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File: 1531513408674.png (19.58 KB, 1200x571, 2C546352-3AF3-4A74-9A8E-D19CC1…)

No. 267848

Post about the trash TV the airs on TLC. 90 Day Fiancé, Counting On, Dr. Pimple Popper, Little People, Big World. Lost In Transition. My 600 lb. life, OutDaughtered, Sister Wives, etc.

No. 267856

i watch My 600lb life because its my inspiration to work out but its also know that the ana community watches it for thinspo which makes me feel iffy about it lol

No. 267885

I can't stop watching 90 day fiance, at least the little they have one YouTube. It's so stupid, and the Americans are so so entitled many times.

No. 267927

Great job anon. I watch a lot of tv. But I’m interested in discussing some of these people. I don’t watch the shows tho so no milk

No. 267933

I am very curious about what is going on with James K from My 600lb Life. There is no recent information anywhere regarding if he’s still alive, lost any weight or dying from sepsis & kidney failure. It’s insanity that his body has managed to even function for as long as it has

No. 267949

Been watching 90 Day Fiance recently, all the guys are so shit, whether they're the Americans or the fiances. Like the guy who was pissed when his daughter told his young new Thai wife he was a cheater in his previous marriage, or the guy who got with a woman with a kid for then was all "I don't want to be a stepfather" after getting to the states. It's entertaining but so frustrating to watch.

No. 267970

File: 1531550787850.png (120.5 KB, 640x358, 2A4C279B-9448-48A3-A610-A268A1…)

I only watch 90DF for the shitshow that is Nicole’s life.

No. 267979

I love hate watching her. I also love Anfisa and Jorge.

No. 267982

If you are entertained by Annie and David's antics, just wait before you learn about Mark and Nikki

No. 267987

I'll have to admit that I'd fuck her bf, especially with those stupid glasses he has. I unerstand why she moved to Morocco lol
That said, she's so disgusting when it comes to food and the shit she feeds her (very cute) child.

The couples are all crazy, except for Alan and Kirlyam, who are super sweet together.

Danielle was such a fucking cunt. Just a raging crazy person. Too bad your marriage didn't work out (lol, he's normal looking and young, she's a -10/10 and looks a lot older than she is), but threatening deportation because your feefees were hurt and then lusting after your ex-husband for forever anyways?!

No. 267988

File: 1531554354072.jpeg (210.14 KB, 767x1024, 327CC3E2-DF65-43DA-BD12-ED0CA6…)

Anybody ‘member this show? Its amazing how much the dad just crashed and burned. I stumbled upon some interviews that he did on youtube post-divorce, and god he’s super weird.

No. 267989

File: 1531554690872.jpg (42.49 KB, 615x409, Achraf-Lazaar.jpg)

Wtf anon, Azan is such an ugly guy, he is the bottom of the barrel of arab guys.

No. 267990

File: 1531554905400.png (181.67 KB, 400x225, IMG_1076.png)

Sorry, the glasses just really do it for me.

No. 268001

I never saw the show, but I keep hearing the dad lost his shit. What happened and why are they famous, aside from having 8 kids?

No. 268012

they got famous for having 8 kids, stayed famous because Kate's a huge bitch. what happened to the husband tho?

No. 268015

File: 1531566983785.png (478.84 KB, 542x636, Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 12.1…)

I think something is seriously wrong with Danielle. Has anyone noticed her weird facial expressions? It seems like she's about to laugh all the time, even when talking about serious/sad things. I feel like she has some kind of learning disability or something.

No. 268022

100% downs

Anybody watch Hoarders? That's my shit. Gets me in the mood to clean my house.

No. 268025


I will never forget about that one woman that clogged her toilette and started to shit into buckets, so she could pour everything into huge water bottles or outside into her dooryard yieks.

And the worst part was that she had a poor cat living in this disgusting hell.

No. 268026


samefagging but that was just a surreal episode to watch

No. 268029

Her lips are purple are the around of her eyes is so yellow, wtf, she look like a cadaver.

No. 268030

How does this happen?? When she started using a cup to pick up the poop and piss out of a bucket into a smaller one with NO GLOVES I lost it but then it gets so much worse…

No. 268046

Didn't they decide to split right after the season where they renewed their vows, or am I misremembering? He was weird and she was awful

No. 268050

These scenarios are so heavily edited to look confrontational that it's impossible to tell how their interaction really took place.

No. 268066

File: 1531586704930.jpg (28.55 KB, 366x327, 1530548782895.jpg)

Fuck, I hate this SO much.
Why the fuck do they bother calling it reality tv when it's all clearly edited to ensure a certain narritive is "seen".

Charlie Brooker and his show Screenwipes has a great episode about the editing behind reality TV.

No. 268068

My anons.

I love hoarders. I don't really need them to keep my home clean but it fascinates me how extreme some people can manage to live, and what mental illnesses are involved to get them to that point.

The best (worst actually) is when the hoarders do shit like throw their children, spouses, and friends under the bus because they'd rather have their stuff than their relationships with people.

Did you watch animal hoarders as well? That's another shocking series, and sadly, the abuses aren't scripted..

No. 268081

Different anon, but the animal hoarder series ended up being too much for me. I always felt too bad for the animals.

One episode in particular, the woman was keeping baby farm birds(?) in these tiny ass cages which had literal inches of feces coating the bottom. Someone took one of the very sick birds out of the cage and held it until it died in her arms, it was so sad.

I was admittedly fascinated with the person who hoarded rabbits, mostly because of the sheer amount of chewing damage.

No. 268734

The best part of that episode is how she could never really understand how fucking gross what she was doing is. I really felt like she has some kind of mental disability.

No. 268736

I live for 90 Day Fiance, it's such a majestic train wreck of a show. If you've never checked out the subreddit you really should, they have me cackling every day. Though sometimes they get a little hugboxy for Nicole's body shaming and David's daughter Ashley, who started to post on there. I follow some of the social media for the cast, Anfisa is so snarky I love it.

No. 268744


Animal hoarding is the worst, I feel bad for the cats

No. 268747

I've been watching Anfisa's youtube channel lately and she seems really cool and laid back, not at all like she is on the show. I actually like her a lot ngl

No. 268750


She seems nice. But I don't like the way she pronounces "again" lol

No. 270449

Anybody keep up with Fundies?

No. 270460

Anfisa honestly seems like a chill person who may or may not have an undiagnosed mental illness and/or separation problems. Plus, George (Gorge?) lied to her from the beginning with that "I have money" bullshit.

No. 270470

Tbh I only watch 90DF just for her and Anfisa. Danielle is so delusional it’s so funny, but I honestly feel so sorry for Muhammad because he had sex with that stinky tuna fish

No. 270475

File: 1532218656637.jpg (43.56 KB, 500x289, 90-Day-Fiance-stars-Andrei-Cas…)

TLC is the junkfood of television but I can't stop. I hoped 90 Day Fiance was all fake like most reality shows but I've read that most of them did get married and the fake aspects are in the editing and dramatization of the fights. I really don't want to believe some of those woman are that stupid. Especially in the case of Danielle and Mohammed. She really blew off her kids for a guy looking for an easy green card.

Also am I the only one who thinks Andrei is cute? His accent and goofy kinda face is so attractive to me.

No. 270480

I know someone IRL who got rejected by hoarders because they said her house was too bad. Told her it would have had to have been a multi-part episode.

No. 270481

yeah and she was totally upfront about being a gold digger. she definitely needs a therapist but at least she didn't lie about who she was or what she wanted.

No. 270705

I used to be obsessed with this family back in the day. I would still occasionally follow them up to a few years ago when the Kate Plus 8 specials would regularly come out.

One of the boys has some really bad mental problems and gained a lot of weight with the medication he’s on. It’s pretty sad because he was such a cute kid. Also one of the girl sextuplets had a huge fallout with the mom and went to go live with her dad. But she always seemed kinda bratty, judging from the more recent specials. Aside from those two though, all the other kids seem fairly well adjusted all things considered. Especially the older twin girls, which is surprising since I thought they were gonna be huge hot messes when they got older. I think they’re turning 18 too iirc.

Kate might be a bitch but I always thought Jon was worse imo. He’s always has this poor pity me attitude even though it’s almost been a decade since he divorced Kate. At least Kate seems focused on raising the kids, which I can’t say the same for Jon.

No. 270801

>Kate might be a bitch but I always thought Jon was worse imo. He’s always has this poor pity me attitude even though it’s almost been a decade since he divorced Kate. At least Kate seems focused on raising the kids, which I can’t say the same for Jon.

Isn't that all divorced men tho?

No. 270816

Yeeees anon! Andrei is best boi

No. 270852

B-but 15k for a second marriage and he can`t work

No. 270865

File: 1532321619171.png (41.44 KB, 129x157, aaa.PNG)

if y'all haven't already i suggest checking out Auntie's advice on youtube she does great coverage on 90 day fiance, I've been watching her for the longest and I really feel like part of the family.

No. 270869

File: 1532322830063.jpeg (3.87 MB, 1477x1800, A95959CE-35CD-45F5-A6DF-78195A…)

I grew up a few houses away from the Roloffs. Had some classes with the twins, and theyre pretty normal.

No. 270908

I thought they were nutso christians, any dirt on that?

No. 271158

The Duggars are my original cows. The Free Jinger boards were my first gossip boards…

No. 271187

Yeah, they are. Everybody in this area is Catholic, but I’m not sure if they practice or not.

I see Amy at my work on the weekend sometimes, and she always acts like hot shit. Locals mostly ignore her. Nothing very exciting, wish I knew something milky. Don’t really live around them anymore, though I still see them sometimes.

Sage for uninteresting

No. 271214

The mom is a dead ringer for Onision.

I will never not pronounce her name as Jing-er instead of Ginger in my head.

No. 271346


I used to see the Duggars around town occasionally. I never really thought much of them, and certainly couldn’t tell them apart, lmao - a friend pointed two of the older girls out to me in Ulta once. I’d never watched the show, but started reading up on their drama recently and… damn. Talk about disgusting.

No. 271710

I live some-what close to these loons. I see Jon often, last time I heard he was working at some bar. I've seen Kate, but never had an interaction with her. Other people said she was mean though. Jon would shop at the grocery store I worked at. They are like local villains. No one likes them.

No. 271712

The 90 day fiance subreddit is pissing me off with the Ashley ass kissing. It's clear she is an angry woman with a lot of issues (who throws water at someone in public? Trashy) but no one wants to discuss it because she posts selfies there. It used to be one of my favorite places but she keeps popping up in the tell all threads.

No. 271732

She’s desperate for attention, any type
It drives me nuts too
I wish they had rules against self-posting—but idk, it’s Reddit

No. 272351

Can you tell us about the house?

No. 330716

Have you guys been following the new season of 90 day fiance?

No. 330765

The guy and the Russian girl (the 20 year olds) no amount of editing can "edit" out his attitude, especially towards her. Other than that, I never really watch unless my mum's watching it in the living space.

No. 330774

The fugly indonesian rich woman with the sweaty 40 year old who looks 50 is my favorite train wreck.

People cant stop talking about coltee and larissa but they are so boring.

Blonde girl and jamaican guy are boring af

Kalani pisses me off because she expects some rando isolated islander who gets excited about doors in a house to be a childcare expert. Kek at her thinking he cant be a good dad because he cant pick out baby pajamas by himself (and by “cant”, it just means he wanted to pick out pajamas that said “little bro” when he cant fucking speak english). Also there is nothing wrong with putting a baby his age on his shoulders. He was holding him upright and the kid can obviously support his own head at that age yet her brother tried to tell him that he cant lol

No. 331580

i think all the instagram drama has ruined this season a bit. colt and larissa would be so boring without all the ig shit.

i dont especially like kalani either, but why do people crawl up asuelos (sp?) ass all the time? i almost had a heart attack watching that babys head and neck flop around and im not even his mother. he seems nice from what theyve shown, but hes extrememly immature and clearly knows nothing about taking care of children even though he had over a year to prepare, and no, a baby that age cant support their neck properly. i wouldnt trust him to be alone with a baby at that point either tbh.

also lol at all the people in the subreddit who were defending stephen a few weeks ago, im glad theyre actually starting to see how scary he is, i hope the russian girl leaves him tbh, she seems mature and reasonable and the baby would be better off without his unstable and agrressive father. you cant edit that creepy ass pure rage stare into someones eyes. i knew something was up when he starting throwing a tantrum because he wasnt allowed in the delivery room.

the indonesian girl leyda (?) is awful and her fiance looks like he smells of wet dog and old cheese, but i had a good laugh when instagram finally suspended her account.

No. 338521

>The fugly indonesian rich woman with the sweaty 40 year old who looks 50 is my favorite train wreck.
Mine too. Their segments are basically the only ones worth watching imo. Leida's rotten personality is hard to comprehend and it's baffling why Eric sticks around. Tasha's the only one reasonable person in the whole situation and it's sad that her father doesn't stick up for her.

No. 351894

I honestly hate What Not To Wear. I have no clue if airs anymore, but they strip away all originality and personal taste from the people they style. They're all dressed like someone's middle class snotty mother in law- even the younger ones. I get not wanting someone to only wear graphic tees or tripp pants but seriously- there are better ways of 'updating' a wardrobe and keeping their tastes in mind.

No. 351966

Leida is a classic narc who still thinks she's 22 and hot and deserves a rich husband for existing. She's probably the worst person on the show after that old dude with a 19-year-old Filipina wife.

No. 352683

Which season can I start with of 90 Day Fiance and get to good entertainment straight away? I'm watching the first ep and I'm really not keen on a bunch of ugly white nerds getting girls way out of their league bc they're from poorer countries, it's gross. Needs some drama to balance it out.

No. 352708

Before the 90 Days. Trust me!

No. 352784

Darcy and Jesse from Before the 90 Days.

No. 352861

Before the 90 days. This should have been the bread and butter series because there is more drama to be had with people going to other countries. I actually hate the actual 90 day fiance because its always so boring

No. 352976

Yea. Reddit’s obsession with Larissa baffles me. I’m gathering the sub is full of moms

No. 353256

You guys are missing out in the US. In the Netherlands we have top degenerate kino with a real life show about a couple who is transgender. The 'man' recently got a baby.

No. 353258

Relating to Larissa, she got arrested for domestic violence, but claimed that Colt attacked her, yet the police said that they were self inflicted..
I really doubt that Colt did any harm, or if anything he did it in "Self defense" or accidental. This isn't the first time she's been arrested for domestic violence involving Colt.

She's just batshit, and expected some rich American dude and got a nerdy dude with mommy issues.

No. 353271

I don't remember which season in Before, but the one with Paul and Karine had me rolling.

No. 353272

Larissa is funny af but is also a fucking basket case. My fave overdramatic reddit comment stated that Colt was miles ahead more abusive than steven (i dont even think steven is particularly abusive, just an idiot that throws a tantrum when whoever tells him no) Lol yeah okay reddit

No. 354017

they have a nice bird

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