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File: 1519823226890.jpg (51.31 KB, 599x252, 1513347678435.jpg)

No. 231531

Are there any types of mental illnesses you steer clear away from people for having? Not the really hardcore shit like psychopathy or sociopathy, but things that people would label you as ableist for refusing to get close to someone for having.

I've been burned too many times by people with Borderline (or who check off every symptom if they're undiagnosed). The disorder is literally just a cluster of toxic traits. They're simply not capable of being healthy people to have in your life. One of the traits of the disorder is that they will act totally obsessed with you then drop you abruptly for little to no reason, usually in a really dramatic OTT way. I just can't deal with someone who has a personality disorder that is defined by a trait like that. It stays with me for years when people pull that shit and now when people are super enthusiastic about our friendship, I get worried they're going to do that. Even when they don't even have BPD. And don't even get me started on the other traits involved with that disorder.

I also can't deal with people who have EDs, whether it's one involving weight loss or weight gain. It would be one thing if they only applied their deluded view of weight to themselves, but they almost always have to drag other people into their sickness. I want nothing to do with someone who tries to make me feel like a fat sack of lard when I'm a twig. Or who insists I look better overweight than I did at a healthy size.

People with depression issues who can't get their shit together. I fall into this category, but am working hard to get out of it. I can't be around hyper-negative people who complain about their problems constantly and let their mindset cripple them long-term from any advancement, especially when I'm fighting to NOT be like that. I also don't like feeling like my main purpose in someone's life is to be the person they dump everything on.

Autists. I know this one is just mean, but being friends with them is painfully awkward. You have to be uncomfortably blunt because they don't get even the most obvious hints, plus they tend to have no filter and say incredibly mean and/or offensive shit. I'm always so anxious about introducing my autistic friends to people because they pretty much always embarrass the fuck out of me. Here's just a few of the gems of examples I have of them doing so:
>to friend with acne issues upon first time meeting her Wow, your skin is disgusting.
>to friend driving used Audi God, I hate people who drive luxury cars. It's so unfair. I wish all the rich people would just die.
>upon introduction to friend You're not as attractive as you look in Facebook pictures, but we should go out on a date anyway. can't for the life of him understand why she gave a hard no to this request
>because I didn't know the name of the president of South Korea I mean, you are pretty stupid, so I'm not surprised.
>to adopted friend is it ever hard knowing that you were a last resort and your parents wouldn't have even wanted you at all if they could conceive their own kid?
So yeah, no more obvious autists.

No. 231534

Yes I used to surround myself with sick people because I felt like we were similar and they would enable my shitty habits which made me feel good and validated I guess?
Some of them slowly faded away from my life and I recently kicked the rest of them out of my relationship circle.
I have been terribly depressed living in filth, not showering, not getting out of my house for month and I REALLY want to get better so I now make a point of only befriending sane and well balanced people, I used to avoid them cause they made me feel terrible about myself now they motivate me.

No. 231535

Yeah, one of the best things for a mentally unhealthy person to do is to surround themselves with healthy people who are compassionate, but don't enable you. Being surrounded by people with the same negative traits just leads to a cesspool of toxic validation.

No. 231536

I would say Aspergers. I mean, I was diagnosed with it by some random doctor at a hospital, but I know a bunch of other people my age with Aspergers and I act nothing like them. I'm only shy and nervous around people.

No. 231537

I thought they recently got rid of the term Aspergers and it's more "PC" or whatever to say Autism instead?

No. 231538

They're kinda different from each other, I think Autism is the worse kind

No. 231549

aspergers is not a real disorder, just an obsolete term for high functioning autism, which is a spectrum. high functioning is just slight social awkwardness, low functioning is similar to downs and mentally crippling. if you have it you have high functioning autism.

you sound fucking stupid though tbh and the fact that you think you're way better than others who have it clues me in that you probably actually do.

No. 231550

Bipolar disorder, my brother has it and when he's in the manic phase you don't know what's going to make him snap, it's really uncomfortable and sometimes scary. He's on meds now but I would never hang around someone like that by choice.

Also BPD because they are just too fucking much for me.

No. 231551

File: 1519835946101.jpg (13.63 KB, 245x245, c95399472a214432e0bf50fca0fd9c…)

Lol op are you me?
I avoid alot of these mental disorders because my best friend has them and it has kinda soured my view on people who have them.
She has depression, anxiety disorder, ocd and recently found out about possibly being on the spectrum.Tbh she kinda reminds me of Pixielocks in some ways. She has the idea that people around her need to cater to her needs due to her mental illnesses and i’m getting sick of it. Her mom or older brother with bipolar gives tips about managing her mental illnesses she takes HUGE offense about it. I can't take it anyomore

No. 231552

i hate people like that. i tend to steer clear of or drop anyone using their illnesses as an excuse for shit. tons of strong people get by and don't have support systems but i feel like tons of people with really strong support systems tend to act like total assholes.

also, just fyi if your friend is on the spectrum that may be why she's an ass.

No. 231555

I know it's mean but I can't stand people with autism. I don't know what I'd do if I had an autistic child, I wouldn't be able to cope.

Everyone I know who has it is so inappropriate and it's difficult to be in public with them. It's almost impossible to have a conversation with them because they'll turn it into an argument or just talk all about themselves/something they're interested in despite you knowing nothing about it or not caring. They don't understand social cues like when you're uncomfortable so you're forced to endure it for the sake of being polite.

In the worst cases I've seen, they'll get violent and throw tantrums over nothing. They're dependent on their parents for life and you can see the life drain out of the parents while raising them. Autism can only be diagnosed at 2 so until then you think you've got a perfectly normal, lovely child. It's scary to think how one day your child can just stop progressing (walking, talking, learning) altogether and you can never get your loving, sociable, intelligent toddler back.

No. 231556

I'm a BPDfag who has done a year of intensive DBT and even I avoid other borderline people. Not enough of them go to therapy, the right kind of therapy, or even try to correct their behaviour if they do wind up in DBT. I used to try and be compassionate and give a fuck and help them because really committing to DBT saved my life and relationships, but it's so thankless that now I don't even bother and avoid these people. We are truly a fucking plague.

Other than that I stay away from anyone who exemplifies cluster B type symptoms. I would avoid autists, but as an avid gamer they're impossible to avoid. A lot of depressed people suck to be around because they don't even try, they just give up and suck the life out of everyone around them and use muh depression as an excuse to not improve their life at all. (this isn't all depressed people ofc.)

No. 231557

I also really dislike it when people say that people with autism are "extremely intelligent". I think it's something the parents tell themselves as a kind of silver lining to the situation. None of the autistic people I've met are in any way intelligent, they just obsess over something to the point of knowing everything about it. I could become a genius in a very specific area like gardening if all I read for the next few years was gardening magazines in my every spare moment and threw a fit if anyone tried to get me to read anything else. But for the majority of us, reading nothing but magazines and blog entries about gardening would get terribly boring and repetitive so we move onto something new, autistic people can't do that. I also think common sense is way more valuable than knowing everything about the Norwegian train system.

No. 231559

not trying to disagree but autistic people excel in their chosen field of study much easier than non-autistic people in the same field. that's not to say they're more intelligent, they just can care more about learning specific things than other people, even if those other people have the same interest. they are definitely more compassionate about specific things than others though.

most autistic people don't find out what field they'd accelerate in though and use the reasoning to apply it to themselves.

No. 231563

NTA, but have you spent a lot of time with people with high functioning Autism? They're often like what's described in OP. I can't blame someone with the diagnosis for not wanting to be associated with people like that.

No. 231564

Gotta second the bipolar. Like you said, it's too unpredictable what will make them snap. Also, I know a bipolar girl who attacked a few people close to her and actually tried to murder one during a manic episode, despite no violent history before that.

No. 231565

File: 1519843649026.jpg (14.79 KB, 480x360, Small_73f73e_5684771.jpg)

People with BPD, anorexia, bulimia, bipolar, HPD, NPD, Shizoid PD, Schizotypal PD, or any other extreme disorder are red flags for me.

Everyone else is cool for the most part and I have nothing but extreme respect for those with PTSD, especially C-PTSD where ongoing abuse occurred.

No. 231566

oops didn't mean to post an image lol

No. 231567

no anon i'm saying she's probably like that anyway since she's sperging out over how ~different~ she is.

No. 231568

like she's bitching about it but then goes on to say she nonchalantly got a random aspie diag from a dr that's nbd, (despite the multi session process diags for it take) and then pulls the "b-but i'm not like them!" shit.

No. 231570

Yiu guys im on 2ce and i feel lkke i should just kill myself

No. 231571

Everything is my fault why did I think that this is a good idea I am so stupid I don't want to be here anymore why

No. 231572

I'm listening to in Marina and the Diamonds right now and it sounds weird tragic it's like she just telling you die you know just do it what are you doing what are you waiting for

No. 231573

File: 1519845423163.jpg (299.59 KB, 2000x2000, blonde.jpg)

No. 231574

File: 1519845874409.jpg (14.88 KB, 500x336, 24852569_1900984186882562_6591…)

full disclosure, i'm clinically fucked in the head (bipolar ii and CPTSD) so this makes me a big dirty hypocrite but w/e lmao

all cluster B's can honestly go and stay go. i can check off every cluster B personality disorder on my bingo card of People Who Have Hurt Me, tbh. i went through a lot of abuse as a kid and seem to just be an absolute fucking magnet for these types of people, but i'm getting a lot better at asserting my boundaries/just cutting off toxic people with no remorse bc i finally love myself enough to realise i deserve better.
sidenote: i'm incredibly uncomfortable with the push to merge CPTSD (which isn't really a real diagnosis yet in the first place but very much should be imo) with BPD, because they are very much not one and the same.

fuckwits w/ depression who can't deal with life but don't get help and just throw their hands up in the air and go 'well maybe i should just kill myself then!' over literally everything can also go. i was this person once, so i do have sympathy for these people, but i got on medication (it took me six years to find the right one but god fucking bless lamotrigine) and found a psychologist. i recommend the same to others, and offer resources i've found helpful or offer to teach them about some basic CBT stuff if they're hesitant about therapy. however, if they don't want to take the hand i'm offering i just slow fade out because i just don't have the energy to deal w/ constant suicide threats and don't need the constant negativity.

autists. i spent most of my childhood doing the emotional legwork of parenting my younger sister (and still do a decent bit), who's on the spectrum, and i just can't deal with them any more. i also got paired up with all the spergs in primary school by my teachers to be their friend because i was kind, patient and available (read as: friendless, unable to assert boundaries and terrified of rocking the boat so i'd just suffer in silence), and it was honestly just an awful fucking time. i just don't have any patience for it any more.

trannies. perhaps a bit controversial depending on how you feel about gender dysphoria, but a lot of them (esp TIMs) tend to also display some pretty rampant cluster B traits. i'll leave it there, don't wanna derail a thread about MI with my GC/TERF bullshit, considering there's already threads for that.

also, maybe not quite a mental illness (codependency i guess?), but enablers can fuck right off too. i might be a bit bitter/jaded/resentful about that one though, considering my mother was thoroughly emotionally absent and did nothing to protect me from my father's abuse, but rather, tried to justify it.

wew lad that got rantier than intended but tbh i needed it. thanks for the really good thread, OP!

No. 231575

I saw the subject for this thread and immediately thought "Borderline PD". I can't deal with BPD people anymore and I've been severely traumatized by them.
>They drain you emotionally and don't sincerely feel bad about it
>They always blame someone else or their "disease"
>Incapable of true empathy
>Ridiculously unreliable and selfish
>No emotional self control
>They toss you out like a dirty cloth over burning bridges but reel you in later with sweet lies and praises only to repeat it some time later
>Possessive as hell
>Extreme guilt tripping and even threatening self-harm to get their way
>They NEVER take responsibility for their own actions
I'm sorry but I'm done with you guys. After 4 BPD people with the same sort of behavioral pattern I will run the fuck away if anyone ever starts showing these red flags. I've met my share of crazies and autists but BPD is by far the very worst. The reason being that you can't immediately tell if someone has it and when you realize what's up, you're already deep in the hell created by their toxic traits and manipulation.

No. 231576

I guess I'm a bit of a hypocrite too because I have BPD and I steer clear of other people with BPD. I can always tell when someone has the "loud" type and it drives me crazy. they annoy the shit out of me. I know they have a hard time controlling it but Christ. I don't need that drama in my life, I already have enough due to my dumbass behavior at times.

also obviously get sociopaths away from me. they're horrible and I have fallen for their manipulation so many times.

I also hate whiny bitches who have mild depression/anxiety who are always bitching about hOw HaRd LiFe Is.

oh and those people who talk about how they have "bipolar" just because they are moody. holy shit I fucking hate these people. shut the fuck up you moron, you don't have bipolar. it's like they define their existence around it when they seriously don't even have it

obviously there are always exceptions but I still try to stay away from these people

No. 231578

I feel the same way about cluster 🅱s and trannies. Bs are irredeemably awful and the vast majority of them are too far gone to change that. Trannies are cluster Bs but 10x worse because of the *intense* victim complexes and disgusting fetish shit.

I generally hate all mentally ill males on top of that. 99.999% of normal males are already cluster B passing, I can't take more. I can usually tolerate females, though.

No. 231580

dude they act like literal children lol, try spending some time with them nerd. also you seem too offended by it, did you shit out an autism baby yourself?

No. 231582

File: 1519849924037.jpg (16.6 KB, 320x320, 1487190163053.jpg)

I'm with you on depressed fags and trannies anon.
I'm a flaming trashcan with Bipolar II, Borderline Personality Disorder, Generalized Anxiety disorder, PTSD, and ADD. I'm medicated and in therapy so I like to think I'm slightly self aware of my behavior but what I noticed with fellow BPDs is that they dont want to seek treatment or rarely continue treatment. So their shit is continuously fucked. The prevelant mentality with that is that it's easier to be a victim than face the music that despite having lived through so much shit they have to still be held accountable for their actions and slow progress into becoming reflections of their abusers.
I really hate people who say they have anxiety and depression but are actually undiagnosed and/or just cluster Bs or have adjustment disorder.
I hate the whole tumblr craze where everybody has BPD because they identify with a shitty post that says something to the tone of "i hate when people dont respond to my text messages right away #justbpdthings" I guess basically normies who identify with a single trait of any mental disorder and immediately come to the conclusion of having said disorder.
Oh god i really fucking hate when somebody with a fairly large platform like kelly eden or anisa johma claim they have several mental pathologies but have never been professionally diagnosed and just say shit for ass pats.
the reason i hate trannies is that the majority of them refuse to see mental health professionals to sort out their shit. being a tranny should be a mental disorder specifically for the side effects of depression, body dysmorphia, dysphoria and the suicidal tendencies. despite not always requiring psychotropic drugs for treatment should still be taken care of by people with experience with dealing with psychosis of any kind.
i also hate anybody who's clearly mentally thats undiagnosed. Like they wreak havoc on everybody's life including their own and refuse to come to terms thats it it's all on them. For example i know this dude that is clearly undiagnosed bipolar. his manic episodes lead him through many phases of expensive hobbies and wild ideas that leave him in debt, and then when he's having depressive episodes it's the classic i wanna kill myself and life is meaningless bullshit. when i asked him if he's gotten treatment he was all like "i was on prozac once and it made me want to kill myself and that was it." the thing that scares me the most is thats he's really into guns now and he just bought an AR-15 (the favorite gun of modern school shooters)and i'm basically shitting myself. like there's nothing i can do but wait until he loses it or something.

No. 231584

>>he's really into guns now and he just bought an AR-15

No. 231585

if you're shitposting on a website dedicated to nitpicking on women you're jealous of, you probably qualify for some mental issues yourself anon.

No. 231587

I'm very surprised BPD is mentioned more than NPD

No. 231588

Isn't NPD really rare? BPD seems more common to me so I guess more people would have a bad experience with one of them.
But you're right NPD are to be avoided like the plague, my aunt got herself caught up in the web of one of those monster and he completely ruined her, she is only 34 but look easily 20 years older, she is in so deep that I don't see any way out for her.

No. 231590

I feel like NPD just gets diagnosed way less because narcissists are really good at hiding their crazy until you get super close to them. People with BPD don't hide their psycho well at all since most of the time they don't think people perceive their behavior as wrong.

No. 231591

NTA, but this is a very kaka-ish thing to say. Has it ever occurred to you that not every person on this site obsessively niptcks j-vloggers or something…? I really only come here for /ot/.

No. 231592

this. it's like saying everyone on 4chan goes on /b/ and loves gore porn and shit. also homegirl is posting on the same site rn, who's she to talk? she's acting like she's better than OP for saying OP isn't better than others.

No. 231593

My social anxiety is so bad that I'm starting to think I may have autism. I become awkward as fuck when I have an anxiety attack, which is ordinarily triggered by social events with lots of people. I get so physically stressed (heart pounding, knees weak mom's spaghetti) that it becomes progressively difficult to pick and deliver the best response in conversation. I've begun going with shorter responses most of the time when this happens, so I come off as shy or snobby instead of fucking retarded. Anyway, I don't blame anybody for not wanting to associate with me or people like me - it's fucking awful to live let alone watch.

I also try not to associate with people who are depressed and uninterested in improving their situations. It's just too draining. I don't think I've met anybody with any of these other disorders you guys are talking about, though. BPD is apparently super common but I have no idea how to figure out if someone in my life has it.

No. 231594

bro calm down. i was literally just pointing out that if OP got diagnosed with autism she fucking has autism and isn't any better than other autists just because she said she is. her simply saying she's better than them doesn't make her better than other autists. her calling it aspergers doesn't mean she's not an autist.

No. 231595

>op says she as aspergers
>trying to play it off like it's somehow not the same as autism
>oh it was just like, a random diag
>not like the other autists

she's autistic.

No. 231596

Honestly I can't deal with any sort of mental disorders. So many people have some form of depression or anxiety and it's just exhausting to be around. I know it's shitty and I feel bad for the people that have it but I'm not capable of helping them so I just stay away. I have no clue how to deal with them because I feel like I'm walking on thin ice all the time.

Weirdly it's not the same with autists, maybe it's because my brother has aspergers so I'm used to it but I sort of appreciate the total bluntness.

No. 231597

I already said in OP that I have depression issues. Did you not read it?
>nitpicking on women you're jealous of
Holy baseless assumptions Batman. I only participate in one cow thread and never focus on the girl's looks, just her incredibly problematic behavior. Funny enough, the cow in question is believed by most in the thread to have BPD.

Also, since you're under the impression that every single person on lolcow is nitpicking over other women, what are you even doing here? Given your use of the word "jealous", I m guessing you have a thread on here?

No. 231598

always the same excuse: ''i only come on /ot/ !!!1!1!1" and muh problematic behaviour. go back to PULL

No. 231602

File: 1519854257282.gif (1.52 MB, 268x200, tumblr_ovuzjjdLpP1uqdigto4_400…)

You're being retarded and OT, stop shitting up the thread.

No. 231604

>complain about website
>while on the website


No. 231606

Cluster b, they are all crazy and try to ruin your life to feel better about themselves. Was friends with a BPD girl who tried to destroy my relationship because I hung out with a guy she was interested in. I was even rooting for their relationship, and me and the guy have mutually no romantic or sexual interest in eachother. Had another BPD friend who was jealous of my problems because she wanted them so she could get attention. She literally asked me how I got such deep scars from self harm because she wanted scars like me.

I also prefer more severe autist to the high functioning ones. Obviously not the shit-smearing, non-verbal ones, but the ones who act like children. The high functioning ones are assholey and grating, and there is nothing you can do. The childlike ones can be cute. Had an autist my age almost sit on my lap and talk about his favourite animals and wanted me to play with his plactic animals. Asked me which animal I wanted to be and why. That was cute. The high functioning one I've met have angry sperged about how communism is the best and that anything else is literally nazis. Or about memes for 2 hours. That was not as cute.

No. 231607

>Was friends with a BPD girl who tried to destroy my relationship because I hung out with a guy she was interested in. I was even rooting for their relationship, and me and the guy have mutually no romantic or sexual interest in eachother.
>Had another BPD friend who was jealous of my problems because she wanted them so she could get attention.
Holy shit, anon, are you me??? I've had both these things happen. The second one was really fucked up because it escalated into the girl making up similar traumatic situations to ones I've been in. Also, she claimed to cut to the bone and yet didn't have a single self-harm scar because "she heals really well".

No. 231609

I had a friend in high school with pretty bad anxiety and it made me wary of other people with anxiety. She pretty much thought having an official diagnosis gave her a blank check to be a cunt to people and then blame it on her ~angzaiddy~. Like I know that being anxious can lead you to be high-strung and you might lash out, but it doesn't mean you can't take responsibility for it when it happens.

Also my brother's gf has Aspergers (though according to this thread that's an outdated term, I dunno that's just what she told me) and while she's not really a jerk, she's mostly just fucking annoying. Way too loud, way too annoying about her interests, but ultimately she's a nice person.

I strongly suspect I have ADD and depression and this thread is kind of eye-opening. I already try to keep my self-destructive/self-loathing behavior under wraps but if I'm being honest with myself I could probably be trying harder.

No. 231610

It sounds like you just have extreme social anxiety. People with Autism don't understand social normalcy enough to be aware of their awkwardness and question if they have it.

As for if anyone you know might have Borderline, this should help: https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/borderline-personality-disorder/index.shtml

No. 231612

I have pretty well managed BPD and it’s true that while symptomatic we are the absolute fucking worst.

The thing is that if you do the therapy and actually try you can be totally fine and happy and yet so few bother to do it. Yes it’s more immediately satisfying to manipulate people or to be helpless and get what you want handed to you but it’s ruining the lives of those people. DBT isn’t hard to do and it makes so many people less miserable.

If y’all have a BPD person in your lives who isn’t choosing to get better go as little contact as you can. Run if you can. Nobody deserves to be in that trap and nobody is responsible for how someone with BPD feels. If you are stuck with them prioritise your own self care and wellbeing and remember you don’t owe shit.

No. 231613

u dumb as shit boi

No. 231614

File: 1519857875090.jpg (29.77 KB, 472x298, foe.jpg)

Narcissists and sociopaths should be culled from the population as soon as they can be identified. Neither have the capacity to understand other humans and in the case of narcissists they won't even try not being disgusting manipulative people.

Borderlines are also pretty unpleasant and I hate that so many CPTSD sufferers get lumped in with them.

No. 231616

Sorry, I was only talking shit because you were talking shit to me

No. 231626

>Also, she claimed to cut to the bone and yet didn't have a single self-harm scar because "she heals really well".

That girl would do the exact same thing. Cried over the phone that she thought she was going to die because she apparently cut her throat so deep. Next day, not even a single tiny scratch on her throat. She would also pose and pull up her sleeves "let her wounds breathe", so she could show off her tiny cat scratches every time someone walked past.

Also claimed to be anorexic and claimed to starve herself, because her sister is anorexic and got attention. Her sister was actually posted on lolcow ages ago lol. Somehow she didn't drop a single pound off her obese body in the three years I knew her though.

I drew a bit in class and got compliments on my art, which made her incredibly angry. So she decided to draw so that everyone could see her, and hung her art up on the walls.

Got a work experience week at a tattoo shop. Walk in to find her there, she had asked them if she could work there too because I did.

There was literally nothing people could have for themselves. If someone gave me attention for something, she stole it and made it her identity. No matter how small and stupid it was.

Plus she is a columbiner/serial killer fangirl, and threatened to shoot up the school. As if she couldn't get anymore crazy.

No. 231627

… My girl was also a Columbiner and hamplanet who faked anorexia. Wtf. Crazy how that's apparently a type.

Please tell me yours was some type of genderspecial so we can complete the bingo card?

No. 231628

Sadly no, she is into ddlg though, so just as bad.

No. 231632

While BPD has genetic factors it's typically triggered by trauma and abuse, so I can see why people want to lump/merge the two. Renaming BPD would help with the stigma that might help more people get help as well.

No. 231636

You guys are fucking retarded. It's obvious that >>231594 was trying to call out the aspie for thinking she is somehow above other aspies. Her whole "huurduur i hate aspies, but i am one btw" was cringy and it's just like a fucking autist to think they're better than others. Kek and getting triggered tho.

No. 231640

No. 231688

People with certain personality disorders tend to have a type they're attracted to. I've noticed farmers are often weirdly similar to one another. I think the personality type that comes with your typical farmer just happens to attract people with BPD.

Most farmers tend to be troubled, but have a compassionate side. People with BPD rope people in through playing the victim and garnering sympathy. It's easy to mistake those with BPD as simply having extreme depression if you don't know better. My guess is that's why farmers seem to have a disproportionate amount of experience with them.

No. 231708

I have bipolar II and (had?) BPD. I avoid anyone with mental health issues, trannies, and even some people with physical health issues. It’s not even about them hurting me; thanks to my illness I am very used to unstable interpersonal relationships. It’s just, as a general rule, these people have no other personality and it’s so fucking tedious. I know people with depression, people with fibromyalgia, people with all sorts… and all any of them talk about is their illness. Like maybe focus on anything else other than that and you might feel a tiny bit better - it worked for me! /rant

No. 231769

Exactly. People with BPD and C-PTSD are nothing alike and have completely different symptoms. Anyone who says they're similar or should be considered the same illness have no idea what real symptoms of mental illnesses look like. C-PTSD should always be reserved for those who have undergone chronic abuse. They're a lot more discreet and pleasant to be around than someone with BPD who's always screeching about how they have BPD.

No. 231789

I have several mentally ill friends, and I am mi myself. (Ocd) tbh, having other sick friends has been great. They get me, when I'm stuck, we help each other out, we check in on each other. If I fall in a pattern, I have at least one person giving me the reality check.

Ngl, I'm so lucky to be in a place with ppl who help me grow and recover. Idk, I even have a friend with bpd, and seeing how far they've come in therapy and recovery inspires me and I'm so proud to know them.

No. 231821


I think my mom feels this way about me.
I often wonder how my life would've been like if I continued to develop normally.
I see my normal, successful little sister and it just hurts.

I avoid getting close to anyone because I know I'll just annoy them anyway.

I'm afraid of falling into the whims of a Cluster B person because I'm not good with social cues. If anyone is loud about how they have so much *~drama~* they have, I'll just assume they have BPD and avoid them.

I have little in common with other autistic people. I can't stand people who think autism is a gift. It's a fucking burden and the world would be better if there was a cure.

My mom said I was a bright, talkative baby and then I regressed when I was two. I feel bad for her. I'm glad she at least had a chance to have a normal kid like my sister.

No. 231863

File: 1520009964432.jpg (30.41 KB, 480x360, 1470850734696.jpg)

Anon, I feel you, do the best you can, it maybe take time to not annoy people but you learn out each day how to comport in social situation even if it's tiring. If one day there is a cure or a way to reduce risk of autism for my child I will do it .
( sorry for the blog post)

on the subject I can't stand " non award of the bullshit their doing "autistic people ', the worst are the weeb's one, they can even make normal people follow they shitty social behaviors, I've seen that an it's not pretty.

Peoples who still have ED, they are hard to manage, but the one who are recovered and can make joke about can be quite nice

peoples with depression who take drugs ( not like medication ) and keep it / make it their staple look à la tumblr/ insta baddies junkie kid, they are just toxic

hypersensible people who trow a tantrum for small shit and justify their behavior by reaching hard or the one who even get all made when they /you misinterpreted something

trans peoples during the depressive/ pré transition part, I think it's a bit like for depressive peoples. It also make me inconfortable to oblivion when a trans people can't pass and it's obvious( even if I don't know them ),i'ts maybe why I don't have MTF friends

sorry for the wall of text, really good thread idea !

No. 231887

File: 1520019389770.gif (830.04 KB, 500x324, 1508691051679.gif)

CPTSD survivors typically don't have empathy problems or abandonment issues though, which is what makes BPD people so awful to be around. CPTSD survivors also don't tend to make fake suicide or self-harm threats for attention.

I may be biased though, my sibling has been diagnosed with BPD while my psychiatrist all but used the term CPTSD to describe my issues. My sibling doesn't mean to be (I don't think, anyways) but is very abrasive and mean to everyone and impulsively cut herself nearly to the bone after being told to look at nearby universities rather than moving away.

Unrelated but low functioning autism is terrible. I have a distant relative who has it and is almost completely incapable of speech. He doesn't understand basic needs like needing to put on clothing in public and that he has to eat. He gets completely fixated on something and has climbed up buildings chasing birds. His parents adopted a little girl and she's showing signs of narcissism. It's awful for them.

Sage for blogging because I'm sure none of you wanted so much about my personal life in one post.

No. 231954

Pretty much any mental illness is annoying and unbearable to be around for me. Depressed people, anxious people, all the cluster b, bipolar, autists, etc. Unless they are in therapy and I can tell they're making an ACTUAL effort at getting better I do not have the patience for them. I'm borderline and depressed because I was physically abused my entire childhood but I put my ass in therapy as soon as my quality of life declined and and I realised the people in my life were affected by my shitty behaviour. I worked hard to get better.

I just can't stand people whose allow in their own bullshit and claim to be miserable when they have the resources to get better. And they KNOW they do.

No. 231963

As a disclaimer, I got bipolar BUT I have been medicated and actively working on it with professionals for years. This is why I hate all mentally ill people who cant even make an effort, since I know the importance of it. If youre fucked up and are making an effort– we are cool.

I hate midldly anxious and depressed people since all they do is LiFe iS HaRd xD . They refuse to even try, especially depressed people. BUT U DONT KNOW ABOUT MUH DEPRESSION AND I CANT JUST GET BETTER and other horseshit they throw around that drags everyone down and is usually just their inability to man the fuck up. Everyone who has had a mental illness/disorder knows the importance of manning the fuck up and facing your problems. Stop enabling your own bullshit and I am legit so done with depressed people because theyre always victims who no one can understand. 99% of the whiny entitled midldly anxious and depressed peoples problems would be fixed if people stopped enabling them and they would stop babying themselves.

Trannies are the next problematic group I refuse to interact with. Their obsession to one up biological women is fucking mental. All women related issues are met with OHH YOU ARE SO LUCKY and the visible jealousy over nothing. Trannies spend their days pondering on how to win the victim olympics and make womens problems relate to them in a worse way. I always try to remain optimistic with new trannies I meet and everytime end up with them stalking me or trying to get me to put the lotion in the basket emotionally. Theyre worse than untreated cluster B and mildly anxious and depressed people combined. Fuck trannies, they need a good shrink instead of their dicks turned inside out. Almost all of them are the worst kind of aspies to boot, so they have the unpredictable and unfiltered language, but being a tranny adds an element of "I dont need to try because i am marginalised uwu."

No. 231968

>I am legit so done with depressed people because theyre always victims who no one can understand. 99% of the whiny entitled midldly anxious and depressed peoples problems would be fixed if people stopped enabling them and they would stop babying themselves.

This, I hate hate HATE depressed people who don't even fucking do the bare minimum to function and it's all "muh depression, that's why I can't get a job or clean my room once a month or literally do anything ever." I say this as a depressed person.

I guess I'm especially bitter about this because my ex-boyfriend was just like this, and eventually our relationship fell apart because of it. He went from having a steady job and going out to completely succumbing to "depression culture" and quit his job, stopped going to the gym and put on 30lbs, and stopped cleaning or caring about anything. Meanwhile I was in school full time and working 30 hours a week and I was absolutely exhausted and the house was a fucking disgusting mess. Anytime I asked him to at least pick up his laundry he would get super defensive and upset and say that just because I was busier than him didn't mean he had to be a housemaid. I did everything and he did n o t h i n g except play video games and sleep. He did go to therapy 2x a month but refused to do anything the therapist told him because "she didn't get how hard it is."

Eventually I reached the end of the rope with his bullshit and dumped him. It was like a huge burden being lifted.

No. 232029

File: 1520111416756.png (98.62 KB, 1812x490, 1517874572053.png)

Nowadays people have self induced depression and anxiety, since being depressed is seen as cool and deep now people will literally get depressed if their life isnt hard enough (I've seen this shit before)

Obviously there are actual depressed people but the bad ones end up giving a bad name to real depressed people and people use muh pro diagnosis as an excuse as if it wasnt easy as fuck to get diagonsed with whatever someone chooses, people choose what they tell their therapist and no one realizes that

No. 232051

>fat, chubby, roast beef, saggy tits

Lol, what a very specific thing for a guy to mention. Almost as if he's been rejected by said person.

No. 232055

It was on r9k, i agree with him on some points but others were just….

I do know some saggy tit girls and outtie girls that act like this though, not to mention several men, like more than 10, where agreeing with him and saying how their ex was like that so yeah

No. 232073

File: 1520139034663.jpg (9.16 KB, 189x266, download (1).jpg)

>listening to incels about anything
Even when they have some good points their thinking is completely fucked.

No. 232074

incels are fucked but the first few points did make sense, they also left out a vast majority of them are doing to

No. 232078

Would you guys want a general Red Flag thread? Not just about mental illness symptoms you can’t stand from people, but signs of people not to date or befriend.


He/she is rude to cashiers, waiters, the help
Most of her friends are guys because “she’s not like the other girls” and the few girl friends she has are far less attractive than her.
You barely know her yet she tells you she has BPD or some other cluster B personality disorder.
He takes video games too seriously and looks like a neckbeard.

No. 232081

besides the obvious stuff
>gets offended way too easily or just has no filter at all, or if they defend others with no filter
>no empathy
>hard to talk to, when you try to talk to them they be passive aggressive out of nowhere then refuse to act like an adult
>will do one thing for you but expect you to give them the world back, like they can pay for gas once then demand all kinds of crazy shit
>dramatic, I can forgive if it's more of a comedic exaggeration type dramatic
>they're so bland, you can't have a conversation with them without being bland, party pooper type
>doesn't care if they're a piece of shit

No. 232084

Anorexia, bulimia, anything self-diagnosed.

I am schizotypal.

No. 232094

No. 232111

I wouldn't write off any mental disorder completely, but I would say that I can't stand people who have issues but make no effort to fix them at all. Especially if I talk to someone who supposedly shares my disorders but are self-diagnosed, and then have the nerve to tell me I don't get their struggles because I'm "so normal" even though I'm professionally diagnosed. Bitch, do you think I've been just throwing away ten years of therapy money and meds? Do you think therapy is just a vent session? You gotta work on your shit.

No. 232113

This is me,

I absolutely agree with you and forgot totally about self-diagnosed people. They're so entitled, as you said formally diagnosed people are usually easier to deal with as they know their problems and hold it as something to work on. Self-diagnosed cunts jack off in a circle. >>232029 Like this anon said and they love to glorify mental illnesses. If you have any mental illnesses, work on them and no one will have a problem with you. I have nothing but respect for extremely mentally ill people who work on themselves. There is nothing more amazing than a severely mentally ill person who is getting better.

No. 232309

Is there a clinical name for people who are obsessively self-pitying and NEED to have it worse than everyone around them, even when that's just objectively not the case?

No. 232311

I'm in a discord that feels like the olympics of suffering…
'I tried too kill myself' - 'yeah, me too, 2 times!'
'My parents were strict christians' - 'My parents didn't allow me to leave the house!' etc
I once had to jokingly ask whether they'll throw me out for not having anxiety, depression and being a gay trans…
Sorry for the vent

No. 232314

Eating with their mouth open.
Everybody who does this needs to be executed.

No. 232326

I was going to say "but but anon that's not a mental disorder" but fuck it, it may as well be.

No. 232336

This, I instantly lose all respect for anyone eating with their mouths open. Not even kidding, I could never be friends with someone who does that, bar someone with a serious condition where they can't breath out of their nose or something. You have to have something wrong with you to be that clueless and obnoxious. Fuck anyone who does that, and fuck anyone who chews gum with their mouth open or pops it constantly.

No. 232342

Can be a symptom of narcissism or munchies, or both, but more info's needed.

No. 232383

Lol, were we in the same discord?

I eventually left mine because it just became too much. The discord was originally for a hobby we all shared, which they all of course 'never had the energy for', and if I dared to show some progress I had done it was met with sarcastic comments like 'well, of course it's easy for you' and 'so how does it feel to be a normal person?'

No. 232389

I have an extreme bias against BPD - I'll admit it because any person I've met with BPD (self-dxed or not) wound up abusing me.

Had a friend once with a grab-bag of MIs: PTSD, DID, BPD, Autism, Depression, etc. We had a bad falling out, and this person painted me as evil because "I wouldn't let other system members front uwu" when in reality, this person would purposefully front bad/mean alters in to make me have panic attacks and then told me because I had a panic attack them (the host) is at risk of "dying."

This person fucked off out of my life, but I do consider them one of my personal lolcows now that I'm aware most of their grocery list of MIs are fake. I'm pretty positive they are BPD, but I'm lead to believe most of everything else is bullshit because this person claims to have gotten an official DID diagnosis after ONE therapist appointment lmao

Today they are still drawing their 100 furry OC system members, liking gross vomit gore shit, and talking about how mentally ill they are and never doing anything to improve their situation.

I avoid anyone who claims to be a system or claims to have DID.

No. 232394

Hypochondriacs really fucking irk my nerves. My mother is an extreme one and growing up with her/living with her now has felt like eternal torture. She's the type to extremely exaggerate symptoms, project on to other people, complain to anyone who will listen, but won't actually go to a doctor. Possibly because she knows she isn't really as ill as she imagines (or hopes,) idk.

No. 232442

I dont mean to piss anyone off but I hate the new wave of young military members claiming to have ptsd despite most of them never seeing combat and getting super entitled because of it, not to mention all the shit they easily get away with because of it and play victim if one of their victims speak up, military wives are literally told to prepare and deal with it

No. 232464

Anybody who claims to have DID/multiple personalities is letting you know they were born in a red flag factory.

It’s creepy how many Sybil wannabes there are and how many people still treat DID as a legit diagnosis.

No. 232468

anyone bipolar 2 here? whats life like since you started medication? what meds do you take?

No. 232470

My mother was a huge hypochondriac, her entire life she "had" cancers, tumors, etc. If I were sick, she'd get symptoms of some illness as well. She, of course, never went to a doctor. But then she actually got a dangerous symptom and she kept her habit of refusing to go to the doctor. When she did, it was too late.

No. 232482

I’m a hypochondriac and also have most anxiety disorders that you could think of off the top of your head. I don’t have kids though and never would because I think inflicting this on kids would be absolutely awful. My boyfriend, sure, he knew what he was getting into. Kids, no way.

No. 232502

>so how does it feel to be a normal person?
that shit is the fucking worst. no one can get better when they resent healthy people like that.

No. 232557

they don't want to get better, "muh depression" gives them an excuse to be lazy pieces of shit

No. 232570

Oh god, that's like when I lost a bunch of fat through exercise and suddenly people were telling me I must be one of those people who are just naturally skinny and don't have to work out or watch their diet, except much much worse, because instead of dismissing what it takes to lose some weight, they're dismissing your achievement of overcoming internal obstacles and carving out a better quality of life for yourself, with a little muh privilege thrown in.

No. 232582

I left as well!
They were like "No, of course we won't kick you out for being normal! Does it feel like a competition, no, it just helps me to share my struggles with likeminded people" ugh
But no, it was music related

No. 232736

Not sure if this is the right thread to post because I'm not exactly sure what disorder I'm talking about but I've had this longtime friend I've distanced myself from (at least for the fourth time now) cause I can't deal with her behavior and general personality anymore. From what I've read she seems to have at least one or two cluster b disorders (I'm not intending to give a diagnose, I'd rather like to hear if anyone here would agree with me)
>is very clingey, wants to message all day except she's busy (our friendship turned into LD a few years ago)
>talks about her problems with guys as much as possible, constantly seeking for validation
>not giving the same amount of listening back, likes to shift the discussion back to her own problems
>when you confront her that it's too much often gaslights you and says you should always say when she gets on your nerves but refuses to change anything about her behavior and become more sensitive, meaning if you'd say it everytime it's too much you'd say it everyday
>obsesses over guys she's had an affair with when things didn't lead to a relationship over YEARS (including daily social media stalking, texting, even showing up at their house or work, this happened with the two last guys at least twice a year)
>knows every detail about the things these guys have done even slightly related to her, sometimes I wonder if she writes everything down cause she likes to argument using exact dates. So is basically collecting "evidence"
>is extremely insecure but acts all self-confident, is conceited, likes to point out whats beautiful about her, always looks for flaws in others, especially in people she hates, tries to fish for compliments, but as soon as this wall gets destroyed by a single incident starts furiously crying and calls herself the exact opposite
>once stated good friends should always listen no matter how much the person needs you, which seemed a lot to ask someone cause friends are not therapists imo. Also likes to guilt-trip you by saying "I have the feeling I have to be SO careful what I say to everyone or I get on their nerves"
>is very impulsive and often overreacts and acts before she thinks
>has extreme abandonement issues routed in her crazy (probably narc) mother (which is why I feel shitty but I have to think of my own mental health and this friendship was never healthy)
>at the same time always had commitment phobia. Didn't have a boyfriend in 9 years now

Had to take a step back cause I let myself get too invested in this obsessive relationship drama and don't have enough backbone to confront people who are this demanding all the time. I don't like to feel used as a human tissue and don't want to give others validation all the time. Sorry this was so long.

No. 233408

File: 1520829547347.jpg (103.47 KB, 540x960, DXukZC6UQAATzob.jpg)

I cannot deal with people who have addiction issues. My mom and sister were both hardcore BPD with addiction and the constant lying, manipulating, and berating by them wore me down to a distrustful, easily agitated person with anxiety.
I am basically Duterte levels intolerant when it comes to drugs and alcohol, and I hate SJW's because they promote unhealthy coping mechanisms and acceptance of shit like drugs and alcohol.
I also cant stand people with eating disorders for the same reason you state OP.

No. 233418

kys and stream it or gtfo, phalloid

No. 233423

But did you clean your room, anon?

No. 233453

why would you lie about being diagnosed with Aspergers? There is absolutely no way in hell some "random doctor in a hospital" suggesting they had little info on you would go and say "yep you have Aspergers" when in reality getting diagnosed with Aspergers (autism) is an extremely lengthy process requiring various psychological evaluations, they do not treat autism diagnoses lightly, especially in females.

No. 233464

I didn't mean to seem like I was lying, I swear it's exactly what happened. I was questioned for a little while, then they shat out a diagnosis overnight

No. 233508

i hate bulimic people. other eating disorders are slightly more tolerable to me because i suffered from one and still do so i know how to deal with the irrationalities. the reason i can't stand bulimics is because they are so gross and gluttonous and can't control themselves around perfectly good food that someone else could have eaten and actually retained the nutrients from it. they want to eat like pigs but still stay skinny lmao. some people struggle so much to just afford food, yet these people binge eat and just throw up and then go pity themselves and play victim on MPA. there's no difference between puking your food and throwing it in the trash. i have a family member who's bulimic and i do love her but shes the most spoiled, lazy, entitled bitch. she's 30 and hasn't worked a day in her life, leeches of her boyfriends and her dad with terminal cancer (my uncle), expects expensive trips and gifts from said boyfriends, studied at uni for 10 fucking years and couldnt graduate because she's ~omg so depressed and bulimic~ and because all the drugs she's done in her youth have rotted her brain. she's really nice to me and we vibe really well even though she's 10 years older than me but i secretly hate her for being such a bum bitch. the whole family pities her for being depressed and a failure but expect me to be fully independent at 20 (which i am) and dismiss my bipolar disorder because i'm less vocal than her in my ~struggles~. i just cant

No. 233951

bipolar and bpd, my sister has both and one time she came over to my house and stayed for literally a year because she had no money or home to go back to and guilt-tripped me into letting her stay.

When she left I found some kind of dead animal behind her desk. She'd just lit yankee candles to mask the smell (it didn't work and she burnt a piece of the carpet). She'd get drunk alone in her room almost every night and smoke in the kitchen so that all my food was slightly yellow. Also she poisoned my cat and then cried it was an accident, tried to touch up my friend, and routinely hid my stuff when I didn't tidy up after her. She'd say shit like 'hmm well maybe if SOMEBODY tidied you'd find it' and I'd be like 'YEAH SOMEBODY'

I want to be charitable and say that my sister is just a careless piece of shit and it's not her illness doing this, but thanks to her bullshit I'll never trust any mentally ill person again. Even when I fell into a depressive state when I lost my job I ended up telling my therapist that I wanted to anhero because in my mind the mentally ill were just burdens on the people around them.

I try hard not to think about this too much but honestly, if one of my friends was diagnosed with BPD I'd drop them like a hot rock.

No. 233952

can you leave? either you don't have asperger's and are lying or you did the long lengthy required 2 days straight of testing.

No. 233955

jesus christ anon calm down, some places do it different, I knew kids that got diagnosed with autism in under a few hours, some places are just shit

No. 233956

assburger-chan has been derailing the thread by claiming she got diagnosed, but "only at random" and bitching cause she's totes not like the other aspies.

No. 233958

they didn't derail it, they were just discussing, I don't see what they did wrong

No. 234093

>hanging out with mentally ill scum at all

No. 234098

Honestly, other people with depression. Both my last relationships, they had depression and were just fucking insufferable. I also have depression but I've had it for years and know how to deal with it. Any friend I have with depression never wants to take any advice or finds an excuse for literally fucking everything.

No. 234108

I can't stand hyper suicidal people and I feel a ton of anger towards people who kill themselves.

No. 234112

No, that isn't how it works. There is very specific criteria that needs to be met to obtain a diagnoses. yeah, one assessment may take a couple hours. But to have confirmation of an actual diagnose it usually takes a couple months.

No. 234113

My little brother has autism and they didn't know until he was a year or so old. He's almost 10 and they STILL don't have a placement of how bad his autism is.
I can't imagine someone finding these things out in a few days let a long a few hours after birth.

No. 234144

cause, like all aspies, she won't stfu about being a unique snowflake, what with her rare and super quick diag.

No. 234158

Just yesterday i was told that the husband of somebody i know killed himself. She wanted the divorce, he called her asking to talk everything out, but then she came he had already cut off his head with a circular saw…
Why do you have to do that to another person, especially your family/friends?

No. 234163

that's selfish.
that's totally different.

No. 234224

calm down

No. 234249

This sounds a LOT like the people with BPD I've met in my life. Every single point.

No. 234294

if you can't stand them why do you care if they kill themselves or not?

No. 234295

It's frustrating to watch people indulge in their suicidal thoughts and throw their lives away.

No. 234357

File: 1521163700707.jpg (49.54 KB, 704x400, 1521081403546.jpg)

>tfw i have almost all of those

personally though it's very, very extreme things like psychosis, or those who absolutely lack empathy and hurt animals (and eventually ppl or dream about it.) i feel intense empathy and usually want the best for them, but i wouldn't befriend someone like that for my own safety

No. 234363

god this sounds exactly like bpd and like every fucking girl i ended up being friends with

i've been friends with a psycho "sad bpd" who had an UNREAL victim complex despite being a bit older than me acted like a petulant kid and been friends with a fucking insane "mad bpd" who has to be the MOST at everything, sees herself as better and hotter than everyone else, actively uses other women to look better and is a complete edgelord

No. 234672


i'm a severely mentally ill person getting treatment, and even tho this might seem hypocritical i tend to avoid other mentally ill people in general unless they're also making an effort to get better. if you're trying to become more mentally healthy, it's important that you surround yourself with people who want the same thing for themselves. the only things i'll always stay far away from without exception are people who have cluster b personality disorders bc as a whole they're dangerous, toxic, insufferable to deal with, and perfectly happy to drag others down with them

No. 236987

This thread makes me pretty sad at how judgmental some people are, although to be fair I'm not sure what else I expected.

No. 236989

Mentally ill people needs a lot of love and support but the sad thing is they often hurt other very deeply, especially the cluster b types. I think a lot of people here gave sick people chances and ended up being badly burn, that's what happened to me at least.

No. 236995

i don't think being judgmental is negative. everyone always says not to judge because you might 'miss out' but who cares honestly? behavior patterns, especially those that come with mental illness are often easy to identify warning signs and ignoring them to not be ~judgmental~ is just ignorant.

No. 236999

I mean we are on lolcow, where the whole point is to judge other people.

But I feel like saying "I can't deal with people with ___" is completely nonsensical though, it doesn't work like that. That's about as specific as saying "Ugh, I can't deal with people from NYC"

Also top fucking kek at
>I have x disorder b-but I'm not like those other crazies!!

No. 237154

Oh man. I have a lot to say on this topic lol. I was diagnosed with "depression" and took medication for like 5 months, but then dropped it because it did absolutely nothing and I'm much more comfortable knowing I'm not drugging myself and can change myself with will. Anyway, I had a best friend who had some issues and it was obvious she learnt the behaviours of her even more messed up sister. They both were bulimic and cut themselves and were depressed, and honestly when you're feeling sad yourself the worst thing to do is become best friends with a person just as depressed as you. While we bonded and comforted each other, in the long run it was not healthy at all, she would come running to me when something was wrong and dumping all her shit on me, it was exhausting, and the worst thing is I was doing the exact same because I was feeding off her behaviour, I probably was worse than her because I thought she would always be there to listen and help, but I would then be constantly be whining and mopey just to get her attention. She was a great person honestly, but it just became so toxic, and we broke up a few years ago but still keep it touch, I just refuse to get involved in her shit because she made me so miserable sometimes. When you're with a miserable person like that, you really start to mirror their behaviours and thought process and it's not healthy at all. Hell, my mum is a depressed fucking wreck, she's living with her parents at and it's fucking embarrassing to see her at her age staying in bed constantly, not working and hardly helping around the house only when she's told to, being a disgusting slob who's impossible to be around because it's been ages since she'd showered. Honestly, I had a huge awakening after I broke up with my friend, I started to sort out my shit, stopped enabling myself when I got whiny, learnt to control myself, all of that. I've always been a person to naturally get a little more sad than usual, but I'm no longer blaming that on an "illness", I'm not a weak little shit who's incapable of handling their own emotions, and this is what I hate about depressed people, no matter how much I can sympathise with them, they're unbearable to be around when they're enabling their lazy, shitty, whiney behaviour and constantly bringing the people around them down with them so they can feel some sort of comfort, they complain about hating themselves and hating life in the hopes of having people say "omg nooo don't say that you're so nice I'll always be here for you." Newsflash, fuckers, you have to learn that in life people can't always be there for you, change starts with you, and whining like an annoying little shithead will not do anything for you in the long run. Your reality changes when your mentality and mindset does, learn to change that to a more positive outlook. "Aw but I'm depreeesseddd don't tell me to try and be happy uwu waaaaa". Fuck off with that honestly lmao.

Also, I've read a LOT on how shady and manipulative the mental health industry and psychology is and how much they've lied about doing research and experiments on these supposed mental illnesses. They end up fucking up a lot of people's lives. It really opened up my eyes because I've always been suspicious of certain things in those industries. It's also really evident these things have seeped into this generation and are ruining kids and making them more unbearable and whiny and annoying lol, I mean take a look at the depression and anxiety memes. Some of them are genuinely funny but when there's so many of them it starts to get irritating and it's evident they're made for looking cool or edgy and deep, like having something messed up in your brain makes you the most enlightened and intelligent person on earth somehow. It also makes way for people "fake diagnosing" themselves, like when I see a huge clusterfuck of a list on someone's blog and they have all these disorders I roll my eyes, like sure honey. I don't know why they think it's cool to pretend they're mentally ill. But like I think, medicalising normal human behaviours and traits makes people think there's something wrong with them, like being shy and nervous before making a speech or being sad when your dog dies, it's all the industry's doing, to make people buy their drugs and shit. But I digress.

No. 237173

The same logic can be used to justify racism. But I do agree with you somewhat, being too trusting is unwise.

The main problem I have with being too judgmental about mental illness is that mental illness is often not some objective phenomenon but a loose group of symptoms that occur together with varying frequency. The symptoms themselves can also be somewhat vaguely defined, one obsessive-compulsive or schizophrenic person can have almost totally different symptoms from another person with the same illness. People with the same symptoms can also vary widely in severity or treatment.

This might be controversial, but I also think that most people have a transient mental illness at some point in their life, even if its just undiagnosed depression or anxiety. Usually it's something people overcome, but I think its the more chronic cases of shit like BPD, schizophrenia and ASPD that form our common caricature of the insane.

Posts like >>231614 also bother me somewhat. Mentally normal people are perfectly capable of supporting "sociopathic" shit like Nazism when their environments enable it. I think its comforting to compartmentalize evil into a specific set of dangerous people but that attitude, to me, doesn't accurately represent how selective and malleable most people's empathy is in the first place. Antisocials can be controlled with the same punishment-reward scheme that keeps most of us in line, and advocating their genocide is pretty hypocritical and paranoid IMO.

No. 237184

>The same logic can be used to justify racism.

no it can't because people of a certain race don't have mental similarities with eachother. wtf kind of logical leap is that?

No. 237215

BPD for sure. I have a friend with it and she used to be way worse than she is now. She was so fucking manipulative and everything was about her. If I didn’t reply in a way that gave her enough attention she’d freeze me out, not that I really gave much of a fuck.

I also have an ex with autism and it’s very hard to date someone with it. He’d often say inappropriate things to my friends and couldn’t seem to talk to any of my black friends without bringing up the fact that they were black. I’d be talking to a mate and he’d be sat there talking AT me about every film that features the main character on screen with a superimposed double, Jesus Christ I’m stressing just thinking about it.

No. 237232

BPD people need to be put down immediatly.
They're incompatible with normal humans and throw a fit everytime something doesn't go their way.
One of my friends is dating a BPD person and (I'm extremely sensitive) he made me cry for a few days for how shitty he was and how I felt bad for her.
I'm trying to tell her he's not worth her time but she wont listen

No. 237244

I'm not saying they do, but people will use that same line of reasoning. Same with women. You can anecdotally or statistically aggregate any kind of behavior to judge being nasty to individuals that themselves haven't done anything wrong.

No. 237247

File: 1522165084198.jpg (62.12 KB, 645x729, uhjUFo9C9ES5G8RfGbT76ghY4rUN_X…)

except BPDs being toxic isn't "anecdotal behavior", it's literally a diagnostic requirement for BPD

No. 237248

lol i said specific behavior patterns that come with mental illness as in, people with bipolar have manic and depressive episodes. or you know, judging someone's drinking habits if they have a family history of alcoholism not like, "oh women are moody, must be period!"

No. 237262

How are you guys meeting so many people with extreme disorders? Maybe I'm extremely sheltered but I don't know anyone with anorexia, BPD, bipolar, etc. And especially for BPD, was there a diagnosis or are you guys pulling one out of your ass? It does seem like a lot of people I've known have depression/anxiety but everyone has it these days.

No. 237265

Go outside.
Well, not everyone is a mentally ill piece of shit but let's say that 1/20 is and if you go out with friends and they bring their other friends, it's quick to find people.
Also, it's not "these days" when a person acts regularly like a cunt and tries to excuse it as "That's just who I am!" and doing incoherent shit, doing things on purpose to hurt people and then pulling the "I'm sowwy :(" card to keep them around.

No. 237269

Eh I guess I could go outside some more but I also feel like I'm fairly involved on campus so idk what I could do differently lmao. I'm pretty sheltered and I never got into the phase where i was constantly partying with people or whatever.

I also like to give people the benefit of the doubt if I don't know them too well and i would chalk it up to a misunderstanding or something than something serious. I also don't see how you're supposed to tell if someone has a serious mental disorder after chilling with the bar with them for a couple of hours.

It really does seem that a lot of people who complain about this shit online are pulling things out of their ass or projecting. I do think my ex bf had some sort of problem but even after knowing her for so long i would be hesitant to slap some label onto her. Calling people psychopaths or borderline just seems like a quick way to write off people you don't like permanently.

You sound fun at parties.

No. 237271

A person who hits his girlfriend and calls her names and then says shit like "You don't deserve me poor angel :( I love you but I'm twisted!!", steals people stuff and then laughs when they panic (He once stole my cellphone, then he gave it back to me only when I started to cry because I store my life in my phone, laughing just because he thought that that was funny), demands to be in every group chat of our friends w/ his gf to "control her" when she barely leaves home due to studying it's not a "person I don't like"
They've been together for a month, I don't wanna imagine if they keep it this way.
He's sick, period.

No. 237272

you realize most, if not all of us ITT are talking about conditions people we've known IRL have, right? no one is armchair diagnosing anyone.

No. 237289

You can armchair people you know in irl too. Unless someone says that a therapist/doctor told them they had this condition then it doesn't count. Even then people can still lie and some doctors give bunk diagnoses so I would still be skeptical.

That sounds like a shitty person but some people are just shitty, not that that they need a diagnosis.

No. 237336

I met someone new who has bipolar. I never dealt with it myself, only know friends who have friends and so on. I actually tried to help them through a bad friendship breakup from my ex and I thought I will be able to build some kind of friendship when I just stay consistent with them but oh god was I wrong. When they're in depressive mood they are constantly talking about killing themself (even wrote me a good bye message once, telling me the next day he already put the rope on the tree) and when in good mood getting drunk and writing "I love you" more than it's comfortable for me as a joke.
They are already passive aggressive about me not writing as many messages as when the whole breakup shit was going on and when I reply now, they're snapping at me for nothing.
Thing now is… I am afraid to just say bye. I know how it feels to get abandoned for your mental illness. They already told me I will abandon them or they'll push me away, it's always the same. I wanted to be different but I don't even see the will to change anything and it's driving me nuts writing with them, never knowing which persona I am dealing with now, caring of every single word I put out just to not hurt or trigger them.

What can I do?

No. 237341

that's what i mean though. literally friend says "i have x"

kill yourself out of the thread.

No. 237345

i had a friend i was real close with and he constantly had new diagnoses, first depression, then bipolar, then borderline, then OCD etc. he was constantly on different meds and took pride in it like a new diagnosis was a medal of honor. he was always doing drugs but since moving to the same city as me (in the netherlands ofc) he started doing multiple drugs every single day, fucking 6+ dudes a week and blamed it all on ~mania~. i couldn't take his drugged 4am texts anymore and the grotesque details (plus pressuring me to do drugs with him) and was painful watching him burn. i distanced myself as subtly as i could, it took a while. he was passive aggressive about it because i was lowkey judging him but i didn't give in. just slowly distance yourself and make it seem as if you just lost contact because of life circumstances and whenever he tries to manipulate you just ignore. he'll take the hint at some point of lucidity. i have bipolar as well but after so many years i've learned to deal with it, except in intimate relationships. these almost-abusive people have no excuse and you don't owe them your friendship just because they're sick. if they choose to kill themselves, you had nothing to do with it but spoiler alert- they won't.

No. 237395

Yooo calm down. Sorry I can't read your mind when you type so unclearly. Just because someone says "I have x" doesn't mean they actually have it. Based on his behavior it just sounds like he could make it up. You sound gullible.

Also your friend needs to grow a spine. lmao

Why were you friends with this person in the first place? To the point where you couldn't just block his number.

No. 237445

your friend needs to grow a spine

??? what? my friend needs a spine for telling me he's autistic? okay?

No. 237453

>can't even greentext
Go back to where you came from.

No. 237545

Thanks anon for your answer, I really appreciate! I try to follow your advise now, writing them just makes me uneasy

No. 238730

>Have a close friend with BPD
>She keeps forgetting to take her meds, doesn't go to therapy
>Has major ups and downs with her behavior, she might be chippery and loving first, then take a dive to being a suicidal crying mess in a matter of minutes
>Doesn't care about the feelings she hurt during her depressive phase, flies into a fit of rage when confronted about it
>Is egoistical, loves to put others down, talks a ton of shit about other people to the point it gets uncomfortably petty
>Burns bridges for ridiculously trivial reasons
>Purposefully fucks up things in her life so she has another excuse to victimize herself
>Worst of all: recognizes that her behavior is toxic and painful to the people around her but she simply doesn't care because of m-muh mental demons.
What the hell am I supposed to do? She's caused me to become majorly depressed as well and I have to live on the edge all the time. Whenever she goes silent I'm about to dial 911 out of fear for her having killed herself. She's nice enough during her sane phases but unbelievably hard to tolerate when the mental issues kick in.

No. 238741

Distance yourself and let her know why. That you might consider being there for her on the bad times, but only if she makes an actual fucking effort.

With bpd even interacting with them is enabling.

No. 238746

Friendships like these are akin to an abusive relationship, if this was a husband doing it to a wife it would be completely unacceptable, friends to friends changes nothing. Bullying and manipulation is exhaustive. It's abusive and toxic. Trust me on this you need to take a step back otherwise she'll consume you. Lemme guess her meds "don't work" and whatever negative thing you have, she has but worse, whatever you've done she's done but better. She's horribly needy but has a heart of gold. It's a huge dilemma but you need to withdraw bit by bit until you can control your own response to her "crisis's" to save your relationship longterm if that's what you want to do.

No. 238922

I have BPD. I never was fitting the crazy bitch version of it which is what most people seem to know, cause I did't do drugs/have sex with randos/rage attacks but I fi more of the quiet, passive BPD who ends up victimized by other personality disordered individuals. Depersonalization, not knowing who/what I wanted to be in life, abandonment issues ect. After many years I have a normal stable life and can have normal relationships. It's very difficult but it's possible.

With that being said, one of the major breakthroughs for me was realizing I cannot be in proximity with currently sick BPs, and even moreso Narc men ( both high and low functioning). It takes me back right back to ground zero of fucked up life, fucked up emotions. I still fail sometimes with covert narcs though but I have so much anger towards these people for hindering my progress in life for so many years, I don't let them fuck me over anymore.

There's a lot of SJW type crazy in my social group but they avoid me by default because I'm not cool enough to be friends with, which suits me fine.

No. 238926

You talking about being ''victimized'' by other bpd people kinda shows you aren't really recovered, no offense. No one gets cured of bpd. Stop assuming all borderlines are some poly kink positive blue haired sjw, they're normal people trying to live life the best they can, no need for a superiority complex.

No. 239025

Spot the untreated bpd

No. 239085


Literally I talk about the crazy BPD that controls the narrative of BPD and makes it impossible not to talk about BPD with stigma and boom a wild one appears

"I still fail sometimes with covert narcs though but I have so much anger towards these people for hindering my progress in life for so many years"

What parts of NARCS written twice before that sentence did you have problems reading. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU.

I never suggested I was cured, literally the whole post is about how bring around people with personality disorder people will bring everything back in five seconds, how does that imply cured? All I said was I don't have shitty quality of life in general if I do this ( and many other things) NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU.

No. 239117

the girl who writes her life story on an imageboard telling other people ''not everything is about you !!1!!1!1''. spoiler: no one gives a fuck about you being a bpd or who you choose to hang out with

No. 239165


What are you all even arguing about here? I don't get the "not everything is about you" - when did anyone imply anything was about (other random Anon)

It's just venting about your disorder, no? You're allowed to do that here.

No. 239231

Expecting someone with an untreated/poorly treated cluster b personality disorder to not emotionally abuse people is like expecting someone paralyzed from the waist down to be able to walk.

No. 240050

File: 1522950490723.jpg (151.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Except a Narc can learn to deal with the real world through therapy, you can'd teach a paralyzed person to walk. One COULD do something to get help, the other literally couldn't even if they wanted.

Narcs just flat out refuse help, because to do so would undo their entire understanding of life. It's often a self-defense mechanism that goes unchecked to the point that it becomes who they are. Weaponizied Guilt is a hell of a drug.

On that note, I can't stand:
-"recovered" eating disorder bitches, who want to mention it for a social media dick sucking, and seem to always fudge the dates and times they were sick or "recovered" depending on how they feel. The "recovery" is very often is just masking the disorder behind Veganism or Weight-Lifting, both more socially acceptable than bulimia.
- People who were treated poorly and now are "Abuse Victims", or are called out on behaviour that they in turn claim to be a victim of.

Literally any capable, functioning adult who dreams up one day that they have a disorder so that they can bitch at you about it constantly instead of doing work to get better themselves, or do the bare minimum and want a pat on the back for it.

Fucking help yourself you selfish fuck, I'm not here to be Therapy Round 2 after you just left your Therapist's Office. I don't care what you discussed, I don't have any new input on the same subject you bring up every fucking day. Sorry you make some stupid choices in life, we all do, welcome to living.

No. 240059

I can't deal with the kind of people who openly broadcast their mental illnesses for attention. I have friends on Facebook that baww about muh depression and anxiety all the time to receive asspats.

Like its fine talking about your illness once and a while but making it your entire identity is so cringe worthy.

No. 240304


i have a 'friend' who bawws so much about her self diagnosed BPD i'm starting to think she actually has BPD

i won't post any of her ridiculous shit unless requested bc it'd be vendettaish but shes made facebook her hugbox and deleted anyone who makes her 'uncomfortable' read: doesn't 100% agree with her militant vegan bodiposi sjw ass. therefore the stuff she posts is super personal and insane. from 'I DESERVE TO DIE' to 'guys i just got put on new ADHD meds and i love them sooo much UwU'

No. 240305

>I hate SJW's because they promote unhealthy coping mechanisms
>some SJW categories are straight edge and vegan

You just hate SJWs and like some assassin, it's understandable and to be honest tells you might have a mental illness too.

No. 240350

NTA, but they did specify "untreated".

No. 240452

BPD, bipolar and DID claims are always the biggest red flags for me. I don't know why but I always seem to find crazies who keep trying to convince everyone that they're allowed to act the way they do because "I have an illness and I'm trying my best, I can't help it if I act those ways bawbawbaw."

No. 242504

DID is so rare that I doubt anyone who claims they have it actually does.

No. 242749

I've been living with a BPD diagnosis for 4 years now. Yes, I was diagnosed by a professional. I've tried countless types of antidepressants and different kinds of therapy. They didn't really work, and I felt really betrayed by everyone around me. I wanted a quick fix, someone who could just press a button and I'd be healthy without any effort of my own. It doesn't work like that sadly.

I've been in so many unhealthy relationships. They always ended really badly, sometimes I would dump a guy just to be with another. Rinse and repeat. I'd call them names, demand their constant attention, I even beat up a couple of them. Nothing was ever enough, but of course I felt it was their fault. Not that I saw myself as the best person in the world, sometimes I felt absolutely worthless. But my boyfriends were supposed to fix me, and damn them to hell if they didn't manage it. In hindsight, I was an absolute nightmare to be around after a while.

I had a breakthrough about a year ago, and I just got fed up with being this unstable, depressive, self-harming, suicide-threatening bitch. So I finally finished therapy, stopped smoking weed every day, took my medication as prescribed. I'm not sure if I would consider myself "cured", but I think I'm well on my way to becoming a functional member of society. I actually look forward to what the future holds.

People with BPD aren't necessarily hopeless, but it's become a nice excuse to treat other people like shit and not take responsibility for it. I've been there. Even if they're aware of the things they do it doesn't matter if they don't even try to change it. No one else can fix your shit, only YOU can change the way you act. Only YOU can decide to not let your emotions and instability rule your life and destroy other people. It's a struggle, yes, but it is absolutely possible. Why would you want to thrive from a disorder that will ruin you and everyone around you?

TL;DR: Stay away from people with untreated and/or self-diagnosed BPD. You will be used and abused, and you will get nothing in return. Saged for mostly blogposting.

No. 242752

agreed. especially when it's all they talk about and they consistently use it as an excuse when they get themselves into any unfavorable positions. I've known 3 people who claimed to have it and to me they just seemed histrionic as hell.

No. 243629

ARs are like the Toyota Corolla of rifles. They're cheap, reliable, and many people's first gun.

No. 244828

File: 1524566140399.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.04 KB, 900x1125, 33NFwMn.jpg)

Honestly? Paranoid schizophrenia. They think they are the center of the fucking universe and literally the most important/victimized people on planet earth. It may as well be narcissism combined with psychosis. At least most narcissists have deep-seated insecurity that gives them some glimpse of reality. Paranoid schizophrenics actually believe their narcissistic BS to the most extreme degree.

Seriously, if you are disgusted by narcissism or victim complexes, go read what a paranoid schizo will write. I'm 200% for the rights of mentally ill people (even suicidal and bipolar people) but paranoid schizophrenics should be confined to a ward or strictly medicated and monitored.

pic related, and I guarantee you this man is 100% convinced what he did was some noble deed that ~~~only he~~~ could do because he is just ~~~so special~~~. Does that look like the face of someone who feels bad about gunning down innocent people? Hell no.

Not to mention the cases of paranoid schizos randomly cannibalizing living people. Austin Harrouff has photos out there of human chunks in his teeth. Thanks, sunshine laws.

No. 244833

I can deal with autistic people or just mentally ill ones in general but I HATE the spoilt ones who think the world should be handed to them for being mentally ill, especially ones who were obviously spoilt as children

No. 244870

Can't deal with people who are insecure and constantly ask me what I think of them or if they're pretty/etc. I've dropped quite a few friends over this. it annoys me to no end

No. 245134

I'm someone with PTSD, ADHD, and DP/DR so I have tons of experience with being mentally ill and knowing it doesn't excuse bad behavior.
I had a friend who would constantly remind everyone on social media she was Schizo-something like every 4 days. She made comics and tons of threads about it. All of her close friends were the types who believed she could do nothing wrong and the whole world was against her. It rubbed off on her and she became the biggest narcissist and try hard SJW. Any down time she would have would be, "Holy shit, racism is sooo fucked up, dude." and "Video game girls with porn bodies rolls eyes I hate Gamers."
The worst part, she was a substitute teacher. She would constantly tell us about how she was the best person in the world once she got to take care of special education kids while at the same time bashing all the other kids not in special ed. When she got to sub for non-special ed kids, she would always have to update us whenever a kid would interrupt her while she was talking, making jabs like "These boys are asking for too much! I'm not your mother! The girls are so nice and behave so well! n_n"
On top of that, she would somehow try to talk about her favorite TV show or video games in her classes, always getting off topic and internalizing all the stuff these kids spewed out. I'm pretty sure she cried like 3 times because of some kids saying they didn't like something she did or repeated some popular meme.
The final straw for me was the event that got her fired from being a substitute ever again, which also gave me a sense of relief. She just straight up told some kids they didn't matter because they happened to be white. Keep in mind, these kids have no grasp of the language of SJWs and she's white herself. She had the decency to tell everyone on her social media how racist these kids are for not understanding something complex. She was just going on how the white kids she taught that day don't care about their special ed, LGBT, or black and brown classmates. Just straight up contradicting her "I'm by-golly the nicest person you'll ever meet!" mantra.

No. 245265

If you're going to gossip about someone in so much detail you should probably make it harder to guess who you are.

No. 246987

-people who have normal amounts of acute emotional/psychological distress but blow it out of proportion and post """""dark humor""""" depression jokes all day or go "muh anxiety" over everything they don't feel like doing because being open and accepting about mental illness is so cool right now! these bozos often end up actually crippling themselves emotionally because they coddle themselves and start losing the skills they don't use.

-borderline people, same as everyone else. they all need to get sectioned and receive intensive therapy for a portion of their lives.

-people with non-malignant or non-OTT narcissistic disorder/narcissistic personality. you can recognise and avoid full-blown narcissists more easily and without feeling bad because they're human garbage. but ones who don't know what's wrong with them and try to be normal (but still refuse to get help due to their disorder) are a fucking drain. they suck the life out of you until they reach a crescendo, upon which they realize how badly they fucked up, maybe even get sad, back off and turn the narc charm on, reeling you back in. you give in, seeing they sometimes do actually try not to be that way. then rinse and repeat, aging you 5 years in one, until you actually cut them off.

i'm also rather cross with myself for not having too many friends without any psychological and personality disorders because frankly all my friends being various degrees of broken and not really interested in/capable of lending me support doesn't help my own issues.

No. 247286

She sounds like my friend who is diagnosed with ADHD with Depression
>flies into a fit of rage when confronted about it
She does that when she's pissed. I recall her telling me how she broke some of her stuff when she got pissed. I remember her rant on how people treat her like shit (by shit I mean asking her if she took her meds when she sounded like she needed therapy)
>Is egoistical, loves to put others down, talks a ton of shit about other people to the point it gets uncomfortably petty
>Worst of all: recognizes that her behavior is toxic and painful to the people around her but she simply doesn't care because of m-muh mental demons.
>She's caused me to become majorly depressed as well and I have to live on the edge all the time. Whenever she goes silent I'm about to dial 911 out of fear for her having killed herself. She's nice enough during her sane phases but unbelievably hard to tolerate when the mental issues kick in.
Sounds a lot like my friend. Also, I feel you. She always tries to reach me through messages, but I just mute them instead. I got really tired of her shit and even more tired when she forwards said messages to the public for ass-kissing.

No. 248056

I always considered myself to be pretty accepting and patient with most people. However, I've seen a trend in the anorexic people I meet that made me want to stay far away from them. I've been hanging out with a friend's social circle and so far I've grown to accept and like just about everyone there, except for some of the highly autistic guys and the anorexics. So far every one I've met is less body dysphoria and more cluster B personality disorder. They belittle everyone else's issues, and act like they are the only ones who have ever had problems in life. They often either refuse to acknowledge they are anorexic or refuse to get help, while telling other people they are mentally ill and criticize them for not seeing a doctor based on their armchair psychology. From the people I know with BPD (which is also limited), almost all the anorexic girls actually lash out more than them (ofc the BPD people are actually seeing help). One girl was actually saying how she refused to visit her sister in the hospital over a suicide attempt because she believes it was done for attention, and only she has attempted 'real' suicide. I asked her if her sister went and visited her in the hospital and she said 'of course, but it's different because mine was real'. I could not imagine having a sister that fucking self centered. Another girl also started lightly hinting at my friend (she is newly wheelchair bound) that she needs to start eating less calories and went off about how she should ideally be eating less than 500 but anything less than 900 a day is an ok day. They are catty as hell, they shit talk everyone who happens to not show up and make huge leaping claims off of very little information, it's made my friend hate going there. This is supposed to be a support group, wth.

I also stay away from the suicidally depressed, more so because I don't want to feel guilty if they actually do commit suicide, not because they really bug me or anything. I have pulled far too many all-nighters with suicidal people as it is, I just can't deal with that stress anymore now that I have a job and school.

No. 248077

>One girl was actually saying how she refused to visit her sister in the hospital over a suicide attempt because she believes it was done for attention, and only she has attempted 'real' suicide. I asked her if her sister went and visited her in the hospital and she said 'of course, but it's different because mine was real'

Sister? That's a monster. Fucking wow.

No. 248107

File: 1525676983768.png (102.34 KB, 658x662, pinkpepe.png)

I probably sound just as bad as the mental illnesses in this thread. but i have pretty intense trauma around BPD due to some things that have happened to me in the past: The acronym itself, people sharing their diagnosis, reading tumblr BPD self care posts, all that shit.

I don't really do the whole trigger warning thing but people mentioning it sometimes makes me cry if i'm having a rough day. I can read this thread and lolcow in general bc i'm actively seeking it out/expecting it (and lets face it i love it when people shit on borderlines cause i'm petty)

recently it's been this whole "awareness" thing with SJWs and i'm fucking casually reading social media and someone will just post like



I'm fucking done each time i wake up and see a "borderlines need love too!" fucking screencaps from tumblr reposted on to someones wall i want to fucking throw up so i just deleted everyone who did it after i had asked them to hide it or w/e (you can hide posts from individual friends on fb or god forbid just tag it with a warning, something those types of people do all the time anyway with #weightmention #fatphobia #meat )

No. 248128

Yeah I find it incredibly cringey reading anything like that, it just comes off as attention seeking rather than trying to raise awareness about mental health.

Yeah I don't go on fb or tumblr or that anymore but if I did theres no way I would read the shit my bpd friends post cause it would just enrage me.

It definitely seems to be the new mental health trend like ADHD or whatever, I know quite a few people who have been diagnosed with it in the last few years or who have "self diagnosed" themselves as bpd. I don't know why people would want to have it.

No. 248132

"wow i can dump all my flaws into this one disorder and people can't call me out on it because of the recent PC culture and cries of ableism? count me in!"

No. 248141

I should probably mention that that was only one person, and most of the people in the group thought that was bad, even the anorexic and autistic. Idk if anyone was able to get her to visit her sister though as that kind of talk was pretty triggering for some so we all agreed to not talk about it or any kind of 'suicide attempt shaming' anymore. I'd like to think someone took her aside to talk after the meeting tho.

No. 253297

I feel your pain anon. I've been abused by multiple BPD people because I'm the type of personality they find easy to exploit so I have an immense fear of them and I'm constantly paranoid about developing the disorder myself. They're literally the worst people you could find and the most awful thing is that they could be helped with therapy but their sense of illness (or self-awareness for that matter) seems to be nonexistent and they often refuse any treatment. They can be so vicious that the emotional scars they leave will last a long time.

No. 253299

The emotional abuse I've suffered from people with BPD was more traumatic than the physical abuse and molestation I went through as a kid. I was able to move on from those pretty decently, but I'm still fucked up from the BPD horror shows I've dealt with.

No. 253309

Same! I also experienced a lot of trauma with narcissists also.
I had a gay male friend that wrecked havock on my self esteem, and when he ditched me for more exciting friends, a girl with borderline cane in and out of my life over the years and fucked with me. I should have said fuck off, but she was so convincing and I was lonely. Now I have trouble trusting anyone.

No. 253638

What's wrong with schizoid and schizotypal? They aren't malicious, they're just withdrawn and weird.

No. 253668

I dated a schizoid guy, it was like having sex with a black hole that just takes, takes, takes all the attention, favours and affection to pamper his ego and then just dumps you when he's had enough and wants to be autistic by himself. It just doesn't feel like you're their friend or SO, we had the same closeness one would have with their weed dealer.

No. 253697

I think that’s the danger of BPD in particular. The description and symptoms could be describing a typical emotionally unstable teen… or a crazy adult

No. 253701

File: 1527406601869.png (4.14 KB, 200x186, Untitled.png)

same anon as this post

today i just had one of my friends message me 10 voice recording things of them just incoherently cry-screaming and when i asked them if they could type out what was wrong they asked if i could message their 'favourite person' and insist they talk to her and when i said no they went from

'I don't deserve you you're the best i love you.'

'oh ok well i have to go i want to talk to someone else now'

luckily i predict this shit and am pretty disconnected from the tantrums but holy shit was it a trip. she started ebegging right after her vent with me. I hate bpd so much. hell nah i'm not asking her to talk to you she is ghosting you for a reason

No. 253703

sage but i have to mention that she literally said i want to talk to someone else instead after she said this shit. not just i have to go

No. 253714

How… how old is this person? She sounds fifteen.

No. 253718

File: 1527414480983.jpeg (75.52 KB, 615x465, 803909F4-C4B5-4259-B016-736530…)

lmao this girl in one of my gcs has or claims to have fibro and she posts shit like this loke twice a day
i sub-mod and people have mentioned this to me multiple times but apparently they’d feel bad for telling her off

No. 253720

File: 1527414528943.jpeg (117.07 KB, 640x891, 15C1C786-7FFA-42DD-BAA8-2A4F01…)

pt 2 of her regularly scheduled mental breakdowns

No. 253746

I think this incel shit that is happening right now is very similar to the pro ana movement of the 2000s. A lot of them seem to have bdd with how obsessive they are over their appearance, labeling themselves as subhuman for having an eye higher than the other or being a little shorter than average. Still hate them tho.

No. 253786

O loord this was a guy I used to talk to (and stopped in 2014 so who knows if he's an incel now)

Judging themselves by their own ridiculous standards of others = happiness, obviously, never mind most women don't gaf about imperfections in men

No. 253896


it's interesting how these incel type men tend to blame their nonexistent love life on things they conventionally cannot change in a whim. must be fun to delude yourself into thinking women don't spread their legs in front of you because you're 2 inches below the average and not because you're a misogynist who showers once a week. the level of delusion.. wow

No. 253960

Pretty much anything that runs in my family, so:

Borderline Personality Disorder
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Munchausen's Syndrome

My great grandma has this filthy habit of venerating children in the family, only to turn extremely toxic and hostile to them when they become teenagers. I went to go live with her when I was 12 and I used to be her golden child and she treated me wonderfully. And then I turned 14 and she began telling everyone that I was a terror and that she was afraid that I was going to hurt her. One time she called the police on me because she asked me to clean the kitchen. I was in the middle of doing my homework and I told her I would do it after I was done. She told the cops that I was hitting her and throwing a tantrum because I didn't want to clean the kitchen. We didn't even have a fight! The police actually made me clean the kitchen and stood there and watched me. (It was a really small town and the police there were constantly bored). It was humiliating. The cops were taunting me the whole time telling me that they were gonna kick my ass for being such a terror to my sweet innocent great grandmother.

No. 254964

In the process of figuring out how to best cut out my narc friend. I used to think BPD was at the top of my "cannot deal" list, but narcs are on a whole other level. At least BPD can be treated, I fail to see how there's anything that can be done to make narcs less toxic.

No. 254981

Hypochondriacs. They're fucking insufferable. Having to constantly babysit someone's feefees about being sick is fucking draining. I also know someone who just wants to complain about being sick and exaggerates every single symptom but refuses to actually see a doctor about anything, instead just wanting to be a victim. It's so incredibly frustrating. It's like dealing with someone who hears voices because you're still trying to convince someone something they believe isn't real. I mean heaven forbid you actually tell them they're being OTT.

No. 255506

npd. mom is a narc and i also was in a very abusive "relationship" with a narc guy twice my age from age 9 to 17

also bpd. i've been diagnosed with bpd (probably have it due to the fucked up way my narc mom raised me lol) and i actively try to better myself as a person but i get anxious around other people with bpd that aren't seeking help because i know how destructive they can be

No. 256054

You are all just afraid of admitting that you have the power to solve all of these problems you guys make for yourselves. You're all as bad as the people that you claim are intolerable but you do nothing because you, in fact, enjoy keeping them in this state that they supposedly bother you with. Really, you are all the OTT ones here.

No. 256073

Sorry, excuse me? Are you blaming me for having narc parents?

No. 256681

Narcissists. There’s so much overlap between them and BPD, but I’m more ok with people who have BPD because they at least care that they’re hurting others, and when it’s brought to their attention they usually feel really guilty and try to make amends. Obviously this can veer into the BPD cycle of abuse, but a person with BPD can get better, and if they do DBT they’re very likely to change enough that they no longer qualify for the diagnosis. Narcissists just literally do not give a fuck, and when their behavior is brought to their attention, they just shit all over you so they can reduce you to a position where they can tell themselves that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Even if they do decide to go to therapy, they quit as soon as they realize that the therapist sees through their act. They just absolutely disgust me, and It’s well established that the people around them suffer way more from the narcissist’s disorder than the narcissist does. At least with BPD I can have compassion, because those people are hurting horribly. I honestly don’t think NPD should even be a diagnosis, though. They don’t seek treatment, when they do (or are forced to) they don’t change. It should be folded into antisocial personality disorder tbh.

No. 256683

Sorry for double-posting, but I just wanted to add - me too, and it pisses me off that so many people who care about mental health issues will call ableism on talking about how devastating it can be to deal with someone who has NPD, when there’s nothing disabling about NPD in the first place. I’ve been kicked out of so many groups for simply saying that my parent was abusive because of the NPD, and not incidentally an abuser who happens to also have NPD.

No. 256805

BPD. Everyone I've ever met with it has been a piece of shit, and the people around them that they've managed to manipulate all blubber pathetically about how "they can't help it, they're ill." Sorry, but no. BPD is tough to treat, but it can be treated, and enabling it just makes it worse.

I recently ended my relationship with a boyfriend about a month ago. He's 33. His best friend is a 42 year old woman with severe BPD who met him when he was just out of high school and fell in love with him, and is still in love with him. He is her 'favorite person' that she projects everything onto. He would go to her place once a week to cook meals for her due to her 'chronic fatigue'. This was all really fucking weird, yes, and I tried repeatedly to voice my concerns about her extreme emotional reliance on him. He has never felt any kind of attraction to her due to her unstable behavior / age / appearance, so I wasn't worried about that part, but he said he felt trapped and like if he stopped being friends with her she'd probably kill herself or something. Which I believe is probably true. I am pretty sure she hated my guts for existing.

No. 256823

Nobody who chooses to disengage from contact with a narcissist or a borderline or anybody mentally ill is automatically ableist.

Everybody should escape any narcissist, as well as borderlines who aren’t vigorously working on DBT. Not allowing yourself to be used up by emotional vampires is a personal right, not some oppressive ism.

I have BPD by that doesn’t mean anyone else in the world is obliged to deal with or listen to my shit.

No. 257548

ASPD and NPD are the worst

No. 257595

Narcs. BPD. Most disorders where people are destructively self-centered, which are not just cluster B.

I stay away from most people on principle who are about themselves, and it hasn't failed yet.

No. 258647

fucking SAME anon
the thing is, i'm a hypochondriac in private. I wouldn't dare advertise it or fish for sympathy. I almost went down that road tho

It was way exaggerated by joining those fucking shitty spoonie hugboxes. I do have some legit issues but most of it was all in my head and it's extremely cringe to me now. Not only that, but Spoontards don't realise that they actually hurt people with this nonsense. IRL fibro-havers are basically laughed at now. It literally induces munchausen in a lot of people and it's insane

anyway i was diagnosed with OCD n shit and i'm self aware and dealing with it. Those communities are almost the equivalent of proana tbh

No. 258703

I had a suicidal friend for a few years. I spent a lot of time arguing with her, talking her out of doing whatever she was planning that particular moment, until one day she just stopped listening and killed herself. That fucked me up for a long time. Nowadays if anyone even hints at suicide, I tell them to get professional help. If they don't, I stop associating with them. If they make overt suicide threats, I'll call the police (I've not had to do that one yet, but I would if it came to that).

People tell me I'm easy to talk to, so I tend to attract people who're unhappy and need someone who can listen to them. I used to try to help if I could, but with that type of relationship, eventually it turns into some amateur therapy situation that I don't want, but that the other person insists on because they're too afraid of seeking help from someone with actual training. So yeah, no more of that, never again.

No. 369795

My NPD ex is stalking me like EVERYWHERE. How do I know? Passive aggressive replies and usually a downvote on every post I make

NPDs are the worst, don't make me start on the NPD "apologists" (they're actually NPD havers pretending to be normal people)

No. 369800

>good at hiding their crazy
This ^^^

Also they project on other people and instead of being diagnosed, they just make other people look like they have NPD instead of them

No. 369802

I agree except for the part where NPD shouldn't be a diagnosis. There's a reason why it's called a PD, it's an abnormality so why can't it be called one?

Psycho/sociopathy don't/is hard to change as well so why can't NPD be called one?

No. 369805

Also, can we talk about psycho/sociopathy here? The way OP worded this thread made it seem like it's not allowed to be discussed but I don't see why we can't

No. 369812

i can't deal with any other mentally ill people at all, we're fucking annoying.
but autistic men are the worst. they're either straight up borderline retarded or obnoxious, greasy, and rapey.

No. 369836

Anyone noticed how NPDs know what the right thing to say? I've fallen victim to them because of it. I didn't realize how good they were at persuading and pretending until a "friend" of mine showed me how they fooled someone (their act was so convincing that at first I was amazed) but in hindsight, it was alarming. Seeing how they managed to blend in and fooling everyone thinking they're not there to wreck havoc, well not overtly, made me think twice about my "friend" and I was nervous talking to them, thinking that they might be not who I thought they were

No. 369855

I wouldn't say that the word "crazy" fits NPDs, if anything manipulative and scheming fits them more. Crazy makes me think of people who are overdramatic and overemotional, not people who smears, turn other people against each other and have the occasional outburst

No. 369859

Munchies and narcs are the absolute worst, narcs especially are all over social media

No. 369891

Mine replies to me always with "dog whistles". What I mean by that is when I read it, I get it but when other people read it, they don't get it. Which is why whenever I tell people my ex is stalking me and when I show them, they tell me that it could be someone else etc., etc., which is frustrating seeing as how I'm the only one who got it.

Makes sense for it to be called a "dog whistle"

No. 370015

File: 1549694971592.jpg (102.33 KB, 853x960, Dxp0CROXgAAz8CJ.jpg)

My sister has fully cocooned herself in her diagnosis as 'shizoid effective' ???
I keep trying to encourage her and give her solid advice on improving her life (like going back to school, getting out of shitty restaurant jobs)
She had a huge mental breakdown a year after our mom died and did a bunch of drugs, and since then even after going cold turkey has never been the same. I basically can barely talk to her, which sucks because we were so close before all of this. But since getting diagnosed after her breakdown and two week stay in the psych ward, she's excused all of her bad behavior with her mental diagnosis and continues to use it like a safety blanket to not have to change the way she lives or behaves. It makes it hard to talk to her at all because even if we avoid anything that could possibly relate back to her mental health she continues to bring it up. She's basically lost all her friends from this as well, which is a shame, but you can't tell her 'its because you wont stop turning everything into a pity party for yourself'.

No. 370016

'schizoaffective'* apparently.

No. 370045

Reading all these posts about avoiding BPD people, does anyone else with BPD find themselves avoiding making friends too? I’ve got BPD and in hindsight a lot of people ghost me for something I’m unaware of what I did, so I always worry I’m being manipulative, guilt tripping, abusive or overbearing, and that “people deserve better” so I don’t make friends anymore. I feel like I’m never gonna have a normal friendship.

No. 370075

I am sorry that you feel this way, anon. My best friend had BPD (she passed away), and she was truly wonderful. I made the best memories of my life with her, we were happy together. I guess some people would consider her jealousy and her other behaviours "toxic" but those never really bothered me much. It is possible to find a great friendship, so please don't give up!

No. 370099

Has anyone dealt with mental disorder apologists? I always find them saying how the victims themselves are wrong, victim blame, trivialize the suffering of the victims and even say how they aren't so bad or the mentally disorder (esp. BPD and NPD) are the "real" victims and how they're so weak and need help and that's just so fucking insulting to the people who suffered so much on the hands of the people the apologists are defending. I think most of them are the mentally disordered pretending to be normal people being apologists for them. They would make up stories that would make people sympathize with them, make them think they could do things other people they can't (psychopaths and empathy) and sometimes the devil themselves appear and defend themselves.

Like, seriously, you think that small epiphany and self pity is going to make all the bad things you did and all the effects on the victims to disappear? If you really want to be "forgiven" then get psychotherapy or kill yourself, seeing as how some of them don't even make the effort to doing so because why? What would they get out of it? Why be good and restricted when you can do whatever you want and not be stopped by morality?

Most of them always realize what they're doing is wrong but they always without fail go back to doing the things that hurt other people.

No. 370110

Lol all the time, I love hearing and seeing the magic words "they're recovering!" KEK so what? It doesn't give someone an excuse to be a piece of shit or do shady shit completely unrelated to the mental illness. Especially if the person's known not to act that way even during their worst. Their apologists only fuel their bad behavior and the cycle continues.
This gives me flashbacks of a couple cows on here.

No. 370117

Idk if this is relevant but my step ma is a mental bitch for various reasons I shan't discuss. She has caused massive conflict for nearly 2 decades straight but loves to victim shame and blame all her issues. She got with a married man with kids and was shocked she'd actually have to meet us in the event they actually wanted to take their affair to an actual relationship. She's a gold digger and has slapped me on a few occasions for being a victim. She's nuts. I got a call a couple of months ago she's went to a doctor and got put on antidepressants and it's very hard for her to accept she's depressed. It was be musing because the woman knows I have been in therapy for a number of years and on antidepressants because of her and my father's cluster fuck of a relationship and now she has official tokens she's just uwu sad and not a bitch she's the biggest fucking advocate for mental health now. Truly alarming

No. 370129

Also forgot to include that, in order to change yourself completely you have to feel bad about the things you did, which requires emotions and empathy, which some mentally disordered doesn't have so thus no remorse, no motivation nor a reason for them to completely change.

Even if some of them have it (limited emotional range), like I said before, they always come back to becoming a shitty person.

No. 370211

dont know what kind of personality disorder it is, but i can't stand being around people who constantly turn every subject into being all about themselves and are incapable of having an actual conversion because they're so obsessed with comparing themselves with you and every single person that you talk about. they either one-up you or the person in the story by trying to prove how much better they are or they start gatekeeping and acting like they know what it's like to be the bigger victim. it can't be narcissism since it's so blatant, so i thought it could be some kind of autism but idk. it pisses me right off though. they also refuse to make friends because all they do is make arguments and play the victim afterwards. they tend to keep around only a couple of people who havent left yet who they constantly use to unload all of complaints on, and when you suggest solutions to their problems they've always been there, done that, and have a million excuses why it doesn't work. what does it take to have so little self awareness?

No. 370216

I've never had any trouble with people with mental illness. I guess I get along with them because I have some bad stuff going on inside my head. I've never had a close friend with BPD though, I've read enough about them to know they could hurt me even if they don't want to.
I had a friend with ASPD and he was pretty cool. He's changed a bit now too

No. 370417

Anyone here has a BPD mom? My mother is extremely violent, and just really vicious. Her disorder makes it basically impossible for her to function normally, yet she still refuses to take meds or go to therapy.
Because of her I developed high tolerance for mentally ill people, so I feel like I kind of attract them. Especially BPD manchilren, who see me as a quick solution to all of their problems, and they always threaten suicide or harm themselves when I don't want to go out with them. Fuck all BPD people who don't even bother to go through therapy.
sage for blogposting

No. 370761

i have a bpd mom as well and i feel the exact same way as you. all of my friends are mentally ill and its like my personality atttacts them somehow. they say and do some weird shit but i still hang around them and it doesn't bother me that much. makes me wonder if maybe im the same and just dont realize it sometimes lol.

No. 372094

I honestly can’t be around other people with EDs unless theyre actively in recovery. I have a ED that I’ve been through treatment for and is mostly managed and honestly all the treatment friends I had that weren’t pro-recovery and actively trying I had to drop cause I didn’t want to hear their shit 24/7 when they weren’t even trying.

I get having to be ready to get better but it’s obnoxious to be around people who take no effort to get better and wallow in misery.

No. 372139

I don't think anyone is really able to. I understand that it's a personal thing, but to everyone else, it's a mess. Like someone with a nail through their hand ignoring it and expecting you to.

No. 372161

I had severe depression that pretty much wrecked my life in every aspect. My relationships, grades and motivation is pretty much dropping like a flies as time goes. I think i can consider myself very lucky since i have a supportive parents who funded my recovery and i didnt had much hassle in finding THE antidepressant.

I had to admit though, when i was depressed i find myself relating to lolcows and excused their shitty behaviour because i feel like its not their real self. Their actions are affected by their malfunctioned brain.

After i got better (which took like ages until i finally am willing to get medicated) i became more apatethic towards them. I didnt do any of the hijinks they did and i actually am working on fixing my behaviour.

That aside, i also hold a contempt still for normies who would be supportive in the front or even openly condemn them because they dont have a mental illness and just chalk up their behavior as bratty,insane,ungrateful or attention seeking

No. 372760

all of you (but especially the loons going on about autism) sound like retarded insecure unhinged losers with more mental issues than the people you hate on

are you really jealous and insecure of autistic people getting called intelligent and getting recognition because you don't get attention enough for being average? lmao

No. 372766

>I’m an autist and it upsets me that people don’t find my neurological disorder superior

No. 372768

lol i'm not autistic at all. nor do i think people with autism are superior but going on a pathetic rant about how you're so in your feelings over people being proud of the achievements of someone who's disabled is like probably one of the saddest things you can do and you should probably seek help for being a weirdo narc bitch

No. 372777

Autists are constantly pushed as being some enlightened and super intelligent people when, as that anon rightfully said, they focus all of their resources on a single area and the rest of their lives will often suffer. Plus, majority aren’t even much better than average in the areas that they obsess over. Saying that autistic people are incredibly intelligent stems from the same kind of pity that makes people tell those with horrible disfigurements that they’re beautiful

No. 372778

and this makes you mad because??? you have empathy problems and everything needs to be factual and harsh truth 100% because if the retards get complimented then what are you? like i said, you guys just sound insecure as shit to get annoyed at literal disabled people

No. 372784

Lmao, so just because someone’s disabled you’re not allowed to find them annoying?

No. 372786

can you read or are you just being deliberately obtuse? you can find it annoying that they get called intelligent and you are even free to whine about it anonymously online but just know you look insecure and pathetic and like you have 20 mental illnesses

No. 372880

Jesus Christ shut the fuck up sperg and go back into your hugbox.
This is a thread for venting about mental disorders which autism belongs in.

Autistic people ARE annoying as fuck and are incredibly hard to integrate into society without constantly babying them. Their supposed intelligence almost never helps them in life and is usually a huge hindrance.
When people take pride in their autism, I cringe so hard. It's like taking pride in schizophrenia or bipolar lol.

No. 376698

Narcissists apologists are the worst.

No. 495196

One of the persons I love the most is developing BPD and I can't just deal with it.
I'm mentally ill too but in therapy (schizo) and I have my own problems to deal with.
In the past I've been abused with a person with NPD and BDP and it's like living the nightmare all over again after years, it makes me suffer and cry very often because she knows I have mental problems (since I was in sixth grade, now I'm 24) and I felt safe around her, everything was nice and suddenly she just turned in the worst person I've ever imagined due a trauma.
I stay by her side because I love her, she's like a sister to me but I can't just live thinking she might attack me randomly over dumb shit and throws frequent fits.
What should I do? When I told her to get some help while I was crying because she badly hurt me (and I could easily insult her) she just said "Ah yes, what a nice way to try to say that I'm crazy."

It's my fault to love her?

No. 495199


I have pretty severe BPD and at this point I literally don't blame anyone who chooses to avoid us. Obviously it hurts when people are assholes about it but lets be real here. I've driven my ex to drugs and therapy. If you already know you won't be able to stomach this, then its totally fine to disengage.

Other than that I can't handle anyone with NPD because most of the time they are complete monsters and don't even realize it. At least I recognize my abusive behavior and am seeking therapy but a narc will suck you dry and enjoy every minute of it.

No. 495203

Yes, this. Narcs should just disappear.

No. 495214

I'm >>495196 and yea, I can't deal with this. It hurts so so bad because she is basically my sister, we grew up together and she knows about my story with a NPD person and always said he was a piece of shit (also, he was raised by a Munchie mom so ew, am I a magnet for these people?) and recently she's acting in some ways like him.
She was always caring and patient with me but now she literally throws fit at ANYTHING.
For example, lately she invited me to her house to watch a new movie together, she knows I love this stuff so I set myself in the comfy mood mentally and got some snacks. When I got there, after a couple of minutes she started screaming that I'm annoying for forgetting stuff and that she has to remind me (mind you, I'm on meds that literally kill my brain, sometimes I can't remember my name, how could you get so upset when I asked to remember at which day we were supposed to get out some other time), that I don't care about her because I'm too egoistic, that I'm not supposed to rely on her because she has too much on her head and other kind of stuff. Before getting there we were chatting on the phone and everything was normal.
Lately that day, after I got out crying (and called me being hurt "childlish") she apologized saying that if she didn't act like that I would never understand (what, we've been friends since we were 12, are you real? We always talked about everything) and she's very sorry.
Only for her to call me names again in the morning after and since then it's always like this. I don't text her so much anymore and I miss the time we used to talk and laugh over stupid shit. Right now if we talk it's only about her and if I try to switch the convo to be more light hearted she's says that I'm egoistic for not listening…
It's like a river that's overflowing and I can't deal with it.

I firmly believe that psychs should be authorized to put down narcs.
They're not people, they're just black holes.
If I were a mother of a narc I would live in infinite shame knowing I kept a baby for 9 months in me only to be born such dysfunctional

No. 495228

I recognize her behavior because thats exactly what I was like too when my symptoms were just starting to get really bad. Basically, this is going to absolutely fucking suck for both of you. She can barely manage her bpd at this point and you're the ones whos gonna get hurt. She will feel bad after splitting on you and she knows its wrong but its probably going to happen many more times. You're probably her fp (favorite person) so she loves you intensely but when she she'll split hard on you too. And obviously its going to hurt. In my experience, she really needs to get as low as possible until the pain becomes unbearable and she considers getting help. I didn't reach out until my ex left me and I thought I was genuinely going to die if I didn't get help. Just like with drug addicts, its all up to her. People told me for years to get help and I didn't do it until I actually wanted to. I'm sorry this is happening to you.

And yeah, narcs aren't human.

No. 495233

I recognize that I'm no saint but it weirds me out when we are friends for more that half of our lives, always talked about our problems (for example, even if she had something wrong with me, she would confront me calmly and I would understand right away and never did that thing anymore and same for me to her) and now if I say that she hurts me she says that I have no right to say that because she's hurting so she's "hurting more because her pain is in her" and she's right and we can't talk quiet no more because she'll get upset with me because "How can you be so calm in these kind of stuff"
Also lately she's been in 3 relationships, with people who genuinely cared about her (she's very pretty and nice…or so, she was), who she autosabotaged because "I'm not the right person to be with and they're egoistical for not leaving me alone because they don't understand me and only want my pretty face" when usually she's the one to text men first…
I'm really desperate. If I say that she needs help, she just says that I'm not in the position to tell her that.
And sadly, I'm more of a caretaker personality and I don't want her to feel alone in this

No. 495236

i'm exactly like you and honestly, it doesn't make a difference if you take care of her. you won't know if she does any better without you, but if she doesn't it's not your responsibility either. don't let her stunt your life because she refuses to fix hers. you will be stuck that way..

No. 495282

BPDs are masters at manipulating. They tangle you in their mind games without you even realizing it and when you do, you're already too far in that hole to dig yourself out. It's not your fault.

On a related note, I'm currently in a long-term relationship with a BPD person. Censoring details and keeping it vague because I'm paranoid that someone recognizes my story. I'm depressed and given up on life. I've been isolated by them to the point I can't live my own life or have my own dreams because I've internalized the idea of my only function being to be their spit bucket and personal therapist. I got into this situation because I was already too afraid of upsetting people or defending myself and let it go this far. If I don't bend to their every whim, I'm drowned in suicide/self-harm baiting (the worst part), mental abuse, silent treatment, explosive rage. Whenever I stop to think about my situation, I start crying over every opportunity I've missed because I put someone else's life over my own. I start crying because I'm never given space to have my own feelings or emotions. I start crying because deep down I know I'm not at fault and don't deserve this. I want to drop the situation but the consequences feel too dire, and due to being isolated from everyone else I don't have a proper safety net. I don't know what to do and it's so hard for anyone who hasn't been in this situation to understand how suffocating it is. Thanks for reading, I just had to let it out because I have nobody to talk to.

No. 495309

Girl you know you need to leave this person. I don't know which country you are in but there got to be some domestic abuse hotline you could call for advice?

No. 495330

This thread is just motivating me to continue avoiding everyone tbh.

No. 495404

I tend to avoid anorexic people seeing how they want EVERYONE to know how "dainty and tiny uwu" they are.

I had a friend of mine who I had confided about my recovery of anorexia who'd near daily mention how little they ate/how much they had lost. Really made recovery harder lol

No. 495409

Absolutely fucking same. To so many of them you're lower than dirt if you're bigger than them. I mean I'm sorry they're going through that and whatever but anorexics are some of the most annoying people on the planet.

No. 495411

I'm anorexic but I feel the opposite way. People constantly make rude ass comments towards me and rude jokes.
I recently found out a "close friend" was telling everybody about how disgusting I look lmao. I don't even try to show my body since I cover up due to insecurities.
I do side eye anachans that constantly post body checks for validation though.

No. 495416

I mean yeah you get people commenting about your weight in a negative way but the thing is (at least that's what I've noticed about every anorexic person I've met) they NEED people to know how little they've eaten. I know personally I didn't care how much other people ate and to be honest seeing people indulge made me happy as they at least weren't feeling that constant hunger like I did but I also LOOVED when people called me out for not eating.

Honestly I think anorexia is the most selfish mental illness outside of personality disorders

No. 495433

I've come in contact with anas who secretly LOVE that other people think they are grossly thin. But cry about it anyway because they have some persecution kink. If no one said anything, they'd still bawl about how no one cares, "it must be cuz I'm not thin enough~"
Can't win with ana-chans.

No. 495513

Bpd is one of the most annoying mental illnesses out there imo.
My bfs ex is bpd to the extreme. Last we knew she was living in texas and after months of making new fb accounts to stalk me, she randomly showed up outside our house at 3 am. Mind you they had been seperated with no contact for 3 years when this happened so it was totally out of the blue. They also only dated for 6 or 7 months, it wasnt terribly long term and she cheated on him throughout. She called my bfs phone (whos friend she had similarly stalked to get his phone number) 57 times that night outside our door until 8 fucking am, spam texting, leaving voicemail, anon calling once we had blocked her number, demanding to talk to him about their child, "atlas," they never had because she was faking pregancies and even a miscariage? She was going off and saying she wouldnt leave until she spoke to him, then started flipping and throwing insults and slurs because he wouldn't meet her demands. 3-8am sitting in her car outside the house rage calling…Then i think she drove back to texas, to her CURRENT boyfriend of the time lmao. Then she amped up the stalking and i think googled my email i used for facebook and tried to hack my fb, his fb, my etsy, my email, and my icloud mesages account. Shes quite cow worthy and recently a friend told me she was pretending to be an olympic gold winner or something, and a professional surfer and was going to be modeling in NYFW. super bizzare.

His family at one point paid for her plane ticket to seattle for a family event, and upon some manic spazz, had -her- family buy her a plane ticket to california and ditched him at the air port as soon as they landed and "lost" his jacket his father had given him (something that was veey important to him for sentimental reaaons) after fucking 4 other guys just to spite him. Then came back and expected full forgivness. Re: fake pregancies.

To this day i still get suspicious log in attemts on my accounts associated with that email lol. Could be coincidence but she also started skinwalking my personality and music taste, (was gym bro, self proclaimed quadkween, then turned hippie "love the universe, open your 3rd eye" eco warrior) and even got a nose pericing like mine after she returned to texas.

Its all very surreal and ive never dealt with mental illness in this calliber tbh. After the 3am incedent we decided on a protection order if she tries to get a hold of one of us again.

No. 495514

Any man or woman who claims to hate a certain mental illness is someone I like to get the fuck away from. Popular labels to hate: Bpd, bipolar disorder, autism etc…
They're really scary and make me nervous, I will block such a person irl and online immediately because I just had too many bad experiences indirectly and sadly also directly. They think that their behavior doesn't bother people who don't give a shit about someone's mental illness but it does and they're freaks who don't really realize it.

No. 495516

Don't sweetheart, they tend to be obnoxious about their hate so all the samaritan antimental freaks who blog about their hallucinations and delusions should continue to do so, this is the best way to weed shitheads out and make room for good people in your life who don't blame a mental illness for one's behavior.

No. 495517

usually, i'm fine being around people with mental illnesses but lately i'm getting sick and tired of people with bpd. earlier i was talking to a friend on twitter about how it's stupid to call someone ableist because they didn't like being around people with bpd due to trauma and said friend went on raging about how bpd is misunderstood. like, thanks i guess?
kind of unrelated but i hate anyone in general who makes their personality revolve around their mental illnesses. i don't need to see another "discreet" mention you having hpd/avpd/npd/etc for the 4362837th time today.

No. 495521

you sound mentally ill

No. 495523

I agree that you shouldnt really hate people because of their mental illness, but at the same time, these mental illnessses cause a lot of pain to the people around them, and often target certain kinds of individuals for their nativity. I had a severely ill ex who was incredibly violent. He targeted me because at the time I was in the mindset of "everyone is good deep down and everyone deserves 2nd chnaces…. Or 6th or 7th chances… Theres nothing wrong with avoiding people with certain mental illnesses if they make you uncomfortable or scared. I dont agree with outright hating them, a certain degree of empathy is required because it is an illness and most of them have trauma of some sort that led them there. However that doesnt mean you have to willfully enage in their toxic behavior- you can empathize with them from a distance while still protecting yourself.

No. 495525

I constantly see "my ex was a narc/sociopath/bpd" when someone just has a shitty ex. I think a lot of people in this thread/in general are assuming that anyone who is a shitty person or has traits associated with certain PD's is automatically npd/bpd/sociopath etc. just a reminder people can be toxic, manipulative, abusive, lack empathy and be generally terrible without having a full blown PD. also don't assume that just because someone is mentally "healthy" that they won't treat you like shit.

disclaimer; I'm not defending abusive people with PD's.

do yourself a favor and never read the comments on true crime videos. every time I watch interviews with jeffrey dahmer there are a bunch of replies being like "awww he just needed mental help and medication:((" dude was CANNIBAL who murdered boys/young men. he deserved a worse death than he got. people say similar things about ted bundy.

No. 495530

Well to be fair anon, -you- dont know if they are just a shitty person or if they have a PD. Youre just going off the stories. These people who are saying its a PD have a direct link to the knowledge of whether or not they have been diagnosed.

Its safe to say they know better than you do whether or not their ex has a PD.

No. 495536

This may seem horrible but I can’t handle autistic people for the life of me. or people with downs or similar disorders. I believe most of them do truly know what they’re doing, and get EXTREMELY enabled and get asspats from everyone around them. My personal experience was that teachers don’t do shit when autists and such create disruption. I’ve had one “aspie” (functioning my fucking ass considering they’re basically cluster B’s) suicide threat everyone in a class and get away with that shit. I actually personally called them out in class on this and I was “the bad one.” they’re constantly pitied although they’re just fucking rude all the time and easily can get help learning social cues but prefer not to because MUH DISORDER! I’ve heard stories of autistic kids getting away with sexual harassment because they “don’t know any better” and I’ve seen similar and that shit gives me trust issues around spergs in general. not to mention, they’re extremely direct and don’t give a fuck about feelings or anyone around them. when you interact with them socially you feel constant second hand embarrassment— and I’ve realized after a while people only talk to them because
1. They feel bad
2. They’re tards themselves
sorry for going off there, just a big pet peeve of mine.

No. 495555

because they were white men

no one's saying that shit about the non white serial killers, lol. ramirez is the most popular one and literally everybody but his teenage girl fans hate him. even grown ass men defend bundy.

No. 495610

Same anon as before but I disagree, I think that anorexia and all eating disorders are extremely competitive like no other illness and its more like an addiction unlike depression.
I've seen this ring true for many anachans especially those doing the fake recovery bullshit to get attention. I'm avoidant about it and I'm not white so its not something understood in my culture anyways. I can't even afford to get bougee impatient like half these middle class girls who just post photos of their feeding tubes but it is what it is. I'm used to being stigmatized on my appearance at this point.

No. 495635

Wow, and how many analytical posts by /r/raisedbyspoilingparents and /r/dumpedbybpds have you read to conclude this, xir.psychologist? Just eat shit bitch lol.
Of course you can avoid people who display certain behaviours, just don't group people and then actually imply you're any less red flaggish by hating on them, because for some people maybe that kind of behavior is a red flag, like it was for me. I won't blog too much but personally I couldn't sleep for an entire year thanks to this certain """stable""" individual/scrote who was really obsessed with saying that I suffer from a personality disorder (and even if I was, does this mean I deserve to get harassed or disrespected? wut?). I think with your mentality you're better off to vent about your abuser in communities for victims of abuse specifically, those communities on reddit and shit where mentally ill shitheads screech about diseases who are still stuck in medieval times don't help at all for anyone except for containing these pathetic fuckers.

It's just sad and funny but more sad that this whole "you are what you hate" thing turns out to be true a lot of the times. When I was dysfunctional I used to hate personality disorders and autism and now I am no longer as much of a bigot. Not a coincidence I say.

No. 495650

It's a spectrum but IMHO socialization plays a part.
I know two high functioning autistic girls who are more considerate than neurotypical people, they're friendly and kind whilst still being typically honest and logical. I didn't know either of them are autistic until it came up, I just thought they were introverted geeks. One is very candid in how she works to perform social skills or to explain her behavior and doesn't tolerate people that don't make the same effort as her, I wish that level of attention to maintaining relationships was normal in everyone.

On the other hand the autistic guys I've known have been more selfish even if they were still nice people. I'm sure there are exceptions to my experience out there but I've never been surprised to learn a man is autistic as it's always immediately obvious. They use it as an excuse for everything too. I could never date an autistic man or someone with a personality disorder, it's too much like being a mother.

No. 495680

Everyone says that autism is different in women. But if you don't have the traits of autism (being inconsiderate and inattentive) then how the fuck do you have autism in the first place? It makes no sense.

I did have a friend with autism. I haven't seen her in several years but the last time we saw each other, we were 18. She wanted to talk to me about her video games the whole time, which was boring so I left. Not all women with autism are normal, which people on here love to say.

NTA but you just want people to get trampled on with no repercussion huh? Sweet.

No. 495688

Well documented female autistic behaviors include cutting, eating disorders, and they're pretty decent at socialization compared to men. It's harder to detect because of a bias against women.

No. 495689

Ok I am not bullshitting but this is actually what my stalker said why he's stalking me. And you should read what I said before you are concluding things. And you should even read what you say, what does standing up for yourself even mean to you? Bullying other people since you're generalizing a label you don't find vogue? "Sweet."

No. 495694

That still doesn't make any sense. Plenty of women without autism cut and have eating disorders. You need to be more specific.

And you said it yourself - it's obvious when men have autism and less so when women have autism. Why are you surprised that fewer women are diagnosed with autism?

No. 495701

Except being inconsiderate and inattentive aren't diagnostic criteria for being autistic… Those are just traits associated with autists (like being a dirty weeb). Autism in women get repressed by socialization, she acts in instead of acts out. Young girls tend to be less ego-centric, she is more motivated to mimic 'normal' behavior because she doesn't want to be excluded by being disruptive. Girls learn to wear "the mask" way sooner. Boys don't give a fuck, boys get a pass for just being boys throughout his entire childhood. So it's easier to observe who's retarded. Unless the 'tism is severe, girls just become withdrawn and be autistic in private (ie online). You sound ignorant.

No. 495710

File: 1576678955771.jpeg (46.98 KB, 600x500, B3439C21-ED7C-4FAD-954E-A63810…)

Why is everyone here larping as psychologists just because they see one every week?

No. 495749

Psychologists are futile if you have a mental disorder, know your basis before sperging

No. 495754

RAD. I've mentioned this before but I have 7 siblings, all with different mental disorders but 3 have Reactive Detachment Disorder.

>everyone here thinks BPD is the worst disorder

That's cute. I fucking hate people with RAD. It makes me hurl whenever my siblings try to con my mother into another lie. They're like hyper cloned Ted Bundys.

No. 495760

Everyone here thinks BPD is the devil but every other retard on here has it, me included. We should all fight the real enemy here. People with NPD.

No. 495765

Gave a good kek. I’m just imagining the pure illness rage flying all around. I’m just depress but please let me enjoy the battle lol

No. 495767

>every other retard on here has it
>many farmers fly into a rage for no reason at all and start shit with you based on what they thought you said instead of what you actually said

yeah that sounds like it. nobody has time for that shit

No. 495768

Yes, comrade, lets fight the true enemy here

No. 495795

this, i mean i'd rather not deal with people who have either but people with npd are far more evil and beyond help

No. 495809

aha. also congratulations, this is the most retarded post in this entire thread, gg.

No. 495810

Correct, I was thinking why everyone here hates bpd. I'm surprised no one insulted you though lmfao.

No. 495817

Because we're assholes and unless we get tons of effective therapy we will stay assholes forever. I'm done pretending we're some uwu "hurt people hurt people" group. Me and everyone else I know with bpd has done terrible things.

No. 495821

Of course, but therapy can help tremendously. I have a close friend who went to therapy and came back a much better person. It's why the BPD hate sperging pretty much everywhere online bothers me so much, because I know you all have the potential to be wonderful people just like my friend. Sage for corny sperg.

No. 495829

Everyone on this complex bpd subreddit just claims to have ptsd we can just do that right? I am glad I'm embracing it now too, yes my stalker was correct but at least I'm not a pos narc. Narcs are the real enemies bitches some more about internet nobodies.
>you all
t. uses a gossip image board
I still think that people who deny being mentally ill are the most mental ones.

No. 495847

"a friend" huh

No. 495852

Yes? I've had and still have plenty of friends with BPD.

No. 495854

Because you're NPD? My, I bet you felt good by singling yourself out when anon was shitposting about how we're all bpd.

No. 495855

I don't have any mental disorders…sorry for trying to be positive though I guess.

No. 495857

I call bullshit on that.

No. 495861

NTA but do you have NPD? you sound unhinged

No. 495895

Well this thread went from venting to anons calling eachother mentally ill with no basis.

Never change lolcow, never change.

No. 495924

are you kidding? the same thing happened months ago when this thread stopped getting replies.

No. 495962

I'm that anon, do I need to repeat myself that I'm unhinged because you are mentally slow or something?

No. 495996

>implying BPDfags aren't narcs
Lmao the mentally ill coming in here to defend their specific mental illness is the exact behavior that warrants this thread.

No. 495997

File: 1576725989715.jpg (45.16 KB, 800x450, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg)

>ur mentally unhinged
>no u

No. 495999

Nah, I am the only mentally unhinged one and I'm damn proud of it.
My licensed psychologist who is sitting next to me disagrees with you.

No. 496000

Lmao stop waisting your psychologist's time replying to random shit on lolcow dot farm during a session

No. 496002

Cringe. Your psychologist is dog shit if they don't know that all borderlines exhibit narcissistic behavior.

No. 496003

It's fine she's with me in my head always

No. 496004

Damn. Source, lol?

No. 496073

Yeah, water is wet, but people with diagnosed NPD have other awful traits than some vague narcisssistic behaviour. Even people with no mental illness can show this behaviour sometimes.

No. 496141

Can we please get on topic again and stop arguing like third grade kids

No. 496184

this breaks my heart, anon, please get help. call a hotline and talk to them about your situation, you have so much potential to live a good life if you leave the scum. First step is telling someone. I'm rooting for you

No. 496191

NPD is the absolute worst. Why do people even bother to spend time on those people? I can understand if its your child, but for every one else, it's a total waste of time, effort, emotions, money etc that you will never get back or be rewarded for. As previous anons have said - black holes

No. 496210

Knew this one girl who was a major narc. She went to a different school and had a crush on my at the time boyfriend. She started talking to a mutual friend and then got my number after we had met. She later admitted after we had become good friends, that the only reason she wanted to be friends was to find out about me because she likes my bf. Thought it was weird but I was kinda lonely so we stayed friends and would call every day after school. She would tell me all about her friends and she was obsessed with thinking that everyone who did anything, did it because of her. The world totally revolved around her.
Once I admitted to her that I felt like I act differently around different people and she went into a fit about how my whole personality was a lie and we stopped being friends.

Other girl I was friends with was super obsessed with Harry Potter. Like delusion obsessed and used it as a way to hide from reality. Super clingy and would talk down to me a lot we fell out of touch and when we eventually spoke again she mentioned being diagnosed with BPD and it totally fits everything I suffered through as her friend.

No. 496213

Same anon.
Even though these two girls and a couple others put me through a lot of drama I still miss the good times and think about going back to them. Guess it’s cause as an adult I don’t have as many in person relationships. Any other anons experience this? How do you stop yourself from going back to people with toxic traits?

No. 496955


I'm sorry but I don't want to be talking to a friend and his so-called alter takes his place randomly and doesn't switch back for who knows.

No. 496964

I don't really deal with a lot of people with personality disorders on the day to day, so maybe I'm a bit limited in my exposure in saying the only ones I really can't stand are narcissists and borderlines. I cut out the especially toxic ones.

Also I don't have proof, but I'm pretty sure my ex had psychotic traits. There's nothing worse than trying to appease and tolerate an unhinged person who gives no fucks about anyone but himself. Oh, and the part where they admit they want to hurt people and are violent. Which he always threatened.
He once threw a chair across the room and tantrumed about how 'difficult' I was because I said I didn't want to watch a movie he had picked. I never got to pick anything we watched, and if I did he showed complete disinterest. Whenever I didn't want to do what he wanted and gave my reason, he took it as a personal affront and criticism and would become extremely hostile. I took him out to eat once for breakfast, and noticed suddenly that he was leering at me with an evil look like he was going to burst up from the table and harm me. Apparently I had pissed him off because my food was hot and I allegedly chewed with my mouth open and he didn't like it-I don't chew with my mouth open normally so clearly he was analyzing my every move because he wanted a reason to justify his hate. When he'd have me drive him to his parent's house to visit, he'd kick me under the table and randomly squeeze my arm tightly to the point where it would hurt. After the visit he'd start going off on me in the car as I drove us, to the point where I cried, because apparently the things I said to his parents had embarrassed him. I was meant to take his violence against me as a cue to shut up, even though I had no idea why he was hurting me and he made no attempts to verbally cue that.
I could go on with the stories, but let's just say I ended it when he restrained and attempted to batter me on a holiday where he got drunk, and then called me the next morning blaming me and accusing me of having "abandoned" him because I went home instead of staying with him.

Yeah. I'd say violent mental people are up there on my list.

No. 496967

Sorry but it's obvious if you chew with your mouth open, especially for the person in front of you.

No. 496970

It doesn't justify being nasty, just so you're aware. Sorry not sorry.

No. 496972

You still tried to justify eating like a fucking pig.

No. 496973

Not really but ok. Want his number, hunty? Sounds like you two would get along.

No. 496974

Commit suicide tbh

No. 496976

No anon, stop. I deserved the tar beaten out of me for attempting to eat hot food.

No. 497028

BPD for women, tism for men. autistic girls are usually endearing in my experience, boys are just degenerate though. BPD women are insufferable since they can clearly play up female traits that society rewards, while men are rightfully ignored. im a female narc which is terrible but whatever lol

No. 497033

Welp, to get back on topic:
To the anons who mentioned people with depression, how about the ones who don't talk about their depression, suicidal or other disordered thoughts and don't wallow in self-pity to their friends but just don't improve (without complaining about it)?

No. 497035

nigga u just one stop from a psychopath. no one cares about you lol

No. 497036

misophonia. i didnt even know it existed until i accidentally stumbled on a support group a while ago, and came across a post where a guy was talking about how he wanted to beat his girfriend because he was triggered by the way she breathed. people were replying to him saying that his girlfriend was an abusive cunt because she was deliberately triggering him (by literally existing) and that she would deserve it if he beat her.

No. 497038

File: 1576960947751.gif (796.35 KB, 225x183, 1495016013034.gif)

>scrotes are now trying to pass their hatred and projection as a mental illness

No. 497067

I mean, you most likely won’t be friends with one irl.

No. 497073

Narcs are self-hating failed sociopaths, which makes them the ultimate losers kek They try to tell themselves that people don’t know, but they know that people KNOW, how pathetic and embarrassing they truly are.

No. 497097

Jesus, I dislike narc traits too and know how dangerous they can be, but give it a break. That anon isn't whoever hurt you.

No. 497111

After recently breaking away from my narc mom and her flying monkeys, my quality of life has greatly improved. You would feel miserable too if your mom would constantly try to find an excuse to take your hard earned money, threaten to call police on you and your spouse because you can't answer her texts within a couple minutes, email you about her "lawyer" she's in contact with, text you paragraphs about how disrespectful you and your spouse are and how she's done nothing wrong all because we refuse to apologize for shit she started. Fuck that shit.

No. 497115

congrats anon! wish that were me. i cannot wait to go NC with my narc mother.

No. 497435

B Clusters can all be rounded up into camps for all I care, not a single one I've ever had the displeasure of meeting has ever not been a worthless leech and emotionless psychopath.

I do feel bad for trannies but having to deal with their mental disorders online and in all my hobbies and literally never being able to escape politics has /pol/pilled me into hating them and not wanting to listen to them.

Anyone who thinks fictional characters have rights needs to be shot in the fucking face, people just want to read fanfiction of a character they like getting their asshole destroyed by a large cock it's not that deep you closeted child molesters.

No. 497437

Opinion discarded. No one is arguing for the rights of fictional characters so go ahead and put that straw man away forever; It’s the implications about the consumers pedo-kun.

No. 497442

big yikes.

No. 497461

you're a fucking retard and i can guarantee that there is not a soul that genuinely likes you. please leave.

No. 497529

Except that I am? Not really a friend but he's a man in my family with 5 distinct personalities, who developed it when his wife died.
One is "him" who is usually quiet, the others are apparently a child, another violent man, a teenager and who the fuck knows, just him but on the sad part.
He would randomly scream at my mom, the start crying the moment after saying "X did that and he's sorry", when he's the teenager he just get obsessed with the kids in the family (creepy) and other time he can't stand them.
It's draining and it feels shitty because you don't know who you're talking to.
So I imagine that if I can't stand a man in my family who I see around 3-4 times a year, I wouldn't stand it with one of my friends

No. 497562

File: 1577113110080.jpg (66.9 KB, 960x488, ELMF3VYXsAElPNZ.jpg)

Ok pedophile

No. 543629

I'm all for mental health but no excuses for BPD.
>Never take responsabilities
>Never respect boundaries and if you get mad, they scream at you that you're being egoistic for not letting them split on you
>Mixed signals, one day they love you and the day after the hate you and pull a "I'm just afraid you'll leave me!!!" Well, smartass, people will leave you for real if you act like a piece of shit.
>So far up their own ass that they autosabotage themselves because they have to prove they're a shit person just for pity points
>They trap you in your m ind games and when you're not getting any of it, they scream and cry because stuff it's not happening how they acted in their head
>"This person right now is not available for me?? FUCK THEM! FUCK THEM!!! I HATE THEM!! THEY'RE THE WORST!!!"
>"This persons says I should get therapy because with my behaviour I'm hurting people around me?? I'M THE ONE WHO'S HURTING! THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND! FUCK THEM! I'M JUST GONNA GET ASSPATS FROM MY ENABLERS! THEY SHOULD GO TO THERAPY SO THEY CAN SUPPORT ME!"
>They don't believe you. No matter how you show them how much you love them, they always see it as an act of some sort of manipulation. Since they do stuff only for manipulating people, they believe every person acts like them.

Fuck them and every person who enables them. Get help. Get the feedback from people around you and fuck off some months on therapy instead of crying yourself to sleep on why you're shit person if just a minute before you split on a person who loves you without a proper reason

No. 543632

Bipolar people big time. Had a friend that was a big suicide risk, I was the one to be there for her
everytime she was actually about to attempt. (She also suicide baited her boyfriend).
She just refused to take her meds. I love her but she was just such a drain of life when this shit happened and it happened very often.

No. 543637

they don't need rights, moron. literally no one thinks fictional characters need rights, but they do need more regulation.

No. 543640

I mean you shouldn't enable any mental illness and encourage anyone with one to get help no matter if it's depression or the more uncomfortable personality disorders lol. Sorry your posts just reads like
>Im all for enabling mental illness
>but fuck bpd not that one get help


No. 543641

I'm for people getting help. Not enabling it.
At least the other disorders try to function in society/are a lil bit aware of their condition, BPDs fail to see this and most of them DONT WANT to go to therapy because they believe the others are the wrong ones for not enabling them

No. 543644

Is this more a thing in countries with poor (mental)healthcare systems because they have great treatments that show overwhelming success for bpdcels in mine

No. 543645

>the world doesn't revolve around her
>makes a post about her and potentially a thread
Well.. looks like she was right. The world is obsessed with her after all

No. 543652

Diff anon but I'm in a country with free healthcare, that means waiting lists are stupidly long but ultimately treatment is within reach after some patience. Worked in a place before where I came across a lot of newly diagnosed BPDers and saw a pattern of them being a mess in their early to mid twenties while waiting on the therapy, then the mixture of treatment (and even age/experience) usually mellowed them out quite a bit.

No. 543816

I'm curious, what are these other mental illnesses?
BPDs have great self-awareness even if they will not admit certain things in front of people they don't like or trust. The whole thing revolves around having too much self-awareness actually.

No. 543819

i care about that anon

No. 543824

Yea, self awareness of being "sick" but not to the point of getting help. They are aware they're sick, but they're very self centered and believe someone else causes them to be like this. They don't care enough about others or themselves to try and stop being so much.

No. 543825

>believe someone else causes them to be like this
Well, isn't that true since it's caused by PTSD? (don't know much about BPD)

No. 543827

Yea, it's true, but they believe that since they got abused then everyone is an abuser, no matter how you try to be nice to them. If you say that you're not gonna hurt them, they do not believe you and project their minds on you , to which point, if you get a bit distant because you know, you don't wanna be treated like a doormat they're like "NOOO COME BACK"
If you try to make them sit down and think about stuff, they think you're gonna attack them or think they're wrong and they DO NOT LIKE TO BE WRONG.
They're a child in emotions but fail to see how that's a problem and they expect people to be at their feet, to the point they don't go to therapy, also no wonder how many psychs don't want anything to do with them

Schizo spectrum people go to therapy to get a better life, depressed people go to therapy because they want to function properly, BPD people don't because they don't feel they're "sick". They're always right, even when they're hurting people, because "you know, I'm like this"

No. 543828

NTA but overwhelming majority of women diagnosed with BPD have suffered abuse in their childhood/teen years whether it be physical, sexual or psychological so yeah it's most likely the case that whatever trauma they experienced it hinderd the part of the brain that processes emotions to grow properly etc.
BPD is a lot more complex than anons on here like to think & very much closer to a spectrum than just the one size fits all BPD-villain that everyone on here always comments on.

No. 543829

You do realize there's plenty of people with BPD that go to therapy though right? Are you just being hyperbolic for the sake of the argument or do you really think nobody with BPD ever goes to therapy and all DBT group therapy sessions are just the therapist talking to an empty room?

No. 543830

Honestly every time I see an anon bash people with BPD, I feel bad for them. But then again, I don't think I've ever interacted with someone who has it so I don't know if they're THAT bad.

No. 543831

As a former BPD basket case I LOVE dealing with other BPD basket cases

Like, not cause I enjoy their company, but because turning their bullshit back around on them is entertaining if it weren't for the fact that its Every Goddamn Day they have some issue that anyone but themselves needs to solve for them. They're mostly harmless once you figured out the game. NPDs are a nightmare though, but then again NPD is basically just a diagnosis of being raised a male lol.

No. 543832

The thread is called "Mental disorders you can't just deal with" not "let's empathize with people who are too much for other people"

The majority of BPD people don't ever bother get a diagnosis. I'm pretty proud if someone sees that their attitude is poisonous and tries to be better, but BPD often don't see anything wrong with them and try to brush it off as being "blunt" or "honest" while they just split on their friends or lovers.

>I don't think I've ever interacted with someone who has it so I don't know if they're THAT bad.

Just wait then

No. 543834

I don't believe I asked you to empathize with anyone I just asked you a question which you still haven't answered. Also what's the point in this thread if you can't have a discussion around what you post. Nobodies attacking you for your opinion. You sound a bit unhinged yourself ironically enough

No. 543835

I'm glad my mental disorder isn't mentioned ITT.

No. 543837

I think I answered while making my points. The point of this thread is basically ranting about stuff we cannot deal in people via our experiences, not being lectured or "discussing". Here you can't find people who can't deal with people with ED, depression, Schizo etc
I'm on the cluster A spectrum myself but you don't see me replying to people saying "Well??? You know its not like this?????"
because it's their opinion and that's it.
If you like BPD people go get split on and excuse their behaviour, fam. I've got plenty of examples in my hands to make up my points and we can see that in general, BPD drains too much

No. 543839

Then write your posts in a more clear manner because it's super hard to decipher what you're trying to get across.
>That last sentence
lol I actually study this so I have a different kind of interest in this topic but I guess?

No. 543840

Nvm lmao, oof. >>244828 hurted me bad

No. 543842

If you study this stuff and you're trying to get an academic view out of this thread you're in the wrong one, my fam. If you study these people you have a deattached view of them so good for you, but try to get emotionally involved with them, after the first one you wouldn't never want to do anything to do with them

No. 543845

Nah just shitposting out of curiosity really. But carry on don't let me stop you

No. 543846

Since EDs were brought up, I dislike people with EDs and generally people obsessed with their body - plastic surgery addicts, people who shoop their selfies to the extreme, certain types of trannies. I wouldn't care if they only judged themselves but they project their "values" on other people as well.

No. 543848

I think they're funny

No. 543851

File: 1587429176280.jpg (82.56 KB, 976x741, 35gqjh.jpg)

>mfw having to justify my enjoyment in watching whackjobs on youtube talk about black helicopters and gangstalking

No. 543862

I'm glad I saw your comment before replying to BPDhate anon. I'm diagnosed with it, as is my older sister. There's not a cure for it but I've personally done a lot better with regulating my emotions and self-destructive tendencies (I'm a "quiet borderline") since going to therapy for close to a year. Sounds wookie, but practicing mindfulness helped a lot. I've been having more consistently stable days these past few months since a giant cause of anxiety and my volatility was relieved to where I sometimes question if I'd still meet the criteria.

My sister, on the other hand, is a more textbook borderline and her destructive tendencies are towards her relationships. I can't even stand being around her for how volatile she can be. In some ways, I understand where the BPD anon is coming from because of how she is. She is draining to be around. It's all about her, all the time. But it's also an exhausting disorder to live with.

I do wish >>543842 would stop generalizing all borderlines as abusive and complacent and realize that it's a spectrum, like any disorder, re:
>after the first one you would never want anything to do with them
because a lot of us fucking hate this disorder and are ashamed of having it due to those very stigmas. It's no wonder it has such a high suicide rate with how we're percieved by the general public – a lot of therapists won't take on patients with BPD because of the abusive/unresponsive to therapy, etc. generalization.

No. 543902

>Coming to a thread where people bitch about people they don't want to be around and can't deal with, it's literally the title
>Get hurt when own disorder is mentioned.
God for you if you're in therapy, don't forget about the majority of people with that disorder.
If there's stigma, ask yourself why. No one here is giving you asspats.
Many disorders are abusive in their own ways? Yes.
It's BPD one of the most abusive? Also yes. Just read the many replies in this thread. No one is special.
ED people are annoying and if they're bulimic, they're disrespectful, Schizoparanoid people are annoying and drive you insane, Depressed people bring you down too and Narcissistic people should be eradicated at birth, BPD abuse people and then cry about it. That's it. A lot of people are mentioned here and I wonder why it's always BPD people who feel the need to protect themselves on the internet.

No. 543921

Right? BPDfag myself and I genuinely don't understand why these uwu bitches would get so personally offended. It's just true that BPDfags have abuser TENDENCY, comes with the territory when you suffer from emotional disregulation. Just keep your head down, do your DBT and don't be a piece of shit, that's how you dismantle stigma, not policing others feelings on the internet.

Muh self-awareness means jack shit btw, if you don't actively practice self-restraint. I've seen it too many times where "self-awareness" just translates to "oopsie I knew it was a bad thing but I did it anyway. Please stop being angry at me I KNOW I'm a horrible person!!!!"
Being defensive and upset that someone else is upset is peak BPD.

No. 543951

Stop waifing BPD fag, abusiveness is a mechanism of BPD, people with BPD should hate themselves

No. 543952

This. Having gone through abuse in the hands of someone with BPD and developing depression, avoidant PD and symptoms of CPTSD because of it I'm just so tired of BPDfags getting patted on the back and rewarded with patience for destroying other people. Along with the one who fucked me over I've also met a handful of other people with BPD and only one of them ever decided to get better (and also did). The rest of them wallowed in their mess and demanded constant validation and were constantly up to their BPD hijinx.

There is a fucking cure, it's called cognitive behavioral therapy and it works for majority of the cases. You're just looking for an excuse not to work on yourself.

>I've seen it too many times where "self-awareness" just translates to "oopsie I knew it was a bad thing but I did it anyway. Please stop being angry at me I KNOW I'm a horrible person!!!!"
"My" BPDfag used to do this all. the. time. to shift the blame on me after hurting my feelings or messing my plans up irreversibly. To the point I get a fight or flight response someone else even hints the same kind of behavior even if they didn't mean to.

The constant anxiety, tension and the fear waiting for them to explode on me and tear me apart. One day they might suggest something, then get mad at you the second day when you suggest it yourself. The sudden cancellation of all plans you were looking forward to during a episode. The isolation after they've guilt tripped you into dumping your friends because they hate competition and feel constant, intense jealousy. The way they are able to talk about themselves and their problems for 8 hours straight without ever asking how you're doing. The suicide threats keeping you up at night. The unbelievably out of proportion tantrums when you are more skilled than them in something, no matter if it's just a board game or career advancement. The negging they try to disguise as jokes, and the straight out verbal abuse they spit at you. They lie so much because inside their head they honestly believe their own lies to be true due to the twisted amounts of mental gymnastics they do. If you want to live with a person with untreated BPD you need to be willing to give up your own hopes and dreams, your whole life in fact because it will be fully dedicated to supporting that other person. Because they're the ~victim~ and deserve it. I'm so fucking bitter about losing so many years to someone who never appreciated it.

No. 543954

Why not just say I can't deal with jerks?

Pathologising their behaviour and and giving their "diagnosis" as some kind of explanation for their actions serves no good purpose to you, it's useful only to a shrink.

A jerk is a jerk. Their only pathology as far as you're concerned is them being a bloody jerk to you.

A shrink can try cure a mental illness by pills or therapy, but being a jerk towards you can be cured in one and one way only - by having them face consequences of their shitty actions.

No. 543955

Why did they feel jealousy? Did you insult them/make fun of them?

No. 543958

>this is how bpdfags actually think

No. 543969

Your post reminded me of so many of my old friends, one of them was self-diagnosed BPDfag and would suddenly switch and treat me like shit when I rejected her sexual advances. Like I made it clear that I wanted to stay just friends, the other wasn't diagnosed at all but she was a fucking insane bitch that would start fights for every little thing and casually belittle and look down at every one around her. I don't know If she had BPD or NPD but she literally never experienced any hardships to warrant a BPD diagnosis.

Honestly people with BPD and NPD are fucking scum and are interchangeable since they both think their hot shit to cover up their underlying self hate. The only difference is that NPDfags are better at hiding their crazy in the beginning while BPD can only hide it for a day or two.

No. 543971

A BPD case tried to coerce and guilt trip me into a relationship. She was always touching me very intimately and inappropriately and when I told her to stop, she blew a casket and started wailing about how I find her disgusting and how she should just kill herself for being such a gross piece of shit. I still associate touching with this so I flinch every time someone even gives me a pat on the shoulder and feel like gagging.

No. 543972

It matters when it comes to conveniently detecting red flags when you first meet. People are more likely to announce their personality disorders than openly admit to being a jerk before they get a chance to show it.

No. 543973

people who are deeply embedded in their eating disorder as a personality trait. i no longer talk to anyone from my old “group” but recently i’ve come into contact with a girl who wears her ED on her sleeve. like, full-on calorie counts of tiny salads in her IG stories inbetween memes and pics of her friends. it’s jarring, triggering and disrespectful. people who knowingly post classically triggering stuff on public accounts with no warning are just sad imo. like, i want to help her but i know it’s fruitless. she can’t be helped until she cuts out the theatrics.

No. 543974

I feel bad for saying this, but I can't seem to stand insecure people (who tend to also have depression on top of that). I am okay w/ that if a person is actually doing something about it… But when instead of trying to fix themselves (it is hard, yes, but in the long run who else is going to fix your own head?) they do nothing but go ''Drama Queen'' mode for a goddamn attention or/and are projecting jealousy towards you (with attemps to copycat) because of their insecurities. Even worse if they are attention seekers. One of fam members is like that and idk how to deal w it anymore. It's so retarded.

No. 543976

>it’s jarring, triggering and disrespectful
I honestly think it's straight up malicious. You don't show off your eating disorder unless you want to rub your lower weight or superior control in fatties faces.

There are lots of people with EDs who are secretive and don't have egos about their eating habits, but it still often attracts the sort of vain, competitive assholes who take pride in their ED.

No. 543977

I see, that makes sense. Interesting.
I come from a culture where mental illness is still stigmatized, so nobody's going to be announcing their red flags to me.

No. 544030

>because a lot of us fucking hate this disorder and are ashamed of having it due to those very stigmas

We hate to even having to deal with you all. Stop being hurt, recognize your toxic behaviour, no amount of blogposting or "I hate being this way ;((" will work.
You are acting like the very stereotype of your disorder and that's what is making all of us hating your category. Go to therapy, be proud of your progress and stop being offended by imaginary enemies on the internet.

No. 544032

Shut the fuck up. Stop looking for ways to feel better about your disorder, BPD fag.

No. 544034

Victim narcissist are the worst. I'm never associating again with umu so pure and abused little victim. Someone saying everyone abused them, but those who wipe their asses are huge redflags and too many people fall for this.

No. 544035

It was a genuine question. Anon insulted them in the post so why wouldn't she insult them to their face?

No. 544036

And it's relevant because?

No. 544037

i diagnose you with bpd for being such an aggressive annoying cunt all over this thread lol damn shut tf up

No. 544044

Bruh, you're here to policy other people and are trying to play some cheap psychologist role to try to make others feel better about you and your people. Stop posting anytime, really, it's not good for your brain.
How is relevant? even if they reply you, it wont matter, it wont make some BPDfag feel better, including you.

No. 544045

i'm not the anon who you originally replied to but go off bpd-chan

No. 544048

It's relevant because she used that as criticism against them when she's the culprit in this case. You don't insult someone and expect them to NOT feel bad.

No. 544052

You do realize that that kind of jealousy is a trait of BPD, right? BPD people, since they hate themselves so much, find a way to feel the worst in anything. They see someone succeed? Automatically they're shit compared to them and go cry in their room. That's why so many people say that BPD is "draining".
You can't be better that them in something or they'll feel like a piece of shit and will whine for days or just right up split at you, finding some "You know, it's disrespectful when you're doing (thing) around me because you know I'm not good at (thing) and it makes me feel bad :(" excuse.
They're like this. It's a trait.
Can we stop the BPD asspats already? Even true BPDfags do not agree with this amount of ass licking

No. 544053

>Someone saying everyone abused them
>too many people fall for this

Dealt with this before and now I'm real careful about anyone who has too many stories like that. There really is two sides to every break up, every friendship that ends etc. I watch out for anyone who can't end a friendship/relationship without becoming the persons enemy every time. That pattern sets off alarm bells for me.

No. 544064

I was once friends with a person with untreated BPD. It was awful. They believed they had some sort of double personality or something that made them act like this and while I agree it's awful to feel out of body, you have to do your best to sit down and think twice before splitting.
They asked ME to control their splitting. How?
"When I feel that way, could I reach out to you? Could you help me calm down?"
So no responsibilities.
I said yes out of love and boy, I wish I didn't. Not because I wanted to be bad, I'm for helping people and I have no problem being the shoulder to cry over in a bad moment, but it was overly clingy.
They would call me in the middle of night, call me when I posted something on social media and it didnt include them, text me every hour for days.
Cried about how people couldn't stand them, when they purposely texted a bunch of people, invite them at their house, forcing relationships and after realizing they wouldn't be happy with them because who the fuck knows, dumping them. The shortest one was less than a week. It left that person devastated, because they were chatting for months and just after days they were "official" they got a split and a block on facebook and everything.
They purposely want "broken" people around themselves so they can feel better but when one of them is in a bad place, they say that "they're egoistic, I'm feeling worse!"
One day I went to their house and they randomly split at me. I said to get help, they replied "You're like the others, you're attacking me"
No Sherlock, get help. The other people aren't specialized, your friends arent' your therapists.
If you try to bring some positivity, they refused it because they want to bathe in their suffering for pity points.
They're closed in their heads and even ruin people with those delusions. You have to watch out how to talk because you can have all the good intentions but if some words sounds bad to them, then they hate you, shut up for a few days while they process some form of "Owww I didn't know you were talking about THAT!!" thought, meanwhile insulting you, then come back with an "I just want to be with you!" act, rinse and repeat.
They lock themselves in the basement, give you the key, bang the door pleading to get out and while you're opening the door they just block it. No one deserves that amount of eggshell walking.

No. 544125

File: 1587486299387.jpg (41.59 KB, 596x628, 343.jpg)

This thread should be renamed "BPD fags vs BPD-hating fags" because that's literally all it's been for 2 years.

>get help bpdchan

>no you, bpdchan
>no, no, ~you~ the bpdchan not me!1

No. 544427

I agree with OP , for me it's BPD and EDs. It's a shame that when you're public about the disorders you can't stand (like Shallon Lester) all these BPD fags come for you. I found her because of her Pete Davidson video, and she's spot on about how toxic he is in relationships.

No. 544430

File: 1587537385979.webm (1.11 MB, 640x640, D3S-OS7zqEnik5Hc.webm)

you "i'm a quiet bpd" faggots are the worst. absolute bpd pickmes. everyone still hates you and you're the exact same as the more obvious ones

No. 544433

File: 1587539007703.jpeg (28.67 KB, 250x251, B2DF840C-AD32-4A44-B218-FA1F19…)

Im dumb and Im depressed. I have like an extreme fear to confrontations so Im a very easy person to handle. I have been force to house my gramma because no one else can to and I hate her. I feel like the family slave. Ive been supporting my family but the more i give the more they depend on me. I feel very selfish wanting to be left alone. Im 25 and I very paranoid of everybody judging me if i ever stop supporting my relatives. I had a third cousin who just hang himself last week and when I knew I just thought, Im glad he is released from this painful existence. Thats how bitter and hateful I am.

No. 544435

The anon above you is right, you're an absolute pickme.

No. 544449

What do you mean? Who is to pick me? So many doubts. im not the quiet anon with bpd and the crazy sister lol

No. 544450

Yeah but it doesn't matter. You want the bpd "haters" to see you as the good exception.

No. 544452

Addicts who glamorize their usage rather than seek help or try to quit. Especially addicts who steal from everyone they know then act like it isn't a big deal. Never again.

Obese people who shame or say someone has issues for trying to be healthier. I was getting fat, I worked it off while cutting down all the sugar cakes I used to eat. Family shamed me pretty much the whole time insinuating I looked better that way. Glad I left that behind to actually cook.

No. 544453

Because besides NPD, BPDs are the absolute worst disorder you could come across and usually get entangled in their web of mind games and control, they're also much more common (1.5-2% of the population) than NPDs (0.5% of the population). That's why so many people happen to have bad experiences with them. ASPDs (and schizophrenics and other psychotic mental cases) are usually bad with hiding their crazy so a lot of people don't interact with them and most other PDs are much more dangerous to themselves than others, but BPDs manage to pretend to be normal people long enough for their victims to fall into the trap. It's not like there's an obsessive anti-BPD task force hijacking the thread, it's just because BPDs tend to cause a lot of problems around them and affect multiple people and their behavior is often so explosive and aggressive that it evokes the strongest experiences.

> They lock themselves in the basement, give you the key, bang the door pleading to get out and while you're opening the door they just block it. No one deserves that amount of eggshell walking.
This is honestly the most accurate description I've ever seen.

No. 544455

>It's no wonder it has such a high suicide rate with how we're percieved by the general public
Lmao classic BPD suicide baiting again. Why do you people do that all the time? Any time someone forces you to face your horrible behavior you start dropping suicide threats and blaming everyone else before ever even thinking about taking responsibility. BPDs have only a 3-10% suicide rate (including attempts) which is relatively low and totally not warranted as "high" compared to schizophrenia (20%) and bipolar disorder (30%).

No. 544458

That anon also casually leaves out the fact that borderlines notoriously have high attempt/low success rate
They’re probably more likely to die from accidental overdose, their eating disorder or being murdered by psycho boyfriends tbh

No. 544459

BPD people want to be in control so bad but they cannot even wipe their ass.
They don't like to take responsabilities or think about them in a bad manner because they have so much (imaginary) pain in their heads, they don't want to deal with the consequences of their actions.
They deserve to feel broken, they are, and need to realize that instead of being so sad about it, maybe try to talk to professionals, since the people who they split on, usually family, friends and lovers, are not educated to deal with them.

No. 544461

I've known a couple of BPDers as friends I met in college and lived with one of them. I remember reading up on it wanting to be a good friend, mostly found that I didn't need to be any more sensitive with them as most of their emotional issues were only really present with romantic partners.

Then years later I dated a guy who had self diagnosed his ex with BPD, told me how crazy and rageful she was. Couple years into dating this guy I see how abusive he is and how manipulative he is in arguments, he went out of his way to press peoples buttons, used any sensitive information about your past against you, screamed and ranted and then gave the silent treatment. I've heard of people 'catching fleas' when they date a BPDer, as in picking up the same unhealthy behaviours but tbh I think he was more likely projecting all his own shit onto his ex that whole time. He was abusive as shit and couldn't resolve issues or get along with people. Now any time I hear about someones ex-friend or ex-gf having it I'm sure to check if they were diagnosed.

No. 544465

Depressed people who can't even shower or get out of the bed, maybe I'm insensitive because I don't have this illness, but I can't help to be wary of people who refuse to do easy tasks. I saw somebody on tumblr going "with lockdown I've been trying to shower and brush my teeth at least once a day", bitch you're not depressed, you're just a slob.

Also, high functioning autists chimping out "autism is not an illness! wanting to find a cure is ableist and murdering us!", yeah, go tell that to parents and caretakers who have to deal with unexpected tantrums of low functioning adults (who can be very dangerous if not dealt accordingly).

No. 544470

>Depressed people who can't even shower or get out of the bed
Do you mean depressed people who …exhibit symptoms of depression? I don't think anyone who's not some type of mentally ill would willingly choose to lie in one place all day stewing in their own filth. At least that tumblr person was making an effort to overcome herself.
Now depression fags who just unashamedly sadpost and wank off all day, who gave up on trying, who actively avoid betterment… Yeah those are a burden.

No. 544475

>I've known a couple of BPDers as friends I met in college and lived with one of them. I remember reading up on it wanting to be a good friend, mostly found that I didn't need to be any more sensitive with them as most of their emotional issues were only really present with romantic partners.
A big trait of BPDs is that they have one "favourite person" they direct their abuse into. They might be relatively normal albeit more sensitive when interacting with other people but when they get back to their favourite person, often a best friend or a romantic partner, they split uncontrollably. They're prone to love bombing one day and then doing a complete 180 to lash out at them. It could be triggered by not responding to their "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU'RE PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!" text in 10 seconds followed with 50 messages of how much they actually can't stand them. My friend with BPD (got better by therapy and meds) was a moody and an unrelieable friend at worst, but straight out tore her partner apart.

But in all honesty the "catching fleas" part is true. BPD isn't a mental disorder, it's a personality disorder. It's a behavioral pattern that's so deeply internalized it becomes a part of you, and the therapy used for treating BPD focuses on learning new coping skills and how to deal with your explosive feelings to replace the unhealthy pattern you previously followed. So it's not at all unexpected that someone would pick up similar behavior to cope in the relationship that has lasted for a while and has been intense.

No. 544479

>Also, high functioning autists chimping out "autism is not an illness! wanting to find a cure is ableist and murdering us!", yeah, go tell that to parents and caretakers who have to deal with unexpected tantrums of low functioning adults (who can be very dangerous if not dealt accordingly).

I'm high functioning and this annoys me too. It's such a wide spectrum that it's easy for me to say I'm fine as I am (diagnosed at 30 so I'm not that badly affected) but for parents of not so high functioning autistic kids.. it's not all rosy. If you are anything less than high functioning it's a struggle and has a knock on effect on the family, saying that shouldn't be taboo.

No. 544488

now that my mental health has gotten better even depressed people annoy the fuck out of me. i get it i've been there but sometimes depressed people are annoying as shit too even tho they like to pretend they are the sweetest babbies of the crazy club

No. 544490

>former basket case
>likes bullying people

yeah no you're still fucked up and a bitch sorry hon

No. 544491

No. 544492

What's your point here?

No. 544494

The self-proclaimed "high functioning autists" are trash when they have irresponsible takes like that. I had a friend growing up who had a brother with a severe case of autism, he could barely speak and had extreme fits of rage where he would trash the house, break furniture and hurt family members. Autistic people like this are not Rain man type savants meant to solve complex problems with their superior intellect, majority of them can't live fulfilling lives and are a huge burden on their family. If there was a 100% working cure it would be straight out child abuse not to take it.

No. 544496

to me it was just funny how that one anon is having a tantrum over bpdfags and how they all have abused her and she is a lil cptds victim and then that one anon says that

>Someone saying everyone abused them

>too many people fall for this

like yeah i mean bpdfags are annoying but letting them live rent free in your head is not heatlhy either

No. 544498

Yeah people obsessing over bpdfags just cause they knew one once and they were a bitch.. there's an obvious irony there. Ruminating over old shit and resorting to ridiculous levels of black and white thinking based on personal experience.. they're half way to a bpd diagnosis themselves.

No. 544501

God, shut up. These people acting like being abused by someone with BPD "isn't that bad" and they "need to get over with it lmao" really seem like they're trying to justify their own abusive behavior by belittling it. Get out of the thread if you can't handle people sharing experiences they had when dealing with crazies. Having to go through abuse in the hands of someone with BPD isn't just "dealing with a jerk" like enduring a bossy coworker giving you shit, it's actually living hell that leaves you in pieces unless you recognized the red flags early on and jumped ship.

No. 544503

lmao oh my gooood

this is why i fucking hate mentally ill people everything is just nothing but a evil conspiracy to take you down, no one can ever mean well to you

i'm not saying that going through abuse isn't bad. i'm just saying you are clining on identifying as a victim as well.

No. 544504

>God, shut up
>it's actually living hell that leaves you in pieces

Anon others are allowed talk, there are multiple posts right now about 'picking up fleas' from BPDers or people just plain armchair diagnosing others when they are unstable themselves, that shit is just as annoying and worth discussing. Don't take general posts so personally.

No. 544507

>borderlines notoriously have high attempt/low success rate

I knew someone years ago with a pattern of taking a bunch of pills and immediately telling people so they could spend the day with her at the hospital, like she wouldn't give the pills any time to do anything.. I get that nobody in their right mind would do that but it was still so shit on everyone around her.

No. 544536

>t. samefagging bpd-chan

No. 544545

this thread is pretty entertaining ngl. dance, monkeys, dance

No. 544548

report it then and see if it's truly samefagging ya big ole retard

No. 544571

This drives me nuts too! Autism comes in such a range of severity that it's insane to act like the high-functioning people can speak for everyone. It's all very well to call cure research 'ablist' when your main symptoms are awkwardness, hyperfocus and flapping your hands a bit, but what about the people who will never be able to live independently, or the families who have to deal with violent outbursts from children who have grown bigger and stronger than their parents? We had training on this at work and the speaker was telling us about some autistic people's hyposensitivity causing issues like walking on paving slabs feeling like sliding around on ice. Why would you object to someone wanting to be cured of that? But people do because it's 'ablist'.

I gather this is a problem in mental disability rights groups more generally. One woman got ripped apart in the news for writing an article about looking into medically stunting the growth of her severely mentally disabled daughter. This girl would never progress beyond the mental age of a toddler, and would always need the same care as a toddler. Everyone acted like she was a monster and there were tons of comments from people with mental disabilities talking about the rich lives they lead, as if they couldn't see the difference between someone who can leave a cogent comment on an essay in the news and someone who will literally never learn to walk or talk. It really highlighted for me how the needs of mildly and severely disabled people are very different, but obviously the severely mentally disabled people aren't capable of advocating for themselves, so we only ever hear about what the high-functioning types want.

No. 544577

The Louis Theroux documentary about low functioning autists https://vimeo.com/62502549 is very well made and shows how difficult it is to live with a child like that, it's obvious that none of the kids will be able to live on their own one day, I'm pretty sure the parents would take the hypothetical cure in a heartbeat. Even the higher functioning teen has obvious speaking and social problems that prevents him from living a normal life. I don't know how the documentary was received at its release, probably very badly judging by the state of online autism activists, they always complain about the parents being the only ones to talk (well duh, their children usually can't do that).

No. 544586

nvm, if people with bpd all act like shayna then i get the hatred.

No. 545100

lol no this is me samefagging i have no reason to deny these


this thread is a good reminder why mentally ill ppl are annoying, all mentally ill idiots are over dramatic and self centered and suspicious how bunch of evil enemies are out there to get you

No. 545102

Ok you’re starting to sound mentally ill yourself
>t. bpd h8r

No. 545103

that's a vile thing to say.

No. 545112

File: 1587671193347.gif (337.41 KB, 392x294, tumblr_12e140e4d6fb9ff736b6f05…)

this thread is clearly just for people who have been burned by bpdfags. we can't help it when we get sick of you, sucks you take it so personally!

No. 545116

kek just relocate to r/bpdlovedones at this point

No. 545119

>Everyone I hate has bpd REEEEEEEE

No. 545126

i have BPD and seeing everyone being so hateful towards us makes me want not to get better. i can't even speak out about this abuse because if i do, i'm just being a good old BPDfag. at least my gf understands and loves me despite it all

No. 545128

literally nobody's hateful to us apart from people on imageboards. you can use it for sympathy and shit like extensions on deadlines and triggering yourself into an episode is great for making others seem abusive. learn to use it.

No. 545130

>extensions on deadlines
i already do that kek but whatever, the generalization online still bothers me smh

No. 545136

>meanies online make me want to continue being abusive out of spite
You lot can't help being manipulative can you. God protect ur gf if she dares to criticize you kek

No. 545139

no shit we can't. any other observations that you, a Normal And Well-Adjusted Woman have to share?

No. 545141

>Grasping for straws to hate any person with BPD
Pretty sure that anon meant she can't speak out about the abuse she went through. Not 100% sure because the wording was unclear.

Your first sentence is right. The rest is a prime example of why people hate borderlines. Telling another anon to basically try to be a worse person? Really?

No. 545144

oh no, you hate me! we're naturally manipulative, i'm just telling her what she already knows tbh, might as well use instability to your advantage if you have it

No. 545145

File: 1587674767032.png (178.19 KB, 510x278, 5MKGn01.png)

No. 545148

I'm borderline myself, I just don't go out of my way to manipulate people. I'd like to actually keep those who love me around. I'm proud that I'm significantly more stable than I was a year ago. Bragging about being unstable is unimaginable to me. Sorry you thrive on chaos.

No. 545149

Nope she literally said
>everyone being so hateful towards us makes me want not to get better

No. 545150

>sorry you thrive on chaos
sorry you lie to yourself that you don't

No. 545153

Same. No one says it but BPDfags who know they have BPD, most are actually proud of it, the crytyping online is obfuscation. True self is like the samefag ITT lol
It's just their lack of identity that makes them emulate, hopelessly wish that they're Lisa from Girl, Interrupted but really they're the chicken girl.

No. 545158

That's a good comparison, I totally forgot about that movie. >>545150 is a prime example. Just wants to drag all the other BPDfags down with her, probably thinks you're misdiagnosed if you don't "embrace" being a piece of shit, and how dare you try to actually get better?

No. 545159

the farmhands banned me for this post?? >>545126
what the fuck. im literally being silenced. i cant even speak my mind ONLINE and you guys still tell me IM NOT ALLOWED TO WHINE ABOUT MY SITUATION? IS THIS THE FUCKING TWILIGHT ZONE?(banned proxy)

No. 545162

also its my birthday how fucking rude.(happy birthday hamchan)

No. 545169

People with EDs specially the restrictive types. I dealt with this for over 8 years and I had enough. I finally got my life around this problem and I can't deal with someone's shit. That's the main one for me. The rest, anything that makes someone acts in a way that is more toxic than the average human being.

I have my mental problems and they started early in life. I still take medication daily. I constantly try to improve myself and think about how I act, I have no patience with people who aren't even trying.

No. 545170

lmao I knew BPD-chan was hamchan. Stop coming here you fucking nutjob

No. 545177

I see bpd and c-ptsd mentioned in a lot of twitter and insta bios lately and I don't get why people feel the need to share. I get that for some talking about it is seen as 'breaking the stigma' but It just feels like oversharing. People disclosing trauma, CSA or other past abuse in bios, why? You have one or two sentences to sum yourself up for any casual followers.. oh you were sexually abused as a kid and you struggle with emotional instability.

Like is that shit not incredibly personal?

No. 545178

>sarcastic and ironic happy birthday

Does lolcow and other sites like KF really enjoy acting like middle schoolers on the playground being rude?

No. 545182

File: 1587680146753.jpg (47.81 KB, 1172x659, EA42mJJXYAEzxWF_(2).jpg)

No. 545185

this site like as an idea is great but individual anons tend to run pretty uptight and not being able to chill and take a joke as well as like constantly correcting others when it's not a right-or-wrong situation

No. 545186

100% this. It's just the Opression Olympics bleeding over into Twitter and Instagram since Tumblr died.

No. 545187

No. 545193

I have really fucking awful ADHD and would not wish it on my worst enemy. I can't count the number of times I've fucked my own/others' shit up because of my terrible memory and lack of emotional restraint/nonexistent executive functioning. To the point where I avoid getting too close to anyone, I will eventually let them down. Would not want a friend like me.

Also, I can't tolerate Asperger's, it's like staring into the void.

No. 545196

I like guys with asperger's because they tend to be dumb and give you the benefit of the doubt and if you get the right balance of not too aspie not too normal they're an easy lay and will get attached to you if you lay on the reassurance heavy and then sharply withdraw it

No. 545201

Ironically with adhd and aspergers there is a large overlap in symptomology

No. 545204

ADHD here, some of the symptoms of ADHD look like straight-up social retardation because of the impulsivity (ex., saying insensitive things, failing to respond appropriately to others). The difference is that you do understand intuitively why what you're doing is 'wrong', while with Asperger's you have to be explicitly taught that it's wrong

No. 545213

Yeah as someone who has ASD, you sound like a predatory creep. Woman or not, if you need someone with a disability for a lay there’s definitely something wrong with you. Everything you just typed out is so fucking offensive, stereotypical, and weird.

No. 545215

Your personality disorder is showing, anon.

Speaking of autism, I couldn’t date someone with it. My dad is high functioning and he’s…not great. He’s embarrassing and confusing and his temper is fucking ridiculous. It’s hard to describe because I’ve been living with it my whole life and always knew he was odd but thought it was mostly something wrong with me. He’s simultaneously robotic and like a toddler.

It’s sad and it brings up a whole lot of feelings for me that I can’t and will never resolve so I don’t need anymore of that shit in my life.

No. 545216

You can tell with ASD something is wrong as well; you get taught by people’s reactions, just like anyone else. Having ASD is exactly like having impulse issues. I never needed someone to sit me down and “explicitly” tell me to act differently. A LOT of people act way worse than people with Autism, that’s kind of why it’s a running joke on sites like this. You would think normies would have more self awareness, but it’s usually us that do.

No. 545218

>i have BPD and seeing everyone being so hateful towards us makes me want not to get better

EWWW EW EW EWW!!! WHy are you all like this??? What makes you do this?? Do you expect us to be empathetic about your shitty behaviour?? Oh no, some meanies online are bad!! Time to get worse, that will show them!!
Shut your mouth

No. 545220

i mean this was literally hamchan so idk how representative that is of all people with bpd

No. 545221

t. necessaryspeed4

No. 545226

why in the FUCK do i attract so many narcissists and codependents? imo people with legitimate codependency issues are just as bad as narcissists, it feels like narcissism of a different flavor. easily the two personality disorders i've seen the most of and i'm sick of it. you can't even kindly point out unhealthy behavior without meltdowns, they're impossible.

the codependent will mope and turn around to tell you "all the things they've done for you" and the narcissist will go on the attack about how you're the worst person who has ever walked the earth. fun stuff.

No. 545227

>Your personality disorder is showing
which one

No. 545234

Do you set boundaries with them from the jump?

No. 545242


BPD has a considerable amount of overlap with Autism so it's no surprise as to why they're so retarded. Not to mention the fact that they make up a high percentage of inmates. There's a reason why mental health professionals generally avoid them and BPD is code for difficult patient. These crazies will "fall in love" with psychiatrists and then go out of their way to strip them of their credentials after rejecting their advances.

Anyways, always steer clear of BPDs. The initial idealization seems sweet at first until they paint you black and go on a rampant smear campaign when you want to hang out with other people lol

No. 545264

it seems like a lot of you dealt with BPDs, could you tell me how to peacefully break up with one?

No. 545271

Be incredibly boring, gray rock when they freak out, wait for them to lust after someone else
Or if u can keep a safe physical distance, break up through text, block, ghost completely

No. 545272

peace was never an option, anon. you're gonna get burnt.

No. 545279

OCD. My obsession is health, death and illness. This Corona shit is fucking me over, of course.

No. 545290

Seconded. Ghosting, Gray rocking and overall being boring is literally the only way to get rid of them. There's no point in reasoning with them or getting into their fights. Just ignore, ignore, ignore. No matter how much they try to provoke you, ignore. If nothing else works, ghost them. I guess it's cruel but when they literally give you no other choice then that's what you need to do.

No. 545292

Can you tell a bit about how your OCD manifests? I'm afraid of having developed OCD-like traits myself because I get immensely neurotic and obsessed with some stupid fear my brain comes up with, basically on the level "what if I left the stove on at home and now my apartment is on fire, oh fuck I need to get home immediately even when I'm at work, I need to know right now, what if I've lost everything to the fire at this point, how will I replace my things". And this goes on for 8 hours with me not being able to concentrate until I get back home. Or I might read up on a sickness and suddenly start self-diagnosing myself to the point I'm about to throw up from fear and anxiety. Do you have anything like this?

No. 545301

Oh boy, I do this too. But in my case it's not the stove, it's the iron. It got so bad that I can only iron my clothes before I go to bed so I can check it at least 10 times and not having to obsess over it when I go out.

No. 545359

>i have BPD and seeing everyone being so hateful towards us makes me want not to get better.
This type of shit right here is why everyone hates BPD people.
>see a bunch of people venting about how much harm they've been caused by people with BPD
>instead of having it serve as motivation for self-improvement to avoid being a toxic cesspool, play the victim and use it as an excuse not to bother getting better

No. 545361

>The difference is that you do understand intuitively why what you're doing is 'wrong', while with Asperger's you have to be explicitly taught that it's wrong

Not true in alot of cases, really depends on how high functioning they are. Having met a lot of them it varies widely and tbh there's a gender divide where female 'aspies' generally aren't as socially retarded.

No. 545362

ugh you really think you're doing something and you're just repeating word for word posts that were made hours ago please you're not as intelligent as u think u are

No. 545368

It's never going to be peaceful. Be very clear that your decision to break up is final and that nothing will change your mind. Don't lay blame on them or that'll send them spiralling. Even constructive critisism will hit them wrong. Get physically seperated and cut off contact so it feels final.

If they are prone to suicidal behaviour make sure someone knows to keep an eye on them but it can't be you. It needs to be a clean cut off.

No. 545370

>thinking anons are entitled to special treatment on an imageboard because muh birthday
Some of you really are as cowish as the people posted here huh…

No. 545377

I feel like they might just be larping as a bpdfag

No. 545381

larping as a bpdfag is undiagnosed bpdfag behaviour so same difference

No. 545387

>be in best friend trio
>one dropped the other for being a narcissistic psycho
>narc is pissed at me for not being 100% on his side
>realizing I really don't want to be friends with him anymore at all and he's objectively a trash friend
>really hoping I can silently cut ties without dealing with his wrath

Three of his other friends told me straight up that they believe he has literal NPD. I read all the criteria and it sums up his personality so spot on, it's alarming. In retrospect, I don't quite understand why I chose to ignore the numerous red flags, but I did and here we are.

Just a short list of pretty overt red flags…
>still hates a girl who called him creepy in high school 10 years ago to the point of still trying to ruin her reputation by spreading old AF damning information
>literally cannot handle conversations that are not about him or involve him showing off his "intellect", other than scandalous drama
>voices his annoyance if he has to be there for people, but demands others drop everything to comfort him when he needs it, even if it means keeping you on the phone until 2 AM on a week day
>shows extreme vitriol toward the significant others of his romantic interests, to the point of literally wishing death upon them

No. 545424

They could just be trolling out of corona boredom

No. 545436

Didn't want to post this in the Shallon Lester thread as it'd come under armchair diagnosing but I watched her for a long time, saw the red flags and having experience around people with bpd I started to really pick up on it with her. She went through a break up at one point while still filming vids daily and that helped highlight it even more. Fast forward a few months and weirdly enough she starts hating on BPD celebs with a passion and calling out celebs for bpd behaviour, honestly it screamed of projection. It wasn't one video or one celeb but an ongoing thing with her.

She's mentioned that she's a narc before (said it like she's proud of that) and in one vid she went out of her way to point out how she's narc and not borderline. I got the feeling her whole 'I'm a stone cold narc' thing is an act to cover up her emotional self. Now that she's being cancelled her reaction to being called out.. is classic untreated-bpd behavior. Making shit up and threatening people with police action based on those lies. I kind of saw this coming but it's still strange to watch it all unfold.

No. 545474

Yes and that is literally ONLY because men are taught they don’t have to change themselves. It has zero to do with autism and all to do with the enabling of male behavior we do in society. The idea that people with autism cannot read or learn from reaction of others is completely false and pushing a fucked up narrative. Even the most low functioning, needs an IPad to speak ASD person can learn and adapt like anyone else. They can tell when you’re sad, mad, or happy. And when you push the narrative that these people can’t, you’re just accepting and telling them they don’t have to work to learn how to interact with others. It’s not that they can’t, it’s because you all act and say they can’t, so they just accept their own socially inept behavior. I am autistic I would definitely know, and I have worked with disabled people in high schools for many many years.

No. 545482

I’m not the anon you were replying to just btw, so no confusion.

No. 545505

not everyone who acts like a dickhead has a personality disorder. i swear according to lolcow the % of the population that has bpd would be closer to 80 rather than the 1,6% that it actually is. please learn how pds actually work. having the symptoms alone isn't enough to qualify for a diagnosis. it needs to be prolonged behavior often tracing back to childhood/early teens

No. 545518

> please learn how pds actually work
I have a lesser talked about PD myself so yes I'm aware that they require a long history, I was diagnosed nearly ten years ago after a long history of anxiety and avoidance. I've been married to a diagnosed BPD too.

She has shared so much of herself online for well over a decade, vids, writing articles, a podcast, book, shared a whole lot of her history and that history even changes alot so that's another fun fact about her. Like I said yes it's an armchair post.

No. 545605

are you avpd?

No. 545615

Watched a livestream about this a couple days ago. An expert in cluster b personality disorders was being asked about her behaviour and he spoke about bpd.

It's two hours long so quite in depth but some of the points I remember were how she specifically talks about using peoples past traumas or bad childhoods against them to trauma-bond them to her and get what she wants from them, playing with someones trauma for the sake of getting sex and attention from them. That and advising others to follow her example and ultimately dispose of the person when they are damaged. The expert had worked in the prison system in the uk with cluster Bs and had never met anyone who so blatantly understood and described using that method to take advantage of people.

No. 545627

Munchausen and hypochondriacs.
After the second time they are admitted to the hospital over small things, they should get banned and never get any kind of treatment ever again
Death penalties for the parents who have munchausen by proxy

No. 545645

File: 1587770184556.png (38.36 KB, 471x471, ew.png)

>Mental disorders you just can't deal with
NPD, like every sane person, I hope.
Also pic related.

No. 545663

High-Functioning Autists can either be mellow or they’re extremely rude, but of course people coddle the latter when you call them out on it because “They’re autistic! They can’t help it!”. It’s infantilising even for these people and if I have to grow and learn consequences, then so do they. Growing up as an undiagnosed sperg myself I have always clashed with other autistic people because of this coddling.

NPD, need I explain? BPD is mixed. Both forms of PTSD are my brethren, and I will support them. OCPD is hellish to have so I sympathise, even if OCPD sufferers can have assholish tendencies. Depression is mixed; usually they’re perpetually flaky mood killers no matter what you try. EDs, I feel bad for but there is a sympathy limit.

No. 545896

Getting close to people with BPD is such a rollercoaster. At first you're their favourite person in the whole world, then their mood shifts and they suddenly hate you and wish you were dead, and then when their tantrum is over they expect you to come crawling back because they truly believe they're the true victim of this situation.

It's exhausting. Getting close to someone like that seriously wittles you down. After all this time, I still don't know if she ever loved me or if I was just there to listen to her problems until she got tired of me. Either way, I don't want to know. I hope the bitch chokes or finally gets some decent therapy.

No. 545915

Yep. The difficult thing is they can be the most interesting and charismatic people when you first get to know them.
I'm not saying everyone with BPD is like that, but being friends with them tends to be extremely emotionally exhausting. When I was friends with one I constantly felt kinda shitty and like I wasn't good enough, because even when she praised me it always felt a little off, like there was some implied vitriol there too. At the time I thought I was imagining it but thinking back I think it was real.
Both when she liked me and when she suddenly didn't anymore I didn't feel respected as a person. It was like I was only there as an object to help her and support her when she needed it.

No. 546070


AYRT. That's so true - I felt like I was only there to fill a space in her endless roster of friends. And no matter what I did, I was never cool or exciting enough for her and she dropped me at the first chance she had.

All I'll say is, she ditched me and left me in a very dangerous situation that I nearly wasn't able to leave. And her 'apology' never said the words 'I' 'am' 'sorry' in that order, because I was in the wrong for hurting her precious feefees, and in return I deserved to be put in danger. I meant it when I said I hope the bitch chokes.

Her mental illness was an explanation, not an excuse. Fuck people with BPD, never again.

No. 546072

Hi anon. I'm quite new with this diagnosis, it interrupted my life completely in January 2019 and I think it started to build up with childhood trauma and the death of my two dogs by different illnesses, when they started to get sick I would search for their symptoms online, I was constantly scared and would tell my family that they were going to die and they said that I was exaggerating. Obviously they died from the illneses I told them…anyways I'm a extreme case so it manifests first in repetitive thoughts about me or my family getting I'll or dying in a violent way, getting robbed and killed, dying in accidents, etc. So I get physically affected, then I worry even more that they or me is definitely going to die, and I start picturing horrible scenarios in my head, then I search on Google my symptoms or news about accidents or weather conditions in the city my relative is, I write them or try to call them. Sometimes that calms me down, sometimes I'm not so lucky and it only reassures my fears.

Besides the panic attacks in which I feel like I'm definitely dying, I can't breathe and my hearth races until I pass out I suffered from a lot of physical symptoms that disrupted my normal life: inflammation in all my rib cartilages, ofically named tietze syndrome (still not fully recovered from this one, it was so painful I thought at first it was a heart attack. I could not breath well because the contraction of the ribs was painful due to the inflammation of the cartilage) inflammation on knees, wrists, ankles, fingers, lumbar pain, muscle pain and inflammation,spasms, involuntary muscle movements, fibromyalgia in the first months that started, hormonal imbalances and cystic acne in my face, back, chest and arms,intense headaches, tingling sensation in my legs, face and skull, electric shivers,eyelid twitch,tachycardia, nose bleed, restless legs at night, angular cheilitis, and of course, extreme exhaustion.

I felt all this at the worst and lowest point, nowadays I have calmed the fuck down. If I spiral down I get the cuts on the corner of my lips, headaches, acne, muscle spams and inflammation,but all of them still very mild compared to last year

No. 546092

People with ASPD

I befriended a girl who was clinically diagnosed with ASPD after I found out her bullies only spoke to me to get back at her.

Being a bully victim, as well being hurt that people I respected used me, I open my life to the girl.

It wasnt until months later she started showing me videos of snuff films and her obsession with young anime boys. I try to slide it off bcoz maybe this is just her disorder… Then she was under fire grooming minors, and at this point her bullies reached out to me sobbing.

Apparently, she had been bullying them for years, and when they saw her get close to me, they tried to intervene. But by then, I stop talking to them. They actually provided text messages how she harassed and made fun of them.

I feel like absolutely shit and an idiot for what happen. There was obvious red flags and I ignored them. I dont know what happened to the girl because she went no contact with everyone.

No. 546097

Are you underage?

No. 546129

Why would you ever in your life think befriending a sociopath would be a good idea?

No. 546166

AYRT and jesus christ this sounds almost identical to what I'm going through right down to the physical health issues. maybe I should get my head checked out, thanks for telling your story

No. 546677

When people with BPD rage out, I just want to beat their shit up until they can no longer speak.
They build up those feelings, they don't want to let them out healthily because that would mean they wont feel "powerful" when you're letting them screaming at you. They need to see you as a little child or animal and scared in order to feel satisfied and justified. Fuck them.

No. 546680

>I just want to beat their shit up until they can no longer speak.
you sound very stable and totally not mentally ill

No. 546735

Since this thread is frequented by rehabilitated BPDs and those that have a history with people with BPDs I felt like this would be an appropriate place to ask for advice. I have a friend with BPD and sad to say I'm her "favourite person". Dealing with her has left me absolutely mentally exhausted.

She lovebombs me and keeps telling me how important I am and how nobody else makes her life as happy as I do. It was flattering at first, but during the period of time I've known her it's become creepy and obsessive - like she's doing it to secure her back. She's a very smart, kind and a lovable person when she's at her best, but when she splits it's literally like a Jekyll and Hyde case. She turns hostile, blows the situation way out of proportion and hits below the belt berating me, absolutely devastating and humiliating me until there's nothing left. She badmouths my other friends because she's jealous, and often makes it a "it's me or them" situation. Her splitting can be sparked by any small, insignificant thing and I constantly have to walk on egg shells around her. In return she often negs me and becomes frustrated when my feelings are hurt and makes the whole deal about her.

And the worst part? She suicide baits. A ton. I've had to talk her out of suicide multiple times. She's told me that she attempted it but failed. Every time she starts doing it it triggers my body's stress reaction immediately and I freeze completely, being unable to help her. I've lost sleep numerous times being afraid of her being found dead in the morning. These are just some of the things I've gone through on a daily basis for as long as we've known each other.

I have my own long history with depression and PTSD and I'm exhausted. I don't know what to do. I'm not a mental health professional and I don't have tools at my disposal to help her. My other friends were worried about me but I stopped talking to them about the situation because I didn't want to burden them. It's so easy to tell someone to cut a poisonous person out of their life but for the person actually doing it it's near impossible, especially when there's nobody to support them all the way through. Now, anons, what do I do? How do I take steps to get out of this living hell? How do I help her get better? How do I make my life worth living again, and how do I start living for myself instead of for someone who basically holds my heart hostage?

No. 546745

Either cut her out or stop being so easily manipulated by her antics. You can't help her get better, that's all on her. If you really do want to keep being her friend then be concious of when she's manipulative and set clear boundaries. Tell her that this is her disorder talking and not her and let her know that you won't continue this discussion until she's calmed down. Don't give in to suicide threats either. Her life is not your burden

No. 546766

rehabilitated bpd-fag here.

she will not kill herself. if she has attempted so many times without at least ending up hospitalized, she is not trying to end her life. she is using it as the ultimate form of emotional blackmail. "i'm so fragile and broken, you can't hate me for the fucked up shit i do. you can't leave a suicidal person, that's wrong."

i got my ass handed to me after old school friends got tired of my shit. it hurt like a motherfucker. so much so that i continued on with my bullshit for a few years being absolutely miserable before i finally realized i was the problem and only i could fix it.

she'll be devastated and angry, but if she can't respect boundaries, it's what you need to do. if she doesn't want help, she won't improve. the worst bpd-fag can make a miraculous turnaround if they truly want to improve and take their therapy seriously. unfortunately the fact that she's called you her "favorite person" isn't a good sign. no therapist i've ever met has used the term, nor do they approve of it. it was invented by self-diagnosing tumblr users to excuse their abusive behavior.

you can try setting boundaries but honestly, unless she is very dear to you i don't think the emotional labor is worth it. the best thing you can do for yourself and her is to cut her off and be honest as to why. she absolutely will not like it, i won't lie to you. but you're being held hostage and that isn't right. she will not willingly release you from that position now that she has you there. make yourself a priority.

No. 546876

it’s normal to want to get back at people who treat you like shit. you sound like you have bpd or why else would you be defending them? they deserve all the hate.

No. 546879

idk who told you this but it is in fact not normal to want to beat the shit out of people. get a grip you mentally ill faggot

No. 546880

>you sound like you have bpd

No. 546883

Nothing to contribute but I haven't chuckled or kept up with a thread in a long time until the posts for this one started popping up good lord lmao

No. 546894

Yeah, it's the best. Also being with someone who didn't took shit from me, didn't enable any of my behaviours and fears and constantly tried to make me do new things and multiple tasks making me feel useful and always boosting my confidence by changing my appearance, going out and meeting new people, leaving me alone in a city that I don't know so I could manage stress and fears better despite of me being in literal tears and pain most of the time… that kind of person is really useful in your life anon. Someone who sets the alarms of all your nervous system until you become numb to it lmao, someone who does things without warning you, always making plans at the last minute without worrying and without telling you nothing.
You didn't like that I changed your plans and didn't gave you time to overthink, stress and worry about it, you little maniac fuck? Not my problem, get ready.

No. 546917

lmao it’s a common repressed desire. most people have intrusive thoughts. the thing is that you don’t act on them. this is psychology 101, you dumb bitch.

No. 546921

do you even know what intrusive thoughts are? because they aren't fantasies you type out.

No. 546926

the person who talked about wanting to beat up their bpd abuser is obviously traumatized. tons of victims vocalize how they want to hurt they’re abusers and therapists often tell them to write “hate letters” which is when the client writes everything they want to say to the person who’s hurting them and then rip it up. it’s a way to cope and a natural feeling. if you’ve never wanted to hurt someone then it seems like you’re repressing a lot to keep a “pure” image of yourself.

No. 546928

you're reading a lot into a post that was simply not all that fam

No. 547018

Fam it's not that deep. It's normal to have intrusive thoughts and being angry at shit people do to you. It's called being human. Stop being a bpd cuddler.

No. 547020

Meant to reply to this

No. 547023

>still misusing the term intrusive thoughts
>thinking blanket statements of beating up everyone with a disorder until they can't speak is the same as fantasizing about hurting one specific abuser
i'm not a bpd "cuddler" for thinking you guys are cowish with the shit you post in here

No. 547026

And you are hurt for an entire category because? Like, really, stop liking instable people's ass. It's kinda obvious that people here get out their frustrations, it's the title?
Why does it matter for you, bpd chan?

No. 547027

this isn't your safe space people can criticize your retarded posts. get therapy please

No. 547029

Fam, you act like people can't talk shit about other people who hurt them and you're getting offended on the behalg of people you don't know for whatever fuck know, plus you're only replying to people bashing BPD. I suggesting you go to therapy. If this thread triggers you so much, just leave?

No. 547030

the only one who seems to be overly offended is you. chill

No. 547032

>Thread is called "stuff you can't deal with" implying discussions and other stuff
>Anons post stuff about people who hurt them
>"Welll actuallyYY nooooOOO"
>Gets replied "Mind your business about other people's experiences"
>"You're offended ;)) cHILL!!" while hunting down every single anon who posts about BPD and replies 0.2 seconds after someone posts something

Are you real or what

No. 547033

idk why you think i reply to everyone in this thread when i don't but this post is exactly what i mean with cowish behavior. holy shit lmao. this thread is always good for a laugh truly

No. 547034

>idk why you think i reply to everyone in this thread when i don't

Fam. Even if you don't, you get triggered by stuff posted by other people. That's pointless per se. Why are you so mad at people saying they got bad experiences with BPD? Who are you defending? Literally, who cares?

No. 547036

>you get triggered by stuff posted by other people.
>Why are you so mad at people saying
>Literally, who cares?
the lack of self-awareness. you can not make this shit up

No. 547038

My point is why are you caring about what other people say online. You're telling me to chill but the second someone posts about a person who hurt them you're ready to invalidate them. You're still not replying: Why do you care so much about BPD people?
If someone has a thought of hurting a person who hurt them back who cares anon?

No. 547039

>you're invalidating meeee
the tumblritis afoot here. i don't care about people with bpd and idk what gave you that impression from one post where i poked fun at someone saying something wild but you are top tier unhinged and more similar to bpdcows than you might like to think

No. 547040

"one post"
Bet my arm that you will reply at the next BPD post lol

No. 547041

This entire argument will literally go in circles:

>u bad

>no u
>no.. no.. not me.. u
>no u
>no u

No. 547043

nta but it's an early sign they /might/ become like their abuser. the bpd was the same once, the bpd's abuser was the same, and so on. I find the whole thing ironic, and my sympathy for a victim ends when they want to harm others

No. 547046

And if you knew basic psychology, even children wish to hurt their abuser. It's directed to their abuser only and want some kind of revenge since they don't feel like they deserve it. Not everyone just eats shit up and excuses them because their abuser is a "BPD suffering angel "
Mentally ill or not, if someone fucks you bad (reminder that some people who dealt with BPDs developed PTSD but I mean, that's normal right?), it's normal to wish the same fuckery on them. Don't tell me you didn't even wish someone just broke a finger for doing you bad, fam. No one here is actually beating people.

No. 547047

do you realize that this is what you are defending, right?

>When people with BPD rage out, I just want to beat their shit up until they can no longer speak.

there's no personal story of wanting to beat up their abuser, they just sound unhinged, like when people say they want to beat up criminals and shit. it sounds more like a weird power fantazy.

No. 547054

I think I've experienced the whole 'catching fleas' from BPDs thing. I dated a guy who had previously dated a BPD woman. The way he dealt with our disagreements was always way over the top but his excuse was that he was 'reactive' because his BPD ex made him that way. He described her as a screaming emotional mess. Someone who'd keep him awake all night to argue over the smallest of things. I saw the weird texts that she sent him whenever she was drunk and ruminating over him so I cut him some slack when I first noticed his own tendency to turn small things into screaming matches. I regret that I then spent the next 3 years paying for whatever bullshit trauma response he either had or pretended to have. Looking back with some room to think.. the guy was abusive and nothing excuses how he acted. I regularly felt physically threatened by how heated he got. I can't know for sure if he was always that way or if dating a BPDer really did play a role in creating the monster, so to speak.

With his tendency to escalate things I learned early in the relationship not to dare raise my voice in return. Months into living together a routine started where he'd stand over me screaming at the top of his lungs, usually cornering me and not allowing me to get away from him. I would freeze up and let him rant away. He could argue by himself for an hour without me saying a word in response. If I spoke he would only mimic my voice to make fun of anything I said. Nothing worked to calm him, nothing. He had another predictable routine of threatening to kick me out of our (shared lease) apartment and he'd dramatically pack my belongings for me knowing full well he had no intention of letting me out the door. If I tried to leave or agreed to leave to "give him some space to calm down" he'd block the front door. My ears would ring after these one sided screaming sessions. He asked me one day if I knew why the neighbors were suddenly blanking him! Ironically it was the exact same shit that he claimed his ex did to him, both the screaming and threats to kick you out in the middle of the night. He got violent twice and I was done. He blamed that on trauma response too. If I were to use his logic I now have the right to abuse my next partner.

No. 547055

>it sounds more like a weird power fantazy.

And the question is still: Why do you care?

No. 547056

>there's no personal story of wanting to beat up their abuser

"Ah yes, I need a two page essay on why your statement should sound good in my head."
Maybe anon didn't want to blogpost so much. You like playing lawyer, yes? As others said, I don't think anon goes around beating people up, it's obiouvsly angry at their abuser and they wish the same on them, which is human. There are plenty of people who for example just say that Narcs need to be killed with no explanation, have you read the entire thread or what? Power fantasy or not, I don't think you're involved so yea, no need to go that deep anon.

No. 547064

Your samefagging is glaringly obvious and you're most likely the person who wrote the original post which is why you're being a total loon about this right now. Take a break.

No. 547076

Absolutely NARCs.
I once dated a narc, quick list of the shit they used to pull

>"You don't know japanese! I know better than you!" to a friend of mine who studies japanese in uni and works as an english-japanese translator for tourists only because he misread a kanji once. The narc only watched anime and looked up kanjis of their favourite words

>"I made my uni teacher cry for how deep my essay was but she said that I didnt get the highest score because that might have looked suspicious!"
>"friend is better than you!" said that to me when I was still studying and my friend was already out of uni and got a job. I was in a dark place and I slowed down a bit my studies and they knew
>Proceeded to make my friend their friend, made us constantly have arguments, badmouthed me and when we got to the point of not talking anymore, they said "Aw, Im sorry you no longer talk"
>When I was studying and focused on my stuff, they would give me the silent treatment. Why? "You're the only person I talk to, it feels bad to be ignored. Never do that again, you now know how does it feel.".
>"All the people before you didn't understand me. You're like an angel that came for me!"

That shit fucked me up for so long, it hurts still today and I have trust issues for everyone. I now panic if someone doesn't reply for a day or two because I'm worried if they are mad at me, because this person used to ignore me if something happened, only to return a week after saying "sup??" and just dropped hints of what "I've done" here and there.
For example, I did thing and they were mad. They would give me the silent treatment while I was asking what was wrong and I was ready to discuss.
After some days, they would return like nothing happened and do shit like "Oh no, you dropped that fork, you should be less airheaded, like the one time you hurt me by forgetting my mom's birthday"

No. 547079

I feel like the only safe mental disorder to call out without starting an infight itt is narcissism because a narc never thinks they're a narc unironically and so wouldn't be offended by what's posted here lmao. They'd probably agree.

But yeah I'd say narcs are the tippy top on my shitlist. My mom was one and while I don't wanna retype my mommy trauma for the millionth time, not a day goes by where I don't hear her in my inner voice saying something disparaging, critical, and nasty. The self-esteem issues and doubt she implanted into my psyche are tremendous.
I dated an abusive narc and an abusive bpd. Between the two, the abusive narc was way more dangerous. A narc does something to you and doesn't second guess their judgement, they fully feel that what they're doing to you is justified and you are getting what's deserved. The only thing that would change a narc's mind in how they treat you is if it affected what others thought about them for treating you poorly. Whereas I felt my bpd abuser was much more, how do you say, impulsive? Like he'd do something rotten to me but I could always tell he knew it was the wrong thing to be doing. It's like a floodgate that they can't shut once they open it. While he didn't own up to much of what he did, it was because he felt genuine shame and admitting it out loud was a practice in losing face and humiliation. Shame, instead of vindication. Maybe I'm just grasping at straws trying to case why some abusers in my life were less bad than others lel.

No. 547274

Wouldn't be surprised if it was ham-chan ban evading again.

No. 547324


Narc parents are the worst. I don't even mean they have to satisfy it enough to get an official diagnosis: just a few minor traits are a fucking ride, man.

No. 547387

Jesus, this sounds exactly like the shit my narc/bpd friends pieces of shit put me throught…

I cut them out quickly following the advice of retards and it was a fucking hell for 6 months of constant attempts to guiltrip and bathmouth me to strangers. Constant pity parties of "I dindu nuffin u_u I'm baby" bullshit at their social media and tweets threatening with suicide and destroying their own works to bait me to come back after being yelled at and treated like dirt. The autists who told me "just cut them out! XD" didn't want to help me clean the mess afterwards. I've been so strongly gaslighted I still felt bad after more than a year at what I did to them and I had been left with severe anxiety issues.

You need to be really careful and try to cut her out progressively and slowly, and be patient. Keep distance with her. Don't answer her texts inmediately. Send silently the message of wanting to keep distance. Invest your time on trying to find a support system and on finding professional help too because you are most likely going to need it to stay sane when she starts throwing tantrums again.
This can take months, maybe even more than a year. You need to be patient, good luck.

No. 547417

Why even check their social media? Counterproductive and autistic

No. 547454

Welcome back, bpd-chan. Don't you have someone to emotionally leech off and abuse instead of missing the whole point of my post, or your victims finally told you to fuck off as well?

Yet I'm going to give you a serious reply before you attempt to twist the narrative again: obviously, when I just got away from my abusers, I still didn't know why I was being treated like that. As the anon I was replying to very accurately pointed out, they held your heart as a hostage and threaten with suicide and self harm several times to emotionally manipulate you, and I was scared shitless at the beginning of them finally succeeding. Again, obviously, now I know better. Now shut up and stop trying to pick up fights.

No. 547458

It might help you guys to Google ocd coping mechanisms and hacks.
Get into the habit of photographing your stove and door when you leave the house each morning. Save up and get a ring camera on your front door if you're able to, or some kind of baby monitor you can access from your phone that you can keep in the hall which you would be able to see the front door from and tell if the house is actually burning down.
If irons and hair straighteners only add stress to your lives, don't straighten your hair and avoid fabrics that need ironed. Obviously it can't fix your ocd but it can help to just let go of what would be normal for others.

When someone is dyslexic you get them tools like e-readers, be kind to yourselves by removing whatever problem areas you can.

No. 547470

bbitch mind your own fucking business. i was eating frozen pizza while rubbing one ten ahours ago cuntiana

No. 547490

Not everyone you reply to is the bpd boogeyman lmao christ this is on some other shit in here. I was one of the anons who told her to cut her off hence why I replied to you but you clearly have some other shit to sort out still if you constantly think everyone who questions you has the dreaded bpds

No. 547506

met a girl with BPD in college, i pitied her but she made me so uncomfortable. spoke to her once before class one day and after that she started acting like we were best friends, within a week or two she started lovebombing– writing me notes on anything she could find including leaves, telling me we might be soulmates, compliments all the time. it was that combined with insane oversharing about her mental diagnoses, how people have called the cops on her for her behavior, talking everyday about the people in her life who have wronged her and showing me their photos. i got really wary of her and started limiting myself to one word answers every time she talked to me so that she'd leave me alone. one day she came into the lecture hall with fucking blood running down her scalp onto her forehead, i chose not to say anything to her. while she was talking at me, she basically admitting to hitting herself in the head with a rock on purpose so that people would notice and ask her what happened jesus christ

also people with EDs who claim they're recovered but still run blogs completely dedicated to what they eat or are constantly posting before and after pics of themselves before and after recovery. you're still obsessed with what you're eating and you're still obsessed with analyzing what your body looks like

No. 547523

My mom has BPD. A guy broke up with her so she tried to “kill” herself in front of me like 3x. She just swallowed like a bunch of pills type of shit, she wasn’t actually trying to do it (classic bpd). And than she’d cry in the hospital saying “call blank, I need him”. I was 13 and I’d stand there pissed as fuck because she was just acting like a 2 year old while I had to suffer and deal with her like she’s my child. She still acts like a 2 year old and at one point lost our house so me and my 16 year old brother had to scramble and quit school, get jobs, move in by ourselves because she got a single room apartment. Never said why, never told us she was not going to house us anymore, she just kind of did it. She even rehomed all our cats, (we had 5) except for her favorite one she kept. It’s so hard having a single mom as your only parent with BPD. My dad is bipolar and unmedicated so his delusions make him too dangerous for me to have a relationship with him. He lives on the other side of the country from me and was in prison for a while anyways. I love coming from two complete psychotic babies that taught me nothing!!!!!!! It’s very lonely and depressing ngl, I get so jealous of other people’s childhoods and families.

No. 547532

Absolutely bulimics.
They're gross and gluttonous, always making excuses to consume food and wasting it by throwing up.
Ican kinda go thru anorexics cus they don't directly eat, bulimics waste food and don't even taste or enjoy it. They want something to put their stress on and they choose one of the most important things.

No. 547535

Just stop, it's being very cringy at this point……
No one is gonna view BPDs as angels, you efforts are getting thrown in the void, go chill somewhere else

No. 547538

why not make a thread to vent about BPDfags

No. 547542

I knew a guy who was raised by a single bpd mom, she had an on-and-off again bf and during one of their many break ups she ended up in intensive care after an overdose. The poor teen son had to try and cope with this while the on/off bf left him to pick up the pieces. She came pretty close to succeeding.

TBH I hated both adults in that situation, I know women with bpd sometimes attract the worse kind of men so all his stepdads were shits too, he didn't have one emotionally healthy adult in his life. Grew up surrounded by screaming and drama and I worry he'll repeat the pattern in his own relationships now.

No. 547566

I feel immense guilt saying this shit as someone with six fucking mental disorders, but people with NPD terrify me. They don't think anything is wrong with them. They can't see how they hurt people. Many mental disorders still leave you with a conscience or at least an understanding of "hey, society says to not do that, so I shouldn't do that" or… anything. So therapy doesn't work. Medication can only help with mania. The few BPD people I've talked to still have bouts of lucidity in which they understand how they've hurt others and try to make it right. Narcs don't seem to have that. I guess I'll never really understand as I don't have a PD, but still. It's frightening to me. No matter how much you talk to them they'll never see why they're the one in the wrong.

Maybe why that's the reason I want to see a narc rage. So they're forced to acknowledge it.

No. 547584

>The few BPD people I've talked to still have bouts of lucidity in which they understand how they've hurt others and try to make it right.

I've seen them get bouts of guilt or shame but then flipflop back and forth between that and playing the victim again, it's interesting to watch them rewrite history from "I was abused" to "actually I was the abuser"

No. 547603

I've not been close enough to see it, but from what they've told me, that does match. and what's even more worrisome is that they truly believe whatever narrative is in their head at that moment.

The only BPD person I have intimate knowledge of is my sexual abuser, who was diagnosed with it. I don't think he had it, though. He never viewed himself as fragile or anything. In fact, he considered himself to be a master manipulator, and openly bragged about it. He was very good at playing the part of someone more gentle and tender at points, though, so I got sucked in.

No. 547664

as someone who has and is currently enduring severe narc abuse after 20 years this is very accurate. once in awhile after hours of fighting and gaslighting etc etc you might get one flimsy, lazy, manipulative "i'm sorry" but it is never ever a lasting or simple apology, it is followed by either some guilt tripping victim playing instigating comments or more pure abuse/attention whoring bullshit. the only way to survive around true narcs is to walk on eggshells, never reveal your true personality, and try to maintain distance as best as you can.

No. 547801

I wasn't trying to paint them as angels nor was I even defending them anywhere but based on your broken ass english you're the fucking loon who has a meltdown anytime someone posts something of critical thought in here and tells you to not beat the shit out of people

No. 547850

not everyone lives in an english speaking country you dipshit, plus what's with your "everyone who replies to me wants to beat people" complex, if you always says nonsensical shit and replying to everyone you're gonna get the same treatment. chill man. your persecutory like ideas are showing, bpd chan

No. 547872

Autists: No matter how high or low functioning they are, they get asspats for straight up being rude or can't think twice before they speak. Or just drooling on themselves. I am aware it's not their fault, but people don't have to bear with them. They're shilled as highly intelligent or smart but I still have to see a smart autist, they just obsess over things until they live as a walking encyclopedia. It's called special interest.
The corona here is bad and I've seen two autists going out without masks and gloves due "sensory triggers". Yea, you could die but at least you're not triggered.
Bipolar: It's a dice playing game. Their episodes starts randomly and end randomly and you don't know how to talk with them and have to train yourself to speak with them.
BPD, mostly men: Reading here I realized that people talked more about BPD women but the men are ten time worst.
They're immature and seek out many relationships at once, often choosing young partners who are naive, because they know that same age partners are usually more mature than them (for example, if they're in their 30s, they will choose people in their 20s), so they can manipulate them better, throw dangerous tantrums knowing that their victim is powerless then buy their affection back with the victim act, gifts and whatever. They're dangerous and can fuck up a girl very easily (since we're coded genetically for being more emotional). BPD men do not deserve sympathy. Their lucid moments don't ring something in their head. Lock them in some sort of prison and the world would be in a better place.
Narcs: Just don't need to say more. Put a narc in the trash.
EDs, especially bulimics and binge eaters: little uwu cunts who lack self control and cry about it while seeking some sort of approval by people.

No. 547892

lol the twisting of words and intense projection. we know it's you samefagging loon-chan

No. 547920

The last post made me think about how ED people with bulimia right now are crying because being forced into quarantine for them means that they're living in a literal hell where hell is the kitchen.
Where I live the economy is going bad, really bad and these shitheads, even in rough times like this, instead of saving up for their rent since they cannot work, buy a shitload of food because they're "stressed", eat, puke and cry for muh disorder and muh money.
Since these EDs are what I call "the first world diseases" maybe try to look at yourself in the mirror and say that you're gross and ungrateful. Man, I wish that the parents of these entitled little fucks just would lock them in their apartment and deliver them just the necessary food for the day, then they will realize the value of it. Feel like you're in prison? Try to live like one. The thought of them shopping and picking up stuff claiming "I need to survive for a week", eating it and puking it makes me absolutely furious. The food waste is a problem, but there's difference in not being able to finish your meal because you accidentally made/ordered too much, throwing out expired things you forgot about and these people buying it knowing they will not gain nutrients and energy and vomiting it, just a tool to vent out their emotions.
They deserve every tooth falling out and rotting.

No. 547999

I know that this is a thread for ragging on mental disabilities but I can’t help but be offended, kek.

No. 548021

Cousin was dating a bpd woman. Once he had high fever and slept 2 days in a row and yes, he told her he was sick.
She took a bunch of pills and ended in the hospital, he found out the morning after and just texted her why she did that.
Her response was because she felt neglected and ignored, she admitted that she was doing it for attention but in her head that was a totally normal reaction to him being silent while he was fucking sick in bed.
After that, he dumped her and she became an obsessive bitch, wanting to know everything about his friends, his family and why they were liking his posts etc and texting shit like bby why are you not talking to me. My cousin is a bit dumb and on the caretaker personality type but oh god, that's not normal.

No. 548024

You sound bitter and low EQ. Everyone with eating disorders are probably struggling alone. Someone's bulimia or anorexia isn't about you or anyone else.

No. 548025


stop wasting food mia-chan

No. 548027

The bulimia is about everyone when someone takes the last bread in this pandemic period where grocery shopping is limited just to throw it up because they're stressed. It's like buying stuff and throwing it in the trash can right outside the store. Food being wasted is a world wide problem and I'm not excusing some little shits.

No. 548029

I'm not offended by the things said about mental illness in this thread, I'm more terrified of being able to identify my own behaviors in what's posted and realizing maybe I'm not all mentally there myself. I've felt crazy for the past 3 years. What if it gets relatable? Yikes.

No. 548031

If you feel something that's relatable to you, the best thing is to get therapy asap. There's nothing wrong in seeking help. You and the people who love you will appreciate that

No. 548037

Nice try, but I'm not bulimic. Stay narcissistic.
People don't do it because they want to. If this is really about wasting food why aren't you mentioning foods that are constantly thrown out if asymmetrical or food thrown out by businesses. They actually just want to waste food, a sick bulimic doesn't want constantly be b/p.

No. 548045

not trying to start anything but how are you guys meeting all of these people with bpd irl? it's not that common, is it?

No. 548046

they just armchair diagnose people

No. 548049

Food thrown out if asymmetrical or by businesses can be put in services like togoodtogo or doggybags. There are MANY of those. Speaking for my country, if food is not good looking enough to be sold, it's but in some baskets and left late at night outside stores.
I'm mad about that people who while buying stuff go "Ah yes, I will totally throw this up". They don't see food as something good.
You're not bulimic but good job defending them
BPD is more common than you think. If those people bothered to get diagnosed and not only just bathe themselves in unstable emotions, the numbers will be higher.

No. 548053

My mom was diagnosed with BPD by doctors at a mental hospital

No. 548054

A couple bulimics b/p isn't going to compare to the wide scale waste of food in burgerland.

No. 548060

BPDs make up for 2-6% of the population. Which doesn't mean that there's a 2-6% chance that you'll meet one, it means that for every person you meet in your life, there's a 2-6% chance they're a person with BPD. Considering how many people an average person meets per year, those are viable chances that you'll meet one. According to estimates you'll meet around 500 new people during your lifespan so that's 10 people with BPD you're going to interact with.

Damn anon this is some bitter hate. Not a fan of people with EDs but it's definitely not a "oh no im such a fatty :(((" type of deal, it's about wanting to have extreme control and only gaining it by restricting their food intake and in case of bulimics being able to throw it up. Kids with alcoholic/abusive parents often develop bulimia or anorexia due to this. It's more sad than enraging to me even though I understand the frustration over wasting food, but I feel sorry for them. What I don't feel sorry for though are the pro-ana communities online who coax each other into starving themselves or binging&purging and compete over who's the ana-channest of them all.

No. 548066

Should correct myself, I meant *at least 10 people. There's a realistic chance that you'll meet 10-30 people with BPD, same goes for other disorders as well. A lot of people have met someone not right in the head without realizing it because their interaction might be limited, that one jerk friend or the drama queen coworker might have a personality disorder and you'd never know it unless you got acquainted on a more intimate level or learned to recognize the red flags. People with certain disorders also tend to flock to communities and/or people who are more willing to put up with their shit so it's not far fetched for a person to have to deal with more than one case.

No. 548070

Most proanas don't actually have eating disorders. There's nothing glamorous about constant suffering 365 days and most of them know this.

No. 548075

Some is armchair, same with alot of the narc posts.

When I've posted my experiences it was from working at a type of day centre for people with mental health issues. They would be let out of hospital and then they'd go to this centre and basically just hang out all day so they wouldn't be home alone or left without structure. There was a high rate of people being let out of hospital and quickly taking (or faking) overdoses to get re-admitted to the ward, the day centre seemed pointless to me at first but then I learnt that it cut those rates of readmission. As long as they had some attention.

No. 548077

I see the bpd cannibalism hasn’t ended here. Most bpds are actually really ashamed of having it so it makes sense.

Also, I’d say hypochondriacs are the worst of worse.

No. 548113

I don't live in Burgerland. We have a millennial food culture and for us it's important that we see that as nutrients, to the point it's almost ritual and yet..
The bulimic people I've met just wanted to be pretty (their words) but didn't wanna gain weight, still they wanted to be gluttunous, they vomited once and now they're stuck in the cycle. Controlling behaviour or not, fuck them, no excuse, become an ana and don't eat if you wanna be skinny or just suck it up

No. 548117

This is why I side eye guys with stories about "crazy exes" because usually even if she was a looney toon he was a psycho asshole too. Borderlines attract other borderlines and narcissists as much as they attract dependent losers.

No. 548120

But it’s ok, they can vent about them on lolcow constantly for literally years because if they do that it will totally make it seem that they don’t suffer from mental issues.

No. 548136

I've only met one person with BPD, my ex boyfriend. I found out that he was diagnosed years before we got together from his mother. It was pretty shocking to me, I always associated BPD with attention seeking, but ulimately harmless snowflakey behaviour. Not with being physically violent, destructive, with rapid mood and personality changes, etc. I also had no idea that men can even have it tbh.

No. 548147

>Not with being physically violent, destructive, with rapid mood and personality changes, etc. I also had no idea that men can even have it tbh.
lol. That's literally majority of men around the world. So many men are really textbook bpdfaggots but no one says anything because its just expected at this point for them to be violent retards with the emotional regulation of a 5 year old.

No. 548149

File: 1588342742816.png (16.23 KB, 666x323, men-vs-women.png)

Yeah I agree. I'm gonna sound misandrist, but I honestly wouldn't mind befriending or getting to know women with most mental illnesses, but mentally ill men (the ones with BPD or ASD especially) are the worst. Pic rel.

No. 548158

When men have bpd it’s just called insecurity and anger issues lol at least half the male populace easily check 5/9 of the criteria.

No. 548250

I've been friendly with the insufferable kind of BPDer but I've also known a 'quiet borderline' too, they couldn't have been more different from each other and in how it made them act.

I just googled it now to make sure I wasn't imagining the term quiet-borderline ..and there are apparently 4 subtypes of BPD? I had no idea.

No. 548255

What a load of crap, it portrays women as some kinda fragile snowflake. The person who created this table probably is the same autist who calls everyone here bpd chan. Depression in both genders tends to cause anger.

No. 548258

"Quiet BPD" is literally just a less severe form of BPD and a lot of the more dramatic ones end up being what people consider a quiet BPD with therapy/aging. I hate that term so much as it's just pure pick-me bullshit and not used in BPD-focused psychiatry. At least not in my country (which has more success in treating bpdfags than burgerland). Doesn't help that the muh quiet bpds i've seen online who call themselves that act just as unhinged if not moreso than the dramatic bpds. It's really just becoming a way for them to set themselves apart and look like the not-like-other-bpds

No. 548259

>The bulimic people I've met just wanted to be pretty (their words) but didn't wanna gain weight
That's not how bulimia works. Bulimics are normal weight or overweight. You would rather these sick people not eat at all because it has to be about your own feelings about food. Learn some empathy you autist and count your own money.

No. 548265

agree. people don't realize how much rampant sexism there is in the psych community. tons of mental health issues used to(and still do) get diagnosed based off of different criteria for men and women, even when it's been proven time and time again that symptoms are just being projected onto men and women differently. a lot of mental health issues get written off as female stereotypes a big one being aspergers/high functioning autism, which many professionals just write off as the woman being an airhead. and for things like depression, they never even used to consider libido changes as a possible symptom.

No. 548269

I guess it's interesting in the sense of how MBTI and blood type personalities are interesting lol. Just don't get fooled into thinking there's any merit behind that drivel.

No. 548273

I keep hearing about women being diagnosed with BPD and then being diagnosed with aspergers just a few years later. They seem to just layer one diagnosis on top of the other rather than admitting the 'bpd symptoms' were most likely autism traits. Kinda alarming how many ASD women carry a personality diagnosis too

No. 548337

In what world is claiming to be bpd pick me bullshit?

No. 548340

I hope everyone itt that was so autistic about bpd including myself will get married to a lovely man with severe bpd traits.

No. 548347

Maybe re-read it and you'll find out what I mean

No. 548348

like most straight women

No. 548412

"lovely" and "severe bpd traits" are on the opposite poles anon, no person like that exist.

No. 548416

pretty sure that was sarcasm, buddy

No. 548418

chance of meeting them sure but forming a close relationship with them, multiple times, to the point where it's a significant problem in your life is very strange, like there is probably something not right with you if that's happening

No. 548419

I hate things like this. Psychology really is a pseudoscience that doesn't even begin to understand mental illness.

No. 548443

You don't have to hope for that, it will definitely happen naturally lmao

No. 548494

I dated a troon who had BPD and abandonment issues, for a year. Gender dysphoria mixed with BPD are probably the most toxic traits I could find in a person. I fucking hated how hypersexual they were and every single time I declined having sex because of personal reasons (being on my period, being bloated, no sex drive, sad/emotional) they would explode and think they weren't good enough for me, and then spiral down into doubting their gender and have an entire pity party - which I had to reassure them and provide emotional comfort. Anything that they proposed, and I declined, was a catastrophic event which for them meant that I resented them with all my heart. I have never opened up to anyone about this. I genuinely think some guys transition into females just as a kink. I've NEVER met anyone that hypersexual before, and who took sex so seriously. I've always been a strong advocate for trans people, I even have friends who are trans and whom I get along very well. But this person changed my whole perspective on how some people use their gender as a fetish, on top of having a mountain of psychological issues. I'm a firm believer autogynephilliacs exist, especially after what happened in that year. Being around them was like walking on eggshells. They were obsessed with me, it felt like I was in charge of their happiness. It was a toxic relationship. I don't want that kind of responsibility. When I broke up with them, it felt like an emotional WW2. They fucking lost it completely, to the point I was terrified they would commit suicide. I settled for still being friends, and things went downhill fast. They stopped talking to me, I was the one always initiating a conversation checking up on them. They would play that game where they'd be very short with their answers and I would have to fish out words out of their mouth. Everything was so intense and felt like it was my fault. I've never seen someone drag me this badly into despair, someone so toxic. Ever. God I hated how they would always fucking play victim and act so innocent, yet be so fucking unaware of themselves and selfish. Not everything is about you. If every single small argument/inconvenience fucking obliterates your identity and makes you scream-cry that you're not even "a real woman", dude get institutionalized. They would come up to me and say I deserve better and they're just a joke of a person. Little did they know, I was the clown for always forgiving them.

No. 548499

honestly maybe you're telling the truth but a lot of the posts in this thread just seem like fan fiction and you trying to direct the conversation to sperging about bpd fags or trannies since you can't do it in the pp thread anymore

No. 548500

why did you date a troon in the first place

No. 548513

I wish what you said was true. I have nothing against people with any mental health problems or struggles. I met lovely people from all walks of life that had a plethora of issues. But when someone puts all their issues onto someone else,it's vile. And for me, it was huge clash to distance myself from a person because of mental issues.

I have trans folks as friends, so i never thought I would meet someone like that.

No. 549084

i don't know if this counts but csa survivors are always the worst fucking individuals to deal with, no matter what their mental illness is or whatever

No. 549087

can you be more specific? I'm genuinely curious.

No. 549164

You literally dated a man who was mentally ill enough to delude themselves into believing they were a woman, and you enabled it. Now you know, just move on and learn from it.

No. 549271

This is like textbook extreme BPD and very similar to my experiences except I wasn't dating a tranny. Especially the part:
>They were obsessed with me, it felt like I was in charge of their happiness
This is seriously the worst. Literally being in charge of someone's happiness is so taxing and hard because it feels like you're carrying a stone with both hands everywhere you go. You slowly start internalizing the mindset that anything you do will have to take their feelings into account. And I really mean anything.
>Can I go to my other friend's birthday party or will they feel left out and pitch a fit at me?
>Can I go to sleep early today or will they be pissed that I left them alone?
>Can I tell them about my great achievement or will they be discouraged and start a pity party for themselves?
Etc. It eats you up inside so bad.

Go dilate.

No. 550727

I have two BPD exes. They've left me so paranoid that I don't even want to talk about them in detail here for fear of them reading it and being able to identify I'm talking about them. They both tormented me for years after we "broke up" with various manipulation tactics, talking about me behind my back, etc.
Had a friend who was diagnosed as BPD but was most certainly a narc. Played the fuck out of her therapist. Burned through friends like it was nothing. I stuck around because I'm a doormat, but eventually ended the friendship when she started getting violent, stealing, and began talking about how she was a "god."

No. 551101

File: 1588803710301.jpg (244.35 KB, 768x1920, tumblr_p76iexYkww1xnrolgo1_128…)

She probably was bpd. I understand that if someone sleights you and doesn't seem to listen to you that the common thing is to call them a narcissist but BPD is pretty hard to get actually diagnosed with and therapists can pick up narcs. If she was misdiagnosed at all she would have been misdiagnosed as bipolar instead of bpd. Just because she called herself a god doesn't make her a narc either, I've done that before and I'm still bpdfag. THere's overlap between the two and you can look up similarities between npd and bpd if that's interesting to you.

No. 552144

>Played the fuck out of her therapist.
This is why therapy is often totally useless for people with serious personality disorders. I never understood the point of pushing therapy on them since they're just going to feed their shrink a giant bag of bullshit anyway.

No. 552163

NTA and I definitely think they're massively generalizing, but CSA survivors who haven't dealt with their trauma properly can often be not just toxic AF, but literally dangerous. Some will think everyone is out to molest children, to the point of voicing their baseless assumptions or even making accusations. I have several examples of witnessing this in my personal life, but the most extreme one was when my aunt said she worried her neighbor's 16 year old daughter was planning to molest her son because she offered to babysit for a low rate.

Then some will be sexually abusive themselves. When I was 14 I was sexually abused by an 18 year old friend. Years later she apologized for what she did and explained it was basically her fucked up way of dealing with her own sexual abuse as a child. My therapist told me this was not uncommon and that CSA survivors are statistically more likely to become abusers themselves.

Then of course there's just the general high key toxicity. There's a massive overlap between Borderline and CSA.

No. 552176

i think it's fun being around pathological liars.

i don't care to write any MI off completely, but those who don't try to control them are so annoying. NPD is crazy, annoying and psychopathic at times. it's weird i'm actually friends w people who have been diagnosed w psychopathy and sociopathy and they're generally fine and don't do anything crazy, much better than BPD or NPD people i've met. they're nice to me and idc if it's fake. they don't get anything out of being friends w me

it feels like qanon has brought out the paranoia deep within some people, i can't stand those people

No. 552184

is it easy to get diagnosed w/psychopathy these days? I thought that almost never happened unless the person was diagnosed in prison.

No. 552193

well when they were younger they did some bad things to animals. but they got and get help to control their urges and they don't do anything anymore. so it was obvious from the start something was wrong

No. 552204

Those are outdated terms, pretty much written out of the diagnostic manuals in favor of ASPD now. So psychopathy isn't a clinical diagnosis in itself, but more of an indicator of a larger PD. It's a trait similar to how someone with BPD mght be impulsive but being impulsive isn't a whole diagnosis in itself.

No. 552235

if you do bad things to animals, does it make you a psychopath?

No. 552500

pretty indicative of it. see: most serial killers

No. 553559

I follow a few psychology based channels on youtube aswell as a few cows like amberlynn, since quarantine I'm watching more youtube than usual and I keep seeing people badly roleplaying as mental health professionals in the comment sections.

Typically quoting the DSM 5 but then saying things that no mental health professional would ever say. Was watching an amberlynn vid today and there's a 'psychiatrist' sharing stories about clients pulling guns on her or slicing themselves up in the bathroom? then in the next sentence comparing those examples to amberlynns quote 'batshit crazy' behaviour.. In my professional opinion she has NPD!

Can't people just enjoy some armchair diagnosing without the BS stories attached?

No. 553595

Not necessarily. It can be a red flag for lack of empathy, especially if it's ongoing and severe (ie: you're killing animals, dissecting them, keeping parts of them as "memories," etc).

Kids can do shitty, impulsive things like bully others or hurt animals as a reaction to trauma and abuse. It's the lack of empathy component that really determines whether or not the person is potentially psychopathic. If you've ever done bad things to animals, but you feel bad about it, you're probably not a psychopath.

No. 553598

I refuse to befriend anyone who makes little to no effort to reign in their mental illness. So many people use their mental illness as a crutch to do shit-all in life. I have a long list of mental illnesses stemming from childhood abuse, spousal abuse, and bad genetics. Despite this I do my best to manage my symptoms and continue to be a participating member of society. Self improvement has been a theme in my life since I was very young. I used to give other people with mental illness the benefit of the doubt, but almost all of the ones I knew used their illness as an excuse to opt out of society or to keep making shitty life choices. Most of my interactions with these types consisted of consoling them or being asked for advice that they would never take. Extremely exhausting. I now drop people like this immediately and have no regrets or guilt about it.

No. 553601

I basically could have written all of this and couldn't agree more.

No. 553624

I'm getting close to this mindset, but not there yet, I still believe in people too much. Like I often think that if I know how to live with my mental illnesses, it's not their fault if they don't know. Recently I got fed up with a girl who being 28 years old constantly reminded everyone how she hates herself or how she wants to lose weight ana-chan style, and I just cut contact with her. But I still have some friends who do similar shit and I try to support them, when maybe I shouldn't.

No. 553815

Anon..Are you me? I changed to this mindset by the start off this year and even though it makes me feel good, it also makes me feel bad because it's too unsual for me yet because I am so used on helping everyone in need. I fully understand it's much healthier than being around mental-chans who do nothing but whine and never listen to anyone, but sometimes I still feel like that ' i am a bad person ' for not accepting such people in my life.

No. 553821

One day you won't feel bad at all. I never feel bad about it anymore because of how peaceful my life is now. My struggles with my own mental illnesses are no longer compounded by people trying to bring me down with them. Never feel guilty for prioritizing yourself. Also, remember that grown adults do not need saving. A big thing that I realized was that the people I was trying to help did not even want to be saved or whatever. If they truly wanted help or wanted to change they would have made those steps themselves, like I did. Even if those steps were baby steps with each passing day.

No. 553844

I'ts not a bad thing to make choices which will help you be better. You're not avoiding those people because you think they don't deserve friendship, you're avoiding them so that you can look after yourself. It's like how often addicts need to cut out other addicts.
I'm a really lazy person with bad habits, I can blame this on ADHD but I'd rather just be friends with well accomplished people and try to follow their example even if that means I'm always the least accomplished in the group. I just get sloppy if I spend time with people who blame things on their diagnoses. It's nice to have some friends that understand my situation but they can't be my only friends, I like to have some baseline of normality to copy.

No. 553852

Do they ever mock you for being the least accomplished in the group? I don't really get why they would accept someone not like them in this aspect.

No. 553854

*unlike them

No. 553858

Not the anon but maybe they are just…normal people lol

No. 553898

Friendships don't get formed over CVs, jfc

No. 553904

If they made fun of me for it they wouldn't be my friends kek
They're only well accomplished in the sense that they're living their own lives without totally fucking them up, I don't think I could hang out with actual Nobel prize winners or heart surgeons who hated me for not being on their level, that would just be demoralising.

No. 553911

are you underage?

No. 554534

So, dumb question: are anachans who think they're genuinely fat and anachans who know they are very thin but idealize it the same person?
Or are there two types of anorexia?

No. 554537

All mental illnesses look the same to me. Mentally ill people seem to be all lazy and introverted. I pray my children won’t be mentally fucked.

No. 554560

Think about doing your job as a parent properly then.

No. 554585

yeah i don't think body dysmorphia where you see a completely different body is a universal symptom. some like how they look once they get to a low weight and the disorder is to keep it low. others don't even care about looking thin per se but it's more about fear of eating, disordered ideas about nutrition, ideas about purity and selfishness around food and starvation etc.

No. 554596

My ocd and panic disorder has absolutely destroyed my life.

I was prescribed benzos for 5 years (Xanax) and titrated off of them like 8 months ago, it was agonizing.

Now the attacks are back and my body will go into fight or flight numerous times a day.
I’ll start hyperventilating, then I’ll get the sensation of pins & needles all over my body, as well as heart palpitations, feeling like I cannot breathe, and finally tetany where I cannot pet my fingers apart. My hands will start twisting and locking up and eventually my knees will buckle. I feel so stupid because I don’t think I’ve really been through anything terrible enough to justify such response of this magnitude.

I stared getting the panic attacks at 16, and sometimes they coincide with my OCD symptoms when I’m hyper-fixating on things and become hyper aware of every function/feeling in my body and am convinced something awful will happen to me.

(My ocd also causes me to do rituals, pulling my hair sometimes, excessively washing my hands to where they get so dry they’re cracked and bleeding. I also suffer with body dysmorphia’ and will fixate on my perceived flaws for hours and spend so much time trying to fix myself and my appearance…my neurotic obsessive tendencies affect so many facets of my life)

I’m rambling and this may be a bit word salad-y but do any anons know where OCD and debilitating panic attacks stem from? I know it’s not a simple answer and is very nuanced but If anyone has some insight on this in regards to why it happens and what treatments are most effective lmk.

I don’t want to go back on benzodiazepines because I hate being physically dependent on something and even if I wasn’t it seems like a bandaid rather than an actual solution. I cannot take SSRI medications because of a really adverse reaction I get (akathisia , and what a neurologist said could’ve been seratonin syndrome. I had flying saucer pupils when on them and weird muscle spasms and convulsions all over my body).

I feel like I should be able to pull myself together and ‘get over it’ and that I’m not trying hard enough. I know people have to deal with so much worse than I do and are able to not freak out because over everything or nothing at all.

No. 554601

lol i pray your children get as many mental disorders as possible, get fucked

No. 554609

>I pray that my children won't be mentally fucked

That's mostly up to you and your partner to mitigate. You sound super prepared to handle it though. Good luck!!!

No. 554610

>do any anons know where OCD and debilitating panic attacks stem from


No. 554657

Same anon here, i mean like..why am I always so fearful? My childhood was kind of shitty but nothing too overly ~traumatic~. I always have this feeling of impending doom and something really awful/catastrophic happening in the future. Sometimes I know it’s completely irrational but slip back into the cycle of justifying my intrusive thoughts.

It’s confusing because I know there were things I went through that very well could have contributed to this but I don’t think it was severe enough to warrant the degree of anxiety I have today. I’m not sure if my brain was somehow always wired that way or something because my siblings (they have their own issues) aren’t as mentally fucked.

I haven’t had any near death experiences and I haven’t witnessed anyone have one either. The stuff I have endured seems pretty innocuous in comparison to what I’m afraid of.

No. 554667

>My childhood was kind of shitty but nothing too overly ~traumatic~
What do you consider to be "overly traumatic?" Trauma doesn't have to be some catastrophic, life-threatening event. It can be little, chronic things that build up over time, like verbal abuse or neglect from one or both parents. It can also be things that happen to you outside of the home, like bullying by peers, or simply feeling alienated from your peers because you're "different." Honestly, I'd bet there's still things in your life that are regularly triggering you if you're still dealing with this level of fear. It could just be that something about the pandemic and this lockdown is enough to put you on edge.

Our genetics may make us prone to expressing specific emotional irregularities in response to trauma, but the one thing we all tend to have in common is the trauma itself. I'd honestly go as far as to say that most, if not all, mental illnesses are just a response to stress and trauma.

No. 554671

Also, to be more specific in regards to my initial response to you, I think that the symptoms you describe correlate specifically with fear and a lack of control over your environment. OCD is usually just an attempt to try and have control when you feel like you have none, and picking seemingly random things to fixate on may indicate that you don't actually know what you need to do to improve your situation so that you have more control over your life. You just know that things feel beyond your control in general.

No. 554679

Different anon here, I absolutely agree with you on your last point especially. I feel like one's upbringing and environment during childhood (mostly, but also later in life) don't get talked enough in relation to the mental illnesses a persone may have.

No. 554713

>everything is trwama

No. 554716

Not everyone is the same. People have different images of themselves. I may think I can lose more weight but I know I'm objectively underweight. People who tend to idealize eating disorders tend to be tumblr wannaorexics.
First of all, it's impossible to have anorexia and BDD. It's explicitly known and stated that body insecurities from eating disorders are not the same as BDD. BDD is about specific body parts and anyone who claims to have both is talking out of their ass.

No. 554722

>>554667 I invalidate it a bit, my parents were both in the picture, I always had food and a roof over my head, stable financial situation, and never went through any sexual abuse or anything . My parents were physically/verbally abusive at times, both argued a lot with each other and would single me or one of my siblings out to take out their misplaced anger on an east target.

I was kind of scapegoated, especially by my mom and I’ll never know why. I’m the only one with a job , long term goals, and enrolled in college. I still live at home but the rest of my siblings are all complete NEETS. They’re more emotionally stable though despite being coddled/spoon fed . I’m hoping once I move out some of these issues will resolve themselves.
I’m 20 right now, hopefully by 22 I’ll have my own place.

Sometimes I think feeling helpless stems from the fact that’s my mom was never emotionally available and some of her behaviors seemed congruent with a cluster b pd (sorry for armchairing ig). I couldn’t cry in front of her without being humiliated and lectured about how difficult her life was and still is, There were some It’s occasions where she simply ignored me altogether.

They would both lose their temper really easily, I still try and negate what they did because I don’t think it was always intentional. I don’t know want to be that person who blames their parents for what went wrong. I’ve always just subscribed to the idea that my brain is like…defected or something and irregardless of my circumstances there would’ve always been something messed up with me.
They weren’t bad all of the time and would try and make up for things.

In addition to that I was bullied a lot and for a very long time I was convinced I was in the spectrum because of the immense social alienation I’ve felt.

Thank you for the insight , I appreciate it.
You’re right about my environment still being a source of stress. It’s not so bad now but I thinking I’ve acclimated to dysfunction and have grown numb to it.

The pandemic and isolation has exasperated a lot, once I start hanging out with friends and going out I’m sure it’ll improve.

No. 555118

just venting but bad experience with an autist

>college, friend of roommate

>starts snooping through my stuff first time we meet, tells me my acne is bad
>try to be friends/civil with her but she is weirdly clingy + kisses me hand at inappropriate times????
>constantly asks me to drive her places and repay me with food, bitch just give me money
>tries to kiss me without warning in the middle of computer lab (!?!?)
>calls gifts/decorations from my family ugly to my face
>claims to other acquaintances that she’s the one who convinced me not to do things about some important decisions
>has a huge falling out with her own roommate after insulting roommate’s boyfriend
>wonders why no one wants to hang out with her

And yet, I was the bad one when I told my roommate having this girl around made me uncomfortable. Wish I hadn’t been such a doormat back then, and that I had run away from her faster!!!!

No. 555126

Do you really think that it’s mostly the parents to mitigate? Pretty sure there are loads of transmen daughters who brag on youtube about having good parents even though they didn’t really support their transition. (No, I’m not a TERF sperg, it’s the only recent example I’ve seen onlineinsert reddit exclamation marks three times).

No. 555136

Most anas know they are thin, but feel fat. Not fat compared to others, but to their own standards

No. 555159

Autism. My mom is an undiagnosed autist and it ruined my childhood and basically my entire life. The harlow monkey experiment is my life.

No. 555186

how did it ruin your life? how does she act? thats Really sad.

No. 555197

>My mom is an undiagnosed autist

are you too?

autism isn't even a mental disorder/illness. it's a learning disability.

No. 555203

Autism is not a learning disability, it's a developmental disorder.

No. 555257

Can relate so hard. I use the Still Face experiment personally.

The thing is my mom isn’t the even autist, it’s my dad. I don’t know what’s wrong with my mom.

Autism is a developmental disorder.

No. 555273

I don’t think autism is a good description for someone who is just emotionally unavailable. She may have some other problem if your main problem with your mother is her lack of emotional connection or lack of physical affection. That’s a bad stereotype, many autists have the exact opposite problem ie. Being overly touchy, making others uncomfortable with your physical boundaries being less than, sharing too much of your emotion etc.

No. 555276

She was that as well…

No. 555280

Anon didn’t even describe her mother beyond “undiagnosed autist” and already we have people telling her ~what’s actually going on~ and nitpicking because the analogy she used doesn’t line up exactly.
Reminds me of something…

No. 555284

If you look up the experiment anon mentioned it has to do with Monkeys who do not get affection kek

No. 555524

File: 1589882134160.jpeg (68.53 KB, 336x500, EDD51D0D-8C0F-449D-8E48-3978F4…)

Anyone else familiar with Eugenia Cooney?
I first heard about her when there was a petition to ban her Youtube account and I've been loosely following her journey ever since.

Honestly it's so frustrating to see her relapse in her eating disorder and being back in her denial/delusional state. It's also highly disturbing that despite being a grown ass woman in her mid twenties she continues to act like a 12 year old and doing nothing with her life other than making videos about buying pretty clothes, expensive make up and playing the latest video games. I feel like she could have turned her life around after her rehab by moving out (her family background obviously contributed to her being ill) and continuing treatment, but she sank back in her old habits and it's just so sad

I think it's upsetting me because I see a little bit of myself in her. I grew up with a controlling narcissistic mother who stunted my emotional development, and I wasted years of my life trying to live up to her standards and being a 'good daughter'

No. 555527

samefag, I was unsure if I should post this here or in the proana scumbag thread, but she's not scum, so

No. 555944

i used to know two autists. the first one i knew from high school. he wrote essays for phil class defending pedophilia, would randomly send me racist memes, claimed women are lying about being sexually abused for clout. he tried to convince me i was attracted to him when i clearly wasn't. when i rejected him he'd tell me to kill myself every time i saw him.

the other one was from a therapy group for young adults and he immediately became obsessed with me for no reason whatsoever. he demanded my phone number and i was kinda an overly accomodating doormat then and i complied because i felt sorry for him as he had no friends. he'd ask me inappropriate questions like 'are you wearing tights', constantly asked me to go out with him and got offened when i said i was busy, said that he wouldn't want to be in a relationship with anyone but me right in front of my girlfriend, would send me pictures of himself edited with the faceapp 'female' filter asking me if i'd be attracted to him then as he knew i was a lesbian, and started using feminine pronouns, but only when talking to or about me. he also bragged about smashing plates because his father didn't want to buy him a new phone and acted like it was normal behavior. finally he groped me, and i blocked him on all social media, at which point he threw a huge bitch-fit and started pestering my friends about why 'i mistreated him like that'.

so yeah i would rather skin myself alive than ever interact with an autist again.

No. 555946

I usually hate anachans, but she really breaks my heart and I desperately want her to be happy. She doesn't do any of the shit that makes me despise anorexic girls, like promote proana bullshit and body shame healthy women. She's just a self-destructive girl in total denial about how sick she is, who is controlled by an awful mother.

No. 555947

Have had similar experiences with male autists. Both through college. One was openly homophobic towards me and I had to just listen to his shit about how
>men should be men and women should be women so gays shouldn't be allowed

The second guy was clearly interested in me and would say things like
>I love a good orgasm before bed! don't you anon? I orgasmed last night to help me get to sleep.
I pretended I had never had an orgasm just to stop him from visualising me like that. He seemed really disapponted. Again I couldn't do anything cos male autists could get away with saying anything in my college.

No. 555955

thank god for all the ppl who cannot deal with cluster B's in this thread

two of my co-workers are cluster B and it's only 3 of us in the room and i fucking hate it. i have anxiety and ptsd but they're just shit to me or each other out of nowhere. it's like one small thing happens and they stress on me. one even made a comment abt my vagina. we don't have an HR, but i told the owner and she reamed him

i'm hoping after this whole corona thing, maybe one of this won't show up and gets a new job bc i can't stand them. even my therapist says it sounds like they're babies. cluster b's have def fucked me over more than anyone else

No. 556004

aspd, they're alright friends at first but will slowly become more manipulative, cruel and needy as time goes on. God forbid you get romantically involved with these people.

No. 556017

Textbook bpdfag throwing stones in a glass house over here, but I hate other bpdfags. I’m enough trouble by my damn self and I still have to deal with my narcissistic/bpd ass mother.
I do not like associating with autists, but since childhood I’ve had this unfortunate air about me do to being quiet, polite, unpopular yet still attractive that draws autistics and other tards to me as they see me as non threatening and friendly. I always entertain the ‘friendships,’ act kindly with them, defend them against bullies and don’t talk shit about them, but god school would have been so much more enjoyable if I wasn’t herding around a group of spectros. (Tbf, the female autists are waaay more tolerable than the males.)
The most revolting mental disorder that I despise above all come from the troons. Very awkward because most of my female friends from high school have come out to be anywhere from non binary to agender to full power troon, tho it wasn’t surprising (see above: was surrounded by autists) tho I have a bias and can understand that females transition out of trauma or suppressed misogyny. The REAL nasty mental disorders fester in the mind of the TiM troons, especially the type to label themselves as ‘lesbians’ puke

No. 556921

aspergers and autismos are the worst. self obsessed, dependent on others for the rest of their life (and even if they're not, because they're autists they'll lie and manipulate you like they're helpless), liars, and assholes. the only decent autists I've met are the "high functioning" ones who don't openly talk about their status/actually want to be a normal functioning member of society.

No. 556923

it's sad because autists being holier-than-thou assholes is pretty much an american only problem. autists in other parts of the world don't get coddled into thinking their unique savants.

No. 556926

>black-white thinking

No. 556932

To me some bpdfags are the worst people associate/have a close relationship with. Not all of them are awful ,I’m sure those who actually make an effort to help themselves are alright.

My ex best friend of 6 years was classic bpdfag , she was diagnosed but ‘rejected’ her diagnosis and instead self diagnosed herself with schizophrenia and made it her entire identity at one point. She faked hallucinations, which was so bizarre and disconcerting.

She was so possessive of me, mirrored my entire personality and adopted every single one of my interests. She was malingering and whenever I couldn’t hang out or had preexisting plans she’d spam me with messages detailing how she self harmed and wanted to kill herself. There was a perpetual cloud of drama around her (especially in regards to her on-and off again boyfriend who she was emotionally abusive to). Like most bpdfags I’ve encountered she romanticized her self destructive behaviors/substance abuse.
It was a very one sided friendship, every time I’d vent about my issues she couldn’t just be there listen and would somehow always relate it back to herself or one up me. I felt like an unpaid therapist at times.

I’d argue that cluster bs are worse than any hyperfixated and immature autist. The worst part about being close to them is witnessing someone destroy themselves over time and not being able to snap them out of that and help them.

No. 557531

Anything cluster B. Or people who stir shit up for attention, regardless of if it’s negative. I see it in a lot of abuse victims who get off on the “kawaii” hurt 5 year old aesthetic. It’s just something sickening to see someone who is so obviously an attention whore and fucking delusional.

No. 557541

File: 1590279363447.jpg (78.85 KB, 1013x1689, blind-person-long-cane-walking…)

replying to this thread as a toxic bpdfag myself and pretending i'm not guilty of the majority of complaints on here

No. 557576

I'm curious about this site's opinions on coping mechanisms. Do you empathize with some but not others, do you empathize will all of them or none of them?

No. 557622

i only empathize with those that aren't harmful towards themselves or other people

cannot stand faggots who do all kinds of attention seeking stuff and then brush it off with "b-but i am C-COPING!!1!!!1"

No. 557628

Is kink healthy or harmful for example?

No. 557638

If we're talking about harmful coping mechanisms, I empathise with most of them. Nobody does it for fun and it's controversial to say but the approved methods of coping just don't work for some people. There are people who will need to rely on alcohol or drugs to get through life and that's just how it is. Not that I think that they're beyond saving just that people are very complicated and we can't expect everyone who is distressed to go to possibly years of intensive therapy just to unlearn it. It's not worth it

No. 557639

i believe that kink is harmful
the majority of "kinky" people always have extreme fetishes like violence, abuse, getting choked/slapped, etc. and you shouldn't associate coping, aka trying to feel better mentally, with something as degenerate as that because at the end of the day you're still getting abused in bed under the disguise of "kink"

No. 557694

I've had depression for years and I hate those types of depressed people who dont give a fuck about anything anymore and are disgusting and unsightly. They're always oversharing to compensate for no longer having a personality or anything going on in their life. Whenever you meet them they end up asking you inappropriate questions, as if every relationship in their life is based around sharing personal information.
At least if I'm at a period in my life where I've let go I don't go around bragging about it. They pretend to not care and that it's all fine but they don't realize acting like that is just letting the depression consume you and ends up making it worse.

No. 557700

don't worry. nobody here actually understands what bpd is.

No. 557701

yeah, it's like depression but still not giving up the ghost. you're depressed but you're not really, just maladjusted. the social thing is notable and a very good observation. i've always thought that a really depressed person traditionally wouldn't care to ask. it's true anhedonia. you can be depressive but i feel as if real, genuine major depression has become forgotten and had its true meaning warped entirely. we're all puppeteering dead bodies but can bring ourselves alive, i think true depression is when you can't bring yourself alive. the people operating dead bodies love to tell everyone else and draw attention to it as much as possible because they're still in there. that's talk therapy depression, not ect depression. dysthymia as opposed to crawling out of your own skin and bugs living within you. brainworms but the worms never eat it but with mind-numbing "hey this research says depression CAUSES BRAIN DAMAGE" depression bad things will happen. you can't float along if it's that bad. you lose empathy you lose connections you lose it all. The grand show "oh i'm falling! i'm on a downward spiral" you're in a kiddy slide you have a harness on as bad as it seems. these people wait for the push from within their brain to finally tip them into madness but it never comes. Madness and feeling miserable are different things. you cannot lose your sanity just because you are in hell. your brain keeps you tethered in. you're not ophelia and you will keep operating. every woman believes she's on the brink of madness or so the quote goes. is she waiting for that push too? the blissful slide into loss of the self? the beautiful feeling of getting high but never coming back down. are you waiting to feel your brain come out of your ears and smile because you know it's finally happening or do you want to wake up one day and discard yourself and never know any better? do you want to die? similarly, would you want to die a hazy, happy, drugged-up death where you know what's happening. is it the satisfaction of dying that you want, but not really death? i think so. i think you want to be conscious and to know you were in the right. i really think if you pressed a button to die suddenly like a car hitting a clueless deer, you'd say no, because where would be the fun in that? you want the end of your story to be written into your little narrative instead of the file just becoming corrupted, unreadable and like it might as well never have been. you know you don't want to die stop trying to convince yourself of it. you're not mad enough, you'll never be mad enough, you're a self-indulgent little girl who is driving herself crazy, right. did that resonate. it told you what you always knew and what your mother told you, too. you're not crazy, you never were. you'd just love to be.

No. 557819

geez that was pretentious

No. 557824

sure whatever you tell yourself. there's a deeper energy within all of this i don't know what possesses you to stay blind but okay. keep doign what you're doing anon i'm sure it's all working out for you

No. 557896

I agree with you, anon. As a person who have suffered from depression for 5 years, I can't help it but hate the ones who are not doing anything about it and also using it as an excuse on being 'overlydramatic' and plantly rude.

No. 557904

I reread this shit about 3 times now and I still have no idea what you’re saying

No. 557926

tl;dr - I'm not like the other depressed bitches – especially seeing your "deeper energy" comment >>557824. Go back Tumblr with your weird, fake-deep prose á la Marya Hornbacher.

No. 557929

what are you talking about? i don't have depression nor is this prose. stop samefagging and do research. it is a supernatural phenomenon and there are women in this world who are already dead and like i said it's NOT depression, it's advanced necromancy. the ignorance

No. 557931

Lmao tell me more

No. 557932

read upthread i'm not going to spoonfeed you about a topic you're clearly purposely being obtuse about lmao

No. 557936

I’m not that anon. I’m actually too dumb to understand your post up thread. Lol genuinely curious about your um perspective. Please explain like I’m 5 about necromancy and stuff. You could give me research links too.

No. 557945

Whatever this person is on, I want in.

No. 557952

File: 1590346977745.jpg (18.46 KB, 600x338, D1079_1_348_0004_600.jpg)

i'm not on anything. literally i know it can come across as deranged but it's tapping into a subgroup of women that have an understanding with each other. they are dead and souls reconnect over and over again but their souls cannot be exposed, they can't truly reconnect as this would push them to insanity. picture it like a big vase that shattered millions of years ago. the women are all the pieces and they're tiny. the vase can't be put back together. now all these pieces are scattered everywhere, getting lost over and over again. i understand that it's easier to dismiss these strange thoughts and typical real-world cynicism looks down upon what seems like make-belief but there is a supernatural feeling unlike any other when you recognise it in someone or something or some place. these people leave traces everywhere and they die over and over again and we can smell the death and our spiritual hackles are raised but you can be calmed. i have communicated ONCE very very clearly with one group which shouted in my ears over and over as i pedalled fast away from them but there are many groups and you must understand that there is malevolence there. you can't expect a shattered vase not to cut you if you try to pick it up but if the light catches on it right, you see every moment you howled alone reflected back at you and you understand that you were always watched and there are guardians and it's terrifying but you will never be alone and that's not always a good thing. morally grey spirits watching always. it's taxing it's draining. this is what i mean. you want it to leak out of you to be able to stop perceiving these horrible feelings and threats. you can selfishly beg for insanity because that will make it go away, if you are not aware of yourself how can you be aware of something you need to be so finely tuned into (willingly or not) but you are a vessel. your body does not belong to you, you are a vessel for these women to inhabit and you will be prevented from dying by your own hand because you cannot destroy property that is not yours. "you" make up very little of your consciousness. you're simply a guest in a hotel where many others are staying and you cannot attempt to slip yourself into insanity and ruin the others living there because you personally cannot stand the pressure. it's not about you it's about them

No. 557955

lmfao please take this woonatic shit to the tinfoil hat thread.

No. 557959

it's not a tinfoil hat because it's not a theory or speculation. stop trying to distract yourself from reality. doesn't it get unbearable not speaking about it? does it upset your worldview?

No. 557962

Sooo just out of curiosity, do you put Crystals on your chakras and bathe in the moonlight to resurrect yourself? What's the process there.

I've never been a part of a roleplay thread before I'm excited.

No. 557964

it's not new world shit it's just common sense. stop being retarded for five minutes

No. 557966

File: 1590348196431.gif (924.92 KB, 275x154, 1574090667771.gif)

Common sense? Sorry I guess I'm not familiar with the setting. Does our story take place on a faraway planet where necromancy is the governing force? My character is going to be an UwU depressed girl, with a penchant for big words and messy sentence structure. Unless of course that conflicts with your character.

No. 557967

that so not true there is not going to be a story it is not a story, simply it is a true recount of life itself which i genuinely hope you wake up to and are able to experience soon because it is as enlightening as it is frightening adn isolating but i wouldnt change it, it can be disconcerting but you can find your own people you have to look under the bridge, best of luck

No. 557969

wraps my arms around u "S-senpai… will you teach me the ways of n-necromancy?"

(I hope I'm doing this right)

No. 557971

I love schizo-chan. How can I level up my consciousness and astral project directly into the akashic library?

No. 557972

You're not

No. 557974

anon please, my sides

No. 557975

Sorry. Should I have included the bit about my hotel brain?

No. 557977

NTA, I just think you're trying too hard that's all

No. 557979

Don’t bother anon, I too took acid and went on /x/ once 10 years ago, these mortals would never understand, their brains are still too primitive.

No. 557982

You're being cringy tbh

No. 557983

Hey, just you wait until you see my character sheet.

No. 558029

Bpdfags are literally the worst.
They’re vindictive, self absorbed, calculated and manipulative but whenever they’re called out for this behavior they’ll say some dumb shit like ‘people with bpd are NOT manipulative, we are true empaths uwu’.
The majority of them have such a major deficit in empathy or are lacking it all together because of how vacuous and selfish they are.
To me, they’re worse than your run of the mill Classic narc because at times they’re aware of how fucked up they are but instead of making any progress they default to self victimization to justify their behavior.
Beeepeedees also can be very charming on a superficial level but a big red flag is when they start over sharing their twauma hours after meeting them.
I can get along with most people but end up avoiding them like a plague , it’s impossible to forge a meaningful relationship with these people.

No. 558030

Samefag, forgot to add pathological lying to that list of bpd traits

No. 558039

bpdfag, is that true? i haven't had a lot of relationships with bpdfags apart from an ex who was male so very different from female bpds but i really didn't think pathological lying was part of it? i've never really seen it mentioned

No. 558064

It’s a lot rarer in males, and I’m sure the symptoms present differently, not too sure (any anons that are educated on the topic feel free to elaborate/correct me). I’ve only ever come across Borderline females

No. 558065

But as for the lying, so many of them do, some who have had threads on here and elsewhere lie about having a laundry list of ailments /certain aspects of their lives & trauma to illicit sympathy or just pointless things.
The thing is though, they’re really bad at lying but will stay committed to it

No. 558066

yeah i guess i'm just as bad as those anons in that he's not diagnosed but like.. of course he isn't. in and out of jail, violent, would split on me incredibly noticeably, black/white everything was great and we were in love or i was a cunt and out to get him as was everyone else, has had himself thrown out of 3 seperate families, convicted of domestic violence, just constant lashing out as opposed to females lashing inward for lack of a better term. it was just very haunting because sometimes he'd do something and i'd feel a wave wash over me as i realised we had the same thing wrong and it was the first time i'd ever truly seen it in somebody else. absolute blog but borderline males come off more aspd-ish but they have the feelings and black and white thinking just like borderline females.

No. 558067

Damn, that’s awful anon ..I’m so sorry you had to go through that and am glad you’re out of that relationship.

Do you think it’s possible he had another cluster b opposed to having bpd, like NPD? Vulnerable/covert narcissism (Especially in makes and sometimes in females) can look similar to bpd but it’s obviously much more malignant and there are a few distinguishing characteristics

No. 558068

But to add, some females with bpd (classic borderlines) lash out, will become violent etc, whereas other (quiet borderlines ) lash out at themselves

No. 558069

that's very possible, anon! i don't know much about it at all, i'm having a look now and it seems to be ringing true, it's not much use now but it's interesting for some sort of closure i guess. thanks

No. 558101

>dont give a fuck about anything anymore and are disgusting and unsightly
Isn't that the point of depression?

No. 558115

BPD for me as well, dx'd mother. Growing up was pure hell in so many ways. I don't see it as "they're all the same" at all, though. I just wish more of them would get treatment.
I also avoid narcs like the plague, but then again, everyone really should.

No. 558288

please take a break from chugging cough syrup

No. 558502

I got a reminder today about why I can't stand most spergs. They get so triggered over the dumbest shit and are such fucking assholes about it. There's no reasoning with them because they're so stubborn and refuse to believe they're ever in the wrong or overreacting. They're so fucking smug about it too. I don't understand how people who are literally socially retarded can act like they're so superior to others.

Have fun dying alone with your 2D waifu, twat.

No. 558504

what did they say/do?

No. 558506

nta but they exist
that's enough

No. 558517

My friends group was having a little art contest to have something to do during quarentine. This was by no means a big deal, just a fun thing that only like 10 people were participating in and the winner gets a cute little doodle of whatever fictional character they want. There was a rule against using digital mediums that like half of us broke because it wasn't clearly stated. The girl overseeing the contest made a post clarifying it to the group FB page and apologized for the confusion. It was not a big deal.

In comes the sperg, who wasn't even participating in the contest, but insisted on being in the group so he could watch. He makes a post ranting about how ~obviously~ digital mediums wouldn't be allowed because they're sooo easy to take shortcuts with. It's just common sense! How could you not at least ask??? He drags it on for several posts, basically calling us stupid and rude in several painfully pretentious ways. I comment and gently explain that tons of art contests let you do digital and it's really not that crazy that we thought it would be allowed. He responds back, going on about how he refuses to apologize for having more common sense than me and a whole bunch of shit about how rude we are.

I've seen him around my friend's FB pages quite a few times. He's one of those cringey red pill types who complains about everyone being oversensitive, while he gets triggered over the craziest shit. He once went off the deep end over some anime he likes having the sexualization of a 14 year old character censored out in the English version.

No. 558643

Haha yeah! And a lot of them are undiagnosed too so they deny anything is wrong with them, and the lack of self awareness about ANYTHING is real.
I notice a lot of them like sperg/ have weird habits with food and drinks too. Freaking out over slightly undercooked/ overcooked meat, putting day old tea in the fridge and microwaving it the next day, eating day old fast food, seriously wtf.

No. 559198


i noticed this too. i once went inside a spergs house and her entire sink was filled with used plastic bags for thawing out meat in the microwave that she would reuse for months, but she didn't wash them immediately so they'd just stink and build up in her sink. she also constantly made elaborate ass meals but never ate them and insisted on ordering food everyday instead. disgusting

No. 559513

Never open up with a borderline. Like, ever.
They can act super loving and caring and put up the good face, making you feel so loved and safe that you can always tell them anything but the moment you want to talk to them about something, they get on their pissy toes and start to scream that you're the wrong one, using those intimate things you told them against you like the elementary school kids they are in maturity. I've yet to hear a borderline saying "sorry" because they actually feel sorry and not because they need to feel better themselves about the situation.
Also, MPD. I know it's rare but its just larping ocs going too far

No. 560106

Its not rarer in males, males are just allowed to get away with their bpd traits

No. 560623

people who self-diagnose personality disorders. i think you need to have some actual personality pathology to want a personality disorder and think it would make you more interesting, but it's probably not the kind of personality pathology you want.

every shut-in loser diagnoses themselves as 'schizoid' now (which was removed from the dsm anyway) and every obnoxious asshole claims sociopathy. i can't imagine reading the descriptions of these disorders and deciding that this is something i would like to have. they always end up allowing themselves to act more and more insufferable to fit the mold too.

No. 560625

Wow, you hate self-diagnosers? Huge if true, I think you should go tell r/UnpopularOpinion

No. 560633

it's not actually rarer when you go by the diagnostic criteria, but men are more likely to get diagnosed with aspd/npd instead and bpd is overdiagnosed in women with self harm issues. borderline men are more likely to act out rather than in, and a lot of domestic abusers have it.

No. 560635

Can confirm, bpdfag with domestic abuser borderline male ex, this is to the letter

No. 560636

sorry about your self diagnosed bpd

No. 560637

Nice tinfoil but i'm not projecting, it's just that I see the same take literally everywhere online and I can't help but feel like you said it for asspats or something because you can't seriously think this is in any way original or interesting. It's like saying that shayna needs to move back home on her thread like we absolutely get it. Sorry I guess, it's obviously not all you but it's such an annoying take

No. 560659

spd is suggested to be removed it hasn't actually been removed afaik

t. actually diagnosed with it

No. 560662

If you self diagnosed it's worse because you probably don't have BPD but you're still an attention whore.

No. 560733

It's so funny to see bpdfags vilified in here and then go onto relationship threads and see women talking about wanting to kill themselves over a short relationship drawing to a close. I have a huge feeling that a lot of the really passionate I hate borderline posts here are coming from bpdfags themselves, especially the non-anecdotal ones which just come in and go I FUCKING HATE BPDFAGS AND THE WAY THEY ALL _____. It just screams black and white thinking

No. 560737

File: 1590771671233.jpg (67.55 KB, 736x705, bf7cdf9764d04c6ef3ec86f824a838…)

No. 561522

File: 1590869093189.jpg (142.66 KB, 900x813, bestthingaboutbeingawoman.jpg)

this thread

No. 561550

Not just this thread, most of LC

No. 565174

Does anyone know what diagnosis skinwalkers have? You know, the types who emulate someone with every fibre of their being but also hate them and want them to die simultaneously? I mean there's a more subtle kind who mirror your behaviours and become close with you only to have a strange competitive streak which usually ends up ruining the friendship. Although, I'm not sure if you can consider ever really knowing them. I think at the very least they lack a sense of self. This isn't just from personal experience, I've met quite a few people who've experience something similar and watched a few cows exhibit similar behaviours. No clue what these symptoms equate to in terms of diagnosis.

No. 565176

Sounds cluster b

No. 565177

cluster b
autism but that's probably a stretch

No. 565178

Skinwalker here, cluster b, it can be done out of admiration though, there's harmless enough "mirroring" and there's skinwalking which is fine if it's a celebrity but weird if it's a friend

To be honest, autism in women and bpd seem weirdly interlinked with each other, at least in my experience of the psychiatric system. they're more similar than you'd realise and it seems you get bpd if you're more "out there" and dramatic but autism if you're the same but more reserved or socially awkward

No. 565183

Thanks for the responses anons, I've always been curious.

I'm glad there's skinwalkers who just admire the person rather than agressively try to assume their identity - but better. I respect your honestly thanks for explaining.

No. 565197

Anon, how do you deal with it? I am in the same situation right now and it's creeping me out. I feel like as If I am slowly getting replaced.

No. 565198

One BPD trait is having no fixed identity, which naturally leads to skinwalking and trying out different people to see what gets them attention. I even had a BPD guy skinwalk me for a couple months.

An extremely common cow trait is skinwalking, even the lesser cows like Taylor and Kelly Eden do it. Taylor skinwalks whatever popular person or trend she thinks will help her career, Kelly adopts the personality and interests of whoever is her housemate, best friend or boyfriend at the time. It's an easy way to appear "interesting" to any suckers who don't realize how insincere it is, which gives the BPD person more energy to feed off.
Often these rapidly changing interests and personalities are confused for artistry so they will usually have some hangers-on and stans.

No. 565206

What disorder do you think a skinwalker like Steph/“Eloise Frazer” would have? I don’t know if I get cluster B vibes from her or autism vibes. It’s hard for me to tell..

No. 565222

I wish I had some decent advice for you but the situations I've dealt with have all ended badly. I wasn't instigator of what ended the friendship, it was more the person crossing a boundary that lead me to stand up for myself. I think eluding to my awareness of their behaviour (although as kind as I was) rendered them unable to forgive me/ashamed to be around me, which I doubt they'll ever admit. They had a lot of cluster b traits (thanks again anons) so everyone's going to react differently depending on their symptoms. I put years into caring for this person but my acknowledgement of their disordered behaviour rendered our friendship irreparable.

Although a lot can be selfish (most likely unintentionally) and not respect the mental strain it puts on the original person it's best to try to remind yourself "imitation is the highest form of flattery". Even if they have bad intentions towards you, there's still a part of them that feels you're worthy of emulating. That and no matter how hard someone tries to live in your skin they'll always fall short. You're the accumulation of a life of experience that moulded who you are, where as they're superficially mirroring what they see. It doesn't equate to anything genuine.

I've personally found feeling sorry for them is the best method to guard yourself from the emotional strain and sense of confusion situations like this evoke. These characteristics from my experience are very ingrained, and a lot of them aren't fully aware/don't have a sense of normalcy like you or I do. Although keep in mind how you're feeling is completely natural. You have a right to feel the way you do and what I'm saying doesn't excuse the behaviour, only explain it. Sorry for the unnecessarily long post.

Thank you for more context, I genuinely didn't realise BPD was what I was dealing with all this time. Also kek at the male skinwalking you, I've legitimately never seen that before. One of the more obscure/odd things my ex friend did to me was regurgitating a lengthy political/socioeconomic conversation we had once late at night. Years after we stopped talking she was engaging in a public discussion with some people and spouted my opinion word for word. I'm genuinely surprised she remembered it so accurately, it was almost frightening. Although it's not very kind of me I did get a little satisfaction from "liking" her comments… Kind of a little "I agree with you, but I also see what you did there".

No. 565224

God, i do the accurate memory thing so much. I can recite word for word some intimate paragraph a trans guy i bpd'ed over wrote on his tumblr about a female friend who i'm currently skinwalking to about 3 notes. I know he has never once thought that anyone really saw it but it must be terrifying for normies to see how we absolutely trawl and latch onto the strangest things.

No. 565225

The issue is, that it's my family memeber.
I really hope that there's a way I can reach out to her, talk to her in private, but boy, from all of my other experiences, they all prefer playing victims
> "imitation is the highest form of flattery"
That doesn't work for me, I feel like as if it's one of the biggest bs ever mainly because this sort of stuff makes me feel like as if I am being replaced. I wish there were some support communities for people who have to deal w skinwalkers.
I've personally found feeling sorry for them is the best method to guard yourself from the emotional strain and sense of confusion situations like this evoke. These characteristics from my experience are very ingrained, and a lot of them aren't fully aware/don't have a sense of normalcy like you or I do. Although keep in mind how you're feeling is completely natural. You have a right to feel the way you do and what I'm saying doesn't excuse the behaviour, only explain it. Sorry for the unnecessarily long post.

Yeah, I understand. Thanks a lot, really appreciate your respond. I really wish people understood that rather than copycatting someone, they should realize we all are speacial in our own way.
I remember I had to deal with autistic MtF who got brainwashed into being a trans and it reached a point where he would copypaste my messages to other places to pretend to be ''like me''. I am glad I ran away from that friend group. Many women whom I met had experiences with trans people copying them…

No. 565229

Yeah, it's completely hypocritical but i find it sad but mainly benign when female bpders do it as long as they're not taking it to levels of trying to steal boyfriends but coming from males it always reads as fetishistic and murdery

No. 565249

This person could be pretty malicious, this is a really benign example I hope I haven't made you feel weird or anything. I found it pretty amazing that it actually happened because I don't have a personal understanding of this stuff. Kind of like how you think it's crazy that I noticed. It's cool hearing confirmation I'm not insane actually, sometimes a culmination of little things like this have that effect. Thanks anon.

Yeah, sorry anon. I'm just telling you what helped me get through the situation. It's a massive cop out but it gives me solace in a situation you can't control. I wish I could be more help because it's hard to reach out to people irl and discuss things like this. I also wish people would realise there's value in their individuality too, but I think it goes so far as some don't have a grasp on that concept. I'm here for wishful thinking though, I think it's good to have hope. My parents didn't really experience stuff like this when they were younger. I'm starting to think part of why it's so hard there's more and more people exhibiting these symptoms nowadays. I'm even noticing a difference in personal experience from like 15 years ago to now. Idk what's promoting the problem but I've run into a fair few recently/hear stories from friends. I'm pretty accepting if you're self aware but a lot don't seem to be unfortunately. In fact the anons posting here have self awareness that I didn't think was possible until having this conversation from my outside perspective.

Second this. The people you want to watch our for incarnate is Emalee from the littlefawnxo thread. >>>/w/27316
It's weird I know Katie through mutuals. I watched her disappear on and off only to find her thread here and realise why.

No. 565261

A complete OT but I really miss Kittimei. She was a really inspiring girl and I loved her Tumblr blogs, even though I found out about her from lolcow. She seems like a very nice person who would be a good rolemodel for girls. I can relate to her in a bunch of things, but oh well. Hopefully one day she will come back and stop feeling scared of showing herself, even though I fully understand how she feels. Makes me wish there was a way to 'block' a person IRL so they wouldn't stalk you or anything.

> My parents didn't really experience stuff like this when they were younger. I'm starting to think part of why it's so hard there's more and more people exhibiting these symptoms nowadays.

I agree on that.

No. 565268

I used to admire her on Instagram so I can totally see what you mean by inspiring. She does seem like a genuinely nice girl, especially reading how she handled the stalking. I remember her making one one her friends a gorgeous sundress for her birthday a few years bacm when she opened one of her shops. Since then I've thought very highly of her for someone who's only observed her from afar. I hope she overcomes the stalking and comes back too, I enjoyed her creativity.

I had a thought in the shower and I think it partially might be how materialistic/surface level society has become. Social media media definitely has a big part to play in all this too imo.

No. 565307


That seems to be true, people always prefer skinwalking the ones who are more succesful than them or achieved something they never had.

No. 565354

I remember I have been briefly "skinwalked" once by a former friend. It annoyed me because just because she copied certain aspects, it doesn't mean she liked me as a person. She would passive-aggressively criticize everything else I did (and those were the things I was the most insecure at the time). The things she copied were things I had confidence in so I was like, whatever. But holy shit she hated me outside of those random things. I felt used and taken advantaged of.

No. 565357

insecure about*
taken advantage*
I need to go to sleep haha

No. 565569

Anon-chan, you were… So sorry that you had to go through this. I hope you are not letting toxic people in your life anymore. Fuck all the skinwalkerfags

No. 565789

You're not alone anon although it might feel that way! We've all had similar experiences it's just hard to talk about these things irl. People are quick to judge and think you're either a) crazy or b) a self obsessed petty asshole.

No. 565858

I try to stay away from other people with bipolar. I'm type 2 and hearing about other people's experience with hypo/mania makes me feel like an imposter. Idk, it's hard to explain but I sometimes convince myself that I'm not actually sick so I stop taking my medication. And that never works out too well lol.

I can stand autistic people if we're just acquaintances but I could never be in a romantic relationship with an autist again.

When I was in my early 20s I met a guy online and soon after I actually visited him in his country. He lived with his parents but it was implied that he has just gotten out of the hospital. Something about him trying to kill himself when his ex broke up.

About 3 months go by and then he asks if he can stay with me in my country over the summer. This was my first _real_ relationship so I say yes. Cut to he just… never left? And I fucking let him stay because it's "romantic to live together".

All in all we lived together for about 4 years and during this time I did all the cleaning, all the cooking and everything else around the house. At times I even had to beg him to shower and brush his teeth. His solution was always just more Lynx bodyspray or w/e.

It didn't even occur to him that he could help me out. I was studying full-time and all he did was gaming. No effort to learn the language, find new friends, get a job or apply for uni.

And I still loved him? Even though we had to use my student loans to get by and even though he'd fuck me after I said no so many times I finally gave up. Just typing this out makes me so sad because I know that love turned into resentment but I still let him mess up my life for almost 2 more years because I was scared he would kill himself :)))

Spoiler alert: He didn't. Instead he went full on tr00n and asked me for make-up advice. Needless to say I finally blocked him.

No. 565864

i have ocd myself and i get having to adjust some of your life to the illness, but don't let it get too far because it will almost certainly make the ocd worse. there comes the day where these workarounds don't satisfy the obsessive voice in your head and that's where ocd gets a nightmare. speaking from almost 10 years of experience with germophobic ocd. there was a point in my life where i was 99% compulsion-free and corona and a generally very chaotic phase of my life just made my ocd so much worse

No. 565866

my OCD definitely comes from unstable attachment to my parents and physical childhood abuse. it was and still is a mechanism (for me at least) to provide a fake sense of stability. but OCD causes are very tricky and there's several more factors to it like genetics

No. 565879

You poor soul. Hearing the story of your first love got me feeling a little depressed. Something about how helpless you must have felt with a boyfriend who can't conceptualise your sacrifices or feelings. That, in combination with being tethered to him so strongly because firstlove.jpg.

Ngl hearing he trooned out and you blocked him was both the best and most predictable part of the story. Satisfying ending. 10/10 resolution.

No. 565888

I'm so sorry anon, what happened you you was awful. He took advantage of all that love that you had to give, nobody ever has the right to do that to you.

Well done on getting away. Unfortunately so many of us meet horrible men in our lives but hopefully it helps us to recognise the red flags that we were too trusting to see the first time around.
You were his mother, a housekeeper, a full time student and a survivor all at the same time as struggling with mental health issues, you're a very strong human.

No. 565893


Aww, you're both so sweet.

My younger brother is also autistic and has been abusive towards me since we were kids. So I think part of it was because I was so desperate to get away from home and have a ~normal~ life.

But I'm 28 now and about to move in with a person who treats me right. Whereas my ex still lives at home afaik. Last time I heard from him he had started daydrinking and all his parents did to help was gifting him a kitten. Boy BYE.

No. 565895


Almost forgot. The week after we broke up I still visited him because that was the only way he'd attend his older brothers wedding.

Still makes me laugh that I show up in every.single.photo his mum took that day. Haunting them forever :)))

No. 565896

Fuck yeah! It's so nice to hear you're doing so well, I hope someone who is still in the darkness of a horrible relationship sees it can reminds them they can make it out to the other side too
I wish you all the happiness in your new home

No. 566043

So sorry anon and I empathise, i have traits of autism and bpd and also tend to fall for male autists, however i feel it affects men and women so differently, autistic men are so good at the 'i'm baby' routine while being actually predatory, seeming sweet but being really fucked up. Kek at him trooning out though

No. 566133

I'm just trying to figure out something, I think one of my (male) friends is getting on with BPD. I'm asking because people say BPD is more common in female and in men doesn't exist, but these symptoms just don't get me right

>Always other's fault. Never his. If he did something bad it's because is "coping" with his depression or other people made him do it.

>Texting exes to make sure they're there for him and when they have some problems (you know, their lives), getting into minor fits of "Waa she's ignoring me/she's the worst because she's textingme only when she's free"
>Binge eating, overseeking affection everywhere but calling sluts girls who are his friends when they hug boys that they're not their bfs
>Being attracted only to younger girls. 8 year gaps in 20's.
>Vomiting any kind of insults to people out of the fucking blue, only for apologize two days later saying "I missed you guys so much… that was my escape to a stressful situation"
>When putting boundaries on shared topics, screaming that you're insensitive because you don't wanna talk "more" and so ignoring his opinion
>"I feel unloved, unworthy, no one should come close to me, I'm nothing" when there are people who could die for him, because when he's sane and has some lucid moments, is the most caring,, funny and sweet guy.


No. 566135

To be honest anon, didn't read but why are you trying to armchair your friend? You're not qualified and what are you getting from slapping bpd on him? He's unhealthy and acts weird, sometimes that's just how people are and isn't always a disorder

No. 566146

Before latching on to BPD keep in mind that people can have traits of a disorder without having that disorder. And you're not qualified, anyway.

No. 566149

Forgot to add that didn't want to armchair, just asking if these traits, who are commmon in females, can be BPD symptomps even in males.

No. 566201

Low functioning autism drives me nuts.
I love my family and help how I can but I need somewhere to vent.

My sister is functioning autistic and married. She has 3 SEVERELY autistic children. After having her first 2 kids, she started dropping hints about wanting another. I tried to talk her out of it. Telling her she already has 2 kids who will never be able to work and care for themselves. I’m not much younger than her and I expressed fear what will happen to them once we are too old/dead to help them. That to her, they’re adorable kids right now but to the rest of the world, they will grow to be adults who can’t care for themselves who need a very special type of care giver who won’t abuse them.

Their habits drive me up the wall but I have to be patient
The middle child is the worst. He is hooked on youtube, he fixates on one 10 second movie clip and will play the same screaming/gear grinding/other obnoxiously difficult To ignore loud noise for hours. He will cry and scream whenever we try to teach him to wear headphones. He NEVER EVER stops talking to himself/screaming gibberish. He finds humor on being cruel to animals and he know how to be sneaky about it. He will ask for food to give my dogs and will purposely aim for their face and throw it as hard as he can at them and laugh when he manages to hit the target. I’ have been working on this by teaching him dogs are fun to walk. They have harnesses to make sure he can’t hurt their neck but sometimes he tries to pull on them as hard as possible. He’s become a lot less mean since I give him direction but it has been a struggle. I could go on about the list of horrible things he does. I know it’s not his fault. I really do, and I’m as patient as possible, it would be a lie to say the tantrums he throws are pleasant.

My other nephew and niece definitely have their own quirks, but they are much easier to handle.

I feel like an asshole to even complain but it gets really tiring

No. 566242

I'm really sorry to hear you're going through that anon. I don't think you should feel bad, the tantrums and habits of low functioning autistic kids are definitely difficult to handle, and you're trying your best I'm sure.
Though I have to say I really dislike people like your sister… why have three children when the first one already requires a lot of attention and care?

No. 566253

Why is it always people who have really difficult heritable conditions that insist on having multiple children? Adoption is a giant hassle in order to ensure child safety, but there's absolutely nothing stopping people from doing this. Not that there realistically could be, because that veers dangerously into eugenics territory, but damn…a little common sense would be nice

No. 566256

>Why is it always people who have really difficult heritable conditions that insist on having multiple children?
Misery loves company? I experience life in a terrible way and i need someone else by my side who I can scream at about it? People with these conditions may not have achieved much so they might fall back on reproduction being their life's high point maybe.

No. 566257

Occam's razor, anon. I think it's pretty obvious they want to try again and again until they have a normal kid. It's understandable in a sense though, you get a severely disabled kid and think "maybe the next one will turn out fine", it doesn't, you'll believe that 2 times is bad luck but 3 is impossible, yet it still happens.

No. 566258

>He finds humor on being cruel to animals and he know how to be sneaky about it.

now that is alarming behaviour.
much respect to you for trying to do something about it, that must be exhausting af. I hope his parents take this as serious as you do.

No. 566260

Nta it is alarming but it's quite a trend among severely autistic boys and i don't think it can be viewed with the same lens as you would anyone doing it without autism. It's not psychopathic

No. 566635

I know it's hypocritical coming from someone who also did this before. But I hate it when people constantly talk about their trauma like it's their personality trait. I used to be friends with this girl who got abandoned by her father and her mother died of cancer. She would constantly make jokes about it that overtime it was unbearing to even listen to her. I know that people joke about their trauma as a coping mechanism but it constantly gets on my nerves now.

No. 566664

I'm sure the animals he abuses can tell the difference

No. 566666

yep anon! that's what i meant. it's definitely fine to abuse animals as long as you're autistic enough. great talk

No. 566688

you obviously can't.

No. 566721

A close friend of mine has body dysmorphia and I honestly hate being around her or going out to eat because she literally will be like “ oh my god that’s so much food I can’t eat that” or constantly talk about how fat she is when I’m bigger than her and she is very skinny. I know it sounds like i’m just a salty whale, which is slightly the case because i do hate my body but I don’t make comments about it around other people or people bigger than me because I know it would make them feel bad. She also constantly sends pictures in revealing clothes and says things like “wow i’m so fat and ugly” which also just feels like fishing for compliments.

No. 566724

Honestly anon women with eating/body issues especially those that hang out on ed spaces have such an issue with talking about it nonstop which isolates them more from everyone else who doesn't want to talk about it and you're not a salty beluga, it's very noticeable

No. 566731

Being around somebody with a mental illness is fucking draining, and there's a honestly decent chance your friend knows exactly what she's doing and she's doing it because she feels superior.
It's not her fault, her illness is pushing her to do this but that doesn't mean you have to put up with it.

No. 566735

>It's not her fault, her illness is pushing her
It's her fault and responsibility, same goes for every mental illness

No. 566772

>It's her fault
anon you could definitely have used the it's her responsibility but come on this is 144p bait and you know it

No. 566871

I am okay with people with mental disorders, as long as they don't excuse their actions, saying that "its coz muh depression!11" etc. Or are abusing their mental illness as a key to get attention from others. Can't stand people who are using pity for attention in general tbh. That's the lowest low .

No. 566874

BPD, but mostly because I also have it and I hate seeing other people do the same stupid shit.

No. 567633

Deeply insecure and needy people. In most cases it's caused by traumas but fuck, it's draining

No. 567721

From my experience they turn into monsters if they are jealous of you…

No. 568045

ew, a friend of me is like that too. She’s a sweet person aside from that and her tendency to gatekeeping tho.
It’s super annoying and I always tell her to stfu about it and move on about her self esteem issues, she’s fine. and then she moves on, just have to remind her everytime when she pulls that shit.
your friend sounds more like >>566731 could be the case.

No. 569712

One of the defining characteristics of bpd is unstable interpersonal relationships(along with attention seeking /manipulative behavior, anger issues, splitting etc), it’s not so far fetched that anons here and people elsewhere have genuinely been burned by a bpdfag.
When someone vents their frustrations about a narcissist or some other cluster b pd, the response isn’t usually under the assumption that it’s solely projection and unfounded.

I’ve only known a few bpdfags who are legitimately diagnosed and never had any issues with them(but I wasn’t close friends with any ). It really depends on how severe it is and how disorder presents really varies from person to person.

No. 570204

Anon-chans, am I dealing with BPD-chan or something else? Person I know is doing some weird mind-games that I still cannot understand.

- Admittedly started copycatting me to a point she even tried to act like me on social medias, I think she gave up on it and is only trying to take over my personality and style IRL;
- The weird thing about it that at first she was acting totally okay, like a normal human being, was all fawning over me, acting energetic n positive whatsoever, but then something I guess clicked in her brain… She started admittedly copycatting me on internet, later then moved to irl by trying to dress the way I do and is making the quotes I made during previous meet ups and she started trying to act overdramatic for attention (with terrible acting). I never acted rude towards her nor had beef with her, so I am very much confused.
- Always knows when I show up, so she always hides in her room (while being a mid20s adult) and as far as I get it, it's done on purpose because It keeps happening and her parents always have to make up excuses for her as to why 'she's not there', that I feel bad for them. If she does show up, thing I mentioned earlier starts happening: whole mood changes because she starts pretending to be sad because she is not the center of attention;
- Also seems to be talking shit about me to mutuals of her and my s/o because some of them stopped talking to me after VCing with her once;

Other things i'd like to mention:
- Her bf literally ran away from her with all his things because he said he got 'tired of trying to make her happy but she'd always keep being whiny'
- She never wanted to work a day in her life because she is a proud 'trad-chan'. Keeps whining that she's working, in less than a month of working she ended up having a beef with someone;
- She never seems to care about her lonely mother unless she needs some pitful attention which also breaks my heart.
- Also does other rude things such as: If she decides to cancel coming over to someone or with someone, she doesn't inform them at all but just ghosts them. It's either a person gets ghosted either her own big brother calls to ghosted person, telling she won't come.
- Was and is a spoiled child, visibly loved more than her older brother;
- Also admits that she is an attention-seeker who can't stand being without people.
- Has no manners at all.. Maybe I am being a Karen here but I was raised in a huge city.

Really confused on whatever is wrong with her. She DOES visits a therapist, family said she has depression.

No. 570207

not a psychiatrist or psychologist but the constant need for attention, being overdramatic, etc sounds more like histrionic pd to me. she sounds very childish and immature overall though.

No. 570210

Stop making me laugh. SHE LIKES ATTENTION SO SHE MUST HAVE HISTRIONIC PERSONALITY DISORDER! Do you know how rare it actually is kek

No. 570234

Sounds like she's just annoying and toxic, honestly.

No. 570263

I feel like as if she is also trying to intentionally start drama between me and family ? It seems like so to me because she either never shows up either acts all overlydramatic and fakesad if she comes. She loves being the center of attention and can't stand being one, very much known for using her 'mental illness' for attention.

No. 570267

If she managed to mess up your relationship with your friends, she's probably trying to slowly do the same with your family.
I think you'd be better off cutting her off, people like that are draining.

No. 575804

I'm not sure what this counts as, but people who had a hard time in their life and claimed they "tried to kill themselves" when they had no intention of doing it.
Like, say, someone is having a bad breakup and chokes themselves while laying in bed. Not to the point of passing out or anything. Then they claim it as a suicide attempt.
It grinds my gears because it's not on the same level as legitimately trying to kill yourself, and it comes off as pity bait.

No. 575844

If anything, what you described sounds more like weak selfharm

No. 580360

I have ADHD so I'm already neurodivergent, but I can't fucking stand male autists. And I don't mean transmen, I mean assigned-male-at-birth people. They're narcissistic, socially retarded and feel the need to push their opinions and ideologies down your throat until you agree with them. AFAB autistic people can still be hard to deal with, but from my experiences, their symptoms are much more tolerable than AMAB autistics.

No. 580379

File: 1594078890055.png (261.34 KB, 700x389, 54646156468897.png)


Mentally ill men are always worse than female counterpart

No. 580383

just say male and female, jesus christ we don't do pseudoscience over here

No. 580428

>Twitter newspeak
You have to go back.

No. 580484

Not an illness but my family is full of narcissistic mfs you can't mention some random pain because they will have it worse. You can't talk about your day without them talking about theirs I just wanna hear a "good for you" or something it took me years to realise how emotionally draining it is because if you make them see how self-absorbed they are you're suddenly a monster and they're poor victims uwu I can't stand them please go to therapy, be better

No. 580862


on a related note why is it always the language police who are the biggest autists. every grammar nazi, pedantic, or facts over feelings type i see always ends up being a sperg

No. 580886

Bump the thread if you’re gonna project, weenie

No. 580896

You're imagining it, stay mad nobody wants your genderspecial garbage shitting up the board

No. 581058

admin does

No. 581861

bpds can go and stay go.

No. 582412

he just bought an AR-15 (the favorite gun of modern school shooters)and i'm basically shitting myself. like there's nothing i can do but wait until he loses it or something.


No. 583811

this fucking post lmfao. "b-but i didn't notice one of my best friends was a narcissist psycho I swear!!!"

I don't think the poster still checks this thread but still: instead of bitching here about your shitty friend I hope you reached out for your other friend who had to take all that shithead's rage on her own and apologized to her. Like in the first place, why would you even put up with such a shitty person for as long as 10 years if he was just some friend to you? You don't need any knowledge about narcs or personality disorders to realize all you've listed isn't passable. Or could it be your friend was eating most of the narc abuse and you thought you could just pretend nothing was happening and she would suck it up forever without complaining.

This post reeks of pickme abuse enabler who thought she was smarter than the other bitch and now regrets being left to her own devices with her Nigel.

No. 583812

woops, sorry for not saging, I forgot.

No. 586021

Loud autists.

I'm a sperg too so I get along well with self-aware autistics, and a lot of apsie traits don't bother me. I'm happy to sit in a quiet corner with someone talking about their special interest all night.

But there are some autists who just honestly needed to get bullied harder in school. School was a horrible experience for me, but at it taught me how important it is to mask in public. My coworker is also clearly on some kind of spectrum, but she's hot/straight/Capital G Gamer Girl so she's always had orbiters to enable her behavior. Being around her makes me so anxious, the secondhand embarrassment is too much.

No. 586033

Big relate. I find some autist traits are actually endearing/interesting. But hanging around those types of autists is like sitting through a shitty romcom that never ends. I can barely contain the cringe/second hand embarrassment I get from the lack of self awareness. I want to help but there's honestly no saving certain situations.

No. 586035

File: 1595073073293.jpeg (167.32 KB, 636x945, A0EC418F-CB00-4E65-A0F0-42B207…)

male autists are annoying and creepy

theyre even creepy and ugly in appearance if it's bad enough, why the fuck are all of them so tall and horrifying to look at

No. 588017

Female autist here. I fucking hate them. Perverts. I hate being lumped in with them.

No. 588045

Came to say exactly this.

I slowly froze out those people who were like this, and I've never felt better.

No. 591070

Anons, tell me, am I painting with too big a brush here about people with depression?

In my adult life, I can count past one hand the number of friends with depression diagnoses who have fucked me over by not following through, or letting me/someone I love down. Some examples:

- Back in college, my student org had to organize and manage an event. Depressed Person A volunteers to man one booth, we happily accept the help. The evening comes and she won't answer our calls or texts asking where she is, so I'm forced to do double-duty and switch between my actual assignment and manning said booth. After the event I congratulate the org group chat on a job well done, and only then does A apologize and explain she was busy… packing for a trip.
- Still Depressed Person A: she and a mutual friend have a side business selling handmade accessories. They set up their table at a local fair, then A texts another friend asking him to keep her seat warm for just an hour while she runs an errand. He goes there and mans the table with the other friend, then after an hour asks A when she's coming back. She never replies, and he ends up having to keep their mutual friend company for the entire day. I learned about this… from A herself, who nonchalantly told me she hasn't apologized, and even said, "In my defense, I lugged all the stuff there."
- I needed to watch a specific local film for a work thing, and asked one of my group chats if they had a file of it (it was out of cinemas, and wasn't popular enough to be found on torrent sites). Depressed Person B says she does and can send it to me by the weekend. I profusely thank her. Weekend comes and B stops going online and my reminders are left unread. I end up getting the film somewhere else and we never speak of it again.
- I used to have brightly colored hair. A friend asked if she could pay me to come to her house and dye hers. I could handle the coloring part, but wasn't too experienced with the bleaching part, so I asked Depressed Person C, a fellow brightly-colored hair person, to help me out for 50% of the profits. She said yes, and we set a time and date for my friend's appointment. The day came, and I texted C to remind her we had to be at my friend's house in the afternoon. She replied a couple of hours later to tell me she had gone back to her home city HOURS AWAY and that the appointment had slipped her mind. I ended up having to do everything myself.

All of the above people repeated this behavior throughout our adult life; these are just their first/second offenses. Do they just enjoy LARPing as effective people for the length of one conversation? Is it the rush of knowing they have my attention and worry? How do these people expect anyone to continue liking them?? Like, I sincerely hope they get better, but I'm sick of putting my own shit on the line just for them to feel like they're not losing a friend.

No. 591072

If you keep getting disappointed, then don't worry about them loosing a friend, because they'll never stop. Depression can be hard, but it has nothing to do with respecting the time of other people.

No. 592323

Im an anachan myself (well, mostly recovered now and went through therapy but there are some rough patches). But I despise being around other anorexic people since all they want to do is talk about how fucking much they weighted at their lowest and what coping mechanisms they used. Usually they have this fucking huge victim complex and just because i have had it for a long time too, they think i will ''understand''. No Jennifer, I do not want to listen how little you eat or used to eat, its not, no, I do not want to see how you looked at your lowest weight. I have met very little anorexic people without an inflated victim complex. They all think that somebody has to save them.

No. 592668

NTA but the projection in this post is palpable.

No. 592671

Pretty much any "mental disorder" that involves an inflated sense of self-importance and the inability to empathize with the people around you is a "mental disorder" I cannot deal with.

HPD isn't even a diagnosis anymore. The DSM removed it years ago lmao.

No. 593888

cant stand people with that youtube/facebook disorder where they cant put their phone down to stop watching their brainwashing vids for a single moment of the day. usually some hyper religious nutjob that starts forcing it on the people around them. dude i lived with once was so oobsessed with youtube he'd blast videos on his phone til 7am when he had work the next day. itd keep me up since the bathroom was right next to my room and he'd get in there with the fan on and sink blasting for hours with his phone turned up so he could hear over his own bullshit. his "research" is so much more important than anything that he'd miss work to sleep in all day like a 14 year old little boy. caused himself to forget things all the time too like hed be so absorbed into his religious vids before work he'd leave the door partially open with his pile of cash sitting in direct view of it. prob make some excuse like "the things of GAWWD are more important than worldly blah blah" but you know he was just some clueless fuckwit. anyway i lost a ton of sleep and braincells living around that mess. also id find a lot of my stuff missing from him throwing it out since hed use his religion to say i wasnt allowed to have it around since its attracting demons???? and i barely had any food since hed take it and throw it away and demand i only have plain beans and rice in his house while he went out all the time for takeout. hed also nitpick every little thing down to what little twitch my face would make or if i licked my lips in the middle of a sentence like "this body language means you're being deceptive" and id just be talking about some mundane daily occurance. idk what kinda mental illness this is but it was certainly making me mentally and physically sick to be around. happy to say i dont live around that walking disorder anymore.

No. 595694

Yeah I'm pretty sure he's just an asshole. I'm glad you aren't living with him anymore.

No. 601239

SAME I cannot stand some of them because they have to be super fecking creepy, and normie guys do it too. They have to be creepy and obsess about sex, whilst bragging about their sexual conquests. Like idgaf and tmi brah. I cannot stand being lumped with the male autists as a female autist.

No. 601268

tbh i can handle cluster Bs as long as they're upfront about it. i'm a terrible person so i can appreciate when other people are honest about their terribleness. i just can't stand BPDs ever. as well as depressive narcs. they have such a weird victim mentality. BPDs are very difficult as well because of the skinwalking. imitation is the highest form of flattery or whatever the fuck but its never just that. always some fucked up single white female tomfoolery- trying to destroy your life and outside connections so they can essentially BE you. i'm too stupid to handle that kind of mind fuckery

No. 601553

I can't deal with aspergers, they are heartless and lack empathy, they have weird speech patterns and flap their hands and they made me sad without realising or caring, i know they can't help it its not their fault but i can't deal with them. Neurotypical or nothing.

No. 601818

I can usually deal pretty well with people who have BPD surprisingly, but I'm a very zen/patient person in general and at least they don't bore me to death. But maybe I don't attract the crazier forms because of that either.
For me, it's severely depressed or suicidal people who refuse to get help. I just can't have that in my life. I can't worry about someone all the time in that way or risk becoming their sole source of emotional support. I've been manipulated too many times that way, and maybe it's "wrong" but I'm taking no chances. You threaten suicide? I'm calling for help then I GTFO. I'm done.

No. 601819

Honestly when you're not their imprinted person and just a regular friend or acquaintance BPDfags are quite bearable, they just go missing when they are going nuts and then come back like nothing happens lol.

And then you watch their shenanigans from like the VIP section.

No. 601823

My brother has aspergers and growing up with him was definitely a challenge. I feel like it made me very sensitive and why I got upset easily as a kid, because he was constantly loud, selfish, and always provoked me. He only ever talks about what he's obsessed with, doesn't let you get a word in, and also has weird speech patterns/robotic way of speaking. I wouldn't say he's completely lacking empathy, but yeah very weird in general. Now that I'm older and we haven't lived together since years ago we don't talk or hang out much. I wonder what it's like to have normal siblings lol I also think it's hard for outsiders to understand what he's like, since he seems pretty popular with his coworkers surprisingly. I've read about how people with aspergers or autism are addicted to videos games and he fits that description as well. Video games are all he cares about.

No. 601825

I can hardly fucking stand autists anymore. Even the high functioning ones have such low emotional intelligence, it's hard to maintain a friendship with them. I have my own issues with periods of self loathing and low self esteem, and having to deal with autistic friends being completely callous when I'm trying to reach out for help and communicate to them that I'm not in the mood for their bullshit drives me insane.
I fucking hate online propagagnda about "be nice and listen to autistic people! Let them tell you about their special interests and guide them if they can't understand how to socialize!" Fuck that shit. I'm looking for a friendship, not a child to babysit. I had an autistic irl friend who would come to my house just to ramble about her homestuck/undertale fanfic, without so much as asking me about my day, and only fucking off when I told her I had homework because I wasn't a neet like her. I don't see why other people should be expected to baby autists when they're actively harming other people's mental health from their own social ineptitude.

No. 601826

My boyfriend is autistic (so am I lol) he's honestly the only autistic guy I've actually tolerated. It's nice to have someone who has the same struggles and similar upbringing. I've dated normies before and they just didn't understand.

No. 601858

I have depression and my man has BPD, we’re a great pair lol. But truly, I feel so lucky to be in this relationship. I have put up with a ton of his bullshit and he’s been patient with me. It’s been really difficult at times but at this point we’ve actually improved a lot of our symptoms together. Maybe both having mental illnesses was “good” in a way since we were both willing to help each other out and tolerate things others typically wouldn’t, because we saw the person underneath the symptoms.

I have a friend who’s a narc and while I don’t dislike him, it’s really scary how absolutely magnetic he can be and you’d have no idea how messed up he was unless you had the opportunity to observe him over a longer period of time. It’s unsettling.

No. 601870

Ew, why do you all like cluster bs all of a sudden?
Anyway, I can't tolerate narcs and genuinely think they should be killed.

No. 603769

I hate bipolar people. My aunt has a severe case of it. When my mom and I are over she will spam my grandparents phone line and leave cryptic messages. My grandparents have been sending her money for the past 20+ years and will buy her things if she screams hard enough. I just hope my aunt just kills herself at this point. She's ruined her children's life with her drug addiction and they resent her. All she does these days is cry about how her kids cut her off.
I was at my grandparent's last week and once again my aunt was spamming the phone line. However this time was over the fact her daughter is blowing CERB on Meth and needs to get her meth mouth fixed because "her teeth hurt".

No. 605118

Non-recovered anorexics are so annoying. Bitchy as fuck and absolutely draining to be around. Always complaining about their self-imposed issues to their helpless friends who can only sigh and say "you need to eat."

I used to be anorexic and I feel so bad for the people that knew me during that time. I was insufferable. It must have been horrifying for my loved ones to watch me willingly waste away and viciously snap back when they expressed concern for my life.

More personally, I get ~triggered~ by their bullshit and relapse. That's my problem, though, and I don't blame them. Just another reason I don't like to be around them.

No. 605135

I know they're just mentally ill but their superiority complex is so annoying, whatever someone else does they'll just think "yeah but I'm thinner" and convince themselves they're somehow more accomplished despite not doing anything worthwhile to the world

No. 605179

Exactly. It's a very weird combination of superiority/victim complex. "I'm too sick and frail to make any real accomplishments in life, but hey, at least I'm not a fatass." Their defense is "I'm doing my best" when everyone can see that they pour 100% of their already limited energy into furthering their disorder. They have my sympathy as I know personally how mentally taxing it is, but they're so damn annoying. Very selfish too.

No. 605195

I don't see the point in distinguishing between mental issues when it comes to this topic. Literally all people with untreated mental illnesses are annoying.

No. 605199

someone who is mostly recovered from their illness is infinitely more tolerable than ones that refuse to help themselves, though

No. 605201

Well yeah, of course. That's why I specified "untreated mental illness," which is what I consider most who refuse to help themselves to be.

No. 605209

oh gotcha. my bad, i thought you meant it was pointless to differentiate between untreated/treated illnesses when posting here. i only do it so recovered bitches like me don't feel bad reading these posts lol

i think the point is that there are specific disorders that people can't tolerate, probably because they have experience dealing with them. same with recovered/treated individuals, for example some people will not associate with someone with NPD, treated or not

No. 605237

NPD makes sense, since it isn't even considered treatable. Almost nobody with NPD even seeks help. Tbh though there are some illnesses that are still so stigmatized that you're better off just not telling anyone your diagnosis, recovered or not.

No. 605242

I guess it's true if you don't have one lol. Personally, I have an easier time with some while I avoid others like the plague.

No. 605243

I see your point but I do think some illnesses are worse than others. There's a difference between someone with NPD and someone with AVPD, for example, or someone with autism and someone with masochistic disorder. All illnesses are generally irritating and hard to deal with, but in different ways.

No. 605324

what do you mean by this?

No. 605360

Why would you ask for a response from someone who literally posted 2 years ago..and what about their completely understandable post don't you understand? kek

No. 607533

Anorexics may be annoying and exhausting, but bulimics are on a whole other level. Had two friends back in high school who were bulimic, one of them who was just a mess mentally and an edgy emo always bragged and talked openly about the details of her disorder and made the rest of us super uncomfortable. It's like they're always trying to compete with each other on having the most fucked up eating habits and methods. Sometimes when I'm morbidly curious I lurk on MyProAna and their bulimic forum is absolutely horrific - how can they so proudly and unashamedly talk about how gross they are and how many health problems they've given themselves on purpose and waste so much fucking food everyday? They often talk about hiding their puke in bags for weeks in their room, which was something my friend told me. I don't know how they live with themselves tbh. Sad how low people can go when they hate themselves

No. 607538