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File: 1547602771727.png (745.17 KB, 1920x752, crystal cafe.png)

No. 354915

>touted as female only imageboard
>advertised heavily on lolcow before it's conception
>immediately full of trannies, shitposters (spoony) and men
>a million boards for basically no reason
>bans men and trannies who "out" themselves
>obvious maleposting runs rampant
>a (former) mod allowed her boyfriend to use the site
>advertised on/raided by r9k constantly
>shitty userbase
>bawwing about uwu mean anons
>constant complaints about lolcow, despite humble beginnings begging for users

>had a shitshow "townhall" where much fuckery happened
>admin is begging for donations for server migration despite the site being tiny

Post your thoughts, vents, criticisms and caps.

No. 354917

What happened in the Town Hall?

No. 354918

taking another anon's recap from the thread on /g/

>was created to discuss changes to the site/discord but most of the time was just drama between the mods and people treating it like a joke

>was revealed that a mod allowed her boyfriend to log into her accounts so the admin removed her as a mod on discord but kept her as a mod on the site

>said boyfriend was from r9k and they "met" during an r9k raid of CC and she openly bragged about it on the site
>he would have had access to private photos shared by members of the discord who were under the impression that it was all women and secure (due to regular checks), putting their privacy at risk and potentially could have doxxed them (keeping in mind that some people hadn't even heard of this because there was no public announcement or apology so some people were probably unaware that their private photos were visible to some greasy basement dweller)
>she creates a sob story about how her boyfriend was controlling and demanded access to her account but wtf did you expect from a relationship with someone from r9k who only pretended to like you to infiltrate your "girls club" jfc
>she also never admitted it to admin, admin found out because the mods were arguing about it one day
>a mod left over this, some users were upset by that
>mods were asked to remain anonymous, did the exact opposite by trying to guess who each other were and creating multiple accounts to fight with each other
>someone kept demanding everyone stop talking about the "old drama" and move on despite the fact that this was very serious and isn't old as the mod still has her position
>admin was really pissed off with the mods and apparently got rid of them all but we've no way of knowing if that's true

>chat comes with a YouTube player for some reason and members play cringy, weeb content and old memes which they focus on more than actually discussing issues with the site/discord

>the chat is then spammed with reactions to said videos while people are trying to have productive conversations
>some even tried to distract others from having a conversation by asking them to stop talking while a particular video was playing or "can we wait until this song is over?" how productive
>mods literally couldn't stop talking about themselves or behave themselves for a few minutes for the benefit of the site

>trans people being on CC is discussed and multiple users are like "WOW I didn't realise CC was ANTI-LGBT. Transwomen are women. I don't mind transwomen talking in graphic detail about their surgeries!"

>some idiot starts a really forced, unfunny meme about "Garfield porn" and multiple people spam the chat with messages about "garfield's wet pussy" and "you should calm down and watch some hot garfield porn", keep in mind that this chat was to discuss site changes and these people (some mods, I'm guessing) were treating it like a joke and were never banned

>you could have told me it was a chat for kids playing Minecraft and I would have believed you

>someone brings up the fact that LC doesn't have a problem with trannies and it's instantly shut down by a mod who claims that LC "is full of men" lmao okay

>a few people suggest having even tighter security for the discord (so not only voice calls but also video calls or timestamped photos holding up "feminine items" w.e the fuck that means or showing ID) which really defeats the purpose of an anonymous website but ok and the admin refuses it because apparently some users are "too shy" to even go on voice chat hmm

>in the end, users voted to get rid of it to reduce further mod drama
>it still exists

No. 354920

I actually like it for goofy shitposting and sperging about no bf. I've said it elsewhere, but lolcow seems much more serious and mature.
If you want cringe caps of the userbase, most people on /feels/ are kind of pathetic (me included).

Mod drama is a bit disappointing, but overall I enjoy it as a loserwoman and will probably continue using it. Maleposts are often obvious (usually trad themed) and I try to overlook and report.

No. 354922

Damn. I'm sad to have missed that shitshow. I hope many more like it happen.
What a mess.

No. 354926

>said boyfriend was from r9k and they "met" during an r9k raid of CC and she openly bragged about it on the site
Jesus christ that's fucking pathetic. You would truly need to have no self-respect to even consider that as an option.

No. 354927

tbh it really reminds me of a gender-reversed /jp/. a lot of women lurked /jp/ pretending to be men so it's obvious that many men are doing the same thing on c.c.

No. 354931

>advertised heavily on lolcow before it's conception
Not really. It started as one thread and was all rather self-contained.
>immediately full of trannies, shitposters (spoony) and men
lol no. The first couple of weeks/months was comfy as fuck until the Spoony fiasco. That's what got the board wider attention.

No. 354934

Yeah I was there at the start and end contributed some OC and silly, comfy threads. It was spoony's autistic rage that made her post it on r9k and encourage raids

No. 354935

nta but it had trannies from the get go, they weren't banned until a few weeks after the site was created.

No. 354938

If there are men on CC, then there are probably men here too, pretending to be women.

No. 354939

>full of trannies and men
So pretty much like this website.

No. 354941

File: 1547606574146.png (86.13 KB, 428x332, nufufu.PNG)

>immediately full of trannies
anon…how do you even know?
are you that one chick that was replying to every post with "GTFO TROON" a week or so ago? pls get help

No. 354942

ITT butthurt crystal.cafe users.

Not going to wade through the site but you retards had an issue with wildchild on your discord within the 1st week. LMAO.

No. 354943

well anon who cares.

if you see maleposting, report it like you would here. like in the first place cc doesn't outright ban men, it just says it's woman orientated. people with a dick can post, they just need to know they aren't important there.

really, it's unrealistic for a site to be completely devoid of men. sad but factual. i've seen people on /tttt/ (4c's lucky clover if you don't know)that boast about posting/lurking in gender critical ffs. they are OBSESSED with women. you will never, ever be able to escape them. deal with it.

the only way to keep them out, or at least discourage their posting, is to discuss solely female topics. birth and shit, y'know.

No. 354944

>who cares

obviously you do :^)

No. 354946

or one of the anons when anon doesn't participate in the echo chamber

No. 354948

>in the first place cc doesn't outright ban men, it just says it's woman orientated. people with a dick can post, they just need to know they aren't important there.
That isn't true at all. Outing yourself as male or posting in an identifiable manner is supposed to be a bannable offense on cc. It's stated clearly in the rules.

No. 354949

I love how this thread immediately got flooded with c.c faggots. I wanted to like c.c but it was really fucked from the beginning, trannies and men outted themselves pretty regularly and that was even before Spoony was outted. AFAIK the admin didn't even permaban Spoony for some reason, so she probably still posts there.

No. 354950

File: 1547607596231.png (105.13 KB, 456x432, Capture.PNG)

i actually like calling people scrots kek
or smegsmies

that's what i said. or was trying to say anyway.

No. 354952

try posting what you want to see there, maybe? or help me advocate for the banning of pepes & other pol9k iconography
i'm sure a ban on those images would help with the male issue since they love their fucking frogs

No. 354953

that's not what you were trying to say, you were trying to say it's fine for men to post on the site. if you're not allowed to say you're a man, you have to pretend you're a woman, retard. you're probably projecting since you're obviously a man.

No. 354955

Nah fam, the admin is fucking retarded and she made her bed. The whole site is riddled with trannies and obvious robot posting. The modding is also shitty (especially after that one mod let her robot online boyfriend use her account) but most of the mods have just politely asked people to stop breaking rules.

No. 354957

This, I remember during the very beginning of the site, admin created a demographic survey and included nonbinary, trans etc. as options in the survey. I think she changed her tune once she found out most users (at the time) were gendercrit migrants from lolcow, or at least wanted trannies banned

No. 354958

I remember this really weird thread on the porn board of anons claiming that rape isn't that bad. I would try to get a screenshot but it isn't showing up on the list of boards. Did crystal cafe get rid of /nsfw/? If so, when did that happen?

No. 354959

do you make every post on 4chan prefaced with, "well i'm a woman but –"

anyway you seem p childish as you've just resorted to name calling so, bye, have fun with your needless fear mongering

to anyone not silly reading this; it truly is a female imageboard. troll posts are easy to spot, and if you've half a brain you'll ignore or report it if you suspect a man is behind it. good day

No. 354960

also remember to properly lurk a site and make your own decisions on it! this person doesn't know what they're talking about, and is just wanting to create drama. one off bad instances don't disqualify an ib from goodness

No. 354961

CC and anyone who still lurks there is pathetic. Site went to shit after about 2 months after its creation.

What an abomination of a team and userbase lmao

No. 354962

No one is fear mongering you autist, this thread is for criticism about the site. Sorry we're too mean poor babby~

No. 354964

>do you make every post on 4chan prefaced with, "well i'm a woman but –"

>implying men don't do this on this site all the time

>implying that won't get you banned on some 4chan boards

lel, trannies are so wack.

No. 354968

Why do you type like a 15 year old on tumblr

No. 354969

File: 1547608995949.jpg (4.96 KB, 200x200, 1515047285204.jpg)

>the butthurt replies to this post

No. 354970

That's probably most of the c.c userbase tbh.

No. 354972

None of them even sound butthurt. More like mocking and laughing at

No. 354973

>coming into a thread about your shitty imageboard to defend your shitty imageboard on another shitty imageboard

anon plz.

No. 354974

those are mature and sensible farmers anon wym

No. 354976

Ikr. Imagine caring about a bunch of loser trannies and men this much….it must be one of the users who found their r9k boyfriend on there or something.

No. 354977

Man, we're obviously just missing out here, I want to trade up to a robot boyfriend!

No. 354978

This is not really what happened when it comes to the "mod drama". But I can confirm that one of the mods acted really unprofessional by giving my ip (he was able to guess which posts were mine) to her /r9k/ bf whom I ghosted. Nothing bad happened, but I was really scared when I heard about it.
Also yeah, mods left.

No. 354980

how can all this shit happen on a site that has like 5 posts per day

No. 354981

The turnout for the townhall was awfully small from what I saw when I was there. There were like 24 people but the meeting was also an hour late so maybe there could've been more.

No. 355002

cc is /g/ but with more trannies and tryhards.

No. 355007

eww, never going there

No. 355037

the worst kind too, the ones who fetishise being a woman and submissive.

skin walking larping creepy dudes who will never be women

No. 355043

i went to check CC after a month and some weeks and holy shit the amount of tryhards completely doubled

No. 355044

I like it for images and stuff. Wouldn't say I would go there for discussion. They bring up lolcow all the time and it's weird I think

No. 355048

I was in the discord and it’s a circle jerk of people attention whoring this was before the admin incident so I’m wondering which one did it. At the time there were 2 admins and no mods. I was kicked from the discord though for a reason I’m not so sure about.

No. 355062

I'm sorry that happened to you, anon. That's really fucked up. I stopped going there when the admin at cc (snail) was sharing ips with one of the ex admins here (that regina chick obsessed with possums) to see what random anons were posting. This was in the very beginning even. So here's another warning for those unfamiliar with and missed the antics that go on there and want to know how professional the admin and her crew is.

No. 355067

>I stopped going there when the admin at cc (snail) was sharing ips with one of the ex admins here (that regina chick obsessed with possums) to see what random anons were posting
I bet they still do that, low-key. They also used to verify people for the LC Discord via IP, IIRC. Someone wasn't allowed in for a while because they were using a VPN, and it probably bothered the admin that she couldn't snoop, lmao.

No. 355070

What the actual fuck is wrong with these people.
Why would you make an ANONYMOUS image board but stalk and document user's posts? Just make a fucking forum you god damn retards.

I'm so fucking tired of seeing all of these failed, shitty chan sites, they all end up in the trash after a couple of years.

No. 355091

thread full of lies lol

No. 355102

i know some of you guys love to talk about how much you guys like porn or whatever and complain about LC being too like, sterilized bc 'femcels', but because cc has a porn board, it will automatically attract more males and troons than LC. the best protection against males and trannies is us not having one

on top of the fact that the uwu soft baby image (which i have to admit can feel nice and cozy, but is perfect for hawking, fetishistic troons) naturally will attract these men, and ofc, incompetent mods

No. 355106

I feel like it's men/troons trying to discredit the site honestly. Half of these people probably don't browse CC with any sort of regularity & purposely only check the few problematic threads on site.

No. 355108

I don't know about the events of >>354918 since CC isn't really as much to my taste as LC is, but I can definitely vouch for the old LC admin and CC admin (not sure if it's still snail) exchanging IP information.
People who used the Lolcow Discord a couple years back also know what I'm talking about with the IP stuff. There was a special link you had to click to be "verified", kek. They stopped doing that a little bit after administration changed hands.

No. 355144

Lmao I already knew this thread was gonna be a fucking mess. Just admit both this board and crystal cafes both have their cringey flaws and go, it's not that deep.

No. 355145

thread full of butthurt miners that need to go back to their shitty site

No. 355146

>stop posting what i don't like!

No. 355151

are you guys really this upset that we don't accept your shitty site?

No. 355155

whose only dating prospects are other ugly men pretending to be women, lmao

No. 355159

I know for a fact that most of the mod drama is simply not true, but sharing user's ip with your boyfriend is fucked up.

No. 355161

Honestly what the fuck is wrong with Spoony? She was a thing on /r9k/ and caused trouble there (this was years back) as well as the associated tinychats and Skype groups. She also shit up boards on 8chan.

Everywhere she goes she causes drama, which I just don't understand. She's apparently pretty nice one on one but shitstorms circle her wherever she goes.

No. 355163

Is the thread about some anon not understanding what's wrong with loli still up lol should have known the OP is most likely a tranny

No. 355165

I knew CC was shit but holy jesus what a mess.

>trans people being on CC is discussed and multiple users are like "WOW I didn't realise CC was ANTI-LGBT. Transwomen are women. I don't mind transwomen talking in graphic detail about their surgeries!"
let that hellsite rot

No. 355167

Lolcow is the cynical "former" (aka not really former) weeb older sister who's salty, sarcastic and bitter. She hates men, women and trannies, and is quick to sperg out over small things.
Secretly, she just wants to be happy, but people have disappointed her too much, so she's turned into an angry person. She acts like she hates anime, video games, K-pop and J-fashion, but can hold endless conversations about those topics.

Crystal Cafe is the more naive, openly weeby little sister who's friendly to everyone. She really wants a boyfriend, and will even accept /r9k/ neckbeards. Likes other women, doesn't 100% hate trannies, and doesn't mind men (but tries to be skeptical of them, because she wants to emulate her older sister).
She's been banned from multiple imageboards for being female or underage, thinks old memes are funny and has an odd interest in religion, especially Catholicism.

The two clash quite a bit, but are still sisters in the end. Both are actually shady as fuck and huge gossips, but Lolcow is a bit more upfront about it.

No. 355171

just that the weeby little sister is a little brother that's fucked up in the head and decided to change his pronouns.
fuck off and go fucking die with your lame analogy.

No. 355172

I was expecting just this sort of bitter response from a Lolcow anon, kek. CC may be filled with trannies, but it's not a tranny site itself.

No. 355173

I was expecting just this sort of bitter response from a Lolcow anon, kek. CC may be filled with trannies, but it's not a tranny site itself.

No. 355175

>on top of the fact that the uwu soft baby image (which i have to admit can feel nice and cozy, but is perfect for hawking, fetishistic troons) naturally will attract these men, and ofc, incompetent mods
The soft cute cozy uwu image Crystal Cafe was shilling in the beginning was the first flag, I immediately knew it would be ridden with trannies and tfnogf robots. A lot of us may like cute things, but adult women don't want to be patronized with le pwincess uwu aesthetics on an imageboard.


No. 355177

heads up but lolcow was featured on a 4chan /co/ thread a week ago so if you've noticed unusual post activity it might be /co/mrades.

No. 355178

lolcow: paranoid chick with a buzzcut that rejects all femininity and men under the guise of feminism, not knowing she's just shoved herself into another box

cc: somewhat naive but still regular chick that lc is jealous of. but cc mostly ignores her in favor of getting better

No. 355180

do you think this thread was made by some bitter guy from there?

No. 355181

wow, this post is embarrassing. as if we didn't have enough reason to stay away from CC, these people being their ambassadors certainly isn't going to warm anyone up to it, i'm sure.

>She really wants a boyfriend, and will even accept /r9k/ neckbeards.
are you trying to say there's something positive about this? it really sounds like it with the way you've written all this. if youre not male youre an absolute embarrassment.

tbh i would not mind soft cute stuff on an imageboard, but i don't see any reason to make the ENTIRE identity of the site that. i think ONE board just for that feel would do fine, but troons and gullible women that subscribe to stereotypical bullshit see no problem with it because they live their lives according to caricatures

No. 355183

>wow, this post is embarrassing
agreed, as is >>355178

No. 355184

I'm not a CC ambassador, just some bored farmer.
>are you trying to say there's something positive about this?
No, it's not positive at all. It's pathetic, and I wrote it neutrally. If you read it that way, it sounds like you might be jealous of that shit somehow, which is actually embarrassing, kek.

No. 355185

How is CC overly sweet? I'm a regular there and I've never noticed any needless cutesy stuff.

No. 355186

I'm not a CC ambassador, just some bored farmer.
>are you trying to say there's something positive about this?
No, it's not positive at all. It's pathetic, and I wrote it neutrally. If you read it that way, it sounds like you might be jealous of that shit somehow, which is actually embarrassing, kek.

No. 355187

I'm not a CC ambassador, just some bored farmer.
>are you trying to say there's something positive about this?
No, it's not positive at all. It's pathetic, and I wrote it neutrally. If you read it that way, it sounds like you might be jealous of that shit somehow, which is actually embarrassing, kek.

No. 355191

How is CC overly sweet? I'm a regular there and I've never noticed any needless cutesy stuff.

No. 355196

You're reading way too hard into a silly post made in light of a decidedly salty atmosphere. I'm not even going to finish reading all that shit, I can't imagine getting this mad over something so inconsequential.
These are anonymous fucking imageboards, not political dynasties. Enough.

No. 355197

then you're just kind of bad at making a point and should read your post again, because it definitely seems like you're chiding us for being 'angry' manhaters, whereas CC needs to be celebrated for being friendly to everyone, 'even r9k' neckbeards, and that CC has the normal and healthy sense of being skeptical of men, that doesn't prevent her from getting a bf, and even lets her enjoy the joys (???) of dating neckbeards, that LC cruelly misses out on because we're just so angery.

>If you read it that way, it sounds like you might be jealous of that shit somehow, which is actually embarrassing, kek.

???? are you under the impression that it's difficult, in any way, to get an r9k neckbeard bf? i dont think any amount of insisting your writing didn't sound like it was biased in favor of CC and their bottom of the barrel scrote-sucking (that will probably result in their lives being ruined by their robot neckbeard bfs posting revenge porn, despite their having done everything they could to be nice to neckbeards). your posts kind of make no sense and you sound out of place

also, your 'it's neutral' excuse sounds like BS because you already responded to someone else who criticized your post with:
>I was expecting just this sort of bitter response from a Lolcow anon, kek. CC may be filled with trannies, but it's not a tranny site
>not caping super hard for CC
>calling farmers "lolcow anon"s

if you guys are so assmad that we don't like CC, do something about the male and tranny problem, at least, instead of constantly coddling them. and i'd suggest getting rid of that porn board, because a female imageboard is already going to be raided, but it's also going to be way more attractive to men when there's a whole fucking board for porn. why ever leave when they can get off by larping AND literally having their porn delivered to them on the same site?

No. 355198

>No fun allowed

I like your post, anon

No. 355199

you're an embarrassment

No. 355201

File: 1547661787207.gif (18.35 KB, 300x100, banner.gif)

Oh fuck, how could I have let myself be an embarrassment on this very serious forum dedicated to the likes of PT? What a fall from grace. Please forgive me, anon.

No. 355202

File: 1547661848559.png (61.76 KB, 302x104, banner2.png)

That was the entirely wrong banner, but it still works, lmao.

No. 355204

See >>355196
It looks like you added something about being mad about people not liking CC, but that doesn't even apply to me. This is sad.

No. 355209

>but cc mostly ignores her in favor of getting better
Wrong. Cc made an entire thread to bitch about lolcow from the moment it started, and cried about bitchy farmers constantly when I would browse the site.

No. 355210

Do we have an infiltration of spergy CC trannies in this thread? The behavior of the CC shills here is genuinely autistic, the same sort of crap you'd expect to read from a troon furry on Twitter.

No. 355217

What I find probably even more disgusting than the obvious male and "transgirls" is the way the female posters write. Even the ones whom I do believe to be real girls are just so fucking autistic, they all use that weird cutesy writing style, see nothing wrong with using lewd anime reaction pictures, use dumb memes like "pretty princess", "tendies" and so on.
Al lot of them genuinely seem to want to be some submissive personal slave to an imaginary dude. They're so needy and can't handle being single at all, they would probably literally take anybody - even a "cute" robot/incel. They even praise the "hot" guys of /fit/…

Remember that "what if males didn't exist" thread and how nearly everybody agreed that they'd rather off themselves than lose the men in their lifes?
I simply can't belive that these were all LARPERS. The girls on there are just as retarded; it's nearly as if they try to attract robots by playing the role of the quirky nerd gf; shitting on "stacy" included.

No. 355219

All I see is bitching in general, and some anons accusing everyone of being from CC.

No. 355222

File: 1547664776570.png (433.59 KB, 847x1037, 1539756748935.png)

Samefag, but this is the OP for their "Pet Thread"…
I'm not a fan of lc mods, but at least this shit would without a doubt get deleted.

No. 355226

this thread is cringe

No. 355235

This is far from accurate. Especislly considering this site is radfem and also openly has vidya, crush, boyfriend, friend finder, and husbando threads. Nobody here "hates everything and everyone"

No. 355240

Holy shit lol

No. 355243

>Nobody here "hates everything and everyone"
Sure, Jan, let's ignore all the vent, unpoppular opinion and annoying shit threads.

No. 355246

Sure jan, lets nitpick two threads and ignore the rest listed. If you dont like it here, then why are you even posting?

No. 355249

>can't count
>"if you ever notice anything but the most positive traits of a community, you obviously don't like it here and should LEAVE!"

No. 355250

I saw a salty CC user above calling farmers "femcels"… when it's actually CC users the ones who fit the definition, kek

No. 355253

No one ITT but you and >>355102 have even said "femcels". Are you LARPing entire posts existing now?
That anon actually makes decent points about CC, don't drag them down with autism.

No. 355260

lolcows ot/g and cc arent that different tbh, maybe lc has more infighting but that can get pretty entertaining, and i guess cc has more males and trannies. ive never been able to get into using cc regularly, every time ive gone there the posting style of some people there reminds me of r9k somehow.

also the porn board really puts me off, i personally prefer lc where theres a little more of an anti porn vibe tbh.

No. 355267

Nah. The replies on that /co/ thread were mostly horrified not bitter. When I get home in a week I'll share the comments, saved the webpage to my laptop before it got nuked. Was pretty funny

No. 355268

Thanks for creating a thread, OP! I'm the anon who wrote >>354918 and I've gotten increasingly frustrated with the site and how blatant the male-posting is. I went to the chat in order to bring up that issue but the conversation (when productive) centered mostly around the discord which is bullshit because it's not even part of the site, it draws attention away from an already slow imageboard and it defeats the point of being anonymous. It never should have existed.

That's true but
>LC isn't as attractive to trolls/trannies/LARPers because it wasn't advertised as being "for women" as CC has
>If there are men here, they know to blend in well and that's fine, I don't notice them and that's how it should be
>Male posting here doesn't garner a lot of replies and they're quickly made to feel uncomfortable, male posts on CC are always the most bumped threads meaning men are actually encouraged to post
>Admin on CC talks about how she "can't ban someone for sounding like a man" which means that posts about loving men/trannies, trans people asking how to be more feminine, religion, fetishising childbirth/being submissive, homophobia etc. are the most popular because it can't be "proven" that they're men

People saying "post what you want to see" don't realise that the reason why male posts are bumped so often is because the userbase is majority male/trans. Anyone who doesn't think that is deluded because it's subjected to regular raids from 4chan. "Reporting" doesn't achieve much either because mods are only ban people who have outed themselves as men in their post history. If they don't out themselves, they aren't banned and in fact they regularly tell people off for reporting men anyway so. Even "trolling" mildly isn't a bannable offense unless they can prove it's a man. The aggressive responses to this thread are just a taste of what it's like to post on CC, it's actually unbearable now. Like why do they think coming here to say "Nuh uh, your site is full of trannies and men!" is making them look good?

No. 355280

can confirm this happened. ex lc admin and cc admin are buddy buddy still, exlc admin came into the discord and convinced cc admin to kick some people from the server she didn't like. That site is always going to be a shitshow if cc admin associates and takes advice from lolcows historically worst admin.

Also never forget cc admin banned spoony for making a jew joke on the site. It's the internet, hun. Toughen up. Youre running an anonymous message board for Christ's sake.

No. 355283

File: 1547670942238.gif (1.69 MB, 640x285, 1543051558580.gif)

How can you tell if a poster on CC is a man or tranny? Or what gives you that suspicion?
I really haven't noticed anything like that in large numbers. When it happens, their posts are easy enough to ignore.
Nobody answered this either

No. 355299

Youre really oblivious and unobservative if you really cant tell. Almost all the posts there are men larping as anime girls.

No. 355304

To be completely serious, it's intuition. Maleposters have a certain type of expressing certain subjects, often those having to do with the daily lives of women. If you've hanged around enough male-dominated chans and female-dominated lolcow, it's very easy to spot the differences in how both genders use imageboards. Men are really bad at faking how to be genuinely female because they overall have trouble empathizing and women are alien to them. They also seem to believe that women can't be assertive or intelligent. The way they talk is always noticeably patronizing, boisterous and smug. It's the little things that add up.

No. 355321

Lmao I like the lack of self awareness here where lolcow users immediately get defensive and nasty to make fun of CC, not noticing we've got a shitload of cringey material and users here too.
>inb4 some salty bitch says "go back to your shitty CC tranny"

No. 355326

File: 1547676510980.png (68.69 KB, 325x266, E9B631AF-3781-42F9-A275-DFD3F5…)

>lolcow vs crystal.cafe

No. 355327

You can tell that there's a difference in the culture between LC and CC, right? I know LC is majority female because the topics posted here are things that I care about or affect me on a daily basis as a woman. I can't relate to most people on CC when they talk about how they want to join a religious cult or how they think feminism is the devil and #notallmen, things like that are really suspect.

To answer >>355185, I don't think it's very sweet at all. But they keep pushing these ideas that CC is "comfy" or "welcoming", there was a period where they pushed that very hard and that's probably where the idea comes from. There's a conversation about it here: https://crystal.cafe/meta/res/546.html

No. 355329


Also I'm thinking a lot of this is just salt because it's not like we haven't had this thread topic before. Happened over the summer too.

It's like someone gets banned/suspects they're been arguing with trannies on cc and then come here wanting everyone to shitpost about it along with them.

Seems to always come to a full circle and I really don't get it.

No. 355331

that thread was really embarrassing

why are you idiots so convinced that everyone ITT actively posts on c.c, most of us don't post there anymore because it's a cesspool.

No. 355333

Then maybe you should try to get it and listen to what people are saying? If so many people are posting about the same thing don't you think that there's a possibility that there's some truth to it? Come on, get your fingers out of your ears.

No. 355334

don't bother arguing with c.c fags. they think coming ITT and being passive aggressive is somehow "showing us" and will make us shut up about their shitty site. the users act the same on circle-jerk.cafe.

No. 355338

Why is everyone ITT trying to defend crystal.cafe by saying we should be criticizing lolcow? The thread isn't about lolcow but I've seen a few posts that amount to "how can you say your shit doesn't stink, lolcow users? lolcow is just as bad!" The only ones bringing up lolcow are those posters. If you want to bitch about lolcow, make a thread on your site to do it. Whining about bias opinions in a thread for essentially shit-talking is really bizarre.

No. 355344

Nobody is an idiot just because they disagree with you when you refuse to explain why any of this is a big deal or why we should care. You're awful aggressive.

I don't post on cc and haven't checked it since the last time complaints about trannies leaked here btw.

>if so many people say the same thing then maybe it's true
My point is what are you going to do about it and why should we care as lc posters? It's been a fact that there are trannies going there to larp since the last slapfight about that website happened over the summer, like I explained.
Why do YOU browse and post there if it's so unbearable and you know what you know about the questionable moderation?

Was this just your thread to complain about another chanboard and no one suggesting a solution allowed? Stop browsing there, it's obviously low quality–but you'd have to sacrifice this drama over the penis havers.

No. 355346

none of us use c.c lmao.

No. 355348

>I don't post on cc
>upset that the thread exists in general
>posts book about how shitty we are being to c.c


No. 355349

Oh, so you're just bored. Got it.

No. 355351

More like why are you bringing the fighting back to lolcow again when you're just beating a dead horse?

No. 355352

if you don't use c.c why are you so tilted?

No. 355355

Why are you acting unhinged over trannies larping on a website you don't use and complaining on a website that has no control over cc's meta? You sound like you got a permaban.

No. 355356

For someone who totes doesn't us c.c you certainly are fighting really hard about it. Why aren't you complaining about threads shitting on KF or PULL?

No. 355359

For people who don't really post or lurk cc you complain about the trannies there very aggressively.
How can you even try this with me without seeing your own hypocrisy lmao.

Secondly, how do you know I don't? I think sperging over other websites is pathetic, especially when you try to make this happen multiple times a year.
At least the cc mod drama was interesting, but within a day it's back to complaining about males. Almost as if…you post there and are deeply offended by the fact that the anons you interact with may have a penis.
Either accept it or stay here. The fuck.

No. 355361

the type of users ITT who are "defending the site" are exactly why i won't go back. the users are really superficial and fake and it's shit like this thread that's proving that.

also, lmao at the idea that lolcow has some kind of rivalry with c.c.

exactly, all the c.c users keep trying to assert that we need to turn the thread into a positive discussion as if we don't actively have threads that just criticize other sites. some of the anons ITT seem nuts.

No. 355363

dude are you okay? you sound really upset that people don't want to interact with men on a board that claims to be women oriented.

No. 355366

File: 1547680140960.jpg (78.93 KB, 720x960, 2eek49.jpg)

I like how the anons who are "defending the site" are just telling you to not browse there. I can't imagine having this much of a delusional complex that you believe people are defending something when they're just suggesting you stop doing something that makes you so very angry.
The website gets barely any traffic as is stands and there are tons of interpersonal threads here to post in. It's not like you're protesting anything by refreshing on cc looking for suspect tranny posts.

No. 355367

the only one in this conversation who's mentioned trannies is you, but okay.

No. 355368

Dude we're just suggesting you post on the superior website so you can stop being so assblasted on a spinoff that males invaded due to poor moderation. There's no problem here I promise you lol

No. 355369

Exactly. It's funny really, pointing out that the userbase is mostly trannies and pathetic losers that are so desperate that they believe larping trannies are their dream waifus with shared 'feels'. I hope they have a meetup one day and suck each others tiny cocks.

No. 355371

i'm 100% sure the anon shitting up the thread doesn't have a penis.

No. 355372

Why you gotta lie tho

No. 355548

Check out the thread asking them their opinion about homosexuals if you wanna feel depressed.

No. 355566

File: 1547816020948.jpg (149.23 KB, 500x349, 1546527756646.jpg)

No. 355576

I don't really want to visit, can someone give a tl;dr on the gay thread?

No. 355583

File: 1547819858374.png (156.22 KB, 1240x743, ,m .png)

This went on on CC, while Lolcow was dead. Image is too disgusting to show here, but it was a drawing of Pearl from Steven Universe giving Steven a handjob.
Mods deleted the thread, but the fact that someone like that was comfortable enough to post their shit validates at least some of the complaints about the site.

No. 355584

File: 1547819890569.jpeg (389.42 KB, 1226x785, FF1FF238-84AA-4E70-B67C-3B131B…)

It’s a thread asking about people’s opinions on gay people, it’s exactly what you’d expect: dehumanising.

No. 355585

File: 1547819933192.jpeg (186.71 KB, 1242x696, 74D46F98-56A7-4ADB-946E-1D8DAE…)

Samefag, but what is up with the dumbass snowflakes they insist on using

No. 355586

Wish I screenshot it but there was some degenerate asking when is too young to start breeding, with a pregnant child as the op pic, and then when called out that people shouldn’t have kids for a fetish op justified by saying they can abort. Disgusting.

No. 355594

thanks for the screenshots! these two sound so male or mtt. if they're actually female, that's worse. a board full of unbearable 'cool girls' and men. it's sad. i really wanted to like cc and it could've been great.

this is such an odd post. i can't tell what kind of person this is. i don't know if it's a larper trying to be GC or idk but like another anon said, while there's def a lot of males and troons, i do think the women that visit CC, for the most part, are tradtards that pander to /pol/, which is almost as unbearable as actually sharing a board with men. i really think normalizing and accepting "cool girls" that are eager to objectify and sexualize themselves and other women and act like creepy horndog men makes it all the more difficult to discern when men are posting.

No. 355595

miners disgust me. they're like if /g/ anons spent years on r9k, got stockholm syndrome, and never recovered.

also, how are gay men incels? they're the horniest group of people on the planet.

No. 355599

File: 1547821960412.jpeg (574.15 KB, 1242x2090, 78DB5B79-6BD1-405F-90AA-BF8E77…)

And then there’s this fucking turbo autist.

No. 355604

i mean, is this a conservative or? what a weird person. how are softcore porny illustrations far enough removed from reality if you're this hostile toward sex, human bodies, etc? i don't understand these people. does this seem like a conservative man to you guys or an exceptionally autistic female?

No. 355607

File: 1547822613464.jpg (37.86 KB, 381x382, ba964e74-5eb2-41ff-8a9d-44abde…)

>I do not like to see skin or eyeballs
wtf is any of this post? damn, and I thought we had problems with craynons.

No. 355610

I’d say that’s clearly a mentally unstable person, honestly my bets are on woman since they seem to see themselves as prey to all these normally sexually functioning people, I mean
>I think all sex is bad
>I do not like to see skin or eyeballs
>help fuel my escapism

They’re clearly just fucked in the head

No. 355614

tbqh, i feel her on the body thing and am very uncomfortable with the feeling of having fingernails and being reminded of my own skeleton and soft tissues when i am intimate with people, but the 'i think sex is bad' seems more politically motivated to me, rather than just 'i dislike sex because it makes me hyperaware of my own body', which makes it seem like a conservative male that was beat by his baptist father because he touched himself to me, but youre probably right

No. 355623

>this is such an odd post. i can't tell what kind of person this is. i don't know if it's a larper trying to be GC
My reaction to every second post I read on CC. That place has a very unnatural vibe. It's hard to believe they're really women. This >>355584 also doesn't sound like something a girl would say or maybe they're just shitposting, who knows.

No. 355675

Fuck, I really wanna punch whoever thinks homosexuality isn't real but still uses gay comics as fapmaterial.

No. 355695

That is because there are more men than women on the site now. It was advertised in spaces dominated by women less than it was posted on and raided by 4chan.

No. 359793

File: 1548413166694.gif (3.6 MB, 660x370, tea.gif)

As a lesbian I'm offended by this level of larp. Personally I don't think they're all trannies but a lot are sure retards. Smells like /r9k/ ideology with trickled down /pol/ and old /b/ vibes.

No. 359834

yeah I was browsing c.c and saw that thread. Read through it all and I was shocked that almost all of them had opinions as shown in >>355584 and >>355585

It truly confirmed to me that c.c consists of trannies. It's so fucked up how there's threads where miners are saying "what's wrong with being trans? UwU" but no one came in to defend gay people in that fucked up thread. Disgusting. They're truly all scum.

No. 359852

File: 1548428298308.jpg (84.41 KB, 312x321, 1547504008559.jpg)

I still go on cc, but really only check out /hb/, /b/ & /feels/ despite some shit threads. I really can't stand feels because instead of peeps putting their problems in the advice general or tfw no bf thread, they instead make new boards just for their problem. We get it that you boy troubles, but it really floods the page with boy problems. At this point I read the problems just for lols because 99% of it is really pathetic.

The only board that's pretty okay is /hb/. All I do is lurk with the occasional post and report men because cc is thirsty for male attention despite not wanting them.

No. 359861

I only really check /b/ sometimes but most of the threads there about about relationships and tfw when no bf like you said.
There is so much more to discuss as a woman than just relationship shit and sex shit. I feel like threads here have a bit more diversity.

No. 359933

I feel like the average age on CC skews like really young, like 15 and super inexperienced. That or it's full of emotionally stunted shut ins which isn't better.

No. 359935

Lmao I posted in the tendies thread on CC and someone said I was regressive for making tenders for my bf

No. 359936

>I really can't stand feels because instead of peeps putting their problems in the advice general or tfw no bf thread, they instead make new boards just for their problem.
Worse part is that their problems are all incredibly similar, which makes it all the more useless and annoying to browse. I think cc is just not coherent at all in general, because I remember creating the first video games general thread and I still saw a bunch of threads about specific video games that only had a few replies and were left for dead, or threads where someone asks for something that was already answered in several threads in several boards.

No. 359941

theyre not wrong

No. 359950

I enjoy cooking and feeding those I love. Should I refrain from doing so? Please, tell me more about my womanhood.

No. 359952

File: 1548439971465.gif (8.43 MB, 576x324, giphy (1).gif)

I-I liked cc.. I didnt' know it was cancer nor did I know it had shit like >>355583 I feel really disgusted. I really only stay in the /hb/ and /media/ and sometimes I look through /b/ when I'm really bored. But I never seen any of this. And now I just feel dumb tbh

No. 359962

File: 1548441420710.png (52.6 KB, 1266x580, 1359162044057.png)

>Also never forget cc admin banned spoony for making a jew joke on the site.

Spoony was banned because she was spamming yet another imageboard with thousands of retarded posts and picking fights with people and trying to make yet another imageboard a part of the "Spoony show season 9001 : What is a life?". She's been banned from every single imageboard she has posted on, to the point where moot himself called her out for it and she is one of the sole reasons as to why drama got banned from /cgl/ in the first place. He even stickied the interaction as an example as to why drama was from then on banned.

I don't buy a thing you're saying just for the fact you're white knighting spoony, the patient zero of cancerous posters.

No. 360019

it is regressive. stop looking to get offended just because people think it's pathetic to even mention feeding your bf in a tendies thread to try to seem like a cool gf. go "cook" (kek) your boyfriend your no-effort trash-meat

No. 360058

File: 1548451181367.jpg (3.25 MB, 2976x2976, 1542240106929.jpg)

Chicken tenders take a lot of effort, actually! At least when you make 'em from scratch. Which I did. Come now.

I was just happy and excited to be making food that he really enjoys (me too) my bad I guess as a woman I can't do that without getting shit on

Pic related is the one I posted. Get mad bitch

No. 360061

They have Lousiana hot sauce in 'em too

No. 360065

Anon ples love me so I too can get your cooking. That kinda looks good af

No. 360070

riiight, except that knowing the meme and the discussion, you had to know you were going to seem like you were flaunting pandering to a manchild. the issue is not cooking for your bf, the issue is bragging about it knowing the context of the meme.

No. 360078

I'll send you some in the mail anon. Express overnite in a hot box

I guess? It was just a coincidence I ran into the thread on the same day I made them. It's not that deep.

Anyway I'm embarrassed too that I never realized CC was full of men and troons. This is what I get for avoiding 4chan my whole life like the plague… I am naive af apparently

No. 360081

We're in the same boat anon I didn't realize that either haha…. and I know that was a joke with the mail thing but is that a legit thing lol

No. 360146

Tendie anon here. Came back to say on second thought I do understand what you mean.

Lol I don't think so!

No. 362092

File: 1548687430029.jpg (47.63 KB, 930x502, cc.jpg)

These threads are pathetic

No. 362096

File: 1548688095429.png (707.19 KB, 1351x796, cc.png)

They also take this Stacy vs Fembot bingo seriously.

No. 362097

In fairness we had a thread like that with the same bingo some time last year.

No. 362149

Yeah but as a joke, CC takes the stacy/femcel thing very seriously.

No. 362152

some of the users here didn't take it as a joke, but i think most of them moved on to c.c lmao.

No. 362154

this just confirms that the site is full of men. From lurking r/trufemcels, femcels seem to crave genuine relationships, and don't place much importance on meaningless sex. Scrotcels only think with their dicks.

No. 362161

File: 1548698870661.png (387.04 KB, 1885x843, cringecity.png)

what the fuck is this nonsense?

No. 362164

>battering and deep frying breast tenderloin
>a lot of effort

how old are you 19? deep frying is literally the easiest way to cook chicken. not only do these look frozen, but it's easy to tell from the pic that the batter is too thin and greasy.

No. 362170

>This sounds like a LARP
lol when larpers call out other larpers to seem more genuine. cringe.

No. 362201

Are you seriously nitpicking anon's chicken tenders right now? Let her cook what she wants what the fuck lmao

No. 362231

lmao don't defend this cringy crossposting shit.(calm down)

No. 362290

File: 1548711908551.png (32.24 KB, 300x250, WGyLz8Ogsk-2.png)

>gather chicken, flour, spices, fryer, wire rack, pan, plate, paper towel, and recipe
>cut chicken into small pieces
>dry chicken
>mix flour and spices in one bowl
>mix eggs and hot sauce in another bowl
>get deep fryer out, plug it in, turn it on
>get pan and wire rack out and set them up
>dip chicken piece in egg mixture with one hand, transfer to other hand and dip in flour (you can't use only one hand because you will essentially get balls of dough on your fingertips and waste a ton of ingredients)
>repeat above dipping process 2x for each piece for thick batter
>place battered chicken onto wire rack
>repeat 8 or 9 times, for each chicken piece (dipped 2x each)
>cook chicken in 4 rounds for 7 minutes each round
>put on plate and paper towel to drain chicken
>clean up flour dish, egg dish, knives, and measuring utensils, wipe counters, etc.

Most definitely not frozen! In fact the batter was too heavy for my taste bc I double dipped in the egg/flour. And they look greasy bc I literally just pulled them out of the fryer. Try again sweaty
I will admit it was my second time ever making them so they could be better. I've done it twice since then and while I have improved, it's still not perfect!
Here's the r3cipe if you ever wanna stop being a cunt and try things out for yourself anon: https://www.restlesschipotle.com/copycat-popeyes-chicken-strips/

Apologies for posting + deleting this a few times; formatting.(derailing)

No. 362305

LMAO, thanks for detailing babby's first cooking project.

No. 362333

You're almost as salty as the chicken kek

No. 365435

If we're done derailing about chicken I think the biggest difference is that most people on lc have bfs or are content on their own. On cc it's an entirely different dynamic where it's always "tfw when no bf"
"why don't I have a bf"
It's so weird. Why do you think this is guys?

No. 365441

That's bc CC is full of troons.

No. 365445

This, go to /lgbt/ and they do the SAME EXACT THING

No. 365451

At least one of the tfw no bf anons is a definite xx woman.
I know her pretty well.
I keep it off of here because you would all call me a sperg or dumb. Which is fair, but I still want to vent my feelings and progress somewhere. Hope that answers something. I'm probably also uglier than the average farmer.

No. 365455

Damn how many times are you gonna post this shit about yourself itt?

No. 365461

Secretly hoping women who are better than me will call me an embarrassing worthless loser and tell me to get off of lolcow forever.

No. 365489

no one's going to do that because we literally don't care about you.

No. 365492

Humiliation fetish on anonymous? Thats a new low

No. 366098

omg I know who you are and I cant believe you post there on gemstone.restaurant

No. 366263

Holy shit anons I didn't realize that's where I get the familiar vibes from. /lgbt/ is a cesspit.
nobody cares

No. 383717

File: 1551829822914.png (496.85 KB, 1180x663, Screenshot_2019-03-05 b - Ran…)

I don't know any woman that would unironically say flat chests = children or how being flat chested makes you less of a woman. This either smells like a larp or a robot (possibly self hating female).

No. 383720

Pot calling the kettle black on this one. Anons have been sperging about how all boobs above a b cup are nasty, vulgar udders on here for years.

No. 383722

When anons nitpick tits there are usually a hoard of same anons calling them out for it unless we're talking about something awful like himekas botched job.

No. 383797

>I don't know any woman that would unironically say flat chests = children

In the context of asking why men don't like flat chests, I would absolutely unironically say this because regardless of how icky and ignorant it is, that is literally what a lot of men think. I've heard them say it. Obviously it's not the only and sole reason to explain men hating on small breasts but men are fucking shitty. Don't shoot the messengers.

No. 383932

I know plenty who do tbh. Insecurity does it to you I guess

No. 384556

>unironically gets off on being humiliated for my shallow D-cups being too small for my frame
hahaha women would never say that unironically right guys…?

No. 384564

File: 1552065315117.png (86.31 KB, 1405x191, Skärmavbild 2019-03-08 kl. 18…)

>defending literal incels

No. 384574

The Response:
>I actually feel bad for the guys. Asian men unironically are given a lot more shit for being "feminine" than other races, and every asian girl I've met wants a white bf. There's a lot of entitlement on r/asianmasculinity in regards to women, but they actually have reason to complain unlike 90% of the manosphere.

Women complaining = the worst
Asian men complaining = They have a reason!1!1

No. 384743

This is what happens when an imageboard is shilled hard to reddit.

No. 384789

File: 1552125063132.jpg (39.76 KB, 400x392, 67gw4j1qg3flfo1_400.jpg)

>defending r/asianmasculinity

HA they definitely deserved to be permabanned

No. 385399

File: 1552300032329.png (340.56 KB, 800x487, Screenshot_2019-03-09-20-19-22…)


Posted a couple of days ago.

No. 385460

What the fuck. Sounds male but what thread was this in?

No. 385782

File: 1552377164376.jpg (508.48 KB, 3264x2448, oSfhq3Z.jpg)

Found this on /r9k/ in a post where a robot claimed a farmer sent him a valentine card and that she was a mod but because robots typically confuse the two boards I did some digging and I was wondering if this was the crystal cafe mod sending shit to some robot named nick.
If you look back to the discussion of townhall-gate before this thread was created you will find strange WK'ing posts from an anon about the whole situation (crystal anon?).
Anyways this is just pathetic.

No. 385783

File: 1552377477341.png (115.31 KB, 500x522, absolutely-disgusting-35558535…)

No. 385784

Possible ex/crystal anon

>But I can confirm that one of the mods acted really unprofessional by giving my ip (he was able to guess which posts were mine) to her /r9k/ bf whom I ghosted. Nothing bad happened, but I was really scared when I heard about it.
Also yeah, mods left.
Comparing this to another recap in /g/
>said boyfriend was from r9k and they "met" during an r9k raid of CC and she openly bragged about it on the site
>a mod left over this, some users were upset by that
So how would this anon be able to confirm strange details if they weren't possibly a mod? Excuse my nancy drew autism but finding this thread on the desu archive spooked me.

No. 385787

File: 1552378618828.jpg (29.89 KB, 486x480, Qt01jpH.jpg)

No. 385795


It was a thread posted in /ot/.

No. 385820

Did his post make fun of the sender? Imagine being this desperate and sending valentine cards to a robot with an orbiter joke.

No. 385831

They posted the same thing at cc but switched out to say lolcow was picking a fight (and calling them handmaidens or something lmao).
Just a robot trying to make us fight I guess? But the boards already hate each other so he's too late.

No. 385854

File: 1552397797514.jpg (42.31 KB, 640x657, IMG_20181210_054554.jpg)

>Asian men unironically are given a lot more shit for being "feminine" than other races
Tbf it is a dumb stereotype but it annoys the fuck out of me whenever people whine about not fitting the "masculine" or "feminine" role because it doesn't even matter at all. Just be a fucking human being.

>i dont give a shit about sjw issues but idk why this one seemed especially low for me
So shit like sexual harrassment or unarmed black people getting shot by the police is dandy but men bitching and moaning about meaningless social contructs is like such a srsly srs issue, guise!!1!!
Lol what a fucking dumbass, no wonder they were banned. Good riddance.

>I suppose so, now let me orbit Uranus.
Please god, I hope this doesn't mean what I think it does.

No. 385968

File: 1552417699603.png (Spoiler Image,195.84 KB, 268x277, berp.png)

>let me orbit Uranus

But then who was orbit

No. 385973



No. 386144

my dumbass never posted the archive but here is the full thread https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/51107885/
my skepticism comes from the fact robots confuse the two boards all the time and we currently only know of one retarded moderator thirsty enough to settle for a robot
I do really think ex crystal mod was posting in this thread kek

No. 386147

that's pretty whack but i do think they're just confusing lolcow and c.c. i worry that mod could sneak into modding lc tbh.

No. 386174

This is why I'd never be caught dead doing anything nice for a 4chan denizen.

Assuming this is a woman I'm kind of mad at you anons for dragging this person through the mud when it's just a nice gesture towards someone who was an undeserving asshole. Oh gosh, a cringy comment in the card? It's as if the person who wrote that didn't expect it to be put on blast on the internet.
>inb4 whiteknight
I'm fucking bothered about this, it's sad when thoughtful people are the ones who catch shit.

No. 386178

>I hope to orbit uranus
Wow what a revolutionary kind gesture

No. 386184

It's a dumb comment in a card someone sent along with what appears to be some kind of care package. Maybe people would be more selective in what they write if they knew there was a chance of it being posted on the internet.
Meanwhile the robot in question was an ass, infiltrated a website(?), and then shitposted a woman who was kind to him.

This is what you choose to go after a woman for?
Not the fact that she violated her moderation powers and abetted a robot onto a female website?
A gift out of goodwill and a corny ass line in a card is what rustles your bustles.

No. 386191

You're missing the point, it is the fact she violated her moderation powers. The only reason we know this cringe card was probably sent by her was because of the information we have from the townhall.
It must be such a kind gesture to fall in wubb with a robot who raided a board, please.

No. 386198

that anon sounds like they're from quartz.bistro tbh so i wouldn't bother trying to reason with them.

No. 386219

Whats wrong with having a preference? 99% chance that's a dude or salty white girl.

No. 386230

>you're missing the point, it is the fact she violated her moderation powers

How was that point missed when that was literally said. The point is actually that making fun of the cringe card is a reach and unnecessary. You're not posting it as proof of collusion, you're making fun of something she said in confidence. You're being assclowns, and totally unreasonable.

No. 386235

I'm actually not but I look forward to the defensive posts trying to tell me that ironically browsing r9k enough to even catch posts like these is so much better.

No. 386264

I'm dying, anon, holy fuck.

No. 386266

>you're making fun of something she said in confidence.
So what if they are? We can't have a giggle at something silly on the internet? It's not revenge porn or doxxing, ffs.
Did you send that card or something? Maybe don't befriend shitty robots who will put you on blast in 4chan threads to brag that "a real girl" actually cares about them. Your neckbeard orbiting card was cringy, let it go.
>You're being assclowns, and totally unreasonable.
??? Do you even know where you are?

No. 386267

It was posted as proof of collusion though, it's a bit tinfoil but I did actually link reasons it is totally possible. Stop being so worked up I stumbled upon some cringe on the desu archive.

No. 386275

I have a problem with a woman doing something nice for a scumbag, yet somehow the scumbag is less worthy of criticism.
>b-but she tried to befriend a robot
So what. Lots of women try to negotiate with shit men, it doesn't make them the innately shitty ones.
>Do you even know where you are?
Okay so you wanna slam this quip over to this poster >>386198 who first accused me of being unreasonable? No? Oh right, because I'm the target because I said boo and the double standard applies huh.

No. 386281

The scumbag is a walking self-criticism. What can we even say about him? "He's a robot" is enough to settle the score. All of us know what that entails, the same way that if you see a person happily eating dog shit, inhaling it and rubbing it all over their body, you don't write an essay on why the dog shit alone is disgusting. We all know. The real point of shock is that someone would make such close contact with animal faeces on purpose.

It's embarrassing and cringy to associate yourself with such an individual to the point that you literally send them a whole care package and called yourself their orbiter, end of.

No one said the cringeanon is innately a horrible, shitty person that deserves to die in a fire or be murdered by incels for her robot-befriending crimes, holy fuck. All anyone has said is that this shit is embarrassing, and she should be embarrassed. Also, it was hypothesized that she was the same pick-me mod who let her /r9k/ bf run free range on CC and shit up the site. I wouldn't be surprised if it was her, because their actions have the same energy.
tl;dr: Suck it up, we don't always have to be lovelies.

No. 386290

come on i made these posts on crystal.cafe and i was just shooting the shit. we can't have fun on image boards anymore? yes, i'm a girl. obviously homosexual women are real. yes flamboyant gay men in real life make me uncomfortable. yes i do actually like yaoi. yes i don't agree that transpeople can change gender or w.e. and I don't want men in dresses in my private spaces.

taking imageboard shit seriously cmon

No. 386293

File: 1552494487129.gif (1.98 MB, 304x226, 1544551525209.gif)

Haha, jesus, you farmers are on fire today.

This is why LC is such a gem, honestly. You rarely see such wit or nuance on imageboards.

No. 386294

i wonder if the butthurt geode.buffet anon is the pick me mod.

No. 386296

what if the orbiting uranus thing is about pegging the robot

No. 386312

>the real shock is that someone would make contact with a robot
It's not.
And the fact that you will lurk r9k and sift through archives proves that you're at least familiar with the interactions and how that board functions.
I don't know who you think you're bullshitting with this.
>embarrassing and cringy to associate yourself with such an individual to the point that you literally send them a whole care package and called yourself their orbiter
Nobody would know or care if the robot in question didn't flee to r9k to humblebrag and take a picture of what's probably the only card he's ever gotten.
>Also, it was hypothesized that she was the same pick-me mod who let her /r9k/ bf run free range on CC and shit up the site.
It's been got, for the billionth time.
I have a problem with you being bitchy. I'm not a lovely either and have a difference in opinion about your behavior. Don't like it? Feel justified? Then don't reply.

Gonna "Hi cow" me next? You wish.

No. 386315

>standard argument typical of lolcow
>such wit or nuance
Imagine flicking your own bean so hard. Lmao.

No. 386316

>it's not.
It's only not shocking or gross to people who are personally into such things.
This is not a space for that kind of person, and if you find those activities good or interesting, perhaps you should go and surround yourself with your own kind.
I wasn't even the one who lurks /r9k/ or found any of that, but tell yourself whatever you want. Even if anons here lurk to get their daily dose of disillusionment with humanity and/or the male gender, it's nowhere near as pitiful as spending actual currency on one of those dregs, getting them gifts, declaring yourself their orbiter and expressing a desire to peg them, lmao.
>Nobody would know or care if the robot in question didn't flee to r9k to humblebrag and take a picture of what's probably the only card he's ever gotten.
Doesn't change that it's fucking cringy for even a fraction of a second.
Go ahead and orbit some more robots and their anuses, anon. We'll keep laughing as your cringy letters and potentially even cringier DMs are discovered, don't worry. We know this attention is important to you.

No. 386317

Not that anon, but you are so buttblasted over your stupid card, kek. It was shameful, just accept it and go.

No. 386320

You have a severe mental problem and I suggest you go back to your degenerate weeniehut site.

If you seriously cannot believe that there are multiple farmers that find you unbearably cringey and retarded, you are beyond redemption.
I've barely posted in this thread and I also don't care enough to follow your desperate attempts at wooing an inbred manchild with a lame card, but where there's good humor, there's good humor.

No. 386321

It's really not shocking or gross. Simply put. I'm surprised anyone from any kind of chan site would even be so sensitive considering we have penpal and gift exchange threads all the damn time.
We don't know what he may or may not have told her. Obviously it convinced her that he wasn't "not like the other robots~" and it worked.
Honestly while I've never orbited a robot I have been tricked into doing something nice for what turned out to be a scum. You're being a bit too mad about this but it's whatever.
I'm not her, I don't really browse crystal, and I had no other dog in this race other than to pop in and say maybe you should fucking chill.

You can put down the "Hi Cow" narrative any time. I'm not the rogue mod and I insist on that. What the fuck would she even have to lose coming on here anyway? Anonymous face? I think that's been lost regardless.

No. 386322

>severe mental problem
Nice armchair but no. It's like you can't fathom that someone out in the world doesn't think this is a big deal and you severely cannot tolerate that. You're making ME cringe.

No. 386328

>You're being a bit too mad about this
>I had no other dog in this race
Yeah, everyone else is mad and you have no personal stakes in this. That's why you're being aggressive and have been arguing about this with multiple anons for hours.
We're all laughing at this cringy card, and it brings us entertainment and humor in the form of pity/disgust. Because it's cringy.
If you can't handle that, this is the wrong thread (and possibly entire website) for you. Cope.

No. 386329

NTA (again), but it's clearly a very, very big deal to you, and that's why you're reeeing at everyone for having a giggle on an imageboard at some anonymous, self-proclaimed robot anal orbiter's expense.
>You're making ME cringe.
You're making the whole thread cringe.

No. 386357

File: 1552509285279.gif (307.04 KB, 263x200, 200.gif)

>All of us know what that entails, the same way that if you see a person happily eating dog shit, inhaling it and rubbing it all over their body, you don't write an essay on why the dog shit alone is disgusting. We all know. The real point of shock is that someone would make such close contact with animal faeces on purpose.
I was going to respond but this a perfect analogy. If card-anon is so asshurt over light criticism, maybe stop being naive and make better choices. It's called personal growth. Lol.

No. 386360

unless this post comes with a test that proves there is a female DNA on this package, I'm not interested in speculating about anything

No. 386373

this reads like such a LARP it's not even funny. the scary thing is that r9k panderers literally have come so far full circle that they have the uncanny ability to mimic trannies or LARPing-for-'lulz' scrots, so it's impossible to tell. scary times.

No. 386383

>y-you're aggressive
That's real funny coming from the same people who started to sperg out the second someone disagreed with the circlejerk.
I just matched the tone that was being given, don't point fingers. So what's your invested "stake"? I just commented because it was on the front of ot.

>a big big deal
I think you girls need to stop projecting. Casually responding to your tantruming every half hour, when I check on my mobile, isn't building up to be a big deal. Just look at this poster >>386357 throwing down gifs and pretending they aren't blasted.

Did y'all have fun acting unhinged? Will you recover from my opinion?

No. 386389

The only autist projecting here is you.
>being this upset at anons laughing at a card

No. 386394

>being this autistic over moderation on a website you claim to not browse whose userbase you don't even like
We can play the pointing game forever, except it looks a bit worse for you considering you have an entire thread dedicated to bitching about it.

No. 386395

>Casually responding to your tantruming every half hour, when I check on my mobile, isn't building up to be a big deal. Just look at this poster >>386357 throwing down gifs and pretending they aren't blasted.
Sorry, anon but multiple people can agree with each other on the same thing. Shocking, I know. Stop accusing other people of being blasted simply for posting when earlier up the thread you mentioned being put in a similar situation, so this must have struck a cord with you on some level. In which case the same advice also applies. Instead of acting defensive over people calling a cringey card cringey (because it is) on lolcow dot farm of all places, you should stop being a whiny baby and learn from your mistakes. That will help you out tremendously.

No. 386401

You're foaming at the mouth, holy crap. Just do better. Stop sending Valentine's packages and cards covered with Hello Kitty stickers to incels. Stop writing embarrassing little love notes for them. Learn from this mishap, learn from the loser robot who betrayed your trust to brag to strangers, and maybe learn to laugh at yourself along the way. No one has seen your face, we don't know who you are, and absolutely nobody will be analyzing your handwriting to spot you on later occasions as long as you don't fuck up in literally the same way again. You can easily put this shit behind you.

You can go "W-Wasn't me! Stop "Hi cow"-ing! You're just projecting! You're the ones throwing tantrums! Having a thread criticizing CC is just as bad!" for as long as you want, but that won't help you or convince anybody at this point. Only the person who sent the card in the first place, or does similar things, could possibly be so offended by this. We'll just keep laughing at this mess, and even more anons who would've otherwise ignored this while scrolling will see this shit, click the thread to find out what the whole shitstorm is about, and join the chorus of laughter at the cringy card. Only a long look in the mirror and a personal decision to do better will make it all go away. Just take the L.

No. 386402

And one person can disagree with you.
Should I assume everyone reeeing over cc got banned and has some personal vendetta hence what seems to be extra salt.
>learn from your mistakes
What mistake you daffy fudd? I'm not card anon. I never orbited a robot. I still don't think giving some robot a box of stuff and a card is equivalent to "inhaling shit" but apparently I'm the one with the "mental issues." The shit you say when you're rabid lmao.

No. 386404

>I still don't think giving some robot a box of stuff and a card is equivalent to "inhaling shit" but apparently I'm the one with the "mental issues."
If we're talking about orbiting anuses, then yes, you very well may be literally inhaling shit.
Go find a shit-huffing addicts anonymous site already.

No. 386405

Look at this Nancy Drew caricature completely unraveling herself. Save yourself the keystrokes. I'm not her.
I really don't care what you're "convinced" of, if you wanna keep throwing accusations it's no real effort on my end to throw em back.
I eagerly await your next novel tier response.

No. 386406


They think we're blasted about their weird wk'ing opinion. We're laughing at it and we're also laughing at the person who sent the card.
Also stop fingerpointing at all the anons, I'm the one who found the post lol I don't care what you think stay mad bistro bitch
Also how can we all be banned from CC when they don't even have proper moderation lmfao

No. 386407

I'm not the one who wrote it. You're still the ones who think sending a box and a card is like huffing and rubbing shit on yourselves. Tart.

No. 386408

>I really don't care! It wasn't me! Write me another response, please!
This is getting sad.

No. 386410

I'm kind of laughing back at this point because of your ridiculous finger pointing and fetish tier comparisons.
Maybe you and the orbit chan have more in common than you realize, you both love talking scat.

No. 386411

File: 1552519700332.jpg (133.41 KB, 572x845, Eggman.jpg)

>You're still the ones who think sending a box and a card is like huffing and rubbing shit on yourselves.
To men that look like this and spend their lives hating on women? Yes, it kind of is, lol.

No. 386412

That anon never even mentioned scat or fetishes. Now you're actually projecting.

No. 386413

I think even robots would be annoyed at you calling them all eggman haha.

No. 386414

Gosh, what an odd selective memory you have especially when anyone can scroll up and see the dog shit post. Why bother gaslighting on text boards.

No. 386416

>Everyone who argues with me is the same person!
Jesus. Multiple people are and have been mocking you all this time.

No. 386419

That has nothing to do with the fact that someone made a post comparing sending cards and boxes to a robot like seeing someone huff and rub dog shit on themselves, and other anons thinking that's a brilliant comparison.
The fuck is wrong with you.

No. 386420

You're right, some of them are literally worse-looking.

No. 386421

You said it was that anon specifically >>386406 who said it and accused them of loving to "talk scat". Keep up.

No. 386423

Can you go into the archive and find examples? I'm curious about how bad. Eggman is p rough.

No. 386424

What does it matter when other anons quoted to support it? Ya like da scat. Fess up.

No. 386425

You're accusing everyone of being me and it's insane
eat a snickers

No. 386426

It doesn't matter that you fucked up and started projecting your fantasies on an unrelated anon just because they agreed that your behavior was embarrassing? Okay.

No. 386428

Can I have a bite of yours?

>your fantasies
…I have no clue what you're on about. Aren't you exhausted of this yet? Wind down.

No. 386431

Stop sperging.
Everyone else stop derailing.

No. 386440

>I'm not card anon. I never orbited a robot.
I didn't say you were. You're awful at reading comprehension.

No. 386572

I thought the card was cheeky and sweet. I once exchanged postcards with an anon on letterbox. Oh, and I haven’t been banned on cafechan because I genuinely don’t have a hate boner. :^)

No. 386633


No. 386635

Why are the writing and images on this website flipped?(because you've been permabanned)

No. 387351

File: 1552753378114.png (356.05 KB, 800x501, Screenshot_2019-03-09-22-30-33…)

Anyone see this? CC users get so butthurt

No. 387352

File: 1552753862076.jpeg (791.89 KB, 1300x800, nice try.jpeg)

More like robots trying to start shit.
Top was on cc.

No. 387366

They’re just jealous we actually have real vaginas.

No. 387388


Yeah. I saw it when I screenshot it and posted it >>385399.

No. 387590

File: 1552806475510.png (442.57 KB, 1835x846, wtf.PNG)

>pic related
>tfw robots and incels keep sneaking onto your board, but you're either too stupid to notice or one of them

Feels like if the userbase from pull decided to make their own chan board.

They try to understand what board culture is but, only lurk on /s4s/ (for le funneh maymays) or the boards that anon in pic mentioned.

No. 387635

File: 1552815412991.png (169.57 KB, 500x730, lmao at ur life.png)

Imagine being OP and being this obsessed about a dead site.

No. 391113

>bans men and trannies who "out" themselves
Why is this an issue on its own?

No. 398282

File: 1555179910252.png (61.63 KB, 2224x172, cc.png)

Since this is CC, I wasn't sure whether or not this was to be taken as some maleposter mocking women, or a pick-me committing an embarrassing "haha so ironic" self-drag. Either way, cringe.
I kind of like CC, but sometimes I need to come back to LC, because the bullshit that flies there can be too much.

No. 398334

Sounds like a male poster but who the fuck knows

No. 408382

This thread died after the card-chan sperg kek

No. 409685

This thread was never thriving.

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