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File: 1543782358075.png (1.2 MB, 1164x1184, its a no from me dog.png)

No. 380700

/r/FemaleFashionAdvice is a women's fashion subreddit that is a magnet for snowflakes, troons, and generally unfortunate looking people. Let's use this thread to discuss ugly WAYWTs, obvious humblebrags, circlejerks and more.

Feel free to post from similar subreddits like /r/MakeupAddiction, /r/TodayIWore, and /r/MaleFashionAdvice!

https://www.reddit.com/r/ffacj/ (parody)

No. 380701

File: 1543783047100.jpg (104.06 KB, 1080x1080, 45363669_1005054006334048_1887…)

A fucking tragedy, all of this girl's outfits are so unfortunate

No. 380702

Lmao that looks like an outfit the ~quirky~ best friend on a 2000s Disney/Nickelodeon show would wear. I can't believe a grown woman would leave the house like that.

No. 380703

File: 1543783310928.jpg (85.52 KB, 1080x1080, 43985022_284994248817846_73245…)

Honestly the first one I posted was mild, this one is beyond tragic. Keep in mind she's 27 years old and wore this to a christmas tree lighting

No. 380704

the boots are cute, but what the fuck is that top and skirt combo?
>27 years old

i hate these people who wear wholesale quality yesstyle skirts and think it's fashion

No. 380705

File: 1543784414160.jpg (111.21 KB, 640x1007, moolo.jpg)

This link isn't included in OP, but referenced. There's lots of milk:

Also, a fitting user for this forum who is upvoted a lot named mooology

No. 380706

I can't claim to be sophisticated, I think it is cute. It is too pale though. if the skirt or shirt were a darker color I think it would look more balanced, everything is so pale it washes her out.

I think I would have had a better impression of this in the 2000s, its the type of twee you don't see anymore. The skirt fabric is just too light for the thickness of the other clothes she's wearing (guessing it is cold)

No. 380707

Meh, this isn’t a perfect outfit but it’s almost cute

Farmers all have awful fashion sense, myself included. We’re all either wearing alt/Jfashion shit or normie wear.

No. 380708

Looking like Cousin It with those extensions. Damn thing's making the whole look even worse than it already is, mostly because her hair's swallowing her whole and the weird teal colour clashing with the pink whore look.

No. 380709

imo this is bad because, as the other anon said, everything is the same washed out shade of pink. On top of that, the belt and black/blue hair clash with it. And everything is skin-tight polyester, which means no shape, no variation, no balance.

You absolutely can be close to 30, wear pink and be cute without looking ridiculous. If I were her I would:

- Swap the tennis skirt for an A line mini skirt (because short legs). Maybe pick something of a more saturated/darker color like prune, black, dark dusty pink, wine, etc.
- Have the socks a darker color. Bonus slimage of the legs.
- Ditch the belt. If you want an edgy look, wear a (faux) leather piece or find a belt that doesn't look like it comes for free with a pair of wholesale pants.
- Swap the clubbing top for something more daytime friendly.
- Use a hair bow that doesn't look like a kid's. Something metallic would already be a step in the right direction.
- Have a loose/textured/patterned piece in there.

No. 380710

Don't forget the goofy tennis shoes with a nice skirt. Why is this a common theme with frumpy teens who can't dress themselves? It's not coherent and doesn't look good.

No. 380711

File: 1543792890073.jpg (167.76 KB, 960x711, gV39kwpsALuFW4hjKH_VqJdLoxyWGY…)

Some of her outfits have an interesting idea behind it, like the pairing of turquoise with red in pic related, but the execution is just… it's like she picks at random from five different wardrobes. But hey, if she likes it, she likes it. I wonder if she's tried posting in femalefashionadvice and how she reacted to the comments.

Ah yes, the silver sneakers. How could I miss them. In itself it's not bad, but with everything else, it's just too much.

No. 380712

File: 1543792947773.jpg (232.23 KB, 871x1240, tumblr_o22nfzoWf71tpu1gmo4_128…)

the tennis skirt could probably still work if it was a preppy/school style outfit, or something more simple like pic related.

even the outfit would look better if her hair looked better and she removed the belt. a lot of these outfits just need to be polished better. if her hair was styled, smoothed, and without the bow it would look a million times better. its the little things that really make or break an outfit.

No. 380713

That's true, anything is workable if matched well. Thanks for reminding me, anon.

No. 380714

File: 1543793420243.png (1.84 MB, 1188x1192, Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 6.28…)

to me it just screams "i'm almost 30 and can't come to terms with it"

No. 380715

As someone said upthread, the yesstyle look is shit and so is the photo you posted. None of it looks good, there's much more mature and better looks out there with a skirt instead of this mall-tier forever 21 look.

No. 380716

this woman seems like she wants to dress alt but is only going half way. this looks like an attempt at something cyberdog style. she should just go all the way and not half ass it.

you're entitled to that opinion. i disagree and think its cute. this thread is just going to become infighting of farmers hating on eachothers personal tastes. what i think looks good is going to be considered "forever 21 childish yesstyle korean fashion shit" to most farmers and i accept that.

No. 380717

disagreeing with your tastes does not equal infighting, anon.

No. 380718

i didn't say you were infighting, i said this thread could become infighting

No. 380719

File: 1543795187755.gif (411.03 KB, 500x284, FD29ECFB-585B-48A5-93E9-7D400E…)

ITT: lets shit on women who don’t wear black smocks after they turn 24.

No. 380720

Yeah this is what worries me. If anything perhaps people can counter with examples of more adult fashion that isn't totally fugly.

No. 380721

File: 1543796262701.jpg (214.62 KB, 1456x2993, k6TvKkq.jpg)

there are plenty of tragic black smocks to shit on

No. 380722

This wouldn't be so bad if the fabric wasn't so cheap. Nicer fabrics, black shoes, get rid of the weird peplums and it would be an interesting outfit.

No. 380723

File: 1543808437513.png (616.22 KB, 643x432, fanny.PNG)

potentially controversial, she's an occasional lolita and dresses in alternative girly fashion but fannyrosie is a great example of looking youthful, girly and age-appropriate.

No. 380724

File: 1543808573133.jpg (120.66 KB, 500x651, tumblr_o7n0y9O1HV1ui4ha3o1_500…)

i don't know what magazine is from, these are all really simple denim looks but they aren't frilly or girly, perfectly fine for an adult

all my examples are going to be jfashion shit though, so other anons have any recommendations for non-weeby adult looks?

No. 380725

I used to go on there, and then I started looking at their daily looks threads or w/e and immediately stopped. Most the people there have no sense of style!

No. 380726

Man, she is just so perfect. I wish I had such flawless taste and the looks to go with it.

No. 380727

those two center looks are so lovely!

No. 380728

wrong thread, you should post in fashion general

No. 380729

File: 1543850809567.jpg (744.89 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181203-072555.jpg)

If you search by controversial-all time, it's a bunch of posts from the same girl kek

I actually admire her taste, even though I wouldn't be caught dead in her looks

No. 380730

Most people there have a BMI at least five points over mine so I can't even tell if they dress poorly or if they're just fat

No. 380731

this is what i imagine farmers that complain about "dressing their age" look like

No. 380732

No. 380733

Kek same, as soon as this thread was made I was waiting for the uwu aliexpress quirkies to start complaining.

No. 380734

am i the only person here that doesn't like this and thinks even stuff like this is cringy? it's too, "trying too hard to be lauren bacall/bad lolita"

No. 380735


I don't lick ass often but Fanny Rosie is honest to god perfection.

No. 380736

File: 1543870156720.jpg (106.01 KB, 500x750, e739d1cccb012331c9504832f0fc66…)

a lot of her stuff still looks tacky though imo

No. 380737

lol no definitely not, i think it looks slightly tacky and very "playing dress-up"

No. 380738

thank you. it really does. i feel like a crazy person every time someone on lc says "wow, that's terrible. THIS is what's classy!" and posts some woman styled like a child playing dress up in obviously poorly made clothing, just with more 'aesthetic' photography

No. 380739

Add another anon to the list of people not into cheap mixes of lolita and retro classic. Imo just go full retro or lolita with quality/vintage pieces and be done with it. There are better ways to work it.

No. 380740

you have to be nuts to think a majority of fanny wears is anything like a "child playing dress up". if its not to your taste fine, if you think its ugly, fine. but how is it like a child?

No. 380741

Hate to say it but I think she'd get less flak if she was more typically attractive and teenaged. These would be cute outfits on a 14 year old.

No. 380742

When it comes to a lot of alt fashion it is likely impossible to look completely conventional/classy.

No. 380743

really what this boils down to here is people who like subcultural fashion vs people who like normie fashion. there's nothing inherently wrong with one or the other, but both sides are convinced otherwise to the point of fighting about it. taste is relative, the bad art thread has a similar problem. it would help if people stuck to more obviously bad examples like OP pic and stopped insisting on dropping their faves in as an example of "done right" and then getting mad when people disagree. don't drop your own art in the redraw thread expecting to get nothing but praise; don't drop your faves in a fashion crit thread without expecting similar.

No. 380744

File: 1543876157047.jpg (90.19 KB, 599x527, 16356356557726.jpg)

ntayrt, but I think the problem here is that her style is a very mixed bag. On one hand you have looks like this https://www.instagram.com/p/BRhNavSgy9E/ which are not everyone's piece of cake (certainly not mine) but are well coordinated and can be considered classy in a dress up - ish, alt fashion way.
But then you have looks like pic related, which are ridiculous, even on a beautiful woman like her.

No. 380745

File: 1543876293365.jpg (238.73 KB, 1200x1600, 254e3-p2263176.jpg)

i disagree. if you guys cant tell that this clothing is cheap (regardless of price), poorly designed, and tacky, idk what to tell you guys. this pairing, these pieces, all of it could be done better. this is not classy for reasons other than it being a subculture thing.

No. 380746

The photo you chose is the most normal look she has on her instagram though. It's a plain nude colored dress styled 3 different ways. Minus the one where she has socks with her shoes, the other two looks are normie as fuck.

Can you please show us an example of what you consider to be luxury, well priced clothing then? Not to mention a majority of what she wears recently is genuine vintage. You're pulling out old looks of hers, if you looked at the screenshot of her instagram posted upthread you'd see that her style has evolved.

No. 380747

Those clothes would make a supermodel look frumpy

No. 380748

You can't be serious anon. A 30yo woman in little girls dress with a bow on her head is not normie as fuck, she look mentally challenged.
The outfit with cardigan is the least offensive but still the proportions are fucked, the colors wash her out and the shoes ruin everything.

No. 380749

File: 1543876938946.png (637.59 KB, 570x613, outfit.PNG)

a lot is hot topic tier, anon. her accessorizing is terrible. all of them are very cheap looking. skirt is cheap, too. this is recent. this is better, but not great. it's just too much cheap crap.

No. 380750

But that isn't a little girls dress. I can find dresses similar to that in the womens department of most stores. Just because something isn't bodycon doesn't mean its a "little girl dress". I can't tell if she has a bow in her hair or a tied scarf, but she just looks dressy to me. Agree to disagree, we clearly have different tastes.

No. 380751

do you have any examples of what you consider classy upscale fashion? I don't even disagree with you on a lot of your points, i'm just curious

No. 380752

It's not about the dress not being bodycon, it's mostly about the length. It's too short for her and paired with cheap accessories. That doesn't scream "adult woman" to me, sorry.
>inb4 I'm a prude
Nah, short dresses can be awesome, but I don't understand why so many women think that tiny flared skirts suit them and make them look 'quirky'. No, they work only with tiny childlike silhouettes, they don't look remotely good on your clearly adult 5'7 ass. You can look perfectly quirky with a knee-lenght skirt, come on.

Sure, we have different tastes but here's my reasoning I guess.

No. 380753

Agreed. A pencil skirt or a line mini in structured fabric would also work, but this is too flimsy to work for her at this length. You can tell she doesn’t understand fashion beyond a subculture level, which is just an entry point IMO. She looks good because she’s young and beautiful, but as she ages her bad styling will be more and more obvious.

No. 380754

File: 1543878425395.jpg (149.56 KB, 634x805, 3557A8B400000578-3811978-image…)

>"short dresses can be awesome […] why so man women think that tiny flared skirts suit them […] they don't look remotely good on your clearly adult 5'7 ass"
Lmfao, imagine thinking tall women HAVE to wear knee-length skirts. Imagine thinking only women with "tiny childlike silhouettes" look good in short flared skirts.

No. 380755

anon, this looks terrible.

No. 380756

File: 1543879002122.jpg (32.2 KB, 320x480, 182616_1901567545773_3857915_n…)

the entire history of runway fashion begs to differ on the debate of whether short skirts look good on long legs. i bet anon wanted to say "if her legs were thinner" but knew there would be backlash.

No. 380757


As much as I love this look the dress could do with being a little bit longer at most

No. 380758

anon, pls.
I'm not saying no women should wear mini skirts, I even said that they can look awesome.
This outfit is not too great either Imo, but at least the short dress is countered by classy shoes, bag and Taylor's mile-long legs, not accessories from kids section. My main point was that short skater dresses that barely cover your ass don't compliment the proportions of vast majority of women.

No. 380759

You keep saying "accesories from the kids section" but what are those? The bags? The pin? The sunglasses? You say shes wearing a headbow but I think its just a scarf tied in a bow, but i'm starting to think you just automatically consider anything with a single bow or ruffle as childsh.

No. 380760

What do Japanese office ladies wear?

No. 380761

Well yeah, you said only "childlike"(?) sub 5'7 women should wear them
>"No, they work only with tiny childlike silhouettes"

And I countered that with saying your figure is irrelevant on whether you can look good in flared mini skirts.

No. 380762

i noticed a lot of anons think like this. as we saw in the farmers fashion thread. most anons on the site dress like college students who just rolled out of bed. maybe they should dress their age.

No. 380763

but both examples you posted looked absolutely tragic. horrendous. both paired with fucking patent platform shoes, too, mind you. their legs are nice but they both look like hookers. taylor literally looks like a hooker in a hooker's idea of 40s cosplay in the photo you posted.

wearing things out of convenience because you have a busy life =/= not having good taste. not everyone has a life where they're able to wear their ideal clothing, or anything close to it. fashion bloggers do, but it's not like people can't have preferences that they will utilize in appropriate environments or times.

No. 380764

i really don't think you know anything about fashion if you think a simple floral day dress and heels makes someone look like a hooker. did you migrate here from a modest lifestyle fashion community or something?

No. 380765

I only posted one?

Why are you so anal to consider certain women "too tall", "too adult" to wear short skirts? Have you never left your basement? Do tall/muscular/fat women around you wear exclusively mumus and office skirts in the summer?

No. 380766

File: 1543880342230.jpeg (88.87 KB, 600x694, A222945A-B0B6-4F5B-ADDE-5AA1E7…)

usually some kind of blouse, skirt, and small heel combination.

No. 380767

honestly anon, i don't think you know anything about fashion if you don't see a problem with pairing patent leather platform heels with an already too short dress. it has nothing to do with a modest lifestyle, or even height.

i'm not the same anon you were speaking to before. but you guys have truly trashy taste if you're defending either of those outfits and their hemlines, especially paired with those shoes. at least instahoe leg-bearing fashion is trying to be shamelessly trashy for sex appeal. if you guys think this isn't trashy and would figure yourselves classy for going out with 'retro' minidresses and platform heels just because you're wearing fingerwaves and think everyone else is a prude for disagreeing, wow.

No. 380768


Do you people not know what proportions are or just don't care? No, not every kind of figure looks good with tiny skater skirt, especially tall/fat/muscular, deal with it. You can wear whatever you want but don't expect everyone to fawn over you just because you've decided to show your entire legs to the world.

No. 380769

Honestly, the skirts look way too short for work outfits.

No. 380770

Yeah, and obviously a 5'6 woman in that same dress is suddenly not trashy? Alrighty then.

Listen, if you're not that anon from before then we're obviously not talking about the same point. If you consider the outfits trashy that's fine. I'm just curious why that other anon thinks putting the same dress on a shorter girl will suddenly make it look good.

No. 380771

File: 1543880702329.jpeg (112.22 KB, 775x549, BD5DBCAF-C923-4092-BA40-DE6491…)

showing leg isn’t as big of a deal in japan as it is elsewhere.

No. 380772

Sure, and since I know how proportions work I know that elongated legs, which skirts that hit above the knee achieve, are attractive.

No. 380773

File: 1543880938634.jpg (49.04 KB, 580x330, office_ladies.jpg)

agreed. honestly, this is the perfect way to not be taken seriously at work, especially given that it's paired with heels. terrible burlington coat factory tier fabric, too. pic related is more likely what they wear being that most japanese female office workers aren't 22 yo fashionistas. they're just normal-ass ladies..

this is such a weeb's distorted dream. one girl on a fashion blog is not going to be representative of japanese office fashion. that's an incredibly inappropriate outfit, and we don't even know if she's wearing that to work?

No. 380774

File: 1543881013904.jpg (65.26 KB, 600x800, 66_1024x1024.jpg)

since when above the knee means two inches below your ass?
Here, have an example of an above the knee dress that actually looks good and proportionate, unlike that pale monstrosity from earlier in the thread.

No. 380775

File: 1543881141545.jpeg (114.4 KB, 772x581, 807C3A96-927A-4DD5-9779-201BAB…)

I got it from an OL style blog, that posted some content from style arena. Take it up with the tags then, but I doubt all office ladies dress like your photo, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.


No. 380776

>Thinking you could wear this outside of a wedding or some other event
Yikes, anon.

No. 380777

If you’re a tall girl, it’s kind of hard to find dresses that don’t look short

No. 380778

I just posted this one was an example of a style that is more adult-appropriate and still attractive, it's not like there aren't plenty of less formal dresses in this style.

but i see you're really hell-bent on wearing a cheap skirt that looks like it shrunk in the wash. you do you i guess.

No. 380779

taylor can get a dress that fits better, and it's one thing for normal girls not having the time to find something off the rack that's perfect, but defending it in the case of multi million dollar celebs and saying it looks good/doesn't look cheap and that everyone else is a prude for thinking so? why do that?

No. 380780

actually the first person who brought up being a prude was this anon >>380752. No one else on the ohter side of the argument has used that phrase.

No. 380781

they later did say anons who thought they were too short "wearing mumuus all of the time" or "from the modest lifestyle community", so it's the same thing, really.

No. 380782

and they brought up taylor looking like a prostitute, so i think that is a fair comment to make.

No. 380783

i mean japan is basically fucking 50s america so short skirts aren't a problem.

No. 380784

what? do you think short skirts were commonly worn in the 50's in america?

No. 380785

i mean what with misogyny dictating working women's attire and work being riddled with performative femininity.

No. 380786

File: 1543887879964.jpg (138.67 KB, 587x1203, ZGycCoI.jpg)

Wow I'm so glad I made this thread so that everyone could fight with each other over mini skirts and not for its intended purpose, which was posting screenshots from fashion subreddits (pic related)

No. 380787

thank god. anons need to take it to fashion general.
those shoes and wtf is her phone upside down?

No. 380788

File: 1543890616600.png (559.77 KB, 510x683, Screenshot 2018-12-03 at 8.29.…)

I honestly don't mind this…the shoes are cute. She just needs either a shorter skirt or a differently shaped top.

This would be okayish if she did an a-line skirt and tucked the sweater in at least halfway. And those shoes are hideous

I think holding it that way makes your legs look longer/corrects the foreshortened angle you'd normally get from a mirror pic

pic related (from WAYWT? idk how to reddit) is what I imagine most farmers dress like tbh

No. 380789

File: 1543892819340.jpg (821.31 KB, 1538x2048, RR9CNfk.jpg)

lol I saw that pic, but didn't post it because I figured a ton of farmers get triggered over it bc they dress like that

This doesn't match at all, nor does it make sense

No. 380790

that outfit probably looks weird af when not posing

No. 380791

File: 1543893430602.jpg (502.34 KB, 1504x2016, 20181202_001347.jpg)

Tons of comments complimenting this troon and telling him he looks great(this belongs in gender crit)

No. 380792

If this was a real woman, people would call her an attention whore and/or ugly or plain.

No. 380793

I feel bad for that dress, it could look very pretty on an actual woman. Also peep the fedora boi in the background, lol

No. 380794

fugg I bet he was a cute guy once, for shame.

That isn't a bad dress but it is very oudated

No. 380795

Yaaaay reddit is blocked at my job now and one of my favorite passtimes was looking at this subreddit and laughing. Fingers crossed this thread thrives.

My fave is the ~cubical life~ tranny that has the brassiest hair that makes his face look red all the time. The twee fatties are always good for a laugh too.

No. 380796

really dislike this new emerging culture where everyone is super nice even if you look ugly af

No. 380797

It's not a new pc culture thing. Everyone knows the more old ladies say you're beautiful, the worse you look. If they add a "bless your heart" at the end, then you know you're really fucked. On facebook, the unfortunate-looking ones got the "so pretty!!" comments, not the actual pretty ones. Ladies are very generous with compliments. Troons are the only ones that actually take the positive compliments seriously.

No. 380798

File: 1543951213940.jpg (270.5 KB, 1456x2223, YCu34Zfr.jpg)

I seriously got a ban for this? Fuck you mods, this thread is about the FFA subreddit, where I got this from.

I can't believe someone would wear this to work

No. 380799

this is how i imagine farmers spewing "dress your own age" actually dress.

No. 380800

How can they think that outfit is worth showing off? Ugly and sloppy, and they take pride in it.

No. 380801

Clearly not.

No. 380802

Dressing like this is fine. Some people obviously don’t care. Not everything has to be so vain and self-absorbed.

No. 380803

For work…? Something that looks like pajamas is not appropriate. And if they posted it in a subreddit specifically for showing off their fashion, they obviously do care.

No. 380804

case in point >>380802

No. 380805

File: 1543963354347.jpg (112.79 KB, 519x1185, bx5m00j.jpg)

It's fine for going to the grocery store or class. Not for work

No. 380806

Pretty sure I've slept in this outfit, I even have the pale tangerine shirt

No. 380807

They have threads every other week announcing how getting clothes that fit your body is more important than any style, yet their members not only dress like this, but take pictures of themselves and share them expecting asspats.

No. 380808

This would be OK with a white/ivory or black top. Too much grey. And I am starting to agree that these really tight fitting pants are getting to look a bit dated.

No. 380809

it's cause fat girls tend to be delusional and in denial for their body type, it's like they have some sort of reverse body dysmorphia, she probably thinks she's curvy or some stupid shit

No. 380810


What? What the shit I know nothing about fashion and even I can tell that this is a no-go for work, literally looks like pj's

No. 380811

File: 1543973264880.jpg (53.86 KB, 319x682, IUqOQFz.jpg)

half of them would look 2x better if they could just pose in a way that doesn't look like caveman spongebob meme

No. 380812

skinny jeans need to die

No. 380813

ugh i hate how they just circlejerk about fucking,uh, uniqlo or whatever. everyone there dresses in ill fitting jersey dresses. it's literally the most boring crap. and they all think brown riding boots are the peak of cool. can't imagine thinking "ah yes! this ill fitting nerdy graphic tee from target, a thrifted aa tennis skirt and shoes i bought on sale from amazon are the peak of fashion! wow! i sure love being a female it worker! lets post it online!

these bitches are the type of people to buy funko pops and yell at you for """"kinkshaming""" their generic femsub kink. (fat girls with bad fashion, who do roller derby and who also use reddit is 90 percent of the bdsm community)

also, makeupaddiction sucks and is full of asspatters and troons, muacjdiscussion sucks and is full of whiny libfem babies, and muacirclejerk is unfunny bc wow pale pores boyfieeeee haha so funneh….

No. 380814

"y'all mind if i…. T POSE???"

No. 380815

File: 1543980489893.jpg (448.15 KB, 1905x2625, 1537752963352.jpg)

>why yes i watch Doctor Who, how did you know

No. 380816


lolling hard at your caption.. at least.. i hope she didn't say that

No. 380817

File: 1543985458923.jpg (381.61 KB, 1456x2029, YM7JEcGr.jpg)

I think this is cute

No. 380818

agree but it needs a bit of neck jewelry imo.

No. 380819

their sense of fashion is at best, pretty bland

No. 380820

Eh, its a turtleneck so idk how that would work, would look better with a shoulder bag or a third layer though

No. 380821

Are you telling me these bland not-leaving-home-today outfits are actually getting posted as fashionable?
Damn, I must be a fashionista then, maybe I should post there and be worshipped lol

No. 380822

ok I was checking out /r/TodayIWore and even tumblr fashion is better than this.
I don't go to reddit often but everyone seems so cringy. All these Norwegan salmon picture books ruined me…

No. 380823

File: 1544003569654.gif (51.24 KB, 192x224, 1445739864685.gif)

what do you not like about muacjdiscussion?

No. 380824

This is honestly what I imagine all those anons who have a huge, irrational hateboner for Lolita or other J fashion, talk about "dressing for your age" like we're all 40, and/or yell at other anons for wearing hoodies, short skirts or stockings look like IRL.

No. 380825

File: 1544012071174.png (159.45 KB, 640x349, miranda.png)

I don't know about you but I'm not planning on dressing like those bland redditors when I'm 40.

No. 380826

what are statement necklaces?

No. 380827

It’s like there is no inbetween for lolita-chan. You either look like a shut-in frump or wear $300 polyester dresses from a fashion niche only weebs obsess over.

No. 380828

I don't, either, but I also don't plan on yelling at young people for dressing young when I'm that age, lol.

I doubt any well dressed, accomplished adult in their 40s is on LC talking down to people 16-25 on anon. I'm not even a Lolita, the sperging about anything certain anons wouldn't wear themselves is just unreal.

No. 380829

lol, true.

No. 380830

Tbh this is a site for unstable women who are weebs and/or shut ins. What do you expect?
Anything else should be considered a LARP.

No. 380831

Pretty much.

No. 380832

File: 1544031797611.jpg (278.79 KB, 1183x2000, ds2z4wj2vq121.jpg)

A few posts from r/malefashion

No. 380833

File: 1544031854609.jpg (2.8 MB, 3456x5184, hao88joo7d121.jpg)

No. 380834

File: 1544031923638.jpg (491.56 KB, 2474x2918, KVFGXay.jpg)

No. 380835

File: 1544032057839.jpg (121.99 KB, 640x867, 2keudrvdg3221.jpg)

No. 380836

File: 1544034277330.png (17.96 KB, 79x85, Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 10.5…)

THANK YOU FOR MAKING AN MFA HATE THREAD i hate stalk that and /fa/ sometimes just for a chuckle

No. 380837

At least /fa/ actually looks good sometimes (the regulars and some of the tripfags, admittedly). MFA is just a right disaster.

No. 380838

File: 1544043938940.jpg (101.14 KB, 1080x1080, 41384102_321145038433596_82617…)

Hm…looks bad

No. 380839

they have opposite problems imo. /fa/ posters are so afraid of looking gay/autistic/sjw/stupid that everything is so fucking bland and same-y.
Reddit FA posters are so gleefully nerdy/diffrunt/bodyposi that anything goes and they act like being understated would mean they can't ~express themselves~

Both end up looking clueless and tasteless because they overthink what their outfits represent symbolically instead of using their aesthetic eye.

No. 380840

Way too many stripes and it looks weird how the stockings cut off just above her boots. Also, I've never seen anyone in my country wear tennis skirts except of weebs. Is this a weeb thing or a general fashion thing in other countries?

No. 380841

none of this goes together. are they legit color blind?

No. 380842

Might be a regional thing? I've definitely seen them worn out and about by normal people

No. 380843

only poorfag weebs wear tennis skirts cause it reminds them of seifuku shit, but they can't afford it.

No. 380844

>seifuku shit
Ever heard of the "JK" tag on Taobao, anon?

No. 380845

>implying weebs that wear tennis skirts have

we know they're not expensive, but tennis skirts can be found at target and walmart.

No. 380846

Tennis skirts are mainstream anon, you can thank american apparel for that

No. 380847

also tennis skirts and uniform skirts are cut differently also
>calling people weebs while using the term seifuku

No. 380848

it just makes me think that she insists on wearing all her "favorite" pieces at the same time with no compromises.

No. 380849

>pic related is more likely what they wear
No it isn't, that's a uniform you apricot. It's unusual for a workplace to enforce a uniform. I was in Tokyo recently and I was actually shocked at how well women over there dress on a daily basis for work. Most of them had designer handbags too. If you look up "elegant" Japanese fashion you'll see what I mean.

No. 380850

guys calm down. i was just saying that the only weebs who wear them are poor and are trying to look like kawaii school girls.

No. 380851

File: 1544059465399.jpg (324.56 KB, 1200x1200, su323_tp05[1].jpg)

this. my roommate recommended pic related for my interview/office outfit and i was surprised considering it's bright ivory and pink.

No. 380852

yeah i thought the sterotype for office ladies were young, single, and fashionable. i looked for a source on the image but i just got articles about japanese women who work, nothing about their specific jobs.

No. 380853

File: 1544062309731.jpg (546.82 KB, 1080x1080, stripey.jpg)

honestly the stripes would be salvageable if she picked a color on top and stuck with it, and then kept the other shit neutral. still looks like a cheerleader, but I guess that's the style.

also the arm holding the phone is the same width as the right leg lol.

No. 380854

eh, it doesn't look right imo. it'd look miles better if the shirt was untucked but i just hate horizontal stripes in general.

No. 380855

i don't think stripes on stripes can work. its plain but the stripes on the skirt should be the focal point with everything else playing off of it. too many stripes makes it hard for the eyes to settle.

No. 380856

File: 1544069068577.jpg (555.2 KB, 2896x2896, HP35AFk.jpg)

i'm scared

No. 380857

File: 1544069365917.png (502.83 KB, 528x938, nTYXw6y.png)

>spent the day cleaning

why would you post this jfc

No. 380858

We Support A Woman in a velour sweatsuit. This photo would be better suited for Facebook lol

No. 380859

What's the point of posting a lounge outfit online?

No. 380860

sorry but it's really the stripes that bother me, not as much the colors.
She has 3 items with stripes, that's 2 too many. Pick one stripey piece and stick with that.

No. 380861

I admittedly like homely-core and like velour outfits but yes, this is not worth posting in any fashion circle.
>We Support A Woman in a velour sweatsuit
Go away Jill

No. 380862

Seems like a of fashion conscious males go out of their way to be pretentious.
>that alcohol shelf in the back to let you know how ~sophisticated~ he is

No. 380863

Why would she post that? That's barely a "look" at all.
>"ugh ever heard of dressing your age??"

No. 380864

These look nice

No. 380865

File: 1544125834932.jpg (961.95 KB, 1536x2048, iiFXMQm[1].jpg)

>my boss told me I looked nice :~)

No. 380866

File: 1544125963434.jpg (251.11 KB, 249x640, hF9J8fz.jpg)

No. 380867

File: 1544126100301.jpg (106.48 KB, 489x1146, EvLxQ0h.jpg)

The return of the too-small pants.

No. 380868

File: 1544126157257.jpg (389.34 KB, 1478x2702, Kb4kURD.jpg)

I feel like this could be done better.

No. 380869

File: 1544126250296.jpg (835.97 KB, 1749x2800, 4HQ2GBR.jpg)

No. 380870

Would not be surprised to come across this girl in a park in belfast shooting up heroin

No. 380871

It's creative at least.

No. 380872

yeah her outfits are usually alright. this one seemed to miss the mark enough to be weird-looking though. maybe the picture is just unfortunate.

No. 380873

Are those trannies?

No. 380874

File: 1544130245207.jpg (511.25 KB, 1504x2016, 20181204_195513[1].jpg)

First one is. He dresses like an ugly office lady and should dye his hair a better color. Second one is just ugly I think. Don't veer off too much into gender-crit though. Someone got booted last time talking about this guy.
>"The dress code was ugly christmas sweaters."
>wears a short dress

No. 380875

she looks like those girls in movies that are trying to pass as dorky/quirky before a makeover

No. 380876

lol I saw this one, wasn't the caption like
>it's so cold and snowy outside so i'm trying to stay warm!

No. 380877

The hoodies under the jackets are too thick and make their top-half look unbalanced imo. Layering works better with different materials. Also second guy's shoes look out of place as fuck.

No. 380878


agree anon, couldn't be bothered writing it.

No. 380879

Jesus, all of these girls look like randomly generated townies in the Sims.

No. 380880

File: 1544306495527.jpg (104.58 KB, 693x924, nzqfGoa.jpg)

>I'm in the middle of overhauling my wardrobe and trying to be more minimalist and cohesive with finding My Style. I'm really embracing solids and neutrals after a lifetime of my mom telling me that I need to be wearing more color. Also just trying to look more pulled together in general.

Pulled together, sure… it's never appropriate to wear ripped jeans to work

No. 380881

File: 1544306721290.jpg (218.65 KB, 1564x1564, 5dkNwkb.jpg)

No. 380882

File: 1544306791539.png (473.27 KB, 532x939, qT2ymC8.png)

another track suit

No. 380883

Is her goal to look like she's butt ass naked underneath the tied flannel shirt?

No. 380884

File: 1544307027455.jpg (1 MB, 2667x4000, xvWfJJf.jpg)

No. 380885

File: 1544307176651.jpg (430.15 KB, 1920x1280, PDL8Ach.jpg)

No. 380886

No. 380887

shit forgot to sage sorry

No. 380888

File: 1544307351554.jpg (736.64 KB, 2448x3264, GPtQFuB.jpg)

outfit's fine, but the facial expression… and he makes the same face in every picture

No. 380889

>ripped skinny jeans, hoodie, unstyled hair
>My Style
I didn't know "high school" was a style anyone sought after… like it's fine for errands, but why on earth would you think it's appropriate for a fashion subreddit, and also stylish? What?
>it's "minimal" and "cohesive"

No. 380890

this looks nice actually

No. 380891

File: 1544319193456.jpeg (113.05 KB, 374x812, F8AEC569-3A31-4917-97FA-561A28…)

>Defector: Russian Ballerina in 80s NYC off-duty look

Delusional frump is the best kind of frump

No. 380892

yes, the first thing that comes to mind is "off-duty ballerina" when I see that mess. she took the words right out of my mouth.

No. 380893

They look like they can barely walk in those pants.

No. 380894

File: 1544332897966.png (601.23 KB, 685x571, Screenshot 2018-12-08 at 11.17…)

I like the general idea behind this but those are the wrong goddamn shoes. The colors really don't mesh either imo, cool toned jacket looks weird with the warmer toned outfit underneath. But those shoes

pic related it seems like a better iteration of this loose minimal style but those leggings are fugly

No. 380895

I think sleeker boots, all red leggings and a necklace or belt would really elevate this outfit

No. 380896

You niggas need to stop wearing tight pants.

No. 380897

shayna's long lost brother kek

No. 380898

Well, some russian vibe is definitely there though, as in ‘elderly slavic lady selling beets at the marketplace’ so at least she got a part of that word salad right.

No. 380899

The only people who should wear this shirt pattern are very skinny girls who are trying to look like they have a fuller bust or fuller hips.

No. 380900

She looks pear-shaped and shouldn't be wearing a shapeless jumper like that. The jeans are fine, if they were paired with a more fitted shirt.

No. 380901

They'd look fine if she hadn't chosen a pair two sizes too small, the jeans aren't the problem. Skinny jeans are the most easily flattering on the most body types.

No. 380902

too many accessories. i'm not even sure what that pose is.

No. 380903

This man looks so unfortunate, like a midget bobblehead. Even wearing heeled boots doesn't help him…

Nursing home chic? This is what I'd expect an unsupervised grandpa to dress himself in.

Men are so rarely fashionable it hurts.

No. 380904

File: 1544381635915.jpg (621.78 KB, 949x2048, DjPU6WA.jpg)

No. 380905

File: 1544381738783.jpg (557.27 KB, 1800x1800, h4ClQwZ.jpg)

No. 380906

File: 1544381812546.jpg (249.5 KB, 1102x2795, t4IRk7e.jpg)

No. 380907

File: 1544381963769.jpg (663.05 KB, 1269x2606, Y7GbrRR.jpg)

No. 380908

File: 1544383986576.gif (15.01 MB, 326x244, Clean-Laptop.gif)

j-fashion is absolutely HIDEOUS

No. 380909

you know you can clean laptops (or any computer) like this, right? you just need to dry it fully without turning it on.

No. 380910

Does her shirt say “Fuck your patriarchy bullshit”? I am not certain on the last two words. Her shoes are the obivious focus in that but for some reason I find her leaning stance and her keychain? In her right hand to be abit funny; (the shirt just adds to it)

No. 380911

File: 1544385346605.jpg (513.71 KB, 1400x1400, M1xuP0q.jpg)

No. 380912

just saw this and she said it was for a department christmas party, girl your tit is about to fall out…

No. 380913

File: 1544385652265.jpg (94.15 KB, 518x1171, lbqnqNb.jpg)

No. 380914

kek black is such a slimming color amirite?

No. 380915

the keychain is a remote for her camera setup. she went through an awful lot of trouble just to snap that sloppy outfit.

No. 380916

the cut of that shirt is doing her no favors

No. 380917

Sorry your fit was posted >>380880, angry /ot/ anon

No. 380918

This looks like a flamboyantly gay metropolitan bishop

No. 380919

File: 1544391753298.jpg (2.44 MB, 3456x4608, 1aCuUNP.jpg)

>trying to keep it fun yet cosy

No. 380920

File: 1544391861663.jpg (454.13 KB, 1960x4032, 2BsveDo.jpg)

Not a good silhouette for her body type imo.

No. 380921

File: 1544391935200.jpg (595.39 KB, 1220x1600, 8MgyrEj.jpg)

No. 380922

File: 1544392003179.jpg (402.96 KB, 1600x910, 24EnZQ0.jpg)

Actually all of hers were pretty bad.

No. 380923

did you collect all of these? /r/FemaleFashionAdvice doesn't seem to have these outfit pics only /TodayIwore does. Yet TiW seems dead (with the exception of the active moo poster mentioned ITT); I haven't been able to find these other outfits posted and i've been looking at posts from the past 6 months.

That being said there is something peculiar about posting your "quirky" outfits to a dead subreddit only you and one other poster seem to be active on all with 0 replies at best.

No. 380924

How the fuck was this worth posting on the internet? You wear this type of outfit to run errands or something, why would anyone try to flaunt it in front of strangers?
Eh, the outfit in itself might be fine, at least this shade of blue fits her well and the purse looks nice from what I can see. Basic but in a good way. But she’s posing very awkwardly in this photo, so its honestly hard to tell if that top flatters her at all. It’s amazing how good posture can improve the whole look. She needs to vacuum her damn rug tho.
>drab grey sweater, limp skirt, what looks like orthopedic shoes, zero accessories

No. 380925

They're literally from today's WAYWT thread. Can you not reddit properly or something?

No. 380926

That is literally how my recently deceased grandfather dressed.

No. 380927

check his closet and see if it's been raided

No. 380928

the sheer size of this lad

No. 380929

I wonder how many of these outfits would look better on a skinny/pretty girl

No. 380930

All of them. And they have threads that complain about that fact constantly.
>why do I not look like my pinterest board???

No. 380931

You must be one of the women posted because I easily found the original posts from the reddit WAYWT thread

No. 380932

File: 1544444225452.jpg (93.54 KB, 640x640, 7q2e457ore321.jpg)

This looks so terrible, why would she do that

No. 380933

File: 1544444480681.jpg (140.51 KB, 960x640, 0ybFD65tlObN5qxoKIjFJhfi2P9XMO…)

How does someone put this on and go "yeah looks good!"

No. 380934

File: 1544446548885.jpeg (156.08 KB, 500x750, E6231CD8-28AF-4218-B234-16DC54…)

this woman really is a goldmine, damn

No. 380935

A lot of them would improve if they just stopped tucking in their flannel shirts.

No. 380936

Did she just… repress the naked heat palette to another naked palette? why in the absolute fuck?

No. 380937

I hate FFA. I imagine they are all like [video related] and libfemmy irl

No. 380938

it really looks like she's wearing two christmas tree skirts kek
and that bow…

No. 380939

The sweater is cute, but the bottom half of the outfit is awful. Are those leggings or pants?

No. 380940

>Face of a middle aged aunt
>Style of a 3 y/o
I mean, dress youthful if you like but surely dressing like a toddler is pushing it.

No. 380941

Why is "don't mix patterns" such a hard concept to grasp?

No. 380942

File: 1544489512488.jpg (44.53 KB, 429x600, a0af058a0cf4d3ae5c09424fa1526c…)

Honestly I would like this if he was wearing socks and shoes that weren't so cheap looking. If you're going to do a zoot suit, tuck your shirt in and go all the way

No. 380943

toddlers don't even dress like this.

No. 380944

File: 1544492218071.jpg (256.31 KB, 1280x1037, d4tfw16.jpg)

I feel like he's trying to imitate this hobo style, which I can't remember the specific name of it, but it's so poorly thought out. His clothes are way too loose.

No. 380945

I agree. "It's called fashion honey, look it up." but unironically.

No. 380946

what is wrong with this? I'm triggered

No. 380947

File: 1544552520064.jpg (129.39 KB, 441x800, 45538132854_d25109313e_c[1].jp…)

fuck I think I made a new thread instead of replying. hope it's deleted.

No. 380948

File: 1544552599176.jpg (203.37 KB, 790x2646, sJR2DFr.jpg)

this is literally a potato sack

No. 380949

File: 1544552667626.jpg (835.64 KB, 1536x2048, WcmG5cj.jpg)

No. 380950

>style goals: elegant but warm

No. 380951


This is honestly cute, if it actually fit and was pressed and tidy it would be a nice minimalist boyish outfit.

No. 380952

top half: matilda
bottom half: wednesday addams

No. 380953

File: 1544600069780.gif (866.03 KB, 500x244, regina.gif)

>coming here and making multiple posts to defend your ugly outfit

No. 380954

File: 1544616933656.jpg (112.62 KB, 640x751, amb3sidjv5321.jpg)

What is going on here

No. 380955

"I'm a fashionable geek lol" is happening here

No. 380956

If the neckline of that shirt was lower, this wouldn't be too bad, honestly.

No. 380957

I guess I'm a degenerate but I think this could easily be cute if she ironed her shirt, had a better fitted skirt (without a huge zipper in the front) and wore it with a nice leather jacket.

No. 380958

it looks like a kind of punky look so if shes going for that its fine
its just not special enough to be posted in a public group online lol

No. 380959

This gives me Nana vibes and I like it, but yeah not really something worth posting online.

No. 380960

This is….a cute outfit? Maybe not particularly special or out there but it’s nice…

No. 380961

File: 1544635988576.gif (1017.92 KB, 300x167, fzUo11f.gif)

i like it tbh

No. 380962

File: 1544638779109.jpg (1.65 MB, 3456x4608, RIBREo9.jpg)

Also to put this out there, most of the outfits in the WAYWT are pretty nice. I personally just post the ones that I think don't belong there at all, that could use improvement, or are on the cusp.

>such fashion

No. 380963

File: 1544638857309.jpg (579.96 KB, 1319x2048, Fjiq5tm.jpg)

No. 380964

File: 1544638936589.jpg (514.49 KB, 957x2048, ymvzEF9.jpg)

elements are cute, but the overall execution is sloppy

No. 380965

File: 1544639028562.jpg (538.49 KB, 887x2048, WhKefSd.jpg)

No. 380966

File: 1544639111082.png (1.26 MB, 766x1033, kD8xVae.png)

No. 380967

Imagine washing a HDD

>you just need to dry it fully


No. 380968

File: 1544639353837.jpg (502.01 KB, 1166x1808, sHJYlX4.jpg)

And a couple guy ones

No. 380969

File: 1544639396989.jpg (1.55 MB, 1488x2188, 6Ss6eY5.jpg)

No. 380970

File: 1544639466335.jpg (397.93 KB, 1466x2443, 9jjQY3c.jpg)

No. 380971

File: 1544639573130.jpg (1.49 MB, 1595x2048, vaHn680.jpg)

No. 380972

lmao Reminds me of a girl who used to post in a local drama forum fashion thread, fat, cat heads and poor "quirky" choices, theyre all the same

No. 380973

yeah the first thought I had when I saw this was "I bet she describes herself as quirky."

No. 380974

ot but she's really pretty
bland af outfit though

No. 380975

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who's been thinking about that post.
>soap and water
>not damaging a computer "as long as it dries fully"
Doesn't make any kind of sense. It's not a car, ffs.

No. 380976

>yfw this is the bugposter anon

No. 380977

I'm pretty sure they were trolling

No. 380978

She is fat but i like the fit tbh

No. 380979

NTA but actually that's true, electronics only get damaged by water because they short circuit. You can do basically what's in the gif, you're just supposed to use distilled water because it doesn't conduct electricity. All computer and electronics companies wash all the parts in distilled water anyways.

No. 380980

Execution as in posing? I think if she were to stand up straight, turn to the side and rest her arms on her waist it'd make her look 10x better.

No. 380981

why do you keep mentioning her in every thread. pretty sure people told you to knock it off.

No. 380982

Her arms are so stiff lmao.

No. 380983

File: 1544673675519.jpg (29.54 KB, 400x533, 1544645954958.jpg)

/fa/ is funny, apparently looking like a cosplay of a soviet character in an anime is 10/10

No. 380984

Nobody on /fa/ thinks this looks good.

No. 380985

Carl Sagan chic

No. 380986

Yeah, but you need tenure to dress like that and not have any side-eye.

No. 380987

File: 1544686166220.jpg (163.67 KB, 2000x631, Aidan_stance.jpg)


No. 380988

honestly I would wear this… different shoes and hat though

No. 380989

??? This is my first time mentioning her, and I did it as a joke. Not everyone is the same person you've been sperging and arguing with for months.

No. 380990


if this outfit had like some good docs on, it would actually be kinda cool. i wear shit like this all the time but i'm not dumb enough to think that light brown shoes is okay.

No. 380991

I don't see anything wrong with this one, besides it not matching the season.

No. 380992

>Based and CIA-pilled
Hope you had a big day, yesterday!

No. 380993

Would be cute on a skinny girl tbh

No. 380994

Would be cute on a skinny 12 year old. I think I wore that exact outfit in middle school.

No. 380995

I would wear this ngl

No. 380996

i think the mistake she made was wearing a v-neck over a button up. also the jacket is wayy too short

No. 380997

Thanks and the same 4U

No. 380998

There's nothing redeeming about this outfit. That yellow sweater looks fucking terrible and cheap. The colour combination is also terrible. The proportions are all wrong and it's not just because she's stocky. This would look shit on anybody.

>Ugly ill-fitting jeans tucked and cropped to that length

>awkward socks
>ugly shoes
>ugly coloured cheap yellow sweater that looks crushed and misshapen
>Denim jacket with juvenile patches and embroidery
>Collared button up shirt underneath it all
>Texturally it all looks rough and scratchy in the worst way

No. 380999

Why is his shirt like that, is that supposed to be a turtleneck?? This would look a lot better with a leather jacket, or some sort of longer coat. That short sweater looks ridiculous and he need to iron his pants.

No. 381000

man i hate to revive a month dead thread but man what the fuck is up with her leg

No. 381001

I thought this was Brittany Venti at first, kek

No. 381002

lol I like how you're calling it a distorted dream when based on ur pic of people who look like they work at a train station or something, you've clearly never been to Japan LOL.
Women DO dress very nicely for work and short skirts were common.

No. 381003

File: 1547238373595.jpg (99.9 KB, 1080x1080, 49417833_2108291025896637_3546…)

Well, since it's been revived, let's put a few recent waywt ones.

No. 381004

File: 1547238470405.png (1.39 MB, 845x1164, 3iSoSpw.png)

No. 381005

File: 1547238513802.jpg (1.27 MB, 1439x2184, 741f5cq.jpg)

No. 381006

File: 1547238637820.jpg (184.11 KB, 685x1082, VXG8Xvl.jpg)

this is a fashion subreddit btw

No. 381007

File: 1547238852756.jpg (521.88 KB, 2160x2160, 34ZxBlU.jpg)

this whole picture makes me laugh

No. 381008

she has a bob which means she's fashionable in an alt way

No. 381009

Oh boy there's a lot going on in this photo

No. 381010

When you play RDR once

No. 381011


I mean, you could use those crystals as weapons in case someone tried to rob you, so maybe she’s on to something here.

No. 381012

At least it's a cohesive look

No. 381013


No. 381014

His look is even cohesive with his dog. It looks like he has a Catahoula and they are very popular and desirable dogs in lots of East Texas and Louisiana. Saged for OT

No. 381015

Every time I see this person I think 'oh, it must be laundry day'

No. 381016

lol that's a woman

No. 381017

honestly, all these pics tell me that fashion would be 10000% easier if I lost a shit ton of weight ngl

No. 381018

Lol cur are trash dogs. I've seen a shit ton of the stray mongrels around my state.

No. 381019

Notice how the skinnier person looks decent even if the style itself is wack

No. 381020

no shit sherlock

No. 381021

are you fucking blind? no she doesn't. she looks like a wreck.
the thing about these chunkier girls, they could look good in something, but the refuse to wear stuff that doesn't make them look stubby

No. 381022

File: 1547431373841.jpg (749.18 KB, 2285x3427, g4kgaXI.jpg)

No. 381023

File: 1547431566686.jpg (369.74 KB, 1474x3146, tgWDPag.jpg)

No. 381024

She has to walk to her middle school prom, and she's going to change into her heels later.

No. 381025

She could've changed into heels for two seconds for a pic she posted to a fashion sub as well. Took her longer to put on the stupid quirky mask. Terribly lazy.

No. 381026

while catahoulas are technically cur, they're fairly selectively bred, and usually cost 400-700 dollars. Obviously I can't be certain its a catahoula, but something about its appearance really struck me as one and I've known people that ave owned them.

No. 381027

What about that outfit looks like a wreck? I honestly think it's pretty okay.

No. 381028

oof…. ntayrt but the, uh… the joke was….. well, never mind.

No. 381029

I actually really like the basic idea behind this tbh I just feel that it could use some better color coordination.

It's like everything that could clash has been made to clash.

No. 381030

Honestly the worst thing about the shitty outfits is the lack of care that goes into their hair/makeup. If your hair and face is decent you automatically lift your look up 1000%, these sloppy bun bitches and frizzed out cousin it clones make me cringe so hard.

No. 381031

im a nurse the only time these shoes are acceptable are on my middle aged coworkers

No. 381032

if she's not going to go on a diet then she at least needs to learn whats flattering

No. 381033

i'd wear this to an 8am class in october

No. 381034

I'll never understand why this woman is so popular on there, she always looks like shit

No. 381035

I like to think because she looks so bad people enjoy posting her

No. 381036

Gross. At least say you'd put on some jeans for a little effort.

No. 381037


pick one

No. 381038

File: 1548223744854.jpg (30.69 KB, 540x278, tumblr_pj55geWWH51r1kx41_540.j…)


No. 381039

NTA but still more effort than leggings

No. 381040

yeah but fat people DO look stubby that's why they look bad in pretty much anything. sorry to sperg but what DOES look good on fattychans? genuinely curious

No. 381041

every time I see this comment I laugh, it's so great

No. 381042

File: 1548263484007.jpg (169.79 KB, 615x921, gray-leopard-sweatshirt-1.jpg)

At least with a leggings/sweatshirt outfit it's more of an athleisure look, which for an 8 am class or something is more than acceptable. Wearing a sweatshirt with jeans somehow looks worse, IMO. Frumpy.

No. 381043

Omg, this is such a 2012 photo. I agree, wearing jeans instead of leggings as pants bumps up the look to more… Warm

No. 381044

>thinking you look athletic in leggings
Girl in OP isnt even wearing a sweater, it's a fleece jacket. Are you American? If you went out like that anywhere else, it's considered lazy and everyone can see your panties. You know jeggings and black jeans exist, right? Those look leagues better than dressing like a lazy 13 year old in high shool in teeny bopper leggings.

The real problem is her ugly boots and oversized 80s fleece jacket though. Whole outfit is yikes.

No. 381045

Ikr. Even if pic in >>381042 is hideous, it's still a lot more appropriate and put together than whatever >>381006 this is. At least you can wear the ugly leopard outfit to work on casual friday but good luck doing that with the other horrid mess

No. 381046

are you retarded? >>381042 screams sexless lady who reads young adult fiction in her 30s

No. 381047

I already said it was hideous and ugly. What are you attacking me for?

No. 381048

Are you? Still better than looking like a sloppy dirty crackho with dickcheese breath who looks less fashionable than a 14 y/o basic instathot. Do you dress like that irl or something? U sound pressed.

No. 381049

File: 1548309940435.png (230.25 KB, 782x686, 1.png)


The fact that you solely associate leggings with "sloppy dirty crackho with dickcheese breath who looks less fashionable than a 14 y/o basic instathot" is…. disturbing. Have you ever heard of the concept of exercise? I do look athletic in leggings because I'm not a fat fuck covered in lumpy cellulite. If you buy quality leggings no one will be able to see your underwear, you should try it

Wearing jeans with any sort of of frumpy sweatshirt or t shirt immediately makes you look like an irl femcel meme lmfao. Jeans are only acceptable when correctly accessorized or dressed up at least a bit.

No. 381050

literally who wears jeans in 2019

No. 381051

File: 1548315448100.jpg (590.45 KB, 1500x1144, laugh.jpg)

lol no it doesn't

>no one wears jeans anymore
>she's actually serious about this

No. 381052

File: 1548316270994.jpg (35.09 KB, 544x514, DhwqbcTUwAE5VNS.jpg)

this thread is making me wonder if i'm just walking around everywhere looking like absolute shit and no one's bothered to tell me

No. 381053

File: 1548317752249.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1125x2066, EA4B999D-D940-4B28-A2F4-209053…)

Let’s average the age from everyone on this thread (24/22is)

>What would be the best possible outfit to wear on a daily basis?

>”5’4” middle upper class 22-26yr”

On the workplace (assuming they work at an office)

Everyone here is infighting about how much better they could look like but no one has posted any decent cords (assuming that they aren’t landwhales)

No. 381054

Derail but.
Fuck, that meme is a slap in the face this morning. I'm still a khv but I know this will be my future. Rejected by incels…hoping to be the female equivalent to a beta provider…
I feel the same. I think I look okay…but do I?

No. 381055

Most people dress like blind retards, so if you do as well it's unlikely you'll stand out in any significant way unless you're one of those alt fashion types.

No. 381056

In which case (if you are an alt fashion type), you'll only stand out to normies just for being different, but the same applies (post above) to everyone in your subculture.

No. 381057

I had a short period a few years back where kept a outfit diary, took pics every day and thought that I looked cool and trendy and fashion-forward. I took a glance at them a while back and. Oh good god. Why. Most of them could be posted in this thread, why didn't anyone bother to tell me that I looked like a dumpster fire. I actually was an active FFA lurker back then so it might have contributed to it a lot lol.

It'd be nice to have a place where you could post your looks for harsh critique, without the unnecessary hugboxing, I want to know if I look like shit or not. My friends are all too nice, can't trust em.

No. 381058

Why not have a thread here? I cant see any rules against it. We have a thread for face shape and eyes, I don't see it as too different. Just block out the face and clear the exif data lol.
The fashion/outfit template thread just doesn't cut it when it comes to judging if something matches body type.

No. 381059

File: 1548341761415.jpg (232.48 KB, 1200x1200, wyOD3xo.jpg)

No. 381060

File: 1548341802498.jpg (238.28 KB, 1456x1941, imuOpy5r.jpg)

No. 381061

File: 1548341856908.jpg (179.61 KB, 1456x2184, OguIqIcr.jpg)

The stomach showing… dear god

No. 381062

File: 1548342039950.jpg (4.21 MB, 3120x4160, 2f264nj.jpg)

No. 381063

File: 1548342165355.jpg (909.64 KB, 1162x2800, H8h42dn-1.jpg)

No. 381064

File: 1548342296077.jpg (85.26 KB, 1080x1080, 49858760_315444855754627_23992…)

No. 381065

File: 1548342368977.jpg (91.92 KB, 1080x1080, 50585232_1381842512169320_7401…)

No. 381066

File: 1548342432546.jpg (562.98 KB, 828x2048, ghmVxnv.jpg)

This girl's poses are always cringeworthy

No. 381067

File: 1548342613701.jpg (1.05 MB, 1251x1564, Uadsy3K.jpg)

No. 381068

Looks like someone told her that there were crumbs on her trousers and she's checking.

No. 381069

This is kinda nice.

No. 381070

She looks like she smells like mothballs.

No. 381071

File: 1548355464332.jpg (718.61 KB, 1530x2048, nBYws3R.jpg)

i used to lurk the waywt threads all the time for the laughably bad outfits
i'm just glad i've never had the money to actually wear all the horrible fashion phases i've been through

No. 381072

It makes her look disproportionate

No. 381073

File: 1548375049358.jpg (759.77 KB, 1458x2667, BIy9hii.jpg)

No. 381074

File: 1548375248996.png (1.63 MB, 800x1175, d2inhFW.png)

No. 381075

File: 1548375742664.jpg (4.34 MB, 3024x4032, 1YCIvKs.jpg)

No. 381076

I can imagine her going very early to her school library and carefully resting the phone against some books, trying to pose nonchalantly with a remote shutter button in her hand

No. 381077

what kind of school library stores dumbbells under bookshelves?

No. 381078

What's going on with that top?
>harem pants and uggs
Why did she post this online in a fashion sub?

No. 381079

File: 1548388284001.jpg (400.95 KB, 1125x1494, xA3CgU1.jpg)

No. 381080

File: 1548388312355.jpg (87.55 KB, 728x970, h-NrQvliWGjV3OBob-NsbSVTg5s4at…)

No. 381081

File: 1548388485503.jpg (764.21 KB, 1536x2048, RaWka47.jpg)

No. 381082

File: 1548388530750.jpg (832 KB, 1536x2048, THRBzSG.jpg)

No. 381083

File: 1548388580458.jpg (629.02 KB, 1500x2000, vhNQ7be.jpg)

No. 381084

These are terrible.

No. 381085

File: 1548391440071.jpg (606.36 KB, 1500x2000, lLlxorz.jpg)

No. 381086

File: 1548391474024.jpg (724.11 KB, 1500x2000, mDDvC78.jpg)

No. 381087

File: 1548391506691.jpg (614.35 KB, 1500x2000, wLpDeWV.jpg)

No. 381088

File: 1548391571344.jpg (1.11 MB, 1536x2048, tuEJtg6.jpg)

Fatness aside, this outfit does her no favors.

No. 381089

File: 1548391772460.png (1.1 MB, 374x1202, BU3rhz9.png)

No. 381090

File: 1548391850191.png (1.2 MB, 644x995, UxF8bbs.png)

No. 381091


the worst of the bunch imo. the people who tried and failed annoy me more than the sweatpants/slippers/tracksuit people for some reason.

No. 381092

Ah yes, the Han Solo style.

These just seem very normal and bland. Like it's not fashion and no one will look at her twice but it's not good either.

No. 381093

I like this, it suits her body type.

I'm not sure if an other outfit would look better on her. the top seems to hide the problem areas.

The sad part is that the sweatpants/slippers/tracksuit people probably tried just as hard as the try-and-fail ones.

No. 381094

Upper middle class southern mom trying to be cool at the weekend farmer's market looks

No. 381095

File: 1548492283092.jpg (10.47 KB, 236x353, 923236e70a0929635dcc2c4e05934e…)

The top lacks structure, it makes her look bigger. Maybe a wrap/empire cut blouse with slightly longer sleeves would work? Pic related. The length of the second layer of peplum makes her legs look shorter as well. peplum in general isn't going to look good on anyone carrying a lot of weight in their midsection.
A solid colour on the bottom would look better than the pattern too. And the shoes need to go.

No. 381096

File: 1548546166003.jpg (31.17 KB, 570x570, 31_173634.jpg)

Is there a term for those cardigans that don't swamp you but finish on the thigh, are still form fitting, and look adorable?

No. 381097

File: 1548643230760.jpeg (116.22 KB, 1080x941, 0F8E63C6-6C16-4D45-89B6-03458A…)

They’re just so bad

No. 381098

File: 1548652442608.jpeg (1.48 MB, 3024x4032, A702FD10-9B43-4D18-AAF3-AA661A…)

No. 381099

The fuck is up with reddit, why are they always so unfortunate? Are they like loser normies or what.

No. 381100

File: 1548653609017.jpeg (1.53 MB, 2448x3058, BC86D475-3CC1-4D69-B0B2-FE9471…)

A competition in looking dumpy

No. 381101

File: 1548653744994.jpeg (495.04 KB, 1229x1625, A3D31AC7-A6DB-4E82-AF5A-BEB48A…)

Sorry for dumping photos but she looks absolutely retarded

No. 381102

jfc. it looks like this girl drank the "all asians r cute" koolaid and decided to take an aesthetic animu style pic.

No. 381103

Hey this is pretty cool found this from the fashion thread
I want to post an outfit but I feel like it's going to derail the thread

No. 381104

>Hey this is pretty cool found this from the fashion thread
Are you a kid?

This thread is for horrible fashion from reddit don't self-post here

No. 381105

obviously a newfag, anyone who replies to the fucking thread OP is a newfag.

No. 381106

File: 1548741833926.png (220.55 KB, 355x436, Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 00.58…)

Not from the subreddit, but from a girl's instagram (who shall remain anonymous) who is so beautiful but imo, doesn't know how to dress for shit.

Those pants are pajama pants and she matched them with some ruffly blouse which doesn't really go together… and those shoes…

Please tell me I'm not crazy and her outfit is actually shit, because people praise her for her "style".

No. 381107

You're not crazy, this is shit
People praising her are probably "art school studends"

No. 381108

Jfc the ruffled blouse with elastic waist pants..
The colours, the fit, the Velcro shoes for retarded kids, the makeup that doesn’t not match.

She looks like hot garbage.

No. 381109

I feel like any one piece of this is ok, and could look alright paired with a more simple outfit. But all of them together is just a clusterfuck

No. 381110


I believe what you are looking for is just called a "long cardigan," anon.

No. 381111

File: 1548883933852.jpg (1.11 MB, 1992x2885, WZLxPA6.jpg)

No. 381112

File: 1548883997263.jpg (1.14 MB, 2217x2998, CLX0Io1.jpg)

No. 381113

File: 1548884051617.jpg (492.79 KB, 2091x2854, Hb2uL8h.jpg)

No. 381114

I don’t fuck with the basic velvet top that’s too matchy or the frumpy boots but I like those joggers

No. 381115

File: 1548885984823.jpg (328.46 KB, 727x1135, eFccKtf.jpg)

No. 381116

File: 1548886408232.jpg (1.44 MB, 2420x3227, zYHkNIV.jpg)

No. 381117

??? nothing is particularly bad about these

No. 381118

Berry Tsukasa is that you? Rofl

No. 381119

my thoughts exactly

ahahaha! it could be

No. 381120

I get what they're going for here, but it would look better with a smooth velvet top instead of the cheap textured kind. Also, maybe sneakers or chunkier boots?

>stained pants
very ~fashion

nitpick but turtleneck should have been beige/cream

No. 381121

File: 1549305657912.jpeg (211.06 KB, 1500x1498, 2153BE05-3A86-4057-8CB5-B6422C…)


No. 381122

I think it's fine except for the nose ring. Otherwise the outfit is cute though very tumblr/90's inspired. Vaguely reminds me of Sailor Moon anime.

No. 381123

75% of the problem here is her face and figure not being even slightly suited to the outfit. The outfit itself is pretty basic and inoffensive.

Goth hobbit.

Pants look like dollarstore cheap fabric awkwardly made into someones very first sewing project. Nothing she wore with those shiny sumbitches would look good but the top length and the bland chunk of the shoes just really ties together the whole everything bad about Rick Owens on a strict budget look.

Get to absolute fuck that’s barely an outfit.

No. 381124

File: 1549322073318.jpeg (711.02 KB, 1920x2560, 2592278B-9CD3-4E0E-8A0F-9C1ED0…)

She made the sweater like this. Stupid AND impractical!

No. 381125

File: 1549322215322.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1966x3234, F2BCEBBB-3833-4405-B561-769AEB…)

Sorry for incoming dump but I keep finding winners.

No. 381126

File: 1549322588289.jpeg (126.18 KB, 750x746, 3D07DBDC-88B2-4347-8357-FC288E…)

No. 381127

File: 1549322857477.jpeg (903.5 KB, 1935x2576, 0E64BABF-E8CF-4E21-A068-FB17E2…)

No. 381128

File: 1549323011611.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 901AABA0-49E3-4CF5-90F5-151751…)

No. 381129

File: 1549323391492.jpeg (661.69 KB, 2976x3968, E4814EB8-9727-43FB-B4AA-A27892…)

No. 381130

This isn't even so bad in general. On the right girl this outfit could look stylish. Her face makes this look tragic imo

No. 381131

File: 1550258394574.png (406 KB, 338x586, wat.png)

tbf i saw this on amazon (not r/ffa) as a girl's attempt at dressing like Cher from clueless and i died a lot inside

No. 381132

Pardon me, I didn't realize there were ever only two fashion styles available to the female population: lolita and redditcore

No. 381133

textbook apple shape body, how unfortunate

No. 383866

File: 1551858926791.jpeg (1.46 MB, 3024x4032, 933C882F-74DE-49B0-90BA-F31ECB…)

Sorry for necro but there’s nowhere else to dump these horrific r/womenstsreetwear stars.

No. 383867

File: 1551859022835.jpeg (435.21 KB, 1080x1345, 5112AF15-FBC4-4C4B-AB1B-7BA16F…)

No. 383868

File: 1551859155830.jpeg (253.18 KB, 2048x2048, 4390255C-0EED-42F5-AFC8-1AD036…)

No. 383870

File: 1551859272926.jpeg (1.43 MB, 2896x4128, EDEB2199-674E-429F-A688-60746A…)

Skateboarders are known for their love of ruched shiny polyester and hairdressing smocks.

No. 383872

File: 1551859376160.jpeg (370.83 KB, 890x1334, 91322399-53FE-41AD-A48A-FB16D2…)

No. 383877

File: 1551860191474.jpeg (2.43 MB, 3456x5184, 546A6ACA-C41C-48E8-B3A8-AA7A3D…)

Once more just because donkaka makes such amazingly shitty quality garments.

Uneven seams, uneven sleeve setting, the collar fur isn’t attatched the whole way around, wrong zipper style, poorly cut pockets with dreadful stitching, misshapen and uneven hems and seams around the zipper,loose threads everywhere.

The guy can’t sew for shit and had the balls to say he’s not opening his store publicly until he gets a cult following.

No. 383889

im dying at souxsie soux's mumu sleeve making her hand look tiny and withered

No. 383890

Oh god I never even saw the creepy baby hand. I can’t wait for fat polyester goth to die but it’s just getting more trendy.

No. 383922

kind of cute
bad but not offensively so
looks dumb but weirdly cute

Do I have hideous taste?

No. 383974

I like this, but ironically. Especially the ashtray

No. 383979

File: 1551895421497.png (303.61 KB, 350x525, disgust.png)

that is painful to look at wtf

it reminds me of yeezy season 2. i have disproportionate hatred towards that collection.

No. 384047

File: 1551913528102.jpeg (123.07 KB, 750x1125, 818FB804-8E8A-4495-BD2F-B1B83C…)

You think that one is bad, look how the fucking sleeves are set here. Charging $600USD for something that would fail as a textiles class assignment.

No. 384085

10 days isn't a necro, jeez.

No. 384450

are they larping Billie Eilish?

oh no….oh no no no no

kind of cute, she looks like a pokemon trainer

No. 386706

is this a /r/blunderyears post?

No. 386713

File: 1552590211696.jpg (101.28 KB, 900x900, jzmav5bs52m21.jpg)

200 upvotes on /r/womensstreetwear. No, she doesn't have a skin condition. How could she think this was a decent photo to post?

No. 386750

She looks like blond margo

the individual pieces are fine but the sweatpants suck

No. 386772

They’re all dressed like clowns.

No. 386790

File: 1552606455430.png (683.9 KB, 686x689, ugh.PNG)

No. 386791

i like this but i'm sweatsuit trash.

No. 386828


No. 412022

When I try to post anything related to weight loss and fashion into FFA it deletes it saying it’d be better posted in the general comment thread. Wtf. And in the rules it says you can’t post any advice related to health and weight loss and even exercise!? Seriously what’s all this bullshit fatlogic? No actual critic is allowed apparently either? No wonder everyone who pays in FFA is a dumpster fire. Oh and why the fuck are trans allowed to post on there?? It’s called FEMALE fashion advice ffs.

No. 412087

>wearing jeans makes you a femcel

This site I swear..

No. 538205

Sorry for necroposting with nothing to contribute but these outfits genuinely make me want to k*ll myself even though I'm not the one wearing them. I love it

No. 539197


thanks for bumping, i'd never seen this and it's hilarious.

I'm 29 and feel sort of surprised at all the sneakers. when i was growing up sneakers were for little kids and working out. interesting.

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