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File: 1542707732109.png (45.33 KB, 209x200, bro-eyes.png)

No. 327596

Incels are bad, but far worse men still get active support from women, even if their crimes are pretty nasty



I mean, you don't even need these links, people like logan paul and KSI are enough evidence, along with keemstar, etc.

No. 327598

I mean, before the mods act like cows and ban me, I don't see how screeching about incels will solve anything when actual criminals would get a pass if they were attractive enough


No. 327609

a man should only be arrested if he commits a crime against a woman

No. 327610

Because incels are a growing community, handsome criminals to not talk with other handsome criminals about how much they hate women. And everything that's you've said here also applies to attractive women committing crimes. The world just favours attractive people anon.

No. 327611

Anon, don't egg on the incel.

No. 327617

File: 1542711378667.jpg (15.97 KB, 251x201, 1357537081803~01.jpg)

But criminals are far more dangerous than incels

Do you hate incels to the point of being OK with criminals that get away with it? Even if they treat women like garbage?

I mean, bolsonaro and trump are no incels but they could easily find a woman to take a bullet for them just to get that politician/billionaire dick

And no I'm not an Incel, I mean I have sex with escorts plenty so I guess I technically don't count as an incel

No. 327618


Lots of incels ARE criminals.

No. 327620

I wouldn't call the majority of people in American prisons "incels"

And even those that are… They get more female attention after they commit an atrocity


No. 327621

Don't waste your breath, women here think neckbeards who whine about women on internet are worse than drug dealers, gang memberd, rapists and murderers.

No. 327623

>a man who was arrested for robbery and gang related violence is the same as an incel who openly talks about how women shouldnt have rights and laughs at stories about women and underage girls being raped and killed
Man you incels are as thick as dogshit kek

No. 327624

Are you that anon who was in the Men are Trash thread trying to argue that men aren't trash until another anon asked you to provide proof of something and you ran away with your tail tucked between your legs? You sound like him.

No. 327632

File: 1542712193255.jpg (15.52 KB, 635x414, crying-baby-1.jpg)

No. 327633

Ranting on the internet is not a crime, I want yall screech about snipping the penises of children all the time and the police won't arrest you

Are you actually comparing angry online autism to physical assault?

No. 327634


So you are that anon.

Where's the post that anon asked for? Come on, $50 is on the line. You were so confident, so cough it up.

No. 327635

Y'all screech*

But yeah I mean, I think y'all should reassess the situation, and realise in most western countries a certain death of liberalism is occurring, and that will be pretty ugly down the line, with that in mind incels seem like quite a narrow topic lmao

No. 327637

No. 327638


That's not what was asked for. Where's the post, any post, where a woman claims her dad not fucking her is literally murder? Either produce a post like this, dated from any time before the original request, or accept you've lost and fuck off.

No. 327640

File: 1542712906317.jpg (132.94 KB, 896x718, 1541431057630.jpg)


Men being trash likely involves women being trash too

I mean, it takes two hands to clap, how many women still like Chris brown after he beat up rihana?

No. 327641

He can't. No woman would ever make a post like that. That's why he went silent the first time and it's why he'll either go silent or desperately try to change the subject now.

No. 327643

I hope y'all all get banned for replying to his bait smh

No. 327645

Well, you are the one going off saying I was that anon in the thread

Methinks the lady doth protest too much

But yeah I mean, for a website where women come to pick on women being shitty on other women I don't see how incels play into being 100% at fault

I mean yeah some commit mass murders but the majority of say, rapes are probably done by hardened criminals, not exactly an "incel" the same way an r9k poster is

No. 327649

File: 1542713448940.png (604.93 KB, 750x560, 1542087695956.png)

I guess I'll try to summarize things:

I just find it a bit humorous, on this very site you can find women being shitty, supporting shitty men, supporting other shitty women, and all of this gravitates around the current mainstream culture, "incels" are a symptom but hardly the cause, to blame a bunch of sweaty angry basement dwellers, while the real rich, handsome ballers treat women like personal cumdumps (ie: elon musk) get to do whatever they want (including degrading women, with actual gravitas and purpose like the current US president), just seems… Kind of pathetic?

It's like picking on cockroaches while giant dragonflies bend you over, while claiming you've won some massive victory(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 327650


Incels are funny in how pathetic and crazy they are, and produce enormous amounts of fresh milk to be laughed at. It's not some grand conspiracy, it's an imageboard laughing at cows.

No. 327651

Yeah but people seem a lot more buttflustered about them than they should be sometimes

No. 327653


They can't have their precious Chads blamed for anything. Better project all of it ugly losers.

No. 327654

This is stupid thread (just post in the man-hate one) but, what did keemstar do? Other screech on the internet.

No. 327655

Randomly accussing streamers of being pedophiles, etc.

I mean if you hate gamer babies keemstar was and probably still is the gamer baby

No. 327656

why in the fuck are you arguing with people on a forum that has a man hate thread, a men you'd be ashamed to fuck thread, and a serial killers you want to fuck thread?

Like really, what do you hope to accomplish here? Just go back to your forum with your robot sexdoll threads, your waifu threads, women hate threads, and let the other side have a go at being incels.

No. 327659

File: 1542714639930.png (55.23 KB, 400x400, 1542062289653 (1).png)

Don't you find it sad femcels and incels will never wise up? The people with the monopoly on means of reproduction will never grant you a happy relationship: Chad will pump and dump, Stacy will suck your wallet dry, both will probably cuck you out of your SO and generally get away with it, probably also using your SO in the process anyway

This farce has just gone on for so long, does nobody want to do something?

No. 327660

they hate themselves, and they see themselves in each other.

No. 327661

Yeah and pure innocent men NEVER support and fall for evil women? Kek

No. 327664

File: 1542715428606.png (537.58 KB, 1100x800, 1539543953304.png)

They do, I'm just saying that overlooking the opposite won't help either

It's too surreal sometimes

No. 327666

Lmao but women constantly get hate even if a small % of them like bad men, so much it's sent incels into a mental breakdown where he knows nothing but to sperg about how evil roasties are conspiring against him if they like bad men

Lets make men face the consequences for their actions for once

No. 327668

File: 1542715948172.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, 1542257003342.png)

I'm not sure, reinforcing sociopathic/psychopathic behaviour with attraction will only make it more common

No. 327670

so.. hybristophilic women are the majority of women. your sources are also pretty skewed. i love it when dudes complain about women being bad as if women are always supposed to be perfect and as if men don’t also support these criminals/shitty men.

i also wouldn’t consider a large majority of male prisoners attractive to women, they had to rape/kill for a reason.

what women fear about incels is how much they spout about hating women, wanting to rape them, kill them, torture them, etc. it’s reminescent of serial killers. the only difference is that the serial killers have acted on their murderous impulse.

try harder, bot. go back to sucking the ghost dick of saint elliot rodgers.

No. 327675

Well most highly attractive men of today are far from paragons of morality

I mean, all those women complaining about how their being used only for sex arnt lying are they

No. 327682

You are in complete denial about being an incel. Fuck off with your unfunny, fugly reaction pics too. They're embarrassing.

Where tf are the mods?

No. 327683

File: 1542718743426.jpg (38.76 KB, 480x460, 1536016472562.jpg)

I'm OK with women, I mean, I guess since I'm not a 10/10 I'll have to pay for sex, that I don't have any issue with

No. 327685

report & don't engage. You know the drill by now ladies.

No. 327687

File: 1542719183419.jpg (33.36 KB, 500x394, tumblr_inline_o3kp5epBu71swnhr…)

How is paying for sex bad? Surely it is better than whining about not getting any

No. 327692

Congrats on being an angry retard.

No. 327694

File: 1542720722522.jpg (230.63 KB, 1047x889, 1542065429490.jpg)

Yeah I see anons here 24/7 seething about how men should be genocided

But I'm not really angry, I mean I (thankfully) don't live in some western country, whatever comes after liberal democracy will most likely be far more totalitarian and patriarchal, if America and Europe are any barometers.

No. 327696

I'm gonna be honest:
I have no fuckin idea where this thread headed and every time a post is made with an image attached I lose more of my sanity

No. 327698

File: 1542721095228.jpg (133.35 KB, 624x810, ttxvumi4ivgy.jpg)

I dunno, I mean I think incels do end up deserving the shit they get, but the fact people that do worse end up not getting as much flak just seems even more amusing to me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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