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File: 1521413123222.jpg (30.31 KB, 480x480, 26341515_1995695010755957_4947…)

No. 234968

The Anti Kpop Thread seems to be quite popular, so i thought, why not make one for japanese music as well?

Since it's by far not as popular as Kpop, feel free to discuss all genres here, whether it's Jpop, Jrock or Visual Kei.

No. 234969

File: 1521413260327.jpg (61.73 KB, 640x480, A11308321-27.jpg)

My personal favourite lolcow is Yoshiki

No. 234974

What makes him a lolcow besides wearing ill-fitting costumes on stage?

No. 234978

>anti jpop thread
>still finding a way to talk about kpop and korea

aegyo sal/puffy eyebags have been trendy in japan for several years now. the black diamond gyaru member harutamu even got eyebag injections.

No. 234979

File: 1521415412776.jpg (211.6 KB, 2048x1365, 459768_549016068470712_4367620…)

His gigantic ego and the fact that he's been milking the death of his former guitarist for years.

No. 234981

File: 1521416272984.jpg (41.24 KB, 634x422, wire-811261-1497957254-901_634…)

Sage for samefag, but i wanted to add that he's rather well known for having ties to the yakuza.
He's also allegedly in huge debt, yet still flaunts his wealth left and right.
Usually he's seen walking around wearing a wrist and a neck brace for extra pity points.

No. 235017

I never cared about jrock or vkei but I remember spending ages reading about bangya and tanuki and mitsus and all that, the shit the groupies talked about the band members and vice versa was hilarious even if I barely knew who they were talking about. Everyone in that scene seems like a hot mess since they're both poor and popular enough to prostitute themselves to their fans as well as sleeping around like crazy.

No. 235020

God. Gackt looks like an elderly lesbian. 44 my ass.

No. 235021

i remember when i was into him like 14 years ago he was like 37 lmao

No. 235032

File: 1521451329298.jpg (55.35 KB, 800x600, CwLsEEOUIAARKV9-800x600.jpg)

I used to be a diehard AKB fan but… Once all the original, truly charismatic members had graduated, it doesn't have a soul of its own . It's now become more of a franchise than a true idol group. They don't even mind singing 10yo songs with girls that weren't even in the group yet when they were released and the new girls feel so bland, just another cog on the giant 48 machine, they don't bother to give them real protagonism if they're gonna graduate in 3-4 years anyway

I may sound dumb but the original AKB meant so much to me

Keyakizaka isn't half bad but I couldn't get really interested in them tbh

No. 235037

He's had surgery on his wrists and neck & his doctors tell him to wear the braces, but he's stupid for always throwing himself across and around his instruments for ~dramatic effect~. Yoshiki was my first weeb crush at age 13, and I still have a big soft spot for him now but goddamn, I can't take him seriously and it's amazing I ever did at all. He's been teasing an album that's supposedly "90% done" for like, almost 10 years? And to top it off, now X Japan is playing fucking Coachella. TBH I think he's stuck, can't finish the album and is trying to fuck himself up too much to finish it so he can retire.

I vote for a Yoshiki thread, he's not a lolcow per se, but he is pretty lulz and weird.

No. 235038

I used to be super into Dir en grey as a young weeb teenager, I even saw them live one of the times they toured America in like 2006 or something. Wonder if there's any milk on them.

No. 235040

Same, anon. I went to like, 4-5 lives, I even went to their last show in Seattle. TBH most of the drama with them is the absolutely batshit insane Kyo fangirls, and the obsessive rich Japanese fans that follow them around on tour. My favorites are the ones who claim to have like, telepathic or spiritual bonds/links to him and are his soul mates.

Yoshiki has some batshit fans too- hobo trannies, thirsty white girls who want an Japanese sugar daddy, and creepy single Asian women who stalk him and take pics of his studio/house/cars.

No. 235041

File: 1521457152898.jpg (53.61 KB, 688x522, 100919_direngrey8.jpg)

The blog with all those translations is still up http://fuckyeahtanuki.tumblr.com/

As far as i know his age got accidentally revealed, so he's probably really just 44 and only looks so fucked up because of excessive plastic surgeries.

Same, as pathetic as he is, he once was a brilliant musician and watching his behavior now (Gackt's as well) is pretty lulzy. I didn't even dare to limit this thread to Jrock or Vkei only because i wasn't sure how many fans there are on here, so i don't think a Yoshiki only thread would gain enough traction.

The only thing i know about them is that they pretty much hate each other (confirmed by themselves) and only stay together for the money.
A few years ago, somebody started the rumor that Kyo is getting married to a person called Royal Roses and then he got harassed on his Instagram because of that, but to this day nobody knows who that crazy fan was.
Here they're talking about it in the comment section.
A couple of months ago, Kyo was seen walking with a girl on the streets; she was also harassed on Instagram and had to delete it. Some dumb foreign fan even posted the photo of Kyo walking with that girl, and then tagged Kyo and Dir’s official Instagram pages…

There's one really batshit crazy Kyo fan named Kareki, her Tumblr is a goldmine: http://deadtree.tumblr.com
Here's a summary of her greatest "quotes": http://fuckyeahbangya.tumblr.com/post/63508689452/kareki-resources-vol1

No. 235044

Kyo is ugly as fuck and 5'3" (or even shorter since people in the entertainment industry tend to lie about their height) so why is he the most popular band member?

No. 235045

Saged for samefag, but i remembered something else about Diru.
In the past they were involved in several feuds with other bandmen: Kyo vs. Kiyoharu (no idea why), Kyo vs. Kisaki (he bragged in an interview with Purple Sky about sleeping with several of Kyo's girlfriends) and Diru vs. Pierrot (they seem to have reconciled though, seeing as they played together recently).

Die is said to be married for years, but still sleeps around and Toshiya is getting married to a newscaster.

I only have this Tanuki blog as a source, but apparently Kyo seemed to be very violent in the past:
> made some bandomen drink soap at an izakaya
> "kanchou” (a prank where you shove your fingers rather forcefully in the general area of someone else’s butthole)
> frequently used to shove his arm in girls’ vaginas at drinking parties. Not his fingers, his arm.
> shamed an ugly girl who talked to him at a drinking party and made his kohai rape her in front of everyone. He didn’t get his own hands dirty, so to speak.
> piercing people’s nipples and genitals

Those rumors exist about Yoshiki, Gackt and Kisaki as well.

No. 235046

I guess he's popular amongst the male fans, since he's so "badass" or whatever, the majority of girls (except some lunatics) usually prefer Die or Toshiya, no?

No. 235049

My favourite moment was probably when Meto and Hitsugi fell out a window.

And best rumor is Kyo, Kiyoharu and Atsushi Sakurai allegedly having slept with over a 1000 women (the latter even with "every women in Japan") lol
I could understand going for Atsushi, but the other two… yikes

No. 235050

damn, I honestly thought kyo's violent stage bullshit was just an act, but I guess he really is a manlet with rage. I think he is ok looking with his mouth shut…or did he ever get his teeth fixed? I know toshiya finally did and he looks a lot cuter.

I remember hearing that they all disliked each other years and years ago but my stupid fujoshit heart didn't want to believe it.

No. 235051

Did anyone ever figure out what Shinya's deal was? I remember when he said he would "reveal all his secrets" when he turned 30 or some shit.

No. 235052

Those, uh… those are some pretty wild rumors there. The only rumors I've ever heard about Yoshiki were that he's secretly gay, and another that says that one time he slept with a 17 year old, inexperienced model after taking her around "traveling" on his jet, apparently he claimed it was professional as she was his bodyguard for the trip, and that they also worked together aside from that, who knows how.

No. 235053

File: 1521460584313.png (120.12 KB, 284x350, e40d39481058537.jpg.png)

Nope, he got a little space in a magazine and filled it with basic magazine survey BS. He's pretty active on Instagram and seems to be balls deep in Cheburashka and shooping himself younger.


Dying forever @ Yoshiki smoking weed lmao

No. 235055

Considering he's aging like an old Asian woman I'm not surprised.

No. 235056

File: 1521461477230.jpg (102.39 KB, 1099x826, tumblr_p1dmencr8O1qhz3lro1_128…)

Toshiya improved a lot in general, before he used to be so disgustingly skinny

Never heard anything about him being gay or fucking minors, but he often "surrounds" himself with white models

As for Shinya, he totally creeps me out. I've always considered him ugly, but nowadays he no longer looks human and then always acts so shy and "cutesy"…

No. 235057

File: 1521461621220.jpg (43.07 KB, 540x721, 886cb0d5c6147de162dfc2348e7627…)

Like what even is this?! What man in his 40s wears costumes like that…?

No. 235060

It's a pretty shitty jojo cosplay, but I don't see anything wrong with him still doing that at his age

No. 235063

Of course there 's nothing wrong with it per se, but in combination with his weird personality and scary face…

No. 235064

File: 1521464045984.png (551.57 KB, 712x947, 0_1b7db2_7c783d59_orig.png)

I think Kamijo and Mana are also pretty lulzy, in terms of having inflated egos

No. 235076

why do they look like nazis…

No. 235085

I've never been into Jrock and Vkei, but this shit sounds even crazier than any Kpop scandal and more entertaining too.

No. 235105

File: 1521482797014.jpg (119.04 KB, 800x450, heavyrotation_a.jpg)

I actually didn't dwelve more into them because of the Nazi thing lmao I just kind of liked their first single but mostly because it's more original than anything else 48g is releasing atm

Not like old AKB wasn't problematic before (like in the video for pic related)

No. 235106

File: 1521483317443.jpg (33.34 KB, 348x500, 78032882.jpg)

Because it is! Kpop is just kids play lol

Nearly all Jrockers are also guilty of nazi fetishism: http://juli-duck-core-nothing.tumblr.com/post/101785628532/in-honor-of-rukis-nazi-controversy-here-is-a

No. 235179

Uhh, I hope it's just a fetish for the nazi uniform and not nazis themselves.

No. 235182

many japanese people actually love nazis unironically. basically it goes
>normal citizen >japanese nationalist >nazi sympathizer.

not to mention most of the country doesn't give a fuck about any connotations of the uniform. hell, a lolita brand released a series based on the uniform with a nazi sounding name referencing hitler.

No. 235185

There's a crazy FTM tranny Yoshiki fan who bums around LA daydreaming about being his "pet". I originally found them on an old X forum and then recognized them again when I found them on Yoshiki's Twitter obsessively @ing him one day. I can't remember what name they used to go by but they would post everywhere anyone would listen about how Yoshiki was gay and all his girlfriends and models were just beards.

No. 235234

I absolutely despise idol anything now. After the war era with akb and momoclover there's just been an influx of talentless girls with absolutely 0 personality. Hardly any strive to have their own character it's just "cute with maybe a different hairstyle" and all the idol groups that try to seem edgy/not idol like are so tired. I never saw the appeal in groups like bish, denpa gumi etc.

No. 235236

>with a nazi sounding name referencing hitler.
You mean a German name? Nice to know that just because it's German it's nazi sounding and Hitler referencing.

The name is "Die Walküre", btw, which means valkyrie. Better stay away from macross delta because of their Nazi sounding name too.

No. 235258

lol it's a reference to hitlers favorite song you idiot.

No. 235358

File: 1521532204721.jpg (195.79 KB, 640x594, c1262b2d96b07fc3dca7475bb1054b…)

Dear Anon, sometimes it's useless to even try with Americans.
She probably googled it, saw his name and thought "If Hiter likes it, this must be bad!"

It's a very popular piece all over the world, also used in quite some american movies. So, just because Hitler listened to it, does this mean nobody else is allowed to?
Can't you understand how it can be perceived as 'offensive' to claim that something that's completely normal to Germans is a bad thing, because, well duh, it 'sounds' german?

And fyi it wasn't his favourite 'song', not even his favourite piece by Wagner.

No. 235359

File: 1521532590142.jpg (46.55 KB, 590x351, adolf-hitler-dog-muck-884186.j…)

>Urr durr also hitler loved dogs so dog lovers you're a bunch of nazi now!

This is why no one takes amerifats seriously.

No. 235361

File: 1521532960577.jpg (866.41 KB, 2112x3263, img114.jpg)

Kittens are now prohibited as well!

No. 235383

Hey samefag, no one gives a fuck about your hateboner for Americans.

Eugh. Honestly I thought he was going to come out with some shit about being abused as a kid. He just seems so maladjusted even for a jrocker.

No. 235385

agreed, even though I'm not a fan of any of this, I always thought the Japanese style seemed to be unique and interesting

cringe. see they still wanna live up to that honorary aryan title lmao.

Fuck off American. Also sage your useless shit.

No. 235394

It does seem rather uneducated to not know of the origin of the valkyrie myth and it's influence in art, and with composers such as Wagner. I would hope the USA education system approaches cultural history with a bit more detail than calling something like valkyrie "Nazi".

As for the uniform fetish, is it no worse than people dressing up in other military garb? British redcoats brought death to thousands over the world during the empire for example. It's more important to understand history and not keep bringing war to the world, cosplay is hardly comparable to the current American military intervention which is destroying lives all over the world.

No. 235421

Let's say it how it is; Shinya seems retarded.

Skip to 1:06, that's so pathetic…
I could understand if the others are fed up with him.

No. 235423

File: 1521551454556.jpg (74.15 KB, 843x598, 9602534b2871cb3712f74f4ce42340…)

This is what anon is talking about. Sorry about your precious nippon but there's literally no other reason for a MILITARY themed series to be named after a song hitler is quoted as liking. God you people are retarded.

No. 235427

You still don't get it, do you…? German people were offended because assholes like you still keep associating everything even remotely german with Nazis!
Nobody was defending their "precious nippon".

No. 235428

When I hear "valkyrie" I think about virgins warriors, about Apocalypse Now an AMERICAN movie, about Wagner… But I don't think about Hitler, maybe it's because I'm European but I don't associate every german sounding things with nazi germany.

No. 235429

This thread is about Japan, if you ignore blatant nazi fetishism by the Japanese just because it's ~triggering~ feel free to leave. Maybe if the Germans weren't such a shitty race of literal sheep then the holocaust wouldn't have happened.

No. 235430

when the fuck did /pol/ get here? someone mentions japan's nazi fetish (which is real) and then another anon points out how normalized the fetish is and you idiots start talking about how it's obviously a mistake? wtf?

No. 235431

Learn to sage your racist shit.

No. 235432

>When I hear "valkyrie"

You didn't though, you heard walkure, which is german

>I don't associate every german sounding things with nazi germany.

No one gives a shit what you associate the word with, I am also European. We're talking about what the Japanese feel about Nazis, not what some triggered Germans feel.

No. 235433

go back to krautchan cunt.

No. 235434

And here it comes again… whenever something german is discussed it'll end with "You evil Nazis!"…
Do you know how it feels to still be held responsible for crimes evil people commited at a time your grandparents weren't even born yet and this just because you happen to be born in the same country, thanks anon, really.


No. 235435

What the japanese feel about it? Nothing, they don't even know Hitler.

No. 235437

Wow, you're racist AND salty af.
Not that German anon (Baguette-fag here) but can we stop that stupid infighting?
Japanese tends to have a nazi uniforms fetish, we're all agree on that. Can we go back to the lulz now?

No. 235438

dude why don't you stop being so fucking sensitive? no one was saying all german shit is nazi, they were literally just pointing out how gross the fetishism of nazis in japan are, and people like you had to get all huffy cause muh germany! i'm not saying you should have to deal with any of that, but this is not the place for you to moralfag about your country when we're talking about how ANOTHER FUCKING COUNTRY feels about yours. if you knew anything about japan, you'd know that germany is stereotyped and fetishized FOR nazi shit. get off your high horse and stop trying to make this shit about you.

No. 235439

the argument happened because of >>235079
>dressed up as fking Nazi officers for Halloween

and >>235106

i think SOMEONE there knows about it.

No. 235440

ITT: butthurt germanfags

No. 235442

Linking the ride of the valkyries to Hilter and nazism is retarded tho

No. 235444

Anon, you are going around, calling other pol, krautchan and "if you weren't such sheep the holocaust wouldn't have happened". You are the one attacking and making it about germans.

No. 235446

but no one did that.

i'm not those anons, i'm the person who posted it in the first place. i think it's ridiculous to think a japanese company would innocently pick a german name, that also happens to be a song that hitler is known for liking as their name of a military themed series. i'm not the first person to even think this, it was a huge topic in lolita fashion a few years ago, it's not my original idea.

No. 235448

also samefag but the original name of the series was 'd.valkure' but they changed it to 'dark secret', just saying. i'm leaving now because clearly this thread isn't mature enough to accept some things about japan without feeling personally attacked…

No. 235451

My point is that the nazi fetishism in other countries (not just japan) in the end probably hurts germans the most. They try their best to be educated and mindful while others continue being ignorant and trample everything down, that way this topic is being brought up again and again…

No. 235455

Well, this thread was fun while it lasted.

No. 235456

File: 1521554993755.jpg (70.83 KB, 610x547, 201712241031779212_5a3f07ac4ec…)

Okay, change of topic

More accusations against Yoshiki:

(Also how much would you bet that he has know idea who any of these idols he let's himself get snapped with are? But as long as he seems 'cool'…)

No. 235457

No. 235458

No. 235478

I follow him on Instagram and the celebs he poses with and calls his friends are hilarious. He shows up to every event in LA to get his pics taken and seem relevant.

No. 235547

File: 1521575032655.jpg (220.2 KB, 730x487, eaba517e-3l9a1742_r.jpg)

I think it's gross that in all interviews he has always young white models in short dresses and heels serve him; same with Gackt and his clothing line.
Gackt also wrote on his blog that they look weird and that he wonders how a brain would even fit into their heads, since they're so small…

No. 235553

Speaking of tanuki threads, do you think any of that shit was legit? I spent a long time going through some and I felt like a lot of them were super consistent and ever since then I've been wondering how real they were.
>I mean they could just be all trolls playing along
>But sometimes one of the posts contains something that is eerily similar to what a band member might mention later and you can't help but to wonder.

No. 235555

A lot of people always say that everything on there is shit, but like you said, sometimes there are 100s of threads about a certain band(member) and everybody is essentially saying the same, so i tend to believe them.

No. 235586

>ruining best girl

No. 235597

Who, the models? What a cock he is, no wonder he had to “give up” on women, he treats them and talks about them the way incels do.

No. 235609

Yes, these poor, maybe still underage eastern european models, who are probably sending every spare cent home to their families…

Sadly that's not even the most extreme stuff he's said:
> women should walk 3 steps/metres behind men so that he can protect her (of what?!), because duh, Samurai and shiz
> according to him european women never wear bras
> but he likes that because underwear on women is gross
> says women will forgive cheating because of their gentle nature
> nowadays men are too weak, e.g. if they're not as obsessed with cars as he is, they're basically faggots (but using plastic surgery to transfor youself into an auntie isn't…)

No. 235611

I don't mean to generalize, but why does it feel like so many Japanese men (or maybe Japanese people?) are so inept when it comes to how they interact with the opposite gender? Is their society really that stunted?

No. 235612

File: 1521588775949.gif (991.18 KB, 500x337, tumblr_m7p7kfsaDC1qcmas4o1_r2_…)

Sage for samefag/blogpost
It's such a shame, he was a total cutie and awesomely talented during his Malice Mizer days, but afterwards he somehow turned crazy.
Back then he seemed like a genuinely nice person.

No. 235615

That's basically any man with money/status who thinks being "manly" is being a pig. He's riding his fame from years ago, just like Yoshiki. He thinks because he's a Vkei grandpa he can do as he pleases.

Also: I heard a rumor years ago that he got in trouble with the Japanese govt for something tax related, and public records came out that he had a son living in Canada & he paid off the mom to take care of them.

No. 235616

Gackt and Yoshiki both are obsessed with the white models, you should see any one of X's new PVs since the reunion. It's all glamour shots of the members looking like gay Anne Rice vampires or flashy CEOs, being surrounded by models and nice cars and fancy electronics. Such a vanity project imho.

No. 235641

File: 1521596602655.jpg (21.74 KB, 300x390, 300px-ystk_2014.jpg)

I used to love all of Yasutaka Nakata work but now everything he releases sounds outdated or plagiarized.

No. 235667

I wish this post had more traction, it's so slow, especially compared to the Kpop one. Oh, only if this was 10 years a go…

No. 235691

You could help it out by contributing.

No. 235709

Actually what is with vkei and white models? I don't know any more vkei-ers who are like Gackt and such in this sense but you see them a LOT in MVs as love interests of some kind. Seriously, WHAT is going on here? Are white women highly coveted in Japan or something?
>Esp. With slightly older vkei bands

No. 235713

File: 1521618093628.jpg (350.85 KB, 812x640, aramajapan.com-kyary-pamyu-pam…)

Kyary's career is dead. She can barely sing and once you take out the weirdo gimmick there's no reason to listen to her music

No. 235714

Yeah, she was huge a few years ago and then she just kind of dropped off, I wonder what happened? I still remember that funny shampoo commercial she did with Dakota Rose.

No. 235715

File: 1521619869283.jpg (68.92 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I think for Gackt and singers/bands with similar styles it's because they've always been obsessed with anything european and/or baroque, while Yoshiki just likes to have a model by his side like any other wealthy man.

Other than that having a white model in their MV's is sort of a status symbol? Like we can 'afford' something more (even though those models can be hired very cheaply), something a bit exotic, than just some pretty japanese girl from your neighbourhood.

I do however think it's creepy that they often use not only young white women, but downright children…

No. 235733

File: 1521631170272.jpg (154.32 KB, 1280x960, Rozen-maiden-anime-01.jpg)

I think that they try to go for a childish look because the Japanese tend to link gothic aesthetic to children for some reason, think Rozen Maiden and Kuroshitsuji. It's still creepy tho

No. 235734

I don't think so, they've been doing this for way longer already.
And they usually also don't dress them up as 'dark' like the examples you've given.

No. 235762

No but seriously, what is up with children and vkei? Is it some sort of symbolism? If so, what are they supposed to symbolize? Innocence? Purity? Am I the only one who just finds this downright creepy?

>Sorry for the low quality pic, my lazy ass couldn't find anything better.

>I love these guys, but this example always creeped me out, especially since the song is rumored to be about Junko Furuta (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Junko_Furuta)

No. 235763

Sage for samefag.

No. 235767

I already thought of that too, sort of as a contrast to their 'dark' selves maybe?

No. 235771

Some men fetishise blonde, white women. I noticed the same thing in a few American hip-hop and Korean music videos. If the love interest is a white woman, she's almost always blonde. (No love for brunettes, welp.)

This MV is 2edgy4me.

No. 235775

File: 1521647290600.jpg (116.43 KB, 600x600, R-11083921-1509552332-4715.jpe…)

She got cut from Kouhaku and her music releases are irregular and everyone must have got tired of the kawaii harajuku shtick.

No. 235779

I kind of get why she's going down lol When she appeared she was weird and people are usually attracted to those things, even if curiosity. Now the weird factor is over, people expect it so meh. I listened to her, especially the first songs, but now she's just boring and the songs all sound the same. Also, I agree she doesn't sing a shit.

No. 235879

Nakata's other act, Perfume, are still relevant and they're no different from Kyary since they lip sync and have no control over their image. Namie Amuro was super popular, was more relevant than Ayumi and she never wrote any of her shit, though she can actually sing

No. 235901

File: 1521670255095.jpg (269.89 KB, 1200x799, DYfVk0hU8AAPQg0.jpg)

Mejibray's MIA is pretty lulzy and obnoxious. He's gotten too much plastic surgery and he acts really egotistical. It's a good thing Mejibray is pretty much dead now, even though he's gonna go off and do his own thing regardless. Maybe westerners will stop kissing his ass now.

No. 235906

File: 1521671755483.jpg (Spoiler Image,25.32 KB, 500x173, tumblr_inline_nfq66koMwS1rhzss…)

Lol, i love him. He's probably one of the lulziest bandmen out there, without being a real criminal like the older guys.
For anybody who doesn't know him:
> flaunts brand clothes on instagram like some sugarbaby
> baits fujoshis by making out with e.g. Yohio of Seremedy
> had so many plastic surgeries done, that his nose looks like it's about to fall of any second
> Mejibray obviously broke up over a clash of their gigantic egos, despite being probably the most successful band out of the newer ones

Plus: he stuffs his pants…

No. 235922

File: 1521673878014.jpg (283.97 KB, 800x1200, db3-zziu0aavy0c.jpg)

He's a sugarbaby in the not literal sense. I'm 99% sure he accepts mitsu with little to no shame. Pictures have surfaced of him with various different girls, probably mitsu. Might just be tanuki rumors and such, though. But considering him… he seems like the kind of kusomen to accept a lot of mitsu.

Also, another obnoxious bandmen, the vocalist of 0.1g no gosan, You. He's pretty shitty to his fans. I feel like they're going to be the next Mejibray too. I think a lot of Japanese bangya have caught on but westerners ride his dick like mad. He apparently kicked a girl out of a live because she didn't know the furitsuke and humiliated her. Not sure about the other members of that band. Also, they literally made a video about mitsu. Not shoking.
People mostly seem to shit on really popular bandmen, but there's so many pieces of shit in lesser known bands.
Visual kei guys just tend to be unstable, narccisistic, and manipulative. It's a shame because I really appreciate the music genre and a couple specific bands..

No. 235930

File: 1521676922524.jpg (104.69 KB, 705x382, hero.jpg)

I was a big fan of sug in my weeb days and its pretty sad to hear they disbanded even though their music and style was boring after they left Pony Canyon.

I never liked takeru but does anyone know why he deleted all of his social media ?

No. 236000

Perfume can dance though, and have a cool/mature image that appeals more to the mainstream. Kyary's weirdness only worked to get tie-in contracts for commercials, once she didn't get any more of them she was done

No. 236014

I know about that anon, i meant this in a 'typical female instathot sugarbaby, who lets some old guy dick her'-way.

I heard about this nutjob, but i don't think that even the most gullible foreign teen fans would fall for this, they're trash and will never reach any level of real popularity (probably also because the singer isn't 'hot')


You're shocked that some vkei bandguy glamourizes suicide…?

No. 236069

it's not generalizing if it's true, in my opinion. because after living in japan for 5+ years, I can tell you that a lot of them are. Not all of them, but a lot of them.
I don't really know the reason behind it, but it might have to do with the collectivist culture and mindset that the majority of japan has. A lot of it also has to do with lack of education, especially sex ed in schools. The sex ed in this country actually makes America's sex ed system look good.
I have more thoughts and opinions why a lot of people here are socially inept when it comes to interacting with the opposite gender, but ain't no body got time to read all that.

No. 236092

I do pls anon spill the deets.

No. 236133

Go on anon please

No. 236205

It's really not uncommon for them to glamorize rape, murder, suicide, self harm, various things like that. It's not just Takeru, although fuck that guy. Hate his new project.
You must underestimate how retarded these teenage westerners are. They'll kiss anyone's ass and not listen when they're told "this person is kinda shitty" because MY HOT JAPANESE BANDOMEN!!! I honestly don't hate their music either, they're not great but not bad. They're really getting popular with westerners now. Tomoyuki seems to be a big favorite (and I will say he's the best looking of them) I'm not sure if he's done anything shitty but it feels like that entire band is filled with dickwads. I can list a couple bands that westerners cum over that I feel like are filled with dickwads who are just in it for money from mitsus, mad bangya pussy, etc.
I agree. I've only been in Japan a couple times but the men were always incredibly awkward to me and online, the amount of men who have messaged me/followed me (mostly vkei guys too, what a shocker) have really come off as strange. Not even in just a creepy way, just in a "this guy has no idea how to speak to girls" kind of way.
I don't think it's just guys, either. I think the girls are just as weird with guys from what I've seen. Just that my personal experience is that they really do seem socially inept with the opposite gender.
I'd like to hear more about why you think they're like this. I've dealt with it but never really understood why their society seems to be like this.

No. 236222

NGL, after the nazi drama, pedo behavior, plastic surgery botching…. I'll take Mana and his gigantic ego over most of these guys. At least he's got the skills.

No. 236230

File: 1521783008287.gif (1.72 MB, 480x270, tumblr_o76utmpAht1ubifhuo1_500…)

Yeah , It weird how they went on hiatus the same month they had a small collaboration with john wick.
I'm not a fan of takeru's new stuff i read on twitter that's supposed to be himself hanging in the background cause he wore the same trousers in their teenAge dream music video.

Did anyone see that shoujo tsubaki movie he was in ?

No. 236270


>Japanese tend to link gothic aesthetic to children for some reason

isn't lolita/gothic lolita based on victorian dolls and children's clothes?

No. 236463

If you go search tanuki there's posts with rumors of him being into lolicon. I'd believe it tbh.

I'm surprised there's not more about Miyavi cheating on his wife with white women though. I wish it was like it was in the old days when VK and Jrock were huge, everyone was sharing stories and rumors online but now everything is dead. I guess this is what growing up is? Your favorite bandomen get boring and top producing milk.

No. 236524

Hey, I'm theory anon. I will deliver in due time, I'll finish typing up everything after I get off of work tonight/tomorrow morning.
It's actually really interesting sociologically and psychologically, in my opinion at least.
Since it'll be pretty long, I might just link a google doc or something like that if that would be better. It would also keep the thread a little neater in terms of walls of text. Just let me know! I'm in the middle of typing up the first part of the response in a google doc already anyway

No. 236537

File: 1521885500311.jpg (227.43 KB, 800x561, 2iN6ykjB7nCOybNdci8R3g.jpg)

> NGL, after the nazi drama, pedo behavior, plastic surgery botching…. I'll take Mana and his gigantic ego over most of these guys.

I hate to break it to you, but…
Have you never seen their performance of no pains no gains?

I'd honestly could imagine that too

No. 236542

I JUST enlarged this photo and realized how fucking stupidly he was sitting. Kaoru's face says it all. (Does Kaoru have any drama? He was my favorite back in the day.)

>Shinya into lolicon

EUEGHHGHGHG of course he is. I used to be convinced he was gay, now I just think he's an enormous creep.

unrelated but god Kami had nice hair.

No. 236599

Does anyone have tea on the Gazette?

No. 236622

Minus the whole heresy controversy over swastikas not much that I've personally heard of unless you count tanuki threads. There was some shit about Uruha having a wife and Ruki sleeping with his stylist (we all saw this coming) though.
>But I'd love to hear anything that fellow anons might want to add

No. 236626

Aoi sleeps around a lot according to Tanuki and has a thing for very young girls/virgins (e.g. picking one girl up from school)

No. 236628

Honestly I feel like tanuki threads have it out for aoi. Off the top of my head some rumors are:
>He does hard drugs to deal with being gay for Uruha
>He's hardcore into BDSM and does not know what "no" means
>Virgin hunter (I think I heard this about kai too)
>Awful fuck
None of which really make sense to me? I mean, at least the vids I've seen of him and the odd interview he's in he seems like a pretty chill guy.

No. 236630

>He does hard drugs to deal with being gay for Uruha
Sounds more like foreign fandom rumours…
The only thing i read quite often was that he's into virgins.

Same… I always wished to be just a little bit older, since when i "discovered" Jrock it had long lost its popularity already.
It seems like all old VK fans have suddenly turned to Kpop, even though those two have nothing in common.

No. 236697

Anone is a little bit better then the other ones this season.

No. 236699

The swastica and the Manji are not the same symbol you uncultured cow.
They point distinc directions, the nazis apropriated the buddhist symbol that meant the unattainable and flipped it to change the meaning.
Fucking North Americans.

No. 236700

Waiting for you anon.

No. 236719

File: 1521961973283.jpg (33.85 KB, 403x537, tumblr_inline_nej9fmk3Ye1sn1gn…)

>The swastica and the Manji are not the same symbol you uncultured cow.

Why get so angry over a 5 day old comment?

>What the japanese feel about it? Nothing, they don't even know Hitler.

Does this comment imply that swastika = manji?
Those people in the video were asked about Nazis/Hitler and apart from that one older man they could barly remember what those two were about. But you probably couldn't be arsed to watch it…

Besides, if you have situations like pic related, i'm totally sure hat they absolutely must have meant their original manji symbol…

No. 236720

File: 1521962713689.png (632.97 KB, 1062x667, Screenshot (168).png)

Here you go

No. 236743

Isn't Uruha supposedly an alcoholic? I remember hearing that a lot back in the mid 2000s.

Just ignore the salty krautchan.

No. 236744

> Just ignore the salty krautchan.

Sorry for being off topic but isn't the site down? I saw on 8chan the kc int board and apparently, the kc site has shut down. Anyone knows why?

No. 236769

So Japanese don't learn about nazis at school. I am not surprised since it's a common japanese behavior to not deal with things from the past that caused shame, just swipe it under the rug. I just hope they don't repeat the same mistake as before of allying with the wrong people and getting nuked.

No. 236779

tbh I used to like JRock a lot (visual kei not so much but still) and I still listen to some bands but all the shit they do aside, all new bands are so bad soundwhise. The stuff they do doesn't even sound like music, it's usually a dying cat combined with primary school level guitars

No. 236798

I also really only listen to older bands.
They wore crazy clothing along with making unique music to further express themselves (though some of them turned into sell-outs), while the newer ones only try to get famous with the way they look.
I remember Sugizo saying something along the lines that nowadays they're all just posers.

Saged for no real contribution

No. 236801

I agree with you anon, but you can hardly push the blame of all the crimes they commited as only "siding with the wrong people"; they themselves were bad enough on their own.

No. 236861

Yoshiki turned VK into a gotdamn music mafia tbh. I remember reading a long translated interview with someone who used to work with a lot of visual bands back in the80s and 90s where they said all the newer bands were signed under labels that were owned by bigger labels with older bands, so it was liketiers of bands making money and handing it up to the top (Ecstacy/Yoshiki). Of course if all that were true then idk how he could be broke now?

No. 236862

It's the "tarento" industry ruining japanese media little by little anon.
Notice how much worse the movies and dramas got too.

No. 236890


This is so pathetic lmao

No. 236892

How can a pedo bait group have enough confidence to make fun of others like that?

No. 236905

These are people that are dumb enough to think that pandering to neckbeards while jumping around in short skirts on stage is a good career choice, so…

No. 237068

Can't really say a lot of bad things about J-music in general since im still kinda stanning dir en grey (not in the cringy way tho since im not 13 years old anymore lol) but I really can't see myself getting into any of the new bands. A lot of them just seem like they're a bad copy of older bands/ideas.

I feel like especially among dir en grey fans there are a lot of nutcases. I remember this one girl who started beef with a good friend of mine because apparently ~only she really understands kyo~ and told my friend he does not get their music. She was generally very rude to a lot of other fans, writing about her hatred online (she was offended by people calling kyo hot and all that bs). She deleted a lot of her stuff by now and does not really seem to care about the band anymore, apparently she's resorted to becoming a greasy punk. Can't provide any screenshots since as I said, a lot was deleted and I did not scroll through her tumblr long enough to see if there's anything milky left, but I remember how cringy she was in that argument she had with my friend back then.

No. 237362

h!p is so generic and cheap

No. 237397

When was Namie more popular than Ayumi?

No. 237399

Before her retirement; sales, public opinion, etc. were more favorable for Namie. Ayumi in her heyday was the most popular of course but she's hated now.

No. 237414

Do you mean kareki (deadtree on tumblr)?
The 'being offended by people calling kyo hot' sounds very much like her…

No. 237425

There were several people like this, back when I was 13 there was this group of girls from complicated backgrounds that hung around at the only dedicated anime/manga/j-music store and they all had one member of Dir en grey they obsessed over. The Kyo girl of the group would've reacted exactly like that if someone else had dared say they found him hot. Nowadays everyone's into k-pop, but when I was young it was all visual kei all day and it was crazy.

No. 237432

File: 1522239022800.png (1.16 MB, 1440x2457, 20180328_140404.png)

That's Kareki, around 30 years old, in 2018 lol
Her tumblr is a goldmine, every single post is like that. Of course the original caption is cringy (i mean, what else to expect from tumblr), but her reaction…

No. 237434

File: 1522240721892.png (538.53 KB, 1440x1933, 20180328_143131.png)

Another one

No. 237457

No I don't mean kareki. I read this thread, I know she was posted alredy

No. 237460

Lmao "how you treat him"
like is she serious. How would she even know he's bothered by it?
She really does think she is better than the rest of the fandom

As for the original caption, I agree it's pretty cringy even though I think he's hot, but like, I don't really see the necessity of posting captions like this when I know multiple people are going to reblog it, why can't people just stick to putting their headgames in the tags (and no, not because I think it's ~offensive~ to him but I personally wouldn't feel comfortable with knowing people are reblogging a picture they like with my captions about how I wanna fuck him)

No. 237490

what are those weird lines on the left side of his chest? they look like old burns.

No. 237492

nah, it's the wing of his phoenix tattoo, it was done in golden ink so I suppose it's just reflecting the light

No. 237494

File: 1522267524461.gif (2.94 MB, 540x370, tumblr_p68c971yI21x5d3jno2_540…)

No. 237495

File: 1522267758193.jpg (117.7 KB, 965x1200, obluxTqVSA8.jpg)

What do you guys think of Atsushi Sakurai's newly found love for 'sexy' legwear?

No. 237505

Not much, it's Atsushi. He's been wearing feminine shit since the beginning of his stage presence. Even if he is aging, he's not lolworthy. He's cool.

No. 237518

When he was younger, even though he looked a bit feminine he still acted 'manly' in a sense, but what he hinted at in a recent interview made it nearly seem (or many fans 'celebrated' it as that) like he's going down the trans path…

> OtH: I suppose your image is similar to David Bowie's pansexuality. Or maybe it's a more Japanese image of femininity.

> Sakurai: Yeah. …I think it's more Japanese style. Bowie's calculated androgyny was certainly surprising as a work of art, but when I act a role for myself, it's the refined femininity of ancient Japan, but with power. That's what I become. In fact, I have a number of friends and acquaintances like that. Men, but with women's souls, something like that. When I look at people like them, I think… “it suits them so naturally,” or “I quite like this.” They also seem very gentle to me… what we were talking about, again? (laughs)

> OtH: Hahaha. This is interesting. Please continue.

> Sakurai: I suppose I have a bit of that element or quality myself. When I was a child, I felt more comfortable playing with girls. Even now I sometimes get told that I'm “feminine.”

> OtH: If you went down that path, do you think you could love a man?

> Sakurai: Yes.

No. 237551

File: 1522274905684.gif (917.25 KB, 245x160, tumblr_na9okmgduF1qfakbgo5_250…)

Oh my god the memories. I remember loving Johnnys Entertainment when I was younger.

I have no idea if this is true but tbh I believe it. I had this one friend that became a model in Japan and was really into Arashi. She said she was able to meet Matsumoto Jun in a party she had attended with her manager and that she was really disappointed because apparently he was an asshole. Sometime after that there were lots of rumors regarding his supposing hate for foreigners, because apparently most of the non japanese people that have met him said he was super rude.

No. 237553

That's fucking rich. As people in the plastic surgery thread have pointed out, so many Japanese celebrities have gotten plastic surgery to make their eyes wider and less slanted. Japanese people can be even more self-hating that Koreans but are too stubborn/arrogant to admit to getting work done.

I sure hope these talentless girls will look back and see how retarded their mentalities are when they age up and can no rely on their looks to pander to wks.

No. 237565

If you skip to 5:10 you can see them imitating foreigners by putting on wigs + big fake noses and speaking with a heavy accent.
If it was black people they were imitating, you'd probably call this blackface…

No. 237570

File: 1522277783413.jpg (14.84 KB, 342x331, 7cF1PZb.jpg)

Sort of a dumb question, but does anyone know why the male idols in Japan are, to put it bluntly, older and ugly? Look at Arashi, SMAP, etc. Compare them to Korean idols, who I don't even like, who are much better looking and can actually sing or dance. Or even compare them to the top Japanese actors and they come up short. Not trying to step on any toes, I just don't ~get~ j-idols

No. 237571

>Why are they old?
Because they've been doing this shit since they were young. SMAP started out in 1988, when they were 16 to 19. Arashi started out in 1999, when the members were the same age. They just didn't drop off the face of the earth as soon as they turned 30. Not even a fan btw, but that's why.

No. 237573

Worded it poorly, my bad. I meant why do the dudes not graduate like the female idols do? You'd never see an AKB48 girl age with their group like that, they just get replaced. There's Perfume who are almost thirty, but there's also rumors about their retirement bc they're "too old". I know a lot of it's sexism, but it's not like these guys aren't as replaceable as their female counterparts

No. 237577

SMAP and Arashi nowadays are more tarento than idols. They're on TV a lot, have their own TV shows, if you're in Japan you are always surrounded by them. As to why they can be older: Good old sexism.

No. 237584

File: 1522281251859.jpg (216.78 KB, 960x540, JCD6.jpg)

I still have a soft spot for some JE guys but my god, I can't bear how incredibly outdated everything about jpop is. From the hair, to the dances, to the clothes, it's like they're forever stuck in the 80s.

They're old because well, most of them are old. Can't say anything about the ugly part, as much as I loathe kpop they have better looking guys and at least you get 2 or 3 actually talented people carrying the group. Now that I think of it, the only good singers I can remember in JE are Tegoshi, Jin Akanishi, kid!Yabu (puberty did him so wrong) and Ohno.

No. 237605

I hate J-pop because it’s so damn complicated. I live in Japan, but still some entertainment shows are locked behind pay walls, there’s 50 versions of every single released, and each group has a subgroup which in itself has a subgroup.

I think the reason kpop took off was because how relatively simple it is. You have the company, the idol group, then one subgroup and a couple solos. Jpop needs to downsize and modernize tbh if it wants to have an audience outside of Japan tbh.

No. 237622

Those fans are deluded then because I got nothing trans about that. Like stated before, he's been wearing feminine attire for decades. You can perform with or enjoy things of the opposite gender without being transexual/gender. Those sjws can keep dreaming, though.

No. 237664

Personally i wasn't too sure about it, but i know many that claim this now… (even some idiot who said he has to be trans before, because duh there's no way a man can have long hair naturally, must be a woman)


No. 237665

Aw, Hana Yori Dango… I was a big fan of Yoko Kamio's work at the time (not so much of Jonnhys boys band on the other hand…I always found them cringy af and prefered the KoRn knock-off that MUCC was)
Thanks for that big breath of nostalgia.

No. 237726

>Hey! Say! Jump!

Isn’t that the band that was 6-7 grown men and a prepubescent boy as the main singer? I remember seeing a PV of them all in shiny silver/white outfits dancing around and then there’s this little kid singing in the front in a matching outfit, I thought it was weird to have a bunch of grown men and then a random kid.

No. 237771


no. they have 9 members and ages ranging from 1990-1993

No. 238084

File: 1522427440662.jpg (382.98 KB, 1200x1800, 1200px-Yamada_Ryosuke_from__FU…)

It depends, there are young and cute ones as well

No. 238087

For me jpop died when akb debuted, from there it's started going downhill. The only thing that's saving jpop is 2D idols like IDOLM@STER, their music, it's truly impressive, I really recommend them if you sreach for good jpop music, you don't really need to be interested in anime side.

But damn, I was recently interested in Keyakizaka, especially after their eccentric song. But you wrote that they got some scandals like that nazi shit or racist thing, could someone tell me some more about their scandals or gave me some links? Ehh… I think I need to go back to kpop huh…

No. 238113

And i bet he was still able to sell everything out…

No. 238121

Jfc, he looks like he belongs in a sarcophagus

No. 238123

It's just a tabloid rumour from years ago and was never addressed any further, so i'm on the fence about it…


No. 238164

He does 1-2 of those per year, they’re his only cash grabs since he can’t do anything with X Japan and Violet UK is dead.

Honestly it’s such an obvious cash grab that I find it distasteful. He only does them in Japan and Hong Kong, and the only “fans” that can even go are the same ones that get to go to everything. Yoshiki needs to give up and move back to Japan tbh. Living in LA is just about appearances for him.

No. 238430

what's saving jpop is also the indie bands

No. 238431

Could you recommend some of them anon?

No. 238701

I'm pre-embarrassed for Japan. I don't think their Olympic Entertainment is going to go very well.

Also, is Utada Hikaru's voice good?

No. 238702

Her voice is nice, but she can’t write a song for shit.

No. 238706

>I'm pre-embarrassed for Japan. I don't think their Olympic Entertainment is going to go very well.
Yasushi Akimoto (AKB47) and Yasutaka Nakata (who is hit or miss) are already involved which is not a good sign imo. Their closing ceremony wasn't bad though.
>Also, is Utada Hikaru's voice good?
Her voice is sort of warbly and weak. Her fans even talk about her bad live singing, but most people listen to her for her songwriting I guess.

No. 241489

New Kyary sounds/looks exactly like everything else she's released. What happened to the supposed mature image change?

No. 241534

File: 1523504009942.png (8.8 KB, 364x99, Capturee3.PNG)

Everyone is eating it up in the comments lmao
The song is cute but it's pretty boring compared to her old stuff
rip kyary

No. 241556

>Her voice is nice, but she can’t write a song for shit.

>Her fans even talk about her bad live singing, but most people listen to her for her songwriting I guess.


No. 241707

Thank you, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. I listened to the preview clip she put up on Instagram and thought it was underwhelming as fuck. Like, it's not awful, but it's not something I'd go out of my way to jam to. Just boring radio filler music.

No. 242511

File: 1523720034191.jpeg (244.16 KB, 944x944, C3E883AF-C3D1-4E22-8C05-796380…)

X Japan is playing Coachella tonight, and they’re the only “heavy rock” act on the entire set list for the whole festival. Yoshiki keeps saying it’s X’s new “debut” and that they’re going to make it big in the states, because #nothingisimpossible

I’m honest to god waiting for him to accidentally kill himself on stage throwing himself around like an idiot. He has neck injuries, spinal injuries, nerve damage and one of his hands is half numb, not to mention they’re all in their mid 50’s. Even if X Japan had the kind of heavy rock Americans liked, playing Coachella is just fuckig stupid.

No. 243219

Aaand it went just as expected…
>More than 25 years after X Japan first attempted to conquer the US market, the metalheads are trying again — and recent events, at first glance, would not appear auspicious.
>Yoshiki, the fiercely energetic drummer and principal songwriter of the rockers who were superstars in 1980s Japan, last year urgently underwent surgery on a neck severely damaged from years of headbanging.
>But Yoshiki is doggedly persistent, and this weekend he brings X Japan to Coachella, the most famous US music festival — a prelude to the band's first studio album since 1996.
>In perhaps the worst possible luck of the draw for an act playing the party in the California desert, X Japan took to a smaller stage on Saturday night at the same moment as headliner Beyoncé.
>The set-time meant an unusually small crowd for the rockers who still enjoy a fanatical fan base at home and have played arenas in New York and London.
>"I'm very excited but at the same time I'm wondering what kind of reaction we're going to get," Yoshiki Hayashi, who goes by only his first name, told AFP by telephone before the gig.

I only feel sorry for the other guys, their ego is not as gigantic as his, so they probably feel really bad about it.

No. 243243

File: 1523908386302.jpg (36.97 KB, 624x400, 29CgKSK.jpg)

No. 243254

File: 1523910543191.jpeg (368.43 KB, 1536x2048, 6BEECB42-1A36-4358-BD82-98207E…)

Kyary’s new style and sound is pretty low energy and low key compared to her older fashion and music, but I’m not surprised that she’s changed. it’s been seven years since PONPONPON went viral, and she’s been part of the harajuku scene for even longer. she’s 25 years old and is probably ready for a change. i saw her in concert a couple of years ago, and she was super high energy. i wouldn’t be surprised if she’s just tired— tired of the super sugary, hyper music and the over abundance of patterns and bright colors. it must be overwhelming to be entrenched in that for years and years on end, and i can see how she’d feel like breaking away into a more muted, mature personality as she gets older. she’s still very sweet and cute, music and style-wise, when compared to western pop and fashion anyway.
anyhow i’m still a huge kyary stan (obviously). i loved her old aesthetic but i’m digging the new one if it makes her happy. artists can’t stay static forever

No. 243257

I wonder why she really divorced. Hope someone spills the deets on this one.

Why is Ayumi Hamasaki hated now

No. 243259

No. 243274

Dumb question, but what PS has she had? She's always looked the same but I don't follow her too closely. Either way she doesn't look as plastic as some other Jpop singers, vid sort of related

No. 243291

File: 1523933660389.jpg (80.35 KB, 1137x946, QVmJgHx.jpg)

I see she does look a little different now that you mention it. At least she's not as plastic as some other jpop stars like Ayumi, this dude >>235901, Itano Tomomi or her friend Sheena Ringo

No. 243299

I'm amazed the other members agreed to it at all, the entire festival had no rock/heavy bands to begin with. When the full lineup came out I actually snorted, I would be embarrassed as a musician to book a show so far outside my genre. Did he expect to convert a bunch of trendy Cali hipsters into edgy rocker weebs by throwing himself on his drums like a diva and jumping into a crowd of 20-somethings? I can imagine the crowd he got: the same 15-20 Los Angeles X fans who follow him everywhere, those crazy rich Asian women who follow him everywhere, than maybe a few people who wandered over out of curiosity. I remember a few years ago when they were filming a music video in LA he actually invited fans to come be in a crowd for the video and the turnout was so slim they had to go back and clone the crowd to make it look bigger, one guy in the crowd was spotted like 3 times in a single pic.

Yoshiki just doesn't seem to get that X is never going to make it "big" in the west like he desperately wants them to. They're too old, they're too niche, if they were going to make it it would have happened back in 1992 when they first came to America, but Yoshiki didn't speak English yet and then Toshi joined a cult.

No. 243302

A lot of people probably say the same thing about Britney Spears or Madonna. I haven't listened to anything new of her for several years and she's definitely a hasbeen but it doesn't mean people hate her.


Lots of Asian American girls mostly date white guys, idk if you would call it a fetish.

No. 243304

Hate was maybe a strong word, but the general public definitely aren't nice to her or pleased with her.

No. 243313

Maybe in the US they do, in Japan women who only date white men do indeed fetishise them.

No. 243314

How new are you that you didn't know that she was born in the US? She also went to international school and attended Columbia. Soooo Japanese you guys

No. 243373

Utada looked so cute and relatable back then. She had this friendly, warm vibe.. I don't get that from her anymore

No. 243379

I like how weebs love praising japs for how natural~ and surgery free they are and shit on other asian for "excessive" plastic surgery when their nipponjingods get just as much plastic surgery

No. 243385

File: 1523979032501.jpg (104.62 KB, 634x670, article-2271134-1743E26F000005…)

I love how triggered Kpop stans come to this thread just to defend their faves, while completely ignoring stats like pic related.
Don't be sad anon, at least your Oppas are the Number 1 in this category! (and it doesn't seem like anybody will beat them soon lol)

No. 243389

Lmao. I didn't even mention Korea? I'm just saying Japanese people are not natural. How retarded are you?

No. 243391

It's called aging anon. It happens to everyone.

No. 243393

Nice try anon, as if this boards shits on any other asian country for getting excessive plastic surgery besides Korea.

Btw, writing
>How retarded are you?
always makes you look slightly triggered, might try leaving that away the next time. If you do that no amount of "lmfaos" will help you seem more chill and totez unbothered either.

No. 243419

Come on, Anon. The post you're responding to doesn't suggest anywhere that it's from a Koreaboo. You seem like a salty weeaboo with your defensive attitude.

No. 243427

Pretty sure the japan fans are in the japan thread and the korean fans are in the korean thread given how everyone in the anti kpop thread know all their names and faces and shit. Anon said nothing about korea. Celebs aren't natural no matter what country, they have an image to maintain.

No. 243441

I could've swore there were at least a couple of rock bands. I know Greta Van Fleet was there and a few others…?

No. 243454

File: 1524018867517.jpeg (200.47 KB, 806x1008, 102A98C4-CFD6-4DDC-920E-B6868A…)

Idk, here’s the full lineup

No. 243831

new utada is boring

No. 244380

File: 1524412668637.jpg (73.86 KB, 1440x816, RgLkImo.jpg)

Does anyone know Sound Horizon?

I loved their music and stories but their low quality stage costumes and shitty wigs always made me cringe.

No. 244394

I never understand people paying through the nose for these tickets I guess because it just seems so generic. I have zero interest in Beyonce, the weekend or Eminem,
I would however enjoy seeing the likes of petit biscuit,a perfect circle, and I just realised that's it.

No. 244522

I’m pretty sure the AKB company is just trying to make as much money pushing their girls as possible, while trying to turn into some sort of capitalist conglomerate that has a hand in every facet of the entertainment industry. I’ve noticed a trend in recent years where the more varied a model/singer/actor is the more talented people think they are, regardless of performance or talent at all. It’s like they’re trying to make those girls seem like they’re so beautiful and talented that they can do it all, but it’s so awkward when they are clearly out of their element. I miss the days where you had to actually have talent or speak and not just your connections to get somewhere.

No. 247107

Tiger print trunks…

No. 247811

This is probably what it would look like if prostitution rings made promotion videos.

No. 247992

File: 1525635697166.jpg (166.58 KB, 811x955, f0e6c11c58a69c779813a84eebb8ac…)

My grandpa visited me today, as usual I put on his favorite japanese channel and ended up seeing this abomination. It's an idol group named King & Prince and if you think the name is cringey oh boy this is just the start, they're basically a bunch of scrawny boys with terrible hairstyles singing in a high pitched tone. Another boy group appeared later wearing fucking roller skaters and believe me it wasn't cool, also their outfits were sooo tacky. My grandpa watched it with a stern face and said nothing, god knows what he must have thought.

Whenever I see these japanese idols I feel like it's such a waste, they have this natural vibe I like but good lord are they outdated. This King & Prince group looks like fucking Arashi who debuted in 1999. Imo if they improved their outfit/hair/song combo they'd cuter and even better than kpop idols. At the same time I want them to stay like this since Johnny's Entertainment is cancer.

No. 247995

File: 1525635947773.jpg (84.6 KB, 300x423, 5o0JZc.jpg)


Sho Hirano's face destroys 90% of male kpop idols

No. 247997

He look like a snapping turtle.

No. 248004

File: 1525639126593.gif (910.4 KB, 340x191, tumblr_n0q2tzczOO1trwdeuo1_400…)

Go back to your plastic idols, anon.

I'm not even a fan of his.

No. 248005

tbh. I prefer the plastic boys. Studies show that 100% of natural men are fug.

No. 248030

File: 1525643606338.gif (2.17 MB, 312x400, tumblr_ozcxmlv0Ar1r8dxfio1_400…)

>I prefer the plastic boys.
Yeah? The ones who also wear hot pink lip tint? lol

No. 248033

johnny's idols look outdated because they're still made to look like the type of boy johnny kitigawa liked back when he wasn't too old to fuck them himself

No. 248034

uh, yeah. what's wrong with it? it's cute desu.

No. 248037

File: 1525645943375.gif (1.37 MB, 268x268, tumblr_ojihsgvWJe1rglpaeo1_400…)

It makes you look like a faggot…

No. 248045

File: 1525648644069.gif (1.95 MB, 540x439, tumblr_o1epfdvFvQ1uhit60o1_540…)

>overrated kpop bois are so cute wearing lipstick uwu~
yeah totally not weird… keep telling yourself that

top kek anon. this kpop idol looks like a fucking shark

No. 248046

Exactly. The guy in that gif looks busted and ugly though.

No. 248047

do we not already have an anti-kpop thread…?

No. 248049

oh sweet jesus they do this shit on purpose? i always thought it was an accidental result of oversaturated filters or something because it looks really repulsive. it makes them look really sickly like when you're crying or have a cold so your face is red. or is that what people like about it???
i don't even think it's just because they're male either. i can't imagine a no makeup except bright lip tint look would be very nice on a woman either.

No. 248050

are you sure you're really into men then? otherwise that's pretty neurotic.
like what would you think about the mental stability of a man who finds all women ugly unless they've had a ton of work done? it's your perogative, but it sounds pretty damn maladjusted.

No. 248057

Excuse me for properly wetting up the thread, but damn this gif makes me realize I would fuck Atsushi even at his current age. Not in that top though. I've never seen an older man look so cute.

No. 248115

File: 1525678089876.gif (2.32 MB, 400x225, tumblr_p6sgjsjqdw1r1ao91o4_400…)

Same lol

No. 248199

File: 1525719236901.jpg (51.17 KB, 640x360, hikaru.jpg)

I'm guessing jiisan wasn't a fan of 光GENJI either

No. 248232

File: 1525738820661.jpeg (665.19 KB, 940x1197, C37EFA04-52CC-4B6A-9449-21726A…)

Johnnys stage clothes and dances always remind me of the jackson 5 for some reason. Soooo outdated.

No. 248272

This is the first AKB MV I watch in forever and the new girls are so ugly? I wonder how they're faring now considering the only original gen members left are Yukirin and Miichan

Once the sister group aces graduate they're fucked kek

No. 248289

First generation members were actually cute, their standards went to shit to cater to the lonely losers. I guess the AKB company thinks the loser fans will think it's unrealistic if the members are too cute/pretty

No. 248322

Pardon my ignorance but who's he? Asking for a friend…kek

No. 248332

Atsushi Sakurai, he's the singer of a band called Buck-Tick.

No. 248489

16 year old detected.

No. 249404

i've always felt uncomfortable with most johnnys styling choices. never forget arashi's see-through clothing and multiple pics of shirtless underaged idols

No. 249421

She was married to a rich Jap music producer than divorced him for some poor italian bartender. This was bound to happen, it was a fling, she got off on being romanced by some young european italian but the charm has since worn off considering she was always footing the bill.

No. 249486

File: 1526313563779.png (725.45 KB, 720x718, Screenshot_2018-05-14-11-57-17…)

Ayumi Hamasaki looks weirds af now

No. 249487

File: 1526313619136.jpg (123.51 KB, 1024x819, ayumi_hamasaki.jpg)

She looked good during her debut til 2014. She was so pretty back then..

No. 249489

File: 1526313716055.jpg (96.1 KB, 952x665, 19873_8errry.jpg)

No. 249491

File: 1526313805654.jpg (55.45 KB, 768x512, Ayumi-Hamasaki-768x512.jpg)

What happened?

No. 249492


I swear she has a new face whenever I check on her.

No. 249929

i legit thought the same thing and then i saw your comment

still better than kpop mannequins tho

if she didn't use those awful contact enses i think she would look fine in this

No. 250176

File: 1526491342825.png (482.48 KB, 720x539, Screenshot_2018-05-16-13-21-28…)

Ayumi would have still looked good if she left her face alone. I think she piled on the surgeries for her white ex husbands, she looks horrible now

No. 250301


That's so sad. She doesn't even look like the same person. She isn't that much older than a lot of people who got into her music in the early 2000s. Poor Ayumi.

No. 250362

am I the only one who thinks she looks like gackt now ?

No. 250389

Why are Europeans so easily triggered?

No. 250392

i think she just got too much done too fast, it looks like she was getting more done before the previous work had settled properly. i don't know if she's stopped now but she needs to give it a rest for a while first and then get whatever touchups she needs to keep her face from sagging from it all later
every asian celebrity starts to look like gackt if they keep getting work done and bleaching their hair/wearing coloured contacts

No. 250393

>replying to a 1-month-old post
Why are Amerifats so dumb?

No. 250440

Not even that anon, but its not "AMERIFAT STUPID!!" To reply to an old post, how tf do you know they're American or fat anyway? And how is it stupid? Why do you take time out your day to whine about how stupid someone is for replying to a post?

No. 250444

>t. easily triggered europoor

No. 250468

I will respond to each of your points, so please relax.

>Not even that anon

A bit hard to believe since you're defending that post so hard, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
>its not "AMERIFAT STUPID!!" To reply to an old post
I only mimicked her writing pattern:
"Why are Europeans so easily triggered?" - "Why are Amerifats so dumb?"
>how tf do you know they're American or fat anyway?
The vast majority of this site is Caucasian, so I allowed myself to assume she's as well. And if a person is white, but not European, chances are high that they're American. (And the majority of Americans are overweight, so…)
>And how is it stupid?
How is it not stupid? At the very least extremely careless and embarrassing; that "discussion" ended ages ago, why "respond" now?
>Why do you take time out your day to whine about how stupid someone is for replying to a post?
Why did the original poster take the time out of her day to whine about how triggered a continent is based on a post that's from a month ago? Why did you take time out of your day to complain about somebody who whines about how stupid someone is for replying to a post?

No. 251996

I really wonder what Tanuki sources those are, because that sounds horrible. Especially the rape part.

Then again, his pro-life opinions in Dir en grey's music were already a sign for me that he probably isn't really a feminist/someone who has the empathy to look at life from a female perspective.

No. 252038

>Then again, his pro-life opinions in Dir en grey's music were already a sign for me that he probably isn't really a feminist/someone who has the empathy to look at life from a female perspective.
That's something that always rubbed me the wrong way, too.
Cage is said to be about abortions, Mazohyst of Decadence definitely is and Obscure as well. I found this comment about the latter: http://songmeanings.com/songs/view/3530822107858576449/
>The woman was raped. "How deep will it sink inside eating skin that doesn't match?" says that the man was of a different race."The snake maes way through the sheets and goes inside the uterus." has imagery of the penis and the snake goes with the Adam and Eve thing along with the apple/baby in the video. "It can seem like a someivoshino a cherry blossom petal, that dances sadly. The stain is the moon that's fullfilled, and the vomiting at night begins. Don't you remember?" I don't know what a "someivoshino" is, but I do know that flowers usually represent virginity. The stain could be the sperm as "the moon" could be referring to color and "the vomiting at night begins" is the general sickness women get when pregnant.
Being against abortion if the women was raped is truly fucked up…

That Tanuki translations tumblr also stated multiple times that Kyo (as well as Atsushi Sakurai and Kiyoharu) is rumoured to have slept with over 1000 women; taking the Japanese aversion to condoms into account, who knows how many had to have an abortion because of him - but of course it's always only the woman's fault.
(Not necessarily relevant to this topic, but he supposedly also hates "fat" girls, even though he's not exactly an adonis either…)
Since he's their songwriter and given that Diru hates each others guts, we can never know for sure if the other members also share his sentiment. When I was younger I was a fan of them, so I read up quite a bit about his life and it seems that he was a very difficult person from a young age onwards, not exactly a Mama's boy and then hearing these stories on top of it… So it really pisses me off that a person who's pro-life doesn't respect, value or treat the "givers of life" well, but what else to expect from these type of men.

No. 252039

Lol calm down fucking hell

No. 252365

A lot of the members from the older bands were obsessed with hair metal and shit back in the 80s and want to live out their fantasy of being a famous 80s rock star in LA.

No. 252393

>he supposedly also hates "fat" girls, even though he's not exactly an adonis either…
Stay mad, fatty-chan

No. 252401

File: 1527066144147.jpg (295.05 KB, 718x868, kyo_m__era_luna_by_yuya_yo.jpg)

Anon, if somebody has a face like this, combined with a height of a whopping 5 feet, they shouldn't exactly have high standards regarding other people's looks lol

No. 252425

>not liking fat people is "high standards"
Being short isn’t the same as being a greasy ball of lard, anon.

No. 252427

>a greasy ball of lard
Have you any idea what 'being fat' means to a Japanese person? Probably anything above the 50kg mark.

And why are you so hung up on that anyways?
My main point was that Kyo loves singing about rape and how evil abortions are.

No. 252428

File: 1527076354295.jpg (196.72 KB, 1000x641, japanesediet2.jpg)

No. 252429

It's an edgy band singing about edgy stuff, why do you care so much?

No. 252432

Lol, you immediately had to resort to calling me fat because I dared to insult your precious little Kyo. Seems like you also care a bit.

No. 252434

Anon you're offended because a skinny singer doesn't like fat girls. I don't even listen to them.

No. 252446

I'm the anon from >>251996. Glad to see I'm not the only one. It's interesting to read that explanation about "Obscure", thanks for the info. I never quite looked at the song and PV in depth like that. "Mazohyst of Decadence" is indeed the obvious one. I used to think that song/PV was so deep, but looking back at it now, it's kind of hilarious how exaggerated they make an abortion look.

He probably is a hypocrite too like you mentioned. I appreciate his music, but I guess minus the lyric/visuals I disagree with. I separate art from the person, so I like guess I like a lot of his art, but that doesn't mean I like him as a person. Kinda the same how I like a lot of R.Kelly's songs, but not all songs, and definitely not a child rapist like him as a person.

About hating fat girls, I wouldn't be surprised btw, because a lot of Japanese men are like that.
>inb4 >>252393 accusing me to be fat as well.
I'm an ectomorph. This is just common knowledge.

No. 252450

File: 1527080363860.png (1.44 MB, 981x632, Screenshot_1.png)

The guy is legitimately ugly, and for Japanese youth raised on anime anything more than 45 kg is fat, and anything more than 70kg is obese. So what he really means when he says he doesn't like fat girls, he means he only likes VERY skinny girls, like shooped models with 2/3 leg ratio.
There is so much wrong with this image

No. 252451

>I don't even listen to them.
Then why did you feel the need to jump into this convo and defend him?
Again, it wasn't the main point, I even put it in brackets. I just wanted to share it as an additional info to further prove that he probably isn't exactly the nicest, most women-friendly person out there…

No. 252456

It's probably Ana-chan ban evading. Don't let her shit up the thread.

No. 252715

her voice in her prime was beautiful. Lately it's not as good but still pretty decent.

No. 252745

I'm not sure what you're trying to say with those drawn on lines because they make no sence at all and are anatomically very incorrect.
The first girl is in a rectangle (not triangle and reverse triangle) in both the before and after pic except she's taking a very different pose.
For the second girl you were supposed to draw the line on her hip slanted, the proportions will make more sence then.

No. 252763

Don’t include the heels, yo

No. 252776

Why is it that all vkei fans nowadays seem to be "trans"?
I had a falling out with nearly everyone of a fandom because I couldn't keep up with their snowflakery. They even go as far as to say singer x is trans because he's pretty and wears makeup. Isn't that super backwards, saying a man can't like makeup and therefore has to be a woman?
The worst thing is that some of them are already 30, married, but still claim to be a fakeboi.
One particular snowflakey friend of mine got so triggered by another girl saying 'tranny' that she wote "No, No, please don't, stop!" for a good 5 miutes lol She also whines that she constantly gets misgendered just because she's only approximatly 5 feet and "chooses to wear feminine inspired clothing and makeup despite being a boy"…

I miss the good old times when their fans were just a bunch of kids slathered in too much makeup who dreamt of fucking their bandmen-sama one day.
Now it's all "this super old and rich vocalist is also poc and oppressed!" Like no, I'm pretty sure most Japanese would take offense by anybody saying they're a weak victim…

Saged for rant, blog, etc.

No. 260100

Tbh I feel rather sorry for the AKB48 girls who participate in Produce48. They're in a foreign country those language they don't understand, there they are hated mainly because of their country's past and now it seems that even the Korean judges are overly harsh on them.
>As if it's annoying already that the Japanese are getting a free ride on K-Pop but their skills are this bad too?
The hypocrisy… all Korea does is using Japan for money, just like Mnet is using the Japanese participants.

No. 260220

poor girls crying

No. 260276

Inb4 near the end of the show
>wow you guys really improved! Amazing!
>still has mediocre dancing and singing

I'm guessing this is mnet and the akb company's ploy on getting viewers with dat sweet drama

No. 260279

No anon, it's only evil Nippon once again using poor old Korea (totez never the other way around).

Judging by how Sakura is still number 1 and Gaeun only 5th (despite also having had a fanbase already), many Koreans secretly are still weebs or at least don't hate Japan as much as they claim to.

No. 260280

it's not a secret at all that korean males are openly weebs and openly fetishize japanese girls. only pann fangirls care about this shit.

No. 260281

File: 1529185670470.png (348.85 KB, 647x328, Screenshot_2018-06-16-17-08-00…)

Why do weebs like to defend akb so much? Their music is literally trash.

No. 260430

I've heard fangirls are more dedicated than fanboys. If a Japanese is still number 1, there are probably tons of Korean girls who don't give a fuck either.

No. 260617

keyakizaka46 slaps

No. 264695

File: 1530566511434.jpg (77.27 KB, 500x667, IMG_2654.JPG)

this thread is pretty dead compared to the kpop one, but does anybody have opinions on hyde that aren't just obsessed fan ones? he gets mentioned with a lot of other embarrassing old guys like gackt and yoshiki but seems pretty chill compared to them. he's still nearly 50 and making music now that's more scene kid than ever, and still crossdresses every couple of months, but i don't think he says any dumb old guy sexist shit or tries to profit in america with documentaries about his dead friends. he's been cheating on his wife for about 15 years but apparently that's mutual. there's also the rumour that his kid isn't his, and that he's impossible to work with because he's a narcissist.

he was also the cutest out of all of them at their peak. i don't think he's messed around with surgery the way others have but he dresses himself like shit and has ugly hair still.

No. 264704

File: 1530568367004.jpg (88.54 KB, 770x1039, wo9aS2l.jpg)

This is a super late response, but Nakata has always released outdated/plagiarized stuff.

His band Capsule used to be a glorified Pizzicato Five tribute act who released Shibuyakei years after its heyday. Then he started ripping off Daft Punk.

I just don't get the hype around him tbh. Perfume has some cool MVs though

No. 264710

File: 1530569636827.jpg (106.44 KB, 1200x675, C0XiEVBW8AAgnS3.jpg)

I would love to have a Jrock/VK only thread…

Not really a fan, but some of his songs are nice.
Apart from him looking like a total creep now, I read that he's an attention whore who's addicted to having his kouhais fawn over him 24/7. Also, it's an open secret that he doesn't get along with both Laruku and Kaz.
(And I have to disagree with you on him being the prettiest back then lol)
Pic is from 2016.

No. 265396

yeah honestly a VK/j-rock only thread would be great.
But yeah Hyde is pretty much just as lulzy as Gackt, Yoshiki etc… Honestly wtf did he do to his lips?? His plastic surgery is reaching Gackt levels.

No. 265424

I went to Ageha when he was playing one night and honestly I didn't notice the difference between his DJ'ing and all the other DJs lol..(I only know of him because of Capsule and Kyary)
The crowd was more excited when he was there (I guess) and on the bus to Ageha the friends I made talked about they only went to go see him.. But still, to me it just sounded like regular club music lol

Btw, seems like he's playing like 2-3 a month at all the big clubs in Tokyo, if you ever wanna go see him live.

(sorry for rambling I'm a little drunk)

No. 266470

>he's impossible to work with because he's a narcissist.

I'm not even a fan of hyde and I know this is fact. I think this is every Japanese mega-rockstar over 45 tbh.

Yoshiki and Gackt have the most legendary egos, and I know they can't work together for long or else it turns into a fight. I recall the Yoshiki/Myavi/Sugizo/Gackt "supergroup" that had to break up before they wrote any songs or even played any shows because Yoshiki and Gackt both wanted control and allegedly Yoshiki nearly punched Gackt in the face over a creative disagreement. I thought they fucking hated each other, but they're hella buddy-buddy on instagram and twitter, Yoshiki RTs him and calls him brother and shit. I don't know what Gackt is up to these days, his instagram is mostly just short videos of him randomly screaming? It feels like he's trying to be the kind of cool, quirky randumb that was popular in 2008-2010 when Jrock was kind of a thing in the west, but it just comes off as weird.

I saw a rumor on the tanuki translations tumblr once that Miyavi cheats on his wife with white women since she made them move to LA to raise their kids. For some reason, I never saw Miyavi as the type to be into white women over Japanese women.

No. 267164

That's one problem I have with Nakata's projects. All of them and up getting samey after a while. Perfume got stale quick after Level3. I'm pretty sure Kyary only had 2 good albums, not great though. Capsule sounds like toilet sounds now.

No. 267296

Which is hilarious because having a small head is deemed a desirable trait in Japan. He sounds jealous.

No. 267312

They actually played one show at Anime Expo 2009, I know because I was there, ugh. The concert was held in a literal high school gymnasium, the acoustics were awful, the audience had to stay seated the entire time, and you could tell that they didn't want to be there. I was an idiot weeb at the time of course and kept waiting for updates on the project, but they disbanded (or stopped producing) shortly after.

No. 267315

File: 1531345522442.jpg (82.89 KB, 990x660, utada-hikaru-hatsukoi-album-co…)

Thots on the new Utada album? Found it boring myself.

No. 267318


she was always boring, imho.

No. 267605

I agree with other anon, she's always had majority boring songs, but the good songs are extremely good. It's a shame her work isn't very consistent.

No. 268289

Wow, glad they never became a real band then. Honestly, I feel like Yoshiki/X are only cruising on their old fame while they quietly keep promising new shit they know they'll never deliver. If you strip away all the hype, the endlessly repetitive "Japanese rock gods" clickbait headlines they're not nearly famous enough to keep pretending they're still famous.

Apparently X just got a deal recording a new opening theme for Attack on Titan featuring Hyde, and the facebook comments were 4/5 asking about the new album or joking that it'll never become a reality, kek.

No. 268876

Regarding Utada's recent albums, I thought Fantome was great, but hatsukoi was rather meh. I love the songs Forevermore and Goodnight, though.

No. 268877

Usually Utada's albums are like 90% boring 10% masterpieces. Unfortunately her new one was just boring, I didn't save any songs.

No. 294528

Reviving this thread:
From cgl; does anybody know if these are true?


>Kamijo brought a girl in a sexy skimpy outfit and mask onstage and led her to the sofa. She sat there, Mayu went and sat next to her, and she slithered all over him, sticking her tongue down his throat, and then as he played the slides in the instrumental intro she slithered more on him. I had an unfortunately clear view of what she did to Mayu. Then Mayu got up and Kamijo sat down on the couch to be slithered on. :O Kamijo turned his head when he kissed her so all I saw of that was his hair, thank God for small mercies


>Involved with shady Hollywood people and far left American politics


>Afaik he basically pissed of all members of Lareine so they left, realized it didn't do that well as a one-man-show and talked few of them into forming New Sodmy, eventually got the rest of them back to reform Lareine for few years. Makes me wonder why Versailles' is going through pretty much the same pattern. Also, apparently he managed to piss off Kaya too because he no longer uses Kamijo's label. Not mention he got into music in the first place because he got into a fight with a tennis club leader and was forced to leave the club apparently. The non saying he destroys whatever he touches is not that far off and this is coming from a huge fan. That guy seems to be a major dick and diva in private honestly.

No. 294553

this reads like a fat weebs self-insert fanfic.

No. 294558

File: 1536712501186.jpg (104.35 KB, 500x750, IMG_2872 copy.jpg)

I can't believe I ever thought any of these visual kei faggots were hot shit. Reading tanuki is such a trip. Apparently none of them eat pussy or properly wash their asshole. Ugh.

No. 294562

Is that really Kisaki? I've never seen him out of extreme makeup before

No. 294572

speaking of versailles, was it ever revealed that jasmine you died of aids complications or do they still hide it/pretend it was something else

No. 294577

>rich people dying of aids

you got me, anon!

No. 294593

I read it was suicide.

No. 294594

>I think this is every Japanese mega-rockstar over 45 tbh.
Apparently Atsushi Sakurai is pretty chill.

No. 294602

Jasmine had aids? You gotta be trolling, did a celeb news outlet report this or is it just speculation?

No. 294609


Miyavi I can see being up a few Hollywood asses. What about him being far right though?

No. 294640

it was a rumor, never confirmed
versailles hadnt even been around for that long for it to be a big scandal or anything

No. 294641

no he was ill because the band made a post about how they took him to see the sunset because he knew he didnt have long to live

No. 294682

>they took him to see the sunset because he knew he didnt have long to live
That can't be true, sounds too much like a fanfic.
I read some rumours that he was even bullied by Kamijo and Hizaki.

Also, I read that Kamijo and Yuki hated each other and only recently reconciled? E.g. they wished each other a happy birthday on twitter and are said to have even hugged during a concert…?
>Okay. As for me, I read about it in Kamijo’s interview for Rock and Read 064 in the beginning of 2016. It included rather bitter parts where he confessed how deeply he was offended by the formation of Jupiter (it actually left me wondering how he managed not to stop talking to his bandmates after this) and that he used to hate Yuki. The reasons were sth about Yuki not respecting his leadership, not obeying and causing him a lot of troubles with his behaviour (even reduced him to tears). But before the revival of Versailles they had a good talk together, and it looks like they managed to fix their problems (probably out of Versailles Yuki realized that Kamijo isn’t the worse leader around) Maybe other ppl know more on the subject, but I’m not such an old fan either and didn’t read many interviews to know a lot.

Since Kamijo is involved in everybodies drama, he's probably a dick.

No. 294699

Damn,i used to love Versailles so much back in the days,but when i heard Versailles breaking up and Kamijo going solo ( gaining little to no successs at all) things seems to get a little more suspicious around his presence but im not suprise that every band Kamijo join didnt last long

No. 294717

God, reading this thread was such a trip and very nostalgic especially with all the Gackt and Dir en grey talk.

No. 294805

oh man i miss malice mizer gackt. good old times

also was talking to a bandguy before and he said he likes hitler because he was so fashionable and the uniforms were so cool

No. 294835

>he said he likes hitler because he was so fashionable and the uniforms were so cool

No. 294841

File: 1536775024339.png (13.97 KB, 500x36, tumblr_inline_pecb9x06Cl1ubhn5…)

No. 294873

that's just like, the japanese man.

No. 294890

I hate Yoshiki. Everytime I see his ugly smile I think what Taiji wrote about him being a selfish, spoiled child, and a sore loser who is full of pride.

No. 294893

I loce Yoshiki because he has the best drama aside from Gack and Dir en grey. Everyone either hates him or adores him with almost no in between. He hangs out with the most random celebrities too.

No. 294894

man i hope gackt stays at the same level of weirdness that he's been at recently. he's awful enough to laugh at (shady business ventures, occasional sexist etc comments, melting face) but usually still eccentric in a way that's a little endearing so i don't feel ashamed of still listening to his early albums and still being down to fuck, even with the pearling rumours

No. 294908

kamijo was a big malice mizer fan I've heard and had once a fight with gackt

No. 294909

I heard a rumor Gackt gave up on women and fucks around with that Swedish guy who wants so badly to be Japanese, Yohio.

No. 294926

Yoshiki drama is my favorite but it's so hard to come by

No. 294935

Kamijo (or all members of Lareine) and Moran's Hitomi were Malice Mizer's roadies. According to tanuki the latter one was hit by the members of MM and there was one guy who was even referred to as "Gackt's punching bag".

A bit suspicious that a young weeb wannabe musician stays at the mansion of a foreign guy 20 years his senior…lol

No. 294936

Forgot, here are the links:
>I wonder if Arimura is strong since he’s fat?
Where is he fat??

If these things are true, they're seriously fucked up…

No. 294937

Did anyone ever see the We Are X documentary when Yoshiki mentioned something Taiji did but never what he did? It was so frustrating because he just uncomfortably laughed it off in an interview. Spill the beans, Yoshiki!

No. 294940

I did watch it. It was so annoying. It's like he wants people to forget that Taiji was in the band. I think that's when the yakuza rumors started, when Taiji left the band?

No. 294942

bandguys are paranoid. they don't wanna land on tanuki.
One said i shouldn't take photos of him and talk about others about him.

No. 294945

Did anyone see this shit??

Some pretty bad accusations against Kisaki

No. 294955

There was some drama last year because he posted one of his band members/one of his record label (which also failed, causing many bands to disband) vomiting on twitter and then got backlash. Also his nudes were leaked some time ago, but I've never heard of that…
But if that's true the mother is also guilty, not protecting her and stopping him.
He would take out his genitals in front of the child and grab and hit to try to make her touch them. I stopped him but he made no efforts to stop [this behavior]. [TN: This is slightly oddly phrased, I'm not 100% sure if this is what she meant. 止めましたがやめようとしませんでした。] He also coerced me (as well as my child) into licking his nipples. He would always make my child go with him to the bathroom. I know that she's also a victim, but how can you act so damn passive if it's about your own child??

No. 294958

I know there are caps in the archive of tanuki. That band member was Sui (vocalist of Megaromania?)

jfc, if this is true, it's sick. Also, makes me believe Kisaki may be involved with the yakuza

No. 294959

I just looked at the picures and the girl looks like she's maybe 2 or 3 years old, jesus…

No. 294963

Japan has a huge pedo problems, so i wouldnt be shocked if this is true. It's shitty as hell, esp since i followed his band for years and have his merch.

This is why it pisses me off when neckbeards defend loli porn and other shit with children (fake or not) because then this happens and i have to believe it's true because Japan. so vile.

No. 294976

I haven't seen it yet, know anywhere I can watch online?

No. 294981

Really? You didn't think to check youtube? It's right there.

No. 294987

Found my new favourite thread

No. 294992

so is this basically a japanese ian watkins situation

No. 294993

Basically. It was even mentioned on the forums.

Sad though. Those photos are super telling

No. 294994

Yoshiki's entire life is hide. Anything after that is how to milk that for money. It was said before that Taiji didn't get along with Yoshiki and found him to be a primadonna. I believe it .

Yoshiki didn't even mention Taiji on his would be birthday, even when fan IG pages did

No. 295010

>Kyo's drinking party was ハーコン/Harcon and the members are sometimes called ハーディー/Hardy: Kyo, Daisuke & other Kagerou members, Gara & other Merry members, Tatsurou & other MUCC members, Satsuki, Kisui, Wataru (ex. 12012), Some combination of baroque/kannivalism members, Byou (as Kagerou's roadie)

>A lot of the stories seem to indicate the old vertical hierarchy/roadie culture (e.g. Kyo bosses around Daisuke, who bosses around Byou) which seems to have died somewhat with the idolification of visual kei in the last 10 or so years.

>The story about Ruka getting his ass beat by Yayoi/Yuuga is pretty famous too, but the details aren't really clear. Just everyone seems to know Yayoi and Yuuga wanted Ruka's ass beat and then it happened. One version I read is that Kazane from the Anarchist Records band Misery took the blame for it for a while, but that was because Yuuga pinned it on him after Yayoi ordered Yuuga to beat him up. Folding chairs were allegedly involved in the beating in the most often retold version of the story. Kisaki may or may not have intervened. The only reason I ever heard for this was that Yuuga and Yayoi got tired of him having a stank attitude and not greeting them properly.

Followed by tanuki translations:
>My friend had her hair pulled by Daisuke
>I had my hair pulled and I got hit hard. Kyo is trash for raising his hand to women
>When I was going the girls [Kyo] hates would have their heads held and be forced to drink, he'd watch them crying and cackle. That really creeped me out
>Before at Harcon I fucked Daisuke and Kyo pointed and laughed, Kyo hated me lmao. Fine by me because Daisuke is my fav lol
>I had a drinking contest with Kyo and I won, but when he sobered up he kicked my ass \(^o^)/
>He'd make girls strip and compare their pussies, tell them they smelled and put bottles of booze in them. I want to forget \(^O^)/
>Kyo laughed at Daisuke's cutting scars and I was stunned, as you might expect
>He plucked my pubes
>Kyo ripped my high school uniform and I had to go to school in a jersey
>If you fucked around with your phone you'd get drinks poured on you. Some bandman who was messing around taking pictures got choked
>I got passed around between Daisuke and Tatsurou lmao
>Daisuke dragged me to the bathroom and fucked me lmao. I was surprised because I thought he was the submissive type
>Ah, the past, when I got raped by creepy Kisui and [Dir staff] Yubisui…
>Daisuke and Satsuki and Gara and Tatsurou were doing rape-y things. Too late now, though.
>And there was a day where the money disappeared from my wallet without me noticing
>I got raped in public right then and there lol
>Takes me back… Those were pretty fun times. Everyone would get smashed and when I sobered up we'd all be laid out in the room in the evening.
>I woke up naked and covered in puke in the bathroom lol. When I quietly looked around outside the bathroom there were a ton of totally naked gya laid out lol
>Kyo would make shit up and fight randos at the bar. That was 6 years ago though
>Daisuke laughed when my friend got taken away by the ambulance for acute alcohol poisoning
>Daisuke would immediately start pulling girls' hair and screaming, right? He was so problematic when he was with Kyo
>A long time ago I got drunk and put my head in Daisuke's lap and he got hard instantly and it made my heart race lol
>Yep. I got laughed at while he called me ugly lol. He acts good in front of [Kyo] but then talks about him rudely when they're separated lol
>Daisuke's personality is shit. He's definitely hard on ugly women
>They'd be murderously pissed at girls who brought girls who weren't cute lmao. I got told to go home, as expected…
>That's why Kyo would invite you to drink after checking your looks lol. A little audition lmao
>Gara was really demanding that I let him feel my tits once lmao
>I saw [Byou] forced to get naked a lot lol
>Kyo beating up passerby with Daisuke was basically routine.
>[Byou] was miserable, he'd cry a lot
>Ugly girls would get cucumber sticks put in them and forced spread eagle
>Kyo told me I was dumber than a pigeon
>[Byou] is Daisuke's slave
>For sure lolol. He was always getting hit, I felt bad
>When I told Daisuke to give me his number he snapped my phone in half lmfao
>I wonder how [Byou] is doing. I felt so bad I tried to look after him but Shizumi forced me to go back to Kyo.
>Daisuke called me stupid and hit me \(^o^)/
>Daisuke made [Byou] jack off. After that he made him sing Idol-gurui [by Kagerou]
>Did he cum?
>He'd get his ass beat if he didn't ejaculate, sooo. He did
>Bansaku knocked someone up at Harcon, kicked her stomach and made her miscarry
>Trash, as always. Pregnant girls were a nuisance to him so he'd push them on Takumi from Gimmick. That's why Takumi's drowning in debt

No. 295015

rofl wtf. This is like some giant fanfic. Crazy to think some of these people are hanging together, but I can believe a lot of it, especially how pent up and sad Japanese men are.

No. 295029

Sounds really like a fanfic
A lot of stuff are lies

No. 295032

He's a disgusting human being. He's kinda lucky that Taiji had mental problems and drug addictions, and his band didn't kick. And that hide died before touring with Manson. He wouldn't be the golden boy of X

No. 295063

X playin with Manson still sounds like some weird crossover fic no one asked for. Why even do it? It's so…random.

No. 295085

File: 1536804010717.jpg (597.14 KB, 1080x1273, 20180912_215933.jpg)

X was supposed to tour with Manson before hide died?

Yoshiki and Manson are super bros these days. Manson helped X through their Coachella set when they played there since they were up against Beyonce on the other stage.

They must have been fucking. It has to be that or maybe his band/career really was mostly hide's skills and flair carrying them & now he's just milking it… but the way he is who really knows?

I never check youtube for anything but music, honestly so I never think of it as an option for movies. Sorry!

No. 295103

>Yoshiki and Manson are super bros these days. Manson helped X through their Coachella set when they played there since they were up against Beyonce on the other stage.

Yoshiki must be crazy to go up against such well received pop stars like Beyonce.

No. 295125

It was more like they were added onto the festival at the last minute and they had to play sometime. Honestly I don't think X is the type of band the typical Coachella crowd gives a fuck about. Coachella has always been about what's trendy and popular and whose name gets dropped for playing there. It's like Yoshiki wants X to play/tour in the states so bad but doesn't want to admit they're too old and dated to generate enough of their own hype for that. Besides, isn't he always a half step away from being unable to play anymore anyway?

No. 295267

Not X, hide was a friend with Manson when he was with the band Zilch. He was supposed to be touring with Manson but not with X. If you listen to Zilch is more Manson-like than X.

Manson and Yoshiki are probably super bros now because Yoshiki is using Manson's friendship with hide.

No. 295292

at least they're just bonding because Yoshiki loves exploiting dead friends and not over meth like Manson with his other celebrity friends, I guess.

No. 295294

at least they're just bonding because Yoshiki loves exploiting dead friends and not over meth like Manson with his other celebrity friends, I guess.

No. 295406

Does anybody have any An Cafe tea? I used to be super obsessed with them but looking back its kinda weird now they were grown men dressing up like little boys(or in Bous case, a girl) and they started to get kind of internationally famous but then seemed to drop off the face of the planet. Are all the members still there? I always wonder what REALLY happened with Bou and what he looks like irl. I heard he became a baseball player but i highly doubt it. Do any of them have kids now?

No. 295410

I'm wondering if Yasu still hangs around kabukicho

No. 295438

I always thought it was something like a managment/band member issue and they split up to join other bands. The last I heard, Bou changed his stage name to Mint and joined some other band.

No. 295440

golden bomber making fun of Vkei bands and the foreign kids in videos

No. 295441

would love to see what he looks like now

No. 295453

oh my god. i still have nightmares of fat weaboos dancing to memeshikute.

No. 295455

I doubt he's really making fun of them, seeing just how much he's kissing Gackt's ass…

No. 295462

Yeah, from what I've seen they're genuine Malice Mizer fans.

No. 295473

Oh man. back in 2005, an cafe was my jam. I liked Kanon though. Bou always creeped me out.

I'd love to see what Bou is doing now

No. 295478

bou was an enigma for so long because they genuinely promoted him as a girl it was weird af

No. 295696

They just went on a "hiatus" for good, except Miku. Here's an article where the members express their reasons for leaving- everyone else wanted to do other things… except Miku.


I read a comment on instagram that claimed Yoshiki is married to a woman who lives in Hong Kong who takes care of the white dog he posts pics with sometimes.

No. 295761

lol poor miku

No. 295774

File: 1536945374345.png (Spoiler Image,101.23 KB, 300x211, 92DC81F8-ED9E-4608-8490-2662C5…)

I know this is more like the anti jrock thread, but does anybody follow johnnys groups?

Yamada Ryosuke from HeySayJump just revealed to be dating a model 5 years older than him and of course their fat old nasty wotas are saying how shes not even good enough for him and how fat and ugly she is. They are also ~offended~ because he managed to keep it a secret for three years, and shes being called a player who goes after a lot of men despite how long they’ve been together.

No. 295775

Didnt mean to spoil.

I also want to add that these are also the same fans who freak out when mid thirty year old arashi members reveal they are dating kek they are worse than kpop stans

No. 295812

i love johnnys

todays news were about ishihara satomi and yamapi. and yamapi left her for another girl and that he is dangerous and shady

No. 295839

Johnnys are awesome! I think they make a cute couple, but johnnys are restricted from dating the same way most idol groups are.

Look what happened to Jin Akanishi (the most popular member of KATTUN.) He had to pay a fine to Johnny for a buncha shit he did that is considered normal by most standards.

No. 295841

Kanon deserves better than that shitty band. But it makes me annoyed to think Miku was guilting the other members to stay with the band longer than they had wanted to. What a mess

No. 295868

But akanishi is an ass

No. 295870

Why does he deserve better? What did Miku do?

No. 295885

If anyone has Akanishi tea, please spill. He always seemed like the messiest member

No. 295895

aw really? I thought Ishihara satomi and yamapi was a cute couple. Who's the girl he left her for? Is she white lol, feel like the dude has a foreigner complex

No. 295899

yeah that really bugged me too. Not only did he refuse to say what Taiji did but he went on and on about how disgusting it was and how awful Taiji was. Like if you're gonna drag a dead man at least say what he did wrong?

No. 295901

A model called Niki

No. 295906

kanon is very talented i always expected him to take off when he did the kanon X kanon project with kanon wakeshima

No. 296552

I hate ishihara satomis chin surgery

No. 296594

File: 1537144363476.jpg (14.66 KB, 220x314, Godzilla_Resurgence_World_Prem…)

Why is Satomi so popular and loved? Her acting and face is mehh and she looks like a plastic surgery monster

No. 296617

damn is that a guy? cause he's more feminine than me, suifuel

No. 296703

File: 1537176057949.jpeg (39.27 KB, 278x363, EB1548C9-3658-4521-8CB0-867680…)

I loved her before here surgery.. now she looks awful

No. 296704

You mean OP? Gackt? lol

No. 296713

3 years? well now, he did a great job hiding it. wasn't he the one with the crazy stans that threw rock at his windows?

Gackt isn't even that feminine. There is far far worse.

No. 296718

lmao first time on the internet, bud?

No. 296723

File: 1537190366217.jpg (176.21 KB, 740x1113, halloweennursegackt.jpg)

I've never really found Gackt to be that feminine, even when his face is more 'delicate' at the time. His occasional crossdressing outfits just tend to be the right size for him so at first they seem a little less obvious and comical than with some of the other guys

No. 296825

Gackt be crazy but he usually knows how to style himself for his body type.

No. 296841

File: 1537215050176.jpg (69.47 KB, 660x371, tumblr_owzelpdv2L1rm0x2mo1_128…)

lol no, it's the opposite. He's got quite nice legs, yet always insists on wearing those "I just shat myself"-pants

No. 296844

File: 1537216199996.jpg (41.53 KB, 400x879, 27yubk9.jpg)

The only outfits Gackt's ever worn that actually fit right are either the various crossdressing outfits or the otherwise flamboyant stage costumes.
His regular clothes get weirder and weirder, I hate those jeans so much. I didn't even know there was a brand that made them. He's been wearing barely anything other than those for years and I swear they make him seem even more out of touch and washed up than he could pass for.

No. 296865

Those models look thrilled lmao

No. 296965

pretty sure he has a stylist like any other celebrity

No. 298147

File: 1537472538176.jpg (35.06 KB, 640x425, ONE-OK-ROCK.jpg)

Does any one have milk on One Ok Rock? At first they were pretty decent but i felt like there's an undertone of drama surrounding them

No. 298267

Hmmm, I'm pretty sure they're pretty low drama, but I haven't been following them that closely for the last year or so. The only thing I can think of is Taka sometimes rants on his Instagram and puts his foot in his mouth, like a while ago when he was bitching about coming overseas and still seeing Japanese people in the audience/front row. He was most likely referring to Japanese super-fans who follow them on tour and invade their privacy, but he didn't specify so a lot of Japanese fans were upset about that.

Taka's a bit of a Westaboo, tbh. He's implied that Western fans are better behaved and more respectful, but it's just that OOR isn't that well-known in the West. If they were a big name here, they'd have the same kind of crazy super-fans following them around.

No. 298271

Samefag, just remembered something else.

People were also speculating that Taka was dating Lola and he was pissed about that too, making posts in Japanese telling people to knock it off. I think he's very sensitive about this stuff because way back when he was in NEWS there was a dating scandal where a photo of him surfaced smoking in bed with a girl.

No. 298273

File: 1537486718674.jpg (156.17 KB, 650x366, 1034-a.jpg)

Is visual kei still a thing? That shit was my way of life back in the day, but I hear it's gone mainstream nowadays and is not quite the same.

No. 298276

I can’t tell if OOR missed their best time to get big in the west or if they’re just a bit too bland for people to get into. Every few years there’s a resurgence in rock bands and emo kids but I don’t think they’re what edgy kids are into right now. Fueled By Ramen has some big acts signed but not many of them are really at their peak still, I think OOR just missed the chance to have a big target audience while they were still creatively fresh.

No. 298297

Rock music in general is just not very popular right now. If kids want to be edgy, they don't want to do it the way their parents did, they find new ways. I think emo/edgy kids nowadays are more into the rap/clout/"I have anxiety and buy benzos on the street" scene.

No. 298582

I hate those style of pants so damn much. No one ever looks good in them

i mean, yes and no? True VK for me died off around 2008 or 2009. That's when a lot of people stopped caring to even buy Cure and Shoxx Magazines.

I still follow artists like Buck tick, dir en grey and Kiyoharu/SADS, but there isn't any band out there making a splash. It's pretty upsetting. I miss the over the top drama and flamboyant costumes.

I think internet culture killed a lot, i guess? At least Miyavi is still active, but his music isn't really great imo

No. 298584

Once bands like Mejibray got popular, i knew vk was dead for good. I dunno, some of their songs are okay, but that's basically the style of music now. It's like screamo meets…whatever.

I think dir en grey is semi going back to their roots with a lot of their newer music and Sukekiyo, but real vk is dead.

No. 298591

I like Miyavi, his voice is unique and his guitar style is too, but he needs better beats/drums in his tracks and he needs a better producer. And to stop all the collabs with rando small time artists. Whatever happened to BoBo? Before Miyavi got married the music they made was much better sounding overall.

No. 298599

I feel like VKei is a little more flashy and image-focused for what a ot of older bands like Dir en grey want to do. Older guys aren't as interested in a high maintenance ott look as they are just making cool, sort of deep sounding music that sells well and then they dress up on stage. Kyo is a dick but his stage looks are pretty cool sometimes.

No. 298600

File: 1537568414725.jpg (1.13 MB, 2000x1333, 20180807-00283768-okm-000-view…)

>I hear it's gone mainstream nowadays
Visual Kei was, is and will never be mainstream lol. It was never really popular in Japan to begin with, minus during the late 80s/90s, when bands and rock music in general boomed pretty much all over the world. Bands like e.g. L'arc en Ciel, Luna Sea and Glay have toned down a lot to appeal more to the public, but some of the older bands (like the other anon mentioned, BT, DEG,…) are still pretty much the same.
We, as non-Japanese just tend to perceive popularity different. Around 10-15 years ago, suddenly a lot of "alternative" European kids were into it - but that doesn't mean that those bands also got more popular in Japan.
Nowadays, the "western" interest just shifted to Kpop; but again, that doesn't change anything about the bands popularity in Japan.

There still are many bands out there who dress up. They're just not good/well-known. And of course guys in their 50s (minus Toll) aren't going to have wild hair styles anymore, but Kamijo and the likes still wear the same style as back then.
Miyavi probably just focuses too much on his "Hollywood" career lol.

There's far worse than Mejibray. My personal "favourite" is Royz. They've got to be the ugliest guys they could find. Every year I wonder whether they're finally going to disband.

Pic related, Acchan still wearing a military-style uniform in 2018 (and looking quite well for 52).

No. 298609

He's so damn sexy, but I've always heard rumors of him being a colossal asshole.

No. 298667

Oh really? I always thought/read that it's actually the opposite, him being very friendly and polite…? Only that he's notorious for cheating, like having several girlfriends at once, despite being married (or already divorced again?).

Recently he was asked on a radio show how he manages to maintain his looks and he said that he only washes his face, not even moisturizer… But around a year ago there were rumours that he's gotten something done, like a face lift or something, so maybe he's not all natural.

No. 298683

I think that anon is talking about Hyde..? I could totally see him being a huge asshole, he seems really narcissistic.

No. 298832

Why would she talk about Hyde? I didn't even mention him in my post?

But yes, he certainly must be an ass, since no one can even stand to work with him for a longer time…

No. 298870

he's still working with bobo, bobo is the drummer for his tour right now. too bad miyavi's music has gotten so poppy and derivative these days, i find it really bland

No. 298902

Ew, really? I would have never guessed. You're right though, poppy and derivative describes it exactly. Poor guy, he was really heading somewhere before Melody P-trapped him.

No. 298903

Miyavi's early solo stuff was great too. So unique and so him, but once he got married, a lot of his music began to suffer. It's unfortunate. I don't care for his acting either.

He was an awful Byakuya in the Bleach movie, but it's not all his fault. Whoever styled the Soul Society for that movie should have their hair license revoked. Dry ass hair and wigs were awful

No. 298904

I really hate that he got married the way he did. I remember he was at the peak of his popularity, he went in J-Melo, and like ~3 minths later he announced he was married. I feel like she crawled on his dick and lied about being on the pill so she could retire from being a multitarento or whatevee she was trying to be back then.

You can tell he loves his kids more than anything, though. He seems like a great dad but I can tell from watching my own parents stay together for the kids, his marriage is what's wrong with his music. He's making it to support Melody and his kids and it just doesn't sound as good, like S.M.F.B. was a garbage song, and it's weird how his songs keep varying from kinda happy and upbeat to "the world is fuckin cruel" type stuff.

No. 298910

His acting would be better if he didn't have to fit roles that were already so clearly defined or rigid, like if he were allowed to be himself and dress/act like himself I think his acting would be better.

No. 298912


Idk I feel like his entire acting career reached it's peak with Unbroken and his guest appearance at the Ellen Show lol. He was better in whatever is was doing before all that imo.

No. 298914

What acting did he do before Unbroken? I know he did Oresama way back in the day but that hardly counts since he was playing himself. I think he would be good in an American movie set in Tokyo, something modern. Or maybe a horror/suspense movie, he has a good look for something like that.

No. 298951

Mainstream was a poor choice of words. I meant it more like when I first got into vkei you would never see the songs being used for anime openings/endings, etc, but around the time I was losing interest I remember a lot of bands were doing that like Sid and Gazette. I interpreted that to mean it was becoming a bit less niche, like anime did.

No. 298952

>I didn't even mention him in my post?
He's in the picture, though.

No. 298968

File: 1537644816825.gif (1.95 MB, 400x225, tumblr_p6sgjsjqdw1r1ao91o3_400…)

No, that's Atsushi Sakurai from Buck-tick.
Hyde is probably around 2-3 heads shorter and his face is completely fucked up by too much ps lol.

No. 298969

File: 1537644842669.jpg (89.78 KB, 675x1200, DT6wXqAU8AA8Spb.jpg)

vs. Hyde nowadays

No. 298985

atsushi can G E T I T

No. 299026

Oh, my bad!

No. 299027

File: 1537655768722.jpg (30.38 KB, 480x270, 5a2d499b97f84c2a9801591486e317…)

I knew he was aging poorly, but didn't realize it was this bad… Ouch.

Reminds me of Sakurai Sho, he's not aging well at all either.

No. 299036

File: 1537658307131.jpg (68.15 KB, 608x434, bkn-20161023133950732-1023_008…)

I think that's because both Hyde and Sho had very soft baby faces when the were younger, which of course ages badly. Meanwhile Atsushi always had a bit more angular bone structure, which is still visible even now at an older age.
To me he never really looked young or cute, he's probably one of those people who look very old at a young age, but then stay looking the same for a long time. And sadly Hyde is the opposite, looked like a child til 30 and then…

Speaking of Hyde, it freaks me out/disgusts me then he dresses up as a girl - which is literally every single Halloween…

No. 299042

see he's always looked "old" to me idk
even when he was younger lol
moon child was really a trip trying to pass him off as some young immortal guy

No. 299065

File: 1537672190431.jpg (177.99 KB, 498x640, 68d74bd0a710f0_full.jpg)

First I'm hearing of Moon Child. Hyde still looked pretty good here imo, it was probably shortly after this that age hit him and he started looking like an Asian grandma. In any case, him and Gackt have really bad attitudes towards aging, they're gonna struggle a lot as they continue to get older.

Slightly OT, but all this nostalgia has me wondering about various people now. I wonder what ever happened to Mana and what he's doing now.

No. 299068

File: 1537673694167.jpeg (7.22 KB, 183x275, images (1).jpeg)

I used to like Dir En Grey when I was younger but I got away from them after I found out how batshit crazy the fandom was.
I recently checked on their stuff and I found it edgier and more cringe than I remember.

Also Kyo is shit I don't get why he got stanned so much. He's ugly, a manlet, illiterate with no fashion sense and pretentious as fuck. He apparently only wears Gucci. I guess he cashed in on the crazy fanbois.

No. 299075

his style somehow gets more and more tragic seeing the new promo photoshoots for their upcoming album or whatever is hilarious

die is hotter than ever tho

No. 299078

>>298609 here, I did mean Atsushi. Idk who brought Hyde up, I've never heard much about him but then again I don't really follow Laruku. Red Swan is good though.

But yeah, I've always heard Sakurai is a colossal asshole despite being mad sexy. Apparently he's aware of how attractive he is.

No. 299080

Die is sexy as fuck, even if his current hairdo sometimes makes him look womanly. Toshiya got sexy too, I'm glad he's not the boney mess he was a few years ago anymore and his clothing line seems to be doing well. Kaoru is still pretty much Kaoru and Shinya is still a crossdressing uguu weirdo.

No. 299136

File: 1537693460631.jpg (99.56 KB, 768x960, DmoRoebX4AAl7vL.jpg)

Mana still occasionally holds concerts but mainly concentrates on his clothing brand nowadays.
Pic related, a couple days ago was an event for Malice Mizer's 25th anniversary.

I never saw that was so special about Toshiya, but after he started working out… damn. Die was always sexy af tho.

>He's ugly, a manlet, illiterate with no fashion sense and pretentious as fuck. He apparently only wears Gucci.
So he's an older BTS V? lol

No. 299183

as much as Gackt is aging terribly (a combo of a bad lifestyle + too much PS + the kind of face that doesn't age well anyway) his face has always looked weird, I think he'd be looking strange at this age even without messing with his face and being styled worse. He was only about 26 or so here and already you can see his face just moves weirdly sometimes, in the first 10 seconds he goes from qt young Gackt to weird 2018 Gackt.

YOU from his band has probably aged better than anyone mentioned and was cuter to start with (and has probably written more of Gackt's material than they say). Yoshiki's tight face creeps me out the most though, his smile makes him seem as greasy as all the rumours about him do

No. 299185

That's strange. He seems extremely polite and humble, I've never heard anyone say this about him. Deets, anyone?

No. 299200

File: 1537714828142.jpg (15.41 KB, 305x377, MaliceMizerGackt744-1.jpg)

I honestly can't see it anon…? I also don't think he has the type of face that would naturally age badly, his ps just fucked him up completely. And the bleached hair + dark skin combo is susually doing anybody a favour on top of it.
During his Malice Mizer interviews you can still see his bigger natural nose and I honestly think it didn't look bad at all. Actually rather handsome or even "manly" to see somebody with a taller nose bridge for once.

Seconding this

No. 299206

File: 1537715988768.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.65 KB, 363x290, 20140824_seikei_36.jpg)

Samefag, better spoiler this lol

No. 299237

That's scary af. He should've never started down the plastic surgery rabbit hole, for sure.

No. 299239

Toshiya grew on me. I never thought he was much to look at when he was younger, but he's looking good as he gets older. I think he'll age the best out of the group, as long as he doesn't go skellymode again.

No. 299317

File: 1537736947536.jpg (53.65 KB, 710x160, gacktspindle.jpg)

gackt's always been such a weird one to me, but the more time goes on and the less i follow any jrock/vkei the more he goes from being a quirky, charming weird to an unsettling weird. i don't mean it in an 'uwu poor sensitive baby boy' way that i still see teen girls talking about these 40/50 year old men, but i think he has some issues that are more than the usual problem of these narcissistic guys being surrounded by people who only compliment and flatter and enable them. i guess it's because i could read any headline about gackt and think 'yeah, that sounds about right' but his weirdness just seems unsettling to me a lot of the time now, more now than when he was in his early 20s and saying he was an immortal demon with a magnum cock.

for a while i really didn't like him though, now i just follow him because if he isn't doing or saying something awful i can laugh at then he's at least doing something just bizarre. like he constantly says something that's pretty progressive and open minded and reasonable (for an older japanese guy especially) then he follows it up with something incredibly backwards and outdated, i can never figure him out. right now i'm waiting for a bigger issue over the crypto currency he's part of to become a massive scandal, i give it until the start of next year. as far as i know the first time he's ever officially revealed his real name was for this spindle stuff, so it's going to be a disaster for him when it goes badly

No. 299330

File: 1537737602035.jpg (25.05 KB, 273x400, 64a7776be6e179e926349f24fe79df…)

Thanks for the spoiler!!

Yeah, Gackt was pretty attractive during the early Malice Mizer days. His crazy western obsession made him get so much plastic surgery to look white and it fucked him up so royally. He keeps in shape and looks great for his age (body wise) but his face is beyond repair. it's so sad.

No. 299338

File: 1537738096084.jpg (43.64 KB, 480x480, 26296540_852753954906298_78437…)

(different anon) Toshiya is gorgeous. Always has been, but he's definitely aging so well. I always thought he had the best face, but he was too skinny back in the day and now he has arm and stomach muscles. It's fantastic.

Bot Toshiya and Die have aged the best imo. But I've always like Die's more masculine features in general since the gauze era.

No. 299341

yikes, Hyde looks awful here…

No. 299343

Would still fuck him into non existence. my god.

No. 299348

Gackt is still super fuckable for his age!

No. 299349

His face kills it for me sadly. I've also heard he's a super weirdo from the people who have fucked him

No. 299350

File: 1537738710734.png (659.98 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ofgowpGxZN1qerdz7o2_500…)

Kyo's got a banging body still though. But he definitely has a lot of attitude issues most people wouldnt want to deal with. Weird cuz he gets really positive reviews from all the fans who have slept with him.

No. 299355

>super weirdo from the people who have fucked him
Is he into strange kinks or something?

No. 299357

File: 1537740633721.jpg (114.02 KB, 535x687, tumblr_m2yocnM8lz1qksr6no1_540…)

for me his peak was his early solo days, but I still prefer his real nose. I think changing his face and going for the kind of look that got him CGI/Final Fantasy/anime comparisons for years was a mistake, but even then he would've been fine if he aged out of that look naturally instead of trying to keep it and messing up his face permanently. It's been a steady decline but it's around 2006 that it all started to really fall apart, but you can say the same thing about his music too imo. Every so often his hair/eyebrows/clothes are better and he doesn't look quite as bad, and 90% of his instagram is just him working out so he's stayed in shape, but his face is way past saving. I don't know how so many people still pull the "he just doesn't age!" stuff when his face looks much older than 45 now

No. 299362

I really loved malice mizer gackt. He looked like a prince

No. 299366

File: 1537741635064.jpg (45.73 KB, 600x338, 1999.05.12-GACKT-Mizérable-DVD…)

He was definitely peek attractive in his early solo era. MARS was a great album, but he didn't release too many songs I cared for after that. I think the last good song I really liked was "Redemption" for the Dirge of Cerberus game.

(His hottest looks were Mizerable and Vanilla imo)

No. 299381

File: 1537742705351.jpg (72.15 KB, 640x852, BWCNJgYCIAASqSq.jpg-large.jpg)

I agree with this exactly. When I was obsessed with jrock/vkei I wasn't into Gackt, I didn't really have an opinion about him. As I got older he struck me as a funny old man who's clinging to his youth, but nowadays I just find him downright creepy. I don't know why, I don't have a reason to feel that way but maybe it's the rumour that he's living with Yohio, that really makes me cringe. Otherwise, he just comes across like he could be into some really fucked up stuff in his private life.

No. 299402

>to look white
That's why I don't get his tanning obsession. His skin would have benefitted more from staying out of sun and trying to be as pale as possible as he used to in the past…

He's said to have barbs in his penis

Same, I absolutely adored him, that's why him looking like that nowadays is even worse

Just imagine poor little Yohio taking his fucked up dong in the ass, just for the tiniest bit of vkei "fame" kek

No. 299404

File: 1537744699307.jpg (11.54 KB, 280x210, Yuki13.jpg)

yuki is so fucking hot UNF
ive never seen him and not wanted him to fuck my brains out in one of his ridiculous pirate or vampire or harlequin costumes and im not even usually attracted to asian men

No. 299405

That's a first lol I've never heard anybody saying that they're attracted to him

No. 299406

File: 1537745032493.jpg (84.37 KB, 414x720, 1421208824878.jpg)

lol i dont really have crushes often so when i do its always someone offbeat i dont know why but he really does it for me

No. 299408

different anon, but Yu~ki has always been pretty attractive. he's always been hidden under really odd makeup choices and hair though.

No. 299409

This is recent? They all look fantastic.

No. 299411

the pearling thing? that's been talked about for years, and i don't really want to know if it's actually true or not. i guess he couldn't leave silicon out of any part of his body.

No. 299417

i think its the makeup and costuming i like though thats why its weird i guess

No. 299418

File: 1537746920656.jpg (228.82 KB, 700x1193, Dms2vlCU4AAQO5i.jpg)

Yes, from september 8th/9th.

No. 299419

File: 1537746934744.jpg (141.49 KB, 800x1200, DmuhuvpUYAIf9LI.jpg)

No. 299420

File: 1537746948502.jpg (181.95 KB, 1200x1200, Dmtss1-VsAAa2Un.jpg)

No. 299422

please spoiler, jesus. this pic made me think this was the gc thread while I was scrolling. haunted tranny energy.

No. 299423

slurp i want a spooky jap vk witch goblin bf

No. 299425

same but not a bf just a fuck boi for lewd purposes

No. 299456

I'm really surprised how good Mana still looks considering all the makeup he wears. Awesome shots though. thanks anon

No. 299580

Does anyone have gossip on Kuina? I remember at Tanuki people were saying he's creepy in bed and I want to know whats so creepy about him? I wish my japanese was better because that place is such a goldmine…

No. 299583

Many say he's "submissive" in bed. But other than that he gropes/kisses fans at instore events without permission (especially foreigners) and constantly insults/mocks girls. So, hes basically just in the business for female attention and even uses tanuki to hook up.

Cringy conversation one of his sexfriends posted: http://fuckyeahtanuki.tumblr.com/search/kuina
>You’re my pet, so you need a collar, right?
>So, can you promise me you’ll buy one tomorrow?
>Well why didn’t I have a mail from you when I woke up?
>Does that mean I can quit being your master?
>So you have to contact me, right?
>Don’t cheat on me!
>Because you belong to me.

And this is supposedly his dick http://fuckyeahtanuki.tumblr.com/post/83994187456/nsfw-kuinasyeah
She's got more sex translations of him, but one can never know if they're true or not.

No. 299584

File: 1537805468777.jpg (72.54 KB, 928x599, weird.JPG)

Speaking of bandmen doing creepy things, Mamo the vocalist from Rshitei is distributing his hair during lives. I know their whole gimmick is "menhera" but that's taking it a little too far. Also apparently his fans want to ingest it.

No. 299662

I'm not even shocked. Mamo is the same person saying that gay guys are gross, openly a lolicon etc

No. 299715

jfc, i hope that's hair from his head. Mamo is so creepy.

No. 299716

Kuina was my favorite lolcow in Royz. haha

No. 299822

File: 1537843403623.jpg (539.67 KB, 1080x1430, 20180924_224323.jpg)

Speaking of jrockers who got hot while nobody was looking, pic related. I never gave a fuck about him back when he was all OTT colorful and visal, or really even semi recently, but I saw a pic of him on his insta recently and I was just struck by how fuckable he is lately.

No. 299841

I was never down with his ~possibly on the spectrum with severe ADD and no self control constantly screaming all the time~ shenanigans. But he is physically attractive for sure.

No. 299856

He's hot af, I've been thirsting since his Secret music video.

No. 299868

He hasn't acted like a sperg since his kids were born though, dadmode myv is bestmode myv.

Yesssss. If he sold more posters of himself shirtless smirking at the camera I'd be set. Mmmhh.

No. 299973

I liked his blue hair and feminine appearance back in the day. These days he's looking too much like a basic wannabe korean fuckboy.

No. 299980

Same. I thought i was in the minority. He is hot now, but he was cuter back in the day.

No. 300140

YMMV anons, personally I don't think he looks like a Korean fuckboi, just a regular Asian guy who tries to be stylish. I don't like girly looking guys myself so for me he's much hotter now than when he was more feminine and colorful. I never got the appeal of girly, overly feminine looking men anyway, but maybe I just have PTSD from being called a dyke in school for having short hair and liking "Chinese women" so I go for the manly ones now.

No. 300141

k thanks for bumping the thread with your thrilling personal blogging.

No. 300143

K no prob, make sure you get al the sand out of your pussy before your next post kthxclmao luv ya

No. 300146

cringe. why are you typing like a 12 year old? go back to whatever site you came from, newfag.

No. 300153

Literally no one cares. Sage your shit next time.

No. 300228

this is just embarrassing anon. No one cares

No. 301745

Does the Utaite/Odorite community count? I felt like they're some juicy beef waiting to be devour but i cant get my hands on it

No. 302471


Very late to this because I was sure this thread is dead but
no, I strongly disagree.

No. 302610

Care to elaborate? I used to be a big DEG fan myself but I got back into American music and haven't listened to anything od theirs since maybe… jeez, Average Sorrow I guess (2015). How is their newer stuff?

No. 303072


Oh I had a time where I thought I'm over the vk/j-rock scene for good but as it turned out I was very wrong with that.

If you're into their heavier stuff I'm sure you could like the new album. A lot of people compared it to The Marrow of a bone. If you listen to it use headphones instead of speakers though. A bunch of people complained about the mixing and I didn't understand why until I wanted to listen to it through my speakers. I hope they eventually release a remastered version just like they did with uroboros so it sounds less muddy when played through speakers. I personally really dig the album, it's not going to be my favourite (I don't really think anything will ever top my favourite albums anyways) but I was pleasantly surprised. It took a couple of listens through the entire album for it to really grow on me but that's just how it is most of the time when I get to listen to new music. My favourite tracks are Keigaku no yoku, Aka, Zetsuentai, Celebrate empty howls, Followers and the new recording of The deeper Vileness.

No. 303074

Concerning the rest of the conversation, I agree with you when it comes to the fandom, there are plenty of very unpleasant people. I try not to get too involved.

I don't see what about them is cringy? I've seen plenty of cringy shit but aside from being a bit awkward I can't really see what would make them cringy.

As for all the stuff about Kyo, I simply disagree because neither do I think he is ugly nor do I see an issue with him being short and I simply don't understand where the illiterate is coming from?
And ngl if I had the money I'd probably buy a lot of designer shit as well.

No. 308180

There are lots of weird info about Kisaki being abusive. It's really alarming and gross.

No. 308184

YES, it is so strange that Mana still looks decent. That white makeup does wonders!

No. 308203

Lurk more and read the rules before posting.

No. 308205

File: 1539294931406.png (391.93 KB, 571x444, KP.png)

What is so good about King & Prince? Their songs are decent and they look meh and yet they are so popular. WHY?

No. 308226

lmao are they all barely scraping 5'2"?

No. 308244

Because ikemen

No. 308428

I didn't know boybands were still a thing, wow. Lack of competition?

No. 308667

Kingprince is average af. I think it's the royalty boyfriend fantasy idea and the Japanese bias, Japs will support their pop groups no matter how bad they are because they are Japanese origin and they rather have that than Korean or other foreign pop stars

No. 308668

File: 1539361045603.jpg (35.35 KB, 400x500, Sho-Hirano.jpg)


It's because Hirano Sho is in the group and he's a major ikemen right now.

Personally I don't see what I'm supposed to find hot about him.

No. 308670

Didn't knew them before.
Their lyrics and melody have a nice Uta no Prince-sama vibe, so as a weeb I'm pleased.
Gosh I missed how dorky J-Idol choreography is.

No. 308698

Because compared to your average japanese man this is pretty up there on the looks ladder

No. 308980

This just makes me miss KATTUN.

No. 309004

Johnny's are always short but I think these guys are actually taller than some others in average.
Arashi are all shorties. Not that I ever minded that.. but I noticed jpns netizen really like shitting on them for their heights.
As for King & Prince, I find them tacky and boring, I don't get either what's good about them but they sell really well. They are also really boring on variety shows. They have been to two Arashi shows since their debut and it becomes even more apparent how blant and boring they are when they are with variety show profis like Arashi who know how to entertain on tv.

No. 309011

yeah i've heard that johnny's in general are shorter than average due to not being able to develop properly when they're younger (overworked and what not). which makes sense since the tall ones look like they don't take being an idol too seriously like taguchi from kattun lol.

No. 309023

File: 1539395985792.jpg (28.7 KB, 479x264, 1zgf8ch.jpg)

He's cute, but I'm just wondering when Japan's gonna ditch this host hairstyle that's been popular since 2005.

Does anyone else feel like jpop is stuck in a bit of a time warp? I feel like it has barely modernized over the past ten years or so. Pic related is TVXQ in 2003 when they debuted, around this time kpop and jpop were doing more-or-less the same thing, but since then kpop has changed to keep up with modern Western trends while jpop has more or less stayed the same.

I'm not trying to say that one is better than the other, but I'm curious why this is. I think it might have to do with the fact that Japan is much more resistant to foreign influence than Korea is, so they'll import Western and Korean music, but jpop stays strictly Japanese. I dunno, what do you anons think?

No. 309040

File: 1539401525518.png (873.32 KB, 720x728, Jmagazine-1.png)

Fashion magazines hire the fugly akb company girls because their disgusting manchildren fans will buy the fuck out of the magazine if their favourite girl is in it that's why it doesn't matter that they make horrible models (dakota tier), unattractive and have no sense of style cuz the mags need them to stay alive since a lot of magazines are struggling to stay afloat. As a consequence the quality has of these magazines has really gone to shit ever since they started using AKBco models hence why I stopped reading and buying them all together. Akb ruined everything. Ruined the music industry with their shitty cd voting tickets and the fashion industry.

No. 309044

>Akb ruined everything(…)the music industry with their shitty cd voting tickets and the fashion industry.
Don't forget the tv and movie industries. I can't get over how many dramas I tried to watch but dropped minutes in because of the fucking AKB girls and their inability to act besides the generic cute but emotionless thing otakus love.
I really hate when I find a tv series or movie with a cool premise but it's all spoiled because they only cast "pretty faces", for Japanese standards I guess, that can't act for shit. I want real actors not dolls.

No. 309097

This thread inspired me to listen to some of Miyavi's new stuff, and man. Some of it is pretty good, but some of his songs seem really depressing? Like Cruel, Torture, and No One Knows My Name. Especially the last one, imo. Qhat really made me look up his newer stuff was, I was browsing tanuki translations and read a rumor about him cheating on his wife and doing drugs a lot, and it just sounded weird to me. I don't wanna be "that bitch" but I feel like, idk, with how quickly (and why) they got married after first meeting on her talk show, and with his darker, more moody style now, maybe he's unhappy with how things turned out? He obviously loves his kids, but I feel like that wasn't quite the way he wanted to go about getting married and starting a family.

No. 309144

File: 1539438633974.jpg (356.22 KB, 890x1200, Dnqt_AqU0AEWl3P.jpg)

I definitely agree, I hate this type of outdated hairstyle. I really want to see Johnny's in more modern hairstyles and clothes. They all would look ten times hotter imo. Sometimes you can see a glimpse of how hot they can look in a more modern style when they are on fashion magazine covers and the magazine takes it upon themselves to restyle their hair and dress them more modern.

No. 309187

Spiky coconut hair

No. 310067


Yeah, those rumors have been around awhile. I saw his live at a small venue a few years ago and he talked alot about politics, family and seemed normal. I don't know the dude but he didn't seem to stay around to hang with horny fangirls.>>309097

No. 310075


Gackt was "busy" to do the Malice Mizer reunion. Pity.

He should embrace where he got his start!! He wouldn't fit in with the style of costumes any more but still…

No. 310367

That's shitty. I never liked Melody, now at least I know why. Talk about a gold digger, damn. If you make the man miserable let him fucking go, don't make him move to another country just so you can live in LA and spend his money.

No. 310849


He seems to like LA as well. Why do you not like Melody?

No. 310852

Gackt being too busy for the Malice Mizer reunion seems prudish as hell.

No. 310855

Not the same anon, but she married Miyavi and got pregnant fast during the height his music career was taking off. His early solo stuff was shaky, but he is genuinely talented and got tied down into marriage/family life too fast by her.

She seems really set on not having a real career of her own either.

No. 310879

this sounds like a bitter fanpost tbh

he loves his kids and ive yet to see anything that implies his marriage is miserable
some people get married and have kids young
it doesnt mean their lives are over or something lol

No. 310884

c'mon anon, men, especially famous men are quick to leave their girlfriends and wives high and dry, even if there are children involved. if hes still with her at this point its probably safe to say he genuinely cares for her and shes not using her evil vagina to trap him into being miserable. hes a grown man.

No. 310917


I dunno, when they got to together he left PSC no? So he had to kinda start over from the ground up. If I was a gold digger that would be hard to start something new with someone doing his own risky thing.

I don't know them personally but I do think she seems like a good wife and mom. Having no career on her own because she is raising kids in LA is no reason to think she is in this for the wrong reasons. AND they had a second kid after the first one, maybe they just wanted to have kids and start getting a life grounded?

No. 310961


Omg anon same! It kind of broke my heart that akb has changed so much since the original members graduated. Imo I’m pissed that takamina wasn’t the last to graduate from the founding members. She was the heart and soul of akb and she should’ve been the last to graduate. It would’ve been bittersweet but a beautiful ending of an era. Sometimes I watch old episodes of AKBingo and it makes me so mad that akb has turned into a boring mess of untalented, uncharismatic, bland girls who come and go before they even establish any real place in akb.

No. 310969

File: 1539736543268.jpeg (189.88 KB, 900x900, 3B20E4EB-9603-4C90-B650-0D1EFF…)

Is KPP even popular anymore? I used to be really into her and even went to her shows during her US tour. I feel like a lot of her hype died down after Kira Kira killer was released and I haven’t checked for her since then. All the weebs have gotten over it and switched to kpop I guess lol. Do any of you guys still listen to her? Why do you think her career is failing?

No. 310974

File: 1539737192201.jpeg (191.92 KB, 600x849, KyaryPamyuPamyu.jpeg)

i feel like she was mostly shock value, which is why she kinda died off

No. 311059

She's on tour right now and released a 4th album a few weeks ago

No. 311105

I think this is a big part of it. She's an interesting person but music and performing aren't really where her talents lie.

No. 311106

I think this is a big part of it. She's an interesting person but music and performing aren't really where her talents lie.

No. 311107

I think this is a big part of it. She's an interesting person but music and performing aren't really where her talents lie.

No. 311136

File: 1539753647252.jpg (116.63 KB, 1024x721, Big-Angel-Pop-Idol-Group-All-M…)

Do any of ya'll follow this idol group of obese girls? Big Angel? I just started getting their videos recommended to me for some reason. I dont know much about them as none of the videos ive watched have english subs. All I do know is the girls in brown and red/pink are annoying af. The one in brown in particular just disgusts me she seems super gross and obnoxious. Those two act kinda rude to the other members and only seem to like to interact with eachother. I think the ones in purple and yellow are likable enough just based on what ive seen. And I dont approve of the concept I think its weird and obviously appeals to men with a feeder fetish. But its interesting nonetheless.

No. 311153

no. her new album flopped and peaked at 12 on the oricon charts.

for reference perfume's album reached #1

No. 311158

Yeah these rhinos were in my suggestions too. The concept is stupid. You know japan is always looking for the next weird thing to exploit though so they’ll probably get some attention on shitty variety shows but that’s all. One of them is cute but it’s a dumb gimmick to me so eh.

Kyary had a lot of backing and shout outs from big American pop artists. If anyone could have had successful collabs it would’ve been her. Her management and label missed out. I’m sure Katy perry and Ariana grande would’ve loved to collaborate and she could’ve gained more success in the states but they didn’t capitalize off of her popularity while she was hot.

No. 311164

Loving his kids has shit to do with his wife. He barely knew her when he knocked her up and he only married her because of that. He didn't start writing depressing lyrics until after she P-trapped him either. Not to mention all the rumors of him fucking around on her.

He left PSC before he met her to go solo when his band broke up. He was inarguably at the height of his career before he married her, then he changed his style and started writing less happy, upbeat songs. Melody stans are always either naive or blind, I don't give a shit about Miyavi and I didn't know who she was before he knocked her up, but that marriage isn't happy or kosher judging by how much she used to post "thank you for supporting us!" on his insta pics. Melody was never the star her fans love to pretend she was, she was born and raised in Hawaii and moved to Japan in her 20's to get famous, which is just too old. Despite being Japanese she was still American, and iirc she tried a few different shaky "careers" before settling on the TV show she met Miyavi on.

Also having another kid quickly doesn't mean they love each other wtf? It just means they wanted Lovelie to have a sibling, since only children from dysfunctional marriages tend to end up more emotionally fucked than kids with siblings.

Them =/= him. Assholes like Gackt might pay women off to keep quiet about their kids, but Miyavi always wanted them, just… probablynot from a golddigging wannabe starlet TV host he just met.

No. 311174

>She seems really set on not having a real career of her own either.

lol no, she tried, it just never went anywhere and she "quit music" to "pursue fashion" when she got pregnant/married. She only stopped caring abput her career after she didn't have to anymore.


From age 16-19 she did commercials in HI, moved to Japan at 19 and then flopped around several starter groups that went nowhere while using her songs in commercials she did, probably to stsy afloat until she got J-Melo at age 25. Yeah, that's some "career" she had there. Despite being pushed by Tetsuya Komuro Japan still didn't want her. I don't hate or like Melody, she's just another failed singer with a meal ticket marriage. I watched a couple clips of her show on YT though and I do think her speaking voice is annoying and she seems fake as fuck, so I'm sure I'll be accused of wanting to fuck Miyavi or being jEaLoUs of her mediocre career.

No. 311198

are you miyavis mom or something like…

No. 311204

Kek, typical.

No. 311207

Nta but you're the one sperging for multiple posts about people you supposedly "don't give a shit about".

No. 311232

Oh, yeah. Happy, upbeat songs like Coin Lockers Baby and Papa Mama!

>I don't give a shit about Miyavi

But you used to.
I can’t believe you fat old weeaboos hold a grudge against Jrockers for growing up. Miyavi fangirls were the worst, right after Kyo fan girls. Miyavi is fucking 37 years old, not the “smexy bishie” from your old Myspace gallery.

Oh, God. Were you one of those bitches that used to call him “Meevs” back in the day?

No. 311247

>Miyavi always wanted them, just… probablynot from a golddigging wannabe starlet TV host he just met.

did she hold him at gunpoint and force him to cum in her? twice? did she poke holes in the condom? like i said, hes a grown ass man now, and he was a grown man when he got her pregnant, if he really didn't want to be involved, he wouldn't have. end of story.

No. 311259

Are there any rumors on Atsushi Sakurai from over the years? Why does his image seem so clean compared to other bandmen? Is he just genuinely a good guy?

No. 311264

File: 1539768036441.jpg (415.97 KB, 1080x1044, 20181017_051559.jpg)

Hilarious. Even if I did give as much of a fuck as you claim, at least I can remember my sage. Crazy how little it takes to have stans WKing you on lolcow, you delusional cunts all probably dream of getting knocked up by a sugar daddy or some shit.

No. 311265

No. 311279

>I can’t believe you fat old weeaboos hold a grudge against Jrockers for growing up. Miyavi fangirls were the worst, right after Kyo fan girls. Miyavi is fucking 37 years old, not the “smexy bishie” from your old Myspace gallery.
>Oh, God. Were you one of those bitches that used to call him “Meevs” back in the day?
That might be one of the craziest reaches I've ever read, thanks for the laugh, anon.
And before you attack me, I was only an innocent bystander until now lol.

His image really isn't that clean, he's just polite and therefore he gets a pass for sleeping around.

One of his exes was an idol turned porn actress and she mentioned him in the book she wrote. She claimed that he was still a virgin in his early 20s.
He got his stylist pregnant, but cheated on her/divorced/broke up shortly afterwards. Here are some pictures. https://tigerpal.livejournal.com/21394.html
He was also photographed coming out of a love hotel, but this was overshadowed by Imai's drug scandal.

On tanuki is written shit like he's slept with over 1000 women or even every women in Japan kek
Nowadays he's still said to have multiple gfs, in each bigger city, so that when he tours…

No. 311283

>still a virgin in his early 20s
This is gold considering all the sex themes in a lot of his songs. Of course he was gonna bone like crazy after his fame.

No. 311286

It was written like, he came to tokyo as a virgin, got famous quickly and then "compensated" for the lost time lol

No. 311298

Fucking thank you, anon, the melody stanning was getting annoying. Idk what is happening to this site but lately as soon as anyone disagrees with anything it turns into brainless, reaching, opinionated rage-fueled shitfighting. Idk why calling a spade a spade pissed off sooooo many people itt, damn. Obviously they stayed together for the kids/image. It's also not hard to lie about being on the pill.

No. 311534

You sound unstable in all honesty and im not even a miyavi fan but it seems like you are. A crazy one at that.

No. 311625

Calm yourself, stacy. Let it go.

No. 311638

oh my god, it’s not stanning melody, it’s just having enough brain cells that we don’t buy into the “poor uwu baby trapped men” narrative

No. 314715

Any kisaki news? Did horse face get what he deserves?!

No. 314717

he keeps posting on twitter, he looks creepy skinny.

No. 314759

its japan, so no

No. 314838

Basically this.
Lately there's so much fighting on ot with people accusing everybody who criticizes anything related to Asia of being a robot, but if you read the following…

-Employees from child welfare and city officials have visited her
-Her child is mentally unstable
-Received some amount of settlement money but is considering a lawsuit as she takes some kind of issue with the amount. She wants him to sign some documents (including a restraining order that will forbid him from approaching the child and a written acknowledgement of a telephone call where he said he wouldn't make any claims damage or sue for defamation), but…
-Kisaki changed his number and is refusing contact, she implores him to respond
-Her ex husband was upset about the fact that Kisaki and the woman were briefly in an adulterous relationship and allegedly wants to sue. (He only wants to sue Kisaki over this.) She amends this to point out he's also mad about what's happened with the child later.
-She was requested to withdraw her criminal complaint to police as part of the settlement money negotiations.

No. 314857


Kisaki is horrible. There is something really wrong here. Sexual or physical abuse.

No. 314918

Nah.. it's horrible. He posted about a Mirage 20th anniversary thing and nothing else. No one would dare confront him about it in Japan

..also, it's Japan. CP is practically legal there

No. 314921

I keep hearing he has really bad health issues, but not certain to what they are exactly.

No. 315227

Slowpoke here, what's the tl:dr drama with Kisaki?

No. 315228

Ughh gross and boring
No thank you.
I love the johnnys style.

No. 315328

that might explain why he is so damn skinny.

No. 315332

creepy pics were posted of him with a 2-year-old girl. She seems super scared and crying.

The woman who posted the pics has said that she dated Kisaki. She claims he was inappropriate with the young child.

No. 315333

Anyone else want to sell their old UNDERCODE crap?

I do!

No. 315350


Some of the pictures. They are pretty sad and telling.. he’s despicable.

No. 315390

No. 315393

this made me want to throw up tbh it looks pretty obvious

i hope he suffers and dies a horrible death and i dont usually wish death on anyone but i can make an exception for pedos anytime

No. 315404

reading into this it looks like the mother is doing this for money and may have let him pay her do this stuff to her kid.

she's dropping charges after getting money from him, and the father of the child doesn't care about the child either and wants to sue him for fucking his wife.

No. 315423

Where would you be selling? I'm more than willing to buy if it's stuff I really want

No. 315465


Thanks anons, but no thanks for the pics. I am NOT interested in clicking those links. But wow, is this the same Kisaki who is like, rivals with Kyo of DEG? I think I remember hearing he used to be the bassist before Toshiya, that he and Kyo fought constantly and that back in the day Kisaki fucked Kyo's then-gf.

I wouldn't be surprised if so. I once read a translated news article where a woman arranged to meet with a man who wanted to pay to have sex with her 1-year-old daughter, but he got freaked out and called the police because she wanted to stay and watch to "make sure she doesn't get hurt" or some shit. IIRC the guy grew a conscience last minute and ratted her out.

No. 315482

File: 1540327742291.jpg (60.69 KB, 150x210, 6a0133f4a233f6970b0133f4a24050…)

I don't know about the Kyo gf thing, but yes- Kisaki was the bassist of their old band: La Sadies. After Kaoru joined, both Kyo and Kaoru butted heads with Kisaki. Eventually he left and they got Toshiya and dir en grey original line up was born.

Kisaki has always spoken badly about Kyo during interviews years later. I only remember there being a photo of Kaoru and Kisaki from 2007 or so? Other than that, i never see them interact. Kyo definitely doesnt talk to him.

(apologies for tiny pic. I couldnt find it bigger anywhere else.)

No. 315494

Those are really hard to look at.

Did he change his twitter name? cuz i cant find that twitter anymore. Only the Kisaki_offical one.

No. 315521

Well to be fair, any 40-something man who still wears leather hotpants and corsets on stage is basically guaranteed to be a sexual deviant freak. The short shorts don't lie.

No. 315555

Yes. That movie was really disturbing, but at least he was a semi decent actor. I hated that wig though.

No. 315779


I'll post a link after I take pics of all my stuff. Posters, CDs, DVDs and some CURE/SHOXX magazines

No. 315780


I remember this pic. Lots of people have beef with Kisaki but I think Kyo is the biggest rival. (Probably one-sided.) DEG is pretty famous and Kisaki probably hates that his groups never got to that worldwide success.

No. 315781

that's stupid anon.

No. 315827

It’s mostly idols tbh, non-idol acts don’t sound nearly as outdated.

JE idols aren’t always the best looking, but I’d take that any day over the weird waxy plale look that male Kpop idols go for.

No. 317379

File: 1540757803992.png (598.83 KB, 599x411, ayumi.png)

What the ever loving fuck did Ayumi do to her face? Ayumi is 40 and she's trying to look like a teenager..

No. 317381

File: 1540757898271.jpg (238.93 KB, 1280x960, Ayumi hamasaki.jpg)

She looks so damn strange and off compared to her old iconic fierce queen look, this is what a woman looks like and this is the Ayumi I liked all these years not that weird uncanny valley Ayu.

No. 317383

eh, your photo is super photoshopped. this weird aging thing with asians isn't that uncommon sakurai from nintendo aged backwards and has a weird child's face too. it just happens when you can't wear the makeup to age yourself.

No. 317385

File: 1540758197103.jpg (108.31 KB, 682x1024, aramajapan.com-ayupride4[1].jp…)

samefag, but it's really just the namida bukuro doing it. she's being style less gyaru cause it's not on trend. pic related looks much better, from may this year.

No. 317405

This fucking aegyo sal trend is still around?

No. 317407

File: 1540761585666.jpg (236 KB, 1360x965, ayumi-hamazaki1.jpg)

Why is that dude's belly out and wtf is that thing in the back? kek

Anyways, she doesn't look that young in candids. I'd say that's pretty normal for a rich women her age.

No. 317408

File: 1540761653356.jpeg (23.12 KB, 450x367, kK9bYlvKUniNY1R_XsFJR_65.jpeg)

No. 317410

Yasutaka Nakata has no idea what to do with her anymore. I remember listening to Perfume's Cosmic Explorer and half of the songs were basically Kyary leftovers.
Gonna musicsperg here a bit. I did like a few of her songs, but they all fell into a very strict theme with no room for creativity. Now her songs sound like Perfume leftovers.

No. 317463

This makes me sad. She's only 40 and she could have aged into a beautiful and mature woman. It's so obvious all the work she's gotten done too

No. 317465

Yikes, she looks awful.

No. 317472

File: 1540771842167.jpg (110.96 KB, 1200x487, NekoPOP-Utada-Hikaru-Shiina-Ri…)


Shiina ringo and utada are around the same age yet aged a lot more gracefully jesus yikes

No. 317510

File: 1540776123103.jpg (46.5 KB, 390x397, Ringo-nurse.jpg)

>Shiina Ringo

Ah, my gurl!! I loved her music so much in the early and mid 2000s. Good to see her looking great.

No. 317707

Look at Gackt - he could have aged nicely but all the plastic work he has gotten done….

I wish pop stars would stay away from the knife.

Tommy February still looks pretty!

No. 317720

File: 1540831715604.jpeg (63.09 KB, 386x430, 70CDEF38-AA26-4F43-A4FF-7D95F5…)

>all I see

No. 317797


oh wow, this is sad. This looks like one of the bad shoops done by Kooter tbh, but when you loos at picture like this >>317385
>>317408 you can tell that she will or already started to suffer from the "pillow face" that happens of too much botox and ps on your face.

No. 317853

File: 1540846139582.jpg (58.68 KB, 200x300, Yunotoonfactory.jpg)

MIA's nose is weird. Here is his before pic.

No. 318096

On Kamijo: The impression I get on Kamijo is not necessarily that he's an asshole, but that he's a major control freak and is not great with being part of a group.
Watching backstage videos, he's micromanaging everything, talking with stage staff and such and having them redo things over until they meet his approval or arguing with the manager over aesthetics, which must be infuriating for those who have to work with him, although it creates good results (why his music is still really good when most modern vkei music isn't). Apart from that, it seems like he's really awkward when interacting with the other band members. I get the impression that he's legitimately autistic or something. He's really weird- not gackt level weirdness, but pretty out there. I guess you have to be a bit crazy to keep up the '18th century french vampire' persona, but still.

I'm probably reading too much into this, but I don't want to just assume that he's an asshole (even though he probably is). He's so talented musically, it sucks that he's probably got a shit personality.

No. 318107

That's what I've read about Atsushi too. I hear he's nice and polite in person, but is a total manslut. I still think that's better than the average jrocker who's a manslut and an asshole though. Also someone who likes cats that much can't possibly be a bad person.

No. 318137

File: 1540909553916.jpg (19.83 KB, 240x320, a2effd4888c79e310b2df3173e2b34…)

Mia was so much cuter in Toon factory and i really wish he didn't touch his nose. I honestly think he's a fantastic guitarists and liked listening to him play in Mejibray.

Speaking of Mejibray. Did Koichi get surgery as well? Cuz his photos in VanessA are really different than how he looks now. I don't think it's simply a 'he got older' thing either.

No. 318138

File: 1540909591555.jpg (139.88 KB, 349x500, Koichi_02.jpg)

and vs now . I heard a lot of bands on PSC get nose jobs

No. 318139

File: 1540909624417.gif (1.72 MB, 296x300, tumblr_norlop4raE1t0co5ao1_400…)

No. 318161


Yup, Koichi did lose weight but he also redid his chin. And a little bit of his nose.

He looks better but MiA looks horrible - there is even a thread on tanuki called "Fix MiA's nose".

No. 318163

File: 1540911649857.jpg (27.05 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mzrw17TDtj1ratfm4o2_500…)

Much better in Toon Factory!!!

No. 318165

File: 1540911704588.gif (964.78 KB, 245x180, tumblr_n3s8csCmiD1qiuxjho1_250…)

Even after his first nose job, if he just had stopped after that.

BUUUUUUUT he had ANOTHER nose job and botched it ;o;

No. 318184

File: 1540913476001.jpg (67.13 KB, 755x355, VanessA.jpg)


Thank you, anon! I'm glad I'm not crazy. I remember getting into them through VanessA, so when I saw Koichi in Mejibray, I noticed something very different about his face.

He really went too heavy on the PS. No idea why he thought he needed such an extreme nose job

No. 318189

MiA looks so cute here!! Why did he destroy his face? Sad.

No. 318218


Right?! The one nose job was enough!!! I hate when he has done. It doesn't stop his popularity though, he has many fangirls. He is talented with the guitar but I wonder how he will age…

No. 318222

File: 1540917315371.jpg (35.02 KB, 500x375, koichiface.jpg)

Koichi was pretty before as well.

No. 318223

File: 1540917436896.jpg (69.49 KB, 436x750, before-after.jpg)

Someone made this graphic. The band that cuts together, stays together….oh wait nevermind.

No. 318224

File: 1540917750600.jpg (130.76 KB, 769x1025, sena.jpg)

No one has mentioned Sena (JILUKA). Does he look fake? Right?

No. 318225

File: 1540917848037.jpg (50.99 KB, 480x640, 8eb07d39aab7dad7f5c73ef5d6029e…)

I never realized Genki had any work done, because he was always plain and looked like Golduck to me without any makeup on, but at least he had a decent body.

Also, Meto and Koichi were the cutest members. Unfortunate they went the PS route. Meto's isn't as bad though.

No. 318227

File: 1540917955608.jpg (78.71 KB, 750x937, 43817798_275075893137946_40523…)

Sena annoys the shit out of me. He had to have some work done. Not to mention he's always posing very calculated with lighting and makeup.

I'm so done with his 'uwu, i'm so kawaii, right guys~?' thing.

No. 318229

File: 1540918119263.jpg (63.87 KB, 1282x720, wtfhappenedmia.jpg)

MiA's nose is fucked UP.

No. 318272


I think he probably tried to fix it before and now doesn't have much nose left.

No. 318274


Thank you anon!!! Totally agree, I never liked Sena very much! He looks like he is trying to hard to appear like a video game or anime.

No. 318275

Does anyone get exported outside of Japan except anime? I feel like Sakura Miyazaki had it right when she said, idols are popular in Japan, but outside of there, no one recognizes them. I think AKB48's producer saw the relative asian and global success of Korea and realized grabbing a girl of the streets and shoving her to fan meetups doesn't cut it outside of Japan.

No. 318287

File: 1540925538856.png (710.38 KB, 948x422, Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 1.52…)

All of JULUKA have "fixed" noses. Look at those tiny weird shape nostrils!

No. 318335

Wow boogie's actually looking good in this photo. Usually he looks weird and deformed.

No. 318340


I think they also contour like crazy so it makes all their feature super sharp.

So true anon - I never think he is pretty but in this new picture…not too bad.

No. 318354

They look like bjds

No. 318356

Never thought of them like that but you're totally right!

No. 318386

They're the most annoying fucking band right now because every single girl is fawning over them in the west. Their music isn't even good, very mediocre, yet they're getting so much recognition for being pretty.
Visual kei is dead if this is the kind of shitty band that gets recognition.

No. 318397


Agreed. I am over here missing the 2000s…

I really miss Kagrra!!!

No. 318401

kagrra was so underrated
the way they mixed kei with traditionalism in their music and videos always made it feel so pure

No. 318417

Kagrra is a beautiful band! I really love them. I love a lot of bands from the 90's and early 00's. Visual kei just feels so bland and uninspired lately. Especially with bands like Jiluka getting popular.. they're all looks, no talent. I've seen multiple bands very similar to them. While the songs they make can be catchy, they're not full of talent like older songs. This doesn't really apply to bands that have been around a long time and are still going, it's just new bands that have only been around maybe 3 years or less.

No. 318526

AFAIK, no one’s trying to make it make it in the west like Kpop groups are. Babymetal can hold world tours, but other idols who come over mostly stick to cons. The only other groups who tour occasionally are Perfume and One ok Rock. In general, I think that Jmusic acts/management companies don’t really care about making it abroad because they can usually make a decent amount at home touring in the west would just cost more than it’s worth.

No. 318529

File: 1540982118951.png (960.88 KB, 695x569, iloveyoukiryubutwhy.png)

Not sure if any other farmers have seen Jiluka live or been to an instore with them but I actually was surprised how much Sena really looked like he does in his insta posts…
I'm not saying he hasn't gotten work done or that the photos aren't touched up but in person his face surpassed my very low expectation.
Also, whoever they get to edit vkei photos needs to tone it down with the smoothing to uncanny valley stuff.

No. 318613


Kagrra was perfect - even as CROW!

No. 318763

File: 1541015804352.jpg (82.94 KB, 500x332, IJWCAmp.jpg)

this photo basically proves that Koichi had work done. It's pretty much undeniable at this point.
I'm not sure if Tzk or Meto has done anything though, doesn't seem like it.

No. 318765

File: 1541016277793.jpg (520.11 KB, 1278x1920, tumblr_pgm141x64O1t0fbzoo2_128…)

I thought he would look like a completely different person irl because of the heavy editing he does on instagram. But he pretty much looks like his shoops. He's actually pretty, too bad jiluka sucks

No. 318776

I actually really miss D'espairsRay and Oz. I was fortunate enough to see both of them live before they disbanded and they were amazing.
I cannot get into any of the newer vk bands tbh. It's like looking at a copy of a copy of a copy…no recognition value whatsoever.
Then again I should not complain, I don't feel like I want to stray from my favourites anyways.

No. 318956

Try being an ancientfag. I miss Caligari and Lareine.

No. 318998


Anybody else miss Plastic Tree? Ghost was my jam.

No. 319024

samefag, forgot to add - I also miss rentrer en soi. Used to be very into Lm.c and Aicle as well for some time but that was before I realised that the colorful upbeat stuff is not really my thing. (would still totally listen to their older stuff for nostalgic value though)

omg yes. Just a couple of days ago I remembered that they once covered chim chim cheree for that one vkei disney cover CD and I kept listening to it over and over…I remember that back when we had a vkei community over here a friend of mine used to be madly in love with plastic tree

No. 319139

I loved them, but their music got really bad when they started doing those pop ballads only. I just checked out their latest release though, 雨中遊泳, and it sounds pretty oldschool. Their look is cool, too. It's unbelievable that Ryutaro still sounds like a teenager when he sings though. HOW?!

No. 319140

Was anyone on Livejournal. Back in mid 2000s, people shared scans, music and graphics of oldschool bands!

No. 319145

I heard Ryutaro had HIV. Was that true or just Tanuki being crazy again?

No. 319146


No one knows STD status unless you personally sleep with them OR they come out and say it.

In Japan, no one says things like this out loud. Hell, we still don't know why or how Isshi or Jasmine You died.

No. 319156

File: 1541089523248.jpg (99.91 KB, 1024x700, tumblr_o94028pGjd1ta87xoo1_128…)

I've never heard of that dude. Is his band the new Mejibray in terms of popularity within the foreign fandomn? Are they any good?

Same. Also Malice Mizer with young Gackt, he was so cute, why did he have to turn out like he's now?

He's famous for picking up girls on tanuki - which is something that usually only very unknown, unpopular bandmen do and he is often sick/hospitalized. The combination of those two has people speculating that he could have it.

No. 319164

I miss bands that actually have talent. I thought oshare kei was the worst for japanese rock but this new wave of copy bands is way worst.

At least oshare kei pooped out some catchy tunes.

No. 319208

Vkei bands have always been really same-y tbh.

No. 319232

i looked him up lately and it looked like he had put on some weight, did not know about the HIV (if true). I still listen to PT and Guniw Tools a lot.

wasn't it cali≠gari or whatever? I was a huge Pierrot fangirl around yuuyami suicide days, before that it was hyde/L'Arc. Went to the Otakon live in 2004.

Gackt is the reason I got into jrock, remember those terrible "adopt a bishounen" things..most were anime but there was a Vanilla era Gackt one. Just down the rabbit hole after that.

No. 319236

Y'all are really making me miss the old school bands so bad. For me it was Kaggra, deadman, pierrot, 9goats, early dir en grey. Sucks that nagoya kei is pretty much dead rn; it was one of the best sub genres

No. 319238

I wouldn't say they're Mejibray levels of popular. Mejibray was entry-level, Jiluka is below that. But most foreign girls know them and fawn over them.
They're not any good, though. They have no talent. Just a bunch of pretty faces.
Oshare is laughably bad but in a charming way. The songs were catchy even if they weren't very good.
Bands now are just bad and they're not bad in a good way at all.

No. 319241

part of me likes how unoriginal and shitty a lot of vkei is, there's something nostalgic about listening to fairly new songs but still feeling like they came out 10 years ago when you were genuinely invested in ugly dudes just phoning it in for money and pussy

No. 319255

I do think some stick out. Mostly just the major bands who still have recognition value though

I honestly never understood the hype about Mejibray. I know it was probably just about their looks but that's something I never really got either. If I can't enjoy a bands music I'm not interested, doesn't matter if they are hot.

No. 319263

We can all agree that VK was better 10-20 years ago but are there any new bands you guys like and follow right now?
Most of the newer bands I liked disbanded this year so I'd love to get some recommendations!

No. 319265

I was looking forward to DAV - the new project from Junno (ex boogieman, ex beaU, ex sinners) but he deleted his twitter and website is now gone…

I liked beaU!

No. 319278

a friend of mine recommended shellmy to me but I could not really get into them. I personally made peace with the fact I'll probably just stick with the same few japanese bands forever since there's nothing better to come

No. 319325

I went through what I listen to on Spotify/YouTube most frequently, and I was kind of disappointed at the fact the 'newest' group I listened/liked was from 2014 lol (Pentagon).

I still mostly listen to Versailles/Kamijo's solo stuff/Lareine, Matenrou Opera, D'espairsray, Kaya, Malice Mizer, the Gazette, Girugamesh, D, Diaura, and some Dir en Grey (I never got big into them, if I'm honest).

Like, just stick me back in 2007 because my taste hasn't changed.

No. 319331

File: 1541120546591.jpg (232.24 KB, 774x1117, due-kagrra_calendar05.jpg)

Beautiful anons. I loved Kagrra so much.

Hell yes!

I loved this Calender shoot with Kagrra and Due le quartz.

No. 319333

File: 1541120732325.jpg (48.8 KB, 455x810, tumblr_mmuigg01wp1sr26d6o1_540…)

Wow, he definitely got a chin implant. It's so uncanny valley. Sad, because I thought Koichi was super cute back during VanessA.

No. 319336

I got into vk during the 90s. Bless all you old school anons so damn much. I've been into vk since the late 90s and so many great bands have come and gone since then!!

Mainly all the bands on Soilei, early Matina, Donut records and Keyparty were incredible imo.

i was recently listening to La Mule because of Halloween. I dunno why, but there was a distinctness to a lot of older vk bands that barely exist now. They really are just copy/paper clones of each other. VK peaked during 2005 for me. It's hard to listen to many bands after 2007/2008.

No. 319341

I got to see D'espairsray a few times when they came to NYC and NJ (Animenext.) It was such a treat because having a Japanese band come through that many times was such a charm. No other band other than dir en grey did that back in the early/mid 2000s.

I was very invested on LJ during the early 2000s, up until 2008. It's basically how I kept in touch with all my vk friends and met up with them at cons. Back when you still had vk meet ups and panels at anime cons. Good times!

No. 319359

jrock drama was the fucking BEST back then

anybody remember those cows crystalplumage and vanessa alexandria/veruca suicide?
that drama SUSTAINED me

i always wonder what happened to crystalplumage but i know vanessa alexandria is still an awful cow who is pushing 40 but still obsessed with being an ~uber gawthy wannabe spooky grill model try hard~
at least she doesnt beg for money and gifts and berate people for not sending her shit anymore though to cover her medical bills because she was an obese alcoholic addict

baby steps i guess

No. 319503

I had a friend who was half Filipino and Japanese, she had connections to some Jrock guys through networking. She had sex with a few of the guys after their gigs but refused to tell me who, the Jrock dudes will literally have sex with any foreigner as long as they have big tits.

No. 319513

La'Mule were so good. Did you guys follow CELL with Kon, Nao and SIN?!! Too bad they disbanded, I was so happy to see those 3 back together.

No. 319516

File: 1541174710373.jpg (149.58 KB, 800x1200, nao.jpg)

Nao (ex-La'Mule, ex-CELL) is now in NightingeiL with Kon.


No. 319520

File: 1541175471728.jpeg (343.08 KB, 800x1200, sin.jpeg)

SIN looks good too. He is the band UNDER FALL JUSTICE but I guess he goes by Jin now.

No. 319522


I love this calendar. I also LOVE the -Gozen- photobook!!! I used to have all the scans for that book somewhere but I have had at least 2-3 computers since then :/ Anyone have scans to the Kagrra photobook?

No. 319556

yep especially if the girls were white

No. 319571

are there any other vk communities out there since livejournal is kinda dead?

No. 319574

He looks so good! I'm listening to Knife (la mule) right now.

No. 319575

We have to be from the same vk era, anon. Was crystal plumage that crazy bitch obsessed with Die from dir en grey?? She posted so much Bullshit in so many jrock communities.

No. 319595

Ahhh, lucky! I would pay top dollar for a copy of that calendar and the old dir en grey one where Kyo is wearing the cowboy hat.

Monochrome heaven is the only one i can think off the top of my head that is fairly active. Nothing is the same as the LJ comms though. Makes me super sad…

and they're more focused on new school vk versus older bands. I'm stuck in 1990s-2006, I suppose.

No. 319598

File: 1541191498434.jpg (107.3 KB, 720x960, 33833398_1772395099474033_7299…)

Yes! She used to go to every single show she could and start fights with other fans. She especially hated Vanessa because Vanessa was "in" with the band for awhile. Vanessa is pretty milk worthy herself but she was much more back then. Getting knocked up by Die, miscarrying then doing the fucked up miscarriage suicide girls photoshoot, then Die basically dropped her ass and wouldnt have anything to do with her so she moped online for YEARS about it and begging for money and gifts from her amazon wishlist and talking about how depressed she was because people didnt give her things or pay attention to her like she wanted. I remember thinking she was pretty and I was into the Suicide Girls thing back then so I did donate. She then started bitching about how nobody liked her, her fans were shitty and selfish and wouldnt give her money or gifts, and how miserable she was because she had gained 200 pounds after being an ana chan. Nowadays she just does shitty "nudegawth" photoshoots with second rate amateur photogs and goes to places like Hobby Lobby and takes pictures with cheap tacky decorations every day. She refers to herself as the new Elvira and thinks literally anyone other than desperate orbiter males who search out women who post nudes online actually give a shit about her ass after she burned bridges with all her original friends and fans.

No. 319617

Monochrome Heaven is a disappointment if you are looking for lj style drama and fan communities. It's full of fanboys pretending to be deep analyzing VK music for it's artistic merits. It makes for some boring reading if you aren't into that kind of stuff.

No. 320664

Is Shattered-Tranquility.net still active? Their front page is a mess.

No. 320666

oh lord - fangirls are the worst. Especially fangirls who only focus hardcore on only just 1 band.

No. 320668


He looks amazing right?!?!!?!

No. 320669


Those eyebrows!! Who let her out of the house?!

No. 320672

You stop that.

No. 320675

I think this whole thread is full of early 2000s weebs. smells like dried period blood and pocky.

No. 320714

The western jmusic fandom in general seems to be stuck in the mid 00’s. It’s pretty weird.

No. 320724

Still beats being a koreaboo in basic, lifeless 2018.

No. 320737

Don't kid yourself. You both suck equally and if it weren't for the sheer volume of loud, obnoxious kboos online, weebs would have them beat in the cringe department by a country mile.

No. 320767

File: 1541452493270.png (25.05 KB, 500x460, i-deliberatley-entered-a-threa…)

No. 320785

The 2000s just had better bands, music and style.

These new groups aren't even catchy and even if they looked more polished and bishie, doesn't mean they are actually talented.

No. 320793

Are Utaites or whatever still a thing?

I used to follow a few back in my young weeb days, cuz human voice is much easier on the ears than Vocaloids.
I noticed a few of them became 'normal' singers.

I followed mostly Hanatan who has a few of her own albums and collabs with Vocaloid producers (like Kikuo) and is in some Touhou circles. She still doen't show her face but has concerts.

I noticed that newer Utaites became normal singers faster- like Reol

No. 320799


did you ever catch Gackt's vocaloid edition that came out?

No. 320800

of course they are, they're just cover or indie artists. i really like tsubaki from a lot of touhou circles, her an the yuuhei satellite singer.

No. 320802

File: 1541455575933.jpg (79.09 KB, 468x488, BUCKTICK _15.jpg)

In 2000 it already went downhill.
80s and 90s were the best.

No. 320803

You mean that purple vocaloid that miura designed?

Cover and indie artists! Right, i couldn't remember how to call them!
I often fall into Touhou song hell thanks to youtube recommendations lol i'll check those two out!

I also just remembered Kenshi Yonezu/ Hachi, he went from vocaloid producer to singer! One of his songs was My hero academia's OP

No. 320808

yeah lord forbid somebody has a favourite band, right?

No. 320809

ily anon

No. 320815

This thread is half anti, idiot. If we're allowed to criticize cringy kboos in the anti kpop threads, why is no one allowed to criticize cringy weebs ITT?

No. 320870

I wonder how many of the posts in that kpop crit thread are yours weeb-chan

No. 320884

Nta but the difference is in kpop critical thread people are criticizing kboos in relation to kpop music (ex:ARMYs maladjusted asses doing antisocial thing). If you want to do the same here by all means, do. God knows there's enough material. Personally I'd start with the veritable cringe cake that is the VIP photos from the most recent Dir en grey tour.
But being like "lol weeb" doesn't have anything to do with this thread.

No. 320950

So weird that Kenshi went from being a mildly popular vocaloid producer to releasing the most popular song in 2018. I’m glad he switched to normal music, his vocaloid tuning was never that great.

No. 320952

File: 1541487676282.jpg (55.05 KB, 540x960, 11112295_897828890263996_30145…)

Be careful what you wish for anon. Had to dig way back to even find that by the way because she takes like..hundreds of photos of herself or "photoshoots" a day yet she always has those stupid fucking eyebrows and layers and layers of halloween shit painted on. And it makes the caption to this so much funnier.

"No makeup. No edit. No filter.
I was told repeatedly "I refuse to do anything with you unless you draw your eyebrows on because it's so unattractive"
"How did you get so fat?"
"You look hideous with no make up "
I don't need eyebrows, I don't need makeup, I don't care I don't conform to your disgusting ideals. I'm me. Live with it, asshole.""

But Vanessa sweetie, without the eyebrows you dont look GAWTH!!

No. 320992

Well then, good luck with that. It's 2018, not 2008. The few remaining vk weebs are scattered throughout the world, there are hardly any real communities anymore, and only a small percentage of them are actually milky, the majority is pretty low key. You cannot compare this to the kpop epidemy

No. 321022

I'm not a weeb just because I don't like koreaboos. And to answer your question, zero. Don't be a moron.

No. 321076


crying whhhhhhhhhy?! Why do people do this to their eyebrows?!!

No. 321078


This is true. If it was 2003, you could find all sort of crazy fangirls.

Most grew up, or moved onto kpop.

No. 321081

Wow, bitch is hideous

No. 321092


I wasn't ready for that reply….lol

No. 321132

I’m actually surprised at the amount of Kpop fans that were once vk fans. The only real similarity between the two genre’s is the feminine guys.

No. 321138

Honestly this. I'm always baffled. Obviously the answer is that it was never about the music but it's still crazy to see the people who used to sperg about Dir en grey 10 years ago(who had abandoned vkei trappings at that time to be "metal") now sperg about BTS, EXO etc. The level of cognitive dissonance blows my mind.

No. 321145


YES, I guess its all about the femm boys and fan service. The music is totally different.

Not dissing either style but they seem so different besides the pretty boys.

No. 321146

part of it's also that it's 'different' i think. technically a lot of older vk fans could've overlapped with fans of emo bands, and kpop fans could overlap with non asian boybands and stuff, but a lot of the time there isn't an overlap. liking something that's more rare where you are makes you feel special if you're a 14 year old who doesn't want to be like the other girls who like pretty boys, even if you really are basically the same. also they both have/had a strong online community that edgier teens want.

No. 321147

I never got it. I still listen to vk from time to time, but other music genres all well.

Kpop seems so different for so many reasons. Also, they autotune everything and are clones of each other, so it's odd to see that. At least some vk bands had their own looking/sound going for them. Kpop is all the same, but i'm not a fan so that's me.

No. 321176

This. I'll never understand how people go from liking actually interesting / talented Japanese bands to kpop groups which basically all sound and look the same. Especially considering a lot of vk bands have songs that are criticizing society and its norms while kpop groups live up to the dumb norms of South Korean society and have this picture perfect image..

No. 321182

Wooooooow, I forgot about the crazy SG chick/miscarriage rumors. Not surprised she became a fat nobody, god I miss that drama though. DEG fan drama was half the reason I followed them.

No. 321183

I once carefully tried to ask my vkei friends why they like kpop. We listen to some old men making dark rock, yet you also like (underage) pink-haired boys lipsyncing to some generic pop song…? I mean, there are so many genres in so many different countries in the world, why do you like exactly those two?
The only thing they have in common is being asian…strange lol.
But no matter how 'woke' they like to act otherwise, they'd never admit that they simply have yellow fever.

Well, at least kareki is still alive and thriving kek.

No. 321191



No. 321233


She calmed down a lot on the Kyo sperging, but her attitude is still the same. She's the German(?) girl who once claimed to share a mental/spiritual connection to Kyo.

No. 321235

No offense, but who would want a mental connection to a weirdo like Kyo?

No. 321274

A weirdo like Kareki.

No. 321281

I still don't unterstand why people think of him as such a weirdo (especially compared to other vk/j-rock artists) but okay. It's the same with his height. Yes he is short but there are plenty of bandmen around his size or even shorter.

No. 321292

It’s sad, it’s been so long…

No. 321294

He's really not. At least not compared to say Mamo from Rshitei>>299584
Kyo is just Kyo. I will say this though if his most recent writing is anything to go off of, it seems like even he'd rather not have a mental connection to himself most of the time.

No. 321296

No. 321303

ew what the hell? But yeah, shit like this is exactly what I meant. Bandmen of less well-known bands just have the chance to be weird on a low key level and aside from fans not a lot of people will hear about what they do, but since dir en grey do have a broader audience not only coming from the vk/j-music scene but also from the metal scene of course there will be more people who observe kyo doing his thing.
As already stated though, I don't think he's "so weird" in comparison to other bandmen. I've had a lot of discussions about the way he acts already since I've been a fan for quite a while now and as strange some of the stuff he's been doing on stage might be, I do also think it is brave he expresses his feelings this openly in front of such a lot of people. I personally really hate crying in front of people (or just getting too emotional in general), if I had thousands of people watch me have a mental breakdown on stage I would be more than uncomfortable.

No. 321356

This is old but oh my God I loved D'espairsray back in the early 2000s. Coll:set was my favorite album of theirs (tsuki no kioku was on repeat forever).

Late 90s-early 2000s was such a good Era for J-music.

No. 321372

Back in the early 00's when they did Family Values and were touring overseas a lot, Kyo used to dress more normal for shows like tshirt/jeans or a tracksuit and make up for it with crazy shit like the fish hooking (ripping out the inside of his mouth) and cutting himself on stage, as well as throwing things like crates, equipment and the "rape me" bucket he wore on his head. He really used to play it up on stage, maybe that's how he got a rep for being crazy.

No. 321508

I know, but with Family Values the audience was absolute crap and I think it really intensified his behaviour. He obviously felt very bad at that time. Their music isn't exactly the easiest to get into, especially for people who have never heard anything in that direction before, which is why the crowd at overseas festivals usually does not receive them well. I don't ever watch any of that live footage anymore because it's really upsetting

No. 321648

No. 321755

I remember that tour. didn't it not go over too well since a lot of the audience was there for Korn and the other bands? Either way, the fish hooking thing was fucking gross.

All i thought about how did he not get a horrible infection from it all.

No. 321774

I remember some Korn fans in TX threw beer bottles at Kyo as he was walking to or from stage. Weird, because the Korn members liked DEG and posted pics and videos drinking with them.

No. 321795

yeah I think especially Die got along very well with them

The audience truly was atrocious, I am glad they don't play at these kinds of festivals anymore. They're not a festival band imo

No. 321821

Die, Kaoru, and Toshiya got along well with western band members because of all the drinking and partying. Kyo and Shinya have always been the quiet ones in social situations from what I've read, and the language barrier is there as well, but still. I don't remember if Korn ever made a statement about the TX thing or not but thwy maybe should have.

No. 321847

Die had sex with this? What?

I was obsessed with dir en grey in the mid 2000's and went to one of their shows but I never got involved with the fandom. I just obsessed over alone lmao. I'm sad I missed out.

No. 321853

2005-2007 were really bad years for Kyo. That was when there was so much tension in the band that they almost disbanded. Kyo was really depressed and anxious and wanted out. This was in 2005 just before Withering was released. Then they suddenly started touring abroad but Kyo was still in a pretty bad place.
Honestly, his mental state is not great overall. He was fish-hooking again during a couple of the recent Japan tours. And judging by the lyrics on The Insulated World and his interviews, he's not in great place at the moment either.

No. 321883

She didn't look like this back when she was a suicide girl. Remember that was 10 years ago.

No. 321898

File: 1541658526517.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.39 KB, 640x843, VanessaSuicide.jpg)

This was her back then.
She claims she had anorexia but thats probably just an excuse for the fact that she got obese.

No. 321914

Come on anon, she definitely looks very sick here

No. 322049


Yikes - she has no boobs or anything at all!!!

Her hair is kinda cool though…TBH

No. 322120

Wasn't she the girl who drew shit all over Toshiya's face with a sharpie when he was passed out drunk and posted a pic online?

No. 322127


Whoa, that sounds horrible and mean. Especially posting it online….no good.

No. 322130

Hey, cringy 40 y/o weeb-chan? Can you do me a favor and learn how to integrate or at the very least how to fucking sage? All your posts are extremely easy to identify and they're all bad.

No. 322160

Read the rules and stop shitting up the thread. Learn to sage.

No. 322166

That honestly worries me if he's still in his depression. I like his clothing line and the music he does with Sukekiyo. I wonder if dir en grey will disband soon? They all have side projects going on anyway.

No. 322172


Pretty sure it's a chronic thing but I also think he's dealing with it very differently nowdays. I know the lyrics to the songs on the new album are all pretty dark but in a lot of the new songs his negative feelings are worded more directly than in some of their older songs. Also the last track on the new album is very different from the rest and that's exactly why it was chosen to be the last track, because after all the negtivity there is still this bit of motivation that keeps him going.

As for the disbanding, this is something I am always scared of but I don't think it's gonna happen that soon (or at least that's what I hope). In the interviews about the new album they talked about how the kind of music they created this time is more "looking into the future of the band and where they want to go with their music" while Arche was more a looking-back kind of thing…also I am holding them to their promise to come back to Europe eventually (so basically in 3 - 5 years, as always)
Not sure if their side projects make even half the amount of money of what dir en grey gets them plus kaoru does not even have a side project iirc

No. 322174

Yeah but the recent shows where he did were all mode of__ shows I think? And the most disturbing one was probably mode of withering to death. Which is kinda understandable considering he probably has a bunch of bad memories connected to some of the songs and performed them again after 10+ years

No. 322177

Anon. You said everything I was thinking.
I'm glad that he has so many other projects to keep him busy. His clothing lines, The Zemeckises, Sukekiyo. It was interviews and diary entries that were more worrisome than his lyrics but then again he's been saying the same stuff for years.
>Pretty sure it's a chronic thing
Same. And he's said himself that he's not just moody but it's something more. But most fans still just think he's an edgelord.
He was fish-hooking during the Wearing Human Skin tour, for at least a couple of dates.

No. 322179

By now I really do think he is a workaholic but as you said, it's good he has such a lot of stuff in order to stay busy if that's what he needs… I kinda hoped he would take a break for a couple of months after the europe tour until the japan tour next spring but it's obviously not happening considering he's touring with sukekiyo right now and the followers tour around christmas
Ah yeah I completely forgot about that interview (I suppose we're talking about the same one). It's really been the same all these years but that doesn't make it less worrisome. Anyhow, guess we can just hope for the best.
The whole "edgelord" thing really bothers me, just like the "he's a weirdo" topic we already had a couple of days ago. I dare to say that just about everybody who tried to express their (negative) emotions and struggles through poetry and music would be called an edgelord. I understand why it upsets him when people think of him in such a way because I think he just really wants to be honest about what he is feeling and being ridiculed for that sucks.

Ah, at the shows in japan or in europe? I did not see any of it besides the part in blossoming beelzebub which was still pretty harmless compared to how agonised he seemed in mode of withering to death

No. 322240

File: 1541718812514.jpg (235.16 KB, 1200x900, DqBu03CU4AAFAcg.jpg)

No. 322246

>all those older men there

japan really is a degenerate society.

No. 322332

I always ignored this thread because I thought it was about jpop, but the last replies about Kyo caught my eye and I really enjoyed the nostalgia of reading the whole thread, like slipping into a old familiar jumper.

Feel free to ignore this post but I wanted to share my experience of seeing DeG around 2004, I was so surprised to see Kyo cutting his bare chest and spitting a spray of water into the crowd. So many people were in Vkei looks that must have cost hundreds but I'd never been in such a violent pit at that time. Although I was stuck behind one grungey sweaty behemoth with a matted single dread who smelt like they hadn't showered in months, I was repeatedly crushed into their sweaty back and when they headbanged their dread smacked my face… But somehow this didn't even ruin it! I was floored, I'd traveled from a small town and didn't even know there was such a big community of these cool looking people, although I had to leave immediately after the gig because my parents were waiting so I couldn't talk to anyone. I really regret not doing more to join that community, my interest dropped off when I got into stuff my friends liked and when Diru played my town on a Kerrang tour after I guess maybe I was an angry weeb that stupidly felt like the niche band I liked was too normie or something because I didn't go, I'm not really sure, kids are dumb. When I look at Vkei now I feel too old to spend time watching music videos in a language that I don't speak just because of younger men in pvc, but I really wish I'd been involved more as a teen. It's a beautiful mess.

No. 322719

That's very wholesome, anon. (aside from the smelly behemoth)

2004 was a great time to see dir en grey. I like Kyo as a vocalist, but the self harm was a big turn off in general for me. I know Kiyoharu (SADS) criticized him about that a few years ago.

I'm hoping they tour again around my area( east coast/USA) but in general, it's definitely such an experience in the early 2000s that cant be compared.

No. 322778

It isn't that uncommon for people with EDs to end up chubby afterwards

No. 322812

File: 1541821065642.jpg (87.54 KB, 957x638, d212dc8a.jpg)

I live in Japan, and whenever you see young idols like this most of the audience is old guys. It's so creepy and the sole reason I would never ever allow my kid in the entertainment industry here.
When a friend was visiting she wanted to see AKB, so I applied for tickets (didn't win any) and they have special contingents for women, kids and couples, because I guess if they didn't greasy 40-year-olds would be their entire audience. I just wanted to see what Chiba Erii looked like, and she actually joined at the age of 11?! WTF?! They're all way to young to join something like this at that age. But then again there are those photo books with really young kids in swimsuits that surely only people totally not interested sexually in children buy.

No. 322832

I live in the US and saw Perfume in concert the last time they came to the states. I was honestly shocked at the amount of old men who attended. It was basically a one out of ten ratio. I thought they came with their daughters or something, but quickly realized they came alone.

No. 322852

File: 1541833762288.jpeg (2.23 MB, 1578x1738, 59E9A8C8-A74B-4F46-A00D-A1E5C4…)

Pedos are so fucking creepy. I feel bad for those girls. They probably just wanted to sing and dance and have fun and shouldn't have to deal with gross old men who want to grope them.

No. 322875

I'm surprised they haven't broken up already tbh. They all seem to hate each other and have other things going for them, they're getting older and all. That said, I don't really follow them much anymore, maybe they're still as popular as ever, but it doesn't feel like it.

I saw them in 2006 and it was significantly tamer than what you described. It was a super small crowd in Baltimore, there was no pit or anything, just standing room in a tiny venue. My friends and I got at the very front by Die and I got crushed so bad on the rail when he was dumping water into the crowd and holding out his guitar that my abdomen was covered in bruises. Kyo was scratching and fish hooking there too.

No. 322919

I don't think they hate each other. However, it's obvious that they aren't nearly as close as they used to be when they started out. Which is understandable, after all it's still a job to them and they've been together for over 20 years. I like my coworkers but I would not necessarily want to spend time with them outside of work. To me it seems like kyo and toshiya get along well and Die seems to get along well with shinya and toshiya. Iirc kyo sent shinya something from his clothing brand as a present when it was released so I don't think these two hate each other either. The biggest conflict potential (in my perception) seems to be between kyo and kaoru, simply because they seem to be very different personality-wise and have very strong ideas/concepts of how things should be done and considering kaoru composes most of the music while kyo writes all the lyrics conflict is sometimes unavoidable.

No. 322928

these photos…
what the actual fuck. I am beyond disgusted

No. 323019

Poor kids wtf

No. 323066

The worst part is Japan still openly encourages this behavior.it's so fucking wrong i want to eradicate the men from that country because how do they not think it's wrong?? those kids are so cute and don't deserve that shit. fucking hell

No. 323418

I understand this is not a topic at all right now, but I wonder if any other used-to-be oor fans are here who are also tired of them turning into whatever the fuck their new style is supposed to be. ever since they aimed for international success they really suck at everything they do.

Sad that they don't seem to realize people outside of Japan initially were intrigued by their old style and that's what got them to get some international fans. But they went in over their own heads, thought they could become the new Linkin Park or whatthefuckever and started making shitty pop-rock music.

No. 323445

What sucks is you can't make asians (in Asia, not in the US or EU) understand why pedoshit is wrong. Their beauty standards are based on toddlers and they believe adult women are disgusting and "too old". Look at their concept of consent, CP laws, and actual CP production rates and you'll see what the fuck is up.

I'm by no means a hater of Japan or any specific country. I love aspects of Japanese culture such as their ceramics, architecture that mixes with philosophy, cuisine, etc. BUT THIS SHIT is completely fucked up.

I've spoken to people of other nationalities across Asia and they've all said the same thing "it's a culture difference, to us this is what looks good". Wipe them all the fuck out, not worth letting kids get molested.

No. 323481

I used to be a fan of them. I liked band like them and Eat You Alive.
I have no idea what happened to EYA but I hope they're not americanized too.

No. 323507

Yeah, that shit grinds my gears because pedo shit is always wrong and the culture NEEDS to be called out for normalizing child rape and sexualizing children as young as 3 or 4. I'm so sick of anyone who makes excuses for japan. Grown women dresses like toddlers is fucking disgusting too.

No. 323540

We should kill Asian kids so they won't be molested(autism)

No. 323618

miku made another emo post about an cafe breaking up again lmao

No. 323635

Caps? This is an image board.

No. 323637

File: 1541988549957.jpg (91.46 KB, 1200x669, C5CgbvIUoAAJFJm.jpg)

half the time you can't tell what age asians are anyway.

No. 323646

File: 1541990209654.png (337.66 KB, 488x939, 000.png)

No. 323647

He really needs to move the fuck on and form another band or something. Damn, that's pathetic.

No. 323648

How old is he? He still looks(and acts) like a child.

No. 323651

I hate the degeneracy in Japan too. Like you said I don’t hate Japan as a whole, or any country. There’s shitty and good things everywhere, but the pedoshit, sexism, sexual abuse/rape/groping here is gross. I went to Mandarake a few months back just to check it out since it’s such a popular shop, and there was literally a glass showcase by the cash with child porn manga. One showing like 6 little girls sitting in a circle with vibrators sticking out of them, and one that I actually took a photo of, called “dream daughter” or something like that and had an image of a dad molesting his (child) daughter by sticking his hand down her underwear. Fucking sick. I don’t care if it’s “just drawings” what sick ass society allows that shit to be prominently displayed in a well known store. Can’t even walk into a book store or a conbini here without seeing gross men reading porn either.

No. 323655

You can when they're not so fucking insecure they won't even look at a camera if they're not sure if it's going to be photoshopped to help and back and they dont shave half their face off and staple their eyelids open

Their insecurity combined with the fact many of them, instead of trying to change the standard that will make anyone who doesn't get glutathoine injections 5 times a week and monthly surgeries feel insecure, most koreans will just fuel it and grasp onto it, it's gotten so bad over the past few years it maked stereotypical LA stacies look humble, it's what I find most annoying about korean culture

No. 323674

So uh, semi on the topic of creeps, is Kyo actually a fucked up rapist/rape apologist or whatever? There’s a lot of allegations

No. 323675

I read somewhere that he takes medication for a panic disorder, so maybe he has some mental illness or disorder making him cling to the happy kawaii days of An Cafe's prime?

No. 323679

Doubtful honestly.
That was spread on a shitty thread on Tanuki and got progressively more ridiculous as it went on. They managed to paint what was a group of trusted friends 'Hardy' into a mob of rapists that included just about every famous bandman that you could think of, which is in and of itself stupid because Kyo trusted like 3 of his kohai and 1 of them passed away.
That whole scenario pretty much goes against the personality that he's displayed in interviews from the beginning.
That being said, I do believe that he has no troubled getting laid.

No. 323683

I cant help but wonder what its like to be a Japanese female around even male family members since that shit is so prevalent there. The thought makes me so uncomfortable. I know its a problem in some other places as well, but Japan for some reason pushes it VERY hard as if its normal.

Aw thats sad. Hope he is happy and can find something to fill the void not having the band anymore will leave. I've always had a soft spot for him.

No. 323684

I cant help but wonder what its like to be a Japanese female around even male family members since that shit is so prevalent there. The thought makes me so uncomfortable. I know its a problem in some other places as well, but Japan for some reason pushes it VERY hard as if its normal.

Aw thats sad. Hope he is happy and can find something to fill the void not having the band anymore will leave. I've always had a soft spot for him.

No. 323685

I cant help but wonder what its like to be a Japanese female around even male family members since that shit is so prevalent there. The thought makes me so uncomfortable. I know its a problem in some other places as well, but Japan for some reason pushes it VERY hard as if its normal.

Aw thats sad. Hope he is happy and can find something to fill the void not having the band anymore will leave. I've always had a soft spot for him.

No. 323709

Japanese women know that porn settings don't directly reflect reality. There's a lot more problematic about how Japanese men treat grown women apart from that.

I don't know why that child shit is so normalised here, I wish it was at least illegal.

No. 323749

Yeah I read a couple of posts about them / kyo in particular on tanuki and honestly there's just so much bullshit, a lot of posts are very obviously just dumb stories somebody made up and a lot of them straight up contradict each other

No. 323763

EYA disbanded in 2013

No. 323777

The things that are written on tanuki sound made up, but he does have multiple songs about being against abortion and songs about rape… So, he surely isn't exactly the most progressive man out there.

No. 323840

He wrote Mazohyst 20 years ago and Obscure 15. A person can change a lot in that time. I've always thought the songs about rape like Embryo and abortion like Mazohyst were part of his thing with writing about subjects that were/are taboo in Japanese society. Rape, abortion, and child abuse are all things that are pretty much not discussed.
Through the years his lyrics overall have become more personal.
But he's from Kyoto and he's 42 so I'm not assuming he has any particularly enlightened views on women.

No. 323845

The amount of times I've had a discussion about whether mazohyst and obscure are against abortion or not…
The lyrics are against how Japanese society deals with abortion. Abortions are very common there, were even pretty much used instead of contraception and despite being so common it's still a big taboo in Japanese society. It's about the hypocrisy, treating life as something holy and valuable on one hand and the irresponsibility of people who treat abortion so light-heartedly instead of preventing pregnancy in the first place. Also wasn't mazohyst written from the perspective of a (deformed / disabled?) fetus saying it would rather die than be born to a mother who doesn't love it?

No. 323852

>The lyrics are against how Japanese society deals with abortion.
Exactly. I'm >>323840 but you explained that much better and more thoroughly than I did anon.

No. 323876


I hate when barely 18 yr old idols put out "model" dvds. These are usually 30-45minutes of the girl rolling around in a bikini. Super strange.

No. 323879


Man, he looks different lately. Hope he just starts a new group.

Has Kanon announced anything? TBH I only thing I followed with him was when he did Kanon X Kanon release with Kanon Wakeshima. It was cute.

No. 323881


These pics remind me of those creepy photos of Kisaki from the beginning of the board.

No wonder older guys in Japan have a damaged view of girls.

The little girl playing twister is young and probably thinks this is a fun game, but the older one wearing the black and white top seems to know what's going on. She looks so grossed out from the hug.

No. 323935

Its even worse when you realize that those little girls arent allowed to date when they are ready to, because they have to give the illusion to these sick motherfuckers that have watched them since they were practically prepubescent that they "own" them and will take their virginity. And if they dont, they have to deal with these men trying to kill them at fanmeets or their company making them apologize and shave their heads and shit as punishment. The whole system is mentally ill.

No. 324145

File: 1542071789387.jpg (57.71 KB, 600x400, A-1964375-1328443448.jpeg.jpg)

Is there any drama at all with Imitation PoPs Uchuu:Sentai NOIZ? I used to be super big into them and a web friend of mine used to hang out with the band and recorded some stuff with them. I'm just curious because anyone I know into the VK scene hasnt really followed them.

No. 324479

File: 1542138158383.jpg (2.25 MB, 1837x1225, main_pic.jpg)

Hiro (ex gossip, ex visage) has a new band called Verxina. They formed in the beginning of 2018. They have a few pv clips on their youtube. I've always liked Hiro's voice.

No. 324725

yeah that shit gets old

No. 324726

mana and kamijo are still doing their thing, and i appreciate it. Mana hasn't released any music in awhile tho

No. 324727

File: 1542190627385.jpg (150.34 KB, 750x750, tumblr_pamkxqwkP01r1ooc4o1_128…)

Can you possibly look any cheaper?
Seeing shit like this makes me feel old; I haven't been keeping up with all those smaller bands for years, haven't heard of Gossip or Visage either…

Has anybody been keeping up with what Tzusuku and Koichi (former Mejibray) do nowadays? They look like absolute shit… I probably should spoiler this nightmare fuel lol

No. 324728

Nationalism is badass my guy

No. 324729

one of their best performances too. HH

No. 324786


Visage is from 2000-2004. If you're new to vk you might have missed them.

No. 324791

File: 1542210824751.jpeg (670.2 KB, 1084x638, 38351AAC-2010-48CA-BB37-283C37…)

why do they look like they glued strips of bubble gum to their heads

No. 324796

File: 1542212362776.png (Spoiler Image,627.63 KB, 595x740, Screenshot (110).png)

Ah well, I didn't know that. What I was trying to say was that I don't really know any newer bands (the last one I followed was Mejibray and that was a long time as well). So no, noot new to vk.

No. 324867

I legit don't understand what happened to them. They both look absolutely awful

No. 324868

Koichi's chin implant is prominent as hell here

No. 324873

I love Noiz! I got much hands on one of these DVDs finally. They're cozy as hell. Super fun

No. 325011

Mejibray is what? not even 10 years old? i dont remember, but yeah, a lot of jrock/vk peaked in 2004, so it doesn't matter anyway, sadly.

No. 325486


Yeah, Mejibray is still considered a new band.

2004 was probably the last good year of vk. Maybe 2003.

No. 325489

What are some small obscure bands you miss?

I wish gemmik had a chance to grow more. They were on Sequence Records. The now-defunct label had some nice indie gems.

No. 326091

File: 1542395685340.jpg (56.81 KB, 500x250, dof-2016-500x250.jpg)

Does anyone listen to DOF? (develop one's faculties)

No. 326151

I miss Sakrun. The most obscure of the obscure.

No. 326170

File: 1542403882080.jpg (65.15 KB, 800x600, tumblr_mw5qieyXPF1r66dpno3_128…)

That "outfit" is the most atrocious thing I've ever seen. Have some self respect.

It's 2018 and Penicillin still wear SS uniforms. Hakuei is one of the only vkei musicians who went to university and he studied teaching, "not knowing" is not an excuse in his case.
Imagine being in your 40s and still wanting to be edgy.

No. 326172


No. 326173

File: 1542404663046.jpg (375.86 KB, 1146x1648, 56c4684e-c00d-401c-9608-f2a73f…)

Buck-Tick, too. Maybe not as blatant, but nevertheless…

No. 326175

File: 1542404708277.jpg (247.9 KB, 1108x841, fb769733-20f2-4978-b23f-f38e0f…)

No. 326191

What on earth is the purple-haired one wearing? I googled and he wears less clothes then them all the time? What's the deal with that? Is it their gimmick? It's awful!

No. 326196

File: 1542406956732.jpg (Spoiler Image,143.21 KB, 1024x768, CUozDz7XAAMh6qD.jpg)

Wth, that's beyond gross lol

No. 326221

he just discovered dj sisen and is trying to bring back the gay asian club slut look!!11

No. 326664

He's kept it going so long, could it be that he just can't find another way to earn money after all this time?
I stopped liking An Cafe after Bou left, supposedly to take care of his family. I wish I could find out about him and just know that he's still doing okay, or something.

No. 326719

honestly theres not really a market for japanese traps being and doing cute things anymore outside of anime so he should have given up awhile ago, but i do wonder the same

im sure theres SOMETHING he can do to take his mind off of it like…work with animals at a cat cafe or something he loves that shit and its literal therapy

No. 327091

Sounds like you don't know shit about VK then. Plus the trend is 10 years old by now so most VK fans are actually in their 20's and 30's.

No. 327111

I see from upthread everybody hates Yoshiki (kek) but what are you guys' thoughts/feelings about X in general? Also hide and Sugizo's solo works ofc.

No. 327134

>not to mention the self-hating black fangirls on twitter
…? You sure you don't mistake vkei for kpop? There barely are any black fans and they're certainly not on twitter.
This and your other reply sounds like bait. Of course only young teens are into half naked host-looking indie bands, but the older bands matured and so did their fanbase. Buck-Tick's fans are all in their 40s and 50s, L'arc and Glay even have child sitting services at their concerts because many of their fans are already parents/couples, and so on. Not sure what's so "tragic" about that. You only sound bitter.

Their newer releases just aren't good imo. Yoshiki is cringy as hell, Pata looks like 80. Him and Toshi just come across as poor sods who're being used by Yoshiki.
When I was younger I absolutely loved hide, but I'm pretty sure that his death is responsible for a big part of his fame nowadays. He was not that big of a genius as he's made out to be.
Never listened to Sugizo.

No. 327171

I think that Yoshiki needs to give up with X and write piano ballads instead as a solo artist. He would reach a wider audience and he'd still make money being Yoshiki. Honestly, they had their chance to make it big in the 90s but Toshi joined a cult and then hide died. I believe the time had passed but Yoshiki refuses to give up. It's milky and pathetic, but kinda sad.

No. 327172

Dollis Mary has a nice jazzy sound to them. I miss them. And really early Sugar was freaking amazing. I love Loki's voice.

No. 327199

Isn't that what he is already doing now with his classical shows and nico streams? Then there's his paid Yoshikichannel thing that's like $10.99/month. And all his weird expensive Yoshiki Classical merch. I heard Toshi mostly does variety shows or something now but idk.

No. 327241


I met Sugar before the disbanded. Loki didn't seem like he cared towards the end. The rest of the band were really nice though!!

Dollis Mary was so fun, I still have that LOVE song stuck in my head!

No. 327242


His look is always so so soooo bad. It's a cross of dj sisen, blam honey and floss.

No. 327267


>rustled some feathers in here pff

Yeah no shit mate if you come to a thread in which people talk about vk bands they like/d of course some people are gonna disagree with your "opinion". I got into vk/jrock around 12, I am now in my twenties and still half of the stuff I listen to comes from japanese bands. I am not interested in any newer bands and just stick to my past favourites but what's your issue with people being invested in vk/j-music as an adult?

Also, >into visual kei and proud of it
why would I be proud of a personal preference nobody else even cares about?

No. 327342

>Just talk about your dumb VK bands and move on. Maybe y'all should make a J-music General instead because this is hardly Anti lmao
Maybe you should move on…? And by 'on' I mean 'away', fuck off, if you're only trying to fight.

I made this thread and set 'anti' in brackets, so that people can either talk about who they're a fan of or criticise them. Not your "lmao, why do you listen to vkei, how pathetic!!!" Why don't you share what superior music you listen to, anon?

No. 327373


yes! Thank you anon. <3

No. 327389

I think you've misunderstood the whole point of this thread completely. In a general/(anti) thread anons can discuss on why they hate some bands and laugh at certain snowflake fans etc.

You're not supposed to hate on every anon posting in the thread? That's just infighting. What's even the point in this thread if anons aren't allowed to show any interest in VK kek

No. 327427

What's wrong with 80s bands like Buck Tick and Caligari? That's some quality shit right there and I'm not even into VK. You just sound ignorant and extremist.

No. 327434

You're the one policing a thread you didn't even make & trying to tell everyone here not to enjoy VK and that it's embarassing. Keep replying to tell us otherwise tho.

No. 327436

File: 1542666382570.jpg (51.22 KB, 564x725, c5076268cbc586960861af05df04d3…)

since the thread is getting derailed with anons taking bait I'm changing the subject to j-pop

I genuinely find it weird how obsessed Japanese media is with making everything gay (even when most of the guys involved are straight). Pic related is king and prince. It feels like they just recently debuted but they've already done heaps of crossdressing and BL fanservice.

I genuinely wonder why this is something almost every j-idol group does. I get that there's fujoshits but I can't imagine the general TV viewer seeing idols forcibly do BL fanservice to find it enjoyable

No. 327437

Because fans would rather have them fucking each other than fucking women who aren’t them

No. 327439

Eh. It feels like the female equivalent of AKB and idolshit culture. This has been a thing in Jmusic for decades though and it's not specific to Jpop.

No. 327445

File: 1542667331436.jpg (42.17 KB, 563x808, 80f6d6106ee688327888ee692f34e1…)

I know but it still doesn't make it less creepy tbh, especially with the bubbly shota types that look like fucking children

No. 327449

At least the IRL yaoiboys don't look underaged or like actual children? Japan is creepy af with the way they sexualize youth but idk what the endless discussions about it are wvwr gonna change or reveal that we don't all already know. Jaoan is fucked and weird (but has cool stuff sometimes). Take the bad with the good I guess?

No. 327451

File: 1542668096419.png (98.97 KB, 258x299, fanservice.png)


Fanservice is in VK too. It's fake and fangirls love it. Not hate on it, just that it's in alot of japanese media. Even in dramas.

No. 327452

Yeah but fanservice is way tamer than the shit K&P do.

No. 327475

I really love when people are like "but this is an anti thread" bc as somebody already said it's more of a general thread and the vk scene is not nearly big enough for a seperate "anti-" thread, even as a general thread the conversation is going so much slower than in other threads because it has become some kind of niche stuff again

No. 327647

At the moment I'm listening to BUCK-TICK's new album (it's really good! Bishuu LOVE is a bop), ZaaZaa, Der Zibet, Dexcore, La'veil Mizeria, and emmuree. Emmuree isn't new, they're an older nagoya kei band, but they released a new album "lightless" a while ago that is really good. La'veil Mizeria is pretty new, but they have an oldschool kote kei look and sound which is exciting for me. Der Zibet's new album is completely fantastic as well.

And then of course I'm continuing to listen to Kamijo solo/Lareine/Versailles, Malice Mizer, Shazna, Janne da Arc, all that good 90s kote kote kei. Visual kei is definitely not as good as it used to be, but there are still some gems that pop up every now and again, as well as older artists continuing to create fantastic music.

No. 327648

There are some tumblr blogs, and a couple discords, but nothing like what livejournal used to be.

No. 327657


I don't know, here it just looks more normal military style, not blatant nazi. I know Sakurai did a nazi outfit back in the early 90s, but I wouldn't call these specific outfits nazi, just military style.

No. 327662

File: 1542715259118.jpg (15.07 KB, 236x333, that one mm live.jpg)

Some of the VK fanservice is pretty out there though.

No. 327717

File: 1542725821939.png (563.56 KB, 592x606, e9f63cd85c17fe67769eeac6eb7009…)

I like your taste, anon.

On the topic of fanservice when or what started this whole thing? I know that Buck-Tick started doing it very early on already, but why? What inspires guys to think, "Hey, maybe we get more popular if we act gay in front if our female fans"? Whose idea was that? I'd imagine doing shit like that with your colleagues only strains your friendship.

No. 327719

*in front of

No. 327925

The boys love/yaoi genre exploded in Japan in the 90s and I bet that's why all this m/m fanservice started with the vk-ers. I remember Gackt releasing a photo spread of him and another one of his band mates when he went solo and it featured pics of them straddling each other and feeding each other. His fangirls went absolutely insane over it

No. 327936

Cuz it's a good selling point?

No. 328176

Yeah, but how did they find out that girls are even into that?
And why is it only popular in (east) asian countries?

No. 328276

I dunno, I'm sure they or someone in the band was keeping an eye on the trends of the time and decided to use it as a selling point.

No. 328908

I read something years and years ago that said something about BL/yaoi not being a big deal because it's not taken seriously, more like it's a way for the female fans to see their favorite bandomen being sexual without having to get jealous of another girl, but it's just for show so nobody outside the fandoms actually gives a shit. I think I vaguely remember something about how in Edo-era Japan it wasn't uncommon for men to have sexual relationships with other men, but for the lufe of me I can't remember the context. I just remember being ~12 and laughing out loud reading about how samurai buttsex was supposed to be more intimate & sacred because it couldn't produce a baby. Full disclosure I could have been reading absolute bullshit penned by some fujoshi.

No. 329428

File: 1543135495266.jpg (105 KB, 750x750, 455a7615-743a-4ccb-b9c0-02895c…)

Gackt is so trashy, he now hangs out with literal hosts. That dude he's with is "famous" for having ps to look more white.
Immediately made me remember those theories of anons saying how suspicious it is, that he lets Yohio stay at his house. Afterall that guy looks like the same type… Yikes

Caption under the pic:
>I got a wonderful brother. He is so cute.

No. 329445

He's so fuckin gay. Bisexual, pfft.

No. 329467

i remember reading him say somewhere, either in his book or in a super old interview, something like “yeah i’m attracted to men, if only two guys could have sex with each other, but they can’t”. it was one of the weirdest things to read from him, it was repression on a whole other level to seem amazed that gay sex is possible. i buy that he’s bi personally.

gackt is an example of why weird famous men shouldn’t have their ego built up. it always turns weird but nice enough guys into delusional creeps. it turns men with funny mannerisms in interviews into the type of guy who willingly hangs out with his own impersonator

No. 329469

gackt is too fucking weird. he has his own cryptocurrency now.
i remember reading an article about him a few weeks ago where he was upset at the fact his nipples weren't sensitive anymore.

No. 329651


what are those kids even? are they idols or wtf they look 5

No. 329661

I'd buy that he's bi if he hadn't already "given up on women".

No. 329829

rofl what?! I need to see this article now. He's sucha weirdo.

No. 329914

It was a pederasty thing mainly which is lame as fuck.

sage because ot

No. 329941

I don't know why but I was just reminded of this clip. Probably the weird but nice guys part although tbh I'm not sure if Gackt ever fit the bill for nice.
Ot but seeing Vkei/ex-Vkei guys awkwardly interacting with idols is so amusing. My favorite is a clip of Kyo being interviewed by a 15 year old idol while promoting sukekiyo.

No. 329942

Toshi of X Japan just started doing YouTube cooking videos. He seems to be enjoying himself, getting sponsorships, and the feedback is mostly confused but positive. Also, Yoshiki claimed in a recent interview that the new album was finally done and he's now waiting for the perfect time to release it:

>So X Japan has a new album coming out, right, the first one in 21 years?

>Yes, the album is done, everything is done, and the recording is done. But I just want to wait for the right time. I have such an instinct. When I feel it’s the right time I do it and when I don’t feel it I wait. 99% of the album will be in English. This is the first X Japan album releasing toward the world market.

No. 329965

>My favorite is a clip of Kyo being interviewed by a 15 year old idol while promoting sukekiyo.


No. 329966

Roland looks like GACKT and Yoshiki’s love child.

I thought he actually said something like he has a deeper emotional connection with men but for sex, he needs a woman. Still lame and repressed thinking. He also made another comment about hyde being so beautiful when he was sleeping that he wanted to kiss him, but alas, he was a man.

No. 329972

Sorry it's shit-tier quality. There used to be a better version on youtube but it got removed.

No. 329981

Aw damn, I don't speak Japanese, idk why I assumed it would be lol. The Gackt one was funny though, he seemed more uh ncomfortable than creepy to me though.

No. 329985

Naw, to me he also doesn't come across as creepy. Weird, but harmless.

Damn they look more than just uncomfortable. That girl would probably cry if she ever saw one of their videos. Who thought that this was a good idea?

Remember when Gackt said that not liking cars makes you gay?
But I do believe him when he says that he's bi (or just fakes the whole gay thing for fanservice); he's probably into as many people as possible just for the extra amount of attention.
Was this video posted already?

No. 330105

No. 330165

I feel like he's either porn sick or going through some crisis/is desperately lonely.

No. 330236


Maybe he lost his feeling with more and more ps? Peck implants….?

There are so many weird videos of Gackt. I don't think he is creepy, just having issues with aging gracefully.

No. 330375

You're probably right.

I used to be super into Gackt in my weeb days so checking in on him now I'm kind of laughing at how he aged like milk. Too much plastic surgery.

No. 330377

He should have taken a page from Yoshiki's book. Say what you want about him and his attitude but he looks damn good for a guy who just turned 55. Aren't they about the same age? Idk how old Gackt is exactly.

No. 330393

Nitpick but Yoshiki turned 53 last week not 55.

No. 330462

Okay but Yoshiki looks crusty too. I think he must have gotten botox or something, his face doesn't seem to really move much.

No. 330465

Okay but Yoshiki looks crusty too. I think he must have gotten botox or something, his face doesn't seem to really move much.

No. 330475

Even with his botox face he still looks better than gackt though. Gackt is really unsettling to look at

No. 330477


I gotta agree with >>330475, whatever Yoshiki had done most likely wasn't surgical (cosmetic at least), while Gackt looks like an old lesbian because skin that has been cut and pulled ages differently than skin that hasn't. The "youthful elasticity"(tension) the surgery restores will eventually loosen and sag differently than it would have naturally.

No. 330671

Gackt is only 45, I thought he was in his 50s like Yoshiki. All that surgery aged him up instead of down, yikes.

No. 330772

File: 1543358188681.png (1.27 MB, 1048x626, Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 4.35…)

You know who never ages? The guys from D. I haven't followed them in forever but they still look the same.

No. 330900

Well it's not hard to "not age" when you wear heavy makeup on stage and in pics anon. Yoshiki wears makeup too ffs. You think his skin looks better now in pics and vids than it did in the mid 2000's because of only botox?

No. 330962

File: 1543398828700.png (143.96 KB, 253x321, 435a8d74.png)

At least Gackt was cute when he was young. Yoshiki always looked like a rat to me.
This pic is from 2013, without sunglasses he basically has no eyes at all lol. He does look like a granddad, we're just not used to seeing any unshooped or unfiltered pics. Though you'd think he'd have an easy time aging well. All the other older musicians are still super active: Sakurai and Hyde constantly release new stuff and give concerts, Gackt is busy with working out and doing weird commercials and shows. But Yoshiki only plays the piano once or twice a year and that's it. He hasn't had any real stress in decades.

Yesterday I watched a stream of him celebrating his birthday. He is such a creep, he always has multiple young white models serving him. Always. What a fucked up way of showcasing your wealth.

No. 330964

Skip to 6:19

This >>330900 and tbh, Asagi was always ugly af.

No. 330988

File: 1543405657391.gif (1.44 MB, 450x285, tumblr_p01ohoWkI21r1ao91o1_500…)

Do you think atsushi has had some work done (maybe a face lift)? Like a year ago, he suddenly looked younger again, but also a bit off/different imo

No. 331001

Yeah I thought about this when I saw new pictures of him. He looked so much older a few years ago? I honestly think he still looks good though but he defitnetly had some work done

No. 331053

Super awkward video, then I noticed there was a video with Gackt there. Oh lordy lordy…

No. 331067

File: 1543420930420.png (205.86 KB, 500x285, a.png)

Good, then I'm not the only one who thought that. I tried asking some fans and they were on a kpop-stan level of delusion…
>No, he'd never do that! He doesn't care about his looks!

It will air next year. Then he'll be 46. Who the hell thought that this was a good idea??

No. 331081

what the fuck, isn't that a cosplayer?

No. 331082

When is gackt going to come to terms with being a old man?

No. 331090

he'd probably end up looking better if he stopped trying to seem younger, too. every so often when his hair is a solid black/brown and he isn't wearing something weird he looks semi decent again. he could pass for a weirdly aging 50 year old at least, but trying to seem 30 makes him look so much worse. and all of those guys would look better if they didn't have huge, shining veneers for teeth, it makes a botched face look even more artificial

do people still he's roided out or anything like that? i used to see comments like that a lot, but looking at his instagram he's actually pretty thin still as well as being muscular, i don't know why i thought he'd gotten super bulky in the last few years.

No. 331126


You know those white "models" are his assistants, right? Or do you actually think he drags 20-something models around to help him out? Granted his assistants never seem to age but it's actually not that weird for a rich, older Asian guy to have young women around him for status points. Just because he's one of the inly Japanese musicians who do it it might seem weird, but the rich older Asian guys in LA do that shit all the time. And newsflash- the girls hovering around them don't mind. As for the video it looks pretty tame to me, not nearly as weird as videos I've seen of some other jrockers acting like they're on the spectrum with ADHD. Yoshiki just acts gay/campy and smiley af.

I don't want to stan Yoshiki but since I don't have a massive hateboner for him I usually end up playing devil's advocate.

No. 331138

There was a period of time, I want to say in the last 3-7-ish years where he was much more muscular than his usual thin, twinky self but it seems within the last couple years he's softened out. Not sure if it was steroids or if he was just obsessively working out to hold onto his "youth".

That's a fucking joke right? lmfao pls stop Gackt. Unless they used CGI and de-aged him there is NO WAY he will pass for an 18 year old

No. 331140

File: 1543437936247.jpg (878.7 KB, 930x1654, 20181128_154521.jpg)

>You know those white "models" are his assistants, right? Or do you actually think he drags 20-something models around to help him out?

Found a pic of the blonde one too. They dress more like Yoshiki when they know they'll be on camera but most od the time they're normal white staff members. Hell, even a couple of the nico comments said "staff!" When they brought the cake out.

No. 331145

Adding to this, his staff also has a twitter account (@Yoshiki_staff) they use to follow and interact with his fans. Yoshiki does surround himself with white models for events but he doesn't have them do his bidding.

No. 331234

File: 1543460456996.jpg (604.59 KB, 1080x1419, 20181128_215906.jpg)

Miyavi got Samuel L. Jackson to as a guest on his upcoming album. What a strange pairing lmao

No. 331239

Wasn’t during the Yellow Fried Chickenz project? He was doing a lot of shirtless fan service with Jon and he was the most buff I had ever seen him.

No. 331259

I know I'm replying to an ancient post, but Perfume are all pushing 30 so Idk, not as gross Imo

No. 331269

Gackt looks like he's made of latex now. He looked cute during the Final Fantasy Crisis Core era, he would've been in his mid 30s? That's all passed now and time is catching up with his skin lol

No. 331287

I think Gackt's problem was twofold, getting PS so early on to look more white and then aging badly while piling more on top if it. I doubt he'll stop now either. Unless he flies to South Korea to get it fixed by a god-tier surgeon I think Gackt's looks are gonna keep getting weirder and weirder the harder he fights aging.

No. 331288

Hyde looks weird without shoop/filters and makeup these days too but I'm having a bitch of a time finding recent candid pics of him.

No. 331307

File: 1543477436169.jpg (66.13 KB, 506x720, DQ2ggaeUIAA5pXG.jpg)

Using exclusively young foreign girls as his assistants vs hiring young foreign models to assist him is pretty much the same.
I remember watching another one of this videos and there were minimum 3 of them - all dressed in short skirts and heels.
>it's actually not that weird for a rich, older Asian guy to have young women around him for status points. Just because he's one of the inly Japanese musicians who do it it might seem weird, but the rich older Asian guys in LA do that shit all the time.
Just because other rich old asian farts do the same, doesn't make this shit any less creepy.
>And newsflash- the girls hovering around them don't mind.
Good that you asked them and told us.

I'm a fan as well, no "hateboner" but that doesn't mean I can't criticise him for being a weird creep.

No. 331308

File: 1543477575907.jpg (16.76 KB, 392x221, 1488047300_0dd4.jpg)

This is supposedly his new gf: Natasha, so probably eastern european.

No. 331316

File: 1543482125212.jpg (27.42 KB, 634x347, 1518605705745.jpg)

His skin is too dark and his hair too light, he needs more contrast.
And I don't think there's a way to save him tbh.

He aged the worst imo. His face was super pretty when he was young, but is way too babyish, soft and girly to look good on a middle aged guy.
Atsushi looks good, Yoshiki okay for his age and Gackt like a plastic aunt, but Hyde looks simply plain old and saggy.

No. 331322

Is she the model who takes care of his dogs in Hong Kong? He's supposedly hiding there now after spending a week hyping his birthday in Japan.

No. 331323

How old is she? Mid 20's? Hard to tell from that ant-sized pic.

No. 331330

So not only much younger than him but also looks underweight and is likely from a poor background financially. I judge men like this very hard.

No. 331334

File: 1543486480207.jpg (753.47 KB, 1080x2115, 20181129_050918.jpg)

She's a Russian/English speaking "Instagram model" (sugar baby) living in Hong Kong. This Chinese article puts together hella screengrabsfrom 2ch as well as some wayyy less filtered shots of her partying with Yoshiki's New Lex Tokyo buddies and letting them grab and lick all over her tits, nice catch there Yoshiki. Kek, maybe she knows Taylor?


She's 26 now.

No. 331335

File: 1543486533601.jpg (660.38 KB, 1080x1567, 20181129_051534.jpg)

No. 331341

That's my main issue as well. These models are mostly poor, come to Japan (or some other east asian country) in hopes of making big money, but then end up having to play sexy servant for some rich old creep, because they need the money to support their family in Siberia. That's just sad.

I guess she's downright a prostitute then.

No. 331342

He has fans younger and prettier than this that are poor, even he could do better. Lol

No. 331343

The article has caps going back to early 2014, and she turned 26 this year. Sooo. Yeah.

No. 331345

Are you sure…?

So she could have been even younger than 22, yikes.

No. 331352

Oh they're for sure horrifyingly immature, have issues like Vogue and are all weeb af but he loves the ego stroking.

No. 331504


Maybe Yoshiki really is broke if this is the best he can do for a sugar baby? I don't want to sound salty but she's like a strong 6-7 with filters and she doesn't seem to do snything but live off him.

No. 331844

Typical lolcow commenter:
>53yo guy pays a young poor model to fuck him
>omg she's already 26 and a strong 6 at most lol how trashy! he could have done much better he would have sooo many much younger and cuter fans (for example ME!!! ) to chose from lol, between stop shitting on him you guys, it's completely normal for asian dudes to buy white girls y'all just have a hateboner lol

No. 331853

How do we know she's poor?

No. 331860

She clearly likes it if she doesn't mind posting matching pics to IG every time he takes a selfie in Hong Kong. Just from the caps of her account frkm the article it seems like all she does is humblebrag about being Yoshiki's SB/wife.

No. 332203

Well, whatever he did. He still looks great for his age. Unlike Gackt

No. 332205

Miyavi has gotten so weird lately. Like, he is really coming out into the west and he's been whoring himself out hard core in LA.

No. 332206

File: 1543634137990.jpg (34.78 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Hyde aging badly is so depressing. He was really boring during the Dune/Tierra era of Larc. Aging is gonna happen no matter what, but all the other members look fine imo, while he looks the worst. I saw Vamps live in 2010 and he looked okay then. wtf happened in 8 years?

No. 332208

Toshi looks like an old aunty, but i cant help but find him wholesome. I just wish he'd cook without gloves because that shit is gross.

No. 332250

Plastic surgery?

Agree. All the random artists he does collabs with are so out there. His music is getting weird too, although I like his cover of Pink Spider.

No. 332294

File: 1543655669375.jpg (77.87 KB, 640x640, e85060bf-3654-4e4c-aca5-ba90e2…)

Hakuei is just 1 year younger than Hyde and still looks rather young (and surprisingly good imo) without all that makeup.

No. 332353

did this guy have a child recently or something? he looks like a 55 year old woman

No. 332689

Acchan's starting to get those super typical japanese old man lips. Bummer…that beautiful lip shape is getting saggier than balls

No. 332809

I dont think Yoshiki is japonese. All his features scream european. He has a european chest shoulders.

Some of those europeans pay the bandomen so they can use them for fame.

Ever since miyavi decided to pretend to be 1/4 korean he has acted weird. I would too. After seeing low effort kpop make money I guess he wants in. Remember when he looked 100% japanese.

No. 332821

>I dont think Yoshiki is japonese. All his features scream european. He has a european chest shoulders.
What did you smoke, dude?

>Some of those europeans pay the bandomen so they can use them for fame.

Yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of 20yo european girls out there who pay some old ass retired japanese rocker to fuck them, just so that they become "famous" in return…

They kind of look similar to Hyde's. I always assumed that this weird shape is due to too much ps.

No. 332828

File: 1543740330835.jpg (81.09 KB, 552x725, db7ce144aa63ad327eda4fca0439d2…)

>I dont think Yoshiki is japonese. All his features scream european. He has a european chest shoulders.
Top kek anon.

No. 332833

Ever heard of host!! Yes, there are european women paying to be bandoman girlfriends. Go read the sere thread. Just because the women look homely doesnt mean they are broke. Europeans practice mitsu as well.

No. 332845

Miyavi is half Korean. Lee is his dad's family's surname. That's not new info at all though.

No. 332849

Yoshiki wishes he were European.

No. 332878

Paying hosts or broke indies bandguys - young men - yes, but not 50-something supposed millionaire Yoshiki!
Also, what is it with always "european" this and that? Are you some weird fanboy baiting? About dem evul european females paying and seducing poor innocent Yoshiki?
>Just because the women look homely doesnt mean they are broke.
I guess that means yes…

No. 332926

Nta but I don't think the post you're quoting had anything to do with Yoshiki. It was in reference to a deleted post that I guess had something to do with hosts.

No. 333208

Nah dude, its just the kind of lips japanese men get when they get older. Ive seen it on so many of them.

No. 333736

has anybody had a look through who he follows on instagram? a lot of vaguely eastern european women, some are big models but other only have a couple thousand followers. it's nothing that unusual but his preference for a very specific type of woman seems more strict than some of the others.

No. 333841

Some sort of slav fetish lol

No. 333916

I just went through it, Meg Turney and Michelle Phan made me chuckle. He likes a certain type of woman for sure, but those two stand out among all the pretty white "models" and famous accounts. Though idk why the obsession with European girls when he could pick up white models who look like those girls by the dozen in LA, there's bo shortage of them there.

No. 333927

File: 1543867957381.jpg (995.09 KB, 1080x1471, 20181203_151210.jpg)

The girl he took to Comic con 2011 was a small time European model/acttess (Veronica LaVery) who would have been 20 then. It's like every model he likes is Czech/Russian, born in 1991, with an upturned nose and strong jaw&cheekbones. Lucky him, he can keep getting a new gf every time his current one ages out of her 20s.

No. 334793

File: 1544029836039.gif (10.83 MB, 590x482, l'arc.gif)

Does anyone know how many VK artists actually made it Tokyo dome? For a subculture that has been around since the 80s, it feels as if not many bands actually made it to there

No. 334795

Because its not popular. Really, anon?

No. 334798

X Japan, Luna Sea, L'Arc en Ciel, Glay (not sure if they still count as VK), Buck-Tick and Gazette (I read that they didn't even sell out kek).
I guess nowadays it's impossible for bands to become big enough for that.

No. 334811

GazettE seemed to get really hype then fizzled out real fast
i always wondered why they werent even super famous by jrock standards because they had the whole package
i guess people thought they were a poor mans dir en grey idk

No. 334827

>because they had the whole package
I kind of disagree, but to each their own.
Their main problem is that they pander to teen girls and as a result their fan base constist of mostly 15yo - if you're not able to reach both genders and people of different ages then it's going to be difficult to get really big. They're already what, around 40? All the other older bands also have older (meaning also richer) and male fans.

No. 334831

i was definitely under 18 when i was a fan and i havent paid much attention to them after like..2009 and im almost 30 now so if they are still pandering, that explains it lol

No. 334843

Nta, but agree. It sucks because they're actually really talented and Ruki have a unique voice. They should have planned out more but didn't and even though they're big, they have a certain type of audience.

No. 334844

How big is Tokyo dome? It seems very few bands can sell out that arena.

No. 334858


55,000 seats at tokyo dome

No. 334864

File: 1544038676680.jpg (61.59 KB, 536x750, def622cf21a3ea672fcae5772a20a4…)

I never really checked out their music, but youtube, tumblr and about every fanfic site that exists on this planet is full of "omg they're totez together hehe"…

Imagine being in your late 30s and still having to perform without pants and pretend you let your coworkers fuck you in the ass.

If they don't change that older people (and men) will never give their music a chance - no matter how good it might be.
All the other bands also at least toned down their fanservice and took on a more mature look.


No. 335000

File: 1544059089623.jpg (220.38 KB, 1227x867, IMG_1215.jpg)

>Imagine being in your late 30s and still having to perform without pants and pretend you let your coworkers fuck you in the ass.

kek but in all honesty though, showing off thighs and doing fanservice is in general what all VK musician do. I don't think Acchans thighs for example made him lose all male fans and popularity. In gazette's case, their music was just too mediocre. That's all.

No. 335005

Who doesn't want to lick atsushi's thighs tbh

No. 335007

im embarrassed that uruhas thighs in hot pants were a staple point of my masturbatory fantasies when i was like..16 jfc

but then i also went through a phase where i wanted to fuck bill kaulitz but only if he was actually a girl with a vag

dunno what was wrong with me

i was way ahead of my time i guess because that seems to be an actual real life thing now

No. 335036

I think most of the bands has matured up their look except for Uruha. He was/is my fav member when i got into their music 10+ years ago but for some reason he still wears short shorts. I dont care for it, but i kinda wish he'd just wear pants now.

Sakurai is always looking fantastic at least.

No. 335037

with the plastic he has had done to his face you'd think he would have evolved his body and style by now too lol

No. 335047

Meg did some sort of interview with him a couple years back. I went to a panel of hers once at a con and it was basically her name-dropping anyone sort of famous/well-known she had done something with, and Yoshiki was one of them. He's probably following her because of that.

No. 335053

What did she do that was associated with him? I know he had that weird short-lived comic book, did she cosplay from it or something?

No. 335150

Atsushi wore suits and uniforms, never showed even an inch of skin for decades, so it came as a pleasant surprise to finally see something, meanwhile Uruha has been wearing the same microshorts since the day he started out. Atsushi is also incorporting showing his thighs into the performance (it also helps that he's more attractive of course), but for Uruha it nearly seems like it's his day to day look. That just doesn't come across as creative or versatile. He's only a man wearing shorts because of the fangirls and not because of artistic freedom or some shit like that lol

Dir en grey also dressed super vkei, even girly, but switched their style at the right moment and now their fan base consists of half women - half men, which is ideal. But it seems like Gazette missed that train and will probably be stuck with a teen fanbase forever. I really wonder how high their ticket prices are?

Who? Atsushi or Uruha?

Video: 45-year-old high school student Gackt dating a 23-year-old…

No. 335158

File: 1544099984758.jpg (208.59 KB, 1200x1200, CvlRcEAVUAAc08O.jpg)

Not that I found.
I think it really was just some sort of interview during the We Are X movie tour when it came to Alamo Drafthouse in Austin? I guess?

Why she was inteviewing him I have no idea. I don't think she ever expressed an interest in Vkei.

No. 335185

In the case of this movie, Gackt playing an 18 year old is not that weird because the manga is totally crazy and slapstick. However, why did they cast a female in the role of male character Momomi Hakuhoudou, when Gackt also has a close-up kissing scene at 1:15 with Yusuke Iseya?

No. 335211

hide film is coming out soon? Of course, Yoshiki is in it but not the rest of X. Looks like hide's brother is retracing his steps during solo days.

No. 335225


his face doesnt move lol

No. 335234

File: 1544119316187.jpg (33.7 KB, 640x630, c79c95641095b4bbfee07feab45dc2…)

>but not the rest of X.
Just wow. Pata seemed to get along very well with hide, he was probably a true friend.
Yoshiki's money-milking is so wrong, but that his own brother is also making cash of him is absolutely sickening.

I never noticed that, he always stayed on the same level of ugly imo.
Tbh, the gazette as a whole is a busted looking group.

No. 335235

File: 1544119370954.jpg (32.57 KB, 540x503, d2f1deb619163e83e072abb1b2ade1…)

No. 335236

File: 1544119481958.jpg (54.28 KB, 240x320, Reita.jpg)

No. 335238

I can understand the brother's wish to keep hide's fame alive… but he should keep Yoshiki away. At least once can we have something without Yoshiki, please?

No. 335246

>can we have something without Yoshiki, please?
Seems like no. I just noticed that they even use a pic of him in the trailer of Gackt's new movie… Lord. Did the both of them pay to be in it?