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File: 1433213152007.jpg (38.53 KB, 396x306, f_SFFlyerm_33459f2.jpg)

No. 30842

Here is a description of the average user
-Has a love hate relationship with Asian women.
-Everyone claims to be blonde, pale skin and attractive.
-Blames white women for everything even when white men date other races.
-Despite mocking non-whites, making death threats etc most of them still hate being called racist.

The founder don black was convicted in 1981 for an attempted armed overthrow of the government in the island of Dominica in violation of the U.S. Neutrality Act(didn't anyone tell him it wasn't 1634?white people cant just invade countries whenever they feel like it anymore).
Anyone have any funny experiences with this fourm?

No. 30843

File: 1433214198637.png (382.21 KB, 401x529, hum.png)

looks kind of like amy schumer

No. 30844

What's with obvious bleach blondes flocking to websites like these? Doesn't it unsettle most of them knowing that they're a giant lie and if anyone found out they weren't natural blondes, they'd be considered lesser people?

No. 30845

File: 1433214745465.jpg (69.53 KB, 992x558, roma.jpg)

lmao I remember going there once when the little albino girl was on the news for being kidnapped. Everyone thought she was a real blonde Caucasian, and those idiots were over there saying "She's one of us. Whoever her parents are, they're one of us" and then it turns out her parents were dark/poor gypsies and she just had an albino gene.

No. 30846

File: 1433214968451.png (101.95 KB, 1845x526, 1423344374628.png)

No. 30847

File: 1433214983807.jpg (102.42 KB, 328x450, 14230978_nordica1488.jpg)

id also like to ask what is with so many "living doll" Russians who dont know how to photoshop being white supremacists?

No. 30848

File: 1433215196290.jpg (420.63 KB, 554x698, 11498127_f_2027073.jpg)

No. 30849

File: 1433215207770.jpg (108.83 KB, 400x534, Picture080.jpg)


Just visited the thread she made over there… are these delusional people for real? She actually claims her real hair color is still blonde. She looks like a brunette. What is wrong with brown/black hair? Didn't Hitler have it?
Or does it go against the master race of everyone having the same hair, same head size, same everything?

No. 30850

What? She wasn't an albino and the gypsies weren't her parents, though they had been given permission to take care of her by her mother.


No. 30851

Russia, in general, has a large white supremacy/skinhead movement.

No. 30852

Blonde hair blue eyes can be found in any race lmao.

No. 30853

File: 1433215629021.jpg (38.82 KB, 634x404, romaa.jpg)

Not those gypsies, but another family who had sold her out to them. This is her birth mother, a Bulgarian roma woman who has 3 other albino kids (pictured here with one of them, hair dyed red). A DNA test was done and it was confirmed she was her mom. Some other news also said that she had a history of having albino kids and selling them off.


No. 30854

File: 1433215714827.jpg (52.73 KB, 634x422, roma.jpg)

No. 30855

ha jokes on them

No. 30856

can someone explain to me why white nationalist/supremacists have a problem with being called racist? they make it clear they don't like people who are different, want to be as far away as possible, think theyre ugly and gross…so, why do they care if non-whites accuse them of being racist?

No. 30857

I think because racist = bad people. And in their twisted heads they don't think they're bad people, they think what they're doing is good or "how it should be". Idk, that's imo. Many of them do self-proclaim themselves as racists though.

No. 30858

i want to see these people duke it out in a rap battle with the tumblrettes that want to kill all white people
it's like, the different sides of the same, crazy, delusional coin.
i dont know why but i just need to see them in a rap battle before i die

No. 30859

The way i see it is if they think non-whites are stupid scum, why do they even care about our opinion?

No. 30860

File: 1433220592498.jpg (103.25 KB, 369x577, 2015-06-02-00-47-45-1.jpg)

One of millions of threads complaining about asian women

No. 30861

lol this bitch sounds insecure as fuck. i can only imagine how ugly and delusional she must be to get bitter at asian/white couples because she thinks she's the one who deserves a white boyfriend. Sounds like Elliot Rodgers actually.

No. 30862


Oh god, that's so disgusting and wrong to read.

I lived in the Vancouver area (BC, Canada) and the Chinese population is really big - I also think racism (more in a sense of difficult stereotypes, no "I want to run them over") is quiet an issue.

How can you hate other people so much? The whole forum is just so plain wrong.


Also, the guy probably wouldn't have dated her anyway because she has a shitty personality. It's not because the other girl is Asian.

No. 30863

File: 1433222210347.jpg (56.71 KB, 395x315, 2015-06-02-01-15-22-1.jpg)

The men on that site seem to be torn between wanting to fuck asian women and hating them

No. 30864

>good food

I see his vision is limited to Panda Express.

No. 30865

I guess even being a white supremacist cant protect someone from the weeaboo disease.

No. 30866

I love how they talk as if they had a choice whether they would want Asian women or not. I really doubt there is any asian girl out there who would be fine with these beliefs enough to date/have sex with them. So that leaves their chances at zero.

No. 30867

File: 1433223759828.jpg (61.97 KB, 410x376, 2015-06-02-01-40-01-1.jpg)

They complain when they feel black people are stupid and lazy but they are also mad when they are smart and work hard. What exactly do they want black people to do then?

No. 30868

Rotfl Holy fuck, this person contradicts himself in every sentence. Zero sense to be made.

No. 30869

damn, every screenshot that's been posted so far sounds like it comes from someone with an IQ of 60.

No. 30870

File: 1433224786481.jpg (166.31 KB, 397x866, 2015-06-02-01-56-06-1.jpg)

No. 30871

" The White Nationalist web forum Stormfront.org says it promotes values of “the embattled white minority,” and its users include Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in a 2011 massacre in Norway, and Wade Michael Page, who shot and killed six people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin in 2012."

No. 30872

HAHa these people are fucking sad.

No. 30873

Adding the fact that 90% of the people ABB killed were white kids. As a norwegian it makes me fucking sick to see the stereotypical norwegian still imagine a muslim person when the word "terrorist" comes up. Yeah, hell of a ruffle they've made in our country… Fuck, i still rage when i see his name mentioned. I mean, I'm against the death penalty and I'm glad we don't have it, but in his case I wish we could just viking battle his racist ass. To think my taxes go towards keeping this shitstain alive makes me sick.

No. 30874

How does it feel when almost of all rapes in Oslo are committed by immigrants?

No. 30875

in Sweden too

No. 30876

sounds like storfront's getting buttblasted

No. 30877

The truth is racist.

No. 30878

When did I ever say the word "racist?"

No. 30879

But isn't stormfront racist?

No. 30880

But isn't posting defensive off-topic video responses racist? Yes, everything is racist.

No. 30881

>a clinically insane white native Norwegian individual commits mass murder alone
>African/middle-eastern immigrants commit crimes every day and lead in the violent crime statistics in nNorway, ISIS planned an attack to Norway to kill an innocent random family to film it/attack a crowd of people with machetes but got busted before it could happen

No. 30882

Never said it wasn't a double standard, friend. But please go on assuming when all I did was point out that someone sounded butt hurt. Tell you what, I'll even help you. ANTI-RACIST IS CODE FOR ANTI-WHITE.

No. 30883


If you thought Stormfront was bad, this site is way, WAY fucking worse. It's like stormfront without mods.

No. 30884

The real butthurt faggot was >>30873
The anon who posted the vid was only trying to bring them down to reality. Scandinavians are fucking delusional when it comes to this shit.

No. 30885

>Scandinavians are fucking delusional when it comes to this shit.

It's actually fascinating how they're so deep into the denial that it's like they're some born-again Christians. They deny statistics because they're RAYCIS and refuse to believe that there are neighborhoods where the police, ambulances and firemen refuse to go because they've turned into a full war zone due to the refugees shitting everything up. According to the recent studies Sweden can't afford to keep up with all the incoming refugees yet they still deny everything and basically keep committing a slow suicide. At the moment Stockholm is planning to build apartments for the refugees to stay in the centrum while students are struggling to find shelter and live in fucking steel crates.

I guess that's where the Stockholm Syndrome gets its name.

No. 30886

I was going to type a better response but it's late so all I can say is that you're free to your opinion. Maybe later, if ever.

No. 30887

Oh and they started their own "woman only" board like stormfront has to attract more female members and it's fucking hilarious. Check out this sticky.


No. 30888

Didn't stormfront also have a ladies-only board? From what I remember it was filled with trite topics about things that have more to do with the fact that they're female than white nationalist. It was like they finally found a place to gush about hair on stormfront.

No. 30889

Yes, they still have it.

No. 30890


No it can't, not without direct genetic contamination from Caucasians.

Show me a blonde haired, blue eyed Asian that isn't albino.

No. 30891

Even nazis need cheerleaders.
Isn't it a rare genetic mutation that has been seen in people straight out of Africa? Granted, colonization in Africa didn't come without mixing.

No. 30892

It's almost always an extremely rare mutation when it happens and most likely caused by caucasian contamination from generations back. Blue eyes and blond hair are caused by recessive genes and if both parents carry it, there's a very rare chance they will combine.

No. 30893


>isn't it a rare genetic mutation that has been seen in people straight out of Africa?

>granted, colonization in Africa didn't come without mixing

That's effectively it.
All humans are thought to have initially begun looking more or less the same way, however with the migration of the continents and our species we spread our far across the North and South poles.

For some reason not a lot of people seem to make this connection but depending on the climate of your country of origin contributes to the outward appearance (and in some cases inward) of your specific breed, i.e. those descending from colder climes will frequently display lighter coloured hair, lighter skin and eyes, whereas those from warmer climates will possess darker hair, skin and eyes.

At the end of it it all comes down to the sun. Colder climates have little need for sun protection what with the frequent fog and cloud and rain and snow, and so we possess a higher concentration of the "light melanin "pheomelanin" which gives lighter colours but provides shit all sun protection.
The "dark" melanin eumelanin imparts brown and black hues and is an ultra protectant against dangerous UV, and is the reason why black people have very little to fear in terms of wrinkles and skin cancer, save for on the palms of their hands and soles of their feet which are devoid of heavier concentrations of pigment and which they are instructed to cover or protect with sun cream.

Not only that but structures in nasal differences are pretty prominent too, with the longer, thinner Caucasian nose being structured so that air warms as it flows inwards through the constricted passages, whereas a larger African nose with larger nasal passages will cool the air as it's inhaled.

Millions of years of human evolution and separation has effectively destroyed these genes "opposing genes" from presence within any pureblooded human hailing from a specific region, ergo. you cannot have a white skinned, blonde haired, blue baby from an African family or a black skinned, black haired, brown eyed child to a Caucasian family without direct contamination.

It is not biologically possible, the percentages are not even 000000000000.1%; they're non-existent.

In the end we are all inevitably going to become coffee coloured with dark hair and dark/olive eyes. All it takes is one person (be them black or white or anything in between), with a pure genetic heritage breeding with another who wasn't aware of the history of their genetic line and boom, merged for hundreds of thousands of years until evolution takes its course again which it probably won't because we're all moving around so often now instead of staying on one continent.

In the future in all likelihood those possessing green and blue eyes or red or blonde hair will become a genetic abnormality and considered especially lucky or beautiful in society and thus highly sought after by suitors who wish to pass these "rare" genes down onto their own children.

Sounds like it could make a good premise for a book actually. A neo-futuristic fiction surveying the social repercussions and every-day life of a "genetic anomaly" child being born to a world where they're considered rare, like some species of long-extinct "tiger", and is surrounded by people who frequently abuse coloured contacts, hair dye and skin lighteners in order to achieve the looks she were born to naturally. Where parents, when granted a reproduction licence, are allowed to seek the aid of companies that specialise in the genetic alteration of any planned children but are only available to the exceedingly rich and wealthy giving rise to suspicion of any child born naturally with these features.
Newspapers and tabloids galore, covered in headlines assaulting the newly born of some celebrity who happens to have been born with blue eyes where the parents insist they're "all natural" (like Beyonce's pregnancy kek)
Where there exists movements of near fanatical "mixers" who believe the only way forward for the human race is to stamp out all genetic aberrations so that everybody will come to look exactly the same the and through this achieve "true equality", and thus pose a risk to any rare children born, with kidnappings and murders without suspects reported frequently.

I am getting carried away.

No. 30894

The funny thing is if you go to expat forums or wherever yellow fever morons congregate a ton of them are super racist. It goes without saying that they can't get Japanese girls but they can end up with poor Thai women they meet at bars. Sad all around.

No. 30895

Are you seriously calling me a "butthurt faggot" because i hate Breivik and racism? Honestly, people like you fucking exhaust me.

No. 30896

They're all a bunch of nut jobs basically. Probably from Ukraine and Russia. Wouldn't surprise me.

Meh, fuck them.

No. 30897

File: 1433255557316.jpg (87.61 KB, 410x460, 2015-06-02-10-27-33-1.jpg)

If they're so bad why were white people secretly marrying them and having sex with them during slavery times?it must have been pretty common considering most african americans have European in them.

No. 30898

Ah, thanks you for the information. It's always nice to see people who can give that rather than bias. There was a book somewhat like that about a white skinned minority of people in a apocalyptic world where melanin rich skin is better suited for the now much more intense sun rays and whites had to compensate by using a dark, fake tan-like cream to protect their skin. It wasn't well received and not just because it was mediocre in general but for people of white skin being referred to as “pearls” and dark skin as “coals.” As far as a future with genetic modification, with our already heightened vanity, the advent of that technology would probably worsen our priorities like that. It’s only when we have everything that we start to complain about nothing. Sometimes I think people need the occasional struggle. That’s why people romanticize olden times when we had to be tough. The challenge gives us purpose or a goal to strive to so we don’t go stir crazy and make up problems were there are none like whether a bra is opressive.

No. 30899


Oh yeah, human's as a species "need" a goal, a struggle to work towards. This is why I fear for the eventuality for us as a race.

Like right now our primary goal is still space travel and colonisation of space, but then what? We've always got to keep reaching further ahead, with nothing to reach towards we grow depressed, complacent and eventually die.

In present society for everyday working people the goal is to amass riches so that we can live in comfort and "convenience", but that isn't necessarily always a good thing. In today's world where we have applications and technology and robots to do virtually everything for us, we have no real goals.

Not too long ago an idea of living a good existence would be to spend your life travelling the world, but now that high speed travel and commercial planes have made it that you can essentially travel the world in less than a year, what do you do after that? What do you do after you've seen everything there is to see?
It's no wonder that suicide rates are at an all time high, no wonder that virtually everybody seems to be suffering from depression, no wonder that everybody seems to be suffering with some sort of bodily issue. We're killing ourselves with convenience.

People keep saying that human's as a species will probably die as a result of a final war or some sort of airborne disease, but I think madness has a good chance of getting us first.

No. 30900

then shouldn't Inuits be white haired translucent aryan demigods

No. 30901

All of the blue eyed genes present in modern Europeans have been traced back to a single individual. It's not even a matter of being from a particular region, you have to be a descendant of this one individual.

You realise Inuit people live in the snow, right? Snow reflects sunlight like crazy. Haven't you ever seen a skiing tan?

No. 30902

File: 1433267038860.jpg (58.9 KB, 422x391, 2015-06-02-13-42-29-1.jpg)


No. 30903

File: 1433267499084.jpg (42.64 KB, 484x288, IMG_20150602_135103.jpg)

No. 30904

File: 1433267815980.jpg (74.54 KB, 341x427, 2015-06-02-13-55-37-1.jpg)

No. 30905

It didn't always occur as a result or direct mixing. Because of the one drop rule, people who were mixed race were considered black, and so biracial people had to live in black society and marry other blacks.

No. 30906

>>As a norwegian it makes me fucking sick to see the stereotypical norwegian still imagine a muslim person when the word "terrorist" comes up.
>>not assblasted as fuck

No. 30907


Yet if Miss Japan was mixed with WHITE it'd totally be okay.


No. 30908


So, basically. If you're an Asian female or white female you're this fucking amazing goddness that shits on other races.

Oh dear god.

No. 30909

Ya, it's weird. I don't see this type of yellow fever among average white men with normal beliefs, and yet it runs rampant among these white nationalists and racists. It's very bizarre. I think they like the feeling of racial superiority over them or something.

No. 30910


Reminds me of those black women who complain about white women and go "THEY STEAL OUR MEN OMG" "WE CAN HOLD OURS DOWN" ugh

No. 30911

What about asian men then?lol

No. 30912


I was replying to that screenshot. Asian men are only good for money so it seems, their brains and money.

I have no idea why Asian women cater towards white men, half of the time they're being used for some sick fetish. Plus, it's sometimes about penis size or not enough attention.


No. 30913

They kinda just see them as submissive "love me long time" whores and they dont even consider black women human, let alone female.

No. 30914

I know I shouldn't let stormfront get to me, but it just reminds me of how much I hated myself and was compared to being a monkey many times when I was younger.

Fuuck, sorry for being whiny and emotional but damn. Screw these guys.

No. 30915

File: 1433272387326.jpg (34.81 KB, 384x267, 2015-06-02-15-10-48-1.jpg)

No. 30916

File: 1433272833753.jpg (29.79 KB, 421x176, 2015-06-02-15-16-29-1.jpg)

I can go into almost every thread and find someone prasing teh asian wimmins

No. 30917

Its ironic how racist white people created all these negative stereotypes about black female features and now act as if its all just something that happened naturally.

No. 30918


It's not okay if you're non-white btw but hey if you're asian its okay, you're in with the pale pretty skin club ~~

oh god gimme a fucking break

No. 30919


The more I see shit like this, the more I feel like just turning lesbian.

No. 30920


Don't let it get to you, being mind these people probably aren't even around blacks. I can guarantee the majority know fuck all.

You see, a racist is like an untrained puppy. It pisses on the floor, but it doesn't know any better. So you've got to treat it with humour and like it's fucking stupid, why? because it doesn't know any better. Unless you train it, but these fuckers, they're brought up in the clouds. They truly believe being Japanese and white is some golden trophy gene. Pfft.

No. 30921

I think the only reason theyre ok with east asians is because they like anime and hitler made the Japanese honorary Aryans. They probably assume all asian women look like pale korean idols.

No. 30922

"Anti-racist" is rapidly becoming "what benefits African-Americans best?" I say that because it's slowly becoming obvious they're a problem the entire world has to deal with, as the Miss Japan fiasco has made clear. Or the constant latin-black tensions as George Zimmerman showed a couple of years ago.

Anyway this topic amuses me because I've seen all the other topics involving the black wannabe internet models and everyone is trying to bite their tongue all the time. Have fun trying to dodge the callout landmines.

No. 30923


Without the glamour, hair and pop culture asians are just asians. I don't really see asian people as superior at all. I don't even think they're white either, they're yellow in my eyes.

No. 30924

>>created all these negative stereotypes

Ever been to the hood? Stereotypes exist for a reason, and it's not because white people made them up out of no where.

No. 30925

Hi stormfront user

No. 30926


African Americans keep this shit going, slavery is over but it's as if they feel like it's still going. When it isn't.

What irritated me with that Miss Japan thing is that, we all know she would have had it a hell of a lot easier if she were mixed with white. C'mon, it's a known fact.

No. 30927

I find that they only praise asian women, yet shit all over asian men and spew a bunch of hate towards them.

No. 30928


Maybe they think asian women are like the ones they see in porno

No. 30929

File: 1433274207369.jpg (22.44 KB, 594x470, animated-black-woman.jpg)

In the past the media made black women look bad and those same stereotypes exist today.
Not all black women are black as shoe shine and obese but thats the image people have ofbus.

No. 30930

*Of us

No. 30931

File: 1433274276287.png (488.46 KB, 500x700, Krystal_3.png)

The average stormfront users dream woman

No. 30932


True, this did happen. Look at the big black momma in Tom & Jerry. She was fat, ugly and loud. They portrayed blacks that way, hair all tied up like they did in slavery and made them out to be uneducated clowns.


No. 30933

You think people just made those images up out of the blue? And black women have a higher rate of obesity compared to the rest of the population.

No. 30934


Pale, blonde, blue contacts and white looking asian

how priddy

No. 30935


Well, it's been tested that black women do have more testosterone and fat cells. Just how it is, not all but that's how it is.

Plus slaves didn't have a good diet anyway. So obviously, weight gain. Kids had weight gain, ect.

No. 30936

Go back to stormfront

No. 30937

Blonde hair and blue eyes came from the recessive genes of Africans. All humans descended from Subsaharan Africans.

No. 30938

Pretty much the ideal woman, apparently

No. 30939


But of course, the stormfronters would argue and tell you, how wrong you are and not to associate them being 'African'.

cos dey white and only wanna be white because its special, and better–wait no, and asian is best

No. 30940


cant say i agree but… guess whatever floats their boat

No. 30941

It's because they retain fat more easily as a way of surviving famines.

No. 30942

Eh, it's true though. It's all just American politics forced on the world. Have you ever heard so much complaining about whites and other races, or even between nonwhite/nonblack races? I haven't. How much do you hear about what goes on in Africa these days compared to what's going on in Baltimore? It all reeks of just using people.

Anyway, like I said, I blame the USA for this. Its ideology is finally coming home to roost. What can you seriously expect from a country that destroyed secessionists trying not to be part of the USA anymore in the 1860s, or from a country that only 80 years later openly destroyed racist empires like Germany and Japan? (And effectively KO'ed even imperial allies like Britain in the process, lol.) Every Eurasian empire in the past century or so that collapsed has American hands involved in its destruction.

/pol/ is wrong, it should be an American rubbing those hands, not a Jew. (I even like Israel tbh.) Probably even an American than looks like the makeup-laden types you see on this board, given the way the political zeitgeist is going.

No. 30943

I fucking hate creepy Asian fetishists like rayrey206 who think "u speaka da english well" is a pickup line as if all white people speak English. Oh god was he infamous among our small circle in Gaia Online.

No. 30944

Some stormfront users have acknowledged that we descended from Africans and went all tsundere mode going like "Yeah? So? I mean we're evoooolved from Africans!" Not really. There isn't much of a genetic advantage for having light skin and light eyes. Sun damage is still a thing in icy regions. Why are natives in icy regions still dark haired/eyed/skinned?

No. 30945

File: 1433275779967.jpg (114.65 KB, 469x466, 2015-06-02-15-53-15-1.jpg)

No. 30946

Lmfao I've heard from westerners that they thought the complete opposite of this. They stereotyped Asian women as more intelligent, beautifully feminine, family oriented and sweet.

>brags about white women being sweet

>makes a toxic post like this.

Brilliant lack of self awareness.

Also most white people do not look like the pretty white girls they post about. The ones they do post about are racially diverse Eastern Europeans most times. The more racially diverse you are, the more attractive you look to other humans because of their instinct to choose strong mates. Genetic diversity=strength because there are less chances of genetic defects which occur from excessive inbreeding, which is why white people tend to have the most genetic problems and most recessive genes to show through

No. 30947

They also thought that western women, especially USA women are more hostile and aggressive, "terrifying" even because they tend to be assertive.

No. 30948

Why dont they focus on the good stereotypes then?i could at black celebrities and make the generalisation that all black women are curvy, with nice skin and great singers just like they look a japanese models and korean idols and come to the conclusion that asians are smart and pretty.

People pick and choose how they want a race to be represented.

No. 30949

I def agree with you, I can't think of a single shitfest America hasn't beaten down. American imperialism is literally the worst thing to happen to this entire Earth.

Also, not to mention, Americans tend to be the dumbest on the planet. Look at whats going on there now, look at how cult-like they are over Bruce Jenner and the trans cult. Can you think of any other country in the world that foams at the mouth over transgender people that much? No. Norway has always had far more progressive stances on trans people but they've never formed such a cult around it. It's shocking to see. Every ideological twist and turn, Americans try to turn into some sort of religion. Do you get what I mean?

I mean, I definitely get when people complain about racism and stuff, but not to the extent Americans do. Americans turn it into an entire culture. They profit off of it, so they need to create more of it. They profit off of everyone else's suffering.

No. 30950

One popular political theory going around is that it's ingrained into Americans due to the country being effectively founded by puritans. Remember the pilgrims in the northeast (and where the biggest and richest US cities are now) were famously holier-than-thou, that the locus of the American Revolution was located there, and we all know about the civil war and what happened in it.

That holier-than-thou spirit never left, though. Often times it's stressed too that said puritans were puritans in the first place because they fleeing a king and state church in Britain they didn't consider well, pure enough, so that's why there's a lot of "destroy the system!!!" rhetoric mixed into this stuff as well.

No. 30951

File: 1433277217332.jpg (47.68 KB, 532x236, 2015-06-02-16-15-16-1.jpg)

White/asian people should get together and make a perfect blonde haird asian race

No. 30952

A white/asian family living in detriot, in a majority black neighborhood ?obviously this is a story made up by some white guy trying to get people to agree with his agenda.

No. 30953

If you see a thread made by a guy named Muhammed, that would be created by me. Thank me later.

No. 30954

>be blond-haired blue-eyed pale guy
>remember bisexual Asian I used to flirt with online
>remember him wondering if I should impregnate his girlfriend so that European genes could be mixed into the local gene pool

/pol/'s cuck meme always had a ring of familiarity to it.

No. 30955

On my tumblr dashboard I've seen blacks make strawman posts about why the Holocaust is constantly remembered and whites are telling them to supposedly forget slavery ever happened, and if that's a sign that things won't end well, hooooly shit.

No. 30956

File: 1433277632435.jpg (28.62 KB, 534x180, IMG_20150602_163954.jpg)

The hangings of black people in the past were self defense!not hate crimes!

No. 30957

True, however, Sub Saharan Africans were a very different thing back then. The inhabitants of a certain region 125,000 years ago would have had a very different genetic makeup than what we have now. When humans first left Africa, we were only "anatomically human" though not quite homo sapiens just yet. Our skulls were pretty different looking, which has made it difficult for some paleontologists to tell which ones are homo sapien, and the fact that there was some interbreeding between species just added to the confusion. The replacement model is mostly true, however, it wasn't entirely true and had to be changed in order to include the interbreeding that took place. It's well accepted within the scientific community that homo sapiens co-existed with archaic humans, but we don't have genetic data for every archaic human species. There was also that Homo Floresiensis species that existed as early as 12,000 years ago, long after the time when none-homo sapiens were thought to have died out. Genetic testing has shown that several now extinct archaic human species may have interbred with modern humans, and their genetic imprint is regional. The thing about Anthropology is that it's hard to know anything for sure because they're getting their data from the few beat up old skulls that have managed to withstand the test of time.

(Sorry for OT, I just really like anthropology lol)

No. 30958

Look up "mammy". It was literally made up to demoralize and desexualize black women and make it seem as if there were no incidents of white male/black female interracial rape during slavery and the Jim Crow era.
Sure enough, there were black women like this (just like there are/were boorish, fat white women like Honey Boo Boo's mom and other assorted rednecks). However, to pretend that they made up the majority of them and the archetype is therefore justified is just foolish.
There's no defending this unless you're some stormfag trying to quietly shill.

No. 30959

File: 1433277986471.jpeg (19.99 KB, 350x223, 4528562161_more_black_on_white…)

This thread is obviously going to get locked up soon anyway, so we all may as well run with it.

No. 30960

If people like you dont stop trying to post hateful racist stuff and just stick to making fun of stormfront it wont

No. 30961

No. 30962

They kind of did the same thing to asian men.
They tried to make black men unappealing by claiming they're thugs, dicks are big, rapists but that kind of backfired and had the opposite effect lol

No. 30963

Notice how both the perpetrators here went to jail, but if the races were switched there would be a huge debate about the children "deserving" to get shot or bringing it on themselves somehow. I can see it now.
>It's the mother's fault the baby got shot for standing in the guy's line of shooting!

No. 30964

No, they would have tried to make the criminal seem like a victim if it was a white man.
"He was just depressed and had a mentak illness"

No. 30965

>Someone black does something bad
>someone black does something good
like damn, what do you want from us, stormfront.

No. 30966

To not exist. They're just fully retarded.

No. 30967

For blacks to not exist lol. Stormfront is funny. They said the only thing the Chinese invented was paper LMFAO.

No. 30968

No. 30969

Why do you care if it is same fagging?the point of this thread is to make fun of stormfront and thats what theyre doing.

No. 30970

2/10 bait, made me reply.

No. 30971

I'm >>30967 and I'm not any one of those other ones you listed lmao. Try harder.

No. 30972

I think some users from stormfront are in here.

No. 30973

I think Stormfront is hilarious. I mean, how can you go on that website and keep from laughing? You can't. They all take themselves so seriously and it's the funniest thing ever.

No. 30974

This. It's a buttmad stormfag trying to shit up the thread. Don't pay it any attention, it feeds off it.
Remember when everyone found out about Stormfront literally making bots to spam forums with their racist shit? They're certainly not above shitposting to derail anyone who challenges them.

No. 30975

Stormfags be mad

No. 30976

They did it to a fourm called asiafinest i used to go on and now its dead lol

No. 30977

File: 1433281435152.jpg (67.2 KB, 469x337, 2015-06-02-17-40-02-1.jpg)

Asians ftw. Only asians and white people ever created anything.

No. 30978

he is retarded and needs to school himself about arab history. Babylon tower, hygiene OUR HISTORY BITCH.

No. 30979

The Tower of Babel is a myth and pre-Arabic anyway. But Arab aggression isn't a new thing.

Also crapping on Asians and Latins isn't going to make any of this end well at all, although it's been about squawking the right ideas more than helping actual people for a while now. Anyway, I'm not sure doing an antiracist thread on a board normally devoted to mocking fat or ugly woman is such a hot idea anyway.

No. 30980

Stormfag detected

No. 30981

Lol these dudes are scared of feminists because they want kawaii quiet wives that will obey to them and be submissive. Fucking disgusting. Whats also disgusting is they think most of east asian women are like that.

No. 30982

This is so fucking sexist and stupid, what the fuck. People who think like this disgusts me

No. 30983

I beg to differ. I'm pretty sure the Korean mean girl students my friend grew up with would tear them a new one LMAO

No. 30984

>implying mexico doesnt exist
>imlying white americans arent more obese
>being this fucking stupid

No. 30985

Why is that seen more attractive than pale skin, blonde hair and green eyes?

No. 30986

Yelloe fever is gross and guys that are obsessed with asian girls fucking scare. That said, bitch sounds jealous of asian girls

No. 30987

And they weren't "westernized" Asians. They were born and raised in Korea. This was decades ago too. They think "westernized" females are aggressive, hostile, etc.

No. 30988

Someone tell her some black guys love white chicks. Tell her they'll give her all the cock she wants.

No. 30989

Theyre dumb. They think asian girls are like anime girls.
It pisses me off because these guys want a slave, not a human. They expect asian girls to never open their mouth and obey them. And they think western women are aggressive for not wanting to be submissive or for speaking up their mind smh i hope no asian girl ends up with any of these guys

No. 30990

My Asian female friend hates Asian fetishists and finds them creepy. She once shouted at this guy calling him a "me rove u wrong time neckbeard fedora disgusting creep" in public and was calling him a racist for saying black girls are rude, loud horrible but Asian girls are so nice and sweet. It was really funny seeing her fulfill the black woman stereotypes he just said. She is NOT submissive and neither are her traditional Asian relatives who are business owners.

Fuck I wanna curbstomp an Asian fetishist now. It's even worse when they put down other races while "complimenting" Asian girls.

No. 30991

They also feel this way about Eastern European women like Hungarians, Russians, etc. On a creepy mail-order bride site, they said those women embrace their femininity more, are more submissive, it was just so gross it was like shopping for products rather than obtaining a human companion.

No. 30992

Almost any thread bashing the looks of black girls someone usually comes in to compare them to asian women. Im not sure why most asian fetishists hate black girls.

No. 30993

Because black girls are stereotyped to be very assertive, loud and angry and it's not fun when someone doesn't let you have your way. They think Asian women will let them do anything to them with a smile and will bow down and kiss their feet. Go to China or some other Asian country. Let's see how true that is.

No. 30994

is it possible to get second hand creeped out? my friend is a japanese girl and i cant believe the shit she has to deal with from weebs who think asians (especially japanese) should act like and dress like their animu bitches
i feel really bad for her, i love anime, but i know that its fiction AKA not real and placing those unrealistic expectations on a whole race is ridiculous

No. 30995

That's it. Let's make threads on asian fetishist lolcows. They can even be people you know IRL. Fuck they make me rage they are so earth-shatteringly rage-inducing even non whites and Asians get angry. They probably think they're submissive because they met an Asian who couldn't speak their language and had no idea how to respond so they mistook that for submissiveness.

No. 30996

Do i need an account to see the user pictures?i wanna know what stormfronters look like

No. 30997

im on it, but should i put it on B or PT?

No. 30998

Reminds me of the time on TV i saw these two commercials (back to back, i might add) One of finding "beautiful asian girls" on this dating site. The next commercial was some Eastern European girl and how you can find a "beautiful Russian bride" online.

Was incredibly creepy and cringe worthy.

No. 30999

Maybe /b/ and individuals from the /b/ thread can get their own thread on /pt/

This lolcow site is so boring, especially since it's flooded with unfunny "cows" by the PULL definition. We need to spice it up with gross, awkward, nauseating, fedora-wearing neckbeards.

No. 31000

If you meet an Asian fetishist, respond to them with these comments. It'll be gold.

No. 31001

Why are they so worried about white women being raped by black men when statistically white women are raped the least(at least ive read i could be wrong)?

No. 31002

Because they worry about the black dong legend being true. Once you go black, you never go back.

No. 31003

*you're not welcome back

No. 31004

File: 1433290310809.jpg (46.99 KB, 422x231, 2015-06-02-19-49-55-1.jpg)

No. 31005

>stormfag still trying this hard
Just leave already, no one's going to entertain you

No. 31006

Maybe it's because it's a "this is OUR property don't defile our property only we can" thing

No. 31007

see >>30942
You're pretty much the shining example of this crap lock, stock, and barrel.

No. 31008

And this is how the hapa is born.

I find it kind of funny how they always praise Chinese/Japanese/Koreans but the vast majority of yellow fever douchebags can only get a Thai or Filipino girl.

No. 31009

i never seen any of them with Filipino girls before
most of them have the yellow fever

No. 31010

File: 1433294805694.jpg (45.9 KB, 411x487, Mayu_Watanabe-p1.jpg)

They want those kawaii uguu types but theyd never be able to get tthem

No. 31011

File: 1433298024417.png (71.03 KB, 720x540, rayrey206.png)

Yeah. If you want a hot woman, you better clean yourself up first and by that I mean mostly personality wise.

Here's an example of an obnoxious Asian fetishist I know and he wants the type of girl like you showed. Omfg the stories and screenshots my friends have. he's a cow. No wonder he has to resort to Gaia, Roblox and Minecraft to get girlfriends instead of fucking eharmony or something. He put his description as "athletic" with "12% body fat" on myspace even though he is 3x that. KEK.

No. 31012


That puberty moustache

No. 31013

Who is he?

No. 31014

File: 1433299306002.jpg (76.11 KB, 370x604, x_69e5f1ed.jpg)

Everyone elses race is ugly but this is what they consider a beautiful white woman?

No. 31015

No-brows Gaara woman

No. 31016

Raymond Dale Johnson. He went around doxing pretty Asian teens in private messages, asking if he could call them and hear how cute their voice sounds. One of them was a catfish. Omfg why can't he find a girlfriend the normal way?

No. 31017

He was also complimenting how well they wrote English and asked if they spoke English just as well. He would only do this to Asians (because there's no such thing as a white immigrant who doesn't speak English) it was so insulting and he had the nerve to say "Not trying to be racist but…" before he even heard a word come out of their mouth.

In real life he was accused of snapping pics of Asian girls' bottoms when they wore skirts at anime conventions when he thought no one was looking. Was at a convention he went to in the past and I thought he was really jumpy. Now I'm very curious. He always had that look in his eye that made my friends and I uncomfortable. My friend said it was like "a dangerous, hungry look" and he was very socially awkward.

No. 31018

they usually deep down dont
they clearly got a bad case of the yellow fever
but whats wrong with blond hair?
i hope im not ugly just because my hair is blonde. i hate how these assholes make me embarrassed for having such a thick bloodline, also
most of these faggots probably got turned down by a beautiful woman with ebony skin

No. 31019

There's absolutely nothing wrong with blonde hair. There's just something wrong with storm front faggots and their creepy fetishization of it.

No. 31020

File: 1433301283427.jpg (38.38 KB, 402x604, nKatpUI0vt8-1.jpg)

"Photos of beautiful Russian girls-nationalists"
Such a beautiful and delicate white rose

No. 31021

im not saying shes ugly because shes blonde. they had her picture on a thread praising her for being beautiful and it just funny.

No. 31022

oh pppfffttt
she is just average, not some supreme beauty. you know in the back of their minds they have the biggest hateboner for colored women, thats what hitler was like
i kept hearing from books about the history of world war 2 and how hitler had a HUGE crush on a jewish girl, then she got married to another man and he became supremely angry
i feel like white supremacy is just these guys feeling so entitled that when they get rejected they immediately hop onto the hate wagon

No. 31023

File: 1433303470671.jpg (36.93 KB, 400x400, 409.jpg)

she looks so angry. god, russian chicks are always so angry looking

No. 31024

You described every fedora-wearing nice guy ever.

No. 31025

File: 1433304300896.jpg (177.4 KB, 1100x400, ddddasfcfd.jpg)

I cant understand why he would brag about doing something like this to people…

No. 31026

Seems legit.

No. 31027

I think she is beautiful, just kind of aged looking a bit. Delicate? Not really… I've seen more delicate looking Russian girls.

No. 31028


I wouldn't be surprised if this women is below average looking and very insecure. If she looks like Mama June I wouldn't even bat an eyelash.

I read an article in my local paper once about how facial recognition as infants will determine how easily we can tell apart people from each race. If an infant is raised around white faces they will more easily be able to recognise individual white people. A person who thinks all asians or blacks look alike just hasn't been raised around enough people of that race to recognise individual features as easily. They look foreign and homogeneous. It may have something to do with group solidarity back when humans were still primitive. Any group you weren't raised around looks alike until you get used to them. But they don't really look alike. Features are varied across races and if you look at enough people you'll start seeing a lot of differences the same way you see them with people of your race.

I don't know how much water this theory holds. It is interesting though.

This woman though,
She sounds like a delusional cow. Most likely that guy would have never been interested in her. She's jealous and uses the lowest insult possible to vent her anger. She deserves whatever loser she gets. In fact, I feel sorry for that guy too. Because her bitchiness is probably universal and she hates anyone who doesn't see her as a princess.

No. 31029


she has a flat face, big nose and a wide jaw. arent these features non-whites get called ugly for all the time?

No. 31030

By /pt/ standards she's a disgusting hambeast out of hell, but if I saw her on the streets I would think her pretty.

No. 31031

She's not ugly to them because they're all of the features rolled into one which is good but on their own it's bad and also she has blonde hair and pale skin which automatically ups her attractiveness to them.

No. 31032

Jews are the ones who rule America.

No. 31033

Maybe the guys could just feel the shit personality on her and avoid her? Maybe she should focus on improving herself instead of wanting others to step down for her? Then maybe she would actually get a man because it's really not hard for a woman to get a man. I've seen some horrific hambeasts score dates 3 times in a row

No. 31034

Tumblr gtfo. It was "invented" because white people though it was funny to laugh at niggers. Da cracker Illuminati didn't just gather and plot a secret stereotype plan and force cartoonists to draw it.

>>Can you think of any other country in the world that foams at the mouth over transgender people that much? No.

Hahaha holy shit you're fucking delusional. Homos get put to death in some countries, just stop. The entire world isn't this anti-racist anti-sexist homo-accepting place that Norway makes it out to be. In fact, you'll find that most of those innocent little brown cultures are quite the opposite. Even in countries that have been known to be traditionally accepting of Trans people still don't treat them very well. India, Thailand, ect has a class of trans people, but they have a pretty low status unless they're very lucky.

No. 31035

White women are statistically more likely to be raped by black men.

No. 31036

Another stormfag has entered.

No. 31037

File: 1433307485884.png (37.13 KB, 1792x404, blackman.png)

Gtfo Tumblr. This thread will probably get moved now. It was meant to be about Stormfront but it's been nothing but Tumblr shills reciting Tumblr posts they read.

No. 31038

>imlying white americans arent more obese

No we aren't.


Black are the fattest and whites are the least prone to obesity compared to blacks and latinos.

No. 31039

>>Race is only about skin color
Holy fuck you need to have a book thrown at you.

No. 31040

Please stop trying to derail the thread. If you want to talk about whites vs blacks you can just join stormfront. This thread was not made with that intention in mind.

No. 31041

I didn't say that?

No. 31042

hahaha of course we do

No. 31043

Do you guys think Asian girls date white fetishists because they're easy to push around?

If I had an Asian fetishist want me, I'd want to drain his wallet while I still can, and take advantage of his gullible, creepy, inner fedora neckbearded ass.

No. 31044

I think its that or just being ugly so you can get what you want.

No. 31045

The Asian girls being ugly so they could get what they want?

No. 31046

Them being ugly so they will take an ok looking guy even if he likes her only becuse shes Asian.

No. 31047

Yeah maybe. I also hear it's because they tend to have white privilege, make more money, have higher status so some Asians would want to milk that maybe.

I'd milk it because those creeps would need to pay me restitution for giving me excessive nausea and that indescribable slimy feeling on the inside. Utterly nauseating. They should all die in a hole.

No. 31048

Why would they want a woman to put up with any shit they throw at her with a smile? Wouldn't that be a sign of a shit personality sometimes if they would want someone else to submit and be pleasant for them rather than act in a more pleasing way themselves? All the stomach-churningly Asian fetishists I've met are revolting in personality and gross in appearance like Rayrey206. Even worse is when they are in denial of how awful they look.

Ok you can look gross but if you want a super hot Japanese idol looking girl, can't you at least bother to lose weight or look less disgusting though? You can't tell someone to lose weight but not put forth an effort to not look like a hambeast.

No. 31049

*and not put forth any effort to look like a hambeast. Why should they look pretty for you Asian fetishists while you Asian fetishists can be free to look like broiled Raymond Dale Johnson shit?

No. 31050

She looks old. I would say if she really is old, she is beautiful for her age. She is average to me. Most people, no matter what race, are average looking. That's why beauty is considered a rarity in the first place…

No. 31051

She must be freezing her hands and belly off.

No. 31052

These people are ugly as fuck, have been bullied their whole lives, and constantly get rejected by women. of course they would want someone who can't say no.

No. 31053

These guys go to poor pos southern asian countries and collect third world women who think all white people are rich.

No. 31054

File: 1433314806015.png (38.32 KB, 600x450, rayrey206fattyonaship3.png)

Of course. Raymond has been bullied quite a bit. They called him fat and ugly, which he undeniably is. He was catfished by kids 2 years younger than he and was delusional enough to believe a real girl would slobber all over his dick and say "I love you" in response to a doxing (of some other girl's info they used) and repeated offensive Asian fetishist comments like "Do u speak english well?" before hearing them utter a word and then saying "WOW U SPEAK ENGLISH WELL!" because speaking English well is exclusive to whites amirite? You can tell he's a loser if he has to resort to fucking kiddy MMO games for dates. God this is why he makes my stomach churn HARD. He graduated from Devry to be what? An assistant manager at Pizza Hut? And now he's not even working there anymore for some reason… probably because the catfishes from long ago found his workplace and trolled him again.

No. 31055

Yeah because their Pizza Hut salary is a lot to them. Oh well at least they're helping the poor. At least I think they are.

You'd think someone who lives in a city with more Asians such as Seattle or Burien Washington, he would at least know that "You speak English well" or "do you speak English well?" are not acceptable pick up lines and are rude as fuck. Then he starts showing them his stupid ass stir-fry recipe and he only shows that recipe to Asian girls he hits on. He says flirting while having a girlfriend isn't cheating, and that it's ok to pick out back-up girlfriends while having a girlfriend, as if anyone is lining up to date THAT. Boy, if you're picking out side hoes, you're not 100% invested in the relationship, which will increase the likelyhood of it failing, just saying.

He also thinks masturbating is just as bad as watching porn. He told someone "How can you criticize me for being a pervert for watching porn when you masturbate?" It's not the same. You're watching people get off rather than getting off on your own.

He says he has sleep apnea but I doubt it's that. I'd say it's more of a pulmonary edema based on the symptoms he provided, which can be caused by lack of sleep and a poor diet, which is what he says he suffers from too. If you suffocate every time you lay down to sleep, lay off the fatburgers and stop staying up late to watch porn, fatty!

No. 31056

This thread is great. I love how easy it is to spot a stormfronter BC they ignore that thread is about making fun of them and start trying to pit themselves against other races out of nowhere. Lmfaooooo.

No. 31057

Are you fucking stupid. You are just confirming what they said about america being the only country to give a shit and create a cult like following about trans people. No one said other countries accept trans people dumb nigger. Go back to stormfront.

No. 31058

Meanwhile you probably shit your pants about them evil ol' marxists and Jews controlling the media when you see white female/black male couple on TV or in commercials lmao
Stormfag pls go

No. 31059

I love how Americans try to apply their standards to other countries. In Europe we have a real problem with African immigrants, they're not descendants of slaves who have integrated to the culture but humanitarian refugees who have moved in during the past 10-20 years and aren't required to fit in. The stormfront people are insane and I don't know why they blame the Jews for everything but denying that Europe has a problem with refugees is delusional.

No. 31060


idk what part of Europe you're in but in the UK our problem is different but similar.

Virtually all of our black people that emigrated here did so in the last 100 years and during a point where the UK was still a very Christian country, and they integrated very well. You definitely still have gangs and stuff but the black "gangs" here are still overwhelmingly British born black kids and are completely pussified compared to the black gangs in America.

No, our problem is with the Muslims.

No. 31061

You probably arent even from Europe.

No. 31062

File: 1433343888501.png (70.35 KB, 1294x533, haha.png)

wants to ship black people back to Africa and expects them just to drop their jobs, degrees, money and homes without any financial support to start new there.

No. 31063

File: 1433344404657.png (55.89 KB, 1290x259, eopleaesad.png)

No. 31064

kinda this
why wouldn't they be? I live in Finland and we don't have much crime but almost EVERY time there's some street violence or a small gang of teenagers, they always end up being Somali or Arabs. Without fail.
Like, we also have Russians, Irish gypsies, regular gypsies and Estonians but most of their crimes involve fraud or petty stealing, or trying to sell you a horse for crack. These guys are the only ones who do shit like this without fail, and most women who marry black guys here end up being single mothers.

I don't hate anyone without a cause and I'd never judge a person based on their background if I met them in person, but this is a real issue. I really don't get people (ahem, Sweden) who say 'it's YOUR fault, you didn't give them enough money for dem programs!' and you can't even complain because the response is usually 'LALALA NOT LISTENING YOU'RE A RACIST NAZI, LITERALLY HITLER'. It's funny because it's perfectly fine for them to shit all over Slavs because they're white and call them criminals. But these guys are like endangered polar bears and as soon as you say anything negative about them and don't kiss their ass and call them beautiful exotic falafel gods you get told to apologise for being a big ol racist meanie :(

In the meantime, our small Jewish community has complained that those same people who pull the Hitler card all the time have been harassing them because of muh Palestine.
Talk about hypocrisy.

No. 31065


That's true.

The UK backs down to Muslims, I'm sure they've got something on us that we don't know about. Government is probably hiding even more shit than we're aware of.

No. 31066


What I can't understand is… Russians (not all but yeah, the ONES) who are racist as fuck, preach about keeping Russia white and how wonderful it is to be white. But yeah you've got Asian guys, Japanese always banging on about how lovely Russian women are? I mean… do they know what that country is like? Not saying all Russians obv but.. Do they KNOW?

No. 31067

dude the Japanese themselves can be racist as fuck. Just because they're Asian doesn't mean they're accepting like white people have to be nowadays.

No. 31068

Russian here, some parts of Russia (especially closer to the East) are not racist towards Asian people or indigenous people. Basically, the further away you get from Europe, the more tolerant you are of those people.

No. 31069


Really? Never knew that. I'm sorry, you can blame me for those twats who fill my head up with nonsense in blogs and youtube. Blame the internet.

Russia does looks beautiful though, I like the sound of the language too. But like most countries, idiot people being racists, it pushes me away when I hear stories. Still, I'd like to go.

No. 31070


Mmmm, very true. But let's not go down that route lol

No. 31071

I have a friend who lives near the border with China and Best Korea. Don't know what the city is called, but he's a nice fellow.
It fascinates me that people live so normally there, you never hear anything about those places here but 'haha poor people that eat dogs and sleep in dirty commieblocks'. It's why Leviathan was so fascinating to me, it's almost exactly like my country (aside from the language and corruption).

No. 31072

And the Japanese aren't the same? They rather like keeping their country homogenous and "Japanese"

No. 31073

Now that's some delusion-influenced psychopathic behavior.

No. 31074


Kinda, but every now and again you'll get one who goes off with a gaijin, has babies ect.

It's just how they are, culture and the people. As long as they're not harming anyone or bashing someone with racial slurs, attacking then who cares? Compared to some other countries…

It's usually Japanese women who have mixed children. Most of the time it actually is. Some of the stories I hear aren't even shocking anymore, take their kids out of school because of bullying then bring them back to Japan ect ect… Not always the case but a lot of the time I've heard this story and it strongly matches other people's experiences with half children.

Meh what can u do

No. 31075


oh and plus language barriers, they play a big part too

No. 31076

weeb detected

No. 31077

I see what you mean, but Japan is a first world country with strict, tight immigration and is 99% ethnically Japanese.
(That sort of homogeneity is becoming rapidly unusual for first world countries.)
It is obvious they have an issue with letting other cultures in. Just look at how they reacted to the Half Black/Half Japanese woman winning Miss Japan.

Russia is also far more diverse than Japan, so making any sort of comparison between the two is ridiculous.

No. 31078

File: 1433358313751.jpg (74.09 KB, 408x361, 2015-06-03-15-03-11-1.jpg)

I think one day theyre just going to make up some bullshit so they can claim japanese, koreans and chinese are white too

No. 31079

>It's just how they are, culture and the people
You can say the same for literally any country in Europe and you'd get called a racist for it. It's a bit of a double standard. And they are harming people, some of them refuse to serve foreigners and foreigners are banned in the some public baths for example.
If that happened in my country there'd be a shitstorm but for Japan it's just 'oh it's just how they are'?

No. 31080

>You can say the same for literally any country in Europe and you'd get called a racist for it. It's a bit of a double standard.
Exactly. I'm so sick of people on here bitching about "gaijin" people going to japan and trying to make a career, and talk about how they are "trying to be japanese, lol stop"
Yet it is okay for anyone to move to Europe and adopt their customs and declare themselves "Swedish" "British" ect…? Yes, double standards much.

No. 31081

File: 1433359251748.jpg (50.53 KB, 460x215, 2015-06-03-15-17-37-1.jpg)

No. 31082

Well, to be fair, living standards are generally higher in Western countries than many countries that immigrants are from. So while someone from one of those countries could be immigrating to Europe to escape getting murdered by crazy politicians or famine, usually people who immigrate out of Western countries are just abnormal people who could not assimilate into their own culture. Undesirables, if you will.

And yes, it is just how they are. Kind of like how it's just how Western countries are, to be hyper-sensitive about political correctness, inclusivity, and cultural assimilation. Lol.

No. 31083

Oh god this bitch is so annoying and retarded I swear to god. I've seen her other posts on the forum and holy fuck. She's one of those painfully uneducated people who thinks they're really knowledgeable because they're "enlightened" or whatever.

No. 31084

Yeah, I have a lot of Russian relatives, and my parents both look very stereotypically Russian but there are also some very Asian-looking people in my family, some of them get quite dark too. Still Russian, they just come from the Eastern parts.

There generally is respect from Russians towards people of Eastern countries because they are seen as hard-working and intelligent. Even towards Eastern countries where people are darker, like India for example. The racism usually is towards people that are stereotypically dumb and lazy (like African Americans) or conniving and sneaky (sometimes Jews, most Middle Easterners)

No. 31085

In the opposing opinions section she only selects certain comments that the debater posts. Which means basically the white nationalists can bash the fuck at of you but she will not post the comments you said to defend yourself.

No. 31086

*Just so she and her fellow members can look right

No. 31087

File: 1433362380700.png (95.31 KB, 1833x357, Thisfaggot.png)

No. 31088

This isnt going to become a white vs minorities thread so you might as well give up stormfag.

No. 31089

Mmmhmmm that's exactly what I said tumblr teaches such good debate skills lmao. There was never a group of crackas who gathered together and invented all stereotypes about blacks so they could "literally demoralize and desexualize black women", it started because the general population could relate and though it was funny.

No. 31090

This is basically just a "betas who idealize asian" thread now so who cares.

No. 31091

Wait did a black person make it past the stormfront user registration? How come my minority friends weren't able to register? Then again it was ages ago when they tried.

No. 31092

Which is what a stormfag is
They can register and try to debate but most of their arguments wont be posted and they will be banned soon after for trolling. They only allow opposing threads so they can mock an actual black person.

No. 31093

All evidence points to otherwise. Sorry, I'd rather believe history sources written by scholars and researchers than some salty racist anon on lolcow who screams "Tumblr" at everything they disagree with. :^)

No. 31094

Ha scholars?or propganda from the brainwashing jews! You sheep!

No. 31095

>>All evidence points to otherwise.
Wow, such scholars and history experts on that site you linked me too, they didn't use one source. There is not "evidence" it's just the authors interpretation of the way people acted back then. All that site pointed to were pictures of the mammy stereotype and the authors own speculation of the reasoning behind it. Show me a doc of the cracker Illuminati plotting out the mammy stereotype or stfu and go back to tumblr.

No. 31096

They have an "opposing views" forum where you don't have to register. However, it contains no real opposing views. It's supposed to be a board for people to debate white nationalists, but the posts get monitored before being posted and anything that's deemed as a "troll" doesn't get posted. Everything that white nationalists don't like is a troll. The things that do get posted are things written by other white nationalists with views slightly different from the WN agenda and the rest of stormfront flips their shit at them.

Oh and the notorious FadingLight is one of the people who monitors the board and goes through the pending posts.

No. 31097

What else has fading light done?

No. 31098

Inb4 wiki isnt a reputable source!!11

No. 31099

File: 1433379636585.png (8.05 KB, 261x359, tumblr_nmhgt4bMxm1titub2o1_400…)

stormfronts actually think there are girls who naturally look like this

No. 31100

Racist-chan is forbidden from posting in this particular thread any further.

No. 31101

which one is racist granny chan?
i am too lazyto read through this whole thread because i am a huge faggot

No. 31102

They already want to start claiming asians are white but they dont because it pisses the female white nationals off

No. 31103

that is a whole new form of delusional
they should just admit they got the yellow fever, because whites dont look anything like asians

No. 31104

I have a feeling that they look at the blonde/blue eyes/fair skin first and foremost before their actual features to determine how attractive they are. Like I don't think this woman is ugly, but not exactly beautiful. The no eyebrows, ugly eyeliner and big jew nose doesn't help. But she's blonde and white, so that's what they like I guess.

No. 31105

They also have to look traditionally like how white Europeans look. I remember they commented about albino Africans who had white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes and they said it's not as beautiful as the white European version.

I think they look at the blonde hair blue eyes, fair skin+ white european features no matter how ugly

No. 31106

that's exactly what they do. If they had the choice of a gross old hambeast blonde, or a gorgeous asian, they'd go for the blonde.

No. 31107

Way to become everything you pretend to stand against lol.

No. 31108

But they'd secretly want the gorgeous Asian to satisfy the fetishist neckbeard within, but don't want to look like they're betraying their race.

No. 31109

File: 1433402759262.jpg (196.81 KB, 450x600, denny.jpg)

I wonder how many of these guys look like Am Denny

No. 31110

Another Finn here and I can confirm all of this. Especially the Somalis, oh god I hate them so much. This is coming from a person who has to live in a neighborhood filled with them. Even the 2nd generation immigrants don't speak Finnish well and we constantly have problems with them robbing and raping people, even last year we had a huge gang of them roaming around the capital city and just randomly beating up white kids. The sole reason was because "they're white, it was fun to beat them up" [sic]. They weren't even looking for money or anything of value to rob, they just wanted to beat white people up.

They try to hit on you when you're just trying to make your way from point A to point B. There's a good chance they'll beat, molest or even rape you if you don't reply to their catcalls. They are rude as hell, even to other refugees, call raped white girls whores and get everything handed to them by the welfare office. There was even a case in which a Somali refugee got lots of gratuitous monetary support from the welfare office for no reason and kept on sending it to Africa. They mess up their apartments given by the state and cause a lot of property damage and are a nuisance to the other residents. Their kids are out of control and learn to yell the Racism card at a very young age. They send their daughters to be circumcised in Somalia because it's illegal in Finland. The list goes on. But it's forbidden to talk about any of this because of muh racism.

I don't have a problem with other refugees and immigrants but the Somalis are the worst of the worst and I pray we don't end up like Sweden. Even the traditional Irish gypsies aren't this bad, they're like kittens compared to the Somalis.

No. 31111

Stop shitting up thread dumbfuck

No. 31112

>gratuitous monetary support from the welfare office for no reason and kept on sending it to Africa.

You sound like a child. I don't think that's how it works.

No. 31113

Are you from Finland? If not, fuck off.

No. 31114

Racist-chan's mom pls

No. 31115

you kidding? they would jump at the chance for some asian. they would just make that "hitler liked asians" excuse

No. 31116

File: 1433422109582.jpg (94.74 KB, 426x631, 2014_3.jpg)

omg this picture KEK

No. 31117

do they really think this?

No. 31118

All races get cat called no bodies out to rape teh white wimmins. You guys sound so coincided to think someone wants to rape you just because youre white.

No. 31119



No. 31120

File: 1433423439794.jpg (54.82 KB, 531x261, 2015-06-04-09-05-04-1.jpg)

White men apparently never rape anyone. I think they equate looks with people wanting to rape you, but usually rapist dont care about what the girl looks like and most people rape girls they know, right?
In their minds they think all other races are too ugly for men to want to rape(except asian
Women but they never say no to sex because theyre submissive wifu)

No. 31121

Shouldn't have to explain this shit, but rape is about power, now finding people attractive. People don't necessarily go about finding people they think are hot to rape, they find someone in a vulnerable position that they can exploit.

No. 31122

File: 1433424064290.jpg (70.78 KB, 483x442, 2015-06-04-09-18-56-1.jpg)

No. 31123


Funny how they were raped back in the slave days. Weren't complaining then, were they?


No. 31124


its so true, give them some sexy gorgeous tanned/yellow diva with a nice attitude and education

nah they'll still pick the fat beastie white woman

cos she white and she powerful and she perfect

oh why

No. 31125

File: 1433424454952.jpg (60.14 KB, 483x330, 2015-06-04-09-25-27-1.jpg)

According to them rape between master and slave were rare and the reason why most african americans have european blood is because white women were fucking black guys. It wasnt the white masters fault but the womens fault.

No. 31126


Asian countries ARE that way though. They don't like race mixing, they prefer to just keep it as their OWN. It's just how they are as a culture, I don't see anything wrong with it. I don't even think it's important either. Most countries around the world are like that.

No. 31127


I think in Japan it solely depends on what you are and who you are more than anything. In England though, there is so many different kinds of people. I just do not think Japan would ever allow that to happen to their own country, I truly don't think they will let it become as… diverse? Who knows, could be wrong in another hundred years but I'd be VERY surprised.

No. 31128

Your glorious japan might be forced to race mix eventually, since their birth rates are declining and they're expected to go extinct in the future.

No. 31129


Again, I'd be VERY surprised if this happened. I mean, not saying it won't and can't happen. I'd just be surprised. But whatever, humans do human things.

No. 31130

Korea is also expected to go extinct. Two ethnicities stormfags shit themselves over are both going to be gone.

No. 31131

One of the reasons they're so keen on robots is so they can cut down on immigration, the 2% of Japan that's not ethnically Japanese is too much for them already.

No. 31132



No. 31133

Their culture is what's fucking up their birth rates. Cultures change. There's no way this current trend is going to continue long enough for them to all die off.



No. 31134


Where do people even get the idea for this shit from?

It was like that time, some BNP member once said "The holocaust never happened" but despite the millions of bodies laying there festering away, yeah it totally never happened. Nah, those bodies were on for show for absolute lolsssssss ~

Oh my christ.

What a delusional fuck.

I'm sure these types of people are inbred.

No. 31135


So true, so very true.

No. 31136

Those bodies were staged by the jewsssss!

You can try to refute them but theyd just reply with more denial. Is there like a white national handbook?because i swear when it comes to the holocaust, slavery and native americans they all seem to give the same answers to deny it.

No. 31137


Ha, for a beautiful Aryan man he's got a bigger nose than a black man

No. 31138


tbh i always thought asian women are yellow, they just have a yellowy complexion

No. 31139

File: 1433426660955.jpg (22.55 KB, 236x369, e66eebd6048aaa2d509d25d3bb6579…)

A lot of asian celebrities have very white skin,thats probably why they think asians can be considered white too.

No. 31140

Also, there hair is straight which in their brain=white. Which, doesnt make sense because many ethnicities have naturally straight hair.

No. 31141


Yeah, but don't they all use whitening creams though? I mean look at the chinese, some Japanese, those tend to have yellowy complexions? Some look paler and some look yellowy?

No. 31142

File: 1433427172402.jpg (124.16 KB, 638x703, 1c6b54ef1d6ba10c41f7e217a2ff22…)

I remember in high school during PSHE we were on the topic of white supremacy/race, we were shown these two girls "Lamb & Lynx" and a documentary of their family who was pressuring them to be white supremacists too. I think they left home or something now, they got sick of their mother's shit.

Anyone else heard of them?

No. 31143


Oh and they changed for the better cos of Marijuana apparently

No. 31144

I think without lighting, makeup etc the average asian person has a yellowish undertone and its not pink like white people. But, stormfags wanting to claim asians are similar to whites has nothing to do with skintone or race, they just want to justify their yellow fever.

No. 31145

>Lamb & Lynx
Porn star names.

Not all. I know a Chinese guy who is naturally pale white. It's mainly the northern Chinese who are really pale.

No. 31146

My bf is northern chinese, he has pale skin but it doesnt look the same as a white persons pale skin imo.

No. 31147


Meh, some of them are pretty pale, I know that. But Asian and white isn't even the same. Oh my lord.

No. 31148

I hear the creams are very common. They can also cause permanent skin damage and lesions from irritation. I've seen some horror stories on TV about that.

But these Asian women aren't trying to be white. It's just that light skin was equated with wealth and nobility long ago. The poor worked in the fields all day so they were suntanned. Nobility could just lounge around the house enjoying the good life. So they stayed pale.

These stormfags are delusional if they think these Asian women are trying to be white by bleaching their skin. The light skin being idolized is a problem in many Asian cultures. But it's not because they are trying to look like white women.

No. 31149


Even in England, despite everyone, well most women wanting tans (not all) but in medevil times the rich here were the same. Indoors, stayed pale and wealthy women would always powder their face to look whiter. It was a sign of fortune, beauty and grace. While peasants were tanned, dirty and hard workers. Same kind of mentality.

No. 31150

File: 1433428090835.jpg (18.9 KB, 200x300, 1c6b54ef1d6ba10c41f7e217a2ff22…)

"The manneristic portraits of the late 16th century all portrayed their female (and male) subjects with alabaster complexions, lacking even the rosy glow that became popular during the next century.

Pale skin was a sign of nobility, wealth, and (for women) delicacy, and was sought after by many. In a time when skin problems and the pox were commonplace, sunscreen unheard of, and skin creams and ointments out of reach for all but the well-off, smooth, unblemished and pale skin was a rarity."

No. 31151

Friendly reminder they also used lead based make up to make themselves as pale as possible.

Asians want to be light, not white/European. Even after the lightening and plastic surgery they go through, they still look Asian.

No. 31152

Yeah, the beauty ideal Asians strive for is very much an idealized Asian person (Of whichever specific group they belong to, obviously) Not an attempt to emulate white people. Asians without epicanthic folds, or half folds exist, as pale Asians and so on.

No. 31153


But the stormtroopers seem to think they're white lol? it makes me laugh i will say


asian as they come

No. 31154

OH GOD STOP who is that

No. 31155

File: 1433429745900.jpg (72.21 KB, 522x463, 2015-06-04-10-53-52-1.jpg)

I think stromfags just want the japanese to be white so they can take credit for anime.

No. 31156

Asian beauty is pale skin, big eyes, small face and caucasian nose. they try to be white lol sorry. Tons of asians said to me they wanted to look white/caucasian

No. 31157


its looking that way, sad fuckers

No. 31158


it makes me laugh because they get all this surgery and then their children get the sads because they're asian

they're asian they'll always be asian from the minute they're fresh out the pussy to dropping dead

it's annoying "i want to look half white" and "i wish i was white" ughhh this is coming from a half white person btw and even this shit makes me go ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

No. 31159

>>Theres a native white minority
>>I cant find any information about them

Because it doesn't fucking exist.

No. 31160

Asians include Indians and other dark skinned Asians so he shouldn't be going like "I think Asians respect us and we respect them" lmao.

A lot of Europeans want to fix their nose and have a smaller one. I met an Asian guy with a natural small nose that I wanted. They are just trying to look like the ideal Asian just like how white people try to look like the ideal white people.

Most white people look like Walmart shoppers, not Dakota Fanning or some shit. Don't lie LMAO.

No. 31161

File: 1433430181356.jpg (82.41 KB, 884x1024, 1c6b54ef1d6ba10c41f7e217a2ff22…)

No. 31162

And white people risk skin cancer, severe rashes and peeling skin when they want a tan, especially a deep one so I guess we're not really that different. We both have people who risk their health for beauty. Fucking vampire facials, dye that fucks up the scalp, swallowing all that lipstick by accident all the time when eating, piercings that get so big your earlobes split, etc.

No. 31163

>Most white people look like Walmart shoppers, not Dakota Fanning or some shit. Don't lie LMAO.

Seriously, I feel like white people don't want to admit that a good lot of them have awkward potato faces, horse teeth and crooked noses. Sometimes all at once. And they almost always age super badly/quickly compared to any variety of Asian.

No. 31164

To be clear, I'm not saying racist posts are banned from this thread. You simply don't know when to stop arguing in addition to being racist. Some argumentative posters with the exact opposite viewpoint have also been banned previously.

No. 31165

File: 1433430786069.jpg (47.93 KB, 536x227, 2015-06-04-11-07-11-1.jpg)

No. 31166

Yeah. Remember, beauty is a rarity among any race. I think most people look blah no matter what their race.

The inbreeding just never ends. Monkey is a corruption of the word "monarchy" which is what they used to shout when they saw a face card you dumbfucks. inb4stormfagslurkthisthreadandcorrectthisperson.

Durr hurr! Monkey is a Chinese word! Shut the fuck up oh my god

No. 31167

File: 1433431245463.jpg (8.68 KB, 330x220, 1c6b54ef1d6ba10c41f7e217a2ff22…)


TBH I always thought little old chinese men looked more like monkeys than black people (APPARENTLY ARE SUPPOSED TO)

No. 31168

File: 1433431594698.jpg (62.98 KB, 508x280, IMG_20150604_112556.jpg)

Can someone fill me in on how asian women look white?i dont see it.

No. 31169

Oh my god. They don't know what "monkey" is. They don't recognize their own language. Holy shit lmao

No. 31170

File: 1433431824603.jpg (13.7 KB, 400x387, makeup-hints-for-different-eye…)

Because sometimes they can have pale skin. Their hair is straight. They also have eyes, a nose, a mouth, two legs and arms.

Also "messed up eyes?" Um last time I heard, westerners squinched their eyes to look more attractive and genuine in photos. Some Asian men and women have beautiful foxy eyes. inb4AsianfetiSHITstormfagcomesheretofap

No. 31171

File: 1433432570957.jpg (78.76 KB, 577x374, wut.jpg)

one of these women are Asian?could've fooled me they both look like beautiful white women.

No. 31172

>caucasian nose
No one is trying to get surgery for OC's nose, anon

No. 31173

File: 1433433710444.jpg (36.34 KB, 460x276, Edmund-White-007.jpg)

Yeah they all want this nose.

No. 31174

File: 1433433735387.png (295.06 KB, 549x269, CaucasianRhinoplasty.png)

White people want a white nose to look whiter than white. Whiteception.

No. 31175

Japanese frequently mock white people for their big noses
they don't want that shit

No. 31176

File: 1433434933443.png (358.81 KB, 636x426, ahem.png)

>>Japanese frequently mock white people for their big noses

pretty much

No. 31177

And their sunken in eyes and very low brows, super angular face. Most westerners don't look like movie stars or popular musicians just like the Asians.

No. 31178

I've made like, what, five posts in this thread?

No. 31179

I think this is that black bitch from PULL who's been bitching about how "asians all want to look white omg so shameful". She was in that other thread that got moved to /b/ bitching about some black model not getting as much fame as kooter. People were making fun of her in an old PULL thread, I wish I remembered her name.

No. 31180

File: 1433454846718.jpg (89.65 KB, 640x427, 1irene-1d.jpg)

I doubt its the same person everyone who isnt into asian pop culture thinks asians are trying to copy white because they dont know the history behind it.

I mean if you dont know anything about japan and korea youd assume theyre trying to look white.

No. 31181

I think it's been the same person they've been butthurt as fuck about it and always say the same kinds of shit.

No. 31182


no im not that anon sorry that is coming from ANOTHER anon and btw Tiffany (model) isn't black she's hapa and just to clarify before people start jumping in on the mixed bandwagon

mixed is having two parents of different races which that model was i just want to clear that up before people go off on "she black" you get the picture

No. 31183

File: 1433457057432.jpg (32.58 KB, 333x500, 1c6b54ef1d6ba10c41f7e217a2ff22…)


your average british woman right here (& YES NOT ALL I KNOW)

No. 31184

Lmao where are these pictures from?

No. 31185

File: 1433461309844.jpg (45.96 KB, 500x375, time.jpg)

No. 31186

not her/him but we're anonymous for a reason. This is a bit of a dickish move imo

No. 31187

This particular poster (racist-chan) has been banned 10 times so far, and was warned and informed their posts may be called out in the future after their 7th or 8th ban for derailing threads. This is the only poster who staff are permitted to call out posts of.

No. 31188


I disagree. Trying to cover for your own shitposts, much less to someone who can actually tell, after you get called out warrants this sort of response.

No. 31189

Okay since this case is so extreme I'm fine with it

No. 31190

I never heard this in the news. I also don't watch it a lot for that reason.

No. 31191

File: 1433463251551.gif (490.67 KB, 320x242, 1343020528620.gif)

Suck it the fuck up if you dont want to be called out for your shit. The farm hand is in the right to call a shitposter out.

No. 31192

Damn, I need to step my shitposting game up.

I'm not even on a list

No. 31193

It may not be that apparent if you just look at asians, but put an asian next to a fair skinned white person and their yellow undertones really stand out.

What's the point in comparing the average woman to celebrities, though.

No. 31194

File: 1433472054428.jpg (114.34 KB, 476x903, 2015-06-04-22-39-02-1.jpg)

I like how his examples of beautiful white white wimmins are all underaged children

No. 31195

And ugly. Hope she gets lucky grows out of it like some uggo kids.

No. 31196

that is the most average white girl I ever… ugh. you can find her at any 5th grade in the country

No. 31197

How disgusting he's looking at children as attractive or something? Stormfag pedo detected.

She looks kinda manly. Her face looks a lot like this Asian guy I knew but with a shorter nose.

No. 31198

File: 1433483320579.jpg (112.73 KB, 400x604, image.jpg)

Nothing triumphs white beauty

No. 31199

that's such a fake yellow blonde color

No. 31200

Most of the children posted in that thread really aren't "beautiful" by any measure of the word, either.
They even have shit taste when they're being pedophilic.

No. 31201

*but he had the shorter nose. Her nose is longer.

Stormpedos resort to children to refute their point of female beauty even though little girls' appearances aren't fully developed and they should really just use an adult woman's apperance since their face is finished growing and stuff. Stormpedololicon hentai

They're plain. They're ok looking I guess. I think all kids look dorky and plain until they become adults. Maybe it's cuz I'm not a pedo

No. 31202

File: 1433496865575.jpg (11.41 KB, 400x270, hmm.jpg)

>They even have shit taste when they're being pedophilic.

No. 31203

White people are shit I just bang white chicks
They are

No. 31204

You really don't need to be a pedophile to know there's such a thing as an exceptionally cute child, anon. They posted really blah, plain looking kids.

No. 31205

File: 1433546190391.png (60.27 KB, 256x200, faggot.png)

>White people are shit I just bang white chicks
if you think they are all shit, why do you bang them?
are you a tumblrette that has a hate-boner for them? you're not much better than stormfags

No. 31206

Men will fuck anything with vagina and tits. Doesn't Kean they like or are interested in them.

No. 31207

so all men will fuck anything because they are desperate and they fuck white women when they have no standards? this thread is going to shit since racist-chan came

No. 31208

can all of you faggots just stop arguing race? we are laughing at white supremacy. not fighting about which race is superior, shit>>117390

No. 31209

Fucking nigger.. Get off the white mans internet then.. Go play with mud and saggy gorilla tits that no one considers tits because not even animal plane… oops i mean national geographic channel sensors them.(THIS POST HAS BEEN SENSORED)

No. 31210

lol did someone link stormfront here? gtfo

No. 31211

I'll say it again, a racist is like an untrained dog. Unlike a puppy, they're fairly easier to train. But once a dog is grown, that's it. Untrained dogs piss on the floor, but no matter how many times you tell it off, it'll continue to piss on the floor. Why? They know no better, so you have to treat it like it's stupid and humour it because no matter how many times you scold it, it'll just keep pissing on the damn floor.

No. 31212

They don't really care so much about the blonde hair thing, light brown works too.
Blue eyes are very important though.
>tfw half jewish and can still go on stormfront

No. 31213

The white national movement will mever work because youre all too interested in asian women

No. 31214

you are why this thread has to die.
this thread has turned into a "my race is better than yours" circlejerk for whites and asians

No. 31215


the "whites and asians are so much better than u" saga ugh

No. 31216

No. 31217

I'm sure every reasonable person no matter what race out there would probably all agree that these people should be wiped from the planet.

I wonder what would happen if an Asian girl white supremacist (like Belinda) joined SF. Would there be a divide between the angry white women and the Asian fetish men? Kek

No. 31218

Theyd praise her as long as shes not trashing white people


No. 31219

Well, the guys are praising her…

No. 31220

>>banned ten times
Yes, that's because you target me (and only me) for bans. The only reason you're mad is because I don't kiss your ass.

No. 31221

>pale skin, big eyes, small face and caucasian nose

A lot of these were considered beauty standards for good cultural reasons even before East Asians had significant contact with Europeans (pre-1900)

>pale skin

Was a sign of wealth and sensitivity, as the wealthy could afford to stay in all day and study.

>big eyes

Now this is the only trait that became desirable very recently due to influence from western beauty standards.
But keep in mind that most East Asians are born with double eyelids anyway.

>small face

Asian females usually have smaller, more feminine faces.
Where do you think the "manjaw" meme came from?

>caucasian nose

I'm not sure if this is even a thing. I've only ever heard asians jokingly talking about white peoples' larger noses.

Never heard of these products being used by any asian.

East Asians are generally paler than stereotypes might have you think. However, they also get much darker, quicker than white people do. Go look up a picture of an average Jap popstar/salarywoman and compare her to a picture of a Jap farmer. Literally night and day.

No. 31222

eh, I think you'll find most people here agree with the ban because you've consistently behaved like a huge asshole.

Now shoo.

No. 31223

There's literally no credible reason not to kiss our admin's and mods' asses, considering how shit-tier the ones on other sites are. We got a pretty sweet deal, especially as a bunch of gossipy /cgl/ cunts.
Maybe /cow/ will appreciate your edginess more.

No. 31224

Asian womens self esteem must be slaying because these days everyone is so far up their ass….

No. 31225

>check 8chan
>/cow/ is below /leftypol/

I chuckled.

No. 31226

File: 1433695043336.jpg (70.94 KB, 1000x400, Eiffel-Tower-nose-ad.jpg)


A particular style of Caucasian nose is extremely popular in South Korea right now and a lot of women are getting surgery to emulate it.

It's called "Eiffell Tower" nose.

No. 31227

I don't think that looks like a white person's nose at all.

No. 31228



Most of the koreans don't even look asian anymore, they all look like pop dolls and that it hurts when they smile.

No. 31229

File: 1433720994841.jpg (46.18 KB, 430x430, T2DrmuXIhXXXXXXXXX_!!761681186…)

Can I just ask… Why do a lot of chinese websites, like Aliexpress, Taobao, Alibaba… ect

Use half asian children/babies to advertise their products? I see a lot of light haired, light eyed asian babies in these cute clothes… Not bashing btw! They're lovely! But… why is it mostly half babies?

No. 31230

File: 1433721389897.jpg (436.88 KB, 1171x706, 219cj75.jpg)


remember when wengie went blonde tho?

No. 31231

File: 1433722581739.jpg (71 KB, 638x412, article-2548766-1B0DD439000005…)


Well it's advertised as a Caucasian nose and to them it is a Caucasian nose.

No. 31232

I know some girls with babyfaces that have a nose like that, but yeah most don't have such a small nose. They are usually longer and bigger.
The doctors won't give you a 'caucasian' nose, they are simply trying to put it into the ideal height and angle. Which just ends up being higher than an asian nose but still smaller than a caucasian nose.

No. 31233

File: 1433722764638.jpg (25.31 KB, 308x425, article-2548766-1B0794FB000005…)


And an example of a woman who got the surgery on her nose, but also some on her chin too.

No. 31234

Maybe theres more halfies than full asians who have a modelling profile

No. 31235

Forever laughing at her botched eyebags and wonky eyebrows

No. 31236

All that surgery just made her look gross. I still don't get how Stormfags think that they're trying to look white. She still looks pretty damn Asian to me.

No. 31237

Exactly this. They cater to the patient's face specifically and what would make their face look better, and for most people it's a small, high-bridged nose.

Just like in Western clothes, they want people who look unique to model them. They're not all necessarily halfies. It's just that they want a unique model for their products, not some run-of-the-mill average looking kid.

No. 31238

File: 1433725056517.jpg (16.48 KB, 316x414, photo.jpg)

They're not advertising it as a caucasian nose. They're advertising it as an "Eiffel tower" nose because of the angles the points are at reflect the Eiffel tower, and it's a high-bridged, pointed nose.

No. 31239

I know people here don't like xiaxue, but she made a blogpost especially about Asians turning blonde, and it having nothing to do with white people

No. 31240


Stormfag detected. Met Asians with noses naturally like that. I grew up with them. They just have caucasians modeling various things sometimes as a minority modeling. Who is to say that white woman didn't get surgery either to correct her nose, which is what some white people do in Korea?

Look at that white woman. Now compare to Koreans with plastic surgery. Do they look like her? They aren't trying to look white. They are trying to look like the ideal Asian.

No. 31241

Asian women DO NOT all have small oval faces. They Have wide, round faces. They are known for their surgery. Don't be daft.
Asians love Caucasian noses because they are taller.
Because asians would rather erase the fact that they are descendants of africans they made it a mission to eradicate their bloodlines in the name of evolution (I.E. pol pot)
Racism has always been prevalent no matter what timeline you want to look at.

No. 31242

So what other race has a tall nose arch genius.
Stop being ignorant. They aren't going to get surgery to have an african nose now are they?

No. 31243

You could say that about white people too because they descended from Africans as well…

Asians are the "other race" that have a tall nose arch. I grew up with full Asians as friends. They were too poor for surgery.

No. 31244

Asians aren't the only people with mono lids most Africans also carry the same gene.

No. 31245

Genetics plays a role in all of this. Whether natural or not. Asian PRAISE white more than they mock them. They mock other races than they do white.

No. 31246

Stormpedo detected. White about white people trying to get bigger lips? They look like "African lips" sometimes. They curl their hair and even get a fro at times. None of you are trying to say they were trying to look black. New dolls catering to little girls have more of an AFrican appearance in facial structure now like Bratz, Monster High. You guys like different race things too :p

No. 31247

dude there ARE asians with tall nose arch. alot of japanese have it.

No. 31248

And they worship it because they think they are part european, or they might be mixed. Asians are extremely races. Whites are obviously oblivious to racism in other cultures.

No. 31249

Yeah I agree halfway, but I guess it's like white people who praise Asians as the model minority yet shit on them so much in the media and in reality, put down their men while creepily wanting their women.

It's kind of the same in Asia. They seem to welcome white women better than men? IDK men everywhere seem to accept the woman of a different race rather than man.

No. 31250

The post WW2 brainwashing is why we NOW desire them. Anime, Video games, Media in general purposefully praised asian culture by creating a false idea in order to bring them to us and take us over to them. In the past everyone hated them up until the late 70's.

No. 31251

what the hell are you talking about? they naturally can have high nose bridge. no one gives that much of a fuck about it becasue it's normal.

No. 31252

Lol no. Stormfag is leaking. I can smell the lack of education in your posts. What about traditional Japanese and Chinese art depicting pointed noses as beauty?

People in Asia or any other country want a small nose because it's closer to looking youthful. Youthful looks are considered more attractive overall. Big eyes, small mouth, small nose, small faces are what children have proportionally to adults. It's not about race I think but maybe race influenced some people, not all who want the surgery

No. 31253

No your a typical ignorant white person with no experience in what racism is. Shut up and stay out. Your opinion isn't relevant.

No. 31254

I'm not even white, dipshit. My opinion is relevant because I have actual decades long experience in Asian beauty standards

No. 31255

As I've stated before, Asians are descendants from africans. They were racist back then as they were today. The white washing of their race is still continuing on with all the caucasians now flooding this countries.


No. 31256

Then what are you?

No. 31257

Think about it.. people in Asia such as Japan and Korea seem to have more youthful beauty standards than in the west. They are more likely to openly sexualize childlike looking adults but I guess I could say the same about the west. They got that Toddlers In Tiaras too.

Do you see white people getting surgery for "African body parts" like lips, breasts, butt. ANSWER THE QUESTION! ;) Grass is greener on the other side end of discussion.

No. 31258

They have surgery for plumper butts, breasts and even lips if they have thin lips sometimes.

Africans can have those double eyelid western eyes too you know. Some girls go ganguro in Japan which looks slightly African. It's a niche though and more and more girls are finding dark skin beautiful

No. 31259

You failed to make a point. I will ask again, DO YOU SEE ANY ASIAN GETTING SURGERY TO LOOK AFRICAN?
The Youtheful look? That includes blonde hair blue eyes pale skin?
So you look young for having White skin, blue eyes, blond hair?

No. 31260

I didn't say Africans don't have double eyelids. The poster stated that everyone else tries to squat to appear more feline. I stated that there are african women that also have the same feline bone structure as asians.

No. 31261

You failed to see the point. Some African ethnic groups are known for their curves and lips and some Asians emulate it. Some want darker skin like an African or Mexican but I think Ganguro does not really reference that. Still it looks similar to them to an outsider.

Not all Asians want blonde hair and blue eyes. That's a niche appearance. Most of them seem content with black hair. Some even dye their hair black if they aren't born with completely dark hair.

Now answer the question… ;) Do whites try to "look African?" Do they put blue contacts and try to have blonde hair when they don't? ;)

No. 31262

The youthful look is big eyes, small nose small mouth in proportion to their small face. Pale skin darkens as it ages so it can be youthful. Most want to keep their dark hair and eyes. Explain that when they could easily go the extra mile when most don't.

Blonde hair blue eyes has nothing to do with it, but some Asians like the color combo. I met some who said they liked the colors, but didn't like the western appearance. They just loved the colors. Besides that is not a white exclusive trait at all. Asians can naturally have blue eyes and blonde hair even without race mixing.

No. 31263

Lmfao I like how they try to dance around the question asking why whites go under the knife to "look like a different race" and try to fake blonde hair and blue eyes.

No. 31264

Blue eyes is actually a mutation that first occurred in Asia. There's a scientist who claims most white people with blue eyes would be able to trace their ancestry back to them.

No. 31265

>first occurred in Asia
no? it first occurred in the black sea around southeastern europe.

No. 31266

Sorry sleepy. *Pale skin darkens as it ages so pale skin can be youthful.

*explain how Asians could easily go to the extra mile and have blonde hair blue eyes but most don't. Most keep their eyes and hair. Look at a real white person. Even with surgery and all they don't look like an ideal white person because that is not their intention most times.

No. 31267

Meh, I googled it and looks like there are 3-4 theories as to the true origin. The Asia theory correlates with a significant portion of eastern Europeans having ancestors that trace back to Genghis Khan.

No. 31268

Ganguro style is to emulate CALIFORNIA girl image dum dum. It started after "Peach Girl" Comics. In the comic "Peach Girl" The Main Character (who Liked to hang out by the beach and had sun kissed skin) was attracted to a boy in her class. The boy she liked claim he HATED TAN GIRLS. Thus a revolution began. You don't even know what you are talking about. Be gone

No. 31269

I think you replied to the wrong comment and yes I thought California girl too but some people think California girls are vaguely trying to look black. How would they like it if people accused whites as wanting to look black? Now they know how Asians feel when they're accused of wanting to look white

No. 31270

Stop throwing whites into my argument. Of course there are whites that are desperate to be black. OT
Asians want to look white and none can prove otherwise. You aren't going to win by throwing whites in there as if someone cares.

No. 31271

This thread though. I sense a lot of American white guilt.



No. 31272

Nope. I think both have beautiful and ugly people. White people got their Walmart shopper-esque people and Asians have the equivalent of that except less fat. Then there are gorgeous white people and Asians. I just think people always want what they don't have whether if it's from within their race or outside, dipshit

No. 31273

Racist-chan, please.

No. 31274

they are now liberals with nationalistic tendencies supposedly, but don't hate anybody because of their race.

No. 31275

The way their mother promoted them was very pedoish. Wn are weirdly into youth it seems.

No. 31276

@People claiming asians whiten their skin. There is only so much mordern skin whiteners can do, they generally only work on light skin anyway. Their main purpose is to get rid of a tan on a natural light person, if you are dark skin or naturally tan they wont do much for you.

No. 31277

File: 1433783617046.jpg (90.66 KB, 625x525, asianbeautystandard.jpg)

Lmao it must hurt to be this stupid.

How can you say that asians want to look white when THIS is the ideal beauty in Korea, china, japan, thailand, etc.?
If they want to look white, where's the blonde hair?
Where are the blue contacts?
Where are the high arched brows?
Where are the full lips?
Why don't they all get an extreme epicanthoplasty to show as much of their caruncle as possible?
Or get surgery to make their eyes look completely caucasian, which is totally possible?

Since hundreds of years, the ideal beauty in every single asian country has extremely pale skin, but dark eyes and hair, a small face, a high but tiny nose, very small doll lips and tiny feet. And that since long before they had contact with white people, you can see that shit in every ancient asian painting.

But yeah let's just ignore the fact that every single white woman wants a smaller nose and face, thinner legs and waist, and bigger lips, tits and butt. We totes all want to look asian and black right!!!!!!!

No. 31278

File: 1433784113990.jpg (30.72 KB, 500x524, 147a068fa5bf9e7405e5849b3c0302…)

Exactly. And not all white people have this Eiffel Tower nose some Asians want They just want a nice nose shape. They don't want to look white. What do you say about a white person who wants a nose like that because go outside and look. Many of them don't have a great nose.

All races seem to just want to deviate from anything that looks like the old facial features.

Look at paintings of white people, or photos of what is the beauty standard back then in various European countries. Compare them to today and there is a big difference. I don't see many people accusing whites of trying to look like another race when they try not to look like the chick in this pic

No. 31279

File: 1433784459940.png (354.74 KB, 1366x768, lmao.png)

Stormcreeps bitching about how a Miss America was Indian

Beauty isn't the only thing relevant in Miss American, morons. And these women look similar in beauty. Comparing two women who are in two different lighting environments. The low IQ is unbearable.

No. 31280

File: 1433784938113.jpg (41.04 KB, 492x369, miss_america.jpg)

Her face in similar lighting. She is of uncommon beauty. Searching her other pics, she looks great.

No. 31281

File: 1433785432087.jpg (10.34 KB, 300x300, most-beautiful-actresses-ever-…)

Yeah. No one would mistake any of these women for white, half white or anything. Stormpedos, do you honestly look at these women and mistake them for white or what?

Look at the pic of this actress and compare her to these women. Pretend her eyes are dark and her hair is dark. Do they look the same to you?

No. 31282

File: 1433785719122.png (176.59 KB, 500x320, Lee-Min-Jung.png)

Yup. Let's just pretend that they look the same facial-wise. She is also on the top 50 Korean beauties list. Look at any of the female ones on the list and tell me if they look like this white woman who many consider a beautiful actress.

So much fap fuel for Stormmorons here

No. 31283

Because it brings back memories of fucking their younger sister or girl cousin while on their parents' backwater farm.

No. 31284

Actually in the Indian community she's considered "dark"… mostly because she's about the middle when it comes to the skin tone range that happens in India. Was never described as ugly however, because India, like other Asian countries, want to be on the lighter side of beige and honestly think most pale white folk look sickly.

No. 31285

I wasn't talking about lighting in terms of skin color. I was talking about lighting as in your facial features casting shadows in your face like with the indian woman. Then they used a white woman with light shone on her face to compare it to a candid(?)

No. 31286

File: 1433787161980.jpg (68.18 KB, 1024x768, kareena-kapoor-wallpaper-2.jpg)

You weren't, but they likely are. She doesn't even look bad in that 'candid' (it looks like a posed picture for an event, but probably taken by a random person since she's not looking at the camera). She's attractive. She looks like she could be a leading woman in a Bollywood film (and thankfully she has no interest in that). Attached is Kareena Kapoor (because everyone uses fucking Aishwarya) who isn't even a "standard Indian beauty" but is still fucking gorgeous. Age is catching up to her, but still damn pretty.

Also most Indians are considered to have Caucasoid features, their argument is literally moot.

No. 31287

Looks like a brown Paris Hilton

No. 31288

Dark skin or not, she has really nice facial structure either way and a rocking bod. Also it kind of baffles me how stormfags keep posting pictures of stock image white women and acting like they're some sort of ephemeral beauty. I mean they could post celebrities or something, but they seriously choose the most average looking women to post and jerk off to so wtf is up with that?

I see it, kek.

No. 31289

>Also it kind of baffles me how stormfags keep posting pictures of stock image white women and acting like they're some sort of ephemeral beauty. I mean they could post celebrities or something, but they seriously choose the most average looking women to post and jerk off to so wtf is up with that?
I guess it's like saying "see! even this stock photo average white woman is wayyy more attractive than the top celebrity nonwhites". though, looking at some of the women they post it may even be like "celebrity women are fake, here's a ~natural~ beauty" and post 1000000 pictures of fake bleach blonde plain girls

No. 31290

Because stock photos aren't shooped or filtered either.

No. 31291

File: 1433798060049.jpg (192.89 KB, 1200x1573, AMBER-HEARD-at-24-Hour-Plays-o…)


That's Miss America? Really?

Like, she's very beautiful but when I think of exceptionally beautiful women I think Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie, Amber Heard etc.

No. 31292

"Beauty" is a relatively subjective thing. Do all these women have mostly symmetrical faces? Then they have the basics of attractiveness according to science. Which they all do.

No. 31293

File: 1433910057445.jpg (38.57 KB, 640x360, 130918203058-erin-intv-miss-am…)

But Miss America is not just about beauty and she looks really great anyway.

No. 31294

Academic and personal achievements are definitely part of Miss America and other similar pageants

No. 31295

I actually don't think she is pretty at all. Like she's presented well but her facial features are not very pleasant

No. 31296

Yes they do want caucasian features (jaws, not slanted eyes, noses etc…) Just like white women bleaching their skin and straightening their hair.
It's because of western culture strong influence i think.

No. 31297

i spy paris hilton nose

No. 31298

No. 31299

no they date them because they're white fetishists themselves, just go to girlschannel or similar place and see how many topics like "I want to give birth to halfu baby" there are. or just go to asia and see how many ugly baldies get chicks there only because they're white.

No. 31300

ITT butthurt niggers and chinks craving white dick

No. 31301

Can this thread be moved to /b/ or /snow/ plz because >>31300 and race shit?

No. 31302

Triggered, darkie? :^)

No. 31303

i don't know anon
i have pale skin blonde hair and green eyes
why do people always love brown and blue eyes but forget green eyes exist

No. 31304

well to be honest, theres nothing wrong with wanting submissive girlfriends.
i want a dominant boyfriend so

No. 31305

File: 1440523664469.jpg (61.8 KB, 612x612, 574442_313428768790832_1099632…)

this is the only pic of her i EVER found her cute

No. 31306

one cute pic among thousand. otherwise she still looks like someone's mom >>31230

No. 31307

why the fuck would anybody be "triggered" by this if they're a "darkie"

the only people who seem to want to avoid race topics are whites.

No. 31308

>why the fuck would anybody be "triggered" by this if they're a "darkie"
because an anon shit talked them?

No. 31309

"Isn't it a rare genetic mutation that has been seen in people straight out of Africa? Granted, colonization in Africa didn't come without mixing."

yeah. it actually is. which is why's it's recessive as hell.

in the mesopotamia area you'll pretty much find everything.

No. 31310

stormfront. r9k. people who want to wage war on SJWs and feel like this is the time and place for it.

i seriously don't comprehend how objecting racism, sexism, or any of these things is //that bad//. they're acting like people are demanding spechullll privileges. at least in America we've ignored this shit for pretty much ever so now people are talking about it.

No. 31311

i think it's weird how Americans and westerners hated asians and asian women and saw them all as evil, and made fun of them the same way they did other minorities but it wasn't until like the 60s and 70s that that they became obsessed.

No. 31312

I think a lot of that is tied into political issues.

No. 31313

>>"White women are statistically more likely to be raped by black men."

no, they're really not. kek . i'm sorry to disappoint your propaganda campaign but white men are more likely to rape white women.

everyone's obsession with trying to make black men serial rapists to the yts stems from white men trying to scare white women from helping black slaves since women generally are more compassionate

No. 31314

>>calls anon a dumb nigger
>> proceeds to tell anon to go back to stormfront

are you lost?

No. 31315

idg how this thread belongs in pt at all.

No. 31316

>>Yeah, the beauty ideal Asians strive for is very much an idealized Asian person (Of whichever specific group they belong to, obviously) Not an attempt to emulate white people."

FUCKING THIS. I'm so sick of white people trying to think we want to look like them. No, your animu is adoration for the white race. The characters are all japanese unless otherwise stated. They make fun of white people. No, if you move to an asian country it won't be paradise because you're mediocre looking and white.

Features light blonde hair and light colored eyes, which as stated can be found in many races, are pretty simply because they are recessive. They aren't that "rare". And just because asians think they're pretty doesn't mean dark hair and eyes are repulsed

No. 31317

imo green eyes are very gorgeous, but it's hard to come across true green eyes. they're usually hazel and lean towards blue, or brown. much rarer than blue eyes for sure.

but like, what are you asking for? people to worship green eyes or something?

No. 31319

me either, it started as something probably to be the antithesis to the anti-tumblr thread. but it's a lot of race-wank and i pretty much see that everywhere i go. and by race-wank, i mean unfounded opinions and people trying to prove that their race is the most desired, most raped, and the most everyone is trying to look like.

like seriously get over yourselves. i'm a minority and i'm over this shit. i wish i was born 100 years later when this race crap isn't an issue anymore.

No. 31323

Blacks are 13% of the population or something so of course that's true. Same thing as people that say whites are mostly on welfare and in prison. You obviously have to adjust for population size.

Too bad you only post this shit from your all white suburb with maybe a few token whitewashed nigs. Really hope you're stupid enough to walk around a black neighborhood alone sometime.

No. 31346

no. i just wish more people would like green eyes because of this "brown vs blue eyes" fight i see daily

No. 31353

>it's hard to come across true green eyes. they're usually hazel and lean towards blue, or brown.
This. I've never seen true green eyes in real life ever. most "green" eyes don't really look good at all.

No. 31410

Samefag. Damn, I though 4cuck would have fucked off by now. If you want to whine at women, why not try reddit?

No. 31640

Uh. If you're constantly dyeing your hair blonde and wearing colored contacts then you are trying to look white.

Confucius was a prick who didn't teach you humility.

No. 31641

Asian people are naturally more servile. That's fact.

No. 31650

>Features light blonde hair and light colored eyes, which as stated can be found in many races
>many races

Asian arrogance is astonishing.

No. 31653

>other races have blonde hair and blue eye occurrences
Uh… sure, at a very low occurrence rate. It's not going to be the norm traits you see outside of most European majority countries though, sorry.

No. 31657

asian chicks again trying to convince everyone that they have the bluest eyes, the whitest skin, the roundest and biggest eyes and the blondest hair of all races and that they never ever tried to look white, because what's white in our minds is actually east asian.

No. 31660

Most Japanese actually don't have the epicanthic fold.

But Koreans eyes are generally tiny.

No. 31684

they do have it and it is a common feature, they just remove it because they don't find it attractive, japan is is in the first 10 when it comes to plastic surgery, not to mention - browse any beauty site/magazine to see plenty of articles how to get rid of - with or without having surgery.
you're just getting your ideas about people from they way celebrities look
and stop talking about epicanthic fold/small eyes like it's something gross and to be ashamed of. it's just a feature.

No. 31687

Theres lot of people of other races with small eyes too

No. 31691

>and stop talking about epicanthic fold/small eyes like it's something gross and to be ashamed of. it's just a feature.

Wrong. 75% of Japanese do not have epicanthic folds. It is vastly more common in Koreans, as is plastic surgery.

No. 31696

>basically the 1 most noticeable feature that separates east asians from every other race
>surgically remove it
Not self-hating at all, yep. And the mental gymnastics used to justify it convince nobody but maybe yourselves.

No. 31724

File: 1440592659123.jpg (48.65 KB, 500x427, image.jpg)

I can get when people say blonde hair and blue eyes is copying white people (but I've never seen an Asian in real life with that hair color it's usually idols and they dye their hair blonde when they're going for an edgy/bad ass look, doesn't appear to have anything to do with being white .)
But I really cannot understand it when people say Asians get double lids to look white. It makes no sense at all.

No. 31726

File: 1440593429762.jpg (536.24 KB, 2000x1339, image.jpg)

When Asians dye their hair it's to be funky/edgy. Haven't you all noticed most idols who are going for an innocent/cute image have black or dark brown hair?

No. 31727

It's more that they copy Japanese as Koreans natural faces look Mongolian

No. 31728

I assume when Asians get eyelids surgery they do it to copy other Asians(like celebrities etc) and white people are not the only ones with double lids, plenty of Asians have double lids naturally and its not even uncommon, plenty of Mexicans, black people, Arab etc have double lids you just assume because you are white everyone is obsessed with you.

No. 31729

Damage control.

It's a mixture of wanting to look Japanese and White, but the hair color and eye color thing is white.

>plenty of Asians have double lids naturally

Plenty of Japanese. Most Koreans do not.

No. 31730

File: 1440594142545.jpg (30.75 KB, 448x600, Choi-Seung-Hyun-choi-seung-hyu…)

Natural double eyelids on a Korean Idol

No. 31731

Most of the people I know who got eyelid surgery got it to look like idols or because it makes your eyes appear bigger. Its got nothing to do with looking white. Big eyes have been a beauty standard in east asian countries for hundreds of years.

No. 31732

File: 1440594680278.jpg (43.82 KB, 236x584, cf08d98e3377f070a306a73037c7ff…)

im not the anon you were arguing with earlier i just joined in to share my two cents on the debate. I know white nationalists have a love/hate obsession with the japanese, so im not going to get into all that crazy with you.

im just saying i can understand how someone would think blonde hair is copying white people. but from what im noticing asian people usually dye their hair blonde when theyre trying to look edgy/tough or sexy.

No. 31734

File: 1440595869434.jpg (8.96 MB, 2500x3538, 140622-tao-exo-new-picture-for…)

blonde hair=bad boy. maybe you should be kind of offended that they associate being a delinquent with blonde hair.

No. 31735

Cute girl you'd want to marry=usually black or dark brown hair

No. 31739


Just when I thought the farmers couldn't get any lower. There's a reason even most Chinese regard it as an embarrassment.

No. 31741

He's in a Kpop group called exo but that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. we are talking about why Asians dye their hair blonde. Why does it matter if I use a Chinese person as an example?are they not Asian?

No. 31749

Basically being blonde = rebellious. Most Asians have dark/black hair and bleaching it means you want to stand out from the crowd. A lot of older Japanese look down on it and that's what they're usually going for. Not trying to look white.

No. 31751

File: 1440600817475.jpg (71.52 KB, 600x1031, d9cdf5e28533e6bcea346e36a48ce3…)

Its definitely an edgy/rebellious thing.

No. 31752

File: 1440600945775.jpg (16.4 KB, 500x400, jay.jpg)

No. 31754

File: 1440600983897.png (81.38 KB, 500x647, cl.png)

No. 31756

File: 1440601041087.png (370.37 KB, 500x330, tumblr_m6vnv7sR7l1qm375oo1_500…)

No. 31757

File: 1440601160549.jpg (442.32 KB, 1000x1500, image.jpg)

No. 31759

File: 1440601228518.jpg (82.53 KB, 500x653, image.jpg)

No. 31761

I can tell this guy is Asian because I've encountered this particular attitude thousands of times before. I'll explain:

Anything uniquely positive about the West, Westerners or Western Culture they'll claim is so "universal thing" and that Chinese also have it. Anything positive about East Asian culture they'll claim is distinctively East Asian and that Westerners "can't understand it". The absolute inability of Asian people (with the exception perhaps of the Japanese) to admit that other cultures have distinctively and exclusively positive elements reaches fever pitch in things like the "Mao Suit", which is literally just a slightly modified Western collar shirt, modified purely for the purposes of being able to superficially claim it wasn't actually western. You also find it in fantastical Chinese tales about how Marco Polo "stole noodles and pizzas" (lots of Chinese literally believe this) and so on. They're congenitally incapable of admitting other races and their associated cultures have positive elements to them. Chinese people have a level of nationalism and racial hostility by default that actually makes Adolf Hitler look pretty mild.

They're nauseating, hypocritical little shits.

No. 31762

File: 1440601689196.jpg (28.39 KB, 236x314, image.jpg)

Is your ego hurt by finding out that Asians don't dye their hair to look like you?

No. 31763

File: 1440601901046.jpg (67.78 KB, 648x431, image.jpg)

They do it to look edgy/bad ass. They're not crying at night wishing they were you.

No. 31764

No, I don't adhere to Asian "face" morality so my ego is not symbiotically tied to my race and nation.

Clearly yours is though, evidenced by the fact you have to manufacture excuses for East Asian emulation of Western European aesthetics, when a normal person would just admit it.

This sort of thing has a long history in China & Korea:


No. 31765

File: 1440601960483.jpg (206.26 KB, 1200x900, tumblr_mnbp68VgdI1qzk8j4o1_128…)

Last time I checked just dying your hair blond doesn't make you look "white"

No. 31766

File: 1440602002900.jpg (39.28 KB, 636x358, lshy8mxw03nbe3jgmjfd.jpg)

>lots of plastic surgery
>still looks asian

No. 31767

File: 1440602089491.png (238.78 KB, 600x418, surgery.png)

>lots of plastic surgery
>still looks asian

No. 31768

>different races don't have different phenotypes

lol ok.

If I got plastic surgery to make my face massive and my eyes tiny, I'd be making myself look more Korean as an objective fact, regardless of my consciousness of this.

No. 31769

File: 1440602149108.jpg (36.88 KB, 541x359, image.jpg)

Another Asian girl after eye surgery. I had to double take for a moment because I thought she was a white woman/sarcasm/

No. 31770

File: 1440602184742.jpg (52.92 KB, 636x358, 18bpqlg6tlaudjpg.jpg)

>still all look asian

No. 31771

No shit they all look Asian. Plastic surgery has its limits.

If you're seriously going to claim that a larger proportion of asians than whites:

- Lack epicanthic fold.
- Have white skin.

Then you're delusional.

Certainly looks like her natural hair color, lol.

No. 31772

File: 1440602352198.jpg (186.32 KB, 600x900, image.jpg)

Look at him trying to be white

No. 31773

Just by virtue of the clothes he is wearing he is trying to be white.

How many white people do you see wearing robes with dragons on them?

No. 31774

File: 1440602481958.jpg (400.67 KB, 850x1280, image.jpg)

I guess when white goths dye their hair black, they're not into an alternative fashion they're just trying to be Asian

No. 31775

But a large proportion of white people already have naturally black hair.

Do a large proportion of asian people produce naturally blonde hair?


No. 31776

File: 1440602547590.jpg (125.78 KB, 570x573, o-ASHLEY-GREENE-RED-HAIR-570.j…)

>implying that whites dont dye their hair all the time

No. 31777


No. 31778

I've met like two whole white people with naturally -black- hair and I live in the midwest.

No. 31779

>White People
>A large proportion naturally have a wide range of distinctive hair colors

>Asian People

>A statistically insignificant number occasionally produce slightly brown hair, or on a freakishly rare occasion, blond hair

Sorry, I forgot. Asian people invented jeans, t-shirts and modern clothing.

It's not as if they'd LITERALLY still be picking rice and worshipping Confucius' tiny two inch penis were it not for the white race.

Southern Europeans.

No. 31780

File: 1440602718882.jpg (72.58 KB, 496x749, image.jpg)

No one naturally has a lot of colors of hair…what's your point?

Her hair is pink and blonde. I guess she's trying to be a living cotton candy puff. Self hating whore!

No. 31782

File: 1440602789046.jpg (103.27 KB, 964x963, article-2652228-1E92A990000005…)

Asian beauty standards before white people civilized them.

No. 31783

Man the ignorance is strong in this one! Nobody -worships- Confucius dumb ass.

No. 31784

File: 1440602793456.jpg (71.74 KB, 500x504, image.jpg)

She has blue hair….it's not her natural hair color!shes trying to be white

No. 31785

>Being a woman
>Actually following Confucius in any way, shape or form

It's like you're cucking yourself.

>Iron Maiden t-shirt

She's trying to be white.

No. 31786

"A woman's duty is not to control or take charge."

"Woman's greatest duty is to produce a son."

"A woman ruler is like a hen crowing."

"A husband can marry twice, but his wife must never remarry."

"We should not be too familiar with the lower orders or with women."

"The woman with no talent is the one who has merit."

" It will be womens neither to do wrong nor to do good. Only about the spirits and the food will they have to think."

"Disorder is not sent down by Heaven, it is produced by women."

"Those who cannot be taught, cannot be instructed. These are women and eunuchs."

" Man is honored for strength; a woman is beautiful on account of her gentleness."

"There are three unfilial acts: the greatest of these is the failure to produce sons."

"Women are to be led and to follow others."

"A woman ruler is like a hen crowing."

"A husband may marry twice, but his wife must never remarry."

"We should not be too familiar with the lower orders or with women."

"Women's nature is passive."

"A woman should look on her husband as if he were Heaven itself, and never weary of thinking how she may yield to him."

No. 31787

>>listening to music from a race other than your own means you want to be that race
Going by that logic 95%of white people want to be black

No. 31788

>95% of white people love or even "like" black music

This isn't the 1990s anymore. Edgy rap isn't actually as popular amongst the white youth as you think it is.

No. 31789

File: 1440603015928.jpg (118.77 KB, 512x781, gibson-girl-jpg.jpg)

>Implies that whites never had harmful beauty practices
>In the 19th century white europeans ate arsenic to “produce a blooming complexion, a brilliant eye, and an appearance of embonpoint"

No. 31790


Well no, it's just a bunch of hollow rites. Like most Chinese things, it's the ritual/"face" that is important, not the heart.

No. 31791

File: 1440603080073.jpg (249.19 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpg)

Look at the billboard top 100. Almost all black males lmao. White pepper want to be black, it's confirmed.

No. 31792

>Foot-binding has been frequently compared to the temporarily extinct practice in America and Europe of waist-binding. With all the idiocy behind the waist-binding fashion hygienically, however, and with all its absurdity as a conception of improved beauty, to compare it with Chinese foot-binding is to compare an obviously stupid and very uncomfortable custom with an equally stupid but fiendishly cruel and barbaric rite from which there was no future escape. With the small waist vogue, avenues of escape were open either through common sense independence on the part of the individual, or to some fortunately slender girls through the kindness of nature. In any event it was a device to be Chosen by the girl at an age of discretion, or as near it as she would ever be, and one always remedied on short order if too painful. The Chinese infant girl was without free will when bound, nor had she any relief afterwards, however great the distress. By sacrifices the poor could spare at least some of the daughters from tasks requiring a firm stride, and of course among the better-off it was practiced generally with no exceptions. Old Chinese plays and poems infer that the classic ideal was a foot that would fit a shoe the size of a spoon. The spoon in mind was the Chinese porcelain spoon, really a small ladle.


No. 31793

File: 1440603130867.png (244.15 KB, 693x945, lolol.PNG)

Man look at all these white people! /sarcasm

No. 31794

>white pepper
>actually typing in chinglish

It's hilarious imagining some Ho Chi Minh looking motherfucker sitting behind his keyboard banging this out.

No. 31795

White people listen to black pop stars!they want to be black ^~^

No. 31797

Corseting was usually started in childhood and young girls would be TIED TO THEIR BEDS to prevent them from loosening their laces during the night

No. 31799

>usually started in childhood

[citation needed]

Footbinding is a practice that lasted millenia. Protracted violent campaigns by the Manchurians that aimed to wipe it out were unsuccessful. Comparing it to a fashion that lasted half a century at most, and which was NOT forced upon women is laughable.

Confucian doublethink won't work here. These aren't equivalent concepts.

No. 31800

only faggots do though tbh

No. 31801

The American Music Industry is saturated with Blacks. Fortunately in a lot of part of Europe traditional music is maintained pretty well (Spain, Italy and Greece come to mind).

Having said that, there are a lot of talented black singers. I'm not Asian. I'll acknowledge a foreign race's talent or positive aspect if it's obvious.

No. 31802

No. 31804

File: 1440603559407.jpg (37.83 KB, 600x434, image-6.jpg)

>The Chinese relish for torture found, of course, excellent means of household application in the custom of foot-binding. Through missionary efforts this has now very greatly decreased, but it continues widely in what might be called the backwoods of China. The older women you see stumping about the streets demonstrate what foot-binding meant, two decades ago and before, to the female population of China. Like most fashions, foot-binding was originated to provide the leisure class women with a means of distinguishing them from the women less fortunate who were obliged to do manual work. This could best be accomplished by rendering them incapable of work. Incapable they indeed were. The tight bandages were put on in infancy and kept very tightly compressed until the girl was grown. They could not be eased day or night during twelve years or so of the growing period, and as the feet tended to enlarge in the natural processes of growth, the unremitting agony was extreme. Chinese tell you of the ceaseless wails and moans of the little girls whose feet were being kept baby size while their bodies grew. The final result, as you still see it today along Chinese streets, was that the woman walked only on the toe part of her foot, the shriveled heel and instep being compressed together to form a sort of extension, stiff and hideous, of the leg. The feet bound in this fashon through childhood and youth do not regain either the appearance or function of normal anatomy after the bandages are removed.

>"Don't worry gweipo! We respect women!"

No. 31805

If you acknowledge anything good about another race, if you like anything from another race you want to be them. Let's stick to that logic :D

No. 31806

>In some cases

GJ proving my point in your case against it.

1) Corsetting wasn't systematic.
2) It didn't last for thousands of years.
3) Confucius had a small penis.

No. 31807

>corseting wasn't systematic
wtf does that even mean

No. 31811

It wasn't even uniform across all of America, let alone Europe.

Footbinding was a systematic practice, as in, it was done according to a millenia old tradition and applied, over the course of at least 1200 years, to virtually every single well-to-do Chinese woman.

Corsetting is, simply put, not an equivalent example. If you're going to argue Chinese women had a better lot than Western women at pretty much any point in History from the Romans onwards, you're in for a tough case my friend.

No. 31814

This is the guy who made his thread yesterday >>30416

Still butt hurt over Asian males I see?

No. 31815

Not even the white girls here want you Chang. Go defend footbinding on /r/asianmasculinity.

No. 31817

File: 1440604033786.jpg (90.05 KB, 600x472, 5000 years chinese culture.jpg)

>Anywhere and at almost any time in China, you can see a cart fallen on a man or a horse, or some similar accident, plentiful in the crowded streets, with curious onlookers not stirring a hand to lift the injured out of his predicament. This indifference to fellow suffering seems by all evidence to be distinctly Oriental. The anecdote of the Good Samaritan in the Bible suggests that an un- willingness to aid a suffering stranger was the established etiquette around Palestine at that time, since the Good Samaritan who lent a hand, and did nothing more than almost any passing motorist would do in similar circumstances among us today, was looked upon as a highly exceptional chap. At corresponding stages of civilization and culture, most Occidental races appear to have exhibited vastly greater advances in the cultivation of fellow-feeling than most Oriental races. The earliest records that survive of the Greeks, the Romans, Britons and other Europeans, indicate that ready assistance to a fellow creature was general where no enmity prevailed. And we may gather from accounts of American Indian fighting that those forest savages would at times make strenuous efforts to rescue a wounded brave on a field of conflict, even when the brave was not a close family connection of the potential rescuers. In fact, manifestations of this emotion we commonly regard as human appear now and then among the higher forms of fourfooted life. African game hunters present well-authenticated accounts of such occurrences as a badly wounded elephant being assisted to cover by his comrades. And anyone who has witnessed the wailing grid of a herd of seals at the death of one of their number will never believe that the impulses of sympathy and sorrow, as distinct from a realization of personal loss, are absent among them.

>But the Chinese appear to be one of the notable exceptions to the higher zoology. The interesting evidence in the matter is not only that throughout their ancient centuries of advances in other particulars they failed to develop any credo of fellow-sympathy. It is that they appear to have in the very crib and core of their molecules almost complete insulation against its infection. Moral philosophers and religious propagandists have not been lacking through the centuries to urge upon them a more generous personal outlook. But with deceptive initial successes here and there, quickly expiring, aims of altering Chinese character in the matter of engendering ideas of fellowfeeling have failed. It is not maintained by thinking observers that the Chinese cannot be changed in this respect. It is simply that their resistance to such change has been shown to be victorious to date, and is still as staunch as ever.

No. 31819

>Corseting was popular in most of Europe
>Most royal and well off women corseted at peak popularity
>Read a fashion history book sometime twat

No. 31820

You need to let your jealousy of Asian men go

No. 31822

Why is there so much Asian dick hate? I've dated more white guys with tiny dicks than Asian guys with tiny dicks

No. 31825

>Corseting was popular in most of Europe

Amongst a portion of the upper classes for a period not totaling more than a few decades at most. Do you realize that footbinding was so systematically applied to virtually any Chinese woman who came from a family of means was forced to undergo it from about 2 years old onwards, and that this practice persisted for at least 1200 years?

What, if anything, am I supposed to be jealous of? The bad breath? The racial autism? The complete lack of creativity (just compare western art and architecture to chinese)? The passive-aggressiveness? The fact your women outmarry at 2 to 3 times the rate your men do?


No. 31826

No. 31827

>Can't refute anon
>Starts crying about Asians

No. 31829

If Asian men are so gross why are you so jealouS?

No. 31830

>But going back to the subject of Chinese cruelty, overwhelmingly evident every day everywhere in the country, a few samples of regular practices are illustrative. For instance, a man who falls overboard from a boat not manned by members of his family or close associates need not expect to be picked up. Falling overboard, it may be mentioned, is not an infrequent occurrence among Chinese, who are naturally careless. Almost any veteran foreigner who has traveled up and down the rivers of China will be able to recount one or more cases where he has personally observed a man drown without efforts to save him by other Chinese a few feet away on shore or in a boat.

Asians have a demonstrably proven lack of empathy. This makes them seem "alien" and "peculiar" to westerners, according to one behavioral psychologist:


No. 31833

Again, jealous of what?

The most common interracial pairing in virtually all western countries is WM/AF. AM/WF is statistically insignificant by comparison. There is nothing to be jealous of. Nearly half of all second and third generation Chinese-American women marry out.

No. 31834

That wasn't even the originally subject. We were talking about why Asians dye their hair blonde and get plastic surgery. Now you're all off topic talking about conspiracytarded shit.

No. 31837

Why are you so butt hurt over Asian guys then(specifically Chinese)?you wish you were Asian

No. 31839

Quick count of this weeks Billboard 100
>Songs by or featuring non white artists outnumber those by white artists

No. 31840

But black/nonwhite artists arent popular anymore right?

No. 31842

File: 1440604707613.jpg (40.06 KB, 1274x730, jack_reaction.jpg)

>Chinese lack of empathy

No. 31844

>Most viewed youtube video is a song by an Asian artist

No. 31845

That's right. Not a day goes by that I don't wish I had smelly breath, passive-aggressive, lived in a 5x5 foot apartment with my 6 other family members, lived in a society where people are incapable of queuing up, or saying please/thank you etc.

I am very envious of all of this.

>being proud of a meme song

Actual Korean detected.

No. 31846

You've been on here for the past 2 days ranting on about Asian men. Whatever beef you have with them, you need to let it go.
How can you love fucking Asian women but hate Asian men?those Asian women would not exist if it were not for their Asian father lol

No. 31849

I've actually been targeting Asians more generally since /cgl/ was full of arrogant chink shitposters like ChineseGossip. If it makes you feel any better, arrogant Chinese women make Chinese men seem bearable by comparison.

Painfully obvious samefag.

No. 31851

>Is an Actual White Girl from the Midwest
>Also not a samefag
I have been arguing with you the whole time your ass has been on here floundering though

No. 31853

No ones same posting. Maybe you should go outside and talk shit to a Chinese mans face, so we don't have to hear it any more.

No. 31856

When that was thrown in his face he couldn't even refute it xD

No. 31858

He probably went and counted and is crying silently to himself because he feels inadequate

No. 31861

who are these people? I've never heard of them before… what country is it from? usa?

No. 31865

troll detected
Most of these songs are popular world wide so I doubt youve never heard of these people.

No. 31866

It's the USA. I love that weeknd song

No. 31867

America is the biggest music industry in the world. Songs popular here are usually popular in other countries.

No. 31869

I seriously think this is the Nazi guy from WoW WRA trade chat the other day.

No. 31870

Was he ranting like crazy about Asians?

No. 31871

you wish, but no cares about your trashy music
never heard of those songs either
I thought in usa popular are lana del rey or beyonce or katy perry, these dudes/bands or whatever they are, I've never seen in any media before

No. 31872

Sort of, it was a mess. The gist of it was "White people are superior, I'm voting for donald trump"

No. 31873

You're probably old that's why

No. 31875

born in 97
I'm just not a burger

No. 31876

You don't pay attention to media and you're screaming about nobody knowing them because you personally choose to live like an old person. Fucking kek.

No. 31878

>I'm just not a burger
I live in Ghana and go to an international school full of kids who are Lebanese, French, Dutch, Indian, Cameroonian, etc. Basically people who are from fucking everywhere.
They all know and listen to most of those artists, and most of them are born anywhere from 1997-2000s.
You're just out of the loop, sorry.

No. 31880

but aren't female artists getting more media exposure? as for american artists, here where I live media writes only about females, there's barely any news when a male entertainer (american one) releases a single

No. 31882

ah, the popular cool kid…. btw why are sitting here btw? and in that thread?

No. 31883

What a surprise the Asian dude / girl is just as xenophobic as the white person they were complaining about. Stuff like that makes me think he may have a point.

No. 31884

I'm not "popular" or "cool" (which is why I'm shitposting in a Stormfront thead on Lolcow kek), what are you even talking about?
I'm sorry you don't know anyone because you're too busy doing other stuff, but it's laughable to pretend those artists aren't popular and widely known.

No. 31885

Not a part of this thread but seems a good place to ask, do Chinese really believe they defeated Japan in WW2?

No. 31888

Asian male hater. I'm sure no one here is Chinese or even from China, so how the hell would we know?

No. 31890

dude you really believe in what you're saying? not everyone is all about america, there are also other cultures and other music industries and people usually prefer to follow their own
maybe in the 90s everyone was crazy about american pop culture but now it has faded and people are more focused on developing their own stuff

No. 31891


Yes. So do the Koreans, even though Korea provided the IJA with millions of volunteers lel.

No. 31894

America has the biggest music industry and Japan comes in second. It wouldn't be a shocker to come to the conclusion that American music is popular outside of America, that's why Korean idols are so thirsty to make it in American or Japan.

No. 31897

Who said musicians from other countries aren't also popular in their own scenes? It's just that when you turn on the TV in most places, you will hear at least one Taylor Swit song or watch a music video by the latest new hip hop artist.
It's not like you can't be into both your local artists and The Weeknd.
Like I said, pop(ular) music is still pop(ular) music. You personally not being into it doesn't negate it. I'm pretty sure if Lil Wayne, Tyga or Drake had a concert in your country a shitload of people would be there, regardless of your tastes or ideas.

No. 31898

American movies still dominate, and for good reason. Korean and Chinese are incapable of producing a Hitchcock or Kubrick.

No. 31899

>American movies still dominate, and for good reason.
European movies are literally always better than American movies. Even a shitty low-budget French film tends to have more thought put into it than a shitty low-budget American one.
I don't watch a lot of Asian movies, but I imagine the same is true of them.
American movies dominate because America is a huge export for modern pop culture, not for quality reasons.
>muh Pulp Fiction
>muh Fight Club
Fuck off lmao

No. 31900

Antiasianchan how old are you?you act at least 35+

No. 31901

shitload people maybe would come for ariana grande but not for these dudes. just deal with the fact that not everywhere in the world the same things are popular

No. 31904

dominate where? european cinema is far more superior and the directors you've mentioned are already dead and so is their legacy in usa (which is sad btw)
you haven't produced a decent movie in decades and are just feeding your people the worst kind of trash

No. 31905

You just can't accept the fact that black people are more popular musically now. Move on.

No. 31906

people who say this obviously haven't seen any korean or chinese movies outside the sappy drama ones

No. 31907

What are you basing these opinions on? Give me some information. Album sales in your country? Charts?
>just deal with the fact that not everywhere in the world the same things are popular
You really have issues dealing with reality.
Okay, let me put it this way.
Most people in the world are familiar with…Beyonce.
She is American and is extremely famous. Even if you went to Bumfuck Nowhere, people would probably still look at you funny if you asked who Beyonce is.
She is not the only one.
I bet if we were in the 90s or early 2000s, you'd be saying "Omg no one knows about Beyonce or Micheal Jackson stahp they're not popular here!!! No1 likes black artists!!!". You're just embarrassing.

No. 31908

black girls yes, but not black men
only in usa they're the thing, rest of the world is laughing at you

No. 31909

You're telling me a lot of people wouldn't show up for a drake concert in Europe?dont lie to yourself

No. 31910

>only in usa they're the thing
Well, I'm pretty sure I (>>31878) proved you wrong there, so…

No. 31911

what europe? when anyone said anything about europe

No. 31912

>putting Chinese historical fiction garbage on par with 2001, cinema paradiso, alien etc

Found the chink

No. 31913

I doubt you're black and you seem to hate Asians, so that's the most sensible area.
Unless you're fucking Sri Lankan or something

No. 31914

you've mixed with some other anon
not all of these posts were mine

No. 31915

proving more that you haven't actually seen and korean or chinese movies if you think theyre all historical fiction. Most recent thriller I've seen that comes to mind is Flu. You should watch it, great korean movie.

No. 31916

>I-I-I promise I'm Chinese guys. Ni hao

No. 31917

We at talking about outside of the USA. Europe counts.
"he sold out the arena"

No. 31918

Pretty sure
are all you, judging from your English skills.

No. 31919

i really likes that one
71 Into the Fire is a good one too

No. 31920

I'm sure it's a fun watch but if you're trying to claim East Asia produced or produces as many great films as the west you're delusional.

No. 31921

No. 31922

I think it's the anti Asian guy trying to fake being Chinese tbh

No. 31923

Nah I'm arguing with some confucius claiming Asia's cinematic output is superior to the west.

No. 31924

Is that what I said? You insinuated that they couldn't produce good movies period, I simply gave an example of a good movie

No. 31925

Why are you so proud of accomplishments that aren't your own?

No. 31926

Glad we agree 孔子

No. 31927


Said nobody to a non white ever

No. 31928

I don't think western or asian movies are better. I've seen really shitty movies from both places

No. 31929

You didn't make any movies or win any wars. You're just a loser butt hurt over Asian penis.

No. 31931

There is no Chinese Kubrick

No. 31932

Haven't met a single non-white person try as hard as you to lump themselves in with great people while literally doing nothing.
Generally, the black guy who talks about MLK being great isn't some faggot who cries about Asians on imagebaords.

No. 31933

Spelling butthurt as two words again Chang?

No. 31934

Sitting at home jacking off to black men banging white women porn again asianhaterchan?

No. 31936

>while literally doing nothing

"Literally" just passed muh CFA.


No. 31937

Passing and doing something with it are totally different. Passing some tests doesn't make you a great person.

No. 31938

Sure you did. And you still find the time to shitpost about Asian people. Amazing!

No. 31940

You guys try to take credit for the stuff bill gates did, wars, great inventions. The only thing you have in common with these people is your skin tone, you didn't invent anything or do anything great and Ya never will.

No. 31941

Schopenhauer has some good words about nationalists that have no accomplishments. They make up for their failure by leeching off men better than them.

No. 31945

We share a common, European descended culture too dude. There's a reason Republics never emerged in the Far East before Westerners brought the idea over.

No. 31948

>European descended culture too dude
Aren't you American you whore?

No. 31951

You also share a culture with filthy NEETs, the world's worst serial killers and bronies. And I guarantee that the first and last examples are far more plentiful than the Bill Gates and inventors of the world lmao

No. 31957

>the world's worst serial killers

Blacks are actually statistically much more likely to be serial killers than whites, according to surveys conducted on a complete list of serial killers over the past few decades.

No. 31965

Can you show me a black Albert Fish or Jeffrey Dahmer?

No. 31966

>according to surveys conducted
Aka something I read on stormfront

No. 31971


From the period 1900 to 2000, 40.7% of serial killers were African American.

Anti-whites BTFO'd again.

No. 31974

52% were white, how does that make Blacks more likely to be serial killers?

No. 31975

You forgot to reply to >>31965
I didn't say "plentiful" serial killers, I said "worst". Tell me how many black people cut up and eat children pls

No. 31981

He's going to say "because there are less black people blah blah etc"

No. 31982

You fucking kidding m8? Have you ever heard of General Butt Naked? Or the LRA?

>not understanding how proportionality works


No. 31991

>He's going to say "this is retardedly ignorant and betrays a complete ignorance of the most basic mathematical concepts"

Well… yeah.

No. 31992

is white supremacy kind of like bullying?after conversing with these people, it doesn't seem like they care too much about the opinions of white people they just want to Make non-whites feel bad or admit white people are better than them.

No. 31997

White "supremacy" is a meme term. Were it not for the fact I know the chinks would seize it in an instant, I'm actually up for giving a big chunk of the US back to the Plains Indians (the real Indians that is, not the mestizos who LARP as aztecs for some bizarre reason).

No. 31998

For example it seems Asians, black etc who care about improving their race do charities, focus on issues that are effecting their own. It seems white nationalists just care about proving to non-whites that they're prettier, smarter etc if you don't like non-whites anyway, why do you care what they think?

No. 32001

>I'm actually up for giving a big chunk
>speaking as if he has any say or control over any important decisions in the world

No. 32006

Perhaps because if someone set up a whites-only activist group or a whites-only charity they'd be accused of being a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler regardless of what they actually believed about the Third Reich?

No. 32010

You don't like non-white people and you think white people who don't agree with you are retarded, so why would you care what they think anyway?

No. 32927


It's hilarious how it seems like 90% of Finns suddenly got a PhD in Somali behavourism.

No but seriously. This in short is literally every single finnish social media outlet from newspapers to facebook. One reads Stormfront with a grain of lulz but dies inside when it spreads everywhere else too.

No. 110832

No. 110835

Why are you bumping these threads? You're not even contributing to them, just being stupid.

No. 110836

File: 1474556992429.png (392.37 KB, 450x652, 1431226612790.png)


No. 111014

He's right. White on Black rape is incredibly rare by comparison to the reverse. Even when you factor in the population disparity. DoJ has stats on this if you want to look it up.

No. 111018

File: 1474748785787.jpg (43.86 KB, 442x670, bde.jpg)

>White men apparently never rape anyone.
I call Bs on this statement
I thought it's the middle aged white man in his 40's that is more likely to be a serial rapist

>White on Black rape is incredibly rare by comparison to the reverse

something about it being more apparent during the 1950's and it being against women who were protesting against the movment

No. 111020

File: 1474750556829.jpg (211.12 KB, 906x897, New Picture.jpg)

>something about it being more apparent during the 1950's and it being against women who were protesting against the movment

Not sure what you're trying to say here, your sentence makes no sense to me.

>I thought it's the middle aged white man in his 40's that is more likely to be a serial rapist

Blacks account for about 30-40% of all sexual assault and rape cases reported by victims, and are 13% of the population, with Hispanics it's about 15% and with Whites about 40%.

So an average white person from a randomized sample is less likely to commit sexual assault than an average black or hispanic person from a randomized sample.

No. 111053

File: 1474789461552.png (249.65 KB, 464x678, Bw1qxCcIYAA5c-y.png)

single jewish girl looking for any +6' blonde, ripped as fuark and blue-eyed aryan bf.

stormfags and /pol/cucks need not to apply.

No. 111056

>implying Aryans want to date yentas who have a neurotic obsession with "raising their kids jewish"


No. 111057

>stormfags and /pol/cucks need not to apply.

Well of course not. None of those idiots are actually 6 feet, ripped superman.
Just a bunch of skinnyfat with spergy personalities.

No. 111059

File: 1474790204147.jpg (55.28 KB, 640x600, goldenone.jpg)

No. 111060

He looks like a children's drawing of a wrestler.

No. 111061

File: 1474791826155.jpg (74.91 KB, 605x766, custom-made-toys-from-children…)

It him

No. 111062

He's 6'4 and ripped.

He's also a white nationalist swede.

No. 111063

It's funny because the bodybuilding scene is full of right-wing people anyway. You'd be hard pressed to find many liberals involved in it.

No. 111064

File: 1474792599440.jpg (34.33 KB, 344x471, SomeBODYONCETOLDME.jpg)

His face looks like human shrek I'm dying

No. 111065

he's also a fucking cringe festival, has 1/10th the critical thinking skills he thinks he does, and is brainwashed by memes.

should have his own thread tbh

No. 111071


t. person whose ideology is predominant across 90% of all major media and entertainment companies.

No. 111073

huh? i said brainwashed by memes

No. 111077

He looks like he was hastily made from Plasticine

No. 111078

Look at his meaty paws in that thumbnail.

No. 111079


That's enough for me.

No. 111090

That looks like an ape.

No. 111113

no ones WHITE as Gaston
alternate RIGHT as Gaston
in a slapfight nobody screams KIKE like Gaston

No. 111115

File: 1474850357093.jpg (89.4 KB, 600x429, 1085512-gaston.jpg)

…for there's no one as salty and funny
as you see hes got butthurts to spare
every inch of hims plastic and haughty
And of big black dicks hes incredibly SCARED

No. 111136

File: 1474884850600.png (228.25 KB, 484x469, pepe.png)

his channel is so self-righteous just because he goes to the fucking gym and got big

it's as bad as those fitness models on instagram that post photos of themselves flexing alongside quotes from Einstein and things like 'be YOU, be ORIGINAL, be DEDICATED, work to make the world a BETTER place'

No. 111217

As opposed to someone who's ideology is predominant across 90% of the shittiest on the internet?
Face it, this kind of alt ringer IS JUST AS STUPID AND CANCEROUS as a far leftie

No. 111261

Going too far left or right will always end up cancerous

No. 112648

The prevalence of yellow fever in the white nationalist/supremacist movement always cracks me up

No. 112653

It's fiction. There is no such prevalence. Finding a few threads is not statistical proof.

No. 112668

t. salty stormfag

No. 112726

No it's extremely true
Even the founder of the daily stormer pretty much lives in SEA and hangs out with asian girls there

No. 112757

It was fun to go and post as an inquisitive jew. Unoregano, but fun.

No. 115960

Tbqh we should make an account and post pics of white pornstars without make up and dressed decently and tell them they are pure womam

No. 115970

There's this stickied thread on the Opposing Views forum titled "Who is White?" where they basically say "You have to be 100% of European descent, no exceptions, but as long as you never tell anyone you're part not-white, it's okay to say you're white".
They're such a fucking mess tbh.

No. 115971

That would be fucking hilarious lmao

No. 116030

If we organize ourselves we can make this happen we most find pictures that look like this ones

>Lexi a pornstar


>Eeeveee frost(camgirl)


And look a site with models that are not popular that could actually work on this plan

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