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File: 1555257520018.png (263.52 KB, 720x480, handmaid.png)

No. 398608

As the title implies, post examples, stories, and rants about handmaidens (girls with internalized misogyny issues who go to sad lengths to cater to shitty men and defend their awful treatment of women). NLOGS, declared anti-feminists, female rape apologists, the list goes on.

-transadvocates stay in the GC thread
-don't post girls simply because you disagree on certain debates within feminism such as sex work for example (unless their reasoning is absolutely ridiculous, for example refusing to acknowledge prostitution harms many women and insisting it's always super empowering)

No. 398610

This might be a unpopular opinion but but Kathleen Hanna
she is the epitome of useless class illiterate white liberal feminism. That Le Tigre song about Hillary Clinton is a god damn disgrace to music and feminism.

Also, her mistreatment of Courtney love

No. 398613

File: 1555258337810.jpg (262.69 KB, 793x1110, 19932971_1438437302875992_1162…)

>"The issue of feminism is just not an interesting concept. I'm more interested in, you know, SpaceX and Tesla, what's going to happen with our intergalactic possibilities. Whenever people bring up feminism, I'm like, god. I'm just not really that interested."

>saying "intergalactic" to sound smart and sciencey when SpaceX isn't doing anything intergalactic

>implying you can't be interested in both
>sucking Elon Musk's taint

I love her music, but she sounded so fucking dumb here one might think it was a parody of these types.

No. 398616

>implying she's not like the other girls who are interested in feminism

I love her but that was cringy. Good thing she changed her public view on feminism.

No. 398632

her trying to hex trump was pretty based.

No. 398635

it was fucking pathetic anon

No. 398639

It was hilarious and kind of cathartic. It's not that serious.

No. 398740

How did she mistreat Courtney love? Yes shilling for Clinton is lame but she doesn't appease troons and believes they're not women so what's the prob

No. 398752

Courtney Love punched her for no reason as she's prone to do to women she feels threatened by (see also: Mary Lou Lord) as well as random people (like Kristin King) because she can.
She should have been posted as an example in this thread. She pays lip service to the idea of feminism but acts the opposite.

No. 398756

Courtney Love is almost a handmaiden, but the truth is she's rotten to everybody.
There was an entire Tumblr blog dedicated to documenting how shitty she is, exposingcourtneylove, but it's been deleted IIRC. Sad.

No. 398760

Luckily almost the whole thing got archived by wayback machine:


Scroll down (or ctrl+f "why i hate courtney love") for all the people she mistreated plus fake feminism, racism and other bs.

No. 398771

File: 1555289650089.png (36.05 KB, 663x253, Screenshot_2019-04-15 Kathleen…)

>but she doesn't appease troons and believes they're not women so what's the prob
>Courtney Love punched her for no reason
Kathleen Hanna had repeatedly made antagonistic comments to Courtney,calling her a bad mother and a bad feminist, she also still believes that Courtney was involved in Kurt Cobain's death

No. 398772

Yeah, I like Courtney's music but didn't she literally say in her song "I am not a feminist"? I admire that she's a lot stronger than I could ever be, but she's still kind of anti-fem and seems to dislike a lot of women.

Why is 'husband' in quotes on the tumblr? They were obviously married and he was obviously in love with her. I think Kurt was into 'strong' women and he was submissive himself so I don't doubt that he was her husband, at least on his end to her.

No. 398774

I think Courtney and kurt were both broken people and they kinda deserved each other and needed each other but to outside observers I do think the relationship might have looked weird or wrong

No. 398776

Her music is awful and I honestly find her annoying but supporting trans rights =\= not believing male trannies are women. She played at Michfest when the whole thing was going down about it being transphobic and she said she believed in women's only festivals or whatever, so, I think she was saying it without saying it. You can still 'support trans rights' or whatever though and believe TRAs are retards and arent women tho

No. 398785

File: 1555293147930.jpg (670.99 KB, 1280x1694, tumblr_m0p6fpClqA1qek7uko1_128…)

Show me proof Kathleen Hannah attacked her first. Besides, there is a difference between criticism and punching someone. This is not even the only case where Courtney assaulted someone. That's a troon-tier behavior.

>The state of feminism is sad. Somehow in the 70s, or early 80s, the feminists with the hairy legs and the “big and fat”, you know, somehow separated themselves from the pretty girls. So it’s like, the more pretty girls that are feminists is sort of better for the whole thing.

Courtney Love is a shit human being, as much as it made me sad when I found it, as I love Live Through This.
See pic related. Kind reminder that if you got raped or sexually assaulted, that's probably because you have a victim energy. So it's on you.

No. 398792

Its such a MRA talking point that Courtney Love was a horrible person and had no talent of her own and abused everyone

No. 398799

??? She was objectively a horrible person, lmao. Talented, yes, but also a horrible person. She most certainly does have abusive tendencies, and that's why she's always been such a liar and so shitty to other women.
Defending Courtney Love is not the hill to die on.

No. 398802

Can't stand her glorification of nasty old men. Too bad she's now in her 30s and too old for them.

No. 398851

>Besides, there is a difference between criticism
calling Courtney a bad mother and thirsting after Kurt were not criticisms

No. 398856

Every woman on reddit. Seriously, every single one is a pathetic cuckqueen handmaiden.

No. 398857

Yes, it was. Also sure, aggressive drug addicts make wonderful parents!
Give me links proving she did it before Courtney punched her.
Besides, even if we ignore that one thing, there is plenty of horrible stuff she's done. Just check the link above. You can't tell me all of it is always someone else's fault.

Courtney Love stans are unreal with how they buy the ~vilified rock queen uwu~ narrative pushed by her PR agency lmfao.

No. 398859

>unironically interested in techie pleb scams

my sides

No. 398864

both Courtney and Kurt were not perfect people and both had a lot of issues
I just feel their is a double standard between how "damaged" men are treated and how "damaged" women are treated
Courtney loved and Kurt loved her and thats enough for me

No. 398865

Chief example r/TrollXChromosomes

No. 398910

There are always those bizarre daft older women on twitter who will only comment on specific rape cases to defend rapists. Sometimes I hope they're trolls but most of the time they aren't and it's just really sad. No one is going to fuck you Brenda for aggressively attacking sexual assault victims.

No. 398921

>She pays lip service to the idea of feminism but acts the opposite.
I don't feel like Courtney should be exiled from feminism just because she's problematic. Courtney is a piece of shit in many regards, without a doubt, but women should be allowed to be flawed pieces of shit. Until we nitpick male rockstars to the same degree, I don't see the point at burning her at the stake for being a bad feminist when she never claimed to be a sjw icon

It's the same about people who constantly attack LDR for dumb stuff she's said >>398613 like yeah, hold her accountable for that shit forever but also a large body of work she has made is intrinsically feminist. People can be bad feminists, people can even accidentally be feminists even when they deny it, you can't just draw a line under a whole living person.

Unrelated the messy Kathleen Hannah and Courtney drama is my guilty pleasure, I love that instead of settling down and becoming stage moms they both instead just carry on hissing about how the other isn't really punk rock.

No. 398922

I quit Reddit because of this. Countless "I'm a woman but DAE think women just as bad as men??" on AskReddit. Instagold and 10k upvotes.

No. 398929

>I love that instead of settling down and becoming stage moms they both instead just carry on hissing about how the other isn't really punk rock.
Courtney never claimed to be punk
Kathleen Hannah was a try hard punk and is way overhyped when there are way better female punks.
she kept on trying to claim how punk she was but forbade moshing and violence in her shows
Kathleen and other Bikkini kill members all came from collage backgrounds something and Riot grrrl had always been a middle-class white women thing

No. 398934

can you guys please shut the fuck up about courtney love and stop derailing the thread

No. 398936

The comments on /r/sex and related subreddits like this are the worst.

>Does anyone else love dicks or am I the only woman in the world who feels this way?

>Actually I hate receiving oral or having orgasms, I'm only fulfilled when I'm giving blowjobs!
>Here's a 1000 word essay about how much I love semen!

No. 398937

We're conversing, if you want to talk about something different then please do
If people are talking about something you don't like at lunch so you just yell at them to shut up instead of leading into something you care about?

No. 398953

I find it so hard to believe that any of these are actual women and not just men LARPing as women on Reddit for karma.

No. 398967

They get weirder and weirder by the day soon we'll get some shit like

>I actually love getting buttfucked without any prepping and I squirt like a firehose every single time a sexy old dude breath on my vagina, tee-hee, but I never cum and I don't care for it.

>Omg YOU ARE THE PERFECT WOMAN, where can I met someone like you??

>You my good lady perfectly fit my definition of what a true feminist is ; a woman who stfu and let me assfuck her, keep up the good work!
>Your bf is the luckiest man alive
>OMG Girl I'm just like you! I'm so sick and tired of women telling me sex should be a mutually satisfying experience, I LOVE being a sex object, doing painful sexual acts and never having any orgasm!!
>I love it when I breath on a woman's vagina and she immediately squirt, I'm a great lover and women never fake it with me ;)

No. 398976

These both sound and are probably guys larping. Porn stars lie about loving whatever act they do because men love hearing that and actually believe it kek but I'm sure there are self hating handmaids who truly believe what they say just to earn a couple of Men Approved(tm) points and not be like other girls

No. 398985

Kek all men are basically autistic. No other gender is so prone to writing wish fulfillment fanfics WHILST talking to themselves.


Never fuck a male that uses reddit.

No. 399002

I've come across a good number of accounts on twitter ran by actual women defending sport stars rape allegations. They exist and they are mental.

I also know this mess of a girl that writes walltexts on fb about porn and how she's so proud she's one of the few women who can squirt. It's absolutely desperate and so harrowing to read what she posts while she's sitting in her break room lol

No. 399231

I really hate Trollx
I also hate the Hypocrisy in that sub they will constancy attack all forms of Christianity but will never dare to Insult Islam

No. 399233

File: 1555396383960.jpg (61.24 KB, 625x475, ilrklt8bgo121.jpg)

/r/gendercritical and it's aligned subs are an oasis in a wasteland of male pandering and misogyny, at least.

No. 399236

File: 1555396998501.png (24.26 KB, 1022x307, 1554433427308.png)

what about r/GenderCriticalGuys

No. 399239

I do not read male opinions on feminism if I can help it. And it would be nice if you would stop posting this random guy nobody gives a shit about, sperg.

No. 399243

I love this meme

No. 399244

The /r/relationships is terrible too. The women who have legitimate grievances with their awful husbands and boyfriends are gaslit to oblivion by the women on there and are encouraged to appease the men or else they're unreasonable harpies

No. 399250

is this selfposting or are you really this thirsty for some faceless reddit user who already has a gf lmao

No. 399272

File: 1555413668780.png (65.86 KB, 846x287, 98Y389H3D.png)

Like a clockwork.

No. 399281


> Feminists want everyone to be able to do whatever makes them happy

I'm so sad this has happened to feminism

No. 399282

Why do women like this always have to bring up sex acts that by and large don’t please women, never mind the fact that we’re not supposed to shove things up our assholes and risk serious injury every time we do

No. 399284

lets be real anon, these are all probably men in the screenshot

No. 399286

They're pathetic pick-me's. "Yes I love getting pounded in the ass teehee am I not very cool??? Also I'm a feminist which means I will never ask any help from you of any sort~~~ I'm the best teehee"

No. 399298

My little sister is in her handmaiden phase.
>"Fuck feminists, they're so annoying xd"
>capes for troons and calls people bigots for pointing out their biological sex
>capes for men
>"I'm not like other girls"
>"I don't hang out with girls, I prefer guys because there's less drama"
>calls her bf "daddy"
>porn addicted, calls women who don't have their vulvas completely shaven at all times "disgusting"
Hopefully she'll come to her senses in a couple of years

No. 399321

fucking lmao, you know it's true

No. 399345

I've never heard a woman say she loved getting pounded in the ass un ironically. These are porn sick men repeating what they've heard in porn, larping hard and being pathetic at it kek

She'll come around anon but that last one is really sad. Hating your own body because it's not like porn. I hope she builds her self esteem

No. 399392

Not to sound like an incel migtoe but handmaidenism is 100% a way for female betas to increase their perceived sexual value.

"I may not be pretty or rich enough to make any rules here but I will literally prolapse my ass for you, scrot-kun!"

No. 399406

I've seen some super good looking doing it as well.

No. 399408

I have hope for that, because at her age I used to think the same while nowadays I don't even watch porn anymore. Sadly she was exposed to porn at a very young age, and so was I. When a kid has access to the internet you can't control what they do and what they see, and it hurts to think of how she lets her guy friends degrade her, and how she degrades herself for men (our mom accidentally saw some pictures and texts).
Hopefully she'll got out of it. Not to be paranoid, but I'm really concerned for her. I don't like her friends.

No. 399419

Can't you talk to her about it? How would she react if you pointed out that, say, men would never defend her the way she defends them. Or that she clearly has low self esteem if she's so desperate for male approval?

I have to say, if my sister was spewing that bullshit I would have no mercy and tear into her. For her own good and also because it's so fucking offensive to women to say things like that, so she'd deserve to be told off.

No. 399425

You can be attractive and a complete beta. Lots of good looking women amount to absolutely nothing in the eyes of men because they have no spine.

No. 399434

I did but you know how teenagers are, they're stubborn and think they know better.

No. 399456

yep the women of reddit.
If you want an extreme dose of handmaiden go to /redpillwomen/
>I'm in a one-sided open relationship where my husband gets to fuck other women while I take care of our children but I don't mind it!

No. 399462

Oh anon, why did you remind me.
That is absolutely the worst subreddit. I'd post caps if I weren't busy but it's a ride.

They believe in shit like SMV (sexual male value). It's fucking insane.

No. 399468

My roommate is a handmaiden. I hope she gets raped(shit bait)

No. 399470

You’re utterly foul.

No. 399485

What the fuck? No.

No. 399488


the absolute state of radfems. Hope you feel disgusted at yourself for eternity

No. 399494

Fuck off samefag.

No. 399506



No. 399507


Who is?

No. 399540

This is not a radfem way of thinking, at all. Radfem is about sisterhood, not wanting women to get raped wtf? Either you're baiting or you're just uninformed.

No. 399575

A lot of people have convinced themselves radfems are evil witch-like women who want everyone who disagrees with them to suffer, including women. It's a lot easier to reject feminist discourse if you pretend there's a dark, murderous agenda behind it.

Meanwhile some people have legit carried out violent acts in the name of the alt-right/redpill but alt-right men are totally ~uwu traditional men who just want to uphold society~.

No. 399611

dont engage the troll ladies

No. 399633

This something else, this is being a gross cuck.

No. 399776

The best thing I’ve done was unsubscribing from that hellhole. I’ve read The Surrendered Single because of them and I got into an abusive relationship because “if he pumps and dumps you it’s your fault for being a plate and not good enough to be in a relationship”.
I also hate the lock and key thing - “a key that opens many locks is a master key; a lock that is opened by many keys is a shitty lock”. Fuck off, I’m not a perishable piece of meat that’s rotten by the age of 30 if I’m not married or have more than 10 sexual partners.

No. 399900

My best friend was date raped and her aunt blamed her for it since she was on a date with him. She said that God would forgive her if she asked him to and practiced more cautionary behavior around men.

Conservative Christians are the ultimate handmaidens.

No. 399901

Hardcore Christian wives literally are handmaidens. They talk about serving your husband in the bible and a lot of them stand behind it staunchly. It can be disturbing as fuck if you've ever seen the dynamic in action.

No. 399904

I know that person's probably trolling, but there are women who (as disgusting as I feel to admit) I've wished that upon because of their foul views toward rape victims. Like those who dismiss rape as no big deal and say that anyone who is traumatized for life by it is being overdramatic. Or those who want to force rape victims to carry the pregnancy to term against their will. I know it's fucked up, but if you're going to be that harsh and cruel then yeah, I'm going to hope it happens to you. Then you can tell me all about how women are overreacting to being raped or how okay you are to carry/birth your rapist's child.

No. 399907

There's this one chick I know who might be a handmaiden? She's kind of all over the place.

>Durr, I'm not a feminist, I believe in equality

>Women get special treatment even when they're terrible by orbiters, so they have all the privileges
>Trannies are sick sad people who should be pitied for their mental illness
>Supports abortion, but thinks PP shouldn't get gov't $$, and not ok with late term abortion
>Thinks men should be able to waive parental rights/responsibilities as their form of abortion
>Does the whole "I'm not blaming that victim of rape, but maybe she should have thought about protecting herself" song and dance
>Is athiest but rants about degenerate morals and stuff in the modern age.

I mean, she can be really funny and almost sweet when she cares about a specific person, but she goes on these crazy rants at times. Maybe she's just an autistic edgelord and trolling me for kicks.

No. 399908

Sounds like she's just parroting stuff she's read online and doesn't know what she actually believes but feels strongly about it anyway.

No. 399911

File: 1555597574038.jpg (64.96 KB, 634x824, 462E2EEF00000578-5062937-image…)

She's pandering to tech nerds because she's now too old for the "daddy" type men she used to sing about, as described. Isn't it funny how that works?

Anyway fuck Nicki Minaj and her lying-ass fake feminist shit where she'll happily insult other women then claim it's a joke, capitalize on how "bisexual" she is to please men, and constantly defend her rapist brother.

No. 399913

The lock and key analogy really highlights how literally retarded these people are. Vaginas are not locks, penises are not keys. They're fucking sex organs. Just because one goes into the other doesn't mean they're comparable to fucking locks and keys. Really showcases how men see women as sexual challenges and not people, too.

Also, my husband pointed out once how if you really wanna play double standards, male promiscuity is objectively much worse than female since males can impregnate limitless women at once and have no control over whether or not the woman keeps it. So, a slutty male can end up with several accidental babies/baby mommas at once (something anyone from a low class area has probably seen in action multiple times) whereas a slutty female is only gonna end up with one accidental kid at once if she decides to even have it. And you know those men knocking these women up are probably gonna be deadbeat dads who don't even take care of their offspring. So yeah, male promiscuity is objectively worse for society.

Red pill types love to bitch about the impact of fatherless kids to shit on women, as if it's not the man's fault for taking zero responsibility for his own child. Yet the same types will glamorize male promiscuity, completely disregarding the same consequences they love to remind women of.

No. 399914

That's something that always made me lul. Women should only have one partner becuz:
>muh pair bonding
>muh hypergamy
>women are harsher about men's looks or w/e
But men need to sleep with lots of women before settling down bcuz:
>Gorilla hierarchies (?)
>They just really need this and why are you so judgey, its really not cute babe gag

What about their starter women? Are they meant to dedicate their lives to training a whole bunch of men who graduate to better women and then live out their days as companionship for divorces and widowers? Doesn't really seem like a viable evolutionary trait. But then the boys get all butthurt and start sputtering because you've stomped on their utopian world order.

No. 399915

I'm having flashbacks to a guy at my old work talking about the lock and key thing and how his gf could only date him but he wanted to be able to date other people. Me and my coworkers just laughed at him. He looked like a redditor.

No. 399916

File: 1555598272135.jpg (619.35 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190418-103112_Red…)

>is anyone else triggered that a movie about a bunch of superheroes shows a female super hero acting like the other super heroes instead of a lady like damsel???

No. 399917

>"wise hive"
>all that bullshit
I checked their reddit account to see if they were a troll. They aren't. Jesus that reads like a parody.

No. 399920

File: 1555598691317.jpg (527.15 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190418-103153_Red…)

Samegagging, but the comments are also extremely cringey

>I'm scared for these poor little boys growing up seeing such weak portrayals of men in commercials!!!

… you're in a thread about a superhero franchise with an almost all male cast and you're pretending boys don't have strong male remodels anymore because you've seen some commercials showing the woman being more efficient than the man. Okay then.

No. 399923

My only problem with the trend is that it feels like the only way Hollywood knows how to make women "cool" is to have them be knockoff men - as long as they're hella pretty. Its the not like other girls syndrome but up on the big screen. This is an overall trend that's been annoying me, not just whining about Marvel though. If you go to a female superhero movie and wonder why she's punching/kicking/shooting laserbeams at people then idk what you're thinking. Also, my favorite female role in the entire superhero genre is Ms. Lint from the Tick. She's boffo.

No. 399924

I agree with you. I really enjoy media where the female protagonist has agency and is respected without being very attractive or having a male personality, but it's rare. I can't really feel excited for supposed strong female protagonists when I can tell they're written by men, for men and really are just a man in a body a straight man could fuck.

Related to this, I'd love to find more media about older women still being valuable beings even as they show signs of aging, but I really haven't found anything where an old woman isn't a mother/grand-mother with a plotline revolving entirely around her male children/grand-children.

No. 399927

Their was an episode of The Twilight Zone that had a elderly woman as a main character
the episode was about a reclusive old woman(Wanda) who had a fear of death and so lived at home avoiding everyone till one day death finally comes for her
a detail that I remember from that episode was that Wanda had an obvious attraction to the actor playing Death(who was played by a young handsome man)first time viewing It felt weird seeing an older woman having any sort of sexual desire towards a younger man but looking back I get it

No. 399931

I love all your points here, anon. Always felt the same way but I like how you worded it.

Apologies if this is too OT but recently I really liked the book Lolly Willowes as an example of perhaps what you're looking for–average-looking woman grows older and asserts her desires/value in a non-masculine way. Her ending is complex and imperfect, still caught up in a different type of arguably male-dominated system, but despite that it feels very refreshing and critical of traditional gender roles without resorting to sexy battle babe crap (it's from 1926).

No. 399942

File: 1555604835881.jpg (92.54 KB, 966x402, Capture.JPG)

Another gem from RedPillWomen
>when I met "my Captain" he judged me for not being a virgin and told me I wasn't relationship material
>he was fucking multiple women at the time though

This can't be real. Right?

No. 399947

File: 1555606748506.jpg (76.34 KB, 500x584, 3SkodMs.jpg)

She said it 5 years ago in the Ultraviolence era, so you are wrong. She backtracked on the statement when Trump came into power.
Also she has never publically actually dated the Daddy types she used to sing about… Unless you consider Josh Kemp (pic related), Barrie-James O'Neal (born in 1987), Francesco Carrozzini (1982, not that young, but not daddy IMHO), G-Eazy (1989) daddies?

Her taste in man is all over the place, but I don't think she was as much into old men as she liked to portray. Whether it makes her daddy themes better or worse is up to you.

No. 399951

who tf calls their hubby "my Captain"?? This HAS to be a parody. Otherwise the cring is off the charts.

No. 399958

weren't red pill women doxed by a redditor once to reveal that some were actually men pretending to be women and some were older homely women with low self esteem either too afraid to leave their s/o or not sure how to get one

Reading these posts, it makes sense. When has any woman you know of irl use n-count

No. 399977

File: 1555614424441.png (152.05 KB, 1438x586, when will my racist boyfriend …)

The people on that sub have to either be men, borderline retarded women, 13 year old girls, or troons. Imagine being this fucking dumb and wondering if your racist boyfriend who admitted to hating you will ever change.

No. 399978

I've seen a few pictures. It was just a bunch of homely 30+ white conservative women.

No. 399981

File: 1555614658807.png (65.46 KB, 1618x194, trad.png)

samefag to add I was looking at this other woman's account earlier - she posted on RPW about "Is there something wrong with me if no boy has ever approached me in a romantic context?" and in her post history she's been accused of molestation and harassing/stalking her ex. Pretty sure that's the demographic over there.

No. 399985

"Captain" is what they call their SO's on there. It's because the feel the man should be the captain and the woman should be "the first mate". It's their weird little handmaiden cult lingo.

No. 400002

Yeah, it's weak pandering that does nothing real for women. Super strong fictional women can be entertaining and cool and they should exist, but realistically, strength is the one thing we absolutely cannot match in men. What good does it do us to tell us the best thing a woman can be is just like a man, in ways we cannot actually achieve?

>I'd love to find more media about older women still being valuable beings even as they show signs of aging

Agreed! Inspiring female characters aren't even what I want, honestly. I just want it to be acceptable for a woman to age or be unattractive (without making it the focus of the series, like Shrill or something). Male characters are often old or ugly or fat, it doesn't stop people enjoying them, but women have to be young and hot or they're a total waste of screen time. I don't wanna be a superhero, I just don't want to keep being told my existence is offensive when I'm 30+ or not 10/10.

No. 400003

File: 1555623079123.gif (2.12 MB, 500x278, 80s.gif)


No. 400004

File: 1555623218155.gif (793.98 KB, 500x313, 90s.gif)


No. 400006

File: 1555623540799.gif (1.24 MB, 244x184, 90s.gif)

>the nowadays

No. 400008

File: 1555624264166.gif (4.76 MB, 357x353, 70s.gif)

nowadays right?

No. 400014

but… male super heroes also puch and hit other men, often even women, thats the whole point of superhero films. no one would go to watch an action film with no action in it. its only a problem if its a woman doing the punching to these retards.

No. 400092

The peak of reddit handmaidenism is when these women refer to themselves as "females" while referring to men as men.

No. 400100

I'm not going to look for it right now, but I just remembered on r/anime there was a girl who wrote a blog post about how
>I'm a gurl but I think hentai and ecchi are so coooool, other women are just stuck up
It was obviously written by a teenager (lots of pointless filler text) but it got gilded 4 times and the comments were incel tier like you'd expect.

No. 400537

RPW will straight up tell you that you should let your husband flirt with other women and even encourage him so he can feel "alpha".

No. 404294

File: 1556536216545.png (69.52 KB, 1397x421, but think of the men.png)

>Her life of prostitution and being abused by men explains her bitterness towards them, but it's no excuse for her violent hatred towards the entire male gender


No. 404302

and that excuses her 2 attempted murder charges

No. 404305

>if the roles had been reversed, it would never have been published
I'm pretty sure American Psycho is a bestseller, and that tthere's plenty of other media about "disturbed minds" written by men who want to hurt/kill/torture women enjoying widespread distribution today, but okay.
I'm so tired of all their false "If the genders were switched…!" narratives. I don't even know if they buy them.

No. 404306

yeah but its not a manifesto and Patrick Bateman is clearly presented as a bad person

No. 404307

why are handmaidens so quick to defend male comedians and the like making sexist jokes or males otherwise being sexist as satire but can’t understand that the scum manifesto itself was also satire

No. 404309

>presented as a bad person
That doesn't stop men from idolizing him and going on about how much they relate to him, though.
Come to think of it, the same is true of literally any male murderer who actually targets women, lmao.

No. 404311

maybe its because she did shoot a man with intent to kill him and attempted to shoot another man but the gun jammed

No. 404313

I know plenty of men who Idolize characters that shouldn't be Idolized Travis Bickle,Tyler durden,Rorschach are some examples but I have never met anyone of heard of some one who actually liked Patrick Bateman and Idolized him

No. 404315

Talk to more men, I guess. Or make a thread on any male-dominated board with "Fictional characters you relate to (or idolize)" with a photo of Patrick Bateman, and wait for the agreements with your OP image to roll in. Even /r9k/ worships him.

No. 404316

I have seen it, though he's not as popular as others because well he's a straight up murderer. But yeah don't doubt that many guys look up to him because he's fit, rich and bangs a lot of women. And the fact he kills them too is an incel dream life.

No. 404317

LOL seriously the film and novel make it pretty clear that he's not that special
he's a Insecure unoriginal Idiot who most people hate who thinks he's rational has no emotions

No. 404318

Tell that to the scrotes who see him and think "literally me", anon.

No. 404321

I only watched the film and thought he was pathetic. But then again I have seen incels who think Francis Dolarhyde from the Hannibal books/movies/series is "cool and relatable" so their standards aren't that high. I knew a dude who was a mod on some obscure chan that used this name as his online alias because of that.

No. 404358


never mind the fact that men are the majority of murderers and commit the overwhelming majority of violent crime yearly

but you’re right one extremely mentally ill woman who was traumatized and victimized by men her entire life shooting one man publishing a satirical novel is what is truly ~evil~

you probably put Aileen Wuornos on the same level as males like ted bundy

begone handmaiden

No. 404372

Males love Ted bundy too,at least secretly. They want to be the attractive serial killer who rapes and kills women

It's like everyday when some shooter, murderer or rapist has made the news, it's men who identify with them and incels who idolize them. And it's rooted back to hating women

No. 404373

I didn't say she was evil
All I'm saying is that maybe the reason her satirical manifesto is taken a bit more seriously is because she actually did attempt to kill a man

No. 406784

File: 1557064379554.jpg (533.53 KB, 734x2794, 1556995364312.jpg)

Taken from shuwu's thread. Both of them. One is a 'feminist' and one an anti-feminist. They are friends because they are one in the same.

No. 406805

>Males love Ted bundy too,at least secretly. They want to be the attractive serial killer who rapes and kills women
Sorry anon but I'm pretty sure Ted Bundy has way more fangirls than fanboys.

No. 406812

it's overinflated. he has way fewer fangirls than say, dahmer. bundy looked like a creep. dahmer didn't. the 'attractive, charming bundy' lie is a meme pushed by men because comparatively speaking, bundy was successful. dahmer was a gay loser so the same can't be said for actual, raw charisma with women or a proficient skill like bundy with law. within the hybristophile community i'd say the dahmer fangirls outnumber bundys by easily 2 to 1

No. 406842

The Bundy fangirl phenomenon is way overexagerated and people include women who simply find him fascinating in that category. There's a word of difference between finding someone interesting, or even thinking they were physically attractive despite being a monster, versus saying you relate to them and fantasize about doing similar things. One is significantly more of a threat to society than the other.

No. 406860

Nyotaimori literally means 'female body food' so they can shut right up with the 'person' or 'girl/boy' expressions trying to make it seem less sexist, like people would objectify men like this too. Of course the female body is the one being sexualised, as usual.

No. 407142

Honestly I hate those who call themselves "feminist" and then pull off shit like this more than anti-feminist handmaidens.

With anti-fems you know they put scrotes on first place and think women are somehow inferior. They oppose feminism openly to get attention from scrotes making their internalized mysogyny obvious to basically everyone.

On the other hand, libfems like the @RantingF one in your screenshot pretend their blatant hamdmaiden-ism is actually what feminism is supposed to be about.
"Prostitution is great! Fetishizing and sexualizing female body is feminist! Men in dresses are more of a woman because they perform feminity better! That's right girls, this is the real feminism and not that crazy and outdated radical feminism. Radfems hate fun, first and second waves are very problematic and fascist!"

And the worst thing is, this blatant handmaiden version of "feminism" is actually succeeding because I guess it's easier to close your eyes and pretend sexism still isn't happening and that it's somehow your own choice.

No. 407160

I'm ashamed of this but I've had hybristophile tendancies, I'm not into serial killers I just had a crush on the columbine killers in highschool because I was an idiot. Now I just think of the victims last moments and especially the boy who cried out for his mother and just feel sad. I think hybristophiles are just girls with a lot of rage that need to learn to channel it better.

No. 407200

Bundy is the most boring serial killer of the bunch.

No. 410068

I hate linking reddit, but check this out. OP makes a thread questioning why is it wrong to lie about your partner count to men if they can't find out and the handmaidens downvote her to hell, defending men and saying you should never lie to them. On the other hand the Red Pill subreddit is constantly telling men to manipulate women and cheat on their wives and shit like that. It's disgusting.

No. 410071

These women are so gaslit, it's truly depressing.

Also, I would say women shouldn't lie about their body count. You shouldn't lie to your partner and if your number is a deal breaker to them then you're avoiding a low tier dipshit, so there's really no losing.

No. 410076

Ugh alot rpw are homely with no self esteem so they just allow these rp men use and abuse them. they're scared of being alone and miserable even if they're already miserable

what would it take for those women to wake up from that bs. Because I'm sure when a woman dies from her red pill husband abusing her, they'd blame her and never imagine it happening to them

No. 410080

>Ugh alot rpw are homely with no self esteem
Don't forget that a lot of them are just men larping women.

No. 410095

Didn't someone from lolcow dox some of them a few years ago?

No. 410122

Why do they even exist? You don't see places where women asskiss incels or whatever.

No. 410126

No. 411107

Regarding that Georgia/Ohio abortion bill from that mh thread I hope more women will move out from those states. But I've seen handmaids claim that they won't ever move because they support the bill and "protecting life".

I've already seen how the 11 year girl who as raped should still carry her pregnancy despite being fucking ELEVEN but still cared for uwu ie throw money at her so she'll go away. It's Un fucking believable how little they care. They don't believe women have complications during pregnancy even as an adult or how Cesareans are always safe. Leading cause of death for girls between 14-19 are pregnancy and pregnancy related. They seriously want to force raped children to just endure it and call it merciful. Then they cover their asses and say we hate the rapists too! You know they couldn't give a fuck about rape or punishing the rapists.

No. 411108

The major proponents of the Heartbeat bill in Ohio were women. In fact, it was sponsored by a female State Senator.

No. 411116

That's just impossible. So you would support a state to keep that law and just tell the women to move away? We need to stand our ground. We continue to push for amendments until the law becomes useless, or better, we counter that law. A lot of people are going to have daughters who in the future will need an abortion, but the only option they have is to move away? You're only making the pro-lifers have the ability to spread information and belief to growing adults. They need to know about pro-choice, grow up around people who are pro-choice and they can do it in the comfort of their own state.

No. 411126

That makes this whole bill even more disgusting. Politicians clearly care about nothing except their own self interests and what gets them the most money.

No. 412036

Or perhaps they represent their constituents, who have different opinions than you.
Not everyone you disagree with is a male or a corrupt politician.

No. 412038


is feminism they new victoria era moral crusade , or are women able to enjoy sexual stuff too? i can´t tell anymore, radfems today look more like the neocons of 20 yrs ago trying to ban sexuality everywhere they see it.

Imagine getting to be so woke that you go full circle and you become Tipper Gore.(ban evasion)

No. 412103

The above women aren't even "enjoying" the female sexuality anyway, Shuwu and her like are just straight women who pretend to be bi to pander to men

No. 412781

Do handmaidens ever really hang out as friends in person?
I would think it’d be uncomfortable…what else do you talk about apart from being a guwud girlfriend?
All I see is highly competitive women who want to be the kewlest and seem to have opposing viewpoints on everything except penis.

No. 412785

I don't know anything about this person but judging from your post how is she even close to the description in the OP? Is any woman with no strong opinion or interest in feminism going "to sad lengths to cater to shitty men and defend their awful treatment of women"?

Reddit is garbage but I seriously dooubt this.

No. 412865

It's more the "I don't care about feminism, but I love science!" while clearly knowing nothing about science that made her sound like she was trying to sound cool to men. Plus, a central theme of her music is how unhealthily obsessed she is with her exboyfriends amd is completely useless without them.

So yeah, Lana is kinda handmaiden lite.

No. 413094

You guys are really stretching then

No. 413419

I had a super handmaidenish acquaintance and had to cut ties. Every conversation would be about men, or policing other womens choices. Could not understand how chubby acne scarred co-worker could be married. Complaining about how her tinder dates never got her off, but refused to tell them her needs, she wouldn't want them to feel bad about their performance. Hated wearing makeup but did so anyway because "men prefer it" anything other than a lacy thongs were for grandma, constantly shitting on other women for slights such as having short hair or baggy clothes. Literally every move and thought made with men's desires in mind. Just all around frustrating and sad.

No. 413446

File: 1558575644842.png (166.18 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20190519-003346.png)

"as long as theyre happy too", amirite?

No. 413447

File: 1558575685838.png (162.26 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20190519-003420.png)

No. 413448

File: 1558575778002.png (122.49 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20190519-003514.png)

No. 413449

Think he just revealed he is paying the younger woman, assuming this story is not invented entirely. No young woman would willingly be a third wheel unless money was involved. There's nothing in it for her otherwise.

No. 413452

so obsessed with women's reproductive years but fail to understand that they shouldn't even be considered to have kids, let alone raise them

It's fake when he said that a 19 yr old athletic freshman in college is willing to fuck him and not a younger single guy at her college. And his wife is totally cool with it because she's desperate. It all sounds like a larp from red pill

No. 413462

The thing that gets me about this type of shit is that men have biological clocks too, but that's never held against them (just like hormones aren't either even though theirs are a far greater threat to society). It is actually recommended that men freeze their sperm by 35 if they want to have kids past then, because there's all sorts of serious health complications for both mother and baby that are directly linked to the age of the father, no matter how "breedable" the woman is.

No. 413487

>like they do in France
Wtf? Anybody can get scholarships in France and going to college is actually very inexpensive. No need to get "mentored" by gross older men.
Was a good laugh, at least.

No. 413500

>like they do in france
America was a mistake

No. 413508

I really hope ya'll right about it being a larp.

No. 413528

>My fantasy was to do like men do in france and mentor a college aged girl

Gross french directors fantasies =/= France.

No. 413537

Where can I see these? I’m curious

No. 413593

I don't think it's a LARP. He met the girl on a pseudo prostitution website. She's being "empowered" by taking his money in exchange for him to use her vagina.

No. 415055

File: 1558956219955.png (198.1 KB, 877x665, KFJEKU38R3.png)

Former radfem abandon her belief after browsing /r/MensRights for 5 mins.

No. 415060

>"I was a radfem!!"
>"I would have believed that most men were innately violent and unreasonable as … uncontrollable monsters"

No. 415300

File: 1559002138402.png (264.44 KB, 1758x676, Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 5.08…)

This could just be some man roleplaying as some teenage girl (and I think that's likely) but think this belongs.

No. 415309

kek these idiots call libfems radfems so this, number one, is either a LARP or a really retarded woman with no concept of radical feminism

No. 415336

just a personal vent i guess

one of my friends, who is black, was ranting on facebook about how she doesn't care about "the white female experience". she said she felt shamed by others for not caring and that it meant she wasn't supporting fellow women, then followed it up with how she can't relate to white women. i guess this is a case of me having white tears because it hurt my feelings; she's quick to support black men while throwing white women under the bus. i understand that people need to acknowledge that white feminism is often racist or forgets poc but at the same time, why can't we all unite? why do we need more shit to drive a wedge between us? upsets me.

No. 415414

A lot of people seem to think that radical feminism = any kind of feminism that's been taken too far by their standards. I've known multiple people who insist that radical feminists believe prostitution is empowering and one guy was completely convinced that radfems want to outlaw menstrual products and force all women to freebleed because it's more natural. They think that radical is a synonym for extreme, so any kind of feminism that sounds crazy to them is "radical feminism". The worst part is that it's incredibly hard to change their minds because they're so stuck in this worldview.

No. 415671


Anon, I’m sorry that you feel isolated and I understand what you mean. I’m biracial, and I’ve been kind of pushed aside by black women for having light skin and brown hair and not exclusively dating black men or for advocating for women in general and not just one experience.

I agree that as women we need to value everyone and that race/ethnicity shouldn’t drive us apart as we can learn from each other as individuals. There’s a lot of unspoken misogyny in the black community, and a lot of black women refuse to acknowledge how toxic/entitled a lot of black men can be in relationships and how it affects black women’s self esteem. I find it hypocritical how we can discuss misogyny and sexism in Caucasian men but then suddenly people turn a blind eye to what black men do or accuse you of being a ‘race traitor’ when you don’t defend them at your own mercy. Black women would never tolerate white men being unnecessarily aggressive toward them sexually, catcalling/pushing boundaries in public, or acting like your body is open season just because of your ethnicity, but we let a lot of black men get away with it for whatever reason. Now before some anon screams at me for stereotyping men of color, I know not every black man acts like this but there’s enough of them that do so it is an issue and it needs to be discussed more, especially with younger men.

For what it’s worth, you are a fellow sister to me and I hope this experience doesn’t affect you too much, Anon.

No. 415975

I'm black, and I agree. There's a whole culture of "Raise your daughters, love your sons" logic being glorified in a lot of black communities. I think part of it is that for the longest time, being black (and the racism suffered in a place like the US as a result of that) has been synonymous with being male, because men are pretty much always at the forefront of everything. There's whole generations of women brainwashed into thinking that an attack on the black man is to be taken as an attack on all black people (and therefore, an attack on the black woman). It's considered normal for black women to pick up the slack, stand up for black men and generally act as mules for them, even though they're basically the main ones hurting, killing and raping us. Some are waking up, though.

Personally, the ball kind of dropped for me when I noticed that despite being the same race and in largely the same situations (though black women have it worse because of pregnancy and single motherhood rates, dying in childbirth at higher rates than any other demographic because healthcare workers literally have less empathy for anyone black, etc etc), statistically, black women in the US are better-educated, more financially successful, and dramatically less violent and criminal than black men (a black woman is safer than a white man, talk less of a black one). Obviously, not all black men are horrible, but men in general are just….not okay, and I think black men in particular are given too much of a pass for their bullshit because racism exists.

If we were to believe that gender isn't as big of an issue as race, there would be absolutely no reason for the two groups to have such different stats (and in fact, the men should be doing better, since society is patriarchal). All I could conclude is that it's a male problem. Men, in general, are just kind of awful. IMO, the sooner more black women realize that they don't need to answer for what black men do, or allow the male experience to control the black narrative as a whole, the better.
Like, all the fucking "Despite being 13% of the population…" racist pasta shite is because of black men specifically, not women, but of course, racist incels will ignore that because acknowledging it would mean that instead of focusing on race all the time, they'd have to stop dodging the "true" redpill that despite being 50% of the population, men make up like 82% of all violent crime on the entire planet, regardless of ethnicity, religion or upbringing.

I will always ally myself with a woman of any race much faster than I will a man of any race. I've never had a problem relating to or empathizing with "the white female experience", because there are always large chunks of it I can relate to as a woman in a male-dominated world. I know racism is an issue, but in the end, women have empathy and can make peace with each other far more easily than men. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this way, either. We're just quiet about it, because it's not fun to be mobbed and called "traitors" by angry men and male-aligned women. Just don't lose hope, anon. It won't always be this way.

No. 416031

Sadly, people (at least in the US, which is where i'm from)would rather align racially than stand together as women. I not only see this with a number of black women who will defend a black man who has done something shitty over a white woman who hasn't done anything, but among whites too. There are definitely some white women out there who will stick up for white men above women of other races. I personally find it pretty disgusting really. Unfortunately, it seems like the popular brand of feminism in the US just wants to drive the racial divide even further.

I tend to find UK feminists, at least the ones I find on Twitter, are not as preoccupied with the racial side of things and prefer to try to help all women.

No. 420064

File: 1560118187127.jpg (136.97 KB, 804x1000, 06f62ead2a4a3f332675c2af1d73f1…)

Super late post but fun fact that actor was a very young Robert Redford. Great episode.

No. 423496

File: 1560928875265.png (38.97 KB, 875x211, 938YFHD3.png)

Seriously? What do they get out of lying about this kind of shit?

No. 423498

Kek thank you for downvoting. I can totally understand handmaidening irl (still pathetic and women only ever get absolute shitballs for crumbs despite all their effort), but on fucking like, basically anonymous communities? Why

No. 423500

>omg that's so hot you sound like the perfect gf
That's what they get out of it. Shallow, meaningless ego boosts from retards.

No. 423501

Costhots and sex workers have a very high rate of hand maidenism. This also isn't said much but I noticed women who had extensive ps particularly on their bodies also have these tendencies high in them. Surprise, women conforming to sexist society dislike other women and cape for other men..

No. 423503

I've definitely noticed it a lot in costhots, and even women with genuine interest in cosplay I feel tend to cater to men super hard, same with weeb girls. Most weeb girls, in fact.

No. 423512

It makes financial sense why they would do that, especially at work and on their public persona social media. Make gigolos will suck up to their female clients too.
Men are idiots that lap it up though. Like how they genuinely believe that if a waitress is the bare minimum of polite to them then she must want his dick

No. 423515

Hm that is interesting!

No. 423519

Do you have experience with gigolos? Do they even, like, exist except in a few rare cases?

No. 423529

NTA and I don't know about gigolos specifically but male hosts in Japan are basically the same thing and are definitely common over there. And it does involve a tonne of sucking up to their clients (mostly women who work in the sex industry), there's a documentary called the Great Happiness Space if you're interested.

No. 423585

About gigolos
They exist just as much as any sex worker do

Just look in the same places where sex workers usually advertise

Web girls are super insecure and tend to try to overcompensate to get attention, most of not some have daddy issues and usually infantilise themselves to be UWU

No. 423604

I know about hosts in Japan, but actual Western gigolos for women seem like a bit of a myth. I don't want to buy one, I just wanna know if they are a big thing because I kind of doubt it.

>Just look in the same places where sex workers usually advertise

Yes anon, I should just go look at illegal prostitution adverts like all normal people do, all normal people know where to find those amirite

No. 423745

You're giving these guys a lot of credit to think they've read the novel or watched the movie.
Most of them have probably only seen the business card scene or the hip to be square scene.

He's more for edgy trench coat wearing "intellectuals" who were bullied in school and still write out their revenge fantasies years later. They have black and white morality that's never been tested because they don't leave the house.

No. 424846

This is a mix of unintentional handmaidenism and real handmaidens
>A women mentions their preferences or someone asks 'women what do you find sexy'
>Only the women with low standards/handmaidens get upvoted ("OMG I love anal", "unpopular opinion, but neckbeards are cute ya'll" , "Giving blow jobs is better than PIV", "Big dicks hurt, I love tiny one they're so cute!") because reddit is a male dominated space.
>Neckbeards look at the biased results and assume this is how dating should be.
>"What do you mean you don't like anal honey all women do"
>"I don't need her thousands of women on reddit who'll accept me"

I mean porn and bad 'nerd gets the girl' movies also do this, but those reddit posts have the advantage of it not being 'fictional'. It's also because of reddit's reply function you can see this playout in real time .

No. 428021

File: 1561844738290.jpeg (205.46 KB, 1080x1379, 1302383B-0BA7-4D9B-BABD-D9FD35…)

No. 428022

This sounds like the weeb anon in the annoying friends thread lmao

No. 428031

The argument that women have no hobbies is always interesting to me, because when women actually do have hobbies, men will always dismiss them.
You like something stereotypically feminine like making jewelry or baking ? It's vapid roastie shit and you're dumb for enjoying it, any man could do it better than you if they wanted.
You like something stereotypically masculine like tabletop rpgs or programming ? You're only seeking male attention and don't actually like the thing, you're also directly responsible for the hobby declining in quality.

When men enjoy nothing but video games and porn they're ~uwu damaged by society~, though.

No. 428032

File: 1561847051686.jpg (448.69 KB, 1174x1108, Untitled.jpg)

No. 428033

>NoT Like THe OthEr GirLs

Don't think any man is dating a woman for her political opinions, hunny

No. 428050

..she's says this hoping to earn Male Approval Points on the internet.

Rpw is pitiful. Does anyone remember one post either on legal advice or redpilllwomen where one pregnant woman was asking for help because her rp husband was essentially using her to have his kid but ignores her and be a live in nanny/maid without any life outside of the home. Just look at this shit
>women are attracted to abuse and want to be abused
>women who were abused are damaged good and should be avoided and ignored
meanwhile handmaids and trp will screech to the holy heavens about how males are abused and nobody cares about that. It's really not shocking that so many of them are single, divorced and bitter. Meanwhile handmaids will bend over backwards just to make sure they're unicorns since they're afraid of being classified as everything but a child of god by them. Just pathetic

Wish we knew just how many rp women are larping men

No. 428126

File: 1561868017341.png (440.97 KB, 626x325, gU4ttuS.png)

There's this chick I found out about in one of the bad art threads. Good God her rabbithole goes deep. According to herself she's a born and raised national socialist yet claims to disavow/anti-condone any actual nationalistic or racist ideaologies. She's also a tradthot that sincerely brags about how redpilled she is and how horrible the left is. IIRC her husband is a middle-aged redneck and has a stepson only 10-12 years younger her. According to her instagram she had to have been 17-18 when they got married. She's also obsessed with Nazi Germany.

No. 428127

File: 1561868510791.jpg (4.6 MB, 1700x3500, 0FeFnml.jpg)

A tutorial she made over covering up the bruises her husband gives her.

No. 428131

Jesus christ

No. 428132

Wtaf that took a fast turn from special snowflakery to completely hellish. If you have links you should post it in the tradthot thread on /snow/.

No. 428135


sage for non-contribution. gonna leave it to another anon to make a proper summary post, i'm pretty grossed out.

No. 428146

>for black eyes
>for any bruises
>for spilt lips
Holy shit. Fcked up. She's going to end up dead when her husband cheats and replaces her with a younger model.

How can trp call that a successful marriage…any day we're going to read a story of a red pill husband having abused and murdered his wife and kids. The men and handmaids will defend him and blame that dead wife because abuse is ok and all women want to be abused. Fuck.

No. 428191

I love that her style and handwriting scream deviantart in 2005.
she even has manga cover inspired copic shading.

No. 428213

What's even funnier is that she was 30 when she drew this.

No. 428287

Holy shit. This /r/AskTRP thread is nuts.

No. 431988

File: 1562655598538.jpeg (34.96 KB, 680x669, D9Lf_PdXkAAsmUK.jpeg)

So I was wondering if dragging female cucks is a thing now, and black Twitter didn't disappoint. There's a term for those kinds of shoeonheads - "pickme". TIL.



No. 431992

it's stuff like this that makes me wish more ladies from Lipstick Alley posted here lol

No. 431996

>you have no hobbies, no talents, no wisdom, no legitimate interests beyond your personal ejaculation, no original thoughts on politics, society, philosophy, or anything else. All you talk about is random celebrity women you want to fuck, your exes, and other shit that revolves around porn or fucking a woman while sharing the most delusional memes imaginable. What the fuck else is there to want from such a vapid shell of a person? Your only redeeming quality is that you make empty promises and false platitudes. Why are you surprised?

No. 432006

has anyone else ever watched this chick? I can't fucking stand her. I've watched a ton of her videos trying to give her a chance but she's so "I'm not like other girls uwu". she is cucked by her long term partner who convinced her to be "polyamorous". she always tries to pretend she has a super high sex drive when in reality it's probably nominally higher than the average woman. she's one of those "i totally watch porn and am attracted to women, I understand men and don't get along with women because they're so bitchy and emotional, pweez luv me men UwU".
and according to her she rarely has sex with anyone but her partner which debunks the "i have sex drive as high as a man" bullshit.
she's always talking out of her ass about feminism, social justice, libertarianism and mens' rights and you can tell she's just repeating what she's heard from other youtubers but in even less depth.
actually I wish there was a "I'm not like other girls" thread.

No. 432036

Lmao, this video. The desperation is palpable, and I'd feel bad for her if I wasn't more pressed by the fact that videos like this only propagate that very same desperation in other, more impressionable women and girls. She's chosen to make herself part of the problem.
Did you get the male validation, sis? Did the cleavage and sound bite about "14 cocks in my mouth" help? Does it feel like the men watching this will see you as a valid human being, and not just a walking, talking pair of tits surrounded by colorful toys of their favorite video game characters in high saturation? Is that even what you want at this point? Have you resigned yourself to striving to be seen as "a rare, halfway sentient walking, talking pair of tits"? Do you feel adequate? Is the void filled? When you look in the mirror, or change your clothes or even just sit in silence, do you still have that idea of a man watching you, and do you still instinctively adjust yourself to be just a little bit more pleasing to his eye? Are you happy with this existence? Do you think that's how things are meant to be, and that it can't be helped? Is this really what you want for all of us?

No. 432037

Most female cucks are pickmes who would cry and have mental breakdowns when it actually comes down to the very thing they claimed they wanted

No h8 pls but I've been involved in many relationships like so, the pickmes will either claim to be into cuckqueen stuff or they'll be poly, the second a decently more attractive woman comes around and starts fucking their man that's when they have complete melt downs and start crying about how unfair it is, I'd feel bad if these women weren't so fucking desperate to be accepted by men and too afraid of putting their foot down

No. 432054

I believe i've seen her in the tradthot thread, she was posted because 4channers were saying her hustle is transparent, and if the idiots at 4chan can spot your shit a mile off you are really doing something wrong!

No. 432056

Everybody always pities slav (and asian) women because literally every male on the planet is into them, but while I obviously agree that sex trafficking etc must be stopped, I also encountered so many normal eastern european women who absolutely love this attention. Several of my classmates were from where and even in elementary school they'd often spout bullshit like russian women being the best in the world etc. And obviously later on, in high school and college they really were swarmed by men. I've never seen another group be that full of themselves.

So it always pisses me off a little, when I witness normal/well-off slav women complain, as if they're the same as underage prostitutes. A "priviledged" slav woman being lusted after by men online, is not more of a victim than another european or american or afircan women being shat on for being an ugly roastie.
If they'd hate it so much, when they wouldn't constantly try to make themselves out to be the best, the most beautiful, the most amazing blah blah.

I only quickly searched for something, but there are many other examples as well.
>Guess, is it a woman or a man?
>German ladies revealed her that they hate Eastern European girls because they are too beautiful and steal their German guys
>As someone who arrived from Eastern Europe I have noticed the same. That German ladies, sadly, lose the score against Eastern Europeans.
An eastern european woman writing her theory on why herself and her countrywomen are so much more attractive than ugly german women. Peek handmaiden, shit on other womens looks just for asspats from thirsty neckbeards…

No. 432058

I understand when unattractive women bite on the poly and men pleaser memes, because psychologically it makes a bit of sense. They feel they have to be super pander-y in order to make up for what they believe is their lack in looks to men, and they probably feel like they're reclaiming the men who would inevitably cheat on them by saying that they are okay with being cheated on because they're so hyper sexual and open-minded.

If she'd had lost the ridiculous lip fillers and went lighter on the hair bleach, Tara isn't entirely unattractive. Pretty, in fact. It's a shame she felt she had to go this route, and I think it's taken a psychological toll. For someone with 400k subscribers, if we can believe most weren't bought, most of her videos don't breach 30k views. The video anon posted she recorded three years ago in 2017.
So what did being a tryhard bimbo even get her in the end?

No. 432063


No. 432082

File: 1562683743053.jpg (78.41 KB, 1300x866, 10471560-angry-man-punching-co…)

No. 432086

i’m not a male lmfao, but it’s like she was fucking quoting an anime at the end with all those retarded questions

No. 432088

What anime have you been watching, anon? It'd be a good change of pace lmao

No. 432105

File: 1562689213632.png (305.85 KB, 1080x1250, Screenshot_2019-07-09-02-57-17…)

It's truly beautiful

No. 432111

File: 1562689642036.jpg (103.54 KB, 539x519, IMG_20190709_122651.jpg)

the only appropriate response to these desperate thottices

No. 432115

If only handmaidens cared this much for rape victims as they do with victims of false rape accusations

What about women who get falsely accused of lying? Why does no one care about them?or can men just pull the "she lied I'm a victim of false rape accusation" card and he will be believed no questions asked?

No. 432118

Ot but this girls shooping is wild

No. 432119

the OP got her internet clout from pretending to be a 15 year old who fucks men, im glad she’s growing more critical of men but she has no self awareness

No. 432120

One thing that scrots do well is police the cucks in their own ranks through shaming and mockery to make sure that their cuckedness doesn't affect the status of men as a whole. But women are expected to either sympathize with pickmes or respect their lack of self esteem as a choice. I doubt things will change for women until these vapid cockrags are either pitied or ridiculed on a cultural level tbh. While in theory I understand that their cock serving ways may be a result of misogynistic upbringing or abuse, it's not really making things better to enable their maladaptive coping further.

Make it utterly shameful to cater to men (same way it's shameful for men to cater to women) and we'll get fewer derping handmaids affecting the political climate.

No. 432130

But that's something farmers do quite often as well…
>Focus on the men, they're the main problem, those women are victims too!

No. 432146

idc if she's a victim if she's a gross rape apologist and a general disgrace to women

it's kind of like pedophiles who were raped as children, idc about your history of csa, the moment you choose to perpetuate it you're cancelled

No. 432228

>rape is bad uwu
>b-but RAPE ACCUSATIONS ARE JUST AS BAD see men? please accept me uwu
They just don't get that this is just a narrative spin to silence victims for daring to speak out. Victims hardly get any justice, are blamed and harassed but we just gotta make sure those men being accused get full protection uwu

No. 432318

This, plus L chat and Datalounge. They have a pretty uncucked userbase, just like LA.

No. 432335

But it is important to focus on false rape allegations, mostly because when a sexual assault allegation is proven to be false it hurts the women who were actually sexually assaulted and makes people take them less seriously.

No. 432345

>But it is important to focus on false rape allegations
Hmm disagree.
>makes people take them less seriously
People already don't take it seriously, and if a few statistically negligible false accusations make those that do take it seriously reconsider then they were just looking for an excuse.

No. 432354

Hint: proven false
People just scream liar before women can even finish their sentence mind you
There needs to be extended investigation or a surrender, even then there are women who get paid on the down low to claim their rape accusation was false
I agree false rape accusations are bad but the flawed part about if the whole "death sentence to false rape accusers" law really played in, it was allow a lot of true rape victims to get punished, which would cause an insane amount of psychological damage because you know, getting raped already has a traumatic impact but imagine getting marked as a liar, having your reputation ruined and being punished for coming out about your rape, that's why we need to be especially careful before falsely accusing a victim of lying

No. 432360

No one takes insurance claims less seriously because of rampant fraud. Get out of here, pickme.

No. 432376

how do you know that?

No. 432383

because when someone speaks about filing an insurance claim, it's nobodies default to scream liar

when a woman claims to have been raped or sexually assaulted it's everyone default to believe she lied

also take notice how insurance frauders are often laughed at and jokes about, the most people will say about them is that they need to be charged with fraud, with false rape accusers they'll get never ending death threats, people wanting them to get death penalty, never ending rants from MGTOW about how all women are evil, cruel, can't be trusted, always trying to ruin mens lives because of that one woman, a lot of people will even say false rape accusations are worse than rape itself (because you know, mental damage is only just as bad as physical damage when it's men)

No. 432397

nobody empathizes with insurance companies. most people do however empathize with a fellow human being sent to jail for a crime they didn't commit.

No. 432399

>nobody empathizes with insurance companies
you don't know a lot about insurance claims then if you think false claims hurt no one but the company
>people do however empathize with a fellow human being sent to jail for a crime they didn't commit.
great, so we agree people need to be extremely careful before they falsely accuse a victim of lying right?

No. 432407

People give even fewer fucks about women being raped than both, what's your point?

No. 432506

Not true. Even if there were 0 cases of women lying about rape, victims would still be accused of lying. When victims are called liars, it's not because of the women who lie about rape "hurting" women's rep. They're not believed because they're women.

No. 432536

It's already an incredibly tiny percentage who are lying and many people still act like it's the majority. People not taking it seriously has very little to do with the girls who actually lie and simply just because they don't believe women in general.

False allegations are bad and people who commit them are bad, but people act like it happens just as much, if not more, than women actually being raped and that's fucking insane.

No. 432620

>you don't know a lot about insurance claims then if you think false claims hurt no one but the company

good job completely missing the point. i didn't say nobody gets hurt, i said nobody empathizes with insurance companies. people are only mad when someone files a false claim because it might affect their own premium. very few even consider how the workers are effected. but even then, the consideration is for the individual human workers, not the nebulous faceless company.

>great, so we agree people need to be extremely careful before they falsely accuse a victim of lying right?

you're so hellbent on arguing a point i never even made lmao. i'm not even part of this thread, i just saw your absolutely fucking retarded analogy and couldn't help my autism.

my point was that the analogy was fucking retarded. it makes perfect sense that people care more about false accusations than insurance fraud because one involves a faceless company and the other a human being.

No. 432629


As no one cares about false accusations of murder, assault and theft nearly as much.

He text back yet sis?

No. 432631

>people are only mad when someone files a false claim because it might affect their own premium. very few even consider how the workers are effected. but even then, the consideration is for the individual human workers, not the nebulous faceless company.

still not understanding
with insurance claims, if you get an insurance claim filed against yourself for say, car insurance, not only do you have to pay for it, but your insurance goes up for several years and it's hard for you to get a job pertaining to driving, owning and renting cars, etc, it doesn't just hurt the company

>i just saw your absolutely fucking retarded analogy and couldn't help my autism.

I didn't make the analogy first of all, second you fail to understand how claims work and most likely aren't old enough to, and instead of attempting to understand you just dig deeper and deeper into your hole of ignorance

No. 434776

The cope is strong with this one jesus He’s leaving her

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