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File: 1520528923443.jpg (56.59 KB, 800x453, mamamoo_1454607583_af_org.jpg)

No. 232763

What it says on the tin. Let's discuss kpop, farmers.
>Who's your favorite band? Who's your bias?
>What do you think of the weird kpop fandoms that are popping up and the crazy fans that come with them?
>Any comebacks you're looking forward to?

No. 232764

>OP wishes they had chosen a more colorful pic but it's too late now

No. 232765

File: 1520529357985.jpeg (98.22 KB, 960x600, D85AB6DF-DBD3-44ED-9F0D-CA8E5F…)

Tfw no friends that like kpop bc the girls that do in my area are weird koreaboos

>I love blackpink and red velvet.

>Lisa is my bias 💗

The fandoms are weird as shit and creep out my Korean friends so no one talks about kpop in my group

after a girl stalked one of the guys for WEEKS after finding out he was Korean it’s now taboo and no one will mention it.

No. 232787

I can't speak about this anywhere else thanks op lmao

>Who's your favorite band? Who's your bias?

It used to be DBSK in 2008 (Jaejong was my bias), lost interest in K-pop for years and recently got into it again because of BTS. It's very hard to pick a bias with them, they're all talented and genuine, but I guess Taehyung?

>What do you think of the weird kpop fandoms that are popping up and the crazy fans that come with them?

they're nothing new, they've been around since the first Hallyu wave

>Any comebacks you're looking forward to?

bts's Face Yourself album, I'm interested in how they'll discuss the darker aspects of self love.

Anyone here who was into 2nd generation groups?

No. 232795

File: 1520545631793.jpg (635.51 KB, 844x840, yoon09348.jpg)

ayyy thanks for giving me a place to sperg out OP

I've been casually into kpop for a few years now (I liked a few Orange Caramel, 2NE1, and SNSD songs in middle and high school), never really got into it beyond a superficial level (partially because I primarily listen to hard/alt rock but mostly because of the fans, honestly, I met a few too many weird and racist kpop fans and it put me off the whole thing). I've been big into BTS lately though. I liked a few of their songs casually but I didn't actually become a fan until I listened to Yoongi's mixtape. I appreciate how candid he is about his struggles with his mental health in the past and I find his near-arrogance about overcoming it inspiring. Self-love is important but I like thinking of overcoming emotional/mental struggles as kicking my own ass lol and he embodies that, in a way. He just seems like a cool dude lol. It's hard to say who my next favorite member is, I really like all their contributions and personalities.

No. 232799

File: 1520546367908.png (1.35 MB, 640x1136, f0f4320bd6920331f1b8acd2d3a329…)

I follow BTS because they're a bunch a sweet and cute guys. I don't really like most their music thought, but I enjoy watching their MV, dancing, nice outfits, Vlives, etc…
I don't know if it's really a bias but I really like Taehyung of course he is very beautiful but he also seems to have a cool and easy going personality, I'm a bit jealous of his super pretty face lmao.
I'm looking forward to their face yourself album, I still think the title is kinda cringy…

No. 232809

File: 1520550087333.gif (1.38 MB, 368x416, om4atYzbeO.gif)

>I'm a bit jealous of his super pretty face lmao.

Me too, and I can't believe I'm actually jealous of a whole grown ass man but I have never seen a more ethereal looking person. He also just has such a unique, adorable personality. He's in that fine line between retarded and genius which makes him even more interesting.

Yoonji's mix tape and the songs he produced for BTS like "Tomorrow" is what drew me to them the most. He has that rare sincerity you don't often see in K-pop and his voice while delivering his lines is so…hot and intense? Especially when he goes hard like in his Cypher 4 verse

Jhope's mixtape was pretty neat too, you can definitely see RM's influence (the literary references) and Suga's(the savagery) but he still has his own unique 100% Hobi sound and I love it.

No. 232825

File: 1520556889978.gif (2.4 MB, 268x300, be05bb8f39c6ff9c36b13fc702f424…)

>I follow BTS because they're a bunch a sweet and cute guys. I don't really like most their music though
I'm kind of the same way. Aside from the Cyphers and the rap line's mixtapes I barely listen to their music, I like them as personalities more than anything and enjoy stuff like Run BTS! more than their music (for the most part).

>He's in that fine line between retarded and genius
LMAO accurate. He comes off as a bit slow to me —— not like "stupid" slow, just very unhurried and chill. Plus he's kind of a dork, it's very endearing.

No. 232985

>I like them as personalities more than anything and enjoy stuff like Run BTS!

Run BTS is such good wholesome fun. I'm really looking forward to their new show, especially since it'll be very different from Run and we finally get to see the darker side of the boys.

No. 232990

Same, I don't like kpop very much, I'm mostly interested in their personalities. I'm watching 2NE1 tv and it's really fun.

No. 233158

Used to follow DBSK in 2008 as well, hi fellow oldanon. I'm not into Kpop idols anymore, but still into Korean music (indie and rap scene). With a special exception for BTS, to nobody's surprise.

>He's in that fine line between retarded and genius which makes him even more interesting.

Couldn't have said it better. That guy inspired me so many characters, it's crazy.

>I appreciate how candid he is about his struggles with his mental health in the past

>Yoongi's mix tape and the songs he produced for BTS like "Tomorrow" is what drew me to them the most.

That was the big draw-in for me as well, along with their honesty, chemistry, generosity, talent and genuine passion for music. I really can't pick a favourite member, they all have something.

Not gonna mention all the aspects of Kpop I condemn because there's another thread for that, but as another anon said cringey fandoms and petty fanwars have always existed. Kpop used to be a big part of my life and it allowed me to bond with my still years and years later best friend, so I'm thankful for that at least.

No. 233217

>MAMAMOO as thread pic

Thanks based op

Anyway, I just wanna say how much i love this new bop from BoA. It's such a blast from the past for me. Sounds like something reminescent from that Girls on Top era (btw I always wanted to have the hairstyle she sports on that MV) but with a modern twist. I love it so much.

No. 233220


And a complimentary blast from the past.

No. 233242

I'm an oldfag with K-Pop, is it just my crusty old lady ass speaking or are BTS armys just fucking nuts all the time. I feel like 90% of K-pop talk is btstans being obsessive as fuck and honestly this thread is a living proof
>I don't even like their music but they're so cute lmao!!
god this is why music fandoms always go to shit

No. 233246

I mean most of kpop is shit (or at least very lazy) musically speaking, it would be a joke for anyone to say they're in it for the intricate and subtle sound. And there is nothing wrong with enjoying it for the fashion, the cuteness or the sweet personality of the idols, at least is self aware.

No. 233256

It's just you not being able to see beyond your crusty ass, anon

No. 233257

they have a variety show and solo music, plus non-music endeavors, it's pretty reasonable to like them for reasons besides the music they release as a band. I get where you're coming from but you're basically just complaining about people being attracted to generally attractive people lol.
>or are BTS armys just fucking nuts all the time
this is true though lol. I think it's a side-effect of BTS being managed by such a relatively small label. Early BTS fans knew they had to hype the fuck out of them or they'd pass under the radar and that fan culture remained and spread to new fans, despite the fact that they don't need to be hyped anymore. That's just my largely-uninformed hypothesis though.

No. 233259

And the painfully obvious: every massive fandom, be it in music or not, has its fair share of crazies and they will always be the loudest group.

No. 233261

File: 1520769185679.jpeg (111.27 KB, 479x666, 0B34D3EE-BB6C-4982-BD1C-6A44A8…)

Armys can be tiring and imbecilic to the core. But BTS themselves are just seven guys who do stuff and are, seemingly, actually nice people and get along well. Their really young obsessive fandom sucks, but that’s no reason to rag on the group, they can’t control that.

No. 233265

File: 1520770741568.jpeg (146.05 KB, 1200x794, DV3BEvLWAAAG2Zk.jpeg)

Does anyone know if they style themselves for red carpet appearances or if their stylist picks everything?

No. 233266

Record label and stylist picks concepts/looks togehter.

No. 233296

Please someone tell me you listen to AKMU.

No. 233315

I feel outdated with the KPop I listen kek. I'm mainly a 4Minute, 2NE1, SNSD, Shinee, Big Bang, and Beast listener. I was only ever into it casually. I like a few songs from BTS… never really got into EXO. I need to give some of the more recent girl groups a listen. Are there any good Spotify playlists that can help me get back up to date?

No. 233377

oooh this is very pleasant thank you anon

No. 233389

i do anon <3 im so sad chanhyuk is in the army. hopefully his sister will release good solos :)

No. 234663

I'm not a fan of kpop musically, I'm mostly drawn towards the aesthetics and barely listen to any songs but this is a jam

No. 235784

File: 1521650117502.jpg (67.76 KB, 800x533, DPy5CfWUQAAt4NE.jpg)

I love LOONA (이달의 소녀). The story element is really engaging and I love how the producers work in references to art, religion, astronomy, etc, there are tons of Easter eggs in each video. I hope other Kpop projects go down this route.

No. 235813

I'm kind of intimidated by how many members they have but I do like the Easter eggs (and the gay shit lol)

No. 235835

I'm not a fan of the Loona cinematic universe, but man, I can't believe the amount of high quality music and videos coming out of a predebut stunt. I hope they gather a big enough fanbase to keep justifying their high level of output.

It's also been really cool to follow them since the very first solo.

No. 236111

I feel so dumb saying this but big bang flower road hit me really hard when it came out. And I'm not sure if it's because he has to serve his time and that they will be taking a break or what. Like I would like to think with how big they are they wouldn't disband over what he got busted on(was super late to finding out about the pot and other things), not up their ass about everything cause I'm mostly here just for the music.

Tldr; up set that big bang is on hiatus and not wanting it to turn out that they are really just braking up.

That's my ride or die group along with them being my first from years ago.

No. 236112

Was talking about TOP

No. 236130

I feel similarly, Big Bang and 2ne1 are the only k-pop groups I've ever been emotionally invested in. I'm mostly just around for the bops and fashion. The weed scandal/overdose really fucked with me. I've always been kinda worried about TOP and Bom's mental health.

No. 236140

File: 1521750863984.jpg (302.66 KB, 1500x1000, NzkCWZ4.jpg)

What did Oh My Girl deserve to get this? I think it's cute, but this does not feel like the right concept to follow up on the celestial, magic-realist Secret Garden.

No. 236153


Don't think they'll break up, tbh. Bigbang is YG's main dolla aside from that other boyband constantly on tour, and all of the members have said they will definitely rejoin as a five member band. TOP is already getting back in the eye of the public.

No. 236165


No. 236307

No opinion on BTS (their music isn't my cup of tea) but I love watching ratmys get roasted by other fandoms. Good entertainment.

No. 236313


Any other fandom is just as bad, but BTS has the international thing going, so you get a lot of 10-13 yo kids from the Philippines with access to youtube and no idea of appropriate behavior.
EXO has a shit ton of Thai fans and they used to be just as spammy in 2013-2015. BB was more local, so it was more KKT/Line spam or Japanese delulu “stans”.

No. 236473

Southeast asian teenage stans are cringe at best, but it's the arrogant western armys who attempt to put up a fight that make the fan wars hilarious.

No. 236486

Armys (or is it Armies?) losing their shit over that one internet radio show set up in a random Canadian teenager's room was fucking amazing. Dude just offered an hour of Kpop for his 12 listeners and Armies started stirring up shit about BTS "paving the way" for Kpop in the west and even that BTS transcends the label of Kpop. The whole harassment campaign got started by a BTS fan supposedly in her late 30s or even 40s.

No. 238182

I've loved all of the members individual releases so far. Really looking forward to the full groups debut in May.

No. 241276

I'm surprised Luna is getting another solo after how Free Somebody did but I'm glad she's having a comeback.

I don't think the full group is going to debut in May since there is still one more subunit + repackage left. I'm excited for their full debut too but I'm kind of anxious about it.

No. 252125

File: 1526992132142.jpeg (131.93 KB, 750x710, 2CDB76FE-1422-4C64-9C48-716E8A…)

I feel so bad for BTS. They really do have the lowest of the low among koreaboos in their fandom.

ratmys, indeed.

No. 252127

File: 1526992855624.jpg (217.18 KB, 2048x1132, DdiYOYMV0AANE8B.jpg)

BTS twitter is like a train wreck for me, I hate it but I can't seem to look away. Saw pic related floating around it recently and it gave me a giggle. Don't these bitches know that being homo is basically illegal in Korea?

I just wish I could get BTS news from twitter without it being slathered in army autism

No. 252129

this is why I use the subreddit, people on there can take themselves way too seriously at times but at least I can get news/updates without dealing with racism/shipping/etc

No. 252130

HAHA FUCK I would’ve laughed it wasn’t so sad.

The worst thing imo is that BTS to me really do seem to be against shit like homophobia, sexism etc. but of course these idiots are never satisfied and have to push all this imaginary and- worst of all- plain racist shit to feel good about their own racism and feel self-important. They even feel the need to bring up shit like the skin color and gender/presumed sexuality of any westerner that interacts with them without it ever being even remotely relevant.

Imagine being incapable of ever seeing anything beyond skin color, gender and sexuality. Must be fucking miserable.

No. 252147

File: 1526999074457.png (20.84 KB, 693x145, what.PNG)

why do fans have to project their political ideas onto kpop idols? pls i just want to look at pictures of jungkook without other fans tell me actual he hates me because i'm a straight, white bitch

No. 252153

these idols will never be the racists their loser stans want them to be

i have to ask myself how these sorts of people function in real life. they’re going to encounter white ppl whether they want to or not. or maybe they just never leave mommy’s basement

No. 252178

oh lawd, what the hell is this?

No. 252186

I know these are supposed to be jokes but does anyone actually talk like that?

They probably function like normal people do. The only reason they talk about hating white people is because it's the popular thing to do on stan twitter.

No. 252246

I like how these people always conveniently forget the time Jimin met Shawn Mendes and then yelled "WOW HE'S HANDSOME" as they were walking away lol.

I honestly think stuff like this is a reaction to the fact that a lot of black/brown BTS fans know that Korean's can be racist against people with darker skin tones and prefer "white foreigners", and they're so afraid of idols they like being racist that they flip it on its head. It's sad tbh.

No. 252255

You're definitely right, plus I think they feel guilty being a fan of kpop when everyone knows how racist it is, so they have to retroactively justify their enjoyment by pretending their favs are woke.

No. 252260

No fucking way LMFAOO

No. 252266

There's that show Hello Counselor, there they frequently have darker skinned guests complaining just how hard they have it. E.g. "No, I'm not dirty", getting called shit, not being allowed to join a basketball team because being black would be an advantage,… Now imagine in "the most racist country of the world" (according to sjw) - the US- somebody wouldn't be allowed to jon a club because of their skin colour. All hell would break lose. But instead they try to tellt hemslves that all idols secretly want some chocolate goddess ass

No. 252275

File: 1527029423786.jpg (74.62 KB, 500x500, egg.jpg)

any idols you're shamefully attracted to? (I mean aside from any of them lmao)

I think Namjoon is cute. His weird egg face doesn't bother me, his smile is qt. he always looks cringey as hell in music videos because he tries too hard to look cool but still.

No. 252285

Bobby from ikon looks cute to me even though he looks so ugly. He seems like such a try hard too. I just have bad taste tbh.

No. 252301

File: 1527037169463.jpg (99.6 KB, 683x1024, 8e24d4dd58955efb7e13fbf4bd4516…)

Strangely attracted to this guy sometimes even though I know he looks weird, and even when he looks good he still looks like an overgrown baby like in pic related but it's oddly attractive. God help me.

No. 252302

File: 1527037510547.jpg (441.93 KB, 1173x1443, 8098098.jpg)

I like Jimin too. I said this in the last anti thread but he looks like a bratz doll made of mozzarella cheese yet somehow I'm into it lol

No. 252303

BTS Suga something about him is oddly attractive, dig the features

No. 252304

File: 1527038381817.gif (1.95 MB, 268x300, 52b3804e51e80ad3abe5149112b20c…)

yeah i agree, he's not great looking but his angry sounding rap style makes him a lil hot imo

oof jimin is super cute especially with his hair like that, love me some forehead.

No. 252309

I wasn't even aware bobby was considered ugly, what the fuck I have such shit taste

No. 252328

what the fuck is this lmao. this is some of the worst advertisement voice acting I've ever heard.

>looks at dog


No. 252331

damn that was awful. the voice actor for Yoongi's part is killing me

No. 252337

lmao the frist time i watched this I heard
>this is my dick
instead of pick. That weird handwritten p didn't help either.
who voiced V? He sounded kind of hot.

No. 252339

Yeah i heard it too lol.

>sounded kinda hot

no it sounded like a gay guy trying hard to sound straight imo

The visuals were nice tho

No. 252364

File: 1527054759579.jpg (34.17 KB, 420x747, b32b27da3cc54b339c2620be4045fb…)

I'm embarassed to be attracted to any idol tbh, Taehyung is especially feminine looking, but the worst thing is I'm pretty sure he's a misogynistic IRL. He's basically a pretty country boy dressed up in Gucci, but he can't hide his backward mentality.
He's just so pretty, I would love to have him as arm candy.

No. 252366

File: 1527055365587.gif (2.96 MB, 268x330, tumblr_p6gh002D6r1u6pskmo4_400…)

I don't know a lot about Monsta X but Jooheon is really cute

No. 252367

File: 1527055621761.jpg (157.39 KB, 800x1200, e8c1f9ab94f6f84b6198f8e972d41a…)

Well, I don't know if I'm ashamed exactly, but it's worrying the things I would do to bang G-Dragon. I especially love his tattoos, particularly because most of them are so trashy lmao

No. 252372

File: 1527057154965.gif (1.83 MB, 540x290, tumblr_o3hebbjBSB1utd3smo2_r1_…)

I recently got into Taemin. I've been into boy groups but I guess with him I see more of an actual grown man, despite the feminine features. Plus from what I've seen so far he's an excellent dancer and I love the few songs I've heard.

No. 252374

File: 1527058076328.gif (1.76 MB, 428x337, tumblr_ovbbhofRSE1w1jjioo1_500…)

Oh yes

No. 252376

ugh me too but i also find his newfound arrogance a huge turnoff as well. i'm left horny and conflicted

No. 252377

File: 1527059145706.jpg (180.26 KB, 740x534, 33e008336a20e0b71b4cff50.jpg)

Jaejoong, because he's a dick and I stan TVXQ as 2

No. 252378

File: 1527059620411.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.34 MB, 178x280, ee649d88b0a823d671660762218f81…)

He awkward looking when they debuted, but he grew up to be so handsome, I think bighit is pushing him to have a cooler persona to fit the pretty but arrogant trope. Jin is supposed to be BTS's visual but I think they're giving this role to V now and they want him to act the part (Jin was also asked to act cool and cold when BTS debuted). He even joked about it not too long ago when he said "I thought I was the visual now?".

No. 252379

File: 1527061052023.jpg (23.1 KB, 720x404, 87688.jpg)

I've been following Stray Kids casually (they're too young for me tbh) but Bang Chan is my age and I think he's cute. Plus he's Australian which is an accent I'm weak for lol.

No. 252382

File: 1527061317363.gif (3.43 MB, 524x325, 2D34CDA1-EC1A-4EF8-AE5E-2E6D46…)

GDragon in BangBangBang with the glitter all over his face was honestly one of his peaks. Although I dug the Crooked blond aesthestic as well.

No. 252383

OT but I honestly feel so bad for Jin. Ever since debut people have always acted like him being a “super visual” was his only function within the group and now he can’t even have that. Plus he was originally trained to be an actor but he still hasn’t gotten a role while Tae got his first drama role years ago. People act like Jin’s only role within BTS is as mom and “pink princess uwu” and I just feel so bad for him.

Sage for cringe-y oppa rant lol

No. 252387

Taehyung is genuinely handsome (at least IMO) but I agree I get really backwards vibes from him. I remember reading somewhere that his ideal kids would be one girl and four fucking boys and I cringed at what his hypothetical daughter would probably have to put up with.

No. 252388

Can I ask how old you guys are?
idk about the rest of the groups but BTS has a lot of really really young followers, around 10 and older. I found this out when I downloaded the Army Amino app and had to delete it.

I feel kinda weird/immature being 18 almost 19 and liking kpop, specially when I'm out and about and see a 13 year old wearing a bts shirt.

I just can't help liking kpop lol.

No. 252389

lol bitch im 22, im basically a crusty fossil to the rest of the fans
i got into kpop when BigBang and 2NE1 first got big and now i can't get out. i'm in it mostly for the music which i know makes me a special kind of retard, but i cant help it, i like the music lol

No. 252390

Lol anon, any younger and you wouldn't even be allowed to be on this site!

No. 252394

I'm 20, turning 21 in a few months. I was only very casually into kpop in high school (like, I knew Fantastic Baby and I AM THE BEST but couldn't name any members of BigBang or 2NE1) and was always more into hip-hop and alt/stoner rock so I dunno why I'm into kpop now. I think I'm just drawn to the fantasy/escapism aspect of it.

I wouldn't feel too bad as long as you aren't obnoxious about being a kpop fan and just treat it like any other interest. Plus BTS seems to attract a lot of older fans, especially because of songs like Spring Day.

No. 252404


yeah same same i knew about 2ne1 and Girl's G back then but didn't get really into it until recently. I'm glad i found the anti-kpop thread to stop me from becoming an obnoxious fan.

Songs like Moving on, Spring day, Pied Piper and 134340 or just their visuals/videos are what keep me stuck in the bts/kpop world

No. 252413

File: 1527068938582.png (1 MB, 960x1200, F31A3911-F147-4127-BEEB-BD60A0…)

Idk if ashamed is the right word but I feel guilty because I find Jeno from NCT Dream really, really attractive despite the fact he’s a literal baby who just turned 18. The Dreamies especially have this cutesy childlike theme going too which kind of makes it worse imo. It’s obviously nothing I would ever act upon and I do think he looks older than the rest of Dream but it still makes me feel iffy.

I feel especially weird because Doyoung is basically his mom and me and DY are the same age (96-liners)

No. 252418

24. BTS is coming to Germany in October and my boyfriend has expressed interest in going because he’s interested in their hip hop/EDM stuff. I’ll admit to showing it to him because I really liked Spring Day’s video.

…on the other side we’ll be the oldest there by far and IDK about all those weeaboo 13 year olds.
Should I even attempt to buy some tickets or is that super cringy at my age?

No. 252419

you go to a concert to appreciate the music and musicians and you said it yourself- you guys are into it for the music. 24 isn’t even that old. bts have fans way older than that.

if you want to go then go for it. don’t let a bunch of cringy koreaboos ruin an opportunity to see a band you like, especially if your bf is also interested.

No. 252420

this is the first time they're coming to Europe right? You should take the opportunity imo. Especially since you won't be going alone.

No. 252421

Who cares? You're an adult you can do whatever you want. And young fans can be cringy but they can also bring some great energy, I honestly find teenage fangirls cute and it make me smile to see them get all emotional over their idols.

No. 252441

File: 1527078833901.jpeg (41.49 KB, 691x592, 6EFDFBE4-E0EC-4910-B5A7-A3DCF5…)

everyone’s hating on blackpink’s newly revealed lightstick but i find it adorable

never been interested in lightsticks but if i ever bought one it’d probably be this. i think it’s cute that the members helped design it too.

No. 252443

I scrolled past and stopped when this caught my eye. I have now stared at this for quite a bit

I was sure it was some weird shaped dildo/vibrator and pondered how is it meant to be used. Then I scrolled up and saw the thread title…

So what the fuck is that thing?

No. 252449

File: 1527080358725.jpg (30.21 KB, 550x366, CDaPuwzUIAEi0DH.jpg)

it's a lightstick, fans take them to concerts. Different kpop groups have their own unique designs. For that design I think the pink hearts light up. sometimes they change color via bluetooth depending on the song being performed. it's like waving your lighter at a concert, but with more $$$

No. 252459

this made me lol

but yeah, some if not most lighsticks do look like really weird- or at least innovative- sex toys.

No. 252460

Thought this was me lol
I'm 22 and recently got into kpop again because of bts after dropping the whole kpop thing for 8 years, how do I leave again?

No. 252495

I think it looks cute too. It's like a toy hammer or something

No. 252512

I'm 28, so I guess I win for now lol.

But in my defense, I liked k-pop since I was around 13 years old. Bless BoA. This was actually a new song when I got into it.

It's interesting how diverse k-pop fans became over the years. But I have to say that k-pop fans were also way more respectful and less cringy back when the community was smaller. I love BTS, but damn ARMYs are so obnoxious compared to how Cassies were back when TVXQ was at their legendary status.. I believe you when you say a lot of ARMYs are literal children. It sucks, because it makes me hesitant to call myself one too. So I feel your pain (even more so since I'm 10 years older). It's also weird when you're a teacher like me, and your students like the same k-pop groups.

No. 252517

File: 1527097728129.png (948.79 KB, 579x854, 1.png)

i guess it makes sense anon, since the fanbases are so much larger now. the larger they are, the more assholes are gonna be, so the assholes are gonna be more visible. plus BTS fans are the largely the same flavour as 1D fans from 4 years ago: young, immature, and way too defensive of their idols, whom they hero-worship. it's not a good recipe. but just like any other fandom, there are chill fans, they just tend to be quieter and therefore get less of the press.

i also love BTS, but i would never call myself an army lol.

speaking of which, who are everyone's "biases" for BTS? (and any other Kpop groups for that matter). I'm curious. mine is JK, but my "bias wrecker" is PJM

No. 252524

File: 1527098784674.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.42 KB, 422x750, 7lmqrEhaG1ru3w24_500.jpg)

Not invested enough so I don't have any bias, but I wish drunk V and Jk would double team me.

No. 252533

File: 1527100285356.gif (4.77 MB, 530x530, 5cba824d2baafe9bbbc282dc03e911…)

It was Yoongi but I got bored of his attitude real fast so now it's Jungkook

No. 252536

i want to watch him blush as he cums

No. 252560

I guess the ones I liked first were typical babby's first bias choice when it comes to BTS: V and JK, they just always catch my attention first in pics and videos. I just love me some mentally challenged hot boys, I guess. But Jimin's personality and demeanour have to be my favourite though, and for some reason I have dreams where he pops up for a few seconds? It's odd. Jin is funny and I like watching his mukbangs, Suga and RM are interesting, talented, funny and lowkey bestboys imo, like the backbone of the group. Jhope is fun to watch when he's not trying too hard, and I wish he'd bring back Hope on The Street. I could watch the boy dance for hours. I guess I don't really have a favourite, OT7 or nothing.
Ah, another old Cassie teacher here! Wonderful. Who was your favourite in TVXQ?
I do remember fandoms being different too, but not any less cringy or full of fights and drama. Back in the day the biggest fandoms got the same criticism as the bts fandom nowadays. ELFs and Cassies fought as much as armys and exols do now, vips acted as "we're too good for kpop, kings, we rule this" etc as armys do, and sones were as full of dumb young guys and creepy old uncles as onces. The amount of fan content being churned out is massive though, especially on twitter and youtube. But I guess that's because making the content has gotten easier.

No. 252571

File: 1527101288442.jpg (190.43 KB, 1200x1800, 8cH4zxt.jpg)

I'm indifferent to most of the BTS members, but I honestly like Jimin. His voice and face both seem to be pretty hit or miss with most people, but I think both are cute. His slim body is nice too. I also like that he at least pretends to be modest and doesn't act arrogant on camera.

I'm being a cool big sister by taking my "ARMY" little sister to see them live this fall after she begged, so I'm glad that I at least actually like one of the members and a couple of their songs.

No. 252578

ahhh thats so cute, i wish my little sister was into BTS cause then i'd have someone to go with lmao

No. 252592

File: 1527102408529.jpg (123.42 KB, 800x1200, DUb54Z3U0AEfH7I.jpg)

That's really cute anon, you're a great older sister. And Jimin's cute and his voice is angelic! I don't get the whole "he looks like a freak and can't sing" thing, is it just different tastes?

No. 252593

File: 1527102597580.jpg (62.83 KB, 564x884, fdd649f7ba7c1287b20f05c26bc7e7…)

I find Jimin ugly tbh, but he has his own charm and I get how some people might find him attractive.

No. 252596

File: 1527103197181.gif (1.55 MB, 268x330, 487791805d809cbace405ed11f24d1…)

Same. I understand how he may not be everyone's taste, but the ones who go out of their way to insult him seem really unstable

No. 252602

File: 1527104425370.jpeg (160.26 KB, 800x1199, 382EA0ED-CF6A-49B7-8E8E-EBA0AA…)

I’ve been on a break from BTS and the fandom for a while but my bias since day 1 was Tae and he remains on top. Beyond how insanely pretty he is and how soothing his voice is (when he’s not growling or screaming lol) there is just something so… ethereal about him? Not just his beauty but his entire demeanor, quirkiness and being really adorable and precious in literally everything he does (i think someone upthread described it as him threading the line between genius and retarded? lmao)… He’s been my muse for a long while and I’ve based so many characters off of him.

Also this is weird as hell but it’s like no matter how much sleazy fanservice he does he still seems really innocent and pure- like he doesn’t understand what the stuff he’s doing actually implies? He just seems so… clueless and off-stage he’s as far from all that as you could possibly get. Makes me wonder if he does it just because he thinks that’s how it’s supposed to be and what’s expected of him and just sort of detaches himself whenever he goes on stage? Probably 500% projection but still

No. 252604

Anyone not ashamed of their interest in kpop? I find self hating fans of something more annoying than earnest and obsessive fans. If you’re really that embarassed and tortured by your love for something, there is nothing forcing you to keep listening. If you want to stop liking kpop then stop. I’ve been extremely into groups and then dropped them no problem lol. Maybe other people have a more difficult time with that?

Point is, life is too short to be embarassed of finding happiness in music.

No. 252608

No offense but this is the kind of stuff that makes me uncomfortable with kpop fandoms. The dude is an healthy 23 yrs old I don't think he's any more innocent and pure than your regular young men, he's also rich and famous and probably drowning in cute idol and fan pussy.

No. 252609

Well if someone is really attached to something it's probably hard for them to let it go completely. I agree with you though. There are things that I dislike about kpop as a whole but I don't really care if people know I enjoy it.

No. 252611

None taken. I know it’s weird as hell and probably not the case at all, hence why I’m only admitting it in an anonymous imageboard with the disclaimer that it’s probably, most likely, definitely projection.

No. 252613

File: 1527105906788.jpg (73.28 KB, 623x992, f7edbdd2a3ca0595b07f40617c6a2d…)

Wow anon, I went through a phase there I liked Jungkook and now I prefer Taehyung, but both of them together…wouldn't care if drunk or not lol

No. 252614

he def plays up on those "reverse charms". pretending he doesn't drink and stuff lol you cannot fall for that shit

No. 252618

>insanely pretty he is and how soothing his voice is
>something so… ethereal about him
>really adorable and precious in literally everything he does
>no matter how much sleazy fanservice he does he still seems really innocent and pure
>he thinks that’s how it’s supposed to be and what’s expected of him and just sort of detaches himself whenever he goes on stage

anon im sorry but you sound like the kind of creepy serial killer that wants to stuff V and preserve him like one of those pinned butterflies

No. 252624

LMAO but yeah you’re right i need to get it together

thank fuck this shit is anonymous

(imma screenshot your reply just bc it made me laugh tho)

No. 252626

File: 1527106882522.jpg (9.79 KB, 236x236, 6be7e4a653b11711bfbdb2ee12319b…)

I do like kpop and idols but I'm always reluctant to really get into it. So much of the industry revolves around personality and I always worry I'm going to end up putting time and money into someone who could end up being a prick. There's also the fact that it's a one-sided relationship and my bias doesn't even know I exist. It's probably not very healthy.

No. 252628

go for it. keep doing you anon, just dont forget that he gets paid to act this way. i think its pretty sweet that youre so attracted to the clueless/innocent type tho lol

No. 252629

Don't feel bad Anon, this whole industry revolve around selling you a fantasy, it's so easy to fall for it, and tbh as long as you don't bankrupt yourself there's nothing wrong with it.

No. 252630

it's safe to say they're all questionable people since they all are literal famewhores

No. 252631

I'm 30 and love kpop, haha.. I past the point of caring if people think I'm "too old" because I genuinely like the music/visuals/dances and I don't obsess over it or anything. I know a couple people my age (I used to play ddr with them as teens, lol) who are into kpop as well, and I even know a woman in her 40s who is into it, too.

No. 252638

Has anyone here ever actually been to a BTS or any idol concert outside of Korea? I'd be interested to hear what it was like. I was looking at tickets for BTS Chicago concert but my goodness they are $$ expensive! $$

Not ashamed in the least!

No. 252639

I'm not ashamed of liking Kpop, never have been. I do get embarrassed at being associated with the fanbase though.

No. 252659

i guess i shouldn't be ashamed in something that makes me happy, thanks

>drowning in cute idol and fan pussy
Do you think idols really sleep with fans?

I'm curious if anyone else attempted to learn Korean when first getting into into kpop/kdramas? Not in a koreaboo way but in a genuinely interested way? I just want to know what they're talking about lol.

I learned quite a bit and recognize a lot of words/phrases, but I just don't find it useful learning a language i'm prob never going actually use. idk

No. 252660

>Do you think idols really sleep with fans?
yes?!? why do you think pop idols in asia are any different than overseas? korean men aren't pure innocent boys. taehyung also had rumors of dating a fansite owner in the inu days i believe

No. 252665

File: 1527116022882.jpg (26.03 KB, 540x360, jinandsuga.jpg)

Another 30 year old here. I just only recently got into BTS, I won't say I am into Kpop because I only listen to BTS. I knew about them due to friends on Tumblr posting photos of them. I find Suga and Jin to be the most attractive to me.

No. 252668

I mean i know they're not pure and innocent but i thought they'd avoid sleeping with fans because it'd ruin their image. Isn't it what it's all about, the image? I don't believe a fan could keep a secret about sleeping with their oppa~
I can believe they'd fuck around with other idols since they're in the same position but then again idk idk

No. 252670

Jin's smile is so cute, it looks like he wants to smile even wider but his cheeks wont let him. :,))))))

No. 252671

when we say fan we don't mean an "official" fan. but if you think they aren't using their fame for pussy you have indeed drunk the koolaid. most male idols are dating non-idol girls since they are more available whereas idol girls have their own life.

No. 252674

damn alright lol i was thinking you meant an actual fan but yeah you're right

No. 252675

The idea that any of these guys is "pure" is hilarious. No man would be able to control himself with the amount of available women these men have.

No. 252677

I wonder if they have the woman they sleep with sign NDA clauses. I know some Bieber did something like that.

No. 252678

Prostitution is a huge thing in Korea, I bet they have agencies with discreet women who fuck high status and rich men.

No. 252679

I bet they do, some anon mentioned that in the first thread I think, about business men being forced to have sex with women just because it was "the norm" in the company or some shit like that lmao

No. 252680

Yoongi's mixtape was what got me into BTS so I'd say he's my bias but I like JK a lot too, I feel like I can relate to him because he's my age and shares a lot of my interests (video games, music prod., video editing and filmmaking etc.) 10/10 would hang out with.

Also I really like Jin. Yeah he's probably the least talented but I like his attitude a lot, I feel like he's just generally a pretty mature person (and husband material lmao). Also as a college dropout I admire the fact that he was physically attending university while being an idol.

As for other groups, the only other group I've been listening to lately is Stray Kids, and I'd say everyone in their 3RACHA subunit is my bias. Especially Bang Chan.

there was an anon in the first anti thread who called him disgusting and unlovable because he has disordered eating and it made me feel so bad. it wasn't even on topic lol. Like I get thinking he's ugly or a bad singer or whatever, that's just personal taste, but making fun of people for their image issues is just fucked.

No. 252684

I wanna know how Dispatch has so much exclusive BTS content. They're basically the TMZ of Korea (though they pretend to be journalists). They were probably given exclusive rights in exchange for keeping a scandal under wraps and my nosy ass wants to know what it is.

I'd already studied Korean a little (my mom is into East Asian media and the language caught my eye/ear a few times because it seemed less intimidating than Chinese or Japanese) but I got more into it when I got into kpop. Tbh I don't know how people get really into kpop for years and never even learn to read hangul.

No. 252686

I relate to Jimin a lot, mostly because of the ED and low self steem.

In my best periods of time and when I feel comfortable with someone I act the same way he does (or the way he shows to us) but I don't most of the time and I behave and feel like a shitty person, so I take him as a role model since he is well-known for being extremely kind, charming, sympathetic, cheerful and supporting person. I just want to love people the same way Jimin seems to love his members and be loved the same way his fans love him

No. 252695

>They were probably given exclusive rights in exchange for keeping a scandal under wraps
i think that's a given considering the suran/suga thing

No. 252724

who is suran

No. 252726

she's a singer who Suga produced a song for. There was a ""scandal"" earlier this year where BigHit had to deny dating rumors between the two of them.

No. 252727

They are both adults don't see what the problem is.

No. 252730

there's no problem but the tween fans can't handle it

No. 252749

File: 1527144687374.gif (746.72 KB, 245x150, tumblr_n759bf2AVp1rb8gm2o4_r2_…)

Any EXO-Ls here? I'm pretty fond of them because they were the first kpop group I ever got into. I think at this point though most of them are pretty Over it (except Kai and manlet squad aka CBX who seem to actually enjoy being in music)

Pic related, I used to think the EXO inside jokes were hilarious, it was a simpler time

No. 252750

File: 1527146785034.jpeg (55.05 KB, 539x607, Dd79z-gU0AIopYZ.jpeg)

I saw those anons as well. If you don't like someone, then fine, but it turned into a whole circlejerk about how ugly he was and if you don't agree then you're a dumb tweenage white knight. I just find it funny mozzarella anon actually likes Jimin lmao

No. 252756

File: 1527149328972.jpg (48.11 KB, 421x750, 23842384.jpg)

>I just find it funny mozzarella anon actually likes Jimin lmao
kek yeah I think I mentioned in my original post calling him mozzarella that I didn't find him ugly, just very weird-looking. He's a cute guy, he just happens to look like cheese.

No. 252759

File: 1527149630045.gif (1.22 MB, 268x160, tumblr_nxnwbyz9x01s55lfeo3_400…)

The anti thread anons were pretty harsh. At first i thought Jimin was a lil ugly but the way he presents himself is too adorable, he ended up being my bias.

Also JHope looks so feminine and pretty in this gif? I don't think he's as ugly as the other thread says he looks. He looks his best when he's not trying to hard to look all happy and hopefull uwu~ lol

No. 252762

people are allowed to think hes ugly anon, its just different tastes. there are already places you can go where people do nothing but gush about how attractive they all are, i.e. BTS twitter and reddit

No. 252765

Fame is so powerful it convince people a seriously weird looking guy is pretty.

No. 252767

I'm generally into weird/ugly guys irl, i like to be the pretty one… jk kek
It's really about personality that makes someone pretty/attractive to me, but it's kinda sad idols are acting for the most part

No. 252772

Anybody else see the terrible US dub of BTS's LG ad? I'm a fan but lord this is so bad.

No. 252773

nah it's not the fact that he's famous. I've been attracted to uglier dudes in real life. it's just preference.

I posted it up thread but thanks for reminding me of its wretched existence.

No. 252774

File: 1527153149995.jpg (119.09 KB, 678x1024, DR48DMEUIAER8Kh.jpg)

This reads like an incel-tier comment. DAE roasties only like men who are famous and have money?

>he just happens to look like cheese

Top kek. Whenever he extends his philtrum he resembles a monkey imo. Still cute and 10/10

>pic related

No. 252779

File: 1527155561612.jpeg (184.85 KB, 778x546, BA4E046D-856F-4A74-BF1B-C15D16…)

I feel like the only one in this thread who doesn’t like boy Kpop groups. I love BlackPink, Twice and Girls Generation. I wish GG were more relevant again.
I’m so god damn excited for BlackPink’s comeback in June

No. 252787

File: 1527158426063.jpg (1.33 MB, 1470x2059, eb64b9bd37dc1f5e2abc08919cf14c…)

I can't really get down with current girl groups but I used to enjoy some SNSD, 2NE1, and Orange Caramel songs.

I am interested to see BlackPink's comeback though. Lisa is qt. I like her shoulders.

No. 252791

I like Lisa too but the bitch looks like she never eats

No. 252792

I find it hard to enjoy girl groups that aren't mamamoo or brown eyed girls, there's just too much pandering to creepy men for my taste. The toddlerpop, the outfits and hair, the behaviour, the voices, the aegyo… Maybe it's me being a girl and knowing these things aren't what normal girls are like is what breaks the illusion. Whereas with guys it's easier to pretend, kek.

No. 252794

yeah she looks kind of spoopy, she could have a really nice athletic-type body if she put on weight/muscle.

No. 252812

I really liked that last mini album Exo cbx put out. Playdate is really relaxing even though the lyrics are kinda corny.

I like girl groups a lot though I understand why some of the fanservice is a turn off to people. I'm excited for Blackpink's comeback too. Hopefully they get at least a mini album this time.

No. 252817

Nah, same. I used to follow 4minute and 2NE1 and I still love 2015+ Wonder Girls.
Damn, the Wonder Girls. They disbanded right when they were making so nice music with cool concepts (imho).

No. 252818

Forgot to add that I also like Mamamoo. They're pretty good and different from other girl groups to me

No. 252824

So there's two BTS threads now, one where people try to hide their thirst behind some sort of superiority complex and another where it's free game thirst central. Awesome. I love that shit. Can't get enough of it.

No. 252829

if only this website had a built-in feature to hide threads you don't want to see…

No. 252832

File: 1527170936398.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.2 KB, 600x899, unrelated.jpg)

Me too, but unironically. Nitpicking the fuck out of men's appearances and personalities for once is so much fun.

No. 252836

I’m also really enjoying the vibe from this new group (G)Idol. They’re filling the hole left by BlackPink because they haven’t had a comeback in so long, one of the members of this group was actually a trainee at YG for 5 years and was supposed to be in BlackPink but apparently got kicked out because she was secretly dating someone. That’s fucked up

No. 252847

Nice! My bias was/still is Yunho. I haven't seen much drama from the comms I was in, but surely not everyone was innocent. I agree with you and >>252517 that it's because of the size of the fanbases, especially the western ones, so more obnoxious western fans at least. And just social media/youtube in general. Back in the days TVXQ was popular, youtube wasn't as mainstream as it is now, hence less k-pop spammers in the comment sections.
My BTS bias is also Jungkook btw. It's not helping that he's the youngest, but it's hard to choose differently. Suga (who luckily is a far less age gap) is a close second for me, though.

No. 252849

BTS is the cancer that can never stop spreading

No. 252853

File: 1527175469596.gif (495.09 KB, 332x230, JJDI200DMM2DN2456.gif)

We could have only one thread if the "antis" didn't lose their shit when another farmer say she want to shagg an idol.

No. 252872

Trust me, the boy groups are just as unrealistic as the girl groups. No guy acts like kpop guys, not even themselves when the cameras aren't rolling.

No. 252878

the anti thread started out with a different theme, but it devolved into a circle jerk for smug anons. both threads are basically the same, but the other thread is full of wank. i feel like most of the "anti" thread is just anons who like kpop but somehow think they're better for being more """critical"""

No. 252879

They're definitely fans, they're literally posting the new BTS videos minutes after they're released, they have to be following them.

No. 252894

File: 1527187762722.png (159.4 KB, 512x359, naega_neega.png)

does anyone have any thoughts on this? personally i really don't get why it was necessary, the word may sound a bit like "nigga" but it doesnt mean it IS that word, it's a totally separate korean word. i just don't understand why they would do this. are they gonna censor every song they write from now on that has naega in it?

also some people on twitter are butthurt about korean news sites writing "nigger" out in their article, which is dumb because its for informational purposes…

No. 252903

This. We really only need one thread imo and everyone can just voice their opinions (whether negative, positive, or neutral) on kpop. I mean we're all supposed to be adults here right and it's not really that serious of a topic.

No. 252907

File: 1527189348435.gif (525.3 KB, 268x180, twice.gif)

I love Twice so much even if their songs are all basically the same and tbh i fall for their fan service every time
Dahyun is my bias 100%

No. 252908

File: 1527189378406.jpg (435.38 KB, 1071x1500, Ox1XhZyOH3NxGJoDCeIQ.jpg)

Unpopular opinion but I also think jhope is cute/sexy, even if he isn't the most photogenic at times - that's something I definitely relate to myself. I don't think it has anything to do with his fame. Pretty sure if he was a regular dude I worked with or something I'd still feel the same.

I will admit though it's unfortunate that his plastic surgery is kinda obvious these days and looks a bit botched.

No. 252911

I'm kinda oblivious when it come to plastic surgery unless it's is super obvious or someone points it out.
What is it about Jhope? Is it a shaved jaw? I can't make my mind up about his nose since his sister has the same one.

No. 252921

File: 1527190736982.jpg (34.96 KB, 526x680, hobi.jpg)

I think he got plastic surgery pre debut (as well as after)? In some pictures he looked incredibly fug, but on the most part he looked cute, especially during the 2 cool 4 skool era. Shame that he made himself look a ugly afterwards
>high school jhope was a complete qt though

No. 252944

this is isnt nescessary at all I think they're scared that they might get attacked or something

Maybe they're not trying to be like bigbang and making 네게 which is pronuced nege in one of their songs and it very much sounds like the n word (at the :20 mark)

No. 252961

File: 1527201501211.jpg (308.8 KB, 1200x1800, hos920090290293.jpg)

Dahyun is so cute, I remember when I wasn't even into kpop I watched TT over and over again (I heard about it because I follow the choreographer) just for that part with her in the rabbit costume

I like jhope too, I definitely get why people would find him unattractive but I like how androgynous he looks. I have a weakness for dancers though.

No. 252968

File: 1527207083704.jpg (79.94 KB, 1000x669, Pl7sEdU.jpg)

Boygroups are inconsequential to my kpop experience. Sure there's a few songs here or there that I like, but I basically only click with girl groups or soloists. OMG, LOONA, and EXID are the currently active groups I'd consider myself to be a fan of, but I actively follow new releases every week, so my Kpop library's pretty diverse in concept and groups.
Also my preference for women plays a big part.

No. 252971

What do you guys think of the BTS comeback shows?
I don't love this song but the choreography was nice. I like how it looked like an extension to that one scene in the Daydream MV.

No. 252972

File: 1527208042541.jpg (107.44 KB, 1200x675, DMwU51bWkAE0GZA.jpg)

anybody noticed how bad Suga has gotten? they mentioned it on the anti thread and made fun of him, and I felt awful.

For years we have knew that he is a little more gloomy than his members, but lately he seems absent

No. 252977

Yeah he looks so thin and his rap feels so out of energy too. I'm guessing the Suran scandal must have somrthing to do with that partially.
Also, I might be biased since I dislike the new album, it seems he's much more excited about songs that are more agressive or more leaning to hip hop an this Come Back is like almost the oposite of that. There's not really a song that "feels more Suga" this time.
I hate this because I really likehis stuff when he actually puts in some effort.

No. 252978

File: 1527211715554.jpeg (185.6 KB, 900x1200, DdyCSzgVAAAQXf-.jpeg)

I've noticed Suga is smiling more often and it's hard to read. Whether he's genuinely happy or putting up a front. I do agree with the anti thread that he's a walking skelly. He's honestly setting himself up for failure, he said he wants to win a Grammy and be the most influential artist in the world.

>just noticed the skelly picture of him has the filename ending in Doot

My sides

No. 252981

I agree he's hard to read, especially since everything is a front and he so rarely does any one-on-one content (vlives, etc., though even then of course he has to mitigate what he says). Of course he'd say "wow I'm so happy and grateful for everything!" even if he's depressed right now. We'd probably have to wait for another mixtape to get any actual insight into how he's doing.

No. 252983

I enjoyed what I saw of the choreography, I really like the ending to Fake Love with the whole Venetian mask ending. I know people don't like Jin but I abolsutely loved him in these.

No. 252987

to be honest i think speculating over how secretly miserable a member might be is just as cringey and weird as thinking theyre pure and innocent like >>252602.

No. 252989

>my preference for women plays a big part

yeah i agree with that, I feel like a lot of girl groups are weirdly sexual like Twice with the fan service they do. I'm bi so i love that gay shit on either boy or girl groups lol

No. 252990

the only reason I do that with Suga is because he's admitted to being depressed and either considered or attempted suicide before based on his lyrics. Like I get that "omg [member] didn't smile during this interview he's secretly longing for the sweet release of death" is cringey but musicians I like keep killing themselves (just a couple weeks ago the lead singer of Frightened Rabbit killed himself) so I'm just hyper aware of it now.

No. 252991

yeah, especially with what happened with Jonghyun

No. 252994

exactly. I know constant speculation and projecting isn't really helpful, especially when it's just people romanticizing mental illness or projecting their own problems onto idols, but I can't help but worry a little.

No. 253021

This song is such a mess. And they tried a bunch of weird stuff with the choreo but it just doesn't work imo. I actually find Jungkook's entrance a little cringy.

No. 253023

I don't know anything about super junior but they did the latin song theme a lil better imo

I really would've loved if BTS did 134340 or Paradise as a comeback stage instead of Anpanman and Airplane pt.2
Paradise could've had an interesting choreo/stage

No. 253028

I like anpanman but I just knew the choreo was going to be another GoGo situation. I agree about Paradise it could've had a nice stage though I understand why they went with Anpanman and Airplane pt.2

No. 253035

Oh God, either he is shooped to high heavens here or he really is a skelly. He looks GDragon kind of spoopy. Curly hair doesn’t do him any service either.

No. 253036

OT but Made was a well-put together album with little to no filler songs. Loads better than Alive.

No. 253039

File: 1527233550949.png (203.43 KB, 650x817, 92bc10589236a036e0b11ed47dc7f9…)

it's kinda sad, i remeber he was talking about how he wants to be thinner and have a smaller face on a vlive from a long while back. idk how old this pic is but he's always been really thin and small.
I'm surprised at how healthy Jimin looks in this pic, hasn't he always struggled with weight/image too?

No. 253040

ok but Suga genuinely looks like a stiff breeze would snap him in half

No. 253041

File: 1527233710416.png (545.78 KB, 456x810, 2bnwV6IT1wxye4do1_540.png)

He look spoopy in candid too.

Jimin was called bagel back then (baby face+ glamorous body). He looked healthy.

No. 253042

a lot of Army were freaking out over this pic and how hot they think he looks, but gosh i wish he'd get some help.

kinda ot but why do kpop fans say "rude" when an idol does something sexy/provocative? Just say they look fucking hot?

No. 253051

Strangely enough he looks kind of plastic too. maybe it’s just the weight loss, but he looks as if he’s had some PS in the past year. Either way, gross. I’m not a chubby chaser, but that doesn’t look like a normal weight anymore.
>inb4 fatty comments

No. 253055

File: 1527249725982.jpg (126.37 KB, 750x1124, IMG_20180512_162904.jpg)

Jimin had some great leg muscles back then as a result from his dance school days, this pic is from I need U era and he rocked the shorts.

Nowadays his muscular legs are gone and he looks spoopy just like Suga or even worse. Thank God this comeback Jimin looks unexpectedly better, I hope he doesn't starve himself again

No. 253250

same reason they do anything they do. because of all the autism.

No. 253325

I have never heard this song before and it's all i've been playing today. Love it, thanks for bringing it up anon.

No. 253349

his new jaw shave looks awful :( i hate it

No. 253352

Is it really a jaw shave? I was thinking it could've been just his weight loss but i know ps is a big thing with idols

No. 253353

File: 1527319650641.jpg (77.57 KB, 564x846, f3f3371272a7645427d85648124225…)

How come his face is long and square now? I'm not a fan of his and I don't find him particularly handsome but he used to look like a cute asian dude, he's ruining himself.

No. 253354

File: 1527319740002.jpg (55.1 KB, 860x1002, d567e40a38f3fe7274c58721892907…)

yea he got one. his jaw used to have indents (from his predebut jaw/chin surgery) on them and they're not there at all anymore

compare this pic to >>253041

he always seems to be "chasing" something with his physical appearance. sad tbh

No. 253355

File: 1527320119733.jpg (276.24 KB, 1620x1080, 90098098.jpg)

yep compare those to pic related, which is very recent. He's turning himself into a goddamn dorito. I think he got the jaw shave because of his weight tbh, when he gains weight it goes right to his face and he's clearly insecure about it. I don't normally like nitpicking/overanalyzing idols' weight but the way he's constantly contradicting himself about food (saying "Oh I'm skinny because I forget to eat" or "I just don't enjoy eating" and then later saying stuff like "it's hard to diet, sometimes I get so hungry I can't sleep" or blatantly refusing food to avoid guilt over it later and calling himself overweight when he clearly isn't) is a red flag to me.

No. 253356

i also remember him saying he dieted before 2016 bbmas because he has to be skinny to look good on tv :( but the jaw shave just looks plain awful. i feel bad for saying that lol

No. 253357

File: 1527320839128.jpg (48.34 KB, 480x440, 3d97b96ee0f9d3398045ed99d554a2…)

He probably doesn't feel good about himself. I remember when everybody was talking about his tiny legs and how they were better than most girl idol's legs, he legit looked like he got a kick out of it.

No. 253360

oh yikes, i never even noticed
am i wrong to think his jaw looks fine now? Of course it doesn't look natural given we know how it used to look like but it looks okay? It's still sad that he's insecure about himself, it sucks. :/

No. 253362

I don't think it's been shaved. BTS tends to always be visible be it twitter, RUN BTS, live shows etc. It's much more likely a combination of weight loss + fillers.

No. 253363

I just watched a jaw reduction video because i was curious to see what some idols do their face and that shit looks painful af
It's weird to think about your fave idols having that stuff done
I checked to see the recovery period of a jaw shave and it's a 6 month recovery period, does bts ever get that long of a break? Could just be fillers?

No. 253364

Why is it that if a girl get's something done she's just a vain bitch who's addicted to ps, if a female celebrity starves herself she's bad influnce for her (pre)teen fanbase, but if a 25-year-old dude does the same, it's suddenly super sad and he's just a poor baby that "struggles with image"…?

No. 253365

Where has those things been said in this thread?

No. 253366

I'd feel the same way if it were about a girl or a female idol. We just happen to be talking about Suga??

No. 253367

Granted I don't know anything about ps, but I thought jaw shaves were extremely risky with a high chance of complications. BTS seems always busy to me. I can't imagine no one noticing major surgery. Being a rapper is literally his bread and butter idk why he would risk losing that.

It's probably mostly weight loss and I think his lazy sleepy persona is to hide that he's physically tired from being a skelly.

No. 253368

This is basically a kpop fan thread since the other one is extremely hostile. Of course we're going to sympathise with idols.

No. 253369

im not buying that its a jaw shave earlier, ive seen gifs where you can still see his jaw indent, and jaw shaves are very invasive surgeries from what ive heard, so not sure when he would have had time to get it done. he probably just looks different because of weight fluctuations and possibly fillers

No. 253372

People forget that angles and filters play a huge role in appearances. So does short term dieting. The people who accuse idols of surgery either assume so because they're south Korean or they want to victimise their poor little oppar "don't cave in to society's pressures~!!"

No. 253373

File: 1527325704156.jpg (96.3 KB, 1280x720, 987387RNNFE00.jpg)

No. 253378

unreal, who is this? I'm a noob to kpop

No. 253381

Jessica from snsd.

No. 253386

what on earth no one ITT has been shitting on women for PS or dieting, or really shitting on women at all. Except that one offhand comment about Lisa upthread. Also, I made some of the posts worrying about Suga and for the record it does piss me off that he criticizes his and other members' weight on-camera when he knows his young fans might see it. I've already seen clips of him talking about dieting in those stupid "thinspo" compilations on youtube.

No. 253389

im the anon that made the comment about Lisa, i wasn't shitting on her, like i said i like her but i genuinely think she is worryingly underweight. especially with all the performing/dancing and training idols do, they need to nourish themselves properly, and i think many of them dont

No. 253400

>He's turning himself into a goddamn dorito

oh God, you’re right. I was the anon who said he looked plasticky and that just confirms it. Wow. He looked cute before, now he looks a hot mess.

No. 253409

no offense but you guys are delusional. his jaw line is not from fillers because he jaw looks reduced. i had DOUBLE jaw surgery done and yes recovery is long and awful but suga just had a mandible jaw reduction which lots of idols have done (yoona, hyoyeon, yuri, wendy, etc). it wouldn't be as an invasive jaw surgery and the downtime for it isn't that long. look up celia and sonia from youtube. they had one done. when you guys hear jaw shave you're reading about double jaw orthognathic surgery which is a totally different beast.

No. 253411

File: 1527350125169.jpg (89.15 KB, 427x1212, 320a684592e6d6d382851a1f67e6e0…)

No. 253416

>i had DOUBLE jaw surgery done

damn, dude. was it purely for cosmetic reasons? was it worth it?

No. 253417

I joke about V getting so fat lately but I just realized it might not be by choice, it might be a side-effect of pills. But even so, maybe he should take a few tips from Suga and vice versa, lol

No. 253418

File: 1527351351602.gif (1.52 MB, 268x268, sungi.gif)

did it hurt?

No. 253419

it was mostly for orthodontic problems such as a cross bite and an overjet. the recovery is pretty bad no lie and it's been 7 months and my face is still a little numb. yes it was worth it!! i can chew properly

No. 253423

Ouch, his piercings look sore or infected here.

No. 253428

Wait what pills? Can you fill me up on that?

No. 253442

File: 1527357248983.jpg (118.46 KB, 750x1200, Dd7pkZSV0AAITaY.jpg)

Fat? I think he looks good/healthy? He's always wearing baggy clothes but he doesn't look fat at all.

No. 253443

File: 1527357557311.jpg (61.53 KB, 564x785, 987a3574f7e41b1f36d609a6df41ef…)

I think it's mainly an illusion, his long bangs only show his round lower face and he wear baggy clothes so his body look bigger, but Taehyung is always quite skinny. Pic related, his tiny arms.

No. 253446

File: 1527358402361.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.95 KB, 1074x1046, CaOmRPw.jpg)

He seems healthy to me too. I guess he has some belly fat, but it doesn't seem to be anything outside of the realm of normal. I don't know how recent this pic is, but he still seems pretty far from fat to me.

Spoilered his belly area. Had to wade through a disgusting amount of fans talking about V's soft squishy baby boy tummy in order to find the pic, bleach please

No. 253448

File: 1527358703250.gif (2.45 MB, 268x330, tumblr_on3nts8ycj1ufj9nco1_400…)

Tae has really nice eyebrows that fit his face, i know the stylists always hide his fivehead but he'd look really nice with short hair or those Jungkook bangs.
>baby boy tummy
oof, army has to stop with the baby-ing especially when they're calling them rude/sexy afterwards

No. 253449

Tbh I understand their sperging I find this midriff irresistible on a guy like him. I just don't like the way they always call them cute babies and then cry over how sexy they are.

No. 253450

File: 1527359137908.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

>Had to wade through a disgusting amount of fans talking about V's soft squishy baby boy tummy in order to find the pic

No. 253452

The tall guy in the shorts really stands out. Are the rest of the members incredibly short or is he just really tall?
He's cute anyway lol

No. 253458

File: 1527361677926.png (398.9 KB, 463x676, 9838739NFNKD.png)

Some cringe for y'all.

No. 253459

File: 1527361724688.png (408.58 KB, 609x680, NBN366R0D02.png)

No. 253462

he's just tall but I think there is at least one member that is really short.

No. 253463

File: 1527363221144.jpg (23.21 KB, 500x511, 21d2a017c609445be2546627759f6f…)

I understand some of the thirst after these guys but…

>a little puppy eager to please his hyungs

>gods favorite child whom he moulded from the silver light of the moon itself
>bunny boy


No. 253466

I know there isn't really an English language equivalent but I cringe so hard when people write "hyungs" in English.

No. 253598

I have zero problem with people using hyung or noona, but I do have problems with BTS fans infantilizing grown ass men by callIng them puppies or bunnies or good bois. Gross. Makes me fucking shiver. With Jungkook especially, because he doesn’t even do that much fanservice in that direction and people still fall all over themselves to write this adult baby shit on twitter.

No. 253630

anyone have soloist recommendations? Either pop or otherwise. So far I've liked Lim Kim, HA:TFELT, Sunmi, IU, and Dean.

this is great anon ty

>With Jungkook especially, because he doesn’t even do that much fanservice in that direction
never forget that one time he called a fan "mommy" because she asked him to lol. that's the kind of image you never live down.

No. 253667

I really liked Zico’s mini album Television,
Genius and ANTI are my jams.

No. 253677

Kang Seung Yoon

These came to mind

No. 253764

SHINee is having a comeback really soon. Any thoughts? Are you looking forward to it?

I hope the members are doing alright these days–it honestly feels weird w/o Jonghyun.

No. 253790

Seconding Hyukoh/Oh Hyuk

No. 253826

The songs sound nice so far. Hopefully their promotion period goes well.

No. 253950

Shinee's been my favorite group since 2013, and after everything they've been through I just want them to be happy. Since they're getting three EPs I wonder if they'll get a repackage too.

No. 253983

what should I listen to if I wanted to get into SHINee? I've only heard Lucifer.

No. 253986

Odd, 1of1, or Misconceptions of Us are probably the best places to start. Here's a couple of b-sides from each album that are my faves

Taemin is a member of Shinee and has really good solo work as well, if you're interested!

No. 254291

File: 1527515753309.jpeg (123.8 KB, 750x695, 18A033CC-D9A5-4F7B-8304-57899F…)

anyone understand this recent trend of obsessively calling suga ‘lil meow meow’ on twitter? that shit’s completely exploded all over stan twitter it’s like a cult with antis and everything

No. 254311

Heize, Kisum, Lucy

No. 254324

maybe its a reference to this, in regards to suga's admittedly somewhat corpse-like appearance?

No. 254459

Still feels a little weird without Jonghyun, but I liked the songs from this EP. They didn't fill his place, and the homages seemed well placed in the video. Definitely looking forward to the next one.

AOA's comeback was good, too. The aesthetic of the video was really lighthearted and fun. It felt like there'd be a hole without Choa but they filled the gaps pretty well.

No. 254562

File: 1527600766553.jpeg (111.72 KB, 750x568, A5A74025-273D-4B48-B3B2-8832FA…)

i love blackpink but jennie stans shitting 50 bricks the second someone mentions another member is annoying and embarrassing as hell. akbaes are trash

i feel like blinks are becoming the new ratmys and i’m not here for it. it’s sad a proficient group can’t peacefully exist without obsessive 5yos who can’t spell for shit flocking to it like flies

No. 254738

File: 1527614539398.jpg (50.02 KB, 720x386, IMG-20180529-WA0032.jpg)

The ticket sale for BTS in Berlin hasn't even started but it's already a mess. 2 days before the sale begins the pre-pre-sale gets cancelled and all the expensive tickets get even more expensive because of some fee that is only 10 euros in Amsterdam but 40 euros in Berlin, fml.

I'll try my best and shoot for a VIP ticket anyway, next friday GOT7 will be playing in Berlin (and that ticket sale was a mess, too.

Is someone else going/ trying to get their hands on a ticket?

No. 254884

BTS in the UK are having a similar shitshow right now, with the pre sale being cancelled for tomorrow. I am definitely going to go for a ticket, wherever it will be P1 or VIP I don't know yet

No. 254893

rip. was hoping for easy tickets as im an O2 customer

No. 255065

It's been known since the start that all European ticket sales would be on June 1st 9am local time. Why would the UK and Germany get a head start?

No. 255309

i'm seeing got7 in new york! good luck on bts tickets anon

No. 255410

File: 1527798427128.png (1000.32 KB, 1089x722, 98783NNFIJF830IS.png)

Suga's new face makes me uncomfortable…

No. 255412

Too uncanny valley, his surgeon fucked up.
>tfw you found him cute before but now Suga's becomming Korean MichaelJackon

No. 255415

he looks weird. he didnt need PS, he looked like a normal cute guy before. why does the kpop industry want to turn everyone into a weird plastic clone

also wtf is that hair

No. 255417

he already had a pretty feminine face before, why would anyone want to make it even more feminine? fucked up

No. 255430

File: 1527812151595.jpg (83.32 KB, 736x1084, 80898.jpg)

>that exaggerated v-line
rip. there was nothing wrong with his face before.

No. 255439

This hair is so odd, only one side is crimped? wtf lol

No. 255440

rip indeed, he looked pretty cute and boy-ish in this

No. 255445

This thread's pic is so bad. Hwasa specially looks like a men here.

No. 255446

No. 255465

Thank you so much, anon!
Unfortunately I couldn't get a ticket for BTS at all and am pretty disappointed but seeing Got7 next week is making me feel better.

I hope you'll have a blast seeing Got7 as well!

What do you think about their tour merch? It's simple enough so I think it's kind of cute (and not too cringy to wear on the street)

No. 255473

Anyone else grow out of Kpop and cringe looking back at the type of shit you liked? I listened to it when I was 16 but fell off when I turned 17. I can't believe BTS is so popular, I remember when they debuted, I thought they'd fail lol

No. 255523

not really, I actually got into when I was older. I spent basically all of my teen years refusing to listen to anything that was seen as "uncool" among my friend group (so I basically only listened to various genres of rock music) and it's nice just listening to fun pop songs now. I mean I still like the bands I used to listen to but I cringe worse at the fact that I used to listen to NOTHING but Queen and Led Zeppelin when I was 15 and thought I was cool for doing so lol. It helps that my obnoxious weeb days are over and I'm self-aware about how cringe a lot of kpop is, so I don't really buy/wear merch or advertise that I like it.

I can't believe BTS is so popular either though, despite liking them. Their success is pretty surreal. The same types of girls who made fun of me for liking Japanese media in high school purely on the grounds that it wasn't in English are now """stanning""" a Korean group lol.

No. 255537

I still check out those K-netizen translations sites out of boredom, but I'm really not into K-pop as much now as I used to be when I younger. I think I've just outgrown it. I still like the sound of some K-pop songs, but I've really become more jaded by the industry's practices and don't get involved in fandom-related content at all nowadays.

I also cringe looking back about how much I ate up MBLAQ and U-KISS when they were relevant. I thought these boy bands were everything. It is a bit disappointing knowing that both groups are dead now and lots of the members spent years without much to gain from being idols in the end. Hell, GO from MBLAQ is now a full-time streamer and has admitted that he makes more from streaming so far than from his whole time in MBLAQ.

No. 255595

I have to say, seeing how angry and full of hate and/or confusion some people get about BTS makes me chuckle a bit. As someone who's looking at it from a pretty neutral POV, the people who autistically complain about them seem to me like mirror images of the rabid portion of the fans. At least the fans get some enjoyment out of this, what do the constant complaining artists get?

No. 255596


No. 255602

suga really didn’t strike me as someone who would go under the knife, especially not for something as risky/dangerous as jaw-shaving. guess no-one’s safe.

No. 255603

he already did before. he got a sliding genioplasty predebut because he used to have an incel chin.

No. 255605

that’s because they’re the same brand of people. people who obsessively “like” something and others who obsessively hate on it are two sides of the same coin.

i feel like a lot of them are also from fandoms of less successful groups that are bitter over bts being put in a pedestal, armys being insufferable or just going out of their way for the sake of being every bit as obnoxious as the armys they claim to hate so much, or a combination thereof.

also let’s not forget the army vs exo-l feud raging on while bts and exo members are good friends lol

No. 255612

I'm also pretty neutral on this matter but I understand why people dislike BTS (not hate mind you). With social media and ARMY pushing them all the time it can be pretty exhausting. Even here we have two kpop threads mostly talking about them.

No. 255622

File: 1527896541229.jpg (71.28 KB, 610x698, bts-jin-predebut-suga-Favim.co…)

I can kind of understand it tbh, BTS is massive right now and it seems like they're only going to get more popular. I don't get the rabid hate but it's definitely annoying being constantly reminded of a thing you find grating (though I do get the feeling some of them are bitter fans of other groups). It reminds me of when I was in high school and all my friends LOVED wrestling except for this one friend who just wasn't into it at all and she would get really angry any time we brought it up lol.

>suga really didn’t strike me as someone who would go under the knife
I didn't either at first, but I think when he was forced to diet hardcore (I don't think he was ever fat but he was definitely heavier predebut) and get surgery the first time it snowballed into image issues resulting in more surgeries.

No. 255629

I know how you feel, except rather than Jeno it's Jisung.
I'm around Mark's age by the way. Same birth month and everything, lol

No. 255630

I know how you feel, except rather than Jeno it's Jisung.
I'm around Mark's age by the way. Same birth month and everything, lol

No. 255631

he wanted to be an idol

No. 255649

I know, I'm not trying to go "uwu poor baby was taken advantage of by his company" I'm just saying once the restrictions were actually in place it could've snowballed into more serious image issues. As in, you hear about some idols hating the dietary restrictions and sneaking food or eating garbage any chance they get whereas other idols diligently starve themselves and become obsessed with reaching what they perceive as a "perfect body". I'm not blaming the company, I just think people respond to those kinds of restrictions differently.

No. 255655


oooof i can strongly relate to this, I remember i only listened to "dad rock" through middle school/high school and thought i was the coolest bitch for being "different".

I'll listen to anything now from cringey kpop to cow mating calls as long as it's fun to listen to

No. 255661

I think he really was forced. For what I know, the company decided to create an idol group in the last minute under the name of BTS, and he, RM and other dudes were expecting a debut under said name but as a rap crew.

It was debuting or being jobless again, and they had already spent quite a lot of time waiting to debut under bighit.

No. 255663

that's a bunch of bull to make bts seem more ~legitimate and less idol-y. no underground rapper undergoes training lul

No. 255665

you are wrong here.
I remember they uploaded a lot of covers and self-made songs predebut, the company made them do that as some type of tests to see if they skills were improving or nah, if they didn't you would get dumped anyways since bighit was broke and they would not provide any useless trainee the basics (food, lessons, a shitty apartment), also bighit had already started promoting them as a rap crew, alongside with J-hope and they even did some performances and appared on some tv channel and got overall got responde from the audience.

I'm not trying to make them seem "legitimate and less idol", but being as objetive as I can, so please inform yourself.

No. 255666

sorry for sage, but the song was satoori rap and here is one video

No. 255667

you can't force someone to become an idol. you army hoes are nuts.

No. 255693

I agree, the hateful sperging in the anti kpop thread is embarrassing tbh. It's way more than disliking BTS or being annoyed by their fans, it sound like pure butthurt and i'm pretty sure one of the most bitter farmer is just an exo fan, kek.

No. 255695

>no underground rapper undergoes training lul
that's literally what happened though. unless you mean that he ceased to be "underground" once he signed on as a trainee in which case you're correct lol. they were still going to be a rap group, just not an underground one. kind of like ROCKBOTTOM, most of whom are former trainees but definitely not an idol group.

you're right that they were originally a hip-hop group but yoongi had multiple opportunities to leave. iirc he considered leaving a couple times but BigHit wanted him on (probably because they'd sunk a lot of time and money into him already and were hoping it'd pay off) and kept giving him incentives, like paying for his college etc. unless BigHit was literally blackmailing or threatening him he was absolutely not "forced" to do anything. Agreeing to a lifestyle in which you're expected to look a certain way isn't being "forced". Pretty much the only way someone could be "forced" to be an idol is by their parents, and yoongi had already cut himself off from his.

No. 255696

Yeah, I enjoy nitpicking BTS' shitty outfits, music, personalities, etc., but saying they'll end up as rapists or murderers and all their fans will be fine with it is extremely retarded.

No. 255700

also sage for samefag but the three of them looked way better back then, Namjoon's dumb perm aside.

No. 255702

It used to be funny when I first got into Kpop, but it's exhausting because BTS talk takes up pretty much every place of Kpop discussion, whether it's fan or hater shit.

No. 255708

anyone know any cool korean electronic acts. The only one I know is IDIOTAPE.

No. 255729

IDIOTAPE is too fucking good.

No. 255772

this is awful wtf lol

No. 255898

File: 1528002751641.jpeg (42.55 KB, 443x332, 495C2117-DD60-41FF-B0C7-2123C0…)

Does anyone know any tutorials for male kpop makeup that doesn’t suck?

No. 255901

No. 255904

Kirara is the most similar I can think of, and she's a one man band, which is cool:

Hitchhiker (the MVs are fun):
Funnily enough, they're signed onto SM while IDIOTAPE is under YG (under a subsidiary, though).

Nada's Trippin' is more of that glitchy, earfuck sound as extreme as Kpop will allow:

UZA and Neon Bunny are more of the progressive house/synth pop genre:

Also, Yaeji is another cool house producer, but she's pretty famous already and is an American acts, so I don't know if you'd count her.

No. 255910

these are great anon thank you

No. 256243

File: 1528143913912.jpg (313.54 KB, 1000x1500, QtNKVXQ.jpg)

I'm so jealous of these Twice girls.

No. 256247

don't be. in 8 years they'll be washed up and married to some 50 year old business man and will never see the light of day after that.

No. 256250

Settle down, anon.

No. 256253

Dahyun is really cute in this pic

No. 256366

File: 1528191779684.png (5.14 MB, 1414x2000, 69ABEAD2-6D1F-488B-9EA5-7E0A24…)

i feel kind of bad bc i feel like i’m the only person on the planet who doesn’t find twice insanely pretty. most of them have looks that feel like hit-or-miss and some are downright wonky-faced to me. i think dahyun is the first kpop girl idol ever that i’ve found genuinely unfortunate-looking, except for maybe hyoyeon in the early years of snsd.

if you question it you’ll have a shit ton of onces pissing themselves in rage, though.

No. 256382

wtf did i just listen to? god this sounds so bad. and people in the comments saying
>this proves that they dont lip sync, icons!
er yeah cause they sound terrible… and thats supposed to be a good thing?

>jealous of girls who have teams of dozens of people with access to vast wealth to enforce their diet and exercise plans as well as style their hair, dress them, scrub them, powder them, make them up, every time they are ever seen in public
anon, youre part of the reason shit like the diet pill industry is worth millions

No. 256383

File: 1528198169829.jpg (33.91 KB, 205x246, 20180605_132559.jpg)

Seriously, why?
You probably only see her fame, body and styling. Other than that her face is nothing special and she's got zero talent (and her popularity won't last for long…).

No. 256387

I seriously don't understand how people can call them wonky faced and ugly. For me they're all super good looking.

No. 256388

her face is cute to me in gifs/videos but looks weird in pics. All her features look stiff and kind of uncanny valley.

idk what they were thinking giving V such a forceful opening line like that…he doesn't have the vocal strength for it. Still haven't watched the whole thing because I always nope out like five seconds in lmao.

No. 256390

I think only Jin and V did badly. Jimin was patchy and the others did fine imho.

No. 256392

You guys are insane, I get not liking them but calling them ugly? Most of them don't even have any real flaws…

No. 256395

File: 1528199814449.png (352.47 KB, 515x591, Capture d’écran 2018-06-05 à…)

A bit OT but I love how friendly they look, I'm tired of the angsty sexy faces western pop singers always pull, It feels like they take themselves soooo seriously (not saying that idols don't). I find a smiley face way more appealing.

No. 256396

File: 1528200106319.gif (1.94 MB, 268x375, tumblr_p9bwi1J2Oc1rmhep4o4_400…)

same here
not a huge fan of the song but the choreography is fun

No. 256397

File: 1528200338711.gif (453.75 KB, 220x196, anpanman_jm.gif)

same, i love when they actually look like theyre enjoying themselves during the choreo

i really liked gogo when i first heard it, watched the performance and thought it was just a silly song about spending all your money. but apparently its a deep commentary on people with no prospects spending money on meaningless things which tbh makes me like it less

No. 256398

Yes, we get it lol

You just have super low standards, anon.

No. 256399

isn't this supposed to the the kpop general thread?
the anti thread is here >>252094 anon

No. 256401

What do you consider good looking then? I'm curious.

No. 256404

Maybe they were only trying to make you feel better? Acknowledging that having stylists, trainers etc contribute a lot to their looks and that you shouldn't feel bad about not looking like that as well =/= hating… but you do you I guess, stay miserable

No. 256407

When did I say I was miserable? I just think they're super cool and good looking. Yes, being a celebrity helps, but I still don't think any of them is ugly when barefaced.

No. 256409

i’m the first anon you replied to and like i said in my post, i feel bad about it but can’t help but question the people frothing at the mouth over them. i don’t dislike anyone in twice even if a lot of onces are insufferable. from what i’ve seen all of the members seem very sweet and genuine. appearance isn’t everything to me so i can like them as people even if i don’t like their looks.

most of them aren’t ugly but somewhat odd-looking, dahyun being the most prominent example. i just don’t understand why people screech about them being such a visual group when most of them are on the lower end of average when it comes to looks among kpop girl groups.

tzuyu and sana are gorgeous, though. nayeon is cute too but i can see why some people aren’t into her teeth.

No. 256418

File: 1528204146759.jpeg (25.88 KB, 581x334, Dc-8ucOW0AAVFIl.jpeg)

Stop replying to low quality bait.
> X is ugly!
> no! How can you say X is ugly!

Nobody cares

>pic unrelated

No. 256419

If you'd have read up a bit,you'd know that it actually started with an anon whining about how jealous she is and then anons called Twice ugly. But why inform yourself when you can just try to minimod and post a shit pic?

No. 256423

File: 1528206849091.jpg (282.01 KB, 1500x1875, nct-u-lucas.jpg)

I think Lucas has a nice face, but it's squandered on being an idol. The soft, cutesy twink look is a bit unflattering on him.

don't know much else about him or NCT btw

No. 256448

File: 1528209182361.jpeg (413.65 KB, 1352x2026, 5A2EE8AA-7A2A-4298-B16A-73929F…)

lucas is beyond gorgeous and has an adorkable personality.

pic related- his side-profile is insane

No. 256460

File: 1528210344510.jpg (148.03 KB, 852x1280, fr-lucas.jpg)

yeah, I really hope they won't fuck with his face anymore…

No. 256483

Did he had something done to his upper lips? Like a lip lift? It's so rare to have a upper lip thicker than the bottom one.
But he's super cute, he reminds me a bit of Minho who I think is the most handsome idol ever.

No. 256487

File: 1528213997271.jpeg (114.56 KB, 1080x1080, C897F929-24EB-4AD3-A59D-91965B…)

>But he's super cute, he reminds me a bit of Minho who I think is the most handsome idol ever.
a lot people think so! he’s insanely adorable

pic related isn’t the best pic of xuxi but you can really see how alike they are visually

No. 256489

File: 1528214556655.jpg (158.67 KB, 766x998, 8cacf742-25ea-461e-866a-757863…)

maybe, or maybe the angle just exaggerated it. something about him reminds me of young Keanu lol

No. 256552

I feel the same way about GoGo, I love the "depressing song disguised as a happy one" trope, but when it's a kpop song accompanied by a trendy choreo it's a little too much. I know the contrast with the trendy choreo probably strengthens the message for some people but for me it just bogs it down a little. Like the message is too genuinely relatable and depressing, I don't wanna watch rich people dancing to it lmao.

wow I guess I have to start listening to NCT now

No. 256566

wow he's pretty gorgeous
i wonder how he'll age

No. 256570

File: 1528237519826.jpg (417.74 KB, 1321x1600, tzuyu.jpg)

tbh Mina and Tzuyu are the prettiest of the group, they don't look too extra or plastic-ey

No. 256572

File: 1528237555026.jpg (227.92 KB, 1000x1500, 9d19eb8998df82ca724bd9081b8ad5…)

No. 256635

She's pretty but her stans have ruined her for me "uwu our delicate precious ballerina angel she is so fragile and uguu penguin baby" wrapped in some weird victim complex because… reasons??? Maybe I just need to keep off stan Twitter.

No. 256684

File: 1528271765010.jpg (167.05 KB, 853x1280, qt.jpg)

I swear this is my last lucas post, sorry for the spam kek. still think he should just be a model or something.

As long as they don't turn him into a dorito, I think he'll age pretty nicely.

No. 256692

File: 1528275153316.jpg (51.61 KB, 691x960, d9a2126d1abea3becceeaaaa5e5491…)

Speaking about Minho, he seriously has the most perfect proportion ever, I don't think he's all that tall but he is like 70% legs and his face is so small it makes him look taller. Rm who?

No. 256695

File: 1528276600411.jpeg (111.67 KB, 800x534, 4F8EED42-EB0D-4193-B52C-5109AC…)

>tbh Mina and Tzuyu are the prettiest of the group
Nah, Tzuyu maybe but not Mina. Sana’s way prettier. There’s something really odd about Mina’s face to me; I think it has to do with her nose being kind of wide, her lips are really thin when she smiles and her teeth+gums are quite big by comparison? There’s just something uncanny about it imo. I don’t think she’s ugly at all, just kind of odd-looking for a Kpop idol.

No. 256696

I'm surprised by how much people focus on just one feature, her face look very harmonious to me, but yeah if you only look at her nose it can look a little wide.

No. 256697

File: 1528276969434.jpeg (363.26 KB, 1080x1620, 22CFBAFD-F260-4C3B-8B56-797E20…)

No. 256698

File: 1528276982946.jpeg (99.2 KB, 720x1080, 39439CA4-8FF2-4203-A3CC-5C9C94…)

No. 256699

Does she have FAS?

No. 256725

File: 1528293553924.jpg (74.19 KB, 800x544, akdong-musician4-e148464583525…)

Can I just say how much I adore AKMU?

I'm sad that they are currently unable to make music due to the Chanhyuk being in army.But Suhyun last year did an acting job and currently she is doing youtube, where she talks about diet, makeup, does covers, etc. She always emphasizes health and it was really good to see how she not only talked about her diet for the acting job, but actually filmed herself going to the gym. I think that youtube really fits her, since she is very charismatic and her smile is simply charming.

Plus once I was going through pann-choa posts and some girls posted about her, it seems that there are young girls who look up to her and they really appreciate the fact that she doesn't want double eyelid surgery nor nose surgery (if I'm not wrong she said about this in one interview) and are fascinated by her high self-esteem. It's calming to see that there are people who set a healthy example for younger audience.


In older interviews Akmu talked about their childhood, it seems that they lived for some time abroad and their family was so poor that both siblings decided to choose home-schooling so they could make it easier financially for their parents.

All in all, I think that they both are very talented, her brother is extra-ordinary songwriter and Suhyun voice is very unique too!

Btw if anyone is interested in Suhyun channel is called MochiPeach, most of the videos has subtitles and the intro is adorable.

No. 256727

File: 1528294614190.jpg (128.4 KB, 972x648, PRISTIN-V9.jpg)

I like Pristin V's song, they should keep the sub unit and ditch Pristin

No. 256730

File: 1528294984967.png (252.42 KB, 429x384, 1512324957985.png)

Are they seriously named Pristin V???

No. 256732

I like the song too but the MV looks awful. Apparently the song didn't do that well either.

It seems like a couple of companies have released title tracks that aren't super cute for recently. I can't tell if the trend is changing from cute songs or not. Though the only releases that have been successful are the ones from already popular groups. The only exception is that song from G-idle I think.

No. 256735

Get it sounds 100 times better than we like, is Kyla leaving Pristin? She left 5 months ago

No. 256834

suhyun is cute as heck. her voice is nice too.

No. 256843

File: 1528338239290.gif (1.13 MB, 268x200, tumblr_o6yxstWPrm1rsfpwlo1_400…)

I know it's mostly fan service but is Sana actually gay/bi? I wouldn't act like this if I were straight.

No. 256848

>I wouldn't act like this if I were straight
she's in an idol group that's very popular among young weeb men. she's acting this way in front of hundreds of fans and dozens of cameras. it's 100% fanservice.

No. 256849

File: 1528339822763.jpg (254.91 KB, 1200x800, kard.jpg)

Anyone else like KARD? I'm loving their music and can't wait until they tour North/South America again because I didn't know about them last time around!

No. 256867

imo an actually gay idol would probably be uncomfortable with fanservice like this and wouldn't be so comfortable doing it in front of cameras

No. 256873


Ok, I see, but is it really impossible for an idol to be gay and not just do it 100% for the fanservice? Not just for Twice but for other groups too.
Like Jimin, i can really see it.

I don't mean to sound like those twitter stans that calculate their fave's every movie to prove they're secretly fucking another member, but still.

No. 256874

no? why would you flirt and kiss and grope your coworker at your job?

No. 256875

but you sound like a cringy twitter stan tho. Some idols are probably gay but they'll never show it. If anything the gay idols are the one who keep saying stuff like "we are real men don't be mistaken" when they do some embarassing fan service.

No. 256878

File: 1528349447032.jpeg (24.54 KB, 384x384, images (21).jpeg)

Pic related is Jimin with his ex-girlfriend in 2011 before debut. Not saying he can't be gay but it's very unlikely. Also, it almost sounds like you want that to be true in a fujo creepy way.

No. 256880

Sorry if i sounded like a creep lol
I was just curious

No. 256884

>Like Jimin, i can really see it
that's funny because I get fuckboy vibes from jimin lol. That's his job though. It's really impossible to tell who's gay in this industry unless they outright say it.

I love reading those IDOLS' SEXUALITIES ANALYZED!! posts for a laugh though, especially the ones clearly written by straight people.
>this idol has stereotypically feminine mannerisms. a gay!
>this idol is rough with his bandmates and has a tough guy image. clearly no gay.

No. 256886


From these videos he seems to be into women and quite a flirt actually. There is also this video of Jungkook cornering a cute american interviewer lmao, only J hope give me gay vibes in BTS but we'll never be able to know.

No. 256888

>only J hope give me gay vibes in BTS
Same, but he's too ugly for fujos to masturbate to, so they don't care about his sexuality kek

No. 256889

a lot of fans love him/find him attractive even though he's not the best looking
Same with Namjoon.

The way the fans act towards the both of them reminds me of a mother with an ugly child who'll say it's beautiful regardless because it's her child.
Which kinda ties in with the whole babying aspect?? oof

No. 256891

I think they're both cute but it's obnoxious when people are like OMG KINGS OF VISUALS, SLAY on even the most unflattering pics of them and get personally offended when people don't find them attractive despite the fact that they're pretty conventionally unattractive by kpop standards.

also Jhope's "sunshine concept" is annoying as fuck. People always say he's way more serious/lowkey off-camera and I feel like I'd prefer him that way. I don't think he likes being the "sunshine" one either lol.

No. 256892

i think they're pretty cute too but when i wanted to trade my tear namjoon photocard so many armys got triggered and told me to keep it and that i should appreciate him and whatnot

i was so confused lol
he's just not my bias tf

No. 256910

J-hope is another one who had a gf in the past. Almost all of BTS members have dated before, I seriously doubt there's a gay member but who knows

No. 256947

are they playing up the gay thing so fans don't suspect them dating girls?

No. 256952

they're playing up the gay thing because that's just how it be in kpop lol

No. 256968

>tfw you found him cute before but now Suga's becomming Korean MichaelJackon

I'm actually kind of sad about this, he had a pretty nice face before this round of surgery. rip the cutest member (to me).

No. 256996

I like their music but I am concerned that their songs have been sounding too similar for some time now. They seem to be relying hard on international fans (which isn’t the smartest move financially) and their latest comeback didn’t garner as much traction as their pre-debut releases.

No. 257273

the nose is literally in the center of the face so yeah, you’re going to notice if someone has a big nose whether you’re nitpicking or not. her face is harmonious and she’s not ugly but she’s definitely on the lower side of average for a kpop idol.

or maybe i just hate my own nose so much i have to project my insecurities on anyone who has an even remotely similar one kek

No. 257283

It's obviously the angle of the photo. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? Open your phone camera and place the phone from below your face and tell me if your lips look the same way. Unless you have shitty ultra thin lips, I don't see how you wouldn't know this.

No. 258240

does anyone here actively browse /r/kpop?

No. 258243

File: 1528687427257.png (4.43 MB, 1500x1875, 87C0EADD-919C-4841-882F-5F4A81…)

Anon are you joking? He’s obviously had work, angle or no. And the angle you’re talking about is much more extreme.

No. 258245

I do. I'm sort of bummed out that the guidelines instated the last half year have culled a lot of the discussion threads (even if they're admittedly repetitive).

No. 258262

I feel like there's still a lot of discussions but I agree. The 6 month rule on stale topics is dumb imo. I still enjoy the place even if some of the commenters seem unhinged.

No. 258668

Am I the only one who feel like BTS is slowly losing their looks? It's probably a mix of them growing up, the stress + the ps for some of them.
This video is peak Jimin Jungkook and Taehyung for me, they looked fresh yet grown up, the styling is more boyish than pretty boys, they're not covered in Gucci…
I just don't find them as good looking nowadays.

No. 258674

File: 1528796513780.jpg (14.77 KB, 385x360, 714W9ThfWtL._UX385_.jpg)

No. 258685

damn they all look good here. Jhope looks great with light hair + headbands.

No. 258699

File: 1528805793546.jpg (1.56 MB, 2000x3000, 0000045007_001_201805280906289…)

This is a good thing, they can't look 12 forever. I agree that 2016 was a good year visually wise and their brandwhoring can die. Jungkook looks much better these days imo.

He sounds a lot better too not constantly making weird noises kek.

No. 258700

damn guk looks amazing here.

No. 258701

File: 1528806306496.jpg (34.36 KB, 640x640, 56b653891a69fad730d030adcaf3ba…)

That foundation makes him look so plastic but I love it.

But Taehyung looks more like a child right now than ever before. He looked like a man in 2016 (pic related), now he's back at toddler stage.

No. 258708

File: 1528808914757.jpeg (99 KB, 550x759, Dd7X4YXVQAAj_zw.jpeg)

I guess it all depends on styling because Billy Bob Taehyung looks just his age to me here. If anything I thought he resembled a little British kid with that blonde hair and dark eyebrows.

No. 258714

I don't get why everyone loves the blonde hair on him, I think he looked horrible. I also hated red hair on any of them (except for Jhope probably)

No. 258722

File: 1528815330420.png (513.99 KB, 720x674, Screenshot_2018-06-12-06-58-39…)

Even with all that sm plastic surgery Wendy still looks weird af

No. 258736

Well a lot of people think she looked her best during Red Velvet's debut era.

No. 258747

File: 1528823238059.jpg (49.84 KB, 600x767, 84a9e4bed6161e540af4fddc318bb1…)

To each their own, I think his red hair looked fantastic. And the blonde hair too. The only color that doesn't look that great on him is black imo.

No. 258752

File: 1528824031280.jpg (40.52 KB, 750x559, large.jpg)

Let's face it: his 'whitefashed' pics always look great, but in his natural state he looks basic af

No. 258753


No. 258759

wtf are they wearing lol

Jimin looks kinda ridiculous in that outfit with his fluffy blonde hair.

No. 258761

File: 1528825856049.jpg (35.96 KB, 921x921, 9862fa27cfc4fd98e1b29dde28487f…)

I think he's an attractive dude even with a bare face a tan and some pimples, but he obviously looks better with heavy styling and some photoshop kek.
Jungkook also looked super cute in Hawaii with his chubby face and tanned skin.

No. 258780

he's wearing makeup here

No. 258788

File: 1528832862043.jpeg (67.57 KB, 640x788, 6155D9C5-D5D9-42C4-B6BB-633DD3…)

She definitely looked the prettiest at debut. I genuinely think she has one of the prettier faces in Red Velvet but I feel like they always give her bad makeup and styling that just doesn’t compliment her features very well. A lot of the time some stylists and makeup artists seem downright incompetent and it’s definitely a thing with most groups.

Thankfully she isn’t terribly botched like what they did to poor Yuta a while back. He’s recovered fairly nicely from the horrifying whatever-implants though, I think, which is a relief.

No. 258790

>Billy Bob Taehyung

thanks for the giggle anon

No. 258870

They seem to be aging fine to me but what do I know.
Suga and Jin will always be the most attractive of the members to me.
RM, V, Jimin, and Jhope aren't ugly to me and I can see why people are attracted to them.
And Jungkook is a handsome young man

No. 258875

you into this? >>253041

No. 258877

I think they're aging fine, too. The only ones who look all that different to me are Taehyung and Yoongi and that's explained by them stress-eating and dieting respectively. And Namjoon. I think he got more work done, he looks different somehow.

>Billy Bob Taehyung

No. 258884

I feel like that is a really bad picture but he is a bit on the skinny side. Though honestly Suga is the only reason I started listening to BTS in the first place.

No. 258899

File: 1528863489397.jpg (750.43 KB, 1050x1050, 33794023_148374552556359_90274…)

anyone else looking forward to BLACKPINK's album? I'm not sure how I feel about the snippets we've heard so far but it'll be nice getting new music from them. also Jisoo is qt.

>Suga is the only reason I started listening to BTS in the first place.
lol me too, seems to be the case for a lot of people. I wasn't even interested in kpop before. I feel like people just fall for the whole "aloof depressed underground rapper" meme and that's what draws them to him and then eventually the group.

no ragrets though I love him.

No. 258920

I'm looking forward to it but i know it'll be just as generic as the first one. The kind of songs that are ok for a week but after that i can't stand listening to

rip Boombayah

No. 258924

File: 1528873484890.jpeg (188.76 KB, 1125x352, A18DC1FD-0438-40DD-9A95-607810…)

Any idea where I can buy kpop replica outfit? A farmer mentioned this Kim sai video and she bought them from taobao but didn’t give any links.

No. 258945

File: 1528888154059.jpeg (109.37 KB, 706x702, 93AA5B80-19AF-425B-8546-1A3187…)

>anyone else looking forward to BLACKPINK's album?
I’m excited as hell. Already preordered both the Black and Pink versions of the album. Partially because I wanna support them as much as possible since they’re the only girl group I seriously give a fuck about, partially because I love the way both versions look and think they’ll look nice on my shelf lol

No. 258954

Suga always seemed like a pocket sized douchebag to me, I don't get how he can attract so many people.

No. 258958

Not excited but I'll check it out anyway, because Ive been waiting since Boombayah for them to do anything. I feel like BP had so much potential and so much hype must have already died down. Their aesthetics are always amazing tho.

Idk too much about him, but Suga strikes me as someone who's hard on the outside soft on the inside. He's a lil crybaby too,so I can see how that can attract people. Also twinkbait.

No. 258965

same except that is what i like about him lol

No. 259117

File: 1528919209784.jpg (28.1 KB, 1000x500, nayeon_1481040385_af_org.jpg)

Before ps nayeon looked like a big peak bird now her ps nose makes her look like a pig from the front view

No. 259125

How is it possible for someone to lighten their skin like that?? It’s unreal how much darker most idols are pre-debut.

No. 259126

people like the whole tsundere "cold and aloof but secretly soft and emotional" thing. It's kind of a meme anyway, he jokes around and acts goofy all the time.

the pre-PS nose is cute to me. It fits her face better, anyway.

No. 259128

lol @ thinking some kpop boy's personality is real

No. 259133

it literally doesn't matter if its real or not.

No. 259136

It really is true that a nose can change an entire face… wew

No. 259146

File: 1528923615462.jpg (61.81 KB, 800x800, 30fb527c4a6150e73a198dd472d37e…)

Yeah no, he definitely has lip fillers. Still cute though

No. 259160

It’s not unheard of to have a bigger upper lip, wouldn’t he get fillers on both lips? They seem kinda real but then again he’s an idol lol

No. 259161

File: 1528926202534.jpg (27.28 KB, 416x486, IMG_20180612_174250.jpg)

Yeah, the way he moves his lips sometimes makes it pretty clear they're fillers too, like he's not used to them being so big yet.

I still like them though.

No. 259176

this guy is really hot, i hope he doesnt have too much more work done

No. 259183

How can you tell?

No. 259228

No. 259273

File: 1528957576106.jpg (57.95 KB, 678x1024, RVfZUKR.jpg)

I think that kpop males are probably the ultimate fakeboi goals. They're like the perfect combination of anime bishounen and cute lesbian that they're all always striving for. They rarely display any typical unsavory male behaviors. They even get paid to act out fans' yaoi fantasies with other cute kpop men, and people praise them for acting feminine or doing girly things like wearing makeup. The gifts that they recieve from their fans are like the ultimate amazon wish list. Also, unlimited attention.

I won't lie though, I genuinely really like the plastic doll/man/woman/baby look that a lot of the kpop men have. They'll definitely look weird as hell when they age though.

No. 259322

Because they look like lip fillers and his pre debut pictures confirm it. Nose, lips and maybe jaw shave.
I mean, it's idols. They get PS all the time. It's not shocking

No. 259324

File: 1528973044872.png (229.4 KB, 335x395, NFJENKDZ93NF.png)

He was always a cutie IMO, but his features do look different from predebut.

No. 259327

Makes me wanna try lip fillers.

No. 259618

File: 1529023543995.png (284.48 KB, 750x1334, 094A85FA-ADBE-4557-81BF-B49993…)

I know it’s the lighting too but gosh :(
rip suga

No. 259621

Their most recent appearance on Ellen he legit looked ill, like maybe he was about to throw up. Idk if that's part of his cool "act" or what, but damn he just looks so unhealthy and like he really couldn't stand being there.

No. 259622

i can only imagine what he will start to look like as he ages

agree anon. i found it kinda weird how he barely reacted when ellen scared them….

No. 259624

During a recent fansign a fan asked him why he's been sad lately and he said his body hasn't been feeling well

No. 259633

suga is starting to transition. a mtf icon.

No. 259680

File: 1529028500660.gif (1.92 MB, 268x260, original.gif)

We lost a cute one. I think he didn't like that round thing sticking out at the back and also the slightly protuberance under his chin.

Too bad, that's what his charm and now that it's gone his face looks way too thin and feminine. I mean, he was already a twink but go off I guess

No. 259685

I know it's a joke but considering how much they are pandering to the US tumblr crowd I could see that happening.
RIP cute Suga

No. 259734

>I could see that happening.
in korea???
I don't really see their holy schtick as pandering to the US tumblr crowd either, they are absolutely still pandering to young disillusioned Koreans (I mean, aside from all the typical kpop I wanna be your oppa shit)

No. 259737

*whole schtick, not holy

No. 259780

A lot of people on the anti thread were shitting on the new Twice release, what do you guys think?
I think it was okay? It was just a cute cover song and the girls being cute. Sure it’s not the greatest thing but it was still nice imo
(Sorry if the YouTube link doesn’t work I’m posting from my phone)

No. 259784

R.I.P Suga, welcome tsundere dorito sempai (or chan??).

No. 259786

Well I don't think it was good. Not the worse thing they have ever done but the "all I need" part at around 2:20 sounded awful. The MV was cute as expected but I kinda wish they had just left it audio only instead of adding an MV since it would lower the chances of people finding it. I did enjoy the outfits a lot though and the dance was cute.

No. 259788

I think it's genuinely bad and painful to listen to just from hearing how shrill their voices are. The girls struggle in general with how high pitched their singles are, and someone thought it was a bright idea to get them to reach child-MJ's key?

That section between 2:15-2:20 literally a cellphone being microwaved. I can't believe it made it past production and the sound engineers.

Cute MV, though, even if their MVs post-Likey have been blending together for me. And it's great that they're being hired for Japanese gigs.

No. 259789

I checked it out and I thought it was just okay. I wouldn't listen to it twice, kek. The vocals weren't strong, and honestly I would expect more from a professional release. The vocals were kinda YouTube cover-tier imo. I don't think the point of Twice is strong vocals though, just cute girls, and they're doing that pretty well! I also automatically have a soft spot for songs where a female vocalist addresses another girl. I get that it's a cover, it's not their choice and they probably have no idea what they're saying anyway, but it makes the song somewhat more enjoyable for me.

I'm not really a kpop listener, but I sometimes listen to things people link here and friends have showed me some songs. From the songs I've heard, the vocals are kind of weak in general. Is not singing very well the norm? Are there some strong vocalists out there?

No. 259801

Is it just me or does this sound almost exactly (especially 1st part) like MKTO - Classic?

No. 259841

I'm not sure how you define "strong" vocalists, but idols' with stronger singing abilities only really exhibit them on variety shows.

Kpop is the full package (cute girls/boys in cute clothes and cute dances), so vocals don't matter as much when it comes to the actual singles cause it's gonna sell whether or not you've got Whitney Houston levels of singing. There was one competitive show where the entire concept was "hey, let's get cute girls with no prior singing or dancing training or ability and turn them into a group", and honestly, the final group doesn't feel any different from another other girl group when it comes to stage performances.

Plus you have groups with very disparate amounts of singing skills, so the best you can do to equalize the difference is by reducing how much your better singers stand out.
Kpopalypse wrote a bit about the process used to produce and mix vocals in pop:
>Common studio practice for recording girl groups is to get each girl into the studio individually to sing the entire song, and then mix and match the results to fit, also using ghost vocalists where needed. Obviously if all the girls sound more or less the same, this is a benefit, because it means that they can be blended together and substituted for each other easily. Equally good or equally bad doesn’t really matter as long as they’re equally equal.

No. 259850

BlackPink’s new song is here!! First impressions are I like it, the music video is amazing and there are some catchy parts to the song. This is more rap than singing so it’s not my favourite genre and I don’t think I like it more than ‘As if it’s your last’ but i think it will definitely grow on me.

What are your thoughts?

No. 259851

Ddu-du Ddu-du is pretty good
Forever Young is the best track
Really sounds like filler
See U Later is just okay

It's just alright overall. The visuals are really nice though and I'm looking forward to seeing them perform.

No. 259852

I hate what they're wearing and I think the song is bad.

No. 259858

The chorus on Really is catchy but Lisa's rap on that song is cringe-tier. Lisa in general is hit or miss for me. I like Jisoo's vocals especially on that song.
Not sure how I feel about DDDD.

No. 259874

The song sucks, the music video was ok but it seemed like they were trying a bit too hard on the visuals. Yg is trying to make them look like the queens of kpop when they are still newbies

No. 259876

Are they not scared of what's gonna happen to them in their 40s-50s? That jaw is gonna fall apart. Why do they keep doing this?

No. 259926

Chanhyuk isn't getting out of the army for another year or so, YG should let her and Lee Hi collab again. I really like their song from 2014.

No. 259937

I liked it more than I thought I would.

No. 259956

Suga doesn't strike me as someone who wants to make it to his 50s. He'll likely have the money to keep "fixing" it anyway.

No. 259958

I feel bad for leehi.

No. 259966

File: 1529082039747.png (386.12 KB, 720x721, Screenshot_2018-06-15-13-01-38…)

Bom's 2018 face

No. 259970

File: 1529082261422.jpg (83.23 KB, 1200x668, DfvtYUpWAAkTwjL.jpg)

Anyone following Produce48? So far Sakura is #1

No. 259973

They seem like 2ne1 2.0

No. 259977

koreans are such weebs lol

No. 259988

Wow 4 Japanese girls, despite their new Korean only vote policy

No. 260007

Tbh I didn’t like it, the visuals were nice but the song was kinda forgettable. What’s up with the name too? I’d feel kinda silly bringing it up in a conversation lol

No. 260056


Lee Hi is so good, I love her voice.
Check out Fuck Wit Us and Here Come The Regrets.

No. 260057

NGL the Fake Love one was the first MV I thought he looked really attractive in. Before that eh, but the sex hair/red eyeshadow/glitter jacket combo got me. He's looking good here, it's a shame the rest of the MV is such a styling mess.

No. 260065

File: 1529121395768.jpg (37.63 KB, 640x640, IMG_20180428_234800_529.jpg)

Suga being super sentimental lately and the boys pointing it out plus all the selfies he's been posting and his recent sickly looks and very emo vibe are giving me the creeps. It's like he's dying soon or something.

No. 260066

Is there a single 3rd gen girl group with an original concept? Blackpink is just watered down 2ne1, twice is just toddler SNSD, Mamamoo is just Brown Eyed Girls without good dancers, and Red Velvet is Wonder Girls without the It factor. Give me some girl groups to check out that are actually good, pls and thanks

No. 260069

it's creeping me out too but I think that's just because I've been lurking that "BTS are puppets of the illuminati" thread on VigilantCitizen for a laugh and the paranoia has started to rub off on me kek. They think that Jin's grandmother's recent death was a blood sacrifice to the elite.

>inb4 suga must die to propel BTS toward their dreams of winning a grammy

No. 260070

Lmao same anon

No. 260071

I know in the BTS Dinner party thing he said after the BBMAS he was crying in the shower because of all the fame and recognition BTS has gotten and how scary it is.

No. 260072

what creepy selfies?

No. 260074

File: 1529124952519.jpg (97.14 KB, 804x1200, sUGA.jpg)

This is the most recent selfie on Twitter and there really isn't anything creepy about it. Unless there are more selfies on the fancafe

No. 260076

I'm ignorant when it comes to these things, do they decide it themselves whether to have a surgery or not? Or does the company tell them to do this? Anyway, it's so sad that he had to alter his appearance, I can't stop thinking about it when I see him now, he used to be the most relatable one for me.

No. 260085

>i found it kinda weird how he barely reacted when ellen scared them….
Not only that, when he did finally minutely react, it was very late. He's obviously horribly depressed and spaced out most of the time. I don't think being an idol is his thing, it isn't just a part of his "aloof" act. He needs help.

No. 260090

Suga was the first member I ever heard talk about a Grammy (@5:50 about, though this is probably not the first time) .. so maybe not all hope is lost if he does have some optimism about the future.

No. 260095

Everyone kinda look like shit in this interview, but jesus Suga is on another level, he looks like a middle aged woman going through chemo or some shit… His body language is also super uncomfortable.

No. 260107

Favorite part about this interview

Ellen: okay everyone introduce yourselves
(one by one)
RM, V, Jh, Suga: introduce themselves by name
JK: "what's up!!!"
Jin, Jimin: introduce themselves by name

No. 260154

Forever young is my favourite too.

Here’s the live performance for it. Pretty lacklustre to be honest but their outfits are kinda cute

No. 260157

I'm confused by 'whatta bum bum'
Is it just meant to be a random noise like ddu du ddu du or boombayah or whatever? Find it uncomfortable because 'bum bum' is what toddlers say.

No. 260161

They are singing in Korean at that part. Here’s the lyrics

No. 260167

>random noise like ddu du ddu du
I thought it was supposed to be like the sound of a gun going off or something? Also ‘ddu’ is Welsh for black so I’m pretty sure it’s a reference to this being a ‘black’ concept rather than ‘pink’.

No. 260173

the video you linked has that bit listed in english as 'whatta bum bum' ??
what do you suppose it means in korean?

No. 260177

Oh yeah, the bit right at the end of the song. Sorry I thought anon was referring to a different part in the middle when they say ‘bomb bomb’

Fuck knows then. Probs some illuminati shit

No. 260250

i highly doubt blackpink is referencing a welsh word, anon

No. 260312


Jokes on you, anon. Dudu is also the Yoruba word for black.

No. 260314

good thing it's called "ddu du", not "dudu", which is a korean onomatopoeia for gun shots

No. 260366

hm? i thought only Red Velvet did the "Red" and the "Velvet" concept thing.

What's BP's "pink" concept then?

No. 260368

>'bum bum' is what toddlers say.
Where? Honestly asking because I've never heard that before, might just be an unfortunate regional interpretation.

It's most likely a throwback/reference to patois/reggae (See Sister Nancy's "Bam Bam" which is an oft-sampled/covered classic and also has the line "whatta bum bum") because that kind of music is trendy right now.

>Probs some illuminati shit

No. 260384

File: 1529228395134.jpg (85.48 KB, 520x695, 20120605_1338892366_19997200_1…)

DDDD is a decent successor to Whistle IMO with more 2NE1 inspo but I do agree with anon who said this gen of girl groups is lackluster in comparison. Every lead BP single so far has the same structure of changing the song's flow very significantly during the bridge followed by a chorus lead by music with their voices as accents and they should really stop relying on that exact formula. I'm saying this as a huge BP fan.

As if it's your last is their pink concept, supposedly

My queen still lives! Too bad there's no turning back on her facial surgeries, she should've stopped in 2012 before she got nose and chin done again.

Ah if engsubs are out I'm going to watch right away. Thanks anon for reminding us this is out!

No. 260414

File: 1529232272253.jpeg (221.6 KB, 2048x1074, 08F072E1-F90C-41E1-A527-EF792D…)

‘ddu’ means black, ‘du’ means black, and ‘du-du’ is korean onomatopoeia for gun shots, hence the gun shot dance gestures and other use of gun imagery. pretty clever, imo.

i loved the scene with jisoo in the pink wig and the men with gun phones. it’s a pretty good jab at netizens who act like good fans when looking at the perfect image of an idol, then turn on them the second they slip up and aim their metaphorical guns (hate) at them while hiding behind anonymity.

No. 260460

I'm english and for me, bum bum is what a child calls their rear. I am used to hearing it in a different less babyish context in reggae, etc. But since BP are not from the carribbean and presumably don't know the first thing about patois it comes off as cringey to me. There's not even a hint of reggae flavour in the song anyway? It just seems weird and off to me, but I am definitely nitpicking.

No. 260465

Similar terms are used in dancehall and tropical house, which Forever Young is heavily inspired by.

No. 260556

Has any farmers checked out Like A Dream? They just debut, and didn't really do any kind of promotions so I don't really know anything about them.
I'm kind of on the fence about the song and they're names kind of dumb but I'll definitely keep an eye out for them in the future.
What are your opinions?

No. 260557

What's with all this illuminati shit kek.

No. 260559

this is legit horrible. what's with the mixing?

No. 260564

Are any of them cute?

No. 260568

OP here
The production and audio are kind of shitty, like maybe they couldn't afford a good producer (or any), but some parts are decent.
They do have potential though, imo.

No. 260597

I will be keeping an eye out for them but I wish there was more information about them.

No. 260677

this video looks like a low production cover for all the bts mvs lol
I liked the song tho, just wish the audio was better
the one @ 0:23 seems pretty qt imo

Sorry for a stupid question but why did Bts have very high quality debut videos/audio? (compared to this and other groups)
Is it a hit or miss thing with idol groups?
Do the music companies throw more money at the groups they think will succeed?

No. 260724

I think it just depends on how much money the company has available to them. Companies probably do give more money to the groups they think will get popular.

No. 260725

Their CEO had a good credit history and was also recognized for his production and writing skills, had connections and acquaintances in the industry too. So a lot of people trusted him and invested/lend out their money.

It's not that deep

No. 260941

Are any of the other member of 2ne1 doing anything besides CL? And hell, even CL has gone on musical silence.

It's saddening.

No. 261568

It's not surprising that Momoland went with a song that sounds similar to Boom Boom but everything about this seems like a blatant copy and paste. That means it's probably going to be a hit though.

No. 261598

holy fuck you were not kidding, I don't listen to much Momoland and would've assumed this was bboom bboom if someone played it kek.

No. 261679

boom boom isn't even their original song It's basically a cover of Mi Mi Mi

I actually like momoland's Same Same, but even that sounds like every other song they've put out so far

No. 261681

I don't think i've seen iKON been brought up on the thread. Do you guys like them? I like their more hip hopish tracks like this one

No. 261684

I wonder how long they'll stick with that sound now that they've gotten popular. I liked Same Same too

I like some of their songs but I like their softer songs more. I've never listened to anthem but it's nice

No. 261760

oh boy, can't wait for the cultural appropriation criticism!

No. 261782

When a kpop idols releases a popular song, they release another song that sounds exactly the same. I don't understand the point, it just makes people get sick of them.

No. 261806

i hope their group career doesn't flop because of this

I guess Twice is the same way but i never get tired of them.

No. 261831

BlackPink get pulled off stage while singing Forever Young at Lotte Festival. Apparently it was because lots of people were still outside waiting to get into the arena?

No. 261863

Why even stop the performance for that?

No. 261874

If their next song well they'll probably be like Exid where they get a couple more hits.

In the comments people are saying they didn't even finish get to finish their performance. I like the outfit Jisoo is wearing though.

No. 261890

File: 1529689162945.jpg (105.21 KB, 898x1036, K43ZIoS.jpg)

BTS got new hair colors. Whose idea was it to dye V's hair blonde but keep the mullet? I do honestly think he looks marginally better now, but come on. This hairstyle needs to go.

I don't think all of these look great, but I'm glad they're back to a bunch of different hair colors. It's a lot more eye catching than everyone having black/dark brown hair.

No. 261894

He always looks nicer with lighter hair but this cat piss blonde is disgusting… I'm guessing it's not easy for asian hair but they could tone it a little bit to make it more ashy.

No. 261906

File: 1529691959401.jpg (21.41 KB, 220x350, 75707d7d3b9fad081702e1a5986162…)

I really hate it when people with darker hair bleach their hair blond and leave their eyebrows untouched. Everybody looks to me like pic related no matter how attracrive they are. It's just one of my pet peeves if people don't try to match their eyebrows

No. 261908

File: 1529692148428.jpg (56.05 KB, 639x960, e65766b439839e736964c8dfa5e271…)

Jimin looks nice, I think he looks better with light hair. I still love Tae's mullet but the blond looks really bad yeah. I like the bright-ass red on JK though lol if only because it's different, he always has dark hair.

Jin's blond looks fine so I have to assume they made Taehyung's hair brassy as fuck on purpose?

No. 261917

At this point I'm willing to bet they are prepping for a ponytail concept with V in 2019.

No. 261925

File: 1529695909679.png (602.51 KB, 564x422, 49FE35BF-E77B-4A2A-A26B-DA4823…)

NGL, Spring Day era was the peak for all of them. RM’a grey-pink hair, Jungkook’s honey blonde, Jimin’s light pink, etc. Only Jin’s bowlcut looked stupid.

No. 261929

File: 1529696727947.jpg (172.35 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

he looks like a fire engine.

No. 261930

File: 1529696893291.png (1.04 MB, 636x846, purple.png)

samefagging but damn they should have just dyed it purple

No. 261932

This is such a weird shade of red, I thinks it's too bright for him, he's too boy next door to rock colorful hair. They should have given him his dope era hair back.

No. 261987

I would still pay to drink his bath water

No. 261988

File: 1529717407053.jpg (197.88 KB, 960x889, IMG_20180622_212433.jpg)

Well he is an autistic country bumpkin, he might as well have the hairstyle to match.

>Ponytail V
More like Joe Dirt V

No. 261996

I don't like Jin with blonde hair, I'll just have to get used to it. Suga's new hair is great on him.

No. 262031

>Are any of the other member of 2ne1 doing anything besides CL? And hell, even CL has gone on musical silence.

Minzy debuted as a soloist last year and Dara has been doing photoshoots, some acting and variety shows.

I can't blame their company for going the safe route by having them comeback with a similar sound and concept to Boomboom since they just had their first hit this year and seem to be from a unpopular company.

The companies are probably afraid if they change the group will flop. Didn't that kinda happen with Gfriend? They changed things up from their early songs (Glassbead, Me gusta tu, Navillera)and cameout with Fingertip and their popularity kinda took a hit.
Now if Momoland ends up with stable popularity like Twice in the future and are still releasing rehashes of Boomboom then that's a different story.

No. 262330

SM is really trying hard to promote NCT to internationally. I'm just hoping they start adding english subs to their MVs at some point.

I don't think Momoland would end up like Gfriend since Boom boom is the only song people really know from them while Gfriend had 3-4 songs that got popular that had a similar sound. I understand why Momoland's company is doing it though.

No. 262335

I hope that works out, maybe it would push them to make more stuff like 7th sense w/ NCT U. That style might do better in the west.

No. 262462

I genuinely love NCT and hope the best for them. As they get more popular I hope NCTzens don’t turn into the next EXO-Ls and ARMYs. They also give me more genuine vibes like SHINee rather than the fake vibes I get from a lot of SuJu and EXO members.

‘Yestoday’ is my favorite song by them thus far and I love the M/V. Doyoung’s vocals are gorgeous.

No. 262745

File: 1529928608905.jpg (199.38 KB, 1500x1000, IMG_20180527_133247.jpg)

haechan was so cute in this interview…
also, the thought of nct being pushed in the west rubs me the wrong way for some reason. wish they'd hit big in asia.
hopefully nct china works out.

No. 262861

Just found out about N.Flying and really like them. I love pop rock music and this just sucked me in.

No. 262865

I want them to hit it big in Asia too but the songs SM is giving them makes it seem like they don't really care about appealing to the general public.

No. 262905

File: 1529976327048.jpg (84.64 KB, 640x1136, DTr0nHTWkAEZDea.jpg)

The cow hybrid jimin tweet and the memes that came out of it are solid comedy gold and I can't stop grinning every time I remember it, it's just so absurd.

No. 262906

File: 1529976520924.jpg (9.78 KB, 236x336, 777062509f3f04fbc4195eed798017…)

He's gonna bring the manbun back, calling it

No. 262911

the photoshop jumped out

No. 262912

File: 1529977932283.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.43 KB, 720x740, WiSJhzV.jpg)

Every time I see that it reminds me of this

No. 262914

File: 1529978134228.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69 KB, 1200x1183, u6PxmbV.jpg)

Why do they want him to be female so bad?

No. 262915

File: 1529978654808.gif (1.97 MB, 300x150, scurrd.gif)

why do people like this exist

No. 262929

I fucking love the cow jimin tweet, I know it just makes BTS fans looking fucking nuts but it's hilarious to me
>tfw no literal cow bf

these just disgust me though. who makes these?? Male fans? Confused lesbians?

No. 262934

>who makes these??
Fakebois, duh

No. 262941

oh lol that makes sense. not sure how I didn't think of it sooner.

No. 262980

i guess it just fits with the feminine smol gay boi persona the armys put on him

No. 262981

Damn, I wish I looked this good on my ID pic.

Few have seen the face of god and survived.

No. 262983

why is this bitch so pretty

No. 262996

n.flying is fun! hot potato is the superior song, but the real is the superior video

No. 263034

Udder degeneracy.

No. 263065

god i hate that shit. ffs he's a normal human male not a """smol bean precious mochi baby""" aghhhhh anyone who has ever unironically used the word smol should have their internet access taken away for the sake of my blood pressure

i can see the funny side of these and laugh at how mentally deranged these fans are but its also disgusting lol

No. 263243

Thank you anon, that was an amazing fun video to watch.

No. 263257

Honestly both were such a joy.

So out of the loop for band/kpop top of my head I can only think of CNBlue, and Day 6.

No. 263262

There's also The East Light, Marmello, and Honeyst. There's also a band named MAS but they're going to redebut soon. I'm surprised Day6 hasn't gotten popular already.

No. 263315


Another band called ONEWE is debuting soon.

No. 263316

I miss Choa.

No. 263327

Same, anon. Seolhyun is undoubtedly the prettiest in AOA, but Choa stood out in an exceptional way. I hope she's doing fine now.

No. 263423

File: 1530164442469.jpg (30.58 KB, 398x558, CBeZlcZUMAAqmFm.jpg)

I find it even creepier since pic related exists and it's the only instance afaik of him in a cow outfit.

No. 263427

That's disturbing…

No. 263468

File: 1530197359469.jpg (81.14 KB, 672x372, 2985983.jpg)

I love Yubin, but the new style is just… no. Feels so out of place on her. She looks her best with blonde straight hair like in Unpretty Rapstar.
Also, I believe the lesbian rumors 100%. Girl was legit around writing that she wanted a "bottom bitch" on the internet.

No. 263473

Does anyone like Tiffany’s new song? It’s ok, nothing outstanding. I much prefer Taeyeon’s solo songs out of all the SNSD members

No. 263486

I agree though i still like Lady

I don't think it's bad but I probably won't listen to it again. I really liked IJWD. It was one of the songs that got me into kpop.

No. 263730

Does anyone know where I can find more shit like the baby cow hybrid tweet and whatever the fuck those other tweets were? Morbidly curious what odd, insane shit these people come up with but I'm not into the community so I don't know how to find more of this.

No. 263733

If you don't mind asian twink porn, lurk the BTS porn blogs and twitters until you find the weirdest ones? Alternatively, you could look for some fucked up BTS fanfics on ao3 (which is v easy to do), then tumblrs and twitters from the authors of those fanfics that make similarly creepy posts. Fakebois make the creepiest ones.

No. 263743

File: 1530276860459.jpg (38.83 KB, 630x478, good.jpg)

I became a Shawol a week before Jonghyun's death, but it's still had a great toll on me. Even now, I still can't watch anything SHINee related without getting upset, which is somewhat annoying as the only shinee content I've watched was during my first week.
What fucks me up the most about his death though, is that during the time he was killing himself, me and my friend were joking around and laughing at SHINee videos, without being aware that one of the members were dying at the very same second. I don't think I'll ever forget that Sunday because of it

No. 263749

I'm not a shawol but his death affected me too especially after I read his suicide letter since I've felt similar to an extend.And the fact his therapist told him shit like "it's your personality to blame for your condition" enrages me.It's the first celeb death that made me so sad

No. 263751

>me and my friend were joking around and laughing at SHINee videos, without being aware that one of the members were dying at the very same second.
there was no way you could have known

i was never a big shinee fan but i loved a few of their songs and now i cant listen to them the same way. i wont be listening to any of their comeback stuff either… just cant bring myself to

No. 263759

I understand why they are doing the comeback, and I think it's probably helping the band members through the rough times, but it is so tragic to me. It'll never be the same again. Idk why, I thought they would've disbanded.

Celebrity deaths usually don't affect me much, and I was never much a fan of SHINee (though I have gotten into them recently!) but something about his death really hurt. I guess because he just looked so sweet and happy in pictures/videos. Also his letter, like anon mentioned, was very relatable.

No. 263873

File: 1530312140784.jpeg (177.02 KB, 749x541, 3C6BECBA-D4C7-476D-A7EF-B2A6C6…)

found this a while ago browsing ao3 and your post reminded me of it. searched it up again just for you, anon.

fucked up enough for your liking?

No. 263930

oof, and i thought the daddy dom fanfics written by teens on wattpad were bad.

Do you think idols know about the shit some fans write?…

No. 263936

File: 1530338440511.jpg (150.54 KB, 570x740, 317ee51cf4a112c415b7008abcfcda…)

some of them do. I think it was in the "Thanks to…" notes in You Never Walk Alone, but J-hope included the other members of BTS in his "Thanks to" and used the weird spelling of their names that kfans use (yoomgi,jwimin,etc.) to keep their fanfic from showing up in search results lol so it's safe to say they've read some fanfic. Also Jae from Day6 found some fanfic about himself on twitter and started contributing to it kek

No. 263996

File: 1530365543933.png (96.69 KB, 275x246, 1528294984967.png)

>that pic
Uh… Sure Armys are creative…

No. 264123

Kinda… random? But does anyone know Yeonwoo's true height? No way in hell she's only 169cm. Much like Tzuyu, they are probably lying about her height to make her more waifu material.

They also claim Jooe is 165cm, but she looks downright tiny next to Yeonwoo, so either they are lying about Jooe's or YW's height, and I think it's more likely to be YW's, since she pratically towers over the other girls. Her proportions are great, though.

No. 264138

jae post shit on his youtube that looks like it would be a fan made crack video or something he's great

No. 264154

am i the only one who thinks that a lot of girl group rappers put on a weird fake voice in their songs? the ones that come to mind are jimin from AOA, (g)idle soyeon, hyuna, clc's yeeun.. its like they all try to sound like nasally babies on purpose

No. 264176

i've noticed that as well lol. lisp and baby rapping seems to be a thing over there for some reason. guy rappers do it too, like the start of this song. seems like if you can't rap, try to sound nasally and cute as possible

No. 264192

I think people did it to stand out at first but now it's not all that unique anymore. This is kind of a trend in general actually, a lot of Western rappers are nasally too – Big Sean, Drake, early Bino, Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples, etc. It might just be more noticeable when it comes to idol rappers because their voices are usually a little higher.

No. 264217

I hope that guy from the intro(and Hyuna) let go of their awful styling before the next Triple H comeback.

No. 264220

i love/hate this song because i've been listening to it nonstop since it came out but i don't get tired of it.

I'm want the moment of "oh shit this song's kinda annoying" to come but it doesn't.

Kinda like with DNA i played it so much that i can't listen to it now without cringing

No. 264257

i’m like this with momoland’s latest song. i KNOW it’s basically just bboom bboom repackaged and that that song was plagiarized (which really really really rubs me the wrong way) but i still can’t stop listening to their new one. it’s too damn catchy.

i’ve lost count on how many times i’ve watched their mnet relay dance video.

No. 264433

Yeonwoo being taller than 169 cm would make her more qualified for modeling gigs. Assuming that they are, I don’t get why they’d need to lie about her height. Also I used to agree with Nancy being the visual but the more I look at Yeonwoo, the more captivating I find her.

No. 265215

I don’t remember anyone talking about it at the time, but EXO’s Countdown album is such a disappointment. Electric Kiss was probably the only decent one. Plus they remade Love Me Right for more traction.

No. 265234

She looks really pretty. Hopefully she's able to get more popularity now that Momoland is on the radar.

I feel the same way. I liked parts of Horololo by Exo-CBX but I hate the chorus so much.

No. 265502

File: 1530749656500.jpg (98.52 KB, 961x961, Dgyc-muU0AERfH8.jpg)

Horololo is such a joke. It's a lot like Lucifer or Firetruck in that it doesn't take itself too seriously. But Hey Mama and Blooming Day were okay imo and it's disappointing to see them come out with such a meh song for the memes.

OT but his face weirds me out. Either he overdid it with Meitu or something's gone horribly wrong during surgery.

No. 265512

taking this chance to promote A.C.E and encourage y’all to check them out. they’re SO under appreciated and they’ve recently had a comeback and are doing loads of shows/performances for charity despite being a rookie group and not being very well known

No. 265513

Interesting, the way they look kind of awkward during the shots and boish despite the make up is kind of cute, the 00's vibe is nice too. I might check some of their stuff out. Thanks anon.

No. 265516

I miss those shorts they had for their last promotion but those exposed navels are pretty rad.

Still pretty miffed that YG fucked up the Mixnine thing, only because it wasted rookie groups' time for absolutely nothing.

No. 265522

I hope Happyface entertainment wins their lawsuit against YG. I’m worried it might hurt Dreamcatcher and the HF trainees.

No. 265663

File: 1530795665223.jpeg (119.07 KB, 1200x900, AE0B0C5C-AD25-4032-A56F-A5E834…)

Honestly I find both Yeonwoo and Jane to be prettier than Nancy. I don’t think Nancy is ugly by any means but there’s something so odd about her face- it’s like it’s way too small/narrow to fit her face but not in the ‘uwu small face’ way that the Korean ideal is all about but in a way that makes her head look oddly broad by comparison? Idk if I’m making any sense though

Pic related is Jane. I just find her so pretty for some reason- she kinda reminds me of Wendy but without the ridiculous jaw shave and incompetent stylists/makeup artists.

No. 265664

File: 1530797457508.jpeg (160.24 KB, 750x1334, 008A4C9A-8CBE-48B4-B247-2E21F6…)

There’s this Twitter poll from fifa asking what song they should play at the event and Fake Love is on there. Which is cool I’m all for it, but I saw this post and many alike and stuff like this irks me . How much more recognition do the armys think they need?BTS is already loved and supported by many people and have been promoted around the world so many times. It doesn’t matter if the other song wins? So what if they do play it? The people watching won’t be paying attention to what song they played they’re watching the game or whatever the fuck that event is

idk what I’m trying to get at but some armys piss me off

No. 265666

So sick of seeing this shit, it's everywhere. I wonder who will win tho… It's about 50/50 on the twitter poll. First I voted for faeku luh bc I don't like exo, but then I realized I don't like bts either, so I voted for power with my other account to cancel it out kekekeke

No. 265676

holy shit, exo - power won. armies btfo

still hate both of them, but that was the most entertainment i've ever gotten out of something soccer related. can't wait for the inevitable salt.

No. 265677

File: 1530802943763.jpg (58.81 KB, 639x671, vCgMAeZ.jpg)

The constant fighting between armys vs everyone else is so over the top. Blackpink ended up beating bts and psys record for the most views in 24 hours so there will probably be a lot more "pure blood armys".

No. 265722

File: 1530808167327.jpeg (111.44 KB, 750x826, 3B5712BB-B7CD-48B1-949C-EEDAA6…)

“i don’t care if we’re friends if u disagree w me unfollow!!” this is seriously preschool level smh

No. 265726

File: 1530808331238.png (517.61 KB, 750x1334, D248116E-5A98-4523-AA7C-344B0F…)

of course the replies are equally histrionic.
>inb4 charge ur phone

No. 265735

I want to believe that they're just teenagers acting young and dumb. So many armys brag about adults stanning bts even though plenty of the adult armys still act just as immature as the younger fans.

No. 265797

this is not te anti kpop thread

No. 265799

I love A.C.E! They are such cuties. I wasn't totally thrilled with their newest release but I absolutely love Callin' and Cactus. I didn't think it was possible to dance to hardestyle but they pull it off very nicely!

No. 265803

you can enjoy a group and still criticize the psychotic fans.

also, just like there are fangirls popping up in the anti thread from time to time, skeptics are inevitably gonna turn up in this thread too. so long as no-one derails too bad it should be fine.

No. 265808

It's scary how it took several fandoms coming together to barely beat the numbers of bts fans. A few years ago, the numbers were all on Exo's side. What happened? Did their popularity die off? I haven't been keeping up since they were formed but I remember them being the biggest at some point, but how/when did that change?

No. 265815

Bts has a lot more attention especially from international fans atm. A lot of people that get into kpop are probably introduced to bts, blackpink, and twice first. Exos last album sold more than all their previous albums so I don't know if they're losing popularity though.

No. 265819

I don't get this, is there actual proof for this. Not saying I don't believe it but the reverse happens as well; exo voting for bts.

Apparently bts WON the Instagram poll but no, armys have to keep whining about fakes and antis instead of celebrating their win, even though they claim they love bts so much. Imagine how embarrassed bts and exo must feel when they find out lol

No. 265988

File: 1530842682662.jpg (586.9 KB, 1000x1505, ea3a57c3c315290a30c280b19a8f7e…)

Same anon here. I also think Jane's pretty. I like that she's conventionally attractive but doesn't fall into some of the standards that are common for idols nowadays (egg-headed V-shaped face, tiny pointed nose, small upturned mouth). She reminds me of Mijoo from Loveleyz (check pic related).

No. 266083

File: 1530871624010.png (157.58 KB, 1440x1199, 739C23F9-D1C5-45FA-9704-6C5360…)

No. 266249

Does anyone else keep a kpop journal? I know it’s kinda cringey, but it’s so fun to decorate it and write about songs I love and ones I hate lol

I also make/order fake photocards to put in it. big oof

No. 266251

No. 266253

no but it's a cute idea tbh, making journals in general is just fun as heck

No. 266258


I told myself I wasn't going to post in this thread but holy shit suga looks TRAGIC. I kept asking myself who the new member was.

also when ellen asks if rm has a gf and someone goes "me"…same tbh.

No. 266259

is anyone else here from the the dark ages? I feel old af because I lived through the debut and disbanding of 2NE1…Anyone else?

No. 266261

me too. i even stayed up for 2ne1's inki debut stage. remember watching mvs on gomtv? that really takes me back

No. 266262

I honestly feel like shit back then was more low-key and kinda dumb but fun. 2NE1, DBSK, 2PM…the antis weren't as aggressive, the fans weren't as batshit, groups weren't so try-hard. Of course there were issues and maybe it's better that this stuff is out in the open, but man…it was fun back then :'(

No. 266265

iirc exo started loosing their members. most went off to do meh-tier solo work. kris wu is especially popular in china right now but his music is just not that good. i think because exo went from like 13 members split into two groups (exo-m/exo-k) and then one group, and then less members and then a subgroup it was just too convoluted and people noped out.

No. 266267

it was definitely more fun back then and it was fun because it was so distant. nowadays, everything is translated and livestreamed and even the marketing is much more gimmicky. kpop definitely went downhill when photocards became a thing.

No. 266284

>antis weren't as aggressive, the fans weren't as batshit
Whaaaaat? Yunho was poisoned by an anti, their sasaengs are notorious and the split was some of the worst fandom bullshit I've ever seen. Even if you're talking about foreign fans, subsequent member losses had much less drama.

No. 266316

You were either oblivious back then or you're looking at it through nostalgia goggles. Fans were worse back then and much much worse before that (during Sechskies vs H.O.T rivalry fans got into mob fights in concerts). And they also tried really hard, the only reason I can go back and watch old DBSK videos without dying from cringe is the nostalgia. Yoochun's "I really wanna touch myself" makes me yell every time..

No. 266318

Yeah, DBSK had fans breaking into their dorms, they had a fake taxi service just to follow them around between schedules, they were sent period blood and had their phones tapped so they'd know if someone texted a girl. Since then every one of the 5 except Yunho has had video or audio released of them lashing out at fans at around 2007-9 when it was at its worst. Twitter stan wars are annoying to see all the time now but 2nd gen idol fans would happily get their faves into a car crash just to get a look at them

No. 266324

Ok yeah that’s fair. Shit was pretty bad. But it wasn’t as in-your-face as it is now. Maybe what I meant is that the fandom is more cringe now. There’s definitely something to be said for how social is breeding new types of fans, or maybe it’s just so much more accessible and “accepted” or even expected for fans to be weird.

No. 266576

I recently got in to B.A.P and always hear that B.A.P would be in BTS's spot if not for their lawsuit and that BTS only got popular because of B.A.P's hiatus. What are y'alls thoughts; is it just their fandom overhyping them or does it seem plausible?

No. 266579

Hm I haven’t heard this. BAP debuted nearly at the same as EXO. I liked them from the go: fun, weird concept, exciting albeit a little gimmicky music (but that’s par the course for kpop), Bang Yong-guk…but then they started releasing coffee-house lite music and they lost their concept. I don’t think they would have been as intensely popular as BTS because their concept/image was less rebellious and seen as fighting the “man.” BTS’s highlight for me was Run/The most beautiful moment in life, and then things went downhill I guess for mainstream appeal. Long rant aside, if BAP had a stronger image and more mature, cohesive approach from the start, I think they would’ve been more successful. But their company’s screwed them. My 2¢

No. 266585

I’ve really warmed to Jisoo in the time since BP debuted. Usually visuals are content with coasting by on beauty alone, but she’s really stepped up her vocals and has become more stable than the rest of her group. It seems like she is serious about music rather than using her idol status to get endorsements elsewhere.

No. 266595

agreed. i like that she has such a low, kinda soul-esque voice too since it’s not too common among kpop girl singers. rosé has such a high-pitched, overly saccharine voice that sounds like a little girl but i think jisoo kind of counterbalances that in a way that makes them sound interesting together. i think they compliment each other very well.

i really wish jennie stick to rapping so they stop cutting jisoo’s lines short just to make room for jennie because jisoo is a way better singer while jennie is by far the best rapper of the group. i’d hesitate to even call jennie’s throaty shouting singing. it just sounds like she has trouble breathing and it stresses me out.

No. 266597

Where does that leave Lisa? Backup dancer? Lol

No. 266603

her rap is fine, just not on jennie’s level. she’s the main dancer so she excels at that. doesn’t make her any less important than the other three.

No. 266693

Agreed! I wasn’t sure I liked BP until this comeback where I feel like jisoo really stood out from the rest with her voice and persona.

No. 266732

I got into k-pop literally a decade ago. I really thought BoA was going to break America.

No. 266737

There were enough bops on her english album that I wish she did tbh, usually kpop in the US is pretty embarrassing.

No. 266763

File: 1531143022796.png (132.75 KB, 460x347, A43CF675-AAF1-4614-8806-2A9D6B…)

Ahh, back when you couldn’t fathom anybody having a concert in the US, and if there was one it was always in Cali (and that basically started around 2011) Now you see all sorts of petitions for nugu groups to tour in the US, and we get all sorts of acts coming to olaces like texas. Hell, wanna one held a concert in the arena I had my high school graduation in. I couldnt have imaged that could have been a possibility back then listening to Super Junior or whatever in 2009. Sometimes I feel like a crazy old lady shaking her cane, “You kids have it so easy! We didnt get our artists on iTunes, and forget buying albums so easily on Amazon! If you didnt live near Koreatown, You had to go through sites like YesAsia and it took FIFTEEN DAYS for shipping.”

No. 266772

>big oof

Are you also one of those people who reply with "mood" when anyone posts something relatable?

No. 266773

Juice was god-tier level of kekking. The whole mumble-rap was hilarious.

OT but I don't dislike this duet. His voice is super bland but for some reason it blends well with Jane Jang's.

No. 266777

Twice's new comeback is very… reserved? The deep house instrumental for the chorus sounds nice and feels like a natural evolution from Likey, even if it feels like there's not a lot of complexity to the song structure or instrumental.

It's funny that the MV is basically a higher budget version of Oh My Girl's A-ing MV from nearly a year ago. Is the "crashed on an island but making it cute" plot a common Kpop theme? Also as a lesbian, I'm happy with a lot of the looks.

No. 266778

Twice's new song. I'm surprised they gave Jeongyeon the chorus but her hair looks nice. I don't love the song but it's growing on me.

No. 266821

I love Twice but I'm getting more and more disappointed with each comeback since they either keep doing the same song/mv or it isn't anything impactful or interesting to me. I'm glad they are successful and this song is cute, but nothing I'd spend money on or seek out to listen to again. I'm glad Jeongyeon is getting more attention, and their styling was pretty cute, hopefully it carries over to the lives.

No. 266823

Never said she's less important

No. 266845

I agree. The last title track where it feels like they tried something new was Signal but so many people hated it. I was hoping JYP would try something different for what is love but the song just sounded bland imo.

No. 266859

File: 1531165433306.jpg (42.58 KB, 726x424, IMG_20180709_204152_093.jpg)

No. 266872

i'm probably biased since i almost only listen to older groups now, but to me the best thing about the old era (anywhere from until 2008 to 2012 depending on who you ask) was the variety shows and similar content. cassies had insane drama back then but the all about dbsk videos and the shows they were on made it easy to become a fan of someone because they gave each member a chance to shine. i feel like these days you hear the same stories on variety shows all the time and idols are more used to talking on things like v app than a tv show. i used to laugh so hard at dbsk varieties when jaejoong would start talking and a manager would step in to stop him because he was ruining the cold image they set for him.

i'm really glad stan twitter and current fan culture wasn't a thing in 2007 though. imagine the tweets from elfs and cassies and the fan wars between wonder girls and snsd. there's STILL very active yunjae shippers fighting online every week.

No. 266874

File: 1531169460807.jpeg (60.43 KB, 500x333, CF1E6CC2-B303-4BA6-AD14-AF157E…)

Anybody remember that huge anti-snsd forum that would call members like Sunny whores because they were close to suju/dbsk members?

Oh god, that and those ‘kpop secrets’ livejournals

No. 266881

Guess we're never getting their "Genie" if they're going straight to "Party".

No. 266894

File: 1531179640432.jpeg (207.4 KB, 573x560, 33F5B081-19F0-4BED-9775-F808DC…)

No. 266964

I'm surprised there haven't been more fights between fans in real life. It feels like there's drama all the time now that I don't even find the ridiculous fans funny anymore. That Mino drama from yesterday was just sad imo.

No. 266967

i was on kpopsecretmeme2 all the time 2010 - 2013 and ngl i miss it a lot. just a bunch of girls bonding and shitposting in the kpop community before we had a term for shitposts

No. 267053

Man, anyone else really disappointed in JYP lately? He's problematic for a lot of reasons but I always respected him for pushing classy girl groups with more mature concepts. TWICE has been such a disappointment compared to Wonder Girls and Miss A. I still hate him for disbanding WG.

No. 267122

Elaborate please?

No. 267127

It's still alive amazingly enough (on dreamwidth), a lot slower and different to back then but I still stick around for the bonding and kpop discussion.

No. 267139

No. 267145

Thank you

No. 267183

Who do you guys think it's going to be the next boy group to rise to fame? I'm betting on SEVENTEEN, mostly because their group dynamics remind me of BTS, they're good dances and I feel like having Woozi and Hoshi constantly helping in composing and choreographing for the group gives them a chance to stand out (not that they're the only idols that do but you get what I mean), that said I have this really strong feeling that at least one of the members is going to leave the group more sooner than later. I used to think MONSTA X had a better chance than SEVENTEEN but I feel like they still need to find their sound and image, while the latter needs another big hit like Mansae.

No. 267219

File: 1531301265941.jpeg (196.26 KB, 720x1280, A47EAB33-B247-46CE-99F9-D8E7D4…)

what little i’ve seen of seventeen i like. the only reason i fear their popularity exploding is that carats seem to be some of the more peaceful kpop fandoms and it would suck for them to become the next ratmys

monsta x is nice and i’d love for them to get more recognition. kihyun gives me pretty strong suga vibes, both visually and personality-wise, though he lacks that pissy attitude that i’ve seen people complain about suga for. i think it’s pretty cute that the two of them are friends too lol

No. 267230

>I still hate him for disbanding WG
Me too, anon. Twice will never compare.

Anyone looking forward to Mamamoo's Red Moon? I liked the sound in Starry Night and I'm happy that they're doing something similar.
I like how they're always testing new sounds

No. 267504

File: 1531418977399.jpeg (101.45 KB, 472x1200, Dh0mE40U8AE2b0u.jpeg)

Why are anas always so batshit?

No. 267506

Is that a troll account? Shouldn't someone report her for announcing she's planning a murder?

No. 267510

wtf is it with jimin fans and being absolutely off the wall unhinged? didnt he already get a death threat scare when they went to the US?

im sure its been reported many times

No. 267523

I'm pretty sure he gets death threats every time they come to America.
No wonder they look so done with their fans nowadays kek They probably regret their success.

No. 267748

File: 1531495688914.png (722.75 KB, 720x900, Screenshot_2018-07-13-11-24-31…)

I doubt her tits are actually that big. Before fans said her tits were naturally big because she was bigger or the fattychan of the group. After all the starving and cosmetic surgery weightloss, her tits look even bigger

No. 267749

File: 1531495739781.jpg (826.51 KB, 800x1206, Dance_The_Night_Away_Jihyo_Pro…)

Padding or implants?

No. 267752

File: 1531496852224.png (108.24 KB, 362x221, Screenshot_2018-07-13-11-47-31…)

No. 267754

File: 1531497331592.jpg (20.44 KB, 736x598, 0jecmUz.jpg)


They cancelled one concert before because there was a twitter account making death threats and posting pictures of a gun.

I don't doubt it's just some nutty disappointed fangirl who can't stand the thought of her ~jiminie oppa~ having scandals or some shit. Googled the name a minute ago and it's already been posted all over IG and Amino, so I doubt it's something to worry about.

But man, talk about going off the rails. I was gonna ask whether the Beatles ever had this level of trouble with saesang fans but then I remembered John Lennon was actually shot by a fan… lmao my b

No. 267774

It's South Korean idols we're talking about… If it looks like surgery, it most likely is

No. 267786

fuck anon that was funny

No. 268182

Why does this kind of aegyo still exist? The poor Loona girls look like theyre suffering…

No. 268194

olivia and yves look so uncomfortable. i really hope bbc continues to give the girls concepts that suit them once they debut as a full group. loona has a mature and sophisticated image and i'd hate to see more forced aegyo and stuff like love4eva.

No. 268275

Chuu's so cute tho.

No. 268281

Is this why #JiminWorldwideLoved is trending on Twitter right now?

No. 268896

File: 1531823771994.jpeg (121.98 KB, 750x864, 068571F2-091B-46BB-A1FF-99908B…)

So, SM just announced three new SMRookies, all of them Chinese. Given NCT China’s debut is supposedly just around the corner, we’ll probably see them debut any second now. It’s obviously just speculation at this point but makes perfect sense.

SM was pushing the whole NCT18 thing with Empathy (since they were 18 members) so I think it’s a little odd they’re adding even more members in 2018 but I guess they need to increase the hype for NCT China so here we are.

Edited: Apparently some retard was running around spreading false information so I had to correct it. Xiaojun was born in ‘99, not ‘90.

No. 268897

File: 1531823800960.jpeg (86.02 KB, 700x1050, B9C1E914-EF64-4496-93F4-298763…)

No. 268898

File: 1531823844671.jpeg (257.08 KB, 990x1361, 62AABF7E-5F20-49BC-8AE0-9D0AAA…)

No. 268899

File: 1531823876832.jpeg (90.56 KB, 700x1050, 4A9A99D4-6384-4A5B-A878-3EF5C4…)

No. 268900

Wow, these two are really qt. Guess that girl who saw them at the resturaunt was right, the first guy looks like chinese jungwoo lol.

No. 268903

my thoughts exactly lmao

i do think >>268898 is cute too. maybe not a bombshell like the other two but he looks really interesting and pretty adorable to me. also he’s apparently from macau which is cool, don’t think we have a lot of kpop idols from there

No. 268904

File: 1531826669907.jpg (121.07 KB, 1024x766, IMG_20180717_060124.jpg)

I like him too. he looks a little bit like doyoung and some other idol whose name I can't remember…

Xiao jun is going to be a bias wrecker for a lot of people. Those eyebrows are amazing, he gives me K.K. slider vibes in a major way. I still hope Lucas will be the main visual though.

No. 268917

She's not even that big. I'd say they're probably real.

No. 268926

They look nice. Was Hendery the best stage name they could think of?

No. 268970

idk, you'd think she'd fix her nose before her tits

No. 269255

Thoughts on this?

No. 269263

beginning is pretty cringe
but i like that they sampled the message by grand master flash (at least thats what it sounds like)

No. 269288

I really like the 365 Fresh MV, but this one is so cringy idk why. The song is meh for me personally.

No. 269399

Has anyone seen the n word controversy on twitter with Jimin?

No. 269407

fans are saying it's a mistranslation because he meant to say "cute" or something kek

No. 269410

oh no a celebrity said something racist 4 years ago
it’s embarassing to see so many fans wasting energy “dragging” him and defending him.

No. 269424

Do you have any links or anything? I search it but the only thing that came up was about aoa's jimin saying the n word back in like 2016

No. 269434


Basically Jimin said kkamdoongie which people are saying is a derogatory word for black people. Others are saying that is just means a black person. Searching for 깜둥이 on google doesn't really support the 2nd reasoning though.

No. 269440

Here's the explanation for the word in Korea: https://namu.wiki/w/%EA%B9%9C%EB%91%A5%EC%9D%B4
If you put it into google translate, here's what comes up:
> Usually when Koreans write a suffix called -new (-둥이), they write positive meaning such as cuteness and finesse.
But the word 'nigger' (or ' nigger ') is an exception. The same is true of the English word "Negro", but in Korean, only the word "nigger" Stupid Let's be careful because certification that there is no liberalism can hit all kinds of bombings that become direct and spit from a vacancy.
> Let's not say that people like black people , Southeast Asia, Southwest Asian people are niggers or niggers. After all, Rover, East Asian and Koreans are not even saying what they say.

There is a word for black people, 흑인.

No. 269530


Here, have a real translation.

"When most Koreans use the -둥이 suffix, it's usually meant for things small and cute, and is used in a positive connotation.But the word '깜둥이'(as well as '검둥이')is an exception.
It is similar to the English word 'Negro', but in Korean, the word 깜둥이 was used to mean people who are stupid or uneducated, so you need to be careful, since saying this in public can get your ass beat.

The reason for this is, the -둥이 suffix is only used for kids, REALLY little kids at that. You are treating them like a 3~4 year old based on their race and skincolor alone. And actually, the word -둥이 , even if it contains a positive connotation("cutie")if used towards mature adults that you aren't even close to, is really just the fucking worst."

No. 269580

Thanks for the translation. Koreans seem to be pretty sure that it is a word you shouldn't use, but of course stans dgaf.

No. 269592

I've never seen a korean person write like that, but okay.

>so first jimin said the word "깜둥이" which is a korean racial slur. HOWEVER. IT CAN MEAN DIFFERENT THINGS IN DIFFERENT CONTEXT. he said the word to jungkook, saying jimin himself is gonna get tan because of being in the sun so much. the word "둥이" means cute/lovely person. for example:

>귀염둥이: cute person
>트둥이: twice cuties (nickname for twice members
>As you can see 둥이 mean cute person."깜" means black, derived from the word "껌정색" which means the color black. So what jimin did was add "깜" and "둥이" to get "깜둥이" which would mean "cute black person" literally, but he meant he's gonna get tan, so he's referring to himself as a cute person with black skin. NOT A RACIAL SLUR. HE WASNT TRYING TO OFFEND ANYONE OR BE RACIST
They're constantly complaining or mocking each other for getting tan, do I highly doubt he'd call himself with a tan 'cute'.

>and honestly why would jimin ever say a racial slur about black people?he has no reason to be racist to them or be hateful. y'all remember Tony and chimchim?? jimin loved that guy. SO CONCLUSION: SIT DOWN AND STOP ACCUSING JIMIN OF RACISM OK thx for coming to my ted talk

Ah, having 1 black friend surely changes everything.

No. 269610

thanks for the explanation anon.
it sounds kinda like the english word 'darkie' - yes its a cutesy, diminutive word, but that just adds to the insult because of the patronising effect.

No. 269696

I always laugh at Korean Americans who are shit at speaking Korean and have only been to Korea a few summers of their lives, but act like the authority for everything Kpop related lmfao

No. 269977

File: 1532106955796.png (19.29 KB, 295x366, trying_to_translate_all_the_in…)

tfw the innuendos of the korean language are just too difficult for your stupid english brain to grasp

No. 270108

File: 1532150698727.png (598.81 KB, 940x452, screenshot.1532150530.png)

What do y'all think of Imfact? I just discovered them recently and I've been enjoying their music, but they don't seem all that well known?

No. 270672

>neon yellow hair
With all their money they could have afforded a better dye job

No. 272346

they're handsome, but i don't want them lol

No. 272429

This feels like it's trying way too hard to be something that PSY would release. Mino looked cute in that uniform imo. Even with the ugly highlighter hair.

No. 272430

eh, it's really annoying to lighten thicker asian hair more than that. plus i feel like that straw yellow is kind of synonymous now with a lot of boy bands, like how copper red used to be with kpop divas.

No. 273426


I love this concept wtf why are they not more popular

No. 273427

Where can I find more omg

No. 273484

Because all their singles sound the same. Their only great song is sleepwalking

No. 273492

The market is oversaturated and the rock concept is kind of niche at the moment. I do like Dreamcatcher though. The Korean public are sleeping on quality bops constantly, vid related.

No. 273528

Thanks for recommending this, I really like it! Good taste anon.

No. 273686

Sana is soooo ready for dat sekushii concept.

so am I tbh

Also I love tanned Jihyo.
And Tzuyu is overrated in general, but her body truly is banging.

No. 273691

that push up bra is suffocating her

No. 273742

post accident ladies codes is some of my favorite kpop, I loved galaxy and hope they get at least one more comeback together. They've been through so much to be given up on. I know one of them just had a solo comeback but it's not really my cup of tea

No. 274060

So guys, if you could fuck any Korean idol, who would it be?

No. 274063

taehyung. i want to finger his butthole and make him squeal.

No. 274130

excellent taste anons. their pre-accident music was good too (pretty pretty is still one of my favorite songs) but their later stuff is just so dreamy. both ashley and sojung's solo stuff was pretty meh to me. i liked sojungs song but got tired of it quickly.

you guys should check out some of yeseo's work. her stuff is really great imo.

No. 274172

I used to think she was just average but Jihyo really looks good with a tan. Too bad she probably won't keep it for a long time.

idk if he counts but probably jung jaewon. If not him then minhyun from w1 I guess.

on another note Loona is finally making their full debut soon. hopefully the title song isn't completely awful.

No. 274182

File: 1533002828942.jpg (29.94 KB, 749x752, DiJ5Gg-XkAEEn93.jpg)

i really just want to tie namjoon up and make him cry.

No. 274193

>having to divide a <4 minute long song between 12 different members
I do not envy whoever’s in charge of vocal arrangement. Chuu and Haseul are probably gonna hard carry for the weakest singers, too.

Pretty hyped, though, because Loona’s delivered way more than I had ever expected watching the teaser for the first girl.

No. 274202


Love yourself anon

No. 274309

>Who's your favorite band? Who's your bias?
so i guess i will bring up f(x) the most slept on girl group? i really got into them when they released rum pum pum and their newer stuff is really nice. i just wish more people were into them and they got more attention overall + new content. pls love them.

my bias is hands down amber. she's always been super cute to me but overall she is an awesome person honestly. she's releasing solo stuff right now and its really good. she also has a youtube channel. it's.. a whole mess in itself but its also hilarious

sappy bias/stan moment: i'm so proud of her cuz she's been coming more out of her shell it seems.

No. 274366

File: 1533060869606.jpg (40.67 KB, 639x638, gay.jpg)

If it counts, I want to get cucked by these two

No. 274379

File: 1533063727335.jpg (55.85 KB, 564x1002, 42c1be3de663be424b0ee4d1b1cbd5…)

I want to dom Jungkook with Taehyung and make him cry. Then I'll have them double team me.

No. 274416

File: 1533070646625.jpeg (159.34 KB, 800x1199, CDFF77F9-6910-4BF9-904E-7075C2…)

Jaehyun or Lucas. I don’t see myself as dominant at all but I really want to tie them up and make them cry.

I also wouldn’t be opposed to eating Doyoung out.

No. 274417

File: 1533070668434.jpeg (100.17 KB, 683x1024, 121A6753-5329-4A68-AA51-964D89…)

No. 274418

File: 1533070682324.jpeg (73.01 KB, 1024x1024, 0D4368BD-BED5-46F3-BB4D-8630F1…)

No. 274423

File: 1533071513300.jpg (51.27 KB, 401x612, DZqIFyUX0AAiK5.jpg)

best boi with best thighs

No. 274426

He needs to lay down the lip fillers.

No. 274486

I'm seeing a pattern here with making idols cry lol

No. 274908

File: 1533167241690.png (448.03 KB, 537x537, Untitled.png)

youre speaking my language anon

No. 275056

I wish I was one of those high class hookers so i could possibly fuck Jungkook cause we all know they use them. My only sad pathetic dream

No. 275598

File: 1533266496751.jpg (88.56 KB, 1000x500, 4mW09sV.jpg)

So Hyuna and E'dawn have been dating for two years. Are you surprised or not?

When they denied it I thought it was just media play tbh. I'm surprised they admitted it. Does anyone else find it weird that members from 3 Cube groups + Hyuna all had dating rumors on the same day?

No. 275637

Im not surprised by any dating rumor she has, unfortunately.

No. 275693

No. 275699

wait, they openly admitted it? wow

No. 275709

her styling being so bad lately made this news feel more scandalous than it is. she's really pale, really skinny, had light contacts and heavy makeup and frizzy hair and it's made her look way older and crack addled compared to how she's styled outside of music promos. it makes him look really young next to her? i guess they'll look more normal when she goes back to looking more natural, i don't get the appeal of the frail look

No. 275841

I knew it.
I just hope his fangirls don't harrass her

No. 277068

I don't think I've ever been so excited for a debut before vut I feel like I'm too excited so nothing will ever live up to the hype. I hope their actual debut song ditches the schoolgirl outfits.

No. 279312

Someone post Jungkook please

No. 279322

File: 1534068538182.png (767.33 KB, 641x850, 12.png)

your wish is my command anon

No. 279323

File: 1534068617913.png (712.99 KB, 566x849, 11.png)

No. 279324

File: 1534068984721.jpg (384.42 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_pbug0uAck21xyd98to3_128…)

No. 279327

File: 1534069376194.gif (2.94 MB, 268x350, tumblr_pb5rurmCaw1r9wsc3o1_400…)

No. 279328

No. 279330

File: 1534069764702.png (2.02 MB, 1269x849, 23.png)

No. 279335

he's not even that cute, c'mon. did you really have to subject us to a flood of jk pics?

No. 279349

Thoughts on Favorite? The video sucks but I really like the song.

No. 279367

I expected a bit more. Still, I'm looking forward to their debut.

What's your favorite solo? I really like Egoist, new and Dancing in the Rain.

No. 279377

File: 1534081976217.jpg (35.16 KB, 430x645, fK4Om2ugb7w.jpg)

I didn't know about them before the video, so I didn't expect anything, I liked the choreo and the song is decent.

Since you're here appreciating Jungkook, let me post Jungwoo just because I can.

No. 279378

File: 1534082790277.jpg (34.54 KB, 680x453, junguwu.jpg)

he's so fucking cute

No. 279380

File: 1534082911327.jpg (86.41 KB, 1200x1200, DaWD8eJU8AAhW55.jpg)

No. 279404

I like the dance and the song but I don't think I'd listen to the song on it's own. Hopefully they post a dance ver or something soon.

No. 279417

File: 1534090231334.gif (2.41 MB, 540x220, original.gif)

He's so beautiful

You know you like it anon

No. 279577

I like Singing in the Rain and Eclipse the best. OEC in general has been my favorite so far. I enjoy the ethereal/dreampop-ish sound, it's something I haven't really herd from other idol groups.

No. 279580

File: 1534120157089.jpg (111.16 KB, 2048x1536, dHiHbvD.jpg)

New NCT teaser dropped today. At first I thought it was a new subunit announcement but based on what people are commenting it seems like a timeline? I still kinda think it's just a new subunit but it wouldn't surprise me if it is a timeline for the next releases. SM Cramming in 3 or more promotion cycles before the end of the year sounds like a nightmare though.

No. 279583

OEC is the best music I've heard from a k-pop group maybe ever. I'd love for more groups to try out the dream pop/shoegaze Grimes-ish sound they did with Loonatic

No. 279655

File: 1534140320877.png (341.32 KB, 1440x1529, n.png)

Well, one will be a new sub unit. I think dream might release something on the 25th, then nct china will debut sometime between mid september and october, and after that 127 will release something.

No. 279665

I wonder if SM has any plans for EXO. Xiumin is enlisting this year and they seem to be focusing on NCT and its subunits. Maybe they'll follow the f(x) route and slowly forget about them, although it seems unlikely given their huge fanbase.

No. 279672

They'll probably keep them around like Super Junior.

No. 280615

File: 1534345159186.jpg (131.21 KB, 1029x1376, IMG_20180815_083351.jpg)

there was another (alleged) sm schedule leak yesterday (i think)

>4 more months until nct china

kms if true. why'd they have to tease it so early?

No. 280701

I've never followed any chinese boy groups before. Does anyone know what promotions are like? Do they have music shows or are they just gonna go on variety?

No. 280893

File: 1534389632769.jpg (452.9 KB, 1500x2250, NCT-Dream.jpg)

Dream uploaded photo for latest comeback. I really hate the hair colors for almost everyone. Why so much yellow and orange? Love the dark hair on Mark though.

No. 280902

I think Chenle might look cute unshooped and I agree that Mark looks nice with dark hair, but yeah, everyone else looks lame. Weird how Jisung actually looks 10x better with a bowl cut… I guess it's because of the baby face.

No. 280904

File: 1534393544658.jpg (47.04 KB, 564x846, 9b08cfed10cd220b539e5c868304e4…)

I noticed how photoshopped Chenle was too yeah. Haechan looks off too. I think I hate Renjun's yellow hair the most, at least the others have some tones of brown or orange.
Nothing can save yellow hair, and it doesn't look good on him. He looks so much better with dark hair.

Or maybe I just like natural hair colors on idols.

No. 281075

File: 1534419182599.jpeg (256.13 KB, 960x720, F17FF287-08C5-4D93-A16A-028F12…)

Renjun is so pretty ugh. I hate whoever gave him that brassy mustard blonde hair. Hope it fades to something at least marginally better.

He looked really nice during We Young era with sandy blonde hair imo. Jeno looked nice platinum blonde too.

No. 281205

File: 1534433502509.jpg (60.25 KB, 564x797, 5b0aa9ae8332026f3b0913f925f448…)

Is it bad that I liked Mark with this hairstyle? It was so cute and original. At least for the promotion, not sure how it looked in a casual day lol

No. 281213

New TWICE japanese song. The intro actually made me think for a second it was going to be interesting, but no, it's the same cutesy sounding voices and repetitive dance hook "Let's go!".

I really don't get the appeal with them, everything sounds the same to me. It's so dull.

No. 281216

File: 1534436515770.jpg (174.94 KB, 1242x1840, mullet (feat. xuxi).jpg)

Me fucking too. It was honestly one of my favorite hairstyles he's ever had.

TY has a baby mullet right now and I think I hate it. Don't like the color either, he looks better with unnatural colors or black imo.

No. 281220

File: 1534437091629.jpeg (87.19 KB, 960x1200, 1F15DD68-59A2-4272-918C-0A04C3…)

I got into NCT during Boss era but even having seen all the hairstyles/colors he’s had before (and now after) that I still think he looks the best with dark, blood red hair. Yes it’s Hot Topic MCR teen angst edgy but Taeyong’s overall look just screams that anyway so it fits perfectly imo lol.

Everyone looked amazing during Boss era. The styling was ridiculously nice too imo. I wonder if they kicked out their old stylist.

No. 281224

File: 1534437258438.jpg (25.05 KB, 564x376, 541c869f295dcc61f27938b86026e3…)

He's probably the only idol that in my opinion could pull off pink hair. He looked the best in Cherry Bomb era.

Also, I hate to say this because I love Taeyong but is he looking weird to anyone else lately? I think he did something to his chin, it looks larger and I hate it.

He has one of the most beautiful faces in my opinion, even if some people here found him odd or weird looking. I guess I'll have to prepare myself for him to RUIN it completely.

No. 281229

JYP seems like they're going to keep their music cutesy as long as they possibly can. This is the darkest styling they've had in awhile so maybe they'll switch it up soon.

No. 281231

His face confuses me, I find him attractive but because he's charismatic, not because he seems handsome to me. I wonder how aging will affect his face, it may actually ruin it.

No. 281233

File: 1534437908827.jpeg (59.78 KB, 1024x682, 196D4A90-CF16-4065-A74B-9E1B7A…)

I haven’t really thought about it? I love Taeyong but for his personality, not his looks. I think he looks amazing in certain styling and when he does no-one compares but without that I find other members nicer to look at. Now that you mentioned it I won’t be able to not look for it lol.

Also while we’re still nutting over best styling for NCT members, Doyoung looked so amazing in the Chain MV. That perfectly mussed hair styling framed his face nicely; I wish he’d kept it forever. He looked like some kind of doll to me, as tacky as that sounds lol.

No. 281234

Agreed, the edgelord look suits him so much better. And he said he used to listen to mcr so that makes it even more fitting kek.

The pink is great on him too, it looked really adorable in vid related.

lotta /nctzens/ out today

No. 281252

Yeah I don't buy it when he's acting sweet and stuff. He looked so uncomfortable during Touch performances, especially when they had that little part with Mark. I don't know why because they seem close, but it was always kind of cringy like they were strangers hugging each other lol.

No. 281256

File: 1534442804293.gif (1.45 MB, 480x270, chain.gif)

Doyoung confuses me greatly, I find him attractive in some shots and really odd looking in others. Maybe it's his smile, it's a bit wide.

I did notice he looked especially good on Chain MV. BUt I was more surprised with Mark & Haechan, damn.

Chain was a terrible song though, I hated the background noises particularly.

No. 281258

File: 1534442996018.jpg (130.66 KB, 1500x1000, IMG_20180622_132501.jpg)

i want to bully jaehyun (but in a sexy way)

No. 281259

will they have any more performances with it? i only found the mv, the dance practice and some low quality video from japan.

No. 281276

It would probably be easy since he's hands down the cringiest nct member, even worse than Johnny. He oozes timid bitch energy too

still so pretty despite that <3

No. 281277

"I used to be the sweetest boy ever till I found out being the baddest boy was better."

LOL that's terrible.

Another member like Taeyong that looks ten times better when he's not acting all "sweet" and childish. He looked so hot in Firetruck dance with the black hair and harder demeanor.

Let us not speak of Firetruck era clothes.

No. 281293

File: 1534449264953.png (822.75 KB, 849x476, screenshot_22.png)

wtf is this move

No. 281301

File: 1534450731349.gif (1.52 MB, 480x270, wtf.gif)

Haha I like Firetruck dance, but that part and the one where the members pick up WW and make him jump look odd and out of place with the other hard hitting moves.

Most of NCT dances have some really weird moves that would probably look really bad if only one member is doing them, but I think that's kind of what I like from their dances. They stand out with all the weird shit.

This part in Cherry bomb did make me burst out laughing though.

No. 281312

fucking nerds. bless them.

No. 281322

File: 1534453271076.gif (2.33 MB, 268x380, jungwoo.gif)

Jungwoo's part in Boss always seemed funny to me, idk why.

No. 281325

File: 1534453533658.gif (2.4 MB, 268x370, tumblr_p4t6ynVYig1x3twuco3_400…)

This dance move was exactly what I thought of when I read anons post lol it's so weird. He looks like he's advertising a used car sale.

No. 281327

File: 1534453595832.gif (2.12 MB, 480x270, pureswag.gif)

I find more funny the part after Mark and Taeyong's rap ends and they all jump like idiots. I think it's supposed to be all swag like, but Doyoung and Jungwoo crack me up lol.

No. 281329

I've read he's copying some meme dance move that's popular somewhere on the internet and I tried to research it but found nothing.

No. 281331

Are you sure it's that move and not the little milly rock he does at the "closer closer closer~" part?

No. 281332

File: 1534454069593.gif (1.11 MB, 202x360, grandmadance.gif)

If we're going to talk about bad dances, I really don't like Monsta X's dance for Jealousy. It's not terrible, but I just find some moves weird (shoelace tying part) and hate the styling sooo much.

And for some reason I get annoyed at this part with Hyungwon, it's cringy. If Taeyong really suits pink hair, he's the complete oposite. I really dislike that hair and outfit on him. He was so cute on the Hero mv what happened?

No. 281338

Maybe, I don't really know anything.

That looks awkward, what are they even doing?

It's not bad but I don't really get the part in Seventeen's Clap choreo (starting from 3:50), I like it up until that and then it gets annoyingly sexual.

No. 281341

Lol THAT's sexual? Rotating your hips for 5 seconds? Quite a label for such a small part. If we're talking about annoying "sexy" moves I would nominate The Eve. I don't get why so many fan girls losed their minds with that dance, it was meh.

I think from Seventeen CLAP's choreo is the one I dislike the most yeah, I also can't help but compare S.Coups part to Taemin's in MOVE. It feels really stolen, unless it's a known dance and I've never seen it somewhere else.

No. 281347

Well it's the most sexual part of this choreo, but yeah, compared to many other dances it's nothing ofc.

No. 281353

Oh fuck, I erased this from my memory seconds after I saw it but all this talk about ncts weird dances just brought it back. This is the worst of all time and they presumably did it on their own merit. Why do I love a group this cringey?

No. 281360

File: 1534456619948.png (254.45 KB, 603x560, nct.png)

I love the original tweet, it's cringey in a funny way.


No. 281363

File: 1534456730894.gif (1.51 MB, 177x200, tumblr_pbz01ed7af1xpl3u9o5_250…)

mark is disgraceful

No. 281368

File: 1534460531595.png (534.91 KB, 662x861, mark.PNG)

How can someone be so awkward even when tweeting? LOL the Hahaha on both tweets. I love him too, a complete dork.

No. 281369

File: 1534460649620.gif (2.03 MB, 540x229, original.gif)

jin's part in mic drop seems weird and unnecessary tbh

No. 281371

Jin is usually unnecesary lol. I don't hate him but he really seems disconnected from the rest of the group and his parts always stand out to me in the wrong way.

You can tell the dude didn't want to be a singer/idol whatever from the start and just went along with it. I hope they give him actor roles and he can branch out.

No. 281372

File: 1534461123969.gif (1.4 MB, 268x320, jin.gif)

oh god, also this. i don't mind him that much either, but… eh

No. 281381

File: 1534462346368.gif (3.63 MB, 480x270, taeyang.gif)

Why are all the Taeyong, Taeyang whatever so fine? Damn… He looked good on the Now or Never MV too.

No. 281386

god i love that song. their live performances are kind of cringey though because of the random ass moonwalking towards the end

No. 281389

File: 1534463346771.jpg (54.78 KB, 600x848, Cha_Ni-9.jpg)

Moonwalking looked better in MV yeah, but I still liked it. Also if Chani ever changes his nose I'll be super dissapointed, I love larger noses. Not like Rowoon, the wax figure. He looks so plastic nowadays, especially with the makeup in this comeback, so shiny.

No. 281390

I need a compilation of Young bin doing that stupid twirl, I love it so much. Flawless.

No. 281391

File: 1534463574230.jpg (67.33 KB, 367x550, flat,550x550,075,f.u2.jpg)

agreed anon. taeyang is still the best boy imo. i'm glad to see another sf9 fan though, since o sole mio they're title tracks have been really good. i cant decide if now or never or mamma mia is my favorite.

No. 281395

File: 1534464283428.gif (1.26 MB, 480x270, 1.gif)

Mamma mia got stuck in my head so much more, but I like both quite a bit. Taeyang in that suit dance practice looks so goood.

Bonus Hwiyoung.

No. 281396

File: 1534464510213.jpg (35.15 KB, 450x675, B7cx1-CCMAA2uZ5.jpg)

Kind of random but did anyone else think Taeyang was Japanese at first? I don't know why, maybe because he reminds me of Yamamoto Yusuke, of dude's a lot more pretty.

No. 281643

doyoung and jungwoo are literally as far from badass as you can possibly get. all that uwu cringe, bless them

No. 281676

File: 1534512977000.jpeg (422.05 KB, 2048x1365, 96F8DEFC-FE9C-40B8-B138-4A0196…)

SMRookies updated their Twitter and in addition to being extremely annoyed at the fact that Hendery was hiding half his face behind a mug so I still don’t have a proper pic of what he looks like rn because he looks different in every single fucking picture I see, I’m sincerely sorry to the visual line. Hendery and Xiaojun have insane profiles. I’m sorry Taeyong. Only Lucc stands up to them now.

No. 281677

File: 1534512999781.jpeg (585.09 KB, 2047x1497, CC8E97B7-757B-4B06-BCB3-28742A…)

No. 281678

File: 1534513020493.jpeg (310.8 KB, 2048x1365, 4152C183-AF12-4272-8909-40976C…)

No. 281688

File: 1534514350814.jpg (109.48 KB, 799x1200, big baby.jpg)

Was hendery the other cantonese one? His eyes are similar to xuxi's. Like him the most of the three, xiaojun is way twiggier than I thought he'd be.

But speaking of xuxi, I'm so excited about him being on LoTJ. He's gotten a LOT of work considering he only debuted like 6 months ago and doesn't fucking speak korean lmao. He'll be on knowing bros tomorrow too.

No. 281690

he looks like kim mingyu from this angle

No. 281697

Yeh, he’s from Macau. I’m the opposite because I was actually hoping Hendery would be twiggier.. hopefully it’s just an oversized shirt/tee combo. I’m so weak for smol twiggy twinks with big doe eyes. From his ~official~ SMR pic he looks like Doyoung’s his momma and Kyuhyun’s his daddy so he’d basically be Doe-Eye Jesus if he really looks like that lol.

I’ve never watch LoTJ before but if Xuxi’s in it fuck yeah I’m gonna watch. Do they have the full episodes on YouTube or is there anywhere else you need to watch it?

No. 281698

>twinks with big doe eyes

are you me? this is my favourite type ever, its always the eyes that get me

No. 281704

Wow they are REALLY cute. Hendery is ten times more good looking that his first picture, I though I was going to like xiaojun more, but now I'm not so sure. Yang looks like baby Taeil too.

I wish NCT stopped adding members though, it's interesting but it's getting super crowded. Also, I'm comflicted by the fact that new rookies are so young and I'm older lol. Stop making me feel like a creep kpop!

No. 281705

chinese boys >>>>> koreans

No. 281715

File: 1534524164527.jpg (54.31 KB, 682x1024, IMG_20180618_064922.jpg)

this is true

No. 281719

File: 1534524721232.jpg (88.23 KB, 639x960, y.jpg)

I feel like Yan An from Pentagon is so underrated, I'm glad he's gaining some recognition through that Chinese show.

No. 281724

File: 1534526791782.jpg (82.78 KB, 564x846, 98e3cc6b0339d725d79f39bee36492…)

Give him a few years for his face to look more grown up and he'll be even hotter. I think more underrated is Shin Won, I don't see much people talking about his looks but I really like his face, especially his eyes, kind of cat like. I was drawn to him on the Runaway MV.

Honestly, all visuals on Pentagon.

No. 281725

File: 1534527517383.gif (1.39 MB, 268x268, smile2.gif)

No. 281737

What did you guys think of Leo's album? I liked some of the songs, considering I'm not a big fan of his voice.

No. 281956

I usually watch it here http://kshowonline.com/search/Law%20of%20the%20jungle

Don't remember when it's gonna air though. He just got back from filming the other day so probably not too soon.

>I’m so weak for smol twiggy twinks with big doe eyes

I love them too (though I do prefer doe eyed chads with pretty lips like xuxi, my ult) but xj has sharper facial features. Guys like him look better athletic/lean rather than super twiggy to me.

No. 282009

ah thanks, hopefully we get to see it soon.

>but xj has sharper facial features. Guys like him look better athletic/lean rather than super twiggy to me.

yeah, i do think xiaojun will look the best lean/toned. i just think hendery would look really cute/pretty as a smol twiggy twink bc he has those doe eyes + his facial features are quite soft, whereas with xiaojun his features are sharp and refined but distinctly masculine.

TL;DR xuxi is a doe-eyed chad, xj looks like a chad in the making and hendery looks like a doe-eyed twink

i want them to debut so bad but we’ve already had the nct 2018 yearbook + the fact that they’ve been pushing the 18 concept so hard so we prob won’t see them debut until next year even though nct china is set to debut this year. :(

No. 282175

File: 1534630907446.webm (Spoiler Image, 702.62 KB, 720x720, neko neko nii.webm)

If the leak was true, nct china will be in December… I doubt they care enough about the whole 18 thing to bar the rookies from debuting with them at that point. If they do, maybe they'll push it to January 2019. Or they'll get thrown in the sm dungeon/get moved to nct deadweight until a future nct china comeback… rip

webm unrelated

No. 284510

New teaser for NCT Dream. Such a cute idea! I love Mark and Haechan commentary lol

No. 284542

i got into Twice a few months ago, i use to despise kpop (still kinda do) but they made me actually like it. I know Twice is considered basic but they've made my mood 100x better lately. i really love them. it sucks people try to downplay cute/happy songs or concepts, because i actually enjoy how much they lift my mood.

No. 284597

Same honestly. You can argue they’re terrible all you want but sometimes a boppy twice song is all you need when you feel like shit

No. 284598

File: 1535061743725.jpg (114.52 KB, 800x1200, nct-127-johnny-airport-fashion…)

Cute, but I wish Chenle's hair was green like how it looked in the preview. Still not really sold on anyone's hair color except Mark.

Johnny finally has the dark hair again, but it's not black :( I don't think Johnny will ever look as good as he did during cherry bomb era again

No. 284603

Honestly. Plus, Twice seem so happy doing what they do lol. Idk, I enjoy seeing a happy group doing nice music that's not overly edge from time to time.

No. 284658

does anybody here listen to Infinite? I miss them so much.

No. 284778

I'm trying to get into nct, what videos should I watch? I mean what interviews, vlogs or vlives maybe, because I've watched their performances but there's so much other content, I'm lost.

No. 284787

The vlogs are super cozy, but I'd wait until you can at least recognize some of the members to watch them. The boss teasers + mv and weird mannerisms were what hooked me. You could just pick a member you think is cute or the sub unit you prefer and go from there.

here are the yearbooks

and some cute vlives (all have english subs)

and some good mvs

No. 284789

Here's a super helpful listography anon. I personally started liking them after the NCT life series.

No. 284929

Thank you anons! Yeah I can recognize half of the members I think. The Boss era is my favorite for now too.

No. 285428

So Yongguk has officially left B.A.P. I’m sad. I haven’t been keeping up with them for the past few years but they were one of the first groups I got truly involved in. He always struck me as a very sincere and hardworking person, both as an artist and as a person.

I wish him the best.

No. 286221

File: 1535407958420.jpg (332.44 KB, 1286x952, ncity.jpg)

Apparently xiaojun is a manlet a la ten kek. Has he grown since this video or is he really this short?

No. 286459

now i’m sad. i was hoping he’d be a chad. guess that makes him a chadlet?

please please please tell me hendery and yangyang are twinklets
in hendery’s predebut pics with his girl squad he’s basically the same height as them

also when was this?

No. 286461

File: 1535446968330.jpeg (52.02 KB, 540x563, C874AAB8-58FA-41CA-8EBB-7E13BD…)

No. 286465

So Ten isn't only overrated as fuck, he's also a manlet? kek

No. 286476

File: 1535451169433.jpeg (91.19 KB, 750x750, 5F3C5877-1B9A-41B1-AA67-907E25…)

while i don’t think he’s overrated he’s pretty much renjun’s only competition for tiniest member of ntitty. renjun who, may i remind you —

No. 286477

File: 1535451201775.jpeg (922.35 KB, 2048x1536, C024A774-2412-4145-99AA-51DA67…)

No. 286478

File: 1535451257996.jpeg (139.73 KB, 1080x1016, 58A81B7A-0E46-4512-872C-358CBC…)

No. 286483

File: 1535452135878.jpg (35.56 KB, 460x690, the-absolute-state-of-10.jpg)

He's like 5'2". I think it's cute, but I agree that he's pretty overrated. There are some interesting things about his music, but they're watered down by that boring troye sivan shit. Baby don't stop was great though.

Ohhhh, wasn't irreplaceable baby the hidden trainee who was super young? It would make sense for him to be that tiny.

No. 286491

i doubt he’s that short. in your pic he’s standing behind xuxi who’s a six-foot-something titan.

in that group performance where ten was dancing with blackpink’s lisa they were about the same height (maybe he was a few cm shorter) and she’s 5’6”.

No. 286506

File: 1535454626199.jpg (224 KB, 800x1200, DXPjiUnUMAAhNl2.jpg)

5'2" might've been an exaggeration, but still. Here he is next to mark and winwin.

No. 286662

What is Renjun's personality? I can never pin him down.

No. 286698

File: 1535476738747.jpg (100.63 KB, 752x960, af5a41f45d90a3cb4c47a946491702…)

I know people have joked about SM idols being clones of each other for years but the little bit of cassiopeia in me that never died melts a bit with NCT. I don't actually always see that much of Jaejoong in Taeyong but there's also Jaehyun literally being called Jung Yunho. Even when I was a diehard cassie I was only at all attracted to Jaejoong, Yunho and Yoochun (no comment now) so being really into so many members of a group is a new feeling. They have some really great dancers and vocalists so I hope they get to show that off well but they really are one of the best groups visually imo

No. 286828

It’s part of the reason why I like him so much. He has so many little conflicting quirks and qualities that it’s impossible to pin him down as anything really. He’s just Renjun. It’s very endearing IMO.

No. 286845

It's not going to happen but I wish SM would give up the unlimited members concept. Just keep the 18 guys you've got now. They're perfect.

No. 286850

They’ve been wanting a group like that for years now tho super junior was supposed to have the same concept with graduating members but they pussied out because the fan support was too strong for the members.

SM wants their own morning musume so bad

No. 286855

I wonder how long they'll try to make the unlimited members thing work. I know NCT is still a young group but it seems like none of the subunits have taken off at all.

No. 286872

meh, all of the new members have been great, so I'm all for the unlimited concept if they can keep this high-quality dude streak going.

No. 286876

more dudes means less focus on my favorite, though.
then again i suppose i wouldn't mind it if sm didn't shoehorn taeyong and markus into everything.

No. 286889

that's a valid point. if your favorite isn't one of the more popular members or debatably johnny, you basically have to go fuck yourself.

No. 287532

File: 1535573417510.jpg (38.83 KB, 500x750, 695323720484361d7915dd15404e04…)

I'm the anon that mentioned Taeyong was looking off lately. I just saw this picture, what the hell I may actually cry. Why touch his face? Another big chin idol now. I loved his face and now I'm so so sad…

Am I the only one? His jaw was a lot squarer before. I haven't seen other people talking about it.

No. 287538

File: 1535573531538.jpg (54.47 KB, 564x846, 9053322d5467b8478d5c19479a0d08…)

Compared to before.

No. 287551

he already has a slight underbite and it looks like he's jutting his lower jaw forward so im gonna say no. post another pic.

No. 287552

His face was really cute before. why the hell did he ruin it? the plastic surgeries in korean are too much

No. 287556

File: 1535574566597.jpg (577.41 KB, 1080x697, 38462093_246612262646011_72703…)

I looked for some more recent pictures and you may be right, or maybe he had fillers and it was swollen? But for a couple of months I did see him off. Especially on this photoshoot, his face looks so long there.

He definitely had something done and it may be better now. I really hope they don't fuck up with anyone's face, SM is worrying.

No. 287561

photoshoots are not a good indicator for plastic surgery since korean magazines and such have terrible photoshop skills. he already has a large chin, i don't think he would make it longer and stick out more.

No. 287594

File: 1535576354217.jpg (175.27 KB, 1000x1500, yummy arm veins.jpg)

He looks the same in this recent one (taken by a fansite last week). His mullet is out of control tho.

No. 287614

Well, even if he did something I'm happy it was not permanent. I guess I'm afraid of SM ruining his face since it happened with too many other idols already.

And yes, I'm too emotionally invested in this lol it's because he's my favorite from NCT sorry.

No. 287789

it's qt o'clock

No. 287820

this is not what i was expecting. and i don't how to feel?
the song sounds really empty.

No. 287847

Yeah, I felt the same way about their last comeback (which I actually liked more, it was less generic). Lowkey wish they'd graduate the current dreamies and go back to songs like chewing gum. Seeing a boy group sing such cutesy stuff was a big part of why I liked dream.

Everyone looked very cute though and that's 80% of what I care about in NCT mvs at the end of the day. I follow them for their personality, looks, and dancing rather than the music. That goes double for dream now.

No. 288074

It lacks a bit in instrumental maybe you're right, and I was not a fan of the chorus but after listening a couple of times I kind of like it now lol even if it's generic as fuck. Also they look suuuper cute.

No. 290111

File: 1536001268334.jpeg (726.55 KB, 2048x1365, 26003AE6-FF5A-4B6D-870B-A14774…)

The SMRookies have uploaded more pics today. It’s insane how beautiful they are.

In the order they were posted: Hendery, Xiaojun and Yangyang

No. 290112

File: 1536001298926.jpeg (899.64 KB, 2048x1365, 30F307DC-853F-454E-ADF9-96EE93…)

No. 290113

File: 1536001329728.jpeg (588.62 KB, 2048x1365, 88F857AB-3843-420F-8237-F6E58A…)

No. 290145


This one truly is a looker. This looks like a still from a date sim video lmao

No. 290228

File: 1536012835023.jpg (121.38 KB, 852x1136, jn.jpg)

Hendery best boi

Anyone listen to the rest of NCT Dream's mini album yet? And did anyone else see these /fa/-teir pics of Johnny from the other day? He'd fit in to that meetup pic kek

No. 291641

lol sm is really good at finding cute Chinese guys

No. 291645

Ooh, this dude is pretty damn cute. Looking forward to the music

No. 291720

I really love the SNSD subunit song, I'm glad they're still releasing stuff. I really liked Tiffany's solo too so them losing members hasn't bothered me so far.

No. 291834

just gonna leave this here

No. 291960

delete this

No. 291992

What's the context behind this?

No. 292004

it's from this lol. considering he LiVeD iN aMeRiCa fOr 4 yEaRs, maybe this was from his esl classes or something?

i think about it every time a thread gets derailed on /pt/ or /snow/ now

No. 292012

leave Jeffrey alone! tbh for only 4 years his accent is great.

No. 292024

jeffrey… is a bitch…. his english is pretty good though

No. 292035

File: 1536259726175.jpeg (85.88 KB, 567x567, 00932DB9-19A4-48B7-97A1-6159F7…)

jeffrey’s dark past is literally perfect for this entire site but if you’d post outside a kpop thread they’ll reeee at you for being a pesky kboo

kinda sad tbh, that part of the vid was made for /snow/ and /pt/

No. 292156

I love Sunmi so much

No. 292159

File: 1536279614784.jpg (12.07 KB, 248x186, unrelated.jpg)

kpop boy reaction pics are the female equivalent of anime girl reaction pics and the ban on them should be lifted imo

No. 292160

File: 1536279782795.jpg (15.44 KB, 261x261, nails.jpg)

here's this one too while i'm jeffposting

No. 292161

love this song except for the dance break. just seemed unnecessary. i am glad she's selling well! i was afraid the shit that happened with heroine killed her momentum

No. 292207

Ikon's 2 last come backs and Bobby solo were incredible, I'm so afraid they will be the next fad kpop group in the west after BTS and also go to shit.

No. 292246

File: 1536294754882.jpg (104.42 KB, 960x960, 1535405511391.jpg)

What's the point of being into people who've had plastic surgery? It's like being attracted to a drawing; it's all fake. idgi

Plus this shit is reminiscent of how men go on about shooped pornstars and not-pornstars like Tila Tequila. Learn to love yourselves

No. 292269

>What's the point of being into people who've had plastic surgery? It's like being attracted to a drawing; it's all fake. idgi
That's retarded, their face is their face. It's not like you want to fuck someone's DNA, you just see something attractive and feel attracted to it. And many people are attracted to drawings, are you new to the internet?

No. 292485

This. What an idiot.
You sound like one of those naive people that think people that get plastic surgery automatically end up with the person looking like Jocelyn wilderstein.

No. 292486

Do you have any personal issue or trauma with people with plastic surgery or you just are a massive cunt? Because dehumanizing people to the point of comparing them with drawings over some ps is crazy. Even if their faces or bodies are entirely modified with cosmetic procedures they're still human beings, you know? With emotions, personalities and ability to think, they're not lifeless caricatures…

No. 292490

>being attracted to a guy who got a nosejob means you hate yourself

No. 292881

File: 1536409652201.jpeg (168.44 KB, 1277x881, EBD7AB00-22CB-47FD-8BB1-6D7A13…)

how do all my czennies feel abt xuxi’s latest hairstyle?

he looks more like minho than ever but idk i can’t quite get behind it… his hairstyle since debut has been so perfect i feel like this is a downgrade it’s just not up to par imo

No. 292885

save it for tumblr, geez

No. 292890

This haircut definitely gives him strong Minho vibes but I don't think he pull off the short bangs as well. I also think the black is too harsh on him.

It's really amazing how similar their eye / nose area is.

No. 292899

>It's really amazing how similar their eye / nose area is.
It really is. I personally like Xuxi’s face more; it’s slimmer, more refined and Chad-esque IMO.

No. 292908

I heard he got his hair cut for some variety show. he still looks attractive but his old hair looked better. after johnny changed his hair for cherry bomb he started looking so basic imo

No. 292924

It's not that bad, but I miss his old haircut. It was perfect.

Yeah, he's gonna be on real men 300

No. 292946

File: 1536424148838.jpg (327.04 KB, 810x1080, xuxi.jpg)

He looked 20+ with longer hair and now he looks 5 lol. Lighter color suits him better.

No. 292950

File: 1536424923953.jpg (40.36 KB, 650x829, baby xuxi.jpg)

Doesn't help that he had the same haircut when he was 5.

And, uh… Ginger jungwoo, eh? Okay. I guess.

No. 292956

I liked literally every hair color on him except for this one, but at least he's out of the dungeon now.

No. 292958

File: 1536426353476.jpg (28.74 KB, 350x350, borderline goth bf.jpg)

It is nice to see him again… But he looks so much better with cool colors, black, or grey to me. I'm still not over pic related, this was such a look (aside from that awkward bit of grey near the roots)

No. 292984

File: 1536431980062.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.18 KB, 628x1024, 575824A4-9D30-4EF8-AA5C-27C19F…)

this ask is old as fuck but we’re on anon so i might as well dump this confession here

i wanna press doyoung down and lick his nipples and bite/play with his chest

maybe this is just my bisexual fujo ass speaking idk i just have this thing for nice chests and his just looks so suckable n squeezable whenever he wears a tight top

like he’s toned but still v lean and twinky and his chest is just the perfect middle-ground if that makes sense idk

No. 292985

File: 1536432005879.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.89 KB, 800x1200, AF0C8800-35D4-48BD-9F76-C3A937…)

No. 292997

i don't find him handsome, something is off about his face for me, but he's so endearing idk why, 10/10 would marry and take care of him

No. 293055

He uploaded a cover recently, I really like his voice, not so much the choice of song haha. I also find something off sometimes with his face, probably the jaw shave. But really like him with proper styling and black hair, very handsome.

No. 293058

let doyoung say the fuck word, sm!

No. 293063

File: 1536451100617.png (350.43 KB, 1280x1917, tumblr_o5ejuiPXjw1v6bamko1_128…)

My favorite in NCT will always be Taeyong, but I remember really liking Doyoung in the Seventh sense video. The little eyebrow raise had me like hello theeere. As well as his voice.

Did anyone else really like the styling of Seventh Sense? A lot of fans always highlight all styling prior to Boss as terrible, but I really liked it. The outfit Mark had with the yellow sleeves was so cute on him too. All the concept photos are so good and I actually have some of them as my Desktop background.


I would love to see the whole team with this style.

No. 293072

I feel awful for this but I have a slight distaste towards Lucas…I can see how he draws people in and that he’s a sweet and nice person overall but something about his egocentric and loud personality just repels me from liking him. His rapping skills are whatever too. Doesn’t help the fact that SM is pushing him so hard these days. It makes me kinda irritated whenever I come across news of his appearance on yet another variety when my own fav isn’t getting as much attention despite having trained much longer and subjectively having much more talent.

No. 293073

File: 1536452638972.jpg (229.83 KB, 1000x1500, 281185df348b76f130d7195182d8a1…)

Probably is that god awful jaw shave. He still looks really nice overall.

No. 293077

Yeah, he looks fine from certain angles. I like glasses on him, they balance his face out.

BTW the outfits in this performance are amazing, unlike suits that hike up (is this the right word?) and seem uncomfortable to dance in.

I like him in NCT but he seems like that kind of person who takes up all the space around them and draws attention to themselves no matter what, they're exhausting to be around irl, at least for me. That's what makes him a good entertainer though.

No. 293080

oh god, thats pretty bad. the kinda chestnut colour and longer style was so much better

No. 293218

File: 1536488408594.jpeg (42.25 KB, 343x308, AFFA78CA-4DE5-4193-9EFF-2A3D91…)

The Xuxi/Mark size difference is seriously the cutest thing ever. I love how they’re the same age, Mark looks 5 but acts 25 and Xuxi looks 25 but acts 5 lmao.

On that note, does anyone on here ship members together / read slash? What do you ship?

No. 293246

kek lucas talked about this tweet on his vlive with mark https://twitter.com/strapjeon/status/987875475858042880?s=01

No. 293307

File: 1536508680401.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 351.55 KB, 1000x1500, 7AF83AD5-9F8D-403C-9A6C-14CAC2…)

He reminds me of a Barbie doll. Not a Ken, a Barbie. His features are so insanely small and delicate save for his eyes it’s insane.

I think he’s aesthetically pleasing to look at but I can see why some people would be thrown off. It can look a little uncanny at times, pic related (spoiler bc it kinda freaked me out when I first saw it lol).

Jaehyun on the other hand looks like a whole Ken doll kek

No. 293308

File: 1536508715694.jpeg (190 KB, 1200x1800, 469D176B-E0BD-4920-A829-066509…)

Ken boi

No. 293347

I'm a little envious of fansites. I wish I could waste all my time taking cute pictures of Doyoung and Xuxi.

anyways, r8 my ncity bias list
>xuxi ♡♡♡
>chenle ♡
>tie between winwin and doyoung
>honourable mentions: yuta, hyuck, jeffrey

No. 293371

this is a good list

i literally love all of them so mine is a total mess:
> doyoung ♡♡♡♡♡
> renjun/jeno ♡♡♡
> winwin
> jeffrey
> mark / xuxi / nana

hyuck’s been wrecking me lately bc honestly 00-line is my fave line

other honorary mentions: johnyong, junguwu and kun. dream is the superior unit and are all pretty close in rank.

i also see myself being wrecked by hendrix and the other china newbies in the future.

No. 293442

yours is pretty good too. I was also going to put Junguwu and Kun in my hms, but I just haven't seen enough from them yet

>i also see myself being wrecked by hendrix and the other china newbies in the future.

me too for Hendery. not sure about the other two… really depends on what their personalities are like.

No. 293460

File: 1536532684725.jpeg (78.11 KB, 621x621, 7B379CE1-E01A-487B-A92D-9A2A4D…)

i already have an unhealthy obsession with hendery and looking at his predebut/recent pics i’m so damn curious about him ahh

he looks like a different person in every single pic and while the other two have already created a bit of a persona for themselves in my eyes (xj being serious and eloquent; yy being heppy uwu) hendery’s notes and predebut pics clash with how deadpan he’s looked ever since he was revealed and i can’t wait to get to know him

also he has a girl squad how cute is that

No. 293485

File: 1536536873119.gif (2.45 MB, 316x320, 53b2962c8201dd9ebdcb76a35afe73…)

Any #Winwinsupremacists here? TBH I'm not even sure why he's my favorite, I wouldn't say he stands out in terms of talent/looks in the context of NCT or that he's an underrated gem or anything (personally I'm still waiting for Yuta to get his comeup), but something about him is incredibly endearing to me. Also I understand the feel of being in a foreign country and never understanding wtf is going on lol

No. 293489

File: 1536537301826.jpg (260.92 KB, 1448x2048, DmYMKdUU4AUNsiU-orig.jpg)

Right here.
I didn't care for him at all when I first got into NCT..now he's my husbando.
Maybe it's how silly he can be? Without even trying to, I guess.

No. 293493

File: 1536538029698.jpg (22.55 KB, 460x339, qt3.14.jpg)

i'm actually scrapping my entire bias list; i only care about farmer taeyong now

No. 293521

File: 1536548330259.jpg (73.06 KB, 564x1001, e4f8d19f739b4f016562cfd11a3be2…)

oh god yes, Taeyong with glasses. I've never been so obsessed with someone's face before. To me he beats everyone in looks, even new China line; although Xiaojun has a very similar vibe to TY and I'm probably going to love him too.

Does anyone else ever think about their sexual preferences? I kind of hope TY's not gay. I would be happy for him if he was, but it kind of kills my attraction. Like for example, I really like Ten but I'm never attracted to him since I can tell he's gay, same with Winwin although I have my doubts sometimes about him. I hope this doesn't sound bad, I really have no problem with any of them being gay. And in theory you can still fantasize about them if they are, but it kind of ruins it to me. Anyone else feel the same or am I sounding like a huge asshole? Sorry in advance if I am. I would still love all of them, I will always like Taeyong mostly because I just find his stage presence incredible.

No. 293558

File: 1536554887393.jpg (406.8 KB, 2056x1411, win.jpg)

No. 293561

Haechan has been wrecking me too lately. He's real young, but after I saw this fancam of him I was like daaamn, especially with that move around 01:33. I also love his voice so much, it's so unique. I remember it stand out so much to me on Firetruck.

Also I agree that WinWin with glasses was top notch. Also in the Chain MV, he should use them more often.

No. 293640

Winko was my favorite even before I got into NCT. I still consider him one of my biases but Doyoung is my ult.

I personally love Taeyong but for his personality, I don’t find him the most good-looking. To me Xuxi, Winko, Nana and now Xiaojun are by far the most beautiful members. Jeffrey, Jeno, Renjun and (sometimes) Doyoung and Ten are also up there. I envision Henderson wrecking everyone in terms of visuals too judging by his killer side profile and looking like Ten’s goth sister.

Taeyong looks incredible sometimes but his features sometimes look really odd to me and these members look stunning literally all the time no matter how horrid the styling.

No. 293675

File: 1536577171202.jpeg (105.31 KB, 639x369, CBE2B38F-BF38-458F-BB01-B13AE9…)

this made me think of yall

i can’t stop snickering

No. 293686

Anyone else excited for GOT7's comeback?

I'm happy they all get solo songs this time around.

Anyone else pre-ordered the album?

No. 293697

I just preordered it this morning. I loved Youngjae's and Jinyoung's solos, and I'm happy Jackson doesn't seem to be forcing his voice this time around. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the songs.
I'm quite disappointed the photobook is random but I like all seven so I guess it's okay.

No. 293792

Why are Kpop fans so obsessed with udders?

No. 293851

File: 1536592046791.jpg (108.73 KB, 1066x1600, IMG-20180903-WA0012.jpg)

I'm also a bit disappointed that the photobooks are random - I really hope I'll get Jinyoung's but I somehow always end up with Jackson's versions.

I hope you get the photobook you want, anon!

No. 293852

Keep being dululu.

No. 293855

File: 1536592557779.jpg (285.4 KB, 1600x1097, farmers.jpg)

ty for sharing

No. 293872

kek yw fam

with all the insane kpop cow fetish imagines/fanfics/fanart out there i feel like we should be able to make at least one banner

No. 293898

Pentagon had a new comeback withouth Edawn and Yanan. I'm sad about that but damn I loved it so much!! They all look so good and I love the worker outfits. Yuto looks like a yanki lol, I love it. And the song is sooo good. They are really becoming one of my fav groups.

No. 293908

dif anon, but I'm hesitant about preordering, youngjae is my bias and every preorder I do I always end up with jackson stuff too. Do they make more of something if someone is more popular???

No. 293909

This is seriously good.

No. 293964

File: 1536614767414.jpeg (847.65 KB, 2160x3840, IMG-20180905-WA0004.jpeg)

I wouldn't be surprised if they printed more of one member than another tbh but wouldn't they have more of printing less of the popular ones so crazy fans but 20 albums to get the right photobook?

Maybe you can look up amino or some kpop/got7 communities and find someone to swap with!

Jackson is decently popular and I'm sure you would find someone!
Please post which version you got, worst case maybe some farmers can swap!

What really irks me is that the 'right' photobook never guarantees good photocards - with the Turbulence album I got the most awkward looking card of Yugyeom and nobody wants to take it off me, fml

Picture very related

No. 293977

yeah that’s an odd photo to for them go with… either way, still a qt. he’s probably my second fave after jinyoung (spoken as someone who doesn’t actively follow them).

No. 294039

What happened to Yanan??

No. 294137


more rookie content i wasn’t ready he’s so beautiful f UCK

No. 294222

File: 1536672670536.jpg (240.93 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20180910_230244.jpg)

>tfw no creamy bf

holy fuck.

No. 294434

He is drop dead gorgeous

No. 294438

File: 1536694413002.png (265.23 KB, 574x606, xiaojun.png)

He looks like a prince or a fairy

No. 294445

File: 1536694811028.png (452.39 KB, 768x602, xiaojun 2.png)