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File: 1526234855771.png (376.67 KB, 1024x555, PU3tBwodRWfks2r_G5vdTIqz9PjuJQ…)

No. 249320


I'd consider myself to be one. Obviously, women would never go as far as demanding sex by threatening rape, murder, etc. like male incels, but I do think that I share some similarities with them:
>ugly + fat
>kissless virgin at 20+
>no friends
>spend most of the day browsing the internet
Living like this for some time has left me incredibly bitter. I wouldn't say I hate all men but getting bullied certainly leaves you quite guarded. Same for other women: I can't help but feel ridiculously jealous whenever I see pretty girls with hot bodies spending time with their friends/bf.
Of course, everybody is able to get a partner if they put effort into themselves, but right now I neither have the appearance/charm, nor the mental strength to change for the better and therefore am "involuntary celibate".

No. 249323

Are you looking for a long-term partner or just a fuck. Because there is literally no effort you would have to put in to get the latter.
Also you are only incel if you have actually put in all the effort you deem necessary to be partner-worthy and it still doesn't work. If you just quit outright you're volcel sorry2say

No. 249325

>I neither have the appearance/charm, nor the mental strength to change for the better and therefore am "involuntary celibate".
I don't know about changing your appearance but there are steps you can take to better yourself. I hate it when people have this attitude.

No. 249327

I think femcels would need a different name, due to being able to at least get laid if we go to the right place.

Involuntarily-single, maybe. Insing.

Regardless, I get the spirit of what you mean and it's different than just being a beta-stacey/normie girl or whatever. Ugly and socially inept women also have a shitty experience, I've been friendzoned by guys and had guys ask me out as a joke. I'm in the process of looksmaxing now, but I'm still fucking strange and give off creepy vibes. Maybe when I've graduated and get a good job my money will afford me a trophy husband.

If men can be mentalcel, fatcel, hicel, etc. and still have that sense of community alongside truecels I believe we can have our own thing as well. Not alongside men, since neither of us like each other kek, but with other uggo and socially fucked women.

No. 249329

…How are you incel if you are choosing not to fuck desperate men?

No. 249332

This. I'm all for man-hate, but I'd like to keep "femcels" off of this site because they are fundamentally no better than normal incels. They're all disgusting and pathetic.

No. 249334

You can still work on yourself. If weight is an issue you can slim down with diet and fitness if you put in some effort. And well, beeing ugly is not fair but you can salvage some of it by using the right cosmetics.
I wonder how you envision a possible bf to be.
From what I read so far many people regret having their first time just with some random stranger to get it done. They say it would have been better if they did it with someone they really care for and someone who really cared about them.

>trophy husband.

hilarious, my sides anon…

where does this hatred come from. you people just take one bad example and then blame all the bad traits on everyone that seems to resemble a set of characteristics of this bad sample. I mean the world is not black/white. I understand that media does it because it is a dying medium and they need viewers and stories but here…

No. 249336

Hmm, I dunno, moralfag. Maybe it's the fact that they make up 99% of rapists, commit 90+% of all violent crime, or the misogyny, narcissism, lack of self control, and all other shitty things men are known for?


No. 249337

Can we also mention how men have it easier with age?
I'm not saying that I personally think that women are worthless when they grow old(er) but let's be honest here, the society does put a huge value on young people and that is blatantly obvious with young girls.

I get the impression that being an older female "loser" is far worse than being an old guy loser. I've read many stories about a guy getting it all together in his mid 30s or even late 40s or 50s while when you're a woman, you're supposed to have it all figured out by the age of 30.

I seriously think that men have it a lot easier if their main concern is getting laid. I mean, you can always lie, who will know?
I know I lied though I'm still a virgin.

I don't care about getting laid, I just wish I was successful and recognized not as a failure. I won't go into details why I'm a failure because in previous loser threads you just get other anons mocking you and derailing the thread "lol, no wonder lolcow is shit with all these losers"

I'm still going to try to deloserify myself but I know whatever I do I will always be that awkward girl in the back of the classroom mentally and that I will end up as a cat lady unless I kill myself, which I hope I will.

No. 249338

lol taking a guy's vcard doesn't make you a Stacy. Loser women are much more likely to end up with virgins.

No. 249341

File: 1526239988810.png (366.05 KB, 1024x555, bingo_tiem.png)

Do I win something?

No. 249345

I hit way more fembot than stacy squares but I'm not close to femcel. If we fill out enough of these we will be able to say which the of the squares are the most statistically predictive for femceldom.

No. 249346


Some squares don't count tho as they're the result or part of the definition

No. 249347

File: 1526243029282.png (354.89 KB, 1122x626, Untitled.png)

No. 249356

File: 1526247833024.png (522.72 KB, 1024x713, ZwF5VnonGw_n5jU2QEWkOF4fTEe-_B…)

pic related.

No. 249357

File: 1526247895124.jpg (1.2 MB, 890x4253, 1451282105402.jpg)

a classic femcel meme

No. 249358

File: 1526247970404.jpg (240.46 KB, 2518x1024, MqQn4SX.jpg)

No. 249359

File: 1526247978416.png (228.16 KB, 2518x1024, stacyfemcel.png)

No. 249360

I can't be the only one who looks uncannily similar to the femcel girl, right?
Is it really something terrible to be like that?

No. 249361

i look like her aswell lol. the male incel in this meme looks a lot like your average r9k user too, thats the appeal of these.

No. 249363

These memes are as if someone not only drawn me but also described my life accurately minus the rat.
I'm a living meme.

No. 249364


Yeah, me too lol
If only I could get my hair to do the both wavy and straight thing.

No. 249365

File: 1526249936827.jpeg (153.01 KB, 1024x555, AA51905C-2ADD-4028-8D23-6B6248…)

So what am I? A fembot Stacy? A regular person?

No. 249366

File: 1526250280721.png (344.67 KB, 1024x555, New Canvas.png)

Oops lol. Im still kind of a normie though.

No. 249367

File: 1526250343077.jpg (79.77 KB, 960x700, 2PRmLzH.jpg)

this one is pretty funny.

No. 249368

File: 1526250446819.jpg (131.38 KB, 995x676, stacybingo.jpg)

my sister in equilibrium

i guess according to this i'm poorly maladjusted and antisocial but somewhat slutty and stacy-passing. seems about right

also my hair isn't that ridiculous but i have short bangs so

No. 249369

File: 1526250495427.jpg (329.12 KB, 1557x921, femcel.jpg)

No. 249371

ummm sweetie you're not entitled to chad's dick :)

just shower and get a hair cut like lol

No. 249374

i mean it's true though. i don't think femcels are unaware that their options are to try to get a stacy makeover or find a male looksmatch. unfortunately a lot of their looksmatches are busy feeling sorry for themselves and chasing stacies who put a ton of time and money into their appearance.

No. 249376

>messy ponytail with single hair out of place
>messages from little brother
>cargo shorts
>bad posture
>taco bell bag
I am feeling incredibly called out right now

I'm not an incel though, I get compliments when I take care of myself I'm just too fucking lazy to do anything but masturbate.

No. 249379

>unfortunately a lot of their looksmatches are busy feeling sorry for themselves and chasing stacies who put a ton of time and money into their appearance.

>tfw just want to have someone to stargaze and hike with and cook at home have meals together and watch cute anime

I have never looked at someone's looks when I fell for them

No. 249382

File: 1526255250450.png (380.98 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

No. 249383

File: 1526255837542.png (234.01 KB, 768x419, 20180514_005549.png)

No. 249384

It me except friends, cooking, social life or any money for him

I feel like this thread is gonna be us half fembots and half stacy's based on the bingo so far

No. 249386

File: 1526257590937.jpeg (163.15 KB, 1024x555, E4EC7FD7-52C1-436F-9E4E-7C4978…)

id love to be Stacy but I have anxiety and no friends lol

No. 249388

so like average girls kek.

either sexually experienced but a little shy and awkward or sexually inexperienced but otherwise normal personality and appearance.

No. 249390

>hates men
>jelly of women
>still implying ""femcels"" are somehow better than men

kys. we don't need this shit here. i am sure some crazy cunts will come out of the woodworks. talking about how they wish all hot chads and stacies would die. ffs.

No. 249392

Why have so many of you done anal??!

No. 249394

are you projecting anon?

No. 249395

Did it one to try it out, was in the right horny mood. Was good then, but won't try it again.

No. 249397

nah man, i'm considered a stacy according to the bingo. gross female or male incels shouldn't be allowed here because you guys are all cringy, whiny bitches who won't settle, don't want to try and complain that everyone else gets things when they don't make any effort. the only positive thing about incels male and female is that you're going to die alone and not breed.

No. 249398

File: 1526260129339.png (58.97 KB, 1253x486, 1513377903360.png)

4chan but true

No. 249399

File: 1526260615922.jpg (36.3 KB, 640x480, summer_of_george.jpg)

Being a lesbian is hard, though. Everyone I've talked to just wants to date and all I really care about is hooking up with as many women as possible (although 2 b f I'm not a virgin). Sometimes I feel like I'm "engineered" like a man and have even considered fucking men when no women are available. I also feel as though it might give me more "value" if I did hook up with a man? Anyone else know this feel?>>249398

No. 249400

Do you guys think that men can ever truly love women? It really does seem to me like a large majority of them will only want to be with us primarily for sex and they will never consider us as their equals and always view us as some sort of object. It really bums me out because I desperately don't want to believe that's true but… I don't know, maybe I just need to go outside more lol

No. 249401

i disagree that men are incapable of emotional bonds and therefore can't be lonely in that way. it's not "objective scientific fact" because human self-awareness and human ego create desires and problems beyond the purely biological, so not everyone is going to behave exactly the way our biological programming would predict.

but it's true in a general way and very good for the context because male incels usually are the types to think in dualistic bioessentialist terms and nothing more.

definitely. i agree that the majority have one track minds but the majority of people in general are just kind of dumb, excuse my edge. they might be hard to find but they're out there. besides, even if it turned out that men and women experience love differently , i don't think it matters unless they both respect and care about each other deeply and see each other as true equals. i think that's a lot more important than worrying about if a man's love for you perfectly mirrors your love for him. you can never know what the inner life of another person, male or female, is really like, all you can know is how they treat you.

No. 249402

Cause I love a finger in my ass so I figured I’d go the whole hog. Wasn’t worth the prep tbh.

No. 249416

this thread just seems like a thinly veiled attempted to make another man-hate thread that's not autosaging.

No. 249422

Sometimes I think dumb guys are more capable of (some form of) love. Average intelligence and up, talk themselves out of it or require other specifications as priority (money, status). Often dumb guys just get attached to women just for them being a woman who talks to them.

Unfortunately I can't cope with anyone who can't type at least to this standard (lolcow, this post) where the majority of guys seem to be less literate. Maybe I am conflating nerd with intelligence, idk. Nerd = normal to me. Opinions from the room? I'm not sure if this is true, just seems to me dumb people have more passionate feelings and relationships with less complexity and nuance

No. 249440

>i am sure some crazy cunts will come out of the woodworks. talking about how they wish all hot chads and stacies would die.

If you'd have really read what I wrote you'd know that not wishing any harm upon normal guys and girls is exactly what differentiates femcels from incels.

Also, why are so many of you so angry?
What i wrote is pretty similar to what most of the anons in the Loser thread posted.

No. 249493

File: 1526314084587.png (367.77 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

tfw pcos makes me hairy, my acne has been getting better but left me with scarring

No. 249507

For me, I like to try different things in case it might be something I'll enjoy. To my surprise, I did enjoy anal and ask for it more than my boyfriend wants to do it. He's not a big fan.

No. 249568

File: 1526334011577.png (370.78 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

Really makes you think.

No. 249570

File: 1526334960312.png (2.17 MB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

Y'all are wild

No. 249576

File: 1526338400065.png (372.55 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

i copied the cute heart markers

No. 249583

My ex wanted it so I thought why not. Regretted it ever since.

No. 249585

File: 1526341117677.jpeg (149.22 KB, 1024x555, C91EDCC8-6FD4-4223-B3D8-7DCD0F…)

No. 249590

File: 1526344390325.png (381.36 KB, 1024x555, sketch1526342811931.png)

I'm tall, ugly, hate the feel of makeup in my skin, fail at clothes and have permanent eyebags. I'm Latina but I'm not a hot brown girl with a big ass but an ugly yellow toothpick (I'm getting fat though) with zero tits + zero ass that looks like an ugly disgusting Eastern European.
I'm a dyke so you could say "go to a fucking pride parade you bitch", but 1. Only brainlets go to pride parades to be autistically ridiculous in public, 2. Can't stand crowds or loud noises, 3. Can't talk to people I don't know, 4. Not even a fat landwhale ugly dangerhair that regularly posts on Tumblr would love me and 5. My ideology is a major gf repellent. I have a huge hate-boner for mudslimes, and since whiteknighting kebabs is cool now for the left and 99% of the LGBT community is left-wing, I'm absolutely doomed.
I don't give a fuck about sex, I just want a qt gf to play Pokémon and genocide kebabs with.
Incels are retarded though.

Pls make me feel better guise [sad emoji]

No. 249591

File: 1526344563374.png (368.7 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

No. 249595

Do we have our first bingo?!

No. 249609

I didn't understand any of these words, do I want to?

No. 249610

Why do you sound trans

No. 249617

I'm not, though.

Related, am I volcel if I won't fuck a dickgirl?

No. 249618

No. 249619

File: 1526356123660.png (348.09 KB, 1024x555, femcel.png)

Pretty normie I guess.

No. 249637

File: 1526361442077.png (448.36 KB, 1024x555, D6FDA00E-6F44-456D-8C14-4F3A9C…)

I’m an autist with an equally aspie bf. I think I’m doing alright.

No. 249704

File: 1526365433433.png (367.95 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I used to have a lot more points on fembot though but at one point I turned my life around.
btw the "<120lbs" makes no sence for tall girls unless all stacy's are midgets.

No. 249707

I'm glad no one in this thread has the ugly haircut

No. 249717

Most ppl here don't ID as queer they/them poly communists

No. 249772

>member of a male hate group

No. 249789

File: 1526376980820.png (350.89 KB, 999x537, Untitled.png)

Let's be Stacy friends, my girl.

In my defense about the goddess status, if you have clean nice hair, decent to nice face, do your makeup nice AND you are not fat = instant goddess status to 99% of men. Standards for men are not very high when it comes to this shit.

I think constant compliments is something I could have crossed, but not so sure on that one. Multiple male admirers is weak, women who let men orbit them are insecure like Wig. Letting men buy you drinks and using their credit cards is sad too. The 120lbs slot is also shit, I'm 5'10 - I'd be a spoopy spoopy skeleton at 120lbs with > D cup. Also, how you gonna be 120lbs and THICC??

Am I the Staciest of them all?

No. 249805

I only care if you spill the tea on the famous person

No. 249813

File: 1526386183160.jpg (187.12 KB, 999x535, staci.jpg)

i guess i am a hairy slut

No. 249832

>didn't cross out male hate group
>admits is a kebab hater

Considering how patriarchal Islam is - you should have crossed it out. Embrace being a legbeard fembot. Just get that haircut too already.

As for other stuff you said, I have zero clue what you were trying to say.

No. 249833

You deserve to be alone like most incels tbh.

No. 249834

Actually everyone who checked that one should spill the beans.

No. 249835

>implying D cup is big anyways

No. 249836

No, I'm fine with men. I just hate kebabs. Including female kebabs.

No. 249838

Nta, but hating Islam =/= hating all men. Muslims are just a special kind of awful. Why would you respect a group that believes women are inferior? At least some non-muslim men are decent.

No. 249842

nta but I hate kebabs too regardless of their gender, I don't hate non muslim men.
How did you even come to make that connection?

No. 249843

because she hates muslims? fuck off lol

No. 249853

>hates females kebabs

Confirmed as self hating female. While they are fighting for their rights like to not be killed or raped you are just hating on them with no reason whatsoever. I understand hating male muslims but hating female muslims is retarded. Just give up on being a lesbian and become a doormat to someone rich. No woman will ever find you interesting. You sound like a blatant bitch besides being ugly and having shitty ideology.

No. 249855

I'm reporting you for infighting and derailing the thread.

FYI a muslim, female or male, would 100% approve of killing a gay person so the part with "Just give up on being a lesbian " makes no sense. You must be that special kind of stupid or a kebab, or both. Either way, fuck off.

No. 249857

>FYI a muslim, female or male, would 100% approve of killing a gay person so the part with "Just give up on being a lesbian " makes no sense.
[Citation needed]
I'm not a kebab you racist piece of shit. You are disgusting and deserve to be alone. I hope life teaches you something someday.

No. 249859

lol dumbass

Female muslims also support their crazy ass ideologies. Every time a muslim piece of shit rapes a woman he gets countless female family members saying he isn't guilty and that the raped woman is at fault.

No. 249860

You sound like an mtf on /lgbt/ sorry about that but I really don't believe you

No. 249861

Sorry I meant this comment for >>249617

No. 249878

>complains about women needing to assimilate in a society where their husband' job is to beat them legally
>acts like women have any autonomy


No. 249958

Female Muslim detected

No. 249959

File: 1526418744051.jpg (168.45 KB, 1024x555, 898.jpg)

These bingo cards are too extreme.

No. 249963

Go to 2:40; there she describes how her husband's mother held her down, so that he could rape her while she was just 8 years old.
I don't care how little autonomy they have, if you do shit like this you're no longer human.

No. 250027

>FYI a muslim, female or male, would 100% approve of killing a gay person
lol are you retarded? This isn't true
Do you even know one muslim?

No. 250028

Can you guys take your /pol/ shit to a different topic so that we can go back to our stupid bingo cards?

No. 250031

File: 1526453135239.png (364.66 KB, 1024x555, PicsArt_05-16-07.43.11.png)

Getting fat though and have some hormonal acne, need to work the fuck out.

No. 250032

Samefag but I could've ticked off constant compliments but just sounds too Shoe.

No. 250035

LMAO. it's fine. i ticked that one off because i get compliments often enough and i've read some accounts of girls who really never get complimented so i figured not ticking it off would be kind of ungrateful

No. 250037

If it’s a fact, it’s a fact. I receive a stupid amount of compliments. Not because I look exceptional, but because I surround myself with kind and considerate people who are quick to compliment. Not to mention, the town I am in currently is so damn friendly. And I don’t go a day without complimenting someone else, so it all goes around. Idk why you’d think receiving compliments is a bad thing or something you should hide?

No. 250043

your acne is probably a direct consequence of you getting fat, also maybe you haven't been eating right?
Repent before it's too late, sister

No. 250171

File: 1526490235245.jpg (818.65 KB, 1024x554, Inked1526234855771_LI.jpg)

I personally find myself quite fat, but I guess that my body actually fits the 'thicc' meme.
Other than that I do have some acne (because I usually completely neglect any hygenie), but I at least try to pluck my brows, keep my hair neat and put on some mascara. All my problems like having no romantic experience whatsoever stem from my social anxiety, but I somehow can't seem to get rid of it…

No. 250175

File: 1526491181464.png (400.14 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I didn't think that I'd get as many stacy ones as I did

No. 250205

>people think fat causes acne

Acne is mostly caused by hormones or food allergies (dairy for example is horrible to many people) but let the expert speak!

No. 250206

File: 1526499860703.png (332.26 KB, 1006x503, Capture.PNG)

Welp, it's not telling much I guess.

No. 250214

File: 1526502128289.png (374.79 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

Well balanced. I just never leave the house and prefer to live peacefully doing my own thing.

No. 250246

File: 1526511291061.png (408.95 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I think I'm pretty average, my hair is just messy because it can never decide if it's wavy or curly.

No. 250267

I never help fellow anons to high moral standards, but i'm actually amazed how many whores we have around here

>seduced married man

Jeez, he's maried, he has another woman, he even probably has kids, why you do this, it's too wrong.

Why do you enable cheaters, think what if your husband had affair with some girl who gossips about onision and moomoo.

No. 250268


No. 250269

Yeah that one is fucked up

No. 250271

I got 10 for Stacy
and for 3 for fembot

Honestly surprised considering I'm basically NEET status. I thought I would at least tick off more boxes on fembot than I did but most of them were pretty extreme.

No. 250272

it's awful but
>what if your husband had affair with some girl who gossips about onision and moomoo
made me laugh

No. 250276

File: 1526523624663.png (370.79 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)


>seduced a married man

I don't know if a married man making a move on me with me doing ABSOLUTELY nothing counts in this case, mostly because I found the whole thing disgusting and umconfortable.

>lost virginity

also kinda insecure about this one, I lost it at age of 6 with a woman, it wasn't consensual but I wasn't complaining. does it count?


idk about this one, being a recovering ana-chan fucks everything up, my libido and own body perception included

I guess it's imposible for someone like me who is barely interested in sex to be a stacy lmao

No. 250277

I'm >>250246 and I can say wholeheartedly that I regret it. He was my former high school history teacher that I'd met when I was 15.

No. 250292

oh my goodness, it gets worse. At least tell me he was not old enough to be your dad.

No. 250294

I hope you meant age of 16 instead of age of 6.

No. 250312

I was 5 when it all started, sorry anon but it is what it is

No. 250319

Aand…they're in prison now?

No. 250331

File: 1526540032344.png (365.61 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

No. 250354

I don’t think it counts as losing your virginity if you were a kid and it wasn’t consensual…sorry you went through that, hope you are ok anon. If wasn’t your fault and only a piece of shit would consider that losing your virginity

No. 250357

>but I wasn't complaining.
You were six.

No. 250368

Yeah, that one's on him. You'd think teachers would know not to fuck students.

No. 250371

I don't know if this is the best place for this or not, but is/was anybody so in the middle that you ended up as neckbeard bait? I've heard the same thing from some other girls where in highschool we were like the prettier, more social girls out of the awkward, nerdy girls so we were the types incels always went for because they weren't repulsed by us for being either too fat or too slutty but they also thought we were average and insecure enough that they could neg their way into trying to date us

No. 250372

File: 1526551060386.png (370.79 KB, 1024x555, incel.png)

what do I win?

No. 250376

I'm >>249347 and use to get certain types of guys stalking me online and in school. I had a few gifts sent to me through the school office from guys in school and they would email me later to say it was them. I've received mixed tapes. I had one guy buy me video games and cds (I never asked for gifts). I was insecure in highschool and had a horrible home life so would always crack jokes and be friendly with pretty much anyone that would speak to me.

I've only slept with 3 people though and 2 of them very long term partners.

No. 250388

>sexually assaulted by a woman at age 6

are you me? holy fucking shit.

No. 250431

File: 1526575371582.jpeg (40.49 KB, 480x260, oof.jpeg)

Ah, I guess I'm mostly normal. But my social skills aren't that great because I moved around a lot through middle school and have been home schooled part of high school, I'm 18 btw. So, I'm really anxious around people I don't know. I've only been in one "relationship" but it was Long Distance so I'm not sure if that counts. Maybe once I go to college I can try to open up more to people.

No. 250476

so you do stargazing too. I started this 3 years ago in summer.
what constellations / planets can you see atm?
here in central yurop it would be:

>Venus from dawn into midnight (SW)

>Jupiter entire night (SO to SW)
>Saturn 2nd half of night (SO to SW)
>Mars late night
A few weeks ago there was a beautiful full moon and occasionally you can see ISS lighting up at the night sky when it is moving directions.

Do you have a telescope? I had one (a cheap one) and saw saturn through it. It was really hard to do it because all objects on the night sky are moving and when you use a telescope they are moving fast. So the vision was always blurry but I could see the rings of Saturn. I have to admit that I am pretty bad when it comes to constellations though and I only know the one that looks like a frying pan with one star beeing near the north pole star.

I also noticed saturn is always here to see in summer and in winter it goes away again. I wonder if the same stars can be seen from every part of the world or if different ones are visible from different locations.

No. 250477

File: 1526584384137.png (473.58 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

Surprised I didn't skew more fembot tbh.

>lost virginity
Anon something similar happened to me at about the same age, I do not count it as losing my virginity at all.

When I lost my virginity as a teenager I was confused at first as to what time I considered to actually be losing my virginity.

Now looking back on it all in my mid twenties, I would definitely say I lost my virginity as a teenager- voluntarily, not when I was a child.

No. 250478

File: 1526584494083.gif (467.59 KB, 250x250, tumblr_ngc9hd5xjc1qk08n1o1_r1_…)

He claimed that they had gotten divorced, I was drunk. Got to know later on they weren't even separated.

No. 250490


Yep, I'm in almost Balkans. Right now you can observe Saturn and Venus as usual, haven't been able to see Jupiter yet because I don't have time to stay up all night because of work. I can sometimes faintly see Casiopea, I can see Orion and the belt every night, faintly see summer triangle and last night Sirius A was bright as hell because of a power outage. I never managed to see ISS because of erratic work schedule I really need to track it one day.

I have a Meade Wilderness 10x25 binocular, it mostly gets the job done when I'm camping out in the woods though I sometimes borrow my friend's GPS locking telescope, that thing is a fucking beast.

Some constellations and planets can only be seen in certain dates because of orbits and some constellations can be seen all year from both hemisphere but either side will see them inverted. I'm really trying to get better at skymapping and finding things manually but it's hard as fuck.

No. 250499

File: 1526592828754.jpeg (149.65 KB, 1024x555, 0F0EDF4C-1DB0-4279-B267-6E5C8C…)

fairly even spread but my stacy marks are mostly from my thin hot days before i went mental.

>fat is not the same as thicc

i was fat and still chubby but am getting in a lot better shape. good waist to hip ratio and a decent bust. so optimistically checked both.

>dresses modestly

but only cos i don’t like having my bod out, not cos i think it looks slutty, so i didn’t check it off.

No. 250500

File: 1526592929826.png (398.32 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

What even is "Goddess status"?

>Never been rejected

God this one guy rejected me with "You're too skinny for my tastes" which of course was absolute bs. It obviously was something entirely different, I still want to know and this was 12 years ago.

No. 250502

File: 1526593700007.jpg (182.97 KB, 1024x555, heh.jpg)

How did I do? (hearts are just cute lol)

No. 250503

File: 1526594795071.png (455.27 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I feel like i'm weirdly in limbo between the two because i'm super depressed and lonely right now, I have no friends lol
but also, I care a lot about how I look (hair/makeup/clothes) and always look put together
and i'm fat but guys still seem to like me (at least the ones I have dated) so idk.. I need to lose 40 lbs

No. 250505

Wow, fucked two guys at the same time? That's always been like one of my top secret ultra slutty fantasies lol.. how was it??

No. 250507

sosorry to be late to the thread but these are brilliant, 10/10

No. 250522

File: 1526600028509.png (393.35 KB, 1152x546, Capture.PNG)

i'd have bingo if there were gender neutral/lesbian options on here lmao

No. 250524

as long as you aren't ugly in personality who cares, go to drybar and sephora, and get some nicer clothes. if you look like this and you're vicious, bitchy, depressing, bigoted, thats where the real problem is that no money can fix.

No. 250533

File: 1526601758273.jpeg (144.54 KB, 1024x555, 8F66E26F-4A64-46F7-A5D1-893810…)


No. 250535

was she atleast attractive?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 250543

How did you manage to fuck two men at the same time? Asking because I have ambitions

No. 250545

File: 1526606856350.png (358.75 KB, 1009x556, crey.png)

t. lesbian

No. 250553

My hair is wavy+straight at the same time, validated by meme. Should I get boob window shirts cause I'm fitting Stacy here

Thanks for the highlight >>250507

No. 250555

My actual bingo scores are half in each, so don't judge by appearance, kids.

No. 250577

In my head it was always vaginal with one and anal with the other, simultaneously. Even though I've never done anal it's still fun to imagine ha

No. 250586

lol, my boyfriend wanted a threesome with another girl so I said only if we can also have a threesome with another guy.

basically I blew the other guy while my bf fucked me (eiffel tower style), so I guess not technically "fucked 2 guys at the same time" tbh I wish I could've done vaginal and anal at the same time but neither of them lasted long enough ugh. much better than girl/girl/boy though for me

they were also both too worried about seeming gay the whole time I think, would be better with less self-conscious dudes

No. 250588

File: 1526617304093.png (362.09 KB, 1038x575, aa.png)

Here's mine.

>doesn't like makeup

I hate wearing it, but I wear it whenever I go out because I hate my appearance without it. Unless I'm going to the gas station or something, where I don't care how dead I look.

>doesn't wear heels

Heels hurt my feet so badly, so I don't wear them unless they're adorable shoes that are worth the pain.

I need to get out more..I hate myself lol

No. 250641

File: 1526636619186.jpg (215.83 KB, 915x678, cd8[1].jpg)

A manlet statue

No. 250758

File: 1526679880996.jpg (529.27 KB, 1300x866, 20160830-mw-zm-big.jpg)

I really envy you for knowing all those stars and how to find them in the night sky. I only know about the easier to spot planets and antares because it usually is somewhere near saturn. I should study the constellations and the other important stars. What I always wanted to do was to have a look at neptune and uranus. Have you ever managed to see them? Some people say on some days you can see them with a normal binocular and they would have a blueish shine.
In summer many planetariums will have stargazing events again. I think I should visit one.

I don't know what website you use for sky maps but the one I use has detailed info on what time and what part of the sky you can see ISS. If you google for "heute am himmel" you will find the page (astronomie.info). Scroll down a little and you will see a chart of the night sky at different times and what you can see. Near the bottom there is a sky map for early night and late night. The map is for germany but I think if you are in yurop too then it cannot be much different for you. Then there is also this calsky but I never used this one, seems too complicated for me.

I owned a Danubia Saturn 50 but sold it a year later because I needed more space in my room. It was kind of a toy mostly but you can actually see saturn and the rings. The problem is just it is black/white and you need to move the telescope along with the movements on the night sky. When I did it first time it was mega complicated. However it was worth it. The GPS telescope you mention seems very fancy and I wonder if you can see things in color with it. Some astro sites are offering telescopes for prices like EUR 3K or even more. I wonder how good those are.

If you do stargazing and camping in the woods you must be a pretty cool person and you should keep those hobbies up. I will see if the weather gets any better here this night and watch the stars once again. We might even look at the same ones. Have a nice evening and good night.

No. 250766

I dare someone to post this in r/short

No. 250771


You need a really powerful telescope to see them since their orbits are so far away from sun and you can only see them for a really short time, haven't managed to see them at all since I picked this hobby up. Finding stars and planets are really easy once you get to know couple of guide stars. I'm pretty much a beginner too and only know a couple.

I use a phone app to track ISS but don't have time to see it as I said. For the telescope it's a Meade ETX-90, it can lock on to almost any object even in the ones in deep space(managed to see Andromeda and Helix nebula)it can also take colored photos. It should be around 500-600 euros.


I can't say I'm cool at all, I do solitary stuff since I can't find anyone I click with and it just relaxes me. Good night.

No. 250779

I'm not really fat or kissless but I barely have friends. i currently have a crush on this dude but I don't really feel like making a move bc he used to think I was like 14 and probably don't see me this way. I am a 5'2 skinny af plank girl with no hips and chubby bulimia cheeks without the bulimia. I feel like ony a pedophile would feel in loe with me cause I look 13 but am catually almost 21.

No. 250780

<wish i had a friend who is into astronomy, to go out early mornings or late nights to watch stars.

No. 250811

I didn't kiss a guy until I was 21 and now I have a normal dating life. It's soul crushing to be a femcel but I want people to know there is a light at the end of tunnel. Remember no matter what negative thoughts you may have there is always opportunity unless you're like 40+ and ugly.

No. 250812

are the dudes you fuck cute?

No. 250814

Is that all you worry about? Relationships are much more than just having sex with someone cute.

No. 250819

Ahh yeah, figures the guys in that kind of situation might be afraid of that.

I've only done girl/girl/guy before and I'm going to have to say it'll probably a once in a lifetime thing for me.

Thx for sharing anon

No. 250834

Anyone else lose their virginity at a comparatively young age? I was almost 16 and a horny mf. I don’t feel like I lost anything by having years of amazing pleasure under my belt. But I feel like I’d get judged if I told my friends about it. They know I’m forward with guys and that I always have a few guys crushing on me. A lot of my friends didn’t even have their first kisses till college. And by then I’d already done anal, sex tied up, lap dances, public sex, sex in a pool, road head, etc. I don’t know why it would be a big deal because if it was a guy, he’d be getting hi fives. I still feel like they would feel differently about me if they knew. I don’t want to be viewed as a “Stacy.” Would anyone here judge a friend for this?

No. 250840

I'd feel bad around a friend like this regardless of gender. Mostly because I know they'd see me as a lesser person no matter how far I've come from being an ugly creep who used to draw naked guys instead of boning down in HS (and still being a khhv at 21). Not hatred, but I would be able to sense the pity.

Perhaps they just feel uneasy around you when you speak of such things.

No. 250851

No. 250869

>I don’t know why it would be a big deal because if it was a guy, he’d be getting hi fives.
Not really. I don't know why people have this idea that manwhores get hi fives everywhere they go. Most guys like your friends who "didn’t even have their first kisses till college" don't wanna hear the full sexual history of their manwhore friends either, it's just obnoxious.

Chances are you make your sexuality and promiscuity the main focus of your life and your friends would rather talk about other things and not about your weekly one night stand.

No. 250872

I lost mine as a freshmen to a senior in highschool. Basically a tragic story of the ugly duckling in middle school giving it away to the first man to give her attention in highschool.

Anon, I wouldn't care but I do want you to know it's nobody else's business. I can't think of one irl conversation where my virginity has ever come up, or why I'd feel compelled to tell my friends about my sexual exploits. Relative to my age(26), what I did at 14 and even throughout college is history.
I maintain it's nobody else's damn business and you don't need to come clean about it to have meaningful friendships. It's truly irrelevant.

No. 250879

I think a big number of people in my high school class lost their virginity when they were 16-17, so it doesn't seem you lost it that early to me.

I lost it when I was 21. When I was 18, I said I was a virgin and few people were like "STILL???? AWWWWW LOL".

No. 250894

yea because they're envious and aspire to be like them

No. 250896

Life isn't a shitty american comedy movie. Keep your sex life to yourself, slut-chan.

No. 250899

>Chances are you make your sexuality and promiscuity the main focus of your life
Based on what? I don’t tell any of my friends about it because I think they’d view me differently. None of my friends know. So how is it a main focus of my life?
>I do want you to know it's nobody else's business. I can't think of one irl conversation where my virginity has ever come up
My friends have talked about being virgins and losing their virginities. I never join in though because all their stories take place in college. Maybe that’s why they share, because it’s more recent and meaningful to them.

No. 250903

That could be the case then.
I've been out of grad school for a few years and most of my peers graduated even further ago or just never went. Some of my friends have gotten engaged or have long term bfs, so it's not something that I encounter a lot.
If we do talk about sex it's more like in a raunchy, nostalgic way like "haha yeah we were so dumb and cray." It's not really to size each other up or anything.

I would lay low about it anon. Your story isn't unusual but if you don't want to risk judgement, then don't invite it.

No. 250919


I do too, I only have one friend and he's getting married so he doesn't have time to go with me anymore.

No. 250924

I wish that too, just in a non romantic way. It's difficult to find girls in my area that would be into stargazing, not just looking into the sky and saying wow beautiful, but actually engaging in conversation about space and related topic with some pre-knowledge about it.

Guys usually take it as a romantic invite.

It's not that I mind doing it alone, just sometimes, it would be nice to have someone to spend some time stargazing together.

Especially now in the spring, when the evenings are the right amount of fresh without being cold, with the gentle night breeze.

No. 250971

Only if ur white

No. 250972

piss off with your race bullshit

No. 250975

why do some people have such a hate-boneron this site for people who cant find a partner

like sometimes there really isnt someone for everybody and i dont get why those 'leftovers' get blamed for it

No. 250984

because the worst samples of this subcategory get cherry picked and presented as beeing the epitome of every single person that is single, without ever knowing the back stories or things they went through in life. I think it is unfair for people to get judged on such things.

my sister dates a guy and she is taller than him. He is jolly and fun to be around with and also fit. The problem with those short guys is just that their personalities/attitudes are shit and they mistake their height for the reason why they are unpopular.

For me it is also hard to really bond with people and I am surprised to find other people on imageboards who have the same hobby. Up until now I cannot remember anyone ever mentionning it. I also feel more comfortable when doing something with 1 person instead of a group of maybe 3 or 4 people.

more of us?

I prefer summer nights for stargazing as I detest the cold. There is a hill/kind of mountain near my town. If you climb up you get a beautiful view on the valley where our town is and you have benches there and grass. At 01:00 all city lights get shut down so you actually get to see some stars.

Sometimes when I need to think about important decissions, I just go there to think. Many times I just sat there and asked myself what might be out there and if some of the stars we see on the night sky even exist anymore because their light can take centuries before it even reaches us.
Outer space is really a crazy thing.

No. 251013

also happens in christian parts of africa. Or in china. I dont see your point

No. 251014

>also kinda insecure about this one, I lost it at age of 6 with a woman, it wasn't consensual but I wasn't complaining. does it count?

No. 251015

>Aand…they're in prison now?
Oh, my sweet summer child

No. 251017

visit a lesbian bar for once.

>zero tits + zero ass

my girlfriend is around 130 kg and to me she is hot as fuck. A lot of lesbian arent attracted to the stereotypical attractive girls. Youre not hopeless. There are also white, racist republican dykes I guess, so go for it, wait youre latina. Well I guess youre fucked. Jfc just shut your whore mouth about your kebab hatred and youre fine.

>kebab hater
top kek

No. 251025

File: 1526771105703.jpg (204.16 KB, 1024x559, das.jpg)

phew.. that was close

No. 251027

File: 1526771450528.png (356.59 KB, 1024x555, Untitled.png)

im just weird. im attractive and in shape, wear makeup, can easily hook up with anyone on tinder if i want

but i fucking hate men 99% of the time, dislike compliments from them 99% of the time, dislike dating, dont want to marry or have kids ever, would rather just fuck around at home on the computer when im not working

diagnose me

No. 251067

Maybe husbands shouldn't be "seduced" so easily

No. 251070

>diagnose me
You are unable to delude yourself about the reality of men/relationships and wisely chose to avoid them

No. 251074

I totally agree that it's more on the husband than anyone else, but knowingly being with a married man is still extremely fucked up and trashy. Unless it's an open marriage, you're still a morally bankrupt slut for participating in that debauchery. Just less so than the husband.

No. 251075

surprisingly accurate

i wish i could just turn it off. i have always disliked flirting because in the back of my mind i think about stupid sjw shit and reasons to hate men even though logically i know they aren't all like that, and i probably won't fall in love with one who's like that. but fuck i can't even make myself date anyone because i'm so bitter from the getgo. i am bi and have considered dating women but every single lady i like on tinder is fucking poly, no joke. like every single one who's my type is all I'M NON-MONOGAMOUS and it's just making me not want to even try

No. 251083

Stop meeting people on Tinder.

No. 251084

>diagnose me
I think you already know.

No. 251090

i don't really know where else to meet people since the whole "singles activities groups" sound corny and i don't really go out aside from errands, and nobody meets people at the grocery store irl anymore.

No. 251117

File: 1526790524120.png (359.34 KB, 1014x553, bingo.png)

I really don't consider myself a fembot, because SOME guys DO have romantic attraction to me, but it's always the people I'm 0 % into, even as friends. Like, I attract these fucking, psuedo-intellectual 'skeptic' type people. And i've been rejected SEVERAL times by the men I AM attracted to, BUT, I have very low standards (I was told). Literally I don't go after guys that are 10s or anything, just guys that I think MIGHT have interests in common- and they're turned off by my personality I assume. I'm not very complacent? Does anyone else have that issue? I feel like a fucking asshole most of the time. IDK. Girls are angels though and i'm not jealous of them. I'm Bisexual though so honestly, I usually get crushes on them. ;) theyre always straight or turn out to be ftm so then I guess i'm into men?
BUt yeah I kind of try to make up for my lack of confidence by at least hopefully looking pretty. :/ but i honestly dont think im attractive to most normal dudes. -______- just really lowkey sexist weirdos obsessed with anime and the alt right. does anyone relate? sorry for major blogpost.

No. 251119

FR, anon. It's really difficult to find WLW IRL, unless they're hella butch and it's obvious.

No. 251123

tumblr pls go. literally no one uses mlm or wlw but trannies and tinder threesome bisexual girls.

No. 251125

File: 1526792562509.png (395.9 KB, 1024x555, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahboy.png)

Only T H I C C because of good genetics and WHR, I'm still pretty chub (think Iskra Lawrence and Stefania Ferrario).

I never properly socialise, so I guess that explains why I've had no real romantic luck at 21. I present myself relatively well, nice clothes and what not, even if I'm not a stunner. I think my face is decent despite the spots and weird ethnic nose.

I'm only jealous of other girls who are stronger than I am, so I ticked that one although I'm not sure if that's what the bingo was implying kek.

I actually get flirted with exclusively by my type (skinny south Asian guys), but never in situations where we can ask each other out. It seems most women think these guys are bottom of the barrel creeps, but I find them pretty cute especially given the fact I could overpower them if need be.

Anyway, in what way complacent anon? I think you shouldn't settle if you don't want to. You sound cute and fun, I believe in you.

No. 251128

I guess I just don't really like agreeing with most dudes when they try to explain their beliefs to me. A lot of men I've met don't really like learning/discussing, they just want to be right. They kind of treat me like I'm not as smart as them? And they don't like it when I actually do know more about topics than they do. I'm not very extremist in any belief, but I don't like being talked down to. Like man, I just want to have a chill talk and not be told about what his 'new philosophy' of the week is like he's figured everything out. It's so tiring. I just hate feeling like guys think I'm an idiot.

:) thank you though anon, you're very sweet, I wish you well too. <3

No. 251167


No. 251171

Yeah, men do have a tendency to be like that haha (although women can sure rival them sometimes, I'll admit). I've noticed it being especially worse for smaller feminine women and women with higher pitched voices since they see them as infantile or something. I'm sure it's a subconscious bias, but it's still something that should be eradicated.

But anyway this isn't the man hate thread kek. There are definitely emotionally intelligent men out there and I hope we all find some to our liking.

No. 251214

If it is voluntary are you still a femcel? I just don't want to burden anyone with myself, if I'm alone at least I'm not an imposition.

No. 251221

If it's voluntary you're more like a "celfem." Incelibacy at it's core is about believing you're entitled to sex and not getting it is a form of oppression. Femcels are females who believe that.

No. 251223

I want a boyfriend so badly.
I've never kissed or even held hands (and obviously no sex either).
After a certain age a lot of people will tell you to lower your standards, but what if really nobody ever hits on you?

I got myself tinder and that bumble app, but because I live in a very small european town on the countryside there simply is nobody near me. I guess I still try out okcupid.

What should I do? My my face is honestly just really ugly and even I myself am grossed out by my body. I want to improve my looks and try to work on having some personaliy and being more "charming", but no idea how… What daily beauty routines do you follow anons?

No. 251365

stop believing you are ugly because people can sense that and are going to be put off.

watch makeup tutorials. brush your hair and put some effort into styling it.

wear clothes that flatter you and aren't super baggy.

act confident even if you're not. on dating apps, meet people faster. texting back and forth forever can kill attraction and if you take initiative most guys will totally meet up with you.

No. 251366


i know this is a joke but goddamn i could never date someone who was super into overwatch or a twitch streamer

No. 251390

>lower your standards
I don't understand how this is any good. Nobody should settle for a substitute of what they really want to have. The right person will come and it will make click. If it does not happen, well, bad luck. It would be worse to be trapped in a miserable marriage with a person you are not really fond of, just because your neighbors will think highly of you.
People live their life for their own sake, you should not make life about pleasing society, your parents or the Jones'es.
Beeing in love can be beautiful but you really have to love the person or else it is just a lie and it won't end well. Also it would be unfair for the other person involved.

>what if really nobody ever hits on you?

you can always try hitting on the guys you find cute. it is not like they will be mad at you for it.

Good luck anon

No. 251459

people who bitch about not getting "any boyfriend" should lower their standards, because that's usually part of the reason.

No. 251532

File: 1526866050367.png (371.8 KB, 1024x555, hmm.png)

Do female virgins also become wizards when they turn thirty? Or do we just become magnets for feral cats? I'm staring down the barrel of 28. It's not looking good for me anons.

No. 251541

I think you turn into a sorcerer

No. 251579

you turn into a witch obv. that's why the cats, duh.

No. 251582

all i'm gonna say is, don't have it just to have it. i'm half-fembot and i have had sex, but it is completely unenjoyable unless you're super into the guy. i was not, so i was dry af, even after he ate my pussy for like 10 minutes. i was super nervous and not really feeling it at all but pushed myself to keep going and when he entered me it hurt so fucking bad my entire body tensed up. i had to tell him to stop and then awkwardly leave.

0/10 would not recommend. maybe you're different but idk i need to find someone to fall in love with to fuck and enjoy it.

No. 251585

File: 1526880942825.png (377.5 KB, 1024x555, wow ok.png)

No. 251595

File: 1526883077795.png (348.58 KB, 1024x555, nobingoforme.png)

Since I'm about as gay as they come, I put pink diamonds over the parts where it would apply if the subject was a woman. The married woman I'm not entirely proud of. That whole situation was a mess and I was an idiot.

Can thank PCOS for the body hair. I do shave though when I plan to expose those parts of my body. But I will admit if I'm not into anyone or planning on trying to get laid, I don't shave. I wear pants almost exclusively. Messy hair because I like having a crazy unkempt afro.

I don't think I'm particularly attractive and I've only ever been with two men ever in my life and they were really into the chub. Like really into it. I feel like being fat doesn't deter a lot of men, but that's coming from a flaming dyke whose male friends all were met on the internet so take that as you will.

No. 251600

File: 1526883551011.png (410.12 KB, 1024x555, justaverage.png)

No. 251604

lol jealous virgin-chan

No. 251650

>you can always try hitting on the guys you find cute.
That's impossible for me, anon…

I already insinuated that I would literally say Yes to anybody, so I don't even have any standards, but there simply never was anybody interested in me at all.

No. 251736

funny how you ignore >>251365 when it's actually good advice. keep being miserable on purpose i guess

No. 251756

File: 1526920048460.png (390.75 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771 copy.png)

No bingo, but more a little Stacey than Fembot I guess.

No. 251759

If you have money you can get yourself a golddigger, doesn't matter which gender you are and what you're aiming for. If you are old and poor, then there's no hope.

No. 251760

Do anons checking 'more clothes than days in a year' really have over 365 shirts and bottoms? How do you store that much? I own about 20 shirts, 10 dresses, and 15 bottoms, which already overwhelming.

No. 251765

File: 1526921019762.png (413.11 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I'm normie these days. All the sex stuff happened when I was in highschool and college. My hormones have since settled out, and I've been in a consistent relationship going on four years now. I'd never go back to how I was.

Anything else fembot about me is pretty much my fault so I'm working on it.
Going on my second week of weight loss and so far I've lost 5 pounds. It's easier than I remember and I'm not struggling this time around, probably because I have an app. I think I would only be called "thicc" ironically though. Then again, it's been awhile since I've given a shit about pulling in the male gaze so I don't know what my standing is. Never had a problem getting dates or lays however.
So nobody gets mad at the compliments part, those come from other women and coworkers and that actually has done a lot for my self-esteem bc I have been trying to take better care of myself and dress well. Everyone likes my makeup and I get asked advice and asked to do makeup for others a lot. It feels so much better to get genuine compliments instead of shit guys say just to get in one's pants..
I just wanted to say that I do normally have acne but I got on some antibiotics again and it's cleared up.
>too much time on the internet
Way too much time. Idk if this is something I'll look back and regret about my 20s.
I feel so fucking stupid sometimes for arguing and sleuthing for hours when exactly nobody gives a shit. I know how dumb it is but I catch myself doing it anyway. It's like I can't resist.
I wonder where I'd be and what I'd be doing with my spare time if I didn't fill it with pointless bullshit.

No. 251772

Just because I didn't answer her post doesn't mean I ignored it…
It just annoys me that so many people assume that if girls don't manage to get a bf it's due to them having high standards. I've never met a girl who dated anybody who's out of her league, it's always the other way around. Even ugly guys still go for somewhat cute girls and then nobody's left for an unattractive woman like me.

No. 251799

I have the exact same half life sticker on my laptop..

No. 251811

>member of male hate group
what does that even mean? girls joining /pol/uters or what?

why not? I mean the worst he could say would be:
>sorry I already have a girl
>sorry I am homo
I know you fear beeing hurt but especially in a public setting people will not ridicule you just for fun. Even if it would happen, you are the girl and even if you gave him a slap and called him a pig everybody would understand.

Do you happen to have a social circle or people you hang out with at school or work? Maybe you can ask some of those people to set up a meeting for you. As the person would be aquainted with the other person he would not be been on hurting you even if it did not work out.

No. 251844

File: 1526936065557.png (409.99 KB, 1024x555, botbot.png)

Literally average.

No. 251845

I'm way too shy to do that, I really can't… And sadly I also don't have many friends, so nobody to go out with and meet somebody.

No. 251895


lmao the worst he can say is that you are not his type in a very "soft" way that will only make you feel like shit and ugly, even if he doesn't specify your physical appareance. He can also say some shit like "I'm not interested in having a relationship in the mean time, I really respect you and believe you are fantastic but I'm just really depressed and I don't have the time and i'm also not emotionally available". only to end up having a girlfriend later

I have been there anon (as you can see(, I risked it all believing that I didn't gave 0 fucks if he rejected me but I ended up feeling devastaded for a long period and uncapable of facing him again for the same period of time

No. 251899

>boohoohoo society is so unfair if I was a guy I'd be getting hi fives
Nobody wants to hear about your daddy water-boarding you, slut-chan. That's nasty.

No. 251903

>what does that even mean? girls joining /pol/uters or what?

I'm pretty sure Stacy/fembot bingo started on /r9k/ and I'm a feminist so by their standards I probably am a member of a male hate group.

No. 251952

File: 1526951832260.jpg (175.81 KB, 1024x555, bingo.jpg)

I considered myself an incel from the ages of 18-21 when it actually bothered me. I'm 25 now and think sex is gross tbh since i finally accepted that I'm ugly.
I consider myself bisexual. Most of my fantasies involve watching people I'm attracted to have sex with other people.
i basically check all of the boxes for being a basement dweller/incel except I'm not bitter and have a few friends.

No. 251955

File: 1526953414836.png (154.52 KB, 512x512, 1518674858089.png)

i'm almost 23, i've never held hands or kissed anyone, i live with my parents, but i do have a degree and reasonably respectable job
my questions is, how do other women even find people to date once they've graduated uni? i realize i've missed my chances… i should done more than just study, i should have gone to parties back when i was in uni. now, all i do is work, work, work so i can pay off my student loans. then when i'm home, i'm so tired, i just browse the internet and play video games, and go to the gym every other day.
i can't even join tindr or bumble or something because i'm so unphotogenic, i look so ugly in photos. i exercise, i'm thin, i wear makeup, i wear flattering clothes, but i don't even know if i'm ugly or not because i look really pretty in my car mirror, but i look like the most hideous monster you've ever seen in the work bathroom mirror
i can't even ask my friends for advice because they are all kissless spinsters, like me.

No. 251967

Try going places where being alone isn't weird and socializing is not bad. Then, just smile at men who are alone. Talk to them if the smile back. If you show even a little interest/approachability, a man will eventually initiate for you. You don't have to go with the first one who does this, but try to keep an open mind and at least learn for future events. Places where people aren't rushed are best. Farmer's markets are nice, if they exist where you live.

No. 251972

What do you do on the weekends?

No. 251973

File: 1526957120988.png (364.65 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I'm suffering from a really bad case of ugly duckling syndrome. In HS i didn't take care of myself, looked like total trash. Come college I did a total revamp and now look good…but insecurity is still there and I can't get a bf rip life. I checked out "has multiple admirers" cuz I go to male dominated tech school and I have an inside source who feeds me this info. None of the guys have approached me tho. So in a way I'm doomed to die as a volcel.

No. 251976

ty, i will keep this in mind. i grew up so shy, but im getting better at socializing. i need to remind myself there’s no harm in smiling at others, no one is thinking “god, that girl is so ugly, i wish she’d stop staring at me.”

i usually work on weekends

No. 251979

Ok what do you do on your days off?

No. 251980

go to the gym, play video games, stay at home. i know, it’s bad. it’s just that im so tired all the time, i don’t even know where people go to meet others…. im so mad at myself for not taking the opportunity to socialize more in uni.
i used to play soccer at my gym but i was REALLY bad at it because i was completely new to the game and everyone else had been playing since childhood. i didn’t really meet any new people that i talked to outside of the once a week games. i had to stop anyways because it interfered with my work schedule.

No. 251987

You gotta put yourself out there. Google meetups in your area, clubs for things you are interested in, organizations, etc. What games are you playing? Is there a local card and game shop? Do they do game nights? A book club? Gardening? Whatever you’re into, find a group of people in your area who are into it too. Go to bookstores, local shops, coffee places, etc and check out their signs. They’ll have all the local things going on.

There’s entire websites dedicated to this, because it’s becoming so common for this gen to not socialize
You’re not alone. But it’s not hopeless. And being tired isn’t an excuse. You gotta prioritize your social life to a degree. On your way back from the gym, drop by and check out the postings. Utilize Facebook to see what events your friends are going to, or things in your area. Look good, be confident, be kind, and you’ll have no problem.

No. 251993

My closet always overflows. I recently bought some storage boxes to keep it more neat, but it's still hard to put everything in there.

I have this tendency to shop a lot and when I see something cute I can't just let it go. Plus that I rarely clean out my closet. That's how you rather quickly can get over 365 clothes.

No. 252000

Either they’re hoarders or can’t count
A dozen of each:
Is 108. If you have three times that (36 of each) you have problems imo

No. 252167

I lost it at 15, and it's the only sexual experience i have had, and i still dont want to tell people the truth when they ask. I wouldnt judge a friend but i'd be afraid of judgement even though my situation is less fruitful than yours lol.

No. 252171

>I find them pretty cute especially given the fact I could overpower them if need be.
relatable. im really into skinny short dudes of all races and it's a lot because of this (and them just being aesthetically attractive to me).

No. 252181

I can't speak for other anons but I definitely own more than a dozen dresses.
I have a few other types of clothing pieces that you didn't include in your list like cardigans.
Kinda like this anon >>251993 a lot of my other stuff is in storage that I cycle out with changing seasons and weight fluctuations.
So it's not like most have overflowing closets with hundreds of clothes at any given time. It quickly adds up.

But I do admit I don't cycle through clothes as much as I should. Some pieces I have I probably haven't worn in over 2 years. I tend to have ~50 clothes that become my primary fashion for a few months, until I get bored, and pick some other clothes in my closet to match and wear for awhile, and so on.

No. 252191

File: 1527010758812.png (510.61 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5158.PNG)

Anon there's someone out there for everyone.

They're probably not as attractive as you want them to be, but they're out there.

No. 252192

Not that anon but I sound just like her so thanks for this advice.

No. 252200

File: 1527012817214.png (295.11 KB, 835x457, quiz.PNG)

Perfectly even. Idk what that means.

No. 252317

tbh anyone who gives a fake ass excuse and later dates someone else should really stop.
Just be honest?
I feel like it's way more courteous than making up something. Why would you want to give someone you don't even like false hope? If I don't like someone I just say I'm not into them, because I don't want to be bothered anymore. So, why do people not just be direct?

No. 252321

the worst is when they give you the EXPLICIT reason why they don't like you, and end up putting you down about how unlikable you are :)
and then you feel like you're unlovable for weeks and want to hide from everyone!

personal experience.

No. 252325

Because they're pussies? My ex went out of his way to make himself as unlikeable as possible in order to get me to dump him, some people will do anything but tell the truth.

No. 252590

>openly tells his friend about it
>has no guts to actually talk to girl
god, men are fucking cowards nowadays. What is the worst that can happen to them? Will they lose their honor if rejected?
Anyways, do you find one of them cute? How about you go talk to them first?
If they are not bold enough you might need to help them a little to get started.
>anon, I heard you were fond of me. Do you want to hang out some time?

this is sad to hear but I think the scars can heal with time. Just remember that this feeling of beeing hurt is probably easier to handle than to fail many times and then land a jackpot eventually.

well then you might try to find clubs or events where people hang out with the same interests. Even if you are new to it, they will usually be welcoming to new members. My town for example has basketball, volleyball, soccer teams, even an air gun club. A swimming club. Inform yourself about the things that happen in your town and choose something new to try out. I am sure people will be welcoming to you. Even if prince charming is not there, he might be the friend/brother of someone who is there. Good luck

No. 252702

It's a blessing not to be asked out in STEM fields. It causes massive anxiety and fear for me and let's suppose you do get with someone. They're probably going to get jealous easily because of all the other men you're around. Find people to date outside of your major, it will likely work out better >>251973

No. 253460

>best friend tag

No. 255200

Or change teams and switch from femcel to Jabba the Dyke

No. 255201


I lost it with the feeder rat

No. 255202

No. 255240

I feel for you, fam.

Queers are all expected to be ultra left-wing because the Democrats pander to us if and when it suits them. Well, that and the far right wants to meme and/or pray us all to death.

I just want to have an almost nuclear family and take them to church every week and the shooting range every once in a while.

No. 255244

I definitely believe genuine female incels exist. No, not as many as men and I do think it’s easier for women to break out of it. But they absolutely do exist. However, I think incels make up only a small percentage of celibate women. I believe that the majority of celibate women are actually volcel.
Spent age 19-25 as a female volcel, AMA

No. 255246

Why do you say it's easier for women?

No. 255247

Because incels are actually right about one thing: most women can get laid any time they want. Men say it themselves - they’re not picky and they’d fuck any one of us (and that’s the whole god damn problem). As this excellent post >>249398 points out, for men being “lonely” is a matter of not being able to access sex. Most women who are celibate know that they could sleep with a man any time she wanted, but it is psychologically repulsive to her because what she actually desires is a real relationship. These women are volcels according to the incel definition of celibacy.

Legit female incels DO exist. I just think they’re a rarity.

No. 255248

NTA, but it's no where near as hard to get dick and get over your social anxiety as it is to get pussy and get over a victim complex/severe male entitlement. For women, all it takes to break out of "incelibacy" is to lose some weight and go outside.

Doesn't apply to trannies for obvious reasons

No. 255253

>most women can get laid any time they want
yea if i'm completely submissive to a guy and his desires and needs and wants but if i'm not and prioritize my desires, then fuck no.

>because what she actually desires is a real relationship

robot gtfo

No. 255255

I think social anxiety is also a big factor for men. It's unfair to say it's just "male entitlement". For better or worse, men are more often than not expected to take the pursuer role in dating and if you have social anxiety that can be a pain.

No. 255256

if you're a girl with social anxiety the only men that approach you are abusive men

No. 255257

Hmmm I don't think that's really true.

No. 255258

if a guy likes a girl that's not good-looking who doesn't have any friends and can't make eye contact with people, it means he likes her for certain reasons. those reasons would be that she's weak, easily malleable, etc

No. 255261

Anon you literally are just validating what I’m saying.

No. 255263

not wanting to be a fuck hole =/= wanting anything more than a ONS

No. 255265

i think what anon means is that if you could technically get laid but you choose not to because you don't want that type of sex, that's technically volcel. Like the difference between being unemployed because the only jobs that will hire you are shitty and you don't want them, vs being unemployed because no job, even shitty ones, would even hire you.

No. 255266

>get laid
implies mutuality which is not being a fuck hole

No. 255269

Refusing to be used as a cum dumpster is not being volcel. To be a female volcel you need to reject a guy that would be ok with dating you.

No. 255272

>voluntarily not having sex with someone is involuntary

No. 255274

What I'm saying is for women getting sex is not what makes you an incel, if you can't lock down a guy that when you're an incel.

No. 255275

not getting sex *

No. 255278

not every girl wants to lock down a guy, can you fucking read?
incel is about sex hence CELIBATE

>getting sex

means having it an fulfilling experience. not having a man toss you around, call you degrading names then cum on your ass and pass out

No. 255279

No. 255281

Do you know what celibacy means? What you're talking about is, like, insing

No. 255283

Well I don't agree with the idea that a women who can get sex isn't as lonely as a incel.
I know plenty of slutty girls browses lolcow but regular women usually want a relationship, getting just fucked isn't enough for them.

No. 255284


No. 255285

incel women are not "regular women"
we're socially retarded and ugly just like the men. our circumstances are different because socially retarded and ugly men would settle for sexually abusing a socially retarded and ugly woman.

No. 255343

Please help me get a good boyfriend. I have autism and I hate sex. I'm not pretty either.
Only terrible men (think much older and abusive) even entertain the idea of dating me.

No. 255344

Well, what's the part that makes you a good partner then lol

No. 255429

You need to cultivate good qualities. As is I don't think you have much chance tbh, though you can try to max out your looks as much as possible (not sure why what you mean by not pretty).

No. 255437

Adding to that:
Unemployed loser
Frigid af

Even if I improved my looks, I am terrified and disgusted by male touch. Its something I cant control.

No. 255438

then why do you want a boyfriend?

No. 255443

Social pressure maybe?

You need a sub, anon. They're perfect for you.

No. 255460

>You need a sub, anon. They're perfect for you.
Why is that? How do I get one?

No. 255809

I have been told that they think I will instantly reject them so they don't event try. What I don't get if they are that insecure about their looks why not work on it? I worked hard to look better, why can't they?
Yeah that's what I'm trying to do now. Finding hobbies outside of my nerdy interests and getting to know more people.

No. 258494

>spends too much time online
>jealous of other girls but also really gay for them
>nervous in social situations
>never goes out
>kinda messy hair due to it being thick and wavy
>doesn't like makeup (but it's nice to wear it once in a while,i'm a very "girly girl" who loves cute clothes and cute shit when my depression allows me to feel cute and dress as such)

On the other hand i'm 120lbs,my hair is dyed blonde and i sometimes get compliments about how i dress (and lost my virginity to another girl two years ago) but that's it so i'm not much of a stacy

No. 258648

File: 1528789932178.png (353.71 KB, 1024x555, Untitled.png)

i'm in normie/not like other girls purgatory

disgustingly, this makes me mad

No. 258799

lol so you're mad about being a normal balanced girl? your femcel qualities aren't even the really bad ones kek

No. 259238

File: 1528944994212.jpeg (179.11 KB, 1024x555, CFA74F31-71AB-4475-8D48-B101E6…)

I’ve realised my “ femcelness” is more of a environmental situation. When I’m down south or in hood neighborhoods, I get more attention, but more city/suburban areas, so such luck. And since I live in a mostly rich, mostly white college town, I’ve basically been invisible, unless it’s a drunk guy joking with his friends.

No. 259245

>T H I C C
> less than 120 pounds
Pick one. Unless you’re short

No. 259251

File: 1528948260260.jpg (205.38 KB, 987x555, IMG_2454.JPG)

>tfw too ugly, childish, and socially stunted to be stacy

i'm disappointed but not surprised that i got more on the fembot bingo, as for incels/femcels i don't believe anyone is truly involuntarily celibate, there are more ugly shut-ins with horrible personalities than you'd probably guess who still manage to get into relationships or sleep around, it's more about luck and circumstance imo

No. 259252


samefagging but i apparently got the same amount on both so disregard that part of what i said

No. 259255

File: 1528950520950.png (Spoiler Image, 339.21 KB, 575x671, tumblr_p0ih9kqpw11tqn35to1_128…)

oh shidd. didn't mean that, I thought it read less than 150, defs not under 120

thighs/hips bigger proportionally i guess
idk it looks like 100 years ago i would be a good choice for bearing chillens or something ?? but sike i have a myriad of health issues from staying indoors 100% of the time so i doubt my fertility is a Thing

also big tiddies but not over a D so i didn't put that

>tfw justifying your thiccness anonymously online

No. 259257

this post is so cringey, it almost gives me a moomoo vibe. you really are #notliketheothergirls.

No. 259260


No. 259261

i mean, that's fair. i tried to not be like 32in waist chan so i threw myself too hard into the self deprecation. Something i gotta work on.

No. 259263

…aaand you're still being cringey, fatty-chan. your mannerisms are similar to moomoo's, not just the 'thicc' thing. I feel like you're going to throw out a "my dude," any moment now and it's giving me anxiety.

No. 259265

i'm sorry, my-

sorry anon

I will refrain from posting about myself any more lol

No. 259266

Nobody cares. Go back to your Moo containment thread and quit policing anon. Yeeeesh.

No. 259269

I don't post in her thread, I just know she types like that.

ty uwu

No. 259275

d cup isn't that big anon…

No. 259278

File: 1528959935199.png (438.57 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I wax my facial hair tho.
I feel this make me look more like a stacy that I really am, most women have a few men orbiting them tbh…

No. 259284

it is if you have a small band size. 32D=34E=36F

No. 259297

Wasn't it exactly the other way around? Cup size decreases with band size to hold the same amount of boob.

No. 259298

*with band size increase

No. 259346

This. Like girls who brag about having big boobs for supposedly being a D28 despite most bra and lingerie places not selling that size

No. 259349

I've never seen a shop sell 28 at all. Sometimes 30, but only for the smallest cups. D is usually just available for 34, 36 or 38.

No. 259351

this is incorrect D cup just means there's 4 inch difference between your breast measurement and underbust. if you have a smaller band size it looks bigger but isn't actually. also, it would be 32D=30E=28F

No. 259352

The only stores I know of is an online store or you have to get them custom made, I highly doubt all internet girls are apparantly D28s, which is just C30, or B32s

No. 259359

When I was underweight I wore a 28D and was able to buy the bra's in lingerie shops in Canada and Scotland both online and in store.

Like you won't get them in H&M or that but many lingerie shops carry that size, especially ones that cater to bigger cup sizes (bravissimo in UK).

Trust me a 28D does not mean you have big boobs, it means that the widest point on your chest, across your boobs is only 32 inches.

No. 259363

I'm a Europoor and had to convert that to centimetres; are you trying to say that you're only 60cm/23inches around your ribs…? wth

No. 259365

No the 28inches around your ribs and the band of the bra = 71cm and the 32inches across the bust =81cm

No. 259366

nta but that's not how bras work. anon is 28in around the ribs, and D cup means she's +4 on the breasts, which is 32.

No. 259373

I used this site and it says UK/US: 30D = EU/JP: 65D, so I figured 28 must be 60cm, which would be impossible.

No. 259384

lol are you actually european? the band size for EU bras doesn't mean the underbust measurement, you round up to the nearest multiple of 5 and then subtract 10cm. EU 65D is a 75cm underbust. US/UK bras are the literal measurement.

No. 259391

The smallest available size (even in some teen stores) is always 70A. According to your logic that would mean that even the most petite girls have an underbust circumference of minimum 80cm…

No. 259392

that's not my logic anon, it's fact. we've been discussing it. 65D is the same size as 30D and 75in rounds out to 29 in. do the math.

No. 259396

Anon, are you in France or Spain? That's why if so because the bra sizes there do correspond to the exact measurement, but in the rest of EU they do not. All online conversion charts go by the EU/JP standard which is rounding and then subtracting. Only France/Spain are different.

No. 259400

File: 1528987592588.png (151.15 KB, 1444x710, Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 15.4…)

Heres a chart that roughly shows the equivalent band sizes in diff countries

No. 259409

I’m an idiot and I was tired and did it completely backwards lol, you’re completely correct. I meant that 32D=34C=36B.

But also that cup still depends on frame, so I 36D would be a 34DD and 32E, so it would look bigger on a smaller girl. Sorry for being dumb

No. 259411

no worries fam. and yea that's true smaller band makes the cup size look bigger, and in general a well fitting bra does too.

No. 264289

Celibacy means unmarried go look at dictionary
The word you're looking is chastity

No. 264327

File: 1530471274672.png (369.82 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I put a lot of effort into being at least somewhat attractive to most people 'cause it makes life easier (except I'll never wear heels 'cause fuck that) but have absolutely no idea how to talk to men.

also I guess I don't have as much of a sex drive as other ppl since I'm 24 and still a virgin and I've never felt like I desperately needed to have sex. If it ever comes up in discussion I just pretend I've had a couple of one night stands lol

No. 264344

File: 1530476812031.png (377.47 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

idk what do you think

No. 264359

File: 1530480748113.jpg (339.78 KB, 1024x555, gg.jpg)

I'm a married lesbian. IDK if I can play this bingo but here we go

Also trying to explain to guys that I'm not interested (because I don't like men) is annoying, they won't take no for an answer

No. 266160

File: 1530896008043.png (353.36 KB, 1024x555, oops.png)

Do I win something?

No. 266306

File: 1530953789874.png (367.39 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

No. 269793

File: 1532034327915.png (376.74 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)


No. 269801

How tf do you get cankles from hiking?

No. 269807

File: 1532039614436.png (357.36 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I'm more balanced than I think.

No. 269822

File: 1532044306516.png (340.41 KB, 1024x555, efesjkhfhbs.png)

I checked "excessive body hair/ facial hair", but I take care of that shit.
"Never been rejected" is checked because I've never asked anyone out.
And "Constant compliments" don't come from people who actually want to date/fuck me.
I'm not "<120" so I checked "fat", but I've never considered myself fat tbh.

No. 269824

File: 1532045477078.jpg (193.44 KB, 960x540, IMG_20180719_200253.jpg)

I have gross body hair and a girlstache but I wax that shit.
I'm a little overweight (but working on it!). But I have a pear body so I like my proportions
My acne is a recent thing since I got off birth control a while back and my hormones are fucked (but once I get the money I'm going back to the doctor to get back on)

Overall I feel like I had the potential to be a Stacy but my depression and weird, shut-in personality kept me from it.

No. 269831

File: 1532050712547.png (352.06 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)


No. 269967

File: 1532105337305.png (364.59 KB, 1024x555, bingooo.png)


No. 269976

File: 1532106745302.png (375.85 KB, 1024x555, bingo.png)

No. 269981

File: 1532107951573.jpeg (164.11 KB, 1108x600, 7A75C328-60FE-45C1-BB79-DFD09D…)

what am I

No. 269989

So many blondies here

No. 270322

File: 1532196315953.png (369.88 KB, 1024x555, S5ZhITF.png)

No. 270691

Fuck off, incel.

No. 270777

File: 1532302042581.jpg (67.69 KB, 500x641, 298919-Brown-To-Blonde-Ombre-H…)


i imagine a lot of anons are putting blonde because they have that common basic bitch ombre blonde hair. which is not the barbie blonde hair that the picture is probably refering to.

No. 270926

File: 1532344144620.jpeg (213.81 KB, 987x555, D17CF481-13A5-453B-A97C-746C6C…)


No. 271042

File: 1532364801224.png (372.36 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

No. 271044

Barbie blonde is kind of dated now, Ombré is basic but current

No. 271048

Mind you I am referring to dye jobs

No. 271058

File: 1532367369259.jpg (154.85 KB, 1024x555, bingo.jpg)

>never been on a date
the only boy I've ever dated (he was an awful, narcissistic prick) never took me on an actual date.

I'm fat and can't handle alcohol because of the mood stabilisers I'm on.

Does being a moderate-radical feminist make me a member of a male hate group? :thinking:

No. 271060

>moderate radical

Please use some other term that doesn't set off my autism

No. 271066

File: 1532368499682.png (428.41 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

No. 271071

File: 1532369603452.png (379.32 KB, 1024x600, shit.png)

shit, stacy bingo

checked goddess status because of a combo of the other boxes (basically objectively pretty/skinny/dress well/good hygiene/popular with a large demographic/etc)

i spent my teens as a total legbeard, i don't really know what happened

No. 271072

File: 1532370387987.jpeg (156.88 KB, 1024x555, 38002871-E0B8-4D06-AC86-20A6BC…)

God I’m boring.

>tfw the only reason I don’t stand in the corner at parties is that I never attend parties

No. 271079

I meant it as "moderate-to-radical" with that hyphen, not "moderate-radical". And by that I just mean that I'm not 100% where I fall on the line, but it isn't libfem that's for certain.
Sorry to trigger your tism, anon.

No. 271116

File: 1532379811342.jpg (839.79 KB, 1024x554, fembot_LI.jpg)

I checked unibrow and facial hair but I do remove those.

I don't remove 90% of my excessive body hair - just on my legs and ass. My boyfriend doesnt mind the arm, armpit, and the vag hair so I don't bother with those because they're annoying and painful to upkeep.

My acne is almost exclusively on my ass.

I'm an antisocial weirdo and I can't communicate well with anyone outside my trusted circle of like 5 people

No. 272150

File: 1532612054933.png (384.74 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

i go back and forth between not giving a shit about being feminine, to being jealous of women who have the generic socially attractive features and can pull off being """""""messy"""""" in sweatpants and their hair in a bun for quirky points on tunglr without looking like a rotten potato like i do. i'm 24 and i'd rather smoke pot and play videogames than bother figuring out what looks flattering on my soggy carcass. my SO of 3 years doesn't give a shit about how i look either so i don't exactly have any motivation to try and look nice. all my clothes are pretty old and don't look good on me anymore, i don't think i have a single good fitting outfit but i just avoid going outside as much as i can for that reason lmao

No. 272414

Pls love yourself anon

No. 273093

thnx anon I try but ive been failing pretty consistently, i feel like i've been dealt a shit hand at life and am too depressed to do anything to fix it cause i'd have to fix everything from the ground up, looks, life skills, financial situation, etc.

No. 273211

Hiking gives you cankles?
Any kind of exercise give you cankles?

No. 273213

No, but it's not like the nerds who made this know what exercise does to your body.

No. 273237

anon are u me

No. 273248

I'd probably qualify but I don't consider it "involuntary". I'm just a social retard. I'd like to place blame on my family situation (dad's Alzheimer's and mom's now lack of companions or friends). But that's just making excuses for being a lazy sad sack.

No. 273262

This could be true.
I'm 26 years old I'm still a virgin and don't have friends.
I lived as a NEET for about 4 years; I have PCOS so I used to have acne and I'm really hairy but I have a good shape and a really cute face.
Around 3 years ago I started to work out, diet, take care of my skin and hair, bought new clothes, got a job etc so now I look pretty hot (only dressed because I'm a hairy monster naked). I worked at the same place for 2 years and lots of guys stared at me and some gave me compliments and asked what I do on weekends, what I like etc (but none asked me out).
I started a new work a year ago and a cute and tall guy started giving me chocolates and asked me out on the first week of being there, during the time we "dated" he never took me on a real date, we just walked and if we ate something I was the one paying, after 2 dating for 2 months I find out he is married, I feel pretty shitty but I stay with him because of low self esteem and stupid love feelings clouding my judgment.
This guy was a jerk, never paid for anything, talked shit about everyone at work, was rude to waiters and security guards, always nitpick about the looks of some women, racist, classist, tried to cheat on me etc.
I was just an inexperienced naive girl, I didn't know better.
This guy made me pay for a lot of stuff and I was always there when he had a fight with his wife (which was most of the time because he treats her like shit as well) biggest episode and the one that ended everything was when he had a fight with her because he quit his job and lived off her for like 3 months, girl just mentioned this to him and he lost it, told her about me asked for divorce and then went to me with luggage so that I can pay for a night at a hotel or let him stay at my place; since I was stupid, I payed the night and was there for him while he cried about being pathetic, whining about how hard his life has been and make suicide threats, next morning he dissapears to make amends with his wife and I'm left there broken, thinking about all kinds of scenarios about his death, my rejection, him having a good time with his wife, etc. He comes back 2 months later telling me that he is divorcing and telling me that he is looking for a place hinting that we should be together.

I had 2 months free of him to think things clearly, I was acting different towards him, I was no longer naive or submissive; he sensed this and dissapeared again.

Being hairy is both a blessing and a curse, he was always al over me kissing me and trying to take my clothes off. I never let him because of my body hair so we never had sex in the 8 months period we dated. I'm thankful because he was not my first and if the whole break up would have been even worse if we did.

I have savings for laser, but I don't think I want to to lose my virginity or let another person have this kind of power over me.
I now have friends (all are guys because I smoke weed with them after work) I consider myself their friend because they are no longer affected by me being a girl and can be themselves (they feel comfortable enough to talk about other girls and discuss their sexual fantasies, personal happenings and such) men no longer have that mystery, I'm not that naive anymore because of this jerk and that ruins it.

I hope I find a boyfriend someday but I think I have high standards (and most men my age are already in a relationship) and after the break up other people don't even look that attractive anymore. Does this goes away? I don't want to stay stuck on my ex and held him as a standard in looks.

No. 276570

I wish there were male prostitutes but for dating, in the sense that you pay them to be your boyfriend lol

No. 279385

there are in many countries. you can probably also just find someone via CL or something.


you forgot to mark the one that says you have autism

No. 279436

I just watched an ASMR boyfriend RP
and I liked it

I wish that too.

No. 279677

Only if you're high iq enough to have good income

No. 279809

Is it possible for a femcel to be more of a disgusting lowlife than a regular incel? or are male incels already the lowest of the low? can a woman ever sink to that level?

the only thing you ever hear about incels are how gross and creepy and useless they are so i was wondering if there was a female equivalent to that degree of degeneracy

No. 279810

Until femcels are running around shooting and killing people and chasing men on the streets pretending to rape them, then no, why is that even a question? No femcels will never be as bad as incels until several of then start going ER

No. 279812

Until a femcel goes on a murder spree ala their male counterparts, I'm gonna say no.

No. 279814

i haven't heard a lot about incels going on killing sprees? can you give examples? i guess i may have been a bit naïve in regards to incels, then. i only ever heard about them being gross losers who never leave their computers and blame the rest of the world for all their problems without any inclination to change.

No. 279815

Some guy who was sorta good looking drove a van into a crowd of people, and the given reason was genuinely because he is a poor incel. I can't remember if he hit anyone but he died himself. There are probably more but that's a recentish one

No. 279816

Elliot rodgers, the incel who killed a bunch of women in Canada, the incels who chase women on streets pretending to rape them, the incel who went to rape support groups to laugh and traumatize the women, etc

No. 279817

There was also the guy from /r9k/ who shot up his school around 2016. The v-tech shooter could also be considered an incel.

No. 280078

Inceldom is a fucking meme. Both male and female incels either don't put themselves out there or refuse to lower their standards. Getting laid is the easiest thing in the world if don't care about the attractiveness of your partner.

No. 280146

No. 280175

outside of the extreme, femcels and incels are exactly the same. despite what many anons will claim, femcels only don't engage in this kind of activity because they don't have the support system incels do, i don't doubt that they will eventually, and regardless of the statistics, some women will eventually commit heinous crimes because they are mentally unsound, but through the support of femcels.

a lot of anons are in super denial about the damage that this kind of group negativity does to their minds and i think that's a huge reason why incels can have the confidence to be living garbage. femcels will gain that eventually and go the same route.

incels will always definitely commit crimes more, because of how men are in general, but women, especially bitter and hateful women, aren't immune to it.


of course but incels and femcels think in super black and white terms and cannot see outside their box. they whine about not getting love or attention or sex, but then pile on the excuses when you say stuff like that. because in reality it's that they don't want to compromise their standards or make an effort, so they just bitch and moan to no end.

No. 281772

File: 1534532257739.jpg (761.64 KB, 1024x554, Inkedbingo_LI.jpg)

Eh,everyone was doing these a couple months ago but I wanted to try.

No. 281785

who's the famous person you slept with?

No. 282016

File: 1534612135575.png (364.07 KB, 1024x555, bingo.png)

No. 282022

How does being thicc but also weighing less than 120 work?

No. 282024

Thicc is defined differently, if you're short and 120 you can be thicc if your fat and muscle distributed good

No. 283058

>/pol/ and reddit lingo
jesus christ.

No. 503814

learn to speak english, fag

No. 503828

>ban gender crit/pp threads
>scrotes already began to openly post

enjoy your future lolcow, ladies

No. 503839

>an ugly disgusting Eastern European
You wish.

No. 503840

I’m surprised how mine went. I didn’t know how famous a famous person should be to count cause mine is just 2 indie film directors that 99.9 percentage of people have never heard of but they both have their own wiki pages.

No. 503841

File: 1578989535244.jpeg (159.14 KB, 1024x555, 26842EFE-7561-47C0-B65D-27FA69…)

Sort for doublepost- forgot image

No. 503843

File: 1578990201126.png (939.36 KB, 1920x1041, sketch-1578990099121.png)

I don't fit into either sphere. Guess I'm a basic bitch normie. Not complaining

No. 503851

File: 1578993256358.png (374.05 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

Guess I'm a socially awkward normie huh

No. 503854

File: 1578993872308.jpeg (147.6 KB, 1024x555, 37D6A9A5-DD1A-4FBF-9738-A849C6…)

No. 503855

File: 1578995102904.png (395.44 KB, 1024x555, IMG_20200114_124456.png)

Welp, time to Google how to deal with being a fembot

No. 503866

File: 1578999651110.jpeg (143.34 KB, 1024x555, F66D4AF2-6A17-438E-A72B-937EFC…)

Sorry this looks shit

No. 503869

File: 1579000810134.png (448.51 KB, 1024x555, PicsArt_01-14-03.03.05.png)

jesus I couldn't even do one stacy square, time to kms. guess never had to buy own drink is accurate as I have never gone out lmao but like that's not what that means I'm sure.

No. 503871

File: 1579001031508.png (445.57 KB, 1002x544, mhgfhfiuo.PNG)

No. 503878

File: 1579001986088.png (365.22 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

No. 503879

File: 1579002355454.png (358 KB, 1024x555, Untitled.png)

i get male attention because men think im special just cuz i "play vidya" and im decently attractive, im just pretty chubby. which is a weird niche for some people? anyway, not too angry with my outcome i guess

No. 503884

File: 1579004473649.png (365.08 KB, 1024x555, BINGO.png)

i'm a mean mullet dyke so yeah, was a stacy in first year of high school, then got depressed and realized that men are gross.

No. 503888

File: 1579006169595.png (362.45 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

No. 503891

File: 1579007111323.jpeg (144.57 KB, 1024x555, 71067DBB-C8A9-425E-A936-D76E4C…)


No. 503893

File: 1579007262269.png (376.39 KB, 1024x555, IMG_20200114_150357.png)

I live in a country where people go Dutch a lot and guys don't really approach you, most people stand 2m apart when waiting for a bus etc so I have never really experienced something like on the left.

No. 503896

File: 1579010417932.png (437.25 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

Not a Stacy by any means but not really a femcel either. My issue is that I have incredibly low self-confidence so even though I've had more than my fair share of romantic/sexual attention I never reciprocate or follow through with it because I'm uncomfortable getting close to people.

>never been rejected/constantly rejected

I didn't tick either bc like I said I don't ever allow myself to show overt romantic interest so rejection is out of the question.

> doesn't care about clothes

this one was hard because I don't give a shit about fashion or trends or ~looking hot but I do always try to look presentable and like I put effort into myself

No. 503899

File: 1579014292812.png (347.29 KB, 1024x555, stacyfemcelbingo.png)

No. 503900

the real goddess status

No. 503905

File: 1579015191115.jpg (235.41 KB, 1024x555, bingoedit.jpg)

Acne, blackheads, AND never rejected. Stacy bingooooo

No. 503945

File: 1579027208288.png (366.97 KB, 1024x555, bingo.png)

>tfw i could be a stacey if i wasn't so autistic

No. 503950

File: 1579027908220.png (367.51 KB, 1024x555, Untitled.png)

>tfw when you can't get rejected when you never ask anybody out in the first place because you know you will get rejected anyways because your a 4/10 and not even your looks match wants you.

Well, this was fun.

No. 503986

File: 1579037488673.png (372.82 KB, 1024x555, bingo.png)

fembot adjacent??

No. 504426

File: 1579148181121.png (394.95 KB, 1024x554, 20200113_204331.png)

Just like my mom said "you're average looking"

No. 504434

why was this thread even made active again

No. 504442

File: 1579153572125.png (355.72 KB, 1024x555, oof.png)

welp.. kek

No. 504474

That Stacy bingo is the most scrote thing ever.
I'm sure lc could come up with better ones.

No. 504479

File: 1579172680320.jpg (469 KB, 1483x836, lmao.jpg)

I'm fine with being a fembot but I like being friends with Stacys they're life experiences are fascinating

No. 504484

File: 1579174544471.png (374.99 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771 (1).png)

not really a Stacy, but not really a fembot either? pretty much been considered a prude by my friends and most of the people i meet at parties, i dont mean to be but trauma and shit fucks up any chance to form a trusting relationship with a guy.

No. 504485

File: 1579174708279.png (372.94 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

how over is it for me

No. 504486

ye. it's the vsco/mean girl stereotype and it makes me sad seeing women take this seriously.

No. 504487


make a new one then

No. 504666

it means that you're beautiful and have no need for a silly chart to define your femininity

No. 512511

File: 1581094171235.png (340.75 KB, 1024x555, 144762894509.png)

I'm not much of anything really

No. 512599

this thread makes me sad for women

No. 512677

File: 1581109963445.png (459.93 KB, 1600x900, Femcel.png)

Guess I'm a slutty femcel..?

No. 512742

Femcels are much more inclined to wear makeup and nice clothes because they think they are ugly and need to perform feminity.
the pic doesnt take tomboys into consideration

No. 512745

File: 1581122793870.png (374.8 KB, 1024x555, bingo.png)

slutty, but very Online

No. 512758

File: 1581126083090.png (354.11 KB, 1024x555, fembotbingo2020.png)

jfc am I the biggest femcel on lc???

No. 512760

File: 1581126463961.jpg (148.68 KB, 1024x555, IMG_20200207_194637.jpg)

I get like 2-3 zits around my period which go away quickly 🤷 still working on my social media presence but I'm in a committed relationship now

No. 512776

File: 1581128772995.jpg (120.38 KB, 1024x555, Image URL.jpg)

These bingo cards are poorly put together.

No. 512782

go back to instagram and stay there

No. 512783


I feel like there’s a lot missing. According to this I’m just socially awkward but not totally off the deep end.

No. 512784

File: 1581131240692.jpeg (169.03 KB, 1242x672, 9F1770E8-980D-42FB-8446-302B85…)

Dropped pic oops.

No. 512790

File: 1581132507210.png (421.58 KB, 1024x555, notsurewhattomakeofthis.png)

I'm a little of column a and a little of column b. Don't know what to make of that, really.

No. 512878

Half these Stacy experiences sound depressing and more like a pathetic pick-me.

No. 512897

File: 1581176366885.png (343.17 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

The only compliments that I get is either from my coworkers praising me at how much sympathy I show towards the paitents and how good I'm working despite my young age along with my mother occasionally telling how sexy/beautiful I'm when I dress up from my usual attire

I'm one kg away from 54kg and honestly I think I don't have much going for myself in social circles along with the fact that I'm terrible at online communication

No. 513245

File: 1581280029222.png (387.63 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

This bingo makes me seem really bland, it's a really dumb bingo though tbh

I don't consider myself a fembot since I don't have issues with making friends, getting boyfriends and I'm not that bad looking. My problem is that I'm too lazy to get out of the house so I rarely go out if ever, I only stay with my friends on a coffee or a couple of shots after class since I'm already out. I didn't go out properly for 6-7 years but that should change soon, hopefully. If anything I am a voluntary hermit and I'm happy with that, although I am glad I finally met a few people that understand me and are similar to me. Heck I even got a few compliments from my friends which was a surprise and completely out of the blue. I'm also in an ldr which only makes the problem of staying home even worse.
At work however my coworkers constantly shit on me and patronize me for seeming goofy, confused, clumsy because I don't wear make up. I work in a drugstore but still, kinda hurts to be the local clown, I have never in my life been made fun of so much.

No. 513254

>Done anal

my sides

having useless painful sex with a moid, what an alpha move

No. 513259

It's trying to convey how a Stacy is sexually promiscuous. Whereas a fembot has never had sex. Not that I disagree with what you said, but the chart was obviously either ripped from r9k or made by a girl with internalized misogyny.

No. 513261

Because that bingo was made by a scrot or a fembot. Selling his own interests as yours if it's the former, unironically buying into scrot memes if it's the latter. A real Stacy uses men for her own gain and gives back as little as possible, simply because she's hot enough to get away with it.

That said, I also shill the idea that paying all my bills and not even needing any sex in return is the chaddest thing a man can do, so if I made a chad vs virgin bingo it wouldn't be much different.

No. 513263

Yeah because sexual conquest to a scrote=alpha whereas if a woman has a lot of risky sex she's just making herself vulnerable. It's a chart made by a moid. All the Staceys I know are like >>513261 where they take men for all they've got and leave without giving anything back. It's average and ugly women that are shilled into thinking they gotta perform and give because that's who scrotes know they'll end up with. Not Stacey, because they couldn't keep her.

No. 513264

>ripped from r9k
good going, Einstein
The chart is dumb as fuck too. Who uses tape in the 21st century??

No. 513267

No. 513268

True stacymode is
>only sex she's ever had is unreciprocated cunnilingus, scrots feel blessed to partake in it
>doesn't even know what a blowjob is
>doesn't even have an asshole, what is "anal"
>married rich, cucks husband
>moids fight to be her paypigs
>automatically attracts orbiters by just existing

No. 513270

and it's embarrassing to see so many anons participate in this thread

No. 513272

>"Has a sex tape"
That's such a 1990s thing to do.
Also, outdrinking bar tenders isn't hard. It's not like bar tenders drink a lot. I know a bar tender who would drink on the job and that got her fired.

No. 513273

Anon's referring to the sex tape on the Stacy bingo card. Comes off as autistic because literally everyone knows what that means. "Einstein" indeed.

No. 513289

oh, i thought they meant literal tape, like, packaging tape. obviously anyone would read "sex tape" as "video you probably recorded on your phone of you two fucking". weird point for anon to bring up. what was her point with r9k and bot?

No. 513292

>what was her point with r9k and bot?
unless you're new to the internet, how do you not understand what she was saying

No. 513295

r9k on 4ch has a bot implemented on it to delete posts that are the same to prevent spam so people who use r9k call them selves bots or something like that idk.
So basically if you see anyone claiming to be a robot or a fembot they're from r9k. That's like their demonym.

No. 513303

>what was her point with r9k and bot?
Men that frequent /r9k/ refer to themselves as robots and women would be fembots.
When /r9k/ started turning from a comfy unique greenposting board into a board for losers/virgins/unhappy men robot became a term for that. People that were part normie would be called cyborgs etc. It's proto-incel culture kek

No. 513316

Someone should make a point based chart instead, the more points the more stacy. With certain stuff being high value and others negative value, or smth.
And we can discard this dumb one

No. 513317

This one is bretty good even though it's sort of for men

No. 513324

i got slightly strange, which is pretty accurate

No. 513337

I got Stacy at 125 points and yet here I am on lolcow kek.

No. 513351

I got 138 anon, you're never too good for lolcow

No. 513356

Your total: 80
Your class: Cyborg

NEET, mentally ill, and live with my mom but I have a bf and not a virgin and I'm fine physically so I guess it sounds about right.

No. 513571

132 reporting for duty!

No. 513617

I got slightly strange (almost normie, I’m moving up) and would say it’s surprisingly accurate. It’s a good quiz for people who realize there’s a lot of grey area and situational factors for determining Becky, normie, Stacy etc.

No. 513714

File: 1581383079656.png (447.1 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I don't go to parties but if I did I'd be in the corner

No. 513732

I got Stacey (128) lmao wtf

No. 513736

Your total: 69
Your class: Cyborg
>You are a sorry amalgam of robot and regular human. You linger in two worlds at once, an outsider to both the normies and the robots. As a result, you may be on your own with your feels.
All the stacies on this board i'm seething. I also realized that most of my point deduction stems from having an ED. IF ONLY I WASN'T MENTALLY ILL reee

No. 513741

117 Stacy because I take shit care of my body and it's affecting my mental health. Other than that I'm pretty stable in other respects. Just got kinda negged in the social portion because I don't speak to a lot of my family, which is for the better .
I've got a couple of accomplishments under my belt. I'm mostly independent, employed, and have higher education. The love market for me sucks right now but I've had a long term relationship. Too bad none of that shit can grant me the will to give a damn and bring back my self-esteem. What will it take? I'm at rock bottom for looks.

No. 513749

I can't get below 30, and that's being very hard on myself. Owning a car and having been to college hurts. No drugs or alcohol ever, though I am fat.

No. 513758

Yep, that's about what I expected.

No. 513761

Why the heck are so many anons getting Stacy points? Go to tictoc or whatever social media cool people like if you are that normal ;_;

No. 513808

I'm guessing it's because some of us have turned our lives around. My score is 136 but if I answer as I was a few years ago it's 55.

No. 513818

92! I'm happy with my life as is apart from my massive procrastination problem. Have a final due tomorrow and my dumb ass barely studied even though I had 2 weeks of free time

No. 513881

This. I get 125 points now at 28 years old but if I answer with my stats from when I was 20-21 I get 72 points.

No. 513939

I got Your total: 74
Your class: Cyborg
whatever that means

No. 513955

>Slightly strange
Pretty accurate. Feels bad man.

No. 513956

Total score: 41, Robot
The social one is what made me tank and if it wasn't for me being female I would've been a wizard apprentice, is this a good indicator that I should stop existing?

No. 513958

I think I only got Stacey because I don’t have parents and had to get a job and my own housing very early so it thinks I’m doing better than I am. Don’t worry anon I dropped out of HS and don’t know how to drive, there’s no way I’m actually a Stacey (most of you guys are going to college that’s fucking awesome dudes)

No. 514000

Nah anon, you can only go up from here. Life can change for the better very rapidly, just set up a flexible plan of self-improvement and the world is at your feet

No. 514130

110, normalfag. Annoying how simply being female raises the score significantly.

No. 517203

File: 1582413173060.jpg (781.19 KB, 1324x718, BeRHXIPKdckQa4m3ltt_Y7FSBjgAVi…)

I'm not as bitter as I could be but, yeah. Not that I expected anything different

No. 517239

File: 1582423621663.png (421.44 KB, 1024x555, sb.png)


Your total: 119
Your class: Chad / Stacey

kek. i'm far from a stacey. the bar is so low.

No. 517248


samefag; answered like i would've three years ago and this is the result.

Your total: 80
Your class: Cyborg

it's definitely possible to turn your life around.

No. 537051

What kinda bothers me about r9k is that it is the other side of the coin of the pink pill, yet both sides don't really see that it is more confirmation bias and groupthink than any larger sociological patterns. Don't 'robots' never come here and think "hey some of these people sound just as bitter as me, they're supposed to have perfect lives"

No. 537055

they're not the other side of the coin. not even close.

No. 537058

It seems like that from a (sort of) outsider. Especially regarding the confirmation bias and we-vs-them mentality. Pretty much all men and other women I interact with are perfectly okay people, and I don't think my social circle and area where I live is such a weird outlier. The echo-chamber effect is real.

No. 537066

I see lolcow got posted on r9k again. You fucking wish robot.

No. 537067

> Pretty much all men and other women I interact with are perfectly okay people

Nta but I could say this about a lot of men I've been friendly with in a casual way. But then any man I've dated has turned abusive and I'm aware that nobody else sees that side to them. Same with my dad or the guy nextdoor that screams at his wife for hours but is pleasant to me. I think guys can be fine as casual friends but I'm probably hyper aware now that many of those good guys aren't angels behind closed doors.

Kinda fucked me up that the most abusive man I've ever met was soo good at playing the nice guy in every other role in his life. I'm not taking that experience and going too extreme because of it but I can understand why some women end up going that way.

No. 537069

File: 1586119777821.jpeg (158.95 KB, 1024x555, 5BDACFB3-7DDE-4C18-8124-B0BE47…)

rip me

No. 537073

Yeah I definitely get it, don't get me wrong. It's a natural response, humans automatically generalize from experience. But I really hope the venting and echo-chambers don't push people too much into an irrational and bitter worldview that prevents their own happiness and affects that of newer easily-influenced users.

No. 537082

Femcel or fembot, people as whole cant get along. Even as stacy your husband will hate you and shit on you

No. 537083

*or stacy
Sorry I rushed my post

No. 537088

File: 1586122671865.png (379.46 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

i'm neither
the part about men is on me tho, i had plenty of chances but never really cared

No. 537092

File: 1586122931361.jpg (820.3 KB, 1024x554, Inked1526234855771_LI.jpg)

Am I the winner? Literally nothing from the "Stacy" side applies to me. If I was stricter, I could have checked even more boxes on the "Femcel" side, seeing as I would have a unibrow if I didn't pluck and while I don't hate makeup I also only rarely wear any. I only never get rejected because I don't even interact with guys to begin with and I have to dress modestly because I'm fat.

No. 537099

Also Robot with 39 points for this >>513317 because at least I'm not a druggie or a pedo. Great.

No. 537102

File: 1586123496633.jpeg (173.3 KB, 750x787, B6E4228B-79EF-4CFC-934B-C25951…)

Whoever made this bingo never met a Stacy in his damn life lmao All of it revolves around being a whore which all the fat girl white trash from your home town can easily check off. Here’s a revised version for Stacy.

No. 537103

but you don't get it. most men seem nice on the surface, very very few actually are.

No. 537105

I'd like to see a global peer-reviewed study for that with an accurate sample size…. Again, I don't trust the confirmation bias and we-vs-them mentality of random strangers

No. 537109

File: 1586124123701.jpeg (128.75 KB, 960x520, 67F1E911-6424-44EE-9A3A-8B7F74…)


No. 537110

Go be nice to men then. Lolcow is for ascended females only.

No. 537127

ok male. or a rly delusional woman. on one hand i wish i was still this naiive.

No. 537130

everyone in this thread should neck themselves, including me

No. 537135

sigh.. Can you tell me how your thinking in essence differs from the incels, or from a cult like the jehova witnesses, or white supremacists?
It's all the same: Echo-chambers and confirmation bias helping the innate we-vs-them thinking. People who aren't as extreme leave, and for the rest it's a one-up-manship of who can be more enlightened(/hateful)

No. 537136

File: 1586127673757.png (376.99 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

The "Seduced a married guy" was actually rape

I usually just get coffee at Starbucks. But I go a lot

>Messy hair

You try having thick wavy/hair

I think this just makes me a loser normie more than anything

No. 537146

you're sooo smart anon. definitely not like other girls! (men would never tell you this)

No. 537148

File: 1586129960646.png (46.7 KB, 213x192, bof.PNG)

this is you

No. 537152

I'd like to see proof for that. Why are men so demonic according to you? That's certainly not my experience. Not in day to day life, not in closer relationships.

No. 537174

NTA but I can understand where they come from, even tho I only had good experiences with men
The fact we have to be cautious when walking alone at night should tell something about men

No. 537176

People on this website wouldn't have such a problem with men if it wasn't for assholes like you getting in their spaces to tell them that their collective experiences are nothing but "confirmation bias".

No. 537314

Anal definitely shouldn't be stacy goals lol

No. 537318

True. Stacy doesn't have to wreck her asshole to get simps. Pick-me sex acts is fembot behavior.

No. 537320

Yeah, men obsessed with anal should do us a favor and go fuck other men instead

No. 537323

This chart scared me for life. I'm now planning to learn make up and buy more clothes because even if i don't particulary want a man i don't want to be called a femcel. Shit fucking sucks i wish i could just do my own thing without being called names

No. 537328

Do those things for you, Anon. The only people calling women Stacy or femcel are people on the internet, don't stress over it.

No. 537329

The whole Stacy side sounds like "easily accessible whore that fulfills my fantasies mixed with things I hate women for". An actual Stacy is confident, has good relationships, dates only guys that know how to please her and isn't an alcoholic with a destroyed anus and nudes leaked to every guy in her town lol.

No. 537330

was clearly made by a male. how is fucking 2 guys in a day hard or indicative of being cool or well-liked? it's literally so easy to do even if you aren't attractive

No. 537333

If I ticked all these boxes a few years ago I'd be a stacy but taking it now I'd be ticking an equal amount femcel boxes, don't get hung up on it anon. Alot of it is BS stuff seems really fucking important in your twenties and not so much beyond that.

No. 537378

File: 1586185082552.png (362.92 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

The hell is "Goddess Status?" Also <120lb doesn't mean anything special if you're shorter. Stacy side should be more focused on how many networks of friends/career connections you have/can build easily due to your looks and financial/family background. Sleeping around isn't hard, even ugly and fat women are better looking than most men by default lol

As for the other side, none of these things are actually what makes me feel like a femcel. Tentative highlights in yellow because I don't go to parties and depends on the definition of "date"

No. 537744

Incels made the term up to "get back" at the ones who "insulted" them (read: women) in the first place. So who cares what they think, just do your thing.

No. 538206

Am I the only one who has noticed that men follow the 80/20 rule they hate women for? They seem to think that the rise of e-girls is due to a handful of men gifting away their life savings when the reality is it's thousands of men across the globe all giving them small donations. Aren't the twitter flame wars a dead give away?

No. 538214

>Stacy side should be more focused on how many networks of friends/career connections you have/can build easily due to your looks and financial/family background. Sleeping around isn't hard, even ugly and fat women are better looking than most men by default lol
Agreed, the main metric I measure a Stacey by is popularity, with looks a contributing factor overall - ie the group of friends needs to be above average attractiveness, but they don't have to be 10/10s. Getting men is meaningless, it's too easy. Being attractive isn't enough on it's own, because if you're not well liked all you'll get out of it is dick. But throughout my life the main consistent factor is that Stacey has an active social life and a big social circle, with a core group of cute girl friends.

No. 538228

There's a articular male demographic that commits twice the average rape per capita and half of that violent crime, despite being a tiny (14%) fraction of the male population. You can halve the risk easily by avoiding that population.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 538238

>racebaiting in response to finding out men make up 50% of the population but 82% of all violent crimes
>being so bad at analyzing stats you didn't at least think to halve the magic meme number to look less obvious
What an embarrassing attempt at deflection. Your trad bf would be ashamed.

No. 538239

I already reported that assuming it was the scrot who's been posting constantly in the sex work thread and bragging about how he posts here all the time.

Men ALWAYS love to bring up statistics/probability for crimes when it comes to men of other races, but sleep when it's the overall statistics for men. By their logic we should avoid every single fucking one of them.

No. 538521

Read once more:
"tiny (14%) fraction of the male population

Now explain how a racial demographic can be 7% of men but 14% of gen pop.

Calling me male while being math-disabled yourself is peak irony.

No. 538550

not those anons but what the hell is this question? where did you get the fucking 7%?

No. 538555

let me explain it
The stats only account for crimes that had successful trials. If all the Asian men in the US committed murder, but all the trials came back 'not guilty' then the stats would show Asian men as the least violent even though that's blatantly false. So black people being more likely to get false accusations, live in over policed areas, and generally not have the money for a good lawyer will get more successful trials. Black people aren't worst, but are more likely to get arrested or get false accusations.

No. 538565

">being so bad at analyzing stats you didn't at least think to halve the magic meme number to look less obvious"

Witness reports of attacker race for homicide closely match convictions.

Clearly white people are so racist they tell police it was a black man and let the white murderer get away.

Actually your position is even more absurd:
Since the bulk of violent crime is intraracial, not interracial, it would have to be black people lying to the police to let the white guy escape.

No. 538570

>Witness reports of attacker race for homicide closely match convictions.
And again match convictions. Convictions aren't 'they did the crime', but 'we think they did the crime'. Biases prove biases. If a white dude had a witness, but didn't get arrested then they wouldn't go to your stat.
>Clearly white people are so racist they tell police it was a black man and let the white murderer get away.
I'm never said they saying they lied. I'm saying biases exist. If someone saw a 'thug' and a white man walk past the same crime scene guess who's getting arrested more likely? You didn't acknowledged biases, but assumed lies. You did not acknowledge the wealth disparity or biases
>Since the bulk of violent crime is intraracial, not interracial, it would have to be black people lying to the police to let the white guy escape.
What do you mean? If most crime is black on black, black people lie to let the white guy escape? Again biases not lies. Finally a black person isn't immune to biases and will think their race and other races are more/less likely to commit crimes

No. 538577

>actually arguing with the racebaiting male whose intention was to distract from the fact that men, of all races, are responsible for almost all violent and sex crimes

Men literally do not give a shit about rape or murder unless it's by another race, and then it's LITERALLY only because they are desperately insecure and angry about the idea of non white men fucking white women.

No. 538597

>If a white dude had a witness, but didn't get arrested then they wouldn't go to your stat.
That's the whole point. If a bunch of witnesses reported white murderers, without a matching proportion of white-convictions, it would show a bias in convictions.
Since witnesses themselves confirm the same ratio, the ratio is trustworthy.

Since it's capital crime, victims have the greatest incentive to report correctly and more people are likely to be interviewed compared to lesser crimes. This reduces the effect of people unintentionally reporting black when they should have said unknown.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 538608

This. Why is this shit being dragged out? Why hasn't the scrote been banned?

No. 538845

Nooooooo! You can't just criticise black violence, nooooooo!(ban evasion)

No. 540640

How am I supposed to deal with a femcel friend? Everything makes her depressed. She cries every time we go out and I get male attention.
I'm trying to help her by the way.

No. 540643

>crying over male attention
tell her to grow tf up

No. 540645

Seems like a tiring person, why are you still her friend? Genuine question

No. 540647

I can't blame her for desiring a relationship.
She can be a great person when she's not super depressed over men.

No. 540655

I think it really depends on how much you're getting out of the relationship. How often would you say she gets like this? If it's only a recent development, then maybe it's worth it to support her through it. She might just be going through a rough patch . If she's consistently had this issue throughout your relationship with her, but she's not like this ALL the time (ie: only 50% of the time or less), then it also might still be salvageable.

If it really is so bad that EVERYTHING makes her depressed and you're constantly having to support her, I imagine that's going to become completely exhausting and one-sided after awhile. If you feel like things have gotten to that point, it may not be worth it to try anymore. Relationships are about give and take. You can't just be supporting someone all the time when they're not able to give back in the same way.

I've had to let some friends go because it had been literally years and they'd just never gotten their shit together. I helped them as much as I could, gave emotional support, suggestions for improving themselves, but they never took any of it and just wanted to dump all their problems on me, claiming I was the "only one" would would listen. If I ever tried to talk to them about my problems, they wouldn't listen. That kind of relationship is just not sustainable. It's not right nor fair to expect someone to support you all the time when you won't do the same for them in return.

Your friend more than likely needs professional help for this.

No. 542096

i used to have that same friend, she ended up betraying me even when i gave her most if not all my attention ignoring my sexual partners to try to boost her confidence, i say drop the bitch she's just gonna start treating you like shit

No. 542111

What the hells the matter with you two?
Why are you getting male attention and why isn't she getting any? Since you two are friends aren't you two somewhat alike?

No. 542132

Not everyone wants to have a depressive male attention seeking friend around. There's nothing wrong with that.

No. 542141

nothing really wrong with me, i dont judge my worth based off if im getting laid and thought i had a genuine female friend who i could put trust in until she threw that in my face and used a bunch of things she only knew about me leak out all over facebook where all our friends and family could see because she was jealous of the fact that i had sexual partners and she didnt. this was after months of asking her what was wrong and sitting down with her nightly to make sure she was okay. she was pretty much my night and day for 6 months before she decided that i "needed to be brought down a peg" because i couldnt give her attention for 2 hours and i couldnt "share" the guys i was having sex with, like im SO SORRY that they werent attracted to you and didnt think that pity fucking a virgin was a good idea since they thought you deserved better which i agreed with.

No. 542148

Don't project your situation onto others, not everyone who is sad about being a femcel does that.
I should have known that this thread attracts baits

No. 542150

lmao if she dont wanna talk it out then the relationship is crashing hun, communication is key and jealousy is a disease

No. 542189

File: 1587113893104.png (404.83 KB, 1024x554, 20200417_015756.png)

I just wax off my peach fuzz.

No. 542198

File: 1587118012884.jpg (815.09 KB, 1024x554, Inked1526234855771_LI.jpg)

so i basically ticked off almost all of the boxes for femcel and only one for stacy which is being 120lb.
I dont know if i should be proud or ashamed.
But seeing some anons on here who are crackwhores,did anal,have multiple std's or slept with half the football team (aka have a double/triple digit body count) makes me feel better about being a femcel.

No. 542204

You forgot to cross out “superiority complex”

No. 542212

File: 1587121296244.jpg (208.53 KB, 1024x555, stacybingo.jpg)

I agree with >>537102 , also I don't get the alcohol part on the stacy and fembot sides. Most girls I've met that drink a lot (including me though I've had to cut down during quarantine lmfao) are a dysfunctional mess and definitely the opposite of a Stacy. Something like coke instead means having money and contacts though.

Also kind of dumb that there are 3 boxes related to body hair, facial hair and unibrow. They're all kind of related, I have all of them naturally because my hair is very dark, but I wax it religiously (and already got laser where it was the thickest) so I didn't know if it counts.


No. 542216

File: 1587122325617.png (374.73 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I spent 230€ on makeup once but I don't even use it or like it because I don't have the makeup skills and anything I do looks like shit so I am just bare faced 24/7

No. 542220

File: 1587123702944.png (385.82 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

Decided to do it to

No. 542238

> Why are you getting male attention and why isn't she getting any?
Do you really need to ask? Come on.

No. 542239

if you felt personally offended because you are probably one of those women i mentioned then thats your problem not mine.
the picture really says it all doesnt it lol.

Wonder why so many women who are walking stds also are jealous of other women……hmmmm seems like a common pattern.

No. 542243

you're really going to believe anything thats posted here anon?
Ofc she will make her friend look like this ''jelly incel'' thats common for women to do when they dont like each other they will talk about how the other gets no scrote attention and stuff like that.
In reality its mostly the sex worker/std bag/50 body count type of women who are super jealous and catty towards each other and constantly bully each other.
Meanwhile most femcels mind their own business are supportive of their fellow women and hate scrotes aka the male creature.

No. 543981

File: 1587460923186.jpeg (143.71 KB, 1024x555, 75B1FAB7-418E-4C78-A546-65BF7D…)

Nope, Anon, not personally offended. I just wouldn’t ever describe other women the way you do.

No. 543992

How have you people not have had sex? Am I posting with underages?

No. 543994

you sound underage with that mindset lmfao

No. 544000

Y'all are all under 120 lbs and it makes me jealous :(

No. 544001

File: 1587465884168.png (395.81 KB, 1024x554, 20200421_223759.png)

Grew up with negligent parents, raised on runescape. Female looks and male personality with a maternal instinct gang gang

No. 544019

File: 1587469896854.png (374.27 KB, 1024x555, yuck.png)

I've had some men be attracted to me when I was at my lowest weight 2 years ago but, I gained a hell of a bunch of weight and am basically a hambeast. There's a dude I flirt with on discord but he's only ever seen my face. The good thing is I'm starting to get my shit together and "glow up" so to speak.

I wouldn't say I'm full femcel but I was definitely on a downward spiral this year.

No. 544024

I mean with having to worry about shit like pregnancy, stds, pain, bleeding or sex just being shit thanks to inconsiderate/clueless guys.. I can see how some hold onto their V for a while into adulthood.

No. 544025

I thought Stacy meant the "ideal and perfect" woman. Is the "ideal and perfect" woman basically a whore?

No. 544026

File: 1587470793493.png (361 KB, 1024x554, 20200421_070609.png)

I'm somewhere in between. Probably because I'm introverted but I'm also a slut.

No. 544039

File: 1587472929519.png (439.21 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I feel like if I was born as a more extroverted person, then I maybe could've been a stacy in another life

No. 544109

File: 1587484697505.jpeg (126.52 KB, 902x488, 7B054719-F555-46DC-B084-08A22C…)

I can’t believe I’m a Stacy lol

No. 544432

File: 1587537849985.png (359.92 KB, 1028x568, god damn.png)

being a female bartender probably inflates that 'constant compliments' one a bit because on a busy friday/saturday night i get more complimentary customers than not (if that makes sense).

> <120lbs
> can't handle alcohol
i'm small so one drink's good for me

No. 544448

File: 1587543394251.png (402.78 KB, 1024x555, 158765571.png)

> both my parents were pretty chad and stacy back when they were young, dad was part of the rowing team and soccer team mom was the lead in a singing choir and a cheerleader.
>sister was a stacy, captain of the dance team, pretty popular in university, got married to a guy who is engineer.
>be me who is nothing like them, introverted to the extreme. only thing I got from mom was an acne free face.
>the only reason "I don't get rejected" is because I dont even try to talk to anyone unless its work related or normal everyday interactions

I am probably a big disappointment to both my parents.

No. 545261

File: 1587697953567.png (356.57 KB, 1024x555, f.png)

i have a nice ass/thighs but normal boobs. wtf does thicc mean anymore? also i didn't sleep with the married guy but he was really, really into me.

my skin sucks though and i'm a huge shut-in who'd rather watch youtube than go on dates. i enjoy being single even tho i feel like i shouldn't. also participate in plenty of anti-male thought schools. i think i'm 50/50.

No. 545275

good thing no one here has that damn haircut

No. 545298

File: 1587710026088.png (338.58 KB, 1024x555, dumb.png)

Th Stacy one seems bizarre and based mostly on fiction to me. Who tf has credit cards from multiple people? That sounds more like a credit card fraud than a Stacy lmao

Also what the fuck does "Goddess" status mean? How is that something you can even judge objectively? And who the hell knows how many pieces of clothing they have? I'm sure most people have around 350 items of clothing if you count socks and underwear.

Anyway I checked off the "dresses modestly" one, but I don't agree with the slut part? Being perceived as a slut doesn't concern me. I dress modestly because I live in a cold climate.

No. 545300

Highkey judging those of you that have slept with people in relationships. Like I get that both people are on the hook if cheating is happening, but come on. Also a married guy hitting on you is not "getting seduced."

Fucking based lmao

No. 545305

I don't have that specific haircut but I have been considering getting less severe baby bangs.

No. 545323

File: 1587717560963.jpeg (510.81 KB, 1242x707, D7D2A79B-E03E-4996-BA8B-8AFBFB…)

filling this out just made me feel boring lol

No. 545580

File: 1587757264462.gif (232.31 KB, 317x182, Sf5qh.gif)

Yeah, this "bingo" is crap. The person who made it couldn't even spell "believes" right, not to mention that it's based on really shallow notions. Like how D-cup automatically means big breasts(D-cup can be tiny if one has a small band size).

Can't we let this board die already?

No. 545623

i took that robot test and got "stacey".. which i don't even agree on. apparently, having your own place + a car + some hobbies + seeing friends sometimes and generally having an okay life means you're a chad/stacey. i guess by internet loser terms. i still feel like a loser sometimes.

No. 545676

File: 1587777333806.png (345.11 KB, 1024x555, bored.png)

I kind of wanted to star thic because i've always had a big ass compared to the rest of me but I don't think I would qualify truly

No. 545689

everytime i see a new post ITT i lose respect for my fellow farmers

No. 545696

Hide the thread then dipshit

No. 545710

was very shy and sheltered growing up, and very insecure about my body and sex due to being molested repeatedly when I was 5 (plus I grew up in a very small hick town where I knew every single guy my age and knew for sure I wasn't interested in any of them). I've overcome a lot of my insecurities and am fairly normal and outgoing now as an adult, but I'm so used to not prioritizing relationships that I still haven't fucked anybody at the age of 23. Not too worried about it, tbh. Sex as an insecure and mentally fucked up teen would have been miserable.

No. 545712

i spit on you and your ancestors' graves

No. 546454

File: 1587941935201.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270, 1525827394.gif)

Wow lol this thread is hilarious. Didn’t know y’all were farming yourselves for milk too.

No. 546461

this… doesn't even make sense

No. 546462

nta but are you mentally challenged?

No. 546463

how is filling out a daft bingo card farming for milk? oh looks anon's checks thread either have more stacy squares filled out or fembot ones

No. 546477

i'm assuming that anon is an ugly, embittered landwhale who's mad that several of the replies are coming from people who aren't also beasts

No. 546478

File: 1587947519272.jpg (69.97 KB, 1200x800, IWANNARIDEITALLNIGHTLONG.jpg)

No. 546538

don't make me 32 inch waist-chan you

No. 546549

File: 1587962514959.jpg (74.22 KB, 891x717, zZ86SqQ.jpg)

do it, faggot, i dare you

No. 546581


>An unhealthy desire for attention

>Failure to accept criticism
>A lack of self awareness
>Delusions related to their skill or self importance
>No willingness to improve upon their behavior

this has nothing to do with being a cow

No. 546810

Not that anon but hmm interesting that you think that NOT being a whorelett equals to being fat and ugly.
But the truth is that you are just a insecure pathetic slut who thinks that if you sleep with men that makes you worthy.
Didnt have to sleep around with everyone and still had so many men wanting me, now seethe thotiana.

No. 550784

I find it weird a lot of people on here say they have no job, never go out, have body hair, dont exercise, have acne, don't have friends etc etc

And then they finish off with "but my SO of 4 years is okay with things"

Like if someone in the other thread said their b/f was like that everyone would be telling them to dump his ass immediately lol

No. 550796

Men have astonishingly low standards in some areas, I don't think that's a good thing. They shouldn't be enabling NEEThood either.

I don't think anons are likely to tell anyone to dump their bf over nitpicky things like body hair anyway, but if someone comes here to complain about a laundry list of flaws in their partner obviously they aren't ok with it and should indeed dump him.

No. 550873

A lot of men want a helpless NEET girlfriend to feel superior to them.

No. 550898

I don't think the bfs are any better lol that's why anons are always venting about them or asking for relationship advice

No. 551656

File: 1588914793445.png (368.15 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I think i'm the only one so far that hasn't ticked off any of stacy slots….. sigh..

lmao for some reason now I want to stand and sit straight to get rid of one trait of being a femcel. So thanks I guess

No. 551663

Any decent man isn't going to break up with a girl just for having acne, body hair, etc

I know a lot of anons are dishonest about their lives though, including exaggerating measurements, lying about careers, etc because I really doubt married doctors, CEOs, psychologists, etc who go out with their friends every friday night end up spending years on a gossip site that includes teen level drama discussions about psychoanalyzing every single thing a cow posts

No. 551681

Age old question, but how low does one's standards need to be in order for their celibacy to be considered involuntary?

No. 551684

It's proportionate to their desperation.

No. 551701

File: 1588925557526.jpg (257.81 KB, 1024x555, IMG_20200508_020850.jpg)

Feel blessed that I have a half way decent face structure, so with makeup I become a solid 7 but just a face can only go so far when you're built like a fridge and have a shit personality.

No. 551702

File: 1588925592569.jpg (161.67 KB, 1024x555, hljoink.jpg)

this is the dumbest fucking thing i've ever seen on this board i s2g…did a 13-year old come up with this? lmao

No. 551996

Strang how may has "sex tape" checked. I'd expect it to be as common as "slept with famous person", but obviously it seems a rather normal thing. I mean why would anyone do it unless you have aspiration in the porn business?

No. 551997

I meant "apparently", not "obviously", sorry my bad english

No. 551998

I think they do it for private use.

No. 552027

File: 1588997420866.jpeg (156.6 KB, 1024x555, BBE3740A-B8F0-4206-9C92-B3CD72…)

I don’t have the best self esteem so I’m kinda surprised that I got bingo and had way more stacy ones kek. I marked thicc and fat cuz I’m overweight but not huge and I have an hourglass figure but my boobs aren’t that big but my ass and waist are pretty nice. Fucking two guys in one day was during a manic episode and I don’t have hook ups anymore.

No. 552032

File: 1588999082266.png (649.91 KB, 1249x693, pYX5wzs.png)

feels fuckin bad lmao

No. 552037

No. 552039

Anons like to over-exaggerated, by sex tape they probably mean taking a two second video of them masturbating and sending it to one person and now they're Stacy sex goddess Queens, and by fucking celebrities they mean fucking some shitty SoundCloud rapper or wannabe MLM/Bitcoin scrot who all still live with their mother and now think they're Marilyn Monroe

No. 552079

File: 1589021594491.jpeg (148.18 KB, 1024x555, 68EBF061-81BD-4AB7-AB14-84D782…)


No. 552081

File: 1589022473066.png (371.35 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

Why fear rejection if you can just never make a move on a guy? Simple as

No. 552084

Actually I don't think I've seen "slept with famous person" crossed even once. "Sex tape" on the other hand have like 15% to 20% I think

No. 552130

It's crossed off on a few anons, but due to access to technology and anons overexaggerating everything it doesn't surprise me most anons have it crossed off, now if they were actually honest and it was a full video with actual sex type deal then I'd be shocked

No. 552133

File: 1589039819669.png (363.47 KB, 1024x555, Untitled.png)

>either be loser with low self esteem
>or be loser pseudo prostitute with low self esteem who sucks off stinky scrotes basically for virtually nothing in exchange while getting her nudes leaked online as she tells herself that makes her “an empowered goddess stacy” to cope

Feels good to be a CHAD dyke terf while keeping orbiters around to manipulate into doing stuff for you at the same time.

I haven’t actually ever“seduced a married man” but I’ve had several guys already in relationships who flirted me or tried to make a move on me so it sorta counts i guess. Scrotes are fucking bullshit with no consciences rolf i don’t get the ones of you itt who are doing these unironically or who care that much about how many of them want to fuck you, the only true “femcels” are the women with such warped mindset lmao

No. 552145

File: 1589041109180.jpeg (7.49 KB, 228x221, images.jpeg)

>admitting to have never done some of the stuff in the bingo but still crossing because "it counts i guess"
>"if you take this seriously you're a femcel"

No. 552150

She's right though

No. 552208

Well it is lolcow afterall so most anons can claim to be rich elite businesswomen with model husbands and no one would know they're actually neets who work at Burger King

It's one thing I hate about this site tbh at least in /ot/ and /g/ anyway, so much dishonesty, like how back when people were taking "statistics" and every single person claimed to be rich and married, with body type threads all anons claim to be skinny with big boobs and butt and so on

No. 552306

File: 1589068918898.jpg (54.82 KB, 718x713, D5ILOexXoAU2Ek_.jpg)

>work at Burger King

No. 552349

Wait this isnt a role-play site??

No. 552443

File: 1589113307201.jpg (176.48 KB, 1008x442, bingo.jpg)

Straight up 50/50 for me, although "never rejected" just means I never approached anyone. I grew up in a pretty small secluded area and was the designated ugly weird girl of the class, although granted I wasn't even that ugly back then, I just had no idea how to style myself. I was certainly weird though. I was pretty lonely people would ask me out jokingly in a way to make fun of me. like I was so disgusting the idea of anyone doing that was a huge joke. I managed to be a KHV up until the age of 24, when I gained a little confidence boost from posting nudes online, and then a guy in my college class started making it clear he was into me. Of course I didnt know how to handle this attention and the jury is still out on whether he was a total fuckboy. But he was incredibly mentally ill and we were pretty toxic all in.Anyway, that was kinda just down to getting the fuck over myself. having it spelt out to me that despite the way I had always been treated, I wasn't totally disgusting and unlovable. I don't regret it. I'll never go with the femcel label, but I certainly had a lot of mental issues holding me back then. And even now I've reverted back to an autistic shutin. Still miserable. But I'm more at peace with myself now I guess. Only took me to get to 29. Kinda sucks ageing and actually becoming properly ugly now though

No. 552444

ps, the constant compliments are from thirsty men online. my real life self is quite different to some flatteringly posed nudes

No. 552480

File: 1589124079607.jpeg (214.3 KB, 1024x555, 64337F70-C14C-492C-8210-7192D0…)

I’m mediocre at everything

No. 552522

File: 1589136010742.jpeg (160.19 KB, 1024x555, D220C20A-6BDA-4418-9580-D57CDB…)


Tbh mild acne and a few blackheads don’t make you femcel.

Also there is like one Starbucks in my country, and people are are fucking introverted even really hot girls dont get that many compliments IRL outside of bars/clubs.

No. 552729

can't help but notice no one has fucked 2 guys at once.

is this because men are homophobes generally? 2 girls is hot etc

No. 552753

I've known plenty of guys who were secretly bi or had experimented with guys at some point while still 'living as straight' so I think it's less about homophobia and more about insecurity, men don't want their dick next to another guys in case they have the lesser dick. They also want any sexual activity to be heavily centred around them so mmf wouldn't supply them with that

No. 552771

theres that, but I'm more inclined to believe its mostly simply because far less of us even want to do that than say men who would want a lesbian threesome

No. 552824

I'm very monogamous and wouldn't enjoy fucking two guys at once.

No. 553976

Sounds like an assault just waiting to happen. I don't trust men enough for all that.

No. 554005

MTE. I'm sure it can be done under safe conditions but men are selfish animals in sex, and to combine that with another one? It sounds hot in fantasy, but irl would be terrifying.

No. 554013

I've never really heard of many women who would be into as much as men want threesomes with women. it's probably like two dogs fighting over a dog toy. No thank.

On the plus side, they are more likely to fight each other for hogging the pussy. It could only possibly work if the two men have more interest in each other than the woman.

No. 554040

Unfortunately, no matter what it's gonna be all about the men whether it's FFM or MMF. Two women service one man, or two men use one woman. I would love the role reversal of two men servicing a woman but they would just ruin it by thinking of the whole situation as a gang bang or running a train or some other degrading, pornish garbage that ultimately speaks to how little respect or concern they have for the woman.

No. 554116

File: 1589535544158.png (406.51 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

Normie I guess. I don't get the outdrinking thing tho. Alcoholism is more an incel thing and it makes you bloated and gross. Should have been coke.

Not necessary true. But a FFM must definitely be done by bisexual girls otherwise I don't see the point… Bisexual MMF are probably the best too.

No. 554123

I haven't gotten around to doing the bingo sheet yet, but I did it once. It was pretty great.

Yeah, my experience was with my partner and one of his close friends, so I felt safe. It's an extremely vulnerable state to be in. Definitely not a thing I would recommend unless one of them is your serious significant other.

No. 554172

File: 1589548605094.png (444.44 KB, 1024x554, Hmmmm.png)

Meh, it doesn't matter anyway because i've taken the 2dpill long time ago. I am also surprised that despite not having one bit of stacy traits a lot of 3dpigs were interested in me.

No. 554245

File: 1589565537813.png (357.46 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

Super boring bitch, but that's because I'm a weirdo with zero interest in romance or sex (the never had sex part is debatable, depends on what you define as sex), and I didn't even have to work for my two Stacy traits lol.

>uses multiple guys credit cards

Aside from the likes of Instathots, does any normie actually do that?

No. 554251

This is retarded. If you're above like 5'7" and less than 120 lbs you'd be a literal skeleton. And short girls can't be stacies lol.

No. 554267

This is literally how I am and I'm no skelly or ana-chan, do you use amerifats standards?

No. 554268

I’m 5’8 and 110 pounds and I’m sort of boney but I’m not a complete skeleton or anything. Frame size and body fat percentage matter when it comes to these kinds of things. Also there’s plenty of short Stacies. Most Stacies I know are under 5’5.

No. 554273

I agree anon.
I'm looking at the women on my body gallery and all the 5'7+ women weighing less than 110 look pretty spoopy or like they have obvious problems with food.
Some of them are straight up doing ana body checks lmao.

No. 554276

I agree with this and I'm 5'8". Whenever I drop below 120 I look like a skeletor. 125 is like the ideal weight for my height

No. 554354

>short girls can't be stacies
I don't know about this, anon, lmao

No. 554362

Is there a "femcel" place that isn't aggressively lookist (imo the most "male" part of inceldom seems to be this hyperfocus on appearance) or intersectional/gender critical etc.?

No. 554390

why tf would you want to join a femcel group

No. 554398

this is the most retarded thing i've read in quite awhile, thanks anon for having no brain

No. 571859

File: 1592486087493.png (84.81 KB, 1024x555, Untitled6_20200618180453.png)

I really wanted to get a bingo on the fembot one. Oh well. I'll get there soon. I think the Stacy one should mention having a lot of good friends and being social. It's an important element.

No. 572509

File: 1592605396554.jpeg (146.74 KB, 1024x555, 1EEA210E-4B4F-470C-9CCC-8443C2…)

Im still confused what a Stacy is tbh. All my crosses are just my sex life achievements lol

No. 572515

File: 1592607487495.png (369.38 KB, 1024x555, PU3tBwodRWfks2r_G5vdTIqz9PjuJQ…)

I just sound average. I don't cross "blackheads", because I have sebaceous filaments, and "can't handle alcohol" because I don't drink to begin with.

No. 572518

I honestly can't remember whether or not I've fucked two guys in the same day, and I don't know how to feel about that

No. 572525

How do you guys stay >120 lbs :((

No. 572531


No. 572532

File: 1592610945415.jpeg (157.88 KB, 1024x555, 8CEDC6A3-8D03-4E89-8047-45A900…)

This is odd

No. 572551

Being an ana-chan. Just eat healthy and exercise, genetics aren't worth the effort in fighting against.

No. 572623

File: 1592632996279.png (376.99 KB, 1024x555, 20200620_023035.png)

I'm not overcoming my unability to socialize any time soon. But thanks op, starting tomorrow I will get more serious about my higene and personal presentation.
Big thanks to my genes, if not, I will absolutely have a unibrown.
I was doubious about marking the alcohol one because I don't like it. Adding to my unexperience, my family has an odd history with it, so I'm not risking shit.

Is there any form to change a resting face? I have the biggest, cuntiest, of all the angry resting faces you've probably seen. And I make it everytime I'm focused, even if I'm having fun while playing something.
Classmates made fun of me and it always took time for every new person who cared to stop asking me if I was ok.

No. 572648

File: 1592644281479.png (392.47 KB, 1024x555, Untitled120_20200620040905.png)

I'm a mentalcel. I have pretty good facial features but I'm depressed and can't be fucked to put in an ounce of effort so I usually look like a dumptruck anyways

No. 572660

>2 guys at once
storytime pls

No. 572857

File: 1592686805869.png (400.26 KB, 1024x554, 20200620_215716.png)

Fear me for I am a Stacy

No. 572907

Did you never play bingo?

No. 572921

>gatekeeping a bingo

No. 572926

File: 1592699931428.png (138.88 KB, 1024x555, IMG_8701.PNG)

Despite my results, I wouldn't really consider myself a femcel or less sociable than the average person. Some of this stuff is more applicable to white women (dressing modestly, losing virginity, drinking) than myself since I come from an conservative/ South East asian background, though am still trying to improve my posture and eventually quit social media once quarantine is over

Also, doesn't this bingo seem written by a man?

No. 572952

>not knowing how to play bingo

No. 572968

File: 1592710259618.jpeg (145.55 KB, 1024x555, C60FA16A-3595-42B2-961C-69155C…)

The thing about spending to much time online, does Instagram count? Or YouTube. I think most stacys are glued to their phones. But I guess I’m a Stacy.

No. 572969

how can you be "thicc" and under 120 pounds at the same time? are you like 4'10?

No. 573002

nta but don't do it (unless they'll touch dicks and both finger you at the same time)

No. 574287


No. 574334

not OP but I'm 120 and 5'4 but I have big hips and thighs and everything above my waist is really thin which gives me an even more pear shape. It has to do with your body frame more than the actual fat on you.

No. 574447

Same, I won the genetics lottery and I could be such a Stacy if only I put a tiny amount of effort, but I'm probably autistic as I have 0 interest in social situations, I could spend my life at home without meeting people ever again.

No. 576576

File: 1593414218479.png (348.04 KB, 1024x568, chart.png)

30 years old femcel here. I'm probably more extreme case than most. I've never been asked out. My looks are 2/10 if 1/10 is seriously deformed. I've mostly accepted that I will die without even as much as hugging a guy but sometimes the lack of human touch kills me.

No. 576653

Was trufemcels deleted from reddit? That was like the only sub I ever browsed from that hellsite

No. 576660

File: 1593434055175.png (340.2 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771~2.png)


No. 576671

anon how is your confidence/what do your hobbies and friend circles look like? i imagine it's hard if you see yourself as a 2/10 but for what it's worth, i wanna give you a big hug even though i'm not a scrote.

No. 576714

File: 1593443592895.png (350.47 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

No. 576727

File: 1593445233932.png (366.49 KB, 1024x555, 2020-06-29 17.32.18.png)

No. 576735

File: 1593445670205.png (326.92 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771~2.png)

I wouldn't consider myself either but that's me lol.

No. 576759

File: 1593450780852.jpeg (109.8 KB, 750x385, EC3B70A4-FE6B-49F3-BA3E-A3D71F…)

No. 576797

File: 1593453765158.png (354.27 KB, 1013x544, i hate this.png)

Lost my virginity at 20, if I waited until after college I think I would have turned out worse… It was like a switch turned on and I realized that I didn't need to be such an ugly bitch.

No. 576908

File: 1593458626278.png (339.63 KB, 1018x546, femcel.png)

According to this I'm a Stacy.

I think I might look like a Stacy, and my sexual history supports that; but I am a radfem who spends a lot of time on this all-female imageboard, so I highly doubt any basement-dwelling maleoid would agree.

No. 576910

incognito fem NEETs, unite.

No. 576931

File: 1593459755896.gif (146.09 KB, 300x167, ripobama.gif)

I kek'd reading your comment. I'm not a NEET by any means (at this rate, I'll be in school forever) but I'm definitely not a normie in terms of my online activity.

In all seriousness, these bingo sheets reinforce how retarded incels are. Literally every single block on the Stacy side is about looks or surface-level experiences. I guess incels think that all women who sit around reading feminist theory in their free time (e.g. me, sometimes) are fat, ugly losers; and they also must think that all women with flawless hair and makeup are nice, conservative tradthots. I'd rather spend the rest of my life masturbating than sleep with a fucking misogynist.

Of course, not hating women makes you a simp to these autists, so I guess it's a lose-lose for them.

No. 576967

Both incels and femcels are beyond retarded, I saw this bingo on the front page and decided to check out. Imagine spiralling into clinical depression because of incredibly surface level and caricaturesque representation of society. Couldn't be me sis.

No. 576982

have to admit im impressed by 'multiple guys credit cards' and 'fucked 2 guys in 24 hours'

No. 576988

If I filled out the bingo I feel like it wouldn't really represent who I am today. I've done alot of the stacy stuff, most of the sex stuff and was desirable or whatever. I guess I still am desirable but I'm not exactly looking to be. I don't want that kind of attention anymore.

Now I just stay home and grow out my leg hair. I'm an ex-stacy?

No. 577039

It looks like the main mod gigababe privated all of her subreddits

No. 577083

Yeah, and the way some of them clearly feel like they're fucking Hannah Montana revealing she's really Miley Cyrus or something because they're a 'femcel' but don't fit the caricature and 'scored high on Stacy bingo!!!' like do you not see how autistic and stunted and disconnected from reality this is to any normal person who didn't have their worldview shaped by mentally ill incel subcultures.

No. 577145

File: 1593477725822.png (378.7 KB, 1152x648, Untitled.png)

I geniunely dont consider myself a fembot or a stacy but the bingo card never lies smh

No. 577278

File: 1593492169389.png (352.54 KB, 1023x553, bingo.png)

I'm pretty shut-in but I have a group of beta orbiters and sims even though I am a lesbian.
Still kinda normie in the end I think.

No. 577289

You people realize you need to complete a whole row, column or diagonal to win a bingo?

No. 577300

Sorry grandma

No. 577528

Go find something else to feel confident or inadequate over than an incomplete bingo.

No. 581211

File: 1594220983396.jpg (29.35 KB, 380x380, boo25b11nz741.jpg)

>look through site and catalogue
>it's literally just a female version of incel sites
As an incel, why not join forces? We both hate stacies, we're both atypical, both struggle with friendships/relationships, and both lonely. Looking through the board it's obvious that no femcel here is some turbo-stacy complaining about chad or something, at least from a cursory glance.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 581214

Femcels aren't real. Nobody wants you, good bye.

No. 581216

She’s way out of his league.

No. 581226

File: 1594223284160.jpg (18.65 KB, 275x275, flipped.jpg)

.ecnalg yrosruc a morf tsael ta ,gnihtemos ro dahc tuoba gninialpmoc ycats-obrut emos si ereh lecmef on taht suoivbo s'ti draob eht hguorht gnikooL .ylenol htob dna ,spihsnoitaler/spihsdneirf htiw elggurts htob ,lacipyta htob er'ew ,seicats etah htob eW ?secrof nioj ton yhw ,lecni na sA

setis lecni fo noisrev elamef a tsuj yllaretil s'ti>

eugolatac dna etis hguorht kool>

No. 581228

I mean, I'd agree but I don't know any femcels who want to rape and kill men, they're just fed up.

No. 581229

begone scrote, go cry about not being able to rape underage girls

No. 581730

File: 1594310416443.png (369.08 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I'm pretty much like you op, i agree with everything you said

No. 581763

File: 1594316993257.png (416 KB, 1079x585, IMG_20200709_194510.png)

I'm not sure why blonde hair is a stacy-thing or even counts since I dye mine dark brown and anyone who actually wants blonde hair can just bleach it.

No. 581817

I bleached my hair blonde once and probably only kept it like that for six months, the amount of male attention I got was unreal. I didn't even have long hair, only went from a brunette pixie cut to blonde pixie cut. It wasn't the type of attention I would even call flattering as it was mostly sexual, put me off going blonde again.

No. 581820

I'm naturally blonde and this was a big part of the reason why I dyed my hair dark brown. It's been like this for years now. Men freak out when I show them old pictures of me and literally beg me to go back. It's fucking retarded and gross. I've been treated like a sex object since I was 12 and I think a big part of the reason for that is my blonde hair. I almost don't want to go back out of spite, even though I actually miss my blonde hair and have all the products needed to go back lmao.

No. 581920

I legitimately don't like the "cultural divide" on the internet including that between male and female dominated spaces, but I don't think it's ever going away.

No. 581923

I once read about studies on blonde hair for women, on the femcel subreddit I think. Turns out there are all these studies proving that men go crazy over blonde hair, though there's also evidence that they'll assume you're a dumb blonde and easy. For a long time I just thought I was imagining it or over exaggerating it, because guys on the internet seemed equally enthusiastic about other hair colours. But they really are that shallow over something so meaningless and they really can't separate porn from life lmao.

No. 581943

I think a lot of famous porn stars have blond hair so it became sort of a sexual symbol. I think American movies also contributed to the dumb blond haired slut stereotype in foreign countries

No. 583008

File: 1594535798224.jpeg (847.42 KB, 1756x2048, CA2DE589-DD2C-4CA2-8BCC-ED928D…)

fuck the shitty bingo board. farmers which type do you fit into?

>closest match

the blocker
>aspire to be
the demon

No. 583010

File: 1594536663038.png (394.38 KB, 481x479, Osomatsu-san-2-18-37.png)

>mfw don't relate that much to any of these
>mfw usually relate to one or multiple on the male versions of these

No. 583011

I'm the sobber

No. 583012

I am a mix between the sobber and stalker without actually stalking (I’m blocked and can’t bother to make accounts to stalk lmao) and aspire to be a demon as well (tho I have been very close but just felt my soul rotting away even faster)

No. 583014

the blocker was a stretch in my case, what
male types do you relate to? this surprisingly left out female autists and sjws.

based and sobpilled

I was joking about being the demon (too autistic) but who needs a soul with those gorgeous red eyes!

No. 583017

>what male types do you relate to?
I agree that if I had to pick one I'd probably be The Blocker, even though I'm married. I'm more of the "female autist" archetype (and not ironically, I actually have autism.) Female socialization in childhood had basically no effect on me, was constantly picked on and isolated for being "boyish" and only wanting to play with boys, having "male" interests (vidya, collecting, RPGs, outdoors work), have never shaved my legs, armpits, or upper lip hair in my life, have known I was bisexual since 10, have been browsing 4chan and assorted imageboards since I was 11 or 12 (back in 2010.) My only adult interests are drawing, cartoons (resident /co/omer here), and politics. The list could go on. My only friend is my husband who's also autistic, bisexual, and has similar interests. Where's the femjak on that chart who just… doesn't care about male attention, or anyone's attention, and just exists? We're underrepresented.

No. 583018

> Where's the femjak on that chart who just… doesn't care about male attention, or anyone's attention, and just exists?
kek these men don't believe lesbians or women not interested in attention exist, we all need a good dicking I actually do but that's besides the point

No. 583027

In the past a blocker and stalker, currently relate to none of these?
I too aspire to be the demon though

No. 583068

sobber and trad except i'm still friends with my ex and am just averse to sex

No. 583070

The Thot & The Blocker

No. 583087

The disaster, mostly because I'm incompetent and have autism, but I care a lot less about it than this implies

No. 583094

>Closest match
Trad and Blocker
>Aspire to be
The spectre
Because she seems the most stylish out of the bunch

No. 583107

lmao the little coin purse in his hands is so cute

No. 583121

A man obviously made that shit, kek. All based on women who ignored him, he saw in public/social media and assumed shit about, or he had crushes on that rejected him. They're all written in too much of an outsider's perspective.
Some of them are funny, though. I'd like to be the tomboy or the crazy bitch.

No. 583183

>closest match
The blocker
>aspire to be
The sunshine I guess

Yes, just as cliché as this thread and the scrotes who post on it.
I don't starve for social aceptance. I just want to feel comfy with people around, even if I don't know them.

No. 583203

File: 1594572294064.jpg (17.78 KB, 640x480, 3cc049fab34363adeb3a74549bd644…)

i'm the ghost

No. 583264


dang anon, are you me?

No. 583293

anon same:
>closest match
the blocker (except I don't block people, I just stop talking to them)and a little bit of the disaster
>aspire to be
the demon

No. 583295

actually, more like the blocker and the ghost

No. 583300

So this is how men see women? Disgusting.

No. 583379

Spectre is the closest

No. 583456

>closest match
between the martyr, the disaster, and the sobber, god help me

>aspire to be

the sunshine

No. 583459

I know this is all just jokes but please don't actually aspire to be any of these two dimensional caricatures, the more harder you try to win on their rules the harder you will lose

No. 583460

I'm the closest to the tomboy. What retarded scrote made this? I'm embracing my femininity just fine, thanks.

No. 583461

No, they usually lump women into just one of two categories (madonna/whore dichotomy). The scrote that made this is actually better than most men, he even notices some personality.

No. 583469

File: 1594611001966.png (121.92 KB, 331x477, Untitled.png)

>haha none of these even apply to m-

No. 583473

I used to be the Sobber/Disaster but I got over that kek

No. 583474

Personality types that revolve entirely around men hardly count as seeing depth in women, just an overactive imagination when it comes to revenge fantasies and ideal waifus.

No. 583480

I'm definitely the Blocker. Aspire to be the Sunshine or the Demon.

No. 583499

File: 1594617427291.jpeg (210.94 KB, 400x534, 2823900A-BBDA-4C6C-9FD6-C07CCB…)

Literally "The nice girl" to a T except picked up some gross views from my 4chan addiction

Also "The Ghost"

No. 583501

combo of ghost and blocker



No. 583632

File: 1594645614878.jpg (6.26 KB, 282x178, download.jpg)

>aspire: tomboy
Finally, some intelligence

No. 583637

>closest match
the disaster
>aspire to be
the sunshine

No. 583840

looool im definitely the stalker, the only difference is I have no sm

No. 583883

> I actually do but that's besides the point

So… not a lesbian?

No. 583897

>closest match
blocker and the nice girl with a dash of the seed pit and the og sans the abortions and whatnot

>aspire to be

mix of the demon and tomboy but i still hate men hAHA

No. 593804

File: 1596193431614.png (390.46 KB, 1024x555, bingo.png)

I used to have this big fear of being a "slut" but honestly as I've grown I just don't give a fuck. Life is better when you do what you want.

And what is goddess status?

No. 593814

File: 1596195334219.png (333.63 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771~2.png)

I wouldn't consider myself either of these, but I guess I am more similar to a Stacy than Fembot.

No. 593834

File: 1596197736496.png (384.44 KB, 1024x555, 2020-07-31 17.13.21.png)

I was so close to getting a bingo smh
Also what would a sextape even mean? Like do posting boob pics online count as a sextape? I thought only celebs etc had sex tapes

No. 593882

why would a sex tape be a picture. A tape is a film. A film is a video.

Did you fuck on film? Yay/nay?

No. 593883

File: 1596201478963.png (406.88 KB, 1024x555, bb429b81-e14b-45e0-8145-eb7275…)

The only two things I regret were doing anal (it fucking sucked so badly) and trying to seduce a married man.

No. 593957

File: 1596211966064.png (377.47 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I always refused to do anal, guess I made the right choice.
Here's my results anyway.
I am married though, so I guess there's always hope even for a fembot.

No. 593959

File: 1596212481848.jpeg (260.81 KB, 828x474, 39A19591-78DA-4148-AF9A-036E4C…)

Blocker/trad, my big secret is I want to fuck girls

No. 593985

>closest match
The Asset.
>aspire to be
Either The Sunshine or The Demon.

No. 594042

>closest match
The Demon/Blocker
>aspire to be
The Sunshine

No. 594045

File: 1596223488636.png (413.46 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

OMG I'm the Blocker, this fits me to a T. My goal is to be the sunshine except with a wife.

No. 594077

The way it happened for me was I went on a date, he fucked and chucked me, I felt depressed so I met another guy off Tinder then the same thing happened lmao. I lost my virginity on the same day. I was also 22. Mix of Stacey and femcel in that experience.

No. 594078

>Is there any form to change a resting face? I have the biggest, cuntiest, of all the angry resting faces you've probably seen
Kek'd heartily

But yes, the way I did it was be hyper aware of my facial expression. Always reminding myself to check what I look like and change it if I'm doing a bitch face. Eventually a normal resting face becomes second nature

No. 594085

I wish I did. I was called "cute" at school for not having lost it yet. I finally lost it at 21 to a random because I was fucking tired of being a virgin. Not because of others, but it was ruining my confidence with men.

It was incredibly painful. I haven't had sex since because of the stupid virus. This summer I'm gonna go on a rampage and git gud at sex despite being a prude. I'm almost 23 it's embarrassing.

No. 594322

but at the same time, women don't want men less successful than them.

No. 594325

Have you seen how petty and stupid men act towards women who make more than them?

No. 632298


No. 632309

I'm way too similar to the Blocker for my own comfort, I even kinda look like the wojak kek. Only thing is I never block, I just ghost, blocking would be giving them too much attention.

No. 632334

Here anon you dropped this .<('u'<)

No. 632351

Unholy mix of the sober, the blocker, and the tomboy but even then they don't fit all that much.

No. 632358

File: 1600357413672.png (359.59 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

Surprisingly enough, I got a bingo in Stacy section

No. 632366

Anytime someone ticks 'seduced a married man' I'm always curious about the details lol
I feel like one of my old hook-ups was married but I'll never know for sure

No. 632398

File: 1600360910983.png (412.59 KB, 1024x554, 20200917_123742.png)

I don't really wear heels, more like combat boots or platforms.

NTA but basically I wanted to fuck this guy I worked with. So so badly, like whenever we would close the store together, I would constantly fantasize about going with him into the break room and fucking him. He was such a weak man, emotionally, and he always made me laugh. Always mocking his wife and telling me about arguments with her. "Sometimes you gotta just… y'know, break a plate. Scare your wife and kids a little." But really, he was a hilarious guy. I miss him.

Apparently he even told his wife about me and when she came into the store one time, he even introduced me. "Honey, this is Anon" and I just had to be like "Oh hey! I've heard so much about you!" (I totally haven't been flirting with your husband)

I absolutely wouldn't actually make a move on him though. You know, there's a such thing as a work wife/work husband.

No. 632515

he sounds like a shithead

No. 632575

File: 1600375350468.jpeg (539.81 KB, 1280x694, 1526234855771.jpeg)

I dont go to parties lol

No. 632584

Careful anon, someone will still come along and accuse you of humblebragging about your weight lol

No. 632592

Of course, what guy has a humble wife at home but then flirts with and makes his co-workers laugh when they're 1 on 1?

No. 632604

and they would be completely right LOL thats the only thing I have going for me

No. 632641

File: 1600382710106.jpg (175.75 KB, 1024x555, 534543645.jpg)

I'm sorry for the blogpost, but I have no one to talk about it, it's just venting
24, kissless virgin, no friends. I don't think I'm ugly because I've been complimented in my life but I most certainly look sick (I don't go outside much, not enough vitamin D I guess). I was diagnosed with ASD at 21, I never socialized properly and I developed severe social phobia. I can't even imagine talking to a man (most of my irl experiences with men involved either child molestation or bullying at school, after reaching the age of 15 I never talked to boys/men again, they scare me more than women, I feel like they would want to hurt me, sooner or later). Every time I try to step outside my "comfort zone" I'm embarassing myself. Can't talk to people like a normal person, can't look people in the eyes. If anything I didn't expect happens (and it always does, because there's no way to be 100% prepared for a social situation), I shut down or have a panic attack and leave in order to spare myself the shame (there's nothing more humiliating than having a public meltdown in front of strangers. I dropped out of college because of this). I'm tired of it and I know there's no point in trying. There's also constant sensory overload and problems with daily tasks. I know I will never catch up with my peers. I don't want to be a burden to anyone and I know no one healthy would want me. I'm afraid only creeps and narcs would be into me anyway because I'm very gullible and vulnerable and not very assertive and creeps fetishize that. So yeah, I think it's pretty much over for me. Every day I think of how I will die alone and no one except maybe my cousins will attend my funeral. I'm jealous of people who can function in society, have friends. Looks mean nothing when you're mentally fucked

No. 632682

File: 1600386765377.png (383.82 KB, 1024x554, 20200918_004123.png)

Closest to the blocker and the ghost minus the having had sex bit. Also I'm not a natural blonde

No. 632763

File: 1600396520721.jpeg (113.62 KB, 750x405, A849C858-5105-4CF0-A8B1-ABB72D…)

I’m basically just a slut

No. 632856

File: 1600411620082.png (341.48 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771~2.png)

My 20s were all over the place

No. 633239

File: 1600454966431.png (367.4 KB, 1024x555, 1.png)

I'm ugly but I don't know about being femcel, I have no desire to have a bf or kids, so I don't really care about men. They either ignore me or inconvenience me. I did lose my virginity to another virgin but it was mutually 'let's fuck I'm desperate to get rid of my virgin status'.

No. 633272


why do i find femcel cute though
ik as girl im not what she wants but shes much more down to earth and true to herself than stacy. to me

No. 633278

File: 1600457393778.png (339.54 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771~2.png)

Not a stacy or a fembot, just the daughter and the heiress of a shyness that is criminally vulgar

No. 633323

File: 1600459880180.jpg (67.77 KB, 736x736, 8a76ecfc8f731f829fa9890e80f835…)

All these dirty femcels, suck my ass

No. 633333

>anime reaction pic
you're probably a femcel too

No. 633358

File: 1600463183301.jpeg (150.73 KB, 1024x555, D561AA02-29C6-43AA-9E4E-FA45F0…)

>Can’t be rejected if you never ask someone out
The other ones with the dotted lines are because I don’t drink alcohol or go to parties, but if I did I would probably have a low tolerance and 100% sure I would also just stand on a corner without talking to anyone.

No. 633372

File: 1600464969960.png (372.16 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)

I guess I lean towards Stacey according to this, but I'm definitely more fembot recently. I haven't been laid since january and pretty much let myself go. I went back to college to change careers and couldn't give a fuck about looking good right now.

No. 633373

also just realized double stacy bingo because I was a hoe

No. 633383



No. 633384

>actually knowing the characters name you filthy fucking weeb


No. 633387

ah finally a great post

No. 633397

No. 633415

File: 1600467683039.png (381.71 KB, 980x547, Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 23.16…)

I'm reluctant to brand myself a femcel but recently I've just given up on dating, I'm 22 but already feel like I'm past my prime. I live in the middle of no where, all the men here are druggies or bullied me in high school. Women wont even look at me, let alone talk to me. I'm trying to get my shit together rn, so hopefully things get better

No. 633426

>I'm 22 but already feel like I'm past my prime
You're still very young, anon. And even if you were older, you still have the right to live your best life. Don't let men/society's retarded "hitting the wall" concept get to you. Your life is just beginning. As long as you keep putting in the effort, you can and will see improvements in your life.

No. 633429

Thanks anon, I know I have a lot of life ahead of me but I can't help but think about all the time I've wasted already, I guess it's just an unhealthy way to think and I should concentrate on the future.
I've lost weight recently and I'm taking meds for the acne, I think life will improve as soon as I get out of this hick town lol

No. 633433

File: 1600470005081.png (393.28 KB, 1024x554, 20200918_235917.png)

Huh, more of a Stacy than I realized

No. 633454

File: 1600475079343.png (383.51 KB, 1024x555, bingo.png)

No. 633466

File: 1600476576745.jpeg (170.4 KB, 1024x555, D315CC58-C80E-4CD2-B456-0D7C51…)

Gave in since I was curious. According to this i'm femcel leaning but I don't really care or think so lol. As in I don't angst over getting a man (not since high school lol) nor have much interest rn. But i also am cynical of them so idk, but what woman isn't

Did any one else have trouble with certain squares. like im not a 100% virgin but never did penetration so i consider myself a virgin, still having had sex tho. It was just one guy so im not a stacy by far i know. I dont want to be tbh, that life seems shallow and kinda reckless?

Im probably just a normie/awkward person with anxiety.. I think in school i couldve seemed femcel but i blame it on hormones and being younger&dumb&mentally unwell, and i still dated. I didnt always know stuff about clothes either but recently Ive been trying, so I feel good about this since a lot of them are things I'm improving on, for myself tho not "chad". Honestly i have this fear im hideous but it must not be too bad if scrotes like me even without makeup and when i had worse clothes/hair. but then scrotes can be desperate lol

ok sorry blogpost ik no one cares lol but Im kinda glad i did this surprisingly. good to be neither

No. 633719

File: 1600507984005.png (250.68 KB, 1021x554, 11.png)

I updated it to be realistic and not some incel's fantasy.

No. 633732

File: 1600509880415.png (328.57 KB, 1021x554, 2020-09-19 15.04.20.png)

I guess I'm pretty average. Feels nice.

No. 633806

File: 1600515597207.png (397.73 KB, 1024x555, 8DD55211-0F39-4605-8034-3DF9D3…)

I’m objectively attractive/confident in my looks…but I’m just a weeb and prefer staying home

Also not interested in sex despite being asked for it a couple of times

No. 633830

You should have kept the fucked two guys at the same time and instead replaced starbucks with exhibitionist. Literal homeless people go to starbucks.

No. 633841

As a gay I count all sex stuff as sex but for straights I always thought virginity itself was a very cut and dry thing of no PIV yet equals virgin?

No. 633878

>Men don't look her in the eyes
How is this associated with being a fembot? Usually only attractive men look me in the eyes, the less attractive ones often don't, I think it depends on confidence
>Literal homeless people go to starbucks
Maybe in rich countries, definitely not where I live kek

No. 633882

Do they mean men stare at your chest?

No. 633912

File: 1600528878727.png (254.06 KB, 1012x556, asdifghklesj,hrcluhre.PNG)


No. 633944

Don't look her in the eyes because they don't want to signal any interest to her, afraid she'll latch onto him.
It's expensive even in rich countries

No. 633978

File: 1600533498281.jpeg (583.99 KB, 1280x695, 1600507984005.jpeg)

i never needed braces so pretty proud of that even tho i lowkey wish i had (i think they're cute)

No. 633982

File: 1600534299037.jpeg (156.1 KB, 1021x554, 7DE01B82-228D-45F5-B22F-B1260E…)

tbh feels wrong even calling myself a femcel, i could easily get a bf but that doesn’t mean shit cause scrotes will fuck anything that moves and i have no faith in them to respect me. and i prefer women but too scared of losing friends to come out.

No. 633991

File: 1600535098527.png (232.38 KB, 1021x554, ywn_be_stacy.png)

Tbh I could say I probably smell nice but I don't even have anyone around to confirm that

No. 633995

Going starbucks still doesn’t make you a stacy. I should have said rich ugly fat people I guess.

No. 634127

File: 1600545993948.png (250.43 KB, 1021x554, 1600507984005.png)

Interesting tbh but I'm also suprised by how many farmers did not have sex yet, maybe that's exactly why I'm a stacy kek

No. 634133

>what makes a woman a stacy is anal and having sex with tons of men
you can tell this was made by a desperate male

No. 634164

File: 1600548948349.png (141.59 KB, 1056x590, stacy and fembot bingo.png)

How is this one?

No. 634169

Shit you nailed it. there goes my stacy points

No. 634293

File: 1600565631472.jpeg (722.21 KB, 1280x715, bingo.jpeg)

My chest is pretty flat and i'm scrawny and not what i consider hourglass but ig i technically am shaped hourglassly. I also sometimes get really depressed (or extremely lazy maybe?) and don't shower for a day or two. I don't do much physical activity though so it's not like i smell or anything. Still gross though, ik

No. 634315

File: 1600570067835.png (211.24 KB, 1056x590, 5433.png)

i get a lot of compliments on my outfits so i gave myself the fashion square

No. 634424

File: 1600592492366.png (353.91 KB, 1024x555, stillaclown.png)

i still feel like a total loser either way.
i suppose being a fatty-chan negates stacy status kek

No. 634438

File: 1600597789014.jpeg (195.27 KB, 1056x590, 595ABEFB-EC17-4DEF-8E24-FB6F54…)

I like this one, much more relatable than the caricature quiz of the OP. I guess in my 20s I’ve become hard Stacy-leaning after shedding most of my fembot traits including mental illness. Sadly still jealous of other women’s bodies sometimes due to an eating disorder, but for the most part I live a very well adjusted life.

No. 634449

File: 1600599262112.png (155.49 KB, 1013x549, woowoowoo.PNG)

nice anon

No. 634452

File: 1600601581244.png (373.36 KB, 1056x590, 2020-09-20 16.32.15.png)

Wow, I'm pretty pathetic.

No. 634454

File: 1600601671001.jpeg (182.77 KB, 1056x590, 04E55908-2584-4E95-9E85-2F3677…)

what i’m getting from this is i’d be a total stacy if not for my anxiety and speech impediment, kek

No. 634459

File: 1600602353572.png (136.57 KB, 1056x590, stacy and fembot bingo~2.png)

Nice work OP
The incel version let me believe I was a Stacey but I can handle the truth

No. 634465

File: 1600603690892.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1993x1117, 910F33E4-8CCC-4557-B9A0-269112…)

I didn’t think I was such a failure

No. 634466

File: 1600603767446.png (149 KB, 1056x590, fembot.png)

big virgin nerd with very niche interests and fashion.

No. 634473

Some very tidy use of the line tool here

No. 634503

File: 1600611368094.png (228.97 KB, 1056x590, 20200920_110821.png)

Maybe one day I'll be able to cross out "athletic" and "socially charming", sighs

No. 634506

File: 1600611713797.png (134.26 KB, 1056x590, 1600548948349~2.png)


No. 634519

vibrators have made men completely unnecessary

No. 634531

I would agree but I have this gay need for companionship

No. 634554

File: 1600618263312.jpeg (319.81 KB, 1242x692, B092D860-65BE-41EC-810B-E456C9…)

>would have crossed the halo effect if I hadn’t got robbed so much.
>is athletic but goes back to couch potato at times
We can do it, anons, we can become the Stacy with some effort.

No. 634598

No. 634606

At least it’s gay. Men still unnecessary.

No. 634610

All of them anon.
All of them.

No. 634631

File: 1600625565376.png (38.43 KB, 256x256, 456486.png)

>dated or slept with a famous person

No. 634639

File: 1600626472689.png (169.84 KB, 1002x563, bingo-.png)

Almost triple bingo.

No. 634712

File: 1600634112251.png (156.62 KB, 1056x590, 1600548948349.png)

There goes my Stacy status.

No. 635844

Wasn’t a Hollywood celeb or anything, he’s an esports star. He was a cool guy, and dating someone with a massive paycheck was pretty fun ngl.

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