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File: 1548792272707.jpeg (81.65 KB, 413x550, F853D586-E392-404D-9C4E-94D7B1…)

No. 363838

Can we talk Guru Gossip, since we have PULL and Kiwifarms threads? Any other farmers visit or have visited in the past? What is your opinion on the current state of affairs?

>supposedly run by some middle aged dude named Morgan, claims the original owner Lulu died, began impersonating her and then got caught (https://www.reddit.com/r/foreverkailyn/comments/2qyrrj/how_can_we_get_rid_of_morgan/)

>mods are overly sensitive and frequently go on power trips about opinions they don’t like while ignoring a multitude of other issues; big tiff earlier this year over ‘religious slurs’ which led to a mod being demoted and then reinstated after they went on a tirade over a user using ‘Jesus Christ’ (https://gurugossiper.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=34233 and https://gurugossiper.com/viewtopic.php?f=147&t=34791)

>site is now overrun by SJW types who whinge and sperg about themselves all the time, get mad if you don’t agree with their opinion du jour, nitpick gurus appearance, have nothing interesting to say

>site is gimmicky, poorly run and even the most recent update (January 16, 2019) hasn’t really helped

No. 363843

Them sperging about Jenna Marbles and Martzia is pretty funny. I don't even understand why those two ever had threads besides users being jealous and spiteful over whatever.

No. 363844

wtf is there even to say about Jenna? no milk whatsoever.

No. 363846

When one has hundreds of hours of video posted online, and has been online for years, eventually people will nitpick annoyances and quirks. I always thought Jenna was an obnoxious tryhard, but it never bothered me enough to waste time complaining in a thread over it or pretending that's anything milky/unique to most youtubers.

No. 363854


I agree, they aren’t extremely relevant to the forum anyway. The Marzia thread is just girls complaining about her money and her face, her voice, etc. Everybody on there was so butthurt when she quit YouTube lol.

No. 363858

Kek I had the same thought and checked out the thread a while back, it’s all just bitching about julien or speculating on if she’s pregnant or getting engaged anytime soon. Yawn.

No. 364043

Lol i sometimes go on guru gossip to catch up with all the shenanigans Shane Dawson and Gabbie Hanna do but omg 80% of the people there are insufferable self-obsessed twits who have to mention themselves and their life situation in almost every post. For instance when Shane was pretending he was poor, people were whinging about how they had to work 10+ hours a day and barely get any money and how he was "disrespecting" them. Like, this site isn't your therapy, it's a fucking gossip site, I don't know or care about you, just write the opinion you have on someone and go. They also have the excessive need to bring up their mental illnesses somehow into everything, always saying stuff like "oh even I have [insert mental illness] but I would NEVER do something like that!" Good for you buddy.

No. 364044

i check the GG kalel thread from time to time. she's been so boring lately tho

No. 364109

I look at the vlog squad threads for the posters. I remember a couple of them said they're middle aged moms and whatever. It's disturbing because a lot of them are thirsting over David Dobrik all while insisting he's gay?

No. 364131

File: 1548823273911.png (262.21 KB, 1334x750, 0AC01BD2-EF56-4031-A7D4-92DF2D…)


So many people on there sperg about their supposed mental illnesses that I am often inclined to believe they’re either exaggerating or making it up for attention. I seriously think some of the women there romanticize being sick.

Even CHB, the mod who went on her Jesus rant, claimed her doxxing and sperging was due to meds. I know medication can alter behavior, but she just kept doing it and got called out for having done the same thing in the past. It’s just very confusing. I’ve attached a screenshot of her excuses for reference.


A lot of the posters are much older than I’ve realized! Trisha Paytas’s threads are full of older ladies raving about her lifestyle and shit. I’ve tried keeping up but some of their threads move way too fast, plus I got tired of talking about the same thing. Hating someone is milk on there, lol.

No. 364168

i tried going on GG to check out what they have to say about Nikocado Avocado, but the threads moved so slow. Also the website feels too fucking cluttered.

No. 364200

I used to lurk the danisnotonfire & amazingphil threads on GG a couple years ago. The threads had a lot of active posters and the discourse was as autistic as you can expect for a bunch of adults discussing two British Youtubers, but it was all pretty good-hearted. Then some mod/admin had a major powertrip spergout and basically just banned everyone that seemed to get in their way somehow. Eventually the members just made their own forum for Dan & Phil discussion since every major contributor was now banned from the site. I remember that some got the hammer simply from PMming the new forum link to out-of-the-loop members. I'm so annoyed that I can't remember all the details of the shitstorm, there was a lot going on. I think it might have affected some other threads as well, as some discussions were migrated to other sites around the same time.

No. 364211

oh god i remember those threads. the name of the d+p forum was flagged like a swear and was censored in PMs as well as public posts.

the main mod that posted in those threads was pretty vile too, last i checked he still posts there. some users on the new site theorised he was a guy he got very defensive over who phil blocked on twitter once. he would freak out and insist it was actually dan who went onto phil’s twitter account to block the guy because sweet phil would never block someone. he set up a timeline to prove that it couldn’t have been phil himself because he was busy at that time. but a lot of users liked him because he was sassy~ and only referred to dan as a cum bucket or bottom bitch

No. 364213

I would up on there from trying to Google whether or not Stephanie Buttermore had binge eating problems and wound up on their thread about her. I hate the "ur just jealous" meme but it did seem like they really were all jealous of her. They nitpicked the stupidest shit.

No. 364248

File: 1548851654657.jpg (413.31 KB, 1063x1276, Screenshot_20190130-122930_Chr…)

omg do you mean the guy in the screenshot attached? I used to read all the phan threads religiously not even bc I cared about phan that much, it was rather my autistic nature lol, this dude definitely mentioned on several occasions that he is a gay male from somewhere in southern Europe, I can't recall if it was Italy or Spain. Funnily enough I don't remember how the end of it all came to be although I was there kek, the new forum imo was even more retarded, really loved how they always upkept a facade of "we are the rational stans, not like those Twitter kiddies", so I didn't follow over to the new forum.

No. 364339

Thankfully, I have been able to avoid getting on the bad side of the mods since I’m in some of the lesser talked about sections. I’ve seen some retarded shit go down in the more popular threads as well over ridiculous, asinine bull.

A lot of the new mods were given their jobs (?) after BipolarMorgan one-click banned the older, more sane team from the earlier days of GG. I have no idea how he picks them, but there’s been so many issues of mods going insane and attacking people for no reason. It’s such an abuse of power, but no one can say anything because of the cliques on there.

No. 364455

File: 1548877330785.png (560.73 KB, 1275x889, morgan.png)

i was an active user when the "surprise! lulu has been dead all this time!" bullshit happened in late 2014/early 2015. oh boy, was it a mess. a ton of very active members were banned, and then deleted, because they called morgan and the other mods/admins out.

the biggest spergs ended up leaving for good and moved over to ytt (youtalktrash), which had been created as an alternative to gg. i think some of them made sock accounts on gg so they could tell people about ytt and warn them about morgan? in their defense, morgan was (is?) truly a messy person.

it was a very strange thing to experience, a bunch of middle aged women were doxing each other. the creator of ytt and morgan ofc, being doxed, but i still don't know how. there was also some sort of investigation into lulu's past? the milk was out of this world.

if you for some reason are interested to learn more about this, there is a tumblr that documents most of it:


i haven't been on the site for years (the sperging is too much), but a lot of the users forget that it's an online gossip forum about youtubers. a little bit of power makes them go crazy. i assume it's because they never do anything in their real lives. tinfoil, but i'm pretty sure that most of the users are either people on government assistance, or stay at home moms who use wine as a crutch to get through the day.

the attached image is from the tumblr i linked earlier.

No. 364913


I’ve been looking into the whole situation on and off over the three years I’ve used GG. Do you think Lulu was ever real or was this an elaborate catfishing scheme that got out of hand? There’s so much about what happened to make me think that maybe she wasn’t a real person to begin with. I’ve tried to follow links to some blogs like Moar Fail who looked into it but all that info is gone now, and most of the mods from lulu’s era are long gone as well.

No. 364951

File: 1548964333573.png (29.08 KB, 841x173, bipolarmorgan.png)

good question!

personally, i think she was real and passed away. i think someone managed to find her death certificate and her husband, who was in the army or something? i'm not sure though, and these doxes may have been fake.

like the screenshot from /r/foreverkailyn shows, others were also theorizing about this at the time. covering up someone's death and larping as them is really fucking weird, if lulu were fake from the beginning, i think they would have came out and said so instead of lying about her dying and pretending to be her. on the other hand, creating a fake persona and killing them when people start asking questions is common catfish behavior. i wouldn't be surprised if that's what actually happened. either way the situation is creepy and weird as fuck.

>norman bates personality


on a more serious note, this should be common sense, but if you still are an active gg member make sure that your email address is completely anonymous. mods legit used to look up users, through the email they provided when they signed up, and fuck with their real lives through facebook.

No. 365042

I used to lurk on GG but the sperging and nitpicking got really old after awhile, especially when they would start saying shit about the guru's children or family. In the Emily Noel thread they would go on and on about how ugly her daughters are, how fat and evil her husband is, and how they are these perfect fit professionals who hate kids but are also perfect parents and only feed their family's organic food barf

No. 365131


Thank you, Anon!

I kind of see it from both sides. I think Morgan has possibly been more involved in the forums than it seems from all that I’ve learned about him and the mystery of Lulu’s death. Maybe there are more people also involved who haven’t been exposed yet. I’ve been on message boards with unusual situations like this before.

It’s so intriguing in a weird way, since it isn’t some major website that everyone knows, it’s such a niche and most casual readers write it off as ‘bullying’. You would never know any of this is happening just from a cursory glance at the forums.

I do use a throwaway gmail address with a generic name and never use the same username for any other social media, even though I know that isn’t perfect. I am more of a lurker and I avoid the most popular threads, usually because of how cliquey some of the posters are. But I will keep an eye out on my account in the future, just in case.

No. 366235

I used to go on GG few years back and was pretty active in the VelvetGh0st threads till a mod went on a mad one and started banning people left and right for the dumbest shit, it was hilarious. I tend to use YouTalkTrash now for VG. Girl was overweight, got a gastric band and various other cosmetic surgeries done but lied to her viewers posting pics of her in hospital and not saying why she was there and then telling everyone she lost the weight through just drinking orange juice. She's done a ton of tragic shit and has now gained all the weight back, fucking hilarious to follow over the years.

No. 367179

Anyone else find their vendettas over stupid shit (like makeup) lolzy? I was browsing the Beauty News thread there and the stuff they're sperging about (Like Hailey's teeth and hypocrisy) is super nitpicky. I get that not everyone is going to love a YTber but some of the things they say about them is just down right nasty. And of course, in GG fashion, they have to mention themselves and how they are superior because "omg I don't cussss!"

No. 370543


No, it’s annoying to me as well. Some topics are worse than others and after a while, 15+ pages of sperging about crooked eyeliner is just plain stupid. Technically you’re not supposed to do it, but the mods don’t care and they let the autism flow without consequence. Amelia Liana’s threads are another perfect example of uncontrolled autism as most of the posters there nitpick her wealth and rant about her being a fake ‘Christian’/undercover Jew.

No. 659780

Omg this thread is defunct AF but have you guys seen their sorry excuse of a discord? its full of snowflakes and biased hypocrite mods. Basically if you're a low life who has nothing better to do than be active on their server all day, you're obviously gonna have the mods' favouritism. The hypocrisy and elitism there is also out of this world. The users dont even gossip about anything meaningful than nit-picking and dumb shit which doesnt matter and they also suck the influencer asses. Some influencers are bashed all day, but others are complimented, and god forbid you say anything bad. I hope their site/server goes to shit, and with mods like that, its only a matter of time. Their engagement is decreasing day by day.

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