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No. 34124

A Spinoff if you like, this is specifically about trans issues in media (movies, tv series, etc) and the tumblrite trending of being a fakeboi right now.

For example, how do you guys feel about the sudden campaign of making Samus Aran a transperson?

No. 34138

SJW's gonna SJW. Ignore it and don't give it hits

No. 34156

Samus is trans when??

No. 34157

>piss and bitch about there being not enough female characters in video games
>make existing females male because ~*~trans~*~

pls stop

No. 34162

Brianna Wu desperate for attention as usual.

Also this. I'm starting to think the people saying that transgenderism is going to kill feminism are right. What's next, The Boss from Metal Gear Solid is a transman because she's a soldier? Fun's over girls, the mentally ill men in skirts and high heels need to feel good about themselves now.

No. 34164

She's like 6ft tall and very buff. It's plausible

No. 34165

She's also infused with alien DNA and was trained by a highly advanced alien race since she was a child.

No. 34169

Apologies for going autistic with semantics but she says "transgender" not "transsexual", which makes equally little sense, because Samus is wearing a uniform, which is like saying women in the military are transgender?

No. 34231

No. Fuck off. Seriously, stop with that bullshit. Samus is a woman and she's one of the few badass women in early gaming, esp for Nintendo. The fact that people want to try to put their 'headcanons' into her actual character is AWFUL. She's an alien woman and she's a kick ass bounty hunter. Why are so many tumblrtards trying to argue that?

No. 34232

Also, Japan hates trans people and this shit would never happen. Samus is as trans as fucking Luigi from Super Mario. They're huge staples in old school Nintendo games. Nothing will change them into trans ever.

No. 34236

just to give some background info, the creator of Metroid did say that Samus was trans. BUT he did it in a way that used a trans slur and he was openly transphobic sooo yeaaa, he wasn't being serious when he said she was trans. people need to stop taking what he said literally.

No. 34246

SJWs apparently don't understand context.

==2004 FAQ==
Question 21: "Will metroid be released for the PS2?"
Sakamoto: "About as likely as Samus being a newhalf (trans)"

No. 34247

But then again I did see stories about gamestop employees getting customers demanding mario games for the xbox which they were sure existed so who knows

No. 34248

To be fair women aren't allowed in US special forces IRL

No. 34252

The only idiots who want Mario on xbox are parents who don't know what different gaming companies and ownership are. I work in a Nintendo specific store and get people coming in asking for Minecraft on the Wii U.

No. 34253

Yup, cut and dry statement blown up by the Sjws. Why am I not surprised?

No. 34258

Why would someone even ask that? Nintendo is horrible possessive about their games/mascots. I don't think they'd ever release Link, Samus, Mario etc on another console. They barely let those characters mix with third party companies. I'm still surprised Hyrule Warriors is a thing.

No. 34288

The creator of Metroid is 4 different people. ONE of the creators JOKINGLY called her a tranny as an offensive comment.

Samus was never trans, only as an offensive joke to a culture that's still ass backwards with LGBT rights.

No. 34291

>An actually strong woman?

>No, we can't have that. She's actually a man who is ~trans~.

Fuck off retarded backwards SJWs

No. 34304

>to a culture that's still ass backwards with LGBT rights.
you mean america, where every faggot is speshul and treated like a snowflake?

No. 34305

Erm that only happens on tumblr retard

No. 34342

Hahaha, do you actually take transpeople seriously? You're the hilarious one, tumblr.

No. 34343

Trannies are a joke. A mentally ill joke.

No. 34346

This! We should be fighting for more actual good female protags in gaming like Samus, but no… they aren't special enough if they're cis and straight.

No. 34347

>Actually offended by this joke

No. 34406

>We should be fighting for
kill yourself

No. 34446

Well, worded it wrong there. Meant striving for, not fighting for.

and lol, no.

No. 34500

well, that's more acceptable

No. 34596

The creator of Metroid NEVER stated that Samus was trans.

The mixup is based on the fact they the info came from an unofficial fan translation of an old scan from a Nintendo magazine where he instead stated that Samus was a "new-half", Japanese slang at the time for somebody who is half-Japanese in heritage.

Whoever translated it messed up and more these SJWs are all over it like flies in shit. The creator has repeatedly stated again and again over the years that Samus is NOT trans.

No. 34604

I said plausible. I didn't say it was definite. Nintendo definetly did not intend her to be trans. It makes more sense than 90% of trans headcanons i see.
"Oh look at this small waifish figured woman! she must be trans!"

No. 34641

Actually to be entirely fair, "hyafu" meant someone of mixed ancestry, then a transsexual woman coined "new-half" for trans, like the new being "mixed" was being "mixed gender".
The thing in the article was probably either 1. Haha, what if samus was a newhalf guize lol
or 2. "That's about as likely as Samus being a newhalf"
I'd really like someone to bring up a scan of the article and just dissect its translation for everyone.
Honestly, Samus has never been called trans outside of this one mention, you'd think it would be mentioned more, I doubt Nintendo has been keeping it secret for fear transphobes wouldn't buy their games or some shit. It would be more open, like the stuff about Poison.

No. 34645

File: 1441826119980.jpg (274.8 KB, 1218x874, Japanese_Interview_Scan.jpg)


Here you go.

No. 34670

Another analysis I've seen was just that "newhalf" referred to Samus being part alien, meaning she's like a tranny in that she's not entirely a woman (female human) but also has alien genes

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