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No. 398811

This is not a Anti-Feminist thread but rather for women who do not Identity as feminists

No. 398830

Bait harder.

No. 398874

why do you need a thread for something you are not, with no discussion topic or links provided? It's almost as if you're unfamiliar with the board culture…

No. 398907

I'm not really feminist, but that's because I don't consider myself to be an activist in general.
I don't like to think deeply about things I can't change, it's too depressing.

No. 398923

This, basically. I am a pretty non-confrontational person. I do find myself agreeing with and support a lot of the feminist beliefs on here though.

No. 398988

I was a feminist activist for about 5 years and only recently have I grown to notice problems with the modern feminist movement and personally stop associating with it. I don't call myself a feminist anymore, although I'm completely for the equality of sexes and genders. An ex-feminist thread might be a cool idea.

No. 398995

File: 1555350454588.jpg (87.5 KB, 720x540, 6532748.jpg)

DAE not a feminist and hates scrots?

No. 399176


i was a radfem for 6 years and just recently have decided i'm fucking done with it.

i still agree with some of the principles but they're some of the rudest women i've ever known and seeing a young friend i'd made go from being a really sweet kid to a complete asshole pushed me over the edge.

I think building any kind of identity off of how oppressed you are is a mistake and will only lead to greater insecurity and unhappiness. Thinking about how the world is against you all the time isn't healthy.

No. 399180

Honestly, the vitriol they have for other women that aren't radfem is too similar to the way that men have hated us forever.

No. 399185

i dislike feminism, mainly because of what it was founded on, it is inherently classist. as for modern feminism, i don't like it either but that's mainly because of how the women act. i don't like the idea that it should be reverse patriarchy. some of my friends just get so pissed off at people they know for "contributing to the patriarchy" when most of us don't have time to think about that kind of stuff. people on the bottom rung should look out for eachother, because none of us can really change the powers at the top.

No. 399192

>inherently classist

Don't buy into the myth that all of feminism was only rich women. Poor women worked hard and educated themselves. It's not like poor women would be better off without feminism.

No. 399193

Not a feminist but the "dae classism" argument is retarded. Every single liberation movement is typically concocted by those who have the means to allocate brainpower to philosophy.

It's always the dumb-ass communists who make that argument too, like their ideas weren't started by people like literal bourg Marx and literal prince Kropotkin.

No. 399196

soooo true anon

No. 399234

It's upsetting to see such anti-intellectual arguments like muh classism. Of course the educated people of the time will contribute massively to an ideology. That's kind of the point.

No. 399255

File: 1555406016713.jpg (46.83 KB, 503x500, Drkl3ZTWkAAYXjq.jpg)

I feel in the same boat of other anons in ITT, I like feminism and I can agree with a lot of the things both radfems and libfems say(though not the sexpositive, pro-porn stuff, or the stuff that is all about trannies) but I am a lazy sort of person that isn't very prone to activism.
I have a qualm with some of the radfem posters, they will call you a tranny for liking kawaiishit but I am a biological woman! Just a tacky one.

No. 399274

Are you the catgirl sub anon? If yes than sorry, I relate to liking tacky stuff. Never had any interest in catgirls (or boys) or kittenplay and the fact that trannies are obsessed over the concept forsome reason ruined it for me.
In general, I hate when people say that random feminine thing is troon like. Stop agreeing with them when they take our stuff!(yes, I now I am a bit of hypocrite here).

No. 399303

that's not what it means when people say that, but whatever. none of us are on a level of discussion that actually matters. all of our shitty opinions are just childs play in the real world.

No. 399384

I am not the catgirl sub, but I do like stuff like cat ears and am on the same page as you. It's annoying how trannies took a huge run with cute weebshit. At best someone assumes you are a shuwu-tier weirdo or at worst a tranny. I also don't like how some anons will call you out for using anime reaction images.
Look r/GenderCritical posters, I appreciate what you do but this is an imageboard and imageboards are inherently weebish.

No. 399399

>I don't agree with SOME aspects of a certain sect of feminism so I reject feminism entirely (it's too mainstream anyway)! But I'm totally into *~equality~* though my dudes
Just say you a handmaiden and go

No. 399486

Just go back to your man hate thread if you're going to strawman

No. 399493

Yeah certain things bother me. I don't like how there's so much judgment thrown at women who like certain sexual things considered submissive.
It gets tiring hearing all the shittalk from people who have no idea how your relationship works.

No. 399509

I'm not a feminist because I can't be one since some of the things I do are against the feminist ideology, but I do agree with most of the things that radical feminists stand for and I do agree with the things posted in the thread we have on lolcow. Even if the things I did would align better with the ideology I still wouldn't self identify as a feminist because I don't like placing myself into stereotypes and I don't like the misjudgment that comes with it, especially since people perceive feminism negatively.

No. 399581

>Just say x and go
Okay retard
You don't have to label yourself as anything to agree with them. I personally do not see myself as a feminist because I'm not active in the community. I don't have the time. I work, I'm a poorfag. I have feminist beliefs and will cheer on activists for their successes.

Slightly OT, I think just being a feminist in general is an earned label, not self given. We all know how BuzzFeed pushes their idea of a feminist… "If you're a woman, you're a feminist! Simple!" Some dumbasses will abuse that label to the ground.

No. 399583

I just found this board and went to the Pinkpill thread, holy shit there are some nutters here

No. 399593

I agree, like the nut who went on to throw a tantrum in the pink pill threads about how an anon who was annoyed with sexist comments was a delusional crazy scizo who hallucinated comments to fit some weird pinkpill agenda of sexist comments existing when they could have easily scrolled down and saw the comments themselves just to later gaslight the anon for posting said comments they claimed didn't exist. Some nutters here

No. 399601

As crazy as the pink pill thread is, everything there is based on reality. You should be upset with the men who constantly prove so called "feminazi's" right over again and over again. Women have very few places on the internet or in person to vent about men. If we give any criticism towards men, they cry like babies and claim women are the most privileged group in the world because people want to have sex with us.

Even though i agree very much with what radfems have to say, I hate liberal feminism with a burning passion. The sex positivity and fat acceptance movement is disgusting. I hate how young girls are being taught that sex work is cool and quicky, all this whinging about respecting peoples degenerate kinks. It serves to please men and puts women in more danger of rape and sexual assault. I can't call myself a feminist because i don't people to think i am here to defend that shit and all the other negative sterotypes attatched to feminism means nobody wants to listen. It's frustrating.

No. 399602

do you think their could be a neutral alternative between radical feminism and liberal feminism
one thats anti-sex work,anti-prostitution,anti-fat acceptance,anti-Troons but I don't know less "mean" I guess a bit more kinder to all people

No. 399618

Anon, your post echoes my thoughts exactly. That is exactly why I don't call myself feminist. In my opinion liberal feminism is just men's opinions and desires repackaged and presented as female opinion. It opposes radical feminism to such an extreme it basically serves to nullify the meaning of the word "feminism" completely. Radfems of the past didn't fight so hard for us to think that being degraded by strangers was "empowering" in 2019. Every libfem talking point coincidentally has a result which is pleasing to men, for example free the nipple.
More topless women in public? yes please.

No. 399622

Pinkpill is the best thread on here.

No. 400041

I agree with the idea of feminism but I hate calling myself a "feminist" (and being shamed by feminists for not wanting to identify with their ugly little label) because, while I agree with certain points they make and share some general opinions, I feel like the way they go about voicing them is annoying and counterproductive. Feminists don't only get a bad rep for saying stupid or obnoxious things imo, they also get a bad rep because of how they present themselves. The "angry, combative feminist" stereotype is a very real thing, and their often stereotypical flashy look (bright colored hair, piercings/tattoos, the clothes they wear) only exacerbates this more, it makes them look like lunatics. And I don't have anything against flashy people, I'm a flashy person myself, but now I hate that it's associated with crazy, screeching feminists.

I know some people are worth losing your composture over during an argument bc they're just so fucking dense or condescending, but I'm ashamed to associate myself or agree with a movement that, more often than not, gets noticed for being loud, rude and obnoxious. It makes me physically cringe. It's not appealing to anyone, ever, to be a total cunt to the people you're "debating" with. The loud, obvious feminists I encounter on the daily (mostly college) are always ready to pick fights with the people who say things they disagree with, and they're never very eager to be civil about it, they want to full-on yell at people. I don't want these people "representing" my gender, I just want a normal, level-headed woman who can have a discussion with a man or another woman without acting like she's God's gift to this Earth for reading tumblr posts and having feminist paraphernalia adorning her backpack.

Also: acting like people either agree 100% with what you say or they're wrong isn't gonna get people that don't like the idea of feminism in the first place to join your movement, and it's obvious to anyone with half a brain that 98% of what feminists say or do is geared towards OTHER feminists. The most extreme versions of these feel kind of cult-y, in my opinion; "you either agree with us or YOU'RE WRONG!!!". I thought the point of feminism was to convice people who DON'T like it that it's a rational ideology to have? But it's become more and more evident to me as I grow older that it's just another gatekeeper club where you either raise their flags and parrot what they say or you're "alienated". I hate it. No, I don't think sex work is a healthy thing to promote to women, esp. very young, impressionable women; no, I don't agree with every single trans issue you present to me, and I think I'm entitled to my opinion as long as I'm not assaulting trans people on sight; no, I don't think abortion is something you're allowed to make quirky, funny jokes about and sell fucking MERCH of (they actually did this in my country during the last abortion discussion, when it was being debated in congress); no, I don't think it's okay to go to protests or marches to get drunk and twerk on the street (people also did this during a march that wasn't even about feminism, it was a commemorative day for war veterans) and thinking that doesn't make me a "bigot" or a "moron". And no, I don't want to burn churches down or damage public property for the sake of my cause, and I can understand why people would get angry if you do it.

I don't go to feminist marches or protests in my country bc the VAST majority of people that go there are the most annoying cunts on the face of this Earth and I'd rather live in the Handmaiden's Tale world than ever be publicly associated with those lunatics. I once had a MALE friend turned "ally" who asked me why I wasn't going to the local Women's March and I didn't have the heart to tell him the honest truth: that maybe I don't want to support their cause just because I have a fucking vagina (which isn't even a requirement to some of these feminists, so I don't even know WHAT defines me as a woman); maybe I can reap the benefits and victories of feminism without blindly agreeing to everything and anything these frigid cunts with daddy issues and a pathological need for validation say. Maybe that's what feminism fought for in the first place, for me to be allowed to have an opinion that isn't your opinion.

Feminists fought through the centuries for my BASIC rights as a woman and now because of that it's mandatory to lick the unshaven ass of a pink-haired-undercut-looking-ass bitch that holds up trendy signs at protests and yells at people on Twitter as a sign of gratitude? No fucking thanks.

No. 400461

im not a feminist bc what others will think of me matters!!!!

No. 402400

you could just say rad leaning. it's a common term on radblr where you aren't really full on radfem but agree with the general beliefs

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