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No. 3517

Got idea from anon on /pt/.

Share your experiences, questions or anything related to studying abroad.

I myself have applied for Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, but just for one year as an exchange student. Anyone got experiences studying abroad in Japan ( Tokyo)?

No. 3519

I studied at Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies! I also applied go to back and study at Meiji University next fall, maybe we should meet up anon!

No. 3522

Sure! I'm basically the only one who was applied there (since my uni chooses only one person for TUFS anyway), so if I get in, I won't know anyone there.

No. 3523

Haha same! My school doesn't allow students to go to Meiji for the fall semester only since it would end about 3 weeks into the beginning of our Spring semester, so I have to do the entire academic year. ; - ; I'll be so lonely for a semester boo hoo

I went to visit Tokyo for a week before I came back to the U.S. and ah man, weeb dreams do come true. Public transportation had never ever been so easy and lovely in my entire life.

No. 3527

I want to go to south korea to study, though I don't know if it will be worth it for someone who is doing graduate school. I was reading online and a lot of people do their masters overseas (I'm from the U.S.) but they're not pursuing jobs in public service like I am (teaching or social work).

No. 3529

Hmm, maybe just skip going to Korea for schooling, and just do a teaching program over there instead? Like Gepik or Interac!

What would you like to study over there though? Or is it just because you want the experience of studying abroad?

No. 3530

I study art in my small country of south america but i would like to go to Europa or China to study art history. My uni doesn't have any relationship with foreign unis. Is it possible to me to apply for some schoolarship in those subjects?

No. 3531

Thats what I was thinking too, in terms of the teaching program. I want to get the teaching experience and be able to go to a foreign country all on my own, haha. I was looking into the languages of the places I could go to work or study at and Korean doesn't seem to difficult. I was thinking Japan at first but even the thought seems daunting.

No. 3534

I know the writing system is tons easier than Japanese (oh man kanji, i hate kanji), but I think pronunciation might be a bit harder (it is for me at least!).

I think Gepik and Interac are easier to get into, and also probably treat their employees better. I hear JET isn't all too great nowadays and it's extremely difficult to get in without a bazillion degrees and tons of teaching experience to back you up unfortunately.

Maybe you could also look into doing a summer/winter program!

No. 3535

No. 3536

You could always google and look for scholarships. People are always looking to give out free money eyyyy. Unfortunately, since I'm from the states all the scholarships I know of really only apply to U.S. citizens/students :( Even if your uni doesn't have connections to foreign unis, always check them out yourself! There was an international student at my school last semester who wasn't a student from one of our partner universities, so he actually applied as a transfer student and got in like that! I think the process will just be a little bit more tedious/longer if you're applying to a school that your uni doesn't have a relationship with.

No. 3537

I'll definitely look into those, thanks!

and Korean is harder to pronounce for me as well, unfortunately :\, I'm not even sure why lol

No. 3538

Original anon from that thread reporting in.
I'm taking my first year of Chinese this semester and I'm enchanted by it. My campus has really good scholarship programs that basically let you travel/study there for free. Does anyone have any experience as a student in China?

Also, my pronunciation is very bad (I stutter so it's just horrible) and it's hard for me to understand the language when it's spoken. Does this improve at all with immersion?

No. 3539

thank you so much! The problem is always the money so going as a transfer student may be a problem for me. I think I'll go to the chinese embassy to cry one of this days

No. 3540

No experience with China, but language is all about what YOU do with it anon. Immersion only works if you take advantage of that. If it's possible, try to self study a little bit, even if you are taking classes. Imho, classes go way to slow for me. Talk to people, and make friends. For the love of god make friends! And make sure they aren't using you for English practice. Yeah, you'll speak like a baby for a few weeks, but just study hard and keep trying to talk. Thats what gets your language immersion up. Thats what gets your pronunciation down to a key. There are people who have lived in China 10+ years, and can't do anything but order something at a restaurant. Just be proactive, and you'll get there :)

No. 3541

I'm always super jelly of people who could afford to study abroad. I don't really know how to explain my situation, but I kind of created my own "study abroad". I've been in Korea for a year, taking online classes from my home university. I just leave every 3 months, and refresh my tourist visa. Immigration doesn't really seem to care at all.

I just wish I could have a proper answer when people say, "Oh, you're a student? Exchange student? Which university?" Wish I could say something like SNU or even PNU (since I'm in Busan). But I'm just like "Ummm I'm a student, but I don't go to a school" Hopefully that changes soon, because I'm looking to transfer to PNU possibly next year, but the stupid financial requirement for a student visa is fucking insane.

No. 3542

Thanks for the encouragement. I spend about 5 hours a week just self studying, but I guess I need to study more, idk I'm just fucking stupid. Also I'm taking a college level course so it seems pretty fast paced to me? We're only two months in and have already memorized over 200 characters. It's super daunting to know that you need to know about 6,000 just to get by in everyday life.

I don't know where to make friends though, is there a penpal website or something like that for people of other countries?

I'm so lucky that my campus provides almost free scholarships to China as long as you can pass the language tests.

No. 3543

For me, it absolutely did! I did a homestay, so while everything just seemed like a jumbled mess at first, it sort of does… "click" after a while? Like, I can't tell you what a sentence means, but I can clearly hear each word and they don't sound as muddled as they did when I first went abroad. But >>3540 is absolutely right too! Don't be afraid of your language skills at all. Here in the states, I still fear using Japanese with the international students bc I dont wanna look like an idiot, but while I was in Japan, I used whatever I knew to get my point across and everything was fine and I literally didn't give a shit if I sounded like an idiot. In reality, no one really cares is what I found. A lot of the students in my school are very supportive, and I bet yours will be too!

Oh boy, let me tell you, I'm freaking out about trying to afford paying for my next study abroad. tbh, my first one wasn't very expensive for a study abroad. It was also a shitty school and in bumfuck so that made it cheaper ofc… I sure hope stuff works out for you anon! If you don't mind me asking, could you elaborate on the financial requirement? Do you need to prove that you have enough to financially support yourself in the country or something?

No. 3550

I'm not sure if this is off-topic but… I'm a former exchange student in Korea (i'm South American), but I want to return… does anyone know if there's any ESL kind of program but that accepts non-natives?

No. 3552

I studied abroad in London and then in Florence. Not weeb enough for anyone? Lol.

No. 3553

Maybe try finding a program where you can just prove your English ability w a TOEFL test?

I'd love to hear your experiences! As an IR major, it would've been a lot smarter for me to go abroad to Europe but lol my inner weeb couldn't resist the opportunity…

No. 3556

With all of the Korea talk in /pt/.

No. 3564

A lot of the videos I've seen concerning Korea always feature these types of questions

It's weird, I'm asexual (whether people believe thats a thing or not, I don't become sexually attracted to people) but I feel like people think anyone who isn't Korean and interested in going to Korea for work or studying is in it to get laid. I just want to go because its one of the farthest places I can go to (i'm American) and travel to other Asian countries, Australia and Europe much easier as opposed to if I was in North America.

No. 3565

Oh yes anon, please remind us we are plebs because we didn't want to learn yet another Latin based language like literally everyone else. wow ur sooo special

No. 3567

I heard student cafeterias are really good in Japan. Anyone has any experiences?

No. 3568

They serve REAL ramen.

No. 3569

No. 3570

Thank god, I am sick of cup ramens.

Looks decent. Though it's public elementary or middle school. I hope uni cafeterias are decent because the place where I am studying has a shit cafeteria. I try to cook at home but mostly don't have time during weekdays.

No. 3571

what has been the most pleasantly surprising/disturbing thing you've found while travelling/studying/working abroad?

I made friends with an exchange student at my uni here in the U.S. and she told me she was surprised by how angry people looked even though they just seemed to be grocery shopping (I'm from nyc, she's Puerto Rico) and I never noticed that, nor do I even see it that way.

No. 3587

I thought my university had pretty decent food! Then again, I'm not very picky and there are only about a handle of foods on this face of this Earth that I think are absolute shit and disgusting lol. We had stuff like udon, ramen, curry, etc that were about 200yen-300yen, some stuff like onigiri going for about 80 yen and stuff. The most expensive thing were the 2 lunch special sets that changed everyday, which included a small jelly dessert, a big bowl of whatever was the main dish, and a side dish (most salad i think) which was about 480yen. The lunch special doesn't sound like much but its suuuper filing for me. Regardless of what I got I was nice and full at the end of it!

My school also had a conbini inside of it, where we could buy the bentos you can buy at any conbini. Neither of them were bad really. I lived out my shitty anime dream and brought a homemade bento everyday tho after the first few weeks of class lol.

No. 3589


>The Christian University near Shibuya is the top pick – a 3-star Michelin ranking, if such a thing existed for cafeterias. In fact, says Karasawa, you shouldn’t even think of it as a cafeteria because it is much more. Beef stew is 460 yen, fried chicken is 480 yen and ramen is 230 yen. Just for reference, the national average for a bowl of ramen is 800 yen, a 250% difference.

No. 3591

shit, i know where i'm going!!

No. 3991

Hello everyone, I have a request for any Chinese anons on this board. I am entering a speech competition and had to prepare something in advance, and the theme is "My China Dream". I am going to go through my writing with my teacher tomorrow, but I was hoping maybe one of you anons could look through it and tell me if I made any hugely major mistakes.

你们 好! 我 的 中文 名字 叫 苏 珂. 我是 美国人. 我一九九五年四月二十七 日出生, 属猪. 我是大学生, 我会说一点儿汉语. 一天, 我 希望去看中国. 我喜欢学习文学, 历史, 和 化学. 我也 喜欢 诗歌和艺术.我 的中国梦是做中国人的朋友!谢谢.

No. 11926

Anyone going to Tokyo for exchange this fall semester?

No. 173304

File: 1482603104369.gif (1019.96 KB, 500x281, tumblr_nxl4ow3qDC1ux2dlwo1_500…)

Sorry for reviving this thread from the dead, but i am currently considering wether to study aboard or not and i'm kinda on the edge.
I've mostly been eyeing univeristies in korea and japan (mostly korea, since i know a bit of the language), but before applying i talked with a friend that basically told me that if you study in asia your degree is paperwight back in europe. Is this true? Because i am not wlling to drop a bunch of money into an university it if then i have to study back here anyway.

I'm also kinda scared about the fact that i had to repeat a year of high school because of an illness, and then study via distance courses. I graduated with the second highest score in my class, but i'm scared that i might get rejected everywhere for studying via distance instead of being present in a school center for anything other than exams. Will this influence a lot for an international student or will my grades be counted the same as any other student?

My country is a shit-hole, so leaving for a few years and studying somewhere completly different than here is my dream but i am afraid i fucked up my chances by not attenting a physical school kek.

No. 173306

I want to at least do my masters or something in Japan or USA but all I got is an English teaching and literature degree. Not sure how to apply this.

No. 173324


I heard (somewhere) about a woman who studied medicine in China, then came back to The Homeland and nobody wanted to hire her. She was puzzled because there is a need for doctors here but somehow she's not wanted.

Anyway, in my experience, most people who leave to study abroad don't return.

To get back to your questions, I think you need a JLPT certificate (N2 at least maybe?) to apply to Japan. I haven't checked, but I don't think you can just go to Japan and study somewhere in English.

I have no idea about Korea.

Do you have a diploma? You should be fine if you do. I imagine they (any university) would just want to look at your grades; if they set up an interview maybe they'd ask you stuff about your grades/school and you could tell them about your illness then. I don't know if you'd need to write a Personal Statement (or Motivational Letter, whatever you wanna call it), I'd imagine so, but usually that's your key to entering.

Hope this helps

No. 173325

Really upset because my degree is in my native language which is not studied anywhere else in the world and therefore my lecturers wouldn't let me study abroad. Feels shit.

No. 173405

I study in Korea anon, you just need good language abilities and have a lot of money saved if you want to make something of yourself. They would take a fucking monkey in if they paid enough money. I have a russian friend with shit Korean, but she got in a pretty good school on her first try.However "Speak some of the language" doesnt really cut it unless you are going into an all-English program, which a lot of employers actually look down on because it basically shows that you studied for 4+ years and still cant speak Korean well enough to take a class. Plus, university in Korea is all about networking and who you know, and not knowing enough Korean will really really hurt you. Homework/essays/etc. are all in Korean, but some professors will literally give foreign students decent grades when their Korean is basic because they feel bad for them (source:russian friend)

Ive learned that 96% of people who say they can "speak some of the language" have a harder time communicating. Go to language school for a few years and learn to speak Korean, and see if you actually like it there. Getting your degree here is usually a decision made by people who know they are going to spend a very large chunk of their life in Korea. You dont even have to pay for school. Stay for a tourist visa and see how it is. Have you been to Korea? It really wasnt how i imagined living here would be. I like living here, but its not an easy life sometimes

No. 173428

Ahh so it seems my friend was not bluffing about being just a paper. Well, i did think of staying wherever i was going, but with all the "as a foreigner the best you can inspire to be is a model or youtuber in asia bullshit" spewed around i was kinda iffy about the issue, eventho i know you might be able to get a good job if you are good.
Ah, i didn't know you need the JLPT certificate, so thanks for telling me! My japanese has gone to the level of a 13 year old weeb at best after dropping it a while ago kek so i think i'll either study super hard or put going to japan aside.
I've been eyeing language schools in japan that last like a year (so enough to get a feel of if i'll like it there before dropping the k's in uni), but i'm not sure if the cost is worth it as opposed to studying back here and trying directly for uni.
I do have a diploma actually, so thank you for your advice, i'll definetly look more into it!

Woah, thanks this has been really helpful and answered most of my questions about studying in SK. I am currently studying the language and trying to reach "can hold a conversation with anyone easily" level before applying, because eventhough i have an acquiantance who graduated a top university in korea without speaking a lick of the language, i'd still feel stupid not speaking a lanaguage of a country i might live a lot of years in kek.
Since you live over there (or so it seems) what would you say were the things that surprised you the most after moving there that no one would catch from the outside?
Most of my experience of univeristy in Korea has been from this girl i used to know on tumblr who went there and basically complained all day about how a shithole it was (men are extra gross, everyone is a superficial asshole, old people being assholes…etc etc etc), so i don't expect much from it, but i'm intigued by it.

I am currently thinking of going a few weeks/months to either country depending what seems best finacially and whatnot, just to get an air/feel of how it would be to live there because eventhough i don't mind surprises i'd reather not get in a bigger shithole that the one i currently live in.

No. 173547


>but before applying i talked with a friend that basically told me that if you study in asia your degree is paperwight back in europe

This is true. I'm majoring in Korean studies in my home country and my professor had to do another M.A in europe after he got an M.A from Seoul National University because no university in Europe would acknowledge his degree.

If SNU isn't good enough, I doubt any other university is.

No. 173916

I get degrees from third world countries being worthless, but why East Asia?

No. 174060

Has anyone here had experience teaching abroad? My boyfriend and I were considering doing that for about a year and I was looking at GEPIK but I was wondering if anyone had any experience on what it's like applying and getting in!

No. 174063

Must be nice being a native speaker and just being able to go anywhere because you know you'll always be able to get a job teaching English. If I did the same I'd be laughed out of the office even if my English was perfect.

No. 174083

Nice blogpost

No. 174086

Don't be a bitch, senpai.

No. 174103

Native English speaker here with a master's: is it possible or has anyone heard of a teaching abroad program that allows living companions to come along? I'm not married to my boyfriend, but we've been living together for three years and it's not feasible for just myself to move abroad leaving him behind, and at the same time he probably wouldn't qualify to teach alongside me in whatever program because he has no college degree.

It's not life or death by any means, I just always wanted to try teaching abroad and I just find my relationship holds me back in a lot of ways…

No. 174105

I can only answer for Korea, but I think it's because the methods and quality of teaching at South Korean Universities is at a subpar standard compared to Europe.

In Korea you take a class, listen to whatever the professor says (don't question anything), and then your exam is a multiple-choice test.
In most European countries getting a degree (especially an M.A) requires a lot of critical thinking, writing a lot of academic papers using proper methodology and all in all requires independent, adult thoughts and ideas.

No. 174153

I see. Is it like that to get an MA in Korea? I've been told that in Japan uni is a bit of a joke after the entrance exams and the majority of people wouldn't even think of going to grad school.

A junior prof at my uni (Canada) confided in me once that there is a huge problem with the Chinese students buying essays/paying people to write essays for them. At the time I assumed it was because of a language barrier (writing uni level papers must be very difficult for ESL students) but I guess they're just not used to having to do that.

No. 174176

Getting an M.A and a B.A is more or less the same in SK.

Memorize your reading and do a multiple choice test as an exam. It's stupid as fuck, tbh.

If Japan is like that, It's the same as in Korea, most people don't bother getting an M.A. All Korean professors I've met did their M.A and Ph.D in other countries than Korea.

Doing a semester or two abroad isn't bad though, just don't do your whole degree there.

No. 174308

Yeah, since people bust ass to do well in high school/college entrance exams, after that they just do whatever. My mom's Japanese and she told me that people thought she was a bit weird for being as serious as she was about her college studies, and it wasn't that hard. Even just going to lectures everyday was weird at that time.

Anyway, thanks for the info anon.

No. 177951

hi anons & sorry to post kinda ot in a dead thread but I'll be doing an internship abroad soon. I'm going to Germany, I know a lot of you have posted about Korea, Japan, and China, but do any of you have experience in Germany…? I'm a little nervous because I've never been abroad or on a plane before, my language skill is relatively good but I'm awful at speaking (I clam up easy). I'm really just wondering if this is going to be as scary as I think it is….

No. 178022

Where in Germany? Where are you from? Not studying but I was there for a couple weeks. Didn't know like any German though.

No. 178127

I'm actually not sure about the location yet. I'm from the usa, midwest to be a little more specific. what was your experience like, and were you just there on vacation? thank you for responding to my post btw

No. 178163

Different anon, I have family and have visited Germany several times growing up but did not seriously learn German until college, so I'm OK at it but terrible at speaking because of my nerves.

Unless you are moving someplace rural, you shouldn't have a hard time language-wise because most people are moderately proficient in English.
I would suggest to learn whatever place you'll be going, including the public transit because there's more options than the midwest but it's also more complicated imo.
Also something that you might encounter is the inconvenience of stores, because grocery stores aren't open as long as they are in the US, including restricted hours/closed on Sundays and holidays.
Good luck anon, I'm jealous because I'm about to graduate with no current prospects and an internship abroad sounds cool!

No. 178174

I'm actually worried most about the public transportation and paying for things. There's not really much public transportation in my town, so I'm not used to using anything like that… As far as money is concerned, I have no idea how much or what to bring (dollars or euros) and I'm so afraid I'm going to fuck something up lol. I know this is all really basic stuff that I can google, sorry for info dumping. but thank you for your reply and thanks for the luck! I'll need it lol

No. 178183

Yeah you can bring dollars but you'll need to go to a currency exchange and switch to euros. Better to convert cash before going, currency exchanges in airports tend to be a rip off. I dunno that much about Germany, I've only visited there once briefly, but I moved to a European country from the US a few years ago and got used to public transport and the pace of things where I'm at pretty fast. Google maps is your friend, and I'm sure there's a timetable for the buses/trains in the city you'll be in that you can also save to your phone. Yea it seems overwhelming at first but don't worry. You'll get used to it and appreciate the conveniences. I don't want to leave to go back to my bumfuck town in the US where public transport is non existent and absolutely nothing is in walking distance.

No. 178224

Yeah, get your USD into Euro and prepare to carry more coins.
I used trams/trains/subways very often in Germany, and like the other anon said you can actually enter in where you want to go on google maps and it has a public transit option that tells you how to get there using bus/etc. iirc they have passes you can get that covers bus/tram/subway if your trip has multiple stops.

No. 178368

thank you very much anons, I really appreciate your info/advice! I'll be a nervous wreck anyway, but this'll help me prepare a little more.

No. 178489

Did you farmers apply to the exchange programs through school or did you apply to unis on your own? I am already a senior but I would really like to go to Japan to improve my language skills. I have two years of the language formally, but worked in two Japanese companies (a regular desk monkey and a waitress at the other).

Due to severe sickness until last year, my grades suffered immensely so I cannot apply through my home uni's study abroad program. Any advice on options? Thank you so much for your time! I did read the other posts but unfortunately they didn't seem to answer my question.

No. 178490

My college has a programme that allows you to apply through the Freemover programme (on your own), but you need to fund it yourself, or you could pick one of their partner schools.

My advice is to do some research, maybe stay home and fix those grades first.

No. 178964

Ameriblubber who has never left the country here, I have a tuition waiver that would carry over if I ever studied abroad, I'm kinda really autism though so I don't know how great of an idea it is…but I'd like to go

I'm looking at Bongland just because of the lack of a language barrier

No. 178966

I've been thinking about studying abroad for a term in Sweden. I didn't have too many schools to choose from that had a partnership with my university relative to my degree, and of the non English-speaking countries available, Sweden is the country with the most familiar language to me (I watched a Swedish movie when I was like 13 and have been learning it off and on since then).

No. 178967

also I know that most Swedes can speak English, I just meant that I wanted to be somewhat immersed in a foreign language when I said "non English-speaking country". sage for samefag.

No. 178973

Best of luck with that. They'll just switch to English when they notice you're not a native, you won't get much of the immersion.

No. 178979

Should I go on exchange senior year, or teach English for a year after I graduate?

No. 184358

File: 1490129726544.jpg (61.62 KB, 260x200, confused anime girl gif.jpg)

I know this is a dead thread, but I didn't want to make another one specifically for the questions that I have.

I'm a freshman in college and my small university has a study abroad program. I am interested in studying abroad in Korea, and to do this, I would have to study the language there full-time. I could get 8 credits for this, and I'm highly interested in learning the language. There are two scholarships for studying the language, one is $8k and the other $20k. But this goal raises many questions for me and my mother. I thought to ask here because I've seen many anons talking about living abroad, and this is the most responsive place I could think of where I could get answers asap. I don't plan on attending this fall, I'm thinking Spring 2018 so that I can have time to save for a ticket, passport, and extra money etc (if I have to).

I have food allergies (anaphylaxis) and it's already difficult for my family to obtain epipens for me. This is my mother's main concern if I do go abroad.
>Do they have epipens?
>What is in place of health insurance? (she doesn't think her health insurance would work in sk)
>Will I be allowed to bring my own medicine or have my mother send me medicine?
>How are emergency situations handled?

I'm sure there were more good questions my mother brought up, but I can't remember right now because my head is killing me. The only other thing I can think to ask is if there's a black girl who's had the Korean Magic Perm on relaxed hair. I know the price of this is upwards of $200 but I would be willing to spend this amount of money on something that could be quite beneficial to me. I tried searching on YouTube about this, but the only black girls getting this hair treatment have natural hair.

It may not seem like it but I'm fucking psyched. I've never been on a plane let alone abroad. I've never been anywhere by myself! My boyfriend is in the army and might get deployed sometime soon in the future, and he said he would visit me.

No. 184381

Everywhere has epipens. I'm sure they even have epipens in Zimbabwe. They're just not called epipens, since those are, y'know, a brand name.

I hate Americans.

No. 184388

Allergy vise you will be fine, all countries have people with allergies. Obtaining them might even be easier as literally every country has better health care systems than the US. About the hair thing, I'm not black, but you should browse youtube. Lots ofblack girls living in korea who has a lot of tips and tricks especially for you guys! Good luck anon!

No. 184389

Read your post again, sorry. Seems like you already checked youtube. There should be forums for black girls in korea though, maybe look for that!

No. 184411

I know this is late, but I'm pretty sure most universities don't allow study abroad senior year unless it is for the 1st semester or winter break. If you want to go for 1 year, then it's best to go earlier.

>Do they have epipens?
I'd assume so, but it's best to contact the place you will be staying to double check

>What is in place of health insurance?

If you are going to school there, you can usually just use the school clinic. Also, you'll probably be forced to buy international insurance when you go, so you'd show your insurance card (international insurance is cheap, especially for students).

>Will I be allowed to bring my own medicine or have my mother send me medicine?

You can bring your own medicine with a doctor's note (if bringing a few months). Your insurance will probably only cover up to 3-6 months, so you might need your mom to pick up the medicine and send to you by mail. You can also get the prescription abroad (most medicine is available in other countries, maybe a different brand at times but same stuff for the most part).

>How are emergency situations handled?

Depends on the emergency. I never lived in Korea, but I needed the ambulance in Hong Kong and it was free.

>Korean Magic Perm

Can't believe I never heard of this!!
>>Anyone know how this compares to Brazilian keratin treatments??

>>I hate Americans.
Fuck off anon.

No. 184420

Lol You sound like you think you're going to a 3rd world country. Wtf

No. 184603

Lmao I know I know, I was sheltered in my youth. I've never traveled this far either. Road trips were to the state over and by car. She's used to using her experiences to guide me, but this one is beyond her. Additionally, I never think about things deeply; I always think superficially.

Anyway, I'm more worried about medicine because people say that in Korea and Japan it's more diluted than medicine in the US. I do plan on taking another allergy test in the time between getting ready because I lost the papers detailing my allergies.

>forums for black girls in korea
I never thought about that, thank you anon! I've been contemplating cutting my hair super short, so maybe I won't have to even worry about it in the future!

Thank you anon. The insurance bit is another obstacle for us. She is very worried about it right now.

These are questions I could have asked the head of department but he doesn't answer my questions in depth! At all! If I ask him, "Will financial cover__?" He'll respond with a vague answer saying everything will transfer over, but he never elaborates on what money needs to come out of pocket, and what it will specifically cover (housing, meal plan etc. that I have covered at my uni). He expects me to apply for everything, and then he'll tell me the more important details.

No. 184604

Has anyone here transferred to Canada from another non-English speaking country? I really want to know what you guys did.
I'm currently a freshman at a semi-crapshit university in a third-world middle eastern country (STEM major, if it helps?) with average grades and whoever I ask doesn't seem to know jack shit about transferring or how the whole transferring credits thing works for my particular country (I'll go and google some more after this) but I'm more worried over their acceptance rates and if I'll get in or not. Is there any way to maximize my chances or whatnot?

I'm pretty sure I should have posted this in the advice thread (or just on another site entirely) so sorry in advance but IDK if it'll help because most people here are interested in Japan/Korea.

No. 184605

sorry for same fagging, but I should also mention that I did pretty badly in high school thanks to crippling depression. I'm more worried that it'll lower my chances a LOT so…

No. 184606

Contact the universities you're interested in and ask for more information. You most likely will need to get your transcript translated if it's not in English. To maximise your chances, get your grades up. Saying you have average grades isn't appealing to anyone. Also you need to consider if you have the funds to stay in Canada and pay for the education. It will probably be easier if you just finish your degree and apply for a masters in Canada.

No. 184611


Thanks for the advice anon. I'm studying hard right now to get my grades up as high as possible, and I'm trying to get a letter of recommendation from one of the better professors at my university.
The issue is that due to person reasons, I really can't stay here much longer, so I'm kind of trying to get out as soon as I can. I just hope that the next couple of terms can make up for the okay-ish previous term.

No. 184615

What are these personal reasons that require you to move countries entirely?

No. 184653


Yeah, you're going to need to have a translated version of your transcript. And it has to go through a verifiable business or else the college won't accept it.

And then you have to consider if they'll accept your credits if you choose to go there without a degree. And even with a degree, if your grades are bad enough you'll have to take a placement exam and some of your credits won't be accepted.

You also would need a student visa? (Can't speak on Canada but I know you need one in the US).

No. 184695

She lives in a shit country in the middle east, what do you think

No. 184737

File: 1490498214934.jpg (5.6 KB, 190x250, 1481665599159.jpg)

I'd really love to go to the UK next Spring, but I was talking to an advisor and the estimated cost comes out to about $40k
Gonna pass on that I think

No. 184752

$40k usd? Where are you looking at studying, an Ivy League? No way it would cost $40k for 6 months - 1 year.

No. 184842

Sorry for the late reply.

Actually, it's not so bad here, it's more like along the lines of I grew up in North America, been here for a few years and I wanna go back, but back then I was too young to learn about the system, never got a chance to go back and check everything out, etc.
I wouldn't mind staying (this place is waaaaaaay better than the media makes it out to be.) but the economy is shit, and the job market for the current field I'm studying in is really shit, and I love my major too much to switch.

Thanks anon. I'm more worried they won't accept me at aaaall, so even having to take a placement exam and maybe staying back a year or two is okay.

sage for blogposty post.

No. 185084

Does anyone have any experience transferring to russia?
I really wanna go, but I feel like the universities aren't that great, or the english programs are so-so, and idk if I can learn the language well (it seems so hard D':) but I'm so fucking tempted to go because of the low tuition and culture and it seems really fun….

No. 185086

I knew it, you're one of them yids
Joking aside, can't you get a baccalaureate? It's basically a fancy high school and it allows you to study abroad

No. 185087

It's shit. Those who can, run away abroad, those who can't, stay. Muscovites are also incredibly shallow and will generally only hang out with you if you have money or something they want like connections. People in St Petersburg are okay and it's arguably the only non-shit place in Russia

No. 185094

Why is St Petersburg the only good place?

No. 185110

yid? As in jew? I'm curious to know what made you think that lol
Errr I'd rather not, since I already have a high school diploma and am attending uni, so…

No. 185124

It isn't a shithole and it's in Europe so it's cheaper to go abroad. Moscow is full of immigrants from Soviet satellite states, Siberia and random small parishes. People there are ridiculously competitive and jealous, although it's entirely justified.

No. 185139

can confirm, Russians are weird. They are either ok-ish or total maniacs, currently staying in Italy and have one as a roommate, its been hell.

how do you guys manage with small trips alone? im staying in Rome and would really love to go to Pompeii but i still get a lil anxious with being alone on trips lmao

No. 187836

Hate to necro, but how's it like studying in england? I might go there for my undergrad and I really wanna know how it's like

No. 198937

>studying in Japan
>completely fucking up in one subject
>pretty sure I'll have to retake my semester after getting home because of it and lose a year
God I hate myself so much right now. Retaking a semester isn't the end of the world, but this seriously could have been prevented if I had taken more classes and tried harder to find one where the teacher could understand English so I could give assignments back in a language I'm more confident in.
Make sure you think well about the classes you take, kids.

No. 198952

Heiya! I was born in SpB and still live there, but this place is not ~non-shit~ place though. There still are tons of ugly/awful immigrants + chinese/korean tourists each season and they are so fucking bm i swear. But what's important, is that there a lot of unstable psychopaths or just drunkasses who can stab you with knife randomly. Yet i suppose its the whole problem of Russia. Still can't believe that people don't give a fuck about totally mental ill people over there, they just throw 'em away from the hospital and they walk around being spookish and shit. Also everything's dirty and no one gives a hell about it, especially at autumn. Last year we had huge icicles and instead of removing em, they just decided to close 2 streets without even doing anything till nov. Also everything's way too expensive and such, but if i'll continiue i'll end up whining about economic system here.

No. 198955

File: 1500473213780.jpg (97.68 KB, 1920x816, UAlRzE0k-kA.jpg)

Truth be told, the whole studying system here is shit, so i wouldn't reccommend at all. :') Everything surely seems exciting in such, but reality is eh. And russians (due to all of this brainwashed shit) mostly end up being mean at non-russian-speaking people, not just because here people don't give much fuck about English, but also because of TV propoganda ~owoooo we are so stronkkk and gud other countries suk espcially amurica they r so fat and stuped ashashash~. Brrr. I'm sorry for whining so much, i'm just way too done of all of this, truth be told.

No. 198956

i keep repeating >tbt … D:

No. 199615

Moving to the UK for school and probably staying permanently. Any anons here who studied in the UK? I'd love to hear your stories

No. 199843

File: 1501056235023.jpg (39.9 KB, 552x736, 1490494791341.jpg)

>go to Spain for summer semester
>most people are from west coast and basically epitomize every valley girl stereotype
>still find a way to enjoy myself with a few people
>basically everyone in the class bangs eachother and locals like no tomorrow
>find out later that everyone has partners back home
Faith in humanity ruined, definitely not letting my future SO on these trips

I enjoyed Spain quite a lot, just wish I could speak it better. Lots of cool history, monuments, and stuff. Cultural differences were also really interesting to observe since I'd never left the US before this

No. 199851

Americans/Anglos in general try that a lot, don't be surprised. Brits generally don't act as slutty on Erasmus exchange but they're still incredibly crass and obnoxious. If I ever get approached by an American, Australian or Irishman I stay the fuck away, Americans are sleazy and rude but Irish men are super ugly and all of them look like they have AIDS. Aussies are okay but they only come here to fuck.

No. 228489

Any danish farmers here? I wanna study a Master there and I'd like to know about how the 'getting paid to study' thing works and how much are tuitions (I am from EU).

No. 228529

tbh as an irish girl this is exactly word for word my experience with british men, however I can vouch that like 90% of early twenties irish guys are fucking retards, scummy and low-brained

No. 228530

also I have never experienced worse than americans in any culture including my own lmao

No. 228562

I'm interested too, but for a Bachelor

No. 228691

I live in Denmark (not Danish though) and this website is good for info about studying here or immigrating here


No. 228773

thank you!

No. 228808

I'm going to University College London for a year in September! I'm super excited, is anyone else studying there? Maybe we could meet up!

No. 228822

I'm studying in Hiroshima starting in April. Only thing that sucks is that I'll have to buy pocket-WiFi since I've been told the wifi on campus/dorm sucks. The town looks really cool and I've heard the people are friendly. I've been researching stuff to do. Looks like there's some interesting bars/pubs where I might be able to meet people. I'll try to really put myself out there more than I have at my uni back home, and travel outside of Hiroshima (if I can afford to). I have a friend who studied there before but she never really shared much useful info, she got wasted a lot, apparently.

No. 228921

My friend has studied abroad in Hiroshima. She really liked it! Ppl are very welcoming and kind there. I'm sure you'll have a great time anon!

No. 228926

A pocket wifi is very useful in any case so don't be bummed out anon.

>she got wasted a lot, apparently

Kek what that's what you do when you study abroad. Japan is eapecially great for it, with the izakaya and 24/7 conbini where you can stock up on cheap beer and umeshuu anytime. You'll be in the right season too, with the hanami drinking, and hot sumer nights are great for hanging out in parks drinking and lighting fireworks.

No. 228950

I might go to Japan too, I got offered to do my PhD there and get paid for it. I am not really a weeb and have no passion to go there, but the offer is good enough not to pass on.

Anyone done Doctoral studies in any field in Japan?

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