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File: 1539885121686.jpg (97.15 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

No. 312161

This is a thread to discuss actresses and celebrities who are flaunted and propped up by the media as beautiful "women" when in fact they are trannies. Post models, celebrities, actresses (if they are adult actresses please spoiler it or blur it out- also consider stop watching porn), politicians, athletes you believe are actually trannies.

Obvious TiM trannies who are not out yet: Serena & Venus Williams, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Anniston, Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson

Obvious TiF troons: Brad Pitt, Justin Beiber, Evan Ross, Bruno Mars

Any discussions on the motivations behind why tranny celebrities/media are hiding behind this and deliberately brainwashing the public is also welcome.

Relevant transvestigators: Mr E -

No. 312164

File: 1539885279150.jpg (1.82 KB, 68x112, 1539314767654s.jpg)

oh boy this is gonna be fun

No. 312167

File: 1539885409201.jpg (30.19 KB, 652x720, 12650804_985657494827116_91415…)

gonna keep a tab open on this one

No. 312176

File: 1539886027444.jpg (85.55 KB, 500x680, AND1018123.jpg)

Kinda an oldie and washed up tim troon but here is Pink. The adonis belt is prominent here. ZERO hips. Huge male skull. The motivation here is evident when you read the caption "Awesome abs post baby bod! See how she did it!" Its to make women hate their bodies.

I know a woman who got very sick after she starved herself to get slimmed up after she had her baby. The media influenced her to do this. She bought many of these magazines and started hating her body. She was hospitalized and maybe could have died. Her baby would have been parentless. This is all just a personal anecdote though but these magazines are pure evil

No. 312178

Take it back to LSA, faggot. Mods please put it out to pasture.

No. 312179

can we not with this? i dont want this stupid lunacy tainting our other threads and becoming a breeding ground for evangelical apocalypse christians

No. 312180

Same. This is the lamest, most un-interesting conspiracy theory. Please, this is lazy and boring content.

No. 312186

File: 1539886474680.jpg (320.1 KB, 719x1024, 144592.jpg)

If anyone thinks this is NOT a man, they surely need their eyes checked. Serena William's being allowed to compete is deliberately to make a mockery of women's sports, something women fought very hard to obtain in title 9.

Serena Williams is routinely checked for testosterone levels, more than any other female athlete. I believe it's because even the public are catching on to this, so the athletic commissioners or whatever they are referred to as routinely check on him to keep his testosterone at a realistic level

Then just hide the thread. I will sage my posts from now on. Jeez.

No. 312187

>this is a thread to discuss actresses and celebrities who are flaunted and propped up by the media as beautiful "women" when in fact they are trannies.

have any ACTUAL proof of that, retard? Please, I'd love to see it.

No. 312188

>crackpot anons can't even get their own genders correct

you're a fucking retard, test checks are for steriods not because the public thinks she's a man. ffs, the general public is fucking supportive of troons, why would they suddenly tinfoil about celebs???

No. 312189

Weak attempt to make the GC thread look bad. Only males believe this dumb conspiracy theory.

No. 312190

>Mila Kunis
>Natalie Portman


No. 312191

no one is going to hide the thread, anon, it's embarrassing to have to share the site with you fucking nutters.

you're also actively supporting trans rhetoric by assuming unconventionally attractive, athletic, or strong women are men.

No. 312193

>Mila Kunis
>Natalie Portman

Tranny cope. They wish these women were men.

No. 312194

>Assblasted TiM troon making a bait thread to falseflag gendercrits
so what else is new


No. 312195

You know I only found out about transvestigation because someone had posted about it on GC before. It wasn't all that well received I will give you that though. Look, if you guys don't like this thread just hide it. I am GC myself. Reality is stranger than fiction that's all I will say

No. 312196

I agree, this is a dumb conspiracy that will degrade the quality of the rest of the board. There's also something really sexist about picking apart women's bodies for masculine features.

No. 312197

just so everyone knows. these crazies were shitting up the blaire white thread and were told to fuck off over there too.

No. 312199

File: 1539886970349.jpg (68.24 KB, 635x483, 1539363697905.jpg)

No. 312201

It's probably the same one from a couple months ago. He'll get b& again soon enough.

No. 312202

Is that paris fucking hilton? She's got nudes, anons, nudes that go all the way up her fucking cervix ffs.

No. 312203

File: 1539887104996.jpg (135.09 KB, 1242x1206, q990gi2qpvs11.jpg)

mods are asleep quick post good content

No. 312204

I'm extremely confused about this thread tbh.

Like, on the one hand, trannies could have made this, but on the other hand, shit like >>312186 confuses me, because it's obviously not a tranny sentiment that "the public is catching on" to trannise so I am confuse.

No. 312205

Well, if you all insist.

The GC perspective is that male and female bodies are different and those differences are observable. And its important to trust your intuition when you see that a man in a dress is really a man. Most of these celebrities have access to a lot of surgeries and they still dont look right to me, even before I was GC. Yes some women can have athletic bodies from working out but full on adonis belts and male bobble heads? Idk.

No. 312206

This conspiracy theory confuses me everytime I come across it.

What would Hollywood even gain from disguising men as women and women as men? I've never been answered this. At least with the moon/illuminaty/whatever shit there is a POINT. Why this though?

No. 312207

Kek I love this

Women can have adonis belts. She works out like mad. If you train your abs a lot, they develop, I've had it happen to me to some degree. If I kept working them out, they would've been more prominent, too. These aren't features exclusive to men.

No. 312208

GC perspective doesn't include stereotypes like hips and adonis belts. And male head size has to do with overall size while many of these women are exhibiting head shape, which is not a sex specific trait.

No. 312209

>Most of these celebrities have access to a lot of surgeries and they still dont look right to me

Just because you have the funds to afford surgery, doesn't mean you'll actually do it. Surgeries are risky and I'm sure there's plenty rich people who'd prefer to be "ugly" rather than go for unnecessary surgery.

No. 312211

if OP is serious and not a tranny than I officially lose hope in humanity. This conspiracy theory I think is a plant to discredit actual conspiracy theories.

No. 312213

>Hello fellow radfem feeeeeeeeeeeeeeemales does anyone else just HATE beautiful and awesome trans gals

No. 312214

This. Adonis belt in men comes from lack of body fat in that area accentuating their hip bones, while in women, even chubby women have over accentuated hip bones anyways.

GC rhetoric has little to do with stereotypes. It's hard science, anon.

Men and women have significantly different looking bodies, it's the sum of the parts, not the parts themselves that make trannies obvious.

But not only that, both men and women can pick up on someone's sex by simply seeing how they act and identifying their socialization. This is the real way you can tell a man from a woman.

No. 312217

In my opinion it's to make women hate our bodies by promoting these actresses or actors who have features we will never be able to obtain. Anorexia is the most fatal mental illness and it mostly affects women. They go on and on about flat abs all the time when generally women having a bit of body fat is good, healthy and normal. I believe it sends women on crash diets a lot which makes for irregular periods plus a host of mental problems.

I guess it's s just not so far off to me that women roles are played by male trannies since they did so in the olden times

Also you could argue it makes men lust for trannies

No. 312219

aww thread didn't go as OP planned kek

No. 312220

This literally has nothing to do with trannies.

Women in hollywood get lipo, are shoop'd and do insane diets all the time. They have since before television. Trannies do not have better good bodies than women.

No. 312221

Name a female celebrity who's 100% not a tranny

No. 312222


Cope. The truth is troons will never be able to obtain looks like Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis.

No. 312223

No. 312224

File: 1539887944592.gif (151.22 KB, 500x278, waste time.gif)

Worst conspiracy ever.

No. 312225

Starlets and models do an excellent job of starving themselves already, no need for trannies.

No. 312226

chloe grace moretz

No. 312228

Funny, but I'm not a radfem anymore. Mostly because I think the movement has become too soft on trannies and men in general (that word -tranny- is banned on GC, and manhating is not allowed there- why??)

I do still hold a lot of GC ideas. Sorry, if you hate this thread mods can remove it. But I am not a tranny and would prove it if blog posting wasn't a bannable offense here

No. 312229

She's honestly just ugly with a super unfortunate fridge body.

No. 312234

I think you should go back to reddit where you came from.

LC isn't a free for all where you can just post whatever bs you feel like.

No. 312235

File: 1539888211013.png (147.02 KB, 500x577, w姒zo3stea23-tsgoa-sad-kitty-27…)

damn and people told me not to worry about whether other people will think I'm a tranny despite just being an unfortunately shaped woman

No. 312239

>that word -tranny- is banned on GC
CTRL+F for the word 'tranny' returns 63 results in the GC thread

Try harder

No. 312240

Because gc can't/shouldn't be discredited by accepting slurs. I'm fine with it here but actual movements can't start accepting slurs or else it's way easier to write off their very valid complaints. Not that it matters, I'm sure you're a troon anyways.

No. 312241

Yeah, I have a big head for a woman, broad shoulders, and a deep voice. I guess I have a ween and didn't know it? Secret weener?

No. 312242

i think she's talking about rebbit.

No. 312243

I'm sorry anon, I don't mean to make you feel bad. I don't deny women with naturally athletic or thin body types don't exist. I guess what all just seals the deal for me is the big skulls. If you have a female skull with an adonis belt or a thin or athletic body I guarantee you I would not think you're a man. Even if you have big hands, I wouldn't assume that.

No. 312244

Nah, normal people don't overthink about that stuff. No need to feel bad

No. 312245

op is batshit, anon. i bet no one else will think you're a tranny.

No. 312248

you're batshit. one or two male traits do not a male make. it's the entire body. trannies don't look fucking male just because of their big heads, it's because no matter how many surgeries you can't disguise bone structure or walk gait or mannerisms.

females who may look masculine will always be feminine in some way, females who act masculine will always be female in some way. males who masquerade as women will always look like males masquerading as women.

No. 312249

nta but "tranny" isn't a slur, troons are just overdramatic as fuck and pretend like it is one to make them feel more oppressed

No. 312255

eh, it kind of is though? it has been used as one by psychotic men for a long time, but they don't respect us and use 'terf' as a slur and dgaf, so it's fair game, though again, i wouldn't do it on reddit or twitter or anything looking to enact change.

No. 312257

This thread is such a mess. These women don't look like trannies, they just have some mildly masculine features which suprise plenty of women are born with. You can tell a tranny from a mile off, this ain't it.

No. 312268

>one or two male traits do not a male make.

Yeah that's what I'm kinda saying though. Like the woman who replied here >>312235 said her body was unfortunate. Whatever she meant by that, she has a combination of a few male features. she still has a female skull though. I'm saying you need the huge male skull + all those male features = a whole tranny.

>trannies don't look fucking male just because of their big heads

In my opinion they do though. It's why FFS is a failed and botched procedure that does nothing to change a male face to look female.

>it's because no matter how many surgeries you can't disguise bone structure or walk gait or mannerisms.

I agree with that

>females who may look masculine will always be feminine in some way, females who act masculine will always be female in some way.

Yes, because of their skulls.

>males who masquerade as women will always look like males masquerading as women.


No. 312270


The funniest part of it is, I can guarantee if OP had the balls to post a picture of her face, we could probably point out at least 5 features that by her own insane definition would make her a secret trans.

No. 312271

Tranny has only recently become a slur. Trannies so desperately want "tranny" to be the new "faggot". Ask any gay man over the age of 35 if tranny is a slur.

No. 312274

Yet the trans movement says TERF like there's no tomorrow but they have achieved so much. The trans movement is not classified as a hate group for saying the terf slur so GC shouldn't be scared of that either right? Then again they are men at the end of the day so I guess it's how they get away with it. I see that now.

I totally would if I could. Can I? I've seen it done in the eyebrow advice thread, cropped selfies from farmers that is.

No. 312280

post timestamped full bod pic.

No. 312281

terf isn't a slur you shit. using something as a slur doesn't make it a slur.

No. 312282

terf is a much less known term. only people who spend a lot on time in sjw spaces will know about it, everyone else will gloss right over when they read it

tranny is more well known

i'm all for using the word tranny, but i do think it would take credibility awayy from us, so until the tide shifts away from favoring trans people i will hold back on that in more public spaces

No. 312284

why are you trying to be reasonable with OP? she's clearly insane.

No. 312285


She isn't going to, because she's an insecure insane moronic twat, as evidenced by this entire thread and her thinking terf is a slur when terfs self identify as such. And even if she did, she's gonna instathot angle the shit out of everything and probably attempt some level of shoop as well.

Sage for shit thread.

No. 312287

Eh I'm going to recheck the rules/other threads to see if there's a precedent for doing that first. Otherwise yeah I have no problem doing it, I'm a nobody with nothing else to do rn

Please let's discuss more trans in the meantime!

No. 312288

i honestly wouldnt be shocked if op was actually a tranny

No. 312291

how is terf not a slur??

No. 312292

this, it's what /pol/ kids call falseflagging

No. 312295

Funny, I have never see a radfem self-identify as a terf. Not even as a joke. It's just so incredibly moronic and self-centered that you troons think that. Trans exclusionary radical feminism? As opposed to what? Trans inclusive radical feminism? Even before transgenderism exploded, radical feminism has always opposed anything related to gender. Also, TiF's are welcome always because they are women

No. 312298

I've seen some women online using it in an ironic/joking way (see: terve) but yes it's obviously a slur, not something radfems invented to call themselves.

No. 312300

File: 1539891451026.jpg (28.16 KB, 368x475, IMG_20180913_160311.jpg)

>I have never see a radfem self-identify as a terf. Not even as a joke.
I've seen it used plenty of times as a joke, but I've never actually seen a radfem seriously, unironically call themselves a TERF.
Anyone who remotely disagrees with Trans rhetoric is branded as a TERF anyway. The term might as well have no meaning.

No. 312302

> Also, TiF's are welcome always because they are women

Really now…

No. 312303

there's nothing questionable at all about that statement. she's right.

you're insane as well and are obviously caping for tranners. leave.

No. 312305

TiFs are women who are pretending they're men anon. they are women, so they're welcome here.

No. 312309

they're still autistic as fuck, idk why anyone would want them here

I think the mods said they ban ALL trannies on sight anyways.

No. 312310

autistic women are women

men in dresses are not

No. 312312

iirc mods said all incels are banned on sight, not trannies. male trannies, yes, female trannies, no, iirc.

No. 312314

no they didn't. they said they ban all men on sight including incels and trannies.

TiMs and TiFs can't both be classed as men.

No. 312315

Okay? I never said they weren't or that tims were. I said tifs can fuck off anyways because they're fucking annoying, a sentiment the mods seem to share. We don't need to allow them here just because it invalidates their gender identities, especially since they go out of their ways to be just as obnoxious as real men.

I asked about it in meta a while ago and they didn't specify that they only ban mtfs. They said they ban anyone who says they're trans or male.

No. 312316

because that's part of the point of GC? helping women, including and especially those who have been dragged into the tranny bs is a huge positive.

No. 312318

it's not about invalidating their gender identities you autist, it's because it's fucking stupid to validate their identities by banning them when they're literally just confused women.

No. 312321

That is literally the exact same thing, you autist. They're not getting banned for being male anyways, they're getting banned for being annoying ass trannies

No. 312326

Is this where the top minds of Lolcow hang out?

No. 312327

they didn't say they ban trannies, they said they ban men who out themselves.

it's not the same thing. the only time tifs get banned is when they're doing something else against the rules, like wking in the fakeboi thread.

tims get banned cause they out themselves and are male, if a tif outs themselves they're admitting they're female.

No. 312328

yes they did, unless you guys are talking about another time. >>>/meta/6779

>they're getting banned for being annoying ass trannies.

i rarely see retard tifs getting banned in the genderspecial flakes thread. so long as their shit is saged, they stay. there's no rule against trannies. the userbase is obviously gc, but gc shit isn't written into lc's rulebook. all male troons have been banned for being male.

No. 312330


i'm >>312314 and i misquoted someone. i'm agreeing with you.

No. 312334

They said they ban all self-identified trans anons in this post >>>/meta/6489

No. 312336

TiFs are as misogynistic as an incel or TiM, if not even more to fit in.
They'll gladly push other women under the bus to get patted on the head by their new friends.

They are traitors and a disgrace, I don't care how confused they are. If you're over 18yo you should have enough mental capacity to make critical choices.

No. 312338

>male posters or self indentifying trans anons have been banned for male posting

are you autistic? you are taking that out of context. they said that in regards to the manhate thread, and not the entire site, and they also were talking about in in reference to male posting.

No. 312339

GC and radfem anons will disagree, but go off.

No. 312341

Why the fuck would that only apply to one thread? Why wouldn't self-identified trannies be banned across the site?

No. 312342


samefag, but someone also asked that mod if it was just tims or both tims and tifs and never got an answer. just stop, there was never any actual statement on whether they ban tifs or not.

No. 312344

not saying that, but it's obvious that you're cherry picking to try to be right. it's not written in the rules anywhere, and you're just using a one time example of a mod saying they banned TiMs.

No. 312345

Agreed. The way radfems white knight the fuck out of TiFs and gay TiMs is why I no longer associate with them anymore. All troons are the same.

No. 312346

i don't disagree that they're misogynistic shitheads, but 18 yos are still dumb children like 99% of the time, and lc doesn't have a rule against raging internalized misogyny, or else plenty of desperately handmaidening female anons would've been ousted ages ago. lc is for females even if they're dumb as fuck and desperate to act like, or please, men (to a degree, obv if they violate other ruels then yeah, but that's not enough alone).

No. 312348

Anon you've hit peak exceptionalism.
Any word can be a slur if you use it as a slur.
The word Asian isn't a slur, but if someone calls somebody an Asian and it's meant to be used negatively, it's a fucking slur.

No. 312351


not everyone is a hateful piece of trash like you anon. and unlike you many radfems have empathy for you know, women? women who are getting pressured into destroying their anatomy. there's no other reason to kneejerk like 5 year olds just because you hate gross men.

that is entirely not how words work.

No. 312354

>Natalie Portman
Delusional. This whole thread and concept is delusional. You must have a very warped image of what women must look like.

No. 312355

>that is entirely not how words work.
it really is. are you the moron saying terf isn't a slur?

No. 312356

Guess many radfems are also retarded. Some women should go fuck themselves tbh.

No. 312357

Azealia Banks, is this you this time?

No. 312364

some anons are triggered the GC threads are not only not going away but getting more popular. OP is triggered.

No. 312365

no but you can't just say a word and make it a slur. terf is a fucking slur cause it's designed to be a slur, calling someone asian will never be a slur no matter how hateful you say it.

No. 312369

if it gets popular enough, yes, it can become a slur. plenty of slurs didn't originate as slurs. obv terf was designed to be a slur, but the troon exception to it is "it was coined by a feminist woman!!", even if that were true, it being co-opted by people who hate 'terfs' and use it disparagingly makes it a slur, obv.

No. 312377

are you one of the anons who think talking shit about blue eyes is racism?

No. 312379

they sound like it. the idea that slurs are created just by saying them enough is triggered tumblr shit.

slurs have action and violence behind them. not just intent. this is the same logic trannies use to try to make trap a slur.

No. 312385

no, i'm not that anon. first off, thinking blue eyes are ugly = racism doesn't apply to tunglr 'sjws', that'd be more white supremacist type thought that white supremacists are using trying to catch 'sjws' in a contradiction. tunglr people wouldn't say that. and yes, many blue eyes are ugly, no, isn't racism, but that having been said, yes, the lc userbase is under the impression that all asian women are kpop goddesses.

second, 'darkie' was a polite term that wasn't created with negative connotations in mind. now it is universally considered a slur because of how it has been commonly used/adopted. trannies are full of shit and they all have NPD so their claims of 'trap' being a slur is fucking stupid because no one uses it negatively, really, anyways, and trannies and their dumbass complaints should be ignored as a rule because they're delusional. the language surrounding racial politics or minority politics don't apply to them bc they're imagined victims almost all of the time and they purposefully choose to become visible freaks.

No. 312386

By that logic, "creep" is a slur for mentally ill and/or socially awkward men. Any insult could be considered a slur.

No. 312388

a slur is literally just a pejorative though? most philosophers say they're meant specifically to disparage groups. the colloquial connotations surrounding 'slur' generally suggest that they're insults specifically meant to target (most often) ethnicities and races. class related slurs, slurs based on sex, etc, exist. slurs are literally just pejoratives, though they're usually targeted at the disadvantaged or minorities. the term 'slur' is pretty linked to ethnic or racial slurs in particular though.

No. 312389

I feel her in the thread too anon

No. 312391

TERF is a god awful word whether it's a slur or not. It's inaccurate (all biological women are welcome in feminism, even misguided ones who think they're men), but more importantly it's always used to silence women. I dont care if it's offensive or insulting but I do care when it functions as a way to dismiss us entirely and associate our completely reasonable beliefs about sex and gender with a made up violent bigoted boogieman.

No. 312392

File: 1539897000086.jpg (46.21 KB, 334x500, IMG_2157.JPG)

Don't forgot time traveling trannies like Rita Hayworth, who's Hollywood (((bosses))) sent her into the year 2018 to get work done so she could generate shekels. Note the clearly masculine jawline, v shape torso, tiny eyes and disgusting man energy kek

No. 312395

tranny is technically a slur, but who the fuck cares its not like anyone with more than 5 brain cells actually believes that men larping as women are actually women.

werent there actually cases of trannies assaulting ~the evil transphobic terf~ tho

No. 312398

File: 1539897362969.gif (946.54 KB, 500x281, brit08.gif)

No. 312434

File: 1539899648708.jpg (29.06 KB, 405x612, 599357054-612x612.jpg)

i dont believe 99.9 percent of the people rumored to be trans by youtube conspiracy anons actually are, but one ive always questioned even as a kid was darryl hannah
id genuinely bet money on it that shes actually a he lol
as a 6 year old kid i asked my mom when we were watching splash why the male mermaid was dressed like a girl

No. 312438

File: 1539899887825.jpg (72.83 KB, 577x491, daryl-hannah-greedy-lying-bast…)

and thats NOT to give substance to the theory op posted btw i have no reason to believe theres some conspiracy for people to swap genders in masse like that, i just think if there IS a celebrity in hiding of their biological gender(which is possible its happened throughout history), its possibly daryl

No. 312452

…. how delusional are you, OP

No. 312464

How bout that timestamped pic tranny kun

No. 312475

that cover is aweful but Pink is just the typical masculine woman. She has branded herself as a masculine female pop star and thats what she is, I think it's just such an easy pick. Like, the Paris Hilton proposition made more sense and was more subversive than this by far imo.

No. 312476

What a hilarious thread. A masculine woman is still a woman. Doesn't matter how much she works out, she still looks like a woman. You can tell a MTF from miles away.

Pretty sure this conspiracy was made by salty MTFs and incels who wished pretty celebs were actually men rather than their flagship trainwreck Bruce Jenner.

No. 312477

> Paris Hilton
Did you all forget she had a sex tape with full penetration scenes or

No. 312478

All of these woman have publicaly available photos of them as little girls and they weren't all destined to be in the public eye. What deluded idiot thinks people are raising boys as girls to be famous celebrities??

No. 312482

There is already a gender crit thread for trans discussion in /ot/. Use that thread.

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