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File: 1538056394411.jpg (54.93 KB, 700x489, Difference_between_cats_and_do…)

No. 301081

Any farmers on this website that actually DO love dogs?

This thread is for posting >personal experience with dogs
>dog memes
>health advice
and so on.

Shitting on cats and their owners is not necessary, but permitted.

No. 301084

Plenty of people love dogs op

No. 301085

At least you finally made your own thread instead of sperging up the other one.

No. 301087

This isn't me. Sorry you can't handle criticism.

No. 301088

Criticism for…?

No. 301092

File: 1538057684830.jpg (121.48 KB, 960x958, 1510106086569.jpg)

>inb4 catfags take the bait
>inb4 spergouts and mass bannings

why do this OP

No. 301102

>Shitting on cats and their owners is not necessary, but permitted.
You know, not everyone in the dog hate thread loves cats, OP. What a petty thread.

What's up with the influx of shit threads lately?

No. 301110

Yes but it seems to be an unpopular opinion on lolcow. I am not asking if any person in this world loves dogs, just it there are anons here that have something nice to say instead of hating on them
The pic in the other thread does suggest that cats are superior to dogs.
Frankly I personally do not hate cats, but the topics are so closely related they would come up anyway.
Catfags can make their own thread as I did

No. 301129

>The pic in the other thread does suggest that cats are superior to dogs.
No, it really doesn't. At all. It's just a dog who most likely had it coming getting kicked in the face by a cat.

>Frankly I personally do not want to admit I hate cats, but I will indirectly admit I encourage hating cats and their owners and welcome it in my thread.


>Catfags can make their own thread as I did

Or you could've made a pet love thread and tried not to get triggered by the inevitable cat posters. Then, we wouldn't need two threads with such closely related topics that are only separate because the OPs are petty fucking children.

No. 301135

>Frankly I personally do not want to admit I hate cats, but I will indirectly admit I encourage hating cats and their owners and welcome it in my thread.

Because OP is the same sperg who bolted from the dog hate thread after she told to leave and hide it. Made this thread within 30 minutes of her last reply even.
Of course she's a child.

No. 301187

You are triggered cause you love shitting on dogs (even when it does not make sense) but can't stand someone saying something possibly mean about cats.

Now take your own advice and stop ~infighting~ and shitting up this thread. Go back to your designated dog hate area. You are derailing.

No. 301192

It's not that you're saying something mean about cats (because you actually haven't so far, ironically). It's how you're embarrassing yourself by making this thread out of spite and having a little tantrum in the process.

No. 301194

File: 1538061582611.jpg (15.17 KB, 369x305, 1535484208569.jpg)

No. 301202

File: 1538061772085.jpg (29.54 KB, 480x462, no god.jpg)

No. 301205

anon the original dog-hate thread was made cause someone was sperging in the unpopular opinions thread and flounced the same way the OP of this one did.

you can't just tell someone to leave a thread and follow them to the one they made and get pissy.

No. 301208

I love both dogs and cats. Animals are great.

No. 301209

File: 1538062062264.jpg (221.47 KB, 1920x1200, doggo&kitty.jpg)

I love dogs and cats equally, they both have their perks and for Gods sake(!) it's not a competition.
I really want to adopt a puppy and a kitten at the same time some time in the future, when I have more stability, so that they can grow up as friends, or at least cordial roommates.

No. 301214

I didn't know that, but who says I'm pissed? I think it's hilarious.

No. 301217

File: 1538062367972.jpg (38.69 KB, 480x354, 1479437551130.jpg)

contributin doog mem I guess

No. 301218

eh, you're shitting up a thread that's not for you and are going to get banned, seems really unstable behavior if you're not upset.

No. 301219

i had a dog who was about 5 years old and got an older cat and they became best friends!

it was the cutest thing ever. yellow lab and a grey longhair, they'd sleep curled up together.

No. 301220

I haven't shit on dogs at all in that thread, only some bad dog owners. I don't hate dogs, nor do I adore cats, but I also don't think getting so upset about the dog hate thread that you make a cat hate/ dog love combo thread out of spite is a rational thing to do lmao. Who's really triggered here, anon?

p.s. how can one shit up a thread that was shit from the start?

No. 301222

Currently sitting between my two cats and two dogs all on the same couch… I honestly couldn't choose between cats and dogs and I think anybody who thinks they have to is a little bit retarded

No. 301224

File: 1538062680647.jpg (52.56 KB, 425x408, 1509378232346.jpg)

My dog once killed a cat who kept climbing on top of the wall between the yard and the street.
The cat liked staring at my dog getting angry at him for sitting on top of our wall.
One day, the cat slipped.

It is a story of great moral value: do not be arrogant.(stop)

No. 301226

I doubt the mods will ban us just because we're making you upset, OP. If anything, I think it would be more likely for them to make a pet love general and lock this thread once they see the sad motive behind it. You know, you really do act like a child.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 301228

This made me crack up anon! Thank you for the life lesson

No. 301235

I love my (grandma's) doggo so much guys

No. 301236

Agreed. I like dogs a bit more because they seem to appreciate you more but cats are great too. Except when they stratch you lol.

No. 301239

File: 1538063623024.jpg (89.3 KB, 720x261, pugpug.jpg)

I think about this ASW comic every now and then and just want to cry.
I'm adopting a puppy soon and I am already horrified about it growing old and dying. I love dogs so goddamn much. They have this purity and kindness about them that is overwhelming.

Years back, my mom managed to snatch an almost dead min pin mix from the street. He got abandoned at the train station and kept waiting for the owner till he starved to death. The poor dog was horrified of people so much he did not dare to take food from anyone. He spent his days nervously roaming around the station. When my mom caught him, he was too sick to move and just skin and bones. He also lost sight in one of the eyes due to being hit by a car. The vet managed to save him in the nick od time.

It took years for the dog to learn how to bark and to not be afraid of his family. A broom dropping to the floor made him pee himself and show his tummy. He was terrified of loud voices and sudden movements. His previous owner not only starved him, but also was physically abusive.

The min pin has been living with my parents for 8 years or so and is the gentlest, kindest creature I ever knew. Every time my knees hurt, he could sense it and licked them. He never did it for anyone else. I had to stop him the few times when my knees were bleeding and not just in rheumatic pain. He is so happy when someone pets his sides, gives him food (a side-effect of his shit owner starving him is that he is obsessed with food to the point of swallowing everything in a second, and constantly begging for food).
He loves toys, cuddles, food and sleeping. I don't understand how could someone be so cruel to such a gentle soul.
I wish he lived with us always. I wish he could live forever. His muzzle is all grey now and I worry that I will lose him soon. I tell myself that I will have another dog by then to help me with the grieving process but it will be so hard anyway.

No. 301241

Every time I see my dog, I feel like melting and my heart hurts. I love him so much. I'd die for him. I'd die for any dog, they're the most precious things on earth and we don't even deserve them. I brought my little boy on a really long walk this morning so he's been sleeping at my feet ever since. So cute.

No. 301242

NTA but it's a bannable offense to shit up a thread. It's called derailing, or infighting, even shitposting. I don't really understand why you somehow think that anon making a thread so she doesn't shit yours up is a bad thing. You were bitching about her complaining in the other thread and yet here you are shitting this one up.

Whatever though, most of us don't have time to be so petty/cringy.

No. 301246

Same. Dogs are the sunshine of my life… When I hear about cruelty against them (or any animal tbh) I just wish I could save every dog there is and beg them for forgivness. All animals deserve to be treated with respect, but dogs literally evolved to live with humans, to help us out. We have such unique relationship and it destroys me when some people take advantage of it in the most disgusting way.

Maybe there is something wrong with me, because I have zero interest in children (I do not hate them tho), but dogs make me want to protect, cherish and love them forever. I love their silly quirks, the way they look into our eyes, their joy.
The dogs I met are the purest creatures.
Fuck man I am crying now

No. 301249

We're hardly shitting up the thread, just acknowledging how lame the whole premise is. But go ahead and cry to the mods if you must.

>I don't really understand why you somehow think that anon making a thread so she doesn't shit yours up is a bad thing

It's just so petty and immature. She only made it because she got triggered by the other thread and wanted to spite the posters who fought with her, who are all cat people in her mind. There's no other reason for it to exist. I wasn't the one arguing with her in the other thread either, I just now skimmed through their argument.

>"most of us don't have time to be so petty/cringy"

>having this little self awareness

No. 301255

File: 1538064710451.jpg (140.55 KB, 720x960, 41799508_295909867805331_15912…)

No. 301259

File: 1538064876769.jpg (20.2 KB, 360x270, 1445995430486.jpg)

as a bystander I hope no one gets banned ITT, people should argue and disagree freely, dogfags and catfags alike

No. 301274

I'm glad you can read in my mind.
I was thinking of making this thread before the shitstorm in the other one, but felt too lazy. The negativity towards dogs depresses me and I wanted to have a positive thread about dogs. You want me to stop arguing and let you shit on dogs in peace (even when you are ignorant as fuck in regards to animal health), fair enough, but don't come to my thread to whine about me gtfo and doing my thing.
Shut the fuck up, hide the thread and go back to whining about dogs in your thread.

This is the last thing I will say on the topic.

No. 301283

File: 1538067449978.jpg (55.52 KB, 625x622, oldbutgold.jpg)

No. 301286

>I'm glad you can read in my mind
A thick skull is easy to crack, but difficult to penetrate. I'm glad your owning up to your tantrum, but how many times do I need to tell you that I haven't been shitting on dogs? Can you only think in black and white?

No. 301287

you're disgusting.

No. 301288

>even when you are ignorant as fuck in regards to animal health
I've been lurking this whole time and I'm honestly entertained by the notion that you think the other anons who've been chewing you out this whole time have been me, the person you tried to come at because I didn't care that my friend's annoying dog is fat.

You're a person who wants people to know you're really knowledgeable about dogs and their health, but what you were autistically missing in the last thread is me telling you I don't care about fat dogs, nor do I view it as my responsibility to police my friends on how they feed their pets.

Honestly you could have just been mature and made a "pet appreciation" thread or something. Other anons are right, you care more about your grandstanding against catfags than you do your love of dogs, people are laughing because of how much of a spiteful toddler you're acting like. We have your number figured perfectly kek.

No. 301309

I thought I was the only one who thinks that post is fucked up. I like dogs but being so smug (ironically) about a cat's death…tasteless.

No. 301313

and the replying comment, what the fuck. not only that, but this is why the doghate thread has valid criticisms of dogs and their owners. idiot anon obviously is a shit person and a shit owner with a liability on her hands that she's actively proud of and others encourage it as well? embarrassing.

No. 301314

A colleague of mine has saved a cat that tresspassed on her property as it was about to be attacked by her two dogs… She has a major beef with her neighbors and is tired of having to deal with their shit but I felt bad when she said that the next time the cat won't be so lucky. I hope she did not realy mean it. Hate it when pets hurt each other.

No. 301316

My dream when I retire is to foster dogs. Nothing else, just fostering dogs.

No. 301319

File: 1538069692599.jpg (53.79 KB, 535x462, 1457153587336.jpg)

Are dog haters really so insufferable that they go into hysterics when a thread is made that contradicts their paper feelings

Other thread was fucking cringe with try hard edgelords who talk like they're in a goddamn Mean Girls movie. "huh?? i bet ur an amerifag who likes doggos~~~ :))" . The secondhand embarrassment was palpable. I wonder if they actually have any friends that isn't a cat who doesn't give a shit about them

Anyways, I work regularly with dogs and I love them. They're incredibly tolerant. I once cared for a husky that sat on command and listened to you even though it barely knew you. I can't think of any other animal that would do this

No. 301323

Yes. Just yes.

No. 301329

Dogs are the best and dog haters barely register as human in my brain. I also love cats, they're awesome. The only animals I hate are dogs hater tbh…

No. 301332

File: 1538070471873.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.71 KB, 225x225, f312df115a1f0952e609ce4d9847f7…)

>OP pretends to have no clue that people are here for her childish antics, not to argue about dogs

No. 301333

File: 1538070577173.jpg (24.66 KB, 300x429, 056155bf01ee7bc943cc0e7d936131…)

Anyone here loves Saint Bernards? I mean all dogs breeds are beautiful but they're so nice

No. 301335

You do realize that the OP of this thread literally admitted that the only reason she made the thread was because her paper feelings were contradicted by the dog hate thread, right?

No. 301338

>The only animals I hate are dogs hater tbh
lol. there's an anon here trying to desperately stir some stupid clique drama over DOGS because apparently they have nothing better going on in their life. Not even gonna dignify that troll with a response.

I don't mind people who hate dogs. Their complaints are valid. It starts to get pathetic when they try to troll people who happen to like dogs. Get a life : )

They're strong but really friendly! I don't get to see them very often

No. 301339

File: 1538071092188.jpg (48.42 KB, 350x485, cab092c1c396b8a22fd841a54e78b1…)


Not really a fan of dog with floppy mouths tbh but I can appreciate the history of the breed.

Talking about big dogs, I think Irish Wolfhounds are awesome. Wish I could see more of them.

No. 301343

>get a life : )

Speaking of, don't you have some irl friends to talk about dogs with or go on a walk?
Thanks for responding, even though I'm no troll and I'm just here to watch you say more silly things.

No. 301344

You're as gross as the cows in the furfag necrophiliac thread in /snow/.

No. 301345

are you legit bragging about your dog killing a cat? What a lovely person you are

No. 301357

lmao at the troll keeping an eye on this thread frothing at the mouth while waiting to make "witty" responses because they dont get enough attention in their lives

Does anyone own a Greyhound? They're surprisingly huge couch potatoes and don't need much exercise. Extremely docile too from my experience

No. 301360

Holy shit anon what a majestic dog. Small dogs are my fave but I also appreciate big ones. Are there any other dogs this big?

No. 301362

As if you don't love the attention!
Nobody's trolling you're just an idiot, of course you feel trolled because you can't help but respond.

No. 301366

Great Danes are one of the largest dog breeds, I believe

No. 301369

I love both cats and dogs but I prefer dogs. I feel a lot safer with a dog around, my girl woke me up and scared a guy off that was hanging around near my house at night. I greived for a month after cancer took her. Still makes me sad that when I drop stuff while cooking I start to call for her and remember she isn't there. A well trained dog is a fantastic companion and a good security system.

No. 301373

File: 1538072384401.jpg (91.11 KB, 450x556, GiantDog_450x556.jpg)

Tibetan Mastiffs are trip tbh or Ovcharka and of course Great Danes, but afaik Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest dogs.

No. 301377

my family has had several whippets and one moroccan hound! The whippets were couch potatoes but the other hound is very high-energy and plays in the backyard all day. I adore sighthounds in general, they're gentle and reserved but also huge goofs, not to mention beautiful.

No. 301380

File: 1538072569759.jpg (139.27 KB, 1080x1080, uus9s9vx5hwy.jpg)

No. 301383

my step-grandparents had a lot of whippets, they're really cute. kind of like smaller greyhounds. very sweet too.

No. 301388

File: 1538072735040.jpg (60.13 KB, 800x531, csm_cuccioli_9_c8b1235396.jpg)

I'm currently obsessed with lagotto romagnolos aka truffle dogs! They're so adorable and smart. I personally would only adopt a dog from a shelter though but I still like to look at pictures of them!

No. 301389

File: 1538072947723.jpg (50.13 KB, 458x359, wolfhound.jpg)

Yes this is my favourite breed of dog! They're gorgeous in person. They don't live very long though which is really sad. They're just a really cool part of our history and they make me feel really proud to be Irish.

No. 301393

File: 1538073006106.jpg (16.55 KB, 600x456, 87490389.jpg)

I really want to adopt a dog when I finally settle down. If I ever live in the countryside I would like to have a rottweiller or a german sheperd to protect my house, if I keep living in the city I would want a cute little dog like a maltese, I only want females. The best would be to have a big dog and a small dog and have them be best friends ofc.

No. 301395

File: 1538073050872.jpg (97.09 KB, 645x380, finnish-spitz-ap-ws2hp4-645-x-…)

Same. My baby is a shelter dog and she is honestly the sweetest most grateful creature.
But I love looking at pictures of smaller northern breeds.

No. 301398

wow you are right, 6-8 years lifespan… I didn't know, but it figures since they're so big. I'm a little sad now, my own dog just turned 5 and I couldn't imagine losing her within a couple years.

No. 301399

File: 1538073411009.jpg (81.33 KB, 700x577, YellowLabradorLooking_new.jpg)

I don't own dogs but I have an auntie that works in an organization that provides service dogs to war veterans and when I visited her she had the three cutest labradors I've ever seen. Whenever I went there I always played catch with them. Def the best dogs I've ever met

No. 301410

Labs are good doggos.

No. 301412

i like all dogs (and all animals, really) but i have a soft spot for senior pets. old dogs are just so sweet. they're laidback and sleep a lot, but those moments when they're happy and you catch a glimpse of their puppy self is so heartwarming. and seeing their fur start to get speckled with grey is also really cute.

No. 301419

File: 1538074935936.jpg (340.9 KB, 1280x1099, a878d3e1c9ea92e56081f926be5fb3…)

I got my pup a few hours before she was about to be euthanized, I love her so much and so happy I found her. She actually looks a lot like the pic you posted, but dark brown and floppy ears!

Love GWPs too, I am talking with a rescue and might be fostering an 8-month-old pointer soon. It will be so hard to part with them when they find their permanent home though

No. 301420

reminds me of dog-chad from bojack horseman

No. 301439

File: 1538076292155.jpg (697.08 KB, 3024x4032, cw3piba4snuz.jpg)

Omg I found him so annoying in the first episode of Bojack but fell in love once I realized that he is more dog than man. her being happy, cutesy pug that, I also adore Pickles and my heart already breaks for her once her relationship with Peanutbutter goes up in flames

No. 301497

oh anon, don't worry just think about it in this way, your mother and your family are the best thing that happen to him and is he die, he will go in good memories of you, your mother and all the love you gave to him, if he goes soon juts give him a big hug and kiss, is the only thing you can do

No. 301502

I love both dogs and cats, but prefer to own cats because dogs are just too sweet for the most part and I feel like I’m too selfish to ever be a good owner to one. I hate most cat people though. Cats just do not give as much emotionally as dogs do and I completely understand why someone wouldn’t want one. Cat people project a LOT onto their animals.

No. 301511

I love dogs, but I hate Shih Tzus. Snobby breed.

HOWEVER I spend some nights alone in a large house and if anyone as much tries to jiggle the doorknob in the middle of the night, these assholes will sound the fucking alarm and scare people away.

We never got them for any sort of utility, but honestly they help me feel safe at night. Love my cat, but he's not going to protect me in any form

No. 301514

You do realize that many in the dog hating thread don’t even own pets because they hate/ dislike the idea of having ANY animal in their house right?

No. 301521

Anyone think we should make this a pet love thread in general? Just to keep it all in one thread

No. 301536

Well, I guess not, since some of you clearly couldn't care less about other living beings.

>My dog once killed a cat […] It is a story of great moral value: do not be arrogant.

>This made me crack up anon! Thank you for the life lesson

No. 301541

File: 1538083555887.jpg (634.24 KB, 1440x2460, qdrhwvyudqo11.jpg)

How about this dead cat plushy for your little woofer? Since he seems to enjoy mauling them so much?

No. 301542

I would love to just adopt senior dogs from rescues. It'd be nice to just give them a year of a comfortable and loving life before they pass away

I used to know a cat that would try to get you to rub its belly and bite you as soon as you got near it. They're bipolar but still adorable

No. 301553

Is pet insurance worth it?

No. 301555


Not to be a downer but have you had an old dog before anon? I like the idea in practice but watching them quickly deteriorate after so little time spent together would depress me. One of my dogs suddenly lost a bunch of weight and lost the ability to walk in 2 weeks before we had to put him down. Another one basically lost her mind and started acting like a buggy NPC. I'm not sure how common it is for dogs to just pass in their sleep before they start suffering.

No. 301564

nta but it's nicer to see a dog pass away in a comfortable home where they belong instead of going through that in a cold, empty shelter or being put down because they're not a cute, little puppy

No. 301576

Yeah, I completely agree, I'm glad mine got to still enjoy our comfy home in their last days at least. It's emotionally rough, that's just what I'm saying.

No. 301584

Yeah no doubt about it but if the anon can handle it, I've mad respect for her. It was really difficult to see my dog suffer in his final year too but I'm glad he got to spend every day with his favorite person in the world (my mom).

No. 301595

Things I love about dogs:

>They're so happy to see you when you come home that their butt wiggles

>When you feed them their favourite thing and they crunch it with their mouths open (my dog likes crunchy raw carrots)
>Sometimes they get so excited for dinner that they start barking
>In fact my dog always plays with his dinner before he eats it and it's so cute to watch every time
>They give you little random licks to say hi
>They follow you from room to room just to be next to you
>They get excited when they see their lead and while they're on a walk, they skip through the grass and their ears bounce up and down
>When they meet another dog and they wag tails and give little kisses, makes you so proud to have such a polite, friendly dog
>They all have their own unique ways of communicating: my last dog would make little growls or switch to a high-pitched bark when he wanted something, my current dog cries to get up on the sofa and when you take too long he sneezes lol and my bf's dog used to moan to signal that he wants pets or attention
>They're always excited to meet your friends when you invite them over and it makes my heart swells when my friends tell me my dog is cute or is a "good boy"
>They always know when there's something wrong with you and they snuggle up next to you to try and help (my dog keeps me warm when I'm on my period)
>When they use your lap or foot as a head rest
>When they look off to the side and you can see the whites of their eyes (I call them "moons")
>They get their tricks wrong but you have to give them a treat anyway because it was cute
>When they start to get giddy and they run around the house barking and trying to get you to play with them, I have to stop what I'm doing to entertain them
>When they try to protect you from the postman lol

What moments make you love your dogs anons?

No. 301599

>When they try to protect you from the postman lol
Poor guy, only trying to do his job…

No. 301621

He doesn't mind, my dog is usually in the other room. Most of them find it funny to tease the dogs.

No. 301624

damn anon I'm about to cry I love my dog so much lol.

I used to keep my dog in her crate when I left, but now that she's grown up she can be trusted around my apartment. Every day when I come home for lunch I find her snuggled up under my duvet cover, she crawls under there every morning even though I make my bed before I leave. And when I get home I can see her tail wagging underneath the covers and it's just so cute. She is such a good dog, never barks except when she's excited and playing with another dog, and loves to cuddle

No. 301631

I work at a vet clinic so I'm used to the reality of these things. What's nice is that now there's vets willing to do in-house euthanasias so at least they get to spend their last moments in their own home.

It's sad, but it's part of owning any animal

No. 301636

I'd say it depends on the breed of dog and their lifestyle. Certain breeds are more prone to health issues than others.

No. 301654

Things I love about my dog:

>Always happy to see me, husband, or any of our friends. Her whole body wiggles like crazy and she will lick anyone who offers her their hand/shake their hand with her paw over and and over.

>Never barks. Super quiet and well behaved on public transit and content to be home all day when we are at work.
>LOVES other dogs. Sometimes she’s a little wary if she’s on lead and they aren’t, but she typically wants to greet and play with every dog she encounters.
>Has a soft spot for elderly people because in our first flat, all of our neighbors were old and she grew up seeing old people constantly. So whenever she sees an elderly man or woman, she lights up. Most of them find it very endearing.
>She loves fruits and veggies. No other dog I’ve had has liked them before. We can share treats!
>Since she doesn’t bark unless prompted to, her response to the “speak” command is usually a few grumbles before she finally barks. I guess she doesn’t like to bark much?
>Sometimes she’s a butt (she likes to steal my spot in bed if I get up to pee and sometimes she pretends like she can’t hear me), but she’s a genuine sweetheart. I complain about not being able to pee alone, but it’s kinda cute that she wants to follow me around the flat and see what I’m doing. And she loves cuddling. Makes me feel loved and happy.

No. 301690

File: 1538106184328.png (378.95 KB, 720x1401, 10-Rules-for-Feeding-Your-Dog-…)


so cute!! my dog loves apples, for some reason whenever I try and give her strawberries she buries them in her bed

Does anyone feed their dog a raw diet? I've been thinking about switching mine but it seems complicated and I'm worried I won't give her the nutrients she needs

No. 301702

A regular kibble diet is just fine. Just make sure you don't get some cheap store brand kibble and you'll be good to go.

imo a raw diet is more hassle than its worth

No. 301703

My one dog was raised with cats since puppyhood and they basically taught him how to be chill. He’s super relaxed, but he’s still a dog. We have pictures of him trying to nurse from our oldest cat and to this day they have a mom-child relationship. My other dog is more traditionally doggy, and she’s also great. Both cats and dogs are pretty terrific pets with their own unique personalities so idg the hate for either.

No. 301706

>current dog cries to get up on the sofa and when you take too long he sneezes lol

oh my god, my dog does this sneezy snort through his nose whenever he wants to play. i always sneeze back to him and he gets so waggy, we go back and forth and it’s like we’re having a sneeze chat haha. he’s getting old now, but he’s still so good natured and kind he’s such a good boy.

dogs are the best.

No. 301709

yeah I am currently feeding her a nice kibble, it's pretty expensive though like $80 for a big bag. it last a while (she gets fed 2.5 cups a day) but just wondered if it would be cheaper to feed raw

No. 301711

I would figure feeding raw meat gets even more expensive in the long run.

I bought a 15 pound bag of kibble for my dog and I can tell its going to last me a year or so. The pros of owning a small animal.

No. 301750

You're acting as if the dog went to kill a cute innocent cat in its home.

Dogs are very territorial animals and natural hunters on top of that.
Very few dogs will pass the chance to kill a random cat that repeatedly enters their territory and even refuses to leave after barking at it.
It's absolutely normal behavior and once the dog goes for it, you can't do much unless the dog is poodle-sized.
Hunting breeds will by instinct go straight for the throat and kill it in very little time.

No one is at fault except the cat and its owner if there was one.

No. 301754

Not a single post was blaming the dog, but calling out the OP for relishing in the death and mauling of a cat for being "arrogant".

No. 301756

The local butchers give the stuff they can't sell to dog owners for free, it's good meat and bones, they just can't sell it because it's not the parts that people want to eat
I cook it though I don't give it raw

No. 301759

Sshh, that was a troll post to egg on drama. Ignore the bait

I don't know how you cook your meat for your dogs, but keep in mind cooking oil is bad for their health. I often hear of dogs with pancreatitis after Thanksgiving and the like

No. 301760

I don’t feed raw but the local kibble brand I feed is “cold pressed” and can claim they’re “dry BARF” granules? I’ve no idea what that means, but it’s decently priced (a $30 bag lasts us three weeks, and we used to pay twice that for Orijen to last us a month) and the dog loves it. Plus it’s all locally sourced and packaged, rather than getting imported kibble from Canada/USA.

No. 301785

I love dogs so much. I love their trots when they're on a walk and are happy. I love when they crunch their food and eat it like it's a goddamn Salisbury steak.
Unpopular opinion but I like putting my dogs in sweaters. Obviously not all the time and not in anything uncomfortable but I love buying different sweaters for winter.

No. 301797

My dog hates getting wet so she has a red rain slicker. She looks like little red riding hood in it. In the winter she has a sweater and parka because she is small short-haired dog.

No. 301808

It is not an unpopular opinion at all but necessary for some dog breeds. My mom has a pekingese mix who has no undercoat and those kind of dogs hate to get wet and freeze very easily. So a pullover/coat is a must for winter and rainy days.

No. 301826

Dogs are great.

Dog owners are usually shit. Neglectful, full of themselves, even downright abusive (if you own a high-energy breed and don't exercise it to exhaustion every day, you are abusing it) yet they parade around acting like they're the best for having an animal that worships the ground they walk on purely because the animal was bred to do this, and it must.

No. 301828

Why are dog owners so psychotic?

No. 301829

You are psychotic. >>301828

No. 301830

File: 1538144527900.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.59 KB, 640x360, Dog Bite Victim.jpg)

"Are dogfags really so insufferable and narcissistic that they have to make a dog love thread when dog love is accepted literally everywhere else on the internet and in real life except this thread that was made so people can rant about dogs and idiot owners without being called psychopaths and terrible people just for not liking a certain animal?"

Yes. Absolutely.(stop)

No. 301833

You're in the wrong thread anon.

No. 301836


No. 301837

Why are you shitting up this thread? Why can't you just hide it like a normal person?

No. 301850

Some people food that are great for dogs, and that dogs love to eat: apples, watermelon, berries, carrots, green beans. You don’t have to cook any of these and if you’re feeding your dog a commercial diet it can be so enjoyable for them as a treat. Watermelon and apples for a pooch with a sweet tooth, especially.

No. 301863

And banana's? My dog loved banana's.

No. 301891

My dog absolutely loves pears.

No. 301927

Luckily I haven't personally met many of these but just hearing about shit owners makes my blood boil.

I'm lurking a facebook community for a dog of a breed that I will adopt in two months and I am happy to see that most owners there are responsible and informed, they look for health practices that have doctors that are educated about the particular breed's issues.
Every now and then I see a person that adopted from a puppy mill and acts retarded and I just get so angry.

I am so invested in getting my own dream dog, I chose the best kennel (sadly cannot adopt a rescue dog as I am not THAT rich to get a dog that has serious health issues from the start and can develop more on the way), I read about owner's experiences and want to ask as many questions as possible…. and here you have fucks that just got the dog cause it's cute or fashionable, without doing research.

No. 301955

Wow you are two disgusting pieces of shit.

No. 301957

Something about dogs must attract crazies

No. 301964

>sadly cannot adopt a rescue dog as I am not THAT rich to get a dog that has serious health issues from the start and can develop more on the way

That´s really not true. I volunteer at an animal shelter and of course, some dogs have health issues, especially those who have been strays for years.
But there are loads of healthy dogs. They have puppies, too.

No. 301969

I want a specific breed, anon.
I have two shelter dogs at my parent's house though and I want to adopt another one myself after some time.

No. 302137

what breed are you looking for

My dogs on the older side and a bit tubby after getting spayed. Found out she absolutely loves baby carrots and cheerios and shes actually managed to lose some weight and gain some sheen to her haircoat. So proud i found a healthier diet for her

No. 302152

that something is wanting a pet that rivals the attention and care requirements of a human child, but is still just an animal.

No. 302187

chihuahuas are cool dogs because they are very small and live around 20 years

No. 302188

But the shaking and yapping and nervous bladders.. plus their poor little smushed up brains and eyeballs.

No. 302189

Dogs appeal to extreme narcissists and few others. You can figure it out.

No. 302190

There are plenty of rescues with purebred dogs, just search national [breed] rescue. Purebred dogs also tend to have more health issues than mixed breeds (aside from those with obvious health issues and disabilities), as they literally have to be inbred.

No. 302191

There's a crazy cat lady stereotype for a reason.

No. 302192

Lmao I love it when people who have never seen a narcissist, even a bad movie version of one, try to bring narcissism into play.

Narcissistic people dislike dogs because dogs are more likeable and get more positive interactions. They’re more likely to be the dog abuser.

No. 302195

You just give them raw meat. Or I guess you could boil it but dogs shouldn't have cooked bones

Yeah a 25 lb bag of my dog's food is $113 and it lasts…. maybe two months? You might want to buy smaller bags of food though if you're not keeping it in an airtight container because it can go bad

No. 302197

Actually, that isn't true. There are plenty of narcissists that make room for pets. Go read what psychs have to say about it. And, of course, plenty of dog owners who aren't good owners are also narcissists.

No. 302200

I’m not taking advice from anyone who thinks liking an animal is a symptom of narcissism.
Having lived and worked with them for decades, I know plenty without some random sperg with a hateboner for pet owners suggesting or diagnosing their projected bullshit.
The armchair psychiatrists calling out narcissism or whatever else is embarrassing. The mental people are the ones so offended that someone likes an animal they don’t that they imagine all sorts of flaws and disorders when they could and should just hush up and let people be happy.

No. 302204

Wow, your reading comprehension sucks. It's like you didn't even read what I said.

No. 302212

Nobody cares. You’re not an expert on narcissists because you said the word and read a few articles from sciencedaily. The people throwing the term narcissist in pet threads are nutjobs. That’s the point. They know nothing about narcissism and are embarrassing themselves.

No. 302217

I'm not trying to say I'm an expert on narcissists, I'm saying that psychologists document the phenomena of narcissists making room for pets and feeling some bit of empathy for them and not humans, or just sparing them some narcissistic abuse. You're acting like that's a crazy thing to say and one needs to be an "expert" to relay that information, which was accompanied by "go read what psychologists have to say about it", which, in itself is encouraging you to defer to experts about it. You sound irrationally asshurt about the idea that narcissists can still care for their pets and be pet owners.

No. 302225

File: 1538181014033.jpg (238.75 KB, 700x1106, cute-wholesome-dog-puppy-memes…)

Can we get back to posting pics of cute dogs please, and not engage the dog hater

No. 302226

No it’s just obnoxious when anyone tries to legitimise the retards saying ‘only narcissists want a dog/a cat/any animal’
How obtuse can you be?

No. 302227

Unpopular opinion, but i love chihuahuas. Theyre glued to their owner and make great companions

No. 302231

Well, I never said that to you, so, ??? If you take issue with another anon saying that, whatever but you seemed to get especially whiny about the idea that narcissists can spare pets or just be pet owners.

No. 302240

File: 1538181586284.jpg (380.52 KB, 658x960, blondi.jpg)

No. 302244

Its trolls from the other thread fake arguing with eachother. Pathetic, i know

I honestly never thought of the kibble going bad, but its stored in a fresh area, so it should be alright

No. 302248

File: 1538181858968.jpg (866.41 KB, 2112x3263, img114.jpg)


Wow anon you're so edgy

No. 302250

nta but I think they’re trying to make the point that narcs actually adore pets even though he was never diagnosed with NPD. They get a point for effort even if they’re wrong.

No. 302253

Bad people also like animals. Liking animals doesn't mean that you're a good person.

No. 302256

Who but the stupidest people ever think that? You’re arguing against a point nobody at all has made.

No. 302271

Anyway do you guys have tips on dealing with neighbors who hate dogs for no good reason? My neighbor has made up multiple false claims to my landlord about my dog barking, I know she is not barking because I have a security camera indoors which records sound as well and I can see and hear that she does NOT bark at all throughout the day. She has even called the landlord on weekends when I am away and my dog is with me, saying my dog is barking her head off when obviously she isn't. I've told my landlord about this several times, and shown her video/travel info to prove I wasn't there but my neighbor is still intent on making my life hell. She left a note on my door (she even signed it lol) saying she would call the cops if she heard my dog bark again. She has banged on my door before when my parents were watching my dog for me and she wasn't in my apartment, screaming about her barking. I told her she was welcome to search my apartment for my dog and she did lololol. When she didn't see her she claimed I was hiding her somewhere with a muzzle over her mouth to keep her from barking

No. 302278

The anon above, who tried to categorically deny that narcissists can like, have pets, and treat them better than the way they treat humans? Read, maybe?

No. 302295

You don't have to do jack shit if you've got proof of your dog not barking. I honestly doubt there's much she can do about it

I've got a neighbor who claims she hears the washing machine going in the middle of the night. It's possible your neighbor is either hallucinating or just can't tell where the sounds are coming from

No. 302297

Why use an example that has absolutely nothing to do with narcissism then?
Why get pissy when your vague and poorly represented point is questioned? Just make a coherent point next time fam.

No. 302299

Your neighbor just sounds insane. That’s lame that your landlord is letting her be such a pest to you.

No. 302303

The anon that posted pictures of Hitler wasn't me, so.

No. 302316


Yeah, I'm not too worried about her taking legal action/being evicted or anything it's just super annoying lol. Unfortunately I don't think the landlord would (or even could) do anything unless she did anything to damage my apartment or tried to harm me/my dog. It's weird because she's my age (Early 20s) when I'd think an older lady would be more crazy about shit like that. Honestly she's probably posting in the dog hate thread rn…. 401 if you're reading this you're a cunt

No. 302319

If she does anything to damage your property, at least you've got a case against her. I've heard stories of crazy people putting out rat poison or antifreeze to kill their neighbors dogs, so watch out for that

No. 302392

Dogs literally evolved with us, it's just normal to love dogs. They're our best friends and help us so much.
I get it if you don't want a dog because they're hard work, they can be smelly and of course allergies are a bitch.
But yeah I think something is wrong with you if you look at a cute pup and feel revulsion.

No. 302472

There's some psychotic dog hating anon (or a few of them) in /ot/ that spends all her time sperging about how she hates dogs in the unpopular opinions thread, vent thread, the dog hate thread etc. Sometimes literally about how she hates service dogs. I'd say it's just a dedicated troll but I've seen so many people go fucking bonkers with their dog hate so she's most likely not.

My dog passed away a few years ago and I haven't been able to get a new one due to my life situation being too busy, but here are some of my favourite things about him
>He was always super happy to see me
>He came to wake me up every morning and was happy that I got up
>He snuggled next to me on the couch and made me feel loved
>Or if I was crying, he'd snuggle next to me and comfort me, clearly aware that I was in distress. He'd also let me hug him even though he normally hated being hugged
>He kept amazing me by always being smarter than I gave him credit for
>He defended me against an assault attempt
>Never once bit me, growled at me, or did anything bad, but still had a temper and a captivating personality
He was such a wonderful dog.

No. 302596

File: 1538235638909.jpg (290.92 KB, 550x720, funny-photos-of-funniest-missi…)

me every day

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