionally "feminine" interests like clothes, makeup, cooking (kek), skincare, etc but also introverted, robotics, gaming, child like game like Legos. I feel like I'll never find anyone honestly.

I don't want to be forever alone…I've only recently realized how lonely I was, only going to robotics meetings then coming home. All weekend home alone playing vidya

No. 23729

>Just seeing the interaction between the robots of /r9k/ and this board just shows a massive difference in the way men and women handle attention.
Can you elaborate on that?

No. 23730

Why did you call her a whore…

No. 23731

yeah, please do elaborate. all i'm seeing is lolcow girls being fairly nice to nice guys, and being aggressive towards hostile idiots. what's wrong with that?

No. 23732


She tried to strip you? Wtf… oh wait that says trip.

Still shitty behavior

No. 23733

You and I sound compatible, so I'm sure there's others out there who would be right for you. Don't give up yet!

No. 23734

Why does it have to be a contest for who has it worse? Can't we just accept that both sides have been shit on in their lives and try to be nice to each other?

No. 23735

literally me

No. 23736

>I do have men wanting to hang out with me or talk to me

How often do you have sex with them, how many have you had sex with?

No. 23737

I lol'd tbh

No. 23738

Tbh most of the ones here that are raging and being irrationally aggressive are the male posters. From what I've seen the females were just trolling.

No. 23739

Because she tried to trip me and that's the first thing that popped in my mind.

No. 23741

Oh it seemed like you called her that before she did anything. nvm then

No. 23743

You sound like exactly what a lot of robots yearn for.

All you have to do is reach out if you're lonely.

No. 23744

Do you have an email so we can chat? I wanna make some friends with similar interests :) or work on my interpersonal skills lol…I actually left "regular" school back in high school and did it online, social skills got so fucked

Of the guys that want to hang out? None. I've only slept with boyfriends (I'm 20, slept with 5 boyfriend)

No. 23746

you guys just automatically identify hostile posts as male

No. 23747

What do you mean by "guys who want to hang out"? Are they friends? Do you have a social circle but just don't participate in it often?

No. 23749

Are you going to elaborate or not?

No. 23750

Just curious… what country are you from?

No. 23752

Um, sure I guess. I don't really know how to do the throwaway thing, so…

chrisxnemo @ gmail , com

No. 23753

Just the fact that robots have flocked to this board with "looking for gf" and shit (wasn't really expecting any better tbh).

tbf I made that comment after only reading half the thread and yeah, most of the aggressive "need gf" posters have left by now.

Its also early and I've been drinking, so not exactly not the most thought out comment.

No. 23754

i didn't make the post you two replied to. but i'll offer my own elaboration on what i've seen so far

you see one or two retarded posters who are trolling. you assume they're genuinely mad or irrational. you then apply their mentality to all robots and return their hostility. this sets off other robots and they jump into the flame war to defend themselves. cycle repeats.

No. 23755


One of the issues I have is feeling like some guys just idolize me by making me a character in their head. Honestly this may not happen at all I'm just paranoid about not being liked for who I am. I don't want to be anyone's "nerdy grill omg!!". I hate having guys say shit like "OMG YOU LIKE XX WOW MARRY ME Now" from knowing like almost nothing about me but acting like this is my whole personality (like I'm a movie trope or something). I try to reach out by going to cardshops to play magic (I'm ok) and hearthstone (I'm 4x legend) but I feel like ogled at (nor for being LEL SO HAWT but for being female and it makes me nervous bc anxiety) or that they think I such at games/I'm incompetent which freaks me out and gives me anxiety. I know I sound like a whiny fuck but it's hard to reach out when you lived alone for so long like me. I've been using reddit lately and it has helped with my lonely ness a bit though

No. 23757

File: 1439531711513.jpg (33.16 KB, 482x475, FUCK.jpg)

Coming from 4chan with userjs this website feels hardly usable, especially give and how fast this thread is going and how long it is.

No. 23758

Am I the only one here who finds it strange how totally obvious things here need to be elaborated? Like a lot of you already said you're socially retarded but wow, I didn't realize to what extent.

No. 23759

Problem is nobody yearns for robots.

No. 23760

No there are def male dude cmon. Like the guy making a bunch of spam threads. And usually have hurdur dumb whore/cunt/bitch at the end of their argument. Sure not all of you are like that but the ones posting like that are the males

No. 23761

Well if you want to chat I'm

I'd like to make some friends from this place since a bunch of you seem really relatable. I can only hope I don't scare people away by offering to chat.

No. 23762


but true

No. 23764

And wouldn't those be the correct assumptions? They all sound like pretty much like the typical robot on a typical day on /r9k/. To me it seems like they're just posting normally. I'm not even from around here, I'm a femanon from /r9k/ who found this site the same way as you.

Unless I'm missing something please point to the posts you're referring to as trolling.

No. 23765

…. huh?

No. 23766


I will describe this to you and you tell me what it is. I personally don't consider it a social circle. I know some people in school as aquantances. People I've only seen IRL for a few times (not like actual hangouts just like saw 30 min in between classes)/people I have exchanged numbers with. At most we text but not really much. I meant that I so have people who ask to hang out/want to see me but I chicken out/feel horrible/bored so I stay home and chan/vidya instead. I usually sit by myself during lunch and head straight to dorm after class.

The U.S., why?

No. 23767


I emailed you and you never replied </3

No. 23768

i didn't deny that there were a few guys from r9k being assholes

i'm pointing out that you don't need to shit on all of us and pretend that a few assholes represent the whole board

i don't think it's an unfair expectation

No. 23770

It doesn't sound whiny, those sound like legit concerns. For something like that, it might be better to join join a group that has a more mixed-gender demographic and try to make friends with individuals from there. My two cents, anyway.

No. 23771

Anon who asked to talk to you here. I have not emailed you yet, I will tommorow!

No. 23773

Oh god what the fuck.

I fucking knew it was a mistake to actually try to connect with someone.

No. 23774

Ur in the minority tho

No. 23775

What exactly did you find strange?

No. 23776

they didn't say that. They just said the hostile posts in here where coming from robots.

No. 23777

you're just assuming that though

anyone who has been on an imageboard for a long time knows how much a single person can shitpost

No. 23778

Am i the only person here who doesn't have friends and doesn't want any

No. 23779

Yeah I've tried joining anime club but found most people there more social/open than I could be so I just sat there and played on my ds. This year I will try to do it again though, and I'm starting a league of legends club at college (inb4 autism) and will be president so this should be a good way for me to meet new people and whatnot

No. 23780

and how do you know it isn't your fellow femanons trolling for fun?

come on, i thought we were all avid internet users here. if guys can pretend to be girls to troll, then the reverse is also possible.

No. 23781

File: 1439532325283.gif (606.77 KB, 500x278, 1432590302335.gif)


My first reaction to this post was of complete and utter disgust, followed by self-loathing when I realized how innocuous it actually was and what a piece of shit I am for interpreting it the way I did in the first place. People suck. I suck.


Such people who can die with content, isolated from other people - willingly or not - are in the unfortunate minority. Many people don't choose to do so, and, as humans tend to do, crave social interaction and partnership. We're not even getting into the lifelong quest of "bettering oneself" and deriving meaning from it (we're not Nietzsche's wet dream, after all).

Society at large has expectations of the people who make it up - or at least, the people who happen to inhabit the spaces where societies exist. One such expectation is the continued propagation of society, to have kids. Continuing your line and dying alone aren't exactly mutually exclusive, but most people tend not to associate one with the other.
But whatever with society's expectations.
I'm an incredibly selfish and self-centered person, I don't like having to or trying to match other people's pace. I'm a flippant little shit who gets bored of everything and whose supposed "passion" of history is only considered such because it's managed to hold my attention for so long. Fuck, on some days I'll even catch myself getting annoyed with or having bad thoughts about my childhood - and only - friend who's practically my brother. Dying alone is the lifestyle (or deathstyle, I guess) that fits me best.

Wow, fuck, I'm blogging like a huge faggot.

There are worse fates, but, being a negative shitter, I've always been one to focus on how much better things could be instead of how much worse. There are preferable alternatives to dying alone, but then again, I can't imagine being able to tolerate another person - let alone being tolerated by another person - long enough to die in a way that's not "alone". Come to think of it, shit, I don't think I'd like to die any way other than alone. If I were expecting company at my deathbed, I'd have to properly clean and make sure to fast so as not to shit all over myself when I croak. Then again, if I do end up growing old enough to suspect my death is approaching, I think I'd still end up fasting anyway to make sure I don't shit everywhere should I suddenly drop dead. Vanity's a funny thing.

No. 23782

Pls don't do this to me lol…I'll send you a sign of ur email written on my mayoi figurine so you know it's me. That shit cost me 150 bucks man

No. 23784




No. 23786

What school? Who do you main?

No. 23787

I guess, but it seems like everywhere I go there is hate against women like that I mean rampant. Youtube, imageboards, countless forums dedicated to hating women. Even in the misandry thread women were just talking about there bad experiences being stalked or attacked by men until the shitstorm came in. It seems like its ok for men to hate on women but if men are just criticized even a tiny bit they go apeshit. Hence the floor of this board.

This will probably fall on deaf ears but it is something that has been really bothering me. I didn't feel any dislike for the male gender until I saw all this shit literally everywhere.

No. 23788

>i'm pointing out that you don't need to shit on all of us and pretend that a few assholes represent the whole board
She never did that god damn

No. 23789

>you're just assuming that though
And you aren't?

No. 23790

Doesn't sound whiny at all. You sound a lot like robots do when they complain about being viewed poorly by women for being quiet and shy guys who play video games. Everyone wants to be liked for who they are rather than idolized based on falsehoods. I'm sure there are many robots who could go through life pretending to be something they aren't and managing to get girlfriends. But that would just feel hollow because your girlfriend would only be with you based on a lie.

It's really hard to find someone who truly likes you for who you are. It's easy to capitulate and create a persona to lure someone in with a lie.

No. 23791

i didn't assume anything at all.

No. 23792


Don't want to say because scared you know me IRL because I have some ex's that go on chans…but i main sivir, cait, malphite, reksai

No. 23793

Well you are assuming that it isnt the majority of your board. How would you know?

No. 23794


i was clarifying what the other anon was saying,>>23768 was even saying its probably some robots being asses though.

No. 23795

The youtube comments are fucking puzzling. Before I remember it was just full of 9 year olds but since the google + integration it seems like the redditpill/MGTOW types are everywhere.

No. 23796

Alright sounds like a good plan.

No. 23798

Yeah really I even said "I know not all of you are like that" ffs we have to walk on eggshells anytime we criticize something men do or else they go frothing at the mouth

No. 23800

You literally just assumed it was all done by a single shitposter, or at least you said it was the more likely scenario than /r9k/ being /r9k/.

No. 23802

I seriously doubt that's the case, given that you've been intimate with your partners and I remain a virgin…

So you don't have a role you're best at?

No. 23803

Im glad im not the only one who noticed. Any time there is a video about women's issues or something it's just buried in dislikes and/or the comments section is filled with "BUT WHAT ABOUT MEN???"

No. 23804

To me it seems like you're deflecting and moving the goalpost. Why did you even bring something that was not relevant to the conversation? It started off as her saying the nice robots are treated nicely, and the hostile ones not so much. And now it's this shit.

No. 23807

Thanks man. I have played the false ness before, pretending to be stupid and stuff a long time ago because I wanted guys to like me. Since I spend so much time alone I tend to read a lot of crap and It's hard bring myself to correct men/say oh that's wrong/this is right for fear of being thought of as a cunt or something. I've been slowly working on that (not like rudely telling people they are retarded but being able to stand up for myself/be who I am/share what I want to share) which I hope helps me gain friendships or relationships. I'm tired of being super passive and letting my life pass by miserable by pretending to be someone I'm not. I want to play with Legos with friends, build houses or spaceships, or roll around in the mud, or maybe RP IRL or larp as retarded as those things may sound that's just what I like and who I am. And I guess I have to stop being ashamed of myself

No. 23808

When was the last time you truly fallen in love ?
For me around 10 years ago, i've never felt that feeling ever since and probably never will.

No. 23810

Misanthrope master race. Everyone is a jackass regardless of gender until proven otherwise.

No. 23811

Sorry just paranoid. And jungle and adc are my best roles

No. 23812

because i browse the board on a daily basis. do you?

No. 23815

It is relevant, this board was flooded because guys were butthurt, no?

No. 23816

no, actually i presented it as a possibility. the reason i presented the possibility is because it is reasonable to believe that it is a small group of people shitposting rather than an entire board.

No. 23818

I browse this board on a daily basis, do you?

No. 23819


Yo but who said it was the whole board? We can all see its not the whole board, but just some dudes from r9k who thought they where being cool.

No. 23820


I think there is a bit more to it than that.

No. 23821

Obviously it is not the entire board but it is multiple people

No. 23822

I can't speak for anyone else, but I came because I was curious.

How do you deal with your buff getting stolen in the beginning as jungle? Or worse, getting killed asap at your buff?

No. 23823

The internet is filled with people posting bullshit. Men get shit on just as much as women… the difference is that we don't get shit on due to our gender. We get shit on for a whole host of other arbitrary bullshit. You just notice the female hate more because it relates directly to you.

It isn't acceptable to hate women. People can simply get away with it on the internet.

There are plenty of women who blatantly hate on men. Look at tumblr and the entire SJW movement. Shall I hate all women now because I read some feminist blog posts? Of course not. Don't let hate corrupt you.

No. 23825

This is correct, though i can easily lie and charm my way into a relationship,what is the point?
It would feel like shit.

No. 23826

Sounds a lot better than nothing from a robot's perspective (I wouldn't actually know, though)

No. 23827

This past year. She was everything I'm not, and she challenged me each and every day to better myself. Even just having conversations was a mental exercise for me, trying to come up with exactly what to say in just the right way. I couldn't make her happy, though…

No. 23829

Why not?

No. 23830

just find a bf who isn't into those things, it really helps

No. 23833

Honestly i'd rather just fap if it's going to be half assed.
Do it right or not at all lol

No. 23834

nope. so are you going to try to tell me that no one here trolls? because i'm going to call you naive if that's the case

No. 23835

>Men get shit on just as much as women… the difference is that we don't get shit on due to our gender. We get shit on for a whole host of other arbitrary bullshit. You just notice the female hate more because it relates directly to you.
Uh, what is your point here? If anything it only proves my point that misogyny is much more rampant and serious than misandry. I notice hate towards women because it is everywhere. I was not actively seeking it out. You basically just said that men are not judged based on their gender but women are. So no, they do not get shit on the way women do.

>It isn't acceptable to hate women. People can simply get away with it on the internet.

I know but it is acceptable on the internet

>There are plenty of women who blatantly hate on men. Look at tumblr and the entire SJW movement.

There is a massive difference between misandry and misogyny. Those tumblrina are just a joke for the most part. The worst thing they have said is "bathing in male tears" whereas female hate is more like "all women deserve to be raped" and they believe it too. Tumblr is so fucking pc no one would say anything like that.

No. 23836

God I wish I knew. I tried so hard, but the only things she wanted from me were physical impossibilities, like jumping halfway across the planet to hold her right that instant.

No. 23837


Ouch. I'm sorry dude

No. 23838


It's incredibly lonely to have a relationship based on lies. And its also very exhausting, I'd honestly say you're better off alone.

No. 23839

I know a troll on here when I see one. Nobody on here would pretend to be a male shitting on women in a non obvious way.

No. 23840

File: 1439533707618.png (428.25 KB, 576x432, 1398349498152.png)

>23 female virgin
>first and only kiss was with a guy who regretted it right after
>no car

Might as well just die now.

No. 23841

Female issue videos get filled with that for a specific reason. It's because feminism claims to be about "equality" and can be helpful to men… but they ignore and ridicule male issues. Feminists also love to inject their ideology into every part of society they can reach.

Men get sick of it and decide to retaliate. Thus, female hate.

No. 23842


what kind of job do you have? also not that hard to find a guy who will drive to you

No. 23846

Therapy sessions?

No. 23847

m-meant to quote >>23694

No. 23848

It's pretty lonely to have no relationships at all too. You're also ignoring the effect of never being in a relationship, it is totally different for someone like you who has not been alone their entire life.

This is bait

No. 23849

File: 1439533885936.png (59.18 KB, 506x608, 1436757495337.png)

>what kind of job do you have?

I don't.

No. 23851

Yes how dare the evil feminists make a video raising awareness of little girls having their clits cut off in third world countries. Selfish bitches man.

How about instead of shitting on female centered issues you go cover male issues yourself? MRA's dont actually do shit to raise awareness about the so called issues they say they care about. All I see is them bitching that women have rights.

No. 23852

ill rape u faggot

No. 23853

It's a process to not hate yourself when you don't fit into social norms. It takes time and effort, but you can do it.

I think it also helps to have people in your life who are similar to you because it lets you know that you aren't alone and it's okay to not be normal.

I have friends who I relate to and can be myself with. I can also be myself with family. But I still pretend to be something I'm not when I meet new people or have to go out in public. It's very draining which is why I spend a lot of my time alone.

No. 23854

Thanks. I appreciate it.
>not in education, EMPLOYMENT, or training

No. 23857


why dont you get a job?

No. 23858

Knowing someone thinks I'm so pathetic that my post is bait only made me more sad.

No. 23859

>no threading
>no highlights on my own posts
>no updater
>no QR

No. 23861

meant for >>23849

No. 23862


No. 23863

if you never go out, never use online dating, etc, then you shouldn't be surprised?

what are you looking for? if you're looking for guys to go on casual dates for you just use tinder or okc. might take a lot of work tho.

No. 23865

>MRA's dont actually do shit to raise awareness about the so called issues they say they care about. All I see is them bitching that women have rights.
This so fucking much.

No. 23866

look i'm not here to fight all day about this shit. if you accept that it isn't the whole board then we can just drop it and move on.

No. 23867

I mean that was said in the beginning but okie

No. 23868

Consider it dropped. Don't bring it up next time.

No. 23869

You're just cherry picking the issues you know are righteous. Feminists run around shitting on men all across the fucking internet and you damn well know it.

You can shit on MRAs all you want, doesn't change shit and it isn't going to stop men from spitting on feminism.

If you want men to calm the fuck down with the female hate and actually care about female issues maybe you should rein in your attack dog. SJWs are fucking DESTROYING gender relations and EVERYONE knows it. MRAs are nothing but a bunch of retarded neckbeards trying to organize retaliation against feminism. They didn't start this shit, feminists did. So I don't give a flying fuck about how much they spam shitty comments on gender mutilation videos on youtube.

No. 23870

Is tinder even for dates at all? Isn't it just no-strings-attached sex?

No. 23871

Because no one will hire me. I've never had a job offline, so I guess no one wants to hire some inexperienced 23 year old
>what are you looking for? if you're looking for guys to go on casual dates for you just use tinder or okc

I don't want a casual date or a hook up. I want a man to love me and to give myself to. I want to turn my life around, but I can't seem to do that.

No. 23872

>i wasn't shitting on all robots
>obviously no one was
>why'd you bring up what other posters were saying
yeah uh huh. go ahead and pretend that i started this argument. men are responsible for everything, right?

No. 23874

I think it's bait because it is NOT particularly pathetic.

No. 23875

> B-but she started it!!!

I don't care if you wana shit up feminist shit like #banbossy. Im not a SJW you idiot. Not every fucking woman who disagrees with you is a "femnazi" Again you cry over some tumblrina drinking out of a mug that says male tears on it like that is even on the same level as the hate women get.

No. 23876

im suspicious, but people have claimed to have met their SO on tinder before. i figure it's worth a shot if you have no other options.
are you someone worth falling in love w/? probably not. if so, just work on the small things and don't worry about it. it's not even that hard. ive managed to keep a bf around for a while even though im boring and have a bad personality.

No. 23877

>Feminists run around shitting on men all across the fucking internet and you damn well know it.

>SJWs are fucking DESTROYING gender relations and EVERYONE knows it.

100% diatribe and indefensible claims and 0% factual statements.

The movement against tumblr SJWs these days, seems to me, larger then the SJW movement itself.

Where do sizable amounts of SJWs hang out outside of tumblr?

No. 23878

No you are just acting very ignorant and immature. And if you weren't doing so there wouldn't be an argument in the first place.

No. 23879

Ouch femanon, that's fucking brutal.

No. 23880

I've been on OKCupid for years and the most I've ever had happen were have every possible match look at my profile and then pass or have some sketchy profile with no picture or a really low match rate (like 30%) send me a message.

I really wish there were better options for people like me.

No. 23881

Probably not. I carry a lot of baggage and have incredibly low self esteem. I want to be someone to love though.
This is exactly why I don't use dating sites.

No. 23882

>really low match rate (like 30%) send me a message.
Are you sure you're not putting too much faith in the match system?

No. 23883

are you a girl? just send more messages, it works pretty well. if you're in a rural area that sucks though,

No. 23884

Colleges, Universities, Abortion Clinics.

No. 23885

File: 1439534885085.jpg (389.81 KB, 1280x1556, 1425952090242.jpg)

>mfw I came here to watch interaction
>mfw there's only desperate robots in this thread

No. 23886

No. 23887

But that's exactly what you did. We were arguing about one thing and you suddenly came in with your #notallrobots shit which wasn't even relevant to the argument at hand. See >>23729 >>23731. Now, was any of that about what you were talking about before you started posting?

No. 23888

Ive only had one boyfriend, and I met him on an mmorg. So i have no idea how to meet guys…I want to try dating profiles but im kinda put off and probably too young

No. 23889

Not a girl, so online dating is pretty much dead for me. Too bad I'm too socially inept to make friends or go outside.

No. 23890

Lol one of the neckbeards who believe they should have control over women's bodies. Here we go…

No. 23891

How to I get my bf to like abuse me and call me a whore?

cuz im a slut for that shit

No. 23892

>Abortion Clinics.
Are you being fucking serious right now

No. 23894

>The movement against tumblr SJWs these days, seems to me, larger then the SJW movement itself.
That's because of where you browse, moron.
Opinions trending towards the SJW extreme are more socially acceptable than opinions trending towards the /pol/ extreme

No. 23895

>Uh, what is your point here? If anything it only proves my point that misogyny is much more rampant and serious than misandry. I notice hate towards women because it is everywhere. I was not actively seeking it out. You basically just said that men are not judged based on their gender but women are. So no, they do not get shit on the way women do.
It doesn't prove misogyny at all. It proves that people say offensive things on the internet. Just because someone makes a joke about women being whores doesn't mean they actually hate women. You confuse offensive comments with actual hate. It's all the same shit at the end of the day, you're just upset that people make offensive comments about your gender. If it wasn't your gender it would just be something else. People are assholes, deal with it.
>I know but it is acceptable on the internet
What's your point? Everything is acceptable on the internet.
>There is a massive difference between misandry and misogyny. Those tumblrina are just a joke for the most part. The worst thing they have said is "bathing in male tears" whereas female hate is more like "all women deserve to be raped" and they believe it too. Tumblr is so fucking pc no one would say anything like that.
Oh good God you have no idea what you're talking about. These SJWs have literally reshaped child custody and divorce laws. They actively teach the concept of male privilege to young women in college. They demonize males to a point where women believe that all men are rapists. There are some who advocate for reducing the male population by 90% in order to create a utopia. You simply have no idea how large-scale the feminist man-hating group truly is. And you have no idea how much social influence they wield. I don't blame you for being utterly unaware since you're a woman. Why the hell would you pay any attention to hatred directed at men?

No. 23896

idk, my ex bf being obsessed with falling in love apparently and hanging around foreveralone types on the internet has just made me bitter to that type of shit. falling and love and staying in love is a HUGE commitment, and people don't tend to want to keep around someone who isn't a good fit for them. even being insecure and being suspcious that your partner is dating down and will leave you will really wreak havoc on your relationship.

No. 23897

If I had a dime for every time I'm linked to that article I could afford to buy tinder by now.

No. 23898


Just ask him too

No. 23899

Ha ha ha. Yeah. Redditpill/sandman/MRM are just bantz m8

No. 23901

> omg no one is hating on women, we r just joking!!!

> Men are hated on so much femnazi ruin everything bro

God you are so fucking stupid and keep contradicting yourself

No. 23902

why don't you ask him through direct communication? if not there's always fetlife

how young are you? if you're 18 it's probably ok, guys are over that shit. or you can go to parties/bars

it's very sensationalistic. a lot of moral panic.

look for meetups


i have some baggage, low self esteem, etc, and i got someone to fall in love. it does make the relationship more difficult. you're probably not there yet, but it's not as hard as you think

No. 23903

>arousal intensifies
Too bad distance is a thing most likely.

No. 23904

Oh my god… do you realise how much a hypocrite you are? Typical mindset of a neckbeard.

No. 23905

also if you want to have a real discussion on your fetishes (or any other issues in your relationship) try a little ecstasy. use judiciously tho

No. 23906

Every college campus in the fucking Western world.

Do you live in a different reality or something? Anyone who advocates the concept of "privilege" is a social justice warrior.

Look at the Mike Brown/Trayvon Martin bullshit. National protests that are STILL going on. They just chased Bernie Sanders out of a convention by screaming about Black Lives Matter. They've gotten so large that the system itself is forced to pander to them.

You simply don't notice because part of social justice panders to you. Straight white males notice the depth of the problem because we're the ONLY group who is completely alienated by the movement.

No. 23908

have you tried fetlife or just okc? tons of girls are into that.

No. 23909

You're too much of a coward to even try to reply. So you just dismiss the entire post because it was created by a male.

That is EXACTLY what I'm talking about in

You won't even have a discussion about gender related issues with men. You just want us to get on our knees and tell you how mean men are and how privileged we are. You want us to play into your victim complex and give you sympathy.

Fuck off.

No. 23910

G-girls, out of curiosity, how would you react if a good guy friend kissed you on your lips passionately? plz no bully

No. 23911

File: 1439535501732.jpg (196.99 KB, 3000x1688, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

>Straight white males notice the depth of the problem because we're the ONLY group who is completely alienated by the movement.
Omg, the Mra-tard has shown his true form

No. 23912

Meetups where? I was signed onto a meetup website for 4 years and only went to one group meetup. Left 15 minutes into it because I was completely out of my element and everybody was ignoring me.

No. 23913

Late response is late, but the ring is actually my class ring, barely took it off since I got it.

No. 23914

don't do it dude

No. 23915

Pretty much. The entire MRM is just a reflection of feminism. I think both sides of that fight are fucking retarded at the end of the day. They're two sides of the same coin.

But everyone would rather pretend that it's only one side being stupid.

No. 23916

No, no, no, no. You don't understand! He doesn't hate all women. Just the naaasty SJWs. By the way you must be an SJW if you happen to support abortion.

No. 23917

quick guys i need to vent myself

me, my bf, and my ex are going on a roadtrip tomorrow. except what is probably going to happen is that my ex and my bf will be talking about philosophy the entire time like they are right now at 3:00 in the morning. also im really bummed out about my ex doesn't like me as a friend (though he doesn't dislike me either) and i have 0 chances of doing anything sexual with him. so lol

No. 23919

What complex discussion is there? Nothing you say makes sense, you constantly contradict yourself, you don't respond to any of the argument being made and just cherry pick and twist the opposing argument.

No im not going to hold your hand and explain everything I said if you are too stupid to understand. The fact you don't address half the things I said shows how retarded you are. The only one making men seem like complete morons right now is you.

No. 23920

why the fuck are yall on a roadtrip together? smh just asking for trouble

No. 23921

everyone seems to have a lot of luck with meetup.com. i haven't used it myself. or you can look at reddit. depends on where you live.

also get a hobby hobby. try magic or warhammer or kink or something. im not an expert, just relaying things that are the best. i guess some people have no hope though.

also try therapy groups/social skills groups.

No. 23922

those two femanons i was arguing with before… this is what im talking about. the guy is trying to have a discussion and share his views and all he gets is bullshit from cunts like this one

this is why r9k hates women. its also probably why femanons here hate men. its just sad and pathetic to see the hostility and lack of interest in the other side of the story.

No. 23923

Why would you even ask something like that

No. 23924

so you have a boyfriend and you're looking for opportunities to fuck your ex

and you think that you can give dating advice? please consider suicide

No. 23926

Faggot we know you are the same guy trying to mask his hatred for women LMAO

I fucking love this because it shows what pathetic pieces of shit you are. First he starts out calm but once he gets questioned more and more he shows just how sexist and hateful he is. Hilarious.

No. 23927

my ex and my bf are bffs lol. and i thought it'd be fun for me to get out of town before school started. (and before my bf leaves me forever) also we're supposed to go somewhere far away from my house that i couldn't physically drive by myself (my bf has no driver's licensce). idk, the other decision would be to stay at home or something which i have been doing all summer.

ive also been staying at my ex's house for the last week b/c i was going to dump my bf and then i changed my mind the same night. it's ok, his parents are nice i guess. lmao this entire thing sounds like such a trainwreck but on the other hand it's not that bad.

maybe i'll convince them to take ecstacy lmao

No. 23928


No. 23929

I go to uni in a western country and there's apparently a feminism club here, or so it says on the clubs guide. But I literally never ever hear anything about them. Ever.

Seriously do you judge reality solely based on the internet? Because that's all I've ever heard anything about feminism from.

No. 23930

depending on how attractive they were id probably fuck em ;)

No. 23931

> Not all robot-tards are like that! We don't hate women!!!
> this is why r9k hates women


No. 23932

oh, my idea of something sexual was that i would suck my bf off while ex watches. that's all. but my bf wouldn't do it because it would make my ex sad. i would also then spit my bf's come over my ex's mouth. that's all.

No. 23933

How about to break some of the hostility in here, how about some music? J-just started listening to this.


Not a bad song, really.

No. 23934

File: 1439535980422.jpg (13.14 KB, 250x237, 1439291314259.jpg)

>Straight white males notice the depth of the problem because we're the ONLY group who is completely alienated by the movement.
Is this satire?

No. 23935

Yeah, it was meetup.com. I'm pretty much a lost cause because I'm not into any of that stuff. I don't like Reddit's webpage design and the whole site is pretty boring. It's much easier said than done even finding therapy groups and whatnot.

No. 23936

I was just lurking thread but wow that's one of the most spiteful things i've ever heard.

No. 23937

The two of you are just misconstruing everything I say. Probably intentionally.

You just get all defensive because I'm expressing an opinion that reflects negatively on feminism.

What does abortion have to do with SJWs? You don't even know what the fuck you're talking about. You just want to throw out strawman attacks because you have absolutely no argument to put forward.

You just see a male implying that feminism is bad for gender relations so you automatically dismiss everything I have to say. That's exactly what I'm talking about. Feminism has ultimately given women a sense of entitlement to sympathy and victimhood. Anyone who suggests that women don't have it any worse than men is automatically just some stupid shitlord MRA who hates women.

I don't hate women, but I sure as hell hate people like you two stupid cunts. But you go right ahead and claim that I hate women just because I hate you. Hide behind your gender all you want.

You're as bad as black people whipping out the racism card whenever life doesn't go their way.

No. 23938

No. 23939

hey look an admin. Should we call her mootina? Or Mooterella?

No. 23940

Fyi buddy no1curr about your mommy issues. I was just pointing out how many of you hate women. I never said I actually care though. I'm just gonna keep using my evil femnazi superpowers to get guys to buy me Red Lobster dinner.

No. 23942

Where did the name moot even come from?

No. 23943

> but I sure as hell hate people like you two stupid cunts.

Lol you really need to get your life together if you invest so much emotional energy in an image board. You seem like a miserable person. I feel bad for you. :c

No. 23944

i used to think the same thing about therapy groups but i could find a free therapist in about half an hour of work.

honestly it doesn't seem like you're willing to put in effort. im not really the best either, but it doesn't seem like you're willing to do anything unless you instantly conenct

also have you tried hanging out at cafes? not all of them are created equal but i've had some cool social experiences at one that had a lot of chatty/friendly patrons in a noisy environemnt even though they didn't lead to anything permanent. if you live in the country/small town, then tough luck.


i am into threesomes,

No. 23945

Alright, for all you delusional people who seem to think SJWs are only on the internet.

Here is a video that happened on my very own campus.


Tell me all about how misandry isn't real. Tell me all about how men don't get shit on. Tell me all about how much of a neckbearded MRA I am for being fed up with this type of shit.

You can laugh all you want and pretend that straight white males aren't demonized directly by SJWs. But the reality is that the binding belief of SJWs is privilege. Male privilege, white privilege, and cis privilege. Which group has all three of those? Straight white men. So which group is fundamentally the epitome of all evil in society in the eyes of SJWs? Straight white men.

Who gives a shit about straight white men? No one. We're all privileged pieces of shit who deserve no sympathy. We should all die alone because of all this undeserved privilege we have.

No. 23949

>What does abortion have to do with SJWs?
Well I don't know if >>23884 was a joke or not, I certainly hope so. He sounded a bit like you.

No. 23950

File: 1439536439111.jpg (16.52 KB, 538x538, 01-elliot-rodger.w529.h529.2x.…)


>Who gives a shit about straight white men? No one. We're all privileged pieces of shit who deserve no sympathy. We should all die alone because of all this undeserved privilege we have.

I couldn't of said it better myself!
Finally someone sticking up for the underdog! We have it so hard… thank you, anon-sama.

No. 23953


i think it would be the closest thing to a mmf threesome where there's a gay part and a straight part. i guess i am spiteful, but it's not 100% of the story either

No. 23954

ugh this guy is so fucking ugly wtf

No. 23955

Saying not all robots hate women doesn't mean some don't. Not hating women doesn't mean you don't understand the sentiment.

Just offering a male perspective since this entire website clearly has no insight into it. But you can all go ahead and reject the male side of things and continue to be forever alone. I don't really care.

No. 23956

>the one guy in woman studies
Didn't watch the whole video, not sure if I want to, mostly hovered, but you usually don't see guys in Woman Studies unless it's for an underlying reason besides the actual studies itself.

No. 23959

My last ex pretty much destroyed me. I wasted 5 years on her and I put my heart and soul into the relationship and got absolutely nothing in return. It's hard for me to trust after being used like that.

I don't go to cafes. I don't like coffee. Also, I have the problem of not being able to leave my house due to disability.

No. 23960

File: 1439536634893.jpg (96.88 KB, 753x1060, 1395081221700.jpg)

I haven't been on here long enough to know if this is b8 or legitimize stupidity

No. 23961

None of us are forever alone, friend. The only women who have that problem is basically their choice to do so. Women can always get a guy because men can't live without them.

No. 23962

You can be as sarcastic as you want to be. What I stated is simple reality and your sarcasm is proof. No one gives a fuck when a straight white male suffers in any way. We're judged as a whole group of people as being privileged, so any individual who has a rough time gets no sympathy.

Apparently because there are a few rich old white men who run the system we're all part of some vast patriarchal conspiracy to oppress women.

No. 23963

(Dif anon)
SJW are psycho and no one should take them seriously . Let me give you my feminist/equalitarian prespectuve on "priviledge"

I'm a white female. JUST based on RACE (nothing else) I have an easier time only RACE wise vs a black person. People generally like me more, more likely to hire me etc. that's my "privilege". It's not some huge thing it's just what it is
I'm just more advantaged RACE wise vs a BLACK woman or another race woman. Does this mean I'm Satan and omg evil whitey!1!1! No. It's just a fact that there are sadly racial prejudices and shit which causes this crap. I don't think it's cool but sadly that's how our world is. I have the same view for men. Yeah men can have a PRIVILEGE only SEX wise vs a woman. Does this mean men are satan and everything is easy for men and they don't struggle/have issues? NO. But only SEX wise they have some advantages.

No. 23964

oh look a raging roastie who hates men

what a surprise

but there aren't any hostile comments from females here… right ladies? nahhhhhhh couldn't be. no woman would ever be hostile. that's something only males do

No. 23965

That is not sarcasm? Elliot Rodger thought just the way you do. If you don't know he went on a mass murder spree bc girls didn't fuck him. Poor white boy being denied of sex. Should be a felony.

No. 23966

You can have a boyfriend and still be alone. One day you'll realize that and it will crush you.

No. 23967

The only one mad here is you kek.


No. 23968

Women don't need men though. That was my point. Plenty of women are happy being single while men rampage about it and revolve their lives around trying to fuck women.

Its okay though, you can't help it. Hormones and all.

No. 23969

please, for the love of god, can all of the pseudo intelligent fuckwits with axe to grind about aggressive wimmen go back to r9k? there's nothing for you here.

all of the gentle femdom loving, nice, conscientious dudes in need of caring female friends/girlfriends, that are loving, but protective and assertive when they need to be, should stay though.

No. 23970

Wasn't he an autist who just didn't talk to girls? While I don't like guys usually have to make a move, Elliot brought things onto himself.

No. 23971

No. It's about you contradicting yourself. You can't even present a narrative that is consistent. Why should anyone take you seriously?

No. 23972

It's just one guy. Pretty sure the rest of them were sent to bed by their mommies.

No. 23974

Actually he was a mixed race person. Did you read his manifesto? I did. I know that he didn't actually go on a killing spree because women wouldn't have sex with him. That's the shallow story the mainstream media told people. Elliot Rodger was a far more complex story than that. I don't think you have any idea where Elliot Rodger was psychologically.

But you go ahead and keep lacing your posts with sarcasm to pretend there is no problem.

No. 23975

No you femnazi cunt, he was rejected by beautiful blonde white women for short ugly niggers. This is an epidemic us white men are facing. The femnazis are trying to wipe us out. We need to fight back before its too late.

No. 23976

File: 1439537116995.jpg (35.68 KB, 300x360, 1421030859594.jpg)

I just want somebody to love me

No. 23977

I'm just here to talk. Earlier we actually had a decent going at the midway point. Don't know what the hell happened after I left.

No. 23980

It was way more than that. Read some excerpts of his manifesto (it gets a little repetitive after a while) I don't want to spoil it for you because it was funny as fuck.

No. 23981

Troll harder.

No. 23982

File: 1439537183223.jpg (19.03 KB, 250x250, 1424407084959.jpg)

I just want someone to hold me

No. 23983

There was no contradiction. Go ahead and specifically outline what you THINK I said and what you THINK was a contradiction. You know how to argue, right? You don't just jump to "WOW YOU'RE WRONG AND CONTRADICTING YOURSELF!". You calmly outline where the logical contradiction is so that the argument can continue with clarification.

But you don't actually want clarification I bet. You just want to ignore an opinion you don't like without actually exploring why it is you don't agree.

No. 23984

File: 1439537201416.png (148.89 KB, 390x384, 1429675215116.png)

Are all women on here this mentally unhinged?

Exactly how many of you are there

No. 23985

You know how he basically identified as white and often complained about minorities taking all the white women away from him? He specifically said what he was going to do and why he did it. Jfc how are you so stupid.

No. 23988

Why do you assume those are two different groups of people?

The guys who would be into gentle femdom dislike feminism because they feel attacked by it. Wanting a loving female to protect you and disliking women who attack you isn't exactly mutually exclusive.

No. 23989

i wonder how much about that is legit though anon. like, a lot of people obviously choose the narrative that best suits their lifestyle. i mean, i know there's a 'drive', but i think it's just become more and more acceptable to disregard morality/rationality because "muh hormones i need to fuuuucck!!!". it's so out of hand and outrageously insulting. if they had any common sense they'd realize that with all their hemming and hawing about women being irrational, claiming to be pathetic slaves to their hormones is some backwards ass, nearly de-evolutionary bullshit.

No. 23990

Just for clarification I was being serious not hostile about the hormones thing. Thats why it is laughable how men call women overly emotional. Men are biologically controlled by their desire to fuck. Every male of every species is wired that way.

No. 23991

Elliot was not white though.

No. 23992

I was slightly turned on reading that, so I guess so.

No. 23993

So you literally never read his manifesto. He talked constantly about mixed race couples, specifically asian/white since that's what he was. He had contempt for black men taking white women because of his insecurity about being mixed race. He wanted to be white because he hated himself. He hated himself because his mother emotionally tortured him. He hated women because they rejected him. He hated other men because they had success with women.

You're simply ignoring all the other factors which don't relate to gender. You choose to focus on his hatred of women because you are a woman. That's funny because I already stated that you aren't aware of how big the SJW movement is because you aren't the target of their hatred.

No. 23994


No. 23995

File: 1439537442713.jpg (184.37 KB, 665x662, 1431404919412.jpg)


No. 23996

>unironically sympathizing with elliot rodger
I thought it couldn't have gotten any better.

>Elliot Rodger

Oh god my sides. Please explain your viewpoint. I haven't laughed this hard for a while.

No. 23998

That's just you own self-inflated ego talking. You just want to believe that males are solely driven by their attraction to women. You want to believe that because it makes you feel powerful. Grow the fuck up.

No. 24000

File: 1439537536832.jpg (72.16 KB, 550x413, 1393739558604.jpg)

>tfw no admin gf

No. 24001

>Elliot Rodger


No. 24002

You know he basically complained about being half asian CONSTANTLY in his manifesto?

No. 24003

literally every guy that has been into gentle femdom that i've spoken to has not been hostile and had a major bone to pick about feminism. for the most part, they've never really cared. they've just wanted to feel love and approval where they can get it.

i really don't think so. i really think that's some evo-psych bullshit. if you spend your life obsessing about it, it's going to be all you think about, just like people that obsess about this or that thing. it's just that – an obsession to many men. there's more than just the physiological component. obviously the desire is just naturally stronger or weaker in some people, but it's so acceptable for men to think about sex all of the time, and the prospect of getting it, and where they can get it from, in combination with hyper sexualized cultures… i don't think all men are slaves to their sex drives. sounds a hell of a lot like an excuse to me.

No. 24004

Can't the same be said for woman to an extent? Can't the same be said for all humans given our primal need to reproduce?

No. 24005

Go back to /r9k/ if you can't handle the bantz

No. 24008

He's accepted it

No. 24011

My viewpoint is simple. Men have their own problems that women don't understand. These problems are basically ignored by society until there is some sort of violent outburst by someone like Elliot. Then everyone jumps at the chance to scream about how evil that person was. No one wants to understand them. No one wants to actually tackle the issue that drove them to violence.

Same shit happened when Dylann Roof shot up the church. No one wanted to look at the underlying causes. No one wants to have the hard conversation about how exactly society gave rise to such a person.

Straight white males going on mass shootings is clearly a result of a deeper underlying problem. The more you ridicule and ignore people trying to address the issue the more shootings will occur. Those shootings are just the extreme cases. Others commit suicide or turn to drugs or alcohol.

Or… you know… they hide out on the internet and suffer in solitude.

No. 24012

Not at all
I refuse to believe this fetish is anything but a meme

No. 24013


No. 24014

They are though, why is there pua culture? Why are there involuntary celibates? Don't cry anon, there are always hookers.

No. 24015

File: 1439537822535.gif (1.55 MB, 310x191, katana vs broadsword.gif)

>muh 1000

No. 24016

Why would they want to talk about feminism with a woman? Look at what happens when men express negativity about feminism with women around. They attack you.

If they wanted love from you obviously that means not pissing you off. So they were simply being submissive and catering to you.

Also, you haven't talked to every male who is interested in gentle femdom.

No. 24017

File: 1439537878436.jpg (35.81 KB, 960x640, 1438914676158.jpg)

No. 24018

Go to bed

No. 24019

Okay please list the issues white men face and by that i mean issues that are strictly towards this group.

No. 24022

are you retarded? i said every guy that i've spoken to, that has been into gentle femdom. i've not said i've spoken to every guy. and we've spoken openly about feminism. a lot of them have a very levelheaded understanding about feminism, 13 year old girls on tumblr, and the underlying legitimacy of feminism, and how there's still a need for it (albeit, not to the same degree) in first world nations.

No. 24023

Damn. A broadsword if I understand is made for a combination of slicing and power, while the katana is more so on the former.

No. 24025

Because there are lots of pathetic people in the world? The fact that you actually think pointing out those things reflects upon an entire gender is truly sad.

No. 24026

>girls actually get turned on by that cuckshit

u trollin' me rite m8?

No. 24028

>There was no contradiction
>don't take misogyny on the internet seriously we're all just joking XD
>fucking females r so stoopid this is why men hate women
Please stop embarrassing yourself.

>Go ahead and specifically outline what you THINK I said and what you THINK was a contradiction.


>It doesn't prove misogyny at all. It proves that people say offensive things on the internet. Just because someone makes a joke about women being whores doesn't mean they actually hate women. You confuse offensive comments with actual hate.

>I don't blame you for being utterly unaware since you're a woman.

Kill yourself.

No. 24030

No im serious.

No. 24031

What's your point? You replied to me pointing out that disliking feminism and liking gentle femdom are not mutually exclusive.

You don't seem to actually have any argument against my opinion.

No. 24033

No. 24034

File: 1439538083646.png (388.55 KB, 500x600, 1438978925430.png)

What happened anon?
She's pretty qt

No. 24035

File: 1439538091310.png (347.7 KB, 500x590, Epic beard_416af0_5080232-1.pn…)

Heh… Good evening, ladies.

teleports behind you

As you've no doubt discovered by now, we've found your secret hiding spot.

Heh. I know what youre thinking, "noo! Our secret club house. Ugh boyss"

Well we're here to stay. You think you can decline my instagram friend request and get away with it? Think again little girl.

Just know that every post you make, every little word you say, I will be reading.

As we speak I've already set up an irc channel with 6 members dedicated to reshaping this community's values through tactful and methodical posting

teleports above you

Its a wild world ladies.. ill see you out there..

No. 24036

I envy the amount of patience you have to try and educate this retard.

No. 24037

i never said they were mutually exclusive either though. i never disagreed with you. i was just saying that those i've spoken to, have had no problem with feminism, even ones from r9k (used to visit r9k a few years back).

No. 24038

File: 1439538166480.jpg (31.01 KB, 378x568, 1430530920926.jpg)

Let's settle this once and for all
Are you ladies into cuckolding ?
Would you ever date a black person?

No. 24041

Christ no.

No. 24042

I want into this irc

No. 24043

>Would you ever date a black person?

No. 24045

We all really need to fucking get some sleep

No. 24046

File: 1439538262808.jpg (84.07 KB, 656x597, 1398031510393.jpg)

This completely goes against what I've been led to believe on 4chan

No. 24047

Elliot's "underline cause" was that he didn't get with a 9/10 blonde qt sorority Stacy to constantly validate his pathetic existence ignoring the fact that he put forth no effort himself.

Oh and also his NPD, which I can't entirely blame him for, perhaps.

No. 24048

They'll get bored of beating their chest and eventually masturbate themselves softly to sleep.

No. 24049

I really do not care about feminism. My ex was big into Tumblr feminism and all it did was turn everything into a trigger so we hardly could ever do stuff together anymore.

I mean, I understand and everything but I'll never know what it's like to be female or to have lived life as a female, so I bring nothing to the table in that regard. It's not something I can help but it's also not something I willingly engage in to spite women. I'm just for gender equality. I realize there are things I'll never understand about being a woman and I'm fine with that. If a girl wants to fight for equality and everything, I'm all for it. But I'm not going to pretend like I know what's right and good for women if I'm not a woman. I'll cheer her on because that's all I can do from my standpoint.

I just don't understand why men and women have to hate each other. What's the point in trying to outdo one another and just make life shitty for one another? Just shut up and get along already.

No. 24050

Audible chuckle/10

No. 24051

Are some guys genuinely offended that women have a different board? I just don't get it you have /r9k/ go back there and stay there.

No. 24052

very, very few women are into cuckholding. it's really gross. i find it seriously revolting. i have no desire to fuck a black dude, either. i don't fetishize black dudes. i'm not attracted to them. i like skinny white boys that i can nurture and protect from the world.

No. 24053

Cuckolding isn't real and only applies to 40-60 year old men into sissy shit

No. 24054


Any opinions we have regarding race, gender, or sexuality are automatically disregarded due to us being viewed as privileged. Many of us end up alienated from society as a result of this and feel as though we can never be ourselves around people. We keep to ourselves and hide from the outside world. This leads to loneliness and depression, which inevitably leads to suicide and self-destructive behavior. I would go as far as saying that there is a very large portion of straight white men who have virtually no hope left. The entire NEET movement is evidence of this. No hope means no motivation. No motivation means stagnation. The older you get the less likely it is that you will recover and return to society in any meaningful way.

We're talking about a large group of people who have fallen through the cracks of society. A large group of people who society has collectively deemed privileged. Since they are deemed privileged, they are also deemed undeserving of sympathy or compassion. By seeing this utter contempt towards us, we inevitably become even more reclusive. This is the vicious cycle that many robots are stuck in.

But you don't care. And I know you don't care. You'll just continue to pretend we don't exist or that we did something to deserve it. Just like everyone else.

No. 24055

File: 1439538388604.jpg (47.94 KB, 512x384, 1439444372969.jpg)

Alright so how do I detect and avoid girls from here IRL

No. 24057

No and never.

No. 24059

It was going alright earlier, but then god knows what happened.

No. 24060

Cheating is just disgusting and I'm not attracted to black guys.

No. 24061

File: 1439538436081.png (260 KB, 563x542, 1435590426475.png)

I just woke up from a nap so I'm not going anywhere

No. 24062

Me too. Not a big fan of boys but when you can make them QT they're fun. Love when they're soft and scrawny.

No. 24063

File: 1439538460399.jpg (31.48 KB, 290x394, 1401212186497.jpg)

Probably bait. But I'm in shape and white and would really like to be nurtured
t. mommy issues

No. 24064


These are average women, unfortunately. And since women tend to cluster around the mean, most women are like this.

No. 24065

>i like skinny white boys that i can nurture and protect from the world.

Can you maybe tell us a bit about your personality? I'd love to meet someone like you but I'm kind of clueless about how to find that person.

No. 24066

They came here to fuck shit up(or try to). I liked it at first, with the boards being similar it seemed like they would get along.

No. 24067

I can't believe I'm saying this but all the shitty MRA rants hand me missing this bullshit. Thanks.

No. 24069

What kind of vidya are you ladies into?

No. 24070

So to sum it all up anon:


No. 24071

Racists all of you
Your bus for the Tolerance Camp is set to pick you up shortly

No. 24072

Pretty sure that guy was hilarious bait but yes, men really are that insecure.

No. 24073

Don't worry about it, all girls here already know how to detect and avoid you, so you won't be seeing much of us. In fact, most girls can detect you. Hence why you're here and not somewhere fondling a moaning girls breasts.

No. 24074

>average women
>on an imageboard
>not attention whoring on instagram/facebook/myspace/twitter

No. 24075

I was into silent hill till fucking konami decided to fucking have a stroke. :Y Looking forward to REmake 2 hopefully it won't be shit.

No. 24076

Lunar, Mother, jrpgs in general.

No. 24077

File: 1439538668824.png (1.06 MB, 919x720, 1439423444613.png)


I find it both interesting and endearing that there's a female equivalent to /r9k/ that's just as depressed, spiteful, and self-loathing as we are.

No. 24079

See? This is exactly what I'm talking about. Women have absolutely no empathy towards men anymore thanks to feminism.

If I wanted attention why would I be on an anonymous imageboard?

No. 24080

That's clearly bait m'lady
I really don't give a shit, but I do wish women would fuck off from /r9k/
Same with Chads and undeage b&s

No. 24081

How sad, If they actually stopped behaving like rabid beasts they'd be met with polite and nice replies. Why won't they ever learn this?

No. 24082

Awesome, thx

No. 24083

This seems more like a personal problem you have….

No. 24085

Bruh you don't go outside anyways so you're good to go

No. 24086

Aww, that's okay sweetheart.

When you're a used up 30 year old slut every male on the planet will know it. Have fun dying alone. We'll be waiting for you in hell.

No. 24087

Ok, I have to ask once and for all to finally end the debate.
Cut or uncut, which do you prefer?

No. 24088

kek then why are you here when you have /r9k/? You obviously wanted to rustle some jimmies but failed. Try harder anon

No. 24089

>I do wish women would fuck off from /r9k/
>but I'm going to go on the board full of women instead :^)

No. 24090

Silly boys, girls can do all of that at once. And most often do.

No. 24092

Do you play any of the dragon quest, or final fantasy games? Trying to get into the series myself.

No. 24094

neither matter. no one cares, but i slightly prefer uncut. the only dick i desire is my partner's though, so aesthetics have no bearing on my desire.

No. 24095

Are you seriously arguing more than 5% (and that's being generous as fuck) use chans?

No. 24096

Cut. Uncut looks like a worm in a very stinky sweater.

No. 24097

It's not. Straight white males talk to each other about this stuff all the time.

You'd just like to believe that it's some kind of anomalous experience that I have because it's easier to ignore that way.

Why do you think the opposition to SJWs has gotten so big?

No. 24098

File: 1439538859601.png (33.92 KB, 633x758, 1438741949555.png)

>Bruh you don't go outside anyways

h-how did you know

are you outside my window? I closed the curtains for a reason

No. 24099

Don't care.

No. 24100

File: 1439538866342.gif (2.33 MB, 275x248, 999.gif)

Where can I find females like you?

No. 24102

You'll never find someone you get along with if you assume you won't get along with them.

No. 24103

File: 1439538931796.gif (163.69 KB, 203x255, 1262302355709.gif)

Are all girls actually bi?
I've heard about what goes down at sleepovers
I'd do the same tbh

No. 24104

That is pathetic then. Being a neet is not exclusive to "straight white men" lmfao try again.

No. 24106

You tried :'^)

No. 24107

Your victim mentality isn't a complex issue

No. 24108

There always has to be that one asshole that projects his mommy issues onto an entire gender eh?

No. 24109

Who the fuck said that it was exclusive to straight white males? Again, you're just looking for reasons to dismiss what I'm saying.

The lack of empathy is truly astounding.

No. 24110

I've played a couple Dragon Quest games. Final Fantasy as well. IX is good, but that's probably because I grew up playing it. I know a lot of people dislike it because they tried pretty hard to make it more classic and failed.

No. 24111


No. 24114

No. Most "bi" girls just want attention, or hate men.

No. 24115

Okay then. You go ahead and explain the mass shootings. The rise of MRAs. The widespread hatred of SJWs. The complete disconnect between men and women of our generation(assuming you're millennial).

You know, since it isn't a complex issue.

No. 24116

Because idiot i told you to list issues that are EXCLUSIVE TO STRAIGHT WHITE MALES and all you did was talk about being a neet. You are so fucking dumb omhhgyoood

No. 24117

Sharpie in ass or gtfo
No one cares you cant find a gf attentionwhore
There is 4chan for you, off you go faggit

No. 24119

no. i have had many a sleepover. i have not done anything with girls. not many girls do this kind of shit. it's generally reserved for attention seekers.

i think there are many women that share my opinion.

i have a lot of problems with my self esteem, and i don't really have the mental fortitude to risk getting emotionally beaten down by guys from r9k. they're scary people. they can be really mean, and i'd be too afraid to speak to them. plus, i've found a lot of guys from the internet will get close to you, just to insult you for fun. i just can't risk it right now. i'm too sensitive to try.

No. 24120

I go on /vr/ on 4chan, and they keep saying that this game will basically be like the new…FF7? For lack of better words. Like, it'll be seen as hell of popular similar to FF7 in it's glory days. What do you think about that?

I'm currently playing the old school stuff, like the first dragon quest and ff. They're fun, somewhat grindy, but I don't mind grinding.

No. 24121

What I mean is, It was kind of nice before surprisingly and then some guy has to bring up feminism because he feels threatened by a board full of women.

No. 24122

No ones trolling. A lot of women who are currently in their 20s are going to wake up to a harsh reality in their 30s when no one wants them.

No. 24123

No vagina is gross

No. 24124

Nobody cares. There's simply no way to make a penis appear attractive.

No. 24125

File: 1439539196793.gif (Spoiler Image,585.07 KB, 528x280, 3D3PdoX.gif)


Samefagging hardcore.

We're here because, at heart, all women and all women's spaces are the property of men.

Show us your cunt.

No. 24127

This thread isn't even interesting anymore anyways hey guys have you seen that video of the dude helping his friend get a blowjob from a fish?

No. 24129

File: 1439539232817.gif (486.73 KB, 500x384, 1392002028093.gif)

>that entire post

Are you me?

No. 24131

File: 1439539244518.jpg (996.02 KB, 500x281, 8b813110b17299b05533087107f599…)

Oh silly boy
Men are desperate. Let's face it you would fuck anything with a vagina that gave you the time of day.

No. 24132

You're just nitpicking.

I listed a bunch of issues that push straight white males in being NEET. Not all straight white men who experience the problems I listed end up NEET.

You're just desperately looking for a way to dismiss what I listed. You didn't actually address a single thing I said. You just started attacking me.

No. 24133

You've tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end

No. 24134

Friend, this is a SFW board, spoiler that shit.

No. 24135

By your logic all men would simply turn to hookers. Cheaper than dealing with women. Easy to access.

No. 24136

Girls men are attentionwhores lets just ignore this thread

No. 24137

So you never made out with other girls at sleepovers?
I totally would tbh
Even if I was straight as a female
Girls are very kissable

No. 24138

File: 1439539319764.jpg (Spoiler Image,238.56 KB, 750x1170, cdds.jpg)

Man you know you want this

No. 24139

File: 1439539332886.gif (Spoiler Image,986.51 KB, 500x298, zWi6h.gif)


Sounds like you're getting desperate for arguments so you're talking personal shit about men.

Show us your cunt.

No. 24140

poop forgot spoiler

No. 24142

It doesn't even matter.

But in a decade it will. Have fuuuuuuuun :^)

No. 24143

What a bro
I need friends like that

No. 24144

File: 1439539383934.gif (Spoiler Image,1.86 MB, 245x345, EwOzOXY.gif)


Homosexuality is a mental illness.

Show us your cunt.

No. 24145

Leave. Things were settling down, and you're making it worse.
Unsurprising. From /r9k/ myself, I kinda expected something like that to happen to be completely honest, I'm just surprised it took it this long to happen instead of right away.

No. 24146

File: 1439539412026.jpg (415.82 KB, 2423x1433, 2iMxZ.jpg)

No. 24149

I have legitimate questions and concerns :(

No. 24150

>hate the world
>hate themselves
>want attention/fame/legacy

Seriously if the media behaved like that of Japans we wouldn't have this issue.

No. 24152

File: 1439539513817.gif (Spoiler Image,1.68 MB, 400x226, 7u8Bqok.gif)


Keep it up sweetie, love when you prove me right and I don't have to do any work. Love how this place turns into /r/twoxchromosomes when your brain gets the fee fees.

Show us your cunt.

No. 24153

Can you fuck off please

No. 24154

Do any of you write? What are some stories you have? What genres do you like? I like fantasy and magical realism myself.

No. 24155

File: 1439539540129.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.18 KB, 287x400, big.jpg)

You know you like this bb

No. 24156


Homosexuality is a mental illness caused by childhood trauma.

Show us your cunt.

No. 24158

Lol no let him keep doing it, he'll be banned

No. 24159

File: 1439539590754.png (1.52 MB, 1065x902, 1412810082398.png)

Can the porn spammer please fuck off
We were having decent discussion

No. 24160

You haven't explained anything. Of course they hate the world and themselves.

But what CAUSED that hatred? You have no idea and you know it. You know it's a complex issue, but you'd rather ignore it.

No. 24161

File: 1439539600586.jpg (110.13 KB, 500x563, 03cbe7e6-small.jpg)

You do realize telling him to leave is just going to make him post shitty gifs and tell you to show him your cunt, right?

No. 24162

File: 1439539615583.png (181.34 KB, 400x400, lgdsz.png)

no its natural

No. 24164

File: 1439539626954.jpg (Spoiler Image,141.85 KB, 960x880, image.jpg)

Okay so can you hurry up and finish beating your meat to this thread, ejaculate all over your stomach, and roll over to softly cry yourself to sleep now? You're lasting a little longer than your premature record and I think all of that edging isn't good for your psyche. It's been a long day for you bros.

No. 24166

So is rape. Glad you condone the natural order though.

No. 24167

I don't have a cunt though

No. 24168

i love you

No. 24170

We all agree that women were given the ticket to life on easymode by just being born with a vagina correct?

No. 24172

Fuck off you faggot.

Faggots like you already ruin /r9k/. Must you really ruin what desperate robots have found here, too? FUCK

No. 24173


Damn that cheeky

Marry me?

No. 24174

He'll tell you to anyway though :^(

No. 24176

File: 1439539768951.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.32 KB, 960x540, ndss.jpg)

So you admit you secretly want a woman to abuse your asshole. Good boy, realization is the first step.

No. 24178

>all women's spaces are the property of men
>being reduced to this tiny containment camp thread for males

Keep trying, faggot. In the meantime you should really post pictures of your face, body, ass, and anal gape. <3

No. 24179

At least the robots who want attention know they're desperate.

You're desperate to validate your pathetic views of women. You are the reason that femanons fucking hate us.

No. 24181

File: 1439539825424.jpg (52.48 KB, 600x600, 1408134496770.jpg)

What are the qualities in men, physical and personality-wise, that you find attractive?

No. 24182

can all the robots like this stay? you seem nice. the nice robots seem really cool.

No. 24185

It's NPD like I've told you. Nobody gives a shit. Just because they're edgy and misled doesn't mean they're not uninteresting shallow pieces of shit.

No. 24186

File: 1439539873297.jpg (29.1 KB, 500x382, image.jpg)

I love you too

No. 24188

I thought it was funny to keep baiting the troll but since you guys wana have a decent discussion I guess ill ignore him too

No. 24190

Yea, c'mon anon stay and talk with us. We can be best friends and you can listen to us complain about Chad

No. 24191

You say that, but if you knew which posts were mine you'd probably tell me to fuck off and die, too.

No. 24192

this. a million times, this.

>not obsessed with anime

physically, i just like twinky men with long hair. i also prefer dark hair and pale skin.

No. 24193

File: 1439540017606.gif (493.53 KB, 270x267, 1347854428824.gif)

I know this is a bait post, but
>a little overweight
>wants to do nothing but play video games and spank me all day

No. 24195

I like guys that are really considerate and nice to me. I am a really loyal person and expect it in return. Some people probably find it clingy but I think it is nice to be so close with someone.

nothing specific, just as long as he is in shape and takes care of himself

No. 24196


My God

These ladies are infinitely more reasonable than robots

Jesus, I don't know where my allegiances lie anymore

No. 24197

But when I try to talk to you all you gals want to do is invalidate my opinions.

No. 24198

>tfw not overweight
>tfw clingy
>tfw would spank a girl all day
Wait for it.
>tfw black.

No. 24200

File: 1439540182711.jpg (10.23 KB, 200x210, 1421809190656.jpg)

Don't play with me, no way you want that.

No. 24202

Girls are preferred but QT twinks are fun. If you look enough like a girl and like being dragged around then :———-}

No. 24203

File: 1439540209888.jpg (Spoiler Image,151.58 KB, 612x816, Babeh.jpg)

I can be all that for you except the spanking because I can't take a break from playing video games

Here's my baby picture I hope you like it

No. 24204

Why does sex have to be such a fucking sport and not just a bond between two people?

No. 24205

But I do.

No. 24206

NPD? Explain in detail if you're capable. If you want to have a discussion put in some effort for fucks sake. If you don't care then just stop responding.

Also, you just want to assume they were uninteresting and shallow as a way to ignore their experience. You just lack empathy towards males in general.

No. 24207

pssst real sex isn't like porn.

No. 24208

This can't be real

No. 24209

>tfw no obese, dirty, neet, kissless, holdhandless, lolicon bf

No. 24210

File: 1439540313750.png (581.73 KB, 676x960, 1424419570109.png)

For me it's ability to carry a conversation. Be witty. Don't be a spergy fuck.

No. 24211

File: 1439540325804.jpg (38.34 KB, 291x478, 1438886509156.jpg)

I hurt the poor baby waah waahs fee fees so much they ran to daddy and got some posts deweeted.

Feelz before reals. Its a tumblr morbidly obese hugbox.

No. 24212

It isn't you retard, it's all bait and you lads are falling for it

No. 24213

File: 1439540349997.png (16.48 KB, 393x377, 1432913727513.png)

How important is smooth clear skin on men to women?
I really wouldn't be terribly unattractive if I got my skin sorted out

No. 24214

tbh, not to go on a tangent, but while we're on this female vs male thing… this thought is what hurts me most about being with men, and is why i can't date them and keep my distance. i have no desire to fuck anyone but my partner, and it upsets me knowing that because of the way men are… i can't expect that level of loyalty in return. it really sucks that guys want to fuck everything and anything. it really makes me sad. i will likely choose to be alone or just live with a female friend when i get older, so my cats don't eat my corpse.

No. 24215

>waaaaah she's into something that isn't a chad
>must be bait

okay then

No. 24216

File: 1439540400290.jpg (Spoiler Image,159.58 KB, 728x1074, don't stick your tongue in cra…)

Wanna hold hands?

No. 24218

not important to me. i have struggled with acne all my life though and so maybe i'm just more accepting of it. i love blemishes that i can kiss.

No. 24219

try accutane

No. 24220

>and i don't really have the mental fortitude to risk getting emotionally beaten down by guys from r9k. they're scary people. they can be really mean, and i'd be too afraid to speak to them.
yeah this is how I feel
I lurked there for a while and they all claim to hate the stereotypical alpha male but they emulate his hyper-aggressiveness, full of hate and anger

No. 24222

File: 1439540512681.jpg (46.25 KB, 540x668, image.jpg)

Twinky men with long hair? We already have a common interest. More of a blonde fan myself but I'm not picky when it comes to lil trapz.
So how do you feel about grills?

No. 24223

Your response to me is a bit more awkward considering I'm a man myself…I personally only want sex after marriage. P-personally.

No. 24224

Don't give me that bullshit.

I have absolutely zero interest in degenerate casual sex. I abhor casual sex. I don't want meaningless sex. I want a bond with a person and having sex as a result of that bond.

But that's why I was a virgin until I was 23.

No. 24225

File: 1439540525838.jpg (10.3 KB, 350x334, 1407417254153 - Copy.jpg)

>tfw i don't believe there are actually any girls here

I just want to find those lonely girls that want to feel loved and accepted, but if they're anything like me I'll never really see or notice them coz they're too shy.

No. 24226

Your posts were deleted mainly because you didn't spoiler the porn. Please attempt to follow site rules.

No. 24228

File: 1439540657541.jpg (116.78 KB, 1024x768, 9ED56739-E1D5-4433-B281-FA5C46…)

not him but what if ive got done with accutane and I have a bunch of acne scars now

not as bad as this lad but about half as bad

No. 24229

These three comments make me sad. Men and women are so disconnected and lonely at this point.

Femanons afraid of robots because of the loud assholes. Anons being mistaken for femanons because they desire intimate sex. Femanons thinking all males just want meaningless sex and endorse hook-up culture.

How do we get out of this cycle? How the fuck do we connect with each other?

No. 24230

So the fact that I have a spanking fetish, want a guy who is larger than me with hair all over his body that I can run my fingers through and wants to cling to me is bait? I know it's unusual, but come on anon.

t-that's very lewd…! maybe we can hook our pinkies instead?

No. 24231

but i mean, and please don't call me names, because i'm not looking to insult your way of life, i'm just saying it is far different from mine, and the incompatibility is something i find inherently upsetting, regardless of how much i try to reason to myself that it is ok, but for example, even when men are faithful, they still use porn in a relationship, which i find very bizarre. i just can't imagine wanting to fuck anyone but my partner. i know women use porn also, but again, i don't operate this way and find it very strange. i have had relationships with men and when i've spoken to people about it, i'm told that it isn't the same as real life, so i need to get over it. but i can't. the fact still remains that i will want my partner far more than he will want me. i will always think of my partner. maybe it's because most people settle, and so they find this acceptable? i dunno, but yeah, i just can't get over this seemingly inescapable facet of male life.

No. 24232


Get rid of feminism and get rid of women in universities and the workplace.

Hypergamy dictates women's sexual behavior. If they see a better guy, they will ALWAYS try to cheat to get with him.

No. 24233

Gotta side with the cis male scum on this one. a lot of guys are actually interested in a genuine relationship. Only scumbags are into hookup culture, men and women alike.

No. 24234

If I were a qt lonely gurl, I would think that lonely guys are gross tbh.
I mean, look at /r9k/, you can actually read how gross some people are (I mean with the lack of personal hygiene, the whole women hate thing, the fact of being fat to the point of being gross).

If I were a qt lonely gurl, I would become a lesbian to be honest.

No. 24235

More IRL interaction between the sexes and less screen-to-screen interaction would help

but that will never happen


No. 24236


If you would be willing to live life as a subservient, good natured woman there are millions of religious conservative men who hold values identical to yours.

You're all talk and no action. You don't want what you say you want. This is why guys are upset. Because you're a liar.

And liars are only good for pumping and dumping.

No. 24237

You complaining about men using porn in a relationship is like me complaining about my ex going with her girl friends to see Magic Mike

how the fuck do I spoiler in this board

No. 24238

File: 1439540898710.jpg (90.04 KB, 800x600, tsukasa4.jpg)

Guys, what is your opinion on shy girls?

No. 24239

the constant generalization of the other 3.5 billion members of the species doesn't help
the internet lets us connect but it also makes us realize most of us can't be together and it results in a lot of hate and rage instead. it makes me sad and afraid of men which gets reinforced by the same rhetoric repeated over and over here.

I'm sure it's the same on /r9k/. we keep designating each other as the enemy, how can we hope to connect like this?

No. 24240


Those are guys who have gone decades with literally zero positive attention from anyone. Why should they care about hygiene and other things that make other people like you at that point? They tried them for decades in vain.

No. 24241

File: 1439540920491.png (49.36 KB, 398x409, 1422927885523.png)

It makes me sad knowing you're probably either a dude from /r9k/ or are too far away for us to ever meat.

No. 24242

File: 1439540939552.png (108.68 KB, 300x319, 1409039929671.png)

Makes sense. I don't even want a qt though, any girl that would love me genuinely would just be a qt in my eyes anyway.

But this is the way it is I guess.

No. 24244


No. 24245

File: 1439540957910.jpg (58.52 KB, 724x611, image.jpg)

E x a c t l y

No. 24246

How can you assume things about a way of life if you don't know anything but us wee anons. Some have jobs, some are going to college, some are NEETs, and others are trying to find their place.

No. 24247

top-tier relationship material if they can open up just enough to make the relationship smooth and not boring.

No. 24248

I have pretty bad rosacea so there's not much you can do with that

No. 24249

File: 1439541000790.jpg (66.42 KB, 470x595, 1438689533151.jpg)

Chad here, any babygirl want to be my gf?
im single for 2 weeks already, but lonely
im tall, blonde, blue eyes
well paying job, moderate social circle
hobbies include gliding and going on trips on my bike

No. 24250

i don't see how they are the same. and again, i already said i know some women use porn/like to think of other men, but it isn't considered a way of life for women. people don't say "ALL women are like that. you just need to accept it!", because it isn't true. but yeah, i already said that i don't identify with this behavior, coming from either a man or a woman. i'm just saying that it's more acceptable and considered a fact of life when it comes to dating men, and it is upsetting to me. wouldn't most men get upset if their girlfriends were touching themselves to guys with fat dicks or whatever?

No. 24251

Thanks for proving her point, Chad.

No. 24252

File: 1439541055609.gif (621.9 KB, 300x458, 1438655224847.gif)

Are there any potential female
Elliots here?

No. 24254

Well I'm a female, so there's one worry down. Are you from the US?

No. 24255

Isn't there like a medicated cream or something for that? And if you're a girl, you can just wear makeup

guys who wear makeup are homos or halfway there ("metro"sexual)

No. 24256

I'm just painfully awkward around guys that I find attractive…anyone else extremely shy around the opposite sex?

No. 24257


Totally fine

I think my biggest preference is that our interests are aligned (which will rarely every happen, but oh well! that's life). If you're shy that may make progress slower, but if I thought you were worth it I'd be too busy thinking about you every minute of my life to care if you were shy.

No. 24258

Chads can't be lonely.

No. 24259

i know, anon, but like i said, most people say that all men use it, and that i should just get over it. it's other people generalizing and telling me to get over it…

No. 24260

File: 1439541123962.jpg (46.28 KB, 550x550, 1393817086808.jpg)

I want a shy gf, but really it'd probably be best for me to have an outgoing gf so I can learn to socialize. I have really bad social anxiety and can barely function in public

No. 24261

tbh it makes me scream internally when i see hot dudes with ugly chicks

No. 24262

No but a couple males, probably.

No. 24263

I was extremely shy around my oneitis.

No. 24264

Tried pretty much everything
And I'm a guy so makeup is really a no go

No. 24265

Except men like those in Magic Mike look fucking disgusting.

No. 24266

m8, personal hygiene has nothing to do with attention. I love to feel clean just for the sake of it, and nobody gives me attention tbh.

I added the "qt" part just to make it sound funny tbh lad. Average gurls would see us as gross. There's no hope.
At least not online lel

No. 24267

I read his "manifesto". Don't get me wrong, it was entertaining as fuck but there was no depth to be explored.

>NPD? Explain in detail if you're capable.

Google it if you're asking for definition. As for how it applies to Elliot read his observations on various hot blondes. Literally every single description on them is about their blondeness and beauty. Granted, he didn't know any of those girls personally to describe beyond that but even his criteria for a gf wasn't anything beyond blonde and attractiveness either. A hallmark of NPD is the tendency to judge and value others on immediate outward appearances like Elliot. From reading his manifesto my conclusion is he didn't give a shit about an actual gf. He wanted a beautiful blonde to boost and validate his social status.

Speaking of emphasize, do you think he ever emphasized with anyone else? I'm pretty sure I emphasize with his thoughts. Doesn't mean I condone them.

No. 24268

File: 1439541205572.jpg (144.57 KB, 660x751, 1439007322675.jpg)

No. 24269

Yes, live in WI.

No. 24270


Nope, I only proved that women are governed by their uncontrollable urge to fuck fit top-shelf men. They say they want a stable man, and thats true. They want him to pay for the kid they have with a REAL man.

She isn't some special snowflake. She is just another slit with a body attached.

No. 24271

They're literally ideal aren't they?

No. 24272

you didn't prove that at all. not even close.

No. 24274

Love u ;^)

No. 24275

>I have really bad social anxiety and can barely function in public

I know that feel.

No. 24277

we can, i might go out with my friends and take a girl home but damn, it gets lonely when i have to spend a night alone

No. 24278


Anybody who knows anything about social isolation can say 100% that it has a lot to do with attention. People who withdraw from society feel the need to groom less because certain grooming behaviors are only necessary when presenting oneself to others.

Its just a fact. Not a discussion point.

No. 24279

no, most girls that aren't white trash will tell you they're gross. most girls that aren't painfully generic have different taste. most girls on here, for example, have a thing for more alternative men. twinks come up a lot. men that look androgynous, stuff like that.

No. 24280

Not to every woman. I personally find men who look like a Jersey Shore's Dream Gorilla/muscular men incredibly unattractive.

No. 24281


Yes I did. So close it overlapped it perfectly and completely. Literally 100% proven.


No. 24282

i don't see how they are the same.
Why? Because the women aren't getting off in the theater as they watch it?

>and again, i already said i know some women use porn/like to think of other men, but it isn't considered a way of life for women.

Do you really think "pork is a way of life" for some men? Do you really? I will admit there's a lot of guys younger than me who think porn/pornsex = IRL, but you're looking at the loud minority of all guys around our age.

people don't say "ALL women are like that. you just need to accept it!", because it isn't true.
mmmmnah people will say that about some things that are just plain old common sense (i.e.: you need to initiate contact with women, they need to be "provided for", they need to be made felt a certain way, etc.)

>but yeah, i already said that i don't identify with this behavior, coming from either a man or a woman. i'm just saying that it's more acceptable and considered a fact of life when it comes to dating men, and it is upsetting to me. wouldn't most men get upset if their girlfriends were touching themselves to guys with fat dicks or whatever?

I'm gonna stop right here because I don't know how catty and rude you guys can get just quite yet

No. 24283

File: 1439541362832.png (413.56 KB, 719x626, feels-good-man.png)

Don't think you can be saved from my retribution by being nice on the internet

No. 24284

File: 1439541396207.jpg (53.44 KB, 598x349, image.jpg)

Hmm well there seems to be a few lesbian chans in your midst tonight and you aren't going to find us going ham over a pair of abs. Also Channing Tatum really does look like one of the spy kids henchmen.

No. 24285

I think they mostly use it when their significant other is simply not around. I'd never know because I was never in a serious relationship, and further since my hypothetical relationship would have no sex until knot tying…maybe that'd make it more justified? Do you think it's normal for a man to masturbate in a relationship, or just use porn?

No. 24286

Are women even capable of feeling empathy and sadness?
Serious question

No. 24288

Or we're just really gay and can't be attracted to men that don't look like pseudo women.

There will always be a variety. You just have to put yourself out there without being pushy or creepy.

No. 24289

File: 1439541487640.jpg (101.66 KB, 680x704, 1s4w49jo.wizardchan.1s3yeneq.w…)

Do women watch porn?
If so what genres?
I feel like I'm one of the few guys who doesn't, I wank using my imagination

No. 24290

File: 1439541495627.jpg (66.14 KB, 500x523, 1438021789106.jpg)

>I'm just painfully awkward around guys that I find attractive…anyone else extremely shy around the opposite sex?

I'm painfully shy around women, period. I don't have a "oneitis", just being around women makes me feel like they're silently judging everything about me and I can't do anything about it

No. 24291

m8 I've been a (female) neet who hasn't left her house much in 6 years and I still take care of myself. I shower regularly, put on makeup just to feel pretty, do my hair and make sure I look presentable. I don't go outside except to grab the mail every few days.

No. 24292


The serious answer is no.

The fee fees before ree rees answer is yes u angry neckbeareded virgun loozer redpiller

No. 24293

Yes, but only for other women and chad.

No. 24294

>Do you really? I will admit there's a lot of guys younger than me who think porn/pornsex = IRL, but you're looking at the loud minority of all guys around our age.
i mean, based on the feedback i've received, yeah. it feels like i'm surrounded by ONLY those types of men, and i've been told i'm selfish, controlling, insecure, etc, just for wanting sexual compatibility. i feel that it makes sense. i can understand if i was being hypocritical, but i want to be understood by my partner, and i want to know that we operate in similar ways, you know?

No. 24295


Im only sad when starbux forgets to put extra whip cream in my latte

No. 24296

>become a lesbian
because that's how that works…

No. 24297

Same but with everyone regardless of gender

No. 24298


You're a woman. We're discussing men. Please refrain from attempting to contribute to topics where your relevancy is 0.

No. 24299

They're just generic buff guys… so what? Big muscleheads gross me out a bit

No. 24300

No, we don't feel sorry for nice guys in the friendzone.

No. 24301

Very rarely. The only porn I look at is anal.

No. 24302

Assumed that was more of a male porn genre tbh

No. 24303

I'm a "gross robot NEET sperg" and same tbh

I only leave the house to go to the gym or the library and I still wash my face and brush my teeth twice a day (at the least) just because I hate feeling shitty about myself

No. 24304

And I live in NH.

Fuck this gay world.

No. 24305

File: 1439541642664.jpg (28.2 KB, 292x300, image.jpg)

I'll be waiting

No. 24306

I like hentai

No. 24307

m8 I receive literally 0 (zero) attention from any living thing, and I still shower once or twice a day and shave my parts just to feel clean.

No. 24308

File: 1439541681959.jpg (116.13 KB, 668x712, 1439106322729.jpg)

Don't fuck with me

No. 24309

This. I prefer softer men.

No. 24310


The term NEET applies exclusively to men because it considers the factors upon which men (except the 20% women want to fuck instinctively) are judged.

The NEET equivalent for women would be NTCHB. Not Taking Care of Her Body. Since you groom regularly, you cannot be a female NEET.

Deal with it.

No. 24312

File: 1439541715972.png (195.05 KB, 316x313, 1393819224934.png)

Assuming these aren't all other robots, where can I find womyn like this irl?

No. 24313

Well im off to bed. Im sure there will be about 500 posts for me to catch up on tm. Goodnight farmers and robots.

No. 24314

What do you think of this?


the youtube field won't accept the URL

No. 24315

File: 1439541771180.gif (145.28 KB, 680x846, 1438107183146.gif)

well yeah but she was asking about the opposite gender

>changing in the locker room after washing up post-workout

>guy walks up behind me and taps my shoulder
>literally jump up 6' in the air
>>hey bro can i get to the locker above you
>y-yeah. you startled me, man
>>haha chill out bro its all good brutha

No. 24316

Would you say I triggered you, m8?

No. 24317

i think it is "normal" (i.e., common, but maybe not necessary) for men to use porn in relationships. like i said, i've been like, really heavily shamed when i've asked about it. it seems like men get overly defensive about it. i mean, it's fine if they want to do that, but i just don't feel that i'd want to be with someone that does, regardless of gender. it just seems to be a lot more prevalent amongst men. i personally wouldn't date unless i had the intention of getting married, so i can't really comment on the status of your past relationships.

i only think of my partner, ever. porn doesn't turn me on at all. that human connection is not there. that's what turns me on.

No. 24318

File: 1439541809766.png (360.65 KB, 500x438, 1429428351520.png)


No. 24319

It can work that way. I spent so much time only dating femme boys and it just got so much more annoying finding one vaguely pretty that could still get my Rox Awf that wasn't gay or wanting me to constantly finger his ass. So I finally was like fuck it and I faced The Pussy and now I love putting my face in The Pussy. /end of personal blog

No. 24320

I don't know, the library? I just sit in my room all day, I'll contact the hivemind and ask them where you can find them.

No. 24321


The friendzone is the male equivalent of a slut (a woman who has sex with a man who hasn't married her).

Here is how it works:

1) Men are the gatekeepers of commitment.
2) Women are the gatekeepers of sex.
3) If women give away sex without commitment, they are sluts.
4) If men give away commitment without sex, they are friendzoned.

The only difference is that women legitimately consider the desperate men who treat them like girlfriends as friends despite doing nothing friendlike for them in return (moving their furniture, buying them meals, etc.). They just take take take.

Lack of empathy is apparent.

No. 24322

topkek mate
when will you learn
wymin are liars
she will be sucking the cock of Bobby Abs if he hit on her, they all want the good looks, ALL OF THEM

No. 24323

I always kinda figured it would be mutually giving each other a chance to prove they aren't the enemy. But, at the end of the day, that would require some contact. I think that is part of the reason we tend to shut ourselves in. Can't be proven wrong if you never have to get to know the opposite gender.

No. 24324

Thats all I want out of women/a relationship with a woman tbh.

I was honestly planning on proposing to my ex gf until I crashed that relationship with no survivors

>same anon who complained about his ex watching Magic Mike

No. 24325

File: 1439541872258.jpg (31.33 KB, 960x634, 1386912884166.jpg)

I couldn't even function in traffic today. I came up to a crosswalk and just paced back and forth since a car arrived there around the same time. Person gestures for me to cross, scratch my head and look away, it's getting awkward so while looking away I start to walk out and they also started driving at the same time and honked at me

I'm off to bed ladies and gentleman
See you tomorrow

No. 24326

I agreed with it until "Women do not care if you are fat or not, if you have a great personality it wont matter!"

Sorry but no. Guys need to wake up and accept that women do judge you based on your appearance. And being fat just makes you seem lazy.

No. 24327

Is it really that hard to believe all women don't like the same thing? These responses asking if we're robots is getting old.

No. 24328


Nobody cares. I enjoy pretending to be interested in a guy only to get an expensive dinner out of him.

No. 24329

>Sorry but no. Guys need to wake up and accept that women do judge you based on your appearance. And being fat just makes you seem lazy.

>Is it really that hard to believe all women don't like the same thing?


No. 24330

this thread seems like it's proving that wrong though. everybody's jumping over each other to prove their assumptions right, assumptions that aren't even discussed or brought up by the other party because it's not a topic on their board. it's not so much a discussion as people just spouting their board's views and going "aha, gotcha!" if somebody replies

No. 24331

File: 1439542023944.jpg (21.52 KB, 220x200, pepe23.jpg)

What about other things that you can't control, like height?
Is it true that gurls gather up in groups and talk shit about us manlets?

tfw you look like a 13 yo but too non-paedophile to date a 13 yo

No. 24332

>tfw I was supposed to go to sleep 2 hours ago, but have been talking to robots instead

Good night all.

No. 24333

ill rape you if you dont put out after an expensive dinner

No. 24334

I understand, and I see your reasoning. I mean, you're with a person, why use porn? You ARE attracted to that person right? It makes sense, but personally I think you're being too…not shallow or anything…but somewhat picky in that regard, but then again it would be unfair to ask you to change your preferences.

No. 24335

File: 1439542106456.png (26.25 KB, 775x591, 1429583537928.png)

Yeah we need to settle this question if you're all really girls (and our "equivalent[s]", at that)

Can manlets ever learn that feel when gf?

No. 24336

As long as you're taller than me I don't mind!

No. 24337


Its absolutely true they. And they talk shit with other men behind your back too, and guess what

…other men aren't your friends either, they laugh along and make fun of you too.

I've had it done to my face by the kindest girl I've ever met. Which means, by simple deduction that every other girl I've ever met would have been willing to mock my height to my face.

I'm not even that short tbh. But they view whatever the tallest man is they have a chance with as average.

No. 24338

who hurt you

No. 24339

Please, like your soft, heavily insulated, sweaty, fleshy body could manage to chase her to the door. You'd be wheezing. Go to bed.

No. 24340

No. 24341

Ehh… I don't know what this will count for but I'll share anyways.

When I was with my ex watching porn and masturbating felt a bit odd. I eventually made an effort to stop watching porn of my own volition. My ex didn't mind if I used porn, but I wanted to do it for myself. Sometimes I wonder about the impact porn has on people. I still masturbated, just not with porn of any kind. Just thoughts.

No. 24342

I think might actually… like this thread? There might be a faint spark of mutual understanding here.

Can we continue this tomorrow?

No. 24343


Nobody cares. I enjoy pumping and dumping, especially if she has a tendency to self-harm.

No. 24344

Please, she's smart as hell.

No. 24346

it's okay anon

No. 24347

File: 1439542339127.png (340.37 KB, 600x583, pepe8.png)

>TFW 1,63CM

Should I become a part time pedophile or just kill me-self nao?

No. 24348

im not fat
nice try whiteknight

No. 24349

wizard detected

No. 24350

kill urself

No. 24351

>i was in the closet
>but now i'm not
Or you're bisexual.

No. 24352

i wish i was a wizard and kept collecting my mana
i could stop the feels of
>no gf to sex 3 times a day

No. 24353

File: 1439542454207.gif (2.6 MB, 200x250, 1439451824250.gif)

This has actually been pretty pleasant if you filter out the shitposts

No. 24354

>implying Chads would want us

No. 24355

File: 1439542464914.jpg (55.04 KB, 530x492, image.jpg)

Sure you aren't

No. 24357

File: 1439542521913.png (180.75 KB, 400x400, 1419444188915.png)

f-fook off u roastie slut

No. 24358

File: 1439542538907.jpg (134.58 KB, 882x500, 1439264112971.jpg)

What's the origin story of this site and how did it become what it is today?
I didn't think a mostly female chan could ever exist. How did you femanons even find out about this place?

No. 24360

You know it was daddy.
It's not smart, really. Anyone with a vagina can think of that one. It's a question of moral integrity at that point and women who do it are of a low standard.

No. 24362

File: 1439542579405.jpg (31.34 KB, 567x564, selfie.jpg)

im not you fat cow

No. 24363

No they're too old and hairy. That pony tail on one of them is disgusting.

No. 24364

Nah. I can't step outside of the realm of femininity at all. Anything masculine gets me desert dry. I just felt like I had to be with males, like identifying as a lesbian was a terrible thing. I was just self hating and in denial.

No. 24365

>>24357 no u asked so i said

No. 24366

As a male with a virtually identical outlook on partners and sex it's nice to hear a woman say it. I'd say my situation is the same as yours with the genders reversed, and I was starting to wonder if any women even existed who felt the same way.

No. 24367

exactly, anon. thanks for understanding. i appreciate it. i mean, i understand that it may seem too picky, or like a sort of arbitrary requirement, but when it comes down to it, why do most marriages fail? lost attraction, a desire for variety, growing resentment that's fueled by the sexual restraint marriage imposes… all shit like that. the thing is that i have no place in my life for variety. it is wholly unappealing to me, and when i'm putting my life on the line for someone, dedicating myself to them, sharing my life with them, i want to know that they're not going to be secretly wanting someone else. sexual incompatibility or sexual boredom seems to be the no. 1 cause of divorce. it makes a lot of sense for me to be apprehensive, imho.

No. 24368

You had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter

No. 24369

Then you didn't choose your sexuality, you denied it.

No. 24370

Is it true that all women loved linken park at some point in their life?

No. 24371

I'd probably still jack off, but I rarely watch porn now as a single person, so if I had a partner I doubt I would at all aside from stumbling across shit on chans. It's impossible to not see some pornographic images while browsing image boards really

No. 24372


So you feel as though a lesbian fetish spree will help you fix your messed up head? If you have problems attracting a man you need to see a psychiatrist. Lesbianism is a common fetishishtic outlet for women who have phobias or unjustified anger towards men.

No. 24373

File: 1439542844265.jpg (109.12 KB, 901x883, 1439302620228.jpg)

I'm genuinely curious

No. 24374

thank you! you don't know how nice it is to hear from a guy that's on the same page. you have no idea how refreshing, and almost comforting, that is to me.

No. 24375

Nope. That's a man thing.

No. 24376


Literally none of those reasons are why marriage fails. The facts are:

80% of divorces proceedings are started by women

They want divorces because they miss the cocks they rode that impressed them more than hubbys

If you're not going to be honest with yourself even, how can you expect others to believe you?

No. 24378

Now everything you said makes more sense, making your marriage last as long as possible with no dwindling attraction from your partner. I can appreciate that. Y-you make your future husband/partner happy ouo.

Anyway guys, it has been nice, and while I may want to lurk for a few more hours, I must sleep. If any of you still want to talk you can email me in the email provided.

Or in case it doesn't work: iliketrains34@gmail . com

I'll be back later.

No. 24379

that was rude tbh

No. 24380

no, those linken park is almost as back as nickleback

No. 24381

Lolwut? Being a lesbian is a fetish? K.

No. 24382

You misunderstand. This is just first contact. Where things go from here is what matters.

No. 24384

what u want me to lie or smthing

No. 24385

File: 1439542969853.jpg (302.94 KB, 1371x2048, 1439264541329.jpg)

Am I wrong in thinking having am outgoing gf would help in that regard?

No. 24386

Yep, sorry babe. Just like slurping horse cock is a fetish. Sorry if the realz hurts your feelz.

No. 24387


The misogynistic propaganda is tired and flat, and you sound like a brain-dead parrot repeating the same bullshit about "riding the cock carousel" et cetera.

I've heard this on r9k enough to know that what you're doing is so unimpressive as to be nauseating. Please, stop posting the shit I've seen so often and try to be creative and fresh.

No. 24389

You're trying so hard. It's almost endearing.
Go to bed.

No. 24390

t. Homosexual

No. 24391

That was an obvious bait, m8. Yet you still had fallen to it. A shame really


No. 24392

File: 1439543045275.png (249.49 KB, 421x500, 1422943246298.png)

So what are the thoughts on hairy guys here?
I've always been extremely self conscious of my body hair because I went through puberty before all my other male classmates and was given shit about it in the locker room.
It's also odd, I have light brown hair on my head, the hair on my arms and legs is basically blonde and not too noticeable.
When it comes to my chest it's all basically black, like my pubes decided to travel upward to my collar bones.
Luckily no back hair.
Plz no bully.

No. 24393

From what I know some girls really like hair.

No. 24394


Your solipsism knows no bounds. Everything must be to impress you because you are the center of the universe.

Sugartits, the facts are the facts. Not going to reinvent them for your feelings. Whether or not they make your gina tingle is irrelevant.

No. 24395

File: 1439543135053.jpg (112.59 KB, 600x900, 1439400137374.jpg)

Obligatory why do girls go for douchebags post

No. 24396

I, as an hetero male, find you disgusting sir.

Seriously though, I've considered removing my butthole hair, just to feel clean, but the lads at r9k told me that the sweating would be out of this world.

Why do you, hairy m8, even exist? Shave your body already

No. 24397

idk can't speak from experience but it seems like dating someone outgoing would expose you to more social setting where you might find ways to cope/get over the fear.

I dated a really outgoing guy, but it didn't really help me out in those regards, so I can't say for sure.

No. 24398

I knew it was b8 m8, just cockteasing the troll.

No. 24400


Funny that your post is predicated on solipsism (a quality you attribute to women), since I'm actually a robot.

I just think these girls are infinitely more reasonable than the robot extremism.

No. 24401

a lot of girls like hair, some don't. most of my female friends are in agreement about hair, being that they're basically neutral about it, but grow to like/prefer whichever their partner possesses.

No. 24402

Hopefully I find out
I'd like to live a life where I'm at least not embarrassed to he in public
I had to go to the PC repair store today and just paced around the area for half an hour and went back to my apartment

No. 24403

Become a trap

No. 24404


No you don't. You're just desperate for internet approval from the only "women" who will pay you any attention. As if they can magically reach through the screen and suck your cock. Its pretty pathetic tbh. Even moreso than if you were a solipsistic woman. You're a self-hating man.

No. 24405

I like you…

No. 24406

How did you people even find this place?

No. 24407


He comes refurbished and ready to be cucked.

No. 24408


Some dumb cunt from here posted a screenshot on r9k mocking them and they did about 30 seconds of detective work and located the source of the posts.

No. 24409

No. 24410

So, did you ignore >>24164 this advice? Or come back for round 2?

No. 24411

File: 1439543469955.png (50.2 KB, 736x1024, reddit-alien.png)

Thoughts on this site?

No. 24412


I haven't gotten any direct approval so far. Either I'm very bad at this or what you're saying makes so sense.

I'm good at almost everything I do (just relationships I can't quite get), so I'm going to go with the latter.

No. 24413

No. 24414

the frontpage of the web matey, hhhehhhhhehhhehhe

No. 24415

I meant the natives/females who were originally here

No. 24416

Oh, no idea, you aren't going to find them in this thread, m8. This thread is now full of r9k neets or faggots pretending to be qt gurls

No. 24418

File: 1439543667818.jpg (52 KB, 620x372, 1439391776162.jpg)

This site is actually pretty nice
Mind if I stay?

No. 24419



No. 24420

File: 1439543778154.jpg (45.06 KB, 446x413, tips tinfoil.jpg)

>my indefensible claims = facts

No. 24421

File: 1439543794601.jpg (240.89 KB, 1400x933, 1439513604872.jpg)

I like to imagine at least some of the responses here are from real women
Please be kidding

No. 24422

File: 1439543802008.jpg (38.79 KB, 396x398, pepe20.jpg)

>tfw this site is probably ruined, because robots will lurk and post every now and then

we did it reddit!

No. 24423

File: 1439543823867.jpg (48.09 KB, 306x642, image.jpg)

I don't know what you're on about but anyways.
Everybody have this photo of Kylie Jenner that I absolutely just adore.

No. 24425


>muh le reddit fedora virgun loozer meem

You are so smart and clever and perfect and a princess. Don't you ever let no man tell you that you're wrong about anything because that is totes fedora tip.

No. 24426


Not kidding. Just look at how they respond when they get backed into a corner with real arguments and statistics. They whip out the "virgin", and "fedora tipper" memes. Hallmarks of tumblr and /r/twoxchromosomes.

No. 24427

i'm fine with level-headed, kind robots staying. it'd be nice to have /b/ expanded. we've had a lot of cool political threads, which is awesome, but it'd be even better if it was more active. and a number of other girls (or at least i'm hoping they're girls), said they're totally fine with robots staying, earlier in the thread, too.

this place was created after staminarose was shut down. there was already a concrete userbase that it was created for. a site similar to this one. from then, it's grown into more of an actual chan like environment, and it is populated by mostly women that come from the chans. and men, too (even before you guys infiltrated).

No. 24428

Thanks for the info

No. 24429

She's a disgusting whore though

No. 24431

Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, it has nothing to do with being backed in a corner and that what you say is so fucking ridiculous that you're too pathetic to respond to with any serious banter? Fucking pansies. Go vacuum the crumbs off your carpet or something.

No. 24432

If you can prove your facts, do so.

No. 24433

File: 1439544291752.jpg (81.16 KB, 600x735, 1438489729034.jpg)

Okay real talk
How much does penis size matter to women?

No. 24434


Yes, then I realized that what you suggested was incorrect. So I stuck with the fact that they simply can't put forward any decent arguments.

I'm sorry if that reality hurts your feelings, and if you feel backed into a corner even now, but the world is the way it is.

No. 24435

i love you too :3


No. 24436

This. It gets to a point where you can no longer make a proper argument against 1+1=3 and you just tell them "but that's wrong, you fucking retard".

No. 24437

File: 1439544376604.jpg (464.39 KB, 1000x2164, 1436557399922.jpg)


The names of the studies are right here, should you actually care about reality.

This is a courtesy. For men, who are expected to do their own work, you'd be told to fuck off and do your own research you worthless lazy bimbo.

Also, display your cunt.

No. 24438


Of course, you mean it gets to a point where your sensitive fee fees overload your brain and you start spamming personal insults because like oh em gee.

Its ok, I go soft on slower people and women for this reason.

No. 24439

Anything less than 3 inches is a joke, otherwise doesn't matter.

No. 24440

it really doesn't. all women are different, but for the most part, you should concern yourself with personality, charisma, talent, etc. nearly all women (like literally upwards of 70%) can't even cum by just getting fucked, so it's useless to worry.

No. 24441

File: 1439544628704.jpg (133 KB, 498x665, 1439219807167.jpg)

Why can't women put more emphasis on dicks? I have none of those qualities but at least my penis is above average

No. 24442

Now that I think about it, I'd never actually measured my penis

Should I do it right now for the lulz, lads?

No. 24443

I used to think it was obnoxious that people referred to you guys as betas but now I can understand why. You really, truly believe you're presenting a decent argument. You really, truly believe we're here to entertain your self loathing delusions and babble. Keep justifying to yourself why we're so Big Bad And Meanie Weanie, clearly we're so enthralled.

No. 24444


No. 24445

>that fucking pic
The irony. You never bothered to verify any of your "facts" right? The graph is made by a bunch right-wing fucktards who made up (yes, made the fuck up) data and labeled it "from the CDC XDD".

You don't give a shit about facts. You held your worldview long before you found any.

No. 24448

Oh I replied to the wrong post, sorry friend. Wasn't directed at you.

No. 24450

Also, how the fuck does anything in that pic relate to what you said before?

No. 24451

How old it too old for a male virgin? Like is there a cut-off where you wouldn't date a man that was a virgin?
Men seem to value sexual inexperience but I imagine women are the opposite

No. 24452

you could always build talent, personality, wit. they're all skills you can develop. on the bright side, if you develop them, you'll have a good sized dick, and a winning personality/awesome talents.

she's annihilating you. you need to just give in, man.

No. 24453

That's a very bad troll. Best to ignore.

No. 24454

Do you have any evidence that the data was "made up"?

Like if you have an alternate set of the true numbers for that data that would be good.

No. 24456


Someone has their fee fees hurt.


What's the point of asking for facts if you do not believe facts? You're literally just a tumblr liberal at this point.

No. 24457

Link your reddit post then.

No. 24459