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No. 282896

A lot of people featured on this site are bad artists, so this is a place to post any art advice you may have.

No. 282904

File: 1534706624513.jpg (103.06 KB, 949x1262, 3927eb4f-b94a-4677-a2cc-397437…)

Some tips for beginners or those looking to improve their art:
>Don't shade with Black
>Draw what you don't want, it takes you out your comfort zone
>You can use more than 3 shades of the same primary color for skin, like blue or green
>Use references, always, it's not cheating, it does not make you a lesser artist
>Draw outside of fanart, anime, cartoons, etc.
>Always draw everything, don't hide the hands, don't be afraid to make a million mistakes or make it ugly
>Your drawings do not have to be pretty, especially if you are drawing women
>Perspective makes your art more interesting

No. 283065

> Don't be afraid of re-doing whole works or needing more than a handful of sketches before you figured out what the magic 20% are.
> Don't feel discouraged if you never finish a couple of works. In fact, most artists have a whole batch of pieces they never finish.
> Life studies are better than reference photos (and also harder to do)
> Try out different art styles. You also don't have to settle for one style.
> Don't obsess over having your own style. This is one of the things that develop over time.
> Watch other artists' processes (like speedpaints on Youtube or live streams)
> Join art communities on whatever platform you like. Art can be a pretty lonely pastime, so networking helps a bit.

IMO, the most important thing I had to learn needs a bit more explanation:
>you don't always improve your skills to "produce" art at the same pace as you improve your skills to recognize good art

For example, you often think that whatever you just drew looks fantastic and you are pretty impressed with how you improved over a short time period. Then you start the next piece and you think it looks like shit. In many cases, your ability to recognize good art and your own mistakes improved more than your drawing skills. This happens to almost everyone. Also, a part of the improvement process involves consuming other peoples art. Artists should look and enjoy other people's art just like authors should read a lot of books they didn't write.

No. 283599

>Besides just a generic “draw everyday,” allow your first few drawings of the day to be bad. Most likely you need some adjustment as you begin to draw so don’t give up right away because the first drawing is shit

No. 283953

No offense anon but this sounds like a 14-year old artist on deviantart trying to tell 12-year olds how to draw without offering much of substance

No. 284606

right, especially the "dont shade with black". some people even say to never use black period. thats bullshit, it really just depends on the style youre going for. know when to use which color, but dont just never use one because someone on the internet told you its a no-no!

No. 284607

not shading with black is mainly talking about for shadows where you have to blend color, cause it looks muddy or messy some of the time. it's more for still-life pieces or realism anyways where you really need it to look lifelike.

No. 284620

Oh man I thought the same thing but I didn't want to sound cocky. It's like advice on how to not utterly suck instead of how to get above and beyond

No. 285063

Just keep practicing, okay? I might not be a great artist, but practicing every day has helped me improve a lot over the past few months. Draw using reference, do studies, look at anatomical diagrams and actual people as they move to understand how the muscles work under the skin, etc. also, growth mindsets are helpful. Looking at a man re talented artist (especially when they’re younger than you) can be disheartening, but you have to be inspired and want to draw when you see good art instead of being discouraged that your art isn’t that good. I hope this helps someone.

No. 285383

How do you guys motivate yourself to draw? For me its discipline but sometimes i lack alot of it haha

No. 285403

What I usually do is try to mix "guilty pleasure" art and actual practice. For example, if I want to draw a certain character, I'd draw them doing different dynamic poses so I can improve my posing and anatomy skills. Idk if I explained it well

Also art promt generators are a great resource

No. 285416

Basically what >>285403 said. If I want to practice backgrounds I'll reference a photo and draw a character I like in the environment. If I want to practice portraits I'll draw a person or model I admire/stan. I also try to figure study via croquis cafe before I start each drawing session, but my discipline is admittedly lacking there and I often only manage a couple times a week.

In terms of just getting the pencil/pen/stylus in your hand in the first place, try listening to new music or podcasts/youtube videos whenever you draw. I like listening to true crime the most for some reason.

Disclaimer: I'm not a pro at all, or even that good. I just draw every day for fun.

No. 285440

Any tips for getting back into art? I used to love drawing for a long time but gradually started losing motivation & got into a depressive slump and now I haven't been making art for a few years now. I'm a little intimidated to get back into drawing, especially since I want to do realistic art now whereas before all I drew (and all I knew how to do) was shitty cartoons and anime. I just don't really know where to start. Any advice is appreciated!

No. 285583

Maybe try out a new medium. I get really excited about traditional stuff; I still have to try out gouache but it looks so fun! So maybe buy a couple of inexpensive but pretty supplies that you really want to use.
I also found that following smaller art tubers who have a different day job and/or are really really passionate about art and their characters inspire me a shit ton. Also challenges - start small, work your way up. And don't beat yourself up if something looks like shit. Happens to the best of us. Good luck anon, I hope I could help a little.

No. 285978

Any advice on getting better at line art? My lines are so shaky and bad I hate it

No. 285992

super generic advice but draw a lot. Do exercises, like drawing s curves and c curves, varying the thickness of your line, form studies, relax your arm and draw from your elbow and shoulder.

And always focus on the overall construction of what you want to draw, add details last. big > small

You will improve your line quality with time.

No. 286196

Draw a bunch of dots and connect them with lines.

No. 288111

When using references or observing models, don't copy, instead analyze. What's more important than your hand is your mind.

No. 289215

draw cubes from different angles/perspectives. it helps so much with anything you want to draw.

No. 291512

My lines are always so scratchy, any advice on that? When I sketch I always have these sketchy lines and when I try to ink over them it looks awful. Should I try to draw from reference more to get better at looking at forms and using fewer lines?? What do I do???

No. 291530

can someone explain to me what drawing from the shoulder means? like, i get it, but my stupid head just won't wrap around the idea. what is it supposed to feel/look like? i can't tell if i'm doing it right.

No. 291534

Use a lighter leaded pencil, I like 2h for outlining as opposed to the standard 2b. Lines will come out much lighter on the page and easier to erase.

No. 291547

It just means to draw with your shoulder moreso than your actual hand. So essentially, don’t rest your elbow or hand on the table, use your shoulder to create more fluid motions. Practice by standing at an easel and trying to create a perfect circle without bending your arm or using your wrist to control the pen. Try it a number of times and you’ll get the hang of using the ball of your shoulder joint instead of your wrist

No. 291550

This video may help. Basically, loosen up. When we write, we tend to hold pencils in a pretty rigid way. And when we translate to drawing, some people will try to draw the way they write. This can cause really short, stiff strokes of the pencil (also called "hairy lines"). Instead of just moving the wrist, try to steady yourself and move from the elbow, or arm. It'll probably feel weird at first, and in the case of the shoulder, it could even hurt at first if you draw for a long time. But keep with it, and it'll create better lines.

Most importantly, don't think you have to stick to one way to hold a pencil. Different drawing techniques and different sizes can allow you to switch up. Use shoulder/elbow stuff for larger drawings, gesture drawings, laying in anatomy, etc. Then when you get into detailing stuff, you can switch to a more typical writers like hold.

No. 297074

No. 297093

I have this exact one, I find it really great imo and especially for the price

No. 297097

Hey does anyone know what this anon means by the magic 20%?

Also I realize that style is a personal thing and it develops over time, but I feel like my style isn't "smooth" enough and everything looks rigid, despite drawing dynamic poses and whatnot. It's like something is fundementally wrong and unprofessional looking with everything I draw. Has anyone else experienced this?

No. 298559

This anon here.

"The magic 20%" refers to the idea that 20% of your time spent on a project determine 80% of the outcome, while the other 80% of your effort only affect 20% of the final results. This idea implies that a good preparation is the key to creating something of quality.

Art related example: experimenting with sketches and the right references to find the best (and anatomically correct) pose with the best perspective does influence the finished piece much more than adding 409573457 kawaii-desu-ne light effects to the character's eyes.

No. 298714


Try looking at artists who make the kind of art you want to make. example: do you like the vibrant, textured paintings of van gogh, or do you prefer the intricate and smooth designs of mucha? Hit up pinterest, or even better- if you have a local library with books about art or art history, go there. people really underestimate how great libraries are. if your community has a local library, it's a massive resource and… it's FREE. FREE!!! Completely, totally, no money down, FREE. If you have money to spend, maybe go to a local art fest or visit a museum. If you want to get back into art, you can't just say "oh i want to draw realistic art". because that can literally be anything. That kind of choice cna be really intimidating because theres a huge variety of thing you can do with it. Narrowing it down to a particular influence, medium, or era can really help you discover what you like.

it is kind of tempting just to look at whatever fanart gets posted on tumblr, but tbh, I find that in order to see skilled artworks, pinterest and IG are actually a lot better. I'd skip youtube as a resource bc it seems like most art youtubers are like, anime and cartoon stuff and most of them aren't that skilled.

No. 350930

So, I recently got back into art, started building up my supplies again, studying and drawing on a daily basis.
As I built up my self esteem a bit, I would like to post something here and there on some social network.
My first thought was Twitter, but I would like to hear some suggestion from you on which site is best as a starter, which one is more easily manageable and how to manage it. Every suggestion would work, even a "don't" tbh

No. 350937

Does anyone have recommendations for a screen tablet? I'd prefer a more portable one, rather than a big one.

Currently using a Wacom Intuos, but I want to upgrade. As for budget, I guess I wouldn't want to go over $700?

No. 350958

I recommend instagram if you draw/paint traditionally and are looking for a follower base. For whatever reason it's easy to quickly get noticed just by using a few art tags, probably because so many people use it. Its certainly easier to get noticed than on twitter/tumblr/deviantart. Image quality is garbage if you have crisp work though and you can't upload from desktop.
From there maybe go to Twitter once you have enough devoted followers and you want to post your thoughts and opinions.
Just my 2 cents.

No. 351635

File: 1547049312392.jpg (8.08 KB, 251x218, cat_im_confus20110724-22047-q1…)

Is there any learning material (as in tutorials, tutoring artists to follow, books…) you guys are particularly thankful to, that helped you a lot when you were beginners?

Also: I'm a beginner and I've been watching lots of tutorials on Youtube but I still feel like I'm missing on many things. Sometimes I watch sped-up art progresses, sketch to lineart to color etc, and there are those small things that every artist seems to know but I can't find in those tutorials. For example, shortcuts. The artist using a huge brush on the eyebrows and only that lined up area getting colored, even though the strokes were ending up all over the place. The artist coloring the entire face blue and then clicking something and it becomes flesh colored? What did they click to make it change color, and why didn't they color it flesh pink in the first place? Stuff like that.

Also: I have Photoshop CS4 and Krita. I'm currently using Krita because it seems more noob-friendly but I think it conflicts a little bit with my tablet (the stylus sometimes disappears and it's not detected for some seconds), should I get a more updated PS or Paint Tool Sai or Clip Studio Paint?

No. 351658

The artist coloring the eyebrows was either using a transparency lock or a clipping mask. Transparency lock only lets you edit the color of the pixels that are already colored in. Clipping mask on a new layer (layer B) makes it so that the layer only shows up where the layer below has filled in pixels. I've attached a video that explains it. People use bright neon colors when filling in areas to make sure they filled the whole thing in. It's easy to miss a spot.

If you want help you can add me on discord at Temp#3474

No. 351781

I need camera recommendations. What works best for filming time lapse or art videos?

No. 351795

photoshop is overrated as fuck for anyone who's not a pro/in the industry or something. it's overkill for a hobby artist. the fact that it is subscription based now is such a scam. get CPS when it goes on sale (which is often).

well, wacom just released a cintiq for only $650 that looks pretty good, but if you want something truly portable that you don't have to have attached to a computer, you'd need a surface or ipad. the 2018 ipad is pretty cheap and works pretty much as well as a pro, it's just smaller.

No. 351957

Since we’re on the topic of digital art, what are good Mac compatible programs for beginner digital artists? I’ve had the cheaper version of photoshop before and know how to use photoshop pretty well, but I could never seem to use it for drawing. I wanted to try paint tool sai but I think it’s only for PC.

No. 351988

I use FireAlpaca. I needed to fiddle with my security settings on the Mac but it runs fine for me. Pretty basic but not in a bad way.

No. 352000


There could be two reasons for the face to be painted blue originally:

1. Sometimes skin color is hard to see against the background of the painting, to make it easier to see if it is going within the lineart they use blue first and then change the skin color afterwards.

2. Another likely reason is that they are using the selection tool to choose where they are going to fill skin color. In some programs, for example Paint Tool Sai, the selection tool is blue colored!

If you have any other questions I've been painting digitally for almost a decade and I have experience in quite a few programs so I should be able to answer a fair bit!

Good luck artists out there!

No. 352008

FireAlpaca and MediBang are pretty good programs if you’re just starting out. I like to use clip studio paint, but it’s kind of pricey unless you get it during one of their sales

No. 352058

I'm trying to sketch more but I hate how pencils look and feel. Maybe I'll try col-erase pencils.

No. 352072

Any fellow artfags that would wanna maybe startup a discord? I’m trying to improve this year by doing the 365, god damn is it fucking hard when you don’t have a social group that has an active interest in art/illustration. We could swap tips, encourage each other and offer critiques, and we could even share artwork we love/hate

No. 352089

Yes! Good idea, I'd join.

Thank you for the help <3
Also later I'm going to add >>351658 on discord!

No. 352162

>doing the 365
What is that?
I'm also interested in a discord.

No. 352171

I'm interested too!
I don't even know what 365 is.
Would a complete total beginner like me be welcome?

No. 352198

Maybe also try the last artist standing challenge that originated on /ic/? I did it for a while, good accountability plus you can chose to stick to their discord if you don't want to touch 4chan

No. 352218

I found nothing when i searched for this, can you explain what it is?

No. 352219

I found nothing when i searched for this, can you explain what it is?

No. 352261

File: 1547144016934.gif (137.68 KB, 640x480, 1536336767425.gif)

I've had a hard time with my life recently which made me drift away from drawing.
Now, however, I have a lot more free time on my hands I'd like to start again, but I'm obviously rusty and seeing that makes me not want to draw.

I also feel kind of bitter seeing other artist thrive on social media knowing I could have been as good if I had practiced more.

How do I get out of this rut? :(

No. 352262

By drawing, anon.

No. 352273

one of my new years resolutions is to try drawing at least every other day (being realistic here lmao, I tend to go on inactive month long stretches) so I'd love to join too!

No. 352303

Wouldn't posting a discord invite be considered adertising and be against the rules?

No. 352314

Contact me at the email address provided if you are interested in a server that is explicitly meant to help people stop wasting their time on imageboards, and make progress in what they desire (drawing in this case) instead.

No. 352492

365 is just when you create something every single day, hence it being 365. I figured it’s kinda just on the tin. But yeah, if you guys are all interested in a discord for art how would we go about inviting everyone?

No. 352520

Thank fuck I was scrolling by and saw this. This is exactly what I need! Will contact soon.

No. 352818

I don't get it, is it a art help server or some other "stop wasting time" motivational thing?

We could create the group and post the invite link here

No. 353189

Link to the server https://discord.gg/ZBBCcJ6

I’m not too well versed in Discord, so bear with me. I’m open to suggestions for channels and the like, so don’t hesitate to throw ideas
Beginners and more advanced are all welcome, just thought it’d be nice to create an active community centred around helping each other get better or just whine about art woes

No. 355652

File: 1547830230723.jpg (610.88 KB, 1490x2320, 5faaf38f2d8f0b0a7.jpg)

Could anyone tell me what sort of brush/art style is pic related?
Is it gouache?

Another artist I bumped into while browsing the procreate site since it was mentioned in another art thread, is siobelee. I love her style but I wish there were tutorials on it.

No. 355663

This looks like vector art with textures

No. 355665

was just going to say it's vector art and it looks like they used a canvas texture brush on it.

No. 355671

Found the artist, they also include a process video in that post so I hope that helps you, anon

No. 355685

Thank you! I started doing vector art myself, just in affinity designer. I wasn't sure how they achieve that effect but now thanks to anon, I'll be able to figure out.

Thank you once again! I'm going through some of his vids and now know what to do to achieve that effect of grain and noise texture. Hopefully, I'll be able to replicate it in affinity designer.

No. 355946

In traditional art courses using black straight from the tube is generally discouraged. You basically do what Bob Ross does and mix blue and brown for darker shades which emulates black/dark grey when you mix it equally.

No. 356132

File: 1547898904425.jpg (298.68 KB, 1296x866, 1882-sargent-el-jaleo-the-span…)

No. 359236

Got back into drawing this month after not doing art for about a year. Art leaeeaaannn is killing me (I've always had it, but before it was very subtle/hardly noticeable)

Do you anons have any tips that can help me? I've been flipping my canvas a lot when doing digital and using mirrors with my traditional art, but I'm still struggling.

No. 360833

So I have been drawing with a pen tablet for 3 years, so my muscle memory has failed, and I have a bad habit of chicken-scratching.

Are there any ways to help make my lines not shaky and tips to help me draw with my shoulder? I’ve been trying to decrease my stabilizer one at a time, but that doesn’t help my “drawing with shoulder” deal.

No. 360834

It feels that whenever I do line art, the depth of my sketches goes away.

Any tips to help me on this?

No. 360835

any tips on drawing better backgrounds?

No. 360836

I've been going through some color theory videos and this guy has some nice references and explanations, but my God, why did he have to put overly sexualized 3d art of some girls as some examples? It's disturbing because the cartoonish style is usually aimed at children so I associate it with pedos.

Btw, does anyone have any good books or resources on color theory? I'm practicing shading, mid tones, hue shifting etc. but I really want to master it as much as possible.

No. 360837

I need help on where to put the wrinkles on clothes.

No. 360840

anon, learn to sage. also, buy a few stress balls with different firmness or a hand trainer. it'll build your hand muscles.

No. 360877

Nta but why would they have to sage? The question was in with the topic of the thread.

You can find tutorials on youtube and instagram (on art tutorial accounts), you can also google "how to draw + (clothing you want to draw)" for examples. Once you learn where to put the wrinkles when drawing, you will be able to do it without references.

No. 360908

they were the same anon 5 posts in a row within 10 minutes, i should've been more clear about that.
you can try adding weight to your lines. look up tutorials for weighting line art, super helpful

No. 375586

does anyone else have a problem with starting to draw something in a certain way/angle, and you turning it into something that's a totally different angle on accident or something? i don't know how to explain it and it always happens when i'm sketching to the point where it's like i've drawn two different pieces of art???

No. 386931

File: 1552647257034.jpeg (104.45 KB, 1242x511, 6F7AE7A1-F192-4A16-BC68-3ABD22…)

Is this a good engagement rate for an art page on insta? Is there a way for me to boost it and gain a bit more traction?

No. 386990

has anyone personally ever trained their non-dominant hand for drawing?

No. 387008

More important than the engagement rate is the relation of users who already follow you to those who are completely new and the absolute number of actions taken of users from that post onwards (i.e. people liking, saving, clicking on your profile, clicking the website link, following you etc). The more actions you generate, the better your post performs. In addition to that, 100% engagement rate is pretty bad if all that came from already existing followers only.

You can gain exposure on Instagram by liking posts similar to the content you post - people who are into figurative drawing will most likely be interested in other posts like that as opposed to fashion. Find out what hashtags are most commonly used to describe the content you post and mass-like. This also has the benefit that you learn how to "correctly" tag our own content (i.e. #doodlesofinstagram is actually not often used to show art, but instead the dog breed with the same name; #artofinstagram contains a lot more traditional paintings than sculptures and digital works)

Last but not least: network and post until you bleed: Find people with similar interests and interact with them. Find so-called "boosting groups" consisting of similar content creators that like each other's posts to boost it a bit through the algorithm. Post constantly, like constantly and comment constantly. Try out different posting at different times. Try posting a story a week (people will get special notifications if you post a story after a week or so of not posting).

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